Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 16, 1860 Page 1
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i ; - th; A 0 WHOLE NO. 8712, IBS RETURN OF HEEHAW. THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD AT NOME. ffci Umftim Ex?*ftioi aid iti latitats aai IdveitnfM. TIE lDO(3i MY OR MATH UUKD. Appeezsaee and Coiumtion of the 6mt Western (laaipitir * ? ft*, ftfe Mb C. Msaa, lbs pqptUatio ohMptaB af tha world, wmi 1a the VmAmMH, at about aiovea o'clock em SaturmiMr, Jaeb iMtMtf, wbeao raBk I* via* MMtMii of all IhmI partiaana la oaly second to thai of tbo ohaaaptoa himaalf. Tbo Vandarbilt aaoboroJ to tbo river, opposite bar dock, bat Beonan and Macdonaid diaemborbii is tbo doctor's boot, at Quarantine, according to a# ami(?Mit previously ma do, and took ap their quarters at Tom Burns' Howl, No one was waiting to rooeive then, for tbo moat of Heonan's trien ls had expec tod him the day before, and thought some accident had happened to the steamer; and the reception part/, which had boon cruising about Sandy Hook, during Friday and Saturday, had returned disappointed to Now York and tbo Malta saloon. As soon as tbejiotelligenco of the arrival of the steamer reacbod this city, however, two partiea'startod in rowboats for tbo island, arriving there at about (bur o'clock yesterday morning. They found Heenan safely ensconced in the snuggest of quarters, and receiving every attention from veteran BUiOD Islanders. After remaining at Quarantine for several hours, and enjoying a fine ride along tbe^beacb, Basnan reached this city, yesterday, and has been enpage* in receiving the congratulations or his numerous friends. A fall account^of the] reception excursion, its Incidents and adventures, the arrival of Heenan and McDonald, their persona) appearance and conversation, and Um excitement generally, la given below. THX RICrmON KXCVMION. On Friday last, Meagre. Campbell and McCabe, of the Malta aaloon, ibe Intimate friends and adviaera of the sniclaBoy, organised an exenrsion for the purpose of Intercept in g the Vanderbilt at Sandy Hook, and giving the Champion of the World, whoee victorious return has so long been expected, an appropriate welcome to hia native *eree. The line litUs steamer John A. Lock wood JCaptaln Bradow, waa chartered and moat amply provisioned, and a small brara cannon, under charge of Messrs. Pecker, Here Wilson, " the Douglas gunner," Ferris and Chalmera, was placed on the lower deck to thunder out Its aalutoa to the great Oatic hero. Every arrangement having been made for the comfort of the excur atooista, the Lockwood came up to pier number three. North river, about eleven o'clock on Friday morning.and found there a select party of Heenan'a friends and partisans, who had been amusing themselves by watching the manoeuvres of the "execution excursion" boats,several of which had touched at that pier. Soon after the Red jacket, Wild nicii on ooara, dm sieamea aown me river to (Bed toe'a Island, the Lock wood started, and in obedience to the command "Give 'em a fin," a salute was fired from the boat as she left the dock. A abort tail brought the party to Bedloe's Island, and the steamer topped that the excursionists might have a view of THI KXKCUTION Or HICKS. By the time, however, that the lock wood had taken a position agnong the tangle of boat* which surrounded the Itlud, the execution wu over, and the body of the pint* bong dangling hi the wind. lte soeoe from the water waa moat impreesivo. All around lay veaaela of every aiae and description, their rigging and decks black with men, and their color* (ally flying. Juat along the beach, In front of the gallows, wa< a per feet pavement of small sloops, distinguished among which waa the E. A. Johnson, upon which the piracy was committed. The shore of the island, sloping gently from the water, was ottered with spoctators, and beyond the grass tress formed a sweet shade, under which another large group waa clustered. Just at the water elge of thia groTe was the gallows, and there hung the body, stroogly relieved against a board fence which enclosed one of the gallows posts The whole scene was most dramatically effective The tangle of shipping, the immense throng of spectators, the beach, sloping forward like a stage, with Ita back ground of trees, the gallows tree with ita terrible fruit in the centre of the picture, the etoop upon which the murders were committe-1 flaunting Me colors in front of the gallows, snd bringing the crime vd ita punishment in terrible Juxtaposition Awhile above, ths blue sky, specked with fleecy clouds and lightod up with golden sunahme. smiled upon the scans as though it had been nee of the most innocent pleasure, and before stretched the bright waters, crisped lato mimic wares, aad splashing their while crests towards the gallows, sa t' ?aa akiwsi <v?l flrw iKa mftnUres *K/i Kk/4 nlncUfl th mi with lauocenl blood. There wu the most perfect illeoce daring the execution, and u soon u Uw body was lowwed uw boats began slowly to noTf off. Tb? Lock wood received several pwnipn from tbe island, and after ' giving a gua" lo the aflair generally Moved off to New York, a is embarked one or two person* at the dock, and then (topped at tbt Atlantic banm, Brooklyn, to take in a supply of cn*la for the voyage. Tbe force of example induced a oollatioti and Uie excarsioaists, feeling tbe gem of that appetite which nearly proved fetal upon former occasions, aade sad havoc of tbe roast chick ana and bolted corn beef which McOabe bad provided. Another atari was then made, and tbe imaiorUi Pecker having ' given 'em gun" at tbe Battery, Um Lock wood reached Statm libwd. aad motiving a reinforcement of excursionists, gars another gun to some person or persons unknown, sad at Iwt steamed out for the Hook. t*1 party on maib. Um boat being m; feirly under weigh the company began to scrape acquaintance with each other, and Mr. I ! , -J-' ~ mm iajwi|> MltOW. Among th? diatlBgnlabed pMOH|NMbW< lb* Lorkwooh *'rf Cbanctlmaa (hmphell, Frank Mc Ckba, Hocoac i backer; Jum Cualck, ll-ewm a aacoad. Neddie Price, tha nnKMiaite pafflliat ; of Bneton .'Mr. W Inane of the aegar (hip ootrtoty, from Baltimore Jolm Nafew, of Albany, John Hooghla. <r, Ciptam JraM Tuner, John Mortarty, Juw Goat'lln. M array Ottar, Charley Doaiie, Chief Ik?fU?aer Decker (who d tarn barked at New Tort), Dr. BoDaaback, K. JChrie llama, D A. M?M, tbe >rnkin Cliaa, Iba ? Mi Mrf Mill, Jot* Job?on, Bedford, Da Furraat, KJktne Terbuae, Maloay. John aad Alaak MnCb be. On of tba Philadelphia raited Ma tea Mai^ala waa arr ideai tally oa board, in onaapaay with ?ereral of the after* t of Captain ?yadir*a aflw, aad reporter* ware praaant Oom Um Haw Tort, Albaay aad Philadelphia jooraala Um party t>oa? barad abotit eereaty Ire la all, aad wa can thoroughly aalaiai tbalr own arronat af Oia?aliw, iirao la a aae ndMoa dtacord, with banjo acooaapaaiawtii. to a paeejag oyttar iKap, We're a ee| of jolly goad MVtwa, And Man to keep all re. Aa tba bat* (M?a?d aloag ibe onapaay aopa rated ? cotarlea, *lnglag part lea vara orgaaiaa*, earda sad* theif appearaace; double AuAaa, botb of paate hoard aad padala, rt alighted thoaa win at ia far that atyle of thine; trolling Itaaa were taaf oat, aad with a profane llbarallty tba geatlanana af ttie irhMry dopnruaent ?'