Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1860 Page 1
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TH OLE NO. 8698. ,j AS FROM EUROPE. the Adriatic at New York and the agio Saioi at Farther Point. DAYS LATER INTELLIGENCE. Imperial Congress at Baden Baden. EACE OF EUROPE INSURED* i of American Vessels by Neapolitan Steamers* % OF THE SICILIAN REVOLUTION. n OP TBS KA1BKI, ftc.i Ac. .ship Adriatic, Captain J. J. Comstock, with Southampton to June 20, arrived at this port wringing throe days' later intelligence from tic has encountered a constant and on Interrupton of strong mtmkM) breeses, with head aea, entire voyage. She brings 160 passengers, I cargo. Among tbc passengers per the AdriHenri Mcrcier, the newly appointed French * to Washington, with his family, and H. oorsh, United States Consul to Rome, and bearcbrs to the United States. debted to Purser H. J. Bullay, fbr flavors. ship Anglo-Saxon, from Liverpool Juno 30, erry 21st, passed Father Point on her way reeterday. jiet in Sicily. waa organizing fbr an eflbrt on tbo main r Garibaldi fixes the 18th of June for the levy ished by the conscription, and the 20tb of departure of tho conscripts fbr Palermo and rhation of Garibaldians in Calabria is deIan Minister has demanded tho restitution of ncrs and their 800 passengers, WuoW?TC SAPNeapolitan frigate Fulminant?, as they bad Malta. Tho Uiglish Ambassador has sup:uand. > captured steamers carried the American Conference ended on the 17th. i and Prussian Journals declare tho peace of m 'lidatsd. m Rome to the 16th confirm the news of tho i of the Piedmoutesc army at Ferrara. Ily asserted thaUAustrla would bo able, lo a bring Into Uie Held *00,000 mm. t reading of the Church Rates Abolition bill tut by a decisive majority of 12b to 31 in tbe rds, June 19. b Pcnate has unanimously refused to receive > of Don Juan. "he Rcvolatlom In Btclijr. i Palermo to the blh estimate tb? force* of ,000. Seven persons found plundering had i order of Garibaldi. The order for the t! greatly discouraged the royal troop*, id opened a national subscription on behalf ."ho Archbiahop and all the noble families in merited. m Palermo to the 10th state that t Ian bald r.rganlsiDg hi* army. -ation of a Sicilian Parliament, accord tog to 40, ?m shortly expected, for toe purpose o proclamation which decrees the fbrfcitureo lie Bourbon* and the onion ol' Sicily to the irdinia under Victor Emanuel, m Palermo, of the loth, state ?A decree of a the 18lh of June for the levy of n o fur le conscription, and th?- 90th of June for tbe tbe conscripts for Palermo and Catania, ee orders tlie collection of homes and mill These decrees are canned by the necessity illy pushing on the war in Avor of lulian I cannon have been east. Thousand* of nlltes Vlbutecl aixans ? " .ntmUilania. The U>un . oi ius town has ordered the barricades to kept up The Archbishop of Palermo luis la) visit to ttarahaldi. Caoutw, June 13,1M3. era, bearing the American flag, have entered lis morning, having on board volunteers for Washington has 1,400 men, and the Oregra andtfJO. With the exception of the American in American artist, the vessels have bad no on with the shore. According to the statecaptain of the Oregon, these steamer* are { ibe arrival of another, which bass large in tow, and hare together 3,000 more vol aribaldi's Englishman" Is on board tbe Tbe are or and seal with whtr.h these men p the cause of Hic.Uy may be estimated by the > which they subject themselves. The t*t ho wed me a sketch on board tbe Washif manner m which the an men of wealth ire huddled together is truly revolting. They sitting room, and that during the excessive s latitude as this. No shirs snip during her ge ever presented such a son*. Maple*. <m Naples of the 13th mentions, under great Dior that 3.000 Garihaldians, supposed to be ij Colonel lfcdlci, bad landed at l.'ilnam, > rumored that an Insur iwr.tina had com.Ubrta, and that the Neapolitan government seal Nunxtaat* (here a* tOtrr yn rs say that tisaeral PianeUe, the oommaader in the Abruxzi, had bees summoned to act b Government having declined any Intervened of tbe Itoyal family assembled on tbe 12th berate >1 demonatrat ion waa expected on tbe 13th. ty prevailed among all risers. ich and two Kngliah man of war were in the Tram, June Id, 1M0 net Naples to tbe 13th state that several roups had been concentrated to he in read! ? upon tbe places which might be threatened had been sent to tbe Abruxxi Emanuel Oa >Meo appointed Mlsster of General Mice, and i Minister at Pmblie Works. Ti sm, Juse IT, 1M0 net and Mnrguis d .Vntsatsi were present lew of tbe OiQiaiaader de Mari no with tbe Deon. It la staled that the Emperor, la rsMan mo, **14 ?"Six week* ago 1 could neve I should have been happy to accept, the r*tt r, hut posterior eagagcmaala prevent my ay" Ninas. Jans M, 1M3. tse ft?itw has demanded the rastttn I"'? Ml I3H1 Misl Utair m ishl kniwlr*r< I ww* captured by the Neapolitan frigate aa they had ^Mfork for Malta. I, Ite lhgUah laitiaealn, tea Wffi>rted ied that ite King tea dtamtaaed team, U ** mh? (wrOi la Welly, u4 tea titled tel M leohta. Miatmum, June u. IN >? Kapha Vo tte l*b tnet deny Um 41a a of Oarlteldtea* ta Qrtahrta, bat etate tte* n?at ted aaat rriatbroeaaetea thither. Tteaa a cMtei tte tH|ma of the Naapalltaa lab r?ae<4a were tytag of Naplea. Tte eape two captured raaeela ted claimed aa ta le.eee doeate from tte Meapeiltaa govern <wmwpee*mtef tte tendon Jfemfef Tod, Jane Vd, any* ? Aooorrflae to aw ottetal let* -patrJi from Naptm. the Klag la ae maeh aa r-eiHw M te Martina tee met with at Mr with the language need by lord Pelm*r tev ranted ha Mafeaty te doclara that he now ftmiy or tern hie orwwa. twlturlead aad IPiaaea. ?ew>?*. Jan* It, Ite ilea (Miinat having nMrtnUy eemmaatnated ai Council the oeaolea of Bevoy aad Klcn ta aou tea Wa ad.Inward to tte dlfhreot taavtag aaamat the caaatoa of Sort bora flavor Tte# laUiwame af Bmaa. At**ATmo?, J tree t.lte at TMmm e<*rwpowlaol ?n:-t Lmipt tew Me arrival la England are numrwtet tr< ?cr?, and nothing more ia known than, " ? "* arrival at V?t?odrl* te rurted off to r?y. fr.^ ?b?m tx kmm met with a moat flat tew ana.** u, flatter** tte work* oa tte J?ihea> am* t> te (unM no w..r* aaMvely thaa atrar I Wns * la*?ye r*nwr*d ftwm tetd pwtba a ??*. 'i'f fo-ttr.*ty no- vtweV Ink* teamWt Mlnrl an wt "?l r tnt anw. a hat ate-* lh.j (t which tte teher b* k> UK te# ted bittern fanned by tte govern r-?