Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1860 Page 2
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9 | NEWS FROM EUROPE. ADDITIONAL DETAILS BY THE ADRIATIC. I ? THE CONGRESS AT BADEN BADEN, lMt| lie. Tin rnagrtii at Bailcn. A communication (rum Hadcu of the lOili last , at noon, given tome details reelecting the Kuiiierur NajHileoi, 'a Visit. After mention ng the meeting ut bit. Majesty with the Grand Imke cf Baden ut the railway station, ou Fiiday evening II gee? mi U say :? "nie two sovereign* were in plain clothes When the t il l or appeuri-d by tie side of the Grain. Puke at the en of the elation, and was 011 the point of entering hi carriage, he was saluted by i.uui*i"us cries ot " Pica I'Hmjmrturf" Hie Graid Puke took his sent by the of the lui(. n>r. and they procci-dcd to the 1mpori.1l \ ilia. The 1 mini or hail scarcely rettiri t to 111* apartment, when an aid dc ramp of the Prince Regent of Priori* cuine to luinouuce that hilt R. > a! Highness would call ou hia Mej. ely immediately after dmner. The Kuip-ror, it is raid, wished to have ;?id the Prince the first vtstt, but yielded to the formal desire repressed by his Royal illghucr*. At huh'part eight the Prlupe Regent arrived, accompanied by uiptaiu do Im, oiw of his orderly ? Ulcers. The Prince. ? bo was tn plain clothes, were under his 1 the grand cordon of the Is'gton of Honor, while the Kmj>eri>r wore the grnud cordon of the Black Fugle. Th e ir not the (it st time that the Kmperor and the frinei leive met. In 195T, when the Kmperor vi.-Red StulUMn.i. the I'i iucc Met his Mat sty at the Prussian frtmi.T witli a message frotn the King, bis^t-iother, exl>re??aij! regret lliin-s prevented liis coining tn person to welcome him. The Prince also accompanied the tap-Tor in bis postage through Hit -m?h Pru-si?, ou In* return Inun i-tuttgardt. Some months after, Prince Frederick William, the RegentV sou, was tie- guest of In.- Majesty at the Tuileri -s. The Prince Regent retunned wtth the Emperor for nearly au hour, and it was remark***! that wben tie left Ids countenance exprceacd much satisfaction. Soon after the Emperor ^ returned the visit of the ITiuce, who presented hitu to tbd Princess of l'ruwla. Tlie Emperor raw early the next morning, ami w* ut out ou foot, between Seven ami eight, ace* tn|Miiie<] by (icncral dc Kailly, Colonel I/-pic, ami the Mar>|uU ile Oiilillet, who had arrived before his M*j?ety. They wi ut to?rai*4f the grand alley, near tbo con venation rooms, and there. it the small shop under the trees, his Majesty made ioi.. idrrahle purchases of articles in carved wood, and other specialities of the uoun try. Loud cries of " 1'fre I h'mptrcut " w ere raised as hil M.ijest> passed hy the numerous persons us>embled. Be fore returning to llie palace ll.e i'in|>?rqr paid n visit ts his ag*-' relative, the Kihg of Wurleniberg, on o i reach ing bouhi received lh?' King- of Bavaria, > ny, and Haaovir. the of Nassau, and other pr.ut * The King of Wurleniberg Mso rt ^uin, <1 the visit paid to bim \iy the F.uip ror. Hi.- Majesty ol Prance has hitherto only s .*o the sovereigns sejariitely, hut in the course of this day tbeie will he u meeting ot the whole of the royal personage. present ut Baden. A letter fnan Hudcu-Boden recerdl the interesting historical fact that tho Interview between the Km;?ror Napoleon and the Trince Regent of l'ius-ia (without witnew. aj lasted exactly forty Ave minutes. It is said that the I'rnice Regent, on c< luing away. " looked pleased;" and th. is about the sum of the Intelligence which we arc permitted to know. The Opinion A'atir-noli SJjS?' Th# interview of Baden is cither a simple measure of peace and conciliation or a mystery of high |iolltlcj! Import, the secret of whu h has uot yet tunspired." This appreciation ev idently leaves a wide Held lor choice. The /'ayr, however, gives it to he understood that the visit is at all events not made, as the French say, j?ar rfen prunes, anJ that tt if big wilt* important result?. ' I'uhvs we are mnch," rays this government organ, " ami if we may believe the pr. oentimei.t* awakened in our oul by tb;> g;u?,* event of the miettng at 1 laden Baden, the Kxnperor lias * -nee more g-nue*l a great victory, which will nut have cot! a drop of blood, an-t will, uevertbehws. eiercise a gnat influence u]*>u the destinies of the worW." FnrsstAS neiviov. [Ei?n I He Krcux V.iiung ] Already Europe, and Uermauy ku putkutot, W I trie* vlUMHti the sjm cUcle of Its sovereign:* galhciing around it:; Kmj ror of the Bonaparte family. The flr?? lunc was at Ksturt, when humiliated Gvnuauy w.ia drivtu to the antechamber of the Con-ican by tli friendabip of Pruisia; the second l .Hie at rVt'olMi, wbcu llie Gorsican had anquired au> U gr< ati>> fa as to be able to demand tlic asai-t ance of Hume satraps against that very Prussia whoae policy bad allow id them to become what Lliey were. V.V think wc are right lurrying that, as at a former period. Russia wan prevailed upon, by reason of her Oriental |?>le \, to |.r? |*re tin triumph of Erfurt for the turtle, it ! equally liuaaia that w Ulna to strength' u the connection of Brisiau at Badenl aden, by the pmural ac quaiulntiee of the German sovereigns w itb iba French Emperor, wli*deslrts U? negotiate aud pieacrvu a |<tt? pro t vi w ilb (i-rtniuy. l or tins purpase the recent journey of tb" faprna I>rwager ?:n made to I.y oris, a J hi rosy well cabtulated to wake Ibe Rogcut, lh? Eiuprcsa' brother, waive hiis et-i 'Clioiifi be ni?y be supposed to bave entertained against an interview with lamia Napoleon, and to render a refusal ot the part of the Prince Regent to receive the Emperor if the French at I'aden Baden a question of (titill h'multaneoitfly w ith th??e arrangements wc jaTft tc a temporary rel xalioti in the Oriental questiou, slileL Can hardly nave happeu. J by accident. It is H ulc. t the mediation of Russia al IWdcu Btdeu ia to be protected against lie idea that alio waa pursuing this polxy ft r Ier owu eicis. It would i emu a* though Englard bad fi rmed a correct of this Interview (.ustol'iamare may, or may not. Lave Ken occupied by a British force, at all events, the Reform bill her l ea n withdrawn, alt 1 the English un?...n l.? preparing for war, as it she expected to meet with fo.r igo foes At the fame we are informed tint the Itimon t'abinel has presented at Constantinople a more distinct ata'ement of Its cotnplnlnW relative ni Uic CCiidition of tic Christiana In Turkey. We have, however, In acknowledge that, with tho |M?wr dilhcultics cl tho aituatom. nnd aeeirg what the wla qi.cuci a of u furllier refusal might have beon, wo cannot allow otirvelvea t 'disapprcveof (liePrlaceRegeat'l determmatun to rrolvt the Emperor of the Enoch IxM.n Napwl?o? at tl.-s mom< nt is a sovereign reengnlard by Europe, and it Is a mal'er nrlllier for reproach nor ?p pretension to pay buu the respect which ia due to bu> aalUaB |trorr. He Ministerial Pre wise he Zriittng ) In ?ce*v'.ing the offer of lamia Napoleon it i < irmt be the pulp. ?e "f i'ruMi* lo rta'fs Uw alma of ha* policy. Tli - pol i has been *lwu)g au.cere, Voyal aul concilia tor}-, It him always rtrtvin lo pn t-ervc the peace of fcu rc>|?- and twh of vu institnltons a* have born proved lo pastas a vital rapacity tn tlu-marlvea; and it will r> uin thta chan. tor. Hut tho dif'lui! * of Ihr timea hove been productive of onrtatn iipon-h nnon* which Kuro|.e raid rVj??'re to WO removed by the Irtendly esch inga of opiuiocs bet wi-cn two p.werlul kingdom.", wbaae conduct can Dot but aiway* t.xrrciow an important, and l.ts frequently cservlac'l a decisive influence ii|tr>n the fat- of tin-- q- .titer of the *1 die. torin.iry wtll Ik well MtiaUed If tht* l"rlooe Kcg> ni c?h flrtnljr be convinced by the Kin|? ior? f tie Irene la that the |uIk) of France i- -1nally prari ful an energetic; and France w ill consider it a vain nb.e jfuiruiti-c for the cent toe nice of Ua friendly and neighborly retailor* In H if Lmus Vipoieon, front liie Prince K- gent's own li|?, receives the assurance of that lot a! ai t moderate polk y whi< h aervus ua the invariable t>* is of hia government. h<. discord between ptrlkK ran ever otMrnre the re la t en... ?Inch, under all i ircurn-' too- , connect t' and mlb of (iermany in indiexdoble ties. [From lie>r*! Na'ional Zcltung J We do o?'l think thai many or mtkmis oby-eiim* cn-M twitp heen ro?el had the I'rlnre Regent at onoe compiled w lib the nvpicet of the ICmjvn r Nunoh-on for an iuter View To i.celve the vie It of a neighboring aov-r ign ta a matter of poiib mw? requiring ua jest itlcat inn at all, n.l If Prussia. front (an egtv aa of pr.vantloii for hereputalion with the muvr govemnt- f t\ did n t at oneaccept the i Iter, It la en y to r -e that the r"s*lt would have been Ti ry much th Mine na at prveent had she acted differently In either case th minor govcraia utla may lie prcsun. t to have raid to tliem- lv< a. We p r Celre Kroner ? uliea fl>r a nnni k? m? ilh Pr * * 11. and Dot With na Stelfiialng tt e r id r Iw dange: ?us to na. where tn the w -ftd are nc to ! ?* ! * support, assistance er prot. .-iii .1 A'istrta la > h r?< n to Uie ta rt foundathfir of n?r |?>* r hoa no in ney at h r dn jawal and jit la Ibreateiie I In many lurking iht'ig 1. Rie ia morally l? stew, and without a juiley cou? -pionllr *1: C*BMt -ot.-Mrr'tl a eery V ' ItlU'lo are. RtWIt 1.4 no a bett.e wilh I'm. t. md part i.