#nre a gun" la <*?> imm* m h '-b happened lo pajw. r itm rom wee ?<*r reached, aad the rtew af the oftea n?\ la flraal, lb ta frond eifaoeo of wblta arreted warea, oheakared here aad thaw with 'alto, lighted ipby, M?d .* ile r ft.t the low t^nob of yellow aaod, with Umgreen l>Ui? fwel'-ng bejoad, aad tba white lighthouse* atnadMg :he tar a awa??eata ?paa the Highlands. waa *ter f i led by ifce ran lo > bowd?r, in wh.oh the (<arty seat b?arv 7 rvporded 9r> rood waa the d'ah that the ^ ? *aabao?a rota, a \f pta tha onek a r.nfbrtapa ra InrytMiM b# , pia??rt, ara t **! ard ;,iae ENE qwant* tfeatltUaLockwood mwltbo bar witboataay WMt?iD taelioatloa to raapaad tolb*aaaal oall of tbo "*aa*y do*," and out atepida of Um lighlahlp BMdy Book, fbpilafr OupoTl. Qkptaln O^pm oama ob board t*a Lookwood and ?m aparwMkBait wttb atltHnadfemn|?o(iO wti, Ba ropartod tbat aotklag had bean aeon of Um VaadarbiH, but thai Um pilot boat, with bar pilot ob board, waa oraialac ob a?d off tbo Book. Bwta| boaa auppUad with tba lataat Mow York I to find a harbor for theni*. .. whk i?mwwM?bIi| on. Several porsons now hosMM very aaxiouo toretasato New Tort, orr r ldenly dtHmnd that his wifa vasalav'ti) ,g .author that ha had Itflt* to pay | tko ?** ornii oat alUr a ooblast ooaaeil of tbe p. arm la ute aflhir, it wh reoolved to avotd aoy ptaoo from whlah tha etoaraWiaisto ooaM reach the citr, udtol*/ all night at ths goveramaat dash, ftmdy Book. "All thoae who are aboard mast sss the thine through, ' was the apeemi enter at aho day, ImM fey O?niisa MeChhe aad reoeived with cfcsers, aad Mm e*r of a gun, by the oampatiy. Dm singing ws? *aa r*w*M, osllllon parUae wen termed, with aa eapeomi aa^hoaM aa the Agar* "MW chaia," aad the graataM kUarity pr* vailed. tiMDTIOQI waa reached jual at eoadowa, one by the time the li^t bad fkded out of the iky the party had all tumbled aahore, aad were eajoying theanaelves in the moot approved meaner Throwing of *10000, sparring, bathing aad fishing wore suddenly given up, however, at the aagpaUoa of a ** *bake, and away went the party for the beach. In leee time than It ukee to tell of It the clame were spread, the bruab for the fire collected, and the a bo re lighted up with the ruddy flame. One of the government olDolala, who did not deeire to have his name publiahed, aoon after made bla appearance and " forbade tbe bans," declaring .that* bla ordera were to have no fires along the ahore. Several of tbe party took charge of tbe matter and the officer, and engaged blm in argument and conversation while tbe clams were baking, and by an admirable arrangement tbe eaters relieved talkers, so that while some treated tbe officer to a feast of conversation, tbe otbera went in for tbe substantiate. By thla means all disturbance was avoided, and tbe officer bad tbe satisfaction of knowinff thAt ho had dnrp hid dtitr and that tha r.lama ?o?a eaten. The other inhabitants of Jersey, the mosquitos, now made their appearance and were more successful than the official, for the whole party, unable to resist their ravage onslaught, incontinently retreated to the vessel and prepared for sleep. DODi'GB AT NIGHT. As soon as the party reached the Lock wood the singing was resumed, and the leading vocalists made an unsuccesful attempt to rehearse " Home Again," and other melodies with which to greet their renowned friend, railing In this the most perfect quiet ensued for about two hours. The star* came peeping out one by one, U>e lighthouse* Hashed their beams across the waters, and far down the Narrow* the sky waa lit up with the fireworks set off at the Seventh regiment fete. Segar* were lighted, and the party engaged in conversation upon various subjects, but it was remarkable that nothing was said, either at this or any other time, in regard to the great fight which gave Heenan his pugilistic immortality. The quiet became still more noticeable as talker after talker dropped off to sleep) upon chair* and benches, and was only broken by the hushed footstep* of a party of inveterate jokers, who bad their plans laid for a night's entertainment. Suddenly off went the cannon, and the clang of the steamer's bell, with the shriek of the whistle, made night hideous, and startled every slumberer from his repose. This outrageous hubbub continued until a regular J y organized attempt waa made to quiet the offender*, the strings which were connected with the bell anl the whistle were cut, the whlatle removed and partial quiet restored. The ship's bendera were now called into play, and buckets of water were poured from the upper deck upon the unfortunates beneath. Every stool and bench which bad been extemporised into a couch waa upset, with its occupant, and the greatest oonfuaion prevailed. One of the fanner* determined to restore order, on the homoeopathic principle, by firing off the cannon, bat wis satoniahed to see the cannon making tracks skyward with the assistance of a pulley rigged from a schooner alongside. The gun having been recovered, an alarm waa given that the Vanderbilt waa in sight, by a small boat alongside, which represented itself aa the New York new* boat. This hoax being played out, its perpetrator* left to srenad-' some of the denivn* of tlie Hook, and the party on board of the Lock wood retreated to the most out of the way corner* and diligently courtsd si ep. Scarcely had they doxed off, however, before they were aroused by a most Uemen<lo ui shower of ston< *, which seemed to come irosa no where in particular, but from all quarter* generally, and so enraged wre some persona by this annoy.m< e that apprehensions of serious difficulty wers entertained. Several pistol -boIs were fired to quiet the attacking party, but we were informed that the weapons were kstded only with blank cartridges. A half hour's repose succeeded this mrlit, and then cam? the morning gun, aa the sun rase like a ball of living flame. BREAKFAST AXD A START. Such a party aa made its appearance at the cook'* door for the beefsteak and llvtr which