Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1860 Page 3
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I r r "T- * 1 1 iCWEI, ftOOMI-.y-, ro ut. TtO LET?Oil TH? CORNER Or THIRTYjV' at street and Tenth avenue, fur ft drug store, and art * a irwdbng. An esceUftnt corner for such ft buaiaean. Call oa I?. H. BROWN, on the premises. ft littok, neatly furnished room, with bed- i A return attached, to let, aunable for housekeeping, ;U*o, > >** -i-" ??ln?pr(nl? hiuw Terms very low. Apply at a A street. Bear Third avenue. j I NK DiuaROL'8 OF LBAH1NO A F1RBT CLAM R au, . (sited or unfurnished llouar. uo Fifth avenue, or oiv W j IK reet between Thsrtv-fourth and Twenty third streetar -sen Madiaon and Hbth avenues, may tind an Imtuedi- . ? by addressing bos 2,011 Poet office. ,, 'Jksimtin house to let-down town, 0011- ' Aoly and fully furnished; Immediate possession given; m m ,'^^uiodate it will he let by the week; say, ffU a week, a I chatf ./ike this verv seldom offers. _tj kimmimkr a pp., >43 Fourth avenue. j AP-RTMENTS TO LET?IN A FIR8T CLASS TENANT 1 Lamm, I'urmshed, with gas and Croton water and every seuve:lenee. Those who can appreciate such may apply at , BBK.' ington su-eei. Inquire toe C. A. MAXFIELD, Ageut. FIOADWAY STORE TO LET?A SMALL STORR, A few doora below the hospital; beet locality on B road way for stranger*. The whole or p:trt will be let, together with fteesu above. Apply at 30# 11 roadway. j T1XOADWAY STORK TO LET.?TIIR FINK STORE NO. I U &S3 Broadway, two doors above Union square, about | 23j&) feet, with plate glass frout. To those moving up town _ Willi the current <>! business a good opportunity la ottered. Apply to Hritish Commercial Life Insurance Company, 116 Wall street. I x jyf RNTRHFJ) HOrSH TO I.KT-TO A PRIVATE P VMII.Y _T only; four story Bug lie li basement house, pleasauUy sMnste.i to Forty-ninth street, near Kruadwty. _ K-mt WW, Which wor.ld he taken in hoard for a gen lie man ihg v. it's. Address U. P., a John street, New York. TjH'RNIBHED HOUSE TO LET?THE HOUSE CONTAINS F ad the modem improvements, pleasantly allium Ml, and ably been occupied one year since it was built. Apply at 27 Ntuyvesaol street. FURNISHED BEDROOM AND FURNIRHF.D KITCHEN aejointon, with hath room, all connecting, ready Wor occuTracy, wanted by lady and geutltmnn: payment in advance, rtdnrss. with terms and locution, A. B., station K. Inquisitive persona need not reply. TJIURNISHED HOUSE?POUR STORY BROWN STONK J? front, in Fourteenth street, elegantly furnished, to rent, M a private futility lirst elaqp hoarding house; rent $200 per mouth. Undeniable references and security required. Apply at 207 Sixth avenue. ,7| A ROE BRICK BUILDING TO I.ET,-THE THREE JLi story and basement brirk building, situated corner of Plr -. and South Eighth streets, Brooklyn, Eastern District, ad- ! joining Peek slip ferry to New York, wilt be leased to a good tenant for a Terra of years. The building contains a steam enSrae of sixty horse power, with shafting throughout. SUe of adding 90 feet by 130 feet; is well lighted, hsviug windows ou aO sides; Is strong snd well buiHand suitable f or any manufacturing business. Apply to Brooklyn Kerry Company, at foot ef South Seventh street, Brooklyn, K. D., through the day, or to Wll. WAIJL, st230 Front street, New York, between U and I w'elork. Loft to let-fourth fiaxir op building southwest corner of William and Frankfort streets, 29x95, twelve large w iudows, houlway, gas.B'roton. water: well cal ulated for any business requiring good light. Inquire on the premises, or of THOMAS P. WILSON, id? Brootne street New dwki.ling house at flushing?pleasantly retired, AUmereoe Fruit Trees, large Garden, water view, capsciotM, for large family, water cure, institute or acai dt my, to rent for ono to live years or for summer only. Terms '' moderate. WM. R. PR I NCR, Flushing *~TTO LET?THE UPPER PART AND ONB BASEMENT g-1.1 of brown stone House No. 190 East Thirty-Bfth street InI quire en the premises. f s rpo LET?HOUSE 90 EAST THTRTT-HEOOND STREET, 1 three stary and baaement modern improvwmauta, for one or more years, at a reduced rent only WJ, and pommskm can be had st once. Apply to JOHN f KT JTRBOH, 415 Third avenue, near Thirtieth street. mo LET?FLOORS THOUGH, FOUR AND PIT* ROOMS. 1 in those new brown atone houses, southwest corner Second avenue snd Thirtieth street; have hot and cold water, range, water doeets, *?e, including ehandetiers aad fixtures, all the Improvements; the most convenient Houses in the ctty, for such low r nta, far small respectable families, as such only need w ply. Rents $28 to SB. Refareaeea required. Apply teWK. EcSY n.Y, 157 Beet Thirty fourth ttreet, or on the premises. rpG LET-THB FIRST CLASS THRRR STORY BROWN i X Hons front Boom. mmUlnlng nil tt* aodn hum* tnla, Jto. 93 Wen forty seventh street Rem WD per euum. Apply la BOBT. H. COBORN, SO Wart Forty-doth I ? nwet rpo LET?TH* THEKK STORY BRICK HOUSE, ITS EA8* 1 Fifteenth street, between First nod Second nvenuon; the bouse he* ell the Modern Improvements, both, gas, do. Rent moderate, tor Mm apply at IM Front street ff j . LKT-A HOCSR, ARB GARDE* OF OROWING A vegetables, for aununcg or oeoaon, near Now RooheUe depot, a pleasant oo>uitry residunre. Inquire of DANIEL MOKOAN, New Rocbrlla, or D. N., 181 Bowery. r LET-IN JOtWARK, N. J., A COTTAGE HOUSE, IS New York avenue, la perfect order, with iu and &xturea. There are four tou of ground, a ganlen. and a variety of fruit trees; only Ave minutes walk from the depot; rent 1379 per annum. Inquire of KING A BOND. 3M Broad street, Newark, or A. M. FANINO, Mi Bowery. Wew Tqrfc. rro LET-NICK AFAETNENTB, AT a OANSNYOORT 1 sueet, earner af Hudson street; four lonau on the Bret I Boor, r?nt til. Water and gas fa the house. Inquire of Mrs. K. KASTON, d*8 Hudson street ijho LBT?IF TOWN, IN A HIGH AND HEALTHYLO_ X radon, four Rorsna furnished, r?T emrreiiw ti keep.or; Water, Closets, dc. rent <33 per month, sae Inobtdrd. wit ,i Tuaiied, 913, possession at once. Address Owuer, Herald OdL-e. fiv") i rr?Lmrrn part of norsE lot east twentyI . . ? ?a ..... W .. awnaeet* BSltrallCd dlcVEnl ?H JL ngnaH{??l, rt I>w m , m it* c.n>r. .unable f.r a small genieel; very de<tmble; . ? . ! * ;ni"nl.*, ?i Jd Downing street, at 010. MVSH1MKE A <X).. M Fonrth arenne. T) I.FT- AT CHEFTTT OROVE. f?. I.. REAR TAVDER. bil' landii.t'. * delighuul r^iiVnc. with an acre of gronad. w?-J ?haoed and in evrry way suited fur comfort. Apply on th* preur"~m, or of Rev F. Wowell, 390 Mackett street, rl LET?THE WHOM OR TART OF THE TWO RTORY wd aiur, lO KrwukLiu aural, Mwm Br.ia.lwav and l>uroh street; Immediate P'laewsion gnen Inquire ntJ.W. 1>WKI.I,.W Broadway, cnroer of Waikwr street, up *%*T' T Ot-T-TX OR ABOrT THE AMFRlt'AK BXCItAKiiB ij Bank, a uwin -moduin Book, uoiWalnUig four t.tnu druila , dr,.wn on-rnhn W Bunnuciere, .Vol. 6,135, 4, T and 8, 01 MM tvfl The hr*t of etrhang* of the above numbers hue been scripted and am payable at the American Kx'hiuge Bank, to the order of T. W. Jerome. They are not end.weed, and J! parties are rami.>oad not to purrhaaa the same, for paymenr has been "topped. A reward wM be given on return of the Bfm raud.un and drafts to the American Ricbange Bank. r LET?THE HOI SB KO. 1M EAST THIRTY RECORD street; baa all Ike modern tmprce rav-nu far nt family. immediately. Beat low. Apply to A. L. TAYLOR, 17i *?t Tfclr*. I unh iteeet. rl KT- FIW5T FLOOR, TITB VERY HARDWIRE large Reotna, bi a Dew he we, bath and all convenience*, with or without furniture; ?o>d location. Ida small raapectable amity Apply to H BOYD, Broadway, turner of Tlurtj mik street. hm ?ptl LET?THE BE LORD ARM THIRD RTORIES OF THE 1 building, To* 10 and 00 API avenue, nn.' rlJT-A OTORR TO LET, WITH A ROOM tVD two Bedrcws sellable for a grocery or any ra^taawnm bu - . uwar tU) Liny. f w a raaaonablo rent, situated aor a>r U J i -Iwri. n I VY.U atrtrta. Inquire of WV. BOSTRl. ? V. . 0 1th "tree. Tv 1 KT Till I'utKH PAHT OF HOIBB JfO. Jrw ! rownte i it cot Two tasnaiaaSS. twrn parlor*, ami four r..iw is he upper Boor Rent low to a good ler-tn' w.-b ? ?in*ll family A ten, a lts?rm*n' ?1 let. at Ik Walker "p*., l b. U.wsw Mr xase street baa baea all aewly I amu t ,nm | Aat if u< m i? it t v. jo the premtom. | r< I- I VP THIRD AMI VTT(H.<KHt'' in. b.g air iwim and flv bo.lrnom*; Mill bo lot for bit-, rvas or dw?Kinr. Wfuni- or tnfih*r\ b??wti.,o | Itf . [Var ?'rux) <lrM Afi '. n .! torn, uu ltr?i tt.. ?. I :,rr-a nfat rdo* \*t> kitciivv wmi JL 1 \ Ac.. on '.-at Ao"T .if No. 141 ?f?nu?, bo two. , V C.-oinb ..[,0 suton. h atr??;U. Ror.t , ,i r-? -tjv bio party. Apply hi 'ha ?t?ra, TH i,rf-ri IIWIU n is TnK . m NTRV MP THR? ?: arfti r nmnha. a oonuoctnhto mUAg?. atihahhi f.