Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 870!). AlTAlitS OH THE PACIFIC. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH STAR. Over a million tod ft Rolf of Bpecis on aoara. Wews from Kew Oranada, Chile, Pern, Bolivia ajjd California. Critical State of Our Relation? with Pens. ?HD OF THE WASHOE WAR, btt) iMi) llC* Rlctuothlp North Capt. Jones, arrived yes K rc*j mercxg :rcm AsptnwaU, with the California i*sf 5i?h?tb, feed ppecie, which left Sun 1-YtaciMO cd ?h?' aout nit. ?to? following * tf>? Irw r? li*t oi lh? North SlAr ? Kb. Hogc 4 Co.... 140,000 S. hinetem & Rru? . 14,C>0 ffc>w*i>d AAsp dw.i'.I 16,071 W^Ulttr At Bro... 10.100 atlfcLt*: ATaofloS. a,"J6? ifcii.n At Sander.,... 33,OuO B Cotn&Cj 16.000 J. ?irau??, Bro. St Co. ?0,}S9 W. sWigmafl 40.0vH) III :bard T*?tricVc 100 0"0 Vdt-r 14,000 I>ig<wo K< lly At Co.. Kl.uuO Or&f.r i,000 Cocrcy & O'Connor.. 20,000 Or4< r 6,000 Eppingcr A; Co 5,000 Order 10,000 A. S. HopenbaumJtCo 14 .00 Jcbn li. Paiker At on 3,000 L. Von Hon'man At Co 76 000 Keoarii At Co 16.000 J. Tatrick Sl'o iW.OOO J. B. We.r 5,190 Ctiua. W Crosby.... 12 000 Butcbt & Bros 6.000 J. H. CogbiU 14,WO R M<*dvrA.O. Adams 6 000 Chan. W. Crosby.... 17,OW R. Hr*der 6,000 .Am. Kschaoge Bunk. P5,0u0 Gixlden At Williams. 6.000 P. Naylor 16,000 Kj'by. Byrcfl A Co.. 6 -100 Jrnninps Ai Brewster 10 000 Ttetn ICiOOCi Wf?llw. b'nrmn At Co 251.0M TWJk.McCahiil Co. 45.i*2 fYeeinau &"Co 8 000 I J Btl!*rk Era.... 59,000 Doc'.ad )Sbermao&r'<j324.843 ! Total $1 i? SW Cur san Francisco Correspondence. Si* VXutaaoo, June 20, 1600. in nnr>iGO nomtnatio-xs. Ifcere is no inisukiDg the feelings uf disappointment kid (bifr .D with which the republicans of California *i ?uU the of Mr. Seward at Chicago. Lineo.^ i km coldly received,and even same symptoms *f d*?uet were cxhihitcd in ihc upper ranks of the party, j Tbe ratification meeting was a fait'irfl; tbe ?peakers could ; act muster cp tbe drat spark of enthusiasm; and had .t act been for the report# of a republican triumph in Ore{oo, the heaviest gloom would have settled clown on the aesraatlajtc. Seward was unquestionably tbe darling of ifce republicans here; his ability, services and character tndecued him to the masses, and it is now doubtful 03 to whether Lincoln receives the full republican vote, pro?. d'?l Douglas is nominated at Baltimore. The rcpubicai.r hold a State Convention at Sacramento on tbe 27tb instant, for tie purpose of commuting Presidential cioctort. M MJIART OF XTWS. R E. Breweter & Co., extensive dealers in groceries. ffc.iwl yesterday. Their liabilities amount to f 110, 00. On the lfetb inst. William Hawl<?y & Co., and Scott, Vance k Co., two cf the largest bouses in Marysville, suspended payment. Active preparations are now being made to celebrate the forthcoming national anniversary in this city, as well as ib part of tte State. Tbc rates cf passage fixed on for the John L. Stephens, which fails to day for Tauaniit. ar?> ?To New Y<>rk, cabin, 1260 and tf-J , second cab.n, $175 ; snd siesrago, $128. Decrees i f divorce have been granted in this city in the cs?<is if Clarissa A. Swasoy vs. titistavus A. Swa-oy, and 1 . I -tbl??tt VS. & B. 11 bott. In Yreka, S. 1). Howard tus obtained a decree of divorce from bis wife, Mary E. Howard. * lie* of telegraph will soon be constructed from Mnrys v.Uo to Nevada, and will ?>. continued over the dlerra Nevada should it be duuiued a;vMable. The Central Conmittee of Italian Emigration, in tbe province cf Amelia, publ -h an appeal iu the >' <> <f?(fa Pairia, of th.s city. m\okiug Italian patriots to aid the people cf Sicily, who bay risen to throw off the yoke of (yrai.ny Subscriptions will be received at the ofllce of ibe JT.o tlei.a J'u'? ia. K. K^rrio nl, C Sum and A. Mir ?? Wk*l*?i*? m i r Ka t h? MAPitt rtf ?""" ?? "I I ' ?v " the caoM here mentioned, the Italians in California?and lli*} 11 mb?r thoisaix's?will not contrih itc money, judg.rg by ihf-.r i^aat .-nn?Jr -t in Kin. tar case* Many ot item are loud ta.kors, but their patriotism goes no rurifetr. The Southrrn < iTcrlauil Telegraph hue has beei: nm j-leted to V Kil.a?aiiisttr.-e 01 miles from this <- tv. The n*Tt ov?rlar I iria.l news we will rercive iirnr. !:a:cly i ter tr.c arrival of the ?taf* a*. Visalia. The brig Ida I>. Rogeri, UHy arrived fremJarun, brocgot i?n tens of p .m.oc notie. said to be throau out trom l?e crater of the great Japan volcano. Tlic 8' V' C Japanese sailors left at the Vnited Slates Mar r !: ' rrn in'Ier <?f tin- < andiniuarruh Lav recovered, and will be t'-nt back by the uext veeoel that lesfM Lere for inpan. The amount of m<ney in the State Treasury last SaturLay waa $4'.- i 474 Tli* package c"ot* nine the deposit iocs taken In the city of New York 'n relation to the will of the late Senator Hro-Wick wa* opened hut week by consent m the Pro hate Court. it ccnta.ced the testimony of A. A. Phillipt, iate Ju<:ge of the Marine Court, who drew up the do? uay ct by reo."*' of the deceased, and J. J Holf, subscribing witneaf. Tfc'y r?ply .n answer to numerous ioterro faUrK? that the will .s genuine in all roape-t*. George Wilkes olJ Jvhn A. McGlynn, of this city, it will be reiQcabiTcd, are tUe tile leg*!*?. Ihirxg li e post wek there were dcprw.led in the Branch Met c Ikit cit; 10 777 ouoc"* of gold dust, Including *5t.000 worth of refli <1 gold, and 1,1C4 ounce* of silver There were c< ited IC<X) 000 in double eagles and ISO 000 >n Quarter cables. The titsd .-Hat'i F'rT el' war Cyan" *\>d from this port on tfcc loth nst. for rar.ama. to call, "i r, /? at jufcyaa" *c tu? arr.^al ?i the St. Marj" h re ?h ii the Cyite r tch's the gulf. Mr >!<ig. re, prt pr tor ot the opera Bo iae, reeeire4 a letts-r ly tl? . " n ..:I fro>r Uari"v Will rrrs, |. irh .iafs ?hat t rr, f ari! w.fe w .11 probably visit Ckliforn a dur ug tte fre??it year. cwxiM, rrr. Jotc il.Gletohy, late Sergeant at Vrn-.tofihe A*?mbiy, ?a? k.;led aft week lo a q .arrel orer a game cf cir'!?, in Nevada A /twel'.er of th.3 c t>, cawd J. P. Va?der!ooy, a ra t e uf B>, agod th.i ty five j ' art, comir ,tv d i'i;. ,de cl Ti .reday' by morpbxe. At the City of Jt*. in .c <-rra county, C. C. Jenkins was killed by Jurr* Newman, b- a ,?e he would oet dellrer a seasage frotr. him Uj a certain female. The murderer lied. acJ off. era ar? in rurau.t. Arthur IfaUUtvwt rotnit.tted (" " iJ? oo tbe 15th out *y tr ' i uf'lf en l-aril tlio -t'-araer Milton LftU.air. cff Sxith fc*ncb. lv<-(u<-d fbr iom^ ttmf pa* t lAf ' < 11 r.f*v l a? \?al lman'?n the boat, in very ill ac<t B?t i v' fioni btvric rbe<im?t'.?m In IK\2 L- wm cwtldt'N n<>j? ndent, but b>< 1m<I nj"i w.tb re t<*uil rtv?T?w hlJ *?? itxl' i- d to iwivcrty It Is tuppoeed that I Ik cotui?? or lh" Md art wan idicf t by * >.*t n .lubll ty to * ipyort *ii* v. f? and ch Mn-r, mho ?i- T-t k ? ' >*? Hill ard ii !?*' pUy? I TY*- foil. ? ??g rot* wa? <** ? ! b>#ldi> b',? body ? <?' t!.' . ?r<i flnr? i..' for ?> r?rl> t, bat my r? n ? l..iu i .r^d "f life. i.iiit bye, Mr lionahtt*. AHIHI'K WAlTlltWS. -|A, r ?. I > 'i ht ;.*f? >tnt-i..vH at F k u ? iuiw m.ll. ?.ti:ated Mt? tbirVoa m.loa 'Voir. W .rrly'i. ?'"l ? b deatfi, Jrae 16, t. a m<>?t took uf m. r,i >'r. Mlnla, alt- ndtf.R to tiHl <!t)ti??. tm fi>.t "pped. *Dil be Tall to U*- tortfe circular ?? wit ?? ,i ?a* reer ng at full tped, the t'rnble Id Mru?r<?t4 rufr tiff h-? li?*d i>< m b" iwdy, aod outtnif off 4*e of Lj .-.rtn'ar.l fcith !?tp. .Wii Jlmrhe?. wi Ii I. man, wm rerflutly killed Dear Atra Milif ^crt*. 