constituted bn alt feat. Clothes of the most aristocratic cut, bat of most plebian dirtiness , bees unnaturally pale and natu rally unclean , eyes inflamed and *unk<-n , hair awry and filled with sand?the whole company, tn short, might have been mistaken for the mtaain* relatives of the What la It f aad would certainly have been recognlaed ma aucb by that ml? reeling creature. A wa*h in aalt water aad a oovm of gln-ooek lalla or coflbe brought moat of tbc party up to tbc aa.tng itandard, but a number atook to their bertha aad could not be rawed. OM ocran waa uaed aa atop tub and rwar<tor, a a ingle yard of bagging did double <iuty aa a towel and dlabclotb, aad tbe party took tarna at the only comb on board. The axoaUaot break fret waa meat languidly fa lea, but under the in Goes oe of the breeae and tbc iranahine moat of the party managed to crawl a boot, and Anally a aoag waa atrack up aad rewarded by a gun, the Lockwood atarted Tor aaa, aad tbe Rtcbarla oa board ware tbeaaaalraa again, wttba fkw exception* After a couple of boora aail tbe a learner came up with pilot boat No. It, with Mr. Martiaeaa, the aeual pilot of the Vaader bill, oa board, Mr M. reported tbe VanderblH atlll outatde, but expected bar every moment. Martlneaii and pilot Metcalf came oa board tbe Lockwood, aad ware treated to aerrral driaka aad a gun. They atated that It would be impoaaiblr for tbe party to board tbe VMderbilt, or for H?*aao to Imtc Um Mip ualil tbe BrmJlh Officer bad b?? uo board at Quarantine. (Jeneral diaapfwmUaent wan riprrMed at tbta latelligenoe and, to Mkt Ui? bftl of Um matter, Um following letter m Ifi Ten ta cbargc of Mr. Martmoaa, to tm haaded to Haenaa ? ftua Raii.i-.Vt have bee* bar* about twenty toar boon, with Um lni?r liockwood. waitiag ** 7??. vita about one hand red ir.onda no hoard Wa will mert fM Mateo UM, Qoaraatta* landlag Bat* your iiWi read/, m ? Mad takiag yea of la anM a crow* We nare a wait of nw ?wgag*d for ym and M?rdoa?l< at ibe Aator Ho*aa. Har* ywta|p?idl Plgaed by QwfMI, MoGaba, Ckpl Taraer lad oUmhl Um pilot wm tbaa MnM tHk Am and another gaa, nafiati bartag bM iaad* to bar* the Vaader bill Ml) ctaaa to Um poMt of Hwdy Book, if Me r*me in alter dark Bona altar Um himi^ Lawreao* oaaa akwgatd*, with another pilot oa board, and It waa determined, by bio advtm, tkat Mr. Cbapbail, wttfc Um Willi r*port*r, Mould board lb* frnas Um pilot boat, aad lb* look wood akonld await ber at Mates lataad. imuhmim vriBTAfiot*. Meaawhil* tk* da/ worn tf*r, aad a* raaM IB ai?hl, or ratfeer a* |Mkl Vaaterbvn, *r w? be)er*d that er?ry tmmM which p*M*, Trim a l*g * a rowhoat, wm deceived by mm m It 'balU laag-ei. peeled Meaner, aad a Mm akvn gnaa Alter ?*?<* it WM "Mealy dt*>-*T*r*d Uial I here wm not bread enough tor m*tb*r seal, aad >*pendin? Mariatxm began to mak* Um '-owpary w ?h th*mr?irn aabcre. Stsrwal boatk w*r* cleared aid a r-pply of l ob talaed, bat aaolber and a greater waat wa* Jinu'wl Tti* fopply rf regare bad been stopped la lb* aoraiag, but row even lb* <*h*w rg mbaono wm wanting, aad vary "a gay heart tt?f> wm m.r'at Ibla d atremng rieliig?nre rh* cry wm tor Vew York S?r*ral peiamat were <n a ?<>ddea tak'n w ih IMtt M tUlHH tU*" red ir porta I fa W TO M0RNIK6 EDITION?M01 ; fMMMBta; mm bad bMiiteMd that tba VaadarbW didaetatari UII the Itb lMt; a hvvmntMi tbat Beanaa waa ootoa boart?in riwrt, toara dm aotbiaflefl to* It but to jive ap the chaM aad pat iato port. About tlUPWI O'OtodK tor Um oity, and ohm to the bar joat It Mm to ?m U* Adriatic <lwhofn ktr pilot aad aboot ?wlfUj ed upon tbla beaotifnl retmi, and OBMpartoaM wan iutitotad between bar wi tba Great Utter ahip. Tba Adrfciic wm pr wanted bj Mr. Deckef wlib a Aaa gna, which ouapUMBt aba did not rotors, and mbeeqawt pnMMHMi to ptM aai albar bcaM vera recetrad with eqoal oaalnai. Dm Lootrwood pot iaatda tba Mat aod atoppad tor aoppar, wfaioh waahand aooMtr aervod, tba aaa MaaoK aaaairtM tor broad. bombwabd mnni. I m MOflllMt With the gMMnl ttaMwMftfNiwTork. A few wlahad to ifftir on | Mmt will after ???, a May Uttwy Wand, a sugpty of segan and tobaooo obtained, and saaay total** to bath. Tbe Makwoad Ike# IMmiI atowiy Into Ik* harbor, and arrived aft New York about eight o'clock, the wboto party deoiartag that when they weal to lock for Hssasa agate it wemM be la the col?na of the Waain. Altogether, however, the exewalon waa a moat pteaaast one, and the nnanisaoos thaaka of the ooaapany were tandered to Moaars. Qampbell and MoOabe for tbe manner in which they had conducted (he wtaoie aflbir, aad to Chpt. Brandon for his klndneaa and ooorteey to all oa beard. GBODLU. D1BAPT0ENTMKNT. The Lock wood landed her passengers at pier 3 North river, and there a small crowd bad oollected to await Heeoan's arrival. General disappointment waa expressed when it waa found that he was not on board, and the intelligence passing up the street with the excursionists they were everywhere greeted with inquiries in regard to the probable time of the arrival of the Vanderbtlt. It was very evident that, bad the champion arrived in tbe Lockwood,be would have been greeted with an immense popular ovation. The chief of the party proceeded to the Malta Saloon, and attempted to drown their disappointment in tbe "flowing bowl" or wine glass, and a plan for another excursion to start yesterday morning was immediately discussed, those who had been moot anxious to return to New York being among the first to propose a fresh start. The hacks in which the party were driven np being observed standing outside the door, the passers by supposed that Heenan waa in the saloon, and the room was crowded with anxious Inquirers during the first part of the eveninr. TBI VANSKRBILT TCLSORAPBRV. In the meantime the Vanderbilt camc in light of the Highland lighthouses, and her arrival waa immediately telegraphed to the Hxiuld office, and our reporter conveyed the intelligence to Mr. McCabe, whj, in company with Messrs. Turner, Houghtalin and Otter, immediately drove down to the Hseald office Tor further in formation. Our reporter viaited the dock at which the Vanderbilt usually lands, but found it eo tirely deserted, but afterwards obtained the inform* , tioo that Heenan bad landed at Staten Lblani, and that the other passengers would be put on shore at the Battery. The Bee nan party being informed of this arrangement immediately took a row boat, and, In company with our reporter, started for staten Island. It was by tola time about half past two o'clock, and the Yaa<lerbilt lay at anchor in the stream opposite her dock. ram visit to hkznan. The sail down occupied about an hour, and upon arriving at Quarantine we were informed that