Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1860 Page 5
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1 1 t lined their fucy k> run so fw wild as to accept , he meretricious ooloruig and lu-tre of tlio scene for that eh and itiagin been t beauty which they ideal lie * Oftentl, but I won not carried away by such a rhow of H"*-' # seen iu the distance. 1 mingled with the throng, a few f the female portion of which ought uo? to hava been here under any circumstances, and ' listened to their oarse Jargon and Klaus I wituease' ir rowdy belli- I lor, and could not fail to perceive these, as well is the olor and cut of their rlothee, and the negligence with S vhich they wore them, that they were quite unaccus oineo to polite society. T'Oe, all did uot answer to this description, for of the tko* thousand it is probable that | oue thousand were ladies aud gentlemen, and were dressed | and conducted the m*" Ives as such. all it was not much worse than was anliclpaIted Or we cannot cxp< ct tigs from ihislles, and the reputation of New York Aldermen?thai IK, If they have any v reputation at all?is not of sueb a character ait to lead us to expect that their friends are much loss objectionable 'tun themselves. I, "Have you a ticket for the ball*" I heard asked prevt ous to the event. "No," was the reply, "My friends are all gentlemen." The inference is palpable. |psa. I could have given you a very glittering description of this feaat of lanterns, but I prefer making the sacrifice In tfcror of truth as embodied iu this plaiu, unvarnished tale. ^ ' . THE GREAT EASTERN. like Day or Exhibition and Price of Admission Decided?Progress of the Renovation?Visit of Archbishop Hnghes, Jw., 4c. > Uttle occurred yesterday in connection with the Grett Eastern worthy of notice, save a meeting of the directora at the office of Messrs Grinned, Miuturn & Co., when It ?M decided to open the ship to tbn public on Tuesday next, and to charge oue dollar a boad as the price of admission. It la hardly probable, however, that with the great amount of work yet to be done she will be ready by that time. A largo surface haa to b? gone ovor, considerable joiner work remains unfinished, paint and varnish are to be applied in untold quantities, decks are to be cleaned, and a thousand andonn chores havo yet to receive the attention of tho bugy hive of laborers, belore the leviailuui is really in condition to receive a visiter on board. JAI1 day yesterday the engineers' deportment were Agagcd m covering the live smoke stacks ? ith a coat of ^ " cream colored paint?no mean undertaking, by the way; while the lop men were occupied in scraping down the topmasts and exchanging their black, sooty surfaces for I the fresh, clean grain of the wood. I'aintrrs on the outaide were preparing for their work, while thirty or forty other individuals wore lubustriousiy sand-papering the k mabagany deck hous'-s and omiwnion w tys. arid giving n bright polish to the brass work liberally scattered about the ship. The bottom of the Groat Eastern yet remains untouched, though it it in such an exceedingly foul condition that <t is manifest to every eye. It is said that Messrs. Kicholiou 4t Mason, the agents of the sectional and balance dry docks, have expressed ibeir ability to raise tho steamer if necessary for this purpose; and if so, a liuc view would be afforded. I The directors have determined also to allow the ' ship Id remain where she is, and not, its was suggested, Anchor her out in the stream. lu order to reuder her moorilgs perfectly safe, two of her seven ton anchors, with the immense ten inch cable chains attached, will be dropped well out into tho river , on Mbuday from her starboard bow and quarter, while 011 the side nearest the dock she will be equally well protected. The connection between the ship and wharf, over which visit- rs are to pass, will be either a acow or a raft, conife tnbly covered with a platform, from which they will ascend tin- stairs, or, iu nautical parlance, the gangway of the vessel A few parties were admitted to the ship yesterday, but they were mainly gentlemen ol the press, or those having business on board, lu fact, it is no satis fkctioo to any ope at the present time b< attempt to gratiiy his curiosity, for it will surely be at 4> ?r _.. . 1?? ? nf it,.. .?.i,i.. ..r rn U|nm wi -vif - ...... - . , ... ... , .... ... .... ... tune of ibe busy mechanics to " get out of the way." A* honorable exception, however, to the general rule yea(teniay wtu* the visit of bis Grace Archbishop Hughes, ^ . who wax attended to the vessel by Mr. yiinlurn, otic of the |rtn to whom the Great Eastern is consigned. The Tevtffeod gentli man seemed to be in r?ther a Treble conation of body, and the accent of the long bight . of urtcpe before he reached the deck was inaujfcstly a tax u|K>u his physical powers to -I wbioh he is unaccustomed. Opt Vine Hail politely Mccotopanicd htm tbmnrh the immense fabric, and the Visit wax evidently enjoyed. Without, the crowds continue unabated. From morn log uatil nigbt but especially in th eool or the .lay, thottfnnus gather aud look on luaneut wonder: hut during ? tbe middle of the day, when Sol reigns severest, the number dwiidle* down to a Tew hundred. Small Mute toga, from various localities, are hover * ? about every hour or two, and one little nootle shell holds out inducements to a trip around the 1 uhtp through a baud ol m utic, and the naming announce. I meat that the fkn is "only ten cents." The speculative propensity on the shore u likewt*.. visible, Every ape due ?f abantv I# In of erectaai. trom which will * l?e Vended aU aoi la ol piotltable articles, w hile Great Knjftcrn lager, lemonade and dirty f:uit at a penny a slice already abound by the ton itpry mil?4? -tt*" p- ?boweves, is the dust, no step* hiving yet hen taken | to tpmedy the evil. If s uiielhuig is not done by Tuesday ' next, few who have vtailed the Ureal feskslein once w ill be induced at nil) cat to m.ikv the ex|>ei imenl again. As it la. a man who b.ix to stay in the vicinity requires a clean shirt and n ahower bath every teu minutes, h "n>? body of the poor fellow who fell from the taflVail Into tbu water ba? not yet I wren rvcuvered The other, who fed through the wheel le.uae the value night, has Since dad of ins injuries, anil a coroner's Jury have rendered verdict in with the (nets. In bath instance* the cause was drink, the crew seizing very bpjiorlunlly when an oiftoer's back was turned to lip N^ore, Join s friend, and take, as one of them quaint ly expensed it, "a slap In the mn.ith " Today ? *- ? oitiwd will doobtlesa go down to the disk and infli.lgi the pcDl up curttwily of the week. Fur their * wake, We pi ay for a sin <rt sle>wer of rain The following is the advertisement ol the Directors tiling I tag day awd price of admfssioi ? s HTKAMSiltr IIHKIT K AST RUN. hotice is hereby given that the Utcat Kwtem will bo prepared for the reception of visiters on Tuesday, the Jd - rr._ t... .. ,.c ,h.. Ruirt....!..... i Ol >*!/, wriprru .... ........... ..... .. t -.. . iix la the evening. The price of adnilsmon is Sx< ti at one dol >' 'at b for adults, and -tfiy cruti" for children under twelve yearn ol %<:. By order of tlic Director*. J. 11 VAfKi, ^rrtary. N?w Yo*k, July 2, 1160 The follow ing i? a corr-ct lift of the ofll -cm and engi ucer* of ttve (treat B*Pte-ti:? John Vino Hall, Om mamler. Qflor: ?licury D. Mtwhlu, Chief OflVer; Arthur Rous by. necoud do , James 1?. Ktuilhe, niiril do.; William I htWlhan. Fourth do ; William Wallace, Fifth do.. Klwtn A. Wood. Sixth do.; Arbuilinot UuMt-uU, Ir.wilb do.; tagiiatii* Carey, Eighth do.; .larniM Inwwn, Jfmlb do; William A. I?a.t.-, Otloer of G.wrer /YsA; Walter Jones,* Harher, Frederick R. I'jgi r, John W. Katoe, hi. *" mo r*. Jam * P. Waleon, Surgeon, George Vrao*, John H Ru o.laUill Sir , ffeona; Henry B. Cox, Bupertnlnmiaot Burner; Arthur Kaaiaey. Ihira--r; Frederkk W OerlacK, Accountant; Huliard W. Carter, Siore (I-rk UwraMr Arrhdea>oo, Ship'* CVrK, F. K Boyd, i*w*ef'? Clerk, Tbouiaa Bold, Mercantile Manager. Jhtpwte-m?Al< xalidrr Mclennan, Chief Engineer Pad j die l*n>?i lni-nl?.lotin Wnglil, Ftrat Knglueor, Robert i Houaton. Tbooiie- Moaely, JauM* Weal Arc,,od Engineer*. Richard *hiid, James Ami*, John Morton, Third <ugi I. nwr* Jaiue* Atkinson, Winlam Stereo*. Walter S?ng, Fourth fttgineer* Screw laparuio-iit?lanoal Roreson, Firnl Engineer; Ktebard Clunk, nauniel Brulou, George Iteak*itii, Second Kiigmeen, William Kin e, William Biddlmtor, Jame* Thornton, third Engineer*. William Drier, liiomae Patleraon, Jam- * Horibali, Fourth Engineer*. lloory I>. (?