Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1860 Page 3
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BOTgW KWll^ ao. ro WIT. Any one desibocn or uu.-'ino a first clajs, furnished ur unfurnished Hook, <>" Fifth svuooe, or oo Mme street l*lw?n Thirty fourth mid Twenty third streets, tmi brtwpfO Xuliu aud S jib atenuea, will please aitdreM to 3.6B1 Port ollice. __ A furnished hour*. in west fouiiteknth stroll-three sutry, .? *'- '"d basement?Uj In, low, uaul November, los siu.iJ lirnWJtO tniuilv, willing .) to?rl a Ulj k> pvrt payment 01 rent- Address bo* 1,864 Pool olftce. AfM.ii.i- new rorn story man sToor bask ment nod under cellar House, to bit, up Own, in a en "1 hauan, MuUrari'n); gas riiturao, do. Knit fetiu- l'us eafuun at once. Flue ulameJ yard. KINSIUMKR A co., 343 Fourth avnuo. /TOrNTRT COTTAOB HOPfiR, FURNISHED. RENT \J $360 to W. April: ttnf nrniahed, $125 ; gardens, fruit, Ao.; at pteaaant vt$are ol New .Moumouth, New Jersey, Lowr Bay. Msaaier* ibrre limes daily; lore, 25 cents. No lever and ague. Inquire at H Amity street. lyURNISHED HOt'PE TO I.ET-A THREE .TORY AND JP high basement brown stone front House, on Brooklyn eights, handsomely furtilabe 1 throughout. (las, hath, Kidgn*M water and all the modern improvements. Apply at 33 Front street. New Yotk. Furnished cottaok to let?at outton, s. i., near the water, commanding a most picturesque view of the Bay. The garden is well stocked wiih ehobe fruit and vegetables. Kent moderate. Apply at 147 Water street, irotn 11 so 4, or at 143 Ninth ureet, morning su '. evening. Furnished house?a handsome private kesi dence, with all convi uiencea, upon very moderate terms. Room a large and airy, with pleasant garden, Ac. laa'Stion eol and healthy lor the summer; convenient for visiters to the Ureal Eastern. Apply early at 16 Abingdon square. T OFT8 TO I.FT?86 FRANKI.IN STREET. A FEW JLi doors weal of Broadway,- Will he let reasonable if applied far soon. Inquire on the premises ur of john loID Jk aonm. Largk bbick building to let.-the three story and basement brick building, situated corner 01 First ad bouth end Eighth tired*, Brooklyn, Eastern District, ad owing Perk slip ferry to New York, will he leased to a good tenant for a term of years. The building contains a stoaiu engine of sixty horse power, with sh-vCliug throughout. hue of wilding, Ml feel by 130 feet; is well lighted, having windows on all sides; a strong and well buill, sua suitable tor any manufacturing business. Apply to Brooklyn Ferry* Company, at foot of South flmaatli street; Brooklyn, K. P.. through the day, er to WM. V? ALL, at 230 Front street, New York, between 12 aod 1 o'clock. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, PLKA* sanlly located, one block from the Court street earn; \ genMai family are the owners and present occupant*. A desirable Party can have pan of this House for Rthl per year. Apply at ar address 113 Nassau street, room No. 3, first door, rear hull. STEAM POWER?WITH WELL LIGHTED ROOMS large and small, in a first rate business street; one nx>m 33x30; suitable for a store or mechanical operations. Apply to M. O. 11. WALKER, ltd Centre street. T> LET-FLOORS THOUGH, FOUR AND FIVE ROOMS. In those new brown stone houses, southwest corner Second MM and Thirtieth street; hare hot and cold water, ran re, sealer closets, gas, Including chandeliers ami fixtures, all the Mgwavements; the moat convenient Houses in the city, for such law renla, for aatall respectable families, ss such ouly need ap h. Rents 118 to $33. References required. Apply to Wm. KEYILY, 137 East Thirty fourth street, or on the premise*. rlKT-TIIB THREE HTORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House, size 20 by 66, No. 174 West Thirty-third street: reul ?aly 2375 (rum now till 1st of May. Apply at 13 Cooper Inst! Ma, Third avenue, between Seventh sad Eighth streets. fpO LET.?FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS IN THE J. brown stone house. S3 Bowery, by the week or month. This establishment Is cool, well kept and rery desirable for the warm season. References exchanged. Apply to J. WaBKRTON, third door. r?10 LET-AT CHKSNUT GROVE, S. I.. NEAR VANDKRX bilt landing, a delightful residence, with an acre of ground, weD shaded and in every way suited for comfort. Apply on the premises, or of Rev. F. Howell, 339 Uackeli street, BrookIF* mo LET? LOW FOR THE SUMMER; ONE FI/K)R. FIYE X apartment!, of the house. 7S1 Sixth svenue, near Forty fth street; sil conveniences: location eligible. Also, the said Sense tor sale; prtoe >12,DUO. r LET-TWO FOU* 8TORT BROWN STONE BUILDlogs, with splendid Stores, 13 by 10; plate glass fronts; between Thirty seventh and Thirty eighth streets, on Sixth avenue: sa elegant MeaUn for dry goods, cirpeta, gents' fsi uishlug, or any respectable family business; a lease fore leiui of yaars will be given. Aptly toTHOS. 11. OaYNOR, 2M Broadway, or JOHN KAVANAUU, 778 Sixth avenue. mo LET?A GOOD STORE, SUITABLE FOB THE X leather or any other heavy buslnesa. Also, a Urge Room, with steady steam power, for any kind of manufacturing not evtr* hazardous. C. A ALYORD, 16 Vandewster street. mo LET?THE LARGE TOUR FTORT HOUSE NO. 3 X Carroll place (Blcccker street); adapted for a private dwelling, boarding house or business purposes Terms easy. Inquire of D. Bl'KKK, auctioneer and real estate broker, 13d Row! w rpo LOT ?LAUGH PROMT ROOMS CAM HK HAD, BOTH X furulehed unci unfurnished, with ien*. paitliien. Mr.', also a beautiful front knawusut. Apply at 175 tire-no alreet, umt Blrecker street. qX) LKT-TOQBTHKR OR SKPARATK, A PROMT AMD X bach Parlor, and three Bedrooms, with pauliieu, (U and Croton, on second Uxor; bath, wood and wtah houses, In a wrj pleasant. rspectabie and healthy neighborhood. Apply at 31 king ali-rel rpo Lirr-iM a house pi.kahamti.y locatkd. a X parlor and Nod room, or the entire second floor would be dlepiiiietl of. Apply at 77 I-exlnytua arrnue. rLOT-A PROMT ROOM AMD TWO BEDROOMS an the second floor, suitable for housekeeping, to a gentleman and wife or a small family tired of bouiillng Rem moderate. House modern. Apply at 1.2tf3 l<rna>tway. ALB? or RKAL MTATR. A RARE CH AMOK.?FOUR HUHDRKD DOI.I.A It.i CASH will purrhaae one hundred and aixty arrae of well seta-tad lend tn Iowa, worth twtoe the moorr; no tneumbranoas; tnaee ell paid. Addreee R. 0.1L, Boi 1*) Herald offloa. ACODKTRT SKAT FOR SALI AT ASTORIA.?T1IR ITouae le U by 4S feet, two etnriee, attic, basement and eab-eellar; rootalna U room* eieluslve of hath room, laundry room and kitchen, la built and flntahed In the beat m inner, with double or hollow brick walla lOlnchee thick, brown at ma trlmmmga, cotooade plaxxa front aad rear, and furnlabed with bltnda Inside and outalde; (ae and water throughout tbe bourne, and a furnace which effectually a" " In cold weather. Tha ground about ewe eara. ?a eterated from the ro, l. an I finely Swrkwed with atone wall and hedge, well atoeked with fruit, ah" 1' ard evergreen Tree*, of apod growth and taatofnlly laid out In lawn and flower bed*. On tbe place le a One largo hrtrk Carriage House and brick Stable, alao large Ire Houae, well (tiled. The proiteriy la unencumbered. and will he wild at a rfuttut ie price, or en hanged fur * i.rnl clam pit/-.- ,.r boot 40 trrM. not over 40 milea from Now York city, ami lime Bet over one hour and a half For farther tafnrmatlna apolr to or add rem H WIIITTKNORR. AaforU, or W Liberty mrert. Mew York. ' ANRAT. ri.EAFA.NT REHTPKNfR FOR P W.K-OR KXcharge for other rood property; la very ,leOr.U?lv lulled; 11 the modern improvi-men'm, and f-igood order tYill tr.ide tfberally HIUUH A HOI THWICK. -U Namao a'reet. FIRST <n.A8H FARM OF 1* AORRS FOR RALK-IN A high atate of caMiraUnn. with douri'lung cropa of wheal, oata rorn. and abundance of heal timothy hay; about 90 terra tillable, the rrat wood and aalt men. low. la rye hnuae. Soma, tablea. rralnery and outhulldinga, In (food order; (rood fcncee: bounded on ona tide by the aalt water, vieldlng the I>cm of Aahing. boating and par. land ttrat rate, nod in ib? beet hit tag rood it ton. aerrral elegant hall line aiira. Any gentleman wonting a country eat and farm will And thla a profitable in vaatwn nl. aa tt ta to he aoid far half ita value. Prion AIA.UOI About forty mile* from the city. Adder** A. B . oare at D. Leigh, Hp ring street Fool "thee SR RAIJC-A HOrHR A NI> LOT AT FtlRT I.ER. PITT, aled half way between the railroad Melton and MaiUeal ng three fourth* of a mile from each; three .Tee of And, lalf under good cultivation with plenty of fruit. Ao. k HKTMOCR. hi Pine street. rR rai.r?a Ftnx i/rr in fiftt fourth htrkkt. near Hlitk areooe, atreet pared, ready to build on; elan a very rnnventent Houae and In South Seeotid atreet, VYll amahorg. lermy aaey. Apply W J. L. ilAHoKHT A BRO., 1tO Bowery Tj*OR RAI.R?ON RANT TKRMS. A THRRK HTORT r brown Hotiee. In Kael Thirty Aral rtreet, near Fourth are Bno, to perfect order Apply to R. F. OK I.ANcKY, Oouiaollar at Low, Noa. t and 10 Fine atreet 1POR RAI.R?A N*AT FAR* OF 30 ACRRN. flTO X Mack. AO.; gerd plain bulklmgr. abundance of rbuloo fruit be*otBully mooted. with An* river, lake and mountain vtowo. ten tomn' walk frrm aieambtwi landing, and thirty Ilia from Mow York. A em U Collage would be taken in egehaage. A F.DPY A UP.. H Uberty etrret XpOR HALM?IN BROOKLYN. THAT Et.KOANT NKW JP bmwa atone front, high atnop. three atorr. baaemrnt and nbeeUar I louse 04 1'irrrepool atreet near tlmlmi, Hr-v '<lyn ilelgbta. aim of lot Mi W0 fret, the Houae It AUed up In the beet manner, with all the modern improvement* Any peran deoulog a pleamni reaideoee nan pun hear thla dewrshla Qn^ertjMWi varj liberal lerma. Apply at JOHN MAYIIKK'll, F.r ??ik ciinr :y n rt hrfkn Brooklyn, one new three story and baeement House, with all the modern Improvement*, thla n An* rlaar prnv>eny and local ton iineoeopttoohhio; between Fuhon avenue and Banaoo place. Apply to J. B. JACKbOK, on the premloio. ER RAI.R ON RXCTIANflN FOR rtTT FROPRRTTAn admirably aeteeted atnrk of Dry Honda, of the moat unable and aalratde qiiaJHy. with all Art urea, together with the good will ef the Leaee. having three yearn io run. at O very moderate rent In a good huatnma location. The owner V" >H HAI.K 1IR I.AKOPt IIKUfP. JP Honor in H roc* I pi timlnrniabam.1,. rnarrrirnl to th? Court atmr* mm. A dratraMr and Miirtmki ad country nil p." a nth nho-H AS ?" wnald bo tobrn In I?wi P-) m*nt (he baUno ran remain for a trrm of ymra iSva T.fbW Apply at IU Naaaan aw, mam Ko. I. Ant Boor, raw not pai r on rxrnA*o?