Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1860 Page 9
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r> * S Airm ? f Steamships Hunun:> Savannah; Roanoke, Norfolk Ac. r Wind during the day NK, with rain. * Telegraph Marine He porta. [ U)NO BRANCH, July B, a-naH?Nothing in sight. Wind tj UK, strong, weather cloudy and raining. C fliOHLANDH, July 5. muH-Om brig off the Highlands, ? ?> Mind 10 Wind ENK, fresh, weather ilouly aud ruining , ' Ittnck outside i RANDY HOOK, July 4. sunset?BUps Isaac Webb. for Lie- 0 erpool, pained the Hook at 10 16. JohnBrighl, for do al 11 AM; p Weatnafaifi Alia, for Liverpool, passed out over the bar at 10JH1 6th? Untoward bound vessel* tu sight. One bark and one j fcng anchored inside Handy llouk, bound out. Wind h.NK, ^ trash; weather cloudy and stormy. h Hlseellwmeowa. Bias Johk Hasrt?Havana. June 29?On the 23d Inst the Km bark John Henry, French, loaded with coal lor Europe, Jt -struck ou Uie reef near the port of Netivha*. The Hp war * learner Hag arte passing at the time, went to her aaaiaiance, 1 end made several attempts to haul her off, but without aureus*. I i Che went to Meuvttaa. and sent the government steamer Isabel 15 * rant-tare with resources. to her nsetsuiice, leaving Cap! French to lighten the bark by throatng overboard the coal. film moHt probably got otr on the 26th ?(By letter to KUwood 0 , alter, Kai, Secretary Board of Underwriters.) ^ ' Menu Wa'aa Hatta, of (lloureater, from Boston for Barbados*, reported put into Liverpool, N?, In dist'ea*. reports when B tnree days out m a lieavv gale on tbe southern edge of the Cult tkceasa* lost deck load and both masts, and had to tlirow ?' overboard about ten tuna of cargo After having rigged jury B , anssta they attempted to make this coast, and after utueteen i u day* succeeded tn reaching Lit erpool. A survey having lieea d beat, It baa been concluded U> relit tier. Tbe material* and nggbig will be forwarded fratu Ulouoes'er. The remaiu'nt ft -part of the cargo seems to be tu a good, dry condition and tb > R Teasel not leaky >' Hctir Wa? K.vr.La, at Portland from Rt Martin's, reports, 28th . Oil, 1st .14 30. Ion 66 4ft, fell in with the wreck of schr " ff A HemlR," off ftreat Rgg H*rbo?, both mast* good and full of . Tvstar, the hold full of lumber, and had been stripped of every- () ' thing that could he taken from ber; appeared to lutve been p Jn tut situation a Inn* lime, beitur covered wtlh barnacles, and I flab I?saaag around her. ' | v Reus AsaoGajrra, recently lost off the Yucatan coast, ni II k Cleared at New Orleans on the 1st of June bv K Camerden fo N J Campew+y and Riaal. She had on board 400 bbls Hour HO boxei s< flhiret, CI botes cardies, 100 reams paper, aud about 100 pack Was ?f miscellaneous articles. Only a portion of the cargo 1 ires as red. XarfasasraitT, June 30?Rchr Luninda. loaded with lumber, J* bound te Boston. while beating down the river, mi** stayed an 1 u Went ashore near Capt .Mitchell's wharf, site having hauled off, ? but was righted on tic ude, lull of water with some damage. * Cbohttut, June 13? Ths Am ship John Kavenel, Jones, tarr here today lrom Charleston, reports having struck upon n sunken w reck June 11, hearing KhK about three tulles from j jDagerort. but makes uo water. I, Litecpool, June 13?Ship Connecticut, of New York, hence 8 for Wooesng with a cargo of coal, put Into Plymouth about a meek ago leaky, and may have to discharge a portion of her I -Cargo. Iaia acTOPT June 10?The Am ship Sarah March proreeded s In tow ot the ateamtug Dcttance, for laiudon, this morning. . tiavtng undergone repairs In dock, discharged cargo, (coals; , Cakeu ui ballast, Ac. Kchr Ino, of New York, 7 years old, has been purchased by zi parties in Providence on private terms. She will be continued C In the freighting business, muler the command of Capt Samuel gi Zmerson. K A Cairn?fiieamship Edlnburg, July 4, 1380?The tinder- 11 Wined, M behalf of the passengers of the si-unship Kdmhurg, from Liverjaiol to New York on the 2Utb ull, lake pleasure m ' , npviug ibeir assurances of gratitude aud Ilia tikiillness to Capt |: Kennedy fur his courtesy aud lunducsa in uuuisteriug to their ' Comiort and enjoyment during a rough passage. Ills alia y thirty in the cabin and his fidelity on deck are w orthy of special 1,1 Commendation In the prevalence of bead winds, rough seas, 11 , rain and fogs, that beset the almost entire passage, we felt sure of his great care aud watchfulness, aud that, so far ss it '' lay in his power. Hie good ship would come safely to port. Jn ' parting from Capt Kennedy and hla officers we beg to assure Chem of a long and pleasant remerohrauce. Capt K Lewru, v Antooio D Martinez, John Stewart, Iieo Scott Orlnucson, Win Kelly, Paul Upton, D W Rice, J A Imckerby, J 0 Byerll, J P Ziundy, H D Northrop, ('apt Oliver Thorpe. ' Laowobkd. ? A superior ship Oi 800 tons burthen, called the |, ftsrah (Ttaae, in honor of tile eldest daughter of Mayor < br- s ner, was to be launehed from the yard of Mr Rbeu Maneon, at Newtmryport. 3.1 mat. r>he is designed for the geoerul p freighting business. Whalemen. b He# port arrivals. ' Arr at Honolulu Mav II, ship Emily Morgan, N Bedford. A leUec from Capl lis via, of bark ma Hanger, of Nautucket, ? | reports at aea March 8, no lat Ac, ship Me raid 2d. Beebe, MB, ' 1 \ with 300 bbls sp oil on board, and a whale alonai ie, all well. <1 A letter from on board echr Retrieve Kldrldge, of rtippican, I . reports her touched at Bermuda May 3l, with ? bbls sp oil. ? Hpoken?Hark Penny, of NH, from Rt Catherine tor Azores, ' with 3 whales and 2S0 bbls oil ou board, April 26. lat 20 3J 8, , Ion 28 29 W. _ I] Bark Pamelia, with 200 hbls sp and 00 do wh Oil on board, -* ( 'March B, lat 26 12 8, loo 49 11 K. <jj Spoken, Ac. Rhip Derby, Hutchinson, hence for Ban Francisco. June 9, off J the Western Islands. > Rhip Horpriae Ranlett, hence May U for Hong Kong, May > . akjalll W N, Ion 3v 44. Rhip Britannia, Patten, from IJverpool March 30 for Austra- f< Xte, Mar 6 lat 6,4. Ion 2S W. Rhip B 8 Kimball. Ilnemer, from New Orleans for IJverpool, r< J aim 19, lat il, lou 19. Rhip r H Cutting, MaJooey, hence for Liverpool, June 2, lat e 49 07, km 68 36. fi Rhip Roiiert L Lane Bryer, hence for Liverpool, June 19. lat 01. Inn it. (flip Tnscarera. Dunlevv, from Philadelphia for IJverpool. ... June 14, l it 46. Ion ST ? Hark raloou. from Boston for Algoa Bay. July I, lat 41 05, Ion <8 36. Brig Harriet H WcOilverv, from Philadelphia for Jamaica, ? June 29, 1st .30 40. Ion 71 30! " Rrbr Hen, Lyncb. of N York, steering S3W, July 2, lat 36 IS, lin 9149. VerelfB Pert*. June 19? Arr Camilla, NY'ork; 21st. Ksgle, Soarpsu, do. 8id 19lh. Dray, Plumer, Newport, '20th, Ura- _ liama PoMey, Norton, NYork c ? Axtsb, May 4?Cld WUUsm Wltherle, Atwood, Falmouth. K. . Bristol. June 30? Rid Mary Baker, Perry tauothcr report '* > . days Mary Perry, Yeruosi, Savannah " HotUNuas, June 16?Arr Kssez, Ray, NYork; 18th. Juhn v 1*1 yaoo. Fuller. do; 19lh, Norge. (inndersen, do, *Kh, I) Jez, ? Ousie. do. John i'srver, Kdge. NOrleana. ' Hsraas. June 18? Arr David Uoadley, Magna. !f Orleans; 11 a 19th. Motevka. (iroua, NYork. ., BaaaasHsvss, June 17?811 Tune. Whitman. Uui* Dsew. ! Oray. and Rhine, llarw.sid, NYurk tlsol two via SunJerlsiidi. * Kuwan, 8 wan. Nrwoastir. Sarah Park, Pendleton, Bhields, JO " Brker, Ross. Kngland; I9ih, Bremerbnen. IIilk -n, Baltimore, Miens, Kuhlmann, NYork. lUarcLows, June 14?Arr Juliets, Charleston, Alalayado. '' PMTIesmi. Florida, Blaora. Mobile Boaaav. May 18?Arr Vulture, mil, Calcutta \ Htmnua Avaas. May 14?In port harks Ralem. Bowers, for * Haiem Ss a few days: LauraMta. Bailey, and Msbon Willi .in J* ism. heuoe, diag; TaJismin. Baldwin, and Huntington, White, " from Baktmore. do; Lucy, Driver, from i haiiraion. unr. brigs ' VotaaSe, Botaford. for Paranaeua game .Uy; llamly Kin*. *| Brows, frtaa Montevideo diag. Plumss. Howe, for V*lpar*i?i, {' reedy. Anaaonk. Paine, for Aniwer|i. idg, echr Oosei Pilot, {; HotenkWa. lor do do?CRee Mimlevideo I ^ Oaaatrv. Jnne IP? Arr Maaooic. Robert. Antwerp Jlvt 8a tnuei lance are. Wbeclar Uverp.sil iiir Aden _j>.d llkn. Na- *' ploa, Htr-iot. Rl> Janntro, list. rianot rookor; numiaiun rionriin, Juno li?Vrr Marshall. Spragtta. Morgan*; ' ? .John Rarf-iai. J ones. Charlnalnc Hid llth. U?n I'obb. Has ? holl. Boat-at. lJth, J P Whunor, Arary. Ponarth Roads for or- J flora iand pa*?-al Klainot--1Kb . 14th. latnra Hurry, K.>iiin?.>n, *: Ijmdaa, MajoMlc. 