Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1860 Page 7
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[, , * myrtwq. g<Mmu*rroM A*?> HATHR. TUB KOKTTT ATI.AKTir fTEAJWHIP COJfPANT WU leapMti .ii tor the iUiw i*>n* their hoI^u'IM ni*hip ADRIATIC. Cept Joe. J (oouaork. Oerrytnf the United Hudem ?eU?. Ou thf following dey*. from Oeeei wharf ? Prom lfaa Vork. ??>? "?'"? , . .. . Mwdtr iuly 1? ITuMV ..July SI Saturday August 25 Tin-dnr Bepvanber li Saturday. October < Toeadav............October 23 .And fearing Southampton the Ml *t?r Laa'to* H*"-e. IV Adriatic u undoubtedly uneaoeljyd bv auy atoamahlp In the ft'jrid for ciwifort, an/aiy and apaad. tibo kaa water tight TSTS5S%^> ? Pur fmah: apply at the office of the company, 88 Wall aire**, paaaaye apply to WM. FT WICKHAM, oa Ui wharf, foot of Canal atreet. Areata at l.ondon and Southampton?Meaarfl ORIVNKLL, riaKKB A VORUAM. ' Aaaot at Hane?JOHN PUNNKTT, K J. Mi nTSaitni PkrU~J W TL'CK-liK- ^ > 12 faoboorj wirKirKi.v oomrrwicATioN ha- stkam bktwkk.v II New Turk and Urerpool. calling at Cueenatown. Ireland, * to ?<td and embark paaariiaert and draiMtianea. The UrerpuO', f>n> York and Philadelphia Steniuslup Company''* apirndid CI 5r bull: iron acrcw titcanulupa are intruded to eail aa tolloaa ? rk?K wrw tokk roa ijrturoAL. SAMOAJtOO Saturday July 1 * KpIMiUKo Saturday July M GLASGOW Saturday July 21 and evary Kituroay ibojougboul the year, from Pier No. M, N.'.-th rtrrr. urea or r ??*(??Cabin to Ourenstown or Liverpool ffS , Otbiu to Station, (via Ltvrrpool) 80 Steemge to Qu*en?towti or Uverpool SU " to U>udon S3 " JU-. ,rn Tickea available for alx montha IromLIrrrpool.v. > Paiatsftr forwarded to Havre. Pari*, Hamburg, llretoon a Aud Antwerp, lit through mica. 1 I'rrJctMii passage issued front Liverpool to New Rork.ttO " " " Qaeeenatown to " 80 Thane Sbe*mer? have superior accommodation for pa.wn|fri, Are cooMMtetPd with water tight compartments, nod carrv expericnooOXurgeona. For treight or passage apply at the Office Ot Ue Olfcimny. . _ . . JO' IN O. PAI.1t. IS Broadway, Hew Tort Agent. * B> Liverpool to WM ISM AX, Tower HitlUllugs. l? U',u.-gow to WM. INMAN, 13 Dixon street. rR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.-THE UNITED MM mail steamer FULTON, J. A. Wotton, Commander. WU1 lease fcr Havre, touching at Southampton. to land the tnaUnagp passenger*. on Saturday, July 21. at 12 o'clock, from pl'tr rpofth liver, foot of Beach street. This ahip ha* water . tight immiliwit1111 iiiii enclosing the cu^inea, a. that In the event T?ra otRpoa m atrsuduig tie- water could not real h them, an 1 ~ the ptuaM-being free to work, tl:e safety of the vease! aud I pi i iicmmr would be secured. Frioe of passage In aeoood > cabin* Miami $04 >or freight or passage apply to PAMUFI. M. FOX; GEO. M ACKKlOuK. Agents, No.7 Hrosdway. N. B ?'The steamer Arago will succeed the Fulton, aud sail August Li. V ' rriTK OMtARD LINE.?STEAM FROM NEW YORK TO J. Urtcpohi. via Hueenatowu?The Britiah and North American Royal mail Steamers ETNA, Captain Anderaou, AUSTRALASIAN. Cap! Hockley, JL'KA, Captain Mondie, KEDAB, Captain T. Cook. (Ana other magnificent and powerful tdeamert. Will tail feign New York to Liverpool ei cry alternate Thursday, railing at Queenatown to land passengers and despatches. tan,.'..; Thursday, lihh July -Jura........ Thursday, 3d August ti Mril?Inn Thursday, 16:b August L Etna Thursday, 8lXh August i Kate* of passage to Queenstown or Liverpool.? I Oahin f75 W Steerage. 8U I An egpcfienped surgeon on board. For steerage passage K |UH)ly to QOODETF ARKFT.I, A ELLIOTT, 153 Broadway. V For freight aad cabin passage aunly to K. (/UNARD, NO. 1 BOWUDS UrCCQ. f QTKAMER OF JULT 14. I ?5 FOR SOUTH All ETON AND HAVRE. E The United Btaie* Mall Su .unship ADRIATIC Joseph J. Comstoek, Commander. M WUlnail fsqm pier font of Canal street, at 12 M on Saturday, \ * July 14. ?RR mails, passengera and specie. for the above parte. Several irst class staterooms still disengaged. For paamge apply to WILLIAM n. WICXHAM. ' Ogee on the wharf foot of Canal street. - rpHMNORTH GERMAN LLOTD'fl HTKAMKTTTF BREMEN, X Mrnrtngthe United States mail, will positively sail on &TUKDAY, JULY 7. AT 12 O'CLOCK M.. \ BREMEN VIA "SOUTHAMPTON, EJ>*I>0*."HAVRK^W^HLAB^ONr AND BREMEN, J At the following rates First (Rln, flOO; second cabin, RtU, steerage, UK '3El?iJ."fcSpTaK*.nnIH.T. I ? Broadway. I CTKam to lowdovdebky. olasqow and una O pool.-pdRtur". eat sea passage to Europe, by the >1n?l Deemrr MRIJT A. unrig*, tnnmudK, wml H *? *"**SjWWfr fttw tfciebee, Saturday, July 7 Eaias * P***F ndcrry. Ulwnw or Liverpool:?Firm ateaa, aft. K?, midship, arOj steera* . "0. liwl.i Mil* ia?wi pmmt awl free t*-TT either by w?y or Bosbm, Portland fWWU WounUlssl totiiiflhrc, or by Hudson Rtrnr, Lahe Champlaht, MonUaai /Vrfiia Bridge) to Quebec, with the prtvUefe of re L uisintM arrt at any point. For toiirlet'e UckeU and passage * apply~Ji the rotnpany'a other, 23 Broadway. KABUL A tMfc^AgeuiA KLKAAKB JOWK.s, Manager. ^ A ROYAL MAIL STEAM M AVIOATIOW TO*. A pMyJaNen York and Ualway Ijno?The negt departure k rrmlMriMf will be (he splendid and powerful steamship r OOVDKW TtSBCK, which will Mil on Thursday, July is, loucluag slM, Johns. N. F., to receive th" royal mall. FsuOUj OPXsaSAU*.?Ftrst, class, tUO and j"T.V third. SW. In eliidtne lfWEwckeU to many of the principal cltier on the main . railway rvnitffltef Ureal Itntaln and Ireland. Third class most r pro, ulr plate, knife fork. A. Mil Iwd.ll'i.'. I' iwieni to L Bt Johns, Sretrlsjs, *u. I'luwnirn in the tliirl class can be A secured to brfeg penrm* out from <>al?a) for M 50; from P IhihUn, A36i from Hcir?st f37. from l<onrtonierry, 187 St); I firm Wstrrfnrh, 987; from Umrrick, 135. For frmiyta otf |>as.*se apply onljr to a Alii Y SOfiLA Nil A CO., Ayenu for the Une, Wo. 04 Broadway. i DOTAL MAT! STEAMSHIP ASIA -FOR LIVERPOOL, f XV ThaAlUA, X U. Lou. Commanuar, will sail from the oooi1 pear's Abets* Jersey City, with the matli and passenger* for Europe, onTFedhosiU/, the ith of July. Passengers are reI 'SsfciKSto??8vSrr " *? 1 K. (JUN AKI), Wo ? Bowling en. ^ TfWMt tfl*irfo?*~TIIK SIM.KWniD SHIP, ALBERT | JP ilAJJpAlUr. heinyiJiis,.?' ": u-uaioed. wW |?w}LvelT I Ml' July T Fkw m wTSbd rabin stats romna, tU and found. [ Passengers brought out I?evl"t, or Liverpool at low rates. A Vli._e swat far srltt not have to wwu tor a captain s letter, r llrafta issued/or ?1 and upwards. payable In any pert of P Ureal Urtlain or Ireland. For hat of ships, Ac., apply to TH08. C KOCHK, 88 South street. MY LACK BALL MVK <?E LIVERPOOL PACKETS.-THE S JJ favorde pecker ship IMA ac WXHH aaile to morrow from plrr Wo. n Mask river. Mbe M AWHaTTAN sails July It For I > passage apply ia. board, or to JACOB WILHOW, ilH South etraeC . OLD BLACKFTAK LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKBTS? Tt* uhihfTMir'i'J. baling been appflltitr.1 by K J. Ceri Bar. M kgerrta of wiUinmnA Oubni'a I.rverpw.l hc>yi and In Joha <1 IMp'i htaitmabtpa, are bow ready u? iwu- Tirkeu ob raaaou'tbta W>m>k For uaaaagc apply luWAlUI A MclKlXALU. i run of Groenw!ch and Liberty Bra*'a, the old tuuid. 1VROM UUB.ANI) TO NEW TOBK RT RTKA*~PANr ? ugart bU'kod from tiu-rnatnwn (Ireland! to New Torh (Br po, hr|?dki( pronjrtona, or the splendid faat ateatashipe I Of 5e twerp. .4, New Turk and Philadelphia Una. leering Qumasteaa ar.-ry Tkuraday la the yaar. Fur paeaagn apply DaLB, Agent. TOR lONDON-HAMPCRO UIOL-Tn* SPLENDID J* wok *li"i>ar ahlp PKUTWTII.ANl^Njept. Woaaalhonft. ly. , Juuptwil North river, will aail on wedageday. 'uly ?, and | tabaaadkr tLrx: rains passengers. at lb* io^lrir* ,,f ff) For mm a*t> > at the company* passage ofkca. 151 Broadway. . <\B K1CUAHD A flbAB, Passage Agenta. rTAPBPr.TT-S LINK OF LIVERPOOL P AfKKTlt ?THR X lit -r pack at aatp JOHN I. BOVn, Capt. Thomas, *11 nadeh r?i r?Uv July-> aha baa aeoummmlvioo for a Uml* ' lad he? *; w voood elaaa paaarneera, who will ba laken at y ..aOk' raw*. For paaaae* apply on board, at pier Ko. f /jWjfeTW fw In TAitK lirr A CO.. msouth street. * * TU parkat ahlp WTf. TaPBCOTT will succeed the above, andM]t> July lu. 4 KpOt WTLBOr RNK, ACSTRA1JA.