Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1860 Page 4
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4 KEWYOttK HERALl). 4 A It HuHUUlf', KblTOK AM? mwRU-TOK. mrnoa m. w. UOkAKM or M3."AL UID ri'L'lN 8T%. TKliM.- ?vA oi ' <r.Wt vtill tx al tilt P?; ')*4 **? > * Pf*iUt/4 ml.ttnpn **4 t tr.J.un iplim J MX l>a IL i t> f.r, ,u'i two r?nt? j?r #7 p--r mm ! M t . .> / , bt.H.xl.V. trrrv Stturtut*. it -n* cent* pr nff '?? ||'^ ./ ? I'l'.ylM Klilum ***?? *T ' * * J--r '* - ?* , *d / ' 'ttW'l.n ,/? '?*y ,?/ *irn4 ArV#.,?.? ? l. ...'?Wt a. *Ar ^ ft/.'t ffvl JlVX .?/ A . ' HI ?*?' ft. I A-fc OI f 1 61) prr .J .I.1..I;. tAun r ,m ut o rrmu ,*? nr..,. or At ,vr I'CuLA'Ttll.' V >VtKIMSPOiflrJUfCR :r>n! / tru-trVru .Xf*. !.. ...... utirl. i ttf . 6 ci'/ '<* VU.uilp ft.p-1 AA'Ovu FoHKiuj, Uonuwuff DKjm rat Vn T',fi ?wi ? >r<fr?Tin or. Sat, t,t '.art. ?/> ?m. *? ? ACra (BUT cs. | AO KOTlrS r.ifcr? ./ nnonynvnil Mx-rct^nAsr,:.-* HV -A) nor HelWw rrtrctrti tvo*?,t,m*YtO't*tr /t&VrKT>sr*r*TH re- ~.~?t ?r-e? 4i?;miw?ow? ? tor ted ?0 (loHtin, t'ltn, llttim <?wl * wo Cn!\f-u-nui urd Err^puif, fr UHonl. jvtt rtutrriAtj. d u-ua wit, ekearv ** AIM A A. Volant* WJ AMLSKMit.VTh Tlllt. KVKS1SU. h' OARP?>*. Brvadway ? Po-O rioxT.5?Hivertis??*rt?T _____ . V I> ri:& u.ieroanwny.?oassi* mow*. WAI.J A< K'B THF.ATRK, Broadway ? Liu. t Roof ?? Totse Acraaa*. LAV P. A KKKNF.'S THEATRE, K? C54 IU vlway ?Tr?oca?44omitli aap fa tlnrr.. NKAV BOWERV THKATRK. JV>we-y ?K-.r* or tm Root*?l'lxoisi Nriouno::?W Aarocs or tiie uurs. BARM V'fl AMFRK AN Ml"-.BUM, *<-<nhr*y ?Thy und Sveaicj.?Ciaivsmas, Ac. BRYANTS' MISSTRBT.S, M.-kaatc' H .1' 4T2 Broadway ? Bphi?.-?41 hracv lus.'ca, A.-fcixmr k AUNaoaoocu. NIRW.- FAl/'OS R.-'nJpi ~fl)o r.oorj'1 Mm artu in Komj. ;>*nci . iici.irefers, L M:..rr*ei or a tiu. HT. NATIONAL rnjfrKRT KAI^M?y, NrAnM Tb'?!r.\? Eoau.'. Cuui.mci-v At. TK.M7T F (.p MAOf Kr..?di'"< y ?RoinfCI FaKTAJH?Uaij ft I'l ' ?. > . nit (ioni/N hi uimuTi.T. I A 1. AI , I tKI'f.V F< irtifliUl h.i I rt \ in AL AXD 1?PiirtL .ri. I umui. CANTKKBUBT con. i.iiT B.U/K)S, 603 Hr.nlway.OfJO* Pow, Beni Erne?? At. CORNER ?'P TIIIRTKI.NTH BTRMEf AND lillO.VDW At -A Alll'OAXLA Ml.N AO EKlf. IMrw ioik, Morula.Inly 'J, Rori for the Purltir. A strMii'T will lestf Un. port to day for Aapiuwall. Ar. PtiiUoo c( iLo Ilmu for California, rniitr'ninp t|j.? ixt.*?t c-w frcm i.:! tarty of lire Rorld, w. ' t?.- publi U tl At tee ( VocW thl- inoroinjr. Ajjfoty will plctsc t-.I ir their <cat on. ar tarly an flexible. Til* New*. T) C?\ (tHmd Matt, whl\ ttdvirc-. from Franc'.%rr, to Jono f>, par-sod SpiiuKfudd, bio., on the pit.rnlnp ot the 2vth. It w Hated that the Indiana fcad fl.d from Pyramid Luke, ajtd the volunteer tverc to be di.-<Liwidtd. Jttdfjo TLtuu. late United Hate* Ktnaloc from California, died at M u*j>viHo 1.1. June I . liuporutai miucrm Utiuuim an n ported to have Iwn inado in Klamath County. lie turr?? of th* election from two counties in the *nutli (rti part of vircgon hud boon received, and look favor?b)y tor the republican*. Intelligence received at 8au Francfe-co, front Smi Bin*-, Me.uco, M4W that two tingliah ahipa of war had landed portions ot th<ir crew* and taken posaeaaion of that place. ard were holdjn^ it a?rain t the liberal*. A horrible tragedy occurred on Saturday night in the neighborhood of Eighteenth street and Third avenue, Ib which two iu?n were shot and almost ie'tantly killed by some person at present unknown. ITu-facta, iw tar as developed, will be found in the roll report of the Coroner'* invdigat:rn given in our paper to-day. Yesterday, in the l.tighborbood wlurr the tragedy occurred, thcro v en nil -ort- cf rumor* and apecnlutiorw afloat as lo the' C the ! rd? ra, but a* the Coroner's invi ligation is not jit concluded wo furboar pivi g publicity to theni. In our paper thU mrming will be found a highly Important politic-,! mrtuon, delivered yesterday by Arch1 -hop lb ?*hc?, at St Patrick's Cathedral, in this rity, en the temporal power of the Pope. The ArehbMiop'sj history and defeuee of the civil ad nj'.oi-'.aUou if the Holy See, iu the preseut eor Tltii.n of ftlT.iirs iu Italy, will l?e found Intere ting, nd bu^l) rvpaj p- rusal. Coniiaeaia on the avr- i ir.on uHl he fecad in editorial column*. Judge Fmnglas, one of the democratic candidate* for the Prt*iih ncy, left Philadelphia last evening, ml L- no-.r in thh- city. letter* from our correspondent* at Penver Ci'y Rn<l N? Krrtkit City state tint the cmiftratiin to tbo Pike'a I' 1 gold mines was undiminished, although large nsu t, - or?ro returning home disgusted with the pr*wp c< ?. rnthotu. Dn?ine?* at Ranger City was almost a' ? *. i d i 'ill. The neee*uirioa of lift) wrrp held at ea,..n> high price*, aud the wages cf re-mmon labor*-rv were extremely low, ranging from one dollar to one dollar and tlfty cent* per day. A Fourth of July ?:nnon w?? delivered by the ftev. Mi. (5o?s !w*t evening at the Freneh the *re en Broadway. The attendance en the occasion was not large A ajncpda of the reverend gontlo' ananV re3i&(ka are given el iwhere. A nnmbvr of rxtracte, selected from ottr foreign Pie* brought by the Adriatic, relative to tbo Sicilian revolution, the Congress at Badou-BaJcn, with Victor lingo'* opinion of C.aribiUJi'* operation, grill be fornd in onr eolnmn.