Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1860 Page 7
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/ ~ i?n>m ww tori, socTHAxrroii and batik. The Yanderbllt European Une Untied Rtal* Hal] stwsmahlps Hii M?Mt New York, Southampton and Hsrre from H?? York for Returning from Ha, Southampton and rre aad SouthZLUNOm. Ortb Sat.JnneW "vlvd^ Jthy U AMDKlfelLT hat , Jul/ M Wad., Aug. U fXAMOIl hat., Aug. 11 Wad., Aug. W vanmckhilt Hal , Hap" 8 Wad., ScJTt. m UXMfOIB...... flat , Saul 12 Wad., Oct 10 VANDRRBfLT Sat.Ori 30 Wad, Nor, T Thaaa ahtpe hare water tight ooaapsrlmeoU. Ftret eabtn. per Illinois. flu* per \anderMlt >110 flurnnd ffctHr to each ahln. Ml) (tertideaiaa efpMeage laauail from Europe to America. Mpnetc delrered teUoodcm and Taria. D. TOKR ANCK, Agent, ft bowling Oreem, New Tork. B. a. WAOtKlUH* a oo., U lue Faubourg, _ Mmitiairtre. Farle. A N CHRISTIE, Harm. OaKFOID ICO. ff Oraao Church street. London. DPWLOF. 6fHOAI.ES A CO., Southampton. gOCTHAMFTON AND I1ATRK TBI NORTH ATLANTIC STKABRHIF OOBFANT. irlil despatch for the eton^^orta^tlwtlr splendid steamship Oapt. Jos. J. Comstocfc. tarrying the I'altad Sutea malls. ? We following days frunt Canal etroet wharf:? Fran Maw Turk. From Havre. Warday July 14 I Tueedny July U tirturday August 25 Tueaday September 11 Hainriip October #| Tuesday...^...^...OeioberW (U innni Bouinampion me aay auer Ira. :ii* I") IT. The idslaUc is undoubtedly uuexcclled by any steamship In 4he wertd fore?tort, aafsty nod speed. She has wafer ugfct SQfSSnieseee# W For ftwlffida^y'u the office of the company, 38 Well street, ly to Va. H. WICKHAM, on the wharf, I j&mls at sad Southampton?Messrs. QRINNKLL, iSl K?1, 13 Faubourg MmdaasrWa. r ttrkkklr communication BY STEAM between FY Mew York and IJv.-rp<??l, rolling si Queeuatown, Ireland, to land and embark piuuengvrs nod despatches.?Hm LiverKM*. New York and Philadelphia Stcamahip Company' I splsndld Clyde built iron screw steamship* are intended to soil as follows;? mo* NEW TOR* FOR UETJtrOOL. CITT OF WASHINOTON Saturday, June 30 KAJfOAKOO Saturday, July T EDINBURGH Saturday. July 14 And every .Saturday throughout the rrar. from pier No. 44 North r! -er. raws or passage;. Cabin to Queenstown or Urerpool FT# " to tendon (via ljrerpoul). 80 Steerage to Queenstown or Liverpool W " to London 33 " Return tickets, available for six months, from Liverpool 00 Passenger* forwarded to Havre, Paris. Hamburg, Bremen and Antwerp at through rates. Certificate:, of passage issued from Liverpool to New York.940 " " " from Queenstown to " 30 These steamers hare superior accommodation for possen gers, are constructed with watertight compartments, and carry experienced surgeons. Par freight or passage apply at the office of the Company. JOHN oTliALR, 15 Broadway, New York, Agent. In Liverpool to WV IN* *N, Tower Buildings. In Glasgow to WM. INMAN. 13 Dtxoo street. STEAMER OK JULY 14. TOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. The Uluted States Mail Steamship ADRIATIC, Joseph J. Comsiock. Commander, Will sail from pier foot of Canal street, at It M. on Saturday, July 14, with mails, ptsaangera and specie, for the above porta. Several Ann class staterooms still disengaged. For passage apply to WILLIAM H. WICKHAM. Office on the wharf foot of Canal street. tt?or SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.?THE UNITED V ? ?.11 FULTON, J. A. WtKt!*,' Commander, WEI leave for Havre, touching at Southampton, to land the alia aad neaeengers. on Saturday, Jul/ SI. at 13 o'clock, from pier No. 37 North river, foot of lleaeh street. ThU ahlp has water light compartments, enclosing the engines, so that In the rent of a collision or etrs ruling the water oould not reach them, and the pumps baton free to work, the safety of the reaas? and pass sogers would be secured. Price of pamsge In ncood ****** 175 nM MO, For frrtgtal or passage apply to SAMUEL M. FOX. OEO. MACKENZIE. Agents, No. I Hroodwav. N. R?The steamsr A rage wtu succeed the Fulton, end sou August 18. fflHK NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BREMEN, JL eanytng the United Hutes mall, will positively sail on Saturday, july t. at u o'clock m . ron BREMEN VTA SOUTHAMPTON, LONDON. HAVR^ML^ftiL^PTu" AND BREMEN, At the following rates First cabin. $100; aeeaod cabin, $00; steerage, $90 Tor frstgh: or passage apply to uk3>ck ?, keutgen a reichelt, Broadway. man HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANT'8 a. mall stetkoahlp HAMMONIA, H. F. Behwenssti, commas asr, wtU lease for ILmhurg, Southampton, Linden and llarre, ce Saturday. June 90. at 13 V Ftrst cabin. $M$j aaoood oabtn, "cTfVlRlABD A BOAS, 1U Brand war. Mew York. I The ateamtalp TEUTQMIA will oneceed the Hammoeia. ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP ASIA FOB LIVERPOOL The ASIA, E. O. Lott, Commander, will sail from the company's dock, at Jersey ORy, wkh the malls aad passengers for Europe, en Wednesday, the Rh of Jnly. Pass sags rs are re Quested to be on board by half past eight o'clock X M. The PERSIA will oaU oe the Uth of Jnly. E. CUNARD, No. i Bowling Green. ntOK IRELAND TO NEW york by STEAM.?PASJD aengrrs booked from (Jueenstown (Ireland) to Mew York for $90, including provisions, by the splendid feat steamship of fie Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia line, tearing , rQueeuatown every Thursday In the year. For paoeage apply ""S $1 the company's oSoe, 19 Broadway. % JOHN O. DALE, Agent. / TNOR LTVKRPOOL?THE CLIPPER SHIP EMERALD r J sails tomorrow. The ship AURORA, Captain Barker, will ?& ^rt?Aver%Pr^E?H^R^i'8PL,S etrrfd. XTtOR LIVERPOOL-DREADNOUGHT LINK ?CLIPPER ?y FSth.rtver fr^riUp. ta^fegmore g~f^S * loirm Aypi; w > w knolbt hhips for Liverpool and London ?tub f splendid skip ALBKRT OALLATIN,for IdrsrpooL onlle JlMSiNMrf nMi 111 Mil foul rack* Alp vol* OWN, for Unduu. mils June 90; ssoood cabin, alaie rooms ad found, III rumpN brought oat from Iks aid country NOB LONDON?IIAMBITBQ LIN*.-TIT* RPLKNDID J? iron clipper ship DBVTHCHLA NP. OspC Wamelhooft, ly Us A pier ?l North rltsr, will sail on Wednruday, July i. and hkr only lot cnbtn paaasnpscs. st Iho low price of MO Pur ?*? *fl"ZfSI"{STV,3~r??'ZZX rnCOTT* LINI OP IJVKRPOQL PACKRT*. ?THK fwturttc packet ship BENJAMIN ADAK8, Capt. Ckasn, ma pen nrsiy on Thursday, Juno 91 8he has excellent menmmndatKx for all elaaaos of passengers, who will be taken staow rs'sa. Far jissaaas apply on board. Mar No. 99 Hast river, or to TAWCOTTj CO., M South street KNOB" LONDON.?THB FAVORITR PAOKKT SHIP ABO r TIC will sail 7lh July. Thia aplaadtt *to kas sapertor a? somwndiMsa for second oaMn passengers, who trill be taken A teaa% jtisr.Tit&'Kh.'1KNOB LTTBBPOOL-OIJ> 'BLACK NTAB LINK-THB JJ packet ship JOHN HRIOHT, Itbw at pisr 0 Bast river .ml* MUt June. TV Princeton sails ithTuir Par psmsns apply hoard, or to WILUAJM AOL ION, A) PnBon sMst . A C9TBALIA PIONRKB LINK, K8TABURHKD hob A carrying I'aHed Htalaa malls ?The ougniAoent A 1 aUppcrahtpTAMlKLPALK*. 1>?