1-cnnox. Bristol. Muiuugus, Oarior. Suwk- " /' N>:m J Cttt*. Jono IB? Arr Umro. Donors. NOrlrsns. J Pumtl. Msp I*?Arr Ht Bernard (probably St Boruar 1, l* Brown, from Mauritius. I' Cianrvaooa, June J*?Arr harks Indian Boll*. Tonuer, -V ' Tork. Dsridwilaoo. l'nai->4. Philadelphia; brig Tiborna, L-* ' curq. do. Hid Sd, bark Mary Isabel. Alloa, XYork, achr H 1 Baxard, Haow, do. Aumxu. Juno IB?Arr bark Msrtha Anrux. Molrtlla. M Tork; brui Panute. K'laa. Portion.I. arbr Anna Kliiatonh. IImi. to ' (nana. P rook fori, *hh brig* Kllza Ann, Ooyor. Purlieu 1. Ado * la. Hay. (durtoatnn. Ahby Itlan. hard HUii'-hard, NYork. *7th, herka llrv-nui, Roblns-ui. Ma- hiaa. loon-. Huwhlnsmi. NYork; n .laanoa (took. BUnchard llaltltnurr' Our Union. K"iit. do; brtga ftT Knight. Park, do; H Tuursuxi. Leaiphrr. Ptubotol ' phia. Amanda. Ihirr, NYork. Young Aminos. (Jilbort. P.irt- V land. Hi Hid SM. brigs J P K::Im*i, Windsor. Baton, Itomndah. Ca. I b. Iior. Heratuiah, srhrs Wonnnahg Young, Ho I'no Khh. hark P ir JTondloton. Numne-io. NYork. ai'hrs Harsh Borate*. Plark. and 21 A J Nh-U. Monro, do. Jtph. brigs Ha rah flacg, klathtil; K Bagio. Haakina. and IVamopoUlo, (illhoy, do. 17th. ? Clark. hi Cagiroxi. lloinxoa' a, Hsas. Juao o?Ait Young Moohanto, Imtburr, Akyab for Iorwlutt laud pna ?...lod>, ikl. M.-rruna- TburMou, Chi. IWa l"T M <Jn (and proooo.lodv 1( Kuu putts. Juno IB?Arr K W Karioy, Jtk-luls, Crone: nil for lontm Y K a i.mouth. Juno IB?Arr Plying Kagio. Hutrbinaon. Rio c Oraudo (ami aid JUlto lor . XII. .mnodacut. h. -J.|os. iJrorpteil for Wnngung, leaky Hid Bkh. Yonng Mo- nan , ? Amah-.rr. Lno 10O. Q Ukximp-s. Juno H- krr .1 P Warnor Manning. i'!>wolan<t. (trans. Jano lb? Arr Kalmnutli Hainos, XOrltmaa. (' Oorpr rat-so Jsno 15?rUd Minima, Kydlii. N York. Cid I AS. u flfsj, kLtfari Upap,] A f rL-A (II? li 11a Juno IB?In pott ship Blalto. ''haw for NYork N srtn.1tp .ind. barkp liborty, hhaw, from Monuma. for do do, (Vloatia. H-p'-a, frt-n tidl* rta Malaga, for do W a do. Hannibal, Klino, for Kio Janeiro, do; tlluupua Wright, I'lummor dlag. brlga M W Moil, Ibalge lor It to wind bound, H t'aur OPottrud, hoti.o arr llth. .Hag Hark <H-arflln, Crookgtt, fr?m IPOrtoaua. rraa * ruuung In tan bay wig-triors llarka J C'maador. Monro, and ' 'atl.ata. < r iwoll, fr-tn, wor* h V In tl.o oaatw.rd of I ho Hock Wind I root tho l-kh lo thn Ihli In eluWio. a tag, ant hl-piug trrah >o the litb. 8 tat a.. ta.k -i.jr_?.^? A>.._ai..t.^ Si lr!..p ? ?i, V, r><- j{ i. .??iTr> Juo? B?la port arhr Artrma, CkaM. for X York to Br*' da/ _ U lint. Jmr 1#?*1.1 Petml, Aklnnrc. WToc*. s HtTKk. J.IIW II trr N Hr^d-ui. Work Ola ! *, Tldi'ic*. Nrtra. Mi ir>?n? SM I Ml Ikwrrt Mnwdnnra flawait> mi l UinuM M?U? I'Kk. Adnlalla Ball, K?b?rtom, Wt r K Iran-. Jtkh. II .ihlai.d U?hi, Tripp. XVnrk auid ?? o# UM of f*lsb( Ilah Rnhnrt Ont.r trnW do Mri ro?r Jiuio IP?Arr Mar/ KnuUiici Thompann. XYork ?* ItiKNt'Ko. Juan Id?Arr iiatana n< . Nnnr, JIYork (aad v l " 31r on hrr runni. llkh II to. 11*. T'i'Anria ? V laubr. do. Hid ITUi. Kllar. R'lbrte, Haia n aud Kr(lua. Boukrr, XTork (?nd imth ?M from ('iiuMran Itahi. Ho*otri.r. Way Id?Arr brlf Morning "Par. Into . IW. * ?rbr F .r ?>?. Jarrta I alanl and Hmitji I* %?-i Jnno H?Arr bark Hamiib I li'irn >n. Tarr. I' m* ?J land. J.VA. bark* Alumina. Ilan.ic Xjfdrkt Mar/ .1 Kniib*,.. " H l*U.n Krrra*|p: Iak-t K|lra?a--h H'tpnrr do. Hannah to Our, Oraflam. Olaar'* Mnn FomaH Tanrrltt brig la.U, T< Iartobr, Hlnrra norma. *kn "hipa Jaoa I'arkar, HV-tadk Jjraf-ruml .lunula B amnion Harm, (and aM PAb for Ma an PI . Baa . harta Old Ittakiry. Aniarcra, All%? a. i( ~ Itlbbar and Han Tb-imaa. Koaa, Poniaad. hriga loan. Tfrj, , YB" UM-aaaa t. Ujangn, king. I", * hia ,n>n g* ... M Jhirna do. (an I aid iskli lor ('atmltoi (Im llama l>a/<?. *11 Mi tldngt ? T7lh. Imrka Old Ikunmion. .l -anaui. an l (llattirood, Ai J"atmjr. N York samdn*. Unrarr. dot I'ariuoia. H'Uikma. Kalli Ui ttnrr, >r(?a Koam-r. Wyman. Wlaraaam, Sarah m*r. Whala/, I k*iknin?ioo, A A ('hai Unm,' NOrirana; IBh. haraa (? k'onwajr. Woodward. N York. Kata UnooNi, Mrl?-an, <d F irfotk. M|P Koah, riujrd, X<-arnari;?. Bralya, F?i|rra?, fa Wlr taai ( Manranlllo. Harnatt, and l-onaa P Hn.iw dmtUi, n| I'ortlaad Klmlra. MaDaanwU. do. tooilaa.1, Oilina. Hi i,? In , KUaa. CharlMtua. JJtb. bark \ni?n an. ''b*au*n. Phi Kt lairlphl i ? hr W I. H irrmutba. Be-kf .r.|, Btobin. Pi Bid J?ht I l'kh, ?aana,iip l?,-oa| W.I?ot, Wt,<nn. A?r n Bi Aral] br1( Ida Kaynaa. I'MWatalpbU. Platk. i-"40, l/aanaatrr an FnrUand 17ih, bark Mollf M?Nr.i.l. Hooar. Hoaam i*ib. akip m. *ito. PraMiln,Malanaaa air I Paim ita. hark C W 1'imdBn/. Hnraaur n?r mn ih Ad,I .V V ak. ..'lab. bnirr .i t.Ur lUihurai M liuraUtrr. do. Trlml llftllrjr, Rirftroft ^ _ Old M, |>art (M l Mio*, DM. DVMiiai: arhr toothm Ti Hollo, Smith flYork. ?" ll?ur>?, Inno J7?Arr Nirk .1 Homo, Srdft*| for < 'ok? fill kr?nl of mrn?at nurbor t*?low>, 'Atfc, lo 14 B ?' >0, O'Hi < a Jf IfcMbni. ZKh.S iri IV -um (.>r 1...rrp.r.,. Col Rl Jf?h ?rhr <loM Hn or X'h** II H? J?i^ B? LooH?* 11?In ivirt kn4 l*<i?i?n*r wtf. , Tnot?. Jnno B In port ?-hr X I) ?no. frtono, M< k?.t for pi |f York ur Urrprnnu Jnnr JO-Yrr Mooting Hur, HmcliUP, Mvit X' hi W tilrtior Tbnrnpnon, XY'irfc, SM a -I'h. ' i'ovi I Jr (or. R"*?oU, r?ll?onn. Mnr<h?ti. nrvl i;i?w m tbo Xothorln-vVc C!?prr?u. do. John Wntt, ikn>*, nnd Holm of ihk <fcoftn, Cbiv. VI JfOrlmnn. Mow Rlrh. do. Rid l*It. Knni'iol Lftwropro, Wh.-lor, Aion; C?rn?lr. Dork- ?d rruv )Ura? JW>- I *ngn*r>1. Xortun Vo 1i?4nr, KWn?r. *nd 4 ?rr?n I'oftrl. Ko*/nr. S York John X W ?>d, Hi 1. .lam o ? T< pta Xowuort, Pnnnhr. fn*or. BohU; Rttf'ta IAmM, Rk-Ii. Ami .11 Jt'inb TflnW HvoinkH, I'mrtiori"-"; TiwMimnAft, b? JnNna Phtlftdolptai*. Jl* Vopftoo, Hopor*. N?? I01A111. V> K1 Ion. ifownll. oh.ti* .wr vti Oftrdlff; lion r*rkh il. i'fko. A k'Wtrw 10, kinUn'ft. WhiMBor*, I'lulal'lpkl*, FotMa, Viol A< no Nfirloftiui, Hull. Ar-ola, t'rftlva; l|?o, 1 Uxfr rnuikiin. .r <r l?n. ?nd <r"?r> ! ?*-, X York V, Md 19*fi rmoklln tvrro. Hronkft. X'trios on J>kh M , in 1' II I Pur ?"<> Rhur FNtrd. II"irhoni. XTorfe; lUt. rrlmos. 1 in 1/ftrd. StmfOftns; Atftlnin. Whitm " J b I *! iohi%. ir. ?r MrPoftl'l. Ili'iffti *n t k'llm ' O i?1. I?rn?.?. i. I r pint*, RrntrkUnp l?r:> Hi .lor. * Hour* ftn?f Oookm , i>l-n tl Mr) Fmti4r?. Ptoroo. *ncf Jit* rooiot, lito. Afoot. XTork. I'ftft I" llo how Htsnos. Son Frsart??o; (WrfR'. Fopfor, li mp Koq* H flft OkrdM. 7 new : But for Idg 19th, National Boyd, for CHpe de Verds rut Mewtort; < sthenae, rooter, Hon* Koug via Cardiff. Mat Stale. Vowell Portland, Me, 30th, Krivtoe, Keer. Madras. Arabia, larding, Melbourne and tier long. Mane tHuUvr, Perthuis antes; Camilla Magnus. Aahicv NYork. Manner, Hughes, lustmk, Loon Star, Mr Donald, Wilmington. Jotio G Dr-thler. lale, Moutrcai, Ogdenahurg and Cleveland (entered May *) tor tgdrnsbnrg and (leveland only), Jlal, Mama Ore-Hileef M-r nan, and Haruabaa Webb, linen*. N Orleans Kctfnrd Webb, reeman, Savannah and Newport, Houston, Share. NYork,?41. 'letadea. hnowlmu. St John, Ml. Loadon, June 1#?Arr Jahei Know, Snow, ('.ilriitta Knt utwarda 1Mb. Prank tin Haven, Meant, for Melbourne. IXiih lystery, Matthews, Hong kong and Whampot tld 1Mb, Columbia, Kob-'rU, Boson (and anchored at Deal it); list, Rising Kun. MkoUteld, Port Philip land at! from iraveaend 2ld); Golden Went, MrKenue. do; Northern Crown, lerrljl. CalmUa, 23d. American Congress, Woodward. N York Lkouokn. June IS?Arr P W Bailey, Kooputan, lieu. is. 1Mb. onparell, Khun, do. I-accayra, June 14?Iu port brig T B Watenn, Mun-lay, from 'York disg. MakauuaA, June IS?Arr Kdw Hill. Arey, NYortt; Mb, otnhard. Harding, do. Mid 19th, John If Jar vis, Collier, aud llloott, Monroe. NYork. Malaua, June t?Arr A P Ltnnrli, Tarragona laud Id for N York); Alalayado. Pages, NOrle-aus. 3th. arriga, do. Maura*, uo dale?Mid JO Humphrey, Prttice, destiualljj ot given. Mkraot April 23?Kul Joul ship Alum, Graves, for San las. In port April SI, ships Marrellna. Hallett. for (Manila with eapaleh; Bealrtre, Kogera; Beverly, Chase, Grace Darling, *ar*e, Helle-ipoM. Keitnard; Princess Royal, Hartley; Ti reaa, Ryan, and Booba, Wybe. une. bark Oeo Warreu, Mewall. D. Mowtetidro, May 3S?In port barks Bounding Billow. Hard tg, lor NYork Sikh. Pynnooi. Oliver, for Baltimore neat w--ek, arab Mheafe, Chaae. for Cadiz, ready ; Oregon, Chase, hence. >r Buenos Ayrea soon; Muraier. Huuoa. from Car dig fnr banghae, ; brigs Anna Walliugtou. Jackson, Irons vres for . York, windbound; Julia. Olaoo, dlag, une. Matansaj. June 34? Arr brig K K Hssklns, Ml Marys; arbia as Koee, I.bfkln, Mobi*. BuUmah, Aahby, NOrleana; 3Mb, rig Judith Bones, Raymond, NYork. Jnaiah Jex, Munar>n. altimore;27th, barks Canada. Mitchell, Portland, Aberdeen, ochran, Philadelphia. Hamilton, Stoieabury. do. Mid S4tb, bark La tllgaraa, Sargent. Boston, brigs Mechanic, larston, Portland; Toccoa. Otteraon, NOrlu.ins; 33th, barks [(try Merrill, Kinsman, Boston, brig Mataon, Taylor, do, 27th, *hr Dolphin, bfouott, baltiniorf. Massaniixa, June 9?Arr brig Caroline A White, White. N orfc; 10th, arhr H K Thome. Greeoamod. do. Monctok. NB, June 33? Airachr Henry Uvtngaion. Muutay. 