Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1860 Page 6
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6 gimATIOm WARTKU-KIIUiALBS. A~"~ MBTECTABLE OKI?MAN LADY WISHES A KTTUAfr>o It a tor American family; *bo is a Urrlaes milliner >?i<iv?.,tikkfr, M | ertect id ail kinds <>!' embroidery, and baa rn ob>rcU?o to HO ui the country or travel. Can be aran for a *m! *1 It Beach place, South Brooklyu, near llnmtitou furry. A RRHl'ECTABI K CIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO JHL <lo cliainberw -It. tin'- a mhtrif a nd Irouirr would pons fcamtcrmaid .uid waluvw. tu ? Rood lamdy. I au be Seen fur an days at be prrwut plate, No. 11 W eat 17th at. WANTEP-BY A LADY, A SITU ATION AS OOVERN eas or companion either bi tbr city or country, or to travel with a f&mi.y. Addieiw.l R . at A. T tux' -ill's bookMore W9 Broadway, between lsth ami lUth ats. F WANTED?BY TWO LADIES OF EXPERIENCE, 81TCaUoi.a in u large ianry l.iuiuuuR ur millinery establishMeat, or cloak and mantilla emporium, or ah.*- store. Can in oenee ousidrrable trade from th?i South and West, and are both active, energetic saleswomen. For further particulars address S. N I., Nashville. Trun. RETANTED- BY A FIRST RATE I.AUNDRBM, OEMff liemeu and ladle*' waaluu?. fan produue the boat ul city reference Call for the whole week at 1SH Eaat 10th st, third flter, op suurs. WANTED- \ SITUATION AS WAITRESS OR CHAMberui.nd, in a first cliias hotel, by an English woman, htrly arrived from Europe. Can j;ive unesveptlooaBai seference* as to character and capacity. Address Mrs. c., fcaUiam ktiuarc Post office. HELP WAMT^D-MALEW.^^ A BKNTH W A NTKil?IN EVERY CITY A VI> r'>WN TO A Mill Daod Centra's K\, rhucr Hewui* N"-0?Oweader, &* only in\cuter and inanulucltirrr >1 the ket?tllh*? lc.?. rur tie at 17B limine jueet, X. Y , u. the r<M^Avn> VRNTKN. BUY WANTED ? * N^IN'TKIXltf BUT lad. ABOUT 13 10 17 \ .1 <. i ??. >>?* ? sgvid hand. wanted f?r a ? ... ; jewiier'a cilice. Address box ItK Hern. I office, ter thrte ffio * RUG CI.EKK.-W ANTED A MIDDLE AOKDS7NGLB man. ihor??phly#oa#petent to take mum charge (wi.Unatanim < i !>< > el a retell Drug st re on the west auto. One wilt :ixxl refet 'w mil bear or a good position by luidressii .t vwi^mime, St..John, Herald otll >. Dura clerk wantfd-for nakhvtll*. tenn, from IB to 30 years .if age. a gml jin- -rlpt.. i > o! : exwpliou.ible character. Apply W Th tui A K otter, 2LL I uiloO Bfcoet. Entry clerk wanted.-apply ro jamks a. llearn A Son, 773 Broadway. WTAVTKD? INTHKOTH NTING RnOM <iF A HHIPPINO WT merchant, a voting gentleman, 13 or 17 yean ! age; Mgliii i*irtiltw irtlri tils nirnnti prrfrrn H .. Snti ri Adiirraa, In the I, ...dwr.ttoK of the ..pp.luau., be , l,t70, neral Post Office. Wasted-a boy. ib to i? years old, in an office who writes a good hand, mnsi have mme knowledge of bookkeeping. and reside with his parents, either ffi the lower part ol die city or Brooklyn. Salary not to exceed ?3UU a year. Inuulre at 37 Pearl street, sec ud tloor, front office, from 10 A. M to I P. M. WANTKD--PKDLKRS, PCK SOME s. E AsON ABLE AND verv saleable mri irs. burg'* profit* and im i -ks; tf not Mid can be returned. Apply at SI Canal street, beta ecu Aden Mri e hi ridge. " TINTED?A Y??I HI FROM Ui TO A) YEARS OF Tf age, to act ,s a-e-'staut cashier; ti. have some knowledge ol iks n. sud accounts; nuu who resldiw wttu his parents preferred. Salary 3-\X> per annum. Add. s boa 170 iieraltl sAsr HELP WAN fKU-KK. n ALMS. A WET NURSF. WANTED?TO NURSE A CHILD eight months old; none need applv vuuigcr than three, r ohler diau six month*. Address lie id, No. 3 J hn st. ?TOOK W ANTED IN A HOTEL.?A FEA1 ALE < OOK. ONE Kb* who thoroughly itnderHtaud* meats, vegotab pa-try and rder conkuig. .None but those q iiilined as above nct*l apply s ail at 83* Broadway. WANTED?A COLORED PERSON, AS NURSE FOR A young girl; she must speak either Sum ah or French. Jhddrrm* K. c , box 117 lleruld office. WANTED?A COUNTRY WET NURSE. F'lR a IIAHY newly born. Call all the week at 37 Crushy st. WANTED?A PROTEST ANT (1IRI. TO DO GENERAL housework , must be a jpod cook, u a-dier and iroaer, I pUMiue well re -otninended. It- ,ulre Itll V. ?r id | "DTANTED? TEN VERY GOOD HANDS. To MAKE TP | i?i -.11 nt n, ' r rt i if iv* a. w. >u*'.i ur XJ mobla Hnr.k *. * f'l'fn:.<fh nLv r-uvdinj In ib? nam* U Wm H MaWt Transfer of hU ?<t hti ton ?nppi-<t. A r**ard will b* r*li by f?turnlad lb* IV I m Mr CujJ, MA WLJna atrtai 1 c*t-or thtr*n 4y fvvmno. ii q< "tno vrom XJ " "<t ?T"'ii'i* in Itiknl, ntul frmn th-m n to Laii.ra K**i>*'a th**tr*. * r" d cabin Brnc*l*t, with { >! I ii?-li*t amu-bAd W> *. Tb? tlndrr ?U1 b? rr**. J'd by aeoAiu* it 10 M> K? . ?<l im i>. Lobt-?>>l friday apitrnoon. in ho v-ton tlfFFI. bc'nrrn W - at. r almnt ?l. I R-.of* . , a a n*'I pu-*?l of 1-* Tb* i i yt. by j?aviag m at m k*ai fhilact-iiji Mr*H. tatil \w Bh*n?,.y r?*?r Jed. I OUT-OK THK irtll !NRT. A -MvM, HI a. K Oil J ui ' totth i?rn?r ik*, rrpe 4 *ar? ar..i tail: very r*tm mat mrttjr Mr. If r*t?rn?-,l in ii Kaal thirty fim atiwi,.ui* fcvlFr ? | i?. mararttct Lot | l ltk Ho. * ON Till i-KAAUN H * i V IN-id hark > 'a ij .-h vo Th? uiorr *t. aucr tb* mar by i'aruij! .Ullr i .'i hi.itfl Low-on thk vyknin'l op THK .1 apanksk rau* at tbr Korup^lKan H "*. a nhnn ralci l- i Hr?cot"t, of *\f ,inh? i br ? p?d: *. m te I:, in* Jl .v h ar* whwr ?ili rwtirti on mi' r kivf It/ im.*' -i ? 1 rf lay B* b> I*-*** I ?i t'i I, Mnr h . ui H * !, ? ,i m rrt iia lull aacoui tia hying * pr ? Low-on satmi'av aftkrnoon. by 4 poor wr. in fr?>n < b*itm?r* r?t to 7f Y ->ti *v? . on* tA> hv! <n it' H*rk . < H">| >rt. H*rht?.?r * i tr, >*w ycnh. .1 0.1, r? rwa-tnb.-md Tb* txJcr n.j tHAiFr ?? ; ! ?.? l, in*, it., i. iio iltna rtr**t ? w RTI.4KK L?*r.-4?oij> nuw-THK iiamjWAjf witn rr k *U up 'n* Hiilii "hn n n iB*r. iu*r .< bill i '.i "lie*. *nd MtiKar nnnn '?i Pi A?r m i <t M . - ? . XOini'n.-.-.ii*ry Vy. i* 1 Kuvh * It* a Into**!* iLr v*ti*r ui. * v .'xfc.i r* tr t, m* * t* ? {<> MIA I.Pairok HUM V VR. f orrr or roi.t/>wii?w rnhiiiiaort JLj ni?#m. to ? . j me n? *d ta pmw -.pfcia ' 'mry a JMlk Ur **r*n h ndrnd ntRb'.ydim r. .. iry *n.t tit i r Inn mA (K<0 RR. on mi n?tb* um?. *)rh*J by Yaa i? ...?o lilt A (' ? |wyAi>> lo lb* urdnr of ? i *<*) r*?-1 > y K n-?* A ih ?b?ii AIao, i n* not* in R*t*r.<.wa. K*? ?n4 . *4 by Ww. H HOOMMl. |nr IA ? Iho <**nd d >!l*r? r?T*h.n n |*n- urf *i and *rvl.?r*n I by J. H. i'*v*P<hr Ta*y...^a *r* caaIi..! kf'uMl *kllb! t v?|. 4U .i d lb* ?w ?< pv I t '..A "? IW'H. bowa A HI W It A*. ho"tim, jun* s. tml HIM K.I.*. fom. ?t. Of RJI Ifv, ptvyo 4 ?n All.V V V*d T*-* 'v -v-.i, i *'* ? H r n?* c * hi ?* fad rvy airy. ??4. *>*** * fnmi*b*d i 4M <1 R <, i >*Ai i-vw. ? hi* Rinm *r.t d*.?i / v*?e ; ?a iWM^oCii Jit X" WC| :*A r-.KA. ?w i*aiee' uiiaer cu*ue?, ?, * aim um, <.? ! pneee Rivm; c ,no but the beex ueed apply, at ol Ciiuk<u place, stb ?t. "IITANTED?A LAVNDKI'S. WHO W1I.L AsSlfT IN Tl cb.uu'erwork. Apply ul joVtrsi 1. U street, botweeu Bib ?t*l oih avenue. WAS rKD-A COMPETENT WOMAN TO DO THE IRON tuit of a family, uid *h"ii not m> encaged, io asMat m belt oc care of children. Ajjb' at ?11 K?m Rrondway. WASTED?SU (iIKI>> Vf?i? UNDERSTAND PL'TTINU ip perfumery, also In boys, at l'baluu A Sou's, LI two- ?tSITLA riONH WAM'Elt-n Al.WtN. A STEADY YOUNO MAS 21) WOULD MKK BOMB RE ?) -table huhim-ee to empL y h a time .' irtnif the evenu<i v,hw'' he could ears a tea d' ilaie a week. Addreea box ITS, ll'.ou 1 cflke. T) MERCHANTS AND .MANl TArrURKKS. i-ITUAttoo ? anted, by a F litem ravel, r, air. 01 ulr <-L ir<e uf the interest oi lie r ui re NVv York b isee who t\I?h to estrikl Uir*r Southi ru trade. Lain ,al aaiary x n rn tired. *etisf*rn>rv referen given aa<i r, ..'d. Addreeb Tra. elier, bot L6S Haluni >r? l'o ortioe. "HT ANTED-A SITUATION, 11Y AN ACTIVE YOVHO Tt u.en, who c.iitsule >t- d b*i :. ,u c i..r< i Mtxi-a w> ild be accepted. Addrese Yl.'l, I . ? I tall I'oet tile* "11'ANTED-IS A f<?MM!