Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1860 Page 1
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TH WH(tLB NO. 8711. ABMYAl OF THE VA1DERMLT. THREE DAYS LATER NEWS FROM EUROPE. FRESH DISTURBANCES IN NAPLES Unpopularity of Garibaldi's Ministry. Arrival of the Benioia Boy and Jack Maodonald. THE ?REAT BELT QUESTION. Tie Belt of the (hanplon " Oftilned" In Ur*deu Till Paid Per. Depressed State of the American '/reduce Markets, ftC'iv Ac., Ac. Th? Un Mates Mil iteamstf^ Vauderbilt, r, E. I*fevre, funsnaader, from Havre, aud 3ouihampt?a on fun at ?'t?it P. M.,wriTed at this pon last wirhi, |rrHigmK 285 p^Beugers, full cargo of uBranaliy ; valu? .Wb'Coutmemal goods, and the accustom?4 French U<1 Parish mails ( * the list of passengers we And the following namee-? Co <Jtpnani, A.d do-camp to Prince Napoieon; Huu. J. ' > White, late United States Consul at Lyons, and"Stpior Iwr'm frem the Grand Opera at Pari*. Ool. Ciprwr> come? ben to perfect ti? neces??ry arMagemot)ufor the recepf.-on or his Royal Hiphncst Prince Mapoleon,-who will visit our ehorea in his new and supei* steam yaob: Casrard. John C. Beeiian, "Cteunpion of the World," accompanied by tis ol?Trr aud accomplished trainer Jack Mac Donald, '.s aico on &<*rd. Tli? Toy age baa b*i u thro ighout most oaseasonablo? tronj westerly i prevailing nearly the entire d^a1MM. On "Thursday, 6U inst., at 3 40 P. IS., ;n lat. 49 65, Ion. VO WI ^Ittnvu Aia^w, VUULM V?H?< um ? -?o?. sxohuged signatr with Swedish bark Amazon, in lac. 40 10 trn. 61 30, b** ling west 13th, In :at. 42 10, Ion. 00, spot s Amerioait arlt Racehorse, tsecad oust. Nomerous hU' jrea among the leather merchants haJ > -incurred is iter tend, tLe liabiiHiee amounting to ?7er a million and a ' alf sierlinn. Thu American booses to Ll'.erpool in th* hide trade were bo: compromised. There had fceeii fr?wh aistorbacscs at Napier. The police station* bad been sacked aad pillaged, and many persons kiHed rj ok irmisbes. the King had arrived there *ad immedia* y ordered the tarnation of a Motional - 4?uard. An ambaasm** from Naples iwa- soon expect*, to ar rive at Turin, with a protKNtfUo* from the Uag of the former, for aa alliance with Sardiaut. The ministry lately appointed-by Oaribaldi was enpopa tor in Sicily, and rrcah miuMarrea had occurred. Prince Napoiun will will s?oooo-< Jerome Bonaf arte aa . President of aha Privy Council. He will ocovpy the Palais Royal ac Merahal of Fmooe, and reoeifo Jerome's donations. The Neapolitan Minister at Parfehtd resigned. Hlnce the Baaaa Baden Owl?w the Prassiac Mini*-ter had held several confcreacee with Count Rachberg, "having for his object the bringing ateut of a aor? perAct understands between tbs governments of Jk istria *n1 Prussia. Tin Federal Council of SwitserUoc! will submit tfcc fol. lowing question Vc the forthcoming European Conference ?! the Ureal Powers?Is it to the interest ol Europe to Jcavc ibo Slmploa Pms perfectly accessible to Franco iriitosut demand (of that an understanding be brocght afeouw between the Kings of Sardinia acd Naples, rela'.ire. to U>o r?jnmon interests of tbeir lnters?is in Italy? TV- fertugoes* Mta.stry bad been d:sactved. 11m Isnmship Afm i, from New YotJi, arrived at I.verpool ?c the 3d InstTbe sissntnp Prisso Albert, from New York via St. Johns, N. t., arrived at Oalwsy on tbe 3d last. The steamship North Drlton, from Quebec, arrived at l/codonderr? so the 2d tost., en route to Liverpool. flklly. PiUMD, June at 1M0. Fresh dutsrksaces htve taken place, Oarifcaldl bat sent troops to re-establish order. His ministry was unpopular. Main t? Vstyles. Tbe I on don Ttmtt correspondent, under date of Naples, I June 28, says ?Naples is la a state of l lege. Tbe polios re huoti'd down. Tbe commissariat stores and arctjves tuvt been burned. Cannon bare been plaoed Inside tho Fklace. Tbe soldiersase everywhere. The is , lmnettss. v Tbo follow lag despatch also from tbe Ion (loo Tim* cmra^pLOdent at Nspl??, Is of later date Man the above? {j ? Kap/s is tranquil and tediftrent The police In tbe n Provicvs are persecuted Tbe constitution of IMS will * tW J?rg|EuJg*U-<] , June 28?Evening. Tbw evening riotous aaaemblages took idace in tho it Htrari* l! Tulcdo. '*) A gra&d /ala waa hoi.I to day to c?t*brMk> the Inaugnrt- j lion of Um- oonatltutional Dag. * Vaplh, Jan 29?Noon. il A *tate of *>'(" baa been letabiitbed ere. Tho city hl la 'I a let. TL. state of Baron Breui?r la aatiabctory. The q] constitution bM not yet be-n publiahed. The baaltb of < Bar<?i Br finer m improving, and be will noon be able to ('r mmn* bli funet?fcii? u Ambaaaador. The King *e*4a to 4 Ui" Fr.ncb Emtaaey twine a day to Inquire about bi* <** beallli. fj rinaarUJ and Coamtrrlal. be lOMDOV MUHBT VARKRf at Conaola cloned on tbe 3d mat. at 03S afl?^,for ar- m liunl. cx divfcl?nd. * Tkn waa a good <<ian>a I for money, and an eaiiy ,, nn't wan expected dor tag lAe coming week. id.A 000 of gold from A?*tnCia, hart aarlred in i>oodoo. tn LivnrooL cmjw harkkt. (n U'ttwot, July 3,1M0. The eaJeg ft cotton In the Llrer^"! market for tbe tbre* .lay* artdt d pp 3A.00Q hale*. Indexing 7,000 bale* to of epwnU'or*. Tha IMM waa irregular, with a down- h" ard un.lf icy, ?nv' quotation* weca barely maintained rr*T* or trap* n? mancbrhtrr. ?d AJxteeafto? ManctK-ater are unfavorable. There tm tore animation to tbe aorket, but prloaa ware hardly M r pportrd _____ ** uvrrpool hukirum warrbt. ?' ? Breadstuff* bad a downward .tendency, *?d all quail lie* lightly declined. WakeiVld, V"h * Co. erport tbe ma weather ha* bern fcvorahte for cMv.w. rionr nry dull. and declined 6d a U. per bbl. Wlioat dull and declined Id. a 3d per rental, red, 10* 3d alia white, ?* ,?|. ?1 a 12? M Dora had declined 6.1 a la , and bolder* 'M w?re pre**ing oa tbe market. There were considerable J,?, ^alet of yellow at SO* a 81* white 33r ?d a 84a a* LtvntPOOL FBOVI8IOV MARKRT. ' ' ^ tip rroTtoMU generally warf dull. Th', y u;o<? Cirsul*r? % E NE r.-p" 1 eef ao i pork leary, ud to elect tales a eoo iderabl red jetton rom ate quotations nec??aary in r*c 1 V?-t>o urn) Lard steady a t'? 