Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1860 Page 3
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FOR SAUB. 41 N A NO. 1 DB1NKIXU lALtpON FOB SALr., IN ONB L ef ttc bent locutions in hfi city, and doing a gno i *:n ell worth look'rig after by Uuwe iaaautul tho ikr Full particulars at my oftice, Id Br> wlway. JAB. H'iWK. RAROAIW-VHK PTWTNO AVD I.ArtRR RIKR SAkK>n, known u tie Veruad b. 15 William street, for stle cheap, having :i lour Vase. we.l established, anil doing a largo bfiina Apply .'t the Saloon, from 11 to 3 o'clock. hark cuanos?/or a man- dksibino an ks UMlshed cash business; one of lie oldest and best Diuitu, Hanoi* and bar in tl,? cltv for tale. Apply to F. OOLTON, Ufa FiQUu t'.rtct, Now York. ________ Cnonfkctif-nkry for sai.k- v whiilksale axp ) rrl iil cJti.ccl'uerv busin.'ss, ri Brooklyn, Dow loo la it Sounshiug trade. Villi he gold at a bargain if applet! for Ina mediately. Katefactory ri.aa.itia given for selling. Address Williams, Herald edict. ^ CAHANCB TO VAKK MOHBY.-A HOTKli AND BOARDJ ing House for Sale, ooneeoient '.?iall tbe steamboat laud tup' and nllriy htiittons. Apply at 133 lllwrty street, S. Y. /si'M rn iiitn _ mni'T tibil FOUNDS OF OUR'.ICD iViur, inrope" and picked, lot sale by n'M. D. a.1DKKVIH, 411 Water airtet DICM STORK i" it DBtTO STOKE. WKU, ?t., k. I, d good iuci Uive bunlneua App*y on the brdn.iaea, corner Puurth u venue ,.n<t Twenty-eighth at. rR KALE?A PIRPT CLASS PHOTOGRAPHIC AND Ambri-type GaJ-ry :n a dcHnahino town not : ?r Inl.i vL Thta jrallery ia now doing a pronperons Duatnr.aa. b it will be old at a low liaure, aa tbe proprietor ia soon to leave tbe place, r* parurular* Irquim of K. ANTHONY, Mil iiroadway, N. Y. | For aalk?a tra and copper stork, in one op | th>' he-' locations lu -he city, mid no? doing a go***! Imainear for (w ther particulars inquire at .110 Grand street. rK SALE? A BARK CHANCE?PIYR YRARK1 LB ASK j together Willi the furniture and Pictures, of the Hotel end KtstaOrml on the em tier wt Park place and Bmridwuv, | wew known and oorupind aa Gardner's Hotel, newty nttnd m . and repaired end t. > v d* .ug .* good buainens iDquimmi the ' thnprenaivs wf the Proprietor, a. E. GARDNER. TjkOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS WHOLESALB AND REr :*ll I Tier Kw, on the romrr or James and Water | Wwrti, ie d* tng a nrsl rate bitMtieea at present. No agent ; need apply, kpply In the store. No. 7 J unes silp. FOR SAI.K CHEAP?A CONFECTIONERY VND ICR ' frbari Saloon, aa vuln'aa ealln the owner tn the country. Apply at No. S8 Myrtle avenue, Broqklyo. I nor half?tlik stck'k AVi) fixtures AVI) three j years' leaa.- .if a !.ntt class Liquor Store. The only rea ' no for & tiling t? that the proprietor h:i? other business, aud 1 cantint attend to both. For particulars apply at 353 Pearl idreet, Franklin square. ; "|T?OR HALF?THKKli VKRY FAST TROTTIVQ IIORSKS, I r ir>1hand* h..e young, isi-iad, and kind in einrle or I do.hie h-new ; alao a pur of very stylish bmwu carriage I Horses, 16 hands 3 Inches high, right from the State of Make Inquire ?t M Itoiit street. IjV)K SAl.*?TUB CHOICE STOCK OF OROCKRIKS, ' Horse, Wagon, Futures Ac , now doing a good business; cheap for -ash, n- ' being ob lye 1 t.i i;o to Europe. Ad dress or call at 374 orand street, Hrooklyn, ?. 1). XjV>R baffl?thb bar AVI) FIXTURES OF A LIQUOR JT Saloon, doing a good business, sear Spring street Market The owner finding ,t impcablble to attend to It, in eouse'iuenco Of taker business, will sell at a sacrifice. Iequlre at 627 Spring Mreet TjVOR SALE?BILLIARD SALOON (SIX SHARPS VKW J lablei) and Itivr In tint liest part of ttro.idw.iy, now dotug a tine tuMiieM. T. rr.i madi' erv easy Pi right parties. Rent low. Apply to W. J. SHARP, 148 Fulton street. Fir sai.R- restaurant, oyster saloon wo Bar. Inquire ut No. 3 Third avenue. TjX.iRKAI.R-A CORNER LIQUOR STORK. WELL STOCK X* e.l an i tilted up; to responsible parties it will be solil>? hrccnniodatino terms, rewn for selling the owner is engaged aire and Truth *Tel'.ucf ' J Art. (JIMsOF. FOK PAT F-A RILT.IARD AND DRINKINO SALOON i-n a tirsuiueui corner of * Ilium*** thoroughfare, eentrelJy eioaied, with private entrance. fur amiper room*, rent wry low. Muat be Bold on account ol the owner having au Cher business to attend to. Apply ul No. 19 Nw-mu street, room 19. rR SA1JC?ONE Ol' THE LARGEST AND BEST I'lTted Saloon* In Broadway; Bur Kuwtw, cist over JPIO; Kirror. #2U). Sleaia Table arel t'.?.king 1'b-nsiln. o..-i Spit. Ranges. steam Boilers and (Jus Fixture*, ftiOU, Silver Ware, Cn?k"r>, neirbla Vip Table*, inartile top ttjntrr liar, elegantly carrel I'n.uta B' tea, good stock ol Li-puir*, throe Retrtgeru tors, all havi* ? c. at over J'Ot.iOU, and will he *oM for on" half thu imnunl. 'thia place hu? duua a business trom #40 to tHA) a da v tor the last twelve year*. Low rent, and nU paid up to latuf Augiat. ft ill take what money a m?n e*n spare and wait for the balance. Apply on the premises, A17 Broadway, In the uLoou. rR SAI.K-I. EASE AND 1 I'RNITt'RR OF. AN" ENGLISH Ale House; shade* sp'enlidly fitted op: long tnd well ?* bit I.-boo and doll' ago. I bus,Ill's. ttne ol the best l i.*; fr.'ut thoroughfare; excellent neighborhood and low rent. '*...1 tahaiisai. Kim rata i haure air a 1 uiln? t?. A. BullI.VcON'. M While sireeL i E FURNITURE, IN GOOD ORDER: OF ^. , *1 third lluors of a genteel house, w eh the ipaM- -i.ix : nil May next, a portion of which:* now rrie. ; * .Act. u ? iiv the rent of the whole, w.tisf utory reans.'. be gl. i for .ell'ng by applying at LSI Brines street, three blocks ..est ol Broadway. riR SA'.K I.XXSE. STfWK AND TR ADE OF A WINE and honor (tore, splendidly fitie,l up and doing an excel lent bin tic - AI*o. I g* "1 ,1"' '.III-- ;r id" :n He ru! ; cut ssvtlon tor making money; great thoroughfare. W ill bo sold St bargain lb consequence of ihe owner leaving the citv.' tl. A. ROBINSON, M ft hue stre-t. TDOR FAIJC-TJIE BTOt'K AND FIXTURES OF A Oldie f dree ? clothing and fancy good* store on Fulton avenue. Brooklyn The store L* handaomaly tilted np and in a good jumnes* in. v.on smutactnry reasons given fur Belling. Ap It nf.'ltSUr enwteh at , N. I. ?">R<(OFRY AND MQUOR HTORR rOR RALK-WITU JT Lettie, Block, I lor h? ml W aeon; I'Viaw doairahlfi, u-*l ii" of itif Iirit up town, $X.M> will purrhuao the I-eaaa. WL lUhl fuliiTK I.'. B. HOWKS M CO., No. 6 Ceotre street. oppoaite the Park. IMPORT' NT TO HOOP SKIRT HANtFAITCKKK8 -TO . be aolJ by prlratn rnntr.rt, M Uralitlnir Maehtnoa. with iharun*. g - r<nf. pullcya, nvla, apoola. Ar , wiudui? and Vint..-.Ml oai-hlm . Inur'wiro Armwirt* block*. three pair of olia: a BobeLtirtlal 'milt Htmp lor anneUltw. hardi-mag ?t trmpcrintf wtr>>, bi?>i> tklrl f ranee ton la. material. A*., lalH. lm y in opi rati .. The abwe m:?? be ' uiit in me If aep.irite Iris Apply In Jas JACKSON. IT^ Hiatal' i rU.iamauuru, X V-, or at the facmry, LU lirmatlway, Pater a*. N- J IQPOR 'TORE FOR EAT.F -TITK HTOt'K AVI? PIT\j turr? >! a Li.pi -r wore dotnc a flue caah buainrsa. aolu i n .n.-i'ii it in. pmpni't i" haritu; o:."r pir'niUr Imames* to .Ui n I i<>. Aptily tor turn iVt<a at UJ Kletetuh avenue, bewarn Forty aeootnl ami Forty third streets. MAPHF.T ETA VP FOR SALE?WRI.L I,IM'\TEI> A NO .?... > A,;,h. alici 1 P. M.. u> b. JlOlN t, iUPtk.-alri new York. PHOTOORAPH AN' AMHKO I" YPK O At.I.P.RY FOR | ante cr.r hi ?One ". 'he neat flli?-l up <la erta# In the rwrr fi-r aele. ? 'Ii n ei > tlimc <in.i i in ra--y on a n -a lulu n.M ' ..rsa in ni ...?. 1d.| ore at Uiis lie., ry. i. wfrv 'Tt ?M PP'tRT Hii \T KTIVlKWOOn FOR RALRJ IPin.ra, tnetr.r a-. St ? :> rl.ti li-r. an 1 la ro-al rut ? ? ?/ KTaPttpV ROHKHTH ahiuam ih Z*v, MHHouiii nlnwt, !oi< uf Meotgoeery. pO I'lVNO M.YmKKH - M>K RAI.K. V WKM. TEHTKO I I... II l.y V Ml. :> 'l,iio-?|n( m.itm * Mfiu'lit pun.'* la rv n. i ! r? I Am km m *Vi li ? > !? ibe main.. t i . .V: .. . i ..I i -o m * I . <> ' ; Ill'? mi' I.' ' -A ! 1' ' " I :<M > K 1 ll AJ'I ' " T ' r- W,'?: ' <*'( AIK MAKER." RIOHT* FOR THr: l-ii OF J . anrd i l*i.* lit Ri-iv A.m Now .!?? ? tVtn?i I and MmryUud. (or nolo bjr tho *|ID'I ?i mm PbumuJ I Moiidilld '". 111,. ,11) . 'U Itrnm.lwmy. n|> ?l llr*. F Pl'RNID I M> tl'M -K V 71 K A"7 TVTKVTV "ITTM ? <! ' 1 'Iio i'l Hit- in.> .:(.? ,,| '.at., 1*1 M .. a'roil) .in a private I Am!) aoiy. On a bo aoen iromSto# trt I'.k <0 Hl'TCHFR" _ J ,,1 SAI.r A.N OLD KTAVDMEAT F>? .1 1 V, . >?* Hunt*. mi mtvta w tf. .1 ? II ?i> ' I nil- M"" >11 .r? ri'firm lor III- . ' ?: It W Mill. I', r |'|.'