Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1860 Page 1
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TH WD OLE SO. 8701. THE GLORIOUS FOURTH I " OUR NATIONAL ANNIVERSARY. 1776. ... 1860. The Day in City and Else w lie at. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE CELEBRATION. Excundon*, Theatrical*, Balloon A&oenfion, Salutes, Military Parade, Regatta and Pyrotechnics, Ac., Ac., Ac. lb-day is the eighty fourth anniversary of our national Independence lta advent will b- nlbutiastically hailed by patriotic heart* fiou one end of ibis glorious Union to the clber?from Maine to California?by all who feel an tolerant fer the perpetuity of o>:r federal government, and who breathe the fee? atiooaphere of tb>-republic. Since the last rational anniversary the sea of politics has been pertvrbed, tbe party in some instances have been das bed in twain, but nob< Jy feels interested in the event but political party makers, place-hunters and spoilsmen. The phjikpte of the Union, embodied In the people, is full and vigorous; its heart still pulsates With undiminished force: its limbs, its arteries, all retain heir normal condition, and, from present appearances, srlli continue to do so for an indetiuite period. The cltirens of this great metropolis?the merchant, the laborer and the jj-tisan, not knowing any social distinctions?will be united in celebrating the lime-honored Fo'.rth with becoming i'cIo/. At da)light salutes will be bred from the Nary Yard, Tort Columbus and the Bat trry: the national standard will be flowing to the breest from every flagstaff in the city and from the sb'pplng in port, and the little urchins do tl?r stare in exploding torpedoes, Chinese crackers, firing pistols 4c. At r!s o clock, A II. and at noon, old Trinity church ? .11 r.og out her eh.roc*. thro-fh tLo milium of James E. Ay lite by cvocuUnf the folio* icg a Ira:? 1. R'.nyna the charges on eight beHa. *. Bail Ool umbia. S. Yankee Doodle. 4. ti- ulle Zillelia. I. A.ri from "Fra Plarolo." Aire from "ICorna." Y. tiamton," from Haodela cbflr s?"Then round bout the Starry Heaven* '* A ci ncfrt in rondo form, w tb various mod alai ioaa may r end minor keys. t. OM Hundredth. M. R'usioir the hangee oe eight b?.ia. 11 Wu#Ylr'!s of Scotland. 12 Ales by De BrM. 13 rwji or Absence. 14. last Roee . f 8 II Auld Jang Sj ne. 14 HiM'Y *in ! IT. Bon.e Sweet ITome 14. Aira from Cb'ld of the Reg-meet ' 1J Breed i*!. from Lucre I.a Unrg a." A. Ever, na Bella. SI. Bail Columbia. UX Yankee Doodle. The entire Ftosi PIvtalon of Me* Yi? ? -taf Militia will make a rrand i'.irade. The I'tvlae-c ! ne a ill be formed m Kooilrecth street, with the r^l t m Froadeajr. 4e ;b eigLl u ci*x-a ? . ur.a ?..i "? in tm vf u-, r \wv< ienry lifvcrocr V irgin, wbro a *a!..te will bo bred. Tho mar_b.i.f ealute will ilkl p!a e lb front "f tlx- < ily tU'i itl Wi o"c'<? V A. V TU* :.b. <4 man I, w !1 0* down Broad*?y end throi^L < bar i <-rt tueci to l be <uat gate 01? tbo Park. A grand r'^ .tta fc*? ten arrant <1 to take place off the BatUry at nte o'clock. lbcrw-il to!"' three nnlea. to tail from the Juig't boat, mrnrrff a tittle aouth at Caf tic ii u-Ucl if to tl.cnce to tbo b it | .a. od opposite trr Xo. 4. .Vurth rl.?r the bouta to t.iru !>"tc east to hrcrt. U. ik?' to a cla*.<' .A I'afol I 'tween (Governor' Island ab I the lialU-ry. lumliu f. n. weal to -a*! acdrepaitina laak to the ! >* <4 aUrlng, c -tit n,. ;n ii'l* n the Jpdg ' b at anil the barf ? t y la* joint Sjas I cn.n.tuc i f the t-iua t. .n-.n-. .L t tttti tvT e?v retT < ? txan trwv. Tb? ikkff. Si. heme and Warr n a '! tiaacnsV,? in the <.r?at k pwarn at twilv eVlrrt. a wit h boor the Cn.?ell? brmber will tie tbrowB o ? !! for the almlteioti if fbter.Je of the eoc:<t v. at one o'cl ck P. M tke eierc'-eee * itl eorctrtaoe * hj? Music y) ^h*.'ton?i -*?b ate<l Prm P el Addreee by <?raD'l Ja? h?io Jama* I'm r?r. Vlib, Va-Y njf m ? IV li " by tte Bin TT* P- traitor Independence wl'l then he 'eel by Brr'hrr loin T. IklM Mr ,1c. Hail Aluntbla.'1 by tke R.rfl. Addrru by Broker John Cwbraue. Xtlk, star -poJt^ Banner," by the B-nd T ijair. vmmk or ncraowt. The Vew Icr-ey Kn'r-ari < tun rati y bare na!" nrrruige tmnt* fbr l'orrth ef July ci -ore'.' oe to 11. lade!|<e:a and hwnv tliate i<ln n at reduced rate*. The ateairitiuale Kmily, 1 ir*r and Trtim.ieW leave their wt art at Harlem for HiVh Hratj 'ti ry half hour dnr.og the day .-oneectiift with the .sylvan Shore and Sylvan ilrove from fivk alia. :be Mater Inland Railroad offer* a v> ry pWieaanl nrnr vet in a ride orer the !:ne. Uie hire thro xh from New York being ha. twrt.ty uvc emu. train* every hour. Tb?- baiidvu.e rt- aioer C far led will take a pleaaire ti | roard SiaU-n iewod. vhrratab the Ai ml. Kill ton Kail ami Newark hay, ami uDwamg paeeecgrre a p-d (i| twrtoa ty of the 'Ut? alia. A 11 ear. ut trip n ay elco be to l^ntg Branch, by Rfwiubeau conue :ting with the Reritaa ard Iielaware Bay<?<l Ike etnanier Xa' ahon will male ao f*<:nr? oa doom the t ay f .i.i,i t - i, . f the bay. tb* bear leg rfler u or a Hi a era hrer>w>, atid effbrd ber paeaeo gvrt aa oppcrtantty for bathinr Tko Aago iigrbaurra Satellite and J. A. Ale vena will uafcr trirr to R<ickar.ay,er.ord:n; a good day < w?wt hi Mi'ng. boating *?<1 ba?b;rg The elealbboate It' nti ta and t lototj will trake excw eirwa to the ChcR-m Uabthg ; auk4 Tke rteatubeat Bre^olwav will n ale an ev.-oreier tip the Kmt*oi, toacbing at weet Ihtint, Oold r'prirr Corn Wail aa.d K? wte rr Ike t?earner h il Yon KiUl a .11 make a tr.p around Fiat-1 Tela ml. fhe rteaat'r AKda aril' make as ettesmioB to Xewbarg, t..'H-h og at XVe?t Point. Tke (Mamer M..> t^aran % 11 tuko aa rvcureaia to tke Fwhtng Tkiik*. The met n e ft ete-im rebtee OwnfionwaeMh w,ll m'ke aarwariloa down the bar.fneetag an ten island and >?n<tj li>? * . U) ViiC AlMtlliC > A B1IUU) 1MUU -will be OB br ilf !. Tboro will bo * Owtiral e'ven by I bo ladieo of !? * *? UethodaM i ?>i,-onp?l ohnfb H?W). 14. SUtoa laUiKi TV r-w Piutej Itnmd R.i rvuri frtniiiui if withm a few feel of tfc? yrowirt. IV ?t#"ir?r H<wdr1k Hodooo will ?nk? an etruritou Scnb.rf. atoTH'a? at W?l and aCordkaf bar p?*> tt ;'i ? to flow tV frrt.ftriaiuoa at that pine*. "Tbo Twelfth Vod will * -ronjwny the "few fWtido Tbif wib d<mOWr?a be i del g'itrt:! eacuroion fbe ?ter.?MT CVeefw wltb tbo ploaaore barn Bolt. M*. will ir..Oce -n ?xcumlot> around Ptatto laUad. A ? baad w 'T| V on Vr rd. TV ffwTTiT Vnnd Cltr, will make ar *r urtlcri to Maaanrnrnck, tou.-fcrtif at Wbiteatone.Clty Ulan 1, liar id'a iMaivi.Mitl New IKfcsiW, TV' Kt-ypnrt win rmke an etr-er*ier tr'r ? > K?yj|*wt, art v:rg Va.-k lu tot city at ball paat air u oloctc TVatoainor A>r<ina. wCJ rtak" an eairraton trip It IVofctbul, hmelilng ot V?w?a--ew, Waal of?, Iatl?b?' 1 >fry 1aTyt"wr, * of "rt'it, vrmisy rati) t, erylac.k'y and 1 'aid wHla. TV .iriai'i fY? w"l u?'.ia trip to CK fmr, ?a?iHi| Vt pntfitit a v "f "tie of tb? <!? Bti'fni uwf <si ! t>45 l?!uti i weed. At: ctcallott tard will bo <Hbw! U. boat. TV V.y? on TUo<l?Tt*? Jatitol w'll '<ae? ar> Drleymlen .