Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1860 Page 2
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9 par, but riiier Uie ww^ti u|i u( the dmncnlic |wrty our l<rori<*cts have brightened to a degree vUat induces the rooat sanguine ahlici|>altou* of its ultimate success. ladeed it is now suptoaed that lu II and Everett will curry the border slave Sutrj of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky, and we hejs? to receive very encouraging reports from the August elgi lions of Missouri rind North ilaroima Xotwithstanding the democratic party in tlx- latter State have pretty much sbauduuoU it.a*. we still believe that there is enough of the ele nieU let t to give (be cot stitutioual Union party a doe is i v j plurality With these promising signs, there'ere what the TV11 wild Everett party of the Siulh now r -gird with the aioai tnU'tise interest ta the vote of N'ew York ; and ?.e..?4 ihere we liav. fts^urvnm that nor nartv wrere t-lv to combine with the Douglas and Breckinridge heli um in lorraing a com nun electoral ticket that will tbna do prive 1 .it coin of the v.-vlt> of vour great imperial Stale, carry the elect mo into Congress, and aw are for Bell and Everett?who stand between the anil sltvory and ropub licau party tif the North and the pro slavery and democratic party of the South?the coveted prize. Undoubtedly Bell is the only man upon whom a eompronuae can be made, if any compromise at all is possible, in the House. At all event*, if we can contrive hvany combination to throw the vote a*atnst btncolu in New York, aud thus defeat the republicans, it will be ttie tlrsl great point gained .and w helper tie democratic or the constitutional Union l>arty eventually succeed in Congress, both will have the satisfaction of having aided in defeating their moat formi Uable opponent. ("an you help usv We like the Uuion music of the IIkkalv You pave ts two or three good lifts immediately succeeding the nomination of Hell and Everett, uud oin-or two of the trenchant editorials of the Hr.aaLD at thr present juncture in the same strain would do a world ol service to the conservative cause, ah 1 create a diversion that will spud all calculations upon which tin- republicans now bare their fondest hopes All that la wanted la the vote of New York. You have shown that a majority exists in the State ag*in?t l.iticoln. l>o all you can to encourage the combination I have aug geeted. Even secure New York for IKiuglaa, if ueo??sary; but by all means help us to carry the election into Opagrew. Governor Wis.- has been holding back his great aoeech until tlie action is manliest of ?ur Democratic State Convention. which assembles on the 16th of August \n of fort ia to be made to con ulmte the Douglas fact ion, but the probabilities are that tin- Herman demoir.icy o( the ok) Tenth liPgton wtll cuotiliue intra lubli*. Y'?u remeinber the old adage, t?licii speaking of a man who is |iar ticularly obstinate, they gay he is '-as stubborn u? a Dutchman." Such 13 the Herman democracy of the old Tenth Legion. Thev an. si ck to Douglas and s?, as you may thu- ret dowu \ irginia for lt. ll an.I Kcerett, we are ready to do our part to give New York to Douglas. MR. DOUGLAS. TO THK KiUTOlt OK TilK HKKILD. Akhv.ny , July It, IbdO A Britf Erpotttiot, Shoo in.j 1!>at Mr ftomjla. u the Only H"]* Jot a D'fral of tlit Mack Kepuhli UM. ?Cc. The democracy of this ri giuu are in a decidedly unset tied condition; and, in their present attitude. tUero is great danger of their losing this State, ax in the lust Presidential election, fro n a division of the popular ma Jority opposed to the republicans As you have often elated, the |>opular vote of New York has, all'tis time, those last four years, been agiinst the republicans. Could it be concentrated ujmn one ticket, there is no doubt of the result. Tlie most earnest and well directed enorl* will do mauc to uriun iwiii it union, n m >n nu.i money will do it; Kiid we art- uut with >ut strung hopes of surreal. in addition to ihoir hope* of Jk'ew York, the friends of Douglas contl lenity calculate upon carrying Indiana, lltiutos, an. I. perhaps, Iowa, Wisconsin an.I Minnesota. Bo that aa it may, Now York w id bo sufficient to throw tlio oh-ciion Into Congress, aud thou, should Mr. Hour as no one of the third highest candidates, between the sectional ropebli Cans Dl tin' North utid the sectional republicans o> the SjuHi, the House will newt likely be compelled to adopt IH'ur ur ao Hit- i onipromise candidate. There are, how ever, roue serious c, raw backs to I lie se calculaliou* iSbon'ot the fruteiH of Rri Kinrtdge and lane tu N.-w York refuse to ro operate witli lli<- lkngla* ne n, and thus keep the Umpire Slate ii the ba. Ii ?f th ropiklHiMW, tbo Iriet ds of I Hingis* will rejt A all 01' -r* lor a maimuS with the Breckiurioge parly lu the Southern Glutei, aud thus turn over a majority of the Southern electoral \ ale to the party of Boll and hvort it Tni- Douglas democracy have the prestige of rvtiu lanty iu their,luvor. and thoy have nine tenths ..l ine New" York siid the Northern democracy at their b e at Thus, it thoy make any cuucesaiuna to Bn-rkiui Idge in the must be lor a full equivalent to Douirlas in the North Should all the eH-irta to untto the pai ty on oae electoral ticket fail, and should the sir between the two wlug" ft tb<' democratic |mrty be eo isidored by each fiction as the paramount question, then the coming contest will l?- the light of Ureek meeting Crevk- and while Mr Innigla* will maintain his ascendaney in the North, be will prove himself sufficient ly |x>wcnui in i?ri?K u> ?u ww,.,.? ? .-Hid to lot tu tin- fon?tili?tKHi?t CiiHto party m their place. If the Bracklurtdge dene*-racy are prcyi tred lor thin, no let It be. 1 learn that tK-ua Richmond in *at,2iltoe "f au arr income nt liy which tbie Stale can be carried .aratuat line >ln "Hirkia"?that i>, .lion Brinilti?opt a :mt." and u is thought tint an arrangement can be m?li' "ti this h ms lib lb? NVt Tnrk Corporation plunder, which, li. c ? ?4i>ctii>n wilii u combination in certain lobby muter* will bring iu the refractory l*>ugim. men. An In tlie follower.* of Brnkinrii<|i' in thin Slate, the late epoeeh ni Mr Buchanan h.w iinh" an i tbi'ir courae. TUurlow Wool ami t.rraley are very much eeoro't in new of tlna propMed dem<? ratic compromise ami I he pnapn't of the defeat of Lincoln, but they will probably be morn frightened before the tart of Augnat Tbe Lima; r> bit" been lining the country a world of eervice acu.urt lln peetileutiol block republican parly, and we e*|*ot tint it Will continue it. tbe good work O ily give tin I.ittle tiiant Intll a ounce, ami h- will ahow 'he metal that he is made of hi a* auccced III a fair b ircam wiih the II.otkmridga and llell ne u. ami we can tarry New York, ami Ihtm produce at lend twenty Her of her electoral votea for Ikmgloa to Ove t?r Bell aud live for brack in ridge. The Comblnaiinni on?l Dlvlslona ot I'nrtlra. FEAR AM> TRIMBLINU Ok THK HKn Bt.lCAS CHIEF.* ? WKNUKI.It l lULLIFk ASb THK THIKITNK. I Pi i iii Um* N*-w York UriDtum, Jui) 10 J rn cm >?.!.?? or coMrrmoN. w *Mii>i.tov .'??> IS, l?tO) A orooUnmt ciUX*o of lUln-J t tri it* ? U* bi* trim U in t r\*y tb;%* it w Yr.\ *n?1 Kftr?(l tlckrt b*? ran la th-a ht?t*. lKmg)?? wil carry it Tin* iu?mr ha* br?*a iY. . iTfMn 111 r?- In thai Sutc H> .1 tn*w m, thr rf rc 0i~ I iihHi n u take lh** IfVl wi h-ml *? Uy W ijr Um> ?2m*(iU1 h#ri\itr \f wpwwh aoi n ni> l,rt tl|p?ii r*? ?d th?* i?*trvt . i.-rt??r ? t Vli'i.urn |ta?r < N? * V rk, wh?? ufimm th V* knt n?**t.?*r *h ?i Mao* In v??tn for DmiglM* *? iuc kuvii tm-tfv?1 ? { rtrimtmg Mr Ijuo la. *o ? ant ?n .rliiirlr. r?n well mtuHvc th?t Aid %* Mtf ftKotiM feel n mpnsr rm* rr i*? |M?rt<. * In a moti*ni#ut hi dm: f??r i?* |he mnr'-Hl'ai tin* rl?rf**r . ?itf* i* a Smtc I "t v%? j ?hc> h?PU.ti\ *hcn l?y m? dm a 4 they detect11 wrtP "ulnU, and air niwniliy icfUiu t, 90c'irm tlw *\+t4\rm Of Krir Thr IthiMH* t V?-.\? r .1. on Hie I7ih (nut Tim frieril??? IW-H i l Kviti " im 1 >* <t?*? h?v#,, mcrt?f*?re, no tui<*> t Umt i??j ?U n tn-.r Id iv?t? hmtbr??i th* lw|N?n n:?rr o! n 'inn ?<n flr? r . iir*r' *h.I ?in|"*ri<uc tt with Mil 1 I ry iHaiwr I'lirn . e 40IM) in Iillont? mmt tie r ertr.f it til* \ dn their duty. .? ? t li?? tvna I.*; iihuM him, win Iwe him lumuati.i* ol VfHr? In 1 ?!* > Maim Mr > ? Irfknc *hi? <4 V?r*m? *n*'ire?<?Mr frtmfe K.-.* Ibnt llm> Im* mill revet 1 * iMlOt"' * in ihft SU'e. 'Has %% ill jive Om* Hull U> I r . \ > <t W*?*1 IS ! ?> Tim 1 (r un L*?'?i*u <11* Alit.imi Mir*. ur1 T'*ni ?***rr nod ^ntili ?r. 1. ? iniiin -v ib m<**t rin,- 1# fCrlntHHi Thr 1 ? Mjl Hi**f. Hi ail ft' ? * St itr* it ilmtr e-tu !** Vrat Br?<fcinrbtr mu) ??). will rati* i'UU*i?h: 1 *r ferU. ?r IHIINPM n inni ' cirdir Mint Kir rvaOrtK m?) am hoa wikt air Urn caKiiW t.oi.a, boa i)r?|NTMi' I In* ilMUiii* of tin- nu >f 1 bo H) and Hamiiu Hw) Iht'hiIhiiI that rr|>nb,|. ran ctrM ?> I iru iu IU? *ot?' th<> prupl. ? that ilir I'tiT bopi of ii? l iltof tUnro i* Ihr.Kiffh throw iiik M? i*l>i it<*L iio* H ' I*-, kIkT'' LinciHu h.?c morr frii'U't" and in"'" itrh ??H Itiau any ultfe r r.itnlldalr. btiil ? horrid (the i prt >>n hem..' iri?|r 0/ St-rlw) ttrll and Ihmgta* l<fr lb. . bare not In 1 Mora of Mo" thirty thro< min Ami f?? Hi! ?MW m ha-i;?i!i? ami iiujt?r:: |[t ara 5 hr n .? M?k-|i llir from Ik cl Ulnar candidal* >. in orin r t* *>r (liirii ibrlr Ji*|irr?U' b?