Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1860 Page 2
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w _2 THE SCHUYLER FRAUDS. Important Urtltloi. of Judge lfig'i?li?nt a to iHc Spurious Iharti. BtPKKKK COl HT?3FKCIAI. TEKM. JrLr 2 ?Tht Aew I'ork and .Vru Ha?en Nailr ad t'?n pany w Refcrrf fk-kaylf end ?(Vn 'This luuij lili<.? cut, wbicb ha. been before the courts fur yearn aud iu solves hundred* of thousand* of dollars, has boon drei ted t?y Judge lngrahun U) an elaborate aud able opium" , from which we give the folk wing briel abstmeu:? 1m.b*ham, J.?Tins actum was brought by the n < tiffs for the purpose of ascertaining wlivlhl" lb Jbcld by tbs defendants, either in whole or in pari, ?i cpurious, ami If so, to have the swine declared vow, v.. ordered to be cancelled, and also tuat *h? jefen U .t should be enjoined from proscCotlog am act urns two ueoding agaiu?t the conifwiiy, or bringing a .turns pi en force the same finch of the defendants as have an flwered, deny tlial their stock is spniioos. aud set up lit various ground* on which Uicy claim their ?looW to be valid, and In many iu*t tees tiaee set up counter claims for damaif* ag*'wt the >-oin pany. In disusing of this case the itini i I"*'" tioo arises as to the proper rale* to be s.l lit order |to ascertain which stock is valid an t winch is purious.. On th* part of the plaintiff*, It i? cWiumd that oo transfSM-s are to be rtoognize.1 but snrb ?* are ntoru.l on the books of tbe coai>aiiy. that the Issue of t. certifl cste of stuck, or an asafguim-ol ihcrcf, did <d. vest In any person oth< r than the holder on lbs books of th company, any title lo such st*w k^ HPW1 the *amo Was imuBirtrvu <?j uir in**** w < ? - w*-v?# > * ??fm mtile in f it>w 1/ 't^ll "? u|4 #| lile li^utflii rnr, and all cei tiftc.t.v ft>r abariw dot ncM by Cut part? named, were veid. that Uie oulalaadhqt oertid'- a-i* dft cjet prevent the transfer of Uw Mock. repre?.'<v.<.>1 l>v It, and thai the bolder, without notice to the Co.opany, ol> tatned no right* ngalMt lb" company, until such notice was given, thai Uie company might waive Ice requirement of the by-law calling for tbe surrender <>f tie- oertiO cate before transfer, and that the cenipany are In u<> roe pect liable for tbe acta of Schuyler or hia reorfwenutlvei, when tlw or made iu transactions red author 11 I by the company. Ob the part of the rtrfhnrtanl*, the a-non is ot defeuoe vary according to the (articular interests of the aevcral defendants, which it is ui necessary here to recapitulate. The tirat inquiry ta aa to the < ff -ct -if the .over issue by the hebuyiers'in their transfers prior to October, IS58 It mart ?>e remembered thai there wita no over issue of capital stock at any timu prior to that date, so Inr as retain 1 to the whole ?ui>uut of stork outstnndil g ou the books of the noinl'any The excess Was in the account of > tuiyters alone. Tf theie had tui-ii aueh an over-issue at that ttme, beyrnd the capital of the xi npanv, and that bad not been remedied by calling in vl vm Celling sultx ielll stock to rvdiw e the amount lew l t 1 th actual capital, such false stock remaining 011 tiewoulil "j ad.M't the title of all pcrsnh? to whom such -.Iwrcfl should suh*sjucntly be transferred; it the whole caplt I of the company was not at tlivt thiie exceeded h> ruch over i~.ii.-a, ttiere would be uotU'iig to prevent the company from incctvtng fmta tb<--Vti ivl.-rs pav no nt lor stub overissued shares, or a sat HtVt 1011 there! nf, cither by a rclransfer friuu them l" the com puny, or In so ne nt mr manner. by which ta.. coiu panj could recognise such shares as valid, and treat the holders thereof aa stockholders of the company After a full review of the case the Judge cousiucm the following facta established:? That the company was duly incorporated hy the I/?gts future of Connecticut in 1844 That In 1M0 tl l?gi?lt ture of Now York authorised the company t? extend their road to, and rfiite with the Hailem Kailrou I Ounpruiy it Wtllianubririgf, aud auch art was assented to by the I * pialaturc of Connecticut the satne year, Th d in porno ance of the charter, the Hnar.l of Ihrcctor* alt onppul to obUln nbsci Iptions for the capital nt.?-k of th" com 1 **? which attempt failed. That after* v. .1, ah ?nt Octolmf, IMS, a formal subscription was made by r-, lain persona to the capital stock of the company, amouiiilm.' to 34,400 sharia, exclusive of the subsequent Incr-vtao, tri which a pay mi nt of one dollar |ier aharo wjis in ?de. Th it a lloard of Ihrt-rtnrs waa elected ?n the Ifth Mav, 1H44, and the Oumpany was then duly organised. That on the burnc day , the llirector* organ twd then- body by electing Robert Hto>rtot Prwodw.t. That ou the 10th of Novum Iter 1U4. t> e Bouid le-oWed l<> make uu the caoitulHlo. k to ?>,000 share*. and partftl a resolmtou pewvl'tluR fur a further subscription and dtstrtbuiinu thereof, luRiDier with I.NOstain I placed by the form' r subtler ite r* wttu the president of the company for dtstribuLioa, and direct 11,* tbe mult'' to In' offered for fair anil distribution on trrtd prescribed by there In th.' reaonutou That variou* aitbaorliittooa were aft-rwarils ohialaod, by which tin- of aucb a lock a a" sulmcri'ved for. That bach subscription? were recognized by the emu jiany ,1alltioii(fb Bnf obtained In the mode apprised in Die art of incorporation, by ll? resolutions passed l>-c Si. IMS, TbalaahacqueuUy, ui August, 1161, the ttor.i of Ihrectors agreed to increase the capital slink to JO 000 chare*, and directed the name to bo apportioned am >iir the then eftHltiiR stockholder*, as ituuiltng on tin* aioak lodger fur the dividend rmvablu on loth August, 1*61 Ttiat ra the 15lli August, 1*61, a dividend war declare! and i?M to the stockholder* on the book* of the oomtat ay, according to Uic aloe* ledger, which comprised all the stockholder* thru hold in* stock on the hunks of the company, as per exhibit No 29, at ahteti time K * (J t? Schuyler were rvcofrrured aa hol<ler? of *54 share* That such dlst'ibution w?s accordingly tna<lo, and the ti.OOO aUarea veers so diatriUilleil arid liken by such stockholder*, except sixty eight shares, whl -h were fr?rti>w?* ot tharvs, uot taken by tb<ise who were entitled I beret u, and a hob remained ui,,li?|???'.l of. That Robert Mchuyk-r was spjsnnleil transfer wont at New York, J O. BbcffleliT at New llaren.and .1 F.^Thayer A Brothers at lkwtrti, by resolutions id the Iteirn of |ljrcclors on 3d February, 1847. That the stock no sub scribed brand distributed, appears to have been, tu must If is* ail cases, transferred by one of the transfer agruls. oo behalf nf the company, to the aubscrilM-r*. Tlmi there were, at all times, transfi-ra raaite to the transfer agents on the boots of the rompaoy, for the aeeount o( U>e company, and the stock so t, uiederrcd was afterwards disponed t* by sock agerta That ten shares of stork tike* by flM>tife IVck were declared forfaited on 4th Miy. 1853, and a rtwolqtlot) then passed snDmrlung ihr IVtwIdeal to Sell tbe satus, and also tto- M shares of Die stick not lakes In rt-artional sharca, by lis- mitxci tbers, so as U> make the whole capital St.<k M 000 shares Tliat George W. *h tatter was anointed Vsv |'p sidi-nt 0,1 10th Awgutt. JS53 and rotated 31st Hay. ISM 171*1 |>rxif to 0w> dKirlbvitS-n or 5,000 shares In Au*n?t. 1*51, the Orui of R A I.. I. S-huvdor, by trsnsthr, had r i.sqJ aa ewer Msne of stock to their stock account to a lirgf amount, and rvrevdinf 1,000 shares above ibo cumber of Shares that tad hern transferred to them pre vioug to I deb over issoe. That it dues ant appear ta what maimer much ov er i?ioe? were nasi iled, hot that on the 17th of fictotar, 1*?, >k huylrr's atnek aoocaint balaneod with Ibbr shares tn ihHrcredit Itiat at aN tim.-s pre lo?S thereto, tbe -tick ledger arc,on,t* balanced with th? tl'ck tasm-d by the c>m|Miiy, wo that at no time prft tons thereto was'there an issue by the company or Its agcat of mive stock In the aggregate than thirty the- and share- That at that >at< K Ac <1 4. Sk-huyler had ovtaut ding c-rt?fic?i.-^ signed ?>y R fchujhr, transfer agent, Tor 7 042 sporsms stare? ,4 stork for which no transfer bad been made la them mi ihe books ot the company That In OrtoWr, 1*53. R k tl t,. Hrhujler eommrricrd an over issue of shar. s hv tra< ?fer, and b, t wren that time ai d the fourth of July 1*M there were transfers of epurious charts made by Ibiln up It, that date on th< traisfcr books of the nun racy amount In* It, 17,497 sh?ers, mud rertiflcatcs also ootidandtng m their name for shan-" flu winch no transfers existed on tt.e books to 1 041 shares, the whole amount ol ?>\er iv-ued H'Ck by transfer and h> rwrtith'-1< 19 145 sharra That these share* and C'Ttl#e?l?