1 York (and aid 2Mb on her return) Mid 23th, achr Arno, Car ale, Boston. Nswcastuv, June It?Cld Rival. Hammond Bangor, Me 1st, Sarah A James. Clark, Providence, 23d. Panueln Flood, .nderaon, and Yankee Blade. Burke. NYork. NswroKT. June 20?Arr Alesrado. Burton. I<oodon for Ja larv McKae, Crocker, Loudon for Wilmington, Danube, ('<* >r, liveruool for H*hJ*; John M Wood, Mack, do for Jamaica Id 2Ulh, Amitlu, Oliver, Klo Janeiro. Pokt xv PKiac*, Juned? In port achr F A Hawkins, Joinon, for Bunion 8 duy ?. I'liTof, June 23?Arr bark Rita. Putnam, Ronton, brig* liarlolte, l'n ard. and Roderick Oho. Poller, do. 30th. i'anion, nulla, do, Korean, I low, NYork. Star, leblanr, Weymouth, .iiterlcan Kagle. Uucolu, Pembroke , achr Scotia. For eat, oua >o;27tb, bark White Star, McKenzie, Providence, old 21 at. bark Rambler, Mc-Ken/ie. Providence; brig* Oro itibo,Tracy, Somerset; Victory, Kugliali, NYork; Oeorgtoa. urry; Ch.nnphiu. McKay, and Martha, lluiilon, Koaton, 32d bra Pearl, Porter. Kli/r. Decoate, Belgrade, Leblanc, and hen. ltoudrot, do; ?14. bark Kanahae. MrKenae. Providenw, rim Tana. M< dream . Portland, Comet McDonald, Uen Can ibert. Pougeron: Northern Light, tlauiou. and (leorg>. Ron rot. Koaton. arhra Anu IviHiard L>nonant. Pembroke; Native aaa, (lerrior, Koaton; 2!th, brig Margaret. McDoncid, Fall .Iter; 2titb. bark Keebaidte, Mckenzie. Boaton, brig* Afton. tvt.iler; Ann Merilu. Plielan, and Victoria Ursula, Ie-unir, u; 27tn. deadly Yleara, Mnrjitay, NYo k, Rhodenck Dhu, Pot If. Plymouth. arbr Atu Knglo, Lincoln, Pembroke tgurmteTowN, June 21?Arr Witch of the Wave, Todd. Calm; Glasgow (mi. Thompson, N York. Sid 21at, R H llarm-tit, uike, Kingstown. >uikujat June 22?Kid Yankee Blade. Burke, aud Martha i'blunore, t'ollum, NYork. Susdewjisp. Jtuie ?1?Arr Sarah Park. Pendleton, Bremen. SviMtttr, NSW. April 22?Sid bark Benjamin, Howarvt, Nan ranrlaco. Sombhkho, June 21? In port ahip Eastern Star. Henry, for otidon bin, brig Mary l apen. Kprague, for Richmond Idg; achr rguiit, Elliott, unc. tixavx, June23? Arr achr May, Smith. Havana. Sid 231. ark* Horace Ileal*, Perry, ami (Villa, Aahbt. NYork. Sr Jaoo, June 21?In port ahiii Maria. Clarit, hence jus: arr; rig Klla Keed, Turn, from Philadelphia do, achr Johu tirtf. tlu, from Baltimore, arr 19<.h. Doing in 21st. an Amcr iiark St Jons. NB, June 1W? Arr bark Rebecca Ooddard, Kingtan, Boston; achr* Abl Albon, Roberta, and Mary Jane, Mc .in. do; IVli, ship Constellation, Mulltncr. NYork, bark Mar ui* of Bute, Palmy. New London; achr Arno, Parker, Ho* m: JOih, ship C B Hardline UUkey, NYork; bark Legtlua. o; July 2. aht|>a Sagamore. Pendleton. Philadelphia; Cavalier, cudlelou. do. bng Samuel French. Parriti Kaaiport. rid 2Mb. achrs Fellow Craft, Lane, Philadelphia, 29th. ahip ila Lilly, Hlearna, Liverpool, achr* lanoeil, Ames, Bo*um, largaret Ann, Wbolpley, Providence; Pearl. WhelpleyDor heater; 3UUi, Harmony, Caaaidy. Ilallowell; (Venn Ware. VurelUng, NYork; "Malum,' Barbaric. Philadelphia. St OnoKtiK, NB, June Jd?Arr achrs Julia, Fiahrr. Ronton: ilma, Wayrott, NYork. ('Id 21*t. achrs Laura. Holdrn, Beaton; 2Mb. Turk, Small. [York. The St*?t, June 19?Off, Vigilant. Boaworth. from Shields ir NYork. Thk i.i7akd. June is?Off. Karol August, Hulaer, from Rotrdam fur Boetou. Tixu June IS?Arr Arhlllea. caflro, NYork. Tkisidad, June 21?Arr bark M H Harnman. Bray, Ctentegon. IPs* Srtt??*Hir Pritii, st St Jons, NB?T?i matrnic Art Iront New York June 13. Maria dartlru, at Cadi/. 1Mb, orili wood, at do, 23d. 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Sid acliri S L Tillej (Hr., lllllataoro. JIM; e Klnfwoa. X KW III Kf PORT, July I?Arr arhr ChaNenfe, R illoek. eona, Md. X KW HKTORP, Jnly .1? S|j whre I aland Belle. B iller, Phil lelpbla via Stpplren lane We-lot, Kllra'wtliporl ri?do. N AXTl'C'K KT, Jnnr ? ??Arr a, nr R H -hnUh Rohituara, X jrk. Sid Stkh. achr Kir. t b--arinan. I"hi a lelphta NRW HAVRX July A-Arr a bra Oem tde d nee. Wlaa 'Ibpnrt. Sarah tlark. Irtlhiif. imiaware City; | Anderam i ia. Kiiwtwlhpmt Isda Ann Weam. Jarka-ei ,|e. llnaka. I liaabetlip'a I. J M Warren.? htpinaa, MY >rk; A M rken. A'ten, Xew Hrnnaw. k ak?>p Xew Jeraey. Kll/aheth >rt. Sid arhi* Siwiwt Philadelphia. M R saeparl do; la l?rUe ire Cbr; .laa Mrileh, Xew Hrnnawirk, Mary neiiley, do, llayer do. Jaa Bm*?low. do. Pi i|if I. AMI, .Italy J?A?? aleaairr Patapaen Tall! XVork: bra Julia Xewell. TmA. Alexandria; K <? WUharJ. P,ai ?> >. Banner, llarrlmtna. Itallbn we, rla Keniielmnk. A > Mae, aa'* her. Phltaadela.hU. (?eor?e A Kiaaily, ll.irna. Mll? .l?Sh w1. Kre.l Keo.l, Mr A Imam. do. SI. a lira AVal K, tgle, lluddltaa. VatUna, Kdirar. In*r?ham, XYnrk I'oKThMul'llI. June Mt An bnc (juarh. raiadafk^o. FORK HERALD, FMDAT, Delaware Cur; achr* O W lUwltty, Rnwley. lluladeiphia; SOlh, Albert, Cotton. Khxabethport (with lot* 01 one mi.-hoc UN ooe chain), Nepluiie, Nu..<r, Phiiadslph a, July I, Grecian, M.lthews do. . PROVIDENCE, July 3?Arr steamer* Penguin. Williams, I New Vork; petrel, Baker. Now York, scum Israel H Day, ' Ctiaas, Baltimore, Morning laght. Sooner*. Htlum .ro. Ctesiw, Burroughs. Philadelphia. Iu.U? Haulers, Oole, Ptula .lelpiua; d Daniel Webster, Perry. Kk/abWhport; sloop Si,?nybrook Pac " ket, Tyler. Port Rweu. SM arhn Iwuk Dr.p >nt Corson, l< and lotdy l.ake, White. Philadelphia, Kinalme ('hotter. Brow or. ti do, Kate. 8k M more, mod J K 1'otU. lloUey. N ? York; sloop* u America. Stednian, Mkry Dkllkii. Racked. Position, Young, and Win 8 Mount, Field, New York. 1 PAWTIJCKET, July 3?Arr schi John K Oroueh. Auderaon, J 1'hilAdelnbut U BfCHMOND, July t?Arr steamship York town. Couch, h NYork; brigs Northern laglU (I' dale, Halusr, Brother*, I Klukdrll. St Martins. ROCK I. A M> J uncJ7?Arr ^ Renown, Haskell. NYork; F "l 28th, Mnibii bokd. lugrahaiu. do. IVXli, I) J Sawyer,!. Ma J < hiaa for R. mrdios (out in to Dud the captain, sick). July I, ? achr Amanda. Kelley. Philadelphia SUITlh. srhrH Uan. bur ? biah. HartUrrabblr, Hall and John Adam*. Myers. NYork; CtU/wn, Drinkwater. and Mary LangAon. Jackson, Kirhuiond; r 30th. achr* AngelUie HU; I I. Snow. I'ouarv. and Warrior, ? Crocket, NYork, July I. bark Growler, Watts, NOrlesus i; HAN FRANCISCO .1 tuie S>?Ari fby tell liark Yankee, Mono lulu, 12th, steamer* Golden Age. Panama, Panama. Ore/on. , Rld9lh, bark Amittad. Valparaiso, IJUi, ahipa Mary L Sutlon, > Bpicer, NYork; Herald of tie- Morning, Miirhetl. Callao, Flee! wing, Howes, Hong Kong . Copiuulsi, Gill, do. SAVANNAH, June SO? Arr steamship TinunaaSwann Ram . aey, Baltimore Cld ship lUmpdeu, BuUn tu, Liverpool, wu.' V Julia Pot, I waring, liustan. h 8ALKM, July 2?Arr arlir Boundary Blunt, Port Kwen. " Bid sohr Geo Taylor. Jones NYork. " Julys?Arr irbrs Swan, 1)111, Baltimore; Jos Porter, Yatea; ? lame Maul, Haley, and Sidney Price. , Philadelphia; Nlca b nor, Parker, Khzabethpnrt;Corrtaiia M, Jours. NYork. Also arr Img Ueorge Amos, NVhnt.. Philadelphia. Sel achr* H Krink, k English; K W Bcntou, Taylor; NUT Thompson. htrdmaii. S > k W Simmons, Umkly, and Clara Merrisk, Montgomery, l*luLa- <" dainhla b WILMINOTON, NC. July 1-Arr brig Sylphiden (Norg). Brooiind, sondevtaad, 2d, srhr Myrorer, Hughe*, NYovk.Jd. V steamship Parkershurg. Powell, do til 1st. achr* TP I I warned, Pramb, Salem; Sea Bird. Smith, aud A J DeRoesel, p Tinker, NYork, at. bark Palmetto, Whlldea. Venice. a WARKHAM July 2ft-Arr?rhr Angler, Hesse, NYork; 29th. rlir Ann 8 Salter, Fish. do. July I. a-hr I. Audeareid, Bert 1 lett, Alezandrts. 3d, a-hr Mountain Home. I "nod. NYork. WISP ARRET. J mis 3d?Ski brig lwviathsn, Havana. a ????w?? TOO LATK TOM OLARRir ?C ATIOW. ? BOARDING ?!M7 HOWKHY. CORNKR OP TUIKP ^ street ?A few young men can lie aeromuiodatrd with ' furnished Rooms and Board, the house lias all the modem Improvements, and u pleasantly loi.iled. Kelereuces ei * vhanged. " CHARLEY WHITE'8 OPERA, 8M BROADWAT, . Three doom above Metropolitan Hotel taatue block). The public are courteoualy Informed thai Una " NEW BKAVT1KI1. KMTAUI.IS11MRNT an.1 POPULAR TEMPI.K OP AMUSEMENT IS 1 NOW OPEN POR T1IK SUMMER tKASoN. The umibstakeable " MARKS OF APPR EC I ATI YK DKLIOIIT a so liberally showered upon bulk the Management and the per lormers. 