Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Temmuz 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Temmuz 1860 Page 3
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I ? BDC???, ROOBg. AC^ TO jUT. Any one ukMiuoOK of leasing a first i.ahh, furnished or unfurnished House, on Fifth ? venue, or on MM street between Thirty fourth and Twenty thlril streets, Md between Madisou aud Math avenues, will pioaae address Ma 2.IHI r-at office AttXIONU FLOOR or TWO W?tlK, <X>I>L. A IKY Roowa, with closets. to tot, separate 1. or Uitfetiier Or a aaanll private tamily. without cloMreo; house baa bats, Ac , aad kept in the beat aider, rem ww. Apply at tu Mru street, i Mar Haoonr avenge. a cottaor and garden to let or lease- j A at AaWord, uejtr Dobb'a ferry; rent $1M per annum. ^Hlm-inlnt'i- n oy #0 uinboal ami Hudson River Railroad, early o?rv hour Apply to JAMES STORMS, Ashford, ten | mfcnute*' walk tr<ao Dobb'a terry Post Odtce, A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?AT DE AL, LONO Hraoch, with parlor, diinng room and kitchen ou hi at Mr, three bedrooms and large closet 011 second fl.xir, with barn and carriage house It ia two minute*' walk from the aaa, and a mile and a half frutn Uin hotels. The ara run twice a day. For particulars address J. C. Wooley, Deo), I Laof Branch, N. J. , A SECOND FLOOR OR TWO LARGE. COOT, AIRY Rooms, w lib closets, to let, separately or together, by a aaaall private family, without children: house has halb, Ac., anil kept In the beat order; rent low. Apply at W Fifth street, near Heaand avenue. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE To RENT-IN A A. Ural clans neighborhood, three story and basement, with an the improvements. Rent low to a g'ssi tenant. Inquire at M9 West Twenty -second street. A LADY HAVING A VERY NIC* HOUSE UP Jo- town, will let second and third doors to two smail fami Foasrauon ?mmrdlntelvK KINSlUMER A CO., 343 Fourth avenue. A LADY I.KAVINil THE CITY, WIIIHES TO LET TWO, A three or four furnished roorrui with piano, to a small fsmiif, for the space of two, three or four moiitha. kitchen uienail* if wan d References exrhanged. Apply at 1+9 Thirtieth street, Between Lexington and Tlard avcuuea. A P ARTMENTS TO I.F.T ?FOrR ROOMS ON THIRD A. floor, with water and gate, very quiet and respectable. Rent 112 Apply at No. 8 Tenth street, between ruth and Miih avsnues. fYOCNTRY RESIDENCE?TO LET, O.N HTATKM v laland. Clifuin aide of the Island, a beautiful Country eat. haw! I iirnisned; owner going to Europe. Apply at 33 fnw number) Ninth atreet, or 37d Broad way, up slairm. TglCRNIFHKD HOUSE TO LET?CONSISTING OF P kitchen, folding door parlors, and three sleeping rootna, fWRy furnished; be i linen for sale. Kent $45 per month, in adyaaoe Inquire at 188 West Thirty lirat street, before 9 A. M. and Ttrr &V. M. LOFTS TO I .FT?88 FRANKLIN STREET. A FEW doors west of Brood war,- Will be let reasonable If applied flar aoon. Inquire on the promiaea or ot JOHN L01D A HONS. ORE OF THE MOST COMPLETE COTTAGES IV THE city of New York, to let Inmiahed to a small family; immediate powst-lnn; rent $70 per month; cottage No. 4 West Fifty - tilth atreet, near Eighth uvenue. ?HHI(FENCE AT TOVKKRS TO LET?SITU ATF.D OV Rlverdale avenue, ab<iut tifleim minutes' walk from the ot- Hour" modem built and partly furnished. The grounds, ere* tn extent, are well laid out in shade auil fruit tress, and a garden planted with all kinds of berries vegetables, Ac. A carnage house and stable on the place. For further parti eulara apply at No. I New street, bmumcut utlice, New York cAy. *pO LHt?TUJ. THE FIRST OF APRIL NEXT, THE UPX $er part of the Chinese Building, No. 539 Hroadway, furaflahad. suitable for balls, concerts, Ac. Inquire of WM. F'OOAHTY on the premises, or at No. 69 WUham atreet, room 9, from 12 till 3 o'clock. IPO LRT?A FINE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT X House No. Ill Eldridge street, with all the modern im S'meuta, whole or divided, well suited to private or boardurpoara. Inquire of Dr. O ATM AN, landlord, UA Kle street, who will show the same. rno LET-floors thocan, four and five ROOMS, X In these new brown stone houses, southwest corner Second awenue and Thirtieth street; have hot and cold water, range, water closets, gas, including chandeliers and fixtures, all too tasnrovemcnte, the most convenient I louses In the city, for such Erents, for small respectable families, as such only need ap Rents $18 U, $25 References required. Apply to WM. YILY. 187 East Thirty-fourth street, or on the premises. r LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House, size 20 by 55, No. 174 West Thirty -third street; rent only $375 from now till 1st ol Msy. Apply at 13 Cooper Institute, Third avenue, between Seventh and Eighth streets. - , a . . OV) LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. THE SECOND FLOOR X af a drat class house, with bath, gas Ac. Apply to the earner, ou the premises, 109 Jsy street, Brooklyn. OX) LET?A HANDSOME THREE STORY AND BASE X mem House, couponing all the modern Improvements. Rett SUOjicr annum; part of Furniture for sale. Inquire at MEW est Twenty?Uth street, near Eighth avenue. fpd LET.?FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS IN THE X brown stone house. 39 Bowery, by ?* week or mouth, f Thia establishment Is root, well kept and very desirable for the warm season. References exchanged. Apply to J. WAHERTON, third lloor. ______ (TOUT-riis limtni'loua ur Jus EAST THIRTYJL fourth streat. consisting of eight rooms, with water. > Beat $12 par month to a genteel family. Also, the first floor ml m East Thirty fourth atreet. Rant I lb. Apply at 138 Spring street rpq LET?WITH BOARD, TWO LA ROE ROOMS. SUITX able for gentleman snd wife, and two small Rooms for agle gentlemen, all neatly turn lab ed. at 71 West Twenty third atreet hetawu Filth and Sixth avenues. References ei. efcaagcd. rjlO LKT-AT CHBKCT OROYK, 8. I., NEAR YANDRRX bllt landing, a delightful rr*ideucr, with an acre of ground, well ahad'-d and In every way milted for comfort. Apply on Ike preouaes, or of Kev. K. SoweLI, XV Kuckett euwet, Brookjy -- mo LKT-A SPLENDID HFd O.S'D FLOOR I* NEW X atone front bonne No. 256 Ninth avenue, containing air room* pantriea, wardrobe* ami drawer*. Ac ; nicely panned and In good order. Poaareaina at once. Apply a* above. mo I.KT?THE DPPKR PART OK A IIOl'SE, fX)NSIST x i?k of four rooma, otmvenient and In a quiet neighbor MS* to a ?m*ll lamilt ot adult*; or would let to a lady .tnd I CilW man a fumiahed Room, with board lur the lady. Call 'wo day* at 62 Downing "tree!. rtXT?LOW KOR THE PCMMKR; ONE FI.OOR, FIVE apartment*, of the boaae. 7?1 Hl*th avenue, near FortySflh trfel; all convenience*; location eligible. Aiao, the aatd Hone* fee aula, price >lj.6CIU. ?**) l.KT-'ruro rv,. N STORY BROWN HTONF. Bl'ILD1 inf* with *pb-ndld Stoma, 25 by 61); plate glaea Iron'*; between Thirty Seventh and Thirty eighth atreeta. oa Math avenue: an e|eg*nt IneaUwi for dry good*, oarpcta, gem*' fnrehUsa*. or any reapectablo family buainea; a lean* for a tertn of year* will be gtvru. Apyly to Tllos. 11. UAYNUK, tt6 Broadway. orJolOi KAY A.S AC. II, 775 liulh avenue. rI.IT-tN THE BEST BUSINESS PART OK TDK Bowery* Room* and Atuc, auttalile tor a manufactory or ntheraiae. Apply la the at,re, Bowery, near BIreckcr afreet. run * FURNISHED KIOSK BE t I'TIEI'I.I.V Mttuded on the lad river, a abort dManoe from th<- city, and eaey of arceaa by railroad or vtrarnbatt. Looatina healthy. Fate bathing, Ac. Apply to P. R. WII.KINS, No 111 Pine *t. rLXT-TO SM Aid, OB.NTKJCL FAMILIES, THK FIR.-T, Second and thu d Eioor* In bouao 1* Duane utreet. The . huuge ha* been netvly paiuted and papered, and la in good order. Apply on the prrtulac*. #|W> J.KT OR FOR SA1.F.-A FIRST CLAW POTTVOK x on I41*t utreet. containing S rum*, kitchen and cellar, artUt large *ha<le tree*, oveilo 4 lug lb? liudaiti river. 2f?> feet WWel >4 liroadway. Inquire of K F. CARMAN, 1.264 Broad W _ 1 t\(\ A TKAR?TO LET. AT (US MROADWAT, NKAR - ?lt)U Houeton "Ireet, a portion of a Mora with a wide kT. and mutable to ahnoet any light btuMoeaa. Apply to ll. wTkaKL. Hard boor. MPHCAU AN r.XlTtl.IJCNT rXOTT^VK PI WOroRTK PoRtAI.K < hrup, It hut four round rornafm, rnrrod I nipt, aarpanima tx*U ib. tripla moulding all around, full (mo fntm-, paarl hav?, oti-i -tmiic bant, grand diagonal ha?a, < Icgant ourrod rrwwood nana; w* ihr?