-s are claun-d by the deft ndants ta part, ai?i by ot tiers, as will appear by a slat) ment hereto anie iH. T7?at tbe over Issue id *t<s-k was or igtra'ly mud,* in some casiw hr Iranaf-ri, when lhi re was no ?wk ilaisi|*t to ihe rfntn i?f the Mchnylers, and tn nlht r raws by the Issue of eertt* antes for stick when misvah stock w is owued hv them j?ccosn|wnled with an asslRnment and imw-rr of attorney aidtwvrlrinf a trai<sfcr, ami llirn in newt iwaes sorb stuck was s, hsi-qui nily tiai.sferrc l on Uic tssks ?f the <snn t*ill> by the attorney, Jrxreptlivf In the ran - of 1 IP elisres |*ledi-rd by the iwrtn-s to whom tin C 'tMcatrs were tse'Mit pa meurity and not trans* rred on Die r un | a*y Ttiwt In some easra the rertiftrat" whea i-u?e<l was a eerliteute for valid slock held by H * ti. I, rVhov Iff a* til" uato if it* mn.r, *11.1 *fl"f the Mill." * I- n* Hurt R k H I. ?-h*Tlfr tniiwf.'rr"! >*i iIk> b.-'? of Ur c npui) imrh nharr* with. irt ?Hindi thtg tlx- o? .nit ralr* That tlx- Iranafrrv n< rr *11 tn:?<lr ill !> ?>*.- k' |>l lit thr rumMif. artrtrb w<- r rtfiiLviy nnmhon- I prn-r U thr book Via# ? *' ft* Ikr piirp"** Irauafrrrintf, aai In *o?.. c?ij tr.wnfxr* o . rr tii.d.' by tin- ftrhovlrr* *i u rdl M by wthrr* of i-hari* wlitrh ?ff? ITMifi rod < thrwi rWhrr on thr avnr Or PubfoqiHIil .1*V?* * ?i Iranfrr* la ami>f pnaa bflo?r for thr Mm.' nnrnli.f ?l Mm, Mill In ath.-r* for amniau of difVrrnl qwi ||tt** anil thr Iranaft-t ?o? ! by thftn wrrr aun i iti. i rnnabrmt of n tab r noitioor that by Mhlrfi tn< ? rr vrivrd thr ?t?> k That thr romoiany provnlnl rotor fm tratwlbfrlng *tm-k. * ? I out In IV r-nnplasnl. b *Wt r .lfa ti * prorntrd U.I1 all Xiuv ?frr*,I b tr i ll In thr bo"h? of th 1 "tti|?.i >, ai, I that all r?rti1-ate- a atorb, who h ahooki li.?vr h <ti mwi bo surrrn< *i oJ prior to a Ir n?trr oi rmh ?ti?ok briny aUoww on ih. Ixokr . f I ho company That ti moot of thr rase* in whet tlf drfrirlant* ha*.* a. ?f r < 1 noil aarwnrfd, mxf It** >>r>?i f.iri wbod to ?lr* tn.v #uch drfrndrnt*. or rot. Hint luf tranafrra aii.l or .till . MM,flthrr pafcl ta.uf tor I ,3 ttack, if puirliMnl, > cna.lf 1?u>. tlirrfi-n f.?' (ti" in 1 without kn-.wir.iy. <jf th* frnt?'? or nr. - ?r .rr , f ;ir.i \ or. and without an; erneedv n< fltrwnt to raoar apt. . n ibrroef. Thai la Ih. ? MM of Ktrl* . Mil*** r i apt*ar Dial hr put toy valor V Nrhuytrr ft* Ih* (dork ??> i to turn, hut it t? >b"wa th* tlx M i hat,i.a Rank mated BH<or) to Kyi* nfim Um aai< rorliflratis. am' ba a Irat -t'r In tlrn of i.?rl -i tin a torn That In out of Un oasro t.? d.-l. n-l uttp. bfftr* fat fy lor thrlr anvk. or at van Cirg monfj tKr o. mvlr or ranacd |. b* m*d< appiwa to to th* - .ft r.-rn orrl. .-k* o ill" oi|>loj ?>f lb* r<4i.|?t>y I" knotr if rtork had hevo trni-f I' M t tbrni.alxt *fif ililormed hat art. trai.'fr*. toil l? a t mat r, and that th. > titer puit or n.'nrt . r. If Iff nt aut lt udHtaira from ll?' ac>a<t? of tbi i ?i? / TWt In all aiN-h raan Uf >1 ii' tnntr havpfetrfalt d '? ?g. from thr arl? of Ihi' ..tlicfrft, tS ?* or on of t , |?r*lntiflb That RoWm f- la y.f.r 'a I ton <ra?x? thv#; a> of Jul) , IWft and Unit etm.nin lc* I to t.<etM4i' fdlrortora that diflirulti- ?\Nt d ?? to th.' 't-^lt ar rrfrrtfrl tb*m to tlx- ?t? t Mpw rft onrw iln< .nut ? that ru wn?? Tlt.l t.|> Ida titbV It VC It to ?f| ilrticf of any a.-iiial tt.oaWk I y aay <A tbo Irot'orf < ahy fraixtaknt actr o? lit* ?trt <f Mtnfte* it th por fnrmaiicf of lila dftiri a* tri. ??'* a<. "l Tint ? )* framta arnr* mwauitol both <a |-.-t*. r *r nt ?d tbc iixn pamy.ln firing tab* r-rt o. at a, aa I i.t'.iiiiii < fax? tranaft?ra on tMs hooka of tli* r rttwu v w.ul a' a i l v hotdir of thr ron*|>any m <dt* 4 thr il u of K * t. RciMfW, In makmf tra?*?rrr ami ubla-non rttttflct' < fr?M lh*v?M?tiany br mixft aim Mmc :c I M-. n t.rt book* at th* onwpany TluM a p-wwr cain natnm of tbt boaki b? th" Dtrw torr woold tar* ntah iri U?fm to d > otrrwr thr fraud* whlfh trrrr | root- by tft hnyW and that thn Board of InrocVvy wor* < , ty of uf Iig< top In not makinf *uch nati ma nt d In li*.-in( the on tirf oharn* and rnai*..l of th* tm- ?f, < * ir , Vl; R,T lag earliitcatrf *ith &>hui x?r, V it making an- h n amination. TV Ian, aa anplieauir mIWn(?? I n d ?? follow* rl* ? 1 Tbr at'ck of th? ran mo j b v i nnt?-- ij nw haraa br th* ahartrr of t>? r ..opt..) u waa t a thd /tower or tbt hnff of .'r?r. ?. j( ra. .. .u ,.f i i -i I. luwrd, u> iwrtiw Um comber of shares ' I Mfixtmi )i ?ii.- ir?rt.i!? could uol. by thrtr own net, Increan*!> ? r of share* hojoiuf 30,000, they Could not le n ilit-p sgeot, liber directly or indirectly, auUo am4< such mori-uro 3 ff l-either the Hunrd nor it* agent* noting wider ' i < my, rouId oo <ai not by which the capital stock , ,i, i v ii vriawii, no net of negligence or misconduct m N Itirt of Mith agilit i'oiild effort, by any liability for . ti tn, what |btr company could uol <lo directly. 4 < i (,* <)ueuily i lie iiiM i ~ ids of estoppel cimuot be ap ki?i- vhlldHy u> what would be an ilie^i *tl,o ' v. i t ihi rnn.|wny fliiui m tiiiig up, In tumr to r io ?irh nun k, that the wane u void, being twoe v i-? of iIx- caput I. i nm ) meat, that i o one can be estopped from re i o an ilii gal eel; but that ait estoppel can ouly i mi i .tor id a party Injured, where there ia ro ..I < t law h-holding ibw party against whom the . - lo o|>ciate frutn doing the act which is eougul i ,! out thrwugb ito operation, e ! i .otriue of ?*4ooi? l la only available to th, , ?Mvfiii e hom it to designed, and done not operate in Ntorri ? at ranger to whom the refwosentatwa was -art , ?i.d le nut applicable t this case excepting at here?lii-r itu jd. 7 '1 Uni no legal title passed to any one who received | iivei tin- owurr a certificate of shares of slock, issued by i t)ii< nintiii) , with a transfer endorsed ti:or?m, and a I |* wet ?.t attorney to tnosier the fame, evon though the j |Miu l? whom vUcb stock was delivered adviuived moI i > im. the receipt thereof, but that the p irty receiving j Mm* enirte only acquired an rquiubic title, valid against tl,i iwri) tunned iu tlie certificate to compel a trtusfer of ?ui t rl aiev ou the books of the company, while the same In mn m his name thereon. ft ? y i be law, and by ther tatute of Connecticut passed Ift?D hitIi an assignment h not valid agaiusl any but t!;i r unking it aim their representatives, and such law ' (ft-rau's u|tin all transfers of the stock of the company, ' a hi ilur in i.unnmicui or Scvr York. I b A transfer o^ the books of the company for valno, to ' h hnajitle holder, wo ild pass to him the shores so trans ' ferret ,* although at the lime the transferror had a certifli into in Ins name outstanding for the same, which he did L' * M-rrcLder at the time of traurfer. 10 Ti i- fact, that the owner hart pledged the certificate n thiol i?i ly. n<i security for money borrowed, without i ciiri to the coni|?ay thereof, would not affect such tiatislhr, or the til! of the tranaferree, to the stock so tndsterred 11 A transfer h. a person, who at the time held no shares on the books of the company, passed no title to any shares of stock In the company. lit Such n transfer convey* untitle to Block subsequent ly acquired, and could not be made good by a transfer to t'hr person making the same of subsequently acquired Mat Iff Hba k received and transferred on the seme day iduMild, in equity, he considered ;is received before it was i.eitsi'ci ted, sltiiough the numbers of the transfer may In tuich af to make ihc transfer by the transferror appear at Per iliac the Iran -tor to h'ta, unless It wag proven that sneh triuefer w.o, i . V prior to the one by which the rtis'W w?e assigned p. the. transferror. 14 lt? by-laws ot the com pi i iy requiring a surrender ot the eei ideate Mure making a trruifer, is not binding ii thire pTsons so as to affect their rights or deprive ihi in 11 ilieir pr? nerty . 15 so* k trat.itfer'-ed under a power of attorney attarh>a t, a ei rlifieate, which power also contained an assign n? 11 ni tl.e shares, and authority to srsnsfer the said J -hnrtr. i<l in t authorize the linnafer of any share* qn'.e. ater .be date c.r the power. Id S eli tr?nstei couW only tiperate to transfer (lock lul, by lie peisoi,'taioed ill the certificate, and power id mi uaieot the power; and if such stock was irevtoosly trai slerrert by him, no title would para under the rsi Met of the attorney to any slock subsequently ac qmrie by sevb person. 17 !i the ease et a certificate and power of attorney, held by the iwrty to whom it was pledged without mob ing a transfer w* be I rooks of tin- company, the same rule should la- applied, iruch ccrtffioatc and power would ei.ti'li lh< holder loan equitable title to any valid stock helu by the person named therein of l.,e date of tlie pow er, if he root nine* lo hold such slock to the preneut time; but It all the stock held by the party at the dale thereof has Iici-m sold by him, then the eertilleate has Ceased to he 11 any value, and should be cancelled. lft. Ihst the eoiniwiiy having permitted R. A G. U S'l.lli I er to *r|i sroek env iisml hy cwrrakslat when th rro war st.i k standi ,g to their credit sufficient to rover ? erttlk nte#, la Im>oml to make goo I such certificates to tt>? a\Wat<<( any Mauia owned by the rotnpouy, within U?