Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1860 Page 3
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parit .OB of Gw?* mmht nsure for the future to the of trie |>w! of Korope, beni* at the bnad i h?- ,UW? inu. luiy. l4Mtkiui( 41 Uiia lact, every im - partial jiHijtf will uimit that (In- conemwiou of a good Kllitnry nr??nti"r to PwKaerlanrt tui b??o already r?>c<>? atmxl 10 1H14, us IX'inif A>r the intufust of Kuri'i*" horaelf, aa<l thi-t tlir ii.utrah/??t kii uf the Savo>or<l pr"vinr?s in question baa, to *iw.k properly, it irtipiilaiod aa much *h that general ujUtcSI a* lor tlto particular interest uf fcvitaoriaiMi. It is, therefore. for mhent on the position of the OnuC"?i??r.4t??-r? to reject ever? pro|>oFal contrary to the realiaatlna of Uil* msid object, a.?1 to wrve its ck' u- right. <ht the other tun. l, it o<ifbt W> be of import to the hi#h Towers to maiaU.u their stipulations, which * re arrived at from ,i loftier j>otiit of view, and to protect Switaer- j land ui her well ac<|uiru4 n?bui. We invito you to do- , lare. bv writiuK. and in thu bcuho of the present note, to tbe cabinet to which you are accredited, the fact and tbo i Wherefore, that ,<wriU<'rlan I rannot accept the Ivt oltrs ' f tTSLOCi , that xhe naust keep to b?r programme; and that tU?- cannot but riuow tho espn seioii <>f Uii; vruiu there ma> be no aelay tn the meeting of tbo ooufrreacs to ! Mtie. in lite meaning of treaties, a question that la of goMr at European m Ureal. n?i?r ciuipmi Astronomers am now on the ?pu ciot for the great solar j ?lipoo which is U> take place on the 18th of July ntuit, and which will b" total in Spain. This ik the uvro iinportent, an tutor of thowe which arc to occur wllhtn the pr<*ent century will bo so convenient lor observation aa Uii", Umt of 1877 alone tuoopuxl. Tbo t'ollowuiK ?i a hat of Ifcuui:?1860, July 18, North America, Spaiu, K^ypt; 1H61, Dec 31, Atlantic Ocean, Sahara, Mediterranean; 1870, Uee. 22, Anret, Sjwiin, Algeria. Turkey; 1X77, August 10, N. K. f Germany, Kns.-iiu, Outral Afia; 18fM, August 9, <ir oilkuid, upland, Siberia; 1900, May 28, Vnited States, ^patn, Kjtypt. The lotigest duration of u total eclipse is 12 KinuU'K uniler the equator, and 6 minutes under ihe parallel of 1'aris. But these limits are rarely attained, "hie Klipse of 1706, visible at Montue'.ler, lasted oulv 4 hi and 10 sac.; that of 1716, visible In l?ndon, 3 min. Md 67 sec.; that of 1724, visible at Paris, 2 mm. Id tkje.; thai ?1' 1778, obaerv61 on board tliu Kspaguu, 4 miu. 60 Mr., that of 1806, at Kenderhooken, America, 4 mln. 87 ?oc.; and that 01' 1842, visible at Dautzig, 2 min. 56 fee. Vortlga MUrrllaiiy. The ft-roclty of the Turks during the present spring ( ays a U tter from Bosnia hi the Brussels .Vorri) has SW pawir'l everything hitherto *T|>eru'nced. All the most respicuble Christians, ciihjcially tbo more influential men Md priests, have been thrown into prison and treatrd with the utmost barbarity. This has been espooUlly the MM m the norther? district of Bosnia, where Mussulman despotism has been indulged in without restraint. At the Turks Imprisoned the priests Anphinc, of Taorkotne. aud Oeorge, of Rxtrltchi, M. stankovltch, a Rinnan Qrtholic and elder of the village of tirebnitza: also Marco Stamchive and Mllovan Likitcb, two of the meat rHspecta- , Isle rayahs of Bosiuvina. All five died a few days after | from poiwn, as generally supposed, administer*! by the : Turks. Seven more were afterwards imprisoued, and ' BMStuf iL"'in arts already dead. TUo onnibor of porsous I thus arretted in the north and northeast districts of Bos- ! nla are; -At (iradaebetz, 387; Bellno, 420: Nonskand Flert elx-sk, 244.Totui?. 672; SrebreuiUa, 174; YUssanitt*, 217; Irornika, 313; Kiadua, 172; Techna, 284; Dcrvcut, 127; Brocta, 83; <)<tjak, 35; making above 3 000 in all. In the prisons of Sarajevo alone there are 1,707 Christians. The war which ban jost broken out between (he Dru*<i ltd the Utu-nuites, fiuv.ts a letter from Bey rout of the 21, Is being carried on with the most savage barbarity, and the cveutt of 1S42 are being renewed. Thirty villages, almost entirely lubaiuted by the Maronites, who were the till aggressors on ibis occasion, have been b.irut. The Urns. *, although inferior in numbers to tho M ironitoa (M,000 to 140.000), have been completely the conquerors. The former are both couragooua and well organised, while the latter arc much leux om rgetio. Oue hot worthy of remark is, that all the French spinning establishments have been respected by both parties, but the entire crop of silk has been destroyed, the loss being estimated at tlfty millions of francs. Tho Porte, in withdrawing the troops from tho provinces of Asia to concentrate them in Europe, committed a great fault. There arc no soldiers now here; and if the 600 meu which left nly three weeks ago by tho Borystheno had remained, the misfortunes which have taken place would not, perhaps, have oe.oarr*d. Koorchid Pa*ha, tho Governor, bad only 200 men left at his disposal, aau with them and twe pieces of cannon be lias left for the scene of conflict, at the oart>< >t entreaty of the foreign Consuls. I do not think it probable, however, that he will go very far. AFFAIBS AT FIXE S PEAK. Onr Denver City Correspondence. Dkxvkr City, June 21,1800. Beat of Che Seatm?Stagnation ?f Business?Tijhln^.u of Motiejf?ImmenM Immigration from Che Stairs?I Alt Ad rmifrom (Ac Mines?Indian HonlilUit, 4c., if?. The weather for the past week baa been extremely hot thronirh the middle of the ilar. and verv drv. Wo so* hewer* passing over the adjoining mountain rmnf<-s, and fondly hope wo are to receive a cooling sprinkling, but aro iwiJ to disappointment. We (m heavy showers pawing on the other side, acroua tbe I'l^iua, and oftentimes m Sight of a perfect deluge of rain, but are denied any parUelfwtion in them. NotwithnUnting the heat of the after old Sol has sunk behind the mow/ range, the heated atmosphere rapidly becomes cool, and the nights I are delightful aud refreshing. All express themselves dolighted with the beautiful nights, and refreshing skop tbry are enabled to enjoy on account of their coolness. ?i-'iue*>; generally In our city is at a stand stil^ ll'*e v Is light and extremely scarce, commanding same ral<* of r tnu rest wt our previous advices, nane ly: twenty to 1 twenty live per cent per month, reel estate eocurlty given. Iluilding is advancing a* rapidly an the I ghtm-->s ofthe times will permit of?xoiu'i four or five Urge brick bniMuigs are ju.-t rising Irwin their foundations, while Uinsc mentioned sonic tune siooe are nearly completed. The bank lug hou?e and assay ollVie of Clark, UrulxT k Co., from Ixavenworth, a two <anry iri'V with a liu i>.u trot, I* now nearly eompMed, ant thry expect to be In satire operation in a week or In days. (ckmIh uf all description* meet with r'"?4y sales at good nrn?? ; b'lt for the jm-ii f> w days **! << h iv* Wren*"'!, and nil complain of a dulno-' li the rn irkrt Th?-r<' mi a brink trade carried on with the i-mlrrinH, both with Uioho arriving soul thone who aio returning. At the i<rer<-til our auction and commission in n sre doing a thriving bawlnefs. derived from this mure*. Hardly a party of emigrant* arrive who have not a team or loam aud wagon to tell or exchange for others, al-'i a -urpiim of rirl'iov and groceri , while th>se returning are sure have a stirpt'.* of meli articles. and al*> wish to Ibpo a ef their tool*, and el*- they do not ue?d 'ir a trip across the i'Uinj, and, not Ik :i.g p^t--d ui pri a-#. di< pone of them at vi-rv low r*U ?. Klo it ha' heen MukUI < them for nine dollar) per hundred, whiitr otherwise it wa* eo^.-rly euuglit for at sixteen dollar-' Our ro.?riet i 4not.ti<>iis ihix *?cek ar- ?Flo'ir, *14 i $1> for Slate, >13 M<xka.i t?-dt??l, |?t r*i moM p.-r vi wont, w < et-llA prr pound. ab'dlcd oorn. 10 oenU for I?wu>d; otta, M mmI ?! prr cwt., a&Aacarcc. p<Uti?> I ' 1. . Cpviintl , outoos, 2ic. 1*0r jK>und , l> aia, 12J.'? I . |T pound ; baron, 25c. n 27c. jwr pnund : lard, ; b*f, retail, 16c.: butWr, frwb. ttc ; fliHin, #0i a 60*.; Mo. a fiOc., ?h, bt>;. Mr iU>< >; n^ ii. 25c. a 20c.; nu>l*?