Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1860 Page 3
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fbH SALE. | A? are chajvk -sKfjDon orrKi;i^or saI.*, j waul! B..;' -r ar,u tJotfoa Rou?t-r, all in (Kir Je?-t urj*r tnd :> w ! f'?r nbout nim y .1 Vpply to T. OKWJAH 4 CQ., So. j Ck'lui. u ;.u- '.h j I'ej ~y, J'.trj A" SET-A* MUSii ! N l:*OAJ)W.VY, KST VBt.tjOlri."* SK I .fi. re*)?,1 itt 'i-rd 1'ir iite ruveliws:rs miy U?- s A. V K. h..? 14U9 Man York l'.?tu?.v A '*1 VNt'K FOR SOMK ONE.-FOR ?a vr.">, TTTR tensf, Stock .uul Kiuuiv? "i it > ricking **; ..11, m ?t?.' ?f the but Imnin v UieAttoui in tin' riiy, arvl u?.ir Bn ! ???. bad h?-a!ih tlu only can*; iVr Mlliuic. Apply to J OIKS X**XK, HI Broadway ft BROAnVAY -5AI.OON FOR SAM V JO, ball 11a valu*.': il* stock. K.tturea a ud iur? 1 i-?, vnh Ftirailurft of <1 wrlling part. Apply .a ?ij Hi >.idway, u.< uun, but wet a I .ud 10. ARVRK.I UfcNCKPOR \ M\V UEKIRIXO TO <V> IN ai ' ?l*bjlsb"d >?!> bi?li'fM.~One m" il.a ?M'>? ah I l> -*t . I in oik si i>ou* oil bar ui *h*- rxy fw , lie; vwUhlmh -<t unit > krp'. ry ibv p;.-?.M t propi-Wor fi !<> < vfar? Ko - full ijr.i-. cuUrn inquire at K. > OLTON, l?W Kultoa iitrrei, S. Y. DRC<1 'iTuHFI FOR M *!.* ?IV OOV*BQUKXC"^ t? p ihe saddeu h 1.1 th* iwttnr; coma etely *111 c'svr> ly *"H ap; 01 the Dru^m, BonW, A . Ail! M sold wi'.tjortt lbs 1 tan", no fair offer w?H i?e tetu?e 1. Vi>r?'viU"ix on '.h r.v.nt e? 'jo j>? wal?>* MRS. VALK.NTlNr. oIIAY, ? jj K'Wtark j axeum*. Jersey City. For b.U-K?thk btock am> rtxTURVM A dry Goods Kjerv. in one of the v 'Ht 'alio' sirv Kirtti nranafl. 1 frm e??y. Apply * IHfcUth avenue, or R4 Seventh a??me. IitUB FALE?A KIRKI? CLA? PHOTOGRAflUO GALk-ry, in Jar- at U'S raw. cent!-.' part* ol ltr<w <i wa v. Term* wWfi*'. App'y far further perttcular* in G\RBAX \T1 X Ol. 434 Broadway. *JJH R RALE?A SECOND FAND SODA r.f VTKR API'AJ ratun; it wt" b>i sold c^rcp; cm be pvt'ln Tder at n latin i?B:. whkli wi I it as pvod m new. A^ply to W\( UKK 4A <1) , nod.i wi:ri uatuiha m;i IIUfa*'tar* *rs, .VIM. o and 7 Sew Haven ltiuliuad ouuer of FiaiiUm and Kim ilrwii, MY. 1 *X"<OR SAt.E ? HHAV- TIIK STOCK AND FIXTURES, F tPfri'tbnr or -''parnle, ol a Liquor Store, in one ol ill" bent vaita oi Went siree". Mull b? wil<l imBftlUlitly, owun? to ?/thrr engagement. Apply at ?bi West atreet, be-ween North Moore t.nd Beach streetr. 7 ?' r | For hale?the flrxitcre of a lodging iioi>k i50 roonu) down town. Only ISM caah to be nld dova; . >.iau"i! on irnc. Apply hi SMITH* oUlce, 17& Broadway, I utement. | IpOR A MXUHK'S 8KWINO M VCHINB. THIS 1 ' Machine la in good order, and makes live Ktitchoa atone revolution; pri-i' toU. Apply at No. t*5 Divlslou atruot, In t lie io^er bier soloon. VOR StLE-TllE STOCK, FIXTURES AND THKKU r yeartt' I<rai of a wliolenlo aud retail corner Li<i>ii>r situated in* den??ly d tielplib.irhood; rea?MU forsellitif , & ! pi oprieb-r int 'nds cuteriOK into other business. App.y na ?be premises, 223 Stauton glieflt, cjraerof Pitt. .No as-uta ; te?d apply. FOR 'ALB?A SODV AND 8ARH\f*AKILL V ROl"l K, *ith two joo>l Horiea, Wngon and Hameas; doing a frood Innlili in ii iimiii fin in liniiL out. tbe owner has oilier b'lai r*a? u> attend to. Inquire at Mil Uroadway, up atair*. For sale?pibltc norsit six mile* from ne<v Yirk OU .1 R0<>.t r.uul an I aocesailile vestmhoa*. aoid at *oont of gii-itiiesa The baritfejMsr will Imy, with a partne.r, lb- whole conovra if lie ttnd a suiLil li- partner. Fo. further psrticulara (nature at ZS7 Went street. UOR SALE CHEAP?AS OY>TER VXD DTVI.VO SA iT loon, now doing a good bnaiueM, autched t<i th- Ninth >. eivi.. Hnlr.nii ileiKit Satiai'iictoi v reasoua rlTen Jar anil- i nt7 Inquire OB the'premises, turner of Kinih avenue and Kuly ihu d 8irr> t. FOR SAIK-THK BAR AND FIXTURES OF A LIQUOR Htiito-n, do.nfc- a Kood binlnw, near fipnn* street Market. Th- owner finding It imposlnble to attend to It, In rnntwqneneo of other b iain-- ?, will ii'li at a saerltice. Icinire at 327 Spring street. F>R SALE?A WHOLESALE AND RR.TA1L 1,1 QUO P. ?tor?\ a kooiI kland and will b*' told cheip Inquire at N. WHITE S, corner at Lewis and IUvingtnn street*, before 1) A M. or after 6 I". M. ,/^ROCKRY STORK FOR RALE, IN .TKRSKY OITT.?THE VI stiv'k la wofU about WOl; the Store and. Fixture*. with wood fellar and Stable, mill be let a*, a lew rem; the preM-nt ow ner it engaged 1" another buainees and cannot attend to iL ASiliess J. P., bui 111 Herald ofUco. mo CHAIR MAKERS.?RIO UTS TOR TIIE USB OF I Blauchard's Patent tn New Tor*. New Jet-err, PennnvlraBla and Mainland for aaln br the aifentu of the Phcauu Wood HraAiug "umpauT. No Si hatwy, no iitalra. rOROCKRS.?FOR RALE OR TO RKN'T, THELARft. eat Urocery and Liquor Store in the SiiK-enlb ward, ftpreeely fitted tip by the a Rent of He Iiiimm, * iih a lea** of low year*. Apply on the pretniee*. hi Tenth avenue, ne.jFifteenth gtreet, or in the oflice, House Agency, 7u Tenth aveane. AO nfWk ?WANIED, A FARTY, WITH ?2,000U, TO buy .t caah ll'iaiaesa, e?<l!ak>'J three years, pay in* a c> >1 prott, and can be ejirnded to any atrt it; ba?u>.e of n oek and tliturea iaelnded: aulaf.vtory r?.ia?ua Cen for celling. Addreaa K. H. I*. S , boi U) Herald uMr.e, IhrM dajh. lUUug where auu when *u interview ui iy had. _______________ $0 (WW! r"A*U WILL HUT SV?SI. FIXTURES AND _.I F\J I,e.??< of V F incy aa 1 Toy Store :n Br.-idway. Rei.t for the whole home JSC" Addre?* Mlt hell, box 119 n-r?)d olire. No agent need apply. (flj Pll\l\ ?for sa1.k, a half interest in a ue tall .tut JkUI'Uu: H> d >m ?ntlr Iv r a#ah, p?UW1hL.'(1 over 15 ve.irn; yearly mlr? ,iW>nt $7iU?? < jH on arcoant o( k-ktcsa. For I utth<-r ( artlrulars addr>'s? (.'h i*. Clark, Hor*lil nflk.v $- nnn ? f?>ie>\i,k-a b<>ok>tatio.very awd ' i).U' "V". IVri ?fleai su>r?\ MUl)U?h? tl a<>*rly twwnty y?tr* ?nd Juiiie ? good i. i? <>(1 ?r<* l for *il?* ill VVanh fngUintity; anwiui required about #V01A>. Por particular* at I iire?s ltuau.i \YuJhin?'ton City, P C. FOLITH \l.. j GRAXI> V* S MKKTIN'l OF CITI/./SS, IRRFW l?i-tlti> of party, who bej* > < thai the beat ' ( o<ir I *fMinlry, I'm lihi.liy of tlie I i iiki tin- i wh of larfree Ins,.tut* na ?i 1 tie h>*i ured iu?l nriumN l>y tiw l?-< ti >ti of AllkAHAHUNi'Ol.N tui I'i.iuUi kv(?l l>*! bold ou Uon <tav evn.itw, July l<?, at IV M . ? I'i i a^uar*. Bru.i< 1 way, Pmutn ?v no>' hmJ Tio.i'e *')i mrr-t Knvitern ap.'tlu n aie u>\ i-1 aid e\j? , n-d t<-adi.1 tfce ni? - n Hyudrro ?\*rni.of Arriui|,pn. i MiRi'HKUP KS'Arf.Clitrmu. W?. P. T i h VP* * w, 8eer?.?ry Yrotv; mf\vtic csrov it.ub -i>mj Ir* and .lot.-i?nii ?A rrfi:!ar meetln m ihw Oliih will be beld at (t* room*. Mo. S I'ti. >a w|iuire, tliia (Friday) trntlnr. at *o'cl< k. All dein.ierVa in f**?>r of lb'- elurikm of I> > i*la? ki>d Jrkt>s"0 ?r* r?aj<?< iful tutlied to uttonif with the t'lnh HORATIO P. ( ARK. Present. F. 11 Cmrchili.. 8* mary. 10TIIW?RP -tT A MKKT1NO OK THK I?**OCRiTrC JO W.inl C" in'tteo of :he K';lii?Mlli <ral4 held v 'beoornrofTaei v"iadill*tuiil Third av-tiu<\ oo We lii 'fclay R?nii\( Jntf U'h MAI. M. Putt. K*i , cUftlnn in. ?n aont?. -.<i llat the rtunmltt"' lad M*t purmuirt Ko a regular call, f? T th? p' irpoaa ?>f UktHC?>Ki'' In relation tn t*? n >uu fc?ftim? ?ill by lb? Natiooal IHaocraUf (Vmv<Miii'?n, at I:. uyrr. Ai.<l cm Ticnon. a<< lamlttw < '. tiva weri' a|>;' unit 1 b 1 kb? .'It*lr?ian. wbo ?ubo l:*< l.'^ lulli/aiiiK pMMMM ^nd I <n> .am*, nhi -h wri* nn?ni?iiu>ly aA r?d ? T)* Ml??>uti t'impn.nii!*. whi i upon iw paMup* i i? *h ! tbr voiooffverj s uriicrn t?t t'wiKPtt, at" larvd "'bal tha liUtabManu- of urrtuir* amith ol dt^iti i j .O lulimtW' abC'iIJ .IMaruiHi* wbr:i?r .ain-y t . 'iild p\iat , ihoK-m. "C p\< lml#>t th^rpfK m *n>l pro vid>>d, in mid ar t t!,p rUrM to ricMk iltvuf lorater iaallUiti i?n r. ?ry u >rili of <HaUt AM Wbrroa?, Wli?n 'V f^ ??!otion knot, i aa tV \Tiln?f^ Pr>? ?o w** tt>tr turn* ii,ln < oninw 'b* Nonllirra m<'iiii? ! rppnaMmi ibrr>^n, latnir4<. and ????ria?l tli" rUrbt?flb? *hj'p M 'br Trriitoi'Mift d* , d'' lb?* u>u of * li'. **r. lor ? !%n. l .-?* bout any IntrrtMilk n '>n tlir part <k <" '1*. ??, ' And WkfT'.n, l.?>wti < ;.?? In tlwi Nl--*v -n 1? ?ra <'*" i | tfcp dortraw > ' ivw tot?r-. "o:kmi by ? <Mi?r<w? In T< la i ?n I < > mlatpry in Trrriu>ry uuJ wa? Dcmima'^ 'i by a JV? > r >Ac j Couvpiition ?hx li^udorirdjita! ^rini ipjo. tn.1, ab-'foaa, Fruikiln ri?-c? an ! Jr.v<"? Hi tj inn w?r iw l-ial*.l In ronv?:itlon ?tiw. a loi ? 1 ihn now universal 4<* t?!n? of aon Int'rvr ntim IMr'm. K* aolYod, That wo <?.riliall? au,l heart.Ir r>*f>onI to ?n f rn dcr? ih* nnoina'i.