Heenan and McDonald, with another passenger, bad landed in the doctor's boat, and were then at Tom Burns' Hotel. Mcwiri. Geo. Hill, Lewla Baker and June* Irving were already at the hotel, having taken a boat as goon aa the Vanderbilt waa signalled, but hardly expecting to find llcenaa at the Island. Tom Burna, however, had boarded the ahip at Quarantine, and lleenan, acting aa directed by the aote from Campbell, handed bun by the pilot, had landed, expecting to And his frtea* there. The party at the hotel, therefore, waa com of Meaara. Hill, HoughtaJIn, MoCkbe, otter Turner, Baker, our reporter, and one or two veteran Staten Inlander*, among whom waa Vaadertee, a prise lighter of aome note In theae old tlmea when Itoaa Harrington and other " old una " aported It largely. Above tbam all tow* red TBI CHAMPION OP THJ WORLD, wliom we found in fall drtwa, doing the honors in the parlor of the comfortable little hoatclrle. llernan greeted the party moat heartily, and expreaseil hia delight at taking bia old friends mora by the band. "Its a good thing to be back,'* waa hia railing remark, whan aakad bow be liked England. Haenan has grown considerably iinoe bis daI ?r to re, and Is now a vary giant in bis propirtkma, and would seem to be very much taller if ha bad not acquired an Engliah stoutnen and rotundity with hia increased height. He aeema mora manly, aad his broken aoae, f hort hair and barmed fbee make kiss look quite tha pogl liatlc gentleman ha la. Ha waa la the vary bast of liealth and apirlu, and enjoyed hia voyage very much Amid roars of laughter at hia Bigllabaeoant, be boatled boat tbe room, delighted at seeing old tecea, and recall idc old time* by all aorta of )ok?a and atorlea. Maodontld bad retired, bat after the Drat ooofraialattona were orer, Heenan ordered L1b to becallad, and ta tba naaatiae took an arm chair and prepared to aaawer bla frteada' tatarrogatorfte. Ha bad not braagfct tbe chaapMa bait, ba aaid, for it waa not paid for, aad Dow ling would Ml tat bun < have IL 8ayer?' bait waa in tba aaaaa predtcaaaeat, aad tba maaufcetnrer now bald tba tbra^beMa?tba original and tbe two fac idaaflai to guard htm agaiaat km Sayera dtd not au.ioipMiy bin to tba ataaaaer, becaone he bad bart bis ana by a fell froai a wagon, aad though aaxiooa to go, ilawaii refuaed to allow bin to accoatpaay bla farther than tba railway rtaik? Sayrea won Id aot aalt oar peopte, ha waa too flaaby, aad talked of fauoaelf too much ft* oor notiona Heeaaa Mid that be waa Bach more popular in Ireland ba tbooght, than Sayera waa. There bad beea no diaturbaaoa while ha waa in Dahlia, except from tba in aiwaa crowd. *y?n waa groaaly tnmlted there, bat Heeaaa waa lifted np la bla cab aod carried about three mi lea by tbe people, who kept aayiag " in my win vrrr mm mm aw," m curb aprtMlcM. The cooTcrMtiM ?m bar* Interrupted by an Inrtta tun to drink, which Rmu declined, taylng that be n?T?r took llqoor?a proof thai hit strength of Bind m ?qoal to b:i itrergth of body, for be la roattaualy aantng drinking mm and hat do tack of temptattoaa Uae of tbe Htaten Inlander! thereupoa drank the chant ptca'i health. with many cjpreaeione of ad aeration and r?-fard. Hcetuta tat evidently Bach aanoyod. "Ily heart It broken with mcb ihinga,' be remarked in aa uader tooe to oor reporter; ?'tf they knew bow ?r;ehI dttlikod it tbey ncuMa't My any rich tblagr" Some om anacnni ?d that Beeaaa'a father waa unwell, and He?aaa would not ret' me lb" onoTertatioc thui xter nipted uatll be had made arrangrmrLtt to bavt bit fathrr < aotiSed of hit arr.rai aad lataatioa to rait him ahortly Tbt rrtaark waa Ukb made that %yert wta a great liUle ataa. "Be a a great mac.'aa.d B'*naa;--but a little man' do you call biaif I ?I?b yon orwld ?e < your 'little aoaa ' Tbat't a rt range |<!ea froe o 1 ynu hart about flayert tin. Why, I tell yoo, be la two inehee broad*r ?rmm tbe tb"<i'd?rt than I an (glaaewg at bia .anateace cheat.) but cct to deep, ar.d when wtaaa both ttripyeO 8ay?ra teeat Uie arir?r man rf ike rwv I de?'t kaow how u i?, bat it t m>.' la j a*tw?r to many et?rrQgal< r ?, aa't w ?b thai tr.o- I detty which r-aa a way* "let ogu tl.?l I m ] aaid that he oat hit kfl hand *ia it,* l tli.rd rouad ?f the tig) t. After ti at l>t M id 1 ck-te H f?fv*e be lef. bt t-jend't iiif, ac-1 tlim I teaae ?ta wov..* utKo Vetera grt ttMNC.i^ \.n 1 it," and hM?ou'<l t?*a in ?.j*n aid > ?? lagan WMh Ma rt?ht bt'I Ba o?Vl not ?4: k<i lanl wtfc't.aa.d avfry tiir.e ha d'<t tir'ka, the pain w- nt tat a twl. < Shy err bad he- u * formal J*.t ba ? .? a o?in." ^nd tlerefcre at fr?t :.**?.! to *e h'm rnn after ' t*er/ Mow. M<*rr tt?y w,it ife cMt* o; 'hit tnittafct, ard tbia ?*[. nt wnai il? *ju , d n| TY-rt'i tnya abo t -*?y?rt p.-e< .t k cuf to I i i? i!ie *Mct 01' hi^ Mowa. IU. < oca 1 adr b.rc ret to r .ah tbe I^LI-Ui :? tM(> m> auj f I f a** wh i? | I j -tkyrrt?<<r be would bare Qriiah^i ;t ?&wr. lie tot on the glo*ea witb Nat Iargbam tbree 'nj VVf? the bfl.t ard 'at la^i . -tar.e ml let>r At I ??a, UK B WAY, JULY 16, 1860. IB UM thirty u:ntli round be got Sayera under bis wm to | gtwkln a aquueze, since be could not bit bim witb his Ml km. His other arm was over the rope, with which ftfal rtaagle <-1 while be was trying to hit Sayera. Then lfc?y N* Ik# ropes, bit him with clubs and cut him from feaarf ta toot. Shepard hit him with a club, in spite of ttk Brattle's flourishing a whip and threatening to knock -ttapoNft brains out. Then they pushed Sayera up, only la to knocked down and caught in chancery Hala. Welch then tripped Heenan up, evory ik| being in confusion, and Dowling atmj. When Heenan went back to his second he told bim wkatValeh had done, and that now be should whip not but "the whole bloody corner." Ho west to ttMBoralch, and called on Skyers to oome out or throw uy thS fosgn. Bayers was leaned up against a stake in mtm to alaad erect. Welch came between Heenan and ft!