Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1860 Page 6
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V lfiTIOM W ftTTKIV-nWHL18. MnrTiRLX GERMAN GIRL WlHlfKM A 81TOA ion wtth family ?<kng to Cnllioriue. Address 19 ikxi t, test Boor, New York. *NITU ATION WANTED-BY A RESPE'TABIJI WO "ion, to do the geaeral housework of a small privatel'amt Mill good rook, wisher and Ironsr. Please to 0*11 a 'est nn St., between Mb and 9th uvea m? . YOUHQ QIKL, WISHRH A SITUATION AH CHAM bermaid and to assist Id the washing; aud Ironing; she is t Sreaber and trouer ami plain couk; Is willing and obliging her duties; has no objection is son abort dlatanoe In th? wjjT^ fall for two days at 1U West 29th it., lu the rear 5 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OTRL, A* A good plain cook und a Arst rate washer and ironer M do ehainberwork or hsuaework in it small family; ran 'to where she lived thrve years and a hall'. Call at 13J jfL, near 7U> ar., front basrmeut. _____ RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH ! plain cook, washer and Ironer. or to do housework In a l family. or to do ehaisberwnrk ''an be seen for two pillM 3d av., two stairs up. front room. RWPECTABLS PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation to do general housework, no objection to go to ountry la a good worker, fan bo aeon tor this week at oath 7th at., up stairs, near Cole st, Jersey City. OTUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waitress, no objection to go a shut l dlsi lb the or an try. The beat of city reference given. Can ten for two day a. Pall at 'fcte 7th ave., back room, aeooud RPhPKt'TABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL wishes a atiuation as hamlienn tld. In a small American iy; ahe understands English. Gout references can be I from her last place, lu'iuire at Itfi id at. rear house, floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN RNGLIR8 < 11 HI.. AS first class chambermaid and waiter; can do tine washing quired, flood city reference*. Apply at 139 East 3b,h St., ceo 3d and 3d ave, second door, back roan. MONTHLY (fo INVAI.TD NURHE 18 DESIROUS or forming an engagement; sh? la capable, experienced and Jy recommended bv doctors to attend In auy kind Of sick. Address or call for Nurse, 29 King st. UTl" ATION WANTED?M* A .unr. \ui.ii. umi, u nurse or an rhumhermald; l? a good plain sewer; would to go to the country for the summer. (food city yefcreucs. at ldl Perry it., second tloor, front room. GERMAN GIRI< WANTS A SITUATION POIl UKNE ral housework tn an American tumlly. Can be seen at Monroe street, rear. 3 CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS?WANTED, A gttoatiou by a competent young woman. ("an tie seen at but ltfth otreet, at her present employer s, to whom she rs. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT ENG Uah woniair, Is a first rate cook: understands bread b.ikand nastry; would go a short distance in the country. I at 181 Slat street, tn front basement. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 rook, thoroughly undersUn.1* it In all lis hraiwdies; has no action to help with the washing and Ironing, or go a short ?ce In the country. Good references. Call at 111 West ft. TOCNO GIRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBER . maid, waiter or laundress; has no objection to either, i at llD xasi Jbth si SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, . aa nurse and seaimtrras; no objection to the oountrv; ) city reference. Call at lti) 37th St., between 7;h and 3th a. third floor. RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN DESIRES A SI. tuatlon as cook, war her and Ironer. or to do general houserk in a small family; has no objection to the country; has the * si ettj reference. Can be seen for two days, at M West hat. LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION EOR t her chambermaid, she has been with her f >r the last nine its; would take earn of children, has no ohjeetl.ui to go a ?rt distance In the country. Cull at the residence of the girl, . East >th st. first door. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT A BIJ! YOUNG as chambermsid and waitress, or would do genera! use work In a small private family; a good plain cook and a ed washer and ironer, the best city reference from her last tee. Call at 40! 7th ave, third floor. . RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL gWANTS A flTl't L lion to do sewuic and take care of children, or to tu amber work and waiting, has good city reference. Inuiure US West Shh St. t SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNG L girl as chambermaid and waitar, or to take care of child o sad do plain sewing, no objee- to go a abort distance In ? country 'Call at H West 13th iistween 8th and Cth avs. kLADT WISHES TO RECOMMEND TO A COVEORTAhie situation a respectable Pi- .--uant young rum, from ? north of Ireland, aa <-h mbermstd su I wulir.-.a, she is Tti, competent, neat in pers.<i and work, aial thoroughly met. Apply at 111 East .'7th st.. corner of 3d ave. kGIBL, SIXTEEN YEARS OK AGE. WANTS A SITUA IMC in a respectable family to take care of children, aud > soaks herself otherwise useful. Call at 191 East l.Vh st., nmA floor, front room. k SITUATION AH OOOK WANTKO?BY A COMPKTKNT waaaan; beat eky reference, 1 < ?? ? (wr place in cmiae. eence of tbn :amlly going to Um> country. Apply to 0. C.t 37 faat Ulh at., or it ltr. Sherman'*, corner of 2&1 at and ft in. A PAOTRNTANT HKRVANT OIRL WOCI.D I.IKK A & wtuatioo u chambermaid and to aniiat In waahing n? 1 tnliiy, or u child'* nor**; no ot.jecUou to the country. Call 1?flafa at ftdliaat Broadway. \ h hawimivhh ant> *nffl-* iimrp. a ?rrria. lion, by * highly reape>-UMe Pra> ?i int young woman; maid Iraed with a f?dy..or will take charm of an Invalid, unamtanda hmiaekeeping thoroughly; aatofactory reference, all fir two day* at No. 1 Wert 36th at. a WOMAN or KXPERIENCK WANTS A SITUATION \ m lady'a mahl or acantatroaa. uodeiatanl* her btaeteeec I ail Ha branch^; ??.|M >ake charge of growing rhll Iren, ti > bjeetkm tu travel. Call for taro day* at ft A'cat 13th ah, near headway. A HfcRPPtTtni.K WoM AN W ANTS A S1TC kTION, W A HL good cook and a dm tlaaa :*undr, aa, beat uf ulty refeenac fan b* given. Call at 23 Mvnroc at. A SCOTCH C.IRL WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAV a. atrcaa ,u..l lady 'a maid, la a good dr-aamakor; can en' and t, and la a good lulr dreaaer. Oood city referouue. Call for aw daya at ft Lalght ?L A REAP KCT AHI.F. TOCXO WOMAN WANTS A SITU AA. uoo. no objection to goln ihecoiuiuw; cwndo plain co.>klr?, hambcrwork and waitlna, la kind and obliging. aillaoiAio vaahiaaaral trotting. C-Jl at 173 Weat 33d at, between 7th a..J ft an. A SITUATION WASTKD-BY A REHI'EtTAHI.F YOU NO O. etarn. native of Scotland, hi *> 'k, waalt an I iron, a maid do general houaework in a email I amily al. at a 1.1 Ted Ml* aL, between Ah and ItAh area., for two day a, city re trance If rsqatrad. a tocvo womvn Wants a situation as cook. fl waeher aad ircner. haa g"*l reference, tan he aeen *r two daya at lift Weat J3th ah, third floor. a kkaW.-Tiltl.t VOI'Xil WON t V WtVTS t SITU. & aAoa aecklid'a nnree tna lady Niardlnc In a hmel; wnnld are no ubyenkn ir?f'l * 1th a . , . Oaa aa chambermaid and do plain eewlud. Call at 17 W*Li? afl eL, aaaaad door A II KNOLIRH PROTECTANT WOMAN WANTS A 3. akueuun loanok. waah and Iron In a email pm?> lantl r; aa objcr-uaw la go * ihnrt dlataare In the country Cati for wo dara at SB Biuabwth at the raar. A MMSFFOT INLF VtRRIFP WOMAN Unnn LIKE 3. la gat the waahuiy of oo? or tw> reepcetalI- fami jc?, at m own hoaaa. No. 77 Weat Ihth la the raar. AS COOK-WANTED. A MTCATION BY A FIRCT 3 claaa meal and pantry conk; lnderataivta j-llW, ??tpi ad faaee. ar ofc tecum to a flm claaa Nmrdki* b<r a. o?.mry of enj reference. Call at 36 VI a?., bet we,it like A RTITATION WANTED?BY A BEHFK< T ABI E A. jmu toatn. aa, ta a pond weaker an<l ir.mer, beal f c?) frma bar laet employer. Can be teen .or aa dan *t lfJJbeat yb at. AN EXPERIENCED AND F ARIIION ABI.E DREb* i HI aeakr r wtaliee work la a few nice fanunea uy the .Lay. la ?ad to eht^lmw rinOwe aatwfactkxi in aurad UaUouorad nak 1.1', Wt 4th at., durum tka weak. A N EWQIJS KFHOT1WTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITC tL adnn In Ike enuntrr, aa mine and WMm Apply f?N wo dara at Bra Wiek-Wa. dreeamafcer, ti Barrier ?t, be aeu BtaacAr r and Mb ttn A ROOOK-BT OIK WHO CNDKRCT ANn* HRB BCKI 3 itaaa. beklad. peatry and all I la brain-bee, sud do mam waaMagj would g i In the country. Boat e? -client re wane a. Apply for two day* al No A Moon* at-, near Caika bjnr Addreaa < \Mk.boi fall Herald oWee. A TOrNW WOMAN WISHER A SITCATJON AS LA 3 dy e aaatd, la capable nfeniun* and IhUodlAdfea-druaeea, tnalaaannd bair dmeer. baa no objection to'raral for t be aar Ike beet of oiy relereooa can be git en. Can be aa far two day^at lTY.lbun itih ?t. VNOI.DLADT. RFAiniNO AT DM W KCT ?TtI NT TN tke raar, a labia to take oare of a cklid ou rtaauuab.