1> alfa y. Mk.fin c .nty, by the cavmr x of a L.;jia whUh be t* lutein?. The UltAnr War at an Kwd. itt vo pmtyp-immihimu account of Tti. FIKJC. acKKSt. * if Wa -l<r ltdiu war La* tTmioated w.Uiout My r-r r*? f ct. Cvtolte' Ftar?, Oe&erftl Harfti (who m a t'?>i:bv^ r the rtxM) ard other* hare re. ti;rr.?* to Sai> Fr*Lc4?-.', tt Kftm. kowiver, the ?1iii*c?.u?i t <f tb? volutfc-'r* Tfce roma^r.t of Uered lh wd"i< w?ro trretif bi ba^ It to Cat '?rti? ami iowrr??J *;tb a I t>r hor. Tt. b?f a report tuBi V"<t u.y that the 1 tte<*M, wben d.act*T<!, pUfarhg tie al>ieer bat the *si-. wiiboat ernflrtxiatiot op to the pr?*??t ? ir r ^Wreo MB^Miet nt ref ^ars? two of Uic ?i*th o fartr> <* *-? cf the Tir.r4?rt t'ery?nma^a >a the to Han > A ? try - at*' *" t"' afart r|oe?< to T**ra?i<l l.ike, Hie BO-1' oftl-e ??to rr,.*-!v ar. ti.'n Htewnrt. U V. \? t* | t?^>e n i'",acm?rJ. Tto? r? rr?r-<?<lrt)t of t*o AU*. an r?o ( V! It. -?t> U<> KC-'MO* l':scri<,r,v<sa an a rOttOl of the J ? ihtj l'?l? f r(n-J!tV/n It- or Ind'an i 4?"a*. n 'X lod'ai * -U WiCcer*i F.'rrr n4 Mono iZi, at i & * \jrif \Mj 'mr "yr?aH r*ke w tt lh? ii "t bwt"r Ma'. The j4* ort*t|?-n Unit. rrr'.Um. (him V r# r i t ty. ! *j fretn f^mrt retob?r, . , i t ?' c- 'ir? l.,<,< ,' 'h r* '"'" e" I witfi mod, * ? i ?! il *,i 'f %'?? ' ?? w ' ndmloa to W' rre for ?l 't ? '" ' *' r b'*'? ^1 >f *, r , , . ? ,f r rr I </ f. fa I. I I'.t , t . r . r i ' I.I *' '" 'u n'* ' ** in. * r 1 . wit#; ttbo 1 'llUvT t t? >?/ 1 E NE cr tf.t a;W very atroi.g for d< fcnc?. But wc i>af8o4 id u g?cc?'ei!ioii without sec Jig any redskins. Frutu 4 B'.gQ po*,t we finally got a view of the whole country cv,l lo l*> um.d I-ake. No stuoko nor du?l could be sen i r.\ w her , i ad tb<-n we concluded, for the first time, tliat to v. hoi fi rce of Indians had tied. This proved true. ah suosc ,ui ntly found, they had Usft in the utmost ha*t*. rh.- sharp practice and long range of our minies, cn tho 3d had struck such terror into their h> arts that they had Uei'.'iint .mother encounter. We bad bern shocked through the whole march by the r:ght of dead men tcatlcrcd all along for fifteen miles, t was dreadful. The poor fellows had been ibot down on tbe.r retreat !>om Ormsbv's diMftM*, and their heads all vmaebed v.ith rockB, wh.cb were lound lying by tho heads if tic d< a?l mou. All hud been stripped, ami souw of them cut uid mangled. Arrows wero still remaining a Mine cf the bodies. Mu,"r Oruihby whm found iu a ravine, close to the point of the severest part of the fight of 2d June. Bit body WJ.H re. <*11 U'l by several ? ho knew hi in well; among tbeui bits brother, Dr. Oruisby. The body or William ^pear lay upon the face, with an , <trrow n the bank, as if be had been shot with it after I having fallen. Meredith's body lay just outside of a point of timber, where he and several odiers made their last .stand. His i-rma.B* werw the furthest down the river oft anv. Uc!y ccr or two others, among them of RW-.bard Snowden, Jr., were on the battle Held. All the others bad f.i.i'r during flight, and n>ar!y ail on the trail, or close by it. MeClcud and McCartb/ iay within a rod of each other, wh?ro tbey h?d undoubtedly made their Oiuil death strugf-ie. Mc< loud'8 body was less decayed than any of tho others. Tl- Iieoan* had cut biin ojien along the spine, fr??tn bis nock d' vn, and taken out the spinal sinews, as i* supposed, for b^wstriiigH or olber purposes. lie wtw a very tall, well made mai, and tor ti*t reaoon, and pcrhape, also, because he hod fought gallantly, they ?rave him tbis distinction. He had received a terrible gonh acrcrs his ba? k. below the right shoulder blade. .A uumicr of tlie other bc.lics were idsctitlcd by marks, or papers ly.r.g scattered around. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Critical state of Oar Relations with Pern?Improvement* In Chile?Pr?*ldent'a .Message?The Civil War la tew dor, Aw,, &e. Tfce English steamer Bogota arrived at Panama on tho 22d ult., from Valparaiso and intermediate porU, with *448.736 in specie and (be mails for F'trojw. Her dales are Valparaiso June 2, and Cr.Uao 14th. TERU. FINAL AWtCTMENT OF T1TE FRTSi B IHFFirXl.TY? THK CTtlTKD STATES CLAIM?THE TIICE AUCIMENT ? PROBABILITY OK REVOLUTION, ETU. 7 to mos*. important intelligence from this country is the amicablo scttlomcnt of tho lYecch claims, the details of which were not arranged when the steamer sailed from v'allao oc the 14th of Jane. Tresident Castilla did not agree U) comply with the demands of tho French govern| mcnt until that day, and not until M. r^scps. the French | vujuge ajuiairet, threatened to nana tcc miter over to I U.e French Admiral within twenty-Four hour* if his demands were net acccdcd to. This brought Caztilla all up standing, and ho consented, with as good grace as possi bio, to ?dju*t the afi'air. Thus Ima beeu t?ettl?<\ at length, after a grrat deal of dij.Ioraa.~y and an .mmenae expenditure of treasure on the part of France in the fitting out o' vfie'B of war. fce., a question that came very near at cnc resulting in the bombardment and destruction of Cailao. Although tlie amount of money involved was a pa! try sum, compared to the Amor.can claims against Tern. Franco tus steadily persevered for nearly two years unt.l she has obtained a settlement. A ehvrt tmio will show whether the United state* will he as successful iu the adjustment of the claims of their citizens against Peru. The United States steam corvette Wyoming, Commander j John B. Mitchell, with dcrpatrhes for Minister Clay. con ) taming the ultimatum of the United States government. j arrived at (Vlao <>n the 31st May, making t'?e run frotn Fniiama in six days. On the 1st of June Commander j Mitcbdl placed the despatches in the h ums of Mr. Clay i at! nut; an-I altffough Mr. Clay ha* l>een actively en- j paged ever sincc in trying to get a s;tt!ement of our , kflairs with Tern, it la understood thai the consideration i of them will be delayed aome time. In consequence of the resignation of tho Peruvian Minister of Foreign ReS ions, which has been orcasicned fay come mia mderstanding between that officer and the President with regard to the payment of the claim.* of a British subject, amounting to some $6,000, and which had been duly allowed and ordered to be paid, but which Preiident Caa tiUa, in deilance of all law, justice and precedent, now refusea to pay. Ho will think differently, however, when threatened with the guns of an Fjixlish man of w tr. That :s IQC DM) fc.UU Ol ar^u^t'Lll lu.u win UI UK unu iu >71 mnnd if the covenimetil of the Cniletl States will only direct tlic flagship of our PaciQe tqmdron lo rep*. r to Callao, aud insiruit the C<t{ oflh-er lo leud Kr G iy ?l! neeJful irt, mary hours would noi ela|?e after her arrival there before a peaceful aud Mti-ff.tory solution of our ditfkul lice with Peru wuM take place Expertottce Uaa shown that the is the only policy to adopt toward Cast ilia wb**l !? refvn-s to accede to lensuiiabledeinaT'is. The dit|-Melius lo Mr n y inHruet him 10 reo?w the demand of the Tmtwl ?tale? for ihe R-ttlcmont of the rlauna ?( th** Am** > ran i it>. *n?. ai isnig from the -ic /ure ?nd c.ntl?. ?t i.u of the AnTirau ship* l.ixzie Thompson and <;eor, .ui.v A to nepot .ate a treaty with Peru, provider for the ap pomtm' nt ol a i >mt commj^ion to adjust all other claim" of the I luted .clat<? afc?in?t that country , and if tupee | d'-inaiids are not complied with within five days, llien Mr Clay i? r*irth<-r instructed t*. d**m.iu<i hi- pis-port i,!