<-I?'N MOURE, AS ETI'KV? net. 1 <1, Ul -! 'lam - cilia to * ... I' older* ! C 1 -t .0 beat, ry au. lot tbo City jo?L, . >. Addrcas A. 0. D , Unlaid aflbe* THE TK VPICfc. AS FS>.INKER W\NTED-T?? Kt.N AN KNV.1XK Of , IS borse ti?? er; henutetbea eober etea iy uiati end A raeutl martin .:, tale-re ne-M ap|>... Inj'tiro at Bwtft and Ncbaffer'i, ID6 at. 1 lit hart lion- , n ?t. T> QVAREYMEN -WANTED. tt SOBER. TM> - It! as men, who are competent to dr 1 ? ! -i il wuiA Ml A p.terry, at flnlden UrnV' T h _ 'test * <^:en wi,| be paid U> c< Ot|x t* i ' a.I V , id < tpp.y lo labn Tha n. ? i tier i 1 \\ at ?u., > r Aitu Maiar J, enucrrl ltd : t "IV INTID- ill''. I> Intr.S I M tS 111 ,.1'R AT ?77'? It | ? ... H' ANTED?THREE t. D > \ TTrR 1 rs HKHL TT n.i.i end f i-.. !?. n. Apply bl ilaynal rt A Co,.' <t . a KUK\< II AU\ EHI'IKKMICSTM. Tr< iii ru.ijcx rn\s> \- k s \r \r rivoe, i.r?una a* | >i'* i umi. h i"uPMiii? trv.i .'.i, >i ft I'llfWIr Ml Ml Mn,?r rt., IliWi U'tl AtU Mil 111. Hcron copter hay company.?xmth e im itere by given that the fe. iwi g octln h. i I een rm.?tiMhytbe owner, in thu d*v r?:i"el -M. Mil the jvit ;.r ara arti* . i?auotl p'orchoaij* iLe aante, oa U ? U UJ v?! .? ?> N- kler ? Jfe ML 4M4MI !ih Jn!y. 1SS3 1?0 th*r la rune A. fL-inka. u ; ; ; i'*? ;; ; ;; m - n n w r. ii n 2 * - i ss m Ut Wo*., 1K44..1 S? ; w.lh Mr. Hartley. m - "US* M II r. av ? H w ?uu D. D. COLL 18, salary. Moavtai. a?h May. W Lrtt in a bowery im or and street aTAOB. on >i*i'.rjaj mi-m n. ?b->-n I o'clock, a Pun*, ciU.ii. kir acrre Aimeyajil Jewelry. The tinder ai.l recite ?f> re ward and tht thanka <4 'he ..oner h> r* titniiiiR >1 n to No. | Mn.ri utrrrt. The am ore ntu fruta depar.4 menu*. LOrfT-IN TIIR METROPOLITAN II'tTKU OR HEtweet, the Mfropo.iuu II del and atreet, on llr *4?*). a l.omen trace,,4. 1 be tueter vrt'.', he auutlJy ream-Jed by iho HC,r at the e at tho he'jjp. Ulan Hotel. I THE TCTIF. 1 TIED norm TROTT1NO COl'BhK, HARLKM -TWO XV iuu'li>? id oil i n Monday, July - at 3 oVW? P. V nine and rrMHt lo wagon*. Owner enter" eirrel n^nre Kale Dennis: McOatM enters aurrel] horn* lieorgo Hcartl. Next mil* heals, beat three in live. J. 1-ang enters grey gelulug htuu.ghae Owner cetera bay gelding. UKD HOrsE TWrrtNO COl'BHK, H tRLKM -A FI'KHB at will be uivca u> come oil on JuJv Atii, & a Iree foi' hors?a thai u?*.ver won a ^urw* over $26, iwai*, b***t three in live to harv*'**. Koine* u> t?e u.atlu !<"'* Moiulay. at 6 o'clock, at the Ked House, Harlem. < CO>*ON. Manager. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTIND.?MONDAY, JULY 2, at ?s P. H , a double team mawb lor R1.00U. inUa heat*, I beat 3 in J, ow?cr* to drive. A good day a?4 good track. Mr. . C. Hrmern muses gr r Charley W.tleh and B. M. Virgin, ho 10 trot unl "Att Uiru e" "he plruea. Ill* 1 allien nance hu buy : Irian Yankee Ulrls, tormerlj know* aa Lady Randc.ll and Lady 1 Dunbar. The above race tie* created muck excltrineul among ! the lovrrs of iko lurf Ilorsa cars will leave Pock slip ferry Williamsburg, every eight minutee, for Last New York, conBtcung witii stage* lor the course. < 811AW k WHITS, Proprietor*. HOKgKB, CARRIAUKH, All. VuOOD TOWN WAUON, NEARLY NKW, WITH ONE or two seals. lor sale at nj West street A PHYSICI AN IN A uoyit LOC ATION IN UKOOKIvn, having a retire of about twelve hun trcd dollars your, and Increasing, being obliged Irorn ill beakh to leave, will anil lus borne, uirrlsge and furniture (the good will ol the pra nee heme included, without charge), for atxi'ilui hundred d'dtafw?their tirst eo?. Adaroae or apply ni A. it. Bennett, lb Lit*riy fj-eet, X. Y. VN ENTIRELY NEW I?n ETON. WITH TWO SEATS, pole and shafts, just finished for the present owner, for I sale; aisna double snd uue aingle Harness, made by Lowden, I nearly new; also a ni -e sorrel liorse, eight years old, iwluuli I tail, end ac. istomed t? therlly; also an open Wagon, near y in a, by DAVID LANNEUAN, bb West Tweutyelghib alreei "EMlR SALE?A PAIR OF MATCHED CREAM COLORBD i X? Horse*, biack manes and nuts, gentle, sound, vnung and I goed travel.or-, Inquire between 3 and A P. M., at 1(2 Woosiar stret'., where Uiey ,an be seen. For KAiJt?at the depot of sixth avenue HalloMil, coiner of Forty-fourth street and ninth avenue, scleral fine llorses, too valuable for the company's services. i '^jpOR SALE?A PUPBRJOB VERMONT. BLACK HAWK ? - ? , - n.u-i lit ,UI lirM, mm lli.lUT iuq wail!''; fo.ii tr> t a mil* ui less than three minutes; ut lu h!I respects ' h ftrst rate r>itd nr family bone. To be seen at the livery staI l>.e tu Ku .j 4>ih street, ueiur H roadway. "I?<>R KALE-TWO LIGHT STYLISH WAGONS. AlitO X ' ne <> Wagon, low forcash. fan be aeen at II ANoN A LONG'S, cm. bruakeri, 126 anil 127 Bruuine street, below | Put. I TjVjIt SALE? A SUPERIOR BI.AOK HORSE, SUITABLE | X lor .i coupe, Id hands high. long tall, perfectly sound, kind ,n all b minus, ai d a good aaitdle horse. sold aa the owner has noun l . bint, inply at private etabie 7d Kant Thirtysen ud arcel i.rat hUtne east of Fourth avenue), trora 7 to t/ A. M. TjlOR SALE-A ROOKAWAY CARRIAGE AND DOUBLE X Hartc-aa, to gi' 4 order, nearly ti'-vv; w ill be Hold cheap, It-palate or .gtfher. May be seen at the Napoleou stables, r nwr of First and Washington streets, iiobokeu. For particular* tlKfi.In of W. T ALLEN, 2JG Greenwich street, oorner cf Vetey, New York. IfiOR SALE-HORSE, Top WAGON AND HARNESS, X uo Horse le sound. kind and gentle and ran trot lo three mlnntss; tlie una n la city built. In geud order; pnoofor whole 2U0. Apply at flub stal le, 72 Charles street. For sale?a pur or beautiful black mor rr a ller*e?. 15 hand* high, 5 years old next spring, warranted mend. kind nod pert r, uiul a perfect match team. Can be seen at Mr Tuylor'i livery stable, in Broadway, near Fortyaecond street. FOR SALE-ONE PAIR OE HORSES, MAKES, 15V< kaads Inyh, 6and6yeare old, warranted perfectly sound ui I kind in I aruesa and tinder tbe -.oldie; will bo sold at u barram. ''sn be seen at the New York Livery Rubles, Weel Thirty third street, near Ktgth avenue. FOR RALE?A SUPERIOR SADDLE MARK, SORREL, j 0 A hand* high, eight years old. warranted sound and gen Le; ear trot :u three inuiulee to wagon; price >2511. Apply at the Opera 1-1 -iy .Stables, U and 6il K.aal Thirty seound street, hetve-u Fourth and .Madison avenues. IftOR SALE?A TROTTING MARK, THAT WILL SHOW ' 2.12. or no Any person wsnting a perfect mad 1? ?' vol; do well to c i 1 at Mr. Kerr's nmi-i, No 50 Monroe straeu A good family Horse will be takeu In part payment. IV111 sliow more speed if required. f?R SALE?A GRAY HOR.'K, l.V. HANDS HIGH; snond and kind, a ire* driver, no whip, trots luaidc of three minutes; sold for want of use; r>i?? #2 bought this month a year ago for $Ml>, and is lu belter ciindluou than at that time. Apply h> ROBERT K. BATEMAN, bt Cedar street. FOR PALE-A GENTLEMAN HAVING NO FURTHER use for his Coach, will exchange it for a cuvered wagon and-oine ca?h. The couch waa built by Wouil Bros , to order. Has been run one, and ta In excellent order, Can be -ecu at BraiUey A A'o.'s stable, eoni'-r of Fourth avenue ,utd Elgin te?j ih atreet, or addreia box 668 New York Post oitie. For pale?a pair of stylish bay mares, well inndied; I fteeu hands high, pertc lly kind. ol great snd can trot together iu ibn* iniuuie*. Impure in Ui-t stable, rear of No. t Great Jones street. FClt ? U V A BE AUTIFUL CHHSNl'T ROl'KY MOUNlaln I'ony. 1.1 baud* high, well broke, auund and kind. Api I y I" Mr. Brown, at the stable -wri??, ,a University place and ! TliuXerulb atreet. I 1T JU s^LB- A IIAUOAIN-HORXK AM) NEARLY NEW ! | r cit) made linht top Wagon and Harness, the lion? is six | \ can td, and uu not lose to lliieu iniuol***, aoiuui and very i i'UlP'. 