*. E NE 0 Tike CragrcH at Badea Bade a Radsm, Jane 19,1m0. Tbe Date of Oobasg Gothed, and the Kings of Saxony, Hanover and Wurteuiburg, arrived here (Lis afternoon. In the course of tbe day the sovereigns visited each other. His asserted that at a preliminary conference of the German princes to-day, an agreeable unanimity was manifested on all questions referring to the relations of Germany with foreign Powers, whereby the principal object of the meeting of the German princes has already been obtained. Bade*, June 15?7 P. If. The Emperor Napoleon arrived in private dress. He was received with the usual bouora. The Emperor has taken up h:s residence at the villa Stephanie. Badiw. June 10, 1060. The Emperor, after his arrival yesterday, dined with his suite. At about half-past eight P. M. tbe Prince Regent, who yesterday paid the first visit to the German sovereigns, sent Lieutenant Von Leon to present his compliments to the Emperor. It was the F.ruiieror's intention to visit the Prineo Regent drat. The Prince Regent, however, came at half-past eight P. M to tho villa 8tspnanie, and remained with the Emperor till quarter past nine P. M The Emperor then intended to surprise the Duchess of Hamilton, daughter of the Grand Duchess Stephanie, but did not find h??r At hnmi To day a fraud tUjewter, attended by ail the sovereigns, took place in the old palace The Emperor, the Prince Regent and the ether torereigns breakfasted at the Grand Puke's palace. To morrow they will dine at the Grand Duke's chateau, a little distance out of Raden. Yesterday, at a concert at the Kursaal, the public opinion was that the Congress of tho sovereigns would strengthen peace. Tills morning, at nine o'clock, the Emperor, while taking a promenade ou foot, was surrounded by a great number of persons. It is reported thai the Puke of Nassau has arrived, and that the Kmi?ror of Austria was expected. This evening thoro will be a meeting of the princes at the palace, which will he illuminated. The kings of Saxony, Bavaria and Hanover have again visited the Emperor. Tho Etnperor will most likely leave for Paris on Sunday at ten P. M. Psrw, June 10,1800. It is asserted on good authority that at yesterday's interview Willi the Prince Regent of Prussia the Emperor Napoleon repeated hw peaceful assurances, and said that he desired trie interview in order to express them verbally. The Puke id Nassau has arrived. The Paris MonUetw of June 18 publishes the following:? Rent's, June 17, 1800. A grand dinner took place to day at live o'clock, in the ducal pulace of Baden. The Emperor leaves at ten P. M., and will arrive in I*aris on the 18th at ten A. M. Hints, June 18,1800. A conference was held yesterday at tho residence of the King of Bavaria, and was attended by the four kings and the Grand Pukes Hesse, Darmstadt and Nassau. Before dinner the Eknperor Napoleou presented the Grand Cordon of the I .eg ion of Honor to the King of Hanover. At the attembli of the Duchess of Hanover he took leave of all the sovereigns. PiRts, June 18,1800. It Is asserted that the Emperor addressed to the German sovereigns expressions favorable to peace. The Paris Fatrie says ?The Emperor presided at a Council of Ministers, and afterwards paid a visit to Prince Jerome. Box**, June 10.1800. The Prince Regent of Prussia assembled the German sovereigns in the Castle yesterday afternoon, to thank them for having been present at his meeting with the Etnperor of the French, in order to receive together the peaceful assurances of his Majesty. His Rofki UUftRGH (ftltkr-Xk* 'maintenance of the inlegrity of Germany will always be my principal rare. In pursuance of this object I shall not allow myself to be influenced even by the consideration that my ideas on the progren and alms of the Prussian and German policy are not shared by some confederate Princes. In order to come to some understanding, Austria has taken some Stepe to which I at ach griui value. Should an understanding be brought about, 1 shall communicate it to the German Princes. The Prince Regent concluded:?I shall continue the line of policy which I have pursued till now in reference to Prussia and Germany, and I hope that other German governments will join me in this course of policy. This morning the Kings of Hanover nnd Saxony took tbeir departure. FT?KNOTT OPINIO**. The Paris Moniltur of the 19th ult. publishes the follow Stl?o rapid journey which the Emperor has just made will have, wo doubt not, happy results. Nothing lees than auch a spontaneous and significant step was required to put an end to the unanimous concert of malevolent rel>orts and flilse appreciations. In fact, the Emperor, by Emg to explain trankly to the Bovoroign* who met at den how his policy would Dever swervo rrotn right aad justice, must have unpreesod socb distinguished and unprejudiced minds with tbe conviction which a true sentiment honestly expressed always conveys. Hence it was tbst there was more than courtesy In the reciprocal contact between the members of this august meetiug. Tbey spent nearly the whole of Sunday in each other's com pany. at noon the Urand Duke of Baden invited them all to a dgjevner at tbe Old Castle. At 6 o clock they all dined together. After dinner, the Emperor having returned to his hotel, the majority of the sovereign" came to take leave of him. His majesty was enabled to lake leave of them all at nine o'clock, at the bonne of Prince*" Marie of Baden, Dochess of Hamilton, who bad asked them to tea. Thus, all who desire tbe r?-e*i*blmhtnetit of confidence and the continuation of good internal tonal relatione, ought to congratulate themselves upon a conference which consolidates the peace of Europe. Tbe following la sn esact list of lbs soveregns and princes who met at Baden Hadea ? His Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Prussia aad her Royal Highnre* the Princess of Prussia, Um Brand Duke and ('.rami Duchess of Bad<-n, hia Majesty the King of Wurtemberg, hut Majesty tlx- King of l!*\ aria, his Ma JCiiy uie (\m| 01 rwinu j u m 10c "tug >n 11non\er, I. - i:. t?! Highness' tl.. iiraad Ibikn of Hmw Darmstadt, bis Royal Highness the (inuid iMko of Sue Wei mar, bis Royal Highness the Duke of N aaaau, hi* Royal Htgbnrea the Duke of Haxc Cnburg. their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prmceaa oflHobeoxoDeni, ur Royal Highness the Prince** Mary. Duchess of Hamilton, and tbeir Highne*-<e* the Prince and Prince** of Euratemberg. The Pari* 7'ayi contains the following?The interview between the Emperor and the Prince Regent waa moat cordial. It ia aesertod that communications exchanged between Berlin and Vienna represent the Interview at Baden as a tno.-t auspicious event, aiid aa a token of the general jiactbcation of Germany and Europe. ntnwiAN OPINION*. I The Prturiam (iatettt, of the Ifith ult , publishes the following article ? Tbia day the Emperor Napoleon arrives at Badeo -Radon to greet the lYlncc Regent on Oertnan noil. H waa the desire of the Emperor, expressed In the most obliging terms, to give to the Prince Regent tbia proof of hi* peace I ful and friendly eeDt intents. Prune la has reaaoa to r^Joio* I at these advances, and to appreciate without prejudice their incontestable importance. Prussia has so cause to I wish to trais oew objects for her policy; that policy ban always been frank, upright, conciliatory and tending to 1 preserve the peace- of Europe on its tried foundation# it 1 will maintain that character. But the dlOcultiee of tbs tunee bare aroused anxieties which Europe will be glad to eee dispelled by the friendly exchange of ideas between two powerful sovereigns, whose attitude always exercises an important and often a decisive Influence on the destinies of Europe, tiermany will be satisfied if the Emperor of the Trench strengthens the convict too of the Prince Regent that the policy of Trance la pacific aa well M rigorous, and Trance win sec n precious pledge tor the con tin nation of her friendly relatione with ae in the fiact thai the Rnpsror Napoleon will hear from the Prince Regent's own mouth the sentiments and tolanttona of that atmlf btfbrward and moderate policy which Is ths Invariable rule of the acta of his government. Simultaneously wilb thia meeting, which attracts the general taturuala of Europe, another event of a m>?l ausnk-ious nature occ* pies the German nation It Is tho Oongreaa of awilaent Prince* of the German Confederal km. It had long