|,r ! lo l'm*m? .n the Wyon, njt M*? it t the Peruvian Minister at Washington fw?? b-^n notified tliat if hts government ?loe? not accept the i.itiiuatum of the i'i:it* t' Stales, h e |-a?i<>rt will be furnished I" hitu Tbi an- matter' lo a crms, to far aa the I'm led states sod P<m ? concerned and, a* they n?w stand, ; he I'M --Hi * of ihe frigate Iasevt* r ,? abs*.;nt-!jr req ur ed at f'allao. nnd it is to b' hojxxt that President ft'ichsriau, has shown a determination to lorbear no longer with t'astilla, wtll live no t mc in CTderlrp her there. The lancafter is now en the Mexican ceart. and is expected at Panama towards j the latter |*rt of thtf month ' It is the f pinion of Ihe tx*t informed persons la Pern thai a revolutionary movement will soon show itself there, and "nder such favorable auspices as to leopard the : existence of I be CfcstilU a<'minietrati<>n. S?ch a thine. | pro* ided it resulted in the overthrow of Castilla, would ' favor the spee.ty ?ctl'emcr,t of the American claims. !n fallso ar.d * I iroa exchange on New York w sixteen j per rent premium, and on Kngland forty two jvi-c, No gunnn charter! for the I'nttcd States or Rurojit art cow iff'ring CHILE. MKT ting or lONcnr-iiL. riuctOFST'p ?ir??A(jf - rniI UC l*rmi\MIKM*--ACCir>EVn? AT SEA?AMERICAN eTKAMtH CHAMPION? MAHirTD, ETC. The Congress of this republic convened at .Santiago on ; the In of Jviue. and the President delivered bis m< sago i i in person to bolb bouses. the diplomatic corps, the chief and non commissioned officers of the garrison and mem bera of the civil corporations, besides a number of dit lintutsl.ed individuals, being present. J ?lie Pr^?.dent, after ccagraVilalim Congrcg and th? i country on the r* rsubliibin* nt <>f peace and order, and the c nicouetlly tnproved state of public aflairs, and u|0? the friendly relation* ll>at diet between tbe republic and all other MktioM, dMCUMtit, at acme rlova w?rk* of public improvement to prone* of con* wblrb, altl.otgh local in tbclr charoetcr . ahoi? to a t?'it#iderabl'' eitsat tbe mat. rial rweperily of tbo ovotrjr. Among tbe worfcf vpoa * hicb tbe government j liM e*|rnd(.d large mu>? Of money are the StMith'-rn Rail- j ' r>?d and tbe V?l|?r?Mo and Saiit ago Railroad, both of wbijh are rapidly pcogrow tag toward* oompietIon The public income for tbe year 1*59 ie dated, by the i f'midcnl. t( liave greatly exceeded that of MM, out- | , K theuicd ng tbe dimrtx-U Mute of the I , liooed by tbe rerolution. So alatemoM If made aa to th? ;? lii'n ri j | hie government har already loaned of Mje fund*, ac- i qtiiiw4 by tbe Dngllfb fcxui. iml two ailltaai of ( llara, | tuid hu * realized m-nie fifty tbouvand dollars Interest 1 , tkmmm I, TTure if rtill great scarcity ol nlver coin In Valparaiso. , The t nited W itee *t>am frigate Pcmbotn. fro? Pana I , ma. Arrived at \'0l|>araiHu un the 31>t May bavin* made j the rati in ilfleen d?y? "h" *** to have aalled about tbe \ 0th JtWe for fhtttdeipbR, via N i athannr*. , Tbv Htplitb iteami-r'.uayarjull, flftjr davs fTr>m l iverpool. I>ad aim.- arrival al' alparatao Sbr heloega to tho j I'ariii Steam N.irumti<? Ompony, and ,* to rt.n Vtween tint pert and < ailao In Rali? R?rja ?he fell io with fl. P. M. r rteam corvette Trib'iiie. at aiitlior,twenty dayo out Prom Valparaitio, botod Ibr I tig in ml. Tha tribune : reported to fiovc ?tri"tc on a rock, without, however, n cb damaged . The UvayiqOil also report* the Anierx<ui ?t*am< r ("ham pion having etrock a ftinktn ro>* m suiitl a chw-l, ? or about 10th lit/, whirb made a I*-I* <4 conoid rable ?i/?> in <** of htt it rward compartment*. ?tn the lflth . ?he wiut (Kit on tU at Sandy Potot, and afterwards taken to t>regory Oay to on l? rgo iemjxTary repair* She t will prol?blf bora 'o gn into Rio to be mnro thr roughly iv pa r*d nertittfpv which eh? rtrtirk wm n"t 1*iJ do?n >n any >4 tie I'bart* io t>?rtrd: con?e<i?<n:lly i.o l'iai; ? aboo'-l to OptiMn TioV ict. her j??vi.'ar ?w ' ilf | TV V.'lj^ar.t an nmrket f'* the f. rtn'^ht rrev -a W th? ?*</l(ig ol ti e ^t^am^r wm (jolto dutnkt'M : <>w '-'-i g Init< 'i vi ?o'< ^ ( * b ?iie r i - impt on 1 ?r? ?V*'? brat I' at If it 11 Ml, f'x ,<>rt*' . t ti i per .0 a* . y t f ttt!, ? a *i0 a --1 *0 j fw?. ? iwi *?{ ;, Cp -fco ? -' |r >f *lt; -l??9C | r. , Ul V. it- r.'e 1 W YO MORNING EDITION?FJ roi [YU. NO WAR TET?TKADK RKPORT3. There is no very !at? news from tb i republic. Presi Uout Lir.Hr> s has > air ot; military force on ihc front!?i watching tho mo', ^infills ?f President Caat.ilu, Who, m yet, baa token no :?teps towards invaiiing Bolivia. Ills naval rieet, waicb bo sum# nmo unco acni Fouth, will, it :u believed, blockade tho j*rt of Cabija, tno nniy port which Bolivia has in her own territory. Th?> nUgrajo, a paper publiFhe<t at la I'az, the national '-apitiil ot Holl\ la, pives the following statement, showing the trado of Obi la citsrinp the year 1863-? imporw , $1,010,000 Exports i,0'AJ.O9a 'llie exportii ccn? cf $1,000,000 of stiver inooto. IT,SCO Uus of epper, 0 000 t"f? or piaro, and 4 000 of tin. ECUADOR. n;oGKF-fl op mK crvu. by I RANCO'3 XROOfS. Fy tho arrival at this port, on tho 20th ult., of th? English steamer .'.ore, from Guayaquil, which port ahe !ef: en the 20tb, late and .ncpcr'.act news has been received from Ecuador. Ueneral Fl.refl la reported to be at the heal of ft large force of government troops at nomc point netweon Quito ?nd Guayaquil, abtl an ogagoment wan daily expected to take place between btm and Franco, who also has under hie ' immstHl a consideraele force. to Own district of Msuavi Franco's troo<-* are reported to have committed ?,? greatest atropine aavlng faoke.1 (lie t?'*u of Cbernpoto on the night of 19th June, ravished the women and committed r.thor crimes too hnrrlblo to u~ t?iii ik111* \i Iin.ti'iiniii- ?riv irivir u?'rrwti iifi'l dought refuge in th? town of Moutecbristl, bonw twelve mile.* distant. People, without regard to rank, nr* arrested by Krnneo and thrown into priron. An ol.t and ro H|*ctabl? citizen, nair.?*d Yldefouso Oor'>nel, was thrown into prism sr.d kept there several Jays, without food, or even h bed to upon, until he itgreod to pay eonie lod 000. NEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. NFW GRANADA. OtR PANAMA c'OKREeroKi'EvcB. 1'AXiHA, July 4,1KG0. Atlantic Ccast Survey?Government Appropriation*?The rar.ama Railroad Company's Steadier- y<.n Baxlroid Contract wxA Cotta Rica?Mr. T. /. JOaghcr?rrogrett of th* ReixAuiivn?E7? rtioiu?Dealh of Mrs. iVeJjun? Cirevlc.r to (he French PetvUntt^ rfc, rf?. The Panama Railroed Company's Bl?'amor Colum'.na, Captain Ludwig, from Son Jose do Uuatemaia ?nd other ports in Central America, arrived at this port on the 20th 'lit., with the usual cargo of Central American product*, indigo, cochineal, cofW>o, hides, Ac., the latter lor the New York market. Although her dates arc tome two weeks later tbsn those received by the gterunshlp Guatemala, there is co news of importance from any of tho Central American States. The Cengre?s of Costa Rica was still in session. H has appropriated 110,000 to defray Ihe oxi<euses of a survey ( 1 the Atlantic roast within the territory of Costa Itica, w ith view t^ the discovery and location of a safe and Lecurc harbor. A proposition was under discission in Oongres* to annul the contract granting an annual subsidy to tho PananiH Railroad Company's steamers for carrying tho Costa R:can mails. The grant was made in good faith