-ror now* KRTARUFH f od b?oii?raa. or for ?hrr prr>|>w?/, acraa oT HeorgtA nw lorula nolof .tmhrrril, ?cornit put aillra fraan hnvanoatv TW l-.W/? am <t< dra^lr * adraorina m iralur, and f<* In Ttattr. rt, H? thr ?T| rn?r for Intra, Ar,, am cotoparatlrrly ik?! it; r.rtlra! atlnt thr rbr. Imriiuf a root Wtnma or <n>.ar prnfM-nr Ic. illa|M?r id. ill nnd a tiunawW In lb* ad wrturr. Tb- r rrarn! naru?. 'a elrrumaun'ra a>an h that An la olilitod ' I d*|MOT id (boar l-aada ochrra-i*o ihrv would ma bo onto. ami Ibrr aro oflarrd at the low of (I SO por arm. nor half . r lh- ah-.le t" offered. oooM not c.SJeet to echanr kit for atol. Apply at or adiraaa IIT Naaaao atraat. room Mm t, flrat floor, mar hallrVal* or rxchamor-twmmtt low tk aocth RmUtA froa froaa raroahraaao. raomalanl to mil mod* AppV to 8 UORDLOW, MoMagna acrert, nnar Court, Ihuatlja. LX?* MALM OR TO LKAfflt-KATOR AHII WfKiD ? f Tho ruraMws! rouotrr plaro. fartr km, at B?Unrd, Weetrheaier moaty, adjoining tho .lay haaaatmi't pno, t the end of tha yreeenl aeaaun. Apply to K II LI/PLOW A CO., Wo. t fme atoms. AKTIW TO RCRCHAflR-A HIOH *TOW nor"*, worth abend ML2.000, boinron S'ourtMrtk Ofld Thirty etyMb atreeta, t? ilnrl.n and With aeen'tea. far raak. or In e?. change far mrant lota. Addroaa, with full pBfhtiflana. A. ?.. ptu ui. Taat iifcr, Raw Yorfc. 1 9^/1 ?TOR *ALM OR RXCflAROR. THR AMOTR amount of Jea-etry: will fx, haiito a pari or ibr a how fnr roal eaute. aw, haadtae or a good paytog butfpeaa or yd patent Addreaa Jewr'ry, hoi Iflfl HA ehl ntflra. _ i rrnuiirw. ' " ^ ' TVIhhKHA HT TIIR ORRAT RACTMRR. MJ Kns'taii Motto* today. RpaHah Hoaai Reef <m Tneadafl. i Ml' HAfclTt-jr A XbUWD. IW ?* ?! ? lace, oor Teflfi I UjlA.tur^O ASll LOCNBItO. 1 \i'fvl va I K K.vMlLh, kES1DI.Ng~AT j6 WMHT TWiSNt> U'. rd street, esnr Willi uremia, will accommodate a j boarj* "r '"i ^ *cu*^!,ttca Peasant rooms aud i \PItIVArV. FAMILY LIVING 1J? A FIRST CL VSR j I House. with all the modem unpi "iu, can ao- mint- I dale a ifu?i<'m . i ami wife with Board. House nearly painted, j Ac. il7 West i'wenty second ?lt cut A LADY HAVING MORE ROOM TJIAlf FHE RE- ! mure*, would let tome handsomely furnished K'miu* lo a and lady, or ?ii *!? genileme'n, with Hoard or without llii'Hi' has all modern uuprmementa. Apply ml No. 11 Weal ihirly en-one street. i AKI ITE l.r ROOM* IN WEST FOURTEENTH BTREET lo let, w .ilioiii board, to oue or two single gentlemen will- i inn to pay a fair price for such . cconnuodatkMir, family aniall, i and no boarders. Addreea tiox 1 Nil Pact otlioo. ASMAU. PRIVATE family will let two nicely lurmehed Kooma to gentlemen, with breakfast; the bonne I is new, with all the modern Improvements. Apply al SI Suiy i I veeant street, in of Ast ;r place, and near lite Cooper | Institute. 4 HPLKNDIDLY FI RN'ISHKP KRoNT PARIiOR ON il liret 111,or. w ith bureau* and bath* attached, to !el to a paiiy of gentlemen, on resnonuMe term* lor lite auiiuner , mouths; ai* x single K mm, in a private bouee, with all Iho ; modi rn imp; emenia. Apply at W Prince street, a few dome | west of "-nadway. BOA ,I?PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT ?A i.KNTLK- 1 man and wife, or gentlemen or ladles, can have Rooms, , | w ith Hoard, in a modern bouee, near railr-ads and stage# to ibe I dim n tow n ferries. Apply at 61 llatnm nd street, near Fourth street Board.-gentlemen can find at iks grand street, as nest, cool and comfortable handsomely I furnished, and beds per feel Jy free from vermin, as cui bo lound in the city; pi ice reasonable, with or without board. Location central. Boarp.-pi.kasant furnished or unfurnished Rooms l<> let, with or without Hoard, In a family where the | comfort* of a homa may la- enjoyed, auliabla for a family or single prrii in, h* 11*1* coti'nir.s .ill the modern tinpro. emunts and situated In a vary desirable neighborhood. Plaiiaa call at 170 Weal Thirty sixth ?lr< ut, between Seventh -aid K ghth are* ' unci. Privilege lo practice on a piano. I TJOARP?A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OR turks ' J J grown persons, can be sccomniisUtrd with the hurt Board, 1 mid Parlor and Bedroom*, on tha second floor. In a small famiI ly; no utber boarder* taken. References required. Apply at !3u Wareiiey place, near Broadway. tjoard.?to let. furnished rooms, to gentlei) men and their wives or single gentlemen, with or without | Board. Terms low. (las and bath In the house. Call at 17 | Wooster street. B1 oard.-klegantly furnished rooms, WITH Board, to let to a gentleman and wife, or families, in s Ural j class house up town. The bouse has every convenience baths, hot and cold water, Ac. Table lirst class. Apolyal 104 West Twenty sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Board in broadwat, between twelfth and Thirteenth streets?the heat location lu the t?ty; house tint elans, poeaesses all modern improvements, an exceilenl table; dinner at o'clock. Apply at rU2 Broadway. Board in brookj.ys.?a gentleman and wife 1 or two single gentlenu u can he accommodated wiih i lea aunt Booms la a small family, at ttt Henry struct, conveniciit to K niton and Wall street ferries, Boakd in a puivvte fjvii.t.-tvto pleasant second story rooms, to let to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen; also one on third 11 or to two gentlemen willing to ri?in together. LocaiPr* very desirable. References excbanged. Apply at No. 'Joe West Twenty second street. Board in clinton place-in slit or single, for gentlemen and their wives, or for single gentlemen. Also, the Basement for an office, at 97 < 'colon Place. Board wanted-brkakfabt, and pinner at six o'clock?In a private family, by s single gentleman. must he in a good locality, and below tenth street. Address W. K.. Broadway Post Office. Please ; repay. BOAKD WANTED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FOR A young lady, where there are a few other Hoarder*. Address Isabel, box 13b Herald office. Board wanted?a young lady would like to engage Board In a quiet family where there are few or no other hoarders. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, Frances, Herald office. Boarding?a large back parlor, suitable for a gentleman and bis wife, furnished or unfurnished. Also, two or three single gentlemen, Apply at LU Nassau street, Brooklyn. Boarding.-rinolk or married persons wish, i tug good Hoard and nice Rooms, ad a very low rata, please I call at 363 West Thirty tilth street. Building modern, neigh* I borhood respectable; baths sod wash tubs free. Children no I objection. OARDINO.- THREE OK FOUR RESPECT AMI.K YOUNG men ran be accommodated with c<sxl Board la a private family. Apply at 67 East Twenty -eighth street. Terms mods , Boardiko.-two young ladies, of agreeable maimers and prepossessing appearance, nan And agree* Me accommodations with a Udy. living aloos;IneatWio between f unrteeuU and oevcuteex th streets. Address Mr*. Wilson, Union square pi at office. i HOARDING IN BROOKLYN?a oentmwaw sjfd 1 fl serifs* miwl iwrn far lhr?? EMntlwmMi mui hdi nr nm mnrlwf^rt with m fluure of nice rundsbed Keen, end good Hoard, In m respectable private (auilly, live minute*' walk from Ful torn ferry. Terms moderate. Apply ml 114 Bands street. Ratersncem exchanged. I Boarding?331 Greenwich htiikjct.-a rw gentlemen rsn be s? c wnroodated with rood Hoard muni pleasant Rooms at Mrs. TAYLOHH- Terms lu end t& 40 per meek. Board ix brooklyx.-a oexti.emax and wife or two single pnUemen cam tie ae< .inmodatsd In ? tlr* class house, with s private lamllv. situ* Inn between Wall and Booth ferries. Address box 3,Sb3 New York Poet o?oe, or osU ml 70 Utete street. Hroufcl) n. Board in brooklyx.