1 lii' wLulo to ,?>1J for the low anui uf >.100. N il ? IN. at .or.! price. Apply at Kbit!'* Mvery stable, corner of f'ourtb at- ret ami lattaye Ue place, near Hmadway. IAOR PALI CIIKAP-KOCTI OR KIVK OOOD II01UUM, tiub.f lor caile or lrttt as . also, a tine lot of cual Caiu, 1 a.nuel new. Apply at 147 au-t 119 Wnl Twenty eighth amt, Great bargains in skoond hand six parsrnjit Rorkawaye?A numerous assortment of which, In 1 g.sal rotidltu.u, ran he area at WOOD BROTHERS, SMBrOhSI way, one door below Walker street. Tjoisa, WAOOM AM) IIAKltCSS K??H HALK.-THB J J H"rae la pony bull'. 8 y e.irt old, We.rut and In goudtouodl, Ueu, suitaole la.r a grocer, tullkinaii or tobacco pedlar. Pnon , PlltAI. lie la k.'al. will sund uiUi.iut tying, and la an eaey keeper. luipilre at 281 Spring, near llmlauti. Hikes roR balk?A pair ok stylish bat 11 .ft' a. Iti hnr. la high. 6 and 0 years ol.l. lull tails, warranted ?. Mid and kind Alan, two single Horses. 14.1, m.l MJg L .r and k.t.d. These b-.r*. a an- from Urn ouua I:.. Ai ply at A. A. buy der's bale stable, A) William street, Newail.. S J. , VI1MK4 STEVENS, M AM) ii UtANKLIN AM) 71 ,v ;?t l.-.r w . d Broadway, hive ou rxhlt. I. ..I \A ii^-ona, ol all nngbu, which are goa .... "-i .nd Inrahuily to I , 4 , . r i /x.v \\m uyw j : i recrive ui'Oeri ror | lIMS COUkUlK 1C.MMJO. j OiirTI.ANl) I'OKIKS and AYKRSI1IKK CATTLR fUA 1 a ? r<? l?? tM*?ru *l ith* nU<?ciih?r'i, t\mr Wrtl Karma, : v.. --.r . >. .vppiyWW*, wathum.niiwkphMc I CIVIJMi HORSIER FOR RAM. o I'lii' t uui Horart. Iium ywi 'il, ?rll guirbnd. ai Vj i.iiu r > * WeUn r: r u h. h-ULt I5>. bull i/i.k i air l.incy B...'. hod wbiie llorar and bay Marr. ciui tr? u. :?J t. ?>-th?r. eiitht ywn "Id, AW It*, earh, b.'uht ltt* t i i r |'?;r n hf.| l.?wL/ Hone*; l.OBO lb*, curb; all 1-V. hand*. Dun t healiiiit Hor**-. n-n ) Mr* , llh u !?. rati irr* In 2.J. All It* above Honm i ! ; ru . . prr? u, ai.,1 lor ?tj>. artloci ant beau.. in ,.i.-urv*^-'vl bj any In I'm United Hutoa. For (unbar <| ply to l'AKSONH A CO., 1U7 UuMQ lUMl, Mew iJ.durd. M i*. UTIifMBWATS. lTiv BOAT roR W?T rolRT. NKWIU'Rd AMD J I f 'iihkeri tie ?The tfiiewttxwl Al.II'A will leave .lay I ?tr< -t pier. <m n l xfier Malurday, Jinn- XI. dally, at b 30 A. M., 1 a< -h. "ireet, on and alier Jon* ft, mornilf to > ,r. 6 *>. I ?*eeti*er? lor Albany, Troy. Saratoga. or *1 >. * i-?t. r in make eure fntnwita at Foufhkrepele. t ire in i. -olnrml free. Fare fci ftu. DM1 V I INK F"K imilKiKFoKT-F MIK FIFTTi'KVTS Ibe 4- ..m-T ?' VTAI.ISK. I ?|it?in W in A. Vail, will it* | ll.itri >iv d* >, a> U o lork ia*>u, riliiniiiai in onnn. . with |.. II i.-.: i n IU... ?.!. Tlnytrawr HHIlNiKFUKT will lati- ui I'rrk -.ip <m M't l.ii >1 II u'i'. ? iii.m, and uu r . . III*. rti<*.n. July X at V, ..'rlix * (1HO. \V OoRMKS, Agent. TAVBSV rO < "NFV I'LANP AND FORT HAMILTON ? | J; , \ M xlii'X w.. n.n inr.. ixii :l... <n. lei.iig i at. .mi' *il!?.U 4 *i4 JV >>piiiig no -t *1 y ... 12', and i 3>,. j ?i r 4 Scztb Kmr at ID, 1 and 4. Fair, with a rrluru I ti. ? . ii. rut* T-OR BRIPOITORT?PATIiT 1.1RK-TH* FTKIXKR r Jullh liltookH will leave P-vk abp every day lAundayi ri ?| f- at i w F M., a. rtv ag in Bridgeport Ui lone fir iha car* ? ! the Ha.vatealr, hnugatuck and N-w llar<-n R ulmada, , FaraAin-nla Fr?t*t: laken. T. LOCK V -".R A 00., A rente, IIS Ninth treet. V.' >R pHRFWRHURT, HI'.HI M?l?? IHTtAW l-'TSR, r Ur* lira neb. Ar -Tka trambad* HI.iHl.ARI> Lit HIT I and l.< Nil HkAVlll mil iraia tka pier |.?>t ol Robiiia>a Krri... ,N..rlii Rlvrr. > fca.iiwa .? Tli* H.i tdai?l l?i;ht w.d lea?e Tbr Ls*ig Brar.rh artII laara ?* Vrk Raw for* F .ni'.ay. J-tlv I, ai 7 A. V. Monday, July 2, at T A. M M t,! On". J SI'M T'iraUv. J.ilr .1 7*4 * V T- ! ii? ' If V. V v.twwlay. J liy 4 7 AM. ffr A. M. "lkujsda), Jiiij S, A. M. , Vrdnm't), Ju > I. * P. M. A-r ua.r m'-la on t*wrd the bos'4. JT Tut'.. -it'l^ek Trtn' Rew?-nrf and Po n^keer*".-TKAVy.K IMMKI. HHV.W. I.esrrt .1 j sir-el i^r, UndiitR at Thirtieth street, erery Tueeay. lhnreo*) and baturday, at 7 A. M. Hari rv mvrn \\r? uprYTrx PVTYEt, RAVKTA1 luN AO -T!"? ?ir?ra KM1L.V and T1?J VR le?re ih*ir | wharf, at the n ntf r nt per aide >4 '.he Third i"n?? t'rvtffe, |l? >. r lllsh* and 4'eulury llnuae, near Kittys I , *e . r .! ; t g '.he day,!.>u. tuna e?rh war at Ma j t n. INn , 7. lit, i. ? I* ? a Morris lath and 7, -dtuira I Ian ..oa. si i c >nn? .re *i Harlem ettlf the a VI. V t.N" i.ROV K and hilVAS SHORE. to and from Pec* Blip ai d T? nth Mreet. It.. , frrm Pir'?T? til JO I V. I ? , ir rcii iMiir;. I teal 7 PM. I'?r? * ? mitt 7J>7 arrlie at and leavs the tthunkohl lar '. r ?e ry : i e 11 art'- - Thr-r-v.-'.PVTLTand TtOEK ' learethewl "ar nf r Hieh Bndgt and 7' >nnu.* it's IV ? I-. - . r.i| .Uy. 7 ? tr i ' >- II ! a' - A M Ux- tr i c a :i 1 u :u.? n t W ids. at 7 P M. | T> > V\W\T -04TP k??.?AT <"KR*s WllJ. RI * PAII.T Jl an* siflrr * jadty. .1 tly I. to ferkaway .eavieiatha n* if. art . a' * V At ; ' tt( si.-si at ? |.|er N.> 4 > rt. ; K * * ... 14 P. ?' *tort * at Ito* V.eT> ? ?. h way. Par" hi en'a ?< b tray. ' i' u V BOAT POR KPYPURT. P7RTH AM MOT, ! . ... , . . and I ill a i>?l ? 1 i -'K PRIi'K ,ra .? K i .nam tw ?-t ?: *. lf.nn* aim at **,. and pe r M 4 J> -h rl ?r a * , a. rtuuruinc, ;?ii K'jrpurt at 3 r '...a far* a . rttlh OCMPAT r vr r< R lUtcm AEP LAKM. KARPIJOI 17 at V rare 10 oar'a I aurxa sr.d luetw Kerry. 'are jfrr ? P'ertr'nt ard lyarlt. are A'i-enjt Riir 4i (, fare ! ' ceni* R>. van .e?*e. tars A m.'JL Tt# r'awsh vl SA TVR.I J fK. i ? 'awn I la nun *.d, snU teare Mmrts aife?; wk?ef. j?nw Iff, fter . r .1. ay at #Kt o re- k, A ? , day trret, y. a \ rk 7 . v*. t *.. :amiir.? at i"hn?vff??ar and For t third MirrW ark war ctatvr mi A!?n rrKHT O '"are air "W ? I' rja .a*re ' '"7 Ik ? f A. *' to 7 P. M , frisr. 'nrd VrM tsfevr SU ' et The ; jvt 4 A 1,1.4 Hid f. * Vwt* -r n ?rm 1 rk ff"t.:r,n t rJl dv o-. lfln akaod - atd ft. P-tda.t Vj .A /4?rr r -j aaj NEW YORK IIERALD, 1 EXCURSIONS. -piKXlORTPTL EXCURSIONS TO CONEY BLAND AND IP Sort Hamilton.?The meamer NAVSHOk will m.ika three trh? lull*, leaving Ane-a -arret al 9 v 12V\ .'V*. Spr?m treet, SI1,. liMHy,, pwr i North river, 10, 1 ana A Fare fur j tie en-urtuou, 25 tenia. EXCURSIONS TO THE EISUINO BANKS - THE STEAM | -El er MAY (Jl'KEN, Oiipt, N Andervn, Jr.. will make ex( rurainna U> the Fiaiim* tl.uikx. outmenelii* Monday, July 2; Ttieaday,3rd; Wedie iday,'1th. Tbunulay, 6tu, end Friday. 6th, I leaving Morton mreol al,7 o'clock; Peck aUp. at 7'i; FulWm treet, Brooklyn. 