Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 16, 1860 Page 2
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m <> tionariee, some ol thorn being noble. Home of the people demanded that they should be shot. Freah masaarn-a of the Aim had taken plane. 'Jti bnidl had item aorne ouluinua to re establish order ' 'he Interior of the island. The Mtniitry which he had formed WW, however, unpopular. Not withstand i tig Uie dimensions between the towns H4 the vtUagei, and the reMstanse otferwd to toe levyi >< of the imports, the same ardor to drive the .Neapolitans out of the island continued to prevail. A despatch In the London Morning Pmt, undoJuly l,aayn.?la Sicily the liberal ooucemioiia oi the Neat oUtan girwnmout, tkr fraw chucking the enu-rpri i the Dictator, on the contrary deter nined him to preclpi late the annexution, which he hail previOJSly been disposed to delay. A'aylM. The following n given an the tent of the royal decree published ou the uioruiug of tUu UUlh ? . 1. General aoiiieetv. t. Thsformatioa of a new ministry which ahall. n tb Driereet possible time, uraw up a statute on iuo the Italian and national rfprwwntatlvecoustitutions. The formation ot Uiift ministry is couiiiiuu to CotnmcuJatoro S Concord shall be established with the King af tjardinia, for the Interest of both crowns ami of Italy. 4. The Hag *A the kingdom siwll he the Italian tricolorf With th*> rnral irma of In the middle. 6. Sicily ihall receive avtiogous institutions, capable of satisfying the wants of the populations, and shall have a printi ol the royal house for Viceroy. The Commendaiore ft>in<dli l* reported to have laid down tlie foil.>? in* condition# for his acceptance of the I'rtaideotehip "< the ministry?The Immediate banishment of the yticcn Mother; im|>e;ic,hment of the displaced ministry, an immediate publication of the electoral law, in order to the prompt convocation of Parliament; ia*Uy,an allianceodcusiveand defensive with Piedmont, with reciprocal yuarautces. Adv<ees fri?m Ploily confirm what has been already stated, Uiat on receiving the despatches announcing that the KiUtf had proclaimed a couslitutiou at Naples, (iarlbaldi decided that the Sicilian committee should as-em ble on the ISth inst. to vote on a plrbitcxlum propo-dug immediate annexation to Piocmout. Napiim, July 2, 1SB0. nie fundamental point of the programme of the Commander Spinelli is the formation of au Italian Confi-derat tlon, as recommended by the Emperor of the French. This Confederation to be essentially of a defensive character, and the Independence of every State to be maintained, although national unity may be favored. The Advocate Kornauo had been appointed 1'rofect of Police. A proclamation had been issued prohibiting seditious shouts, aud recommend in* th? military to disperse as* acmblagos of tne )>o|>ulation with moderation. Trui.t, July 3, 1900. It is asserted that Baron Talleyrand h.ui been instruotod t>y his government to Insist that Count Cavour should 0}re due consideration to tlie overtures of the King of Naples, and the inure so, as these overtures were counselled by France., July 3, lHf>0. Advices from Naples to the oOth nil. announces that assemblages of the population commenced on the 20ih ull. The populace shouted "Oarlhaldl tererer," 'Annotation lurever, wi me police.' ine itlliowitli; <i:?y a l>uuic look place. On the 2hiIi nil. .ill the puliw st it ions were pillaged iu open day . lorly i)f the agenti wore killed I or wounded The archives were burnt The Kmv bttl arrived Ht Napier, im.l tiad ordered the immediate formation of a National Guar 1. P.\it:s, June .10. IS'10 Tlie 1'aris Pttfrir of this evening savs:?^lnec the 2Sth inat. tlie state 01 affairs at Naples has Improve I Trail<1 utility bus not beetidif turbod,<uid the agitation has s um'what subsided. TliJ Ministry will fully and loyally carry ont the new institutions ana maintain order and tranquillity. Many troops are cjnrmitratcd at Maple*. M.iKaMUJM, June 30, two. Letters from Naples to the 2<ith announce the publication of the royal deem-, dated l'oitlci.the third article of Which ruiil thus:? An understand!!!.; i* to be brought about with the King of Sardinia relative to the common interests of thi? two crowns In Italy. The polioe administrnti< n wis ^nite disorganized; the Chiefs were concealed. The King was still ill. Titkw, July 2. ISrtO The official Pledroontese Go;e*U announces that the Neapolitan legation at Turin is authorized to deliver |<aaaports for the kingdom of Naples u> ail Nea|c 'mum who may demand thtui. MoiUry tlrecrtoia are, bowevar, excepted. It is asserted that the propositions for au alilane- with Naples have not yet been received, but a rumor ;s current (hat an ambassador from Naples will shortly arrive tn Turin. The latest lowi from Naples states that the city wat quiet. Tbr Captured Italian Volanlrtrt. TO TIIK rDITOK OK TB? NBW VOKK HKKALD. In a ldrc.-.iing the followicp appeal to your generous feelings 1 am emboldened by the earnest sympathy which you have displayed for the ctuse of Italy, and for those ooble (pints who arc now risking their liver m her defence. The American clipper and the Sardioitn steamer captured by the Neapolitan government contained about l<00 volunteers for Italian indrjiendeuec. The terrib'e misfortune which baa consigned these unhappy youths to a prison, In lieu of the battle field, must arouse in every feeling heart a rentimtnt which will not ruder its objects to be abandoned either to indiffereuce or to oblivion It were f-ultless to attempt to delude oneself with respect to their picution. They have falku into '.he han.ti, not of a king, but of an assai^'-i, who, irritated by tbe triumphs of tiartbaldi, and goaded by the pro*poet of ruin, which eaeh succeeding day bring* nearer to tils flew, mav at ati) nioaieot be induced to wreik a coward's vcngeance on these. liut last, defenceless victim* It is true that diplomatic negotiation* are pending for the realitutiou of the pa>m-iigers; but who does not remember th? d? la- that took place in the atlair of the liar! ? Who ran fail to perceive thai, If th-> same system of procrastination he adopted now, many ol these unfor 1tnprtm?inrnt. the rlnd tive cruelty of the Neapolitan fovernmnnt, and i>erhap? th?? raaliKniuil influence of deadly climatc When tin- Bo-irbon lias decimated his tictima. what reparali<'0 will bo possible? Not> e and iuj t at- arc the sentiment* v? hich actuate the Snrcimai; :u.U American authorities, tUey must In- spurred i <?n to additional eTortl< n? bi the universal cry of Enropc sod of America I in the present ustance it !< not a cargo of cotton which ' < at Ha*? it if tl.e |ir<>? of men, pining to death in a dungeon; It ta Dine hundred families that rent their son.? to d<> battle tor their countr*, and not to undergo the torturca of a covrr. ncut ooudeoiued bv <he public conncieccc. it ta the hooor of two national banner*, hallowed by the respect of two miKhlj continents. In tli<-name <>r interests so r*ored I conjure you, the noble represents-.tvea of public, opinion, to us* your utmoat c3?rLM to induce tbc government of the I'nited Mates, a: 1 that or the niw tuimn kingdom, to exact from the Court of Naples the immediate r-?titution of these VOO prt?oner<. ai d to eiact it by the sole argument which will have weight in the rounciia of the Bourbon Court, an Intimation of war in the case of a refusal. Public opinion ?ill uot fall to aeon; 1 your endeavors, Aid you will acquire an imperishable title to the gratitude. uoi of nine hundred families alone but of all Italy, nnd of all mankind. W :b profound etc 'in. I remain, air. your obedient ser vant THKMuTUC'IJ-'."1 PKNOTTI. A brother of one of the captives *: is. J^ne 26.1S60. Important front Home. There it at l->m< a government within the osteo Me gOvfTDnrnt Although gr?-at niyatery envelope* the proceedings of tlita hidden govrmroent. we are enabled, by ^d vices rece ?rd thm a reliable source, to give the names of the pr.ccl|?l mem )ers <4 what must l>e termed the ''Superior 0>tnmitte? *' tirat in the list Is a nobleman who ta completely under 1 the i> m nili'# both of his Mother?a 1a Korhefoi?'a?l4 and a lrciiim<<4 alfl'.i?t?i aiel m<*i 4mM to the l.>?niti? < and of I:is wife, a -Vidian lady, of the -?me character as the rrittr. The w 1c ta now in ParM. The foUoamjf is the llat ? The Puke Sn! rial I The Mar.|?is Fklrtli. ' The (buiit I'lbnsk. The Mariiu I'io Churanira. Tho Mar.pit* :?rrl?pi. Tbr paiai CamOU, In tho T'Usst N tv m?, ??rfvs * rende?vrHi* for ( ooollub'llf* Aro ;nd I I nognmltt?