-vket desirably fir mailed Rooms, with Hoard, may be oMmlned lu a prliale family at No. Ml) I tuiUju street, a pleasant lorauou and oumte- | meni to the ferries. _ Board in hrooelyx-a rr.ktst .vt front ron* on ms end Boor. wlib two peiiirics attached. also a single I pinni. In a |>)r.i-.iiit location, not live minutes' w?!k fmn lbs I fei lire, balk In tin bouse. Apply SI 7/ Cliufuu aU jet, two uoors liuiu I.?y iuK*ton at. U~~ OARD IN ROl'TII BROOKLYX -A TRIVATK FAMILY rrstdlnt St 7H West Warren street, between llenr.v and t'l Dion streets, c..u accommodate m gentleman and bis wile, or two single cenlleinen, with s Urge pleasant Room and Hoard, dinner ml b P. SI. Uaa and bah lu ihu bouse Brooklyn heights.?onr large front boo*. i anltakle for two gentlemen. or genllemsn and wife, al No 6 Willow street. Dinner al o'clock. a few minutes walk 1 from tbr leiTlea. ttkicirttr?bo ard. A few gentlemen could ba aeccnunniUUid with ?:el class Hoard sod UKely farntsbed Rooms, In a priest- faml'y. The house Is of first order, cmtrnt s aU modern requirements, < mnd oBerg a splendid rtew over the day and New York. Dinner at o'clock. The moat satisfactory ri ferenres reauirvd and given. Inquire it the premiers. IS < ottimUa street, flrmk1)0 Heights. Wtumtcd between Wall smd Fulton ferries. J rljrton IIOCFK, Ut-ttT BROADWAT. OYER y null's Salmn ? KlegtM auns of Rooms to let. new fnnllure, best sprtsi beds, and all lbs ooorenleocea at m bnt c..?s biusn. Apply em above. IJM.KC \ KTLY FCRNINHED ROOES AT THR1IOTKL RT. ' <, t.enn.'ii. Fifth accrue Broadway and Tw-ntv m-rotuf ,fn-i t Parties i letting New York will 'md very cool, airy suits of Apartments, with hatha atla -hod, In this inlet and delight \ fully tot Sted hotel, t uulisoed oo tbe European plan. ( FRFNrn BOARD ?TWO ORXTLEEF.X, OTl A OF.NTl.P ' mail and bta wife, can be armmmtrl iied with elegantly | . fnmleU I K ms. ami eirelli-nt Heard, In a French (ami oe | eup)lmg a flrat class h<iu?e. Apply mt 47 west Twelfth atreat, | 1 111W t en I tfth and KUth at roues. Rpauisb, Get auu and Lug lirb spobeti. | YXU'RTH AYEXTR HOTEL, Sn? AND 109 FOCRTR . J? arenas, betweem Twentr third end Twenty frnrtb streets. Tsdierk w ill Bad this a quiet and Dleasmnt hotel. pin lie and double rooms at half the rales of first rbsss houses, and equally ee good, memJs served In moms If desired. , Cn'RN'IPHFD BOOB* TO LET, TO OKXTLERKX OXLT. ! r ?Ibey will be let In suites r? singly, by th day or week. ' The moma are large and well furnished an 1 tbey rontalm mil the modern improvements- Apply at M) I'r nee street ; lm rvudftl) boors to let. without hotrdp Two large furnished r'?uns In let. Apply at No. 3u Hood | street Terms low. < GOOD AND CHEAT I/iDOINO?-AT THE GLOB* j Hotel, comer if Frankfort ant William streets. New | I Yrrk. Terms RI to 37 cents per might Rooms from 91 to 99 M | per W ri h. Gentleman mnd wife 7k ccoU per uight. Open mil i I No.Vin broadway, rktwicicr "twkxtiit?i tvn Twantjr II rw atraata.?Thla hooaa bar in* Ima-i t hnr .'i*h'y irnnvatad. nowlr uvl a|a*anilv [urntobad. In anw roa-lr I" re , t ralra gwlm. Niyilr Rnrm ?v< Aptnmrnb ni awki In W. m ' , tin- Kurnpaan plan. no unnatamnnly mndorata trnna to dralra { J Ma parttao. I I N'KATI.T FVRRISIIF.n ArARTMF.VTS RY THKWTF.K ' f>r month. autuble for * *rmiam*n or a *ani>maii *011 , ode boiiarkaapln*. term* mutarata. hath. (< A.-. Alan a a nala Bad mom <111 upper Ufnr, $1 #0 par weak, at 47 Amity j urn t. na-rr Waabmctmi pai k. J Partial board wartf.d ik with a i j hull IIHrwim on lhaeaennd or third tanrr A prtrata * fatnil*. or fdwi obore faw boardei a am taken. pmfarrrd. < Trrtna murt he modarata. end tha lor .tlm -rairentrut 10 abhor I 1 of tha farnaa. but Houlb or Wail tamat would b* mora do- I arable Addreea R. T., Herald ofllra. ffWfi KKATT.Y FTRRTSIUCD ROOMS TO I.rT-ITTTHW 1 I 1 two binefca ol Bmadaajr Honaa rootaine lb? molapp bnaraan r Rtaaee paae tfe door. Apply at Amity atreet, knaliab beaetaoatbouee. I rpWO Rl? KI.Y FVRMMIF.D FRORT ROOMS AMD RFD , I room fn |a< to a rami man and hi* wife fur ho'taefceepln*, 1 whete ereinbtn* ? idata a?d newt. mm tJ SO and At a a ret. Alar, a "Ingle Ki an fnr a tangle *ent|evr.aii. In a pilfaU) bnuae, n hi SI An'-' i ty ahikopor RQIARR Iorrkr of BARK ARO flmlenn airaata -Ronroe In let, with Board. handanmely , ' (iirnlabed. modern Imprmetneufe; locatim central and airy; . 1 V.lgl.ib aiauita car a and atagaa paaa reformer* reyilmd. I 1 o rocRTR ATwrtm-TO i.kt, thk rrpf.R story. i JVZl rnntatalnr four ru m* Apply to W. A T. LKVFJR, earpot wan hotiae. U Fourth arroaa. 1 j 1?J U'DLOW Pl.Af'R nil HOCRTOR RTRKETl. RRAR ? AO MaadfaiyaJ atroaC?Fn-ntahed or nnfuratatmd hmena to let to aingle gentlemen. with or Without Board. Reference ftran and re<|Uired. C)n ortfr ktrfft?Ft'RRltOfFD ROOMS to i.rt, to ' fUYJ yantlamaa Italy. Rnn.a al H741 M par *tl, bg jM ' I baa a flua rard. y?a and la rer> m?tet . fTQ FART rorRTF.r.RTn RTRFKT, RRVR TRIOR ' I rJ ennare - Board, larjra and amall faratahed Room*. : ' autiaUa [m famlUra or ainalr canUaman, to lat [nr tl.r aiimaT " monUia. aubar parmaminly or tranalaatly, on rorj maderaM J tarn.a Ihnnar at all. Rafbrancaa earhanyad. 1 no tlBFRRR RTRFKT. AIRTOR HOl'RK -RTPKRBLT . 1'() [umlabod Parlor and I'admnma, oah r*? and IVntoo, ' K-.!SSi5nit?i: ^tjrssffvssis'^sf a""*?" ! aiiicifAL AaaAina. 7 : ttATf.l^ a oaami. mnr rmw'jvnn n iMI~a<3 ***tti?Sta.manno. I NEW YORK HERALD, I ^ COIATHV no?HD, A PRIVATE FAMILY KKSIDJNO AT MiLTo.N. n.N THE Hudson river, would ,.*? a lew IwU'dum lor ihe> tinnier. Tliu l.K'rtl(iu u delightful, and ? Touitnouull jsi superior; would like a . rnoetent nutate teacher, wb i woul I ?' u uno. ma in pert payment fur Ikui d. Address >5. T. l)rdw*y, I! lion, ITter county, N. Y. Board at rocxaway, lono i?i.ani>, in a pri- i tale family; good dung and splendid sea bulbing. Com- i nmnteuiiou by re I nnd ettit,: four or live i.iu? d-uly. Apply > el 832 I'madwny, ueiir Twelfth sir ,eL Board in thk country.?a rrw families can be pleasantly accommodated with Hoard at uleu Drunk, Cornwall, Orange county, u uhm five minute*' w ilk if IdloHild and of easy mi'ru, the i Powell landing daily. Par further paidicubu a adtire-s H. M Sutherland, on Tie promise*. or 1..onire of 8. O. V imliull. ill Went Thirty eighth m eel. or K. 'J. liorLou, D?y Rook jdloe, l(ii .Nubaa m eet. New York. * Board in the country?a few v acant rooms eiin be obtained in a healthy met pleasant kx-ation, w to're lie' advant ip. -i of the fHrni can be en joyed, fruit, vegetables, Ac, nt Uie residence of Wn. H. Dibblee, Strawberry llill, Stamford, Conn. BOAR > IV TIIK 'I.I'M KY - it I'tiRNW am., OK A NOW Mtmty, N Y. Right or ten bMMHl MM be nocommoilBted wiihnice pleanaut Rnoma, two mll*s troiu the lending. Hemitiful location. and unlet; country around. Tortus easy. Apply to - HAS. H. Cornwall. f ALIKFAYOOn noi 8E, OPPOSITE KEYPORT, It. J. id twenty miles trom New York. Steamers leave Robinson street at 9 A. m. and ? P m dally: a few choice Rooms not taken. Apply to J. T w)IJtON,of Wilson and Banker 61t ] firoN'lwav. li. W. ABBOTT, pr?|)iM>r. tlOUNTKT HOAK1)?ON THE SEA SHORE, IN TIIB DR) KghUul village i fQui gus, L. I. IIoum commodious and pleasantly situated, directly opposite the main way to the beach, which U within a ple.isant walk. Bathing excellent. Koala for fishing parlies or aiUi.g. Terms moderate. Apply, by letter or other* iae. to OMTR HOOPER. Quogue. Longlalaud. Cotxtry board.?thr cornwall mountain House cotr.tu.iads a new of 30 ml lea of he Hudson and a Urge extent of country; plenty of ramb.iiig room in lielda. (rrovea, on hills and mounUius; no mosquitoes; fruit, mvtk and vegetables from the farm. IH.t Wool), Cornwall, Or-inge county, N. T. Ciountry board?on the hudson, at pihhkill landing.?Fundi e* or so gi? p< rsona desirous of good country Board, with Urge. airy rcoma. m.ignliiccnt mountain scenery, and a splendid new of the Hilda ?j river, should address Samuel A. NcKinley as above; terms moderate. Cu,l xtry BOAKD\ pkivaTE family, rf-siihno ) on Icing Island, one hour's ride from South ferry, desires to seconiir.i .late a l eap, clabie family with Hoard during the lesson. House and grounds are shady and retired, with fruit, fresh milk, Ac. Terms reasonable. Address A. B. 0., box 103 Herald oflice. CIORXTRY BOARD AT new ROCTIKLLE-FAMILIES > or single perw na can be accommodated with good Hoard, and all the comforts of a farm bouse, at very low rates: short distance from the sea shore; good bathing, line drives, horses si.d carriages for the convenience of ho,inter*. Inquire at the Metropolitan Hotel, adioiidiig the depot ?t New Kochnilo. West cheater county, or of F. A. potter, Nov X Hanover street. New York. Ool'ntry board in 8ioht of the city.