5tf . M. Tallow - ly advanced, North American 44 4 i rvrorooL rmoDL'c* kamkt. Rosin steady a 4s. 6' 4 ? .iorconraoo. Spirit* turpentin dull an quotation# nominal a' 32 81 sugar I Urn.. Rice tarty. london mark its. :-ugar. steady. Code*, Arm. railuw, Arm. Saltpetre, flat. ARRIVAL OF THE REACH ROT. Bh Ipirtaciti at Ik iat*r Bin Ik fteceptko Exeoratoo, ta.. A*. Aa. . Mr. John C. Heeiuui, the " Benicia Boy,''ac.X)?ipanied l?y Jack Macdonald, liis trainer in the re< ',HH exciting priw; fight, arrived from Southampton, England, late lan uight. He was quietly received at Quar?ntln? T>y a few of his friend*, the hour beiug much too late for any popu lar ovation. TH* BEKNAN HBCBPTION KXCCltSTON. M' stra. <'Milpbe 11 ar.d McOubs, of the Malta Saloon, who are the 'nVmate l>k-t-d? and advisers of thfi Benecla Buy, whose ?fcU>rtous return to his native shoess haa been so long and eagerly expected, organized as excursion on Friday 'a?l to inteicept the VandorbiH, in which they wem r.lvteed'Ciat Hoenan had taken pas^uge, aud to give the'CmmpioB of Am rlta a Siting vol come home. The spl^adtd stetmtug John A. Look wood was chartered fcr tb*w purpose, and on Friday mornlti# a select party 9f Eeenan's firtisaus assembled a'. T'ier No. 3 North rtvrr, and after come delay embarked upon the steamer, fan mongers were al-o tak- n on b* ard from Brooklyn and Staten Island. A Urge supply of eatablee gave afsnras e that the inner man would he well provided for, and a swall trass cannon, und<-r tho charge of 8. Decker, 8. Wihrcs, "the Douglas ganner,'' and fcessrs Ferris urrtl Chatrvrs, was placed epon the lorward deck to thuoder its hrarty salute? to tke pugiVstic.Vting. Frank McCabe, Councilman Campbell, James Coi'ick (Htenan't trainer), Ned Price, of Boelon; Jamas Oxs-ello, J. Neflrw, of Albany; Chief Engineer Deofcir, >'r. Wii ans, of Baltimore; E. J. Christiansen, John Matony aud varlovr. city and United States officials, were amoDg the cotiq-ary, wh'fcfc numbered abo?t seventy flvo in all. After Mopping at Eedloe's Island to afford the pas ?en*ers an ojv'ortuniiy if witnessing the exeetst'.on of Hicks, the Lockwrod proceeded down the bay, on 1 iay off .sandy Hook dnriag 3i? day, and at night far anchor Oil the aovem?ent ivcka, oi> the J?rsey ahore Tho night wax prised ,u m^et mischievous pranks, end in the moat unburdened merriment makug, and early yesterday morniag the steamer age.a aailod off the Ify-is, and tbe watch for the VandrttrUt wag reMimed. Salutes were almost constantly fired, and wcro uekr owtarifftl by vessels. fetter:) for Heenan were :ed, in charge of Mr. Martmea, the pilot wtio usually taket* charge of the V underbill eft ber arrival hero, Alter a lay of an vus waiting, with oceas ouaj relic's in tbe fur-n of fWse Virtu* of ibe approach-<< the steamer, the eatables and dr.nkabl<s, an w?U as the Supply of coal nnd tt>?- pM.etK- ef the company were ethausted, and the I<ockr.on<j reiurti' 1 to thia city, stoppinc at Coney Isiaud, a: d.arriving at tyr do*k at about ntnc c clock. At" wrr? lugbl? pic uw<l with the excursion, and G?rap belt ana MoCMn received the u-.animoua thanks ; o| ahe company. It was generally Olserved, however, ibar. when any of them wished to tail: for Heenan again it ?ruM be m '> * columns of the -HraaLO. A lull acrourt of the eiai-ralon, its incidents and adventures wlM bag'rrn in t?-B? irrow's tmue. (juiVr a crowd wore feathered at M>3 dock npoo tb? arrival of the L?:kwood, and both there and along the DtwW lead In# from the dock ibe frecieat diaappouttaseiu was felt at Ileeaan'a non appearaooe. iU' V A L or TBS V AVrKRBl LT. 'I waa uetau- mul that another p-rty should bo finaid an I another bug hired, to put t? ?ea at twelrea'cloak test night, but a*, about ten minute: of eleven the arrival of the Vandor >ilt waa telegraphed to the Baum office. At the Vandcrbilt a dock there war Uirco or four Irishmen oaicctad, who acamrl to hav<- nothing to do wltb anf?-undane afTaira. Thsy oould not toll wN-tber or not the ?>amer would eoaio up 10 the dock, but'.bought that she would. A geatiainan who came up l?f irmed us that Mr. Torrance, the agent, bad declared that she wrould Ilea*. Quarantine, and that the first clasa par Jcngcrs would b j put a*bore at While Ml Pita new* created the greatwt excitement at ttic Malta Saioop.atd |??w b; observing this, dropped :n to seo if ifce Ben tela Boy waa rrcaent, acd quickly diaappaoivd to gife place to a*. ther cur ous tedridoal. CajK. JanaM Tura *r waa imaaaLlately sent fur, and ?tartod poaUmau: for the landing. Apartment have been secured for both Heeeaa abJ Maoduiald at tba Aa'.or House,aid they will he eaoducla* to thai hotel imnaC ately upon their a<rlral ia the city porrPCRrrr. SVKVA1, Two O'CUK* A. M. Heeaaiauid Macdaiild landed at t-aten Inland, floeoao is to e*a >lleni tiealth. tie did act b-lng hi* hardly onrr.m bolt a th him, for r aann* skitod elsewhere ia our onlurons. f7e are Inn r?^d that Ik" aar will remaia at Mr. Burna' bo'cl, at Quarantine, unt:l t> morrow, and tL<* number of, 'iia visiters U day will provably be very large, it number af lila int 1m.1V friends ic ttl* city bare chartered a feantug, and will procaed to the island before f lay light. . ffcecan quietl; dcslraa * day 's rost, and [ i I<ea?wo thtr in rain?thdt he can i* more seclude*! At I luriiS' to day 'han he oould be at any hotel In this ciU- I ? c Ocpartmre of Hmmm tor A merle*. a IKruiii ill*' I- nil.>u spirting Life, July 4.) f ami Jf li M.tcdonald rati tola tUy (Wednaaday) t ,1 alitut two o'clock. In the Vanderfeilt, for Amen b "liey v. il luri' Loudon for ?<>ajUi*inpU n at <|'iarter U a ght tint morning. and an>'>DK tfcnae win will *coo*npaoy b hi m to b.l lb?m ;?<ieu will be Tu? Aay era. Mr Cuxhlof, t the A .uaibra rwace, au<l a aeirct cirrk of mi' duaea r bfleen Orlendfl Hi*'iia?i npreaaed a wlah to have an f ntervlew with toe Alitor of the Hmartmg lAft prevloim fa 0 hia <1?pariur?, ia or<lor that !<< reia'ji thank but f Jiflwh fru-iirta for tho* numernw1 kindii?ia during hi* U tay to Knfla?d Jack Macdooaid accompanied ax to Ue New York Hotel, square, where wo f.mnu ? lie redovbtaMe "Boy1* to (he enjoyment at an after rl one nap. He, bowerer, Minn ?tart?4 up oo our rrlval: t-ut aa be lay upon ibe bed with hM coat off, he Ui all) did ?"t look (be formidable fallow that bo baa m roved bimrelf tWuan at '??-e rattk-d off iMn a boytrn te rrativecf bat he intend* W do with Murrtaaey wben Co r g. t* b"0?e. "I'll improv ilia/ rw?e of bi?," exclaini'-d ra ?!n. ia ? child with a hearty laugh-, nnd he continued, lr> ?)?n i .-e 8n?hfd K<>rr *ey I'll come over to En- af' mint again and eend thai Malt yWilge Infant loblbl,'' I re b??(Hi|ion Uie editor of the Sparttng Lift reminded i tb uo) that Hurst neemed aa if be touaol fl*hltng" Kit of 1 , ' ruarc out the Yankee champion, "be rantna money I fr? ia&iiiy, and hopes, by linking hla mun? t<> mine, to get I ell [i bet* flb> tlirinclnmt the country, oo the strength of a | ' rhl with me The Benuva Hoy, however, la evidently j ar iintiag upon an in mi net ion to Morriaaey, uu.l ever and ed ion evianne, in high flee, "wall till ( get home." j frnsaey won t tight. w* reman. " Ah'" (abo >U Hee all m again*, "be m it, besides, Morrlaaey'a In l*alnlnh to di? ;bt me wbeu I fet bark a friend of mioe ha* written : th? tell m* ?