>c n: i-roufwxl X o>si*nori dp \( > ^ rodP. lie-l'.ii'. #f?-or ?n4 IW r?-rii. th? lv?t bei:if tli | for Cardinal* Wun awa, VltlMNrl and |fc? f TLo | rmri|*l organization h ? hxfi f<>rtn?l j tmiiAi.oo o' M? '.u Con-.uiUio - trr appointed mn.-h r >*r Iti. r dufpa ?r< to ntium Informal.m th? in!i?'ti . unit. who aro dtndpd into tlirpe el? ??thr Uh.'ratn. a IliP mo |?vt< I and llu> ck-rioat Jin* M d?n* ?o> or din* In , vlr rr? cMamr.i frm the our**, and from the .iiuMhIiM . M writ M MS-rrt pn|tC* A> Uir turn of albira W becoming m>ro and m?rr frsop, a P'r? l-rt l.a? bo*-n ipi~>int--<t r - tlii? h'M ? (fox rn , m??tat Homo. In tlie |nr- >n ??f M<*i?'/tio<" l.i*. Irnv>. ? , Calabrian. warm!; rroomirvoudpd l>> lU Kin< o| \i , A Vlrp Pranldont iii? al- bo<n *;n* nt' I \l "i? ,-r.or < bll? The Spcr#t.?ry la | 1 .tlonl. an adjunct of tli? c |w>l?rr , Thu comnrttp* throeiirh tho actlin of tits nun- , CM. Ui* kliknfi, Ihr lojrita id thp rloriry in Frmocr to> rxoilo and oppoi.torn agiiu*i tl>.? r jorcrumoul. . R. nr. Juno an t?fl) j, Tbo r>|?. <"? thP or- i<; gof tktunnr'ur; Iif bi< In | tallalKKi. oommutpd IIip p.inl?tim<*nl of 70 >>u of ? t >t ?l | "f tit |? i '*1 |?rt? < h, > i.'pr. r ...i- I I > ? hat , taJi"Ti? of lri?h \ < int.* r 'iitorcd HioV?rr? k- if K> .11" , The d< arrtloti? fr.rn ttw< rrgimpiil* o..iit uu.< . R>?r rta Mararilk*), June 30 1?W. . Till1 frrmrnUtton hpro liaa boon incre?<?iuif aiuce lite , aj1 tat loo comoMKrt at Na|>lr*. ami l.i n >ri<-|rro t la haaWnun |o ri turn to I t Jn.r 1 1HW. TIj f f ha* 11.- itod tbp fort i float I. ?i? of Cirilt V<<c- { ?i>U , Ktiofii'V Jut* 3, 1*V1 t| I/Mtor? har? arrtrrl from R?m? all .i<?.*rtuu at??? a CTlai* *at '.iMi inonl ami tint I'm attlt-i I t |.irll ?lo fc .wardt- ea' h clhar waa |>rovi? ativp of a rsilitaioa, , Inltttrland. c ??*T 111* 1 1*10 ? ft (i a*- MM that Pwitrprlan.l ? II i>> nit ti# On- 1 Ifrtncr the IMIi'Wilif qnpaltoo only ? fl ? U It M> the IntPrPPt of K'irop* aol lb- Ii-Mtri'ltr of Pwllfrbinl. ttl 1"*TP Strni>l'<n f ' II? u ll II' to FrniiC*. without dptnaii libt: any c i t i.irrai n Shmild tbla Qti**tloa obtain a aolntlon i iMti4f?-inri i n B?rit?prl??><l. ?bp wouM p?aifln' h-T- , t. 1x114. ti ranrp ft the dpolaratlona InwhwhTrii. i/wlh?r of plf. to Hunted" the military ntlltftli ? < "< t ' ufr .n ArtVete M of the floal net of \ lettna h Pw vrUuid, NM4m, would olaim t!, 1' . o??< .f ti war of military <?*up. Inj the N'ut'i' i 'i ' of < habla.a ar.i Paurlfnf. *' Fw'trp'ian'1 wotiM ako ?t*t* h-r t- rr -rti .n ** Wtlloh in tb> pr.,tnt)f.l? of tho O'nf , It.' t< irnMd.aad would mauiUln in |?in<'i>' n<tit? W mh:cb *rt g iwracUcO to bir b> troat . Portigal> Lkjion, July 3,1800. A dissolution of Uie Portugese Ministry has taken place. The King linn kvul for tho Ma'quia ilo I?ule, w ho has undertaken the formation of a new cabinet. " The Savoy (inertIon. P.uun, July 3 I 60 Yesterday the Austrian Ambawador paid a Hit: ^ * in t<> M Thouveuel, in order t?> give, In the na u ol the Court of Vienna, a verbal reply to the despatch iu re' el, to the annexation tif Savoy, which thefren''1 government con. mm nested to tUo Powers *Uo sign d the Filial Act of Vienna. Immediately an receipt of this despatch by the Marquis de Ifoustier, Count Kechberc ascertained by telegraph the views of tho Court of Berlin, which replied that It ??' about to thoroughly examine the question whether, undor present circumstances, a European Conference would be advisable, or whether preference should be given to tho ordinary diplomatic course, or to direct negotiations bo 1 tween t rance and Switzerland Austria although ready to attend a Conference, would not take the Initiative, not being directly Interested In tho qujstion. 3ho therefore ieov* to Fiance tho task of inducing a majority or ma Powers to agree to one of tho throe combination* proposed by M. Thouvenel, uuil accedes beforehand to the decision of the majority. England. The Tioudon Timet has the following:?Mirtiu Kscalantl, a British suly-ct, ban returned to Gibraltar, after throe months' imprisonment in Cadiz. In liny of last year he was sentenced by tho .ludgo of CUlucuilla to nine years |>ena! servitude for attempting tu change the Nli|W of Spttiu, by distributing copies of the Kew Tcstamont. Tho Ixindou Timri' l'aris correspondent says:?The Minister of Marino luis ordered two frigates to proceed to Ikyrout. It wan feared that the disturbances in tho I^banou might produce serious complications. The French frigate Zenobie has already arrived there On the evt ning of the 2d Inst., the following resolutions were laid u|*>n tli? table of tho llouse of Commons by lx>rd Palnx rston ? That the right of granting aids and supplies to the crowii is in the Commons alone, and that, although the Lords have exercised the power of rejecting bills or aeve ral descriptions relating to taxation, by negativing the whole, yet the exorcise of that power by thorn has not been freuuent, and is justly regarded by this Iijusc w th peculiar jealousy, as affecting tbc right of the Commons to grant tbe supplies, aud to provide the ways and moans for the service of the year. That to gnatd for the future against an undue exerciso of that power by the I?rds, aud to secure the Commons their rightful control over taxation and supply, this house has in its own hands the power so to impose aud remit taxes, and to frame bills of supply, that the right of the Commons as to the matter, manner, measure aud time, may he maintained inviolate. Tne grand rifle match of the National Riflo Association commenced on Monday, tho 2d ol July, on the ground on Wimbledon eom.inn^ uudiir the highest auspices and the most favorable circumstances. Her Majesty, Uio Queen, aud all tbc members of tbo Koyal futnily attended. Aft?r the Queeu and Prince Albert had taken their place* on the dais, the President, on behalf of the association, presented address"* from that iHHly, to which her Majusty nvide a suitablo reply. The Queen lirod the tlrst shot and struck tho bull's eye at a di.-t.ini e of 400 yards. The whole scene was more like the hill at Epsom on tbc fv>rby Day,than what in usually witnessed ou any other public occasion Among the volunteers, remarkable as not being in uniform, appeared a line of men of about 150 ? they were the Swiss, preceded by the (Jag of the S visa confederation?the formidable competitors for the prize "opeu to all nations." They are pi< ked men, ibe best shots of their re SpeCtlVe societies. The Vox, exploring t hip arrivei In Southampton d >ck? on Monday from Copenhagen, to be fltted out for surrey ser\ ices in connection with toe projectue<l North Atlantic telegraph to imcricn. Lord I'almerston his direct-.! that don.iti n of ?10 should be pnid out or the Royal Bounty Fund, to Abra ivu Cann. the > hampion wrestler of KugUud, who is nearly seventy years of age. Tlie decline of pauperism in England, an compared with last year, coutlum*. The decline in April, a?comjMrod w ith 185H, is above 2 per cent, in May nuarly 3. Tha do dine ia Mill moat considerable m th ' cotton district. TLe official UMor of the revenuo for th) quarter and i year, both of which tcrminaN on Saturday last, aro published. The increase on the quarter am junta to ?326,918, of which the details arc:? Excise, Increase CI60,000 Slam J* 107 000 Taxes 6,000 Property Ux 306,710 l'ost Office 40,000 Crown lands 1,500 Miscellaneous 72,639 Total ?702, Customs, decrease 376.611 Net increase ?320 018 The increase ou the year, up to the .'loth nit., is ?5,727.014 Thi- French OrpheonisU at the Crystal 1'alace?the fourth and last exhibition?.m Saturday U*t, was also the most brilliant. There were 14,40ft visiters on the occasion. The total number of Visiters since the opening of the palace, June 10,1*64, amounts to 8,642,,'>40 The Sheriff of Norfolk baa otf.-red a cup of the valne of ?50 to the best ride shot amni - the enrolled volunteers in the country Three roiiuds * ill be tired by each m in nt distances of 300, 400. 500 and 000 yards, according to Hythc regulation. France. Pasis, July S. I860. Thr Paris Nimifrurof this morning tuuoumit that a pro .tect of law baa bwi laiti before the Onrpa Le/laUtlf, de mauding It# ai>|iro\al of the convention Ihr thr establishment of a submarine telegraph between Frauce aud the 1 ntted Mate*. The funeral of Prince Jerome w ?* masnid.