-K ANOAROO LI BR, ? teiklBkail MA-First >- 1. the A1 fx* nailing ship T BfedftTli Lkniuvi* burthvn. Maui, muter, la 0<>w loadfew tafia popular Una aad will ba promptly dispatched on her ad!M' at 1 day. Her socommodriums roe brat and aeonnd oabto pee-mger* am eniunially spacious and onrafurtabla, and .upon t stair ?f the moat liberal kind. Rate* ci passage uan1 * eoaU* W* Apply on b>wrd. a*. Fter 10. KaW rlrar, or to , MAflMlH. LORD k tlUKBRAL'. 106 Watl atreaC BT A WBrJ*' 1 i rioNRK.Il us-- WTM'.U-lf-D HM -IV.ewJi'ij Cmi-d sia'ae m?ila?The aiagnnlrent ai < (to W orrfctaP.t VI EL V U ? I..'Oi -on. biirih. n lath.* wan inaaiMTV'ao. ceding ahlp .fnahrt* n*?ea, will hae> quirk deeK patrh l#M*ihnurnr, dlmrl, fn>m plot 14 Baat river HnraeB '.munnfptlMX for nra nut vofl Lav i paaa n 'rv ,re itnanrpaaardjhE romfert, Julil and vanolano.i F.. iratrht .,r paa Mage a A ' '# to R W. i'vMKKmn . ?! It.v.vor r atrvet., gwVil bUla for and < *ah ndvanrvv mailr on m w? I HiwiMa I'unntgnrca In Australia, Meaara. H Towna A <V, f U?PR OliLmiRRTA TIA PAR A* A. I '? taaMafVT July, a ft rat elaak klaawar will lam New I TaAfa la 11 ill and 2lat oT m h month, avoept *'?i Utaaa dataar**. ? Monday, wk?n tha <Uf of doparturawu t*? tha "siiaftss* ft xnf)R FATANNAII AND THK MOVTH -THR ktraw dr ah l IH'NTSVIJ.I.E, .Inn. A Poat, W1U laarr ptar IS Narth m-or <? Tlmr-lay, .J-tly J ?t ? P M r <*?** < to Ma I. WoimIi wtb nnanrpaaaai .i'-<^Tir--out>mui. SIS. Uimitfb iteb J Pta |r> No Or Iran*. t.U 7&, M>--da OA. M.m'rnnarr (38; jf "V<-m|4pa, KM 7?. N??krllW. if! 74. *narrtllo, ?4 SO; tW r noO*v ! ; AJ K.1, AtU ii*. |2t ?*~.n, am, Auauru (IT so. rrrtab W C**J par fbo*. Apply ?> a. b. I HOVWICIX A CO, Mwm ainrrt and U& Broadway. .tpon fatanv \h and other port*, as rktvow i - JP Tlr ftr? < **?? id.0 ?l < / ! ?! .m?hp AUOt'STA, <"apt. *. b Wnodlmli. will war? <m Sii - .ay, July7. at4P. from C?r V? 4 North tirrr. Thnvigh uaferta can ba had for ihn fotwln* plam II Nra orl.-ana, W> 74 MoMla, (?; M.mtrnmrry, (? '"olitm"i?i JIT. Albany. (SI. Atlanta. Kl; fh?<?*i' SO. Naah rlUr. (T 10. ki. ht1:[u, MS, Menvhla. Ml 73. Atiguato. (1710. laroa.CSV Marannah. $14. Nor nrifht or paraac anplr at IS Broadarar. Tin* thtoitr rtOklDA. CNpt, |.uia4Cro?<il]. will mceaed Nxl aah on 1 uraday, July 10. at 4 P. V. MAVI KI. I. MiTrnm. 4 SON. fc*UR ? HAMl.kaiu*. VC. *NI> fllN wit fM "and r HotHbori.8?I'll Had State* MAC ,M14a Whirl MteamaMp iJia ?Thr larnmr ateaautup " > UfrM A DtilCR." R. Adaroa c tomMtdr'. w!H laara j jr in 4 M. R., on Thuradar. July 5, a in ilock. I* * kitMOf w-i|> w"h thmogh irkrta, ai follow* ;-?-To * ? Orlaana, (8? 7V ?#M>. MA ?mt*omary, >la . MS- Nn-dntlta Tmn. Rf 7.V * -nphta. *tt 71, CWu tvon. M?. CanavWa. mil Ant iota, tla . (17 N>. Atlanta, Ml. Chariot'.. N. <\. 21. fatnath.a, M. O., (30 < hat loatao, (Ik F r ^ A CO ? Broadway. Thr RASII *11.1,R, U M. Man-ay, . .auondn , mil onccaod "n Monday. J-ily t. "L*nrio{rr~Fo^trnnrmpkr. NORTH rtRm.TVM JP PorUMrlh. RnHalh. City fVam and Rlrhmnnd, montr-rd *rrt\ day at Birr U JlwA htrr. Ihr ?tr?m#Jlp TAIIKSl iwn, Capt. (klnnar. lrhr?o orrry Tan^iar, at J V. M. Hr,,,?hip ROAMOKR. Tap. Couoh, w*?ry Thnrodat, at 13 wl..a(at Old Potat < naaf.n t>> land r>aaam -^maiiip TURNTtiWN. Oapt Parrtah. a*?ry Maturday. at J/twjhi to Porta*oath or Norfolk att -wnta par f > t, to Tlty rain',?o lti.h r -it "t -.i i rr.n o Vtrfnlk aa?rwn and Boli torlndadt (A. to Kt^.. I *ltl I , V "?">n t a>--th? K Inn aid or Prtarahnry and bark, (li; I ^ ""*1' . and l<f*. }1A l,bi * helnehltn, 1u fiya'.way. guiyyiBo. . l^TKAJJ-NW T0B1C, SOOTHAjnTOI* ATO BATHE. | The Vaodrrtth European Una Celled Melee Hell HtMMhlpI tell txdweeu hew Tort, {Kiulkemuton and Harm .. from New York for Returning froee " Southampton end Havre end South _ _ Uevre. amptoa. VAKPKRBn.T, Lefevre Sal., July H Wednesday, Au*. U A ILLINOIS, Unttii Hat., An* 11 WedsniUf, Ail* 3V tANDKKbILT Hat., repfc 8 Wedneeday, Sept 3d ILLl.VOtH. Hat .rtcpi. ? Wednesday, OcL U . VANDKRBILT ... Bat..OK. 10 Wodueaday, Nov. T These ships have wsier llahi comparuuruta YenderMit. Ural cstilii, $130; aerond r?l>in MO ? (VrUar?Wk nl | ?w?f Issued front Europe to America. Npeeie del tren d in Loudou end Pant. I' TOKK AM'K. Agent, No. B Bowling Qrreu, New York. B. U. WAIKWAlUHT A CO., 13 Rue Kttubourc. A Boutmenre, Part*. i A N. CHEYHTIK, Revre. OAKKOBD A IX)., 67 Orare Church e'reet. [joa.ioo. < Pi WX)P, A:wO/>lJW k 111 , Southampton FIE AJTCIAJL. ~ th A DOUBT BELMONT a CO., BANKERS, WO. 80 WALL n| street, bene Letter* of Credit to trarellera, . rallable In I all parte of the world, through the Kaeara. Bother MM. of Parle m London. Frankfort. \ tenua, Nsplek, attd other oorreapondenta- t ? At a meeting op thh board or directors op -e the New Jeraej Zinc Company, held Una llth d..y at J June, IS?, a semi annual illrldetsl of four |M*r cent waa da- th rlered on common and preferred alock, payable on and after k the >i of July nert at the transfer otflee of the company, No. ? Ids Washington street. New York. The tranafer hooka wtll be cluaed from the 16th lnal. to the 3d proximo. I A U KARI.IW, Treasurer and Secretary. * A TLAWTTC SAVINGS BANK. NO 2 NEW BOWES*. - JA corner Chatham street?Open daily from 10 In 2 and from T 4 to 5 P.M. 81* per own I interest allowed. All sums deposited r on or before July a), draw Interest from July 1 Money to loan on bond and mortgage. M. D. VAN PKLT, President. I, _J. P. Coonta, Secretary. Oil AN. 1> BA1I.Y, Treasurer. ~ CITIZENS' BAVINOS BANK, IS AVKNUR A. BETWEEN 1 First and Second streets. ?thpeu daily from 9 A. M. U? 1 P. f, M. and from 5 in 8 P. Rlx per cent interest paid on all sums ? of SMJU and under, and Are per cent on larger amounts. Ipterest commences July 1. All drpoaila made ou or before July 18 will draw iatereoi from July !. rl UKuRUE FULttUM, President. ,J 8. A. Btrac*, Cashier and Secretary. D ? aw i. i ? ? , ? w , ? - Ql CITY OF HAN FRANCISCO COUPONH.-COUPON8 NO. T 10 and 12. for interest on Ctty of Pan Francisco Bonds, II due July lit, it-Ill be paid on and after Monday 2d by A wm. i. colkman a co. ?; Coupons not preaented prior to January 1, 1861, must be forwarded to the Treasurer, at San Francisco. for collection. ~ 1 TTUMBOI.DT M1NINO ANI) MANUFACTl'RI.VO COM- ,* XI pany?Frederick v. Ktuhtou. Proaident. Ht->ck foe h de for fifty (90) cents per share. P. CLARK. ACS Kim street IRVING pavings INSTITUTION. NO. 98 WARREN 1 street?INTEREST ALIA) WEll at tha rate of six per cent on sums from SI lo SSOU, and Uce per oeul on sums thai r, amount. ? Deposits made on or before the 10th of July will draw Into- r rest from the Brat. S OPEN DAILY, from 10 A. M to 2 P. M.; also on MONDAY, h THURSDAY and SATURDAY evenings, from I to 7 P. M. N. B.?Money to laud ou Bond and Mortgage JOHN C AUTRE U, President ~ _v*hdkk8ili 8. Bcito.v, Secretary. v. MARINERS' SAYINGS BANK, No. 1 THIRD AVENUE. " Dividend notice.?The semiannnal Interest, at the rate 2 of 6 per cent per annum, on such sums as are entitled thereto, _ will be payable on ?nd after the 20th of July. Interest not I drown will he credited the depositors, and bear interest as A principal. Bank open daily from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M., and on * Monday. Wednesday ami Saturday evenings from & to 8 o'clock. 1,1 THOMAS B. htillman, Preaidaot 7, Dike T. Smith, Secretary. ? vptw york produce exchange company.?thm " j.r aubacribera to the slock of this company are hereby noti- " bed that a second Instalment of 20 per ecnt has this due bee* " called for t|V resolution of the Board of Truste i.?.able oo or ^ before the 2d of July, at the office of the treasurer, H. U. VNewman, 78 Pearl street. New York, 22d J inn l-$ . 