< . tort put a dash under the fact ??>i (( >< i r.? ji. in order ti. fire fall ei?*t u? bi* *i?p* tt>?? ' fin d of ft rvit-od m lift.- b?ou p -flljr omokiDK fgnr IU> hi* bed* ide, and ttoe frlerd atort# up. ami It*-pa out of | ach f<-r the rraMUftnor "f the afternoon. "Ile a a u?cr iiovloe, ' i?)* Jerry Moon, who Irui Ixvn j f LMsi'y tfivg the champion a* ho IM upon the bei| "I M? r ?hat be'II b<' wh? n he know* ? (Ittlo morn ' wnx for Mm* ins ii* ftil hi* u?litn<mlftl?. and. twith'-l?n-lii g Ibnr bring p*<-tce,t up |n r?adine*<< to r im th? Atlantic, be iu*i*t ' ? lugging out mail * Cl re cup to hira on Monday night The cip lira tar inscription?"Ibia r:jp t* pr?*ent?l to Jr. Hp eona by a f?-w Rnglisnm-11. (V?>| i?nU>r? of Mr J. ?*r?? "* n't ;W.Uir ftjj't H?>|w. giriRii';, tn alra>r?ti<ni !<t'1 hi- luftti y and genilrNuui y condor,I d>>rlng W" i atav In 'ogland lu addition to (til*. .1 rtjr of trlabai'n r< ?4?iia in tendon, Iiav? wnl'il w?tti in?Kntfl<eat poM ring, of con erald" ?akie ll? in * laid ?rt in KnglanJ ha* h-*n ^ th< mo t tnr>?;* niil'if At Ml e*|?n?e of ?*0 lie ** " iniM|iUmMi.n<iit?T'r the itiaUiH of hla country Ki i?, *Iki |t% buried ?t WiiiulMalM "The r frllow." ?a*l H?"ii*o lo w, "1 wa* deurmtned W ?iM bM fw fofjf'itlt'ii. mjI *hen tin- phy*ir?an who ttM bin In h,? filfti IIIim?> tmarvl what I I done, lie T< t tne ft |"? !> I kaU>\ I be otiljr th.nk In the w -rl'l Free r',al n tod V? caul bis tbi'u k-? died, *od i vnliw thai |T*l y mnch. Joiner nil no-turn n tirnt I 1 * r'ry * thout n h. It l oiks pres-nwd lo him at the AH nmhra i* not yet a i for. M> #ar?. Hancock, tbfl miwifftcturara, df Uin r?'fi? It ontll the mat ut dri' It la to b? rjarrttfltl hi* t irino arraim'mrnl h.*<l nof Wn r-a-le a^lut lh" ll?l.< i belt niietit bav n? n awured to for Pr A Ui)rf? lifted ftt pr?*enl tho prn?nnt?it<in at tbe tlrn arnica <"* < ft III re r..rre llcnin, b"*(?ve. rr.,| retae*f no rrgrH. it the loaa Of the new bel(, dau| dcr,;ai?j loc** poii it u a to/ i? ouBpftrlcoa wut> W YO SUNDAY MORNING wUb the belt which be yet means to tig tit for. D inu< Heenan's ktay to gland be baa made an wnmenao no. ber of friends from bis quiet and gentlemanly oonduct *' well aa bis great pluck and laleut, aud w? fW)l sure t > >. our readers wij) loin witb us In wishing tbe galliot Coll ?* and bis accomplished second, Jack liaodoDAld, a ? ?) voyage and a prosperous career. we may remark ibat both Hoe nan and jack itacdou ti 1 express their Intention of returning to England in tjctoixor November. Sayers ud Httnait ln Kdlnbars. [From the London -ipcutlug Journal. July 4 ) For some daya previous to Tfauraday lait It was an nounoed by advertisem^ts in the various newspapers, by plarArd* aad poufc'vs on the walls, of such magmtudtU*l..'wu those wh<t ran might re^t without tbe smaller' i (liSW'olty, that the ?? Cbucpions of tbo Old and New Workls" would, tin the above day, give two entertain rants ln the Zoological Garden*; tbe ttrst between two ; and four In tbe alleraoou at half a crown a bead, and tbe wod?I between eight ao4 ten lu the evening at ou<> stalling each, Ho that *11 that dwired might uvo an ipportunity of w.uii-esiug th-'se renowued heroes at a moderate chartf". A!" tTio hour of two appro; vclid a Htrewm tif cat?R and vehicles of various kinds, fliloil with vsuers, oegan to tyinr m the direction of the garden*, and shortly aflor lh?t hour there could scarcely have been U. wer than 1 ' 0 jvrsoos present, aud like thsuseembiape at Karuborougb, they represented almoHt n wy cia-s, corap-isiug members of the uobility, high legul diiftuaries, ail routes, lawyers, professors, paint 01 h, poets, miihors, arlu-ts, actors, merchants, clerk?. kr. Tt was truly a most respectable -uid j orderly a*p 'irblage Sayers and the Beueeia Ho?, us rtrry walktod about tbe grounds, chitting cheerful!} with their tnomU, or patting the light Huvauu. wore, (it a fuller ef couri-c. the observed of all observers. Th niif>r< ssmr scen.ed to be general, that the diapai lty n stee bettromi Tom and "The Boy" was not iju * j (Teat a* ;i:id been expected, but aa ihey were g< uvialle | talking apart froni each other, there had been uo (fpm i tnnily t'or judging properly. Both looked well ana ' cheerful, and beyond slight mark of a healed cut on J Hpeiftu's right ch?fk, neither bore any trades of thet j late cvere punishment. The entertainment whi-h toon plaoo in tbe open air, commenced with a scries of gym ns* ic performances by a couple of clever acrobat, on an elevated stage, about four or Ave feet high, used on or Unary occasions as an orchestra. This sttge which is 4'iout twenty feet ton* aci ten or twelve feet iu breadth, w covered in at the top, and #Mtl on three stdee the fourth being h*ft open, which was on this oc -asion protected by two lines of ropes (giving It som? ' what of a prise ruig air), while the space in front Is cspsble of accummodatmg several thousand people I fbe acrobatic part of the entertainment was looked on I with but little interest, as the spectators seemed more intent on witnessing tbe great display of tbe day; and ! shortly after the agile performers quitted the stage, Mr \ Morris ascended the steps, closely followed by layers and Heenan, wtra were loudly cheered. Mr Morris Uv<k bis place behind a email table, wh ch was brought to the front of the stage, and on whtcb was displayed the belts, Heenao taking bis position oo the right hand side, while Savers stood on tbe left. Mr. Morris then introduced tlie heroes to tbe assembly, and, in a short spoech, alluded briefly to the career of both naon, together with tbe events connected with tbe lato Farnborougb oncoun ter juid tbe presentation of a belt to each of the combatants, ; each belt being accom|>anied by an appropriate addrert*. which addresses Mr. Morris proposed to read, lest there should he any present unacquainted with tbetr uature; hut of this part of bis duly the audience kindly relieved bim.ns all seemed quite familiar with the addresses j Tom then took up bis belt, and holding it extei dod above bis bend. prueeeded slowly from the one end of tbe stage to the other, that the spectators might nave a bettor op portuciity of seeing It. Hrenan. who seemed to bave little desire for dvsplav, simply Imknl tfao two endH of hm belt together, and prepared to retire, wOeu a hiol from one or the spectators