-i'iit. The Ambassadors attended the cert-tunny, and an immense crowd war prraont. All tbe tlxatreo *111 be rlu~ed Ibis evening on account of tbe obsequies of Prince Ji rouie. rani*, June .10,14(10. | Tbe llri* ratrif says tbe disturbances In Albaula have been considerably exaggerated. The statement tlv?t tho Austrian Consul had been murdered I- untrue. I'asi*, .July t, 1460. The Par!" VnifVitr of this morning aauodt.c<s tbe presentation to tbe tY>rpa lCK?1atif of tbe project of law relative to the culling out of 100,(WO men of the cUaa lsflu. The Jl<milfur alao state* Uu?t the report of tbe budget of 1M1 haa been Ukl before U(e 0orp? I If. Pun*, July 2, ISflO. The Paris VimPf?r of this morning announces the appointment ol the INike de Cr nnont, Uanedetti, TVIerandlYrigord aa fraud ottlccrs of tin* l \'i?n of llonnr. The cu^truction at lire-!, ol * st(.,m frig* to of tho fir?t claiit-. m b calico the ' d- Ni. ?.lui? txvn e >m mrnced. 'lite Prince Jerome t? ah.*it to aall from Toulon to try a new system of eleain applied to naviga lion. Considerable unewttne** ttia create I In commercial circle* last week by accounts from Mexico, announ mg tbe failure of two of the groat el Mexican nouses, with which some Paris merchants bad extensive dealing. H la raid that tbe tome* here will amount to oeaiiy 2 000 000f. fHill as trsdo is at pn <<ent. an additional gloom was cast over it by report that tbe govemiu -nt would be compelled to have* recourse to .1 new loan Tlie feeling produced by this report was so unfavorable that the government found It Bcowary to contradict II in tho Itawnir. Tlie i.mprror intcnda to pu. * i >i o )o om,. (t the (lisivwal of the Minuter of Agriculture and I'ublio Works, to be expended In Itnpro' cn>*nu. Accounts fr< n> tbe (ountr.i in i t r-nc to i * <-ro;n arc favorable. WTheat haa fallen from If. to K. 51, th'' 120 kilograms, and Qour 2f to 4f TTi( G(!<ttr of Augsburg ?my? ?We are able to ann wince upon good authority. that the Mm Rffntof Prussia intends to return the rmperor* visit at the Gamp of Chalons Immediately after Xapole ..i ha- la. n up his residence there. Tbe i*?t mortem examination of the b*dy of Prlnoe ,lern?ti? led to 1b? discovery of a ball which had reuamej Inhisctest. after a duel'which be fought in his youth w itb a brother of Marshal I*?vthi- t. Tbe vine* at the Cape of Good Hope hare suffered so terribly from the tavagee ol the Ute di?.ntn>u? blight that tbe vintage is a failure. The Berf <t?ea?l**t la Ranla. [Correspondence of the L/iodon Telegraph ] pt pit u?i ??i jtinn After my preriona explanation roor. rumjr the present llapoeition of thr Huaauu) no)ility, you will, I Jiro mr. tr aomrwliil proparerl l<> receive now* of liber*! ?n<l < . naoqueiitly alartlliif fro-n thif caoltal Wlul I | lo eimmnnlcato li> day will, Imwcrer, out lo tao n?*l rxiravaor.l rrpc latinos thai tui^ it litvo boon en rrtaloc.l a* to lbo progrr-a of a f- . n* of ldk|>o:t<l<?(? I nv'i.g III.' I>. y.ird 1,< ivm* II yum roi.l. ri |.i U il ( bo oorreckn ** of tlila a^.iliott I pr.*-oeJ l<> giro ibe 1 [.Howing document* without further introduction or 1 oMM ' I flw nobility i< ike prouitiee of Wladlmlr, la a petition ' eorntly addrof-rd t? tb>- Kitn-r ?r on Ibe -iihyort of ad- | muuit'-ntlv aba < * rvprrwed to-m lvo? id nch lerm* i theae ? I Yot n M*.no?rr'?l'p to th* proper,| umc tbc cv*t?ti-o I if adniiuu>trat ro corrupt) >n in Ru*?la t>*? been but a I tatural reauit of the peculiar Ju > ..n of *<? ly in t'lm 1 mplre. A trail w Ih lltii'ry u o*je of tl? labUabod 1 liM,tut:o|i? caiilioi |<<wll>!y . . .plro t > I'le . uf.?r. netil of ( glit arid iuM'o in sn> It of : > ty If ln,v r?r I erfd<>in ta to be abol rbed. It bo >n *a a n?ee*?lty l>? at i nw the r??'i*nuii>n of Ihc MOntCifWl MlN In %!l iiwt I err of pn rrnmenl. and m ro eapwtally In thnae relal ng to lho prompt and actual cwulioo of tlie law I Without llile, ii?> fetorm can bo .wrrii?d mil In R<i?"i?. *i<>r 1 trnild the BbolHicti of sorftom pror* b<Hi<>lV-U?l in lh? t .eaaaotry mvo aftor the rnrutlm-ni of it, unlimited 1 owrr m w voale.1 in Ibe official-- Ti> llVrale lb# poa- < Miry daring Ik* coallnuano* of th-Jim-.-nt ?lat? of hmga would he U> deprive ihem of in* proteiil >q of l hotr mwitri, an.! hanl lhl? unfortunate claaa o?er ?o ibe j rrwter, and lod.o.!, lul -leiablo arbitrarily ? of Ui>i i*l i rn?|* ruhtlty W? Mf ?ti| njr lllil Nrtl a pr? '? line t roulil be r .ndoclYc ?o the eollrc eilincll r of every r?.>|. 11 ot i ighi ami law In thr l.rnats ,?f ilw p i-niry I Mivt |(r*rh>':? Kmorr'T Tb. n'i>lliu ili-'-n l? fielr t <>ly duly U> "ulimil lo Ih - m wl <- ?< il.<?ii>^of ; ? our Imprrlal Maj<?ty Uial llio-. *r or? nn almiu'-lra t irr rrfufi" ni"t i^rg.-nily r^|>?ir<?l, If tV iinn.n >:r hajigo in llto ooikii l<>n of lli" arrl< n l? bf tl ?h alt ?n lo<| i rilh ri ?ull? IhT.'U<- ?l t'i lh. n ?u 1 i>io V nip f i boa# riforms, it la our w llle-t r uiriclion, nvrt b? tba >llo? an ? ' I 1 An rnlirr *oj??niti'?n of tlio p lice from Iboilmm * ? raliiHi of .lualire. I 2 Tbr lnU>due?ioi? of lb" prineiplo nf aelf fovorn n?n'. f * all rlMW?. Ibe mrinH> r? i f ttw k?-il ?.ith itIIim ii >ir I i--.ponsih'.e only U> tli"-i -Ubl . -Itri'MQi .f i ?.n I ry, *inl to be rlectiM Withojl any concurrence w.ilvjr r'lho author*!lea I 3 Th>'Inlrodm-tion of c-??m >n ft Imm "'r*t . 1 t arlnir power orer all rln<?o# << vi 'iy w ili'i' l?ir 1 o?. f 4. A r.'orfarlritiofi of th? pi!i -?on !!> prinn (?to of I Irlel a<ther.-nce Inlaw. f 6 TV .vlmiw ion of |be pii1'!!' to*i'irt?..f I n j >lal of rrtm nal i by oral erl4?nc#, *n l Ih Intr > I , li.n $ MM I | 0 The tsulng of a law, raiting every oo'alike re i NEW YORK HEBA$D, 1 * ? -m K? ? 'aalble for hit actions to the leal UfeAbof the country. ~ . 7. The Introduction of the peraonal reapaatfb titty of officials?a responsibility .such an no longor to wM them to shield their own illegal it tea under an aliegaA or*sr of their superior*. 8. Hie taking of new, safo and efcclive mmw hr the oaUbllahmeut of private and public crWUk ?a aalid inundations. Theae are the alterations which the nobUKjr of Wladlmir dare to reoummunil to the approval of ]PMf Majesty at indispensable to the new life of the Russia* Alio. M?mI gracious Maje6ty: You have bee? ifflni t awaken this life ia your people. In your tfNMMia of soul you will, we hare so doubt, realise tho 4Mraa of iour devoted subjects. With the profoundaat raqptat, W* Luve the happlneaa to be, kc.,kc. This address met with a severe rebuke from M. laaakoi, the Minister of tho Interior:? \ Ilia Ifageaty has roceived, and with the uUnoatdMa'H fhction penwd the petition, signed by the marthaif a > some of the membera of the nobility of WladlMir/ Tfcii petition I pronounce to be liiied with ImpropeeortUeiaes on the present order and organization at gorafuneat It la an altogether unfounded complaint of Bw po titlonere when thp* m thni ImmI " 11 ** men who are stronger* to the interests of Iki pa?uT It la equally unfounded when they accuse the mm tor au thoritiea of prevalent disregard of law aalNlip ; aat there are demands utter-d in the petition apt^aaediiif the privilrgea accorded to the nobility luMf ,axlstiD? statutes. There is no law enacted allowing At noblllt/ the dlsouaioD of questions bearing upon lie (Moral o-gauizatlon of the Stale ; atlll Icti are tfceMaaated the right of interference in matters affecting toe aoaptre ai a whole. Such Interference can in no case be tolerated ; ka, ir the coutiary were allowed, the nobility VMM be nn dered the judges not only of their own anil*, k?t of .he interests of all classes of society. 