-MRS Campbell, at Comatock House, near gregory's Land* lug, has two risims to let. i-ocatiou uioet desirable, reached In ihirty minutes by Foil le-e boat*. f,a>t of Spring street, erery hour, snd by Forty-second street every fifteen minutes. Further particulars tnay be had by Inquiring at -ho (ireeuwich street, second floor, rear olBce. rodxtry board?families desirous of 0btalmrg Hoard in tlie country, can be accommodated at the New York Bay Hotel, hi, miles lrom the Jersey Ofly ferry, en ihe Bergen Point l'lank rood. The place Is beautifully situated on the Xew york bay, e. nuuandiiig a migiiitleeut view of the Xarrpwa. Slaten and long Islands; goo i boating, b..thing and fishing- For particulars inquire at the bouse, or of J as. s. DKMOTT, 29 Wafi street. ' rOUXTRY BOARD AT NEW ROTHELLE-A FEW DBs.rtble rums yet disengaged at Mia Had don's Fay Bob faot?L CNOCNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN J snd his wife, In a really comfortable farm house, where no other boarder* are taken, and where the neighborhood ig pci fectly healthy; the disbince not to exceed two hour* by boat or cars from the city. Long Island or New Jersey preferred. Address, staling accommodations, locality, terms, Ac., Bey. nurd, Madison square Poet eAoe. Good country board matIjiTobtaYnedn b ar flien i ove. 1.. I., tn a cool and airy situation, with facilfUea for Imntfnr, fishing and bathing, and accommodation for oarrlnge . nd horses. For particulars apply to Bit' HARD COX. Lag , llsl Broadway. Substantial ood*t*t iioardoan he had at a neat farm boose a half a mile from Turoer's depot, on the line of the New York aod Erie Railroad; compounloatlow four .win a day each way. For full uarticoUrs address Isaac A. Tarke, 1 urners, Orange county, WPW Tor*. ICMMKR HJCBOHTB. BKAI.K IUULH atJII.AAL flHI .1 lirl, Hill, Kf.i, Maine?Thi* nrw and maantftceni Until, thoroughly I ami*!.* d w|th?rery prowlee? 'nr tie comfort of it* gurrta, Bill be opened on the 10th I nut. The water* of thi* aprtng piwrM i he hlelieit medicinal virtue* of any lit the country. Attar hut are billiard aaloona, bowline all.-af, livery ttabiiw, trolling lake, Ac. The vicinity aflorda anyle attraction to the angler and ?ixv turn an. Carriage* will b* found in madmen* at AufitiKta and Oardinnr, fynr mile* d:*Uut. for the . ..nveyance Df gunta WM. L. WHITK, Agent. Chkiaca, Maine, June 4, 1870. BELLA TIHTA HOCHR, bkrukn IIILL. NEW jkhhtt ? Till V'lmmrr re*ort?very dmlrable for Ita mleudtd vtew mrr the bay and the Hnilaon, aa we J a* it* extenatve ui I beautiful ground*? la now open 'or the reception of boarder*. Tba houae 1* kept tn the uauvl hotel atyle. lunula* ..ui a?i ? Vlete nci-ommodatlona for water treatment. Acrea* from New 'oik In twenty mlnutea by the Jerary City and llubuken farriea anil corresponding horae rallnaul*. Or. K. J. LOWKNTHAL, Proprietor. RI/VdMB HOTEL HAI.P WAT FROM CATSKIM, TO |lhi Mountain Houee, I* now open for summer bon-den; a nne pi o r for gunning and Baking. Hoard ft per week. to all paru "7 the oout.lnr P|Viprtrtor KtratTOM, Oreene emjnly. X Y. COI.tMHIA noun*. CA PK INLAND, CAPE MAT, N. J ? Tina large Brat cla-a hotel w ilt be opruad for the recepiioa nf cue at* on lie 24(h of June, INiJ. TM bouae baa bean comple'ely repaired and refu-i?l?hed; a tew rooking range, uvea*, meant tea (era, and every modern mnmvemrnt ad'led. Kxl"n*ire ita Ming atta Tied to the jremlae*. All letter* addrraead to the *ul>*cril>er*, face I?'*od !f. J., B ill la- promp'ly I. d to. I, AIHO A WixtPM A* )tvi< II l.uan. late | r yoWlor Franklin llmo*, t'kUadal- I iibln. i li Woonna*. lur'utdf proprietor Mount > etu m |lo1*1. <'ape MM. Dwrh noTKL cownrrTicn t?w tite etropkaw plan, Nm. 188 and 1BU rulum atreet lealrvtce In Cranberry afreet), PmrVyn. L I? Elegant atngle tad don Me front k-?*ra, from U 'O f. per week. Ice Cream at*. Dial Of Room* . mound Boor Pinner from U io 3 o'chick. I Goon RfiVRn AND AfVOMMODATTftV CAM BR arcured at Uvure'i Hotel. AatMia. Call an I nee the place. A. UOtVE. Proprietor. i If. B?The bouae * Ay riff ha* been furuiabed for the aa Mtttmndaii'in of the boarder*. HFATTI nflfKR kCnOf>r.FT,? VOrjfTAlNif. N. J. It i now open ior the reeeicioti of comp-tny. Tram* tear# > Ui* of i' utrert, at * 80 A M. and S *fP M Kxpiraa ! >u Pal unlay, 6:10 P. M. On the third, at 8 HI P M. P A. CMOWKI.L, Proprietor. _? " | Harvkvb f.AKK, LrzpRTCE rorifTT. rr.ssdYi.vAma?Afceeait.Je by Delaware, let. Xawn.a and Weitern tamtf to KMMi *i e in the Wrno :r* valley, wher.'-e vtailera ruin oarrtace* t>. the lake. 11 ltd * distant. Hie botal I* commodious, and every attenti on la paid to 1 litter*; the lak* ahmtn 1* In Bak. the a trmun llnr m -un aii.a .n garr C and Iru it alrrama; a ate*ml><?t I* exi>r**?ly proride.| for :he g ireta, al*o row and latlboela the lak < la twenty mil'-a a'?iul one broad, of no i?ne, and aa clear i? cry atal Trim* fl ? per day, ?r i*tr week. K ITT ATTN JIT IIOrSF. HELAWANK WATER 0AP, PA. TM* fat-orb* re*ort 1* now open to t *tei?. The attrartlona are, beauui ul monolatn acenery. Una air and purr water, j !ea*'nl drive* *nd walk*, rowl-ir. ri-!.ia*. Ac. The tr. ut lUlutiA a now at Ita height, and Urge nm.oer* are laken. Hi the erertiua of ??* hnlMlPf the accomwodatiooa ?r* marly do'itrls thoae of Uat year leare ff?w V'irfc at foo- of tV.nlatvH alreet st 8 I'lkrck A. M. Mil reach the Qap :a tine for d'nrvr. U fo HltoPHItAI' froprte'iw LKROT TWCAK. RAW RO"HKU,R. IH f*OW OPK* FOR N orders. b? the da/, or mouth. at nv?l?r?ie prVe*. aith r?r<d table, l*rre play rr*"ioda b<r rhildr-n, B-h g, or. ?" .rood hathtac. Fur aarileuUrs *ppl / to B. F. TflO i HAh, #r?t,i,rater . . 'inly, R V. La TorRFTT* nor**, rfrofr fotrt n. J - ' This IIIPRllhr InaMT Hotel. bearitif I. ? * . t tank* <>f the KtU Tin Kull, la now op?n for lue a> " -i It a ears "pier J N<.rth rtrer at 7^ ant IIS t- H and S','*"1 JS P. M., rr< m Knr< Uy atreat at ly A M an It , P V ( n?(im New YorkMmlnuts. Wini.K# W n.M, (Formerly of l<af*rt;e Hons" , Proprietor. Lack MonroAir Horn i* row ofkr for bp*. m?r Marline. strutted r.rur m.ies east V Peehaail) rtlu* Waatnheator fowtf. una hour and a n ilf rite ''na the Itjr by Iludaon Rlrer Railroad. * irtAlo a'r r " t dHrra and lalhlnr. maki a N one of the m at rte*tr?n;? toind tor famtllea who purp-ae rdn* Id tha cotiul-y. Addroaa k. W. Palmer. 1'mltak.ll I'w odl ?. Moment* lakr-wm somen had a<- >tcnnnA. turns for two families at his prtraia r-aWb rv? on tha lewder af this lake. a plana hirhly appmeiated for tha p int/ of ha air a ad Its grand nvnmu.o wti-r, b* g fraa fr .rn ,1 local aisaar eaaiphainta W. Jours h m for sale, no the h-w- I lar of tha laka, rbutre luind for b ! r si:'a. tpply t r. lotiea. tl< Hroadwav. or ' Martens, a/eh'ivt M ?A:.n Tirana through to lafta Ly railroad. |1 or by jr. -?a A ror*. ]^| Kf * RTCHAKIW, RORWALR V > ' TICCF ''tlf reloiMM-ra giten ai,d n quirod. N'ATinjMi, Horrr,, LOWQ brawiI?. W J , ixtrwd ha< irifr iha f.rat (rand Hop of iba < >? o .Pity 5 P. P. PKTKRf", Propria**. * Jf P-Vr. T aorta Talard of th" Vatropnlltan HoU-l. KtW r. rk, hn? ccwmM hxnaaU with lii* ______ VrrWTORK JIOTFt^ PKNATAQCFT. f>. J, RTTt* K TFT> 11 on tha ahora of llroat Rnnlh Ray, opv"*''* Flra UUtvl ? A >M(h(f>\: aunmor ralrrat, a/tordtn* rara fao*Hti** for r?lt?ilnf, n.l n? ami ?*JHii(. t* now onan fir Iha raaapilon of iWR r? Train* In" Brooklyn. Bw,(h larry, for Tbnmpaon **U-m it 10 A. M. and ISP and 6 AO P M o? harr mora* ar-,?'a y* In radlncaa. BOBKB* HcKIWWTW, Pm, rirtor^ ryiuw iwrnw, f/?wo hk ifii, kkw tim?rr -tw* IJ andoralxnod Infuraa hta fi Vnda and U>* pihll ?t ha la low folly praparad for ll>? raoapU. u of tranaiantor muiaaf Kwrdrra. Ooaaa and rirrr hailiinf. boaUnj ar.. jahlng of rrary dawrlptmo unaurra*??d. (Vj.tain A. II AOarRTT.Jv Pr?M/w, Sc?r worn* rm>ULA*n, wow op*w.-TH*r*?fi* Urbat# al Broth frrrr, Brooklyn, ota D?o rt>art| and Bohr no. Oar? loarr daily ?l'?<) A. M 1 ?> P w P<w firiAor alirmauoci addtraa Hammla A 1)orninjr, Klra I aland. ' OKA BATHTWO-AT I/)WO BK t*CH. W J-TfTR HH9 tropoliun Ho?*l la now noon for (Aa ra-npMon of ofcifn Innr IS Tha Dalawar* and RarKan Bay railroad makoa two WVy trlpa In Ixwi* MranrA. l? arii* RnMnamt otr#a? wharf; and Itrawr -r Hlahlaad U(M and Inw Branob tnara aima plana lor Looa Branch dirari For lima f laa?ta?a?a daily pv>?#* J. H. A T. W. riUOPn. Prop rial ora. CJKA BATHIIfO.?THOUPWOW B AIXAHTfC PATILIOW. 3 HIio'andK. W. 3 . Iiopon for tha ara-,mo>M ,?tnn of parmawnl awl iranan nt tlaAara. Blaarnor* laava foA of B .b'.rwm itrral m Waxlay, Julf 2, at 7 A. W ami IP*. Tu?adar, 7*< *. V and S P. I., and on Wadnaador. ' Jlf*. *17,*^ A .'.0 r.K ' ! H.-vf-l I'r ,r,M PHI ocsAjr Horn*. 1 jrr.wptar, RHOIT* I*T.AJfD, to BOW apra for tko r?wpt?w A BTRfwa, t r pritPO** J ON DAY, JI 1.Y 2, I860. BPKCUL NOTICE. ? i All. 1 EPSONS HA VINO ri.AlMS A'iV'.v . T.IK 1 < -"tato if Tarn end ami Ann N teent, Into the oi>tr .?< Mew j York dereaaeil, i e ii* i*by n... ili>d t1 piHi'Ul lb'' ,i d?, ,tth inner. i 'b*r<i thereof, to the nod" .aigi?*d, a. 1 ? >re, So. ii KMtcnlt ?:rect, on or h>T?re October II. 1 ( HAULS* Ml lilt U, K.. ..wr. Si w Y. kk. i ill 10. '.SO*. NEW YORK IIITY ASH COUNTY LIQl'OR DEALERS Protocth o So iety.?Memb-rm, an.! :hn?" winliu g to loin, arc ran to. '. <! to * h'U.f the tnee tug of thn .tbot >; to.'!' ly. at t!i? Jileecaer II.,tuo-, an?r of llle.-. her .tod Ureen* mwu, ,n Monday, J .j 2, at 7,'^ o'eln k I'. M. Itv n-,l?r of JollN I) ItO.MI.KOlK Pioaifei.t. Purrs VoQfADr, Recording Beeretiiry. VTKW YORK LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY ?THE AY innnthly meeting of ll.ia -..iriety, uhl h wool t norur.n Ttuadoy evening, the 3d JtJy, ia postponed until TUESDAY, [ Ike I'"!, loal,. In oooiequeuce i iw el "i the members on gaged >n the prcparaUnu tor the celebration of ot.r notional ; day. By order. tJ. A. R AT/., Secretary. I THE NEW YORK YOI NO MEN'S ROM \N 0ATOKUO HE ^ ncvolert tiaorlotlon.?A aperi*! meeting of tlila A?