Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1860 Page 5
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NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL Oar Special Washington Despatch. Wasfusorox, Jul/ Id, tu x*cr?;oim tiuatt *m cisjum?oacliuo!* or tht attor.nkt ( fxkhal The Attorney General baa given an or in-en to the secretary of State of couoiderable importance to tbose engaged In commercial affairs wltb Canada It u> in re. lation to Consular f.x'g under tbe act of March 8,1859, for certifying invoices ot good* made duty free by the Reciprocity Tr.aty Judge Black holds, first, that no more than fifty cents can be cLu-jed ft* the entire certificate, without reference to -ts form : second, that Consuls, as well as the ConsulGeneral, are subject to this restriction; ?nd, third, that the set applies to Consult in all British North AmericanJproyinces included hi the provisions of the treaty. This construction of the law will relieve commerce of some of its burdens, while it will also materially reduce the perquisites of the Consuls. Considerable enmity to reciprocity, arising from causes purely local, has been manifested here recently, but as a general policy it meets the commendation of all com merctal men and statesmen. tux 1xajuxat10m or ths CHlSKjCI COAL rt 111x1 ax? hajuions. The Secretory of the Nary has designated Captain f roderick Engle, of the Nary, to take charge of the examination of the Chtrtqut coalfields and harbors. The War Department has detailed Lieut. James St. Clair Mot too, of the United States Knginecr Corps, as a member or the rommitbioc in charge of the surreys. This Is an im portaat position, mid is a high compliment to the talent of Lieut. Mortou The geologist has not yet been ss acted. The expedition w ill leave in about two weeks, and is expected to Ik1 ab ei t only three months. The results of this examination involre un expenditure by the government of three he.tulred thousand dollars, and hence the Importance of select-rig competent officers to couduct it. Both Engle and Morton stand deservedly high la tbelr respective branches of the serrtae. tiik bovKnximT rnuxnts. Cot. if ret a during the last session having made no provision whatever for the increase of the revenue?the loan bill being specifically designed for the redemption of the outstanding Treasury notes?the government Is left to entirely depend on its ordinary receipts fbr tt* rapport, but with strict economy there is no apprehension of embarrassment, and the appropriations for objects not urgently or immediately required may, therefore, not be expended, unless it (hall hereafter appear that there is an increase of tbo financial means beyond the present anticipation*. The Treasury commenced the fiscal year July 1, with about four millions of dollars on band, and the customs revenues indicate a heavy commercial basinets, the receipts of lust week being extraordinarily large. As tbe Loan act provides only for the redemption of Treasury notes, tbe Department has no intention to Invite proposals under it at this time. pot-txasters appowtto. The President has appointed the following named Postmasters:?At Rutland, Vermont, James McDaniels; St. Albans. Vermont. John J. Deavitt; Albion, New York, 'tdsrvey Goodrich. Omx Washington Correspondence. Washwoto.v, July 13, 1860. eVsuHs Among the Office Holders? Ike Majority Uphold Douglas and Oppose Buchanan?A Chance of a General Sweep?The Want ef Money Among the Politicians? What Is the Reason??Departures for California?The President and Mxu Lane Rniovi no the Country, <?c. The calls from different quarters of the oounlry tor the re moral of disaffected office holders are becoming every day more Importunate and clamorous. There has never been a doubt among well informed persons that among those who hare been moat active In thwarting the policy of the government have been many who have been allowed to retain places of profit and trust. Some of these hare grown so emboldened by long impunity as to Join la assaults upon the President himself, repaying hia forbearance with Uta blackest ingratitude. The executive departments here are filled with officials of this description. While Reverdy Johnson and others are publicly stigmatising tbe Chief Magistrate with persecuting the friend* of Douglas. It is perfectly notorious that his devoted follower* are enjoying first class appointments in almost every bureau; and, instead of quietly holding their opinions and discharging their routine duties, they spend their time in electioneering, so fkr as In them lies, for tbe LitUe Giant, and In bitterly denouncing the President, to whose relanting disposition they owe tocir moans of subsis testes. The friend* of tbe administration in the doubtful Sutra, complain grievously that their exert ion* are paralysed by official*, who are using the power and influence of their poets against ibem. Home rule, it is probable, will be t.1 ggeeted by tbe Cabinet in regard to these flagrant cases of unbiUthilaces and treachery. It has not been the fear of the crv of " nroecrlotioa" from these traitors and their frieada that baa "restrained the executive, but a merciful unwillingness on the part of Mr. Buchtnau to turn (he iagrales adrift. Justice, however, to btmeelf, hta administration end bis own O n la, now to require the removal of thoee who have boen industriously turning their army ? gainst hia csu.-?. There ia a great complaint auioug tboaa who are stationed here aa the resident committees of the different part, is tor the campaign, that very little money has yet -found ita way to their ooffcr*. The Breckinridge Committee expected to raiae at leant dvc hundred thousand dollars, but aa vet come very slowlv. and in indaitcatmal amounts. What can the reason be- la tbe prospect ao cloudy and oneorta.n that moneyed men Ve reluctant to stake mm h upon the issue? Or are the people going to take the matter into their own hands? Whatever tbe cause, tbe tact ia undoubted, that tbe Irea auriea of tbe committees on no previous simiUr occasion were ever so empty. In spite of ail that the veracious correspondents may Crsist m asserting, there was really no quarrel and nodilulty between Senator Gwm and tbe l*ri-eident t our "quadrilateral contemporary," who pretends to know so much about tbe matter, la farther from tbe truth than any one else Senator Benjamin has left Washington for California. Mr. Cushing, It is -aid, la about to start al-o for the -Golden State What ia la tbe wind* The Cabinet sat till four o'clock to day. All the members were present except Gen. Cans, from whom cheering letters have been received. The rreatdeal and Miss lane are now thirty established At thrSoldierallloinc Wbm.OA Wear deltpBII ill rTCBlDga Um')' r?ceire tn< Ir Punctual to ifc^ m"tn?nt. as oca m four P. m Arrives, the carriage la At lh" door of the arcutive nuuiHion, And tbo Prratdeot rolls oft to bia suburban icbut Tbc weather u quite cuvl And '>raouf to da; SfW? from Mexico. icmts OF MIMSTKK N LAW??POelTIO". Or TiTK SFl.l.lliEJtOT FOBCr?. Moail*. July 1? 1400 TV (teenier Brooklyn am red yesterday from Vera Croa U tb Unt Klatrter Mr I a no wet a paaaeuger. and prtccel.' to Wash agtoo Political and military affair* were unchanged ?,ramoa was at lefoe, rudeArortagJ to reach the City < r ?ioa. All tli* foreign minlatere, except the Spain-b, Hill ro> /u*. diplomatic Intercourse with M if amen- gorermnout Row at Mrhlion K.T. OM MAN RILLED AND TXM ormm WOrvni r>. Amisc*, K T. July 1J, lv*) A disgraceful row occurred in Una place about iwlr? o'clock loot night, nt n bona* of ill fame, in whi.h pistols nod knlrea were ("reely used. A man by the name of Hiram Ok (fee was k ilicd with a slung shot. nnd two oUicr* langrraonly wonaded, one b< log shot and the other badly cot The oEJcora aro on the lookout Ibr the mur ler r. Ilemlrldt at T?lljr, * 1". Siualtwi, July IE, l?Eo. A young man named strail was shot by another nam.