* thi* morning. Fin Jfarwhul Baker, It M-rwa. has a curious caae of arson under invc*tigution. The pt-rsan hnptirated i? ( h.arlc- Pavrrsnn, a alio* card tr.c.kcr, \o. tX)A heosdway. An affidavit has been iiu-de by I'airr^ :i f wriucr pwi-in, nmn, n iui uiai frnvn f-1fi?rorr>l to pit?miin him t<> rno-riit to flrr tbr '.uilit-np in order ta obtain money from lit* Itwtmr. : tutapauy. A rrport of tao caw; appearTV i*l?w of notion IwUrday emVmcM about TOO bal-w, etov'ag c* Uw ba*..< rr abort l'i\o. tor middittg upland*. Ti>?- tUclgh bj the TO ?M*ld*fWrt M prr#iwunjra mere fenrkUi ?r*t for cotton, r<pwtaUf U> folltirfc] point of *Ww, (wmk tk? fffarto* oonvjUdatiur of piwce is Europe, If iruo. would Impart mm tc IV trade. floor int bwrj ul Inwer ft* rxniMt gnadci of fttate aid Wcwtec a, whU? g??t grade*, t Vugh m**wb*i irregular, wore un<h*u<*d In price*. tVb<*i dm br*ry, while prke* wore wtUimt ctuo>g* of tnuwal. Com an* !?? ?). wUllo ?: * wore r#ir. IVrk to more *etlr? and b gb^r, wsUi rale* of o-? ai *w ? 91* aft ? 01* 90. aa<t for fatnr* 4Mirer? at 919, while arw prim* wdit ai 919 *T a 91". 90 IWf ml tarl grar* *1m> f ma act! lr good demand. Coram iter* Art*; rrllaing grade* cloned at atev.i i^r bigtv* . n th? w?uV* anlaa, while groorrj gw> were Ursa ?o<t uucLiu. I; tbn hal?? mt?nr*d t boO hhV.; Umi *b?-k embra-cd M OM U.'le . 1X1.931 U ioe, W.*? U;!, aid 9,494 UL0? wciadci. CVff.e ?aa ileal?, Willi m ?i. rate hale#, tbeitoch v mpna>! J.VS41 bag* Rio. 13 UJ maid Jara, 1.TT9 bngt do., *.p?g bare ?>?|?o a.lag bt;n Ifaraeatv an* ? <XKJ r^-apere, tV total of all ktnda amounted to fl a# (wrWaga. Prwi^Mg more Mend?, with fhlr air teat of twrotg. Tin 8orpow? or Wkhtt-.r.?The complaint* of Bowman. of the Washington CofiriftNtion, over tin low* and crows concerting tho spoil* of the public priming. Forty per cvnt reduction for tho pmwut Coogri**!!, and a goeeroment printing oSc*' for tho next, abolish th?<no lobby spoil*. Let Bowman and Wendell m*k? it y, nbako hand*, ?olte their ?*rlng*. and retire to * f?rm. IV cultiration of early vegetable# fir ib r / matket miy be made to pay hereafter fcotn-r tiian pany organ* or lobby printing Joba fit Vl bekiHgtoa. ' '* C ? > k< i tixln hbuhtiji Huylio' I't.gii.g Ap|>- nl, n Md l(i (??tii Our Land, lii expectant euidinal, ArchI Irlit | Hi . lu pa- (1 i Litiii I ll i hat \ i-I ril iy ft* the t itli- dial, in behalf of the1'ope. deliver;rg previously a si rtnen on t lit- badnr-? ol the time* and it- crn<-< c?f v%hir-h v.v given faithful report in amain i column. Y.i ait M-iiv tbr.i t!" An hbi hop mode such a specieiti* ami liiau-v political discourse, in which In t tab a*, ored In make the wuitt* appear (Ik- la tter eaii.-e. Hail be appealed to u- inbeb tlf t-f the II. ad of thi venerable ( hurch, which, with nil the corruption that men have gathered a: uud her, has trough' iu her bosom from tie.ii -mr.t anil cloudy urows of antiquity the holy truths of religion and the cheering promises of revelation; Lad he told w* of Iter toilsome aud dangerous journey through time when the pa? eiona of corrupt. Romau and barbarian Goth u.-ed and abused her alike lor their own lilt liu'd' llM<1 lu* toll) HA ft\ ht?r struggles with her own corrupt ami unworthy children, who sought to make hor the base instrument of their ambitious purposed; hud he twlkid U. u* of the generations of holy student.-* v. ho, In Ler modem retreat.*, hud brought with hctn, side by ; ido with the faith by which we live, the precious seeds of the science, urls and literature of the present day; had he given ; ii.- s | lure of the true church, l'reo from the j sophi-fries uud pretexts with which an am; bilious hierarchy still seek- to defend their tem} poral power, and not the righteousness of Christ, not aKno the American Catholic*. but American Pi ulertmit* of every creed iu church government, would have come forward to Hii th< ts, be sent to the Pope to such an overflow ing as would have insured Its return in ue Cardinal's purple to our beloved brother John, Archbishop of New York. Instead of this truthful and gold-compelling p'cture which the ArchbNhop m'glit have given us, he r<-vaiupu the dusty political traditions ! of the ch rh, glom es over llio bargain between j Pepin nr.d the coeval Pope, ignores the w iekodutrs of the IHddlo Ages and tlie | political character of the Reformation; 1 touches lightly en the scL -mes of the hierarchy i under Juii.< - the Jiecoud, which he acknow! ieilg- - produi d the Ihiglish revolution of J compliments the rightful resistance of the colouisb, of America, and falls liercely upon the pm iod of t!i? tirst French revolution, to which he wrongfully ascribe* the present ''discontent, irreligioii. poverty and demoiulkalluu" of Italy, in this ill epical ramblo over tho philosophy of history, the ArchbUhop makes eomo acknowledgment v- hub arc both unseemly nn?l unite* ccwury. There was no need of telling as that the Poj , in the main, was outho side of virtue;" fot if this means anything it means that Id-; infallibility wus sometimes on the side of vice?an acknowledgment unseemly from the | lips of tui Archbishop standing on tho 8iop? of i the altar. Very few persons iu the present duy. | too, urn disposed to assert that the retreat froin j Moscow, and Napoleon's subsequent train of ! disaster, till Si culminated in the prison of St. Ilclcnn, were the consequence of hL> cxcO'ntuuI nuution by Pius the Seventh. J There is foml for reflection l>y every C.iili"lie ' i mind Id the statement of the Archbishop, -on die taith of ti prolate right from Home, that this succor cannot come too soon for the Pope, as, if things go on n.; tl. ?y now aie for any prolonged period, lie will not have tho means to supply the w ants of his own household." JI?