-nUrty .: li France. than wo like. fl |? < i! in't i n fit of h r? If no Rum>Frinchilllahw'toiuirlu<li<1 bij.tnd l>i? h, <n for many v ?r>(M r*niiniiil,.. nr th. m til <?? Oil uotliii a I* ?or? certain llioi. I.'mi >Im> *1.1 not V ti ' Chanel orrf fhiittf rl for ae?i?t'f.'>it*l i|i|)w>r,adern-fnatng to conclude otw- at VmM and Itorln. \Vi?t ; .??. r then rmtiM for u< to itM' li our' !*.* A* II i* ia)|<i?na.? to ah ttr ofikr othe?w ap-in*' Franc* ac t rrunu, OOtblag IS li ft hut to throw o?i ? l\. a twlw on !* ' two, ail fi'Dtlal lb)' ralKinll]' their joliit et.mlte asr*' ilw t??r subject* will no all?* > - to - ?or?- iv ? at the di?p *tl of France. and a? a It'). Inhund would, In tti prewrfat day, N> a n?y danr rvua tli e(, f.-w .n> >n^ u? rould bare Ihr M drtam atrmi It W. eon?.? qucrtly fare l?*t la capnwni tlo- rame of l'ru?*i ?. P* the reason that no other mtir? i* Ml oj?n to o? Vpn*n the tix*1rr?lK? of Ilw Prtnrr Rp( nt * 'nay expect to he ? subjected t? no (' at bumlltailnt ?, arid *b<niM ..'ir ant- I patx t,s die. iv tis tn tat* r.?|*ct, *" hare ih F d ral iHot?(lag pitirio It?at our dlapoatl. whir ti tr*.- ra?l y delay the procrro* t>f rr???iin |? l?? b*-^? thmwx'id nubterf-ipw uid |>n?nrtlMti>?' tt all ri its. it t? n rrouur t< don th- nr?n^,anc ', of a pnt.|?t from time to I Into m Ike Oorn my ot thr prnat I do> " A nrparate Interview hotir on tlx' a?rml|H of Prorata and franc* trotild ham at olio-, npov, the r rvin t the weak and e*p?wcd neiore of their <?in <? They wall Ado 'o^t ? nil-roof fn the <vw"r?'o-on' of thr f+'l-Nlottf r-a> hai' lo-tnaftt th' hmtf/h'i't*$ </ ikei- f-rrVn<> a i>4 ?\? fn Offtitfjr of the/hntobj'i -na wyon ) Ai S ihey rnrf. KWUMSH Piviuna. [From tlw lauikw T< *-aph Jur If* ] When the Oral Napoi.-oo (i, ,?iivd thrt divlctr ub u(ratio* of German) , he re* >tvcd tn Jirxvat* and u<\t*. i the old Coofi deration to ?>.. h a ma- . < r tliat II.u Fr.. h en plra alone should shun m th For thi- pwrpiwa be dctrrmtued to unit* the |>-i .< -* of Se?uth t>, rmaay. altuatcd on the banks of the HI, .>e an I !< plan then nt. Jer his avosrod pndrr'i i hi(i, the only atiptiliUoo bctny that Uwy should do latv tlndr OuBtn el.on ) ith tb< German r III pi re henceforth <h?fo|\ d. Ar for th- otlwr prli era, ll.e) mi?ht either continue attached Is IV old Dirt, um*er ll>* anthority of Anatr.a. at p m lli. rti rrlrea ar<>und Frcsala It ?m of Ittlk m.)tt r to ft' Fmpcror N-caue of ih?m; Ihu coo fed. ral ma of the Rhine ? u!U give hint the bold be required oa Fatherland, and bcomv tha nt. j ping alone of conquert? firth-r castarnri Forth natrly fie h m, unfiortutiately for th country, th- t ilI' tai-a ami anitiltkaa of Bmriiru V. .trl mh -j. an I 11m den l).vl plated them prratrale at hi- fee I, and he bid h it |a uae there pro \ nor* o> I.k r. < tr . -it t trenaoeaaalaat the eaeaaoe ten it t) of Uermaa/. It i< dotibtkane fnan keep ti* a atea H retrurpective t>e up i (he ' rente of lHJt that Inula Napoleon lias aouali'l a royal conaentloa at (lie Court of the tnihc of Ikt 1 n Had'-n True, he cornea not with the laurr'< of lartiif) an 1 Auatut Laa he aol tuKril.J vb L.~ V.<. . ri t'.i? t I Mii.t ? ?I Pohai'tupol and fMferiuof R >i.t lux bee? hu- ? u.l uli d iu lln* Fust *nd Austria in Italy. Poctugwl hici t ' I 01 n i oerved; Ssrdu.u io Out it satrapy of the Kmfhre; < l'e'gr ui Irtltlikf io> the look.- on the vast strides her ? ; it:.)< (till neighbor is taking, whilst r?la-l I 1 mil lo be on In r gt.uid, aud rrntr:a to dLr trust the e j r.fii i-ticns of to mighty it potentate. Fo far Uhiis Napo- s ! lot wiare tin prc.-tigi- of victory and power; Fortu le hat Im <ii 111* mi*l miIimtv ii ut vassal; btkit j ] Im t. d he biu, executed, he has followed under iatingly | tin Mar of his dutny, and that Mar has guided him, whilst his Uut was hound leg a ilk ?\.;lt*tioo at the j i tlii i (.lit H Li*| b.uit career, to the border* of the ! IU I Mr I!i crcreed, however, tliat legendary river not as ? I wart tor, hut a* u diph ii.atist. lite sword Is sheathed 1 m il the teuhhurd liidUto beneath agarlutidof dowers, the rl alli nges are gi'< t m bunipei* of Hh<ulsh, not iu 1 dentil) salvia* of ? tiih rj ; the baud Is gra; jwd iu friend- 1 iLip. it,t clenched in anger; a anule flays on the ( (iidori* of the royal gmM.i, and the contention U u* to ?h? ilutll In- moot cut dial to his neighbor? wlio 11.'el I e the Ituyard in this social tournament. I eies and tilt tniualii na, banquctim.* and dam leg, music ai. l u.irth, give a lustrous brilliancy to this mcctiug of ti.< soTtreigna; and i 1 until the I.At a have been guished, the tallies < xhauMed. the music silenced, and the Inn try leel that tripped it *o lightly In the ducal saloons of rmleii tknVn have cii<-| uoitli, south. east and wirt, will it he seriously asked wlrnt will he the issues of tin re ltcynl g.-eetlncel "it is vain to speculate upon mere prt hahilitns. tin i gh it is ?i*" to provide against every colliiliuit - y , hut an- the use.- of history. what U the value if e\|n-riefcee, If we may uot draw iufcreucei ft * iu what we rrc aiound us? Louis Napoleon is not so iiisrrtitah hut that his designs can he delected, even ii the meins h? adopti for briugII g t veni a) out are concealed from the public eye. It la in 11 ruble to believe that he has not studied "deeply tin,i chaptrt in the annals of the rmplre which relates to the ITOll el lk0O, it is hWgWlhta to belli vc that he u Hot crgnlzai.t of tbe articles and pamphlets w ritten oa the cpurtir ti of "natural boundaries;" It is Impossible to la la ve that be has not read M Abend's on I the ri iuta of fM:a with France?uo, not France, but with the 1 miercrof the French; tt is imputable to be In vc that h? t is it to I'-uden Laden and hn> interview with so many of the minor Ceriaati sovereigns does not signify ? - ? ii?.. n. . a? i-~ ..r uKuL>i?u i,v Ill'' hand the lYinc? Regent ar.d the Kuigs uud Grand JXkes of Germany v. bo hud gutl? red to welcome Uiui. All, however, bus |?^c<l c-fl", we are told, with the utmost serenity. Apparently each sovereign is sutis-tted the ronduet and iutt'iiticiis of tlie other. Yet wo must tu t foigot the peculiar nature of the tni e-t'.ng, and the heteroje ncous elements of which it ha? been coropc-aod. Those we must txar Htriitly iu miud If we would arrive at a proximate conclusion as to what will he the result of the relink n. First ef all, we see Louis Napoleon interceding with diilcreiit German powers, and endeavoring to concilia to tin m. Hi t wby slice.Id be Interfrre, even in tbe most remote degree, wilh tbe - (winces ol Germany In what way does it rouceru bim win ther there are differences or not an -eg-t tin- mrtlW ol tbe Confederation f What Interest can be have in consolidating the Teutonic Ens idrsT Then, again, look at the discordaut cUunnts which he had to dcslwr.h. In th< same talon he greeted tha I "Tint i Hog. nt and the King of liaiiovcr?men who have bees Ing ocjMVtd ts nek other i the internal,affairs tt Germany. Together with these >.ore to he found the Kings of list aria and Wut tmil>erg?the one the representative of Austrian, the other of French interests. We leave out of a'glit the minor sovereigns; but even in them we have rlimle material for a dipkmatiM with the ct-uniiig of Ii>uia JiapoliMi to work upon, ff it be hia desire to tuw the sctcli cf discord amen," t the.-e jealous princes, nothing could be easier?at least, bis uncle found it so. The self seeking of tin- petty |n>tentatei? renders not a few of thi m callous to the tiuer instincts of patriotism Wc would not ve nture to say how far they might be led, if they thought tbej could aggrandize themselves slid see st the same t .me their haughty neighbor humbled. We do rot assert tnis is the feeling ol the Gormen people; hut mediwcal sovereigns who oppress th- ir subject* bsve nothing in common with th? rare to which lliey belong 1 hev would uc'.'.'k tbe gate? of the federal fortresses for a bribe, am. prepare the pathway for the enemy of their country to obtain preferment. Tins they cf'd half aceutury ago; it is impossible to beltrre that dire' human nature is different now from what it was then. Hh-so ace I be dangers that beset Germane It may be thai Ixime KafmJeuu li;t* qo| the voiC? or a syren, that his prestige does not equal that < t hia unr.le, and that cwcli of the Kiugti and Grand Duken wbn met mi Pnturday liial will separate without having bad any private pro(<c*Hloi s of a treasonable nature suggested to tl em. We trust that such w ill prove to he the case, sml that the history of this gathering, unlike that I (ir viu m reunions, maj be hereafter written wilbi ut i .1 using a blush to suffuse tbe faces of the princes present, or aid u pang to the people they pretend to represent. The Slclllnm Ininrrertlon. A letter from Gen s of the 13th in tbe /"rrrv says:? "A small steamer, the ('tile, towing a sailing vessel, left uoirm, s .0carbines and ammunition. Th" auatc I 'enra < r, whieh i:- tliir named, turret-' 'idly dfe<rmhar!:i <1 ut Mar rata, about tfu da}>" before, l.Mu niuakets and a quantity i.l ammunition. The latter wna, iiotwiihniMnring all tint h..? l i. nitirr amount that (iuriba'.dl bad re reived t:|> t<> that time; and ho ana instich aunt of am. mi nit ion Hint the commander of hia artillery, who has to riD.r to t.iuon on a miMicu, Mid only yesterday, ' Vhrn trt ntrml I'lWnn we had scarcely a cartridge MB* Wi ahNritkaft tianb. ' bad hNm I* Imm a (lifting bia conor at. There U no a ant of motiry for bun, and Pr. It rtuni, the tn-asuror, tinds it difl)rult to keep In order the aecountn of the offering* i wl.ii li are hi mp constantly made Tliere ia no want | of no n either ' thct, too many,' Mid to me I Colonel Med ol, two da)a before bia dejiurturr; 'for two I l! iHiMI.d whom 1 have to take, ten thousand have pre i rented then-reiver.' In the evening of Uie ninth, three ateamera got up t team in thia port and left without nay Citrgu, ihi one a,' ln( why. Ibcy boro tbo Amei icau rami a of Wash-.i gUn, Franklin, and Hregm and 1i? I dared the American flag, carr) lug lights reprereuting ibr Italian colon?white, green and ted. A uuuibrr of In ala Joined tie m at a place railed Cornegl.aro, where a txdyif volenti era ha<l collected in the garden!