. i iU.151* N E(1 H K O A T> W A V ? "'Ti i n R FIFTY FKKI HKItl' r<M ?).7 rout, ann.ihld I n ant bitaui'-i out rwjittrmi; Ui 1 ..'io '. ,i i:io im Hrmdwmv T? mi H 'IitOi A,* i?ll I?HJ mlroet. Ket.: 9UU* t" inoon n*"n?. LL'VYI) A 8< >NR, la Nauuii rtrocL "-7ui~"F< '"rVa I.K'WAUKH s wkix known pno ?)UU| 'IV I, Ifl Fino Art flmllrry artlb ? f oil met o( jmr .l'.i ir.ll I |lbm* ? ni'loto I >r tho I 'lutnomm. To may r> hv..i.|"i" o mni-'int Hum la jj?.l I'tauo. m tb? , . .mwi.! l?i li'i.-ht :hii |. ,r. ivulr. Apply ml the fmilary, 1 I n - nd on -t, corn?r t-r*nd, Willi "in'nin. _ M1WKLLAAKOI1. > RKAT INTRNTTON r Kultil.KK 8 WW Hatw* Hood Oomr. no iKHim imiUKTi BT RKAHON UP HOKUM SFTTINO rko indarmipmo 1 tareby utiorm tbe public Uml tbry tar* ilo m ?.?*t in J important llnoorrry by mnuu of which tbb hr or-imn* ar. id ante thr-.u^H ???-* enying nri>^MS'4. Bi; M prevented. Rf 0v? h?h y inpiimii, yet ?il? InTtnuo-, every ?m wko kna anytime to do with nu; i.aUaU'irnutly nbvuur every kr-curnt. It .a of pikelret Import foe tB Drerenlin* the rinmn* ??tj of r*. in ?. :toi< them out of their alat.lea In ver.f fire, In at Ikon "tend In the etreet. wnbnaiL he.n? f*?rnerf m nor nner a thlaj af treat Importance ?> phyetclaha nod htud men, In 'he paaetef Of railmolf lr?.n*. In the rr.we.1 u nei m the -aee of virlooa I. . are thai are In ke^it of hienf nt eaeeer* hj The Invent r? w^ali t-> ? m .he patent rv*M lor the wb or of t <nl>'a:?t nlre of J KORHLKK OHILTMAJflf >n ?U Peer! etreet I r r.?n, (mm W u, IS A M from I to 6 IV M. KK \T KAdlKKW -r.M'l ItHMVW t TIMTI.NU T1IK i P*?u?n rno ' ? fu utahed wMh m?n.a at all km-,r? -op! the ervutiful H.rpe .nip of the M -Ji 1 -I'lU. ? V hon.l'f - In.vtmi.- -e a I. .fill Vie* ->r die (Ire .1 ho* i i it h ui fr in lk?- promm . ! t relr?ahme?l? of every l-?r,I f -n.he.1 liar n r.? -. - era ?'t- iraio't >.-?ai? wn >e tlteilirfa aolap aa 4,.1 pnaemerra. irritdt To tt/T.iechnlete, doalero In ftrrwrta, and all whom * yemream The -mdftratrnart, harm* patented hie (land ?k : * r-i.*ht prorenai m? ber-rlva r -aloe ti manner ra f ".re* a-*a an.1 other* that hr ivtll orne* .trail prr mutiny. erh'v t or -mine ibr aarne --de*, male an t a .Id klnieeir * hi- ??enl and In all aaaee a vat hare Mi trade * tad date ? poem piao* nmn ....... MAAC KIXJE MT Cttt. Jnlr 1. ISM. fr*'? f*1"' Tnrrlm* Rnmftn It*, nr.d errrr StWtipUoB 4 (,rk?. for ut;i I ir h* muj S" *is4 ?4 nAort u 'U<? ?>> 11K' I III IK H. I OIJCV N*tr Tor*. nt ami ~k;< uni.inmrn m7ilk * I r-I'i ' i I"*n lltf rifh*<? itm* * th. h,.^ In *. / > >< w I r< n tb* ntilT Wftjr to promr* i'..' !" ? 7!.<* m- *l_"r ?" *!<* it .? i'.)v, >! ' inf*ntj *n.l 'ivi .1t. I1 t* ch<t*p?r than ih" k j.- ' t* mi* A - ' *'11 I'*}' ' "* r* trt In *.IT ril .-..'.t,*' - .'4 -TT'. <. tt1rr?rt .f n,\ hm1 f ' . ? fti ?? ii n f"i 'h? S.. nh " itiwtl p? k ? ?*i * If"' Tin.-! rtali'.n. ?i 'viMliriS F< iT.T l>lf! KH Mil K ' MIMVT "II. tIV 1 <tn<' ' " |! ? IJT V V .Kit"*;-',; i.ri 1'inRiMTiH i'?i?t*R M-rrW f?.V '? t* a rfw Iv i r RV mti.tii V--r r \ '' ~a ii*. '' it tn 1 C'tl*p?vt? lit#" w* Tt '' ' fl R'il.'.'S W Hr?-'tr. *<**** ".1t> r i-il IV-f -rv. rt> .?t IP t - ? - r*. irt ! ) (K>*tuii f"K. b C.CM " h?. M-J Mt 'I rrtJ ml J HOUSES, ROOMS, d?C., TO LET. ATkSTWM i m IkD HIS WIKK, WITHOUT < HII.D <F.!f, I uocnpyinK a wee bonne, with modern improvements, In * 1 br.ihbful locnlKHi up towu, west side, dernre U) renta part. ? n Utile tor hnusrkrepini:, to a small respe. table t H-iprenCte Klveu and r, nutred. Address E. U. M., Herald o:!. AN ELEGANT HOUSE IN HROOKT-YE.-TO LET. WITH early or Immediate possession. a three story auil h.tso- I u eut high sloop bruwn moae front, with Inrce lot. 'rape .r'vir, 1 ' tin range, Itas and every ra Hero convenience; m el d-eir i- ' I y eitnated, m Adelphl s reel, between I-afivtte and F iltm I'Vennus. Cam every two minute* to FuLouau-l VTatl street errie*. As the present tenant !a obi ;ted iin-ne,iUt-:y *o go 1 Wetrt, a great unlu-emrnt will be ottered to tuy resp.sisiMe | i arty willing to Mh-? the new blinds. ncrl -arret ,n I J. j C otha, just f ted. Apply immediately at 2P0 .aeipni street. AHKAT'TIKCIi HOUSE TO LET ANI> KUUNITCRK for -ole It -I fl.out): Enmlture w II lot soli! at a vrrv sneniije, uiy worth *l,MO. Boat ?.-? wish to reu..un sufi.eiem to pity tte rent. f'o??es?lm lut'nedi dely. KfNSHLMKK ,t U<)., 843 V ourtn avenue. A first class douse to i.ft and furniture for sale.?All (nearly u- w) situ tted in St. Clement*' pif<s 1 Murdotir il itrfcl; r; of the rooms are ontupM by al"*le l?-i.0?men, ?uB,cieui to pay the root. Apply to W. WAK.K, It) Reude street. Furnished -be to let?in twenty stoob street, near inh avenue, for ..tie year "t privy l.unlly, twelve rooms, in perlect order. Apply at No. 58 K.? Tw cut v seeoud street, liuiu 12 to 1 o'clock. Kent moderate t > a satisfactory tenant. ANOOD SHOP ROOM TO LET?WELL LIGHTED front U and rear, w'.th plenty of steam power. Apply at old Wc?l Thirty-fourth street, near Tenth avenue. House to i.rt?no. 47 horatio street, posses slou in,nieili .vly; four a.jrtua aud baaemeut, II rooms; near rallroal *td stc^e -?ut*s; cheap rent. Iu |ufre of A. L CONKL1N, 81c Greenwich street. HOrgE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR HALL?IN Crosby street; til NX) for the furniture; tnree atory house; lease ROD lor term of years Apply at N > 6 Centre at reel. * C. U. UOWs8 A CO , opposite the Park IiWOLTSH SHADES ?TO BE I.E V, iTll KIT" YEARS J letum, situated tn the most populous ?nd reap, sb.e por Uon of the city of Brooklyn, ft is fully I be) with every lieeessary article re<;ulied, tf the beat onption, together with a good bliitar.l table. It Lis >oen e .ohaneil up of flfteen years and tbe bnsinees attached ' .erelo may be otiafdurablv extended hv atter.tio.. and neraet cranee: the ornsent proprietor having business of imporL..u*c calling his aMeuti'm 111 England. Further uaniculai#Pi*jr be- t|Ml by applying to. or addressirg,.' F. book. and newspaper 01 Nu. t'.b Atlantic street, Brooalyn. N.B.?No a.fwnt uee.l apply. 1 BURNISHED HOUSE IN WKRT TWENTY-SECOND ' direct, three story and bawm it, with the modern convenience- ml neatly furnished, to let, either f >r the *ummer months i.r until lal May. Address box i -o P.. >die. I"tUFMSUKD HOUSE TO LET ON FIFTH AVENUE.? ' W ill te let on u lease; sili.aed in toe most desirable I <rt. and furnished in an elegant ami costly manner, complete with every convenience House a -a need not apply. For further particulars address W. 1 ., Miiduon square U'os: ortice. LIVF.RY STABLE! OR FACTORY TO LET-TUB large brick building ..os. 9and 11 Boyt street near Knltuu avenue, Brooklyn. The building la U by 7o feet, two alary and barement, well lighted, having stalls in the basement lor forty borae*; It haslieen uaed as a factory suing on two years. Apply to JOHN F. HENNKSSY, 76 Bridge street, Brooklyn. Loft?most dkrtram.k loft, l.vt wim.iam str--et, comer of Ann. to let till May very "heap. Apply to J. TOWNSKND, U7 Fu.ton street. N'OTfC* FOR DENTISTS. ?T j LET. A WELL ESTABltslied Dentist ottlee, jusc vacated, ?ith the use of an - veratine tfhalr, stool, spt'oon, work bench, Ac , in the best loc.vUon in the city, with long lease if wanted. To be sunt .t: w i it .'J l A, from t to 7 F. Jd. STOREHOUSE TO LEAS" -36 FEET BY 90, VERY strong, new rt-siri, 4e J* . KIP Washington ?weet, near Rector. Open daily fr.nn II Pi X Apply to A. 3. Cl.ARKK, 71J Broadway, rooms 16 and 17. np stairs. TO LET ORJLE ASH?THE BASEMENT NOfl. 561 AND MS hroadwav, snilahlr for a flrst class Restaurant, dimensions Prince street, N'o. W, lha above room can ho divided, aud'wiil Facia >&iak?elr to*ell>cr" *n('u're ' C AMFBKLL, Jr., r LET?AT THE CKSTR VI. BflLDLVOS, 817 AMU 819 Hr<>i>lw*y corner of Twelfth street. eUtlble frtii t uud Con.crKiHjms.iu pcrlecl order, wnli *r lOhxi* utrauee. Immediate possession. JOH N K IxKLHtl, nil William St. TO LKT-UOWEST ItROADW Y, A OOOT> ST.vVn FOR any business. Alan Noa. 1 a..n t, Vance atroet, wi.. lie lut ?urate or tocr her, with Immediate puee tsaiou. Apply at William Street, t mm No. 1. rl.KT.?A RKSI'Kl 'TABt.K FAMILY WISHING TO ecnni.tni and avoid living in a family house, will fla 1 ?> rant part of House l'.?