* A SSfrrv.T tm.R OIRL WISHES A SfTrATIOX VS V ckntawM or wniirroa, b? willing i.< Uka nam rokdifin*. OftU far tkm dart at No. I Waidn* place, art *OOOE'fl NTTfArroN WANTBD-IN 4 TTOTFL OR ) hoarding honor. by aor who thorough;-, in'-ratarda Ml mttmqftooalo and pitLVv awl J f biyd awI* willing w. aaoto. at wvtM if roquiroJ M if rrfa?od. am for two (Ufa at 71 Dirttooa at., rcoiii En.*, r? aa ? A >?mrT4NI.R OIRI. W4NTE A NTTVATION f* DO L rtrtomrk, would do light houod?>.<rt for noil jolly Toll ?> 107 i Irrwtwtrh ah riTAflrtO* WANTED?NY A BIWrffOTAWt.N TOIN'I ) wtBgAiaihiw* and aromtorww. la a good apwaiflf w hrrtnf A WIN ? ? **wing rnarlnnr ru rat Md III rhlidrm't othing tad al kind* at todloa' uadrtr lotto kg. Onod Tor rwraaaa <m ta mm far two dug* ad 1U Ah at , iHnt.m plana, tto mar, to? door 'TTtJAtlON WAXTKD-BT A CONNrTKNT CMAMPV.R > anaM and waMraoi Plror* rail for twodayaat toi pr?. ? wwlnjtr'i 41 Willow at.. Brooklyn?m*ArH>N WANTTD-BY A RIOHI.T RKSPKI TABI.* * nam, aa Ural rlaaa <-.?*. thoroughly nnJrratou-la all tut anchtt, Wo ">h)o?*l?nn to go with a pi .voir f iBiiljr hi 'to raw T. Tar* ham of rrfarmrra (Vi to anaa f-ar two daya at AH MM it. to lha toar. towwi to and 4th ava. IfUAflONB WAKTWD?BY TWO NMrntTANI " > glrla, totocrt <mo aa plato anok. and good ??hf-an 1 IMwar, athaar aa to .iqh-naoH and wakraae. an I t < tola in to wtong and truatag; toa town bring In tow taw atnltov. m to warr brat rgrrm > from 'htor law rmgi->T*?"?, haa i?rt tor rtoaJtoa hj oowan. of tto foot iv goiog tw'to wrnntr,. ppiy ttWftf m , Mar TUIarj. Br-? -Oh a no rAWTMWi owbo TO IO'IOPE-AN kt rl iqaad nnaan going l? England In July, wwtoa a ? . . 'aha hargr of a tody or oh'ldron .* the roj-agr .4 lift ra. N.. at to Ko? MI to trtmnvlA wrrtnoii. ht a toi n?i woman f uado gmwral to larworh: Entoiwrtlona in tn? a M nrtn trarrl t all at So 4 fl.tratlo w . .m ih? t.r? f ?4 MtBT 1'iivi it i 'WW mm to from Noropr. a ?ltnat? ? In a fi -ni'r. tiowliri matd and twamarrwea: la a v?r n?.?t #ow?r otto r ui .arntdar: wmM pot rtiwn to goto tto nnuntoy Rer ? ?to Cai at 71 Waft JfW, fatnli cnnr Alt it, . \ _ "DATIOVS W iUll ' \\T'''yT*3> V RITCkTION, 1Y 5 R->iPE< fABT.R PRO I *Y g'-l, d* lady a n.Sel ami seamstress; is ft mo" I tent hair drew .and ami rtui >la . 1 Arum H > imi'y w?in( l and embroidery; them.-a uC'iP.thAed v-?tl:n uia s can <* given |- ' aa ;n honesty aiiJ *"aWIUv; h i objeoltous ui go to the country. - I Apply at the ofttee >>f lYr W Burns, No. 9 Hudson place, 31th I at., between 9th and 10th area i TAT ANTED? l >11 I ATM IN. IIY 4 HKM-CVT Ull.K - J fr vonng woman. aa cook; would be willing to no aa Uuu i dress; Pas no nhieetlop tn the country. Tall at 117 W. 24th at. ( : ' \\'A\TED?BT TWO RESPECTABLE YOPNO WOMEN, i vY i tali ; .. ! i?. one m Mod slain aoakanal u as i I ?lst hi the washing and ir mine; the oilier us chambermaid and ualtress. or ns * >ltrcM and to assist in'he washing and I )' '! Irg Moth are fully competent to fulfil the ah >vo sHua ; '.iona, and hare the '><*st of city references; have no objections i to go a short distance m the country. Call t'or two days, from I 9 A. M. II.IOF HI., at .1W3d av., betwe-n 2!*h .o. I 30th ate.. In m lloor, trout room, over the shoe store. Xt*" * YTKP A SITCA.TIOV.BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ yy woman, us eh imbermuid and waitress, or to do chamber wish nnd assise m washing and Ironing The best of ctiv reference given. Cull for two days at 210 West 42d St., at Mis. Thorn peon's. TIT ANTED?BY .4 RERPECTAHIJl WOMAN, A SITU 4f Y Uini ss cook and to assi-i In the washing; is a good cook and understands mints, poultry and baking of every kind; the I very beet of ettv reference; no ohjeetlon to the couutry. Apply at 110 Wast l'Jth St., sec mJ story, front room WANTED? BY A BKSPWTABLB MARRIRD WOMAN, with a fresh breast ut uiilk, a baby to nurse; hits her own I baby. Respectable references given. Apply at 220 10th ave. betw een 24th and 25th sis. T1TANTKD-BY A RERPEtTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, yy a situailon as wet nurse; has lost her own babv. Call fo , two days at 222 avenue K, between 13th and lftfa sis. I TITANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED KN'ULJhIl HOUSE yy keeper, an engagement In a gentleman's family. Th advertiser la trustworthy .and thoroughly Mqualated with al I that appertains to housekeeping, ami would take the entir I management 01 lie household if!airs, (,'all on II. 11., 133 Wus ' 2Ud ut. i TlMXTKn?A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV ( :!, i'i do gi-n'i'dl housework; In a good washer an'l ironer and willing to work. Would prefer a small family. Call at 73 I Chrystle at. TV"ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS ! TV seamstress jnd chambermaid, or to mind children; has 1 ro objection to go a short distance in the country, t.'uu be well , recom mended and be seen for two days at 39S 7th ar, between 34:h and 39th ?la., top Hour. TVTANTKn? V SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE I TV young girl, as chambermaid or lo do general housework, i Oood city relereuces. Apply for two days at 120 MoU at. "TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TV MtuaMon to do general honsework In a private family; the best of city reference can be riven, fall at 138 Atlantic ?t? corner of lleiiry. over Horanton's grocery More, room No. 11, Brooklyn. TirANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN W 4NTS TO " get the washing and Ironing of a family. Call at 231 Elizabeth m , In the rear. Tl*'ANTED?BY A RESPECT ALE YOUNG WOMAN, A TV -ii nation as cbsmbcrnvim and wiiltrees; wo'ild have no Objection to going in the country. Apply at 61 Bond st. "II' AN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, Tv a altua'lon as wet nnrse, has a freah breast of milk. Inquire at 178 flirystle st., room No. 6, from 10 A. M. till 3 P. M. T1TANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TV situation a? nnrae and seam strew; can do embroidering and ts accost "cited to young children; no objections to the country for ihe summer months, g>tud reference, ("all at or addr.-*-, M West 40tli st., between Broadway and (kh av., fourth floor, for two days. "TENANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A RTTUATt tlon as nurse and seamstress. Can give good from her present place. 237 West 19th at., between 8th and 9tb ava., where she can he seen for two days. TV ANTED-A SITUATION TO DO COOKING, W.A8II TV lug and lmr.lng; no objections to do the g-neralhousework of a -ina'l family; no objections to the country. Best city reference. Call f"om 10 to 3 at 27 Cornelia st. WINTTD-A SITU ATION, BY A REXPECTABLE PRO testent young girl as sesms'tvsa and chambermaid; no ob,'ec-ion'o .i.a-ist hi-be ,-are of children or tako entire charge ; of -hem; would ~n In the country or travel. Good reference. Call at 71 Wert 1-Vh St.. front basement. TV A VTED? A PTTU ATION, BY A COMPETENT WOTV ?? "? f'rst .-...g, understands her budne-a per feetly in aU Its branches; wrould do part of the washing; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Best elty reference. Can be seer, at 71 West Ukb st. WANTED?BY AN OBLIGING. COMPETENT WOMAN. a situation as cook. She ran be well reoommand vl by her present employer. Gall for two dayaal 190 West 23d st , bet w ecu 6ih and 7tn ava, TV-ANTED?SITUATIONS BT TWO 8I8TKB8; ONB Ait TV good plain c.iok, washer and tracer; the othet 4* chambermaid and waller, and will make herself generally useful. Call at 121 East !9th ?t. for two days. Best city reference given. No objection to go a short distance to the roantry. Wantki1?a situation, bt a rbsprot a bi.r rlrl, m rood plain cook. Is a rood ?ukir and irooer, an objwtlon U> do homework la a nuall family. Call for two day* at Iter preaem employer'*, 08 Writ *8th at ti-anted?by a twn?i 01m.. is rr\rr or.n, a f? mtton to itMiat in tin care 01 children and to do llrht h - 'he la a rood plain truer Call at 3*1 Weal ?th *: t rem i<kh and 11th at a., top door. t TTr tTT-TV-BV A YOtTJIO WOMAN, A It attnr..