-of tbo , villa of lite Mnrquia Ala rauaone, which d.-M-eod to the i a a Ala nt four thouaand men embarked from the gar- | Ui i .= ii. *t. m . .a Ih Other cx|*dilinnt> not l? s numerous , ia 1 i.a I! IT l?rri lArCal ** I I Tlic (j-rniimr 11 Turin announce* that M U T'ar'in has arrivi-d rafely at raieitiio w ith arm* and moocy , anil lliat CaritwMl ha? appi inted him Minister of the Interior. The Orirvrdr J'aru pubinbea Um follow iu?i? I> ia veiy rerlaln that lb* aindttieu commanded by I Medici, townu ami M'lanchtni, organised by the Italian Natu ral ??>ctrty, waa r? mpo?i-d of six iteanicra and acre ral transport*, laden ailh arms, ammunition, ta ola, he. i I ili re \ ,?m lr, On tl.ri. I.wgi t the Washington, Irak tin aid On pen, were armed with rllli-d eighteen poond if anil can htl \chinlccre, each prov tiled a ill. a tawM, a i ilk and a pood (tore of carti tdgiw The number of n.< n who aaiitcd to go nan to considerable at the Uat ti.' i-iil ll'illli'7 art' heaped one on anotlu r in the Mt Ha. Ar?i|i them *r. a- vera! Kmu Inucn a company ol undent tri in the Cnmrwiiy of I'im. who arrived that i) day l j railway ; a corja id 1.200 > oung men. under tli?- conduct 11 a wealthy palrl >t. who equipped them nt b? ean < >|mnne; and. Uat y,neveral ladies if the highcft tank, who acrimiany theac heroic adventurcia aa lay siat< r? ol charity 1 he cntlinaiam excited bv the departure of ti . rxi ditto* wan hdtMliMh. At the moment of sal' u<f, fhthern wert accntoaUit with their f<na. tuothca without a tear, crying out to ttirir children, and wivea to their huabUKla?"?o .e.U light for your country." All tl (i.rrtapiw in (1cihm were placed ut the diapoaal of the vol; i ter ?a, and left the town at full sped. in the direction et ( encpliaro, for the Villa ITmaoui?the place ap pointed f? r the gt mrnl rendetti-ua. The volunteer* wrcre ct n\i } t d thetnto their ahipa by the iNatiucr. of CcD'-a, win n lot d all pu meat. The aaeemldiLg and rtnliarsing ol ilu men, aa we'll aa ?4 Uw Ammunition, waa executed with wonderful rapidity tliat the ri'ilinootem- an tla'tin e la- rctporo-ible for it. If they had attir pted'lo pretint the rx|a'dttti>u, all tliatr ciw?rle would 1 a\ - I rcn In tain Tin si* ateamera and the two aailm^ ii eilr. It ia rted, were to proceed In a body to IV lei too, hut mi i iring doc-this project appear, that tcom lie first we dotil ted Ha truth; and ?e believe that they soiled t< w vnlf the oust* of ."|?in .ind Africa, .o order to efh-el a funder lit ting at wine ill guarded point on the aoutli cwvst of Sicily. A h-iler fn m Naphw of the lllh Inal., In Ihe Sirctt, MJ f ? I'..... " .o.o.?.} l-nx ? l< ] Or - itnian* and failing vtwtb are conalant'y uu V t . l*<. II Ilia! I 11< und .It . I ! > DI'H'V In i 1.mI bland arir?, lurmnt.ltiofi ami |to> uloni, and (direr# br't giny bad. ?.undid end olber ft cm P* kin>. 1W iu m< nr.- building of tbo ( .mill: liu been ?<nettled luti. ?l ln?|it.l. and though badly tc nlllated Ml <li r;i|?, la full < f ? uiuidod, UKtuv iif die. Ihn hbt t'krf w |.? |.a\ e ea| dulatrd are almost all acnt to i t 1. ; iat? .. >1 CM Ml, and lb. iarali> la Mad* toe I. h.? gu\i rta m kap r rrty on ibr or it* i-i| who return Trt in 8tc d> ; auJ lhaee wbn alill remain 1 t V ii (16.100), ami tin * ho art ?kul up in U* laatl* 1 ?d Aiv?ta.nd in ilm Arctnra of ! > ramar, are not much I krllir ita.iaid. lucl mii|liit, ?In cmmaoda at .-) r?,ue?. lui- demanded r? ilifori > Irionl*. it hM Mtn hi' I Mj ? iliat he la i bilged In Krrti hn> man prikotirrt In til > tiladd In'-r?!?r In |?r<'\i-nt Uu :i a<"> C over to Ike |*c 1 pie At Agnatic H.r m-IUi. rr arc on (I* best term* nub II I on,n- It..' Qmrt nf Kapha Urdu itrrlf (hrrrcleurd 1 < n a'l i :di a. th ncral O truAano H pir Into the Abrnn, i to i Ion riwral 1'iaiiellt An nil*,k on thai frontier < t.'i . dp : I uUrtj a landing of Altbiialera at t.iuiu 1 Kaca. In Adriatic iii i.i ral Clary lai.iiict nlnMiug bla 1 nf ? all ?*! , o|<i? Ml* Mi Inn A forte id 10.000 men, I hi i i r ( '? ri al Marm, to on the man Ii Toe I Vdmraro, and I 4 OU) I ace al ady art ItihI at Ot.rixa The * hoi" of II* Ni .|?4tl?a i at? i- '? #? Mrr u. l.1nrl>adc S.i l; and I watch tin c mma. hoi tl.? o?- t?vn la arc ^adljr armed,'lheir I (? an- ij4 * ill e< rvrd. and they arc in a ant of a*|ic > rmn. r< u . i d i fliri ir n In can In dr|a ndrd ob. < 'll< Anna' if Itoriirc |iul.ialnii U >iirii:nraij rma- I rati. : .full c-i.tra; TYeoan Commit ire In favor nf the . ui ty if Iia.c. ill. nb/tt In ng tlic unit/ and nation i f all) i f l?ai) , tin Maslttrr libra I'.ioee awgfoaltowa r an.u a ' tin ii ? i ft i to lie . ii I Umt regularity and celect!/ ma) be aa- ' fri'l mnl, illii t! *< inr.,nr of aaaKiaaoi-, ami iu for ? eei '? r llnin Mathe qua- lei w Lore tl.ey are inquired, a i" i'la i uii ire ba? mtn i.r>t.l.t.' al I iori n r ?h Ii a ii .lt? . r.d to rolieul* > ih Car l.aidi on 1 II.. I >t n i tie 'of Iraaaio 'Huk anloMlan to iljr; U> r.*n | id* lib lb. olhc r< urptt, va llirougl.ont llid *1 kit i i in, aid In rotiiMrl unreel era at-mot h aa pnaaitil# ' wl'h:lc>. i ' .iv ia c ur ?|. a l> ) toaaialoiaii a mn.nit i Ui ii cart c? miioiiir nf Tn-i .vijr; Ui rUlir. Ibe ?u>>?.dic* al ' I a ii i ill id IIk die;..' - i! Km ?, mn.dtrr, torender an I raact atraunt of what iu** ha\. U>.n rfli-clcl b;. tbr ' |er i-eb'.iclt). tile lie. r ual lonaiUT rba'. I I trlira riunqiK' rutt.n il.c ?III ibrii Lie en? I i I.kd to \cte .U gratitodi In ihi-M r in ns wUo ma., bare e n i??*r extraordinary aMTIilicc* f-?r lh? r cat re land and fbr T tbelr fallll.l. I 11.' ? f At jr.acnt rrrtl lhii.| i- lartc..tii' In our olb ct. Ttaly < ia on ikc polnt of ! . ?iU.g a fmvrrl ! nation, i.n't. J on < .lei I! . roi etiial e n:.. j I. of \ btor l-mni l. Il l? ? i" r duty t. < . |. at la lbi? anpc ui norart.l It* eon <1 rclrvM r-M of t!J< date, arhlth la ah* n*reeanll), I i *' I tnat I llr tlaiuu.a of llo rec.ntl) ruf,a rt. ; -1 |ir.iT ,.e, ? r l fit- tin-t.i;uc1 ai-oUnce In laelr re *< r I ? .. J* lie I lit"* id i icily, In Ibe Arm belief that c* H"'itl? m Italy ?te|*nda In a' /real tn' amire Ibe diatlnrof Ibe en- I (Irene t k? Ibe ?bf haa mnnt e-mai.|"t !) ' t ' r > auc l U>u dTforUutt Wulb k Cf Veli.. P? bet I t up rs t NEW YORK HERALD, 1 r.a.D i<ui L, lie appeal of the popular hero of our na " ' ' r- :met ion. lad u help, wilh our money, with u/ mi.1?ui snort, btrmqr inmh tn our power?the rai <1 Italian cause, which ia at pmx at being fought fur " ><U) la putting ourseiveti in readme* to defend it verywhere as in Sicily, *r act up the same national Ucdnrd to n tubal the foes of Italy. >AK HAL1I1 AM) Till KK!> RRPt'BI.ICANS?UK1LL1 ANT ?RATtON Of VICTOR MOO. At meeting recently held in Jersejr in favor of Sicilian ludepi-utlviice, Vktor Hugo delivered the fotlowiug eloinert ttli.? (imiiki:?I respond to your ap|**l Wherever a Iriluie 11 the caeac of liberty )* erected, and calls to ine, hire i ni I. It ia in truth my tuMinet and my duty. The tlUtli is thia. At the piisiut hour it Is |iormittod to uo r.r to I e iniliften nt to the great events which are in progrtrs. 'the i llerts of every man, the aid t4 every man, ibi bi >i(nrii mai are demanded on tx-lialf of the till. *i .k 11 11.hi real delivrrnnro. Not an ear fchoutd l>e rl< nV?wit a hi art al-oald be silent Whereviv the rr; cf the 111ph is heard, there sbouId he found an echo in lb* ii ii i ft heart of evcrjr man. He who hat but a hv* theuld give it to the Idieratora ; he who bus In t a alone at baud ahnuld hurl it at the tyrant- While rrme may act and others apeak, let all be doing. Yes, ail to the work. The wind t- brentlilrg ; let public cnmorrigemeot to Jhe heroes ( Ih- Hip ky of ev ery mil. let the multitude glow, like 1 the furnace, with enthusiasm. let Ihnea who can not 'tlit with the sword, tight with the mind. Let not a * Ithg'e tutelligratc remain neutral; let not* single spirit teii-a<a Inactive. let llioae who tire struggling In the ' light feci that they are ganed on, that they are loved, that tlx > ?rr sustained. let inert or around inai valiant n>int who U standing rnel llirre in Pal.rmo, * Pre on every mountain in Bicitr?a light on every height .n fcuroj e. 1 hnve pronounced the word. The ty iiujU; Di\ e 1 exaggerated? iiave I calumniated the No sicditan government! No word*; here are the hu la. Pay i att-nttoii! Uiis >s living history, hl.-ediog history. Tlie I kiigditu ot h'aplo?that kingdom which now occupies our tliot'gtilf-?I ui but a institution, the police. Fwiy dietrkct has its cudgelling commission. Two ilirrl?Aji.?a and Manb-calre?reign under the kug. Atr-sa cudgels Naples: Ibuiixraicu cudgels Sicily. But the cudgel i- merely a Turkish weapon. This government I'M, It. addition, the instrument eif the inquisition?torture. Yea, torture, l isten A s'l'rr,.Bruno, binds the acres. d vr-tL the. bead between the legs until he rtWif.aa.