<*? h, Engineer. !. A GODSPEED TO TIIK GltkAT KA.STKRN. [From lor I no don lele*la|>h, June It j To day, Saturday, the lClh of June, lue Great Kanteru ' aail* for New York Alter Hit. mcrahie th uuilude*; JfWU. diaappuutlnieuU, and lltai alm.iai ^ fc<* sk'D?"! Itrlpklr, the gre?l ahl|> i? at lei.gth UU'l"r wngb !k> long liad ahi I nt. to tit* -xr.iiwater, 1 alt* aeatned almost u u. rtL ? til lure Umv mi tba long range <*f bulMing* that Inr, b.?'it h . pr..r|.|?iiltalljr wM rlwi mud bank by vur g-*?eitii it* powers a* a rerepta cia lor Um> sub. bo Irrrva Ai' ttt- ti?r puaitlou m bar nuormgs appewr to be, tliat oi?**> *-ie Ioum-I tu pro* |d??wjr that .in-ny moot *..|?-i? ?pm. ' " < i"im'?bilitj, and llial aunt*- day or ih i t diet- a....<j iw brought IruM IVrUatouth or th? l-i* Wight to roll at out* Uta rutua of N* tie) *i>U) wrl il.- haraa. te grows wreck of lb- t?r ?t r.? tors. ilapi I/, tbtaa aln later predict**. lor* m.t to. t. r>nl> <l It* rrtakrrr bare dote- their .<>??. hoi th.? r'lfitw r?>wl hao brarely outiIddeu n?i at.*- U?- in; I tin rinamu, but the tempest of popul t.- i la fa fx. I'tn* -Knot* loiter cocatrurtlon and h. r nil ng* Int.- utlr.MMhn I.rely?remedied RrpkM irtMlriirkai approrod bar speed. Tb? oarerer ot "*ula <d auirwiu acci n-ut uu bor ay lo Portland, and of a uri"wi n ... i tome at rtoyhmd. aauaAed tin* laurrdatvu;.. out tatty tritb -tuj to a* r ire otriidotia atreugth, but .or Oldbi oxnpi -te * ?* >rltu nt-aa UoeoruiiKrit .dlt* *?) Itave f**|i??* led ileal tbe ait**ra j ti to* tbry louiid it Uteii ilutf iu iu- inlet tab 1 tbr pub- I Ik aa/fty to auggval bare b"?a elht i d. fcxperi-nnrd en gmarra ham p.air orer rrery .rat* and ft rag << b?r I 0.atlnn* iy , and lure eu?i* i*. p.<t*t>*e uot alutie tralMl lite probability **f f it- faster*, but to iuatue lite mo *.) a. * < .if tha mora trot of a chroetwneier It r me. I.?,1-I|I, atsiae rota id I rated nature i? taily aurp v .. by the i. .ia-usity uf its bulk. Br nana uDn.*o-i> uhu r-?.,aen? op mairt-raa tluo, it wae prorert Utai tbr J. ck oi tn i.r-at rtmiorn wan half rotten and wholly ui a, rvi.-r.thie lbi? dark h.tS boon ralaid. and II%ll' tud at net .bit- att.l Wal?r. light. Tbt- nn-iguiiy an: cttnib. w wiwri buns* baa biaa rotor'-tl til' r>. an. Mt II? .r i gr?at*r farili . ties for lowering, bare bcob n-.., i* baaed; tbu flung.* halwoeo Ibe marl- bare be u tiopia*d with bygi?m id bornb am to lieu of mdta rubber. and vigtmu* rff >rt* have b-aa ma..*- lo rl-or tbr kr 1 of lb!* c . <*mi ship fr.aa at InaM a portion m the mar in- |?i?aitea tliat li.f-atad bar 1. Utwi and imp.-dad Iter ?a \n |l u. -u y,?sj III |t| atd lbdu*lry In Iheaa am-ieeaii**u" ^i? barebiftire amn bre aad altnoat funereal agywram-?? uf tliat gnati dark hull baa bet a rrliered hv a atrrag .a rfctu rfttl s- I-k, the grim, b.otk funnel* bate {wten paiuted ti.e u .oWt, and tue at luoao. blob were alreaily tarrew uf .brorateui, Itave been hi-eight U> an unetamplal ptvh -if iiwl-ful riclintw* tindei the auavk-ea of Mr. Crace. s'ltbtnl* arer wietie.i Vt nm the Great Faetrrn a* gar. t) as O i|*?t. %'? gad-y. fit tt baa icog Wo fait that tbrrr r-ji a .m. thing I.H-i.a grutrn* In making ke ? mside Ilk- * puia.** and ouUlde Uka Utr Hon.. itf Uorrertkai Um Gr-at Knelern baa Im*-d, Irtun tn. :ar trneo her (Jnoa ware flrst laid, a natiiH.aJ ln.l.i..t,..n V,. man wilh Rrlttali baort id bai bream eoaWt bar. felt i.d,,t*.r-*ai~l lo the bieltry of ber pr *r?a?- in lbs arcouut Of hrr oamptatluu?is the oorrstiraof ber lauueb. bar squlp moot, mid her Irst vuyage on her destined element. Alas t fur the tniahaps we hare had to deplore ewne the daya when the foreigner, entering the fowl and seeing tbat huge iron carcass seemingly cover-d with red rust at Mtllwall, and aekmg what it wee, had for answer the Information that ihia wan ihe Goal I astern, designed by the famous engineer who assisted his lather in the construction of the Thames tunnel, and planned out the Great Western Railway. The log of the Great Eastern has hitherto been marked by gravestones. Where is Isambard Kingdom Bruuell? Where is the manly, generous heart, the twiu genius tbat looked n an < ao olauded his brave and handy rival at his workf Where is Robert Stephens.,ut And whore is the heroic and devoted captain who conducted the ship down the rtvor on her tirst trip, wbo was ever at his post?were that post aiuid danger and death?who rescued the sufferers from the scorchitg timbers and the scalding steam, pausing only to bid bis men pass bis little daughter to the deck T j Wbere is the gallant and single hearted sailor Harrisonf Not alone for these distinguished and honorable men has the death bell tolled. Its knell has beeu heard for the ewart stoker and the toiling arti (leer. There were deaths at each altompt to launch the huge sea monster There were deaths on that black Tri day afternoon when, in mid channel, the thunder of explosion appalled the hearts of the holiday makers, and the white blast of steam rushed forward and scattered the wine cuja In many lonely homes desolate women, and children that are orphans, yet mourn the dreadful day when the hope of the family, the bread winner, the Indus trious lahurer, wus smitten by that visitation which no human power could control. But the good ship now goes on her voyage under brighter and happier auspices. 1-et us hope that her dark days are over, and that an era of mimingled pmeperty awaits the career of this triumph of man's ingenuity and perseverance. She has had to do battle against multitudinous adverse circumstances; but one by oue she has vanquished the obstacles in her path, and nothing that at least motal foresight can prevent lies between her and bor iriumpnam arrival ai nor uesunea goal. inner new management, with resources strengthened and confident)* In her capacity restored, she proceeds on bcr course. Hbe will carry to the shores of that great republic whither she la bound the assurance or the indomitable energy and pluck and perseverance of Englishmen. She will be received at New York by rejoicing thousands, who, Tor once forgelliug the acumoulei and the Jealousies of political rivalry, will remember our comramon stock, our common language, and our common faith, and will proudly proclaim that none but Englishmen or Americana could have achieved this great deed. The story of the Ureal Eastern should remind us all that the battle of industry, like that of freedom, when onco begun?"though otten lost la ever won." It has been our duty to record alike the triumphs and the misadventures of this noble ship. We have had to deplore her shortcomings, to direct atteuitsn to her defects, to consure either the ignorance or the cupidity which seemed at one time likely to enguipb a magnificent enterprise in the slough of des|Mind of an ignoble and truckling system of jobbery. But from the commencement we have never despaired of the ultimate success of the Great Eastern, and it is to dsy, in all cordiality and sincerity, that we add one to the thousands of Godspeeds which hail the great ship on her first journey across the Atlantic. Flrea In New York. FIHE IN LAST KlUlil KKNTH nTlChMT LOSS ABOUT $2.J ,000. About seven o'clock last night a Ore broke out in the steam planing mill in Eighteenth street, near avenue A, owned by George Tugnot. The Are, when first seen, was burning urar to tl-.o planiug machine, and it is supposed was caused by friction of a journal. Mr. Robert idierwood, who had charge of the premises, had just paid od the bauds, and was leaving the mill when the tire was discovered. The flames spread rapidly, and som extended to the stalrcs?e fac lory Of Burroughs Ik Bane, in a r? ar building on the uext lot, and thence to the front building, occupied by J. J. Van Bell, as an ufllce, carnage bouse and stables, and by Ins coachman as a dwelling. All three buildings were totally destroyed. The loss of Mr. Tugnot on building, machinery and stvck, will amount to about #12.