> i.?s burthen. TalhmnommnnAer succeeding ship Joahna Asa trill hats quick daepaSrh far Melbourne, Artel from plarll Bast rltsr. Her anSummodslluas far hrst and aaeund class paaeeagera are unsurpassed for ores fort, light and vewitlattnn, Par freight or pas- ' sage apply en hoard or to B. W. CAMKBON, No. W Boater street *<ghi bltla far sals and oaA adtsnesa made on conmpunsenta Oenslpnsm tn Australia, Messrs R. Twtma A Ok ' KNOB MBI^iCRNJC. A CM BALI A.?KANOABOO LINK, r istatAhrd UK,-First tassel, the At. fast saittnp ship W.I*Abeth. I.Ml tons burthea, smith. master, Is anw loadlap In thSs popular line and wttl be promptly dispatched on her ndtsrUsed day. Hrr arc tnmodaUona for Aral sad asosad cnbta paaaeaprrs srs tin usually spacious and ecsafortsble, and nptuascaieof the m<*t liberal kind. Rates of passage nnnsuslly l.m. Apply ?o boarl, at Pier to, Kasl river, or to 91A ILL ICR LORD A t|l KllKAl', 109 Wall street. kNkkioht roK tknniwkkp.. north Carolina, IT Poruasouth. Norfolk, I My Pntat and Richmond. received wtpnr day at pier 19 North rlter. The ateamalilp J VMK8TUWN, Capt. Rklnn-r. lea ret every Tneedat. at 9 P. M. Huamshtp ROANOKK, Capt. Ooveh. every Thumlay. at 11 ^Maaasahip TORKTOWN, Capt. Parrtah, every Natunlay. at PirtpLi to Portsmouth or Norfolk all rente per foot; to CHy rood seven cents, and In Richmond etpM cents. Passage to Norfolk Istateroom and ssrsls Included>. Mi to Petersourg or Rirhraond, 910 V ? . uSLimwJar Petersbnrc sod bt'k. 91?; ps^5sss-?rsj'?.ir^; stTS ffr io Mam. m hunt, M. Mat->-ST? r n <[tciiiii ^ M> "fooR CAUfORRIA VIA RARAHA. JP In m1 aftar Jaiy, a am alalia ataaiwar wfD Idara Raw ? Tork tha 1* 11th aad IM of aach month. aimpt whan ibnaa r data* fal. on Rmiday, *h?a tha day of daparutr* will ba lha for jrht or DMMir apply at tha oalr offlna Ra 177 Waal Itraat contar af Warm. D R ALLBR, Afoal. W VOR . tlA^^ III" AM. Tin Wll'TH f * Trrffissr wBl h?ra pbr lvV?ni? ri^ar'an ThurwUj. Joaa H, at fonr P H. Tha aaaoiaiBdatlinaa oaIhlaHaaaaar ara nnwBaiJm Ihoaa of nay raaaal owl of Ihla port, raaaafl* la Be ran nek, WA fhrottah Urkatn to Raw Ortaaaa, m 7?. H?Mla ?. Rwtia ??arj \mr. lriaatha RU 7*, Naahrllla. ?M*-, RaaarOla. ?H SV? ffm& A CO., Ra M Waal auwat aad Ha Ha Hi nadaap. "nRirniu ~ ~ T^RDROOM RVIT or RRAJIK1.KRO rrRRrTVRK Ji. fo? a*, of watraalnd wiaawfadhira. aim. aolld '"h-?tnut a Chamhar haha. plala aad ornamantal. at KARKIVIToRh, M Canal rtrari. oppnaMa Woaatar. btaMtnlmd la IMC. I A ntRowi.KDORn A? THR RKST ? RORRMAR-* jtV arrh aprlac Bada. t.rpta fl M to . A Rodataad, Hprln?a . and Matt man for W Valtr. nwn nt all kltxla rhnap Rtllf?a?? I fenrda orrr. OHca. Ro ??mal Jnaaa aoact. factory, JM I AU. KTVPS or rt'RVITI'RR, MATTRWWKA ARD I J\ lladdme. wholnaa!' and r?4aR, rh-npor Ih .a any oiIkt I atom at <t V RR KI>KN 1 WllinwarT, In" won Rtartlon and L. IMRon ntmata lj>re?w anwirlmaiit Iowa* prima, and war ramad *i-'d Call and aara mnnar tha nmni.T. T^N AM K.I.I.HP Vl'RRITl'RK r JtL HRAIigtARTKRR. f77 ' anal atram. toprCaatgtRRlof Broadway. WARRKR WARI?. ' % I a J I ' At w akhinut* >k hkuihtb. HUIMOM KR-TORTYI Ove mtniiirv by railroad and iImbImM (rntu Ohambera street- Tkf River Hide Houar la uow open fur the reception o.* gueau. Tha. houaa la moat coat euleatl/located on the baatca of the Hudaon, nauiu>uJla? a iiutgniAcent t law of like iMr| eirellcut bathing, boaliug and UaUag. AonuaiuudalbHi. for hnraea and carriages. The can aud aMabnt atop In front of the place, l&ld afreet atatiun. BR AX. "8 HOTKL?TOQU8 MINIMAL 8FRING8 CHML aa, Maine ?Thla now and magnificent hotel, thoroughly furolahed with every uruvfamn for tha oontfort of tU guaata. * ill be upaurd on the loth loat The waters of thU aprlng poaaeaa the Mgheet medicinal vlrtoeo of an) In the country. Attached are billiard aal.ioua, boating alley., Urery atahta, trolling lake, Ac. The vtntnitv affutvU ample attraction to tha angler and anortaman. Carriage- arlll be round In readineee at Auguata and Gardiner, four niHaa distant, for the MSireyanoo ofeueate. WJt.i* WI1ITK, Agent, (vuu, Maine, Jane A un. Bloom'8 uotkl, haj.p wat pbom cats rill TO the Mountain Houaa, u bow opeo far nun mar baardera; a fine place for gunning and Ashing. Board M per weak. Conveyance to all parte of the country at a fair urice. DAVID BLOOM, Proprietor. ? tiaiwa. Oreene eountysW. Y. /^OLl'MUIA HO VSR, CAPK ISLAND, CAPS MAT. N. J.? V' Tbla large flrat rlaaa hotel will be opened Tor tha reccptleu of^ueme on Ibe Mth of June. 1M0. ? ?"?? w oveu completely repaired MM refurnished; new cooking mice, ovcna, ate am boiler* and every Bind era Improvement added. Kumelrr stabling attached to the premlaee. All 'etlera addressed to the subscribers, Cape Wand, N. J., will be promptly attended to. LAIRD A WOODMAN. -Janus H. Uua, late proprietor FnuutUa House. fhladeiplita; 8. H. Wooonan, formerly proprietor Ml. Veraon Hetel. Cape bland. HOTEL BT. Jt'LlKN. 8TATKN ISLAND, ON (IKANT KTRKKT, Four mlnutea' walk froaa brat landing. Table d'hote or prtrate table If desired. ELBERT ANDERSON, Froprieter CLARENDON HOTEL, SARATOGA fcPRlNtM.?Wi house le new open (Or the aeaaon. replete with every earnfort, having water closets on every door and naaad had la every room. A table oaettniaaeii I. O. cTpUTMAM. Grkkn grove mansion, kryport.?this delightful aummer reaort, where an the eomfarta of a home can be enjoyed at very moderate term*, ts now open (or the reception < t Hoarder*. Rverv farility offered (or bathing, boating, cunniug, Ashing, and ail other kinds of rountry recreation; steamboats leave root of Robinson atreet dally. For par ticulara apply at 1U Franklin atreet. New York, or on the pre mlaea. HARVEY'S LAKE, LUZERNE COUNTY, FKNN8TLYAnle? Aeeeaatble by Delaware, Lackawana and Western Railroad te Kingston station, oppoalte Wllkeabarre, In theWyomlnc vallay, whence vlatlera go la carriage* to the lake, 11 Billea dlataut. The hotel la onaiiaodknu, and every *Uration le paid to vlaltera; the lako abounda in ftah. the sum *uidlng tnountalna In game and trout atroama; a steamboat la eipreuly provided for the guests, alao row and aailboaU: the lake te twenty miles round-about one broad, of tmmenae depth, and ha dear aa crystal. Terms (1 Ml per day, $8 per week. KITTATINNT HOUSE. DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA. Thia favorite reaort la now open to vlaltera. The attractions urn, beatlful mountain scencrv. due ah- and pure water, pleasant drives and walks, rowing, fishing, dr. The trout Ushing la now at its height, and large number* are taken. By the erection of a new building the accommodation* are nearly double those of last year. Paaaengrra leave New York at fool of Cortland! atreet at 8 o'clock A. M. aud reach the Gap iu time for dinner L? W. BRODHKAP. Proprietor. LAKKMOHKOAN ROUSE IS NOW open FOR MMm?*r Boarding, lilunted four mile* ylL lage. Whet Chester county, one hour and a half ride ftwat the city by Hudson River Railroad. Mountain and bathing, makes it one of the most desirable locations te be coual? ** LKROY HOU8B, NKW ROCHKLLK. 18 NOW OPRX POR boarder*, by the day week or moutb, at moderate price*, with good table, large play grouwU fur children, flailing, boat ",p'yto'-y-TH0 MOHKOAN LAKK.