Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1860 Page 2
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J? COLLEGE COMMENCEMENTS. Commcnccmtil of Cooper Colon. The ami annual Commence men l of Gosper L'aion look place on Thursday ewniug, m tlie Urge lull of the Cooper laditiu- The occasion ?o? a very luiertwitm; one,and tlie bell (rue tilled to oversowing Willi u attentive audience. The exorcises of the occasion were enhanced by egeelleut music, given by puptU from the eta s ui vocal music, under the direction ot iti.-ir uistrucler, 1> Cull met to. Tlia evening's outcrU.timat iutrodur -4 bv the singing of the anthem "Balwld How Cood and Joyful," after which Rev Pr Fern*, Chancellor of tlio S'iw York University, ottered an approprlute prayer. Peter Cooper. Uw President i tlic Institute, th e u made a few remarks, 111 which he gave a gratifying accouut of the state of the luatitutioo. He stated that about u.OOO puptb had participated iu th : instruction given during the pwet eenaUm, an I ever 4.000 i?rsons had weekly vtinted and used the resiling room Die ooudoct of the stu dtmta bad tweu aduurabie, fully ju?'dying theconUJ-'oea repoaod iu their ability to govern themselves , and as tin majority ot them were t>ld:g-."l t<? rely ou iheir daily labor h?r their hoj>|?<i l .llieir pi had be.<u remarkable. The revenue<d Ui.- la. ttiu'.i n, imw ad. male for the per inancut support of the varc . dcjarrtiuetiU speci(led iu the trust thus! JI td.-t th.t In J.vtding upon the ,vd mtsaiM ot appUea:.ti> tie- tro-t e? would iu all cas-s give ? preterm. n> Ue'' a >> ? eere dependent ou their owli i-i. r(adin for support ( Vppl.uiic.) An oratien on the Modern Applications of Chemistry" wa? th-n delivered t>v Hf. lavrenr c Van MTyke, ot the Ciftrv- m fhemistry. Tie young p iitiemuu briotly reviewed tb.' h.-lory r.i the isclruc , aud ihrn Cotialdort'd It* j*riM-(ir*l appli. atton in our onry .lay life. The " Uvrt.\mn??tti!-troro Slabiu M il-.r,' was thru vnM gisru by Mm Noble and the < hoi u?. The nnuiier in which 1U-- #>lo win- Mii'.uiutl by Miss Noole *> ?.-> very creditable. Mr. >Vra. Forbes followed with an oration mi " M -chum osl Art mi Element of Natter...; IV-prc-.-." which was much applauded. After .ntvith.-r piece of nw . an or'it ;->e on 'T'rnwinp anil i in Application*" w.i- ik-lmo-d liy Usury C. Hurt on, which displayed much invc nl t:.. u: t and not a little understanding of the subject Tberprrtctettr, Where My 1/ne* Dreaming," wax then smut by the ii> - - Noble mil Hcudrnk UlKl Mv-1. il.-'ll.n :tuu 1* Till.- p" 1 W ? ellthllam-slicai:; a|>p!.> i>!< !. an ) ip l.-u- were not sat wfl-'d uuttl It iiad ht-u re|*-ated. The o.-vt 111 old.-. no- .in ?>r.? 1. >n on 'Knowledge and it* Achn v?nieiit?." by Hobt (..ilbraith. The ) unp i ' turn i. it the conclusion of their oration-, aw lh.. -" I Mi !' - -r lor the .tv.n tag'-* winch they and th<ur f--ll>.v> pupil* hu t enjoyed. Mr. A Il.nlr. . e . r- ..t la Hair lot Trusti-Os, then r-u.l tin r. at . I ta. ('nmraitte<? ot Ex ammen- There .. iim-men pave most iiattertug accounts ol the ability am! progr -siu.i !'.- by the studeuW in the ?e\eral department*. An s.'-h < ta t pupil- ah wit ' > e- rtiticat?-? wiv thei. .It-uhere.1 h^ the Han. Wui. C. Alexander, of Now J> r.ey. The i > icihi o were concluded with the Doxology Mnl benediction. I T> result? of the examination nnd the exorri.aes of the ev. ca.c cannot foil to bo gratifying to the noble founder of an in. litutiou ol which New York is so justly proud. Commencement of the Parker Collegiate Institute. Tie fifteenth annual commencement of the Packer Female Institute, under the wup*Ttnt*ndcuce of I'rofeseor Crittenden, took place on Thursday evening, in the eliapol of the academy iu Joralemon street, Brooklyn, before a numerous audience Tic young ladies occupied the front seats. Tier were dressed in white and presented a very pretty upjiearauce, singly and collectively. The platform opposite the autitorium was occupied by j the trustees of the in-Utut.on, A. A l/>w, Esq , presiding Tie Ptcrrsii were commenced with a hymn by the young lalie.t, accompanied by the patio, under charge of Professor Woodman. Tie Hot Rr West m ole the opening prayer. Rev. Dr. Rockwell road the report of th * Examining Committee, which was cumin--udatury of th- progress of tilt' pupilft. Tlit> K?*v. !>r K- l'.i presootal ltv? report on compo'ltlotn, s? tilt h K it s flattering U?ti:n> wiitl tit the eoioiromanU of til* |H1|HIK Ctiin|. -.ition? of the pupil.! wv.v ro.itl by Profr-wor lUy mond, of the PeiyV'obnic bwtituto, end Re*. l?r Kelly. TUf) wwf HiUllnl "tNtmpitiuf Kt'iituiij Liff,'1 "Boy*," "l'tf Tfiiitrim a<l loitfin' ( rtirnugh Shu to* to the Ii. t.t), A;t-t nil creditable produ'litiu. The annual tuitlrewH ww?'l"itv?rotf by fh'i'reaitlrnt A A /?>? , K-1 , ?bo pr. aenieditiphuiiM t<> the bll?wui|ii4iDttl youiirf latlMH., w-fmup-uiu tl u itb appropriate remarks ? Isabel M Awe*. Hruoklya, N. Y.; hwcluie tf Bwrbur, liautlu?W\, Ohio Klwabt lb IV lltaTi, Brooklyn, N. Y*., Catherine K K n.-. n, Brooklyn, K. 0. sLiry L. Bingham, Brook lyn, N Y , A Maria Brown, Brooklyn. Y Km 'line liuckley, Brooklyn, X. Y.; Su-au ObetUrtey, II- oktyn, N'. V.; M.Uiltln A. Cunningham, Brooklyn, K. [I.; Jane A. Kmver. New Cm-tie, IVuu ; Klinlx'th IVn. Hivannah, it* ; Brooklyn, K 1> ; Jan" I. Kin*, IWrolt, Molt ; Cwroiiw A. Unniit, Brooklyn, N Y . K it" M. J Ha-It'tick, gtoii" Ridge, Y Y" .Clara C. Hinmin, I.ucy K I;tUK'Ion, Montpellei, Vt . Kinma MorCm, IVtruK, Mlrii Abbit- M Sr| m, So,: Harbor, 1. I.; Mary K. l)rd wa) , Bradford, Moatf.; Mary 1. 1 >wu-.<nd, Hruoklyu, N\ Y . Sirnli K. Towio'U'l, B.""fc')ii, N Y .lane tf Tlioinp*?>n, IkertieM, N 11 Ilia 1.. Tf iplt it.Owensbiro, Kv llircaret H Young, MAiaplonh'rg, N. Y., lou tf ffitiwu, Columbia, Uo _ F.AiiinlnMll'iii of the Ti?r?1y-?f eouil Street Merlin* n-\iui-rl run Institute. The *" im:i .tineri'-aii jh itnoi, under the charge of Hr*. Pul hi an t t.erek " 1 id its llrt annual rtammatinn on Tuuroouy IU Ilia f '[vr ii. Vfm- a ununirr 'i mi parrnL, .ma frlwl. of the ji'ijiil war* prim. at. TU e\er rise* oanMnetd ?t M n'el'r* with sine- t by ?t>e children, aft-r ? tueh lb* .<4. 01 nUrjr . ).w was -xmimed 111 riM'linf *? ! WTttnij Kiifiiall a-uim rmnii. and a-itUmetia. TU. middle cl-iee httnwMt with on r vim.tvitnm ta natural h.-:>ry, wKlinrtM, I'r.-ucti, hlia.i- i, iphy, hwtory of the United not with reciui.oue ta Kuglub an 1 l>fi??u Til- tbird let b>gb "i clin * is ct&uiu-1 in nil tinlinnchiw tu ntHii*"! iIwvf, Inr-lb-r with wuiv 'imI history At lnt?rvnln, bi-iron th- arr-ra! eaim.uatiitiii, thrii idnn rrcttisl pi?* of p-a-tr) Tin- -mdi-ucc ?m 1 to Ih1 tno li pbn?il nttli tb" iffmriw ?f l i< j nuy impiis, our id wU-Hn a jutted llr .n- -U s.41r ?-il KiHIlilllitn ?l tUr I'nriH'hUI S< hool of Iter Itwrilu) blrril U-iuiau talli-illi (Impel. The yirln atlooUat at in- itarncliial aril mi atu l>-t to R. Nit'i rbfln b, Barclay tn-.l.M an exhibition on th imdoy, th" 27tli lu-l pie pUUrm wax ocrupie tby Right Ka-v. I)r McbarUnd, Butbop of Hartford; K'? r. OT,?dr, of Waahtagtna, and Her M.-wrs. Qatuti. Sh i t than and Coorau. of St IMer'a. The vanl body of th- hail won fi. d w ith the pnrcnla and friends of the cblidr.-ti i;ie i ??:u laatist Kim- b?an>. r. Ii-v-d neru-tonally by tbe tinging <-S hytnue by th-i hildrt o, l.-l by Mr. Chaa. M >r%. i*i iittl- fairy, b -s hit. il-ilruni, km* the olo part in tin- ptcc-, "Oom y? lb* unaoiaie," with a preriaena and ?Wi*"tie.?e that <lon.?k?<M all. Rev. Mr y-i i.ti then 4"idr.-s??sl Un- chiidrea, 100 .-ratal ?twg them 01. th-tr IMit?t d-|urtr?rat a id til. U 4I1 klnl of inproe-aa ut UivT '.ud arrived at, isj-ially cr*>Uu?bl* to Hblrrsml ll?m?"-lvi* The r--ver*u4 ??nUe Duliia (id; eered hy Ihshup K U awl, wno, iflor a Ci-iignunlaiory m|.lr>-* m th - childre.i, dist. lnj .1 the pr-nuuuia, which aMudrted i4 na . > bound fur profte-m v, and ohopi da or cr-sros gaud c-mti-'t. AI't wlie b tin* clii.drm w.*? 11m- I There will bo an ralnloiHW <d lli r i-sl f\ mi tiii ltith ol J ily . ( einmrarriiitat of llulnirt Celli-gr, t#*? ran. <KK I1KMKVA COKiil I'DMlSNi E, liima. June 2d, id*) ir there rr -r in." an "'IfTcprewnlble conflict" among th? eicov 1.1? "1 b'aulv, I.t-hi'l. out phy >i gr> .11 i iiii? chamcurxtac of th* tinmen- ' and denar crow.I at pre?'nl congregated in I.Wt lci> Kail. tn attendance up ?n the thirty Mth aunual .mm. ne uoutf lliu llpia. oi?*l - ?| or learu ing Krerytlitiig. the air, llu? Uut, lb* el acute g"tt>? rail) . th"- women, tlm n n. bet.*en? the rwenrrence oCUw nmiua! gula .lay, when lit r.iture, art. atwuce and gradua U:>; eratoey ut "on comniou galaxr riot upon Ui - hour The e*er??ea tbia year ojeme.1 on dend-ty tlt-rnmi with the ue'ial t>*cr*l.iur it ' addr - ? to tie grvt mutt ciaaa, by IV' -i 1'i.t At'" r Jv k?"ii, t? I? , : i T-i.utj church. The revrend apeikrr . > te4 ht< f tt frorr laauth twenty a.tth . hv t- r 4 1 thirl vera.