11 SAMUEL. C. PAXS'JX, AaaideoL ai Edward Cromwxll, Secretary. Notice.?holders or the coupons op thb 1 Brat mortgage bonds of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad B Company (Eastern Division), due July 1, 1880. are requested " to present them on and after tha 2nd proximo, at the office of BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON, No. 28 Beaver street n Naw York. June 28. 1800. j XTEW ORLEANS AND MOBILE FUNDS BOUGHT BY a 1> AUGUST BELMONT A CO., W Wall street. PES1DKNT'8 OFFICE, HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD, J New York, 28th June. 1*0 T Holders of second Mortgage Bonda of this company who have J not availed themselves of the proposals of 16th December last ' for extending the same will pteaae do ao without delay. 1 Those holders who do n<H Intend doing ao will oblige tha J bI aader^ua?7Xl>l&?&?&3?- Z A* * VIS.}* CNION DIME SAVINGS BANK. NO. ( i?. mill mreH, corner of Vartrfc, open dally from 10 to X t tad from & to 7 P. M. DepaMta from 10 centa to M.ttJU recdr a # ( | JL'. ITt .18 was received from S.U71 d<-|Mjsll<irB during the p ... mi Mi per cent inleienC allowed. Ilepoalu made on or or Jul) JO. draw lutereat from July 1. a K. V. UAUGUWOL'T, PrcjiddnL I O. a. Cntri*, Secretary. tl TUIRD AVRNPK HAVINGS BANK. OORNKR THIRD awnue and Twenly flfth street. < 'hartanad 1HS4. Super 4. rem interest allowed on aunts Iran $1 to tl.OWJ All deposit* made on or before .Inly 10 draw Intereat from July 1. Uanjt m open dally from Id 10 S: alan. op Monday, Wednesday aflfi j, ? itnnlay ereniora from 6 ui 8 o'clork. S. a. Cm ma, Sect. SPRNCRB K. ORKKN, President. (. THR DIRROTORS OP THR NKW ORl.RANS OANAI. AND p Hanking Company hare declared a ?eml animal dividend of ij Ore per cent, pavahle to the stockholder* rnclatered at the New ^ York Agent) mdlce of .V. Morgan A Bona, 37 William ktreat), on and after Monday. August <. IbdUThk poudkwnvG coupons. mm jclt i, wiix i>k , paid alter I but date, at the Banking Howv of Duncan, j, Sherman A On.:? Chicago Cny Municipal. * City Water loan. I Buttaio Cttt Water Doau. _ litilfalo City Municipal. Albany Ctty. l ilca CMy. . Hnnmtwf and St. Jnaepfc Railroad. I Mobile and Ohio Railroad. ? Met >!> ill'.tl Mil'1 Mu? Kalimad. Detroit ami PoiiUm Rallnatd * Alarv the Imerretun New York Huie Stock*, Issued to the ' followW Railroad*:? 1 Auburn and Rochester per eenta. A Yon.iwauda 5>, par cents. i> Schenectady and Troy 4 per cents. <1 The jcly cocporb ox m kirmt mouthaoe 1 Houdimf the Atal. it I*!*(> I Railroad t'oinp.uiv. u ill ba paid on mad after Monday. J nly S, at the office of the Company. * So 2 ltowltDk Listen, New York. 1 II. KRK1BC1IKR. Treasurer. ~ loah omc?. i! A T THE OLD OEPICK, MONET IN ANY AMOUNT. * A Tr advance no Mocks, Bonda, Dry Oeoda, Palattaga. ho; <1 To advance <m Diamonds. Watche*. Planoe. Repays, Ac. | At Ma private office Hour* from # A. M. Mil ' P. M. , J. H MAKUIMiKK. 17U Broadway. room Xk. up alalra. ,, At tuk advance omen or l. jacoim, money , can be obtained In any quantity on Watcbea, Jew-lry, Diamonds. Harare, Dry icede. H.rjwara, Winea, ttraadMa, and av. ry description of Merchandise, or bought and Ibh high- . eat price siren. Buelneme wrtasty .wnM-n'.ml, Goods Mhured. Established UNA. Principal'affioe, ffi Wuhaca street, branch , office. Eg Broadway. J ALL THOSE LADIES OR GENTLEMEN DESIROUS OT 1 obtaining lour* for abort period* on diamond*, walchea. . Jewelry or merohandlae, nan be vmniniodaled (privately). Apply t-> P. o AD.E br*ar. M Fourth arerua. oppostu Coopers Inatituta, private entrance hall door. J IT 11 CHAMBERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN TO ' A any amount on IB* moods, set or unmet; Watchea, Jew- . MrT, Ac .?or the seme bought for the hlsbcvt caah prtcea. by the well known ISA ACM, fl Chamber* street- N. M?No bu- . r:ne*a transacted on Saturdays. J QOl BROADWAY.-MONEY U>4NBD ON DIAMOND* OOJ. WiitcN-e. and Jewelry, nr bought cash, at fuil value, at lAa retail Jewelry 8 lore, 3U Bi cad way. No loan office Una J. S COHEN. J /YHAMPAONK ON DRAUGHT, tl DRAWN PROM B1LVRR LINED POCNTR. This wise la warranted *o be equal In aroma and Savor to ' aay ot the popular brands now Imported la bottlea. TOR 8aijc AT astor house, PARMLNWH, njmoalte MMrnttotttaa IIoteL PIRRCVB, MB Broadway BRADY A OWENS, earner Hmadway and Prince sueek. MBN HUM'S. comer Hmadway and Cedar. oobuxo H. M* Broadway PLORKKGR HOTEL, 400 Broadway A. C. LAWRENCE; enruer Broadway and Pine street. MePYKB'H, Broad w?r. corner Prince street. PARR.4R A LYONS, Entton ferry. EINO A BBIBCOK H, Peltna Perm. { A. W. CHADS*Y A OO . enrwer Ri nedway and Patkoa atreet. n n THOMAd. Wallaek'* theatre. 1 r tri/iR J??i Cliv rnw the terry. I "wrvrrox ml'? Piiwa'Urrti. Brn- toiyto AT Ttnr HOCriR. lUaflton armi*. Hawkins. 1 PALACK OARDFBd, Pnurtranik aireel and Huto arSDM. KO. Wl'NUXR. M Rawati ?roet. U JTCHCOOK'B. U Wall auwra. RAPCLIPPK A C'MJPKK. IS Pin* atrcet. dOUR McACUPYK. ?S Baaain at mm PXTKR TOBK A CO , Rota tmportora and paumtooa, 97 Bnarar atrmt, nrar KmadATKRCUfR PORT WINMt?6CTTABLR FOR INTAMPB y Chtmacworth a, bnttlrd to I-ooJ.wi, Oab.iro*B, botUod la Oporto. Htu^'mu a. do Kbtoaton'a inW) by i!>? aalloa. Tha abnrr rrwipnaa tor flnm la Raw Tort. OH Rwlrtraa, BfcrrHaa, Ac., arm to ail pana nt ton city or Brooklyn i lam la. Barton A Orna* r a. bo'ttod aad Barrfnaul, high arwl low gradaa, M Uw loweat nuAd proaa. U. H. KIRK, fa Kuitoo atrsat. rPAMrLIRR ?WPKRIOR Of.D PORT. RIIKRRT MA , drtra and Clara* Wtara; < ' tiuv Boutol-a nf ibr nntar- of last. Ill 'land (tin. to" hmt In thr nt*: rb..|f old Ron K m. TWi and .M.wwgak-la Wh <fclr? alan U prtoa Wtora and liranrttra, anitabto Inr rntlnarr p'irpoton. for aala ail,KYIS l 7 Him-krr atrnri. of tn'. iraa aimot. K. B ?Panu >" Irani at or thr mm,urn would do wrll to tokn a it?Hl>i? nf cor oWWhM and Brandy for madtrtaal porpnaaa. PBBTHTRT. ABTtPifl ai. bork rn.t.txo for pfoatxp txxth, put to whitn aoO, mqurna no proaaura and 0ring no run, arhfey tmk or morr aitoliaraa ba lUInd wito It. K-.toj Ud 'aaw auaabar I MUk Bmadway, Cnrnar of Thirty flrto airrri. J AMUR PRtKdfTR, M n, IRamrrrnr. A RfirtClAL TKKTH.-HRAI Tirn. ARTS OB PURR A alitor anij I* Ana gold ami rial in* SUA oa t llcanlmd rnbhrr 115 af <iIt 'wl Si tr-ih t.i rd and rtlrarlod Wilbur it tba I*** paia. Atur -i?i boo* 'iUmt 75 "in * at US Hulk AnaMr, b"tw??n trn'h and Klrramli atrrota PR. LITTTTXR, Pom tot A RTIPfMAI. TKXTM -PR DI RK IB CORTlRUKB TO J\ nitraet irrih wtliunl th? allght'-at pala. Tmtii lin-rt'-d t'-.| r it'imm ? .-Ttr? rknrt" for innpoiary arto or tor CI Iraetlait Warm arUMdal t'-rth am taarrt d III.: RK IB. irSCanal atr??d, lino d'?r fmm IwMtmna. SR HQTT RS BOWKRY. OPPnalTK sfxril STRKKT, Inwrto full ar** of Trrrh on par- rSvnr at Id. do irold, piatina ar tlftola! i?ina 'ilkug ia??rtrd witkml p iw. tt rania tjid I imii.iII raThn ai, SO i rrita. niimlgaai do 10 crnia. All w i\ a ^rrantod. T ~ Mi BsTKR, ORAOtATKP RCBUKOB" PKBTIRT, Id. hra mmorrd to Na Al Wrat Twrnly ninth atroat. ka i rra 'way and MittawuM I vyrtt iRiyii-fl PKIt T< HiTll (WITUOCT RX I irviMHt U p?'? ahi'tliMmllt hranliful arta on nil I ill tiihbrr, "tli "l?l ??'nr libit g OtBm t>< tor orltf'na! I <i rb dantol B ? Puf.KnN PRKTMlRg A S. A- WILdJB. to'- bf ?dw? jr, uv?' Uow ard atr??U NEW 'YORK HERALD, AMySKWMWTI. ^ XXTIKS CONCKBT ROOMS. 618 BROAD WAV, ABOVE X Houston. CARD QcnUoweu wlU please observe that this in the coolest place la It CU>, BeiOi; vetsted from the Roof tcrsas of Urge skylights; iao frum the Re*r and front Rv large windows, rendering it DKLIUHTFI'LU tlOOL the hottest w< sther. The best performers la the city appear . as Mill lie seen tij thr following array ot advertlaeicuta. whhli m ill Repay the Reader by infrusing. oll.-vt FANNY FORREST fl Appear* > eery uu hi at the Q AIKTUU. 816 Broadway. WHALL BL'Y CALLER HERRING," AND OTHER celebrated Scoteh roan are aims every night by Mia* fx ilia Morlev, at the NEW IIA1KT1KS, 616 Broadway, two aim above Houstonstreet. Admlaaam only 18oanU. THE ONLY PLACE IN THE CITY WHERE OKNTLEUKN ran keep cool and td amnaeit by a 6rat class company of frforrrera, 1* the new OA1KT1RS, No. 616 Broadway, barren Houston and Bleeckrr alreeta. jflrS FANNY FORREST, THE MOBT BKAITIEL'T, AND U attractive Vix-aUat on the Stage, appear* every niglit at e NEW O AIKT1ES, 616 Broadway, two door* below l.iur* erne 'a theatre. Aiinuaatou. 