Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1860 Page 3
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?m* St. Fitl Corrcapondeace. p. *r. ?jlvi, Minn., July 9,1M0. Tkt SUtU r>J *+*,*40? Climate-? Iu Beneficial Effect Upon Jnveiidi? jBi.uU?Protptct of La ge Number of Vuitart *u Scenery, Game and Pith? Winter fyorts? , Paul Society?Churches dc ? Soil"(Yof*? Comp**0tson with Other States?The Veto <f the Uomatead BiU a Grtat JHtsppoi nt rmni? Omsequ ent Decrease of Immifrtui' n?Exports of Minnesota? Cbn?W<t*?M? Trade with the British roiiessiotu, dieThe great Japanese fete, with all Its exciting ?C?oct and e?r< monies of every kind and degree, having oow become umbered among the things th t were?the Ureal Eastern having, perhaps, to Fome extent worn off the keen edge of its novelty and partially exhausted its charms?the glorious Fourth, with all its patriotism, independence, public ardor, lager beer, fire crackers, rockets, &c., being 11 now past und gone, the public mind of New York may bo disposed to settle down for amoinout to the contemplation f more quiet, sober, but doutiUes", at the same lime, less toleresting topics. My theme shall be tho West to some extent in general, but my own State, Minnesota, In partlcular. Knowing that an article to obtain admittance into the column* of the far circulating Huuld must be brief, 1 shall endeavor to bear in mind strictly tho old maxim? "Brevity in the souJ of wit." Hm resource* of Minnesota have been so often and so elaborately touched upon that I shall refrain from any unnecessary detail concerning it. Ita climate is unsurpassed by any within the limits of the entire Union, and becoming mors and more daily sought after by invalids from the ^cithern and Eastern states, especially front the suuny South, it being found from experience tfiat a dry, fcracmg climate is greatly preferable, for consumptives in particular, to a moist, variable and debilitating atmosphere. Many e^en from the Western States below us? Michigan, Indiana, and even Illinois and Missouri?have ret*-rleil hither to escape the fever and ague of those regions. As a summer resort, no spot can be found more agreeable?superior In point of frexhix'KB and novelty to the eld, worn-out watering places at the East?Saratoga, Niagara, or even the Virginia Springs themselves, so justly celebrated for the genuine, unrestraint pleasures there to be experienced. Large parties are already here at our different hotels, the International, Winslow House, Ac., (generally well Wept, commodious and attractive): and the expectation is that our city will be well supplied With visiters from abroad during the < utire season. After viewing the scenery of the Upper Mississippi, unsurpassed for grandeur ^nd picturesfiueuess by :iny, perhaps, in the world?certainly In this country at least?and exhausting the scenery in and about the immediate neighborhood of 8t. Paul, surveyed the beauties of Minnehaha and St. Anthony Falls, Ac., there is yet plenty of variety to be found in the various lakes around St. Paul, where Ashing is to be bad in great perfection, ami where, too, boating, sailing and the luxury of a One bath lend their added char mi. There is no spot where perhaps the angler and the sportsman, at the proper seasons, can revel in more supremo delight. Isaac Walton has here constant votaries at his Bhrine; norisNimrod. the famous hunter of olden times, deprived of his full share of respect and adoration. In the autumn prairie chickens, or grouse, quails, woodcock, pigeons, duclu, and the like, are hunted in great numbers; then, also, the deer and the buffalo are to be met with, though at some distance above us. During the winter our tables are kept constantly supplied with venison?brought in in immense wagon loads?bear meat, buitalo tongues, Ac. Our climate during the winter season is superior to any I have ever experienced. If we have intense cold, which no ose here is disposed to question for a moment, so have likewise other States below us their changeable and uncertain temperature, alternate heat and cold?the atmosphere Acre at this season being generally dry and bracing to the highest degree, keeping the body in perfect health sad the spirits ever elastic and buoyant. I know scarcely any pleasure equal to that of good sleighing, with a One borse and cutter, over roads well trodden, or on the hard bosom of the Mississippi, presenting a perfect terra firm* of ice two and three feel thick, ttrniabing our ice bouses, too, for the summer with the same excellent material. Tbe winter, too, is especially the season among us for social enjoyment in the way of balls, parlies, soirees, m.o.on 1 OM.I r>t hpru- ic? BiinnoM Wtn rM ?rt/4 Ihn litrca The society of s-^t. Paul will compare favorably with that of an/ c.lier piano near Its size to be found?gocwtl, musical, cultivated and accomplished. At all seasons our Churches, nutubci ng In all about twenty?Kpiscopal, OatLu: c, PmbjpttriaB, Methodist, CougreguliuuaJiat, Ac.?throw open their doors to worshippers. In ferti ity of soil no State, whether in the West or Northwest, can Iy* found to surpass Minnesota, and vory few to equal it. Our wheat crop last yoar yielded in some butances as much as thirty and even forty butbels to the ere. The average yield throughout the State was over twenty bushels to the acre, while that of the great wheat growing flat#, Illinois, being only about nfteeu. The prospects of tte coming harvest are the brightest imaginable. About double the quantity of land under cultivation comCred with last year. Already rye and winter wheat are ing harvested, corn looking green aud pretty, potatoea flour.ahuig, likewise buckwheat, and wheat ready to ripen in about two weeks. With no obstacle now in ur way in the shape of a rainy spell to produce rust, what may we not reasonably anticipate from the coming harvest? The same means?big crops?that brought the South ont after its terrible crisis la 1836-7 we are now dependent upon In like manner to relieve M of all oar difficulties. Already our fkrmers are qnite easy and cheerful at the bright prospecta ahead. There is considerable itniniud again for forming loads; likewise for city property in St. Paul, generally at low rate*; bat a sore sign of returning confidence and prosperity Throughout the entire season from early spring the immigration baa been ilowing Into all parts of the Plate in one coot tan t and uninterrupted stream. How greatly it would have been tncreaaed, but for the veto of the Homestead bill, needs no argument to prove. That this veto was a terrible blight and disappointm-nt to us all will not be denied. It la not too much to aihrm that immigration would have increased among us at from a hundred to a thousand fold, and that within the nest year there would have been poured Into our Btato at le*st 100.000 souls. N'or dues it need any argument to show that our immigration, despite all this, must keep pace, to ome.extent at least, with the continually increasing stream now presaiag in upon us from all part* of the <Md World The amount of grain shipped from various pointa throiurh the Cute durim: the laai yew. from St. Paul, Hasting*, Winona, tec., ha- l>eoa vcry lar^re?wheat. rye, r?te and potatoes, and inch like. The pk-amlxMt bi>? inert Ui been verr profitable the prtsent season. Minnesota hat becogac during the Uit year what the never was before?an exporting 8UU>?her prospects to# brightening every day. All she now no<Mtt it an outlet for her surplus produce, by a railroad conn'>ctio*i Willi lake Superior, and an cattern connection at Li Crosse Ln toon to be brought about iu tome w.ty, wo fervently Lope. The telegraph, to be completed froro Pi I*anl to 1a Crosse,the extreme western term .nun of the telegraph route, during the present or coating month, uc at usee into direct contact with all the world around us The an fur lunate failure wf the House of Re prestnUiives at Washington to pan* the $400,000 annual appropriation bill for tbe tn wi^okly mail route from f?t. Paul t?i I'uget HounJ, through want of a quorum to transact buaiocec, after its passage through tbe Senate by unsc.moua vote (lacking only two votss), I* greatly deplortd by us all. Its immense importance tn as m adding to the value of our property. It* effect upon our money market, the greater prominence It would have given ua for a Northern Par.fie Railroad to run from St. Paul, and its advantage* m a thousand differeat wayi can scarcely be estimated. It serve* at least, however, to ahow the prom.nencr of <?ir position aa th" extreme frontier city of note tn the Northwest About <00 R?d river carta down bow, mostly from the Rrttish possessions?the region of the Hud?