Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1860 Page 8
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!.altr from HavtM, K AKHIV * L OK TI1IC CAUAWBA. * , The llmluti Stale* mud steamship Oihawba, J. W. " ttoailh icmiiHknil' r, froua Mow Orleans and Havana, or- v vived here yesterday morning ..t 11 30, throe days and " treaty three hour* from Havana. v IheChhawh.i Wft Ncw t> .?t.w no the 27th aj eight A. ? M , and ml. r< tl the port ol ou the afternoon of the a 29th. teavaig there at 12.30 M on the 30th ult. 1 From Havana there ix nothing of .r.te-eet to report. I The health of the city and harbor continued about tbo anif at* n< tx ed hut week. I j Hie Havana I'ri/ce Currml of the 29th ult wye?"The f past wok hue been a dull one, the heavy rains having intarteri .1 with the frc trauxaction of business, in cugars y the advantage rained the previous week was entirely lost | n hi roc 'queue of lees favorable Advices from the I'mtod Mates, and a reported decline in UigUnd. The demand ; c< tor the middlmg grades continues good on the baSH of , g< $>4 a ft\ reals per aroba for D. No 12 The stuck on , 01 hand at Havana and Mutaiiras report* d at 350.000 boxes." j " Mb* of molar see are noticed at 2.', a 2% per keg of tow and a half gallons. n Csehange on I/>ndoo 60 days 12)* a 13 premium; on r' Utw York 60 ilays pai to 1 f>r? mium; on New Orleans 00 ti days X a 1 premium ^ Tbe tahawba Las had fine weather the entire passage , fctshsti Va-Mf #>rLainflL ) tJ i'r 11avara cokhesfondence. ^ Havana, Jure 30, lbbO. a Wrttk rj a Frentfc Stop? The F rtune Tilling Globes of !V Jhyui buttery?I'apulatwn of Havana? The Kity simp {. mm?Skip Messenger ami Her Voyage Down the China i c Mu?One I hundred Coolies Mot Killed? Western Railroad [ gg Spain? HeakK?Departure ij Ike Consul General (J Mm Untied States. Me French ship Sumatra, Captain Puvas, get ashore oti Me Colorado reefb, to the westward, morning of the 23d, I M?d ? a total wreck. She wait bound from Havre to this part, the officers and crew saved, with most of their n iMicg and personal effects. The, rigging, some of b Me furniture, cables, nautical instruments and ship's papers only saved. The officers and crew were provided ^ lor with kindly hospitality by the chief officer of the district, Kio Bianco, and furnished with everything neeoesa- t' ry fer the.r comfort, and raeh service as cotild be ren- J] dered n order to save property and forwarding it to this perl I fe drawing the Ri<yol lottery on the 2Slh inst., three s mrmrr ($400 h) refused to appear from the globe whore tl May were deposited. The inside sheathing of copper or r trow had become worn throcgh and broken sufficiently to ,t permit the missing balls to enter between the inner and n aster>or spherical covers, so that they could not be with B drawn. They were placed to credit of the g three lost drawn numbers. Tho globes, by or- s dor of the government, have been ex|iosed for n sominalK-ii by the public, that they may not lose confl- b deuce in the perfect integrity of the management of this .4 MS to "institution," which feeds with cormorant\ora- Ci My upon oor indue .ry If there had been any fraudulent u Cpose in the missing balls they would not have been of 0| insignificant denomination ascertained. The order In s?lalK>d thereto was published in the papers ol the 29th, n Mot the precise facts might be known to all. H is the t< Boost humble industry and the poorest classes which pay si fcwwi their labor these immense premiums to the govern- ti sent, by which the natural profM-nsity of the people for t) gambling ia cultivated and gratified, and their confidence t, Mast not be impaired by such a trifling incident. The y tM globes are to be mended to go on with until new ones vi us be sent from Spain, which are to be constructed iu a hi mmeb more durable manner. .,f Me local councils of the various districts are about d< preparing reports in relation to the wants of Cuba for addi- re Maual labor, in order to keep even with our vastly increaa- th lug product. Memorials, with ample specifications, illut- tei rating the condition of our general as well as agricultural gt MAerwls, will be forwarded to the government at Madrid, ui Mr the royal determination as to the continued free inlro- U " " VI J . ....... .......... Mywetan Islands (the straight haired negroes), or the ni Masts of Yucatan, under roulract* for defined |*?r;od8 of n Mr* we?eight years, more or leas. The coolie system d, Md line class of introduction, clones with the present year, according to the last royal edict upon the subject; a] tmt t?o remonstrance or excuse will be allowed for its coo- 1, thManee However, ax new "baudas''are to be proposed p Isr their government, more leniency in treatment, a slight pi advance in romp, neat ion, and social safety protected u against redundant increase of the cLu ?boyend the de- u mawl for labor and for security of the ab'le population, /| having two antagonistic servile clasaee iu llieir midst? dl M a pcex.bie tliat an extension may be granted for u aeveral years longer We. already begin to nee . u Mis ami worthless Oi.ntae in our streets in too 1 n, number* for the safely of property. In i tt hsvana and suburbs, at this, we hare between ,r 39.400 and 39 000 iree negroes or colored; about 31,990 slaves, and 92.000 to 93 000 white per-ons?all w Md, warty 109.000. The Chinese, occupied in the nidus , U try af the city, or residing here from termination or re- | T tease from contract, "not as yet included m the census. c, tbr proportions, as Uiey are. are not very pleasant to a atsrp upon, and the only safety we have, is the strong I t, government which keeps all color* and shades in order. si The Kitty Pimpacn. from Macao, some day* since, re- I c< ysvted took on board .H2 coolies, she delivered here alive, | o< and in good health. 313: died at sea, 29 In regard to 1 ?i the American ship Uixxenger, an article from the China *< Msgrop* has been travelling the rounds of the Rrilish I ai aad American press stating that on the voyage I h f that vessel dowu the China sea, that ship * ex n tor scene of a terrible conflict, and that before j tl rder could be enforced, and the coolies subilued, one | haadrial were k'lled. or words to the Kama effect. No ' ol bto died on board of that ship from violence?no six b , a Malvt link plis-r 371 cool ic* were takn on board at m Masai of w hah s xtccn died of the ordinary ship dis ' |r eaase two fell or threw themselves orerboard. 3d0 ?|i were delivered here in good health, and none even with i tl wands from any viok in the enforcement of disci 1 ytmr Tbt deliveries made by American vessel* to , tw this date, of this more than slave traAic, di shew n transit loss of eleven per cent In Rriliah hi vivsris thi toes goes up to fourteen per cent. U is (eared i| that the story was got up through yealousv, to do Injury n< tm the An,* rwan ship M- -? iir' r in particular, and to our p v?sae,s pepi rally look'rr for th - *ort of bu* uer n th,?*e i tl n.e inu-.fy. ir any run n none, win rv <v.r f, reeard by thi* notice in the ukrald, wb..h iUI>l all the c? Mete. and neither more nor lea. g Hit peet'te are initio? rreat Intern! in the Prions Alfon- e as ar tivoat Western Kaiirnad of Spain, and a very re o eper table portion of the toek will be taken by Cuban tl lands to encourage thia class of enterprise and imjrove- a moot m another Land We hare abundance of the solid f4 oat it ml tying idle in our chests, not required even by g< star iron t >t work being thrown over the inland of Cuba. d Ve health <f Havana .? not yet broken by epidemic u Asno' but the large addition af foreign food in the past t week or b n days, by about ninety vessels, will have a t< sworn > to ncreaie the cases m thti bay among the ship- y n. (at.awt a arrived last ereutng. (lad had heavy g wealtw r from Sew tirleans. Captain Smith leaves puncMalty at twelve II. to day. Freights must decline, we s ??? veaeeis enottffk a Ckd Neisou, Consul General of the ('fitted States for fl foti, and family leave to day by the (hhawba for the h a Hod states, accompanied or met on board by many of a Ms friends who appreciate the high toned courtesy with h whwb be has discharged tbe duties of bis office j, The I allfirnla Mall*. lrmcr mm comtoDout vakkmilt. * The si spetision of the California mails has been com r rated upon by several of tbs leading New Turk Journals. a he failure of so important branch of tbe postal service sails few the severest c tisurr. "Mutt such censure may fall ^ span the right parties requires s better knowledge of tbe ' tarts than Use public now possets. 