|w nf boating I.UtCi"ll To I 111* owl? 1. Pi- Hrll ir. n of Nea Vurk are ?K.I n |?<tni to *otr d till! tor tho JVwigia* I'hi tor it ta .i-i X IV IV Ii n"i. ot llltHuM ?rr uigvil to ruu a rr|i?nl" rl? lor*1 tu'fci-t t? ?ao that ttior ni*jr llirt? draw oil wli'? ro'oo ownugfe ft'ioi LinioUi Ui hi*? Mir fuu to |*>uga? I Tho IV'iiglar inn. ar?> to draw ml in .000 ??t/?o f>iu bf" Mirtitgr in Vic dnla' ki..i tbur gurr tb<- .' Utf in H i. 4. ri.n l? .nu men <4 the cult in .?uv?, B<H b#in< rgwfk In give U.i w f o - to t U. are to r >ie dwerlly h* Ibe IV ttcMI. mi l tb'ia ?. ?t the a.ip|o?rt v? of Brnk IMldgr Thrv, hr n HhwrrM, irr not "itr c?i- lUti' tv Mi-.r ur lh<?> if the norrmjwadoal Tliey are ? ?!, a. lea?t to Uir orient of HUNr rcwlwl"ll Unl imilur Hrli nor IVugaa ha> any reliable etreinlh All IV *? rd raat f >r either of them mutt t" )nt?bed an I lurf nn?l for? Unuglan won working for IV tt in the ,*nnli and rtrli m u hi-ipii t I*?iglaa "i tin North, mt m lo get <n> in either rwt a farlllmua abow of Mrength And Mi' tiiwh'd of all la to throw Mm clnrliuii Into the H"#.'. afcwr iMi hu <?? an?t I a, of la* ati< ibrr til the (In tr thr-.. * .Uw, irTHt (fn of which ore n<imiv<t u> i kci a l^<?iilNt Now, w? nifd bardic i-|nwl llio rl(iMNi?? "f our eon c id too UiaI ttra-hlnrMte, wti<> ratir-aml- a principta, ni mt*+. will racaife more a|?. mrai rr?v? thin aith.-r Bailor l>mi?im. mm) will certainly ro into tie II . >? , if the election ? cwrriae then-. where I., or oil. nil bat llf lom ftlata* unit Hrackinreur twalea, In l*n far wtm V r**r of thcr rival* m?> vnm* In thirii. and four iinM of douliful. To ail ohaerfing, <li?i*w>?iotiin- mm i?fht mart ho ciaar ibat, If l.ntonin i? Hot our next IVe'aloiit, itroeklbti Ifp it lnuf will bo. H it Ik ' |?>int t>. win. u w Jfwiid call Ofjv*.ml .iin-iiii >ri if thin Willi w>rt of u al vlnlftrai e n rmiM he made or ba I on U?? baa* wf Hitler Brtl'f or lutuf 1m' ? lerftoi,' Tbta W a practical ??#, ?r?l tbta la m orrn.i. ntly practlowl Mat lor Of Iho I nite-1 Hii" S nat.>r* who will ho in office, on and after the 4th of March next. at laart ?u?e ffnllut are I'Hber l,mi >ln rcpnbii -an? or Hhi klurid/" le Mtrata IktueUM ant IV-ll t <r?nlier will fiM har>' half .1 howpa aupporlor? iu that body In th" H.m-r thre < ao WOt hare to exceed fihl mil of two hiwtdrt I and thirtv WTin of alpht If a Prraident *ho;ld ha circled wh en Watt her I !w reptihHoana nor tlia irraat m?a? "f the d-m .crala can con tide ui, b>>w t? be li.cnrrjr on the 4 >.em moot' If by ai I ot tin re|ait>ltc?ns to-met with Uieiw m their pchef of favorint free itmr m tb- T.-r, it., rira If by aid Of ilf democrat!, the? all, in< >t on li practical aaaaat to their d * n* f ilv.rjr the Tcrriterlaw lb. re IT B? mlndlc f.m"o> in I it th " ware, a I Yea Man! wtoo undertook |n Me.* trial * ?? WViil.l And li.ataa : ' owwide vf anv la'ailky vH cai uryaaixi t?oo." We appeal to the 1'aloo man l? i?d*e wbet'.H a T? > r Wd*jtw If alkie la adaftm t> the | >?? ui ernecjr , j r eonft deify cannot l>c destroyed, but tt nu> be weaken e>t. rt alt.-red. demoralised, and a {federal administration w ith no natural, substantial supiurl iu Cuflfriai teDUS naturally to ths. result. It can accomplish nothing, tend t" tu ttnng layotid a precarious, hand uvmouth extslonoe. -uch an sdii.mist ation v. ul.t UM the strength of any In . government <>n earth At all evenU let not oura bo r bn .tU'd to ho trying, so needlcan, ho damaging an or Ueul* [From the Boston Liberator, July 13.] MR. PHILLIPS ASH THK TKIBl'h'K. fiie readers of the LiUndvr will see, on the first page An article from the New York Tribvmc, slylod " A New Misrepresentation," being a Criticism on au article of mine in a I a to I.J<ratnr It wiil bo oluamai that the 7<imne does not girt its rea ' r.? any deflmto idea of my real charge against Mr. I.inroln, or the ground! of D. But, covering that up in equivocal talus ismtjon a merotochni aTity. This could no; haw befn done to suvn space. aiuco my whole marge, (his wishing to extend the Fugitive Slave clause ever thu District of Unlumbia. where the ?onslitu tidi dov? u?>t carry it) *oulil not have required teu lines. 1st. The 'Jnbutit aaya, " Thu charge u> ba-sed uikiu the alleged fact that Mr l.incoln moved to reconsider," uc I never baid Mr. Lincoln moved to reconiider, Ate. To move is a technical word in parliamentary all tirs. Mr. Lincoln made no motion at the time btaled, ! never charged him with making one. 1 raid, 'Mr. l.incoln, in order to introduce thla bill, requested the House U> reconsider," Ax. I'erhap* this word ia illchosen. The reader can judge, for hero are the facta ? When Mr. Wrtitwc 'h, at Lincoln's request, withdrew, for a inoment, his motion (which waa to lay on the table the motion to reconsider), Mr. Lincoln said, "by courtesy of his colleague ho would say that if the vote ou the resolution was reconsidered, be should make an effort to introduce an amendment which be should now read." Tihe above request to Went worth, followed by such language, and by two votes for reconsideration, certainly ann'Uiils to telling the House that he w ished the order reconsidered for the purpose of introducing lua ameudmeat, whn U was the bill 1 quoted from. To aave space, 1 ured a single word, perhaps too strong a one, "requested" the House. \ still think it a fair ono; if the reader thinks otherwise, let it pass Ho now knows the exact fuel, the value of w hirh he will appreciate wore precisely if 1 add, that when Mr. I.iucoln twice voted to g. l a r<consideration, he voted with Albert O. Itrown, H<-wel) Cobb, Kh-tt auil T.s.rnbs, Giddiugs, l>.mie| I King, Horace Manu, 1'alfrey, Julius Rock well .CoUamer, Wilm it, Went worth and Greeley. Which Bide represented pro slavery and which unit slavery, It w ill be easy for any one to di termJne. The single vote ,,f Mr Lincoln against laying the whole matter ou the table, in which the Tribune lakes rel'oge, w is given only lu get his own bill the chance of being considered. 2d. The 2/iJ uri' thinks me unfair in not quoting the w hole hill. I quoted all that com t rued my accusaUon, and certainly did not emit the rest Irom any wish to hurl Mr. Lincoln. The hill itself is no credit to any ingoneof the poorest and most confused Bpocitneui of t>ro slavery < ompromnev It pr-'Vides, substantially, 1st, ..I...... I... I .0 ll,u lUal u,l slave shall be brought in. except by United dialog utllaUls coming from the Soutli, who are about at) the persons that wish to hold slaves tu tno District. Puch isirtlous are in be allowed to bold theui there lorevcr. 2d All children hon alter lH.'O were to be free gome time or other; it isnot stated when. 31 Slaves ill the Distric t were to remain such until their holders wished to well i them, at w-h'.eh time the United .-lates government was hound t<> buy tiem 4tb. All this w is to be law, if the |ieo|>le of tho Ihstrirt voted f ir it 1 5th. The District was to be slave limiting ground forever 1 Marvellous anti slavery ! a proposition to abolish rob ber>, it the robbers rcpiest it I and this Is in l?49 of the Christian era, and relites to a territory from which the ci otltntioii excludes all slavery, and of w hich Congress b is the exclusive control Considering that republ.canisiii proterses to exclude slavery from all our Territories, as its special work, 1 should style Lincoln's bill, ' A bill of tho republteau ('resident to p-cogniso, extend and perpetuate slavery fn one of the Territories of tho Uuited States '' If any of Mr. Lincoln's friends consider this bill a leather in Ms cap, let it, by all means, be paradet. It strikes ini- as i ue of those blunders which a uian's well w tabors desire to hush up among his friends. S'l. Hut my real charge w is this ? 41 AI IKS II AM IJ*POL*. Tint Dull Hot Ml) or Jlu.VOIS? tVe gibbet a norllierii hound to day, side by side with tho . imouM Mason o( Virginia Mason's slave bill is haa-el I on that clause ol the United Slates constitution wh . h provides for the surrender of slaves escaping from one State Into another State of the Union 1 he Supreme t'ourt c! the l ulled St ,te* haa decided that the Idsirtci. | ladoift't ta woi a SvaVn within ihe meaninc of Hie | eoosir.uilo . i>ee llepteiru va SI: ry, 2 I'rauch Mft I The | litiuio-i nf Voimuins la no . Un-ri-iorr. iih-iu'HH in me inruis nf the fugitive slave clause. Wh.icver irlug in extend the dominion ol lliat clause ow-r iW lhairt .1 ul Columbia ekhi-ils tally hii voluntary hasem-na, ran have no preu-ii'-e of constitutional obligate*), uut Mtvni Mason, nod slant pa himaeU s hound ol spi-t'lal "alacrity," 1 bis deed Abraham Unrein, republican candidate for Pre Hili'iit. ha? dot ? licit- arc th< facuc.?Retract iruiu ? bill supers:cd li> Ho'. thralnim l.'ncohi. in itit* Lnted .states 1 It>t 10- id - i| iriciiUV vt-c. .l-nti.ti j lit, 1 Hf'.l. (St-c i'ttntjrmnil. .ul 1ihJc, appendix, second suasion, I'turticth Uonprcaa, P -.'li.) Ki rtmn S Tba< the n.tin rit-sl autltort! rs of W .tsli.nvt w. i.nd lit III,ell.?t, within tbcir icapecliw jiinadlctlnonl llinila. am Iii-rrhy empowered anil required topnnidc active nid Hi t-? nt lilt-ana to arrra! anil deliver up iu their owners all fug: live glares escaping Into wild Diauui. <Hjeerve his priqaa-iiiuu. it provide* M safeguard."