13 renU. THE ONLY CONCERT ROOM IN THE CITY WHERE L viaiteia ar accommodated with cushioned sofa seatx la tha KW GAIETIES. 616 Broadway, between Houston and Hirer* si recta Admimdua only 13 real*. EDWARD BERRY, WIT HOOT EXCEPTION THE BEST U and moat versatile Comic Ringer lit die TTnlie.1 State*, ap -aim every tugnt st me nnvi, did u roaaway, xjve Houston street. Admission, IS rents. "IHK MOST RKSPKCTABLK, QUIKT AMI) ORDERLY . place of amusement in New York is the NKW O.vKTIKS. Broadway. No boys ore admitted. mid the visiters a, a no; tbjncted to annoyance ol any description. XHK POETRY OF MOTION IS ARTISTICAl.LT PORL trayed a: the NEW O AKTIKS. erery night. hv Jennie f n, iv bo is Justly styled the Taglionl of the conceit room. Ad Jasiou only IS cents. yfTHS FANNY FDRRKwT. THK PKETTIKeT WOMAN II him) tnoNl plraainir I tills. I itiugei in the romitry, appear* fry night nt Hie NKW OAETIRs, (10 Broadway, two doors >ove Houston strict. Admiawlon only IS rents. NHF.ONLY PLACE IN THE CITY WHKRK UKNTf.E L men ran keep eool And comfortable. and si the same lie be Amused, is the NKW OAKTIKA, 01b Broadway, below leecker s'rceL Admission only U cents. SHE GREAT EASTERN IS Hid KNoUGH FOR ANY L Hons, but the NEW UAKTIKM tVwrrrt Is not lulf tit,' inugh P. accommodate the run Is ? ho got" hear Fanny For ist and Mt&s Morley e n* their > enut Hit duet*. ?KK M0N8. QREOOIRK?THK MODERN HKROfUM. ' flour oh a bar of railroad Iron round bis head with as much ipareut eaae aa Ned berry does his shl.ia.'.li at the NKW AI NITKs. till liriswlway. d rtyn IsMna 13 cents. ?KK JENNIE I.EON. THK TAULION1 OF THK COM ) ceri Kooui. itaiicr lai Ziugarllla. La b. j bi le. I,. Mao.ila, id other master pteee* at the NKW OAItlKi, illti broad way It weep Houston and bleecker aireeu IAMLET?NOT AS SHAKsPKUK WROTE IT, Hl/T AS h? < ught to hara writleu tt. La play ml erery uigl?t this eekat the NEW GAIETIES, with Ned Kerry as the (very ) elaii'-h"!> Dane. Admission ?wily 13 renta. WHA'LL BUY CAI.I.KK HERRING," " DKllMOT 'AsP-re. 1 was within a Mile of Kduiborough Ton u," Si other beautiful ballad* are auug by Miss C. Morley, at the KW UAIKTLKS, 616 Broadway, every night, vKF. JOHN CONRAD. AS THE GHOST OF HAMLET'S ) Daddy, at the NKW GAIETIES, 010 Broadway, above oustoo street, lie is (real to it Oust *lx feet two Inchea, id stout fn proportion). The great*?i ever seen. iTKW AND ORIGINAL COMIC BONOS CAN ONLY HE N hesrd by gotng to the NKW UAlKTlKs, where Edward erry stnss Hachelor'a Fare," '-A W.wk's Matrimony," Flora Flak," Ac . as., every night. Admission IS cepSa. PHF. NKW QAIKTIRB, CM BROADWAY, HAR IIKRN L fitted up and arrange 1 expressly for a summer resort, laving so uninterrupted currant of air from the front, rear, od at the roof, makes tt the coolest place In the city. LTLLK LKORORA.?TUB FASCINATING AND ARXL tlstlc dansente, appears every night at the NKW UAIM1KR. (10 Broadway, between Houston and Blisses; streets .dm/sMon only Meats. PoMMrely no hoys artmktd. T ITTLK UHARLCF (UM, TUB ACROBATIC PRODIGY, Li wdvppieFevery tight si the NKW OAIKTIKS. sad in injunction With his father, stg. Bliss, go through his tuoom era hie performance- A(mtmtnn 13 rents. JCCCRHR PROVKR RUPKRIORITY?AND THE BOC5 teas of the NKW (JAIKfTKft U unprecedented In the unalsof showmanship. Notwithstanding the immense cumetlUon, ihs attendance Is always good. 2UNNT rORRKHT-TIIK .MOST ATTRACTIVE AND ? popular vocalist ..f the age. plessee the ear* and teazet w hearts of thousand* if admirers, at the NKW UAIKTIKb, 16 Broadway. Admiaaion only 1> renva. BLOOD WILL TKIJ. " RATH THK KPORTRMAN, AND he bet* hte luoncy on the beat stock. ' Talent will tell," tvs the lover of auum -incut and he spend* his money at ths EW O A1ETIBH, 016 Broadw ay. Adntlaaion only lfl cents. ; 'T17T1KRB ARKtYOC OOlNil TOI" RAID A MELTING TV member of snriety to hi perspiring friend he met "O roadway. "To the NKW GAlTIKii,'rwa? the reply. ' That's le only place In the City where a ftliow can keep cool, one along." A riKflT K\TK ORCHKHTRA, UNDF.R THE LEADER TL ship of I'ndeaaur Guaamoui. dU.-our.eM sweet umsie verv night. at Uw NKW GA1KTIKA. tilt Broadway, ehov < luuai/tu ?tre?L Admlsstou oaly 13 QCiMj. pirKTOHKORIAI. TVOUBI.R* OK Mtt'KRY Mi-Ui'.ATlI L and Haoa llaualcrfrldl da-ha r> ?ra ?>r laitghu-r it? vhl. at thr NKW UAITIKK, <16 hr>wt>* }, below ll|o-<cWnr Lravi. Admawloa only U CfBlA \PKRATlr HONOR AND UMORITNU'v BRArTIPttl, HAI.7 lad*. Iflah rami* Hnofa. Negro Mr i-nirnmnt, Krila of tJTRA C MORI.KT AWD HWH ?AKNV rORRRST. THK *1 tan?t t Urtue-i and pnpul ir vonal'Ma In the l?taln~M ao i-artmrj ntobtti th? NKW (UIKriKS, 416 Hrualwray, two r< r?above uoualoti ?tree< A>!inl?iuo. 13 nnu. Edward hkrkt. thr HRir and m<ht ormimal and >e eat'loOeialr Htnmr nobe af*. srp'-?r? emry night I Um NKW it \1XTIRS, 6l? Broadway. twi> door* btdow aura Kitm'i Thratra. Admlaama, U tenia. rK 1'RRTtllVr OtRM IK THR CITY ARB RNOAQKD aalWattdr* al Cm* NK* OArKTIKS, ttld llro*l *-.?) . he ween B1re. Iter and?H"u? itrraU. AdinUaloo odJ? I t i ?na q^RwIj no hoy* iwlW. nrOWKST OI.D AB* UK. Ol.N, TDK RKHDBi.l?"AN Ll ratal dale for l'?e?iJan, a.?t to ?pUt rilla. boi tf Jte ......til .w tha. MKW <i AIVT1I* Vw w.xtVI ?i.Ll Ua al t. * with n,).)..nt at lite dr.Ucn.-a nf M?J Hervy. " [TAS THAT MAN HOT ANY H'?NKS TV HH RnnY*[1 ?? ike nfinr *~*e.l i>r mntora u> ihe MRW o tin IKS, ? hm tbey nl'm-aa Uie w<x.d?i1iii routonioua of fitgnor duet. AJinnatnn only U ciuta. l/nxit UtONOHA-THE HOST fAS. IJIATTV'i T>\V T| rnH> on ike ?! <?*, i?ppc*r? nightly at theNKW IIW, Mb Urea.'way ale?r H.matoo elreel. Oemp.irtaou anil' faed. AdmMalnn only U A rKKK (%'RRKVT Of AtR THHOCOH TIIK FRONT, ?L rev andfnthe roof, rendera'h.. fff.W OAlKTIKA th" V < nlHaled place of amue-meni in Uw otty. b(g or UtUe Our 'Mil wUJ aalla/y thr uirnt fueUdioua. nK BKST VOOAlJSTS. fANRT rORRfWT AM) OKUIla Mot la*. til* beat lhiTw-.m, Jnmw lasrt ?rvl le-raora, he bra) 1'icur Singer. Rdvard Ilarry, uit-l othera, appear cry at?hl at the XRW UAIKTHM. ^mHKT ARK AM. TRPMIV1. 'WAS THR RKP1.Y or A A apnvfliic indlt Mual nl Ike VKW UAIKTIKS to otic aak Df hla pinlmi .ihaett Ike prrformrvn. "Any manager h-dllng auk rarda M bound lo win." lie doe* ?m. as 1 Ikr adnuaeem a only 1-1 ceula. Moxs ORCHOIRK, THR MODERN HKRtTl.RS, AP pcara every . v -nlnj at the NKW <1AIKT1KS. (U llrn l Cjy. u? hia aaumtehmr Fetta of Rtruwth. lli- la .men) the A\ aid era ul ike Agr, and muM be ceen pj be appi miH. EVKRY OTtsORllTION OK PKKPOKM A VOK. BY TIIK ner* > #* perlormeie aa.i be acrn every u.^fct at the NKW OAlKIIKn. Illli llr-. lw-.jr, between 11 nialou and l-leeckcr atn-< ?, for tl atrial: -.mount of Ofole MpWrRCTM* MORI.KY. POHT1VKI.YTHK BKST AVO moat arUati. V oca bar In Ike t! eirert H orn hnamnaa. atnea every btiiht w the KKW UAIKT1RH. Alt) ilr.Mdtay, above I P. num. atioet Admino->n 'inly IJcrnti fTROWDKD A R I? OKI JO HT KM At'MKNr M yssKMHI.K L/ every night l? witncaa lh? bee en. .rid PIbnacaie trajMl bv IKVV?KI.K??N au1 V I.KDMPHt, Mile NKA 11AIKT 1KB, fit Dioadway. Adn. -n l.leeni? |7<R' * THY.HCBUMK To TIIK RlDHI'td if ? THERE. ? V) t.m WW *'cp," am) th?>ep .-..a tc aec-i en I .ppre rlatad at th.- NKW OAlRtlKS, by ItKItltVS ttirk?Aoe on Ike (Ikoel eceue in Kent >t. Admin .i n I I .--'oia WWOIT-TIIK WKKTERV EXPONK.VT or ArRf-'AV . c -mrtiictay. a rngtgr.1 at the VKW <1 AIKTIRS. Aid Jtmeiln.u and apic- ira ' v~ry n'^ht la b.? pecni ir lipcerwini bona |a rtitju * llarkcy pv- laritwa lo the Ule. bee bnn rtjr^. 01* rr>**,?n-TMK kvt jri vr n \?rn "**. Jfi ifpnr?^r.Ti . thi at Hi- VKW OAIHTIK* alii H . I rnmy. Ifi ?-hr* # ? !- HlofUn^i aoilli.M- ?jl wr :!| Ml4a Fanny F'HTMnt l?i baatUful Onetu. t ovkrs or rATHKTin jnraio Rtiouin iik\k hi# JU VA.NN1 r<iHU?T ahi! Thn l?ay On- M *mlv?r I. Ow IMl? ?IW" T- llj (IS-II A", A'. \ery Difchl tb'a w ' .' lV> NKIV I!