^" r? chambermaid; la wiling to do general hoiiam ?orl In 1 *m:il| famtlv. Mat the heet of rttyreferenee If re. qouao. < ... at Un brick houm corner ef Warren and Uuyt 1 ate , vat Md--, Brooklyn. ~VL~ i VTFTt?11Y \ RKXPK.T VH1.R WOM AN. A HITL A ff a a ; lire rate ,-ouh; tinderoaodt her bnatucaa In all Ita brar.dti ?I eala ampa and jelllea, baking and paairv; woull bar-no ihii'i i'uB V? n-ttal in washing and inning The beat uf cityre^rence can ho gtreu. Call at 18 Christopher at, for twotUy fVrANTr'T>?a situation as chambermaid and YT w .It. r or .'hairhermaid and nnraa, and wiahea to ro In thr eon itry atih a family for the mitnmer. The beat of city refareui* man her laat employer. Call at *51 31 a/., between :Qd and TV) Mta . ftr?t door, lemt room. j tt'tvtkiv-by a yol'ntl woman. a situation as | TT waltreaa, or hambermald and waitress, tn a anall pri! title family. No objection to the country. Can be seen for t?o dura ht h.-r present employer'*, 38 Went lQtb at., betweeo Sth and Mi *v?. \\* A NTFD? A SITUATION, BY A REhPECTtRt.K T' )u?r g gu l, < tip reneral homework tn a tun.Ul family; It an eteelicut taundiean, t'all at 12* Ka*i Ahh at, third floor, frm* ro. tn. I tl-vnttrv?BY two RKBPEPTABLFl t?TRl>. fllTPAY? . to r ink waah lad imi. ihe other an < l.tmlxtrmald m l waMreae. i'iii be ??-n at their prevm >#- a *here 'liejr have IM eight year* ami I Uiree niooth' 'PaIi at 33 Kaat lfltli at. W'antrn-ny v kkj?pectabi.k oiru a srrrAYY ?b ?! .<? . liaml>e "tald. n.aher And Irouer, OCMgeneral bona i> < I private family. |t??t *f chir r? r-renee VlinOateaav at*.-"i?ld<?jr front Waehiiigtn*, llroiiaiyB, for I a >t dap*. T|7axtkiv_\ 8itl' A hon. BY a RKMPBtrTABl.K WOYY rate ->* Me*t of <-ity reter.nv-? gtven. fail it h?r preart -'mployer'a, Wo. .TO Vtiion atuare. tjl* antkiv-BY a rkkprl tabi eoiri.. a 8itpattow YY <i rj..,mb- ntiahl and rtilld a ourae; h.ut mi objocU-ta to etty I r (sn.n'rv;, lttilry preferred, good cMy reference. > An bfl'men at 100 W>-?t WO?! at. \\-t!trrr?-itr A amt, A RITVA?? -i in e OfM MM rood nlalp aewer . * uM c??t tit Ihr a it r1; nn ?b trchei t?t rn to the ?v?tuity ; ea> give goo-l rtt i rmVi-enee. t'a i be Areu at dM Pa-iov st., a tar booth ?i. ItrooT rn. IWAWTm-A RTV ATION BY AW *Y< ET.f.EWT filTR oi %? -hi niV-rmnld and Ivuidr-ae, want* to eduotry: He.' V <d>y ref?re?."e *11. he tlren t'.?n Hfl ?_'ca for twodaye at M Weat 20th at.. betw<-ea ml and 7lh Are tttawtr1v-a BIT!" attow aw a tttnrwnid .toow, Y? 'in.1eratfcod* v-er btt?tre?a It. a" is. bra: 'hea. good cl'y ref. r?-u e?, do ohtectton to the aqimtry. Oaii at or * llroaa SJ$ IT. hen , at., lu .he ""*r, fonrth f nor. TtfAWYTB-BY A RFAntt TABl.F A KITC ATIOW YY to ii'i genera H w.a*work la A entail pet-?te iaiully, or would go a-ahor*. Alaum-* In the to taW card at cAtldren. Apply a1 11 Btrrnr ?e. it- a wtt.i1? a ?rrr vttow, by a i r<?tfst awt yovno YY w truar. at chair, hermald and or u lady a maid. * t<> take eie of an littalld lady, or aa .mlMrr.n'a meld. I Wo -dtjeeit-taa t-t go .n t!a? nnmtry. Call for laao day a at Wo. I i Nmatia pin -e. I ?ar Ble?'ker at. Ylr twtet??by a RSSPEtTABLR wow ah, a baBY , ; YY *o ?et u'raet tivottth'a pay req-drrd ta adrmiica. Alailat I 100 A*h ?L, between 3d ami Leiiagkm Ml : tub tkapil*. \W A I W ATI IIM AKKR, At YT'tTHVETT T?1 TTIR rrWWT Kogltah end f retro at net, wlehea ? att'iaiWii, an engine* I | well, repair jewelry, and klt"<l nl tMak; bew eatary -I (>? art r?i F. 1> . Herat* utti-a. AOFRM \M OI'PKIUIMITU, WHO HAH VOURD | nlv* jmii ID larrml nut bio* and cut >n? *fcA?e to kiutuutrf. ??Di? ' rtrxl rmptoyai?Trt b a altu.jfr uern. I'ar-tirnMn at lAe hhaA?t era Hot*], Roa. MS MJ *a* L, 1 T A HOT 1< VFAR* OIJV WIf"?RR TO OO I* THK tart]* fctiHoet* (AcnipMrk Apply at MHiti, Uum Sper. A|M GFRW\JI WHO V M'KUhT AH W IHOROTOHLT :fc? manttfadlnra 'if hr ?ia in I /ir? iad jifcar run*r\I | eo*>r?, tadea'r.>?i* lo And a i-ittaM* Ml'iat i i . ro'ne tarmry i Baal rhy rrferrncei -an b- ,:tee? A )>'* ad !r???4 ?? K, h>? I I.AI0 PM oMor, wtU ?aat w.'b prompt m??-i m A voi >-.j MAV t xr? i ; J\ ?'~*i .-ui J. ' i? entry AortAA' I .1 I 'n V-briil uf Wmw* A (Mr*" Y It, ll?r? II iVUr./"'OKrHfTTOXKH AWIIPAWIKT COOK W\>TH' ?>v*? V almla * Aral tai* nwrtli Oman. to one \> ? fn,;y *~ -i" - ' . .. .? . o * rfc for r?rJ .i au.I n i* trade. ftiqA WMea, xftji a uer ruuont , d'antf-ll. elvi'n. Y..h? altrty '>nte?? 1hey ha?? ?*?rt ?!>? I rter.ei tn 'Jii? - m'r; tdrtneaa. tnrwtand f-fereL.-ni. bnt UH Pral % ?, * .bray. TAfl/IRt WAVTriV-TOHAItK HoYfT tTtAW AITI.T bKR bd"A aibl r?'?m?cn at ttmlik A Pai'rtam'i }M I lmi>*iy. rn?' 'II M t KWH*? ? WAWTHO RY F A WOOD, 17* Pearl *? . fur their dual Itmdi factory at f.incur Vwc. N * , !*r?a ocnrpar*, * fbw And me taint tr-iab atakor. ________ TO PRtNTKRA WAVTKP K FTR** RU* t?> t ?f V *Mur, ti furntah nrfrre era m h *j ' AV. A. AIAoRD. 1* Vandtwn'er 4. ( WORKRRA !R OPRRA* Hll.YKR WANTED <HT i" or four fo?1 w rkm-n nan Rata thirty ar-pJoyrtRcaA, Apply at 1A? Are at ll?e HaaNauaa fata 'X> rranr .* at loan at. WAKTKTt- ItY AR FXrRRIFYi FT> PF" ?R, *T 71 haa hart at'trll M, !< ??**, In "Iit'lrf a * i t - ?. 1 rtth.-r la a elonk ir mantilla :nar ilndf o a>t > r?d' Ired ?tall fi# thme rtnya at t?d W*?t .lAI at IjL'AHTKP?A TIK Ft *TF 1*0 FHKRr IRt '** vpn ar, rt. t-al !?. ^arda t?* ? >:? at *77 An ai * ! \ *? ?? ? Ra* art Wth . i UMmnv-iwo no<m oiti M rt ?t I fill), a A" in II .a 'an OA'AWTm- ..? in. k ? r? . i.~\ II YY (lit M 'oaia h, > nan ' 1 rttf hlMI. X A Vl'il NEW YORK HERALD, TH HELP WATTF-P?FHHAI.TM, All women lately linded can get good ' .matl na, immediately, u> respectable lamilioH, and good 1 wages; lastly (>ree? girl* h.,ve obtained good bomi'i without I <i< lay, it tit" lai-L-iit Institute and Home lor good place, 198 llth n., corner of tiii ay. . All FAMILIBH, AND GOOD SERVANTS, CAN ?IND j the largest and boat ofllc 'i in this city at the Institute and : Umre. where the beat of MrvanU are, alwaya ready. Aleo good situations fur good help. Conducted by a respectable ; Sidy. No. 198 llth at., corner of 6th are. V LAUNDRESS WANTED-ONE THOROUGHLY COM- I petent ran find a permanent all nation la a family. Apply at lbfi West 28th at. j A FRONT Rt OM AM) BEDROOM FOR A GENTLEMAN and wife. Alao, two pleasant Front Rooms for single gentlemen. To none but genteel parties. Dinner attL 14 Ash- , lend Place, Perry street, corner Waverley Place. ' AT 408 BROOME STREET, CAN ALWAYS BE rOUND the moat respectable and largest selection of every d?acripunn of help, German, French, English, Scotch and Irish. This odlce, having been established ten ve ira, is a si/ll'leut guarantee of its honest principles. MOitRIB CUilN F.RT. All families, tioteib and boarding houses can procure the beat servants in the eity liv applying at the old established and respectable Kinriaynient Institute, fit Broadway^ JOHN G. I. Ai'KEKUAN, Proprietor. COOK WANTED?AND TO DO THE WASHING AND ironing, in a small private family, at a healthy spot acvcu wiles fren the city; must be a willing, obBghig and tidy girl', wages $tt to a good girl. None ueed apply without gasl reference. Call between 2 and 3 o'clock to day at 92 Broad at. C'OOK WANTED?A WOMAN WITH GOOD RECOM/ iona, to cook ami aanst in lite washing and ironing. Apply at 178 West 2lat at., between 9 and 11 o'clock. COIORED nKLr-COLORKD help?can BE PROcured at Tims' Reform Labor ofliee, by either month, week, day or job. 198 Merger St., bfltweeai Amity and Uieocker at., one block from Broadway. taress.makkr wanted-a good dressmaker Jw anted Immeillately, at 361 3d av., near 2Sllt ?t. J|wsr..-wn, SMllAJlfi WANTED IHN 1)AY.?< (KJK.S, ' laundresses, waitresses, Protestant nnr* \ rhimVrmuds and servants ofevery description for noolli nl nit nations, now rend v, at THE KKRVANTN INSTITUTE, 14U Unnd A. Also girls lately landed. EMPLOYERH WIT T, ALWAYS FIND A OOOD SKLROuon of the best Germ, in and well-recommended HiitUh sen ante, ProteBianU anil Catholics; also, clerk*. porters, eou-hmen, gardeners, merchants, Ac., at P. BELZElt A OO.'K Km ploymeul Inatiiute, 390 Bowery, between Third and Fourth (treets. VTTRSE WANTED?A!