1 GRACE. BEAUTY AND ELEGANCE COME AND SEE OUR BEAUTIFUL DANCERS, k THE BEST IN THE CITY, d together with a better variety of com leal taleut tliau can be b teen at any other similar piave of amusement. 71 ovit TRIO OF COMEDIANS 1 srlilsve their miracles. The Ugh saeonluMbMlOtMd d|WH una murine pert 01 insure ny uie press and our patrons, fur h tush Ifullilnl evidence of the high cab mat loo ta which Ihia es f; tsblishmeiit is held. Open every uiilu eicept Sundays Kverytbmg 111 si class Admission only 11 cent*. ^ HUTCHINS HOU8K, 10 WWKltl.Y PLACR, FIVK K doors west of, ii|hhi the Kumpein plui, aeve- ? ml suits of Knout* for familie* are now vacant; alao single Kihiiii* for geulleuuui. Tn in* rcuaonahle. I Hl'Tt'HlNS A WH1TT1KB. Proprietor*. ' Lost?july s. going from jonks- house to l! Twenty-tilth street, in a Ninth avenue at?ge. a lady a Pluck figured Umbrella, with initial* S. A. D. on the handle. -i Whoever will return the same to M Twenty llflh street will be ' suitably rewarded. t, rTHK nTWKKH OF CONNKCTItlUT.?THR MAM moth Combtued F.*hil)itioa of NIXON'S EUROPEAN t'lKl VSKHOM NlHLO'S OARDK.N ami IIAHNUM S Ot.l> ' ADAMS' CAM: OKNIA MK.NAOKKIK is now upon a I bo , rough tour ot Uie State of Connecticut, and will visit every , rity, town and large village In the Commonwi altb, thna oiler- m lug easy faeiUPrs Ui all the people of the Mate to witness an exniblUoti for extent and variety, arientitlr an l natural com plrietiesa and the high character of its emert.umeiita, has ' never been equalled in this or any other ootntrv. The pro pru-tora and managers. P. T. BAR MM and'JAMES M. * NIXON, will apare no effort tern ike this Mammoth Kihibi " tiou tn every war worthy of the high character of the citi/eus , of Connecticut, who. In bestowing their patronage It, will 1 only follow the example of tlie elite of New York, Ruama and .. other rttiee. who nightly, for inaay weeks 111 anccavioii, Jjj crowded Us plaoea of exhibition, and aanriioued U with their lull approval. ' N. B.?This is the only exhibition from Niblo'a Garden. as lb# 1 6ubhr may know I mm ilia rani of Mr. Niblo, published In the ' ew Tork paiiera of the till mat rl.KT ?A HANDSOME Sl'IT OF FVBNUIHKl) PAR tors, will be lei separate d rcpurcd; also small furnished Rooms lo let. Apply St Ull Uleerker suret. near Broadway, 1 west aide. f (J. - RK.WAR1>.?LOST. ON THK ID OP JULY, AT ? VI) ilrr* north* an corner ot Thud avenue and Twentieth ' street, a amall white English terrier Much. auawera to the ' name id Cora. Any perenti i nunim* the same ui P. A. I.yntau, at lite lauie place, will receive the above reward. v iltAi'wwi WAtrrm?-?Mi?At.?a. 1 A LADY DESIRES TO GET A SITUATION FOR A GOOD 1 girl, either aa child's nurae, or as chambermaid and f waitrea* tn a private family Iter present employer will be at 0m Rood Street lb ?? until the 4th Inst . where MM girl can be aeeo. No objections lo grang Into the country. A? RKSPKCT A 1II.K VOf.Vi; GIRL WISHES A SITU A- 1 tton to do the housework m a small private family, ta a good watber and trouer. Coll far two days at Id York at. Brooklyn i ATOUNU WOMAN WIM1ES TO GO OUT TO SEW. ? by the dav or week, for a mouth, would hive no objection a to go * abort distance tu thd country, can mika ladle*' and chil f dreu'a dresara. and arorka veiy uestly. Apply at lklJIthai, r ue?r ?d atomic. ARRMPKcTABI.R YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Una to do chamherwnrk. or to In washing aud iron f Ing, or to do general hnoaework In a small private lamily. bar i rtty rvdereure. Call at Ml Aid at., between Mb sod tka avea.. for two days . AN *Xr*RI*N? ki> fouokkd woman wthhk.a a t. Huaii'ia to travel u nurae or lady'a waiting wonuta. J tall st tOWh a*. ft ANION KNULibH <JIRI. WANTS A CTTATIOX TO M .10 f uer*l IKIIIMVOI k la a small lauitly. Hto? is a g?>l i plata rook and an evrrllent washer and roner. and baa two years refrrruca Iron her last pleaa. Appljr hi imm'ilberry a_i ? AR1TUATION WANTKO-RY A NoHT KIHFRfTARI.R J a'man. aa Burse. utidarawaria the . barge ot an Invalid or y aa old ladv to aarfaeltmb Ib-at reference from last employer, t au ha arm tor t?ru day* at t& dtp sr., between Jgtk sod -i Klh?'?. ACTUATION WANTKD-BT A KRSI'KITABU TOUNU r woman, aa rook, waabrr and trouar I* a good baiter a t all glvv the bed 14 cttr referent* front ber laat place fan I bo aeon for two days at lbs corner of Raulb aad Barren atreru m front nnm. AKITCATION WASTKD-BT A HWI-lfiTABI.* I'RH 1 teatanl woman. aa tint rlaaa rook, thoroughly under anda rnoUng to all lia branrbea; ahr la aa rattan nt baker; ? ran aim hooe towla. Apply at 344 All ar.. near Slat at.; g>*sl n relerencr ~ Actuation waftkp-by a you no woman. tt> " do the general housework of a small family, la a reel ** plain rook and t tellrnl lanndrcsa; beat of ctty raferearc IFl tee <all ai IK .Ibth ?: . "HWr of third sr. Actuation wantbd-bt a rkhuiwtabi.b omi. ^ to do general botwawork la a prtrala family, t ity refer- oi ate-e II rwju'ml. t all at XU Mulberry at. A A SITUATION WANTED-AS oood took. BT A 1 wnoi tn who truly iinderatao'la bar buaineas. ad kinds of mrala. [Kmiiry, pw? umtriuig* ' read and btaruit, best of rity " reference t All si lit) Waal1Kb *t. No objerttoa w go a short l> dtstanre in the ronntry. B Ar iHamhkrmaid. ac.-Waxtkd. a notation. } by a fruteaUal young woman as rhamhormatd. "f w.eild aaaiat la taking rare of rhildren or do plain w-wtng. the beat < eitv rrfeteo'e t'ao be aeen at her |tre?ent employer s 101 ' lib ar . aear 17th M Would go to Newport for the ntaa>r ai Anituation wantbp?by a touno woman. } to took sah and iron In a small private fatally, noon jrrUn to go in the r "miry. best of rlty r*f?teo,?4 r>n be m can lor two day* at ltM meat 1Mb at. brtaera Ah and 7th ava. AMCSPKtT ARl.K FROTBRTaNT <i!RU. t.lTRI.Y ^ Is tided Wisbi-a biro as seamairesM and to Labs rare ut . child tea. Call at ISi Bra flat at . between Btb and KAh ava. n ACTUATION WANT*!* BY A WOMAN Ti? f>0 r ham Mr Work and waiting. au I to asaiai in :be w ithing ' ant immng Beat city referem-e. tan be seen ftr two days at A6 West Sttb at , between *h and IRb ava, ilrst donr. lr >ut , mm. m ARfTUATION WANTKD-RY A RCTFKCTAHI.K 'v% youag girl, aa ottrae and avwmau-esa, or to <lo chamber work *nd walling: no ohyeetloa to the ommtvy fan i? seen s for two days at her present eraplovar'*, IM Weat Igth at. ^ A you no orxi. wirmkn a hituatio.x Tti l?<t UK jj nensl bouarwork. or tut ataira work and tv aa. e in . > j, w>*hln( and Ironing, tlond eby reference ana he riven i at. Inr two day* at 1*07 7th nr., M tiw milk de;r*. corner < t ltd at i ARITCTATION WANTRP-BY A FRtiTK^TANT OIRC. s? rii.ini' < rin*id vnd wsdrc " UT W "ild take a Dtirse sn l >. mmxi'-x alliialain. n? nbjaru. .11 to tba country. t'au a' M \ Jib *., betwnaai Wtit and 27tb ma A RTTCATTOJf WARTItlA?HT a RKMPRfTAH.R A young girl. l<> do ganaral b "ia?? ? k In a r?-|>? labia nrt *" *?if g<??t rafarauoaa. fall lor lw> day* at 57 Main ! at Krrmkltn a Aurrcatiow wamko-hv a kkspk?t ahi.k ; jrrmug Uartnan girl, who ana <ka EnifltaA, and t* a good * aw*.'*unbar and irouar. goad city r*(ereuc?. Cub* aann * at m Rh Ipgmn a?. ~ Akiri trid* wa stkr??to r?o ttocrrwork t* j a ftinall family. Can t>? nam *' *? '' praarm pla . JIO >" Waal Aktk bl " Ahitr*t|os waktko-to do ok.nkrai, rocar ^ wot k. hj a < ompotcnt and raap> ahta a-rtrt u *trl. fin < ) <M *?md plant walking and <a an rf ailant a ?, and Irmar >n nhjnttkin ki thar.tiiHira. Ilnal ?f ilty rftrrru< -a tJail at I 5M ttiantirat. Ilronk.yn I * rkaprctarijc oi*i. wwipt a nrrvattom aa *] J\ m?h In a prlawtn famila; hna no nnjmiton in aartM in tl?a waahnr and irmilna would n tn m?r> a 'ha(amity fn % lha a. inm?i tt I'aa tl-.' gaal <i?y rcfaawn *. i *!i nt i-' 1T?7th at , l>? tw> an W it and 27th at* a<' nvl ann' front rantn o AI.ADT AIIOUT MUVfRt* THR flTY WfflllPC? To & obtain a aitnatlon for a young ?lrl to laba urn if rhll do 1 and 4o plain taw ing wtga* tnotai ai*. Apply at 2to l.-t ~ In gtnn at . tj Aorrm t* oir?? prr\kr x*nu*a, p?m?'ti. nr<* * a no would lika to ouroa .?*? rhtldrtm and ?oan 1 a ntora. 