-t 5 Mark ham in Ttilly on Hit irday night last, Strail wan da company with ? party a bo were going in horn a ?ewIj married couple. Mnrkham, supposing Irr lit was off< red to him. ru?bed from bia booae aa they were peeing and shot at the party, killing Strati aim-el in lantly. M kli.?ni has given b?mr? If up. t -... .? SKal. Valla SI. V. * M.-tifUIKRI.T CHARACTER AHOT. Aijujtt, July IS, IMO Jlns Crawford, a n?t?l rowdy, wan ahot at l.iltte i t A dhii RMR by a iv ui Halting. propr tetor ><( i l*|rr txer mIooo Crtwfbrd and hi* jwrty went to Hailing'A abot t two o'dork io<t >trai iiulf 1 di ink*. wb,< b w< re refit# <1. Crawford rommrut rj a d tnrbance, wit t ilt..itig drew pi?tol ?nd #b?t Crawford throe time* Halting a *4 totted up U? await the reoult of Onwfnrd'a Arirsace la KrelgMa ?r til* PhlladtlplllR aad H??dlR| Rallraad ItoiAminBA, J'lljr lMn The freight* and tollt on anthrncita c<*l by the thlladelphia and Reading Ra.lroit are thin day atmH flfteen rewta per tea ? adrertwed by tit* mmpan/ AH auwinenta to the rontrarr orr ed.tertai m -taken. J MTtft PTTKU N to Cmwtrat. M?thrni tlrraR dtfamer 1w*'???ti. !?.?, tr*?e. .ft ly if, |aan * The arrow irtoRaaltip TV R. < .. W nr re' *t T)\>*? * dttTc* o'clock th* aornng. \ we't Mr. Oo?|lM' Hn*|itloa ?n1 >'pee?U *1 Hartford. lUc subjoined accounts of tb* r?ce|< e: ? Mr Douglas at |Hartfocd were received at the Hsoaio oh~e Lv! night ? (win, lUmou, Ct., July 16,180U. Mr. Douglas arrived m Ibis city at had pant be Tea o'clock Ibis evening. The Iduglas wlug of the democratic party had arranged to receive and escort him to hit quartern at the United Stater Hotel, where he woe t? have received hie friends. The Breckinridge wing of the party have quietly been at work for a couple of days, headed by A. K. Burr, publisher of the Hartford Kma, to take the reception in tbelr own bands. The result was that they met Mr. D. at the , depot, with Colt's Artnory Band and Guards, and a cor- 1 rlage drawn by four horses, to escort him to the State House, where he was welcomed. One hundred gone were tied, church bells rung, and a large crowd turned out. Mr. Douglas was grateful for the reoeploc given blm. He denounced the republican and Breckenrldge parties, calling them sectional, and claimed that he and bis party occupied the middle and trua ground, and were the loguUr urmuwBin. |wiy, uu we uuijr party wnicu couiu ka.e the country. Mr. Douglas is the guest of Mayor Demtng. A. C. Blair, who has refused to support Douglas, rods In the carriage with him, wbils those who have worked failhiuly, early and late, and claimed to be leaders of the Douglas wing, were allowed the privilege of staying out . la the cold. It waa the coolest operation ever witnessed la this city, I aa<l has occasioned much comment and merriment. Optics or nrs Peer, > IURTvoan, July 14,1444. / Senator Douglas had a most glorious reception in this city this evening. There was a liberal outpouring of the i masses. Be wss escorted from the depot by a company of military, headed by a band of music. A salute of 100 guns was tired in honor of his visit, and bells were rung and the wildest demonstrations of enthusiasm made. Mr. Douglas was Introduced to the vast multitude by Hon. R. D. Hnbbsrd, and made a short speech from tin steps of tbsltienix Uaiu, which waa received with vociferous applause. A noticeable 1* ature of I'.ie reception was thai it wa shared ui l>y Ike leading democratic politicians wb > have not bUlitto Wn favorable to Mr Douglas, and prominent amongst them was A. E. Jlurr, Hsq. , of the i Hariri rd Times. Mr. Itouslas leaves tomorrow lor Bos too. During bis stay here nc will be the gu^-st of the Mayor of the city 1 Omrxor Tine Ttxes. lUwrvoan, July 14, fbiO Senator Douglas arriv< U here thl - even me, ou 1 .. way to Boston He waa received at the cars l>) m itlilary com| anies, and guns were tired iu tbe IV? ' a h< nor. , Be was also handsomely met by a large con :rso of people without leguid to party. He was escorted to the State House si, nr a here he urn c U'fl Imnsiljl IA f lass rlltf Ktr 11 All 11 ll lIultKamif h ? intmduoed him a* standing on middle ground iv>ltfcu ill*? between the aretic and antarti<- extreme*?wher. the olivi- and the vino grow spontuuoously. Mr. IVuigla* replied that he did occupy that gr"?:nd and claimed that non intervention w*e th true pulley of the conn'rv to prevent angry idM4M lid util. .ppy results. The large crowd of live or aiz thoupani, were orderly and quiet. Mr. Douglas is the guest of but Honor, Major Doming Mr. D. leaves for Boston to morrow noon. The Democratic Electoral Ticket la Pan nsyl vanla. Hajuu>bcko, Pa , July 18, 1880. A call baa been Issued by Mr. ilaldeman, of the S'a tional Democratic Committor, protesting against the action of the Democratic State Committee catling a mats and delegate convent ion to meet at HarrisUurg, July'J8, to form a straight Douglas electoral ticket. Breckinridge la Iowa. DavasrroRT. Iowa, July 16, 1880 A call appears this morning for a Breckinridge and Lnnc mass meeting, to be held here on the 15lh of Au- j gust. It Is signed by M<?8rs. Austin Corbin, John Johns, j Geo. n. Parker, and many other prominent democrats of lbs State. Illinois Politics. BB-imiA, III., July 15, 1880 Judge Trumbull was we'imed home by the Boll villa republicans last evening Ui so enthusiastic manner. Senator Traubull'i Welcome Home. n. wn 1-, rfw; w, iwjA large gathering wa3 held fit 1 uight to ratify the nomination of Francis P. Blair, Jr., forCoogrcs-s. Mr Ulair j made an eloquent address, after which a variety of brtl- I liant fireworks, lnclodingii-ue piece in wbich waa showu 1 tha came of '* Frank Blair," were exhibited. Breckinridge Rnliftcntlon Meeting. FATi-m- n iJi, Ark-, July 14,1H?0. An enlhU8ia3tic ratification meeting who held here tod^y, to endorse the nomination of Brock inridgc and I ado Hon. G. W. Taylor, elector, addrissc?od the meeting, advocating the claim* of tho South with gredt neat. Senator Latham arrived at four o'clock and uus introduced to the meeting, and delivered a very cflecti.e speech in favor of Breckinridge and lane. Mtoaonrt Polities. St. Lotus, July 16, 1S60. The Democratic County Convention to day nominated a full ticket, including J. R. Barrett for Congrcsa by nc r lama t ion, Get era! Frost for **tale Senator. Colono Bogy, the principal competitor o? General Kroat, withdrew and made a Brock'.nrnige apeech to the outalde crowd, and announced himself an independent candidate The Convention waa not harmonious Tht Steam Moap-of-War Me ml note. No* tout, July 18.1H80 Tli United States st> im rkmp of war -Son mole sailed today oo a cruise. Ntwi from \ew Mrtiin. bmarr.MMOrrk, Mo., Jul/ 18, 1180 Hie mail from New Mexico, with dai a to the 8J ii-t., arrived this evening. The news from Santa F* la of oo importui". On the 8tt> mat. Mr. Thom|*oo, who resides at AshCi . k, tc tb -neighborhood of i'awnee f ort, dincorcrml, a; be tu,..' td,mime buffalo or approaching the mebe, sod John Cunningham, his hired mao. went out to see what they were. Mr. Tbompeon soon after beard a noise, and upon looking,"discovered Cnnmugb. n running towards the house, pursued by three Indians, who shot their arrow * into him. Just aa be reached the door be fell dead. Thon : son ran mto the bouse sod Bred three shots from a remiter ut them, b it without cflect. Tho Inu>an* then cloaed on tbe bonne and set Are to it Thomt on mad i I a way out, and baring two guns load' <1 11 red oj them and made I.. escape. A-I aa leaving he beard the report of a gU t. > ni at ' he went hack and found the dead bod> of a nun bnnv'd t'hrlit an Kr? use. who had Ue?n murdered by the tame ladtaos. The dead bodice were decently buried by the cimtnandmg officer at t'awm o Fork The I' liana i took ull t'te clothing on the dead men, and scalped lb m K route bad been In tbe emptor of fnpta.n Scott, and w*a I yi .r to fc|- * Kn kl"'>, TV,#,*',. I nft to; f inr buttle aritli Hid fll'l j in-' 1?