-I r.o jury trial, lakes no -are to prevent free men from hemp carried oil ac sl?ves. Iu these respects It la worse lliun even Manou'i* bill. The miiiiiciiwl authorities are ! to "provide active antl efhclcut means'?that Is alt. This was my charge lltiow tdd that the New York | Iribun* confesses that its Presidential candidate, Mr. Lincoln, did just this deed. It says the tilth section of Ins ; bill, quoted above, "waa merely iiilfutle-! to put the die1 trlct on s footing w ith all the States 10 regard to 'fugitives !rt m service,' wht-u alatery should uo longer exist there, I ate* nothing more If Virginia may have the right to tab;< her runaways It) lloeton, there 1," 110 good re.utou, yuu ru pan/Mi, w hy she should not In Washington." If . a- the 7Vih??c xavs, -there is no goo I reason" why the fngii ve slave clause, 1 onstttnttonally valid 111 llost-ui, . should not la'extended to Washing ton, altera the cousti tiitmn d xs trot ,110a- carry It, then the same tiisy be said of Canada and Liverpool. Djoe grant that Uiia infamous pm alarm y com promise, which every decent man abhors, may properly be eg. tetuted one Inch, and slaveholders and their New York : apologist* will show excellent and weighty ren- ins fur | xleuditig It to Canada and Llvrr|>ool. He might hive ; guptaeeO Ihit tie- r--put'!;:an party, which vindicates its ' icicnce solely on the ground of its purpose t? resist the e\t< usiiei ol slavery , and of kevpiug it w nhiu strict cm1 stiliitinrial limits, would we many a " good reason" 1 against i wteuiliug the area of this pro slavery und d.a I bullcal coteiiaiit To an abolitionist, saving even five mill* apian-. and ra|Kvla'l]r the residence of the govern meal, saeriit to freedom, aeoma something, amid the universal wreck. According m the Tribune, such small mat tore arc nnwi-rllii >f consideration. IP ar. il<? refot-i. all > < republican journals and voter*, the be* \<uk T i;..inr s-s-s m-good reason" why we tnav not tiow di in ficsh territory to slave hunting? why tin- fligilivi n.ive clause should not be eiteiued further than toe constitute i oarriaa u and it distinctly ailnuts that its Pr? --i le"t i candidate, Mr. Abraham I coin, lots espii I hi- v- -h and in lent ion ao to extend It, I' for which ? :.-!i . . in: ulion the 1 ,-tfiune has no word of blame. In tie a r-ri : ?unre?, if Uir Tribune really aeas "no 1 - >n" why the area of slate hunting shmild not be r.\b it nsl th hi the r<matitutwin rai|uire*?then, ll stean ot i tie s.aie Is-ilid, I h ire discovered two among repnbltcan tradi-sr?Mr. Lincoln. of IIIiuok, and the .>' w I York and on thidr collar* I shall engraio in ] black capitals "Vwlutileefa." I might make up a hunts. , mat * |i c li. th'ee bounds pulling Lincoln In the centre, I Mas-ll, of V'tglnia. on our aide, and the Tnhrnf on the Id... aa . rat it lialaiw-.i Mint!** U.t.utt luYtir | narrow muled miner, only ilcm tub what be deems tin ' r< n*tiiiitl"tial nulil*. while lloi two "Tnlynlwn," more want* knave*. lei^r* to < ateiid the area of alare hunt trip aioi i'n in to Unit hare lite roil which the eonMllu to>a i* nm< ruler to liberty. WEN OKI J, litll.t.lI'S 1' ? a* tlie l',tlur* tirM Introduced my name tutu lhi? dlarrreta*, I might ju?t j claim that it republish thia r?pl>-, 1 anew ntmiacH to ilpnl null JuMice. ] .! > utoim, for tin- aakeof fair play, that it publish In it* column. tliv nr*t tw< u!y <*iglil 1 uc* of ray former art trie, on which it lotunieuu. 1 notify it that the nineteenth line of tiiat arte li abotlhl not, "Extract irom a bill ing * Mi-i I y li.Hi Abraham l.iuoln." Ac. 1 bare l it' J l!io-c Ituc* above, unlet tny tbltvl bead. \\ 1", Oar Hlrrat Pint Koatra. OttPKR.a FROM TttK ro-T* V?THK tlBtlRAl. I>*?t ti"?ii* Perinrwarr, I iii vr iin*?, July 14. lat?. f Sm?I ain rtlreetial by me I' ... ihuh.t txmerai to trans rnit to you the encbuMsl eopv of an order. ma le thi' .lay, lei am x 'he atria t.? m New Yora oltr |i*t r ultra, and to rr^mwt ytm to have the nune publadiei for the informi | tlon of all concerned. A? t!u if? i.r l&m nine i??, : nm? in.- r ,r-ier- rv f' f Um> UriRerr of letter* to '*) ' cent, It tvst nlove* *'? inci, wHi ; u{ other coii? ..i*r?tNio?, tur the f*> parlmeut, m nnln u> mi*to111 the carrier ay at iii to i ike charge >4 'Iic?Ib'!? I'ltemcr* of letter carrying hi St* Yt rh He refore, lit |n uiiilgi.ti|ig tlie oriler ..I the I'oat mei-wr ei er?i. y??ti will Hi the ?imi'time gitrr notice of b * a?li iuiilial.1 u rt?l ) Ivett'on- tlie ta*< t(?M t?]r ! ! all |i?l? itr i ?rri re cr ripreMt to tli? n?i fro?n and rter lira In |Co? mn H'?RACT?? KIM). Hon Jvu\ A It*. Po?tTuaator. Jfe* York Put 'i|M< Pn July 14 1W0 jrnnir W> ,??* rnim Mtrrra rtUilM Arm thlj to tie autle i ity i.l. rrvU !<> the tenth awtlnti H III! ! I of lo'igrta- .. : Mirvh. IVI entitle* An act t? rislncc an1 mnliltr Ihe rater itf |> ?l?i In the l i.iiett Ma<a-?. anil kf nthw tl l? h rehjr oriie-?-i that ail tne avenue*, ?rrecti, law, all ye. made atoi btgb* it * n ?ll th%i |i?rt nt tin city n( Nc* York I) Iftg m.lh nt ai 1 l*e 1. ? .',4 U (Fifty mthj rtrii'l, i' I'l'lliug that alrret, la anil the am hereto. i?t?<i l?heil aa l*?t n .ni'.a Tt i- order to take ef1ect 1?l Angu?i. lndl> J. Ht'l.T, I'o-ini teter licueral. Prrmnal latrtllfrnrr. Mr le*t"t. o<t "tt'aUrua," u . i1 tvutally at tte 1 ve?. terd ij . i? the ma' acer of the leniMviUa (Ky.i theatre. II i. .1 I?mt and Uinlljr, of Mle<ieei|i|il, an- atoppiag at It. A*U?r Hi uae (. T I Wraaet -t ? VaebvtRe, an<l Mr s T ?' i?h inn of the | mini Mate- Army are atopfdaf at th? fifth Avetii.e Hotel. Cot 7/nmaaky. M the Ritealan arm? Rev F R i"n loglnnd |>\ V K M?r?lia4l.?f V trgilila. an I lat rirg Prtit ti, Van . and family . of Alhanjr, were among I the arrirtW at the ft Xirhnhl Ridel yeater tav j K I IV(<?n\. Raq , of ffcmtU Carolina-. B. Brumal. F.?q , i K H'lmU-ri f.-l . mid A llnmlu rl. K?q . all id lliuti. Ml f E*q , nf ti? l?m?, are *l";vtn< nt tfio I I'hh n Mr II K. I n |*r, vf tho >'MlM armr A Hall, Im id Nrw York. I). K. fain. K?j , Mlfnrli nf n-aa?. .1 M .IvtlMMt), M>( , '?f Kii'IiiikHmI. V? .1 A horr *|nt f.imll)*. of St I/Slia A. I'. S?llt ?. f>>| , nf Oil ** * ; l? 1* Hi-nry. K>'| . and T I' Rrtinn. t>4 . bolh of PUi.iiM I'! *, aro ?toti|i|ng .tt iiio M.'tro|?i<n?r, H-rtnl. Tbo ItKilm i'-mrt Jnmrtmif nf 4>i >r ? t?r? -iinr nr and pniiant I'rmiitrr rmlr t.? H?rr.<? uol m b irn* !>*<? .-n nntr?i?jr. In hoar Ilia . -Jt< f -J. i aj? Imaia wnttl and" i I Hi* i? in ah >nt an bn?ir. I'm ? i'i-.l.'tir Will >ro. f.rtr t th? rrur?ia? nr*??d, ha *'-'irn?<i tho liiiVf '< i rand M?*iof i??"f all tho ma hi j |..i*'? if tho k.ntidom, in aticrnwin? toGonrrai skjr, Jrt tfval. NEW YORK HERALD, T VISIT OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. Special Cormpondrnn' of (Its Ktn lurk Herald. Qtmmc, July 12, lsao. Imnutw Rrsit.-mul C-au;?t by <1# Approcteking !'(>?' of the Prime?Programme of Wis Runic?Preparation.' J His in the 1 afferent Cities?Arranyan.ot* iff the iVen to Report His llrogrets, <tr., cti. A spawn "die ebullition of royalty emanates from III* people of Canada. It extends from the foggy banks of Newfoundland along the borders of the St. lavrence, Ottawa and Saguenay rivers, to the desolate regious of the Hudson's Hay. F.veiy city, village and locality is alive with preparation for the coming excitement. The anxiety to bo honored by a' visit from the Priaee of wales is manifested by the deluge or petuurns and ap.-cau received daily by the Minister of Public Works. The inhabitants of Quebec, Montreal and other principal cities have discovered that heretofore they have been liv ing in ignorance of the existence o! cerUiu inhabited Bpots. Great delicacy will be used in laying out the route of the lYlnce; and it will not be decided until the arrival o( the Prince and suit at Quebec what interior viaits he wiU make. The ODiy fads is yet known sr as follows ? The squadron?the ships of which are all prmellert?vv ill arrive olf Kewfotiudhind about the 26th of the present mouth. He will remain there one day, nnd cither go on shore simply to receive an address from the authorities, or perhaps ho may receive the authorities on board the Hero. He will then proceed to Picton, and, traveling by four hone po#t, various interior plana, then Nova Scotia and New, and arriving in Quebec, where he will remain four days. Tne new Parliament Mouses here are being fitted up for his retention ; they are large and roomy. It is expected that the Prince's suit will consist of flfiy persons. The interest and excitement will commence at this ancieut and magnificently fortified aud castcllateu city. Already have the arrangements been coxpleted. It is well known that the Parliament of Canada, previous to tbelr ftrtJournm< ut, appropriated a b'auk suin to meet all expenses to be incurred in his official reception. The H?u John Rose and his two secretaries have made all these arrungemcnte, and the municipal authorities of the various cities w ill hare to adapt their arrangements to ?..i* it.AM !<,*.