7J^; Spnnc ureal, H',1 pier. No. 1 North river, at 9 o'clock. Fare for the excurnou bin. A coIUIIod tali.I will Hicntu|ianv the ?lrnmor. WNf tMPMKNT OK TUB SEVENTH KEi.IMENT ? ll Suite11 Island Railroad ? During the ucainptneiii of tine h 11 know n ami Jiiatly celebrated regiment, ir.uua will run direct every halt hour of tb" dav from VanderMlte uiudiiu; to the Encampment ataii o llr regiment will .de awl ne band perform at ireqnent Intervale between the hour* N' 6 V. M. ami 9 K. M. Earn troui New York to the Encampment via Una, JOe. rUMTU OK Jiri.Y KXCUHMIONH. Staten It!.in I Railroad. Train* will run over the road every hour during the day, trnin 7 A. M. to 7 P M., (excepting al 12 M) No eviramn in th" vicinity of New York iilturde a more tieauUMl rule. Kara thrrnph from New York, 2t -. Ticket! can he olitauied at tiie oUue ol the company, No. 2 Bowling Ureeu, at the lerry, or at the depot on the Maud. 1/tOlKTU (if JULY COIIU.ON EXCURSION, AROUND F Stnt. n Island, by the aplendid steamer I 'HI'.Ol'EK and elegant Flaneur eriagre BALTIMORE?Leaving foot of Twenty second street, North river, nt 7 o'clock, A. M., Tenth street, Kant river, at i%; South Third street, WilHitnibirgh, at S; Broome *ireel al SV4, Knit on ferry, lirnnfclyn. at SU; leek Slip at bjik; Anion street al 9, Spring alreet at y'4, and Fieri North river, al 9) Ke milling about 6 1'. M. This will be tnulid superior to all other ixcmstouaof the ilav. Thaipaoout deckauf the Barge Hillnttord ibe best opportunity for Uie full enjoyment of the pietsures of daming. <ho unwksfS'r wh.vb h ill I'.e ftiriimlli'il htf a anleilbl tlirflllnn,1 Ret reslmteula ot the quality on board. E'are fur the whole Excursion, 50.?'i.u TriUURTU UK JULY EXCURSION TU NKWHL'RU, I? West Point and > old Spline.?The largo People's Albany line steamer, UENDRIk HUDSON. ("apt. A. A. Dyk-mau, villi leave* loot ot Tvviith street, Kad rivor, at V, t hautbers Street, 8; Spring, 8:15, A rrvo* 8 90; and Thirtieth street, 8:45 A. M., on W iiin nlay, July 1, i860, arriving at Newbury about nn nwln tlnie to view the Regatta Also, passenger* at Went Point, in time to view fortl 11 ration*, Ac., arriving m New York lu ume ior the lire wuis lu the evening. Nyci's Twelfth regiment Bntul will tuvompkiiy the bout. Fare, lor the round tup, 7 J cents. Fourth op july excursion? k irk twenty five cent*.?The spainer KILL VON KULU Capt. it. McLean, will make an Kvursion aro'tnd. Stolen Island, leaving < ..nil su eei at 9 o'clock; Jersey Ctty tt.15; Pier No 2 Nurtb river, si 9.30. IAOURTll OP JULY EXCURSION. 1 T11E SI'PERU FLOATING PALACB C< tMMONWK.AI.TH, Of the St/nunvtnu line, accompanied by a 8PLKNDI1>TUU. MILITARY HAND, as WELL AK (XITILLON MUSIC, Will make an excursion down New York Hay, through the Narrows, to Sandy llook and the Atlantic Ocean, on the Ensuing Anniversary. Particular* of this great trip on Monday. CAR AND KOURTH OP JULY EXCURSION TO ROOK AX way.?The aea going steamer SATEIJJ TE. Capt. II. .mniourt, wtl leave lor Kocinwaj on Wednesday, July 4. i860 a* lollnwa?Hrvame sired, East liver, at 7 A. N.; Peek slip, 7:1a; Christopher street, North river. 7 46, Spring street. North river, at 8, and pier No. 4 North river at 815. This exclusion promises a R"?<1 day's snort of h-lung and bathing on the **e vein Karo tor the exiuraiou M cent*. Hefreautneut* lunush-d on hoard. Grand fourth ok july excursion?the lat ;e, awllt and toagnllH ent Round -learner C. VANDKKH1LT, el the iha'.on line. H. R. Rturg-s. commander. ? .. make .n excursion armi?d Staten Island ai at?>\e, lea ring pier No. > North river dear the Hatter?) ut 9.1k' o'clock; pier > . J J, tool ot UullUiull street, lOo'clock; pier Nu. Ai Not .ti nver. lootol Spring atreet, MrJU o'clo k; P? ea nhp. East, 11 o'clock A. M. Keiuruiug. land at pier No. 2 North river only Vanuban'* Rand will accompany the Exrui-ooo. T. k r. r tlie round trip Kilty Cents. E'ot avle tl the dilferent piers to fere .tailing, ond in advance it the - earner's otn. > , pier N 2 North river. CARAND EXCURSION TO NEW HAY EN-JULY 4. I'.Y jt the sieamer ELM city, I mm pier 2tl East river, at 7JJ A M. Returning leaves New ILavcu at 11 P. M. E'arc for the excursion SI 40. KOTKAW VY EXCURSION -THE SEA STRAMRRJAS. A STE1VE1NS will run daily uu and after Sunday, July 1, to KoeX.wuy. leu v lug Callvai luc Market slip at 9 A. M . Spring street at 9:2U. and pier No. 4 .North river at 9 .V. Leaven Ids kawav at 4 P. M.. stopping at Sea Sain House each way. Euro 50 cunts each way. SUNDAY EXCURSION TO FLUSHING AND COU.KOR 1'oUvt.?Tbe favurun steamer ElN'OCIi DEAN, will leave Flushing on Sunday, July 1, at 7 JO A. M. and 5 P. M. Returning, leave Fulton Market slip at 9 30 A. M. and 6X0 P. M . landing each way at Tenth aireet. t are each way 16 cents. ' I r-piONIif AKiToTHER-PARTIES.-THr~5uB8r5?. bera have juat eomuleled. on the inelr rpm ml highest elevation of the Palisade*. at Port Lee, an Olieerentory out- hundred I'eel high, furnished with a strong Telescope, whtrh cives the moat eilenMre and beautiful vtewr that has ever been ol turned In the w hole world. It also eoutalea a large Platform sixty feet square, with seven smaller ones for Cotak?s, Pri>mena>lui(, Ac , surrtsuided with the moat extensive and romantic pleasure grounds In the rtcuity of New York. WKLLB A OO. 4Til OK Jri.Y KXi'l SMON.?THK MTKAMKR ISLAND t'lTY nil1 leave nier foot of Oliver street. K. R., on Wednesday, July i. a: tU A M . for Mutual oncck. touching a' Whuesioue. City Island, IlarM'a Island and New Roche lie. ltnuruln*. lcarea Mamurouetk at 4 P. M. Kare 23 ccuta each way. 4tn \tf JL1.Y KXlTrSIoN-6t~ Tb'k STEAMKK ; AI.TDA to n?il?hkeep?te, i tntwg ai West Point and New . i i.iv. Passeiipei - 1 >n reniuin at Wett Point four hours. The Alula will It'Hte Jay atreel jiler at 8J# A. M.; Thirtieth street literal ski, returning to the city at (190. Pare each way 10 rents. | Til IIP .H'l.Y KXtTRMON Ttl KKY PORT-THE Tr stesraN wt Keyport will leave on the 4th, fisg of Eighteenth treer, norm mn.i' ^urn? ?, v ^ notiiuann Miect at P. and pier 4. North river, at V% o'clock. Retunline, leave* Krvport at 4 I". M , air! arrives at Near York at tie 0 clock. Karc lor the euuralou SO trull. 1 CRANK 1771 JoUU. fourth or jui.t KXtTRMON TOUI.KX IflVK, UJNO IRI.AXD. The at*' ttier I Ol.l M B1 A, ('nplalli K 4' 1'iirtia, will make In' :*Uni Ktt'uraifla, Wedtiiaday July 4, l!*?J. Chia will be tin1 n. delightful K*' uraii-n oi tne day. Clen t'ovr la a moat ta'auilliJ country rcaort. on one of the Altr?t hay* of Long Island, where the brat of iiccotumo-l vti at nn lie found. In excellent Hand accompanies the boat. Tk krta for the Kxrura.on, Sllceum Th*' -learner tvtll Iran* Si'irnth rllfat at 7o i la lt A. >1 . Peek M'p. 7h. Atii-ie alreer, X. K . C. Kt y atreel, a'4; Morrta Dock, Jerwry ttty, ?v?s T.muU aun t, K. K , V:, Kr utuiUk, Uiul at Tenth street, k. K-, I'r k rili|>, E K , Jeraa-) <1lj. and Unrtlandt at , X. H. poLi nrxi.. At a MKv.TiN'i or oi.n uxr kkmooratr hkui> at Smith'- Hotel, Fonrlb avenue and Twenty arrente ate t, on the nth uh., ilr- Hon Jonathan Trotter * aa railed to the cbair, and John C. T. Rmtdt a|>|>ouilrd ?** rrUirj. Vapi. Man* and la*vell ottered the toiiowmg preamhlr and resolutions, whali were a* * "udr*l by lluu. hdward A. Mime in au able and e.oqucut addreMv, and unanimously adopted ? Wheieiv*. the National He more:,tie fonventton which naacm bled at Halllenu i on the 1-th Juno, 1Mb, fane*] t make nations ti r the uflices of President and Vice Prevalent of the I uttrd Mate*, ui the manner, and uuder the re? ilutlma piewrtla-d ti) the t . nvenhou. .ml iu i ordaitoe will* the well uu dein.?-J regulat usage* of the democratic party -.uce IMI *hen nsecuvbhat in general r.nventlon: and vvher**iu, the welfare and happtneaa of our beloved euunlry can only 09 promoted, and the hanuonloi.a oonujiuaure ut thta Union of -ore mum State* perpetuated. hy a itrk* and I -at adherence to the prowl pl? a of the r"ti?tituUon, and a recognition of tnr right* ot *11 tt* no mliere to an (unliable ah .ie of die common beiicfa to be be dtulved fr<m *nrh Union; and w In rent, the derma tain- pari) ha* alw.tya hereto!,? ? recog tu i d Uieae prim iplr-ut e<|,i..! ant jtai right- * all the main bentol the' out n racy, aa he ha-w upon whs-h us; tow er of the national x*Bl"U haa l i en erect.*d. an t wlu'h hat for an n.ary J ear a 1 ri?r al' ft the Imbue r Of the democracy, proudly noturled -nikl-i the -mi*" ami din of many a Mfetfil held. Ami whence, th' drtu -Tula' party baa ever made it a aid.t il I'tia U"? to oppoee and eruah oat every movement which would tend Ui amy one pnrtkw nf tb>* l'n*<n ag.uu** the other, or to I ?