1 will stale tbem ? 11 An arrangement was made with me, in August last, for tbe transportation of tbe California mails. This was con- s! Mi terns!, to take effect in tbe event of Johnson's failure to J, perforin the service under hia contrast, and was tempo- ti rary to give ample time to Congress to provide by law tl lathe err v-re. Tt.j arrangement look effect Ibe l?t of " Ostobcr last, and terminated June 30, and but for It tbs r California mad acrvVce would have been suspended last ? AMober Yi t tbe parties to tbis arrangement have been oenanred, both in and nut of Congress, and gTave charges ,< Wl rormplRW imTu i?t-fii m?u' , ?? ? ?uv ? V^mi?It WUC- " ml arraigned before Ibe Cot ode lnyertigatuig Committee, 1 n tor doing then what ther arc oow xirnrtd for not doing ! !' (hiring the wefton Just closed a bill paean! lbe Senate ' autborning the pr?t?n?*ter t.enrral to ooolract for a trl Manthly oeean serxioe to California, for a mm not ex- " r??' m*r *4< 0,000 The amount of the *u-am-r oompencatK n 0 Lb or pr? \ ..! '! wns irrltl I ?t by a careful . imputation of ; " the average bulk and weight of the Cblif>mia mails, ami " sharing therefor, only the ex prow ratoa for inert ban d"? I f! This bill wan not acted upon in the Houm of RepronenMint On the 11th June preceding an art passed the Ron.* of ~ Repress ouuites ?b ch has burn constrwd a* prohibiting '' the foal (ff?-e I? !*rtn. ot fr tn paying a greater com ' psaaalw n for the irru mail ncrrr o between Nsw York T ><od (ai.fcrt,a than the amount of posing'* 7h? law ? hrld to put the <? ran serslro between NVw York and California upon thr footing of a foreign and r.ot . kd<?,.rt rrrucf.aiKl ntf doubtless due to the over Lj>-i mail .eOueaco, and wan for tho purpose, rvt '' doit J not stowed, of rawing tho *,.e|?i>?;oo of the <s*wn mail ssrttre That thia law wag tlMM and ^ wwmini to rurpot.d thr ocfsh service cannot. I tkink, bo MftM TV grras amount of the California portages by atrawTU r>l ami yna/ wit about MXiaoo. wlon all letter*. ox,opt * ibase *pe? directed other war, were er.t by thw ouo JM ?r?ai,rf J? Of li-ooo receipts ninety por coot was from letters, whah constituted but two pi'r cot in weight of the * nutito, the renaming tell per cent of receipt* being fro? th wspafars. ahich. with free matter, constituted clBil/ !*' * >ght p?r ter.t to weight of the mails IWigrrwe, then fiead id r vmg us the O ifoec a F* |. r.i ijts for tho rtiia ma,I uerv -re. wouid ''' v rtualty hav g r if l ut ten p't m t of the pi stage ** peer pts for perform r.g ninety eight per cent / the gsetal ** T rtdertnors, the overland mail ff'rlrn. tors recoies asfi roo by nr.e route, and ftoo roo by the otber~ n all, 1 M? l*f They carry mily let ee* If Utey shou <t oarur all tbe ett<-rs, tbey wnuid perforin but two per cent of it* ssrrtee M It! 'jl I rrl.t to feelloe perform ng n irefjj.e rM per M| el of the pewta! serr < <? for abn it DOduO, while otbsrn ree> ye $1 OOO OHO (bf performing the remain a r two per oetl sf the semi *r if a*> au<pn>t<.de of the Ckiifnrria mi s the tmbhe art of generally tX etne.1 lliey hare letrded th-rly Ion* bp a.Lglr ste.m i r Cref tpt tet4rr?l aaehs of 're.> matter NEW Y( rt bow !b the New Yrrk pel Office, which the above taw ouid require us to carry ftr the jh*Li?<i?? thai is, nth ing. That the companies hare al nil times been Al rilling to per tor m the mad service al lair ratoo, thai 1 ey Lave at no time netted more than fair rales, r ill appear from the follow in*? propositions made n the 1 oet Uffk , Department, before the adjournment Co fCongress, and in ample tune for that body to have da clod u|*in them, had they eol determined to discontinue he ocean mail Her vice. Nsw You, June 13,18?0. ten. llokano Kimi, K.rst Ah*.slant Postmaster General. gti Sik?In an> w or to your letter of May 11, we have the oner to etate liiat we will run a line of steamers after m uly 1, thrice per mouth, between New York and San be Vanrieco via Panama, that Is to say, the Atlantic and i. acitic .Steamship Company performing the service on the tiantic, and the Pacific Mail Steamship Company the wrice on the Pacific Ocean. We propose to carry such to util* as you see fit to send, including all printed matter, tr r three hundred thousand dollars per annum for the cc rviTHA??UU5 nuill u* liuavui^ UIC Ul ?t of transporting an equal quantity of fact express pi JOds?and arc willing that the contract should terminate ju r be modi lied upon the repeal by Con preen of the frank>g law. C. VANPEKHILT, President. tc WM. H. DAVILGE, President. On the 18tb of June we made to the Pos. Office Departtent a proposal to carry all tetters for the postage there- di n, and to carry all planted and tree matter at twenty-Ave tl cnte per potind, such being the minimum charge of m rai sporting merchandise by last express between New tt ,'ork and San Francis*). Kither of these propoe tions would have been acceptor to the Post Department Under either of them ri he steamship companies were willing to perform the ner- al ice, and the Post Otlice Department was willing to conra-t Tor su-.b performance had Congress given them the uthoriiy to do so. fc As to the falsehoods and detamation of tcurriloas news- b Hpm. I am quite indifferent; but I am willing that every b ur mintled and inlell gent man shall, upon the real truth d< f the rase, determine where the fault and responsibility cl e-ts ter the public inconveniences which majr have re- si cited from the failure of the mail on the 1st inst. C. VANDERBILT. * tl Ths Law on Unsafe Buildings. *' MFORTANT OPINION OF TUK CORPORATION COITNSKL. The following communication on the powers, duties si nd responsibilities of the Mayor respecting unsafe * uildiugs, has Ih'I'd forwarded to the chief magistrate ? ' Onr or Nkw York, law Pwabtmknt, ) Ossww Coram to Corporation, July 3, I860. J U o not Mayor ;? tl Fm?I have examined the recent act of the Legislature u n provide against unsafe buildings, no far as it relates to b be questions upon which you desire my opinion. (Sta- c* utes of i860, p. 931, sees 71, 72, 73.) w The 7'2d section of the set is in these words:?"The said w iirveyors shall forthwith make and return to the said ol uperinlendent a report of such survey, to be signed by pi bein or a majority of them, and if such report shall de jm lore such building or part of a building to be unsafe or uo angerous, then the said Superintendent shall forthwith b iak>' and return to the Mayor of the city a report of such ly urvoy, sigucd by said surveyors, and if unsafe or dan- st erous, then the said Mayor shall forthwith direct tlie pi bent!'of the said eity to forthwith take down and re- Ai love such building or part of a building, and any oilier pi uilding or part of a building that in the judgment of the pi uperinlendeul, or deputy, or such Sheriff, it may he ne- pt pssary to take down and remove, in order to safely b< ike down and remove such unsafe or dangerous building re r part of a building." fo It will be seen that no report to the Msyor is to be w unless the surveyors have first found the building bi ) bo insecure. And then, If we follow the words of the er unite. it is not enough that the surveyors have reported w ne insecurity to the Superintendent of Buiklings, and te lat officer ban reported the same to the Mayor, but the tb adding must in fact be unsafe or dangerous, before the tv ayor w either authorized or required to act. After pro- ci idingfor the two reports, and thus bringing the matter vi fore the Mayor, the words are, -'and if unsafe or dan ca rous," then "the Mayor shall direct the Sheriff to take Se >wn and remove the building." Th.s casts a most un- afi asonahlo burden upon the Mayor, who Lakes no jiart in foi e survey; and it is possible that such was not the m- To ntion