\IKTIICrt, ?I<1 H -1 wit Lottr* or < hick *tt? ncrrir siiort.n ifk ir mis* MORI KY ft'ij "Vmm ritea |>.?-* la,'1 "Hnlnt * U ItM't."' ,-Jlarl>> Hall*." Mr , An, arm i *Ifk4 Una wan*, ?< LI* *KW UAIKTHCR, <l? llmadway. A. Int. mm uoijr 13 i rill* t OTKR* ok kirat .'t.ish IRISH com 10 MVoTVi JU ? Ui th* RT'.W it VI ITT IKA t?lft II: -tlw'V. *i rt -1 haar Kl?W ARI> Khl;R> - n/ I'. , J il. M- *: l.ann k R.v-a," I'adnjr tkmnert WaUnV' "Killy O'l.j ii h > A _Ar T OVKRR Of FK.irTlFVI. ARTHTV AMD fllAR laI; tar aoa l> motn*, hiiiiM fri In lb" !? . VT OAfRTfRff. 'f 111 wait a ay M?m? II.. talon awt Htan bar ?tfa?t*, ami anJrimr li-n* m l M;U' laiavwa. Artmiam.n inly II ownta. T HI' RR I >V KTHIom* fr 1MTRK ITIRS ffTIOrf.O ?j c i iii ikt AKW il t iRTIIBi, <M kfiwlvir. Jk' */" \\i ?|. wt>? riljlil't rTr?or|| Iwa Iwiw "l*?i *h? w?wl.'' "Oar l>n i,m. .Ul a Hltn,'' Off V> *loar?*ua. '"Hrniixl u> Hot*" IOVKHR Of TIIK MARVRIXOCff siion.n OO TO J Ilip >'Klv II \IKTIRH. ?U Broadway, and MM> lb* aa tu io lin* {aau of Mini* Orr*i4r?>, tha a?i?inrn liar* nl -a. ant Kl_- r.llw. th? woadi-rtnl tlootortlonlal Admiral >.t oo!y IS ctiiia. Lnvrtff or THK BRAI'Tin'fi PHOITf.n 00 TO TUB RV W \ll llkr-a it aanth? r-Hy Waltar (Jfrla; thalr baaiftr, affability anil an. num In matara ik pr->vnrba?l hmt hw< the mim reapactabla ami rn<**tn* are aroploynd at thia hum f OTKRR f F K ARR AWn OoMKORT RllOrt.n OO To lJ 1k? !?RW OAtrriKR Ml (lma-1 ?a* wbi-H la II mljr I onrarl mrr\ n IV- rrty farflWmff wlUi faiffannl anfa aaala. I .wilnraa ami . -aafnrt rrnnMn*r| fnr 13 rania aduaalnn. 10VRRM Or A riRRT RATF DRfMK A.MO A Rt PKRI J or aaffaf ahmtM *n (n tl." MRW OAIKTIR? Al< I'rni ??? wh? r>- both will l a fnrnoh' t at Ih' nana) prt. aa by tb? praiueal ??.nr girl* nvtr k?o. Ailnuaatoij pui) ^cu*. SUNDAY, JULY 1, 1860. AMMBMKWTi. TMTINTKB QABDRN. ff On Koratr Mm, Juljr V Will bo paoduced Bourctcanit'a celrbnM Indian Drama, JK-StlK BROWN; Ob, thi. Kiijit or Lpcurpw, la which HISS iUNM ROBERTSON WlU appaar AS JKSSIE. Her celebrated character, Writ leu lor and originally pUjred bjrber In thia etty. la the Brat of TWKLYK FAKKWKLL WIOUM Preoedloi llKK DICPARTl'RfC FOR 8UKOPK. JKSSIK MKOW1* win l>o played three ii^hte. TUK OOLLKKN UA WN three tughU. JKANMK DKANS three nttbta. Place* may be be aecured ai tec Hot Oflce for any a!*ht aeat week. MK. DION BOUBCICAULT will appear lor the U?t time THB NANA SAHIB, M TUK COUNSEL FOB TUK DKFKNCK. And HYTJSS NA COPPALKEN. prertrmaly to hla departure for Europe, whither be la called to Brodure in London and In Part* tho?e drama! wbich have forded for five year* paat the groat dramaUo triumphs of New Vork and the Hulled Sute#. T7ie performance# ronuneree each night at 8 o'clock, and tar annate not later than hall past 10. TDK JAPANESE AMBASSADORS. THK ARISTOCRATIC passengers by the Oreat Eastern, "nil the world and the teat of mankind," kc., when visiting New York always make a point of visiting the NKW GAIETIES. HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, alukrt edward, PlUNCB of Wale*. hat. signified hi* intentioii to visit New York expresslyto attend the GAIETIES, 018 llroadway, and hear Ned Berry tin* "Yankee Doodle" and other patriotic airs. Tommy, the tocchstonk or the Japanese f* bas-y, went mat "all forlorn" and m tear* Iwoause lua superiors would not allow him to aeeept an engagement at the NEW GAIETIES, 616 Kroadway, above iiounton street. "yOUNO ROMHA. THK KINO OF NAPLES, BKIKO X plaerd not ill hi* own country, ha* applied for an engagementat llir NfclV GAIETIES, 616 Broadway; but a* no played out performers ure w anted there, he will uot appear. "fTHlK POPE HK I.KADS A HAPPY LIFH." "TITR X monk* of old," "I urn a friar of orders gray," and oilier biM iutnl ballads. are nightlv sung by J. Conrad, at the NKW GAIETIES, 616 Broadway, below Btuecker street. Admission onl y 13 cents. FOLKTH OF JCI.Y AT NIAGARA FALLS.?MONS. Hl.ONDIN, the tnoat estraordmary uian luring, will make two Ui. nd Tight Rope Aarenaions over the fearful rapid*of Mi. x*ra riier, on the Fourth of July?ens in the afternoon, at 4 o'clock. and one In the night?on whlrh ooosainn Mons. Mlondin wiil walk the entire length of hia rope completely envs loped in lire?the only opportunity of witnessing this unparalleled performance tola season. HARRY COLCORD, Agent Dl'SSKLDORF GALLERY, M BROADWAY. BAKBEKS KISHKR GIRL, CRAWFORD'S DANCING JENNY, miss landkr-s evanokijnb, akkr's dk ad pkakl divkr, With over 120 line Painting*. Admissiou 26 rent*. Open day aud evening. CANTERBURY CONCERT HALL, (Iarte Mo/art llalb 063 BROADWAY, bam COWKLL Will shortly appsar aa above, of which dot notice will be given. Canterbury conckrt hall The proprietors of tlie above Uall will shortly give eve?f one aa opportunity of hearing the relebreted Comic Singer, 8amtnjwf.1x. BAM COW ELL la engaged for CANTRRItURY CONCERT HALL, And will ahol d) appear. fox A t urban, Proprietors. Csrjs. Noams, Treasurer. OCl UBTh AUD At BlgTll, Sight hearing restored. recovered. 1>K. VON MOHOHXISKKR. The well known European tmiw "? *. AM* Aaanrr, Author of tha "GtiUe to the Gaum and Cu e of the tt( Miw-a of the Eye and Kar." Who restores the Bight end boating t>T mlkl ud gentle treatment, end whose skill and Indisputable cWrn Vu public Cruidruce has been attested by numerous Houtheru geutleinea. Id NOW IN NKW YORK, end may br consulted from V till 6o'clock ou all diaeaaea of the KKKKKKKKKK YVVY VTT KKXKEKEKKX KK X YY Y KK X KK K YY Y KK X KKK.K YY KKKr KK K YY KK X KK E YY KK E KKKKKKKKKK YYYT KEKKKKEKKK ANO KKKKKKKKKK AAA RRRRRRR KK K A AA RR R KK K A AA KR R KKK>: AAAAA KRRRItR KK K A AA KR KK *K R A AA RR RR KKKKKKKKKK AAA AAkA RiattR Ktttt At hianXce, 107 CLINTON PLACK. An operation la the only thing thai ran benefit sight or hearing. a thrr in old or young, and should, therefore, not be dofernd. ??N*w 0-tuti**. April. I WO We, the undersigned atttMoaut New Orleans and IU vicinity, who have been under Or YON MOli< 'ffJSIShKK'H professional cure. and <<hrra a ho have ki?>wa blm h. private capacity during the last two seasons he baa be--e residing In New Orleans, do cbeertullv hand him this tca|fcnonial. that he has proved, tn hla |,mt< ssamal rapacity, i. men worthy uf the ronudence of tfeoto who are In nee.I of gU akltl and aervlcea, and a geiUa man 11 bly meriting ihe respea 01 gay community ta w fetch he sTrr J. J Ml l.LBN. R#et?r Paarlnk'a. C. 1. KU.I>Kl'K, l'?uUui I'. H. A., Ilommlaaary of K. O. T r ItATHKH, t ,,m of U> -'^tnter Kaubei. j. n. eiurritH, rmi. ?i Duumafa o..u#R*. J. r WnMiN, Vf Kdltor <lf R O Ptrnyun*. U I.ATII AM, Aaaiataut Kdltor ? R O. IVavuna. JARK* r UTIM. Ami-**' " Kdit" of N O Pirat one. Ill'RANT DA POMTK Kdi or and M?na?rrol 2*. O. Dr'.la. S If AhB V. R. !>., Hdtier of N. o B?C. PKIJtA Y. R n . Fr?m.t.uioi U>? N O Board of Uonllh. LIT AH POWaL, M. p., PhjatoOxi.h'nw Orlatiut. AJ.K. iMlfAfn, M D , FhjmlrUn. Nr?Ur!r>ai. A. Af'KLRN. M D , ITtran-ta*. flow Orleaaa. Hoc. K. A. IH'NTKM. Umlaiaiia W l>. FI T, MnrahaM. Mow Oi-ImuM J, MA I MK1J-KB, Mnrchtal, Saw Orlran*. K MBVUKM, Marrhant. Naw Orl<-m? T. RctT I.LOCH. huprvtaa Unit, N.-w Ot Irui. H I'AK I.Wtn iD, Planter, Lunula. .. R. O. f'ORRAl', Planhr, Louiouna. M. CAl'HRN. Fiaoirr. l-.Mn.oan AitTinriCfAL AVAR INMKRTKD Oooauliin* 107 Ollnum |>U?>. RAILROADS. NJtW YORK TO Till". WIlITKMOl ATM'. IMtUKK Matn|ihrmt?*o? dirert, r|% fVwiii. rH. iit rlvar ?f!wv, and pl.aaur.' rtiote U> <>xd>-nahuri.', Montreal no t A|?i^' Apply at th# Now York aud Ne? llatao Railroad.All ,T?. uij h- \ ruth aireet, R. T. XT*W YORK AMD HARf.R* RAILROAD (XIRPANT. JN f ARK TO ALMA ST ?. On and aftar Monday, Juno IS, IAOj. train* will Inri Twoo I* aiilb au##t nan.*, I??w Yotk, aa Inllowa ? Tor WU.lam*Mtil|in and all way atatkaia. 7 ?0, 11 and HJH P. M K.w Whit# PlaliwaiHl all way aUUuiiA 2 JO, 4 and 5PM Tor Whit# Plain* aiut all war aLtunoa, 14 P. M , from Whlta itrrrt drpnC Kor ' roton I'alU, 8 IS A. M. Mopping al Wll UamM'lidg* ar l autumn abor#. Tor Dnyrr Plain*. AM P. M , rtoppttig al Wlni# Plain* ami rtaiama abor# Tbl. train run* In Mtr..