-c nxaitha men, mat fffiW. will ha anld tor hall aivf; raanufarturad of our b*ai ?tv mahara, s r*nfd for two year*. Apply to J. P. H tTTKKSoN. Iff) ffml BowU JU arwt ?jnTCKrRIMO A RONS. Manufaeturart of ORAND. SQCARR AND IPRKIIIT PIANOS. Wih'rnmt 991 Broadway. C. A Bona bar* boon awantnl thirty right prim mmtJ? for Ma <niparKwMy ul lhatr la tnufart'iro lur lb* paat thiny bra yaara. riANOB T?) RUNT DKPOT OP TTTK ItJtXANPRK ffROAN | Tor rhnrrbaa, Chapala, -i. V--l? and Ib-awlng Rnoma, *a hroadwat. OLC MKDAL OP HONOR at lha lulYoraal Kthlt.iuoo of KM Tfcia muniftram Inatruiaant (palantad In lha roRad Htalaa May 9. IhBff) which lha brilliant part firm* neon of THAI.?KR<?, VI1.ANOTA. M1.IJC WW.IJff, hara randrrml aa popular la Antartra aa la Rnriwia. baa haan adoptad by lha graataal arUMo and wpwo of both Uuull J UtrtWflAIJf. LUTO, RORalNI. MKYKRJ1EKR. *8- Ac. Tlia A lauuidra Organ la calabrated for lha hnUdlty and pra | norm of tta mwhtnam. aa wan aa for lha fuHnaaa and powar of Ha uwca. and lha ratnarhAbla qualtty of kaaptag parfrctiy la ' < lona in all rlitnataa. I I PrUa at ib* tap*, tU. MO. ?M0. $M0. AIM. MM, Mff). $300, Mac thtii I ' A dawnptjra ffmilar aant In aay addraw^ nn aapllaatloa ta PJtNARP A f ABRKUl PrrrH. da , Wt Broadway. Uapi rtara of fftiaano Aoaordoona, Ywltn?, Ytntta Btmya, Ar. | TjwKPEjiirK j hcp?oj? rojfTTWcics m* xxrnw r i in V .? i I vcm aL Airp ri?rr*L*??TAU t by a n*w ?r.*1 pri i?* *.?? m?" Jnul Addrdwi ll?ll A Bon. MS I J*rr?Kiw?T, N V Mr H giree leemee, niW prtiAIn or la r ? ??. in Iwfc keineri" inijr ^ J A r PThmPR. MM BROAPWAT. *KIR POUR- ' J ir? ?.h MfMM. b??o A i?olecid?| mxiiiint of Irrw trim* (Mnmm Ptawv. wtrrantdd On* **?? *v-'?tw hum mue ) { Md.lWitwMilftMONm Piano. (MR M Nelode OB, pbuo # > >. M6 , pIAR<"? - MARTIVH AOIVRIKR. HA* CP AOT ARM ! X of u?r? at 1 nprlAfet PUnna, M KaA Kra?ne Mrrrl, .?h r. a -.d^nt In f"T*n And d'ipnrt . r ii? rn-biw? .f bwe b> Ike b? nqaar* punrai Warranted ' <w '.utiding in Iiim And for domain; nf eeUoa And tuuok. . Pi bam lu k. r? ' ro pur'* p"r pair-oh aotnrrr op i.rarnvo ' lid fit} A t -. (doa r of B?- will Ad.l two ?p>ndld ri I * . mada by tin tuott OIJ euilm. At a ?r*m wrfww, an tiW M A r -rm cbad d. -O AAi'.jr At WU WHIM:, U Or-wby , ( ffdi IT I. 4|MA-r(? PAIR, A MAOWI?-ICK?tT 7 OTTAVR | T~I. ma*'wood Ptanafnrl#. wvh rtrb round kirnm, ?WiM 1 wmll Idea, rwk now, aaarly new bant citf J"1 ' "*? w?rtat.t?d, *n.t a ?no?rk plaan tkronoln\.i. <?n t?a fu.,) Mt* i*^ . Rflu ?b*at htried Apt j ?' oFd 2"? "TP ' * ' Thu-yitoii wreet, f?.* n 7 A. ?. UU A p. M* tiJ T bnndif WlTCHRl AMD % p^ajjp'lbrta plarf.roh. (uct mp pip* roid-o* " ? > '! <w. And 'or ?ol*- <4 OA Breed War I'owividll'e Mw-'*a WAirorort In *unl i. id UK) t o* to lertitab, from |U Ml toward Ch-Uhp flAUk. <\1) and tiMntod jm \ _ BOAHOiaa AND Lopquo I A PRIVATE KAHILI, KEBIDINO AT JK #KMT TWBN- j ty third street, near Fittb avenue, will accommodate a ' family or uue ut two gentlemen with pleaauul rouuaa and mma A private family living in a first class lloeee, ? tth nil the modern improvement*. can iwi'iumn dale a gynliainau and wile with Board. House newly puiuted, Ac. Si7 VA est Twenty v^nwl street. A I.ADY HAVING A FINK HOUSE WITH ALL IM provemeut*, and airy nwun, can aoc< immolate a few Boarder* or would let n?mi on moderate torn.*. Apply at No. I'Mi Broudway, lietween Thirty unit and Thirty second streets. References exchanged. AFKW KKSPNCTABLK YOUNG MEN CAN BK ACCOM modeled with good Board and 1-odgmg at 02 Green street. Terms moderate. AHANDFOMKLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND HKDroom on lirst and second rliv,ra, to let to single gentlemen; house in nne location, wi'h moiiern Improvement* dll Twentieth atre.-t, between Broadway ami Fourth avenue. Aback parlor-also two rooms on second atorj, all nicely furnished, to be lot separately, with or Without Board, In a very pleasantly located small 'private house, between Madison square and Fourth avenue. inquire on Die premier*, No. 26 Kaal Twenty fourth aire it, from 2 to 7 o'clock, P. M. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR. 8CITA. hie for a gentleman aial wife; alao two Rooms for single gentlemen to let, with Board, at reasonable rates. Apply a 53 West Twelfth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. AVERY DESIRABLE, NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO let to oue or two gentlemen, with or without Board, iu a private Dundy. Apply at 109 King street. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, ON THE SECOND FLOOR, newly and handsomely Inrnlshed, to let, without board, to ooeortw ' , e*unnit u. item ?tu per tnonin. Apply at itKI Prttcoirt'ti Am. persons who WISH to be suited WITH Rooms, urnishe (, either with or without Board, are in vHeil to rail at our nflloe, where they will be directed free. A tew uice Uooina ou Madi "u areuue. KINSHIMER A CO.. 3i3 Fourth avenue. A few respectable men can bk accommodated with Board in a private family, la a pleaaaut loonlHv, a a/7 t'unal street, second Dour, where they can make themaeirea at tu me. Asurr of booms to rknt-with or without Board, furnished or unfurnished, Id a private ho-we, with all the improvements. Inquire at 1X1 Went Tweniywi ond a:reel Jtriereucr* required. A SECOND STOH i FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED. TO let. without board. References exchanged. Apply at 80 Crosby street. A lady 11a vino more room than sick requires, would let some hnndaomely furnished Kooma to a gentleman and lady, or air (tie gentlemeu, with Board or with out. Itouae has all modern uuprovemeuui. Apply at No- 31 Went Thirty second street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR, OV FIRST lloor, with gas chandelier to let, to utie or two gentlemen. at (10 per mouth. /?lsn three Rooms on third floor at M. Apply at OU Pike atreet. board it required. A LARGE. AIRY, AND NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT Room anil Kedivaim, it required suit.1.tile for two or three single gentlemen, in let. Inquire at Si Bowery. BO.VRD.~A FEW GKNTLKMF.N CAN HE ACiXIMMOdateu with Hoard in a respectable private fauiUy, where there are no other Ixvirdcrs, convenient to East Broadway; Iwth, h hot and void water. luqutie at H .Montgomery Street, New York. BOARD.?elko AN tlt FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Board, U> let to a gentleman and wife, or famUlcm, hi a first elans holer up town. The house has every convenience, lv.itha, hot and cold water, Ac. Table hrst class. Apuds at 164 West Tweuiy alsth street, near Eighth avenue. Board broadway, retwken twelfth and Thirteenth streets?the beat location In the city ; house ilrst class, poMesses all modern improvements; an axcc'denl table; dinner at 6 o'clock. Apply at KB Broadway. Board wantkd?a young lady would like to engage Board in a quiet lamlly where there are few or no other i-oarders. Address, staling terms, which must be mudcrale, Frances, Herald olltce. Board wanted-by a youno gentleman, in a piivaie family, not atxive Fourteenth street. New York. Address, with location and terms, J. S., box 8,4U New York Post uflire. Boarding?a large back parlor, buitablb for a ccntlcma.n and his wife, furnished or unfurnished. Also, two or three single gentlemen. Apply at Hi Nassau street, BroOklyp. BOARDINO?FIRST CLAW APARTMENTS. SINOLK OR in Milts, with gas, baths, and every home comfort, can be obtained at 18 Kast Twenty eighth street, between Rsrtiawi sad Fifth aveuues, or 119 Nassau atraat, room SI. Call between 10 and 4. JS lnptnn muare and With tmue. Kamtllea or alnala fenUeaat-n uu <<UatD dMtratAa Had handaoaaely furukbed Roma, with pfi-miMiil or 'mnaient Hoard Wnn|?n rlatttn* life cttj would do wall to call above. Hmae nswty furnished. BOARDING. SI.MILK OR MARRIED persons WISHf" -tjloaril -owl luf1 Room*, kl a vary low rate. plenaa rul! at .lid Heat n...^v ?