-WM. JONES HAH ACCOMMOOAtloasfortwo famillee at hie private reaMeuce, on the border of this lake, a place highly appreciated for the purity of the air and Its grand mountain eceuery, being free from all local atunmer complaint*. W. Jonas has for sale, on the border of the lake, choice land for building sites. Apply to T. Jones, 614 Broadway, or J. Martens, architect, Brooklyn. Tickets through td lake by railroad, 4113; or by steamboat Aurora. "MOUNTAIN HOME," CAT8KIU, MOUNTAIN8?IN ITi sight of the celebrated Htonr Clove and KaUerakUl Falls, a mountain retreat situated on the meet picturesque and romantic summit of the Oatskilhi, within fire miles of the Mountain House and Ma from High Peak, 3.804 feet shore the level of the sea, with line trout streams la the Immediate vicinity. Gray's Hotel affords s most desirable summer retreat for famines, for which ft was designed, and la In dally commonteaUao with Catsklll, fifteen miles by Mage, 7 o'clock A. M. each day. For farther particulars apply to HIRAM DIXON. Adams Kinross Company, or to NORMAN H. GRAY, Tapper-settle. Greene county, W. T. "VKW YORK 1IOTML, PR* AT A QUIT, L. I.-ROTATED ?1 on the shore of Greet Booth Bay, opposite Pi re Island; a deligbtrnl summer retreat, affording rare facilities for gunning, fishing and sailing, la now opcu for the reception of visiters. Trains leave Brooklyn, South ferry, for Thompson station, at K) A. M aad 3Ml and 530 P. M.. where stages are always in readlneas. ROBKRT McKIXNIN. Proprietor. OR IK NT POINT HOC8K, OYSTER POND POINT, IsRNO Island, formerly kept by Jonathan P. Iniham. has bean taken by TltOMAS T. PAJUONH, lata of Mast Hampton. L/t, and la now npea for the reception of guests. It la located about 100 miles from New York, and can be reached by steamboat from James allp, every afternoon, at 6 o'clock, and Isss laieod cars. *410 o cleek A. M. and IJ0 P. M. bowling alley attached; also, bathing and fins nahhig PAvn.ioN nor el, rsup, L. i.-rmH hotel b? now open; ears leave South ferry. Brook I va, at 10 A. M. and 3H P- M. J. O. PACKARD. SKA BATHINtl.-CONORK*! HALL. LONG BRANCH. N. J., la now open f<T tbc rerr^Uon of rucet*. The Karl tan and Delaware Bay Railroad leaven foot of R..Ua*rm tireel. New York, a< 7}l A. * and St, f M., IaikUiic pMwrngen within two hundred yard* of the a ho re bouar, inside of two hour*, Person* wishing to engage Boom will pleaae addreaa Wouilmand rttofcea. Proprietor. Oli MI ?vmiui ITATH HOTBL. LONG O BfiieL S. Jla new open for the rwupBaa of ?aeaw. Person* wishing to engage BOOM will pleaae addreaa B. A. Phocmahor, Proprietor. SURP HOTBL, PIRB IiU.AND, NOW OPBN.-THBOOUH ticket* at Hiath ferry, Brwkljn, rla Deerpart aad Babylon. Care leare daily at 10 A. M. aad 3 JO P. H. Par farther information addreaa Baaaiala A Downing. Plre Island. SCMMKR RKSORT?THIN DAY MAY HK ENGAGED A few more acleet Boom, at ria lefts Id. N. J.; idonntaln aceoery, large shady lawn, warm hatha, beautiful drhea aad walks. Call at Ptuworth Brothers', No. Dey atreet, or addreaa A. Clter. Plalnflcld, lT J. OKA BATHING.?AT LONG BRANCH. N. J.?TO ? 0 trepolitaa Hotal taaew cues for ths rseasGaa of ?MMn JmaB The Delawaraaad Rarttaa Bay Ballroad mafeaatwo dally trtpsjslgngBwBtii. haftat BMaa Great wharf; aad rpilR KNOLL ON TUB HCIMON. NKAR WBNT A Puuii ?Thu bouse la Bow npeu fur ramiliaa. ftplin lid aalttag, drtvtng. Ac.; toe playground for children, pleaty of fruit and *h?ae tree*. Pur particular* sen Monday Herald. Term* aioderaie. Inquire ua tha uremises, or uf /. McKlH BIN. W Ann street. If. Y. rpilK OCKAN IIOI RK, 1 NEWPORT, RHODR INLAND, la bow open for tha reception of rueeta KKRNKR A BIRCH, rroprtiwi I TB1TND BTATBR HOTBL, PAR ROCK AWAY, L. I. IB (J now open for the reoepuon of gut ale Tida helot la headeoMly situated, wtthla ten mleutee' walk of tie AUaadoooeaa; la elegantly fumlahod throughout: hot oad euld halha. Via !saa'Y2a"i,a3?a,ar?r5ta asMsw.'sa. T iataaraas?? Wl*w UP Ll^rOM. CI^Dajiww fIomViltiui' unt rocim. Thki wine la warranted to bo eqaal la anwna aad tarir la ay of the popular heeada^aow te^ortad la boulan. PARHLKK'R. opposite Metropolitan Hotel. PIK.K< K H, dft? Broadway BRADY A OWBNK, corner Bnwdway aad Prince street. MKNDLM'H. owner Broadway aad Cedar GObLINH R, I'M Headway PLOKKNCK HOTBL. *00 Hroadww. A. C. LAWRKNt 'K. corner Broadway and Pine Greet. McPYKK'R, Broadway, comer Prince atreet PARBAR A LToNh, Pulton Perry. KINO A BRINCOK'i Pulton Perry. 0. w. CHAMJCT 4 00., corner Broad war mod Pulton (treat. P. H. TMOWA#' Wallack * theatre MITCHBLL'H. oormar Prtnoa mad W?aW atraetr. * TAYLOR, Jeney CUf. oaar ike ferry. NKWTOlftL W Puhoii atreel. Brooklyn and other*. Ma Importer! mad paletite-a. ft BamTar Mreat, near Broadway. ar?r llrued. riBBUnrB ro?T ai;itabi.k por irtauiri U OhUhngwortha, bottled la I nadna, Oman ram. bottled la Oparto, Haudaman'a, do.; Kiaaatna'a (old; ha the gallon. Ttd aaiw >i aamprtw tha ia?et la Raw York. OM Madelraa. Hk?r rtaa, Am., aaal to all parta at the rltjr or Brankltn. tlareta. Banal A Oatartn'a, bottled and Bordeaux, kirk mad law aradaa, 1 tha lowtm markat prtitt. M. B. BIBB, ail Puhaa atraac QOOTCH ALB-TTIR RrBBTRTBtRN ARK CORilTART D ty IM| auppllea at the oelebeated KaBtrk Al?, dlreat fhmi the brewery .put np carefully In eaaka ad etata doaaa Moaa plnia, and offer the aame for male in Ma ta malt pmrrhaan BPMIRMTOR BROTHKIIM, I Bowling lireea )|||j[t|CAU APPRPWtKp TO M ARRTKP ARP aTROIJI-PR WAT win an DeMMr. Ar . wkb an atom leal nlatn* and draw tnaa Tha brat work for I be ana pre eadona I read arj*?Wa? rat Bet lew. PrVa M *4d by ' ha. lea MI0?r, AM Hraad war. R. T , and by tba snthor. at ? Brera* erect, ?. aaa l block weal <d Brand way. where he nv*? be coasiUled no All .irwbM of thta rlmam from a A. M. la f. M. CHKROBER KRMRPY, tR"lNP AII.TRii rrHlinOfOB the unfortunate.?Oerea ordfnanr affHidtaaa la twa daya, asdohallnate raaem la a mhnrt lime. II 4m not kiterfmra with diet or alfeet the breath hold by all rmmpnotable dmffftaM ccwiynhete. RARRW A PARK, whulaatld mad ratal! agnwM for Raw Tort IS and 15 Part row. DR. WARP ?TOJfan.TIRO rm*frlAR ARP ICR I gfn. "fl|.-e ?m Brotdwav, near Wallmek'a theatre, np atalra t'naaiiltnd daily from 7 A. Mm 10 P M. DR. I,A <T?nt, PROM P t Riff. RO SIS RROAPWAT. oppoalia the *1. N^holat Hy?l Weaknemaea aad aBm tlr na requiting eiperlenee. aklll and delleaer. TVR. OQOnt*. RO. It DC ARB HTRBFT. MKMBKR OP U the College nf PhraAhUM and ffnrpenaa at Rew Vorh. may be cooaulrd dally at Ma dRoe. tram I la the morata* nnul la the avenint e^B. RAI.PH'ff OPPIt-R. OORNKB OP IHHffTOR ARD Crnahy (treeta (ISB t'roabyl. Hour* MX to t and < to t, daym exempted. T\B R COB BUTT. MKMBKR OP THRNCW TORE If I'nlrendty Medlml < ollere, mar ba aanmulted. aa nmnaJ, from A A M. w>? P. M. R. B ow for C.% dlplomaa hi Mi oOca, No M PodM atrect t'ooaulUMooa mlrletlr honorable PROP. DARCY, M."p "*AT RR CORRCl.TKn DAILY J at hp prtrate ?eaa, M Itraadwar. Moraiaff iaatudralf for ladlea i-halyhaateHlla for ladle* H a hot. rHROP RKRTKU.. IIU I'IIA UHKRH RTRKKT. CAR UK ' wanked aa nnual. at by |?Ucr AddreW but 13SB PoM oMae, Bew Yarh etty t ygvr yobk Akbald, ti jraijgAL, ATI .A NTH' HA VINO t HANK. NO S NKW BoWKKY, "W?fr of (Yfatham atreet, open dull; from 10 to 2 ut l I to i I . M. 8u per root internet allowed. All autne dopoaitrd oo I r **> tale real from J-ily I. Money to M On bond and utortfiOfir M. D. V A* mfPrN'I Cuaiujm n XtiLKT, Treasurer ' P. CooftK, Keoretary. A UOC8T BKLMONT A CO.. BABKUU, MO. M WALL A street, lasee Letter* of Credit to U?? eUom, vaUabl* la all Ptorto of the world, tfcronrh tor Miners. Botherhlld, of Parte Lendos. Praafcfort, I, Naples, and other* pIIKMICAL BANK.