* .cin- 1 tlcn will be heel at their me. ting rjouteoit Tuc?Uy sveiu >g I D.'xt, July 3. Into, at 7>. o'clock. Punctual attendance la If.lulled. By .ij dtr of J0I1X HAYES, Presltknt. E. W. OH mr.HSOs, Secretary. TIAM SUM ro tua sniTOK or rue i-.realp. Your paper o' June 30, llMO, ooit'.iloa a repo A to tho effect that John Murphy, of the flrtn of McGmtville A Mur; hy, of tl.U city, waa arrcited at the Inetance of "It.rbour llroa., ' dealer* In Hn?n hroad, on tho chtrge of counterfeiting th-lr trade roirkt. and tlat le waa held to ba'l by the Juatire ky wbotn the warrant had been homed S-icb a rgp "ft cannot l>? ititfered to co unexplained. The facta are ahortlv rheec:?Meaer*. McConvtlle * Murphy received, in the nrooih ul' Viy lust from ? In Glasgow, altogether unsolicited by them, a * in til ronrigr niml of th', to be so'd by theui on account of the j ? rsignor. When the thr* ad rebelled their bauds they, for the linit time, became awAre that i( bore the Lit el of Hirbuur j Standard," the as me aa U UAunllv placed by the house of bourn, of Uaburti, Ireland, 01 thread mauulat lured by :bcm i fur the NTew y >rk market. A few darn al ter the ihr".il c.ime , Into their poaaenaton, McConvUle A Murphy received no ttce from Harbour Hros , of thin rlty, that the (aid la Via ware cou terfiiin of their trade mark, l'he consignor ' 'n 01 sgow, however, a.-serta that both tho labels and 1 the thread are the genuine labela and thread of tin honee of Harbour*, of Unborn, purchased by him on i the o'her side. Under these circumstances. and m ont >r to prevent the neceaatty of litigation, Meaara. Met? urdlle A M ir. , phy were Induced, at the Inntanre of mutual friend of Har- ! hour Hro*. and'vhentselves, to place the labels in tils hands, and 1 to stop '.he sale of the thread, until all doubt regarding the | same h id been definitely removed. They informed Harbour Bros. that they had done no. 1 he*e gen.lea. o, not sallaSnd ' with thin, demanded that the Libels should lie gh en up to hcin, which Meisrs Mef'onvffle A Murphy, In duty to their oouslgnnr, aud believing tiint they hurt no right to give up bis property without kin eminent, on the mere Kotetnenl of Barbour I llri a., refused to do. An action In the ordinary form waa ' thereupon commenced against them, to whb u th' y are ad v ,sed tbgy have a pet Tartly valid defenae. 1 he arrest of Mr. Murphy In a criminal preceding at the Instance of Hi rtiuur Hrm , waa the r.'-xt. and a moat graluitmm act of hostility. The position of M' ('oo?llle A Murphv In the ? ercarmle community m a guarantee of their ample ability to answer .n damages for any i-Ia:ni against them. Messrs. Met'onville A Murphy bellevtng.lhatthei haved >ne tnthls matter all that mercantile uaigo nnd the sine test h"nor can require, have determined to let ih'- law take ita regular * and the rights of the p.irtb s lie tested by the most a . horttalive tribunal, fka this account, Mr. Murphy, by the advice of cosnael. preferred to have the criminal charge against hlui aent direct to the General Session*. and waived any preliminary eusnilnatMiu. Mk'ONVIi I.Rjt MURPHY, 61 street, New York. r LIQUOR DEALER*.?THR KINGS COUNTY LIqnor Dealers Society will hold thetr reg ilar monthly meeting, on Monday, duly 2, at two o'clock In tho afternoon, at Tannn iny Hall, Brooklyn. All tueoitici' are requested to be punctual in attendance. By order, WM. HOWARD, PreeUent. JNO. Mc'KKNNA, Vice President. Prntn Outmrsos, Secretary. WESTERN LANDS. A LAWYER DP THISCITT A HOOT to visit the Weaierii States, will attend to collections entrusted to him. KiandiiHiion of titles, payment of ui?i. and obtaining patents for parttea holding certificates for graduated lands, (without such patent the title being void.) Address Lawyer, Herald nSce. wiwiii ^ GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. LKIHTR A UKADBl'RY'H, Manufacturers at a ivkuT SCALE OVERSTRUNG B ASS PATENT INSULATED EU'LL IRON FRAMK GRAND AND SOI'ARK PI.ANOEORTKA, No. All ltrnome etreet. PIANOS TO RENT. A LEX ANDRE ORG ANH.-THIS INSTRUMENT OWES It to not ad pc-ted by change of climate, and U warranted never to require tuning UORACK WATKltH, Agent, 833 Broadway. QH1CKERINO A SON'S, Manufacturers of GRAND. SQUARB AND CPR1UIIT PIANOS. Wurerooma, (04 Broadway. C. A Son* hare boon awarded thirty-eight prize module for the eupenofit/ of tboir aaau-ii'aciure for lb* past thirty ?* year*. PIANOS TO RENT. J* C. FIHC'HKR. 8M BROADWAY, NEAR POUR teenih Mrvet. iiave a wlocii-d auuottiaciit if Iron frume orerrtrun* Piano*, warranted. One wren octavo Puuio, lull* nerd, $1(5, one *i? and a half octave Ptaoo, (100, one Meiwdeoo, piano atyle, W. PIANOPORTE POR BALE IMMKDIATKI.Y.?A MAOnlfW-enlle earned pearl hey Piano, but nine rrvmtlm In u?c; met (475. will he mid for (730, It la aerrn, aplen did aerpentiM raae of the rtrheat ij'uvlliy of niaewiaal, elegantly carved and Inlaid with peurl, nioralriing hue*. a -> ! iWp?d key*. Iron frame, carved leva, round corner*, Ac. Oao be men at ltd avenue A, corner of Tenth atrect. PIANOS, PIANOS, PIANOS.?AT AUCTION THIS DAY, at i# West Eighteenth street, a jilendid "even or tare flu ooforte, roaewood ram, of fine tone and flnUh, in um only two month*, Sal* councnee* at M>>* o'clock. Olfl-'O" RAI.B, A MAONIPIOKNT J OCTAYR roaewood pianoforte, with rich round corner*, pier ant earred aprott tarn rleh - - - nnartw luui ,i? I m*Ver?. folly warrv.ied, and a auperb piano thrnwgkont. <-;.o te fully M?l. fr\r* 12HV?about half prim. Apply at ?7? ** Thlrt> aaraet, from T A. M. U11 8 P. M., Ull Tburaday neit. nutkixnuai. At n bowfrt, nrw Torni. a*n *n rri.tof atreet, Brooklyn'While the principal object of PAINK'H Mercantile OoUegea la to qualify young mm fur hnnncaa, ample prnvMnoa are made to Inalruct joreigtiera In Reading, Spelling and all thr Kngltah liranchea, Back student rveliuig Strictly Individual InaM-uciloo. Ararmt of rrH*\*n>inr ano nooicKicicriKa, 3?1 Mroad*ay, continued l.y W C. HOOW.A.f l?, for many years assistant of Oliver P.. (toktomlik. ?i. in till. Ilna practical and thorough. Terms low, aud oaruiul at given. Op? u day and atming. Arrnvvts, ao?mr. tioi.rrar, tmj rroadway, keeps I be largest commercial Inatliution In New York. Pupils may now aerure drifts at the rodurc I atmnnrr I rma rtnl lie practically prepared fur full hu w? WrlUu^ $3. IliaAareplug 110, Arithmetic ti, ('omrautalion fit. Acari>-thr rritw-rinkr nxs rrmovrn nia Academy of Pemmoahlp ami BorAkopnii from 303 to K!3 Troadway, corner of Twenty first street. Ills elegant es ubllahment rranoala of all parWan. affording perfect anrlualoo P> adult pupils during bonra of lnatrujtinn. Rich mint! will receive the peraonal attention of auhacritwr. aealete 1 by b ? ata irr la the ladles departm. iiL Ot.I V KK H. uuuwmitu. t MFRffAK RtHOOI. IRrTITlTK. PW BRflAflWAYhupplira a leads aiel families wtUi competent Inatrn. t int. H.fcr to Fi rulty, Rutgers't'otlri;r, Dr. Ixrwrell Maeae at al. Vtaated, f>-r Irimile roljege In Teurn ?ee, a prufc???raf imtbetelle imI n o '*, a '-rgyman preferred,alno, a prvifraaor i4 music ft* Ueorgta. A lute opportunity. March* cormwo roow* for I'racUae and tnatrurtton la Bookkeeping and Mualneaa AITalrft P.O Broadway. Irving Building, rdmlara on application. Marwk a mnplete and bea lUful worka on P', aaw aditioua, pr.eted in oolura, far aale. l'tlvate ieaaona, rPAI.K.IT* AMD Ot*AI?T?H!W-A f.AHV Of T.<pertrn-e wtalr a 10 devr** brr unto and bine during tba a intm-r rr.milha In tba cure ami adoration ?f I am orUnea r 'la. frr-nri I to >4 yrara of age. Rerjntalio Information uMnlbr I at 4 W illonghtiy mrrrt. imrnnr nf Jay, Brimkljru WIU1?KM?. AT MR?. RWJ.,K.~NO. S CATHARtm hTRF.KT, Tint or* ml att Ira of Aprlng and Aummrr IWmnria at rrditr?d rltea V K.?Pailrmo id Haa-piea. Waiata M..nU'lta. R?h*a, Hrrthaa, I .pro, AWvra and A prima for U-ltra and obildr. ?. I'hiklag and aU Aiu la of Manplij| for Kmbraide. tea dour lo ar*ar. AHTBOUJgf. AlTATRVOTAITT.-MRA. AKTMOCR MRDICAl.rr.AtRroyanl, r-<.ma Kn M F mirth atreri. t?m dnora w.-at of Hroadaray. I VmatiKatinna day and *-mlng, ou aO knraa hud araa, aharnt Irtroda, Ac . and anllafaria.n guaranteed ar or l'?T ACI.AfTlTOTA XT THAT MATTTBR WORT.D, A?Ct> five Ibnttaand dollara la offered lo any prraon trim ran anrpraabrr Aha wa-ranta In rare any daeaaa In K* worel form, parUrvlarly rtiaomallam. ronanmpilon. neuralgia, ormfo. ?, ami all affertiona of ibe Innganr ilamaA M. H?Madame C. la I he rmly nalnral all aeclnf rlalrrnyanl In the Called Ataten. AH tV<o* wb" arr ah h. b? IrmtM* or* In bnanmoi o-ouli <1 ? rii i.- r?u ana are una gmaj iauj. nmtarmrm wv% WaM Nli.rtraMJ. IUW1 AMTOKiraiNO?HADAMI MORROW, MCl'KVTn danghttr. bom wuh ran] a ad gift of fnrMdgt*. ?al a bow ?OOB and nflao vfm marry, and many crmNa. arm y(?ir rary thought* far 2& raala, until nibara turn < <%>) "* ?T *lwr Itaamrata. Or norm-a ix* arimwd 1M Laid Von* mi act, ba jow Uouatnn. A BORA rif?E ARTROLOOtBT. THAT EVKNT ORR A. r in rtayaud ?t for exiting AaManwMua from. Hd Madam* Hllr-oR. who mlla thr oQactof >i>ur ildl ** ? aavmiai trr hrr room. All alxtiM ronmll thi* HaftllvRy giilrd lady, *a 11 mvl t aava Hu m many tnlafnrtmwa. oho 1 ni?