Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1860 Page 3
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were expressed that ho would be again rec-lved into their ' ferfiving embraces to renew by (,,g vt ry presence th? j feuds and aiscoutents which eveu now are gnawiug tho , *iUl? cf poor old Tammany. Bv.t how is tuis to bo ac eomplished, when tho leaders of the (Jeueral Committee, in soU mn caucus assembled, have resolved to discard from ! tbelr fold the m?u who .-hall even suggest h s ailmmsiou into their cuuuciis. or pr^jmnc a uuiwu with the name of Ilreckinriage.or Douglas. Still thH h a Strang ! and mutable world, and it the It mba?< t'the worn out Old Wigwam cannot b?ar the thought of such Innovation' upon tho rules of old routine, even tho Bomha war h?rso and the Itimha prince may discover tint th'-lr puwi r ,t on the wai.> , and that the le.ul .i,,' -i>ir .i. ?>!" Moxarl mat be called upon to owe. me tho sway in old fail many, 1 on the rule that in a nato of general a-.urchy even a dictator is better than n ruler at all. The lotura of the spirit of Mozart to the walls of Tammany thore to load m council, is by no mians an miprotiih.'e event, for wki'tfni i:\t u\r.K tt\ i?tfth?* ohipct art* a.:roi*lV f>Il lool. Among the civic glories of some thirty years ajo the Fourth of July demonstration ut Tammany <*cl:pso>l all others ill the iplador with which it was conducted. The faithful paraded with buck tails ::i their nats, au.l ft. Tamil.any himself was represented as appearing in tho Mesh an a war (minted Indian, drawn through th'j streets in a triumphal car And the saiut was represented not by -i-tne hired supernum 'rary, paid to exhibit himself on that occasion on!y, but by m?n of position and inlluence, and it is said that a gentleman of even the standing aud character of Matln-w I_ Davis aspired to the representation ol the I holy red mau, and to be carted about in all the glories of | red paint, and the pride, pomp aud circumstance offea Uteri: , and jingling little bWls, aud witinpuin bells and calu mete, aud hatchet*.audvttwr theatric?1 trumpery,?uch ai great ludian chiefs are presumed to wear, Instead of there being aiiy oration, or d?-fluing of positlou, at old "ftumiiauy, there wits a "long t*lk," for when the actors played Indian, they mimicked the red man all over. Their standing toasts were equally imbued with the Indian spirit, and the pipe of peace, and the buried bstchet, and the Ureal Spirit, aiid the war path, and the trail were made to d> duty in the most metaphorical confusion. It was in the order of eloquence callc<i rigmarole?regular red man talk, and no sham, and, to sty the least of it, <iuite as BiiAzh like the language of the sens of the forest 03 in Forrest's "Metamora " Alas, how cbauged slur* Tarnntaay changed these pleasant fooleries into fooleries mt a more mischievous character. Hut tbey, too, have had their day, like the fooleries that preceded them. There was a time when It was a privilege to be a member of the Tammany Society ; for, whatever mixture of se|. flshness it had is its composition, it was chary of its fhvors, and guarded against admitting the general innb tato its councils. It was in these latter days, when the Van Borens and the Fowlers having obtained admittance, tanmediateiy attempted to till the old council chamber with their personal adherents, aud 'earli success of the kind waa a new death rub to the Institution, till ft gra dually subsided into the pitiabl' condition it now exhibits?its old members absenting themselves, aud its new ones prevent only to make mlschier and confusion where harmony and concord once prevailed. Wtitle wo trust that the good saint is happily enjoying nis* In 4 mil paradise in the peculiar way in which Indians are supposed to enjoy tuemselves In that sphere of existence, we fear that his spirit must he troubled with the strifes aud vexations which so sorely disturb the congregation that worship under the protection of bis name. Besides, though we have not at hand the genealogy of bis salntsbip, yet if our memory serve* as, while be occupied bis earthly hunting grounds, be was a tolerably good Pennsylvania iaditu, who never had an tfea of being made a saint of. 80 ho may not he aalnt after all; aoJ thus uot having a salut's power to watch over the destinies of Indians, whether mock or real, in this world, the troubles of the Wigwan may be accounted for on the ground that he retlly ha? no protecting Infiucnce over them, t'orhaps it would bo as well for the frequenters of the Wigwam to select tome thcr saint to intercede in their trouble*. Saint R?d Jacket would hardly <1o on account of his hatred of missionaries and cold water, ana St. I^Wb, wUv Wtw sent Into tbe land of spirits by Uot. Julia son, was t >0 ferocious while on earth to expect any intercession on his part. And it is a perplexing dilemma whether the Wigwam is worwy m an t+.u or tao inaian u^i is wortuy * the W.gwam. VIEWS OP THE PEOPLE. TI1K IIOCSTON XOVKMKXT. Piekskji! . N. Y., July 9,1800. TO TUB KDITOft or TfZK lll(>Uir>. In your paper of tbia data ia published a of the democratic papers in this State, and the named and numbers of them respectively m for Douglas and Breckinridge. There are several errors in this list according to ray information. The Genesee Dtmocrat, claimed as for Douglas, to for Rrecklnridgc and Ltne. asm-ell as the Bufttlo J'ott anil Scbeneilady A>uw. The Kewburg TtlfjrapK and Saratoga SttUmd (democratic) denounce the action of tbedclegates from this state, but put no names at the bead of their eolumus. The Highland (I'cekskill) Demarat has since August teat advocated Sain Houston. The Hoiuitou men will make no compromise* with any of the trailing politician*. They will sustain the constitution and the L'mon. and go for good men rather than partisans, aud tliey repudiate Dm maxim thai "to tho victors belong the spoils." With you they believe a political revolution is going on, and anew party is forming to take tli? plac? of the old ones, to be based on different principles (Tom those in existence. They believe that (?en. Houston Is the man for Ibe times, and (It to be their staudard bearer. At Hie same time they are not manwursb'.ppers, but believe that the principle is good, aud the revolution must go on even If ttem Houston tie to-morrow. BAM DT8TON NOT WrrHORAlTV. to the n?mm ur inn. niuui u Pkkkskiu., S. Y., June 9, 1M0 Id your paper of to <U> I Una a paragraph slating that gam Houston hu declan d for Bell ud Krerett. The Augusta (< ) Chronicle is quoted, which says It has U direct from Texas. I unhesitatingly pronounce the statement blse. General Houston leaves hla name entirely with bit friend*, neither sei-king nor decllnlug, and Indl eating in no war a preference for either Bell, Breckinridge or any other candidate. This is direct from Texas. A r HO POSITION FROM AN IRISH CATHOLIC. TO Till kDlTOK or TUK US1U!J>. 1 TCDtnr? U) Wffe?\ Vo jron yi*V mating* >{; held all over the eountry. for the purpose of requesting Messrs Douglas. Breckinridge and Bell to withdraw, la Isror of so independent ticket, headed, For President, San Hot'*ton. For Vice President, Da.vim. 8 IHaUMOD. Perhaps it might be supposed that Houston would not get a large foreign vote, on ? count of bis connection with tbs Know Nothing early at one time , but that would tell for itself hereafter For my own p.irt, L myself, an American by adoption on It, would far rather Tote and work for Sam Hosston and 1> S. Dickinson than such orratic geniuses as either luncoln or ltouglas This is the ticket of one who is not only truly Irish, but an equally Arm (atholic. TBK DIV18I0V IN TUB DEMOCRATIC CAMP?DOW TO motor! HARMONY. to tbx nirroK or tbs uraw. PmLAi>r.Lrau, July 0,1*30 Will yon allow me to suggest the following scheme, which, if it can possibly be con.: tim mated, will most undoubtedly result tn n perfect concentration of the forces that now most unhappily divide the democratic party, and consequently lead them forward to an easy vicuiry In the next Presidential election My plan Is this ? let Mch wing or the parly drop their candidates for the Vice Presidency?Messnr lane and Jobusoo, U??