-NKW YORK, JUNK Ml 18W?DTVf ' \J deod.?The Prteldnu and IMrectors of thte Bank have do flared a quarterly dividend of a.i per real, pavable to wet < Imideraoa aad after Monday, the Sd day of Jul) ueti Bjr order of toe Board. O. O. william*. Ca^ner. t 11TUKNH HAY1NOH BANK U AVKNUK A. BfC'l'M KKN \J Viral aad eeeoad streets. Opea dally from A. M. to I P. M. and from t to 8 1*. M. HU per eeot interest paid on all tuna of 9D00 and under, and lire per orut oa larger am< Hints. Tela real commence. July 1, AU depoalu made ua or before July M will draw tutereet from July 1. OKORUK POLSOM, PraaldouL A A. Brack. Cashier aad Secretary. rtmrorHAN xhancihco coupon*.-coupons no. \J 10 aad IS, for latereat on City of Han Kraucteco Bouda, due July let, wtllbe paid on and a/tor Monday Id by WS. t. COLKMAN A CO. Ooupoae not presented prior to JaauaryLlM. et'ut be forwarded to the Treasurer, at Sea Prancfaro, for oollocUoa. Human hair, human Hair, human hair.-d. Dl'PKAT, est limadway, aelllag off 30 per eeut below coat to eltao Ihr business oo lit of July. Ladle* Hair, Wigs. Curls, Perfumery, Toilet articles. Ac., wholes,., aud retail. T A CBOHBM AMD HH.KAUKU LAND oka NT JLf Bonds ?The holders of the firat teeue of the Laud Ureal Beads ef the La Croaae aad MUwaakee Railroad Company are requested to call, or sand their art firm, with the auptber oi bonds held by thesu. numbered fram 1 to 1,300, to PKANCI8 RAMI ALL, u Wall street, wbea+infaraaaltoe rwpeetlag thatr cab to QBAIMIL vtakhatian iaytxuh inktmmon, Ju tu Broadway, comer Bleeoker at rest New York, Jane U, IMA The Ti uetaaa of tola Institution hare erdarad the aaual aetnl anneal hueaaet to be paid to ah Be dapnaKnra (taiiirlhe rule# euUUed thereto), at the rate of aix per eeot per ana urn, on all coma of MOO and under, aud fire percent on sums peer that amount, payable oo and after the third Monday la July oeri. latereat not called fur will be credited and draw Intoned same A. aL altokp, Secretary. vtillions or dollars unclaimed in thk bank M of England.?Advertised lists ot 30,000 ubn wanting Mirs cut be Marched, fee S3, at Next of Kin and Heraldry offices, alt and Ml Broadway, New York, II. hays, proprietor, who vWU England, Scotland and firia ou builueaa connected with dormaul properties on the 3Uth Inat. He will be happy to undertake commissions for parties wishing to embrace this opportunity. Wills, Chancery records, advertisements, Ac., searched, and grants of arms obtained frees the Herald's College, London. Vf ARINKR8' SAVINGS BANK, NO. 1 THIRD AVKNUB. IVl Open dally from nine A. M. to I P. M , and an NONDAT. WKDNKSDAY and SATURDAY KVKNINGS from Ore to eight o'clock. Interest at the rate of Ms per Hot allowed on deposits of $600 and under, and .at the rata of five per owl on sums over $6Ul Itepoaits sw-to on or before the 1st of July will bear latere* from U-Osttf AK, T. Brntru, Secretary. Noticr. 8TATKN ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. The Coupons on the Plrst Mortgage Bonds of the Stnten Island Railroad Company maturing July 1, UM0, will be paid cm and after that date, at the oflloe of the company, No. S Howling Green. B. KRKIm'HeR,' Treasurer. NKW YORK PRODt'CR EXCHANGE COMPANY.?THR subscribers to the stuck of this company ere hereby untitled that a second instalment of 20 per rent has this day been called for by resolution of the Hoard of Trustees, payable ou or before the 2d of July, at the odlre of the Treasurer, II. H. New men, 78 I'earl street. New York, 23d June. I860. SAM URL C. FAXSON, President Kvwaan Caoawux. Secretary. NOTICK.-HOI.DRRS OF THR COUPONS OP THR first mortgage bunds of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company (Eastern PI vision I, due July 1. I860, are requested to pre suet them oe end after the 2nd proximo, at the uBca ut BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON, No. M Bearer street Nnr Yoaa, June 28, I860. NKW ORLRANS AND MOBnJC FUNDS BOUGHT BT APQU8T BK1.MONT A OO., to Wall street OFFICR OP THR ANCHOR IN8URANCR COMPANY, No. a Ftee street, New York.-June 20. I860?An iatereat dtrldend of 7 per eent per annum, to July 1, will be paid on the preferred stock, ou the Mth July, and ou the redeems Me sleek ob the 1mb July. Transfer books dosed from the KOIh IiuL |p (he dale* of payment respectively. H. UNDERDONE, Secretary. PRESIDENT'S Omrl, HUDSON RIl'ER RMLROVD. IN aw Yoaa, 28Ui June. 1800. Holder* or second Mortgage Bond* of tlua mm paay who have not availed themselves of the pity pueaia of 1Mb December Uat for extending the same, will plena* do *o wltbout delay. Tlmee holder* who do not tatead data* an. will oblige th? eumpany by ildui the undersigned notice at lleir earliest eonvenieoce. SAMUEL SLOAN, Prescient miURD AVENUE SAVINGS HANK. 1 Corner Thud aveeur and Twenty Bfth street. Chartered 1954. 8U per oeat inUreat allowed on earn* from $1 to 81,WW All'depoatu made on or before Jnty 10 dr?w Interest trom July L Beak open dally from 10 to A Alao on Monday, Wodneeday and Saturday evenings, from to > o'clock S R. I'niLne, Mar. HPRNCKK K. URRKN, Prvaldeot. MUIIOAL. ^ 0 Bfi ATL Y iipEOVED PI A NOPORTK. 1.K1HTK A BRADBURY'S. Manufacturer* of AKKY HUALK e OVmtSTEUNO BASS PATENT IEMULATED FULL IRON FRAME UHAHU AND MyVARK PIANOFORTES, , No. 421 Broome street. PIANOS TO RENT ArjaateicitatwrmOANN?THIS IN8TR UMENT~OWEh Ma pre-aadnaace In Ibo power aad aweetaeea of Hi taw H la Dot alerted by clnuige / climate. aud U wairauled HdftM to reouire tuning. ^ IIORACE WATERS. Agent. MS Broadway. ?tUICKERINO A .SONS, Maaafacturer* of OR AND, HQTABK AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. Ware mil St Broadway. C. A Mora hare been awarded thlrtr -eight prtae medal* for the aupertortty of their manufacture for the peat thirty Ave yw* PIANOS to BENT. PIANOFORTE POR SALE IMMRDIATELY?A MAONT Seemly ttnlahnd pewrl key Plaao, made la order nine moot be ago; root 8478. will be aold for lee* than half Ma actual value. Ilia 7H octave; elegant serpentine rues wood ease, richly earvrd, aad Inlaid with pearl, grand action, awerslmng base, carved lege, scolloped boys: full iron frame. Apply at 148 avenue A, corner of Tenth street lANOS.?MABTINMA OU VRIBKT MANUFACTURERS of square aad upright Planus, 84 Reat Houston street, near Broadway. I plight Flauos, slogan! la form and sap# rtor la richness of tone io Lbe beat square piano*. Warranted for standing In tun* and far durability of nctV^o aad touch. Ptarma to hire. Pianob axi) vkuwaoft* at orrat barq aina ? Uh m ei nrUr* 0300 Piano. been nand about one rear. In jrnod order, 0000 .?* 8\ urtare. prior fun, boon need eighteen month*. wul be enM for Use, nan it ill), one at WOO. JfrwrbMtl t?tt i"W prior*; aeeosd hand Meiodeona nl 000, Mi. 040, 040, 000 and 000. Now Malnd-ons at reduced prion*, nana* and Jfalodeon* tuned and repaired. _ llORAl K WATUM, A?ent, SB Broadway^ ckl.ijno off -rianob.mrlodkonk. l^tuchtooijl, o Hewlnf Machine*. Painting*. gold and til* WatrV*. Jewelry. piaiu.a, Mher and plated Wat*, livtiN*. Bonk*. FiuTlturr, Ac., dr. The place will be rloeed fram Jnly 10 to "."'innlxt 3. The entire viork will be *ntd cheap before elo*. Inc. J. f. jowkh. u Aaa *treet, ?eoood far Ttir HKsT A N11 111K OIKAfEUT liKAND ACTION. IRON fr amr, ovrrstbinu pianob. For a*le by T. H. Of AMHKM. eeraer of Rtfbth airem and Fourth avenue. In lb* hi hi* Houae. T"~ lNBTKlCTfOM. oTnKMV OF FK.VM ANHHIP AND BOOK If KRPI NO, va Uroadway, ronJuried by W. H. NOOOLAND, for many i year* aamataut ?