* AMERICAN, FRENCH OR As Uerman, to take car^of two small Inf anta and to assist in the care of older ones; she must l>e a good. faithful woman and come well recommended. Call at 260 Went 19th at. PATENT MEDICINES.?WANTED, AN ACTIVE AND competent girl to put up patent medicines. None but first rate hand need apply at 136 4th av., N. Y. Saleswoman wanted?for a bkoadway fancy goods and perfumery store; to one who understands th" business perfectly, and can bring good Utstimonlals as to charm ter, Ac., a gi*?l situation Is t tile red, one that spc.iks French preferred. Address, with real name and reference, James Adams, box 164 Herald office. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY. A THOROUGHLY COMpeient and experienced forewoman, to take charge of a cloak and mantilla manufactory. Apply at 366 Canal at Wanted?a competentPKRSONTOTAKK THE ENtire charge of an infant. Heat of reference iv pilrtad. Call at Clinton avenue, third house on southeast aide from Myrtle, Brooklyn. Wanted-a coi/1rhd PERSON, AS NURSE FOR A young girl; she must apeak either Spanish or Freaeh. Address K. t'., box 117 Herald onire. WANTED?BY A YOUNO GENTLEMAN, A LADY TO take cure of bis child. Address X. L., box 1,764 Post office. WANTED?A FIRST CI,ASS COOK, WASHER AND Ironer. and a chambermaid and waitress, to assist In the washing and ironing: Protestants preferred and references re qwired. Apply at Nnhsv. WANTED?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOMSKWORK: must be a good cook, washer and trocar. Apply at 0H3 Madison at. Wanted-a smart, active girl for general housework; must be a good washer and ironer and plain conk, and well recommended lrum her last employ er. Apply al 33 Tl!lary St., Brooklyn. WANTED?A COOK AND CHAMBERMAID, TO GO to Connection!, thirty-five miles from New York. Call at 107 Lexington av.. between 11 and 1 o'clock for two days. WANTED?AN ACTIVE, WILIJNO WOMAN, TO QO West with the family of an officer of the U. S army, to tsk< rare of two children and make herself genera I It useful. Good wages and kind treatment will be given for faithful services and ner expenses back paid at the end of three years. "11TANTKD?A YOUNG LADT TO ATTEND A FRUIT TT mm confectionary Morn, who underaiaada the baalnena end can give good reoomoModaUona. Addreaa H. D., Harold nffloe. waxtkiv-a wkt nurrb, who ib prrprctly TT healthy and nan coata well recommended, noa baring kxK child preferred Call for twodaye ml 63 Court at., between Lhtngatoo and Schermcrborn ata., Brooklyn. TITANTED?A OOOD OIRU, PROTECTANT PREYY rifllfO, Up do !? < < kamaaF?h in ?wM ?nrai a agea given. Apply at 3tt? Carlton aro^ Brooklyn. TVTANTXD-A KHPKCTABLR QIRU TO DO GENUA Al. TT houaawork; But ba neat and rleae-. a comfortable Maria aecurad to one who aulta. Prolan ant preferred. Appljr lor two daya at 1)1 Macdougal at WANTED?A WRLL RKiNIMNKNIIKD YOUNO I.ADY for a fancy alorc; one ?h i tindemUltda ihe bnaltieaa; none others neod apply. Injure of llaubner A Co., *44 8th av. TITANTED?IMMKDI ATKI.Y. HOMEiHIOD HANDR FOR TT drcaamaking. Apply at Mate. Ho.iau.tay a, northarna corner uf Broadway and I3tb at. TtTANTF.D?A RM ART TU>Y OIRL, TO DO iKtVHERTT work and take care of children. Inquire, between the bouri of ten a ret twelve A. * . at IS Drar.lntck at. TVrANTFP?FIFTEFV OIRIJI. TO WORK OK RKWING TT machines. Apply at ? Water at. WANTRD?A PI.AIN COOK. WHO IR A OOOD waaherand irouer; tnnat nam? well reoawniended I mm 1**1 place; g nj wi gey given. Pimp ataid j refered Apply .it 748 Bmadwmy. TV" ANTED? A FIRST RATK WAAHKR AND TRONKR TT One that it capable and willing can get a good h una by applying at No J Albion place, 4th ?t, Tir ANTKD- t ctiMPl.TFNT II AIRPRF-SSKR AND D \ R. TT ber, c. I<av<l. for Jaai.uon, W. I. Apply to R. lllu hlna, UV W oer tt Tl'\xtfp?a 1 .arxdrkrb in a privvtr board TT hig b'oiw ; tboae with gt??l city r. t, retire may apply betw ecu the hours of t .tud 1 o dark, at 34 East Mh it. TIT ANTED?THIS DAT. tTJORR. CI1 VMRF.RM AIITR, TT wallreaara. nurara atwl aawaral aoyt er|-v*nta. to fill goal -ttnettoiK. at high wagea. In priv ate famtllea, hotela, Ac., in -by and cdunrry. mania of employer* apply daily at thta dtl <*'. So fee charged nil engaged. ROKHlrt OOIINKRT, 40? Broome at TIT A NTFP?A RF>trFA T ABI.F WOM AN. A* wkt NrRRR. TT with a frevb hre lat of milk, for an infant two monlha old Apply to Dr. WoNT. Wli gl., Mwwu 3d and 4lh avrw, YorkvUle. Call between 12and 3o'rboch. TI"*MFP-A COMPETENT LAUNDRKSB AND CHAW Tl h.rtoald. The heat cKy reference required. Apply at i." w>?t sj'i. at , pgtwoen 7 in and rih a>a 11* \NTFD-A YOl'SQ WOMAN WVI.L RECOMMENDED, t T ft* i? 0 plain '-.Mb. waahar nod iron*r. Apply lup ilnlf iy Hi IW Haniy it, Brooklyn. MY* AlTRFSfl W AXTRD?IM A FRIVATK FAMILY; THK f f M>1 rrfarni-raa u to -harartar ill rapacity raquimd. Api !y *t TJ Wnt 21th iron lull o'clock. MVTAlCTr.IV-LADIES TO L|AR* TO OPERATE OS TT (tiugvr't w*m* marhmaa; tarma 10 -ar.U: *iU tabe a faw ban-In v> tmir?i >>%ntak?m waking. win do w"win^ In f?wil lla* wttb ik? kUk an rerj rcaaonatla Mil? Apply at 2M w?* aw m. __________________ MirANTED- TWrVTY CURIA WllO UNDERSTAND M nutting up parCuiarty, akao ton buta. Apnly to Pbaloa A Son. M Omen* at TVTT KTRSR W ANTED -TTANTRD, IMM1DI ATELT, TT a ynun* woman to wat nurwa a <-hUd at bar WV'*!**'* lAU' lo-day al Ml ItXb *., bilwm A. M. an.! 3 T. M. MIT aSTFtv?A WART, TIDT OIRL, TO DO OK KRAAL TT h.">?'W-.rk,' ?*, waah and Iron. In a private family. Srava Hill a MBpowi rtrl, wMh f->*l r?ronuDen<la tioua. road apply al >U Wat Rib ?C, baa?ant doir. TV* IN TED?A HOOD COOE. WASHER AlfD IRONER, TT nndaclrltnlakrimranf etiUdran. anwand docbanaltar work, to jp> in ma tan I "land. Ron* but <??rnaau or Kna'nh i t*l apply a' <7 WlJtam at, bacwrn > nod II A. M. Ibto day. MV-ARTRO-A PERSON WHO IR FULLY COMPETENT TT a?? bare* of an Infant .Apply for Arm day* at *22 i rand at., !-?? ftrrr Ml'.ANTED-A t.IRU M OR u TRARfl OLD, TO TT da light work. l aw at >1 Btoarttar ?*. i MY* A STRD? AS ttW.lOIKO OIRIs Of OOOD DIAPOTT wtlon. i'n?n? In to 10 yoaranf am. l>i takn oara of obi I rlrrn an I mala haraalf g-na rally uneful. Inqntra at l<0 Eadt 1Mb M., ibu morning. Wt*AWTRI??A SEAT TIDY YOUSO WOW AS. Ad >OOR TT and Pt una in waahlug and ironing Wood city ra'ar 1 rtira raanlmd Apply al *7 L*?t 3*b naar Mb nr., batwaan , II and lo'dAmk. ^HELFWAIITRII IRIi? ~ j a VRAM ? WtA tf Tff A RD A* k nW m 1 WTPTV? t % n<?? r m'.'i i0 10 *i i- - iv- ? A ./ : : -an 1, I ) 0.1 4*3 M ? , N?Mi | U.I awl ?l 0 I * >iPim? w antkd-iw Kvr.KT crrrr a*i> tow*, to I A .?lin?idT? ?>- ' It. ??.* H?w1n? NmII* 7T?r0?1?r. Ik t> r Ibtti. or ?n.1 manufM-iurnr r>f '*? iiuuui VIM. far i > V.. in t*? r?r. PATTP TESTE*. A< KBTAIN r*\N. KTi^UK* V ro*Tr*W.-?M TO |2ft prr 'Out ?n bn ?n?l? by ?iy r**l ?** ? li? Mrr<?r ir 1 .n< dtt ?rart- 'or ?rM?h tkw* m uatrarMl mm prmunf ?,*, k0ir? ioAK|>. wi'? 01 ?r<?/ uun wki fulKrMM a r?>: of s' .o*!. r i I jKrJ.'i.iar* of Kgtuay w<u? AafrWnaiWir dr. m.I. 0 *. !?. . ru. r Taik Rjw u?l "inuii N >? T rtu __ H?iv w\*rrii-iv \* twk .*< * orrnn. ** u% JJ rf*. ?? ?."l i-bt > /. t' a Hull jr? v? <* ? . 4M I wV rr*i? . wiik 0 '- *. i tdrva* In Dm Madirnuivi at IK:%*??, Mr ."Ml i'i^> ?. < ___ 1 I *?A> IWAIT W\TTr!W?TTTil BC*T iTTT RCTSt- , ' "" "1*1 t _ F; M) TOH*TV?^*|l T" V lill** V W?*T' n *V * #0r*.. wliK'a# -.10*11 .i a <h-Mw..? ??t*r t and W ?t?ni ' | (fid". I h-"r ? 0T bt *?iiimt Mruk T?. 7* VaI'* | i IMk' i 11 ..r. ' i l*? . i . 0 I r* AMI II IM. \ : 'V *rviI # t ? ?r% ^ -I : m ? t . 