>u let Mr. Douglas uiil Mr Breckinrwga go oeiuru Hn |?u|in mm* their soltVages wiUi Uic undemanding tb*t tbe lame set of electors shall be ruled for by both wing* of U?e (nrly throughout lh? I'uion. the only dirtarencc in the ticket* being determined by tbe bladings, lo wit?Those Toting with Douglas proailrlllea will depuait tbeir ballot beaded "Douglas," whilst tbe other wing will rote a ticket boar lug an Ila beading tbe name "Breckinridge " Let It be atao. distinctly understood that wbicb erer candidate tell poll tbe greatest number of votes throughout tbe wbole Union, tbe elector* shall cast their rotes fur said pewou for Pros,dent, and tbe one 6*via* tbe least umber of rotes to be tbe Vioe f're-ileot If a <x>a|>r<> miss of this kind can be effected between tbe two wings It appears to me to be a rerjr good plan for Mr. Iiouglas or,Mr Breckinridge becoming either tbe Men Prasideut or \ we President, as tbe case may be, whereas, under tbe president condition of tbelr respective parties, they h?re ot the most rrmote chance ot being elected, aad certain ly "half a loaf is better than no brsiid '' TBI EA8TCR* JOOIMAI.S? DOt'UI.A?* CHANCI*. B< aims, July S, ImW to rn* editor or ma nulp. Ton Bay adJ to your list of Douglas domor-stic papers | the Boston 1 braid with a dally circulation of sixty thou and?more than five tl.m*e tbe aggregate circulation of I 11 the Breckinridge papers, aad more than forty timea tbat of all, except the Boston r<nt Add alao, I beliere, Douglas democratic, papsr at Taunton, and ta two months too will bare to add half a down more la Mew England 1 long las will bare ten tbonaand mare rotea la Maasacbu * "?1?" A iilmiiik Mm old whin r' Im1 for the latter In 1*6* ftwiglaa will hav?, alao, at least eight time* u many rote* aa Breckiandg* Put down Douglas 48.000, and Breckinridge nOO at the outside | duat believe (be latter will fat a third of that number la New Hampshire the aggregate circulation of l*mflaa (tprrt n ri^mi ^ l'.OOC, mi I nf Itrwkinriilj* l,?*U f?e (tnct I be Marx-Dealer IMmncm/, which will profcably bo reduced two thirds tf It rootm-M* against tmnglas, and the wh<.le Rrecklnrldgn c.irrulatina will ?ooc not amount |<t i.ono Burke a j<a|?T. the onc-rd .*and&nl baa only Mirer nr four hundred ?i*wrr ber?. and baa bean rap Cte-I by the Mark republicans for the laat seven yeam Marks alao lurnished the atomy to enable I la pro retors to Are n Breckinridge lute last week H?e *|?1 it j tbe democratic party in New Himpeblre la rxA wortti mentioning I<ouglas will reraise Croat tan to flfVeevi par orsit tmwe votea tbaa Buchanan did, and If tbe Lincoln ud Breckinridge officeholders here in Boatoa contlnn i tbatr rotnblnailM against blm. ha win carrr four of th New FfcfUnd States ail bat lis? hnartta and Vermoot and aa thing* ara going, It would not be astonishing to aaa roe or both of th* Utter f* for htm. "Old Abe ' brla Ikir to be swallowed op entirely by the people, and Douglaa will have all the North and Varthwest but four Ptatoa? perlmr* all but two. the Hraaiti la tbe very beat aewa paper in the wrwld 1 base takaa it erer ata.e ?M?, and ouldn't poasibly glv? It np It is always right on na tloaal matters; ooly occaaloMlly wrong In anpporting politician! But that la not of ao mum acaouat afie? all fbe ' Napoleou of tbe Trees ought to rapport the "LStUe Otaot," however. becausc you both go fur letting every man and every ownnioa t> take care of ibeir own niggers, b<>th black and white and mind tbeir own bnainon thf glfctoral vot? rtt c.toaou. 'i. ^ to trk rrrpn rrf tita trraau*. IfanMa, <>a., July T, l%tr> la your larae of the 2d ;ntUnt, while speenlat tag upon tbe strength of tbe several candidate* for tbe Presidency In tbe Doctoral GnlJege, you cites Georgia aa NEW TO] )<?sil>lv?nay. probably?casting her vote for Ifc-M, on account of the division id the <:?mocratic ranks. 1 uko the liberty ?.f to correct th s iuijins*ton. By a local law of this Htate tho electors must receive a majority of all the votea cast in order to be elected. Not having the requisite majority the election kwi before the legislature on joint ballot. Iu the prc.seut Legislature there are .All member*?87 opposition, haUnoe democrats. Now. the miM of the Georgia democracy are unquestionably for Unckinr.dge. Witness lae over whelming triumph of the seceders hef.ire the Lite State Convention of the 4th of Juue, wbu-n was a (icrfect Index of the sentiment oilhe |g?rty Witness, al?o, the tone of the press, the position of both our S>uau?rs, ail our tuetubtrs of the iloure mid public men g< ncraily. Hk> that there is great probability that he will carry tho Stae before tho people. Hut, failing in this, he is safa before the b'.i;Ult ture. I le II i-an never muster the requisite majority, for he woo t get a corporal's guard of democrat-i in tho legislature or out of it. The electoral vote of Georgia is jiwl s safe for iireckinr. lgo and I Me as if it were already recorded and announced in the Senate. tiik cosvkcttcrr jotmv&t.*. to 1hj? Hl'iior ok 1HK hkka1 d. Hahtkoru, Jnly 8, I860. J'lease find a correct list of the democratic newspapers of Connecticut as they staud on the Presidential question:? Duuylat. Brtckinridfft. Hartford I'ost. None openly. isew Haven ;\ews. Norwich Aurora. Mtrlden Banner. Rockvilie Gazette. On t\e f>nct. Hartford Times. New I/?ndoo Star. Now Haven Register. Middletown Sentinel and Itridgeport Karmer. Witness. When these "doubtful organs" speak out 70a shall know. They are edl W<1 by "pap suckers.'' The leading politicians are Tor Breckinridge; the masses are Tor Douglas. PLATFOKM OF THE PREPIDEKTI.IL CANDIDATES. TO IKS LOrtOR OK THK HVRAI.O. Nrw York, July 9,1860. | Liscoui?Would appropriate your property In the tirs instance, and eventually, if necessary, by force accomplish his ends. Docci as?Would entice away your property, and so locate it as to render It irrecoverable. BRRTKiNRincK? Would not only respect your property, but protect it everywhere. POSITION OP THE DEMOCRATIC JOURNALS. We republish our list of th? democratic journals that have declared their preferences, with such additions and correction* as wc have been able to gather. U is sot yet complete, hut we hope to be able to perfect it in the course or a few days. There are yet a Urg? number of the democratic papers on the fencc, or. as the republican* detine their ]??itioii, " in a tight place " They are holding on, probably, until they c.aa get a clearer view of th^ winning prosiiects of each winjr:? A LA RAM A. M ASSACHCMCTM. Breckinridge. Br-, kairvtyc. Advertiser, Montgomery. Advertiser. La well. Banner, Abbeville. Advocate, Salem. Commonwealth, Marion- Democrat. CrenntMd. Chronicle, Hayueviile. Democrat, Essex County. Democrat, Sumter. Post, Boatm. Gazette, Florence. Patriot. Barnstable. Issue, SJelma.*. New Bedford. Jellersonian, LIimIm. D-mglas. News, u timers vuic. my state. i.yan. News, KobtrpriM. B?y Slat* tVoroenter. Tribune, Mobile. Bauu-r, Haverhill. Republican, Jacksonville. Courier, Lawrcncc. S?-pnbl!o, VMi'Wn. * Democrat, Grevn&eU. Reporter, Sclm*. Herald, Bason. Sutwnmn, Pr?Uvl1!?. Heral.l, Xewbury}>ort. Watchman, Hayneville. KocKi f fOpuUL Dvugla*. Kep?i ler, B- aton. Advertiser, Troy. Sun, PitUdfM. Bcacon. tJreeusboro. 