5., Mia w nld go into ihn nnmtry. lit Kaaat airawt. mar feo iaa, Tl tiat (lo?r. ft VfllTrATIOS WAVTKP-RT A 1 KkRRi TARI.R -* Rngliah man. tnioofc. wraah and ro i In a ?.n?ll I tmlly no ohjai Uona i.i go a abort dlatanra in li co ittlry. fan lie *1 a. an tor two day* at 2W Kllaaliatb at. a REaPVi TAHUC YOI7R(l R'OM \lt WIVT A II v \ j\ ti'n aa nnr?a ami aaam-f- urn n < > go in " tlia count rr < 'an ha aaan at .HI1 mi <n at.. <?n oar in Kr nana ,1 Rrwhlyn, wham alt*- i? at prvaent empjuywd. at Afo?pkt?l*t WitHlk wartr a mlfatlox a a i nttrar am Uhb fn'u ? ilnr c I hatiy from na rtb ' and hrtng I) up hv r<a ;?i I. w ng to a?- at in rtMinherwor*. flniy ari ! t If totliam tl lia ' ?l rl d.-ran ? T f'W two da ' II hltMi tv'Ut. 1 f > ? 'VV-'UU ' ml 1|IA gt*. m JULY 6, I860.?TRIPLE WTPAIW WWMMli ? t^toonctwoman wants4 situirioitatchair rl. bentuud and laondrraa, or ohawharm ad >ad pi*,, ?*w nt; 00 objection to the country; baa both couauy ul nv r* ireuoe. Call at ?UMolt put Blnerknc n IKL wants A SITUATION AM OOOD plain oook. J hod to w.<hh ut Iran or to do chamberwort and *uk anl >n; baa gaud < My objertroua to go in the couu 7. Call at UO Perry at., brtureea Oreeuwtch oud Waetuag Ml hth. CTOVSKK KKPKRt SITUATION WANTKD-BT AM [ X American woman, or to ttw for o family; u capable of iktUK charge of any kind of buainaas; u not afraid to work, a unie la more of an object than oompeuaaboa. Addreaa F. K. I , boa IJo Herald odlce. "VBKSKMAKINO.?LADIK8 WISHINO A FIRST CLASS / divMhmaker by the day will ptoaae apply by note or per malty to Mum Htapleton, 71 Wrot fflh at- would not object to orW in tin- country. Fvat ctaaa retereaoea girea. situation wantkd?BY A young woman, as > plain cook, ?iiahrr aiul Ironrr. Call for two dajn at M2 n-euwlrh at. Good city reference* jituation wantkd?BY a youno ok KM an oibl. J an chambermaid. Call at 1,M Broad tray, belweeu 34th nd JUh ata. situation WAMTKD-BY A BKSPBCTABUC PROTK8 ) taut woman, to take can* of ehtldren and aaatet in up aim wo'k, la capable of taking entire charge of a baby; la [mi a koo-1 i'Uln aewrr. oo objection to Ihr country; reference required. Apply at M Lkmytaaaat., Brooklyn, lop door, ack room. situation wantkd?by A RK8PKCTA8LK youno J woman, aa chambermaid and w?Itraaa, ar to lake care o bildrrn nod do aenlng. no objectloe to so in the country. Can e area at ber praaaat employer's, Xt Getlagum nr. SITUATION WANTKD?FOR A MIIHH.K AOKD J colored wutnas. to do general bo one work, capable of doing lain rooking, wanking aud ironing Can bo none for two day a i the kunae ol bar prnannt emplojmr, *6 Maodougal at [1TANTKD?BY A RKSPBCTABLK WIDOW, WITH II good rrferrnne, a atluatlon aa oowoanioa and to attend n iuvnlid lady, or would take charge of children; la a good canon rraa auid embnadarer, do objeciiou to keep bonne for a inalMamtly. Apply thin day, July ft, at Mra. Mathews, 113 l eal dial M? bet* ?au tithaud 7th are. i*7antkd?by a hkalthy young okrman wo It man, a Miuattoo aa wet nurse, U a reapeetabia mraried oman. Call at IN Weal Mh at., fifth fioor. room 19. nrTANTKD-a situation, by a youno girl, to do ?" uaiilng and lake earn of eklldren, or to dochamberwork; mh no objertlno io go a abort dl tance In the country. Call at er present auuauouxs JUth at, between tab mid (iUi true. ilTANTKD?BY A OOMPKTKNT WOMAN, A SITUATION IT UDurw; rail lake rb.trge of an miaul, 01 a* chamber laid and *r.iiiuureas thty reference given. Call tor two day a ( 2H3 tetii avruur, Mm ecu t7lb and ldui sts. y|TANTKr>-BY A RKSPKCTA BI.K OIRL. A SITUATION il na senium ess, In a private gentleman's family; call do all inda of family wwiij, and rut and tit ladies' and children'a i case*. and do all kind* of crochet and embroidery work. The eat (it relerencr* giveu Call or addreaa lor two day* at M ;li avruur, 11 rat tloor. VAT ANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RKsPKCTAHI.K If young woman, to oonk, waab and Iron, or to do general i 'iiaework in a private family Call (or two days at IS! West Id at., between 7th and bib aves. [IT ANTED?A SITUATION TO DO OENKRAL, IIOUSE IT work In a am all family. Is a (food washer and tronrr, nd understand* plain rooking. Raferaore at her last place, . here *he ran be aeeu tor two days; 72 llairuw at. [ir ANTED-BY AN KNOI.ISHWOMAN, A SITUATION " a* Isdy' aniaid or kranistreea, has had treat etoerirore i diev-inaking. dr., Ac, Would not object to travel, tl?*l elerrnre ran oe given. Add re** O. H., boi 149 Herald odtre. 117ANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A WKI.SH illKI. AS I! wattiea* or (Uautberotakl. Ouod ctly reference*. Can e M-eu for two days st No. lib Kant ItiUi si., between 1st and d avs. [ITANTKn-HY A IWKH>II,I HKKMAN (11RI,. A v? situation in a private family as first class ook; under land* t ooking In the Krenrb mid American style, and Is a lira! ate baiter. Address or call at No. 172 Korayth street, to Ibe lore. 11TANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKCTA BI.K WO If man, is good ooofc. washer and Iroarr; ha* the beat of Itjr retrrenoe* from her last place. Can be aeeu at 114 7lb ve . tielweeu 13th and 19th su., second Boor, front room. IIrANTKD?BT A RESPKtTA BI.K MARRIED WOMAN. If a silaation as wet nuree. Can be aeeu for two day* at 11 Mulberry sC, between <IranJ aud Broome sis , brat floor, sck room, from 10 tUl 6 o'clock. AT ANTKD?BY A RESPECT A BI.K YOUNtl OIEL, A (I situalme aa chambermaid plain sewer, waiter, or to ike cate of children aud aaaiat In washing and ironing ; baa o objections to go Into the country, best of city reference iveu. t all for two days at <7 id av. fir ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A H KSPKCT A BLE II young woman, aeenok, washer and Ironer, best CHy re rrence given. Call at 2M West 17th at., between 1Kb and 10th ra., In the rear. BTAIIID-n A MSraCTARU HIRI., A SITU A II lion, as cook, wsnber and Ironer, and to do general houselurk In a small respectable I study; the best of city refenice. Call at or address lot two days No. flt) Atlanta at., frout >a*riural, Brooklyn. fETANTKD?BY A RMPBCTABkK (1KRMAN OIRI., A Tf situ.tiou to do general boiaework In a private Kugluh amiiy. li*|ulie at lie Orchard St., N. Y. nrANTKD?BY A RESPECT A BI.K YOU NO WOMAN, A IT sliuatioo a* chamliermakl and to do plain sewiug or loutework In a small faintly ; good rlly retereoce Can be era at No. 29 Waal Warren at., Brooklyn, nrst dixir, uuul en aged. DLTAEIED EIIU ATIONS, BY TWO RKSPKtT ABLK AND II obliging Oerman Protestant women, In city or roiiulrr. oe as rook, wsaber and Iruorr or to do general housework, I. iguud plain cook aud thorough good laundress, ibe other a. hemliermaid and w aitress or nurse sod seamstress. Are s?;, ecusnmeuded. Apply at ** Broouie st. lyNTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPKUTAHLK PRO ?? girl. HaptmM and WBjtrena 10 a prlnu amlly. Ilu tV brat of cHjr reference Pleaan call at l?J t eat Jfth at., for two (lafa, u not augaged. iyANTKi>-A situation, bt a touno oirl. ajb IT nuracry gtwnraaaa and aaaatatreaa. can operaie perfect r on Waaar'a Whaalar A Wllaon'a and the Knreka arwlng ia< hinaa. uudeodnmda dreaamakin* and larc goods, ootm triable home preferred 10 largo aalarv. AdJrraa P. A. C., ladlnon square loot otter. lor two da fa iyANTKD?BY AN KXFRR1KNURD MIIJ.INKR AND IT lr?-?em*a?r, a situation to the orntntrf diumj the aum nor. A private lamllr r equlruig the aeivicea of aurh a pei i.n a 111 And Una a good chance, aa ah** la capable of itatag all inda of tamllf hewing. Add ma Mia H. O. H . Brooklyn uat tttce. ryANTKO?A SITUATION, HV a MESFKUTABLK If young airl. aa < harabermakl or wader, haa g<a?l city r?fe rti< o Irotu her lent employer, Pleaae call at 119 Kasi AAli at. tyANTKD?A SITUATION, IN A GOOD FAMILY If to do general housework, Can rook well and give goal Ualacuoo. Apply to J. F. Oaira, M lorUaudl at. Arrr NURRE.