**, art Heenan knocked Welch down, then Bro'ign Ua,?iil then hit Sayers, who fell half over, supported by MwaMra. Ttoen he took a chair at the soratch, and if asy wfcn had been there he would have had the tight. Hi Ml sorry now that be bad accepted the fat rimtf Ml, M wished that he had just oome home without any MH, it they refused him the original. When Shepord V* asnsed of his conduct afterwards, in a bar room, be > sppad on hrt back and oriel, ''Don't hit me when I'm 4>wb; 1 dare sot light you," and be wasn't worth notioBosstof the party then related to Heenan the manner In which various women had claimed him as their busbaol, 4msUing particularly upon the case of Mrs. Adah Isaa<-? &>., Menken, who had even Imposed on Hoenans brother, who visited her at the Bowery theatre. Heenan seemed very much annoyed at these claimants, and only said, "Hasn't sho got cheek. I'll give any of them who como along in charge of the first policeman I meet." Heenan was jokingly threatened that he would be arrested and taken to Buflklo on account of his dgbt with Morricsey, but did not seem at all daunted at the information. Just then Macdonald came down stairs and was most heartily greeted. Macdonald Is a short, natty little man, with a very intelligent and prepossessing countenance, sunburned and framed In narrow black whiskers, and with a high, well-developed forehead. He seems more like a gentleman Jockey than a pugilist, and, indeed, his love for horseflesh is well known. Heenan tells many a good story of Macdonald's little posies and immense wagons, and Mr. Hill UM wow; |/U1U1H<N a vvrj unc UOFH lur aKUUWIU driving. The attachment between Heenan wad Viae donald if very (real, and it unconsciously displayed whenever they are together, and when separated they are never tired of sounding each other's praises. Both seem to be, in truth, men to inspire and to reciprocate Action. Soon after llacdonald's appearance, Capt. James Turner, in a brief speech, welcomed Heenan and his flriend to this country, saying that Heenan bad reflected dignity and credit upon the country abroad, and that his endorse ment was sufficient to make any man loved here. Heenwi Insisted upon Xacdoaald's answering fbr him; but being told taat he must answer fbr himself, he said, bashfully and iritbMt rising, "I'm no speecUmakcr. Thank yo?; lt<a ail Terr riaht." Tb?party were then invited Uptake a ride. A carriage with four bonies waa provided for Heenan.but he declined to rite In such a carriage, saying that be waa too deroo crati; to want more than two horses. A One ride of several Biles, a call at Mr. Weed's fine suburban residence, whew the party were most cordially received, and a bast? breakfast at a country inn wound up tbe morning's entetainmtnt. llecnan and bis friends, after a cola tlon at Burns', came to this oily In tbe ten o'clock boat, leaving tbe Staten Islanders <lelighud not only at tbe eclal of a visit from so distinguish ed a parsonage, but alao at tbe unaffected gentlemanlinets and courtesy with wbicb their attentions were received. He bss received many invitations to repeat bis Visit. THE BEN1C1A BOY ON BTATEN ISLAND. Our brief announcement in tbe Hbuld of yesterday Uat tbe Iwisla Bay, CsUswing tbe example of many otksr celebrated IndlvMaals wko hare visited oar city from time to time, had SMOOMOsrt himself on "tbe lovely an4 exposed Island of Staten," as It was designated by tM Illustrious Kossuth, who, when here, likewise made it t sort of suburban portal before entering tbe precincts of tbe metropolis, had the effect of drawing to that totality an immense throng of people. Hardly bad the morning sun arose before tbe influx ocnmenced, and from that hour until late In the day the ferryboats, to My nothing of a fleet of small craft that lotk advantage of a glorious brw?. ran crowded with individuals enthusiastically anxious to eoe and welcome thf athletic hero of Farn borough. Burns' Hot? I for tike tine being was s very Mecca,around which tbe pugilistic pilgrims gathered by thousands, and IVom morning till m|bt tbe locality resounded with animated conversation, In which the subject of the contest wss for the thousandth time discussed and rehearsed. few, however, among tbe multitude were gratified with the Boy, The ahrine of the temple had removed I biftaelf at an early hour of the day, but the majority of tlx Tialtem contented themselves with bowing before anther where were dispensed blesaing* of aapiriluoua and aubaUntial character. I>i(appointment aetrned to proli;- the Boot intenpe thirst and thirtt re anted in the moet intense devotion to tbe good tb?gs which "mine boat of ye way aide inn" had pro I Tt<fcd for tbe aoclal refreshment. Kven female* seemtd ac8iate<l by the der ire generally manifested, and unable to >api tea the curiosity of the aex, took refuge behind a "gtaaof tee cream," and waited la the ground* attached I to to totol for a atght at tbe hero. Ibe few who had been to fortunate aa to aee torn In Ute aiy part or the day were besieged by crowda of in<iuireri, and Interrogatories aa to bow the Boy looked, what he ?id and did, and other incidesta connected with came thick and (hat. THE BEN1CIA BOY IN TOE CITY. ll order to aecure a day of quiet, It wa* the intention of leenaa. aa we stated in the Hmulii of yeaterday. to remain on Htaten lalaod all day, bat aa bla baggage mil thai of Mr. McDonald, hla aecond, had been brought to the city In the Vanderbllt, and not even a change of clotalng bad been retained by either, It was thought be* that loth should rome to New York. This tbey did la Ike lee o'clock boat, quietly and without display, tbe party being composed only of a few of the moel intimate fVleoUa of the IV>y In fret, this movement wia so prrmtely made that it ?U not generally known, either oo U.? talaad or la U>e city, and tbe ronaoquence waa that he ru nabM to move about here with a freedom which wtuld not tare bet* allowed had kit wbwcabouU been known Mf*t of ?unday wu ocrnpied id ?tasting intimate pernc*! friecdt. Several of Ike principal rcelaur*nta here bis frienda were wont to congregate came within t.:? route, but h<- made kla principal rcndairoua the lay at what are known aa h.a headquarter*?tbe Malta saloon, on Ike corner of Thirteenth nrcct and Broadway. Berc be diked at Ore o'clock, and alao appearol once or twice lo the evening. but with a m<?!< ?ty tliat a rnmn,< tdable. Aa aoon aa he waa aurrounded by a crowd, jT diacoTfud any narked nr.m.fmtatiooa of curioaity ? lite part of thote in tti? r?.m, he Immediately withdrew >\rral attempted to draw him into coaver*at.o? the f.glit, but he quietly turned the tl le by ray eg that others matt *peak for him if but action* hail not ?!r?ady done ao. id fgaxd to any, be >a uodertlood lo barn e? prtee^l a decided C.hj?-| ?fi to twing made a public lMm. lie baa atr'adv a<"bie?ed a notoriety with whu-b be ie aa : tflt'l, and while be apprtcaU* the klndnraa of kia rr ?i??la, to be allowed to mo?? quietly among ib?m HI, ar.d hi a private and social macoer ejchange lb?- grc?t nr wh:>:l tkty wc Jd force upoa bin? :n a ptb way Rt w'l| prohab'y trvday nut of the city, a *m\? rtHied ifot, *fc<Te fcc ran e?j-?y the repooe ha It * r?<dlraa trt ??y'tbAt h.a frendt a'.i apr^^r cHgaud Ithenrrva' udw t ii a cuatom of tlx ago to five rent lotteh trot rc? a man a noee punted towards I e boit/.n of I c a?n, we be1 ?? tfcer* a note mijol?. [it of t p> !ar? n the <y ?bo, whenever tbe nan* (>f fchn '. Ifernar. " a jrtt'-rday rn^r t?