1 am roaJlf. aatoni/hed at the boldness of the petitioners In handlnf w an address of sucli unlawful contents. At w oveata U would have been the duty of the aanlBl of the province to prevent the signing of the aUM bj the nobility under his supervision ; wlikh.Mareqer, be has not only neglected to do bnt has actually tH ti*> axample by placing hia signature at the head-af ?4ftio obora. For this illegal proceeding hia Majesty baa baen pfcased to command that a severe reprimand about be given to the Orel Martlial and the other mart hate of tbo aald province." Hie "severe reprimand" in a country Ilka Buaaia, being a manifest sign of weakneaa on the part of the noveruinent, the nobility of many of the other pravtaoe* have not allowed theuiaelvea, by tho mere expression of Imperial disfavor, to be deterred from the preaeutation of addresses similar to that of their Wladlmtr brethren. Tlie mildest of those addresses, as may be well presumed, is tliat of the St. Petersburg nobility, thAt body consisting of men living under the pcrsoua! supervision of the Kin peror, and more immediately dei>endect upon his sovereign will. A comparison of l he St. l'etorsburg address With that of Wladiinir will, therefore, serve to show the j two extremes of patrician remonstrance, and allow of a fair appreciation of the nature of those lying between. Thus runs the antipodal prayer of tbe St Petersburg addruse? kMii-t Iuisntiors Ai'toct.?t 'The nobility of8t. Peters btirg ha\e. with feelings of delight and admiration, heard the n. ?Inch it liab litelv pleased your Imperial MaJuaty to address to the nuoility representatives of tweuty, four of the Russian provinces. ^ our Majestv, in uttering the words'Mies and calumnies," has passed a dread ver | diet ot condemnation upon certain rumors to the effect of ! a diminution o! yoir Imperial confidence in the mo-t loyui ijoiumy or in;* imptre. Your Majesty ha?, at the ramo time, Irtl p'? a?cd to rommand that u<> credit ?h Mild be attached to any statements put for war J by unauthorized ptrtiaa, lint vo should plate our belief in you alone. These \wirtlp have been deeply Impressed In our hearts. By litem a guarantee ha? been given to us against the violation of our rights and fortune*. which are demaiided by rraaon equally ay tbey luvo been secured to the nobility through tli>- letter patents conrsrnlng tie institution ?n?t legal privilege* of our clus*. Such if an l always will l>e the inherent force of a C/.ir's promise iu Russia. Upon the strength of this pro mife, the St. Petersburg nobility collide the protection of their holiest ]>osi<HSloni to tho fcife keeping of your hands, oh, great Kinperof. While, however, performing this act of loyal devotinp, the nobility are aware of their bounded duty to direct the attention of their powerful protector to Ukso shortcomings id llie cx if tiny < rganizalioas of the State which migiit |M fs;bl\ interfere with the realisation o' your Majoaty'g benevolent designs. Tlie nobility venture. th<*4, to plase before your JLijesly one circumstance wbloti baa lately attaiiH-il pcrtu ular importance ad respjet* ihejtreeorva tlon of thtir cla s. In accordance with existing statutes, the greater portion of provincial ofhevs Is Id thelrifl of the ret>|*ctive nobllttymrscmblH* A committee.Jhowover, has been recently Instituted by the Minister of the Into rlor to lay down a plan for tli reorgamz Uion of these ar rangi'tnctils. The St. Petersburg nebillty, although they may be cooicloua of the necessity of cerUiu alterations of the above mentioned statutes, yet in the most solemn manner, and befbre the face their Emiivror and country, hereby declare that fcey have been alwa>a proud of tho right vested in them of filling up v.icaneies lu the service of the Stale and this not on account of the exclusive chaoactcr of tlelr privlUgts. but because tbey cherish them as a guaisntee for the genual welfare of ail classes. Tie St. liters tin rg nobility adhere to this conviction, which they have gained from the most intimate knowledge of Russian society, and therefore venture to declare to your Majesty that Uh> look u|ion the continuance of their right of tclf government aa a utcestary requisite for the prosperity of the State. The English reader must be told that the right alladed to has been long reduced to a mere formality. Th# St Petersburg nobilil) , then, in praying for the continuance of their privileges, are, in reality, asking his Majesty to grant the execution in future ef aa slresdv uisiiag law. As will be ssea from Ike tenor of either addraaa, the nobility mean to barter their vested rights in awf property. for the concession of the be on of selfgovrsmrnt. It is merely for the sake of keeping up appearances and iitaking a btir sliow that tbe> include tfce other ilasass In M*> wujr* in fl Mjnr |"CtllH?U. ID A CUUUirj 1U6 KU>'HUI the grant of an equal (bare of self (jnrrrnmeM to artluna, peasant*, iuenl?ai,t>. and boyarua, la ilmpy an im [ peaaibillty. Mr. Lcvtr and ihr oaiwajr CMtmcl. The Mr tidrejvrl >f lUr.Sli-Jl Committee on I'afket ( <>ntraets slate* llut It has I wen brought to their Ittowledgo that wis.'.* Mr. licver oflered ?10,000 to Mr. 0 O'tUIUf Irw in, a member of tUe IrLrb bar, If be ahould oiitaa for Mr. 1 / ver a aubaldy of a certain sum for the ronrayaaca of itv fulled ?*tea malt* to and from ttai* country, aid aubsaquently a deed waa executed in which Mr. T. K.ttolm-.s. member of a Arm of parliamentary ageula, ?aa ?4mitiel aa a jxirty jointly with Mr Ira in. and they b'luol themrelvea to use their beat eflbru and exert all thclrtofluaooe with their friend* and n'bera to procure the aubjldy: and Mr. Levrr bound himself to i*> them tbo ?10.?J0 ii the subsidy should be obtaiucd . or a proportional* aum if ' H MM ba of leea amount. Pmceedluf* at law ire pand- j ing betwc? u Mr. Irwin :ind Mr t<e\'er, and an a4ioo bat been brought a*ain=l him for ?.'i ' +),. I iiin.'d tv Mr lr win and Mr. Holm?* uuder the deed, l>at the ictloa baa hitherto been delated an the ground. It la ?tate<. of anticipated legal difliculliea till lite Calw&y I'toke Onntrwt sliall beeu approved by I'arliammt. The < immitteo ri^?>rt thut there teen* to them no rroucd for aup poeirg that ?ay corrupt means wr? retorted to by Meaws. Irwin and Holmes in aartytog out their part of the agreement; but that th Urgeteaa of the rum sttpulaved, the fact of It- paytnet.t ug msde con ? tloaal on MMSM and Mr. Lever's ph-a to Im action, j which allege.-, that Mnari Irwin and Holmes (vfco, h>w ever, deny the < barge i falaely and fraudulently -epreSrtit- | . .j tln-niM-lvea to II,at,< ci. ,t with members of tke government and otlicra, which uouM be of mr vice in procuring the coot, act, appear to lead to the laforemthat the exertion of undue Influence could not tare b.*eti excluded from Mr. I-ever'* rlew when he entend into the arnngement At all event*, they are etaarl) of opia ion that the agreement w in IMelf daasTThg of ibo strongest reprol>atioti, and that the allowance * ich no dertakinga would prerent n temptation to rnrruiit pravIicea, an t open a door to evil* rn-Mt iojarlo-ia Utlj - public aeCTtoe. If, therefore, Mr l*rer. who en rod Into | this arrangement, were himself the contractu) under the (ialwar contract, the committee *ay they caoiot doubt i that ill.- House lould ?I'iiboid I tie moons nee.'a | ??r_T i 'i rarrying u mw) men. tut a compan' I)*- tin taken tho contract of him, and hr bold* but ftbnil fourth o( lh? H?k, and the other director* do do appmr lu bare been ***rr of tbu tranaactioa. Tl?-- coanntt"- therfTot* submit tbe matter fur the Judgment of be Houac. Colored PtMrnjtn by the Caiutnl Ntr?mrr?. We (five from tbe Inglinh paper- tbe follow a? cor re apondi-nce belwten tbe llecorder of Birm.ngbara and R>* Kd? id Outpwian on tbe one part, and Mir Sam i?l Cunird on the other, relative to the privilege of col-* til p?*J a per? on the lunar d gteunera,? . Jane 11, IMo Sik Pahtki Cr*?*t?? I'Brtrr ordinary . ire inuwn<- ?*, at | >trarjf< r? to you, it would In- cm r duty to apMocwe for in iruding ?.*m jour time an.I Attention; but u * n??U which intimate Iv c.mci-rn* the rep?it*lt< ~i of i.Mir lent line of parkrta tn the t nttrd swim, an t imleM ?n? honor of our inuntry. wr fe*l that tl? ?Ul<- w nt *hk:i re have to lay tx fure you ? ill abow vou Dial we bavrt food reason for reepectrully calling on j-ou t.. nri'TMit a Sitkm of miw-no loct In ftmr aif-n't. which ao Kn* an ran regard without Indignation NT* are aure lhat It cannot be vnur will that your pwngera, beean;bey bap|R-n to be perwona of Voloe, ah v-.ld rn<vH with nrltal and unjuat treatment on tnurd yoor vea< 'la. Vmil (trttatn reeogniitee no distinction of ri?rht? b -c-nian of x4or, and tbe captain* of Imt rna.l packet', you wiu be the Imt to a^ree, ninat not be permitted if rlu/e I" t'i? taballowed pccudicea of foreigner*. Mid thus to diim1 ibem the aceufa of ?oclal epprc- ion. Wr gratefully rcmemtwr jour prorata* ir 1*47, th*t no no re oA>>ncea web aa that committed u. ilnat Mr P. j ongtw* abmiM take pi*? on boar I your ft imrra. Tint ilia promise haa Ween hro'cen bjr ynor ag?'nt. in the caa* >hi. h we U 'W proceed to lay iMor' you, ? ill cairaa you Irep concern both berwoae you mu-t h?c- com dw ~l It ia binding upon all in your ewvre, and l> rauae of tl?e uortlflcatlon which li?? been Inflicted o p -r?iu* ?rt???e mattton conduct iumi charact r m?ka the indtgnitte* t^ ?hlch the* hare tn-en anblwto.t t>i i *ly n?ll t> 4b hy liem and tbelr fnaJw :ind friend* That ro mticii Um< ha* eUpa<'d ?inc.