during the administration of President Mors, and should be curried out in like good faith by bis successors. Mr. Tfcol. F. M- snher. as Attorney Tor Amttrore W Thompwn, of New York, and his associates, has con eluded n c<>ntra? t with the government of Costa R.oa, subject to the approval of Congress, for the construction of a railroad tx tween the port of Bocas del Toro, on the Allan tic. ax.d l'unta Jlala, on the Pacrtlc. The privilege to extend to ninety years. This" may give rlne to a difficulty between Costa Rica #nc New (iranada, as the lino of the contemplate road, o well us the Atlantic terminus, 13 located in tlic district cf Oiiriqui, formerly a province of New Granada, but lately incorporated in the ol Panama, the whole being under the jurisdiction of the Granadun confederation. Tli'- CuttgreM at Bogota haa already refined to grant to the iamc paxttcc a privilege to construct a railroad over thi* territory. Cwj Rt< a, it is true, tuts long laid claim to a |*rt, if not tlie whole of the diHtrlctof Chiri<|Ul, aud the treaty negotiated by General Jhrran, on the |*?rt of New Uran;.d?, in ltU, established a boundary line which gave to Costa l(lea?a part of the territory which she had r .aimed on the l'ai itlc side, but refaaing to cede any on th< Atlantic side. But that treaty was never ratiflod by Ni w Granada, and the whole of iho territory is still uu ilor her jurisdiction. There w little. If any, change to note in the of tin* country aiuee the departure of tho but steamer for New York. From the .State of Cauca news to 221 ull. has beeu ro !ved. R?- ruitmn <* lively going on in Cal<. orders having Wen iec?ived fiow Gen. Martinez Iu Castago, and lieu. Mottjurra at Taimvan, to press into the revolutionary iM-rv iee all llie tio-n ttukt can be got hold of. gt>>" V*|OI|l?HUU "41* lll/U. V? ' ? ? without e|t-i :<! i? i mission from Gen. M is^utrn In Jili r words, iioLi but bis |>artwill be allowed to export the products of the country Tli-' Curti'tii l(ou*? of the port of Tumaeo hsi been tak? it jh-ss^mou of by order of a MH) iora, and the feieral officers previously m charge of it havo been deposed, and other appointments made, and tUe district placed iioder the iueadMM ia of a ion or Motqiien. While Umm i bangfH arc taking [ lace iu Ginca, the InU-ndente (if ueral (f this State id actively engaged in au^meritui* the federal forces and taking other precautionary measures to suslain the federal authority on this isthmus. Ho hx- *n( recruiting parties to the Ulterior of the Male, agiinst which aet the Governor ia Mid to have remonstrate!. Me ha* also recently purebred a small !<"b<>>ii''r, and Sited her out a- a war vessel. She left Una port on S in day, 1st ipst., with some thirty troops on board, ah .at one-half ot the garrison of the place. Considerable speculation Is indulged in an to the destination ottlii* vessel. but the n?<nt likely thin*; is sln? bM mm m pursuit of ? schooner kiwwn to have niiled a short time Since fr >m l'unla Arena*, 0?U !: i . * ill arm* on boar > 0?era v t.en Obando, who is spsoclaved with tSen. Mnsquera, at last account* was at tbe bead of 600 men. on the way to Pas to aod tbe probability ia be ha* ers ttilB def. wt.-d the party there who bare declared a^auiat Mo-<|u-ra Krctn Carthsgena datea have been received to tie 24th of June. Tbe legislature of tbe State of Boiivar ha* passed aa act giving to the Governor tbe right of se^u^s(ration of tbe property of priTa:e citizens who may refuse to contribute the amounts for which tbey may be f?r II.. f.ip: tI Ikl Kill white II i* I: t'irl ing for its supremacy over tUe general givcrnsnent. In this they have followed tbe crumple of tbe general {0 mill. The act ?>'o empowers Hie (.ovcrnor to tnlce posMeatoa of the public property of tbe federal govern ment. Tbe election for member* of tbe I^g.?lature of the flUt* of Panama took place in this city on Sunday, 1st ins tint Tbe vote polled was very small. some "<00 or 1 000 less (ban last year?the lower classes being afraid to go to tbe polls, lest tbey would be impressed tnto tbe military ser vice ol tbe general government Tbe conservative gov.-ro mrnt party was soccr^sfiil ta?lde tb^ city wall*, and the liberals outside. The election tor i.owrnor of tbe ,-<taie rotnes or on Sunday, Mb instant No disturbance Is on ttcipnted Most excellent order 41 maintained here now, and. in tact, ha* been for some time post, 1>T the government troops and police. There la always a detachment of tbe former placed at the ra lroad whart when the Amen *n passengers embark and disembark, to preserve order Tins la done by order of the Inteml' ute t.eneral of the Mat" . for which be is greatly to be commended Iter* ol Paptivaii, who came passenger la tbe Fnglish steamer Anne from Bueoa Ventura, was arrest*! on the 30th ult. by order of the Intendente, and was af tcrwards released npon his consenting to l?nve the Mate. He la auppoecd to b? oo aecret Anwrn fro? i;?i Mas <tu< r? to Niato, tb<- fTo!ution?ry GoT<'rnfr of the .JUlr of Hollrar, It la reported that tbe fntendroto found npm IV per "? of the Padre p??|?'rp ini|>li< aimir terUin imrtte* m thi* place wi h Mf?vi rra'a revolutionary obero. * ,< gamut Umi fovrrument. Tbe ertimahle wi*? of ?ir fwiwtcd fellow town-man, William Nelxon, t>q.. died in thiantynn tlx* 2?Hh ult., nftr-r a protracted and painful illneM. Itr Neiaon vm lormeriy I uited staUv O'a'ul at tbiff i?rf, and i? at present Commercial Agent of the Panama lUilroad Company, wbklj |??itK'n b<- ha* b?>l<l for ? veral year? naat. (>n (L 3d inat. lira Fr< n< b Ootural at thir pu<e iMw< d a [fhl?4 circular to bin countrymen rcatdtng on tbo lethvu*, adim-aithlng them to atntaln from all parttclpa n"ii * l!i U I reraiaMlt or rtvoIaUuMr/ partica f <h' country. At tbo name tiui?' hv Uikeg uco'JwUa to lt?noi.n< < tlie laltrr |?rty an factious inrader* tutTlnjr no uherohject in view fhan the promotion of tbvir own ,rr-' rial ambition. Jwki Ik rmin< y. of NVw York, Mroad m*te <tf the Mrk ton'inw, CaputiD Itnt'b< Ider. died at Anptuwall no he auh an. VrrlTtl nf tli?( alllnrnla tivrrjaml Mall. IIIK W.FtBllCAN Tff?ltT FOK rMWPKNTIAL'? ' KIM I 7 ( ! n'K KIKiTIO* IN I r,', fttrrmmtu, Ark., July 18, IWO. The orerlMd mill coach baa arrived here and ?>riDj? he follow t?i(t adtlccs ? FtAWBrt, .Tune 22?11 M. WY bare no arrival* or departure! to report, except the tark Camilto. wbic.b railed or, the 2In mutant, for M?lirmme, with a cargo of wheitt and f >nr The cxjiortl of whc?t from California of 1*"? e*oo^J< i.OOO ?ack?. v.lnM at IIJOO.IWO. Ten rniTtatm?<*p*'i frutn th? ffUU |-r!?^n m th ,!Hh Mt/ant Tko Repn:> ran fltate (jmrr*1 n on tbe j>-t n.m n?t>?l 1 arle* A 1Va=M?rwe. tm. K M' k; C.fctrle* A. T>iU'' ? I Artoi o M r m (*r 1 .',ite? for !>< l-w?t I. . <-t >r? TV la.*'. ? ' ' (f r>f * I. Ii1 *u x'M cf U'' Oth y*. t %: It'? r" "I * TJ co.ufy . t?>v 9 iRK E R1DAY, JXJ1T 13, 1860. atutc ?? . pi Wanci, give* RUe), the dr ioc ratio candidal* mr Coticmf, a m??ority over I ogan, the .republican can didate, of 78 vote It dicta that the voto of Wasoo aoun ty will .B^rvaw: ShitlM majority, at.<t that the I ogtelatur* 8 ftom 8 to 10, orpoi'iticn majority on joint ballot. Nothir/' ha* yet beoti In- rd from tho party which left i*r*on's Valley oa the 9th inet. to re-esUb'isU tho pony exjiren. TlV?rc have Wo r,0 ;?t d!?tu?banc,es in the Washoe iti-.f, i' t it > ?t:t'i>osM-tfc?t thcro is still danger on the roaH towards %*lt Lake, and hopes are entertained that the trooi j it Damp lloyd protcct tho mail route wf'en Worm .il of th.i df.Tigrr. | Acto' ui* from the Wa/hoe mine* are not very favorable regarding n>iw dl?