* tells us in the opening of bis discourse that uw reformat Ion never at tacked the political Sovereignty of the Pope, and every reader knows that the di-uessof the Papacy to-day com? s not from ProU. tauto. Lut horn the most Catholic children of Uie church. Catholic Austria, with her hated tyranny, La.-> been driieufrom Italy by Cnihollc, sustaining the uspirwtiou* of C'uthoiio Italy, and < ron C.t'hoUc Spain now fornvlty oeniea all sympathy to Hombn or Naples, und bis birds of ft feather in the Roman hie- j l\u<by. One word more, and we h.ivu done with tho Arcubi. boj V discourse. Tbt-re la a strung toui L ul the hierarchy, of the ^j>irit of Cardinal Ant? in the manner in which he culls upon the *ni?hful to come to tlio pecuniary succor of the J'op'. He Invites "the Catholics of thU diocos*. clergy an?l laity, iucludlng women mid children," to subscribe an uddntsi of sympathy to l*e sent to Uie Holy Father, and he hop' n thut all a ill have sufficient Glial reverence for the !) ad of the church, v '-tholic zeal and f? cling, to algn thia au'.rcM; but no mum will bo d without u tangible proof of ^ynipalliy in the -hapo of money. But for what purj ore d?M's he want tbia money? la it t? succor the, oppTO-sod by bad men and usurping nmnnrchV or i? it to purchase bayonets and rnl.'i with vluch to murder Ute Catholic eons cf Italy, w ho havo risen against a orldly, mthloM and impious hierarchy, which now nppeala to the high' -t and holiest fooling# of our nature to ul<l them In sustaining their misused. Mttsh and corrupt toinporal power? 'a a holy cause the I'opo would only need to irfcc bis voice within the walls of St. Peter'# at Kome, aiiJ millions would How Into his Uracury; but w l.i n it i; . .5 it L. uu\s, to oppresa and do grade our Catholic brethren in Iuly, that an apical Ls tliu- tr,a.lo to distant and deceived churthe.-. wo hope the hat will return to tho Anhbi Imp as ulupty o.^ aheu ho soul it forth anionic the fntthfuL DaMtt. 3. Dild-v* vnr. Albam Kk- < iirv? r - When Diui, '1 R. Dichimon, la*t Repterobor, at Rynteuao. was coaxed Into tho cmbrace* of'he Albany Ueg?n;y, ho doabtbwa opposed th.-y wore men wLose promises wore worth rotneUilng. But their Ire* hcroiM doing* at Charleston oonvlooed him of hU j mistake. They had entrapped bim only to j make o tool and a fool of him. This diaeovcry j will iwronnt for the followiug lot <t of Mr. ; Dirklnmn. written three days 'n advance of the meeting of the oisjoit ted democracy at lktlUinore; ? tb^.tivrcm, J :>. It. !?<*> If. at ? frf# T*r \ -e ?M, if - v?Miir ? f?UI?-?. -I f.1 , t :f? r-r T? ' ?' ? ? .! .V. |-l. <- ii? ffcf fi.m r IWlog lb'1 ft <n? of W< - th?y sli-eH lx* ?l*> th" f ->r of I' > t si .?nJ to Mu tr sr-itn nti \U rv-17 an. n- e oftp ' .'ivkrnwn tea pe| t r *<- r -iv 1 r p I n v .;! >r. g. (,p Uv i ?? j* iZm) i'.' r it , art jr. ut 1 be n-'nt i-iitoriuj ? ?e?-f .li?r<ipe i ? in u. IfUi* &?' ''iitHi ill ? <1 . gs?r? | *?,>p? mv l>. *r.<? w'U fo \ m il ' 1 ? 4t | If I n< ah #<" Thus the old division between Mr Pv kin?on ard Ue? R<>genry la re?tor L 11*.* adtie? wa? f od; but it la appirent that U>* ha I seen cnonfh of the Kegeacy to k :<iw what would happen, ard ho would no lor j >r Consent to !> ' n?ed by Dean IM hnwnd. Su h i* th 1 ui--tiling i of this tetter ' letter v hteh a JJ1 <??i-fy cv y honest mar that Mr Dickinson, thoturb betrayed ru t.?>t the man to be toll th Albany Regency. _NKW YORK IlEltALD, M Tkn ( uafiuutr Bl Ui>(ti b?]low Ihr Pi-at t 1 of Eurvpt la Mrcuml. The news yeaUrdny l>y the Adriatic i- of a 1-igbly interesting character. Another iuter- ( ti'wof European sovereigns has taken place, this time nt Radon. the partite being I.oui> Napoleon P.nd the Prince Regent of Prussia. and ' n^-.iin the w orld is ran . red that 11 tbc peace of Furope L- scoured." Nothing demonstrates move clearly how com- t plctely Louts Napoleon L- the arbiter of the d< -tiny of Europe than these successive and ' anxious inter* lews of crowned heads with him. v The Queen of England, the Ernperor of Russia, ? the King ol Sardinia, the King of Belgium, the Emperor ol Austria, and now the virtual ^ monarch of Prussia, have followed each other; and upon each intcrv leu important events have ^ followed, all conducive to the grout end which ^ the ; oeond founder of the French empire has in n ti< a. Coming to the iiujierial throne au advenluier, a- he roallv wue, he fouad the treaties of |>i Vienna standing between th- name of Bo&apaite and fllo sanction of admitted legitimacy, and the whole continent parcelled out by com pact between the reigning houses, with ^ a common bond stipulating tiio exclusion of bi? family forever from tbe throno of France. ^ Too wise to demand the sudden abrogation of this contract by the united dynasties, he has, with pen and sword, obliterated, line by line, ^ and word b^ wind the stipulations of the compact c f Vienna from the map of Europe. 