* II- j?r i tv upward" of ?n h or I'be concluding r ttfkv in tin nature of a farewell addfwea to tin caiNliiaUw for degr < were ail'ttuig (hi Mon lay the ntroi- >ry ewtminatlon* t.|"k pt ? nixl of eourw* were < re-lttoV t > tl, pi .m ijwb" of tle> T.t rioue faitimi't. tt t? t> 11 V' ! fiat the Incoming t'r. ?h man ctaa* wiU tx- Lirg tn ii'im' On T"n?lay th'? H.\ f?r >f?t. Tb .m t? church New V>rfc.addr. -ml llie "I'll i >> V- oto-th -> 1 i i.l larr ? jdtewrw tn the A' at" H-ddrm church Hh "Uh )*r i waa "Dev. lop-men' a.' waa 'utndl I with cr-i ahUlty n?i tht? mono. . It. I ikiug f r th' Whit Rhetorical Pilar cam- t>lf tn l.iai i Hall Th i> lei'U and Competitor* Were _> \ 11 -r. f y Kode. "TV- Morula ?< iltllt Ihtrl-w P IV.-w l.Miiruage Ite Glory and tt- l*owe,"t; Whitu i , .lr "Character," Willutm <? Mill ?r. nhrl'tim Mar alii v, th Tme UaeW" of Jbjciety. " tieo. A. It v?- II, Uci i tn Revelation," Geo. W. rtbuigt ui, - M > Sibtmi e.' s Imnclaa Corn 11. The oration of T Jam -* Rind-I, up u t*M ut f t > n, waa a masterpiece "f oollegnte oratory, in 1 * > m- \ With every demonstration <>f approbiti it by t!? ?.l eoce 8. fVmgtaw Cornell, upon "M' ftublur.ty. wi- th. Ctnctpal ?ratortc.U fo.iture of th-e* r- - >v *|e. < 'in* of th*- gr tdanilng claaa, al?> n|?ok" up n "Pt . . Reputation," and handled both *uh) . u wilh i now hi ad ability. The White Price ?aay?, e?tuh!i*h >d by H >r?. Wh Ran . of Hyrv "Uie, 1 enie hvl for an T 1 - 1 iy after noon In uroek Mr Duff i tin i.oari -l to th"?- at nrxlel Dwnoatlien.w, and bore off th palmy priar. Mr Anpi gate, of Hillnbofo", Ohio. t>?ik the flr?t prii" Id the Wlilli Prla* K<owy, nod Mr. J<din M iD'tald. of 1 v t, ih-?e Ooud "Poetry" waa tht of Ut? Aral ua u.M g -a t tl'-tnac, and "Vrvc Trade" that of the ?ccoud Tbey were . both wctl cooatdrrcd |.n>d jctou* Hr Arthur Re* look M e 1aI>d p'lze, *11J l>?'iw it ?(r"nl; Mr Oeoige A Bo?I well took tbe **bilo rhretofiotl prt.-e far conn?witi<io .t 11 deCLUIIitull H." H 1 If'- - w u> i.p'riU-0 greeftif and u I rfi. Tuwday evening Rev Waiter Ayrault. ot' Caaandaigua, delivered the c<intom*r) oialioo b>f??r? the coaiealiuu of the Alumin, Ukuig R>r In* Ui. ine "Tl?* towi ot Crovrth." A crowdv-d auditory lustem-d and fully atte-ti'd tbeir ap Jin4>*l>.<n of lli>< hMuJ i o*wv ohiqii> otly wt firth. on Tuesday evening l>o.lwortf;'? band gave a concert in l.iudcu Hail a ti c b proved U> If a very auccoimfu; affair throughout. The programme was ot a wry la ' miMeis nature. | Tb<* oration? were generally of average atvllty, the mark 1 except.our l?n.g. as 1 luvesuil above, thotv of 11' ri. Cornell and Kundel. Tlie vuivdictor) oralIOU war to have luvn delivered by .lot.n SI. Jion-.i t. but owtug to dim bus tta.' production a t" read by hi* iiawematc and fri'tid, Gwrj? Worthug toil n?c olulKUlS ol Ctiarl'-H r. lklrM' ll and (luargc A. brothers, of I'otbelaiL,N V., were w -ll written and ably delivered The degree of A. B was conferred C[?oa to: following named young guutlenieii:-? J. L. llaJc, Newburypnrt, Kur,; Brinioa Hancock, '>s wego, ft. x. ; G?or*e Whitney, Jr . Biughamlou, ft. *. ; George !* Kuril, WaU'rlowu, N. V. ; CSulaa I* il.itwell, Potsdam. K. V.; M. Buinbrslgr. Homulus. N. V.: fYaalcF. Warner, Waterloo, N. V., Wiiiiuw O. Mdlar, l.ewi-u>u X. Y.; George W.iftkingloa, Own-go, N. Y : John Master, GenuT*. X*. Y. T. James Handel, Green. :rie, N Y.: st. DungIn* O>riit'll, UuHil?, ft. Y ; George A IV*>weti, I'oUdHin, N. Y.: H. V K<tsltngh, Milwaukee. Wis.. 0. Applegau, Memphis. Tanu.; Jobu L. Ikrin, New York city ; CbarlesT. poster t-aUiaw, Seneca 1'alU IS. V Georga a. Hayunga. Morrishurg, C. VI*.; John Mcl>oii.-tla, Lyons, N. Y.; l*r?il?f??r W W. Kblwvlt, Geneva, N. Y. The tullowriiH.' honorary degrees nl A. M. were conferred iu course by lToli'?tKir W illicua W. Folv*t-k. <U Geneva: ? .laooh M. Hamilton, <d New York William M. Ogdeu, c?t ft. w Y"?k Y- H. Potter, 01 Uiu;.- viilo. Ky.t A it. Rager . nl Genrvu. > Royao. ot Menu: Rev. George W. Smith, of Biiul.-usliurtt, MJ ; Rev. I.. Sweetiaud, of ft>* York: A,C. nriit.ii, "f St Au^uaUao, KU. lh>nmi, Gtusa?Philo Mark Patterson, of IVGoitlionora. > 0. I'. K. v. Audiony Sr buy tee ot (luwego; Rev. Chiirlri H. Hall. Washington, 1?. C; Brv. George W. Porter, of Manhnuett, L. I.; Rev. Vorrru, New Y<>rk; Ruv. Roller' MrMurdy. President h SI?-iU> Golkar -, Kentucky Re helors of Kcieucc ?Million Ktiubndg.-. George Da-, it far 11 Thti Alumni llx-i. broke up and adjourned for dinner So ended the thirty Oftb col-bratum ot th? College Commencement at llob?rt Coll -?r, Geneva lair College Annual Regatta. OI K YA!.? CUChKilK COKKKSrON DbftCK. Yaia Coixkoa, June 25, IdAO The annual College Regatta which takes pla-e in Worcester in about one month, is a matter of absorbing into rest to the studi-oh of Yale, and doubtless to those ol all other coil's'' >. which will be represented there. The un* exjiectt of their boat last year has developed I great confidence and entlmstii. :n among the Yale men, who are thought to constitute a belter crew even than that which lust yeas- pulled the three miles race in ft'otwithslaiidin;: th.- unitniiair.Nl Iv-aijly and symsn -tryof last year's taut, a new one has beou ordered, a trifle longer, narrower and lighter tb.ui the c.o-bratod Yale; and until such boats are mad" "f entirely different materials it w ill be hard to narpae* I hi.- i i tin? jwtrtic.ulars Tlie i lialleuge of Yale to Harvard to a i hesi consultation nut-h lias been accepted, and the games will be played at Worcester near the cm'- of the regatta. tin Tut day ot the same w --ek there w ill he held a ronver.tKin of the new intercollegiate uine, the [*mrN-nn/y Quorlrrtv, and it 1* thought that the concurrence ot these three events will bring together at Worcester a Urge number of students. The Coll gc Regatta will tai.-- piac<* at Worcester at the end of July, as last year In addition to that, the tkiphi more- and freshman cias. -s o! Yale have challenged the same classes tint e to not, aud tin* match will Com" off either on the same <u- . xt day. Probably, too, the Worcester people w ill oiler prir in another rare for all boats w blib may w i.-b to ruler, as tbej did last fear. Our Missouri Correspondence. Si. JotiMUi June 22,1*60 Prr*rrr. j if S ('dp?Oioroktrr of tin Population? Precturn of 0iit'dtM(?t?AAwnee of Seam KatufUlion? 7h* /'u?y t.p rtu?TKe Pacific it ail road?7 Kc Preside* (toI .Vosnasftaws?Stal' of J'artit f, tfic., rfc , die. Hav ioK travelled over almost all of iUe habitable portion < ( the country of t'nele Sum, my frteud sad self have at I. ugth arrived, '-riabt aide up with care," in the HourifchiOK city of St Josephs, Mo , the western terraiuus of the Hannibal and St. Josephs Railroad,and are Uvorably ensconced at the Paler Hon.-*'. IVtpileour expectations, this 11 a growing and prosper, out city, bordering on the bar.Ws of th? "Big Muddy," it present* from nearly every |>oiut a flue view a way acre s the river. westward, luto the Territory of Kansas, where may be seen the towns of ?3 wood, Belmont and Wallwiis. and cotnb ues all of the modem improvements so welt calculated to Impress and act at an incentive to progress. No other city within th? last year perhaps ha* advanced to rapidly, and for the *taj billty of purpose no clt is-'ns to earnest iu iierfectiujt what nature : ecms to have deigned a grand em|?>rtum for the ! far We t. It would, in leed, appear that the spirit of tha urn"?* Iirrc IS po aurau, m-u, t?ugrp^?wu irwzi an |?ri9 I el the I'll ion, active, am.rt an.t intelligent, pursuing their respect!** avocations of life, throag the Mtrvets in ' joyful anticlpat-n* of rcasnnabb* ?ucro-.K; whilst her.I aii J th'-re wul l?e seen hutngtflg the "sjiotted one," as I ?l*iwhere, ??ekin# whe?i) ho may rteitiiniae, an.1 known i on I v from poller notoriety. Tfi: strict regat 1, however. jwiil to law. and lit* effective manner iu w Unit us do | cree- an- enforced here, put a check wu thi- class of men i Building. of all kind* and descriptions are h?n;c erect 1 ! ahictiwill compare favorably Willi mauy o( the Uueel | ami nie?t gorgeous of larger au.l older c.tics Kiel, mid, I indeed, be orn.imenla toaome. With a porinMMsat lulu n of Uiouisu. .. daily increasing, an I geographical at vantage* of localiou, mrrvunded by a 1 rich, healthy mil wealthy country, a railroad North. South, East and We.t, tending to develop the Iuunn- [i k?Ki? ml IllrrrW i t Joar|>h* muat mex ulWy err long aixrutn. am.-to. the gr. at citiea ul tin* laud a grand and pr..fitment Already th xvtuat!.. of th iron h. r if f.. ird fr..m th' Knm.n aide, echoing h o-k that <>f tlx Mist-ouri whilst up and dowu th river, Knag hi au.1 fro, can b ' s cu the l! outing palace* of steamboat uavu* Iio|. g -g ng ? . I dt?; Tying their CUDltsersoni freight, an t i .?v ut. ', in.nner r reviving and In: ding .?i in numerab. numb r ut pa. ?ua? on their >*;ruvx 'a end. !j?!*e.ud th. goid region* of Jcilerwm Territory luru oat as t- ranruit: ,y hoped,and prove to be a i tem reality,but a (i s i eat - can cia|?