*.ed, did net ir.d i ? uaed* ?- b a> ha /<?*/1 n, A ab. The Vfv of ih> !?,. rMirtd ?'*n afU-r t. ite 'ik-.k .o be ?ae r rurally < ptv*>d lo b* r<? ti>? at t* /at< Fi < ? I I It '?* ty K U-e Ih m tfi f'jet d [ERA UEENAN AND HURST (THE STALYBBUKJE INFANT). [From ih? i oiidon Pportlng I.ifti, June 30 ] can he no doubt but that the conduct of Hoenau iho lL^lJL for *r*newed fight for tho championship Khtw ,^cn suspicious. Hurst meaus i <iue*tton, mi the " Benicia Hoy," who only a muutli back wan willing to "Jump off* house fP f?r the P?eeeeeloo of the belt.'now strangely enough shirks by every nosslble artifice an ?ncounte?wlth -X InJknt." All endeavors to bring HmmTio book hare Dr0Ve?.^? aV*1'.and he wU1 rel""> * bm naUve (Tun try #'th his reputation seriously Oamagsd by hi. apparent unwilliroiess to meet Harm. In connection with this subject we have reccwmi tho following communication from Mr. HyJe, of auivbnd?.. Burst's principal backer:? TO THJ EDITOR 0? TIB 9PORTCTO LIT*. sin?i aauresK myseu 10 you once i uni irtMii experience that BtU't Lift will not insert my lettcrx without garbling or curtailing, which is Tar otherwise with Say ere or Heenan, as he (tic) rather adds too than detracts from theirs. It seams to me we are to have anything but fair play from Btll'i Lifit, as they will not even give us that forfeit to which we are flairly entitled. It mum be clear to any one that If two parties stake money for a match, it must be for a tie to both parties, and the one filling to go on with It must forfeit. .Samuel Hurat bail never any idea of entering the P. R. until his ire was roused by Heenan's boasting that he would come over to old England aad take back the champion's belt. Ho has, certainly, got a belt?but what sort of a one??ordered by bis own friends and not yet paid for. That a man wh i has never won a light should wear a champion's belt seems, to say the least, ridiculous, and bears an absurdity on the face of it. Burst is still open to fight Heenan in fbur months after bis battle with Paddock, win or lose, for ?600 a side, and as he (Heenan) objects to fight in England, Hurst will fight him in France or Belgium, aa it is his opinion that In fighting Paddock he is fighting the better man. It appears to me that Heenan, after getting his money, Barn urn like, bj humbug, wishes to get safely home to Anarica, and boast there how he has gulled the Britishers. If he is the fire-eater that B<Wt Lift and Withes' Spirit would make him, why does be not fight Hurst, and at least show the British what be really is by fighting a man nearer his own weight and size than Bayenff I Saw Heenan myself last week, and could get notnlng from him but a challenge to fight in Amerioa; but I remember too well tae case of Deaf Burke to accept it. I hope you will Insert this, as I think it will be tho last cflosion from my pen, and I write it merely to set every thing straight before the public and show that we meant fighting, and that It Is not our fault they are disap pointed, THOMAS HYDE, Hurst's principal backer. SiALTBxnxiB, June 27,1840. We must remind Mr. Hyde that on all sides it is igreed that Hurst cannot, with justice, claim forfeit from Heenan. Even " the Infant's" friends. Bob Brettle and others readily allow this. Still the " Benicia Boy's" bchavUr certainly appears irreconcilable, after all the ? tall talking " that has taken place on bis part.?ed. S . L. Military News. ocr military ocb8ts. The Chicago Zouaves, after their unparalleled drill in front of the City Hall on Saturday last, were escorted to the Laflu-ge House, where they were sumptuously enter tained by the officers of the Sixth regiment. In the evening they visited LauraKeene's theatre. It was announced that they would attend divine service at Trinity Church yesterday, but for some unexplained reason they did not carry out their original Intention. During the day many of the Zouaves visited Hoboken, Staten bland, the Central I'ark and High Bridge. On their return to the city they expressed themselves highly satisfied with the hospitality extended to them by our citixens. This afternoon, at three o'clock, they propose, ir the weather is favorable, to give an exhibition drill In Madison square, when new and startliDg evolutions will be performed. A fpace fifteen feel wide, running entirely around the square on the outside walk, will be reservod for their use. No company will escort them to the ground. This evening the Zouaves will be entertained at the L*farge House by Company H, Sixth regiment, Capt. Bernard Schwarts. I vuojwi/ v, iuirmoiu 1'iuiKui ^.ouuiwi uivn;i Capt J. & Morgan, are to receive and entertain the Zouave* in Brooklyn to-morrow. The Gray* meet them at their quarter*, Centre Market, New York, at nino A. M., and wort them over, visit the Navy Yard, he , pay their respect* to the Hon. 8. 8. Powell, Mayor of Brook lyn, and the Common Council, afW which they will pro ceed to East New York, to give the Zouaves an opportunity to go through with tnetr excellent drill. Tbere were two or three Inaccuracies In our hasty report of the Zcuaves' drill on Saturday last, which we take this opportunity to correct. The Qrst Is, their drill throughout was that strictly known as the Zouave tactics, of which Hardie's tactics Is a modification. Again, when shaking of the drill in the loadings and tlrings we mtendAl to con ey Mm Mm that we have several companies in the First division that can excel the Zuuaves, If their performances on Saturday be a fair criterion < ( their abilities. In al luding to their movements in - dressing'' rank*, it should have read in our report that the Zonaves were unnecessarily slow. It lias been erroneously stated that Captain Ellsworth the commandant of tie Zouaves, received bis military education at West I'oint. He acquired his military proficiency by arduous study and practice in the drill room and on the field. As a commanding officer he lias an excellent voice, a true military appearance, and m> doubt would be a moat excellent olticer in bona fulr combat. IRISH KtraiLIKlW. The Ninth anniversary of the Irish Fusiliers, Sixtyninth regiment, will take place to morrow,'at Emmet I Urove, New Jersey. The Fusiliers and their guests will be conveyed thither in the Me?ml>oat Isaac .V Seymour and a t>arge, which have been chartered for the occasion. It is expected that the Emmetl liuard, of Sew Haven, in who? boaor the grove has been named, will be preaeut as the gueets of the Kusilnrs COMfANV J, BIXTY-NIVTH RKOIMKNT. Companv J, of the Sixty ninth regiment, honored their commandant, Captain J. H