-n Hay Company?loaded with fura, taking back with Ibem in exchange tbe warea and merchandise of thia f.cur lulling young city Tbe number ln the fell la generally much larger?Own <00 to M0 carta?with their fialf breed drivers. But 1 have occupied ac much more space than t intended that 1 mult reserve for a future ttma, with your porta n toa, aay remarks about f*t Paul tn particular, Its prospects, i&ducemects to capitali?t?, kc. Mmaatll* Uiv?< ? ?? la a?w Msxlco. TO TO BMTOB OP TBI HERALD. Aucqraqra, N. M. May 9,1MO I have recently rsseirsd several communications front Ibe Northern Ptatea aa>Wi< for laftmnaUon m t? the proa pact* tor o.erc*ntile loretUtMU In tbla country 1 would My that I ihi*k the ri pan mem would be an un prattable no* Tbee* M ak*nl a* Much capital Inreated la warcbaadlac u vtli pay Our Territory. unlike other*, doee not tacreaae ita population by immigration to any graat rsteit. Ita aole reaouro* for money t* den red frew Iks diabumewenla af tba amy, and a few aheap lake* ic taiitoraia eaak fear. From the waat of triui* pwiatiua there are bo eayarta, with the aolitary aacep ttaa of Mm waal ?f tba ruatry, aad that la mall quaatl ttaa My rptnioa li that any aaa deeiroua to en pace hi aarcaatkla or ctbar partuita atoeald Ami aome and eee (or Mum?h H- McrcbaodJaa M tba frontier towna of Mic aourl, Kaaaar aad Te?a* pay* a week be?#r proflt tban la New Meitar. I flra yoa a prlae curraat of the leading mitOm of tbc trade, both wbaliaalo aad retail, upon wbicb oaa ba baaed your laimkiuna of profit ?."ufar, aayp n il to eoaiHh la aarka 100 pax?da, but eranoretea to about N paaoda, II* to AM per Mck, retail* at 2& caate per pound,-Cuffee, JB to S3 emai* per poaad reuila a* M ami* per poand, r)f?, 11 to Jl ceota per patted, ratan at 2* reala par peund; whiekay. MO to Ma par barrel, raUila at M to IS M per gaOoa. ikjuora, according to taai'ty, pt to to per ralWm, raUtla at to to no par fa I k*, <>?mnaf ne, tM |o MO per baaket, retail* at M M to ? pee b?tfej claret. M t- 012 par boa, retail# al 91 Si toll to per tattle,brown Iwwtmt,# to Utteeeta per fori, retail* ?t 12^ to 14 oeata par yawl; bWhed abrthfl.O to li u eeau par yard, reuila at llw to 10 oeata; priat*. 10 to 12i, rr?n p*r rard, ratal la at U to Id aaaU per yard aattinew, to to M ornta pw yard, retail* atM lot! 24 per aerd anl brew*. Ma ft* p*rdo*en, ratolla at 01 to par pa*; woataa'a laatbar beat*. ?W M le 11* per dnaea. ratal la u M K per paw: w<waa* leather bo*k?a, M to PU ?0 per doaea, retail* at tl to 91 36 pw pair. mea'* onarw boota, Mi to tM per doaen rata')* at 12 M to 93 to per jwtr; ntea'a naif iMota, MS to 960 p*r .Iowa, retail* at M 4# MM. faaay ? of afl titidr, botb and dry mto4?. are r^waad by tba demand aad ?>PP<y aa to pafrm When yaa add U> tba ceat la tba Put** tbe frelfbt. mjnira, ioe, and a perra'i time and ?rpena?, with a rnaanaabi<? Intereat upon woiiev, and tb* rlak aad ripenee of transportation aero** Ibe Plain*, vblcb will ia.uM to abo<it tweln. and a batf ceoli per pound, you can aaaily eae tba prnbabie amount Of profit M?>rctianUi uaoally pwrehaa* for tbia country a*aorte<l *toek* M pooda, no <a?e oataiag tbemae'rea lo any cpanal ela** of marrlia^ 'llaa (iroewiaa, dry pooda, boot* aad tbrwa. hat* aad aar*, hardware, Q?i/-.*,c??r? and gtawware. drupa and medrlnea, paint*, oiia an.) pla**. taddlery and leather, and tbe 'anal tlio'iaand notiona art fouwt ib aUkt.?( every ttar* Jt Um coastrj. ) bare ) given you * short but clew statement of the prospect for merchandising here. A population not exceeding ono hundred thousand, Including Indians, inhabit a country MO mtks in length *jid 400 niilos m width, and whoso whole agricultural '?nd tillable and lays upon the streams which flow through It, and depending up>>n irrigation alone, cannot ever raise much surplus, if there was miaus of transportation loa market, and there is no prospect of tbtir ever being any. W. For rig* MlMelltifi The submarine cablo between Singpore ahd Batavia, has not yet been repaired; and as some of the breaks, of which thore are believed to be several, have taken piace in the deepest part of the Straits, it will! probably be a matter of great diilicuKy to recover the ends. The twenty ninth anniversary of the accession ol the i King of the Belgians, is to be celebrated in the ensuing | month with more than ordinary pomp. (me hundred and twenty-live Irish recruits for the Pope, left l'aris lor Marseilles by tha Lyons railway on the ?2nd. In all the churches of Rouen, on the 34th, a pastoral letter of the archbisliop was read, recommending the faithful to subscribe to the 1'apal loan. The Bishop of Arras has addreMed a similar letter to the faithful of his diocese. A steamer of 800 tons and 300 horse power, which arrived at Genoa on the Mth, has been sold to Garibaldi for 4fl0,000fr. This is tbo lourtb steamer bought hy Cart baldi. The others are the Amsterdam, Helvetic, and Bclzunce, besides two tugs. The OiornaU <J< K?ma states that on the 20th, a drputa I U<?JJ , COIIipUMU in Hi** VIIIISIII-IIUI, uriuiiMuuniik ui I the I'ope s (inurd of Honor, tnd of other ottkem of that { corps, presented bis holiness with a magniiScont tiara, in honor of the anniversary of his accuse too to 'he throne. A decision of some importance, musically speaking, has just been come tu in Russia, the emperor having ordered that tho diapason of tbo French commission shall be adopted in the orchestral {of thu imperial theatres, from the 1st of September nextIt is stated by an English gentleman who has arrive t here from Sicily. thai Uaribildl luteudx U in veal Mnssini with 30,000 men, while he himrelf, with erery volunteer he can muster, will attack Calabria, and if he sucoeods theie he wlil make a push for Naples. Tho I<ondon Timet announces that the oxjxct/vt collision between the I/trds and the Commons, in oousequeuoe oljthe rejection of the paper duty, has been averted. The French Chamber of Deputies has voted tn extraordinary credit of 4,900,000f. for the laying of an cloctrie cable direct between France and Algerfc. Bopco, who accepted the mission to assassinate fiari baldi, has had an audieuceof the General, to whom he made Important revelations. Generals Lanza, Leti/ia, Landl, and many of the superior officers who served in Piclly, have been sent to the Castle of Ischla, there to await their trial by court martial. It appears by official reports received by tbo French Minister of War that since the 1st of January seventy-two Hessian soldiers have deserted in the Palatinate and passed into France. Garibaldi was burned in effigy at Limerick, Ireland, on the evening of thu 23d ult., in the presence of about 2,000 persons. The Xew Pruaian Gazette says that the statement as to a projected marriage between the hereditary Prince Louis of Hesse Darmstadt and the Princcss Alice of England is well founded, and that the recent visit of the two Hessian Princes to l/w<l?n was relative to tho proposed union. Prince Louis was born in 1837, and uj heir presumptive to the throne of the Grand I?ukc of H< sse. The prohibition Interdicting the press from publishing Episcopal mandates has been removed. The fact is mado public through the medium of a letter from the Minister of the Interior to the Bicbop of Arras. Sutv or seventv Jesuits have reached Rome from Palermo, and one hundred more expected. They reported that every thin* was perfectly quiet in Sicily; that the regular and secular government had given iw countenance to the new government, but that the Jesuits (eared to compromise themselves with tbo Pope ami the King of Naples by remaining on the island. A letter in the Opinion* Aationrnk ssys that a Sergeant Valentino, lent from Naples to awaninato Garibaldi, was fortunately recognized at Palermo, and that he eac&pcd from vengeance by jumping into tho sea and swimming to the Neapolitan frigate I'arthenope. The Paris letter of the Daily Jfetot states that, unless France means to abandon the policy of non intervention, and to back up the King of Naples by material