-via nt Ntfpaon A. UoubIh* fur Hr^t l?v t and M"t? .hel V. Ji>t i?n>n fur Vtr* Pi. ?kI< n> awl< bf lk>' rt^ilw Uui> r?:ir >' 111 ('. twill** Raltin >ro P?? dred, Thiil to ?-'?>ph?in A Ifc.tiglaa w# v ow' *14 Mil. Imi !m *n<1 ronawtetjf rbaapkn ft tkta truly doii'-iauinrirutc ?tn-c Its a V>pt>..n by the firm - r?.ic pur.ji-i 1st-.. K?n vmI. That In lUr^b'l V. Johjaon ??h*ji one who by I Mm ?^ptarr? ot the n-nutiMiioB for Vie# I riwi 1 nt, h ? Ttr anailj iidnraet! ?n.l appeared itf ibe doru-ine of n^n Inei .-on lion, aaJ one who, by the Merlin* d??.?<"r?ii. quauiMa "f hia .ameeed^nta. Id eminently qiallrtod to be tha * urtby liouianant I ft th>- (Otl.iJit #aotard bearer of U<- d.-raocr?' ic partr. R< ?. Iv??l TLal ih# pn???<lio|t? of tlili ni>. i.a* t>?- (iiiblMN I tin Uu V r, Mtwa Iferatd. Mid Aamttoel. ilt.HKKT M rt.ATT, Cbairmio. SurnCi-'nur Secretary , ion? wariv-we thk rvwKitHiuNin, ijraprc 1"> cl j e l*nnu?rT Wert^m b> 14 m the Ki^Lvi/h * .M 4B Th .i-%tay 'VMiln*, July It, !*# , a' tke r rtier of Twi irr mmt .1.1 Arent ?nd Third ?rrnM. fur?a.iu' W) 'h? < ill of ?h? ?4i.. orAlt' mjiM lee ?'f Tamm my Mall kerchy rrrtlfj lb..' u. *. : lit ?!.? h ?. >>rr the nam-* ot Jaiaiea li ring t'n de .fit 1. Yulia and .tuh"'. R HrK(f? for mfitilcnat tb?-i?pn<Tal t m bUaa. ana e'eri '<t uninlQi"'ia)y *11,1.1 A* IKVlUM 1 itrrtsARn wrrrxv, Jtnap. h* Vlf< ? AK HVRNRS \ Ni w TofiK, .Tilly IS. I?fl0. low orncam ! A~t tii?; oun orrn-R, ko^kt iVavt amocwt, To ar'tuiM oa Mnrlu. Honda. I>ry Uaote. P.uovum, Ao. To on i>taja -n l*. W?w bra. Pfcui '*, Hanra. ?T, Ur b?;u? ./or raflik ('fltr* pniaw. Houra ? lT.; J. J. u. i 170 liroadwmy, ro^aa ?, up at^hf*. ITU VASFkU FTRrrr?A. HOlflOMAN. DTAMOUD JV braLar ? ?<?y to any aiaowut oa n...:T?r nda. Wf-bi ? i?l Al Wmd?of Mrrcb in ti?#, ?r bvja fur fta-! ?t b ? 11 f <^v, KaaM^ a^tav rv-xn Mo. 1 ll -?. t i mi Met JU. At iii op.suu> sTKxrr, thrkk rvv?*t? wkst or bf id?./, a^raiK'^ no Wivl??a tManoadm, f???iri. !'! iV' Dt <*?w iM l*?rawn\I Propan . frf rrert l?arrl|icf.n. or botuik'and an?', T>y JiWItrU A. JACKN'JW, uirtlNK^r and bfJkiv. | J u. Tiifivr ;,APum <>r or.xti.rmm* <#/ i<MjtTiinr *^or( p?-to<l? oil d uo-iurfa. ? ."I' a, jc.*L*lry or ?w?4tatKljr> ran bs ci-oaioKvUt*^ prii*i<il>. An'y top UAltlf I'u.'r Nr M I iMich . ?? < '>..? ,4. ?kr Unprri l->?t>U'? . &. itati' i. # bai. d???f. At it crtA*h?iMrr*rfT - >fojrrr to uiav to ?iy amonM ob fiaw^da. -if nno-ti W?u4t?? / ? #lr? # . nr lb# anma I. -jrbt : * ;u?h?ai wli p en ?y wriitnnwn f*A ACri,^ U < rm*. -*0 bp aroaa u*. akM on Anuirda/* IT ?n ? rrt? \R CT*fVTTH~*.Tr Hwi>f Mt# I hmtai * oflV?, wiii atruif nxk t > <wiy atn i.? mi !?.? lanxla. "If unaM, Wau.bra, J*urer PW'.a and J?wrl:.., or nigi* Jw aanaa for Mail. 1^*4 (ba Puat ?Jtce, rx^it Nu J atv. A. r.<?>r. AT TlfOKPHOd * ItairKKRn AM? lOXMiHe-MS , IfirrlMi. M0 Khmu auatt rrff. r?Mi K?;. J, M?rmd flov. m ?rw. ft a 91 i> n Uknim Jr*e\rT-l}~? xf#. irH .1 I k n!< nf ?* v tijrM. I*%r? ? nUr *V. ?tn ?>i?* |WW> Mkf cf FuW? v #, ?% , In *nr I %rt f I-,# r 'jr. 8#>* U-w^bl *n %. ?. J jAJl Trf<H<hfOA 4 i u ?:??rr. ?J?JT MU'AHtrAT-KONff LOAWpp (>l? KAft'ffllR, *>? J 1 PU TVM*# ?!. !.'? ?' !' t" fa'h al full t?)w, at <hr rHai r* lf? Wt r* "' Mr"??i*r*y. W<. Ioiui r4kc* J * omric hotbu- _ |, VcTrth ATKVT'K H(iT*;^.v7 ahi? w Pormm r *vwnii, Tvfntf lh?riI Wlil Twenty ImnS | Fimi'i* rr -J?"^ R.-f it, mhh r r vMSrmt Hn^rii Plniii^v^ *i?i K In* City will And th* 1 fuirJ tld d4TP>nfctoppmf 1 Uot. lcn?# erj n 11* | i til.* ROOMS, Aii' _ ^ LET. \ ' ' '' J? i-Kr-w tm j "JTas""* bf.hs ???:? . \ . .... n. y.v-1 m I t x-1. 198 ls4 JUO Wert I) KbUi ftlrcvt. i pk'vatk f.vxii^ir "jrr,n.r> i.icr part or a run j i>'.' i IhlijtilsJJ Btfemi** Up !uwt, U> vi snudl fftW. Th* ho??' f? hj?-n ?il! improvepri\1)?"?5 >f * ?V, .1'*.. K-mi . ..*l*?nue. HtVomiiCd Jtchamt*<1. i Al l v oW 1! Kir ,n ^ 158 W< *t Twenty :ir?t street, read ( UOOA I: 111 JWQUt Vvh \ xi'4 KAVii.y, wmjorr riirLDRBN, wuo lk ^ w'.th ... 'urn iiu.irnvemiintu, wish to l?t oue , |i.M. iiinl .* haixUouiety furniakwl Room, to genliemou. or* al) i wu??. Apply V Hi > adi*ou gt \ *>'. )M) sTiJUV KBONT ROOM. FURNI8HEI> '>R -'V unf.'i.. To >?"t, bv a ?ti ill family Without children; low. 11.ji? UlK?, A'ell firnUhed, naa bath, sn, Ac. ApVb >< #0 Fifth sirf t, n-nr Second ?veuue. 4 K1RST CUFW HOl'BE TO t.KT AND TRHITITRR ;\ for Sjuw, .ill Iifrtrly new und to 4 ?>d ardiir: h i"v ut>: 1 .11 Si t'! mint's id<w , M wdou?*l it reel, and ha* sutU'l-'nt n?.nnow rri iwi to A'-utlfiuuu 10 p ty '.ho runt. Ap;dy to Rl.N'SllIMKit, ,Vl3 Vounh ttfii'ue. d MIA I, yard TO LKT OR I.E A?K ?A f \ ihM ?|iwiratuf for ?rryl?outhe biu.lii',w cart*. m ' :???, Itit.s, boi'tg, Wi 'k. oUlo.1. nh.'U*. Ac Immi' i!*ln |W ,n . vf.i in it ! ' M'llKVCK 71 WmI Potirt.-fulh Mieet, or J F. Ill )LhN, '.m Warren atreut. T7?l RNISHKI) HOlSr. TO LET.-ATHRKE STOUT AND r hlirh baaement browu (tons 'root IIoqm, on Br '*lyn Height*, liaurtaniuely l urui-Owil throughout, an J bavin;; ^.ui, hi.'h. Kldccwood water and iill tiie oiuieru lmprov?nie:iU. Apply at St Kroat atreut, X. Y. FCRNI8I1KD HOI HE TO LKT.-THR RKHtI?BNCK OK the late Ivvtor Char)-s K Isa ics, on Kvdney plane, corn*rof Jnrnlfnx'n street, 111 i>>klyn, a uttered for r.'n\ and tbe .irp"!*, OTcNith*, oflice Ft.rrtture r.nd a part of the Funtltire of lb- house are for ?..)<>. This la a very lieairable location for b pl<y?a\;:n. The In r.*.> e.?n !'? teen at nil boars of the day during the present and next week. T7M nffTfHKT> fTOINJ? TO l.KT.?A FOUR STORY KVOr U .li tmwrojot 11? ti let, in Kast. Fourteenthitr.t, near the Opera House; the im't'ire all new. Will IM let to a good t nn\ , up 'jo the l?t of M \y next, or tins bouho wilt be !''t tu.d Ihe irtitture rold. A U tter addre<w?,| to Furnished House, Asuu place J'oat mlice, will meet a all Immediate atte.Oiaft. (^nor? SHOP ROOM TO LET?WBLL L10HTKI) KR'iNT T -ltd rear, with plenty of stem power. Apply at 313 West ihir.ytourth stre-t. near Tenth av?nue. ONK OR TWO flHACIOl'S LOKTU IN TUB I.ARUK M AR. bio. buiMin? No 91 Lllierty street, to let, for on . a . rm of years. rent low. Applv to It 1H!.[>WIV A < 1 > , !? pot 01 Charles' London L'oriiai ijln, 91 Liberty street. K0< MS TO T.KT-IN A FIR I 0LA8*TKN \NT I, )1 3& i -oaHlsunr "f Nve rooms on a door, furnlahed, with pj t'ro- 'M water and every cuuveoicoce. Apply on the prenwoa, B Kivington s'reec TO l.KT?TWO FUNK HOUSES, HOS. ?tt AND 407 RT3condnrenui'; rent low to if?->t tenannt: pcaaeaaioii i;iT?-n Immediately. Appiv to V U. C'NDKHIIIL.j, No. 80 l)el?:. -j street, from It) Uil 3 o'clock. TO l.KT--TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULT*. A SB eond Story and two levras in Attic, at No. 81 Second i.u i.lie. near V i rtt. > -. \i -.mum:. :.- order, with tu >1 n improvement* Inquire n:? ;lte pre nia.-s. TO LKT?I'ART OK A HTORB IN ONI Or THK VtIT best location* cn; p nwwton flven limned! ly. I <>r lull paiucBUH^ 'M'l/ir ricumniinj, 4 01 Mil 'J<w \?ay, U. tnetu NUtb aua T?hd? ^rc Ml. ri f.t?rrr^rsvrbt) ap\rtmr.vfs in twenty firm sTeet.near Filth c<huu?u?2 of two I'm U r*. wilb e* :wna Ri?- u; ?:?> a Room oh third Airjr, and .- sit B.M?MKDt If required, would be let for tb? tain'ha or longer, to fntlein) n or a amall family without chUdr-n. Bcfercuire required. For urtJreaa apply to Xadwou *juajto PitA ofljre. mo t.kt.-THR NKW FIVK SfOItY MARRI.K FRONT A Store, No. 130 Chamber* street. Apply u> P. Dickie, liy letlur, No. 413 Broadway cr No. 7 West Thirty elubth itrrel TO l.KT?IN BROOKLYN. A PI.F.ASANT COTTAGE, No. 130 KyerttMi Mr< t, nimrr W;;'oo*h!iy aven'te, one luniiir d walk lr an the, (>in.*hr 1 or not, QOMttJnK Parl? r, Siting and Tea ItoooM, with ?U IMroomt; aluo ronre b.rnt lllU'ben, i'.Mitr:t-H Ac., and nice Uur b;n. Kent very low to k c<4 tenant; the owner, a la<ly, would board with the fv Diily. rrOP.k.ntfor two year*-a splkndid mansion A und fon aerre >( highly cultivated Utu\ In the village of Slumlord, Conn , Household Furniture, Farming Imple > hm. Ilur.te ind < xrha?v. Cow. Abu, Crip* now crowing; bo bad oti iratuTiaole t-rm? il' applied for immediately, ibo uwu?r bcinc about to leave for Kurupe. A. PIISMM. X Tine try). To i kt-at 50 mcrrat STRUCT, A FINK i.a&uk l>-uu mer: r:itaMo t?r a restaurant or billiard salaou, or ?u> l^Rht b'.nwM. loqtkU'e ai 41 Murray meet. To l.kt, at a yf.ry low rrnt?a houmk in twkn f t! lrd -in e?. n<-..r Tb'-d h n all the irKWn lin iirovetm nia iu complete order. Apply to J BUM'O, 158 iCa?t Twenty third ittreel, before 10 A. M. or after 5 P. M mo i.f.t-rknt l.'lff. titrek stoby hrh'k dwki.t. J. tuff, 4'<6 Tactllc alrtet, Hroo> lyn. A|,nyl> 1'. WA1.I>N.