Silent, at his house in Prince street, with a serenade by a full military band; al the canclusion of which the Carta ti made his at>t<earanre and thanked bis command for the compliment paid him. Ad Impromptu collation closed tbe ccrcinouie* of tho MM Police lnUlll|cnr?. Max Rofmd w Bait** street.?A nta doing business id Br<*<lw?y, and who gave bit uamc u John P. Rom, ?u act upon by a gang of thievw in an alley wojr in Baxter itre?t, into which be bad strolled on Saturday afternoon, and robbed of a fold witch valued at UA One of tbe scaaps ran away with tbe booty, and the rest prevented Mr. Roes from giving any alarm in time to secure tbe capture of the thief, Pubsequently officer Plven, of the Stxth preMnct, arrested John Morgan, alias Manning, on suspicion of being concerned In the robbery, and officer Golden arrestel James Harris and James dmith?the latter a colored man, living In West Broadway, whom he found with the watch in his pns srMiicn Smith stated tliat he had advanced $19 oo it to a person who wanted the money. Morgan was locked up Tor a farther bearing, and Hm I th was committed fore* i animation by Justice Welsh oo a charge of receiving (topped at llic NatioiaJ Hotel, in Orcenwicb firm, coo i leaeed that Row *tf not his real name, but b? at the nunc lime refuaed lo tell what hia genuine cognomen waa, fear ing the difgraee of having It connected with an adventure on the Five Point*. The officers aubiM*<iuent)y called at the National Hotel, but ascertained that no curb peraoo an Rum war Maying there, wblcb makei tbc facta connected with bin atUl mora myitartoua. AwurLT *ni a K>int?Ma* S?rA*R*r>?Oflicer Under bill, of the Flghth precinct, yeatrrtlay arretted I % trick Gin.gan, an lritbman, living at 106 Thompson atreet, on < a charge of felonloua aaaaultand battery on (laua Tien ken, of Vo. 4<8 Broome atreet. The aoaiaed entered the More i of Tienken on Saturday laat, and acted In a very dianr 1 derly maimer, for which he *u requited to leave, lie 1 refueed, and an attempt being made to eject bm, be, It ia 1 alleged, drew a knife and atabbed Tienken in the wrlat < and threw a decanter at hla bead Jintloe IJuacfccabuab conmiiwd tun for examination Braaklya Cltjr N?wa< Aiwnnm IHm Fuiirr?The Ninth ward pnlkv received < inf? rmat on on Saturday evening that a priae Ight waa in progreea ia the neighborhood of 0*|ea avenue and Lot ft lane. Captain Waddy prnc>?dad to tba plara. but tx-fbre ba arm ed tba party had fir* It waa aararUload, bow- , a?ar, tba prlocipala w?-?a two y?.ung bruiiwra, named Iirlajiey and H?-Ran, and th?t flv? ro'iBda bad beea ftmghl, whm itir party, nacrrtatatng that the police had been ad *lard of tbtir procerdtBga, pulled up atakea and went in tha dirortioo of tba wood* m the Ktghlh ward Inaprrtur >oulk an l a poax ami in purauit, but after upending aeveral b??ra In a frultkaa ararcb returned to bmdquar b it about midiilfbt. A N?w C*a Rni Ta ?Th* railroad track on Flatbu h aT'nii*, having brrn NayllM and tha crwmertioaa mada, caar were put Ml operat* on {fcturday and run frr w* Koltoa Terry to tbc rtty Una. Tba track ia eventual ly In be rjten ird to '.be T-llage of Klatbuab. At prcarnt only four car* ?r* run, but th? number will be incr"aaad aa nut a* nmoawtaam will warraat. Tba oara ara of the new pattern, light and a;ry. fiar?About rirrrn o'clock c? ^atudray night lira ' waa di?rfcvred ia a w<wxi?uad on tba pr*mi*<? of Mr. i l'?araail, in *!* ? er ?traet, 4Mr WilkMghby avenue, 1 wb waa deatroyed. The f.juwr . ommuateaiad to tha ' adjntfc'rg b'U??, occupied by Aug'MHu* P. Swaa. which i waa damaged t? the eiunt of arvarat h indr?.l dollar* Tha k?? a folly coT?r?d in tba Atlantic lnrurai)c? (ban paey TTo caatt of Ite fir* waa r.ot aa rt*lr>r<! Ohtlatry. Mra !'* a >; r>l at tfca A matM ? - o f tiator Me ? Ui? 3d int., a. tfca rary >*r? age of ona fcuadrod at J ai* ya?ra Mad, av tha r"aide?ee of bi* "alher, in tbe v r.aga of a c on tM mormrg of f ??y 3, 1M0, iw-jt. ta Hum* )*?* *. Jr .acting Mala*. pwvan o thaleit~d ftrt^vtv ?pd wtmwi jwi L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADDITIOVAL BT TIE VA1DERHLT. News from Europe to Wednesday Night, July 4. ZMroiviire noM kohzl THE CBI8IS IN SOUTHERN ITALY. THE 8ESF QUESTION IN RUSSIA. Sub-Marine Telegraph Between France and America, ??'? ftc. fto. We announced yesterday the arrival of the Vanderbilt, with four days later uowb from Europe. we m cul)M to day te give aome additional intelligence from our letters and flies brought by bcr. The Vanderbtlt left Southampton on tbe 4Ui Inat. The great failures In tbe leather trade bod depressed the Kinds, but they subsequently recovered. The question of annexation?Garibaldi having ceased to object to Ita being put at tbe earliest opportunity?would be settled in Sicily by universal suft'rage of the people aa well as the amy. Tbe coaamltUe ohargad with drawing up the lists and regulating the elections, bad already met. There was Increasing fermentation at Rom*, and Geo. Iamorlcl4re had found It beat to hasten his return to the city. Gen. LamorlclAra, It la aaid, had boen giving milltary dinners, at which, coupled, we believe, with somo allusion to tha cauae of Rome, he proposed the atrango toast of "Henri Cinq." Gen. Lamoricilre's earliest associations, and bis latest, Impart to tbe tale a remarkable air of probability. Prince Jerome'a funeral went off at Pari* with great splendor, and among an enormous concourse of people, tbe whole diplomatic corps took part in the proceedings. The festival of Bel ram, as despatches from Constantinople affirm, haa not led to thoae outbursts of Mahometan fanaticism that were apprehended, and everything went off well and orderly at the Sultan's usual procee&ioo through the streets. Advices from Naples are still mtaslnf?the latest being or the 80th, as before, and containing nothing bat a summary of the Important events which took plaoe during the latter week. A new piston and bottom for the cylinder, In plaoe ot those which were broken as the Connauaht waa ahont ut start for America on Tuesday, the 90th alt., hare reached Gal way from Newcastle on Tyne, and there is no doubt but the vowel will be able to leave on her flrtt royag? across the Atlantic on the 10th of next month. Oar Vlcuia Correspondence. Vibm, July 1,1840. Bemll of tKi Meeting at Baden Baden? Tkt Line of the Mincio?lti Influence on German Politics?Xapoloon't View of It?Garibaldi and Hit future Movement*? TV Court of Vienna See* that Iht Datft for XoapolUan OOncstion art Pad. The meeting at Baden Baden will result in placing Prussia %t the head of a new political organization of satire Germany, which will not be (kvorabfe to the cause