<* *, 92 60 a fC |?t gilktii; ?d|W\ *. ti36r : wtal V l.<id. f 25 per ewt and tour-; (tewed ll,HW|?r (at Inn; wbtfkry. |3s llpn1 /al'.m; aalU, Mr. aittc , tr<?, kn U<nuutd,-JOc. a 30c , a tlOi ; glw", 8x10, $8 prr liatf bo*, largo *ir\i poarce ,i:>d < .t*>?rly nugtit aftrr; powder $1? "nfi tr trj p>r h<ivfc-<- 1 M luinlMf MO p?* IbmiMitd; Wlfffc \ f?> .? $8 nor thousand. lalli, *1 i |*>r IbouHJUtd, lau', 7io. per bu?h<-i, drlivrrd, brx k . SI2 ? fl5 per thoii'.md; wood, $.'> |?>r cord. hay. ISO prr km and rrrr fa? <>. Tho price* in Um mlM ar? malerUlly biglx r. Kr-itfbu to t;r<*fo. rtaa briof from tu u> $0 60 per cwt., and to T.urvaM, hit' and Arkaiu-a*. W> 912 I*.'"*** *?' Ihre to Ur V fie*. M: to Turrjall. fl3 to t*> Bltr and ArVu-.*., tm and liV The tnmrri arr c aal>:?d to muko inaWrtal aanag from Ut>* Ognri-s by waicUln* for tho retnruiog migrart. Wig'-H fr<r tho common laborer, u?ih fcero and In th^ ?rf e.ttr?m'-*j- Vt ?fro-n oo? j ?lt?r to oat dollar and lift v <-"*ta pa* day, * it boot board? Md it amoutto to aU?ut lb-* wuu<> u %,ik.utg lorttoan!, and mtny m iL? ntir'W *** doirl that Mectwut<"? *?-t ?-oni one dollar and Arty c*u'* to thrw uoUar*, aMordlag to abllltw. and hoard tl.emoelrew. lk? mtrpit1!* rrooi tb?- Huio to put,' ?"? "> Krr<"?t* Oft./ OS Umuus, auu MR S\lf aro lainil.oC uT w mcn. "?'" hlMron. Tr?t' r^ay *r not!c?d in one train or.,." M?irty wbfoas drairn by ?*ta. Th< y had, In addition *r? jnfr*. "' f?r? and ha*r*t,,.?'>w fwratdTablo amonnt of provUton* , KM ltd*, AM I'JTUHi Mi f?od afttriu ? fefa* t m m*n) wlto t>a?e hiv*<n* nKwit^m. * ktir ttoried fur tlwi !*u!'S. W- c.mtiot f'nn *n to unt<' Wo* of the actual nnnibrr wbn >< <? M'ir.i he to tb<- Ptirt only Uym Iwnrw;. ?it?<ro */a ? BMmj r?u?<? Um ruiiM * Ita-liuf I lo IB* withnet &vnlu( lbroti|(b h- rc, mA lh"r pr Iter yokng where Ibry wt',1 attract th lt?st it( ,n rrlurnlnir Frntn au pi-! Men 1 wtio hM MTlTf<1 aitba lr?in aii<! ?W>?ly w? i-?niM that be m--t fr^ui twenty Ore U> thirty ?m>m per day g<~>ku; t<> th?- i?oi, few of which wtr< irni'.-r?luri.,nji lur g.**U *nl jr ? rfcton*. IVlUmpvik' thf? ?a-**) will a<*. Vrw, f.-r, Mkri?kc of Uk nasi, dmclor ?< ibe w <4 la?t yc*r ftooptr rem id* do ?o ? ry m-.-tly, aii<l a^y bat Mill* WM qr.oatkmel. Tit'y art vrry wring *11 ibMll r>oh aiul ? ? R>r lh? ium'Iv". Th.?y hare >oen <,> potaV I. !! >. ?*tnil. d llifl their VI way U> retur j, are p? rf?tiy allium otlwra ahali uy f.T iu^hkx'.vm. A* Air v tbi* diffcrtijt niif.u..- reg.uan ?re fr>w< rti?l. n?> onha* th. (rvfitw, tb?i? > just *< m jch atn|>'l.n. from owe a* th other, Our advKua frnwi the m nr* are r?rr m itr? la partxaUr* AU *rj busy at work '-ilber ra>nnu or pr faring to do *o F' ? flr'-K'tl*^ and rlolnlt/ ther" are report* lh*t satae of th > quarta mtii* do n >t ww >v*p*c.U4K*.? (in*' mill, kiu* runntn, .or f >rty ?|bt hour*. cleaned a|> and ?oiy t?ok a few <*nt1 9-r#r fcw dollar* Another wW. ni'^ br Oarfy (k f'-Oiti \ of % l<Hi ajxi which rw expe<-**.| it> arrow pi ta.i tiMni, afWr r<\aato| a few boor* br thr*<> on in* *ud l wi?t?->i K?n.' oi tbr Htr*w* b*'!ly. It war do, CItupJ f.y to itTmrM ilNrrir*u\e" Mkijir failufW of rnmwni hr?n*mf ?rt mill*, trrmi it* te t tUal to (t* kno* vir. u>iuk of miBiiit or abrhioirr. Tti rf tf Itttl lo:at la tlx way of qn?rt? V. .( . only U*i?? who ->*ra ai.Ui ar* <k>tn* an> lh.i>t w*h tho,?. TV" p.Ui** ar# pa'tof but poorly M a fra^ral Uiin*. AKIk uU wo Ua\e r iui x> of hirr' uwiet" boinf takot. frv?i thorn, w? in t* <* m?<n fell to w* tbo rvMwH* of it. Our dronlattnf Is tm fri mortlv onln, * rrry amall minority bring jrr>M 4??t. vbicli unfavorably for U*- Mine*, auUr mm lk? Bhio wo town that now M?"r> hit riuh of In lai"?? nimkrrt>, and f*rt rir<h"w ,r,>rk oUkTI tvrti rnwi<l and IWxt fcnll. thay rwnot gH c'#n?i trrady 4)#<xu ?rcd witl??ii hay in*, uj will not pio?i>ect ?r tfoniWIrw, U'l !? *? ? di*cn?t. fr.m?- o*w dMenvorloa havo br.ti 'I'- rmlUr in ebvacU?r to oth*r* op-nod to this riclmty, pay in* aoron ^ ni? to ibo yu (bur ft?t from U* auK*"- In tb* Krcprti gulch ? * bmb M MTonlf flr* crnu to Uk pan I* found in U>o ixuik. Oawrm ara aoliinf (*r frnm *to buwhw in two thotaand ?rlMr<i eh IWi wmk a ?\?r* WM <*>? ? I fukh weighing *43 Ti pur* gold, weiptnnK from *) | oue to thr.*3 dollars are found daily. Th? frulclM* ,ir n'l I till in x with wtyuuu, VtuU wnt people. yutw- a iitunber i of parties have cropMd th? thuk" into the mi Idlo jmm prospecting: among itherw (ireeu RumbIL There are aotne two hundred people known k> m the Middle IV-lt t?o* , prospectir,; for the precious metal, witti very fair , hu. -a of succeas. It is re|iresent?.'i by those wbo ti?ve visit> I there to bo a most delightf 'I iw* Game aud fl-ii ar tu abiui'lanc-e; also grass and One witter. <>n Suuuay, tb?' 17th loci, a baud of Arrajuhoo.-, 8)<>ui and Aiiaches, numbering 480, made an attack on tbe IVs i the Kuiitb l"ark. Through pome misuDderttttuJiiiK, tbe lie* hukV a retreat, leaving their wived, pomes and I tents tn tbe hands of the allies. A larpe number of tbe l ies were killed. The Uuw rallixt and rutu'.oed in'Wt of their property and families, and ma le g""d their to tbe mountains. Tbe allies besieged tbem naarlv all day, and linaJly withdrew, taking then- pruuaiers and plunder with rtiem. After travelling noine distance, they stopped at Btieain to rest, and walk- unsuspectingly Muoking their pipes, were attacked by the Utes and met a disastrous defeat. The number of Utes killed wui not ascertained, but must liave b<-?n very considerable. Of tbe allien four were killed and thirty two wounded, noa of whom died after arrival here. Another and Urner war party will start immediately in pursuit of tbe L'tua. Dwvk* Cm, June 22,1800. Woodt <*? Fire?Trade in the CVy?Sporting? GamtUtng Zhill?Affair* in tht Mints?Good J'rmjtect?hlako City? Coal IHsttnvry? Indian Hurler, JCc. For tbe past day or two our atmosphere has been tilled with smoke so dense that tbe bud was tor tbn greater part of th? lime hidden from view, aahM And cinder* f< uetantly UlliDg id our streets. It la conjectured that the pinery >a tbe direction of Pike's Peak 1) on tire?probably d?ue so purposely by some one who bus been Badly disappointed In bis expectations in coining to this region, and thus endeavors to revenge himself on tb? country or the people who are pleased with it. We need all tbe timber the coantry baa, and such wanton destruction of timber, either on purpose or tlirongh carslc^ncss, is censurable In the highest degree. Traders in a email way aro doing a thriving bustuefs In our streets. Hardly a vacant lot in our business streets that ta uot occupied with a tout or wagon box of sotne cast-off prairie schooner and opened out as a storo or shop of some kind. Many little slands, which started at first with a suspicious black bottle aud a few glasses, uow boast of board by the day, hot colfee, pies and cakes at aii hours. Others ?bo opened with a paper of pins, a few needles and Yankee notions, now display a t'uU assortment of tbe same, and invito custom?rs to come in and have their measure taken for a suit in Toll. I Kir regular merchant*, who have a largo stock in trad*, are doing but little in conse^uonco of tbe activity of theso little traders, wto do as thriving a business in the open air as ii comfortably located under the best of roofs un dcr more favorable circumstances. Thu auctioneers are also doing a heavy as well as a noisy business in the way of disposing of horses, mules, cattle and wagons of ali kiuiit) and prices. Almost any time through Hie Jay you can with difficulty get through the streets occupied by thia clnaa of traders fur the crowd* of people and stock and ti-aps of bacon, (lour, mining tools, &c. rh i activity in oar streets would astonish niauy ciuzens of our older cities, who iiiiike more pretensions and do less busings* We alio have our share of the fast sports, and ?