\, 43 r?n!ar rj-c*t. ri.KT-x short dutajtci rmon m ont, a rmfortahle D*r*!litv, la * kuiliamn, oannnM <tnd IwaltliT location. Ilex low lu ft t?,-u ml. A Ureu L. S. 1'., b< A 160 Pott offle*. TO MtT-TMMEDUTF.CY, PIT ROOMS OX THIRD floor. with iu Mid *?t?r, with until ki'-hon, Liunlrv t'ib?, yarJ. *' ?l raquirt'tl. uill lx". let for ?!' a tuonili, una tnuul faiuliy oUy in tlx bouan. Klkl.MIIrthlt A CO , SI1 Fornh nvi-nu*. TO IJtT?AT 10* It AST TWKHTV SliiHTII HTHKK1', thi- lower p?-i >'' ib? Roum>, with * ii?iurrs an.i in I?ci0 ortirr, m ilb reu.ti'ttti.* tntr .\,r, if. j dealr.U/.e, c.oClintly p*peic?l. lU'iil ?? ' month. KIKSHiJIKK A IX)., 311 Fourth tvxnnn. TO LRT?OOIMRMB HAM., 6.W BRO A D WAY, BE i?r?? n Uk.iiM kct'itf 'ri Uivktrc a*tk1 lilt , aer atroct; ?la>?, Snk-4 ftotl Futures for naliv Apji.y to J A J. FARRINU TOJf, <ltjr Mnrbi-., #40 l?roaUwfty. TO I KT?TCHirniFR OR KFPARATK, FROXT AND r<irl<>r an 1 thr?-? Rutin <m-?. paut. t*?. c-> < an 1 tY?t<>n, ou tb? hvohhI Hour, wnu ?oo>: waaii bow*a ?tul ba h. rerv rr' I ?i w?bi.\ !? Jib j n.l 1'Wa.u.t . IjikxI In jtiiro ou tbe p-enilnr*. No. bi Km(iin?L rro ukt?htori: and offi< k; in' bkoad strkbt, A Ufa. \V?r. llrMI. >tor? Six 4 Br *4 rtrr??. i>Bi<?a .1 ihir! floor X" 5 f'rovt nt'ftt. A"v'y'.O A .? HKl.ATOfit.r-. Wail s 'rwl. TIO I.VT?A FIVF. 8T0RV MTR-T ART [A!. RV!l,'?tX? [ wttb fnM bmcntnl, 25iA>, *i.l "rectal or? ka. 15 I iirrenj ftrid uc-ir Cant), (or .BUfl ? t irir * r i?i u 1 nf-% i.rwt completed b No ' J. Inquire of JOHN maI'o.V,Arows-rt, 121 Vtvun ?trr?r. romn r} LFT?A OOOIJ hTORK, Pl'ITAKLK /"Oil TJIR lr. "b^r or Miy other bvury bn?i ?? A'?>. * I .'<? lib ai adv iteius pou-er, f r *ht k;-n! f .-muTlartuiini not ciiri baKtrdou* i'. A. ALVoRD, IS Vfciui?wi*tor utreiit. To I.F.T?IMMEDIATE P WOKSMOW <<ivkh-HROWII ?!'<ae K. gluih b??i rrT.t Ifcuiv < N x. 72 E ?t 'l w.wiit ninth ?troe'. r e ir f.eMncUm am. le. K?t t t'? r lie n( I**) p?f mitmiir aj'l'lt Ui damkl i M a? f lad 1 tula ku I MirlkMtn mo LET OR LEAKE TI1E BAPEREVT .VtM. J?l \NI?K3 I Hrnade. y, auitai 1? for a t ?" < rlxv K. tt. dtnMMliM tOnlSi' fe>>?, U?e?ber w I'll Kit t>e?> nn.l ri?ar mlrwi t ? >y n Ponce tract, No. V tf.c ilioir r.i. m ct divided, irxl will lr>t? ;i?r,'fl,?orVt' ^'T. in'i ill* "f UAMP/lKLl* Jr., I'arltir Juuk. To let.-fai.oor to wrrti fixtures, at thr | corner t>f and l*?'ir':u? ?. ?rt nn n-elieol ! bn?lti'-M bmi been dmie. lt> pilr? In Ihe :ore, M2 Sprma ?U rn?> I.KT?A *URM.-Ur.l? HUOR a: It 1 Vu I'Kftl J r,' ! I'?; iora. It< *t of rrt;. rrlr-ri, i iron Vid r?>jiilre4. Appl) at Ub Tboaipauu Uiri, I'iuim. I TO LET - AT A LoW KFVT, A SI:' >.Vr? H/V.p KOI R I rrwKu*. r v and I'vu/u. U. > q'J"? bum. nou-?.?>v"i In*Upoi I urn. ure inew. plan, and r-yt) for areata *re u ?v | c iflee, Owner niMipeulediy c/vii'-d away. AJ.iim l, (J. I* , 1 ?!?u->u d m utbc*. TO l.ET-TO OMR OR TWO PERH jX?, OK K >K Rl*I- | v urp >?e*. line 'nit m Ki""ii*, i or: ..U?I nr u n?lictl. io^a.rv .it Bo. XT l??J rree . To LET- CURAT TO A GOOD T KM A NT, A HOrWRRAR * r*.!rr ?d depot >1111 f Oeen mtntit' t' walk (m? 1L rv.m. Corner f l W.iabioirU.n aremn'ai.J Milton sUrot, Haftw*. CMI *iiiiii/* H.irl-en .ter ui t'j*<'in"nt. ei nfc' l.i to-A iT*r Apt ly ?n tlu-|ireuiiM?<nOo UKtiUoR CII A/KAN, 10 l>iiu re' Sum Vu.. TO I >rr OR FOR rilKii FI*<?. TE* KTVI TIW ?lk If m depot, (MkrKbl); pn\?U r.'?ui?-nr? . bri k, l*nn fr NuM-ment ant Ur, eleten mi, p.?, wWi m- i lure* f'?-?< m kniw lu?iel> r?nl rbeaji. Api ly Wi E 11. HR K. 1-1 SMMU *irr*i, (rorr. 1 to 31* SC. T. t x-j ?or k*t.v or r.t'*ha*.?e roRrtrrrio p> r, ?t I'urt ly? R. J , oo tii? fi-iion It rr<*. ntm- pu'h hy Iwnt rrtxB ?f Wprttif *t#?et-4i hmw li ["??! <!? .?' f. teen i' ???. >mH ana -er nv>rr ol le tnli ( OiiH traaa i:. ?i?ea, tr? a t>ea'iti!ui ant ! . 'iy pl.u * tr.\) Ut-Mi uiltiv1- ? >lt Imn ifc? laridlnp, with a r?ne r?T< r ne*T. Ap^It at ,H? IH.M.K i liret, la Um |>usn irarerrtoA (fee. :ii dxir) neat the , between t A. V an>1 S P. M. iumaiao, <m . A i oreat fem\rn POR cam opr n^nntnl?.ttea and penUeui'T. aaa re- etra tha f'l.t Tnta? I >r lhen ?<? jfuj.riii.te<*t n..; t<? be btmbuvired ** ; . ?.vne falre nr????><4er? Frurn t? 4" tW> ^ptaee for PruMiw (r\n ft tn f 14 [.? toiV. Imn tl .i,iwar..? lor l*kiiU &u4 \*? a Ttte t i h-? prtraa p*W fr>r t.UJren'n We*r.rnr."'ir* an '"arj. ?? 1'ieaac exll no or l Uma llarrt* 1M H?eeulb ?rt n'l? tietwneu Taon tri a^4 I went) nrat atraau. I.m). uu. . .? . jy Mra iUrrt^ 4 RPTTRR mAR/*R POR I.APIRh A*H <1KVTl.R\f)r<? A Wmnien 'iMrrwtiiff 0<*A-x>f inio c?ah tnn fl to fftpaK*. for ps'ita. at?<l (r*irr $3 t< iii I .re. : !# m Inre?'? (laAmere rti iw a trnui >6 hi A>n v?rpau. furaiiuiaiv! lewelry, ?to<- bylxal prw- pmd for e.vh. A note U p..?; imv Irallr auet*ledV> b> K, 1^4 Sereti'h a??n<.?, Hi tr i N..,? e-'Blh and TweoU !ii atr?? ia. lAibejalMfedad Ui k) Via K. It*. b'Mtnea* tnuwrM un .vu:u-d*>?. Aorkat pfvavp rf.r pa?t nrr r^nnn, Kunv'nf ?rvl ? -rp*'# ? I f>uuau? pn^ln/ U.? f r* ?r in c??h ifT ih? *'.w a m?sl trurM, rliM riul nr h-inibCf. i1m? (?;i m * ??f"? C lie li ?r? line i-. *n i Tnrr tr ?iith *1.4 1 i.lfc ?tPp>iM. L? dl?? ?..? J#d t. t>? Vm. Utah. (ia.<i orr ?t.'?nit!i<i-a i.ah<jk gcAvrirr n/u t ' | r r? j ?. 1 . ?h | , .. In r -,tk \i a, >rt. Mrm or MBill brU ?< rhipme^-f , ilk-If r?!'? k r?tuag m ?* cuiK.* f /a ?mf K iRI'NKV. lit Thvf ki>t wat kd? 'fHKH a ki <?kvth t<? out ? |< i i i' ? o<, t nn.tuir*. *n4 , t? y\' . ? ? a Hr f ?' i ta ? v ???1 n-*e ff f *1 v) u ?i ?-i ? fclr-i ? n *| wi?iiu>| *i rmhui j 4 Mi A LI J.?S.r?. u-.d?l v? h? Xl? a ] <tiQ /t/kli worrr snr avt? r srr orFcr/mf o ~ ?" " * .ri r v 1 f'-r lbi? w? ?ia n, r . ? th?- uie. | (.lul |<ri" ?fct > in l - il ni ?l in ttw,*r, fir r???:i ( ?? if OAittfitf kl u.* t.-ri- . . Via wk'-> ?1 l'? -> - I i wiuimiit. ! LAWV- wru. KOTT'-K T1IAT MM*!. T>VMr> I KKflt S i'rif Mi 'UJ fkkMxr*t. Mr i tnl m. ' not I * #. IJ l-v i<l.rr p?> r? p n*i ?llf. ?m' it.'?.n orilr M MMIflil M Mnr. I" V Hi -1 ' Kn(?rt?irn?. 471 i ! .13# cod jw caiu t ?'r? ill i-r.i i ' t't ' K; ?mt i 4 f? < rapMit ir r' 12 1 prtiik'Mfc-, IS 7V , iN i n11r-? ?I vi? tinr??l Ml. ) >i,r I.( Mmr r>fm ,rr.l'? Pii/. M' 1?1 Mll?? ;i r rv <v|1 ? ?l? Af HOT <Hb*f k'">'1 rb??|>?r Itinrl I'.'. !<? . <-?t II I 1 : I br iifrtUf J bf wor61#*? InriiUim f^u.| i . *b?i?. i NEW YORK HERALD) FI IIBWM VI) UHMMIU * Vl KNlbUKil -AHLuK AND BKD HJOM, OR t IKULI ..'Y ted room. w .id he Set. with. .It board. u>? M or two )Ca' tlru.i ii m the Soum of ? ..tin* la tl;a viaaity uj -it ih-xy hi i Fifth Ai u.? ilniel. A. a Svteoici* ?u!t*h i' far a doctor's uOirtt. Kor Ml drew. Uifjuir# at 3t W?*l Twe..iy third iiiretl. Al'RIVATt FAMU.V. REMIHISO IN iCAtfT THIRTY(.f Ji stfwi't, near TCunl avenue, can a.' Mminodate wi:h ltii?r\\ k ?entit'i?a:i and his wife, or two King 1* persons. with a ii fly furnished nr unfurnished Roo-u on the llrst Boor, with t. fi r: -oni utut. !.ed, . bf? pantry, r 14 and water in the r.xwn. T. rtr.n for .1 gentleman mid wife. irt ner week Referen-s* tn en and required. Apply at 1.7 Kufci itiniymth dreel, aea* " 1 r.i ? .. mw, ABMIIEWR KEEPING IIOOSK, IN A BKAUTIKfL location, between Fourth avennn and MaiUson square, w hes u> let a furnished ii.h.m, wtlh m of parlor uui pia:ku w h or with, it parti*) Hoard. Ini| air* on the premises, 20 K at Twenty fourth street. ADKUUIITFUL LOHATION FOR SOUTHKRNKR8 and other*. 22 Went Fourteeeth street. betveen Flf h nd Siith avenues. opiiosite the beautiful garden '< M. M. Van I'uren, elegantly fundshed Rooms In suits for fatalliea; alio, ' k.ngic Komi: sfor feiiUeoi.n. | A la roe, comfortaiime room on thk third ; 1 r, handsomely furnished, suitable for one or two gentlemen, to let, wiih or without partial Uoaid. Apply at J8I Fourth street, near Lafayette plu " Av,:rv pi.kanant front room to or without Board, iu asocial private fam. v, to op? or t*ro gentlemen. Neighborhood liist class. No. 101 West fwawy uiirr hii pi i \ card?terms xoder \ tk ?a krw 8in0l* okntleinen or a ^enl'i'intn ?n?l wife, nn bo ? *>mrn .j? .1 witv yiod, comfortable board u lh" houm of an vojf :!!> i.?'tj n ih? !ie?t part of jeraey city. luq iln of mrs. lirfliui /, m wb> in* ?trwt, jer*py fl y. A; - ;k hanqsoxb room, ix a first 01438 bonne, fnrtilahad < r unfurnished, eui'ablo for a lady m l kputli'uuui or two genllempu situation vary good. in quire ut itirf lexlngto.i arenup, corner of thlrtyflin slr? A nick v nmmmd front parlor to lbt also, oacit k< "m? on necoud au l thiol uuora to cent.cut' 1 on'y, with or without board; gap au l h.tih. no. 71 bloeck' r hreet, two dour* pa .1 of broad* >. tv.ium nnvleratp. A widow lady, from t1ik country. has t vkkn anplpndkl four *tory house, tn a pleimnt lorit on up town, would like to let a nice funuelipd itooru to a la ly and epiitlpman, wuh llo..rd for :h? vaer- ikkomfomwi i'lim can in? enjoyed, on oaiy icruie. adlrens c. pendlutja, m&duon njuare i' *t oilloe. An eleoantly fcrnisiikd lvrwk front pvr | lor i|ft, arith evpry convenlpiioo, (o ("ntleiueu or ladloa. j apply alc'j ka?t twenty en;!i h at feet. j Akl'it of furnished to lkt?above twenty huh str-pt, very fourth avpnup, in a neat pretty hoiu?p, with nil u?p modern improvement*; kali, i loset, and uae of kiv hen tt re<|utr d rptit t<i :i week. klnsillhkr .