> IhO troop-. alio are tu pursuit ot tbcra. MarkrU. rsii.4Mi.raiA stock boars. IHh-adm niu, Jul J 19, l-MO Stock* flrtn; tatrtlfu** State 4'*,04, R nd.tif Railroad, 21 'i ; Morrm Canal, 60 Uitif UUtid Kaitrcwl,12'4; 1'eniwylMinia Rullroad. 30V H'Obl eictunge ue New York .it per. IUiTtsoK?. July IS, ! ? Flour doll Howard Mreet tifl Siiot .in.u: >1 H 24. Wheel ectiT* but lower red ft 'JO e ft 20, whit# ? e ft M Corn quirt end M'-edy yellow ii H t dOe., white 70c e 73c 1'iuvirioo* ectire. tA Uitkey el *4y *t 20 i.e. PmtamuwtA, July 10. If*) Flour dull *ele? 2.0no hbl*. aiiperfln.- at 14 2ft Wt-el Crnt mUcx 0.000 burir-M) red new et ft 21. white, ft 34 a ft 40 CortiMady v< lisw ?t M ? |?rk. 419 20; print", lift 20 lard. Ul'4c. e If1, Whwkey etcady at 21c a 22c. Brr- aio July 10?1,1* M Flour and Wrhaayed - d-m.nd moderate * quiet .md uncliaoyed, n<> alee except aine'.l milling 1 d? lorn dull and beaxy aalet 17.000 buehrl.. at 18c. a 6?.\ for food to prime yellow lllinot* 'lata llruier 'iW, A,000 liuehi-:* Wx.weui at 53Ht. Canal IretqhU ateady. Wbiaki y nominal at 10Uc. Iuii??rie?2 000 lihla. flour. 11 000 bu?h''tM 71.000 l#i?hel? earn. fciport*? 100 bhls flour. 34 ?00 twbrta wln-at. 07.000 bngbela mfl. Bi ?t?in, July 10, 1000 Flour dull, demand confined mostly to the ?uli on town iWbeut dull. demand confined to amall millf in? loin in bug*, at prwea aflor-llac no criterion of tbo roodition > the market ( n? l"wrr -tn*l n moderat* demand *alr? 'JO **) h"-l..4? IMinotn at VJeitl '"Hi burlr-ia yatki* *' it 69c Oalr iirtn al 12 <* budiola 1 Wiwoo>tn in4 Canadian nl .V,V . Wh:?k' jr n'mmal, at 1 10',? Canal fretcht* uoehaiu" d. Imp* rte?2 000 hbl?. flour, l.'i.OOO bwliel- wheat. ?.' ???) bnaa*ta corn, 3U.OO0 I br-hel- oatr l>t->rtf?1 OtJU ''tile dour. 2,000 bmlrll i wheat, Td.OOu bu-l U corn. O?w?<io, .Inly 10?0 P M. flow uorltany^l with moderate demand for b?ai", interior iD'l furl' , n It fwO -"lOhbh at ?. "01 r i itra ' Jtate. fifi 2" a $7 mr f'mrite do-ible e?ini-\ Wheat an tot i 01 JO ,, aOoat. torn b' I at .">* t f?t',r , but without 1 and ear let tale* of 4,000 hnabetg ttilwackee eluh at I buyer*. Oat*, bailey ?nd r)? hurt. .e. Cnnal boa? armro and fre ijbl Iirtn: flour. 2flc.: wheat, fir.; corn, 7t'r. to New York. Impolta?400 bbl* flour, 4H000 buabcla wheat, U4.0M0 d<> corn. '-6.000 do. naU K*port*?2.300 bbl*. nonr, 6.0W) bmhela wheat, 54.000 do ran. 2 754 do fe.1* Ci.--.-*nn. .July 16,1W |r\.ur oul*t ?l to 25 for iprln? eiln, dehrered Waoat dull at 91 06 for So 2, la at?re. I <m very dull, and 1 ^c. I. wer t-alea 47,000 tuabel/at 41 a 4? . io itorw. til* dull, and 'ic. Inwer aale# 13,?JO buahel* at 25?*., in More. R-ictpM?500 bbla. flour, K.S00 buabel* wbrat, p-.i 000 bnahe'a r"rn, a.'iOO bu?he'a nela f-'blpmrnti.? fOO buabele llnor, 100 buaho,* wheat. 146.000 bu.-lell torn, 5.500 bbl* "*i? ?>< irhm a?lTan?Hv! >;r.T< oa c?>tu to ibitao. ."tf'U etrbao/e i.g New Yerk l?t |?r wiit tltBM. rw" it J 16. laflO 1 r very du' ; new i>*e-*-t al 61 > Wii*?wy ?tftdf a; 17c % >m b e * f? J * at uvf. y . p? ?*?: w 1 615 b: NEW YORK HERALD, V tie hi,Tisi itnan ? tie nun. i Eauaclpntton Adiirtii of Edward B. I ?tirrhlll, (he FaflUh < hriitUaKy ad the Indian Mutiny?The Kmantl" patten <|?r?ilow?Condition of (he West Indies?The obarnatlou of m British Phllanihraput ta Jamaica?HI* Welcome bjr (lie New York Clergy. Edward Bonne Underbill, Eg-j., of London, Foreign Secretary of the English General (Baptist) Missionary So- ' Ctetv. IB in thin* <m hin ?rnir homo 1"^" ?t>? Went Indies, ud by Invitation yesterday forenoon addressed a | meeting of the clergy of New York and Ticinity, and other persons, at the rooms cr the Baptist Bible Union, in Broome street. He has been four or Ave year* engaged j officially in visiting the missions of his denomination in Indis.'Oeylon, Qurmah and tb" West Indies,and the object of the meeting was to hear from him some sccount of the state of those missions. Some forty or flfly clergymen were present (among them Rev. F. O. Netllson, who was lately banished from Sweden). and aiwut an equal number of ladles. Rsv. Dr. Giucm presided over the meeting. After the sieging of a hymn and prayer by Rev. Dr. Webb, of New ' Brunswick, the missionary agent was Introduced. He is a plump, well conditioned man, thirty Ave or fbrty years of age, rather discursive in hia style of speaking, and has a ; peculiar English habit of misusing and neglecting the letter h in his pronunciation. Mr. Uapkhsiu., In the Ant part of his remarks, treated < f the mU.. >ns in Asia and tho Ear' Indies, the character of the natives, the mode of conducting mtsstonary operagtsas, and the-1 ->uccees; the progress of translating the JBfrtures, Aio. Ho represented tli*Hludoos as a highly Melligrnt nee, but In a shocking state of moral and physical depravity. Some of their "j undus," or scholars, he raid, were in tbehabit of reading the a ritings of Theodora Parker and others ol his Scnool, aud m tuy were atheists. but lavorably deponed towards '"hri.-' i mitv. Mr. Underbill next *polu> of hia late visit tot bo \Yest India rais uarics lie liaa visited Trinidad, llayti and other West liidia inlands, am! bad S|x>nt fire montbs in the island of Umaua. ami was prepared to den,. . utterly, the statements that either emancipation or missionary labors ad proved a failure in that island He had left Jamaica and the other West Iudia islands with a glad heart and thankful to God. All the islands under British government, ca?t Trinidad, were Christian islands?more Christian in is sort than Europe itself. There were more church members in proportion to the population, and a greater attendance upon public worship, he thought, than in any other j>art of tho world. Iu some islands not a single family was accustomed to being absent from public worship, and the same was true to a great extent or tho is la 1 of Jamaica There could not tie less than 190.000 people in Jamaica under direct religious instruction. At the eastern end of the IbIsd I there were few missionary and a scattered population, and, therefore, less g-'Un u religious instruction, but in St. Anne's bay tborc ft.,s not two per cent of the inhabitants but were in the hsolt of attending worship. There bad been, it was true, sluoo t mane nation, a considerable falling away from the churches; but that was attributable to natural causes. '1 lie excitement attending emancipation itself had died down, and there had been time for tho purification of tho cbun he* and the exercise of duo discipline. Beiore of nandpi lion the people were a great deal iu the hands of tho church leaders, who were mostly uneducated, illiterate men. The missionaries could rarely visit the p'antations, ex 11 by stealth. But since emancipation tlio leaders were more Instructed snd were directly tinder tho eyes of the missionaries, who were better acquainted with the peepi .and altogether the churches were more thoroughly in the hands of their pastors. Hence, there bad naturally