induced bim ah* to raise bis bell above bis head. It ru then announced that th. men would retire for a few minutes, aad, ou returnu*. would presint themselves as tbey appeared at Faru heeough, and give a m'mlo representation of that Mtooratrlecombat. The interval was filled up by more acrobatic feats, after which Ti>ra and his "big brother" af-ait) mounted the platform, attired in true fighting Coatotte, excepting that each wore a tight UttiuK rtiirt, tual or Sayers being sleeved to his wrists, while Heonan's long, while, muscular arms were bared fro n b* shoulders. Ttie relative sise of tbe men was now clearly seen, and it was at once uppareut thai Fl-enan's superior height, length of arm, an-i largo leep chest gave him a breat advantage over bis m"T? tiny, though wirykx-kuig competitor. Both men were cheered as oarh in turn planted a blow cleverly or stopped a well intended compliment, and although Heenaa'a length of arm eua. b'ed Ui> to reach Tom's knowledge bat more frequently, yet the latter droved he bad also that wtthin bim which l>as*etb shew,' by lh? way in which he quickly conn lered with, and returned many of "tbe Boy't" hiU. Se ven bouts were gone through, occupy ing rather leas than ten minutes, at the conclusion i< Which both were loudly cheered. The evening's entertainment waa much similar to that or the afternoon, t>ut the attMXtaoca waa much greater and waa more of a mixed character There oouid not have been leaa than from i 090 to 6 MO peraons pre pent. At tbe conclusion of the emring's performance Mayers ar.d Heenan started im nod lately for 1/mdon by itin evening train. Rttara of the Htv*ath Riflntmt. Tbo Seventh regiment, National Guard, OoIod?I Ia( 'erta, returned from Statcu falaud yesterday, ha no* been encamped there for the | <ut too days. Before leavtag Camp SroU y eater d %y ike troops derated the earl/ part of tbe morning to pack lac up baggage aod preparing for departure. Shortly after nine o'clock the troop {mount* 1) left tbe camp, m route for bane, and made thetr way to tbe ferry hy tbe regular carriage road. At teu o'click the tents were struck, and nothing eonld be more pleasing to tbe apesvator than to witness th prompt manner *s which the manamrre *? acoomplteti ed. After loosening the eordi two men were appointed to each tent, and each taking charge jf owe of the polee, at U.e firing of tbo atgnal goo the whole of tenia were thrown ovea tm tbe left, aad, where a mo aeul before a Tillage of oMHMetood an open apace appeared, brokeo only by the oners ibemeeWna Tne formation of tb- regnant aooa after took place Tbe following la a eapy of the Adjutant * report of tha number of men presentsField officer* ........ f.,,. 3 Staff flftcer*.. 10 Noc coram iMioncd ?Ufl otlcers troop 20 Drummer* IS Band ?0 F.igbth tt<mpany, C?pt rthu<?w*y 34 i fblrd Catipany, Ctept Criac 3d Onratiany, Q?pt. klerooa 40 fecood Oktipariy, ('apt SijUer 41 mirth n*npany,Oapt Rt'ckt 34 'evrnth Cam pan v, i apt Monroe 34 rint Compiny. apt Speaigbt.. XI r.rat Compaiy, Oapt Beosell 37 rotal in The regimes t then proceeded to the railroad a la t let.. ft (**' fur bi-tn> At the ra*H-oa>l a'ation a special train, mna atwg of 4re covered and three platform care, with eaic, was 1*attendance to oouvay Uie regiment to tbe erry, and waa aoon Riled with the member* Aa t!ie rain t aaeed akrg ladle* were to be aeea waring U* tr I andkerchieib frjm tbe window* of their r*atd*aes*. ar.d vera' cheer* frt m male n>%oes waro >orne aJuug by Ik* 1 reexe. (M> mm It int* .> r.- l-.W.I. t 1 ? ley up Joined h;- (hp troopers and U.' four large b?? I ?*e *'*# wtuei latter, u,i4er the earn of Mr. Stodley, ad proceeded by ike carriage- ruul heiore leaving Uv> > inr.'i Hi" play d 'rtie<;in I un Hrhmd M-,' ui ?e men gare txwly -heerg for JM Ktot*r. Islander*. 1 The r< g ix<-nt emb*rke<, on ltn? ?*ra?r Josephine u t I Mk' dlrsot An the ciif Tbry w?r* rwitM on their ar < v?J tor lb-- Waahing'an "ra/?, ICrjfhth regiment, I.l?nt < I (VWrbort, oomtrauling, in? -rir>? 3Vi men ail I Id. A* the steamer having on b<?M ?he*<ventb reg I cot rwarod ik* dork, a aalute w/W fired the bow it I r battery attach"! w. Ifie Kigbttr n^imetr-, u? ler th? I mmaml <>f<V4 J M Varian Th'* f-Jf * we fired >n I pid suoresaton. and IH<rih bnt fou- mtt-ut* and a tialf 1 Are ran- b indrrd and two g ins Tb? K^blfc reg imenl. I ler the co*t>?nary exchange of sacoct' MNlMale*, pro eded up Hroadway to I'ark place Int" Utf ?Ml fate of I < |*rk and |>a?r'd to review before tb* Mayer to front H (be City Hall Major funeral Ssndford *>! a ikiajUtlon I >m both t>nuicbea of the OimaMo Onti. ?. *iu? other ly official*. were pr> sent, " The Seventh presented th?dr usual line *o. "dtfi/ fcppear a i*. and. with the eireptioa of b?ing snnli Wit, "/klbit- b no III i-ffecu from lb# arduous routine 'if c ' ' ' riie root* of march wa* con ti tided op BrtaiiV" oppo C e the Metrrpolltan Hotel, where the Seventn T<%.iJT'-nl ? wn?rt. The Eighth regiment deaerve great tr*Ut *>c n > liberality displayed on thla occast m. Tbe tterct'h [imrnt, >'D the mar b. mustered eight cotni of il een (Ilea front, and the ( ighth rrgiment, foVrtcn ti a f>ont Tbey were loudly cheered along the rou<* ' Aid Atrihc Widow Mafhcw*. ? me d..;iar inwards the fund for the relief of the wid ow ill thewa. IKDLAMA. I v I)aM*illr IVawa Itrma. . on o* Ww?i Kinoi* roa m?to Win Mi ? -t. ntidenaed review of tbe aertoua disasl -ni on the Wen. "i river*, >?r the Brat *1* montba i.f the prnaent year Mi r<-?<'id a formidable liat, lavolrlnft t It-low of many *> * and much money : na im)>"iu aunk *nd dnmaged by If# 5 f?t> kmUmta anafged nnd mink 47 wl imboata run into bank A it mlx?t rolllaWma. T ph< inilM?i? burned 90 imltoau annk ou fklla.. 2 11 urtiotta mink by norma 90 imboat etplneiona ft 1 hir.ery broken 10 iaWata with bridcea.. % " .J dril tal tteamboata 13A m It"*" ,hr boal* atid Nirgea... A a of Urea lost ]M !* mal"^ aggr< r?U> loea II 732 *X ???ir lKimw>? Kintujrti rwm Aiahama ?Pro'. F. I<aw thni * Hale a lertnrer on Flectro Rini?cf. has fc?re| (;tf| ejerle?t |W<m the city of Seltna, Alabama, and p?ib ^ hi the papera of that city as an impostor. Th> ' or reprr-aente.l himself as a bachelor, but tbe airw nbr er f va l Krt says that Mrs. Jaae Hale, wife of w-,r i I. Hale, the leaknrxf on Klectrt) Ri<>logvtMd fhter of ( .1 "tock ton, of Fayetu county, VirrilM, It ?,|r I Tor ? u?verc? Cr.iu ber hmband - I KK H 'r, JOI4Y 15, 1880. THB 20UAVE8 DV NEW YOKE. Arrival ?f Ow Vsltid 8t?td Zon??? ? ?d?U ml (Atoafo-lUotptlan mad '?re? rant at ttM Alter HoaM?Taelr Drill Be?