been the ardent wish of all sincere patriots that, after so many differences which hare recently agitated the internal existence of the Germanic Males, a personal interview of the auieraigai of Germany should revive and I strengthen the aentimant of concord The world will ha enabled to oonrtarr itself that am nag the German Blaise there may waist difference* of opinion on thia or that lot portant question of heme pofley. but thaS these dtfibrewre* will always fade away baibra the powerful union which links these Mates together on all quest tows of national In dependence and greatness Never win the <1 Wooed of fbriteas be able to weaken the hind* which, under ail t in iiuwtaaoee, naaaert tho north awd south by lndtaaoinhir links We Iki11 Ss i dare to ewwreaa the hone iMt Ik* < wiftmm at Bad*c will revive lb* oowbdn* la a pn*p*ro? and maii Man ft* Barope, *ad. ? tb* mm I taw. cwolldata no* of lb* aiat powerful mataataya of that fuiwra?um unkm of fl i r?y (Tma IkMwTWfUSk! Jaa*UJ 1W gnmd r taw lea of tba prtaeipal ?n i m al/n* of Oaatral mtm km takaa ataaa. At Bade* Badew Um tap* rar of tb* Woaak, lb Brian* lap** ?f Pra**ta, Ik* Kta/a of n*a?rir, Bunay, fkvaria, aad VaraaWrt, aad vmrto** dak** of nor* or tear rtplMjr, ha** mat B royal cna*l*v? i* dfceaan lb* aBblro of cforway or*r a fl**a of ftta*. lb* fb**n*/i of tetarday w*r* but lb* pr*lud* lo further banqueting* la private aad pwhU*. at wbicb lb*a* ratable putontetr* will *ud**vor to utwtt . no* ntbev, aad, interpreting lb* tntrrmte of tb* r?.nfn?t eratwm to b**n tbetr nam Individual a?plralloo?, will **rh laevtmbl/ rank* ha owa *p*ru>l * ** lb* ino*t j Cfoiorat aad absorbing Tb* Bain oty*< t of the ia**t . o* announced by a flourish of Imperial Uwmpete, a lo dloolpat* Ui* rhmda of *p*lruat whkti haro b**n overhanging lb* poll ileal boria?n of Bump* nine* tb* do** of lb* Italian o*ru|wign, and lb* Brat kodioa tioaa that Franc* ngardod annexation aa a.m. thing mvrr than a Onan If. however, th* publit ar* orrdulona enough to *xi?vl U>ai any <* tbe mut will b* cleared away, that coddoac* w ill be r* vived. *r that lb? path of |?<wn* w ill h? rendered mor* recur*, they lay tu*m**lr*e out fcr epi-ndy dtoapifnit m*nt. Th* very rl>ara< t*r of th* marling, and tb* rlrcuBJilanca* undor which It M onnrennd, mow how j<al m* of each ?Ui*r ar* tbr prior.* who horrM. toward* lb* rod of laat wmk, to tbr moot rrlrbratr.1 nf rtariann apan, how bofluw ar* their pnAwtow of amity, how i wurlhi-aa lb* ownplimroU which tb*) foal hound to ba( on aach other *< would hut be tbr Aauvxln* to expo** th*ir kli?lF my?t*ri*? Wr ahnuld b* *nery lo prnb. an /rial a maw of aelBahnec*. In mronl eo touch iktrtgue, to hold up a light to an much baacnr** and duplicity Y*t wr ma) ronfld*utly ?*) tl?a? 'h* moat ibw|iiif M rwfjt nia)>d at the table* of the notorioua , paradi** nf gambler*. ar* not mor* rarklew* and drmnrai i lain/ than th* /air* ot barard at which mor* than on- of th* crowtiMl b??d* <4 thM 0tpk>m?lH conclave I* r?wdv lo ' t lab hi* eharurt** and hi# hunpb-wi Irhnpa 'h* moat boaeat and atrtiaht^ward <-f tb* ' h, inh n of lh? Omfcratoco la th* Frtbof Rcf-nt of Fru* P* a, al b*art a patr'ot; 'bet (*, h? to ?** I W YO SUNDAY MORNIN I his country well governed and prosperous. He profess liberalism, though a soldier, and is fltr sighted enough to perceive that the day is fast approaching when princes will be unable bo govern without the co operatjmi and advice of their sutuecta. It is this faculty of perceiving and appreciating the signs of the times that makes his name so popular m Germany, and gains bim a larger amount of influence thau his royal brother ever enjoyed, save for a brief period In 1K48. The world cannot tole rate two suns, once remarked Alexander, and liermauv cannot support two despotisms. Awstria has elected in favor of absolutism; Prussia, adopting the color;, of the party of progress, stands forth for reform*. Euch has chosen a principle diametrically opposed the one to ibe other, and hence a atrug gle has commenced which can only end by the destruction of liberty or Coesackism Austria is not personally present at tbe Conference The Prince Regeul has declined an interview with Francis Joseph; never I lie less, tbo government of Vienna l* not the less represented al Baden Baden. The King of Huvarla and the Dukes of minor provinces, tools In the hands of the House of Hups burg, will not full to thwart tbe designs of Prussia, and move Heaven and earth to prevent a cordiaj^mderstaad leg between Frederick William and the Fneror of tbe French. In fact those petty sovereigns are even more rvutiy than tbe diplomatic servants of Austria herself to beoome sntangM in the meshes of court intrigue, acd lerierm ihe meanest at such conferences. In order to win mil'' from the tyrannous master who employe them. Consequently, though neither Francis Joseph nor any of his Ministers should he at this imperial meeting, w<- nuty rest satisfied that the claims of Austria will not be neglected, but that rather her Into rests will be pertinaciously ulvocaUnt. Ttio point at issue between the ( ah mots of He-tin and Vienna is based on the proposed s? heme for reorganizing the federal forces of Germany. Proisiu has laid dowu a plan by which tho strength of the unien might be consolidated, and all the resources of Central Europe brought into play on a sudden emergency. Austria, however, not ouiy refuses to enter tain the Idea, but exercises all her ingenuity and influence toVofeat the mucbinatious of her rivad. It is true, the patriotism of the Prince Regent Is not entirely dislnto rested He does not, in fact, profess to tight for an "ldi a." What be tjwieuds for would give Prussia a great moral as welt as m?gria) ad vantage. When Prussia asks Austria to divide the federal troops into two ma Apes ( and te take the command of one while she places herself at the head of the other, the Cabinet of Berlin IS fully aware that It has the best of the bargain. Prussia Is fall of youth and vigor, and her 'inly ambltim is to develops her strength. Age, on the cnutrary, af tliew Austria; her mind and iimba have become rigid and unpliable; her government is a stereotyped form, the 1 mperor puts forth pretensions more consonant with the spirit of the middle ages thsn that of the nineteenth century ; her councillors are blind to the necessities of the day. This moral decrepitude, therefore, prevents her from accepting the proposition of Prussia, since she dare not compete with that Power on equal terms The despotism of disorganized Germany is favorable to her own despotism and permanence, she can confide in tho policy of disunited princes, each ambitious of oppressing his subjects; but sbe cannot or will not venture to entrust Prussia, surrounded as she is with a prestige of liberalism, with one jot of authority beyond tlial which must of necessity be conceded to her This Is one of the mists it is intended to clear up by the meetiug of the sovereign* of Germany, aided by the counsels and ad vies VI that jtrth U)cd<jjer, Louis Napoleon. But who believes that Austria onc JfPt or that Prnsiia will abandon the advaC!