-WANTKD, A SITUATION, HY A young healthy marrte.1 woman with a frwaji t-r-aat of ilk with a reape. taMe family, t all at it) Kaat llouaton a< , . -i floor, back rones. y ANTKD?HT t UnOTAMJAnUOAl M a alna!t>? as waitrnna or ikanihermaid and to do plain rwlug. Beat of elty referem en. Unit at 211 Kaat 13th at., near a a*. y ANTKD?BY A TOUNGGIRL, LATKI.Y LANDED A If ail I lata in to Une rai e of children and do plain acwtng, r to aaawt m Housework. Call at or addrraa SU Ma. hem at., rat lour. y ANTKD?BY A RKSPRTTAIILK OIRI., A SITUATION If aa i r u. t-rrnaid. in a prtvale taiiulv. haa no uyetioti to k<> in the country. tan lie aeen at her present nil e, Ilu 11iittaeld at., betweeu Juhnaou and Myrtle ava, yANTl.ll?BY A RKMPKCTABLK YOUNG WOMAN, A IT annatHin as wet nurae. haa hni her ha ir an fayt otd ia healthv woman. with a freah breaat uf bulk. Can *ie aeera r hree dav* at it wrerne at , Jaraey t'tty. fr >ca A to Id A. M nd from I to 1 P. M. 11rANTKIh?BY A B?PXYaHIJC YOUNG WnMtX, A If ml nation aa liiat rlaas laundress "f to <lo < haiuoerwork imI flue aa'htng ant I rolling. Good illy reference. I an lie n-n for two days at Jtid wii nee., aecon I d, >r 11 r A NTKD?BY A TBI rSTWOBTIIT MIDDLE AGED If woumn. n rttoatlnu to uker.reot a bahy or children, >i plain aewing or make herself naeioL Haa good city rolerneu. t an he aeen tor two da)a at AM Itth at , itaen If. yANTED?BT A RI>I'K? TAHLK YoUMtJ WOMAN. A It aiiiiatliii ia plain d?A ar.d P> ? .ah ml Iron, grid city lereace, g<eng iei five yeara In her laal place. Al?i, ? inted, y a young Vmen. an girl, a altualeio m lake enre of children r i? aa- ?t li i h?ml reork. w ill make hera?-lf generally use U. < no otijeid. Pit (">1 b iw. Impure al VI m Im U., between Mb ami ill ?<a 1'ANTKIt?RT A KI.HKRf.Y WOMAN, f? a Mtiiailan. b*M cMkl or do ligat housework. aba in milk coarm, a agea ih> object In preference In a (mid b m?; a nu objection lego m the country. I'ao b? keen lor two >> al lid Midi at.. tbird tor. room >0. \* AVTKt>?BY A ROPRTTABUC FROTKNTANT OIKU IT a adnaUoti as chambermaid and w ainatreea. or aa < tan rrii'a maid and wait ou a lady. has had three years evpsrteoce Iba Mall. I'all 41 No. I limeun place, near Hleei krr as. A/'dma In go u> ibe rouetry. THIC TKAPICN. I KIRsT RATK ri K I I TTKK W AXTItD.-APPl.Y AT V IW .tow rry. XnoaM t ll|i lop earlbkii oral apply. I I'OOTOORAPII RBTl'LC8BR?AtJTO A TIN TO \ use ait (In if? and a band to oml and derelope, at l/? k i'1'a, I .at atb at. ><'N.NKT CRANK MAKKIU W AX riCII.?A CKW > ban la w> 1 a' piainla I with the business wanted Ituuse fly atrat Walker at fourth ffo..i <akk rakkkh-a cornman wantwt. tit Tank charge ol cakes and pastry, a gssl enrkmau an l a atea .Toother need apply 11 r's. JU> tireenwwb at. miOAINAPHIC PRINT WW W A NTHO-Hl x PIR.-IT j i ma pr ntera, to jtermanem employment bad the she* bay will tiegirea. .Nntieotheia need apply to A. A aruet, V,1 Broadway. AM'II AN If WAhTKIV A M AN WHO t'AN WORK ON A 'I planing and drilling n> hlne. at the forge, In mating pel dies and punches, and at repairing <>l B? binery. To a workman who Ik an her and active. ? good Mutation will given None ckbera need apply, fallal No. S Nassau al., an 17. TO f AllrOM.?W ANTKll. A (KTOII UCXKRAl. fTTTRIt who nnderauniU hia baaitieaa. also pauia mater pi irk In the More: also a bov lo run of e-rtn la and P> ni Ike maelr nael nl aleitil the kPirr. Apply, with reference, al let mrwday at At Tth are. Ml T.A IIPIK.H ANI? TAIIpORKMIM.?fOAT H.A.NIH wanted Thoa. wishing goal aewtng marhlriea on eaey rma, and vtmt lor tiwwrt, c ot he arc >mm dated nr iLiVina at the Weed a p?"a* Hewing Machine othre, .No 4(t lad a ay. X. V. J II. VA H.'IXKA Aim \* ANTFft? AT WINANT H BILLIARD BNTAIILINH T mem, a iral class earnlkber. None hot a sober an t 11 Mr? man teaed apply, before Id a efcwh in Ibe two meg or utr A o 'cinch lb lb# aftti m?iu. l'AXTKP?A C.ARVCR AT tl fuPXTlM SLIP. APPLY f bet wee* Ibe bum a m I In A M A* ANT Kit?A fONCrfTTONC* ANP ftp. f R Y A M m <k?, <o# who ondei at yyda the noaineaa nn h ,r? 1*4) nvtia AppR at the fywaue Uewte t<Y Uudww at SHEET. LF WUT?-PM4UM. I A LL PAMIUBA AMD GOOD SERVANTS, CAM FIND Jx the largest beat office. 111 thu city ?l the IlUU Bone, where um< beat of aervante are always ready Alao. Bid altuaUous for good trip. Conducted by a luapwrtehle y. Mo. US llih at-. corner of Mb are. A FEW GIRLS or RESPECTABLE CHARACTER CAM net good ailuaUona In families, Norm and abopa, by ap ylyia* at 404 Canal street, ?*r Vartck at. M. B-Wo chargn. A middle aoed ammrican, English, h 'otch or German woman wanted. In a small family 40 trail * in the country; will Ua.e a good home for the year; in ut be a good pain onok and willing to do the work of a am til 1 tin; y. Addreaa for one week King. Herald pace. AT TI1K BROADWAY KM!1.nYMRNT INSTITUTE, 431 Broadway, a uuraber of excellent English, I Hah Scotch. French and Uennan servant*. are waiting altuauooai uaauy ot them with good re.ereneee Ten yearn established JOHN U. 1. ACRKKMAN, Propriet .r. All respectable servants ark requested to ( u at the Broadway Employment liiaututei. 434 Broad way, and procure null .hie and permanent siluaiious, at good wage*. Ten year* established. john q. i. ackkkmann, Pr oprtctar. I Awkt nurse wanted?a reliable young and healthy, with a lull bread nf milk, with hociaaa reference*, can apply at C3 Weal 38th aL /TOOK, NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS WANTED?I MM K VV diately, lor a private family, to go a abort dial tare in the country. Apply at Whltlleld'a Inlelltgeace odlie, No. 11 I .sight at., corner of St. Jehu'u lane. Canal at. CIOOK WANTED?ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS HER > bualnem. and la wilting to go a ahort diatance in the country to rook In a hotel, will find a good alluaUoa by applying at Vf Montgomery at., between 10 and 11 A. M. Dressmakers wanted.?kour young ladies, thai can finish off work well after being titled: to auch hlghw^ea will be given. Apply Immediately at 361 Fulton T\RKNKMAKKRS AND APPRENTICES WANTED.? JJ Good Mweia paid while learning. Alao a girl, ty do light homework aud light sewing, aud a .mart boy for a aalooo. Apply at UO IJrei'iie at. Goon cook, washer and ironkr wanted Satisfactory reference required. One who, if desired. WUUJU ircfianiiujr uic miuiiy I jr irir wrru w Apply at 4? Mil av., next to Uie corner of 41sl at. HOUBKKKRl'ER WANTED.-A MIDDLE AGED AMKRI ran woman, who will for treated a* our of the family, U? I do tii* housework aud take care ot a liafoy. Family constats of husband, wile and child. Adlrea# K. l. c., boa ".7*1, Font ortice HEAD LA l'NDRESS AND TWO W \>li ill BUS WANT ed Immediately for a that cLiaa summer hotel a ahort distance lu Uie coiiulry. Apply at 1(17 Bowery. MILLINERS WANTEf).?25 FIRST CLASS MILLINERS wanted, to take work home Also. four (intl class trim intra, Good wane* given to thoae who arecompeteut. lu pur* at IX Chamber* at., up atalr*. NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS?A WOMAN, COMPK lent and well recommended, can have a permanent ailualioti. she muat foe w llling to go out ot town tu the summer. Iuqulre at 1011 West IMih at. Situations ark wanted-by nink nice, Intel llgeut young ladiea. in stores and shops: alao, by aivteen smart respectable git la as general liouaeworkera, rooka. laitn dreaaea, chamtternuiida. waitera. nuraea and leamatreaaea. Tbev have good refrreucea. Apply at the Otllee ot Industry, t"t ( anal at. Employers' eutrauee and reception room No. It laugh*. at. OKRVANTH WANTED. I.MMKDI ATK.LY ?HKVKKAL O a?>d servant* are wanted this day for kUehenwork, cluiiul>Wwm'k and watuna and general hotiaewiirk, in excellent situations, now ready, in geutlemeu'a faiuiltea. Apply to MANNING A CO...10TiUary at.. Urooklyu. WANTKO-A COLORED PERSON. AS NURSE FOR A young gu I; ah* muat apeak either Hparnah or French. Addreaa K. I., box 117 Herald ottcn WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A HOUSEKEEPER. TO superintend a eery small family for two or three mouths; the residence ta a pleasant country aeat. within a ahort duNauce | from New York; little care required. Call at 36 Kaat tlfih at. WANTKD-OKNTLEMEX S DRESSING ROBE MAkera. Addreaa A. H. C., Herald oAiee, giving name* of parties for whom they bare worked. None but thus* who thoroughly understand the business need apply. WANTED?A TOUNO WOMAN TO DO OE.VERAL housework, aha muat be a goal washer and Ironar and plain cook; none need apply unleaa good city relereuce can b* given Apply at til Hchennerborn at. between Rood and Menus, Brooldyu. TITANTED?A OIRL WHO UNDK.RSANDS USING A Y? aewmg innchlne. steady work gtveo. Apply to llsnry Key, No. S3 avenue c. W7N D~ LAUNDRESS. WHO WILL ASSIST IN chamber work. Apply at X West lhh at., between Mh and Gth are. WANTED?A COLORED OR GERMAN GIRL. FOR general housework, waget $6 Apply at Wtl fth si. WANTED-A WOMAN. TO DO GENERAL HOUSE wort. mi... be a good waalier and Irouer. and u idcrauud plain rooking; muat hare a recommendation from last place, w ages M per month. Inquire at Xt West Ith at. TV-ANTED?IN A 8MAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY. A PRO Y? gtrL to eook. wash and Iron, and do housework, must be a good w saber auil Iruner. Atao a good nee lie womau. I'eraoua recently arrived preferred. Apply for two days at Ut Weal Slat at. nriHTVn k pniiTV.TkVT vnv m .a ui'D.ff . vn t \v aeamatrma One witling U> go in the country for ihi? auiu mrr, ami wiih good city retrreuoea, may apply at 3d living pmce, from 10 to 12. WANTKIl-AN KXI'KKIKXi'KD NI'RHK, TO TAKK care of two children. Apply at 172 Henry at . Brooklyn, between 11 nod 12 A M. TtTANTED?A TO '*> PLAIN COOKINO, WA.