-tibrai ?r,at w?. h?Vy w Hba torttt**. ftatramer, r w3J bare it (To rot Hrplay of f rework*. l*r?CT*TsTc AT OCR THEATRES. ETC. At aibro * Onrlwa tiwrw w.?l v a v?t at two o'clock f.'0 . whV? tfin. ro rtontw, be of a oery entertain to* iMwH -nW't'of of tbo VartfH bailed of '-La r.iwi'i, m j VUAmi? fn w will an->?f m ite c Wriar. ajooood by '.be Cttor leQa'n tUlora and an umi. i i Ibid boiret Tr* fhe Banirai oretboro will alao ap V*?ar In Uieir dor in? perf' rnuuIn tbo or-wtttg a ?nr w? btf In oflVmd. K laara Kocne'f thfatrn (ho wrv bark?..' ? of tbo T??o? %V a Iwppr k'l " IT ^ *T **> latn rbit of tbo Uaf? um ' yMlwmj to U. a c uolry, wT! ba prnduro.] ia Om> rr* OMK' *r 3 Ji d? r?T. tbo rlrror reraatilo ardor. w'll #urt ? ?? *1'* pr^nrlpal i .ira '*r, t"?tarrwl by tV ar ttat*, Mi?- Ji l it Tou laal Jaicn * raocie. Xlepioeo E NE is produced with ucw scenery, beautiful tableau*, and new and original music. At the Winter harden the manager announces the representation of BourcicauU'8*cclebruted Indian drama, out,lied. 'Jessie Itrown; or, tho Kolief of I.ucknow," iu which Miss Agues Robertson will appear as " Jessie." At Wat lack's theatre, Mr. and Mrs. Florence will appear in the burlesque of " Ialla Rookb," with its varied music, living pi jt urea of Byron, Shakcpere and Milton; and the burlesque on Bloudin's feat of crossiug the Niagara. The protean furue of the " Young Actress ' will also be presented. The principal characters by Mrs. Florence. At Barnum's American Museum there will be dramatic performances every hour during the day, commencing at hu'.i past ten o'clock in the forenoon. Mr. W. O. Neil, tbo delineator of Irish character, will appear in all the perft nuances, aud will be sustained iu tho Tarious jwrts by the entire dramatic corn of the Museum. Ia addition to the performances, the " What Is It," or man monkey, the fat boy, the lightning calculator, the large aquarium, can be seen at all hours of the day. The window?, balconies, balustrade and lop of the Museum afford a tine view of Broadway, the Park, and the display of fireworks in the evening and front of the City Hall. At the old Bowery theatre the managers present strong bills for the a ternoon and evening performances. At the matinee, at two o'clock P. M. will be presented tiro drama of the "Warlock of tho (lien," the drama of "The Tale of Blood" and the "Fugitive King." In tho evening " all That Glitters is not Gold," the "Court Fool" and tho "Duwn of Knedom." At the New P.owery theatre there will be two enter tiiuments. The lirst at two o'clock I*. M . when the following pieces will be presented, vis:?"'/Jllah; or, a Tale of Washington,"'Man of War and Privateer," "School in an Uproar" and "Robinson Crusoe." In the evening the national drama entitled the Golden Kagle," the "lnviLib.'e Prince," the "Idiot Witness'' sod "Mother Got f." The entire dramatic company will appear at both i*rformanees. At Mechanics' Hall, No. 472 Broadway, the old favorite Bryant Brothers will give two of their interesting performances, viz: at three o'clock and night o'clock P. M. Jerry & Ban Bryant will appear in the Ethiopian bur{ lesquer of the Fistic Champions'' and the "Japanese Km| bassy," interspersed w ilb negro minstrelsy. George Christy's Minstrels will give a grand gala matinee at two o'clock P. M., and an evening entertainment at night o'clock P. M. The performances will consist of Klhiopian minstrelsy, instrumental music and favorite burlesques on the stirring events of the day. The inimitable George Christy will appear in bis original buri lesques entitled the "Blunders of a Night' and the "Field , of tho Cloth of Gold." I At the I*alace Garden, in Fourteenth street, near ; 8i\ih avenue, the proprietors present a variety of attracI tlons In the to moon at ten o'clock, Professor G. A. Wise will make a balloon ascension lu the aerial ship Venus. There will also be singing, dancing and comic pantomime | nt interval" during the day. A splendid drcbesira will i discourse music at each performance. In the evening I there will be a grand pyrotechnic display. I Adams'California M u.agrrie in Thirteenth street, be. tween Broadway and Fourth avenue, will be opened 1 during the day and evening. This is one of the most extensive exhibitions of wild beasts ever presented to the j New York public. THE PYROTECHNIC EXHIBITIONS. The pyrotechnic displays In the various metropolitan public squares promise to be on a very grand scale. Tho | Ominou Council, with their usual Uborality with the peo I pie's money, bare appropriated the nice sum of seven | thousand dollars for this purpose, and for music by the j military bands. CITY nAIX. 1. Indian Palmetto. Rockets, Batteries and Shells. 2. Yacht America. Rockets. Batteries and Shells. 3. 7nnia l'eruv.a. Batteries, Shells and Rockets. 4. Tribute of Ceres and Polka Dance. Flower Pots and Shells. 5. Hultrre Cross. Rockets. Batteries and Bombshells. 6. Cascade. Bombshells, flower Pots and Rdfekets. 7. Star of ladejicndiuce. Flower Pots, Rockets and Shells. 8. Fairies' Frolic. Rockets. Bombs and Batteries. 9. Japanese Glory. Batteries, Shells und Rockets. 10 Mounux-ut t? Pharaoh. Shells, rocket* and batteries. 11. Illmoiiiat- d Yew Tree. Batteries, rockets and shells. 12. Mw of Aim i h'u. Rocket* and sb-Tla. Id Fountain. Rockets and shells. 14. .-aturn and his Satellites. Rockets and "bells. 15. Mexican San. Retteries, shells and rorketa. 16. Grand Temple of liberty. II AT'ISON SQr VRE. vfxal rockets will be tired from sundown till nine o'clock, when a brill,ant display will commence with tplendid t.reek benpiU lights, illuminating the whole enlip nxea of the hreworks ground. This brilliant reflecting light wnt invented by the celebrated Indian chteftian, Tlpj <>o Su.b. and is the most powerful known to the present age. cciip-.iiK ilie Druuimond light for its brilliancy, Ac. .41 < r Which the following beautiful pieces will be tired in the ord-r of the pros rum me. 1. G'ol e. Colored rocket*. 2. Japom se Glory. Illuminated bombs. 3. min Tree. Rnekcta with streanv-rs. 4. Pride of Persia. Colored Rockets. 5. .\irerk-an Star. Illuminated I to in be. 6. GaiJopade and Battery. Rockets, with Cold Riin. 7. /an.a Perurta. Rockets. Colored Star". 8. Shield of our Fnion. Color-d Bombs. 0 Cascade. Colored Rickets. 10 Ka!elde*>p-\ Rockets, a1 lb treamer*. 11 Mature and hia Sulci! lee. Bunks. 12 Screll. Quadrille. Rockets. 13. star ?f Independ nee. Rockets. It. t airtrs' Froim. ltomt?a. I.>. Pmrice Flew sr. Rickets. 16. (rand Tctn| and Buttery. Ttvumiva sQr.tRF. 1 (bitcse Bower, with Rocketa and Streamers. 2. Yew Tree and f.ium.rated Bombs. 3. polka Dance and Battery Colored Rocket* 4 Tassion Flower. P.oekets with Cold Ra.'? ?> American Star. Colored Bombs. o" u i v ft iii uiwiri iwicw. 7 fV r? ?L Roe. TtoCii'tS. a Tribute to C'r'?. Illom'iiitted Bomb* it. Yacht Amerka. Colored Rocket* 10. Malieaarw<?. r-mbn. 11. < iumde. O&lorrd Rocket*. 12 Foirie-'Frillc Rockett. 13 Coo^tolljii u>n Star. Colored Bucbt. 14. Star of InU< j#if'?De* JACksON SQL'ARE. 1. P.ilm Tree. Rockcla. 