-ir horse races, weekly, are quite a feature In this region. There are yet but few really faat nags in the country; bat, such an they are, tbey answers very good purpose to bet ou. At our Uust racs yesterday, money, homos, mule*, city lots and all aorta of pro|ierty, down to pistols and kulves, Jtc., were put up >u the result of Uie raco. Our gambling institutions are not doing a very heavy business, Irot are crowded nightly by those who are willing Jo venture in banking business in a small way. We i e no bag* of duf t brought in and staked on the turn uf a card yet. and probably will * * > but little uf it till the sevrity ?>l winter juiw a stop to mining operations. From a recent letter from a reliable friend >u the Arkansas I which we take the lllverty to quote), we learn l'rom California Gulch, ' Tho weather for taunt of the tun.) i? mild and pleasant, with occasionally a snow squall, b it of short duration and not very aevere. The miners are all busy on their claims, either opening Uiein or already taking out the duet. Every ftw .lays some amateur miner strikes a new deposit in or about this gulch, and, an a genaral thing, it well rewarded. Side or bank claim* have been lu-uck almost the entire length of this gulch. and nre paying exceedingly well; In |?rt of one day thr-je men took out of a bank claim IEH. Another claim paid MO to two men. In the gulch where the beat pay streak has been worked the dirt has averaged eighty rent* to the pau, and i' high as 93 20 has been taken out to the pau. *1 Jft) fc> the pan la quite frequent; $80 wore taken out of two bunh< Is < of dirt. Throughout the ftiilm gulch where the beat pay streak has been struck the avorugs pay is ?M> per day to the man. As the claims are opened the pay (vvoa>>? more sattefactory throughout the gulch. S ine al ilie gold is very course, and nugget* weighing from I'i 60 to $10 are frequently foutd. Quite a number of new discoveries have been mate in gulche* tributary or in the vicinity of Cali- | fbrnia r 'rh, the moat prominent of which la McNultj uulch. 11 is some twenty mtl><* from here, in a northeasterly direction, alm<"tt unru< li?t?'ly ou the summit oi the snowy range. The guloti runs down tlie < range on cither aide. The gold L-> cuai.-e.^ho moat ao of I any yet dlacoveTcd. Owing tn the depthorthoenowaud tbe extrrmn ookl Ibia Kutcii has bf?-n work 4 but littto jtt. HometUroeor f>>ur othor gulch^a Uav<> b-ei dlarorered, and are ruld to pay well an far na oprnod B'tt owluti to Uw-ur proximity to Ute aoovy rango tb>'y Uavt not bc-n thoroughly or exieMlrely worVed. The jopula i lion of California t.ul b it- vary MMl rapidly ir-m\ug. Tbc roccnUr laid 4??it l?vm of ldal?>, ui the month of tlir> rul'-h. fWst wwiing tlv ujv*''aiK'C of a litfto oily, Irmiik literally covi>r?1 with Unta, * agoiis tuiU urt'iu", und tlte umu>-rous cui up Un? Hretehed <>?t Ihr mll< * at nt*Ut r?wli><1 out* of a neur upUTo-.t li t<> Hiuir l Un'"* ritv Krom the Blur river nothing n?jr or matm-Hlfy AfMbrrnt baa bcM> raorivod auii e our lan. Miitxra art- buay at work and pmIii.nk very fair whj-i. i'ruvutloue ar? plenty, and wllirtu' ?t roodornt" prlr f>rind^>?'.'y owtnp to the largo ui.iuU-r of en?itr?iiU ?b<> are diF|MMnf uf U?< lr outllt- and returning to kbe Platen. From Mnnnuln City there u Tery of in t'Tekl vT linpori lOCf ^ mw "I "? > n- III i hum no- ?IVj I * Kiting P>r the c?>m'4< lion of the (treat ilttrh whl.-h la 10 1 ftrntfh >.at?r ft>r a lir^e area of muting country. r<?r g'Uchet and lor quail/ and mill purpnm H. Torra liaa hrcn miK-b 4ln|fOhiimMit In rcjrird to I be llmo when It* rtiuii ??h to be iiui?hoa. oil uiiOi> aay it will vrnr bo fli>. Ue<l. Tbu dtteh will <*>?i at lex-tt fifty thoij'ar (I dollar* when fun ana over li iif of that auuiuut ban beta already pn.| In, aid ar?awmint." Irvl. il f'T eight lhou?.?nd more. It ts "{ported now that Ibo ditch ?ill be bnixbed about tba milae- f July TVic lawyer} r iM?n to bel.rva the luvaatwiil w ill >>e a proiit'abV ?mr. a* there are many v.iHia blr pi.ul.ia wailUi* Cor Itf i .'luplctK ii, aud q iarliml.iniU be l<?.il -d up uea.vr III <|ti.trUa- aoon ? the .lilcu lacot-ip i-t?'l So It < i be ivlie<| on. Krom Houl'ler and the vainly of M Peali ltM. ro la lit lie wf Ulerwal. Wo have waUin th" pro t f"w <ta.r? b^>n almwn fine fp^eimerai of coal Ukin Irow tie- vicinity of Boulder. and eotnc from tl.*t direction. about twelve m.iea ftwn U..s city, wb'eh are rery nle*. It appears to be ftn*vly laprvgnaUd * 1U1 inam, mid a is -*?d will dotaaswur f?r mu it lilt.g. but e*rel!eiit for ftoel. Hepocl* reu he>l m vi -U'flay that a man balding to Wlute k MarJtall'a freight train, n?ar h#r<-, ww sliot by an Indian Re waa away from tlw parly Uiuitlag. aud not returning when expurtcd, 4. I * i !i m ai - rt 4ntam ? frum Uie rutvl with an arrow rlrar through tiia body. Bii l ame war not a!K> rUlie-d. lie ?> from I?>wa Tht* wriirretl -.botii thirty mile* from ibl* city. | n?' tram will be lu tu morrow, when ww lUll b? able ui get particular* BPHHTIKQ, Avirr r*-r, rru. riuokp ktoor taoht. <iixie?a fee I long, la affar*4 for tale 8hf win b'l It to Uia i eery beat mano r. and la Hi coM|<!ale or>'?r U?? ovei rri'o 171 Would be traOad. 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MdofW* fT**> fr.liulim'lii" a* w?- " Wo*""* u*wterryHa?, Htamiord Coon. _ B' OAF" kT B JCTAWAT, WW JUTO JJ A rnr t?v(uiii)i Iria* aai MMWM *m bathloc <*? miik*'K*iTj r* fat?I f-wr or 1vil Un?l 4aUf, Apply at ?? uroidwiy, ttwtr BOARPIKfl AT A fAK* ?OyW'7tM*',V*5^*^2 1 >i, mrtimr i to Af *' HID' Ifclf* WW lO'll^VtllWI M .v ;*,*f-rS'i-S-8 ? ?*" :^r i.l. u do O. u?| t . Uki mWn Mm'.rmN/.* Ur f 1 '<* Dm. ./ th? irrvuwl runplm ?n.J wll nJii. V-1?U * **% ?mm-t < ml.irt llul a f?rm r?n prwlure i* tf> -tr^rtnt i r?? len<* t"C Vi ? ?v.-.??#* Apply , to Mil* K. abctli I TJ l; !>?< #M7irrwooD HOOT* of't^iTK k?TPOOT W. a. \J iwrmlt mIVm frw llt T?r*. Ifcwwri IweHeNneee UkM Afvl/ 1. T. wTI AON, if WilM *o4 iMMf m SS?i>l ' w AM?: ,TT. ( WKtir J*JAlH?.?MCA AIR A*l> HKA HaTHIHO ? J A frw !lnn?*. wHk Ha*H. fwtakul li M rl*. | .? hi?M M >nrtb Oy?"? *?r, u rer ray l*^"" Ur. twmiTof Wm Brlitw. MP WW*i ,m (trMt, or <* In. Dnd?n?. oo U>? pr??w. Ten? odfr>;> /lol*XT*T BOARD -^VTHMWC t.. I.-THF WB < I ' ?rrl???r h*nn* PrtMH k? k?tw? t'T lh? rfwptlt* <4 ma r?nv?dtt?m Uf ??/ J.Jy \J ?M T. A^ rom-n.frt^ Una. I#ft ?Hti th? b ?fck?^-?r of 0>? {Vnnntit H?4?l, ??*?* Vt.nxnrt. wll Wleo'Jou. wr kddrcw U D. ' TiO. Centre M^rtrbw I. t #v.- sn.\ wo.< m? *. * ? " <?kk SfiSeVnftSuSaid^br^prtcoi rind frotl trw; doil^liuJ tud h?->?lir lomunti: b-.?Mn# tw*Hmr Md /1I.I STKV pVi.vrn MAY H? II *t? If * f'Kty *TK ' V' IibUt nwulMi ra Ik' plt:>k n?4, l|t blIIm frnra J Wf I fHy ftnd 1W fr<?n IVr5fo Patau. Ar'-?mn>ji hr m^r* "r >,?t jaoob a. vas hork /inrcTRV boabpw*?rntt>-iir a i.*r?r a*r>w?iJ. V ; In * ?nd Whhful Kw*UO?. within *t\j ?ttl? ? Km Tork, *h*r? Ui?f ran pr.A ?/wmr?*.Ulk<??., table, *? runtir m?* b* ?.!' IM M n?bjr K?4?n uk?n AJtrrta. w?1k full pwUriiiafm, krw, W. C-, *C , boi Mo 3.W4 ' Toflo^ct. NEW YORK HERALD, S j. i/tbU. t.. | Aoknri>maj? v v:? wikk am> twu or hikkk hiiivU- wiuh-m. ii ?in in |ilr <u,l k <?in*n-l tmtttl i ffcuid in .1 fmuUj, ujr h>k'> k' Ma II WLU)?f hw'MlWf?rr ,. 11 > mm Hjik hJI Uh* in ?l#rti invr >? omenta : IilVfOtW ?'tphjtHj|?i. j Aukmti.oujx anp mis wii k, oh a i'akrv ok* ' trie'- i'l iiil'nif n, citn h?* ?i-t i>m?ni>1 nUvl with lVvinl ?n I K<k wh, <111 ml* r mvihuI or ilurd liuot, iruul tb? lf>un? h u? < i.ll th? iiKHlcni tnifrorem' uta Call ul No. 21 KiUiicri Lr?x t, corurr of den i y. Atotdfl WIIK'W I.aOT, WITIIonT fMWII.Y huvttift h re*v hi p hou f, rlpjfiuiMy funilatwf, In t*1" ,ln' n 'dial* TiolrillT Kirth ir?nue an t rowl-i* th aiwt, "?n a< c?inni<vlHU* f?>w M!iiVm?n with Inroi b?il k oiim, lev ik fb?t mrvfil If Vrnirml Ihnac wiUli.t u> p.w ? uu t'i>r nprHor arrnitnnndoilntM may kild/em Mr*. L. (I . l'ni?o MUAre IW ?<ioe. AUKNTI KM AN ANI?LA0Y OR TWOHIVUl.E OKNTI.R mm can h*v? pl>'.m*nt Rnoma, f or nut. with lhinnl rr without. ?! Nu 51 W?m Thirty wtvirul strert. nt*r Broxlwur ant) Mith *v?ni??