<r a ?.1 nwtl, ; ail m I. ?ir?i . havln? a ?4*r front, w:vh ff-i i|*w *nd about SftmuiiMb front New Ynrh by atoam Si*. . \ '. '! ? '> I'ta, HcraU >Aro. TH T.FT AND imm)t\TK PDRRKf?TON_T1?1S M on-UU ?o.-o?kJ ?r?ir. oontjun'njr *1, ronton Ac., at M? I brown Wang fr. m ' No tlf> Nil "h a?on??. newly paint -1 a-. .1 .. r??4 ortrr; ran* WT. Apply an ahura. r: I f I wo 1 VP..IE LOfTf, JU WUBfATl fI*W 1 lb frvM Md roan r) I.KT-IN JKRMEV ITT. A FrRr-T .1 Hwith all lho nwtem inno.wnfwanta, W Wt<hlr??i ?nw. Kant a - ,i i>i ti ?t.j irr rjvi i.rr-t nimikk a>rab -ontaimnw au. the i 1 WMdara .mprnaauou^, ou La* la terrwe, ?' :? M n a m.a. N. T , an a Una with Fifth an op or and l*hb wrnei, eery dealt.i f v, ?op_4 THRKROTORY AND RANFWFWT Hnrap 1 Wato heranleenth atraai. baa all the imrroennnNi., ?l m .O'W'/ paln'odi will bo ronlad low to a rawuwdSjI fc i.un Inynlrw .if R t. * t A BBWNHAM, III ?! ? tree ?. 1. TV IJtT?WITH INNKDTAT* Fowtew ION, ran 4 airfa an.I wall Vr-ated Dw?'lin?. aliuatrd ? ibo -nrn-r ..r Nln'h aronoa ar..l Twoo't thirl wreet. with ntrr.tta4to? arounda ocnupjlna ' -ir >4a, alan, tba now brown ?tono fran fn Woat y r"i 'troot near Broadway Both ar hi porfaa* ordar, and wtU bo let low Apply to bAMlRi. OlIVV. 80 W road way. o.irn or nf Krobanf y laoa. rh !.*t-nO*tmatki.t the Aft . i*p and third vorio* of a flnrt rlaaa b.jl!dlny ip town, oaw *td?, wlli b-i tot aapamto ?w '. J?athm. Rant irry low to a * nd tanaM; all tba modern .Tim romonu In tba toman. Apply to CHAM. HAN*,!*'*, i' Wnb-ra i. ? ^lr*. fPO I.KT- THl 9*?.v>jrT> FIxblR, AND PART OF THIRD I if ro?n rod. In V"i~ v i ? Wrot *o.vwi i ' wranrad for a amaii fai j Ir to Amp tomaa Fowoodon jtra i WK-irfwliataiy. Inquire on tba prawtoaa. Rant rawa-nahia, rl 1 FT ?TO(|R wmi TEH R'toMM, ;* t vi> rt, Ohaar *?rwat, toon, dtora a b twalra mane, 101 Cborry otro,,. .r? r?.. l?K|tJr* at IJF Matiom er-' I DR. A V ItRKtTO fp- ir 4 rot-R OTtlRT HODRR IN F.4M TttlRTT * wattar, w tab t'lVw, iu lna f <i.,ro.. * >... Tt lw',r"v'N?-n** Apply to n I"5?ea T? IRT^TT' A RF.?Pn T V m.F FA*n,T. '('HR FR. OND i a*"w i hp thih *' it nf *r.. , , qrt ztk ." h. mtto par mw-lh auw, a plan > i thr no??trr. - on. ?*F' to Mailaf.r. ferry. Appiy to 2*1 Tb r.l ttmur rl 'tt pf ro* 'a?-t rfwt?t;rajrr. with bar *.** "^Vd aal . to e ? mi..m n.|_ dotuy a (o.>l ^^^^^paton Apply at 11 to 1 HOME*, ROOMS, Sue., TO LET. rpo l-KT-TflB I I.ROB fOt'R 8T0KY HOUSE NO. 3 X Carroll place, bleackrr street, adapted fur a Arm rate frivaie dwelLng, buanlmg house <?r business place. T?rtns easy. Inquire of II. Bl'KKK, Real Estate Br.jfcer and \ootiuueer, 13b Bowery. . r LET?TILL TUB 1ST OB OCTOBER, AN SLIM A NT ly furnished suit of Rooms, ou second floor, ut Twenty- I seventh street. south aide, with or without private table. A | rare opportumty tor a family or party of gentlemen wishing to spend the summer In the city. Apply at MCRTUY'fl, i corner of birth avenue sod Twenty seventh street. | rLET-A FRONT ROOM AND BKDROOM ADJOINlng, with see, on second floor, fully or partially furnished for housekeeping. hi a neat three story brick house, convenient to cars and stages, uttd occii]>ie<l by a *m.ul family; terms moderate. 134 East Nineteenth street, near Third avenue. rLET?FURNISHED OR NOT, TUB FIRST FLOOR of a genteel house, up town, two parlor*, bedroom and pantrv. Inquire on the premises 110 East Twenty tilth street, or of 1>. Bl'RKB, 13ft Bowery. rbE LET, FURNISHED?NO. 30 BAST FIFTEENTH street, the residence of Dtnn Botircicanlt, Ks j., two doors from Union square. The house is 30 feet front, having two staircases, baths, subterrauean refrigerating room, newly constructed. spacious reception rami, dining room and library, 3D feet bv 20, fitted Ihroughou' with every luxury and eonveuieiice. Nine bedrooms and attic; kitchen 90 feet by U, Mad .. i.U V- 1. I - . ... Tl,u r.,.i ln>?.a itrtl I be let only to a first clam family, as vahihhlo picture*, engravings, ornament* plate, glass an<l china acta will be left atra the furniture is of a costly description- Apply to me, 0HA8. H0BH8, House Decorator, liroadwav, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Alsu, for sale, a Pony Equipage, ?n*i*ting i>t a pair of aorrrl l'oiuee, a low sweeping park Phaeton, Harness, Ac-, complete. Also, a grny coupe Horse, 17 hands high. To be seen at Mr. BoureicatUt'a stable*, corner of Tweutythird street and Lexington avenue (Clarendon stablest rHKNT-A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR A SMALL family of three or four persons?The Second Floor of a high steep basement house. In one of the pleaaaiit.nt streets In this city, with the privilege of kltehen, 'uita room, Ac.; or the Rooms will be rented to gentlemen, with or without partial board Address Nawcnmb, lioi 170 Herald olline. THR UPPKR PART OF A HOUSE, FURNISHED, TO let?with bark basement, with all the convenience of housekeeping, kt 30 West Houston street. " |OR WALK. " ' "" A COMPLETE SET OF JEWELLER'S TOOIiJ FOR sale ot- exchnnge. A Urge Screw Press, drop rolls, bcurhc*, latch* forges. dies,vices and small tools; will be sold separate or together. fan be seep at 6V0 llroadway. AN IMPROVED SEWING MAriHNE FOR RALE t lu-np.?It is in lirat rale order, nearly new, onus! in aire i? Singer's No. X Apply at 58 farlton avenue, Brooklyn. APHY8ICIAN IN BROOKLYN HAYINO A PAYING practice of about twelve hundred a year, wteh<-? to diepose of it. Any practitioner desiring to negotiate for the same, may address or apply to A. U. BENNETT, 11 Liberty street, New York AN EXTRAORDINARY BARGAIN.-POR 8 A LB, A large Iron fireproof safe, tor $100; hae cost $400; a large solid mahogany desk, ratling and a great many other office future* at a sacrifice. Mtulte .old No. ? North William street, near Chathass. CLOTHING RTORK FOR SALE?THE STOCK AND Fixtures of a cashing store for sale. In one of the very best locations for transient trade In the city, end havings large es iabllshcd cash custom trade; store occupied twelve years by present proprietors, who now wliishes lo retire from buslnes* which is the sole reason for selling. Inquire of DAVID R. GAKNIfV*. Esq., lew office, 3$ William street, from > to 4 o'clock P. It. COAL RCALE8 FOR 8A1JC CHEAP, MADR BY THE journeymen Scale Makers, but very little used, and a# lead as aaw will be sold for half their coat. Apply at No. 19 iumI 21 Roosevelt street. DRPO STORK FOR HALF?IN CONSEQUENCE of THB sudden death at the owner; completely and elegantly flued up; or the Drugs, Bottles, An., will be sold without the store; no fair offer will he refused. AniiUratton on (he preraisesto the widow, Mm. VALENTINE GRAY, 306 Newark a recite. Jeney City. DRVC. STORE FOR RALE.?AN EXCELLENT STAND, doing a good business, well Mocked, and In a good neigh borhood. Addres* or apply to l>r. Bum*, No. t Hudson place, Thirty fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth arcnuca. First class steam laundry for salc-in phiI butelf.hi*. Fa. This laundry la doing a large, profitable and rapidly uicreaaing business; the location central, fronting or i tic of the finest parka In Philadelphia; the building la com mixtions, rent low. machinery In perfect order, and constat* in pari of Mesa enrine lobular boiler, riusef*, mangle, washing urn lours. Ac. Thia 1* u rare chance for any one dcMrtng to make moncT Addreaa Laundry, No. 1 Kust Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. TjH?E RALE?THE KTOCE AND FTXTURRR OF A FIRST r clshi grocery More, In a fine location, now doing a large business. Will be aoM cheap on aecout of hating other bastir ?.? to attend to. Apply to E. L. BURNHAM, ni Hudson street. For palr-a fitr t*aes> lease of our of the beat liquor bunds In Wast etreek For further parUcusra Inquire of A. R BOOTH. 116 Warren street rb rale?the hull of a bloop op about 8e venty lows, suitable far transporting ballast, man are, Ac ; meat, spars, sails and rigging will be sod with n If desired. A pply jo, C. A R. POHAOW. m BpoU Wrest. FIR RAI.R-ONE STEAM Bwciwre, NKW, U TO U borse power; will be sold cheap. Alan, one second hand t'prlght Engine sir horse mrtr, will b? mM cheap. and three sag * *""""? pw? ?AU-ni- nn iH?i i imn i II Jii JWli* rnqutreon the premiere. 778 Sir|b avenue. Fob sale?or wii.i, takk a r ahtnicr in a first clam H roadway Hotel and Restaurant. handsomely furnish rd, wall located, long and faynrable lea.