2. Peruvian Crow. Illuminated Rcmbs. u. Indian Palm* tin Colored Beckett. 4 UlouunaW Yce Tree. Rockcta. ft. Tribute to Cere*. O lore.1 Uoaobafceila. 0 Caarade. Rocket* vs 1th .Streamer*. 7. Para.on Flower. Colored Rocket*. V Tan.a Perttv .k. Rumba. 0 Pi T?i?r. Ro*e. Rockrta. 10 Ktk ideacope. Bomba. 11 1'ali ie* > rollc. Eieket*. 12 Me< bank;'* Anua. Uuscbt. 13 American Ibgle. rA*T nttouiw\V m GktVD ATROCTA. 1 Indian rairoetio. Roe*-*?. 2. /ania Petwvl*. U'm'* H-aabebeiia. 8. Star of America. Colored 11 teketa 4. Herman Koae. Rochet* and Bomb*. 6. Folia Italic* add Battery. Rocket* -t'eamTt. ?. Yew Tree. illuminated Bomb*. 7 TilVut' to Apollo. Racket*. a. JthseM of our I aim. Il>nih*. It R*?e of H-ma. Rocket*. 10 SetarR and Uta wo lite# Dan tit. U. star of laderradence. Rocket*. 12 KalaMaeanaa, 18. American coat of Arm*. mrrr avi? wp?t ntoABwtr. 1 tiHe <t?Vt? 2 Her tan Here. Colored Roe|.-?t* 8. Ivika ! ?" * ??> ! Coinred Battery. RoAele with 1 reamer a. 4 7aa'i? Hai-' ta. Pnrket*. m b. War <* Anviri Pfr-ket*. t? Maltese Croat. Rorkcta. 7. fotnrn and hl? t%ia?t? i. R>yk*tt. * Cascade. Roefcrta. ! ?.' ? Imfe e at..' Ihi' '?Tjr Rocket* 10. lire Fhfina ami Hotter > UAhii.inN r<?r ?nr. 1 Chine** Rower. Reekeu with Colored Star* 2 IT. tree Boerrr. t"umina'-d Romb* 3 iwka r??e? ard Colored Battery. Rorkeia ari-.h strre?r.ef?. 4 Her?'ar Boe* Botnbffcallr. | ft. star of America. Colored Rorket*. i t. Rrae of lVkle. llbm.laaled lien ha) el a 1 t Im m VViaar I n TV-f r>fn ? Wat tare' Vcre < etrrrd fcKt*. 10 (Md*. 11 fatrW'-'Trallr <1.U>.w.1 1\. t?<? 12 Mrr >4 ?? ? ? ? pi|if>.< Rrmb* 1? -*t rn ?nd b>? raiell.tae. Kcr.ata a to cdrr*iuara U tferimCW nt 'riM * ?' >T WORRI*. RARLCM. 1. <~t.ner? Hntrr Rocltatr. C JlttJirlnal'il V< w TVor r'lAml A.n.lnWI'a 2 r.,;.. 1Vik ? ntwl Ibilm. t nlnH R/^Hrta. 4. l>r*ian U"*-. P.Tkeit* tth fintiRtra. A -tar cf .larr)-a. Jfin nat' I IV.h M <S tin*# of IVk>o. lU-rlrfa 7. r*r?t?<? ???er f'?0"r?t fV-Ribo. c. TMt etc rf Cfcrro. iv>ct?ti. 0. *aitr*e <Yo?v a. u. 10 f>?<"l4?|f R|?|1' It-llk, 11 ft-r?>tl <jwi*?.r>ite. Jb?it?i# 12. Star It IMrVtMcRrr. rnlcrrii ll.n>UI>'la 12. Saturn a nl hi* feMUtea. p.. beta 14 Atr'Tir*. fhitV ima. THE F0UBTI1 I* MttOKl.T*. TV? acfclj- Mtirnw; nf tv-i-aa la-tein-n teocr will b" cotcbratid bjr u. Driag nf . ringtag I of twIK jv?r?4- af tit* tni'-.ury ar t a <1U>4e> ! Ar*wnt>< Til' nalttHMii 'lag a tit ** <1 ftayM (Vori tlx City Hail aRit otlvr yobli hulldiaf - ,n U?a mumlng. At half pa^ rT?> In U.? mon<taf lit* Fifth brigade, uti 4*r nonHnarvl M ?.' aetal Or?w*e. \<1H Arm en CoRtTT' r.d atreef. !*" rtabt r? t r<g,<m Mr?en ar-tme T1h? 'ine of mar h will be llre^eh I Ian on IMUi Oi atoRRa, 8rharwr>.om ?4ro?t, ftant alrrat, AtlartV a*rat. bti lb *ark0ttairraa. Ct-i?l?n> ttr?-?-t. J real mor Rr.-et, Cn>irt -treat nod .Wirt'- urnrw. A platform ban here rr*-t<wt la the City Ha 1'irk fbr the *-?*. mmretat"art of a baiwl of m .-,e ia t;?e r -r'rf. Tim Orrwnrkt for the WeMtm 4. tr t a lit ' 41 t ???*.' fr??n ilia Hall. Ttm d y'ay r tN" r?at?rr 't-rrt * I bo on tho ytn Urta W YO MORNING EDITION-WED; bounded by Crabam avenue, Even, Ainslic and Dove* streets. THE DAY ELSEWHERE. 1 BOCBUra, N. Y. At lbur o'clock I*. U . there will be a iwrade and review of a licet nf c'ri-orated b"atn. and cloning with a race botvreen the fhakapirtaii Club, of Toronto, and the Champion Club, of Genesee, both clubs to use mahogany shell boat*. At half iwst eight o'ekn k 1'. M, there will bun gaud diaplay < flNwalw. ' CI.IKTON SPRINGS, ONTtRIO COCNTY, N. Y. I 1l.o national anniversary will be celebrated at this place j with more than usual enterprise. Three salutes will bo ( hr< <!?at morning. noon and sundown. A procession win : tot in ut ten A M., the ClU'tou Springs Hotel, and march through the streets to tlie railroad di-|x.<t, there to root v the orator of the day, Judge Chumasaro, of Rochester, i Thoie will bo a hand of Tonawauda Indians io full costume at the h'-nd of the procession, followed by a caval cade of fifty horsemen, then carriages, kc. In the evonj tag there will he a display of fireworks, and a promenade i ball and ?upp< r. Hon. s. A. Douglas will be at Clifton : on a visit to his mother. Dligraceftil Street Fights A moag tit* Fire ate On the alarm of fire in the Seventh district last eveniof, a moat disgraceful fight took place at the corucr of Wall and Broad streets between tho members of Engine Corapaa( No. 21 and thoae of No. 18. It seems that for soiuo time past there has been an lit feeling existing between there two companies, and last evening, on the occasion of the above alarm, they accidentally came together. Words passed between two of the members, when one of the members of Engine Company No. 21 struck one of No. 13 s men. The result was that a general fight en sued, when a rarty from No. 21 ran over to where No. 13 waa stanling and upset her, destroying her signal and doing considerable damage to 'the apparatus. They then commenced stoning the member.-) of No. 13, several of whom were struck in the head and badly injured. A number of No. 13's men tried several times to get away with their engine, but at every such attempt they were driven back by the opposite party. Assisuut Ifriginccr Boulch was on the ground, and dl 1 all he could | to put a stop to the riot, but the rioters paid but little or 1 no attention to his commands. Finally, the Second ward J police, under Scrgt. Hetty, also otticer teaman, arrive 1, i and with Chief Engineer John Decker and Mr. Raulch 1 the members of No. 21 were driven from the ground. ' Two arrests wore made and the parties locked up in the Second ward station house. A woman who wis walking 1 up Broad street was struck In the back with a stone, and ' Mr. Downing, of oyster notoriety, came very near being Injured. Not a single member of the First wsrd poii-u J was on the ground, notwithstanding the fight lasted near ly twenty minutes. Great credit is due to Assistant Engineer Baulch for bis efforts to put a stop to the light. The matter will no doubt he brought before the Eire Com raiss toners. ANOTIIFR ENCOrSTKR RKTWF.KN ENGINE COMPANIES SOU. 21 AND 13?SEVERAL FIREMEN SHUT AND BALLY INJURED. The fire about a <| carter post ten o'clock last even Ing In Chatham street, was the stone of another dm kra<? iu! i gin ueiwifu vuc ihciduits ui ?"?? i ponies N'or. 21 and 13, during which several shot* were ] fired, anJ a number badly injured. It scorns that n? > soon a* loth companies got on the ground, they re newed the former light, wl.en pistols were freely llrcdan I no leee than half a doien, mostly the meudver- of Kugina Com) any No. 13, injured. The following are the names of th we reported injured ? 1. I on is E Herkcrmer, shot in the arm. 2. latrick Brophy, cut tu the fureh-ad, taken to the lloepitai. 3. .'ohn Ryan. shot In the thigh. 4. I ennis Ryan, severely wounded m the bres it, by a pistol ball, taken to the H<*pttal. 5. William lomas. pistol shot wound In the shoulder. 