#r* (He Mayor tad CtMatoa FoasetlT?a HiagH Takes Off the Ftnt Dtvi k? IV. V. . M.t 4M. New York ?u treated to another (ten.jation" yesterday morning by the arrival of the celebrated United "t*ta Zouave CMete, commanded by Capt. E. E. Ella wort), alio reached the city about half past ?lx o'clock, by tie splendid steamboat Isaac Newton. The excursion (eta left Albany the previous evening about half past sevto o'clock, and came, of courae, directly to this city. No^iibetandiag the early hour of the morning, the great repttatlon enjoyed by the Zouaves induoed several hun drw people to get out of their beds a few hours earlier thai utual for the purpose of witnessing the arrival and rcc$>tion of the strangers. Tbe pier at tho foot of Cort land street waa occupied by Company F, Fourth regiment of aitillery, commanded by Gapt. Janu-9 McMabon, and a ueiatnmeui or sixty non from the Mil regiment, Col Pinciney, were also drawn up in military order close to t tie Una ng yutoe of the stunner. WIku the Iulsc Newton, with the excursionists on board, ?ua*%rt!i'n > V"r bundri J yards of tbo dock, a colonel's sattiir'C nine g tu? w?g fired by Capt. McMahou's com i*ny( tollnwol up by three tremendous cheers, which wwl h?v< l>*en very llaivering to the strangers. In thi* uemoustr it'.on of welcome < he people joined heartily, and h> Ajuhvi respoint?d with equal scthostaans in tholr iwn peoeliar way, wuho<t borag able, however, to make (uite so much noise, 14 they mujtercd only about sixty ultogdlhcr. Th" reception of the '<10rated corps by the Sixth was conducted in much the us^al maanor, and alter soma little delay the march was pursued up Certlandt street to Uroadway and the Astor lievw, in the following order ? Compauy K, Koarth regeneut, Capt. McMahou BwiV Detachment of Sixth regiment, mdor the eoraramil of Oapt. Ihirn. S. Kirp*jy. Bona The Zouave Cftdets, Capt K K. E1Vworth, commanding. At the Aster House ?hc escortl?|companies and their guests Blacked arms 1* the oar ro^m, after which they marched up stairs to the refc<*ory, where a bountiftii breakfast was spread for them, i'reviota to giving the order to charge on the edibles aad drlnkableo, Col Pinck >kt addrefted Col KUsworth, tke gallant rotnmander of the Zouaves, In the following manner ? C01 Euxworth avt< Csjm eusm? In welcoming you to ihe city of New York. Ihebixili regiment oftr )ou a slight (epsst. Previous to this interesting ceremony .however, I will call upon the Rev. klalthew Male Haiitti to invoke a blessing. The Rev. Mattksw IUls Smith. chaplain of the TwolTUi rrgiment, then offered up the following prayer:? We thank Thee, O Lord, for this bright and beautifbl morning. We thank Thee for the gathering of those Itlt nrts of order, law and good government May this in tercbange ol good feeling ano soldierly regard strengthen md |K-r|>etuate the bond of frutornal g<?><i will, and ruakmore Qrtn the bonds of our brotherh<iod and national liar j mony. Bless these Thy servants who visit our city Ma> the visit b? full of good results, and may it ever be that our citizen soldiers niay visit each aud all section* ol' It*land, and thus perpetuate wnat the valor, M*critlc?e and I |*l, iotism of our fathers won. Uuard these Th? atirvanu while away from home; preaerve ih?-m in p?-ace and <ii, | ty, anJ then return them home ful' of pleasant memories I connected w th this visit.and resolved In b? m?.r? nHtm of tbe ftmo (hey now etyoy. Re with us an l our clufdrcn, as Th' i *ut with our lathers, for Uie sake of our bltaaed ReJe?Qj?r. Amen. A few lot led guests were present at the breakfast, amoig whom we noticed Col. Butterfleld, of the Twelfth After brcakfutlug at the After iiou*e and enjoying some necessary ripo**, the Zouaves again shouldered their musketa and formed In rront of the hotel, In readiness for the march U tbe Sixth regiment armory, at Centre Mar ket. The osrortlng rorps, compoaed of the detach meats frotn the Governor's tJnarl and Company F, Fourth regincat, > took tbelr ptanioos, and at about a quarter pact >?* o'oioak tbe march was oommenoed ?p Broadway, it the laike order as waa observed In marching to the hael, Colonel Ellsworth commanding. Tbe appearmoo of the celebrated company while draw* tip in front Oftbe is tor Boose waa bailed with gencina ecthusiasK. An tmmense crowd of people Oiled the side walks, and tho stoop, windows and roo' of tke hotel presefted tbo uitual spectacle observed on all oeewkns of a public parado. Repeated j shouts of apftuise greeted the strangers at every step, and their alvuiar and rather fainaetic costumes at tra< ted ronstdtra>te attention. The march was pursued < up Broadway *> I'nion square, down Kourth avenue and Bowery to (JiUJd Street, where the procession filed .'.O | the right, andpr ceeded vo the Sixth regiment armory, I corner of Cwtc fti<-? t lt< < - another <lense mast wf j s|>? eta tors w?*e assembled, and re<*tved the Zouafsa ! with a rightr?7?l salote of -heering and busaas. tbo j I drill room, ino wbich the profession marched i tart ft- | | diately, was tM'efnlly decorated with American j lid tbe regiaeatal i>aun< r* oz tho Bulb. wmlc at iDU-r ral* Horal vr?-aUi? ud unaerous appropriate derireit j w?re hung u)Wi tb? walla, In * dimple, yet elegant inter, 1 lint rcfliTM an rmall credit u|?>n the designer. Tbu words, 4'Weeo?i} iCousrv*," in frilt letter*, were am?u? the decnraltos U.&1 deserve trcntion taring tte sntrcr of tfc<< Zouaves, the Figfc'fc regiment, wb? were aider order* to recnlve the Hevcdh cn their return from the flater bland etwampw, tit, h-wred the stranger* wilt, nine hearty :he<e?c and a ' tig<a ar,M In which Uw? p<yu la.e joined with good will t<n reach log tbe drill roor. the racorti* oh* j and the iouavas formed opposite sath itber.and tbe former went through a Dumber of evolution* ii admirable atyle, soocluding with a rear of the m<*t d<\fenuif applause, intended ax a welcoming salute to tlf atrajRiTK. ttf latter were Ihna put through a IlUe M: uf choice drilling, performing eaah wvivemetit wUi a promptness amt celerity wbirb elicited U" warmest eoraaa. am* t.oa*{r, after stack In* arm/*, O I. EUswurtl order* 1 bin m>* to acknowledge the w?l ?no of the Mxth as I Eighth regriimta, when a si nulla eoo'ia about >f '-One, two, tbrai , tour, Ore, six, aerea, Wive, tig-Mr," treated throe time* orar, followed, *i? ii with tie same unison and p omptn?s* aa ware observable In heir miliary aiao<?