'W ith Spain lie arranges the boundary of the Pyrenee-, and plunis the germ of a new ordei of things by b?-r conquests in Africa. Italy is converted from a mere ' geographical e\pr'>ssion" into a living Power. Switr-rland, by the changes in Savoy, is brougLt into political re- J1 latiocc with France which render the stipulu lions of Vienna obsolete lor that republic. V ith both England and Ku-r-ia he creates a slate of circumstances which render the main* ^ tonaneo c>f the Vienna compact impossible. ^ Germany still exists under it; but the German princes see clearly that their turn is coming, and hence their anxiety foe an inter- * view with tbe arbiter of events, and their haste to assure the world th it "the peace of Europe b L- secured.'' ' This, no doubt, means that the fullness of ' time has not yet c -me for Germany, and 1 we can readily believe it. The roots of the Italian cancer are still being drawn, and 1 Louis Napoleon is too skilful a physician to ' subject the old and worn out body politic of ' Europe to the danger of a double cure at the 1 same moment ol' time. Tito chronic feudalism ^ of Gennany requires another treatment than the sharp surgery *>M< ? Licit Garibaldi In fol- ^ lowing tip the roots of Europe'a caucer on the " l .rtlolu nr.a Ikr. ..atUnt n-ill ivw.ii'rn II 11 little tinus to recover froia tl?e exhaustion of the operation before the effects of a new cure can 0 be safely borne. It w ill be noted that the pro- * testations of peace were passing at baden at the f very moment when the Sardinian Minister at Naples w:ts demanding the liberation of eight hundred Garibaldiane, who bad been Captured nrfl carried into Gncto. Then, too, Turkey is nearly ready loraue.\,looiou, which may occur at rDy moment, aud startle Europe with u mighty struggle between the waning CresCCttt find the rising <>om. Venice, too. is he'd in trembling tennre by the Mark eagle of Austria, only through the produce of a hundred thousand bayonets, and Hungary sleeps on the abyss of revolution. Thus the peace of Europe is secured by the Coufereuee at Eadeu. because wisdom sees mat the reign of the forty Lhioves who divide and plunder tho Teutonic nation, under the guarantees of the compact of Vienna, has not yet completed it" allotted time. liut it is evident that i c\ eulr arc Maudlin*. towards a united or a cou- 1 fi-dt ruled Italy, uod that when this mighty creation ?f the Napoleonic policy shall be thrown into tbo scale of the new order of thing*, then will the true ponce of Kuropo require to be secured by n rocogr'tinn of the principle of "satisfied nationalities" wLich Louis Napoleon proclaimed w *> 't he led I", .ince to war for an idea between the Alps and the Adriatic. Germany, as constituted at Vienna, has obtained a respite ut Baden. but the lines drawn in 1S1G acroaa the map of Ct ntrul Europe mu^t be era. t il. as those buvo been which wore run nrottnJ the south and east of Franco and o\ ei the face of Italy. The Nit poleouic balance of pow er is rapidly substituting that of Viennn. and until it does the peace of Europe is not by any means secure. . Tnu Gi.tut Easttcx ox Exit- rr:os?LLou Tajuit ion Vumcns.?It Is annouu.ed by the managers of the Great Ej >tern that *be will be open for public exhibition to-momwr, when it la expected that she will be in holiday trim fur the reception of visiters. The rate of admission fixed by the directors. it appears, is one dollar for each adult and L tlf a for every child under twelve y >ara of ugc. If the directors Intend that the visitors to the monster ship shall he select and the number limited, they hare hit upon the right Uriff; but if they expect the masses of the public to see her at such rates as these they will probably find that ihrt huvp vnn/lrt n vniefnlrf* \V*? rirosi mo nm object fa throwing the vcwl open for ln?p<vUon is to tnako money, and wo question Tory much whether that object can bo so well so- t cured by charging a . Par as by fixing lb? en- f trance fee nt our b;.lf or one-fourth of thut j rate. The ;!*** ? of people in tbia country who t CU -tflVrdtcpay fonr or fir? dollars to take 1 their families to a place of iunti??j nt ore not { those who support exhibitions of any kiiul. On j the contrary, tbew persona are generally more j parsimonious ihnn the poor mechanic, who i cunnot afford to pay more than his quarter of a t dollar ror an entertainment. The pr*. ent charge j for seeing the Great E'. Vrn nil! <* \mlly t exclude n large portion of this latter class. and ? tin ir wives and cl ildren aad will reduce the ( comber of visiters Tory considerably. Perhaps the director* contemplate hiving t what In Eng'and is called a "shilling day ' sol , np vrt for the working claries, as wa< dene In t th. Crystal Paine? at London, and on Tarbms ? other occasions, with Invariable sucCr-s. Let th? m try that plan here with the Gtxal La-tern Just onty, and perhnps they will discover I that a quart* r of a dollar, or a half n dollar at * mo*t. is al rut the prfeo the people want to pay .1 j for their tLK lo her. We are afraid our Eng- f ' lib ft lend* on 1 eard the Great Laatom do not * , correctly appicciat? onr eommuni'y. It will i not do to tuub people*hen tlioy go on board, f and taik to them about the "g< ntry." n:id *o t forth We say this kindly. We do not nnder- i stand Uiat term in this conntry. We would tug- v ge?t a recoiu ideralion of the Great Eastern ?' I tariff ytiflw. ? ONDAl', JULY' 2, 1800, I h; Suulhim Oj -Kloi'?Il* lu Ur ( outing ?'awp?i|n. As long no tiio dofflocmcjr were a unit Loir strength iii tLo fcouth< rn butis wan dmost impregnable. Hut now tUat the arty U f-pllt into two factions the case is Lifferont, unit a ft * fact* aud figure-* will demontrftto bow formidable in tbo .