* t ? 11 oal leeunga ami antipathr-a. r.'cogid/iur the rem ral welt are ak>ue a* their Well undeiet?al role of action, la: II, llwvretore, Rrai'lved. thai In the aheenceof anrh n gular nominatk<u*. W<* rei . pin.a In Joha C. lire, kmii lge a t.iuihl*t? worthy of the support of all n uional men. aau <aia wb*en the dsm-wrac* ot all *r. tiona, and all p*rti*na tnitno-d with pwlraa*' aentill < i,ia. - an live a te nt) attpp**ri. In lull oenudrnoe that lue a.tioiniatratt* tr? if r c< d to tha htv'h ottk-e for ha haa I?oi Ban.*-4?wilt r<- l,-*m*l lo the hwr ol He ivuniry .ual the furth. rai. e oi d* tu yrauc prlactplea. Ko-'lveal, That we r* u^ncae In Joarph I.tne a worthy ami able au,'.ranu.n and *ehlk*r. ami rate w hoa.- ?t* rltivy ltd' unty and untltm lilng h"tie?i? of pvirp*~* and a?t?ei, *a well a* bt* woiai and rona* rrallve denoaralk- prtticiplaa, ermtuemly U'ta]>t > hlds to hll Ihe hlth p >-it ion to what, he has bceu noiuiu* > A with vjedit to lout" II and l- 'Oof to lea , unity. K* ?i Ivcd. Ihat u* denua-rata ?. lusted by pulrksie motiv . a. w? w lil rive our el.thdalawie a: trmdlal am^.orl to the nonuiut'joita ot Breckenri Ige atal latnr, regarding them .-a the U tie and * orrv * t e?|aineut? "1 Irgiuiu.iU' <lauto* r.?ur -t*a t: tnea.) He MUhmot W. M. Clerke, h*-*i . the geut.. .ueu were appoint"! 1" Uw i run *1 (.uunlll"", vU ? .Intiatltotl Trottor, M*n<(l?1 I.ovo!l, K<twmi A. Moore, John (' T. MiiHt, nrptN f Kiimr!, M'ui. 1*. >rii. Aii<I <4i now aUun ot '.he iTwir, W. U. Clerk'! waa ?Ui<J to lb"?. nitnittee Alter eh?|iioi.t apoorhoa by the Hon Jntui'San Trotter, t'antain M .i Ixnoll, ,1 c i Hmkttairl W H. CH r*?, , tin- m< rung adjournoj with llm-" rti?" r? tar Itr-cKrurvu* . Lit Ijinr Jt'N \TI|A.N TkUTTAH, t'lbtlriUAu. .'so T bnipr, Seen vary. VmITRK~7IxBT-THK. mkmukra of TUB FMriRF. fi I 'luti aro hereby r\. .lifted M ?dl?o? ir?, i4i Mi tiday rv?tiio?. at fto'tkirk, for IV p-irpow of fonrni g * I..i. hlttl.t prtvoaaion ?.? mar-ta t<> Tammany Ra.l. to paruupoto in the laUliiAB. :i of UuuniM ??il lAtwin. II itrtW, J A MIX lliYi.Vi, Freatdeot H. T. Wwm.} *n * /* K \M? K AU.Y <>K THK N \THl\AI. PI Hi* It v. v VT Tbo K.itamal IVmormtk- elector* ot the ny an.l .-ouaty in Sow York, who are in 1*tot ?( r<'?uLir i.uaooailoiiii tint uwutea ot Mm: pony, arr invited to if mule ui MAW MF.KTlNtl, TAMMAST IT A 1.1., MOSDAT BVKMIMfJ, July I, At R o'clock. For the purpcae of ratifying the nomination of ttlM'HKN A. IKH.UI.AH, I* IIIHK A* 'Ho Regular Xntlcnal IVm -ratio Can-tpl-'e for I'KKXllttST <>f FHK I'NITlCn MTATIX, IN HKRSCHF1. V .TOHSSOM. of CHnrala ti tbo Regular Rational IMtatvcralic Candidate f >r Vice Fr< ailent ot too I'tilted "tat"*. I no- fotlrrwtri dtattflHVd eotiUo-nou will nldre?? tbo * H' ".i VMM OARIHNKR, of Oeorgia. FtiRUYTN, nf Alabama. <.Ri iHHK W. JtiSKX, ot ronnrwu. K i M t HAII AM* o( Kontark*. " J AMBA K AVAS *<?II, <>I Mituie..>ta " I R I'AKXOSX.of Aiabmn.i Atllikiei ol at><e Deti*<iatic bp- i*"r? wtllon our own ftum. KAl.l.Y KAKI.Y Rv order of fV Tamm..ny llall timer,.: 0 *nmiti ? K r. rUKIlV. tWruvm. A l? ItmJJiro. j ^ ,10m Hint, I oMMiTTF.i: t>F ARRASORMRMTA . TV* uiHin ?. Wm Minor, \ ' v. i.irty, John Siioa J Y Fara*? >1 1 Hr tnan. I?.tu?h Hymlom, H T. t < nipt >1, M 11 |>U K \. Montr, JlWii V?i. K. I'. Met'u.i:?i.. i?v\k1 K i. k r, K I' turt. w handler, t K ii- , Alan llerri'"*, JuOi. Mctltmne. X M I.. M iri w, Frter yM. . W 1? KRS.MRDT. iW??a KINK A HTM. Tkv r t - r t T'.r,* hiotoor apiikh TV ! ?t IT irgrtu h of tlo M r.woi m* ! m tV . r * * * - V . ?| a JW H'.uT Viei.ory . -? nuy T F.'ifur?J?, SUNDAY, JULY 1, 18S0. { PH Y GOODS, AC. ATP I HARDING'S f'KIRT FACTORY, 2H1 SPRING street?Kant mailt; Woven skirts, 11 (priors. wide steel. II Iuulie* better order your Skirl* to be nwie, they will W better, Hear better, and look bettor. Old Skirt* made war, hi 2M spring street, near Hudson. A T DK PKRCIVAL'S. 667 BROADWAY, INITIALS AMD il at of Arms etnbroidertd vu h.. ad kerchiefs, table linen ,aiel i<ed clothes. Cotton and Silk Embroidered made to order. Trui.sfeiri.-ig b. es meuJed and doue up like new. Stamping ' f'T t lid roiileni i perieclly di ne. Children'! tloake ready nt.ije mid made to order. Tir.broidered Chemises and Ntghl Gown Yoke*, ladies'and children a Under UarsteuiA, Aa IAj rect Importation. 1 A REDUCTION OK FIFTY PER CENT. FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS. WINDOW SHADES, CAKPETINOS, Oil, CLOTHS, Ac. i French Satin Paper. 12 cents per roll. Kiue cold and velvet Paper. 50 cent* per roll. ' From b pane. Paper, ?ery cheap Kino gold Window Shades, II per pan-at OOATKS', 311 Hudson street, above Spring. \ N.N CAT. CLE AKIN S SALE Ol rich and elegant MANTILLAS, At very reduced prices. Wo vliallw.l, during July, Our entire Stock Ol New and Fashionable MANTILLAS At (ireally Reduced Pncea. 0"r stock Is universally pronounced In oe wound to tHNio in the city. And the price* at which it I* now marked A! usi produce a rapid sale. Ladies will, therefore, please call early. W. H ELLIOTT A (XI., 294 and 296 Canal street, Brandretb Buildings. A CHEAT OPPORTUNITY, FOR TWO W KEKS LONGER OMI.T, ' TO PURCHASE ELEGANT LACE OR SI1.R MANTILLAS, FROM THE GKKAT WHOLES Ald-l STOCK OFRULP1N, GKEYSUN A KLLiuTT, 1S01 Hroadwsy Parege Anglais Dusters at Two Dollars. Mohair and Ctuiilie, Dialers at Three Hollars. Jiarege and Mohair S .Its, complete, at Six Dollars. Bluek Lace Points, of every quality, trom Two and a half Doilr is. R a, k late Mantillas from Three Dollars to the finest gooda. mi**, nil! Arabian* ol every qiuuity. Our LACK (STOCK i a:l u..vrked ul lrom SO to *0 per cent, be.' ? imi'ni'Ver'H cost. Our SJLK and other manufactured stock at very much below u-ua. reuul price*, formerly tjKOKUE BULl'iN, Jtil Broadway. A CARD.-W. .TACKSON, NO. Ml HROADWAY, UAH romtantly on band e.ery uruelo lean-able lor faijly at reavKntbin pvi> e* I'ai'l.e Jar attention id culled 1<> our slock ul' bonnets anil .Munltllud. At kinzkvs CHEAP LACK, EMBROIDERY and RIBBON STORE, 223 "ithih avenue, the great cl.naking sale continues 1111s week. BON'NKTH, RIBBONS, MANTIl.i.AS, NEEDLEWORK, Minis, PARASOLS, I,ACES, HOOP SKIRTS, With larpe bus of < ther yunda, t l.OSI.SU OCT VERY LOW. BEAUTIFUL STYt.Fi OF JACONET AND ORGANDIE Ml'SLINS, AT VERY I.OW PRICES, ON MONDAY, JULY 2, EDWARD LAMBERT A co.. No. osl BROADWAY, Opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Balance ok summer dress goods, urenadinks, h vrkgkk, organdies, jaconets, barege, MANTILLAS, LACKS, Ac., AC., At e\trnorduiary low price*, to close Dutiuk the pi event week, .Tnlv 2. A. B STEWART A CO. Bargains krom acctio* ?v<?dk at pricks that will iwi?kh t11k whulk put goqlh wokl1). h ''u'11AVr,*cov r mia IC1 i n-i'nbfrs atrept, N. Y upon artrjc 1-wn- i^roltu^d jfotsetsutlu? till**, Barege Anglaia, Barege* and ti, " jisked upon tie name goid* fn jobbing bouse* where thev are bought early, crwher* th,v 4-rtXtr o^n ssd? ? W 4 . intend foi th?; next tlnrtv dxvn tn ?.. . lock t.? make mom for rail good,-, r*l ; tore full of job Int# and harjmm* VtlTh?. ."tffl wbol? ot their cu^os.,, .,,,1 *" m';rcjr an.l the liUt^ru,K and lummcr Shawls, 2.0UO Ure msnuffi|7*?sms coat ?i ? . , a 1 Mtlk imd I .nee *antu?iVl^i^.h'ifl'V: l.tUOHilk maohllm. *2, v^th?.^ w""h w m i.UU? heMUtttul i^'Rnti Wlvet trimmed do 12 ?io 1-jH' ' ' If*11 *"* duster MantiUaa, *d m wr?h j/vt #4 a' *ndSiantUUa, at ?2 sr%3 30 . 1,l^rhe Shawls, 66 rents to 16 so each acme wonderful bargainT ' * Black Thibet and plain Delaine Hhawla. Handsome gray Barege Anglais and printed Barer** i9tr t enia, sold in Broadway at 18 to 21' cents. 12% tai^iw h l*ce vun-m " ^ul ^ prtce' b?7 your Our*t&S3?J2SF muiun- 10- **. w. ?