***00* tii* holds? It is not only on the question of S^UUgry organization that Austria and Prussia stand apart, questions relative to the internal organization of the Stale* j such as that of Hesse Cawel lurk behind,'creating obstacles which it is next to impossible to remove. | I/iuis Napoleon desires, moreover, to dissipate tho mis- | trust in which rrance is held by Germany. This is, wo are given to understand, the primary object of the meettug. The Emperor is distressed st the gross manner in which his acts are misinterpreted on the other side of the Rhine, and therefore would have a little private oooveraation with the beads of the Mates, to convince them of the honesty of his purposes. Itat it to relieve tho mind of the Germans were bis intention, there would be no necessity on his part to take aJourney to Baden-Baden 01 seek a conference with the Prince Regent of Pros via. The shortest and simplest way would nc to prohibit the question of natural frontiers from being discussod by the Paris press, and to disband a few regiment* of that colossal army which stands a menace to all Europe. We cannot, therefore, accept the reasons for this Royal re. union as riven bv the Emperor himself. Without being alarm una, we may point to tbe results of similar conference*, and show bow invariably thess Imperial whispers hav? been followed by the thunders of war. Whenever the old Napoleon entered the toot of a neighboring prince to hold a colloquy on tbe Mat* of political aAtira, it was inferred that Rome act of spoliation would shortly take place or Rome prince's province be Invaded. Nor can It easily be forgotten that the Italian campaign was preceded by the Interview at Clombidrea. Is it, then, unreasonable to Imagine tbat Urals Napoleou has other plans in view than those ol tranqulining Germany and assisting at an adjustment of tbe differences of its two pritiripal powers T Bo far from this beiag the rase, jadglng item past history wo should not be surprised if we liearu of new complications, more bitter dtsaord. mora dangerous divisions, and rumors of war. Louis Napoleon standing in their midst eager to profit by the llrst favorable opjiortunity. {From the London Tunes (city article). June Iff] Tbe Royal Congress of Hsden, of course, tends only to oouflrm the Views of Ui'w who believe that the French tradition* of tbe first Empire are intended to be iinileted with oonthioed fidelity. Fbr tbe present, how ever, It is assumed nothing will be allowed to transpire hut profession* of general concord The Carta con lepcudsat of the Loodon Timt says:?We are told from various Quarters that the vistt to Bsilso was with a view to prove that "L En>ptre c'est fa pais" was no pleaeantry. but downright earnest, and that the In ten ! iiuui ui rrsu' v wv ^ iut iu iuc Mtrrwc. Great Brttato. IB ihe Howe of Inrda, June IB, lord Brougham naked her Majesty's government whether there wa* any truth In a r< port which bad been current fbr the last two day*, that i I ranoe either had despatched, or was about to do ao, a I large military force to NaplM. exclusive of the naral forca of acven "eraeh of war which ahe now had iu the Neapo I litajj water*. i Lord Granville aaM there waa no foundation whatever , for the report that French troops had been aent to ' Naples, a* such a oourae would he tooonrtstcni ) wl?li the declaration of the Emperor of the French, hot that hn policy la regard to Naples waa one of non Lnterfe 1 rence. Id the Home of Common*, June It, Mr. McFroy moved i an addreee to her Ma)eety, to order that officer* in the I army jiromoted from the rank* may be allowed to reckon their pre violin eervtoea la the rank*. The motion waa aeoooded by Goionet Dunne, mod tupported by Ooloneti Dtckecn and Liodaay, but waa ultimately negatived. Mr Jatnea called attention to the eaitatmeot now gulag on in Ireland to fare (eh the Pope with I mope in Italy, and naked the government what meeenree they Intended to adopt, an there wan abundant evidence to support a pro arcutloc under the Foreign Itelistmeat act. The House then want into Committee of Supply on the army anttmalaa The cons iteration of the Roman Oatbohe Chanties bill, as amended, gave rise to debate, which wan amounted Her MhF*ty'" ?**>> Bulldog. Captain Fir L. M'Cllutock, war to anil no Wednesday. Rth. Ibr the pnrpuae of eurreying the route Ibr the prepoeed North Atlantic Telegraph It h undereteod that the rr end Inge win embrace tlx eene between Rrotlnnd and the FWree Met, Iceland, Grer-aland, nod Hnmllten'n Inlet, no the lahrndor nonet The expedition WIN nine, no its return, take n line of eoundtngt Mr miles south nf the not ward voyage. lb Complete the earr?j ot the whole route, the ; (team ynchi Fox be* been pure booed, nod <'aetata Aden , Young, of Arctic reputattoa, nf|N to proceed a mmI: muil of hot to eurver U? wW ikiii toe nub tot win be laid fapti H?w d mtlwwQ wMI alto tcrunipaay U? i expedition to datormlae lb* laud root* TV M will proI bebly null about the lit of July A grand rerlew of Ibf ntalMn took pbw la Ngftofa part on tbe 1Mb. tboat AMD roioatonre alteadad. IV epertatore ? Ibe neeaalM eaaM aat autobor lea in no ooo Tbe Abirdeto JhraM laarw fraoi ratable authority that bar May ba MfnUI at bi ha oral ChnUe baring tba Irat wrak la AaguM. IV Wanton A Ik mine My* tba Prtawr of Walee, be for* he Irarea Replead IV (fcnarfa, will lay tba irat atoaa of tb? School of Art to Lambeth. TV bnadaa Aafly !**? any* Ibat VMbar 6aran' la al yiorewe. TV lata awful toatraction of flehtofl baate waa enraded a 1th tba loan of abaat MO laaa TV rary nlaaalra laytaul autblwy af nil 9. tyrant Hi, car Hull, waa warn mart by trf aa maay, tba 1Mb af Jaw. TV amiattef Oaanf to Mtlmattd to ^rtrMmden ftowaeay* tba* tba baat af Maaara J IV tar b On . at Matoa, Mb BtoMrdablra, ateppil pay ant oa tba 1Mb af Jon. IV Nmdnn agent* war* Mwood, f^oi uar ft Cb. TV ItaMHtm will M? eaoaad ?40 JO* Peam. Jaw Ib-fl P. It IV Emperor a* 11 ted al Purt? early tbw mora lag, m<t vbr oarawe ktaga and Ma baru dlawraad. I aat not la piorokm of aay particular* aa to wVt took plane al tba meeting of etnerttona al ftadaajhda*. An anon an tba fcmperor ruatVd toe Tailarlaa tbln morning be ptuahtod at a Cbblnet Omiaeil, aad tbaa nnt off to rtuti Prtaee Jerome, who a rapidly mating. We hare no cut truant toe of tbe reported landm* or Colonel Medici In OtlaVIa, nor hare we aay new* from Pici'y. The division of Mvalry of Ibe army of l.yoan I* din aolvid M*r*hal Tmllam han arrived at Pbrl* from Italy The I met monthly account with the flank of frame a admitted Hy all par I lee i?. he anything but MUefertory and floor hare riant la Parle from Mtoeu to lurenly rwr ocnl Ptnm, June to?* to P M TV flmir" hue Vcn didl unrt pr-.renbare totapeed. TV flial qwoUil.'t- ?r Iteolea wan ear Ml., ar \ lower toea rtotirdey Aa?ma. fain, Jaae to. 1Mb TV motive for the moremeat of troupe Veaeila I* t? he atti lb tiled to tbe new orylmthm af tfte army, hy which Ita etfrrtlre ftwwe will he leduned aad mot rota forced, ae ?? atttrmeo by tbePardtotaa vwf?ra finer the peace of Vtllafranca tbe Anntnan armr In general Ve. frr ecevaniral reaeona Seen rodoned hy more than tW" IP the. It ia -dfr .ally aemrted that, owing to their per fart ragt nvntal <rgwnt?*ttou, d ietrie ? < old he able la a forir ght Io hi ing nto tb?