-a. j Am th r flirt, I'cutillo. tiles h'.m uj-ou an irou grating, lie- I u< atli which lie lights a Ore. This ia railed the burning | rhnlr. Another rttrr, Luigl liarscnlro. a kinsman of the i thief, has it.v. nted an instrument into which the arm i or tlio leg cf the victim ia introduced; a arrew is turned and the limb ia cruali d. This is called the \ngelir imtremeM- Aeotlier suspends a man by hut hand and fee t,b. tw? en two wails, and tben jumpc on b:m and dialorah s his body. There are also thumb wrewa for crushIrg the fir gers, a tourniquet l'or pressing the head, an iron ring, ii !i a knew, which alines', fore s the eyes nut of the head In metitnes a victim osca|>ea A man nam-d ('asi mire. Ar.-.aia.-.c was one st lltcsa; his wife, hi* sons, and LI? darghlera were rcired an-1 placed upon Urn hu-ning chair. The (ape'/nferana t"iieln8 on an arid bvaeli To Iliia beach the ibirri bring Kicks. Kach sack contains a man; it :> pi urged iuto the water, and kept there till the man i.o lot g? r moves. It is then taken out, and he is command. 1 to confess. If he refuse, he ia plunged in again Giovanni Vienna, cf Her?ina, expired In this manner. A' Men: rale an old man and bis daughter were sua pee ted of j atrlotiim. The father died beneath the whip: the daughter, who was pregnant, wax atripped naked an I Pigged todrathi Gentlemen, there is a young man of twcMyrnc years of age, who does these things. This young' man is railed Francis n. This takes place in the .ountry of Tiberius, li it possible! It is true! The date? ISfcO? the very year in which we li.e. Add t>. tii.r tin- fart of viateraay?lhdenno tndM b) bombsli.lis.fl.xded with blood) massacred Add again this frightful tradition ef the extermination of towns, which tvrwc lur inpr \ji H I?hmii ,??I? ... ..."-; will hideously \u>??nptlre thi? hmtlvand change Bourbon into Be tub*. Yes, * young man of 21 commit- all thrws deed:- t?f darkness. Gentlemen, I dectauf to }'?* H?at I Trcl myself street with a profound pity .when thiukiug of this mf-'ornl.lp potty king. Wbat horror t It is at an age when others love, nr.d believe, and hope, that this mixern hie creature tortures and hills I Fee what di vino Justice does ? nh a wretched soul; it reploe?-s all the generosities of youth and lyenlt't li'ewith the decrepitudes and tho terror of (be end; it fines the sanguinary tradition like* ' ham upon thr priwK ?<i pet pie; it accumulates on the Dew tcount of the thmne the inoumo, ?< ?n.. <wmur. And ten R'h- things they are. Take Aggriplna from Nero, take Catherine de MedicU from Charles IX., and you will, perhaps, have no Nero?no CWIcs. At the vcty moment that the heir of lttviur right grasjed the sceptre, lie saw approaching those two Miiopirit Ajessa and Mauiacalro, who are known to hiztorv, and who may be railed Narcissus and 1'alias, or Villeioy and rnebeiier. Thrso six circs seized on the enCftWM* M wrtiihod fluid. T> rture tells him that is gevert mtvit; the bastinado declares that it is authority; the |oIirc fsr?1 defcend fnm above; tlicy show him alitor* be bus Issued; i'.ey remind liim of his great praudrailH r Ferdinand I.. h< who said that the world was governed b\ three F.'t,/fesfc, /h?ins, Atom (Holidays, dour, ard the gallows)?they remind him of tiia grandfiiiLt r Fraticis I., llid man oi iimbusbee, aud of his father F< rdiuond 11. the man of grapishat. Wrxild be deny ins faihers* Th<y prove to him Hutt he ought to be form ioua fi< m Mini p?t) He obeys; the brutalizing uiduenee of abaciMt poetr stupiiies him, and it is thus that Uiere are monstrous children: and tlnis, fatally, alas, that young kits- perpclwate old tyrannies. It was necessary to deliter Ibiajkm pie; I might also aay it was m-i?y to dt liter th's king. Gaiihaldi lias token on him" If the mission And Gsf ibsldi?who nnd w list is Garibaldi" Nets a nmn. and rcthlng m< re: )>ut lie is a man in the xuhluneet ac< i | tulion of llie wont?the ir u of humanity He i- as hi* l< How counttyman Virgil, would teim him, Fir. Has he an limit * No; a Laiidful of volunteers. Has he moir-ln r.s* None U*a Im-powder* A few barrel* only. !!? > L< (annoi-V Those of ?!??- enimy. Where, then, Is bit | sti ength* V bat cauM-* him to ror.qurr? What does be ! l.?ar sl-out htm* The soul of peoples! Be goes?he iuna?tils nmrrh Is a stream of (lame; hie handful of n . n t. rriij tin- i. gtrr r.l I teel.le v? eapona are eo dial ti d, the bullets of bis rifles ( beck the eannoa balls; be l >?ir utth lure Revolution; and from time to time la II i dun s of the hattb s, amids t clouds and lightning, like a 1 i- ti.erk hero, we see behind biin tie goddess. I! n or oi riuiaie met le- (lie resilience, this warfhro I s.-lenMilrg by its simplicity. It la UteasMaMefa it an i. |-<n a rovaiy. II..' suurm flow la lathe air around b ui 01 men throw How era at hla feet, tneu tight singing, the loyal army flees. The whole of thta advealurv Is epic; ft is brilliant, rormids Me and charming, like aa atta?k<fbeee Bobold those Ftagea of his murrh, eud I predict In y?o thai not one of tbein sh.ill dtsappoial him in I he infallible lot times of tbe tutor" After Maria Is. 1'a let mo; sfter FaW-rmo, Mcasina; after M-wona, Najkr: after Kapha, Kim-- ; after Kerne. Vrutfc; after , venire, all. Ci-silk-men, Ihb -baking of Kicdy over wblcb I we cow see flam lip | atr >< t - m. tilth, lilrerlv, honor, | ben-: m and revolution celtt Mtg Etna?thta com-a from Cod. Yes, ttits most be; It is glottous thai lie example i should l>e rln D In the world b\ I be Und of volcanoes > tdi when tr.i- hour Is rome. bow mvniflo-M Is ? peop'e? I 1* ? a-'Hi 11 able tlinae rumor- that rl-inp, that - .hi. ration 1 of rib li.tirest- ard lie baser |wrt? ifnun; th-r- nuor'n larllkig their busl-anda and fl-'hllng by ih-j- mi , those moth* im j lug to Ihcir eon- forward: that joy u. rashing lo aim-. Hi bieatlnng. In being; that universal eh- it. that wideipread flame itu the h< < tson. No thought ;; glwa to l-et- niii-g rub, to g-ld, to luxury, to plrn-ut a or to orgies. Kb:,me alii) pn.leprrdeminaie. Men eland erect; tie | und bearing of tlie br ut deflea the tyrant* barbarity Here, depot WW CTUTIlhle, foaafIrhCrU oast c|f gla VO? ry , lb- raithani nsahuke ott tlie en-eevwta: Mlur na. witu lance in bond, stands |rr??uily in the light ??f day: the gran* t-| e?. at d the d ad er> n- to anottn r, an. I ins la men- tluni III-?It n an ai-dli-sai*. lib. it Is a dlTlne (Mating of the loi.rt. the old heroic vtirimsarc cot ?M. i.nd lhe eye of the |-hil-.-o|hu proscript is tlll-d frith lisii when lhat which wa? vast dowh bn-.i' n<tforth i Inilignain.ii ? wb< u which 1 ad fallen rlai. Is erect ; I wIhn clouded tphnrfnw shine forth am w, brii rant end : terrible; v t,. n staml-oui U again R mat lam, uu-n hell- i i iah is eg -In Atber.r. when Con c is ugalii Item- let us i all, whnrrrr we msv be.clspour bands fer Hal- dory to Ifc-t Ama Pfniw'and. lo thai land tbe cr - lie nf so ! mil} yrmrdrurs. It la in a neb nations that c rta.n abstrait di limn -tamt? forth the real and visible, they are vligtr* in their In nor, and mothers by their t-rc-grrss. You ul.ts Imhr hear me, picture to yimiaclrrs Il ls spi n ('id v Ism ( ?Italy fret?lire?:rvr from tbe gull of Te-rinto l.i I! i t . <T Si W irk frr I vow I*. Ui* e in thy yavo, (lItaulk. Dial Vrtiiow akill I" al tlx ftvtiiai. i T* 1 c t?<5or* ll ni'ii.' "'< y> r<<> lhat Tt?l?n which to ui >r i< * * ul bw a ti t II ,* dohe. AH . v f ilwhud, MM, durkl.i am! MkM l? dtaprriid. Italy Hl>Italy it-Italy Thai w;...b wat a Bi^oymtili alt' m la ti<\ it nilli'i). Tli..l that kli'i htwi lift le? rur|i<i' la now a livit-y wul. That wltioh vaa a a|*Hlr ta now i. m I t , anli o k< I of jo?'|)l -Liix-rty -Utrt) titrl a HI. < tt'lr trbcd * ,n .**. Italy th'i i.'iih . Iln'i ll-.t i; jit in d .tli. la now awak again. I n i. at In r. fl r!' ?rol! wnpon Iho Immai rr lullro' I *?> ?li" <la< ..liter to Kr.iro -I ,<m Ihj mother. Mi' has tinman her lirr pool*. her orator*, | Imt artlat,. hit phlHtopli-r- i'I I ho .c*?inr ilnr> if liu; -"tii o wriyi Uihora ol i.uin lulolli- j r en . all tie ?c n mber* of the rmalr of ay*1*, and oa b<T r'i'l.i *> 'on Iwr Ml !..*< two awful yran Iran? IV t ihI M'l.ini An? In Oh. .?moo |<illtlclntia lore tlio aoidt.ll.' altall In ' n ' -I m.-ij*l offaitt a* mntjili* f I. i< .i Iii ir |l'. wI i. ilvrt.t vi'.il a'worn! rful |ihi . r -. oil'?l*t II* wi ll a aifl. fl:? li of liKl.lhuiy |?> ny the later est it a of Milan, Tin n. (.* ra.V.afn-*, :VI<*rri i. I' -.i. -i.*ina, Trrrl..i. I'a* in a, l*al. rtoo. Mi--!na, k*..|. Vi'Dk.. r.otn Italy ,ri. '. Italy |, in lao'ton. . ia.VW .*' ? . aho I. rata fo'lh, fh*- ltt|ktrl.? to lb |M ?*rn>?iif hrintlrr workl the yi i at nnd m; iv f, rer of In . yonl. . | ind while Ehtwrr la Printed uj Ihta marv " "* ginr** i-i . tit. then aUil tx tu IrS mUCT ll lit rr ! pMfl ml.! M.bltthe r? inherit n oh iVi' lipow . oo I <4 111,I ! in ul ihreiiyh iho n ? 1 rht thai aha!' foil it,am Die ailli loan I! a now atn itio-ill nhll.0 forth fr an th hit 1 1.11'.!< nn n. ' wo wou'.d eanfciln t-? our?.*1t 0 i I. 11 in'? wh'ih an* 1 n is, t Wr'l a? tb<"v whti h i xwairpa li.y, ?r ho *1 not fory* I ilial fhtrlhaMi?th1 an of ll* day, thr mail of I" ntoni w, an will u* th** mi 1 , f >r ier.'ay--b?f re I not iMiuM'rrof Italian hnMy 1 i? I ho 1 inhalant 1 film V *i ;m republic, and luoortjv. ' ml In Iho rj * of a 1 who can trao. the core*, arjr moan briny of 'rr*r* a |' '>|t l.iw?