}.. be* Irlih lonen*. Toweli. and auch good*, ertm "hasp. ".'? ftfogt "^f*1 w Merruuauk, 8 cent-. per yard 44 Trench Prints, 7% rent*, worth 15. ?f lawna. equal to Portsmouth. *% rents. J,COO b?rt Scotch JacoiiH Ij^nB ,T0W. old orico 20 rent* HelaM, MuereltS I Ca*? beat Jacket lilwn.I it? . agent's price 25 cents. jacouel lawns, 1|>^ cents; rahum 4* ifiMU'd the %a dry rood*. 1 itiou bkSrl* do.: bent M#vl S7W ciBU dn?*? Sissx-atr Oiders Idled promptly, uud with very great care. S' 0lcarino bali ~ " spring and scmvkr goods. To make room for their fall Importations, At No. m Baoaoway. Will offer at re"***0' a?*^c1s a 00. on mondtt, At a great mertnee 00mV?T mtSJ' k0* ^ uj*nc* * ^ ;?ir:,!rgm;.to?k 'AKQIAI, ROinN ?? '. fiouer Robe, worth fmm R u' Wd BM' wwih ftt m Mo pier bUck *?l1 cnLjred, from *11 to cm, PRKNTll ORUAND1K ROBRB, ehlnU oolora beat .a.m. f ?*i V ?! i'rtor *10 u, $li nmuootor* ^ 8^7. ^okgaf<i"k from ? to? 50, ns^sa??rrimki h> Ohlnti and rrkntdlh^r&.kann hakk'ik anoi'air 'aw,t fujich and japanhmk i1rkn aihvpr. cuallum, tra vbixuiu dris ooodb. bhaw1h1' ix eoflm bt tu* *a*d. lat'kr, evrrofdprrm MUURNLNii VlOOOR, hocbkkketind ooods, uosixkt, otxivkr, cloths, cas-snnCRRR, ?r?AM. unaXW." Na JH Broadway. ttoirth Of ici.v 11 pourth op.miv It t r pot'kth or ji lt m kol'rtii Off jd1 v t i koihth of jl..v mtrol'ktrh OK jgtilt! >iu tkl so. hih thinu. clorinooi't halrtll t usilntloct halk i 11 closing oct sai.k i i { nt mhrr clothing 1'e ** * and bops at a0ctt0n pricks. at AltTlON pricks. AT AUCTION PKICKS. NO HUWBUO. HO lll'MUl'O. no ifimnoo. nnuiworriit kklunii orr 111 mkixino orr 111 sku.inq orr i !? fkm.imo orr 1tt rKLunn orr 111 at a okkat SAt'ftirirr. 111 at a i.hsat hat'riht k ! ! 1 at a I.RRAT mat'RirUTKI I 1 now Irt THK TIMK roK baroainr. sow im nix timk ror raroaixx. now ts tiik T!hw ron uaruainh. OAK IIALU M, H and 88 TULTON 81 RKST. f i RMAD1NE ROBKH, cttvap OKORUK A. HBARN, 43$ Rrraidway, Will offer. Co MmvUy, July 2, the baiAZ><-? Of hi* Importation of riVK AND SKVKN rXOLXCRO GRKXADINK ROBKX AT A ORKAT Rr.I>VCTION. ^JRUAT KKDVt'TlOn IN OROAXDIK R0BK8, barfuk rohks tn barkok a nolan robkr 0b0rok a. 1iearn, co h roadway, will nffrr, on monday, jnljr 2, tub abovr uooiw, at a orb \t rbdfctiom. ("?rny dtreok anoi.ats, j ;v*r received, in dot hi.k winth, ver* uoninthlo for drkm and mantilla tooethkk. ob monday, july j. kdward ijtvhkrt a co.. > . vi krondw \t. oppnono tfio (total. Lack %nd embroideries -situation w anted in ? wlv >?*'< bmiw, by * yninc ni.ui who hit* bat r v.. * i. ?i. i". mol tux ? h"t n-b ; hiio'wlrdge rt loicoi. i'lrawt ul ln ? J. hyiou, h',?u. i a i )'. ; i-n. i'll. M antler, edward lambert a co., i no ski rro adwat, oiipiwib' the m"iroi>v'.twui h'*?l wilj. I peer. on tftfnuvy, july 2, a i!?*rw b>i of silk and lack m, at trrr?U\ rxtmwd Mantiixar.mantli.kts mai??tr e ptnciion h?? tk w 'i?ri *? ax. *1 purvwon kwmvoimitat in (wtn.n* mmiuiim v mi.*** . hmii )r vi?r mfi 1 muau'i k?u.;>ut, to whi i nib- ! - ? u.- -?v? now t w* .madame r pin'"hon, n bb-?v'i nrni I PRY COOP8, _ MANTILLAS! MANTILLAS! At greatly reduced pric-e. 1 | GREAT BARGAINS OFFERING. I I Sale to rammencr on i monday. .idly 2. BRILLIANT LUhTKKD BLA<*K SILK BURNOUS, , At |A and !*? former price $7 and 18. RICH BLACK TAFFETA SILK MANTILLAS, Pleaied hack*, with French Latee Herthni, ; New rty lea, at K SO, 17 *5, 17 76, 18. and upward*, Former prices $8 SO to 111. Alio, LIGHT SUMMER CLOAKS IN GREAT VARIETY In Eughah Barege. Urtsmilea, Fouling. Ac.. Ac. , We rail the euecUl attention of the ladlea of New York and vicinity to the fart that we aave lire ihoicuuid doll ire a year in rent ahma by being oil Broadway, ami there tore ran aeil at from thirty to loiay per cent Lena. Our aanorvmeut igjveryLarge, and id Kyle, quality and maun- j facture will compare wi.tli any bouar In the city. W. K. PEYTON, Mantilla Manufarturer, No. 3lt Bowery, near Heuamn street. Macy's final clearing lack sale. Must ao Lb la aeek ALL OUR FRENCH LACK POINTS, . . .. .. Coal to Import flL Will be cleaed for IS. all our french lace mantillas, Coal to Impart 110 and $13, WU1 be cloeed for IA. ali- our reaii pusher lack centres, Will be closed for $4. Co* to import 18. ALL OUR REAL PUSHER LACE POINTS, _ Coat to Import 118, Will be ekwed for tO. ALL OUR RE AL PUSHER LACE POINTS, Coat to import $21 Will be gold for 112. ALL OUR REAL PUSHER LACE POINTS, _ Corn to import 130, Will be elmted for IIS. allium ut'il. Pi'<nten i arr u a vrn i aq Coat to import M, Will be km for (10. A LI, OCR real pusher lace M .vntillas, Coat to import 130, Will bo anH for ( 12 and (IS. aix ocr real pusher lace mantillas, Cost to import (st, Will be sold for (18, (20 and (22. 3.0UU yards pusher FLOUNCING LACKS, All widths, closing at half the cost of importation. R. II. MACT, 204 and 20ti Sixth avenne, corner ol' Fourteenth street. Skirts.?a great smash up op crinolines at lh<- Great Eastern. W hat was the cause; I will tell you. The lad.' s purchased their Skirts where they sell common iron iu place of steel. Ladies, lie tio longer humbugged, but go to A. FRANCE'S factory, where you will get tlie (mat tempered I stei 1 at the lowest possible price and ho humbug. Old skirts made to any shave at the factory, MS Woat IMrty atxth i street. Attended to by ladles. Also Piy Not* for sale. Office 327 Hroadway. A. FRANCE. ijto strangers and visitkr8 IN the CITY. SOLOMON A HART, No. 3C9 Broadway, next door to Taylor's Saloon, an elating out the balance of their SPRING STOCK AT COST, And Invite particular attention to the bargains they Offer In Lace and muslin curtains. NEW styles nottingham AND lkno cuktaink lack and muslin por vestibule doors. brocatel satin and tapestry curtains. reps, damask and chintz curtains. PIANO AND TABLE COVERS. gilt cornices, bands and pins. musqutto netting and tarlatans, Of all widths and colon, from 12 cents per yard upward", With a splendid assortment of pine gold landscape AND FLOWER SHADES, Of our own Manufacture. , Alan, a large stock of pine french paper hangings. Containing a full line of the CHOICE MORESQUE DESIGNS, Entirely new this Spring, And only Imported by this house. solomon a 1iakt, !h? broad way. 2 CASES RICHLY EMBROIDERED ZOUAVE J VCKKTS, From H to (10 each, Per steamer Asia, will be opened Ol, Monday, July 2. A. T. STEWART A CO. 3 CAFES PONSONK HEAVY PATENT SLACK TAFFETAS, Ranging from thirty to forty lie lie# wide 2 ditto Slack and White and OrtaeUie Checks, Ac., MM! new style, Just received per steamer A sin A. T. bTEWART A CO. *"lin G-ANAJ. STREET. OPPOSITE MERCER i Oil/ SELLING OFF. Kii. riv 1 HKU.1N0 orr, **aa?ly. TO F.XI. ARGK THK STOKE, ALL MY STOCK OR RICH SILK MANTLES, HASSLES, VERY DF.F.P. Ruffled Mantles, IS ruffleV the moat elegant garment out, And the balance of my LACK STOCK Conatiting of PUSHER I. ACE iMMiuh'w ALL STYLES french and ENGLISH DO. I bare also a few of the celebrated hand run !.* ? Mantlea, i the very beat gooda made, all of which will be sold at LESS THAN COST, trivia^; late purchaser* a good hnnce ROH A REAL BARGAIN. JOHN J. HENS'>N, 310 Canal street IJfjQ CLOTH CLOAKS WORTH %6 TOR *3 50. 560 Cloth Cloaks wor?h 16 for 13 50. MO Clutk Cloak* north (6 for S3 50 SOO (loth Cloaks worth J8 50 for f3 75. 500 Cloth Cloak* worth (5 50 for S3 75. 500 Cloth CmmIu worth $6 50 lor S3 75. SO Cloth Cloaks worth S6 50 for S3 75. 178 Cloth Cloaks worth M lor fd 50. 375 Cloth Cloaks worth Stf for S3 50. 375 Cloth Cloaks worth S3 for ft 60. 