% u)? .'u.1 fourth avenue. A beautiful parlor amd bedroom, klf'iantly fumleheil, to let, with board i a gentlenau aii. woe, in a rim: claaa broan r'nne bouae, up town, near broadway; the finest location <n ihia *'tv. k i nsilfmkr a co 343 f mrlh avenue. 4 fl'unlhhf.n room to lf.f-with ro&rd, for a pentliman ai.d wife or single gentlemen; uriu' s-s per wi r*. kpi'tpi ci .riven ar i rp apoly it 75 m.. tlou^al street, bci?> en lloualou au4 bleeck'jr. Voentlrman vnh wife and two or tflri:e sinpie i;"titlpim li i'hu' a.'coi' 1 w'lh k, irtm. furnished or unftiruiabeil, on ihe w'o .il or third fl irn, : row, ?ith T\\"uiy KcJnil street, 'between Sixih ,uut Suv.nth aviT.u ? Vl.AK ;B FROM ROOM, ON TIIF. Si:cONi> Fl. >OR, l**a1> and > ) ii-ijlsii J, to i t. will.- tx?i- i! In oho or two ?euU"iiton. <?ut |1U per in mlh. Apply *t l._' Friiice street. ABIMTOF PARIBUS, ItANDSORKI.Y F1R.VT8UKH, i;h closets, eout;tiv; ; hot ?ad cold w^wr, to let on .nrf r, at .liable um.s for 'b? m.i\ at 371 Fourth street, u ?r I-a:'..yefte place. \ri.k vf\nt r \n.nn ind hedroom. wtthfinb . e!os? t, upon tb? second (lout iroitf, to let. with II ir I, fur imbed or i| furnished. Also. on?t hali Room lor ?.r ;.t lleinen; locution pleasanl, hue yard, oath, gn, 4c., .'U No. 11 Aluton place, 42(' Fourth street. ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEE!* MADE UT VVillt'U peroons of obtaining respectable Ho trder* < tu t>e sin > plied with such by pplyuia to WORt'ESTfCR .V JO., Ob ;i Himulway, room No. H. Sn rhaVK* tn advance. Ar 52 TAPT TWENTY FOURTH STREET.?TO flOUTBerners?A private l/.nu'y ot adu t? ha', e two Ritunij Ho 'm?, wHhlare bMrixitr.s att?*hed; will be 'el for >i short perlou; breakfast served to their rooms. Also, two bedro nils. A Nl< Kl.Y FL'RNIHIIKD APARTMENT, t I.NSHTJNil ot a oedrmim mi.; pantries, U> let, to i-tiugr- (fatlcinan, at tl BleeclMr street, eisl side ol Broadway. A FEW CIKOI.K tiKRTLSMEN CAN UAT1". PLEA1ANT K oa, with full or partial Board. In a pr iv i.e i .mily; house all the lBpmvtm?nu. most 4e<lrahie ! u tar business men, convenient to l?r idnay. So. Np.iojt street. References exchangeu. Boarp-an kj.nrn.y widow, wrraorr fvmii.y. Mould lei ir in i'*il< r and Bedroom, furnish 1. lor hooekeefliiK ?.elnc en e*|M rlen. ?1 miP?, w i'iM pref. e I ! lady ?h<> would require nursinr Apply ?t K 2.1. Wot Tw?nt>-fo?irth street, between Eighth nj Sinih avnu^, BOARP.?A OEWTMClfAN can FIND A COVFORT.ltile home with an K-rfl h familypleasaotty all tiled, at Bedford, near Fulton avenue cars. Rr>??(tlyn. N > b-iardinif house. fimntry and c*y nd\Aiititeacombiued. Ad In u Joe, boa 1.6 Herald ofli^. IViARP-FAMIUES CAN NOW MAKE PKKM KSKST J iirni'inetnefiU; aim a few Iran* ent * "<mm > (utira, hi i fv* a jit i nt* ririruiruui Burn, ou'.* * iirai ' i.i*-!; <?!nnei* nt *ll o>l?ek. BO A BP? PFRV AKF.VT OR TR \KSTrTT- -#5 TMMMOXD ?ln-i?t n**r Knvnb, tn ? mratftrn boiwt. i'l'-nmm 11 i-? K lrl in fit fill I ?*. ffriitlemt n or UJI?< n-ir r?i:r>*Jj iad ?' tc-t Id U>? f'TTien. poAI.D? A RUGLK <l?XT(.KMA!f DR-tlRKS A NIC* JD : ... Room, wf'h ("it'Ih! (to*r.|. In n prf? iU? famllf. In *" l fnllon not too tfirtuni Wall nrert, ?rh?r>- ono >r f tti* m?-mb?T? miyiWtir" lo l*?ni pr.. "iUv ei li.jr Kr./hsh, French, Spiu'.lnli or Unrnutn, u ut ? iuit* .:iu f * A '. I.. O.O., 11 TftUl "tt'.KB. HO^Kl?.-T\VO rUAHANT KOOMH To l.l'.V, OS TI1F. nait floor. fWf*nilmri M |U? *nir! .it, Applf | ?' (U st Tweuty ?U'h Mrr l. u?- r flxth iimiik. B'?.U1I?.-V FEW t f'h T! .K.M K V OR t.r \'TI.K?M V \Vf> v, < ?n fc*vc ' JUU ?. .U- .. I f.r- > I .rl, I ?' frcn 13 21 lo tt |i. vrc!.. in ? !? iMviml. m* ; . i I nth ?IH| *11 iiT rr< n\*ut?, f"\v lH*M?"r?. Ap;)'.? u* IW Ibiai j>xmi ntn**t, nmir i'r'nnr. Boaki> waxtm>- r.v a lai>y and PAnoiir :r o* t!ir l<? of theory. lo * pr!r*ti? f? <iiv; t L. i.iy Itcdn m lran<p?"n*??i>. lW?i of r< ;i*v i. a i1re?? P miiI ir- or Mr. Ii? u, dru >t, corner "l l third ?!rwt uMt Kir lit I. BoMtn wvun for a IiAut?whfrrTitKur aur ' II.I i. 111 i i lanlri* rnn.1 no i^iiMtloi.- I ' ? . Hrr ft. n r v? Fourth ??i w ?.. I th.. *l'j j?r ; wn k. Aiiuri-M P. M , i.'rovHv.iy t'lial I'ttoa. TKMRIt XV \ XTKII.?A T< I Vd FRKXcniAV. 14" J) I ' I f.ifnl >*. in k ! -?t c* ' h . .... .? i Ir ii- in *1 Ann<un (nmtlf, i.< : k jhn Uiati Twnlflh cr? >*rj n. l>> I H, rrff r-'iioe* exrbaacnj. A'l.Iroa i'y. Near , York Port uflk*. i BOVRPINO, AT If* WAVKHLRV PI.AfK -A rKW sr |. , t N?rdcra can l>e ar wfch Hie cnuf ri< of . ?ttu1, cu n >' >blt trrw, ban*.' turn all ih? modern improvement*, mbJ U fonvMicnt io .... part* o! th? car. Hoarding.-a. iew Ri>r tum.e yoc.vo okxtlranMtb* ???? I ?. I'll c*.minrt?bl* al'utla I. ma. ath Hoard, i\l?i a K<-nUain?ti and k?*i(f rm have one larff room on the pr< ?n.l floor, ? ifhor ?Mtwl Hoard A>p'y IM k.i" Tenth MrMl, bctan n ihu.i ?n4 Fourth at*. BOARIHNO -TO r.Kf, A ROOM AND BEDROOM, Vtt (unit>h>il. with |i ? !, toa gentleman ami hi* anfeortaro f,t I le n'tiO'-mrtt. R? re- *nc* r< nureij. Call at No 17/ hull 'llnrtcentl? alrvvt, Mar P< iwl tntua. BOARDIKO.-M* WAVKRLKT PI,A<1C, BETWKRR V*?bln?t/>n aquM* aru] WitJi a>< mi*. ?Faia. .? nr riaglg rentVinen o .n be atouromodaf*! wnh permtavM ?r ir?n*.<-n' Rrtird Strang* tilting the cjtr wy>M do wall 10 allaaabore. H mae nealy furaiabad. 1>< ?it> in hboapwat nrrwrrw twki.ptii ?vn 1) Thirtee-i'b alreet?-the ?.*>; 1 < *!? ? tn the aHv; twi** f. rat c!?a?: nil n.-?!'m ItnprotcmmH aa ctreilent table. umnei at o'clock. houtk?r?ei? are tnvnad to call. Apply at KI2 Broadn ir. HOARH IV BROOKLYN -VKRV PLBARABT. NNWI.T J fnrniabad Rooma. in a Aral rlaaa house which haa all tha n r> tini>roirm? nta, arf n(fer<>d't a prlrata family, will fi:I. or partial Hoard. Apply at Ml <%Unlna atreet TViARH TV RROOKt Tlf ?TWO riKNTI.RMKN OR A 1; f*Mlcra >n and hi* air*, ran o'tain a pl*a?ant hack Par!> r I ?rd In a r?t**??? faintly, at So. 18 Naaaa i tlreat, [Mr I u.-(.a irrr), He .ki>a. B< \RD IN HROOKLTN-AT 7? COLUMBIA STRKPT. I no tlie Height* Kin* ronma. ju*t rar.ited, T'"-faim.lea .r I ? r'r f>*r?fD? One mill on flrrt clciant rnoim, unfur* n -l.?<l. Ittnnrr at half p*?t aa n ?l?k. Refercocrtre^ulrc-L Apply ?? alKna. Board wantrd in rr'>#? ?r*rd tj- Ot-rat i m?o. In an ^nfli.h f Amffic?n pr . ? * fumtlT *h?r* th*r may tmpm- ? kn^ ,? 1 ii .'i'f p| tl?< I ti*li?h lmr i .rr Plci ? adtlrena I. 8 , hot l:'7 Pm Mtr. N T.. atatlng kx-ation an! IMR I B'mrd on rrooki.yn Ritom-Two ??rru j n.? p i i lind ni'-ly fnni ?hcd Ko mit and full or parti ' I ' r. . ' i r *iin mi in# modern irw-r . ? *Hhir : c ?iH?( f-rrf. Applf at il If k? ? ?? I ROAJU? "ft RROOKI.TK HEIOHT* TOR TiTR ?** 4 m '.?ft* -nt Iron! Hmm, with ? fln? w*i?r *l?w. ?' M>m \ ?.... I i.l ,\m. 6*. uwi &'i (<>|iini!ita dtrrr.,< rn ml- ??' mil. I cm Um- At'' r II iw? rl? Pnit?n frrr. |7'.roA#rn.v *t RRtprtRn r<k-v '-at nr*fi <rsr. i I < >\c lr>?^?x v aiwt Twmlr md . j ?<rw CirUfiTl^ltiiit Na v Tnrk will (m l ?lr? ? i ? | ? ' If m wl 'i I i.'h* ? !? l?d. <m virr t<-rn.? X ? ' quH : ?ai (ScUkktrully k<-?trd ko>l. rood'. Kfcl on lh.? K'. I , ' I i ?r fu'ERiMiRit r< r.Ms-tvo i,at>ik..? car bk \r r ? fc.nrti". d ? :!?, hi'.lfim* with or wUhi'lt Ik. rd. At t> v ?' ti RV <.'-r m < ?!. H?lf i?or?< *wUi'u'*i 4 FRE.VrU roaRD--frf.JfCH* MJ.-W?r!?.?two R ?n<i P*4i%>nm* fuml HM. *n< * l'*rl<>r unfit-Utah* 1. I. : ?( hy fr??xh rumilf.UvIn* Ui ? hr?l rl*? bmi**, ' hi.Tin|t ?U wxjirn tnprivimu. /kppljr ?t 9? K*m Twvtiiy- . iwron l ?lr?*t, H? n York. rr?i KKI!?irv.n AID rRrCRNINIIHD ROOM*. t* KCIT* r i<T h >. I i ' sir wh??*, ningl* ?: ? n? u.r r i.*lr l<ib#k?.1 oil i?aw*i?lil? U'rnn th<- I (^irn^r. in the L<rf. bmwa Moot bnu*? UJ I* n<Mppl? i iKtoI I'tiUotaUVM, lirwikv,t. Ft ,*KIMIFI> HOW tf? rfkt. TW BROOKt,T*.-\ ] ri>ry d*?*mbl<> dw?l!lnc. fnmlnhAd, In r*p'\ ? II.? F:,- .lnr? ? b*rk-*|n. >n *4 rm<* Ap; If p HIi.Qr /tHOtlllHi'K.aiWmtinUfrt. I |.tl RMBIIRD RllOXH?KICK (.viMFOKTARr.R fvr I ni-?k* A Roemii ?ud H"lri?nn*. for WMll f?WtU*? ?n I ?ln 1 . . f?n' ?.?.. *1 ISft Kli/?l'?Ui I llwt brniM* l? ?iid J ?.u >.