help, hi* promise of a constitution, far from obstructing the march of events in favor of Italian unity, will be regarded as a piteous confession of wcakuetie, and will strengthen Garibaldi's cause. A comet, visible to the naked eve, has lately been observed at l'aris. Havre, Orleans, Nantes and Rordeuax. It will be necetwary to mako further observation* before the course which tho comet will follow can tie calculated. Ti e Italians, w*io are rather numerous at Constantinople, Smyrna, and the whole Lffvaat, are Docking in Greek bottoms to Sicily, with arms. It is stated that the number of Irish In tho service of the Pope does not yet exceed a total of 000. Dr. Croly asserts, en good authority, that there are in London 16,000 children trained tJ crime, 16 000 men living by low gambling, 60,000 by constant thieving, 6,000 receivers of stolen goods, and 160,000 men and women subsisting byjother disgraceful means. There are not fewer than a6 .800|lieggars. Great preparations are being made at Toulon for an ex" perimenl to be tried with the steel Dialed frlfste. GloircThis veeaet is to be impelled by all (be power uf steam to strike againat a ship of the line, and endeavor to cut her In two with her bronse prow. The steam engines of the Glolre arc enveloped vitb mattresses. to protect them from tvelr.g too much shaken by the force of the shock. Should It succeed. several large steamships will be built on the plan of the Ulolre. iTie iwrno correspondent 01 me wwaon ivm, in ajlulling to the evaention of Palermo by the Neapolitan troops, says:?I cannot tell what bitter feclieg of hatred was In that last parting cast on these Neapolitan soldiers. Tlie fueling of hatred la beyond anything you ran conceive. A shout coming from the Mole announced that the forrealities were ov*r and the prisoner* were coming. They arrived Just at the moment when the laat Neapolitan detachment left, and At the samn time arose a cheer of Joy and a shower of hisses, the first for the prisoner* aud the second from the Neapolitans. lfce families and frlsnds of the prisoners had come to meet them, aud for several mtnutxs there waa kissing and bugging, altar which every one- who could get into a carriage, and the cortege wont off towards the town, before the (own wan reache.1 the crowd waa numbering thousands, and all this living mass thronged into the narrow streets, where other thousands were waiting. All the Inhabitants oo Ibcir batcooMs throwing flowers and raising unceasing and frantic cheers, c? pec Lilly the women, who were collected at every corner, and not few of whom tried to follow the carriages, seemed perfectly mad, screaming and yelling as If they were pivsewed Step by step the human mass adranoed chcerlng and veiling to the Palazao Reale. When the carriages arrived, each of them wm decorated with one or more tricolors, and covered with shrubs and Sowers. The rtleased prisoners, all young men, fr<>ra 30 to 30, went up, together with their familiee, to thank th?ST liberator. Be rmbraoed them all round, and waa himself so overcome with emotion that ho could scarcely utter a word and soon withdrew. It is rumoaed that the Emperor Napoleon la in correspondence with the Count deChambord and with the Orlean? family, for tbe purpose of bringing the remains of Charles X. and of Louis I'hilippe to A. Iwnis, to be Interred with the remains of the other sovereigns of France. The police ag?nl?, who were obliged to null Welly fhr fear of being harshly treated, have been shut up in tbe Palatno dci i'overi at Naples They mutinied, it appears, and tbe troops were obliged to mterfrrs and disarm Uem Tbcy cannot, however, be set at liberty, from a trend ] that they would begin robbing. A letter from Palermo mentions that tbe writer baa till rrfr rfr1? nf 1 (WW n?snl? ?i IId i lih ?llkhnl? oMreeeee*, the standard bw? bciog a prieet, ted Um Cotooef * Benedictine nook, iranl to the teeth. The ei Kmc of Oude, baring been ?ynwd of the arrear* of hw peaaion, la unable to pay tila d?t>ta, and Um Calcutta irMfWirn ar? bringing aulu agalact kla to entote* tbeir eta una. The Karl of Perby, le apeak ing *t the Trinity Hone* baa que*, aatd;?I am <-oorln<ed that If tbe berAooelbMMy of an loeuK ottered to Ibla oonntry aaa have br?ught forth m ao atari a data one hundred asd thirty theueand mm. U>a peaanati of inmlaent and immediate daacar would a forward a foroa tonally active, equally ifcim aad >7 roergetic, coropoaad of four ar Baa ttaaee that wawr, The invention of eew clock opon tbe principle af tbe tharairnir. by pnaauie of air upon mercury, m ?king afrfal eenaatton id Par la The coat << the Hork, which f? ? twentv four hotira, and then baa oaly to be turned like the bour (lam. la ao more than a franc. Garibaldi bac four tbonmad ItaJiaaa, twenty thousand Rteillana, and not lent thaa throe tbouaaad da erterl from the Kiac'a arwry under ansa Tba Court of flt. Cloud goea into mourning for twenty one days for Priaoe Jerome, atevaa to be estra, and tba otbar tan ordinary mourn tag According *a the official retarna recired by the Beard of Trade, ltl wraaba took place on tba ftaglieh ooaat aa the 2Mb of May. A regular itmm fwokat eerricc bag baa* utakhahirt between Marnatika and StoJy. One of Garibaldi'* dncraea la to tba following etfoct ? QmeMerlnc tbnt a (free people abould daetrvy every ueage recalling former alarcry. the ttUn of Excellency M abolished for erary ymuii aoever. Tba Kara wbtab am awlwialnod of tba Mataialat natty being about ta meddle la tba aflatn of 8Mtly teem IfeJy to be entirely <lw?i|?tcd. Ike Auleorapk Otrrmftmdmtt of Vienna aaya?The maeeiafe of the Naapoblnn prioo. Ceant dc Tranl, with tba Cvaxeaa Matilda af Bavaria. ?rkicb waa to hare taken place daring the tirwenl year, bM, we are aaaured, baa prntpanod until the aettlwamt of tba pranant compi>cet. : aflktre iaItaly. ft la anlttfcctory ta lad tbat tba torn of life daring tba conflict in faiermo waa not ao grant aa rupponed, tbe total a umber of bed lea interred being batwaan MM and m. The report* pubUabad la Bog land, to tbaeflketlbat Inata Napoiaon declared to M. Mart loo tbat Franca won Id nat conaeat to the annexation of fiicily to Medio*, nmd fort bar, tbat aba woald adt raeogntaa tbat of Tuaoaay ud tbe Rawingna arc laskad upon M unfounded. On the 19th uH. Garibaldi lanced tba following proclamation to the COoclaiorl dalle Alpl Itait I'xiro a tip (ut-Wr hare no time for rcnoae. Many of our brethren are ailll enatarol, and we Lira aworn to dclirar them. Forty day* ago you left tbe borea at I iguria, not for gain or reward, but to light In favor of aporeaaed Italian* Soldier* of Vareaa and of Como, your blood ha* moiMened tbc land of Sicily, where many af our romrade* deep, many go about wwiDdfl, but where mutttiudea bleaa our namea In two battlea agalnat veteran troope you bare aatoniahed Korope Italian liberty reata i n your bayonet*, and eTary one of CM railed on to land the youth of Italy to fteeb comtmb Tictorici. To your rwbr, Ucn. b a NEW YORK HERALD, ST short tine y?u will return to the enjoyments of lift,?"?'! to your wiven and families. Soldiers of CkUuttai, let US prepare U> ftniiih the glorious work we have begun G. GARIBALDI* The Girondt publishes the following remarks on the present attrcultural proupccls ? The present t?a*pe<rature, Ur from being mi favorable to the crops, us all that cyjild be wished for in order to ob> tain a good harvest. In fact, from Bordeaux to the Pyreaeca, the cornfields and vineyards are in the moat promising condition. In the latter the plant* have all blossomed without injury, to the surprise of even the growers themselves, who felt much uueaMueba from the sudden I and frequent changes from rain to sunshine, which are generally DO diea*trous to the vines. Krr in the returns from Shanghae for the past year, it appears that the Import trade of that port amo untod to the value of ?16,124 ,*96, ami the export trade to ?13,130,065. Of the import trade opium.amounted to the va ue of 004,138. Literature sad Art. An Illustrated copy of the works of Shaktpere, based upon the text of Doydell'g edition, and by the addition of engravings and drawings extended to fortjr-fuur large volumes, was sold by auction, by Messrs. Pultick& Simpson, of Leicester square, London, on the 28d nil. It was formed by the late Thomas Turner, Ksq , of Gloucester? the mult of many years' enthusiastic pursuit and careful arrangement?and sold for ?496. A goblet, made from the Shakspere mulberry tree, also in tho dame collection, sold for ?21. A prospectus has Just been issued of s Oreok illustrated newspaper, 0 Hritannicus Aiter, a weekly journal of polities. literature, commerce, science and art, which it is intended shall be printed in the living language of the Greeks, and published in I/ondm every Thursday. It Is to be the same site as the Illxirtrattd L?