< lh<> voyage w?? na?le before ending tbia ap|?lu 4lk?n to v art?en fr mi he fact if the documents neccoaarv fori l.ihlMbMv t ti *ae having t>een only laMy |*M>-d in << ir*. o? ni< o tbeir not bolng fnrtbcomi ig arbcti r^i fr >in i , [eitlwnan to whcin tb?y ?' ?erotrn?to' t?w h t n' ie would iiani. diately perf.tfM Ibn u ~ which ln?a d I 1 rolved on tia Weene.k*e e*tract? from a t^tt?-r a-Mre?. .1 to th* Jemen a bore referred tu detail mg the ca*. < Wre C?i ?*it I md her jmrty. aril a'ao a copy of a leiw fn v, y.i ir a it Iliwton. I ii toil St!! ?, wh'i h wilt p it j. u m p ? - ii i >f all the facta , and wi ci'urteo i Ir. oji ur< itly b t<? i 1 >eapi-ak your atiewtton to th -m. a id to a*k foraiten vtun bererpon aa the c<d?- ctrarly an I linperatirely ieam I It only reman.* to *?y th?l w>m wrwk ?lnre Mi<< R nood, aiater to Mr- Pm im. * h . l.'v In ii and m > : I wt'mable now flu lying the c loelali - i I Vdford ?Tiar?. l.?T?t'*, wv? pr?>?eot at a i antt ativ rv [athermg at the hou-e of one . f the a iS* lb -r? to - etter, an I tberv In ' lici" !?''or? th > p<-?'i* i ? n i ted, who, V?linr t'- nvtvn Im dn-^teil In ?h> 11 ? rth> i I ted m at tnhn?|>tl?i trrwim-:it wt^ich Am.lcii I" i ongi-ra hwl ei,?*|eu.-e.| in nn / M M ^ -?t. '* full I latketa rwwlrMig l.> nlwMlj' of tbe eat to a. ?o t vail.tit iadrr offiotAi n>!r^i >?i?! t? n l?* iu -U ' i MONDAY, JULY 16. 1?60. I rjttzzsfgz,"*Siiil--"In vpeakiag pUtaiy, we IM, 8tr 8as?u*l, thai we ?re oflt ring oar Mat tribute to the candor and generous fe , ioti bjr wbteh we boUeve yoii to tie actuated. 11 D HIM., : *.ichafwu, nruoi noM mm. piTxii't urrrn. Uvdosi, Not. W, 1W. To m*.:?We parch? < ttotato as drs? , class passengers oa board the t(earner Europe, Osutaln Letch, our party nnodetUig of foar?C. ft PotnenJfcrah L. Smith, mmry 6. Cheney and my eon, Mnund T. Putnam. A fcw dap* before the steamer sailed 1 received the enclosed letter from Mr. Batee, the egent of the Canard Oonpaay. Ppcn (to reeeptloa I ealted apoa the I ?sottanan, ssktoghlm why we were dsntod the prtvtlegec which are greeted to every one uatU thejr prove themeelree unworthy of then. He aaid American Indies and gentlemen would otyect to sit dews by the etde of colored pn ? I teM Woe we veto obliged to eail to the >tea?er, aad I Uoaght there would not be the least trouble, es wo wore able now to travel lo the Northern Btateo of Amsrtea without any. and were tsesttd well at eeaoe of the beat hetele, end I expected an board eo ttag'ish Ismser I should receive good treauaeet, a* persons living under her government wore net judged by the eelor of their aMo Mn their con doetcnly ; and 1 hoped we aheoM bo allowed ear eeate at uraiaoie. uBine second or fVovember we started, and when we had been on board about two boors one of thu "El"?*" ? apMk with m, W w. would follow him. We did ao, ?sd vara shown iMe a vary assail room, and told by him that the otpuin wlabed u? to take oor meals there by ovahrsa Wo told him that we should prate going to the ubls, and that we should be rather unoomibrtable, as the room was lo the eztrasM stern part of the boat, and one of our party waa an Invalid, and had Ml home oa that aooamitf Me said he had received hia Instructions irom the captain, and there was no alternative. ? During the whole voyage we were net allowed a seat at the table. * And during the last few days of oor voyage we were obliged to tit la the ladies' cabin by ourselves,and servants bring us food as if we were criminals, when we had conducted onrselves with the strictest propriety. The captain oommitted a gnat wrong In submitting to the dictation of an American agent. C. E. PUTNAM, corr sbcmjci'rs Bmtm a*i> N. A. Royal Mail Piwamsvip Oo., > Omen 00 Statk Snuwr, Boston, Oct. 27, I860. J For your information we desire to inform you that a separate table will be provided for yourself and party on ; beard the Eurnpa, hence to Liverpool, where everything will be furnished you that Urvt cabin passengers are entitled to, the person who applied for your tickets did not slate the fact that the party were colored, otherwise wo Should have informed you. Should this iutCrfere with your expectations please apply at this office at once, and we will refund the passage money. K. C. and J. G. BATES. Mrs. C. E. rcr.XAM and party, Salem. I)rrijhax Dowm; Bristol, June 28,1880. Pik?On the 11th iusi. I sent to a friend with a request that he would forward it to you, as I did not then know your address, a packet containing a letter addressed to you, signed by Mr. Commissioner Hill and myself, and certain enclosures which we wished to isy before rou. As we have not been ferored with any reply, I haro the honor of forwarding to you copies of the above men tioned documents, and earnestly ask your attention to ; them. and an answer at your early convenience. I am, Sir Bamnel, your faithful servant, F.I > WIS CHAPMAN. Sir Samisl Ctmakd, ltnsib Hill, Edmonton. Bthh Hiu. Hochb, Edmonton, June 29 1880 8m,?I h*ve received your letters of the S'.h and 24th inat. I-do not see thai any advantage wouli result from discussing th? sutypst matter of tboae letters, there'ore I must decline ent<Srin| into any correspondence on tho subject. 8. CL'NAHI). The Rev. E. Chapman, Durdham Down, Bristol. Emcatn on Board American Coolie Traders. [From the China Chronicle, April 2H ] Tho following are particular* concerning the affray which lately occurred on board tbe American coolio ship Staghound on Uer voyage from Swstow to Havana. Tlio Vnity I'Tfts reported the vessel as having been sicked up outride Javs Head The subjoined was embodied In a letter to thai journal:? | The SUghoimd ?af not "plcke 1 up outside Javs Head with nobody in charge of her," but was at anchor in An jer routls, Mil'I on the night of the 3Ut March applied to her Monty's ship Odin, Captain l<ord John Hay, for medical assistance and force to put down a mutiny. As an act of humanity and attention to a friendly nation, speaking our own language, tbe medical assistance wan immediately furnished, the mutiny suppressed, and the Slaghound was taken In t'<w by the DuMk steam frigate Meripl, and conveyed to Ihtavla for the investigation of the American Consul. [From ilie China Chronicle, May 4 ] Another serious disturbance has taken place in a coolie ship This happened on board the American ship Governor Morton while lying at Whampna, bound to Havana with coolies. Bome of tbe coolies attempted to escape by jumping overboard, and were Bred upon by persi ns on board the vessel. Wc buve not learned the (acts of the Ca*c. A loft I* r from Iftrin mr*ntmna nnn'hor sir An board an American This one occurred in the Kitty Si]n|*?n, with c<>oIiee on board, from that port to Hsvs na. The Kitty fimpeon left on the 21st February, and a few dayi after her departure the coolies ruse en mat it, doubtW* lor tho pur|*<sc of tatinu the vessel, as in tho numerous other in?tanc<*s on hoard theae coolie hip*. The caotain ordered tb i funs to be loaded with grape and flred among the mutineer?, which was accord l^ly cone and upwards ot forty coolies loot their liven. Thecrcw, which ?as composed entirely of Malays or Manilla men, rushed in among the coolies with knife In hand. After wveral others had be< u wounded the remainder ran below, and all then went ou amoothly. Fashions f*>r Jaljr, (Krom Le Follet.J By degrees flounces ap)>oar to be regainIng the position which for a time Uiey had partially lost. For dresses of tliiu tcxluie the* certainh form the prettiest and most suitable ornament. On barege or tar la lane pluse or bouillons may be used effectively. For summer toilet large open sleeves will be generally adopted. We cannot say that they show any novelty or great difference from those worn last year'; pagoda or cluck s onvss, more or lea* open, varying In width and trimmed with revers or Jockey s Tight sleeves are atiU worn with negligee hiss <>f thicker material. Had tea are warn low, or lag n and butloocd up In the former case paler in ea or ttchu* are Indispensable That more in fashion hist now Is the square pelerine, fhrmed entirely of narrow frills, aad fastene-l iu bunt by a triple bow ot ribbon. Hmall square pelerines of guipure are exceedingly pretty They are made Just sufficiently deep to meet tbe top of the drew < The Marie Antoinette flchn Is not disenrde.l. It is mvle , with a hem, surmounted by a rich embroidery and Valeuctrtiius Insertions?a garland of exquisite simplicity; ' but behind II is enlarged, and forms a bouquet a brand Valenciennes round the hern completes tats ele- , gant (Jehu. Although not much oppressed by the heat of the weather at present, shawls aad mantles of nslla and lace are those principally made. Tha most usual lace shawl . is that in a simple point, of rich design. Tne double shawl, with a frill, Is too luxurious an article to be very 1 frequestly seen. | The manUea have tbe foundation of tbem^rery stnill, ( dui are insswKM una turee oroaa iruis ('-?r mmn.'iM, *, may eftll them,, to wide that I bey completely eavrlop* ih<- drw. llualiu shawl* are simply embroidered on the upper point, but the long |?