1# if I . ; It ?t. I I * ii if Wm' ' - #? M#<>, l <f* J?r?y. J USD AY, JUNE 28, I860. _ HELP WAWraP-MAUCg. pWPETTABLK MEN KEKkANG SITUATIONS AB BO J*. IV keepers. salesmen, clerka, porters, A<r, should ipp'y at e Merchants' Clerks' Registry Office, ,S Broadway;situ. o w ,ri w>-!, no eummlssioa in .idvsuce. Applicant* by in .1 puat enclose two stamp*. Established ISM. 1 s WM, J. BED PA Til. rCWASD WANTED?NOR A FIRST PI.ASS *E\ * steamer; ha must uujer*uud the business thoroughly an 1 tliu most reliable testimonials. Apply Immediately at ItE SERVANTS INSTITUTE, 1W Grand st. TjIHTniA CO., PUBLISHERS, 2d JOHN STREET? ARB Y In wsnl of two respectable young men, of pood business mils, to introduce a new work yum out. Apply between 9 i *n? V o'clock A. M. ' 'TpllTKK WANTED?FOR AN ICE CREAM SALOON; YY one accustomed to the some, witb food reference, eaa ?j>plpnt 19 Union square. TVaITFD?A YOUNO MAN, IN A DRY GOODS IMY? q mug business, us assistant bookkeeper, and to make hum* u v* iirrally useitd. Good referenoes wanted. Address box AR'Vl'iet ofllce. WAVfKD?WANTED?WANTED?1,000 AGENTS, AND m*e, of all age* from 10 to SO years, male or female, in apli ..Sut nod paying business, v. lib a capital of from $lu to fib. Ilpy can mpke from $B to $10 per day selling Bartlett's vanity envelope, which Is a new business, sod will meet with read] sale In all parts of the Union; and all who are out of emplofnent I would invite to call soon at 309 Broadway, oorner ! Fulton St., up stairs, room 31^. E L. BARTLFTT. WAN'lll)?A FIRST CLAH8 EXPERIENCED HOSIERY BMMiuan, to sell moeUy by samples among the large city dealers. |\ddress P. S. W., Herald ofllce. TV A Nf ED?A GOOD MAN, CAPABLE OF MILKING Y" ends and to take csre of two horses, and make himself geterslli useful in a coumry situation. Apply at the Merchtnts ijlrrks' Resist ry ofllce, 79 Broadway. Situation* procured. No commission in advance. Established 1866. w i Binvivn W A Kit D?IN THE COUNTING ROOM OP A SHIPp it merchant. a young gentleman 16 or 17 yearn of age; one who if?ide? with hie parents prefered. Address, In handwriting "fthe applicant, 4>ox 1,676 Poet office. Wanfcli? a steady, somkk, industrious man, n potent to take barge of a ahop in the country for the man (acture of nish blinds, doors, moulding, Ac ; one acquainted with working <m Hamilton's variety moulding macjdne preferred. U.iod wage* and Heady work. Apply to i Thae. Dyer, 181 Islington a v. WAN TKO?FOR A RUMMER HOT EI., A MAN COOK; also a head waiter. Applv .it the oorner of Broadway ami 21m at , in the basement. (' Wright. WANTED?A BOY, ABOUT 19 OR 16 YKA IS OK AUK, who remidea with hia parenta up town, ot good address ami sonr-what acquainted whh the city. Address, lu handw riting >! applicant. Stock*, Herald office. WAFTKP-A CLERK IN A FREIGHT OFFICE; ALSO a young mau to drive an express wagon, aud a dry goodsclark logo West. Apply at the Merchants' Clerks' Registry Oilce, 78 Brondway. Situation* procured; .no comintssion in advance, reference to Oral class houses: established 1656. WM. -I. REDPATH. WARTRD-A BOY TO WAIT ON TABLE AND TO ASshit about the bar. Apply between the hours of 8 and t o'clock A. M. at 93 Franklin St., Franklin House. WANTED-A MAN. WITH $300, FOR AN IMPORTANT and prootable business. Inquire at 27 Frankfort street. MEIER, Boot and Shoemaker. Wanted--* young man, to take m arge or a first class liquor store; must have si least live years' experience and produce first class city reference. Apply at 46 Uhrysliest., corner of Canal at, between 10and 13 o'clock. WANTED?A GERMAN, WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH and come well recommended, to do the work on a small place In the country; wages $13 per month. Apply u 108 Water St.. after 4 o'clock P. M. WAFTED?A BOY TO ATTEND BAR. BETWEEN 13 and 14 years old; one living with his parents preferred. Apply Immediately at the Union Hotel, oorner of Hunter at. and EaHuu ST., Brooklyn. WANTED?TWO DRY GOODS SALESMEN, AT 5? Kl> sr., hetwesen 41st and 411 ata. N. B.?City reference required. WANTF.n?TWO MKN. ONK TO WORK ON MABONIO jewels, the other on swords. Apply to Ackerman, 434 Broadway, up stairs, hack mom. WAFTED-AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN. WHO CAN COMwmml. in feady rash, $900 to lake an interest In a prod table cash business already established. Apply to G. A. R? bin son. Ml White street. ' EITVATION 1 WAYTED-IIALBI. A YOUNG M t.V tENGI.TSlL DESIRES A SITUATION as prival* waiter. Can produce beat city reference. Atm> a young Englishwoman wishes a situation as chambermaid and to tin nlain sewing or to lake rare of children?citr or country. Addrres or apply ?t S?6 Broadway, In the baaemcm. 11 COACHMAN.?WANTED. A (UTUATIO*, I}Y A J\ respectable young man, to Ink* care of a horse or horses, Ac., In the country; satisfactory reierence given. Addrem Englishman, box 1SS Herald ofioe. Am SITUATION W wnto?BY A MIDDLE AO ED MAN, of a vet v -mull f tutllv, u an entering clerk end to make out Mils, in a wholesale. Jobbing or importing house; la willing to mnke himself useful la the bustneas outside of wrtUng; woukl go on trial for ? few days or a week gratis, for the purpose of testing his nuauncaUans; oan give the beat of city reference would *1~. use charge of a recording oglcuor any other Ice where any hind of writing la required, except first-claw bookkeeping or corresponding, but would wd accept of a pi to* far iiaitW. alary very reasonable If a good and permij.-ot place can bs had. A 1 drew O. H , box No. 175 Herald ofl' e, far three fim. An waitrr-a competent young man wants a sit nation la a private family. Has goad city reference, is not more than a week disengaged. Address N. L, 57 Weal 17th st., for two days. Ant person kvqutrino the sxryicts of an actlre well educa'sd toung RugUshman, iwlth good reference, who baa a nam. J ability to turn hta hand to almost anything and maha himself useful, oan edilraee Wax. Harm tr, ill East llth ?t A COMPETENT DTTniMAN, WITH GOOD RRPR rencea, wants a situation as farmer, or overaeer on farm or geriUrmaa'a residence, his wife takiug her part. Address B. B care of Lnrkw xrd. Chatham square post ofilro, N Y. AM competrnt man wants a situ ation as forkman m a v ncyxr manufactory, or will go Into partnership with a person with EJB) to erect a vinegar factory, after advertiser's new.and moat advantageous principle. Address a. a., care of R. lax swoftd. Chatham square Post uflci. N. Y. A MM RKhTEt 1 -rfUC YOUNG MAN W1SUU A FLACK IN ? drr i Jgnr grocery store, or In a private family; can make bine K generally useful, and can speak French and English, i <s the beat city reference. A box Ufi lie raid tdflte. A^m toung man wishes a situation is groom; he thoroughly understands his b'istness; would prefer the eo'uttry. Call at 1.2W Broadway, corner of .Mlh si. HARDWARK.-A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION in a wholesale or retail hard wars store: has a>m? experience in the business and la willing to inake himself generally useful. good reierer.oe gtren. Address F. B., Herald dfice, for three lays. HOTEL SITUATION WANTED-BT A GENTLEMAN OF *n tmegr i - ileal xperienre in every department .if the business, or ha would take a furnished hotel. or walenng plana, at a peroen tftge. or dednNs rent. Address W. O. Wright, Howard Hotel, New York. MAN COO#.?-SITUATION WANTED, wy A YOtTWO German, as cask, ekher la a private fatally or hotel; understands Freti-ih, English and Dutch cooking In all he branches, her . ereoce given; no cblec !.m to go In the sous try. Call at 941 'at a*., betwma iMih aad TTih ola. SITC VT'i N WAVTKO- ItY 4 vot v ; vaw as pn?. tar ur i ? Aer m a wholnaal* hmtaa la a fair pwnman, and Will rra I ha Mat at ciy rafaraucm. A Una iditnwait to ear* Of R. Harrlann A Ron, SSU Waal Jttk Kraal, will laaat wit* priwipt patfoual atlanlhwi. SWA? MAJfUPACITRE?? OR MRRTHAKT? COW tamplatui* the manufacture of th-ir rwn Stfara. eaa aow aval! thaaaelra* of a manufacturer of larce etparianca la all ftra)4aSca.raai>MnUnM *** "*** ^ UdrMriD* "***' OniATTOW WAWTKIV-RT A YOCW41 MAW, WHO 0 -an apaah tha KnrHah find Harmon htnpnafae; Waa had the'-are and raanatramaat of horara and la mrTi a.-.iin>tnM?d | JJttHha^v^. ^Vy reference (flrao. Call -jo, or addrea* M. TKTAWTRO-A HIT!' ATIOW WT A YOUXII MAW. AW II taamatar, a ho understand' Ma hualnaaa pretty wall In tha aotiulr . would like to ha In >w naar Yank era. M ma at farm|Bf tddraaa hut IM Harold ofltra. Tl' lWTKI>?SITUATIONS. BY A PROTKsf AWT MAW TV end his eifa w.. k . . * i.tleiiuui'a Ifceman undemandathanarwnf hnr*ra and plain lardniuny; ma atfa aa CO* aad 'vmdrnaa. WU1 ptve aofat infiiawua from r .rmar employer. Call for two da pa at IIH Monroe at, rear 1 illdia* YI'AWTrn RY AW AWKRICAW, A WITL AIIOW IX A TV hulal city or country), aa clerk, barkeeper or ahiM waf t 'nan; umli 1 wAnda tha hudneaa Jtarftonly and cut prodwra ba heat of ryfamneea. Addreaa P. A., Hrrahl often. Vtrt>Ti:rV-A WITl* ATIV1W Til TRAt'H-A OWWTI.?VT man, a, bar tup cipcr.ente aaa Teacher In tha Worth and Rr?t?h. deatrea a iIkmN In an academy. huh arh > . or jtrivate family. Tha South prefaiyfu, reference a f hen Addrana Otdn, P at .SR.