-capital stork <4 the corn|>aiiy , and that the seventy eight share* of the company unsold should be applied tu Tie rxtwffcciiou of the oldest outstanding certificate of luat rh*'meter 18 That the rtefenilauts who have received transfers of spurious et'i'k by the acts of the transfer agent, or cfttifir it* e of spurious stock from the transfer jg nl of the company, wilhnnt kvew'.cdge or ground of suspicion of fraud pr irregularity, ai d h <ve advanced money thereon, are entitled to recover dsn . ei-e nmiinst the nunmuiv in a m-oiier action 20 Dint defendants, who liav. been misled by the arts or i nIkKfOOt' <4 the officers of lh? couipuuy, arid h ive ?it hi i i il ni-ney iu eoaaeuuciicc tlnr-of, itrr entitled to recover damage* against the company In a proper action. 21 flint persons holding certificates of Block, valid when llicy were is.-ued, acconiimutcd by an assignment and power oil which they have ail sanced money, may recover da no p s against the ratnpanv when such certlu eater ha - e been ronder.-d of no value by the allowance of lr> >r on the hocks of the cumpiuy, without requiring tin m . eei o* the certificates. | 22 i' ' * eh .Ininag.s cannot lie recovered In this ac| la I > * ) i ! c muter claim. Tt i 'i t'.diow log ruler must be adopted, as to the aeI pioHiiiuii the stock:? 1 It.e oert.crvtes are to he rejected where a transfer el II e Miek or share* mentioned therein has been made W. the h.?4i*, and lite certificates, with power attached, have cased to be of value, where all the stock held bjr the |>artv at the date thereof tiai beeu tranaferred. 2 Tt al the transfer* on the books of the omnnanv are 10 lie held valid, even w ilhuut the surrender of the cerll ficati at tbe time rf the transfer. 3 That transfer* only convey the legal title to lock held hi the party at the time of nikktng the transfer. 4. That translhrs tnad* on the same day no which the st.a-k I* received are valid and convey the title, although the 11abater lo the part) ta entered in the transfer bonk, on a transfer of a prior number 'than that by wolrh ho no tied ibe slock, provided the date of both irao*l'?rs 1* Ihe seme 6. TV*) iransSers by (aiwer of attorney can only convey Ml* k belli by Ihr party executing the power of attorney at tin Una of Hs rnvnm, and in tha aka*?r? w any ni lit r |'foot the data ut iter r?"T wiuat he taken as such 1 titae tf there la no <?ate to the |*>wor and no proof of it* rxrrulu a, Ibe dale of Ibe tratif-r by the attorney must govern If all the slock held at ll. date of the power has b.en 'isiiMi rred by lie- party giving 'he pi'wer, before i it'* atlorrcy mekes Ihe transfer, no s'ork minhl |iar? ua Cir such transfer, and the rami it to be mseegarved 7. TTie ran r rule mu?t be applied to cmis'indnig certtflf ilm hi.iI |a?wers. where no transfer lut* been made by 11 if attorney, an wlnre an ojo liable title exist* in the holder of the same, and tf all stock held by the partv ' giving tl e jower n< the date tlien-of has been tranaferred, 1 i i Ii |? w r and err t Urate ci-ase to be of any value, and no >t ck van bo t.?n*frred thereby. Here flow* a II-1 of the tmmi * of persona claiming *rick. by transfrrs or ntliorwi r, which Is declared to be ?l* i.a at"' am hi is to 17.752 shares. Tt.efi p. wug rsttilieatrs of stock held by defendanta, ?|. < ti v -re Issued by H Hrhnyler, transfer agent. In the i :inn of It. Ii f>. Schuyler. siibs-sjuent to llrtob r IB. 1H63. und vbali wore so tsma-d fraudulently, tlieri heing no stn> k in Id by Ihem st the time of giving *"eti certificates, ar< declared to be void, and are ordered b> he omoailad, unit tlie 1 alders thensif to he restrained by inj'l.icliou In likt mnnrer as before directed, vis ? Ci rlitk ate >o. 4 110. for mm and twelve shares, r ls>n? d by (' yngory R ry? .dated lot It >'< ? ember, 1653 t'erlltV aie No 4 1031, It*aevrnlv five sliares, claimeil by Ja< fhirjtet, of November 30. 1*63 4 v-f-1 c?|e V, 444a fiw loo sliares, elsimad by C 8agory K fYv , id 27'Ii March, 1464 (Vrt'tVao No IU9, li'ti harra, rli.imed by Jas. 0. King'* brsia, of ip'li tpril, 1664 Cir-ifi. a?e No 4?3fi fi? 20 'hares, claimed by Jas. 0 Kirt -h :.s. ot 4th May, 1*64 triticeal* N? 4008. for If "< sliares, claim,>1 bv Jas 0. KW? s.ts, if Ifilh May. la/4 Abd ihr fetli w |r?? oeellBr.ilea of Stock. issued pslor If floti-In r t* IS'vt for si<? k wtoeh wns then h?ld by R. A II I. Pchnyhv. a d we'e at tli" time cerTMRtetr* of g m-l stork , I id wlit. h wore afterwards rendered of no value h? lb. Iiei ,-r of the aauie shvk on the b oka of tin- coin by I 6 <1. 1. S*hi yk-r, are declared to he of M v? . ivM.d a*< i deee.i to he cancelled, and tlie hol.ten tl-itfi fare to be restrained by iijunctiun in like mi as hi fori OiM Ud. v z ? (V i.Bc.'.ti >* 21dfi, claimed by Oirr?-nter A Vermilyet ft.; 6P tiairn. <T'V <*?|n of \|*ll. 1M1 < wtihak No. 27S7. e auood hy far ob Rurgst. fur lit kl ul't's, of tie' date ?t Ibth tatoder, 1*61 . ?i ? ?*inf? wm ' ft>r I K) r? ibc ,Ulr f t* I 'tier T. ?. v.. Mil. i-'i ri t. Jacob SurfiM, ?>r IK f uli.itr , of tin -UV oftw. <\ - V r ' m?M ?I> r *tc>TT AO., f'1 ? IfO -bat (.Mb- Mo < f r>b May. IAIW ? Tlii ft!) ' * it , I'.i fi ..i'wi ,?! <' hurt ??i<l an , .1,*' i ( ' -b * < lt? linl.trranf virlnii I ?(,, ( if,I I , I trnra ?' >?'< Kii'l ! I.f thfin Iw I, r ft iii"' ? r,n |M in ib nb a by tiw c irt r *i if a- i tbi-m lkn> M n? .?i wi.lerwl in iv-ir favor l Kiikinlti?I' II. Arkn tuirvb, Ann* Mvia Oarkaon, A r I ill Mi, .ln'ii II I'vV r?. flfroM KMo-f. I frn, r.n Hill # V., ?rn N kii [, b ht V Ifnn. liiwffi" kl W? 1 II r era. A l> WjrW.IT. Knab Twlkf. J H. WUHauu I tr <1 it'. Wrtgta I 'ili-ni-fi' lai t?. TSikv.:. Hi'-nwn ft f>? . b.-irlnr ill* ' Ml"! ?! ?> at.rll ?t.i ;,|ln? Hi lliolr num.*. nil'1 .''wi '-<~l liu linn.' i f l*n' c auaf, ik> Ju'lfincii otit fx i ii'iHtiiiul' !? . aivl I o v* plaint aa ?fatn?l th r ' V -nil. w-tti *1#. f M i. l r i* .4 On o'ha' m'l'?, ohintiflk an-1 .!e ' l li'lafcl*, 1? c>?U art ?? nlivl to oiltwr; b it the .1 i 'C * *i 11 a* 'a? ?i tain' rtil '.t> r?v? ?C Ibe plaintiff*, la with ?v InnbU. Naval latrlllffarr. I TV' P' lie I anrvevbHi ataunvr fW?"n nrrlri' ' - l*di; f: m Key Wraf, alter a |u ?|i< of 3 ft ami a hi! 1'va. 1 f '"Kir* la a Hal ' bar in t m ' (i winun *iat?J br Wliklaaon Me iliro iw*?r?f f Ibiabf f>i Parr/ Ati?i Ofllc t?John ' Third (ifi .rr? W H Olo ifi. tm^r Fmiotb ' HUM*?F II la t ' fiifirai-J. I. r OrvtaaiiW (b,.f K* ?ioo *?II i?t* Hark. F- I Aaatataht IValtv of?(baa Cab r?v?ni I \t f "l? <1 ft a rrer?(Citimari H. *vi*??*r? < ?i?l Pit >t? Vi i !M>ha",??*i IA?a?"narr??f>mimani|i?e C W. lV*artn,j | I oiteil (bat. a p?tv; .lo'lF" William Harrta, oC Drrtilv I 9arra|ial?'? OMrr. Ikfl<rf Elw- 1 C Wrat, fo'^ ! ^*ILt Or JAbK* klllJT. T!!' *!li b%r njccti.f j rtrr.'ay by Ihf fftir,' ??* * l'x-i?3b if k.^ b fn i ***'"* Uk aliv in * i of tbaOij'l moro i?r I ?i b r aero al *. \b* " <* paeviiarilf of tfta A? 1 ?. tb l? * |>,,t - ri-. ,| t J I! tfl.i I I'll % ? ? mi' 'r? T?r tb? f?blafr.|i r?rir <d, aftl Ik la a ia c ouij f , 1 m ?bti h |l?.> le't'-u. a n i .--nb' ?ba.j. Tbn \..v\V ??. j- ?,?*?? .:-di .vratf v .ulti aW. NEW YORK HERALD, 1 ..I. ... Interesting from Japta. om SAVAOAWA COHHKSrOSDBNCC. Eajiaoawa, April 22, 1M0 r*' Large Profit* Made in Specie Exchangee?Insecurity if Fbrcign Residents?Jealonty and Hostility \qf the Japanese Towards Strangers, Sc., Sc. I > m stopping at the American Consul'! resdeooe, by his own request, and am making a little money, In a quiet way, by tbe capital I brought with me. Each man la entitled to change $1* Into itiebua every day, so, at course, itcebua are acaroe, and worth something. I pay a number of men 91 a day for the use ot their names, ii.(1 thus obtain a large number of ttaebua, which I sell at a large proQt, making several dollars a day. 1 have seen some articles on Japan, which were in 1 rAAl narl ritHotilruis writ tan hv n?rinnl vhn hidl h*.