*<km AVu?, and is Ln fsiiitiAin frtim Hfts'Aii in Iwctitv Hvn oUurant ninrrnviiKn The monument to the Ettrick Shepherd, opjxwito Tib by abiels' cottage, between it. Mary's Lake and the Loch of the Lowes, wm rormally inaugurated ou tin 28th uIt., and the event ia naturally exciting great interest in the district. The guarantee fund for the International Exhibition, London, now amounts to ?321,950. A portrait bust, in marble, of Grace narliog, who rescued the crew of the Forfarshire steamer, wrecked la X838. has been executed by Mr. Dunbar, oi Carlisle, for the Mayor of Manchester, Kngland. Tla? Scheme to Re-epem the African Slave Trade. [From the Manchester (tig.) Review. June 301 * * * * What the Austrian and French diplomatists said in 1814, the pro-slavery democrats of England and America repeal at the present day. We have ruined our West India colonics, as (hey allege, bv emancipating the slaves, and we are now seeking to ruin the I'uited States by promoting the ratfh and sanguinary shcrnes of the American abolitionist partj. Mr. Cobden, In the passsgo we have quoted from his speech in support of Mr. Gibson's motion, tells us, in that thoroughly cosmopolitan spirit which runs through everything that emanates from the Manchester so howl, that we ought to "give other countries credit for having the same power to repress moral evils as wo possess," but he forgets that this is not ao much a question of power as of will. Now, the will and conscience of Christendom, although manifestly on the side of England, with reference to the question of slavery, do not happen to be in harmony with the power wleldodny certain European and American statesmen. Two years ago this was made evident by the course which theFreuch and American governments seemed ready to take for reviving the (lave trade, with the ceunivance of a lory chartist government, which happened to be in power in this country at that time, through the intervention of Mr. Miioer Gibson. .Ac per ton mho watched the proceedinps <f the French, A me rican and English governments. during the session of 1668, could fail to peretxte ?mt a common<iuy) exist*l between Louis Napoleon, James Buchanan. an<( Benjamin Disraeli, with reference to the measures required far increating the production if sugar and cotton in the United States and the WW Indies. Fortunately for the ctuae of humanity and civilisation, the deep laid scheme for promoting the mutual interests of Lancashire and Alabama was too well watched, by keen observers la Paris and Washingtoo, to permit of its being carried into effect, and the result was failure for the present. But I/>uis Napoleon knows how to bide his time. At present the American President ia a cypher in European diplomacy, because ue MS now amy a lew mnnins w remain id omco. thing depends upon who shAll be his successor. Should tbe pro slavery /mrly auceeed in electlug * I*reaident who undent tnda bow to work Along with the French Emperor and the Manchester school, we may look for tome strange developments, durluj; the neatjtwo years, touching Amc rican slavery and the Birmingham Cotton Supply Aeaoci at ion. Obituary. lire. Cokmuja Cor.xki i??it, relict of Teter Cornellaon, a Revolutionary soldier,died on the 3d inst. ,at Kinderbook, N. Y., aged 9? years. She waa the recii>nint of bounty from government for services rendered hy her huaband during the Revolution. Died In Richmond, Vt.,Joly 2, Mrs. Btthlih Browj, aged 100 years, 3 montha and 11 days. On tbe 4th Inst., raya the Baltimore American, a colored man, named Tuosua Taoiu.?, well known in the caatcrn faction of the city as Eating Tom, died at liia house, on Flp penny bit alley, near Kden, north of Baltimore street Be had pur taken tbe prcvioua evening of a large quantity of cucumbers, and on rising early on Wednesday morning drank immoderately of ici water. In conaequecce he waa seized with violent paina from colic, and notwithstanding the eflorta of Dr. Healey, expired In two hours. Ha waa In tbe Mtb year of bis age, having been born in 177J, four jran before tho Declaration of Independence. In bii early lift be waa engaged aa a stevedore, continuing that occupation until bis adranoed age compelled bim to quit A. lie has been know n to eat a moderate alaed bam, with vegetables, Ac , In proportion, at oae meal. Six large loavea of bread, with more than a quart of cofli-e or tea, would scarcely snffloe for his breakfast or supper. A good siaed gooae or turkey would disappear from sight u> a abort apace of time, ilia daughter would preparo a i>!nm pudding at stated periods, and cook it In a bushel bay this woald aerre bim and two others aa a.deaacrt. A number of instaacea wherein hia voracious a)>petlte baa been tested have occurred At other t:mea be would be contest with a more moderate ahare of edibles. Mr. Wttxuii Pntx died at ?lat?r?Tille, R. I., on the 12th nit. Mr. P. ?u a native cf Holland, a aoc of parei.t* of wealth. During the florcc struggles of the Dutch for existence, in tbe latter part of the last century, tliii son, at the early age of fourteen, vu pressed into the amy. Taken by night from bis bed, be never igt :t aw or beard (ram thoeo' parent* . who had to carefully ami kindly watched over him. When Holland afterward! became a part of tbe French empire, and her navy and army a )*rt of the French force*. Mr. D. (bund bun self compelled to light tbe battles of Franc*.- He was one ef the aoldier* ot Napoleon daring tbe fiercest of hi* earlier battle*. He wm in tbe fiercely fought battle* of J/idi and Areola Ite afterward* wen! with Napoleon lo ?gypL Here be deserted from the army. He expert need many narrow escape* before rtaylnog boroe. He wa* fim in the band* of the native*. then of the ."^pan tarda, then of the Turk*, and ciperienced hard usago. fi*capirg from these oppressors, he n^xt did s*rvioe on board the English man of war. fighting tbe Algerian pirate*. leaping from the English, and securing a place oo board of an American v?see|, be came into the harbor of New York In the time of the embargo, during the laat war with tbe mother oourury. He had received but ooe fevere wound from tbe eu<m? amid all thea>' conflict*. That wm from a sper.t ball which )o>!g*4 in tbe akull Just over tbe left tempi*. I'nder the f?.?tering care of a *on and wife the Uft day* of tbe old aoldier had been truly peaceful. John Wilson wa* born in Washington county, Pennsyl vania, March 1, 17*0, and cam" to Detroit by the way of Hendu?ky (from Uiat place la an "pen b<?t) in 1809. Ho bad beard that Detroit, though a fa' off land, wa* a goo<l place for a poor man Hi* only poearaelen* were a brave and an hooeet heart and a good, Industrious young wife. The war of 1813 c?me on. John Wilson took hi* mmket and wa* ever ready whea men were xraatod. He and hi* wife were in the employ of acting Goeenxw Atw*t?r, (who livrd in the house where tbe late CoJ. 1). O. Jonea lived and died) on the dar of the surrender, August 10. llli After the stars and stripes had tone down. and the crtws of W. Oeorge bad gone up, at ike fort, tbe Indians began plundering several bouses, among tbe rest, a large band of acme Ifty or more went to Atwater's boo?* anl began pluwdenug. Tbe dually were gone, and Wilaon ami bis wife were ataae, bet tbey both, at the ha aard of their live*, determined lo aavs tbe property of their employer. An Indian bad taken a larre ssirror out of the hr*M*; John seised It. wrenched II from the grasp of OM red warrior, and ran back to the bowse with tt. Look log around, be mm tke Indian pointing hi* nSe and drawing a One sight on him. A box of her lead stood by John oo tbe ptana. Quick a* thought be let a bar fly at the bee-1 of the warrior. It gTased bis scalp-kte.k, lie -Indgad Mid lost his aim. bat again drew np Another har of toad rtbscu bib rijciu rmr; nr aooffn; boh pw mrv n^n IV up for M?e time John would not run, sad lb* Indian couldn't Ire, till Col. Elliott, wbn railed oat to tb? Indus. and tha* coded the Agbt. Mr*. Wilwm, wjiifclly hr?Tt, and determined to Mre tbe ITop-rtjr, ar'oclind sLtea kettle from the band of an Indian, wb?