> Seventh aire. ' b all OMMbntMOM. Alao, two fine I'ilta on Pea l street, six windows front. Inquire of K A. ttl.KN N. i'Jti Seventh street, sreuud huh atoop below the square. Tei ma moderulc. mo LKT?A FIRST CI.ASS HOCSE, i rTWKKN WAVKKJ. ley and Clinton pla t, now vacant, and repatnuwi, com ple'e in eonvewiesces and repair, having seventeen rooms, with nan at?i water Apply at "Ait (ireene street, seco.d ao,.r from Shghlh, ortollO.MKK MOKtlAN. TO LRT-THIC FIBfeT FoOOR OF H yCSE li VKR oer street. rent only fit uls) two suiwU Kojiiin in the utile will be let cheap. rLKT-TORVKR OF BROADWAY AMD THIRTY first street, si* Urge Rooms, sonant* for a centlti or photograph and ambrotype q liert; will be lat 11 a first class latnl 1\ tor dwelling, apply to t. M. LaNQToN, hit Weal fhutyMet street, coal office. TI.KT-THE FLOOR Alfil BASKMR.VT. HI X R mi us all in alec nit order aulbihle 'or a genteel t..mily. KM Earl Twenty eighth street, Uua Futures. Water Cioaeta, Wash nasi lis ana elegant 1'aper. with aapnrala a ami tbo whole yard. KlXhIIIAKR A CO., did FourU. avenue. TO LET?WTT1I IMMEDIATE !' isSKaSIoN, THE tarns rwelltne lion a . wtUl atirrouu tins groutsla. .i ; i Ft; l i t aii-t Ninth? trae, will rented lf?w. Apple 'o SAMl'KI. COIIKN, liu U'oauwuy, corner |<>l Kxchiinfc** | e. r> LKT?TOitETHI K OR SKP \ K ATK. FKOJff ANI? hark Parlor, mii<1 three Hedrooma, wn u if, Ontmi w itrr Mid oil ace 'InI tl jr. lilt rath, unit Wood and Wj h bonam In a pkjunt, recpeouble an 1 be thy netj(bborbuod. Inquire ou preiuiaaa. 31 Klu* ?t. mo MPT-IMMKDIATK PONHKSMON OITPV-BROWN 1 alone Knfluh haacmeot Hu uc N >. 7 'cut 1 wentr ninth atioet, Leainiton .tvcmm. lt-nt at the rate oi per annum Apply to HAMKI. T. M AI.'FARI.aN. W Teulb at. near Third an TO I.KT-THK NKW RT< .K NO. 1T? (NTH AYKNU*, A) leet deep, a .ill and vault* connected, r?v lr Inf Iron ahittiera. and 1 tree plate tflaaafruri. Ap ytoJAXKK N. W Kl,Ls, No. 147 Ninth a ran nr. r I.KT-THK KI.KOANT I*A RI.OR PUXIR. WITH five K.F.n.t .nd nearly all tb" tmpror. .nontl. atid al withe aammil boor to let. with am Kmna. Ac, ?r "? h.. i? -Vk s i in avenue Kent m.iderate; bill ap. and no rent until t' lat to amiiil fara-liea. Apply tb'? day aa almvo. r> lky-AM it.sriuK HM imn ri. H>K, rutin aoovm, Omtnn water, yaa. Ae . In Tblr 1 arenne. n??' <V?iper Inettlute. Furniture 'complete for ho.i?eke?pt> j, new bun m wnb: r<at tSAt, will he a ikl b> the let int for tJ"' Owner unexpectedly called away. Addreaa T. C. D .Ntball wi D. Pint <4>l- e l>H % tRKID- AC. BOMBAfTNW IWJ*RA/.INR>" W Jackson No. V.I Kralwu. nan in call th par Urnlar attentl'Ci of famllira r.?jntr m"lining gnul* In an Immerse itork of Homhannc piirobaaeil at a areal awridee. and ahlrh be la offering at retail for a am.til advance no the ! anat t.nether with many .char daairabia gouda, met wh'cb ! ?in heToioid a er.- ji varie' nf h in-1*ome material* tor trave'.l ; tat anlta. at a *r??i rediuitoa. wiattiiuc lu el?ee the era**!*' iBIxiruiMiit to nuke room for rail (oixls. R. R.?Ooo aaee of Ptea at pla Uooda juot received. Mr ans?r* wtll ploa.?a oherrrw. W lACKhOlf. Importer < iimirau.a Oom'% He. A?1 Brjedway, between Spring and Prince tiroeta. LI L. IIARDIRG'S OTIKAP WnVItN SKIRT FACTORY / OH Kklrte made orer; oktru -narta lr order, and war- j rerun! u> HI am! wall. b*ITl 'actor jr. 131 Hpriac atrert, j aororr 01 II plana ntrrrt [ CI BAROCS. PRACTICAL SKIRT HAXDPArTl'RKR, ' makes twer old SUrte equal-o Mw. Im-URa, better >?Mer [ touraktrtv ?nre W> * bettor ami wear better. factory ZXt stub areoue, aear I Uieenib aire U?DirARJ> LAMBKRT A OO. Fj Will offer great toU'ioameuU 10 bujrara. on Monday. July M, In aU in.da of Summer l)rraa Ornate, Nbawia. ManilUaa, UiH'j, K;nbrotderle? Ac A<v, Ac. |R1 Broad war. op rauc Metropulltan lintel. pRIlEM RKIIUCKD At LORD A T ATT-OR ft, ??1 to ?57 Broad war. rora-r of Oram! street. ROBES. DRRM GOODS, SILKS, Ac . Ac . Aa., AT PRIORS RKRCORD, To make mom for tnr Foil Stock. And at 3MloM 0rand arret, 17 nil 491 "eUtaiioe atreet. rn> rvauctTi I As opportunity wkiek ehoold not be nopleeted. woum aoow. i m ir hold kmaiii)i.?tk or mer, Pl 11 turn to the more h*lnc ekaed doling the wailb of It ' *** Impinnmeiit. cloak*. mamti.**. tmawlim. ARARIAN*. LAWN*. OHOANMKH. HtHKOVX < "HA I.I.I M, I "OP I, IN*, (plain end etnhr ndered, rbdiARlM, Aa. HRHKUR MOBRA, Aad aH the poya'ar fabrt. . >4 tke aeaaon. Hpeetai auenucm a railed In a lob lot of CLOTH CLOAK*. NeltaMe for traeelllnear nritaeneon'* wear, pitrebned from | Awboteaale manufacturer at ?S per ant aa me dollar, and wMefe we are riling at the MMu pnne#-? Z7S CkJU Shaw let*, fj SO, worth 94 .40. TOO < Uxb Ckmke (ideated hank). $2 7V worth |B. Uu CloU tVakeiwtm b ??U . At *U. wor n ?t>. V.R ROBERTA ?'J Bowery. R. H B-tweee Prtnee and Ho-Ialon alrwea !'l???e renreraber Ike name and number. I enn RIAL fRRHi'H Mrei.IR ROnlW, OUU At *1 is each. ' n Monday, July 1ft, A.?A*9 T If >1*1 | "" " kiiwakk'i.amTiiuh * ro. ft PORTICO. TAOtld FOR SAtiR?FOUR HAVANA WHITK NTI.IC | 1^'iipn, thrrr mouth* uld Alan no* whit* Slot, < un? brunt, mMFmonth* old. Apply at 17* Mrtlbarry atreet. baanraenL tttor PAI.R?VRR whoonrr fAOHT pktrct* now JP lying *t Platan I(land. b*tw*wn O ;ar*o'lt?* ?nd W-.?p!a hot lauding* whcr* ?h? ran h* a*an. F.w tarma, Ac., apply le B H. UlU.Ifc A CO.. 1M F*arl *r-wC SFORTINO ?A ORaRD match O amr OF BTt?f,t a RPR wtll h* ?l?v*<l ?? MrPhrronn'a P tm, Comfort lfon?* (Vj. 1 ?*y l?l*t?1. for R.f?? waul*, !??i point* op. n*'-i**n T nr lla*? and I" tljirim. la ii?nw?*nr* at 2H P. II. am W*do*alay tba IPtA in* CAM, roat NArTTt>R for ?At.f-!n arout ntnr. O ?n f**4 long and ? ran f**t h**m, alnnp rip, two anNa <11 a'a hr?* liar*, arg* *?ntr* ward and *r*ri-thing mtnp|*'g and i ?? It for nan. Can b* a*?n anyt'tp* br th* 7-a: h hm,at to tho Kai.twy. Apply at Hx 7 WfewkaU tumt.. ip natra. KEW YORK HERALD, TU BOAKOI.MO AND LODOINO. AT *(> 11 CLINTON KLACN.-rURNIWIIKD APART tingle JLx ma or lu Suite, with or without partial low, A LADY. HAVING A HANDfcOKR AND NKWLY FUKNiHhfl h>".w, w Hi M be pienai I to mate arrangement* with Urn tee, or gentlemen and 'de-ir wives, with Urge ,?uj small Kuooia'abd Hoard. Apply at lul iileeher ? _ A FINK Hrrr OF PARLORS, OR A BEAUTIFUL, SUIT ?r iheii to let, with Bo.>nt in a private family, in the tins brown tone bonne VTi Broadway, near corner of ril'th avei. ie and V-,li* >u squire, auil ter.inu >ek abovw , Fittu Avenue Hotel, location *ud ruouta delightful. Terms reasonable. A SUIT OF FI'RNlRURn ROOMS, ON SFj'OND FLOOR of 76J Broadway, tela- n Kn-hih and Ninth -treeta, contieUug o." two ialge an 1 two small ri.ami, to let, to gentlemen, with bath, Ac. 1. .ration cool and pie mant. Term* moderate. ANITFI.Y FURNIsniCD ROOM. OR A RTTIT OF ROOMH to let to a gentleman and wile oi tonne or two single geu i-t-uirii. win, lull ,ir partial Ko*r4; rcterrune* exchanged. ApPL at BO Wmt Tuny sixth street, one Jmr a eat of iiroadway. AKKW YOCNiJ MEN I'A.V BE ACCOMMODATED WITH trn.v? Hut rd and pleasant Rooms; al o a few y uuiif ladies, 177 East llr,?ul*uy. Tonus reasonable. AS G.FllANTI.Y PfRNISIIBn BACK PARLOR ON J\ the l.rst floor, t> let to a gentleman alMi wife, with Board, at reduced . ites during '-be summer; alto Room-, on the third U,.or, units'.:? for > ingle ipiitlcroeii; reference given and required. Apply at oj West 1 weUih street, between Fifth and bi-.Ui avenues. A COUPLE OK TOl'Nti UKNTLKMKN WILLING TO I rem tngeilicr, ran he ao'in.modiled with Hoard in a first class Home. Al-o a single Mount. Terui* tuoui rate, dinner d ti o'clock; refer-nees exchanged. Apply at 40 Bleeeker atrect A FURNISHED HOUSE IN WEST FOTltTKENTH itiret to let to a buutll private family wilUu-: to baurd one jr two uuiilta in p irt i aymeLt ot rent. Terms very low for he A.'itrcr* box I.eOl Port oilice. APIJtAP VNT HOME FOR TWO GENTLEMEN ANI) the.,- wives and single gentlemen. Genteel p I rues raav llnd the raniiloru ,.r heme without iMiientatlmi. Apply it Id Ashland pliico, perry street, corner of Warerley place. Neighborhood quiet and retired. A la i mr WI.HKtf ho A kd IN A private FAMILY, w here iher* urn no mh?r hoarders, room partly furn.-h<xl. lora'i 11 must he above Kututer ub street. Address S M , Madison 9'iuaro Most othoe. Aoentlkm am and lady can kb aocommod atbd w ith Board in the family of u widow lady; uo objection to two younit ladles; term* !u advance; location unev ptioiiahi". A.Lite* Mi * Itrsnt, Herald office A HANDSOME ROOM, WITH BOARD, BUTTARLK FOR a ([nil 111..II and wife or alo:; v >;rutlemcu. in a lirst < house, with nil the modern improvements. Iii.piirn at lt?8 I.?mij?ui avenue, corner of Thirty nrst street. Situation very Cue slid airy. Furnished or tuifiti uiahed. A runt srrr op rooms, pcrnished, with rathmom exrl'iatre, may h- obtained by a party of three or four, either perra-bent or transient, with pnvate table if do aired. Apply U 1X6 Niutli street, a few doors west of Broadway. AIV.W RINULK GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE PLEASANT Looms, w't.h full or partial Hoard, ti> a prlvat family; house boa all the improvements; moat desirable lo.-ati.rn for bosoa-s men; convenient to Broa lway. No. 131 Spring street. Kelerences exchanged. A private family would let, with board. two or 'breo pleasant Room*; house furnished wtth g.n and lath. A).ply at J-i Kuat Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. 