-, ilmr.ihle location AI;A&Ut I-OMKIIRI AH1.R ROOM. ON THIRD rUOoR. fwivlirt?ii"lT funilahcci. to M, with or within' unrUal i IWnl, ? for uut* or two geuuemen. Ap|?y ?i 3M Fourth trcrt, iMMtr 1 Afayotle pine* I Abkdhoo* ffptr or K!fA*Ki.Lifn furritum ! for *36. of wtuTxiiiel ?tantifar??i?; atao.anlM CbnaUMl , Chaml?r ' 'utt*, pUtn .uid ornamental, at FAIRIKOTOV* ! V?H ' kind itml, opposite Wuuaier KaUbltohod > UMtf. i AUMV, wi-m.r FtiRKiPiiKn ROOM TO EKT. , with or without p?rllal lioai .1, oouUiiiw (niw .irwl ' Urn* rlow t. Anplv at 37H Fourth tn-M. nwu vbica. ASH ri.YKriiNISHKH HiMtMlol.RI -TO IVnOtl KAUtkmm wttiyul Hunrd. lu |iiu e Rl t*J t roafoy timet Reffrenoe* i trhir *<*rt | AM PRIVATE FAMTI.Y WIU. !,KT TO Sf.VOI.K OBJ#ilrnu'ii, a- rrnU.Mneu Hod their wivm. rwriiiy I irrn?hf l rooms, with or without hoard; location <* uvenlnu to vrraJ Uiit of ?u*e? Mid c*r?. Apply at i!Ul Bl?* Hter mroeL * rrRRNHEO PAR1.0R AND BHD ROOM. "RMINOI.H >V bed rtx m wotiU! t>* M. w ith' >ut txuir.t u> i an or l*u ??" tlimen. In it' hen.** n' i private fmnt!y llTiniflti iKm rkHnlty of l<riwdw?y * 0 tilth ,vvt'.nu** llnteL AUo. * Uuw-iKnl miitab!" for ? d'Tt??r'(i irOlcp. Kor address, luquire at Jo Weal Tw?lit> tfcud aUexC APMMX KAM1LV WOULD MCT TO ONK OR TWO gentlemen th" ? '?>.I morv front H<K>m with Li-hI: imm Htnl flod-tM attained with or ?Ithout br-wkt'iM; tn tli? full b it t wit ter wmtUI fvuuiah la to iliuuera if tteaired. Apply at AHOMB FOR A OKNTT KHAN AND WTFE, IN A PBIprlvate familv of only thr>?e.?Heat part of the city, Mnr r?v HiU, near Hiih :i\eune, with splendid and i;o<k1 | Table. Those wishing tor such aeuoauBMlrtMM pleaaa add re is llome, box 11)1 1 In aid oftn, with name or no Interview. A I.Any HAVINO MORK BOOM THAN ?IK REUUIREH wAiiM let some hj'ndsomHy fnmt?hnd Rooms in a Uitv and ti-iuUtiian. wiih Board lor the Udv oily, hone* 1 all th>? m.i J'ni lmprov? u t.nts. .\<Mi?-s? Aiadauit.' Carlton, Madiaou KijUitro l'jut .dike. A PRIVATE (IKKVIAN FAMII.V CAN AOOOMMOD VTR a (Tf-ntl'nmn w ith a I'arlor and Redr.vmi, c rnry nvslo. rate terms, bouse uIomUI; located and haa modurn itnpruve menu. Apply %t 231 Tenili street, thir<l floor, from 8 tr> S P. M AFKW FlRMKIiFD ROOMS TO LRT?IN RrlT-t OR single. with Board at Si) Oinl/m plsco; * v?*rv convenient and ccutral location; dinner at aU o'clock. Rel'erenoes retj ulrrd. A HACK PARI OR ANI1 RT.KKPINO ROOM ATTACHED, on the tir-t tloor, in a first olasa bouse, in Forty ei|(hih atrial .near Seventh avenne, to an atfrenbV oouple, t'nr >15 | per week; also, a Urg* Room, lor #12. Apol.v to Mr. FUL.L8R, Vnlon Hoarding Agency HKt Kmanv. sy. AHA V080MEI.Y Fl'RNIKHED ROOM Til LET?TO \ gentleman and utdy. Board for the lady only, in a house with all the modern Improvement*. Addreja A. t. , station V, Spring sli'uet. A LABOR FRONT ROOM. OX THK WCCOND FLOOR, newly and handsomely furnished, to )?t, without Hoard, to one. <?r ivn gentlemen. Rent, with gut, tU per wvaub. Apply at l&t Prince street. AT 82 NTN'TTT STREET, NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE? wHh an American family. Rooms for gentlemen or familieu, with iloard M Dinner at six. TL" Suth ??en te and South ferry Juices pa's ibe do*-. Houa? lirst cioas, with modern Un p> ovementg. Retorence required. AOF.NTLF.MAN AND HIB WW It ORTWOsINUI.E OEMmen ran he *ee*mmodated with handsome Rooms .and liixid Hoard in a prlvato s-H-Mi family; dinner at o>m o'clock. Apply at ti# Weal Nineteenth street. A FEW YOPNU MEN CA* FIND ROOMS AND HOARD at St M hlte street, ntar tiixudway, on roaaooab.e Mima. Apply at 80 ft bite sti *-??. Bosrt?-t<? twr. wrrn board ^brhooh'orta- I hie Kooiii* ou th<t I'llrd tl?ir, wliu bath'and |u. Apr 4 -U 48 OHn?on [iUcc, hinhth rvrret. Board ?aokwfijima* can kino a coyroRTABi.m bM with an Knilinh family. nleuaiuitl) *ltuit?d tl K..1 ford, nrar Ktilton amine car*. Hrooklvu. N > bunritlllg hoQM. t'oill try and ruy a>tvai>t.i <?a cjoabtota. Addrvaa J'W, box lAi llri aUl >(llcc. Board?rrkvtfiikd rooms to rikglh at V.I Iff H.'irv ltr?-t Th? hoim* H newt* |)*ini-d nbtl furnished, h?vin< *?*. h.iib, h ? ?nd e?ld ouUr. and w tha hamtaotBrwt bmive In iho Herenth Ward. A parlor cm tie Mit ml floor U> a giiiiltnvin and wifft. BOARD.-HJRNIflHBD ROOKS TO UtT, WTTn Hoard. on (h<- *wmil floor, to n tmU'man and wlfn or two ?tu*Ie R?Tiikinr>n, aj*> a Room and Hmtnun on Uie tkird door; r*? and b ah Dinner at (I o'clock. Anpl/ at tVl Hu4aoa mrt-et, three doora above fv l.uke'a church BOARn.-Pi.RAnANT rcRRiatncn or cifRURnmii n\ K<*-ib?, ?rh.? without Hmrdjin a family where ib? oi?ifnr4* nfa Knmr < he enjoyed. The houae <??t.alna .all the nuaWrn Imnrovamnpta and la situated In a terj deurable neighborhood. V Madiwn atreet. Terms terj reasonable. Roard down tow.v, ko. fl RROvDWATirowi.ixo C:r?*mA ?Kit flu ?#ntl?tnw?r\ ftf l #ilh??r r*rtAn*?M\t. or lrmi?lMit. can wimniiKKUii J nlcmtHoiljr at hj buiui, It In near th<- South nod Stair a Ulaoil rrrrttt. Bf>ARD IV BROADWAY, HKTWTfTW TWKI.FTn AVD Thirteenth Wwll Um heal lor<ttiim In city, hi' ?| Dm cIum; pnM Mi < (II mortem lrnpr<> .m-nta: an ?,if?iU"at ?Ur, dinner at 6 o'tkx k. *ip } iu tUi Mrivul?.y). Board i* JKKSKT city ? aw knumjmj r ami|.t, orcipyln* a lx>u?? nrar ih? frrry, with m>ra r??m Aid mmjt require, wiat> to m?el <ntf) t?<> reaftecffth.'-t young mm *a boar.Ur*. T#rn < niixli-n.f. Kcfcrei*-* r?quu?L Ad'lre* fi. B. It . boi tlO ll'-ralal (rfl'.-e. t pntRn wanticn?by a t;kxn.KMaw amp wirr, IJ I ifchth ?'.reet; e :u>t *Ut? i< to\* i preterr ?V V t I nre?? tUn? ka-airm aiul t.rma, W K. R., boi 1,1 >1 |* a Oflu BOA RDIKQ-third STOKY > ROJfT and BVC* R<?m? with HMromna ?t1>'lnlnr. aiiWaW" for gratis | ben and 'heir wivea, new i.r<>?n at >n? hutian: jiU tbr n | in | rr>v<rn?nu; tantiou naeiceytKiu-i' '', v rou utbla. | im Wert Wli urwi I 1>OAKPI?(l.-TO ROUTUKRNRRR?ttRRT i.tiW i> ta. *i'h caa Mti rrnrj hoiu* c>.tt?>irt, c?a br ! r I Ho. 11 haw 1 ??nty-?l?htJi i'r<*i i*tw??a Mjxtbog ao-l KIIUl trauma. BO.\rTMXO.-A OKXTLEHAK AMD WIKK, OR A rVW ata> > trMWmou wrait^d ? ? fv^ipr pl? ?a?nl f 'irnlxh" 1 | Rixitna ailh r?*1 K?ud, nt 7D VVcat Hitr?y?lulu!i alrrr.. v>r Hr *'1**T Ti' bona* t*a ?H lha modara tmproTtiMn^. J Rc/erriM.w Tirnoa luolrr^uBoarptjto.-a torwo i.adt who n absent I ib'1 day a u>h> a hoinr in a private fmii'v a I Hoard. iaral ?r?i mla of IM cUy |ir?/>rraj. vl lr.-<a * [ n<i?a tii t V . ftatlon C, Ki^bth ateaue Poat offlre. ' tUog rrlff -mrn t-n?n. OARD IN PROOIfl.VK.-A ORNT'R*AH ART> WIF* or two rifle r?u*.le?B?ii c.-- *" ? ?nmodal?d a iUi p|a%Mat R?- ma In a ma.tlt I itiily, at M Henry rtfMt, 4 V> Kuiu-ri and Wall anrt farrtea. Hoard m hrooklyr.-a flra.*aj(T xcrr or R-<o??i (M*rn<1 *\',rr. fr*nt, imukv f ir a jaw larva and wife or tiro tfi lie?en. ?*yb* ohuln?< by apply m? at M Air'tr ?tra*t Wr?* dnor frrrn Itrary ?tre??, thrr* mT Duira' a a'a from liehouUi farry. Dtnatr alfo'ilock. Board on hrpokt.t* tm-ittts.-nir^r v?rt imiilili frost RfKxaa ara low Tarut at Win. A an) iO Columbia atrrel. Aa a manner rea'dmee lb* kw?U?>e U ? era id in noea. Rnotna la< gr and pla?a? nt. labia (lffj?nl HAirr*o*m.r rrn^mnicn room* to urr-wmi or * tUvmt H<*rd. In * grnttrnMn and ladT. ?r tuaUin*. la | Brit rUa* Imium ?Kh *\?t\ mWh?. Apply at 114 Weal | Twrviy ?uUi mrfi, n?*r Ki*!4Ji mnui. Tarrna rmy M4*. I r%i* HORORRR -A JIRATI.T fUERMHIP rRORT ROOK tn In. wHJl or wHhmrt nrmAfMI ami *< , la a arftaW fujrOy Apply at Ho. ? l aw* plaeo, RlnwMl arwv hai??r rinrt and Aoonod, Uir?a alniiaa wmtk trrm Km farty. T#r*v? r?aimaH> tlfr* arrmnrm hatiro tarrn that laror JT1 arvl i- r h-.uM MO are*t, two Hfav-Jca nf Rrnadway. la aaw r--*4y Ia tn iaain<al? panawMl and tranalrnt Imnlm or wWI Rohm wttkooH Mli, If todrtd. XNMrallMtflaMM iBO^RO TV HR'->fiKt,VV - ROOWM TO I.KT with H<arl. ai 1ft lllclta mn-rt. H*ouklvn, M-ar Ow f.> rh an! Watl atr*r> Irrryt: th? bona.- la In rompIrta <*r^*r. barln* fciat t*rn p?ini? 4. paprrol arid aupphrj wHh ali Uwr nx>l*rn <ra pr> w\iril?- tb<? rrar of tV bona* romnianla * ajila idll . Irvr id the bav and harbor. A Hi-ilU-mnn ai 1 wtf*. in I ihrr.* >r | fbtir ?lni[V r*T>!