> immediately atiampted to kill ber with tbe butt of hts rift#, but im eaca$*d from the atla< k and kejd lb* ??*kettle torty years as a trophy of victory. Over half a reatury bare tbar brad la Michigan, patterns of baoc*ty and integrity, without a stain upon l)?lr nanM. The *un of Joha's Itn want town an tbe 23d instant. Ho lied, and bares not a more/wt sane behind lam Wed ta ftmx, Haw., J una 28, Mm Mart Ohm, widow of the late JoboCfeoata, Iteq . of I paw tcb, and daugh or of Ool. Jonatbaa Cojgrwell, lata of Esaes , In ber ttdraar Mrs C, wu the seventh In deaoeat from the noble aid martyr. John Katun Margaret Rngrws, daughter of Dr. John Rogers, Pre*d?wl of Harvard College. and a rreal great rraadsoo of the martyr, having marrlad tbe lkm Joba Leraratt, *. R. B., another ITesideul of llarrard br this marriage tbera ware (wo daughters tbe ymmger, Mary, married! Ool John (Smarm, oflpaw lob, by wham abc bad a daughter. Una daughter married John Viae arm of tbe Rev John Wtae. tb? Aral nr da toad minister of Ma (then Chebeooo partab). and who waa diatingaiab ed for alaonuragr. great strength, intellectual attainment* and elevated piety and who waa tried. iMHi frora tha tzMiutry, aad heavily flaed and impriaooed in Boston, for ad\ islnc the town not ta crisply wHh tbe order of Mr Edmund Andsoa tor rawing a Prevlne* tax, it being, aa be aCnned, " oostrary to charter right*.'' <K thi? mar riagt waa bora Biiabeth Wise, mother af tbe deceased lite firm W. W. *w, of Buffalo who waa member of Assembly in 1M4 and 1AM. died auddeelf laai *ioaday He bad been In bad health tor oame two yean. Mr Weed was ilVmcrly a reafclent of Livlngatoo eoaaiy, and waa once Nm riff of that county. Be waa much sespectad by hts personal friend? Mrs. Jam & Haw*, wife of Governor HUks.of Mary fvland, died at tbe (;#v?nimiit Rouse, in Annapolis, on laeaday nvoming. the Ad lust , after a painful aad l>ager I rig illness, In tbe 40tb y?*r or ber age Tbe Annapolis (,'a.vtU Mr* that Mrf. Hw-k* waa a moat estimable lady, and ,vreat% be laved by all who knew her mo teat wrtb Pled, at Ma residence, near Washington nty, an tha morning of the 7th mat , after an iltnea* of several day*, Ma)"? H?.Win> Fswrrr, formerly af Troy, N. Y. Mr Frenh waa under Indictment tor e?nW*1en?rnt, In r?mnsctt>n with tbe Trowjry extension, and hi* trial waa Used Tor Tkamlay last/ but bo VU ibcn to H) that Ma pbystcion JNDAY, JULY 15, I860. c< csHered it unsafe for him U> attend at court, and op?u r?i reteniatioo of the fkctt the irlal wu pwtimM until the 7th inst. Hut disease. however, gamed rabidly u.ou b ut, and be died on Saturday morning. Tn Comwg IUrtimt n? Camaiu.? In Ppite of winter killing, wheat fly and drought, ail of which havo had a certain effect on the standing crops.the harvest of 1MJQ will be fully an average. Winter killing was caramon only in the from toww-hips, and in very many canon the laiid wu repkmglied for a spring crop. Tho tty, wo are happy toaay. promises not to be so destructive an was generally feared. It baa done damage in many places, beyond doubt, but In other*. where it was seen in largo Humilities, the wheal has eutirely escaped. Iu som<5 eases lartnersare puzzled to explain the cause of the escape, but wepreMBM that the early sowing of fall, and the late towmg of spring wheat have hail their mttnotice, and alio th? good cultivation which is now thought nte^?xary to seoire a good crop, tn tho township of Yarmouth it has be^n observed thut the ichneumon is feeding on tho ily Tb< drought ha done Homo damage to spring grain, but th? recent rains are siiitkieut to cause a recovery. 'Hie grlss crop is only middling in the front township?. hut gotd in the rear. The fruit crop is maguldccut everywhcic.?-JUvrUo QUA*, July 7. Weekly Report sf Oeathii 1b the City and County of New York, from the 30lh day of June to the 7th day of July, 1860. Mm, fl; women, 73; boy?, 141; girls, 126?Total, 431. Adults, 164; youths, 14; children, 863; male*, 232; females, 199; colored persons, 6. HUTO8 FROM ACCTB DJPKAfflt Aloplexy ft Kever, intermittent 1 Breding from limp* .... 2 Fever, 3 Bfcedinfi from worn!) 1 Fever, scarlet 23 B*>nchitis 6 Fever, typhoid Cltolera Influitun. 56 Whooping cough 4 Cltilcra morbus 2 Inflammation of bowels... Cair Pletotrom 1 Inflammation of brain.*... tt Congestion of the bowels. 1 In it animation of lungs.. .21 Congestion of the brain.. 7 lit (lamination of gUuuach. 7 Ootgcstion of the luuga.. 1 Inflammation of throat.. 1 Coavutaons, adult 1 Inflammation of voins.... 1 Oottrulcioiu, infantile.... 40 lutUmnatlou of womb... 1 puerperal 1 Measles 5 Crotp 7 Rheumatism 1 Diarrhoea 7 Smallpox 4 Dtphtherite 2 Sun etroko 1 Pyxetitery . 7 Teething..... 4 Epilepsy 1 ? Erysipelas 1 Total 240 WUTHH moil CHHOYIO wun. Albuminuria and Bright a Drojwy 4 disease of the kklnoys.. 2 Dropsy id the head 20 Anemia 2 Heart, disease of 12 Cancer 1 Marasmus, adult 1 Cancer in the stonuci... 1 Mara*inu*, infantile 22 Cancer in the womb.. .. 1 Palsy 4 Cirrhosis of the liver.... 1 Rupture of the womb.... I Consumption 64 Scrofula. 1 Debility, adult 3 Softening of the brain.... 1 Debility, infantile S ? Total 140 raaru mo* utuuial *m> othm ucm sot rtruDiw VTOH CUMtn OR MUSON. Asphyxia. V Killed or murdered 2 Burned or scalded 1 JxvWjaw 1 Casualties & Malformation of the heart 1 Casualty by being run vld age 4 over "1 iSisou., 1 Compression of the brain. 1 l'rvnature birth 3 Delirium tremens 5 Suitide by morphine 1 Drowned /!... 8 SuicUo by strichniuu.... 1 Fracture of the skull 1 ? Intemperance 0 Tola 43 nicjimrLATioii?nrciAMH ones, joints, *c 2 Skin, Ac., and eruptive Brain and uervr* 108 fever* 34 Generative organ 8 Stomach, bowels and Heart and blood vessels. 14 other digeuive organs.118 Lung*, throat, kc 107 Uncertain seat and geueOtd age 4 ral fevers.., ai Premature birth. 3 ? Total 431 ?Of which 3-J were from violent causes. Aam. Under 1 year 160 2ft to 30 year* 24 1 to ly?ars tO 30 to 40 year* 3d 3 U) 6 y arn 41 40 to 60 year* ^'8 to 10 year* 11 60 to 60 years i!5 10 to 12 y far* 3 00 to 70 year* 10 11 to 16 years 2 70 to 80 year* 7 16 to 17 v<>ar* 2 80 to 90 yours 6 IT to 20 year* 7 100 a:i 1 upward* 1 M to 2ft year*.......... 10 ? Total 428 junvrrm* I British America 1 Scotland 2 tagland 11 Kpain 1 Kranre 1 Switierlanl 1 Germany 81 United State* 285 Ireland 04 Unknown 2 Italy 2 ? Total 431 rr*uc mwrrmosa. Almshouse Blkl's Island.. 6 Nurrery and Child's HotBel lev ue H*pitaJ 19 piwl 2 City HospiW 3 Randall's Inland Nursery City Prioota 1 Hospital 1 Colored Hume Hospital... 2 St. Luke's Hospital 2 Island Hospital 3 Ward's I-Ian J Emigrant Lunatic Aiylum, Black- Huspital 7 well'i Mar.d..'. 2 ? Lunatic Atylum, Bloom- TuUl 48 wgdalc 1 WilM. 1 10 19 14 t 1 14 #>. 10 1 3 16 0 ? 1? 1? # ? 14 17 43 t 31 19 SI t *& i? 23 % 10 20 a $ 14 21 61 1 0 13 21 26 1 1 24 ? IS 23 Total 44J IV dnrnmr of compared with U>? corrwpooilac WKka of 1WS and 1*69 tod of last week ni u foilowt ? Wee* odliif July 10, 1U9.. .442? rvcrnaiw 11 '? Julv 9,1S69....467?I*crcaa? 20 < 6e*th? from kum diaraa?...,..i7ft) June X> JW0 44 cbmkeduMM?m v 302 " external eauac*, fee. ' " cote dmaa* 34o > J?ly 7, UN. - M cbronic disraae .... 149 V 431 " eilcrnal caujMM. Ac. 42) lucmMfcla week DAN'IfX E. DELAV.AN, City Inspector. Oft laMnm't I>*rAirrwr*T, I Kbv You, July 7, 1M0 f THK LATKIT Al> VICKS IMTD A1 Tin NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Jaly 14. 1S?0 Arajmlco .Jnn? S Ma<lra* May 17 A<1<d May 10 Ma/allan Juno 7 Akyab. Bftfal Bay. May 4 Madrid June 26 AIcxaMri.. V?yi>t.Xay 20 Ma tan can, Cuba July 0 Anjt<?tun. Vciiti.. April 10 Mauritius, I Ue?an.. May 3 Amoy April 23 Mayagui-l, I*. K. ...tune 26 Antigua May 17 Melbourne, N. 8. W April 24 Apua<l. a.!'