1 PR IV A * E FAMILY WTSII TO LIT TWO FUR liisneii k? >1111 on in* iirst. unor 10 a genueni.iti a w wire or m single a ntlemei, with or without Hoard. Thero are no (i!" or I leratnthe houM. Call at ul West Twenty tilth sit e**t, near Sixth avenue. A handsomely FUKXisHun fromt parlor, WBe<!i '?>mi atlarhad.fln let, suitable for* part) of gent lament .ilxn, single Unnmn. In a private house, with all modern Improvement!. Apply at lai Prince street, a lew doors weal of Broadway. AH * XHSOMKl.Y FrRNIHIIKD ROOM TO LKT, WITH out Bourd, uu the m at or seonj story of a brown stone house. with all the in nlern Improvewent*. Inquire at 102 West Thirty-eighth itreeL AT 101 (iRAXKRCY PARK. HART TWK.YTY FIRST street -Ijirge unit handsomely furnished Parlor and Beit mill* ell He* ..let Hint thiol floor* to let, with hoard; also, fourth Story Room* for single gentlemen. A*T*1CTL* PKXTATa AMERICA* FAMII.Y, tnc i ip) in* a (lr*t elass bouse In the neighborhood of trend avenue and Reran th street, containing all the mod rru Improvnnirnt* would leta tar ? fivait ttimm e",*t >n. If d> sired, to a single gentleman (loreifn p: olcrred). Altn-u II. I'., I'nion ?'| ii.ire l ost ofllee. FFW r-'IKOLK OF.NTI.FMFW r\S UK AHCOMMO A doted with Board; alao a lew day 'uianter*, at It Broome Street, between Kid ridge and Forsyth gtreeta. TJOAKD ? C.F.NTLEMF..V DEsIRINil NK AT. Cl.KAB Board?o\ nrrnHTR, at r? rot.rr?rta treet. i-ie-r m I ?ranga. la a Urge r>l? bona*; hatha, bate mama W?e pleaeant jnnMa. three mlnnya" walk frnrn either R ill at reel or Fitltna tear)'. Feranna wtahitir gnnrl ami permanent board ran apply aa abnte Dinner at U o'clock. Rei i rent** nepnred rnjmtow hodrk. ms iwt broadway. oyrr mrm\J Iil'a Ralnnn.?Rleaanl anha id Ronma to let, new fnrruinra. beat larinr beda, and all the ennraatomoea of a Brat claaa hrmaa. Apply aa Abota. takkirabi.k ft IWMSilltn rooms to i.rt-with IJ Hoard. anltablo for famlllea or alnfle gentlemen. Apply at 407 T nina au*eu Kefereooea -mliiune.1. r\rptrart.r fari-ors AMD RKPROOMft TO LIT? J / Vtth Bard. In a fleet clean private b cue, with all the mo dem nrcroraroepta. Hteteneni pret erred Apply at No 79 Baal Twelfth atreet aear Broadway rmrat tlass bo v rp? at jit I art hroadwat. I1 1 ntae enmeina hra, i old and ahnwpr hatha and all the mortem anprotemetiat Roonil deiightlal La-iPon rery v teart ?ihI health t fir at <laaa wble. from ft Pi ffl per wreb, ?n*li paa inalnimd. YJTORMIAHID noi-SR To t.Kf.-A THRKR RTORT AMD r hit'i Vaaement h town atone front Ifmiae, on Broohlya lleithta. 'landaomela I urn'.bed tbm-ighom. and In perfart or0' - h* rm, bath. R Ige* -at water ami all the modern UspnneuttfiMi A? f 4 at U ft?\ limi, New Tvyfe, XJ unit corn riooins, irrr lri-in titbiii, hi a pir u^im hot crislra' location, i"hor ?lib' nit Board. with the couit nrte of a good k <mr. will . all at 1M Or..ud lire t, nearly opposite Old 'lllow* 11*11. Board-two ckkti.kmrx can re accommo dstcd with a nice third atnry Room and fill! Board, for F7 a *<tk; or partial. %6 lor the two Alito furnished Rooms. without board House contains all iwproveuiuula. Apply .it 116 ThoOl pBoll ?tl rot Board?a okntleman and wife or two sin ir'e i'*nth*mrn, run be sceotnuiodat"d :h a front R um at 17s W ' Fourteenth street. Alaotw.) bn II Bedrooms far sin rlc gentlemen. Uelctencei required. Dinner a: all o'clock" Board-a of.kti.rxan and wikk, or sinmi.e gentlemen ran hs.e Room* with Hoard. permanent or trunalrtd, in a lirst i lass houai* coarenletit ;o r.ira an 1 auip. ? Apply at 65 ilumuond street. between Bleecker and Fourth streets. BOARDINO -SEVERAL pheasant rooxft, with hnnte comfort*. may he had In a motem house In the westera part of the city, genteel neighbor-bond, up mam, occupied by a small private famllv. Best of references given and roquired Apply lo D. 1. DODUE, 7? Liberty street. Board ?nrvkra i. oknti.fmkn vat tiavk pi,ic\ aant ami well furnished Rooms, with or without Board, a -B Clinton piece, near I ifth avenun. JJ gentlemen ran have a nieely fin mailed eqnare room. Willi nee of gaa and t^ih. and every rcmfort of a home, In a prlv.tte American I'tuily who nernpy a ttrat rlaaa hcnee. Relerent es en-hanged. Apply at 72 Henry street, near Market. BOARD?IN HROOKI.YW. UNK BUH'K FROM FCI.TOM fan y.BoaR HwmwWwUnw the hmirdera. Term- kKl per week; airy r<?>me. Apply at 17 Frontatreet, Brnoklyu. BOARD-A UKWTI.KMAW CAW lilt AOOOlOfODATKD by a private Kngliab family, at Retard, near Fulton avenue rare. Himklyi, beautifully Inrated. I rare* tardea. So brwr.llng huuse I ire all ui?;ht and Sunday. Addreaa B? box liU Herald office. BOARU-M CBORRT RTRFKT. URTWRKM iiRomtR at.'l bpnug. a due large airy Irnut room. aeunnd |p?>r, for two or ihree gentlemen: a n?wt alngie rerun. Hi'h, bo. and cold water , a good auhaunuaj table. Family Knglith Board iw Broadway, hktwkkw twri.pth awd Tulrteeuih at reel*?The beet I oration lu the city; bouae Aral rt??e |Ki?i'?iiea all modern Improrementa. an escrlleut table, d.iir.t r at to'c.ocfc. southerner! are Invited to call. Apply at Ml Hroadwmy. Board ow brooki.yw heiohtg.-two num.! rpeu ran t>ean iiaunr-riaierl wltli ul'-ely furi iabvd Ko una and fell or partial Board: botiee hu? all the m<> larn improvemen a. and only live minute*' walk from Fulton terry. Apply at 6?> K irka etreet. TJOtRD IW BROOK I.YW.?A FAMII/T OW TITR J J H'-ifilifn, id a nrat rust broad anil lor?u?n, cmla Uhf a frw plmv-tiil Hn*n1*r? Inqnim at 129 totnaea Umat, or U firrt-f a lopi-r'a rw? 1 ratal* ??*nu, K > 4 Km.i< atrawt T>o 4 KD 11* BIWtOKI TH ? A KM A14. I*EW EJ*Ul.A!*P lj lam;.v. < jitific r Hour* v. ith all modern impruwmrnn w '11m ? n?ra. ?p<l*uui*ly lurni-bail.ioa x*fiilcman and wile, or tan ?r ?> , < r?il*n>*ii Apply al 22 Tomptlua plana, cmtmirm uj Ckrwt church. B0AM0 I* imCOKT.TW.-A r.RVn.KMA!* AND IIIK Vifr or two amain ?nnt!*mrn. mnjr obtain ?rry Krrnt * lib Rnard. at KMi'tlnt' u alrrft, rwnernf Hula. Ramr? nraa .i kangad. B0 4RP WANTF.IV-roR A I.ADT, 11* A QI'IKT PT^AOR. In Pntmknn. n*.?r lh? rttnr. nri? R'nAlfii lldthtl Aditr**a M. H. Hnr .,1 o*cr. ainlm* which Hour and Inraaa, which n o*1, b* tnclnntte Hi ikii wajmro HT a OBMTUHaX, wirka\r? n i\mr In a prtvat* famPa; a larpa and ?ina!1 R?mn no fhn firat or aerond C .if. partially t nrraahad. In-aUnn nnt nlmr* Tw. Illicit! or tiahrur Thmr*" bmr*. >? andb*ta**n fourth an.| fitxtb avrnura. R?fer?nc*n excbanxed. Terma reauoabla. Add' *B? Kprina, H*raW <?cn. UOAKP WAK1RD-BY A OERTLEMAR. ARD I.AOT D r?'?u>n. in ? | i?l imiglihorbund. villi % widow ladf whan thorn am no nUwr tmtffl partial ?*??rd only f?ir th" cml'titan; pmnaaoant if ii'rd. Addrrw. Mating particular!, bin XVI FnM oflic. Brooki.yv tietoittr.?to i.rt, with or wrraorr I full or parjal Ih-ard. two lino lurga rnmna ou Ihr nr' 'ttd I. >r: lorau' n 'inaurpaanrd. and tcnr.a rrry low lo prrmaueot ai.'i liantrable hoarders. Apply at 74 Mnoappla itrML BOARD!? ROOKLYE ?I.ARtlE AMD HAHMOMELT farnotunl Roo?n?, In ritta w *:n?l!. on anannd and AM with full or partial board, for g?nll?nion and thoir wlvn? nratngla ymllrmrn wwhing a hralthr and plaaaant Innaltty. Th? In man ta nr?t "daan in ?vry r?np?'-t, nawly paparad and paint ml tbro-'cbnut, w ith all thn modarn tnnvumrnci Apply at n? llrnrv Mr< rt, a raw mmuia*' walk from Wall ati-nataod fnlkm (inin. Rrfrrmm tw|iilrnl ul (itrn. BOARD-A fLRABABT R?*Oa. WITB BOARD FOR on* nr twa twUram. la a nrmmmant InralRy. Rn. 4W aaal Fourth Crwl into Mwk (rrtm Bmalaty Hoard in jrrkry tiTT-oRK i.akok room oowlipoma dn? wlmlowa and two ?! ??, fur a a?n'Wn*n and a Itr or two atnclr gradamvn In a prtr.rta I .milv. Torn* mod' la. Flrasr * Mm? L. U. Jeraay Olty I'nM <>01 a. Board? at 44 we*t twtxftii street. hrtwhk.n FIBh and HMh atrmtra. want nf firth arrmin. To Mn ithornrra and H'R drltvhtfbl, with Hoard, alao a hall lladrogm RrfMtara mnhaaand. ESDAY, JULY 17, 1860. BOARD!WW AlfP LODQUU. I FRKNOtt HOARD IN BROOKLYN ?ONK OK TWO OKN | lie men eau be aeon num>. laird with H.?u J in a French lain- 1 Uy. The bouae contain* ajj the modem Improvement*. Apply at 118 Clint* )U street FrRNIKHKD ROOM TO T.KT-WTTH. WITHOOT o | J . . I. I \ > led taptwten Mudhwn square and Fourth uvennt* lM| ou i> rem. Ni>. 