3cc::nei, 1-awrenee. BiiuiiT, IW? t lie MI. Herald. Athens. Br#klnriiiyt.. Independent, Gainesville. Advertiser,^prtngQcld. I Register, Mobile. Argii*, Columbia. Sentinel, Selma .Atjuk, Weston. Confederation, Montgomery Banner, layette. AKKAVHAM. It.i'lStin, St. I/Htla. HrtckinrvUjr. Chnnik;!?, Cinlix-ntb*. True Democrat, Little Rock. Citizes, Huntsviile. COMNKTirrr. Ct.urior, Bolivar. A*uflu*. Courier, Palmyra. Aurora. Norwich. Democrat, Marshall. Banner. Meriden. Examiner, Jctfcrtoo City. Gtzette Roekvi'le. Farmer, Milan. New*. New Haves. 1a* ion, liioommeton. Poet, Hartford. News, Ja?|>"r cotiuty. rviJkWAHX. New*. SlurRcrto. bmkinndyc. North ww. liern jcrat. Delaware Republican. Tt^joirtw, C?utt?>n FiomnA. Importer, Plauxburg. Brrrkinndjt. DougUu. Examiner, St. Aiigtiatin#. Ri nn-?i< ker, Charlton Co. Kamilv Irinrt, Moniicelto. Chronicle, St. l,oui*. Herald, Lake City. I?einocrat, Marion county. TelegrHjili, (Mar Keya. Dwwx rri. Hannibal. g borgia. uazette, Jackson county. Brrckinridge. Gazette, St. Joeeph. Advocate, Marietta. Herald, St. Louis. Banner, Athens. Herald, Newton county. Ivmocrnl,Gri(I)n. Herald, Trenton I>ispatch. Augusta. Inquirer, Cole county. Express. CartcraviUe. Jour. Corn.. Jackaon county. Examiner, Macon. Mercury, 1'aris. Forrester, Wuresboro. Miner, Washington count/, Federal I'nioii.Mlllfdgevilto Observer, Boon villa, ludpendent RIade, Neman. lYospeot, Arcrdla. InflependcntSouth, Waynss- I'laindnaler, Savannah boro. Plamdnaier. St. Genevieve. Intelligencer. Atlanta. Register, Daviess county. Journal, Ringgold. Republican, St. Louis. Locomotive, Atlanta. MixnnoTA. News, Lawrencevilto. Brtckinrid-je. News. Savannah. Democrat, Winona. ratri?t, Al??auy. Democrat, Henderson. Platform, Calhono. Kxpress, St. Anthnny. Reporter, Cuthbert. Lnqs'.rer. Belle Plaine. Kejiorter, Tbomasville. Herald. Cleveland. Statesman, Marietta. Record, Mankatn. Telegraph, Macon. Statesman. 8t. Peter. ptpes Colug^us. Times, rialion- FIoflMf, Si. l*aui. HatcLman, Valdofta. hartlasd. Uovglat. Bredcvmdgc. Constitutionalist. Augusta. Argus, Baltimore. Confederacy, Atlanta. Advocate, Centreville. iowa. Conservator, Kent. DovgUu. Citi/en, Frederick. BuBle. Council Bluflh. Dispatch, Havre de Graoe. Herald, Dubuque. Penioirat, Cambrj<iire Herald, Bconaburo. Hall, Itagerstown. Sentinel, Albt*. ?t?r, Eaaton. ujjtow. I'Dlor, Som^ran ItmciimrjUar. OnuaUi?. Democrat,, ,-ta;e!d, Worcester County. Gaarttc. Joocfboro., >red?r:ck. loton, Ivora. \xw toml Uouflat. hrr-kmrviv Banner. Qfle county. Courier. Carmn. Democrat. I moo rat, i.cncyw Herald, (Turafo Democrat, llmghamtoa SUixlaril. Itor*forl, Hay Book, New York. Timet, Chicago. Katie. Brooklyn. OMJJM. lost, Buffalo. ftrrfkxnruif* lYrga, I>00kll*. Argva, ba:nbr>dpe star, ScfaeaerUdT. I*tm>crat, Porter. Standard, Albany Journal, lndianapola. n?y>t Sewn, \ evay. Argnt, Albany. Prmqiat Advertiser, I AckporV Democrat, Jay U.nnty. A<lrert.a*r. Oloao tnquirrr. Kranavillo. Atlaa, BaUatoc. 8tfttinel, linlinna Atlaa, Wyomine kwrrnrr. Budget, Tm. hrektnrvigt. Banner, Limr-lb Banner, Franklin TW, Ovid. Bulletin, Prmrrton. Courier, *yrarsaa. Ooarier. I/ra;sv:lle Courier, Bona-n Democrat, N'awractla Courier, Cacu*i. Democrat, kichmond. Democrat, Aaboro. Democrat, Kenton rouaty. Democrat, Poitno. Kzprcai, Mayarilie. Democrat, Gee erne Flag, Paria Democrat, Herkimer Gaaette, Georgetown Demo-rat, MaM?ix?ary Herald, Cadncab. Democrat, Skanaatalaa Pram, Harrodaburg. Democrat, flt. Lawrence. Pennant, \eraaillee. Democrat, matimiian, 1 .extorted. Democrat. Torapkina SUndamBuwl^Or^.. rWcr.,?3w^ leoman, Kraal.tort. Democrat, Peon faa IMh^Uu. democrat, Vaat Troy. Gaxettc. Banlrtown. Democrat. Buffalo. Democrat, Ura tart Ue. Democrat. SuQulk. Damocrat. NicbolaariUa. Freeiran'a JcurnaJ. S. Y. *-**M Freetnt Jour JOooveratuwn. I Areel tnrMoe. Garotte, Eliaira j Democrat t?vnn>|>|.,n. Gazette, Cortland I ^ . . Otrnglm. Gazette, Genera, j Diepatch, iMT-nworth. Gaiette, Franklin IWKH1. Dfr?w. iwnr mil. BreekinrHm. Irafc New*. Mew York. Advocate, feton Anuf*. l**.Wr, S>? Turk tnuriar, (iprlooMft. Manuw. ftiwiOlfin. teaoarai, Alexandria. Kewi, BrookirTi. ft bo, YrnnlllW* Nawa, Now vWk Ciaartlc, Ibarrtlla. New*. Pnutrrili* Gazette, St. Joiwpta. Obaerrer, I'ttea. n. r*M, Ijtkr ProrMenoe. Otwiiii, Mi<kn. 1 /w ka tan tan, Ot'WW.Bmia. Krjater Atukapaa. Palladium, (Jtwaf*. Dtmfi*, Fort. teei Thm Dal la. New Qrtaa?. Republic Otawa Fa Da. apt*. RcpuMkcaa, WaUrtn* Brw*inr*0t. ReretlJe. 8mca falto. Democrat. Rana^r. Republic BqflMn Dnuilft Republican, Seknbarfa. Arfit* Portland Reporter, Gowaitda. Adrertmrr. Norway. Republican, PlatUburj, Advocate, l?w.*tna. Recorder, CMafelll Adroratc. Anaon. Republican Orlaana. Aft, Anguata. Itejmbl can, I'Mar. I"mo<Tal. 8aco. Regmirr. Hew Yoit. DewtocnU. Rockland. Standard. Brooftlrn. tximnl, RovIum. Staata Xaitoag, Naw York. Journal. Belftwt. SMitiaal, Rnm. Patriot, Faraingtoa. Smtlnai, Cbaalanqoa. Time*, BaUi. *M*fa?i?, Fkaghfca^nH. Timea, Banff*. Tttnea, raaditu Time*, Houlton. I'Dtoo, Roc heater. m Union, Marhiaa. I n we, liamilum. 9 mrtnaAt. Paioo, Watarlown. /tottftaa. Union, Cbeaango Argue, Aao Arbor. Afa?n HoWm Onntflwial, Port Run*. Democrat. IVaMutt. Democrat, St. Johan. **w jaararr. Koqairer. r.rend RapkJa. Hr^riitridp*. rrt* Prrm, Detroit. Herald. S.waei >mwm Newark. Brtdhnridf. Itrmglat. CroM City. Cnrinth ArtKriran.TrmVio Free Trader. !*?tcha?. Banner, M<>rrt*t'>wi?. lntHltgencrr, Jackaon. Derm* r*t, >>tv?*eii MlnlMtprian. UckaoD. I^nu-rat Munv-uth. Mercury, Otfbrd. D>m<<-ral CAmden. I'rea*, fit rnando. Garotte, Hackettnowo. ZVupftw. H?raM. M"iint VfcAlf A<1wri">r. Ia !<>rdnle. Journal, Warren O reertalire. Akfrd?*. Rep: -t?*. Cat' r? >o. True Democrat, Ormtb. Sunbeam, Salem. RK HERALD, SATURDAY, KKW B.imyilU ntMNKMHW. Brrtlnnridgt. Ilretkrnridq*Democrat, Uancbctster. Aralauche, Mriuphia. Uaa? tie, Portumouth. Banuer, Cleveland. Standard, Concord. Democrat, lireenvilta. ItougUu. Democrat, I/>banon. Arpup, Newport ftwmlner, Gallatin. Democrat, On* County. Herald, Columbia. Gazette, l-nconia. Messenger, Lewteburg. Gantte, Dover. New Era, McKiuviUe. Gazette, Nashua. Observer, Fayette* tile. Patriot, Concord. Plaiudealer, H*rt??ttl?. Republican, llarrrhill. Repia'.cr, Kuoxvllle. Republican, Keene. Union, NaahviUo. Republican, Cheshire. Watch tower, Ta'ladoga. Sentinel, Dover. Oouflkw. m'kth cirolum. appeal, Memphis Brnkinruige. True Auierioau, Shelby*!!!*. Banner, Salubury. v?uw*?. Bulletin, Charlotte. Bmkxm-i't,* Carolinian, Fayette. Argug, Bellowa Kalla. Courier, Kay lleville. DMtghu. Cttiien, M urfreeaborv. Age, Democrat, Charlotte. Courier, Rutland Journal, Wilmington. Sentinel, Burlington. Mercury, Tarboro. Telegraph, Bradford, North Carolinian, Fayette- vimi.inu. vill?. Brcciinruljt New*, Warrenton. Argus, Nordic. J'repo, Kaleigh. Amerioan Ragle, MaJiaon. Star of Freedom, Wilaoo. Appeal, fH?nvllle. Southerner, Tarboro. Democrat, Hertford* Tribune, Goldeboro. IVmocrat, I.ibertT. o?no. Democrat, Abinpdon. Breclnnridgt. Democrat, Ctuurleitowa. Union, Steuben- Kcho, Halifax. tile. frqulrer, Richmond. Advpc&t?, Newark. Gaxette, Front Royal. Democrat, Stark Onunty. .lenersonian.CharlottcsvUla. Ix-mocrat, Cleveland. Journal, Clark. DoufUu. News, Parkcrsbarg. Enquirer. Cincinnati. Republican, Lynchburg. Herald, Toledo. Republican, Martiusburg. Pluindealer, leveland. Republican, Culpepper, sutcemaj:. Columbcs. Republican. Point Pleasant, pw-wnvjuna. Regitler, CUrkaviU*. BrrrkmrUfe. Register. Salem. Arpur. ltilartelpbTa. Spirit or Democracy, New Argus. Ureenaburg. Market. Gazette, Reading. Star, Kanawha. Standard, lk)jhitowa. Tenth Legion, Woodstock. Register, Norrieiuws. Telegraph, WytUeville. IXmgUu. True Virginia, Fairmount. Argus. Alston. I'uiou, Wbeeliug. Harald, Butler. DvwjUu. Intelligencer. I ad outer. Register, Rockingham. Preet, Philadelphia. Star, Lexington. 