of the legislature. But it is difficult to under- th< and why the words "if unsafe or dangerous" were used, frc iless it was intended to throw the responsibility upon tit ie Mayor. Indeed, it is not easy to see why the matter Oh lould be brought before the Mayor at all, if he is to do & ithing beyond the formal act of signing a direction to an ?e Sheriff. That might as well, and with less delay, be W one by the Superintendent of Buildings. m It is a rule, in the construction of statutes, that effect lould. if possible, be given to every word whica the dj legislature has employed to express its will. The words i this enactment are'sensible as they stand, and I see no sc round upon which they can be rejected. The difficulty th lay be obviated, if we are at liberty to understand or nply tbe word reported, so that tbc clause will read, "if e|?rted) unsafe or dangerous then" tbe Mayor shall ct irect tbe Sheriff to proceed. It is possible that tbe courts th ID fbei M litx-rty to read the statute in thai way; but .In kere is so much room for doubt on the subject that I can- F. M advise the Mayor that he can safely issue a warrant to st ie Sheriff unless he Is able to prove that the building Is aj i fact unsafe or dangerous. ti Should the courts expound the statute in the way ni huh has In am suggested, I see no solid objection f> the G iw. so far a? it relates to an unsafe or dangerous building. te he man who owns and maintailiS such a structure in a r< mpactly built city does a wrong to the pubic, and, b< here the danger is imminent, a summary remedy should si e applied Ta? safely of the people is the supreme law in m ich cases. Ttie statute provides for a survey by three w mi^etent persons. one of whom may lie selected by the at wuer of the building, who is to have notice of the time , < nd plu e of holding the survey. (Section 71.) These TI in to be sufficient safeguards against hasty and unjust ai r.tion. Indis-d, if the surveyors are not mistaken the fo inldlng w hich I.,is been condemned as unsafe is a pubis; u utxanee, and a more summary remedy might be applied tfc lan is provided for by this statute (l It has been said that the constitution secures the right tl f trial by jury. But thai right is only guaranteed in the f< iM" wlien- "it has hereto lure been used;" a/id 1 am not it a.ire of any usage to iwb i t the dilatory prooess of trial ,-t y jury when a city t* on iir?*, an infected ?hip Mi at the '? k, or a building is in imminent danger of falling upon flr ip mmat'-s or passers by th There is a grave objection to the statute which cannot ? ? obviated l>y construction. The Mayor is required to c?. reel the rdicrifl to remove, not only the unsafe building, re Jt "any other building" which, "in the judgment of re le Superintendent or deputy, or sin h Slier iff, it may bo ai is ~*ary to take down and remove" to eiftct the princi- gi I obj-vl. It must always be a strong measure, to say ft, ip least, to Ueetroy the property of a man who is D<>t in t) milt, because b;s wrongdoing neighbor has made it ne- ti ^ary to the public safety. Still, such a power may be h< ood as a police regulation, when the recess.ty A>r us w tcreise is ruber actual or apparent. or has been adjudi- in ated by mi no competent tribunal Ne.tber of tie -e v, amgs is required by this law The sheriff, who Is merely t? n eeeoutive officer, is authori/ed to settle the question ir himself. When called into court Ibr pulling down a to nod and secure building, be may answer, not that the est fiction was either actually or apparently necessary i the public safety, or that it had been so adjudged by r y one else .'but that "in my judgment it ne .-sary n pull down your house lo remove the unsafe hou?e <X B1 our neighbor;" and that will be a good plea if the law valid I cannot tinnk that the leg.-t.ature has any uch power over the property of individuals. iToperty may be destroyed to prevent the spreading of ration or a Con vagous disease, and in other cases i here the act is e?*entia) P> the safely of the people. pi iut tha man or executive officer who tak'*s it upon M mself to decide upon the actual or apparent neoemitjr, cts ujiou h.* peril His mistaken judgment, however on>*?tly it may have been formed,will not be a suits tent fv .situation a. Tt may be said that the legislature ran make the "Itriff a judge as well as an eserutive officer Pot that may Cl tell l>edoubte<l where, as with us. the fundamental law g; a? distributed the powers of government among ditto ( irt ilf i.,rtm* 11 Is eiTinc tbe milk mi aulhurdv to one nd the executive I* another. In addition to thus, the constitution providct that no ereon ahull be ? deprived of lift, liberty or property crllhout due proress of law," and there .* nothing like . I i mM "f law" where the Sheriff, with a warrant _ i remot e the unsafe hounc of ono man, pulls dowu the h| afe of another. The constitution also provides that private property . hall not be taken for public use without Just romper.'aion. and I am strongly inclined to the opinion that de Iroymg a good build,ng for the safety of the public i* t| tk tig the |>roperty for public use within the meaning of ^ he constitution. Tho subject was roll, ed id one or w t. re of the rase* which gr< w out of the great lire of tU6 (Mayor, An . t. Lord. 17 WcndaU, 3H4I, but it w?a nt then p?te?sary to decide the question. Thia law lakes no provision for compensate n to an innocent suf 5 rer. h If t lie pro v.son for removing a rafe building ft uncon ntv.ttonal, aa I think it is, all persons wit.' a. t under tt d] ill be trespasser* A statute wh.rh Violate* the futida til tental law e?n neither confer power nor impose a duty |a#n any ooe. Atthe gh it may have the form of a legisitivw eraetment. It ia in truth no law at all. Tt is no . etter than blank paper It has beer sad that an eract |; lent, as tt ?lands upon the statute book. m ist be obeyed . r.t't its validity has been adjudged by the courts. But rt mha remark has no solid flinindstion. It is absurd to ?y that an unconstitutional art binds any one Much a u (etr ne violate* the principle en which our form of (x verr.meM rest*?the principle that no power can be ^ nuriant nrer the people, escept S'teh a* they have dele j ? ?ted hy the fundameMat taw It ia true that one who i Hobvys an enactment, >-n the ground that it Is noooostl _ ilional, acta al hi? peril But it is equally at his peril to ! I low an era at merit which vioMea Use ftindahiealsl law. his may sometimes Involre a good ctt.aew in a dilemma. . ut that cannot be avoided without giving up our form of j (> v rnmert ' <tn rending the seventy third section of the act. it will Jv f seen that there ts room fbr a doubt whether the flbsrtff J. ui act until after the owner of an unsafe or dangerous uMing has been not I'd to take tt down, and haa re red or flailed to proe.-cd ? ib the work. But that qtieoon need not now be cindered I rtsd. with regret, that thia. like many other laws epe ally applicable to llie rity of New York, falls to deffne ilh aceurwry the and duliea of individuals and ' ablic officers and has been framed with too little regard ,' i th? rlghte of pamerty It will, I frwr, open a new door r legal strift, of thrru in mora than enough " rr^<ijr The paper yon have been requested to sign '' recta ibe Sheriff to remove a part ot the condemned [" .ikl.rg, No 231 Broadway, 'and any oilier budding or irt of a building that. ;n Ut? judgment of the -Bientr, . the eNiperintendenr or deputy. It may be necessary to P* more. m order to eflh.-t the principal object. I am of <?*? that you ar- eot obliged to give rich a direction, J* id 'SMiot do It with safety 'iKhi.VK U BHnS'Mig st Sfnvsl laltlllftkct. The 11. ted Metre Ha nbrtdge. Crm WnodhuH, ? id ttnlpfc n, C?m Molntan, wc?? at Buecrw Ayrwt ?y 94 I The Tr ted ?