\,.h atn-et. Hmldlnc modern. tieifrhboi howl trspeetahle, hatha huJ w?k1i tula t. c*. vhn.iruu no objection. BOARDING THRKRORFOCR RWPKtTAIlt.R YOCNO mil < ait ha acvou.modeled with food liuard ta a private fatully. Apply at 87 V'.aat Twctity-elithin street. Term* uiodorate. BOARDING.?A GKNTl.F.MAN AMD wlfr, OR A few | ainyle iceiuletiuMi, vaiitct to occupy pleasant furulahed K. ma, with aood Hoard, at 7'J Warn Thirty riKUh street, near Broadway. The Untaa lian all the modern improvements. References rc<tulred. Tcrma luodrrate. BOARD!SO -TWO TOrSfl f.lDTFU. OF AORKRART.F maimer* and prriKweraalug appearand. can tiuil .vrreea Ma aceotiimodation* with a lady, living alone. loratfcm (>?twr.*n I'ouiteenU and SevertreiUi ail tela. Addruaa Mr*. Wuaou, 1' ram aiuare I'aat otUce. Boardiso in hrookiyn-a okntt.kman and wife aud two or three geutlameo aan be aeeoinmwlatcd a lib a choice of nice furnished Room*, and good Hoard. In a I respectable private taauly, Are minute*' walk frotn Fulhw , ferry. Terme moderate. Apply at 112 Sanaa street. Rulereueoa aactiungcd. BROOKLYN?IIO tRDfNO. MIKOI.K ROOM* TOR ! niK*ir gentlemen, K-.c ?n soUe .*r single for geul,critrO 1 Mtid their wive* In let, no reu-.mshle terms, lor the ?' r; iiuuier at all o'< lurk Apply at ltd Pineapple street, unruur of 1 ultoti street, three minute-a' walk froia the fi rrtoa. Board tn Brooklyn.-a fkw obrtt.kwfn c?n he arrowmndau-d with pleasant Rooms am! partial Beard, on reasonable terra*, at 44 Sa*aad afreet, drat b>"iae truan Washing'., n street. Kefeifurea n pored. Board in hbooki.yn-a gentliwan and wtpr or two single *? ntletnen tilbd ar. ,tu totaled ^la a tirst South t>r rie*. A 1 <fn'n* !?' * S.SfS New Yurk o3c<\ <jt t*ll &i 70 &\*l+ rfiwt, ffnnfc])o. | BROOKtV* FTRIOIITS?BOARD. A lev s?'uU< !ii' n rould be nccotBmndaled with llrat .tarn Hoard atid ttfely finiahed Roon.a, In a private family. The houaa ia <>f trat urder, all m drrti reuuirecienie, and oflera ? apbfidtd view orer the bay and Mew York. Ib: ] net at t o'clock. Thi mocl awlir'aetory refervnoea required and given fnriire at the premlare, ?0 Columbia afreet, ilrwJc l)u uatghta. Mtuated between Wall ..od I iiit<n ierre-a. / tOMroKTAHI.E ROOMS and SCBSTA n TI Al. PARTI al. \ / Ifcwid. a' JM tVaabltigiuo atreet, Hnhokeu, ar F'trainiied Ho.mi without board (AITKTON HOt'SR. M5-A47 BROADWAT, OTVR ./ Mendt'a NnWam ?Kleganl mitta of Room* Ui let: new furniture, beet aprtng tenia. and ail the conveniences of a drat elaan tuxiee. Apply an nbora. TjVirRTTI AVRMUR HOTWI., Wt AMD M FOCRTH JT avenue, between Tweutj third and Twenty fourth treela Vailtera wttl find tMa a quiet andjileaaant hotel. Single and double rami at halt the ratea of line naae houaen, and equally aa good, mnala enrd In room* if daaired. Fl RMSHKD ROOMS?AT IIS HROtiMK STRKKT, NKAB Bowery. A a pardons bark Parlor, aull Me f >r ? Fhy dkian. <>e for two young men who would a<? together. Alan, a Kutu un w-otei and one on laird floor, all la tnry u< at ird-r ao?l dealrable. Ila?e*j.ia, bath, Ac. Brr.ikfaet and laa If da red. GRCRNism.n rooms to i.kt to kmti rwrn omi.t, P ?1 hry will be let Ui auitea r. singly, by u?e .lay or week. Tlie r?anaare large and well ftirnUhed. and ther i mua all the tnob ru Improvements. Apply at 80 Prince atreet. t?t RXtSIIKI! ROOMS-A ST'IT Of PARU>RS Of P dm flor and upper Chamber t? let. with Breakfast If re- | I'tlred. rat m?t< taw t?rma, at J7I Fourth atrw t, near l.tfay ' rtte place and Broadway. FURNWItlCD ROOMS TO IJtT. IWITIfOCT HO A RD.Two large furnlalard R?4ta to lei Apply at No. 3d Hood atreet Termr Vow Hobokrm ?several i.arof. air* and coot ' Rooms to lei with Hoard. In a atnall Oennaa family. The . (arise which cooUtna all the modern tmprnveinen-a, orr-nple? I the *ery beat loeatkm In that moat pteaa-n.tly situated row. I It etaon terra. ? It l? aim. a! '.pvwue the ferry, aut butug ! under the direct tntuenre of etery cooUnd nreere from the I river, render* the uma one of the mow dellrhtf il mmnrr I mudroeea nnar the edy. Apply at Hudnmt terrace, corner of i Newark atreet. en'.rance No. 1 Newark atreet. [ HOWtRRII.-ROOMR. LABOR and smamh with or ' wtihout Hoard. Apply at U> Hudson tnrr ire, TJOBOKRN.?A PFNIKARI.R Sl'IT OF ROOM" TO ' J1 rent, wttk fult or nai lal Board, to a party of wnMrnei .? men and ih?Hr "wlrea In a wnatl \merleaa7awill'. ti II Mudann Tarraor. orw block fraai Um l?m?, hath as I gu. LODQINO WANTKD-IM SOUR RrwPK'TAR1.K TAtf t ly mw tho KaMnr*. t>y a y mule man. A prlv.?tn family ( could be pryfrrrad. Adtrerc *. K hnmrrknrn. ti?r?M raw*. MUX MATTHKH* IlAVTNO TAKFN THAT LARD* and . antnodM-ua hnitne 110 Hlw ??r?n?i, l?-nh?iJu ?a of Umadaay. no? ready Id ampaim<?lai" pTmwnl I ad trail" > nl boarder*, or with Rnon?? i.bout Hard, if tail red Dinner at 1 and t or lor It f \NK OR TWO RRSPRTTARUL PTXAPT YOCNG MRU I l.f ear be ar?Mkr>Uud wttb a pfaanl. airy Uodroun. at It Mull atrrel. COTTHFRNFR* AID SPANIARD* ARR OFTRRKD U>e laaer of aparUre ntn in the apaein.n and e;<w?nijr f .r itahed h'unr witb modrrn Imjiroremeiiiai Rd Til Run Tenth arret. rwr upted by the owner A aumytiid i* pnrale Labia HippUad. Ieeauon riteihjr ant unracejHXKia.iln. nO IKH-RLR ROOM* TO IXT -WITH BOARD, TO j tntl* rrnUrateo. with all the onmforta of a home Re erenra aanbai * I Inc-urr at No 3 Atotnn plane. Fourth *1. ri I.FT-A fVRNIHHRD PARI/AR ANTI RROROOR, with <w withatr. parital Hoard, to noa or two yetuleiaea or adlra Inquire at Wl Atlantic ikroet, Kmnklyti. rO RRAT1.T FVRNVHKI) ROOMS TO I,rT?1TTTHIN twa block* of Broadway Rowan cnMladaa the modern Ma ?rm wirata. Rtarrr paaa Urn daur. Apply at 2S Amity atrnat. I*b laoraactlt bouar. rLff-TO A STN'll* ORWTI.RRAN, A 1IANIWOHR farntahad Kim tn a prtraAa hoo*e wtuoh h?a all the r?dern impowrfaeTiir and a ton piano. Inquire at J R. A1JN V.N M mum. y ivawntrk awawt, bntwoen Mudpoa and I'arvk atrreui r> I.BT-TN HONORRN. TO A (1RNTLSXAN AND wUr. a mor floor iwlnlrd la nil*, watar and cna. on m <dar Iietonr* At ply a' All WaabirWVon nrcoy H c^Won rLPT-A smiNO ROOM AND RRDRO0X ADJOIN m* in * *rnt.n?ian and wtfa wKh n aWh- t tkird. Aptly n V7 Toi/ili arruoa, coar Twenty 0<U> Itceyt NEW YORK HERALD, ? hoarding ?<ID LODOIAO. THK KAt K KAKU>K OK THB HOl't-R NO. U* BAST Broadway is tliv-il up to itci'umuuAUie two (entieincu; ?ul be let wah?>r without Board. T17ANTKD?HOARD FOR A FAMILY OK XHRKB PFKYt urns, i i.ire country plsea where there <tre uu other boarders, .nut \. here three W t-??l -e* b tthlu;; a:.d llshing. Addre>* H. t'. I*. box iOO Herald ifltce. WANTKl) ? XLRNIHHRD APAItTMKM'i*. WITH Heard, fur a gentleman and wile, m a private family, where there are uo other boarders uuteu. Widow lbd.. jwferred. Address J. P., I'moii square Post odlce. TirA.NTKO?A Fl'KNWHKD ROOM, WITH HO\ni> FOR ?* two youug ladies 111 Ihe nelghborh? it el Ka?l Hrjudivuy or Henry street, preferred. Address A. C. JHnrald oilloe, suliiv terms, vthieh must be moderate. WANTKP?BOARD FOR A tlRNTI.KMAN AVPWIKK I In a bouse of undoubted respe i il lllty, bet wren Fourth j and Fourteenth streets, and good neighborhood; would prefer where rooking l? done in French style. Address with full particulars, A. B.. Iwx 130 Herald olbee. WANTID-A LAROR CWFI'RMISHRP PARLOR AND Bedroom communicating, either with or without Board, a siuale gentlemaa. Address, stating terms, Quiet, box 103 Herald ottco. SI AWNUDUN SQUA KK, WOT SIDE?BOOMS TO IJYT, I with Hoard,. handsome y furnished; modern Improve- \ mem*. locality airy, convenient u> oars aiui stage*. Kciereiico I leq ulrt'd. 5 HON I) STREET.?TO LET, FURNISHED ROOMS, without board, to gentlemen only. It) FOURTH \ VENUE ?TO LKT. TI1K UPPER STORY, 1 ^ roiiulniiitf four room* Apply to W ,t T. LKWL*\ carput warehouse, 12 Fourth avenue. Of AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN ijtJ Broadway and Fifth avenue.?Two op three select l'.unlU< h and tliree or four gemletaen of th? iirst respectability can now he accommodated with suit* or single Rooms on noon:ul and third floor*, also a delightful Oflicn fur a phy at< i-vn. Table first ('las*. Relerence* exchanged. 4?> MORTON STREET, BETWEEN HUDSON AND BED*> furd street* ?A large front Risen on second lioor, with or Without hall bedrisun adjoining, und furnished if desired, to 1st. with Hoard, to n gentleman and wifa or two ilugle. gentlemen. Family small. Reference* exchanged. 