-i|? it* rtyrti, and th* itatnrtif tin uyhi l*i brintnf H* "U to renp|if*r; ISao . the not ruiiVrii of 1MT? I 'V"ai**r? nro yonI. let :i 1' 1-! p*t>pi*-l follow llirni In lit r ' l?a" air ft I'inoa Yr lonlay wo yhTO 11Mi I# day tv, I ontaV fr llM o?iabll?hoi the eati'lf. I 1 m ^i l.n D* w*i otin.ha In Aot'oiqi W Garthak 1 -! itifha llfirrjio. II ma* ili-Mai.ifl'iy *n r.maforr.atlmt of* if the tr.' .tnoi: y'.hot of C^artratnw: i.? roa-.-* -aal firoil o e'* inlpg aanrdof f'alatafltiii n h'other- in n> * III . thi? la i'.if hi* r of.|oy anil rent rain, ilt -n lot * (ml a?'.df all aliaile* of *nrtn?l?ene*a,hll potltlohl d.ff r not ?, whlrh i*i a w m?ni l:ke Itila ar* ho MM*. A? lb ri?* of rarrrd 1m-r lrl n* At oitr oroa c*ol i*iT*|y ujio.! Ual 1ml; wi*rk. that r-olema ?h.|ri' tho rat 1 il.tyaprtuy "g efranol l*od nal : n? ar.J H u? Drnd forth the xohllmont f < t rr !loi". I oar;- 1*1 000 frnm ahlo on _ worthy >f U h' :oan r ior? IV 1 M 19 ~'i: Yon, aineo Atm-rio*, ?ul nly ro* trrvai ve of ala. -or, brmla l.*w?rl 1 l*i*?r*-?,l*t F 1 r* Witlhlrale kofhtU. Yr*. I t thil tU|. >S *wiif Dm o'.J cvtiootif wliirlt ha* aho wlied aopori:. tli) tv ,ul, ?'?. by Wi'.horhvT**, and the aoaflldd .1 . . ' r I I . it : rot| j?wr ? :lh a' ?? >.n oillny itabod, a*d 1' ifinttiNin mitpY'nJ lt? anflent oharo*, romprhod , lltroe grand Pare v. fran-o, ti**'t.i1 an I lialr. Oonl.V ," * * fi I "t --di. tr* thwFiftly irllh | MONDAY, JULY 2, 1H60. cut throwing on her a Lu>t regard, fflut is to be the con elusion of Hit* eideodid What is to rise out oC Itf A moral Its?a noble law?and thai law is tbi*,forco ct ii.?s to exist. No, fore* is no more; right alone only t xlela. 1 lu re are now only principles. only people*, only Mult?Hum- forces of the Ideal, here lieloa there Is only f< ui'iiiin , aud l*rovldente above. And what ut torcef W lm t is the aaordr W ho amongst those a ho think feels Ii nor at the swnrdt Certainly not ae, the freemen of 11 hi re, ((Mainly lint you, the freemen of England. The ?<il uiti.t of right muses the head to be borne erect. . Knee sud the saord are nothing The sword is hut a hirtecos flash ui the darkness?a saift and tragical pha itarm itigbl is an eternal ray, right is the |iermaueu ? ( f til th in the soul; right la God living In man. lion e it i> that a here right exists there is the certitude of tlittn|h. Anui.?a single in at:?a ho has iigld,niay be rami d 1 rgi< n; a single haunt artoinjHuiied ny right Is a tlii.dritod. Toh|aak of light is to apeak of victory. Ctslaeles, there are none; no, there are none Ther can le no veto against the a ill of the fntur -. See lioa re i.-tan< e stands ui Kurt'i*. A-istiia is strlckeii alth |?ral)tu>, ard ri sic nation ii coming upon Russia. l/mk 1.1 Nhj.ii>. Mil struggle* in vain; the dj tug [mat wasted its labor. Tl* saoid evapfirateg in stimke. Those creatnri r c?l!ed Ianza, Isndi, Aquila, are phantoms. At the prist nt hour KranrU II. fujieies, perha|?, that he atill txlits. He decelvi s himself. I ti ll you here that he is nothing hut a shadow. In vain he refuses to capitulate, is ? sate. Ki, ii hiitt. Itnl/rfi Vol _ inn n In. had au:ii iitiwl Palwr. me, iia vain Ite clings to big atrocities?there i.? an end of him; I bo? reFlgned, and Uie dark horses of exile are lu w |4 ving at bis palace gate". Gentlemen, I tell you tbat right alone exists. Would you compare right with force, listen to these figures. On the llth of May eight ht'ti trcd men lai.ded at Marsala; twentyseven s afterwards ? the Tth of June ? at iSileiir.o, 18,C(0 terrified men demanded permission to CBibaik. 11a 6C0 represented Right, the 19,000 represented Force. Ch, let the suffering, wherever they mar be, console themselves; let those in chains take heart. All that is | as.-ing how is logical. Yes, Hope Is coming on the four winds of the horizon. Lrt tho Monzick. ill the Fellah, let the serf, let the pariah, let th?" purcliased negro, ltd the white slave hope. Chains are a network whrso meshes hold together; If one Is brokeu all is undone. Hence the solidarity of despotism: the 1'cj e is mere the brother of the Sultan than li fancies. Ri.l I the tud income. Oh, how admirable is the fore, of circumstances. There is somc'thlng superhumau iu dciiveruncfe. Liberty is adlvine abyss which uuracl3. ILe lircslslible is at the bottom of revolution- 1 rogr. =a is uothinp else tlu.n a ph. nonunion of gravitation. Wlut, then, sliall arrest Itf Ouce the impulsion given, the ind( ml table commences. 0 despots, 1 defy you ! Slop the fallit g stone, stop the falling Torrent, stop the avalanche, atop Ilal) , atop'60, atop tbe world, precipitated by Goa into the light! (Kniliusi.istic uild prolong ychce. wg). Trill) of Ceaalon. of Savoy and Nice. Hie follow iiifui* the text of the treat) of cession of Su vo) and Nice t - 1 r:<uct, jirecee'ed by the following report to tht Imt'cror.? Sirs?1 Luve the honor to submit to your Majesty the decree if promulgation of Hie tir-uty signed at Turm en Man li 24, in virtue of whuh ho- M.ijirl;, King Victor Fmanucl,by trai .aferring to the lanperor all bi- rights and titles over t-aioy and tl. .- district of Nl'-e, lias consented to the reunion of those two countries to the territory of France. 11.e Sardinian Parliament ha? jost sanctioned by a sok'Bin vote ihe cession, effected in the first place i?j the Sovereign, and afterwards ralitied I.) the vote of Ihe poi iiations destined to become French Never lias the le g .itnacy of an inii-rr.ational tri.asactiou been more solid ly tatablished. The regular and successive accomplishment of lb'." complete set of cond!liens, viewed iu connection witli Uie elst' meit previously submitted to tbe courts Hu?t signed the general set o( Vicuna, that they nugbt appreciate the motives w bicli ha\ e determined the detuaud addressed by your MiOefty to his Majesty the King of Sardinia, gives an (litirely exee| tSHn.1 diameter to tbe new acquisition of fnuice. Tht imperial policy liaa ixen guided uot by am bilious iiit> ntiotis, but by c'sigidemtious resta ting the future (att HfHfmen! dt vrir^yatwf). Your Majesty b?? but purrucd a conquest, but has sought for a giiAiftntee. It is not (o force that you hare resorted to secure it; you have obtained it from the trittulsblp and cratilude of a sovereigu; and the value of that guarantee Is doubled by the s:?ntaiMoiis and nnauimMU enthusiasm of the populations, which will heuref.nlh be it." guardians. Your M?J sty and France may be proud of a auccetf which adds to your moral prestige, without injury' to legitimate u tercet, or to the aelf esteem of an) power. Is act, Ly U* second article of tbe treaty of Turin, the aptciai conditions, with ? bicli Kurope, at the demand of Hiiuiuui, lijdfc furn*uiid(d llic smi^d of a nort of i^avot arc luHntslned, and our loyalty imposa* on us the duty tig respecting then, as well iu> tbe neutrality of Hw it arrland until the understand lug which Is about to lie come to with the courts that signed the general act of, and w ilk the tblvctir Confederation itself, Las finally settled that Question. May it pie arc your Majesty to attach your signature to the subjoined dnrw, which const lute* a Due page of the history of a r ign already ao fruitful of nri-spertties. 1 an:, aire, he, TUOl VEXKL. I'srix, June II, I860 THK TKFATT. Art. 1. Hi# Majesty theKiny ofSard.uin consent# to the reunion of Savoy and the county of Nice (circmtlario rfi Airra) with Krai.ce, imd renounce# (tor hlmaelf and all hia descends:.!# and auccetaora. In Ibvor of hia Majesty the Ktnperor i l ll.e French. bia r ights and titlea over the Bail teiriloriea. It ia timWrlood between their Majesties that tbla reunion shall be effected w itbout any constraint Ut 0 tin- will ?f the inhabitant!!, and that the Ifnvern n.?-?> ? of the Kmperor ol the French and of the King of Sard in ia shall t?* ,*e?t together aa Boon aa possible aa to the In st oceans of appreciating and ascertaining the man If station of till# v ill. Arl. 2. It is tqually understood that his Majesty the King of Sard it ia cau only transfer the neutralised parts of 8a Toy <* the conditions by wbtoh ha hold# them himself, snd that it urlll pertain to his Majesty the l&nporor of the French *o conn to an understanding on this subject, both with the homer# r.pcoiN-ntedat theCongress af Virunnand a ith the Helvetic Confederation, and give them the guarantees resulting from the stipulations alluded to in the preecnt article. Art. 9. A mived cooirairxion will determine, In a spirit of i-quity, the frteiticrs of the (wo Stales, taking Into acrouht iIm-coutiguraitoii of the mountains wd>1 the dccos(itjr if itfllM. Ar(. i Ow or nm Hint eommlsetews ?IU bo n point. a u. rxamine wad solve. within w brief ported, Use various incidental question* which tbr reunion wUI rlrt rlro to, such aw Uio settlement of the quota doe from Savoy auit Ihr county of Nice to the public debt of Nardil,w?, wad the execution of llw obligations from I he <L-Blrart? euter, d into with Uw Hard in tea gn\ emmet.!, which, weverilwleas. reaervr# to itself the works row met,. ed for (lie for mutton of the tunnel of the Alp* (Mont Orel*). Art. I. The hYerch govcr* meet will stand engaged to the taurtionarte'i f the ctvtl order and to the military at, n belonging k) btrth to the pro\ tnee of .Savn> and county of Nice. and who may become French subjects, to rrejx ct the rights they have acquired t>y aervteea reader, d to tin' r' government; tbry shall, for la rtairr, i ?jn; the tx wilt socroiug to them from the IrvetnovahllMy <d the m.