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HIS EXTRAORDINARY INDIFFERENCE, fto., Ac., ft* Albert W. Illcks, tbe murderer of CapUtn Burr and crcw Of tbe oyster sloop E. A. Johnson .suffered tlte extreme penally of tbe law yesterday forenoon, at Bedloe'a Island, in tbe presence of fully ten thousand persons. Tbe execution was public, so that all wbo approached the island In boats were afforded a full and unobstructed view of tbe horrid ?? *>? a?t In Ihs A*?4i)? al/vtfi fjikhk ir. lu wjivuiviuii hi 10 an ? _ w v# r tragedy, we think It would not be out of piase to fire a brief cketch of the pirate's career oo board the E. A. Johnson, together with hia arreat, trial aad conrictiun be fore the United Stales Court in this city, aa folio ws ? niH MVKDZR3 Oil TBI 0T8TXH SLOOP. On the morning of Wednesday, March 21, tUo city m startled by the particular* of a mystsriuus and bloody tragedy thai bad evidently taken place oo board the oya tor sloop L. A. Jubnaon, which was found abandoned and dismantled in the lower bay. She waa picked up about six o'clock on the moraing above mentioned by the acboontr Telegraph, of Kew Londsn, and waa subseqcstly towed to Fultoo market alip by tlie st-.-amtug Ceres. Here ehe waa boarded by Captain Weed, of the Scoond Precinct police, and Coroner Schirroer, wbo proceeded to make an exaaiuatioo. Tbe sloop bad evidently come ia collisiou with some otb?-r veaael, Judging from tbe damai*d condition of ber bowsprit and catwater ller saila were lytric I upon the deck, and everything daaotcd < xifiiokxi sud violence. The cailn was tirat examined, and tb'' ?Uor, retling, bcnchee and furniture were found stained Willi blood. TV cabin bad evidently beeo ransacked, aa upon the U-p-r were strewn articles of clothing, papers, bedding, k< , A pot, covered with blood aud hijioaii lutir, w?* found in a cornsr nuar IU> stove. A broom, which ba<l ap|wrriitly l?<ni used In sweeping tlx- bhiod fr?.m the floor, and a hammer smeared With blood, were lound in lb<- comimuiou way Mtrks of bl??wl ?cr? ( iiikI upoii lit* ladder lea<1ing U> Uie derk, and upc.n the lockrrs. A patrof paatiloons were found wrapped up in a piece of bkiod-alained paper. The runs were to be ailed with hlood which had leakod down from tbe floor. AD the clo-ets, tb?> -tore, and ereo Ilia onoklag ntensils. wera smear od or stained with blood. Marks of blood were also traoeal-W- uear tbe berths ua either aide of the oahln. Search waa made fur tbe cap tain'a money aad papers, but without success, although tbe TTStl waa thoroughly examined I'poo Me floor wa* a large quantity of blood, aad near tbe etove It wm mlird with water, aa If an attempt had bean made to wash It away. Marks, aa If produced by the drag King of eoroe bloody ?ubeta*e, wera observable fr?a tha cabin door to Iba aide of the vesael. The rail and lh? tide of the venael m-rr al?> inmrdl will) Mood, ehnwiog that the mmmii had cooriuded hi* work by his victims orerboard. Amklahlpa, no the starboard aide, ?w found a large pool of Mood, from which tracts led to the rtwl't aide. Forward waa another pool of blood, connect in* with a feu rib pool around the foremaat. In tbls latter waa found a lock of brown hair, which bad STldcntly been torn from the bead of one of the rtctlme In tbe airuggk- I'poa ?n esamlnatioti of the atern ol the aloop it waa discovered that tbe saaU boat anally hanging there bad been Iwiii< away. Whea thegr forts bad become known, thr police went earnestly to work to obtain laformatnm regarding the aloop, aad sooa sasartaiaed thai she had left New Vork na the IM of March for Deep Creek, Va., to procure a cargo of oy at era, bar tag na board Captain Hurr.aman named Will tan John wo, two boys named amilh and Oliver Walla, aad a large bum of money. Huheeqoeatly. John Burke and Andrew Kelly, two men rraiding at No. in Cadar atreet, aaalad at the Second precinct a tat ion bouae that Johnaoa, one of tbe crew of tar aloop, had arrlred booae the taai I? day with a conaiderable quantity of moaer la nla pnaaasslnr, aad atarted Faet with hie wife aad child, hmm other cirsamatanoe* aeon after lraaepir~l that aarmad to Wtmm thla Johaeoo aa being the aeeaaain. Capt. Nicksrsoa.of the sshuuai i John It Matb*w, atawd that bla nasal lad beoa ran into by the K A Johnaoa early on the moratag of tto 21"t, and that only on# man who waa etaerlaf. appeared to be na board. Thla man saboequeatlr weat ashore at matcn laland, In a email boat. ( Brer Sevlna, upon thla information, believing that Johaana waa the guilty party. tmmedlately atarted in pur salt of blm. After oooalderabic trouble, be finally got apna his track, and on the following Friday nlgbt dtecor ared bltn In a boose ettaated on the outskirts of I'roTldence, R I., wberr, under the name of Hicks. lie had take* lodf tag* with bla wife and cblld. Tbe arrest wa mad* aboel 8 o'clock Vm Haiurdar morning The prisoner alren ucqalg dented that bla name waa Johnaoa, or thai he Had ever been on board the F.. A. Johnaoa. bin the oflttrra conveyed him to the cMy, where b< waa fully reoagatspl by several aa having belonged to the crew of the ill Arted rloop. A uwl which waa picked up off Stalin laland, waa ideatifM by Mr. Pelab Howell, of Ialip, I. I., one of tbe owaer* of IV K. A. Jo),n?on. aa Itelonglng to the atoop. It waa alao % certalned tlial a deck hand na the aeven o'clock h.*| from Walen 1?land ba<l beea aceoated by a mananawmtai the description |0f John*oo. and bad helped him ?oust a quantity of money whleb be earrt"d In tw*> ?mill t>m? (In being conveyed to the rlatiin houflt, Jotin^oa, M Hxka, aa be inaiated on railing bimaelf, waa fully r>> i niaed l<y the mao Burke, who lived in the >am" h <n with bim at 1.H fed?r atreet. aa well aaby aeveral other* Notwithatanding all thla, link"- maintained the utm>*>l coolness, sad dsi ?red Itwat he lia t sever bei-o on leiaH Ifcs sloop, aad Aatil.'se a ho hal idtaliiod bna wsr?l L JVLY 14, I860.?TRIPLE mistaken in the pentou. On the following Mooday Hicks I wm transferred to the custody of I'nited Sutt-i \Ur- *, I Rfnders and committed for examination Tlie tr..ii o > i mencrd on Monday, the 18th of May, befor. ttin !(> Judge ftnalley, at the United States Circuit Court. The prosecution tho wed tliat Hie prisoner, Hicks, was the \ mas who had been seen to leave the sloop on tho morning whoD she wan discovered id her dismantled condition The watch found ii|h>u him, aud which wan identified ns the pro|#rty of Captain Burr, was offered in evidence, us i also a dsguerreoiype belonging to Oliver Watts, one of th? crew. The trial was concluded on the liftu day, aud on the following day, Sulurday, a verdict of guilty was found by the Jury. : Subsequently a raoti<>u for a new trial was argued and denied, and after some further objections raited on lbs score of tho Judge's authority, Htckri was j sentenced to be banged, on one of the islands in the bay, on Friday, July 18. BIB CONFESSION. Soon after his sentence, aud while confined in the Totnbs, he made u coiifessk>n to one of tbe u!laches of the prison, of which the followiug is the substance:?"The j affair occur red,' said Hicks, "about half-past nine or ten o'clock at night, while Captain Burr and one of tho Watte boys were asleep in the cabin. 