-e. H,THOI,FSAI.R DRT OOOpo -A OPCWTTJCW AW TH'VTV rouphty aartalntad with tha dry p-?ida buatnew In all 'if Ha departWMtta, w>d* an -itenatre ar.inalntan>v Ihrouph out ' >ttn MM tan woaiorn mama. mnin wniuin w ?iin iua ki Irak alaaa hnaaa; nfmM fivoa. Addraaa Man haaA, hot IK H?n?M nftra Iflb- vstkF-ht a mas or Bin v k, a hitTT iaik<n m *]'? > p. n,?M? or <ml, In a f^l prorMna orrrndoce b hi* t *u iullu?*orr trad*. SoUry or <-.>m nia 1 Moti u tha party may wiA Addr?*? H , hot ?t? HoraM (Co 1JL"ASTFI??BY A OFEMAS V VF.IKM Of AO*. A TT vtioMtoti *? baikarpri or to au*nd .o a billiard nana: ?|? A< UnftiMl fl'ftofy W?tH profrr 'ho ovudri. h?M of rofrrrnr* jrnnn. AddrrMO. C., fWabF.dBi'e. ASTSIA?a SlTl'atior AM < I.KRK IS AS IR.tS TT wholrwhl hprlfin ?aUh;i*hm?nt, or In-a wark* Addrnaa I F . Harold aMm TTT ASTKIW- A SITr ATIO*-AS UKSTI.KM ASH SRR. TT \aninr araltor, hr a mnal roaportahln. atoadr vounr roan: ha* lit ?d ? in donr arrrant In aohl??n'* faiatlloa in Ran^a; l?? ?" "t UHMDMmtala. can wrila a ??l and auMk hand aud A-rp aoKn.nta; *? < a yoara. Addrraa J. WT St., HrraM " r*. _ WASTFTk-HT A VCH SO MA*. SIVFTKRN TRIM nT am. a atUMiinn in a rrapockabln bioian*, * hara hia thn?' m?T a* dotntnd u, Ma ?m? k.yrr a haal tal naai. Addr**a *. a W?al IMhaA WIMCM RPTiKTWBWRTI, Os nr*\sT>r-rs* ffmmr n* (Hitrrr mv f.l?r, ipil aatt mtfW, ?t p*'t? ?d?r?r dr>?. rnfan'a ??# a 1 * ana >> <drr?arr a MV ' traomr-y fart Hw; fTs vATJrr n* i-hambrf. maitrr D-noTFt fras. {?ta n?r.M>t l'*nflal?. ' a! luaatf ?t rnaWMmd doma-ila an rmi.toto riaaa nan mamm i arJ.-i'ldo*. H'adr.-a. a1 a Mr. r'anaf ti. tl Franklin *1. KMRMI AMD FlMUMOb HI.'. ASA OdAIK-I AM -E1.I ISO I? AT ASA <?* rm i r; !># f i??* hramK ?K-h aa t ahaoaa. Fi*aitA J. , j th . W r I W# ?? nar ?a 10 ilk) -aa ha V irht at r ' r . !?* -tty TVtaa trtalhaa u* hny ni'l dad H ail -nd ha aaMaPlai. aad . ul trar ra it m xai . o h In , aad i nra. i. KEF Hp Oi jLS. .arp. rvir. 71 L'barrj iraat i PET 800P8, y. A?TNAL OPPORTUNITY T' Te purchase nrh and new Man; la a, l_ at ?0 to iO PER CENT be Below cost of Importation, (\ for fourteen day* longer only. tr? Tin' Immense wlioln- lle s!.>'k UM or BULIM.V, oh boson A ELLIOTT, T>i (Fonuarlv Om VoIdIiu, ih< :tEI lif.ii.twav, | W WIT J. BE o.n sale at RE.ttll, ne a* a clearance must be made Ptevic,* to the commencement of 'he wholesale trade ? 01 the approaching fall. ; fT extraordinary IMlI fKMKN IS \ke .VOW offered I ah follows!? * SCO Black Lace Points, at M. Bi 31111 do. (large ?iw), at $4 90. at 77b Fknuiced Lice Mantilla*. at (3. Vc UU Cray Mohair and Barrio \ni?l il* Posters, at 92. _ HO Gray Mohair and other Hnlta, from M. ai.ho black hll.k MANTILLAS, From *H < wh, "" To the ilicst good* manufactured, A ALL SlMfLAKLY CHEAP. I r? AT PE PKRdVAL'H, <57 BRO ADWAY, INITIALS AND i tot Coal at Arms embroider cd on hiaalkei.hlea, table linen ?u ' and bed clothes. Cotton and Mlk Embroidered made to order. | Transferring iaoes mended and done up like new. Humping i lor embroideries perfectly done. Children's Cloak* ready J made and made to order. Embroidered fbemlaea and Ni-lit Gown Yokea, Ladies' and Children's Under Garments, Ao. Direct importation. j D~ *Kh8 TUIRT8 AN1> "OOIXAKB ? Made to order at ahort notice. J? TRAVELLING, CRICKETING AND BASK BALL JE HIIIRT8 AND P VNTH ~ Oonetantlv on hand and made to order. ZEPHYR MERINO UN PKR GARMENTS I ron i > LADIES, GENTLEMEN AND CHILDREN. ? HOHTKRY, GLOVES, OAUNT1.ETH, AC, AC. R A Targe variety of the very beat goods at prices generally ' _ eked for interior qualities. ' t UNION ADAMS. <87 Broadway V Just RECEIVED, PKR STKa.MKK asia, PAK1H M vl?K I travelling and shopping Bars, for Indie*' an<l gentlemen's ' C nee; new styles. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer I and Importer, M Broadway, corner of Wail street, and 7U0 fn Broadway, near Fourth street. ct MACY B CLEARING SALE. P' JUNE. 1H6B _ GOODS CLOSING LESS THAN COST. f ALL OUR POINT APPLIQUE I. ACES. V ALL Ol'K rtJINT Arri.HJL tS I ULL V It.1. AU orK HONITON COLLARS. _ ALU Ol'R WIDE BLACK GUIPURK LACES. I ALL OrR 64 AND 84 PUSHER HII AWL LACKS. A ALL THE IJNKN DAMASKS IN STOCK. ?? ALL OUR LINEN DAMASK TABLE COVERS. ell ALL Ol'K 6-4, 8 4, 104 AND 124 S11EKTINOK. * K. II. M ACT. * Clearing *1) our While Good*. Clearing >11 our Curtain Muslin *n<l Laicn A Clearing All our Ltce Curtains. Clearing all our French Kmbrcbtertea. Clearing all our Scotch Embroideries. X Clearing all our Linen Handkerchief* X Clearing all our Hosiery and Gloves. M Clearing all our Mils. at Clearing all our Ladles' and Mtrses' Under Clothe*. S? Clearing all our Oenu' Under Ware. b? ORE.AT HALE OP M FRENCH I.AC* RH AWI.S, at FRENCH AND ENGLISH le LACK MANTILLAS, _ FRENCH AND KNGLISQ X RHAWL AND FLOUNCING LACES X K. H MACY. m Owing to the continued deprearing weather In Mar. many of bl the Importers of these goods were Induced to make great saerl- ~ ficea at the large auction sales In fact, thore was quite a I panic In those goods, and In many sales the Importers sold I [hem at lee* than half the roat of Importation. p, We were large buyers at these sales, and are enabled to oi Offer as the result:? It 2,QUO yards RKAI. PUSHER FLOUNCING LACE8, 24 inches oc wide, for So.. ? Which cost to Import 81 28. -| 1,000 yards REAL PUSHER FLOUNCING LACES, 24 inches ] wide. Is., C Which cost to Import 91 78. 1000 yards REAL FISHER PLOUNC1NU LACKS, Si Inches g wide. Ida.. I Which cost to Import 92 38. ? 9,000 yards FINEST IMPORTED FLOUNCING LACES, 20 ? Inches w ide, 30s , Which cost to import 01 ,t, 1,000 yards FINEST IMPORTED FLOUNCING LACES, 32 ? Inches wide, 98 to 98, Which cost to Import 98 to 97. 800 FRENCH LACE MANTILLAS, three tiouncce, 08. Coit to imoort iiu. I 800 FRENCH LACK KCKNUU8, 86. ? Cost to Import 010. . 00 REAL PUSHER LACE SHAWLS, $8. 97 30. 910. 813. . Which cost to Import 910. 913. 920. 930 * 309 REAL PUSHER LACK MANTILLAS, 99 98. 910, 919 % 918, Which cost to Import 910. 919 920, 919 9K. Z This Is, with.Hit doubt, the CIIKAI'KST STOCK OF FIRST | CLAHRFRENt H AND ENGLISH PUSHER LACK OOOINI J EVER OFFERED AT RETAIL IN THIS CITY. t N H ? Do not be Induced to purehss* before looking through our (Ruck. | R. H. MACT, I 301 and SM Sixth srenoe, corner Fourteenth street ? E LARGEST AND MOST DESIRABLE STOCK IN town St travelling Dree* Goods; somepiew materials In all 1 vit gray Goods, very handsome, and desirable for l.ulies not in j mourning. W. JAlTCWtN, Importer of Mourning Goods, I361 Broadway, between Spring and Frlnce street*. d CLOra CLOAEff WORTH 98 FDR 91 Id , MO flesh Cloaks worth ?tar 19. J 0 Cldth Cluaka worth 86 forfi 30. _ " 800 nmhCkwka worth 88 80 far 78. ' 900 Cloth Cloaks worth fi 80 for 6 78. * 300 Cloth Cloaks worth fi 80 fsr fi 73. , ?3 Cloth Cloaks worth 98 10 for fi 7A i 1 379 Cloth Cloaks worth 08 for 98 101 1 >78 Cloth Cloaks worth fi for fi 80. ? tJt Cloth Cloaks worth M far B ML I" ITS Cloth Cloaks worth $ fur fi Ml I J, TIM above la li? ha lane* of a wholesale dealer's slock on r 31 chased at 38* per eeat on the origins] cost, and la peMUiuly I the greatest alaaghter ever offered to this or anr other city. I la addition to the above will be found ooa of the most <Jq- J toiMhro and chnapssl assortment at <*' rnmKMtuiJicu.Aj^^ j ARABIABA, AC.. O of oar own manufsrturs, over offered to the nubile, Laths 1 are particularly requested to eall and raw Ins for tlisissslii s J before purchasing elsewhere. Our styles will bs found squat I I. had our prises 30 to d8 per oeat leas IhaMboas of Hrnadtajty. b 383 Bowery, between Frtore and Houston sLresta 1 n. B ?Flesee remember the came and number of the ate re. J nUIhCRTi Xf VM "mrH/^TTTAfHTKfxK ftTti'ffkt-fdV. 1 A. Is teat Stylet of spring and summer Bonnets, at reduced J price*. X. B.?I'attertw of basques, trustee, man) Has, rubes, h tx-nha caiws. aleevea and aprons for ladles and children. Rolling and all kinds of stamping for embroideries done to T order. J Af ARD-BIIK If.VIXH, or t-'S BROADWAY. hTb * rem.rved t?> 7S7 Hr>uda-sy, comer of Klghth street, where she still continues to keep s hsn<l?>n?e sssortiacnt of Dress tCaps, BonncU snd Hea.Mresara, Coiffeurs, Illuakm Oosia snd ' Fearl Ortiamenis fur ibe hair. Mrs I.KVIXit la now In Parts, -m osiatsnUi rending new d<suuns. 