- v. U>-ii tie- railroad <hi tile k ne e I ride wi'l rtretrb out a length dear to Denver City. An enterpriae of Uiia ktud is characterlalli of the bold ingenuity and g? ah. ad spirit of the ind. mitahiecitlacb* m St , J. "ph* and too tnnch praiar ran DM b- a war :-<1 t-> those I mini, -d lately Concerned? at th' hoad of whom 1 am inf,.rt I the lion IV. I' llail,Col. M. J< it. Th.iats.ui, an . .ha Corby. F.< p, gentl. :nen ol high respectability, ui nt ind wealth. 1 pony r.xpr.w*. tnrctgh th unremitting a", nti.m an i lu.letatigali! la?"r* v! B f li- 'nr, r.- j , t, ar.-ai ssip tuiM: b-tit oft:- C"iitra' Ovcrlan I (V.tfirn: aa I I lk. }' .k Kapr.^s Coiu sux , ha? d'Mii >ni-trai-'I the firt P. y.m.l ail doubt that the < ntral overland Galitoruir rout . the m l fcarilil and pr? Health' one for a Kt'irte ru.iruioi. au.l having l> - n reported ?o by tne t omnntt.s. ot tinigr**, thereby lus-irpig in friends to lU :;>! ;?t?. I pr-OWl mil if lira i.'m i iir.'j it built, ml t? ob j\f will not onlr be > xton l'il tit la-m. , but lif at Natl laa-- tliy, ami fawn ill . to to..I.Tina Tl- uw l.wa t<> l?nt tut. wuli worn " it urg*nii nu and r<up.iu !?? tlii' muiir>!>> taru wli i )i air .vlrnuc 4 in la.or ttiw roulr, auftl.v itt<> njr Hint i vlmtt'l WianUon - .in n lui tl. inlr>ulU'.J by ?n i>f r n: >m- tainn;!< '. tUal a una I trunk. rtual Ixr hnllt tlirniK-ii, coiimvtiiitf nt tin. < u 1 ?nil r ?.|i trvm 1 .* i, it-'"url in I Ti \a-. ought t> rruaov" ill i :ial pi lju I. t>. an<t ni t carry culin. c ml and dig|w it lu ti I Tli' pfi I'lBiiitwin th'Ti't iri', i-, tliit th" favor- vhi' central r.'it.', .m l in Uuat "V -nt. iw th. ll.iunibnl .not! M J-wrph# Railroad Unlir.n t? hnn.i:. >l tiiil>>? furthw tr t than any other, m i. ua IV' K i> Miti "f tb" 8t. " lif ib<i M irynvili", in Mm* Ills' w .!h th Hm nti'l "t .l"-i>|>li>>. > i-xt ul- l nr>4l mil - rttll farthrr wil.t portloa '>f which < .impl.'t' !, with con" l met'.no train ami th" (irr ili sila.. dir>ator uryttig ft flU wtta ?"raie"? .i i.l toot n jr. the Mat ? Mi - > :r. w.timUi that grand pi >n r of P rmitu It ? loptrsl by Gcigr . , Uir .ugh tin* a>>ariv, III M>i <|ai'*tr 14 lb" tutor of t rcuoutaaoaa, 411.1 111 tumor * ... redound ! > Hi.- #.> il??ii apirit ail't mint ,u sa* III* g.nm? i f th. will' awakr CU.kraa ul M Jo- ph? II mattiTr nut howcv' whit the altcrtialiT" m*j t>? tn ri'san! in th" iicttun ?f Owigrww upon th* aub) i t of th.' 1'ur n.' lit Irivtd. th" ili't-'Tmittat: >n among the fwipli' I t pfot fin! till- .'"111 r> #l"j- will |Mf. whtrh tai'in* to be alri'iily umplv ar< ri-dttnd, la t? build i road on to mat l?nt.l trar its Rooky M Hint.iiii.*?nay Ik-nvnr Otltr. Th.? tic arlu'tn". un h rfia ri anil h .uir J by a f * dirtiacti: Iri! individual#, will wUtmatoly. U lr bi'lii'v-W. b? lack.-! up, tf aot by G>ugby leading capttaJtgl* 1 >ic t ' <nw>, tlwn.thr iron Ihww hi ? gbt of th" R why RuinI tona, bt*-h I w b.?tl" will echo and r'rcflu-rat" through I ili. lab ) n( iinat fall Ink-, tin Uritif hl< naufinih li i to Ualiloruia. ui'l lUua with a mud' cbi.nat railway. If-Irlisua a< Uir In-id - ir.'uc of lb" North InvrlI4tu I'oatui ul.tb IwiUliful cili - w ill b br "u(Ul , n low i out, 4 lMm with lb" San l'f?u. u-i-iai af lib' I'M tl. abarl II w t.i ijt. it nt la |rn.n tour aa 1 h.'nrftrUI la roaolta dr> - ilni v >?i i -ful pmj' il a" tn pwturi-l ta tlw dia int tr tltx' h i? for It- '*i?t'o T not t > lire an.l i lit bltanhiia But inoughot tb<a for Ilia pro "til t Ann nt "tit mattff" I w -I n !) '<? (lart- in my ? ilw ant Ita I!) i? n the rn ! it? and di norlta of t'i. o mii 1 ii"> mt'lr, and Unr probabtlitim of uir aomm ?># t > b? : ma I ?- tirli laiia for tb a?*l Tr-hburjr Tli 1 friou la of Ik II ar> f 'W and fur bolw wo tJtk -bi ha- a n . b it tb <r" for IkMftna All att-ottnn ta iwt now, Iiowi n r. allrartn! lotaard- ib>- IWIlimori- Oouv olMii 1 i tit), of thf moot r>-tn.trkabi" and attructlvr fiiaurr of lalilu'l" 'nd iotidrtliy th>' miwl ;*<rtial in pn k f ?r coovrraatHw . ta tbr pity rrprwaw Tia aa tnatitntkm wbi'h, alii, jh fottrn up by tu urtdua! tMrqrliii, I | twarrUi'iiwa bw an a tfnntltWnl with the pro^r *# of our (' itiim? mwiriiry, and b> an r* >iir"it Iw 'itiro idv-rtian imwil for tbr oily of *1 M' Trow. ?b? ("Ing out aunt arrlaut of tbr tn w wulT i-? ka to ao l from U bvit an?l t>rn?1 kali Iwkn ettbw .auu c ni'i.l ra h'f at.r, .an I a.lii a?ni"WlMl b> lln> ip-n -ral furor* it h hif maa murfwl i?l? th" ovrrwh-Imiug rurrrat of Pigaa :>?k mitigratuHi. p i ootbl'ig awn- to <ag ? iwr atn>'ig 'r groiin?l? fur mwirohtng Uw blaw of enntin iM agr tuta "it mm* lli.m lb' |?i?i) \iffwa. Tlir laquiry ia uir town , if.#, lio-m mid uiglil, lfl?rfl do"? U. - |? ..y go oul " lla- tb" pray arrirwd!" he. A- Tli?n ili? anri?ty i ir.noif-atw.1 by'gtraor rr. rrnrwln? ih" iBt?rr?t t" r> a I'l.t?ilitrna. in arwlbr p ny ?lart from lh> cfli of Ui;wt;, uuiltt UtC l*aicr U J??, at lb: A cur NEW YORK HERALD, li?W hrnm a I. Ifh lull new xii tcllduig lo ajlux' Mid ' f) iIm* curious ait tli? renowned wonder added to our hi tor)'* glory. Tli" inhabitants ol St. Jorephs are bl"*?"d ? U> ? very L."Bltb cl.mat , tor ri"tv? t-tMntuig tin- I. Mid lulchlLig Jrvuglll tbr) 1n?va* bo?0 appro-icd with, there J..14 Iiim u little or uo Ki.ka'K.. The recent tains bore ban dope much good, having ?uved tin* wtrti crop, and refreshed tb" air, but tin* f ti tio*?* Hf" >.ti|l ctyitlg for more. I cnucludo without r fcrr'rx to the "pl"ti ll't tad ruag"'.:i:tu. hotel tu which in; ?df m ol friend mi * Mojuu.n l"ater House it mio t>f the chief orarwiiruLs of St. .'ueeph*, vinl i"(leeto null b credit upon the gentleman alter wh.-Mu it takes its pane. Coot of an Kuioi><-?n Tour, OC* 1' VKlt lOttKgiil'ONDKNCtl. Pakc?, June H, 1M0. of Tuwr Ker >#*_ t'roftr Tm* U 'MO* (9 Mm'tfe -(bit of ?ir?V f" PaH'?Pcar ami CV?p Mm<wr? A Dhmr-r far .sixteen HrrakfatU-'Past of Troxi?SomfU* *f Cheap T.omH?A TmrTkrt?if\ Pit Pom. <:?U Jurojvmn (Vv and Us CiO~faOmr\m Trtp-~ Ae*j> (Wo- Tm .iim T.dnl. 4r , 4c An lh?f? ore probably many hundred:. if not thou Hand* of j our readers who are Intending to vied Europe during the coming mminrr, It li ?- occurred to me that a feu practical In relation to the rout of European travel and living, v th oom- practical vuggoot ions of latoroit to V'iro|*iaa travellers, might be worth) a plaee in your column*. A.- to the value, the almost Uecc It) , of a European tour, there is but one opinion In this advanecd age. Nothing <io"-> au AiuTio m w mudi jisul ?' a journey to and through Europe; nothing t. ad.- s.. much to " lake the k.aks ' oat of hitn and out of lus prejudices as H?cb a trip. lie leini? thai although we are a people, we are not the only people id the world, and he learn:- to Holier dowu .< I t tie b; - c.iger, fa.-t goa-headitlvenerwltU au adui vtare of tbe European quiet, regular, slow and ic w iv of doing things. Wb".o, in one instance, a European tour make: an Anioieau patriotic and less republican it sends a doaen home v. ,tb a stronger lore than ever for their native Lin A, and a tirtner (nth than e\er in the beue&i resulting troai our free and liberal iu.-tiiutK?u-, and a Uriner tuau ever iu our future greain. -* and glory as a nation. None but f-.uobs are spoiled or un> Americanized by European travel, and the?.- would bo polled and useless anywhere, and not w??rtb preserving. The advantage: r. suiting f-oui the tour need uo S]xsill'ation. A stock of informal,on is laid in, upon which draft.-may lie made through the whole of one's future life. Everybody should ruin" to Kurope who can aflurd it. Many an- deterred by a fiNe idea of the expense. uud It i is to remove thi- and to show how cheaply per* >iis emi see Europe that I intend to devote the principal (lortlon ot lbi? Irtser, while in another one I will give you Home I practical informal fun of bouo&t to persons who huro | plenty of money to spend. And flrM, as to tlu be-t tttno for v.siting Etirr>|,e. Fur all purpioes 1 should say. unhesitatingly, h thi* mouths of Majr and October Even fur travel in Italy, it is inucb pli isuitrr to tak" the spring and aUtuin i, or even the SlimmerBionthn. when the rmiuiry t" dr -i in it,-, richest garb, than in the 1\ :nt?T, which i? "tici there, an tins Inst one has been, i <M and dreary. If one intends to remain a whole year In Kurope, which every traveller who can spare the time and the money-hould ?tn, in order to aee it understand itigiy, he can so .arrange Ins travels le to see llie northern part in the rummer, and the south fn the winter; but If hick ol time or fund* require liim to limit hi> journey to six months, during which he may obtain a tolerably fair ideatrntn actual observation ut .all the principal ellies of Europe, I should say come in the spring and take till fall (or it. TT. ex|<ew=e oi' getting acre.