1 was steering at the tia?, and tbe other Walts was on the lookout at the bows. Suddenly the devil took possession of me, and I j determined to murder the captain and crew that very i night. Creeping forward softly. I stole upon the boy at tbe bows, aud with one blow knocked him sense Uil 1 lw*li*<VA )i*? in a few ?ffs?r T 'ptick him. The noise attracted the attention of the other : Watts, who jumped out of bed, and came up tbe com ' pan ion way to nee what wan the matter. Just at thai ino I ment 1 struck him a heavy blow on the bead with the axe and soon be was dead. Then I weut down in search o the captain, and upon going into tbe cabin we imrne , dlately camo in cootlict. Captain Burr, who wait a IT?g; ablcbodlod man, fought hard with me for seve i r*J mlnuton; but at last I brought him down, and he. too, I waa soon dead. After rilling the captain's money bag* I oommcneed to throw the bodies overboard Ticy had ton dsad about an hour nt this titnt, and mhi* into th is* the minute I threw tbem over the rail. Thekuif marks found on the gunwale of the sloop were not mad ; bv me. ) nad no occasion to make them a* the men Dad ail been dead an hour, and could not have clung to the rail, as was supixised. 1 should think wc wero about fifty miles at sea at tbe time, so that it la not probable that any of the bodies will ever be recovered. White I was on board the sloop the devil was always by my side and sustained me, but since I have been locked up horo be ' has deserted mr, and 1 foci bad. " ran ct'LvniT'a coxnrcrr in prison. On the alu-rioon of th" arrival of the Great Ktstern at this port, Hicks conten>pUt<wt some desperate d?*st (ialltest Mr. Ylnk-y (ot?c of the kcupcrs) to bis cell door, he anxiously it<iulred if lie bad a knife about biiu Tbe keeper, who had always watched the prisoner's move mcnts with suspicion, a.->k.eJ links what he wauul the weapou for 11u kit replied that be wanted it to cut off a lock of his batr tor his wife, and seemed exceedingly do tirous that th?* k?ej?T wmild procure hi 1J ? ? slurp akuife as |4M>ihle. I'ibley <!i < lined furiiiabiug tbe culprit tbe weapon, for fear he would commit suicide, or murder wme one, at obieb Htcks showed evident Sinn;* of chagriu and disappointment. On Monday la?l tlu culprit ttlked freely willi KioWy ; eonfwun*! to bun Hiat lie h-td committed tlr' murder on txwrtl the oyster sh?<p, -ind aaid it would surprise the public if tb-y only knew of Jislf lie.- murd -rs In; li?d ?;<mtultt?:>J. At the raac t'.cc that be admitted bis guilt, no i unite) uiHt if ii'i'i wen uiiuiiiy ir?-.i - HI,,. (?ti He 'lenliil ibe j?ri?d(ettoti of tin- .iew V'irk C'lrl in (tic matter, and mi J that KIukJc IsUn.l would havo h.>eu the pr-per place for I|m tri*l. Kver vuice hi* MfMnill*ted tittle desire to cnnversc u|K<n tte .< ihj.T.t of Ibe n<urd? rn, ami for wlt?>le <lay? lt? would remain abut i>p in bis cell and rcfiine u> wlk with the k ep"i* or visiters. THE KAY BEKOKB TUB EXKCIT1U.N. High Maon ?m celebrated in the cell of Uw condemned man on Thursday morning, Fattier fhiranqurt ortlcuting. The Slaters of MhTCJ' were alao jirttMl .luring <!? day, and were milling in tlielr attentions to tl?e culprit About fix o'clock in lit* evening Mrs. Hi<k? (< ? * her lai*t farewell of her husbmid, iu the preMBM of the keeper* and the clergy. The scene, as described by those who witnessed it. itu entirely devoid of interact, the part log between ll? culprit and bia wife being quite common place, ar.d i.?t charactrrlw d l>y much foiling >>n either aide. It war" more like parting tor a few days than for lilt; and certainly neither Mick* nor hi* wife could liave ira!i/<"I for a uioun-nl Hie awl'ul aoleuuty of tlie uocarkxi. Tliejailor* had a?*en many |*trtili|(4 a( exe cations, but none that comi?ar(d with it s in point of coldnew Mid general lack of int?re?l. When Mia. lllckf had tak?n her leave, Vatlier Doranqoet entered the condemned ceil, and prayed with the culprit until about eleven o'clock. At liiat bour Mr. Finley brought Hick I a Clip of tea and come alight relrcsbnicntr. after part.iking of which, the culprit retired lor tlie night. It wa? about 12 o'cl?H-k probably wlieu the culprit fell lido a sleep ao t-'Hiixl that even tlie entrance of the keeper* during tbc night did not awake bun. THK MORKTKO Or THE IXFrrTTOM. About four o'clock Ilicks wu awakened from tha deep lumber Into which be hid fallen by use of liu keeper*, and told to dress himself. On being asked hnw be passed lb* night, be replied that be never slept better In all bis lift, lie further stated that be never roll better than be did Ust morning, and assured his keepers that he would kssp ap Us spirits even to the last moment. He seemed to b? entirely moonoerced at bis fete, and manifested no a leas of rrief or penitence as bis last moments on earth sped swiftl* by. When engaged in prayer with lather PonuKoet bis Owe bore a bbosk and sorrowful expresHion, but as soon as Um religious oe re motif* were o*rlu<led bis roontcoancs resumed 1U natural expression of arm tadinerence. About Are o'clock Mr Ftnley. who had been very attentive to the culprit during his incarrcratlea at the Tombs, took bta leave of the prisoner, tuut urgrd him to keep up his spirit* to the last lltcks sbnek him warm j ly by the band, and thackinz him tor the many acts of ! kindness be had rrcttved at hi* hand*, hdde him a iau ! farewell. The culprit then remained ciaaetc t with tis ! father r?nfessor for as bour or so. and dccliacd seeing any person ether than bis spiritual advirer. KKADIMi 01'THE DKATII ST Alii: A VT. At nins o'clock yesterday mnrniug, M.trFhai Hynders accompanied by fbcrirt Kelly and rdbar city oflljiala, en j tcrod the cell of the culprit. Hi ks w.-is reclining ntt hr bed at the time, and quietly anise as the om.Trs entered the apartment The Marshal informed the prisoner that ! the duty devolving apua him was very unplca ' sant. links said be had no doubt it was. and I knew Uie Marshal would treat b'm as kindly as be I could under the cirrum-Unccv The Marshal then j read the death warrant to the prisoner, and 1 at its conclusion told the roademned to prepare himself | t<>r ihe ap|>r>iartiing eiecwti?>a. It *? immediately proceedrd to array himself la a suit ol blue oottoaade, got j up for the w caaion. Hut coal was rather fancy, bein* otiiamei ir<l with two row* of gill navy hutton*, an<l a : couple ot anchors m needlework. A rule shirt, a pair of blue |?uts, a pair of light pumpt, hud the eld Kuasulh ; hat h. wore when he wu srreetwl, cmnpl. led the attire. Hicks was excoedincly coot wfctle cnjra?-c 1 us array Jig himn If ill this faney suit, and ?e"H>?"l ae uno?tic?rned | aboi.t his abroach.r.g <U? m as though the idea of death bad never craned ha smut. Alter sfaax:ax bands with Mr Saito*. Um warden of lb* pri*ni, and lltankiug liim for bis kindarss while under bis charge, Hicks intimated 1 bis readiness to proceed on the lou? ami dreary journey i il-? ? l^r..?? I.,in In It 11* iak in* liia Imivi* ill Lh<?** io tbe prison with whom be ban bees associated fur four uittiihe. 1m manifested bu roii' etn or teeiinK an/ kind. i and none cvtiM witness bis prcutiar rany Jrxrid without so jacukL 'U of surprise. BTART1SV t ROM tUE T"*B9. A Urge crowd of persona assembled '.utaidc of U.c prison door, on Franklin street, for the purpoas of catching a glimpse of lb* notorious pirate as he pnaaed Into t)>e carriage which was la rradincv. Tbe calprlt i marched oat of prison aUeodsd by Father [ uracquet, ! Martha! Rynderv IVputj Tb.>rnp*oe and Sheriff ! Kellj and took bis aaat In tbe trsi carnage The second I rarriafe was DIM with -teputr ahsriSb, and the third and ftrartb one* by tbe potior and rapraaentatiTMl of the prcai. As tbe culprit was paaatng mto the carriage be aim* tbe hands of ia* ?