Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Temmuz 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Temmuz 1860 Page 2
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2 wrot?^ed bwni.ite he v* a* not equal with another. W) aerUs of *p<<erlM> ?ii? id cotwonanee with tfc? w* which I havp alwa>B carried out, that we have uo ri<ht lu wrong others because they are not our equal* 1 kut>w that l~v .UA. a man m not my <*joal, phy?oal.> aud tutel lectualty , 1 owe him a duty lobclriehd hmi in nil the rights whldi I claim lor myself J deenuMoe the idea that any fan wrong or cppreea u race on such an koto mt 1 felt it unkind to me to hold me up l<efore a M iNwcbuwtU audi ence a* uuiler the dictation of men that I'm not hoc us loin <d t4> dictation froiu. Every vote of iniue, ever) wvid, 1 throw opeu to criticism. AJ1 I a?k is tUit 1 have mrti?t mil to me what I matt' out to you?ex*cljurf tiee?that is all 1 a*k 1 said that 1 believed in the equality <>f all men before the law?that In my doctrine, t'ne republlian pafiy beilfvcs slavery to be a moral, piltlic il and aucial wvil It hiu> pmtxiunced .n^ iinnt hum >u slavery overy *horo It retinites slavery as a local tnatltu tion, which Congress may not touch In the States whore ii ?'iu*te, t>ui 1'l.muj, tae powir to Hi t p siavt-ry om ?> Territories, knowiuK th*t In tim* it will Rive uh auch i ou (ivi i wlmiiiiiiip potter as t<> tuiablt* in to chock ?Uv y over all the rontinfiit Ir it fall* In 1H?u it will bo be | amao the country la uol rtpe uncurb for it If it * ?' o-eda, it will overthrow the tntfiirnrr of dWvery in thr Koveiuim-ut. I leave -utvrry in the South t.? * daait wiUi by tb?- peoplo of the Smith whenever vru cab chauKe tli? bear! uii J'ldimiri.t and couvieuoe of the |""opU? of those Siattn T".,,, w . sir .u^t-ai pot ill >? l*l?5? ? I'reai.'ect in Uia opju.^xl u> aiarery anywtial* anil everywhere, but r?-oymznij( the rifjiii" "f tlw Suttea, we attj the (nvenimeiit, rtuin^ the Sruate, tbe Supreme Court, aitd put the federal jfoveri; again*! bummi slavery and eia*<- iiiOiksjuo ui Auienoa We leave tt then in the sut<'? Bborn of il? oolitic*) power. I*?iiticiaiis will uo lougrr worahip alavery, b-.-cani- it doe* not giv- itfm control of the country Uavj il oj>eo to the influence of Chrialiauity; leave it to be pressed up"u by every good mlWoce How do you auf poae it will 'tra when yoo take the pow*r of tlua (poveronii iit trom ?t. and leave it to the legitimate iiiflueuora of ita own exiateuce All ( aek ia that wh^u you undertake lo arraign men who, In the halw of Con Krrea, tH-for*. dotniiialli.f majorities, when puhlir anntinient la agaliiat tbetn, when the* sneer and profane word* Minn r>ri j PU'|i ill iiir air u no w tut ri^.lil, I auk you thai wheu sou deal with ?ucb m-?n, you hhall do iheni Justice, ami that If they have (lone guod and bravo dcedti, thai vou say II. And wtit<* they make mistake, If they <] an aa men who l<\" the cau?e of freedom, do not rata interpret then. I agree with you In one thing? In a deep and profound love of liberty, and a hatred of liumar slavery. For a quarter of a century, when I could <lo ?o, I have attended your meeting* ami have never ut L red one word i.f unkindneM* agaiimt you. although you know that 1 difer with you ixiuccrntug the L'uioa, the comtitutlou and the mode of action. How w?m it at the la>t CHnhio of Congress* John Drown had just been exe oitcd There wua irreat hostility manifested on all handM to all men *lw are oppowd to slavery The very ilrst <1?\ they wore put on trial before the country We w?re tipbran hi uh traitor* We saw that the great object of our opponent# wm> to create a panto In the country. We xuxxi fohily ami lulniiy, and heard their deaunciatloon We kin w thai we were right, and that our time would c< me In uoort time. II did cotne. For the last four ok Ml i- th. ,-i^gr. wdvr itepe of slavery have been re Hmieii h) the republican |?irty We have seen the chiefs <>f slaveiy quail. We have seen the haughty flag of de rnocracy hiverj'd to fragments, and there never was an Lour in the hiMorv of the countrv when anti slavery mi u ha?i ho tniii.h to hope for. We lmve organized a party to take the government out o( the hands of the slave power We Imve left the country of>en to futh and Jus tice and right?and I Fay to men that cherish gloomy thoughts. that now above all hours is the hour of horw for the country. Tlif? ant ( slavery movement wax begun twenty live j cars ago ami'! opposition ami p'raecutiou, by a dtupised few To day the country Is torn by the Ir rrpri+sible cot flirt, Hurt men beyoud Mason and Dixon's Jin?* an- coming t" aid the cause. It take* time to acoorn pluOi tlie nobeM objects. The acntimruU of a great nation are n<d to be changid In a day nor an bour The muse Is going onward, and tijrim^b ?nd over |*rtirn We are marching on to rer tain mkvos* (Appiausc). Even what our friend who spoke h> re this morning railed the black rode of Illinois will jit crumble iwfore thin tnarrh i f progress. The bat tie 1# fought bj the r> publican party ou th? truest and plroLpent ground, no (r^al and roimtiiutional ground*. Wheti it wins <imi^i slavery ecteiiNion It win* against everything Wh? u ih? slave power coi* down in the na ti(.i,ai g<\erLmmt, \t goes down fcrever. (ilreat ap |) i*nae.) Mrs Aunt Kkilv Koktt* de.airrd to know what ww the difference between the platform of the whig pvty from winch be seo< ed sinl that of the republican party. Geo tangos explained It to the satisfaction of the audi' nee, showing the riiff? reucr between the whig* of M i? sat butw'tta in 48 atxl the national party of whig* lb is did not suit Mra. Foster, and she repeated her qu ? tkiM aiMl wm> iufojined that the whig platform of M*4?a ohuseit* waa anli slavery till 1848 That thev offered the dnrtrlne to Ihe tml total party, and it waa rejecte I, and LLeu be and nuiit more Ml the |mrtv. 1t>e republicmn parly was fmnied of men who left the democratic and whig partieb on auti slavery grounds. (Applause.) Intrrrating from 8t. Doml*||o. OIK ST. UOMlNaO Cl>HHKMrOM>BN?)K. Nr. IK*woo. M?v II, 1M0. lis fitrmatum ami f.ihrralitatinn of the [Dominican Conmtr a*l J'oticy?The .YUitrtmm of the (itunfiy at H'ork? He lu/vnu TbUratvm?Klwatinn and the rreu?Emijrati-m to be Knccurag d?The Product* of the Soil, and ike Win nor of their Cuiitfatum?Knlerpru of a AVie I'nri Merchant?Harbor Improvement*?TV American Repre "efUativa in St. Dimingo, <*c. Irnitend of feuding you bloody tale* of wir and rerolu turn?the maple Infot matiou from mo*t of tbo Spauioh American Slate*?I can communicate Dip lull-resting iu tollvgence thai the Dominican republic tum reformed and liberalized her whole commercial policy. au<.l ii lixeiy oon to make Ler mark and lake UigU rauk among luo moat enlightened and prrwperoua American Stair*. The Iwminlcan* waited sixteen ye*r? In supplicating Ihe notice and pr otection of Spun, franc.' and fag laud, during which tlmo thuae Power* did nothing for them, but trarnvri d I" control the a< lion of Iheir government and lo |ir#?eoi tl fmro entaWlulling prodwiblc r< lattuu* witn tb< United Sun - and tbe .country ?ta?uated into |iovcrty and ruin under tiu tr u{mm atiade Tbe mleery i< the country had become *n extreme that th<- milv thought the cltizeaa of th* United Slate* lir- I Ing h? re wan k<>? to collect what ?u due th'-ra and leavo i tlie lountiy while they had anything lel\ to go with. | The ooumila and minuter* of the "great allied Power*" I werr tbe real lord# of th>-Itntnmtcan republic, aud thi-ir irtnUar) 4icUUua ww a* i.uhi i* mr ?m? imrnni* ??i ihw country u we ?c*e it m Mexico anil our Oulral Am -ri can n. ijrtilM.r* All lb s had U> end in a!<?olule utyivtien to neffriw? uf Hayti ?f in an absolute rha i?e "f policy. I.u< kiTy Ihr tbe Ikxnuiiran people I far) tune a ?ui<-um or two In their Cabinet urn! S nate, and I boy hive (.it ih'lr IiiuiiU to tbf?'irk ; they have ll|IHru?.| Ik*ir KinkIng I liip uf the uv<<rk?