( oilier b. UotdsmJth Inatruetlnn la aafm! lately Imparted, rarefnl and thortmch. Turn* modarala. ' rail and cumin* apertmen* of pemnanabtp. A? pabim an ladt ib wantkd-on thk ibt or (IfWrr. io teach French and mnale la a Female h*ml nary In < harleatun. I- C. Addreaa x. t.. New Tort foal nttar. haling qitalittcaOnoa, referrarea and where the applicant 'an be ***o. Ma?'b fxm'ntino boomb for Practice and liwti 'tribal to Bra ah ee ping and Bnalnem Affair*. 'M Hnatvar. Irvllu HntlHin* Circular* on application Marab'a complete ami beautiful aoel* on Bookkeeping, new odhion*. printed In color*. tar It Frtrate leaarm*. XT afioftu/tk \cHK*x~ imrfrrufi. no. m bkoa5J.1 ?ai-Tcarhara wanted ?A rartalenna lady for Frenek and miiar; aalarT fTTO and board. A My for piano, *u*ar and roml munW: aalarT bwo and board A gentleman lor Dm A nth aaiary $W0. a haunt board. Alan nlltara. Hcboola and lli awaitd tm nair. KICK A AXDBKWd. rrn farkxt* ari> ouakdiawa-a i.adt or in X pefVw ?tahn? to damte her time and Soma, during Ihe aummer Bern the in the ear* and edneauon of two or three girl*. from ? t<> 1* Taara of age. ReqaMte Information oh lalnrd at M Wlllooghfcy atreet, corner of Jay, Brooklyn. i rii5> wdwuta."" pIKIKd ft RAT rKKJUl* nRKWORKR.?rRIRCIFAL XJi den* W Maiden laaa, Raw Yortt. nra (Verier*. Tm padera. Jaaa MMl and iWswnal variety of article* required for alorekrepem' aalea and pabUr eihlM (and of Superior qnoU'r, at Ira than u?<al price?. Addrrm order* hr mall or integrapk t? lifeli K < <)1J(Y, m MaMee lane. .* Y Fikrwor kb ?bkw york laboratory. Iff Front atrnat. ana dnor from aurnai of Fulton. FlitII CAACRRRR TORFRDOKM. JOMd HTli'KJt, and a full aaaortmaaa of FIRRWORKR, plain and oatarad trra. warranted of Dm Aral quality. ^Commuter? k* nhlbUino* and CM trade an pj 1 iad^oa^tkrjnant /i A I.TT.I KB DAHL'H DRFOT FOR THE RXCKIAIOR FIREWORK*. Rrateal In nppaaraara and bam In quality. FOR rVBUO ABO P1UVATE KXHtBlTION. FVRKTOX R BCOFIKI.n, ________ dtrata. HTbriKLO'i firiit frkmilm FTRRwORKH. Order* for public or private r ibtbtUuwi addrnmnri to Rear WiHtariitirt, I. I., Will be promptly attended t<v ~ rMurr premium firrworrs. DRFOT 47 MAIDEN LANK HENRY It. TITl'H, Ag?1? /\t.n wrABi.nnro firework* tiepoy. -w ? V/ RM1TIE IN Rrvmdway. hare reeelrcd a foil atipply of llndtirld'a Wurha. which Iney are prep* re-l U. aril al a amaii advance. R. R.?The public art Invited Va call aad?SAaMh< eur atocb before buying algrwhert IlfRSPAY, JUNE 28, 186C MTOMBtm. HrALLAth r i Hi"' tlitK. UK AND RK OPKXTNd OF TTV,. Ml'MMKK UAKDKN rut K i n annual visit THOftK rO#n.VK WHO AMKRTCAMN. KR. AND MRS W J PLOKKMCK. TICK BIKLICSQCK 0> I. VU.A HOOKH. a chabmino mowcrm*, Meudtog K talent orientalism wtsn the toUirs of in- pr?ien: lay; reniuui incidents te the street* of New York, mtro lfmH army of prruy girls as I'rru, Warriors. Nymphs. nod Mrr I maids, Mid a supply of beautiful oharactrruilr *ud local scene ry, pleasant, popular and humor.>u* iuu.dc, livtau ph 'ur, * of 8HAKXI*ARK. MILTON AND BYRON. TUK KKRILObb KKAT OK CKOSSINU THK NIAtiARA, A I.A BLONIMN. AND THK URAJfD AQUARIUM. OR UK* HKNKATH Till' WATKRS I'nhi further notice WUi be performed an allegorical burlesque entitled LAL1.A BOOKH: OR. THK K1KK WORbhlrrERrt, By Mortimer Thompson Haq. ldpirw, beautiful, char.tcteris Uc and local ucenee, by Moan.jlaberi?ood and Culberl. Peculiar rrhanlcal effect!i by. .Mr. Vu Haliun Mid n?.waiOa Properties Mid appointments by Mr. TUisuuoy. Mualr and rhoruasr* under lite aupervWlnu of Mr Noll Cuitumes by Mr. *'tannery and aaalatauis INTRODUCTION. Scene 1.?The Carern of Despair lahcrwood Baulk) Cult C ) Mr. Jeffries YTUlikini cOrumbttng Authors. V Mr. UourUy Dryalick* f ) Mr. akcr Columbia, the Uem of the Ocean, with a song Mr*. W. J. Florence Manager, Indlatreaa. ot course Mr. A. W. Kenno The curtain rtara and discovers the stage enveloped la dark nets. The authors In a Ha. Incantation seem-. "Pour in your labors." Queer and tragln Nolo and chorus, "When rauivqcra are tlghtlng." Baulky TUt and authors. "Double, double, toll and trouble; hire burn and black luk bubble." "Let's call the men who wrote before us." "tome high, come low." "Thyself and pni/ng deftly show." The flhade of Shakapere Mr. Farrea The Shade of Byron Mr. Flouraud "THR FLAY." Scene 1 ? Printing House Stature Culbert uutucn lhtt w urft. amc iwiiiwip vun iut wuc. ghoraanhed, Chief Of the Uhebera' Ktre Department, Mr. W. J. Florence SUhrocket Mr. Uourlay Torpedo f ) Mr. lb-su Dubleheader J Ghebere and Fire Wor-1 Mr. Cobura Phlnweels 1 shippers at Urge. J ?/.'.Mr. Oliver Hated I 1 Mr. Chaplin Nainonue, the banished Peri, Mis* Kraina Rciguolt* Laloute. Hrat Peri to the Court Mm Harriet arc.*Nle Lytl sin*. ) f MJ? <$l Hteno Taffl Ksndlgh I Pert* I "if,4 l^rTei1 HHrale-Magueeahuh [ r'm ] = - -. .Mia* Ureen Tootal^ PRWHKT OP ICHOR ASA AN. Lalla Itookh, a ppoUod child Mra. W. J. Florence rudladec. the Grand VUler, Mr. Oeorgc Parroa Ferramarf. Bucluuia'a King, disguised as a Troubadour, Mrs. Stoddi i t Sceoe 4?The Hall of Reception laherwoou The day lor the aelertioo of Lalla'* husband The .1 upauese I Kmbaaay approaches. The assembling of the dignitaries. Hoog?"Pretty girl making a row," Lalla. King Arouzebeo, of Kaulellyii Mr. Stdncr Smith Tonhwrer-cuaaiiokamJ. Japaurae Ainbaasodor. ...Mr. Newton Tumi kito ul th eladlrs, uu daiui Mr. King* Tbe Ambassador of Caahmrre Mr. Parka Iliuda. maid in waiting to Lalla Mim Everett Bayaderes, Japaners, Treasure Boa rent, Dancers, GRAND JAPANESE DA^K,' 'invented by Prof. Yates. Bal let Master of this establishment by. Twelve cltildreu,.led by LITTLK TOMMY. Scene 5? Lake of Pearia Iaherwood Scene It?Niagara Palla labor wood khorsnnbad Walks a cord a la Bloudiu. Tbe Muld of the Miat. Tbe drink of wine. Hal ha! hat News from the camp. Scene 7?Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel Culbert Scone #?Atnazoulau Encampment ou the iAke of Pearta. ?Isherwood Preparations for un attack. Let'* bring our armament into the lieid. Tbe female Garibaldi. The inspection and review. Parade and March ot the SEVENTH REGIMENT of the Amaaooian Quard. Col. Leila Itookh Mrs. W. J. Plorenee Lieutenant Colonel Iliuda Mian M. Everett Now, mv lady, assume a garment more iiuing for your charms. The Ambassador about to go. "Nay, do not leave me." Preparations fbr the fete. Scone I?Fifth Avenue Hotel Culbert Departure of Perramarz. The arrival of Arongiebee. "Daughter, the Miustrel la a Klug." Uraud discovery. He cornea in state. The Peri's mission fuldlled. Court Martial and baiiiahment of the lire worshippers. Scene last?PAIRY AQUARIUM Culbert This scene la without exception one of the moat beautiful pieces of utechatiiam over gotten up in this country, the stage representing au aquarium. In which are mermaids sporting amid sea plants, muaaea. water insects. Ash, Ac. Grand Anal* by .11 the characters Owing to the great length of this