-:, the Atlantic Is very oarily ascertained in any part of the I'nltc.i li isri s from H'M in the tlr-t cabins of the thmard steamers, to thirty dollars in the steerage ol the screw steam rs running to Liverpool Th" i*X|*<hv of living l/i Pars depends viit j lnu< li upotl th-? lentil of time one remain , here.nnd thr style in which one wishes to live. At n hrst clnfi- hotel, such a- th . Hf j. tel do Louvre, the cost oi a rootu and adtvud mee is at least live francs, er about a dollar u day while at the smaller hotels, which are quite as ooftitortalric, and a great deal If** noisy, as good accetum "luucus imj lie hud for three franca?about sixty cents. Tin*-' mb-nding to remaiu here n moutii, linwever, should, if they wi h to economise, immediately engage ruoiue whieli are let by the tii--ut li. Hie rent of rooms of cod rue varies with size and location, a handsomely famished and eligibly Jo cntod deeping apartment nny be ha<l ror a Ut>n'lr<-<1 francs, *iui pl.uty of Ui m not so elegantly, but comfirt lily turn; hod, for from forty to suty. In the Intiu Quarter, wloce mod of the m lnvil, In*, hiiiI art students live. good rooms m.iy bo had tor forty fruuen. in Uw., part of the city. sleeping room- at tin' top of tin- lion? nil in the rear may l>o hml for twent} francs a month. For a sufficiently Urge ml comfortably furnished room, ta tho tnort elevated uud lira.(by portion of )*arH. In the vicinity ot the I'an the,HI Mini the beautiful and SJWtowi garden ot the I.UXewhurf, 1 pay thirty Ave francs?about novel dollar* a month. A man. of course, in "nrh a city a? Paris, may breakfast and dine at any price he choose*. At a tics I elan* restaurant, such ie setwir',. lb*- Milson Due.-.,, oi l'lullippe s, where the dinner a a la carit. ? i(ii"d dinner, w ith a bottle of ran onMaiin. will rwl from live to ten franca. At the table d bote of the Hotel ,lu l/en r>\ the dinner with w me c.-sta no "a faiiarc, awl tl cm ?{ Um other llr?t c'aa* V>Ma live train Kxeetlent dinners, with * bottle ot am rWiaar/. may be had at s-verat restaurants for four franc-. and there are rtwrti id nw in lie IhUls Rayal, w here for three > and a half I anil two Iralic-, 1M| l? :c--l dtMMT, w nil w me. Even | a franc and a Id w 11, in ?. procure a fair dm uer. eon-let inn ofaoup, Iwodl dies of neat auddom.rt, and h ill n bet lie ?t wine. 1 dtttt'tally at a taolrd hotel frnpioqt e*l principally h? Ameriiwnincdsvd students, whore we get imp, an entree or Ush.p-lal" - and -wane oihrt vegetables, a rood. a salad, a (k*?rrl aud liall abotlb-of Miarfittb . fer.lhlrlj Ovc sowa. You can diiw. and a grata many poo pie wh? wear R,sat clothes all I Jl tmrr on the 1 Villi, vards i to dine here daily, for a jn-id a>'?l lr?!? tthin I tun. Thero ie a bill of fare of a restaurant .m the Hue dr Itiviilt, at which it is satd thr-e tli<ei*ttu<' perron* dine daily: ' Dinner for sixteen sou- A soup. two plubs, otic of which are i ay'-tables, a quarter bottle <4 wine, a dessert, and bread al discretion "tar a franc, a double quantity of vine ami torn dtbes of meal are (flVTW; and then are aevi ml *adi plnees as thus tn in Puris, which appear to he neat and etc in. and at which th" food neeina good MO wnnimim I cannot roti-r.euiKwi-i) *?) , n>.? * rr, that I ulieuld not b"*tta*e coendcrtbl) ! called f..r or eaunttge tu .me of the?e r^Uhlithn' iit*. I tin iw fond ol rata and dog-, but I dim t like the in flawed or haahed. hike dinner*, brent fart* way l>c *"* at all price* barFuf nrwlrwic- an cvcellefat de/for* I* f?tK"", w itli wilie, tnav be olil 1 t.*d, ti i'l a f.ili 1* tw nty III wio- At th' Qriwrir-. whom the majority of-indent* antl |?->|4e wlm ? <nl to live . bei?ply liroakfn.-t. a large |M? ; . I colli** c>r*t- four mm*, at?l tlii-. with .1 roll, which ro?L< another, ron-titnt.-? th" tw tn tl of many u rt.i.l.-nt who ba> a day'* *tudy him, and alio cot* nothing more tilt dtmter. an t of tnsi v v gri-ette. who hn.* hard Aiv* ? on, or book titrhtait, or flow:. r m .VitiK to do. A t> !-u ti. may hnd it tli**" pit- ? fur eight - .hi-., am) .1 r. > u |>t * * f**r Sve. *. tluit not a IkoI breiWt.u>t cut be made fir iroin too ten t? t fromWitbt!i<-?f.tctal>.-fVirc! :* vry * t?y to .*? for h'?w little n in in enn live in Part*. I -now .1 no Heal man * k<> came U.*re and ?tu died a J "tr. and pur.'.n-el mrd. tl mMrtiiu tit-. wh"-o eutue op-n*. lor the iitne, tiKludiUg )m l>.p-ag>- acr ? a th Mfct iii> both w ty*. and Including the iu*tr<imrntr, were but * it bumlr. l dollar*; ami 1 know a ate. t*al wh?i 1* U\ nut here now, a1 J ?t nly Ins ui.'ilieitie at the rate of tn > hiitidr-'tl dollar .1 Will I will t tko tie- r- -i*u. ibihty of a- uriug j.. ir r -.thr* thnt Ui lew n. l tli<* liiftit. ?t .infi nity, but th.t on the. c.a.trory every fieility 1* a?trdcd lor their *1- nJing a* much un .re they iike. Now . In r>* tr! to lMir>M*<wn travel, five dollar* ihiv will rover uny re 1.-'liable 111 to'-* legitimate expoii- ami it nw> b<* don* |..r ni'ieb l> 1 kn or a gentleman yln?. ..v*t vwir. travel! d through Franc<i rmnriy, Ru- 11 H'Haul, IVnnitrl. N rw.v, Sweden aid tb<* norther., fart of Italy, b- 111;* tlve month *1 an evo*n?.* of MUO He m;> that lie .1lw.1v* Hopped at the h"*t h*it'*I* fo>it "tl tng at th* in. Iwnrvrf), and oil bo il* olway* tnivolle*! tl?*t rl?*>. In tlie rail.'Ar* lie nlway iravalhd ? < .Mid and third claw* , aid ei I in) olio* toy walking lintrel of riding. by living a' m ap r ttnrante. ind not tilowi i?' hlnwelf t? |m> wind).*!. A fri- n.l of mine |u*t rctur* *.l Irom a lour thro ch Italy an I Ocraaity. whi h nctinin.*.! lit) finir day- ha* linii?.*d htr expeweatotwelr fra* ', lt*?? than two dollar* and a half a .lay, and Hay- ha mil alone without any diflhutlty. Anoth.-r ? ntletmin j i-t ro turned from a trip ha- tieea ah- At from l'? .* right) ate tlay*. I t. r*[iensc luving h *n twelve 1. n dred and tw ut y trail.'*, or a hoot thr.*. dollar* a day He bit to en m* tile route he trai elt-il,and the r.?t m tr n * ' fwirtatioii. wile h t give y "i to sh.iw how little it tn : *.*> ?o natnv of the 1 it.< - ot Kom|v. V'rem Part* t? T in, I third t la-*. Stat) nth" fram-i i\ *uim; Turin tot!" m, *ertmd rlt--. eleven franc* twelve -.0*. IIiMioa ta \.t,. t and return rh * aue huudr i utd tw ..'y ei n fr o.. ?"fonrt '. n - op; ! -ghorn t> Hoi-oi 0, - . ml ?bt.*a, *:\franc* ten t i? \ ipl. - to Pomp it iu.d r?t., >i, econd rU??, til ftran. -, fTvita V>* - hi t to It-'in t clnoa. *1* fmno. tlenoa to Milan ntvond chuw Ihtrlt 11 frant? thirteen >'!?; M Ian to CVuiio and return, tb rl rla??. file fram < M 'alt to V'moa. Ue* thin 1 frari 1? mill wni<. Verona tn Vettk*. teeon.l . U--,e . v -u 1 fr?uc? twelve *"o, Veuitic to Tn te by boat. * n. I cUt-*, fourteen fr.itie-. trie to to Vl uma, -eeond ?. *? 1..0. rr .1. - I'b nil . to I'en 111. f tl in I , , a. ntv tv In |fc?lmbarh, thirl rl??. ven frat.<, Si! o h? h (? Urw ! ! mi iMMt. *ocun<l i-Iim, two fri 4 : i mm*. Jtrr-.lori In IVtI.ii ih.rd eluw, <*! **. n fr,wi 4, II ''11 lol'olocrip Ikim clnM, iurlJ4IMIhilK* (VKm I'l R ' I! on I ho Klniir. ihtr.t cUa*. 0110 tr.inr four < m. >V n In tfiyrncr, out r!*?- *it fr.uv* ?IV- 1 :? M?ypni'"> to>?rt "i th- Men', third cli-* ri my, cm" trnrr wren wm- Fran flirt V* ll-vli*. bar*. ?<-<-on.l alt fr-inr* ?(t < ??, H- ' it* to I t dm, third rVi??. four f, <nr- IVI-fi |. "tr^loirv. 4o.-ond ' cla-i-, thm0 an! !hr inhnrr hirlt ?> l'?ti?, ' rt?NF. tl?trt> fr?n-- fwr'vr aon1? imktftff n Vnt of S.FM mil'*. an.I jjl*|or K ^ t ? ?f ? .,. prtn.'ifni r*K * *f Kiir"|v? for the ? im of f "ir h'tn ' I m<I flfly ninr f < tnd hyi ikvik? kImiui two Mknt>4ir ? nml napM!*'** j tax;. 'rwMion M> frlorid ncon<>?ni?.?t In wvw atopjiMm ? h iti'In any Imf r Ihvi wa- nr. ?-mryr to rwnbM h:m t. pntr??? |?rl'"to lo'Uw** ? >'' b? travntliB* third nbtna li tormanjr. wl>?'r? vor? n'pi. inhi pnn^tp .vnl b-m t.nirirt* tran-l in ?h < maniwr It wraa ?No trav-ilinr n r-ti jmnt With* piCty of thrrr ntliT', which nondrrw n<r -??rv hm V hiro. 1 itaitta* in piHf-'. Ik roanldmt My |pu tiimi tb<>y vmiIiI h<> to a pnr? ? iratrrlltag ihw" It fiorman. they nv mlv f.? ? a .1 prinow trtrrl tlr I ehnr. ami anytr' re 00 tin .11' .1 am ml olo?4 ?ar art roml tt tub" .o-d nil on ?mti for any ! -m ? at t? iran i In *?i tw nt ? !>t to t-aircl ohmtpljr on. tbmti4 tftkr no m <r? lie w than ran ho rsrriod in h? ha.'"1. *> -at tV-<. 01 .u rillwtyt all rim m rhtrc>| for ai.ot. 1 mil itjr brine allowed 00 anjr of u>< r.ia l> i I i- tjacl. 1 tnp a 1 am short;/ inte'idinj ?i m*k??? p>ict SUNDAY, JULY *1, I860. tr.*n tour of a month through ;*irii7.erUn<l?may be to>te | !? > atw>ut tlx fr-iiv*, or a d.vLar and a quarter a day Liv tug is cheaper in Florence than (ui> other city of iU si*' | in Europe Here Ixlgiag rwm ui.ii be had for a tram- a j day, and good dinners fur tw o frnno Rome U oouipara j lively high, w hilw souie of the email towns ui Gcrmtajr at. very cheap, *> is also Uru.?, Is and Other low na in Belgium I'l rsotr- desirous of coming to Eurois- ran figure out from tb< facte I have given above the minimum "i tlcir expenses?ginn form a tolerable idea of how tluaplv they ran do the triji J do u.u hesitate to say Uut a year may | be spent b\ those who choose to eenmonuae, from tlie . time of departure from America until the return, and til the principal (Title* of Europe seen, for a thousand Mlar1, and )<erhay?ovcn lets; and one who has the time and the | iiiofi'-y I" ?