- flrle *00 100 men under arm* The ,irtM|ery ahwe. which In at preneat undergoing b RK I G, JULY 1, I860. complete re organisation, has been augmented on a Iarg< scale. Tbe Papal Statei. Ro?a, June 17, 1800 M. do RinsolefT, tbe Russian Minister to the Holy 8 has obtelned leave for three months, lie will visit hi brother, the Russian Ambassador, lu Paris. The Illness of the Ouke de Gramont evnlinuing, bli leave of absence from Rome will be prolonged. Komi, June 10,1800 The news published by some French journals, that tin Holy See would Invite the Court of St ,'anfs t>> accredi: an official representative at Rome, is entirely without foundation. Maknrii.i km, Juno 10, 1800 Advices from Rome state that an official despatch ha?! been received from Nuplee giving details of the capture of the two steamers with flaribaidianH bv the NoanollUi frigate Kulminaiiie. These steamers, which dlsplayd the Sardinian and American (lags, had ?n board 26,00 musket*. 33 cannons, 2 000 000 pounds ol powder, and a considerable nam of money. SOo armed passengers were made prisoners, and were, together with the steamers conveyed tofiacta on the 12th General lamorinere had despatched troops to the Neapolitan frontier. It was asserted that Piedmont had nrc mieed to prevent an invasion of the Papal frontier, un less such invasion was in consequenco of a declaration o< war by any Power. This declaration of Piedmont was said to have been communicated to the Pope. m ikhkim.ns, June 19,I860 Letter* frotn Rome to the Ifltb Inst, confirm the news of the concentration of the Piedmouteso army at Kcrrara. The following is the text of the circular which Cardinal Antonelli addressed on the 21st ult. to the diplomatic body, on the sobjeet of the Incursiou into tho Pontifical states of the free corps from Tuscany, and on the combat which loc k place ? As if the sacrilegious spoliation of the legations in the States of the Holy See was not enough, there must be now added to its fresh armed incurs ion, made ou tho torri tory of Vilerbo, by a baud of refugees from the neighbor ing district of Tuscany. On tho 10th, according to the ro port made by Colonel Plmodan, a corps of *>i-4usaiU vo lunteera, Ifcrre hundred and tuty strong, eroaaed the fron tier, and pillaged Inters on information of these faint reaching Montenascone, O lon. i Pimodan advance*! Ngainst tbem with a detachment of seventy gendarmes mid, when he found that the rebels ba?l penetrated mu tho district of the Grottoes, he proceeded to that part and found two hundred of them assembled. Prom tlio com mcnoemenl of the combat the gendarmes, although so in fertor m number, rushed with such ardor on the frw corps that some of the latter were killed,several wound ed, and others dispersed. Unfortunately the gendarmes who had given sacb admirable proofs of bravery, had two men krled, and an olPc-r and two privates seri uusly wounded. This fresh attack committed against the patrimony of the i hurrh, by the aid of armed men who left a neighbor-ng State under the eyes of those win now direct the destmy of Tuscautes, who were furnished w ith arms, and who were permitted contrary to all inter national laws and the precept* of dlvlno and humat rights, to carry murder and pillage in every direction w ill, we doubt not, 111 with just indignation the wboh Catholic world, and all the governments which love ordei and respect justice and the law of nations. The under igned, liod mil Secretary ofSute, battens to make Itnowi to your Excellency this act of vandalism and pillage, in or der that you may inform your government or It, and con viace it that, unless a curb bo put by the aid or tho po tents teH on such unheard of audacity, which is quite wor thy of the barbarous ages, tbey will have|to deplore Iht disastrous consequences of it, and tho responsibility 0 which will fall ou those who, laying aside all respect foi the Jaw, undermine the foundations of society. VeaJce. The Official Rm<U* of Venice cotillion the following note ?"In speaking for the future of the territory subjected to tbe admin is tratroe of Ux> government establish ed at Venice, the expression of Lombardo Venetian King dom aba)I be used: and all the special administrations ol tbat territory, and all the authorities of tbo country, shall be designated Imperial Royal Lombardo-Venetian." This is quite Austrian in stupidity. There is no conflrawtlon of Martini having arrived in Sicily. ? Tarksy. CovsrA.vreron* Juno 19,1900. The Saltan has sent fresh instructions to the Grand I Vizier. The Austrian Internuncio ted an audience of the Pnltan on Saturday last. The approaching departure of the Internuncio has made a tranquillizing tmpreeaien. The Journal df rVmsUmlwwple states that order has txvn re-eetab'.Ahed in tiyr la. Morocco. maiuvri us, June 17,1900 The brother of tbo Emperor of Morocco, with the Moorish Ambassador and a suite of fifteen persona, have disembarked here. They were receired with military honors. They will leave for Paris on Tuesday or Wednea ?J?y _______ Forelgm nisrtltMy. The most Melting acne we ever witnessed was what w< may fairly call a mortal combat between man and th< horse A powerful aud must beautiful thuroagbbrw Malliun ?H introduced into we trail l?e ?<>rac toon it round lb* audirooe, stood no bU hind legs, ploughed u| the ground, end preeented the meet vivid picture of i wllil and unr<?Jalmable beast lis literally roared li fury, and kicked oat of par* viciousrews. lie mapped a the apectaiora. mapped at the groom and Mr. Karey, ant actuality bit bin own flaah severely In hia pans Km. Hi tore to ptecen every strap which woo placed upon bin hurling the trw'm, who bad tune to lir fcrey a aaaint ease, IgtiotnlnKmely the wte.le length of the arena. Al tie time the horse broke clear swny from all, and atood for a moment ok a oonacKMia victor in the midst of the excited and tenor Mr. Decor and Mr Farrell both came I to Mr Rarry's help, but they were utterly unable to hold the animal He acattarod every man and every thing I around him like chaff. He was bathed In a white r am and sending up rolling clouds of vapor from hie body. At one moment he loaned op the I straw wildly, at another he sent the strong barriers flying In all directions: and for some time he atood the oom I plate pen on ideation of diablerie alone In the arena, mar. ' Ing fwtouslv. and tearing at the harrier* ?1th his teeth. Mr Rarey .having yrashed hi* hand* ami rested fhr a few minutes, again ventured to approach blm. Then bea-an a ret)teal aurh a* no one who witnessed It can ever forget. It was a strategic of art and tad against overwhelming strength. * horver nw that ramhaicould never be seenileal sa to the wonderful power of Mr. Rarey for fully an hour the battle, fhr it was nothing Her, continued, now the naui had gained the mastery, now the home, and l!*e stomal, touching the ear lb seemed to derive faab strength from every hill Al last Mr Karey exv-mpo rteed a strap from the fragments of the hrokea bridle, and had gnined bla Aral step to conquest, aid) the horse fbugbt uercely. rising 10 sir ao<i plunging in all directions, endeavouring to bite bw assailant or iramjie turn down. It gave one some Men of the animating scenes of the Rn man amphitheatre to see a enmpm-t, Might. but sinewy man. cawftneUag and vh *>ua an animal A long struggle ansued, but eventually the home was fairly beaten out. and lay down panting and thoroughly sub dnad. Iritk item. The JfhwMewr d? Is Fftfte state* that the French govern mewt,being anxious to reestablish the telegraphle com tnualoatKx between Fiance and Algeria, which has been tatefTUpted since |Yi.ruary last t>y the breaking of the cable betwren Mardtnia ud Oorttca, ta bow to treaty with M?ii Qiao, Elliott k Oa., of 1/mdon, for toying dowm a direct cable between Vnact aad Alter la. The poiau M leetad for lb la purpf? are tbe bay of fhblettae, between Caf flick* aad Mpet. la France. aad tba Bay da la Help* to tore, at lb* northern **ti?tnit> of lb* fortidoaiton* 'A Aifiert. M?rt Ola?. Elliott k Co. are to dap?it lOO OMT ? aecurity for the or?pletkon of their contract by the Slat of August next It to Mated that a eporttng Puke be* glraa aa nr.ler for a to?