<l uf hackle* Mid dead weight* whion they bad tekrrltnl fn>ai (Mil tyaln. and now, tor tbe br?i lunV, tht Uroii.tcNii republic i? In word and deed a r. ally Independent American 8l?tain tlx- not itav, it* rutKliliilma, It* law* and Ita (ri bunal* art- Uf ml) ha.ied on the principle of the mwi com |?l<te civil and t<li*Kti? liberty "Hi*- guvwnmmi proved It* kincrrf Hplrit <M rellgloua toleration by presenting tb<> I'rnUvlant cmi#raut? nrllh ground (i>r c? tn>t?r> and a KidnI t>iMldiii( lor a rhurrh Hie I'roteaiiuiH will require Home l?el|i !< m It u|i for dirine Hrrwr, but the ('urmia.i P'iOIn of the North, ?bu don t mind *p<udink teu? at tliouaanda on the Murin<"?e pa^aua?who return- to be o->a cried at any pr*.-< ?wnl not refuse a few hundred toward Histamine rrg.iiar wi>rxlii|< in the ktigliab tonga* rt?r tb.-ir own mariner* vid other funior* here who used the b-xi and would be ? thauklul for tl. The a?i>4id alep w >a to mtabliali a ayatim of primary ftc<?M, on (he American plan of free inairuc tiou, lor h.db * *?* an I all c Melitl ma liar.4!lei with tlin ntoven -at tli* rtniiiri|(i)M |iftw 1a btiU<lui( imii id ua? i>r>i*iw <if ftu ewrly literary hwrMl Th? Ih.rd m.?mir? favor* entural**, and If intended u< pt-rauftde faro.-r* ami mertiari a UoiW in a id <k>rrl?|i? the Mndrrhllv rich naourcea of i?t IVimuiK i, an I la alr<??dy prixlw inn grr?t reaalts. VurctfMr* are on O'nra^tiu buy, ai?t are protected iu the ii^iym uc .?f ovi-ry cU*a nf nal IM (irrMMU t*M<, Mil a 11 wiVr of magtrfl. ?tjl K'ig<r, < <>(T< t-aii I t<)ba> en Mlitc, which h??a br, o loli waaie a third i>f a centnrjr, arr V? b un.n >-liaU- , ly pal la cultiration by Oeimun and Am-riteiM, who take them, rialy Blocked, on what Is calicJ b.-re en ?itad, or halve* All the cap ui required of the aoitler who t tk<'? th"4* flrn eatat<? oti a l<? < l>'aa>* I* a few bm J re I dollar* in vfwted id (arming Ua;iMO',iit* Wo DIM bore know- any tiling about evru ?>i. h i-otuimm itnplenvnM a* tb plough, tiarrow or arylhe. an t the m <n wno are prt-ptri<i? to u*> i MM, Mtid the be?l id UW>* aaving m? bia.? >1 all >-1 m ?, will re%p pr<nrel> fortnoN nut ot tti fnrltW; though ?? glreUxl laa'a flu ir proper nlltratl i. will all initt'oua to the wealUi i-f tbe native pwprHori, ai w II ? fur tuuo* to tit* ealtTpi Ulutf foreigner* wbu ukutbtn la Imuid My lair m ail iwira ?r>- r>-uii?mi "" "-IJ ?? Vibor Mviuf imj'lMntMiU of 'W/ dwcrlptfrm, ?.i1 thii ct m iki frvlu) .ag IU i/Q"t ?fl ItM proajx-cM of j ?NHM|> lurocUy cm iu a S.">w To'H Arm m*l?< arranf" m<-uta lo i>twi. ?,i . it. i?-'!?-e V|? t (,<r iUm i?|la<t?al labor aartcjr Oja. ..!& ? m.ttf I to Ihi* tu uirjf In tbio, ion, U??? IXxa.ait Ui ror^runwfil v< ry run U n l? II f*?f Ihi Arm tlx- um' of * ur?r ?t?i* au I Uli probaMr lh? oc* b.nt fl>r a mv hm? thai can b? f'Mioii m .-1 t? minjK* Pit *?.< v?M4inM< ny lh??o> rrfbrma by the ktnc ?n lp-l -<t h?i v<U <4 Ih* <>H ?rbi> i, but tho *or* u t?u?* Tb? oil, in* mint' am! thi f tri -u << .** m i<| yi-11 In ani ?o<1 *Mi, anl fir up Ihi ir irfwure* U oiXlrru estfjKt". TV Bilk in arir* *1* ti >>p?>n .4?m??a anl Mi .*?'itP?, th<> two mc>at arB'lwI'U* iMibor* mi th i?U i l? >r I nuy r ay tn lb# Ar,til?? On* Mk- an4 in'wWation of Um> j.rortort* nf th# lifw mo?<-in"H Tie h?l a bard P/tii T?t iiw c? hut pat i ?>? ? ant I?r?no? <* v?*>, h ?' iiti'ir ?. an>l in ?hi? . v? "th -jr / rrwl IV- <? ! w.* t!?? ??y" to tw? of If, o'?l .1 tral ?o?' >otrtr i , lit* it . I., in u? .tin -i . . ,u WWII"' ??' ' ' , < 1 " > 'W ' *?'on fr n v >? Y*r? .< li r i 1? tl nv??<*"! ?i'f??fl wttli ,t" . ? v i th'i i vvii linM n? tb? p? i- '|i?! ft* ? ? 1?t i.? m> <<x a .i.Im.' lh<w# |?"V At th* p' ? I ??>' t t? m >t a H m 't ua f*n-? N*i (n IV fv.-n ntr^i. t^?rH<ry TfcfMt l?"1? ?' ??! unt ir?l <1 r* -1 tr <jr r II Wltf.nifl* ?? ' 1-o'Ui: wlii h h , i' y oir<x?<1 with rrimit'r* nuwi <> .) f<r -t? h ! , . thjt n?w tjnX' tb of * ?y Ifi- - I "I! 1 > ?w ? il * > n ritur In if"* u-hm ' ' Y> n *% - > , V. * i wiH pr?p?r i Ihftr f r tr rt it a ii, ?"* *,? ??' l?. ?<> hf mcImii* 'I far V?n* * lur, |f- v . . , tnirhlnrry and mint r-\' to i ?itn t > * t i?nKipnMlit *o?t A U ' t .-n, f-r tfi J ' .1 t" .1 ( M.Urprfv nn* IV*nm?r?ti ownT*li p Only ?tw in >r* ?t?j> w*i u - ??7 11 rn > :\? , of lmpr"*'Wit <tn>i?VU?, M.d lh?? *m tft rrri rr II J?y. lh?n?n?- rwi v tV"??nn tuf'ir u r>?-i->? ?fc t n??rlr tnr?.) Vn ? tiMiinl *. u .. ri .i ?<il or tl? Itofnintem *>T r < vh? tr'?*; o' i>n. Ot,i? i. t > n w< #< 1 rVfVud Otl^' v..?t?w it t? ? *? , >r ^v)t> i" 1 ' pU'1 W mij i d f J f : ? \?.t l .( *. f Anioricai houM could compile with th* subject# ' i Mid Fnpland, or tr f?rl any ok f comiacroUl Pi *vr The faruri-dcttizeiuol UiOte naliotm tuJ Uii? udfcid u:: Ui ibtlliWlTM, t>?citUM< Uieir tfotel littt " ? < -urf t< nnike IreutH-i |*r their ?d untune, while ib.U tin- I'uiud SiiU*, by borne Dlrangr overntfb', U*d until led to protect iu- rilisena. llii' An orii'jio Itaruy fu'iiul the ltt<-rW? u( his coun trjineii in a t u ange ?tate o' 1.1t and deprowtl i ; b ,t In li.u! lite good fortune to m?vt witJi a C' *<lu.l rvrrjiliou Mid (he Ix bI diapukilinn on the j :i of Unit g:?v?riiu eul, ulili (Hif t-ujLai i u**n ri't aitoi auulh r tilt# tiuru Utken Uj> mid . cillMi, ui IJ hI! th'' cuuin?rclal i<>Utio? s of tUe t?r<> ir|itibliu me iu ll?" in"*1 wtiirlitcl'iry |i>?iUutt Ail f)iitu! restriction .in 1 iiMthUitie* artut.w removed from Alurriruii aid iu every rewp.'tl tit.- pru di lion* and trade of the United State* are plat t '? un iquaJ footirg unh t!n*e of Uie mint fbvoi ed nation-, lln* U Mil- fiith and Mealing link of the circle of re foi lm*d policy Hie universal Yankee pi?pie liave now a uew Q< id and ? Wear road before them, Hid 1 mn rlad to Congratulate ttlCUl U|?tl it. ?>* NxfcTllI* Corrrtpondrnrt. Nahuvillk, lino. Juu< 7, ISM. The Barif Htttlrmrnt Nat\vilU~(MU<fit Comments menU?Account of the Academies?Their (tot?Military lOiirw?\aMk?i!k Springs?A Large Hotel?AbunJanv tf Fireflies?Hmt> Southerners Lire, Ac , Sc. Tills town was originally occupied by a tribe of Rhawnee Indians In 1714 Mr Charleyllle, a French trader from Crozort'i Col jny, at Now Orleans, came to Nathalie ana opened a trade with lliff Indian*. In 1T30 tUe French colonies in America undertook to unite Lou.auuiia aud Canada. They planted their settlements at Pittsburg, the mimlh of the Cumberland and TenueWKie rtr?rs, on the Ohio; at Kaskassta, in IUInoU, St. Louis, Detroit, Niagura, and othrr placcs, and until ITW, when General Wolf couguerod Quebec, the French were supn-me won of the monnta na. In 1763 they ceded 1-ouislana to Spain. The first county established in Tennessee ttiu id 1777, and made by the Legislature of North Carolina, and wits called Washington, aud lakeu off of Wilkes aud Burki- counties, it: North Carolina. It was situated lu the nortb and east part of the State , but it embraced a Urge territory, Jextenrtiug west to the Mm > si^ippi river. I'-avubton county, in which this towu w HUinted, was cntal>ii.~hod in 17S3 Tbe tlrst settlements w?ri> made in this Mate, in the extreme upper uortli ciutK'iii imri 01 ii, hi a place called Watauga Mure wt-i ili '|n>hitcU the gei m of t lit? luturu Stair of Tennessee. Tl?4h began a* early u# 1768, mil form I principally by Luluth and explorers trom Virginia an 1 Nuttb Carolina Ihe t-ettl' incnt was in the upjx r ami oast part of TenuilM'f| nc.u u |>lac<' now called Kliralxthtown, on the waters of the I j?|x-r TeutwK-wt river, while N?*bville and Ihividsou < <>unt v began tin ir setthin ijU In 177H This l.'W.i wan Lamed tu bouor of Olonul Frauds, wlu Ii II bravely lighting for the independence of hi.-t country, ul the battle of l??'i maiitowu, September 1. 1776, com (Handing the First regiment ot North Carolina Continental troops. I'uriLg the pant week tbis city ha.-. been Oiled wltb tlio paicum and fricuds of tho pupils taieuding the different aradt rules KM) collects for which this town is soccletraL I ed. It ia loDiniciK'umi'Ut aeek. Among muiiy similar iu ?t itutloi.K, probably not ('in bits b. en more pr>K<i>erous ?:id siaciMful than the Female Academy. Kor tti last iwcnt\?y< :ii* the K?