-? lew IB fwyclwl'li- t?ru?u. d noi.n akp chkat l/?rxnxoft-*t tiir IT IM?t r-rnrr i4 Fn?n*firt ?nl Wi)U*m k *>rli Term* J# CMIM In it f"!Hi p<T nlchl. rooM* frmn 1 W p< r * #fk ?U tii?h' J ryonnkrw - pi.k*raiit hai.i. hkor'ior to nm II with Brwrd, ?l fl M-nlrH l?mr?. UDAY, JULY 13, iHf>0. BO.VHDI'.'U A\' U'DCil\G. TTaXDKOMELY FURNICHK > I'A tTMKsTK ' '.v. . J 1 For fr.<ii? qtfntl''men, ,v.:h >r Ji.vit hrenV >* \ , yly ?i Nj. & riuv'irmty & ace, n- i. .y op,/ :e W park. R??'er<>noe? TTOBOKKX. TO t.KT, TW'i fUUHIP BOOK*. J 1 wtlh or withe II Hoard, wilh * prt\ .la lifrm n iiunlly *t <7,' j " 'ai l -u itreet, live minute*' v, '< fi"m tbn 'erry No. 7 iiKKvoonr n.M'K, tkntu htrkrt -* hpijc*dftl oilie of Apar'mentu, i furntahed, taftac all Uie oouvroteuf tea of mwderu t'luu fiunw*. Won :<W lot to a party nf grntleinen. with biwakfrna. If 1?*tr*<l. ^ ROOM1? VNH HOARn.-O.VK Vr IV !>K8IR A Hf.tC ?<1'1T I atiirro Room*, on aoeoul flour, coovcnirut f >r it j I arty of (eiiUeim-n or a family; mo-! ri iau>mvnn>?tt: J 11. r j ?i ato o'clock. lC?f?reuc>? ?*clu ,;rj. ternia iv . h. ease, call or addro <s IS Ninth ? !, old number 45, n- vr ' J1 th avenue. Suits of rooms awd *oomn an? board mat ok ; ba.l at N". M W .at rieventeewti stivwL Tl^ANTRD-ROOMrt FOR I.A 1)Y AND (IKNTIjRMAM, | ?T with Hoard for the lady only; I'ai.or anl Hodroom, not , t?el<>w Fourth urt?'i nor shove Thirtieth *.tr?et. between Fun th ard Kixth avenue*. where there are no ; r b->.u'il?n; il' nulled would be permuteut. Addresa, gutlflj; 'i-Tins .u i'io, H. ' H. U. box *?) Herald offlce. TI^A 1TRI)?BT A HDT AND WO DAI*1iHTF.RS Il taduli* , niiLisbi'd Aparttue.. 4 ,u a private , null., of ri l:; i? ushabiH, with kitchen ?n?l .i.' no; o.|ition or ?rv nit; 1 ri tiua t riween Tenth and 'I'htrti - lit th rr-eta, and t.' ar.-' ir u.d MTBue. Flriii referenee* (flvi md rt"^ i'r?>' A.iJ- 4 Mr?. A. D. P., Herald oOUse, for two 2abtngdon sou ark-co ihkr of iunk ant> 1 Hudson sir La ;tioc -oe of the cooler. *i J healtfc ?t In the city. Strangers ailing 'lie <-ity ivill llnd ppacinua tn<? ! Klrr KutBt, with table. rh" <;r it Flutterj * Rt the f<wt Of )'ink Htreet, within If 10 yard* of the bonne 4WARRK.V H.CI1 ARI.Rn stRBET.? HOICK H" two ?mtiw nf K mnooiM'1'ond . ?>r, with it ir pert-cim, f9 nnd f 12 Ki'nt ? ! house. romswell furnish M; i en'i >'1 r".Khb<>rbo"d; family * n.tll i I -lev. 410 ORKKJf 8TKKKT?fdwkixhko rooms to '.ft, TO , frentlemcn only. Rooms nl 117? SS tv weei. h,;;a? k>?a a fli>e yarl. fcaa, > rul la very quiet, J rH RPRI.VU STRKKT, TIIRKK D^ORS FROM HROVTV I it way -'lo l-l several hands. ti?1v ,ru.*b>v t! to single ifeu.V-o eu. tfje .oc.tfi. n t* ne.i - 1 th'! fjut . 1.- - h. !. !?; attached to the hiilM. u la 4 larije re.. u r 1 m fr- ;. luq lire oi ANSOhl HOI SK, ' | 107 Kic.rnn strkkt -this i <k iia? \t.;, thr1 IO I Di'MWro improvffm* nt? u? 1 op?*u* r i w 1 vet nn.l ?ns!?* ?mvl?nvn li'itwa ih -? uhly re- * M1r*l and elexautiy 1 'Jr. j j do < ram iiromi* I *y- i 1 i'V* ' 1,1 HTRRCT. NHAi: - >Nr? WENIE ? l'T*J Well l'UT;>"l'?d iUmg ro.nn. n.l.lle room com monieatinK, or. - uti laud tli* I . i -.ixiz'j Kentiemeo or xetii' .in l wh'h will find t>>?- u.t: .-.itio i. re* tollable. Dinner 1 ?ix o'clock OOI ORRKNWK H 8TKEKT-il" i VRPIN'I?A FEW 0? ?I teiolemcn . hi >M it' 11 .ird, with i>le,.?mt rootna, at 13 i<nd iJ SO per week. ini. 1 AVUlR I.OST AND KOI Ml. r 06T-A tTIIUn-SCORAL BRAOEf.Ur W PROFFKD tj in mrtri-n iiti, mnw?*u nt >**1 , -J .nil ? }" ' rr**T, on Thui?d*jf irori DR. Inly 12,*hoin H iv*. ttsful\.i' w will fc.' ilv?i it r'-urn.'d tn tor tli. e ol' .hnaenonu KtiireM I'ooipunj, (>1 H ud*on ttreet. T OPT-ON MONDAY AFTKRMJO*. 9T1I IHSTANT, J u?*ar 'b? landing at States liUnil, .1 ItvJy'B Shawl 1*11; ttiK-e r . "> u?ti 10 .4111,1. V mti!.tbl>- ! ? r 1 wi.l hp | *. 1 i'ur jis return(U pter 10 North riwr. IOI?T-?N I" IT Y U'TII INSTANT, HKTWRKS 11 pk\r|. J v.f't ml it. Sh * uid ly?*ih?-r 11 .?, ny * iv <it' (V.-rv and Spr t'v hivI h 'l'*rk. "iirpr,iir in'h? 0" m 01 ? promifi1 ry 1(or d.u?"t I-tiy IJ, in?i, p?yaHli> a thi in f'1 * at the M1 " ;ind J.en m- II > ik. al-na.'] ' y iht? unJer*i?;?<H , ajul pnymliKi t,I b'l o vn order. '?'b? **i I 1 ip??r hill nrvt I twpn 1 - i* .l >>?* put i i ciiv-tlati 11 id * pr"Ti>s.>ry note l>jr i|e ir'l?r?ix?*'l, hil l .til a me mu .i- 1 ri>.'''!vin. 'I i!n-> ?? .1 will n"t 1* pawl, nml uiv 'ui'ler tin r" el liriuiM-indbi '' mi k 10 U. W. DKKilV Wd Btn.hv/ty. 10.-t?ti>rrnav rv a midihox ?vk J line iffe 111 Jtr uti?a> tiijow k 1 ..j , r>'ii, a ijuii -h ?f Keya. T)h flnd?r will "Anftir n Rr?i. f r' Imvu, .Vr. 4;, f i .b -reel, con. . 1. u!?kj, or le.ive wit I ?h#r?! h can t;et m. Lost-on* tk. ' - .my. v smma. v. \nd f \n T-l rler HI 111, a In til** II..'U .HI' M i'??l tiihii I*" I lid 1 1. Any 1 -1 1 1 :.s ' 1 ilH Kncouil ?ve?ine will b? '.itxrully n . ui I. IO<T-ON TIURJPVY UTKR " N IS' ^ Vo. RVM J VI'Hl1' *" ,-e. .1 il.irk il'k' 1.1' 1 1 :li-i| . , .lllinl.'li' * !?> 511 1 ti!'.'a IUI'1 < " vrr '! .I t ,?i.t ()!?... ? ' v#\ ul 9b Kiat X ? rib ;- I, where r ?..i n? K'" " IOPt-is a THir>r> \vENf: u; wfi>\t*i.\y J evi ;iln?, :< I'.x ke' rt >"k, cmlaillln;.' <. r-un | ? do! lur? in money and pe.eral | ?|><-r? .1! i>o r.M t. .inyon.- h'lt the mint. A reward <if tweuty:ive Jnil 111 >vii| he u . ; u< I boi(u?r i.uuiK.- ?r<l. upon the r?.mn .<1' 'h p ?)?. . :> i<> K .1 A 'IH?>? hamhvis street. rpillf 1,\1?Y WHO TOOK THE I in 11 AYKWL'K KT.VOE I >1 Milton lerr> on WedlMadiiy ..t tm>. and rnl ' In II 1- vieinhy of Kii^li'?' 'utli Mr?*t. fin hr.n ihc aitlele - . Ar > ped mi ltavui? the sU?e by aidtlrexilDg Wroecwood, Herald 1 AIM. HKWAHDM. C'."UW\ HEW A RP. -I'ROa.AMATW!*. JT? )vU Vayor'j Orrn t, Xkw frnn, Jnty 8, 1K60. Wh' .'Mt. J<*n W tlton. of the nty of ?w York, on* of the Prm of .1 I/onc A Wshoo, dl'tlllers, wan foully mnrd*. ed by I In-11- nl.i t wtth ? 1 1 <ii Uie night of Kii'ut liy, June >1, Im it abmit II1, >'cl k. in Kigktemtk fi*t, near TtH sretme, hr n I'l l*m r p.raoi.a yet wn, an 1 whfre*?, if- W. *' o H r"sMen? of 'he r?y of .New York, while lu IMtrmiit in tlM nn>iderrr lie WH.i'AV'd U.? (ortl 1 Vk wm. * Uen n"\r to the eorntr of Fh'remJi street and Irvuij; rlaic. turned upon and #h"t "lend j I y 1 lie ? .rrie b:inrt rt ,w I r> rnan.lo Wood, Mayor of tbe Mty | of Kri Vor*, ! 11- .e I Milli) rUj B rat nil 1* Ml, klTBb) hi > r k r. ??i I ... ..IiinI d".) .m for tJie n|iin< V-hiSd and ociliUiti "< Uia | or uerson* who innrdan J t.'iesiid W ?!t/ n?n ! th? artid J' hn W. Mathews, said reward to t>? I ril 1 ' ? ci'iniet'nn of -lie | ?non or n. r?m? liarj.'ed wiji Ibe ? u ?>.d the oertilicat* of the (Vtrh t Attorney ibM a -eh ! ?< , vi. 11 m npon the testimony of the prrmw or rar- ! ..... .1 t ^re tard. Rut all cLii m m * pri arnt?d to I V .j. r wiUitu i?? u.j d?ys altmr in<-h .vmrt.-t'oo irlli >>e itla rtta.jVd FltRVANUO WOOD / \NK T110XJBAM1 D< >1.1,\HS AI>l)tfl<)N vl. HEW\RI< ? 1 "I underKi^itrd. f^irtomnf thu **,:! c?f .f W?ilu>n, offer a rrwarj 01 <?nf Thnu*ju-<1 ?>'ilUr^ In'ioa lo t'.?* irw*r<\ <>( rive f!'iu.!r*d OoiUr?. f 0/ llie M^yor, l< r Uie ?|spr??b"ti*4<>T) nuid (^mrlrlian ot U>?* :>*r*?wi or ji.tkm.j *?' wi.rucJr-1 tjc J''wi naibun ui ! n v WM. T. W Vl.lO*. J<M i/ijtu Ktw Tome. July 10, 1800. S. H. AI.LK V, Cin mtWARn.-STOI.KX, O.V THK IlTil IS -T. FRO* ?? J V N: Ji??|iti - S m iry, K . ith-ni, a s'luU I'l.. ' Il I ralutil at aboir. !>" W rrrr rr\ rm It will r 't?c above n-wiitf, ?ud do (|uc.?iunn a-k?-J. WM PI.OWDK.V ql/j rrwark- y> n a i w>t < rmvm.i.iv'i ra* JTl'' kM .ml iii,! * t. U- .' t from Ihn |> . . ,11 vrniM firry N*t <m \V?lui <d?y milernooti The abo'-nr^ Kuril wtll h? |i*hj f"r It" rrtirn ? > ?> l??v?r<ir'l avnnr* \Tlluiaahwit "t t*r uuiirmnliun leadmjt u iu r?. .vitv, ar ' tu> iOMttOBt attkf'l I. Kt I'tf.VV )\ tfinn -TWfcNTY DOIXARH RKW VHP ?(,<>- . O.V Tii*? lnjr' v nn* U?t. wbi - fr">n> I'.r vi.l ... ( humI iirul <Jrr?*Tir Mri t?. it OnM Wat h. ( I dial anl ^"'1 r*p. lhlrt*?n Jawrla. ni**?r'? iiim* T.. i?? i i b)l? - m?' Ik* a "ore rrw.irj ? ill paid no I'-hvior ..t V.. I ' m .trh ?L'l jewelrj riwr, 3/1 t -uml atreel, oaur Wrut IIr ud? >). Qi J ~ RKWARP - I."HT, a KMAI.t. IM?X. A HOI I I A O ? u 'J and ou<* hall feci 1? >ti?t , . i Ibaowacr. Th* will iM to ?iijr i i r > tariiirn It ?o II II Jn?p?, Mut.h.iitAu Kiw-n lt?- liriMu 4>t)ir rrwari>.-m>st, on tiik xoRXT*nor r?m llibtoot ,od frjml! ?>kni in th<" < .. boat, ffrry, or erua>:ug i'an*, KnM *?i Hmdn|. .1 ! -m i <v?i>?lnlii(r m<>r<- tlno ' ?- h;ulr>.l ) >IUr* ?ti<l > . r.n t.a'w-ra. Mi will b<- *l>*n to ?h" tonirat liixW by onU.i'.t m l.'l IViw* or ?l S7i Suth nv#n i?