>ates frigate rorgrsas.Oapt Oeldsboe- igh. ? id steamer I uiaak , C. m Macomb. Wgre * M<??ev .ieo y, ?r 28 rt The Vt. ted Mate* TV 'Wt w*H Vj w*'r? H ?k< rt to Bit..nigy if.'tir o f,< )RK HERALD, FRIDAY, Cmsrt of Oyer aid Terminer. Bfifcre Hoc. Judge Gould. lUilD EH1BKHV or AN mrinii-iuii.ri BLil* MAIL OK DSTSCITVE luliCBMKM, ETC. Ji ll 6.?Tkc J'eopU rj. Alex. Ward.?IftiiS case was u.menced on Hobday last, and adjourned over Vo this y. The accused is charged with accepting a bribe of vy dollars aa Ins pec lor of Sidewalks. The Judge, n charging the jury, said that be under ood toy the law that where an officer of the city governent made an agreement, either understood or implied, s was liable under the law. The defendant In this caso oharged with taking fifty dollars for the purpose of nfiing his name to certain bill*. An agreement, aocordtng the statute, does not necessarily mean a previous conact, which could be enforced in s court of law. H means nsect and execution, either willingly or unwi'hngly, on to part of the witnees lor the people and accused. The 'osecution ie bound to prove guilt, so as to bring the ry to a conviction that their is no reasonable doubt. The Jury, after several hours consul lalioo, were unable i agree, and were discharged. gl'NDAY HERMAN TtnUTXJCAIA The People v*. Juiward JJanam?The defendant Is nKited for giving theatrical performances in a Bowery leatre, contrary to the provisions of the statute. On lotion of his counsel the case eras postponed until Friday, lis morning. nour e WINDLESS. The case of Stephen Gordon, indicted with Jnmcs Fn ght fur selling fraudulent ticketa to paaacngcrs, was Ibo called up, but postponed for the present. SMTENCB KIR MA.VBLACCHTTR. Patrick Murphy, found guilty of manslaughter in the lurtb degree, iu causing the death of Peter Hall, was roupht up fur sentence. He said be had never been roughl in courl before, and intended deceased no harm eceased struck him and he struck back. He claimed the lemeucy uf the Court, having a wife and four children to apport. Judge Gould, in passing sentence on the prisoner, everely commented on the reckkwsrees which leads to tie sacrifice of so many lives. He sentenced Murphy to wo years' imprisonment in Sing Sing at hard labor. awothm sbtmmcs roK NAsmatxiimcK. Pnn.H Folks (colored), who.ploadedfguilty to the manlaughter of an unknown colored woman, in the Fourth rard, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment in the en ileal tar y. a1.ucuki) black bail ft dstrctlvt pouf?:#m. In th* matter of Hiram. McUany.?Mr. Spencer applied a the Court for a writ of habeas corpus to briKg before tie Court Hirain McGarry, alleged to be wrongfully detined in prison. Tbe petition of McGarry sets forth that e is detained in the City Prison, that a temporary immitmcnt was issued by Justice Welsh, etiarging him rith being a fugitive trom justice, and that a commitment as issued by tbe Recorder on lho30tb of Juno, in default r $3 ,000 bail, charging him with wilful perjury without iving any of the particulars of the alleged offence. The ctilioncr says be has never been before a committing lagistrate, nor confronts with his accusers or witnesses, ut tliat the second commitment was issued while be was 'ing in prison under the first commitment. Petitioner ales the following circumstances:?That June 29 he ap?ared before the Police Commissioners, and before Thos. cton certified to certain extortions, plundering* and malractices of detectives Keefe, Hogan and Harry; that ititioner has in former years been guilty of crime and inisbed; that be bad married and reformed, lived most, and gathered means; that the detectives peatedly pursued him with threats and demands r money; that to preserve his character with those ho dkl not know his former life, and to spare s wife, he yielded, and paid until narrowed beyond iduranre h< told his story to tlie Police Commissioners, ho treaUsl him kindly, and in order to enable him to stify, Governor Morgan restored him to citizenship; at in the bearing before the Commissioner the detect08 and counsel cross-examined petitioner, andhedis need the fie'I that in Ohio, in 1846. be had been concted of larceny, sentenced to imprisonment, but es,ped, and thereafter was duly pardooed, United States nator Pugh being his counsel. Petitioner avers that ler that hearing he waa seised by tbe detectives bare he left tbe |iolice headquarters and committed to tbe mbs on the first commitment as a fugitive from justice, angh a communication is at tbe police hoadquarlers un tbe Ohio Executive showing be w? pardoned. Peioner further stans that Senator Pugh, his counsel in iio, is in town, and he asks that writa of habeaa corpus d certiorari may issue, the first to secure the attend l-h and Barnard to show why petitioner stands coinltted. The Court granted the writs returnable on Friday (this ly). at 12 o'clock. In the course of the day the Grand Jury brought in veral bills of indictment, and were discharged for the >c term. CHASC.* OS AKSOV IS TBS FIRST ItHiKIOt. JrtT 6.?Thr I'eifle re. Jamet OarroU.?The prisoner is targed with arson in the first degree. It appeared from ie evidence in this case that on the night of the 12th of inuary last a fire occurred in the liquor store of Thomas Sheridan, in Seventh avenue, corner of Thirty fourth reel. James Carroll, the defendant, *a? acting there i barkeeper, and was placed in "barge of the store at the me. Sheridan represented that he was going on s gunmg excursion to Manlialtanville, and would not return, irroll was dir?cted by Sheridan to close the store about n or half past ten o'clock. Several canary birds and a ibbin were in the store on that day. The robbln had sen removed by i^ieridan to the bouse of a friend opfiote. Shortly before twelve o'clock Oarrol) and t man uned John Williams were seen in the store by private itlcLmnn Culbcrt. The store was then dosed. Shortly ler twelve o cloek private watchman Canny saw .? in ,n one from the gate leading from lbs yard of the store to urty fourth str?~ I. This person ran off toward* >i\th . cin e Net over four or five sniruu-s then ejatwed liere sun ke was seen issuing from tbr store The doors ere broken open, and fire discover^ burning in no less tan lhr<* se;nrate and distinct place and no cotnmum it Km of fire from one to the otner After the arfsl of ie prisoner the ortiei rs visibvt Carroll's house, and there >und a cage eon taming four canaries Carroll admitted at the two yellow birds bad been given (o bun by irridsn on ihe day of the fire. Alfred V. Fiaker, Fire Marshall, depoatd?1 was at this e, I run from Forty-fourth street to the fire, and waa ere tn-forc it waa extinguished; It was a little after elve o clock at night , the fire waa homing tbeu iu the tlitig over a liquor cask, and waa working up to the rood ?tory on the Thirty fourth sire* , side; there were veral firemen and policemen on the (treatises. 1 made i avowtinalirin nf tl.. nroiniafrfl nflcr fW u.n? ? *! n ii-ln-d: I found that roar the fire in tfce back room, the mr was scorched (Voir, the straw that .id been l> iruimr rant ww divided from tba Mn Vy a wooden par poo; found the remain* of straw on top of the cask*, 'tween theeark* and unler them; in the cioect there ere remain* of straw and a tick, wito straw parualiy irued under the rounler. 1 exaimmd th. *e bitrumr* ry cl??e|y. and could not discover any connection beteen them and the tire. Alter some further lest.m a y the care was adjourned i Friday morning. Marino Coart. Before 11< n Indite IWarthy. LACIMAIL1VO AN Al.PEKMAM ON A "UTTl.