* (Aerie*. The u>mfttcck lead pix-ars to w Jm and appears mof *nd more valuab'e and e*ton*tvo. But litito ennfldeewe is l>!l In .jy olber tJlver mine. Many of the silver burners are becoming dir. >uraged. ONE OF OUR SIGHTS. Th? Great Eaitrrn-IIaw to Make a Tour of the Ship- Interesting F?atir???U* er*?ie<l Number .of Vltltei*, Ac., <fcc. During the frequent jauula of our reporter on board the (treat E^ut rn?up nod do? n her broad avenues, through ker daik tiin?e!? and cavernous depth?, aad among ber eVgant saloons and suit? of at-tc ro ms?he Los oflei fcncainlercd sundry individual* whoso curious uterrogatortee, directed towa. Is oftlcors ac l crow, indicatod not o?* aii entire want of ?a>itlcal knowledge npou the M<*tt trivial "abject*, bul a total oblivkxi.?ne?d at to the proper manner ot commencing and carr> mg out an I .ipcctioo of the r.-bio vessel. So doubt thu > arc tliouaand* in a slmil- r category, specially among thuso who come from the c<*iDtry; ..nd for tli4 b. neflt of all aocb we offer our rcperterial elbow while we make a journey from Broadway to the grard centre of attraction. There are no Ics: than live i...>des of conveyance by whirh the lotalltv m.iv he cnuven.. utlv reached. Theae are -Hie Eighth Avsnue Railroad, tho i trs of which start from the corner < f Ve- ey street mi) Broai'.way and Cansl street and IVoudway every ttvc during the day, setting their pifciecgers 4own at the comer of Rank, Bethune or Iknmond strc .U-, eith< r of which then traversal by loot can ies the vltiWr direct lo the dock; the Naith A7tnuc fUkilroad, which tarts from Barclay street and tfr-ja '.way; tho btecker street stages, which leave the Souti. terry. and dro> their passengers at Bsmmond stroet; an>. thoso of tho Houston street line, which leave Fulton f>t ry and liar-' lh? wmti spot, If one desires an idditionul Talk of a quart** of a milo we may also include >n this list tho \mtty street stages, which tvuch Urocnwich avenue at the jun< >ion of Seventh aveni'?, wh?ne? the individual is ex;ietit<Mt to trust to hi* lo- emotion for tho distance ot half a mile or more luct'' who arc so unfortunate as to live up town, oast of Siith avenue ant north of Fourteenth street, must be ccntcnt to in red a double or triple fire by riding to the c<>rner of Bleecker or Houston streets, and ther? taking a stage towards tie river. Supposiug thai reader and ourself to have traversed one of the above r<ete?, and arrived In the shadow of the (ireat Eastern, prcj>are to go on hoard. A dozen or twenty refrcthnv&t saloons, temporarily erecte-l for the <>< cMrion along tie wharf, oiler tempting inducements to tho senses in the shape of tends of minstrels or dainty arrangements of glassware and colored fluids; bet |ws iug by all theceve proceed at onco to the tittle square I building, whoa; sign indicates it to be a ticket office?the first stepping ^one towards an eutronee on board. Jlalf a dollar is |uahed through an aperture just large enough to admt a man's hard, a tickct returns, and you | pass around tht partition which marks tlx) point of exit and prevents Jour interfering with your neighbor behind. Ten steps more and we reach the entering gang way?a long patform coven-1 with natting and Tln?d hi either side by a substantial railing? wh're, in a little cupiioard like rrection, two or three individuals arc stationed to we that you are provided Willi the needful "Show your tickets'' over the door at once indicates your duty; and witi an "All right" to y>m. and a nod to us? for reporter* are privileged?we walk US the iaelined plane and through a square oriftcc in the side of the nhip, I whose iiimtat heVht forces s bow. which, if not in do fervnee to Eiglii'h skill, is very necessary to prevent in jury to one n the two hard bodle* that would otherwise come in contact. ?'i arc i n* up-m the third deck, in one of the vast iron compartments or cargo spaces that are scattered fore and aft through the vessel, and though a considerable ' distanre from the main deck, are yet far atvore the b ?l | warts of our largest craii. Here we encounter one 01 me i crw* of the ship in i* iuunty whit* uniform, by whose di 1 rectons *c a*cen.| the ?t*:i a -i i i ^ to tin' up|>er re. glola. Turning then either |<> the ripnt or left, we are greeted by* patent IfWUe, an ln/?ul<>u* arrangement, whl-b adroit* only one m<i vl.lnal at a tme, mailt-' bis entrance upon a dial concealed from flight, and thu? re cor4' the ruct number of people who hnve goueon board during the day An officer take* vour ticket at the name motu'Ut. while we, ?? a ' pa?c throcch a panttiou and me< t you on the .rtb<r Mde llere, amin, if .10 apartment litoil ?r to that hel >w, unfun, i*h? .t Hud unii'tH cable for anything/xcept tlihigh iron wall* of the ship Ibat Strike your eye on either side Daylight shine* u|>on ui> from aV)Te, and a* only* tlvrway in: terver < - ? .-.vj. : A scene now strike* the rye wMch at flrit la almost be 1 wildermg The dlm^tsions of II#' huge ship under your feet beg.n to be appreciated, ami you are lost in 1 wonderment at the ten thousand itycU of novelty that j are scattered around. Marc thai ever you now req-iire the "leading firings" ! of oee who ha* been there,*' and accordingly nui* keep clo?e to our side while we trace out the various object* of lntere?t ia which We rhip abound*. our urst movement is to the extreme stem., upon a platform, ia the steering appwatu*. consisting of wheels, pulleys, chain*. *c , a compass, a spetkwg tube, and tue .ndicator by which orient ire cotimon r.ited from amldsbipa to the balBamen The little bra * finger yon there see moving from point to point upon a dial, like the hnnd upon the face of a clock, ship. Another tlmilar apparatus in k*Nit?l aiatdnblpe, to whieh we shall her<-aft< r adrert. n4 from this <ma nates U.i* order which itnUDUnrouly travels aft, and manifests itself to the waU liful ejrea of those 00 duty there. 1 >t cither side of the ship aft is 1 companion way, which Irada hi what is denominated the ilo-Mp'. Th. 1 la on the next deck below, and is inl'ii led. when th<- ship ta complete, to accomuiotaui third 1 las* parsonjjrr-. We leMend for a moment, but there la nothing worthy of alleutloa save the huge * n Dass, with Its patent ?t<.p per*, the stern mooring chains, and m icfcinery neccaaary to their niansgcment Two Urge storerooms adfun the steerage, which are at pro-eat filled Willi refute material, anI aa we rannot pr>c< od further ub this direction we tura back and aaend to the derk. Paasmg forward a few stepa, tie rated 00 a pedestal id the centre or be dee'*, w the binnacle. con lain uii: aootin r of theeertes of <omi>?eae? era tiered through the ship. ."till fur iher alonn W a ? a in hatchway, lead ins down to one of the alter cargo spaces Thru come* a little, boiue, under which may l>e teen the machinery of the donk> y engine, need when reouired for homing ?atls, cargo, pumping, or any of the maltlfarioua pw poses where human w :s -le 1a Dot e<|?.al to the taak. PuMtot, oo w> approach a skylight, from which we t; te a vi w or the propeller or screw < 11 fine, thirty or forty f t b?l"W?its brightly burt he 1 ma< Diaery |l.stcLiiig ta the f< "*le light which finds its , way town to the remote region where it 1a located Ttio?' who choose to investigate lurtlier will find an ea- | traoe? near by and a j?lr of win.ling s?