*v C. I). Klliott has had cha*g.> of the acaot-iuy , am. it luifc gout) on mcreaMng in the nuinbor of us pupils until Ibis year tb<* number of pupils was 42V, Uit- number of graduated 64 lor the last wreck, 'lay and night liax tlie dia|? I been Olleil with the friend* ul the graduates o( Uhi academy, troin thH and the adj.uent Malik. 1 lie graduating i .a** shown d a vciy bigh prull iu ilu ir Btudies, and the essays read by tlx- tit ty eight young ladies wcri of great morlt, and were marked w ab a superior degree ot iuteil.-clual culture aud la lent If tJie Ktmc school, with tbc came number of pu 1.1U li'Mt I - Ht.-I II, one of niu Nnrth..rn /-ItI.- il t?' bettor through the milium itf the prefw to th<> till/ ii? of the SitilL anil of this Male ttuai it in iiow kin.M n, allLongb eutiiliaUy a Southern institution. There re very lew female cailf-mi*** any whore ih*t cau outnumber 1L tbeir list of ^laduatrs Ibis fi-tuale uwloui/. Mi. 1'JlmU, the l*riL.Cil>Hl fur the Unt twenty >rar?, lu?s , jtiHi retrgt r?, mi(1 from UU report it appear* thai the academy groundg contaiu mx ?i r?, iu tl.? wrvl<Tu | |?ilof the city. The academy bullUlug-. arc very o>m modioli', ft lid cotiveoieut, ronlaiiilug une hundred unit Iwi ity five mx nis, the vM|iel belug ?e\etty four by tlfly feet, nun the cm riiHw kail oue hundred and twenty byforty fret, heated by s'.eam in the wiutcr anil lighted with jiv 1'orticoN, corridor* aud covered pavement* furnisli ample mean." for rour< atioti uul exercise iu ail kinds of weather. TIhtc h;ti been $60.000of the revenue of tlie fxbool B|Klit Hi improvement!*, besidetf some #3c,000 store gained from bi-qui*t aud lbn increase to the value of the Ian < belonging to tb? academy. 1 3< closing exercise* of the Cil cgiitU; departmeet of l 1m Umvt rftty hfre have been going "u at the mtnie time. About bve year* ago the Wcnteru Military IliMit^ti', turn lotaN la Krtituckl by article of uutou, wim im<ir|x> rati d into tin- collegiate department uf lulu l*ulver<titv, unce which tini" the military rule and organ iiitexi have been a part ot the course of ins.ruction, proving au effectual aid in moral, mental aud phyMual culture. The Uni vei.-ity (ruuuon arc mtoaled u|>uu what i* known a> Colli gi HI It. one of the uh*i commandiug eaiiiieucus around the city, and take iu an area ot seventeen acri*. From | Hlf 0UIIU!UBn " tin. I! ? ?!<-? ? > lurvuuic ? I.T ouu >11} I I.11 Kf n il ot loir round in# country. WitUiu tbc collegc K round* art- fi.ur large building*, ol which tbe primip<i cdilhc, the VlfuKul roll,*.., in tiuilt of Htoni', ?;id c <*<l a< tur I4U.U00 The college library contain* 14 000 volumes, Mill tlicy have f in lit amounting to $6M),UUU Tin* m in the graduate* ?;?? pri-ached on Auun) by tbc Kov. N. J. Hrwklarl'l|?, ol Keutuckjr. On Moutlay a mIUlnr> revit w mw In 1,1 at tbc College, lu tl>?? CoJb-gu i?tnpb.s, by iieucrala Hardi # auU A mien* in. Tin* Ron I'lly (Juard.tlie military ioni|?ny of tins .lac?-, Jom?-l Mm-mdeta by tuv iialioo, forming a battalion oC four rail conipniiiei. The excel ency of thou- discipline called forth well merited praiae fr.'tn tut* large ai?#cint>ly <>| the beauty and ( *hion of the Fiiriouii-lihk country. The comm.mmii?i I fUTi i?' i tix k place u I tie Hall of Representative* a tbe hta'v Capitol, ?hu h, by the ? ;, u ouwUrml th floi at, rvrlninly m.r ul Ui? mint Uaumul, h|Mvini.'im of Hicliitei liir.l building* in tbe t'nitd sut s Tin- *<H-h wan U .to bed l>y a ^rand ball, givcu by Ibe undcta to til tlr friend* l'|>? entering tbe cutlog* ground* we found tin-in iliu u mated by Chutes* liuitema, froiu Utr naU to the building, which bad bwn devoted to Tcrpslchore for llw r\ riilug. 1W ??w?l ww* a complete ?ucc*?* Tb? *nU ?l rn?w wert te*tooord wilb wraths, and dec iratcd with I he aword* and guns of tin- c idets, arranged iu aura ami clrr.e* upon the walla of tlie ball room*, of witch llw re were b>ur. Hie rfiIf anil tbc faahio i of tbc city were tlieie. Ttie larilea were more ga ly drt?I'd, wor more brilliant color*, and were more flinwy, than 1 ever aaw in any Northern awembly, and the Konrral etlei t upnu a per Kou entering the ball room ?as more vivid, every oue looked m gay, and aparkllng, ami riltiaot Tin- fsattviI ties were Ke|it up until a late hour. I Tbc Strangr* who arc here, to a<'? the commencement nre dilly leaving Were II n>>i for the ^reat deflrleacy lit hotel accommodation* thi* city would he quite a |4icc of rr?c>rt v ? watering plai-e Naahrllle In surrounded l>v sulphur and linlybeate cpriiigs The water I* the- p! ? w?i>ti ?t ami ni?>?t pal.itable sulphur water I h?rr i ?rf ta~.i 'I Tlie wat. f i? Impregnated with a good deal <>i iron ami mII, but haBlly an> imp visiting here know* of the fact except the Immediate neighborhood, Tliey Jo not Ixkr the pains to show up thine air intake* !? Ih.> Stranger Tbty ?Ju not seem l?? ttnuk of tt, ami yet 111 .< i? probaMf i'tir of tin- li' ? hue sulphur Spring* in Unworki * it tun two mill* of tbi- city Many cfTnta I u?ve b?-<-n niaii< InukiaiB lubacrlptlotu, -liartrr, At .Ibriirw lii?t11 At ta?t utie of Kaflhvllh''* Itiims Mr. John threr tun, liah uodi rtaki u to tiullil a hotel mi his lot, comer of Church and Oierrj streets, to c<?t about ??iS WW. exrld lire pf the Talno of Un grounds, which are probacy w oi;tli i'i-O tlOO, prorldcd same of our clt 1701m ? mjlil leu l blu tlUU.OQO, making altogether the cunt of tbe b in* ami giouno, $475,000. Hlncb 1m* boon arranged, au>l th<i hotel UOW profcH KSlUg Mr. Ui-gers li.u> been chosen architect, the name one wIh) built the Dururtt Hou<e, finrmnatti , the Or rton Hotel at Memphis. and thi r? The hiitldl, u will h tr a front on CJi' rry street of 175 f"rt, and on Cb'irrb *treei of l*t> feet, covering an area of about 29.000 ?<| i.ire I net or biilf an arre. It will be a parallelogram The height fu m the p.Teirn-nt to the top >f the iUb Ut ire i? to lie seventy-?ight feel It will hare a xmu ! eetreiKie pnrt:eo oe Cherry-i r., i Mlr-ltrMfwl * th.rty feet Mgh, eo?i|m?i-i1 of fight Iron Corinthian ouliwnnn, dewn h??d several feet from the wall, with a heavy entablature crowning it At MM li end of the front ar< wing* atanit thirty fret wide. All the aolumu*. .'n tlir*! forty rooms. f*H j*1rr ?f th?? main U<l p iblic ball*, mrrwm, iwrlor*. k< Kach hull mil room lit* rr>*a of air at mnnivi''; nil conMcttaix with irw? ?n?lw air i?ii I civi?m al?> <>r light Th?? v?ntliailMi MimCI i? UMi f?*l aqua'i> and ntp trinlrrl ami t? .?tjr f??#t t?b(b, for Ui. (>gr|??-of rontilatlnf th<-whole bulllr.n Th- ritntng ball i? ny f.*t wi'tr by h'inlrr.1 an.I *>ixial fnt long, ai.4 twenty ihr?? f.vt b' h Tlif floor of th" hall i* luptiorN by iron nird?" t. wUioh ival on Iron <r>ii?nn? aunlr Into the hrtrk wot i, -kni not rmlinB on th< hrn-lf* alono, for frar of a u'.nf. Tli? b>*t chataWa ?r? funil?h^1 with waU-r an m<1 !i <?<.rjr i? fu-*ith hath 'onm*. w .i?r ch?. t?. *? . I i' utt will be atipp'lMlh) iMMrWK-rvOlra then if ih'r*i'V, nil of them, b??r plent* of Itfhl. fn?m t lure m irt in Ih Ire nfthabalfe in( <.r from the atroet WU tint k >?< ! .> fir islrfwt lh?eity may well be proinl: but until III ii ??.?in i two reant?l.-r t wit> ra will be ohJijp*! to put u(? Willi tin i >1 n. t. I a. i "mm.?, Wi< an* u?vinir qnlto ouol *r?thrr hi-rv f'-f the Ltet woek, aii l blanket* art- Mill niufortebla. ?m warni fnniw ttrr (lira or l*?hti>in? bota at>>'in?t the at |>ri>fti?i'?i at thm 'line of il.o year Ti^r an a? thkk in the op> n air a* ordinary fli-a ara n a . ith>.ni i .in>aU tlw y rn ike? w.ifHi-rfnl <li?nla/ In th-? ' vMnnf*, Uwy arr hariainw. it ?un?'t,?r> ?t At-tV, 'h V l I rcl'.'il lurlit Ittll ?h ?> .1 U .lar ^ .? .. a t i :b? r >1 it fa??, tr<*?, *hf.h?, ai 1 th? tV t? i',< I'? m <1 nw* om m 1114 ?r<Hiiug ? tr to fl?