boon some considerable diminution. Again, the cir cumsunces of tho country were such an to constrain great number* to leave their original location* and roaort to more mountainous regions in search of cheap lauds, j- t there wetc not sufficient agencies for reaching 'wanderer*. Another cause of decrease was to be tv a in 'he diminution of the ministry. His own ninety | tmii ae them but very little, merely furnishing them j tiftv, n or sixteen native pastors annually, and they bad I I rv,v_\ thing else at their own coat. There had been ! a c d r uution in the Wceteyan body. The great want ! tf Ji mai i at this- time was more ministers, for each one i i in "al < L> an average more than two churches under his I cm P. cliivl been,since emancipation, a great improve- I uient i Hi,.cation. In one parish, at that time, there were, out of ttvc thousand inhabitants, only three or four who I could read and write, and three or four years ago there were ti the sauie district i ighte.'D hundred who could read. The piety ol thia p<s>tilet though not as refined and htgu toned as in English and American rhurches. was sincere, earnest and devoted. Otherwise they would not support tboir pastors, build and repair their chain 's, aud maintain their schools. Government made but very i limited appropriations for the schools, and the people, , under the direction of the missionaries, did everything else. The antagonism of tho planting Interest to their | < ducat' u had been very great till within a few years, w hen t ..ere had been a great cliaege In the character of that 11 ivrest, and more attempts made to improve the moral >ind spiritual condition of the |>eople. Tal.iug tho wlude islands together, they had reason t > sing :-oiigs of grateful praise to their Father in Heaven for,his blcsi-ings I upon their mutaonary ellorts. lie rsine now to ' the more secular and |iolitical aspect of tho question of emancipation. It hail been aasrrtc ' here, even a ithin a few day, that West Indian cmancipatioa was a dead failure, and that hod boon urged aa an apology for the alowncss of an emancipation 1.1 tins country, a- I even as an argument in favor of keeping the blaric j* it ot thirfi ouulry and Cuba in slav.'r> MUttbtr, lbs .in t did uol bear out the argumcnl, and be Was red to say that it was utterly fallacious. la t ur.i pUoa emancipation was pot lh" cac*. , , Erg Ion (1 now receive* from it* WVet India p-wwoaloi.* a I much sugar a. *he < ror did. It o. true ?im- dot* not re ceive half a* much from .famaira, but llie other Island* ; make It > Whet lias been a failure in Jamaica has >>*so S great j .ponty u Trinidad and other islands.v If, then, i muncipatiou prod sred such sad result - in .'amauMt. how will you account p.r nppo-ile rCSldta tu the otter biands. which were uuJer {lie -am? hiiuenceut The fac *v , that neither the success in the one nor the decay in Uu-other had anything to do w ilh emanciiialioa. Iloth prtwprrity ard decaj were attnb table mainly to 1 good and bad manage mi at. In .Utnaica there liad a want of skill and enterprise, and 1 Uoirurtion of property from a variety of raises The West India islands, it ?a well ?unwn. enjoyed a high protective doty on sugar, even down tu the ernanci I The unial rrauita followed In Jamaica, to wtl ? I uii killuJ cultivation and dependence ii|ioii the margin of protection for prndt". iu-t*-ad of food luanagesaent ta pro f durtinn .if, 1 mami?arftirr. Hut the withdrawal of proi tcctlori wool* not account for the dreay of Jamaica. for protect) -n w.m loot In tho otlwr i-land* al tho xantc tim*, an<' j t Ut'-y a]! continued to prosper. Therefore neither ui?n> iput.oo our lb*-want of protection would accoMt | for n tun.Trial drear m Jamaica, which was un*ioe?tlou | abl<*. Tho Jamaica planter* ooiupla.ord that Ibay could n< I got laborers. ami -aid tba people more Idle and careless. H> wan sorry. but bo ould not conflrta that story for lb** plautrri The fault del not lie with the people. Tb'-rr wm not, ttking one thin7 rritli another, a ra**rc mdi"triot.a jieaaantr/ on car t: in lite jreatanlry of Jamaica The raine of ttit* produce cultivated by il. 1.'.?* of Jamaica r o.-ben at leant two Btiltbeia per annum. lo fart, they produced whatever wt* produced, r:iJ that did not pro re idlence. He bail croaard the rountry three times, liad travelled a thousand mile* in it, bad gone Into 1 Umi r cot tag's In the interior, ha tall, -d with them in all ' aorta of placer, had seen great numbers of nice, comI fortable houses. abundanuc of clothing, a people well drc-M'il. house* tilled with good furu.ure, and all the evIdenoc of an approach to higher civilisation. He had cen men wbo were penniless at the line of cmaocipai turn now |*oa*e*aed of large i?roperty. He knew of ono man buying ?ls hundred acres of land,'and of another ; renting two thousand arret One white planter told htm ' lie bad seven properties, and a bUik man managed each . ot th? in, and nild be would rather have a black man fbr 1 jnd .ut-irttr than the _>ja.erd?r it white men la ioMI MMftik.n* TV re wero MI#, wickrl people. *cJ b*dn#'- > Mm immi Mala owti u m 1 Jo w Vci k < r loodon acl m the mountain* lhay would | firrt W orUrrlf, W'-ll cendurted ar.d dcceot a peae.intry as anywhere Id the woflU. The population eojatfrd Id ?i>(nr cultivation +?* Dot tt? Iku. anil he iVoR-hi that hualnrvs ?a? not faroraMa, morally and f>pirltuailf. to the i?opta. for their inlofft tie doubled wtx ther Hut I culture *b<..;ld be et?c?vira*ed. ft fore emancipation a tnujocity of thair church leader* war" maoa^-nt an t driv i on the eatuUa; now that DfcnD did not oonatlttrtD a , tiatli i?rt < < their MHbt r tab of ibe bent clas , wwaM n>t eotaf* ta snfar c Hi eat ion, w Uao t bey could mak. n.oon more m?.u o*n esienalre b?ldliifor then ' r 111 ibe i >n<l flity or amy thouaaud bla< It freed, c ? A'taokt ilia only i^-ii wbo were acnimulatirs itni' y the nefoc? *Tb<' planters eoaM not jrt laLjc r Uie i. i ? ii V ilo (ie..|><e I'oaM make more at le i e, ltd a iar?< .at t rn ^ratlt n iuto Jamane would ' b> n -a? ry even u> a 4 .r roll.ration hntanci patbMi, wbeth'T ef.tidoa If m ? r^i*<">'? ? or ? HtW pi till f atew.bad not tw?? * failure. Oie planter* wrre ?>( wl at tbey u? <1 t? bo, an d to the pr->pl<i It bad ' born V! I l.ffllinl nod The in-* lit utriliur ?t Jadlou A | told lum ho won Id ? lerl thai i?land ??f all ptarr* to abow i the feew-flomt re*u)t? of i rr,.n. ;p..inn tm tl?e mountain* an' beautiful valley* i< Jtnairt, aniundir the l abed* f t it* mat a tr"? ?, ml*bt bt found U? u <u>d* of m<-n and w men, u- I only Christian*, but up rip-hl and honorable, an l Milting to tkmda llmii lin t an I thrtr .blldr-o. All lln-ir faulta canw from dupery, and all their Virtue* fr< m em iu<:i|i*lion, and lot toiled forward In tlie tint* when. under M> hleaalng. all Ui? I* would di-ap|?ar and ?ly the virtue* rurnn > Ktt. Pr fArrrftor ?ngfr?IH that a committor l a vp I pointed to thank Mr. I ndi-rwnud. by ri wdotioo. for h;' ad Ire'a, and ct|>re*a the aenao of tlia incline ?* t<> Ilia kubject* Utaled iU'T M<*?rt Inthrop Hague and tfyrknO were ap palatcdfetmk romtnitt?< Mr. I ananuntt, in rr|?ly Ui a nue*t, m. ear" it a- hi* ( pinion that thr reboot* ratibli^lii-d by tit" British government lit India bad brro r ouduch d In a *p r:t >f brnlijily i to Christianity, and had not only prevented tbr spread i of the i.oapcl, but bad Ibareby tenth to bring about the ! latr mutiny la anrarrr to a (tcation by Mr, .f I*. I.tidlow, lie raid j tlio Jamaica phntrfl oppnacd in it pntioai. u?d op. | prrsard the pcaaanla, while tb 1 platilrfa of the other island* < nlen-d h> at lily into the apir I ot ttiWiacipnlioit. About a third of the ogport.