<g ?trary and from the guarantees Serur.d to the aitwy. ArLA. Ite-se hardintan subjects, natlvea of Aavoy and the roanly of Nn e, or now domirtliated tn those province, who intend preserving their .Sardinian nationality, ahull enjoy, for M tpace of ooe y.-ir, del ins from the exchange of the tatiAealtons. and by mean* of a preliminary decla | ration made to the rorn|>-trnt authorlie h, the right of bar irlng th ir dowiirile |e Italy, aad of settling there, la j winch rare the totality of Sari iniaa ouhiect shall be main ' Uit.ed to i Lent 11., y shall be free to prreerve tfirtr Inuwtvrahle proper tj alius ted within the terrttnriew rewnnexrd to France. Art 7. rty Sardinia tbr pn-sent treaty wrU be evecwlory ns mk i as the mot, ary lee > '.atlve aanetiuu eliall bare b. en given by (lie ly-UnvM Art A. The" present treaty slish be rat'ft. >1. and the ra tWrtMtcti* thereof b?-1 xrhai.r<<i at Turin w dhta the term , <d tea day > oner M pi la faith whereof Hie reapretire nl uiipntrritlarirs liar* Signed It and allured thereto the seals of taetr arm*. I v>oe In duplicate at Term, lie- "tth day of the month ot t'arrh. in the year nt grace, T.VM h.VK.VM). BKNn-KlTl. ( ATI d H IAHIM. Light Wrlphtiaad Htavy Wrights. [hi > hi the loud >n 1 tW'-s ) W? l.avrlndeel a paternal l^p uature It I not for no pt.rf??* Ibst rarlutnt at adjourns to t ;*ot?. |. -?na fur tho Icrby, and drops in very s.owly even r ,>m Ascot. It mr she w its humanity for y?tn>? .terkrja aa well as foe cotlMisptl tors, foe rai log ho-aex as well as the spewed trlhrs it brute life pt (Are led by the tie let y tir (lie pee rcnii " ifrrwliy |i. Ar ri?l> Hut th" que II >n ia:."i-t by M i I i l,i H'ei I't K.i um bt", is a curious one, ami not to hi w> I by an) hti * ! rule of humanity. It l? mhIkvJ U> a Jan i.'- ip rare thai there most be a scale of fiuapna- i s it I- i e, In order tn male that unci rtamiy an to tho ri'.ill whti-h mnriitnto a rare The-.- r<na^i?a?HaM li.uit be atcnrdlog tn I In- age ami credit ?M the hoes* I nr?l ItdiHltlr die* tint mssi I# conU iu|*lute doing n\<ay uith rvi n re- h. and nonet Uierefore intmd to toi:?b the >?' mot hpht and hi try *r table. tbit. if there must be a rcile nt c. m|?ous?iti-no. It innat h?n a range, Hi.** tl at rant;. * he f<)iuil am a given n iintw-r and i?,nt} it hi-rrsf, wlur ever jon hey in to reckon It. I nl H fetifa lowki tlx-, minimum si* Mam ami this ?m*i i e to ether authnrltlri. wltl^-awr rtn-Vthrr mdnf tbrsc.ih' tn ebmibM, ami only transfer the in humanity "t the afl.iir ffi m ho; a to li?rs-s nml from twotear oil's to Sve ) ear olds. In all legislation yon tnnal . ha k aU<ut la fore ton atumpt the h"iat chance, as it may Ja-?-hl> et tail ? m- olhor i hange where yoil mat least ! i Xpert It At pre; nt tln-ao delicate considerations am left | lii 01 c of tie mightiest and most responsible court* In the i-a] ?the h-ak) Chih akhk, as t/*rU Wrun- j Ml >1 r trs, rot Ta:*ia a l.-.rre'pirtln* of the trtlalaflee anil tcn' 'ah nt of tl.r rc?\ py|f a leateil. as it is. it oouUl not be k'IttT rot-stilnli < weft It a n mmtltre of the Imrilf* itli' t i n n.< r?. An a. I of l^irhamcnt would be a cruel Iktsie ii of I Ma pali Urthal anil -vim- I Indigenous body. M-yhl r.f-t the ,'nkrj dub resign 111 a l>?d) If Uiey wean lefli I tin|ti relioml of taelr dutlea by liords nod 1 <' n n>i r*. ai '-al lie the law na.rtet Tlien, '?ippoelng f-ueh a thuya* a hwkr; naf'traliy "telo* llie Piieliaim-niory | atan'-ml, without the prnce; t of aelf mac ration, ami a , hi) 11 it ihlrr. the public uonld hsrily bi-sr Mwl he ahi .d he fi rhiMi n th i-\ .rctsc of a Toamlom I or which nature had preeminently bated hltn. 11.ire are mi mrt? of to the question. IdgM i wrH-ht* eneoarng" yoiin* jorsea. Put young horse* ought not to run races. t o-d Sedrsdalr aji.l er n d-kv*v * In II i'm* no yewt. Ii mi d? shows that Uiey rwn run with nothing in Hour bath- wlu-ri a* ma want thsxn Ms Carry weiyht: II mhansla th- m, am' the teal result is a want of good harsis lint shall eotnhtm- atevngria and apeed. Middle aged grPtWii.-n, and rontger ni<?,?w\ fret Inuh and bri nt Ir prcpc'tlou, are no higcr cwrrh ii nvs# the I netlri at the pr i ut pw e ? itW rt |*y n? ?JM> or more for iMtihorar. TM. l? liard. anil u Wu there are added all the arctdrali that boraePr-ah ta hotr to It la ruin tn J\ but tnlllietsiiriv. Po the typltrid elaaesa err cwt IVej call m Vartisinen-. to eer.mrnyc biwvy wi icht'.oid tdd riders, older, and lionvler.arl Bator. and ' w-re reapet'lilo, aod b-?a aiidicted to rwru'-i y. By a profess of roas-o- ng whlih eludes Invest! gat,en It Is maiobiined that gambling sud trickery yn with light weights, nbo can no little take tare of Uiemselrru that they Ml off |f the horsea do but stumble, and I .are to be lined by the tnaywlralr* f.>- a3' bf peccad Ua**. Th* wht lo affair, according to Lard lL>dc*dalo, ia becoming b"y > sport: it due* no good; it madrr neither riders nor horses; and positive!} rtirourages bnd hemes, and gtr -a thr m a sort of triumph over the goo?l One seems to hare heard complaints ?f this kind often rnuugh, not only at* lit horses, but rtill more about men. It is the old oowipluint about the d-teriomtion of all human affair*. l/>rd Granville, however, reminds ua that the complaint is as old as history, and that there never was a time when man was not thought to lutve declined ffom some fabulous perfection. He ha* made tbe iiu|i:iry himself, and he fires us the cousoutor> news tliat uiau is not declining, that horn.- are ue g?*xl and as numerous as ever. Which are we to believr, Lord Kedesdale i r Lord Granvillef k But here if another sign of the Lines we lire in. The Old and New World hare just been on the po tit of an irreconcilable quarrel aliout a prim belt ; and now ths chief Senate of the Old World spends an evening on light and heavy weipl t*. The sign of Castor and IVilux mast be In the an. i.('ai t. H>- the time our American cousins have made up their mtads to hear of a cotUston between our two houses, and |ieihaps the final Unction of the older and upper, they will receive, not a funeral oration by the lord Chancellor, but .1 pleasant roeversatioa on the tendi toy of handicaps to apoil horse* and jockeys. Was there ever such s nation us ourr?so serious, yet so frivolous ; io grave, yet so gay t We may regret that Lords I.yndhurst ami Brougham bad nothing to say on a subject on which either could have made himself perfectly at In me. Why, too, were the Bishops silent listener*, thru gb invoked' The trainers have taken the old established view of the subject. They lament the decay of Jockey ship, and insist upon stopping boy Jockeys. Hie ' adv Ice w us to he rxjiected, but it doe* not appear that the trainers hare carried out their ad rice to all Ms Inevitable : consequences. For our part, we are almost dwpnaed to t. 1? m 1u,(?.b?>, 11,^ ..,.( B-iwOoflr Iwit I Ib>' |?ross must not be silent even about light weights. I We will begin by deploring that boys stunt Id ride at i rarer?not only boys, but llitle children, weighing, saddle and all, Tour stone. Why, it is the weight of a healthy young alas at six or seven. We wtU thou de- , pk>re that horses should ?e soon dragg-d iuto the hard work of life, and oompe led to take i part in its wicked ways. After this bo- I mage to humanity, to rirtup, to innocence, and j the other powers of social pro|>riety, we will linish by re- i Ci tnmendiug the whole affair to the Jockey Club. It is ; their bufiniss, let them be answerable. Hie Legislature ! cannot regulate everything It goes far enough in all | conscience. You may throw a cracker iuto a carriage on the Corso at Rome, "hut beware how you do s<> on the j Claphsm read on a Derby Day; for there awaits you a flr.e pf ten shillings or two moutbi' iin|>risoument and hard j la' or. leave some things to take rare of themselves. ' The Jockey Club is the highest social tribunal. Beware ; how you triak Into that magic circle with a vulgar statute." It is the turfs f.iry ring. Ware off, lawyers, judges, juries.) and all the n-stof you. The |>reHS itself shall respect the J ckey Club. Kxo this the club has read kit gs a It sson. It may at least be permitted to carry the scales. Foreign MiMtllabf. The Ktrrl publishes a Inter, dated from Sarajevo, in Bosnia, giving an account,which we trust is exiggerat-d, of the barbarous treatment of tlie Christians there. Tire following extrsrt will convey some idea of the proceedIni-v of the Turkish authorities:?Tlie ferocity of the Turk:- during the present spring has sur|>o.sse<l worthing hitherto rx|s-rienred. All th? mist respectable Christians, especially the more inlluenttal men and priests, have bei n thrown into prison, and treated with the utmi+t barbarity. This has bent especially the case in the 1 northern districts of Bosnia, where Mussulman despotism ' luis boon indulged in without restraint. The Turks im prisoned at Tnusls the pr lints Anphime of Ts'-rkoine, arrd : George ol Bodrttchi, M. Ptankovitoh, a Rom in Catholic and elder of the village of GrebBttzu; also Marco Ptani chive and Milovan Kikitch. two of the most respectable ray aha cu llossavina. All Ave died a few days alter from poison, as generally supposed, administered by the Turks. Seven more were afterward*, imprisoneil, and moat of j them are already dead. Tie-number of perv<uis thus arrested in the north and northeast districts of Bosnia are ! love S.000 in all. In the prisiu# if f?f"UcY9 fttyilE re 1,707 Christiana. The folic w irg is from the Seidt:?It is the nature or noble enterprigr* to awakrn ardent and genoroua sy mpathin in all hearts, v itliout du tinctioti ol rank or patty. The beiolc attempt of Garibaldi, hi? glorious belf-devoMhMto holy cause?that M an ofymMt MHb? could not fail to meet with such sympathy. We htvo seen the very poorest contribute their humble and fraternal offering; in this co opcralion of all the classes of the imputation we have seer, political difference forgotten in an outburst of admiration. We ask permission to moction a single fart which, better than any other perlut|?, shows the nature of tlie ha liugv lu-;.lred by Garibaldi's enterprise. Two days back, a lady, venerable from her age her iliamctcr and the iini'm she hears, called at our office. 