-ru?i Raiurday rr#niiir Tor Albany, 10 1ft A. R.. rrpraaa mall train, Mopping al WbR* Plain*, brail ord, tlriAou Tall* and Ultona north. Krliirnlna?Will l#*r# Wll!l*mabrld*a. Mopping al al! way MaOgna, ? 40, t A M.andl P R. WTmui Plain*. Mopping al 8 and t A. M and I II and 7 P. M.. al all war Mathnia fhnmr I'lalna, tjk. M . pi'inj al all aU'hnM north of Prwdham Tin* train Ira ma Miuarvm *r*ry Mnmlar mortun*. ft II A. R. Croton Pal la. I P. M , W/yipin* al all MaiVma north of Tordham. Albany, t A. R , atovptbR at all Mathma north of Whtta Plain*. loHK MtlMitUIJ# AiWifl HnpaHHw a ~ HILLIAHDR. LI'I' ' I INI'ROVKD (SIU.URD TAM.ltR.-MIK dlffoioul ?./!?, all hUIO tiod?. rubor (Mk 'tr .flttwn,-| wltli hi-'-lo'K r ".I. in r-]?! Palcii'td IV. If. i?34. It I?K? KKil. Mi Au:i ?tre?tFHKLAMU ?? IMPROVED MM.TARD TaR!.? Aud ? ajm'iltiatm i Nwklooo. PilKItAK 4 0>f.I.Kffr>KR Roto mannfOdtniwro. to *4 < Y whT wm. Maw r?t = mauMmm- I 4 NEW MKHirAl. IIOflR F#* Al.i. J\ Urn Mlfnllanoo'ia. 10 <h4 Raw 1? k Tlnv* A n?HKS-<KIJ T" MARRIED AMP 'IRill.R. ?PR W VT HlR on IMdJJtJ, . ?tth anat.nrioal'a a ad drawlit, ' T' ? rV. In: bMt'-O ]>r> ??r,ln oW ' V-.ll , a H> I r ?1 .Ml ' h.r: Ellor 4IB flrnaltr tT, N Y Ml My w.* Hthar. nl 499 Hrmnia Mrrot k woat .if Itraadway. mlrrr ho m .y tn? waujiad on all uRoctlnOd of Ihla r *aa. from * A * Inlf * (1 HEROIC Kit RKMKPY, AH I h I All I.YO hFPflFtr FOR J th? iinf.*tnn* - ?J'.ir. ? ordinary oRltriwno In >* ) day*, and n'.t atn i aao? in a ah .rl l.u.o I: 41 ? i?* .ttl'-rfrro Witt dp-' or afford lh' 'YOa>h <>td by *11 dr-irnuw* I knioMi* HA l-Nt > A I' 4RK. WO.MWMU* nad rotad kmiii I for >>?? York, Li *i.4 II Park row DR. 1.4 COMTP. FROM FIR Iff, EO. *1J HKOAUWAY, B ot>| vio Ui? Ht. >* IIiAol H'lkunm ud nflfco L.mi n , ?? tt.J ?nd A'liT \R CO'iPKR, RO. 14 ItLANK hTRKET, MKMKKR OF J ) tho Cdloyo of Phyalrlana ?ivl IgriMM of Mow Tort, DI>( bo I ii?uli"d daily *> Mm oMro, froa A id lb# MorauiR nnul 9 In ti-o rrnlnc. I k"< T''R M K. F<if I. H r h. KDIK RKHIDRK7 If Ftp, ? Ao?.lomy MoOl. of thta city, roaldanna, III, .t ? T* "i ll 1Mb mr.-ot WHO Fnttont* *t hi* o-maultin* r m* 24 I .oipor UR *. frmo IU A. M. In 4 F. ? I'llnhpio* (fro* Hi iho pMhii'i for madi.-al or *>ir*1n?l d loo a a.-a no,I op?r* tlca on Uw or* and ?*r, no M.-tidnya, Wolnmikyi ml Fli (I,, vi. from IJ to I F R Iff. F.'? lorturo* no Anatomy, oi'i.oo in July. hR R. HORHETR M KM HER OF T1IK RKW YORK 1 nlvoraMy Mwhna) t'ohoja, mar ho r.inanlia.1 aa utnal, from? \ V U>? V M N B -How Of <' .li .tnaa in hM ofllra. No It Duano nroot Inn iuuioo WnHy hooorahl*. t-VR. I'ArRfiW, l!M HI.REf'KER ??TRKKT FOCR OoORit J Flr> n M?.-H"i?iil oirooi, Ro? > .rk ll"tir? of ooiantii'lno, a? nooal, l.m II lo J ait4 4 to 8, dolly . oiuxlo>?. till I F. M. nIOHI.Y IMPORT \ NT TO BOTH BE ARB, MARRIVH ?tr wtiAlo.? Moomti AdrMor and M?rria?a Outdo, ?Wi O.IIII.W, oror iODpat. * limn, r: oh, ml a1 ,.? lot) Rl- lro?ri o Kntia?1no? FrVo f 1 lit 4 ItAKMtlVT, l'*n? aod l*md>m Phj*l'*n ami Kurfonn. *47 liroortw*}-, Row York. Offlrn hnttra f.w Iroafntoid and i*ulull<m. Jtomonully or hy lotlor and otproaa, A * loll' M. and Tuoadar and Thoraday oronloga. Tiof P. N.. and H (1. LAWKK.NiE, Ho. I Voony Mrroi. PP'F PAROT. M n V 4 Y I'F. ('OA "! TFP D4TI V ' ' hla prltala o<B, oa. MA Hroodwar Mornlild MHwnMf for lad ir a flialyh. ,io pill* for lorin-a II ' > 1)ROF PV Til CTa^ni kVP' l' \? motohrd aa iia>ml, or Fy Iruet. A' . . i I liter, hrvt Vvcktitj. urrnmm. WKLL 1CK'H THKATRF " RHCOND WEKX OP TRX hL'MMKU SKABON. Qt nnJOVH KWVKH* OP THV. Kl/iRRKPK? PU1.1, UttFXKS. DKl.HiHTKp AUl>lKH< K~ A MONKTKR KNTKRTAIVMXKT ?MP.,.^?rA0TRm SI* 1UIPKHKKNT CHARAOTKIW. The Iriah h,,> Soouh 1 i mmt French Mlnatowl, Yankee UAL 4* fc WRh aoen and danrea. KB W J. KLOHKKl'K u The Tnmw&aa. AlaO. the Rieal OtW-'hJ Hurlcanue. LA1XA KOOHU; Of, TU* HR> WOR- ILPPEB with all lie ' lJKAimrVI. NKW BOKNJCBY. MAUNIFICKKT PRKASKS, ARMY OK PRKTTY (URLS la th>.X MIRCTAKY KVOLLTION.V OKAND JAPAKK.SK OANCK hy in five vounc invrntiui of Proletgpr Yale*. Ba.lO'. Mauler of this Theatre. Dloodiu croaatiu Miapn, 1-akr of Pearls, Zojrata aud Zaldee, UranJ Aji.nn jn With Real If arm alia Real Mermiuda MONDAY KVKNINU, JUI.k I UdO, The performance will commence with the protean larce of TUK YOCNO ACTRESS : ? TMK MAMAOKR'H DAUGHTER Maria, the manager'* daughter Mra. W J. Floreoe* Paul Berlin, a Krrnoh mnaMre! boy, with the "MaraelUe* Uyuau" Mm W J. Florence Coruey Gray, au Irish boy, with u Duunritruok Jig Mrs. \V. J. Florence Jcntsha Joyful Lobb, a Yankee gal, with of "Johnny wua aShoemaker,'"and ' MFarDmrn __? **?. Mm W. J. Florence Kmc Healherbkaaom. ? Scotch La??ie.wiUi the cele braled Highland KUtig Mra. W J. Flnreuck Thomas Camomile, atrwucdUn. Vf. J. Florence Grand Overture by Orebettra. Ici by Mr. Noll. The whole to roorludc with the Rival Oriental burlesque, H.ALI.A K(X>KH, or TI1H FIKK WOKSHU'l'KK. Lalla Houkh I ) Columbia, Usui < with son?S a ad daoccsy Mrs. Vi. J. Floreaco of the Ocean . ( j Khosian'iad, Chad of the Sho'ocf Klrc Department, ultli wants Mr. IV. J Florence New K?arrr, ix-w Dresser, uew Localisms, new Music, Ac. An rntlrelv' nrw LOCAL HL'KI.K-gi'K, trom the pea Of JOHN UitOUGIIAM, Ui lu live prepur....o!i. The liidiaa Ptmk.oi, ilie Orient*: uimto of ventilation, Is la use ui ihui establishment, Mint .- > alters refreshing bred 1 throughout the h'ntse. rendering it ewi| and ples-aut. THK KMF.RTAINMKNTH (LOSE K\ r.K\ MUHT AT HALF PAST TEN O'tVllX IKai. j 0|>eu at 7,1#. to commence ut 6 o'clock. Price* of adnilai-ioo ? Parqnrltr and Drees Circle .50 cents Family Circle 25 emu Private Hole* >5 and ST Laura kkknkk thkatrk. Leaner nud Manager Mr. .Lwph Jefferson Stage Manager Mr. .) .mes bttnmonla Musual Ihrevtor Mi. Thomi* linker ;'rente Artist Mr. J. K. Hayes i*i ouiplvi Mi. 1.8. CUae NOVKI.TY AND ATTRACTION. MONDAY. -,l 1A 2 AND F.VKHT KVKVIVtl Dl'UtNU THK WT.KK, Wot be piraeuled A NEW BCRLKoQL'K, (CnUUed TYtXKH*; OK. Tor NO AMKRIt'V IS JAl'AN. Wi'h New Vow l?> Te-maa Hiker, M*?.uac?u'. brettery by J. K. Ilnyes, Dressr# Appointments. Ac., Ac. Characters by Mrs. JOHN WOOD. Mr. JfktKPH -JEFFERSON, anil A TALENTED COMPANY. After the f ,ree the performanee will be followed every evening v. nh tar New Burlesque nl T\<"ON; TOrlfK AMT.RldA IX JAPAN. Persimmons la faat youth of modern time*, kept ia*t lucked by hip father, which ha* ? Utadsory to make htm fe-'erl ,.... Mr*. JoUN WOOD The Tycoon (adiUrtsrf to having hi* on hi'. 0Ut. ii# m war'elw* dsufltter). .. mJjPSIffersok f Koalac (a third class spirit?t. e., a dttzin addicted tn poker, a aort ot bottle Imp?in tact, a regular Japanese Bohewiaa) >. .*Tr. J. O. Burnett Young ,'oon (a relative of DM Alp Cuoo. nod naphew of Tvooao) Mr. Jama* NOW lb One ChaaaberUm iMwlvr ol the Rod. one oT whlih 1* always lu pirkb< for hhueein Mr. C. Goodrich Tloil (keepri of thr half ??) houae In the ilu.ida, consequently only a halt way spirit) Mr. Hurley QU ARDS, OFFICER* OF COURT. ATTENDANTS. Ac. Allura (whoa* father, old Tycoon, cannot allure tier Into a distasteful tnatcal Miss C. Jefferson Begonia in lirst class spirit, ad dated to tailing to love with mere mortals, and receiving a in or tal rcpulaei Mrs. F. S. Chant ran MyrtU'.a (a pure kpirtti . Mia* lieUy Wane* laddie (a young lady retained lor the eiprea* iw pose of administering a pili Mi-.s lone Burke AMAZON.