747 iirusdway, and branch I ~ r "RrjujNRRY.-MRd. J. R david^ON IH NOW DIR. I HI paatogof her Hummer Mmi at a eery great mcrtttce. I 1 11S Rlrr-*k? r ntreet, w? of Hroed wny. . J ? ?? 2 itciuioin. 5 EXCVRHIONK to IJJSO BRANCH, N. J., VIA RAW- * tan and Delaware Ray Railroad. ?Rnclctlea, cburrkes, < Hunday erbnnla, A>-. dwdrmia of forming eirurntno partim to I the nbovo delightful wnlrrlrig place. elll be dealt with on very * liberal tcrinn, ou application at Um company offlr.-, corner of J, I K niton and ckureb ntreet*. J I XiVlCRTH-OF JI'T.Y F.X?TR?ION TO RRWRCRO. 1 JP leading at Weel r?lnl and fold Ho ring The largo mil cuwimndrun dnunw HRNDRIC HbthKlN. will leave < ham ? bora ntreet at eight o'ekxik A. M., touching niMprlag. Auaaict f ! Thirtieth ntrceta. H. R . ou WwlneaUy, July 4. Uv>. returning k is Umo to view the Cmworka In the evening, fare fur Um R ruuml trip Tlcemin. Of the ktontogloo Ikwt, annnwipantod br a '' . Js^uxXi rjar?J2' sts* Riming A nnl vagary. , ( Particdlan tn a future advcntnrment. ] ! /lUAT KAITtM RXCDRAION-THR RTRAMRR VJ NACKHOR win win make thraa tripe to One. Inland, n fordtag a no) an did etbw of the ateamor Great Katoara aa abo ( cam,. up |lWjay MdwMh at maker off the Battery, fan t 8RAND ixTORAItllTTcT llANDT HOOK-TO WUL J, cm the arrival of Ike Great Re Were. The toramer h OMAR HUNT, CMC R. H. Hall. W* tonee tka faat of Bar " day etraat at MMd A.M. on Ike day that tfca Great Raotorn ar< I riven nlf Randy Hook. eaablag a delightful aieurWoo down the ? I bay. giving the paaaaagarea rare opportunMy to wvtaeae the , i stfSSS^tfTS^Eriharflr j win arrlva bark at New York about IP. E ; S' "WW?W??n- ! to JONRB1 WOOD, a WHliaba plaae m > THE HMD AT, June U. 1MB ? t iha Oommllton of A rrmnr-mania, to announdng thalr animal eveunfan, hag leave to laforin their oatroaa thai they will epare r MnherpataaiMW axpaaaa to make lata, what NL Mary'e aiwaya I rh* morr recttrhton or th* rraron. * The pi epililha of Jowen' Wend. Mr. Rami i a haa made aetetal kaprninnauta, and will erect, eipreaaiy far thtn own- 1 ton, a aew platform, and a large and martnua toot, under wtoeh 4,000 pervma ran enjoy themaelve* daaetng. Three la I fdooeo, wID to oaSnMaof aaeamn.aUUer V.m people, *nd n gtrm all am opportunity of naftMpaliiig In m of Ito greeieal r reoala of oocU ?n)ay?ant tto* boa omr lokan plaea ta lto <Pty ' of Nrw York. 1 K1XK COTtlJiON BANIW Bare bton engared. wblrb will to nn ler ito direction at Mr. * Whtl worth, and there will to -i jnifl r*paratk rr. uks rim iiawcino, ' Catto ito "Wlf 4 at a wtoiw. wto will mforw tto ralee of I tto awad reapecaobla toll*. There will nlan to two bawl* i?r ! OM Oon?ry dance*, under tto rlierge of nimpnwui pure at*. Hanclng to cmmnin at V o'clock A. M. Ihtritig tto Intonate Ito. tto flill ton<l of fifty perf ormer* wtP oier'tla ? rnrtor n< I nauoo?I ?tr?. In tto nftornmrn, Ito band of Pv flMMl'l A"*- f demy. who hare kindly rotnoteered, hy parmlaatnn of th?lr ; tiirenom, *1H appear 111 a grand erval and tnatrumrnlal t?? i n pen, on n ralee. I platform In ? W(.?r?a MO of tto gntre, la 1 I ?Mrk over one hundred tdtHdtat ? Ni. Mart'a aehonl will mho J pnri. IVfcet* fifty vwnta each, to to tod in Iho t'otnmitlce ,.f# . ' Arrangement* *1 tto realty, and nl tto three rntr-vni t of J . ; Jon-? Wood, on ito day of tto eacuramn. 1 hlhl ren under eetren year* of nge. accumpautad hy ttolr I pare*in or guardian*, free. ! ' ~ MtWUPAPKM. ___ " n vfrrvhrAPKRs -rtiR h tu*. A PILK ?ir ninyEir Ilt| York RtrtM. Tidn tto l*t oi Mfrh. l"0?i to iho nr. eel ! 1 Jay. Apply uirniAKL .twlUh 'J? Alwn A. i 1 rl WAT?*OOB||""j<M'??M. Pf'R il'^fnw i 4 rend*, romptom? MgMnnf *"d Hnur MedtmUm thm- tragi"rt. IR?aea of tto Ttoont nnd I.anga, Him* rraetuw of I tto Movement Pnli 'if**1 A Pmn'ly Mo A eeawiy. A fl mteopatMe Don*. IV. Win'hlp'r Ritoritoon, The K Vattld Dteeene; r\*le*wi hMweeii |v,tnr< and Drtggto*. and * Wn<h ottor mauer waefnl In erwry re* lor A new mlnnt* mniatewnen with tto pre?at number, and now ta tto Ume to ntortto. Only *1 n r?r. J Addre? rri.l.RR A WKU.M, ' AH Kmndwar. New York. , P rtnii oYTKKnipn MOVrmknt CURRT IT* BIPTORY d 1 kill pblloanpby. eith procii *1 liren. ia for iba trentin-">l h of ration* ABM?, i't'i?r*te.| *Mh 7Y? en*raving*, fmwiiur a j o,replete manual id Bgorolnra. My ton II Taylor, M. 11. k rol , llm v ?M pag-e. Price, prepaid by mall, H W. 1 Addroag POWI.FR A WKI.IA, .Wt Him* J way. New York. p Thaa la .he ftrat emrpletp work m HP* anbyeot publtatod In a V?eric*, ft *i.l to lonad iaef il w all eiaaaaa, in or Ml of d toV f*?* *. ** so me, wo?en. and aMMren. f 1 I ) ^ I. TUB TPH?. TNTON COURSE, I.. I?TR1TTTVO.?MONIIAV, JULY I 2, at 3>i P. M., a double team match for ft: OOP n 'o heats. Sin A, owner* to driTe. A "<?*l day andgood t:.< It M'. Renisen um? gr. g. Charb'.v Waleh aed H. ?t Vlrgr, he to 4 and *he to ?o ns she pleases. Mr. I-iitlan nany* hi* hay im Yankee Girl*. formerly known as Lady Ruudeil and Lady intmr. The atnive race haeerea'wl muea ew*ero?.ft among 1 Pt n lovers Of the turf. Horse cars will leave Peck ?i'p ferry, 1 tlliair.ehurL', every eight minutes, for Kast New York, you- 1 (I , cling with stages Uir the course. I SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. I , $ IHK TROTT1NO ST AIJJON BLACK BASHAW HAY- ' W* tag returned from the South, wU! stand till November 1 at B stables of .foerph Klalier, rhllllpaburg, H. J., opposite iKtou, Pa. Terms $20 for the entire season, payable at time drat service. Apply to 8. LEI DA 8H1MBB, bq , Phillips A HOttBKm CAHKIAHM, *C. 1 V . FIRST CLASS THOROUGH IIRED HORSE FOIL f L sale?Col under saddle; cau trot In 3 uiuutes: a perfe :t auty; worthy the attention of any one. Also, a light, shifting i i'.ssgt made by the beat city makers. Apply at Meads'# I iUle.'No M Wall street, near fludsuu. t B i NY PERSON HAVING A WELL ESTABLISHED CIIK 1 ' L express Route, good Horse, Wagon, Ac., and willing A ' II low for cash, will address l>. J. St.,do* 2,111 INwt efljee. i FAST SORREL COLT FOR SALE?16Jj HANDS HIOH, L six years old, the handsomest animal In the dly, and war* , nted In every particular; also Wagon, Harness, Ac.; the I rnout of a private gentleman. laiwrst cash price, (7M. Ad eaa Speed, box d.tiiia Post ollioe. j , 1 lOACH FOR HALE?A LIGHT QUARTERED CURT ATM * ) Coach, but little used. In excellent order, and suitable for 1 e Country. Can be seen at Clcary'a Uvery stables, 19 and 21 ud F.^htewnth street. ^ I lOUPK ROOKAWAY FOR SALE.?IT IB IN NICE OR) der, seats four, aud will he sold low. Can he seen at I well's stable, Henry street, near Middagh, Brooklyn. 1ARRIAGF.H ?WE HAVE NOW ON nAND A N AN* J &L J sonm'iit of one and t?o wnu light Itockaways. suitable ' j r the country and at suitable prices. Also a flue collection of > f* ty built Carriages, adapted for the Central Park dme. Ap- \ * y at 616 Broadw ay. 1ARRI AGE.?FOR SALE, A COUPE ROCK AWAY, , J shifting frout, with pote aud shafts, almost now. Cut b4 ( en at Jones' stable, 130 Mercer street, near Houston. 1 jV)R PALE-EIGHT FIRST CI,ABB HOR8E8, JUBT AB- ' 1 rived from Vermont, vis.: Cine Saddle Horse, tight <-bestit, long mane aud tail, been used by a lady two pan; ona irsiuuv, o uut. iirmi iiuiw, ?cry im? tuu ^jruvi; von ly Uorso and one Pouy, very fiat and gentl.-; two black onn, first rate roadster*. All of the above Horse* are und axl kind and will trot hi better time than three mm .tea. pply at the (table corner of Kourth avenue and Tweutyflfth tt reel. Inquire nfUKOKUB W.aUUDttl.U Keg. f<OE it ALE?AT TAYLOK'8 STABLE, NO. 1,273 BROAD1 way, between Kortyaecoud and Korty-third streets, oa onday, June 23, two p.ilr of bay Horaea, Id hand* high, ?i* id aeven year* old, full tails, from the western part of this ate; one pair can trot faat, and are aa tine horaea aa have ten offered for sale this year. Also a very doe bay Mare, . rJi hands tii^h, via yours old, switch tall, and la a good road- I er. A responsible guarautee will be given that they are p*r- I etly gentle, sound and kind. I ,iOK SALE?A YOI'NU BLACK HORfill, 4 YEARS OI.Ds I ' a I?iitifol light Road Wagon, mane by Brew-tier; a gooa it ot light Harness, all for $Juu If applied for at ilathom'a stars, corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty eight atreet NOR SALE.?A OKNTLKMAN, ABOUT LEAVING TflB " city, wishes to dispose of Ma Coach; H was bulk to order f Messrs. Wood Brothers, finished In the beat stylo and coat iglually tl.SUU, has been run at tout one year; will dispone of for less ;han half the coaL Can be teen at Bradley'a stable, wuer Fourth tvnur ami Eighteenth itreet ?OR SALE?A OOCPR ROCKAWAY. WITH sUDINfJ ? centre; coat 8373; price SUO. Apply at the sable of a * . Ut Ice, veterinary surgeon. No. 124 Haedougal street. JH)R SALR-.A VERY CHOICE FAMILY HORSE, JU*f ' " come In from Vermont, 16 hands one Inch high, bey, four lack legs, black unna and tail, weighs l,2U0lba; oau trot to a nglc horse coupe .vlth three or four persona Inside of four ilnutes; be la warranted perfectly aound and kind, single or niblt', has been drove by ladies as much as gentlemen; can t seen until sold at the New York livery fftable, Thirty third reet. near Eighth avenue. JVlR HAUl CHKAP.