< Ct Parmsi., tl?. atAur.w.l rxf f V..oaw?o Household at Buckingham Palace, will act as Lord Ciiamberlain. and decide upon the proper persons who sue en titled to be presented at the leve?i. A jiurvcyor baa also beeu appointed. who has debited all the wines, provlaona, AC., at tiie dttlereiit cities where the I'rmce sojourns, so that the Prince will live private, and give hie own euterUiiiiiueuU as the representative of the Qtteen. At Qurlac he sojourns at the new Parliament*. At Monti eal be will nay at tne residence of Hon Mr. Hose. which ha? been engaged for htm. His suit will stop at the .?' USIWM Hail, tie- proprietors of which reei ive Ji.tiCO lor ncten days Attnuwa he will reside Willi his suit al tlie New Victoria Hotel, wliieh ha been erected by a New Yorker. The whole hotel has been en pajieit al this plare. At Kingston two old fashisn-d bouses hate been titled up At TVruuto liis suit will stop at th? Hotsin Horse, while he will take up hit quarters at the government reei'len ie lately occupied byj 81 r Edmund lleud, the present (iovcruof (lenernl. but Who is now in Quebec since the ?eat of gosrernm ut lute been changed. At Niagara Fulls Mr. Zimtru rmaen's residence has >e?u selected for the Prince and the Clift ju House lor his suit. These expenses and those of cave) a nee trom phtie to place arc ao imuer the direct ?outro! and expeii.-c of government. .iarh locality will be p rmlt rd to make its o*n c vir arraugernout*. At Que hoc there will be a ball given by subscription; a review of Ih; Seventeenth regiment auu the Canadian Ktiles by the Prince, while the- gnat guns from the high rorky tcwei* will thunder forlh a royal sarnie, which will be ai>,-ttf eu Dy lor ilif't unit lio* other ves -i b lying upou II." water* of the Si. l.iwieuce i Ivor. Tin yue ? i Cofporu ion, aUo, at its last nivetihg, passed the following rtaoIniioiit:? low lived, 1 Tim' an address be prepared and presented to hi* Koyiil llsihliitu- tlie Prtuue of Wales on his arrival iu Quebec, by Uio Mayor, Councillors and cit /ens of Quebw. 2. Tliat the citizen* bo railed upon to decorate the front Of their prv )? ! t.o> ou the Hue if the process iuU. 3 Tliat the Corporation <1o drcorale the frout of vacant lot* and tiioir own jiro|ierty on tin* lino of procession, and put in ptej-er orilvr the streets to be followed by the same. 4. Tint a certain number of triumphal arehc* be erect?*' it the coit of the city at ouch points a* may be deem" t ioiv-utile. 5 a Baf with f be city arms be purchased forth" IK'OMf 1110. b Ihat the national mil other societies and public bo. die* that turn out on public occasions be requested to Uirn out on the arrival of the l'i luce. T Tliat the Colonel cotnmaudiug this Militia district be requested to communicate wtth toe proper authorities for tin* purpose of authorizing the attendance on tb" tin" of procession of such |portions of tac ntllitia force as uviy be livened advisable by them. 8 That application be made to the proper ecclesiastical authorities to have the church bells rung ou the Prince's arrival and durirg 1ns p-ogress through the city. P. Tliat s display of water works do take place on the occasion. 10. Tliat the same ceremonial be observed on the departure of the I'rmce as that which welcomed him upon bis arrival 11. Thai a general illumination ou the part of citizens he requested tor the evening of the I'rinc-'s arrival, the Corpor nt ion illuminating their own propertied 12 That the <V>r|?orat inn do oontribute a sum in addi lion to liiat lumiahed by the citizen* to make a proper dl*)?l:iy of III rw oik*. 13 That J. II V. street or Line be called hereafter Praice Of lVllcf klriet Orth rut^tf ii 111 - above rceolutmu* be referred to the hi id racial Committee, with instruction* to cauac them to be executed. Such are the artatifcmetiu at Quebec, which look eery well upon |>a|<er, but which, I imagtn*. will not prudooe a brilliant ctTect upon the mind of the Prince. Tue superb panoramic view trom the height* of Qu< h>?, the extended plan.* dotted by htibdreda of village* that evo be reen for nearly nxty mile* aroiind, the noble St lAwreuco rolling along at the b**e of the rocky cliff*, the emotion* excited by i he Coa tern plat k>0 of the 1'laina of Abraham, where Wolfe and MoiiUaini met to divide Die po-oeeaioo of thia grand lortilieatioii, and to a Inch lie i* heir lbr< ugh the courage and greatin ** of England'* General. Such are the ecctjea to attract him. and auchwillb- the agMI ion* that will net ipy hi* mind A few arclie* of flower* and (lag* *treU bed Id front of I'reacott Gate, when' Arnold and he- handful of m*n fought ao dr*per*to|y for ten hour* ; a review if a thousand Irootm on tile Plain* of Abraham ; a meigre illumintlH>n, and a two hundred do|. lar pyrotechnic di*|day. will tiot overwhelm the mind of aither the Prince or hi* attendant* Quebec, it* hiMory and it* aaaociationa, will he hi* tody, and *<> citadel in the world j><> ,more tu?tori ( ai UIH-Trvi ?II4U nor. I*u? W e niu UtHtTIUV ^Urut'l HJ'i lbs surrounding* In our nest The hotel proprietor* nf Cbnada complain bitterly of the lack of American travel tin* f??r; M<l thr)' b?i? ca\I have never m*ii Americana no ararce Th? cause in easily nphliwd. Travel Jfortli will be later uaual this year, la materi uenre ?t the contemplated Melt of the l'riuce; when Unroyal cortege passes on IU way then Americana Will IVirk here; Hut alas for tlir poor traveller, wh'-ra ikrr i wilt Sojourn, I for one ciuitiot sea. Tln-rr are only two hot -If here, an.I thry would be considered third Claw in New York, Russell's Hotel can accommodate shout two hundred. They amy thrr hive made ar snip menu Joe four hundred, while the Clarendon will hold peruana two hundred, but they have hired houses, and the -avple Will It (lacked in the same heterogenous manner as they were at ( bar lesion It would be the heighth of folly lor U.l.i'i 1 o rump In rr with Ihosft rnnrmnni trunks in cmuontly popular m Saratoga. for one wo., i almoat OH I bo contracted room which in allotted to a ton pie The beat way ) to quietly roatlrate, ether : tnrtr own r?wtdence* or alae aotourn at the ? ate-tag I lace* anil wait till become* to Nrw York. At Qonttml. t. werer. the arrangement* w til be better. 1 will find eut tomorrow exactly the number of etrangera ahicli owe th' arc .mirodated at Montrral: tint an far a* I ran Icaru, and ir<>m tb?ar capable of knowing there will be no r<*n fort for alran*i re in Quebec. Ttie prew- arrancera. hi* 1ia\ e aleo been decided upon. aud the c.wreaponomt*or repreoentauvef are limited to ten In number New Yhrk will be rrpreeemed hv the Huau.i., Tim .', V Uium an I ttrmrni Lrtlt*. IV>*ton, die /*<>?/ Toronto, llto O'l ^t. Mhn treat, the llrraid aud Lra'Ur. and laat, but not lewat, Jr. W"?*1 HpfaMWI* tlie l/>ndon Titn?t. It ha* been detter muted to e*rlude the artn\ of repnrtera who Infcwt pri rate ronoia uud bollier New York Aldermen till tbe\ fet out of humor If they attempt to intmde upon the Prince the\ will be ao drllcately auubbed that titer will led', e with their amall Itumedialely.* and ?t:ll thua l>e enabled to attend to the minor dutiei raptured ol them by their tapeual paper* at hame. Qt waat Ru**ell'? Hotel, J'i'y 13, !# ). i/TT rnr nnin rn timaiw ^nr r;r fiwi ??ir .Urvwu? MrmttwH?Th" T\il"'lar Hrl/iifr?Stmrrf rf t\* St I-aiifiic-.4rmrtf at V"'"1"?I'npmi'inat far fAp Jf.? ;<t?m <f thr l'rtr?r?i.\rk AcUraaet?i'tMic Ha i t? Military R-i-irt >. &r The Japanrat arc r ].<>, and thr ha f million who i*?1 ?r [ letter* draorlptiv* V their doings at Waahiaicton, iw.ttmorr anil Philadelphia. ii?w take up the IIkhat'> eager to learn ere aiut under* lanl eainitiiirg and everything about bis Royal llighne-*, Albert Edward. Pince of Wall*, who, for tho Information of all tntnk.ud Igtoraat of the fact, 1 n?) a* well **y ww norn on tin mum nay nt noinn btr, 1H41 II t? well to know .-**??, altho-iyh || it noThtt m?* vrry difficult (U> *tt at tht truth; ttwwa of ladiaa ?rc caput tally difficult to Qml out. w ranaua WUcra dwwjover to i tbetr utter ronfualnti; and I mj?aIft)?TU m?t with several piftrra wbo were in oMb caao *? rvra*r?al<Iy ti?hr ?lxt?cn tliat I ronkl < nly an-omit lor the ClrcainManoo by tin' htippenit! < that they land conte into thf world by IWoa ami threw* t vi tVf. bU lli-tne i* tlicrufntt ciranyed, and in?t? t of trtro dui i * niy roa.lcr* to tin awartUy ci It- of tbt VT ( cimc iairt >A trie rhutit ?m (who not watt to |. ? fallen no d wrtr iTi It In Mr with the poltoe Ihtl they |,?ru left be I >wj In fktur of th we Ir (al <>ar .n? , ley vf of V> W*> dollar"), I hwto to r<wdwl Ibem a ner or l'4*r into the prrwotrt ?.f royalty. In tic n?ajtirno, I ? ?I1 b" (tollt Ibe titot??orta by |* otii> out ro-h iijrrMrttlovtod with Oatada and lita ctdbingna 1 tb nk I itcly to b UESDAY, JULY 17, 1800. Of general iu ereit. 1 thus ocuntilute myself a guide, and may those who real wander on with me in perfect confl 1 deuce wherever 1 may ice fit to lead them, anil, me h he * friend, And pleasure in my cora[>*ny I will not take Ibem on board that giant of the deep, tl.e (treat Eastern, which I visited tor the ttrst time smoe I raw her a skeleton on the blocks at Kluckwall the day before 1 left the Incomparable metropolis, tor the public urc already better informed than 1 Itkely am myself about her. I will merely suggest that the directors of Uie t.reat Ship Company bpe id . thousand dollars or so in gttting up her steam for a short pleasure excursion, and 1 promise thorn seven thousand pas.-eceers at a dollar a head, or u lesser number at u proportionately higher rate. My journey from New York on Tuesday, although long, was ou the whole pleasant, and as this is a travelling lime of vrar I will give a few faint das hes of desertotioa for the benefit of all who contemplate a trip northward. Incrcfore to begin:? 