>man. of ima^rrpttnnabla rhnr*rti?r, ifl?n? <#a !? acv<?DBKKlal?'l. i lw thai ,<? * wUJ < uiolaraM. DOARP t* RROOKT.YW-TWO O* TCTRKK PINOt.K | D ?rni>mrn run b* +> to?niij?d?i*d with t'wro* aad gr<ni Hoar t.? apr^Ttmr al fto, M MM! ItAon lulrutra * iUJl fn.tu Ui? f-? a:h frrry ai.J h*if a bkx.1 'rna tb4 | Atlanta atr??t ram. Rrfrrrrwra atchatgrd Brookr.rx-boaRnrxo? roo*r. rrRvr?>rm> or imftirntehH. In nm rrrf r*oa<a. U>l? Urm< fir tk? n mn?r, n.oat braut'fa] 'U'alWi im lb* h*l||liu; a fa? mlnu ' ? wilk to lUa frrr dinner at all outock. 114 | FlnauppW '.rnrl, rvrmrr o< Tolton Amt. TM *<* **"!? Y TIRMMtEO PaRI.OR ARD BSPROO* on I rat I.fi4 third (lo-ra, to IM, to aliifl* ?rotl?-??-i, i>t ' rria dim? rata*. Hu tae la fln* taaulnn. with aolerii ua ! pruMini iiit. f*o it TwrnlKth ?r*r Rroadnaj. ; TrRrTpmm roov?* to nr-nro atvtoiwtiio r R'oma, *rB furniahr<l a/vl r<-nulM-d. bath on wuMfl'iori Intra aloui 1? ?u 1 18 ln? l Iqwi. on arcnnd Vir. fr1r*ia family <4 t'lir adult* Tmm W?0t Kaat MxVartiU atr?M, nrar In tog pl*c?. l^fRtriRI'lUt -A COITUS OR THtlf* ROOHH TO l-?T, r In a arai rlaaa bona* r*t>i!<-ni<ii trUSmit board: tarma . tarj mi?>rati-, WwaU .ti briarraa Hruadn hj and FtJ'Ifc a?eno??. , Addn-aa A. R. ( . I'tiUnv? ?*!* foal r49r*. F:*RKT!?nKi> nf'oy'' -Wir* POM tort art.* A?D ?. ;i t.irt,?i,?d I! . in- O IM. rbaap m m^)?rubl? Mana'a, I t? r talwOi mrrrt.vs h *>? Br"0??\ to muilHmiH nvi mosIo r-Mi?m?n Xpv'r <*> >h* prmmw. Ft rxikhep room* to rjtr-TK* on y... . ' m I'r if ? I ihr~> b*low I nl<>a i niiarr. addrrm r. F. P., i'otoa h'|iiar? I'nN'VBen. Ft RNIBHKn ROOMS TO Mrr-WITH OR WITHOCT IVmnl, 1? iHnfV iw'lnnn ?? r?nfl<"m?n anrt lh?l' wl?<xi ' ( Kn. II U?>1I"W !>?? 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Pom oHt.'o. - I fPI) t.KT-.A HANPKMMK Sl'IT <>r H7RNIKHR0 PAR 1 '?>r? will lt>i HpATHtc tf i*i|iiir?irt; ulao lumtll f?mi*h?d * ihid ? u> let Apply at 131 IJl?ouk?r alract. ue>tr Broadway, ??-?t M<ta, Toi.kt-hy a winow i.aoy having no family hi pr>-?rnt. oiip or two i'tiruiabea Koonia, with or without Bonn), lit Mo tt Ninth inim rl.RT- WITH BOARD. TWO I.ARH* ROOMS, snnr*t:lc for gentleman and wMr. and two small Koonta for jtniflc K?ntl<>moii, all nratly fiirnlnbul. At 71 Wml Twnntv third utrc-t, hotwoeo Ptflk and KUtb atanuaa. Retarmwsea ex nkitncMf, TO I,KT?A Fl'RNIRIIKO ROOM KOR A SINQI.R OKN J tltman, at 232 Wooatar atn vt, nuar Amity. Rent SI a * eek. fl'<? I.KT? ROOMS, PURNISHKH OR UNPI'RNJHHfifl, I in miita or M'pttrata, with or without Hoard. Il (uire at V. 121 Kintrkar xtrrft. VV ANirr>? BY A OKNT1.EMAN ANI> WIKK, UNHTR 1 nlalied Parlor and IMroom with ito'U'd, in a lirat el m, <>?. fl> privite f imily. rh'w no othnr b<?ird<)r? are, abovn |'i'iirtri*i?ili meet. Addrest with lull particulars to J. U. K., ll?rai<t i ttlce WAKTFD IN RROORI,YN.?LOOOINfl A HO PARTIAL ftmud, for twosiiwl* xxotkMueo. with ?_pri? 1 > ' itnily in I', okhn. Term* to b? uiijerate. Addreaa R., ' A !,!? ' 11*1 ouiCf 2 ABINGDON SOD A RB?CO * NKR OP BANK AMD II wi*in Htri-t-U. locw Kin urn of th* ooolml anil h nlthUtat ?? the r?v Stranger* r siting the cll.y will flixt ?pa? 1a and atryri?miii. with kink! talile. The <lr??it KiuUir' . ta'.he foot of Rank within HV* yard* of the hnm?. ID BOND STBEKT ?FI'RNISIIKD PARUi V- AND IO Bn n 1 >m? 10 let. .No hoarda taken. 20 AlUNOOON SQIFARK.?AMKVTI.RMAN AND WIFK O ?nl two ,>r three atnglrt jr*'ntl>>men. can oliU.n pleuuint l<?> mi km) rti'nirahlh IIuniM. lfonae -mitai1* modem ImprovenwnM ?n I cnr* mhiI htnu' H paaa the door. t)u OKF.KN STRUCT?PURNIHHKD ROOMS TO LKT, TO fa') *ei\tl*m?n ouly. Rooms at f 17k to $3 per week, koiilr turn a Hue varil gut, uid In very qulol. Q'J NINTH 8TKBKT, HKTWKF.N UNIVERSITY PI. VCR CO and Fifth areuue.?A very .len1rahl>i Room, fuftiliibad. Willi Foard, Mill ti? rruiod W two amtfie iieutloiueu. For lull !> 11 1 uIhih apply :i> ?ho?a 1??1 NINTH STKKKT 01,11 No. 1241?T ) I F.T, K'-R I J 1 nl?l? il. un nei-nod ikM , front, n Parlor, with H?lr ?n i ll 1 I ?d. nr separately: house private unil Aral elaaa. laxauion fourth b< ue?t Waal of Broadway". 1O7 RIOHTIf STRFKT, THHRE POORS FROM IRO Al> *? I ?Hjr. o; pogite th.* Korean tile TJhrary.?'Tula Jioiim 1ui? (. > 11 thorough!* repaired and ?lei'?n?ly fnrnl?had, m v fei 4 *? n'rWJy turnMm] Sulla for fumUliM anl ?ii.i<le gMilM-iMNl. V'iH n? partial 5"ir(l. Hood referi-iiCM required tint given. IOO W7NT ELEVENTH STRKET, VRAR NfXTH AVPIOO mi? A nine fumtalv'd Parlor ami Undroora a K.iora lop '*0 ynntitr tr>-n. u? 1 ?-t. with Hoard; tlrirt.claiia hotwo vid iuroiiiiiH?(??.on?. pli irtHRt neighborhood; leram rea?ouob]?. P!i tier ai 6 u'doek. Reference exi hAtiged. 1 (II) BIJCKCKER STMKKr -THK Pl RTJO ARR RKI tl& *p?tfoll? loiMnn*i llwtthfl attowa li mum hu ur irr e ? tbonmnb repair nnd It now ready for thi roceiiU 1 of ?ai aii'Ot nnd permuueut ooardera; tiucly .ouUU'.ed audrheertal Rooma. funnir .1 ail. *)t)C WEST TWKWTT SE' OWD STREET-rfUMMKR H'Xird.?Thla dHUrhtful V Minion (the fourth door wea? of KiKMfe Rventir) in a'irr?uinltid wilb open gnuuda, aju. furn.*>. * ?ll Hirequial* ? of a tlrat nlaaa. h imn *> 1 f) WWT TWRWT1RTH fiTREKT.-JTRJHHIIEn Alv Uuoias to lei, with ilnajxt. 7/JO MRMAPWVT. KKTWKKN Rt.JHTH \Ni) NINTH I vJO ?tr eti.?A a tile of H00111* on the flrat f. > >r, and e 10 In.*'1 . lid a aide room m aecot, I tiMir, to lei, u>K>nulrni.'u, fur nUnrd. ?eparate ?r together. Ilmao newly iurl?li<'il and palmr.t *??. hatb. Ac . locitlon pleaannt. 71*7 PROADWAT -KTRAJUIRK8 V1HITINW KIW I O I Tork ?ul And g ?l ai<'''unin'iJittliina at :ho a >?ve place The hnU?e havtr.jr Keen thorough!* la ram oi>?u to rerefia fiiraia T>? bona* fa (eiit on Uj?i Km 'iieau plan. ?-.Ui peetaiii-ant *tra<-bed. Tail* d But* at ail o'aior.k. French and Spvuah avmken HAI.Kh or HKAL KNTAfH. A|"* !XV PHMOII HAVWIO FROM M.000 TO IIDvMI IS ?a? Uo-Va, Brota and Shoe*. Rervly mil" t.'lothin*, llaia and or <lroe?rte*, show >nWl like to ?*rhaaf(? Uvri for Real Kaute In the ?-Uy ?f !-L Paul, Minnesota, >r for Improved or niiloiuroTnd Funi Ijtnde to the ?l?inl?y of Ht. Paul. ih*l la aure U' JiMihJi' in vaiur in th> oc v "\r*. ?I U plenae addrfo* boi Hn. i*)?ew York P'?t ode,, MmiDC ine amount aUirk. and ktn-1 '? rood*. Aulutervlew nun b? bitd with * revpiMMlble Brty, ?>r. ran *tva city reference, and furnish mapa taken mi xov Tuiaenl aurveyi, ml >?L<g untiitf, I jca'j m, ke. BRAUTlFtn. OOUITTBT XKKT FOR F Al.K OR FT hungr for r.r"iklvn or -ft / property: r<>nU'i,liuf 100 ?rr" Uriro and Rood buiMlnffi . ck 'en iitd variety of trjlua. l ocation 36 bu>jifr >m ibu ciii, n**' Stamford, vmne<nicut; 97,tW). MEUrK, ?7 Broadway. AR ARR fY?PORTTl?ITY.-ORR OF THK BB3T FARMS In th>- Bute of .Vew Jeraey ran be bought obeao, if an pU*d Tor lwm?dl*tely To be aoM "wily In ooneeonenee of the jrr*' ace nf the proprietor. who la deelrotte to "'Wtrihirta hla eatnie dur'og h!? lifeline. TMi cffer*. either for Inyeetme >? . or iceupalwn. a ?hence arid')*! t~?t with In a llle'inm. The farm I# ?l|-ialed on u?e Rarr vi river, near Ike mll??t<wie. within rate mi'e and k half of the railroad dnyot. and about three mll?-a fr.>m the M.tinty town (Snmervllle); la In the hlgttret Hate nf rultlvatioo, au<l Ike rnoel prod' ^tire (arm in New Bmnewtnk. Th?* biillouijre and feneea ij-e In g *id repair, and 11 the modern Improvement* n a<?rlrnltare areadopt V. It rai??'j .4 t'larreanf >Vh l.-ind. m whi h the pree?ut proprietor ha a fattened from Olet-n Iff twenty head of beef catCe i PtuuUly. 11,1a laud wo.tld I e very dealra^e f .r dairy pi:rpnee? or the NpM <>t tallk to RtvYMl A milk trail, | aa" a every nicht ?t "? ' lock. Th" ?>utli hill may be applied me rlnerv with ifTvut advantage. Ft alao <v*it*lii* ft ar ea ' ru hlv cultivateJ Urid ,* 'he taoet prodnetlve kind; ! perfe<n!y i? (e| and free fr?im 4>me?. the anil la a li^h I'umj a?nd oi ?rent depth, t'n >o mid form ih' re le an Itwihaitftible *<-pplT <>i mature, and Um ii\er whl. i b.?tn la Hie mead->? xlktuitda arlih tiah; It la lnipo<alhle dil?.iintely in l?-a. rlbe wllb II tae l<tnl?a of an advertlaemert. V'aara I. A WKS M CO., 339 ilraM Mr- -t New York, win ?l .a further partkalara, and la I T7MRV FOR gAI.K-IK TFI.