*.7res The men were dl*mi*aal lor a UU!o repose prerloiia u> Uie eihiUiItna Irill in font of U* City Hal1 whicb was act duwc f ^r h Jf (?st t*n o'clock . Ill' MINI 1m Chicago in uaveaapt , ?r to her m: |<?eed of very young d n.athkil meJium height, fcaerally grod looking and wefi foi wad. Thai'gay, fatiuatr' uniform*, acarlet tin-ecbes Mid aa(l, girsthem a llrsly *pirtt?d appearane*, inter mn gw*. with a slight daahaf tie frrocttus, ?hi -h Is strppos? <1k Im Bpr>min?ot aita-acteriatic of tbe Imperial Kouava,J4oli?d by tb? meremtal Krenafiman. Tbe im t<res?1r? on .le wh de, maU< by the r Oral appearance )r>wterdaf, ww deridedly ^avotahle The following is a Sill llsttrf tb? r?>rps ? '(flcen? F KJlrwortb, Co) Commanding: J R Soott, ? ret l.'?ufc nuit H f) laltn, fenronl UetiWiant, Charles fte Vlllltr*, Hirgeua; J B Tayiar, Paymaster; Hay den, >*lerly Scqiant: Knox fecund Kargeant, Wethercll, rter?i*iu r Boteford, Cokr tis.-goant, Str ut, Bugler: lean, Guide. * CttiflU?Tuaker. Connor. Rirtiav 1?- n. tb'.r ,lim? f i*tf *ibl?y. Br.iod, Cutirr, M- ' i auoy Hnailii, Sratu>r- i j, W ?<1?\ !fciai.?ldrr, Bank*. ?? /< ' '*< "'l, fV*)U, Broarn, , ??? 'lumw Ijirabw, Hall, I* *i?t Aik<-n, iTalbani, 1 PriM- at? iWIwin, Hand, H>'kjr^n?t, Walttar, Pbllllpa, " i>ntwe?tl \u^0. Frum fc Hnnd?A J. Vaaa, laador; 8. H nMt, (truck, Barnard, ? l?lm? IMarwortfc S'ur?b?r?i-r, W Dnuu'. S liuiv ik?r, Itvnf, lV i>|rulcr WYrlb, OiafVy, Xeriur HoImosu-i. S <1 h-ai, Q Iran. teller. p fi will %> w*n fcjr thla that th?y nunbr aome flirty nu>? -t* K.| <wf>rth lh* comnmnanr. tf * hati<l kini. nfln rr. a"par?<ntl)-very rlfld >? dlaeipliBa, r' n i Mi?' warnljr Inffd tijr hi* mrn B* m a <tra<lu?U? of ?' ! IVuil wl In IL s fk.1 |*-rbapa M diw Uia pr< (I tce< f >< but mnn. Tbc full dr? ? inifnrm <>f tW Anuarna p nb?i*tt atf a 4irk blu<-?.oat. with huff trioiru m*. and If i,U""HlMd Tap* of Wue. wtib fimilar triaiMuti(* to u xne nii iJir Tb'-'ull %n*n uniform worn >? ? ? t'Uini ?f Hwlr r?v r}.'ion r?oal?l# of lonan amrln t,? ?>ri. wiJ> a fifd cord ? r a blur-?tr [?" hurh irait*ra b> ??1 Mm* w*. with ?>rm?f^ b?ai<), and a |?tii tar u Kt<'rn of tnnlra uHi^w ffcclrw a jark??t of hli*\ with r?-l id nwr Irtatmiigr aid bit'l bottrmr an t a rr ii< " l rap. with biaak I %n<! ai'l ..ran** MMriM In a.I'lilK* io tlae atova, they atro havrfal>*i* um'urma ,t, *1 a chaaaaur uniform eon?t?iin* of rnt pant* anl Moo Mf beautifully frtng<*l and trlcjm'd. Puriri< Ihotr *y III New York thry w III b' th *u??t' <,f thr ^ *?h tri g?a?'nt, and will urr all tli<Mr mo?l? al lb* Valor Ho o. 1|J( it b^rf prartimi beiirwr* In Ihr mv?t ri*r <! dlariplinn, ry ? ll rlKpp r?n Ibr tum-a of Ui? rr?mwniAl ar Wf. * <?ltr? Biarkrt. w th Dolhmi*?p?ral|nf lh m v ibr bard bo?rd? but tt? acarMt A>utr<> bianki-u in ?-fc wrap itirmHvw aa ?i'i([ljr at tftry <an. and m iucroaafully eourt tl* ' mbrarra of Mor ?w- <n mtUL or rue zotavm ik rwnrr or nil crrr on ball. V frcat aUj^rikii of jra?t*r<taf, a?d for wbtaii oair rrra wr# p*\*ri4 trrrt) lay? prr\ Hnialjr, wm tbe II b) tU* /iwin Tbr Lour appninl?4 for th* ?r??t J i lialf r??t two o'fMk'k I' M , and frt<f brfor* that b<-ir <M' w ndoam, b*if<.nuf and rt^pa of Ibr Ctly Hall, and lh* , he and trr?? to Mm Part, mtrr Uiro*fWl( ovoopt a por (Im i poparaUd by rhama and (toardod by f?<l?*?tm. h* I ?*a alk.tu-'t Ihr Uia iiw of tba Mayor and .m?n Ctaaccll. Tborc war.' at Iraat tra thoa I i P*raona it- < mbW to tulnraa lha tfrlll, and ['''t inf ibm thora of alt rooditlnaa and aa*ra Shortly qf i r lliroa o'akwk, Uw> 7o?ar?a, ua>l?r tb? aarort of ipanf R, r*% m?nt. Oapf B Acbvirtf, af-mi M >F I (004 las J of awic, eolcreU U# waat fmi [ERA] gate of the Park as the troops marched to their posliioQ ill front of the city Hall, they were freeUx1 with applause from the anxious multitude. Both oommandti were then reviewed by the Mayor ihe great matter of interest to the Impatient crowd apprwred to be to wituesi the Zouave drill. A number ot the Zouaves left the rsalts prior to the drill, tod those who r?m?nW uambered sixteen flies front, or thirty-two men, e?ia?uuy picked men. Tho drill commetced by "exercising iu the manual of arms in open ranks (Hardie), as it progressed elicited round after round of euthus' ^atic applause from the ten thousand spectators present, among whom were many of the officers and p-jCn of tho Seventh and Eighth regiments, in full uuifonn. In their txecuilon of tho manual ol arms Uw Zoouv es are very quick; but in opening and cloning ranks %nd dressing tbi-ir movements are necessarily slow In the loadingHn<l firings, many of the companies exce,'i tho, itht r executing tb? m by motions or single word of com maud. Their tiring by flies and by fours waa very good, and by far the best executed movements in the rirst pai t of the drill. In tb<- company movement* oi the /ouavis, yesterday, among wbioh ?vnrc opening, doubling ?nd closing ranks; on r>Kht by (11 tulo line, one ian< for uiulion, marching in column bj wni|*uiy and platO'us? <n double quick t me?and als'., |U the ol>ti<(iic step, they were all executed with * ur<cision which, in our , pinion, cannot bo surpassed iu this country, and for "v,v uu* F* ' F" ITW, I1UIW 1 iflnwUlii'*'11 WW U^U itimUtkiu of tho corps which preceded them. Tbe third part of the.^xhibition was tho skirmish or dispotition agains', tav^ry lu this they proved their iuperiortty. Ite <japtoyments in apen rank, to tho right ijii J tefl, formatioi jj ?( i(I*rs (comrules id battle) <md tbe mrt movement, % formation ag?mn cavalry adRault, >u * irh ibe troot # formed In a sort of pyramidicr*) ahai>e wore superbly' executed, and elicited much appiaure During the '"Acnttoo of tho manual at arms and. company drill tin- Zo'jawB wore knapsacks, but in the* skirmish ?? ill they 'jubIuuk CVm Tlio Zou 4v? drill wan well calculated to ((to the bo bolder an idea of tho efficiency of tho system in actua1 coml at. Avoiding tbe formation into i^Hnpact bodies, and tb<jti lessening the eBect of both artillery and cavalry ip< n them. tbey deploy In small squad* <jv?r a largo ei lent of IHrt as tklriniaVrs, with *11 agility and s >ringt ucss ot movent-ht gtvjig tho greatest passible tti ct to both their lire and bayonet assault, yet easily aanembliug togeth-r \?bfu requiring consolidate* action. The ro troat, the dbeer on tho run in rallying to the ceutr ?, appear to W.cite ac enthusiasm in tneir ranks. We do not pretend, in this article, to bo precise in tho order of their drill yeakorday; sutllco it to nay that, Pom tho very irst movement the t Waj;rw>)8 maids, tho confident i&xprcesiea of their eyes, tbe uunormity lu' tbe Bise of tbe men, and their true mill tary bearing, aid ad'Jed to this ibelr easy tilling uni t'irma ronvmcel the military CMuiotMKurs present thai there-was muwle, will sod disoipliiio *u the Chicago Zou avoe wicb aw hr.vo not yet boon *-vrMoj>?d in this sectxvo of ibe ? uutry , aud, ?? doubt ?