>iut ts tUifi irimifl-d wilh ? w.4 embroidered frill. Muslin mantcleta are aoly worn *?y young girls. They ? ara dtsUaguisDad by an atuieii<-< uf embroidery, and bare | for ornament simrly bullionm-*. In ahlch a ribbon, of a shade suitable U> the reel of I be toil,it, |p run 1 Home summer shawls have beea made of black cash mere, embroidered trlmuxd with a wide frill of guipure or Chaetllly . The pclisae ha* neartv dettimned the pM4 of silk . M the latter will still be woru, esiwiaily at the smfile, as nothing la trx'rr commodious fur country or travelling drew The Abbe pelisse, with pol^rme of p'lijmre an 1 < shawl*, are, fcoweeer. n?or.> strictly the viqpie ik-w Tb<'red tbuiiirl raa<|i:<'ts a aovlty p.t i,,/ i i.y * n? who Like Comfi'rt :iuil eleganr.- combine I I h.L-< tin- I > : hp ' advantage ??f b<W>g a suitable dre?s A>r boose <v?ar, and t commodious fur negllgea la the con: try, at the cha.<c, or for (he evening, wlieu the weather if c.?d. Roc tics are much used for trimming- f>r barrjr. grpna dine, or other thin material. The' ' ll-vinoed ruclir' m a novelty. and Is made to match any pattern ?In plaia words, this Is a narrow Rhiuc w ilh a rn. h? at Ibe h-t I. There |i also the ruche on each side of a plaiting, a ' * * ?ellle. Narrow ribbons are also made mto trimming for narrow ounces Uuimpe I* wtade in elegant patl?ras?one, f..r rumple, of butterOlos. white and mauve, for a dre** of white ani man re cheeksd tah?tas antique, has a very distingue.- ap praraaea. TV Zouave, although at times an muCi nrHMBewtad, i? not neceiwarll) ?n enemy to simplicity Th?y are > ery pretty when of the *am< material a* the dee**. m i bor dered with a wide liwiid of a contrasting r dor A similar baud should then he plx?d p'liid 111 -- lands -ewIt greatly Improves the appearand* If a w Ihw I rr?l susb, twd at the side, ts worn with It V<w> many silk dtvases are a?ti with l*rj? plait*. %iy| Dot separated at Uie waist The b "lies pi in aud b lit ?n~1, trioiii" d all dowa the front wi'h b"<*? of rl?<t>it or ornameata of gutm|v Sleeves wide, lined win wl?lt?' and bordered with n little w ulle ruche. Thin ma.erial* are trimnip*! with a number "f IIHIe flvri-e* n?*e Komrtlmc* oorer the whole of the ?klrt, but m>re fre . quently only rea? h up to about the height ot ninei.-on to ' twenty l>'iir im I|??*e\euorn tin inm'i :a >r.- ' generally in vogue Tne lv?1t-*s sr-?ti'l mvlc w t'i * MM wnle Mtbm, ln-1 either at lli- irobi or aide smif Urltlwc drww are atiU nivl* w.lh d>iibie 11 aklrtb, the lower one trimm <1 with elfhi baull<vinee?, * the tipper with two only, sr. I umn each i bin of ribbon tH?iM|iM'i of n->?rr? may l>e piboed. For iriiamm- b?lt? * lb I* to a very pretty, ?l?pte ?tyl? Th.?y alao trim tar i J launo * iih ftimnrrt placed on i-nrh brt'inlth anl cri*a<d J| OT?r IKr b #rhn. and Md togcllier by a fronn of ftiwtn. J RObbe'* (WWr? lit* nm' f win I'jojr IimI at ihe l?? gtuartif of Ibe srwm-ilial m to Mir, (mmlcd to the front * ml rem hinc fur o??r the forehead Allh<"ifh ?? ? borer * rt'bhl admire the extremely ?mall Iv.nn !? tlMt hav? been worn, yet we hall re*ret to nee mi esaqfxratlna in Hi i * ntber dirwliou, fur an over Urge Imam I w far in >re tinbe ' roming W?i1 ui.*r?ovful tlnn i rltknlrmoly ? mil one ' We mull hope Hint Itae foul (sate* >>f?b>ir aivltale* will * prraorre |>> a? th< hopf-v rnr4ium 1 .reborn. b'ark crinoline mixed with *?lr?w, an 1 pliln '' to<1 fancy ktr.ivrs, are Mill mn-h worn f ?r m->r:i'nfr '< nD''U * A blark rrinoline with Mraw alar* all or?e, trim-*?i ith a tarfc bow ?t hiiw* ribbon at the atlr.f'Mn tlie " middle of wl.tfh l*ll? a Inn* straw A 'w l.?i of 1 Mraw mlmr, and bliri ribbun vn?? Oie font*-*.'., Viaek 11 iirlrt* eml>rt>id?Te?? with mt, i? eery wh?rcb? ??r a wlrie crinoitrr with a b?nl?>r of lyghorn trlranMri r * th ? ca' te of Mraw cniored ailk rolled orrr a lyilTtl'if i f btot'k iacr, a? 1 failing tr\ ento over the blv\ i rii* ?ir lair. 11" <?r of btark Ure. Irmmed w Cb M?H . mhl* a \v\ !a'*e r ittMb |*>pp> . v nb a (old i?iU? HUok rib I l? a ? w*. 1 A leciurr l'??net aimpty with a Ibf*'atrbw ? rat > i? jftci rc j< lhe cro?ru, mil rod af unit, two l V fll Isng ?kHt marabout feather*. spotted with straw BJoode en. with diadem of wbite dames, with straw lentrus. While and straw colored ribbon strings. K?oe straw bouueU are much in Cay or this season. Home are very simply tr tanned. Tulle and crape, bonnet* are made In almost endless variety. Markets. I ONixMi Momr IUiut, Ttssdat Emuia, July S ? Th quotation of gold at Parts is about at par, an 1 the ah rt exchange on London la *11* per ?1 sterling on cotnpartog these rates with ttoa Kugiish mm prtos of ?3 II- WMd. per ouaos tor standard gold, U appears that gold ia about 310th per cent dearer in Farla than in Loa By adrtees tnm Haintonrg the prtss of gsM is 433 per Sft,aa4U?ah*rtexobaagt aaLondoa falla* pir *1 sterling. Standard gold at the English Mint prico is therefore about 1.10th par cent deirsr in Hamburg than is Loodoa. _ Ifce course al exchange at Now York on London fbr bills at 00 days' sight Is 1WK a 109 V per oent, which, what compared with the Mint par between the two sow Mm, ahows that lbs axchaage is slightly in Ihrar sf Coc land; and, altar milling allowance for char go* at traaaport and dUfcrsaca of Interest, the present rate loaves a vary hrtftar prcAt am tha Imports* ioa of gold from tha Uaited lbs English funds hare been doll to day at a fractional decline, caused by tbe large flit 1 urea la ooorsa af annauHB?ent OdmsIs, whtet Ml off yesterday at ?K, were pasted MH to X from the oomiaenceaaeat to UM close. Bank stock left off at 228)?; reduced and new par to 8a. ptrinlvm. Money was in full demand to-day, bat an easy market Is expected next week. Umlwili haalasas has been tranaaotad la fbreign stocks asaerally at former prloee. In nnaaetiieoss of the funeral or Prince Jerome tbe Parts Boturae has beea oleeed to-day. la the fteetga larahsages thia afteraooa then was no chaafs at importance from tbe rates of last post. No gold waa taken to the bank to day. The change in the Portuguese Ministry aanoonoed today Is mid to ba favorable to the prospects of honest taaaoe In that country. In conse?tuenoe of the recent failures there was nearly a total suspension of business in the Leadenhall leather market Market hidea declined from thirty to forty par osnt. In tbe colonial market there has been a reaction in ' Grand Trunk of Canada to 28 to J?. The ordinary bonds closed at 6T to 00, and the preference 90 to 92. Great ! Western shares declined to 10J4 to 11){. foreign descriptions show no change of important*'. In American ! railway securities tbe shares of the New York anil Erie , improved. UvnrooL Corro* Makut. Juno 30 ?Tbe sales of cotton to day are estimated at 8.000 bales, of which 2,000 have been taken for export. The i-alus include 100 Per- I nam and Maranbatn at TSi'l. to 8>?'l ; 300 Egyptlaa at ; 8d. to SJfd., :uid 000 Surat at 2d. to 4%d. Tbe market | closes very heavily. Compared with yesterday's rates ; prices of all kinds are the same. Ji iy2.?The sales of cotton today are estimated at ! 10400 bales, of which 1,600 have been taken for export ! and 1,000 on S]?cu!ation. The sales iuclii le 300 I'ernam ; and Maranham, at 7}^d. to 9d , 70 BaMa at 7,'^J ; 360 ' Egyptian at 8<1. to 8,'Jd.; and 1,000 Surat at 24 to 4 ^d.; The market closes heav ly. Compared with Friday's rates prices of all kinds a -e the same. July3.?We liave no rh.vige to report ia our market ' to-day. Tlie Irregularity coullntirs, and tbe tone in favor <k buyers. The sales are 7.000 bales, of which 2,600 are for export and speculation. 1j\kxnx.i. Coax Maukkt, July 3 ?The weather has been One since Friday. with a cold wind, however, from ; the north There has uot been m h-Ii paseiug in the trade duriug the past few days, and the value of wheat and flour nisv be coosidere I the same as on fueadav U?t In. i dtan corn hu met a fair inquiry, but to make Mien of consequcnca rather money was taken Ik-iina wing ia large supply are ratber easier to buy; other articles without change in value At to day's muket there was a fair attendance of town dealers, but very few country millers, and the day proving very Que a slew sale wasoxoeriencci for wheat at a decline of Id. to 2d per cental. Flour was also difficult to quit and fully frt. per sack an t barrel lower. Indian com met with a free sale at a decline of Is. per quarter. A large quautity of American inixel changed bands nt 30s. and lb nils at 90s Ad. Ualatz may be quoted 31s., and white 34s. per 4tt0 lbs. THE LATEST NEWS. TH? SICILIAN KKVOLITION. Mak.k>:ii.u:-\ July 4. 