*j? l-adiug t<> th<- i engine room, b'.t It la a iireasy tourney, and we do ) ad\ if any me, ml' * he la lDlert?te4 id OLf.L.acty, u> ! inane me ir " no either aide of thla nayliglit with run. iu Oiled with nnrp, and ready, like lU twenty html* tuofWK from tbe danu of ihc ahip, for .& taut *??h? whenever re?jnlre?l. Coutlnu ig nor walk we row U? a aquarr pcrpru<licular fntin*l parti*, y covered t a i). an iror. grating, p- in ho far down ir.t tho hold of UM btflbUltlM . I loat III ilirkl.ea* 11 tb? tntraoco for the Kr-mcu to tbe Ureruoim ucd boiler*. Near tbla i? I lie *m. * a / room I'nder the aame r< , * the pontage w.iy to the after aaionr. but th'--e I;.ito i nerer been fitted up and contala nothing ot inter'*t to ! th. vlnur f orward of tbia again, on a ? rt of ponp dn k, !? the call in of the mate, while In Ibe immediate neighborhood, throngh tl,? o|-en ?kyl>;ht*. jr?"i bar* a b rdaeye Ttew of a |* of the main ?nd d't.'rg i i Mi!! further along ta tlx- ap>rtneiit of the -aplam, co*v little MlMlltamt, whore f'trnlture and general ap|?ar ance ootrey a vary e'?*l idea >f Engluh i-nmffl on -h>p lu.ard. Jim abaft the wheel hotiaee, ?r 1 alii ?t 'Tor t?,. entrance to the tnttn Haloon* a bridge net I ti ti e wiOth oflbonbip. Thla t? tho atatior. alien the 'ha1 ;? ttMlrr *ay. of the offloera, who retire the ordera of the pilot '*i Ibe whoel howe, ?i??l rornman - Ht* Ihem l'i lb? m?n at tbe helm, or to the engineer* n tbe deportmecta of the paddle and penciling eng i <"?. In the . *ntrr o the br dge la a Wheel by whirr Ike 'ndicatir r trornd, to wb h w? ?!Hdr 1 an b? ng at th" terr A mi^r Indi nglor * Immediately n front of th? wheel. and a* the lalter rerolvea a c rre?pou<i ng tnotum < <r>tivejred to the polDtT act, which Sn'fcrale* tbe to be fleered. IV. Ara thl? apparatca there are a cnvpla of hern;* pfcerical bn^ea, e?eh .>f ?h >h f a* a fl,?t g,a?? ? rf e wi'li wnr<H " ?t"p," " bajf ?i-e. ,l, irter at ed ' bak,' he , mnrt.<<l 'tj ?i t r I >.i t r, Hr ori in t r??r <^!ng iial a*d pettier n e i.-h encwie m wi. t route is^ toe ?m" arriirrr|i?T I of Ih? nrd>r i > ' AH < \ ?" " til tie-t*' ' jar?r",nl?, wl b ca ? att?-,'< i to tt-> tr." fr i of ; the jrr Hie et 1 f* . n,"t)t "."rtie ?h p N-r ? virtf> I'd by ibe f, 1 .? > ?| n ;ti r. I A '.alt to the top of ibe wl ??l ti ay B"?.t t*a nt^re>t r.? , to I! . . W K> ' ? >e>?'T ..t * *1 W l'l I :/? I ^ l"'?W 1l", *r tb ' I I- a? *? n;?f' Ml ? u.. at if-'V ? '".II" t nr r I'. V I-t . n ' # A ' , ' ' ?r ' at t n v. Hi t )' > i , re ? I .I Ifr r tl .1 r ? * Tbe ?' iti r n i i ti, < , i ' ' r? t i , ? !'? in. 4'i rj, . ' [ERA dark that they r*<^, re vho accmpaninent of a jrnde and Witrrn, even to lhe TCry bottom of the ( o h .mJU"y "" 110 m?">? enviable, anion an ?IT 10 ,,nprov,; h;" tawwMw " wou M gjjtify hl? WrtMUy, m wW.fc raM he ^ pay (ho penalty of a verv -firty pair o. handT* ("mmg o^ again, w? pass by tlw tkyligU . >? open* abovs U10 lad,.-.' grand saloon, Inspect tb? for*ar.lCkcy alance upward al the oompas* on the ,ron must and uo' down the com|?nion way to the first cable d?ck' Hero we find another of the immense capstans we ** ait together with tbe heavy chain* of the ship?the largest in tbe world?tbe metal in oath link being tbrco inch.* iD liancier and weighing ''ighty-tbur pouod*. Here are also tbe qearters of the petty officers, Iloi"w this i* tho third deck, then the fourth, where are k'pt ' the boatswain's and carpenter's stores, aud. finally, away ! down, far below the surface of the water, tho ilftb, or or lop dock, where la the ice bouse and d'vot for prov: iions I generally?a very cool and comfortable place, no doubt, I but one in which no visiters will care to go. Kt turning to tho main dcck, we go back to the ladies' saloon, and thereafter all is plain sailing Every oue can readily understand the use of everything he sees, and an bour may be pleasantly rncnf in rainbling through the range of saloons and staterooms that are hero to be fouud. After haviug gone the length of the ship on this saloon deck, as far as possible, many may desire to go below, but none of the lower ap.utmfi.t8 have been fitted up, and the trip is therefore devoid ct interest. Attendants arv very kind and communicative, however, and whatever is reasonable In tbo shape of a request will meet with a ready compliance. The ship's band, which performs id one of tbe dining saloons every afternoon, renders the stay >>?low a very agreeable one to thoec musically disposed, and the easy chain scattered around are tempting Invitations lo tbe weary. We have now hastily seen the principal frat irea of the great ship inter.*ting to the general visiter. There are many details of .'otir?< to which, in a ?ketch Mke the present, it would be Impossible to allude; but we leave the intelligent examiner to find these out Tor himself, and have the t.ousciousncss in winding up this discharge of duty that every Yankee who is intent on gratifying a laudable and pertinent curiosity will lind the means a' his tongue's end for supplying all detk.encics of which we have been guilty. We ought to add, by (he way, that the eiit is forward, through a hatchway leading from the mam dcck. This carries you down to the third story below, (there a gangway similar to that at the entrance lands you again upon dry land. Tlw number of visiters to the Oiem Pastern yesterday was 8,084, being the largest attendance in any one day Since the ship was opened, and show :ng a steady increase. One or two ooirjsinietiof excursionists o*m? from Albany, but arrangements in th.s reaped are cot yet quite complete. T II E TURF. Trotting .Match Bctwtrn ICthan Allen And the Callfornlan Mare Pilmrtt? Tti?- I,?tt?-r Defratcd a*d Dl?t?mcr?l? Decline of the Trotting Interest In New York, &e. In coDFcqumcc of tUo recent mat- bra between Flora Temple and George M. Patcben Laving oeen arrange ! to come off at Philadelphia, th*i? removing tbe inters*' attached to them from New York, the proprietors of the I'ulon Course, L. I , M<>#sra. fbaw ami up a counter excilemeot in the sliape of a match between the rcnoencd stallion F.than Allen, and the famous California!! trotting mare Prince*, whose coiilesU last year with tho "Queen of the Trotting Turf," Klora. Temple, must etvlt be fresh In the memory of our readers. A match between them for tho sura of two hundred and fifty dollar! a side, milo beats, best three in Ave, in har u*f#. a<'? <.r<tiiivly *?- annooaoed to the pn'die, and came off yesterday on" the Union Course, 1.. I. It had created ronsidcrablc interest in eportiBK circles, as I'rtnress. from her trotting last season w:tb Flora, ;t*. a time whin it might hav? been expe.-t?d xho coold hardly hare well recovered from the e fleets of a voyage from California, it was anticipated would provo the m"St worth* ? censor to the "little hay mare" in wenring tho honor's attached to the diadem of the turf when tho latter really retires into private hie to enjoy that otium cum </i?. ./?;> hlio bss so richly won florin;,' her long and succej- ful e:? rrer The recent infamous proceeding* at the Muflolk Park, Philadelphia, in conn'-cticn w th the match between Klora Tempi'1 and <ieo M Pateben *' o lent an additional interest to this match It was thmij ht that if Princess inuld succeed in beutiiigfber present antagonist?Ethan Allen ?pretty b uidily, she would bare .1 'apital chance to rival Flora'- (lime by being matched ? 1I1 ?nd delecting tbe lusty New Jersey St all 100. It nrtst however, bo akfiowlraged that the interest ereatedfcy tL.