7Q EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, XE VR ONION I ' ssnnuw.?Board. Lame and small furnished llnniaa. suitable lor familit a or .single gentlemen, to let tor the summer mootha, either permanently ar transiently, on \ery mo-tai.tle terms. i'uoier at six. Reference* exchanged. Qtl WIHTK STREET?ONE DOOR EAST OF BROADOU w. y. Room* suitable for single gentlemen, with Hoard. 90 GREENE STREET. ALSTON FIOI'SE ?SCTPERBLT O furntahed Parlor and ileunsttn*. with gaa and Crotoo, new patent spring bed*, and everything neossary for young housekeeper*. Meal* served if deaired. Rent low to rtwpocUtble tenant*. 1?>7 BIUHTH STREET.?TUTS HOUSE mlH Jl'ST 1 O I opened, having some of the rinse splendidly furnished Histaof Routna for families in the city: also single Room*, lull or partial Board: good i den nee* reqnlrnd. (HO and ex unine. "I Q'? WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH AVE Jd O tine.?Two young men can have a ft oui.Rooot furnished for$4each. !ust Mo oted, front parlor for gentleman aud wife, turnisVi or uuluruuhed. Excellent neighborhood. Cloud table. Dinner at 6. t)t)- WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET?SUMMER Zwe' Hoard?Thi* delightful Mansion (the tinuth door west r.t Eighth avenue) U *urrounded with open grounds, aud furaUdie* ail the requisite* of a tout class, quiet home. 707 BROADWAY, CORNER OF NINTH STREET -TO | |Oj let, two large Parlors, with two small K<*>m* attii' hed. suitable for a club or a party of gentlemen. Possession ImmeiUately. COUNTRY BOARD. \ PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING AT MILTON. ON THK 11 udson river, would like a lew Hoarder* for the summer. The location 1* delightful, and aerommodnPon superior; would Ilka a comoetent music teacher, who would give less ma In part payment for Board. Address 0. T. Ordway, Milton, UlUtr county, N. Y. BOARD FOR THE BtTTMKR MONTHS-CAN BR OB tained in the pleaaant and healthy nllate of Otiaville, N. V., wtdUa three hour*' ride of the ctty, near the depot N. *. and Erie Railroad; livery stable elo*e at hand For reference apply at 192 Franklin street, or address Mrs. F. Key colt, Oliaville, N. Y. Board at rockaway, long island, in a pki vale family; sood living ami splendid mm bathing. by ra rand stage four or lira Umas daily. Apply at SO Broadway, near Twelfth street. Board in th* country?a pkw pamii.ikx can hsr)??"T accommodated with Hoard at GUjn Brook, Cornwall, Orange conntv, within lira miiiutea' w*TV of Idleu tW and ol easy access, the Thomas Powell lauding daily. For furtarr particulars address U M. Sutherland, on the prelu.nrs, or hMiuirn ut K. C. Marshall. U1 We<t Thirty-e'khth sureri, or R. u. llorVm, Day Book oflice, 162 Nassau street. New York. CTMFFWOOn nol'k*. oppomte kkyport, n. j. J tw enty miles 1mm New York, rtteaaer* leave Robinmo rtrwrt at it A. M. and 4 p. M. dally; a few choice Rnmna not taken. Apply "v J. T. W112?UN, of V> ilsou and Bsuker bit Broadway, (l tf. ABBOTT', proprietor. (TOrNTRY board-on the re a shore. IN the dttJ Hgbtful vlllsaa of (JuoRtia, U L House commodious and ptraaaatiT situated, directly opposite the main way to the bench, whirh is wttktn a pleasant walk. Bathing eiceUent. Boata for , Ashing parties or mailing. Terms moderate. Apply, by leuer or otherwise, to OLIVER coopkk. Vluogoe, Lonti Island CTOVINTRY BOARD-AT BCIJ.'R FERRY, N. V ; ONE J hour's ride from the city; two small families or single gentlemrn can obtain accommodation*. for uaruculani apply to RDW. 11AU AN, WT Laurens street (tOl'STRY BOARD.?TER CORNWALL MOCNTAIN ) llouae Commands a vtrw of SO miles of the It ulvn and a burge extent of country; plenty ot rambling room in tteMa. grow ?, on ItlUa and mounuuna; no mis^ultoes, frtut, tuiijc an J vegetal/it a from lbs farm. IRA WOOD, ComwsR, Orange ronnty, N T. /TOUNTRY BOARD-IN THE ROOT PLEASANT PART A ' of lamp Island, Id s wees, including a drive Ut the ea heaihor Kontonkoma l.ike twice a week. Apply to 1K V ! LHOMMEIHKU, llolbrook, or A. MctioTTKH, lad Pultun street, N. Y. CTOl NTKY HOARD AT WUITEUAI.L, NEWMAN J Hprtaf*. (Mr Bm Hank, S. J ? V retired, pttMAiintt'o?i*rv ll<nn?\ Kith rf?rjr niurmilnuf; rl]??htful hMtliiiiff. fnhlnic ?u f RtiunliK on i>t*? vbruly w.iifc*. ilriv? *, *;>'l cm4 cry?UJ ftimuft. ru*fct' U?w j?U * tho tu*aii lovely uu tbe 1> 'ik < 1* lL?* Kin wufv' rl*? r, f<.r f i i.l , < ? r uv -m For li.toruwion to < ll AItLKS I.KIMIfON. M*' Jir Mffwajr /uirvtrt MiiaRI) at ITW pfwiii'i i * _r a vfif run I it -In el' fan b* ?rrmur. iilitiwl with cvkl lto?rd, 1 and all tha comforidof a Hum houaa. at rrry low r*:.?, alwri dii-our Imm ihr m*a rhori-, *" ?! halhlrr, ana drttv*, b ?a and run-lar-m I.t the lonai nl'nro of b-uird'ra. In iu n J tha Mi iri't'uli'Jkii lli?nl, adintuin* tha dapojl a' Naur Rich' lia. Waat< o iint). or ut T. M fUTTKK, ho. x II oiover mro?t, K? Vork. CtOt'NTRV HOARD - \ T A FBI V A TIC RKXIDKK K OJfB / hour* rid# from tha rftjr. <>no of Urn unat delightful plan .m Ui" v<iiiill Arn tumod 1:1.111* If I or |.ii.. <, rnr"t?tiifi. lathing, fwMuf, w ua *11 lha liuuri'-a of a trnOi nan - int'.'ff wii. 111*1 |>*rti.uUra by oebit.g upon [r < KHi ?l.t.. 11X1 William a?r.-i. (ifit \7rv itovRp iv sii;WT or the riTV ?rrh J I ampi* a; i im-atfu k limine, sear ilregory'a Laudin*, km two r ma in let Iavatioti rn ft ! ; . ' m, rr . In 1 in thirty Mnm. ? h> Fori In** '-ml#, I ma of .-,ir,a* I, *. rf In iir. nut I- Forty *. coml artrl e??ry flftaeo romn'-a. Furtfcri .rtjTiiU. may l* had 11/ iaquirn.? at Oro'Twuli all tit Hoot, far oBi ____ (A01X7RY HOARD AT NEW ROtHlCl.LB-A FKW OR/ atrabl' r <ima yet dlaaogaced at Rra. Il*dJen * ParAloa Rm?L ___________ /tOlKTRY HOARD Wt.NTRD-FOR A OK.NTT. KM KH I a J and hla arlfa, In a r?alljr mmfiirtabla farm h.*i*a, whera an nth. r tmardi ra aim laki u. at.d whim the n>U(hliorh<> ?t m | . > ei'aad two lwt<ir* hr loat ?r raia ir?t>i iha clly. Imnr Inland or ?w Jurnry pralermd. Addri-M.* ai iimm,Ull.??, locality, term*. Ac.. Kay ai.rd, Madlaou ?jn*ra fad wAt-a. St IWTAJfTIAI. rOt.'XTRlf HOARD TAX HK HAD AT A rn at farm h."-?a a half a oitl? frnoi Turonr'a lei"*. "? lha Una of tha Naar Vat and krta tOulnaad. r,,mmunicaUuo fw? tirnr* a day aacb <r,.y. Fir lull iw'. JRn aJdi edi laaac A. flarka, T nnwra f 'r?n*w anmaty. Mnr wfrk IHH)HT?0. " ynRMt.r-A HEAVTirt't, S\II. AND ROW HO\T JT i <m imd faarta aai>r<aaily for tinAlnc ami plaaaairi' aailtrva. HaM I <at la mnda bi tha nvat ?iiiaKaiiU*l nannrr, roppar fa?lonail. wnhta ipali nf ania-rtorarulla, aali. a* ittnc. anncrr, thiin; u-nni'iria, with a aui-ataoitally Intlll Boat II "M*> on tha NirihrlvaraMa. Apply at AMI htkth avaaua, aaeond door ha k>w T? o?A) atghth au??t FVIR HAIR -TOUR POINTF.RH. FOTR HRTTKRS, AM. I mil Vf Aon A fair t?lal can ha h?l of thanl. Fo ir hla-a ai d inn Mm* of ihr pur. < brw.1, four bU<-k and t*a D <?; alt Froleli Tarr'ora, four hill! tamrr Pur>?, of tba pnr-A broad and lonai atirk. tkrw 'hull larrtar Iktia. m kiocVrli't vimlji | |*npa. throw month* old. of tha pum?( hmatl. o f> l a ll< ind, <*? I trap la. honad. nu rara laryo .Nowfouialland atnt ft. Rnrnsird Dn* tha laraaat In th" <ity. Flouty of Pup* I til- aatto "i k Ail tr. ? II liardnar, t.174, I Ci llr wit w a ? "mrr I 1 runy 1 i(iiui a4?l u V*('in FOR SAl,K~CHF.AP FOR CASH, I.ATKI.Y I hum-had IHMMiiM-31 MMM. II (<M koull, lloiM rutrad *1*h raMn and fxtr hartha. mr i u cm-nt 1.1 .-'bo la ar'l b-ult aid h*? rrorat In '-altha taatrat boat in tha btr if ?H'ial managa tan M on n|iii|" itl-m < > Mr. Man Cur WW. Biirtia' ahip yard. Had Honk Point, Mouth Brooklyn. VAntT FOB RAJ.K-A RTTIOOMKR TACTIT OF A ROUT 1 araantrar lona bunhan, wall arhptrd lor a pil A b-?a. nrtil r'i ur?, built ami l.tlrd in Utr ',r?1 inanorr Hal la faat For aalaViw. apply to ' HAM. H., t Bnwdu( Jraaa VA'""T FOR MAI.F rtrFAF-YFRY FAFT FHF W * ' J I rat tons. II fart hram. thir nahtt lirrtba. A<~. iunitahad atid rrrry way mmi Itr Mha trtU ba wild at a craalar bar ! rah than ant'ldar * tb? hiad nffrrad thM ?w<u Tohaaaaa iri'Ut of IngrrarilTa Hnal and Oar Bazaar. MJ Month atrat. 1 lmTRl'CTIOh. ' \T at luiWKMY. RRW YORK. A.MI> ? Ft I.TOM tint, Hif? hh n ? W biir thr priori pal objart of P,\IMK H Mrrrartlbi t'o'drpra ta to iuoUIT pmu maa for ho-noma. aniplr prottalrna air mada to inatmrt rarrlpnrra m R.avbrvt, and all Ui* KntiMl. Hraaohaa, Paavb modaail i rrrlrtnp atrtoly tadiodm i inatr . uon APAPFMY OF PVNMAN-HIP AMT> R<K>K K KFPIMO, :?62 Hmadaay, naittnord by W t! Hot Mil, \ M l?, lor n.nrr jaara a*?i-u??it at ytlTar R . <>oldaniiib. Mo ,a?an*. toatnn una prartlrol and thnronrh. Tarma l.Br, and naraf J at tenu> 11 (Itan Oprn day and availing. ArtMil ST*. AP.