-were the prod art of in-y?o labor on lands owned bv tlnm-ehra They appeared to have no animosity toward* th ir Ibmor uiudcia. Mr sola Hon- of ib ink* to the apewk<r were ret?Tli I and unanimously Itwsod, and the meeting re. ,r-?t" I ith a pi <J I bj i'h . P. 'I ? 1, Jhmjt < lly Nrw?. A Yhw r*t Tar**"** nvnn?m tan ** ?* FL%?fit?r? Prerenal Im rrsin. ? A > r*r4 Uvnid*' ?U>rrn p?-?r*l ??f it m y ( t\1.1 > , i1.iv "n. m il 1c lh? < <r r" <>' 11 in* ia t'n lijthln ( kt'n' V th I*rp f rr ?'1 rwii' r*it7'i ? ?' * n?u. ?UaMc-fot u?? j*>k? *ol ntwti|piytri itf.pitl la tW l:n??<Ul? Tkii?tf. \ v v,k ri? ' tr> :'j> a *?t wa??t ? I', i i fl i.ii wtJ r I i< ?il iv ? ' Vt;? i>* \ itf 1 i,# \ a* D i,? tTESDAY", JULY 17, i860. OUR MILITARY GUEST} ' Thf ('lilrsgo 7.iia??r?^Thrlr DHU In m?. 1 dlson Sqatrt?Mnatr at Ik* JLnfnr^> Hewf, Sic.. Otc. This rareiiert company, eince tbe;r uoparkii.-led ft-, billon drtli m the l'.u-W on Saturday U*t. hire beeu en J?yiug the hospitalities of our m.lttaryanl citizeae and deserved.';- so, fop the very clever manner In wb.?.h tb?y acquitted thesDM-lTei on that ocaneoc The aimple announcement, in Ins mora og papert of yectcrdAj, that the Zouaves would g >e another drU yesterday afternoon at Madi*-o wi n-f, was sufficient to call together a large assemblage. Long before the hour designated for the d-iil to < <mmcnoe the spectators began to arrive on the ground, Uftiuus ?uu lai^iawuui iu bit iur cjluciiquw u?vi;> m the Western soldiers. There Is act u mere di.v*dvaaUge oua plot ot for a miliary display or dru." tlina Madison ; square, and why tt was selected for th' occasion is a question we cannot answer. The General Supertntendent of 1'olico, Police Inspector James Loonurtl. ku i Pollco Captains Turobull, Wili.amson . Cameron and tk.wling, with detachments of men from their several wards?In all about two hundred?wera early on the (round, and formed cordon extending entirely around the square, keeping the spectators baric to the edge of the main path, and reserving the interior of th? square for the nee of the Zouave*. The hour announced for the drill to take place was two o'clock 1*. M-, and at that hour there could not have been lens than fifteen hundred persons present. It was a quarter before four o'clock before the Zou?v?t mad* their appearance at the entrance of the square They marched into the square In two ranks, and were loudly cheered by the spectators, who by tiits time numbered at lent six thousand. At th* time the Mty wan becoming overcast, and evrything portended an early nhowor. Too Zouaves were marcneti to a central point in tne square, wnorc tney I form<<d a circle, the officers in the centre, and were drilled ! in the mw:V. d arm', shoulder nr?8. secure arms, Ox- I ing and untieing buiouets, charge bayonets, and the ! loadings and u iugs. Alter a abort rest Uxey wore drib <1 in the sebiiol ol the company, and marched in column by plaloon^and company, in double ranks, and at quick anil doubts quick time. In the skirmish drill, which formed i the last part of the drill, thry deployed by flank, extended intervals, closed iut> rials, rallied by lours on tbo centre, a. and monteuvred in tbo bayonet exercise. The topogrr.phy of Madison square, and the many obstructions caused by the ticcs and beaches, prevented a full d.splay of the dmcip.ine Of the fcstIM, und th" consequence was that they did not acquit themselves with tliat precision and correctness they rib blteil in the drill on Saturday last. We reiterate our opinion, expressed in a former paragraph, that wo have several companies in the first division that ran excel the Zouaves in the leadings and firings. While the /.onaves were marclfng at a company frout, at double quick time, one of tbe m-mbers fell down, another one ran against a tree, and a third fcli over a bench, but uone of taem wore, s< riously injured. Alie* the Zouaves had been on the ground about on# hour a heavy show or of rain came down, aeconlpanied by a hauvy wind. The crowd thereupon broke tbo police line and ran belter skelter over th< ground, to tbe great inipcdimcnt of the Zouaves in executing their manieurres Hie rain p ured down in torrents, the military staked arms, unrolled the r red blankets and put them over their shoulder? to keep them from fee'dug the effects of the I storm. Hie crowd soon niter dispersed, and the troops tnurcbcd buck to the Sixth regiment ;.nnory. Among th?? military men preaeut store Col. Marshall IetTerta, Brevet Col Shumway. Adjutant J. H. Liobenau, ordnanceofficer dragoon*; all of the Seventh regiment; ex Col. Abram Buryca. Into of the Seventb regiment, und Col. Jo?. C. Piucknej and Lieut. Col. Took, of the Sixth regiment. The two latter uccompunn-d the /zuiavcs. Company C, Thirteenth regiment (Vttional Cray*), Capt. .1. 8. Morgan, are to ewivf and entertain the Zouave* in Brooklyn t Jay The Grayu meet them at tbe.r auartors. Centre Market .NVivVerk. at nloeA.M And escort them over, visit the Navy Vard, Ac , pay their rearecta to the Bon. S. S. Powell, Mayor of Brooklyn, and tha Common Council, after which they will proceed to Washington i'ork, to give the Zouarea an opportunity to go throngb with their excellent drill. On their return to this city the Zouaves will b? entertained at a collation bj Company F, Waahlngl >u Greys, Capt. I render Buck, ai the armory of tho latter, over Centre Market. KNTXRT aitWIKT IN HONOR OF TUK ZOUAVES AT TUB LAFARGE BOUSE. The 7ouave* were entertained last evening at tho I.v i fcrgo House with a splendid supper, given by Company H, Covcrnor's Guard, Sixth regiment, Captain Schwartz.. About bcven o'clock both commands as-cm bled at the reg mental armory in Centre street, and, accompanied by a in*, ai nine ocj.iw, ?s iu<- imo nmierttand Um* //.uarea will go through Ibr.r ckhrate?1 "PkitmUh drIU'' on the fpmilid deck of thia ?e*?et. Una of?i oiionitjr will no doubt lx? fried upoti I'/ tuioy. an I lb. ladle* particularly, to witaea* lit* Bo*. I and -Willul evuluttoti* of tain o rp? Till MX'iTKt IK 1IIOOWLVV. t<? TH* muroa of m? itnuin. Bnoocly*,July Id. 1MQ. In lbn oi< rtiin|'? edition of your raliiablo pnjv r I tee In your article on our "military rv.erta" frotn Cbeafo, a little error that may mirlead some of our ritiarna, that ' if. ibat tbe Ziraarn will pra-ard to tart N'-w York to | drill, ioft'jdot which tbe t.raya wilt eioort thetn to the I W?flilh|rt<? r.?rk. ab'-re they are to drill at about throe i . clock P. M J. A. MOWiAN". Captain Company C, National Gray Mtw tork trrr oraao. The city Guard, Cat*. Manaficld liorol), will rtwit K rt Hamilton Inmnrroe for the ntirunie of drillinff at tbe gum and Urg't flrlog Till* atparmrnl i? mad*- ?? a tost of the availability of nnr ritlwn a ddiery 1 r>nr d. fi, and ita n-nit w ill (>< on" in which every cit.aen of Now York ahonld f<*l deeply tnicr.Htcd Ubiiaarr. TWK IIOK. JOIt* H. LIHI'KIK, Of (IKOttOtA. The lion. J hn H. I.umpkin, of l.oorg a, d.od suddenly en Uc !Hh inat., at bi* rrallrnco m Rom". to that Slat*. I Mr I. ,T;kin was bora la OglHborpo county, Oorgta, .t ,r,o 13, l<12 If' was educated at franklin uxl Yale : iv I l'-r -cm" tiir. .? S.-. r.-t.-?rjr n tit* I'W : I it Iwjwrtm'tit of ticorgia, rtudieS law and was admiti d to the l>ar in 1W. was elected to the ftvle Ie?i#la- 1 Inri? in 1M3, 10 ia.J? bo was 4<l?citor to-noral of the l b? r<4?e circuit, au.l hi> was a In GmgraM 'r m tc-nrgla from 1*43 I) and reelected to tb* j lliirty-ft'tirtb Odtiia. Ho alao bold the oSee for three J. iiirn lh. Dwrn.M Tin nl O r! %nil thjkl >( /n<1|? at ihr Fupn iu? Cvurt of ibc Mate. I nltfrt UtatM Dlalrlct Atlornrjr'a Oflrf. Jt i t 16 ?The I rut 4 S' U't rt Urnriqum Tb? <1ant Ir li M v 'i' <i on ? charge of flttm* o?H a ; (.lever. Mr. 1" l'.ia*ton, of Attorney MrcH. mm offered ?i'> for I?..