. R.... May 22 M"? na J nut'JO Arroyo, 1* B Jum 10 M<xico (city) June 14 Aaptnaall N. Bay..July 4 Miuatillan Mine 6 Afcuut lun.'arag y. Mar 19 Monrovia, Africa.. .May 6 Aus Cave, Ha} II. .Jim* 19 Montetidro, S. A.. .May 22 Anlicr. K.I May 4 M"iitrri?y,N Mexico June 2? Bah la. Brail May 29 Mia. at .Feb. 17 Bangkok, ham.... Mar 3 Napa/^ki, Japan. ...April 12 Barbail'-m June 10 Saplea June 29 Bol>. . . t?.a Ua? ft V t? l-l- ? Railiimt Uric*... May 18 NemvjlM, Cuba June 37 Bellsr, H? Jui? 3 Omua, liua April 24 Bermuda June 30 Padai.g. Die. 16 Bogata. N Q Feb 3t Palermo June 30 Bombay ,JC. 1 May 24 Panama, V. O ..July 4 Booaire Feb. ? Para, Brazil, June 30 Barnoa Aires, S. A. .May 24 Part* June 39 Berlin.... June 27 PeiHo.CLiua Ort. 32 Bade* llalen Juae 24 renaiig May 16 Ban* Juno 24 Pernambttfo, Brazil.May 31 Beyrmit June Ponce, P. R Jan? 37 OmmnhMftD Juno. 24 Con au I'latt, Hi 0 June 27 Calrxiiu May 17 Port au Prince, Hay jono 26 Caldera April 12 Port^iaio.Trlnwiad May 17 Oallao,Pern June 14 Portland, Oregon... June 33 Camprachy l*c. 13 Puerto Cabello, Ven May 24 Ctataa ...Pfe. IS Qiim-nHnwa July 1 Oaj*Hajtw? Hayti Juno 22 Km Oraaile, Bratll. May IS 1 Cap* Turn, C. G H May Realeto Ma, 6 | Caracal. May It Rk> llarbe.. May St,Cuba. ... July 8 Remedloa May 20 farttapena, N. O... May 16 Rio Janeiro June 3 t Cay eutt.Fr. Guiana. May 3 Hoaark) Mar. 17 rvnfurfoa, Cuba.. .June 24 Houttianptia June 2? Olomto May t San Max April M Coinma.Mex July 10 Hacua la Grande, C..June 36 roMteailDople. ... June 30 Hall lAkeCity April II fcmayagaa, Uoo.. .April 12 Kan l,ui* PuUei.Mex Am 2a (Vwjuim>>o A|*il 1 San Franeiaco. U. C.J'ine10 Curaeoa May 17 Han Juan del fur Fob. It IJemarara, Br. Gu'a June 12 Han Joee, Onaia Rica. April at Flmina, Afriea May 12 Hen Juan, Nic......May 11 Fa) a), Aitirer May 34 *u> Salvador, C. A . May * lVmcbow .April >0 Sa ran ilia June 1 i.alway Jaaatf Htiangliae April 2* Geaoa June 39 Hiarra Leone, Aft tea May 33 Gambia May W Singapore May 16 Guatemala May H fiaal. Meaiea AprM 90 Gibraltar June 20 ^njrrna, Turkey,...Feb. 3 Gonalvaa, lla) w... June 2t Santa Fe, M. M May 1? Granada, Ntc.. Ffb. 21 8aniia#? da l?? (Ja G-adakmpe. Mar. 4 bellerna, 8. D .Tap. 33 ffuayama, P. R June 23 Srertbrero, June 34 Guayaquil,Ecuador Feb. 9t St I'roi* .May SO Guayamaa Mar It St Immmga CMy... Mar. Havana, Cuba July A St Helena .......May 32 B' barttown.VrD L. Arail 23 St. J?*n do Caha fun* 27 H"n? Roof........ May 7 St. peteraborg .InirU Honolulu. 8. 1 Mwr 23 fll J?lma, p. R..... June 3a Ji?oel, Hayti Jane 20 St. Rltta April tl Jarrla bland, P. O. May 1 St l.ucia Mot 12 J?remle, Hayti May 21 St Thomaa June 25 Kanagawa, Japan.. May 8 Summra ....June 4 Kiagetoa. Ja June 3t Surinam, Pnvh O.June 10 Key Weat July I Sydney, N. P W....April 21 laguayra, Veae*,.. J una 14 TVieate.... June 38 lahaiaa, R. I May t Turin June 2* Uverpool ....Jane 30 TrujnMo, H<mdoraa May 11 I/iat**,,, June 20 Tahiti Sor'y liland* Feb 2* I*ndon.... June 80 Tampion, Meaico..,.Jun* 12 Ixodonderry Mae 21 TrinMa/1 de Caba.. .July 1 M?4etra April 9 Turk Inland? June 23 Malaga, Spam June 6 T"baaeo ... April 1 Malta June 21 Valparaiaa. Ctiila... Jana 2 Maat'a, PliKip tola. May 2 Vera Crui. Memeo July 3 M?n?jna.Nw Feb. I Tionna ...J>me3t Manrarulia, Cuba,. .Juni 21 *".w>a'iBf April 21 M*racaU*?, Yenea.. Jime a Yn<'aiaii .Kor 30 M;ir?eillea fune in Zannbar, Id <* e*n April 34 Martinique June 1 Zrtcal??n April 10 MurasJitai ....... Aptil S3 Amirr to nut Afkicanh m ruwioji.?Tbe MontKmcrj (Ala ) Mail tuki thai a parly of Bve perno: < im thai city TiBited lb-1 slave barraco >na at Key West, Kla , with the intention of stealing aomo of the Africans in tuaUxly of tbe I'niteJ St?tv? Maraliai. It adds ?They found another party there from Charleston, an>l arrangen? nt* were aattafactonly made f< r removing the nefroos; but owing to some accident to tUo stflamer ch.iri'Tod oo the coast of Florida (it is feared that tbe it lost) the whol.' kchutce fulled. The entire population of Key West aid u> b. opnns?d to tbe sending of the negroes back to Africa, and the nefroea wish to stay themselves. POLITICAL.. \ ochwittkk on organization of .4 _ "SA' f * IU"1 '*ue National I>eraocraUc (Jeneral (_ mmittee of UteeiTy ami county of Sew Vork, will meet on ! V. nday afternoon ? 4 .. ,-wk ,, y, 7S, Hr0(?,|w?y, for a fuilhti heir B| ut tbe UelegHtJt irmn ?h? ?ontenUiui Wardi. Lotmx, >aertu'y|AI1 W "KOWN^Wan. ^ BOAROINO AND WDOISQ, A^T NO. 12 CLINTON PI^CRT-VurnWUwTIl^Trt roenta, tingle Rooms or In Sulta, with or wiUiuut Uilua.i Hoard. ANICKLY FURNISHED ROOM, OR A HU1T ok Rooms to lei to a gentleman 4ruj wlfe r>r to one or two Hint"** gentli men, * nh full or parlSt! Hoard, reference* en*.- i. Ap ply at 80 We*t Thirty aiith street, one door west of Broadway. A NICK FRONT PARLOR AND CLOHKT8, BEDR90M attached or separate, one single^ Boom, to let, with food wine, um r.'ara nouae ana accommodations: quiet ne.tgnnorhood, terma reasonable, permanent party preferred; diuaer at 6 o'clock; reference* exchanged. liQ Went Eleventh street. AOKNTLICMAN AND HIS WIFE OR TWO SINGLE fent'emcn, can be accommodated with * pleasant front Room on second floor, with I (oh i d and all the coaiforU of it home, by applying at 1?2 Pierrepont street, iirooklya. llel'e rence.s exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY would let PART OF A FTR nlshed Kmrllsh basement house up town, to a small farai ly of adults. The houM haa all unprovenema; privilege ot kitchen If required. Reut moderate Reference exchanged. Apply to W. H Roome, 1SS West Twenty lirat atveet, aecond door from Ki^liih areune. ADKLIOHTPl'L LOCATION FOR BOCT1IKRNKRN and othera, 24 Weat Fourte?-etli street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, opposite the beautiful garden of M. M. v,m Biiren.elegantly furnished Rooma In auJla for famihee; alao, single Rooma for geuUemcn. An elegantly furnished parlor and bedrt cm, on tint ?nd third floors to let, to single leutlemeu. llcuae In Oral c'aaa location. wtlh nil modern inttprovemeuta. No. 40 T*entitth street, between Fourth avenue and Broad way. A LAP? W ITH A SMALL FAMILY, LIVINO IN A pleasant part of Twenty third street west, deair to let a ?ult of Rooms to a gentleman, Unfurnished, or would furUabtoa satisfactory occupant, who would pny a lifieml coin pen aatton for a nuiet borne. Aidraaa, for three lija, Mr*. Louisa Lesley, M5 liroadway. Avery plbabant home m*yrk focnd for two gentlemen and their whesand several single gen tiemeti, nt 15 Ashland place. Perry atreet, corner of Wavrley place. None but genteel panic* iiecd apply. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, ON THE SECOND FLOOR, uew.y aud handsomely turniahed, to let, without hoard, fo one or iwo jjentleuien, rent HO per month. Apply at 102 Prince atreet. A LARUE ROOM, IN SECOND STORY OF A MODERN h< use. with closet, hot and co.'il wafer, and bathroom iuI joining, with Hoard, for ? gtutVuian and wife or two geutle men, Tor %1 a week, at lUi Kaat Thirty titth etraet, near Third avenue. AYOtNO ANRR1CAN WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE to Hoard a lady ami gentleman, with Hoard for ih- ladv ouly; bouae with modern ImLinivprnrnli; atrlctly quirt. \{. dttaa Ulv>f J VuiMru, autiou K, KirIiUi avenue, fur thite daya A LADY LIVING ALONB, IN A RETIRED LOCATION. In an elegantly ftirnlahed bouae, would In Kooinfto a gentleman and lady, wnh or without Board far the lady. P>>r partlculara call ou or ad.lreia KINSIUMKR A CO., No. iMI Fourth avenue. A LARUE FRONT KOOM.ON 8KCORD STOR\ Ti > let, totwoaluclegentlemen or# ireotleman and wife.., >u?o baa all lb* moritro oaproreinent. Dlniirr M all o'clock tp ply at 64 Wc-t Twelfth atieet, between Fi/th and Sl?ti ?vj. AFI'RNIKIIKD IIOl'NK ON FIFTH AVKNUS, TO 1 ."TFor ai\ wee?a, th? bona* la large and *ery <-inveni>-i:t, In fumialied throughout, and will bo It t with ererytlun rmnplete l1 t lii ia<k?-?*i?tinr.including allver and llnrn. App: '.oJAMEH L. fllKU'tk U KotiD Hreet. Ageuta need not ?p,ny. A KM ALL PRIVATE FAM11.Y WILL LKT A MtPONM atory l.ark Room. Doth a middle one attached. ock .j I uUheil, ?ith< r aeparately or together, to gentlemen >n'r, ruber with ot without tircakfaat; ntao, a large and a ftooru on bird Hi or. Apply at No. tU Weat Thirty at .ectb ?;r?et, a'-ar Broadway. A WIT OF FURN1P1IBD BOOMS, ON SKt'OND FLOOR ol 783 llroadway, between Kighiti and Ninth atreru, oo?i atating o>* two large and two ainall r<?>rna, to let, to gentlemen, w itb bath, gas, Ac. ixicatioii cool aud pieaaauL Term* modern^ BOARD.-A OKNTIEMAN CAN RE ACCOMMODATED by a private F.ngli?h family, at Itcdiord, near Fulton are one r*r?, Brooklyn, beautifully located. l*j*e rarder. No boarding bouae. Can all night and Sunday. Addiest B., box ISO Heitld office. Board.