< aim ?ly man uigra, and talla all (lu?l morrrtia your Mdr Jlfr. liar prr-MrtH-na am ao trur llutl Oiry aun>rlm* all wUo rona.itl bar 5 M ? I am In |K?n? n of Ir.igrtr rhum* fur lora ao>1 g.rwj fix b wh* A aia ar? i rrrt?Ai In torlr affrrl MaJama WHaon Irlla an l- ur w? 1 ?!! - may got a UtUr tluAl, Uxm jh (boy twd aol laar for aha urartlcra mailing but a hat it raaaar la I ir to | I. 'h w>| lirra l*i t Han alrr rt, nrar Stini >u. war Uxa bakri y. Kir fur laniaa aad gi aiicmau. tW raam Nr - who har rot hr and or thrortxhr atrd . Mwlama fRRWRTl.RI lb* bod brrw mnaubM by tk'-tiaanda In lb la and 01 bar <Maa a HA an lira aba faale conl.df u? aha boa no a<ywtl; aba Irlla tha man af fiitur* in fa < r Iraahand. a lao Out of bar ilaRir. Ifjron ?tt lha truth gfrr bar a call, at 2M Third araoua. abora Twenty urat atraeL ladlaa, 10 caarta; yaallaman, M. UrilO wort.n rot ho wmknr rnrtrrr i??if llo jra, ara MM WKIJ.IJKITUR, tha groat KnjlWi |>ri?yUtaaa lha laat of all and raniw* ha airwll >rt. I'?n> run tullad paroonally iw by A-tlar an all afialra id Ufa. o.. ir i?Har>. projiaily A** or aiolan,. Uwauttn. j unworn, hhhtaii Iraaauraa. drankra or lmlattM il AtiaUar'li frWwix l. Ar Hta* W ha' a 8"lr I aaa<ntmrnt of fOra HI and AraMr tatiamana for A ra. good Iwk and agalra, and ara guar antra l for :da. Raalilatira. M Nb'K aronu*. nvjmaRa Righth atrwnt . . ? u M i . . u i i i \ i , i i v rif aiow a aaf.~R ahamk r?v-TMa miaiorlnnladr taa w relay : > ai> |lat t.ra n it. ?.a ara an trua Canaan aj.rady marriigai. giraa ;?ly n-inibara, teUd uf i *t yr.-party. I* m?x fL ?, ?At.KS AT AT tr^lU"*. \vn*fl,:TH t.H tKINACO. AlMTIOffRKRM. . VA<ii KMT llOlsKUUUb KI'RNITUKK .<> 1? W<"Kh< UK ART, Ac.. AT Pl'M.IC Al'i'TlOW, Tb" | r. i-n.v ' !' a gentleman leaving fur B'trope, iiu ? >a day. MONDAY, July 1 At 'l a elegant i ?ut read. nee uf K. Hrnjamin Cornell, Eivi , Nil. 4S \W >' M?l< u li street, between Klltfi and Slaib aveuues, fn.u,- i" lux at II null* vu.;~ * v l ua.u.e Pianoforte, Rosen lod Drawing Room Suits, 1 f t ,4 Ormolu Chandeliers. Velvet an 1 Medallion Carpvts, Krrrcs i i.j n China Crn.tmenta, 1'lur ami Mantel Mirrors, limeade ami La-e Curtains, _ . Artistic Bronze Statuary, OH Pali ngs by eminent art lata, ? . , Oak iliiftet, K? tension Table, Bookcases, hl.gei *, Centre Tables. , Win*, < Hues and Stiver Ware. Roaewixvl nml mahogany . liari ? i Furniture, en eulte. !> ?i riptive ci.uilngue at the houieun Hi >rulug of sale. Drawing i .a me, inag-iililrrut grand action 7)? ?a lave Pianoforte, lined \\ :ih iMrung luiea, elegamly carved rosewood rate ill. "In by 1 o a way in ikcr?: rosew a at Cantcrhurry, do. rttnol, covered in brocade, Kreneh sloth cmor; r ?<?-i.,| Secretary Bin a. ,isr, rncolpmina, marnneteiie aud liotwlcromi t'aldneta lady's Wni lt Tai ls and Willing De k, lulald with pearl meinidalllnn veiled Carpet*, mosaic Hug*, Trench plate pier Mlrroi*, marble Slab *nd*Br?i keta, two la rue mantel Mirrors, i it lily .-ar. eil frames: embroidered lace curtains, French Shade* Cornice*, two magnl/lclent suit* drawdngrooin Kurniture, eo i ered In three colored satin brocade of tins richest description, carved in solid rosewood; 2 tele a tele sofitt, 2 artu reception and 8 oinl luck ('biurs, 2 ri senrood Centre Tables, statuary mar lib' lop, to man h tliesuils; Ktsgereu, lined with satin wood, marble top, mirror doors mid back; King's patent Reclining K.asy lb- ?; Pier, Card and (Quartette Tables; Oil Paintings, by lei p..ii d, (.'oh', inman, Roiisael). Kcllcres, Kglaw, and other "'ml rent artist*; Assumption of th? Virgin Mary, from the cela brated painting in the Isiuvre, Paris; Storm at Sea, by Kb ger iinj-ic; iv.u S4.|>rru niaun j iiiimiu;*. peeiir* in uie j-juoiu-es mid Himalaya Mountain*. original by Kg law; msewisid II it Maud, Chair* lo inateh; Oilcloth, velvet Stair CaTJiet*. silver Hods, Ac. < hambers?Kuglleh Uni-sels Carpel*, rosewood marble mp I>re*-ing Bureaus, Hcdstrnhr and Oommodea lo match, II Ulaee, Toilet Tables, Shaving Stand. Wardrobes, Table do Null, Mockers, I'nncbea, Arm and oval hack I hairs, covered in nuv|uct; Spring and llrlr Viiltrrtaea, Beds] reads. Feather Beds. Bolstera, rillows. Oval Mirrors. I'astei Painting*, decorated Clriua Ti ilets, hro. aiel Curtain*. Ac. Upper t numbers?Mahogany and black walnut Bureau, Kolas, Mockers, Washtland.s. )>lnlug Hi aim?Solid carved oak Mullet, mutuary roarhle top; llecrdt dining Table, 10 feet draw; Combe*, Arm Chairs, elegant acta of crystal and ruby Olwssw aie, vlr Decanter*! two no*en Uobleta; do. Champagne*, Wine?, Brmonades Tumblers, t'?ult ceilery and preserve Stands; sets ofPlngor Howls, rubi and parlnn marble bum h lorn Is, ruby and gold liquor.- eta, gold band China dinner Seta, 210 ptccea, rtehl.. dec .rated tea pi rs, 44 piece*, solid silver dinner and ten Sets, silverware; entire I rn; t'aHors, eUke l!,isk"ts, napkin Rings, Kpisins, Forks, Ivory handle table Cutlery; basketa lleklsle Wine, Perm johns, oldOtard Mrandy, vintage 1*41, Scotch Whiskey, (Inrdnn Sherry, barrel white, <|o. brown Pugar. Also basement and Kitchen Furniture?Stone, ecu tin ami W nodenwure, copper tJ ti till Is, Ice Pitcher*, Salvers, Ac. AN>, a p nr of coach lloraea. sc\en and elr'bt rears old; two phchig llorses, pace 2 40;one Coupe .out Coach, made by ltrew ster; light wagon, two eta oi s-oneh ll-iitiesa, Kobes, 4c." Teriua of aale, cash or certified checks. \ .l Mil.NOR TAYLOR A CO., Al'CTIOMKFRS, Beg leuva to rail (he attention of stranger* and their pv tloi.a to I he huge and extensive sale to take place x'niis I? A V, AT M WKST KKiHTKKNTU STRKKT near Filth avenue Tne ktouae la most elegantly fnrnUhed wvth Furniture ui the. beet deserlo'lon, and In perfect order. THK KA1.K COM* KMC KM AT 10>, O'CLOCK, FKKC1HKLY. Parlor* contain?Richly carved rosewood Sulla of aeveu pie re* each . in Freneh Satin Bris-slel. Knar wo d Ftegeres, marble top centre and sofa T uldcs, pier ami Inanlel Minors, lore and brocale) Curtain*, French Wludow shade* and Cornice*. Fl.Ktl ANT SKVKN OCTAVK I'l VNOPORTR, Hi sewrvod case, of sweet tone, In use only two mouths. OH Painting*, very choice, worthy of attention. Bronre, I'aHsn and Ore ale a China Figures and Vase* Velvet and Brussels Carpets siwl I'ai lor OrnameuUt of choice materials, and In great rsrh-lv. Japanese Chair, unite a euriosltv. MX) years old. IllNlNti ROOM, extension Table, rosewood hide Ikstrd, a line assortment of rh-h cut Hohemhui tllaasvvare, Frcm h Cnlua lilnnec an I Tea Rets; stiver and plated Knives, Folks, Sp.sin* and Castors; Chairs, Chs ks. Ac. BKD CUARMKRS?KF.CO.NI> ANI> THIRD KTORIKH. l.l,.,.k u.-. I n i .1 ...I m.h ... ll- I.I... 4. 41...... ... C hain, Sofaa and Rockers, Turkish e..a* Chair* and l-nunces, Hruwla anil insr.dn < Isrpeta, h.ui MnUivawn, Bedding. Ac., , Ac. Everything In the bouae I* unite new, having been in uao | only a ahnrl rime. Every aril-h-will be iHwitlvely sold to the highest bidder. J M. TAYLOR, Salesman. Office Mo. i Ureal Jones street. Amikkt ?. jtcoolay. auctioneer Regular auction s .I.- of Sucks and Bond*. Al.RKRT If. NIKOLA Y w.M wll this <lay (Moo-iay), .l ily 2, at tttta'tlnrk, at the slock irsronm. No. S2 VUllaui street, near Wall ? HUI aha. OiathMtn Ilk >75 5 aha ft Nicholas Hank .>1(10 do t'hlrayo k N. lAVai KK HO 311 Metropolitan Ina Co... 11X1 20 Firemen's Treat Ilia III) 13 Hinnd-nl Ina I'n AO SO Washington Marina Ina.lU) 21) Grocers' Ins. I'o So It) Hank of Commerce ....Ml 8 Ijunar Ins Co NX) *) Home Ina. Co HO 12 Knickerbocker Ins. Co. ?n 21) Artisans' Ina. Co. Ilk) I" N Aim -riran Ins Co. . 5t SO Irving Ina Co *5 28 Brooklyn Cent KK ... 51 till Wall Street Ina Co..... ? 80 Rutgers' Ins Co. 25 I SO Jefferson Ins. Co :*> 7 Resolute Int. Co. 100 20 Nnnitalde Life Assn. So 1(11 fl.ul) Trevorton Coal and Ksilroad 1st mortgage bonds. #,1X? Li i'n#r and Milw aukee Kallroud S per ceul bonds 2,01)0 Mobile and Ohio Railroad 8 per rent I-'aids. Not regular sale ou Monday, July 9. ?e?nr?r auction sales of Stocks an.l llonds every and I luirstuy, or every day whenever feu"'' en, at 12,'. o'clock, at the stock salesroom. J*? ? 1 inbiin elrret, or Merchants' Kiehange. at desired. Storks Kiel Bonds bought and "old at pro ate vile and at the Brokers Hoard. ALBERT H NICOLAY. Am Uonear and Slock Broker, No. (2 William street, near Wall. A UCTION NOTICE -OROCERIES. LIQUORS, SKGARH A Ac ?HENRY 1IHKEN, will sell on Monday. July 2. at 10>a o'clock at 19* street, Groceries, Soap. Starch, Miialnrd, HpHea, Haas. Tea, JinMaa, Prunes, Almonds, Brandy, Din. Wluakev, Rum In casks rwart and demijohns. Also 24 rases < 'laret, MI.UUU Hegari. Also out. Kewiug Maelilne. * C1TION NOTICE -TO PERSONS ABOt'T MOVING J\ will find H to their advantage to call em the Metropolitan Kiprras, 1*0 Variek street and 3S and 37 King street; four horse wajr<".s lor removing Furniture to the country, or city merchandise of all pa< ked and shipped. HUlnrry, Paintings and China packed with cam thwte at ail Haas. Planus removed and act up with care. T. OOULIWMITH, Proprietor. AUCTION NOTKTt.?IMPORTER'S STOCK OF IlAVAna. German and domesticRegan. thia i Mondavi morning, at 10>i o'clock. al No. 7f Naaaan atreek Thee will le sold in niianuUea to auil all nurehaaera. also, so Invoice of Mei ltuum Pipes and Segar Holders. P. II. VAN ANTWERP, Auctioneer. Tianwr a srennrs irimvivDj D Tneaday. July 3. At 10^ o'rVirk. at the aaleamoro Mo V Niatn *Lreet, An Inrrdrw of g 'nnlne Imported fhampagae. eonaietlog of At ???!