-MR TKII.HKAR. ?? IIROVDWAT, harp a ihr 'nr.'ral ramitM'W luaih iiion in M"W forth I'lipiia may now ?r-.ii? draka at tbr rrd'tor 1 antra-or "-oa, \ and ha prai'ira'ly rr.-p irrd for full t nain-?a Wilting to. H M4kii-|?rn (10, AHHMMtle 9b. Oouitniiwtfcat tl.V I A CARP ?TUB T'BMrRIRRR TIAR RFKOVRP HM 1 Aradriay of P"i,t< attainp and Roahkaapirin fnrnn Mi Id Rn Broadway, mrnrr f Twrnty 1r" atRaat ilia <-agam ra tabliahin'-nt < twin >4 #?\ pariora. all or ling parfnat w-frW"n )" ad-ilt P'lpUi d'trlor koatra of liiatru jtiai Rndfc iniptl wdi raraita tJM- j .a alP ntion of aubarrfhar. aaaMMtl o| Ola ala tar In ibr ladlra1 drparUnrot OLITKR R fRUMIPH. I MARMH S COt XTIMO ROOM* FOR i Rrartlan and Inatmrttan hi IWrkkarptng and Hnatrzaa Affair*, Rf Brwttf. frvtag BnUdtng nrmlnra on appiloaibia. Karat a onmplru and haaotthd troalDt "1 Hrr*x?rptfur, aaw adlOona, prtctrfl 'n ?dor a, far aid. Fr**a?? laaaraw ST. xrnrvi pwruw* ACADKKT, r?? tocno kulica, Tom FcrrlpUi.-', ff. T, ; SUNDAY, JULY 1, I860. blmmvll kks,?k ts. At w.a- .in.... x iiKXuiirs-utiv x uivrb .- oh it\'*?' hv iai! "i i't itud ''':imbn: '-"in'Tvutt t*rt unm, 1 a" Klver hale Huoimi i> uuw opaii :.?r ina recap 1'h.s .a mm u... u.eiur.- slluiteil on the hunk* of the Hudann eoriuniudinij uiHtinillceiil view of the liver; eaceii-ul bolhiuit buuiUif . i.U li-diiua, ui. -uuuou ; tiute- or !;.:[* and ; ape*; th-i our* .iud n , tri nt of tli" place. At plication ''or K -an* run be m tde ?t the , lluii*. lit. lieriuaiu, 'juiuor oi Fuib ateu le au i Tivei. j I oil , SllfOt. 1 A PLEASANT SUMMER RKi BT AT BAST MORICHES, ! Tj iiit bland. Sallinr bay and sea bathing, and ah noting an- \ aurpaMud The propmfor la prepared to receive applications for ruuuta for families or ainrle persu *, on mo<l"r*l" term*. Apply at U1 Kuhou at rout, N'-w York, up stair*, or 17 Park pii ce. Sow York, or 20U .lav street, Hrooklvn. Bkal's noTEL-Toous mineral sprixoh chblarA. Minn?.?This uaw and magnificent hotel, thoroughly furnished with every prov'alnn for ilie oi utfnrt of it* guests, will bo opened on the 1Mb lust. l"be w.itera of tbia spring posse** tho highest virtues of any in the country. Attached a re billiard aatiomx, bowling alley*, livery tabla, trolling lake, Ac Tho vicinity afloida ample attraction to lb* angler and ktmrtMiiau. tarrUce* * ill ho found Id reudinoa* at Augusta and (iariiiner, four mile* umlaut, for the couveyaoos of gueata. wjf. l. w11jtr, Agent, iiiuia. Maine, June 1. 1W Bloom's hotel, half way from oathkox to ih" Mountain tlnuae, i? uow open for aiunmer Imardem; a Sno plaoo for gunning and tLhuig. Hoard ti per week, Convey ame to all paria of tbe country at a fall" price. DAVIll BLOOM, Proprietor. Knur trow. Oreene county, X. Y. BELLA VISTA HorsK, HEROES' HTTL.xew IKRSEY ? Thlspountuer resort ?very desirable for it* iplendid new over the buy and tl.e Hulsou, a* well as Ha extensive and beautiful grounds?1? now open lor Ilia ruceuUoo of boarder*. The house is kept In tha usual hotel *iyle. Invalids will Hud cniuulete an oiniiiodaiuins for wan-r treatment. Accci* trait New Vork m tweuiy inin ite* by tli? Jerm-y City and llobokun icrrie? and corresponding horae railroad*. Dr. K. J. LOtVE.YTUAL, Proprietor. /"TOTA'MHI.A HOUSE, CAPE ISLAND, CAPE M AY. X. J.? Vsi This large tlrst class hotel mil be opened for the reception ftf DIlMifa rtn f H*? jiih r\( Inn** Itw^l a; house luu been eompieiely rewired and refurnished; new cooking range, ovens, strain buiiers aunt every modern I Improvement added. Extensive staining attached to the premises. A1J letters addressed to the subscribers, Cape Ialand, N. J., Will be promptly intende d to. LAIRD .t W. mpvtv. J an re H. 1,*ikd. late proprietor Franklin House, Philadelphia; 8. B. Woodbak, formerly proprietor Ml. Vernon Hotel, Cape Ulittid. C1LARENDON HOTBIn BARATOOA 8PRINOR-THM J honae la now open for the season. replete with every com(art, it*ring water closets on every Uoor and jru* and bell In every room. A table unsurpassed. 0. C. PUTNAM. Chanfb tl 'l atlantic oarpkn and hotel, ikhl'ik en, Is now open fur the summer sea vn. This apot affords an excellent opportunity to see the tlKKAT EASTERN. D IWOR'8 HOTEL, OONDUl ED ON THE EUROPEAN plan, Nna. 15tt and ]CO Pii.t"U street lenir tn < m Cranberry street), Brooklyn. I. t.?Elegant single and double Iron! Res ma, from $2 'o $7 per a "> *.. Ice t 'ream and Duong Rooms anoud Soor. lnr.ner from 12 to 3 o'clock. Goon board and trcoM?on tTrovs can be secured at lloae'a Hotel, Afctona. t '.i:l si ! aee the place. A. HOWE, Proprietor. K H.?Tl.e houae *<!; Iniur has beeu furnished for the accommodation of the boarders. La TorRKTTE Horn?, rermen point, v. j ? Tlila popular Hummer Hotel, beau'lfuUy situated on the banks of the Kill von Kell. Is now onen for the season. Koala leava'ptir 2 NiTth river at 7t?iiivtIlK A.M. sr.l 3^ and 5tJ P. M.. from Barclay street at 10 A. M and 4!, P, M Time trom New Vork Siint: nt'es. WESLEY W. MILL, (Fi rtnerly of Lafarge Hunse), Proprietor. Lake mobsman hovse is now open for summer Boarding. s'tu. d tour miles east of Peokskt.l rlllage. Westchester coeutv oue hour and a half rtda front the City by Hudson Rlv r P. . r n 1. Mountain air, good drives and bothln', makes it oue of the most dealrabiia .cations to be found for families who pr.rp'Ke eel tig In the country. Address A. W. Palmer, i'eeksaiii I' at Mohkoan lakk-wm. .tones has aocommodalions for two families at his private residence, on the border of thai lake, a place higlily appreciated (or the purity of the air and Its grand m. intain scenery, being free rrora all local unnamcr complaints. W. .tones has for ail ft, on the border of the lake, choice Land for building sites. Apply Pi T. Jone*, bid Broadway,or J. Msrt-na. architect, lirouklyu. TickBU through to lake by raLruod, SI 2f; or by steamboat Aurora. g\CKAM HOLISM, I MHO BRANCH, StW .IKEHKT.-Tlfl V/ undersigned informs his friends snd the public that he is now fully prepared lor the i > .. i transient or permanent boarders Ocean and river bathing, boating and Ashing of very description unsurpassed. . .. \ 11 UIMEP.TV, Proprietor. Pavilion hotel, nur. l. l- tirrs HOm is now A open; cars leave Kouth ferry, Brooklyn, at 10 A. M. and SKP-R. J. U. PACKARD. PALIS a DK PARK. WF.KH awkkx, N. J. OPPOSITE P. rtv second street.?This ervd arid shady place of resort is nearlv couinleted. and la qui noon lorffLe I eseciion of vial tera (AOIXMBIA PARK. FOOT OF NKVKHTY NINTH J atrect. Ka* river ?Thia new and Iwautilul public rcaort in n-?w open lor the wism for the reception of visiter* and piitrstia*" There *111 he a grand suored oi*,eert on pundnya. The 1'ark is within four minutes' anlk of (tie Second and Third avenuo oars and la directly oppoalte tfeo leading in atitiitlouaf' u 'he wlau-U. OVRK HOTKL. FIRF. ISLAND, NOW OpRN.-THROOQH O ticket* *i Ssnith fare*, )tn..klni, *le Heerpark and lUliy htu. t ?r* leave dailv at 10 A. M. an t 3.30 P M For further talormaUiai address A Dummy. Fire Inland. i^SA BATHING-AT LONO jflrANCff. N J -THR NT 0 Or.ipv.iUn Hotel I* Aon eiu-n for the lerrpnuoof vlmtere June So The ?n<l Kai'llnii K.;r railroad in ike* two dully trip* tn Imng llranrh. leaving itoMiuson atreat wharf; and eteeinrr* Highland Light nod Urfig Rraurh leave arine pllioa ftc i-act Hranali iLrect. hi tune of leaving ??e dallv papers. J II. AT W. COOPKR, ProprMnlnL Thl ockan uuL'sk, NKWFORT, RITODK ISLAND, la now open for tie reception of ru?ats. Kr.KNK.d A KIRCH, Proprlrt/ira. TiVI.INSON'S WOODS?FORT OBOROK HOTBL.?THIS nen hnyi, beautifully aitiuUnl on lha haldta of tie) Harlem rlenr. and aW-eaal) le both hjr at.vtmrra and the fLnomliigd.U road, la now open |<r the recnptinn of gin-aig. Kvorv cans haa leeu Uk> ii t?' make il - ti" of t)ie heat and inrwt complete eatah1 duni nta near ihe e.ty. . ?no -*fr ,;n Peck aliji, death atr-et, boat river, and Harlem < very hour SA3HJ8L BROVltilTON. rF WOOD TO .SH COTT AGS, HI OH BR TOOK -THIS beautiful rct/aal ronilniica to attract rrowjadily. Ilia Hit rhei pes! enf nuM ple.,?.,m e 'irsam from A-? I d, (heamera leave Pack slip and Tenth atree', K. st river, erery boor ronneftlm w ith in- ?i earner* K'.lru: and Tiger at II irh-m; blau Third avenue oara Through fare 1J > ,i A. K. COTTINO. rriii: knoll -this srvMKR nor<n is xmv <>pf.n J I. r Urn ar. .