-. I FAIR1KH, FEMALE ATTENDANTS, Ac., Ac. The perfui ma nee trill commence with the farce of HLASHRR AND OK.t.HHKK Masher. Mr JKFFKRSON Doors open at 7Hl cuannenriiig at R piwolssly. Manager* .Jntnwww A Briirj* Tin. . at.MMn.o iit will be <U~.l mill Ut. KUl itril OK JULY, when it vrlU be opened wnh TWO BRAND KUKKOHM Wi 'KH. A Sl'LKMDID COM 1'AN V. Two great MR __________ GitOROR CHRISTY'S MINRTRKLB-HIBUVA RAIJION fcOKUK CHRISTY'S MIWTKKLS?NlHLu 8 SALOON OKoltUK. CHRISTY'S MINKTRKIjC-MUU) . SALOON KVKRY RVKNtN I ANDSATI RDAT AFTKRNOONS TIIK MOtiTCNieoCIVo'-ALWOOrAii. COOl.KST SAMION IN TIIK CITY IM'KSKAKT LAl'OllTKK?OKI.IUHTKO ACIHKNVK8. MONDAY, July 2. ami during U> w*reic, tb? op*:. Ra <n HI.CKDKK8 0> A NIOIIT. Tbr balmy breeze? exhaled Iron mumle,-? mrr. and bo Uu., al ti i i ,:&un> In the garden* MirrtMHtJlug tlm> ,ua *_1 MAONiril KNT HAI.I., Miter the leatlbule from three didrretit 'I'larter*. tin* making It, herond all enmpmriann. the t OULMst ANl> MUST I'l.KAsA.NT ROOM ,U Un Oil. TMK r IV.I.D ??? THY. OOI.DKN CLOTH. Or .rgi- Christy lo new character*. and Innumerable Song* and Wfcuciamc, Supported by thr enure Star Ctaitpany, Kion" wired the lie*! extant. MI.I.R J50WRAR Al? VIC AND J1AIDKK An win iwa no of Mtveu u in.lea lor pr.m sole and tou ?er? ii t, 'i. I ed s?la Water, Cream*. fruit* and Confectionery. U- a 'i<en . t 7 etawmenrtnj at 8. TickrU X> eenta; rhulren halt price To ladiea and llieir children. Kreiem'.cr th K AsliluN Atll.K MATIN KKS KYKKY NA Tt'KDAY, r. men . oc ?j_J "'clock. |-n>"ra.oim.- m,- ??*?# ? rrt? me aim.* *Kl>?SDAT, JVLT 4. URaN1> M ATINEE cntameaciak at 2 i/rli* k GURNKY S UAI.l.EKY. 7UT4 7lff Broadway, firat block below the New York Hotel. (M eakibRem, TT1K PVINW TK-OCJf 8EII Awl other elrjrmt pb eea of statuary, by ttlKVAUXK t'KTTKH'M. Open 1mm W A M tilt VP M A 1miaal<n IS ecnta. N I -Tin: rBWlillUI'Hir KlHlBITKiB U U.I.ERT U open lor MUCK l.NM'K' THIN Irutn a A. *. UU ? P. J*. JC. A OA MV CAUrORMA MRMAOCRIK Pay and Kveuiue?T h at r ret awl Hoadway. I* T II M I'r ItHKl'IM > . Kl.TY Iti AMKKIOA I Tin: OHKAT I.I v IN (I HI.A* K SKA I.ION. I Panrlne *i??iy Heare. aimting, rlunMna uid Tannine Rearm, , t'a.donile U?>, Ttyrra, < i Aflrhea, and 1<?I Wtld Anlin.Ua from th?- Paefflr Performed bjr "ilrtr/lr Adnma." from 10 A. It. I u:l 10 P M and aj.erlalljr at II, A and 8 o'clock Am mala fad at I P. If. Ailmtaaton 2ecenu. children Ucenim TKMPI.IC or MAiur. NO fii nROAnwtr. rtftlTIYKLl TUN KAM WRICK. Monda.i, July 2. and e<?ry eirriiny, a' Soal.iek. IVIcbrala.ii Peaihal <m the 41b of July. POtH KNTKK1 AINMKNTA. I'll at, at II o'rl.a k Bio 'ind. at t n'atnrk. Ttunl all oM'.k. fourth, a' 8 o'clock. PKliI K>W<iR JAOOIM, the nor Id renowned and I., at nf all wlxarda. rmtrlbrjotata and Imnrm alnrea, with thai orlrtnal. whima -al. nominal and Inuiutah .. Son S|n?h.r, wlUthia wnck Introduce a etil-ndld b i tet of amnaemena. ? rpaMtnk anytninc tret aeenlnNew , l.rl. II- . "--a ' .. -? < mmiilia al me pive a he h Iheae perforrraon a hate met atth rerptirea no rntntment Jar >ba la lb" prbi. e ot maTlrlan?. All prvndera mar a'trr Una hide lin n dJ'1 cdbea la Thi.j a.'l I) lb'1 av. week. Adnua- j aiou. 24 rente, reaened acala. ?0 rente. ^ | 1 ^ kkw n.rahvrk. OOUVtMITHH RTKRKOM OKIi: ML'SKf* > nownion day andairuiue. for ** *? ?~ at VI, HIIDAIIWAT <V*Tiar of Tn-rnty n kt*<rct. A rinil Jo (hi* aplrndtd athibltlnn of lha WORM) |?K NATVRX AM' OK ART. will afford wrr In*Miriam and m r?n ha found at anv uU?a of not iwmrnl tn lha ahtr I tm:!l*a rankling op town *111 A ltd thta a r?an-ratrui ami daln-h.ful rrwort during lha iunrnar merit! a. < pan dor and atranlng Rtrangara abnuM 01 laara town without Halting thla unrfraJled a.brbl I la?i. Admlwdon 2$ ranU, aaaaon. ona month. Mrantt, \lTHITI/>t K it ? I'RKR (lAt.f.KRY OK Oil. PAtSTtSil*. ,'drt I anal atra?f. OS VIKW run A SHORT T1MR riirnrira i,ati*t work, TWTI.MHT IS THK WIl.nKRKKSa At oorril. A OO.'ll, 77t llnatdway AdmhHrton acaota. noi.rnAy soYrr.riKK -barsi.-vs wruitrif. ar will ba ar.-n in to dajr'a papar la out w1h a Ion* Uat of altraruora. ml only for Ji? r north, bnt alao for tba antirn v ark. It M naclraa In parurnlanaa a 'iarw tbara la ao mob t? rlala atlanmm. hut lha rrvlar will hardly faUtonrti. o \ha anparb Knuwt ammonia in Vb" I actum Know. and tba iliant luhy. Albino Komllr IMttg RkalaUm grand Aipiarla. Urine Kaal. Ar.. to b? arm ta tba rarbiua Ualla and aaloona of tba Ma aanm MKNI'Kl.iitOIIS tSIO!?.-T?IK MsT CYlRf'KRT OK ilir atitb aaawi# will ha fjirn on 1 bur* lay rranfcwt. JolT tk at U?a Rarrnth aranna Vath.?ltat ih'irah, nrir K'l.irtaautb atrrat. Tba la?t rrhaaraal will t*k? tilara at tba < horrh oo Miaidar at antng, 'uly l Sambar* id ina t'nirm ara rwqtawad hi hr poortaal. 1 t.c annual aiactbat of oflbi-rauf IboCnh n t will taka pla<-a no Tn.mlar iranlng, July J. at Ilia amu of tba a-1 ray, Ml Jtroadway. Kvary nvinbar ta aanir?i|* rarjnaatnd 1 to ba i rtaanL R w M UtTiff. Sai-rutury. Ofpifl MAS MO IRK. TIIKORKAT IRWI P'iKT - tVlI.. I I 1| m ttiaa W llaaa ? dtarmiraa aaaia fraai . n tba ahitra | brilliant anhiurt, h> nuorow (Monday) aranlng. In lha National I Mo* i al tnalr nl. 7Sft Iti'awlw*) John 11. Vanl?at, K*| . 1-raiatdt' f. l??nr? "pan at 7li ocbvk. If"" John K"lly Mon. Wii.i .m Ulnar, (Jmrga Sallow, V. J. MiUnirk, A. W. Adatna, OownjUiw, rftuv,atrioai* rotimc -to ras aokrs aitors a! 1 Tha antira prtaata Rbwk ?nd Th? itri'il W ?r Irdta R ara prnc?rtla?, Ui?(a and MabtaaHut rl iy? "f lla- lata \r , f I R"iana, Vtoi , will ba anld a' pa1 ' a auaO av In Saw York rat T iradar, July 10 ai II o'al rk A. U Tbi? "f i-dmba , an- of ! ' iha n??* tal'ia lr and ratnnlrta of anr In tbt* irttay, i?a|.v| I f airry taila'i of rraluma, front ntJInm I t tba utnat axtly . ami aiaUira a diraaaa for pnnrltial rolm. Pull nartirttlaTb to i ital | "< wo* ra idr. fur WltoV ad 'mwtUta a a'tpnram J RAMS AC < - '.?. . ait-11.? 'ayrp.a ,-i ?-a n?c ?*? t- (row i 1 k ot**y I Vihiaj x a a. unit* ^ j Nrvov.. i,< ?** ?a mwni? MTxnfs wwrwvn K*n 'RTAInmKVTH. OPKHATIO HAl.i.KT, UllAM'A, B'.KfrV?yt'K, KLOKAI. DUftAY rROMKKAMt Kni-rw ell eir?orni?n*. of MR JOHN MKOL'ilUAM Hi) Ism.' ppetTiiiwc' in the Vuit -a HUM. TLr l>e? K UnrloMue, pim a-hon-taa for ou ' woe* Mf. VI' CXPOLIVE THKLKVRTHK HAWLON RROTHH8M. T!w .-itlcr* Mr M&rfc t milk. Mil* Pali) Mil. Mr W David**, M!v y*i) Wi-IU Mr. A. H D*rett??rt, MUr. Lili* WlndW. Mr. C Pr?*c?, Tin* (Sole Xm>?*r? Mot?. Wettfu tf. Mr? Krtjn^l'ti, Mr. I.. J. Vlnieot, Ml*? KeianolcU. Mr. IVuvrrw. MUhCf trsuce. Ac., Ac, 4c. MONPA V EVENING. Jtuj t Mil. IVwrt opn mt 0 o'clock, gtvuur tl"nr for proinorud? la ifcf ^krAm, and an Ibe toga. At 8 o'clock, Mr. Brouxtum'a 1 PO-TA-noM-TAR Po? Iia lu Vwr Gmi ktag of the f uoc*ror*a, A cro'xlies; tcjuarch, intact aaenu ura*? _ . Mr. John UnHHfhM* Copt, JointSoutk tA* ,i..lnuModorigin*' vocal and i.u..nia>ciiUl u ibr wulmiaai of t Irrinia, in lov* Willi Poeahmvaa a-. ordiaa to ikM f.orj, thoaaa AoacAtuV. at varuua.? utiL hj* alnrv. jy%rmmtr, Lie a!. TtmiAA Krown, second la < ouimaud'iiltWr. to A nrgtected gennto, ? huae c!.aiin? on ix ateritjr are AO* (,r I ho Ann time aeiinn*'.rde'-t Mr. VrUuam J on OA. Mtaetlnea called lull, *i.uOj?r of the name aort left Mr. Qm* Mynheer MoU. (tor real husband nf Rcahonta* t,m drauia' ivaby divorced, Juulrary u> all law and The Right Hon. wuuah al law, Speaker ot the aa TAgO Ili'lUC < f InT'l*, Sl/alglitcaer ot UUpleaaant klnke end oiler of trouble J water*. ut.rat eler 01 knotty pumta, adjuster of pug:ia?. mug difllctilUM, mid grand eye parliamentary lac LKumand fugleman . Mr Conreaa* O po tut doc. one of the original F. V. V.'a. an indignant dignitary Mr. Brurriato Cot o ituk. another warm hearted and headed eon of < >13 V.rglai* Mr. Vmowto Jinan, Sergeant at arms, a friend to in ear by Mr. Uawfc 11. (H. K. Princess l*n ca-bou tea, the beatiU tui and very properly tindutlfn) daughter of Kuy Pow 1<m Un, married aocurdtiig to I he re Uglnus diet urnof actual rirciituaiHticrsto Master Roil). hut tlea author ttatvera Ului?i*U much mora am anuigeouah disposed Of In the acting edlUou Mum Carry NeJaaa flutermthig nflab '<ta fn>ml Pno-tpe-pet.. 1 ariatocnitic stock ante- ( . .Mis* Sara Nctoaa Ltnmudi? J nor totlie first t.nal i...Mua A. Pnmow I Ilea of Virginia. ) Wee-clia ten dee., f Hour dear churgea, lor) Mis* L. Pton Kr??? ?s calibre 5 wh'itu they don't for 1 . Mrs. Kctgimlto DshUuduck J get tochar>te tn their J .Mlas RelgnoMn C-you Jewell ( nuarterly btlR J ...MlaaR. Franco Soulier* Saitora, Indians. Mem bora uf the Tuacarora U|M (luard, Ac. Altar tiu* liui Irniue, OPKUaTIC lNTKKl.rHE OP FORTY M1NVTKS Promenade Music . by Cook's Concest Ifaal ItetreKhmenta tur faultes and OeuUemen will be aer*e4 to the Saloons and tiardeua. Straa berries, Ice Creauu, Watar lr Confectionery, Ac. the lu erlude, the Theatrical Performance will ' Il'into with a NEW IVVRHTISSEMKNT. I. Wonderful Cvronastic Feat*. WUham .Thomas and tieorge ilaatoa 2 Introductory Corps >lr Htdtak X Uiaud l'aade Deux Mile. Caroline Thclrur and Mows. WoUtMff 4 lj? ZiTiRarol' i The <Jale Smteap & < Irani Pas Mile. I Jna Kioto 6. Finnic By all Use Arttato He. ofllce npen from V A. M? aU day. Seals ta?j btto ClUed MX data ill altanee. Chr ? Ell hi h.