**l of lb? ftayera, the ?t? of lira, to be taken and rent in Mirer What next t At Tarto, ? tb? Idth taet., the deputattoa from Ntaa, taktog adr?ta?* of the oetebrati? at fbrto of the xutttlce of ?coy aad Nt?,?aired a malt* the? who toil to? year tor Itoh? to depeadeaa*. Tbe prleet rrfnei I, upon tbe gmtm< ?at tbe eri lutoetual ritual prohibit* the oetebratkna of malt* the da? during tbe or?re of Oeip? Ohrtatt. uato? tie body ef the tim?id perana be a?Uy lytog ta the building. The 6 1 lowing prnrlama ina he*, ?ye the flaw* da Jftdf. been circulated ta VrcMta. ?d nay, that )<mreal remark*, eiptoht the ?IHtary peeoautmoa Au?eta to takiag In the pen* la?? Br?hren- roe *^?I ef redemption wlU not be to?r delayed. A?trie to end?rorluf to rrneb you, but he ef good heart, i? ye? patriot le edbrw be i ?ntoyed with rrrel drum?? In the am?king r? w?eofng of Italy The ?amt* ? who a? rmeain* ta the prion? of i'rterwardeia ere a? only yoar ? ?d brother*, but BUfU; but th?e whn, tod ? by the brare (torlbaMI aad an mated by tbe tore of their country, bare gnae u to brer Rtoly, art they to? your brother* then ouref V you n?r the ?trek? at ?mtude. diopter tbe pride or wu'tyie fltepeiei 4 to el the lwtotortoe of Italy, the re fbge? of V?too, by ? rtl? aad courage, ha? already ad'led lu our hl?ory He m?t ftor lone |nge on tbe 'toy of Incorrectt? the* win know ho * to add In It a em M ?e. TV day *ppme<*ee' Keen ail? IB your heart* hatred of th* abhorred enemy, %nd felth la the ?tore of Italy! Tbe nurneaiBione king who venqniabed at Cal?trn ba* not eeaaed v f?' bto heart be? for you Hie baud ?III bold* hi* ?word, ?1 th? 'word pro*ecu our came Tbe Tafia BaNaaa of Patorwro publiab? a cwrto? do run,?t, being a letter toe? the derr?y of Ktog FrnarJe n., M. Aft?too be?rtao, to the Iter? Colonel ram Me M It ru? th??Prtaoa do I'etrulla ouallrta* the btwt th? a tkooeaad m? ?ay be obtained He baa been gIt? o I* iiedrr?and that by hie oearerllng with ueaeral He? tber may be ernt hint I roaa?aeatlT to A*a> you of the feet according to the order* abwh 1 aa? r?eired. The |b?? da?h e eemt ofBetol to-rllr >nainal eon tain* the todoaiag totelligeao* tonm It. I'i UH?atg, which to toipurtont. If enthentir ?Oar toieadebtp and m 11*ore with ()|M he? name In an anlrtoety end CViftttnaaJ acta ? to? il'ty preattend by tbe a?it? of Meat <to?la epat?t the A mom Trad tag Company ran der? It Imperative na the pert of thr fe?rtan Vtcodkiverm* to Interfere with military pre need ,nge Tbe newly appelated < hi near viceroy of Met tofonarto la doing all be nan to here? the 11?atoaa. and internpt their tralfln la tbe Amour oiiatry Tbe totem account* from thence "intain par icularr nf many illegal aeta and hiatilittee perpetrate' b* ttie tbtoe? Bami? A? b?wti tip, ato>le Tillage* of p?refid ntlot 'rie de-troyed end pl'Wider?d, the tnhehl an?kritnlly Ht-ir?md. wd gt? IB Wtrn" o-Uaoo? ) [ERA 0 killed when venturing to offer opposition in self defence The troops stationed on the Amoor Mr so few to number in comparison w,th the largo bodies of hoetil Mantchocr outs that ll.i-y are unable to cope with them in the field, and are coop'd up m their fortiflod military stations. Since the resignation or Count llouraviefl, Run na appears to despair of realising the brilliant dreams she once entcrtaim-d of successfully unionising the Amour 1 territory, and refuses to further gubx dles to obtain that object; whilst private Individuals naturally become faint hearted and cautious, which, of course, checks all s spirit of enterprise, so that it will not astonish tha world t to learn In a short time that the whole umutry has b-en t abandoned by the Russians and again reverted U) the Chi nese rule. A communication from Vienna remarksThe Council ' of the empire is beginning to manifest certain parlituaeatary instincts, and to show the real aspirations or tho different nations which it represents In Some prejiara tory meetings winch were held yesterday tins double tendeucy wus displayed. Oue of tileno mcotuigs, consisting of twenty seven members, took place in Munocb's Hotel, the [iersous pr>sent being tho principal Germau, t ouiicnn.uj, iiuu^-u j?uj , unu uauituyi m uiwwbw. ?"???'?' meeting. consisting of liberal and democratic membors 1 purely (lerman, waa held in a private bouse; and Ibo Sclav onions of the south, the Venetian* and ftalmatiau*, , nineteen in number, belu a separate one. XUcro wua no regular discussion at auy of these meeting, the alttiuga 1 being couiiuod to mutual explanations,and to an &xch*ng? ot opiniotia and ideas. luo Sclavumaua declared for provincial and national representation: the Ger1 mans, on tho contrary, wero favorable to % general representation of the wholo empire. The aria tecratic party was of opinion that tho whoio Council ought to noniiuate a committee of twenty-one members, ' not to examine the detail* of the Budget of tho Umpire, which la to be presented to the Council, but to set forth the political and administrative basis on which, in their ' opinion; the Budget ought to be established. Count do Nofelllx slated that he bad previously informed tbo Archduke, President of the Council, of tho desire or the meeting to see sueb a committee formed, aud that bis Imperial Highness bad expressed bis opiuiou mat the Emperor would not object to it. Soiuc of the uoldas. however, observed that the formation of the committee ' would be a stop towards turning tbo Council Into a Con 1 stitueut Assembly, and eventually the resolution waa come to that at the opening of the public silting of the ' Council tie te xt morning. Count Clam MartimU should ' present a proposition for the election of such a committee as spoken of. Count Ap|ainyi did not oppose this resolution, bui remarked thai the members would have s all the night to reflect upon it. The next moruing tho aristocratic party decided that they would persist In bringing forward the motion. 1 The K ing of Sardinia has just sent to the French Emperor, ss a present for the Prince Imperial, eight beautiful small 1 {Sardinian horses Tho day after their arrtval in I'an* they were sent to FoDUtuebleau under the care of an j uquery of King Victor Emanuel. They all bad housings ' of scarlet, with a gold band round the edge, and tho el^ pher or tho Emperor at tBe corner*. > TUB LATEST NKW9. r the revolution in sicily. i Pahcrmo, June is, 1860. Oarlhatdi has organized a division under the command of Col. Turr, and baa restored tho property tax to it* anterior footing. ^ The evacuation of Palermo will continue for a week r longer. MOVEMENTS OF MA7-7.INI. Tnwx, June is, i860. Mazrlni did not undertake a voyage into Sicily, a* be . did not expect a favorabJo reception. ths conors8s at baden. Baron, Juno IB? Rvcning. ' In yesterday's conference, the King of Wurtcraburg, tn the name of the federal government, returned thanks for the patriotic representation of tho interest of Germany by Prussia. Ho ecprcucd a deelro that an understanding should be brought about between Prussia and Austria. The sovereigns offered their good offices for that purpose. The King of Wurtcmburg informed tho Prtnco Regent that the German governments were occupied in drawing ap a military