1H80 The Cmtritr iU MarteiUtx states that a skirmish took place on the 30 b ult., near Messina, between some detachments of Garibaldians and a portion of the royal troops. Gknoa (via Marseilles), July 4,1400. Advice* from Palermo state that a new Ministry bad been appointed in Sicily by Garibaldi, as follows.? Foreign Allaire, Signnr Nabolle. Interior, Signor Dai la. War, 8ignor Orslnl. Public Safety, Stgnor I .a porta Religion, Poo Iauta reoedietine. Public Instruction, Signor loggia. Finance, Signor Giovanni. SPAIN AND MOROCCO. Madkui, July S, 1100. Morocco lias paid the first instalment of the indemnity to Spats THE LATEST MARKET*. Lo.vww, July 4?P M. Consols cloned at <K1\' a ?3 I.OKKW FKOnt C* MARKET. [Frutn Kichardwio, Spenco A. Oo.'s Circular ] Sugar?Brisk demand; prices 0d. higher than last week; refined wanted, low lumps not easily obtainable nnder 5-Js perewt. (<>ffee very firm, and fair bustnoas. Tea quiet anil value unchanged Rice and ssltpetor dull; lertna easier Tallow?Sale* limited; price a little lower. Wheat?Very little doing, the few retail sale* mad?|'at a dtrhne of 2d. per cenUi from Friday'* rates. Floor very slow and 6d per bbl. and aack cheaper. Indian Corn U. a 1* Ad. per quarter lower, with ronaidcrable ale* at SOa for mixed. We quote wheat, red western, 10* 0.1 a 10* lid., white 11*. 6d a 12*. 6d. per 100 lb*. Flour, Superfine Phitadeli?hia28s a 'Jl>? #d , extra western 27* a 37*. 0d , extra Ohio 2*. a 30* per bbl. Indian Corn, mixed Sos., yellow 30* a SI* , white 33*. a 34* per 190 lb* Bi-ef very alow Pork quiet. Baron steady, lard continue* in fair request and i? stead? In price Tallow firm at 63*. 6d a M*. for B A. In I/xtdou, P. Z. C. in quoted Ml , both *|int and future delivery. Orm>s ?The ma ket continue* dull, and price* are main the turn lower In Manchester to day the feeing I* more cheerful, partly ow.ojr to the improved weather, uid we ma; have more bu*tne*a here before the week la Mt. LONDON CORN MARK IT. 1?*?on, July 4, 1M0. rFrom Kin**fori 1 k lav'* Ctrcslar ] Kmriixli wheal left over from Monday void at fully thai tay's price*. Attendance very email, and acarcely anv nukinew transacted In foreign, and value nom nal. All pring < -m unchanged Ui j.rlr IjMsroot., July S, 1M0. B*juii>?n m - With a change to magnificent weather lli.' market haa becoov dull Ijmwoot., July 4?P. II The ?team?blp North Britain, from Quebec via Ixwdon. lerr> , ai rived here this &>ren<?>a The ??le? of cotton to day were MtOI bales. Including I atm on ?iieruiation ?nd *<r export Ths market ciosM rr< eiilar, but quotation* are not changed Prta'fet-jff" steady but quiet. Prcvfeton* qslet I Terrible Cwtwatroplae la Mlnseaota. 1 IX rFKWON* DMOWNKI* WIIILK TMYINfl TO * A VK OXE. < IhrHt Atilli'-n> co'ri-*i*)udeiit of the M. Paul I'um^er, I i r:t k to the l.itirr i n I f vi nth ium.ii.I, the follow ing < cv-'iut uf a terriMe oa*iwwlt) ? I our commum v ??? st?rtle<i on Thursday, by a report I Iial tux ffummr h*<l br?n dmwnnl id C?lkiMM Ttt? < <i|l.>w irf liatiifd pi-raoo* arr the ) *! IU-r. 11 M NMbol*, I *?t?r or th? (?nn(T<-cmil<?al BK-trtjr ut Mmewpolle; Wancy. ' I to wife. and Hewrr. their * n. as?d tblriacu Mr. A. Ge\ 1 ami, brother Ui law ?f Mi. N|?:In>m. an I Kroaiettr, aged litrt. en, and ElU M"'t elereu. ilvi|(ht*ra of Mr <Vrc 1 .ml But ?<n?- litiir l?t, ?g?~l i*n ) i?f?. la left of Uie I tVhnfci lairlly while the (lev-Un.) r lutlniuc | WlWPrfl, rowio? wife ami t#o internet i iif dauyhtera of fc-wtrr )e*m 1 The riroamatMMrva ?f lk>'cat wtroyh . aa (virrortty a-we < oold (le?li thra. ur a* f?4l*w?:?TV fonilMa WI re vial in* the lake Mi a pw nw encm-amo rhe ( irtjr c.?utl-ti?l if ten pi-r-im* It waa prof**-.! ballte. and wbtle Mr t i|< l?d* nud Mr Cl?wvrt??il wore putting " tvtthlna Ireaa- ) Mr ah-bula' mm aad Mr npto d'a ? i>i*Bler? enter- t il Ike ?Mr, Owu'g >n H? atotil, ?ui" twinlr ' ret from the mart;a of ll>r water, ooi' of tae lit!I? ?trta > 1 i * aim: hcTond fcor itept* Dia hetnf observed l>) the ? rare boy, lie T.-nKrv-l m ? retierr ber, felling la which h ili-alrtil the other Hilton Mi t.nailtmit tx r bai.J, which I hi <1)4 t Time Jolaed ha ad la 1-1.4 thet atnmtori, bnt felling to I t up the ahelrtrg beak.and In niiniui alarmed, thejr ' aU<-?l t>* help, wton Mtwan. tVvrlaad mmi fir hula naM < n, harvl id bait I. Not k tag within rrvti they ri?j>MHiU4 1 Ira Ntihol* to ewter the water, which ?t?e "did, takiac ' ter hwbaod by the baad Mr Clfrctaii4, alii ratMalac t > bo|i| on Mr. Nirfcoto kwl, ret ere. I tlir deep water anil I v?eedod In reaching the rtraerl'"* i hlldren * Hut, Mending or, the ?he urn (mi l, he loet hla balance m' in fa' >a*ilra?f<'1 Ntohnto ami wife into the <brp ? later. They aatok. ri ktlamg r"1 hmda n* each other Tiiin tlioai (bat cwU aw ln? were prevented front doing ? o. ami aooa aunk to rtoe *o more Mm. Mrhoto waa * imyed up b/ her light can la, and rep?U?dly called oa I er alitor, Mrt fTerciawd to r?i"ne to Iw^aM TVa noble i ?d) ilM all a delicate, airily Inea'id rotod, hut ber rOortc rere of ao a\all. ajMl Mra. Nlrhota. to?, perlaliad. I*urai| tbe aiterwnnai of Thuraday, ?hp lw*lir? of Mr. Iirbola, wife ?? ! mm, Mr. DeretonA aii.l hla two dauglirra, at* In aaaiber lu aprroi??-Ut??n#>n??were evpnted I a tin- parlor t4 Uie lai.- rt*idi-^ of Mr Nirholt. J j arte, aa.l Utr ngv <4 trlailera ^Mb< reO to rtow tbo aur' , '<wtul i-rebr. Rto t^ Jajiaiaio, Jone a _/vff<?o? Matoa Iwee b?en In ' :(tiim?rt, Mii'iuptihk Vt |(liM h?fa. of which 1,010 ftw \t.' Miitiirrrani-au 5.1 jfl for the Ai?nnet Mid n trth, and < aoo fir Ihe I r id <tat , total baled alnee the ?th i|H imoiiiit to IT/MO ',*gt No alteration baa liken plac# .1 |>ricra ?.:>? '**i q iatAtloM , druiert coalloiw Irm >*wi ftwn Booth America. The Tyne, Captain Jelllcoe, arrived at Southampton, Kngland, on the 3d lust. Our daU* are (ran Buenos A free to May?, Vledo, 81at; Rio de Janeiro, June I; Buhla, 13th; P?rnambuco, lilh. Bl'SMOO Aria. General Mitre was elected Governor, oo the opening ?f the Cham ben, almost without oppasHtaa. The conciliatory tone adopted by htm in his addroM, and ha reiterated determination to turn hta -"-?-* " ?Tina iin the aooompliahment of that national union determined kf the oompact of 9an Joae, reinduoed confidence (br a Dm at the selection of the Chambers. But this was of abort duration, for Dr. Alston and Senor Reinac having WSC?O IO vliOQM DV BBIHV* B^V^B trtme men of the ultra liberal party, who had takes a lead ins part la the iMsrt saMsres of Inst year, sat who were denied all participation In the arrangement of the treaty of Hsrember. 0?em rose Immediately MM HUM of the new ministry were published, and the M ttt<* waatofooatdeooe In the etabUMy ef thendmiaa tratlon thus ooqptltuted waa general among all cIssmsl The new government hare, hue ever, done mnch to remove this Impressing , desreetied eoactmena bare beat published, sad hare, wMh few exceptions, met with oalversal spprorsL Bdtusis bees Been introduced into rarkMts brancbea at the admiaistrattoa, which are likely la prove of great public utility. Stf-mfeot measures hare been jdopted for tbe^vontioo of thoee^yatematto^nwto Some changes lave been made la the organisation of the froatiers, and UaalaMil ataqr a to be broaght la a proper f tate of efficiency, and the material adraacemsal of th*aountry is not aagarleil The 8an Fernando Railroad Is making rapid progreu, sad s line to the sooth a ! in contemplation. Ha decimal system of weighta sad msasorea, baaed open the French meUf sad kSagrams. i comes into operation in foor months. V - , tainem, oomnsred with former months, MTufia on riTurr-' mlr tnr ihmtiiig nf in llUm lmT ng baft, todueod etutiu*. I*?kfe? Umi bomm of former yemrw keen dnl?ra fW*n Mairin* ?a * * ~ ??? "jwi? umr requirements. Nevertheless such business m baa bean done la satlstartory. Prices continue to rula high, aid pifBMta come la mora readily than for several yean back, probably on account of Uie continued low rate of Interest maintained by the bank. Cattle come# forward alowty, owi^f to the advanced neaaon. Slaughter during tha naaoLh, 62,000 head galled ox and cow hidoa-Salfla IS,600 