-eaud doing a beudsouie bnalnese. and an uneieeptkmable man. BltJOd A SOl'TITWICk, Law Buildings, ? Naaaaii strrel. "CVIB SAI-B?A WIN* AND lkj'jor HTORB?OXK OF r the oldest and best Standi In the oHv. cheap lesaa, on a principal atenur; ohllgad to sell. A, ply at No. I Krie buildings, Dunne street. TDOR SALB?TITR HTORR, RTfM'iC AND FTXTTRIW OF r a grocery and liquor Store, 1# t'hurry street, naar Frank la square, N. V. FR SALE-A WIIOLKSALR AND RETAIL GROCERY, Wine and ProrMmi More, owe of the be?t rslxbUshme'.u In the city, *nd now dmiur a Ur,? busbies*. The proprietor la going n broad sad will Mil at WealuaMa; Mock at presetu light; w ill trade for real estate In lit, eiiy, .tiel take or give Udlerunce ,n , sell Address H J., box lot; Herald idire. FtR P.UJb-THB RTOTIC JF A NTT.f.TXRRT WTOR*. In ooc of the best lorsnuna In Fa I'on street, Brooklyn; >?? rase to. !r in HOI.URN A CO ?1 B< cry >' T. riB 8AT.K?AT A ORKAT NARiIAIN. If AITMKP TOR immediately. a Whie and Unitor ihopr. elegantly titled up. Batnr a bar buaioeia of BU to Oil per day; one oC the heal cor nrr lorattona. Alio one for MM. O. A. HOBINSOM, Wo. >0 White rtrect. TTtOR 8 ILK rHFtF-TIIK LCWfH RihOI AMI DINTXtl r Saloon 7t t'rdar atreet,.turner of Waanati. Apply oo the rreminra TjN>R PAI.r-iTOTK, FIXTI'RE.8 AND THRKK TKAR* F Irue of met of ihe brat ale an.l Itm. h R.?>ma in (hi* city; hating 'wo other pla>"W tnd not im" to attend to 'hem ia tbe reaamt for arlllng rail at No ft'ortlandl ?ir*et, oorner of Rroadwajrt or trill be told wttbout itocfc. P?H SAt.K?T1IK FIXTl'BKH AND PART OF STOCK, r with a two yaara' leaae tat a low rei <t one of the brat aunda lor Uw retail grocery purine a? in Br > Alyu Them haa bean a <*?b hirineaa of IflSDIn fr??l per ok done in P. which on bo lamia it by pc war atteaton to I attain Thta u a u!'i Verlljer paTSr'ulera apply srSnrir. I* IVmSra atreet IAOR 8 1LB-TU* LK A8F STOCK AND FTXTt'JtFA OF A r. nrert. Dtr.lng and 8 i.oper Room; aim prlratn Ranaa* fur pane a on Broadway war Fritter treat, now doing a gn.ta Virineaa. The leaae Lea Ate yearn to run. Apply on the preniu?"<, between S and 1 F. H., Ml and MS Broadway. rM 8ALB.?A UQCOB 8TORK, NEAB STRING atreet market. Infrtr? at *n Sprt n* at met lJAOR a ALB?TItK STOCK kND FIXTURES OF A DBT I1 Ikwte atore. ta one af tho boat InaaRaoaua Btabthayenne. Term* eaaj. Lcpdra at Kt Klghth araoue, or alJM Savomh atrn'te blOR 8 A LB?A COlT? TTONKBT STORM, IW A CKWtral ftti.atioo and oa one ot tho beat ihoroughtarca la (hia City, artth a fa".cable leaae. Apply to C. B. Mo wis. Na. t rcntrw atraat. opporita the Park. FiB SALE. AT A WARD UN-TUB INTKJUMT OF A r*t I ring partner. In a wan retahBahed manufacturing boat ma, tonaaed ?,d. Iu aelaaaarom In tha beat pact of Broadway. Apyoy to JOHN MTl.lJt A 007. 67* Broadway, bamAnnl , atore. _ ipow a A LB AT A BARGAIN-THE STOCK, LB ASK AND . JT Bft'irmof a writ eatnrilianr'i rnrwr riouan. a<aua ? 1 Mm? pr?mmt. am4 lo kmi*4 In am* of lb* hmtOt mrmm of Mrw Vi?t. Apply ?i N U Lowlo mroot, If. T. /' rokat rob hai.k ?ira i'l.h IAXATIOR, FAVP iinhlr Mnar, rVIra wlpr-v-d Suic* Horw Wagon. KIi , rtnnplrio: d'lna lirp, aafr. mnvy "aa*fil? h-i-l n?w*. xi. 1 rxrfx dtnc f"?l rhan. ll'liH A l()l B Xmu Ml Mi I T iqt ob arose a*n nifrijro mtoor for mix- I Aj TV l?rf weUfuralaVd U-iuor dtnrn and Ittntna Mm, fRown a* Mfand Bl Grand ****?, far anM, ?w W**ln. 1 PnanrARinn alTm lmm?d lately. For Pmi ol aaln U?luim of M. ?. Mimi. U f^aanban Mr*xi Mxkii tha brrira or II A. , M. and 1 r. >< ) ; i \C ARTS, tor* A5D ORAlW Mtt-ta APD A PORTION ' v f ' V Pnwi. tot a*ir - TV. .xilp mill of ralne to mtnrra. r?lr.^; 'on fna par day to impair ?h In nnwdnp, wlib bar I j **? ' mvot KiBPfHAPlP-POB * A TP A VPRT FTTH OTATRR Alinn tfuxn>V.t). wkb Oluiarda ud H*r, In .** of IV bM kwattnna In tv Hr. omar afRprlag and WonMar MMM, 1 In tV haaamri.t Apply twvadtawly. | OIKAW KVI.INR TO* AAUf I HHAP-OP ABOCT M m horan poanr, Mm U IvmI '"It* and 4 f*d aoAi. wHh 0} *v. |. goar wVnla and XTapytitoif . m?pla?A. Apply In M. r. PfThCHntAir, at Mr w York Planmg mill, tarnor Bank and WrM Mrrata. wtord It M Pow at work _ ____ rr? ci/trnnnuvjubft m *n?t? ?for mix, thr a oorarrtioa of or tana foot* rtaadtar TV ?? k will Vaol t ,hT?-????!?* P* AU or A JntWWATER A k?d f1* Othm, Mlaatad (a a pWaart vUU** In oon of tb? , saaKawatcr1' I ! T? fABPKTTnCRA?FOR mix?ant PWWOP WTPH1 ay to pwrbatniAa > Mia and a r>od ma of oimm | aiiar-i'tifiiirJISW mSsss. " WOOP TARP TOR RAM ?A PR RAT RARQAlRRattoH* from buatnnaa ion. mat. low rank. good k*aOoa. imwa Waanna. fonla and MarMvry, la pood ninntn* ordor; doing a aarn,jpmlHabla bmdvaa WW A WirtRWrr*. B Wwmnmrmi. #7/^1 -ro? BATx PO* rma AWOCWT. A BCBT f I'"', bpm thai will nay W a waafe to a amart man far f .irvn TTiri. Apply ImmndUialy. Addraaa Q. S ?. l|pf?A1 -dfon. *9 (|AA -FOB AAIaB-OTOC HAI.P mTWUWT I* A \ CAaAv/TJv. Am Plaaa Baanii/a.n?rim bnalnaaa, now la SlSgajl-r? WEW YORK HKRALD, TH1 MUM OK KKi^ MTATB. ARARK OPPORTUNITY.?COIN TRY RESIDENCE.? To '.hoao In w-ant o, health and eoini'trt. A country House, 'he Imt loc.ilioii to bo found lu the Halted Stales for iuwilubrity IM soft Wale; s, dtacnre of m sxiultuns, of tag*. Ac., abutidao.d of trout In every stream and river, jri me of nil ?ort, Ac., no 1 count)y bouse that can aBord wt mm It comfort for either summer or wioter; oo expenses tor twenty yeart to be outdo for re- i pair*, and for about thirty year* In the p-wsession of the owner, near the railroad depot; aoees* ut -Vew York twice n Jay. Maid house w ill be leaw I for a number of year*, or wriU Do sold, with all the furniture ami provisions, aa It stands. including 1'tano, Preneh Library, Pietures, Mleruseope, a nvstt costly double hunting Dun." Wine* of IBM, in bottles; old t'nijtiae, Keer, Oder, go,, together with nam, earrtage house, and famtly Horse, new flnrrtsge, Saddle, Htnma Wagon, ki\ Possession given after lie; ftli of July. Price for the whole Id,700; payment nude easy; 110 abatement; no speculator, no one who does not value Ida health, juiet and rOBtfort above ill const io rations ured upplv. For parti,ml ir* tniulre of Mr. <""11. LAS A I.LP, at the Courier dea Etats Vuls, yi Walker street. A COUNTRY SJUT AT AUCTION.?ATTENTION 18 Directed to the advertisement of K. J. HI.EEt'KER k SON, auctioneers, of the sale on Saturday, J uae 30, of a handsome Country Seat, situate,! at Scarsdale, West, heater county, eight mlntitea walk from Hart's Corners depot, on the Uarlein ralirond. TYERIRABI.E COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?ON If Saten Island, near the village of Tottenavtlle, w ithin five minutes walk of the raili.iad depot, cotit-tiiiing three acres of land, highly cultivated, with a large house, nearly new, eon taming ten rooms, parlors very large and finished in the best 1 manner; tine well of soft water leading to the kitchen by pipes; : large ham, carriage house, stai'la and various other outbuild ! lugs; fruit and vegetables in sbtmdance; house well abided ' with trees, convenient to schools, churches, go., of diliereut do- i uominations. Also, about 12 acres of land adjohung, fronting on two tunui roads, near the water, being very high and commanding a view of Amlsir, Prince's Bay ana the country all around. The location for building is*un*iiruasaed. The Staten Island Railroad leaves Yunderbilt'e Landing five limes daily 'mi iruuiw mi ui?: in v. rui mi mcuwri iii'iuuu m jt, TlIRKn, TollensvUle, Staten Talsnd. * FARMH FOR HALE?ONK lot) ACRE*. ONK OF S.) iwrM, In Patterson. Putnam county, N. V., ono ant a hil mile* from the Harlem Railroad. They are between Patterson depot and Towner's station. One Farm of 1!M arras in Ash'abuJa county, Ohio. OOWL A CO., 01 Water street. FARM WAMTKD?NOT TOO FIR FROM NEW YORK city, worth from tl.UOO to tA.iXt, for which John street store property, which rent* at fd,R7U, will be given in exchange Address box 9,120 Post otli :e. First a. ash farm or 12s aorrs for sat.e-in a high state ol' eulliralion, with flourishing crop* of wheat, osts, corn, and ahumlancc of beat timothy hay; aliout 90 acres tillable, the reat wood and aalt meadow; large bouae, earn*, stable*, graiuerv and outbuildings, in good order; good fences, bounded on one side by the salt water, yielding the he? of tiahlnf, boating and game; land tlrst rate, ami in the best farm ing com*km; several elegant budding sites. Ally gentleman* wanting a country seat and farm win hud this a pr.dluhle Investment, as It Is to be sold for half its value. Prtee gM.tfW. About forty miles from the city. Address A, B., care of D. Leigh, Pprlng street Post office. For sai.r-a kkat far* or ? aoriw, with Htock, Ac.; good plain buildings, abundance uf choice fruit, beautifully located, wtih line river, lake and mountain trie**, let! minutes' walk from steamboat landing, and thirty miles from New York. A small Cottage would be taken in ex change. H. KDDV A CO., 41 Liberty street. fiK)Il BALE.?A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY SEAT, A at Nyacfc, of four seres, commandirfh a line view at the Hudson river. The land la in a high state of cultivation, on which there la a great variety of vine and fruit trees, a good house, barn, Ac. Access by steamboat and rstlroad several times a day. Apply to THOMAS LAWRENCE, Esq., US Nassau street, Hew York. rR HALE?A MTLL LOT, IN FIFTY FOURTH STREET, near sixth avenue; street paved, ready to build on. also a very eonrenient House and Lot, In South S-.