->outh too I'uion >r opposition ticket of Bell and Everett Is likov to prove in the coming Presidential camkal^n To the democracy th'- only 8tate-> that an bo conceded cortuiu are thro?, MUai?sippi, k>utii Carolina and Arkansas. Not one of the >'her twelve i-lates cau bo relied upon. T bo fvitrnul of Commerce claims ten 8out hern dates ns sure for Breckinridge, namely, Vir;iuia. North Carolina, isouth Carolina, Georgia, Toiida. Alabama, Mu^issippi, Kentucky, ArMOtun aud Texas, with only a flight doubt ihnut Tennessee aa being Bell's Lome. Wo bould like to know on what data our Wall troel contemporary bavs his calcutions. in Virginia, in the last election for Governor, ho number* stood for the democrat, 73,1X4; for bo opposition, 71,Mil. Divide the democracy >ctween Breckinridge and Douglas, no matter low unequally, and there ic uu eaay victory for Ml. In Kentucky, at the last election for Governor, he numbers were for the democracy 76,62?; 1 or the opposition, 67,115. Divide the democacy, aud what becomes of the hopes of either ot ts candidates iu that State ' In North Carolina the ligurea stood in the last lection for Governor, democrat, 56,222; oppoition Candidate, 33,965. Here there is a repec table majority of 16,257; but divide the de nocratic strength between Douglas and Brock nridge, and is it not plain that Bell will be ictori In Tennessee the democratic majority is much mailer. At the lir-t election for Governor the Ituiocrats polled 76,073; the opposition Humiliate, 68,012. This gives a majority ol over i,000, which w ould vanish into thin air when wo democratic candidates come into the arena. At the last election in Delaware the numbers tood 7,868 against 7,152. Who does not see hat. with two democratic candidate- In the tiuld, he opposition ticket must be elected by a large >liu ality? In Maryland the opposition had a majority *nt lie last election, and the votes counted as fob own: Opposition. 47.111; democratic, 38.68*2. b the majority against the democracy here likely o be reduced when Breckinridge and Douglas livide the democratic forces between them 1 In Texas, too, the opposition defeated the lemoeracy at the last election, Sani Houston's r?\jorU>r being 8,G70. What prospect is there of ef electing a democrat in that State ? In Georgia the vote for tho democratic Govrnor was 63.806; for the opposition, 42,195. Jut divide 63,000 into nearly equal parts, Mud >ach will fall far short of 42.000. *- * ?u? ?i? ?.... ii c... n,., in tiUlUMUllil iur ? WW v? i*C * x. *w? x ?vi u?v u' uiv" rat*, and 1.1,587 for tbo opposition. But the ialf of 21.000 in less tlian lj.OUU; and. taking nto consideration the vigor with which Soule ind lii-i friends will prosecute the campaign, it a uioro thnn probable Douglas will get from Ion ,o twelve thousand votes. In Alabama there w?? uo opposition, properly ,o called; but the regulur democrat wue elected ?y 20.600 nily?.ri7 ov?r Uto ftre-cmw, Let three :andidatee appear In the field, and who can innu- the w inning man? In Florida the uumbers rtood at lust election 'or Governor. U?-mc< iat 5,01S, opposition >ivid? the dimocnitic strength iu nearly equal portions and the opposition obtains the pluality. At the la*t election for Governor in .Missouri, he democratic cundidatc polled 47.985, the opx?Mti<Wi 47,641?democratic majority only 314. .et tbo democracy be divided between two icketa in this State, aud (be electoral ticket of jell Is sure to triumph. It is true the oppotilon cousitts paitly of republican-'; but ou! of Jt. Louis they have no strength, and the great >ody of the opposition will certainly g<? fur the Jniun ticket Tims it is L.nd to say in w hick of th-ve twelve Hates the democracy con bo successful: and, \ hut is the most disheartening feature in th?> dark rrospect is, tha' 'he democratic Candidate w ho Is tkoly to poll moat votes at the North will prdl en.-t at the South; iu fact, will not carry one 'lcct.-ral vote bryond Mxson and Divon'.. line. ITiere Is. th-rcfore. a political revolution at mud. which will scatter the democracy like ;hafl' before the w ind. Had there be. n two denocratic candidates in the field in the Preaideni?l struggle of lk">6, a similar result would ?avc hnppeoed. Thank- to the Albany Reg-m y and their retainers, the same men who Moated the democracy In 1818, by running a econd democratic ticket, the democratic jfSrty ras been precipitated to its doom, and the uprosition party of the South will take its place, >n the 4th ot March netr, cither ut the White louse, or as the opposition to triumphant duck republicanism, which, if Lincoln is lectori, will he duly Installed at the Capitol of Viwddngton. without a finger being raised 1 A tA ?? a II ft. i ig?in?i ii, wnan-vei voi- urv-eavers uui^ now *ny 0 Hie contrary. Thh Avkkuan Kxohwu.?The outpouring of nut 1 in and specie to Kurnpc goea on hrlnkly h>ta thi< port, A.