(J00. insured for #8,000 J Mr Van Celt's loss on building will amount to uliout #10.000, and on stock, Kr , #3,000 K1KK IN DltOAPWAY?LOSS ABOUT #20,000. About eight o'clock last night a tire was discovered on the third floor of the building. No. 40 Broadway, iu the cap manufactory of Frank fc 8m. The flames spread rapidly to the upper floor, and in a short time the whole upper part of the building was on lire. The firemen worked well, but owing to the height of the building had seme difficulty to reach the body of the lire. After nbout lour hours of incessant labor the fire waa extinguished. No. 38 steam engine did good service. Thr there upper floors and roof were burned completely up, and the fail itix wniii" cr'^iifu lurMuyn iv iuv urm nour. Th-fliist IKkjt and basement wir occupied by C. Watson, dealer in hate and halters' goods. 1<oss, principally bl WMMr, pi--bably lo the extent of >10.000 Mr Frank'* Warn wlU amount to alxmt >8,000 The upper floor w.i* <erupted by Mr Gorge, dealer in furs Wisg amiut >2.000 Ihe buildmg l* damaged about >6.000 Tin- InHiiranre on the swa-k or hmMmt could not l>e ascertained. Nupposed, however, to be fully Covered. The stock of hatters' goods in No. 61, owned by Martin Hales, Jr., k Co., sustained alight damage by water. PIKE IN LIBERTY HTRKKT. About half pnat nlue o'clock a fire waa discovered in the building No 87 Liberty at rent, on the second floor, in the premises of Charles R Duxbury, commission merchant. The flame* were wou extent ilsh-d by the til . men. The lose Of Mr. Ihixbury villi amoui t bi about >2.000; insun-d. T M Titua k Co., dealers in Yankee uotiotia, also occupied part of the second floor Their stock ta damaged by Are and water to the extent of tfl.000, in. urod. Hernard McMartin oc cupled the fliiLt |*?rt of the second floor aud the upper stories of the building: loss about >1.600. lnaured. The drat floor and basement is occupied by Macy At Jenkins, dealers in In? unit wines; damage about FTiOO by water; fully insuri<d The ^building Is owned by U. lew IK, Jr. It is damaged about MOO, insured. rnuoncN'R no nr. About half past eleven o'clock, as the Bremen were returning from the tire in llroadw ay, a row occurred botwecn No? 14 and 20 Engine Companies near the corner of l.ibertj sttect Free fighting w.i# In order, stones and ether missiles were fnely used and aereral pistol nhoU Hied, but we could not learn If any one was seriously injured: bri ken brads and bruised fai rs were the only resulta of lb- mill Sorb exhibitions of proweaa are unworthy of tbi fireman w ho nobly risks his life to save the nrnnertv of others, and it is honed tl at the Commissioners will ngbl ?bm diflkulty by dirmiaelng from Ibe depart mi-iit thr H^yrf ?(torR in till* ca?m Arrival* and Dr part area. ARRIVALS. Ilmr i?r RpmiAMrmif?Htramehlp Adriatic?Mlai CoaM'ck, W H Wing wxt lady. It II W'irAbam and lady, Mum Inl a WtcVhan II (I linn land and family. Thin Pattcraon and I \ . i -I'd lull. W I; 1m? rrri'-c anil a only B M .'aikm and Irdy. Mian H Poi'?r. J Kennedy Smythe and laanly. W II cmnb und family. I) H Draper and family. Rev J Tie ma ram, Col Icring, I' ? A. Itr Bmadlelt. Mra II A Jnuea, Vr? I r?'m Mra A M IV rw-na. Mra Kelly, K Kelly^J 'Jay (iilflin W II Draper, M'a Fulry, II R Morgan J M Wood a. Mra Fuller, II Fuller, J H llmwn and famdy. R Kherwell and l?d>, Mr Chun hill and My Miaa H'irewy. ne A B Kacmler, eamufd Nunia, ? ? Till I'mf Nri'iillmh. Mr SnleUae, dap' ("heater, C J IJtermore and lady, Miaa lllrolnrurth. H A ixaroem and eon C 1 Prratnn. C K Se.lno, W D IMnuwork, W t Ml lorn riVden. J i: Martin and lady, Mr Mrheaaue. R Sliitimun Mra I'rarork, H I' Oaklet Miaa liarenrbt KDliar i-arht .1 Tnwnaeml ,1 lira J dun and ape Mlta Mitchell. BC Inmnaend i A Meyera and family. I C Con dm Mr lltetlit, C Drury, AK f'neph. I J Kogrm, I. Puhaina, Mr llnoti f Renter, A Waliack. It R tManford, K Kbodra. I P Ii .iuuiu. Mr I'linai ai?l e?. W R krllralk, J V Maliurk. Ret J A Reolon, Kdgar Mnla. It I Payne, Mr Ihanchl Oeo w Gregory, I* ligtauni II I'a ua, Mr Fe.tainr aed Iwnaona, Mr llan irk. f?en ll Knpilah J HnlnWrr, .1 If Pasaevi, .1 .1 Stable, I' Knlm, d (iari la II I ippol l. TheoCrofla O Ja/adt, C'lalea, I I tt ur n A l.ardner J J < ouieba k Jr; HirVir fordyre Parker, lalnr O Mayer, A W heu hum J Manderarm, Mr Ri< l.arda. D P Poitb and faailh. II T l.j >dge K II Tenbrneck. Vr-1'..r k V v It nklln. I ll Ha'- k .'Mr Pdknrt. R < I lark W II Philllpa || Fdet . .11. Mi., Mr Ilrrwtia. HO lirr.nara. Ilrnry Krnhl. Total IWl HKPAMTI KKR. l.irrt root.?Steam-hii City of Waal imjt-j.?Darld .lonee. Johi smith. I'liae Calleir, Jaoiea HainUo n. II PlrenL frrno Stirpiuin Mich Kennedy, 1 llaffer, It K-alir, Viae Mary C I adictr, Miaa UrAh Maw li'lfHth, Mm MrVanna Miaa Duncan, Mra l? X Arret. J lire 1 hw* ilea. Rev Dr TP.ynoa. n. trlfe and rkod. N .1 Smith, wife a rat aertanl. Mra T Iteanr Miaa Allen I eatie, J Ralltim. S C I arnbv. Mui.tley, M I. I'rulrk thank ,'am-a Manny and "holy, 'atnea Moody and nKe, A laleir I haa lay**. Mn Kniigh. R I* UeR}, A U Brahc, A I) Huyiel'er, P A Harabao. II WaMrnn. .li nn II Sloan, Jnhii H Vrl?ala*e, J ftaoaiiide. U H llulBir* J M smiley, Prley Adama. I' fie Anae'ia. C R'aiutn. wife, three children ilid miree, Ree S I. ar I eUc n Jt Ji hiiwm. III A ant nwl, P liraah IT W Vo< ne, M m Ke.a R rR flenrgr Henry Wm la, J P Nuna. P Wbuw. I'eet, he. Jnhi, Put yea and ladr. Mm M .rarien and aim, W II Ti n i'e. ai..I ladr, VraM >eal i ar.d dnne'dT. A ROmcne, Knit M rrden, Mnriey Porte1. H Ifeane, H IVeni and ?ife TP> ana a (iraham ami nlfe. f h. hroeder. R Zenker. !> Roan. J K Read. Mm IdieeWo, Mwe Idictin, Rrn Torraitne and nlfe, mm,J P Bnaumnat and Ind* K V RAd'a, A A RMf, I! H A. A Irtry .?rir1 d.ngliirr, Win Cnr t <r an! wlff. Sunirl tnoprr, .Inh'r H ('*,) n K * I'.Atrr Lamm n CnillA Iltiffc t mil r?. dm Hliuirl s S Urn ka, R? Mr Mc.Niihji ? ur' 192 UI Uw ?irrra?n Tidal JU Hpr ir |AS! 70U orra.armn ann llama? Mraai.bin Ilitirfii*?J A Traairr .nrl i1?u(hlrr. I raiv ,i? Martil inlvx. K A ill hrl of Hiiiiu J I'liMnt. Irw IVrrr, Mr. A Bnnrrrl. Mra Pariotl. Mm MHi-hrll. Mtii lam Ma".aanr Pr?u? llrauntrr. M IW.'hrr, Hon 9?y, R Hraun. Him Hvnirrt, F Cnilrt, Mr M.trrlr, Mr Kw!ard, A Rtmbrl. Mr. lull .ad rt.M -htrr, Mm ri lnrtdrr. I h. W Mlrrhin. W r trunk. Mrlumrf, J UtAha. Java Hnrlrj (1im Tirtrrmi Pranrna Ma*tui, I.tianrhrv t A Hard k Iratrn llr |:r Mrwlrr aad lady, Mr MMo. Mr R h . It lit \|r? !> -i b?mky irtfr and ana. P llari'-wond, Mr* I..rate llrni.iti and In fiirt. ft TVarna. P Mr Parttr, A Rrntrr, laula hrutrr. Pmtl Itrh. Mir I tirrln ? I rrinh V.rr " 1 inn in Pnror. t ar" nr Koprnrln krr, Aiulrr I'.aa Inisjnra Rum?] liuiarppr Marvramr, M rn F i.nrrard Pktllp Rirrrlr Mra Calk Vanal I' Pmrn'lnl, <1 R.?'l,t I' Prdmli. A Pr'rnm, ! Prtrnoi. I. Prtrmt I 'rrntr Rnurrtr. *ri It ilium., Jul** Mm*. 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MUa ltrlk>, KVi.rk T H M> rami, II ,m I barf, w Rrkar.)rr Matwitaa H Rrtnrtdrr, R. ha. n.l N A i Rirla n, do, Mr and Mm Ancnat Wrtmr, Minrk. * II Al'aira ; llaat-urf. A T \on??rk. Nlal; M Wll'taB-a. .V?,t'arl ?*?* rff. Pnrui Rlcn Pr B.i.lal KVnrk, II Rrkatrmv Mati in i ' M Haarbnr*rr, NYca-lt. ( arl K?!U. I haada lrh a; T R Lua?.?i I Mr? V<rk. Mm Paikmann. dn. Pr rattlha'nr tlnr'rrati Maa Rt IaiMt. RTnrk, Muat aronnr Rurkarr. 4<>. Mral karl-aii (Traiirnatrln. MrilraVlaa Tb~.l'>rr Pmrirnatrln An lair. I rrtrkj. Paltti niia, M.loKmnai.di .Mtia P Kbnl. NYnrk; Mr. r^iar rrrk and thirr hf.ilrrn dn, Ihan RrhaHt, ilo. Mr an 1 Mr I mil. Mmtrrl Mn? I n rrarr, Mr and Mm .Inkn Trrui mai ard rMid ttr WtTrrrtr. kakl*. KVnrt. Oal BnkrHic. w ,... ?t ? A'i*u.' Krwb > a\.nn>k. Mark I taanrr Kf'aT*pa, Pr rr I* liii*?-r .nd lad*,, NViak, It rne Ulahn.d", Maairr Haitium. J< ( liar I'rhni* Haii mora Jnfcr Rrkwntdl HrmAlrn Pr! i Riirkillrrh, NVi rk, Prark I'rhrmdrr dn, HHnr M.? 1?: * ! Alriaidrr kllrm. do. ..'ikn laidraiani.. f'aitftnatai llrtnni Ptirhi.^ M<,ni*i n rrr Ala P.rnai IA limkti Hf'rlaaR' ta U rta. } antrr M aiprtnirnr, ttnr.nnau HM "niil!"' Rtiriraaa-aad otkcia ta airrrk** latai. A* npaa?a, ?M4I } MEW YORK HERALD, I lUU|l?u Iatrlll|eM< CITY CULKCUKM. Ill 8t. Anil'I cburrh, Rev. Thomas Gallairdet, rector, ' Eighteenth street, mar Fifth avenue, service for deaf mutes at half past three, P.