--.nd stre-t, Williamsburg; terms easy. Apply to J. L. U ASSERT A BRO., 167 Bowery. TjK)R SALE IN HROOKLYN-A SPLENDID NEW r high Hoop three story basement aub-cellar and at Uo brown stone front House, 90 Picrrepoot street, near CtinUsi, Brooklyn Heights. Mae of House MtH feet, with full let. The - is finished in the best manner, with all the modern Im proven eats. Any person desiring to Uve In Brooklyn can purchase tbia property on liberal terms, and have immediate possession. far particulars apply to JtjjffN MATHER, 13* Broad- c b^'n I'Abu?A lunimiixK luinrni IIKNUIKKI K r and ?. rounds, situated on the ooi iw of Water and KttrreU < atresia, In the pleasant aitd healthy city of KUuMh, N. J. TV house contain* fifteen room*, wit# cedar under the whole; plus front and rear, with g**. water and furnace, and on the premises a carriage honae and bam. The lot la I* feet front by 3U0 dcen. on which la a choice variety of ahada and fruit trees. This la a very dexirahla place for ana dolus business in Mew Tort. being only abool aevau minutes' waUt trout railroad depot, and train* every hour. For particulars apply on the premiers, of CIIARLKH A. KIUOIMK, or at US and US WtnUfc street, K. T., to Henry Ktgglna, where a photograph of the place can be seen. Fir bai.f-ok fart tbrmb, a thrbb story brown House, fat East Thirty Arat street, near Fourth avenue, In perfect order. Apply In C. F. DK LAMCBY, Owtnellor atTevr. Mra. 8 and H) Fine street. TTKHt BALK?A VKRT DBRIRABI.B FULL BUSO LOT. r on sooth ride of Mshty-aaeond street, SOU feet east of Third avenue; sticet graded and paved; the lot is capable of behup built upon to gt t at advantage; prion 81,800. Apply in CHAR. MURRAY, 7- Rocacvclt street ~~ J TPOR BAIJE-HOI S* AMD LOT, M BRIDOK BTRKICT, J; Brooklyn; rent* for 84QS; price SS.WU. terms easy. In- I gulre of the owner, JOHN C. BARRR, 78 Want Forty fitfth I street. Mew York. j TDOR BALK?HOUhV". V RTrTVRRAMT BTRFBT. The ! r House la mw, and mntgina an the late improvements, and | ? I 1 he tedd cbcep^tt.UUU can remain ou bond and mortgage. , ?rsfnii?fiT?t?Hffffffl ITTIf" TTTtYfl A MRW TWO 1 T at. r t frame Hause. with more, gas and water; situated I betwwM Forty ninth ana runout aureeta. Apply on um pre- | Blri, 731 Third a??t>ue. I rR MALE CHEAP?ONE HUNDRED LOTH, NEAR S Fulton and Atlantic avenuee, llrunklyn. Abo. far sale of i exchange, a great variety * Parma and Iota in and Mar thte i city. C7W7Y. DARE, StJ, Pino alreet, room I. I rR HAI.E OB KXCIIANOB FOR PRODUCTIVE CITY ! property?A Farm. eooutnlur 73 acrea oI Brat <-Uaa lan.l. I with a variety of ehotre young fruit tree*, together wUh tii<i ' atork and tarming ntanaAa; a building three etortea, barn. . atabitnr. Ac.; Hag pule on a mound; alan, a mtle pleaaura err.una. rrudnd level, from <0 to 70 feet wide, with pmt>er ( tdme altuatrd lu the town of WVatport, Connecticut, adjoining ' In part the beautiful and rxtenalve rmroda of Morrta K-trhum, Kaq. Apply at the Olrard Ilottaa, (rum W A. X. to i P. E. H. WAKKRAJC. TDOR BAI.K OR BXrTTANOE FOR rTTY PROPERTY- 1 A* A rouuiry reaMenae, onnaiaUng at a modem built liouae, i SlaMea, Ac., and ten acm of Land <m Suieu Inland. near ihu new club houm. w here the Heventh regiment will encamp. Apply io R. R. JACOBS, So. 1 New atreeT I rR BALK OR EXC1IANOE?FIVE NEW ELRU ANT I brown ?t?ie Houaaa <m Fiftieth afreet, with ail modern Improvement/, neighborhood hi*h;y raape. table, wrtld ?i i chain;a for aky or Brooklyn V*a, or ?ood country property. Broil Ra^ liwtSaML ' ^ T*urJ KTeoi"!' * " * C)R BALE OR RXCTIANOE?ONE OR TWO THREE nary brink Honaea in Brooklyn, about four uBnataa' walk it Wall at wet ferry, for a Farm within one hour'a rlda of Um city. Apply at nt Broadway, room No. 1. YjtOR HALE OR EKCHANOB FOR CITY PROPERTY- j r An admirably aelet-ted atork of Dry (iofxta. of lha moat faaMonable aad mleah'.e quality. With all tstijra* ingafrii with Ike (Wid will of I be leaaa having three rear* to ran, al a very ntnderti'e rant. In a * ??! hualeam location. Tha owner la obliged io aril imin* to other RpgWR Apply to PRI.IX II AH. i. 18 t ham b?ra at root, aeoond alory. HOUSE Hit. > aLK.?A FINE FIVE RTOEY BRICK tinuae. hV Iff Weat Thirty ninth atreet, aear Ninth av? i nue, with two gaod Otoree la It and Ofty mama, fall of good I ananta. paying near $1,000 a year. It will be aold vary low, aa tha lamiWwnN aaam knH amh wiEAoe ?i> Aaaar STATKN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR BALE?POME?ION immediately, k Oounirr Beat, aboemfanr mtaulea'walk from the larwiluna at the Huieo Ialand RaTlnaal, ami the ease fmra Btddh- < Irovw. hooae baa If WMna: pood water, garden. a?a?ah?5,Rg55r ?* * rPH<?Tf)OR APHERB AND ANBROTTPERA-R ARB rhawe?For aab, a Oral elamOailery. filial op In aljla. for one half ha mine. Inquire at (he OaBery, IB8 Be nary. ElUWOtl fOTICM. j fftfTK TRi K CHURCH or OOD. IM BANDS BTRKET I Brooklyn ? PnhNe lertnra. RMor M. B. CnechowaRI will I leant re on the 'TuUUmeut at Praphory the tirnal Tribulation and End of the Papacy," prapmnhwy V> the Ptfth laiveraal at T o'clock In tha evenlag in Kngllah. ^ HOtIM, IWOW, WAHTMk ArTimnijrni WA^rraC^N^roVbnwT note, for ft (Pntteman and wlfa. No incumber aiK" Three or I four Romn. am required la prlwu ftaAf Tardea ktrftf M will had ft soed teoaot by applying ai dM Broadway, op nil* Ft NT or A Horn* WaNTRIV?RT A ORNTT.RBAR, wife and H ?M, >M? Fovtaahth Mroat, waal of Fourth T aeeaur. par**. two Meeptnjf room*, and part <4 bafnaat. In* And rlaaa Bandera hpuae, ftaratatoid or uaftiratahad, rant* 147* to (M tier r?r Fleet of reference# given and required. Ad drraa ft, Rallaa F. N. T. Patdiea STORR W ARTRIV-dr ITARI.R FOR A FA NOT THREAD and Needle Htore, wttb Dwelling Apartment* attached, located Vet ween Troth aad T irwitT fifth atreet*. an Firm avenue, a Tenon A or R Kent nut to earned lit per moatft. Addreea 1') letter or call at X Canal atraat, eppoaile ^Iftajv fou^aonr. rUAWntNR -WANTKD. DFRK NOON tN A LAWytr'a ottw-e, at a amdaraia mat ar far aareloaa rnodarad. Addreaa M W /'.nitratd oWe. ULTA.XTtJ>-TA.*r OF A HOrNR VT TOWN, IT A FATT Bitty of thraa trrowa pereeaa, rent not to eaaand WO payjDr^tMrea, wftft sane aad numbar, Houaa, Union I "TirAjmuvmR A MUM. famti.T OF Anm/m, TT three or nafomtahad Roma, far ft n?h?*|itna. la i a ftwaaa ftwtfty all tfta aandem punreuWaaea, tonatad betweoo I OO , <1 Real Fonrteenth treat W' ANTRO-RT A FAWTT.T OF THRRR FKRRONR, PANT of a Uouaa, la RronkWa. brtwaaa tha Ha?tea aad ' Paftoa farrtra, with water and gen, In a reaper table aad plea ! aaaUf IirRiI iWahiij.aad wttW ?fmen it walk of y.^erry^reut AIM to 0171 par aoaum. Addrm Degraw, WANTNlft-RART" <> A TltHfRR. "Bf A FAMILY OF four adult*, localeai between the Rettery and Twentieth atreet, faaar or Are rum*. wttft bttnftea, lower part of botiea wrefatred. Addreaa, dating parurolaia, Hammond, (mi S,?tf rnn '4Ek,4 WARTKD?THRKR LNFl' RNIHHKP ROD**, IN A RR tpeetahle lo-atMa. Addreaa N. A- 0., Broadway Foe other. lor three dftya __ _ HUTMftdl. _ ' ST dknir Rrrrn. t orner of Itle.en'h atreet and Broadway, New Tort. OppnaRe < tr*ee < hnmfc Nr. R R BAIA'flrNbaa the plenaore to annonnne that he haa leaaed the abor* earned bntel far a term of year* It baa been mimrle" !, r?nn at?,l and put In iri?r, and la bow ready for the ao ommodallon of Imwdent and permanent gwaau Parttea iWfni New Vnrb, wtthing U) adopt the I'tmpeaa plea of llvlnc, wUl And all tha anmaaary ao-omiinrbulmm at tMa hotel Wr Hai-ven bat <n? been for Are yean eonnneted wRh the management < the Rt Ntrbnlaa, end atore reeently with the PWtft Araaoe Hotel, of thta city, feeia that be le competent to alee enure aattefartion to all wb> way beeowte bta gueata frtrtag thrfr rtaj n B?w Tceh I ona DAY, JUNE 28, I860 _ JUkJ^9Jk.T JkVVTlOn^ AMOKTIMEK ORIFJ'IN A Ct? AU'^TIONtKRa Magnificent House bold Furniture and Works of*Art At PubJo An o. n. rbc property of a gentleman leaving for Europe. On this day, Thursday, J use 38, tl ths eW'.int private reiadooce of Dr. Juo. T. Hingerford, 4J Waal Futeenth street, between Fil'tb and Hlrth avenues. Nile Coauneuciiig at 10X o'clock. Rosewood 7J? octave Pianoforte, Ri^ewuod Drawing room Suits, Broiue aud ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet and medallion Carpets, Sevres and Dresden China Ornament.", Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Brocade and Lace Curtains, Artlstlo Bronzy Statuary, OU Painting", by eminent artists. Oak Buffet Extension Table, Bookcases, Etegoros, Centre fables, China, <' lass and Silver Wars, Rosewood and mahogany Chamber Furniture, en sislte. Dewrtunve oalaloutiea at the house on morning of sale. rtr?wtn'..' Room*?MagulAcent