* ARRANOFWENT'' HI IT FOR EQrl VOCAL KKKVICGM? TIIE PLAINTIFF NONHl'iTED OF TUE UKOl'ND OF IMMORAL CONTRACT. Ji'tY 6 ? Ceorpe Grif/an n 7rr?nor IV. fhrtey ?The ainlifl in this caee is a contract**, and the defendant i alderman of Uie city. H appeaa that -omo four year* to the def-ndant, previous to his preaenl marriaire, .rrned an .ctimacy with a youi.g woman named Wipe, id being desirous of providing for her suitably In an itl>ai . r of a rerUui evint, empleyed the plaintiff to on ige lodging* fiT her where she would be wall cared and .tended to. The pla ut 0 introduced the parttea to a on house on long Island, and. under the directions of a- ilepndant, winee, ch.cken* Mid iverything neceiry, were prepared and lurnistied the lady Medo lien were aw aumioiaicreu of lue pisiniiij ana i? wife, and to lb" course <( tims Mia* Mag n a* delivered nf a Hillb?ro catld. He, plaintifi. who ?d received full compecsat.oo for bin servlos and for ie board and attendance oq the young woman, now ring" this arix n for WOO. for work ar.d labor and n.orya laid out and i-spended for the J?f< infant, tieo Grogan.tbe plaint.ff. testified that in April, lv'4. ir defendant employed him to attend upon and pr<?ure *rd out of the oily of New York Ibr a young, ho was then about additig to the population of the com unity, and to keep bcr quiet and aecluded until tbut rent should ootSir; that Re. plaintiff, thereupon took the Ming lady (Mo^ Magin) to Wmlield, L 1., to the bourn a Mrs lb Hand, where, In the . oorse of tune, aha gave rth to a Hill x rn child. Mr. fJn>gtin ?taUil that he attided npem the party, made prn\ -mn for her, Uiok mecinee to her and eontinued nm servx <? during b?r Contement. uid *ube?qoent thereto runn>rg through a riod ef five months for these services he elatme<l WOO tto hi* cross evaminatioc. it appeared that be (pUlnliflt td undertaken to kn-p the W'lman se.ln.led during her nee*. and rerder other sort uea. ?he eh r.tctor of wbi< h rl the .fudge, upon the motion ef defton'tnt's rooMal, to etnas the complaint, on Die ground that the la m waa unded on an , contract. wh h c?uld not beau" >>ed tn law The Judge r- marked that be very ?Mom tercsed the power the tow gave him in taku g a om?> o?n a jury, t? t ih mi ?u. h a case of unmoral iv, even i the |art eg the plaintiff, that he felt justified in rellevg the Jury from it" onlaminat ?. Tfie plaint.ff had n iswvr to the cotir?l and the Court, Cor trade ted hunwif vera) tiniM. and cslnbited audi a state of fa. ta that ould not entitle him to mooter; but,on the c< ..trary. Ml they gone m h further, would have com ed the virt to commit htm for erim nal pr??ecotion Healdied having received several stuns of money from Mr. irtov for the > ,?rd and atteudai - e on this pirty sod vet r? Holland (the woman with whom ahe lodged'> testified at ?lr"g*n only gave her tw?> payment#? ten d. iara and re dollar" Tfie IVnirl would enter a ooo auit. rV". rai of the jurors assciitcd to the propriety of this urse. Alderman Farley stood up and waa addressing the Jury the effect that It wua agrnas system of black rr.jJJ; f ail paid those |*rt e* several hundred dot' -s.wfxn found it time to make a rund ag.unst the.r impost:**? The Conrt Interrupted the defendant, and said he bad doubt it was a black mail arrangement, hut there was > tie. easily for any remarks to he made by the defendant the jury. Mr Har.'man hoped the top.-rt would sot consider that > was sware of any hUck mail motive tn the afiaif. lie Ml no prcv us kn a dye . i the a#e. and wbtn called to n as? hlirsrt it an iruoary action fur worn and to r 'l ? Ti?e Court int'tnated a eonenrn tte tn the (uUNll at* ment. at<d the parties then left. nlfrd Stats* District Aflarnsy'i Office. .ft it 6 ? 7te AUfnl .Vfaner KmU ?Warrant* were toed if.# day ftr the arrrtt if Ctofta.n Jtto and the 1ASr* and crew of the hark Kate, captured hy CapU.n, of the revenue .'.tcr llarr et lane, on Tuasday renu fili.rt, ar rtate.i n M'.Vneday s r*w>:n. The parre w The trnt sfemd tn rr the rtfer to the author t es >rr and broi-ghl r.p frr ?mt~ rat on e F? <'sy w*r rg JULY 6, I860.?TRIPLE S | FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, j Thursday, July 5?6 P. M. | The steamship Persia arrived this morning with ' ' uates to the 23d ult. As a general rule, the linan- j j rial news is unfavorable. The funds are quoted j dull, cotton ia lower, there is more demand for money, and, owing to an improvement in the | weather, the breadstuff* market is reported inactive, with a downward tendency. On tire other hand, the J news from France is more favorable for an advance ! in grain, and the Bank of England had gained specie. The Baden Conference had had a tendency to relieve the public mind from uneasiness growing out of political complications, and the continued refusal of the great Powers to afford any assistance to the King of Naples was also viewed as a satisfactory augury. Of American stocks Satterthwaite savs:? The murkct for tecuritieg remains steady, wuli a moderate amount of bus.ucM doing; Illinois Ocatral shares have further advanced 91 per chare; coostrucI lion seven per cent bonds arc firm at 82^, whilst the six per cents are more ottering, and without demand, axoept < at a greater difference than has for come time past ruled. Erie ?< -unties are without alteration; the shuns continue | to he l'reely bought. The tirst and third Buartgage bonds | arc rather more ottered. New York Central and Michigan Control betid* have become scarce, and buyers And difficulty in getting supplied. ? Messrs. Baring Bros. A Co. notice American stocks as very quiet, and without any alteration in prices Mes?rs. D. Bell, Son A Co. remark and quote as follows:? There is n* new feature in the market Tor American recur dies, and the actual business during the past week has not been to an extent or of s character to claim par tic alar notice ? United Stales 6'f, 1898 99 a 100 Do. 6's. 1874 ... 94 4 a 96* Kentucky 6's, 1868-72. SO a 92 Maryland 6 b a OCX Massachusetts 5's. stg. bonds 102 a 103 Ohio 6's. 07 a 08 Ptnmylvacoi 6'? 84 a 86 Do. 6's, 1877 86,-,' a 87 <4 Virginia 6'?, 1886 83 a 86 Virginia 6's, stg. bds.,1888 82 a 84 Illinois Central 7's 82 a 83 Illinois Central 9'? 77 a 70 Illinois Central freeland 7's 02 a 93 Michigan Central 8's. I860 86X * 87>* New York Central 6's 84 a 86 New York Central 7's 02 a 83 New York and Erie 7 s, 1867 00 a 02 New York and Erie 7's, 1869 87 a 80 New York and Erie 7's, 1883 76 a 78 New York and Erie 7's, 1862. 46 a 48 Panama 7's, stg., 1665 100 a 102 Pennsylvania Central 6's 01 a 03 The Loudon Times notices sales on the 22d of Illinois Central shares at 40 dis -onnt, and oi' New York and Erie shares at 194 Por cent, and thus notices the market:? Great Western cf Canada shares receded to 11X a V, while Grand Trunk was wthout alteration at 30*, u 31 No change of importance occurred .n Am<-rican railway securities. Canailion ii-an, 102boDds, and 3 pr> mium scrip. The last statement of the Bank of England shows the follow ing variations, as compared with the previous week:? increase. fftcr>an. Public deposits ?268.966 ? Other deposits ? 296,115 Notes in circulation ? 140,510 Rest 6,662 ? On the other side of the account? Government securities cochango ? Other seeuritKS 494 046 Coin and bullion 303.932 ' Nous unemployed 381,685 inc louowing n mo omciai return 01 tne export* and imports of the precious metals for the week ending the 20th ait.:? Inporti Brporta. OoM *114,344 183,910 Silver 131,431 443,786 Total 1305,786 27,714 It was authoritatively announced that the new Russian loan would be introduced in a few days by Messrs. Baring Brothers. It was expected to amount to ?*.000,000 sterling in a 4j per cent stock. The money market is, if anything, a shade easier to-day, though the variation is so slight as hardly to be worth mentioning. Some of the money disbursed in dividends and interest is re-entering the market in search of employment, and, in the absence of an active demand, is not easy to place at the quoted rates. Still, brokers call money on temporary loan worth six per cent; -hort first class acceptances, six; same quality of long paper, 6 a 7; second class paper, 7 a 6 a 10, &c. Next week a relaxation in the rates is generally expected, hough we have yet to see how m ich money the We*t will take from us to move the crops, which are now being harvested pretty fast. The SubTreasury loot money to-day; the receipts were $176,7b5, of which $102,000 from customs; payments, $49T,372: balance this evening, $5,437,103. There was comparatively little done in foreign exchange to-day; to morrow the bills for the Bremen and Kangaroo, on Saturday, will be disposed of. From present appearances it does not look as though the->e steamers would take out much specie; most of the available bullion by the last California arrival went out in the steamers of last Saturday. The Asia yesterday took $055,000. The stock market opened dull this morning, but on the second call evinced considerable strength, and was higher throughout the day. We note an advance of 4 per cent in Rock Island, J in Oalena, | in guaranteed, in Central, and nearly as mil' h inother stocks,speculation beingchiefiy confined to the Western shares. It norms evident that not. withstanding the light business of the road* at prerent, (peculator* hare fixed their attention upon the future, and are discounting in part the consequence* of the large traffic which may be expected thi* autumn. The advance in Galena, in the face of a decline of $21,.147 on the June receipt*, a* compared with June, 1KJ9, and of $121,347?or about 60 per cent? aa compared with the receipts of June, 166*, show* how strong the public confidence i* in the future. State stock* were inactive to-day. and there was little done in bond*. The attendance at the board and the order* in the street were light, aa usual alter the holiday. This afternoon the market was very firm, and stocks closed heavy at the following quotations: -Virginia 6'?, 91} a 92; Uiaeonri t's. 61 a 4; Canton. 