>. Ml MOODS, ?w< . * rodinvE sacrifice. OVK BXTME fT'M'K OF PuitKKix AXD IK>XKTIC dry <?oont Win V* HT? rln* 1?r th? n*it ihirtr iny* at 2S r?r <-?n? ftao th? era* of mpoiU'inn. In eMUMwrnMOT of L. rtr^ to biJM Ihr awn* preit-ma W ibe (nil ir?d?. Our ?t*i? la on* of ih? LARftKHT AMI I EST ASSORTED I* TUB CITT. W. R ROHRHTH. V9 IVlnw J. \RVOI.n, CORATAHl.K A en. \RR N .\T nrrilllMi nt th?lr h,tn<tmm* nlo-k of faivy I! .. Mh-uvN, ,1 U? following i?.|<v<<l nrM-as ? 1 <u >a ?l !A redi-erf trm *< VI. UlltROI, (ft OJ va %?Kt ??. " " P- <H ?l>a??tt?>, " M 1*1. 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U4M ?-J'l llml It drrbtolljr In their *dT*rt*r? In ?%ll *n1 * ? 1 or ltnui??|."? 1 Onr f -?1? ? :11 h* fo?in4 *rt*l U< ?ny, our |>rw *? fn-n JU In 1 0 vfre?-i l*m? th?ji In IImhuIHH) $U*>+. W. R. RoRrHTP U<1 Ito < nry. R. R rMlu*?b<ir th? n*in? Mirror ~ ^ HfM,ARDH. C1IM.TAR!* -rHK/-*N'? RMXt\RI> ROOM ( "R.XKH ] [J T?Mb HrrM ?r?4 Brflwlwmy. w p|>?'1lirm. ? .'i~i r 4 lu rfcltnr* I?t? nntir# <A Ui<* i <<5>?-Wn* wiU b? i iliK | ?|>rr All b>iv??-?? >rV* In \h? iu.' >n'.jtn? will I n *U. i, .<wj , > Jm ?uji'jf?/t. n', *> >y t~ ?"1 tu t'r >j mrwI , ftlKLAN RlX?UJi.Nn' t i i r purrr*. r*rRnvRp iiru.urn r im." i\n } ! J ffttlMlMlM (Ht Moitn. p%'?4l^l Nor f?, 1*X Kit . * iff#!*#!* MfH T?hle?, V M -K?)? ' ??nt ? ??*! 1 nSNi for |>Ujr t I*jr I. linmpltfvjr, l** Ki ?.r ? ft<w?r. | j L |iK K yff. '?? Ant ' ' t. I r [)HEI.ARMI 1 ' mrRovm mi.MAHn TART.WI An.I O ivi?binr)? ph*t,A* k <*ou,*s\yun, m?i?i?f?"! .rfrt, a !o tn rrxt>i nr*-1, ew I >fk. ' ?1 M.HEH RKKOHTg. AT W ISliJWIOK ilXlOiJTri, 111'iTson RIVKR, 15 ii n :v? by mfmad . idrtfir'"iv from Oirtinbv? itpft. Tb? K.ver 8U? U?t?aK w u<?w n|icu : ir Ui" n jjtion of ?' n't. TV* hi iisi- j '!) > ! <v>nreui- ntly uliiwtel on ttii? l/.iokn ?-t th? H.i4wh> iwmitndirx ? Bugnilkenl vi. w of lha rtv^r; 1 i.: l .chlnjr, b -mini; and .ti hinif; i* kxI I'.tMlne 'hi' .rs * "? ?< * !* u?i ??oii in front of Hit* p.1 lSJd i ?wi< n. | ,Il: ' 1 l : <nuv In at the llotnl St. ijti m-ilue, * :'ii n-i-> an.; Tweuiy "ii'l ttrett. TV I'I'W,TEtt?OCB MflCKRAL> KI'RrVOP, C .r l.. ifr 11,J'| mThtr ?*w <^Mtiuacenl Hotel, tlwi ^L!y w'li ^ ^hH comfort .if in u mu, ?niL? ii\t h.'h~. '"Jwh,n? The Wiit-m ..f U..? ( riu* ! !nt!irHQ*<^c,Uil Of aujf III t&e esnritrv \sz *;.iut vsxsz n#W nit jortoM. CwtW*? wtn *1 <i,iriUuer' four ?"? for t\., oo:iveyauo? U<?U"?i, Mntat, J>ue 1,1MB. *M- l- *UITK- W UKI.MOVT ? ML, KPHOOtRY'K MOUNT UK New J.'ruey.? fh? ub )ve fashionibli s unm.-i- r(.'u ,n ,.1 im?sv ojienfur the MfMon. l*t.?T? h Hii'mv! to >ii. 1N, < ' * 11! tBf-t with Ht to I ion. Wn.l.IAM 811 A (It* T; I... VH foot of t'onUnl Ktrf't ut 8)j A. :i)? I'. M Ki,ir,M i . "ry S.unrdfty ,.f 5:10. retiirninir "iirlv Motion v m (ii.iKKvvoiMI noirsK ori'i'^rrR KKVI-dht. N .I. I J twenty miles from New York. .St?:imer"s leave R?Mn?on ! riwl at 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. daily; ft lew choice R.?niis wot i t:k.en. Apply lo J. T WIl,SON, of Wllum Hid Banker, Ut ! Broadway. H. W. ABBOTT, proprltoor. CiOl.CMBlA I10UHR, OAPR IH1.KNI), I'VPKMAY, E. J.) This Ui tin flr?t etnas hotel will l>? openeift or the reotptien of jfi.eeta on tne C4th of June, 1AM. Tbn hotisa has been oosnplete'y repaired and refurnished; .lew -viekmg ranjre. uveas, tltnm boilers, tod nttry cwxiere Imj rmetri'M lidded. fcxteristw kUbltng attached to the premises. All letters sddrehaed to the sub*-ril>?rs, t'ape Island. N. J , *'lil L>e promptly attended to. l.AIRll A WOODMAN. '< ur:? 11. D, late proprietor Kr.mklln Hnus?* Phflivftl plan; C. il. Woodman, forwuriy proprietor Mouni voruon Uotel. Cape Isiand. I A TOCRETTS HOi;SK. BKRUKN POINT. N. J.?TUTS J popular summer hotel, beautifully situated on the'woks >1 the KID Vou Kull. Is open for the nertson. Bouts leave pier N<> 1 S :;h riveV, at 1% au.l llj, A. M.. niul '.\*i nud&'j P. M., fr< ru it??v!ay sreet, and 10 A. 11. sod I'. P. M. Tim; from New Yur*, 2&minutes. \VkNl>lY W. 1111.1,, formerly of talar^e, Pr oprietor. T Alt M01IE0AN IIOfSR IS Xt.W OfKN FOR KttM lj mer Mosrdlnjr. sittialel four mile* rant of Pe-kskil! vilUee, WeK. 'lieuvr canny, one hoar nod a half ride fr ?n the city uy 1. idaoti K ver Mon-iLiin lar, rood irive< ni,. ImihIn* ntukvs It une of the moet desirable i KtatloiiS to be found lor '.niil>i who purpose cuing In the <: junlry. Addrcsa A. W. Palmer, l'eekski.i l'uat olllen. "VTKW YOltK 1 KITKl<, FAR ROtK AWAY, K I., IS Nt>W Xi >peu fur tb reeeptlon of ffu-Mln. 'I his hotel in pl?*.-?H.'kiitly situated ami lo ih? pavilion 00 tie- SDtSO. and ft tew minutes' wait of the AtHul! - "oeau. The kou*e Is newly p'inted Inside, clean and well ventilated rooms. V utters ?111 tinl this hou?<i comfortable in "ver\ resport. K >r further parurulara applv la JOHN K AffANAUU, pioptietof. 1' road to the baftrli. VrOTK'E.-THK Sl'BPrRinKR BEUS TO INKORM HIS i.1 trl<*n>ia *?d tie |I lbUi'g-oeraily he lias leased uia vn-'.l kiown K?y Siroet Honor (Netrpurt, K. l.t, ftnd nnt the ai^ov In rood order, and Is now prepared lo re.odte ana entertula v.. citi for ie acun on tho nu>?t rea-?miiMe terra*. JOSEPH HATKMAN, Ne^TQrt, B. I. SVr It! NOTK'rl?TTIK ATL4MTJCVILLK BOARDINtl II i se, iw ivile* ??*tuf t^'io.^ '.e.?The subscriber would s>iy hat ehe hax ' i:?<l up an ele^m hiMtSi'. suit), e nt to aeromm?>d?le twenty ladles' rgentl"meu, within ttflotMi minutes' n< e of the bench; eooveyaiv" can l>. ft.. 1 if neoess-iry. Terms Ion \pply lo MAKk A. 1OS1 iiH, Atlantiuvillo, H iToIk co iltgr, N. Y. i O! Br HDIKlfc P1RK IM.a Nil, NOW OPEN ?THROCOB j O le kevi nt f?o'.ih 'errr H.. <klyn, tin Peerpark siwl Baby km. >.,ve <? : el 10 * W. K..1 S%) V V V.? r<M?s> 1 pa iic'!lir?*! -Jamtni* A iV*Bluy, t ire Island. SKA BATHINO AT L>N*f; Bit INCH. V J-THX.AU* ghany Ho-iw w uow o|'-n for the rcr ptlon I ri?lt?ra Thtu llcKiw i? beautifully ?'t r>i?-d a'. lb* U'l-mun:* of (lie l>?la aire.nd hariLui Hay 1< tiiroaJ, hn Jt?xf * Hue now of Um fierein. and ?iuTouu<tin? to u-ti y. kito'tle* taken on n?uiion? ! )? ircma. U WAKMJCI.U /YoprieUir. ITIfFn STATICS IK'Trx, f" VR ROCCA.W VY, L. I, H I now<>|>en lor tin* r i.< n 01 ; f->*. Tii h'Kfl I* bind I um*'. m "iluB tiati n .wiiU'ii a v'k at' tba AtlaaUotK n*tr, I l? elrziirsly fnrnltli)"! till "i ;&r>'' hot an. I i-uM ki'lw lltn I Vioii-1* *pd ftirm'.iirc hi*' ln-v,, 'i \ 'hf room* i\tc \ wl\ ventilated. KaoilUr* or l|.'li> diuiW'vlll *nd tlu < >4 (iiwt aol l? unimni'r bo < -viri? ! - c'V at Jum?V-? i>n ih? iuriMtl of ibiMrnlt'i. A ,iMinl>oit w.'l aluo Irate Ni*w Vork a >. j lur Kar Kock men. * WII.T.I AMK, I*roprl. t or. t'OVM'HY HOARD. BOARlllMt AT A >ARM HOU8K -THK HURHrRIHKR hut arranged to acvnaiin . lata iaiu:lle? and i..du final* 'U the Wrfte farm rftanni'in th? Uts Charlaa I'ndttrhL., war tllen Uovf, Long la! in?l. ftwi In 'i?? U ad..| rn.l tor the ftmrerlence of furnllie*; the irriHjrnl ample and well ahaded?In abort, every e>nrfmt that a fun ru pigduna 1* irtlrred In tbmta deajnnic a reMdcuoe lor Ibd nmmrr. Aiplr u> Mr* Uui*t>eUi Uudci UiU, ?*i?u Uove, l<uu? lal.uid BOARD AT KOTVAW\t, 1-0*0 IK;.ASI>, TN A VRI Tale family | kooJ lirinx and ?| '.en lid ana ?ibln<. <'ouMunlnatrn i r r.ul. n'nne amI boat four f>r lur ntu dally. Aptly at -;!2 Broadway, Dear Twelfth kUobl ("lOUNTRV RO.\RP JN SIGHT OF Tlti: flTV-VRH. J Campbell, at the Oomxlo k Hiitur, on I In' iladnon, ouno tlte F'.nn IB ?treit, ha# two meant hftnni Sit'i itli.n ilell ?Ut( il, reaihM in twenty Minnie# by Fort !?? Ik > it# from Minn ; reel it! 7, CJ. 10, 2, Xt^, & ami t>5t*n'eli> k, or len y evei v quarter ol an li<>ur. Inquire at MM) Ureuuvtl<'li utrwi, unit thxir, rear oBices. (lOl'NTRV IIDARD.-BIHIP IN-A iMUVATR FAMILY, ) lnitdt. J ful location In the countrr. lire- h nira iroru New Vurk. Tor particular* Inqi Ira at No. 8 Kufct In nly eooad ?Jret. pocirniTboard.-aurrtlrmar munisvi V ' can be Moon n iWMvn tal diM RoanJ, in m pilviti lmtally, wiihln I wet mile# of the city, ami ii. .. > r*ie or i ail. Ail J: lioa'il. turn 12.*. Ilernkl nile e pOCSTRT board VUnD-Hi PRIVATR rami ! " 7 ly roar the (ibme. hy a lamtly < .i-nunol t.ea p#r* ua and a < blM, a farm h'"i#" uiefaireU term*. to tie tn i derate. AdlruM a. i , * i 0 i >?.? i kn nflm. / fOI'NTRY 1IOARP, IN A I-HIVAII- P.WTI.Y I WO \ line Room*, well ?b i.le l. Iwmi # rf rn- . ft We?t- | cheatercotintjr; 1.1 mile# from the elty. rallnn i .ml :e?mV.. J e-.ery hour. Apply In J. H , M3 Kl,:hih avion. #v>t NTRY BOARD.-YBR fUlwrmnitR CAW Acrny. | " > modate aeveral ladle* and jreutt.-men with It <e?f ilui Uif i the In t ^ltauiil, e>.m mutton*, hi ilihy plaee. ?