<f the detect W?a wbo arrested bin, asd saying he. freely forgave bin, bode him a latt art lev la reply to tbta, tbe officer said be was ; glad to see that Hkks had no III feeling towards him, and j returning tbe preaaare of tbe band, took hi* leave. Tbe Jobnttj from tbe Tomb" to tlie pier, at tbe foot of Canal ' atr*et, occupied hut a few minute* Nothing worthy of ' mention occerred oo tbe routs Tbe eort?rr moved r.lent Ijr, hat qatokly along, and none In th? atreeta knew the r > amrter of the procession unt.l the carr ages were actually on the wharf. rmt ac*v? nw tw* mm Jtctrr On tbs arrival of tba prisoner, bsfflea Ascription A crowd of some 1^00 peraona, ptrhapa, had assembled "o t-*rd, and tbe moat intense excitement prevailed r.aml'lea, flglitmg men. ward politicians, reformed dmnkarda, actors, medical men, city officiate, and bogoa reporters without number, formed tbe great balk of tbe motley crew, Oo the lower deck wera a harrom and refreshment saloon, which did a brisk business, and eontribatad In no small defrea to tbe ooiriTort of such n th* p?pw u had ontan off without their breahflMt rirfUJM, the day m wtrni, and ltfcr bier prorad a rtrrllMt and moling hrvfu^r M half pMt ainc o "cloak the try of "Here he com?a"?rafrrriaf to the arrival o tb? rarrto(? omuMamit l<iek? and the L'mMtl stain oft) rimis*?product (rtti motion on board, ud a feaera ruib im ma?lr for lb* jcaairway ceil lb? wharf. The ?r rl?aJ of Ileputy Marshal O'Keafe, with lb* awnrd. I<e|| i (*?-k?d bat, Md <nh?* paraph?*rneita of off?<?, ahowad (hat Hrk^via not fcr beomd, aad Mw> nx< item< lit roan Ia fel vi r beat. It aiomrnt after irarla llflrabal<ler* ?pran* fr Jtn a farrtafe, fMlowad by tb? culprit, Deputy Marabal , Tl i-Di|?nn aad Sheriff Kelly. Hickf, who am te< nrely punooed, ?i? attended to the boat by Iwo of U?< Roman ?atbolte clergy, aiid Mr. iaaara, o?a of tbe IVputy Mar l.ala. lie aerroed entirely unmoved by the ncitlng I a.rae around hliu, and sever quailed o?tre beneath th? I nan- W In thnoaauda win greeted turn aa lie jweederw i tbr faagway Tbe anilely of tbe crowd to Rat Mtr ttl , pnarM.t-r aa he ra??-on t?>ard aa* int?n?e, and nothing i 'j| (lie rini? ?l determination on tb< ;arl of the Marabal ar>'hie aaetetanta. fmreeded iti pr<-*erMng order. It la?l, a lib < < naMeraMe purhnitfnnd e>|iie*iiiig. the otllrern r> anegrd <n ronvey tl? ir jt ?oner to tii<> ?al<?>n in the 1 net lart (I the bout, where be waa free for ? time from I ii. ? >/< of tb' rahjlc. latl r^j 11aninet aw at U? calpril'i n , c-o it* way SHEET. from tb? carriage to th? bout, and on entering the cabin at onre comnn uced to offer up a prayer It ek* sealed himself on a settle near tlie cabin window, and. burying bits face in bis banc's, apparently beau no engaged u deep meditation. Having express* d a desire to ho li ft alone wuli the priest for a few moment*, the ollkera and lepreteutetivM of the press retired from the apartment. and proceeded to the saloon above During all th.s ttm> Hnka maintained t>in usual selfponaoaalon. N'? change rame over bn? finiurt-? except on one occasion, when rising from a. ,nc*""K aflt r being engaged in I'rayer, it wan observed by st inc ,,t the bystanders that lie lookrd a little u *?" the lirgt time tbat bit face showed au> ot < \? itenunt, and it wa* inferred IrVi1^ nil aii,o t""4.1 w"ul<l l,to 80 ilrmly att< r all. Ill* features ..,n regained their natural . v predion, however, and Un it* *a? himself atain. A t nmainitig ch.MU.t w th rUrgyman for about ton minuter, the pr soner (Ignitled his desire to speak with Mantml ltyndrr* upnn the suhjoct of lhe a ,r.r,,aching execution. Th< Marshal was promptly IB au. ndwoe, when the . iilpnt inlormed him that it w1Us b's men tion not to make any remarks wheu he arrived at the scaffold. He did not wish, he said, to talk to any one or to 10 talked to by tbo priest, the Marshal or anybody el.-". K< hoj?d, h.i said, the exccutu n would be conducted with as much detfiatch as possible, and that everything would j?fR oil'quietly and silently. The Marshal assured him tbat his wishes would be grat.tied, ai.d that nothing would be left undone to case the miud of the t.i ibuuer m his last moments. TIIK TRIP TO BEDI.OK'fl ISLAND Was not attended by any very Important Incidents The Red Jacket, which had taken the place of the United Nates (the steamboat originally chartered Tor the omsion), started for tho Island about a quarter-past ten o'clock. As tbe boat passed down tbe North river (be passengers were afforded an excellent view of tbe (Jreat Eastern, and so great was the curiosity of those on board to see tho "big ship'' that for the moment Hicks was forgotten , and tbe crowd imagined themselves on some plea sure excursion. Indeed, most cf those who were on I'iKird looked upon the atiair in the light of an excursion throughout. Among tboae who were most conspicuous in the crowd were Tots Jlyer. Itob Willis, John Knright, aw. t'ni uarduwr, I at Italy, Jortloii, the actor, Florence, do., Coroner O'Ktefe, Theodore Itynderw, with u deputy stkcritt s hod^e tin, ex-Alderman Compton, and best o;' city officials, including members of (ho Common Council, the l*t>lu*4 Department and City Inspector ? ottl. o. NotwnliM.nic.i g ton motley character of the assemblage. remarkable order prevailed on !,<>arit, and to the credit oi the police be It Mid, cone of tho jtaasenger* suttered at the hands uf any pickpockcts. The saloon was occupied liy llw re|trM?olallvea of Mm* press, the nb/?it i4im and U>? Marshal's deputies. while the forward rteCK. upper "ali'cu and promenade deck wore taken up by outsiders. Hiring the passage down t<< the island, which otily rt a few niiltiiUK, Hicks remained by the side of the pnert, listening attentively as it were to tti" words of conrolalion which were poured into his ea? by the father ioufrpsor, but at no time did he betray any inward Ftrugglc in anticipation of the fearful death which was so cfot?e at hand. Just before the arrival of lhe boat lie aacended to the aaltion f?>r the p>ir|M?e of getting a drink of water, and as he descended the cabin glairs s>:uiu, lii!? fare wore; rather a cheerful expression than otherwise. He was determined to act the "game mau"evin t.(> to the very last moment, and nothing tuetl to break his spirit or excite him in the leual. Am the boat nearcd the pier Marshal Kynders, in a few remark*, lii'i'rcwd upon tlx) ciowu the MMMity of prowrvii'k order md<1 obeying llie inHtroclims of his uflteer* The police, be dated, wer?* to jo a?hore 4rpl and Uk- up th? ;r position at the acallold, and then the rrowil *vir u> follow four abreast. A boot flvo miuutes weie wcup?-?l in arranging the ?.>r?l?*r of prwseiou, pre|?mig llw culprit, *o. filially, at ten aiiiiiites Icvru o'i tin k. all being in rcadtnes^, the procession started from lite !? (?? in the folio ?lng or?ler ? Thf culprit, *up|?>rtc<l on cither side by father Iwrauquctand I^eputy Siierill Isaac#. Mary lml Ry?ider?, Ivjmty Marshal Thonijieoii ami Sheriff Kelly. Tk-puiy UttrtlialH Pe Auk el is. (I'ICeefc, Theodore Itynden, Iboiiiprou, lioiiurll, Wiinon, Utigau, Oackner and others. The physician's Hal!'. lonsirtitiK' of Doctors Woodward, Hrll, Pbelpw, Barry, Kennedy and Church. The Tej.rewi.UVlM a of the pre?K, numbering atoul fifty, penninc uud lH-pniy Sbenfl*. city officials and rptctatort. mim. As ite procession p?swti trotn the sid? of the boat to lb* pier John 11 Hall, who bad charge ol the mill I.'irj arriu.p mui .I yu?t*'vu u 1u.11 lun, and, kTaiiug a line oa each *(de vt (he pw, allowed the ( hvtmiImi ti iiiim up to tlx ibnrr. Hi rv lb<: curtegr wm lUuikcd on cacti side by truope abicb bad been sent from >ort Hamilton ami (ioverixir'a Island for the purp>?e; aud dm it<?* tail end of the |>r<MWKtoil i-ifK. .l over the aide of the boat the military closed lu behind and turned a hoi low r<|uare all the way up to lb* fool of the ?caffoll. The ... IH MM* a OMIKI tmiNiFiiig'ir.c indord. aLd will long be remembered by tbore who wiUie~ned it. The presence of tbe military in lucb large f?,r?'?*, the |*rfect >ti?i-i)rliit?