- match dnl not etli ml beyond sporting circles, as the great body of the public, ? evinced in the .ittenitanco of spectators, . eemod perfectly indifferent to Uie affair. There were not above thou.-^bd persons present, and ?he?e eon> prised ue irly all the horsertienJnrmc:t>al habitwi of the race triu-k Amonp these, the proceedings at f'ullolk Pirk. Philadelphia, were the principal topi.* of eon vernation outside of the n<aU*h on the tnpls Reports the truth of some of which we are personally eogtiucmt of, were in currcnt oircu.Ut.ou r<"*pe? ting the complicity of a well k aow n municipal official of Phi la delpbia, ' n the occasion of the strange prneeel inps on the track, arid the extortion after the rai'-c by thr? ata of per;oual violence, of the sum of four hundred djllara from the new purchaser of Putcb er. who has cotnmenovd legal proceeding* on the mdi vidunl In question. Ho|*< were also ?trongly rxpromx'd tliat another ui< re *ali-f.ictory and decisive teat uf the merits ?-f Pat' ben md Fl?>ra 1-mtl" than the last rait, h afiorded tboaWI b?- Fre-"n\'d to lite world. !t Is well known that Mr M;e lonald. the owner of tbr gallant little mare, is c< ntldent .u U< r ub . ty to beat ruber Patchen or any < ther horse In the world, and it ii a!?o stated ihat Mr W.tlterwlre, the new on ner i f the Je*-ey tallirn. would be glad to have an opportunity of mflteh ng b'l horse i n the Long b 'and tra k where he Is ^?ti*tied a lair trot can ?nly be obtained. Bow far (hose hopes will be realised time alone w'l showon arriving at the track yesterday we found the attendance comparatively small to what w-e have recently wito?r"?e<J on the I'non oour.e. I .-ii ins ruled n l.iror i.f the ttllinti Ilie ?vi.lg < f gl<? to ?00 beirg currently oflipred on his winning the race, bustnea*, however, w*'' traiiM' ted, a* It war whispered the mnre war lame, which >rtiitlljr proved to b? the ca?e when the appeared on the trnek. ?he *m dritren by W present trainer, John Ito ger?, who wa? so *angun?- of her winning that when the llr?t attempt nl scoring wa" unt\}<*oe?>ifiil, in consequence of the stallion having a *1 jrbt lead, I e told the judgrs to give the word even il the h?r?e hail half a length' |.?.i wb< n they crossed the m on, as hr was rnnlldrot of winning the rare It wiui alW fbtnr o'clock p M when the bell rung for the horse* to prepare for Tit! im?T H*IT. frlncrc* had the pole, and hoth pot away on go<?l terms at the second attempt Before retching the Art tnrn I-than Allen, who ws? driven by I*?n Pflfer took t inltad, and on g'?ing along the upper ilde of lb* track he increased it and took th>- ins-de position fr"tn the mare who suddenly broke up. The st.ilflon t*>k advantage of tills mixhap and passnd the aiuruv pole In geennd*, fully three length* ahead?a lead,up portion he u?M when the ball mile In I i."( wa* jwuard He gradually drew away from her. and in cwseqiMBc* "f her breaking WTeti'hedly after the three quarter pole waa passed, and could with difficulty be got down again, be came up the homestretch at an easy twinr, god won tbe heat by a doren length" in 2 3t1 Tbe hark era oft he r'allfrrn ar trotter were rather tiken abacH at this result, and it w?? only whet) it waa an noocced that Kofi (wli'i galre.l si.'ch an unenviable nolor < ty n . onnci tion with tb* WN laat aeasi-n i would h"ld the rem* over her ,n the n**t beat that the currently offered odds ?f $100 to TO mi Pthan \l!en were accepted, though to a very United evtent, as t ?a* known Itt t>?w driver bad hacked the hontv heavily before tbe race com nr.rBced. ITT it A mut f*rrl!rot aurt waa effrcW. and .t wM only on r??md ng the Qrft that Flhao ?1 <>wmI fairly a l?<ir lenpth in advance ?* ? !? ng a r>ng the '.|ip?r fid*. th? mar<' wan carried oil ber fee J. ana the Ftaifcon with the rac" in band, madethe nadrfT pole t. 3" r"-?.nd and th? half in 1 II Pttaocn w.ia iabur.oc b<; el'-Miy in tbe roar, full thirty l?tiglh? l?h rid, ard fj>r, ner' the (> < ? of bit bcrc . |?iwcd the for" :n 2 2ft/(, d*aUac>n( hia )>!? n?nl Mid thua ?ti<t. iik lti? re- < The result of th" ra.o, u >< *{?. led, a* tli" d dancing ?f I l*rinc"?t w?i in rea'.ltj , did not cr<-ate in -b arnwiti 'n AWion# the p+ctalora Th?'yh<?ie lately be- iiro an ao ciafWKl tonitnea* male I. b<m< "o mi.b Brat i Ian* trot tort aa flora Temple. Pah:!.? n and ) tb*r. .t I Ion. ilia t Vba defeat tf a aecmvl rate mar* I l?e Prlncean did not ' n or mtereet ttMM VtlMltltaUM 1 I'fin g Ibe e*ien*tT? mj>r< v?tt"r 4 r? ?-?i'iy eM?-ct'-?l by Mi mm .-haw and Th.le, ti.e |.ro|>r eiora of the rnu??# Tbe -'iands bar- be*r> ihort .igfcly 'Uei?gth"n?'d atid ??p ported, now one* er.-ef?l. act icary otii"r i;r?at lm|>roTairionta (irtM into etiect. Tt.o folio* n? i ayu miliary ? tnoi Corn"M, 1,1 . .Inly 12. ? Treltiti# match f>r f.vOo. ir. I" b'*l?. I?eai throe ;r the r l>arne?a ! Pfifor i ain?<l Klbnn Alter 1 1 J. FWy"r? Barr I I*r t (""M ......... .2 'lilt. nan. if a, -r Vile llc f M'U. Mti< t IM *?.?'.<? I.ltM I'M Second b?al 3? 114 i 36 *? Prraotial lnt> IM|'n< r. Col. John Johnaoo. of Cincinnati. h*> Vee a member of tbe Ma'"t.:o Order, ,n |roo4 iiaidne, Ihr ent? (Ira t'?M H#> nn<t ' t v - n jt t\A a ml. !? hmt to V. M ilan 141, <>hio Br t? probably i llifolilfH > r< t- Hifor I tw i'lIM fUM. Me mt in the '<?l?r pr? rtc<l over \ j c,v>'t< ^atdfKu n nv ?*iu forty jr<**rt. lane I.a# dcc.'kO lo x *?t Vorth 'Vf? ra. l?>t nail tc ?Ute Hon. J. y. C. I ?f 4 .'i|N i'v fr >fow<>nfo.p lind^fl lir ll.o f ttif SUI- ri. .r i^ii ?lford. M iln ,* a iMml'T of iH. i w f. N ( ro wMiTf IVi m j?p!, t pr*??? l.Or jrrw*, an* h.a *|>i nln.rit m .1 r '.l a .?rar y'n K r*t <t tt i i j h-> ; <J n S'oinl'r H . f r, ir f ' ? 1 ' ' ? *" fir (Ti-? w?i .io St*?l i ? V. tpftM'* '? jft, ? r ? . T>,.< t . ut. r . J r p tt . n i .??r.? , ? , .i,r I r > I 'Ii" * i >? f ti. i.i i?J?o t ' M r* r' >r lj . >1 .'<? ; t (V jt kit '.4D /. 1 9 LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. THE DETAILS BY THE ARABIA'S MAILS. Our London, Pari* and Berlin Correspondence. The Visit of the Prince of Wales to America. THE MASSACRE up CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA. The San Juan Difficulty, Gen. Harney and Baron Renfrew. MOVEMENTS Or GARlBALDf, &c., &c., &c. The Araha arrived at Bceton early yccterdry irtrc rg. The European mails arrived .a ifc.s c.ty al g:a o'cJocJt last even iug TLo IMMt Tvourton ilni-e la lie fcfterrovo <4 June 80. Our London t'orrc apondcacc. I.O>TJO!?, J?co 00, ]6G0. T!it .V.. i'. writs of G<\rdxil<!ir?17' AffoinU A>>U***i'ori la h\dt\rr anA Knolnnii?7.Vitavji r.t tlis /rr!>?'/n in England, Scoflaml and Jtaly?Th* SoWitrs VtsertinQ the Hrval Artn]/?l>\fficuUiei unth American Vlttll Ucmrstxc Seim?'lhe H.ycal of the J'cptr L>-:y, tic., tic. Tbc strongest and nac?t opera' ols d soo.ety, as in nature, ate carried on with tbe ^-reaiest t Jecce. A man quietly goes to work amassing a fortune, and ?heu be p< ts it he has strength and position. Dame Nature! during thousands of years produces a bed o( coal, or generates a layer of sulphur, but until tbe fuel is discovered iu tbe or.o ca$o or t beooiD.