* * '<1 II '' I K f - I'l \ I |. k W I hurr loon<* *wnr ?ni? <4 tt'iT-r *o-t very i,< n i< txii-U pr- m-rvtt ?i Iim uhl? WW C.t'WO I fAJilM'l !* !? rn-tT** in?W"n<l of I?| K Vnx: >tr?oli *t bre-l'vt ton.* not rni*?, < I ? 11 it it *<tii.nt' i?trv. i?? ,'l? t'iu; ?t Vnwt ?r> m?-*l '| ?rtitl>*r>f ??*'I <nl ? >?r ml!*. i>i b.if'f milk u Ihr?r f?ll tt n?K? t? 4**o* *? mtck M ?!..i m ? I *t rx?Tj iim-hI. m >r* t? trunk I'm wnlrr. At It ? t wr ?r. *lw<r* h?uv.i piuih.-rn .if in < ?n I p t' O r ""4 B Illcr III thi? < 1 IUVHW- M Onft, Ilk-' Uk ttl? h I \tf lu '<? It n'tiH?t m?. It In not f .?nw?U7 >i*t?*> br. %.! m tr U*' Virth. Tb?r# ?r? n<> |?niiier .* th'?? cent |>iw* h w* tb? jr ?rr curl'*ili>?. Wiltir-r k Smith-* Portion TNn* of the 231 1??t r?tb'-r from Ml ? Uf? tfcot I! i? ?b >it r?t?.rt> t.. ABiTiit " iMving l a h -unr of c?t ?4"-{ ft-r th* oH b- It to nth r ruipirmt* " 1l o< m < if>m p?o b?hl? tb?t th- < lunpi i*kip * K.f'vil na") tv? n *.??pni. <f ' th" b It" wul nt? ri * V- irttii fur <j 'I *t, M.fl M*' hri.Ij# Ii,f?"t ?nl Ton toll 4 Itii'l Life ? t til I < ?l? | ? J> Ml |o *!!<> rwi-d 111 I || . I' ?i?'?<rltOi , '?rlu-' t ? ? .? P? ?. 01 < ti .-. ?'i' ri* n?. m .r. it im. Mn i 1 *rr ' f r, h vim ? 90 iM>tii>r rl.>*H ' . t i ? * , nil v, *u >.*? t- in. ii 1 >. t at .) flW YORK HFJtAJLD, I AFFAIR3 IN EUROPE bnrmtn Vit* of ihr Kn^ii.u MttMtry < Hjulrm 11??.i ?- <.? J |ir Ny.w Y'ii.k Ifkka11>. | vv t > Sfw?r li'li 1:1 MillUllv, a Km i iIi (miIi*- ) (. ( i | Tin I t nutail. t liiary r iim> ich.m *u . m r >?? t i U M+i,n| ju (it |. m. the Kuylr ti nrtnf , ol w <t 'I<>II<-m irp Hcn.tnai-)? . |l 'i- M I) hlHv lb li h i.- Ii i I * j > . i ?r my, unit Mikt urni) 1 u? ln'i'li vrry f < * \ > "' , 1 1!" : i?' t).o ?-|> tl war < ? ihi> ?<>v<,iii-r-nih r? i -j it hid r.o *ihi'?-c It h? k..p withagiiur ol ft > . tnr , utrt?r lurli> llic hTOhil. ,:ili mi ti WiIIUid Ml. <* .* lh -V' <1 nil H Hindi livilf lull, Ul.l! Illiii I" r'lf "i? - ..U> I I l? In I m in, h" cm M lieriT ' Irt.U!. ir ^ I'r .10'lit n ; immiii H (< in nt m?i| . tiuiu 7 w*) i. t- l 'try, ih i > irat, till army was increafcfd l IT WO h 1 v . iefl ' ;t I lltlk- Irvtll 11,.at HJltrvRHr ttiri. 4, M . .. i <"l '.'it w-nll> llu wa n witto Napol?on, th??r.<? ^ t> 1| s*VK>' rir?ti* for tb?* nunifriiuK I > ?|?iintt> thit !" !* 1 n?l mqi lr?'d ttritiff thwo war*, rt-vi lutioaur) i-It.' i i nn'iiaonp nttltudu of Irt-luiid, obi?K?'d 111* I'?r i In h> Tot- an aunmet Uttioa of th<> | <?ri. ; ut | ami) liitlu'rto unheard ol. And aim* thr fail ol N i pcilt cii tin- Kjiglttb army has c uly couliuiwd to itii rr y^, ! cilwuliMajjiluig thr protevtUiars of partisan* of iuii { ti rwl |?ar<?. In 18&> thf regular aim) li*.' U aw j ho ."./ti iimpii, of w liM'li 43.232 *>"' in K>i|(lanv unit lr* Mul, 1 44 614 id the ci lrmim, o?t inrind n* India, an.? 11 >*) > in lm la. lu 1863 thin fifro bad bevo mrri-a. J n | lU.M# infr, of which S2 065 wtr*- li itreit1 Vr.titin, i Vt>,214 lu 38,202 in tin* colouiea, nail *> i.- | li.tlm I ju<t yi-HT ilirlmiiK nt tixoil tbo uttulv.i; torcc at | 130 JvKi iiii'ii, wliicb ibe unui- I'af lim.ieiil >< ; u ;i..c# Itt f'5 OM'ii fi?r the yew IS5# kierjr >"?r o; ( . I tlr?t rut .? of I'arlmuu ut is l'j vole the i liloi (ui the BUMitrt hi imh army ai.<i to ieci.a.1 tb> M.i . ., * ,, j ?ilhont v>hich the crown coiim u>'i k~?*pi!i- mi.itw> luici u rin* th? year The iaspi<ii?* ?r lf<' u. my amou ti j oiiMiiAi'iy lnli. ni K?vcn to Mne iiiiiIkmui ntci Ip.r v t ar j but i hi* year it iiaa been U?'h1 hi ?n.6fl8 0&> ?u-lin?. , Iniriiy the lu?l >.'*r a ppeciil 0"inini<wH u wi. j liW to Inquire Into the couiiiliiMi of th" .11111/ kji1. li? make n n | ort The report liw been in it' - Nil i.'ii yet lOibmil Ml to i'HI l.nlli' Ut. Mid It u i-anl thill Jllu>!ih,,9t prrroui mi m n *11 lavorub'e. In rclaum U> ihi ni iual OK'Hljh (if defence of to|(laild, in tc-0 III I tuck , Colonel Herbert, in i'lir'hmilil, aa tin- 5' li c A11; I ; l**t, made untie well roMidamJ remark*, wturii ? iti-.J | 1< 'j(: il aie*. but were uot refut.'l. lie null, in > ; Dillil-tiy for ( ?ttuilly in Onul Mriiain I - .-. 1..Clu<llt>(! tin- militia, at 110.0H0 awn, wr tJr.vOU * the mil urn li app? am, therefore, l ?i there i~ ro* n '1 IniK' 1 force i?i 1 ' riN?l Britain hihI In land tbau in 1 m yr?ii?th--! roe, for example, in 1863, 111 ? !, !< t.?.r.. 1111*11 h bet . o2.u<V> men, unit in Irrruiil w m in*c Colonel. If 1 lint, by cahiu Btioii.J, Iio^kvo, v Mi 1 i imliiuiy mun 01' tin' Contin-ni ?. .. ... alkto, rnii'i'i h tin He SO.OiO mi ll t'l C w Vv tivtx li In 11 k import .lit to r 1 "i 111. i\<Wy met miviii iMily olio year, 11 0*h> r? 6 fcfO itiv>tim? ?u?l 4 fiOO mI?!---iiI |K hi ii. 1 it .i(ip ttiMi 216 000 wi ie etiltttiil - nr 1:.u l r. I 11,000 <!iii u.|f tin-|.rri?Mit, hi m ilui ri. 1.>??'1.t i <4>? iit > luvt- I*** tlx?? l>i it-k <1 irti.y tin M.i ' I | IIBH* Itmi ori ,imrt!} liupptii ll ll* >?nn- | r ,;n | in or tlx- Kiiuv is nairtfuue-' witu i i.i *?ro* ; propitioi of am-mii fiilintm i.t* il lua. lu" l.uNi i jrmrV ? rvtiv uf tin* lir* tMiirtlnivlilr r |oui< I MOOUlt r 401'000 ITfO.) hurlllrr, 16.000 : iH *0 ul'l Ol?, Ulltl ll WMlllll tm' u|h'i. itlflll wok'lj i. Ill - 'i i in din?u) t" r<-ly for ibe < ii-iicr in i" m*> An ' i k i|t, out mrii w ti M>iH-.h Krt 1 a chii>| iln if wi'lil i \21AA) to 14,000 .0 m i., tnn<(i ', il iv t< iinmneil tli*i in ho 36 00#?? . i.? * ??? w i'll rul in fjik.hiiit. ScotUuni hod initau . r cull li l-i'livvi-l)u l lliin nnifll ri-Knlur l.?, i S it 1011 i'm llilr lo l<?\i tlli.'ir CUpltttJ r>oui uli u*'. > . . ' i >' t.. l* VhH', I h |>re*i'.I I'miturv. m? i. tl Hiyi <11 H'liM-iik kliKlMli I. IOO.OiH) I'rfurii !: 1 v?r I'Ui dHMin)-mk upon tb'' i<h(iri * <>i i nrx. K* 'il ?!. i Sam*' , Mllll OMiri'tl "> l.ollilol! ; 20,00V VxTi' I I i??l 'lii 'LI" Hun hi I Bin 80 0t# laliil III In laiid N'andf. i i r | :t! J 'i 2k'l Mini . vcKhrlH i?f (liB^ivnl K imtk Ni * irui. >,* 1 i. Ik'I. I.) hi. Hiiitx mi- would N> i> Mint*!) < i- J a. r? rHpiil; hIh il tl he au|?|M?iil Ui.ii it 12> i' : I i. !/< IIn* lilnnx ! ? Iiffi uiicJi', wlml fj.I-111 '. i .1 I t r>p f.+ni l?. |i< fiO Fi.'i.rb ui.ii riling in, l?m * , i *iii ii' n mi i .'.ik 00 iiOO uii'ii arriving b> Ih iluiMHi hi1 'Ii. IM' ?4i i laiJn ( id I. mil? I,"ni l'?liaa< I.m nr ?*4?r<lil.J. I. I.If r.i'Ml oi, illd clul I'll t<i r'liitriialN ' I r In* t> i ' I* liw el Ht'l tn'M. Thi Prime M||||?I(- :i. tf.. nnie 1 d. hhi/ Hkui ?"I am conviiK i-.i ih?i n ? ot w u | ?r II l!'lit lirilK l?Vi till' d III ahull! ?? l?K> r lliu- w tit if Hiliyi Uicr Ibv Im-kukki* i'f C'.J ii. 1 r! n I 1<? I itluup.aiid throe 'A*i OM Mm in . m t'>*Vil ? lir n DlilttO') IuhIi t an fill. It'll 111 36 WW < V"Wi kite (uililililli'il thi- luili'i' Ini'il) Ii.- n . ' ,.i U" y wbith i*, 1 I?i|j?', Ii a* tbai 60 00V uii i , thi n 11 n .. i tin. whi< h ? ttxeil at 120.000 mi l. : ami il Hi. :.' .>iIiai? we'l I. ?'i i il?il, an wi nlil b*ll"? *Mhii.. r t. In I'vrri < ' wur, I itm> count :?> 100.000 rt It. i ]4 000 til Ifcalir} . 12 000 t. M UW V?tnim?, i>. ? tii'n- i lili.wii l.avt; aina'iy w?in li-d jiUfa.' i.r. ' , remit i bi'|4? ttu-l tIn- the ri'irnlar ariiij m? ? ir-u | TJh- iMinnk' 111 fill ll.|lnrl lit fVl'U I illei , II' | ?| I kin w t?i ubi't ift-i tivi- Htii-i till lhi?i' H) (MO l< tlit<-><* nf ih?- muitai y ie|*>i i.-i Ax ioi t > l'Jt? '*? , militia thrj i kiM only on |u.|? i . R'Ih-u, in W&2 i'u:u I mi'lit vrOtl the erratum of ? milili* forn-of *>,00G in.-. , ' tin j liuit during the wboli four ) i-ar* ih?- irrt m > t . bltn tli* world to * *< niitU- 5a ooo mm, I (Hrrbrtt mlluuiiK tbr aciual tti r.j; ; it'i* j militia at 24 000 mi u. ami altbnnKb thinr t.Oi?-i t? llmt l*> pr?iM? highly. yil Uk?c trin-M* w. i . i . > ! tuai ui i o miaur with lb* Iji<nl?>-hr of l*r-i>m i Ti m. , IllW l? r<>ni(aM'i: Ul Jouiig IIM'I: ViMlintoVIk, ?) , '' * I lour KiiViitif ick iiM, rar Ivi ><-mi~k, p it ti .i .i lUiitorMi lo go and |ilay olriirr. Wo *fp.i?l I p-ufi* *h? al iih n to Jinlgi whvt can b<- ion* in f >ur w.*kj of < *< 1 < wm' I ) n.< ii wh" lw?