0. amea guile-, arm broken and bad'./ injured, ui s to the Hoapital 7. ? nines 3Ic< 'ulloch, I: Jured, n scalp w ound; not ser io'ts. 8 Wm. F. Cruse, injured in the head. 9. Haley, eat on the heed with a knife 10. Offln Fellerman, injured in the lxxly. 11. R.ndsmin Rodn, atruck in tho buck w ith s stooe. No arrests were made, for as soon im the poli :u m le their appearance the rioters fled. No. 13 cngino was thrown over for lb - second time and broke in several additional places. to thk rnrrn* or tor nrrtm. In your paper of the 1st of July there appeared an article bended Firemen* light," In which It wen atal-d 1 that ftigino Companies No. 14 and 20 bad son.c didur Lance. 1 wish to state that the engine wa? In the b n.*o, unrt the roll called about three < of nn boWT before the above disturbance wis re|ircseiil<-?i to have taken I pit e, and that none of llie iin mbcrs of Difine Cbuipaiiy No 20 took port in any disturbance whatever By 'ti sorting 'hta contradi. tion you will confer a groat fav. r < n L the member", and obi.go ICtNlEl. CKoW 1> V, Foreman Washington Engine Ompanv N'c. 20. j N'sw Von*. July 3. 1*00. The Great Kwaterw?-First Dmy of tke r.iniDii ion. 1 Apr' '-ably to announcement, tb? Oreat Bulifii wan niiened to iIk public. and. notwithstanding the rapidity with which the work of renovation ha* progr. ?. cd. presented an appearance of nentne** and order mm- I c.rndable In the highest degree. Peeks bare bwn wpt, j rusty surface* -wted with paint, th<* :nat?lo of the bol- I warivg yarni?h?<t, tbo bra** brightened, woodwork 1 scraped and scrnblied, enrpeta la:d, *eat* arranged on j deck, the <*T< w dressed n uniform, and improvement j made wherever it ha* been mo?t required. A large Toreo of men are still employed, and a week wilt eI.-i|>-?? bef-vre everything i* in the *lw?|>e kntend'd. signs |>oated in d IVrrnl lew ill * inul> ale to the stranger the otirsr to he pursued to obtain a full view of the ship, a* well oa thoeu quarter* mllhtn the pnle of prlvw) while a wa*li stand. roap and water, almuet at the etilranc e(.in the upper de. U. tgnidcaiitly suggest a dirty vi?lt to the ??-b marina bowel* of the mounter. The American ten denev to btbulatlon ha* also b?-en regarded. .uvd from a well Htorked bar la dispensed nIummiI everything In the rbtpe 01 a spirituous decoct.on that a th irty *>*?) ean crave. )u <*e particular, however, mort (dainty oi-r rvable, thre la wide rtw.m for Improvement Many, if mt marly all persons, de-ire to ascend to the imm t of the wbMlhmuu-, and thera h-k ?.T u|?xt tire urroarn'mg enr, a privilege which ta pre-eoted on .Ink by lb ?r t 1 ?-1.t nf llie bulwark? T? ii.<- l?-i,.-? who are especially rurh-ua in regard to anrb ibingn, tbia Utilepuiim-v baa l>ei n alti.u.le.l oith una li ain?>yatn-e, I.r rn MM np on tb? wboeltmuer--, and :n the proacaa ifxeiiM down, liny hair found not ouly the wind mnkiLr ftre with tlx If criroJfoe. Inil rnrloua fmm the know ing i i"W?g gentlemen on deck, atndymg aa moeb ur.ati my aa thus t wivd tla way to view. Tlie <-vU waa rrgg>?ifxt etrly in tho day. but somebody waa evidently laid/ lu M.pjd) nig tie r. u.edy ami It wae "niy at a late boor that a tuip ?f mnvaaa was bung partially around the rail. \'?t i?ly -buuld ttie entire ?p?ce b?' thua "itcbieed, but lbe under portion of the stair* should likewise be I rn*rred, or we renter* the pmllrlhe lint no modrit, alter reading, w tU ahow beraeif in a j? ttvm tbat rubj'-eu Irer to a criticism mure agreeable to the r.bseirer ttali the observed. Tlx* somber id |?l? rio ted the Mreat Kaatrrn yi-si.-rday ?a> only about idieon hundred?pr"b-ibly one iHtb the number bad that price, would gladly bare paid their money. I>a Ibi* av.lii.vt ?4T the high tarilf, we hare received iaiet a Ireek'-ifull of |eti?ra from Individuals of all tlarrrr ard conditions, seme of them warm?y cvprensing tfc'ii ft el dps that iho esiau-uee of the workiugn? u have iti.a for br 'B tr tally ignored, fmsi one ?f three we mete Mbeirprilml ". tier-are iLeurand* of intelligent rltirrns who raa at; renal, gin us nud mechanical skill, who fori deeply bv..| all. Up eael.Mled from visiting the Ureal ffanteirn. II? m- otter terwr ta very areomfiii<4atirg to those who wxh |n hr rert anued as the exclusive elaasr *. and who u>t im.iu i.nil ur.ii uvi>m ai turir iwi n w f l?. m i.<l f. nl. * iwi4,|l.iii>rjf antimtacefnent to the H'lli'fM if Niw v.irlt, f'T biftd tf>K thrm aci] their frail In f In .I |iit a tuirarln 4 rklll Mad IbrfnaWy, wbtee n ?.u,l m.x. i t ItMttlkMil ImmI ? thrill *4 'Might ? i|< li?>l U i vnjr inta-iiijeiii ar''*an in tba rmni'.n'. it a- wwi-barim nr? cla e who desire no favor*. Tktj Mi ?lain t i? l*y a lair prn t mad all they want la awh |im ? nl.aall waUc lliein In We tin- Ornl Eaateen in miihiK* !? ib? r day'a wafer, a* addittftel (frl'iT 'f Iwe ft-r lha prlvih jf T ^1. III! 1.1 tra|ax. r.t mirai *u I be imporUnda ?f an m ifiy tma.i with lailr'sial >i"i ?vemlxnai .tneipanwx far ?f rpeek p IIrbete It. par' * (Vi m all secthiM of the cons WJjt privrm wrliirf fr? tn Wa liiafton stater. as a Mat if r 11 (rial :?i inf. rmalion, that licdncy'a i ImumI. which lie' Hit f" fiMct mctlKdaeaf In rrrnertion with the pt* ! rtc '1' dk- hay of the flreal Knurrs. waa or:*luaIIy j 11 m.c'f 1 f} 'Hf-t rconcr. the Qrat hy.lmcraidKr In the I lia?t *? *e> ntetre thr direr'ba> the hate f. R. Haer I dr. !? whaiii the rlti rrl wa? known aa far bark aa l*|k. tr lie* a much lamer crowd than yreterdny will dnnbtir-a x tail Uri el faatern. bat it will he menpnaeil inahs I la i f ?ti hi a< i? la the etij who >me. an other "PfwirtimttT <4 aintifaifcf ttwtr cw Ml y. T1* mutiitiele at tM*n" will rift'o tl?lr mi a and wait ibe luitber ai linn of the Ran itiMt Tf iiffpnwMr fllram Cran?io? i-piettaln? rnpi nail, li e dir . I l.t! . I I - I ?. an.l other fei tleni-n, ?| a rt'O I Kr at thr .New Vcrk Rdtol,** which Iw la Ure pr.>prlet<ir RK H fESDAY, JULY 4, 1860. EPISODE JH MUSCULAR ATT AIRS. DliMr to Mr. Utorg* Wilkes ?t lh? Attn lloait-The Eagle Seeeameth Aload^Dpeethei ol Tom llyer and Jan. ( laick, die., die. In the unavoidable absence of the activo representative ?f the desperate historic tight of Farnborougb,the passive tnd pacidc editor of a city paper, who bad transmuted the Homeric records of the gallant struggle to a gaping posterity, was entertained at a splendid bacjuot at tbo Aator House lost evening. The usual attendant circumstances of p blio dinners sere, for the most part, maintained on this occasion, fbe crowd was small, and tbe enthusiasm of the ocea?i'n >s<'essivel> aadderute. Iu tbe early part of tl.o evening people seemed to think more of themselves than of tb preat representative of American muscle, now on bis way :o this country; but, nevertheless, everybody enjoyed bemaelves apparently to their own satisfaction, and "f ;ourse to that of everybody else. The annexed correspondence w II inform the vmInitiated >f the deelga and intention of the festive celebration which has bean so happily consummate 1;? rcm.10 WSNKK TO QEOKOK WII.KK8, E.?Q. nrvrrtnem. Naw You*, Jure 2$, 18d0 Gnome Wa vrs, EWq rhuK Sib?Your friends in this Ity, admhtag the manly, high tonod course pursued by you in upholding tbe