burlesque, and the fact of the entire stage being set expressly for the pieoe. no other piny will be acted with it. The "Indian punkas"?the Orients! mode of eentilsUoo?will be brought into requisition and aeauer refreshing breeze* throughout the house, rendering H delightfully cool and pleasant. During tbe engagement of the Florences seats may be secured one week in advance on application at the box odlce. Box book open from 8 A. M. till 4 r. m. Doom open at quarter paat seven. To oocnmeaoe at eight o'clock. A now local Burlesque from the yen of John Brougham, In active preparation. _ THICK* OK ADMISSION: Droaa Circle and Parqueite Fifty cent* Family Circle Twenty-Cre cent* Private Boxes .Heven dollar* Doom open at a quarter paat seveu. To commence at eight o'clock. LAURA KKKNK'S THKATRK. leasee and Manager Mr. Joseph Jeffnreon Stage Manager Mr. James Slmmoada Musical Director Mr. Thomns Baker dceiuc Artist .......Mr. Have* THURSDAY KVKNINO, JUNli M. The favorite Comedietta, in lao acta, entitled THF. QUACK DOCTOR, OUR JAPANKSK KMBASSY, Being positively the last niglit but three of Its representation. MRS. JOHN WOOD MR JOSKrHJKKPRRHON * _ TWO CHARACmgtS. , ' entitled THK QUACK DOCTOR. The Quark Doctor Mr. Joaeph Jefferson Marquis Mr. 0 Thorax Doctor Mr. Stud dart Jeffry Mr. Jamas Hlmmaods OmmwdM Mrs. Chanfrati iralete . Mr*. John Wood ISiring the ComrdielU MRS. JOHN WOOD iimI MR. JBKFEttAON WU1 aixlf the celebrated I'omlc Duet entitled "WIIKN A LITT1.K FARM WK KEKP." Te be followed by an entirely original Kxtravagausa, wnUea by II l'lunheU. Kaq.. entllled UVI JAPAMKiiK EMBASSY Lettj laurel, a pleasant gtaft from the undying m reafh of fimo, tinging her Ofttlv* wood not, a wild ftnd Indulging In ft dance Mr* John Wood C. T. Item, paragraphia!, poetiaer, proaer, proiertrr and penny a liner Mr. Janeph JHforwjn Mr ConarrvftUTv I'odhah, ft Wall tireel brick (we beg hia pardon?broker) with the mrU ni'wjibnelftn power of becoming g "bull" or ft "benr," niav Willi hifteourenlence Mr. Atoddart Mr Verseioftft While. Moahen Oernnd. no* " ii i'|-|ii but ft Mew York Hon eftteher Mr. Hornet! Mltiftr M>wle). hen ry hlnch a llriigliahmuo? rou know, but hrnurrly hueprrjudkvd- \ ou know Mr. Juni Simmon* Rwag. man of few wnnti. Mr. Otaalrlch fb fiilUn, Preach valet Mr. Brown Mr Hyrai TWkemy Moore Ureea, eplendid lUuatraUoft of hie name Mr. Wall Mr Napoleon Bonaparte Wellington Hnuih. * gentlrman, ? bo having fulfilled hi* mlaalon of coloring hw meerwhauin. In dlapntr turn* hi? alien lino lo Minerva and matrimony .. Mr C Thorn e Mr*. ConftervftUre Oodfleh. one of the upper len, with ft peewllar penchant for Uiuati mu* etllee and exclualve exotic* Mr*. Vlning Mix Penelope Codrtsh. ft devotee lo burnt cork melody Mlm Burke M:m Minerva 1'odfleh, ronetderably higher In the ftcale of ftong, full of Atiber and the opera MM* lleMv Warren Poor* open at 7},; commence* at M o'clock predeely. In rehearsal, a new Rnrleagne. entitled TYHHiM. I At'It A KKKNKH THE tTRP-IJf roWHNQUKKrit OP J the great nnenea* of Ol'R JAPANESE KMHAJIHY. It will he repriced for four night* more, when M muet poaMvwIy be withdrawn for other novehle*. _ MRU JOIIJf WCMID-Ttnit FAVORITE AMD 111(1111.Y gifted t'.irwedienne will appear la two character* thl* ilng?l.tWKTTP. In the favorite Comedietta of the QUACK DOCTOR. a*l LKTTY I.ACRKI. In Ol > JAPANkAR km ***''RA kekke'a THEATRE. R JOSEPHTEFFKRHOK?TO MIOHT. AB C. T. ITEM" I a ura Kcene'l Theatre. lfR lObRPH JEFFRRftON AH THR IMTKHritTER. iH to night In the highly tureeaaful Katravaganra of OUR JAPAN nfltkMRARBf. Laura Keenr'a Theatre MR. JOHKPU JKFFKENON m MRU. JOHN WOOI> mil pr??ul* *> llx-lr OOCRT OF MOMC* thia ovonlnp. and oil li.tora of fun art- Inrtu-d m au.-ud I .aura Kreno a TV-airo SIr" J< 'HI I'll JKKKKI'.HoN -TO MOIIT, AH TI1K ?JU A?,;K Jfl rxM-rnR L.HII* Kri fix t Thoalro N R KHK A RHAlZ ~ A B''? Hurloaque. entltlod TTTOO*: toitro a vkri*'a in JAPAN. Wuh n r< M.i?w, ni .enter-out Mronory, I If aaoa, kr. TT0OI.KY A NINHTRPCIR. 11 Frrtu-b Tho*tr? SM Hmo/taajr Tromnndnna FTrMomnnt. rnprorndootod Hirrw. rwvopwlly umMad by Uh> PuhUe and lb* Tr?i to bd tbt mom Um?ho.| ,.n.| Tal.-nlod rrnforiAN kntkrtainmrnt Pror on>md bilbo Palmtiaof N?*ro Mlnatrxhn Anothar Orand ProoraiBimi of Nnroftloa To-oiffct. T1IR THRKK mrrat htarh, CNSWOBTTT H HKNE and CAMPBK1.U la tfc* immImI. U?\ AND PR* Til KM TONIOHT. Adnilaa.nn JV nrltalo Mim S3 Jbr-n. opou at 7: lo nranaaowo al * o'clock. For fall paitb-nlari ?*? proyrammo* A TOI NO WIDOW LADT. or HfOH ANJI ACOOM J\ p Ho hod manncra. moo fill aad kind, ?taboo lo maka Ibo MjnalntAnca of an^c ld Kontlnman, attba i?* lo Molrtnaouj - p?mxi?tkt. " A RTmrlAl. BONR m.MNO. FOR DRf 'ATKll TRRTH. JX put la whtta ardt, raquiiinf ao proaa.iro aad etOnf no Mlk: aaMaf laatb ar moro Aatiaaaa bo tilted with *. R*nma LSI (Raw ouwbar I.JWt Hroadoar onrn?r < Tblrly Am alnii JAM? PKAIWIX, M. D. Iheenroror tar iiorr. m bowrrt. opponrrE rixth htrkkt. \J Inaorta fall aHa of Taotb on pnro allvor at RA, do rdd, ?. pb.ttea.At5 ArtlfW-ial bono ftlfln* U.?r>oA * paljTw aanAa; gaM, amail raotttea, W aoau, aaaaifiua. do., fOeooU AU a- wfc warranted t ieottlrkton k (O. iirntimtv rm mowkrv. mf , np|..mtio Fifth auort, arc inacnuif full bl of Arutlnal Trt h I-at ma ifkr'nro a) tt Hi f 1A and Ml. aotordiM h? atTlO of mmintlt.p Purt Rota. Wooma i?r lorab f muebtrr, f?RAWtATIth~W'ruK<iX "tWCXTIHT li. Pm rouvtood to X- R1 Wo Tf - , bo tarata Hroaf war aad NUJi two I jjriEjn.m. _ XfT ?/>* O \ A.T J. - M f'liv I w *r<! Mvt( *. M K'lht" MIItAVfcMK* KNTKK1 AlNKKICK. OPKRATH' MMIINU ;iAl I T I'KaMA nPHlJviUI'K KUIR PIKM. vV, PFoJIXRiOK R^li-n-hn -an. uui bt- loi.'id V. ei! huuio. B?A of cfr> iM, Toi JAF\Wm*WIm/ l'romkn ai>k tsk cardkn at aix hoi rm of thk day. os I.a pi u k to bki tlfkm am thjt ARK. tuk hk >' rivci. hau. i>ki orations wn l rmaic fok oak Wf.Kk OR KXUIIHTION. t11k'. Attk. VYRY ELBOA ST AMP SHOI I.D UF. SKKN 11Y KVKKYHODY. RS> Ai l'F VKANCK 01 THK HANLON BP )THKB3 T'.md aof*ara?rv of blT-I.X ( AKOUNk THKLKCB. I'irittM-r* danartor frutu l'.me. THUUKDAY i:\ KS :NU. JTVK ?. Afi*i t*.. U?i.r? fur bi vui' 'Uvl* on tV (ilaiit, the i erfe-nnancf wfl' cwji'n^iv- wWi MOKTIMf R THOMPSON'S fOoeallcksT Row I ??r!ru|i.r of ? THK LAI>Y of 1 11!. i.AKJC, tbavkkl'IK. TLo NrUm Im-u . M.\ M.u-k Kuuth. Mtes Italy H..ndto.;:. K W. t?Avtdg*. MIm M*ry WrllA, Kr A I? DarwjpOrt, Mil*. Urnm W'.Bdrl, M l PH*re. The Utile Mister* Mr. If V* l.*"w>0, Mone Writhed. Mr 1. lacen: Uim A. Friuirr, with all thr cnni,>?M>, UM-it.duAg the confide m.. i ? TROOP op amazonian z00att8. In the cowee of the rOce* Romantic view of Ijurh Katnae.witli a (ranch of the eaaal? Arrival of the Or**l Kaa<ern?"Roe) H * or Pie?Thr I?lf of Ik* Lake- 'My here ia but a laaaie yer'?'We Ike rooituarlaf hero ooBtrv '?Roderick' tnoimUln retreat?'The murderone mluifed Brine?"I think t ought to ?Ie? him"?A ftove as la a glere?"I never knew led oa* roull wield"?The proaheey?Wuederl ul draih of rrazy Hlauche?WTokle and counter whiaUe. MARCH Or TUK AMAZONIAN Z0CAVK8. Th* great fight of Roderick aud Pltz Jautce? A rocky defile?Boom in HUrtlng CaaOe?Royal inMlce. GRANS rMJfDOltlAN HAI.IJCT, i By UNA WTSDKI.. tka OALK SINTERS, MUe. KATARINA, Make. WMttOTT. and the C<*p. dc 'WCK&^J&SSSSBSai.K*. UK SUSPENDSDrOR FOETT MINUTE8, To (tvo tin* for promenade mad refreshment In the gardens, arbuea sad aaleotta, sad for the _____ OPERATIC VABIMTIEN. - _ ^ Promenade miidc by JUrnnFi Cornet Band Songs sad baUada is Kaetlah by Msd. Yen Barbel and MUe. Prida Gebele. Refreshments (or Udlss sad gentleman?aplrttooua liquors excepted?will be served in the saloons aud gardens at any time during the performance. THF. GENTLEMEN'S RMOKIWO Aim REFRESHMENT SALOON is on the right of the main entrance. After the operatic interlude, the theatrical programme will be resumed, sad the ermine's entertainments conclude with a new divertissement. 