convention, which adopta, as nearly as possible, the Prussian views on military organization, and hsr proposals respecting reforms. In coo<lii*ioa, he asi'1 that lb? federal government, on their part, expected that Prussia should take conciliatory atepa in reference to German policy. The Grand Puke of tedon then said that this declaration of the King of Wurtemhnrg could not be made m the i name of ah lite federal government*. a* several important governments had not taken part In the discuaeion n lattve to the aaid military oonveniton. Hadon could not give hrr adherence to tho I'rufaian profaned. A summary or the Prince it. gent> reply was published ? yiairritay. ( ihb anvil, wak in Ttaaar. ! Aietomwu, June 13,1M0 p I Advices fiom llejieot state thai the civil war iu I>?b? 1 I Boll oomiueiuod towards Utr end of May. Tlie* J Were the r|iinr? and bed kilTMl tu-\< ral (ir>c rtlUrea on 1 the mountAiLH, rtupoctrng only tin; leiuiufiulorim of the 8 Kumpaaiu*. The Turklab amhnritica iiad a?t int? rt> tvd * A /Verb outbreak was expected. Hurt/ aix village* are reported burnt on Mount Leba non. The Turk let i eoMlere eent to protect the ChnrtianH , Joined Ibc Proee* and participated in the manor re. 1 TBI ATLANTIC ROYAL MAIL RTKAV NAVWATION OOKTAKT. ! Lokimx, June tl, I960 i An extraordinary meet tag of the Atlantic Royal Mail !ke?m Navigation Company waa called for yceterday, to adopt a resolution for aa lacreaae of capital from ?600, 000 to ?710,000, and to autbortao the dime tore to borrow money. Mr Harrey Lewie, who preeiAed, aanuuoeod that It had been determined that the iupmal for Inereaaini the capital should eland over until the reeull of the firtt voyage of the Uoanaogbt le kaoan. THK ntkNCH NKwaraf r.a riumn. Pawn, June 31, 1000. The Opimraw kalimnsi* haa received a aauuod waraiaf for publishing Victor Hugo's apeech The reaeuu assigned la, that the apeech onotaina a violent appeal to revolutionary partlaane. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE, rrornnw aomrr iwrrr. The market n generally eerhanged. with a good demand. amwucam mrum. lDlaota Central, M a 01 dieeount, do sevens ef 1171, M; Erie, II e 10; do aevcas Irot mortcage, 01 a Wig, New Tork Octroi, 71 e 71. LivmtrooL cotton VAtnr. TV eehe of cotton In the l.lverpnol market for the j three day* added ap aft.000 bale*, of which 0,000 balm were oe eperulatlen and for export. The market wae dull, but the prioca unchanged, eieatao, however, with a better demand for eperukuma aad export. rriTk ox mux rs n atrrrnrnm. The advtcm from Maacbester are uafovorable. The market for rlelha waa flat In yarn* there wae ev-r, doing, but at low prteaa. LrvnrtwL nuwnrn mauxxt. The weather had hem unfavorable for the nrupa Messrs Richardson, Hpmce h Co. report tear dull but Steady Wheal dull, prieee eaaiev W ^ootatiana un OerTrrry doU; afclVllM at MB.. fallow Mo Mhm. W?>idnrTi^.tm'oitomrapart tof doll tot qotat. fcm drm at fWfl prior* lard Ira M itr Mb. ? MUlow am at 6T?. utbtwl raond vuur. Hosts ataadp comma. t. U it. dd ftoi-ttt tor paattaa daU at Ma. M. ftu?ar (Wto dull Rlc* tiM. Aabaa dall. poto M* umwm mania. VW dall aad aapaaa dm?u? a ndaailaa. Kaaar tna Onto lira* Tr* to all tanalry and arlaaa amafc. It try tria tad (IMfettf advaaned. taxhm, Mfe . M. Idaaoadoti. Ma. ?a raa uararr bimik. Lamm, /am ?-f M. CoMok rkm at M>* a M V to ammal. ? dirtdaad. I.nmuat.. Jam M?T A Mlra "f roitoa to Iha lata two dap* tot ap N,tN fcaWa, inrlu'l lap 1# too halaa I* ytkaw aad aapaotaia. to martot riaMf patfally aaatytd. alia arrr* bad Pfrtabat atradp Rplrtta of larpblha oioaad dall at Ma aptrlar Caart apifal Tsrm Mora Hna Jodfa Wondraf aaaaar or awwaar t.tQtm na*i aw Jrra M Mm Ktrr ia to* P and ? dato aa-lkli vaa a aalt apataat Iter itndadMU. ur? pattoa ma, totoaaidaprwmaaai. II appear* thai to ptaiattfl Karr, kapt a Itamr atora at to wwr or Thirty atftitfc ataaot aad Klatk amataa Oa Aindap, Map M, tb? datodaata mated Karr'a prmuaa kp a mda door la Thir tp atgfctb atr##t, tha fir-tot door h?ln? e|r?H and lb* abuUara tip, top (Wand oararaJ parrnaa la to atom, and Karr paaaptai tor; to ptarw had all tba apportawaaf* and ippadraarn of Honor harlot horn raoaatlp tmd Wrtphi aad Aadarano artrwtrd Karr and took hlai to Jef frrmn aaarfcat, alar* be war dtartwrgod na ha oat pro mm to appear to aa?wer Thta arim war hronfbt i*mnet to two poi.reanew to Mr* imrr'annmenf an I an i <-rd*r <.f thl# ftroirl war #r*Med hold'np H?-m h? i ?>n i IPX Hon of > < iiu'el for u to- r-> <iro?'r I"r? lit#* 1 Wt?drufl fraiiKd aa or'to to ra a?e llto nrdrf to i hair | ard I I.JL PRICE TWO CENTS. NON-AEBIVAL OF HEEHAN. Disappointment of the Uovtrnlag Classe??Hemes Ipon the Wharves?The Champion to Arrive on the Fourth of July, die. The announcement that John C. Heenan wag to arrive In the Adriatic yesterday set the governing chases on the qui n't*. Various rumors were afloat all the morning in regard to the reception that he was to receive, and the honor to be imposed upoo the half belt champion. The pt< |Hiratton, however, limited on account of the uni Ivrtlihlu At' httt nrriv ul i )n?? ha/I hf>in rM?>lVt?(1 stating thai be would be here on the Fourth of Julv tbe Vanderbiit, ai.d still another that bo would .o the Adriatic. This contradiction dampened tt , dor < the friauds of the representative of A muscle, and no definite arrangements were made to receive him with honors duo to his representative character and worthy of the manly defenco that bo bad mado of tbe Aintrirau Kaglo when attacked by tbe British Lion on UiO toil of tbo latter. At one o'clock a dcapatch was received from Sandy Ilook stating that the steamship Adriatic was there, witb John C. litmus among her pa. vngers. That announcement created an unusual stir, and his tardy friends began Ui regret that their lamp was not trimmed and burning. A number of persona took passage by the ferry boats to Staten bland, for the purpose or boarding tbe Adria'tc there It was also announced that a steamer would leave pkr No I, at two o'clock, to take all who were anxious to see the inun that bod bearded tbe Lion in bts own den before be arrived at the city. Some twenty flvo or thirty persona gathered there, amongst whom wi-ro a number of represeutat ives of the pre?s,and ouc or two members of the Jh-ception Committee. The promised steamer did not make her appearance, aud <118sp)ioiiitmeul was depicted on the countenances of ail there. Twenty minutes to three, and still no excursion steamer; In tbe meantime tbe Adriatic was aeon steaming up tbe bay, and the whole party started lor Canal street. As tbe guns of tbo steamer announced that she was ro aring her moorings at Canal street, there was a genera) rush in that direction, and before she touched tbe wharf there hail congregated a mixed crowd of fancy sboulderhitlcrs, as well as a few representatives of the aristocracy, to receive the renowned prize tighter with open arms. Elbowing our way through the crowd, we were allowed to pass by the. gate keener, and were very soon by the side ot the steamer, which at that momeut had just touched the wharf. Whilst the steamer was swinging round and being fastened to the wharf, iH-ranii* in Ihe crowd wore continually singing out, "There is lloeuau;" "That's him swinging his hat," "There be stand-, with a white handkerchief sticking out of bis aide pocket." "No," says another, "this person must be bim. sec how his tiair is cropped " A dozen or more persons were thus pointed out as tbe Illustrious individual, not one of whom resembled In the least the person thnl they were taken to be. It was evident, however, that be had not made his appearance where be could be seen, for no demonstration Lad been made by his friend* in the crowd, which, it is just to elate, was not as large as generally expected. At length a rutuor was circulated that Hccnan had left tbe steamship at Staten Island to avoid all demonstrations, but no one was b und to credit tbo story. A few minutes later anu one of tbe passengers stated that Heenan was uot on board, bul would come by the Vanderbilt. It watt plainly to be M?