1 left New York by the seven A. M. train for Troy, and had a delightftil view ot the glorious Hudson by the way. KrMu Troy, where the passengers bound North changed I curs, I ?i' curried l>y that steam liorse. the locomotive, ! over a series of beautiful landscapes, till the sonorous voice of lUe c< uductor announced that Rutland was reached. There I succeeded in possessing myself of a fandwich and cup of coffee, upon which i dined, there being neither lime nor opportunity for a more sun pie feast. Hut half a loaf la better than no bread to a hungry man, ' ? > pec tally U> Me who bud trayellad two hundred and thirty five uiilev without a previous indulgence in the ' customary meal of breakfuul. From Rutland, till we I f lptiled on the ieft Uie mirror like waters of Lake Cham! plain, the scenery on either baud was of the most varied mid fascinating character. 1 could describe it at length, which would satisfy the most exacting landscape painter i in the world, hut all the world is net made up of landscape painters, and it is possible that some of my readers ' would lind such scrupulous detail the reverse of amusing and as I wish my letters to be of the Wile ft duUf class, I . em desirous of preserving that "happy medium" of which I 1 have lirui il so much in theory but aeeo so little in prac 'ice It is, therefore, enough that 1 say the scenery was I . lander,,Dg to the eye, that the sun brightened the bill*, | Ld here and there threw a shadow over the valeys, that the eye searched la vain for that , monotony of feature which often characterises North l American landi-t apes, and that every living thing, from : the \ oung C'-lt tnat cantered across the grass land at our approach to the dallying, bright winged butterfly, and from the monarch of the p'ltueral forest to the cultured rose, seemed to diapnit in the gladness of Its cxUtsuce. I 8uch glorious weather as thus animate! the earth with ) it* vivitt mg effulgence uaa a peculiarly inspiring cumi ujhid iny mind, when I am eiiaMed to calmly survey nature in her placid beauty aloof from thebus} hauuts.of men ; but there is no beauty without its alloy J anil in my rase the alloy wax chiefly made up of dust ami smogo-l two thing* inseparable from railway travelling, at least m tlieS'ew World. Late in the afternoon we crossed a couple of bridges, from which the passengers looked down into a dee j and ris ky gorge, at the bottom of which a stream of witter coiled rnakelike and stealthily, giving to the charm an apinarauce of solemn, gloomy wilduesa, a* impressive as some of the scenes pictured in the sombre pages ofliante. Tbe train jatssed slowly over the bridges, and this mournful pace gave lime for rettectiou. Twilight s>s>u made the distant h lis grow dim, and a few broad streaks of coloring above the western horizon aloac relieved tho duskiness that harhingcrert the night. Night bad actually begun when we crossed the two mile bridge 011 piles across Mantscn hay. A few minutes after ' wards wo crossed an-uncr in me mime kiuu ami u?*i > le lotig. spanning Lake Champlaiu at House's Point, where the British Custom H"use officer was obliging enough to leave my b.iggsgn bthird, since which time 1 have been utiller the necessity of doing without it. By this time the weather hail changed ; a heavy shower ol rain came pattering against the car windows and the darkness grew deeper. A Dutchman in the ' train, of the slop built aspect, made him-elf ridiculous : aboui this time by talking in the roost urigrtmmatical aud in.'intelligible Knghsh imaginable upon the slavery question. He wanted a law passed by which slave children should not be "departed" from their parent* la-fore they had si-eti the son of eighteen years, an i by his dtsplaj* of folly and ignorance he made hints -ll' the laughing stock of ail hearers. A prisoner in hmndculi*. arrested on a charge of# m ir der, was one of our pss.-ergers all the way, so that our Sis lety, it w ill be seen, was ot an order more than usually varied, but variety is not always charming, although Dial which ha- almost become a proverb tells us it is so. We must not, however, believe all that we hear, and evm proverbs lip The train reached the hanks of the St. Iawrence at a quarter Pi eleven, when we emerged from the cars into the low cold and damp night, the darkness of which was unrelieved by a slar or moonbeam, and went on board the ferry ste.,mer, which straightway ploughed its way across the black and silent tide to the wharf at Mon trial?the llochclaga of the red Indian, the Fillc Marie of the V'rrnrh, Five years ago I set my foot on Its Island shore, and did the "mountain" in a caleche, an-i paced the solemn aisles of the dulheilrni in the Place del Armet. Montreal is the city ot red tiled and tinned roofs, and a blrdscye view of it is consequently not unpicturesque. It Is more than half French, and this French element seems ine-adtcablc When you speak to a cabman he answers tn a French ]<atui>, or w it'll an accent w hu h tells yea that French is the i mother tongue; a- you pass a group of children you hear ibem chattering Kivuch: whenever you look up at the name cf a slieet i-ainted on .the walls the chances are twenty to one Dial it in Frcuch also; you meet Catholic priests in their vestment*, with their heads covered Willi ordinary black tola hats, you read French nam"R over ! the t-ho.-s, aud at the Custom House and City Hill you I find the names of the depsrt aents painted <-u the doora i in both language*; you go into your hotel and tike tip au entirely trench newspaper, anu an nninj rrru. u p..?jr bill from a French theatre; in lact. whe-ever ) ou turn, ymi art* constantly mnmi'nl that Montreal was once a colony f France, anil the features of tin people, at a'oil .u of the Ity, confirm you in the impression On the following morn.u< I took a drive through the I nly, Uh> pubi.c buildings ul which arc. aimo-d auuuut ?xccptioo. built of gray limestone of tho granite *?pect. and among other places visited the City Hal;, adiuiaing Dnaatiinijn market, where I expected to sec the Mayor: I hut ait that gentleman aa-absent 1 hud *n interview w'Hi ' his chief clerk. The matter of our conversation was of | ourse allusive to tht Prince of Wale* and hU trip to the ' Sew World. Tin'Mayor, I a.u Informed, had recei'. eda i ommtini<*alw>n from Quebec in reference to the reception | to Ih- given hi* Knral Highness, and a notification that a I tree ticket tor Halifax would be sent to him in due time, and that It was expected be would proceed there as ouo of the deputation from Canada to present an address to Ki,gt?n?! ? future King. Hut on what day thu ticket would he sent to him he knew not. The ooly visible preparations that are lieiog made fur the reception consist of a building modelled after the style, on a small scale, of the Crystal Palace at I Sydenham, rear lswlon, which is iu course of erection at the corner of >t Catharines str. t. to gfib*-r with several vrvaaseutal fountains that are being Iput up in various jiaru of the town. f or the first tinu-1 now saw toe complete.! great two j mile tubular bridge of lite tit and Truuk lladway tompaijy acne* the St I<awrence. Wh*n 1 t .sited Mootrc d lu 1855 it wan not a bridge, hot a mere *k denm. 1 therefore It-It a prcuiiar interest lu ;Ui.cuif over it* immense spun, which t? vt<jcirt??t by traty mr pter*. 24) feet apart, excepting iht centre Span, which it *30 feet, I eaeli pier h. ibg raiculahnl to rrn.-t tae force of 7'I.ihKJ ton* of lee at cue lime. Rnaltag ?u these piers, ami ex j tend'ik fri tu abutment to abutment. i? the bridge,c <u*i<tIiU' ct a hollow true tube, twenty two feet high and sixteen fe? I wide A*a w.<rk<>l nuatati ingenuity aal tudu try tlU I worthy to rsuk w itb the aeieu wonder* of the world, and U decidedly one of Ue- grcate*'. work* of engineering art in ! not coir America. hut the two hemisphere*. I left Moiitreil by the four I' M. train for Quebec on I the day lutfnwibs in) arrival, and for the Aral t na* in my li'e through he bridge, which In pleasantly lighted from ulK>*e by u|?enit>m near the naif Tbr we.ithi r at tht* time wa* cold and showery, and a* the e ?uugod vaured It became so chilly that a Are wo* light d in the car ?tove (mly rate IIrat rim* car wa* altw bed tc the train, there *r another next the tender, but it wa* ?? I cot,.I tUm. and the warmth arh ch the wood Are cmitn-1 | wa* very acceptable. Tltr MMfl atOM the road was flat and mcuotctious Charred Mump* of tree*, and here sud tbers a burning log, lined the w.v Fide which rh.iw ed that tln*e concerned were anxious 11 clear the lard of It* surplusage of timber at the ear!Inst opportunity. A few wooden Tillage, and occaeiooaily the military true mrot of aomelotii ly woodcutter, eratnoret, jierliaps.hut I think it doubtful, 0( ft lodge in the wilderness, alone guir evidence uf itiv pr*neu< e of uj?ii iu lli.s thin'/ peopled district At paft Dint* we r?*e-hed the term in i? of the line ? Point Levy, ?p|a??H? till uuaiutuld *arrisi?Qi-d of tjueh*< Wc rmei i;?