*i l?t..?i "l lam A . K..Mii??a ran tiMta.l Hhnat. 'I at C'nrii>\ .ill. m. ' w a?t hink of th* rtvfr. half ??y In#.' Writ f i' an I SVwtmtg So-u-ry, fi'!:ian 1 r iifiiig i.. "ir). '! I'm *r. ! ati i'Nin ? In in ii.incr. tw plavgruuial l. i > n , i ..I , . \ l . , ty t ,r tha nj..\\I"II 111- 1.1 lh<- . . ,lr> Th : II -i Ptiwal] laar. a loot of Ja> ?trr-'rvi rT all rn . II- - it, nil iiw.i'J r i' rriti.- ,.r ? '.' . ?, |f- Ri*. Hall lea.I tim.a a lay. T*-. n?i?Jar?l?- A ...a Um |>r? 111^1 to J. V? hlHltlN, or ?' Ann -tr> a, N Y Hfcumum M>nttc>. H?,v IRINK ccmim.I' .i'\>ro/:')! i;r:; .VHKT'I i I lit It-* rl.nrrh, will -ran. ihiPi!. a 'Jar- *1 II FinirMa ulh ?traa', rwa' Mvh > ?< , m . .? a..-,. ... i. I , ? < i<a k. I*ma< hln? at IfM, A x! n.J 7), P. M , al U.? oui u?T i'f I hrialophar and UaUl'iaii alrm-ia. RPF.C1AL HIITH K-, AT A MFVTINM OF TllF. I*tMFM-.KK< 1fF!.i> ON braMiba HUBKrKTU AN II iv. ma Jn, lht>>, al 7 0'rl- ? P X , Ilia In. mlng praampl'i rn aMutlcni aarr u4< Mat, .? V. I.araaa, lk? 1..n f - ?v?t ' iha <v tha Oraat Ka?t.*r?> lanr: < .la l f ith a ?la " <m> '-h? par of Iha pwaanjrara 01 t? * < M-aih'a ? > ol; . ?. m t hatt lam; and. ?hor>- a, tha ?t.Uua?aa^ >ai < * part? Urn eafitt'of ina nwarr tyi t*r?'*a in .do 'Ir ? ha ; i ill to thr t aaaanctra, for aotne t.oti v at n ir a it la^tberaf na ba It KaaolThd. Thai arr Sara1'* tandaf ntr than'a Vi t'.italn t'liai n'? In4ih-V?at, id Mia-r h'yl-.n limra, |.,r Mm wtUma aaanap bi w! -h ba taiM-r>-! hi f..?' f ir i..? .r an m?lali<io of tiia i <n i,t;i ra to i.-wlhe<im K - >th no li?r arrival at hlv jmrt. Raaolvvi, Tuat. ahll* aicn-aannr i;r thar.ka 'ir 1 ? far .r, wa mtvilil not I* nrnntndf'if that tl < i* nnlpnna of'ha many ft a of klt'..Uw"?Uh.t?? latar- elw . ? b lian ii. IV. l at?<^ nor. a.-tr yraa-Mt1?:?nion at ba?hi( i man of ?n ,'i un dmiMad *x|i-rtrarn to .'Otnmar .1 .f llila 1 .1, fa.-,mg !!* w rat. raly m him ' o far ..a b itran * ?*!.dit la > mr.-n d? f..r Ihr a.. ..trpliat n.f ht ot a. 1 I hat hmJ U> iha a.lirtj aod . .mf rt Of tha paaaancara. Kaaoliad, Thai tha ah<? a faaohiHooa b? o . ..-h-.l In il.a ?>? Tork Harak. (HAS. KAXPV IN, (AaLinao Axi iicw Farn, Jr., ftarratnry jiSnf?. KDWARI> T.AWRKRT A 00., IIAVK RF.MOVm TliKIR WUOlJCftAIJI BUK1NFXI TO 383 AMI .<82 HROAHWAT, t<ur?er of White etreet i MASONIC" NOTICF-TltK VFMRRKR OP PUKKA 1 F. *i<<! A V . > > 24.1. ere r< ;< ?'< ! In m< <-i ?t | tl< Ir ront??t Mi?ot> Tne;'* eecn-rof Rr<? < e *?.<1 CnMby < -u eu. on Ann -.?j moiT i. , ellwilf re?t 12. t<> p.ijr U?? trl- < biite of r< elect t<> ??ir let* I n*h-r ? . <" U'i ? R* <'?r. 1 ION* 14 *TKX. -cc. Jl'UK I VKI.iTO.VW 41 < ? ? 1 I NPW YORK flTV tNn?orVTT U^COR PRU.KRe P-mrelHe *. ? ;, -Vrm'ere, et ! tlfwe *wtvn< . ?en, 1 *i* re<|U' * ed to euend me meettn? u< the ?;."rv ? .-!>. et t.. I )U*> rk*r ll<?i*e . re?f of B'.<? i.i-r tlx! Oreetie *tre".ui. na ? iMur, Jilr A u 'H<Ail" k p M. B? nnl?i of inlIN lvftO?KR<?l F PrettJkia. I I'ktu McV}V*nt. 11? nr.* Serrrterjr. _____ N'VW VORK T T-fl OR fHC \f,ER*' ir" ;r~ty _ TffN ( . /< ( ii;* neirtr, whl fi wnuM "-''iron I fo*lk'I> ?veft>iijt he M .inly, la |"'r<o*<| ritf! "| l'F.81) IT, lie-Rhh mei,. in <*? " ('ofe ?<f nx?< <r :he men. wih*iicn ? rnre?l Ir'he f reper. .m for the relelirmion .,f m,, A*). Hjr order. '1 A H ATZ. Recretery 1 pAlNTKK" ATT >T1'>R - A %IF.RTtK(l OF THR fKH'?V. X p? n?e< H> e 4ea~'t*t on will he S-M V,,n<j4j. J noilkf. el 1U Mee'O- Punr.nel ?".-B<l?uce .* i iq ea . hutinea* 'if li.ipoi'eii. e will be u?i,-,rt?<l. ? rJtR VDT.Fr ,'oireT F;'er*. 8e rr'*ey. r?, n B i.'mr, Vi -e KiwTV. ( TIP VPW T'iRh* YO''N<i"vFv 1 rntu Vi vTou; ; ~ J be**, lent 4o?? I.w.'ei ? A (.fi-ial m-ei , . ,rf .j,? AWBMle 1 Uei AMU lie leM ?t'' r me-Urir ronrr t c* Tueef ?y even,. ? < n< .t, Jul) I, * *'?'. H'}t >t cloak, f'js t uti e!t< id! in? j, . c< ' ? ! R,y-<1*'r f JOUR J An.*, '-tit F w 'i 11 Mttt'oy, *<vri?!\rv ( WATRR COWMWHR'KER R orFrof?. Juiakt 'Ttt. .Ttne 71, IW The tolert** ?ipme foly 1, < n the ,''-e*-y . --.i Wei-r ' U?11 HAb l?, Wirt b-fieel <*> ureeent*Unp or */v! e'ter V ?el*T 1 It Ut2. *t the ' 'tvur.etitiU Itejt, m the ty if New V*B, or ?t J tw MerJuxiKB Nd Trewere' leu A <4 eere-y tee K RASOAU. PreeAAett B erPd of Wll? Jonm.eA.t.ere. a-WT1t*!IT.ARf*-At.*WnCm?FTM;f TT7 VP T " ? < rn fewtf' . i t '111 .1 I t? ' Cr "H'tohm R mi'- t. * - ? lit.'- pe.e.'it' ' M-e. *t?l . ' er ni ! ? r |*~t " t ?r r* t- | *_"h W W** !VT wrt 'JflL-'K * A JfW J Ue/*", P-*vd .let* 'l valkii at auction. A.VlOh 1 ick IV a ? <?., \i'(t|om.,;kh 1 . ? 1,1 T unil I!" .,mI W'.rk-'l 1 r' 1 At i' lime A leikm. K> TL? pn i rty t, a ;:? !. l-'-u .iti; f<?r Eat up*'. A' (hi Monday. July 2, m A 'lw i>: i r?M.le,. Hi' K Benjamin Cornel), K?|., In Nil in W<- f li Tllh ll'r.e lie-ween i'lltli .out Milh iieuiies, i run II 'II. III!' .it llltj oVIi"A, "? \u NMtroad 7,'a fialHifnrtti, 1 Romwual Drtwliij Room Sunn, ii, Bii n - mid Ormolu flmndelieis (ij Velvet -i ii. I Medallion Carpet*, Y Bevr-* .'jui lyri-^irn Chim Ornaments C Pier and M.iiitul Mirror*, j,. Brocade and um i utuuik, Irtiatio llronre Statuary, Oil Paiutiny*, by enda-ut arti Oik lliilut Rdeniioa Tablt, H'XikiM,- v.,hie*. i i "Inn*, Otna* and Stiver Ware, * rom "vood. mahocany rn?ml>?r P.nntture, en suite. li arript 111 Ive ratal..cues ?t the buuse on ,i,ltr ,,f aule. lirawing Huoma? MaitniBeent Kiand anion 71, ntave Pianoforte, l'tied with SHtlBwoeii, ?v. Slims haas 'Uryinlly earn d. r..? i woodcnar. nude by Br.anlw.iy maker* t >. wk'ki t'auteriiury. * do Stool, rnvrred in broende, Kreneh . uver; rosewood Is gorretarv. Bookrase, Kti. uiitnniea, Mnritoetene u,d B us do 01 mmOibWu: lauly* work Table ami wthim: iti-sk, inlaid w?hpe?rl. medallion vtuvel Carpel*; Mo*'tlu kuuv kirnrh plate pin Mirror*, inarhle slab mat bracket*; two lar.;e man- T tel m'rrura, richly caiacd fnsniei, embroider.* 1 li< e t'ji- .iiu; x Rrenrh Shade*; Oornlr**; two magnttt.eut wilts dniwine r.-. n hi riirnlliiHi. uuifM In thren nnlnrwl, mln . rtab t? est deerripuon,'carved 00 enlid ruweoo.1; two tete-u '. S<t*?, two unit, r?' i-ptkitialid oval l> .eh. d l'*;livii rms >v. .1 nu e | Table*. sdatturv marble teost.i iiuu-li the ?ults. K'.-j. re*, lined I wall sailuwood, marble toot, mirror d.sua and lurks; Klin;'* tt Fintent ri lining F-**y CI ill P >1 Curd tnd Quartette 1 . Ill I'ahitinn* by la-grand, Cole. I nun.mi. Roiuisrll, Sell. res ti F.glan \nd "tlwr eminent artist*?Vasuim.ti.m of Vlritin Miry * Inim the relebrated painting tu Isiuvnt, Part*. Sturm at Sea | by Klngemagle; two uperli niateh painting*. S. 111 I'y H r.' ii res 11 lltnuUva M.i'inums t .y: ..< 1 l.y K ! ui: i*"*. . I n nauiano, < rum* i? miucn; mi i loin*. velvet si.ur < in" '" n Stiver Rod*. Ac. Chamber*?tuiglish KriMMel Cmrpel*. r,,so a wood marble top Prewluj; Bureau*, Bebtead* and Commote \ In match: Armour Toilet Table*. Hhiivhtjr Stand Wardrobe*, rTalilc.-da.N'eut Boclirr*, Couches, Arm and ova _ hack Chalm, "iirved In morptet; Spring and Hair Malim-oai* I Bedspread*. K-*Ui?r Hi da, HnNtern, Ftliowa, Oval Mirror* ^ I'antel Faltitlnf*, decorated China Toilet*. hror.itel Curtain* . Ac Upper chamber*?MuhoKUnv aod black walnut Hurraus '' Not'**, It"- ki-ra. WnshxfindN Wan a general uaaortinuul id diiiluK rooui, basement aud kit hen t urmtiirr. A J. Hl.KKCKKR, SOX A CO.?B. K. PVIIR, AUCTION J . err, will aril ai miction, on Monday. July 2, at 10'i P o'clock A. V., the Huiiaelaild Furniture Of la cum ,\V .'til Wt A 11 Nineteenth afreet, ennslmiii? of Heda and Bedding, Bureau*, _ Chairs, Tabh-a, Carpet. Curtain*, Ulasaeu. Crockery, Ac. 1 A t'CTION N'OTICJt ?OROCKRIRN, I.IQUOKS, SKUA ltd. f' u\ Ac.?HENRY tlKKK.V, will aell ou Monday, July 2, at V1 IP', .. : * at 1!M Wi:!;.uii aire.-t i.riu-erieM Siaip. Standi, Milliard, S|,|ce*, llama. Tea, Italaina, I'runea. Almond*, <J llrandy, < Sin. Whlakey. Hum in cuaka caaeaaud demijohn a. Also IS c**e* Cleret, MjQW fleger*. Alao oon Hawing Machine. J AUCTION XOTICK. 