-* tbo summer ndviacct alllbst erery week sees a larger number of paaonper* going off in the IranMitlunUe steamers. H?r three ro?eel* which sailed f<*r Kuropo on Saturday Un>k no le? tli.ia 5!?4 paffsenger*. and teurly two millions of specie. The people who uniio those trip* are, for the tnc?t part, person* *ho hare money to spend on snmmer enjoynent . and who n few year* ago. h? fore Kurojean tours became so popular. uu<l traa-ullanir voyage* m quiek und p1cn?i<nt, apent their 1 'Utntner breathing time nnd their money at our ashionable watering places. This year, between the senxaiionx which will ittract so many strangers to Ura metropolis. Iiili this hirge < ,\i 'due to Europo, we are afraid he watering placed will be somen bat slimly itteiidiaL Two* ro lln Row. The Cheralier \?rnoy ho* two string* to his bow. As t'lerk of ho llotMe of nepre-entriUves, he is identified as 1 spoclul pet of the republican p arty. A* the iroprletor of the Philadelphia JVcs.?, he is n opnortor of Mr. Dougl.ta as the tnie represen utive of the old demon party Tlew Tor:ey plies his bat,**. i-w . nln*t the ahnin'^t. v ica on both sid< b< . htt* he may fall u iaf, t-ety sudd< n'y, tc th ground. flu <s> .1 t>r, well tree! h? yond th.- Ni>e?rrber gei" 'il ?W< tir n, w'th fjv ?d>. en i.o>* arm Mii D> ug ?* iq the otter. > Thr IH graded Cnndiliuh of t>?iv Politt'M) Mauagrr*. "Our State elections are more important than (be Union," w .? th? cry of tho Albany Regency ?1 Btdtiniorr, and hence the breaking up < f (he old democratic organization at this duog> rous cri-is in our national affair*. Tlii- unworthy Bonfuncnt id a perfect exponent of tin- petty spirit that animates the nun who pack our political conventions. Tho same bet of rapacious office holders, or greedy office binder*, m?y be found in the conventions of all parties, whether they he county, State or national; and every step in policy, and every vote for (he nomination of ctiinlklate* for office, is dictated toiely w ith uu eye to the effect upon the vote for ward constable or county clerk. It is no matter whether the question Im?one of nomination for Congress, or the Governorship of a State, or the Presidency of llu> TTnion the niinc vile principle rules. All parties are infected with it. It prevailed at Charleston, at Chicago, and at Baltimore, alike. It was the reason for the overthrow of Seward atul the breaking up ol the democratic party. It insists upon elastic platforms constructed w ith ambiguous phrases, and plastic nominations that can ho moulded to the local wnnta of every section. The universal prevalence of Him base.and sordid motive Is more dangerous to the country and to our institutions than any set of general principles can he, for it saps the national life at its foundations, and causes it to rot at heart. It throw s the conduct of our national affairs into the har.ds of men whose vlcw? are bounded by their ward or county limit-. aud it deprives our State Legislatures of everything like skill in the art of government, and our national halls of all true statesmanship. By it the standard of our public morality has been degraded below that of thieves, for the common voice r* '/macs some honor among these, and we defy h y one to fnd the same sentiment ruling any of the actvS of the Common Council of New York, tho last State Legislature at Albany, or the recent sessions of Congress at Washington. The halls of these and every other legislative body, ns well os the public off: -es i?verywhere, are filled with spoils hunters and lobbymen. The Albany Ilegency is a fair exponent ol the class of political trader* into whose hands all public affairs have been resigned. We can trace the cause of this great public evil in n rule of action which has been adopted by the holders of the appointing power in every position of the national or .Suto governments. These assume that none but what are tevhni" callv called, among the professional politicians, " representative men," shall be appoiuted to any public post. The que-tion of ability, integrity or character is nev^r inquired into. Does he control his ward or his county in popular elections? is the solo object of solicitude. As a natural consequence, our local offices arc tilled with men of the most dubious social position, and our representatives' positions abroad are crowded with appointees who know nothing whatever of their duties, and whose only merit la that they can shine in a primary meeting or control n ward convection, where muscle L the only recogiiI/A?d power. The sentiment of the Albany Urgency. which we have quoted in the opening of this article, and the vile courses they have pur-nod under iU impulse, arc already performing the great good of opening the eyes of the people, and of the men who de sire national action in national affairs, to the danger of our pr? sent system of political onq* yentions. and of the uecr--iiy of entrusting national ^uoations to ward Villi's county politician!. Th?: caijw?hma Mai!. ??Wii.vt thh w*.hrnv-vrs vSnori.n Do. It will be eeen by our special despatch from Washington tiisl Commodore Vuuderbilt absolutely refuses to carry any mails to 8sn Francisco, and wo are informed that he also positively forbids any mail mutter being rent for the Isthmus, and for the Spanish-American republics, whose only means of communication with the merchant* of New York I- through the Panama