>a that there was a general disappointment. yet thore that had congregated there teemed uhwiliiug to h ave, as It' doubting (be statement, or looking upon it us a report to disperse the crowd. It wae not until a number of lamsongi rs huh found their way u|ion tba dock, and had been queationcd, that tboao present would believe that he was not really there. At length they were all forced vo the belief that be was not on board, and, with countenances indicating diaap|nlntment, the crowd began to d<a|?-rM, leaving thoac who nad friends on board an opportunity of greeting tbem unmolested The usual embracing of friends and the hearty welcoming of long absent relatives wore then tire only scenes enacted. The disappointment to the fancy was uot so great as it would have been It tbey had concluded their arrange mentn to receive him. As it is they have a ibw more days to set their bruise in order, and since be is to reach our shores on Ibe Kourtb of July we shall, no doubt, have a ibmonatration that will put that of the Japanese and the fir eat Raster* in the background, and cause the Amencan Ragle to scream w ith renewed vigor. The demonstration is only postponed for a few days, to be performed w itb greater flourish of truni|?-ta. THE MALTA HALOON. Ttila woll known rendezvous of tba Itenlcis Boy's friends was extensively patronized during the day by the " fiaucy," who were eager to moetj the flatlc bero and wetc?me him back to his native land. As no fciformation was conveyed in the morning papers of tb? arrival of the Adriatic up to a late hour on Friday night, so unusal number gathered In the saloon before a late hour In the day. Towards one or two o'clock in tho afternoon, however, they began to drop Id, one by one, until ft conrid rsble number worn present. Wbfti tb? telegraphic announcement of the arrival of the Adriatic waaroceivad grant portiuA left to wait tor her ftt bcr dock, while the r< man-der inJulgrd in congratulations wilb ftftcb othor upon the return of the child of Benkcift. Flora Tropic, boo. M. l*atcbcn. the Japarew. and taat, though not least, the Oreal Eastern, were nil Ignored. The " Uoy" was the aever tlrlug (km*, and hmfueiids industriously" fought hi* battles o'er again " Tdi? oitiosiHsm was at it* height when tbo sad intelllg-n<? reached them that be had not good, notwithstanding thai the contrary was suted bribe evemnc papers, which, in their hurry to spread the (act beforw the public, had neglected to obtain a run Arm* lion of H. The disap poiiitment whu h ensued was strikingly depicted on rrery countenance. rontraeling strmigir with the prev,o?s merriment and rood humor In fact, tbo disappointment could hardly hare been greater had Hoe nan been worsted In tits kittle bout with Tom Savers. One by one the crowd departed, though during the evening a Large cum. hei again mad, tb?-ir si-i-ear uie. to .'ooddlo with each othor upon the disappoint men I which (bey hail suffered. The ( catral Park laTutlgatlea. Ltrtn moa mr. r. a. con* to ram senatorial COmUTTKJC. Mr rankling aeour-s us that the following letter wag placed m the bands of ft-nao-r M-uro* st twenty rnloutee I est ten Friday morning, and that Mr. M., chairman of Its committee, brake open tbo letter nod commenced reading it. The letter kw not road before the OOOUDit tee, and a therefore publafaed ? Maw Ynaa, Thursday evening, .Tone 2ft, lHEh. To ran IIonmubmi Hasstona Mraimr. tiasmon nan Hoica, < naamaa or lonammnrai or (rvticct Pcaa ? ttavTUBncs?1 had the honor to attend befbre your ror. mitice, a pursuance of a snbpmua, this morning, until the hour of eicvrn o'clock, when you had the kind nets to excuee my further presence In consequence of my obligation to attend the Court of Oyer and Tsrwiin?r as one of the dread Jurors, who were then in session. As the (irand Jury wUi ait la marrow, 1 shall ha uashle m appear hefnre you la para?, and, aa I under stand res will ndpmni you* ouro imau.mi to marrow, I have the honor to tend you a w rttten etatemsut af such fccta. among others, aa 1 could testify to In person ? M ?. * bee the OcmmiaMcaero of Um Central Park applied l>i ihe IsUture ?f 1M9 ( ? an additional appropriation, the ?uir. tVr s**M tor <u IMJOI, m addition to tbu ll.M9.Mk prwvl?m#ly granted to lUn by lbs >'! <41197. 7bia proposition was aat br s stranaoan oppaanwa. sod tbr MBi'iitii gn>n?-d was Anally limited to oae-balf that sum, w. ait, 9419 090. rc^uirine sa annual tafarest of tttiiM. This was doac after so elaborate etamiaaiioa of (br a hub- rutyrr I by a als ( nauiiillrr <4 tbr Assembly, of which I was chairman Two of tbs OMsasawa nt i utf tits whnlr Ktstl, tyyttstl Itast us, sod after urging IV original appliratioA. dually utMt cd to tb? limitation of half Ibc saout Tbtas rcaurmru. tben sad Ibrrr, *st- assurances !< U?r cunmlMao that Ibe asm of MM 0M ooald aad weald ba so esMBdai by Omss> no lunar I M to arrtifa tbs Anal won pint inn of tbs works ?i tbs Park, aad it was tbts saaarsa.s aad tbia ataaa that adoerd tbr committer to report aad tbs legislators to award tbs aasoaat tb? (raatid. Aad b ardsr to Mow tbat M woo tbr lauwAlea of lbs latrtaMMN to wttbbold fro* lbs ChMMMOloasra ail dwrrotluB, aad aot to glen tbrai any implied power to transcend sack limitation, 1 rfttr yas to Ms laagwapr of tbs ad. wbtM aays ? ^gsgg-gasgj It woaM ba dMrab to bad language to ?mrsm mono clearly aad smpbatkaUy lbs win efflke Itfflar tbaa tbat which la hero cm bored WbM. tbsa, at tba nrf SS*I srssbw ?f Ibs I tabistars. la 14M, tba Owaailmlao srs sfsis cams forward, aad asaed, ta aMat, tbat aatbor?y ba gtrtn to thmi to Mill onjtbe labor aad praporty >4 Oila rtty a further hordes of 99.009,000 lb sddltlaa to tbr prmoM tt 000 MV wbMb tba Ugbduvo bad m ?ward m tba ullsaete aad satlrs egpeaao of tba work, K W?s bai natural Mat a stroag feeling of opposition aad indignation tbooW bars been manifested by am as oas fd (be rrprsssatatlrss of lbs oily of Haw Tarfe,%gsiosi aarb sarioaa < 11 r snfimrf TV prsssdtag air tba (beta concerning which I under stood yon to ssy to day too wished my testimony V yoa deslrr my peroneal attendance, )4ea*s u notify me t. A. UUNRUNll, Tn coosMjusnos <4 lbs ooatlnnsd Indisposition .if J edge rtaly, ibis Oirt will aot reader aay decisions until tba Irs. Monday la hwgost, pi a bleb lime tbey ha\.< sd ioaraad. tsrragsla'o l oart. before Kdword C. West, IWiingetd TV bnrrorate vtjournrd hi* court yesterday for IV. retkw, having decided all U* rears submitted to him lorltig lbs year, snd having nothing upon bis haaHa ?* ? |d tV greal Oe case, whi.b, although argued has Anally ?nhmlllc| p. blan npon ?h? paiato. He |'C"|?w?e Ui decide his .-age dor In ? tba li.t r m Tlic nrr gate will hold court durirg vacation on the joih dar \j( July, lbs Tib sod idtb Hay* of August "T

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