national honor :n the lield, upon tbe water sod en the turf, invite you to dine with tbem it the Astor House, on Tuesday evening, July 3, lbflO. Be issurtsi that this invitation is prompted by feelings of ibe highest admiration and warmest regard for you per(ocally, and the undersigned trvtt you will be able Wo ac:ent it. Vi ry truly vours. ClORtiK U. HAKNAKD, JOHN CLANCY, J A MR* T SMITH, ORLANDO MOORE, A. A. llliu rrs, JAM1X H. WEIXH, Comm.ltce, Ac. rtv. i*nn Wn ires' S'f-kit, 1 Nxw Ton*. June 28, I860. ) GnxruaraK?Your kind invitation to partake of a complimentary banquet at the Astor House, on 1 uesday evsiiug, July 8. has taken me quite by surprise; but as it is i Lebit with bc never to avoid meeting with my friends, md as 1 feel deeply eersible of the honor which such Hemes as yours confer, 1 take pleasure in lay ing I will be nest happy to place m> self at your service on that aa oa ill other occasions. Very ihithfully vourt, GBORGE WTT.KEP To George Q. Barnard. John nancy, lames I. hmitb, friando Moore, A. A. 1'Lnlipe, James B. Welsh, Comal tins. It will therefore be seen that the "l'oc'ration"' of the prcrcnt ueraginn wes doe to the pronrcer.t part which Mr. Wilkes bore in the grrst ilgtt, and it therefore bo xunes a difficult matter to say to what greater extent the real live oak friends of Heenan will go when the Ku ght of I he Half Beit shall arrive. The room in which the banquet took place was very beautifully decorated. Immediately over the head of the ProsktaaU?ex-Judge 1'hillipe?was an outspread eagle, supporting the British and American liagt; and all about tbe apartment were hags, banners and wreaths, in honor c-f the festive occasion. 11,c company moved down to the banquet ball at nine n'clcck. nadon arriving at their places ex-Judge A. A. I* addn rsed a few words to them. He said he suppurrd that it was well kno wn that the object of their as-ombling together was to welcome Mr. W ilkes on his return from s foreign tour. Tliat gentleman, from his long connection wtth the sports of AnterW-a. wan well known ' to tb< ut. and he knew that he would receive a Cordial and friendly welcome. As s S|>eerli at that early stags of the procesdmgs would tie entirely out of place, he would simply invite tbe company to begin their dinner. The oompnm then sat <luwn. and the sati.vtaatial exercise* of the evening soon alter began In an earnest and impressive ntyle. The entertainment was a very pleasant nd agreeable one. The g.xvi boets of the ast< r urod their Ix-St etlorls to please their patrons by supply lng the guests with the best things that their house afforded. The edit,lee were excellent, and therefore bey end criticism or ccndemnafon. The tables were fairly, if not operabundanlly. supplied with the choice tilings of the season. Tbe wines, if not rare, were good, and whether In tlie bdmory or <<l:hl? tafgm, the guests enjoy ed themselves to the fullest extent. That the etnuss satiHHm was -omewbat palatable appeared very clearly in the frequent toasts tliat were pr--posed and drunk; and, though none of the Earn borough blood was oa hand, the I'tultv juice of the purple grape was made to do duty InMeod, perlu pa winch more to the saMafkcUon uf the aascmbbd KCiitlrmeii. To name tie?o who were present would be superfluous, hut we may say that f -die science w?s nbundadtiy represented, and fat among the most prominent dlw.lplee ,.f the '-noble art" the fares of Tom llycr and Hill Mulligan glistened la supreme felicity. Immediately after the dinner the presentation took piece In the ureal formal yet interesting manner. Tbo irt-tiuiofiial consisted of s magniiiceui gol-l Geneva watch Bid chain il hrwr being ipkndkUy worked and beau lilted with rich engravings, representing a variety of porting scenes. The chain was an exquisitely finished guard. . ll.o presentation 'perch was made t?y Mr Janiea M. rnrrcr, to a few well delivered ceiitecces, exprcaslvo of lie- frkii<lth'.ii of ihe Amort. !? lliit ..d'Ire-? Mr. Wilkin rer)>ouded in ;hc follow .Eg intnicr ? SPK.F.IH OF MB. WltlEB. Mr Chairman and Gentlemen?I fbel deeply sensible of j the compliment which the pr.^etit audience have coo f< rred u|?4i me hy being present hero t?? night. 1 re-'og [ nine of their facet, an I know yon to be my friend j 1 rr<i sui.e the cempl in tent oownrl-ed in the proaeuution ! of ttia elejnr.t testimonial. Hut really, gentlemen, 1 1 hardly know bow 1 have deserved It. What I did when I abroad sprung fi m the natural impulse of an American 1 I did it * uli fMMK, and it paid WM M I wnt along, ar.d i I null 'ally bilk upon ihlt pre?cntat:<m an an elites* be yoi.d my ntrlla I hardly know how to nay liit!o enough about my.ilf and tht builu. -? wM. h bring* to me thit < < nipl rm nt. I Went to hug land fire months ago. partly en htitli." ?*, hut partly on a tpecial purpose, and 1 had the good fortune to he th'-ro whllo a ?in- -tlr-ti vraa pending which involved phy.-v, -al superiority of the rentes' illative* of the I*" greatest nations or. the earth. The hao'lrg ji urt.alK there had dee'ured. time and again, that we were an Inferior race, and It was our M><iuei:tly a mult, r of interest U> me, n- it was to every Amer an. to have ihit >lan. r repelled In a way in practical thai the people (f both nationa would uideraUuid It. S on will not be -orpnaed. therefore, when 1 tell yon 1 felt .i great r? -pert for the young man who w&? w lliug to g< tine* tUoi :aud mile*. aim' t alone. and with tic Simple i--uran?-e that he, would liavo fair play. selected fnr i|.e decider of that' it:- -ti"U the not form Id able rhmiipK ii In (Irciil Britain. 1 have no WM fuf n. kirr that evnt a prnn ineut t'i'le of my J"?r al .t .1 I li.ihb it trnnlti hfivn !i?M?n iii<>r?* rrr??! t able l< r every jounrlut |? irrat t.:m with r"?pe?t Oil t< rm? iltrii u? attempt tomako up La rarer "or n oraldy by cnywiug ifm with defamation. An to H wl tiiai iii'pute aai -allied. I may Mg that I *?.' P"Ti ibad in brloaii K II l? an amicable coucln -lou lay lb' Lbouyht '.bat '.I It wt* left ope n prejudice i wi'uW be revived bat warn Knp'and and America wLIc^ migtt nfftct vcty lt.jUtW>tt*!) Ifcut clato arlur* and nctlmra. who wrrc out. :d< of ibl- durpoie. and de |4bl?d for ibell auoeaa ii|m?b the rninAh of pritale Iniwcotref. *bv h otipht to esisl b< iwren ibeaa two yreat ithliran. (Appla-ae.) I nrrorri ngly outefred with tbe cd t< r of /f-ll'i it/', .tt.d rr.nced.og lL?t force <4 tin* |fo|??iii.made l<> li.nt, and In Ibe g"od fatlh and epiril of a cent U man nr. I led with mo iu nflfcnilbf lit* <le?ired aetib m-M with wbtco jou are all familiar. lly ita term.* tto ripr< acLlallvc of Ibll.-Ii aunerlorlly reaiyned Ikelxll ho had won before lite an tval ?.f onr co mtryman, retired Oi m the ring ami aerrptrd of the .-e.1 uf erj-utl \aiof in a Burner hub ana uuti d to a plain adn>:* on that Oil.-t.a ?or*at te*rt rmalooter we braver titan Americana, and that the t tilled Kl?t> a wt* r.ot ao bad a plat* to I* hem In alter all. f.tprlaoar ) -'ati/dcd with lit* nettle tnl, wMtk IM ai4 ttlak bpaM wlaMnd the - i ate, I waa ready to n me home. In connecton w;th th:a ! tiialter, I tlealia btdvtc neludlrg, to eapree* my gratefal j tanm ot Uta overwhelming which 1 rata In d aa an Jtrreii. an JuortialM, during my en- , ttre atay In Ir^land f.r.d a!