-a small family havino lk\sed a tint claaa Houan at 99 Hacdougal atreet, above Kleocker atreet, would let to two or three gentlemen two ur three hand a< me Kooma, with good Boat a and *U the real cumforta of a buae. Call thu week. BOARn a flkktt.kwav ?kd lady or a couflk of rentlenen can be accommodated with Board and plaaaant K.. .ina at No. 3U tirore atreet. BOARD IN BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWELFTH AND Tliiii -enih alr'rle?Tbe beat lueallou la ihe clly, bouae tlrat elaae; poeaeaaea all nudern improvement*; nn e?i*i)ent uibl?; dint er at u'ukx.k. tw'.iieruen uxe muled w c*.L Apply Ht KB Ilroadway. Board w\ntkd-by a yocn<i man, in a re apertable Catholic lamilf, ? here there are bo other imird err in or near tic llo* cry; Wnnj bum l>e w-ltrate. Addreee J. ). C., Herald oflce. SOARD WANTKD-BY A QKJTTLEMAN AND WIFE, IN ft *<nteel Uermau family, with or without other bomlcra. Uoii mint I* healthy; ref'rencea firm and required. AdAim*, auun* wrmi, Ao., <.*. m. J., Herald offloe. Boarding-a oknti.**an and wipr and onb or two uncle gentlemen ein te'arr mmo<uied with pie*. Mot funiiabed Bouaa t>y applying at ttl C'hryiue nre<t; old No. o BOARDIKO.-A VKBY fUEAPANT THIRD STORY r ' Room; alao two fourth Boor, to leCwHk Hoard, to (Ingle KenUcmea, or futleBan and wife. Ho mo Vaa ail the modern improTementa, Apply at 11"Second are. Board in jeri?ey city, and pleasant boom* for the miner, at Mr*. Valentine'*, ti aod U Eaaoi i'-rect, law mli, ae?' walk from the ferry. Board in bkookltm.-a family on thk ttetghta, In a flmt claea honM and location, could take a few plea?*at Hoarder*. Inquire at IM Remain *tr??t, ur at Ki?ter A 1/ per'a. real ealale agenta, No. 4 Ran I* ?t'<-etBoard is urooklyn.-a labor hourk in a rleaaam location. >iaa i-een beautifully lltled up for a bearding bouae, eiclualvely for gentlemen. Ivary way aqial to a geni<el prltate remjet re, for a price unequalled In Brook lyn. Apply at No. 'MS Hri.latrcet. Brooklyn. FVBNISI1ED ROOMS TO LKT?TO OICNTLICMEN ONLY, In a irat claaa honae, m ith all the modern improvement*. Apply at M Ninth itreet, sear FilUt afeaue, late 41. FVRMPHKD AND CSrrRNIBITKD BOONS. IN fll'ITR or tingle, for gentlemen and their wire*. single R< ?>rae for alngle gentlemen; to 1>? had oa mmmMi terai for the aummer, In the l*ri ? brown atone bouae lli Pjieapple eirtet. corner of Fulton atree:. Brooklyn. TpURNISHICD ROOMS WAKTKD?WITHOUT BOARD, A1 b) atrrle gentlemen. no? above >lo latun itittl. Addreaa, Hating lenna, J. K , bo? la84 fow ofljee. FURNISHED BOOMS.?NICE COMFORTABLK FUR ntabed R ? a ? an t Hedrooma for anall fainillee and at net* gentleman at l.*A Rli/abetk itreet. near Bi??e atreet, (be bouae ia quiet aod will b? let low to resectable tenanta. FIRI-T CI.ASR BOARD. WITII RI PEBIOK ROOHR, ran he ntikuned for famtliea and young KCiitlewteii, ai morti rate rrlcea for ihe ? .tauter or permanent, at US Meat Fourteenth atrect. R?fer?nee eickanged. FRENfH BOARD IN BROOKLYN ?'>NF. OR TWO OF.N Uemeii I ail - ?rr o ,n<-lai'-,: ?nb H<?r.| in a Krencb i?mur The bouae contalna all lb? modem Imiuovenieuta. Apply ai in tile ton itreet FrRNTRBRD PARLOR AND BHD ROOM ADJOINING to let, and alao one ainate Room, la aenUemen oolr, In a prtraM family and >r*t rlaaa bo mm. ?rtth "rutmi. ekmeta. wardrot ea. faa and batb, loeaUnn unattrpaaaed. Hoard may he had If required. AppW at lit Raat Fourteenth itrmt U'l.'RNIHIIKD PARI.ORH AND BRDROOMR ON flRilT r and err<md lonra to let, low for I be aummer >onmg aod (ocatton \ttr dealrah e, al 371 Fourth itreet, near Lafayette plare and Ifcnadway. FfBNlPIIKD HOrsR, S34 ?VT TWKNTT KB"OND at reel, k> be let immediately, a prltate family oaly It ran he aeen at an/ Mme during the day, where tor ma mill be n ade known by C Orfl. ECRNI?HKD -A PABI.OR ANPOWR O* two ROOM* to M. mtatber or aeoarately. togeutiemee wltkrml hnarl. rtna l?^r to i ermanent lenanta <AatfWl locatva, cmverneel ? > citrf ?ud ?U*a?, tot MW Broadway. mB rovriM FtnwinnRn Room TO I.RT.-A T.AROR. AIR* AW? M?U]r f ir-BtolMKt front Roo? nullah.# f or I wo or itrM angle irndnoi'B, alan a fmet Bedroov. iulufcle roron*|M !> ?? IimilHHRfcmwj. gAROROWF F1'RNIRIIKt> PARI/tR. WITH RKDROOM MUebM. to lot to ?>' or two *in*ir fnllrnrtx *Urv two mnwia. thr know Mitalm *11 Uw i? lip fB 11 ?pt?; brtrtf*} If rtqii-rrt. Apply * WA.LKI flADLU, ' rMT of Twtnty atii Mr?vt and Broad my. gonoKKt -nnqui OKRTLRWRW OR OKKTIJCVK* ml iMr wit**, mn br tu^omnfuUutd with ten Ivn nu. wl-hf.ill r>*rU*J U.ard. by ?pp)yln* *1 lTliudaoo ' KM. Dm ami UMJt MM. MATTflRWH II AVI NO TAKKR THAT I.ARQ* m*4 c*Mt?d)mui bona* lit B4?*?*?r rtraat, two ww* M Broa4*ay. I* no* nntr V> arv*)W>tBm*M hmmmH and irandtnt board*!*, or with R??M without baiW. V darfrad PHin?r *1 on* uvl rti o rloHi. _______ NO. T HRKVOORT ri.Ant. TRRTrt "TWRRT -A plmrtR niiM "f Aparl-nanla. fcirnlahad. bW? n* *11 lb# <?( m Vrn b-<iH bo>m??, would M UK ^o ft party of (*atlft??a. wttb l.r?aU?*tlf drawt^. PARTIAI. BOARD WART*D-?T A TOCRU 'IRNTJ.R. mi. lo a rrt^ectaW# l*railr, Hthiw American <w Oaf. tan. Add/aaa, NaUr* t?nn?, Ac, I". R . boa 1*1 Until utt.M. Srrr or r<h>rh rAvrrn-ur rt a (m>ll?n*n. of fnralabad Room (n lit* n>Hghbotb"?d .if F>iH?n avnvir, b .*r<lm* bowk'^t'Or* na*d not ftl ( If. AJdn (a Mr. A 1.. PMrrrpoat llouM, BronMrn. rl.RT-A T.A0TW BOA RPIRO ll<>! MR, RKTWKR* Irani and < til. urtu, l? 'lrr<"lf ItrrH. TVpna VI.WW A W. Alan, fiiA?*tr? ft* aU? r? roaannabl* Un m* Ad ilimM M . Ur *4??) 1'uat "B" ? TO I RT- P t RLORi ARD RLWT1R0 APARTMRWT* wild T wHV"rt board, ? famllWw * |f?nll?nt<?n. at Ma 747 grtariway, opporit* A?t<# r!M?. k'Ji' Ivy ? i nr?t? (HI#/. Ifceft .i?f ituck r?aHmr?ii'. Jowii MMit, OAHPIMQ ASP LOPOWO TO RENT-A KINK KCIT OK ROOMSOM THR^CO.NO and fourth tloora at the Madlaa Park House Went Twraiv tilth atreel. oppoatte Mail in->11 )?rk and Wi.rih >. Alao alngle K.omn for gemlvmeii Private utbie furuabed H preferred. Beat of reference required. TO I.KT-AT 26 CLINTON PLACt'TWO KiN K H'j HH ?od Eitenalon, furaiahed or onfurciabed, on Arnt !U>or; meala lo tlie houw if deaired, er per?i>n? wiahin* to jvtdei thernaeJve* aiiJ live jjii.ateJy could do no. Re.ereucei?? changed. r o OR THREE SINGLE (JKNTI.KME.V OR A (ifiNTLf:. man and bis wife, can be bandaomely acoomtnodJiti*! V '.h nip ,.V I > H ...m*, pantilea, (ran, * ?.; boufa firaiclnm, flood L.We everything rendered to roike it bnm<S ike ?:,d n(,rei-.ibi<-. Ti iins i r two perxwtt*, |6. ltd South Kijib'.l; atrett, one iloor west of s>Uui atreet, only three msa? tiles' u-lic from nil ilie ferrlex. TWO OK THREE NEATr.T FURNISHED R OM8 TO heir-Together or aepirate, for gentlemen, wth a prlviOa family. House bus all the modern IniprovemetlU, convenient lo Broadway, Second and Tlilrd avrtmea, one block Irom <'ooper lnatitufe and Mercantile Library. Apply at No. 8 Kiitb Hiiet, near Third avenue, TO I.ET?AT 91 CLINTON PI.ACE, NEAR RIKTH AVEniw. three flue Room* on aecond floor. uwethrr or ??. r* ely, wlUt or without good Hoard. Re/erenow ki"'B aiul required. 'T11 I.KT-A ROOM, FURNISHED OR CTNrCRNIBHEP, I t Mngle gentlemen that do not uaa tobaeco, or a Floor to ' il the Whole nr part of the furniture for" tale App'y at 11 urth ?n eti, two docuv irou# Washington *juare. TWO OR TtlRK.R YOima MKN CAS BE AOCOMraodatuil wuh (urtiiihwl Kooma or Meula if required, in m mi *.1 private {huuK . H Herman* or Krotcb preferred. 1 ,?imc \i pure m 13 Marlon atreet, second floor. XirAWTKD?ROOMS FOR \ l.AOV AND OE.VTLRM V??. . 1^ku"?"Lbedro'>"1' l"xudl'r lady only. Loc-itloub?. ween 4ih anil Ub avenue* ana Uth m?l Juth ntroew, in a family where then Hre no other Owl -m. A fair pnee wi'l bo lutjd for (tojid accommndatlons a.Uivm with muI nam* bo* vJI, Herald ttice. AUootimiiinkhtivii*euivtiy roalldeatial. TlTANTIvD.?A YOVNU LADY, WHOKfi JH'SH \ND 18 ?T abaent, desirna to obwin board with a widow iikll. lulls or no family; where *he m?\ remain quiet am*. :,,vwi'rroia ?ociety. Addreta for three days, II. K., Broadway rw\ otfinei. TirANTKn-nv A HINGI.B OKNTLRMAN, IN T TT dtrlotly private family, a Kioare Room, with Br<-<kf>?t only; loralioo below Twenty third all ret. Addreea f* K., He; aid oil;LB. -tp-anted-by a kinui.e oenti.kman, a roo* T? without hoard, la (Mime genteel private family, near tho Fifth Avenue Hotel, and where n home would tie |>lea?vr.t; the best ot reference given and required; none but a itricily private family auaweriiig the above will receive any attention. Addrra*. with particular*, C\, ho* 3.3U3 fjat office. <} ABIN'iDON SQl'ARE, CORNER OP BANK AND tU Hudson i-tiee boeallou one of the coolertt ami henithiecl in thic eity. Strangers ?l*ltlnxr the city will find ;*paiioit* ami airy riK uu, with ,;o<>d table. The Great Eastern la at the loot ot Batik street. 