-A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO DIR. 7 pose of a handsome black Mare, 13)4 hands high, warrant J sound atul kind, excellent ither In harness or .tider thff iddlt. also llLi uk eta. ladles' i.wl gentlemen's Had. lies Bi Id lea, c . all new Uat summer, a-.d only solal ou heao'.nt of thff wner'a 111 health. Inquira ot Mr. Tit) ELL, Turnure s stable^ .mrth avenue, corner of Twenty-fib street. JtOR RALE?A BROWN IIORKK, 16K HANDS HIGUL " kind In all h&mraa, safe family horse, price 665. aim Warm and Uaracaa. Can be seen nil sold at 108 Van-k street. jttlR RALE?A FINE RORRKI. HORSE, UU WANDS: " gt??l in double or single harness; fine saddle horse: scUt >w as the owner is leaving the oily. -Apply to F. Mc ALECS, able No. 17 East Thirtieth street, near Madison Null SALE?A PERFECTLY NEW LEATHER TOP P full ?Pring R'agoo. Price $175. Inquire ml UAUDINKit t.KKl '8, Hamilton street, neur Marked street, New V?rk iy JV)R HAI.K?J1'8T FRO* STATR OF VAIVB-ONW " very line bright hay Horae, Id bands high, long laO, *ud in in* in line minute*; nlr" one very One lanr.i.J lorae, 1$ hand* Inch, very ?tyll?h Apply at DM W'i?lT*>-L'.y' rwnth men lor three days. ?(IK KALK?MKVK5 8PLKNDIP HOK8M8; THKT ARB ' of preal aiyle aixt actWei, from IBWlta ha.. la high and I tn erven year* old; among thrm it a hob ten drown, warnoe.1 to trut In three nilnntei, ale., oi.e .plena*! - .odia Korea, tire.- hoi -re are warranted in awry respect. Io jg neon ai If, 1'erry at reel. ? JVt*T MOKhK AND I.ItlHT Rti * D WAilOH *OUNAl.le> P The hoiae la a bright sorrel, 15S bauds, 7 ye ira^d; in ".a- '$' juhle.ll) aouit.1, kind aud gentle. uid rem.irtably 'ran, (trill, cheerful driver, and will trot In I 58 on .lellt aey or an aala. he wagon la llrat elaaa, build to order; Kua been rand try Ltle, weigh* Iwi poiuala and coat SIM. Frew of horaa $3So; agon $l?i fan he seen till aold, day or avaaBug, 4 lib aw ue A, near Truth streak J?OR KW.K CBFAF-A TWO FtATF.D TWKAWAT; P nearly new . of g..?l alyle and itnlah; amiable :or oiie or two ortea. tpr'y at Hednry'a carriage factory, 1.JB6 H rood way, etween Fortieth and Forty Brat streets. 7H5R HA1.R. rtfRAP?A RTYI.IRH BXTTJWlt)!* TOF ? Brett, with pole and shafts. It haa bann uand b it ?arw Ule and la In p -rfart order Apply to FRANK A*-HK, ldQ ad 161 (Yoahy atre, t. near HIcerker. JtOR RAI.K 131K IF?TWO OOOD WORK HORM* P attluhle fur can.,on. Apply to U. ft. Gardner, 271 East ... - rTOKSK FOR 8ATJt?AT A BARGAIN; WTIJ. BE ?OLO II for ntr. it dollar*, a* the owner haa no further uae f >r lm; he la a bright hajr, IB handa high, all yeara of age, and wrranlad perfectly kind an1 v. : i.t, and k good lr?e??:r. It*, aire ol tiiCORtlK W HROW.M. SUO avenue, near ullon awnne, Krooklyn, can bo aoeu at A. II. and F. M. TfORSK WAXTFD-A HOR8F, KIND AND ORNTL& 1 f,.r viae wanted by the auhavtber Vpply at ft u.e street, between the koura at 11 and 1 o'cloak. IORRFR FOR 8 ALR.-A FAIB OF FTTI T-H BA* Horses, Id hands high, 5 and < yeara old, /tail lada, waranted a. mild and km J Aian, two dngle Horses, 15*, taud IBM soda high, a.mud and kind. These ktataaa ara from u>e eoua7. Apply at A. A. BuytUr a anlo Ma his. Ml Wunam i-raet, Igwark, N. J. aORKRS. (ARRIAUKH, WAOOWR OF AU, KTVDRL % ad llarneea, for aaie. the Urgent aaaarUaeot of 'unity arrlafr* imtt'i and >i1uw Viem, new nod mmmmI wetTTo be found la Lb' dir. aid ! ihTUwt nrbiea. Mo. LM W ulton avenue end Wo. 10 Wevtna etreet. Brooklyn. , rURT ARRIVED FROM VRRMOWT?OWE PAIR RLACK I Home*. < HunUtoninn.) Mi yean old; .hand. aiund uvl :rja. rill be auld lor half ihetr vnlue, a* the owner ia nick end wants t otum to the country. Oaa he eaen at tka Marnhinta'atable. IWamTaveoiy ninthetraeL ' JT!W MARKET CART FOR BALE?POR HALM. A A market or utater ( Art; been la uan about a we..a. at;. >>e >U at a bargain. Apply at A. W MHADBOLT'ii. IS M *. )lk afreet. .. ammirvh for RALE mdvp?iw mood order. ir. J %uhe at Bull a ferry H?M. "*w Jereey. ul'ub moawrrt. Porwn Nomx-rnr s\ix, two heavy rat draught Murae*. taken iii> on ike t'eatral Pare, w ,1 ha aid In the Mcbeet Mddei at the Found, la Mlty :if!h WT-Wt, ear Fifth avmne, hi Retardey, Jena jo at ii o' . irk, if rii re'kmaly claimed. JTT1 ISB HORkM FOR RALE. * 3 One pall I deck Burma, nine yearn old. well mushed; ran < rat In IRtnr lew together, MO I ha oath, heieht 1.11, hands, \ Ine pair fhney mairhed wtpte Heine and bay Mar- . ran tr >? lIM together. et?ht frara old; MO Iba each; height !?>< enda One pair raairHe.l family lloraea, I.0M 'be. wh, til eere old. h-ujh' I?\ handa One -be atom Heme, >ea ye.tra Idi or) I la, 10 haiide, can tmt In 1.1ft. All the lUinie Iforae# re the prnperty ef one i>erw<n. and for atyle, action and beany are utnturpaaied by any In the 1 nited State*. Forfurtbef itformatbm apply to PAtfROWR A 00.. KJ7 Union atreet, New tedfnrrt. Maaa 3RCOWD BAWD BARNRW FOR SALR-OWR FIWR ' plated Ooaeh Harneaa, made to order, (nnd aa near, alao a liver plated Wagon llanieaa (light). and rttv light R nd hairy. will the auld aheap hw raah Inquire at More Wo. a 'ortlandt Wreet, near Oreenwtefc afreet. nn utaa nrt_ni? ttir at'vatv ten vie nave I larrbifew nab hne lli<r?4 ami H*mw. wH* v<w1f <tiers. t'aa be m. at .No. ? Wcat nfireotb art, l? tba iw, nr four rtara. tirantkt)?a riMtrnit. HOTABUtPBORT, nearl* f t" m?, Trrjr air Hah and welt hwlK. Alan, a ttne S trnnr 'narh Mi seat, aearly aaw. Alan. ?Vt?f fine double Harana. nearly aew awl nt baal anably Perwnie havti,? either ia? eddrene for one weak. atatw* <wdh prtoa and wkera arillea aij l>e aaeti, Ao.. D. *. MauaUeid. Ileraid uAoa. tjrA*TKrw % ?rrY>*i> mwn CHATRII AWI? A TOP TT Hi,**. Tbel mnM be ia r?H| order, trplr >| JtiHI. lH ft irr-N I l!H - eoal < *rd J|| Weal Fl|b>>e<w BrAMn- ? ,<i* MR Ollt KIT ?I|R( ITT l>mv *1 ln?; at?i. atnilr llarneaa. la etrkanm for aorei tewelrn araaeraeh < -II at the Un HKIiee. iftt Klahi a?. mve PUMTMIit. rtK *K*nr.RS or thf dprocbatic rkxibuoa* Ward CqamMaaar rmrii-lnt ward are -e^'iaeiad to eel oi? tlila gw' ,*f , e renin*, June M, lAatl, at M. (XtWar'ti kim fnir'h aire. t. <-omer nf "trend aremie e e|,vk, P. a I ft) order. A H. VtMlirRtiH. thaiiwaan. J a Tnonj* M. farm "eeeetary f I " iPOKTine CK)* RAI.R-A ?/K)P TACHT ORB TBAB OLD. W [* feet on de< k. wltn a trunk aoMx and a g?<* aader. Hba a be arm al Haanb-ker a Hrji D-e-aa, llar*wr??-aw. K..r parculVa vblreae T Baldwin, KnrverWraW, M T. fob hai.r ckrap?a btoof tacwt, m rfwt ? laehea ke*f la parfeet oeda> Mb ** ?*e of aaUa. eoarw, * ... will bd mid rary low. Addr' t.3M Pwk tare. ?. T. * fob raix-a r*gstt-MoBt prbt aatt. bo tT. cap I* rt?, a ?erv faat aalU-r. w?U kambl reaannaMo. Mmta J . Ml, twenty faet leoa. with jll?' r a"b-"ill will be ?. .! '?**?.. iftpif In AAA 1II.D. ran <w Onu.r airen. Anrtft Hr-?<vtyn. B> rbt lal'dcwcd. awdpoit r m.b at brari.t ha1.p a ore (owner gm..j *? ?> " i arledlyl. ? Tarti af Ml?et> Va>a, < at Or. very f idled and aal'.ed by ona erara, altptlr^ dfern. in, four brrtfea foieooalla, audi Nat, aneher a tie -laaa flu) ah and eompleta; nun ii?fVet roapu h price M7I. '"aa be a?en 1 aptiljuui at If". I* tal atrwol. ,.?? If. 'poktikh ?tin: t h ut v h. imnrtt prtrrl. pk^ renlyaeveu t. a. h-. ? y.-?ra >M, ro?ei|?er adih all her ??ta . kit' >*. I ... J \ late and | la ed ? are, will In' %AI at auetion by Bear* U 0 I Ilort VtAX % it the tt.-e ua' K>'bieBe. on rti iea F ay. .nine St M 1 P tf. Ad'r-aa J. II., Jr., bnt 11.J S. V / I

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