8U?- is a at ranger to all political preJudicit?is neither a demorat nor a Icgitimwt, but a lover of order, of justice, and of whatever Is true, good ami grand. All she heard of thejicro of Sicily, brav Hy exposing his life to save his neonle. had iIccdIv mm ed tier hlie caw, Id conaeqwrurc, to bring Iter offering for Garibaldi, for tlie cause of Italian liberty lunt lu<lei>pndenoc, and alter < BftolBtBg lk( of her TMI aim 11 J 4 .(XX):. on tbe table aud w ilbdiew. Mutiny ob Baotd of mm American Coolie lllp, Capr of Cond Hope papers ?f M?y 6 snuUiu the particular* of U* attempted mutiny of tbe collet on board abip Kitty ^unpMiii, hound from Macao for Havana. The Kitty tbin|eou |>ut into Table liny for water ami refreshment*. Tlie follow iiir official narration of tbe affair will throw tome additional light upon tbe horrors of tbe coolie traffic 8mr Krrnr Sntruoa. Monday, March 5,1800. Iat. A drg 40 min. K.,iou. llOdeg. 47 mln.,K.,Sh. 44m. r. M.?The officer* of tlie ship, with ourselves, the undersigned, were Id the cabin at supper, when there waa heard a rush on deck, accompanied with much shouting and noise. Tbe matter waa in charge of the deck, and Kent! n> on Oa' barricade am! on the forecastle T ie brad men had charge of the main batch, orders not to allow any more coolies on deck than were up at raid time. When we went to supper there were <? deck, In all, forty coolie*, with |coolts (eight la number) included. Am soon aa tbe row began, there were oa deck, in all, on" bunded men, who had scrambled up In defiance of tlie head man's endeavors to keep them below; (be Udder, fortunately, waa away at the time, or, no doubt, many more would have eoetedid in reaching the deck. Tbe attack commenced with cootie rushing aft, watching the Instant the sentry was looking another way, and sank tng desfwrato attempts to wrench the musket sway from him. AM soon as the rash was made by No M be was qsickly joined by shout thirty other Chinamen, who attempted to force open the barricade. The Captain was the first ooe to arrive at Ike scene of trouble with nothing else In his bands than a ma tares cans. Be made several blows at the coolie No. M, a be still continued to struggle, but was dually overpowered and made prisoner; also cootie No. 20S was captured Is alt* mpttag to forou through the bar rtcade. It eras a well panned attack, there can be no doubt; for upen the lirel rush being outdo aft, the eooiios Nue 7T and 60, with many others who a ere not recognized, surrounded the forecastle, and endeavored to kerp the watch below centsed therein, by closing the doors, and it was wi b much difflcklty they made their esit therefrom; In so doing many of them received blowa with piece* of wood lloet of them, however, tr.anvg. d to get aft The seaman on the forecastle was attacked by four or 0v?; being armed, be In0i< ted many wounds, but was wounded In the thigh himself. A m amiu named Pratt, m endeavoring to escape from the deck, a as severely beaten with bam.-pikes, pieces of Urcaood, Ac. It awe ver> furlusate that ta o of the aenmen acre aloft at the tin.'*, and that we were provided a lib aim cheats In each l'<p: otherwise we would have had, n? doubt, a hard struggle and great odds against us. 1 he bshms aloft did seS knew a bat to make ol the noise until (bo nuui to tba maintop m (be alruggltng aft, and a vrral ouoitrn rueh vjl fi-u?n the cook bovjar with Bra bnu. tr and pota of ncaldlag wale* The renrnvi in the maintop (named Bennett) taking up a MB* aimed at the m>Uc No 334, w bo be plainly an* heave two earlbenwara pete of tealiiut water aft. and ab"< h:in through the all'**.''b-r lb- ien| ,-d iluaii the man. Iiairh and t*-11 . It-aa. lb* re waa alao a abut Bred Bom Urn I ore top, but M did r.u damage. Aa am hi an lb* ahota camn fm n a lift Ibry at owe* began t? r* Want w Mb (rant c**ufuainn. lanp tog i*aa over U* other down tha main batch. Ail r wo fvltbiinall dot? n below they ruwimeoeod to pull down the mam tt-ilch barricade below, and t) arm ib< lu.olvtw tbori ?ttb. Aft'-r a few shot* war* flred down a moo rat them tbey n treated all, and tba b, ail man. No. 5. wont down and niukg tba dead oonita, No. Ut Aflar all wa* over w fncbd three d tin ni. over toa bow*, haiuriag to a rope, naiM< ly, No 77, No. 143. uid No. 60 credit ir due to tin crew lor tha ooolnrwi and courage il:ey exhibited, and llie pr< nipt and attentive manner in whieb tb**y ubryed the or del* t sued by tha explain and officer* Kof, bid It barn ethei* In, n.urh bland must have banali 11 aid tinu>> Ikuiemi liven luat. Aa a.on aa the hatebnn were on and neeured, and order rentered >? deck, tin* prtn? nara in cur tody were brouaha up, and t > ? lb* e*l lowing putnehmmt wul awarded No. M. ringleader. MB l?*h*e; 77, attempt la bluett Idhm doer, too Lube*. 1 t*o111* iwle, fai laaba* Nk "ioi.I ?!rr, 100 la*h *. Jtld. rII rbailer, luO luatni Ibe above pri?otier? were then ittuied lii in'lit on tba bnoae on deck, and a gu.xrd pl.ced ovar tbem. (If ihc ctew, there i* no? 'lightly nabbed, one tout h brular<t and b <atan. with cbtcf oMot. u'i*'ular and ooa aaman aligblly nratded. The Mnrm km aaaitehwaetta. [Worn tba Hwtaa frarellec, June so.] At Brighton, aear tba Utatbridga crnraing of tba Ttentoa. and VTorveelrr Railroad, the lightning Mr in It the houaaoa J. |l (.uedenee , w4o kaepa a Mall for Ilia note of provd?l? u*. Ac , at No 9 tierrtah market The family of Mr. Oaodcnow were Jii?t t* it tug down to nipp* r (Mrs. (loado> bow I a vim atep|wd into another roam foe a moment), when the bore* war rtrnrk Tlia fluid tore ofl some of the rlapltoartff and immediately depended iato tba room (xru| id by lb? f imily. Mr tioudanow wait In the net of drawing Up to ilia table. when ha, w'ib hi* eon about right year* eld, named UuM.ui.a man named V. Law ri nee. In the uapho of Mr. ()<**lrtinw, and a lad) umr* VI.lie, who wna ntoaAmf tn tbaatlry way. warn aB ttruek down. Vbtn aid arrived Vbay were all fo-wd In an In-ru* lb 1* cotidft'ca u;??n tb" floor, and attcmj * were trade to re vn ll en '.?) Ibe he* oar of wal' r M I oil M nppUaOMa. Ill Ilia viMdf It Wixwenow, all !> cflitrUt were imtbr tual, t? V wat pilabablr killed InalanL-wwoualy. Tha fluid, dnubttena, airuak him full pen the bcewM, aa the fit cl> w*a bi.rnud'baa* The am bad aba markn of th" fluitiu| on iba brerat and wrl U lie war, liowevar, not art xnwdy it*.<>l arcn ra-pe to, an dp tb* vaong man M,i Vi> Mute,but they ?ana in a ferratahnmdiUow far tV < i.lir. bight. V*-y. rionCpnow, In the art! room, aayn tin (bit Jot I is k mutt plainly. To flual r . in-xl to ber to p:vy about lite wir'.n id her oriauUuo. wle. h ahe wa lb tb* let of taking .4 Mr * IUmI'I.ow wa.? almnat I' : t> bto y ear i f age. Ma ha* mad.v Ii ten.l* both iu thia toy and at lo-me, who will narow for bit cn?l '<*n dp lattut" It ir a em ioaa fait tlnvt ooae of tha artwle* upi'i th? * epju r ta'J, *i re (liplicrV-d, nei war in* * JM ry i f ? r*. i,:' > i ib ne to the toe * Pie tin ry '^tliat tie aKrtrla fluid ia rutrring tad pnttlng out of *V i kdi, full' a ad the rurrent <4 air. At l.'e* bury, although tie ntorm wag tb* m?tt Mrrf (or -raii, m4 m .eh i aru^e appear- to Pbrr baan done, and wa do got learn Ibnl tha Ightrip; atrink lb thrictnity. 1-oltee i.f>'>r Idrom wa* I*, the lork up d rri:.( Uia bt igl.t of tlia abowar, am* whil? turulng idTtb- gan rwltrd g neyaic ?b-\t U Mactrlclty nbicfi t^mjuuielj I I |*r?ljwd Mi arm ft* ioim moments, but did no otbar damage A ren blind* were blown oBTftvm bouses In Uia CHjr' "d 0"e *** lr~* ^ ?"rAt Weal Dadhnm, a young maa named Aboer Baker w* nick by the lightning and losuntly killed. He war nineteen year* of age, and was a son of Timothy Hnkor flrm of Howea k Raker, Hour dealers, 1M Cummt-rcbn alrecl, in Ibis city. He went Into the pasture at about $ o'clock after row s, and nt* returning after the abower bad abated, It waa supposed that be had gone t? the daCto meet bis father, aa waa his custom. On Hr. Ba- " 'a arrival aearch waa made Tor blm, and at about tu o'clock bis body was found in a Arid. He is supposed la h?\e been atnick at a Utile part tlx. He was struck In the mouth, bie fitce being much disfigured, and the fluid tben passed downward, pulting bis watch chain, tearing bis pants, and bursting one of bis boots. H.s body wan found in an open space, with no trees or other high oil- ? jeel* near FimtlSAL. BOTrm.?ANY INFORMATION KXSfWTIlfO TUg whrrt-aU>-ita of William Boweber, frotatho pariah of Kea tea. Prion, Knclaiul, and lata from lli? t'apa of Uo?d Hopo. * will be thankfully received by hU sister, ft} addreusing 0. B. Baker, K*q., lobourg, C. W. Dl'Pb.?COMl'KIJJCD TO LKAVK TOWN TO DAY ON hiisines* Will let you know through the IlecHid on nig a return, u brn I can see }ou. I am sorry bin rant hcl,-! ft._ M A K i ll A A HART. 2r Tint PERSONS WHO HOl'OHT A PIECE OP OILrlotli, on Friday last, mi (be aecond h uid furnllu. e store, 130 Pottery, for 14s., pitying a deposit of 4s., will call oo w?'