375 Cloth Cloaks warh Iff for S3 50 Thr shore Is the balance of a wholesale desJer'a stock onr> chased at 33X P?r rrat <? tho original oat, aud Is positively the greatest slaughter srer offered In this or any other city. In addithm to Lh? abort will he found one of the uvau Jqte naive and cheapest assortment of FASHIONABLE CLOAKS. ~ MANTLES, ARABIANS, AC., of our own manufacture, erer offered to the public. Ladles are particularly requested to call and rumlnt for themselves , before purchasing rjiewliere. tlnr styles wnl he found ei| tal and our prices 30 to <0 per cent leas than 'hose of Broadway. W. R. ROBERTS, 352 Bowery, between Prince and Houston Streets. H. B.?Please remember the name and number of the an re. ('tit HROAPWVY. UOO LEWIS A RECORD. Fine Shirts to order." Fitting warranted. M?rs' F umlalilng Goods, in every variety. M1LL1XEHY. AT MR-'. BILL'S, M). 3 CATHARINE STREET. T1IE I newest styles of Spring and Hummer Bonnets, at re lu ?d price*. N. B.?Ps'iem* ol Basques, Waists \l tnUllas. K es. Hernias, t apes. Sleeves ami Aprons for anil t*n. I'mking and all kinds of Stamping for Kmbt jtdsrisa done to rder. | A CARD-MRS. I.EVINS, OF ff25 RROADW AT, H AS removed to 7W Broadway, corner of Eighth street, where she still centuries to keeps handsome assortment of DrsSi Caps. Bonnets and Headdresses, Cntffeura IUusioo thiols and 1 Pearl Ornaments for the hair Mrs. IJiVINs is now In Pans, snnstai.tly sending new designs. 757 Broadway, and branch Mn. LICHTF.NSTKIN, 359 CANAL STREET. WILL I.N I of a great part of his stm-k. of rich, b rh ] i loved Hon 1.. l R|l'boo? and lire** Trimming* not ' og aoaj ied fur aurtioii till nett month, fHotpoae tlie olos.iig of n iijiifmi tor a irv. wrru morr. arra wnu kj ixu iw re maining ntnrk at any price, erber hall or <piartrr of original e<?1, M ,<UV Catuti atr?ri, flrat Boor over RoauoMaU'e atom. _ M H lp 'HTKWsrKI N* Milunfrt ?mru J. r. PAVIPffON ih WOW l>ld poems of hrr Rummer htork at a tery (real wcnfioa. in Hieecltrr ell-en. wm Of Hroedway. ~ CLOTHIMU, BrtJ. A| great pkmawp ron cart off clothing.- ' lodtee ati<1 frntlcmen ran rrrrlrr the full rel-ie fur them, and guaranteed not in he humbugged ea by axni- f*i?.. pro- I Vrndere From S3 to $30 apiece kit Pi*w?. from M to Bl? fat 1 tVmte; from B1 opwarde for I'anla a*) Veeta. 1 he hieheet nrtcro paid for chlldren'e Ware, FNirnlture and Carprta rleaer rail on or addrma Harm, 1M Sarentb avenue, betweea i Tt'iiuril and Twenty tlret etreeia. Lodiee attended by Mra. Harrla. ACAID -GKWTI.KMKN H NEW AND LEFT OFF ' Clothing purrhHeed for the Weetern market, In l.irfe or email 1'da tall at the etore. or addrrea Tbomaa l? Oooiot, 44 Ctatre ilreet. W. B?Merchant lalkira hating any on a?>d wtll plraar addrrae ? a bora. Attention.?THE RV'REST WAT FOR LA PIER AND ! genth-ntrn to gel a raab prtra for their rant <i? rlothluf, I Iurnlttirr. carprta end not to br kumbiigitrd bj an-at pntta te to rail or ert.d a note by po?t to B. MKNTA. itQ Sr tenth am. I an*, brtwrrn Twenty nrvrnth and Twrrnty eighth etrueta, ' where yon will?? etire iti rrreirr ilia full talur lor your a~>jda. 1 Ladirn attended to by Mre. Menu. hfttI k- tiTnoTfor iTapiks awp gentlemen n> mnvrrt their cant off Clothing Into oweh?From (I to W petd for pant*, and frrwn $3 hi f 16 for cunte. nUk*. I'trrirrt, | caahn.rre dr< -?e? from M to ?' Alan, -arpiH-t, f irniturr and i IFM firv. ihF hltrhrat M iPF mud far McL A twilF h\ n. rat nmut. tu*l.v ml. n.lrd in l?jr K 111 beramh ?. mw. between Nineand Twraueth ?ireeln. lanltea alleadn: Vo By Mrs. K. No tri?t: - ? trauMirtrd i>u HaturtUjm A' i J RI. A T I'IMlMI FOR < 1/>T!tINli.?I.ADfK* AND (fiiU'nwn hating any ca?t oO cbAh'ug. Furniture i<r < ari ?> are guai attire.1 I.) mrltf * a lidloa ? Irani fits i&; * ?t?. I. am II ? fill, bi.k l?rraeaa, irnm IS la *lu. lor M.i ra?? and N.?.utu the blgh. ntnrlre * IP b? paU. by I r?.in.g < n or ..ddtt Ming A. llari ir, !M Third avenue. La,ie* ( attainted ) Mi - llama rriir?-"lK?*Tw-A\ FOR I,.MI:W ASH HUNT* TO HIT \ 1 J talr prtre ( * ran ntt Clothing. Knnulore. Carpeta. aii'l i -<t to be hvimtmggad hi great pulte. i? to ?end nmr bj poM to IM \ , s??- nib avenue, aa* li win In- nurwtnalty attended tu. J, AN' It Al.T 1-adM ? attended lu by Mm. A. Co linn worth or mkw amiTlkft"orr cxornJ ing wano-d lor U?a Wrateni market ?The Licit- j Wl - aah pit. ? ever paid Pan l>P obtained In bankable nrnuay, I lur ,?r?- r ti'?n lata, by railing at Uip atom or addrraamg ' Mu ?? >h, II i>dt? nrif THE WILITAHT. VIIMTARV M COMPANY a. NINTH BFCUMKXT N. Y R. * Tbe itienibria < I tl.ia t-omniaiid are hereby notified lo unarmHe >.l in. tt-ra, ihta iSiiuday) aliernoon. at lu rkik prroarly 1 rlttretia itrraai, lo B"rnd Ihr fanrral and pay the laat tribute ot n ?pt" i in "ur lair br uhe- member, Claidmg 0. Lxcaun. fly iin.rr nf JOH. H. JuHNbON, t'utnmandiiut. |i .ti i am*. OrdTlr CKE'OI YFTKRAN CORTi OF 1SU WIU, MKi.T AT k? Ti e Merrar Honae. ro:?pr ot Hroome and Mercer atrerta, on W.dreaday ibr Fourth day ( Jul*. a| lOo'oloek A. M.. in f 11 uglferm. :o relebrate the eighty fourth annirrraary of our I nab nal independent* R\ pry \ r|p: an In Ui a and the ad lotn-i * re imlea ta nr. Had to unite with tia In fee fi-tMiitan of ibe day. A and of mam. will be In atlendanr* H. ordpr. 1 U RAYMOND, Colonel, j ? <?< M. Parr*. Adjutant hi li.?TV . etei ana a ill meat on Mod ay pridna it atrM J o' dorfc at ibe tin a plar.. lad atjrr Vetrraa !> (iraaai t. V'iK w.F, Hitr \ v.; .j, ..'am > MiriiltT, r era' j n?yr, *?. Apply Ji -be * ire at jla U .h a Air. r 11 rTRKWORKI. 1 Ann^kh?ary of American ijtdkpkxdekt" (l(- ' jm .y Forivrn ?k tl'i.y .? . A '"HKWOKKM. K1RKWOKKS. KIKRWORKI > V l2o M, KT HK KOI.D AT ANV J*'" .IK . 111 a'I Kl> FlKEWiiKK- < t'MPiJ; a tf>c* U** moil varied, iW ftn*? n-ui the best ?v?r utifed 10 ' tip* public Comer Houston. HKiiaIiWAY. Comer fcuatcn. v jnithnom^Q ff ou*e. ??tly whelwaala <t.-pot >ip town. A No I 1 lreeruckewirely for aale. EiH.K H FIRST PRKMII M F1KKwORKH.-KRIJtIFAI? ' A depot 37 .Maiden lenr New York. U"Ai? , M Fire ? 'r a-kern, Torpedoen, Jim Stick and ueual vrtokv of artlc e* required for eUirraeepera'aale* aD(i public -lSjL lions of buperior quality, at .en* than ueuai price*. Uiiai ordera by nail or telegraph to OEO. h UOUCY, __ ?*?*? ? lap* H.E , E IIOB'S RBI.I ABLE FIREWORKS, DKPOt M HROAk way inert to I>r. Chaplo'a church.)?Tb-t public y? a / < vited to call and examine our atock before pur 'baaing aha where. Our exhibition lota are what every one want*. T\t are carefully M.lei led inim li<e heat etoek and are pnt uj i, V seat japer boaea for til, Si, t3, $4. $6. $ 10 and $16 each. ukn TRLHSUaIL, A rent. Firework. , FIREWORK*. -A The public are Informed that the up town depot fa Edge'a reliable Firework* la at Mil Hroadwar, Mwe?Triiit? and Spring i'.ieeji l.EO . TKCKKDAIL, Agent , Gen vine EDOE'S fireworks, At their oiu depot. No. iU Brou4w<ty. Only ap?ney for i JAPANESE TORPEDOES, "A Big Thing." POWDER, PISTOLS, CAP% Ac. , . j ALFRED WOOPHAM, 1 Sportsman a Dapot, 1 No. 4J4 U road way. A. LILIKNDAHL'S DEPOT FOB TUB EXCELSIOR FIREWORK& ? N?atest In arpearnnce and best In quuTrty, FOR PUBLIC AND PHIVATB EXHIU1T1CW. FVNSTON A SOOFIKLD, % _ 62 JohJ atroet HADFZKLD'S FIRST PREMIUM FIREWORKS. DEPOT 47 MAIDEN I.A.SK. HENRY B- TTTPg, ^oL OLD ESTABLISHED FIREWORKS DEPOT.?W, A a * 1 SMITH. l.'J Krimlwuv, have received a fall iu|iily et Hadfield'a Works. which tnev are prepared to II at rwmaM advance. N. B.?The public are invited to oall sadmaia) *" ' our kuvk before buying elaewhere. ^ THE EXCKLKIOR FIREWORKS, ^ celebrated for , The brilliant and unanrpaaeed I ATLANTIC TK1.RURAPH DISPLAY IN THIS CITY, I % m AMD 1 100 000 ether p .blio and private exhlbiliona thrqteboal Ikr I United Stale*, For ta.e at j No. 43 M AIDEN I, A NR. A.vo those Arge Ftre Crack era, Torpedoee/BtUSonk, Ac. PETER Tj&RB A-CO. n-TO -EDOE'S FIRST PREMIUM FIRHJWORKR CI I U< every deacriptina, warranted tirst .,r?aUty. Dea e'? and town committees supplied at the lowest prteea. Ordei promptly attended to. JOHN D. RtlBHlNif, Agent, t? John nttmUN. Y. ? i w i ' MEW PVBUCAT1OT8. ' **< iK'i KD CASES, fl TO f30.