grand action, 7l? octave PUnoVirw, rchly srred raw, overstrung bass, lined with aiHiiaoad, fully guaranteed made by llr<itdw*y makers, and the >est Instrument offered at auction this season; rosewood < an erbury; do. Stool, covered In brocade; embroider** I cloth .'over; music ltookn; rosewood Secretaire ami Bookcase, plate | liana door*, Uned with tulipwood; Flncolgiiures, Marnueilite ttxl Bota de Rose Cabinets; Luly'x Work Table and Writing Desk. in laid wrjih pearl, coat in Pari* W francs; three six liitlit trmnhi and brvnre Chandeliers, imported from Paris by Mar ott, Lapiere <k Co.; Candelabra*, Brackets, mediUli'nl velvet 'arpets, MojoilF Ruga, French pier Mirror*, 90x32; two extra ar*<' mantel Mirrors, richly carved names; oinbruidered Lace urulu*, (tilt Cornice*, French Shade* and Fixtures; splendid uit* Of rosewood drama# room Furniture, covered in thlVd oioied satin bioeade, of the most expensive description, srved iu fruit and towers, consisting of Tele a-Tetes, kifai, two ann, reception and eight oval back Chairs; rose woo I ,'entre Table*, statuary marble top, to match the suit*; Kteirrra, maride top, pkile glass doors aud backs, lined with atiuwnod; King's patent Rockers, card an 1 uuartette Table*, unique and u .thio reception t bairs, covered iu brocade; ?id stic Bronze*, rep rear nfhi# Music, Poetry, Painting, Mornng and Night, Neapolitan Water Carrier*. Rubens, F rankllu, "upid, Diana,''ruaaders, Madonna, i-ensou*. Kxtneralda, Arabia, Persia and India; superb oil Painting* by eminent artUis, ria: Lrgrand. Hunter, It u,sell, Cole, Kauny. tmuan. fieUeres, Eg law. and other enilneni art lata; Assumption of 1 irgin Mary, opy from the eeiebnued In Louvre, Paris; Storm at ooa, irtgiiial, by Plnaernaglo; two superb ius*ch Paintings; English Interiors, by f we; Tanner's Creek, Cal?ktll Mountain. by Fg aw; Gains aud Fruit, by Russell, Market aud Winter cene* on the I>anub?, by Innian; Head of hrixt, n rich Florentiue frame, by Russell; Family Group, Madonna, from Raphael's celebrated pallidas', original, by I a-grand; Scenes on ihe French rust, .Smugglers; two match Paintings, Rent Day, Village Politician*, by North rott; Reading the scripture*. Landing Of the Pilgrims. West Point, by Hunter; number of line cabinet Pictures, tuitions lava Vases; from Pompeii and Herculaneuin; Kquestrian Uroups, Cri sader*,Parian < 'roup. Paul and Virginia; two eletant Vases, real Sevres china. Imported forthe present owner, ost tllO; Pari in Marble OnuilMOts, hecordsou, Musical Box, 9IUKMIIUUWI1 (irmon (Tuck, runs ouo mown, import*.! '(pronely for 'bi present oxvner; pearl inlaid Stereoionpe wiiJi lumber of sup. rb views; Proof Knur*. In**, oak Haitian!, 'hair* to match; OH -loth, Velvet Stair <'..met*, Silver K >1*. to. Cb*mber*?Twn roaowood marble top llrt-nam* Bureau*, trench Virr. r* rosewood Bedstead*, rkkb carved, sty b" teniia IIV; t'onunoilei. Table de-Ntut, Couches, Rockers. Arm 'hair*, l??rk tTiairt, covered In Mound; Tapestry Brussels Carpet*. lace am! Broen'el Bedspreads, htlr md spriug Mattresses, heather Bed*, Blanket*, v'ouuerpaoes, Bol-ter*, Pillow*, oral Mirror*, " Pastel 'aintrn**, del orated chin* Toilet*, IIv, Curtain* Jpoer chamber*.?Mahogany and htiick Walnut Bureau*. JetUtead*, Wuah?tan<N, bvifaa, Rocker*, Ho ikracks, < 'orner Hand*. Beddln*. Ac. Dinln* room.?Solid carved oak Buffet, tatuarv marble top; lieerd'* patent Dining Table, so teen t<?? Iraw, Couches, Arm fhaira, elegant set* of cryatal aud ruby llasa Ware, viz.: Decur.ters, two dozen Cohlei*, ditto Cham agues, Wine*, l.cmouades, Tumbler*. KrulU, Celery and Praierv? Stan.ln; set* of nagerbowU, ruby and Parian marble; 'unrh Horn)*, ruby and sold Uquor Bet*, gold baud rhtnu Itniier Seta, MO piece*; richly decorated Tea Beta, forty four neee*; solid atlver Dinner and Tea Beta; Silverware, Cnir-e ,'rn, t aster*. Cake Banket*, Napkin Ring*. Hponn*, Pirn*, vnry baudle Table Cutlery, 11* she i*. Heidselek Wine, Dnmlohna, old (Hard Brandy, vintage 18SB; kenteh Wbiakey, Oortlou 'berry, harrel of White, dluo Brown Sugar; al*o basemen* .nd kitchen Purntttire, Hume, [ron, Tin, b oodenwar*, copper .'tenaila, Ice PtteBcra, Sal vent, Ac.; al*o pair of Conch Horse*, even and eight year* old; two Paclug Horses, pace 1:4(1; xw 'oupa and t uaeh, made by Brew* t; Light Wagon, two ?et* loach lJartie**, Robe*, Ac. Term* of *ale oann or certiilo.l beek*. _________ a j mii,nor taylor, auctioneer. O.I Will sell. thl* day, commencing at 101. o'clock, by or ler of Frederick Jeremiah Miller, all the omenta of the dwcl lug No, 88 Writ Eighteenth atrect, near fifth avenue, coc*Ut lot of n very fine assortment of __ RICH IlOl'KKHOLD rURNITCR*, lagjit HTlii Oft PtffnrMoMff citV IfliblA fllll* BIlAfAjltAAil fnfiifM 1u*trura<-ut in every reaped, vaJ >f tuperi-ir one. The perlacs wt furnished with nww?>l Unite of ??ven liece* each, ri<-hlv nerved frame* and covered In ! fetich **itn moeateUe; marble lop Klegem*, mtrmr bsei;, and doom, Vulre and Sole Table*, pier and mentei Kirroi a, Uoe end hn a lei lutein*, ul fulilllrp, Hronres, Periau and dun* ''Igurtm and Vaaee, velvet and Rruaarl* Carpets, gat Clmide lera and Ptilurra, Clock*, he. Dining Room? Eiteneioii Table, rosewood KldcbonrFrench and Bohemian cat end en[raved amber and ruby itaaswam, Dinner and Tea Set*, of fiver and French chine: Iv ry and pearl ha tilled Cutlery, allrer Fork*. Spo-jnt and <R" irt and every inicle necetaery to ><w?plete the seta. Had chann els?Bo?evr>id, nmlkigaiiy and 'lack walnut Bedsteads. Bimaa Watbtlaods, Chair* end fioaa, lace Curtains and wl'cio-.v Shade*, hair and aprmz Mat reaaea and Bedding. Bruaarl* and Ingrain Carpet*. Painting*, Toilet Heta, Clocks, he. All In good order. Must be aold 10 doae an aeteunt Oood* can be examined before the tale h oor*tkt mat at rrsuo acction-wua, bb a said at publie auction. on ftainrday-Juae SO, at U o'clock on the pramieee, by k. J. HI.KKcKEB, Auctioneer, a laadaptne Country Heat at twenty -Bve term, Mkmmd in H*an lale, Wealeheeler county, New York, aheul eight mtnutea walk rom Hart's Coram* depot, on ibe Iful? RaBgoad, on the old oat road, twa mile* south of White Plalna, formerly aa lerrtea Alea currents and gooeaberrtes^ttfly ? vr*i0<:!2 lumber of dwarf pear and plumb tree*. Of Wandard frali a arge number of ifctnhofseel kinds of and harregl ipple treee. Also two apple car hard*, life fields are ta add *d area*, com and poUinea. There t? a dna large vagatablh LjLTdca planted with ell the verletlee of the season. A tier lb* ml* of the pU the dumk and Panning I'tanaUs will ha aold. Man the Household Furniture. Term* easy. The piece 1* r* narfcahly healthy. Further informaUoo aan he obi*in* 1 by slUug on Warner Flatt, SI Liberty street, between the boor* < efvven and four. The can here Twenty-sixth timet, U. it. at 8 15 A. M . returning leeve* llart't Corner# si 1. JO, MO, lend 7 PM. A conveyance will meet ihe 81S train from New fork oti .he day of ?ale. A J. BLE1CCKKR, AUCTION KMB. . iiOt KF.Ht HJ> FVBVnTRB. A. 1. BU ECKF.R, WiN h co. ?til mil si a-mtlon, on rhumlay, June 18 at 10* o'elo-k t. * , *t No. 1M Thoa>p<na areet, between Blecchvr and Houston treelx A general assortment of Household Furnihim, Ooiitl-UBg of K.neeuod Huns in brocalsl. do. in greeu plush, three enamelled Mia, pier (lea*; Mtrr.r*. tStrtalns, thndee. Arm Chair*, in pluth end heir cloth. Bother*. Hal grads, Bureaus, Boat-wood Etegem, fUdebnardt. Brietel* end riurmlti ? ar-.e(a, tmoMW, tenue ana iwi *bumo, ??. Plotter and Tr? Mi, Kltchra Article*, Ac. _ AI.BKRT H. jmXHAY, AriTIOXKKH. KefUar ?U? of Stock* and Band*. Al.BfKT fl. mOOLAT will tell, tUt/toy. TfcnrtrtAy, ** 12!, o'clock, at hU ?Uxk *al<*rt*jtn, U Wiliam 'root, a?*ar * **Vid. n Bulk MO KM!* Am. EcA. Rink. f Ml KBuMl'tmum*.... HU M) Kaai Hirer Bark. ? W N'W !"? ' ? >U0 WJj?m*r Jna. A? '?{ 10 K nfck rrh. .rker do ?1 ?>?"?*"?, <}" *' SKSmS"" *.: *8 ffi w Irrl^tf do.. t9 Mrhkn^p A M Wm HH WW 5 fi??tx*ua do., t8 20riromM't rd It*. Co.. ??*) "?2dirt do. w WW.ddngKuB.r. da liM KHrS-rV do. W It Xorfl OMTloM do.. W 90 I ha:bam Bank * M **) v mi**>?a Hut* 0 por rent _ _ ken r?f?lar ?> on Mmd?r July t k^jr An*)?? rale* M Wick* and HmkU every Monday and Tlinfkday. at 1- , o'clock. Mi*tM<x* -taarvxtm. SB William a^*rW*a*u] fr.kyi lt> i.drU JIokA*.^1 fr.'cd* bou?kl android at ptJ"11 *** " ' "**" " 'IfSStr H. JflpOI.AY, Anctkmarr and Box* Broaar. Wi:nmm *?ra*d. A"i R*RWTK. AVrnovaK. . HT BAk'iit. MSB*]* A CO, Irvmi BaiMinn*. *na BM and 900 P" tartway, o*ar iho Matr.m<i<iMa Hotel. rHTTt AT FTrMHO Jim* 29. *? f%i Vcloo*. Ti+tate library ?f rkutea b**ain ^g??J MM.try. V.rr*k*a and Tratala. Bkvrapkjr, Poetry. Art* and l clao**. and * naral HMeallanejoa ?Lar*nra, lncltxll?? B-aoy toarc* and valuable arnrka on varlotia ?uh)*cU, Be. A POTIOR NOTKJK?UBOCEBIBH. Ac.