11 BURXHAM'S " t ui oiiurc Kxprea* and 1,1 Furniture Parking K*t*MI*hmrnt, 111 and Hit W*?t Klevenlh afreei. la-tween Flub hiu! Sixth uvea. 1 1-irvc wagon* for removal of Furniture to the country. J Rr h Household Furniture id every deacriptlou boxed and .--hip- 1 ped to ?U paria of the world. ? Auction noticr.?to fkrsonr about movino will Ami it to their advantage to nail on the Metropolitan "1 Kxpre*a, 140 Varlok atreet and AS and 37 Kind atrect; tour I borie wari-na for removing Furniture pi the country, or city * merrhandtae of all kitul* packed aud shipped; Slalurry, Faint- * tmra atat t hi'ia packed with care. Caru at all lunea. Fuinoa 1 removed auil act up with cunt. T OOtnt-ORMTTH, -i Brownk a nichous, auctionrkrs. , Tuesday, July ,3. v At 10'i o'clock, at the * tlearnuin. No. 35 Nassau atreet, ? An Invoice of genuine imported i haiupagne, riinaiiUiig of 45 \ basket* lirape leaf, unari*. S liaakeia lirape l.eaf, pint*; 12 haikeiM i i rape lauif, n..:i pints; 12 tetak- i* I>elignv, pitits lfl , basket* Hungarian Leou, quart"; tl binkata Hungarian I.eon, puita; 2U basket* Imperial, .pi -rt*; 111 baskeis Imiwriah pitu*. j We guarantee the above Wine* arc of the fleet ,|Ualttr. and warranted genuine, Peine bal nceot naislirnmnni from the tinporter*. Sample* on morning ui ml*. To Inaure thetr /amiUiene?? they will be delivci >-d from the war, house ni tie* im| o. tei s. ( DAXIRT. A. MATHKWS, Al'CTlONKF.R, SALESROOM ] 64 I edar street, oppo?il, the Fieit oil ice FOURTH OF JULY FKHSK.YiS AT AUCTION. fine tior.n and sharr watches ani> jkwki.rt 1 HUTI.KK. 8CHU1.TZ A AI ATIIF.A'S will anil at auction on Tuesday, July 3, at lPlf o'clock, at their aelearoom. 64 Cedar st/cnl, opposite the Foal oflira, * hi rue assortment of nue Cold , and silver Walrbau. I? bnnUe* iwl open Plea raaea, l.v the J moat iipair ' maker*. Alao, rich Jewelry, vlx. ladies' 1 Broorhea. Hrarelet*, Karrlncs, <'liaiel tinea, tiold Fens ,iuit Fenella, (enUemeii'l Hloeva ltutUai*. Stint*, uuard ami vent Chain*, Ac Catalogue and piod* ready e u iv on moriiinf of . inle Alao, all o'eke-k, to pay advance*. JUPeeta Kriaahe* and Karnnya. 10P Silver Femdl Caaea, Stiver I'ortemonnaiea, tiokl Pena, pocket Cutlery, A*. Akm, HM,UUtl lorpediai* $ ? ? d En. uudlow, auctionfiir. ' Sloop yacht Vouita at anetfoB. K. H. I,rnr-OW A iNi, wit! ?"11 at nie tlon on Tanadar, Jnly 3,1?6P, at 12 o'ukx'.k, at the .Men hiiau' R?i Itange, the aloogi y ,w h; J voniui, la-r tackle, apparel and furniture, 46 ton* men*.ire ?" ment. Inipftk, <6 feel; haam. JU feet; about une yn-u- old, l.ullt 11 by Malkmy, uf Myatic Brklpe, Connecticut, and I* well found " In aalla. An. The above yacht lay* nt the Atlantic dork, lira* lyn. For paruculara apply at the auctioimer'* oStru, No. 3 1 rme atrret. J IJ^XFCt TOR'S NAUR?RICH ARK WAI.TKRS, aUC- " U tioncrr, ?ell* tomoirotv. Mondav, at 11" o,h*k. at ' auction tlore, 1A R*?t Nrmdwwy, by order of Foxnler, a ie-y eooit and Kcm-ral a*?urtmeni oi parlor, la-drtioai, anil kif tvu 1 Furniture, Sofa*. 1xmiii?;c*, Carpel- ni ihotfaiiy an! plain J Taldea, t'hairu, Hockera. Hureau*. Ih-dalcada, Med", lteddlnif. b Stove*, and kiu ben Furniture. Al*o a parcel of S, ^-..r*. If ?>i* m and Shoo*. Sale* positively luiluulte,). ti 0. HORTON, AWTlONKKll. VTUJ. HKLI, ON HON ! "I X. day, July 2, at 10*. ovlm k, at "Ml K ghih avenue, the en : 1 lire atnek of lliucertea. Wlm-a, l.npinra, 1 .-aa. Ar , on a. >vmiiiI 1' of the laic lira. Tbe good* mutt tiuatli. eiy be mj.i v. iibo'il re- u eerre. (f O NORTON, AVCTIONRKR?SALESROOM VO Hl"P 1 X. iwxi elreet, will eell Mondny, July 2, at 10>j u'elr* s at .HI i< Klglitli avenue. near Ttreaty eerenth eireer the entire ?u? It of 1 I Olt**rj-Wlwi, lAqonra. Tri.s .v.- . ..II I "1 li . . fire. His sir u> be ?>1U without reserve. / < o. horton. ArtrrioxKRR-HALR-mnoM 3fo 1 \T. Hudeon at-nat, a ill aell "n Monday July 2, at .Ml Kighlh j avenue. iii*12 o'clock, the te]a?bratcd rotting tn ?re Jenny " | I.iod, warranted lo trot lu t U), wlib Wagon mul< ?. J CI IPRON R. STR A VKMR, AI'iTIONKKR, WILL 8KI.L * I oa Monday. July 2, 1 At 1(1% o'clork, at <S Weal Rlerenlh etreet, AU the elegant roaewood . Ilmiaehnld Rnrnitiiro, < i iaewoo.! PiU'i ilorte, i Pier and mantel Minora, Velvet and lb isaela Curt eta. Ormolu and brnnra Pliaodelirr, I M irt i'i.-eiit Suliaof Rom' ire. ' Two maewnnd Ktegeraa, witli coatly ,.lato via-a loncs ,?n l " l ark; Recretolre and ilnnfccaae, I inei'Me n.p re i re 14 ami aide Tables, uik dining r??iio <li.itra, elegant Pianoforte, 1 carved leg*. i"*rl ki..a, beautifully mlatl anil n. . .. of i e.i I . I t He. i irta. . S'll'" i f r' si' e . ,| I' i e, 1 toil-red in the . in -t of aatin ' i s-aiel.oil I'aJun .r? Hi a Parian rig urea, large mantel Mirrtir, Iieauuiuj pearl *' and gill fe?*a. run .Hi data, <'atnlelaiira. M .aic ' Rack, corner Kiegeru, line Painting on nlk ami ' aitaih"'! In glaae The dining rotau contatoa eley it l'l.e a a llnul ^I'teMvird. Rtteneloh i'able Arm t'halna s.,'., T I )i nr?. Mlrr r ?. Tiir i t? I k-Ii h. ITi rirh Oiltw dIDii r Nat of f l4U|'teti , chinn To** Sin, ?;|.) itoj Tim Sri, ?l*o ? i .rn-ty M ?i!??plaM W?rr iV??? r.?lirm?:?, Nuf Oulr, l/itiii>i>, A A . Ar t iwin.liri .* rm. N manual ntMi-d ili'laU'/vl*. ?: ..'V 5 * tr ,\I - ?, ro-wtaid nu?r?ilo lip Hutctw. I I. V Ki' in ii p i iU"?. W i-iijM .iiii?, rn*i bin tij'i uimiii ii; 1 ITm11 * IsnitiPi*, VimipH o.nytTnlr* Ptilnilnr- ?i li nut |i Inti*--. Hu4wn? Pi ind. Thn tbinl ?tnr* . ..iiloinii~HI?''k ?.*1 fr i nt ki.iI Hi .line iny i* i i1< (InrwMiiK, VaMainh, Mutlrom, * II.II im m, iu.iat*r? ?n 1 ttlkmr*, r>ki".?.forfailK JU'.. \< I'm tti talu*. PIi.'i'Ik, T"ilr1 Stik. Sofa. ppitng iiinl r .nr .I < Uiim, 0 r?rpru Kag*. M?tUt>e, Ac : (Turk*. Kmlduir. Suit II I'lilpi-', II i *' 11>i, h.tll ITi?lr? I1k? -mi-iiI tiirniliiro?ToMim, i I.?it?, i'rorkTy aim atllli* kln kon lu-nimk, nub wl.i u <li? v ? * I H.'in - < i' ?-:?n in- hut i fli f I7H r ltrn.1ia.iy m nt lb.- hum- ii* inorMnu u( wM, Tbu *?le to \. MI|IMIIIIV4M i| IJIARV II WKIW. AIT TIoNI I H -PM.KAiUKtV Nil II -1-.S ..niltwl.-II KM! VII I.HUM A ill nUlnll it T i' i Vi lay. .In' v I at II -a in llv' ? ili'?-i?n Nix J iTNi a, . hi, in im|t'?i?f " Ktn-k nf *?I??m? nlil Wmi' T| llr*n !ii -. s?'j;?r*, Ac., nil nf whi<h nr*" rrptrn'uicd t? Mm u. i t.i- .( .HIT, hihI Hiij.rinHir many nf Ihi- ???( lavorM III aiuU . 'i. i . . . ii :?. m , in . <4ii- r t" ipiacv )ip|i', bm%t? and r . Icn Mnrrt?-? fmm tlm kad j J U>um? nt 1'nlli unit In**'., n; I'mis <'|'aen?is t'lon-'a, |!t n ?. W hMd-y?. A-, tn t ilrrnl'ohtip and maka. S. jri II ? A.ii, ?jniml r?m?ijii,inii|i( irnm tit at lunula *4 aiUX i.U| .i itrlmi " M in*?, 'I? ? Mulct , All jmm?.J.| and ranimt I* i i in Viiia Tr. ?a. I'm in, impiiii'ii III a. "pa frnm ftaartQ ,1. i-ttra . In ii. I M.4.11.1 . V r.i very I ?vt r I. Itriii ilwa. dlftrrrnt vltiugrra, Hurru-a. do. d'?., Hum, II vcarpt.ld, Klj vary rlinirii, limn I in Whl?kcyp, ''nrdlala. f't.iri l M l*?K, p h?mini*in'?, llf? * la|?i Ac. M > Am Ktilb'iri/. 'l |o Ktnbi Hull Ihr riwin-m |juar?nt''i' lhl? alla~k lo 1* of ib? 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MONfUT. JtLY 2, .^V .ii I' V ? lfl Franklin a- ?*t. II<ni*?lK>ld Fnml j?. r- !' H?- .A' R~| Iin/. Tabb , I balm, 1'i.rpaAa, i>. 1 ' 1 " ' ' Ao Hitj f A T 111. HKT Aft TfnNP.KRF Tt-F.-tpxr, ll'I.Y .T. lb . , . VlK-H'*i Hi-ofrii, a grnrrU naanrt ** II- I'. <"h ' ?r and KH'h?"n Form* ir? m?r\? ard ? > r m . if i -> " ar-omtol of format p-u tumr, I 1 .nr r?w? 11 ii- lv?*a. j ^ A ' I ART ' Tl iNKfRt - M'I.NPAT Jll.V 1 . M. i lV ? 111 r* M ?r**l m- i-t*a?* ?aj? nf Ih? mi' t't ? i K" iiu -it and IUri-i?m?, i?al?iiii* nf iVinfara, AA' I'.. -T . 14.? Hi- . ?. I,m1,'riv k*ff and I.. ? 1.- u- I r Li * 1>'I and i* llU Inlfl. f'af \\ ..A ill A iuLF-A r W.ATTN, AR'f fOF ^HJ.RTTF - ' Xl.F II AT.TiAV \RK, T1NWARF. *1^- iVll ~ - HiAOtHHs % irt.n???r?, *111 nail. r*i > > - - ' !>- ' ?' " a larfi- qu*f>- Xl' III if llanlw .r* id Tziwam la ? i F? *ar|i*>*?; l"ut'?ry, in " i "4 ra.Vti ? T-? ia Hiait O "1A Kill*** lb" uvl bitih f - imbio. a y?'-?riM "fb if a adFiii"**!!-ii*?*itll*hm*iil. Aim, tbli-l i i ? ar*. .1 . ,i? i a. ! I) a . i* . ' ""in .-I l-uid ' i z -r d/t.r? of four * . i ! 1 JOHN KRL.LT, Rbar*. <A.. I I'M AAIT1 If Al ' Tl' A"tR WIIX A?lfa ?'N AfOJf TT . , i IW 1 i a <a/<a a mouiT ?