-|wre eaniMit well male a better investment of culler. In another letter 1 shall give you some items of the cost to lainilirs of living and travel in Kurojie. Poor Old Tammany. Sml muft be the reflection of old devotee* of tune-honored Ttnunany to ace, one by one, her lights giving forth such flickering beams, or occasionally going out en tireli. nud the others, either through want of proper nu : rity t-f the gas, or the oil, or the wiok, or from having ' been too often trimmed w ith dirty snuffers, sending forth such a sickly non-committal radiance that they are bardi. better than no light* at all. Doubly hod la it to j compare th>' character of her present loaders with those ! of her pa st councillors. Days tliere were, and not . very long aetA whoa such men as Stephen Al len, John>w, Preserved Fish, WalUc Bowne, David Bank-, and others of equal position, were rulers in the Old Wigwam?rulers, because, while ' respected by all, they exercised their Influence with wisdom and moderation?an influecee founded m , the confidence of tlicir fellow democrats. There was nn diagram tu being the followers of such leaders, and the \ privates fell into the ranks to do duty without a mur| tnur, to the place assigned him. Ixunocrstlc successes ! followed democratic nominal ion* aa regularly aa the al 1 t. rations of the aeasoos. Whether the principles promulgated as democratic were or were not founded on justice, they were at least believed to be so founded, and the rank and file, strong ia their faith, and all the prescribed forms of faith, went forth conquering and to conquer. The Strang notions prevailed then that ottlees are trusts for\^ good of tto whole, not tor the emolumeiA ut the few. When the elder* sat round the family tabic to distribute the loaves and d-hes that were to be divided among the hungry, each one was saii.-tied w ith lit? allotted share, or If thero were icc.i.aion.vl small grumblings they were soon satisfied by a bite of ill uext cake that was to come to hand. Grace was generally serve-! by Tliaddcu* lTndps, who had a marvellous faculty of o.premtng his thankfulness* by nn unctions delivery of imprecations, which,as erery one under it ood, were to lie read backwards. But, as it is recorded of him, his swearing was a good deal like Benjamin F. Butler's prayers?neither of them meant anything by it. And so the leaders of those days met and consulted, and received and divided the spoils, and all were impartially crammed and satin fled. Of these HQ'Hi it may at least be said that their political etandmg and influence were but the results of their pueition as men of character among their fellow citizens, men to whom honor* and oflicua could give ho additional weight of character, aud U U iudioroue, but intra and than ludicroia, to look upon those who assume la Wad io Uroir footstep . Oiflco seekers by trade, spoilsmen reared and nurturad, defaulters and their aiders and abettors, and apologists of defliulWrs, alioulder kitWs and rowdies, aud Willi a sprinkling of the honest old dorotees of Tammany, who. iu rpMo af every evidence to tba omtrnry, have still a lingering ftoih in the inf.ilii.ilily of the old tcui)>ie, and Uio good Intentions of ib miaUtesmg prltsrt*? Uieae form the groups that now gather at the Wd Wigwam. Aud it is from the orcajrtaoal nreaenea of a Sew una of this latter Class there still lingers an appensaaoe of vitality in the old temple. The necessity la deep!) felt. Umi with the evidently fast declining powers of latumany the Counsel* of met of experience must be called in to pro crastinataat least, If they cannot prevent, the Impending doom, lo bury U*< whole concern hi a grave from which there will be no resurrection. The doctors were called In on Tuesday night, on a most momentous consultation in relation to the present pwitem of ilie patient. >'or on the question ot the regularity of tin rwvat ITtsiideutial nomtnataxia, many an anxious gvntiuinau occupies itie delicate pe.iti.ui of sitting on the fence, n?t knowing on which aide to jump. Wat per* I venture he should War lit* inexpressibles in the operation, or laud in unsafe and luirv gr.etnd. Tin- old War Horse, Cor once id hut life, looked pale,as be alighted from hi* ?oe horse b?' rnuche, uad his customary disking of the n<ad a.vim-4 I ominoos or more than usual doubt as h- wended hw wcarjr way So the Goal Bate, which, ill up by a Mhlc.-ring | gat light, gave evldencn ot the aamu d.irkuew visible I which was men tally fell by the small inu thero fathering together. His grief war too apparent for cooI realiaetil; every jeiblic uiflc in the city ha t one or more I 01 uwnoaa aau vesturea eiiwiua u|?u 11 lor u?e puuuc I good,the federal olllces were equally favored, aud to de lenutne brtvi ceu Douglas and Brock Inrldge was only to I war ufioo Uw own Interests. The moment W*? uoe thr t most critical ui the political history of the old War llorsc. i Kailier Mills, who Ioul voted for ever/ dtraisaoilo ?1 mbustrntioc mure the party existed, Rare an encouraging wwrd?the best wider the circumstances he could givo? *.'i.Tiii* that all wa* hot entirely lost wUlcli the gallant Rytuh r* received with the reply, " No, Charley, for we are b.wh in office until the 4th of March neat." The County Cli rk and the ex County Cleric, and the two excontractor* tor ria turnery at Washington, came also, followed by a trail of tioneat democrat* frum the ol<l ' Math a aril, who broke In upon the pervading alkltnea* with 1 Irani i. cheer* for the Utile (liant, and a call Tor adjournment to the large ball. Cmucleutaou* general commIttee men made anxious muinn for poaitive information a* to who wax, in reality, the regularly nominated can didate, iMigkui or Brocklartdgo, for upon that Information hung tremblingly thr vote a they were abort to rive. An innocent innnWi, on hi* way up stair*, let fall the ! name ot Breckinridge, on mention of which be wan let fall over the hamsters into the arm bonoaath An un; fortunate elderly gentleman, for having dared to quotum the atrrnic'.b ul Doug lax, was made to fool the Irength of .-mo-body'? right arm, and b d>ubtod un . nmre. In the large room litem were knots of anxious i politician* gii'iijied log"lher di*cii"-sug the cbauc* of (teigU*. which, by unanimous consent, were oonfemed to ; be almii-t dc-penile. each vainly hoping to Invent Suing j marveikxM combination of circiuustauces wbieh could j ri-ouU to hi* advantage; while it wa* equally eonfiwsod that the c.h u* of D'Uglas in the North would ie only uflk unt to ,-ive the elictnai to Lincoln. Tlie Ciiy luejevlor wa* sound on two |ioii)U?-iann i sire, is and the regular noiaiimtiur?audit * a* admitted i that if the latter lia.l been as well attended to .is the I former all doubt* and misgiving* would end. "All wi ll i ta ugli," Ktxl tin War Utev'\ "but who 1* th regular ; candidate.' having an eye to the retcultoa of the j , *|-nU atiHUig tli? pnigg War Horse ov inborn of the j fimiiy. The City liifpintor was r wdy with hi* - reply, and r- miiared the |>rc?eut case with thai of Ibid, when Hie seceding |iarty from the Convention met at Uuf faki and nominated Martin Van Baron, thereby pr.'i l ilting thr ek < tmn of Men. (Ms* This rx|4anulu>u secuo-d anVMfaclory in pari ti> the War Horse, who. soemi.igiy animated with new life, promised three cheer* for Houxias. father Kennedy wo* moving about with lit* usual activity, exhibiting a string of resolutions winch befell ronddeni would erure the State to HcmglM by 40,000 mv*lty Uul thii est in,ate was entirely loo small for the County Clerk. whii i would not listeu to a majority leas thou ,M)000, and as a , double assurance of that result, ho pledged him-.df that no bolter ticket should hod admittance in thu Sixth ward. As a proof of hi* enthusiasm and devotion to lkni f las. he refr shed himsoll I* cicuonaltv bv the 11X of a white handkerchief, i>u which the image of 1>>ivtcl.w? wm I in#cril?d. deeply imprinted therein in red. which wa* Interpreted by the knowing uom a- ro 'Vicing war u> the knife The I. ?th?child of New York, who hi 1 vnilo I the room, null) to tind out tb<' geurtal ncntwuoal. mil |A px|w?wp it when .louut out, ?rn ni'ich exercised 1 Id lb;* pursuit of kuowMgc uu ler iliiQunltica. "(ientle men." ani l he,' Ikmglaii m a very flue mm. Breckinridge j tan T'-ry lino man. I like Iknigl in, I like Breckinridge. It ftonglaa m the regular candidate, I am for IV?i if Br whtnri i, > n the regular candidate, I ro for Itrwckin ridge." aiiil with ihla Iniaiuou* nnd accowtno latmg eg pr rpHja ot teutiuienl )v ?u allo*n| to d-part Af meet of Hip i"oiwmHl'i> U cooip>?.'d ofi all. - holder#, Pitlicf an |>'l|?l" or subordinate*. th? latter tuvd no alternative but to obey the orders l their superiors or j go out of office. aad if the i#>or dogdadaai* shouted I king I us. who bbiM Ibi m * fh< ir bond w v< it rtairp?tboir \.