-HK.SRV "illKKV citeisa JSMa?wi^srt?t a uction notice-to mwow i* want or pub J\ nfl'ir*.?* iraUnMn l**uu< th* ch/, will a*ll all Ma 'Ine Faraitura at hair what N sna* tern* moniba apo: fr " teHu? of * aptnadM Ptaaeftwte, *?iu of Tartar Kirnltnr*, aptewlld r a* wood Normal fnWniia. with all tba Purnlttir* of tea ho- ,? CU] for tela day at Wo. lii Weal rifteante atreat A1"!"" !fOTK!r"? k. r EPWT. accttoneer. MORTOiOl BALK Of BaLANC* Of N*M?C or A WINK AMD KtiiAR MtORB. ezba LrniA>w. jr., Will aall on Finny. tl'ion ?. at 11 o**loek. at faleamnaa *0. M Odar aUnrt. lap pita tea Poal ote**.t balpaoa of pent, rutuKM and FurnBura. of a Win* and ?*?ar alar a, br order of panaaa r ?lf a faw Oil Pata'in*a, i w?lva f**l <w Iran Oflta* Ral'lna Tb* alnrk nnanld aaabraaaa aaaa* rary tea Pal* and Dark Brandt**. Mkarrtra. < Muapagnra, Madrrloa. Bone, Otaa. wKharaJ. . In bwtl.a, aaaaa aHHMM, tywih'r with about *.(t? e?W?ed brand* of Ha-ana N-aar*. tela paramii tnry, and foada wM ha MWarad Wtewkaialy after the eale. A cctton nottc* ? Bt*b"otAVN nittflVM EX A er awaakuld furakara of n ary daorrApWae Wriad aed tela pail uj all porta nf lh? world Lara* eor#rH war XI* for raiaowaJ of furnXarc to tba lititeij. teopar* Car t uranora. A uction notice.-ttton. 11104. A w. a. i nob a. Aiwaprr (Wteiaa, Pladai i Una da, A*. PeanterakeA aaio m F rtday, by nrdar of fTIUMareiau, M BUbih araaaa Trhwobnh-r* aat* ?ie Monday, by ordrr of Prltealtarp. PaaHterteer'e aale no Taraday, by order of Br Bete. A UCTION NOTICK-TO PBR tON* ABOUT NOTINO, A WW ted It <n lbaW adrmnlapa to nail ae the MaUawaWee Baeiiet. No lk> Vaiirk ani Naa U aed 17 Km . *m fair borea warm for raeni ifu? onatura hi tea an .try dP ohp. (Jooda, furaham. patotUnte, auioar/ Ae., gatead artlA oara. Carta at aU hoara A> laaara by anal wtfi be attaedad M wttk eara. I. QOIDMUTH. Pra?rUor AUCTION 8AI.K Of CABINET PUBNITUBB. ?A. M. A (NtlNTAliAft, Aaethw?**r. aiO a*|] on Tharaday. jia* M, at MM o'eioak. at M Poartfe arartaa, batwaan Twaalv labia and Twrot J ninth Braata, Dm *uOra Furniture mtain?3 In aat* tewa. ? I ai m of Bidpii i fa. laarkta ton tmiI- a Cteka. Lnn^Moaay aad^rae^rlon ttelra, Bad* aad BwUma. Waah A rCTION OA LB Of BOT7?*BOU> PUBNITUBB -A BNOWNP 4 NIlTfOIB, ACr?TIONPPIt-? -PKIDAY, don* M. at I o'rhmb. In fraot f ?tlaarnn n* W N***a<: rard, a mj arteh aaddk XaMA Wlf banda hipfc, 7 year old. tetal* Totted ami <tnd* rib* aaddl*.Ir A?|tiban>**a''U*1* nt tern* mbraimr p*rT*tly r*ml* aad ftet. ha* baan tMadaa i ladt** aaddl* bora* for to* tea Ibrn* paaik. tbbownr a nichota aucttonbbbe.?pbiti at U Jnn* *). In frail of ?al**riom? MfNaaaa'i ?U-o*t. a B*t fliate, air t*ara nld. ia?< handa h%b. a praaal all day hora* kted aad ?*atla la *r*rr r*^i-*i, a tea aaddVa boraa; nan bi tkt?*a by a lady or t-biid; par w.|l to A|l bnrr-aa. foM oa ae nnal of tea owaar barlae no fortear tea ftjr Itn. I BAUBW AT ALCTIOM. BY YIRTl'E OF TWO < H VTTKL MORTOAOKH, I WII.L I experts for aile. an Thursday, tbn 26th day of J una Inst, J. it 10 o'clock, in the lureuon, In the rear of 660 Broadway, mm ih Jenny l.lnd Coach, nearly new; al?o, one doctor's Phaiton, In oi good order. a. RE1LLY, Attorney for mortgagee. W \AM AGF.P GOODS?JOUN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON. C XJ Auctioneer, will ?ell on Thursday, June 66, at ten o'clock, a at No. 73 WUliaui litr. i t, two aim's Iron Turned Ware, embrac ?U Ink Sauce Para with cover*, do. without, Ladles, two and three prong Flesh Forks, Gridirons, Preserving keulna. Sitiin A rners, Cullenders, Pry Pan*. two handle Bound Pan*, Kgg * Pane, tlx and aoveu hole Htralncra, Wash Baatna, Ac., Ac., 16 The above, being very slightly damaged on the voyage from 1* Antwerp, and aold for account of the I'udcrwriiers tor caah In ' ankatle mooey. O Edward schknck, ap?tpionkkr. 3 SL 1'KHB X. FIRST CLASS OIL PAINTINGS. Hi NBAKLY 160 FINK OIL PAINTINGS, by E. A F. O. WHENCE, this day, 2"th lust., at U o'clock ri each day, at their salesroom, 141 Hroulwiy, the above 'palut J mg*, among which will be round the work* of tiic following x. well known artlau H Van Levendonek, Pynacker, Soaeta, Kruaemau, T an Regonuorel, Redlg, | Metro, Hwebtck. Diddaert, K. Ihivai, p., R. Ueaa, J. A. llokklng. ro and other celebrated ancient and modern artleta; alao a very u ntrtoua and rare Byzantine painting, "The lloly Standard H Bearer." Moat of the pointings have recently arrived from Ku- r, rope, and have never before been offered for eele. A too, about y, twenty paln'tngs remaining uncalled for from the twin of the j, 14th and lftth hist., which will be mid on account of the former purchaser*. The painting* will be on exhibition ou Tuesday, * with catalogue* and will bo intuitively sold without reserve, an | the owner la about leaving Cor Europe. t, I TOWARD AOHKNCK. AlVTIONERlt. w !i A SYPERB COLLECTION OF BIRDS. C1 By 1?. A X |1. SCHENCK, on Kriday, 29th lnat., at liHi w o'clock, ut their salesroom, No. 141 Broadway, a very valuable p, collection of Ulrda, being the property of a gmitlrmun who pi leave* for Europe in the Adriatic oti the 14lh of July, constat- m log in purt ol' tho following very rare and valuable Birds, ri vi.:? w tine Canadian Orossbei-k. Two8. lineriean Paroqiirttea. u< One Australian liray CartUual. 1 maauiiii-ent grope Caniiuai. th Two Widow Bird*. One Tomauhene* an One African Bird. < hie CL- teae Bird. br Ten Canaries. One African Canary. no One Blue Bird. Two .lava Sparrow* w" One Mocking Bird. Two Yellow Bird* dp One OoUlilnch. Ki^ht oc tea Flying lAptirrnls. xl Together with superb Cages; also i?u eh-kMi Cage, in form of ny the Crystal Palace, w iih oompartaaenta; also Cage*. Ac. Q Edward schenck, 'acctionekr. UANDSOMK BAY MARK. no Hy E. A F If. WlfKYCK, on Kri'Liy, 29lh Inst., at one fix o'clock, at their salesroom, 141 Broadway, a handsome, well ? bred Buy Mare, 7 years old. 15'^ hand* high, w.irranted per- ~ fectly s.'uial, klud mat gentle in every way, a line saddle mare; tan irot In 3y. Alao, Salkey and Hatucm. Edward sctikvck, auctioneer. -p By E. A F. 11. M.'HKNt K. uu Friday, 29th Inst , ut one o'cl.iek, at their salesroom, 141 llroailway, a While Mare, v* 8 years odd, 13), band* high, lone UU, and an excellent saddle .5! mure; ha* I u?eil by tu? owuer both ui hurjiess mil un.ler the sail.lie; she la a good traveller, perfectly kind .uu! gentle, and believed to be sound iu every respect. Sold only for want of use. I TOWARD ftOHKXt K, AlfTlONKER. * 'J KLKii.VN r BROWN M ARK. '! Hy E. A F TT ftrhencfc?Ou Friday, 2yh lust, at one o'clock, rf at their najes roam, 1*1 Broadway, a brown Marc, l.'ii, hand* high, eight yea"* old ihl* spring, w an anted perfectly wound. IT kind anu gentle ta at cry reaped. <,'tui trot a intle In three ini- :: notes, or sixteen miles per hour, lias bccu owned by tho pre- |Jl rent owuer tor the lust three y ear*. JJ,, Edward scHEXfic. auctioneer. tiRKY MKSSKXOKK MARE, by K. A F. M. Rcheock?On Friday, 29th insi at one o'clock, at ? their salesroom, 141 Broadway, a beautiful long tall grey Me* -* wnger Mare, five yaam old-m the 14th of this present mouth, I 14)f band* high, warranted perfectly sound, kind and gentle T, i'' every way, and well broken; will trot or canter; was MM 7?. on Long lslond by the present owner. 1 Gideon h. ctevenh. auctioneer. t COSTLY ROAEWOOD FURNITURE, JL ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, la RARE OIL PAINTtNiH, ac., op At publie auction, commencing this day, at M))j o'clock, at thu Ut< private residence, tW Wrx! Eleventh street, near Fifth ;ivenue. Drawing ronma?Contain magnificent pearl keyed Pianoforte, T Stool, Cover anil Music do.; elegant carved suit* of Parlor Fur -* hiUirr., covered with gold, green and erlmaon satin; velvet and I*1 Htuwci* Carpets, Rugs. Oil Paint lugs Ktogeres, lloAeaae*, rP Centra and Sofa Sfcle Table*, pier Mirror* Istee Ctiruln* B* Dining room?<>nk extension Dining Table, talk Buffet, Talde, Cutlery, Knglish and cut Olaaesrare, Crockery and China \ dinner and ten Sots, Clock, <'srpettng, Sofa, Lounge and Kuay t'halr. Ac., An. CTxamhera?Rosewood Bedsteads, Btirran* WashsUnd* Coatntode* Table. Amor de glare. h ?ir Mxtirea KM, fe??h-r Pfflowp. ?liert*, Linen, AcTable*. Chair* Car "" pcta. .4 too, Id the third and fourth one,*, mahogany and araj- % Dul Be-tateada, Bureaus, HMdlng of every kind, and base- P meat Fiaaiiure. N. il?Sale poaftlre. ^ HEWRY H LKKOft, AUiTIONEKR. SALESROOM WO. ^ ? Nawau rtroct.?HENRY H. LF.KIW A CO. will aril, ,1 at auction, on Thnraday, June 18, at 11 o'clock A. M, onito u, pmntorn, ftir re*ideure of A. M. Tread Weil, formerly known ?tba liutoublq'e property, near Madiaun, Muni* oouuty, Wow Jeraey, ivmt*li>iiig IM arrra, lying on the rtaal to Muni-,town, near the rewteneea uf V. H. Lathmp and WT|I. Utbbon*. Mm >,< The aerraa totbo bona; through un avenue of oM-qtmftar ofa naUo In toawfh <d>ad*4 by forwrt and ornamental tree* of ma- aa Jura growth, fnrutohea a drive or walk of great attraction. Tba house, M fori front by 80 Mot deep, ballt of brick In the aii boat taannrr, hy daya work, la two atortwa high, with baarinrut hi and aBlr, nartoof eprtag water In abundance, carried to the th attic, grM'inda hbndwanely shaded, grrruhouae and grapery In w full bearing; garrten worked wuh email fruit*; also, Una apple Z . E^^'-hdrda The, houae, aaeden. granary, 5 {? *f^?