-o to recoaoia* . the grant get,er<aily wba-h lite Ft>gb?h |>r~a exbinile,! la ofrwtrg it* cnluain* to me r benever repaired to aid ! mc m the rr.anag. ment ot the American tide of the dla- . 1 ute f'r.nrnU'i.i.u* umot.u *.. llm lot.doU 7..??. ill whine noma |nln<ee kin irk for ndailiekoi, and y?t, j who prin itn rvdnmnt wink- Iwitijt wrth Rrltleh ' pride towardt the otlMrtMa of iho oocstioB. -ad ynt. : tt\cr ot< k r|k.U> of Ihe An.u.rjii. c*.u*e ?IUmh( ltt|<?l dlthuM ) 1 lliank io? >f*io. gentlemen, (nr Hie ' i"n>|ilim<M J>ti bate bertowd id iiie li?|?* of this ; r bo ice tilt, which 1 rball rrcetre with treat pleasure. . Tin re will be n ma, probably. who will iwi r at lunr par* j Ik l|?lti? ia llieee pri? reding a, and, dmiblleae, with Ilia , nmo h fty rplett, ntifrr new rotrptirrenta cm me. I hare i had Hum often But they never disturb mc, fcr 1 bava . in Ml lot g rnougb to know tiiat rharanter to rnry |rrir nbk ii ranted -laml I'ue *bti-e of tlx* malignant, ami ; aim to knew tbat the irnet gtable reputation which a nu*n can acquire ir tbia worbl la always fbuiidod uo ibn mulk > of liia ete mien. Mr Wllkm re-emed lita ?ett ntrol M npplnune. After a abort mterrri, the fYrridcnt propiscd the first rnuter toart if the evening. aa follows:? Tka bral-b of our gnrrt. O?orga Wilier. E?|. To tbtt Mr Witut* brtriiv rernm irea; :rg tbat he I at alrtadv criTrtirt Ibt grntitd, and !t ?u m.n. o? -art fur Mm In <lo more tlian nniply again return I* llwair. The tfoml toaat wan? John f T tea nan ike I l.mfle nf the W'f'H Praiik with tbr*ra. Music, "Y*ok?o DawHa." Tli* third toast was? Oorge a ilkrs, tie game cock of he press. Thta wee a rolnatrer Irwni, ami waa re- idved with laughter end applause, Ibe ftrertb tonal (vdunleer) was? A W?W rare %p la at rnnd m lb* tak'r ana b??r b. tnige w at?n roaprtideet. Ho poke of the value of Jo Ali Mil laatNntlfltwf n hen projieft) r.mrlarte I ami r-Aillli Ik'Betlr directed. Me pnM a h'gb <:<<Wi|dltr ail to th? iliatvphm, an* etrptecao t the helm! that ?it lie - intry men of that frntlemaa would lie happt noon to net me him to bin native taint llrjirmnr Pew Tort Maa tbe netl leant per?|ioeed by the 'K'r, and tra? re rpoadnd to by Mr. Barw [ERA Colonel* m the New Orleans Picayune, was then called up,,n .ti ll uiidiiMU'd (be <'uin|iiiii/. lie said I he was a Southerner. but that was no reason why h was not always an American He maintained that Americans wore not behind Eureisnms, < ither morally, physically or Intellectually. lie bei ved Hoeaan had laen triumphant in liin conflict with th.- English Cham pion; hut yet he did not honor Payers the Ho made rather a lengthy speech complimentary to New Yoih, aud sat down amid down loud cheers. The health of the Great Eastern was then prop ** i nLJ .leot.Lr ? i#K a..<h..aU.nt ... A il- .., The Oreat Kattern?We welcomed bcr with joy; a* another link In the connecting chn u lh >l bind* the New World to tte fild, but with create.- jt y u >he brougb to .sour friend George Wilkes. Music. . Mr. J. Haltt pr< posed the f<>l!> wing, wh' h was drark with cheers:? The health of (ho Chief. Thomas Hyer, who, like v.r own e? .le, slumbei s amidst the bnix of Insects, careless of what is pnttrg tmt.l t.uhed on some sire, when he lisps his wings, screams, and scatters litem to the winds. Mr. Htkr res|tonde<l:?He said his friends knew he was no speaker. He was, however, happy to meet them there and to do honor to the occasion which brought thctn together. (Applause.) A gentleman In the company then proposed The health of James Cusick, the uob'e irieud of. Heenan. Mr. Ci>ick very briefly returned thanks. Ho eipressed his sense of the lienor conferred on him, and hoped that whenever occasion arose he would always bo found to bo as much a friend to any American us he bad boeu to John Heenan. (loud applause.) The Chairman then said, that In connection w,tVi this subject he could not omit to propose the bea'th of another great American champion,, though not connected with the (Islie ring There was not a single man present who would not unilo with him in sincerely toasting Their welcome friend, the billiard Champion of lb world, Michael PhWsn. Mr. Pitrutx, being loud'y called for. returned thanks. He said that, thongh he was no speitker. be could s;*uk enough to a?y this: tliat tbeir guest. Mr. Wilkes, had dU ttnpuished himself ax much with his pen as John 0- Hennan hmt done w ith his flats: snd, for his own part, h ' de rired to rcturu bis sincere acknowledgment of the kindness shown in proposing his health, and hoped he should always deserve the cipial good wtsht s of the friends ho eaw around htm. Tott Htkr then proposed the following toast:? Thomas Payers, die smartest little msc. who ever lived, ii'haera.) Drank -.landing;. The following original song was then sung ? so Mi W RITTV.N IS HONOR t* Ut.ORcK WILkJSR. i 9t|. . a NO stnu at 1hc i'iblio pent!* oivkn to him o.n hps r .ti rn kkojf uno i and. by isa ac X lru-ax. Air ?"sweet Home." N'oble Wilkes, we welcome thee home from the see, Krorn the shorts of Old Kngland. the mighty, the free ; As we welcome thee heme <Vnm the rlo, ovelhee We pledge with the wine ami we profftr the hau l. Chonw.?Home. home, surred home, BH To the wanderer how precious the welcome of home. Our champion bath va'iant'y toiled in the ring, oumat the beat and thu bravest that Injluud could bring ; 'Tw?? a desperate strife, where neither would yie'd, A bardfougbtc-n battle, a well stricken field. Chorus?Home. \c. Reluctant was England her belt to bettow i?n the land of I he West, though gallant the foe, Hut thy eloquent voice and the force of thy pen Won the trophy at luat from the brave Englishmen. Chorus?Home, \c. Thy hand bound the flittering conqueror's licit On him. all cnv.mqnlgbed, where stout blows were dealt, And a Briton encircled with gtrills of gold Our twn gallant Boy?Beutciu the b?W. Chorus?Home, ic. In friendly contention, In commerce, in art. In the glory of mind, In the love of the heart, May we only engage?tin emuloua strife To multiply pleasures and blessings of lifls. Choru-y?TTotne, kc. I,ong. long may the bend* of affection embrace The mother and child, the old Sax- n rae | luing wave o'er the ocean those standards so bold, J he meteor of England, the star spangled Told. Chonis?Heine. *c. At the mggrstion of Col. I.umsden. the com|iaiiy then lieli lied to the national sonr?'The Mar Spangle I Bann#-r sing by .Mr. Chanaellor. joialng with the band in the? herns. The fnusw.iv (ex-Judge Phillips) then Mid,as this was a question In which both England and America were represented, be thought that they should not separate w thout calling upon the band to theut w ith the air of "God fcave the t/ueen." (Applause ) the band accordingly played the national unite m of flreat Britain. m eral s|s'-ches were then made by Onl. ?e|over, of Caidoiuia. Kdward Price, Vr H I>. Fi lter and others. Br. T K. F iw iim.s save the following-? < 'nptaln Jena Visa Hull., be cfi. iers (the ' >rat KtshT-D, ix) ilrnrge W ilkiw The im ?1 toaat waa * I Tbe liar. T" which Vnut xt> responded by a witty an.I intrre*ting rpeeeh. The hand* of the clock cow pointed to ilie hour of twelve. The f'n mm* hoped the National Anniterrary wouM he ushered In In a manner appropriate to the occasion. Jnetraatental BtM? and tinging tin n became the or<icr 11 the night, and tlio company entering Ibtc the plcnrared of the ?vi ning unint. rruptcdly atd indirorim na tidy. en t<j?.