<> nevrr m-rnil in a |?'i iwuionl ain.y, m il who, bpf-ldi*, lint ufttr* qn.'iilh fail lo at- ' IcihJ uuirti r 1 bin militia, tbea if, for tlir iu<?t i?rt,only a fn c n r|?, and not c\>-ii a fro corps wh*r<- r-u b iiuii ha* tnorr or I. >? ntwatlMi, but a oor|M U11010M<<<: <4 tlx nuiiis iH hugland Tht-oflVcra of thig niilllU,*ic*i>llijg lb* ota niki itrra, an- all rb'b ?l>l4lljlll or Uw>! ?,fof * ii'-iq 11 l? a In 'It*' h \ to?|?>rt a Hir uoi/orui for a month during *ach yoar. hot ?l?, absolutely ar< id 110 nUr >1.J if rs T tl'iVo nijm II *?-< ii for thrroyiam t hi* mil I tia manu-um- undrr m> wiu<!< wn. ami I can nB.rui that Ibc <.riiu?n uiluuu* of 1MN ?< >< n< ) ?orh' *oMi<*r* Tin- 100,000 uj-'ii of the 1*. 1 |? 1 wliim Lnrl l?lm<-ni|on r? ckoon, wmiM no be at in < aw of an abrupt attack, and if a*apuibl?il ill liar It-, till-glint UiHM r~ubl only bv oouutvd 00 an c* l>ahl< nt Ortng In in tbn window* mi l root* ot b. ? >?, and would he ?mthMi III lb* r?p?"?i tW-l-l wbt-n u|.|?-*.i w, a I'm rb army. I'll* 144100 yi><iinanr> ar* worth but lull* mn.i>. Dip#* an-moui iMt mllltla, cow|*w<-d Urjcviy of fartm-rx . for m < I mi?t |mi t man l<<d, who uuio-uvr* four wrofc* 111 ilk* ynwr, . and *rv tu niwik luwinnlafi-d in rrgular cavalry. Mm > id iIk tn own* wli ypar to the field of <>(i-rri?* wtth a now hcrar, lw<ar** Ui In- loh-rval lb* old 01.0 'iIi 1 Kir; to tb< in I.?* bu n *ihl, or prrbajM notb ing lb- n n-hp* tarn ra, th?-y hav? >x*n obiitfpd bi born><? .tuolitor frtlw a IM-WBr>ghbor Th* twrlvr tboiKan i or |iH,n.-<-n Uhii mui<1 <rrl*r?i.?(ft tor Ik* nw*t |?rt bi-yon l th 'iv'* lur ix-r\Hi, ami ooutd *trt<'|lr only In< i-mployi d In gf-ri ! Illlftlr Mn?n |<lMr, rtrift, |*-rhapa. York, llitl n M>( fo'tn at- III llif lr?- wl.w of tb?' Worrt. A* for 1t> wl*?, afti-r Uli )?-ai?' i-rvii* tn lln- arn<\, hav ritirwl In i < i\ illiK-, iIh j atia.h thptwi<-K'n>, If Willi nii.iUfy 1>?i<n 1 ud Mil liwoW.inihr militia, ami mum not, th -r-{ l? ?<-|?tal<'lt <i<miM?l. That tl.w ma> Wf mind, t>.w<v?r, 1 in Kiif <>i1jiimIuirt It'lMixj, auu.MJOinrn ?ik>.kiiim.<l I nl b> lovr of country, will atam) !<> m>i> a French KMX*!, Is rot lo Ih- ihniblH; but tli>4M turn hjiximl Iboiiaand mi'ti wimiM be in|raliip of ch ? Ktug tor u hi ?lant * r?*ti ar aimy, no olbc.'r Hi Kiifland b--l|.-V? "\ l.alK'O Mh<n lnva<lr>i rarrly lu i., hut it |.?i oftcu waula aoUlwra," Mid Na|?.|?.i> An t llm' Kn.'liml I-* not want aoMl.r* |j>r<l l'i<inv r?u-n baa n>t at all ptr>v*4. Tli irrc?U-at nlfllnilty Ibal tlir Mi|tl?ab fvcrnmaiit hW l<> ri'inlmt i* quc?tM??i .-f nalknaJ ii>f.ncc la fount in th* '(lliiiiil Voluntary >-ulialm.ul If II I* now <ifton ililll < nit Hi lino- <>( |?w< ?' fur t iff laid |?roc?rr mm I.. n<o?w) in.nilxua, wbat lion i,k-an Corn mu*l h? r*q iir?<<l it 11in- < ( war In maa ln-r tnli an *rmi*i HUM in iillia atncc awanivr* wrr?? *. < ? plying ii|i mi'l tin*' llic Thamo?, having on Soar'I avion, ai.' Kiarirra. wtiM'b. al?f>|'in* before ?ll nUTrhnnl ahi|w, l|.<-1 *rt<*ia Mln? hiul lo n nl to liioin lh" In tia-"n ut? | <4l<rr<l by government to llio rrewa of ruen-'ianirnea In flor Um* royal navy, Ac. roo |?mi. I* al.-rlmg m.v th.' i lability "(k*i. <1 lomb aallor. Hut It w <mly g-.-al.-r |??y i wliali i kd ilia* tlir aall.ra tif tncrvliaiit ahi|? tn tin J royal navy. It ta th.' atmr Hunt, or t*rh?|? wor?.\ for I tlx-aimy. A tailor or ahooMMer mak.a oruinur.ljr tour I alnllirga a day . a|.|p rar|? ntrra bare fmai ?'V?n lo nine I .Irllai- per w<*k Ik'aidcaJ'iviii live o'ii<vk ta lh<< evening m j wiutcr aud Irom an o'o<*ak in ?i.ailar, Uy> wnrkin-n ?n ilx ir nwn gtMim. What m there then U> ca i*n then to toilet t(v to the rlioron* dlaoplioe uf Ih. w.i.ikt, ?h? I't' ivw hillitif a day, or ?IM r? ninrt. of it afier the ttHmHxn nuJ? fur tnb? ?t. 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I'j a KVirit ?r enterprise, ainl exteu !: civtliiat Mfhi r. vi r they op'-rate a luti.uu?!> of irate** i ij.Dirturer* are ?rrf?; iti<1 under the I " ,-L.rf of h .1- ak>i> ar<1 corrupt |?>lne Th liborinjf ' k. Uri t:#vif } >eti the mora who are ite r.i to lie i iunni an1 livil a a; >r ,? *nore cruel I.' ! re th.-1 en ?, fron the prer-aur* <>f the npnoMl JurU i i re tin i n? rovs i?\ei a?' 1" nailie^ Iii.|h.s-<?1 upon I II i* ai'imllir k to tiiirW of !! . r. ?i?.<rti?e oroiior I .1 of rli? Iree rum tlw eia'av.-' id K'lrtijwun Kiiiaia. 1 ,t wi<'t> ilu'rcO'i ?if> <? Uiirt*-e? million*, white the ? i) f f'Ttv f'liir mi!''f>tis Of ?h<*e i!? teM thin half h r .< * rrnwr, tr.tft: t??the Iniiu < prop' i"tor? heme ir fit l>t, Rc.f t.pi Ui hukin r-ltf by mortgaging t wrf to tlifrrown, run 1} or u.'ver Htiriiiig ihmiMOlTea U: >?> rem I he n f rtKvr. I' i' ii) np|*ar, at f>. -t Fight, that the ilfUciiltv in rimmf ps ; K " "? r< late J to the twenty t*i milltona of f who belong to p-iv.iU* own r*, but to* fatal oiwtt i w ( rrvtffcU nru?ti?-||*?lwi> rod .m the caws i>f the i..??i (irasa-.ta i.tin ofrtirrw itiltuviltj ?1ho. That fltttl :i ?hi<l is ihf th"'ui,(.h n.mrule ? ? ?-'ely,ant thn l?:wl n.. , vter of the ofllrial hoily. Win*- *U ww th? onm IiI.or* is no law, r;o justice, i4> reprrMitollua?abwo I i ir k h< t? -ii Ui<* |mx 14. ami the lrr??p?"iiiibl* ii ttotiartea whi. h ,?<i aii nnrantrolliti limine t>> make a r.'. lot lliiD?thn frowu |tw til li?? ui t'bauoe for tit t'dl] fnilll m. Whenever eili.1Lrl|"l. tiM takr plt'y, h t. tr. he deliver**! (Voni It .billti ? and uufle ? ntla^o of, a. mm Ii itf ?i y m*o i f hi* o iter *a a priv-tW etitale T1 itie i-artVv "to thr roOict whtrb t?.i? U> ho iineitlivt ri-e thiru en nu iu;Lf i n the oii? baiid U> forty P>*r rati I i or ll.p ott* t I' ' fi*?V' ?> <"Ui ?>e girer, Mt a tv*'l>*'?(vi?n?? of the I rorVntUHiul, thru Ui'trl I*- i?>m?" IrgrnHkiino to f It' llie t? i *ii'I the taw >. ill l*r wliKk In* new n ' lip e ia t?> li*e Thi re rriial tv- ,m n?t*e to ?*r ? i ' tln ?? U?- ai"< *ri?n j.-rii-lit- live nai*t b? a 1 >a i l at-ye ii, ti-.f icuuri- <>' la.' ' j i' ,?-tv. Hi<*re h'H l? iin'i lem jethime r*i>r'? 'U"i r "f eafih elaaa ? n(,i I) It. alx'it.ttH'rc mnat b' ? :<> Kurt of oaiatl t .*i? ii, a h?ijil hi?* awl oprc c?H''t? of ji>tuv,atrt i h ?rl of tue riftKto of the fit m iwii nM; aurt ? P?)< rmoartrr Capitulation. | [lilrrt'i (Jui. |"3t Tfr ?!* ?' iw>f tbe 1/Di?<tnti r.1 , N'w ill, l Um- CK-raair id t?ilMra#r., all tha natural vivwity ul the <y>rnr? ?"t lit' the wca ? of a Kvirt fur ir>* * >< ?u*kr tip f-r hint l.tnr a* i' wt r< , and the tl> 'VltH?'nf foutrifcutrd to ??nh?iice ttlld ti li ?iry Tllv kii?,?, wliK'b IwV# b"?*n clr^eil < >' t Ibe i?*l two in uttia, ur<- *11 o ?u ti.'w; Kuami?k."-H( avl fll. ir, la-lure, mi t h ?>l wi'l < ?(- T.akri* cnunol f >r I all the ir?c*> c t Tht-rr in ir^niir ruvrnv; ' war in CI Mr 1> with |H. trot frail, lei tJv?v ?tV * oil j J.'Ui.ik. n<?nr.oij> rewrm <iirwtir>n at tb? , rar?, him) tiring < ul in'HlcUt', ? ?unts, ;.i?t -u, powJ-v, #m?*, ?W.n?-ra, aad.JI-ry, Kmiiiiinitu* poucbo?,rcd Dm t" 1. ImUmt,mhI Ibf) Mill Ot. 1 a r*a?lv market Arming, n n ii v jii.?t hi in-I'it w tin- only Uunixht which b * l*k?a j p <-fcee? l<>11 ol ct? i y mie, and "?cry k nil of weapon how ever i.UT, w rr|?i'e(l in the a-ifteuce of * better Whoever . t-l all be tlrst in the ra< > will win tbousiuifei. As lor any fear of emiat-i a, there urenoue; all th" Nenpol ilm t<vmHk etui dc it to keej< their <iwn. In a few duyaevery ship will be ifl and the omet olear. t l.e?Tii K hiia tumewhai >u tended, encept wben Oaribalill aifieare, nud tin n Ibo thine U worse thin ever. l*oople mi m u>-rat to have enough of hitu The onaequeiicn i? t &at lie Ijt* f.ivrn up walking about the struct*, exccpt at Cr wn, win* bo it> ni l likely to bo too much molested The tbrix u> kiMi hi* bandx ha. born aucb tbat ho baa iasuol a Kt-t.