line of steamship!. Two propositions for the conveyance of the California mail aro before the Postmaster floaeral. who ha* ample power t? vcept oni of them, and tLe stcHroehip inhio nce r 'nd' avoi ing to prevent hi- doing so. Oue of ti" -e proposes to carry the mail by way of Halt I \ T?ty, and the other by the Han Antonio unit il, P-?o rou'e. and each otters to couvcv all mail matter, Including newspapers and documents through in twenty five days. The course of the ideam-hip interests in this matter la worthy of the severe-1 reprobation. A permanent injury Ls attempted to be inflicted on the commerce of New York by a sultLh monopoly, that has nti-ed (he prices of transportation between the Atlantic and Pacific State- to starvation point; and now, bocau :e tbn Post Office Department refuse* tu bo fleeced to an enormous extent by thorn, :h< y have the im pudonce to wiy that no m< rrhnnt -hill remit hN eomfpondence by their ship*, and the prc?s shall bv clo?? '1 to all nccoM with itn reader*. The mcrchiuit* of New York owe II to th<-:ngelv? 4, to the bun or of Uii- metropolitan city, to their own iuU-redta nnd those uf the country at luge. vhicli tfit'J so legitimately represent. to put the ?oul of their condemnation upou this highhanded outrage by a a?UL?h aud dkutorial monopoly. A puii'u<' mrviiiiit should at once br rolled, -unl n "dutlnna pu ed crproaaivc of their Indignation, and culling upon the FVMn iwder General lo exert iver\ ponvr with which lu i inri ded to give the country ,?t onco a trl-wevkly mail to San Francl*co. In the prc?rnt disturbed rtn?o of the Indian couptrv through which lUf V^th r.'uiv run*. It may Im< prvileut U> give the prel\rente to llid f~ari Antonio ami El l\w?o route for the present. A farther advantage might pcrhrvna bo obtilni 1 on that route by taking the mails to San IMcgo, r.nd conveying the heavy ponkn by sea from there to San Franckeo, while the locked mails could go on by land, if Is (hereby wived. The President should have this overlaud mall route at i nee c lebli-h-d, nnd thu'i forever put ut r? Jl ILL dictate rial claiui oi lite Puuajua monopoly, vvhi.b h L* to he utore fowtrful than the government nnd the highest iu tercets of the people. The merchant* of New Y'oiK owe a No to tliemrelrcw another dnty. They abouM * ? that mcaroni are it onco lattiaUd to e-tablkh a permnnrnt opj <+111011 rrnta to California by way of the I?thmus,**A number of fradble routes c?.n be openrd easily if men of credit and sta:.d!ng will place Ihrwfrr* nt the N <1 ot the etterprba. A mail rvnd *:'(!<. ! rou e n< r >.-e the Isthmus of Chir <iuwith mart if t b vrbvuw n* ho?h end.*, <.,.d "ixtj r itf-w inly of cony " ? it can W < p-ueO ir fixly d*)i. The Wcurag1 a r .,c X cou'd 1-e r-pein-o m tf.m months, and the HonduiuA *<d Tehuactt-pec route* are also aviulwbio. W e (i!>fB?onil to the Chamber of Commerce to take imuiry into rbi, matter at once, and give their cuiratenaoce to parties who may undertake it. And let the merchants of New York speak out in regard to the prewnt outrage. Should any or thein be injured by tko ret Ural of Commodore Vauderbilt to carry their letters ard package*, aa action will lie again-', him for damages. Mr. Docauts AmuvrrD to dn v tup Campaign in Oi.x> Tawmam* Tiiw Evimng. ?Mr. Douglas is to speak in tlio Old Wigwam tonight. Their ca..e being somewhat desperate, the sachems hare sent for bim, and it is expect- ^ cd that l?e will anBwer in person, like Metamor?, or the last of the Wampanoagt*: "You hare wut for me. und I have com"." The big chicfe on the occa-ion arc to fire up on new whiskey arid dance flic war dance; the old War none, Elijah V. Purdy, like the prophet Elijah of old. in a chariot of fire, w ill be seen ascending to the skies, and probably, too the apparition of the absent Tuaonrora jdpellghtor will slip In on I the occasion w ith th. bead of George Sanders, n la John the Baptist, in a charger. Tbo "Little Giant," however, will be the great lion of the festival, and doubtless the Old Wigwam will bo for a time in an a? "tl blaze of glory ard pntriotbm, without anything of the usual smell of the fat things in the kitchen. We would sHU admonish the uninitiated who may choose (o attend that it would be judicious t# wear their oldest clothes on the occasion, for fear of accidents. After what has occurred at Baltimore, nobody knows what may turn up in ^ Tuiinuuny llall, in the mutter of a council of war. Victor Hcoo on Hugo, the impracticable?whom Lonls Napoleon unco sui . astically railed le grand has been expatiating upon Garibaldi and the Sicilian revolution in his exile in Jersey. Wc publish his oration to-day. It is remurkablo, not only for its eloquence, Lai fur the recognition of the men* by which the success of the Italian leader wan brought about. Victor lingo and Muzzini, and the nu n of the extreme school of revolutionary m polities, are compelled to bow to the superior .1 judgment and more practical schemes of Garibaldi. Tl ey w ould establish freedom, but it i must bo done in their ow n ?ay. Fanaticism * nnd religions propagandism are the weapons of Marzini; winged eloquence and appeals to TrfiNLwlnn iiinc/t nf Hiitf/i H.MKoUl 4ou , ? ??"