<KT, ?"OVTWVT\?I 90 F a<-re?. near ateiunh. ml Undlnj ?u?t railroad dev-*. *t miVa fr in S?? t.irk. In>t >d h u- iu?l out Apply ui ** A. ''HAMCKKMN . TOR-ib na m atr-et TJMRAI to RXf'l.'a.vok-imr tmprntxi) ppoith. J * -Fitly fcrrea, good biipr'nemanta, pl-niv n' all klo !? orfrw: ?t<?w and twidwfiHnc* lo the rir-i?e. fifty tnll?a l is m Hew Y>>rfc,he?lih} l-?: tioo n<**r In joiro ut Mr. n< friill, t* Newark CUf, First a.afw farm of m aprf ; for sw.r-t* a Vi?h ala'e rf enlUvftUo*. with B<> irt*hln? ,*roiia at wheal, oala, r im, and abtuidance of heal um<*>i)r b*.-, ar>oul 9U t.rr? tillal > Ihe re?t w.a.l and a*H Uig- kntfr. btir.a, Mai lea, graliwrry an 1 oi..i.'illdin*a, to f ??1 rf\l?r, *'??1 'inwf. honrvte t on one al t* by the aalt * \Utr. ji? .din* the brat at Ball ii*. Iioatiof ??<1 * ?''*"<1 Aral r .u>, aud to tin b''?t fill b>H condition; a??eral > ?r*nt hnlldtnv wte*. Any ^entleiaaa waiiiwa a eowtry ae?i and fi.rm will Ami thla a pr-it-vibip inreeraeut. a? K to '> ?'ld for half Ha value. Price flSTon. About f' rty mi ?? from the oily. Addraaa A. U., care at O. l+'gb. Hprlog ?Vrft P at <dBca. Farm of fortt attir*, nrnrotopx. .vtar ?rt\r hrusawirk, Xew Jrrft. and near 8?p<* ?n<l ' aoihoal landltir '"r aale rh-ap. an I on f,j>< i?rm<; aall la <o?l and under h r'lUltab-Hi. BuUduwa at all klmli J'rine t< SOU, i.'X'KF.. 20 Plue itrr.-t. For f*I.K-nOC??: AAtn t.OT IV TUF IMPRtiVtfKI | w?*i rtialrfc . iwarW??t ntadnay. betiw ? anal ati-e^i, deeirabie lor dm-.ana or boatoaai unr|>oa?A. Cmm 'on at once. JosKl'll f. ii mx, n.?. 4 linn alreeL For hai.f^-or kx<h*wok for <ntti.oti.tikw* three liral rlaM new bMwn atooe bonnea. .N.ia jl. 7ti and 8 *e?' For?TAli?rd atreeV aim fe>-? weal oi KMh av.-niie, oulh foxulra X JOHN C. 1 P.ICS, cm Ibc prrotlaea. Ijaof, HAl.K- TITR rROFKRTT OF a PRIVAT* ARM. F Hainan, bavtra no fnnhv ?aa fw '.k?"m-??ne ^?rfe"t aaddle Mare; piVe #4<l) alan, War*. I>i< iVmn tbn ronntry, autte<| foe ' dupe or w<f?; pn-<' 11/1 K ?h are ah nit !i(taeu bruH*a h.*h; ( l->r hay; either will *?> In ainr'.e or dotihla bar. I p??a In.|> ira at ih ' aiAlila corner at hovauih w; ao4 Tweuiy ?'> aiA atraat liMIK HAI-IV?n IN.^I i i?*r*s ill*i r r, m ?\?*ni truixMr *' tM. trmf*1ntaf n'l th* waiwi lupnr ?-iiI V~jt : .rth?r parUculara apply to u.a owner, m'l. s ?rrn'? a. uk)* *ll*- v tito stort cottaor, vttttt two f tnu IM tM* dorp, on Riitkty f<nir?h atnwt. canr Hr<?d?ay. Mnatinn to rrrj haBdaom*, and th* pmnorty faa? improv In* 1 rtluf Trrma *a*v. Apply luJuHll Mo'T.AVK I,til Uruaowa/. dnu- lUinj lira'. irwL rr rai.f--\* ri.roart fir?t fourrtort krnwti afcnr fmnt dorlllDC l*"iar. rm Thirty wr.'n'fi atrcrt, ??-\r Fifth a**a?ta. WHA a tfcw atnry nwvlm, ha?k hall* n./i?riii dm-VM la blw* wa.'rni -u?.! an BK'ixrn miprorravnU. rh* ko'iar uaa.l' il it by T.'-of Our flm k.*town for hfa own ur It will fw fady fir nr?ttp?orT on thr rfMVY Aurn*. Apply to*. W BltfF.OUT, enmrr uT Rr?M)WHy *iH Triny ftrtfc >'r?<-L ch>r k.\l* on v.xt makdf, r for >kw vi.rk nrr propertt. A Krantiful rraldawrr and *l>o?tl 4 attiirhro, Iho m> t t <ltt ?> aid kr?:t\r 'ke ?*al 'wiiR o' :h II *?n 'ii?v. :U I the p..)H"ad/??. at *n>drt? opj. ?P? IViMt'i F*rry, i tw'n'.T mllt-a fri'ro th?> r|iy, * largo *nd cnnMikM dwrlllnjr, fotwuln'ii* fotirtom r->m*. and oarrtif Imt". %!1 n?w, I'UlH in iko >'r?o? !i atjr;?s Hfc* an mu-h admlrfdos Fifth avo m* alt plrndld m?r Window* !.uo(? alarm In fmnt arvl m txlhafclra, all Iltir4 up ??h Mola. lla'lfljf t"C?Unn run rti iwto a ?pk)?1>4 ilrw thr rlrrr ml (mrf-a, linir annnirf, orrrl'oklnif thr rutin- rlllafil. Thn ffroti-jd* aro tiatof illr laid mil with ?|jr'.'',*rr and fruit trrea r>f rarlmia klnda, alto frrr-4 tr*ra afl'irdln* ampl? *ha?!? two n*1?nM awl a *rrll at In.' i <Miiaat and puroat aratrr In k?.'kla?l ' ounljr. i'Ioii al all llm*? during lh? day an l oratv'nc by >i<TLhara Jrrary itirt ll idwK) Ktvot raHrvMul* aod ?um>uiu??u. liiiittirc uf tho uwner, * W PAfiU, M St MaiU'aplto*, S-n Tor? T KFFKJ114 PARK I/)T? FOR KAt.R? TOCR I-OTi< OM J J IUIN nTfrn" an.I Wui?>??y alr-?* Hmoklyn. for HP Mirh patad and t"?, list* Ix*? <m Nrw Vol k arrnui*. op 1 tW P' Adama'new rbnrr?i andn?ar F'lhou miljk f<* lilU "Mk, patad and aaa. Apply to R. AllAlH, Ro. 87 llua air^i. Homn ror hai* phrap -thr s tfrrr p^ort MlbaanarM krV* kon?-a Kaa. H, 90 ant 91 F??t I hnyar.r?d ur**, ?n?k m-?ieru Im nrvTaoaooU. For pm.rUn toai^raof ikaowMr, 11* Hna<1#?y. OnMJffr wof'pr Wim awh't two ahiw or Lmi>4, at Cnnr NImwI, will b* ?oM pn?ltlTrl? ?t puM* ?nr Wru, July 1J. it II V III Uiwr^ihiil* if Ui? <Mj Hill. Mr?* Irn KlINW m?? r?m?>n on h<?ut m>>t Iu<(>ur?<>f D 0. i jwfjfln/l >W, iiivwj', Ho. ( 0>un Mronklja. rMtlA. F.X?IIAK<;H OR LFARK- A THR ?T->nr Mali ?irtnf t>r~<rn 0nnr hnita* <w> Mnrr?y hill. MttlTU. PrV? |l(> KIP JA.flWJrin r*m . W'li t?*? fl 11 '? r rnrf II HR AIH.KV, I.M4 Hrnviway, ? HOLJlKK, 8 rioriUfl. U'Amnrn BUT?A flMAtJj BRKTI OR rRAMR " lln'uf In rr**i mti'lftiofi, -n<1 fnr ? ?r <JI f*mi fi f Kb?r la Htfw York or hi It* Immtluu* TVIoltf. T?rm? a'lM W> rrrj r^ttmnhtr ArWr?? n. U, ton l.fMt Prm <4br?. H T. nrn KAnr-rwo n a hvoair r tut a or* f?).ZUU Oka, iTv*m M??r? > Mwilrta aivl 'V. vrt, Yv4. McM KnmM *rvl all P?nt/V?. In *a<-h, In <vmipl<tf? arrllr U*? MilOBnt) frmt Mitb ???l. no M *?t of ? ?*<? . Appf* W r. MORU Alt, ten door, or at M7 U<j4*? MM. mn hali. _ A CANDY \NH PAPKK HTOKK K'lR t*AL.ti?fXOHK by Ik* CrW hMfl tit f'?* aiiv li*tit b'i?*n?>*i. r?nl pint l> 10 Um* !?' ?' v ii,. .r * . i. iiin 1 ii . , . ! K>w??> lor M-llltifr uitulc kiioun at the ?tor?\ No. 'J*i uimty < l^ht luuii uuinil ?tr?'fL A K[RST ?1.APS KIW? AIRANT. WITH I'RIVATK rt ;R, A ID ih< l#i?l p*rt ill Brutulwaf, .uj doing a ?| 1 lut liuai! ?. fm MtI** ( r would iulil a partner with about tt at >.?? 111 Ui? linn >a uliiU'-'l U> r?u t wu account nl akAuraa. Aj.ply u> N. lilHUOlT 144 tiruadway, timt floor. "DRAiniNd MA<'HTNKR-FOK NAI.K AT A S^'RIFfCR, J J wmuirht Iron Hrtldlof Machln#*, (nolo inn ffclw nhifUnn rri-w. bubblui and pooler: all oaaulatit awl In I.nrtect runiiHig order. Apply u? J. 8. TIU.KY. .100 Hrovlway. Broadway hai.(>4.n for haijc-thr woo*, ni- ( lur*? and iwn ymra-Wa?-of th? Pairlliou de fl irs, (? Hrondwav ari'h or wiUiuut the Furnltur# of tke JwelUnf P?Jt App'y a? above, brtw?-.-u 2 \oo'Qtnak. D^UOHTORR FVH HAt.K?\ HARK CHAMOS. UX eaUtd SO mll?* from Mrw Ynr? (U>|n, m thHr'n# hnetwei Rat* hltabwt over thirty year* H*u*t wi.,rv rotaooa ftvra fot -?*llln? i? ?n InlerrWw. Apply u> M WAuit i'LOhF A OO. 28 wtlllau au?x* Now Tort. FOR 8AI.K?8EVKRAL RKTA1L ItRl'O tnoRVM I* New York and Brooklyn. Apply k> HKNRY tlAYUYOg No, 1M Maiil^n lam. F'or SALR-AT A BABOATW. A LKAHB fdr 8u yeara, the well known t'urmen' and Droeera' Hotel, Ma I V Roblnaon atreet with rovenanta of renewal. Inquire of < HARIJtM WMITIWQ. Wo. 130 Nuwu atreel, roniu Wo. 1? For hale?tiik i.kasb, htotk and fixturrh of a ft rat claae RealuurHlit, well located and doing agood bunlneaa; watikl take In a partner U the right peraon ottered Apply at my oUR'ti, 181 Broadway. JAMKS rowk. For ralr-okr ok binoer-h ano onr of Wheeler A Wllaon'a Machine*, or wijnld trade, and par tie remainder Id caah, for a bul'diug *ot, e.ther In Molroae or Mount Vernon. Inquire at <4 Carmine atreet, N Y. FOR 8ALR?I<BaRR, STOCK a*n FTXTrRKR or A llqonr and dining saloon, on a leading avenue, opuoafte one of the be?t lepota In the rity: will be aold very cheap, oo aceouut ol airkneaa. Apply at T/>hUth aveuue. Fob ralr-an kktarmhhkd buhinrhr, oo* nei'ted with art. The manufacturing department la very profitable, and mar be largely extended: eipenees are onnan ally low. Price ft; (100, lesa tfi in the value ot' the a'.ock. Ad dree* U. C., boi UJ lierald ulllce. _ For salr-a bakkry. cowfkctiokrry art> 101 Cream Saloon. a good lit and for buatnesa, with ail yearn npejplred lease. a larue brick Honae and in g?"d rwpalr. Reaaoo lor aelllng out having other buainma to attead to. Inquire at M Pulton avenue, IliMoklyil. For sai.k?thk tioon will awn thrrk trars leaae and iUu*-ea ol' the Htore coi ner of llouaton and Mar cer atresia. Alao the fttuck will be dlapuaod of if wanted. Inquire at 17 Want Oouatou aireet. For sai.r.?thkijearr, ktock and fixturk* or a corner Mquor store, n<iw doing a good btialneaa. Will b# ?