* of the soldiers. the ap|?arai)cc of tbc culprit M be paxstd 00 bla way to tbe gallows, the fleet of steamers, tailing vesim-Ib and small hoaU laden to the water's edge with a breathless multitude, all contributed to make the scene tntenecly exciting Mid unusually interesting f?f all thoee assembled, llkka himself, perhaps, *u the least excited and unmoved, lie viewed the ?;enr with the most wonderful indifference, a* though It ?M any every day occurrence, and walked through tbe long line of military a? unconcerned as though nothing unuaual waa going on. The path from the steamboat wharf to tbc apot selected I for tbc execution lay alone the water's edge, ro that ! Hicks had a full and unobstructed view of all that waa ' going on around him, yet be ww u stoical n? an Indian, i and passed 011 without apparently noticing the tuiliUry j displa) or Ibe multitude that had assembled to witness [ hi* execution. Ills extraordinary coolness under such rircunii-Uiir< n excited the wonderment of all. Nobody bad ctct arm anything like it before. TBI tCMSM Of THI BAT. The mdMI ww erected within flrteeo or twenty feet of tb- water, tnd was In a poaition so as to be seen by all. Tl?? wa? taken advantage ol by hundred* of t?*ts, Urge aud small . and for eighty or cm hundred feet out from j the sliore lite entail Ixatt farmed an almost solid iuas?? while Ibe Urge ones, uif#l of them, being excursion b<?lc, kept looting about oulaide. Every avaiUwu. ......I in.m u hu h the e\?cullon could lie ? * UiMaiitly Klwil Hjott?tr.asU, boWriffjing, ?'TtryUHitf that tbe men uid t>oy? CimiI.1 ellry to ??- Mark with human hrir.f* It waa r* tunawd that the cumber ot people omid cot Lave been Im than tea thousand. The excursion beat* w<re denrelv crowded, and they mutt have rra?ed a I arire pro tit. j V ' -aw tl.r follow lug named burnt*, fume of them bavin* barpc* in ton Fulton. i'mturn. Cbi'if**, Cvnti. lsian I Belle. Satellite. C. I'. !"ailb, <?!? l""u. R. U Mat>y, C. 1_ tfhuittt, J A. ftpTcn*, Tc.'rprajw, J. L. Ijockwruod, and Mine other* wrhiiee name* we wrerc unable tn pet There wa* alro a prrat number of rail hf atr. ya< htr. Ac . ronta nine partiee "t from Ave to twi r.ty. r<rnc were toe timid u> nppr*?ch I lit' i?!:i ml, ar.>! viewed the execution trim a d; :tancr, with the a:d of teiei coper. Tb?* (Wlarl <4 lb* pMpie in lit# i?*l? ??? r?MrVr<l bj mai.y ar heme very exemi tar jr. There wit no do:m>, eo confuiicn, ami OP exprwivn < ? e'tb?-r hatr-"! <>r pity. <4t< ? >>f I w hi-, ? lien f-in- i4 tb>'aoUix ra nr ?ftir*r? got before tt.r ccaftald *n ax to iBterctpt the TW*. there *talrt be a tbwit to get '"it of tb?* way; but evrn I !.i? <m?ii.iU'<l (r>? tlrf> boy*, i.ot rrt u, the grown pcrttou of tbc andteuce. It. frobt of tbe island, and not nut* tban ? f?w bttmtr**! f>?t fc'tn lb* m ?(ti.ld, w*a tbe alor.p K. A. Jobnron, on board of the murder wa* commlttci. It attracted uBirersa! ?tt~t: lion, and man) w?r< tb* ownMin mvt> wuoa it, fl*?d at. aa It did, a wwt of ailed wito'ie vf tlie devd for which Hiclu was to tbvrtly to at<-n? f^r % itb Ui? life TUX KXWt TIO.N. The profptatoo reached tbe foot of tb<- araffuid at ten minute* pa*t eleven </ck?k Tbe niipeit irnri>*>imt?)y Vn. H I'd tt,< frr.i*r. aca r..r a momcm nr i? war m prayer. Uc then rose ?lowly, md, facing the II??-t of whxk *... h< r<v| within a NM ,,f tb? *t*irc, faard intently on tbc raxt throng. While tha* <-n Mfcd in aarv?j tog the eicitioc ?w, hi* -y r*.tf bt Die l.ur#>* <f the ..I. nt, ?! oyitcr aloof K. A Johnaan II* gazr-l at tl>? ('?? f<-r a i""HH?<t. *? if in recognition aa.l Uwa, tow?ring hia ?y?, U?,kod lor.j and *nrne*Uy n|?m the eeaaei and iu crew. The t ght : did cot *ccm to shake him in the !-mt, h??rtrr f<< he remained tirm and indifftrent to the eery laxt At lrn|th the fata: moment arrived, the executioner vt observed toplare tbe rope around theculpr.t nerfc, the Mark ran it drawn over tbc unfortunate wretch X face. Ihr Marrnal taxe* hi* t**"'"0 beeide the criminal, eword II hand the ratal a.?nal, the waring of tb< handkerchief, i* firm. the axe deaocLd*. and the next m ment the body of the pirate la tm dauxlmx between earth and Imrn. Tbe exveatlea look place at qoarter-paat ele?e? a'cl?K k prtel-ely. For the (tret litre* mlnut** the culprit *tr?g< (led Mrcrely. but niter that be appeared to fuller liit.'e or no pain. and died comparatively an *mj death At et*hle?? minute* paal wtm hi* liinha hejaa to ralat. and the abeence of any muarular ro?tr??iion denoted that the executioner* ??<rk >m well nlch over A nx.meiit afterward* th< re wan a atari ronvnlalvA twitch of the (boulder*, and nil ?a? atill an Iratb ;tv If Now the l.anda of the rulprit hogm in (row dark unda the inflix?ce of the pinioning*, and the ncck abore the n'rfwe aamimr* n iimilar bar. and the body bmmii p<T frrtir motionice?. encept when moved to and fro by the wind. fjeTcti mi;ut*? after the r^p- had beet) f*-t Ihe !y wax lowered ever*! f>*t. a* l? glre #>e phyaHjlatj* an opi^-etuBity of eiawlning the h?-art and |*il*? >4 tlx! criminal. A rttgbl mw?-<ilar*. t.?*? . f lb" hear! ?a? tbe <?ly remain>ne ? ?! of life. B?it In a few ml nut** even thia had Mi, and tb* dortora fro wqt.od I If" to ha ertmct However, it wa <1 advisable to Irt tha twwly rrn^o fbrpended for rotcr tnt lonxer; to t! e oorpce wax ra.w*! araln to ta oelflnaj p<* ti.?n, ai.d alkmm] to remala there oatil n quarter to MrelTe o'clock. LOWKRtKO THE BOf>V. The kody l.aviiif be?n uap'nde*) half an )K?ir. the Mar hai ordered II to t?- low. r?<l and place.i In a conia wblcl wa* in raad:nea? to receive ;t. A !ar|?> plw of canvas wa* eprea<l under the araffold and on Ihi* waa plarr* the c?.tnn. t pcei remneiii| the bta> k nap whi<-h en Tripled the Ik ??' <?f de. > a*ed, hi* fiMture* acre found U t>e quite i atoial. Hi* fitce bore a calm expri^*i<? and nothll.K hilt a 'light |.r<'lrii*l<n of th< toi.Xne detiwted that death ha-l been prwlnecd bj any other than a natcrai . aner Tlio neck <4 tbe cnlprli I. -n > > at?M h) ih* i'-H wh;. hn i?,|.M fur ib< len.arkaMy ea*y n.nrin. r In whlrh he died (if the nu rnei..>," trnniaal* ahetn II ha* t?rn "ur tot to *e? *S*cu ted, bone otLtf (i IKred t'j little a* the pirate Hick' 3 \ T1IS KJCTl'RN TO THE CITT. After the corjae bad been deposited id tho coffin pro. rescton was formed at the foot of the Kailows , and u.e entire {?rly proceeded back to the boat. The cofliu ?tc borne od boar J by the Marshal and bis assistants, and from the deck of the (learner it was lowered into a small boat and Kent to tbo barge oflicc at the foot of Whitehall street. Here the friends of the deceased wart to readiness to receive the corpae, and in a lew hours alter wards the body was forwarded to its last realms plwr at Calvary (Vmeury. Tbe wife of deceased, through some mmundtrt landing, wan nut there to reccivo th< bi'i j u- it cainc atbore, hut later iu the iluy . ho wti apprised of its whereabouts aud took charge of it until the preparation* for tue funeral were complete!. Tho eolbn in which the culprit was buried was a plain one, be*riJK no inscription wIih ever Ou the way up to the city a meeting wis organized oo board tlie Red J:u ket, e\ Alderman Comptou vu the chair, an J resolutions complimentary to Marshal Kyndem and liis afSifctaut* were parsed by the unau.uioua vote of tho company The following document was then dnwu up by one ol th<> deputy iu.iltihalr, and handed to the reporters to copy _ CHinnCiTR OV IlKATn. Wo, the undersigned. do hereby certuy that wo h.iva <Miu?