~?n only two weeks in the country, in nm- miserable town like Yokohama; they often give fnU-> tranalat'onii of afrntiKtb ward*, and abow degrue of ignorance quite it cutting to liirir readers. Mr. ?? stayed hero four daya to take notao for a work on Japan, and ! knntr that be swallowed a great many hard stories told him on purpaoo. Foreigners are oa a very precarious rooting with the Japanese, and the laaat nolaa out doora makea every one start and cock kla revolver. Evsrbody leaves his house with the feeling that It la quite doubtful Whether he relures, which Is very unpleasant. All night, officers with two swords are patrolling round the houaa. We are expecting some new murders every day. Prinec.Owari, the Governor of Una province, is building a large stone fort, which no foreigner* are allowed to visit A gentleman from pffiatmhac some time ago got through the gnus of the enclosure without being disco verod by the "floor, and was walking toward the fort when the laborers saw him and began to stone him. He bad a very narrow escape, and was very much injured. A short time before the last two murders I was taking a stroll with a friend, a son of this aaiue gentleman, aud wc decided tv attempt the fort, ao as to be able to say we had bccti there. We left the Yupldo, or main ttreet, and struck down an alley till we found ourselves Inside the eiicloeuie, without jumping any feiices. As wo were going toward the fort the laborers, to the number 1 two or three hundred, discovered us, and set up a about, tallirg us to go back; but we did not take auy notice lUl we saw some officers rushing out of the fort and some others coming mm the gates, at which we turned round and wal <d as deliberately as possible toward the gitoa, which the officers, now numerous and menacing,had shut and barred. We thought our time bai come, but made tire best of it. and sternly ordered them to open the gates, which they did, looking very black. A few days ago, when walking out, I came upon one of their mauy temples which 1 lint nit visited, as we are entitled to do by the treaty. In opi ning the gale I rang u bell, which attracted the atteution of two priests, uini came i lit of the temple and stopped me, doing the next thing to pushing me out I ?) 'i them off and gave litem to understand, in as much of their language as I could muster, that they must not take such liberties: they peiBisled in their singular conduct, which only made me inore nuxiuus to cuter the temple. At last au old priest. Seeing me go determined, hobbled in front of mo iu such a way that 1 could uot get past without knocking him down: so, much disappointed. I gave up my iuteutioti. thi returning to the house, Mr. P told me that this was the asylum for disgraced men o| high rank, who had not |>erfnrmed the karri karri (ripping themselves open), ami who,since their lives were of little value, would not hesitate to cut up a hated fbiwigner. fbKsukab BOWCWCR ?ANY INFORMATION RKRPKiTINO THR whereabouts of William Bovcher. from the pariah of Kenton. P von, Knclaud. and late from the <'?|>?nr linod llope. will be thankfully received by his slater, ay addressing 0. B. Ileker, Keq., Coboorg, C. W. TH FORMATION WANTEIV-OF AN IRISH OIRI.. J named Mary Vuail, from the county of Cavun. parish of Ktl)**h*i*lr?, by her broken limited under, who supposed her lo 1* Ipcneitb the willow sl> enter. the h?? been In this country seven yearn, and when las: heard from. about four years ago. she boarded tn Merrtmark street, ftstioii. Mass.. with a man m.nied John fjnerd Address Catherine Quad, 190 Spring street, corner of Thompson. New York. * WABu i emw w . uesn .ns wmr nomiv a wa 1 u,e of thr p?r)ah of ('-ultra rountv tialtray, Ireland. wha arrived Id Ne*Ter* m Ui, *( M m r r < frranxjius frmn Witlwae. and stopped At t aallc (ianrfw. Anjr InriimMiiim < / x-r wta b? thai.krnlly iVcclyrd by hrr brother, Martin I*x>lcy, by wrtttag to him At Huonlck Kelle. Rruarlaer county, No* York, or to l.y uch k Cole, Utah American, office, S lteekmau air eel. INFORMATION WANTKIt-OF BKHHRY PAR*. FROM ' the pariah of Oharher. eeuntv Tyrone. Ireland. by bor Dtoi-o. I atherliir Boll, from aaewt plnoe. kh-n 1am hoard from i ?!? was lit inn on Ktalon l?l?oi.l Atldrr** or call on Cath. Ball, at i'aotic Warden, I >Hlro of tho i ominutkiourra of KmigraUon, New York. _____________________ INFORMATION WANTED.-Till! lll'SHAND, STNTKR, or next of kin nf Ann Mr Afro, who (Mod at the Hellenic Ilaatpital l-t Novomlier, lAftf. can obtain a mm nf money by Ad irexAti'K I?enox k Wallace, solicitor*, box 1UU Herald oUire, New York. INFORMATION WANTED?OF HK1NRICH JOdlPH Ellr*nrer. a Herman. from Ptrtrorg. Hraac Darmstadt who w**,when laat heard of, to Sacramento, ("a Ifornla. June II. IBM Any Information to he dlrweVd to A. H llraher A Oo , 57 Ferry ateeet N. Y. Oallt rnta paper* plaaae copy. INFORMATION WANTKI?-4>F WTI.UAM IllwHES, * ho formerly resided in Pateraon. N. J., by hla mother, Mr*. Harriet liny hen. by directing hia letter* to the care of Mr*. lodge Park, PtrolTan. Ireland, he will hear of her |o hla advantage. If thla afcould meet the eye of Mr. MtUer. to whom his former letter* were directed, be will mnrh old ire his mother by any Information he will direct to Min Dunn. W7 Third ayenne, New York. Information wanted?or thr oartman that tlx* a red leather trunk from the steamship Adriatic on hainrday. Ills number la known, and to anra trouble he la requested I" learn It at St dp -tug street. N. Y. IF T J NkW HT, THF YOTNG SOtTnEUNER. AT TTIK hook More, rorner t?f Broadway and Twenty third etreet. w no lipniirn nix 11.r m avnuam Rurm[n a? n-inir X ui-owniug l.uti Iram Dm etPiiroion U?n, U K Mt llm la Krwark Bay, ra Faliirday. will mil al the NrtropnliUn llutrl thla r veiling he will find amir ??rm frtptwU IF IlfflO Wor.MIKIM YTIM. IMU. At Tllff ItRKS lanrr TitathakrUrr be will brar of bu brother of Mew I rlrnn* ' IF .ions MYF.RS. WHO FORMRHt.Y mMlinRIt IB I.I vnrponl, anil oatlpd t?"?w txmdonln tlm ably Toronto to |irai v.irk Iw Dm month of January, IRW. and H ta hrKwrrd pppWlpd for aotnp limr In S'l-wr York nod Npw Itrleaaa. will root nnmlratp wilb Mr. Ru bard Tpphay. of ljrprpool. AIIotspt at la.w, without drlay. hp will hpar of aninrthtng to ha adraa ? ** KATR BI.AKESKY, KATIFR Of TH* COIWTT KUdarp. Irpland. will find bar bmthpr HugVat 1*1 Hootfe i' pCII atrprt. Albany. N. v. NUIpd Ialami papers planneawpy Mrs. hattif a. corvrrsr, pormfri.y ?rr oro. R. Il?rkp. will old.go Mr R a Inn 1. ml by railing at Dm Mnmpolnui llotrl and rorrtvtng neveral irunka and hotas which barn hp?ti ppuI In bin carp through tbp Unltrd sutp? Kx prpat l oaipauy VI R FRAKK B rOWriCRPir. YTHO MtRRIKP IT JA*r i?l arjr Htpt 'ra IlattlP 1. tlarkp. widow (if Dip la p Uao B t iarkP. wtnprly a Rita Maiwrll. id Mourn N X , will rail or nd lil? addr?aa to Wot. btnrklun. Mrlmiolluii limr , K. V , bp will boar of PowwDjing greatly to bla advantage. M-ta-T.-WTU. TOC K(?T PI RARK WRIMr H OR nip ? I aak aa a furor, and for tbr yoodof ?U. It a a timro arriotii niattor than 1 anticipated. MIT N'oi IrK-HaRRKRTON, NRAR TOTXKS. PITOXt xhirp England-Itll HAUH HRUW N, woolr -nlmr |pf Itar'iriton in April IH.V> Hp waa In Albany In Ma IdM. and hi* I ipt Irtirr of July. Intl. waa datrd pariah of Rapid, MtatP of l-ainplai.a If bp Im brine hp t? entitled to a aharr of imat m m undpr the w ill of hm (PandiaUipr. M< holaa Tolland. It bp be dead ' tha-ri bla piPPQtor. ammiwtng bp dtnd bpfopp tbp tiib of March, I.AW Nollrp la her'ty irlvrn, thai iiiiIpiw IHp aal 1 Richard Hmwti. If In Ilia, or utrlt Vgal pcrwmal rrprrmntattrr if bw he dead aba 11 jjlrp noflpo of and rataUMi bla or hop plana to ifcp paid land oi thr 2P;li .lay of drptriiibpr neit the natd ' nad will bo paid in hu n In Rnolaiot. who rl- una thp aatnr Thla mdhp la gtren under Dm omnitona nf the ict of Parlla mppt made and paaard in tbp 231 and ZM yparo of the rrlgn of her Majpwty tfiurn Vlptorta. rniltlp.l "An apt to fnrthcr ampnd tfcp Iww of PinpPtdl and to rpllrwi roMa'' Paled Una til dayo'Marph Isfli t)K?) PilFSSWKi.K Anttpftur to thp jt dmtpwtr at"ll of tbp paid Tr<M Pood. Tntnno. I ipi on ' VyiMRtilt?I MflU. BR Al IB* t'HKRR X STKKT, ItTKRY i.M da> Diiawrrk. from'' lop A. M . th? rnni ndPr nfthp ' doy at jw R bd? atrrpL If yon paniMA call. Ipt irr know whprp I pan aPr ron I T1*"AI?TK1? TO AI>Ol*T-A PRM tI.R ORPll AN t'litl.O, , hptwppti two aal alt yaara obt. Vnat a b?nd >oihp r A Idrpaa A. A., Ilrratd i (Upo, wtUi l ull t arucutro O/Ul -T FKART1IKRK HAS RF.KX ROMP MIsrWRKR aiv'X. ^aiiiillno. fan I opp jmt indar Tna.tai i at S I* M. al I hp plapp I inn you hot, wbpo t waa liu^.pctlit* wmwp labor) ent IW. MI IRC KlalaA ft KOI' . ) \ twn t wlMhiPH -THR f KI KHK tTFrt Pi>ROH -f V Jiatriit -In-' ana aiwhar ti?l. nomhtnad a.l-lnie and fnld ' ?rrrit?"- l br .mllls p li<>l hk. ?rrnrr of fort , mitb ami *1) ' bronhw >. county n*ht? on ?mv i-ritu i /t n rmnikh, ticst y*nn * win. mm bit i \ ' 'inf? ?t 3# i'-nx' otrrrt. trow 101<> i. j to < ui t i to 10 oVIncR, Arllf. Cut guar* kajflf actur1w.-how*r % i.vrit ron m mtnl hi loianr ?trrn a pmmi -wltn-ul of . rut rod prr??r<l filwwwarr. ('"?! oh olobm ?n | fh mora. <)* an ' pi w-fl?tt!iii iiami wnrthixutor. ui iij) a i ?. 'it ?<n. lh>lnr*. hwtvnaa*. irt ttlhrr mmhi and kxn l ' .too t . . . i ?.,r .1 '? ? itatn half ih- prw of nro i-> w m |?. 1 \a :< r l-i ik .tvt h?n.t n blm ry all koj'to. at ' tun it r ?trrrt rr? y"rk. t>f>rt<r?.f oar workb-4h-tt*ni.r for ltjtri. i iii c* mrflii'w t' rw*, th?-.,trr? rb'irrho*. a' ; alai 1m mnrr* of n?i ' opt fl for anlr. * h..?.%lr a-vl rot >11 St s.i vrotroa^ m'yiilr mtmt. * t ft?a-mrka in op? l outi 4out. I pit xii parrftr?ptfffrfxt ?r*t!'