<ld cheap, without (lock, if preferred. Inquire at the atorw. Ml Fimt avenue, corner of Twenty Aral street For palk?a orco hture, potno a tiirivtro buaineaa; baa been kept by thepreaent proprietor of*r n year*. None need apply without S3.MM value iu rash For rurtber particulars applv at toe residence or U>e owner, Jk W ALTEKP, M East Thirtieth street. FOR SAI.E-A HALF INTEREST IN AN OLD established Orrvery nouae, doing s retail ?nd jobbing trade of from ItiO.OOO ui $76,01)0 yearlv; entirely for i.iAli. About $4.(100 will be needed to purchase It K|.-kne**the<\,ui<e ol kelliii?. }l?-?t ot rei'erane uivcd and reoulred- Kur further particulars address J. 3. Bowlnnd, Herald office. RALE.?the ADVERTISER, BE1N1 l'NWKU,, r deairrn ui Mil hi* ball' Intermit in on" oi the oldest in'uti linhej grocery house* In the city, dointf ;i very lar^A cssb trade, retail und jobbing. Expenses light nnd proAls large. Small capluil required. Address John Edward*, Herald ofllre. Fok sale?an insurance charter, parsed by the regulators of the Stile at Ohio pravtoo* In the ndop '.i"U ot the new .utntit'itiou. Will he *oll at a hiwgaiu. WM. LII.I.KY, 132 Broadway, !C, Y. For sale?a pop* water apparatus, in oood order for sulk ng -oda water. Apply at drug store, oorner of Eighteenth street and Third avenue. FOR RALE-CHEAP KOR CASH, A WELr, KNOWN valonn and Be*Lttiranl on Broudway. now doing a fowl business, with three year*' |ea*e; satisfactory reason* liven for selling, p?*>e**loii given Immediately. Address U. K. W., I Herald older, stating where an Interview can be h.ul. : pOR HALE?THE OI.P ESTABLISHED HP.VER IM.\T- ' P in* n(Uitillalinoent of M. F. Brown, Albany, with slock and tools and a ('Xit b'tslness, employla* twelve men, tlie present owner being unable to attend to It. Reference, J. U. Austin, Steele & H<ioba. and H. Kaukln. Albany. Fob hal*-th? lease, stock and fixtures of a first elaaa family grocery, tn a good netghborhrwid and doing a good etak bualuias. Apply at 3W Third avenue. rk bale cheap?tiik stock and fixtures of a >'onfectlonery ard I~e Cream Saloon, 5* Myrtle t?vonue, Brooklyn. It M now doing a >jood buaiuess. FOR HALE CHEAP.?THE STOCK ANP KIXTI HKS OF A Seirar stir*, Stationery aixl new* deuot. now doinc agnnd burlitoax Ui ilw! beat part Of < unal ?tn*l Paper* alone pay nil SatWactury rciiH>n? for aelliag given. Inquire .it Can*] street T.1QCOB PTORK fOR PUA.-RTOCK AND FIXTURE* lj and a three year*' leaar of a rnrnrr atnrt> on Uie ?mt i M of town, nnr * ferry. now d>.ln* a *>**1 burnt*"**. Sold on ae r.mut i f ihn death oi tae proprietor. Apply to W. A. 1>A V illHON, 516 Fifth etreet STATIONERY AND NKWS STORK FOR K U.K.-Till? Klnrk aod fixture* nt' a ataUouery and ?ew? store trill lie I Mild al a very Kie?t sacrifice; ll.f mora' wn* newly painted .tin) | til'd up Iblt iprliiK. Address Stationery, UrruiJ ollioa. rt-HAlR MAKKRH.?RlflHTS FOR TIIR CHV! OF ItiaiK herd's Patent In Xow York, New Jem. v. Pejiiwlva| nla and Ma-yland for aile by the affnnU <if the 1'boubU I H'ndln( tympany, No .14 H roadway. up atiUra. <11 r./?n ?* VAT.C'AHI.K PATENT RIGHT, ?* braHn* fenr mihuUnlljil rlnlmi, tn he dial posed of a? ihe h?< not limn tn put It uircnuih. \?M trade for Sec*pa. Jewelry, or Real Kalute. No agento u?e4 apjjij. Address C. <J., Paired tight, Herald nfliee. ~ HTEAMBOATH. ^ /1AM!' WOTT. \J HKVKVTU RKOTXKNT ON STATKN IS ,AM?. Tn renrh th" f'.tmp (.round lake Sl.iten l*!.ind Ferry Ho.vl/% foot nf Whin hall ?treei, next tn the ltatl#ry They k.?ie wryr half hour i<n iu>* Suiulay*. rarotoib* C.uinp l>y r<tll pud inMn-Hiur pa???u?, " ccnU. l'?-i'nxwi nut) grt '.hell* tlrk' ?ii tlw I ?-rry. T\AY IM1AT FOR WKST POINT. NKWRITKO ANf> J/ rott|llt"|nii'.?Ihr A IT II * will |r?vfl Jaf mr*>-t |,l?r, dally, at 1 :*) A. M., Umrlili.g m Tlili-i?#ih ntrr< r.turning to lh' itj at 6 30. I'Mioeiigt r* lor AltiauT. troy, tuga of anf |i?-liit < * . ran tnaku am* <NmD?H;tl<wi at Poinljic.-j,>m, Bujt/aga fre* Purr SO cetMa. Fok hrinnkpokt-daitt htramrr john hhookri will l?'av# p#rk altp ?r#ry 4?t (hind* 'ten r<\) ?' "fi# i' v.. arrtitnx In Hr1d*#piirt lo u,l?e for tin c.i, t, of tm ii ?! |iim?\ kn'grmtuck and ?? INvu Railmada. far* jo orqi*. > rvi?bi taken. t. l.o? 'kvki,t a co., A|(C>itf, 113 Hm 1.4 RrM'i. T/IOR RRinoKPORT.?DAIF.V I INK-PARK KIPTV r r#nta. Tli# t'ATM.INK. t'npt. Wa. \. Vail, wtll learn OUrcr allp every day at 12 ?i'"|i?ek noon. running In con rr'*"! ?> wli'i lb# HMKNtonlr mill' *?! Th>' "mm?r IIHIftUK' PtlllT ttlleavx kY'k ftllp rrcnr U'iuU)' W??tn?'?.|?jr A 1'rtliny at k'n'r.nrk mum. arriving ui tlw? f> mihii- i with all Iho evpr?*aa trxiua. 'I. W, l'(?!il,IKS Affeut. SEVKNTU BPUIMENT ON WTvTPI* ISJ.ANIV-PRKR* Brrnnr'me itn durin* the enrampwiiL nmneotln* witit Ih# railrr?a<t rum to rump pmnn.l*. I*ay !>o-itj? leaie N"w Votit. fnrt of Whitehall aUaM. l>#1??en th# r.ntiery ?ml Irny, ivrrr hour, fn?n I A It In 7 1' X. Kitn bo*la, b* l?m at 4*4 and lt*< P. M. I.#?v? Htalen lular.t rytiry boor, fruta 4 A. 1(. In 8 P M. Kitra hoau, |j*t?rei-a bnnra, ?! an4' ' M Klfibt ai raui;eB?*nt?-I**># fuirn lalawl m 10 o(luck, leave >?w Vork at II o'?*?*. Night far* 10 crnf. STATCK Wl.AN0 fF.RRT. Par# all r*nta. Hmta 1#?t? #T?ry b<jur (rom I A. XL to 7 P. X., fruna font at tbtlldii. ?.. I. fHrf r. M. bnnta frm N.? Tort onierl wlUi the M'?len U.?t?l H?ilro?d f)a fine H'lodajri buwla leara e?erjr k?tf boor, SVRPAT ROAT roH .WEXT POINT. ("OLD HI'RI.<M, l iinntl ?ik1 Hvwhitrg? fare art win; kir-ink/wj tie* e'.?74reD* -l? tn*r Hlii?A1)WAt .? r* yiei hr i .? ?* reH. t.. I'* hi ?1>rt?V'pW ??-eet every Mm *\? vw-ilu.r at 7 oVtnek, laii'lln.- ?t \>>nkt>r?, lure 15>iu1>. 1Lku. ii ?i4 pohSa' Ffrj, (mtr ill mH; TarrTtiwn Rii.jf H*? ?n1 Itkwr air *w. turn ?'> oeni irnunung ?tl> lan\e Xewlui* a* 2. P M.; Yrnikert 5 SO. arrlrtil* ioX * Tirk iti # 30. cvnoayhoat fur kkvport. cuffwooh, i'krt i O A?it*r. Ro???lll?, Pr^temrUle, w?r?*hr*.tfe, <l*.:ae? an-' l'ni<>n Tl.?'nwlft AI.K.'K PRtl'F, i?avea Kirf.mar. i tlrri t at I. Kpr.n* it S PW K> 4 at BVf &"Uwk mvtr f .ii'Ur Dtnmmg. Kti-imtiig. ImiN K?>i?,n tx j o c..*k F?r? 3S crnta. Shhmt roat rr>r r'x-ki.mrn lakr?i.a*wjm at V<nfc> r?, fur' 10 tt*vmc?an<t l?>IVrrj.lO rent* Pli r rr. u i. jo rrria, Ni ?. k 20 ?i,|i . Hw .<,? Ki <' .? !f ' Mill . Ill' llammnnd, wlU If? ii-.h-ite? Hnrr'? aire.1 whiif, ???rr Fiin<1?7 momli?. ?l oVfcirk; Jay "re*4, 'Raw ti rk, a. 7 oYiat k, landUi* at Oiflat phi r ?n& V il> .hirJ alvru f?-.i way. Stf * viio *t ron hi.r l*n?tk lit', ?. I? f<-e- ' earn, 4 V*< fcnM; two hich pr?a r?f.i/'n . inr <" " .tire ?-,l?r i'r >' w-i'?r j1 Itu*#. Cowplevlj mtC mm! Iuruwi.?l for puievt Apii'j to Ctl AH. W. COprt?AXI>. ISJ Raw Yirk. ~ KAIUKUIW. ~ \ttw von* ant? n?Ri.r? r\n.m?u? ioii-amy. i> fark to ai.hasy ti. <m ?n<1 ?Vr M'mdaf. Jut* Ift; ! <*> train* win taara T?#tl\ ?mh *r#?-, atati'"i, Naw V<?rk > ? fr.r H and *11 way Km > 7 ?n. SI ?i-1 !l .V) I* y y<r w i,it# ruii.x aoi iar.iiuu<ii i.*i ukiac v. V" W) It# r, .1 < ? .1 all ?*/ K 1.1 p * fi Wl lto kihh d<?x*. ?or <V*tm t'm'a. H 16 \ M. autpinarf a W , UaoMbrMg# and Mall' >* afccr# F.r iv-wrr l'laio- t.rr V., atopr nf at W bit# l"aina anl alallona .'*>i# Tkln traui niaa V Mill?rVn Saturday era * fur AlSany tu IS A M,??prfaa mall tr uu, tb^pug at W'allt f-uus Had or 1. (>vaj rail* and (tatir n# not tiu Rrtnri.lmr?wUI I# .?# Wr .%ma><rWj* mifpHig a> (! way rtat'i't MM A. M , aart I I*. H. l'UI>ia. t'teiunc al 6 '>1 7 A *. ami ? IS a?4 T I*. * at al. way ai"m? tktrrr r;?if ?, "AM. ?i->| 'v 1,1 %U llailooa iKitlb of C.TiWm Tha Irr'n lf*w? * il'rrv.n tnrty %nn<ar momtnjr. ft-fft A M. <?r" Icii Fail- ft /. M atopt'lnrf al all ralKwia n -rlh of A ! ?) ? ? M <<? I'VI* ?l *11 << ITbd# fla.".*. JUll.1 RI/MlIlU., AaUalant Kti;>#f1oM?o.l<mv 7TH fcBOIMtkr *.!H AMI'Mh.VT O* 9TATRJ* IfUim. A ?p##i?l traia of imr% la aM ''on to ra*nUr lr?Ua. wUl mr to an l frm? ?J1 ttonau to tf?# < imp Uf-.-u>d Far*, 'J# r#n?a frnau R?a Y?rt. ft ??t cf mosl irocuJa Mokti* al UM terry odtot la New Tnr* brl'T-' rnattif ATRIIWMHAU fOCKO I.At>T FROM TIIF ROITH WIJHW TO imJu- ibt anjuiintanr# of a fnUfmin m*ldl# w# pra f?rr?d) wtth il#w * matrlavttjr. II# m il* >?