>lc?* wer* nlr?ndy bought. They had l?u ouo tun" to ring, ami thny worn not even allow >d to whistle th? variation# llut with the poor Custom House employe*. whoso ivhli"* wore for Ikugtaa, but w hoa* vole# ih.n way would be their death Weriint*. the case war ono of -real riigtrens," wot l<> bo cured by any newly int'UPd politani nostrum. V (Innately lor nun-i of tivni, there war a bark suir, of which they did not lie* I late to avail th?m#'lve* Poor Fowler w ir mitftftl, not merely for htr aitvhe and bir word* of omtifort, equally pi'U-atlal with word* which b.> wa* wont to dispen*# I at )>,? own ?iet <w, what I* the ?ai? thing. at the i<et of tlie government, from the water* if the growl r-ir tiy lehiO'i th? bar The late Corporation Attorney. and expectant i totnpUxdlrr, wb?- scent after th spoil* w?* *,? proverbially kooii.wan aian at?eut. bo log abroa I en a tour of tal? arure There, however, waa the Senator to ? ,ea? tiirtaiaui name < f Kichard luu bees prolix# 1 th# < oQMful cegtiornen of "Slippery"?for what rtsnon.a poll- , tic ana ran be*t Imagine?but who, it is kuown. h i* al 1 i way# had a Judicious aye for tba smoothed all ling pia -e*. B it the principal topic ?f iii?u ?|oo war the eft.-ot which the cotiDrmallon of Do iglut by Tarn many would have on the M r.trt H.ill organination; and it wan lueon titeni y minded that W id, being eotn'ielled In follow ttie dirMwol Tammany, that wo nd b? th- iart of him. 1 h? follower*. Mo/art ll?!t,nudaveryihingcjoti"oted with 1 It. Una mmmary mode of despatching huain. .** w i* l <<? urred In by all, wbrrMI there was nt< Ii if tlwt pit' eofmM whhdi g??r.i folk* iu tht* w rld and ? uat? a the m xtare rakl p> leel. 9f W?. of the Burton /'od, imae n;orag nl #hare of pair lot io, and it wa* cor# dered a burning *in and a ?h troe ,n him t > * ipp>rt Hfivkinridgn, aa he lutd all hi* hf? been en)ojrmg the i dripping* from the trewtury, ai. I grow. fat and ! witty tberedb A.* a ret ?ff to t!ie?e Imoutatlon* upoa p-wr OfMM, the lietter rood out of the rrirtuotM f'or n?y wa# placml in redeeming etuol. lie bad c >tn- out openly for Doogla*. like a single mind-xi Individ :al aa br war. and doobtlww witli m-tp-r luck U?t* time than uitv Itji hanan. who would not give htm what he wool! be rure to get under Itoujcl*#?a mil in the Cnbtm I But there wa# one thing which caat a over Ibi* otherwise harmemeua gathering?the simple, but da*, aad qnestxM, whore ar? the f un 1* to imtp.. from in carry > , the light* ""The Department of Repairs ami Bupplie#,'' I twually riemeninatod the CnMom Hon**, might a# well be la the hnada of Hie rqqwentt >n. Not oeo cent roald be eg | jwtod ft cat thai qiaftcr, for II waa (qrVuu that Bu&baa ? __ a, ImrtlM auto as he was, would require all the patron age of the government. in the form of contribution*, is h?Of of the eteciow of nmkinrtdg* It ww* the ma Mr mw, ud im llttie earnings of many of tbo county odhu re were already appropriated to aea bathing nxcur tons, and Use entertainment of distinguished gueet? from abroad. but the assurance tluvl the Lin In fund might be drawn on reaoimalod their drooping spirit*. Tha forms ot organ'ration were of course gone through wito. ax everything had lex-n prt-irrnngud Tti- *e~>lu tious of Kr Kenned)- were pa >.-d with llUlc opposition, the whole concern having hron untli-r the c?>utr>I <?f iHBce holders, who catne tin re U) transact put that kind of hen neee, and who thoroughly understood the way to do it Kx ovmher of Onngriwa tVheeler ventured to lift his voice In behalf or Hrecklnridge, but it was in rain; and before it cnae to a vow he was among the muwing And thus ended the Urrt scene of the farce calb-! " Played Ou< " Oilier aceien will be repress uU<d betwevuno* ui.t the horembee election, and the attempt may be made to get up new areoery and decoration*, and new words * t to old tunes will he produced to exhibit the harmony of in- piformers: and there i? a talk of a new wardrobe but the deficit in the troaunry seems to farbid it. and liefore the farec w halfovw we tenture to predict that the acoue hiftera will leave for Dou-|w?ym>-at of their salaries. The Trlegraphlr Operators. TO TUB FDITOK Of Till: UKKALI). As the ooutroverev Mwmii Ilin Ainwiran Telcrrmih I Compaav and the press axaumeu tangible shape, the employes of the telegraph deem It not no inappropriate time to acquaint the telegraphic public w ith the system of "hard work and poor pay" to which they (the operator?) are subjected. About the time of the conaoiidAtion it wtl strongly intimated that thereafter nothing but operators of the Bret class were to be employed, and that the compensation should be increased and better inducements held out for the prompt, faithful and accurate discharge of the duty which daily devolves upon them. It is a a in controvertible hut thai telegraph operators do m mai lt, ' If not more labor, And have mere re*)Mitu?ihtlily reeling upon them, than any other similar clues of iudividtMui. When, therefore, K is considered that their pay Is most ; Elevousdy poor, and that their prospect lor advancement the routine of business Is not in keeping with the ordinary pursuits of life, it is a marvel that the telegraph U rendered the effective medium for cotamuaicatinn that 1 it Is. The probrioticy to which the telegraph has beec I extended, and the uses for which it been employed, j proceed from the nble monagem nt of its officers 1 than from the skill and efficiency of it.- operatives. Since the day of Ihe consolidation, however, their compensation has not only not lex-u increased, but. on the contrary, the system of extra service, which in i incisure existed ts-fore, has been iliuitilishM Thi- i- hut .mother illustration of the greediness which pervades a portion of . the telegraph owners, and which, i p-no-ded ?n, will | drive their employes to seek safet in a protective elation. Since the working of the (irst line of telegraph in this country, until about live years ago, the notary of operator* remained at u fixed standard. At that tlm. the j Ftauilard was advanced nitout ten |K-r centum. Wti'-u it : is underutood that the telegraphic business he Increased as lunch as fou;fold withhi that period,aud tl. it the opera- ' ore of to day bear nbotit the sun" ratio to "kill und rapidity to those of the ttrst period a the amount of 1 bus ices.-" of the two dates boar to each other, the cor.sola tion which operators derive froin the reflection i." ve r>* i ' meagre indeed. feiejrrnpher* also, in furnishing to ! the press the very latest available new , have as ; much labor to perform alter usual hurme.t hours, up to midnight, and even later, as te commonly done in j ordinary busmen* pursuits during th? day. lor this tier j Vice the American Telegraj>h Company jsay no extra compensation, and instances, can be cited where operators were detained in steady employment until six o'clock A. M . and nnt unfronuentlv nut.I four, without ricelviiia one cent in addition to their state! salary from the company. Ia thsar cases operators are and have always been Indebted solely to the liberality bf tli? jircs? of New York, who Crrously respond to .m> c.ili fur extra service when ? in their behalf. To thi- friendly ; ,>lri?, evinced by the press toward them, can he partially attributed tho tact ol the faithtulueus and promptitude of the reception and transmission of |ireiw report* both sjiocial nod k-upral. Very little good feeling exists between the managers of telegraphs and their employes, from the simple tact that the managers aeem more iuteut u|?