| thrmaelrra until the night Lad pa't'-d faraway and retort|(| ttoru appeared to Mt : >cu?d on the Kay moucudu top. Rtrrptlaa of llrtaaa. Ill TilK EDITOR OK TIIE HERALD. Saw York, Juno CO, 1<??. From tbe ehcractrrirtic tone of your remark* in y. ir leader of thia day, upon a proponed reception of "priie fighter*. ' I eannot fail to >u|<ply yo'i with an extract I re celrcd from london under dale of June 9:? Tbe reconciliation of England and Amerhw." a* it it r>o?pc>u?l> tailed, which haa been performed ut the A1 lintnl'ia, I etceatae rquaie, after tlie principal actors have been r. .oioiUd, la tMginniug to lie regarded aa what it Ir?a pitiable tureo. Hut I regret to aay tlial -fey era ami II ^ i an atill ara the subject* of a miserable curioalty and bem w. r'hip Both men lead more or h ue of a public life. They are frequently to be met with at theatres, exinii . iir end pub!!-' hour. * in tie- i . .I'h'-.iib- I < I r't W -i tin r lane Whenever they are recognized tbep arc * to bo mobbed about, and their admlrera must ho <. me a |? i fc< I nutaaliee to the men tleinwlm. Tliey ara now aa well known here a* any luonatrnalty who bad rreaped from a van would be, and, aa a ret off to the.r l.n.e, have to rnduro the pa:na and panaltle* of notoriety, both men, frmn alt I can bear, are spending their mnv.ey freely, the English "champion" ? |>eri*lly, who delight* In treating boon mmpatiiona, who will not know L,m wbm Ilia mm ey ir goo# I bear, by Our way. that a celebrated art l?t h?* been engaged to paint a repr*MMnt:"H ' f the t pht at KarnlM.rnngh Ilia to ><* honied .hat thi* rumor ia wholly untrar. When will p-nph. tl\e and learrr AMIIk'XER. City Ialrlll|enrr. Gatr >T Arr?A Lint .j?\bd i ?..* lmow ?i\?. ? At the barge I.. K Mullen ami towboal <>nly Hon, on a pl**?ure ircnrrlnn from Nrw York to Newark Itay 'irove couth ting of about two hundred young ladie* mid bulf an many grntleiwB. were plidtrg into Newark Ray about '.weir* o'eheV mi Putin Jay, a young lady, a W * Manaban. whih Rlepv'.cg than the barge to lb- to v. boat, atru< it b?r h- ad agau ! n beetn. and falling between the b at* clo the wall r, ?..* nam .uking aon.a .!. -tau. e fiom the stern of the beat. AMU tlie crowd lurt km a ynung r< iHl.ernr. a ?ir. i. .1 a hi.h>.t 10 mi- party, Wlte. txuriog the rhriet ar.d'aeelng Itx form of the poor lilfl f.t.l 'i |t, f|.!.?ny lnl<i tie eater from tb"d*<k,and *??tn dcr|icraMly toaard* tha ?P"< where ahe wat Imi w-f, when, after IrufyhnK find bufo-itivg agn:rt?t the wave* until he war PttlfiM ahe era loft, and b?own alt flu. lb tailing, be alter a haul -tru?>lc au. ccedod IB rea? Ling 1 !?? U*l In a Male of e\l?\nation. TU? raliaairy that leads a lady to the dnuco, or da br a Ami, la well n iti I??l 11*" fe, liny ll at |>r?ai?f>t?l that rrlil< ^tuMl.a total atraiik-er 10 the party and to the entmtry, to ri?k lite own life to ?at? oilier*, .ooaot be ti? highly spoken of. I*ineaal lattllliratr. H. n ft. h Voire, n' Florida; Ib-n J.*o ph 'ana, of Oregon; lha? a. O. P \tehi?l?nn, of T'-ew ??? awl Major IYt Mrttjllreh.ef lv?r?t we?? itnnc, the arrivals at the ML Nit hi lar Hotel yrrttrday. 11*p 0. P Prgh, r.f Ohio; J f. Joon. T>-j.,nf Oeorgin; F Unfh?d I an .ami ladr n.arleatt.n 1*. r JW* (ohm and farndi , of ^rannah; MdNr .1 O Watm, ( lite I nlted Halt* Array, are aton"'** at the P?fth Aretei" Hotel. Major Ijowry and wife, of ?w Jcrrey: T. Italien, feq.. of I i.i,arctkut. afid W. (' Alwood, !. q.. of JT.IadrlpLU, are 'topping at the T'ohta flare Hotel. Wi It nam.* . <-f the t'olUtl Stat* ? Navy ? ?t<<pping at tfco M. iwnla Hotel. r.i f> f> fnrpwi.'if Mrheoeetady, Optatn Tracy, 0 the ' tiled r'tate- Army,and Irr W. H inkier,cfSarannah are al< pplhg at the Metropolitan Hole!. tiiitfi nithlle, Fe.p, an.l lady, of Teiaa; F. TTotchkled, 1 T-o , of nlreal Mule* I ech, Fr?r , of formal, M, Y.; N. I? , <1 I i.mta, Feq ,ol Xcw irleant; J. 1' V.iraer.liq .and R. F (;.? !?e, lit,1.. of T*mb. Wayno, Haq . of laath e. ai?l M. A fw nok Held, F*<, of Sow Jeraey, are atoplong at the Infinite Thome *- -far rv.eglae, when ).e leave* yew York will fro cced to mtoti bprtap. tn "Mario coer.ty, M. Y., where hla . .idle r r< Wh *. *1 nini to learn that Mr?. fJoTemor H'.rAa, of Mary, i. rrpuM ? lying at Uiejwiat of death, and ranmi -orrtre b*.t abort ion*. Her ehlM, a tow morn he " * aim t< t enpeetfd to Pee Mr* Hlefce hae been ill r?r * me time with e?ttiwittp't,ai. 1hW win M I lid t ?ro?nrr' tt t" tlte<.?T?ntoT,a* hir own health wnotyel fairly rrrtorrd. Vr. 1 luoola a yotiuyeat bild, a remarkably bright boy n? w at? *if ?.e. t? lying lit, at <lm notat 01 death, wltn jriiHt. mt. Mr hiarola haa' aot been reen oelalde of hM ?ft in itr\a*|4at the br-lside of hM ohlM, alma Friday lall. That a'ii:-.irrtr arRoreti; ?TlioTreariirer of Ihermnmlttd for the relief of the peiflheflott M>!1* *<illbrere at Ilawrem e. Mail . h?? made a re|?.rt, l>? ahh h it appear* ilat llthoi .tribn1i"T?aame-mt?d to fW.:,Ta 20. and the !?rr? ,-rt dhbnr?ed t? tf^ M?4 72 The ba!an?;e !*'eyestcl 1 jtir tl?e maimed and ?phan?<l. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. Setting of the Sea f?rb Jathul Demecratle Mate Cemnlttee- Call for a Mate Can rentes?The Canute In Jew Jersey. Pemwytvanla and Sew England, Ac., Ac., Ac. Mtdlnfi of the XaUonal Democratic Comminer at Syracuse. Snucrsr, \\ f., July 3.1880. ib? iwimki i??'<iutio Committee m-t at tho j Yoorbecs Houtso in tli city. ?t eleven o'clock this morning, John A Green, Jr., in itc chair, and McMuhon, Secretory. All the members or the comm it ' except those from the First and Fourth districts were priaer.t. TliC following call for u State Convention was unanimously agreed tn?n:? The national democracy of the State of \vw y,,,.), who support the nomination of John C. dge. . f Kentucky, for 1 "resident, i.nd Joseph lane, of Oregon. for Vice President, are requested to choose one delrgato n each Ast-einbly district W> represent tbem in a Stale U nveution, to be lield in this city of ou T .esday, tho 7lb of August. 