1. Wonderful Gymnastics The Hanlon Brothers t. Introductory Corps da Ballet 3. Pas da lieu i. Mile. CaroUni Theleurr sad Moo a. Wert boff 4. Le ZiagareUg Thn Gale Sisters , A Grandpas MUe. I0na WlndeU 6. Finale Corpada HaUat TICKETS riFTY CENTS ONLY, including rraerved aeata in the evening. Curtain rises at eight o'clock. The entertainments will conclude at 10^ o>lork. after ahleh there will be promenade for half an hour; the doors closing finally at 11 o'clock, in time for stages in ell directions. Box office open from 9 A. M. all day. Seats amy be secured six days in advance. Grand Matinees erecy Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* at 2 o ctock i.No reserved seals. Feaformaace saute as in the evening, except the operatic singing. TOE LAST NIGHT OK THE JAPANESE. FRIDAY EVENING, June 1?, I4W). On which occasion the entire premise), will be BRILLIANTLY ILLUMINATED. Presenting the some appearance aa on the NIGHT OK THE GRAND BAIJ? With all the decorations in their placet. on MONDAY evening, July 3. ISA) JOHN BROUGHAM Will oommenca a short FARKWKIJ. ENGAGEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. Previous to his visit to Europe. He wiU appear In his great burlesque of Pocahontas. XJEW BOWERY THEATRE. Xl Sole proprietors, Messrs. O. L. Fox and J. W. Ieugard THURSDAY, JUNE ?. WW. The great local drama of irARRY HLAKF.. THE MAN THAT TRAVELS ON m.S MUSCLE The comic pantomime of THE FOUR LOVERS, and the romaatlr drama of HUBERT MAC AIRE "DARNCMS AMERICAN Ml'MKUM. l oder Mm personal eeperrWeeof P. T. HARSUM. The new Ventilators, Ice Fountains, Ac, make this THR OQPLROT PLACR IN THK CITY. NOVRLTY ! TALENT I KNKRGY I Engagement foes limited number of performances of the young, talented, and favorite Irish comedian, W. O'NKIL. ? ho appears every afternoon sod evening. EXTRAORDINARY ARRIVAL OF NOVRLTlM FRO* KL BUI'K, by steamship II AMMONIA, consisting of a WONDRRFUL ALBINO FAMILY, s Husband, Wife and Child, each one with Pure White Skis, Milken White Hair, Pink Kyea. Me., though born of perfectly black parents. They are the greatest wonders of the world. Re engagement for ? short time, snd at great expense, of VANTILR MACK, THR INFANT LAMBERT. OR GIANT B ABY, 7 years old, and weighing 257 pounds! FIN KMT AQt'AKI A IN THKWolU)! BKAUTIKCL LIVING KKAL! JAPANESE COINS, AUTOGRAPHS, LANTERNS. Ac THK DAILY VMIT8 OF THK JAPANRHK KM It A MAT to the Museum, adds great Interest to Ha numerous visiters. "THK LIVING "WHAT IH IT?" 18 IT MAN? OR MONKRY? OR BOTH' THK FAMOCH "LKI1ITN1NU CALCULATOR." DR. K. O. WICKWARR. THR LIVING NKKI.KTOX. All to be seen, at all hours, day snd evening. DR. M. V. B. BLY. THK MKKR AND CLAIRVOYANT, produces astonishing phenomena dally. THURMDAY sinT FRIDAY, June 38 and 39. will be performed. In the AFTERNOON, at 9 o'clock. BAKNKY frllK BARON. Barney O'Toole, a Tinker Mr. W. O'Neal Also, ROHKTTA; OB, TTIK MAID OF THK MOUNTAIN. Rosettn Mlsa Meytayer U O- k^-,W%fSnRTHII~X)C8IN. Mickey MoOralh Mr. W. O'NeO Madame DKI jilONTV, the celebrated Fortune Teller. BABY ANACOXDAB, HKfcPKXT FAMILY, HAPPY FAMILY, ORKAT VAklKTr OF NKW WAl FIULKMB. ORRAT PREPARATIONS ARR BRING MADE FOR THR FOURTH OF JULY. Admittance to ererrthlng 28 cents; Pai-queUe 15 rents ettrs. Children under len. 15 cents, and U> the PanpieUe. lUrenU. BRYANT* MINSTRKIN MECHANICS' HALL 472 BROADWAY, Above Grand street. MONDAY, June 25. snd every night la the a-eek. Kl'll. HORN, JKRRY snd DAN BRYANT, the Ftliiuiitsn Comedians, In their roraic itutes UK COME FROM TIIF. till.IJt-MIMS ImmIPPI FLING. 8CKXK8 AT FAKNBOROUUIL Ben lets Roy .. Dsn Brvsnt | Tom Havers Jerry Rrysnt BR T A NTH' Original Plantation .Its. "Diiie'iLiid." Doors open at 7; curtain rises at A IVketa 15 rents. UMNTKR UARDKN, V? OOMPUMfNTART TESTIMONIAL JULIA DKAN*HAYNK. FRIDAY RVEMNG. JUNK ?. Is order to make the necesaarv hi rangrmrriu for the prodtu'Uon of Mr. Chaa M Karras Kitravasauxa of the HTPncHHONDRIAC. (w huh la in active preparation), the management begs respectfully in announce that Mrs.JUI.IA DRANJUYVKW CUMriJ.vr.N rAK1 twihuhiai. * 111 be poatunord until FRIDAY EVKXINU, Jl'NK ?. and thai the theatre will therefore be cloned <m Wend'vday and thuradar evrntnga. Hoi n#re now open for Friday. JO. A DA MR' OAUroRRIA MKNAOKKIK. Dajr a?d F.vrmng?Tl.ii le.-ntli ui 1 lltoad * a P. TTBARKIM. hwbtor. GRKATKHT BOVKI.TY I.V A.MF.KIOA! TIIK 1IRKAT I.IYINt) HI.ACK MKA I.ION. Pawing nrtirl) Henri, aiming, ellnililoi nu t rialUaf Heura. California Unna. Titan, ttatrlrhea, nod lull Wild Amuiain from Mm Paethr Performed hr "Urlaaljr Adama." fr-nn W A. M. till 10 P. M . and enpe.-u.ilv at II. J nod 1 o'clre-k \aim .ln fed at d P. M. A.lmwdoti Si cenla, Children Id eenta. T>AI,ACB OARPKNM. X Fonrleentb ntreet. pear With aretioe. THURSDAY KYKNINH. JUNK *. RONS AN I'K RKNOWNKD RAMJCT TROl'P K MONDAY RVKNINO, il'I.Y J. GRAND OALA NIGHT AND ANNITKRMART Of tba Opening of tbe Palaen Uardena, >nd tint night of t. T. BTRATTON H PA I. ACK O ARIlKN ORCHltSTRA. And Ant night uf the JAPANKMK I.ANTRRN FKTT JU1.Y 4, ORAND DIHPLAY OP FIKKWORKN Thin In the MOHT PAHIllON AHI.R SUMMKK lllt-H>ltT .n the rtty. AN RNT1RRI.Y NRW GARDEN. beautifully and Ueterufly laid oat, with ORAYKI.I.KD W.VI.KH. FLOWKR It KITS, Treea. Hkrabhery, and FOUNT AtNR Interaneraed an It Flower Vanen and Mutuary PROPl'HR fI/IRaI. PKIORATIONH have Nun added to the erntulhahmenta of the Mubr Hall, gtrInn that gnperb apartment the fain like aranhlatu-e of A MON HTROUR GROVE OF FLOWKR< tarn hundred feet In length. Henotlful Irnnnpnrenetrn <4 aorel deotgna ham been added, to render THE IIjX'MINATION of the rrmtndn tmnplete nin abutted Palnttaga renrraentiu the RkMIDENCKh OF CKlhl HRATKD AMERICAN AUTHoRM adorn the arnhwaya opening Into the Oraad llall. RIOHT HUNDRKD FEET OF beautiful Heenery. hi oU ootora, mrooad the EXTRNRIYK FROMKNADRR Admbatua Twenty Are renin. CANTERBURY OONCRRT HAI.L, AAA BROADWAY. (Oppnatte Hood ntreet), _u the .'>nljr_pleee of_ K.XTKRTAIRtlKXT rvit TUB 'VOit* flrnt rUMMI WRIM*"*, DAROIRU AMD JftTMC AM EVSti?^MbAMVKK?l<NT. At*?r Um oirltrmrnt of> of huoloom To br known m " A rARTKRRfRIAR,''*ivi to tnwtu CARTKBRt'RY CXtR.'KRT II tlJ,. q<t?ll?n* the moo ol oitoo for on lotrodnrtion to Wo hoot of oortoty. Fog A Corroa lYoprlotflr*. . llvto Rorrto Troooumr. CAKTKRRCRY PORrFRT HAIJ.. t'ARTRRFHI RV O0NORRT HALT.. (Ulr Mooort H*I1>, 52 S"**1**''' IKS Rruoiwoy. f>l?on orory riming Fot A Cnrron Proprlotor*. Ctntn Rorrto Tmnnuror TXCRRRIJIORr ftftli' *"T| M BROADWAY. U RAKIlKK'H r loll KB OIRI? CRAWFORD* lU.XCIRO JRRNY. MtW t.ARHF.RW fcTAROKURF, ARKRN f>RAD PKARL DtVRR, With ovor IK) flno Pointing*. A Am U *in> ft wiW Upon day and rrrnlng /VI VIRW FOR A SHORT TIMK. IT cut:R< II * LATKHT WOB*. TWII.KIIIT IR TIIR wn.PR"R5f _ .. At oorril. iOOHTH Inolwr. AdmWwoo CQWA VrtR1/>-R O ARIYRR -THR MARAORR IS PRRPARRD .N to lot tMo rn.gfl.krnt r*>a>.IHf*rnt on .aydayln tho wooh rxcopt WrdarwUy *n<t ?S4fi for CoUog* Oommoni*ST IHARMR. RKW ORI.KARB, ART>RT. UXIUTHIA of thr ohnoo THoatrm, will'># In Nr? V t '? *rr*ngr ? . h o'l % hrv>wl?dgrd IM rm .? !