-d friftn ttn> car ehivermg ?ita tinc?'M. and kxuBMrtrd ?tir ? sy ou b -aril the f-r<-y tlriwrr winch conveyed us a net the (Ink river, at tins point about a milr ft. le. mttii' lower town," a (j tart^r Inhabited chictl) by the Kccik li, or rattier the dec-n larit' ' ol the >?ru li, aud about ttie tiio^t gloomy, unwholesome atirt dirty 1< ok Hi< K|?it in all (klivla. Tlitr region, which hie a very aMHpiatel a|> iwriuire, la built under th" clilti, and occupies a aiie to tew th it the very wharves prptccltrg Into the river are more elevated than it. In the main street li to be eeeu the object church In the no! n\ It It t crumbl mr vestige of bvgoue ag<s, and the plasu-r on It* outer walla ha loan yell, wed by the sun ami rains uf cnutario It rvtnladc4 me strongly of the Catholic churches at lama. and lla asp--ct is *o far South American. I entered the omnibus of Bussotl's Hotel, and after a? ending several |>m itiUnu* streets we parsed through the Itevrotl Gate, an oe ebraU d to the history of tyiieher. to which I shall hrr-afler make allusion, and soon readied ! our destination, t * which I was nullitug lea# than thcok ful, the cold being of raw Ortoberiau severity, aud owing to the Vm?i my liaggage i had bceu uu stile to effect a auitsblc charge of rloimng My hrst Inquiries alter arriving a ere directed to th? learner, which 1 twd heard ?a to convey a deputation from the municipal authorities of Ohon la to meet th? I'i nice at St .l?hn?, Newfoundland. Hut nn one appeared to know anything about it. and they are still in (spial tgno ranee. eo I now Kclirre there will be no etich etraiaer leaving for Newfoundland, and it In a fw t My It the SUjnn of CllinrliM efttea arc to twrmlili- ;it Halifax before the .loth of the prenrul lAmtli. mi which day lie i* eaperti-d to nrrlt r, and that nobody in an official r tuarlty will go heyea I that point meet hiox I have nam?e Intent! vi of ptnhiag Inrwiiril to that nut of the way rtglnn of naudhtlM and cndll-b, whlrh I ran ito by going tut In 1'itfllnu I, whence a mean ? r Mil* on Monday Horning fir St John, Now Hrwiew h U. Ihw that f o?,i take another at earner to If ir.dmr an ! Hal'tnt, from which latter port t can taka at mm aval:! I" Si Jtdln?, N? wound,and. reaching I bar* <* Sntsrdnj . July .1 bcfo-ewnlch tune I do not tuptrtae Uie fli'd will haw affix'Hi. the Mnyac of .Vaceyibly heft la redolent of itamp walla and |< *lli I, all ! workmen crowd lla interior all day, mat laig alteration* and impr mrrniU for tl.a reception of tha deallucd kit - Tlie two chamber* of lcgtalature are he. lli| rrrj torteful'y <l?v<. rated fir tha occatlon. * canopy hat l-ren cncted In nor of them which Is to br use I a* I nee It Km ;a vrrv tiretlv elTi't It ia twrimmntnl ??th In rr<l m?i fold m4 hnii([ nlih crnii?o? <l*TV>k lh?* omul rhatulier It to l>r tu? tinti* n? m All ilo* ?>?hrr npori wnu nt thr hulidmc ?rn b<-tn< t\>U<\ up m* lxvtrw*?? m l prirntr imrlor* for Ihr U?t ,.| tlNltfx If ;?rot ruitr A lrliimi>lial *n h in hniug orrol ?l on Mountain Hill, brlow !>? *>11 A?U; l?ul otborwtw tin outward prrpwrntmua ?ro hnintf |?nriallf mni't In honor "f ?,? rbrtt. Horomr, lln-ro If pli-nti of limr for ibr lf1?* who Intimlilt thiwr l?rlb, wbkh, a* rtftarOa c! naaU, at b aat, brr nfVti hri?w t. io, to arise and make a display of their patriotism B t If e i an rot doing much they are preparing 10 do From the Chnmide of thin cit> we quote the following It would be well if municipal bodie- and others intending to present addresses to the Prince of Walea would send copies forward at the earliest |s>?sible moment ? id dressed to Mr Peunefalher, Private Secretary to 11 is Fx Celleucy the lloveruor lieu-ral The copies forwarded could be placed In the hands of the Prince, even before lug arrival at Quebec, ati l appropriate auswers prepared to etch. Delays aud annoy aiiceg, we conceive, would thus be avoided. ' The number of ad J res will be very large before the Prince cotuplelea hia Canadian tour; and it will be .be desire of the Pnucu's immediate advisers to see that lime J.- found to receive and andwer as many as may be sent WilJ our cotemp .rare*s w-t ward be good enough to tcvote a little space to this ?ub ject, which, although it may appear trivial, is ot import aitce as heating on the order, regularity, and we may say, the success with which we shall euturtaiu the royal guest t Advertisements make their appearance dally in the newHuauers ol those cities the Prince intends lo visit. They "are all similar to tins, which is the out- issued by yui'iv -, and the subj.'ct is invariably a public ball to be given iu his honor :? At a meeting ot the subscribers to the ball, held this day, at the Mayor's room, iu the City Hall, it was Resolved, Thtt with the view of enabling the citizens generally to avail themselves of the opportunity of Joiuf hunor to the Prince of Wales, the su'oacription ticket to the ball in honor of bis Royal Highuuas be reduced to ten dollars for a gentleman and the ladies ot his family, five dollars for every lady not a member of ills family, and five dollars fur an unmarried gentleman. Provided, howm ' r, that if iu lbs course of one week from this day a Sufficient uumher of tickets be not subscribed for at those reduced rates to insure the cou-tructlon and com pietlog iu a suitable inauuer of an edifice tor the purpose of being used as a ball room for the occasion, and meet the expenses incident to the ball, the original rates of subscription be adhered to, and the ball be theu given In the Music Hall, as at first decided upon. Editorial paragraphs recommend the set their cap* in order for the occasion, and inform the (tenth-men tliat it rests with them by subscribing liberally to provide the means necessary to carry the plans proposed irto etf'Ct, and mention that sixteen horses of superior breed have been purchased by the government for the use of the I'rince, aud are newly arrived here. The programme of arrangements, wfiicb I have from a private and official source, will be as follows:?The fleet, affer leaving Newfoundland, where active preparations are being made to receive him on as gnfud a scale as the limited resources of the colony will jiermit, and where the I*rinro will likely remain two days, will sail towards Halifax, calling, however, at tisspe on th way, at which place Lord Lyons, the British Minister at Washington, is expected to meet liis Royal Highness, and afterwares travel w ith him. As I said before, he Is expected U> rear!, Halifax on the 30lh inst. While at Halifax the two Infantry rey irnPiits, Sixty second and Sixty-third, of the line, now in garrison there, arc to parade, together with a number o volunteer ride and artillery corps and societies. It is expected that louruon British vc&cls of war will h<- in port at the time, and from the IL'rohc will lain! at the dockyard at the inner end of the city, and be escorted thence to Province House. He will remain there till the 2d of August, and then proceed by railway to Windsor, and onward from that bv steamer to St. Johns, New Brunswick. He will spend a day or two at St. Johns and Frederick ton, aud then return to Windsor, and travel by way of Truro and Pietuu to Quebec, which city it is expected he will reach on the 13th or 14th of August. He will remain five days at the latter place and tin it go by river to Montreal, calling at the town orTUri-e Rivers en roof*. Ily this arrangement two days w ill intervene between hi? departure from Q'.eboc and his arrival at Montreal, where lie will remain a week, at the expiraton of whu h he w ill go on to Ottawa?the intended capital of Canada?by boat und rail At Ottawa he is t? lay the foundation st tie ol the Parliament Houre, and tbe lumberers are to their boats arid make a demonstration of their patriotism on the occas on. From lh"QCe to w ill proceed to the Schandlere and Chats lakes. H>-will then resume his tour from u point on the Utter lake ?-11- -A ? 1 I.aa rvr/, , ! t/\ Tlrrvlf V ! 1 If* In* Tftll nud attir that to Kingston, ttieuee to tin' bay of Quio'.e thence to Toronto, thence to Hamilton, I<ond.m bad Sarnia, at the head of lake Erie, opposite Detroit. From this tie will c<i on to the Full* of Niagara, where lie will occupy ihe of the lute Mr. Zimmerman, Oil tilt Canadian fide, while In* mite will be quartered at th< Cititoti House. His route thruuga the stales L shall Leurt in a few days. Mr. Woods, of the I<on<ton i= h'-re, also Dr Raw lings, of Frank Leslie's paper, but both have given uf the idea of going on to Newfoundland, owing to the itti rertaintv which is likely to attend tlie return to Halifair However, I shall do the best I can for'myself, a id 1 h*rt soiuetliupsa liking for pushing my way through tire am; water. Id my next I shah give the world a written pano r?mn i.f th<> Si laarHBe*. Till then, adieu. SALKBAT ArCTlOX. A?JSO. T Hl'MiKUROHD A CO., ACCTIOXEEBS. . XAONlttCKNT UOCRKHOLD . _ _ FCtlNlTCRE A7PUBU0 ACCTICIX. A! Wo. TO WW1 Ta-enty a.tlh Oooi n?ir Si nil avmoe, tint day, Tuesday r.mmeii 1113 at lOf n'clork The e*?*!n-?ie " *ifc-rur:nf Ihr lir.-i-Ht nnd tunst divdraMr aa aortaseot of Farol'.uff .fl> r<si at auc'i ui tbl* amain. To par 'J| ? Ui ?'.U111 u, iiiai ciaar household furniture tVs la >1 chawt eldow odered, at erery article alii Lie peremjjuirtly >ull nil:? MatulLk-enl ae?*u or tare I'l nnforte superb Uraamf Rrv.m Sulfa, I'ler a a J Mantel Mirror* Lace Curtain*. Oil P?iu'ln?, _ _ Chandelierj Tupcafry Carpet*, Eta'nary, _ Eocrariaai Roaewood sa l M*bc/cny Bedroom S tlRAlVlNli ROOMS ? .' r.?#a.v?t pi aoforl*, rarv. J l?jf? and raae, InUR at h pearl, a ltd pe.irl he a oyerstrune t vaa. lined with win annd. m .ile tin Brood arat maker* fully auaranterd. boon if uae four tnuotfe, fully leaned by competent ( due* *ud pro n .'io c.l ?.i|.? r..r ii.? orlipn..: coat BID r.?.?n .1 f'anierbury earnl, French clolli rover; Imi ain.rb r.u???n.