> U-af. niiaru, H backer a iirape lAaf. |?n[i. IJ kAHiiir>|>e Icai.Wtt iteu M I?<Ugny. pint* Id bi-keta Utingarlaa I-eon.'j-i\rt*. ta-k.u ll minrun l^ii, I'll 'a. 30 banket* Imperial, '|U*rt* 10 h*-keta Imperial, 1 Inta We guarantee iha almva Wine* are of the Hr*r qiialitr. and warranie.1 genuine, being balanr-' i>f roiou-nment Irotn the I in pnrlera. S*ni| ie? on morning of aale. T.i Inoure ibnr g.uniIneneaa they * ill be delivri-ed trom Lka warehouaa of the la poiicrm. DAKIFt. A. WATItKWM. APCTTOMFFR, SAUCtnoO* fit Odar ?treet, oepoette I We I'ml office, MM KTII OF JULY FKK*K.NH? AT ACrTIOM FtMK tlftl.O AMI) Mlf.YKR WaTTIIM" AMP JKWKf.RT. Ill TI.KIt. W1U LTZ A MATIIKWS will aeU at am b in oU Tuewlay, July S, at IP1, o'i loek, at their a.leanmm 04 t'clar all ret oppoaltr the Trad ndu-e. a Urge **?urtmr?t of line Oold ndSllnr Wnlrhe*. In biiutlng and n;ien f?ee ea*e?, by the moal approved rr.nkrra Alan, rich Jewelry. Til ladleV llrni'lbe*. Hrareleta. Fairing*. I'h.teUne*. Wolf Pen* *u<J Peneil*. gentlemen'* Kleeee H'tf..>na. htuda. guard and real Fhatpa, Ac. t'ntalogue and gnoda early rat mor.nur of aale Al*n. ail oVInek to pay ad ran ee*. auttaela Hmirhra and Karrliig*. 100 Htlrer t 'ape*. KUrer I'm i.tnoouaiea, tlnM Pen*. pn< ke? i'uilery, Ae. Alan 10U.tMt 1urpedora. En. ludliow. AvmnniaaL * Hlmp rarl.t V nulla at nuetloo. F I? irPI/?W A (Vl. w ill *.'U at netInn nn Toeeday, July IMtil 111 o'clock, ailba Marrkala' Ksekange, 'he ah*.;. hi Vnnlta, her tarkle, af tiarel an I furniture, 44 lorta meamirw menl, length, tfi feet; beam, 30 feat; about rme year <4 1 bi.dl liy Mnllnny, of Myatir Hrtdge. tVmneetlent, and la well found in ?ail* Ac. The abora >*. hi lay* at tlaa Atlantic dock. M-< A Irn. For particular* apply at the aucOoner-r'a udke. Mo I Plua tract ) IMXFtTTOR'M A tl,F ? Ml''HARI> WAI.TKRM, APT'j I (pace r eella Ihta day, *' Wjlj n'llnrk. ?t am t. et ?tnea H ml Rroede *y. hy enter <4 e ier tilor, a gienl arid general j hmu ninrrii ni i"irifw, nr-irfom. ann am orn r urniiitri-, jv-aa, i |j'iniBr". n.abo*iiny iM plain Tal.lna Hurt-am. Chaira, Ki?h?l?. U. Hi im* la and llif ram < ar|>rt? Hrda. Ked | 'tint Htmr*. ami klbhnn Furoltiirr; alan a narn-l i,f f.?j Mj-ara, lu*t* and hbnra. "air |?auiir*ly uoutttlw I. FCW.TOW. ArrTIOXKKR-HW!0*D IUNP Pt'R. miner, three niMii muhnlanv Rnfa BMa. A<" . Ac? P. COLTON alii aril I UK <1?T Monday Jul/ 2 M 101, o'clock, al 100 I niton aire,t an asanclmrol of amon! hand aad new I Knmttnr# of rarbma hUvla. amooe nhlch am torlvr <*Tii-# I (Irak*. on# or tan kola Hr.1* ?atl>, ?l h aprlne ll?la, laamtra, Crib*. Cradle*, Hook' n*n. cane and wad. nfllm and c*brr Chair*. ro< km? do.. Ilaintnn on# I'nif nat's Connor, snrnral hair Mattr?ma marl'lr tap Tahlra, Mirror*, kr.. Mr. Alao, llirra St a log Machln-a. i>M A Wbrrh-r A W llano and tarn irftwra. Gtm-nl* B. RTBATKXA, ACCTIOWKKR. WIU. BK1X on Monday. July A Al lo}# u clock. at tf W#a? nrrrnlh ttrmt. All Urn #laganl rmewuod fto?i#?hoM Put nIIiire, l'natty msswuod Pi ia fort#, Drr and mantel Mlrmra, Vslret aa I Rrtiaaala Carpnta, Orm' lii and hmntn CTu.nd?It#T, Majrlflmnl d-itta of piirnltttr*. Two maawond Rtnenrns, wHh costly plain (lant doors and bank Parmlntir and MonRraar. roar wood aai -In l,q> rntitra and aid-Table*, oak diuln? roewn <*Haira. r)-#?ni Piannfoela, carrrd Icf*. nrarl krrw beautifully laUM wlUi rr.oOtnr nf pnail larn and timratrt Curiam*. nulla of na>*<o| Furuttiiro, entered In Ikn n-Anm of Batki hrnrnlrl, I HI Palatini;*. llrourra, Parian rtfiirrs, laiir* Btanlnl Mirror, bn.muf ul nnarl and rill ?Tor*#, run *1 data-. tVndsMhra M?*V< Bark, romrr Wagnrs. bun PmnUnr on a Ik and Bltai hnd In glaaa Th# dlalna room nnnUlo* a W it black aa'.nul tAXd'aird. P.ilrnatnn Table Arm (Tmlra ttnTna I lialra Mirmra. Cutlery. (aaura, I'rrorh China dinner Hrt <4 I IfO iiwrn. rUnn Tea r>#t. ailrrrnlawd Tna He! alao a rarieiy of stWecplatrd War#, (lark* Palmitic*. Ka?y (Ttalr. latnifa, I Ar.. Ac I hambera contain ruaranrd rarvrl Hodatnvta, prlr* and balr M?ttin*a#a rear wood marble top HireatM. ' l>ry#I'mtabplat# (ila*a. Waahataial*. tntr'-l# too* taint rh: | I lintra lnmn*n? Mirror* ca*y(k*.lr* Patnllnrt. > i*v| lo'M Tallica Pbavliis Mand. TUr vhlrd Moryn.ialnr -llkw I aral Mil *a?j laali'Waoy l-rd*l*?d?. Human* TT.iahrton)?, MaimrMi, \ Piln.iarr*, Mower* and TUlow*, Hbnnt#. n^mvia An . ?r Cur- | Uliw. Hi.,1#*. Tollrt S#U, Hofa. *piln( aad iTi n aoat I nalra, tarpnt# Kuy". MaUin# An , Minna Clock* l?r Mine, Male Cafpnl ItMatnnd ball Chat's. Hammrnl po, nttnrr -Ta'.lns, I hilra, I i- Unry, ?lso all Ihn Kllrhrn ( alth whtrh ths aals a ill rommnnn# alatarnrs ma hn had at ths oUr# 17? I'marlw?y. or al tba It van thn minloa of aai# Tbn aals to ) lab# pla< I ram ur ablna. 1 HKVBT H IJCROB. AlV-TlOjrrKB-BAT.KAROOIf WO. <1 haaam. 'U nnt.-IU'.N K V II. t.K.KOU A CO wtU and a* , am l"n?i on Ki odty .7u!y 1 al II c'r!'?k, Is tbn ?l#arooai Wn. B.T i-ii atrrd. an ibi? rlrf* ?tark of ralivabln old Winaa , |tti.nd.r* Hrfara. Ar all of which am mpmwi'nd to b# nf Ann fjiui'Hr and mmnrla'n# m#nr nf lh? HMal fa. orttn hrandS In Ibta maiki'l. ?If ?llnnniaany a I tarda Maramdna ami Mhar I t ?-.n?na. pal#, i.rown a'dl ipwWn Hl.rrdna, furs Uin Imd'of | boiwra of f ill* and I and on. Ports. Champa^nna, tlarnta, | hum* (llr* WM-knrs. An In nasna. d^ljohna and n*?ks. I*. 1 H.?Also, a ?onrl il rona'enmont frnai brie hand* of ?*tr? oil and nhm. M inns, rlr ?Wadnlm. .to rnar* oM. an l ponaot ho ran lint In Kra Imk. Porta. Unporlwd In *U#a fro-n (toorto direct; c?ti? rhrfnn MalatSTT MaiMra. mry old and rtrh; Wn.n dha. dlSnmnt rtntasra. Hlmrrtaa, do. do., KoulU roars old. i?ry rlx*rn Itoorrain WMdmya^t'.wd'al* Clarnt*of 1*A*. I hn-npam" II rfcs (HWA. Aa. Wl ar# anlAnrlm I to atato lliai lli# own. rt fuarantn# Ihl* *tr?k |o h# nf th# Ann?t pnsalbls qoalNy and par- In ?"?ry rrat n-t. and of tbn pr#ria- t lntosa rrpr##rnt#il. *ad alii brmhy ao|.| tb#m*ntr#s rnapotialhl# ro# aordtiartuK fnwi tb# enararlss. Onr frlrnds andthsnnk1W a 111 l.i?1 In !|?la ral# lh# flnrw diwlllr of rir?d* A ls> an- it i ?X??| lfa? n# Nwfara, of ilf I5ii> ?* era.ta. in ii. V?. I T?, vd, M looa anil arawnwd and Warrantnd aosat In rrrrr ra*?? T, nf th? (niloakos (wtohUalWt hraiad*. illwM Phvadomlnt Win* la, Collon I'U.ntnon-ha, *mnra do , t'l- lnria. IMrnlw Warr-a, la fn.| r#?aa, ( ? ** Bm ;dA Tt?arw M of WbkA bid rspntco'cd to Ud to SOW urer |?pw *. ki import 3 lALtii Ar Arc-rtoi. GO. nORION. IM TI 'N KKK rfAl.hXItOOM Ml TfUD ton tret*, will ?.ll Monday. July 2, at 10K >' I ? k, at ill avenue i < ar Twenty ? " nth street 'I , a if a Grocery?Wine*, I.lqtior* Tea*, Ac., on account of the kite Good* u, tot eold wi.liuul reeerve. nFN'RV If I.KEPS \rrnOKRBK?HAf.RFROOMS NO 3 Nassau atreet.?11 K.SK Y U. LKKDS A CO. wrUJ aeil ?t lionon M'lus'.ay, Ju'> 2. at twelve o'clock, in front of ???.. N ij N.inwii utrcet, h splendid black Vermont Morgan Mart; fast; I an trotted lu three minutes; has no superior under '.lie t, ulnie; la i aid > tar* old; gent 1", and i? warranted * mud; enld for want of nun only. Alito a line Gig, in good order. Hrsry n. a oo.. ACfTTONKKRH-fMues. ro. m >o. 23 Nassau atrect? IIKNK V II. I.KKUM A CO., will sell at auttlon, ou Tuesday, July 3, at 12 o-< 1 .. k. in:, t of store No. 23 ""issiut atreet, a dmtMe matrlied team of Mvlt carriage llot?ea, t->k hands high, 8 anil 9 ytiira old, long t... ?; kind and gentle Hi nil I rnt**; r cry stylish driver* iiulu tvut Mtldle In irate, wld only for want of net. Also, set iight silver mounted llurn- a? nearly new; also, Saddle and Briiiic. JOHN T AC0RTIfCLt>88. U'CTIONTIER.-J. T. ACCHINCl.OhS will cell at auction, on Monday. July 2. at KF, o'tlo.k A. M .at saleroom Id ( or. land! atreet. near Greenwich, Household Furniture, conalatlng of roar wood Parlor Suite*, in liriK-attl, plush and haircloth; marble ton Korean*. W astounds, Tete a It Ui hominy itulrs, Turki'h Chans! quartette Table*. Matlre?>"*, Hedstea.U, cottage t'h or* Furnhuie, Wardrobe#, A<* Alio a large assortment of Clocks. PAWNKROKKR'H RALK.?Tl'RRDAY, 10'i O'CI/VR. will he ." lit at HKf.L A INIIKAHAM'S sales moms ::fl Si ? li. wi-ry, atllo'K llrst rate Men's, Won. mi i and Children' a I'hahtuy, shawls, Mantillas, I toots, Hh an Piece (Ion I", Wau hri. Jewelry, Carpenters' Tools, (imil. Pistols, Ac By order ..| M. IJcci.ficl Pawnbroker. Kvery article w.J be old. PAWNBROKKRK MLF.-B. LRVY A CO., WT1.L BKLL this day. at 10'lock. al 22 Cathaitrie street, the splen. did in mcement of ladle* tpparel, Including silk end other l?ie*n?r. ai.d bkirts, Mantillas, < hemiees, fihhtk and futile. PKRKMPTORY BALE K RK.VItY BADE n/iTHTNtJ, Clothe. Casslroeres l. nen Ducks. A.* A. M. CRISTAI, tR, auctioneer, 23 Bowery. will sell, this day, July 2. at int. o'rlock, a large saaorimeid, hi part of t'ftsaln ? re. Cloth, l.lncn, Marseilles. Alpaca and K inner*'Satin, f rock, Sack, end Business <'oats and Pant*, s.