-a ignited, or the earthquake or the voVaoo breaks ovt ta one walking on tbe green :*rj?ot of tta cartb dreams of tbe terrible forces beneath his foet. Now, you get nothing startling in tbc news from Sicily or in Garibaldi's m<>w mei,tA since my la*t Wter, a wtrk ago; but yeomen's work bait been do, u<-tw tbetandlng. Garibaldi has been asked to consent to nave Sicily annexed to Sardinia; but be very rightly eayf, -'No, my work is net yot docc. Tbo Two MlcUict aro entit'ej to jmrtake of all the advantages that an aerr <? (o e.tber. When N'.iplcs has been conquered then if > people must decide upon their form of government.'' In tbo meantime Garibaldi appoints an Ambassador ix> tie Tmleri'**, and another to the Court of Pt Janui. 0> "curso they will be received with due honors. At Siiic.cb tbo i-tike of flM\aria, (Ma*)?"Give me a plats of Mas,'' caj*l \i*e foot pad?tbo good Duke ovpf, t.r.g soinn ,.sbej company, is having his royal residence, the chateau sf IVsMMiliofen, put all in ni*? order. W7?n your nailers arc told that tbc King cf NafVs .? his son-In-law?married his daughter?they will see the signifleance of tbe dom? st c arrangements. A letter writer Irom Italy says regard to this:?"Whether from the immediate 01 V'csjvius, or U>e somewhat further removed crater of Etea, the place ?* ms to be itm hot u> bold him.'' The subsorlptions to the Garibaldi fund go on sw'y both a England and Scotland. and in Italy there .? a perfect furore for enlisting Throughout not only I' e.1n,< nt, but the Iiuchics. tbev arc rushing to the hero's standard a every variety ol iostume, arms and equipment. I..*o tbo description of th<- p?*et ? Some snatched a shoe and slipper, some, n r.iMe, Had only one leg stockinged: others, again, In petticoats turned inside out were dressed? lxivers etcbai.ged their shirts, some, w>th e, Took frymr |*ans for shields and forward prer?r<ji With buckets on for helms ; others were fa.a To brandish hedge bills, and, 11 brcas trial* <t Or gilt, llan swaggering to the post, prepared for "ghl. In this way they collect? Some two -cote thousands, of uudaunted seal, It* *w. hi -dwfller* <1 ll.o Ai*i?* i i i Huge A|'$ lire, who, fearle*? of cu'lrul, UxiIih round and views I In- l..-avcns n hit wi/tv His woods of snowy hair, so thick w.d de? p, ." *rvc ok a broom the starry vault to aweep (t is (aid that the soldiers desert mi Quit from tie royal foitroa at M -mioa. and the gnrr fon arn 'o unr ah"'*, that l.antmldi collccta thr Wim Just about ? r<|( "arty there uk to Palermo. Touching il.-t harbor foi tr<- '.! htiufe?a teccndflan J-ian dcUlH*, in aU except i iw n ght, and perhaps out quite o many g\:u??there la ail a~rrc lure of your n:a<lca|> date) LkumdibI Hunter?"A) vara do" Hunter H<- was in'uinmaud of a slo p of war, an I cruising at Me<alna. An Atnertau mvn iaclo. iu LaJ hjiuc iliHi.-n 11> at>out getting a tlt<" apla.u declaring he had paid ail duct an 1 tubm.tlcl lo every rightful regulation, l?ut Bomb*' i Cut 1'm lionet] il?"d ionic two more fees uuJer the name ui i-arbcr dues, Ac. The captain rero'-uatraU-'l, the 0 i.vul i-.'nKU FtmN, and finally Hunter wan appealed I > lie etaai.i ?d tho . a-f decided ihat it WM right, and teel wrd to th" author)!^ that if the rklp wae not r|w~<l <n tw.? hours he would homlard the city, There w< r? at ;><^tn>ur huudiod p> nderou? cannons gr i i. r.g at t. .n th?J ir.ole?a f<r.">e, of comae, author fit to nave t, wo 1. n Out of th< water, hut they clea'od the ah p. No douhl bo would have ben barded the place. A liue ot learners is abcut e tart ng from Gruca - ,ly. All the d. m fuan you hear of a imw c Ltt tut ca promised. a feueral ami.> sty, the trlcolore-1 tiag. a Vice ioVj and all thai, are all both. The Sirlliana are to ror.tlcno the war tad do doubt when t reaches Naples tearful # -nes w .1 be enacted. The King's government, in every hrac.h, a m<#t corrupt, and that will be the time they w ..I tr./r to gtvfl one.last pull at plunder. Ttie ?> nrh Afni'*>'*-ior ac tualiy got kwcke-l on the hea t and stimuli w'Ui a a?dt I cane wi?lded by a ruliao. I ruppo?? the K:cg * g vro ment is about |?.weti<?a for all protect <? I'unrk has a lling at l/aiis Napoleon's .'art inete?th# Conference?and says it was a ban 'tin Bad' !.), a. t evidently it d d not turo out as hia Ma.-?t j ai,t cl[.ated. I'aniphU la and leading art flea root one to t amboozle public opinion in Kran<*e; but Uieae tt sn arc (|,||? At.i.vt atoil In r<? TI\I? t-nlrftinn. liil ? r? v? . f tno bod ami An' rim ixmlout to k?rp ib? w< r!d u'?,rosed <4 the true political atate of attara the w>wld r/vr. <>ur domestic cwp it of cor ?.ticr.?hl? ntrrrM Tt.fl Confrrenre O tnm,tt'<* on the l> r^' 11 oil the privilege* of the Common* have Mr?-1 on ? nfAfl thai will bo pre* iitod next werk. The report ?r Ui nothing but flirt*, and thmie ahcw thvt the OmhbmiUto rarely ocu iot< rfwed with, directly <v ;nd:re tiy It in n pec ted that mr (lladat'.ne, Mr. m; (*:o?ol and probably I ord Jibti Kuaxet) will *Und by the ''a; c.r Dtty Krpr?| bill and eBfor'r it, eompcit i,g tbo lord* Ui retreat, or elae fr<.u> tho Cubing, or ?l*e ttw Patmeratoo will make It a ge>vernrr< nt measure, and rtat I or fall with II. Our f'arla Correapowdellcr. Patta, Jura V, 1M0 Curfha'dCi Mo^m a(l The M'4 W 7hJr?n to I'-ft.i', Hi**? Sapninm /// and :k< Vof? ? Vmvmmf ^ on !ke Part If IVf?r Kmnnw'? T /*<yi fnr a turn?T\' FhtJ* Mat* >f ffU G<f-<vn?nrv-Dti ' f-'wn of tk* ( / 'K* f'rnviti'<nal <f Oar\l?Wi? Tht Sup Itien Oortn-nw.* Mm I'p M riran V' ttl. and f'ayt Pamaipj?Thf " Tot'm'frt" <J EnglttnA~Th? D'n'h if I'rinr* Jtrm* Bcndfmrf <f . You will have heard ere this of tbc total fk>:Kr? of tho miaaloo of Chova'ier t! Murt.'no, who a tfco [art el franc :? If. ci Nap lea to tl.i* Court for Use parpeaa of t. gaging Pratoe to (red her aid to the youtg Burton. Napoleon III. rf?e<t,and in ?<kJi term* that tbiO eral *r prarr up b? irUntiod of a?k rg Ilk" aid frem ti g and. He fif-aw ro h*n<v? <4 aurecti t)Kr*,and ao jbaric I.. Ui* aot!r*?l , boarmg wttb h m a letter (run tb? V mpo or NapoW'ti Ui I'raoclr fl. Thr ffllct of it a m.m!vo lu.i l?"m matf'Cft]. Tbo Kiag ?l Vaplw, wbo waa ill, ra*,?e?l It to 1? raad to hi* Owncil, who *i? r??>r<?r aw if# of tb" ..ontanU of lb* latlwr.tbajs tbey at ot.r? *ot*il ' a roostitution, tlo fortDation of a o?w m i.'airy, a |)Dfr?l ^mp',''ty allianoa w tb Sardinia, ard the ad> ptlon of the Kalian fUg with tbe arm* of Vap'<?." Tfca King waa ill, sod < oeaoqivntly ab^otit froan tbo CbrMtl, but tbe ircrr ?*?it to bin Ma|<"?ty. wb? kt f>JCt ? > > koMd hit favorite coue??!l?r ?n time of n?ed, M Mien*. F<r two l?j? tlw> K rf aad Mat"* deliberated, ar.d then It w* MMUttd Hurt Ui? K Dg ?<5C?ded to the TCto of ih? i ouocil, ao?t 'hit tb? liberal policy rwrnirt/fd wa* adopted. B> t ? tlK t Franrlll IT. thof ([raffr Ml'lraw, 1 frar It t too lilt. He tnnat rtnk o the r?rte* I bal jMMcna *bicb ba blind tyranny b?? am i^d. Ot* thtt?n < pa?Mir?' ^-Ic'Jy I* lost to <)*r S?J' nouiiC'l plait,'y r.'a intention a* rrrardratla ng tl<f tnu't 'ui'l.Hfid W) rpMf of all eorr e* or? Vrar ? II n.ay mtpo And Lltraeff reduced to th? poe.t.-m yrfc' b b# a >l>e?i t'oie Mn?* iprclr ate*r?<l he mmjia V'Tr to ?nf r -roV ?i>?U?t ?, ? let?t'? crvmtaicr n tfct vrmf nf ? t *arb?Ml (iwImwi Mmj m ?<>n Ui uiif ? > b"<J ? t t <>rf, lliotlK "f Slrll r,- ?w? b?.? i rfu i. ? b- ? hrt bn? * l?m t i ilk .11 MMkIuc. * ruih^r n *c'<J ?, irf, tUr )?i'<r Tl. t vr < i '.n 'rt I to m'Mury r '? t>, *r?''ftc ls> M'Wi ??i mtraint. mil aiii .?.h tt ?y ferfti ?1<. tir? fi.' rNlACdrp*, U f * ?? nnl rf ti*. . . <Tw.*? K nf. tmrty fnM ?f* *rc ; "f. > Jur' * |!j.? ? it f^ri> m i irrn i i c?> ?"* x*t' ?ti . k. im. At l!.H i ? ? i n. *| trrr,? m ,n r ir. | ? # a.vt |t>, ?r? '!) | . l Cj-t lute w.vtm nff

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