- r-.l i.f .l. r t<< M"i> this, while ever. one wl) ' ' All* Jnni " Ijcrtllcnoe" la iu dauger or belqg arrested. II ?na c liii fly with a view Ui encaiw all this worrhip tbat be left { the I'alaz*" fttlnrlu, where the preaeoce of the Minuter! (4 the Mrn.rif al:*y waa Hlways a pretest for hundred* to ' MlMllli room 1 havu aoen at times number* of j b if git re Oiling the auto room and aakiug for relief. N'irw the au k teat orders, aiid the mean* too, have been flvra ' o all the p'iriMi jirlesia to relieve those who are In want 1 c tbelr parish*, hul aurh la tbe apirlt of beggary Ibat | every ou<-trkw 10 get aomothirg out of the Dictator. In the beginning . cairied away by hla good nature, he gave cireci orrleM for the ? wie- applied thus, hut he hal soon If give up thia plan, for hta poult ion had become worae iliau that of the situate iniuded touriat, who show* a di?po- j Min-Ii logivi' ui one, mo v immwuiKi)' whiwu iit >u iuo In-gK* <flhe quarter. Great, uodoubt. ha* been the ml?ery lor the t*?t twu mouth* ; there weru few earning, or . Mte at aU; nuu.oera have been burnt out of their houses, i whole t;i<nilie? Lave lout the little they had, and Dot unIrequently Ibe nii|i;x>rt ol llie family Reaidea thw, the government Iuut always anoouraged buggary rather thaa MS, thinking it th<- beat menus of maki..' people d?- i ptaoerl Tbe utoiiaftlerina and convents. which rehired aa much aa the* could, are mud of thwn ?o reduced to thiir treaiih Uat they have scarcely enough for them j aelvr#. For iiaitar*. that of the Gaucia, which was pioneered by the aoidn-ry on the 4th of April, had luclf to apply for aw>ii<taiii?< thy other day. The wbole brother- j band, nfy cine ir number, wrere kept in prison fur woelo* 1 ami Marved flu connnf ?>?t they fouud everything gone, j nvrrt vessel* an well an every other 'moveable pro|K-rty. , It WII# pnnri|>i ly with a view of keeping off the ' tbrotig that Guribai'ii changed bin quartern, and want to 1 ttie iim>t txit-ul the waj part d the royal ralare. The I ?ttte r<" m? lately by General Ivinza ha I been pnpand for him, hirt he chose Home rooms comtrueied on thr terrace nbove the ^atewa) leading towards M m r?*i(\ where tbrrt is plenty of air and a beautiful view all rom.d There he In perched wiih bis staff buyood the rea< h of the crowd Mi> w, l aa li.ker li e i iace of the cheer* all over the |o?ii Tbf*>e or four h?tios, attired in the ln<iisp?ii<iable ' rut K>;tr'p,r" shout ihi- ki?r, sti?pptng at the Paltian i Ktale, the l'rclorM and wherever els- the spirit of harmo- j I y M-ijt?s ihem, ?lw?p a'1 liefore mfi* uiid ice shop*. Th-ir ! ia i ol larir', hut thi'y make the mi at of it, there ia *h? .ll an air with tire retrain of I'tra la Tricol-ire, | !>.< t* l.ibrrfS, which soems to electrtf) the audience. I They begin aim end v>lm tt, and the people never hare ?ie>n*h of It Kvety i*rt of the town resounds uiih it in the evening, and every bor in the street is linn miiiir It All th'* Hinging and playing goes on till late at night, di spite ol barricades; crowds wander about In the streets, which tire Mill Illuminated, until further order? The precaution is not useless, Ibr l'alermo has 110 gas, e*cept for a ft w month* on the Marina, and the ac to t) oil lamps wowld scaioely (jive sufficient light to o\cr the ruins and < ?> i icades In ordinary times life in ai'Biui<*r does nut begin here till u?ar sunset, tbe rest of I lie day hew* U*> b"t, nnd as by decrees order ia restored, jn^iple i at in ally fall iuto their old way*. At flrst no one dared to fe out after sunset?now midnight W the limit ; and ?lien tbe Neapolitans arc gone I dare Say |R?i>ple will keep it up till dawn Tbe eaxu-ru element in tbe Sicilians lie\ r out bo strong as In this night life. The num l>er of rnfh and ice shot* wide open and Illuminated, the tlr am uuixe, thu rums and offendve smells, all remlQ'l o??e forcibly i f Saraceus an'! luetics. Norman, Spautsb aid Ik.uibon dominion have loft scarcely any traces. In features, character and lac(ii:i^e the primitive elements arc still tlic nu.Ni prominent. Hsi Mahon, King m* Ireland. [Kft-tu the I sns oorreepottdeum of tbe l?ndon Times] Tin |*oi|.)ili l Ia (fiwaum irttmtiave, which is, I am M*'t> ir.l< rmed, tbe production of one of tbe staff of tbe wlticii, as we know, shares In the pro tec tioii awarded to tte Paine, has a sequel Ui a new catch , rami: lot a trtanmt nve *'ivr ?.t tb<' Qwrlvm hiatdni*. it rnui-t beadmitted, ill'- his beet to B>ix up hibio maHgii'ty with his Inconceivable Urno rtUM'i; tii?-Fittrt-D |m??h of wbtch the preaent imposition <>u Ibf rnitnlr i-onaitt ?r- purely and unredeeTinbty stupid 1n? naniple ir |?mpMMc?'tn|i set m bl(rh planes to be Ml<>?rd out llll M haft r?*r.bed the lowest M?r of arribbung Mtu St?)um, lift d Irland' m, hkc tta predecessors, aijimj ami*, and aa It hw?. at all i>miita, one merit, thai or h. u.g abort. I (i ? )iHi the Mto-lof paaaa^ea of the oonelm ioar? Klai, Id fact, is tbe nutty *f Italy to her eirept the tntiinp*-! fable ci iiipl* Bunt ol b *r antagonism against uhv Well. II it be tbe iiiletn diplomacy aa in war to repel aa atiaik b) an attack, bow reply tu thai? ' I be Bi iliah iniaudo, protected by their powerful fleets, hare mi r<*"fi to b ar, like u?, a foreign coalition; It Is, ll^rrtare, by the interior Itel we mui>( think o( takinf Uii ai. 'bat mean that we pretend that It is nroesaary to dtwtrny thi-lr powarT ?l? U?e cuitrary, we dealra that it Bin) IBCTt a?e, on conditio* of It divlrtod |>- im 111 i?nil i4tr anulb r, ?Uf Kngliah Power i tli aa it la.raiiiiot dn?aIopr llaclf or eren aul?alat egcept h) i.|<pri fcmou, *liUr in aatalr of cowl* I) ration it would Him. hi IIM-If h nalnal i wuili-r jotir 10 I'M' ?lw ahllltld par u4 m uh iInning brf fcyal<-ua of iniquities, id i?Ure of wliK-b, by n-maUiU* mi iLr d?i?o?lvr, at* nighl, without i h ii - up i ii l!**f in mtirr Hmun, limit nf citi-ndiug her M-lf indefinitely, Mid, fur i-iaoiplc. occupy herarlf ?|rul>(iniwl) , >n 1'nn i-ri with F alio*, Rn??n? and Mermaay, with itw frtcmlly aad uettaitlrc refutation at lb* Baatcra qix RtKWi. Here Wr ur, IVn, logically led to thin conrlnfion "lhi? Mi iuh iik- UutifMli-ratioD la paace. What u to br done to obtain it* Kng'and It it II baa taken tb? pains to tea.-b it ua. Ir. tact, by tnakii f lb* llninacna rote In apitc of their on riH)n; b\ prui*^<ilii( ni?nifi*ll?, If i I oflliially , the riiiMiitmn K Mtli) tin turn .i?t ar< t to all ? I pi.-a wlao urr bad'jr poverned have Iho richt to with draw tin n.M*tvt-a trim the la?a wbM'h govern thi-m by T<il ami i-VMi by insurrection Wall, iIn ii. In ua |i!aco Ireland in pronnw of the Ri n.njria anil <4 Sn-lly rub nl) wi- are far from approving the manner In wbii h tb?>?- twocmwititea have b.vw trinle'' hut thera la Hot a man wi?s? tu.'giiei t m-rita any t'OtiaidTatmn wlio tins ml litiii thru cut dltiun t-oviabh- lu coinpariaoo wilb tin- drat *li?i n*?ri' natural, therefore. than to t-o* t'ntbolic and porw? i:te<l Ire ai o nisulfaat her itnpitticnce of Protectant aii'i t> i.ii.i n ji^aiidr I< t hi r it, th>'n, and England. who adriaea Auairla tn Vi-libi' for a eoni of money wltl have to ratify tin n4<? Hinln pi-ualty of aaying to Europe, "My law ni my Ifiiari pb-aanra " 111 th'? i a?r. tlw ii. lbori la want na at thta moment in I InllMbiiliMriliitr.iirf Ihw IIIOD I rovMrno* Irniillii hivr inn IimI not Hit* D'?i'lu>? valiantly K*io>4l ht( (para In Alirrli, it !?. Mil nklx H WitMU. ?> ! ?n tin- i>Uiii? oI l/Hnbunly, lid. If I i*?l '? , <? ttttukl ikH b?- ini*wi to cut out a ?' <t?kt> lnnuM If Mi tilt' il(ilT) Hill ?rf grt'vo Erin. Tbla man l? mo- of ?h>?' k"ii a arwalwayn ba^iy to nir>I, and wb< tn kitw miilii.^iy milul wnb lb-' litlr hi l> i in.t?Ui ? man ir v<?M iUiki Ihf fnl|?i?iig ( li <i>|'"arn In flallier'i rarU (\irrr^m<L^frt rtlnribiiti'-l in \'t? fmcb ilrn?rtro?*nt?-? A M <M-h mn'V by I'rl. cr A*brti ha* bi-cn rrr*irt?d fti m f .'Uilim Tbl* b w*? d Hrervd an*mpr,n of I i?* t.1'1 nf I f? I if th" ?iril?l|i JH'ianlP, nTi-rod to the fen?t>arid c*f !h<- Qwmh Tt wniM imt b* t?y to b* mor* uiifki'ful r* mm ,nt irnilant than the rriiK* *u on that oora?'?. llir 'lit.-ata ?if Vnwr.