19 a 20*; Cumberland Coal. 12} a 13; Pacific Mail, 69) a <<0; New York Central, 62 a J; Ewe, 1a 19; Hudson River, 4* a 4; Harlem, 12 a 4; do. preferred, 37) a 36); Reading, 40) a J; Michigan Centra), 46} 'a |; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13 a 14; do. guaranteed, 30) a Panama, 12&| a}; Illinois Central, 63 a }; Galena and Chicago, 64} a }; Cleveland and Toledo, 31 a }; Chicago and Rock Island, 70) a Chicago, Burlington and Quim y, 76 * 76: Illinois Central 7>, 61} a ). The following dividends have been declared;? The Gebhard Fire Insurance Company, a semiannual divid-nd of five per cent, payable on the 9th inst. The Commercial Fire Insurance Company, a dividend of eight per cent, payable on demand. The mercantile Rank, a dividend of five per cent, h...kl, ll.? 11, k TV,a Pmnln L' ... vu mc i *>vu uiupiio \ i\j r 11 v Ineurane Company, a *emi annual dividend of aeven per cent, payable on demand. The State Bank of Mi**?urf ha* declared a ?emi nnnn&l dividend of five per cent, after placing two per cent of the net profile to the credit of the contingent fund. The Clinton Fire In?v.ranoe Company.a *emi annual divitl I of ?evrn per cent, payable on the !>tb r*t. ibe Second Avenue Railroad, the regular quarterly dividend of two per cent, payable on and after the 16th in*t, at the ofhce of M"*er?. William and John O'Brien. No. J!> Wall etreet. The exchange* at the Bank Clearing Hou*e thia morning were |J0,"74,1T^ 9f>, and the balance* | IM76,JO?J4. The earning* of the following roailroads for J ,e were a* follow*:? Junt. 7*.M> Juts, Pf# 1% and ftii ' Catena ?*.;*? 110.N.9 21..W0I** Rock toaarf 70TO3 97 .VO .WKMio.-. I HvC.pob River 114,444 !?<**? MAM Inc. RtifTkki.N Y A Fx " 4?.??2 4b 0X1 4ATI lac. , The Chicago J'rrM of Monday *ajtt? Wo *aw and coev*r*e<l a tb *e*eral g?rt lenten, ?rm? of bem farmer*. from var >.* part* of the rooty and tbe ' uitt ? ..d'( a tag and ?* are fcafrv to rtair that :ne :rt p* ar? * > far rb? rt by tbe rve? re beat ard ra r>* ; wb'rb prevailed <U:rdK- the latter part of tbe wee*, tn me ptaee* the a boat and rate bat* *?lr"d, but there j a a* f appeararte "4 ri.xf ?r a gt>t fne farmer rlated SHEET. I that on Thnr?day rigbt be *u onablr to fWp for snxtrty (oecerning lins wheat crop, but on examination the I'olkwiog Cay tie was gratified to find it safe. It in thought that the wheat stalk* are too bard from the previous dry, mild weather, to be easily aflfccled. We sincerely trust it is no. The movement of the banks in the four principal cities of the Union, in which weekly report* are made, as shown by their last statements, is as follows:? loan*. thptiia Spo~u. IHrruUlt i}. N. York. June 81.187,700 J8.4St.2afl 8,766.182 I'.iwUin. July 1.... 64.172.U38 ?>.828.714 6.U60.370 6.425. U2J J'luhi., July 2 . 26.f4ll.3tl6 13,904,113 4.374.549 2,696 785 N.tllleans, June30 16 627 126 16,264,121 1,886,812 10,981.011 Tout 9231.MIK.7S1 134.276,467 42,783.1*1 29.3US.6W Last week . 233.044.227 134,070,683 46,173,066 29,768.378 Last year 224.376,768 13ti.682.4HI 48,677.204 29,881.773 The statement of the Boston banks for the la.-t two weeks compare as follows:? June 26. 1860. July 4, I860. Julu 4. 60. Loans 963.667,165 64.172.028 69037.930 Specie 63162,930 6 068.370 6,493.896 Deposits 20 760.673 20.828.714 20.017,147 (Vcuiaixin 7,168.326 6,926,022 6.036.806 Annexed is the statement of the New Orleans banks for the week ending June 30:? Loans Specif. Circulation. Deposits Citiicns' .... $4 064,106 3,032,201 42279,736 3,681,186 ranal 1.209.614 839,196 1,081,120 842,621 Loulsitna.... 1 806,418 1,362,532 846,209 2,791,770 Louis's Plate. 3.636 476 2.228.490 2.104,32.6 4,071.975 Mech St Trad. 973 181 369.986 369,655 786,883 Bank of N. 0. 1,194.836 606.316 .566,405 824,068 Southern .... 246,688 170.270 225,720 240 967 t'nion 933.060 562.493 471,586 1,131.591 I Merchants'... 550.384 238,837 459,385 419.214 ! <re*ccnt City 917.532 114,744 272,686 261.781 ! America 1,206,060 470,747 246,?26 1,205,184 I Total $10,627,126 9 885,812 10,921,649 16,264,129 | The followinir table exhibits the respective i amounts of exchange held by the various banks, and also the eutns due to distant banks, the latter being comprised in the table of deposits, as shown above:? Exchange. Due Bank*. , Citizens' $1,624,860 642,168 <Una) 076,069 136.745 Louisiana 278,031 161 360 lxmisiana Slab' 494,073 78,909 Mechanics' and Traders' 240,119 41,624 Bank of New Crleaus 260,667 121,678 Southern 039.047 ? ' Vn am 302,283 342,301 Merchants' 44,080 66,907 Crescent City 68.189 66,240 America 26,398 4,801 Total 84,648.390 1.001.840 As compared with the statement of the previous week the results are as follows:? Decrease in specie 8343,704 Decrease in deposits 792,636 Decrease in circulation 215,786 Decrease in short loans 194.848 Decrease in exchange 619.283 Decrease in distant balances 137,641 Increase .n long loans 74,364 The following is the Pittsburg bank statement for the week preceding July 2:? Circulation. Specie. Loan*. Deposit*, Bank Pittsburg ... 8226,281 428,087 1.028,387 671,908 Exchange 856.415 187.683 1.601,749 286.494 Merch. A Manure.. 270.727 79,741 1,085,937 262,399 Citirens' 260,000 69.860 770,152 92,066 Mechanics' 280,700 07,000 767,987 91.768 Iron City 261,060 104,963 784.031 287,154 Allegheny 266,850 94,230 791,728 173.230 Total.. 2,061,793 1,031,997 7.324,841 1,749.014 last week 2.048 358 1,1502148 7,291.888 1,779.762 Increase 13,496 ? 32,963 ? Decrease ? 118,261 _ 30,738 The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and barley left at tidewater during the fourth week in June, in the years 1869 and I860, Is as follows:? flour, bUt. Wheat, hu h. Com. butk. Barley. bu*h. I860..23 424 112,668 137,762 6,396 I860. 26,616 401,429 305.334 Inc.. 3,191 288,771 227,672 Dec.. M95 The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tidewater from the commencement of navigation to the 30th of June, inclusive, during the years 1869 and loco, is as follows:? J lour, H I*. Wheat, hiah. Corn, bunk. Barley. bu*h. 1869 161,301 440,932 7492282 126.309 IfOO.. 209,236 2,164 697 42284,007 73.912 Inc..ll7.93S 1,717,668 3.634,7*6 Dee.. " 1,397 Rv reducing the wheat to flour, the nuantitv of the latter left at tidewater thia year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows an increase equal to 4C1,468 bbln. of flour. Stock Sickaagc. THrasniT, July 6, I860. $6000 C ? 6 a 74 con. 101 % 60 aba Panama RR .. 12.W 1000 r86a'?6 100V 100 do *60 126 3000 Tcnn 6'a '90... 88* 60 niOenRRacrtv blO 63 3000 Virginia 6'*... 02 34 Del, I.&W RR... 94 1000 N Carolina 0'a. 94 450 Gal & Chicago KR 63V 6000 Missouri 4'a... 81 100 do *00 43 1000 California 7'a.. 69 100 do I>00 63',' 10C0 ERR2dmtbs e* 97 100 do bOO 63',' 23000 E RR 4th mt be 70 100 do ?60 63 ; 3000 H R RR in mt 107 60 do 63 1600 111 On RR bda. 91V 260 do 63)4 1600 do 91 % 60 do b40 64 600 PI AW RR It mt 100 160 do blO 63',' 2000 Gal k C let tut. 98 160 Oca a Tol RR .. 31 1000 Harl RR lat m. 99)4 116 Jhic ft Rk Ial RR. 70',' 10 i h* Hanover Rank 98 100 do 70*4 10 Marine Hao? 86 60 do blO 71 flO Ocean Bank 99 100 do 71 60 Cumberland prrf. 12\ 100 do a46 70 V 162 NY Cen RR 82 300 do 70 \ 10 do 81* 300 do bl6 71 100 do 82 100 do *60 70V 260MichOHlRR.. b30 48)4 100 do b20 71 100 do 4814 100 ChiC.Bky RR l>60 75V 60 M ch 8 * S la RR 13), 160 do 75 V 100M8*h'U'afcb60 30 V 6? do b60 76 60 do l>30 30)4 1?0 do 74 60 do btiO 30 V 100 do *10 74 30 do 30 V 60 do t>40 76 V 276 Panama RR 126 sionvD no crd. 910000 Virgin* At. 9-2 200 ?ha III C KR scrip. AS',' 2000TennAt, WO . 