5 BONO STRKET.-ROOMK, PITRNIKHF.D OR PARIL2 fiirumhed, to let, in S'tita or to *ingle gentlemen. TO BOND STREET-FURNISHED PARLOR AND i ? I Bedroom* adjoining; alao two single ilodrooms, la a private family. No boarder* taken. OO AllINflDON KQCARE.-A OENTI.tMAN AND WIPR, ??) and two or three single gentlemen, can be acoomin* dated with pleasant rooms .ind denlrable board at reaaon tbla rate*. Tlnnse contains all modern Improvements. Car* u,d ni?nc? pA?a the .loor. A Q MORTON STREET, BETWEEN HrD*ON AND BED. It) ford atreeta,?A large front Room on seeond floor, with or without hall Bedroom adioln'ng, and furniahed if <ietired, to let. with Hoard, to a genUeman and wife or two tingle f totlemen; f an.ily *mall; refareneea exchanged. ^ RAPT THIRTEENTH BTREET?TO I.BT. TWO NIi'B TI ?7 1'arlors on the hrat rtonr, furniahed, either wtth or withoutboard. Ho'ise contain* all the modern UBprovtm?L.'A The ri? m* will be let ?eparat? if deatred. mKAST FOURTEENTH HTBEBT.-A 8CITOF ROOMS on tlie ftr?t II Kir, handsomely ftirai?bed,*wllh inMe if desired; .ii?o a fuit on ibe eecuad floor, and md*'.o ?I h rimenln on reasonable term*. OjnWKsT TWENTIETH STREET?Kl'R.NIbliEO K<*ni? to let. wiih Unard. ADZ FOURTH RTBKET, BETWEEN BROADWAY T U<J and Second *vrnue.--To let, the eiitlre flc'KKl Nwr, iKfninare rc uim, sepurmeiy or whether, with or wllboul Board. rno BROOMK KTRKF.T. NK.4R BROADWAY?NEW ?Vm) ?nd eleirmiily fnmtabed Ko< ma on ibe ?ecoBd autl third lloore, modern Improvement*. naj BROAOWAT.?STRANOKRfl TWITIRO NEW I U I York will ttnd g*?d ar<-<tnmodallona ?t tbe abovS pin*. IV bouae bnvtn|rbeen thoroughly renovated la d,w ripen t/> receive gueaU. Th? hn'uw m k<-pt on the Kurnpeiaa pun, with rNUiirut attached. Taaia d'kuM tl M o'eJoc*. French and Kpaniab spoken. \Vll?ICWA,\OL.l<it.'OH?l. B K^RR ~ Wine Merchant, 5fl Fulton K'reet, oflerefrreale, at moderate prtcea, the following ?Uict!j Srrt cIhm ffoodi ? t'hlllliitwnrlh'i Tort, bottled In T nndoo; Oeborn't Port, do. Oporto; Barton A <lna?tler? < 'laret, do Bordeaui, varvltiK t'r* in M 50 10 $30 per <a?e AI?o, Kberrien, Malelrw, H'?'ka, t bampMur*. HrMtMiln (i>art verv old). R im*, (tin*. Vinegar. Aim, forter, Black and Ureeu Tea*, Ac. Uoodi delivered free. 0T.I> NE<7AR BOURBON WHISKKY.-THE BEST I* the city. 7f<-. per bottle, 91(0 r" rall'm. Tb? tfadts "pi lle.l at a liberal diacoiUit. Bolt' aweary N<?. 1 and S P,n# ?tret-t. corner Broadway. A. 0, UAWBENOE. \rr. lovers or noon wtnf.-orkkn rkai. chamJL panne, 91) M); Cot Cl&ret, U a, at 37 FUtoo nmi, New fork. TUB KIKKMBW. At a pprtiaj, mrkttno oriiarrt Howard kmerne Company So. SB, held on Wein-s-Uy evening, J mm 27, IM", iipot, motion, the following resolution* were uuaalmomly adopted Revived, 1 bat llie thank* of ibil Company be and ar? h?r?hy landere-l to Me?ar* llluiiii A Co , r<>r the pr?seu of l>ea?uf>il carpet wherewlui To adorn our Meeting R<K>m. XrinlTn), thatacopy of th**e rew.'ition* be sent to th? sbr vr ii.'iiar'I jtentlemen, and be P'ikiWbed la the New York Despatch, Lender, Mercury *n>l II' r*M II. A. (ttl.HKRTftON,) A. r. 1.ESI.IK J < Yimmutee. J. A. TUCK rr, S WMORTg. A COOL and rkfrkflhinu fullto *rt"cd tilK w?rm weatker.?The Oreen tfrrrv* Manston. Report, wh?re?U the comfort* of a b' mo can be enjoyed, kt in y n.odei at* terms. I* now ojen for ike reception it boarder*. Kvery fArany uBrred for thing, boning, g'irriln*. fiahl.-wr and nil other kinds of country r*cie*tiou Boam leave loot of Robinson itieci daily. For particular* apply at 15) Fraakkn street. New Tork, or at Mr* WINNR, oo ike ptcmne*. BKALU HOTKU-TOOC1 M1NF.RA1. HPRIXOR. rHB, ea.Malne?This new aad magnificent H<Ael, j furnished with every provlsvn for the eo?*f>>rt < it* tn?*ta, will be r<p?oed nn the 10th In*. Tb* water* of thJ spring pn**es* the kixWt medicinal vlrtu?* of any In tke country. Attacked am Millard aaloona, bowline altera livery stable*, trolling take, Ac Tke vicinity afford* am fie attraction to ih# angler and sportsman. C*rriag?s will be found In re*din?*> at A mrueta aad Uardiuar, four m_i** distant, for th? - >n?ey*' o# of fleet*. WM. U VUITK, A (eat. Maine, June ?. IMP. BEt.MONT V til.. RTHOOMCV'S MOUNTAIN NPRINti*, New .lemcy ? tb* above fashionable mimmer rear n a Bow open fn* tke season. I^ttem ad^rmel u> tke abov* nlaf will am with attention. WII.LIAM nil\RP Trajia lear# fool of tlortland streM at *l, A M and F. M Kifr*m every Saturday at ? W. re? truing early Monday saornm* ^ flOM'MRIA fWCPIt. r4PR IS1,ANI>. CAPK MAT. N J ? This large I ret r.aa* b<4el will >+ opened for Ik* iec*pti<>a of *'!?*' on the 3<th of June, I960 Tke kouee baa been c?nplet*ly iep*,red ?ad refnrn *h*-1 new cocktail latirc. oveta, tt-'aia b' l>rm, and etery utoderO iBiiTwemen* ?dd?d. Kt enuve atab uif attacked to tke premise*. All letiri* ailrli ?*?'d to the *ub*ciil>er? t'ape I?:ao<l. M wlU be pm?r tly aueiMl?d to. I.AIRD A WoORMAN iiar.i II IiAiap. late prnprletnr Franklin llO'ise, I'Mladelphla, C H Wootiwali, l< natily proprietor Mtrunt Veraoo U<t> tel. ?'?|ie Uland. Cl.A RKNTV'N Uf>TKl> 9ARAT'HJA rprinor-Tm? new and "lefaut HMel U n'rw open foe tke seaann Tb# Ii^-ati'ti l? on >tr'?dway, near tk? ?'oti*re*a Nprtnr It kaa a^l the n?"lem uapr vements of ??*, At, in every room. ll will a< romo. ilate fo?r bmidred iwk ? O r FTTWAM. Cijrrwoon horn*, orrrmrrn bbttort. *. j. twKntj mfl?? from K?w Tw*. fltanmrra iaara *? >*? ?> 0TP*\ at 10 a M and 4 f. M. <UBt; A f*? d*** *?< bf* IUn. A?pWW> J. T. WILAOK.of VUm mi fcaMT. ?J* bruadwag- h. w. abbott, pmprttaor. F>wx*?n ournnnK i.ak*ca?i?l. *. nrrr mile* by Harlem mAd. Ibtrty rrumiiu* nde b? MAft, fou* mllaa frrtt, UA? Ifaknjiae, no# mile from lake ntWd, fine air, ><?d baiHru^ flahlrf. rowing and mil** hnata fr?# to mta** Utrrj rtatta Attod?>4. KUWIE KuWUtR, Prtprxuie. La rormwrr* nor**, mom rounr, ?. j.-ttttb popular Mimmitr knwl, kAAnUfullj dtuAto* m tfcd b?nfea of tfx Kill Vf Ku)V.taop? forUw?arm Bnata )?r> pMr Wa S Bat* n??r. At 7* aod 1IWA. M . amI ?? aa#* r if.. Ban-la* WA*. M?d 1? ATM. Aid *M f. E~>UWI fro? Saw Tort, m mimta*. ywjl w formerly of Uhrfi IIaaaa. f> uyHaiw. N(?TRAK0 IIOl'RK. BAWD'S POtirr, M>JWI VdKttDi, hA* brm |T?aUt eAlAi*wl. fmprtwAd. AAd AAW.y f-ir?nr.r;^sr ra .rris&s&a awAaraft tn iwavtrf r#ss,W^.WiStrSOTKiSSraS-'"* JlttBTM BATMtAW. BAwyoty E. ?. OftiKirr poiwt hoprb. obibbt poib*. u>na 1 aland, ll n??A2?1 for ?e reception of n'rt*. ?*lar im uperlnt "mlAA** ?f TkomaoT. Paranna ft nan be r#?rh?4 dally k?tkA '?*A?rt SAUr<?d, at 10 A.M. and J JO P. tf*5o, X.ZnS&SS'lfS* ,TTr'"* J"~ *"SCITWBR BMOftTO ?THK WOOOB1NK OOTTAOg, Hl?h llrtl**, Wwatckaalrr ?.!? Ht*amN*t 1*ndlot. TMi i".f. iiar Mnmm?r Be**!, beAwtifilly akialad on lb? bank* nf tke Harlem rim, ooe |io?r'i rid* from I A* nly by Neamt?*ui from Pe< k mc and Tkird a*vn<i? oara. Tfcr)tA? far* rmlT lie. RnulfftU IM l*AAm RAtooiiA and UlnlAA KorigD* AMArbAd. A. K. rCTTl?f>) CFA BATHtVO AT M)N<> BRAKt n. X. .1 -T1IK AI.1IB. W' Ibaiiy IIoimo If m>w np*n for ik# r*r*pttnn of TiaiVrA, Tklall<xii? la bMO'lrnlljr akiNilrd At th? WrmHlAAaf lb? |VU> warA and Rarlian Bat lUllroad, ha<ln? a ho% Tt?w of tk? <?c?an *iid turroimdlBlt co'iotrr. PamMI*? takAn no rmmto^ Mf 1"W. ^ WA RDItt.L, Prorrtrtor. 8RA RATllIXO-PATIUn!* noT*!^ BOCKAWAT-. Thla itrk?tit/<i1 attnmar rvaon ki now op?A. ami may k? Kkod hjr i he L"tm laland >Ui.r<*d to .famairA. Tratnf e f"TnS f?rry. frrnnfcljrn, at MAN. *nd ?, ? ? am ISA P M. <l?md ,aK?i? ! ?? irrtrr train Alan, bjr *?ambo?l fm?? I'tAt Bo. 4 WrtriA rl??ik at Ik A. M. dally. IIimIaim man rna r?a?h Krw Tork hj i A. * , aixl kara 'llnatr a?U P. partnUj pmtwiM ff>r *t?tr aeeeWeodeOim Ma<I '>?? aA Ho*<Pa I.prraa <??#, a William ?tr?*<t If. B ?Fartilabta i tilura* u> m. rfOMPFOWA An.ABTK- rPATnjOIT, AKCS. ft. J : *nrf awl rl?tr haihln*. fiahlng and hoAtm* I. THOtfpsti.f, prrTrtrfir.'Boata Vara Rr^lnann mr?"t m? and aflaraoon. Iftfklaad HgKl foot Rohln?on atreaL at 9 P. * . Aatnrdat and "nndA* Alt P, *f,. M ?idar At S P W, 1*AV? *to*? claw s?odA|lt, At i33 i*. *., II i4aj M, Alt A.*

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