. aijao i rr'titar i nnrttt x. fnr thr fr in 1 rotlp*o of t?r |*h tout ft r arid kofr % m ii 1. ko. w mah...i lanr, nncnyr of william ?t"r?4. ?vu a r it vn .s nil. i.ati 't iwvrnvkwfrt, pa' t w tr? irl v>? r. lo?t rrrau'm m *i? or r?l? ..?, i-rfp-t pi* arb a* tifumr, '?1 v %nd r*?rr?r armrt( s? .ting grit ding ao-iaora arraarrd and aorrlal t ?d.p"*d in ro.t >rtn| (|?r?, t k ro'rbri bard ml aianrra aa imnalaaltlo mi? ?t. A|>"It in t. rb'srktt. r?tlr?od UtwA U?Utia?. C"rarr > j i f rim oimi > rookltn ttrrn* v? firt Sitwahixr arxlph.ayirtl powpr* pa thr 1 i .oily arttrtr to tttrrmbiat* morbus brdbnra. an la ir'-tlh. r ardor tfom tinr horn, an it rrmtaln# o? n <t?m i (art,? rrt . g pitta ?r? atu. a'xlk to rata and mlrr ootvn ml i r?r1h rrcond atrrrt. i*blladr!pht? for mk in rbur ti-k by . r a wvi 1.1 a f?.t 1u frantuo arret. i otki t. u of ! f &lu tl wuuow ?rwt. wd hy ?ll rn*i<?cubl? drucguu rr wii.toiftrn milx. urrvn-od fr. oi ibr rl, srm mi k of ib? r??l aoirlo* la i pntrwtn i ink; nrw y m thr oo > *?* to pr.?- >rr pom 1 i milk m lornr rjitoo. tb? mr>ltr?'*>- to rrp.h- h \? 10 ' ; ' rnioxhr at ittnn'n >1 mrnlmn it in rsr?, or tbn-i tbr >#11) miwlr p aoo ?tm *n mt"k an h wilt k"?r> fo y? <m in any rk 1 ntrtr iii lr 'l>|io?>''? lor tr.tollrrn. -mr-o of thr .rmy ?nd urf, nod at tkoiw lirtn* in ik* 'ntln ty ?t 'br for ?n?r ot mrvow ?.? p?ohm*o ?vbwr?l for rnimwooaibm. ""^^^mfrk a* roumftrp mti.* iv >mf a * f i , j9^ tukw'o irw ark. a vabi if 31 u.vak tt if, h. f. [ UESDAY, JULY 3, 1860. naiPKitPMri PAY. ForBTH or jvi.t. is?. KKTKTY Of TAMM KMX OR POGCMBUN OROR*. ( VoRBRSTION or THR RlUMTT rOORTII ANNIVKRSAKY OF AMKHIOAN INDKPKNDBNC'E ORnru or A rraruehrk th. The Chief*. Sachems aad Warriors will assemble te the Oreat Wigwam at IS o'clock, at which hour lb* Coancil (ham bcr will be thrown open for the admission of friend* of the aociety. At I o'clock P. M the exerriMs will commence with ? Music by Shclton'* celebrated Brass Band Address hjr Grand Saohcm .Isniej Conner. Music, "Washington's March," by the Rand. Tl\c Declaration of Indepeodeucc will then te real by Brother John T. Hoffman. Music. "Hall Columbia." by the Band. A<1 these by Brother Jolm (ochmDe Music. "Star Spangled Banner," by the Band. Our demorrwUr brethren era cordially invited to attend committee Of SRItaafcemeNTS. Sachem Wm. I). Kennedy. Sachem John Kelly. " Klijah F. Purdy. " Wllaon Small " John A. Dls " Henry Vandewater. " Klrh B. Connolly. " Otalgias Taylor. " Oeo. K. Baldwin. " William Miner " Jantea B. Nicholson. " N. J Watcrbury JAMKS CONNER, Grand Sachem. Caster C. Chiids. BocrcUry. TIIF FOURTH OF JUI.Y PROOR AMMK?THK JOINT Committee appointed by the Common Council to make suitat le arrangements to celebrate the approaching Annlveraary of our National Independence, have the honor u> submit the following Headquarters First rtirtsioir N. T. 8. If. I JUw Yottg, June 18, 1MB. f Oimn Ord*RS?tCo. 3. The Division will parade on the Fourth of July next, to cele brste th?- Annlveresxy of our National Independence. The Division ltn<* nil! he formal to Fourteenth street. with the right on Broadway, ut eight o'cloek A. M end ?111 be re viewed by hie F.xcelleocy the Commander to Chief. . Brigadier (lenerml Yates ?1U detell e detaehmeut of artillery, to he Motioned In I'nioa rfcrk. to Are the Governors ee.ute. Brigadier General Hell wtll detail en recent for the Conmender to-Chief, to report to the General et a quarter before eight o'clock, at aurb point aa he may designate The marching aalute will take piece to front of the City Hall, at 10 o'clock A. M The line of march will be down Broadway atid through Chamber* street to the east gate of the Park. Fourteen* street. Broadway and the line of march from curb are designated ?? toe parade grounds of the division during the parade and review. By order of Major General Randford. General Randford win also direct a national salute to oe flred from the Battery at sunrise, and also at noon. A grand Kegatta will take place off the Battery, under the supervision of the Special Committee. Rntranee to all races free The races to be three miles, to start from the judges' tioat moored a little south of Castle Garden, from thence to the stake host placed opposite pier No. 4 North river, the boats to turn from east to West thence to s stake boat placed between Governor's Island and the Battery, turning from west to east, and repeating, hack to the place of starting, coming in between the judges' l??t and ihe barge occupied by the joint Special Committee of the Common Council. The races to commence at I o'clock P M. The Robertson's will All the intervals bet ween the races by plating some of their tlnot selections Tli.- following Races will lake pince;? 1 Rare for Nineteen Feet Working Boats, epzltsall without rudder or oars, nothing to be used outside I'riies?1st. KM. 3d, SIS. 1 Raoe for Row Boats, six on red. eitnker built boats, of any leriglh This race etcluatvrl) for nnut'.cur oursineu, with or without coxswain. First prize, a silver trumpet and champion pennant: second prize, a silk American ensign 1 Race for Four Oared Boats of sny length. No restrictions. To lie row ed by four men, with four oar*. Prises?1st, SHU; 3d. rs.Sri. RA I Hsce for champion scull, for ail boats of any length. No restrictions. To be rowed bv one man. with one pair of sculls. Prizes 1st. 3100. 2d. 380; 3d. 325. 1 Race for seventeen feet working boats. No restriction*. To be rowed with two pairs of sculls. Prizes- 1st. 3T5. 'id. 340: 3d. rst All entries to he made on or before 13 o'clock on Tuesday, July 3. with the President of Ihe New Regatta flub, Mr. Chas. McC?y, No 1 Broadway, where a copy of the Rules and Regulations can be procured. The follow tog named gentlemen hare been selected to act aa Judges of the Regatta ? J. SHERMAN BROWNKLU JAM ICS 11. WK1.S1I. CA1T. JOHN HAM* W H Ilt'LTRICI., Jl'IRlR VOOHHIKs, of Brooklyn. KinSKT DORI/i.N, TliOM AH Bl'RNS. The decision of the J udgea will be fina' In the Kt enlng, FTRKWORKS will be displayed, and MC 8TC furnished, at the following places ? Places. Band. City Hail Rbelton'a Hamilton square Caasel'a. Madison square . Washington. Tompkins suuare ClrlUan. Mount Morns square Washington. Franklin and West Broadway Oirlllaa. Junction of Rasl Broadway and Grand street ... Hill's. Sr> eplh avenue and Forty third street fasacl's H.****'vUjy .slJ(miston streets Washington. urr*y mil, rourth venue and Fortieth street. Thirty fourth street, bu?m Klcklh and Moth avenurs Sebiae tier's. Jaobaon aquare do The owners and masters of vessels 1/lag In port, an-* pro E'rlors of hotels nod public buildings Sj e requested to display Ir color* on that day, the aegWina are requested to ring the Is of their respeetlre rhtirrhes for so hour, at sunrise, roou and sunset. Bills therefor to be presented to the under signed. Drivers of vehicle* ere requested to evetd the line of preeenelon during He march. Ttie Civic Wor let let and Municipal Authorities sre Int.ted to eo operate with the Oonimlttee In furtherance of the OlebreUou, QH.WKRT M n.ATT,) MIt'llAKI, TV'OMKV, J. 11 W- 11KHKT, PommlUee TERKNfR PARhkr. Board^?TdTmen. JOHN H. HKAD*. Board01 Aldermen. IIF.NRV SMITH JOHN T 1IKNRT, JOHN HOUAN. JOHN BAUl/CH. JOHN* VANTINK ' Committee Aiari\?V<<" *TY. Bfkrd (f founcUmen. CHAN. C. I'INKN'KV, JOHN A. AIJ.JW, U. M. rUATT, Chairman Joint Committee. E W. Taru>?, Secretary raws bhii. SuvaW' FARM'WAKTRD.-WANTKD. A OOOD FARM. NRAR New York, fit a moderate price, with good, comfortable htilldlnga. In etchange for two good Me. unincumbered. a ad two eood hottara on the Mate. In prime order end purine w<-IL Artdreaa, wMh fidl particular*. R. A. P, Poet oOce. New Vork. 1IW>R ftALR?A HOUR* AND LOT AT PORT I.**, SITU r aled hell way between the rwllrowd aUtloo and steamboat tending, three fourth* of * mile from eweh. three were* of |uid owe heir under good cultivation .ad Ihstentr of fraM, Ac k HBTMOPR. M Pins tereei. too* wai.a?a rvu.un, in nrrr-rocRTH itiir, r wewr Myth nrenue. Mreet pared, ready to MM on. wteow very eonvetaant House and Id*, In Smith Hwoood afreet. Wtl Uam.burg: term? ewe?. Apply n J. L OAWBET A BBO.. U7 Bowery. iiksik AIH.F bvilimnu LOW. fit fret front hv ISO feet deep each alloafed at Bar Ridge L. I . within 7? fret'of the termlnne of the third Avenue Rail road. Inunire of THOMAS WILLIAMS. Superintendent's office. Trinity Buildings 111 Broad war New York TCVijirBAl>B?STORK AMD OWWUNH AT PBATTS r rllie, Oreeoe county, N. Y.?House IOt45. atory, attic and cellar, containing 9 room* atid Aj acre of land, veto Irally located, art out wtlk choice frnti treea Pnce ht.MO. Including ?iock and (tmrcaof a drug and fancy More, hi IWI mar remain on bawd and mortgage Apply lu A. B. URK IH>K\ . IS Ureeuwk-b aveuue riR RAl.F-A FARM "OF FIFTY* ACRBB OM LO?fft laland. thirty-aeti-n milea I <wn Brooklyn, wccewaible by the I/mg Icland Railroad, oar and a half mile* from Deer Park station; retrnacreenf wldrh arw rleaied. three are tn rye and three in peach tree.a In flee growingcondhkon TW ar>11 te well a.