-THE ONLY PLACES 1 , , A > btaj: line ?' rk?, of lirst quality, in aaaorteA ,caaea, i* ' T.c.' i .' " 0 i'u.-.sou aireet. Orders, with oraa r.tiVi.l lc U'A. "M. K ERIN, will insure prompt attagBOQ. N 75t' Broadway, tinder St. Lawrence Hotel. _ e SF.I.F CONTRADICTIONS OF THE RIBLE.?14*PROD j i:ii?s. theological. moral, historical and apNouJaut ea> h I roved affirmatively and negatively by quotation* frq scripture. Price 16 cents. I C. BLANCH A RP. 74 Nassau kfreetj ~ MigcELuraoyg. ...yTT Al'AKU. . 1 TO SOUTHERNERS. DRINKERS OK CONGRKH8 WATER. * Much spinous m;ii > 1 water t* anld ms "OougresdWatf* by i.:.principled pertnua or counterfeiters, who. Then uy dare ;<oi use il.Ht name, call it "Saratoga" waCo airiijfc 4m* "S.u.ii >ga" la only the name of ibn town ui which UlB sprtisa >a ei'.uatvd. \ Te protect 'he public from such imposition* we i ltAve all our onr ..a branded thuat? | GflNORB ? I Any not tutting ih<ce W'Ttla and letter* on the! JU. 4 c ecu > re counterfeit. and the purchaacr should I RTATK1 p . - ule ?|?- Metier lor awiit llfu*. ?I 4 Or.o r? w ill receive prompt attention if addrcaacdlpus at # fv :b? -u depot of Congress Water. 80 Cedar streii Hew Ye city. CLARKE A WHITE, Lisle f dealer* w be prooorc' r^'^em Vrav'r f<?Uwir ?m| from our houae. are kept at our office for <li*trU>uUon| a those v ho desire to purrhase genuine Congress Water in thf ow n udgbborlKXxi. yC. k W 4 POUT WINDOWR-THE CELEBRATED FORQ .a'V patent dust and weather tight combined aiidingund fol nag Sashes are manufactured under patentees supenrauon at warranted by JOHN P. HOI'SE, corner of Forty sixth atrd and broad way. County nghta on easy ternun^^^"^^ ARNOLD'S PATENT nAIR CURLERS. 1 , i We iiave a full stock of thi* new device for '" irttnf Tla. | tor sale WHOLESALE or KKTAIL. Bamplsa tent to naall i any part of the V mted Suites. Send three auunpa. MM WiiiUa street, New York. 8. aVUKA^A OO (XITY FX PRESS ROUTE-WANTED. TO PTlfcCHAiE J Ir.r rash, a well emnhliehed route, horse, wagonJAo. ad a dresa D. J. M., box 8.111 i'uat otlloe. I Ctl'T CLASH MANUFACTURERS -TURNER A LAIR J N'oe. 44 and 40 Duaue street, a general ajunruuni ef ha and Pressed Uiaaawarc, Coal Oil Globes and Ch^MMya, Hm ' Shades, Ac. A FX00PER INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCEMENT OT !# \ ' enre- Dr. M. K. F ?Y: la R. 0. S. Edin., Ketlgw Aeaduk >|. Jicn.e of (his city, residence 100 West i weuly i.fth strec re -nix paio u's in his consulting rootna, Hull M Coed I. I'll i,. ir in 10 A M :ij r. M. Riiudiiys 12 to 3 P.J t .ln?0iie? I ree to public., Moti.Uya, WcduratUys and Pridef f "in UnJ P. M..i i d.v'taei of ere and ear, eVgical ope utiuu* and < brontc tip EUREKA CELEBRATED RKWINO MA<'IJTI^K, UKM.MKHH ATTACHU Price IW), compint*. Ouuran'md aa represented. Payable in weekly amo .uU If required. Office UU Broadway F"> 1.1 EDKF/P fTI.EltRATKTI BEER. I.KMO.mVDK \Mi SAIl.i VPtKII.LA POWDER. Every .a.e I is iiwn brewer 1- mid ?I cent* per laoe. V. and retali at Si t'euai Hintl, beftwi-cn marvlae ?] A i mj tela. HAK-vn-dK WOMKV.-TO LACIER AND ALL WO adn Ire najr i h-eh* ? Ht'Nl '8 Loom of Koeaeiao* a ennd'.. and it r *t tirtt to the cheek a, an natnrtkl tbata u w I in I posad.D be detected; .t will not waah ar lubf, and a Veuott'e applied ramalaa finable far raRa It m on.v ee rrmi.fd ny lem n and will ant injure the ak. Thla la a new pravaratlni.. juat tutriduced, aid ui u|M bytl tb<-ee cratrd romt bean'ies of London and PMa A) -iet ale and retail tyRlNf I ?'0 , Perfomera OfoM. 7 fs'Kita a-reet, C iiladelp' la. P-mp'e botuaa, with AJrectde for uar, n ailad free in any ard'eea In tbe tatted aiaar faakda, on receipt of VI In . aah or postage rampe T)ATKXT APP1IALTHK J ROOFINO 7*1, \ Melt, "Itrap, durable and perfertlr water proof rrirpni ROOFING CEMENT, A ; drely new and ' ting for felt roof a and )*r i tin I'rai' by MIME.-ION liR08., i Howling (Ire, ' N. V. rum.plea and circular* free. I>ER?I VK TORN PLAPTEE-FOR Tin CERTAIN (TU i.f |I .nlonw llanl 8>et Corna a- d all pnlnfbi ftarellta i 'be Keel Thm plaater -Joe* entirely wtlhlbe ne< tbe knife. Ita cure* are eaay and certaia. Keary pa. a* aid jaa tieen a walkinc adTertlaem'nt n Krnnwe, Pr?et ceid" per imm kac* 8.mi only by It. PHILT.IPR, drugg", N lOt lit uaton etrect. corner of Wooeter. RPRlGKRATORf), CRKaM KKKKZKRR, . ICE PITHHERR AND COOLE| be.ling at low prlcaa at EDWARD D. liASHFORD*, r ?r of A?;nr plan-and Third and Fourth aimu? rr. KKKVS rATKVl 1 FOLK KIXTTK . KT. OUtAX FREEXK* T>'?* popular Frrercra, Hint Inrf Hee? ni-wte impirM sin- " are decidedly the mutt r*i id and pefN J rcrrer* la uae. Item* ". natniHMt on atrictiy eclenlifi* prtnclpVee, they r" both tMtip.f and rlTnctue I'Ihio ctrertj<*ia for nee. and *evrral ralnahle rectptea I I tm.aii* "re cream and *ver Icea aecmpnuy each fiwin For kh.c by a.1 the leadlnrr furniahinjr atore? MEK* *xn PRICES Three qn iite .S3 M i Kitfht quarto. I cur 3 UU I Fourteen " A . Hu " ?001 Twenty " W ? Patentee No Piatt etreet, New ToA. Tiir. AMERICAN RnrnTPRnlniJt. T } I Prepared fi n the richest milk of the beet daliiea lbitrheaa county, New Tort, la the only way to procure pi milk in lanre rtilea. The medical rrufeaatnn report Hat I a \ alcalde for Infante and tnrallde. It la cheaper lhaathoew made poteen "mil a* Ae It will keep lor* In any e mile. It ui trntupenelhle for trace!!*!-*, ofBoere of the ant and umy, and fur th we living In h<* climate* or at the .tout F r ?e ' n various aired | " ? tjra, rnelraed for'raneportaiio A * aX> Rli AN ROLUHFIKD NIUC COMPACT, T* labem ?treet. two dm we eaat froaa W road way, N. T. Vl* ihlklvZ* -MAU. V? REI. NETWho> 10 ANf?~i % FT ' aw capable of a>-rawmodatlay tarelep pereoae cot f. rial-'r lo r? " alendaye' plea*<tre trip down Eaat? ?t?i tap on or nNmt tha kxb mat. Apply to JOHN H. oTK VF. v t7 Wall atraet. 1 A roPAHTAKHlHIP NOT It KM. ' AN EUTKRI'IUhtKU MAN. HKIN'l A THOEOOO printer, a rare oj portnnMy is "flared.?A rood loutilon I ha moat I nay peri of ;hr . it. alaai i paatr and good room. a in rcedtneaa. To tit* who baa eoute m#arv i t rannxrun-.i printing i eaaea. an eireltenr arrangement nan b* par--<pe I v i>. for three daya. with rael name, statu Mi- - i t.u new tiiay be had, bo* 110 II mil itUoe. ., J /K ?P A UTNF.RNHIP NOTICE.?WO-A FMtRON ) V ?' IV habits. wtll!n*?o derm* rt^ht he :r* per da* aj blchly t apeetable concern, can ptirHwae the In^rtwt rf * p Htm* partner, whvh rai.aot fall to pleaae any In., .jv>] nun w'i .'tit a t rrntMMMMN Apply U> I,i t, s > a i 0 1 6 Maldru 'ar.e, third floor. DI*MOI.tmpV OF rOPAaTHSeSHTP tijr r( I parndUhlp heretofore etlnun* between ih? - .rarnbW " onder th?- orm narr?of WHfTlNil A PRAfM.KT, baa ? day been d aaolved by mntnal cmaent. W l? Whalaa .a ale? mh'.nmd to aetila the artalra of the lata firm, and he ||JINail reeommeuda to lia frtep.U the new tlnn of Bradley A N'waoi w. - w l wurrWH. i New Tom, June P, 1M0. QEO. W BJlAtMJCT. Notrer.?A mf?ajtnerah.p hae thle day been fnrMad by th ndrrslyned, iindar the tirm name of Hradlar * He war* who Wti: arry on In the premiars No. M Read* (tract, the be. and farcy g ??la buauicaa herciofore oaieead * there > Whiur.g A Kradley, awl w ho apactfolli aollc* for the n** rjrm aeoatlnnaao* of Hie pair nag* ln*?7~r* qWfltoliV, Nrw To*?. tnnoN, IMP g/tSfln't. HNWFtfV. i T> ART * R WANTtvn-TO fTTRNIAH f'APTTAl, :N i '' I II . I -nKoniarturlnr e w J ? r- nan ba made in a abort time, aa tan ne Pie* ^ Ad?ii*** John li.nifi;, t* .ard .?.* j

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