- ,U?V" upoiSffirftSa avenue, *t| TTttTbjrff? TTrf ** fir. WooJriff,* jf fibrrlatown, will meet any gentleman be- a twctnilOA. M- and 2 o'clock K M., dally, to Mow the premiaca. If they will write 10 hi in the day befuria and the owner will d< bogt home on Saturday a Dtotano* freea New York ooe hour rg and a half by Morris and Kauri Rallnwd. Thin property to n geritidPata of tuoana preaunta many attraattona. ? HENRY B. IJOCIM. ATTCTIOwwkr?RALWROOM wa ^ fci Kaaaau alrort.?1IKMKY II. IJCK1W A Co. will acU . i at auction on Thursday ,Juaa 28, at 10\ o'clock, at Dm print* '/ realdcnce So. 7 Weat Twenty aeoond (treat, two doora from *' ruth trmna, Klegant Furniture, Statuary, Bronaan, Horaaa ^ and Carriages, Ac., the property of a gentleman dec'.iuing housekeeping. <bta bouae hat lag ben aoid.) nonatallng of velvet and Rruaaaia Carpets, aoiid aarred parlor HaUa of rune- wood, covered In green aatin figured aUk broeatnllo, Ao., made to order, Turkish Kaar and Raoeptiuo Oh-dra In reps; ? richly carved Kantculla, aolhf carved rosewood Centra Tables. . ..lit t.'W elegant riw'K.ol Ktegerea, plate .glaaa and J lined aaun wood; raaewoud fancy work and Corner Hunds; t rvaewcid iig octave lhaao forte, witk pearl hays; risk Table o Cover* Lace < urtaira, real marMs parlor dtalnary, wuh pe- ? * ?c . III- *1 .1,, WirkU Cl/*i? China Vam Hi nn fluiur'.te and Am* Ptirareai IJko'-d Card Tab>-a. eb-.snt Ptruiu Boud<4r Mime In j b!..e slk, .'>u?l?tiiig at Soft*, KeuieuUa, aalnut Kxlenelan u Table. Huffrt, elegant hlna Dinner ?* ?, dnouraisd with flowers, rowl SAW, Tea Sets. jut glass; Japanese Tf? -lete. M pio-ea, coat fUfl, diver plated Wm and Ivory Table Cutlery. a valuable -ear vf Old rain*, 1or ft p . I nan Omiii'i, beaeiaeat oak Ana I "halm, enTfndk in ro-eo; Buffet Sofa, tables, ir ; i about A) very elegant ()U, by Konck Knock, Ruy- jf Man. HaW?eti.?Kiiapp, Kara?an Hekking, RtoSardt, Hrr?v ? Ion, a?t -libera. lledroome? Solid rvaewoud and walnut Had- r Heads. ltreesbig Rumens, Waaba'anda, *e ;^oeewend Bnh 1 carves moquet, double and n-*le mahogany Bedsteads, LouMM, flne MaUre?ee, Beds, rl .d'a CHb, Kitchen Ware, %r Alan, tnunndietely anar theaalaof Iks furniture. In touted J tfca I u.e, a flue black double team af carriage Horses, eight v and nine yeara old, sound, kind and gentle. Uaruem, Ua/rtage, P he. Tbry wtll bo before the d or in Hour before then are sold. d' The above can be aaandned tka day before the aula from U to I o'clock. TTTHRT H. LBM. ACCTIOKKKR?RALHiROOM HO. c Jtl ? Jfaaaau atraet. ilKKRY H LKKOH A 11U. will aell, at J' au-'toe, m Thursday and Friday, ' a It and SO, at 10)4 o'clock ' ear a bay, at the salesroom tk ffaer.a sweet, a large and magnlfl'*a? private 'jrileoOon of ralaace' Coles, comprising oetlneUona from tba coma o* thirty eve nutans. Among lite priori- ul will be touod the Hani,a Wmluegbm. Half Ittme, Ike J Washington Cent, 17tt, 1TW, 17*. Pauoru and Trial Pteoee. * Firing tagie DgUar, Put iTi?n. Tends Uarda and Medala, and < tekena: aV>we nonaction o. kouUdfe Wear nod Cupper c.-oa? from liertnpiaf fcoae tvi. I.? tar preeeot day, l-oth ! .er 1 and copper. Alao, flyviurh, ! .Man, Rufvitn, Ir i'. h, fc l i , a American and others, In pdd. atlvwr and eXiper. Alao. a- drot r Roman ai.d (Jredan t'otna iial Melain W tg valuable awl h rare. AJeovg very turnaiwmiw u'h'H?inu ef Ohnrkmagtae, o 17Jd-Ike other* lo gr> ' vanovy, bi a.l n large and One coueeHon, to be entd wttkmu raerrro. They will be reedy far ei ktkt tl u aa abu.e twodayt oefora -bo ?l?, with oivlggur*. J SARPWIRK ACcrfOff Jfimct-JOWH C. TAH I AMPWRRP s MiN, a-irtlosrer. ?d? veil, on Tbnretay, Je, at Wo'doek, at 73 Wil.Ueg Wreet, twoeaaee Iron Tin 1 f n*d Ware, damaged en 'tie my urn fma Antwerp; alen. a large tnvlre of ItngltelL 0?riBv-i v il lionWan Hantw-tre. ke . . in bra. ink lo part, Ti grwdt Wm tarkenPaand Wm dewlenion'e flneTal.le'.' ul-rj,alwi, )' u t knives and Htaanra. K ./ ? ?, < Shear*. Ac . afco, Iwarr H-i?, ef U pfaeee; alen R<eb?rbcin'a c a. I land dawn Blgglo* k .don't c. k Hand and Pao'i nasi: * alee, iron and eteeMiaaff-v. Heteh in and Hammer*, - ui# .od " lAnd PeMda (aoce nueka. alio, el duern Janaoned C?ndk * Ueka, flnepntml wa aisTTable itteimie end Vorke: al?>. 771 I gr'ae branmd Rrrewa, bna trmoelabt d? <rated KiuSm, ?;?.?? ' do., fln - porcelain Rar-iwh-viv and l?roo*. M.flgt) 1'imr Mil * lera, A' . alar 100 pairs 1 look single latrrel P' viols, 7V) pairs t double barrel S Inch do., Ac., all in See order, and suM f<w -ash. ' In benkakle toaney ipriSi++~ AllA# ?li?r?uw? ??. |H tfo Mrooi. ?mnr>Wn( tor*" Itoof err -n CM btork T-a*. *i(?ft, Aptrae, ( ir-t, WW Mr? ilaa, "Mara, An. Mao M? ruin m? * rapping rapm. AW) rl jnrm Val-a, I mo ) /? , Ac. Mjr ifto? to At! HKW^ HllfRXK, ' matAblrif Flrto DUirlrt Oowi. 4 Ha 11 in at^)lir, #wx mSu.T*M bat, ? . >1 to i? !?*, at 111 Tti'k kiao'to, krtw??a TmbIjt totok ? Mxl Twenty Irirn'h torrrta, ail th? itmcartaa ?rxi (Wpiira la ' aat to?T?, wiwlwi to a g'aaral mnnp>?ii. < -mora, tour r<imr *n<1 Mkm lair an<1 worn Flttiiroa; oo? loo Hoi. oual fcu Aba l<"aM of atora IvaW TiUM I1H.K,- Al I [WllItlUt? K1 JMAVT RAMKWtNtD 1 O *n<t mahooar 11 nne ir". "val Mlrmn rlrk Itorpata, Mr ? J /AMI* r All Jl A WIN ?U anil, ?n rrdM.JaMa.MlUK '''ci'rrk. at Ut ftlfw *tor -l, n< ?r Kill *> av"o<i?, Hr ?.kljra, . Ik" milra farto'ii cuda""*'.a aild l...aa"*rnn?Wbw In porl ( to moe* rod Elvir". Ktf*u*r?, rio'ae. I'halre, Tabl"*, r?p" wood flaooftol" ?>ial totrrura, tm*-<loe; ?r I-a*, madtoion aaf o*rOtfirtA OQ T )*t"<r I norav <&, 'tw baidvllrra. ' rlrk cut 'itow. A". ike Mcwof uw wMbeaeera, , Mi F'*"o ?)*4| BrnoOlyt vr iNir?mfv. ai<-7I'?sk> r! wu'.l" mux to woiT i JV1. row ?riMa*\ Jau- ?i to *i o'erx?, m ealaweuio M Namao tornac lew dv- . * irna Fulton toraeL b* rlrtiia to a ' ofctoM aangac". a toff*kMnrtaOM to Hi lAifl faMan, Itolptoe. r^nil and raaWigaiMr A'arlor Huua, ooeerod In l?rr? I ratal and katrtooik. toe: tbio A Twaa. ana aa.l parlor CMAM Ian lkuug Tabtoe. " illerv, Mirer plaiod War"7lliff?*ta, dining ? kalra " ?'"! ?rto maWwany OMrkla top Arrtoai Hamax. I frsrty 5sr?i.K;i,W!Ksrft s?5iS5 ] aiiiiMws! -x '-'ju'ii: . tii < I ' PVM ""Allirr-T fro ?** & I p taw AMlHrrif ap^o**?*-tm?^.,|w*" ? , Lz:. ' h. -.hint , *?. i*.. k. ? mm4 ?"~f f..n*nr* p**;T?w5Vf.^': ] i rarato to r arkaHo" tor""'. ?ito"ii and man'# ? Mhin?to J rr laarripilon. Dry 'looda. fl'ina. r'?vila. Wurlw and Jaw rlry, wok i*li"r 'twtoa UllllH I.F.VT, AM 'trend torato. ? pAWrwonirT^I-O AA1.H-W n. MOT* WTU. MtlU K Ih 4 day ilfAOrhim er?i, up totora, a tare" total l ?"nt f i -M it..; v ?i"Wa Uwtory, ilnna, rfa* Hi tooai Inain ar"wta, A" , 4* fo ounatorvw to to i'-A~k ?r erito v n a i. 3 IALB8 AT AUCTION. J AWN BROKER'S HALS CONTINUED.-B. LKVT ALU will M il, this Jay, at 10). o'clock, at ?1 Catharine arML ? remainder of the splendid 1.idles apparel, Including "Ilk ana lit-r Drcioca, Ekirt*, Shawl*. ManuiUs. Chemises, Shirts and jilt*. A J BOGART, AUCTIONEERS.?FRTDAY, JUNE ?, . nt 10), o'clock, at the auction rooua* No. 1 North WUMaut root, Household P urniture, Sola*, Tables, Choirs, Brnntll Upets, Bureaus, WoshsUinds, Bedsteads, Buds and Bedding, lao Constable'* sale, lot of Engravings, 11 bottles Wius, una 1 Om Veil. Also at t'omrtable's sale one gray Horse, about lutnds I,lull, rood work burse, sound and kind; one otto# ask, Ac. JAMBS SULLIVAN. .Constable, 'HKRIFF'8 HALE?BUTCHER'S WAGON?CHAMBERN ) A FA1RCHILD, Auctioneers: salesroom 113 Nassau reel, will sell this day, Thursday, June 38, at 11 o'clock, at x 714 Eighth aveuue, two Butcher's Wagons and ')M utcher'a < 'art. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. "to TAILORS.?MORTGAGE HALE OF SEWING MA< blue.?GORMAN A HUGHES, auctioneers, will sell at i>. 6 Chatham viu.ire, one il'laner A Auger) Sewing Machine. ? order of R h. HKaKKR, atnmey for mortgagee. VM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON Thursday, at 10% o'clock, at 461 Brooms street, all the nteel Furniture in the above bouac, consiaung uTTete atetes, if as, Sofa bedsteads, marble top centre and tea Tables, Mirra, Vaultings, Wilton,* velvet and other Carpels, ruoewood Ml other bedsteads. Chairs, hair Mattresses, feather Beds, udding, Bureaus, Washalauds, Tollci, China Glass, aiding <>m and .other Furniture; silver plated tea Urn, ilpoong, inks, also a lot Trunks, Baggage, Ac., containing Clothing, swclry, Cutlery, a tjuauiity ol Uueu Mhlrta, Ac. 1TORTH REM EM BERING.?ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD If Furniture and Dccoraboua, of every eoooelvahle htoff id quality, both new and second hand, at private sale far 1MB eek, at No.15 Clinton place, In Eighth street, a few tons eat of Broadway This is a rare opportunity to purchase top Ill he found much better then going to aucuon, for they ra : tout at a leaa price, there will beteia trouble and no gMHddera, the good* can all be area aud examined, 1*4 will hn sut home free of charge. The aaaortment la eery large and tried, embracing everything neceasary to housekeeping. Wn in furnish bouses or apartments with all the trtlnlee thej e?I talre, and lu a atr le to auM the moat fastidious lasts, svsn to e cookery and kitchen uleiadla Fine rosewood fraMa afar id mantel Mirruie, rich window Drapery, marhle CMha auxe Statues aud 4roups, china Vane*, and a general aasertsut of Farlor and lHalitg itoom Furniture, oooadlaa ad lag toy articles to be euumeraled here. Also sulid oak and ml* ,t Dlnlug Rmm Huhe. velvet, Kruxaela and other Otiyda so a very full variety of carved and plain rosewood, nafiM* and walnut Bedsteads, Hureena, WardrobM and otfiar amber Furuiture, fine lialr Matireaeee and Beddh^. m irt, ire hare (o oiler, at great inducements, everything that ial houaekeeperscan oak for. fall and aee If ihtanmooIs t worth remembering and true in every rsspsut, Doors open an 7 A. M. to 7 P. X. ?pic^L Ktmcai. , T A MKETINO OK TOE BOARD Or DIRBCTOM <WT L the New Jersey ZIdc Company, held this 11th day ?T nr. I (MO, a semiannual dividend or four per oeat VMS dn* I red on common and preferred stuck, payable oa snd after t 3d of July next at the transfer ofllce of the company. No. i Washington street. New York. The transfer book* anil hS nad from the l(kh lust, to the 3d proximo. A. 11. FAR1.IN, Treasurer and Secietary. 1K1J.KYVS HOSPITAL.?11KRK AFTER VIB1TRM WILL 9 not be allowed to enter the hospital (except in OMM aes) ou any other than the regular vtailing days, vis: the M id third Thursdays In each mouth, between the hoars at M clock A. M. and 4 P. M. AH aruelee sent for the comfort ?g s patient by parties outside of the bcopttal mual ba directed id delivered Co the Warden or hla representatives. Thorough aminatlons have been ordered, to prevent the Introduction to, or the abetrsctioo from, the hospital, of any forbidden dries of clothing, consumption, Ac., by any |-arson or persona lached to the hoepilal. Hy order of the 1 niniataSiinils m ihlio Charities and Correction. JOHN K. WHITE. Warden. O. 8. M. PRO PATRIA LOIXiF. No. 1.?A WKRTTNO . for wurk will lie held at the rootna hit Hnsuiviy. on Frly afternoon, June T7, at 3 o'rindt. Punctual atleieian-e reesied. Kb H I ON II. D.kVW, U. oat. A. l.tioBCE, O. See. KlTTRK O.N PHONOGRAPHY fFKKE) BT Ill' MEl, J, practical reporter at Dr. Trail's uaetura Roast, U light street, Tuesday erenlng, Jtiur 1W. /it 8 o'clock. '"fuse ensKi iday evening. Fifteen lemons, 81 M T?ughl through mail, ami Instruction book aeut lur 86. Address aa aboue. jwrrmt ijkpnoNoon MMIY'/FRFK) RY"D~~b~uRJ IKh. prv^Vn reporter at Dr. Trnll'a (return Room, 18 light strceiffipioraday even in*. J uuc 2s, at 8 o'clock- <Tiua on* KridnJ^f ''iihu Fifteen |p-"?ni?, -'3 SO Taught through I mall ami^Kyflun book brut for fV Address aa *bu/e. fWXT~ WAfHuTtlTOK 1 .* ST IT? TE ?I'OW H i. SCRniont fi'/ni r* villi tak" pine till* ovrning. at Hope lapel, 710 liroadwav, when lb>t graduating claaa will reeoiv* fir diploma*, ami tie' Institute lie formally /'ioaed until ihe ooixi Mutidit) HqtariMT licit TAVY BK KK-TxT? PUR K.?NAVY AUEN'Y. V'KW 1 York, JuiiD J6. HWU ?Reah d profioml*, cuduraad 'Proiml* for later'and 'Pmpowvla for pork," aa the cane map nil! be received at thi* 'dllee until U o'rioek, noon, <w? MooT, tlx: yth Jul* licit, for funioliliig and delivering, tree of I owl ami rlak to tbe United .state*, at tii-t Navy Yard, at dnkljm, 1,000 barrel* of Bert 1 000 barrel* of Pork The Iterf nvnat be from well fattened cattle. Tbe Port must i parked from corn fed, well faliened bog* Tbe barrels u?t conform ar near to navy beef and pork contract barrels prarttoable. Evrrv ofler must be aarom]>anied by a written guarantee, fuel by one * more responsible persons, to tbe effect thai or they undertake that the bidder or bidders wiU, if hie or rfr bid be accented, enter Into an obligation Immediately, 1th good and sufficient aurottea, to furniab the article prowed. Thia guarantee muat he acontnpanied by the eerUwmtb ' the Collector or Navy Agent that Urn guarantor* am able to ake good their guarantee -R<v tuwa* W wmHsbeg frt: Full panleular* mar be iwcertalued by application to thb munandaait of the Navy Yard or this office. N. B ? The above Beef and Pork Is purchased aa account of 'faulting contractor*, and muat be furnished within tab day* usiZ..I ^ VA"" JKSSm.,-.* a* The Interest coupons duo July 1, on the Jersey Cky water nan Band*, will be paid ?n presentation aa and after ffieoffip, lll> X, at KM- < I). Ill, in IH cuy 01 now ill, ur M Xii hidn' and Trader*' Uaok of Jerary CKy. K. RAND AI.U Prrailmt Board of Water CouWawn MvuuyrioMi VT U CI1AMBBRS NTRKRT -MONRY TO LOAM TO any amount on Plamooda. art or unaet, Watebea, Jewry, dr., or Dm auM IwneM /or the btybeat raah prima, ty >m well known l.H.% AOs 11 t. immbara atreoc N. if?Ho buHU uvuwa. le.l on Saturday* I T Till! OLD OFFIftMONRY IM AMY AMOUNT. V To idvanra on Work*. Botiia. Dry Hooda, Palatlawa, Ae; To advance on Ptajuoiwta, Watrhr*. Ptaixj*. Hrg-ira, da; At hi* private r.atm. Mrwtrw frnml ATjftlU Jr. w. J H H AKUIXIKK, 17U BrnUway. room 1& up eUlra. | TTRNTTOM?JKJNMT TO KUROPK?DRAFTS, fWM LVoSSTi jjleb/U icilMlDf AOO, Bandera, Mm \T flat NASSAU STRKKT-A. RONlflMAN, DIAMOND broker, advaaere lammy to any aawat on Tkaannlk fat. !? '?, an<l .-all kind* of Mrrchandlae, or buy* for caeh, at hk* rivals oBee, f? N **** ! atrert, room Mo. R BuMneeeeedtf ratial. A NT LADY OB ORKTLFMAM WumtNO LA A MM FOB ,V abort pet I da un Piamouda. Wale baa. Jewelry and IterliaeiBae, ran V privately a.mmiemUled by applying te P, lAMK, broker, u 1 outth atimir^ippualte the Cooper laalitie. Private entrance, hall dour. A Till GRAND RTRFFT. TltRP.K DOORR WWTT 0D fv Pineda a? mnwv advanr-ad on Watahae, Dtoaaenda, lea'lry, Plate. Dry ijonria. oid Pero-rial Property ef rrery I ear rRiilon, re ??.??>, t and Bold, by JOMRPM JL JACMBmC uatioawerend broken. AT TK> XPVAMim nrPCMOP hliOORR MOMMY 1ASS ;..t fry deacrtpibwi uf Mere b.uMUm. or bongbt and the ktoto at mire riven lluaiiifM etrl. tly rdLAdrntlal. tloode Ntor a ?l,U>W IM rrlnrtp?l ufltn. (7 *Hw M*M*| taM* c?. ?w Browl wya r *irnln'rrarrT'-itrsRr ittwa*, *tw bro*. fv ?r ? <W?*. advonrt Mil i?i wry Mi wuit na W?MI i? k rtMunvt, W?trb?, Ht!v?r l*Un? and Jewelry. or hurt Lb? iim for r?i. U?.- P? '?? -. room H v I, eeeoed tkwr. IAPAKKWC RMMAMMY -TMK TrmHY.-IBMW ?W| the portrait n< ibfl i?H? A ml imiiiIm procure *Jf ending Itinr i-m'*, <w p*?ia?? iPMapo. M I- Xwnku I ST 2 OU, wmfrrivn Mi wtmieeele dealers la MM iirfcmU. (fit. r+>. . bli'll ? atom. mx wood uM iwrr iltvl at aery mart. M Rr-adway. Mew Turk. Uiip ?rM?' eaa letter; waail o>nAr? l??Mjr a?e (rut*. . phk ohfat r. \*rr.ns-'A noRtRnr **n bkacttI ri'Li.T oni/>R?tii rru, RROAiwmic vibw. I *u>nte ' Jglii 8 .<'h~v. Ik., frr? by Mil. Me per ill i nple?. TUB tf ARIHAIdH WAE? A Colored ?*0, nfi*.. free by mail AURIki WA NTUn A. H'' VBV.Ril A <*V. SI I intr Mreet, ~~ OTinClFAt A> riuu. BTOTII * -THR MwillTTWR OR WAMtimorTinp lT }?-?.i.I U < ounniinen will ketrf a monUag la i<Ma H I Hy ?l?n or Tbur?<1ay, 'he MUi it.aunt At tirt a'clne* f W., n ^iwlrr ibr yrUrm eubjeru haiarm ikam P??m Iter aw nuMbmm before Urn rwuriw are lgvtn>4 to aueud. kuward r<MrrilJ>>. _ H tHRI* tWMlP.HT. 5 _ CHAR. o. riNi'&j^kr, J * Uafk** rvwnw? iwni* ww nowoa tww ?*to? 1 .toMjr iiltai'il. 'fTAMrriw ft,'ft iMH| f222 vorCtfcn. f?^3?jL^ -rii'JTu'.w ?JE5 /^UJ 3 ml * u?- ?* MB BOW rawssss Ihwril of ?ii?iWW. * IMfc M ?? MM MM aSiBsM* ffita Board of ?<iticrT Id t?, J im N, 1M0. Orn kft? ui mm JSTC^SSW swuis XmJ of ^NT'Wn /ubb M, M Ob mm mi mm lr?n|?!ton tn p*Y MR? V John t. WIlMIlM BUM M 'li<\ t. Tmw, jfeorl<n Dtrtetiory. |M 2 ... . ' Vgi S vr&m-m Iz m?mm Jm km oa mm mi mm ?? * ?? ?r (tfwtar*, Jbm ?M0I qW BM aMB roa <Wy OfrMWkq J Bup?rvfor?. .hu>* t, IMO. Ob BfM M4 MM * r"r,r1^,,1,< J"?? * >?* OB ?7M ?*4 MM rjVr *n* tnwrrrr. n* *r*r41rru. wwr o* I TtarMif, Uw 'i*t . ?< If o'rlnr*. M rM HI Ogr *u Of huriU Wt!| r>?M MM* !*? > N?mI >w?. !M V A. ?1.1 JIM n W ORqvt, I - ~ - - riM. ryii *. ... KO CO*rilJ.O.f T. W. TiTTf. Pwr^tr;.

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