->t, tombore in tho I'uioo Todeaenbe tbe. drtll in detail wouM require more space ttiim wc cati devote to it, besides tho technicalities tbe words of command, difficult of comprehension by Uje unskilled tn military matters The Zouaves, or Ca det*?the ft?rmer the moat proper came?are organi**l upon the Hjf gteirv of the Chasseurs de Vinoeunea and the Zouaves of the freneb army, both ct whom have a wurldaide celeb rity lor the precision and (kill of tbelr tiictics, and the lal iter of whom displayed tucb terrible effectiveness in (b' j late Italian campaign. The con ,j>any is composed almost entirely of young men, who are ; >r?j?red by an arduons-poursc of gymnastic disci pilne and muscular developem* ut for tbe proud military triumph* , thvy have achieved. It was tho unanimous opinion i i>f tho various representatives of military organizations i (>reocnt that It would bo utterly tmi?Msible for a ixnly of men of the tame number to take tV'-in tliem tbe V>alm of superiority whtoli they claim, and havo thus far mamta ined. At tl ie conclusion of ttoe drill. Captain Ellsworth, of the ! 7/m?v? a, was warmly greeted by the military men present at Uie high state of discipline to which he ban brought his oomrr and. Indeed, we aro bound, lu all juslicc, to ackixiw ledge that the 'Aonaves^ generally siwaking, ar? sul"'f i' r to any com|iaay in the First Division. Af let the drill the Kouuves rod the escort marched bark to I be Niith regimeat armory, where they were dis una *ed. Tlie Zouavea will attend divine service at Trinity j chu rch this foreooon, at half past ten o'clock. I 1 NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. A rrlval of Um Csltfornla Overland Mall. Van Boa an, Arkansas, July 14,1H#Q The overland mail coach, with the regular dan Fran< iico dales of Judo 36, and telegraphic ivlvices of iho 1 i'lih, arrived bcre at half past tea o'clock th? morning. Pi* through psaangers ?an?e with the mail. I&uv Txahcwoo. June 26, ltt*t There have b?ob no art ivals of vessels hero stuoe the d nurture of the laat mall. Mailed June 24. ship* Hidalgbt, for Melbourne, and I llack Warrior, for IfazMlaj. The Midnight took 23jVOO I ?i k* of wheat. Ho limited hare been busU'"?fl transaction* tor the week ' that a retr<ispe? umbrae :i><* flails would afJ'Hrd little of interest. l'rixo jf cJl artk. ee have undergone no im portant (hango. t The sfla'ra of Breirst?r A Co., and oth?'r business lioussa Inch lately farted, arc still subjects of general di?cu? i lion. The long etpeo*e?! foey expresr, with SI. I/hiH dalsa of I . i " ?'r v. .1 at O.raon Valley rn tlio evonin* of Juna 3, and will nvurfc flan Fraactaan tonight. Tlie jiroapect J c r re establii-hlng iliia anlorprit. en a permanent baaia is I ^matter or oonjfrat-ilalioo i mio Supremo Court, on the SJC ln*t.. rendered a dact ?K<n adreriw to tie I'etcr Smith t tloa t" rmJ wilt in Sa ii Krancieco, except to tb? beach and waU-r low, ?rhn b ar ? confirmed. Uany million* if pro:*rty arc afl'ectfd by lb'* dittfion. It Is favorable to ?-tt r- n the neighborhood of Has Francitoo, an<1 destructive to the m heme* of real nutt speculatura In ti.0 raxioua W win of the atatc I Tli'1 tU ainrr I neb- rtfcm 1c adverted to Mil fv.r Panama on the 30th loit., carrying the New York and other bat L em mail*. [ Capt K. I'mdlctoo, who ku convicte-l laat year of em <My to aearaen on board the bark Sarah Tcrk, on the Toy- | tje from Liverprol to Ban Fraacmco, haa Leeo dmJiargnd , ft m cualody, harm* s?-rYo<: out hi.-' terr. of one year'* ( IXpriannment In the county > I and paid hi fine of 1175 ( mrial returna from the Oragoo election fire Hhtel, ttie <2c? ocrattc candidate for Ooogreai, seven!y aj/irity over ' U<#-?, tho republican candidate ' TU^ atcamer Columbia arrive*: as the 33d met., bring ? log ax Junta frotn Creeoeot City vnd the northern ooua ? t:ro of the Mate. The exettcmeat there regarding the t new c?;-r?T rnmra continued, and ?ac claims were being J' opened v;lth excellent proapects. c Tifl pn*i"? at ill complain at tha tleprdation* of It* In- g it-anr, wUj kill cattle whenever opportunities occur n A large (.umber of Clilnamc* have congregated at 'he ^ aa^ioru, waiting conveyance to Bt^iah Col jmU_v f, wU (her Utey go on account of the^ lax in CM* Can. ^ a Tba W- ow*aj waa telegraphed to Vital la:? Saw huiiram Jane u?' p ? v| TV ahlp K?t*rprl?e arrirod off Uita port y*tor<tay. fc1 lb# mu boar Jod ')/ * nowly appointed pilot who cndoa U rorftd to entrr too harbor durum * ,l om fof ?w * rrotmcX a*ar ll>r rutranco and r?mai?od la iwilouc ^ Jtuatlni u*iil IbM a-onlng, when, a/Vrr roanv in# part of ^ ?r cargi>, ?lio war ? -t off and la now boing t?w*J io he baa U'Ak'il coocidcrably, and part of her cargo la Uutiafcd. Tlr amount of Um la not yet known, but It ia jn, rob ably not ?ory large The ateaeier iknaUir Ita* *rriT?d from San Dlogi with a ranpany of United State* luop* (or tbo Waab *> min><# ."I* Lrn April 4, ?t?lp Wild Htr.grr. from Bnatoo thi? ,r ort, In the South Pacific; A^'lJ 10, latitude 36 north, iifItmlr 76 went, Alp Witrbnwfl, from Sow York for ti* port. Tb Tlie pnoy e*pre#a will not be daapat/-hod thla week. it j (in* f. ond imp-x* '?W K> rwoHnUoct tho a tat ion* ao ou Probably by the latter part of M*t *Mk tt will no It* trip#. BrwM?r k On'a Mock waa aold jeaierJay by the & ' w#, for $36,400 an< Tho Market* aro utterly aUgnant. with a downward poi n i icy. >>w *ale* are mado Ramraa m ?ery gloomy try! iced, witLcmt any proaprct of rovli-al till titer July 4. jj,,. Naprrair Crart. l'ra Brf ,r? Ikm Judge lafraluun. 'l-r< JrtT 14 ?A motion waa made by Wr NcMahon fbr aa fra allowance und*r aortic 90V of tha c."?do, which w?* life I l??fd by tho Corporation Onwinel. TV Court all/wod t.i, a per rot)l in aJWlttoo to all r?na, namoiv, $1 3M ? ?- mad tfc? RUfrr Katr. j0jm IHITKP ?TATW? COMMIHUIOMCa'SCOVkT. Brfbre OnmwMit Morten Trir 14 ?An th* maOtr if iKr OmilM .t<M H wlti? a. Matter nf tki b*rk Ktt' ? Tb? examination of tho .. Vndant in thm raao waa to hat? boon ri?i,nH to day, I ball waa pnt to, and tbo areuaeri waa diorhargwf until ?r?ri i A?gn* i torwi Jew* ffrarfdnok. who waa ball in . oaa<- "f tho allogod atavor Em.17, Socamo roroty fbr "n! ><aiii Olio. ____________ oKlx laxiwtm II HHPiaairVt ?Tlx- Wfrvlutii montinna tho m,n owingaingnlar rumor ?An rr?niiod band of aliolt to t JI?U la aatd t o?