-III TT in* nod Ironing. Inquire at the lludaoa lintel, Youkera New York. "lVrKT Nt.'RSE WANTKD-KOR, A OIM.D POUR WKKK* TT old; applicant mual be young, perfectly well an.t atrong. and be able to aire good reference Apply at 12 Kaat 21 v. at . between 9 and It) o'clock Una tn.truing. WANTKD?IN A PLAIN. Bt'SIXKlW FAMILY, AN AO Ure woman for up klaira work, one wholiaa iwn ? cuabaned k) children; a good aeanm'rraa, annatmu |tenn inmi. wagi-*f7, goal character required. Apply at the aiore. ti2 Broadway, between Klgbtecuth and N metre ilh at reel*, earn aide. WANTKII-AT IIARI.KV, IIKTWKKX I21TII 1 Ml 12UTII ata . on .21 av , a cook. one who tin In viand* take flange <4 a aatiaMi. lame need apply but e?pei1cn. e,( binida. goal retereuce required. Inquire neat door In Alar. r..i,ruad igbce. TtTANTKn-A OIIAMIIKRMAID AND WAITRRsq ANIi TT to Aaelal III waabing and Ironing It required. None tieel apply bill thine who uii.lerv;an.| Uietr buaiiirva. and who ran relet to then laat employer in thta i ity App.y at No. 22 VTav T v> run lieu 111 at reel, final 12 till 1 P. M. VVrANTRD?A OOliORRD OIRL, TO POOR, WASH. IRON TT and do general hnnaawork litf a family ot thre.' Apply a: aecoud brink cottage. Fight t third -ircet caat of Kim' avenue WANTKD AN KXPRRIKNf'KD NL'RsR AND ALSO a tail I to <in rhainlMtraork. oaiiat wane wall rer.KBiurfi'led Ir .?n lae' emphrtrr, and be willing to gu in (lie nmniry. Apply inune.tiatelv ai una inai hie bouae m Kourth arcuue, norm Hi.rty nfth a<reel. \\rantki -aiTTiotl Tifiti" (prutkitant prk TT, to lake rare of children, du light chunberwork. and m ike hcroelf irnerally nam ul. Apply ai M Weat 2?d at W'ANTKD-A GOOD KXPRRIKM'KD HAND. PON II, TT lev o and lac work Pali at ItB Atl.uit.c ,t . nr 191 Kultonai . Ilrogtlyn. J. WIPKK it IVj. tJL'ANTKD-A (hMART GIRL, KKOM 12 TO II TT ycira old, to n o errand* ant make heraeu generally aw ful. Apply at d? iileeckei at. \?'KI Itl RftK TTANTKD?TO TYKK AN IXfANT TO ?? in-rown rmii-'irf a young nr untie wo-n* i paqnlrwd, irjitnnf ?lmr?ii (lie Hr* t.nM rrlertacN. Apply liuraeU airly nl &'< MVal 26?h at Ur A NTKII?A IIMIK. U.VK WlltMA.V t iVIK well nmmnrtrd and la ? flrat rite w nwi ml irmaer t? <> apply at I1, < "lap <?i at af ter 4 A * XMTAKTRD?BY A fAMII.Y OOINO TO KCROPK Tf nr?t K?-pt?-inl>er. a good Herman Kirl to Uke rare of rhil drrn.nn ? route well i rt> auuirmlod Impure ul K.T Aarluiuui. VI Vrrey at. U?'AKTKD-A WOMAN WHO T-i A KIRST RATK ?T vular and Iroier, and <".?n do plant rooking, atie m iat he willing and obliging, and < oDe wrll rru>autrndr j. Apply at .t?l Weal I'Ah at. UrAXTKP TVVKPI ATKT.T. TWO KXPKRIKXt'KH lanutrl trimmer*, u> whom atradv rmployurut and Uinta 1 ??j-i will be given. Apply at Kl! < ttuil at UrAMTKO THIS PAY-A < <?I,oRKP I 'll A MRRRM A f D and r>r<k. In go to Hro-dtlyn. fond wagea gtreu in Uuaa | wlniaiuL. Apply at Ul It roadway, up auura. W'AXTKP AX AITTYK YOt'NO WOMA1*. TO IHi TIIK Tf h"uw? rk of a amall family. Applr i-nwrrti the boura i nf twrhre ami three, at 77 Wrat Thirty ar-ntilh ureal I I VVAXTKP-A OKRMAW OIRt.. WHO RPKAKS pv<| TT I" do IS? *rn?ral V aew .rk of a ainall funiiv A l i -1V HI ftlft 'irll'l ?i- | Ik'ANTKH- A PHoTKKTAXT (IIRI,. TO HO OKXRRAL I ?T hfoiufwork moot b? * g"4 < >? *, w ukhor und Ir lour. 1r?(iiirr at 101 VCrat 47th at., between <kli and 7th >rl Uf AXTKO?A LADY COMPKTrXT Of TAKT.Yfl I r.haraa of A dieaamakinit e.taMi*kmei\i, alar I r<l d rea* maker* Apply at .111 411 at., aecoud lil.r-k from H admit ^ tl'AVntn A VKRY OiMiin (HIK (XIIWARIIKR IV A TT hpainak Imaily. no flrl frotn ItildttawfMe .fllee .id ap ply, nor any Su? a < .rap-o-ol mm, nrlh refaran. n Oond wt ( - paid Apply Ma"m ? and II A M. at Aw Writ Tinny \ 111 etrert, tntwean ml and Pth area. U'AMVIi-A NKAT TIHY YoriYtt WOM AX, TO TAKR the rtri. .a 1*1 Httidrai, and In eofna plain aownij Apply at IPS T'lrtUraane plaaw, Hr?ikt*n tl'ANTKIi IMMKIHATKI.V?A RKafBT MIUK YOtIX'4 TT gli. aa lalAOWrm? I y a Uertn.m l?mi . i a n .? dnrtnd the anmniar aana ri in Hiatap Inland. Apply at 10 Ki rlaupa place (AH No. 1, between 1 and 4 P. M. to day. U^avtvo? a ?.anr to aTT?Nr> a mxr* tttovkry More, moat Imt? rod referat?.ee. writ" a lair hand, 1 ihI h.or nonte hn wlenje <K h'lalfi'-aa Apply kl J*. (I Art. So itroadn.if. ioi iici nl I aUi*et < lA'ANTKO- A Nil Rl* TO TA1K I AHK Of A I HIU? I TT tw> nr llrae jreara . I ?S- mw ? a > > at>.. . h?r I Prenrk or Herman. Trnua liberal. Apply at II Mnrnaoa vreci Mr. IhrTkt. 1 1atakir.ll 1mmkhi atki.y. dkiw*m\kkr-< x'lrk . TT m at rt'e bande pre I apply. Appiy e< Voir, i'ai.lri a, i 13 Hood atreet. H'AKTHI AI'IKIK W A -ill KR AXIMROVKK *0*K TT need apt * ntilaan He v i o ?' no.(era al-'i' > .? I HM4. in.l'?n miar wed renanHVWfWte'l lo a iel a one ?.a?l a tin mil M poo Apply at 111 Lai ay ena ar , cor oar oi AailUm a*., HiawA'yn. 1 nr AXT? r>' IX V PKTYITK ' \MII.Y A WfMMK (KNIT TT On *i w I well. be a, and '> ?<r>l rat-. r A; ply at If KaH Twenty fifth a'reM. Iietween II and 1 nclnra. ' WAKTKI?-a IIP Tii.A?. I, at MIRK III!' Ill 4f I TT ll d Pr> ell "t ' I IV' ? ' oi; . Itl I to til her a.m.tern TV Vat rtty fWVren'?a n*|itlr#d. .Vain I sm pneeatoda nee.1 appit hei? ean lh? V" .r* m Ann! IT A. M.. at m Kan Tint) It'll raat W'aktth?a ooop fitiorkd (viiVAH t<> immikxg i rai ln'iaanora Apply al w* uwapim at ?nXAT10H? ^iy. AKKTIKKK MKltCHAHT. PINDING NO KMFU>YURlfr hard work, w tahra a pleaaaul situation a* clerk, ui time im o.,t. Ilaa a thorough knowledge of buameea, la a gut* pew mail and accountant Any Weateru s.mthern or Kaatrre houte wtahuig an agent, or any tnaiiulacturer wtahing to ee tabl ah an agency in tbr city and want ug a btisinea* man <t> entire reaumjllulity. who caa at almoat any Umr loan tun em ployera S6.0U0 to fw.UU). may address. with raal nam*, lor m? week. 8. 8. Andrew a Herald other. Salary moderate. Wat an eat preferred All oomimmicauotu strictly confidential A YOUNG HAM WANTS A SITUATION AS t'ORTHK In a; Are yean in hla laat place. Addreas J. G, Imji 1S4 Herald oOtce. AS WAITKR -WANTKD BY A RttPROTAHLX BMW liahnuui. a atluai-uu aa waiter; none but pr.vale lanulaaa need apply; baa bad long experti'iire in good Kngliah f umbos or would travel aa valet Apply at, or addreea J A.. MR Broadway. A1WII1III MA.V WI.MIKS A .SITUATION AM private cuaclunan. would bate no objut Uou to go U> Ika cotinlry. Tbr lieal city referenrn given. i all a! MO Hruad way, ebrner of l.Uh at., in the hnrneaa maker's, for two day a Employment wanted?in a stork or warm boiiar, by a hard working Kngliahmaii, ot aud.Ur age, er would drive a dray, feed or t-iprraa wagou. or any kind ef work wberr an boneet living can be earned, la a good v?ly daa ter and well uadeiviauds the care of borara. ta alao a good parrlener; lit married. Cau give reference for laiuraty. aoonety and ludualry. Addreaa lor two daye T. R. I)., bee l'-t lteral l office. SIT CATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN WITH gotnl leteieitrea, aa bartender 111 a liquor atore Dollar a<Mi raa lor ta.. daya ?: ?J Baal Itth al r> AMKKUAN OKNTI.KMKX PARMKRS AND OTIINBH A young man troui Ireland. who thoroughly underntmade farming u> all ila branrhea <m Uie imoet approved pnnciptea, having aprnl au ycara in trauiing ?ith one ./Hie moat eaujMwi agririilluriata of Scotland, putting theory into pnarOee. ta mow 111 New lurk seeking employmeui in a similar capaeKy. er would accept a clrrkahip. in wliicb he ia .siiially having lor many yrara conducted (aa chief clerk) the IhmMmm ot a land ageut and oilier otoo-a. Hut tcwimmu.ila and a MM would prove hia roui|>eCriicy. To be arr-o or beard from Mr foui daya at lib Greenwich at., N. V. r DRUGGISTS.?A YOUNG MAN. UNMARRIKD, PRE esauig a thorough know ledge of Lbe reUil drug ' - im would like .111 cngagrnirut in a first claaa atorr. u ??J city rwfp renrea. Addreaa Med, Herald office. PtTf v UAAirClffT r PDU ? HIV OW a m?/van.i.n * ??? >|IV uvruB.