< ? ' i*> -< . R-. r?|?" / * 'lia'*. ivn'r* ad I ' "r l\l - ^ - , It ** < ?M *- . ? * R.-TP* "Mr Mabrmii". R?'a, i?- . ,11; - F I .a, A"f IRJli.x, ilBtttt IsMi ?a.0 rv;!?l ft#* . #T ?T. I 3 RAUDS AT AOCTIO*. AfM W1TTKK8, AllTTORKKR, WIIJ. BSXU 'N i day. il 10V uYlo, a. at Jl and Zi W)i * mil '1 P rlor, iTmainer, Ilium* Room ami K u n-. , in ih?> above hoitae*; Carpel*, Ionia, Itnddln*, > . ill*** id olher ware*, Rot**, Ac., together with everything u-velul J" boine ?orpii.,t. About ruoiuM. 1TJI.UAM ABBOTT, AUCTION RRR?OPPll K NO. i if Beat Brand way, will aell oo M mda) nt It)1, ' . > a, .1 ie Purn it ure 'vud Beddln* contained in the lintel and BUHvrj ikaio, 73 l.udh w street, iienr 'tawd. couaiatlo* of forty >iue eutker Bed*. J'''lows. Sheet*, Tablet, burr > un tad oth ? h?ire two (plendid HilUuru Table*. a* (fond aa Dew, Table tuen. barroom Counter nod nil other Fixtures SAlif.M (IK KKM. KKTATh. I RAKK fl'ANOK-KOl K IIUNDKKII 1HI1.I, ti' -i i!A-TJ \ will purine"' one hundred and ?ittv acre* of well aeleted nd In Iowa, worth twice tlie money: nn inrumbran lane* 1 p. id. Addn a K. il. U , Box 100 11' r.vld utlke. jlOR SAl.K?A norm: A St> T.OT AT PORT f,P?: SI TO iied half way between the railroad station hiuI ",* uo*"v,t ndlnc three (otirtha ot a mile from each; three acre*ol *?nd, ie half under pood cultivation, with plenlv of Ij->iit. An. s. HKYMOI R, il Kiue }ViR 8AI.K?OR RXCKaNOK KOR A HARl.KM la>T, 1 a Yaeht, about eiyht ton*, built last summer; a food nuler d a nafe boat In,mire of J. U. SCHOIKSIKI.n, lo Maiden ne, or of J. MONKOK, No (10 avenue II. !?<>K SAI.K?A VKKY IUNOSOMK VTU.A IS THW ' v.i>:?jpoi wuoaornji,'. Jt'rwy, iwo mmw wim ui h* cit> <?f Huhwmy. aadtivn minuta*' walk from liouichPnill* depot of the N?*w Jrrttt'.v Kuuroad, and on* hour* ri l?i nun N? w York. The houw ix new, well arranged, *tid handunit Iv built. surrounded with 01 n.uneiiia, and all kind* of rail tree*. lorludmc ft lb (uMbell*wrap* vine* from Italy; lock'-d eith all kind* of ttuuera. Tim rtliu is xuu.iI.mI in the iioxt lebchlful part of th?* State, on high and healthy I.m I. A ew yfable. carriage house iu>4 outSulidlnyv and about thre<* Wo? &tm Apply uj A. AI.J hl.IJNA, on the preiawea. [JR>R kali:- a full lot. in fifty vouhth street. [* near Sixth avenue, street pav? 1. r . build on; nl*o a cry convenient llooxw and U*. In South Second street Wdmutfburg; temi> eway. Apply u? J. L. tiAKKF.RT ? BKO.. 57 Bowery. |7?OR 8ALK?ON EASY 1 KRMK, A THREE c f')RY C brown Mouse, in Kuit Thirty ttrat street, ne u- I < \r'h *v?i. ue. In perfect order. Apply to K. V. UK lANCKf, t .uxel?r at Law, Noa. M and lb nne street. TM>H 8ALK-A NKAT FVRM OP .10 ACRES, WITH " Stork. Ac . gixxl plain building*. abundance of <*h .)< ? tilt, beautifully located. with tine river lake and mountain lew*, ten minute*' walk l i out xteHinixmf thirty die* H orn Now York. A small Collate i ikeu in ex uan^e. 8. KliPY 4 (X)., STuberty |tr?R. JH)R RALK IN JERSEY CITY?FIVE THREE STORY . and bneh Hoiae* Juxt iliuxhed, in modern *tyl ?, * vine gjix and w.iter, bath. r*u?!e, Ac , ociipieu*: price fr<?ia i.N*? to $ :**>. terttia AI.UM uaali. Apply at n! Jersey avenue, ear the promt** a. TK)R SALE?OR F.Xt'll A NOR FOR CITY EbOFKRTY. a rph r lid country Kenrlrnee at Cedar OmtC, ^taten i?ii?d. <mh :.- ,na of a modem built Houae, Stable* vnd ten me* of lanui. tine fruit and alutue Ttve*. Apply u*S. K. JA DBS, No. 1 NewaireeL GIOR SAI.K nirxr^IN FORT green place, V Brooklyn, lew U?r??? at4."v and baa?M?er t Houxe, kith h 11 the rnoderu v?Mn**ntv? . Ud* in tirat iIhjw prv?i erty nd l<H';*uon unexreptlouable, Mwi'??n Fultou ivenua and lanoon place. Apply W J. B. JAt-KsviN, on th^ pyeialaetL Lt'>R RALE CHE VP?-100 1 CFUMNO I.OTS. NEVR L I Imtiiicx. on Uw ||ii>iw ri, mluhllo for w " 'ufooMi ikki mciii to Wellx A 1'ii/VPMi . pirkie esuablt ttMini, m?trhlu vorkx. mIho MUtfar null now building For map*, teni.4, Ae , ||| lv u. W M II SIIKIMIKUK, U-.HU IUA.M. U/.lf. U .atSl A iiluin, .-HriM-t. FOIl SAI.K CHEAP, OR TO I.KT-TWO STORY AWO NiM-niHit brick I lor. md full k,t It I* v,*ry onvor.'iit Vir tv. ? MiirtiJ l;,i,iiiws. !ih,iiiih uu tiiu premmnH, 1J9 Hltyi.-st .ti ?*H?t of Third IIW IIIIH. FOR KAI.K OR vxen\N'(iE FOR CITY PROPERTY? An MiUoiriilily Mdi i.Hl st.? k ol Dry Ooodx. >1 tV m<Mt ,ihMon*hl? niul kilruhl. q'uiUty, with nil la'.i.o x, tORHii? r ?mi iik- c?*i win ui"- ip' iinviiijr inrre ye ire in riui, mi t ?frv nindinitr r.-ul in .. rood hwdmw loaawm The ow ner a obliged to Mill ntyiri In other eucaceinerita. Appiy to FKI.IA IIAHT 13 Chamber* ?'reet, ?e?.n.| ?l. i v U "ANTED TO fTRCfMRIf?A FIRST <*1,AB* RETAII* nnd pre*i riptinr. Jh us Store, manted In New York or trnoklyn. AiMfM, fw nw ?i*4, 8. P. South. 132 M-nleo ailie. natinK pro -e <4 atoi e, A-'. KUHJALB. A I.A R<1 K NEW HRICK FACTORY, HTKAM KNOIVK, A'- complete, v itli fo?e net.-* of t*tnd nunr llarl-m, 7.UUI. iilwin Urge aLite t.'unrry. Factory and F.?rio, ie honied ni'iM, W?l?rpower nud Hutldhi?. ilS.OOO. JUKIJi.'K. toff imndw.iy. \TKA AND COFFEE STORE, FITTKD UP IN A fancy style, and located in the belt buaine** ;tr?et of the Ity, for sole, with or without the Mock. For )Mrtii-ill?ra apply > the proprietor, on the prenuwre, MU limed atruet, N.twmk, Irw Jtuwy. JV>R BALK?ONE STEAM ENGINE. NEW, 12 TO It i borne power, v. ill In-H' S'l e|(.-?p Ami. mm am i hand prk-lil Engine. ait bona power Will te1 auht 'heap. end threw aiwlT I.Htlv >. Inqu e of JOHN INNER. 2X1 West Thirty tilth reel, between Seventh ?u>l Kiybtli aveuuea JlOR NAT.E-.TnE Ol.P EST A RUSHED SILVER PI.AT. toy eatalilieliineot o< M F Iw wn, Albany, with rock end ?.)>. ?imI i? rood btwliie**, employing twelve men. The pre nt swiii'l" being line Mr U> ntb-nd to tt. Ueforcnce J. 0. A rail. Steele A llobba, met s Rankin, Albany. ^At.R SAlJt-TIIE J.EAKF. (EIV'R YKARH) \ND ETX rmlwty ki?i mu uv nili iitrwl, maw unu> ? to Con >1 I'X'W ('til U|M>U lb< I'lTlllWHI JV r. hAl.K- * VIlifT t 1.\SS lloTKI., SlTlJATKD OH I'll lulwny, II' i t'ntnn ?putr*, mm il.Ktuf a gool huntni, Umii.i n ptavl rim ol h.unr unit foreign rnnvnn, an 1 lx?m i: mlii rlWil in tin South. Kraaflat fur aolflnj. i J.'iuio re'trr. Apply ?< ISM* Hriii.'f WAV, ai-mmf fli?ir, room I.T noK >AI.K?A KMTIFTINM KKT ABI.tPHMKNT, WITH [* >t" f lor ii' i il ate lif l ?, rrjrtfclng In gin?l w orking or rr . Hi" ilinl in Si-w.nk i iiy . Aung n mr? tniamraa fh*> mwi liavii amalur In Ihtorfty. la nnaMe iiiyinml in both. I an<<iiI, hi ivr u,.iti will ! ; ikr i ?a parini-r, wilh a iwiiam m 'ml W e?*li, to attptrlmniil the Munnnaa. litniarn of I*. X'JfK, 30l? KkgUUk ?vi-Di.i\ .S?* York. [iV?n KAL.B-OM' v>\ HfkKsK KTKVM V.NWINK. ONW F ' I 'In., I l. iilm, li! ' 11 feet; Ill-it Swiiitf*. twofret; i.ur Urg'-hi'iiae ?nn?i i? ? '**i a large M of lieiitng, and a i : nf imk Iri. - it Mm I, jiir ?*!> i lirgi, M W. YII WFI.I. A ?'<? 'S MA Mr Tweol . m.'htli kirM LAiiJ! SM I \ HAT 'K'-STVit Kt'HIVI ^ WITH F in .-'.ting ' i i' i y It ":i?rtrwi, Sew i M .-lone, Ar ; lil in..I in w ami. i|h?|. rent In th" ruy Will aotl U urtfh r nn till Iiwii-r ! |i-a>ln ll.? ekfy . Impl- i'?> Uto ruDOM *. 1.V3 Highlit avenue. up ?uir*. fOH sAt F ???> OHI.Y HW I>(iWN-Ttl-: RvsTAH. . r.ii' Mm-.'i?l m si-, s.ilia n . iirin' nf Tk'. 'y fimnhatri-?t nil Kivhih avenue. hi. been kep? a* audi for 10 yeara, haa 11 Ippi-r null.a, .1'Mll* Ik coal In mine*., bo buUM phw ? .n liiO ly Inquire ut ? i ' h aTrivi" AUK MM t llKAl' \ I.I..IIT sTYIiIMIt HR'.fT KX .in top wilh pule I nhafla II baa Wo uaeA tiul ry little. ?nil u> itt pi-rir.t nr.lrr. A|' . ih'tllNKK hilt' lGHaml IB2 f'roahy mreet, mr llleeet >r .ni.-T I I.\M ttm -'-.i, ?.? A vn ?nPfil,fM!!T \ stkkkT, Hi "kl>n It. sh'i, TCitkln tri.- n.neiiea nf Wall Su." rrirn, l"i a .h-. nr tin- large*! * ill P* )?-.a.*.), brown ibitiw .mil. r)a,anl in alrlr ni l ilrmruilnn. four atnrwa hoih, n plwlA Ith i-n-ri rmn-Dtrm-r, rpailr fur ms upullon Tin- ro una I viWmK, mninatrf I ha armarr rf Naw Jrraiiy, tii.i hnr Vir an A .. pv.-r Mirying panot ira? nf Oia Kaal rlrrr. ApniyWj. DSIllAtW, Ho - M. . pl.ra.Broi*!> !. ' SKKRY ilt'A I - l"OR KAI.P Strain Vtttt Rmta, rrtrif *n iengtb lrtn* HI to lib leav l'<?r furthnr n inisilarfl .pU p> I IIAS W "?>l'Kl, ANII. IU llroadwai N Y. 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