>at la Hi" onrnor of Clark and Wayne, _ . lb la Jtato, and fbnotaw and Waahington, ?.f Alabama. ,>*' o aro dof) lug the poo^'o iwl tho anthorlttoa < tiaidor dHio a etrltomont bad baea rrratod In ^nitman and "4h?r , , tigxina liwaiitloa, and th<> ri?nona Uwroof war* pro j>t to Mioft u?? awt r?^tlr?4 W ?%M? Uh ?imti b?*|'i LD. ritfc.* NEW PUBLICATIONS. Rook* Rrrrlvtd tu JnlJ 1, 1840. Manual do la Maconeria. The Black (Jauntlet. A Mother's Trials. l?ight at Last, and other Tales. Travel* and Reparoles in Eastern Africa. Mis?i?ns in Japan and Paraguay. Th? Central Gold Region. Ihntorical Sketch of Commerce and Narigation. MoninambuliFm pnd Cramp. Margaret Moncrieffb. He Boihuioui on Hallucinations. Hawk*vieir. A1 vim K?..u>um ill* ? n?iv vu riavrr/? I .eaves of Gruss. Handbook of Artillery. School of the Guides. Handbook to Europe. Holcombe's Poems. BisselPs Panic and other Poems. Fa Uriel's History of Provencal Poetry. Fragments from the Study of ft Pastor. Ranett's Letters tfn.thc Divine Trinity. Mitchell's Popular Astronomy. Pbilemoa's Revised English Songstress. Hitchcock's Anatomy and Physiology. Marriage and its Violations. Thirty Years to the Arctic Regions. Cicero on Oratory and Orationa. Punshoil's Sermons. Panesbury House. History of Uenghis Kban. Abridgement of the Debates ofj Con grew. Vol. 14; 1S39-1843. Steam for the Million. The Tbree Clerks. Dr. Smitk's Smaller History of Greece. Debates of Lincoln and D< n^las. The Watch?Its Construction, Merita and Defects. The Union?A Poem. The Little Beanty. Fifty Years of a Playgoer's Journal. A New Age for the New Chorch. Japan and the Japanese. * History of the Republic of tie United Stater. Ida Randolph?A'Poem. t Expo ad of Gambling. 1 Natural History, for the Use of Schools and Families. MaM'al w i.a Masonkrta, (Manual of Manonry), by Audres Cassard. Published by Macey A Sickles, N. Y. Tl>(a iu a vnlunnnoiiH work of ovor IfktA narfaa ~ ? large octavo, containing all the forms, ceremonies and catechism usedjin the various stages of Preo Masoury. The author seems to hold tin elevated position in the Order, judging from tho string of titles appended to his name, such a* Very Potent Grand Master of the Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection , la fraternidad: Very Equitable Sovereign Prinoe of the Grand Council of the T. i iccs of Jerusalem; Very Wise and Patent President ?f tho Sovereign Chapter of the Rosicnicians; Illustrious Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Grand Consistory of Sublime and Valiant Princes of the Royal Secret of the State of New York; General Representative'of the Grand Eastern Lodges of Venezuela, New Granada and Caba, and Plenipotentiary to the high Masonic Powers of the United StaUs, Ac., A<'. The book ia dedicated to the very illustrious and distinguished brother, Albert Pike, Gr.\33, Very Potent Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern district of the United States of America. The author declare* in the preface that he has been iudaced by tho scarcity of Masonic hooks Id the Spanish language, and the gTeat necessity of a manual, not only to nerve for the instruction of the brethren, but u a guide lor Masters of lodges, President* of Chapters, Ac., to publish thin work, which, he says, without distorting the august my^teri#* or wealing the sacred words that constitute tuc grand secret of Masonry, will be of great importance to the atudiouM llason. The volume ia handsomely illustrated with diarrams, figures, Ac. The Ri se* GatHTUET -A Tale of Plantation Lifo in South Carolina. Tty Mrs. Henry R. Mchoolcraft, wife of the Indian Historian, and aath >r of "African Letters,"Ac. Philadelphia: J. Lip pin cott A Co. The author of this Interesting tale undertakes to refatc the cant of the abolitionists, as well in regard to the justice as to the moral and practical effects or the institution of slavery. In the dedication of the book to her husband she remarks that she has for twenty years studied the Biblo with more intense interest than any other book, and that yet. from Cenesis to rier elation* she cannot find a Mni<n?< ??.? * < jot the idea that alavery will ever ceaao whila iiere are any heathen nation* in the world, and bat though Jcau* Cbriat rebuked ail kind* of$ia witb he unsparing energy of omnipotence itself, be never ittered one single * rd agaiimt slavery. She doe* lot, she ?ay*. own a alave, n?r ev i again eipect* 0 be a slaveholder, ?till she is *ati?tip<l that slavery 1 the achool which <?oJ haa established for tho on version of barbaroua nation*; that, were aho Isolate govern it of tij**e United Bute*, her ftr?t lisaionary enterpriae would be to *end to frica to bring it* be tfiena, aa slave* to tide hrwtian land, and keep them in bondage ntil compulsory labor had tamed their ra*tline?* and civilisation, and t'hrt^ianity ?d prepared them to return aa miasionarie* of prorrsa to their benighted black brethren. Hurting im this point of view, the author weave* into ft ,<7 Interesting *tory | ictum* of plantation life in Carolina. Thiai.*. By th?> author of 'My Lady.' Ne* York: Ha*per A Brother*. A rwtixnce In which a baby, abandoned for tome explicable cauae by her Kuglish parent*. at ft :rmau altering plsce, I* saved when she grow* woman* <v?1, from a marriage with her own other TV idea I* not a novel one, but tho d?I* are well r?rked up. and the book may tako place with tha ephemeral romance* of the day iimtv Yk?m m t?t* Arctic Rimo-i*; or, Tni %r>rtNTt KftB op H* JoHV PUMMN, I). W. ^ans A Co., pubUiher*, New York, fhe adventure* of Htr Juha Franklin in the Arctio jlona will alwaya afford the lover of thrilling rtwiTe ?n ihuxhumo awce or ln?tm :ti'jo I entertainment. indomlUMe courage, hi* ter of endur??< e, hit fortitude tinder fin- mo?t nff circuwtancee, and hi* Uct in keeping up npirita of hia Buffering eoropaniooa. oven when tb had ended the aufferlnira of ">rae of the lleet, are themea upon which the civilised world alwaya dwell with admiration. He lived the of a true hero, and aacrittced It to acience and country' demand*. Tho praaent volume la e up of the moat toiWeatin* portions of Sir t'a own despatches, and refer chiefly to hia expedition, undertaken in the year 181?, and h rennlt'-d in the )o* <A ?o many valuable i. So one can read thin volume of "thrilling ,taM without coming to the conclusion that a pitiable return ha* be*n made, >r to acience or commerce, for the y valuable Uvea that have been ?a*rtteed he phantom of ? northwest channel. Tho ; remarkable Incident* <>( Hir John'* flr?t evpeDoccurred during Ki vrU-! , r "nr'? ludxon** Bay Company "a territory. acr-wa InItahle wlJda to tko ?.'oppermin? river,

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