26 hast i*euty fourth ?ireet, iroiu ou? ui ; Kt-vf o o'clock, P M. I FURNIFHKD ROOMS TO I.F.T?TO OENTt.KMF.V ONI.Y, in a ilrat class bouse, with all the modern Improvement*. | Apply at 44 Ninth ilreet. near Fifth avenue, late 41. I FrKNl.aHVD ROOMS TO I.KT-TO OKNTJ.KM AN AND their wive* or single gentlemen, at 17 West Twenty se- i * entkitreet. XIURNIKIIKl) ?A RAKUiR AND ONB OR TWO ROOMS 1* u> let, together or separately, togentlemmi without bo?rd. . Ternta low to permanent tenants. C? location, couvenlei* ; t j car* and ii*kM , and near Broadway ; 41M Fourth street. . FURNISHED ROOMS TO I,*T?TWO HANDS#ME FUR Rooms, wltli hath, to one or two yentlMM , tn a small private family, where they can have the comfort* of a homo, convenient to the Sixth or Kiah.h avenue card. Kent mislerute. Inquire at 277 Spr.njt street TAURNIhllKD ROOMS.?TWO LA1HBH AND ORNTt.Kr man can lie ircomin stated with furnished Rootns, with lull board tor the ladim ouly. Apply at 22 Wo.Mtoi street. flOOV AND CHEAP LODOINOH?AT TUB QI.OHK | vT Hotel, corner of Kmnkfnrt ami William streets, New York. Term*, 2b oent* to :<7 eeuie per oiKht; rooms from 91 to 9.1 per west. Open all ul^ht. IN IlOl'STON, NEAR MACDOL'GAL STREET, A PARTY of three or four per* m* ran obtain :i quiet comfortable hi tnq In a privnt" bouse, nwued hv the occupAnt, having all the moitoru improvements. Priee *.'1 fit) to 94 fill e.teh per week. Dinner late. Address, with name, Rogers, box 121 Uer.ild MM PARTI AT. BOARD WANTED?TN A SKT.RCT PRIVATE fatatly. or where therti are but few bnardeni, by a yn n* pent lemon of reenter habits, where he can have the comforts of a borne; Cat nolle family preferred, l.n nuiin not above Twelfth street. Hrnsc address, for four dark, statin* terms twhich must be moderate) and pailicnlara, R. K. It, Herald cflrcei PRIVATR BOARD WANTKP-INTnE COUNTltY. KOR n small family, no or near the K:\st river preferred, and uOfn- plenty 01 a-.atnc rmiui may be bud lor borsea. Address I box XJo Foot ofllce. PERSONS WISHING RESPKCTARLE ROARDERS CAN ' be supplied by applying t. WORCESTER A CO , No. Stil ltrn?<tway, room No. 8 l?er*oiie desirous ol ae. tiring tmarding plncea .ou obtaw theui by applying an above. No charge tu advance. PI.KASANT Kill iM 8 Wl? c.xijl ItOAkll FOR OWN tlemcn and their wlv< s or slngte gentlemen oan be found id 99 Went Tenth hired, between Finu 111 and Me ker atrreta. The hon* e hen the modern improvements, and is desirably 1<> caled; line yard ami qtilcl neighborhood. Cara and stages convenient. Terms moderate, TWO OR TIIRr.R GENTLEMEN CAN BK ACOOMMO dated wi<h large, airy and ban Isomely furnished apart menta, In a la*u*e containing all the modern Improvements, and with a private Amenkan family, where there are no other boarder*: locution central and convenient to car and stage routes, neighborhood quiet and genteel. Addresa A. M., Herald ofltce. TO I.KT-A LAPTRR' BOARniNO HOUSE, RETWEEN (..and and t '*> a) atreeta, m Greene at reel Terms Sl.tJUO a veer. Alan, furniture for mIc, on reasonable tei ins. Addieits M. M., Broadway I'natolhce. TO LET-AT 91 CLINTON PLACE, NKAR FIFTH AYR one, three tine Honors on aeeotid Boor, together or sepa randy, with or without good board. References given and required. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, WHO WOULD ROOM run .ircotniriiNliilPl with KohM in n mn?ll private family. Terms moderate, Apply at i'-'MI Waalilngtou Kit WANTKD?HY A SINOLK OKNTLRMAN. A BOOM without board, in some genteel private family, near I he Fifth At?1U? Hotel, an.I where a home would be pleasant; the beat of refcrenre ytven and required; none but a atrirtly private fauillr anew "rim; the above w ill receive any altuntion. Address, with pane tilara, C., bus 3,MS Boat ofllce. YTT"A NTFP ? A OFVTLFMAN AND HIS WW* IYISH Tf to olilaln Hoard to a private family, w here there are bin frw or no other boardet*. tax ation between Broadway and Ful avenue, and llouetoa and Fourteenth streets. Addresa V P., care llrewater A Co., hex HSWi, Foot ofllce. If NTKD- BOA H), BY A SINOLK MAN, IV A PLAIN ?F >r|vate family < Irish preferred), where there are few or DO miilei*. Address W box 1.V3 Herald ullicc, lur three') a TIT ANTKD?PARTIAL BOARD IN BROOKLYN, BY A YY youn* gentleman in an American or French private faintly; one where but a few lrf*?pfera are taken. Please ad dltraa A., boa I J' Herald olte e, staling terms, lor two duya. 2AH1M(11K)N QUARK, COP.NKR OP BANK AND Hudson street s ?Ir>rxliou 'me of *' riaileid and healthiest In the city. Mranger* via imp fbe r ..all dud spacious and airy room*, with good table. T* aateru la ai tbo foot of hank at' ret. 4 ASHLAND PLACP-1 LITROOMS ON > aerotwl floor be let. With Board, the houae con tali h all tb modem Improvement#, dinner at <>A? o'chx k. ' ?>" AND 37 WFST TIirBTIKTH STRFKT. BTTTtrFKN i Ov Broadway an I Fifth avenue?southerners ar. t o.liem de Ialrmia of obtaining Room* for the maeou. In one or tlio mn?t ilnllcUtful location* In tin- clti. out now be uctnanMoilaleU wi'h anils or tingle Rooor*. fumlxbt-d or utif urutshed. Table brat j cla*.; nlUTlKt * eactunged. i A O WFKT SrXTF.KNtn STRKKT. BF.TWltFN FIFTH ] iO Mini IN i MNN n ii Mm?lj FgnhM j Room* for ntigir gentlemen, with dinner at #. 11 dr*ir?d, in a lint ci?n* bonne and with a Fri-u h private faintly. I.orauoo naaarpassed. Referem ea exriiaiu-ed. Term* mod sratr. nr WKST ITWKVTT FTFTH ^TRFFT, KFAR SIXTH v)?) ateinie, a front Room on neeoud floor, Willi bedroom an I el.wet to let. with floard. to a renllemnn and wife at til) per week; alao a baekaMoom, with hot ami cold water. Lhae at I o'clock. QO C.RFFXF STP.FKT. AIXTO.V HOCIR ?BCPIRRLY I/O furnmhed Parlor and Hedmoma, with gae and Cmtoo, new patent aprini' be<l? and everything necea**ry tor young boiiaokaepora Reaiaaerred if daalrod. Reut low to reaped a^le lenania. inn rnxrr strkft ?two haffimomklr fhr. I'll,/ ninhed Parlor* to let. Alao Rix.tua for *lugle grntle nun on rraaonuble tarnit. It) * WtVKRI W I'l.XtK HKI WKKN WA-HIX.iT'>M . ire ami Htlth avenue.? Famlllea or amnio gentleno-n 'an l>o k? Meriiy ?' < 'anin'id ii.-l wnb |>. rm?n*tr or 1.01 a.eti. Board. stranger* \ letting tlie city would do weil to call aa a ove. llouae new y futiuahed. OA Q BROADWAT -TO PKRM A XF.WT OR TR AfftSIFXT OlU Imarder*. The above houae having been thorn inbly < repaired. and aa addition of about forty parlor* and bed r-?.m? 1 autde, enable* the proprietor to offer a cbclce of rery diwlmbl* I room* to peiaoua w win nr. with fvll board. Tlie loeatlon of the hotM la iia*iirpaa*eil. Well fnrnlebed and a ren?roua table ! gleen. perm .rent boarder* tat en at reaaoaabfe price*, terua lot Iniuurni peraoua. ?l XI per day. llil MOADWAT.-EIWaEOICRR TINTTIWO NEW I U4 Tort will find find accomOMdalioaa at Um Abort plaee. The b'havlnfheen tb iroiiehly renneatml la now am 10 rrcelre rtie*W. The houao la befit no the European n. wttb reetaurant attar bad. Table d'hote at Xx tyaloofc. Trench aad epamah apoke n. CUPARTXBR9H1P KlTII KN. A partner wanted-in thr rktaii. i?rv??(h?1?s tuelne** with a 1 itnul of from aH to right lb- on I dol late. Real refe'eiico (iiri and reijuirnd. Adireaa I J., I'tuou ?iuarv Poet ndae. A PARTNER WANTKIV-A TOFKO ?NI> ENTER ai"din pull ?i'h 1 ' .1 ! SI un n* an raaaitatl opportenNT ot earn.toga hlrluy map- 'itati.e .tnd lui: .tire buau.eje bj Jdi main. \ crltaa. bu\ 173 Urntld 1 .Tine \TEW TORE, Jl'l.T 11; IN*! - THE OlPARTRKRAIIfP J^l Wen tofoee ei - Int under the r atne of Moot A Hear m n It :l.e daf dim..In I I y u.'itual coiwei.L The eltalra id th? Ifmi-?r' will be aetilrd bjr W. < Aim it, ?i X'4 Hma.i way, room So. A b b NTOU f, <iKO MKUKMAM. thtottrr-tite copartnership HERETOroRK CN AN tier the fine M IWi'll A WalermiB. i? Ihla diy ilia eelred hr miilttaleeeeenl The h-mne-a of the Ural anil '># rented I ? Waterman t llill. and Ibe bueHMat elU baoottlauad ly Waterman A Hill. f nllKl.1, HWKillr K. WATERMAN. Partner wantf.d-the advertiser wr?nte a parluer to purrhaee the inlet e.t of a reining pat titer hi one id the nuel dralrehle tamiy gnieery alneea In Ibe ntjr, elegantly Idled up A freah a!>w* nt g'?-la boeara wwgime, An , with avenr reij- mite. Hat done a ti'i?!nraa of orer Unr d'>l!?n per der Jure w#aopened. Prtncipala mly need tuiply to w?iiId MlPib* ?bati Wall IbAw tail.' * " * T> t?AWYKRv ?A uvmor Mini KXIRIllRVCK na munw in bf*A eliil nud ntninu: raaea. M dnaimn* A formine a anna m with a-nna panUniaan nr tn-m d'4ii? a r* | pet tat le actlir k aiutm A Idrww V , Manld ofllce. WMRTRO- A MPKiHAI. PARTBER. WITH A CAPTTAI. TT of $2 A*1 >r Iki* r *>n*' n r>( a aafn and |>r>iKip?Mii< hnatna**. bava/ Iha airaliaul pr. apart n( anrrraa I'uqnaatlnnablr |EOan AdilrrM 0. B A.. with raal , Duma and aditrr*-a, tlernld dkce. AQAA I'tRTMtB VARTKD. T'.Tthk > ra-. rrl.-inR. ft.r bna. ia?a la dona r.>r.??h aiat wl'l rlrar IS <?? yoar: only a ntnall capital m?iit?rrd an I nn additional onll*T. Apulr In tl?a bhippinf nflna, Nu. 1M Aumh alraat, lip wan- tflar It) o>ka-k. J $<inn -A PARTY WITH THIR AMOrjTT TR WABTKD til"" ?r. in a and aala hiwlf tknt wtl raallr* MM ft ?Rhtn ait m-nnha at win hit ahnwn npoti an lawnttw. Addm* I: jo, boa IfcJ Herald oUre. ?Uk aaanv An. aii '/?