-'rautr.ivn All l? Ol AliUil r?IV?S ? A TUVRV X mim. thoroughly acquainted with Uw diifereut brauchea tf the above, hi ui want of a Mtuatiuu. Salary moderate. A.4 dre*a T. J , bo? UM Herald office. rDKNTJHTfi.?WANTKD, HV AN KXPKRIRNl'KD MAI, a ho baa been teu year* in the pmfeaaem. a aanatioo aMktw to workshop or office; is a first rat? gold stopper and Uuna# ly acquainted with every branch of the protraatoo Keferepaaa pint, Salary required moderate. No objection to go ta A* ountry. Kpeaka Preach and Herman. Addreaa Z. V., baa ISO, Herald office. TIT A NTKD?A SITUATION, BY A YOU NO UKRMAN. TV a* bookkeeper or entry clerk, beat reference given. Ad dreaa V. X., Herald office. "IirANTKH?BT AN KXPKBIKNCKD CHINAMAN. WW It apeak* good Rnsliah. and haa bad many yeara eapertaaa In lh? retail tea trade In this city, a aituaiion a* clerk In a rotaffi te.i or grocery alore. Baliafaetory refereucea given. Inqirtw at U6 Canal at. TITANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A MAUBIED MAN. T? V r superintend a fnrin. st ho baa been raised on a farm, aad w ho uiulerMsnda Ida buslaeaa; also understand* vegetable gardening; la very handy with carpenter a tools, fan be tees m Mr. liruahaw^a fiour store, ttt West at. WANTKD? BY A TOCNQ MAN. A SITUATION Affi rlerk in a dry It ore Is slorr, wbo haa bei-n al liambenr for the last hie yearn, where he lua acquired a full, prandial knowledge nf the dry goods trade In all ua dffiereut limiiAw Address Mr. K. B. Klnlcy, 130 Madiaou a. TirANTKD-A HITUATION, BY AN ACTIVE YOVNffi 11 man. aa barkeeper, understand* the wholesale ul ia tail liquor liuaitieas ami can come well recoouneiule.1 treat Ma last employer. Can be aeea tor four day* al tlwooraardf lismniood and West at*. HELP WAITKD?MAUI. Aoknts wantki>-in every orrr and town. rm tell I>arid Veoteo'a Kiralalnr Sewing Needle Thraadw. the only inventor and manufacturer ol the genuine article. FW gala at lis Duaoe atreet, N. T., In the rear DAVID VKNTRffi. A YOUNG OKNTI.KMAN WANTED?IK AN ARI'm Un i a office aa pupil Address Architect. MJ Itrovlwag. At.KNTM WANTKD-TO SKI J. A NKW ARTICLE JVHT tiitrudnred. large protna realized and ready salea. Specimen aent by mail on receipt ot 2b rent* In raah or sUiapo. t all ou or addrrea Oaulhreau* A Co., OS Naaaau al. N. Y. At stkwart a co. want a person tot a km . charge of their wboh-aale cloak and mantilla department. A liberal aslsi-v will > " , 1 - s n . .?.B - > . -- ? ? ? ** * " Bookkkki'kr wanted?for A first ci.ASS H9 trl l)ne who thoroughly uuderaiand* UM bnaoiaaa $mt t in come well recoctairuded Addraaa bo* 2.M6 Pm* ofltow. Bor waxtiu>-a ntroxu. active hoy that mam bran 10 a light tiinnnlaep.i mg biwlnra* (orb u tonneta. ch pa. or l>n v|??i. luual live wilt hi* imniu aud brtag ((.. I lea-.miouiala a* III i barartr., Ac. None otlatta uee.1 mmAr at 3d Walker at., thirl tloor, Boy wanted?ahout i? years oi.p, ivtklugent and health v. to >*m tbr toreigo and domeattr weal I naioeaa; no enn>peu*aima beyond giving a taorodgb knaart lgr o( the trade. Apply at hi Han lay atrret, lower door. /TOACIIMAK WASTED?ONE WHO HAS UOOD rkrit\J rrurr and h?* Inert a pn.ate fauuly, to go i* fca tiiuutrjr. Apply tin* day at 17 K**t 3tXh at. Drum ci.kkks -wanted, one or two yoiin? turn thoroughly aequ tinted with the retail and pi naatp lion hnaineni nor to lake cbarer ot a More, the utbar to aaaML Apply at 38 t atharuie at. KKTRT i'l.KRK WANTED-IN A DRY GOODS JMbin* hot jr Addreaa box 2.MM Poet otAra Man and wifk wanted-on a rmaij. farm, m mile. in the country the man to do general I arm n wA. Uie wmnan hot me a ork. no .at be anber and indiutnmta aM will hare a pertuauant hiaue. Addreaa tor one weak WUeaw, Itarald othi e. r> drig t'i.krks. ? A fommtttnt vocno MAX, well aC'inaluted w ith ritr trade, may bear o( a pei maul ainiaton by applying at 191 Kaat XVt a'.. nrmrrri_i ui.v iw * im> .?n. ... ? W One willing U? nut? himarll generally uarlul, iuf |4drear. la bu oau hand irnuoj, boi out frm o?. e WANTRP-A SOBRR INHCHTRIOl'N MAN, (f)RRMAN thoroughly arqnaiuled with ibe htiUrr aad ?<* l?.Minna; ?rb a <xm who ran mflenee a r-Kkl iraJr will ba I it-rally dealt wiib. Aildreaa (ur two day* nutter rod Kgga. Herald uflior \1rAXTKD?A Hl'VKR ANI> HALKHSTaN; rrfJ.T fXMTTT peieni to undrrUae lha buaiery hiutnewa A Irieral aalarp wilt be paid Ujt right oerarei. A.I tieaa Traey, Irwtu A Ua, XM and ZB llrnadwajr W'AMKH A M11HH.K AO Kit, I'NMAKKIKO M AN. VI alto Oxeougblt und.-ralaad* the rare ol bwara and wll m ibe hiiuaell generally tiarful lo reran aa (roan aud coadhOian. Addreaa. *Hb partw ulara, I.. W , Herald uflre tlrANTKI? A YOCXO MAN A?\fl'A 1NT10 WITH ID II liquor trade io aril Uqiwra uu c-auouaaiua. A ldieaa A. H , Herald idla. r. W'ANTKD-A OKNT1.KMAN WHO W WRIJ. AOII quainter] wKb Ibe butela and public boiiaea in tha raw and neighborhood, ala-> watering plarea. and * bo mul l lutre* d< r< a nr? anil popular aril. le T-. anrh > nor a lil>?ral o?iory arlll be paid. Appljr Vi FKTKK TONK A till., 37 Hrarwr at rent. A I' A NTKli Tuiid Til Kl.uHllit A 1. II. N'HNKKR, II a bii nidrrManda rallr-atd grading. Ar Alan, ainaa tA a-1 aa timekeeper. Apply al Ibe Mi rrbanta <Vrka k.-gudrf II" 7M HnaUir Mm >. < >.ta prw u/e.1 .Vu r.antn.mi.ia M ar.anre Kaiai.Uabed ISM WM J KK1IPATM. -|1'ANTKI> A MAN AH I* A^TR V < ?H>K MINT ON MBII In* I" . *? Ui -i-'ti.rU T and i .tne w?l! tenowa A| | . i i 'in- rraU.iraiu vt Hweruy * Dual. tMSaaoa It'A. M ktutlSM. Tl'ARTHi AD KX.rkKIKMi'k() H VKKV.Ki'Ml PoR A Tf InAal a Ian, a to'.ni man 14 m..ka lumaall RnoaraUf naatul In a Itt'mr sb.ra and t" Uka rara of a b >n?a Apply M ih- M atrkaiia' l>rkl' Kf*i?try "tica. 7N Hr.tadway. amaIn T|? |ip?.rrJ. Do nan III I *? HI la adimrr W*. J. r.Klil'ATH. W'AVTKII A SMART IXTRI.f .l'i?TWf" V? II Tlf > R'>? ff 12 17)"' ''if I<? aria. <?n ro II- *1, rai- . wrii*n.la4 Fin an mi" I liottaa in o*i ' ?ry hit tip lira. jrnai AIM. AUdiaaa boa 1.417 ft?i nflira. fur Ibrra lata VirARTKI) A SMAKr HOT. IN A OR'S Kf.V STOIR. ?I irrniC Av I) *< Wi st 1 iountinl M , tin alalia. W'ANTKH A I'OMfKTKNT I'KKMOX AS SIPKRIKII ' ( rHaklalMiaii, AMm Ian 1 alii I'll .ali'-. ?iauiiA '|ii?.i> itl.nia *o4 n-iarru --a. U'AM'KO-A RAKMKR O.MR WIIO VNDKKSTANM lua halnra; no riiijp<sk>n Vi a marrnM in m a lh ait aa' I. Iimrxaa In iuiia at III Uiaml at uaar HroaSnir, fraw I A M M?? f. M \A AM Ml A R >I*KI T A HI.K V'H 111, OF UOOil AO l) driaa. ilia- ..tiT?u . l? )i*ir < 11111114 and thatu?* au I ? nnkp i.iuiM-il fcp?? rally uapfnl. tknd rpfprpti. pa rr.^uirwl f?T I I taly. At . .Apply dnriu* itar h.. n* m right oud trn *1 No. P 11.1X11..'lid It. U'ANTKO-A M AN TO TANK rtRK OF A IIiiXHR and < tibr Willi ? k'xiw|p>1v-p m H'irbPti 1 HI l-mug Magna Hi |fi 11 ., A'1 1 it'-v * 1 .. . 1,1,.? 17 W<w* n hi U'A.vri i' a n<?r nr a hum in tiif whom-a i* bUMm, Apply at bpi M aalitn ;t III m It* A Ml II- A ?-yAUT >; IV TO l(KKl All Ol A TT h>.i?p aad wagaa aa>l mafcp hiataplf oaii. i hi. ipaplnl Ap |*1* U> J H?|, M3 lib Hi bbtaprn 21*1 *ixl 2)i *1 WTANTKD A riR<T RATI". < A R I'KT sAI.F..-? AN; rf . ,>..< ?' H'*f <i?iiitnt with lap iiiHWupa* ??H apply. Iiii(iilrp at *1 Mowpi*. irAIIKR W A NT Ml?OMR WHO TH0R01 IJHI.V VH ?| .iprat ' ' 'na ? and n a 10 - In a^.rk raay up flip at Hip i'bltodplplua Hn .*p lb and 147 iXmprp, at 7 A . UrANTKn a MirniT.r. torn *i*, am WArrm in Hip Mail halloa limine and Ovmpi- SaA'iv, MA imw*y. W' ANTKIi-lN A WIIOt.HAt.F HAT H'lt'NR. K Tt yum* man atam! la ypa < agn in laalut tniuorif gwn ra'lr iihpIiii hii.I rpI a i*>ri'" t kn.nalpdga lur hitatarao itii- wh. b.ia Oiiiip pi|>phpii?'? jiipfprrp.l, 11.-n i>( 1 p| pr?nm roiuirpd -alary Aral yparfim. Addrpao I1.M Mnduiu. HwaM "Mrm. ll'AM vn A NOV THAT RK-HlkH WITH His y paroala b'Miw willing in W. t. -.?n a |I ?bnl Uab iinrp. a*id oil gm?ia t>jr aanu.ip - .%?* Altai urw> yaar, Irrpm p (p.|iUiph1 Aildrra* AS A X !lpi*,d .. Imp 11-AM I II AT A,AN I'Yhh.H HnlKt, AhH III VINU Y| a; -m, 21, It and 2ft AVha ip vi|i V pp f- waKPr*. i..ip an - mp.1 la iba to* of rWt-ka prp pnal Applr ally. v\' [i ROOM -iKWAxn WAvrr i > IMIAITS " ll* Ciillii Sv-vip* v utilni ?v?in A ari'AA Nary l ard H ? k' n. Noua b il * a pII ip- Hampnd v'r obbo ibl'l). U' AA 1 1 A A"1 A MA* WIT AH'H f ?*1 IV 1 1 h 1 t.M v "I inraload prnntaiilP lni? imao Ta M'*I"? .I In. . .. I. ? T '* """ '' tvni.;i. |n>4. ... K.lraA' ,1.7 1 i..i >u at il .. .blya, >'? UkiJui' <k. _ _ \1* ANTf il?.AT THIS Til' TOP SKIRT FACTORT. NO t* IASt I nni in -ii?' a * . wh p a.-i'tamtail aitM i.ntiiii* (-1 ail.!' a a uh .? i'|p*p atan. !>' aula. ! > updakiria. tot nd hn 'ai. Md pn| will lit Kirvu

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