< & I 1 nn?. Or >iise county, N \., * <<rotu<ite on the N<*r I \ '< uvl Krl" Kiilnrnd |> r :vi rrn'i per ilar. In i i . ' WU KH, Monroe, l>r p?lt?ill*n or J. U. IIAVIS"? l.?i 1 III oat! way, up Rtairl, I (lOI'VTRY II'MIID MAV I!K OBTAINS!) IV A Pill i J *ate family la the pie-umi ! >?u of >ir*ilnrJ. I mn j? t llfhtful water vt#w an ! "veij la liyfir b^ib'-ic. illinr ??. !. h;I K. Addle#* bni. bejunr, Htaiioo A. I' uUtee Ve? \' i??r im*j (lOVKTRY ttOARD-WAKTF.D TMMKDt \TKI.V IIV \N J ?^i ? ? !? t"in* roupl". hrw*kta*t ?'i4 t"? furtliv f?-i. * to .n, In ptlvaM family. I irn ei lantlly prelr i"l rmre iii' n ? : 1 en''* nr 'Hit lat , >n <1, * - y r iv. K . -i < '.i | ii . r ? . u> ?. *>'? k Attirm, aint ,g puma, A , W. (. Iler.- . I offic. _ (wi ntry board rajttkd-for v you.vj i.adt, J iii ? ) i .in' family, farm hfmn* t ' "I' rrrif. where iti< re me mi ir boantera. I i-rirm u. ,?t Pe model* e. Aii'tiTaa >K V , V. Dl'Hi ? (Ukiii i>il"-?I (lOl'NTR^ ?<>\|;|) W\STH?-Kon A f?M Al.l, Y aMM.V i J of tin prr*oti?. within l.iu ?r i>? li-> i m.f ili>- . li-rOM muM t-e inodnrn'r A4dr?-er V.. Ima I.flrtt l* i-l oUP . / 101'XTRY BOARD *TA!?TKT>?IV A I'RTVATB P?Vf 1 V'' Iv. where hut i-artera hi* tut t, till a c*t tie I it' hit w it'. Hit ant ainl nun", uM mm e I I.e. I J, ln"ii? rl"l? "il :r"iii y mar the water | r?irrr* L itrat nnH be mm i derate. Atl'l/fM Hntti' f, Herai'i offlw. nODRTIV BO RD WARTD l<>R A rARTV <>r four m!ulta and two rLi.dn'o for fti "ul tirn miaiili* thna# roomarr<i irei. I.? aia* muat l>e hi/h ii?l li'inthjr. ir t Hit **t?r, and eaay "f lirceaa?by <im?I"?iI pr-:?i re.j. Term* muM be nvodati.te Adilr<a?, with lu I pat l? jH\ K. T. b ? S 016 N. Y. I'aat oillce. (lOI VTRY HOARD.?A I'RTV *TR F < MHY. RfMIDTVO ! J on Ixmg laland, eom eni*nt U? the rily, w >-!i to lak? a B?n | teel lamity to K".irJ d'iri/n dimmer. l/? *Uoc retuaxl >nd had), wliii all the PonvetiietH?a of country hie. lerai* low. , Aililrean Zannol. Inn AH Htrald (Cr*. (YOt'NTRY BOARD AT COR TW A T.J,, W Y.?Tltl". S'TAN ] J t/.n florae l? norr open fnr li ? rafwp'iim of jpi .t? I> la : tilf.uiai.tljr altuated on the weal bauk ni v,e l|in)?iu rlvtM>4 !? very iarlUnf for p?-r?rif?a weklnr health and ,-omf'irt K'f ry at;i'?ti?ir la paid to thoae who patroaUe aa. our in rtrf iiiTKIng; our prire for abulia la fT per wr?>li, half pr.tefi^ children The ateirn oat 1 Itomita Powell Ic.ivea f . ? rt Jay f ?tre?t every day, S' ? I' M. landinf r jvi-?rr *er#|>ef ? mwt TTViliiiif U> me i r,.. Si. ? mi 11. pWtar . ?:! on Mr Kartnr>, * ho will be M ibv Uu.U * tor Uw I eOTVtyMM* of fMMcrtr,?. flOVNTRT ROARP-rARAltt.-K VAI.f.KT KOTRla, \J M'>nrf? f int.T, P?., e:.n ? Wnrrv luli-n If* m"rf hi ril fn purr ai"unUm air, irmd Irxill (Uf rhvj'i rt u> Tr>,Lj ou N.J. C. R. K. le*ir I'rnl U c rti?? !' ?U*?t ?l * 4. M. J H. VAN P'RKM (VlfNTRT RO^RP-IX TUP. M<WT CI.R \XT PART ' y ' I U'B* ! ' ?!, f'? ; I.r I. in* cr KiM>*r>iiknt!V% l?k<>t?t'r a w?x*. Ap) Iv t>? IRA MIOKMKPIKC, llclbrtok, or A. JteCUITKf, W r.-iw llTMl, R. Y. /inrHTRT RiMRP I* A KRTVATH RAMI1.T M*AJJ V-/ tif?By a* Berjjwn Puitil, ??m'n u?g fltw> ?i?w oftfcorlrar Th? ".imi"*! TSomiui P ?n r, (r ti Ui? fool << l??y ?rr>*. th? l*n<tinr tn frr?l of lb" m?rend liw rttir.n* Ih* iUj Knr fur' niv'* to A HAKKKK, on lb? pr?uMM'?. ~ 1 ' ' 1 1 ^ POPKTRT RO.vnP W A KTK ?IT i TITS' I! \I.K A N L.' Mil nt S" . V k ft:*d nur i . i *)?->r<\ r >r , , lady, cMM ?n4 finn*- mn4t l><* * pr1<**t* foully. ?Vrr 'Wn nr<' tr?r or do t>o?r !?rv ? farm h 'i?-- prv(rrrnt. A<?l" -? Brwlwu} I'o* OJtr, uiff ?rhn h in < b? 1 ?R1 v ATR ROARP AT J*\R aTix.\ sfRtRuH.?THR M . . : " ' I" IT I i B I '' ' I'll lira ornl olhrni wUI 1 I 'r, r itirtt aid t>n?il? '4 I hotel. Wra. J W Ma? !i, Of d| plj at 1WM Ki* lirg'h rtW. K t. NATHIMOWIAlb Awipow i.4nr. ?kom os* or tmr >t ii.khs ( stalf ilnfIrr% u> 1-fieri * (Iirri ?|n n If Wtiij > i n* ? I f S'l I i V ' !>>? . n. '*1' ,t t.'t.' '(i l.ab'.a?fiir n In-ill llurtr, l> i' haa a ?i., i". ? ' i . i < i i'ii- I . y k U> ' * , !. ..* I?e m i ll I I k>' ? h a * .(< . lli-J- IIUi J a"Wl l? lit " ?. | rMM I^Uiif nH I Art. Arr.w yk.*m or fcxrr.niK'rt i A\r, w * p ulie a* H Mnlrfmull!*) Kir illn I tv'l -u!" f I lia\? '??n inl?<t hr t.uuiv flit>n ? lit-'it-n*' i lir?- . I tiir" iti ?* w ti-rk. n * I r i ir'iptli " <n i rrmtn. l^en- r, \\ lierr . ? li - titi'l f n'i*'M'*i, iH hi t;<-t I'll tiriim, i' i' a t? liV i ,1N wnlt> ' ii, i i ? t> , ? i| r II VC? i - r- 1 .f ' f i m?fce mi ' t\ .< - . , < nrri atxl mt-e.i u> * ! ? ? of fn,:/ am i.rir e>. i .i a|' ? v> i nri 1 r?t anilebW tfinpMi"ri< Trrm? *2. $1 m ?.!?<.? ..t to' w lb ),'*i at alDK nl.i r? u aliir. ? I'lUin " ?l e.. |(J r"d?rti1 T>>e until' n.'tfrt be plainly wi:tl?:i t< a. rl tr | ' ?jir? Ki r<>iiraiwteHit"?ta fcwn i < ? l f . ' .?!, rit I ary ??> Aildreaa f |iWAKt> H M<'?(17 V i:ft MMof A. pptfnr aire?l I'nH 1|i re, t H. B ?<Hree i ? t>i?ai'I I il.?' ? t<4<M I 11 Ilea inf fi,'i?men, a* Ii l? ("naMtMl urtaoiMof lU larjift l'?-itr- i r m aawx iia iti the cilf. M*T*r*m*f?r.-A Torjru nuiri KHAVor AMPJ.K ! w '|r?r' -ia n- r*irrv*|H*?l"<t with tv>mi* y iun^ > ??1 jr ? 'H ? ?? Ui ?n .ttirnn'iy. Mw m i?t ?w nf an nil?r' , .t? , :?l *UKH:. . i 1 t .tf a>imr few v?n; 'i?kt?i"n'? m, B I ttr ) , r. llTlrjr, f ^ 'JK", .Near Turk. __________ * SALES OP HKA! > EHfATK. AT A HARUAl.V-A FARM Ol^ FORTY \CREH,~"A? WV. iN. J, oftur depot; oo? hoiif'? from <Miy, how good water, healthy, ple.ity of l'ruit; k . ne.irhbon; terum ImmndiuU! po.*ei?lon given. Apply at ?fi9 Br ?j\. wt?;, * >nd floor. Ciottagr nous* \:;n ooTBrn.HHos for bal v) JN < AI'MKl., I't'TVAM t'Ol'NTY, NEW YORK, THIRTY VINITKS IHtTVK FltnM rrtCTON KAI.I.S AND MRKWNTKR STATIOJf, OS THK HARr.KM RAILROAD. Mm. reaof t-aiut atu.' he.t, which will be noMI f n*ce?e*r' . Thin l? one mile from (llle.ul, four railej fruia Ijike Mibt>| .ie. Apt ]> to W. F. lUHiY, 8U2 Hroxtwuy. / < VNTRV KFj-lJiR.V K.-Tt!K VPVRKTIS1CR 18 AlOL'T * ' to I tiiUI .1 ".'id 'I'Mlb]* hc.iiw on elevi*te.t ?i.< >ud In KJcinlnnir, ,,l wiil mm. ,ict i put mi < 't or nmri kdj un? for r i??cr ?trcr llni< lo Hinmeo, iriui and wuer m "?til?u>c?<i re,!l I... > .. -..-I if . I,...,.l.. t ??*& ?< < (< h !!* attar oua year's o? imtiloi. f2 *rA) n? ** o'nrv'c ua nuw ^Jifw t ur |Jiurtiro!*rc uatU -*s Ixjx .tfo I'ost oil*.*. /^JrNWOOD CasTI.E FHR HAMS?A VERY r>WH!KA" 1 i-!? kit: itk'U for mijr r<-nl!cman Jnln^ ' ? ?m m ihe ??f fit w York. Thin U h ??oaf onjtje aJJ ri\ red wr.h ry, " rlu->d rate, clo'c by a giirtflinjr Vr *ok, mModern< er' * pebMv bottom: thers is a nr* .*cr niltimr * Hn/, 'w / in fie kf!eh< n <ioor, <?ne ui the turn yaM, >ol t- ?n* *' ' tt?at vupniy tlvo u*h pond, all oi' th* (tcrt w cr n 'h* ' i:! :l'" ;< *rardeti it,l surpass?* l. with * vari^'v * r>u ., J1 < *iri?Tt gec4M l>*iTM?a, raaptorritNt, blackbe n* a, -ii*. * cberrio?, qnloiv*. plums, apiicotfl. p *a< hes, * . *lih M*>ms ot' the most beautiful shade trees, e ms, m* ii lfe, u-h, . h'-- tu'itK, A?. Thii property, ainmi *?> t, m \n roiinty, h little c.;*t of Ih ?>M j.. ?ii < :. . ut*?ve ih?? Kinn?i church, arijutaiu* ?*ie pn*p'"' Vi ., \ *, lL^\ ten minutes* walk -no ine I II N. 11.?ihe Garden in aJ] plants! wlUi ?i hi\ i f the choicest nujhcieot for a large fam r\ ??* r??A?Mf,ftr,i f'??bor intoruu.U',11 apply to rfTAMLb'M LKAOH, on tli? promises. I^OIt S\I.K OH l!\t UANiiK KOP NF.W YOKft ? IT/ *'") '??- \? ' ' r ., connlWir. of a. modern built IIoiik-. Ham*, M.,l>li *. t rr , 11, ... | .4 lions". ,ti . *11 in tlv tw -t uf onler with ten ?er>-? >( l.ind, ^ ti'iirting to ihn bf.n li mid (oiniitandloit .< i<u<- < ( h<? H / ' Sm Yc k Apply to S. R J.A?'iiHs, N-> 1 sv ennwrefWatt. "L^OR 8A!.* OK KXCllANtiK F((R PROOI'iTn K ITY r Hropfrty A K .> n> < niaiT..uif 7 t ,i'T?*s-if *<r^* in r, i, \ itli a %uri<*ty ?f t'hiii ymtnn frmt tr^i1*. to^i>u?'- v? ti> Mix k nnd l.'iririlii/ I '"risils. 11 Hire; hi 1 ? i.irti, blultliriy, A'% , fl:*? pn*i' i'in ; )i liiiln pltvi vr>Mit<a rrmlfvt level, fri.m +11? 7U tfr-t with pi . niT ?rii- *it 1iii"<l in ihe low* of Wi'?i . irt, < "nn?'i 1 iotlt, iuij' inin*, in p irt, th" hmiiitlfnl and **'? kMv* ltouimN of M o rin K tr .huui Ki.j. >\p ply at the Hons'-, Irotu ll) A. >1. In i t'. >1. n W*KKMVV If \RM FOR SAI.K.?THE KBIT FOR T'lR PRIi'R INt tbe State*, .S9.S <n- 'i'*, in l.uraborUnfl rilla.'O, hmnan rin nty, New York?$".700. ynrt c.iah. <Itv>l u!av? 'nr m. !or?- ?nlump* Incli' tliij- Ihe wood on it it ?! ' iell for f i?W. J or.iiioD '? health* .nd pl.'n ait. llume market at New > r* I il. ea No WHtle land Hrhonl rhnrche<< etorr* and l'-iat->f' -r el. <a to it, si* hotir* 1 ide from thin eity Vp^lya: 70 1 uiii'ii (trci't. A ;niit* will please uot apply. L^OR SAl.e?6.U?1 ArRKfl OF L WD. IN HLEDHOR I 1 in.iiiy, Ti'iui., i.t R." "0 per nee It I* t*l )e iaod, and ? all ? * ?'Xtell?nl m>?lily. 