_a PtKTJIKR WtWTrn Tn TAKK THR I* ^* > 1". i?f ? "I wtirine partaaf lu an old awl wall a? ta'-'tth. . ? I nr. an .. !. .'?. ?n:UI H.maartatirSt" m?a?ik. Apply ki T. OAPPBKT A (<1., Ho 9 Chamber* tirte? .-WAVTin, A FARTHER IB AB KXOtKniBa ' ^tjl/lf. It n^Uvt, li(M and plataant Irtfdlwi "atb ? nnt?ral> naw. paylnc immnnaa profa and nnrlak. mm.npn' wnmi and narjdhitnt rawly. Apply at f?0 Broadway, r <* A j aartu a i ill r*V? WlTTtll WITH TUP AUOVI 90UU, im virt In the general Katnw KhMimi, with a ptrty Alreed? . atxl iwi.amr H rwptlrea tb? ?<tt r*a rif I* n Awikr In C II llOWl] A 111., No li^nlra imet, ?'i>|?i?lte 'I" tft "TfW\ ?AW AtTTTF PARTNKR WANTFO I* AW V*'Af " er i?1ve crnnniiTHi in tin aim ?dr e h?l..?g Ml and making I .?"< f IA?n be I oanty In Tniied and will lw awmrburd will r ; wit n< ih<- >neh>ei nwyr-niiWHty. I'a'i m Htown A Co , n-ii Tl la? Hn!Mln??. V .nd * Miaean ?WmA tu fuin t ' mfn> partnkr wavtptl. to v-t \ DiU'iU I "banmir;: mrn? n'i??nn Wft, wl?l Nm m. ' mp?"itl<>n id bring' I'D -er ?nt Addmaa W nat, Herald aOUcr. eta ling ?been Id lie aewn. No fib am uom-el Cfi nnn TO w.w-faitnmi wantpti to m wlyy.l '\7'7 '? A man il I'-liiriBg hukneai, wIM Ilk i mmpi-IMImi nart ?Mrfc brlnga nearly |i"Tp?r rwnl moil alii ial It Ai'lrnaa. tv'Inc whnre an m'.nrricnr ran tm bad. i j., low IM Herald "d ?. * WATMMWW l Ala. A TO''NO VAN PROM TIIP -<H Til WITHOUT AC. 1lalntan<-. g'i Ihe rltr ?lahea n n ib" the V rialntane* of a mint laily ' ( i affentlnnale Aapoaltpwi, with h?aiity an.| In'elUgeiee wllh a rlew In mairlm-ly. ' mminlciti ui IP o ' iiUeouAi. AUi' iti I'mnk, b>? VH licrtM oft?e. gDMMKK HE SORTS. At Muuir* voint, v. j.-wii.i, lkt for sit week* from date. a neat FurnilM L'ntluiie, with Fruit, (tardea and Stable, to a very small i .mil/ who will be careful of lbs same; la dona by the suiauilmti landing. and only half an hour's sail from New Yorkifood fishing . ad lathing near by. Kor particulars apply to WM. T. ttAulll, 115 Pearl at. TJKAI/H HOTKl, TOtlUH MINRKAL. WHIN Oft, .IHRL .JT'S lne - Thin new and magnifluent Hotel, thoroughly w,nTj ~mi;v''rlr P'o'lahm for the omafurt or iu gueeta toe Ukhu,at The waters of this spring > ar? Wo* Jtadlelual virtues of vaj in the souutry tr.ilhmr laffhn xa **}'""* bowling alleys, livery stahlra, anvler andVewnuwIe* *tr"nis ample attracttoa to the (Weiollr r *" !?.? -? Will lie found In rea lineas al iarrtlnar. four mUea owtaiit, for the r Miv-ra?oe t ligisaa, Maine. Jnne 4, IB?). W** ** T** CI.AHKNPON HOTKI., SARAToiia I.,,,.,,, Tt!Tu p. w nod el -ant Hotel is now open f r >he . ^7 The location is on ltr , Jway, near the Conrro.x Sprir ,. "Tj the modern improvements of pita, bell*. Ac., In nPr . .. ,m I It vi ill jtccominodjiU) lour hundred i'hvhu I Q. c. PI'TV SM (1LIFEW0OD HOUHK, OPPOSITE KEY PORT, N j | J twrnty miles rmm New York. Steamers leave u, Mn* >, I street at 10 A. M. mid 4 P. M daily; K few choir a K nn not ; taken. Apply ?o J. T. W1I.SON, of Wilson and Bauk.i, in ! Broadway. H. W. ABBOTT, propntoor. DAVTI) ..POLI-OCK'H PAVII.ION, WEKHAWKEN. ? A prand ''and of mimic every day on the piazza; onerai' and quadrille mmdc, Ac., Ac. The principal place near the oily u> enjoy pood air and amusement without Interruption, Bout rimoinp every Al'taen intuo'rs 'r un the foot of P orty second street. Kvery attention paid to visiters. FOWLER'S OLKNSIDF: LAKEC AkKIL, N. Y., FIFTY miles by Harlem road, thirty minutes ride by (tape, four ndlea in m lake Mabopac, ott tulle from lake OiMad; line air, uood bathing, Bahing, rowlnr and sailinr hoata free lo pu<-*u. Livery ate bin attached. EDWIN KtJWLKK, Proprietor. H 10ULANO HOTKL, COLD KPRINH, OPPOSITE WEST Point. Oood board, pleasant rooms and home "comforts at the above well kept hotel, delightfully sltnatod on th-' banks of the Hndaou. Terms\ery reaaoun'ilo. W. SIM0N80N. I A TOORBTTE HOUSE. BEBOEN POINT, N. J.--THIS J popular mnmer hotel, beautifully allnated .tm the oaiiks ot the Kill Voa KuU. la open for the aeaaon. Hoata leave pier No. 2 North river, at 7>? and 11)? A. M.. and SB, anrtfi-, P. id., WUUl umwnT wrct. ?uu Ml A. JB . *UU I I i ? 11 WD UUU Naw York, ? minutes. WKST.EY W. BILl,, lunnerty of Lafarge House, Proprietor. LAKEMOnEOAN HOUSE IS NOW OPEN FOR SUM mer Hoarding, situated four miles e?st of PeeksktU village, YVestchefct/r county. one hour and a half ride from thu rity l.y Hudson River Railroad. Mounts'i air good trivet and hath It K, makeM it oun of the most desirable locations to h?. found tor families who purpose gotng In the country. Address A. \V 1 aimer, Peekaklll Post oil tee. NOSTRAND HOUSE, BAND'S PuINT, I.ONO IRL* ND, has ta'en gl rally enlarged, Improved, and new y i'tr n:? hod. is now complete and open. ! twenty mile* from New York city, per new ste.inter 1 ?or.g In tnd, louring .lames slip at 4 P M.. 1hours sail Dining hour sl0 P M. Returning, | arriving In town at V A. M. II. B. NOSTRAND, Proprietor. ORIENT POINT HOTTSE, ORIENT POINN, IPJNQ Island. Is now open for the reception of gttesta, under it,# superiutsudeuce of Tliomaa T. Pitrs.Hta. It ran oe reached daily-by theisms Island Railroad, at 10 A.M. attd3JUP.M.ptlso. by stftamhoait every afternoon at ft P. M., frout .fames' slip. Uood bathing mid tine fishing. ST. CATHARINE'S. C W -MRS. II AKTWKI.T., tip TUTS place, keeps a tirst rate I'.niirding House on rhnrrh street. Currtnces to ui.d Irom tin artesian well tree. Kdtora to U. ft'. Uroskeim, Esq, N. Y. SKA BATHTNO AT I/IN'5 BR \N'"H, N. J.-THE AT.T.Ezhsny House is now open for iha reception of visiters. Thin liotiBe is beautilulir rtuated a- the te.rmimit of tbn Itela ware ami Knrititu Hsy Railroad, having a tine view of the (Iri an and surrounding country. Kamiliea taken on reasonable terms. M. WAKDEl.u, Proprietor. VTOTICE.-THE SUBSCRIBER BXOH TO INFORM 111* n friends aud the public kouernlly that he hue leased the well kuowu Kit; Street House (Newport. R. I.i and put the same In g'"*l cr ier, ami la now prepares! to receive and enter tain viallera for the season on the moat reaannahle terma. JOSEPH BaTKMAN, Newport, a. L UUITKD HTATKd flOTEI,, far ROCKAWaT. L. L, IS now open for the rev option nt guests Tina hotel is html aomelv situated. witntn ten minutes' walk of the AHands ocean, ia elegantly furnished throughout: hot and cold hatha. The hou-? ihhI furniture are new and the rooms are large and well ventilated. Famlltrs or Indt vidua It wtll 1;td this a rptlet au.l drairablc summer house, huun n leave the depot at Jamaica on the arrival of the tralr a. A ateamhoat will also leave Mew fork daily lor Far Kockaway. S WII.I.I ams, Proprtetnr. COl'STRY BlIAHO^ AT WASHINGTON HKIGIITK, Hl'DHOX RIVKR, FOR ty live mtnutea hv railroad and steamboat froin Ghnoihcrs Street. The Klver Sole House * now opeu for tlm reeepuon ot aneata Thlahotiae la Iveautifully stunted on tlm banks of the llinlaftn, commanding amagniticcnt view o' the river. E\cel lent nathtok, ltonting and flahing. Good H tabling. Families timl single gvDtleineu. desiring a oool, convenient atinuner reaidrute, will find thla lnr.iimn unsurpassed. The Hudson river rant stop eighteen timea daily In front of the place, ami Meruit boat tw n" a day Application for rootua can be mote at the llott lKt. Uerutain, corurr of Fifth avenue an ! < second titei. Board at rockawav, ie i? ir. v* ami. Iv; pond living and kplenjid aea bathtr/. Cuu. allon hv rail, stage and boat foiror tite time wtilj. Ap, .a83) liroadway, near Twelfth street. (IOCNTRT BOARD?PARADISE VAIJ,ET HOTEL, ) M- nrne ceunty, Pa., can accommodate a lew more boarder*; pure mountain air. good trout fishing; charges reasonable. Trains on M. J. C. R. It. leave toot of Cortlandl street at 8 A. M. J. H. VAN DORKM. COCNTRY BOARD.- TWO OR TURK* PKKHONX CAN be HCixmimodatrd wtth Hoard in**. X. J., In a pri i vnle family one hour * ri le bv mil Irani Rev Tartu Ayuly to [ W II PRIOR, 77 Front street. CV>(.NTKY 1IOARO MAY IJK OIITAINKIt AT A FARM ) bunee, In a etiinll family, ue:ir bin* bin*; three or four famllleeean be eMnmmadaiea For panlruliire inquire of O. R l'UTNKY. 17 t'orneliaalreel, near Foiiith alreet, lor onu week. 1 .Tin* moderate. (1HCMRY BOARD-A FKW FAM1IJEK WTM, BR J token ut a farm huu.v, pleeaaMly ellnai'd nimi* a beautiful titer, a abort dtaUIKe from lam* Uranch. Pacillllna for fialim*. aallin* and halhioy Trima moderate. For full parIcultra apply at IS Lerny etreei /YO0XTRY BOARD W.VNTRD FOR THE Kt'MMKR?BY A ' a i;eutIonian and a Ife, In a atrietly prir te family, are Oter forty live nnnuiea aail front the cue. mnat he f.telliuee loi Ma hath my and rldta*. A.idreat, atatina Mruu, Adler tiaer. hue II06 Fuel FtOrSTRY HOARD?AT CRD A It MARSIO.Y. AT \J Pierninnt, on the weal ahore of the Hi id ion. tw eety five niiVslr. m New Via*. lattge airy roiuit and *o<*l table, at lenaoliable r..t?? i . tnmunlr itlon t>j Northern Railroad of New J' rery, or hy boat foot of llarrtr -n alreet. Aitdr-aa Mr*, t' M. Pitta, or particulare maybe obtained of O'llara, Id bpi nee alreet. finrNTRT HOARD -TKs'TRUU.K ROOM* IN \ QlMItT " > n. nulalWNM rein-at. our ami a h..:: !. ,ra r .. >. . York.