- <nd tbr Tlnm(>li? 1/ f Ok' ai it wi re r r*|Ji.y-d m it with an m>i?i>t-iliio >4 the oral taau All iMI wia IJ h* nf mi < iiUM^tn nor If an h ?I?i-p1.i? ?rrr < ah-n'atrd to fldtf iM'li'Dt h?trei|* Hmct tb< 1*0 jK'i'p'i1. hiirt In iiri'iarc rviblaof which tb< aa^M mm nun of iu<- i?o r<>uiiiriea wi??M pre\col i tbi nturti ftlBa T?if J'wrMl >Um P+alt without vouching for ! It* antlH ulM-tijr, ItM t >tt<>wiu(, Which W >wn ruaiinoalI catcd I* II mm ihr n aaifaat" irf r>? Juau to the r?rt?xi>? fli? rt'f* of rrfnttn ?n.l lb* a*l i-*i?"W-tic# which *t>alii l??<n til i. > I m.1 i * li?il I'l ?*.* Ill 'II v< Ilk-Mat <MM4 | h* the ?uor?*-i' 11 ot wmiH u to the thr <n? *tHinc*?1 ua4?r l lii'tp V * 11 gr hi tin* maimer of iux vihIiw. On Ibo J rtmhi'f frrdlnMuu VII ih# rk lenoe uf politic*) jutliai j bt"inhi ou lb" ?1ti.a?iy qiMrtlon. Tb- lib?r *1 l-vljr. I i tf!\-iktn? i fhrinf, .nl n*.?v with WM* rhl?f reform, | tl.til ?l rh r'irN?lf> 'hat tlir d<*t>ni?* (if Ibo (Nullify , MmiII l?r at ihe ?r, t Mid i-nfirlr# of * woiu Th? Grim vi IKM i0r( f tr<1iAt legality, In ?.to*1le?(v l<> what 0eetn?-?i lie HIHui e>i?etirl?a of the ep^h, d* rlM.ll li, V | Hill} ?! filivwj I if ili? right (if MTOMriUlg to tli c?< wr, r.n. pr?w fr ? |b? >?( l.mi i li Mart H. r.ri-. ?*?l that the MT><r?ti<in "f lb? Onrten h??o boor li rnblv ttafflal, and t ?vnty Boron r<v?fii of Ml* ruf.ii havexbuwii ibat |it ilical I**# ration* ant l ->iir .ui? i?vi i hi lw ii ilili fi "-;.?nl:?b is tyam tb? || i (i-"l |'?tin i.rf. < ?>f ait n.lirfhi.-in-l pn ajr, an 1 hare not , tvu ti*?i >h '1vt? li | hi nu> which w.'re to be etpnetoti ' Ri ffl A rt'tt.iry cadiTWW *>* |?rv\ (.J< trti with nocli wraith. ; U .<* In It" ' M<l< of ? prnul ax Int til* >ut an 11 III docile, ! a<< hriit e art It ? k<-- .'rr?,. H"f "m? are in 'fly luminal j II.r prm . r ,-a; f an o ' a h i"? are |?r**rr?d, and do I rf n ) r??tef? in ?laii wilb lb* t>|?irit of lb" age baa Iklr i'lw lite t of IftM, >m ' Ti|>*totit to ileprlra ?f my rt|:ht l..?1 i in. ?:i n <?Im to idh-n thr dour t<> reform* wn ill* lup i'1 'V'Mli ?<Ttb"li v fl.tlt-'rpJ th>-|i?o|il<?. 'I w ii *r '? ' *> la^ I t?'iuviif"*i Iii an noinlaUikr.'i II...I -, t ,ir aliKti ?h Oirti a of th?f Kf?u? i ' rn i i?l M wt*'Hirj tT -I'? !!? * law* ahti'h roci) I 'it * 1.1' .? mm ii maai. >r ill* kiitomwhmi lo ' ' ? II J III* wh*t mm I 'if * (Melur* lh' ti . it . <r proiu r t i tho in It mb" de/tcta i*. .'i iw ih. ikf to n? tnu ilay. f* th-rc * ?in ? Mr ?i*" i? A. ?v n .?n?.>i.# ih? h?ml>l<M uU* I ih?> <v *, * pi r nr l?> ihc <Wt?. *h? V n' ' rj 1 ll?.-? n of I-*l>rll? <>f llwrlrf*)! iv i"r-th (4 ttiM UItwoiiH prntm*.- w4r? iUii' 1 v* >i < * &. i' to tlx*.- of ?ii.ither <-porh full >.f m I Hgnrii" '<tf 11K >?!<? wc M fy >m ??rTir(r ih?'lr ooniry M 11 ojr w -? fnirr *< t'r 1.? ' ? ?r ! u i:i <T?>*m|r lt?o li> iw*?: .a ??< rt \ fkmltjr >'. r tiv! n"tth. -r ?'iM ii?j, .f 1 m> fcVi'f ?i >?n r ?n* in my nun\ k mi< I' - i- ' r i "Mil liw> c HMitrf, i,-n i'j * i Mr f i..|- | i. ?ni. .h<"? t> wtth ?<* * far!'- I iw> In lb* m ? ,ri? m Ui rf *,r rat kit. tli 4> . i*n 'ih mi. <v?rt"* ?t ? : ib? i'< ;**iiw>ii "T f*' I fr? r "*< 1 'I t 1 ' I'lfM 10 ! I '-VHll I I !ii til > I t ?'li* 11u < i'h-jt !!# j Uk rn?i*. 4 ~* X ?<! oftlw- in\x>ri*il *o<' ctp'UI qu?*tlon at * I he *nic??*k? U>, aad ocnipMlJon of, the throne, and tf it * te DixrMary, I will sppoar bef re tho Co-tj-k to nuuiUlu ii. j rifthtf and ll * utility j.h wHI a* nccwtlty of rxptl.kag lit'tn Ike tbrouc V-rflwlla of -tom-bun au?l h<-r family. Anil if Iht w Cor <-f Jo ?"t ?1<nn thMMffcrw com nitwit tojiwlf a question ?f Important lo the rutinlr) , I fcng Um in lu rtrt lari Iht- uec?v?iii} of the ?*>?vo.*lion of 0u? btiiu?-ijt CVrtit. fjr the paipot-e Lumdom, JUU? 16, lit*)- JUAN DF BOCRBON. E?KlBad'( Prutf.l Agalut Sumncr'i fFrom He 1a)iiJ.? Tirnt*, Junr 1?.] Although tUo (trnai cvontt whwh ?rt> no# c.,*-iirrtiu[ m h..r i|? rutieive tcO our iumiiiH it |g in.pufcHib!,- nut from n?:e to tirno to t'iro our ? > >-? lo Um Ni? World, where problem irr u> be f*.lr?4 that tirnrljr kfli ct fturaaive*. It i? a tmrl ?f tbcdwtiny af tlia couuiry tbnt, from ita ?cniii ?i-U dominion aiu1 umy> rr-.ii loWrettls, tUa concern* ctf no Male arc inrtifferewt to it A Frenchman or u Ounan rrmy foiie?wilr,<t.* nil lu* atUutkn i(Q what lapftatiUK at PalTtiu, f<?r b? Ium hartH* Mi} niationa with the world beyond thr Atlantic or faout* cat lh>. r?|uaU.r, we, however, are cont* ually rf-mm.jd tbal ?? are not oul> a European Power, a*4 miMt aometitoeK target Uie revolution* and intrigue* of Europe in obaerviug the otm of our own rao* in rewly nettled region* of the globe. TVrtaapa the m?*l important foreign queat ?-n for K>if iaoJ u tW of American aiavery. Our roiattmu with the Uiillil Mati k, through trade ar.d community ol origin, are a* cl? r* tliat it U irepot>r.<'>le their moral condition elioukfl Dot affiH I our owu tlie rivalry wliich hkImU b?t?*n?a Ik* two counlrtea make it diUiouit to diaruae any internwttwal ruliject without Uie cliaucu of giving umtnage, ant yat the filing of fii^l Uhmen rr*?r< I. g itfavery is auch tail eri-ii when travelling in the etoutharn Maim, waere frt*dotn of apeach a ay be daugeroua, they cauuot forbear *vcighing againat tie "domcHtic institution." Wo bare the greatest interest In the d?-oay of t'als mighty evt The reputation of this country for wisdom la at intake; tar the Mgroea of the Wrat India colonics wore eawu>04paMtf not only on the gi ouud of humau I ty, but on Ilk) caluulatia* that rreo labor nu more productive thau that of tUr?. Thf?? islands still lie at tb* thrnahold of the A me* au republic, aud if lbs star* and stupes shall ever ttaai " over Up walls of M. kioo and Havav? the UritUh Autliias will be exposed to all the tnfl'isaoe of a pro s'nvery i>ropa ganda. (low important, then, la It fur us that before Umm great U-rrllorial accrsttioua which se*m inevitable aituiUi# take place the Kjslom of slavery shut have b?en moJilMf That it will coipe toau eud in our time to, indeed, not to be liojx d; but lhatAbo tioath sbould be Induoed to ac<(?Aeece in tb? priui that slavery It an evil, and ought to be abate 1, is every man of humanity ought to desire and work tor. Soute bef inning of emancipation! rmo piepajatioa for a gradual change, are not beyonj Utf hi-i?? even of tboa? who have boon depr><s?od br , tlx- m-"ul legislation of the r-puhiic and the bolu nesa with which the mo-d oxcrwsno opinions are avowed by the southerners. If gurb a change wars promised, wo should aw w!U> b.?s uneasiue^a the progress of American dominion, aud uOl regrut that the eilouMt of our laugua<c nud rciigiou diffused orur a largtr are* the degradation of a subjix t rsce. Whenever tl ere to a Kill In the storm of discusstsa which rsgis between North and South ?c begin to luip? for some gt>od in this matter. The freedom of (Ambanlft or Sicilians ma> be worked out by the sword, and Uior* to no Si er spectacle than that of the bold man who makes war the tyranny whi'h crushes hto country raw. Hut the African will never be saved by such means. lie is too low to ri#? up as hW own deliverer, mt would humanity gam by the substitution of ne*rs anarcby for the pres* nt * social institutions of ths Southern States. The white man must raise him by UM aid of wbite men, and, above all, by the ari of m.- mas tor. Tbe |>oliti< 'an who endeavors to set haired between dilfereiit clusses of Americana ou this subject, who aacourages tbe negro to look to violent means for hto dull veraii'-e, and fills tbe owner with increased dread sf bloody reprisals by his bondsmen, is an enemy to U? caum in which be pours forth his acrimonious eloquewo*. ?ri'ua nruwu uiuuwn iku uui huuf initio mhiiu mi w cause of ahoiitiou in Virginia than Amu like Mr. Hum ncr when bo driven the Southern Senators to fury by suofc a violent sud ur, called for philippic m our American car roeixiticlrnt notices to day. It was wm' years suice Mr. Sumner tun I raised his vote? in the asecmldy to which he belongs. The results which followed bis last onslaught '>n slavery art- still in the remembrance of every one. In IBM, wben the Union vraa agitated by tbe cot.U-Kt between Buchanan and Kreinoat, and party spirit was at its highest, Mr. Sumner delivered an out! slavery speech almost aa string as that of the uthcr tlsy. A Mr Brooks, a member of the low* hou.