>n making twenty or thirty per cent per asuum upon an d captul" than of desiring the gsod will of thiur employes, or of manifesting for a moment any interest in their welfare, prosperity and lmppiuess. It Is to be hoped, however, that the managers will eventually take means to compcn ate operator* in acoonUiioe with their ability, and thus enable them to perform their duly satisfactorily, not only to the managers of the linos but, to theuuoivtw, and I he public at large. EhlflUTBIC, N?w You, June 23,1360. Diabolical Acta of a Wrgro Manic Teacher la Hew Orleau. ("From the New Ortron* Bee. June V> ] One of the moet disgusting evidences of the depths to which humaoity can sink has come to tigtil within our own city, and we could not be Induced to give publication to it in our column* If we did not consider it our duty to place the community ou their guard, and point the moral it aflbrdt. There w a burly, mahogany colored free negro, about My years of age, Thomas J. , Martin, a fellow of usprlocl|>ted lio-ntioasncs-. but poe- ] scenting some education and a remarkably glib tongue, w ho has been passing himself off as a professor of music, and ia thin capacity ban bom admitted into the houses of many respectable families to give musical instruction to : young ladies. By some strange and unnatural (tower of ^ fascination he has succeeded in a number of instances in Reducing and debauching bis pupils, and bringing them and their families to the lowest depths of humiliation m consequence. Kor fifteen years he has carried on this ' scoundrelism with impamty, well knowing that his vie- 1 niu juiu uteir reunions wouiu iifvw itare vo vxi?j?e tneir , degradation by giving ttim uo to lusltoe. j Peroral years mnce lis ?u stnpicyod in a highly r? si>ec table family |o give tumoral Instruction to a young . lady of amiable character and duo .'ducation. who wax j aimoM i'kWterd by her parents, and generally esteem-d by ail who know Iter for In* goodness of heart and guileloaeneaa. With good musical taste and a fondue** for the 1 piano, the used to keik forward with pleasure to her lee J sows. Mart** wmtormly r?nsctfal maimer aud pattern " method ?f instruction woo for him the pood opinion of , the kkH parents, who allowed him to be alone with her j IreqoenUy daring her U ssous. He had a way of tatclmt alight thintllaritka which appeared to be quite innocent and accidental to Ui<- girl, until, aa ahe became aocua- 1 tomed I* what Ae considered his rospoctrul site twin, ahe did aot become alarmed at tbe gradual Increase of his ) liberttm. purttcularii aa ebe in her iuttorenee had no Idea of UK" terrible etVrt it might prod we in some unguarded moment. True enough, cm unfortunate ilay her ' passion, i.ntil thenes.r dormant, wullcd over for an In ctaat, and the black villain, seizing hu op^ ttunny, out , raged tbe young My while she an* tacupabic of ruslat- t ani-e. How bitterly and rainly aha repined afterward ran only be ccucrivrd, ?- sh< bad been pure in heart I ill theu and her moral pri: ipl. s were too tirmly nnpUuted in | her heart, to permit of ber foil"wing the course so many ? oilier* hare unhappily taken, mid throwing herself uimxi 3 a life of di gradation. While concealing her shame from ' her |wri-nU. ehe got ih"ui to dinharg?9 Martin, tliuduug , thereby to g?t rid of him former. ]n this she did not ' understand his disbol* .d daring. I'or month-.- he an- I noyrd her. and once, driven U- the verge of terror by his I threats i f expo 'irv, *!? even granted butt another inter 1 view At ticl he could slant this no longer, and determined Pi tly alon-- from lht city and endeavor to earn J an humsI living, where -b* w -old not be kept in a con > start tremor by Ins *ud.? ty, for site had acquired a per \ feet abhorrence of bis sight. After she made all her preparations for escape, they were discovered by her |wreiil*, mid when besought by I litem In tears to explain her ?tr nge comb t, she throw J herttell upoti her mother a hri on and f >aleased all. The , desolation of Uisl lutppy home is tesi icred to lourh | upon. Sulllee it to say lhal the (leS|S'rite father w i- only i prrviuitnd from nt once s<*-kiiig Martin and *lsj ing him ' on the spot bj the ronlinoe-1 pleading of hw wi.e and daughter, and by the uonrlctlou s -i>-h an a i would | ittrt Itably cause the pubic ex|*wurv of tl. r sham H- J routeute<i himself w itli ti -hleuing the hi. k wretch trout ; ever troubling >ny of them again IK?.1 - ....... ..... U...I... ........... I . U J ... I M V.. ?"??" r-" ? n. ? e., nimw u<- . wae tsb*> tr.uhing tuuei .nd w ho beoun -n mf itiub-l ,n J t<> cael amde virtue, d.s n< > and every homo lie on bin I kCcMttl. Ci.uc, uiitnblo a* U in if appear, ?hc In 4 girl t of gn it beaut) .ind good ert.i it,on, wlm h** b'^fl cure- ' fuily reared. Hit trlilinrnl tuuthcr, almost distracted J and heart broken, first with Martm to give b<*r ( b;u k her laughter, ami Utrii tlireitcn-d h m v th the t vetigcaMn of Ui" law. fearlltg rtw might l>.i;otne drvpe t r ito jii.i1 t'Xivit her i xpremci! tntntlon, Martin at t>'in) t.i 1 hi prevent her by fwuriru that lie would inur?W In r and bum l?rr Looae down if ehe ever wliL-jured Rhout turn Mr> S. wont on Saturday tn * lawyer to consult him In j regard to bringing tliia villain to puni linnet !I"advisod , tier to iiuOti'ao auhlavit a^nori licit | ir thraaia,a? alw i cwild i.ut effoet an) thing on a > liargr of seduction. an the c daughter *> nl I !o i,| in her e t l I . J < Mr*. H. nuuU Uw Kltldarlt an advised. at thr,?e o'clock J** tnr.lav evening, against M-irtin. Hwrnrdcr Emerum Issued a w arrant for hi* arrwl. and nflleer* Qurr an.l Kearney aw re, led In apprehending hltn ^te aarne night. He ut ' now locked up in the Flr. t Pistrtet jmli< e station, where he niamlalna us it. h wtndent nn air .i? If be gloried in tua I villainy. If there iwmid ever be an excuse for lytirh Uw H.wmtid be in applyttur it In kk Ii a case a* thia. wbteh the law of the land cannot meet the moral tliia aad atory a Horde to parent*. and lathed hi all who tolerate tie rolori-d rnee nlMive tlietr *t>h*re, I* fno evident to require U distinct etatemei.t rnun ua liert A M'unttur Rnv-iwra ?The Singapore Jmm*?' of ft** I aier*of Aiwll C"t, say* ?We read tu the China pajr-r-' of the l art?fur Uicprewnt?ef the It tent ihe notortmi* Eli Hogg*, a pirate, wlnws e?r.*T of crime ha* been somewhat remtrk ' able i>? occurring at th* present day. We cannot underrlaml hv wli.ti nivrterioiie influence the rtrtrt eon rue of Justice >iaa been set aside In the present eaae. Tht* only do we know, thai nothing short of the ahaotnte merit* of the case would have enabled the ttritiah government to 4 procure from the American one the h?edoM of f>o com plete a criminal. Ell Bogg* rune .irun in a.nerlea, and once egaln afloat, the world may yet hear of htm <am? where else Tlio China Ckhmirlr, r>r Aj it 12. aays ? Kit Hogg*, the notorious Yankee ptrne, whoae late 1 career is well known to our ren ters, and who waa sentenced to imprtroiimont for life. In lieu of hanging, flnr murder, raj -ne and violence, t* h> be liberated. Hm free. 1 d?m lut* heen obtained through the Intereewsion of the i Amerti in Onnmd. He will he sent to America by the drrt 1 ship the ijitnm of which la willing hi take him One, we are Md, deelined the honor of accepting an worthy a ima- nger, It I* said Dial illness bar greatly borne him I down, and it waa expected lie would not h ive lived another IX Tinuiths if kept in prison H* will donbtlewe have be come a hero immediately he put* a foot no American oil. We wonder what orfk-e * ill boootne vacant on hi* arrival. The twelve million* demaaded for fori fl. at on* tn Great Britain i* thue apportioned ? ?2,*00 <Xtt f>r IVirismoiith , and th !?|e of Wight. t3.CW0.(?*? for Pty*nnth, A7M.OOO | for 1-eml r.dte, tr*tO Ono for IVirtland, tlV) IO0 (or the Thamee. ?4*0.000 for the Mil way and ."dieertiee*. ?tJH, Iono for (Wham, froo 000 for Woolwich, OOO O)0 for Hover, and ?1.1.000 for (inek Th' armament of these work they e?t tutu at 4W0,U00, and add 11,000,000 fur Ooatuig defrncra. i Flte A<cM?a( to (kt Brvvkl/a JUmUmt * Mule. ptKTiiiut r 4imcrL4*??oonmtion or run voonds*. We are eoabled to place before our rollers further pwr leuiar* of the accident which liAjijxu^f to the Hruoklga Iradetn/ of Wu-mc oo Friday afWraoon, r'"1 ?u?co ?n rwy u??r lertiuuaUof fatoU? to Mime of the MTMHlb. / ' A the bv1li?1m> t 1 us uot been injured to the extent toot woe lot drat asp joaed, yet it presents a Tt*y ruinous ai>i>i*i *nce who* rtewed from the interior. The whole of lUe mow buM ug is tilled with the renti.ns of the roof, toe hag* i at bees which composed the tresses ore If ag in a mMh. * >eing almost red need by the force o( toe Call to opitclero. [he thick iroo tx>lu on<l bars, which held the rtrioiM leye-- of timber together, were bent on! twisted bka jtoces of wire, and it is a great wouder that a auiabor of Jres were not instantly lost. M A meeting o< the directors was held at the res,deoce of the Secretary, Dr. Hull, on Friday evtonng, for the pur oowe of usccrtaimns as far as txe-iibla tha amauni t lanmgc the building sustained, and to find out haw loaf the progress of th>' erecltoo would be ?top]?*l Upou examination it was found uiat the damagu v? much tee< than supposed, and would nut exceed 4,00?? h" ,000 for damage to roof and $1,000 for mason work. It a as further fbuud that the umIU wera not injured to a t rery great extent, and would not require rebuilding, lb* ' large stone arch which m over the stage is uninjured, and served to save the walls about it by supporting soma of the heaviest of the falling b< tuaHie wofVou the building will be continued ia two er three woeha, as soon as ttw- rubbish has been removed uid some of tin- beam* reset. A strong rw? has be?u erected around the building M is to prevent persons from passing, for foar of their being injured by some of the loose br ick->, a portion ol boards ind ether things that are la launhient danger <r fjdiiag. fwo policr'tueu have also been detailed to stay about the building au<l see that uo one goes too near, uat;! such Me the loose beams shall be secured. Among some of those who had very narrow i-soai-ee from instant ties (.ruction were two of tba tneti who attended on the derrick. They heard the datum roiling of the thunder, and fvariug tiie coming storm ? tliooght it would Ik* prudent to desoeu 1 from their elevatad position to a place of safety. They had hardly reached . the ground when the crash came, and the place when the) liad stood n.v buried in the ruins. They have eeagw eat-on to feel thankful to ITuvtdouce for their almi j> miraculous deliverance from iustaut death. TIIK WUVSMD wse been taken care of by I>r Hull, the Secretary of the ;<>inpany, and he reports them all out of danger with tla xccplkio of Mr. fumpaon, one of the riggers but lh? Dwcsr think- that with a little care auil lime he will be ad ight again. 