> Satin ami Caaalmrre Vestk. Also, balance stock of a mm h ml tutor, consoling of Hroadch'tis, Doeskins, Linen Do* k \ H\et restloirs, linings, Ae. Also, lorijr (token metis', youths', m ?? V and children*'Straw, l'annmk arid ia-nhoru Uata, Caps, li .nueta, Bloomers, ami Turbans. S t BOOART ArcTTOXRRRR, WTT.I. HKI.l, TrPfl day. July il. at It O'clock, at 1,214 llrnsdway near Th.rueth all" et, ,i Id number 1.U9H), bv virtue of an execution, Il.'rs, Shutters. Ac.; &u pair Waldo Blind sbuta, lot Hall Doors, <1 set Drawers, Ac. JOHN KKADY, Constable. SA J. HOOART, AL'< TIONKKR8, MONDAY, JULY 1, * at it", o'clock, at 23 Pntoklki street, Household Fundlure, lleilsicails, Hed*. Ac., Bedding. Table" ('hairs, l.'arpeix, extension dining Table, kitchen Furniture, Ac. O AJ. BOO ART, AL't'TIONRF.RS, Tl'ERDAY, JCLY 3, 47. at 101,'o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, a general assortment of I'arlor, Chamber and Kitchen Furniture, marble and alalmster Statuary. Also, mi account of former purchaser, lour rases of miscellaneous Hooks. SA J. BOOARY, A I'CTIONBKRN.?MONDAY, JVT.Y X . at two o'clock, al lHti Mercer street, mortgage sale of tbU ccnt. nta of a Restaurant ami Hamsun, consisting of Counters. Tallies, t'hsh-s. Mirrors, tins Futures, Liquors, Crockery and tilHssuaie, lone l.ouni'cs in bim'Ste.l sod leather, Oilcloth, t arAe I'll A HIUN V tt' i nii ill'v h.r SHF.RIFF'R RALB-OF WINER, LIQUORS, HKO ARK, *<?., >n Moudav, at 10 o'. lock. hi i ho c?nwr of m trtl- aw-n m aid IViirl "irt-Hi, llrooklyii, l'K.KI? * COLE, aii.-'.ioi.i-rm, c>>mpri !pr Itrandk-a, Whlakled, Krgara, Ac. , aim Twb.ea, Hbuiia and Ftaturoa In atorn. AUK.VII.\M W. HIRKIIKCK. Deputy Sheriff. SllI.KIKF'K KAI.K.?It'iKSKK. TRICKS ANI> WlHONK. ?? ]|v.MIIKKSAFAlKi Mri,l?, AiKKbmecra. will mil, this ilav. .Inly 2, Inn, hi 11 oYli? k, at Twcntj Oi l rtreet, mar Fn at wv*nni\ <n.? large Truck, tiro Wagon*, two large Iruok IIoiwh, ore l>?y Mh " ore gray Hons. one art of doutl<* Ifaitirwi and two n> i? or >,nt;I - llarnoa? Ac. JOUN hKf.LY, Sheriff. YTTM WITTERS AliTH?NF.?R, WILL SKU., ON M<>Nft dh.v, al 2 o'clock, hi i.M tanal airert, a 1*re* >i>iai.uijr of Furniture, Snlm, Ifi.-kinr -iH'l mbar llwliv iVoiro and other Tal.lra, I'laim. I'lif-talna. wild 1ai? -try. thrw jVly ?\>.l other Cm-put*, Olh'lolliH, M.'lmciitiy IteiGrl-ada. hair Mntirima-a, Keda, Jlo.l.tinr, llurciui*. \V..n?.ouid?, u.U<-i i Luu, liUaewaj-*, uihiug r?>iii and kit. h"n V muil-ue, Ac. tUM. W1TTF.KM. Al l 111 INFER, WILL FELL, ON TrWttV liny, al liW, o'o)<h-k. at 21 and XI Whno hi root, a.l :r,a genteel I'arlor, t'hamlMT, Ibnlng K<hmu an.I kit. hoji Firuit tr?, Ac., In llio Above bonar*. Carpi-la, Ik- N. Hc.ldln*, 1'bln.i, lilnaa and other vrarea, M?, Ar nvihor wltb erarylhiug .? : J tor bnnarki-cpiiig. M r ,inn> Tl'M WITTERS. AUITIONKKR, WILL HELL ON TI ESft day, at Ib.kt o'rliak, at 21 and XII- rankhn tireet. all '.la pi tiled Failnr I himVr. I'inliij Room and KMbm F.irn.i.iro, A. , in i|m- almve 1h.ii*.- Carpel*. hed*. Hcitdinr. I lunn. litavs and other warn*. Seta*. A . Miri 'hir vcltli every >,?. ; d lid ihiiix-ki-opiiiff Al out twenty ?n ruaaia. ARHOTT, AConoNKER-Omm NO. ? TT Kadi hmadwiy. will aoll on Monday, at lUVg o'clock, aj llio Fumltoro and lleddln* onntalnod In lfi? Hotel ami Hllllant ShUhhi, 73 laidlow ?iry?v near cirand docketing af forty Ana Kaaibor Heda, Flllmra. Short*. Tabl.-a, barrikim and ether Chalra, twneplendkl Htlllarn Tablet, aa r?d as saw; Tabid Unas, barrow Counter aad all alter FUturoa. WILLIAM AIUIOTT, AI t.TIONFKR?OFFL 'K NO ? Ku.l Hi nail any, va j'l aril this day, al 10', o'clock, all lbs Furniture and Nodding -unbind in th<t Hotel and Mii.iarJ Kalian. IS l.udloa alretl, m.,r iir.n l. o,m?wiin? of forty Cna Feather Krda, I'lllowa, Shi-i-tu*, barrni'tn and other I'!, ji, l*o .plrndld Milliard Tal lra, aa rih.1 ,,a o*-w, Tat .'a Lini n. In. i re m Counter and all oibrr FTniurr*. KKLItllObl HOTH'EI, XT''TUT-iTIRlsTUN ISRtKf.ITK NtVi'llMllY 100 jLa Fli?l iHifl. Tli* Rrv. J t. HUhnp hn.lng < Hie u lue annual mU?lonarv ?mr, there will bo no pre*fh rL. in th^ KngIWl language until nut irliun, wlwn dun tuiUtr will be gam. F 11f (IN AH, / TnuUft IHAACF. FOWT.KR, J Ir"^ . |qrr*i?r AI.ARHK NEW RRK K FAtTORT. RTFAM FVilINR, Ae , complete with fimr errre of I .and, n. .ir li.nlem, f7.t?0. ?lw> II Urge a late Q'i irrjr, Factory mil IV.n. .ndred imt, Watrrpowtr nod Hull din*. fl.VOUU. JUKLJCK. *7 Broadway. AR.IRE (IMSi K -rnR RAI.K. an RSTARI M1IED heKar and Bar Uiuni> < ?. Kent low and good opportunity for the right man. Apply Hi \o 12 Fulton atre.|, Jr. V, D1NINO SALOON for SALR?ONR OF THR vert hi -> | ?ti M n the I H | n. el) IPted op . r>! t no * i e ?"1 biMiniM. Apply on glbo premiere, M Bowery, ^?.lj...ojig the pew Tienpbbaa Market. j IjH>R SALE?ONR RTRA* KNOINR. WRW. 19 TO 14 JT hnrae power, will be eold rheao Alan. t*>? eecood hand I Pprdght Entlne nil h ar?e power, will be wild cheap and lhre? email Ijuhea Inquire uf JOHN 1NNKK. XB Walk Thirty llftA sutt-i, between Seventh ami Kc^hlh aveuuea. For ralr-thr oi.i> f-btabliriikt> riltkr plat. ley rdnMlilnralof M F Rrown, Albany, with "toed ai.4 tool* and a rood business. employing twelve men. The present owner being urmble to ailend to It Ra f?reo ? J. C. Austen. Steele A llootw, and H Rankin. Albany. Fir ralr-a rectifting estabi.tetoient, wtth Store for retail ellarbed , everything In gi?ad w>rktngnrder ; tlnuited In Newark elty , doing ? n:-e h'lalneaa The own* r hat tig ai.'Alarr In thU' lly, M unable to aib-ad to both. A etuart. aolite man will be taken la partner, w tb a cartel* amount of c?ah. lo auperlntend the htudnrae. Impure Of P. LIFE 3U1 Wglaili areoue. New korfc. l-TfiR MLMXX SIX IKiRSE STEAM KNOimt; ONR A* Imriln ; mifUtke. f.fleen feet; MMul, two feet; four large hou?e Want era' err**; a Urge lad of Retting, and a Urge aatiai.tlty taf n - a drilling Steel, for aalo cheap, at W. CtiLwV.I.L a Ct> S. 5I? Weal Twenty eighth at reel. ijvoRraI.b?Tintnri.i. op apt/kip or ahoctsrr lenlyltiria enlltble for transporting batUad, manure, Ae 5 bii-at, auaia, aella atad itggtng will Ix'Wal3 with M If dew red. Apply in C. A R POTI.I/>Jf, 81 Aanih street. TTVlR SAI.K?A FIRST tTASS SIIkDES, FITO TEARS* F leare at low rent honae Med with <iaa. bid and cold water; m lnmcatattona f .1 Ju t.*?erder?j U.e pr< aeut owuer retiree. Apply at No dFiie Kullallng. Htutie etrcot. CV?R RAI.E-A OB TO PTORR. Iffll t.AROE RACK r ff? m. enliatal" anal pond *|t iau>? faw a phtaarlan oflaeeal<at g a good retail end pr< errlpteni lr jncu aa. Apply at Ru. 191 Ftrn aventte. lb iR RAI.R?A MQrOR RTOFP NO O MWRENCR r etrwet, aa the owner M aidant to retire fmwi naiweaa on se* ttattnt of 111 healih r.r rai.k-to a rts;i ci.'rt<imrr, thr rtotk, 9?l'ire? aavl n e ? a |o?ae nf a tIf "rr. tdtualed no the rtwtier nf rate if lb* lading a eawjea In the ruy. Kataafarbwy reaww ? glten lor aelltng Addreae R. K bni l?l. Herald rdtew entar haml-aktkmt fivk inim ars ifttl btjt a P b'ttier. rliai ae and frntt atoee Tlile U e'hwnee n.el w lb. Meaiufar-ie* r-a? ra will be given Par w ing bp tl.i.nlrliia' Ota '*e pry >*? a7V Sixth venue. tjttin RtLP.-A FIRST n.tRR WH'H.KRAl.R kNl^RR t'rat i, U t* dutag * lli?i tumrpu at prtotit! T*o afot i'nlw||'>y A pply In ttf ?t iro. Ho. 7 J.unoa allp vor IXlNtl ff-TACMdtKn RROAOWtT r .frrnr flora, InrMod on ibf ba?r ?M? Mawn ;,il Iba Ik**trr. | t< f,rti"r.r ITllraa frr-an bii-<?*-> liMiiur* of T. <1, M >:i KKI.IIV *9 (lu. Ilia to alt, ft. up aUlra. ' FOR MALE-A Uum HFRR RAt/VtJf, KF.WI.T FtTTKtl np and doing a r-. t l.intrif<?. Will hr anH "Imp, *a Iba | i r?Jf? arr about lo (part tbr fttj. Ilw U >44 mtwoda/a. * tail at V blitb av??nr rlR PAI.R~<1>RMKR t.IOl/OIt sTOUR Oft XTWrT Nra' , in.* ft ng * tip u?> bualnru Tlx" t '?u for aoMl-r M 'knmp'rb rrllrtn* b.iax.faa Apply In I f, t.A kI>MKK, Ho Katf Knllditiga, lluanr, near wot Hoot, In 1hr oAlra. (iHot*wit for ramm-hfaf in^virr atcorkkk T TV?n and fvwrr-Mror-i Hr<?*W<' pORTA Pf.R OAR ttORRR?RCTTARt.R FOR DWKlr J ling* tnannfnrl'Wlra, tbantf*. rhnrrtwa br ; aim <1*4 hrrrran/ rrrrr dan. nikm for aalf. ?hn notlr and ratall, l?? P T M< POT'tf A I. IRCrii f arrart, R. f <?m worta in opafa'lon dnlh /bFARTZ ROC* A*n ORaJH IItlX FOR PALR-ARtl W rOfltnn rrf <ba pfiwt coixodaf at (ha mlnrn. tfea only Will < iratna lo n.inrrn. rrdix irvt "n loaa par <Ui u> laapalpabtt f wdT, Wlih bard, rird r.jrjrrtr,.|in? anrfaara, ?w?lly rtl.lMMl. RIO"* A PM>rTHWI?'R li Him " 'W< Kr-tarr Airrro* rai.r iajw -omrtyf th* ??rr lo*<MM k.w r*nt or taaaa; knlmily #<?ad op and ftalahad. d'*i? a aafr. proiitabla baatnaaa, and mil ha aoi4 am an. at Utaral tar ma mo OR R ROtmnrrrir. * Raman atrwt rl OlATR MAKKRH ?RtOHTR FOR TT1K CRR Of Slant ban a Fntmu in Raw Tart. Row Jorarr, r-nnarlrat la ami M*r rtarui far aak b* I ha afaaila af OR Fbmuia Wood PaatHng I'ompaay. So. X brnadway. up atalr*. rpo CldiTVIRRft?R IRR CHA.TOR?FOR RAUL TITR 1 Work, flgtoraa. good will and taaaa n< a Ma' t'lothbM ?Maa?si^^3MS srear^^ss f"-'*.< ;'"ay' " ** " ' i* "f* * WIT*^ mil i ?w* wmrtrn. #1 OflA -ART FFRROR ITATTjrO TWW AKOCWt fiitfcUU. te rttfc, ami atUtaiNiaMa hnWaeaaaae L tr lv. ?a \V? Rlnr*, Fltlnrfa and rnmftnra, wl'h lw? faart wa?a. t-( a wall krora and aauhMafcrt Pi Inline wRB dnrallx.r an*, bod. In ibr bartifaR pan of Rrmdaap. ml lab Mm a ??"?i ra? of arm riaaa aaaR wamwt lla aalaaa ami i waitli c la 111*4 np in pari naat and aompMa maaRar . Ayfi'.'MTT" -K^?- - ***

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