# '<f a kind ai.1 lortrc 0*\?ri.j?. ax. i ?iih and'i#nl tn#a>.? la pmrtd# a <$111 fnrufila kwi# AAdrma Hall MorU* M?d?ou aquara foal a*## Matrimon1al.-a dexti.kmam wf.ix CORnitt 4, #r*at#il Iti m?rvaMJl# r iranlu for tumarlr, pnaaraa?l>? prtnHpl#a of r?U?V?, ?>.vr*W? awl iMtiu, a<?k? an am la bl? u-l) ?k?#an r##tpm#ai?, ah"tit raara of af*. with a rW? ui arvaitaimi) addrtaa w Wiiaou, r*re of P. C. Oo4 fr?y, ail Bf 'JOdwaf. 3 8PMMBH KKiOKTl. k P1.JCA8ANT ML'HMKK KKHOKT AT KAHT MOIIW J\ Lou* l*U(>d KaiUuv. t>ay and KCH hatful.* and >fcn*i,ur on urt'WMwd Th? proprietor U prepared to r. r?W? appiioauou* for room* for f^uiltra or tiiK'" prrwina, im modrrau vnu Apply al 141 Million ?tr??rt, Hew Turk, up Main, or 17 r?rk puu e. New York. or*JO Jay atmct, Brooklyn. BKAL'K HOT Br?TOODH M1NKKAI. HPRINOH, CHR1.. r-u. Maine ?This now nnd marniflrent llol?l, thoroughly ti.riiiKhnl w uh eiery provision for ih? oomfort of Mm iwmW, Mill pened ou uie IOUj iiwl The witleni of thia ?prli,,{ v hm?* the liialw-i m#-<U'lnal virtn-H of -my In the country. Attached iir lilllUrd Mioons, bowHuff all<n?, ry ?lab)e?, tr< IMntr l?k?, *< The vicinity afforta ample a. r tioololhe aiiflrr HUd ai "rtainan. ' urrmx'H will t>? found it adlneaa al Aiibiixi.! and (iardlner, four biilmdfsunc for uveyanoo of ".inu. WM. L. W I! Th , AgwA. u,u> T..n> i ifun RUIOM'H IKITEI,, HALFWAY KROM CATHKIIJ. TO the Mountain Hntiite. in no ? open for mmiucr boariWry; a lu?e pUco lor ami Uniting liiuml $4 per ?e<!k. Cou\Hj?i.ce to all l'hrU of ihe countrv at a (hit price. DAVID BLOOM. Frojhetor. Kifk atom, Oreene county, N Y. flOLVyBTA noVRK, CAPK 18T.AWD, CAPIC MAT. *. J.? V' Thin Urxe tlrM claa* h.<el will be opened for the raMpllw ofjnieat* on U)?! Uih of Jntie, 1W0. The houae hu bean completely repaired and refnraiahad; nrw wmAIhk range. orana, iliui butlers. and Tory modern uuToTenirui added. K*vrf!r? ?fsMhi* ftttactied to the premlawa All l.ttera adr1rrt?ed to the luhecntx-rt, rape I aland, IV. J.% will I* m-nmpttjrattended to. LAIRD a WOODMAN. Ji*?- H. I una. late proprietor Franklin Houae. Pfelladalubui v. b. WuiiuMif. formerly proprietor Mount Varnoa Hole'. ?*Ht e lalatvl. KITTATINHY HOUR*, ... , DKLaWARK watrr uap. pa. Ihm farortle r n*ftrl la now open Is rWUtrra The attrartlona are beautiful mountain aeenary, Una air and pure water, nleaaimt drive. H1?| walfca, rovUMT, Itaklac. Me. The iruut uaiiuig la now at Iu height, and burnt aujaMiy ara taken. H* Ihe erection of a new bull ltqi u>a arcnuaodatioaa ara oeurlj doHble those of laat year. Pawrogert leave New York at font of t'onlandt street at I o'clock a. k. and teach the Gap In time for 'tinner. L^W_BKOI>HRaI?, Proprtatar. w > > w k unp in a rvv piuuimu iu? U> in. 11 nomoioduted with auppertor Rothm, and Hoard. m a aew modem rtakilence. Tlir mi?t rmtr*l an.1 .Wir*V>'? miimtion uinui the 1-ake. Apply u> IIARKKTT, UKINkMAUK A BARRETT. H Wall street LAKE HOURS, IW.TP, !,. I , DELIUHTFUIXT SITCAT?d nn the ninth dde, 47 mile* trotn N--w York. and la full ?lew of the print -uiulh bar mii.1 <k" hi. t'oroinuiiiciam* wtili the my, tin l.on* Inland Railroad, three time*?<l*y?10 * M , SS P. M. and a JO P. M. A MOM It. HTKIJJi.N WICK P. LKKOT HO(JRK, NBW ROiHEIXK, 18 NOW OPEN FOB boarder*. br the day, week or mwilh at moderate pries*, m ith Mod tanle. lar?;r play ymiuxla far ahlidrtui, Oahinc, boat Inc. Ac . ??>od bulbing. For parUculax* apply to B. f. THO j MAR, Wealth eater oouaty, N Y. I AIR MOIIEQAN HOl*RE t8 NOW OPEN FOR rttm. J nmr Boarding; citualed four mi leu ea*t of Pwk*k Ul rUlacn, W>*trhr?ier c< iinty, one hour and a h?lf ride from the city by 11 ml* in K vcr Railroad. Mouiiialn air, irond drtrea and halhInf,. iiw.kin It one of the moal <1e*|rable ligation* to be tonivt lor luitillm ? ho purpoai- going Ui the couulry. Addreia A. W. 1'aluter, l'?xkakUl Puat. oQloe. T^OTIfE.?THE WB8CRIBRR BEOS TO INFORM UTS Xl friend* and ih<- pnhllo generally that he haa leuaed lha v.i'll known Kuy Sliest Honae (Newport. It. I.), and p?H thu mint? in good order, and In now piepm-Md In receive and outerUin visiter* for the seapon on Hie mov ren*onnhle term*. JOKKI'lt WaTKMAR, Newport. B, I. SURF HOTBU FIRR IHI.ANl), NOW OPEN.?THROUGH UrkKs at Month ferry. Brooklyn, via Deerpark and BabyInn Chip leave dally a{ 10 A. M. aad S JW P. M. For fwlkM portion lara a/dreea SaxaruLi a ltominj, r Ire laland. CKA BATHING AT L)?(l BRANCH. N. J.-TH* All* l~ ghui.y iTr.uae l? now oprn for the reception of rlaltera. ThtaHmwe la beautifully sttiiatad at Ibe termiaiia of ?1m Delaware mid KurtlHu Buy Railroad, ha vine * line Tie* of ibe Oee?n rnd urrouadiiif country. F:imllt<* taken on reasonable terms. M. WABXJKLL, Proprietor. SCITKNrK'8 HIOHI.ANI) PAVnJO* IN NOW OM? (or the reception of famlliea and others. The table la Meellent 11111I rharjre* reasonable Pally *omn>nuieeUmi per HrtmbMli Highland iJxbt tad Lnmg Hruuk, flmtof AoMami ?li eel. A flntbar and leu pin alley near. __________ SIMMER It WORT FOR BOAR HERS. AI IMk" MoMran, three mile* hark of the linage of i'oekkfcllt. on th? lludaon ri<rer, wtbme tu? subscriber baa just nj fiied DIM tww. tiry. im P(?iiin<vi?oun hoom, n?r *n?* nroornmodaUcn o? a few reapeotebie traurdrrm. Iluru<iimiir? und well lumiiliti), ?i\lug a line view of the Lake and surrounding acnei y. Term* moderate. W. J. HORTOW. SI'MM Kit RKMIKTU ? ATLANTIC CAM LB HOl'fcP, St,III II Inland, four iiiliiiit?'?' walk from (juarantioe landin*. on the >hnrr mid. A few t:i ulli lurn ran be arro?u.<> dated witli |>li asMiit RiVunit aud x'?od Board, at a moderate price THK OC'KAJf house, mrroBT, RHODI WLAHD, UBS* ? M.CH fllipHUH mint KNOLL.?THIS HUHMKR HOUR* 18 WOW OMlf X for the a<x-omm?riatinn of families, A?. Rooms well ventilated Situated at Cornwall, oo the west hank'rf the llvlmrv river, half way between West Point and Newhtirf. Reentry, ridlnx and astlmg unrivalled. Fruit and hade trees w abtin dance, flue |>Iav(r?nnd for children, and every farlllty for Lho enjoyment of life in the country. The slflamtxial Thiinna Powell leave* foot of .la) street every afternoon at SK e'cjork. and Cornwall every morning at Bo'elork; Hudson RTrer Hailroail thrre iline* ? iUv. Term* mi?derate. A up It oa thd i>reaim to J. Vt KllUUX or at 'A Aun street, !t Y. TI1K IITt 111 tKI? HOMK - \T THK IlliiHt.ANDS OK Kaveftok. Xew .Insey sen 'i t.", hi now open for (lint elaa? llMrilm ri-? and rt>ei n?Vli >* Slum b"?l* lUghlnut 1.1x11 and I?ux Branch leave loot Jr RoMfcson vtr-ei U. JARVTH. Tim rx< TijtiomiorHK, rnotOM i?a*. WKjtciiwrrrc rotiniy, i? now o|?eu lor iji? retsefitem of guest*. Croum : li.e 14 alx.ut f'irtv miles from New Turk, aeee?*lli|e nearly n-rr bmrbjr lludwm Rl\?r HalliiautWi Hint! Htn?. ibrnr* all nulfi Ity '<*iter Crulnl) l?nht U no* <>f tl r mint 'Mltfhtfid and li??u!lliv |il?<?? In <h? M'-lnl'* ?f hew \<nk aMiitPM amotift U>e Kill*. the Uk*-? uitd hi mint abmiud w>tbti*h. iIm bu>''l ul ?K iirllfniljr anppllril w ith frr?lt milk, btiiw, in*to, Ar , fn iu uw li'trl littui. ui" rtaNM ure utr/? ua| alrjr iibij wi ll *i milord I'if minlll'-k "T mn*lr p'm?"im Trrm* fery ni'd*raf fir tiirtiirr paniiuja;? lutilrnm nr tn ANI'HKtt I*. 1*1 Kill, pmpt, ?'nit-?n l'?m, Wrm iiinifr cm?t> s? \ml.i? ItlNlJV.K * Kul.DKN.Mo It I'lM wliii will |iu' l uJl particulars. wi'mrAL. ~ QUICK KRfl*<l M ?o.x?. Manufart'u rn ot UBAKH. WJUARK AKI? UrRJOUT PIAMOC. Wareronma.?'? ((roadway. O. k Hrria him award.-! 'Mr*r?'i*l?t p^a* nMali ttr the aupeiiurU/ at their lunula. inrx fur i*e put ilunr tr? nm PIANOA TO RRHY DKPOT OF TIIR AI.KXANHRK MilIK Fur fh'iribra, t"hnpi?la, Krlmola ail l)r twin# Rnraaa, ?rf MltllAltWAV HOLE MKP.VL OF HONOK at Ui? Uulv-mal KihlhWnn of lifts. ThUi marnlteent hMttrumTil (paumlod In <h? Halted Hu:*? May S. Ifl*. i w hWi Ibo brilliant p^norm-wicpa nt TIJ A l.llkit", VII.AXOVA MI.I.K WKM.IN. karr rwn?trr?-d mi popular In Am*r?r.a an hi Vamp*. haa bwn ad'>r"<J bt Umc gre?W arUaia and ctmtpuartra ul bulk OaoU WW. tMnrtWTlAl.*. I.IHTJt, ROSHIffI, MRTRRI RRR, *0., to. 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