> | ft nr. c? ren d in crimson and 10H brocade of fnr moat e> pen five derrrtp a-n. virRan let.- s-teir Sofaa. ti?.. Arm. ftet-ep inn and va:lat a?* ?1 bock 0 ,|ra, made l,y Weil ltria<|a ?y tan awli.t rt.?e??io.t Ontn 'tallica ti mau li; do. Ktegerea lioe.1 a I'l aitiuaoo.1. Turkiah eaar t 'lunra. i'?ed and *of? T*bi?e ' *ht nrninln and brnnre i handalirr* artt?tn brontr St*tu< tie*. k If hard 1?: i'.iintuif. Music, fnnry *c npiTh rlitna VtM. rirh!> flrcurfttril T;i pastry Carprta, Hun '(* di I. h <ul Kamllnc* K'llgh' of Joseph and Mary into Etypl with lulntit Savior. lloly r*uuly By -e'lrrs, Sceuer* la Sw it/or land B) K?l"W*ll. h1?o l?ru<* eollrctWin of Cabinet Tic terra i ... I um . i- -; .1.1 i.nd othrr emmi-n! artWs PretirB liar Ka<rruvinjt? bronre ?. d ormolt: I'lorlifc, Trench plate pier and m.tiiti'l Mirror*, embroider*.! bu-eCurtntna, Krenrh Shades, rosewood llatatand. Chair* t match. (MV '.iXh. ?*!*rt amir Carpet*, Rod*. Ac : CUHmhors? hngliah Brinwji Carpel*. ruimil mantle top Urrannf Huntui. and Co nmorte* In m*t< h. Ami.ur*<'?if Tolie ttutlu Stand. Wardrobes. Table de nuit. Roolo*re, arm and inal luck I h i'.ra, covered is ino. el; sp-m* aud km Mattresses. Bedspreads, frallier lird*. H,r. is. PUloa*. orn Mirror* 1'sstrl Palmitic* decora?nd china Toll"**, hrvn.ite I rnrtaiu* A'- I'pper i hamher-s?Mahogany sad blwk W ilon' I Bureau* Sol i? Km ker> Washr'anda Dininf mom *. J.-a/re,' oak Buffet. Statuary, marble top Hertr dtiiiris Tlpim. 14 f'** draw; bur*. Uun i.??, arm I hair*. clr*?nt wt* crysu; mxj ruby Ulasaware. tit?Decanters 2 <!. .ren, do char* pacnei mm. lennu ?) Tumbler* rnkrr. prraervc *n.( fruit *r..nd set*, brier Howls, ruby and Parian maftne p .net How I-, no. Ikjltor Si Is, gold hand irhlna dinner Rid. .1*) pin . ? j richly de<or?ted tea sola A* pteee*: ? ul ?ilvrr itini rr and iii -wi*. a. er w irr lonv* i rn, i i : r* i a*w iitnii'ii. rii^i 1 km Rim;-, t?pon?. Korku Ivory bandied t*Ma On >ry, Ac i ?le->. irrorf?. aaaorlmi-nt of bwcmnii . r.d kiu Furniture. A H WILSON 4 CO APrTIOKKKR-l At Otlire ITU Hri idtrajr. . Attractive Sal? of Flepaat Hou-i-Unld Furniture, Ma|(ril*orTit Rn*een?*i Pianntnrir. bull* oi far lor Fr.rnlP.ra. Kara Oil Painlimr*. Pie; Mirrors Ar.. Ac., ; At pi bile auction. ivwtimi Brlnr thta d*v fTnr*d*?V at Ml, o'olok At tl?e private enndi tire IDJ W??t Fifteenth *treet, hHween Ri-th ami Seient'u avenue*. t ilalomre on' riwt). and rm le- twil at the uflico w Ilia limine PaitKnilat elUretinu t* c*l ?d tu tiiia kBpnriaat aaJa. ? everj tn r will be peremp'i*!!) sold i* uccntt i of departure for lt??- l'a tin-. T'ue F.unrura j w all new utat fall. lbe catalogue embrace* o*er MUlota. Itnnvtnj romna ronlam elegant rmrwnof',forte, mode by Horace Mater*. of this <-it>; two autta of Parlor Furniture curved to mM rosewood and covered w ith Mm-, (irrn and co..l aatin; tnettellMu, aula arm Iria a Trrn a Antique and oval I Mok t iwlr?, Kngltah Hr Curia I'u.-eeU, Wmwir Mug*. rnaewvmd 1 It-do-re-, F.e rrtntrcA, centre And >fa Aide Table* lava aud ; hr ovate: I'urt.una*, pier, mantel aid oval Mirror*, a i very < hmce collection of t II Fntnung*. Imauufu'. trained Kb 1 . v. ,aa?. ta? ... RimM. I Oak mention Dit::ne r.iblr. ank HulTet, Table Onllnry. Itwry balanced banditti Knltet am! Koiku tilnw T'>*<ip and Tm hixaii." i'ri" k~r> of all, Kuifl th i ul U.ntttrare, rhlni T?t ftrU, ?T?n k?, kfirror, An (THAMHKRfl Rnltd mtntinnd ArdMrod, atarhlr ton Prettln* R ;rran, Waahdrbd. corlar' hill .Matt mart, Mltokatt. Keillor PUInatt, Linrn. 11 ;r.1 nni f an lis aturlra? Mb'k .or lift Intra J. H . morn . tn everj ro ' > tm' mntt'hura. mm?* lied ciloi i { pa rty UetcrlpUon ?t ilr t'nrjx-t lf.ll flat NUnd, Wat KhlVltH, iIm> b?a?in?M tod Kltrhni |f>'. if. ?Nlmrf and rait patn ntliuii ? It*'tl-iora <u tint In m. ACCTIOJf XOTH'B. Aaicnee'a anle ?WII.T.'AM TnrTtWU 4 CO.. nun ttooeera. trill Mil, .? nrtt, lair 17. *t In n'nl.-t, U thru wtieai ran, rfoa 9 nn.l II l\?r* plan* and * > t M i-rty Meet, by order or Ibr mtteonr. for n?alt. u?r s <? ? <>t n il<?<v Akltt Mannfarturer, oaiaitUnA in pan of about MM drum ivtoaa' nil mtaao-* Marl nyrtna dlurtanf all aim lo*?tbrr a><h T*int, Banli. Klbbone, (Itapa, Itivllrt, ?n , An , iorln-ttoc nrrr) am tlr of U?n bet'. manual oounrro ' rttb tbr ro to ll v> ,rr of aklrta. alao l.IkO lha. bout ttivrml Knchali .tinnl Wlr- XI R?I! Framra at burnt m?te. on* UMtfr A H ?kcr Neaina Manhunt. Sr.., Mr.. Alao on Wnilurartny. J my M. At U o'clock. at **A ilutl atrrrt, by order of the afMi^tiM for rath. 19 Rmtpd ("Irrular We?'1n* Mat-blot. e tc MHO 1-arh I ertra larra do <*n do. oat ?i till i nnnmabod 'do. do *o I'llmu Mina * now nod raloaHo manbote. I luTaid tthrrla I tCiiohna Ma lum. I PrlllJor Martina Iron Turuiua Machlna, Mral -hafta. Hr'tia* too Tultrya. li Bp,ml Whrrli Hand 1 a on 8 Sp.d Alnbuir Klanda A.v. An Tar whole rotniirtaun wrtndne ftovry firr tbr ma ifantu -r pf all klooa of trlmininta f.r men-* and Udlt arrar. <*lre and Soft ihenille, I tarda, luto. Monlda. Hmuwr Mr Mr. Alan Tram nlik and Mamilacuimr Hilk, I'n-uno, r.irda aid Taaarln I'brmllo. nntw i' >uoa, l..imo I'brral Tbr a V*lr tn Nr told f,r oath, wdlkiiit rattrra Tha m.ah lurry ran br riamlnm! on Tnnaday. thr 17th InaL. at iu . I Ai. Mll.ROM THYIiiH A 00 Al.MHoKKKH, . WILL RH.I, TIIIH HAY .ITK HAV). A'.Mba amtntita nl Ihr tlwalUna W 'w Da *M Ki?btanntk traat tUv partiaa darl'inn* la..tame raping , onnaiapnd rt a ran Una aaanr m?'Ut itf ftlek UooaahoM tnroltnfa, Klagant 7 m-tata Pl?n.?fma. atml and ?o*?r. Ram and atpanaim ml PalnUnga Valrat, llr'iaa- la ?n.t Iti. raai Otrpata, t'i?r an 1 Mabtai Mlrran, Bronra, Parian. and ilunn fl|?ni ard Y?i . im.uii Koim rnmltnm nf rrary daaerlptlna. IMnlnt R'??n r? and . llaaawar? ?nb a *r??i tar.atr ..f ari|.|a* fim nA In a *r?t nlaaa maMam-a all In ?ir?1 nrtlrr. hntbt* >>a?ii In uaa imly n law in>.iib* Honda can Da iamnrad prawn* Mi lha an,a. Hal* moiBianraa al IIW? <> "DxA nr-t iarl*. J M TAY'ldiR, (mil aniau, i i?, a An S Opaat J on a* at. A POTIOR TRAHK sal.r OPCROOKRRT A*!Y OLAM. IIKNKY ?? tin abnl.aa. in la* Vault on Tnaartai. .lull IT. at Ml o'alm'k. a? t4 Mai dan Una, annmplrt* nan.*iitm iAof tli band nHi* aran.i- ni l .sua n at vara. PmtNb Cb<..? and ill?iw\ra. twH and Hr i'iiim air. Knlv*?o l t orka. Ail. M* jrnuUva. and c>"d* cwa f'tllT rapackad far Miipp'o. KnJ?n at arv Tu?wta) ACITIOM ROTT<*R rno*. mkluao riuRMKa. tun W M IRill tll ty -Tina.'.,, at II |V|.? ? In 111 larya r?w>ttnrK Ki.Mf.i, willl.-tiiJliifi.wt mi nra, an thn rtMlthnra. A. t (ffll .ir) H-aal. ramiifi* n? a larva |HnMuy Madntna, YnNa l.-oan, .*>*** !< *pair Rlan%a*a, i.manaa, KHrban 1'ianai a. i nvkery, l uUrrjr, aiat otbar artiflna to* an i br/ m? Mi it antra*. ..... At' TIUN 8A1K OK 8ECOND 11 AMU KKAliY MAINC clothing?A. M CldNTAI.AK Au<-u<at*-r, 23 Uowort.wUI K .I ,.C I hunnln j , )9th m?t , ?t 11 o'clock. a !*;#? tuid v> 0 a?v larted block of clothing. belli# I he ilbb of a otmuU-j deaicr ne tlrun; from lb* biudncua, . .m11 i n l.Hkj (J.uiiieitf*, n naieting o( <'Mumnre, Cloth ?i-<l ixjeakui Coala htii K.iula, Kilk. r iitn. Cloth noil Velvet Vou, 4c . *r The above hai* la well worthy ta* attention bf dealerm. itieabuv* htr>~K U wok aeleated; hi I the moot fuattobable kind, the be? selection that vas i vei oQried at auction. nod well worth)' liia aUeuUdO of ilie trail*. AV'OTIOM NOT1CK?CROCKKRT, OI.ARSWARK AKD K mhi i iloodh?Rjr J- 8. 11. MAMlLKfif, Auctioneer, Tuaaday, July 17. it Id o'clock A. *., ?l tHl lWl vireet. h ITfiMlliOfUlliH ? !>" ' ?u?ck, in luui lur vie^cra, *l*o grout quart nituFruit Jam. A UCTION NOTICE.?ElCHAM>fl * WHITINO WILL iv otte; et their uuction room*. 11 CorUandl btfeel no WednrhdaT. Jlllj Id, ?t 101, A N , 300 Ca?e? of Moot* aud Sh.MB, 1 .1 i ... ?!. ? M*MH/aoiiieAM' flttlAB ler^fl likl fil kHv.k fl-^X* in K"*l vi iler. .- Uu without reserve. BV IXJCKWOOD BROS., 45 MURRAY STREET. 1 h.n day, at 10 b'rlnak, ?>> order of uyicue?, A DKelKAHl.K RETAIL HTt'CK OF DRY GOODS. The attention of the trade U tnvlU 1. DANIEL A. WATHKWH. AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM No. 64?:?d?r street, opt osito the font oSce. SPLENDID HAY PONY AT AfOTIOH, Also. Road and Depot Wagons. Top Buggies. Ac. BUTI.KR, 8CSULTS A MATUKWS will ( 11 at auettOfL Una day (Tuesday), at IS o'clock, at their salesroom No. M Cedar street. splendid bay Pony, half Canadian. 7 year* '-'4, e about 14 high, switch tail, is warranted aooud. * Am i and klud iu harness; will guarantee him to trot in SJU to a I wagon: la also an excellent sad.'