'i mat arre* uf It lire ttm?ereil v li rhextnut and ld*i k ? n'ti i', the r. rr. inlnif t'?) irm ar^ II fct wim L'l'in^, Linrts in the vtrinity of inferior muvltly., uri' -.'lljiiff k I l/> $7 nn A inilnm l to linlltUtro'i;.*) thl* trni t, whlrh will ..rently enh*nne it* vain.1; It 1* nix worth inn li more ih in the i"-i *?keit. Term* one halt -n- h. ilie liHlance, :ip|iri?ve<l pup* , or real estntrt in N?**v York wr.l betaken. AdHteus Wi 1 s ft fas-eer, 20 Seootld *ir, ?t, ll.i.timore. Md. li^lR S \I.K? IV BROi KI.YN, TWO NKkT .ifTVt.KK. I' fcitaaled on Mcmn* ?'rn t. two 4nor* lrn:n *??tr*n<t hv??i.ite stud ?i\ Morku nortfi oi Fulton aver-, Fulton id {m?* N'*trir ?l aven every three "? 1 nnd llfilU) ph< h Kor further t>arUrul?i? apply ou ib? mi## #. LMH 8A1.K- \ I IOCS)* \NP LOT ON FIR4T AVKWL'P, r i?<**r 119th iree'. i m**ot* ttntahM. hii<1 'wo ^trlcre, n'.rt two roorot. nnd two . (room* on ih* humiwI with v t i* ?n4 t'-a r^ofr , aiui ? : r, no-?r K?ioi*d an l t hird aveni* r ,r< arid th#? Harl?\i Ivo* A durable J ?tt ? ?. Pn.-i .* *10. Ingulf** of K li. t(k.S YoH, corner of J2&I nr*etav. 1 Ihinl atennn. Trim* i^oc*? lots \r MorvT vkkvon, w?:st?*him, rc r roonty, to h?? ix-re upt<>rily n ?M f??r r*Mh hi hut' ih?* r u'lif Apply ai Jll Ktst Tctitn Kir**-*, ?h? .?1 part* '.tun ? in h?- had. Oood inw ti:?? it for a capita'iM liHill 8A1.K t'HF. \ I* OH VXi'llANUF TMP Tflt'.KKX r ?iwy \>riok Ho?*< v M, *.?i hu> \U \ ?* i it \ vu.i *tM ? 1. alaotbe tin* ** m r/ l?i !< ifou'e No >? *oimI mr?. , V'W.iiiiiihurv, in p' 'e?t order. Inquire oi ?:: *?, ild I load way, N. V. FIRST CLASH HOUSE*, M ANI> 60COLUMBIA NTAKKT, iSronklyn Ifrighu, ?ii)ati Ore minut. * uf Wall or K'llton rerri#*, for Ml?, or the hrffost will hetofi**4. brown f<? nu elegant In Atyle nt.4 'i v i rall<?i, four ?iore ? hijfh, r? p?r>* v *h every couvenletwy . ady for ?ceitpatkm. TkonMimnf^ ua, west, < mmarnl lb* tei \ of Jfaw Jerary, tbr hart*.i *1.4 tiv ever \-ryni^ p. . "faii.rt of th? Mint rtftr. Apply ;o J. 1/ SblA>VF, No b .Votil.ofoe | iaoe, I't 'mkl) u. I4V)Jl SMS. OR TO |.F*eir. K \TON A ll'H W<m ?D. ? Kf H i. >h? <i tviuiilrv |?i e?i[ 40 a* . ui H?*.|for?t, Writ !? !?-r i i my, t\i<-v |( .ue^i?-*.1. ut ih?* ?. ! i>i the m ihod. Appl> t?# 1' II. LUDLOW A <JO , K *. 3 Pii,e ?t# T^\? V WANT1P-IV KXCHAVOK; HKST T* P !oni. part .mpi l*?r .ui>l n?' ?-v.ri'uii M rp*, i-orivt*nk*t)l to vhmi k**r n r?*?Ijr irm 4|?oititx*i pr** f i i <t . uti'1 k' <?iu t" *urilr.if'i lor *? ? *i. wnll ?t#?' v. 1 1. ' Jtu i?e?H IflntiM- nil ill ?ii!li Itronkhn +. ?<t t, * 4 t? in a f 1 rrv: ln^ n*fii . nr ruort?agm *)mtit Ii.vju; m in*y run or l?? <1 !! h?. 'i4i|?ror??m#*r?t . .?? in.??!# to |?Bjr 2l> f**r <*?*n ?i? iho *?mLiy. A'Utr**** H. 162 llrmldriliri*, I'.Mtin ,<n u>n mi l , .u<?. iR H\I.F?AT AHTORIA, U>N<I ISLAND. \ liitf l.? t, c-onUluil / ??to?it <?!? arr?* of Ni. I ?l? fa y ulu <1M fii inr bank* i>i *.\.1 D41H nvcr, havrnx lv>l i front, with a mAitnlfkmt rivt*r ftovr. Tb?* abov* w *Jlu*-rd u tlir r tr? of a tirot rV *? n.-luhborho*!. For trnm >1 ?* *pply u> I'KTKK <^LINI \ N, FlSIf FOB IAII IV M / NTAlNTJVf 99 h n; ocir Undlog ind mil. depot A) u fr'?n> New York: h*# a r?<xf 'lO'tm* *nd ?il b'ulaiaff* Arp ?Ui Wll. A tllAWHKKLlV. 70 Robin** itn t. T/OH RAMC?THE U ? .rrORY fHOI1 hTtHM' *!<)* I" front Homo, No. 7^ V.'wl Kof'.v ievi?r?lh < ?**t I* 1 -*i tC JUV-?4,fll0cAn r?m Jn n ^ nv?r? ?* r % >m 1 f ># ni. Apply nt No. 7?1 Broadway, hwfor* it *'?.!.A * FtOI - LK OR TO LR1 "if1" IP h KD ON RJ n T ML h two *t?<ry and buartneut JSric.k H ? < and toll i??t. ? * -?l romttfWin. ?nd?ni?*bl* for twAimillfkiiiili'Mi lr??i 1 on *h? pteu.iM?, 1*4 K ll> UrW -urrt r . si of Tklrr* .. ? , i*?. UAHJ.VM I.fTS W ANTKIV?IN KXD1 v N(?? f, R \ tire! rluFB bro%* 11 "?n?* fr'-M TIomm* on l/#**n:rton ar^aiM. J >U 1 .? !? K\\ I ! 1-V U . I omat.l r\nw WA^Tirn wrrrrrv ?> ? *n nr thw r,.. hi rvhaaR* ? IM Pi"W Mini 'hr? 'WlFIDMal* I ii ii i Kfwn ?i?i? 'u-fi" t v no, in * r 4 j . -od, cW<?e <>J l??? Kr mClt'i A- r. Pl>U "Mil, }| U' "rtf <r**t. 1* I NTKK TI> IM i:? Tl ?n>R CAM!, < >K V*iH'I.P ?' It ? ' --ti V 11 < i I' I;!v ! Il?ti-ht<. f ??? ?' .?> ?n.. ullfc U *u#H'l?r.l|f Urfcd; mmi p'ir hi** ? r??iilr cr for ? >m?U family in a r>l?4*aii part of Mr.. < to. or tMthhi s or 12 mllra of k'? Vo lt .m lh<* Neur York a .1 llin.rm l...ilro.!<l. locot- K..UWI! . IIO.iAW. Ail Ir M K i f UJ I'oH iilTuf. |WWk Al'RKS O* I.\N1> KtHl ?I2 SOV-HIll'*TKl> iii Mi.Ii| Klori In. ifi' .m ? fr"M T?ll*h??:;?! rtjuta) hi tLi! HM?. Il In of front '1'ialil/ awl h" > f 1' i I An important rallnaad ii to tm built n?ar or h . , % it, nr I lift land will noon loins live li wi In- |n i ( wi. h it c i ! now h* piiirh.vr.l for i oil pn-tttiil*n ?<l4r--a IC I.. in , f??i Hampton V .>iurh !* u?, C:<l <MlA-f,l:T rA " f(,R x noi> ?*i M i/1 ' - V' ? k?-I l l ?M >1-1 . '? ' r I i ti.r?i purl nf N. ? -ri 1'ii'v 1 wMljT in1 i ?n l?? I. N.i mn! nr .r llw rat>? >. nr w ul a.ui" .?|i| ,jr at 1'Ju l; ml ?i iHiitt, iii ir W i n HOI MlCs, BOOM*, AC., WA\TKi> \v "itv?st* %s > v n in f nut >** wrrn .< < ml., r f. m.i?. I- Bi , l?ir?i on, 4". Itf1"*.in i.rrffrri Kur i. i-i C A<.lr"H W5 .?.!>, Ili-rnld l-fli r. /~VMTA?JR ll ll W ' VTKP f"> H*RilU?R <iK Ii i'ni I- III .* nit arl.-m. r i t. r* .,r a<s ?. r k t4rmitnl loca'lon, It an - aa-l odfo, lor one Wfrk IM'RIflfllKn !???>' ?AKTR1?-t> IIH'HIK V* "K I Wllllati.' r* <> ?? . . OM.i'ljr !? I. nd wriikiu ft?r tnlr Fn!i"r 'rrry part. A Mrraa, Wilb inrtkri^n, A P , 1'0& UMIrralil uC ?. Ijakt or a nor*? m \\Tk.n-r??ii a kmaix r*vilyof Mlnll- r?< * It ?.f I y *rt <m. r ?>m m ihtr<J, r-?t t-f boiiae ti b? ?i< upwd )>r on" ftiMMT. lorAlkiii !*<( ?.(*<l if ?t*.?a art -?,i| ?.r?H r <li4Tl>i:d imiu. lleKren ?l?ro. Aidrwa hot So >* Hi at nC.<*. ^ _____ f>oo*s wijttkp-two nrnnnov* j?*n pirlor it arfmwln* on WrW or ?* ???< >wir. n*tiljr r imtahnl. In impci t Mi t naa ?> ' I aril lor t i n?, h.d h 11 nrrMli> lo- aMon fir! >#rn I'h aifl Thtrtl?ih ?ir?ti a ?r I h 4h ar,.l JfUi'h avr.i.lit UtHiafU (trr unui'li, Inr all, nr fit If nV?i? fon>. Iir l 'tmily | r?f?rfivl AiMr?aa V ? rotita. ".? Vt.ik |V?t tut ? \\'A M Kl>? UV A ^ AI J. > WIll.Y. I'AHT I t \ ?T llliuv, tHllIM h? 1 ? < .?ft ?i r,r?t tia lha a*at <M? T Iifar a frrrj or ar i >n ? In 1i - klirji: wli pai lit p?f m Ji U<h' Addrt 'a K. >1 , Ik > loO llrraU o: , a. ii' wtep \ hvam i 'km or rno? tk\ ro tw. v. " l_? lur . ? rra> tm 1 laiarMf. Ii'ir S. % Y'i?, $ iitoMrt f?tr markal f??t1? iiit f I mi ik-ms h?allh? ioit buiM r M l rml t ml: .v !tlre?? *1 let Kj u-i1?n?r, h-n a? I'Hrr. w^strpm bi t \ tkrvi.t n*vtio a ?l ' ' lit 1 I - '. I ' r rm i t/w. 1 -1 ... a. .. i i- ? -? ...... P. r* I *' Ml ?".I h. , . ? < b. ? IW II# r*M ( tvr foi>r ?tnja. \\M\TKP A DVMWI fTr>t'-T MIT VOT KXil r?. Mir" fl <<*' ! ' i '' r\, I!.*'*) n Wwt'i r nit ?!wi f'm< n?h nr<'!?. ?nii rtr?i *twi Kinh ?* . Il l' * madiatiKm AH'rrn. Hi l>in'i (* U* ' VTf l? - I.N II' C. KIN. IIV A KM ?r u fAHtl.T, half of :t er ' II ". in#," ! ' aj M no^a ?i Improvrtr ? A "Mram M II , Il*nM oB"*. tl* * VTy Tf* I l "' it TftK *f'<rv UTor-K ivn f? I W tK ( . I i ' r? i i i . it put of Iba rl'y Oil V or nM'naa JR T>?l? I *! ?? nvsRt H. <>rr U*,Avm>~ni'? v.fvrNd a irrnr nr t'Irkk n? I ''in .-t w?i?r, "it i i?t ?>r ?< "nd flor, r'?r?*n >,' I rr?t? rh.i l uk> ?uj? iranm . r?til troyi ?|J t ?IT. t.M'r-a M;i Kn-nh tmnn rn *i:?it \ iiov or iiorn-* avitahi <4 ?* (<* a d)hic l" l>?l will, ?K'i? i I"1!!! rul. but* nu'Of I# daalriM l?Trr?. tUli i>.ml.-nUr? ..ifart o I!. X . hi.? 12* llarald oil. < WANtrn-TiiV r\ri :Vn hist i rirRN'tVinrra or unfnrntahr ), of :i i arlint %..' ?? wi K ur.Ml haaa. I ?n' bin ?? *r.>i!d I?| n. ' - In lha rloJn " at Pr mdwaf . ul < nun! atra?t Adan-a* I'road, HrtaM T1IK PIRRNTKI Tin vrynrRg *\?:vrr ??rn llo*oR IWY vkwhoiaof In loo l'ir? Fnglaa l*o tin. 21, ara hrrafey no?l. <11. urat *1 Uw < -.gtI?!? h ?? on t rMajr nfi?*rn.ion, ?i or? -nl?" L, ?o ?(ta-..l lh" fi n?r*l nr mr lata hr>?Mr ??iah?r, !? i * Rttn Thr m? m'?' o( t ir? l??t>?rtm?nt in f?w ' ?f? i-rilfil Inntir . I I MfOl lil/IIVilll, Kor'aan * r 11 >? I Km ?R. >?. n-Mry. rllT~<ilV|.mv AMI MfMHUHIi Itr MHIUWK IUWK fomrn"! ff' rr?.|i n Ihrlr a i.*i? ?n ! 1ir-anr*N ikanka Vr*. IV.I n. k. * No Pi rny, far b?r kiadrn^a low?rki 'ill i Tira'! *n a? Ifii ?li i o| ||,<4^itv nViirw proa nilrd I i lifil v hll?' pri??? illnc; to 'ha ftra ki lha VIWi dtatrtrt ila^Mn"! <a.. i< Mr Hr ,. i g ?n4 Wr T'lrkar madiaal ilndrnt* nl A Vi (m r- mil. I-* 'b'if >M n?r I- <? ri iidrn d mi tkw > n ll> n-il?r of II Ht?li Klin, fa . Forawaa. Joai P F>i-*f?i?iy.

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