|M.; for others willing to promote their welfare at half-past ten A. 11. aud eigt^f 1'. M. The Right Rcy. Thomas Atkinson, D. D., Bishop of Korth Carolina, will preach in the evening. In the Bleecker street Cniversallst church, corner o Bleecker and Downing streets, Iter Moses Ballon will i | preach at half-past ten o'clock, and administer the oom< munion. In the Memorial church, Hammond street, corner of : Waverley place, the Rev. Dr. Mahaa will preach this evening. Services at half past ten, four and eight o'clock. Rev. Sidney A. Corey will preach In the Murray Hill . Baptist church (Thirty-Oflh street, between Fifth and j Sixth avenues) this morning st half past tea o'clock, and in the evening at a quarter to eight o'clock. In the Brooklyn Tabernacle, communion services in ths morning, commencing at half past ten o'clock. The fourth discourse of the series on the Religion of Nature will be delivered In the evening by the pastor, Rev. William Alvin Bartlett. In the First Independent Society Hall, southeast corner of Broadway and Twentieth street, st hail' past ten o'clock A. M., a discourse will be giveu by Rev George r. moytw. Rev. Cbarlc* C. Gow will preach in the French theatre, 685 Broadway, this evening at eight o'clock. Subject? "The True Patriot; or, Our Country'a Host Friends''?a Fourth of July aermon. In the Protestant Episcopal Mission church, Clinton Hall, Aster place, in charge of the Rev. Robert G Dickson, divine service will be held at half past ten A. M. and hall'past sewn P. M. INTTTATIONR. Rev. David Magic (rod of lir. Magic, of Elizabeth) has received and accepted a call to the First Presbyterian church of Mendham, Morris county, K. J, Mr. Charles R Palmer, of Albany, K. Y. .has accepted . ; the call of the Tabernacle church and society in Salem, i j Mass , to become their |?stor, and will be ordained ou the last Wednesday in August. Rev. N. A Prince, late of Rethol, Conn., has received a call from (lie Congregational church iu Orange, Mass I Rev. Geo, T. Eveicst baa resigned his pastoral charge i at Masonville, and accepted a call to the Congregational | church in Harperstleld, Delaware county, N. Y. INSTALLATIONS. Rev. J. S. Joralcmon, formerly of Newark, N. J., was Installed pastor of the Reformed Dutch church of Fair ! view, 111., on the 16th ult. Rev. Henry L. Dickcrson tvas installed over the church at Iianville, Ind , on the first Sabtiatb of May, by a committee of Green Castle Presbytery. Rev. Herrick Johnson was installed assistant pa-tor of the First Presbyterian church in Troy, N. Y., on the 24 th of June. RESIGNATION. Rev. Fred. T Drown, pastor of the Westminster Pree byterian church in Cleveland, Ohio, has tendered hi- re- j situation on account of inadequate support. DEATH IN THE MINISTRY. The Right Rev. Archbishop Bliuic died auddetly i at bis residence in New Orleans on the 20th of ! June. Archbishop Diane was a native of Franco, and ! Hus ordained priest in the diocese of l.yons, in 1817 t he came to the United States with sons- twenty or ' I thirty others (the Rev. Father Mu-nhaut luooog the | number), who were brought out by the Rev Kisnop Du- ; | bourg The greater number of theae young priests were j j lelt in Kentucky . at the seminary, there to loam th Kug I ! lu-li language. Mr. lilanc, being already conversant with | thai language, was apiioiuteil by Ihe bisbnp curate i f . Natcbei. "niere be remained several months, uutil re ! plan-it by Mr Macnhaut, when be removed to the parish of Pointe Cou|<Ae, in I/OUlaiana. He r-mained in that 1 parish until 1822 In 1822 he was InunhrM to Baton Rouge, la., where he lived until 1831. In 1831 bewu called to New Orleans by the Rev. Bishop Neoker. who had succeeded Bishop Isibourg, and succeed .si him, in hi* j ti.rn in 1N.VI tw-luc/ 1-nlMM.ralSil iiQ llli* !2Sd of November of that year. From thai time uutti the <l?y of bia death lit- bvi-d in New Oti. ?*a, ever a?alous and wulchlul of the > inleroata of tin- Catholic failo. respected for ?h?- uu I blemished purity of In* life, and beloved for bis univer- i Hal kindness and ebarlty In 1864 lie wa* appoiul-d I Archbishop. At the tune iif In* dealt the reverend pre- i lair wait in hi* hilly eighth year. NKW CBnum. The corner alone of Hje new ITmby terian church of Mohtroae, I*a., war laid ou Wedoea^ay, June 13, aitb ap proprtate ceremoniea. (hi Wcdueaday ercnin(t, June -JO, Ibe cbapel juat erected al Kuglcwuod, N. J., dedicated !? the acrshl idflW, and at the aatnr time a paator waa lnataiiod over the cm gregatwa. The new Second Preal.yteri'Uj church lu Pittsburg, Pa., ! was dedicated on the iMih of June M tftC'Kl. I. A nwoca last Sunday wan a gens] day w Ute Weal Twenty third etri-el l*rr?l<) terian church in Una city. The pastor. It v | f .( . Clark . aniioiiticeu from hie pulpit that the laet cent of debt hart been paid iff during the pr"vloua week One | year ago the church owed >'J3.000 It t? now free lie v. J labam Mima, of '-^jeiburn--. Vt., baa become | rector of lbs Fpisrupal church at St. J-tknabury, Vt It*v. Kctmund Rowland, of Trluity collage, Hartford, has ' become rector of the Episcopal church at HraUlehoro, Vt Kev. I?r Buahtieil baa returned to Hartford, Ouon , from Minnesota. Ttie R?-v. I>r Murray, now on a vtait to Oreat Britain, has come Into tadhama with the anti slavery prea* and I wa-M'Uea there. Tliey atcuae lum of complta'ky with alavi ry in this country He repli<-? that --Ih-re arc other s.cs in Uu- world Ixwidea alavery," aucb an "minding other people'* bueineaa and bearing faiae witoeea agaaiat our neighbor." Kev Hiram Greig, of Baraboo, Wisconsin, haa been ap imiutisl exploring nusalotia'y, t?. lahoraitliln the bounds of the Presbytery of liayton Thia Preabytery etnhraroi a territory an large as the State of Councclicul, and la mtuli of It mtulonar} ground. The Prmbvterv hmrrtrr. of Chicago. notices the recent organisation of srieral churches <me at Jaolcoourllle, III (a colony from the Rev I, M Oloeer's ulnirrb), on lbe 13th of May. consulting of forty llvr members, and named The Wi-niinuirtor < bur> b, oje oo (be 'J6U> of April, at Purand, HI , < niisistiag of ten tosmbers; our at Hyde l ark. a suburb of Chicago, consisting of twelve members. ever* Mtorm In Bwbu. sap kttbct* or thk stokm?mwthcctio* or rn? no M M ON bokton MM* BMROT M TKIW-I, kTi i.oka or li>k at MOTo.s DAM AUK TO THK NllirPINO, KTC. [Krum the Km ton At but, June 30 ] The violent storm of yesterday afternoon did mnrh d- nrnge to the public parks of our city, and It will be fortunate for tluae who cbsnred to be on tbn water if they I'M ?|<d without Injury to life and limb. The trees im the sidewalk oo Tremont street, In front of ihe Granary Bury idk Oround, were conaiderably in jnrid. Ihe walk la?t even nig was covered with broken limbs and branches, some being of quite large aim On the Common a large number of trees ware injured, and the walks badly washed by lite heavy ram. It will require considerable time and ruuob labor to repair tbe walk*. H>.t tbe < hlef and saddest lose is the destruction of the grand old elm? whicb for many yarn has h. en the prom tie nt feature of our beautiful Common Many of our reailrra, row.gray with age, will, sa-thry read this paragraph, rersll the pleasant associations of childhood'? hap U bourn tx-iieath the shade of that nnbte old tree. What a ihAptre ol events it might recad if gifted with speech. Hut Its gnatuesa baa departed, Its brant)' destroyed. It was a aud apeetarlr, last evening, to tne thousand* a tin lingered sr.amd the rums, gathering twigs of what ever no mm ties Uiey could roDsrt In the pale moonlight, that portion which was spared look-sl like hugs giant shorn ot half Its massive proporti'ti*. Tbe north I e'ly aeetlon of the tree broke fi units mam trunk, near | the ground, snapping in its fall the thick iron braces which were placed around the entire tree. A person who | was near by describes th' rr?sh as the g?*-at limb fall I over, as 1 iog terriBc. K ihe jort.on of the ltn?h must ha f'oiti t?n to fourt*s n inches in l ameter the largest half ol the trout is still standing ITn* will probably be kept alive if tbe li unk is not too much injured A sad and fatal accident occurred at Brighton A Mr. i tdsslnaw . residing on II gh sliest. wbi has a mutton lull ! u Oa'rish market, this city, w?e ii.rtantly k?il<t at the Pa table by a lightning Irdl He l ail Just been helpsd to j nip i?l I a h) hi* w ire Sbe alao pr??tr Med l? ib? a<?