* are* a. lawn ami airy apaiim?tiu Referei.-e* J. A. I>a?id*-.n. 2i Murray atret.1, J A. Myera. M Hmadway. /NOl'NTRY BOARD WANTKO?AT NRV BKI IRTOR V ' H I . Id * tirat elaaa hoarding ho-iar. br a y mne eentv mail * b<> * ill ' m 'la In the clly u irtaa the *"y Addrem J. II. It., bo* 2.U7I Bo.1 ollloe. (YOIJNTRY BOARD-IO OR 12 l'KRKON? rAN OKTAIN ) Riatnl at a larm I. .ti?e lr a hea'thy an t it I ?-?li .q In U?" 111*;tib.11,1a tw ) hour* hy railr or h.?ti_ K ir further yart'itularaaddrtao W. R. liroolm, /urt .inery, OranN* county, M. Y. TjM.RUANTI.Y FURNISHED R'KOIrt AT TIIK llOTIXKT. Urrniain. KlftU aretme, lir el erne ami r- my at -rural at I'.irtma v Miimjr New York, will anil very cool, airy e.uia id Apaittnenta, with Imlha tim-hcd. In tlila quiet, demrahly luca tail InAel, c.ducii-d uu li e tun peau plan. T AR'.E AND DOTTY ROOMS. WITI1 I.IttKR Al. TAHI.K J I an.l the ielement nf a gi nteel h u*. rrar be "'meI at Highland Hank Building, New burn. M. \ arlu ra Dr. Reynoldana I pre?I reri.]e?. PRIYA1R BOARD AT SARATOHA WRINOS.-THR old manaton known aa WaaftMRWm Hall In m*-a foe ramiIlea and idhna w-Miing I a- oi l >he eMra'acaare and Ku?Jr of a hutei. A t.treaa Mrs. J. W. Haaon. or apply at SB Went histeeolh street. N. Y. HOI !*K?. HOOMN. A,<.. WAN PKI). Apartmknth wantko-ry a mar AND WIPE NO ehl'dren, on the eaal atda 'I town, three Kmiti wlti. a gi litre! faJBdr Addriaa K.. Ili ruld i>t> i . re-d r.?.. - rale. BROOKt.YK -WAKTKIt TO T.lABK, A MOOKRATR tfzrd oni urowhrd Hoiao, In Brooklyn. with nuV: g?Tflro aa?<-lM>l A-l.tTMB.wHh r?l n?nr, rioting rout, Ac , J. V. boi S OW hew hurt foot nutcr. fTOTTAUR HOL'HIC.?WAKTKD TO FJIU'IIARP Oil l?*hr. OotiiK II?hm> m wlwn. . HilWnl to uri it Not *? BUUuf l*i IU> oo-t tor.alnti Mi lomtoad, ll~r?ld oftrn. f-w trar ??t EVRVTsnm iiot-KK w artkt -a okmtj.rwa* *irn hi* wtt? without aMhtim. d-wtrr to rtnt o Fiirniatr.l fit lh?- lummrr nr hjr llw j??r. l-n-uil-m oiutl ho 1* IWT--0 Poitftrrnth hod Tw-Mfhtitb (trout* nnit Fourth aod Ruth hrriiuM. AiVli'M Tnuitalw-d Uouae, llcrold J<lte. Hot RSHOI.n Ft RNrri RR WAWTRn-TTTR Rl K-u-Rl hdf oi*h?a III inirrh w* rmrn I huiil-wl -t-ili*r? worth .if HmiwhnM Putufui* praHOOi to I Ant Aufu*. Aav parti** but tug ih<' fern* ran !4id a raab nuuimcr by a.l4lxmuiik flamm, H?r?M '4>'? rHKM.imTi aor.nth -wantkii. a hi nl brtrn rouvarted tain n brrwrrr. >r I*n4 m.i l>1? for t?HMint'? *"l'?r 10 <>r u**r N>? V.rt. a.ldr-aa a- a, ma 100 h"w>m aataa. Wanti d t<> rrit ha?r-* nvm aik-ritw pr?si pud CjrUtatar. Any luilnj (M ??m? 10 . tap.-* ,4 Buy bi>r of a ptirrhuarr by ? 1 Irnanar Oyr. Herald i?< * U|*AMTn-P%Rf Of A WOI'KR. CHUTAIXINH ALL T? U11 rnndrro Inyr vrBtrnta. In h r??t l<?*?k*i. I*<nr.-??i Fimrth and *?nr?nih a*nto*? m.i n-< Twin, ELI'.h .* a' re Tbirtnab ?r?' h*ni i?t?**? (OMi an-1 not A-Mrana fl. K. D . ua n A. Hprmt wtreet. T*7"AJ?TI5T*-rnil A r'lWT RATA TENANT, A MK TT di im el?*d fur. 'V*l H<nian na?l?d from U tmr 11 In HHtA arnnae. and not above Thirtieth trM. *1 lal ,4 Anjnae Apply In "Mb n !M1 fourth hrrnue ________________ WANTKII A MALI. OOTTAUE, IN BROOKLYN OR I th? My. raot ? 1 I" *r-*rl ft Hit nil, ynf; fur . i.?i. Mi. ( ? .M Mr <Arltn 1'flM *11 ? wthf i*r or fwtwvrfr.tto ROo*rw, ?? r<mi?K?l r i?:ifiirnl?b?t?r|? Hovtl. fur a * Hainan and M? ?-tf* k-r and T*' * ' mrrf.A. r.r? J Thu 1 and A rth ?van - ?, tt? ? plan. qunH Urn.If, tth S?ii?r fr<m I In S. trrma nxal b* a?<?1<*a:? AA4r< ?t I !' W . 4? W'w* ???-l WAPTKn"Tf> I.RAMt A ixtAl. VAllll, OR Vai'ATT TV l/A unliable for h. atlnm 1 hntwbrn lAprir* w4 T*?Mt Iflh Mr?m on the w<-? aide. AMrw fr It. l.-rtmbt A' o.. Ill Hi"adtra) lir vntrn-tm KXcffamok a rr?-r iimar h?har TV inUlarfiylop * firm wnbin thirty fire nllea Vetr York. I'i ice on Intii <-i?l R; .<??. A Mreaa A., bni lt>K lleraM a?' r _________________________ U*\WT' A OKYTUWA* AWDItHWTrV PART of I! ii* In >trripr. t?t. | an if ilte 'i r. aajMhreaor i f'*ir Rr? "i" with riio.|?.r? Ibii.r reman i.uhle for k< n 1? A' .?- I'link fitmtli j-rnrrrrA KetemMira ewl milled Adilrefbt A <>. R.. fun KM P?K nBee ... .- ? . ;_r_..rr Ml LI IIRRV. T AMF? ' AW TtAVK TMKIR DRKKiRK * ADR 1W T'lK lj mr t f vlr ? I at f?... e <r1oM fl >'"? v ?t UIWMAN W l-mbih mm, W. Y. rpo?lt?T| t, 4?r*n. 3 SPECIAL ifOTlCBB. AMKBTTNOOrKDH-KHOUIBtta O# M?W YOKE A.0D New Kngland Union T?]"i(rn(ih Company wUl take place at No. i Wa.l .irret, oa Wednesday, July W. 1M0, for the eleoIk b of Prenkittiii, t*ry mid meveu director*, at ?2 M. JOHM MoIKMOR, fradiflfc r. O. J. Hmith, Secretary. Abkactifci. compi.exiow.-to kkmovk TAUT, freckle*, pliujde*, Ac., and to Impart a healthy hue lo tha complexion, nw' Madam* I*wenlwf(( A Co.* F de Florence, the puriiy and library of which la ' si by Dr. ?at e* K (Tnllloii, the celebrate 1 ehemiat; and thousand* of ix nwii daily attest ita undeniable merit*. For sale at MO llroadway, ftelropolilan Hotel, and by all reaiiectablo <trujjgl?l* and perfumer*. Pre* ,'i0 rent* a bo*. N ft ?All per m8 nidrfii? lr. m redness, *uu!.uru, or any eruption of too akin, n lli <hiu >liu arne L.'h Pastille* a safe and Infallible remedy. C',.-.'.Ion?Plcuri examine the label, a* none are genuine without the oeriincaui of J awe* U. Clulton, II. I'., aud the *!?uulur? C. LKWl'NBKR 3. K rim iir.x timrnr.fiiiii.iw mr, k.iIf...thy odor >t Hitiko, r..?.p?ol?, uritial* mi I privfs A. ptyrei.tive njf?n ?t mir. sinua liitfuaea. Fi nns iti oeuta. For H.iic mily by 1). t\ KNIt.llT, MX llroadway. ViRK.-TME C.lRPHNTKR fillOI* OF WARRU n. * !<oa?\ Nh. 157 <"h*r!e? ilr'W wu deatroyed, with it* eonL',' "" the Hftrniooti of the 19 h last., but h? would Inform SI* }r" <"!<? '" i old ruatoinere ha haa opened a ahop No. < r-rwt, between rourth street and vareeuwtch nun, or i?t? ma pr. inptly attended to FKbnTkuVU,'K.!^VKHB- ^TTKNTION.-THK FROM* Inn 'o I* in !\"'n w v" t t o requested to attend * meet n"\V . It " r>' < "all, No. ?M Kttrbth avanna, hubsiiuiMii.;art- Wpanlteveu o'clock. ** J ^ ITALIAN KEBICATRD ROAP IT IS VT w. o known, enre? I SN HIMHI UJ iuL'Tti. Ju "}"**>? * IT. li, iH^^cfH^FH^NDKl PLKJH. Jkr., bf-MidPH hriuff th?J vary hnM nhali~ TfcNUKK rv#?r Invented ?.ork\ti>s PofbSffl IfcruSfri hair froui low fureh.tada, upper lips, or any p^Ha IhliPh2i? aaiely Hi.d ouukly, wanmited. I.lQOinRoiNiK ^ . f' lipa and rhreka L1I.V Will IK, for tttuhrd ied a LPJIJS lace*. II.tilt OAK instantly routVru red, gray or itchi kSw to a beautlliil h.ack or ? Uf ?khf liliniAni'S IWI'K.IVKIt OI IK.VTAI, ( RJT vM, for tho complexion. Hew are of it counterfeit. Found at l?r (JOU. RAl'Ji'S o!d established depot, No. 67 Walker street. tira-. store from Hioidway: W?,,s A I'n , Cark 4 Barnes, Hayes, Brooklyn; lireeli. Wuroester; Hate*, no. l-"J Wulilgftiii street, Hostim: Callender rMlwlelpiiU. The above articles are not 11 be confounded with the 'rmb with which the Mates ar^londed, slid sen! fit an New Yoi < at cheap rates, an J lone credits si that. Jfr. 4M>L-RAt'D'K articles li-ve been before the public the pssl t a mil v veais, and aie well hlejwu to ire ail thev arta represented to I.e. V K\V I.IKK ItV IM.Sil JOHNSON'S VCtiKTABLE OOi\ liimhn.n I ream For aula hy all respectable drupeon and t'ov*'"- Oepot U3 Maeleu la le. Agents wanted. VliTUT TO TtlK CREDITORS OK WIT.MAM OROEZB, i\ now dr iiM'd. 'the rreJItora will please present th. ir ?l?itiie to ili>- onderelfiied on or before the 22J of August, tab), at 71'' Fulton ?ii em, New York oily, that the proper dirideml may he drelMed r,nd the t ust closed .s. it. iilA.MHKItl.IN, Asslguee. New Yotta, May 21. lsiO. OVVH V OF WATER Cov M ISdIONKRS, JERSEY CITY, Inly 13 liem-Not; . to v..-hinttu and Builders ?Keeled proposals will bo re.