>|.le.l to fruit of aH kind* The air re property comma* la one id the fhwat vtewa in live aeifhborlieod. For lerma or furllicr particular* call on or addrena h. P. SI* YD AM. No. MS Bn-'idwat. figm 1 U>I r. M IJVlR AAI.R OR RXCTIANOR FOR CTTT PBOPKRTY? r An admirably aeterted Mock of Dry lioda, of the mod faahlowable and satellite quality, with all fixtures, together with the good will of the Lease, having three year* to run. at eery numerate rent, In a good buatnem location The owner la obliged tn acll owing tn other engagements Apple in FRl.fX HART. l.tOaaienareel earned wory r~R BALK?OR RXIHANOR PflR A HAR1.RM Idrr a Yacht about eight Vwia, built teat nmmar a goail sail.* and a aafa boat fan .ire of 1 O S('HOI.RFfCU>, M tfaM. u laoe or of J MONRiiK. No ?D avenue D. F"lBKT CI.AXH~H<U'SRS M AND'ailVlMfMNI A HTKKKT, Brooklyn lleigbia. within bve alnvlet <4 Wall ov Pull n ferrlee, for ante or the I argot will he leaaed; brown stun* frosts, elngant In style and decoration, four Moric* high, replete with every convenience, ready for asespSMon Ttw nvwu facing wm. command the scenery of New Jeva. v. the harbor and the ever rawing panorama of the Raat river Apply to J. IIOMDLOW. No A Montague place. Brooklyn. FPBNISHRD? A I.iROK. HANDStiMKI.Y Ft KVUHl D ytentae, splendid large garden fruit, floarera. and erery thing drfdrable; bra' neighborhood fine eliaie leewa. Ihe lease (4 three year*. and furniture. will be aold b>* fur caah BltifiS A S' fI'l H Hill 'K. ? Yaaa.yfi alrect. TTvmrrRBir lands-a i.awtiw <~r this "city II about to rtett Ihe Western Male*, will Aland tor.diee. tfcma n'mtfil tn Mm F?ainln%tmn of HUN, parmaol of Itm, and nM* nlon pntrptt for partia* kn'dlor port ftp ?aa f .r raduatrd Uhda, : Itfeont iikIi pataot tka till* botwfritd.) AddrfM ! JHrrr. Horat'ofBrp H KW Kt B UC?rM>W?. J^F.APT TM? DAT. TOTTNftW<? eovM.rriT axi> ooakm n Atl. WAT. NTF AM NAvnt ATION. KXIMIKXA ?imi TKI.KI HA AIMI Ul'll'K f ir Nr* Ymk and tlrioitf. To 1?r carorlpj ami pttMUhnd a or Air Thf moat oomptatn work of tho htnd m r faatiad A* HAT ft fONTAIXd Omplatn Tiirtr TnMoa of tlm Hallo .i>? dlaaratnr from Haw A rk ?Hk tkrtr ra?A>rHlva fun* t cnnartmua, Otatan . a, Faraa. Ar A H? of lha afoamara plpln* bptwarn *? Tork and fornljn a nail aa di porta A |M of av>rrn? llnaa wltltlti flfl/ mjlra Of Haw Tork. a Ilk (ha malnonnlltnn idliraa A kal of all Abo irlacnqih atataoa wtlUin 100 ntii.'i Of New York, wah tka ntji oAi ao Trtca all panto RfnOXRr.RO A On. rnbMtant, to Haaoar atraa:. Hem Tort. rpilK HKHT lii">KS H?K roi KIHTd 11 tRnill.l.'AIM.rSTR ATTTtQrirtR ROOK* to T1IK lirinuiH HIVKR. Homln**. Ao . with AO KoiratlnM TTIK MISMh-vti rr vHti 40 Rlra'ilian. and .V Rnrrarlnra TIIKfT I.AWItKM'R. a macotkpatit Panorama and M Kn C fliS^WItrrr ^MONT ATNR. whh ?0 Rnrrarhifo MAt.AR A TAI.lAt AM? w V.MKY, with 3U K.o*rav1n*?. I'rlop 2ft ppnto aaoh. On an'* aoprrahprr V llrd rat raralpt of prtPr hr tha p.iMiahara, A. H VRTIIILI. k to. Sit North W illiam atraat, N>? York. For porrrolnaaa and of Din trollop thaa# flnl.ln Booka rhallrne' nofnnartnon with an* roar piihllnbad. MVNICiriL irTAIHI. " Matorn of rim nkw vork, mnk jr. imv-*o It.'" In harolo rtvrn th?t ... ?t>.| if|ar V ' r. '->iy t pmn ih? poir Bound alll ha loralrd at lh? fn-tof spratitaanlk out***. Root rtr*r. Hp radar of iho Mayor. - - J f-F.r? Paprrn frnimno bktorchIr tick ti~r*oR foe approml. Vron hoard or rcprryiaiyra. Rran'ntCon rafrrrtn* anion of Oommlaatopara o' Tit" aa to Appointment of a paroon to taka rb irpr nf thalr o?ra to < ommoippoti annual lnoa. with po*or. Board of Rnparrtanra. Jitli t INtn Adoptad. RawbiUnn aprr pirU'lnt |S? for blank* to mak* cop to* of U? trafca of IMA Hoard n MRdtrlMS, July S, 1MV On *T*n and noaa Adopt ?d Poao'iithm rrUUrc In nmcUon of htilMlnx for datonltna of k'tliw aaaa. Hoard of No peri wort, July & IM> On ?j-H nod noaa dop"d. Nani'luttpa appmfirkttltHI IddOP fop pnrrhaaa of plot nf mind tn WnMfp Wraat, ftl i ltH f.m ererlbm of konaa for da lan'ton of wknrmra Foard of fitparrlanra, Jntp t. IMi, f?n npaa nod noa? tf'Ttnd. I iracm, aOKCKl. I^upto* howr*. mrw vnKK-onrxieoTWa p'rtc*, ! VV }nd duly, Mb?The undersigned has bees HRe illy l<?] frriaed thai a trunk he tormina to K law, M fan* (a p uaacioger on board the Aniertnen ship Nurrmborg), id elver need by the Customs lotho-fies at Havre to be sold, **h >< . contents wilhiu four isaeitha from (bla dste, un'naa preiomly , demanded by the owner or bla t*n*hrnd agent. u dd, *b" proceeds will eacbeat heeoeof the benevolent tnatitu'lona C* Kaure ACUl'STT'S aCHELL, Collector rl ACTION.-WHEREAS. IT HAS I-ATKLT C-iMK TO > our knowledge that crtdn persona in the els, ot ,N 1 ork liave Imported and brought for aale Into thia country, sud hove actually mid In thia market a spurious arUcl- of linen thread, mtirtt Inferior ti> our thread, with a trade mar* there' n similar to our trade mark, ronlaintng tlierooo the words, ' bar boar's Standard," and. aa we beifcvr, are conttnulnf to Im port and sell the aaaae in lids market, and In order to protect our customers and the pnblla from being Imposed on by said trade mark, and from purchasing said ipttrinua article of thread aa our thread, we Wve been obliged to Institute legal proceedings against the persona who barro so uaod saM trade mark. And to enjoin said persons from using the same, we therefore give notice to all persona thai our trade mark >n thread maaufartored and sold by ua la. and shall ho, "Bir hour's Standard;" and all person and persons whomsoever are hereby cautioned against counterfeiting, having or its ng the aid trade mark en any other lineu thread than that manufsc lured and eoid by us, under the penalty prescribed by the statute In that esse made and provided. BABBOPB MOTHERS TCNK 21. SDWAID LAMBERT * CO. HAT* RRWOVKD their wiioi.ks A.UK BU8INBUS 390 ABO JSMOtDVAT, Corner of Whit* street. Masonic notice ?the m km kicks or marimkr 8 Ixidge Wo. 67, of r. and A M , are hereby requested to moot at their Ixxlgo room, corner of Broome and Crosby tlrei-ts. on Tuesday, the M bee . at It: o'clock, to attend the funeral of Brother HARM ann KOKFK. ll> order of I HHWIU, MdK. Water. I Mr. ijcwenriqco?we ark tbr rxaron you no ! m t brine forward your Fog Signal before (be public for exhibition! we are aware your Invention U of great I sapor -auce and ought to be made public, having Inquired of aeveral , gentlemen of arleaee respecting it. We think the limat Kastern should have auch an Instrument on board as youra In case ! of log at sen, sa the ship la an large ehnnld It come In rotttaina with a Aeanter or packet ship they would be crushed down Instantly. We think the Captain of the ' treat Eastern will not be offended at your alio wine him the advantage of this Instrument . In glvtag the signal north, south, east and nest. THR GREAT RASTKRN.-MR. O. OR A DY, THE WELL known proprietor of the Bterens House, to accomodate j his numerous fneudaaud the pubHc has Cited up a saloon ou j the drrk of the Great Eastern. It I* divided In two parts for ladies and gentlemen. In the Ice rream saloon can be ob tallied 'old Cuts. Oysters fruits. Ice Crenvn, and all kinds of 8"da Waters, Ac. from the fountain tin the gentlemen'* Ide s first cl*a* bar and the natial ref reahasenta. N it ?A washroom attached to the ladles saloon, and a po'ite female attendant in waiting. Notice to the creditors or wtij.iam ororkr now deceased.?The cri-ditora will please present their claims to the undersigned or i r before the 2*1 of August. 1MB at 219 Pulton street, New York city, that the proper dividend may be declared at d the trust cleed 8. 8. CHAMBERUB, Assignee. New Yoae. May 21,1M0. vtew YORK LIQUOR DEAI.KRS' SOCIETY ?THE 1> month!)' meetirg of this society, which wouM occur on Tttcsdny evening, the Sal July, la postponed until TUESDAY, the 10th Inst,. In consequence of most of the members being engaged In the preparation for the celebration of our national day. By order. g A. RATE. Secretary Nayt beef and pork.-navy agency, new York, June 26, 1960.?e'oaled proposals, endorsed "Pronasals for beef" and ''Propose !a for pork," as the ease may be, srlll be received si this other until 12 o'clock rtonn. on Monday, the tth July next, for furnishing and delivering, free of all cost and risk to the United Stales, at the Navy Yard, at Brooklyn. 