? "If the sword, accepts volunteers from every quarter that cao fuiui-h stout uruis aa?l true hearts. Ma/zini plnt?, and Hugo denunciator. They will have a republic, social and universal, and nothing eke which men call liberty. But Garibaldi is content with a free Italy, though it be ' under a liberal and intelligent monarchy. ' Tim Covnan\ a\n No Comphom hk.One o# our Sunday papers, remarkable only for its enthusiasm in behalf of 111 . Douglas, under the above beading, puts fbrwmrf aw earnest and indignant protest against any fusion "joint electoral ticket,'' or '-mongrel ticket,'' "representing Dougiaa in con laminating nliiancc with Breckinridge and Bell, or either." This Is the order of the day, and it doubtless foreshadows tho decree which w ill be kmicd from Old Tammany to-night. Who cares for "Old Abo," the rail splitter, while this democratic fight is still pending upon squatter sovereignty! Tht 'July Hfuluu of (he Common Connc 11. Now tbr.t the Jajartpc Prince.-, with ' Toning " ?r,d iha Orieiital retinuej have tatvo tJu-ir <! jiortorr, ocr cty h>therf vrtSl return to tbe'r ott'i j?\ dm!.* and gluiify tli mon the "irand" rnunielpal remmblo Uvo cm.nnitee *i.i li.?r. u (?, the Ambi"-tdors an! tiwlr v?u num. di.-.te frkadti,'' iuiJud.og .1 j-rctty liberal tj.-lnJflug of tint and tailor*, porters and carmen, ko< i?>r? i U lm?or KtorM unit fcl. ,ld,t hitter-. * It l? rtittuwed 'm tin- Clli llall Uiit Jo'j* rat* ia?t wiu k> mad* f.-r 111,000 apprtfrial *> ,r- addition to tnr liiO.OOO aln I |ai b .1 11. l?t|i . m *o express a tsv t.? <? ( w .'I be K.310 or.* member of the Ahbrmm "botl omi t ra..1 hr?w enough" It ics'.t ?tch ?u unblui-bi ie attempt ^ at public plunder. After a few -neetir.j* the lk^r.1 will doubtless take a recces, ta order tiuit the ovauuittee tmj ' retire to icrr.c rural epct *?ic Ui.> tuav ir.uvn r.nn the fntipinn of their "Japore.v labor-.," an.! ?lgh over the kvier they hare tutlaiuod on the "..Ilie arraiijetacet'* about tho 125 ticket*. I Theatrical and Musical Madera. The Great EauterB and Japanese excitement*, comUie*d itb lb., hot **aih*r, > ?* Uiterfenfl eerh'ualy with the theatrical bnrme-s for Ui* week. Tho theatre* m (act hat e been JuU. On Mr. aoJ Jl< a Floreec - o.>oi | maofi' a rumim.i ? a*?n at WalUcV*, with the *' I ilM J IVckt." burba^ne, the great raceee* t-f Ibeir but ecaeua hi re. It bu Ixvo remodelled to a'.iI the topics of the da) , Mill i? rcall) cicetuuigly good. Mr 1 lorenec ha. *a eaj?<rl?ill) baiTT 1 Ark *l eaU lii.,g up Ibe cur-cut Jufcce of the metropolis and InleravavUg tti.<m with the dothifuc of lik* |>U/e. lu Ibk ?a/ he ti enabled to pv? a j m > rwnwii " ?-i'w tii'if ' LjUUU K <>kh" ut D"W r\?n r> <ko an?<o>iux than wh-u it waa ti.i(ira ducrd. ll?iUU<aMUiiM*t4?rkit thl? W'Hc, wi?'? >-Tha Yoftftg Aclrrw#," in which Mr#. Ilorcuoc la aeo.iMUcg'.y clever. At Laura Ifreno"# fbrv r? i?..'.b ?g new ha# been pro- 1 Mr#. Joto W.*> 1 ar t Mr. J' ff-ram Uae# xolerUinod Uie public in the " Q-iv k Ito- uu" and " Our J .j<vaeie fcabvy." To eight a now bnrlawiur,c?lle 1 tb?> '-Tycove, or a Trip to Japtn," wilt br bruuchi out, ? !Ui ww ' MMf. appropriate on#* <: <"* *and *0 en. VIM rant of A Ui?pier* Bit thn nt.vtaof tt*.- th Ire, rad la 1 r)iul>aUw namrir< Mra. J.Jut Wood, M,-> 0. Mr. I". S. ri .alr.aO, Mr. J'lTrson an 1 Mr Smim-ir. la. ' lYrvtoca to th* bnrlofriTi, the Uroo of "rbuhr an? Ura*b<r" will ba play?t. At NlMvt Oardra, Vo-BU,bt, Mr J hu t1ro .<!u n ?.ll return* nor a fkrrw.U cug-.^.-^rnt prerlntit tn bta <triwturn Pat Europe, on th# nut ih -o?rr?nt n .uih. Tha far faired uuiki't jo " Iliealtuiitaa,'' tte? brat that ha* c\ r Vvo r-rit:''i np"n #n Am rtran * .'>!-I, ill t?w Otvia. Ob tlua ocru n. Mr Hi 'urn w ill pi ijr I\ , baton, Mr. A II. rati-nport John -'Tilth. Th-re wtll N- a ballet, a o ncrt and -liter eu*ru. .m ..i# cl. u uU r ti( H llu al favor tie retort. Al UJO M'0ierC?rl<a anrtv ; ? w.' umi n<-is*a ImM fTcmg, irb. n "Jeaai# Jte-owti" wily* brought o il aa the fli l of a itrnt of pt?)? to b? gii en tit th- *di"ui ?M M. ? Aguea Robertson and Mr. Hi n Boarotrralt. t<ar pr unry fan-bit# who bare b< v? r ?. n J<vie" will IlliJ II ?.0 tb \er drama. K la to W ibuu 1 he Net pMMble a a} at tn, Winter lijii u. ,t Vn >.? '- Mu'- m the ' >. i". ..-t fee lt? * day ami ctoiilug w tho |>'piUr frUh <lr not, "Alia*, lb* R. oof Xi.larnrj,' m Mr. VV. jnay. 1.4 prircijal part. Ifoo otlvr .. 'Mfmi aof tfc. Xjt.i arc in thou w oJI> riivlMut comlitiou AltUuKcvB"? rjr t??-*l" tbo ?(U fbr tbr or riioi? * uc!- it* "Htok -< the W-kkJk," tbi Wtrtvckof '> (.toe,'" uJ "A rirvkrt Nc frhhor." -jm Iw'i} , Mr, W. Tr> ? the |? polar tr< nil T of lh" lli".l'ro, fct" lit* la', tit) h?Milit, Im i ?t U'vil Hie KwU'-.i ft I : la .IT" Kui iiu w "U to boor tu tninil. Otowi Fj>Trw*i**i.\r?.?T.: r*U c <1 ?r4ciis .tro m ttil't'jr M t T fi'l < til" 1 'Ik I r .. i tu t!) > Imts ' boon tl:rorc?il nnrhtl>. On oiorj ktmiih|ItIbr wrHc thrr-is a ro"!"0"" 'r r ,,w?rf. ?nt on T r? lay*. Tlmr*toy* lid tiMunUjn tin j? rf -rt oaoo of tl*> fvnou Roa I miii ImUvt t?* li-v: (1 -iJty'? Mil lr?-la, aA Kill"'* Fob. i ' trr<i l a c.opttnl HI tU? *iH. TIk- ftiror ettlM 'II" r.lun lor* * * *1rM" * :?"?? tint sltrw-tbin ft U'? bill Iho ?y?A Vhaotoi ptr < Uw*r v*otl c"t?eo;1 pn^rrolp*, WttM Uf* toto pt?oo nprofwa t"? - I ii..- rlait>|ii .-hip, to .I'.u'it tml t t4 u%! " lh ww*. I i. f . T .l?o U r.411 itiim hi" I. l 'tti M 4M 1

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