49V 100 Oev A Toledo RR 31 1100O do 48 V 100 do MO 31V 14000 Fr.eRK4lb m b. TO 40 i la>na A Chic KK. AT; 1000 Mich 92d m be. 44 V 100 do 03'j 00?ti? I'acflc MSSCo 49* :-0 <lo MO 04 4 do 90 300 d?. A4 : ICO N 7 Out RR bAQ 82<? 200 do MX) t>4>; 60 Krie RR 19 lOOCkic A R lit RR.. 71 1 2b M.cb Central KK.. 48 V 60 do blO 71 | 60 do 484 100 do .... bdO 71V 60MPANIajrs 3d. *>V 900 Chic, Bur A Q RR. 7? 1 40 do bJO 30 V 100 do MO 7# ' MO do M 30V 100 do ?A0 76V JOOmCRKacnp *90 A3 / CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. TMOumar, July ft?A P. M. Thw ?-Sales of 20 bbls. pou at 6c and 34 do. pearls at 6Vc per lb. BwarmTrrss?Flour?The market was heavy and trans acttoiiS ox-derate prices were easier, especially for nun men Stale and Western brands. The sales frotod up about 11 000 bbis., i-'-exj wllbio the following quota i ik?s ? ft.t?rfine State 96 26 a 6 30 I F.xtra State 6 40 a 6 44 I Supertne Western 6 26 a 6 30 C? n.mon to chores Western extra 6 36 a 7 60 I ?t. Uma extra A 36 a 7 60 ' Mixed If- straight Swlkin 6 70 a A 10 1 -dra ft t to food extra do A 20 a 7 60 ! Choice extra family sod bakers' brands... 7 40 a I 50 1 Rye tour 3 40 a 4 16 Corn meal, Jersry and Brandy wine 3 46 a S 76 1 ?tbr ad in r h- ur ? is dull sod heavy and lower, with ask* I <J| *50 l'M? at 95 35 a 95 55 for "pring wheal extra, and it U M ? 17 U [m winter do ^mlUarn Hour wa* alao ' dull 4t)d Nfift for common and mixed grade*, whik good tocMoler evlraa wer?- firm The rak# . mbreced about 1 000 mill? Hun the rang* of the above quotation*. | ^ye four and r? rr tneal won ataady at our quotation*. Wheat <q?i (1 ar tli atradinea*. hut tkaed with beavtoaa* owing to the ,af uenee of the IVrrta'a w?t. Th? aalea ! embrace.! about ,"U 000 buahel*. at 91 50 for wtitt? Vmtrm and >1 43 lor rod do 91 30 a 91 31 for Milwaukee club, fl 2? ft r No. 1 (Ti.cngo aprlng. am bar nnlorol Iowa at 91 34. end M'.higan do at p t. Corn wan firmer. with Halo* of 15.000 a 20.000 buahel*. at 04c. for W ratcru mixed and at 06c. for W'.-rWrn yellow. Rye and barks were qmet and price* nominal" (lata wcra t. with a Ta r amount of said at unchanged price* Co T% ?Tli- market wa? quiet with *m?l aalea, InCiudug 120 bag* Rlc at 1314c. a 14>k . 500 do St On mn.go * 12\> a 13*c., with 300 Rio at 13*0., and 200 4c Mara. a. ho. One* ?The market wa* unaffected by the IVraia'n r.ew*. The aalea embraced TOO bale*, cloving oa the baa .a of about 10?,c lWrve.*T? ? Rate* were firmer a* room waa acarce | To 1 teerpool? *b< nt .10.000 bnabela wheat were engaged, er oding n ine 6 000 >* Tueaday afternoon, in bulk, at . and the remainder today, in bulk, at S',d. 2400 11 a dour at 2a , 1 000 beseu there* at 50a , 30 ton* oil at p. t . 100 hhdr Ullow at 22a U 200 package" of butter, by atoamer. at 50a , and 500 bbki. roam at 2i M per .110 lb* To londnn?1 000 bhl*. flour at > fld There war nothing new reported for Olaagrw tint ?Dry od <ii ?elUng to a flair estent at 94 12* fbrtlerrge* Mackerel were ttrody but qutet, and aalea m ted Mm win quiet and aalea limited at OOr a Wk H? "w ? satea cf 40 a 60 bale* crop cf 50 ware reported at Tr * l.V . with email aalea of oil of 'M at 9c. lai * ? .dcoteh p:g continued Arm. with email aalea at l.t 26 nix month*, now bold higher The art nataa, to arrive, were made at 923 79, *!v n-1 nth* ft her Had* war* unchanged l.twn?The market wa^qmet The I act aalea of t embraced 000 a 000 bbla Caah 00c. Mot.xaan?The market ruled dull, and aalea were qutet tgM and rb f y routined to email Icta to Ibe trade. Naval ?w>tuta.?The *a!*? embraced 100 bbla tptrita of turpentine, n merchantable order, at 40c. and In ah pt mg order at 42c. ffckaofAOO bbla common main were made at 91 55c , and 200 fee at 95 a 95 25 Crude quiet at 93 87*. <-ie ? I ,n**ed waa * toady and o fk r demand, with it ted trara.wt.ona of fit, in naek* and harrela, at 60r a 00c arh loiter need oil waa * t aold at 62c . and olira (j t nil In pint packages, at J4 26 * $4 50, wd in quart do. t?0 T ^ ?3 37 Si lour months. Tbe toiowiug review of the market lor the week emti'ng th? 2J mat.., is from the illutlrmtn't SKi/wing Litl:? Pperro ?Another week of quiMoaas iu the rruirlcet. A. tale of 110 lib la. dark, at a price not transpired, is th? only transaction for the week. Whale in :n ; toady demand. and improving The transactions eineo onr labs' ili> .ode sales of 4,140 bbls., in paiceis. at 42c. a 44c. pop pallou. according to the quality. We quoto 770 bb*l Northern at 42 ,2 090 do. do. at 43c., 1,030 do. do. at 43'?e. 100 do. do. at 43 '^C., and 100 do. do. at 44c. pe^ gallon. Al-o 50 bbl-' black li.-b at a price not trunspired* A very tutall lot ifl bbU.) ll-'h sold for 44c. pe^ gallon. Provisions.?1'ork?The market continued Brm an<Z more active, the receipts being light. The aalee embraced about 1 100 bbls., including new mctta at $18 87,t? a $19; new prime at $13 50 a $13 87'j. Beef was ? fair request, with sales of about 260 bbls . meloding ' country mess, and repacked moss at $8 75 a $J0 50, antj extru do. do at $11 a $12 50. Beef hams were nominal,, nnd prime mess quiet. Bacon was in fair export demtnd, with sales at p. t. Cut meats were firmly held, whila ^ sales wore light. Irtrd was firm, with bales of 200 a 300 " bbls. at $12*,c. a 12*ac., the latter figure Ibr choice. Butter was heavy, while prices were without rhnnge of moment. Cheese was steady and the demand fa/r,eh?efiy for export Rice was quiet, and auiall sales mux tog a& 4*?c. a4?^c. t StxtxRs.?The market w;ls steady, while the srJ?s rmbrsced 450 a 500 hhds. Cuba inuscvado, tart retromg good, ut 6?,c. a 6J,c., and |>art grocers' gradtrs at 7c. a 7J?c. Wbdhut?Tltc sales embraced 400 bbls. at 21'.ie. pcf gallon. S H I PPING NEWS, Better! L NOTIC*. jAUjxKkavmmd Utfri imtmdmi tar tin Haw fen Build f 1IUI10 foe mxw tore?this DAT. tan rises 4 84 j moos bubs eve $ 3$ Itrs be 7 $4 | aiQH water merw 10 31 Fort of New York, July 5, I860, WamttsoAT, July i. 4 ARRIVED. Fteamahip Crtbawba. Smith. New Orleans, June 77, and Hs? van* 30tb, with mdse and passengers, to Livir.gstcn, i'rwhen >o a rv? Steamship Roanoke, Couch, Richmond, fte, with mdse and pas-engers, to I.tidlsm A Helnekea. Ship Plymouth Rock, Humuumd, London and Isle of Wight,' 3d days, with mdae and 114 passengers, lo Grinned, Mmtiiro ( m ft Co. / " Ship Alfred Storer (of Waldoboro), Comery, nature, May 20, with mdse and 214 passengers, to Wm WlallooA A Co. One birth; no deatha. June 15. iat 44 IS. Ion 35 40, spoke hark Mi Shields, for Cherebttoto; 20th, lut 42(5, Ion 4d 54s passed the John Coggcthall, of New Bedford (whaler), bound K; 28Ut, km . ti7, took a pilot from boat Nettle. No 30. The prevailing windQ during the passage were from NW to W8W Ship ramie, Hull. New Orleans, 13 day*, with cotton, jobaceO ftc, and 20 passengers, to Wm Nelaon ft Kotia. Hark Horace Bonis, Perry, Saguu, June 27, with sowar, toQ P Dtxson. ^ ^ , ? v to St urges, (leurtnan A Co. * Bark Alamo. Patterson, Galveston. 