< <* a < *( ;*' .tan Tbe IMntricI Attorney r ! rtcr do, after ? me . (emulation, m lo ih i auflrloacy <,r lltt ball. Hn?*l lf*T?na lAllrrjr.?Th? following *. oile r* <tre* tbe onnrlpai prin tbe drawta/M June 24, I 1-.Wtnb'"?. 1'ri/r* IJTowSrra. Fr1?e |K m'ert Fr'rea. r, " umintii r.-.M H?).m>|i7.6?; ftu.iut ; fc. M ???#' 2.ii7. 4 hi*. ? m. 4."is Mir* ? i*. rm i?,i i?*t. X I. 1* IW. P'/7U 1" 144. I" *40. II *"l, II U II 12.110, IS'T. I.I 412 I?.a:. I, .? ?. I-ml. I* ItiJ. IA.470. 16..26. IIWv P> Ml. 21 lev 21 r*V. .'1.4*1. 21 711, 2l.N0 22 HH2, Xi *?. 24 a 1.1. "I I 21 W. "Ml-? 24.M7. 2*1 m !> IIS. IXOCC 27 430. 2T.b?4. Jff.TW. -7.W4 26 "IV 21* 266- ?l UU?e? h Vf.n rei;'.it i?. il?r uKnr <ir*wtew *4drrv? IV>* R.?4r*.- 1 *- ?ie (A ?:M| Ft*' 4 'ho r.r4??m. P. I'. I lirawia^i of the Delaware Stat* Loita I H-A?irooit. h'I'txco a?i*?c.-*at um ft l(w tn , Ba.victar ?vn Rwtii turn rorrrniaa. I>?; ??.???y?T*? t'lAXP Itfl. XX Jvi T 16. 14*1. 7*.. 26. 12. Vi, 14. 11. 76. Mi, 27. *. 47. IB, M. 1* it *?*< - ' li? No. Xi??, J?.T IS. r, I.-.. 6>. it. 6?. :*> ?o. 4*'. 41. 27. 41. -V W Uilrti'O w.inl?<t<?. t?f V WliOl?. VI>UT AlvOk. I.. .Jt a<Mr?irt. I>r>ivl??a of ? raatc. Hrosdbfiu 4t t 'i I'? . r* I fTf >. "?tr??r*i"r 'n? !?<.;??? t* 47, I 4 i. if,. S2. W 10 K\. U. 4A. ' '. v. . ii ) J?rr?*t.? .wv.ti*. J-*.? U ls?i ' , ' 74 '.'4 77 1. ?. I" S V 4 ? <V ' ?* 4 f? 1. **.1 T 'v?ivm Jw|rir^ dozen or more Invited guests. marched to the hotel. The Zo' k'? were attireil in their dress suite, black clolh coat aud blue {%ote, with white stripes, which became them admirably. Along the route they were greeted warmly by the people, and their quiet, easy, soldier like bearing was the theme of general comment. The large diniti; room of the hotel was set apart for the sapper, and, though not decorated with any ornamentation, pre rented a gorgeous appearance, with Its ma-sne chandeliers and costly curtaios four large taf bits wcro tpr> a<l, and a sumptuous repast, conn-ting o meats, ices. lel'.cs, fr ills and all the delicacies of the fctewni, was provided. Mr. Wheeler, the proprietor, was '" ij.'h a'teut ce to tbe wante oi tbe guests, aud doi vm cre dit icr ths excellent tnauncr in which s\eryI tc a *?-i arranged. ' t> .irjy H a.11 (.her guests arrived near eight o'clock, a .id :t?nt,/ prAc-?"ded to the dining room where the I - v, <1 without delay When all the good I t t? had b- -n despatched. and the warns of the inner m*. tif .-o* j d y attended to, (isfM Haw tan rose and said?Mr. Chairman. Cadets and it'erns-', i an] commissioned by tvdoael Pinckney, :.r.l in member.* of tympany H of the Sixth regiment, to exp - to yoe th? adrairitlon wo bsve fbr the high state of di.-cly: ne ruder which you are at twesrat. ('apt FxiewoKTu, in pxik.ii>.-, said be begged to thank the gentlemen of the Sixth fer the flattering expressions whirh I tad It, Tltfrt'il ktul ajMpi! th*t vital Ihnv Kn.l dine r>tl,p-, ri zbt also ilii, and by ilrl ginr? and car* nttan the tamp proficiency They h.?d le-en treated wlih k ndBn s aii?l lion tu.lltjr i vff attic they led Chicago; but the ri?*| tu? given them Id New \orit. bo itiought aurl'.i -ail all other*. l>oih in warmth and alw the tritoinent heir arrival Itad created i apt NHt irti propocd throe cbeera for the Chicago j tuoetr, which wore given with a right g.-n * ,u, winding i op with the luiivorrft1 tiger." i apt. Euawonni tin a i ailed on the (ladet* for a cheer ( In return Thir :iwy guv a in thi ir to manner. I Three cb' 'tv ? i then given f r " tVheeirr. the p">prtet 't'r winch tin- o mimi.y rt~e rut proved ?t to NililoV la<'aire TlflT TO TTU Oltl tT HM"P. The Oh '-ago Zouave* have received from th' li.rretir* of the t.reat Mi ip Company an Invitation V? v -*t Ka.-V rn. Colonel Klfeworth ha* Mgime 1 h % aci *ptanre of the ItiTitution, and ha.i rob* t i! Weilnceday morn OWLetm: Orairirft ' ?f 0*vl? a CO IOnMMiitole* UttrrtM n CuaiDltt. J% ur ^ 74. 4 5P, 66, *7, 6 11 ? ?. M. 10 ajJ.-OiSS DAWS * CO, A. ***?, a?orfA u?mokJfi Hlurtoffrmpfe. * ?W ?lll?Wtom'i * . "?* cw laet* lave.-uto ami LA ' *e* Two '?*/ aiat W" ?nUo3 r.'Mt. tlMve' * Baker's ( *Wbmi fcOIHRUSiS S.TfflWO MAtUn "? ~?e (j ue f0r family a '# 96 i*r?4vr?. *<** I lie f uton atra HftK*!;-a. j orai^^5uSl^!LH?*^' Brw*w?>% toner fc.ll. ... n ?.vet coaled oa u* *urop?M pta* mwah M blakey-S. T. Balt'i KrntarVl' Skit r*. iV. jtxmx, kold by a. dntgirista. iiki.i v * n *??0 ' W hT 1C, aad&^^'.ir T. j Herrlan's Patent rhampioa ?tM t\nd B.u-glar froof MCM, Ml Broad ear, comer or Kunwreu oet, ffrj# Tor*. St?lawaf d Sou' Grand and Kq .ia.-a Piano* ara warranted f-w fWa 7f ?rv WarccoonsBlaafl Bt Walker r.ree*. Tan Pnoada off Cofbt for One Do War.-. < Tan pounds ?uparlor $1 60 tea poanda finest $1 80. You get ' ttk!? on.y al t'HRIKTIAMtiOM'H, Mo. i Chamber* air set and ' "lb Green wick atree'- 1 lleenan t Sayera! Tommy I Jerome Bona parte, Greet Eastern Ihttographa bjr MRADE BROTllRRS, for *a> fit titio Broadway, cpposite the Park. SllFlat Shlrta for 98. MOODY'S Shirt Manufactory. 381 Broad way. ! While, the Hatter, Ahead?Hew Shapes In tine Straw Hata. 1S,000 do. from auction One dollar each, lit Broadway. MM) Mincers Month and fl.OOO Acres (forth. f to our democracy r>f eoual riiata. Photographed ?l , HOtJtW Oaltory. S96 Broadway. dlrehngh'a Illmalva Wis, Mi Knlln I ttovulty. Parting* imatMabia. No turulug ?' behind. 290 j Broad*-*?, next A. T. Stewart A Co'a. Wheeler 4 WUhb'i ktwlnt; Mtclilaei. OBre 60i Broadway, New Tort Barry'a Txlrophrroai Is (he Beit and ' rhenpes'. artlile for dinalae, beautifying, curling, cleansing. I i>re?ervuig and restoring theimr. Ijidiea, try u. goid by a.l ariitcq'et*. Dr. 9Var*h ( onttnuri to Apply hli ItadN ral (.Hire Iron with at-CCCM la effecting permanent cure* of Le.nia. or rupture. aAHHH A CO No, 2 Veaey street, N. T. Bat< helor'i ll lgi and Toupee* have lmprn .entente aurpauiug mTT others natural and easy, perfect i a., and do lurntug up behind, uo ahrinlung. No. Id Jtoud street. ' Dlan licea and Oytentery ire now Cut. | Inq :he ahitd. w of death into ulmoet every family. He ndt iaed, , euilerere, l'?l. a to the voice of truth; HOL.L.OYV At'B I'ma are a certain tore, they net er fail. Try them ere It U too late. (rtatndoro'a lialr Dye, IVigii and Toupee* The lied lu the world Wbrievilr and retail, and the 1 l?ye prlvutely applied. Nr. b Aator H-uae. ( ?trh 'rm-l ttrh 'em Alive W:gh man's Fly Paper rentRins no poison. One sheet \itehes over :hree the'.wind flies. Depot No. 833 Greenw Ich St. Iftll, Inimitable flair Calter?Hair Dye WcenU. black or brown. Depot No. 1 Bare in y street, ulJ by !?U druggists. F.mbellUhmrnt and Treatment of the Hnlr.?Orsy hair presented. Consultation by Dr. URANDJKAN on ell their dtaenaee, Aitor place. Married. B'iows?DoroiAM.?On Monday, July 18, by the Rer. Dr., Thomas Shown to Maruakkt A. IHholam, botli of tbia city. Albany |*?|xrs please ropy. Futot son?Ihri* ?In this city, on Friday, July 13, by Her. John Brash. David FUNirao* to Chkistina Imius, formerly of ulasgow. tiiovv.r.?Bmvorr.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, July I, liv Rev E. M. Johnson, David K Clovkx to MUd I'-mltt Bvinsiat. larru ?CooncK?In Sheffield, Mass , on Thursday, July 13. Mr. Arahtl M. I jttih to MIm Fjakn Cooea*. eldest daufhter of Hon. Fred. Cooper, all of Sheffield. Maes. O Kin 11?Bai.i.inoham.