.le beast, and has been Used as sucb by s lady; alms Immediately after sale of pony, a large number o: brat class city built top and no top Buggies, (toad I and Depot Wagons EDWAKirSi'HKNi K, AUCTIONEER. ASSIGNEE* KALE OF THE STtHIK ANI) FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY RETAIL SE-tAR STORE. . By K. A K. 11. Scbenck, on Wedneadny, IXth inat, si 11 o'clock, ' I at their salesroom. No. 141 Broadway, by the order of the aa1 sigrieeg. the above stock, consisting or about #0,1)00 H ivana Regard, all of which was Relucted for tlrat class r-uit trade; 1 Chew ing and Smoking Tobacco and StutM. Also genuine Moer Pipes and Segar Tube*. Also a Urge assortment rt < German and other Pipes, Chow t'saes. Cnnntera segar Lgbta, , Tobacco Jars, Drums, Ac., Ac. Bale peremptory, wnhvut reI aerre, , ' TTRNRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. XI Salesroom No 23 Nassau street. | HENRY 11 I.KKDS A CO. will wU at miction On Ttvvday, I Jaly 17, at 12 o'clock, in (rout of the (tore No. 23 n&aaaa ] *lrC*1' A HANDSOME BI.ACK MARK, 9 yrars old. 11>, hunda hljfh, I wlib long natural tail, warranted sound an.I kind, and can trot in 3*> minutes Sold tu coneequeiMie of the owner leana* ' the cit>. Henry h. deeds, auctioneer. Salesroom Nn. 23 Nassau street HKNRT H. I.KKDS A CO. will sell. at auction, oa Tuesday. July 17. at 12 o'clock, tn front ot store Nn. 23 Nassau street. One of the most complete turnout* in the city, the jirnjierty of a itentlewau jt'.mk to Europe, constating of a' very one (ray Marc, 6 ye?rs oltl 15 hand* high. gentle in hanieas. Also r shitting t.,p light Wagon, w ith a double aet of rukhiima, niRilc l>y Stivers A Smith; sci of single Harness. made by Wood A tlthson; all of which have been in uae only one month. Alan . Blanket*, linen Dusters, Ac To be sold without reserve. HKNRY B. HERTS, JR , AlTTinyKER i>u Wedueaoav, July 1H. ?> 10>f o'clock, \l th? Salesroom*. >0. 5J. Pine street. Aselgneea' (ale of a large stock of I>rv Hood*. PloUnnm B"->t* and aboes, Shawls, Cloak*, An., comprising u Large IM mrii >u* assortment of 8KASONABL.K HOOPS. 1 In lot* to iiiit rltv and country trade 1 be ?*!e will be peremptory, for ca?li, bv order of assignees. Catalogues ready i early on morning of sale. TTBNR1 B. IfWRTP. JR.. 'CCTIOMTKR J 1 Hfic. i!T'? sale nil Wednesday, Jul) 13, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom No S'? tine street, comprising a large lot of new 1 an J second band gold ami si!" si Watches. gold Chains, J careti ry, tree Safe, At By qthr ol JOHN hilbLY, Mherldf. M' ORTOAOl 8AIR-JOHN H. BIBL.WY, AUCTIONeer, will sell this day. a.' 2 o'clock, at 4M Canal street, nenr.lludson. marble top and other Bureau*. Ktegeres, extern' juon, centre ai d oilier Table*. Sola*. coin tied*, inset *1 pier snd other (>laa?ct; laee ilutaini and Com', tea, Hat R M'ka, Wnali .stntida. llrus * la and other nrpe'.t. Hair an 1 other MagI trmses. M. k Psses. Wardrobes, Ke.lher Reds. Bedding, Pli| lues Sheet*. Counterpane.. table (.men. Kitchen ware, hnudebera. Ac. h'R tNKi-IN BROWN, attorney for MotlR "See. MORTC.AO* SA1.E OF HOPSBBOLD FUKNiTL'RR, Brussels Car pets. Ha* Phaadliers. Ac. V IMtL'OHTY, A ttiooee*, i Will sel'. to morrow (Wednesday.. July 13. at 10K o'clock. 'At haimriMim. Mi Nassau street, couldntlng In part <>? black w*!nut and rosewood Parlor Suite, fiirnnl in hi... del and (l.laiue. ma hie lop Centre Tables. : 1-i'td. *? * gilt fi nme. pier and mantel Mlrrrra, extl-nahm I Piping Table* fittdng Ch-irs. marble top Preaaing Bureaus, W Male and*. B, rt?te ids, Hal-? a.'.l ease*. I'.illl mars. Ac . the Whole <o lie sold Pi the tugboat biuder. by virtue of a chattel mortgage. PAWNBROKER'S SAf,K.-K. LEVY 4 CO.. WILL SKt-L, thP> day at ltMfo'cloek, at No. 22 Catharine *t?e< 'JUS pair of new pent*. *10 red and cb?i* alnr > ailgh ly dam "god. Sold to pay advances. A qnanty of wonieu'a clothing. Sk 3. IWlART, Al rTIONKKRR.?TfERPAT. JUL. 1 17. at 10>, o'clock, on occouni of whom It may concern. vi pay mora** ana upmnn, im m union, "TT1. ltanr, Ac. Alan a lot of liooaabold Furniture. Ac. Bfriic nSoae aala la |>oatpntied until Wrdueaday, Juiy 18, at IhA I aaun- Ulna and pUc<SHERIFF'S KAI.K.?('IIAMBRRS A KAIRliMILD, ACOtintn-ara, wCl at-:!, on Turaday. July 17 at II oVIgrk. at taCi Miitii avanua. at. the naht. utlr an.I mioraat of Lnu.a Knob, viuirh la had on lha ZVIda) nf faplamhar. 1-4S9, or at any un a tbnra tftcr, In and to lit* fr .mad Honaa, butcner'i Hbop . and > Ub.ea oracled no lot kunwo a* No. M Ninth atenja. > JuUN ItJOaLV, hoc riff. SA J Bt""lART, Al iTloNKFIt - WEDS'IU DAT. JUL* . IS. at II o al.M'k at Ilia an ,r ,..:na tu I North Wl 1 l.-tin etreet. Unavlel t Fumll r? 11 ?*.< ? of Sola*. T?*?!"?, Chain. Murt-aota 0o"i\*? Si in ?:r-ir n ? arpe'a. KfdttMte 1 I kiln and UedJing. Kitchen f n ire, Ac . alac thret In* I J Baft*. _ , tl'y. Afl'll "nkkr-wm.l kkui. thir ?f day, TnewUy. at 10}> 01.i? * a' ine time. innoii <ui the "Miles Hon* comer < l W and Thirty * xntt at re". Including the FnrtlUM r( about thirt* ry"ina, vu:? Meda'ra t? llnrrana. Mattrctaea Feaihei Hedn. He-Ming. Waafc' abu.da. t'arpeta. oilcloth*. Mirror* Cndlrfjr. OK-4 Ware, Ac ; aiaolhn Kar and Kar Future*. ui(uura. Segar . *<-. WM. WITTFRK, AITT ION KICK WILL BKI.L Oil Tijeadiiy, at 10'. o 11 . k. u Milca' corner of Eleventh and Intrty arventh ntrret, all the 'nrnttum. Ac , contained In the a bore hotel. alao the liar and Bar Fig tnrm. Dimnjr Room and K itrlwn FnrnKnre. kr PKKBOIIAL. A CARD -TO TI1R OF.NTl.KMAN WHO ROUOIIT AH Intel view with Mr. W. last Saturday forenoon. ml hla place "1 luauie*. lata Qndina bun there, h-d Uie kindnt aa la rail at hia rem. 1 cure, left a tede re-iirating Mr. W. t* meet him tint .tint rdfiyt ei enlng, j o'clock. at corner of twenty ' an'h at reel end Klchth aienue. and that aald Mr W would ! liear ot eaetliinc to I ia adtan'.ige It and ?ent>m. n anil | have the kiudnmn Ui call at Mr. W.'a realdeure at F|? . trliaai | MWtlMNlMViBmhr a *re, I aim, and shall be haflB* aomely rewarded. No q'letl na asked. CutoMo.iUy >nurw. 1 ANT PKRSnN WISHING TO TtkK A I.tTTI.*! GIRL, eleven year* old. wNhont pare?,la, tn hrtng n,., ran bear 1 o: atn r a on< I > addre-ung Vra Il? m tr -Aim Pnat olli-e IF FkRtihKICK JOHN HAY. OF Kkmt, KN|iUtNl?. pander by tr .le, it In New York, he will hmrnf wee tfiii.e tn hia advantage by ea ling on hla ruiisin. K e F ?r. No. 72 West 1 wenty ninth airee:. betaeen Sixth and Sct.uta > aven,iea. N. V. IamiuiATioif joh* s. cumr. ??r I hi.?.] ., hi*. P*. Hi' wm lut hoard I mm in the *'imna*r <? ISil. In 1?. t. . i? a Bailor In load , a ff*l < board the t rig i rry during the Mexte in ??r. undor ih<- > uu of John . Wtlanii ; ?i?o on li.o Hr?ndin?rl'io nndor IN* mfim n?m? An) mroriM>'j<n. nri'l Im th?nkf>il!jr w#l??l ii> ?.( rtr? xaing bu brotkrr, K. U. fieri. 33d A a.nut Hrrft, I'htivM |lb.l I'm. t IMoRMATIOX WAKTEl>-<'F FRARiM* tU'KkII \RPT, 1 bu Iwr. alio loft Krm inrk DfcfnWr l?xt, ainco wtm-h am no aomenl kn? N-on hoard of h'.m. iti tiding* ol him *i i M m??a ibankfulh mrltnl b.v tax hrwbor. by wrtl-ng * fr? line* to Kdvtard htirkhardt. 33 li'mirrh atroat, Nra Vorg. r. H. All wrm and aouthwoai papora p><ar ropg. INFORM VTIOK W ANTKT*?">F MkRQklfttT FOOT ?, fmn ikr ronntjr *? :orford. lirod u lb* pariah nf H illyaie nr rrlrrrt la tin. ootmirj abniit tbri-o ?o?i* .or "ar ?il Jilnix" aruii liar .uldrvaa to boo a.?ior, tUr) Foola, at UaMJm Oanp-o IavnRV 'TfOR Wt?fTFT?-n? JAWtt M-flUtK*. WHO nrnn-ct In lb# Frttn r .,lhort. from i-alwnv, on Iho hah <4 Jimr Mir uiMrriiaUou ron. ruing him will bo fiinrrnlij m > . ' 1 > hia aui.. Hnilxtl _i -mil- Mo. 171 ?l* *rw f. \ . J |NFr>R!W.\TTi)N W.*NTKl>-i*? FI? KVK RClSRRT If I hf mill ill ?t 1"! ?"?n?Vri nvrrri lw *111 bfnr wiineUuag In hi? iiituvr | F *<>|1N JI\KR> WHO PliRMZitLY RK-iII>KI> Iff 1 iJtrriiiml. md ?<lf< Imm lrnn.1 m in ihn uhlp Tnrnn'n w? m? I .kin >)i- m-ii.Ui Hi J-mim.), I-.TI, ..mi H la lnn-?-.l r? ii'?i In? pi nt*-1 n r In Xr* Vnrk m I Jlim Onl-.nn, win ma nniilr?i" n .111 Vr RMtftnd <f f lvnri>.?.|. A; uUXfT M I . KiibiM.i ilrin., b?- will M mniili i( t" hta vlvna ??*? Tn.r* wn.i.rmriAi.kttkii \ttmr i;momfqu\rr I'. ? n. ir hi M V ? I ? j Yf aTH.D -WI'.irK MR TO MURIHiW, ami J?l ill., n I lb.,: inn TV Kill:* MH II ib r Hl'KKRM-N ATK OF Alt ll?.\IV *?), will pliMUMamd hi? nildriw* Ui J. ft (*? >.. iff WM . Una MMt "V*n or r.\rr ?*?**, h<>th or thf. urn *'>?t It rrini, wi.i Un.l n InUnr dlrwnml to ihi-in la liw Urnvtmr H-?l "(IW Li 111*11 ? VI il K H I \ IT I* l> ' I HUM IVII.I'?IK Tr 44. ?141*4 U> ii*M (r<>? you. A !<ir?44 hot ' '44 t'4* I Ulii*. N V. ' rpm:Ti!-Mit*T m< n* wrpnejmay, ?>? n >- or* 1 V l. I go om ol V'i?n no ft*- iM?v. ItOPK TIT I! HAHNES OP OA . M AT mr-iPTft Yf . ,( . frffti Vnrfc. W' ' niiHt. j t<>M>mr*4 men 4iu1 Bo ithom 4r>|ii?tnl4?r<* in Up- n,- witus* i oil. oi.l cm him 41 boi 7*9 I'm* nfflv , DKWTIirrRV. ~ AKTiririAl. T*ICTH -WCAUTIPII. NETS, ON PT'RI oilior. |M. on i" ?oM Mil pUtum. M o? ru'owilaA mShor, 9U. 4'iu(lr t??th 91. TooUi (UlMl 4A,f ritrariol wttfc nn lh? \-4?l v*l? Art'lWU' W* Alitn(t 7> 0011I4, M IMMrife tTMBir. bolwron Trtilh 4Sd H>?r?ith ?r? U OH. I.ITHKH OontM. Arttftoai, boxk nu.iwrj. ri)R i?f< atki> twii. ?i> ' In bile ?ofl. re^uir In* no prmrvre ??Al ?!eUXI |-"ln: ?(hin* treih or mere r?n be Hi!?4 w?i H. 1 (W? number t,?V* Hr.?,lw??. mrner of t%trtr *rm wreet JAXKS l?EAMR, X D., Dleroeerer nR H'lTT m IiflWKRT. OPPTillTK f IXTHXTRBBT? 1ne.-n? full M-l* nf Troth no pure etlrer nl M. do eotd. r |CI: pl.itto* fan ?rtlfi-HI lonr f\l',na Uonerted wUXdo} fntai, .V' **p?K r?'U! c?viu ?/, AO < rota. ?m U|?a ^C^nli Ai, wwtl LxihetKR, URADUATBD ?DX??eow nertm, . b?e r? m. ?eri b, Ho. > Wem rwnWeXlb nrm tm +T>A liftfc 1 |XWW? V H iihiniii a |IMI>- 1r~a*?,. N V ?n>1 *7 f nXno wree*. Bn*>>l*n Inwrt fnfl . r MHUl o. .?,< Teeth on !? * Harmed "Amo-Pberb pi,*. JT * h or ? Ixmu ettnu-tioc lb" i"?* nUenr, ?H. nmbernr nhber. 110 eni.i K',, p'?iH>? R*V pnrtlnlneleon ?< . 1 W per ?,.*?> miner H Tersk fiii-0 n-itb ?oM ll.twm.W niver or un, t<l ream. Troth rrtmrtrd wttXcnt fMa, 21 rente.

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