11 ie iiioM aeriously Injured. next to Mr. dfrapaoa, is Mr. kVyniui, wlio it was at brst thought was t.itally wouadsl* but upon exatiuiiMtsju his injuries proved to be, it though eevere, not of a dangerous character. Mr Wjri in beattd two dlreelaeeof the Academy, and has at , ill limes manifested great interest in Us erection. He ie me ot the most highly esteemed citizens of Brooklyn, and His name is counceted with nearly all the charitable institution* and improvements of Uiat city. It will be highly (rvtuyuig to his numerous friends to know that bu uuurie.-, t lough severe, will not keep him long confined to aid uouse. A Bomb Srvnu to Dkath ?An occurrence of a very rd- , markalile character, says the Frederick, Md. Kraminer, look place at the residence of William B Doraey, Ksq-, u l/rbana district, on the 8th inst. It appears that the iter. John.1'. Hall, of the Frederick circuit of the Metlsaliet Episcopal church, called at Mr Donwy'r, and leaning that he was on another part of tin- farm, dismounted. Hitched his horse to the tencc and Marled on foot to hod. Mr. Horsey. On the inside of the fonce, where his horw nnn MIMUVW, *tiw li nwiu " hit- tn>r-, mill aurn*|( Wt Hall's absence the box attacked the tmrso fariouatjr. Unfortunately the beiul lialter w as new and strong aai the effort* of the tortured to disengage himself acre frultiM*. At length a servant boy, vailed ao4 tloved, wna sent with a knii'r to cut the bitching strap, aut wlwu lie c?ine to the rescue lie found the liorae mouth wide r?|w>n and filled with bee?, which literally tuns him to death. Violent inflammation ensued and Ik* your bea t died ol suffocation during the d.?y. The ham ??. a value Tile one, for which Mr Hall bad rerootly |*M ? hundred and fifty dollar* 8rtnp?thlring with a km ulnch the young clergyman is illy able to bear, awfeicrtptiou was started In thu lU'ighboi hood for Vo reodC ooimummok* to rmt Pctfiirriu ?Hiic.tgo ha* morlVmted nearly eight timusaad dollar* towards the relief )f Him tornado eunwrrrs pmtwiiAh. / BOWTHKR.-ANT INFORMATION RKtrKCTTNO ibb whereabouts of William Howe her, from the pariah of Km on Heron, Kngtand, and late from the Tape of flood Homl 111 he thankfully received by Ma Mater, by antdrwiag O.'K llaker, Kaq , Cobenrg, C. W. I NFORM ATIoN WANTRI) -IF WIM.IAM M AKoDIM, I formerly broker and commission merchant In Liverpool, laaa Sew t ort rllr, he will hour of tlia brother, Turner Marsdea, yy eddrrsdng a few line* to Sandy Taint. Hia.uru county leia?. INFORMATION WANTKIl?OF MARY POOLLY. A MAtiro of the paiish ot t'altra. county Walwsv, Irviaod. sh* irr(?e<l in Now York in the steamer Cirraaai.ia trom lis. way, ind ii .pi cd at tWio Harden. Ail) Infornut i f lo r will bM harklull) recel\ed by hor bruAher. Mntitu IVxUey, by u rtttng o bun at llooatrk Falls. Renaid.ier countv. New York, art* _yncb a Coir. Irish American, idse, S Beekiuaa autre. XT ATE rl.akknky. nativk of the oocntt IV Klldnrr. Ireland, will find hor brother llinfhhU UBS N.*ab l't art street. Albsuy. M. y. Stutrn Island paper* | leaaroopf I" TB1K-THERR IS A SEALED I'At'K AtlK AT mt IJ house, whl. 1 y "U ' in c<S by sciiduig u. calling for it. I ni homo until !0 and afior 12 fff L?hkat ant* ninan Iinwmi | l cjt uw Rt fftbi. tug aU day yeaterday. I am very mWtfoiJrJw kf-ary richardson?formkri.v vary rtkward, LYl the wile of .tuba Itlchardaoa. can oouun lafornaaUan oi irr husband u hi. la U. the I' nited Slain* Navy, by spoil tug la Is. A I WOis K7 W.rl-I .1 r.?l " ' ri rHK OKNTUCVAN WHO OOT A KM AM. TARCKL from a t-otint nvut In Oentrr XfM, nrar Duonr. on Tarnlay momlnr about 7o'clock, If br wilt arnd It to 41 Patbartnw itrrrt. or totbn Hrrakt other. be wUl confer a great favnr OK _ hi- nwnnr. aa n U of *rr?t ioiporwore to bun. jUCWARDK. ~~ K^W\KIt-KTKA\Kl> KKOM tii KAST^TWKNTY. P?J oTnUi atrret,*en the morning of the Jolh uiwaiu. n ro-ing wlu'r bull 1'iip; cropped cant, uanr-d Bob. If roiunuA hr ahrr reward win br paid ^ *cr REWARD -I.CWT. ON .ykktkrpat (S\TTRDA?V p?> H mirl! brown KroU-h Terrier Kim. with wh:. hreani an4 rot. Anew era In thr name < Kenny. Thr abuvejr-waiM wtB >e | ?l(t for hrr rrlurn to 114 Kaal Thirtieth OLrret. tictwea* fourth aoil Ir-iiiigton Avetruea. ?r REW ARD-1-ORT. ON TlirR^PVY KVKWTWO, J>?# trom th- New York Hate; a toon.- (hl-ie or grayf t*??rb Terner. ?n?e era to the name <M R.,w I The altnt e rw rartt w 111 br paid on rttura ot thr dog to 3fS fourth etreea, tear Howl* ?). MA RKAAARO?KOR TlfK RKOOAKRT OK A UT1"' 'lr Hot. rwn In charge to a to. red boy on Utn itrantbont S. A. Street*. bt a t-pam b grtitli-mnii. rrii'rt row r?5 in* |>???.-tij'rm- *'??it??r from th- air m-lnp Oranvla on lie m .rnloc </ th* IHHi of June. Thr aimrr reward will bn ?nf to an) onr delivering thr mow at ihr other Q< the latfOTRI mine. ?.-rrt REWARD-MisT ON THE JTTH PIT A OOI.D Jlf/U lever VA . h and <T??iii .'?* .1 hnaon luiAtir No. i.4% Wbi'MT wtU rrturtt thr Mine to Cap-. W*. WATERMAN. 7* Vartrk attrrt, will rnrtvr thr above reward. ?rj\ IhillJtHK REW A R It M>sT. ON KT MART'S I>r7\7 rt ursloo to .lo-i.'i. AV -"la. at Tloimlay. SKth tuaL, n JoW .lonhlr o?a"i bnnllnr Wat-h. hat tut thr following tn?im Inn on thr tnnrr r -e Pr-wntol bv thr mr.nbrra of the T. V ' Mraalr-r PJnh to tlr-tr IS crrwry, Mr. Kdwarg O tTy. nna nark <4 thrlr ealeetn for Inn arrvtcm. Ilatrd Rew Tftrk, March 17. IAM." The'at-ove reward will hr p1.1 no hrr muru to 311 yttwmr wrrrc and no qnrnUona ?4k<-4 Thr <tnmloo of fawnht-Arrn partlettlarly oailrd to iAl< ad a MM rtrnt. aaitnu iaa ? a. > VVitnl. Dicr artmknt or ch arittks and oorrroUutt. K.dunda. r?rt "' > York. Juar V, u*??Nottaalb wnk; ?toa* ?> *" por*?.. him* unliquidated i I* I ma afataal bo iltMkiiM IheparUaoM. un<l*r tbo m*iL**"n?nt of lb* 1*M itnard nf ttorornnra, to prr?*:u tbo Mm*, prop rip aothoadlwtod. at tbo ? * of the < oatmia*i?nrnt *? 1'xyrr. wtahart later * 1'iurm Pr*?ld?m. J\S H Mt liolruiN. IbAAt HKl.t* tR. m. II. (i81.K5r.IX> Mator-h orrirn, mew tork. jon* m. im -noltr? b hrohr (iron Riot on and after MnaJap, July t, lABt, tb* Out pound trill ho lontod at Ih f r ii i nil lib ar.-ot. Kate Hwr. Br nrdrr of -v Niivnr, l.fl HCKSHAM. Ptrat Mardhaf. ri'MITURK. . A~~ bkdroom RCIT or "kramkixkd fvr.mtviui for riv of warranted m?nuflo"tro. a)an, aolid Choauiot "humbor Anita, plain and ornamont*!. at FARRl vlTolTR, KH Canal atrool oppnaMe Wonater Rdahltay In UMd. ENAURU Kl? ri'KltfTURK HKAIMJL'ARTKRA. 177 ranal terete, four d.awa aate of Broadway. WaRRKN WA?n eu-rnitctmi ncruirr for rkaht wonkt - a r Aim r rehio flron in roa.lj money for P-iraMuro < arpota. Hooka, kr . at in Milk aronn*. hotwnon N la lb and Tooth ante. AirrttOMHAy. A BONA ft PR AATROUXJIAT. THAT RTKBT ON* A ran doporvl on for atetln* oalieRk-Uno from, la Madam* RTiJION, Who toll* Iho object nf your rttet aa ?? *a roa on:or Mtrnmtn. All aho*W twfiaalt tkia aaaarallr ftfted Udy, aa? atiaM aar* thorn many miafori'ino*. Mm oauaoa uj*od> marriage*, and tolte all that nrmaorna yonr wbote Ufa. IIor urateJotm are a* tm* that Ibor aurprtao all who eooault bar. H B ? I am In pwaoadoo nf marte fbanaa fbr |..eo and good 1-vdb vHlrh are errr certain In tbotr afoot Madam* Wilaon |o.i? * im* that a?tn* tedlo* mar rot a little timid thn-urfc thay *^? ate fear, for aheprartleee nothing bin a bat la roo.Minlat* * bllnaopbora Ml Allot! atroot, naar Rtankm. or*r kba baJTFee for tedloa and fonUomon, M orate , ~ - - ? - - _ - - *- *? ? At1.AlRVOTANT.~mrr. 8RTMOCR NKtHC*L^ a rnjrant. room a No ?? Fourth or*ot, two dor" w7" 7 a Broadway. Oon?ultaUuti? da* and *?rning, ? a1" ! ^ nraa. abta-ol frteod*, dr., and aaUafactlon pr"* ?" Z. A ?J CIIRIATOPHRR ATRKKT-MRa? IJ'I?,0!?* Jil5 40 <?*, trtio Aterttewlte. IVmlteJ*. r '. rfvn~!* ^ Ho.-r and *-! lady. rrtoalor nf all ,1 Jl i: M iwwit mat tnonro oi ma rive Iro* " oor' "f ^ n* hoeltb, wealth lor* afa'w. ) -id*"- y * fl tmetroa* abaonl fn*nda. uoknf*- *r 1^ ' af iwtmr* H ran *Itnaaa lb* icub of nor oarroot roralatlooa durmti t.ia pate ttillnii year*. Romi iulmr. W ' hnwophW.rrrVy pi era b*iaoon Warrrl*j plao* r.n I f'cii.i;'- H .

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