13 days, wish. coOon, to Wttkcman, Dimon A Co Brig George Albert, West, Remedies. Jane Mi whh sugar, to W ,J Trujillo. Brig .1 8 Jeflersy (of Bangor). Seeley. Pagna, June 22, wMl? sugar, to master June 30. Iat 37 31). Ion 73 30. signahaed a barS bound 8. showing a blue signal with a while star. Schr Minnehaha (of Chesapeake City), Young, Cardenatt) June 27. with sugar, lo master. Schr Ransom i Bri. Beathel, Green Turtle Key, 9>dnya, witlft pineapples, to J Eneas. Schr Alliance vof Kgg Harbor), Pennington, Galveston, 7J dars, with cotton, to Oakley A Keating. / Schr Smithsonian. Davis, Charleston, S days, With ccUoc, to Met Yeady. Mutt ft Co. t Schr Napoleon, Simons. Newborn, 3 days. 3d iasl, efl Cap? Ilenlopen. passed a bark bound N with lnaa of miaenmnst. Schr Medors. Ireland, Newborn, 3 days. Schr Alice, Davis, Baltimore, 4 days. ( SAILED. Steamship Asia (Br), Liverpool; ship John Bright, do. Tuursdst, J-ily 01 i CLEARED. Steamship Mnnticelto, Post, Kavannsh?11 B Cromwell ft Ccs Steamship James Adger, Adams, Charleston?RpoOord, Tueeton ft Co. Steamship Roanoke, Couch, Norfolk Ac?I.ndlam ft ?lonken / Ship Arctic, Reregs. Liverpool?Zerega A Co, Ship Thos Watson, Allen, North and South Atlantic Ocean? M J Wiiiaim. a Bark (ittllic, Dammerman, Bremen. I Bark Sierra Nevada. Poster, Lisbon?H D Brook moo A Co. Brig Reuahsw. Pierce. Marseilles?B P Buck A On, Brig II llallock, King, Rio Grande. ling A Watson. Hooper, I'nion Island?Thompson ft Hootesw Brig (1 Harris, French, Kltiabethport?Master. Brig A KowelJ, Boyd/Portland?Miller ft Houghton. Schr II K Bell. Mun hin, Ran Juan?Simpson ft Maybew Schr Constitution, Healey Oornwallla?D It Dewolf. Schr U Darley, Rogers, Marebe-id City?D C Murray. Sloop Pbornlx, Shepherd, New Haven?Master. ARRIVED ' Steamship Persia (Br) Judkins. Liverpool, Jane 23, anrf Queenstown 24th. 5 27 PM. with mdse and paaaengera, to fe Conard. Arrived ofl the Battery 12 30 AM. June 23, psssnrt a* hip Kingston, bound in; same day, 130 PM, saw steamship Arabia, going in; 7llh, in Queennlown. saw Br ahip Bean* mende 2*>th. Lit 51 09. Ion 18 29, passed steamship City of Baltimore, heuce for 1J\erpool. Steamship Rdinburg (Br). Kennedy, Liverpool, June XL and Quccuatcwu 21st. I PM, with mdae and passengers, in Joan (J Dale. Arrived off the Batlerv 3 3d AM. J uoe St, lal N M, Mas , SO 10, passed Br brig James Stewart, bound K. Steamship York town. I'arrtak. Richmond, Norfolk At, witlo , mdse and pawu 'igers. to l.sdlam ft Helneken. snip aphwiji mm nam' swtann, ueerpooi, ujat wni mamu and 12 pmnifpre, to J O Mar A (V Hhlp Alhnni, Harnaby. I.sndon, M?y IB. the Downs IBth, ud l.tnid Point 23d, with rnrtP tn J una* Huthor k On. VhI?- , calmed oil Hrllly Inlands 3 days Has bad light westerly wlndO I and calms all the paaaage .Inn* V. took a pilot front pIloO boat No 3D; 30th, Thomas W tllark. of Delaware. fall from the* , topsail yard mid was lost, J una 4,1st 47 13, loo S 49, spoke ship lepmito. from New Orlaana lor IJverpool. hhlp I nkm, Hubbard, Havre. May 22, with mdaO and 4444! passengers, to flrlnnall, Mlntarn k Oo. Han etportancad westerly winds the entire passage. May SkCharle? Antony, a araman. died In a 111. 39th. Onoo Hart, of ntladel* plus died of Injuries received by falling from aloft. Ship Cornel a inf Portland). Hlanrnanl. Harra, May M, wltM mder and lilt) passengers. to lloyd A lllucken. Has bad light W winds the entire passage. 4 deaths. Ship belli Sprsgue, tltllestila, llr.rien. May 38. with mdatl ' | and 4 passengers, to J Atkins. Had Una weather the enum r bhlp Dr Harth (Ham\ Mayer, Hamburg, 13 days, with mdstt and K3 passengers to I, K Am*ti.ek A IV bhip Golden Ragle (of Kennebunk i. Stone, 81 Petersburg TiO | Copenhagen, June 1, with mdee, to master. ' ship 1 homes Watson. lavpiiala. New IxiadnD. Hark llerno-s (Norwl, Molbach, t.otbanbere, May M, wttlt I iron, to Piinrh A Meinoke. June 10, tat 47 42, Ion 49 07, spot* , J Norw hns F.ntngheivten. from Ireland for Mtnume.hi; 1st Inst* lat 40 23. Ion 70 21. aig (tallied steamship City of Wssksngton, hen a for IJverpool; same day. lal 40 14, Ion 7949, U H nesm frigate Niagara, henra fur Japan; 29th, off Georges, lank pUok from boat U W Hltint, No II. Hark Fortune, Cotter. Marseilles, May 17. passed ftfeeaJUd* 28th. with mder, to Draper A l>e\Ito Had Light W winds -So entire psjaage. June 23, lat 40 29. km 88 20, signalised an AM bark bound K. show ing a blue and white signal with a star tn Hi Xkli, Georges bbual bearing W 73 miles, look pilot from boat H , W Hlnat, toll Bark Geo8 Hunt lot Portland), Woodbury, Bagua, 17 days, with sugar, to Urtmwll, Miniuru k Co. Hark Iapwlnr of MysucV Oreentnan, Matagorda ifcy, 10 days, with cotton, hides Ac. to J II Hmwar A Oo. Just 2t, off the Iteltre. spoke brig PlMng Katie, hence for Galveston, 49 days out; supplied her with water 4 (trig Worthingtim. Treethy, Gambia, WCA, Mag 31s w itb nuts, hides Ae, to Thornpsou A Hunter Hrtg Angostura. Msblmsn. H<i"nns Ayres. 1ft? H. wtik hides. Ac. to HarherA A ?'o. May 31. lat 24 20, Ion 42 01 at. I bsmted s ?'ualsjarh hrlg 8,tmn k Jane, steering SW, June 8. > i?i in -W r.. inn Si r TV rh ahlp palntrd whtto, Willi Irtlrr* T 11 In brr fnrrtnpaail. % rln<r SSw. 9th. lal 8 30 B. Ina , 33 48 \V. rtrho:,f rd tignkU wiUt a ?hlp palntod black wdh fallow ?tr?wt. and < topaall* on for* and mats, akowtar wblir lmr*rr mtth red bordor. hi or lr tiara, iba drat of whfcJ* wan P inn donht thr Parana lirrco for Hnnoo* AyraaV, !7lL? lnt 6 *, Ion 4* IB, ?pohr bark Parthian. Millar, frowi Rio Janolro for ft Thorn** Hrlf Aniokmr Hr>. Onnn. QuafanlUa, PR, Juno lit w4lk near. In P I Xrrina i Hon. line " M Nrwhal! 'Br'. Papaon, Oooairoa, J una 22, wMA log- * wood, to Brckrr A Urarrrr. tin* Rrpnrtor (of Boaloo), "Inn, Raoaadiun, Jan* 17, wtthk near An. to II p Hmnkman A Co. Hri* J It Rorina tof Ra?iimrt>, Tlllrr. Nmrttaa J-taa IV, Ar. I T MM Dnrn A Snoa. J una) A paaaod a hrl* aahnrr at Olnrrr Krp, and aaw mnraaa tonta n**r<1 aaborr. tho wraihcr brtaf had and arptallp oould not r.alown to h?r. I Hri* Bomrn <of .TarkaonrUlrV <>ai*. Trinidad, Tuna 3, with moiaaara, to Pork A <"bnrrh. No dalo, lat A ton 64, atmhw whatln* arhr Palmrra, nf MattapnlaHt, m a rnitor, wuA40bt,to oil THr H haa had rain wrathrr tkr rnUrr paaaar* Brip Tanernt .1 li.nthhaj-i, Wilop, Olhara, 11 dapa, with rn- * . ar Ar, In Vrtmlf A MMB- I Hrlf Itaara inf < irrinct.m . Mik-hrll. Gihara, 1 nor 24, with ?n- 4 far Ar, In R P Bn't A Co. Rn* I. Brrrr Frith, ft -Tafn. .Inno A ?Hk *<urar At, to Smith. Jonra A Co. Ballad In rumpanp oath brig Roplua, for ?, r Bn* Prlnrraa Rot*i <Br>. Nrwbold, Brrnnda, 8 dap*. Ill hnllaol. 1<> ftnilh, ,l<io? A Co. Hi If la-linn. Haakrll. < alal*. 7 dapa, with tnaahnr, to T * Mark* * A Co I(i I* Hri?c?. N>w Bodfnrd, S daya, t? hall**, to "* Ro?w*?o rwc.or Jinx ramp boll, liar*. K*w Loadon. t darn Bohr VnM rtatl. Ward. Htnuw. II dny% with ?**r An. to' . m?.<or .liuio ZV l?t IS AS !<*? to 20, np.?ko Fr brig JiwopbiBO, * from l-**tmn for hrtnmi 8. hr (ioorrtenn (Hr). W?t *t, St Andrew*, HB, N day*, Wttt, lath. to IMdOT. Br hr Fanny t Kr M? . - ?( Androw*. KB, 9 4*7*. with i uut. to n r rv?i ir hrhr tVwnrt tiiri, I-nmb, Rtrrtt, KB, II day*, with Mom, to J nRl>.w..:i 1 Irratx Itawklna. t 'amp Plnrknoy. On. 7 day*. 3d InM. I| tut *7 Aft tot ;tn. w*n?lt?od aohrK?-n Ka?lo. of NOW UMfv 1 taoorln* M. f N hr J T rurtl*. William*. fiirtl*. ftar.nnnh, 7 day* Bohr I. A Kdwnrdn, ftmKh. tlonrfotowii. DC, 5 day*. I ft ' A Imlra. . Door Inland Jt .Uja. | j Bohr t loin. Trt*tMt. Miwblna, I day*. 1 Bohr Barrtnt KowofiConmba. Marhlaa, T day*. 1 Bohr Romp, M"<ro Rod Hoarh. d daya. Srhr Km ma Mnyn. Mayo. Rancor. < dny* I B< hr Rtlnn Fnuioon, Rognrt, Hanror. T day*. I Boh' Yankoo HUdo. iirn\. Harifr, ftdoy*. I Bohr Ortaaa, Nmtth. Banff. It 'Ian 1 Bohr Nathan lltdord, Bhnto. Ho If ant for Rondotr.. Bohr Pfyt' nn Kin*. Rolfnut for Rlnr?"m. *( Br hr PraBtwa Klloa. Ilmut. Ho.raw. ( day*. Brhr Or Roger*. Htcgiha, I'ataia. 7 data S. hr .Itaaph Long, Poaraall. Calais, 10 day*, ^ kr Barf. Bfcaw. t 'aUt*. 7 day* Bohr Van Rnron. Wall, fatal*, ft day*. Bohr T Ttrkor. ThnrMnn. Calm*, ft day*. , Bohr J A F < nrlln. Hiti'-kloy, Ari>hO"n. 7 day* Bohr flUran Hall. Rnrkland. < dayi ' Bohr I Initio. Hodgkla*. Fnrlland for Caiahil. Bohr K O Rtnlon, A vary, Baon. I daya Bohr ftaraph, Allan, HaHrtoh. ft dar*. B< hr An** I too, Hli. Vtnalhavan, 4 dnyn. . Bohr Trtdonl. Snow. Vlnalharan. d daya ' Bohr 0 I, l/OToll. Rnatn*. S day* Bohr J OHorann. Hardin*. Hnaton. Sdaya Bohr Prtnooo* l*tv*IL BaMon. S daya Bohr R A Buron*. Bmlih, Hoat-m f <r Albany. Rrhr BlnOraado. Marahall. Rnatnn for Albany. B<hr AimItow Brown Ntok-rw-n. lb-ton for Albany. Boy itlchlaador Btiirroa Bnatoo for Albany. Brhr Bon jam In Btannard. Dnaao. (llottoMWr. I day*. Bohr Iaabo 1. Taylor. Frortdonoo, I day*. Bohr B I, Fond of. Toon*. Knrwalk, 2 day*. Brhr JWph Halt I PorJand. Idaya Bktop T. Bpra?uo. dibhn. Prorldooca,? day* 5*a?or ImnaAdon. v aadarrarrreiadMMt* Hta*w*r Rnainn Ovkor, PbiUdotohla. Btoaaof Mar*. Krrboln, Pblladolpaia. laamor Connord. fCmaa. PhllSdalnhd*. a Btoatoor IVIawaro, ( annon. Phljadolntoa. A ' BWntor War, Aroy. Row Rodf.wd Btoamor Daylight. Bprtaff. K*w Bodf rd. Btaamor PonrUn. WUMama. ProrMraoa Btoawor WeatrhoWor. .fan*a Frorldoroak LOW. P>p* Wf. "

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