- rd iuv execution ot Albert W. ilxlis, alia* William John-un. (on vie ted of piracy In the Circuit Court of tha I nited >i?t<? fur I lie Southern distriH of Sew York. Ujib 13lli ilu) ol July XMjO. \V. J. FLoRKN'CK, JtWWH SHAKIWN, A. 6. DOSSEIA.Y, I). D. WHITK. P. Y. EVKREST. JuH.N HOIISK, Jr., H BUNDAJ., i'. Ruartxu tub msrosiTiON OK TIIK ci'I.TKIT1 H ri.oTniNo. t-T?M-KUl.l!M.E. MltK., July J0 ]H)A) Pi*?After the cxecutiou 01 U;rks. will you p'.n^e doliver to the proper owner? ucd Hie clothing which was taken by offlcur Net in. at 1'rcvidenre - that ! to Mr* Burr and Mrs. Hub?>*rd, mother of Smith Watte'? an there will be no lurther need of detaining it. Mr. Simmons will receive from Mr. Stillwell, the Clerk oi tha Court, Hit- money which we used for identification on tha trial; and Mis Burr will reccivc her husband a w.urh there ?l*o These thing* have been :n chargc of Mr. Millwell under seal and lock since then. 1 had not tune to call on you in remird to this matter before I left town last week, as 1 hoped to be able to. Per mit me to express lo you, both for myseli and the prosecution, which 1 represented at that time, thanks for tho courteous and thorough manner in which you performed your |*rl In tb? affair; Mid to wwiro jiihi that it wal % source of great satisfaction to thv federal officers to meet with pitch hearty ami able co-operation as we did at tho hands of your?eIf. oflleer Vcvin, and others of your precinct. 1 shall hope to continue my acquaintance with you when I return to town to resurow my privnto practioe: and tr.eanw bile 1 remain, very respcctnilly. your obedient errant, JAMBJ r. UWiUHT. (apt Hart B Wk.Kii, Second precinct polk*, kc , hC. BLOOD FOK OOLI>; OK, THK CONFECTION OF FllCIf, THE flHATK. Aon. Wh.i Art thou that atepiieit between br.?il and bean? Cai*. lie is u K"dAm>. How ksow'tt thou? tMin. lie (peaks uke M f?1. A nan. Po ittd the serpent, and It lied. ? Ctaia. Tlie lighthouse faded with the shore, 1 he clouds or nifht came on? Tlw aileiit klijirk'u uriiu. hIimiIiiwv fhrm Beneath the moctitn-ama shone? At (tally o'er the dashing foam We brltl our course alone. While, happy in but dreams of bouse, Kmc It writ ry UWNlMla ?lej>t, That eight upon the feted dccic The lonely walch 1 kept. When, gliding o'er ilm \?-*el'n side, A agure toward me crept. A form I ne'er had s?h-u before, Willi tooUiUl like Uic Koake, The terror of that midnight hour ftitt bids my boeorn quake? Aud, Htratghl advancing, did tinplore My Wave the helm to take. Hie lot* was keen, hi* word- were few, Bis voice wu Ijw and char ? Tl.f mux it of iitt niello* tone Was melody to hear "Wheat e art thou, stranger frleiiil7" quoth I, 'And what thy n..r=.oi. ht rei"' ' I am the I'riliee of Karth and Air,"' The bred like term replied. "If Uioti, tli.'i-ellu.g doubt and fear, (lout in my frith abide, I jilertje thee, to thy raiife a'.nccre, I In- lilght we rule the tide. '' *'Tn me tht la)*."1 nt agt s -t < A brie! auil tleeticg span, M\ -hadow ditlkened Kdeti'R ?lr '11111?? Old Ocean* depth* I hmi, And traverse every *pot of earth, II.V.MII.L. I/, itjti. With arm of might, that dreadful Light, I ilrmli the fatal Mow? lfc'li. Id th.' thirk 'ninir tire drop* fu.II V\x-a the placid hrow? AilI hurl'4 the *up|>ll< ating fi rtn Amid the ?tvti beluw. Ilic billow* quenched the dving groan, And hohod tin- galling breath; I mw the rtrurk'imir lorm r> uowu To watery world* beneath, Without a ?lgh or prayer for him Who |?M>* <t frotii ?k*p to death. Atone, upon the homtdleM deep, I )kio the traikler* rea, Where'er the lulloay aurj. * ?W'-ep, No human faa I Iff? I little thought that there was One Who bad an e) e for Dt ! And now, all ouUafl'a death i die, My Imnda with gore imbrued: Tin Chrt?liuu> grave were nine, had 1 Th?' (emi-ier'n unare witbel'vd. Nor ?hed a brother*! bk??d (or gold, To forfeit gold for blovd ; T. C. C. Bkooklvm. June, U<K> gxixtTioN* !K York rf>R rrtr ia.*t KWI Till*. Th<- follow lug is a correct hit of the executions in New Ycrk durict; lb< la?t unit year* ? Bet-on and Ituglas*, executed July IKiil. Aaron st.-k. y S ) \cnib?r "tto t.niL/if ' February 27. l&M. Nktwlii H*?kt " .lauuary Willltin Paul " JannarI 1" ,U?e)>b n*ik, 44 February 11. l&W .!? 1.. Ilwf " January 27, 1964 John 1> tiraay, " July 17 1H67 Jamra Mngcr*. ' November 12. 1R0#. JunMnflMI, " ?? hruary 3 1M0 John " Uarrh 3U Imki Albert W. HtCkn, " Ju y 13, HOU. travtl to Ka rope. ?A1L?? or THK T*?*PH1P tMltTIC TO-PUT WITH OVER TIIKKE Hl'MUXl) PA?f fMiKlM. The foiled tUlne m?:i ?tcamafc;p A Jr.atic learca iL.a port to day at twelve o > l<?k M , o*rr> jog t?tl tLioe I: nail red Mil '.* Brttclaas pamnger*. <m bcr laat trip, it will be remembered, "be t'?>k oiil threa lnmlr~l and aeTcntyflvp paaarngera. Th.? nwi.tbrrnt >Uuin r haa *',r< My ha. comc ercm'. fmronte with traveller! to Europe, wb cb Jf owing a* oiiidi tA tbr ability ?i.<l ,lf??i vol popularity of her commasdet, Captain Oanrtock. as to atyuinr eiar. Tb# in the mom* gontleman under car* the fr g?t* Admiral wm taken to Kaxrta. and in ionr drratiro of tfela eerrlce be bar received a valuable pre ?nt from tho Cur to tbc &bapc of a diamond rxf. ?cn tbc mm 11 nornua, and tbnac to whom a aea vr rare m a aovclty, are relieved of near!* all aeiiety, wbile lift on ab.pboard loaea more tban half of It" m?aM-t?%y, when ?ti I'-arl ao worthy at d veil appointed a Rteamer a tbc Adriatic, is chare*" of tccb an experienced lc<* jad'cmu* mmao tier aa M ('apt CoaMock. H may t.U U> f.o'raiiy kaown tbal, with tbc exception of the Great fcaitern, tbc Adn attc to the largwt ileamer in the W"r1d. i Among ibe nam?a .o her iwtftj.r Hat of to ay, w? notice tbe following ? Hon John AppUtor,, late Aaautant Arr rotary of State, {ifeaenl failed State* Minwter to Ruaa.a (ieoeral IUJaey. bearer of deafwtcbet to kcwia and Franc-: Mr. Kjm alant* Spaitiab Mimrter to Metira; Re* I* Ctiecver, wbore frequent pbilipica against the tfcatbera Iaat.tutlow'' b??e <auaed au many diaaeweinna In It* flmr hj | Mcarr*. t.cor|c p pbclpa asd family, Jaa. A. C tiray at4 f?tnilj\ W K Hrotif, W K. Harrllin*, A L Uan.o, U. H. KumcII U9 e. H. kelloff. NlTtl liltlllgtatt. Thr rolled !<UtM Bag abip Jo?im arrived at Portamoutb, N. B . vn Uk- Utb Ml . frctn U?? MedHermocaa. after an bmmc* of mor* than I wo years. Tb? Hieoioeiu ra employed, dorloc Ui? flrtl year, la emulag apon ll? coatU '< Gr?*oa, Pyria, and F*ypt, da?? wMcb ?im* the baa beea occupied la prolactin* American i interests upon tbn ?? *? ?f My Tb* Mlowin* > a Itat of b*r wflcera ?C f. I*ry, I Vl?c Oflrtee A l> llarrrll, W,!llnm K. Hopkins, rial nb.rlejr, ?rar.< is A. Kne, .mtmr C. Bndin*. Lintenant* Jamea C. I "aimer. Fleet Hnrfejn; John V. i ? lttenrker, l*orarr K> OttiIIc Matthews. Drat Mm > ter li H Iwitcn, fecund Matter; "Ibomaa B. Steele, * iiwi Ataietaat ?ur*r?B, Chartea lxrandaa. AstiaUal Purfftm. M. C. Htttiager.Cbaolata: JameaLewis,Lieutenant lommaadiDi Marmet, A. 8 1a*t, Fla? Officer's Swrtlary Kleran Cooler. Parser's Clerk. Cbarlea L Franklin, John <.f .Bit'"", Ili'UhipmeK, Tbomaa Bennett, Rmltwa i>; I teflon II Cr?*a, Conner; (ienrgc W. RIMt, (krpeaUr, i WlllH*^ I Brayi**, %llmak??r; Joha M pjaan, William A I <w?ler, Morton Itrfitpa, Matter Matra. Fit* <4 tbc crew of the Macedonian died during ber cruise, Tit. ?Willlam Benton (it|*aia of Forecastle, la Um ( rer.aa Archipelago William Krart. Jr., Matter, ab4 i MiarW-a Clark, teaman, m Alrtandrla, Egypt, Lewi* , F<l?<?. landsman, and Joe?ph Hnae, Uij at NapW I The Vnitrd Wates steamer San Jaciatn. Capt. Wm M. Araiatr<?c, sailed from Okdn mt. on a rrutae J The C tilled State* ?teamer Grmnnle took her departure fr?'?n the New York Vary Yard on the 10th inst,, hoiintf J for tb? Brafl atitton Mi* leal?< from the harbor la r Bne nyle. :it?d prf?ee.l?ii |?> f? I ??????? Kir* In Wheeling, Vt. tmum, July II, IW Thr narehoiwc of Pu-Vy LiHIe ft Oo was destroyed i>y re yesterday moron g I oft 111,000

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