-f and Infum the proprietor who delivered Uie Oilcloth tr threw, bey will i onfer h grt-.a furor. Iff FORMATION WANTED -IK WILLIAM MARSIHM, W formerly broker and eoouniaekm merchant in Liverpool, is to rw York city, hr will h?ar of hia l>roihrr. Turner Staradaw, by addressing a few Lata to K?ady Point, Uraaort* count# Texas. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MART DOOLI.T, A WA4He of the pariah of t'allra, county Oalway, Ireland, nil arrived in New Y'ork In the atcamcr Plrcaaaiun from lialaw, and atopued lit Castle Oardcn. Any iuti.rmatioo of her W10 ha thankfully received l>y her brother, Martin Doolcy, by writmc to bim at Hooatck Falls, Henuelaer county, New York, or to Lynch A Cole, Irish American, oSlce, ? Beekmwu afreet. INFORMATION WANTED-OF W R THOMTSON. ON Ko. 1IY>j Foutli Fecood street, corner of Fifth, Wlliiaaasburg, who left hi* fnther'* home on Friday, .Trine 10. foe New Y'ork. When he left had on a black Cap and black jacket and ftray |ianlulooo?. Iioota; hat a Utile stoppage in his speech. Asp minimatioii w ill l>c thankfully received by his iQUctod pareatw Robert end Jam- Thompson; la 11 years of ngej KATE BLAKENET, NATIVE OF THE COUNTT K lids re, Ireland, will And her brother HugfcSt IMS South Pearl street, Albany, N. Y*. Stolen Island paper* please copy , LORT AJfP J*UUMP. TJtOl'Nn?AT ST. MAKY'R PICNIC, JONES' WOOD, ON .T June W. a small y id tiOckei. The owner ran obtain tto an me by calling ou lieu. y J. McAduin, 26 Nusjsu street, and prosing property. * w PJVND?ADRIFT, ABOCT 2S1 N N. E OF RANDT Hook. a small open Sailboat, with name "Our ttal" paint ed on I lie si cm. hne Is now at Oceanrort, N. J. The owaar CkU gel her by apply tug to If. B. Edwards, of that place. HI'RON WW BAY COMPANY -NOTICE HERB by given Unit the following scrip having beeu lout or raial nd by the owner, was this day ranceUrd, and the puMIr am cautioned ay.oust purchasing the same, aa it la of no i slue to the holder:? No. 10. dated 9th July. 1853 .100 share*, in name A, "*-1-? U 100 " " '? 12 * 100 " " " II " " " III " " " , T1 " " " 500 " " " i 1 22 " M 000 " " 24 " " a1' 000 " " " 25 " " " BOO " 25 " " m bob ** " " w V " " " 800 " " 38 " " - M0 " " " , SI - 1,000 " " " ' Ht u it m 1,000 " " ? 262 " 1st Nor., ISM.. *J9 " WHh Mr. Harttor26.1 bui " " 260 " " " BOO " 267 ' " " 600 " 11 " I>. D. COLLIS, HecrHary. Momtbrsl. 30th May. I860 LOBT?ON FRIDAY KVENINO, THE I0TH DI.T., A white French Poodle Dog, in Fifth avenue, answering to the name ot Fanny. The finder, by returning to No. 2o Truth street, between Fifth and Kiith aveuura, will be suiuWy pawarded. Loft?Ji'NE ?. a Greenwich bank book, com tinning a Promianry Note, drawn by W. Braunao. Tha < public Iscaulionrd not to negotiate, at payment has hem stopped. A suitable ret ard wlU be given on returning the .1 no utr.,1.1 Lokt-in Brooklyn. on thk wtii vlt., a yaliml wiih I lie initial* K. w. H. upon it. containing hooka, M key, screw*. rollers, Ac., In gotug lhrou?h litvuou ?ihim. Kim ulrttI. Lee avonue.Hewe* * mt, Bedford Park avenue. 1 be Undo* w ill be rewarded by leaving It at the earner on Bedlord and l'ark avenues. r. W. It I LI*. Lost ok btolkn-thk kollowincj promissory Nolea, lo wil:?line dalrd In Itill vdelphla, Pehrnary W, * II(80. for wirn hundred and entity tw o dollar* and alttr olaa rent* (JV2 6P1, on nil month*'Ume, signed by Van liuaea Smith A Co., payable to the onlor of and endorsed bi Rrtnea Bowman. Alan, one note in Waterlowrn, Mass., and signed by Wm II. Howard, for two thou* md dollars. payablr on demand to ami endorsed by J. X. I'a vender. The public are raullonad against taking or negotiating the aame. aa payment h ta been atonped. KoWSfc A BOWMAN. Borrow, Juue tS, I860. LOST-JUNK ?, A'ORKKNWICH BANK BOOK. OOMtafning a nromlaanr; note, draw n by W. Urann-va. Tha public in cautioned lint to neirotute, payment hating been Mopped. A aiiltiil'le reward will be given by returning tha above to SU2 West street. LOST-a BOY, FKvkn"YKARsTv|.r>rnis namk IS Alr BKHT POhN, be was d-rearJ In a red calico jacket, a pair of striped pants and light r?p. The tinder will reretre many tlianlm b> giving information to his parents, at 460 (Vtnnl street. JOdKPU CORN. OXT-YKMKRIIAY (Wl'M)itl, JULY i. ON HOARD the 7 o'clock farj boat from Xtalen Island, a art. Jebno* 1 aur. lie uniiri will DC uovratiy n'*iru? DJT munui Uae ante to 1.2Wt llrnulway TKCTH -HTOPPKIt ON WKIINIWDAY. JUNK M. A BIT of Teeth. wInch the ow n?r ran have by proving property and paying eaprnaea Apply to JOHN J. LI> T. paws' rofear, i5 Math avenue, Dear fourth street. in "kwaRh wnx hi paid to twh^ivsb or J>lu Ihr can-tare w bo ought a lady and SI l Sim an the at earner Adriatic, on Saturday aftern xm, m Not 3 Arttf at reel, fur n turning a panel pinned up In a naphua which was f Wl hi the carriage, or to aay other person hurts* feiiud H Ma Ibr carriage and returning U to the above m idbmtid Dumber and atreet. RKWARH -LOST. A SNA I.I, VoTTK TKRR1KB Hint; anawera to the name of Pannle The above reward will Iv'pakl for her return to 114 Kaat Thirtieth atreet, between Pourtu and Lexington avenues. * ?Ofl IKWAID.?LOUT. AOOLDWATtH AND CHAIN. on 'he way from Twelfth atreet to the menagerie le Thirteenth atreet, or from there to Twrnlv aiith atreet and fourth aienue. The Wat.h la a gold bunting ieplne. whb braaa gtN rap and engine turned raae. marVe 1 No 3P.7IS. The ahorr reward w til be paid on the return of the w alrb and chain at the UBtc of the New Yurtir Hemoki at, 75 and 77 Chatham ?. atreet. ItKWARD ?1/NTT ON SATURDAY NMIIT, RKVhi'> tween 9 and lOoVlnrk. at the Are on llroadwar, near Rector atreet, a portemnnnaie. containing ihort $100 In hills and gold, alao a pmmhiaorv note f,,r IC.'uO. dt.iw-n by Morgan J one a tlie liiider sill reretre the above re? ird by returning the porieniontuile and IU < < wtculalo the auLart1bM\ John Pyne. 109 Naaaxu atreet. &Kfl rkward-loht. on tiii r>rn ri,t.. a not* ?i/V lever Watch and < bain, Joa Johtang maker, We. (HI WTVieter will return the aime lo Capt. WM WATERMAN. 79 Varlrk atreet. will recetve the abm e reward. ..... THIMHJTARV. SRNIOR VCTTRAN OORPH OP MB WILL UNIT A* the Mereer llonae. corner of Hromne and Merear streets, on We lnewday. the Pnurth day of Milt, at lOo'elnrk A. V . la fall uniform, to eelehrale the eighty fourth .tno.eereary of mr national trdeperdence Rvrry Vet-raa in thla nnd the adJOta lac noV rite a I, turlted t nnOe with a, in the 'wlUlia,// feSa 4ajr. A luxl oC una.' ?l!l k to llmJiiKH. By ordar. U. HAVJIONII, OoluanL IliiC X. rilTTF. Adjutant. N II -Tha \ r??r?na ?ill nv?l Hit. (Monday) aranta* at 0 n'rli. k. Ml lha ulioir pU.<- I rt nary Vataran ha praaom. 7th iwiimkkt.?ratio* alocabd tvikokm row a?lo, < !"-) ; la itkI In ' I ord'-: Inqo.r of C? II llfU( SKY. niprnirf. <3 Ifcia cry HOIMCK, Hi>. 4<. W MITKP. AIIOI'KK WAMTKIi- * I I'HKK TO "1: WH AM? OB kaaa. on or naar llr??. ry or Fifth i mnM, wuh po* eeelie oe or I <-(<>ra M". X, DOIMIT. J Rm IM'A. | DK8IHK T". KK . '. ? s 0 IVKIJ V tXMHFO 1 ytthar a vary dm)] |lnn? . or a tchnla l?W? tbraa nnaa #aaa. atth kaaaini. Ham ouxlarnta. Aidfi aa Mrs Iriltf, B ? ra T?ant) ?wWM rktri PART OF A IIOI'SK WAN1KD?IN A KKSI'Ki'I VHIJ nrl*htowb<wd, Wt a am-! "nlly. My *%rrr ,?r four Rooms an aarunri or third Rorr* " to mint be. tow. Waal a J? pr*toll i''t AiWrrra A. W . Mr aid o??ra UrAMTBD OKI OR TVn KRATI.T F< RN KIIRDP IT Knsiii, ?lih rltllnf of i oAlnj a a prtrala family, lost t?ols?U*s aati ?ta of lawn prvfn y 4; no o*vo"Oona to la? SminUy AiUrraa Mra. f-j. Han. llg Ht-wary. WAKTKD TO RFXT?FOR IVW OR |K|, IT i r mall far w*r a iihont rtotdraa. a ldah atony and f; MX Wmiaa Is rompia?a radar and In a saoAnatohharbn!. SarwsSM FsairiaanUr and tknij limrth atra a ia? T .drd a ad auUa arar MSB. rssai laum on a* I afoaa tha lat f.L.r.a'tk skx.Ui iVyi.ion ^as.h Artitrrai, at .lias particulars, A. J. Ik. i<?m II. Mo. 110 Rissl wy. rVRNITVHK. a tr.nRo k Rtrrr or r?nujm rrRirroiuB J\ for ISV to yrarratilad matntototiJa. ate, aaoir I i MdMI (Traaihar MS. plain and orrsrssnlsL at F ARRIN<A|V>K*% MR Canal urart. opp Mta Wntotof. IMatN.rbsd In IWt KAMrxtiD rtiirrrcRK HF. AIM J A RTRRR. IWtkuial s?r?#t, f? ?c daars aaat of Rmadwaf. WARJAltN WARD ocumm Kocoar for -ikaot monit,-a. fair Jr ts.aa atrrn In rnad;.ia**rj As F-irottnrs, CT-rsam, Rook*. At , Sk IB Kit'h araoTM, brianaa !??n lAar.1 Tnadtstt FVIKITI RR, rv*.Nin;*K, FrRinTiriB-.TwroMrAii. h r Sully uf r tmi? I Fnmltir. for nia| St amotion Ihto day at M Ward l??htaan A Mrart A tor a M* Ptannfort*. mot ortura HaU Fanmawi at I0H o'r ask pr. tanjy. MtUl MPTIC**. ~ , 1R (RAKCVRT, a ? I ndar ft* tVwrl tj fTmatorj, iraland. RasnlaUdt. aeA UB, y.'.** IX?la .?h?*atotoatRpsmp Tohto nod WURpMraAMh I'TVTy*! J*"> *** TV*aay MuIlaUjr, JaMM Rrw aS ralrlrk. Onbarlr. raapr -dl mla -I h .yahy raqnlra SO prranrs ablmtoJs sail of k a la Mary l.ynna. lata of Roan to Ik* diT/y Tlj.aarar-, nAdr*. daraaa*. to^flla lAalr rlalnaa at o J than.har liTna A-... m to tha rtly of l??^to m ar bafrs*** Twi'li di. r # Or'ohay sot ta onlar that aatna May hapnv taih ?'t ' a?ordjnt to tha RO^ral orlara of Ik* w J.J Ml Rnir, Madlar In rtoiorarr _J S >FR,IA. -r for tka I'acu mars. t >i .rfr'i . cat, Dusaj Uhl tTooadA. ' 4

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