-r Although m mmh it tuj' r?*?', M laMsacc"uiits it ? ?4 doubtful If Mw rfWWr?l Another report from ltrii?hb t? i may hero grown nut el Uiif?waa that two n.ei wen K .Uotly killed. ender a abed, and g third waa m> ueeb Injured tbwi lie died ?<*>n afterward* Accord'..y to roy.'ir they ha! (one ujder a I abed, and were wt their w.igc n* rmoai) ep?,iit,g to altrl lor Hetotl, m hen the "#u|d" dra. ended Itir howecf Hrplm Uwlt. m w,?d?n,J, I.ynn. wan etruek by lightning yeaUMay altccavoa and gligbtly damagi-d. Vo ene Ireiri d Two trwee on flm-tea rtre? t Out by the ri*t?, and owe no th. inaMe wae ,,*? ihe mail In tle* he'ten . the ?lmpiLg * ae j'Wtiew a'nrut in rather ta Iuhee-rt nntikjiie niai'tn r. lV * inn?? r (arev Hewoe Cap U<n H)0B, ly?>g at Irak Uherf, t ml huding for I1> ladelphta, w?A gtruek, and,the moat e> ;?t.rv 1 It* releiot.ef Hn-t i,, at R<ae<a w harf, wna alntek on i the meet, whirh waa epliuterwo pwo of the crew were r tunned, but none trjured. A 'arhoomr mar (Iratgn i bridge, ? ? blown ?? mi tbe Sr el(e and noiaowhat dam agmi Tie Harhor Polwie report I ha/ when the atom waaaoen t 1 riming. there wen aowte tea a , a do*, i. amaii hoala In the harbor in eight, and when ft paae-d n?er onlr two of t?- Bi wire W' h< aeen f> n would indicate that anma liree tne?? be 1'Wt The ateaai tag faille "report, .1 that while com tng up ' i the harbor with e rlnp, ie tow, f -.r h. ale were wen hot ! t/mup A ?l< eedori'a boat attarbc.) Uj the tu( waa eirnrk and the aterti Utr en off. mi that the Nwt glied and rank. A man who reme up fr-m fort Tn 1< le-ndeme alated thai a man waa rem *,,ib< a In. awid be waa . l*? a aellhoat woh */eee other*, and He lewl rapeiung, the el Iter* IT or I 'pave heen !. at Several of the l*>n( II ttharf boat* had n la - redl-at e-en)c(, awd M la fear, ml , the of Ih- m are r*;ei/-<l i Tlie hooar Iddtf lrt greaaMrret ? -a at > k hjr Iightning and the brk k*T>r the rhinn > tV? wfi I. en rj direction, eoate entering tfci window oppr' te Hie lightning * gianrrd off M'.i aratte--d IV a'at m . ?hr rn..f rp|oait* " Chtiabe) a were t'rme f r; a 1 - r jn-rehaae atreet, I I otie ia a^Vrhlpe e?i--l. a--' ne in Har-<aik atreet, but >, no one in/ugt >' 'hat we I- *m< ?>f <t I Ar ?<v ,-T to |"ee- we h, * ' ( nii r.h 'ijary being done J; 1 to th<? pan,* tn . tk?r r?. i * oi th> ritv, and aim ta ' treeawnd p,, in 'lie ** vtT ' Jb?i n , j Tbe aio?rn db' n--t ero-wt m -?u ao ia? aa lawreace with degree of ?e??r.r; SPNDAr, JULY I, I860. Terrible Tl?|rdy Ln4t Might. T* O MJCN bMOT?.'lilt MUUiUU.Il KhCAKKD. A horrible tragedy occtirrral last night, a few minotca before iwelve o'clock, in thd vicinity of Eighteenth afreet and Third avenue, in which two men wers shot and instantly killed by a third pertn? The mines of the killed are John W. Mai hews, produce dealer n Jefferson Market, and John Walton, who recently resided ui 258 Weat Twenty third street. The name of the murderer we have not learned. It apjioara that the deteased perming and the murderer bad a quarrel of aotne nature, and that they accidentally met at the hour named above, at the corner of Eighteenth afreet and Third avenue. The murderer immediately pointed a piatol at Walton and abot him in the head, behind the ear, and then ran up Eighteenth street to Irving place, and then down Irviog place, pursucd by Mathews, who overtook btm near Sixteenth street, when Mathews was turned upon and shot la the breast In the region of the heart. He foil, exclaiming? "I am killed!" " O, I'm a dead man I" The murderer ran up Sixteenth street towards fourth avenue, crying " Police." Walton was taken Into the drug store on the corner where be was shot, and hia wound attended to, but be aurnved only a few minutes. Mathews was also carried to a drug atore in Third avouue, but he ceased to breathe before arriving there. LitaUaant Mallaa'a Expedition ? Progrew of tlx* Military Read, Ac. Through our Pacific coast files we havo intelligence of : I-ieutenant Mullen's expedition, which, during the past t fifU'ii months, hss boon in tho Sail opening and constructing a practicable wagnn road from Kort WallahWallah to Kort Benton. Home months since mention was made of the fact that the istrty had met with a dimeter in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains, resulting iii the loss of many animals and the exposure of the men to the inhospitable elements which hold in that h'gh northern latitude. Weare glad .however, to learn, by recent dates, that the expedition was well I sheltered and protected throughout the winter at "tlantoi.meut Jordan," on the St. Regis Borgia rtvor, Washington Territory; and have taken advantage of the approach of spring to resume operations upon the rood?eitendlng the line this season to Kurt Benton. From the time tlutl Captains Lewis and Clarke visited the northwest region down to the present period, the proposition to connect the Columbia and Missouri waters, has unremittingly occupied the warm and zealous consideration of some of the ablest men of the country. Unfortunately, the prospoctivo amount of toil that would be required?and the financial sum needed?ail socmrd as so msny insuperable objections against establishing the communication. Thus, a half ceutury wax permitted to roil away without the plan having assumed a tangible shape, and it was only in the summer >( tttfcb iliut *e witnessed a party taking tho field in downright earnestness for the llrst time Tho tVar Iwjoirtnn'ut ,1 Washington at thi tiiuo lias not under its official care a more im|>>rlaut subject tho opcu agsf He- i te. whh li i-11 aught witn pi art kssl re-alt* to t i<> nation at large, fhe spirit of the work being eminent y national, and a growing interest felt in the successive r.mvt menu and operations of the expedition, we subjoin tl.e most rcceut amounts fiom that quarter regarding it. The band of iinuualH being well grazed in the Klathoad country, and no anxiety existing relative to their security till the approach of spring, the nest question Pi bo determined was as to the moat advantageous distribution of the several working parties. A mountain-spur, of some I loo feet in aiiituce, intervening between the Bit ter Root river nnd the wintering |wint (a distance of flitecn miles), sloping at an angle of 60 deg , and covered w ith four feel of suow, formed ouc groat barrier between the above named points, differing greatl* in temperature of ruinate, Ac. In order, then, to be at work on lite rlrrr ml mm early a day as practicable, and to make the moat of the mountain obstacle, a forre consisting of elf irons and members of the military escort ware art to work packing on their backs across the mountain*, for the entire distance of fifteen miles, their proviso as, camp equipage, toois, fcr This severe ami ledums latter was begun on the 20th Kebruary, and i ndnil the middle *>f March Since then the road has btec located and constructed some twelve miles up the Bitter Runt; at said (siiut all tho necessary boats and for riea are built 1 be work ahead progressed satisfactorily towards HI .-gale, which the par 1 v expected to reach by July. Tin- ni ipplug of the line is b ung continued on to Briitoti The nrtroiiomical department hart boon moved to 11 litigate lit'Ute, and were obtaining good results. A small paily has b.. u ordered to make a survey of the Hiitri Ki*4 Kiver to its Junction with the "dark's Fork," thence up the C. F to the Jocko River nnd to the Bend if. Oreille lti*M"b,cotni ctlug th- Mln. Ion with the Heffsgute Defile. An efficient force ct the escort remained at the Canton m?ill, protectiDk the t, in* | . nuiilxuch tlnw I ? ih. n>ae m >) be contracted to enable the whole body t< r??.i\ ? eastward. Tlif trllii * of lii'f "i im tin- lino an fur a* opened reBnHwl ffUtidly, whilst the Rlackf. d oa the carisida of the K. i >y Monnutlda accmed an they heard of the |?n? niin.n ii punny through their country in tlm summer, The labor* of 111.' |wrtv an fur have ln>eu eminently successful. ilahialory is replete wtlti a chapter of iuc dents, ami II- IMHiarcttnO WIU. Hie laaaii-r wlutb bvfeu Mrploe id &S f well known u> the country The command la in a state af rilfciency, and hanr.oni ' oua and nr look forward to its ultimate results with iniucraarr?l Interest City Intelligence. i A TnmwApn rra t*r?rv h?i avd Socsd ?At about 4 o'clock oa Friday afternoon, aa lire steamer Passaic was off the Woodbrldye dock,on ber trip to New Hruuiw ick, Ibe pilot i of the l>oat raw a tornado strike the water, approaching I him. 11a immediately headed hit boat for it, and had Out j tairly turned her toward it,when it struck hi* pilot hm to, perfectly demolishing it, twisting in>n rods into all snv o* and blow ing piece* of irlaa* from the window |?nea Jc-p into the boy frame abaft it. It wan only by bard holding to tfco wheel Am bn tint Mm mpaaioa from In my carried into ibe machinery. Allh.aigb sucJi uaa ibe fi ne of the gale tbat it blew the bouse mui m, yet no other part >f the boat suffered any aeri ei* ta in aye After the first force of the ga.e had gone by, it rtill continued to bfc>w for about leu unnut's so bard thai ' lb# powerful boat could l.ardl) make bond agaiust It. It has since been aacertaimd that ou? of the sarin - fr. m the pilot bouae was earned by the wind to Maten l*land. Tlic course ol the l.