1H0O, at twelve o'clock noon, fur tho purpose of nominating thirty Ave candidates fur tho offices of 1 "residential electors pledged to veto for Utcitiaridgc and lane, and also candidates lor Governor, I.ieutcnant Governor and Inspector of Slate Prisons. By order of the National Democratic Stale Committee. JOHN A. CKEIN, Jr., Chairman JUrrm.w McMabos. Secretary A large Breckinridge and lane banner w.h suep-sded froin the Voorhces House during the "ession of the committee, and gun- were tiicJ on the announcement cl the call for the State Convention. Tho members of the committee represented that a strong feeling in favor of Breckinridge and I tne existed among the democracy in their several d'str.cts. A sub committee, cousist .ng of lion. G.deon J Ti ?or, Wm. G. Sands and llarry Wilbur, reported a s*r ex of reFolutloss which were unanimously adopted. The following are the resolutions ? Resolved,That the national and constitutional democrats of the State of New Fork havo witnessed with feelings of deep regret and disapproval the rejection by tho Charles ton Convent lou of the delegates regularly chosen, n accordance with the uiiages of the party,by the < Vngressiona' districts of this State, under the call ul this Statu Comm.!tec; that the put-sequent disruption of that Convention and the secession of most of tho democrat'o States therefrom, are to be directly traced to the mi-representation of the eentimentp and preferences ,,t' the democratic mm- n of tho State by the votes given by tho majority of the delegation which was udmlttcd to sit in that Convent.on, and that we cannot recognise in tho nun..nations made hy tho to called Convention at Bait more, presided 01 cr by Mr. Torld, any of the cvMeoees <>f regularity and u.age which would render its ac tion b.i.dtig .pi* os as dem< crata and ! j?arty men. Resolved, That the tluinka < f the true dermvrncy of New Vork are due, and are hereby those representatives of Virginia, North Carolina, 'ieergia, j Alabama, Mississippi,Toxu>, Ai'anntas, Mawouri, T>nnes| see. California and Oregon wh<> "?\e Uteir generous supI ixirt and recoctiltion to the renilav detention, ! tale, und that the (hairman and Secretory of Ibia ^tnto Conmtlliee tiacctuii a aomr ui this resolution to the Chairman of the Pemocratic State Cotnu.UM of each 01 Ba~ 1 SUtra. Resolved, Ttiut lliouih thus a. gr,e\ed aiid njured, tho nal m-m<1 de io< crata of Now Vork have d?1 a!tor>-d and a ;il never fhiu r in their *Uu< bito-nt fo the principle* of o\r party. which no wrnn. or <"iriige ,?n <! ler ll.-mfrum *U]>|?rtirg and advocating, and wh b they 1 ,nvc r?vr hesitated to declare and <o-tain in darker .lava than this, that stsndmr now as alwava in i rm ^.staci-e to Northern flacatieWni and to th<- social warfare wiped upon Southern ritibta and Southern tut.ons, ?c are cut | surprised or disap|>oiuted to dnd the builders nf tto Hulfnlo platform?the Ira tor# who tlret orpar. ued a ! Northern dtmnciwey, |u 1^48, under the leadership of Van ftureii and Adams?now active nod fpfani-et '.n eu? tnlnlnp a Prerldrntial candidal" who I# reptd-itted, as Martin Van Rnrea has been repudiated tweire ye,trr a^o, by ihe Southern democracy. Resolved, that wo recognise John C Itrcrk ,t edge aa the ni >ly true ami regular < and date ,.f the national <biji racy l?r the office of President of '.he t inted ta .ea, and Joaeph lute as our otiiy true ai d regular candidate for the office of Vice President, and that this State Ocnnr.ttoe dot h hereby approve, endorse rod rally the-a rote rations, and will su.-tuin in the oun:p.cfo. Great enthusiasm prevails an. c; :Lc Ercck xr.dge and Lane men. Doaglai Metlliiff In llailfortl. Ittifrvoan, July 3,18tW. An enthusiasts-inert r.g of democrats of was uciu iiiin rviiiing h* .miiimi.u, i:uj! rai.ijing ii.'' r%. ra tlon of Pouglaa and Johnson at Baltimore. Jobn C. Pi! mer was Chairnurn,and IV.hatu A. r..chards<.n,of 1- ooj, ard M. H Writ , K?| , one of the Connecticut de'egales to the Nutiooul Convention, mule elmjOCiil and strong f|*>ocbe?, which were loudly app'.inded. ftror^ nonintervention resolution* wor* passed, and plauY.rm ard di mlne?s enthupiastl rally >xdor-"l. Another despateh from a repiibl. -at so,.roe prrnocr-oe the meeting a failure in point of cumbers, say ng it ere were not over two hundred present; ti at A.-- ?rg- ri> rltjr of the party leaders yet refuse to vepport f mug! is, and tliat the Hoaglaa wing refute any jntUlloK h th tie Bmkniridgc wing. Raliiratlsa Mr< dags. K ?v* it C.TT, Mo., July S. 11*0. An immerse Ivugl** anil Johm.ou ral.ucatioi me.ct ng and torchlight procession was held here aat narbt. fla lut' * acre Bred, hot)Ure? blared tbioas'hont the c.ty, and the public building* were Ilium Baled end decorated i. lb Hags and transparencies. ]t waa the Iarrcet po' meeting ever assembled In Western iremurl. 'putobtO were made by C?l. <la!borne, T. V?n Horn, ?dit-?r of tho Jfawi en/ rf Cbmmrrte, eg.Major Pnyne other*. Janrsvrus, Ky.,JnIy 3. IthO. A large and enihoalastic ratifl at.on meeting, for the purpose of endorsing Bell and Fverett, It tow j: pfyre-s. A net ling of the Ik t den onnty Jesaocra Q.nabethlown to day, endoraed Duugla and '"Juson. aod denounced the arredera. A meet tig of tfce Campbell ocnty drmocraU did the same yceterday. ? inrn iui. Jvwy 8. UflO. A public meeting to ral.fy the imnal on of IV gl?d and Johnson look i lasc to n gbl .n (Hit of tho City Ilnll. TIm- eland waa beant fully "um rated w .Ui numerous trauii*treoc:ee, 4c. Resol .t.i cs en. dura ing i he Cincinnati platform net noa .Intervention were )?*sc>}. O W Creut, of Virgin in, Aid nlliers delivered speeches in earnest advocacy of the n< mil **, and predh ting lie triumph of the print.|\es wblrh ibey declared Ibe pn e. <-d rgs wen- rr c "1 Illi n lale Inmr. The fttrt.dr of flmklnrldire del in I rut.tca li.-e meeting r>eil week. Ilerrta. Philip and Polommii. of WmkllfM. tare tcon a* ?r<Wd Ilia enntraet f?>r enpply lag the ?r?-?? ry IV |?rt11.'lit and Iturrauf with stationery. A tain Dtawralk El?t?ral Ticket ttccommcadf d la tew Jcrncjr* Nrwxu, July 3, ltdO. The Prmocrallc Mate F.-ccutirc Comm.ltc- eg V;w J'rrey held a meeting at Jrrarr City yeatcrdaT artertocn, and voted to i*rue a call ftor a Mate Ccevot.on, to oc b<!4 at Trentra 36:h of July, to nominate an "ketoral ticket. The committee re command that the ticket ho competed of floor Donjlaa and tiifo Ur- k.Bridge wee, to be rurported by the fr,. odi of -web eaodidate, and rrvpcctiTcly headed Ifcruglaa tUkct cod Brckinr.dgo ticket. H tbl* M flwoefltfa) the t .A. t Uvlwr the majority la to receive the nleetarhl vote of the 'ilat , ere pt la ??aa IL' whole vote will oir.t cithar Mail'iloto, be i? to bare It. Thie plan P> m*. t tho naeliM of the mod influential <loim*:reU of the ?MlO. The Teem It tea af lh? Peaaeylvaala Do* aerraef. Pu>i nu.roii, July .1, ltflo. Pi'rimy' /*>? bitterly ..ppr*** the act on .>f ti e Mnto Ceatra! rvanmtttee, and ?wHe fse a m??tiog ?f democrate to |mrge the eleatural ti h?t en.| out loore :>ei?i tho d wan too let fwwwr It aleo tar ore i un-on of l*>ug!ar, IWtl ami I.lMxdn men to k??-p the -tort loo nut of f'tp'V, t>h< re lane will c> rlx.nlv be ev*x*efu!. BrttklarMg* la Vii|Hila. NoriiLt, Jut* >. 1*W. Tim Arerhlnrtdge ratification mooting h.w beoa pat poaod till after Uie Stale ("avect*an. The Jatkeea Dtmeeralle taorx iatten Dim elvMlt W.tajm.-w. July I, H00. TV-Jackma Pernorrntic AMiiolaiion, of ta-nty year* vtamlng. and which liad ewre^ed mu.b political a

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