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, July 14. at tbe residence of the bride'a father, by the Rev William Keegaa, Mr. Ht (.a O Knur to MIm Mart Anni, eldest duagbter of John Bellingbam, Esq., all of Brooklyn. Knttu?<Tiu ?In tbia city, on Wednesday evening, July 11, by the Her Pr Carter, at tbe reaidcnce of tbe bride'a j>? rents, No. 101 last Twenty siatb street, Mr. Jaoos Nana. Jr., to Mama, youngest daughter of John OU1, Esq., I all of this city. Died. Amhrnt.?On ttinday, July 15, Maria, wife of Samual I L. Armcut, in the 44th year of her age. Wlien we recall thy suffering, We are thankful it it o'er, But ob. our hearts are aching, For Wf will nee tnee here no more. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to atteud the funeral, from her hue residence, No. 878 Third a.enue, this (Tuesday; afternoon, at thraa o'clock. Iansingburg papers please ropy. TTviikit ?I hi Huriiliv rvpntnir ,1ul* & Untorin* I Illness, Cmujtux fbouaa, aged 3? years and 0 moo lb*. The friends and relative* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral from hi* late residence. No * !i0 laurenn atrert, corner of Spring, this (Tuesday) after noon, at two o'clock. Ill* remain* will be taken to New York Ray Cemetery for interment. ( hi nnota.?On Sunday, July li, lira Majcttu Cnracim, in the 74th year of licr age. Her relative* and friend* and those of her daughter Mr*. Elixa Sim*, and her eon.*-in law, Jacob D. Gnats Thomas Ootty and Alexander BrookOHd, are rcepectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from the evidence of Mra. Mm*. KIT Varick *trcet. thia (Tu?*d?y) afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remains will hq taken to Greenwood Cemetery tor interment. rhlladelpf a l/"dgrr please copy. Faux.?1The remains of Maxi Mkdora Fax as, youngest child of Tl.odore Frrau. Fv*i , I'm ted i-law* Consul at Hrlfaet, Ireland, who died at that port on Monday, June 4, will be interred at Stapieton, SUlen Island, Ihia (Tuesuay) aflernoon, at four o'clock. *ii niM.,?Suddenly, on Mocday, luly 14, at half past t? Ive o'clock r. M., Hfvxt Snrr* futnivo, youngest aon of ? ni F. and Mary A Fleming, aged 11 months and 14 days. "Suffer little children to come unto me, nnd forbid them not, fr?r of such I* the kingdom of Haaree " The Irlend* and relative* of the family are respectfully ln\ ited to attend the funeral this (Tu<*day) afternoon, at (our o'clock, from the residence of his parents, No. 43 Catharine streot I. a ir lav On \l? Iifliav Vitlv lA ! m mihrtitr rtAal 'Imi A W , at ih>' r.-tidotor ol W It. Avery, Joww fiaotoc, only r >n of Kiclurd aud Isabella t.arliy agod 10 moolha and <Ujv. The relative* and friend* are respectfully in vied to attend the tubcral Una (Tuesday) afternoon tt three V I .Kk. ?.oiiinKT.? ftt. Macday morning, July It, Mr* F. Commit!, } owngrv t daughter of Antonio A*>y, &?? , ol Havana, Id Ik 29d yew of b<-r age. The friend* .in I relative*,aad those of ber brother. Franr nco A*ny. are respectfully mvkt?4, without further noli*, to attend the fnneral, from the rivudeaoe of ber fa in i'y. 'Ml Went Twenty record nrewt, thin (TWday) alu-rn<Kin, at 4 o'clock procwcly furito Principe and Havana paper* plraae copy f.i?v ?<W Monday, July Id, Jinan Otvww, the beloved child nf Jatncn und Margaret Mlynn, aged )| month* The friend* and relative* of the ramify are retpectful'y invited to attend bin funeral ibia (Ttemtay) afternoon, at two oY lock, from Uie residence of bla parent*, No. S12 Moil street III n si .vow?On Sunday, July 11, J own C. Hrinawruw, | ted 55 yiar* and 2 month The relative* and friend* of the lasnly and Star of i itetlibhim Lodge,!'. A. M.,?rc respectfully Invited to , attend the fuueral, from hi* late rrtideitce. 571 Urgraw I hlre -t, Brmklyu, on Wrdnrwday afternaon, at threw O'clock, without farther invitation. Sah m (Mae-.) paper* pleaae ropy ?At Hover Plain*, ItoU-bea* county, Wiu-iiw Mk.ion. aged id year* md 1 month A *pcvial train wtll leave the .few Tart and Harlem Ka.tri ail limmir 'i iletmt roroer Tweatv tlh street and fnnilk Ifltc, at * yiartef paef ten A M , to meet In* fun-tal at Octon Kail*, VcMrMtor rnwndy The roetn b?rf>t th* TViow <* Kr*tn la Magh' r Club and the mmbfr* of lb* Kaorcad I Dion A*a?? .* laiiou arc rvepectfully inv ;U? to attend ll<* ?Oil Monday. July It. after a abort at <t reytr* iiln*??. Ktdtaaa, wile of W illiam lir laugh tin, in Um 70* li )' ?r of bT ?*o. The flail* i* of lb* family are f opadMly ln*lte?t to attend the funeral. Ihathw lata rcaidenee, No. 27 lacrena tdreet, corner of (irand. llcr trimat will bo Uk?o to Calrary G metery tor interm-nt, oa Wedneadiiy afternnoa, at two o'clock. t ounty Itrrry and California r?P*r? yleaae copy I'ammm* ?fin Saturday, July 14, Mr*. Man* I'utout a, widow el i apt Reotien Paddork, aged 74 tear* Hef rrlalirea and frlenda art reo|>coifully toailrd tn , atund her fltti"ral. thta (Tueeday) afternoon, at foar o'clock, from b*r law- reaidrnee, No 3d Kaat Tanily. eighth Ktret t, * About further notice Pmoiaai'.?Oa Sunday, July 1. ti the r-Kidau-e o| her on near Li*er|>ool, Ma. Kiiaaanti !.** . i Pnioi. a i w don of the lat* lioo Samuel 1'rtolean ami daughter of i th? |n<- Major Jamea Hamilton, of Cbarbntoa. g. C ^ed I M year*, h month* and ? day* "Blc ed are the dead who die in th? f/trd. ' ?^i it* ?tin Monday morning. July itk ?/le i*i.liort tflnrii*. Fur*>, **cd 37 year*, of Aaam.*a. aauuty \ Armaab, In land Her frt"nda an-l *c<|unnt*D<*n are r-oprctfti i ..riled t to alt* nd tb>< tun. r*l. thta (Tti*?d*v <ft?ro *>i at Imp o'clock, from her late rr.ld<m.e Na. )'? east 1"- rty. named nlrerl. I TnoxM.igtt -?On Sunday morning, Jul* Vi. Hr*s ?rtt, f only child of June* Stew trt and ilenriatu Tho'ndUa, j ?*"d 6 year* and 0 ni- ntliTliO mlatire* and friend* of t)?e tumi'y are inr ted V> v tend th-j funeral, front the r**idem<? ot k?* trrurvlrnoUw , :.f V.. *t SfTentia utb *W<et,th ' (Ti?-lay, raorv tg. at ten n'clork, Without further nnt 'e Mi>fm.iAHKwyt. AJWAT* atmivTHIIIO K1T?. foil Wood * IteWorecre t edtal and RV?d Hawwaida, I forthaeureo *?.veral de jfc..... 'a war * >e?a er--ng Irom ee| *ma*> ?> djapet>w?. n?r - w a nigh. *?** .*, tartnlad fooa .wwi .If*. I.rer eiraguil . a, W aneaa. l ea of a,>n??Jta, fern* e weakneaalna'. atage* *-*r in I recent in* eraunetloa . of iUe**n*, ti r*rt?uMy la* UeM and aaotl agree*).,* ?o-.tla MOn'" and reor.eet-1 ?Tf r e#e -ed "Vj Llw. aUb ed, and no r wentt e^ m'.ined uatobe the m /g | e*reifult -a.* eaer k??wr 1\t ir?<T ?. ? ?* *? " It *1S?I) r tr**' W, *?,.<t' til Iff #Mf ? W?-w : H if *??"> f * ?u. I ? I '.?? i m- J*' - ?, ??-% ?4, o.j wo".*, u^?r ?wr *? i ? ?. . .. 4 ifi ?** J ? - A. 6 *ii*cmuL.AMwaovh. at whl>uc8alk-hk0arff tkrt CHMXT cajmk buren irt UrUad to eiuniae. Borntaa iMnillil o cmaka. ffhrinr jj alloc* rfrrmFTw rrrrr rrrrr nw vrtrrvvnrrv tyyyt tyytv sas aw rr ry tx tt 88 m ?l? tt vr rr as jfjj tv tt StW f w tt aaa yv ,*? tf " ? F>;jf ytyyyt ?j3T ??il(r ttttyt 88sm BALLOCF batk5t. i*j?r?>rkd fhknch york bhtrts, Futeninl Kovemhtr L Ifl?. a nrw ktylk of 8hikt waltraiftbd tO pr, F*?t by eipren to any part of the Catted ffcatea oaoa ? - eetnt normal of the following meaaurea, which wliTtaeuan * ^.erfeef Or. Jor $12. $U. and (34 par dozen. Moarim forwarded for leae IM naif a dozen ahtrta ItoMMM an foilnwi ? Nr. k -The 4?> oaeo emund It Yohe?The mmtrnm tvtm the poiun Of rtr'a ahouMrr. Bleere?The length from Ob empire of ihr Her it to the wnit, with the arm bent. Hreaet?Db?r"?n<l I he bodr undBr the artnpil*. Wdbt?Dbbans . around Alan th? length of the nhlrl. * a- nV ** *lhe "Kl,r "wea-iraa we CM r ran we a pet-ram t of our newgyleof the ., JJaVHflvgn KRF.N-H T(*S SHIRT. Aleo, importer. ?ng dealer* h RKN h YURNlrtRINO ?0*W. ha i.ix) a brothers. bVWenCe oHere wX>^e<t ' *? ""*?