-ruado waa from W 8. W. to K. .V K. Thr Foryery on A. T. Stewart At t a. to tiik ki1it0b or tiik ii Kit a i.d. **i? or Nr\ AKi.aa, June 39, lido In your paper of the '.{Htb mat , I not in-c m,- *rr, .( |g IVelon, Maw , of a perron bailing form New York, call ng j hlm*elf John J Gibbons, for fbryery upon M -its A T. B,cw art A Co As I b?-Iievc there h no other p. wen of r.nt name in New York , w ilh ihe >-r* pimn'of my ncpb?w nod toy self, In- tnuat have made uh>' of the name m Jw gh accident or d.elfii JOHN" J IriBHiSS. No. 119 Went Twentieth stree'., New York. Prrsoaal IfiSelllymr e. H n Hldney |lret<*< , of libawis, w stopping al tb" Filth Avenue Hotel i Hon J. T. Mason, of Marylaad. Hou Mr Hale, of Byr? I cose; Hon K. H Ma) hard, jf Aurnria, ara Mopping at iiio , Actor lloose f'apt H ll'.ntiny.of tbs t'o H Stale* a-my. - rt> t- I piny at the Ardor Place H atei. II U rrq,.'Mi"-n n.'n, ?r<a Taylor, r><| , hit of IV-gland. T. WtfJ, K-I . ml vr . Pradu fj"> , i ilb (if Wellington, are atopping at it. N ' ! Yuik Hotel. C. Ylbbarri, Fnq , So par la tend net, S pnHir*. E?q., hrrfl'T, ami < K 'Iray, Frq , '.Tin f Vnr , <>' t!>n New York Oenirrl iMIruod. H H II- ri..n, n i , jml W. ' I I .reek, Fe?q , Director (if Ute fh-oar.elvaai* (e*nlrai Kail I mad.T S kitten. tteq , W M Saair.,knq , l<w<*, ! Frq , H. Mbtejr, K-). .end T H Vale, fnq . ail l>ir^? t .r? ,f th* Amer t<ao Teleftraiib < etupaay , am ru<|>i''"i; hi th? ! St K tetania* How*!. iT P king, F.?q . of Otliffrn a F ff ftw.r ly e' Hartford, t IV .eonou, l.^| , of Ni * <?rlnm... IK- rh, F*q.,W |. II ! , krq.. A. t.'nderwno1, Krq , F l>, taq , a*<i II - *! ,-aa, k.-q , aii ?: I t the Iofarge Hi eae lira* Uga nl Fraafr, Hraailhenta At I >.'* Itrlmar toirrlw ? t?T?-sa? C-neWTT, line lid Jc*? *) ntrtl [ 41, II, 44, 7, AJ, 24. I??. ?> . 2-t I'. ?17. 7*. line. (imiriMuTt* liitnar, ' i ??* 9 J- rr v> I 10, 42, 2J. P. "H. :i?. 4". IV 2n. J(?. ?;, 3?. FRANt K, I!R i.? f'KK.ITl* 4 ro . tfaoagrr*. WUtuiudum. Delaware. Ponheern of Plrrwoike *h Ota lft Hern.* 'er lb?i the dne'-irtl ti <A lar? ree a. h-m ?n<j ,?r Iter# ha* rFnrteeied t|>r a< i ,.Ty M ,?M. v ' I llmrtore ahe-itd roe no I trie in laying In'ha r ?? t 'or r.n*.i?.|t tire no Hie Sn*:-th "f .'nlr * fe 1 eaar r?r . nl i?l. Ut.-d at |,nane *t Hh.F - dep.*. 172 Hnawlwar aim*' nl Maiden taaa. akara tme ?>n( Mre'a ?en'ilna gnala ar? kept HIimim llaafar.?Oaatleoiaa'i l>re?a Hot, Ike tmullaa atr la for a-,mat-a Irii .?(.. -.1 K, (1*011 On Ml RMatWaf air*** 11 a I a?71% leal* ot (FanIn*. 11.1 Bmedway W hite, Ihr IHHar, Ahrad^-lr** ahepn hi Itn* the** Rata Id (tit dttlri froio aoethi*. One dollar e*Hh |lt Rpnadoa* lartla llaoie I nderthlrla, I.Inner Uraee, rt llalr tarvha. ai Shin and (O'lar I'm nr. *? and fli Wlillaai ,lm*( one diair n<*1b of Maiden lane UlUl M. TR t(TT, gent Perfect IHtlngr RhIHi Made (a (Inter. Ml Kill! N 'bin Maanfarmry, J13 Heratowaf k?metier fttylra. V' hare r'? na hand aa imaeaae rartar j eg all the later* etrlea n? arm rrnr ( AFe.MMtR SI ITS <H rf.\>'F.R PI.aNSKL RVITS, Oft# I'fl At** 4a.. l AllllUl tJRMI dn W ( h da., I'M ah i urn do, I I e1l.?. do, Mll'lkl dei. 1 SI I'll RO do . Re te and 0 a I- r'e '.?* In O'ery rar'-rj i4 lainal otfloa, t4 Tie*. ( rivfe. tnhlnef t'rdrr Wear Shir* kr *r all nf ?H?uh. I.' Ir. au'nt. ad with i mat *aa<e *U. h* end ar toe Inwaot (, urea Rl IK"'M k IV? . w?. at. Mood Mfcoadov. OraitlBfi of (br l)<Uw?r? SlaU Lot Us- a rlf*.?Wool). KDI>T A CO, Mw'.ihioI the i? unncer ami nwirii etie* i/Trem*. HiuWiKi-Kimj Clam No Sit Jiihk 30, 1900 ?. 51, 70, 73. 22, 10, 46. W, 4*. 74. 64. 36, 69, 37. v PllifiU-l'Lin No SIZ, Jean 30. ISA) 71. 38, 68. 62, 2, 62, 27. 06. 19, 33, 69. 4, 70. a Circular! lent free of charge, bv adttfrealitg either to WOOD. EDDY A Wi!tnll,,trai DeAwtt-*, Or to WOOD, KDD* A CO., M., Miaauuri. 0 O Jmly Knvrth, mud Kverjr IJmy this Werk, 5 ?L?o wili make J'hrrooK>g.r%l Ki;imm*UUia, at ^ Ma Btuml?*y. ? a BrtoklfH Phomraph???%VMIUm?on,i ' *61ncu, tmpcrlalj and 111a e:.;e. Two forty ume ? (349) t ulUio at reel. f, Rtelawajr 4k Soma' 0 Oreratruag Urand and hquare rtutta art irar -acted for Bra year*. Ware room* S and M V4 ."i*r." atreeL A DellahtM Raaimcr Bc<i. Tolman'a Self Ventilating Kprlng Bed and Mittrcorrombincd. The cheapeet, moat durable and cotalortable. fr adway. * Whlakaye-I. T? lalt'a Kiatarky gall rlvar Bourbao, a?M by aU drtuwlala. IlKtJKMAN a CO I Noa. lM, SM. SU and 7M Broadway. IT. *f. g A Graver A Baker IVolaalaaa Hewing Ma* 1 i chine ie the beet friend of the family. Offiee 4M Broadway J New York, and US Pol too atreet, Brooklyn. h Siager'a Baa4 Maaafhrtarliig Maehlned t will be hired out for the preaent, at low rated, ?o reeldente of i fc>w York, Brooklyn and WIMmmabnr*. The rent will be de? ducted from the price m eiee of a pnrrW. I " I. M. SINOKK h CO., 46il Broadway. Wheeler * Wlboa'i StwtBf Machined. ! Office 600 Broadway. New York. G. B. Bloat A Co.\e Celebrated! Elliptic : lock etitcb and abutt'e Searing Mrchinee ; I O. U. (XJULINS. M0 ?rot.tlwiy, N. Y. I Nllwanl'a Needled, Iter Wheeler A Wll- ' C3P\V?c7 OfU'lVn U Al'lllhTL C TlvAodh Naa.Cud HIS mail** J.V 1 hand and of I lie best double refined English out aieel, and WAKRA.NTID 'CrlRIOR TO ALt ornrns. J. KRKD. MILWARP, J1 Warren alrrtf, K. T, GImi Kbailri, for Cover-tap; Clotlt ?, Vaat-e, t baakel* ol lleatrs, An. 6 8. J. PARI) ESSES, a Plat! street, X. T. ? Thf Beat Family Marhlnei tm tlie World, U ISO to 900. I. M. SlNliKR A CO., tvt Broadway. : Herring's Patent Chnmp lota Pi Ira and L Burglar Pruor Safe*. 241 Broadway, coiner ot Murray street, Mew York. Beautiful Complexion.?Laird's Liquid Pearl in pronounced by medical men to the mlv b*-mu'ier j that will re move dlaeam ? of the akin, hold by drupKUla. I'rtu cipal depot idtf Broadway. Meyers' Miraculous TEHMIN PKH'I ROYKR la the only aire extermln.ator of Ran and Mice, Uarrien Inaecta. Ante, Roachea and Water Hogs Principal depot 613 Broadway. Bold by all reap* Sable drug ?telk _ Barry's Trlropherous Is ths Best and : eke a peat article for derailing, beautify In*. clea.wmjr. curling. , iirearrvlii* and reauanun the hair. I Julie, try Ik Bold by all | aruggiets Crist adoro'e Hair Dye, WIrs asd Torn- I 1 pees. The beat In the wotirld Wholesale and retail, and Um I)ye privately applied, at !to. 6 Aetor House. Batrhilor't Wift and Toiipetl hare Improvemen'a Kiirpi.afciun all others; natural and eary; perfect j 111 and bo .ui limp up oelilnd?uo ahruikiug 1C Bund .street 1 . i. - I Ker the Kaperial Attention of the Fair Sex. Por raahea. prickly heat, and all ertiuUriis Incidental to the I heated lei in Or. IIOI.IOWAY rontiaently rec.nusjcnde hie Balwmie Ouilmeut as a aalo and reliable aiitldote. . j Dr. Marsh Continues to Apply M? l(?. i d" a) Cure Truae with auneoi In ellectinp | uoinentcnna uf I hernia or rupture. MA Hi I' A CO.. No. 3 Voaey a a, N. Y. B. T. RabbllCa Concentrated Soft Hoap. I, ?One hot makea 40 g.vllona ben: Soft Soap, b) aimp'y Hdlinc , k hot water. $1 per boa. Liberal diacouul to grocers, No. 70 Washington atreet Married. Baiunbi?Cooijct.?In Newhuryiiorl, Ma.