of Italy. Prussia, up to the present time, has regarded tho line or the Mlncio as indispensably necessary to the security of the German Confederation. In the despatch of the 3d of June from the Cabinet or Berlin to the Cabinet of Vienna, the opinion was considerably mod fled, to the extent, indeed, that this line was indispensable to tbo power of Austria. The convention at Koetensteln on the 30th April, 1807, ia quoted to show this, and an explanation is also made Inithls sense, that Prussia would demand of iwtru something In eicbange Tor her support uf A antra's claim to that boundary. It Is generally pretended that at the Conference at Baden Baden the Emperor Napoleon lnv pressed upon the mind of the Prince Kegeol th> fallacy of maintaining such a policy at the present time, and that he (Napoleon) obtained Cmm the l*rlnce Regent a promise of neutrality, In the question of Venetia and Austria,whenever it should arise. What the government of Vienna will do seem clear. Already has she sent fresh troops into Venetia, a If determined to hold her own there at all hazards, while at the name time she has transported the arsenal from Venice to Poll, and has reduced the naval armament, aa If determcd also to defend her claims there on the battle Held, If forced to abandon the fortress But they do not expect a rising, or an Invasion in Venetia, until after the fate of Naples Is decided. How much time that will take is not known tisnbaldl, they say. has got 40 000 troop* in Hlclly, and with volunteer* hourly arriving to swe I his rank*. It is expected that he will at on or attack Mrs sina. A_.un it If remored that he will disembark troops at Abrucioor Calabria to distract the attention of the Neapolitan government, tad thus keep them in ignorance of his real designs. The weakness of the government is affirmed to be as great aa Its obstinacy. Not with- all the talk of ronecssioti* that ought to be made, and the preparation! of defence that are being actually made, the government prefer* yet to light rather than enter nto negotiations with Piedmont, the basis of which Napoleon has sent to the King of Naples. Who la the heart of the revolution* is a question often asked. Some say it is the Queen Mother, and others say it Is the old men of the former rtgimr who remaiuod near the person of the young k ing All the popular generals , and tlir men mo?i 1.1; ' --Uiniug the crown, are aus C?cted of entertaining too liberal opinions, are banished om the court, or leave It in disgust. The court of Vienna perceives from what ha> taken place that the King of Naples lias lost the favorable opportunity of retracing his steps and going u|<on a new tack. To day It is too late u? concede, aud Austria, even, can sec no way of |>reserving a dynasty so nearly related to her empire Krance and Rug land ure desirous of maintaining tne principle of nonintervention in case war should be declared between Naples and Piedmont?a contingency suppo?ed not to be far distant. The < ablnet of Vienna are anions nf enlisting n their interest '- roe influential part of Germany But what Plats wonld be willing to Identify Itself in soch a cause f With Prussia tbe\ are necntlalinr a new mil tarr.ornci zatmo. but tbe dilfrrent ?la tea ire far from understanding each other, and I'ruiwia will not wparate I bin "jieetion from the political one?h?r preponderance id Germany in Ibe liberal and popular wow The work of the < ouneil of the empire stop? at tbe question of finance, while tho report of the (ommittee of loaulry on this head will Dot lj< ready for a month. when the whole subject will tx> fully dlscusved. The Hungarians Mill bold to tbeir prorramm< They insist thai all Ibc provinces abail have Uie Uiieflt of It, and that each and all of the province* ihall have their separate national!tie* recognised. Tb? court i? at I.ui< mlx>ur|. Stclljr. The follow .of is pub Imbed la tbe raJermo (tfntal Gm utt< ? rrait *?n vino* Considering that between the Italian province? already imlrd, or tfxwv thalfare about to be united Into om nation, under the sceptre of the magnanimous King Victor taianuel, there should dlaap|*ar tbe antiquated barrieni aired in tbe time of common slavery and ancient polm-al divisions. Art. 1. Is p?(H la med tbe principle of fall liberty of navigation in tbe ports and roads of Htoly for the commodities and produce of tbe Italian provinces united under the sceptre of Ring Victor Rmamirl Art. 2 TTie Secretary of fHate for Foreign Affcurs and Commerce, and lhe Secretary of f"tate for Kinancss, will concert together on tbe terms of a iemulation for tbe fiaruiw>n of tbe present decree GARIBALDI, Dictator. (Countersigned)?Pwmsi.F Csixri I ik t IRMO Jlin# VV 1MIO General (iarbaldl, u IncUtar of Hictly, baa i?o?d Ut* following decree ? 1 To declare that bill* of exrbaBpr and otbrr rammer cial KctritM fal tag due flare tbr 4th April abail ocl ba considered w parable until tbr 4th Annual, ?ub)act, however. In the payment of B?f per cent Interest . 2- To rr^ueet charitable eatablwbmctita to band orer to Hi'' Ircaanry the in: ma which they may bap pen to bold ruber a* l<-*ack? or in Imat for oUiora; iko aa <1 mm to kt nap < i "1 in relieving patrtota in d.ftreaa. and a prom lae being made to reatora tbrm In mora proaperoua day*. 5. To arnd boar told tar* of tbr third oatrgory; that la, lln-nr who ara af e-1 frotn forty I* Ully. 4 Oar appointing two additional senatora of I'aiarwwi, ibf all at preamt ta alTlcr tot bring ablr to gat thraogb Ihw dult?-? devolving npna them A To deride that (.flleera of tbr army (ball Moelr# frtm M J'ibt nay at tbe rate ot our ball of tbat aainyad b> oWtera of Tbr < .TrT? ?priiidt>g gr?4*e in the Ovale lao limy. 6. lipniiat lug tlt? \rrbhia>M>f> of tfoaraala (Vow tb? : hair ot rthb-a and aatoral tow In tbr I nirrrt ty of Pa. If i nio, and appointing M. Rllaii t. aa hia iiH-fnaor?thf motive aaalgnrd for tha dinlaaal baur that Uia Arab. bi?>M.p ha? left I'alrratn, tfenngh b>a du ty aapre'eaw rron rad brm u> rtatd* there. 7 lo oontianr tUa ta?y of th?' tai on *u!pbcr. n. A dm re prohibiting tbr p.,r. bw of atolen obteol? ? VUttKUM. July 3,1M0, Irtura lorn Palermo to tha 2.".Ib alt. atata that tb* Cmu>< ilw bad barn ruwvnfced. aad would pi *yar? llaotoial IIMa. The uoiver-al nuffhtr <* the projle and tfca army would br taken oa tbr <iue?i on of tbr Hnfiattaa af Welly In Pl'riRM*!, The ronimaae* were lo n l?malfy tb? d?. JNrtira. ' fera have i.rr? given l?>r tbt canTeriion ot lb* greater part of tbe r>e|K nt > carnoa. AiU'rnfmii Palermo to the Jfcth nH. atata that rtw ir.-roiiM artfiir #ad taatn p'ac? mnoeg u? format Mi,

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