*?* KeW ^ KIJXIABD PAIiACK?FIFTKKN HAHHTT.RD JR ? >4-' leet. Court and Reman, BrnoRy^iSiia,..".miLft BABHPORD'S etaadard Mbrda, \*T TuAoa \Z No^Am! Challenge any for r.paed acd true anglm. Boudoir nrwiiro maoiikkh, harkis ya ^n TbiJ arlebrated wew improved dooNe thread, nrtr-ernv $40 Salaerooni No. $A Broadway opposite lie St. rf>. ? ATORNS, BUNIONS, INYKRTKD NULS. KMotU-.W \J jotntr, and all dlaeaaea of Oe fee' rjeil wtthmn pain auIneoaventenre to the putient, |vr Dr. ZAfUAHIF, Sturgeon UjwopeOiat, 7?0 Broaaw ?j He, era to pnyeirlana and ??. geooa (.t the rhjr. IjrVTRA KDtTION !j kxtra wd!"hon. KXTKA- MDTT10N. tn r-Kijeqnenee of the great demand for tie NEW Y )P.C II.I.l h'l RATKIt NKWH i-iir.iatninw?l?rtr?U* the ..lW . i t the til-eat Kaa rm and Ulust ration* of Uje bfrnnd Haoqaec pit ru them At the Lafsrft House, briLte.i sketches from our ?rti?! in-Sletljr, and other Important scenes. wr hare besa or ct uuwtrd to publish an EXTRA EDITION. Th'i |. the only paper aold on board 'be tiKKAT kastbrn. Re Mire sad tmjrtkrNIW TORN ILLl'STRATED NEWS lii kale Vvcrjishere. Nr?i aai*t knit w ont'm. 4 the purlin possible moment. ROSS A TOW KY, General AgenU. TTARPKilS wefki.y for Til If* wkl'k ii totj, ot J1 rau'lful pictures, delltflitful and useful re.dlujf, Ac. Price lite cents. Harpers weekly for this week is koll or beautiful pictures, delightful and useful reading, An. Price fire cents. ttarpkr's wkkki.y for this week 18 full ot J 1 beautiful pictures, delightful and useful reading, As. I'rlce tire cents. Happkr s weekly for this week is full or beautiful pictures, delightful and useful readlrg, As. l'rice live i aula. HARPER'S WEEKLY FOR THIS WEEK IS FULL ot beautiful pictures, delightful and uaeful reading, As. Price lice cents. Harpers weekly for this week is full or beautiful picture.!, delightful and useful reading. As. Prire five cents. Harper's weekly for this week is full ot liemitiful pictures, delightful and useful reading, As. Pries fire cents. Harper's weekly for this week is full ot beautiful pictures, delight! ul and uaslui reading. An. Pi It bic cents. 11 \RPVR S WKVK1.Y FOR TIUS WEEK IS FCU. OT m A- j/iviliji , urujiuitiu Aim uaenu iraujag, ml l'rict* flve cents nAKIKR'S WKKKI.T FOR THI8 WKKK IS FCLL OT hef.milnl picture*, delightful and useful reading, As. Price fit e cent*. TTARJ'KR S WKKKLT FOR THIS WKKK M FULL Om Jl beautiful picture*, delightful and useful reading, to. 1'rlcc (ire cent*. HARPKR S WKKKLY FOR THIS WKKK W FCT.Ii OT beMiitlful pictures, delightful and useful reading, Ruhr ice five cents. HARI'KR 8 WKKKI.T FOR THIS WKKK IS FCLI. OP beautiful pictures, delightful and uselul reading, to. Price live cents. HARFKR.R WKKKLT FOR THIS WKKK LS FULL OT beautiful pictures; deifghliul and useful reading. Ac. Price lira reels. HARPKR'8 WKKKLT FOR THIS WKKK IS FCLL OT bcuutiiul pictures, delightful and useful reading, to frier five rente. TTARrKR'8 WKKKI.T FOR THIS WKKK IS FCLL OT J1 beautiful p.ctujea, delightful nnd useful reading, Aa. J"lice flrc cents. HAKPF.RS WKKKI.T FOR THIS WKKK IS FTTJ. OT beautiful pictures. delighdul and tuieful rrad-ag, Ae. I'rtre lira cents. HARI'KR'S WKKKI.T FOR THIS WKKK IS FCLL OT be .11111111 pictures, deltgbtlul and useful reading. Is. We Bve cent*. HARPKR* WKKKLY FOR THIS WKKK UITIXOP liesutiful putuir*, delightful and useful reading, to Fiiee live cent* TTARPKR R WKRKLT FOR THI8 WKKK IS FCI.L Of* ji iwiiMurui piriurre, ueufaiitu ana uneiui rettui, n Price lip i a. TJARPb'R'H WKBKLT FOB THIII WKKK IS TCI* OF XI baniRlIVI ptclurra, dcilghUui and useful reading, 4a. Price five cent*. HARPKR S WKEKLT FOR THIS WTKK IS FCXL OF beautiful pictures. delightful and useful reading. 4a. Price five cpdW. HARPERS WKKKLT FOR Till- WVKK 1^ ITTJ. O^ beautiful picture*, delightful sad tiaefu. ir*, 4a. Price fire cents. HARPKR B WKRK1.V FOR THIS WKfflC l? I UU. OF beautlfnl pictures. drUghtful and useful reading. 4a. , Price Bre renin. HARPKR S WTBKI.Y FOR THIS WWX IB FFU. OF b*.titifnl pirtoraa, delightful nd mef-i rr.u.ig. Ac. Price II le emu T I ARPRR'R WKKKLV FOR THIS WKKK IS rCU. OF XT beiuUfnl pictures, dr ightful and useful reauun. An. Price fire cent* TTARPKR B WP.FKLY FOR THIS WKKK IB KPIA OF XX becutifnl picture*, MQF..I1 "d useful i id.ig, 4a. Prlee flte tenia. nARl KRR WFEKLY FOR THIS WFKK H HM.OF beat.ilfiil pictures. sells btf id and i.-ef. ruaUtve. 4* Price fire renin. nARPERH WF.RKLT FOR TIIH WTFK IB ITT. OF lieanllfiil picture* delightful and ttaef . reading. 4a Prlrr ftre nnta nuivi i unlit v won Tula irvi ir m rm I na jl boauUfal pmurrj, doughnut and umIuI n Jaii U I'mfli* oua?p, HARP*** WKKKLT TO* THW WYYK JH rTIA O9 hrualifti'. pklu/oa, Jrlt|hti ii and uMiiU roawtiag, At. Filrcti?o ceatw. nARP)RS WKKX1.T FOR TIIIH WTtFK IS Ft'IX OW tM-? pkeluroa, dolifblfni and uaofol inx.loi, ke. PrMSto <*??. IKrlPIVHT COK>?rMPT10*[ W POHITIVWiV crxu? I I" I ' > I" Bodifl ' *. rnp; aian. oraifffca. no oaai tri M h. ? lorf Mamilnf f* la worth Ita woipht In gold II por Iml ,m it I>r T?d> w' Vnw-UM l,i'.imru doped. M I *cv (aaitt itrw' NOV Kt ACT *HT. Mann aroarii ?? re* PL A WTA TIOJT, A S?rtnr*? v*)***""* Jncaau. Containing noun/ 31*) pa*o? at roa?Jm* manor. Ihorotod to tfio iloTotioo of N??ro PUvnrj, Vital. tMPjnaUOad, nnronarTad, In m ill Kid*) and point ill Ttow. Tha waoat Ill ml or ooaialMt amoag iwaiijr ry.hrr articma. tho fnl.ovac - wi:!nm II. K ward aa ft Prnoolmiia'nr la Uai.rgta. Waltor Kiuly'alnvnfulliiOmniaChaSwCUw. Hope. Two or throo nt Mr Hnratt'a Hlarn Trado ,w| monia. Aiuin o ? I.ul>'. I bo Oi l Para IP.nan >*. my I'm + Mmoa. or. Hkotohon it I S-. WWt inHUtot*. V ?t 4 *uwr ) r ?np*Um'.i*n In oach ll#?rt Two Homo Dwll. O'tm-nJ rut |?r*. Mm ni-t>. Acrtrnhnral Viwwo o< iSw lu Tfema* Ptialdlnr. Kl|t?r A. Pnr Panllno di-'Irtitan Ditium Hrmn lie 'bo I>?iIjioUi ii fit?Chorrh. CV?i*a Hj ?n fnr too Iwtd)rvin.illlVrt. iBfniM Aprirn *'iro for tko Pr-'thora Pt?t< ?. It.-mum '>r HiimkjO;fr, nw mtlrn ?oll nnwlo llonon. mnrpta la p?*t lib <?j nod prraatt* Viwnnv. P.* Hal. M W TVo Aontrja !* " * , Rba'wh JSoto ?nd Pm rj pmuma kifTwttear A Oirmialnlof P'tifKnf. Plrtnro id ikp'Ogoin )V? k Rnrataf Thr .*?*rn la I ho * nath. Ikwum wl IVrUiin Hat*"' ' Prmputhj IMoo hiuoM I Taw nthr-. \ y. WIluiaiw ?ad Anonloio. Klitm-* T?b>. Ti i M.Mnrriin.ioi. *a?lo oplw. SI IS h*k| iw?U ki. i * r 4.1 hi V UW?1 Htolr, <1-. -orwlat < tho O'lr" /TUMCY a *VHSV.U., 1' .wU*'7?.lnhU *r?*V. M. T . ?.* , J. A. F'TOK KhMIm. <>*. ak> w?at?4? to wl??a liWnb tn?t'K*n??mUi atU S? it.'r+x. P\Mori iimgnimi, I ^ilK RKXT M 7'i> W?iRJ ? |; tVnr'l ll'r XlWItii IlK "? V i* \ *!> '??* i a ?nuli.l..ll2 U?tii . >* It. utttMi* a,-|?*. < . ."? < mjj a.! .Irngt " 'iw t 'rtr.l . aad I1?. .?Ja. V.ktk\nm a co.. A r \T*xr nwi>iaiKW*Rn *injt 1MK.UX1HM T.? Ml fOW kR a N il V f KMIN P' nt AC T ? * </ truly rwttaMa anKa m '* ?.-? dm m?1I . t.?. iHA lacda. r*-ara tnwrta ra'a ? .J akr rrn ?! drfwk 111 unmti ??> . * j| hf all LM"VV*I> I'l |*?d. URANH sul'AHK \RO YI'COT.O 1H|?R?*T M kXtTl Ailt I.AU, WAUKKOOIflK a* lt!U>AJW\r C> wi*o *\t mxvs ro RKRT AJ*J? io* uur. i* A1 th? !? flint Ma.' ci*aa v> ?: *; *1 a Rwal %a rati ??4 '<* , try kafora purrKi-na Raw \i>rfc dawl ia Mnrhi?* Kaij^rtuni tad Hro?Uwajr, n.nww at dro>taw?*wai. rJML? rut RKAirrriL tajSrk r_,_. . trtflNU * MTU" A; iHtmnritPKniD nnru kacvaw.. , W?nu?*<Hungi bt nn?. ?, W.OA? A ?'Ot, * 4 ? ?'.? v ?h-. <? > rftkl, M | "WW cwwiw**1' * * ?*t . ft % '*1 W"*nd MCiWA^phl Wt> ?r 'J" ' r 'r* "' ** ' ^w^VrHy?55$Ar~ *

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