-eived at the offioe of the Water Comniislonrrs ot Jersey t ttv. tntd A cdnrsdat. July 24. i.t Atjj o'elocR P. M., for the rorstrudlvu and ereetinu. on the inundation* now prepared, of a Cornish Hesm Pumping Engine ami two Drop f ine I'-nltr* ilthe Kiigb e llome of the Jeisey City W iter \\ i rka situated oil the Peasant river, opposite tho village, of He Kevt!l*. N.J. Also, at the seme. time and place, separata proposi ti for ibe necessary extension of the present holier ami bouse. and tli- masotiry repaired for setting two boilers. Plans mid speeili. .itioiiM o| the work may be seen at the nlth e of the liiptuei r on and after Jnlv 18 i'hfl t nmnuvsinnera reserve the r it lit to reject any or all the bids If deemed for the interest of lbs city, KKAKTHH RAN I) Aid,, Pre.sldrntof Hoard at t'ommltsionera. OFFICE COMMISSIONER FOR THE PROTECTION OK Km It rants to California, erested Mr apeeial aet of Regis IhIiiicuI tue Mate ol I .illtoicia, 114 ? xrren xtieet.?itiiporli.n! notice to I sllfornla hound pn/wengcra ?In order to Insure protection airainM Impm Ticket Sellers, Speculators, Runners, An., It :s necessary that you should procure y our tickets through the middfe giicd P*rtiw residing out of 'own can lisve sixte rooms, ,V<\, secured In edtsuce, by applying to C. If It K1NSON. Commissioner, 4c. Parties haying stocks of aoons or any ki*d that thry wish sold xl auction or prlvxle *il?. *111 be received by x responsible linn lining In ? \K"f them to* n. I'lctue address lor one week K. N. f.. box J.tAd Flint office. Tr VRAtlllKH ttl.UB?Til* MKMIIKRS (>K T1IF. above tvxlv *ill on this iTuesdxy) noniing, xl it i,'r nt Mr ". Ford's, corner Forty tirst street and Fourth avenue, una proceed 'mm there to ( roloa F ills, to at. out Itio luni rxl of our deceased brother member, Mr. William Mahcr. Tammany kocikty oh ooi.iimiiian okdfr?rroitIsr meeting.?Brothers: A regular meeting n. he tnaittutlon will tic In Id In Die i 'oiinrtl Chxmber of the great WiltX Xin on WertTicsdny, July 18. ?t liatf an hour altar the setting 01 tha sun. BuecUiiu attendance Is particularly requested, ax r ur.l* tens of Importance will be transacted. Tb? Grand Saetiern elrct wUI be installed. By ordsr of the Grand Sac be in elect. t I'AHI'KK tl, C'lMI.DS, Secretary Manhattan, Peasnn of Fniits. Seventh Moon, Year of IMai s irery. ..( J, ot halt t crdiuu*, 87. and ot the Jnautiiunu the 7Jd. milE ORKIlOING OK THE WFSTRRV CUANNKI. op X the Potomac river, above vhe Loo* BrMfftt. la protfreMfaff !? ormplftkiti :d a inoat x itiafidory u&anaer. A aeetmd out h.m been imule allonline udditiotuil width and a 4r\t\b of eighteen I#?t cm ThunaUy th? hurkantut*' Kphntim WulUma. ? pion Jfihneoo. n Teesel of large dimenm ms. and druvuntf fourteen arnl.ihtlf IVfl, w ith #**1 ton* of f ?titnb*r!iindBr*aKl on bo trd. taken in at the OtmrgeltHrs < <>*| and Mnj?pinj; linek, and m.iaiijkiUi cm.noil < ??| at Pittsburg, for delivery at O'd Point runtfort, pursed down, with two lort of water to apart!. Huaineas at the nr.lai n wharves Mild at tleorgetowu 111 shipping coal is quilt! brisk. THE BOTTLERS' PROTSTTIVK A*H<W'IATTON WJT.L I...Id a ?|>ft utl meeting. at Try liar's Hail M and 4M East lliuiMim street, on Wedur?dar evening, July 18, at dor lock. All hand* required, on urgent but-mean. TT-IltMAMR A OO.-WTOS TOrPEES AND HAIR PTRj TV private rotnua for applying. ISH broad way. corner uC IVy street HAIiKM OK KICAle KTTA l K. ANEW AND BKAlTlPUfctDTi AUK RKhlltKNUK ro* site, near Lake UleneWa, in Carmel. Putnam enmity, I*. V.. Willi ten ??? ! 1. tn-l tu trlietl, one mile from I ike tl'i|e of anti four miles In in Lake Mahopac. Apply to W. P. HAII.Y, Ml Hnauln iy. For sale - at nyack. on th* hudson, a oountry reaJdrnoe. routaliitnc four acri a of land, all under A high atate -if cultivation ami litiprortanent; tboruugkly sucked, with an abundant variety of fruit, and baring good a- d .mnv dltni" if-nee und oulbuiltlitigs au'table for tba place, for terms Ami pnrtieiiiarn apply U. Tilt iM AK I.A WKKNfiK, No. I'll Nssinu itrect. N. Y., or to THoMaH A. H.LJ.IOAY, us tba prsBlttt rjB KAI.K ("HEAP OR RXt 'IIA NOR?THR THREW abiry brick Houses, Non. R", 90 ana A law'. Thirty aecmul atreet. alan the three story hnek House No t Hert-nd street, tan ,.n.i ..... .ti ... .... t...i ?t- . i... , .A l>n*<IWM)r, if. f Fir mi titR r\rit< v.;f -fom l/vn? or f?Ror*P. t.rnr ilir I no-tor* of Ktoi irr?ii, north *ktn. Th? nhovn Mil he ti?il on Ir.etkl ifrm ki I 'tinc .1 17-uxJ 17? W.rt Forlr iu>mn<1 Kk-h'h ii'imf FRI M flm TO ?i000 W \RfTFP, RF.aI. K.iT tTK. MKR l..>ndiw or I'mntal I'mprrly, f .1<*iiW. An.. ln?i"h*ii<o 1m lonrr. r y I ?l 'tot nniii -tioioini- ml m ,ii_-m - |.| if pn.pnrty Ik m-'nllnoril. Mr. Aditrfcm Jcirnlrjr, boi Itn ll<rUil Bo . _____ _______ FAR-' for HAI.R I* KFW JKRM7T?90 A CRM*! hull a nn >? fr n i'likm landiac. thrwi it Knhtriiy nulrovt Motion ?nit n??itjr mll*? from thin ?Rrj i' iiu m, , ? ?nd nut huiirfi ?-? Apply to 'A M. S. lAl vttllr.Kl.l.N, 7U K ? Uu?? atrml. Fir'-t itaor horckr, '* a.*p ?0po!.rvb!a <rrRErr. Rriiiklvii IfrlchK nttni* fl?r mluulm' of Wall or Knl'na trr f ipm i u i.i ihf imf VfHl w tl k>** ii-mp'I hm?n alima Ir r.ut rlepant tn at fir and decoration. four nv.rira ,'il<h repirto Kith n?rry rotiwium.i ? ; ready for orciipatioft. The ntoma, farm* * ett, command the eceeerv of New Jrmny, the harW, in<l Ik ror vnrjii*! paa?runii <i ll *?' i tvr Apply to J* HdMil.iiK No M MoiiUkii? pta< r, i ?*lyn J NOR SAI.K. 1 RF.Al, RATAT1T Iff THE T?I.A*I> Of CUB*. A Too t of Blwwl hii nil arri-a of I a.rwt on the north ald? at lb* Mlar.d. bordering on one of It* !? ?? hurlxirm. Thmo land*, ptilrk em In m<?t part en.amd with tlnihar. am a'i|?filled Kith abundant ai rtnifa of Katnr and */n capable of protltirlrir ail tirefruit* of the iroplm. *nd hr ihHr rttretnwly rich *"11 aan*>lla*l<y their tofM*yraplit?-*J ponpion, they am parU* J r tUrly a lapt' d t" the ruhjr.iuot) of '.he attcar race. Ship lunfa-r Mid the be?i w" ?t* for b'lti'Unc pnrp'KM arK In great ahur.daiv a no thta prootriy, a* alan valuable cedar and mah? gaiiy. ?hhh fmm their readme** at trrm. would akin* eon*peo**le the rMahllahliijr of depot* for ifxar dMp--*al ami *IU|r> tnrnt. Further partn- ilar* can be learned "O *pnili-nti- n to M'HBH TAVl/iR * CO, M South atrem. FIR PAl.E. Ore u' the be*t Ifotela In the Jforlhwaaf Tim tmrrl'tn Hnnan St rani, la oftrmit lor a?ir la now d .Iny and *lw?m h*a dm r i good boelneie The n?i of f'lrolatmig In 1M7 wag Dirr rDUii Contain* 1*1 rooma all furniahad; Rllllard Room and ttor. In a it an *h . itDdrntundv hia buai'icatthi* la an *1relleut ?p|?irliin#y t" m*he money Hatlaf uiry rCMno given for arllliiff mrr low. Apply in of mldrma n. v. bP.n in, lrWll?Hrt, t'oaa. lj?IRHT rT.ARS FARM OF ?* A<'RIW. TW TflnEOroH P CT;.tlTi?ii"n, taonee. barn*. (UbUoa and oma?uam lanra and In (lot rata rnrwHUnn; land a rtcb deep a 11. with haauuril twn with Ha nam al...|i Undine an I Ana Hahtaic To a farmer nr a merrl?rt <)?* gffera iiumml advantagea Km* <4 arr# ?* and wt'Mn a |f? knnre nf Hi.' ntf, rm Kmg I aland C'-nn^: price H'J 'MJ. the prwluee partus a larg? internet. Ad drrM X T , he* 17V Herald nlBee I,M>R RAI.K 1 ll? \F I UK HIRER hTURT AfU? MA*K? 1 merit Imam at' nr ft III l.iwTrnr-r .rre.-t, lirnoklrn, aecnt.d .Inrw frnn '.m avenuei rmtutaa ell th.- a.lmla. nrtweWtema *i e n.ld at a Inrgaln m.nt... the n<ir"ha*n mtm. ? r?B return. Apply " j, a ckamE. M Hruadway, np atalr*. rR EAIJt?ON forty ARVNRTH RTRKRT, near Kerr* t atrrnn. a llnnae and led. ItB tilT. will he Id vary "W aa? V illi II ai.ld Immediately. want* the mriey ami (a fine " '*>* ??iMtr* EI EE HI MEM a id> 3?d Fourth aremm. rn FA I.N- IF WF?T CI | EAT F R rnrWTT, l?M< ACENN (nr<d land. ?<-?! botane, ?utbniMin?a new. atrept ?dar mill pVtio nf fruit, ftr health >, ehunhda, a>'b ?>l?, #r , c>n? tent rent one tru:.- went from Haiti t'nrnert daUrm. Harlem RmHM, ^ Itlln fdn Hnbba' Kerry atid 24 mllee in Otr, A rare rbiitnt fne n penrm In want nf a ?nnd farm. Will he anld Vtw In a raab ewet'ener. and "nli required down Apple nnui mid In W. K HAEEINK, ml Kbffhtb avenue, la Ibe >-<ad mo EXl'lf AR'ik FOR A OOOD WIWTFRN F \EM ON 1 rtaellHw h ?e In ll'.ob'vn aai un'.wiaHtr . hta-e m.iwe ly ?? I<*n4*?na1y I?i-'*?*>1 ?n kw rl?ar bank, In % t-V-tntif Tillayr In "nfcri-B A?w tort Apply I" K !?" * MAV.TlWti1 rottf aw-inl tirmmi, or l?IW<>KR A IIOLDUf, Kn H Pma ?unn -parthfw w*nT*n-Ti* a rthtctt.t tarh C??"firing a rnrtaln nifl mux- naia ly ariulnMn lr <<?na, I'rotll* ampla an I n<? rtnk An ImlMilriom *i>4 rrltabla man only Wrung with. Apply In L.TUR8 A OU., M Maiden iane, np iIjiii 1 A I Wt ~A farm or ? ai rijj, THK PKRV ni*T H'Xa'i "IP, ?f Innl fruit ptemtr gr**1 pre II "f w ?t?r, ai'n*l??l 'ti B>a village- n( <\>m <a, aiy mlie-a frnm HortHi-al f. I ; *< ?, Reviva no.) two I/ >?i n Nnttb|Kirt |ilea??"tiy Wind- I, 2* aiin* fr?.i? Maw Tnrk A,blr???<> Willbuna RnrlNpifi, nr (Jan. Tmknr, *) < hip "'la ?u?at, Raw V'ifR THfRI RK WK * ARR'WTATT'I'.M ??? KTIVIT FTi:' 'V Tn* RimtT. l?r ni artayly marling ? I l>a ha!4 at klrnman'a Hall, *i Tii-ad <} nttling," in r 17. * 0. W. WMKll.RK, Ra,*ir JirR >?*;*??.

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