~?.,on Wednos day, June 27, by He*. William Horton, l>. i>., Mr. .Ioh* It Hakmh, of Now York city, to Mia. Uimt E. Cooucr, ul the lotmer place. Dowsr*?WimAM" ?In Jeraey Oily, <>n Tin-adey, .Tune 19, at Hi. bouse of the bride's |<areiits, by the Km Wm. I arnn-ly , IrxuR J. Powmua to .Sarah E. wiujaICT, riaugh ter of to-orge Williams sumi-asi?How*.?tin Monday, .Tuuc 26. by ?be iter. / I>r lYice, Lius. Y. hrowasi to u?a J. llowr, both of " itiiH city Died. I Basts*?4>n Friday, Jim.- ?, of mnsumptio'i. I mm * C., Wire of Mai tin Barter, aged an years The relatives and In. oda ..f tin tamily are reepectful'y s invited to attend the funeral, from hi r late real dunce, M I Hamilton atieel, llim rumlay (afternoon) at two O'clock, a without further notice, ban Kt at e i?c? al ) papers |iUraee copy. w Bk>:** a*?On Saturday. June 30, of diseaea of (be bean, Mr Joanm Brunoa*. in the S7th year ?f b ? are. Ilia fr itiid. iiun those ot th. family an- partic ila-ly In 1 viP d to attend tbu funeral, Irom In* laf residence, J kiret avenne, thia (Sunday) aftetuooo, at three o'clock J1 fiVAXMI ?7hcba? Cavasauh, a nalite of the pariah of J' i<t .loblis. ciAinij Sligo, Ireland , The friends of ibe tamily and Ulnae of his cousins, i Cat nek and Michael MrOowaa, arc requested to attend e Iht tutieial, fn m hie late residence,No. 11U llaxter Street, ' on Monday after noon, at two o'clock. Savannah |?pcr* please copy. Co.nnoi t?fir Friday, Jcmifl. Hiiwin tlova tr, * n.i live or the pariah oi Clum, county lA'itrim, Ireland, aged 36 years. The mncrai wilt take plare thir (Sunday) nfVriioon, at ' two n'eloek , flout her lal. ri hie e, link l.u-t f I' ( et-eet. I t... > - 11 MiMiiMt,MCMmItreat, JersayCMy, > Mi tWMMfoMBts CMom, a native of cnanty Mcstb. Ire j land, lit tlo tMtlh year cd bis age, after a long and te . diotn Illness i Their icnda of the femilyare rrajirctfully Ini'-d p, at t teli l the tuueral, Iroiu the itsideM ot I. aoi. tAtui.ui J atrir t, tins day (Miioiav), without further notice. 1 Chila.lelj.hla paficta ptense ropy. ' ' * ' " - ?< .... i .. .. Inn. "Q r, Anr a ,|,.,,t kit. I t;> , ?h:?h 'lie here with reaignating, Haha* l>l'W?l, jrciurKrft danghter of itott Dunn, 1" yean, ? mouths an: 4 nays. The li ii ?.?' of thr family am reaper tidily Invited In at Kurt th>' tob lai, Up .< (Muinla) y iii irinog. at ton o'cloi k, trim Ifc-IU ?? Iknyital No larriac* allowed to Ureou won) t ?-ir 'ii-iiy ft** -On fituyt'tj, June 30, Jobs f) l"r*r, youngo-t t i oi Incii-i n b and Marie t ink, ng. n 1 mouth and 24 dats ll* ir . nd* a oil in <| i u:iitain .nof th family are re?iwt fully iiiv v-d in alti i d tar I uncial. from lb?- r "ner of (la i al in-* t aud Hiat Uioioi?ay, ou Moooay a'K : nwo, at l*u n'lli i a. Ka.iT?suddenly, en Saturday, J me Ow F.rmm Haute, r"U of Jane-a and Matgan t Ki ll), aged IV year* auu 21 day a. Notice of tba fiiheral on Monday An mm - t.n tin.ay, Jut s 'JO, fa aura K'tJ"**, ac?l? > ? j are, 4 Rii lillv alii) day . T?i Irn ode ,iin) i alive of the lamily ar" reapertfully t * mat in atteini the fun. r ', thi* (Sunili|) afternoon, at one o'chak, ft .at hia lap tond nee, ^uihaaat corner of IHHlllTiIK act Fi'ty third MMtl IneKWA -4a. Iriday to'emotr, June 21, Cutrwrn C. iomw, a. i1 4'rtli y a/ 11 Ii c Tin tlK ii aaiid n lati*ea i f the family are rea|?<tfij|ly iu\ ited to attend th- funeral, from the Third I'm reran, rtrt lion h. corner of He- ? i ano It/wintiv r.t la, line (.- in ifi y ) alierin'in. at half p?at o, e n'rlo. k , without further uc ine Tbe in luhera of Knrrkt Lodge, and the maaooic fi? eiuitv i-netaily are rtwfwatfully tiiTited Aim. cm pai y A, Ninh rrgmei t Ilia remaiua will be taken to ( ypi Hnle (. iiieti y lor liilerineut Maei?Al ilH' t of if. VtaitaUon, (Jeorr' town, j f? ? of eouet mptloe, oa TV -day morning. June 29, V tfcT Atnrtj Mae), railed in religion St Marie fjum-w, , i.?'ii 37 nafi. i Wannn ?*?4m Mature..}, June *4. of eoiu-umptinn, | | iii*u:ii S'erimje.-t , tu Uie atnli year of hi- age | tn ti n no n ativea of the family are reapertfully 1 ibTlU'U I', attiiiil the I mural, on Monday afternoon, at '. I thiia o'l.Uik, f'.ro bta lat< reaidenr , No. 27)4 tltr)alio 1 atrnt j t rKOttar ?4'ti Matariiay, June M>, Ntat at. MrKiM*r, 1 ta-c SI > ?ih, 1 no utli at. i 19 d.' , a, formerly of M'aaiide, I ... a .. ... I. . U...ft?r,: ? II IV', 1 1} Hinw, Ii- Wi,'. Hi iri't mi r ml'*'? alan the at' tre, Ir.n'.fWr* ar.1 ? m<m ?r? et1 .ic i, r Rraina f-mpitny 24 the . I i f H-1 - . ?' .? * ' i in ' |k-|?r'iii-'i. . and ttie , > I re f I ?MIll-lit II- K- -rat, tl* Un- n>< rub. ri 'if IJar* fit < nurd, r< rivjuclfiil y in?it?d t? at'.-ud the fun-rat, 7 ITi.m tkr bmu>r cf Jarkawn liiglw nti|.?i.) 24 27W Wrmt , ,th rir?l, Utta (Nii'tajr) aftera-Mi at two o'clock r Mini a. ?On Nalulua) Uriftiiu*, June AO, J int.* Ml/iU, I ha In. rrml will tak' fv Ihia (bunday) an?rnnni?, , at itue.-o rl'r t. If'fa but saw M-aida.**, 'M U ,vt Kor t I 1Mb Ufa el Vi y.t: lit Krida*, J*if ? after a abort llbiarw, M.kv Vonav, **'<<1 tl inn, It KJdttta aaii U daya. 1!,. ir. i ? ?nd rr 'at'\ a arr r-*|vr?ftil y minted to at- I Mi- ll fu ? r?lt Unl (b>a lay) aftem--n. it Ihrae'i'tluck, fnn, li e nam w if k-r thutk-r, Mrn Mnylan,Kn. 1 ml; n ?- t lb r nimiua w II U tak aw to (ktrary Or ma i ury Ir- lB'rrTmDI I 1HM ? lu.?>?n AvruA, <HikNI?i it the lata i Miakatl ? nb farti-r, In thr S?tb year uf her * - ' 1h? fr a Ma ot lh? family, ar.1 of bar brother and J tin ibar iu ! ?. J.'Oa fl ark" a.. I k/aai.1 l?rtoo. ara biltlifl, il 'irt farilre- , l? ukU'l iWr luii-rni. Ihia . af. r-ixia, al tf n'rlork, from tlia reaid-nre of h> i bii'tl rr, I ifblj I'. Ira ttf et, mat idfThlrd avenue (^t i?? ?4r Mar<l|y, bun 30 of ararbe fever. Mill , I innaiM. usual nat gt'.u* it iiroryr ? and Harah B. Qi.u.n aaa4 1 yeara, I win tt aod 4 '?>? 77ie falalitaa nod fflar.'laaf IH? lewdly ara reepnrtfaJIy Ifvitrt! m attewd tha funeral Ikla (Hobday) aflrrO"OB, at tw? o'ebt k , fr' m lb- r? 'id'uce of ker {.areata, 010 Mtth ! avrntir, withi-nt fnrituT lav.utun liarvrroa ??rii aaii rp in J< -m, em Mainrday, Ju?a M , Ja?a Itanifa, Its Iba S4'b year of ba' at a Ibf (ri' bti abd rilal.Kl are r?o| ?< tf-.lly tar:led to at- ' t/fd t a furarai, fif r*? fha lira pal kljwi?n, 1M Ura?oe \ el n et. tl i" (l*lit day ) afl?r im* ?, al lao o'< infk roiuii riiw. At teatrrTillr. Brrr'n ootinty, N J , n* i . bait rdaj r - rt.'nu. Jur. *? ..loir* Wiujaa. inkuil aoo of J. hi. aii.l M 'ipai-t Milwfw, ?ra?1 t y.?ra, 0 aoualka ao4 4 di.ta ! It' friaedi acl ralatlraa of tb? faaiily ara raap^etfkily ti.etfid to Hurt Us funeral Ihte day {tanday), mlkoat 1 blT'l af ri'lira 1 aarti ?la Jar?aj | ;tjr, aa rralay, Juoa St, Mn Mta , I tin ^ ar!h. mra>. 70 yrara arid 17 4aya. I lb'- lunar*! iii ie*a |4n> fn rr tba matdarra of kar aoa ia law, C. T. OmUi, 11 ITtrcklk pfaaa, tkla (laakaf) 5 * 1 " i Teronoo, at three o'clock The friend* of tha Umilr %n lvlted to attend without further notice. Htajibcbt.?1b Brooklyn, on Friday, .'one 9, iom> 1 AMii'BY, a dative or Devonshire, England, m the noh uar of his ago Ilia frieuda, and those of ha nephew, Charles Fiacfcl*o the friends of his late partner iu hua;uer?, Jaioeat.?lmy, are respectfully mvurtf to attend the funeral, mUut further notice, this (Sunday) ultnuoou, at three 'clock, from his late residence, VTilloughby avenue, rer er of jtyen-ou street. His remitms will be taken to the erne fry of the Holy Cross, Klatbunh, for inter meat. Swift ?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, June 30. after a long nd painful ilines*, Mrs. Maaoak*t Swin, a?fim tCyaera. Thu friends and acquaintances of th? family, aui SI..we f her son Jumes, are respectfully invited to at^stf the literal, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock, from bar tie rebideuce, 03 Hudson avuuue. Her remains will b? ikeu to Greenwood for iuleriaiat. Albany papers please copy. HCltLAirgQUI. M'~ AT W'HOl JOiALK, 8KUARK.?(>KK MIIJ.ION, FAOM M 3L to 010 per thousand. The cheapcsteiulillihinentta Kew ortL O (^llVKKH, 17 Broadway. IT rVTOtDKLLTt.?intDDIlfO CARDS, NOTB, ML 1 Baa new SeUn Tie far cards; new Snrelopes, Ac. Hi roadway, oorner of Duaae street V run Hou.A wn our. V TO THK TBAVKUiIlfO COanrTJIfTTT. w,ti fun celebrated Hcbetdara AromMle Sehnapps AmM - <n mc haada of ernry traveller. no tnmuy anouia mm* t>- city or be oittout a aapply during the warm weather. R nyartably Mrveeta the 111 MTncU of chauge of weather, aid ? i beverage u W the po real liquor Bade iu the world. bit AN DY IN BOTTIB, MADEIRA. SHKRRY, AND PORT WINK. . n. -J. FOR MKD1CAL Dm Pami. lea who km wine should give the preleronon 19 Rl thorn. They are all warranted pure and of the beat quality. Wbdk ottle haa the importer'* certificate of Ua purity Ferule by all apothooartca, fruit aton*. rrooera and a he depot, V Heaver street. A T JONES', HI AND II ANN NTRKKT-A NKW 8TTUI fV of Shorn and flatten, at $3. Call and aee them. \NKW PATRNT. 