-'D A Y, .Inly 4. Independence Day. A (IRAKI! MATINEE. rVtounenring at 2 P. M No eeala reeerred. JTde THKl.El K. Mmm. WKITHOPF. the OA1.K SHTBto and till the cori pbeea and figurantes appear hi the beauMfto bulirl la UrsKixF.. The woodcflil IT 4 KTiOV BROTHERS also nppear in totor amumttkmg performances. VPTW HIiWV.KY THV.ATR1 hole t'iupriei<<r? ? Moan U. L. Fox A J W. LungssM Mo Ml A V, July 2. IttfU. ~ ' The tiatkiual nialudt ama of NICK OF THE HfOOIIH. Thr roaring cuinlc farpe of Tllh. PLEASANT NKIlflfROR. And Un inoiauSc di arna of TU* WARLOCK OF TUK Of JUT. Iwo jlorjoaa petfumueet u? inr, * \JT illlil Afternoon at 2, nod e ventur at 7 o'eloCR. JJARNtVfl AMERICAN MTV KIM. I'Odrr the pemnual ?uj>rrvl*| .ii of F. T. BARRC*. Tlii Nc? Vi uUUl.xw Ii f ViMjilaiu A'- . wake Ikl THV. (WI>3T F! VCV IS THK CITY. GRAND II' >1 .111 AY NUVKI.TIKS AND ATTRACTIONS, MONDAY and'tt'KllllAY. July 2 and S. IwN AC coSJacuicul of lL* young and Ul< uU<d Irian (' muneAMa, Mr W IMNIKK. Tin* ItrtH Dnltnaauir id ln*li I'lvtrartT In America. II- lip near cvc:y Aflrrnnil tnd Ki ciung In I iniiini ilda K'-avnatliiMA. Ill addition lu which will Ih- arm at all bouia riUanr>tii>?r? mid vmxiiKFrn. ai/hino famii.t, A IIu*Imii<I. WIIV and Child. arh n? with pur* white afcla, aline,, whim luir.l'liik. Ac, lli"U5h lorn nt pertaaUv Black INU-rtl'v t'mjr nra |ho wondera "f the world. YANTLLKMAi K. star liitant Laaaticr'.. or CIA NT HUtY' he.on venra oW. and wolgMnc 2IS7 pound*! TU' l.npd Aquaria in the world I Reau'K ul aiul Inirrmliii lit ing Seal I Japam-w I '-ntna, Autnrrawha, l-inurim. Ac. THK I.I\ INC AS It AT Li 1 r r IS ir MAN OR MONKKY, OR ll'iTHf TDK SA Mill s "I.llillTN INll CAMTI.\TOR ? DU 11 O VSKKWSHV THK I.IVI.VC SkKI.HTON. UK M S HI.*. THK SkKK \ SI) IT.A1KS OV ART. iV.lie lecture win will l>c produced. MONDAY AKTK.UNo'iN, ST 3 O'l WK, KVKMNO, AT T\ Th? Irhh rminntle drama, wtih iDirlnal Irlah aim, AI.I.INK; OR. THK MONK OK K1I.I.AKNKY David OT<ra?y, u shepherd Mr W O'RIa. Alkn- lb' llor it Killaincr Mlaa Mi nay TCKsHaA AKTKKNUON?IIAKNKY. THK HAKoS. Hwrucj, 'b' Wht-i.i Mr W O'NW i nitrlilriing with Yot'R t.IFK'M IN IIAMIKK KYKNlho AVtriC-AIXI.VKj oh. Tub Row or Kuummot. MAPS*! l>yi " VTS he r.'l. r , i? i .Fortune Teller. _ m?s%mw in i. r* r hi p. i <>w n*rrv v AMrui*. GBKAT VaKIKTY OK NKW W AX HOl'Rivt. WKPVF-nAY. JI I.Y ?. I?%* ULnKKH * NATION At. ILJillA H' A.S.MVI;RS\K\ m tiii. V\TIU> -X r\m rKtrnicxt*. ?'!?,; Hi In*. Uruma llaMtn*, Wnata City to* I nuai atb\i'd lliiIM l) AtU.vUnu. O Aid I ir'ninwi' in tlia fawltirw Romn. During lb' i uUr? day nu.l r vrtuns. Uw t\r<a tORMKMlNU AT TKN O'lTiOTR A V Tor which "W ./ ihamoat tatehMd ' natpntura hu bra Specially nr.c?i i-.l A U I.V uihti'Imm" aura. Uu? <u?t WnVliKRH I. NOVTl.TlRH ANII fTRWNmiU o( the ? !?! Jlatuii .t wlit be \b IM" day -<rut naming run wimmavk, maia ionium ami iiai.i ?trami on Um* b.p <4 ih? *" 'nm ?fl'<ird a hn? claw m Xi~ IUMT.AV IN ?MK hlKKhT AMI t'AKK by dar, and the i.**'<> ? lb ti ?N| marmkmtit MKtW'OHKM AT IKK ? (TV IIAI.I, In tlir availing. In alanl. mi |.?nM?jr?n catai,mimical aflnrda a* muni Im.altba aOd aUrart iia in KITIIKK I ITf/.K.\M fill STRVNOKRM M lb' ? ornl ro?o*tit-ii Vjnoriian Niianum. Adminaiv-a U> a>ar v'hln" it ml Far-piat, l'i cnta 'M. ( hum in under Iru. lj rtuta ami in lb' I'arqu't It) col*. On ih'I'll pay i* one. a.lmt'a only oner Ttwra will b? M raaduiiaa.'-o li. an* aaa # train liy 1"A VINO ? i r.Ntll KAt 'H TIMK BIIYANTV M1N TRK1.1. VK'HAMO' IIAI.I., W . 171 llrrwdway Ml'MIAY.J .> i-i ?.. ! run . ni,'la ui lli" 'roll. i.Ktvn JIATINKR. On WKD*RKT?AY. .luly I'll, I.ART WKKK MT ONY. Vihakxi-Kf^TOR TfeflWL I'll 1' a '-mf . ?in?-i r It'd* >rat. -a l/K, |A KfllllOKN, JKRHY a at HAS IIKY *.?T^ Tin" Ihrre on at' 4 I mui'duna of Um Aga, tn iliair tangliibia lt>irb ?n'ira H KNK t AT I'ARNHOROt Mil. MOl Tltl ttR H.ANTATIOM MiVila AMI IIANi'RA IVmra open at 7. toramaoca at *. Tb kata 25 aania. TJAl.AC |T<IM(I>KNT I l'< "n?h a'raai and Rt\'h ayanna AN NIX N( KVKNT KXTRAOltDIN ARY. Annin'iaai v ol Uk- np'tnnr nf I'AI.A"'K OARORNR URNT NMIIT OK MR. J I aTRATTON A )'4lw? ttard'n Orrkctra, *bn will r rfrT~n mm- of t>' plr -a? of mini' br tha fi r )wlnf| t intwin a"Ui" i > ? K"i??lfT. iboi Ktr. Wa*n~r, tbf?lta-?r. IVintT'ill. Hartpobawana awl Find nlflM if tba Japan'aa lauiu-rn fat* I rat i.ialit nt X.' ?i\tra IMwmtnallon. r ii i lUKl ? II Iff r ir" iiu haomkh Kt pimFI W nrnK^osM, A *?K?* nl'Ki"!AI'l.K, In mtwnatn raiPn nf (ho ot.rning ?i tb-m< at anprrto popular Hint l uMlWf i??rt In ' h? I MTKH KTAlls'. Tin- ink braiiim nf ihn n-tiin* t>< ibo PaUcu Uaniraa ha* noior failed !< !>rii?al<'i[ntj,rr Klti- Tbnnannd la|b>?, and ?? m?nr prti1)?'n. n vylm h? ? ?l> <n>rprruM lla ml uubntindrd drllgb" on ubnraaing On- waijo nf KXTR M RIHN AKV m MnrKxm. rroaotdwl iht.. ,tih Ilia i uliuH Piortmna of th* i-orpa of TAI.I KTI'.It A HilbTK alaaja i-t gafi d b| Uw pr .prHif a r?fii?l>ie? I'kr ih- pf'Otit. It trill bo troll ftion in b?*?r In mlad thai MOftltA V MilIII .11 l.r f. Will ho a nVbi of> at I'Al.AiK UlKHm, and all bo would triiiii--aibo grandoatapr tarlo nl il, anaaun, tb.riM ninko lltolr rnmrnot i In m notl?ir with tin* (act. J< I.Y 4. TflRRK ORtVfi rRRYfiRMA.VtrK*. At 10 A R.. Grand Kall?.n Aooimnn MATINRK AT I I* * Hv Mr II Y?io?' Htlloi Ti.?i|?, Km Klla M. Wrtm, hula Manb^Wron and I Alio Iml Wi??. Kvoi.i. s >,i t-Hn| moid hi A n'f i. .i X URIMi I'Ri MKNAlIK COXi Y.RT. MAONMl Ii I \T I???Pt.4Y or IHKWOMfR, KTf*. Admtaainn Rlrwnta. N'ntiTvanXiinf x t i \Rp -Mn~ni^??oi"iiiiT5* trlmao l,<tg and tiiim>| h?nt carnor tn ihitammtrt rata author tod, haa tnad>- bit oaTO' kni.a-n mad ft muratd (In >?f I.. Ill II.O .and. trill npponr at MHI'1'4 UAMIKJ4. <m Mnn 'aj. .lalp 3. I?H In a hrW farnw -II oit(at-omnnt prior (a hm .toparluro Ma Knroftr. trbtrb aront will axiur lu a la* oka It a oiiHo nnr?oortarjr in rarall. on ihia ivmtalon, 'bo rannp tucr.?''ii1 rf i^t rf Mr' W ijrVim In lb* fl"M nf prnwral and ilramatn* IPnratoro and ?! th* "ago Knr malt* voara la- lata twon an oaor taoio.?n? and ir tittpottauhlo |oad?r In pntdfe' otv iortaitMron? and In anatol llli ?*?"...-uI|y n U..? York ipt ant mdtoraal rrgrrt for bit dopariurn. minglnd with bmitfttl* ? thoa loi bia wo If am. trill ran ? a utnM. fnan Ok* |m tall. ami nrlraH' tv rid. In *' i h I < ?> well known and at much r??pootr,J at "at' iHI?t rnd a gofi'l man Tho mxtapcronlr rogmu that Mn n'a Tbootro la ?ni la a atlho apni-o "l|od in tl<" pnMIe hrart bp tho an'hnrnt I ah mWi?. an thai a m'f farrtrrll and wrnr?1 nrxod ixugbt b% t atoodnt to bun hp but liiotvta- tho "nltro p.-opm. B" KTA Vrn M IN?7IIKIat URANP KATINKK WHr?X>**r?AY. July 4. M JRRRY nnd DAK RRY\XT, ami I HI ROUX. tot ibolr LACtillARI.R (XlMlCAUTIKX. KWMKMrilTR THRkTRR.-r AM MOWTR TV K WTO to mako arr?rr 'mTia with %- nltaa Mart liw ibo . ?ap 'bltlkl 'tl Inrlloal "t? amn, IP-ail- Auoli. iianiama bd trado rorawtallt * by 1?"4Rr at Motnaoditan M Aol to r THllM>*v<IR Aoant for nt.vkbobtor# ri'o ma.yahkha <>r thkatum-mr <y>i.mns nm I lntb on?, baa pun-harM fur lb" aotn id 01 l??i iHa a< ? rlgbl' f prrli rutins Mr. Rouftdoattl1'? r?tr dram., ' i'ba < Wn Itatri " Manaaava milb an.1 W? ?< m?r addrnao Mr. < itUma tkipugk taa. W. <X? J.!N^ A?aot. IMbooih KtetMtkauook l'kUa*RcW%

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