-e, exas|ierated by Sumner's language, and perhaps ui>k?i ou by rowdy friends. ferociously assaulted Mai while he was sitting quietly in bis chair, inflicted such injeries a* ondang-rfd Mr. Suinner's lift), and forced him to retire for a lime from ptibila affairs. Brooks has since gone to bis account, as4 we need xay no more ol bim; but tie Simsinr fiom MassachuseiU lias not learnt temperance of laa gunge frutu the'lucideut wbicb nearly elide t his days. Tbe speech which p-oduced tbe ansauit was ?S-wisivi4y act imonious, but tbe la?t one seems entirely to ?re< lap K llie Southern genlr) pride ttiemselvee ou the pnaaaaawm olhigh and what ar* called "chivalrous" quaMtlea. Mr. Sum iter, knowu.g this, makm an oration on tbe barbarism ol slavery. It tnay certainly be said that a man has a ri#ht Ui stigmatise as bar arous those who defended a ad IfW MM bis would be murderer; but Mr *?mi?er otigbl to know that it Is immoral aa well as unstataamaalike to provoke men of violent temper, and that bf aa doing lie only presses down the joke still ekiaar am the beck of tbe slave But h? uuL. hinuutl/ ' u* If piir|*?fl> to agnsWala hi* onponrui* kr?rj Mir>T, ?*v?*i) cull It* epilhul, evrry prtivoklug miituMlM abicb livcab call up, bti uaea I'ur the purpuar ot falliiif hit UiU?ODlfti>. "dmvnry rami brwni harbariau*," h# oIumm vi h;"iI derf?l?pi?p?rr) wba>e alike. Id Ibo lodlvt4<Ml olid lb Uw Mick-ly ?( wbM.h l*> iwmii port, Um nanuM tuim-Ma ol bar barium." Vmlrana. biulalily, ii^wKkm, harharmtn, Bitwl br rcprortuo-d m the Iivm of *11 *ka Iivp wilbio Ibt-lr fatal apbrrf." The master "ahar?? Ua Itarbartxm of Ihc m?icty which bo knaps," an it ao ua H'r mint, in tKt now* if Unlink abolittmum at M, fnlr+t ogatnit lh-j* f, m4uA and nru/iftlir WaOgI? ,-<?rc>l> baa UM-fr*f>iy <a>ia> >i by J.An Hr?*u'i "tillage bw (uii to <lif away ilmn o?il com re Mr. -?iauer wan a ,#?? * which will not lb<- whotr Mouth la a ha* We iaa wwi believe the of ibe republiraa party have beru alrraily damaged by It. Mr. thimnrr it ime ?f thai clou qt ptliticimu tvfc? UiwH be mm?imt ftp Iheir fnn> The am ate caw im ptrmmmJ irrwottiMy m /"nftt Ik* twterrMl rf frrmt now* w Ui wnrtt mttmtp ttUwry mi*M ou lbe American continent long >ifcfi Um aaeetnbly at wb it-b Mr. Hunaer la a menib-r On II depend*. or to uppoeod to tit-prod, Um pro<p? rity of hall Ua Uniaw Tb?- loom* of I*nca?)ure aud Kormaudy. aa w?U as thane iM Mr. Humu?-r'? own Mtate, are auppitci ny tlaro-frmn cotimi, aod hundred* of millions uf Northern dollar* ar* .U..iu warn iiiuuiiuui OMnrry, mm ?M r?i iAtu d'<ji in IV Mi/. ii M( to k n?M up Ay My |?iv* r/Tort </ rfcxtanc, and ** may mrt&ct ikud 0* mum * A< /ntf ipatiu victory /or thf cutur af afrxwwm mil t? if very thfrrml temper U Ute Senator from M iimrMiMf. RwllutU>d and the Bar^x Froatltr. 1 bu Ins Juurtiab. publish lb- folkiaiuj circular, a4 drrmrd by the Uilvctlc gi>?iram>ut to ila diplomatic ag< uU abroad .? Rami, May 23,MM. Wo lo?m fri m r?rta.r authority lh?' Kr. u< U m rtri.mwit. Ink Inn tin acrouut of llir po^ltlud aaaum*1 b) {iwltarrlaod iu tb<-qticstli>n of Savoy, If rnd.-avoribg ta get tlir high IVwpih to mgn-o to ctll.t ripe.It mta, aril* r.x?i I to which it U prt-ti'tufc <1 tbry art- ax much ta tb<' InbTcat of Kurt'}* a? Ui Uiat "f ( will rUtil, and of a nat'iic to iJfi-r miKW Ii'iii ccmp- n?iu-it> for llw rl|tu claimed l>/ the ccbte<ti<nUliNi, Which arrrr gitraulaad to tin m. The new prop>?UMNui art eMroUally aa M |oW? ? 1 a crwkxi to Swltgerland of a Mac of mountain frum MnlVrlf to OoUla-Pcrirt 2 The i titfugruM-i t Mi the part cf Franra lo -*Ulili?h a* arnw-d OullUa <>ti tho Ukc of uaut-va, tim SwUa obaarvtag In ilin rva|?<rt a atrlct r?xlprocity. 3 >iai.<t- will riigagi' h.'im If u<-l to raisr uijr P>rtt tea Urn* oil a or1 taiii tartm <<f torrU.-ry , which ?ill be liatlt td by tlie mouutait.a < f Vuacbr, of r*i?N, aiiJ of rial*** Wi- b?vr the Imior of Infifiun* y.>u that lbe<e propaMt i.iij .1(1 ii. t .1 all NKio-l) IU-, *11 : tl.ll It.. > *r hi it nature to tranquilta* r-wii7. riatiJ, ai.> loora than thif rati ooOiiMMta Ibc Um> iit:Lt? atin aii\?uu^.-? that noli tnnl) awarded aiid guaranteed to tti? < W>-iieratHM la ltli hjr tLe iMiiitraJisaiiuii slip ilatod bjr Eurjpe fur tha gCM-ral tbU-rc*!* <>l all. f lou k? k at the loan mmiw.I1 nrrr.. ir#> at th.> am glautc that the libc fri.Oi l?4 J? F'f ret l? Mrlllcrir c*utxit Im- it a* a cotj iMtcu.M all the Uk> id front* M? iln I If wilt ri'tnaiL lb th* |*?*t*rltn if Fr uiCf, ?hlW U?'' ailuut? ?trl(? iif U rriV'ry t<< be certeJ to S?ltf?rlaa4 t>iild br (it !* utility, a? lh? T I ff.'f few HtM' of r?tr>*.tt A* un?*ttfliw torj , alfui, la th?- olkr of not i-?tahl ahmg as armed fl> Ulla mi thr I*ke "f Omra, %u<i nf out nr?Rt lag any fort I Oral Ion* wtlbin a certain dUtrict The Aval i*n airmilr aaurt clnar right t<> tliat, urior the ft -aufe li*ri> an|iilreil tbr prt>?1n?a of iftiy, of CbtfMaw, and of oautralivd h'nua, do* aa frrv pnirlnrm, but waiter tbr N?r 0M4NMI aa tlxmr hy wtiirn they wrrt Iwlil by Sardinia, namely, a* portion* of lb territory for wliMh Kurnfir ?tt|iiitatiil In fkrnr of rtwuarrlauil In. !? ,< bpi'trality an that wtaith baa brro aMI|tic4 bf (JwHvr lainl bcrwH Nww, It i* rrMrtit that no arm<M flotilla can h? Mt*bli-bw, tM>r any f? rtidealm iiii raiard, on ? uijUT u-r rllory, k> wMot thu* nalaraVy b.1 *?f? a port too hi1" UterfOlHTt, *bether HarojrarJ orFrvocti ^ In Hit* rcuprrt, Prance ha*, Ifc'rrfbrc, uu i-0|(*fa(B<)M to mntrai i. any morr limn Nwitarrlaud w tv.uo I to pr? tot tuoiwrvi- rr^iproritr ?? uci latxi M, in oar irinn.iawi wt >'fi|i'ni pr,ifr*ijiu ?4 cosm territory I1.11. Cnl <tc n-mhon.ino Ui ihc ?t n*.m if lha I'nwi" aud tin- Kliotir and U?<- IVw.-rn tboul I he bruuffct lo h itiai lb? wrtkt ulnj of Pwittcrlaii 1 woulJ b<i m utjcai an it would ba coatrarr to tbv Internal* of Rurop*. Wr rnm.o j<rivi?jt our? Irna, on lh? praaaol ocuaa**, fVctji iiinvling ihe fallacy "f aarkluf to have II adrat?Im ihat tb?' hio ol ll??- I proline* M qoUHK ctiwl lur? bvea ilipulaM la far Jf of Ptr4iinal, ?no a* an <>ihtou? condition uuno HwiUirlattd. fa* ti?? of itw niatUr m omtrar) to tLe hiaUwIual oourao of ibM aflair at llw Cougrnm of Vienna. Wo have already, <? I hi* (tutu I, MUelf recalled ib?* or?r t?r<attwl were ni?V by Ui# ti?nod?>ti'tf*tx *l Um c i? vmriii n4 tebruarr, IM6, aa alao |>rari(*?*ly ih' ?f|i ki"* n?<? of M oaria'ut IUiiu lt?- fallacy <4 thai nat.?n mora clearly upp1 ?r? ir nn ft m. nioir which *? pr.-<wuwsj on Um 94<Uof 'Mib-v, 1414, by M (tuillai m<> <l? Huinbnklt, m>-ni!>tr of iba connllln lof Pwiaa affairs, of which we shall ?o?n l.irwnr4 you ?< rt rai mpi-a. In lliw in>t>>rtaal dncnnicot II ?Mc|aariy a-lmitwt.1 ikftl ?<>?ld t?- M much fnr ltK< ti'orr?J inUr?sU of ftur?p? ? for lh?t irf Ihr ( <>nt<M<>riiiiou. 1>m- tixcl ?uiUbir frontier m pntiiMi mil in in.* mmni4r ihfel l.tlkiw* ? Tlx- onurM >( thf V?lwrln? to ttan iUtof. Um Kb-iH* I* Uif Kit, lub bank* o( Um cuvrft' <if fwU n?*r up hi it* *t Mount i btrrin; m<1 UmUy, *'? lnuli M tfv rutin thai hound* Fm ignf am 6* am It*" Va*PwitM>rlM<t ?ould ft' nr^uirv an iivpoirtra*'.ri mil my, mid id rrturti ?uivlartaft* <b? ?n?rcii*..?hip ' < th* |p*<? trf rr*nt Si HmaH *n.t Uk rt??p?"ti- i i? m<<4 imi? 1U11 i?f *11. miJ ihf ?M* <* whi-h w ?tld h? IdiivV'n. lof n i|.,. i>f>i pnteihl* w*jr. bj- Ui?lf b*<.ic iy?tfliUd i<> ih- ixM.t.1 v tfcui Ium lit *r?*v*t i?it? .? ?it In Mint i fruit ln?h|? l.ialnrkvU rt|nw? M I* l^iUr ?l, dldiP, ihM WiUmniI 1 *<?*' frontier 0?ft<?T? ??nM ?MMT* titj.. i rt ti. M?i n( p?rt<(<?l*nd tn li??i >if Mn?v th j' * uu- ?li tl.c >v utilH*" W-'c'l 'lt%

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