1.000 barrels of Beer, 1,000 barrels of Pork. The Beef most be from well fattened cattle. The Pork most be packed from corn fed, well fattened hogs. The barrels meat conform as near to navy beef and pork contract barrels Every oBer must be accompanied by a written guarantee Betted by one or more responsible persons, to the effect that he or they undertake thalTf.r bidder or bidders will, if hi* or their bid be accepted, enter Into an obligation Immediately, with good and aiialrient sureties to furnish the article proposed. This guarantee must be accompanied by the eertilicate of the Collector or Nr.vy Agent that the guarantees are able to Mate (una weir yuaramee. no propowu vui oe ooris?aerea males* aeoompstled by such yiisrantre. TV Beef and Fork moat conform with the utnal Inspection of the Nary Yard. Full particular! mar be ascertained by application to the Commandant of tbe Nary Tard or tMa nftce. n. B ?The abova Beef and Fork Is purchased oa account of defatiMny contra Mora, and must be furnished artthin ten days ad the data of notice ot the acceptance of u ropoaal. nun W 8 t NfHtKR Nary A font Tammany roctkty, or cof.i'miifan order ? Inauguration of CI rand Barhein Hrvtliers. a reyular meeting of the Insttttiflon ?til be held in the Council Chamber of the Oreat Wigwam, on Wednesday, July 4. at 10 o'clock. The member* of the aoetety a lot the public arc requested to l>e present at 1 o'clock, when the Hon. John Cochrane will de llrer the ( ration, and John T. Hoffman, Ksq., wtil read the Declaration of ludependenre. J AMKS CONNER, Grand Sachem Klect. Caant* O. Cniua, Secretary. Manliattan. Season of Km it*. Oh Moon, Year of Dlsroverj80Q, of Xnde|)et>deuce BT. and of the Institution the TM Wn.KRS' BANQrET?THE OCENT8 AND SCR acrtbera Inrtted to attend the complimentary banquet and preaentaUoo to (Ceo-ye WUkea. Kaq . are requested to meet In parlor No. 41 A at or Hnuae, thia CTueaday/ erasing, July &, at B o'eloek. Dt.iaer served at 8t? F. M. JAMftR m. Tl'KNKK. Chairman Com. Arrangement*. nicAJU /t'QRKATLV INFRO VHP riANOFORTR. LIUHTK A BKADBCRT'S, irera of A HVW ROAf.R (-1 ovmiyrKUWO HAM PATKNT INtMJbAVIO FCIJ. IRO?f PR A Ml ORAND AKD SqrARK PIAJfOFORTKS. lie III Broom* etrret. PIAKOH TO RKNT. QOICKfCRIlfO I HONS. Manufacturer! of GRAND, RQCARR AMD OPRIOHT PI AllOR. fftneow. MM Intdn?. 0. A Anna hare been awarded thirty-eight prlM mod *1? for the nupnrtorttj of UvtJ manufacture for the par. thirty 9 re rm. ptamor to rrnt. DRPOT OP THR AUCXANDRR AROAN For Church?. 0,\ 8rh>*?la and Drawing Room*. SB BKOADWAT. NU MKDAL OP HONOR at the Uulvernal Kihlb.-lon of IMA Thle magr.lRren! MMM (patented In the Colled Rule* Mart. UNJ which the brtluaiu performance# of THAt.HKRO, VILANOVA. MI.I.K H KI.MS, hare rendered aa popular la America aa In Kurope, hu bee-, adopted by the ere ate* arUala and compiaera of he Ah CoaU SfypfRTHAI.K. I4N, Rosriwi. MRTRRRRRR. Ae., Aa The Alwiandra Organ ta aetata *te<1 for the enltdlty and pre etetan of Ma merhamam. aa well aa for the fulliteM and power of lie umea, and the remarkable .juaJity of keeping perfectly to tune, to all rllnaatm. Irlre* at the depot. MA ?. flflU. MMO ?l? $ZtS MM) S30U MO. MM A Mearrtptlve ekeular aent to an* nddreet. on appltonttoa to BRRNARD A PARKKtiCRTTBt, .In.. *R Bmadway. Importer! of ttuaaoo Armrdema Vtollna. A'tolln Ruing*. he. T\RC tIMKRR. DRCMMKRR. FIFFRR. FIPRRS PTFRRS.? i ' Wanted, two lor 8fera ami two bo* drummer* to gr, to Hnt*n lalatid on the > north of Jul*. Apply in Klliaid Peltop to Any (Ttieart.ayl, before II o'etnirk A. . at IDtiPih a*. J A O. PIRCHRR, 8M BROADWAY. NKAR FOCI . teenlh atree*. hate a aelenled a?"Ttmeut of Iron frame oreretruim Plan**, hrai ranted One aeveo octave Plant. little uard. DM. <me all and a half octave Piano fluu, noe Melade <m. piano etyte. Ml I>1 AHOFORTRS AND ONK MRl.npRON?FOR S M,R OR to te ; the "he a peat in New Vork. orWe. 0SU. Of MO. 5. M10 f I2.i. and tbree new peari keyed rianoe. AloUea-h. or to let ?t R! *3 up b- f* a ?uh Mi.?te taught and I'ianna tnned h* Prafrawra HI'RAH 11 * PtAMlFORTR FO* I.R"? TIHX Hwl.F ITd V Al.l'R?H MrH Wttrf <nagnlAr*nl)y r?r-,ed, roare ond rata. <rr pontine bottom pearl key*. full Iron fretne, r trwd leg* orar Mrite beaa. tirt nlwr month* m uae a nit AtTJ t'wu he area t 143 armor A, corner of Tenth a'reet WKimiMn MIWIAR*. WHO PI.AT ItR AM A HIT at ringed InatrTiaiont*. to trarel with ? Aral rkw liwnd. ! Apply lot:. K. Hnbaoa. UanJiArt. IF J LudioWM., between 10 and 1) o'r'ork KA1.K A RAONIFICKHT T OCTATR Vfci" maewond Ptwnofnr^ ri-li rouo 1 rornern. elepnt oarrwd aeml! U-(?. rlefc Wwx- nearly new. I>ew? rMt , wmwe.a, .out WArratued ami a auonrh piwnn throughout cm be lully Iwti'il. Prtc* A7lt>?etvxit ??lf rrl.-n. Apple at ATA Atalb ?Tenne "*?r Thirtr nlnlb atr-eet, from f A w till A f, V.. Ill "iiMfMif n#st UATRVCTIO*. A :rA*??.-Tll* BUPTIUHFR WAR RFVfVTRTI Hi A , i<\ Aredemr id Penm.<n?lii|i wnd I onkkewplng from <*1 how4w?f| Otr r ?dw ? mewer Twenty Aral atreet Hta . elegant eataMwhmrrit e?tw*ria of Ala T.t, tori, affiwit tig perfeea I aeclnamn to * wt 'pnplta .tn-l.-f hnura V InttrurUon. Kvh I p"pll "HI reeen? the iter* on, jilt# mt"n of the aiibatrtber, aa tinted I.) hi* adder tn the but let' d< m.rlment. OI.IVaR ?. OOf.fMlfTTH AT nan FOR WMTTIKft: ROOKKRKFtNO. *10. l.ttWOX* unlimited. Arithmetic AAit?r month, at Peine a Vrrntt tile (inllegea A3 Row err and AAA Fullrm ttreet, Brooklyn " Aa a *|.1< ndt I penman and tkilful trarber, I'oL Paine hat no tnpe rtor ' New pr rt Dal?; Reww Arahk*t or fkxti tumir aki> ftttonnrrrufo. Ml l-rowdwar mntlnnrd by W. ft IIOOIII.ANn. foe many i earw naMatant of lMirer H . (AaMaatkh. Knalaara: In' an,o?in p-w? ih al and thorough Term* low, nad oarafnl nt| tenth/p glren Open day tlx* arming ; "r?rriMTiojtAi -Tr vrttF.WM.AmFfnR nmrn.rxtx I Pi wrt?hto? e tonltotit to teeeb In arhoota temlntrlet oe fatal. Ill a; and prlnctonla or anhnol , die-era wanting competent traeh I rra for tny deovwment, la any aeUnt of the Anton, own oh , HUtt tteryJaformjllaa by ed it raring the Natrmal Tenchart' Ii aUtute, SIM hrprdway. Xew Torh. MAMIPA OOfHTiftl BOO tot FOR Preen a* and I oat motion In JA?A*ee|,lna and Huainaa* Aftatrk, X llrmlwwy Irving Ho tiding llnitlai* r.n applleatlon. wamh'a romplm* and beautiful work* iai Ronkk*e|>lng. new edtunon, printed ta rotor*. (or ant# Prtrite 'etaona ' VATTORAT.TFAf 11KRA' IRXTTTTTF.. MA RROARWAT. i Tew bo re Wanted ? A PtrHrtenne la tr for Frenek and tmwdr: wt'arr ATntl and bowed. A Indr for plwno, guitar and rocal mnair TAtat and board A genttrmnn tor the South, awl arj Wtk) attbout tnard Alao other*. Hohonla for atlo Wend for clrfilara and refereaoe* RK'F A ANDRKWW T> FARFWTd ARD orARtllARh.?A J.APT OF RXpertenoe wtahee to daente her time and borne during the I tommer month* in tbn ram wnd ed iowttnn ot two or thro* . gtita fnwn < to 14 ywara of tgw ReunleKe InformtUoo obtaia ed at TA Wtllnnrhhy atreet, romer of .fay, Brooklyn i W RTA HIM4 AbD iRWKLRr ~ /T Al IFOKFIA HI * Rftfffte * SFT I!f FIFR OOI.D -OR V,' ayhlhlthT tnd for rnte at Ml Hrwtdnar rompowttlmi Irhatna. warrat-ted to wend arid end not to tarnlah from Al AO apwnard. ?*|T||rtr gratia. Dal'nwd aaamlnn Ml Hrowdwwr. f WW 1 ***?? aimnw. B*ir'r'B?")l'TnTi.r^ * ** ILJ "**'*<?? >tv I*ttd RuunitiiMt Qntni thnrmMte furntabrd ST5525 i?t)l he owno! op llf tfrfc luat ^Vr rralrra nf lhl? hw posse* the medMaal 1r..? ?r 5T, tali**ZEm Afl.'iChrd arr hllttartl aetnnoa. hnwlbi* alleaf lirrrv .mlilrZ ' trolUng lake kc The rirtnttr aflorrta atonic attraction to MM . analer and nwwtaroau < arri?**w win be fo.inn Jb milium ^ l Unfidt and Uacr*ncr. four mile# dMant. for the - ?? ? ?i ofjr?eHa. w* u wh1tk. ajh*. Camasa. Maine, dnnr? 1970 1YKIJ.A V|cIA HtfPhh. HRKQR.N HlLX. SKW IKttnKT ? X) Tliuummw reavery dmiiithle for lla oileuJid Haw over die fat and the HcHana. aa mrfl aa Ha crtmetre and Hema liful amende - la now np?? nr the rrrrnOnn n' hoarder* The know t? kept In Hae matal "waal a', y'e Twee lata will And Qaa nlrtr aernpimnflauriwlnr water uwamwtil tcreaa fmm Www York In m-enf* rnmu'ea h* tke Jorarr fit* and Hohcdten ft* Hea and eerrr*potid''ur horae-raMrnada nr. K. J. MtWKTTTAL. PfatirVaai pidioM'n m m? raij way pro* cathwix rm D| the Mountain House. I* now epen fur summer hoarders; a One plane for ri.rmln* and fUlilng. Board M ner week n#a *eyance to all parta of 'he country a? a fair price DA Tin BbOOM. PrapriMar kiskatow. l -eeee count*. x . COM .Mill A I.OI'HK OAPIt IM.A1VD. CJ.AP1M IT, M J ? Tliie larre flr?t cHaa Imlel will he opened fur the 11 I II 11 IB? of aerats cm the >fih o* .lune, HMO. The hcuae haa heen completely repaired and refurnished. a new cooking ranee. ovrna. a team boUera, and every mudaia Improvement added Eiteneivc atahltsr att- -hed to the premtana. All letters addressed " the subscribers Tape 1 aland. K. Jy Will be attended to. f.ATRD i WOOOVA* J a Mae H I,nan late proprietor Frank I In, House. PbU'wM pMn: P. B. W no Data, fotmerl* proprietor Mount Vernon TTw tel. Cape laland. TVKBOK'A nnr*',. txmnrorici) nx thk KTTIU?P?AW 1J plan. Noa. lMead ldtr Fulton street (entrance In t.'raa berry street). Rrnnbtvn. f,. I ? Rle-ant alnitla and double fraot looms, from 12 to 57 per week. Ice dream and Ding Rooms second floor. Dinnt c from J9 te 8 o'clock " FOURTH OF jn.Y?AT LA ICR HOFATOONa N. J. r The day ran be anent verv agreeably nrid quietly tl tide beautiful I-*kr. aalli ig. rowing *0(1 flxhtnir. or other Amuo mate" Two end a half hmtra' ride from New York, par Morris and Faaex Rsllmad. foot of CorUaadt' atrecl. U> DrakovOU Utloo; four traina eodi way, during the day and evening J. H. D.ivfrl U*OR i.akk mohopao and wohrgan?a. j. mw r laH'a Itnr of aUyra leave Peekatlll dally on the ral at tramboat Aurora. Fare to I.ake Jfohapac $1; Laka N~bagaw IS oeou. Goon rTKTrmo at fort hawfi.tow?tttorr wm are fond of flaking can now enjev good aoort at my ptaeaa boat* In good ordrr and bait furtuwed A. 8TILWK1J,. Fart Hamilton. r