at 62a 03 reals, and S3 reals Tor ox and 61 reals for cow*. Market closed at 03 % reals. In wool there la scarcely any supply: a superior lot fetched mils. 112, but aince the arrival or the packet a demand sprung up?from 70,000 Is 80.000 arrs., most part medium classes?for France. Stock Is reduced to 140,000 or 110,000 arrs., chiefly median and Inferior classes. Freights show but little alteratkw. Produce is becoming scarce, and ships are leaving la ballast. Exchange to the amount of ?150,000 Is passed for the Tyne at 00a. 9d. to 07a. Od. per doubloon; ounces hare varied from 860 to 860; last price on the Boise, S61*. Serenade to John C. Breckinridge. THE VICE PKK81I>KNT'S HI'KKCH. The Hon. John C. Breckinridge, Vice President of tha United 8tal?k, arrived la Baltimore on Friday afternoon, in the train from Washington, and took quarters at tha City Hotel. During the afternoon be callcd upon the Hon. Joshua Vansant, and remained some time wltb that gentleman. They afterwards proceeded to the hotel, and after tea tbe Vice President quite aflably received the calla of a number of persons, amongst whom were some of tha most prominent citsens. These calls continued until about ten o'clock, at which hour be declined any fbrthcr receptions. Soon after, however, be was called upen by a committee, who informed him that tt was the design of his friends to give him a serenade. A reluctant assent war given, and shortly afterwards a line band of musto appeared and struck up several airs In an Inspiriting manner. including the " Star Spangled Banner," the "War rath.fcj " Alter the Music was performed Mr.Breckinridge appeared, and spoke in brief as follows: Fellow citiseos?I beg leave to return you my grate iui u.auvnii.'UKiuiiuu! iur mo coruwi reception which I have met with in your beAUtiful city. This, howeveo, is not the Unit time I have visited it, for I (have wandered over iu suburbs many years ago. Twenty year* wee 1 vi.-ited it, aud J only hope tliut it may continue to increase in prosperity, (applause) and meet your largest expectation*. Without entering Into our political becomes us to consider how our inaUMttona can be best preserved. The State or Maryland is a border State, aud to your citizens it is a matter of moment aa la the welfare and prosperity of our common country. (Applauae.) 1 know full well that you are always anxious t? support the I'mon, and will do so at all hazards. (Applause.) It becomes us, my fellow citizens, to pay strict fidelity to the constitution and the 1'nion; it is the only guaruitee that we have for a perpetuation of the unity of these 8tates, and it is the surest guarantee of peace and happiness for our entire land, (umd applause.) If at any time we throw away the principles ot tbo eonstitutiou. the only safeguard of our liberties, the only sourcn of national happiness, we merely drift away from the very foundation of <mr government, and effect radical cbaafe in the very onoatiUUton iuelf. Thfca is sot to be dibired, and should be averted by every true patriot of our land. This, I am sure, will be done by the lovers of the conatituliou and the I'nion. (I-uud applause.) The constitution, as formed Qhv our fathers, we have all lived happily under, aud in*> we uot say the form of government suited to the fathers is certainly Butted to II... . I - ? I.- .V- - - ? -- MD? UP ?rc|i uir lurm ??1 (Mir mocn. If il ?ii good enough for them i( m ooilaiui) good enough for us. (Applause.) The constitution Is good unough for ai. The rights there laid down mrn onr tpf?r?7*l .Among the few thing* that are not assailed stand the right* of oouc oiMt; sad if the.v ware?1 know that If they were? such righta would need ,.o dfMxHn oa the soil of Maryland, a State which has been dls-tlng-indicd for it* umoa and patriotic sentiments. (I/Hid applause.) Bat. my frieud*, the constitution has beeu akKailcd, and It becomes us to defend It. (Applause ) There is a point which If not at clearly defined as It might be, is still pararectal. It la I be equality of tho State*. (Applause.) They were equal before they formed the solemn compact of Cntoo. That is inviolable, and tho constitution points out clearly ibe protection of |>ersons ind property And 1 tell you now that if the principles of rbt constitution arw violated it ran only result in a change of this government?a charge much to be Deplored, and the end of which can only result in Inevitable ruia But, fellow ciliaraa, the equality of Utc Mate* la tho l' ading principle to be established, and we must maiatain It; and If we adhere to thia p>laal[le there can oaly be a bappy aad peaceful term malum to the present sectional diflercncea. (Applauai' / My friends, allow me I* wish that your great and proaperou* city may coottaas in Its present course of procperlty. That the fakm of the Mate* may be preaorvod, and let me hope that tha principlta cherished by the fathers of the republic oaar lung continue to proaper In our land. (Applause ) in conclusion, permit me to again lender yoa my grateful ack lowledgmenls Tor the kind reception with which I ba\e bteu gieeted, and allh ugli my remarks may have been swwhat inappropriate, I could not refrain froaa expressing my views thus briefly to my fellow cltiseaa of this great and prosperous city. (Applause.) At the conclusion of the r? marks of Mr. Ureckiaridaa he wss greeted with loud applause, ind was repeatedly called ou lo xgaln address the irowd, who remained a boot the hotel nntil a late hour Kinally. after three choerr for Douglas and Breckiaridge, the large assemblage left quietly for their homes. Faarral sf Jassb B. Ilanlea. After the exocotioa of tbia way ward young Balvidere, on the 9tb inst , ssy. the Sussex (N. J.) Rrgitlmr, bis remains were ronvryr-d to the home of his parents, about four ml lee wrat of filalrslown, arriving there at aix ? click 1' M They were eacloecd in a aeat coffin, with a piste on which the uame only of the iloceaacd was saf rated It was a sad ?p?ctarle'fbr the very worthy (ami\ to beheld; but aaay long and weary months of affliction Uad pre|iared tbem for I lie final shock, and they bora It with Christian meekness and resignation. ( n Saturday afternoon tho body was d*po*tted ia Its last n Kling place, no the ftria of Mr. Harden. The gewsral evtet-m which lite Harden family ha\o long sad deservedly enjoyed la the neighborhood. and the aeep sym( lb\ fell fbr them ta their affliction, called out an iurasuaU) large atteadanee of scqastuUocee and frienda, and a dee^i t-olcauitty pervaded the entire multitude. Tha openln* frsver was offered hi ih? n..v i v -* Hope: an appropriate hymn wa? ?unr. when aa i*apresaive dlccoura*. founds fai Roum rl: 4, waa dellmN bjr J R Haiti;*, of Stillwat. r Tha MMM Mr- I vlre* w te rl'*e<l by the benediction, pronounced bjr thn Rev. Mr Krltly, nt Rla.ratawn. ' The tiuuk In loaaiuK in ihr deteaaed, whirh rootaiM* tn* rajier* and other perxobal ?-#* .t#, was removed b/ ti ? trothcr fr-iiB the Jail at HeMdrr*. on i(i?? (lay pra <ding bia execilWia Among hi* posthiuoua rMMiM I" t car. fully written ItU'.a work, ?bi h, la lliefnto* of Mi nlmont or J l?-p vy to the young, contain* a r?-relatk>a of lb*- inillty career of the writer, and miy terhalrally and papivtir bo termed the dying cmfraalMi of Jtmti f Har ten. 11>e prt*T>pt palttocwtion of tbia warW la widely damanded bf pubfln cortnriijr, hot I ha ag*d |<arenl* of tb? inToctuoat* author, being tadlapoaed to peolowg tit* paiatal uoUn-I' ty which iHai bra to lit* name, harr not rm. ouraged tli enterprise, an 1 timer It *Uoil* defrrred. ? rt.f probability, bowar*' 1*. thai after |ud'. tank revlfioa, t will be vrlnted. nad, wnllo no naaent tal fart will be *cpjriveed. 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Duri^t tat 0a? be aaeeeeded la ratiiag Hie runounl. depots I e4 n iW baak aod drew It n?t In '4ir aflemooa. ThM ?'. r.runr H FiUlftH'MMft, "* !i* .e?mff'rf *Mtr>anU. * Uicfc milfe* b? M> fcuilnc ? * <* |fi Q0? onrwli* ? l?4 *f y*?r?. Wb?* tnfnrnn-J of bti *utlt Mm T** * tf firing hto ov^inror aiilltM irtckR, tel Iho l?Urr rJ.uK d *n r WHUrwm mi4 tad km irri-*t<*. MtlllimilU. Matrimonial,?a uitmaiua or thibtttwo. , fj ? p. ??rnt in Ikr f*r W<-4 J>di?? ? Mrrm lh<* w-ntt*lr?rw? iWrh im <4 ?W ?r rife *i'ukl rult^aia |?T?- of lly S*'','a* '* ku#n??? mi m jtf j ll ?.< o*. nnrt phW. Bki?WW *snxtsnrmatSggMftfrg , ** ?5J- mat M ifHH?l A4di?? A. * *?**. Mnnta w?M *10iiy oM- " , A V* LOVBM or ?ooi? f?WW*,K?t?A?- ? 1 BlIBO. KB, *< 37 f^ton Hfw | Toft. | j

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