8RLPTKHT1NO PRRSKRVK JAR. The aiihnrrlber la now prepared to offer to the nubllo wtaM aa an long been needed, vl?.: a Preaerre Can or Jar thai wi Ire certain bidlratlons whether the Dull Contained Uiereia teg een properly prepared, and can be depended on to keep, bere the same can nave lima to ferment and Ihua ruin the oatrnte. for both fruit and Sugar In inch naaew are wanted. It la Hlmuat Incredible the amount of material* loat, either by <rs 'onitrurted on wrong principle*. or a want of cam In dwi? up the fruit, and which herelofure ouuid not be dataand hi me h> remedy the difficulty. Trade auppUed on liberal terma. EDWARD P. TORRKT, No 9 Piatt lit met. New York. A BOTH? SHAPES, No. 83 SI'RFNU STREKT, TWO POORS raOM aKOAOWAT. MATT. ToNrKJ.IV, VKTKRAN DRUMMER. PROPRIETORS. AI AO. WINKS, SKOAK.S Ac.. Ac , kr.. r?lKDKAIJ.H D ARNICA M VI MR NT la prepared by combining arnica with a moat healing tad euelraUng vegetable oil For all the At'HRS AND FAINS I'hat human flush la heir to, It U without equal. KheiiHiaUam, Hrul*ra, Spraiua, Fain In the Side and liremit, Sore Throat, Ac., yield to a few ippllratlona !!. ware of oountcrfella, mid buy none bid l'.l KDt-A LI/ll original at tide. Sold by all drugtlaU. >*rtM U cents. BIIJ.IARDfi -RAI.rS PI.AYTNO ROOMS, NO. 149 PULUrn street aud No. 8 Ann strest. Hlllutrd Palace, tlftMM tallica, Court anl Ramaen atreeta. Rrooklyn. Piano and Mlinrd warrmnma, llrat floor, u above. Challenge any to hat 'or true angle*. RA8NPOBD. RRIDOFWATNR PAINT-TFN TEARS TRRTKD. CHKAP a"d durable*- Por rocfa. onlaide wo lit, deck* of steaiiwew ?... - 1. 1.-..-.W -u II. I,... 1. A o. 91 Uttlen 1*1 if. "TrVTIlKTrfi, < /"lORTAR 8 " I OSTARB" RAT. ROAOH, t'ROTON BUO, AO. "UOHTAR'H" Exterminator. II )f%T A K'S ** "CONTAR'H" Bed Bug Exterminator. "I I >Sl AR'H " " I IISTAR'S " KieeUlt Powder for Iinnr1" At . "I'OBTAR'B" Mft!n U. Fura, Plnthna, " PORTA R'8" tJarprA* A*. " PORTA It 8 " "COSTAR'S" Depot MI oppoalte Rt NlrhoUa Hotel Bold by drnjU(h,U mi.I ret*lj?/* r*rry * brrr. Beware Of all Imilatlona of " <'(>hTAK'S " IDAMFAGKtt I oi< THE FOURTH JOB LOW J cheap, alio ("lareta from >2 50 ?o flu fi r raw li K MKMil M lmi>nrt*t Cort#r Pedar alreet and BroM *?jr. J?AM? parir FAWN " New and be?iitiliil nt) lea, Jnat received and fori ale be FO. ('. Al l KM, 115 Broadway, one door below Psu?J *trec? 1RKE1.KYS HOUR BON WIII8KKY B1TTKRH Fl? K AIX T diaraaei of thr atnmnrb, llrrr and bowela I heal bluer* re roniodrred the moat efttrarloua tonir and rtlmulnnt, ni ami Ujc uiwB *?rrr*i>li'*u>iiiacliir, r>rr ottered the |>um tie, aai rrarrrmin preventive of ehlila and fi n-r For a*li evrryrbera. BARNEti A PARK, Wholraala At?n ? New far*. row i oon imok.-tjon wait on aPi ktii k ANn .1 on \*?k ?lint C'**1 dtr*?tton ir % rartl \ in UU# i * a n try I^vapepvUa I u r^ounic lintig ua ar.i <*? grnarfti. I not mh fatal, a* ? ottfttirupUofj. An<1 vrt ever* hmn nt <i v> iixmm u thr Uiitl luttci * iihtii ih?*ir r?*M< h a *?ur* ku/ aatfl n nu?l> for I ? ami all lb# tint* th?t it #n##n?ii?ra. No cmm ii wh.ib Ilnatrttar'aHti narh Ifltt^m h*v?# fori n t ? nira ?f th!a ami If dMi^rnam ? ajljr?*iu. U vtlhili tb# koo* lfdc# of anv minion brinf And wh>' IW aim?? n<? aurh rah#? naa a ar ncrnrr^l Th?* at'm;w *L *urnj(*J?ni r! ill 2 *?j I un.l tr ?*a,i4 ?.c I) u .wloKr-1r. * irrfnrm lb* trnrk of dictation and tftntOnrMjr ?/ apt lb* t rn-rliri in thr aupp'trt of th* > nu-bj lit-nor 1' m arm ?Jt i*ln ard tinraft-aa In thr tils*#tiir nrgana. mo ?,!i *!.w 1M !i-li (iot t IralioitA and tutor Ui th* am* .r. u .1 n ? ;m, i> wiin now llfr, *11 thr animal powrr* LJIMVKR fU'TlHNO 3 AT TV A W IT r.VANW IT rv AW1? IT KT?H* IT KTAKV IT K A A WV IT KVANF AT MVAMT at KAaKT All thr manufactured artlcir* of mam r ? aw. aur* M> ihu* t a *it?l Punk* Fane} tlawna. W> r?? AdparaM, >r*r d'rtra. ll*ht fajtalmrrra. Ynrm a CVJ j, t 'ncjirli . Hi1*a I. A. A i III KV ASA',..?r ("Mil.'. < tv ,t-.w . N.W (. ?n I I* Iiti.r otri-*t art- n- w Nan* bold al Lur.fiuanlrm. irAa-ra. ?nln?ii rrrard iw">"C lb al. rtU-oaiM- maouia. tunny .dothm* aw Vtllaha anl* I* In . > thrrr I- al lit* ant of rtrrt -??., in ? i,?i.thln* Iff I on hand Ibut la rlthrr kr? pi o* ?r for tbr naa r*?.>? or rlar r.m*l?n#<A out of thr mty, awe'. ai '.o ,ra u A* lUrtmn room and arild I or what w wrlii hrl ng. .'aany mai Mm mat .burnt la tl"- loarr. and only our >r tw?aaory .p,i ra Al rli.nrra II baa h*?o lb.- rra?-ti<-? of thia waa...I Uimmu la 111 mrnrr a rl? i.f out aal* a frw a r*ka rim thr wad af >ai b araaue. I)J maralna lb* f ??la dowl i at or iimb i jui aurttnr irirra Ihrrrl j aivui dfer an ' of nr.rtdkw lia*!ir? wlib 'louilaa al frnia In. lofLlypf* ratil baMra* iat of manufarture. Tfcr rloain* i ut r*l? rrrlri* thia yrwr on thtZTb ? of .tuna, uf II I IMII III III the laai 1- wmmilof - wt. i 4 ar I 'I Uoaa fc UafKiwrd i t f >1ra Aal-aniri bar* air rail; laan , i.yaaod Mad II. , r w I r a.ld*d a* Ibr awl* advaiM?a Tbr an ? ha-.lnr bran ataiiufnifinrrd act at mly trm iMp a '", niiipiiara nary rarP-'.T of i *?ir l*t< .? ?: loaummm i .-ar It titr I lurk I'oaia. Wbla lrr>a || rU] ? 'lata At 1.1? Unrb Coat*. Matin .Iran la ?li< ; I'ui k Piaila. Span lab I ra* fatal* Irait Hruwn PnU C' >A I.Tutu-ar I raid foal* Alaj Ijiirn I n*U, PMrdrr'a I am rn t owM. i iw'.'ol wla, Olii.-harai a .t?, A Ipar a A ^?l* Ar?r nuna l| ?i. irapd au* A'oata, Tarniar'as? ua lW otb i. ?i1? franw laaUTtawm iuaa rbu. tA'i?illr? IVaita f laiil i' ta, b) aniab IJbrn Hunu ra, ?<. Aa , Am Tbl'w lam * <*atila. Whltr Puaf . I'ar m Hararljlwa Twtrta, ParAa fiord Tao'A lain .liar farOa, Fan y P-w k f' ata. Iinpil Ha CtiiU Con.wtvkd Pari *, hi-rk Kk.?.i.rt 1 aria. fhook I* rtl ) Ar . Jkr t?. S'Mt* <71 "in Birr quality aa<J ,v acrlp'Joa Ot f|'? >? l? ? ?? mm mm * l"< lh*? <'<?H . " I mm lla/TP-il'tlt ''OKI# .. . " ! ?. w untnab l.ljiii Inwtra . . ... ig 'Viol A|)|?1 ' ?? ^ I 3 >ra(> < <11. . . "_** t S A h"r I .nn I wrta. _ ."*!!!". ' I 3 IIK 0*1 -umimmr Mi I m i*kt < UMiOirr* Ptula. "" |B At A-.. Ao. " kt BVASb' SXTKNAtVft (ViTlilNli ?AP7HU,< * ??kI Wn f tiri/>a attaaL stram?.m ani>t:w wrni.rc a rut nrvrcwAro u mil* I't UtfU'iww a far ?rt'i* J fWU M Vv ",1Ji m""41 r''"r"^ WV S ? t*l> 13 ararla-y pHra, n-ar Hr^inr. rnfltTtut rrir 1 Tlir A?T.*tOA* HOUlMrtriD Mi;,* Hrr'it 73 f Jhcrt^ an i ?>* ? I RI< * Agant. ?"V RR^P.? rmviW i*,, Atowrr*o www. 1 a 7 b- v .p1t-.a?ir WaiV-wtp* ? |la^.iaa ?,*. *r- m i | v d'.r.'.i. ?...1 t? rf"im art-op atrly fam !.. |? ? wip ?n tin- ?I4 oprli p-atairiteArd nnnrtolM. rn-ra ?ili> (IMIK ^ " 1 J II WflfTMKT A^I'^X%A77 Broadway, Raw Top*. I V. v ?t-*v f,.rn-ar)y twlthihr Worpta," would t* -aw-d " and patrona at 'Ac Wpwd a Praia* l?l? i n 477 r.r??w'1 y I 1 ' ' ,*?' 2* Vi1** nT ririii " ~i**m* l I"'a.trr la.ind and I'ay fttl.Jtl* (llttw for anaa rtipart uii* yrimmp wood add larfiM ilriw* inlndfe*. rartp r.,**at. Otr *? Bad H< ertwn W|?**:?E?i35 P. A'lraAia Dir. .alia wat Dai/ta ritinfgpar. liuoaMk .1 l.a ui Uimlum. 1 HtAiM.iOi A MOW, 4> (?*w MW. ii* ah- " Mf? irk'R. ?????? YY i , rppj, ?HI no-TP War Wit n. Raid?. ? I'pit " to J. Ward. Int'mafc nal llou!. M9 Bnadaw, ' a Y-*? ? ,. , _ , Wantwwow n. C. .Wtaa U. MM. t D? ? "?-T >?. ptlM,, btaa In ardii/WirrWt to fM 'w " "T *nt?r pr^raUoa for IIIMA - l.i A tUtrmal Kill lintmrnuBf I- p . tpry *m< M?6 'wit ntgpnAoo lag tMAnrwd HW?i i.rii pp.U >p 'hot f?tt rnPilMoppa Hal a IMkfal Aaartanaw 4 rpiKia fr.r tip imp np ik> BuM will hmApaaiaaaMl . ?I|J i-rp- rrr thf r.riyinal nntar nt Ida feaW. M ' t laalnp \-pnr i-ipp-p-ib u4 priBgatijr. Ira^^lJWW V>0 BROADWAf. ill KKWYOBK. rro w)ko pi Muro. TIIK itKAVTim. n.i.irrio nwwixa KACimrE. !? ? mw fwmnrwo AHfTTkB HACHIirM. W*r nfartnrad t; OW<?. B W.OAT A m., Ird fi-f -alp at * >.nloaalp and pataU. at erVwa nttnlMMl fw "I'd W'.-I?t?taa. miA aaaranpaatad arW MfWA -iii' l~wn u ^ 9gmmiaSS\ ntaC* HI imiwwv. MwrS^i

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