TTKATH not'sn, NOHOOI.KY'i MOUNTAINS. N. J.. ii now open for the reeentlno of company. Trains lea re foot of I'ortlrmlt strr rt at 8 30 A. M. and 3 *11*. M Kiureaa on Raltirday. B 1(1 P. M On the third at .Vlo P M D. A. CROWKIA. Proprlour. HARVKY'S !,AK~, 1.U7.KRNR COUNTY, PKNN8Y1 FA nla?Acceaalbi hy Delaware l.ackawana and We- erw Railroad In Kiliratnn atatinri. opposite Wtlke*h*rre. In 'h< *j omlng valley. ?henee rMter* go la earriaaea to the lake mllea diatant. Ihr hotel la com mod lot ta, and every alien Jna la paid to vt?ltem. the bike ahnnnds In Bah. the atmwtndlng motae lalna In game and trout atreama; a aieanaheaa la expr* dv uta Tided for the gneata alao row and aa'loneta, the lake l, w-aag mllea round, ahnnt one hrnad. of immenae depth, and aa clear as crystal Terma (I CO per day. (8 per week. TTRALINO STRINGS, XI RATH COUNTY, VIRGINIA. TMa eelehraled wt erlng place, chualetl in (ha meumMra M Yirclnla. ICl mllea fr< o MQhoro depot of the Virginia Oanwal Railroad, diatant eight mllea from the Warm and three mlaa from the celebrated t'irtlnia Hot -tprijiga la now open for the reception of boardera. Occupying a central poaitloe la the great group of Medicinal Springs For which this P*rt of Ylr ginta la to remarkable; It la accessible from <11 by the ryidaa atage mole, had within leaa than a day's Journey of the mew IwmM The prnperttre or the water are alterative, bote, d orwtU. diaphoretic, aperient and anil Irritant. The dla?aa.w In whfcdt ample experience haa proved them, are scrofula, chrou'e err Ipelaa. torpidity of the liver, dyspepsia. aphtha or thnw*. omena, an offensive dlarharge Oven the nostrils. loimclabts dlaeasea of the akin, bronchial aJfeetiona. enlarged pro-ute. aaUrged apleen, urtnnry depoalla. Irritability of the bin Mer and dUeaaes of the kldneya. aplnal irritation, neuralgia. rheuma Ham, diaeaaea of females and rhmnle -tlar-how and dyamilry. For a more detailed account of the medicinal proper* -a of the water aend an<l get a pamphlet The aervlrear* of a rwtdew* pbvaielan, whoae experience of acre rat yearn hi the nee , waiter of thla piece, will be a valuable guide to Ha amp "* the bttlon, and ran be obtained at all Umea *r evhf La toubftt* hockr, rf.rokn point, n. j.Thla popular Bummer Hotel, hea>rtlf*lly attnated ?m We bank of the Kill von K nil, la now open foe the aeaaon ttnata leave pier No. 1 North river atT}>an<1 II,H A. M.. and SVlaad m F M . from Karri*v atreet at 10 A M an-1 Ik I* M. Tlote from New York ? minutes. WRsl.RT W. Iin.l* (Form, rly of La'arge llonae), Proprietor. I ARK MOHF.0AN HOWS 18 NOW OPRN FOR SUM J mrr Noerdlae attnated four mllea eaWof lvekaklll vglace. Wealrbeater eounty, one hour and a half iHi from the c*ly by Hudson River Railroad. Mountalu air. |iwl drivea an* bathing, iMkxi It im of the m. ?< <Mnbl? looUlniM to IK found rnr families who pii-p-we nmni in the country. kddreaa A. W Palmer. Peeksklll Prwt nflVe. MOHF.OAR I.AIK.?VM JONK* HAH AlXXIMMODAllnne for two fatnlUea at Ma private residence, on tha border of thla lake, a place Mshlv appreetated for the purity tt the air and Iti (rand mountain scenery, bring free from Ml local summer complaints W fnnrahv# foe aale on the border of I be lake, choice lauut for building attea. duply to T. June*. 616 Broadway, or J Marten* architect. Ilrnok'ya. Tick eta through U. hike by railroad. ?1 2ft or hv steamboat Aurora MRS M RICHARDS, NORWAi-IC.iXiNNKrTIOUr. CAN accommodate a few Boarder* for the aummor. Beat tf reference* given and required. NPCW YORK HOTEL, PIN ATAQUIT, 1. I SITfATKR on the rbore > f Ureal South Key, opi oahe r ire (aland, a dellahlful euramer retreat, itunllai rare f ollltle* foe gun Ding. fUbinr and Belling la now n*en for the reception of rlaR era. Tratna leave Brooklyn South ferry. for Thontpa ai atallnw el 10 A M aod B SD and ft SO P W.. ?*h*re stage* are al wave la eadineaa. EOHFRT Mr* IN WIN. Propane OClAN HOrSR, Id'NO RANI'H, NIW JERSMY.-TH1 nndrrataned Inform* hla fitrnd* and the nubile that he la nop fully prepared for the reception of transom or Derma nrnt boerdere (Veen and river bathing. I anting and Hah tag of every dractlpUon imaurpaaard. tAptain A. HAUOKRTY. Proprietor. SCRF HOTEL. FIRE ISLAND, NOW OPEN.?TilRt>11 .ill t'cketa at Smith ferry Rrroklyn. trta I 'remark nl Btbv loe 1'ara leave daflv at 10 A. M. and 3 ftU I*. N. For fifth*' I articular* add rem Sanimta A leuninv. Fire Ialaod. SRA PATHIRO. AT IJlNO 1IR A Nt'll. S. J.-fH" tropollten Hotel la aow ewe lur |he rereptlon of vidian, dure 1ft. The Delaware and Rarttan fur Kelt. ?rI mafcaa twe dally trip* to Loeg Rraneh. leaving KoMaent, etrent whic. and atearoe'a Highland light end long Rraneh leave same ptaoe foe long Hr.neb direct For time of tearing aee dally paper* J H.AT. W t:.K>PI K. Proprietor* SKA BATHIMO.?-THOMPSON'S ATLANTIC PAVILION, Highland* S. J. I* open for the accommodation of perm* neo'. and tranatent vMltrr* steamer* leave foot of Root nan* atreel on Monday July t. at T A* If. awl S FT.; Tueatay, TK A. M and S P W.. %*A on Wednesday, 'aiv ?. at I, AW A. wT andfttjP.M J. I. TMi'MpSoN. Pmprleanr S-fHKNt K S HMHLAND PAfll.luN IS NOW trPKN for the reception of lamiltea and othera The ubl* la OS eellent and charge* reasonable I tally rorpmnnlr vtion per steamboat* Highland light a d long Branch, fuotof Kobtoaan airvet. A Dm bar a d tenplg alley near. TI1R KNOLI* ON THE HITWOX, NEAR WRST Point ?Tin# hemae now open for families. R.dandM ailing, drldng. Ar ; One playground fnecMidren, plentv ad find end eharle tree* Fne pnrMrtilvr* *ei htnuDv Herald. ' Term* moderete. Ii nolre on th- premises, #r of J. Mt'KIBKIN. 9 Ann atr*et, X. ?. Th* ocean uon*>, NEWPORT RHODE fALlNN. Is now norm for the reeeptltlaa of gneaia KI NKR A BIRCH PmprleMea. dTBAMBHATB DAlt.Y LINK FOR BRIIMiEPORT?if ARE FIFTT t'KXTR The atrsmer ("AT ALINE. Captain Win A Vall. will tear# | Oliver altp daily, at 11 o'rlork noon, rwunlmg th mnneettmi II hh the llottaeUvdr Railroad The we ,ever NRITVyRPORT wM leave froaa Peek aHp ee Monday *t II o'einek noon and *a Tueadav afkenvam Ju1v ft at ftW igrVea tHrt W. iklRMKM. tgw, T\AT BOAT FOR WERT POINT, NIWBl'RH ARB 1 I Pooghkrepale ?The leeamhnat AMD ? will leave Jag atreel pier on aod after laaiurdav. June 9 daily, at A-RB A. * . tour Mug at Ih ithdh Street, nr. and after tutve17, returning to th. , ?#!?.hi reaaenger* for Albanv Trov Saratoga <w any |>oiii| ere", raw make sore roooection al Fntighaeenal* Keacage teer?ferred free Fare Nt rent# FERRTTotXiNET IAI.ANK aND FORT HAMILTONThe N A I'SllliN will rnn dally thmtirh the #e*?m )*artaa I Ante# afreet at ?S 11', and V. Spring Mre*t %t tW lft< aJ i S', pier No. ? x..rlh River at 10 I and 1 Pare with a rmnra MMM? |BARK 40 rww, r Tn CooPM' 7_a?, Waat fwnu Rawknrc m4 rvirkknpda RTKAMKR OA* IPX I)RTW. nr* P>R RRTIXllO'nRT-DAn.Y Mmt-THR RTXAWWI JO|!>i HROOK* ?m Iftic Pa. I .hp arrry ilti (B.otdnae tirapia.) *1 nor P W . ami- I t In Mn .fannrt |r lima for 1M ran n( tV llrnniimtr *?ur t.rt ?rd S?v "y -i 1 rl m4a r?nmraili Pral?U takai T. Mn'KVKR ? CO.. \gxr '* IB vrim arraa1 Rockj wat.-?t*aiik<>aT crrr* inu. nrs baii,p or an I aflar Bunda* Inly I. to R<> katrav Iaarln? I'ailMi- a rtun n rl t aly at f A * *nr1rtR atrrat at *>. plnr Na 4 Rnftk rl'f at ! ?. laartnc Rnrkawmp at 4 P. M amtiplat ?4 Pra RMk H"jf aank my. Para M iaMa aaob war ROJ'K AW A y ?rtf amroat t'rriw Witt, Rl'r JXTLt 4 to Rorkaa ap, laartatt lalharlna alip tit A. M.. Apn i# Hrrh alt20. plar to 4 Honk rirar at *), laara Rorkaaa) ai tr I Mopping at ll-niaa park way. Parr Hpaata rark way STATK* IR1.VNP PPTRY Para * nrnta. Boa'a tat ra arar> knar ft ai 4 A. M m 7 P M.. fmm fanl ct TThttrhall at raat TTh* 7 and A *., I. 4 and IP * hnaM from .taw YiaU rxmneri wl h Ibr Rtaian lalanA K ill a t <>B hnr Sunday* hnaia laara n?n half lanir DMWTTMT. " ART1P1IJAI. TRUTH. - BR Al'TIPd. ?*T* OR "PITRJI J imi. only RP. 4aa rdd awl rlatJna ms. '? . iirui w* rnh'ni lo Hn?la lr-Ik II ta.ih rli?-1 and rUr . I iriflhjv. tkr 'aaat p?tn ArtlkrU' hmia Ulttup 74 mu at Jtt ' tUt a > ana, Miami T'Hk an I Rlrr'?iih atwa PR ITTtlPR . tanttrt A KT7Pft 1AL TI RTH -pr f?l rkib (*>nt|N0RB lO J\ ntrart trrth whV.rt U-r a'ifk'rat pain Tanth Inaarwtu ot or ati.mi.a Rn ait" rk>r(r fur Minpnrary lata n w MiraeUnc altar* arUOriu! irr:h tr 'naorl-d. I?r O. PrPKtt V% I "anal Mraad, ??t?a door fma latum?. AJtTIPKUAL RoWh rtl.l.ltu POR OMUTRP iMIk. put In akltr artl. rat,- rv. a n.. praaa rr and ptrta. a<> jaln ark lap trrtk nr mara th?'N ran ha Ailrd wBk ?t R^-waa t.flMt (arw nratbar 1.246. Br-aid war, roraar ?w TMrty Art dran t\tT* I K * R*'*#* n . OMaiiarwr Iwrithtrr. (IR APr AT KB ??ro??l? l??t?TI?T, J. h?? ratnoT.^J to to An Vm TwaaAp "4?J* ? ?* . k? tararn "roartwar a?v rank a.-nm UJTWARt.PMB AM> Tfk rVM.?' **K ItTCTPii T> t n: Irl.i. Itr lw.-ajiaiaw in rr niton for artMJalal Taath p.tiM i. I I'V fiwaarl'. la a and rataran. app't t * I.? 4 \JTT \ , a r <an "a t? VIavrtay ptar", war Bn \waf. ? tnUldaL ii 1S4.

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