>??> So Rh 'I Jn'y A n*nn.-to nntmo* vWrr**Od to &? T^rw a-rmt hot ? M Foot oStoo. urriram H W"?" qAKt>KW-WTMT>.R G*Rl???f WW AT ?n XT^VT ^ i.rAKV'il HKNKrrr ' l> > ? > < k.VNU THK IRISH M(,in'!MI\J,K, MlVl (iKAKY Wi- aLlg?" CuflnK Uir?? ?'?* Rre." M11lr lAAl HUM- Of Si.iUtiT .luaOw^^^H By purucu^if desire. ' *U^u -oo Nj'^unu^H WI.MKi: OA*w:.V.-WUiTKH t?; ik* UARPKW. Gin.4 t itf"1liLi' Night. UlkJil iTCfcDAr atsKir ?Aii't.oir arr.xtiiu^^H <>i .sr.tvutf uk ibvi> ItKNKJ'IT CONCERT THE mimtrki. boy A#ringed l?v Uuwetiu (iemry, ud acug ON'K Ht'M'RKD VOICRS, An nu.u?ni<-<1 t>y TI'IX OK< HKsTRA. WINTKK GARDKN R IWTKR tiadurday kveuuig boxt. iulunki UlIaTAVCti GKARY'S BK.VWH "Lot Kriu tlx- Da/h of OM," tilingb>W**i..Ar.'4 Youas, Arranged m Choi us by uuauvu* U??ry.^^M U'lMK* QAKDK.V. WINTER TT At OCHTA Vl'ti GEARY'S HKJGOTT. ti AT l.'UD AY KYKNINO NUT. The Orrheetra will play a flruid Irtah Overture of the moot i'opular Ai^H Aad (di.?u< . ua Oeary Mill ?ing 'The Young Ma^H "Relieve me (A ail Tboae Kndmrlag Young lla^H "The Star tipangied Banner," with a grand CharM^H aheolra ' WINTKR OARDKN-WIWTKR GARDEN. tar Ul'KTAVI'H GKAKY'ri BKNKKIT COIffl tiaturdai iMdiw umi Jim# *? tax mSeaa eg l?e ae fcilnwa:? km circle or pnrqurtte, 60 rente, family circle, orrhetfral alalia. numbered. 7*rente, lobe had. mi private boaea, at M each, at the W uner llardete fN o clock. All other urkate to be ted at the nutate atafl Appieton'a book Mora. TLHNTR* GARDEN. M The management bega to announce that M Hid AGNKn KOBKKttOM, prerloua tober departure from the Untied Btnten, , _ WILL APPEAR at tbe Winter Garden . to take . .. ? A FAHKWMM. or the New York public She wtU perform eaeh of I raetera with which atw la m. tmlvenuBy and plot _ identified. JRSnlK BROWN, THE COLL JOIN BAWN. U,>r0,0<! * I*UCka,~ and _ JEANIK DEANS. The management regret that ihe few ntghte dm* ocraaion will not itulice for the rrpreaentadon of Dim aaaoeiated wttb ber earlier career?-The Young "Bob Net!lea," "Mllly," "Andy Hlitke." viofcA.' rrette," not forgetting "hmikr" and "Itol." MR/DION BOUKC'IC.AULT, Who planned, conatrurled and dec era led Ihe Winter 0 model of tbeatriral architecture WIU ALSO TAKK HIS FAREWELL of New York. He will appear In THE PHANTOM, USED UP, awl MYIJCS NA OOPPt In the drparturr of Mr. Bonrclcauli frran the Unite) we lone tbe tnuet popular of modem itminauate. wk dence has materially aliened tbe ebai aider of Intellre tertalnmeut In tl>I? < lty New York lor Ave yeara pnal depended on London for dramatic matter, but Ml originally a drama of her own Mr. Itourcirhult mate rd this by not only the rxrrllrnce, but the grant BH dramatic work* that flowed from lila prolific brain. 1 ot an Artrrsa, The Phantom; The Vol Hunt; And/ Bluebelir; Genevieve; Jeaale Brown, or tbe BaRef O now; Dot; Htnlke; Tbe Ortonam; Jeanie llnenh. The Itawn; Vanity Fair; Paurrette; The Young Idlh Chameleon; Apollo in New York; Janet Pride: la Money, Tbe Toor of New York; The Iuvteibto mute oihera, all liare been produced In thla rount*/. T1 dramsiir novelty, thna giving in this eiir another Ns n metropolis. Those who have cheered Bis pohSe hh llirir sympathy and support will embrace the mm sioa to testify the kindly reeling wllb which New York I their two earnest and valuable artists. Bowery theatre. Managers 'ohiMtok 6 Thursday evening. June w. WKKOC AHIIORK. Grampus Mr. O Muggy Harry P KOl'GII DIAMOND. Joe Harry I TDK GAMBLER'S kkvknoe. GEORGE CIIRIBT YH MINKTRKIJl-triULOII SA KORliK CHRISTY * MINBTUKLX?NIULO'S SA GEORGE ClIRIKTY'S MIN'KTHKI.S?XIIII.O'8 SA EVERY EVENING AMD SATVRDAY AETKRNO THE MOSTjWllQLlVOt'Al. SCCCMBS. The private door in Wt yeHtlbnle of this COOL AMD MAOK1KH'KN'T ROOM, leading to the private quarters of the JAPANESE KMHASSY, has been thrown ope*, at the request of W. Leland, I that the dlatbigiiiabed guests of the rky might Promenade sud witness the Perform sane rOCRTH WEEK OP THK IRREHIBTWLYPCRRT PIECE, THK JAPANESE TREATY and THE FIELD OK THE GOLDEN CE George Christy In new rhararlers. and Innumerable Hongs and WMS up|)orted b) the entire War Company, Pronounced the beet extant. tommy appear* KACH night. MdUe. AO WHAK AK YE and AAlDM An Interudsaioo of fifteen minutes fur promenade aa venation. iced hods Water, Creams, Prulta and Oosfitdm^fl IVmrs open at 7: commencing el S Tickets 16 cents. Children nail price. To ladies sno their children: Remember IhoBATL RDAY FASHION ABLE MATH commencing at 2 o'clock. Programme the same?Price the same. GURNKV8 GALLERY, 707.1 707 Broadway, drst block below the New Task SMI On exhibition, THE DYING TK-Clhf-SEH And oOter elegant i-h^ce ' '.Wai"*rr, hp viin * Aiunn i ?i inivn. AdnMaHMMi V. B.-THK PHOTOOR A PHIO JUHIBlTIOJf OAU to open for rmitlt imtMCt-TK >* fm? a a m ho ll? NATIONAL MUSICAL IN'HTITL'TK.?ORAWJ n ud lnetrumental Cmcnt on Tburndriy, .Inn* ML at the Hall of the latllute, 716 Broadway. MtVHtl and Ninth Mrwli. The Hulua wlU be aimtainod by Mm. glMMKKMAN, Soprani Mra. ~K THOMAS, Koprana. Mtoa HACK ITT, Soprano. Mra. WINBLOW, Soprano Mra. HOLBROOKE. Contrail*. Mr. r. RKBIWaMd, Tenor. Mr. WKlNIJtH. Baaaa. Mr. W. noKHUW, VloUa. Mr. FATT1BON, piano Condttrtnee | g?*n/jreRRn(<k. Tlrketa 90 ceuta, ran be ot>tained at aU ItoiriMMl aU rea, aton, at the Hail. To eoinaiencn at? o'efcoB T. M. rrnrut or maoic. 1 M Broadway. STAT PROLONOKD. OOKTIVUKD SCCtTEAM. MKW rXOORAJOO. MORI WOVMML """XSf.i TUT. WIZARD, TRNTRILOQL'Drr and nmOTMiM Will continue to aatiauah and deUabt MawkMliii WORLD KKNOWNRD KOTRRTAllfMMW, Which baa no aanaL Goblin Uprightly will open a new Budget of WR, sat B the audleooa In WILL bomoTacm" mow. OOHIJN NPRIOHTLY ? *" ^s^ssrsriR ?S?' -liJAOOWwA. whichbeatra. NSY AV * OCRACdA AND MAJIWCULMO, "szfsttrasfc*. m mm. ? T11B MAOIC LACNDRY. AIM M> RTRONO BOX. whirh he drtto* hit (term to lift. With a rmnlT of mher new tod ? lu m?Mg ftp?IB URAND MATIKRB RVKRT WKDNMHDAY AND NATUBDAT. At helT put two o'clock, when the Maete T??le W>?| b-u",,"rs^:vsF?"? THK KNCTIANTMRNT RXTR AORDtMAOHl MAHIC CANNON BAIJA MM HIT RAOTNO WON DHL MAOIC LACNDRT. riRK OF A8M0DIVR. L'ORANOR ARHRR. WC AMATAUK I>K MONSIKVN PBIOHTLT. nruTu cm rtrm nma. morKMOB JACOBS WILL Kilrmportaa a Hum f RKKurkd'Sl^THB TfeWnSlf OB. OORI.TN drBIOHTLT wUl *>< fc* orlgtoal iKaK Hn% dmrlfUn ( MS MM tub rrr or mt tat a. TH* WIBArCLOUR NAOIC ROnU wiXA*rrn ntboko box. HTDBAL'LIC I HOC BATOR. ASmMow iMB llwnH IWB. WtM t'nMMMii X atgM o'etoofc. TlirHBOBD THBATBB, TA -FTBIWCLAM MAIM. A alnnin of i>l?n arnniMMMla for (Ra MM if M ? for ihr abora uaiX ibnatra, will ptaOM Mate MX aipbralina in Tfcna L Motto* ar OiMat (?M rlM 1U. MMK t ^ mo MARAORRS OF THRATBBB-VB. COLLIFB1 ^ ' lit*mih Btoratb MM. fll llRM gCfBBlH MARIS* ATTBBTIOM. b ?riisspp.#'. 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