Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1860 Page 7
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^ SHIPPING. | WKKKI.Y OOmnWirATIO* KT HTK.t* KKTWfflMI Npw York and Liverpool. c?'i!!ir uf Qn s-ustow u. Irelaud, to liuid mid embark umn9Ugi-l* Ml I dc*j+u l -4, Tho t..f r pool, Nf? Yov t kiwi KuUfeh Coiroiny'ssiibudid rivdc bull' Iron fccrew slenmiuJpa ..m: uiicudod W ??il oj tfoMows;? run* jrrw tor* to utertoou CJLA8UOW. Saturday -1 OTTY OK UALTIMOItK .S?,iinl?y ?uik 3d "V IOO Saturday 4 And every Saturday throughout the year, ?rum jnor Mo. M Vurtfe river. kates or rA*?aoe. _ CKbln to Queenstomi or Uvi rtiotM *7B CKbin to IaukIoii (vIk Urerpoal) ^ Wteerage to QueeaMdWB or Liverpool ;*J * to 1/onron IV " returu tu keU. available fur su; mouths, from LI ^ Psmoarwni I.L lLr.i?.t to Havre. I arts llarabur*. lireiooo ??d Antwerp at thi iuah rates. Uertarsk* of paaaafe tanned from Liverpool to New York>W ! " Quffusl iwn " 3d i Theae ateamera have superior a. onmmial stioua for paawu ffera, urn onnatruoted with water U/?h? oompartmeuta anil onr- | ? experienced surjteous. Fur freight or paasaxe apply at the 1 Sthce ol the Ccmpaar JOHN' tl. IIAIXII Hrosdway, New York, Agent. | In L-verpool, to WSI. IaMaN, Tower ltuildinga. In tilaafiow, to WM. I.VMAN 13 Dlxuu street. j gTKAM-NKW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON ANI) IIA Vim. The VandrcbHt European line United Statea Mail -Chips tat. be'ween New York South iruplon an I Havre. From New York for Returning trom NmUiatuptoti and Havre and SuihHavre. amp Ion. VANDERRII.T, Lefevre Sal, July tW Wednesday, Aug. IX XLL1NOI6, Orkliu. ... 'Sal., Au|. 11 .Wednesday, \u.% 2"J VANDKRWI.T Sat., S?pt. h. Wednesday, Sept. tW ILliSHiilS Sat . Sept. 2d Wednesday, Oct. 1J j VAN DKH HILT Sat Oct !Ki| Wednesday, Nov. 7 . These ships hare water u?ht oompan nenta. VanderhlH. lin-t cabin, SUM: second cabin, $60. Owuflcate* of paasage tamed froin Europe U) America Specie delivered In London and I'arta. X). TUKKaNCE, Ace' t, No. H Rowling (Jreen, Near York, id, U. WAJNWRIlfHT Jt CO., 13 Rue Faubourg, Moutuuu e, i'arU. X. N. CHRYSTIE, Havre. OAKPOKO A it)., 67 Or.-ieo Church street, London. A'U?l.Arr, cr twivur..^ a o". .ii-v.upoJii, FFOYAL MAIL 8TRAMS0II* PERSIA FOR LITORPOOU? J v The J'KKSlA, IJ. ii. K. Judaimi, commander, arid Bill frurt v'a; stream oo Wednesday ue?t, irfib lust. A ?;e cube at will ply 'between the company's w In if ,u Ainwjr t-"Uy, and the Persia, Irotn 1 to 3 f*. >1., U> convey paaseuifers and liHKgeKO on board. In consequence of Uia ere at number of persons who ff(> out m the until strainers, and the ureal risk rising therefrom, passi-tigers are respectfully requustod to uta lca.r of their friend* ou tne wharf, in luey cannot lie thkeu on board. The AFRICA will mil Auifiial 1. K. CL'N'Altl), No 4 it paling Hreen. Atlantic koyal mail htk.ym naviuatiun ccmpany's ,New York and Ualway I Jn?. ? The netl depai lure from New York wlii be the splendid aud powerful steamship <*OLIlKN KLKKt'K, widen will mall ou Thursday, July If, Umchtng at M. Johns, N. K., Ui receive the royal mull. Thick* or Passaos.?First class, $W aud iuS. Uo.'d, J30. luCluduur free Uoket* to many of line principal citiee ou the mala lUlSoay routes of Ureal Britain aud Ireland, Third clans must provide plate, knile, fork, Ac., and bedding. Passengers to Bl Johua, ttrst ctasa, KB Ibuwage In the third cine* can be Secured to bring persona out from Ualway for SS2 -VI. I n Dublin, KB. from llellaai, M7, front Littdoadnrry, tSJ 60, from Walerlord, #.'<7, from IJmerlck, KB. For freight or passage apply odly bi aLK* HOLLA If I> A CO., Agent* 'or 'he Line, No. M Broadway. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND UAVM.-T11* CM TBI) Btaken uuul steamer FULTON. i. A. Wotion Commander, Will lea re for Havre, touching at Southamptou to '.and the foalls and passengers, on Saturday, July 21, at 12 o'clock, from {iter >7 North river, foot ut Beach street. I hi* abip ha* wsUv Ukhi oompartmeuta, encloeiug the engines, si that in the event ef a oofhsMn or alraiuluig the water could uot reach mem, aiul the pumps being free to work, the safety of the vassal and passe user* would be scoured. Price at passage in seonna Cabin, ?Tfi and SCO. For freight or passage apply to SaXUKL M. FOX, OF.O. NACKKNZJIi, Ageuta, No. 7 Broadway. N. B.?The steamer Arago will swooned the Killlou, and ami Align* IB. COCTHAJUTOM AND UAVRR. VUK NOKTU ATLANTIC STKAMSHTP COMPANY W[T,r, despatch fur the above ports their splendid steamship ADRIATIC. Capi. dim. .1. CoRiatock. Carrying the United .Mate* malls, Or. the follow lug days, tillui Canal street wharf.? ruoa star rune. ruua usvkk. Saturday August 2A | Tuesday anptetnber II Saturday. Oct oner til Tuesday October iS And letting Sonihawpioti the day alter 1 earing Havre. The Adnal.c u undoubtedly unexcelled by any steamship In the world lot conuurt, safety and speed. ?he has watertight nmupartmeuts First cabin passage Sl.'tO For freight apply at the otlice of U.e company, Ai Wall street, room No. A Kur paiasge spply to WK. IL WiCKHAM, ou the wharf, foul of Canal street Agents at loud on and Southampton?Messrs. OIU.V NKI.L, TJNKKK A MoKUAX. A?*mt at Havre- JOHN PUXXKTT. Esq. Apmi st Paris?JAMhlBW. TACiaKK, Ksq., 12 Faubourg, AIoii*suutre. *TltW YORK TO OALWAT, JW VIA ST. JOHNS, By AianS- Royal Mall Steam Navigation ComoaBT'S Mde ptfcerl aUwuuer KaIIAN A. " i The uta*niiv*ni unit Haae dde wheel ateamahlp PARANA. Capl Uh Mil. will wi on XL'E-SDAT, JUI.T IT, ^ _ v from pier 3d North river. ?t 3 o'clock I*. * . for Qtlwnr, with pftMngcra end freight, touching al Mi. John*, N. P., for the ivgral nuuL BATH or PAHAIM. Ptnl claae Cabin, JUW. WO and H6. hoo*rdlnj( toeeiecthm rd itatcroom. TMrd ct*a* forward Cabin,*16, Including eooked provutiong. (Paaaeiuters to HC Johna.636. Third uisee ua?mm-m to prurtd? bedding, knife, fork, jtlnA?, A?. P***mnc?' bp thl* route ere cheeked through to ear of toe pr net nil dUee t>u the railways of Kngland and Ireland For |-?-r~ end freight apply on board the ship, at pier Ma W river, or *^0WliAJfD k gflrurWALL, Agwnie. Nt? M and U *"<th "irreA TAP Neons UKI OF LIVERPOOL PACE EPF. The atihscrlbcra continue v> grant crnt:; of passage to <w from Uverpool, by their favorite line of Packet*, c jmpi miug tn part the following ships. ?'U:? u,,. w Wk. TAPnlbiTT K*K*AU> IMA v ^r .K V PRRAONOL'OH^, MlUiH.KtKX, i/.i'lB ! Ilflvn bKMJ AD A Hit OOHM Kl.l, * TlON. JOIINJ. BUYU, WKaT POINl WITJtKitl.Ahl>. PUtKNiX, CM PERM'S ITER. HI AMNOOK. CANHKIA Making, together with otli.r* a .hip etrwjr Utr 'U}* subscribers nre a!ao agent* for the A LINK Or L />ih?a PACRKTS, for all of which they Kraut ceitlncate* on liueral ter,Bm" tnirrAMow *ro irki.ano. etc. T A Co alao continue to uau* dratla, payable on demand, throughout England Ireland, Scotland and iVale*. :Send lor dr. alarm with all o articular*. may be hi 1 on up yjUcatloa, If by letter etirloee poetitge at unp to TACltOiiTt Al'i)., NO Smith atrert, Sew York. TAl'SC'oTT, SMi'lii A Co., Liverpool. QPKCIAI, NOTIOK.-TIIK NTKAMSHlt* PaRAWA WILL lb. from the atream for Oalw ty on Tueeday. 17 h tntt , at 3 P. II Paaiwnifeni arr reuiieatrcl to be at n-r Si, Norte river, bet ore t o'clock. UUWUM) k ANPIMYAlJ* Aeen'a. TUX NORTH OXRMAN LLOY1>n STRAMStllp llKKNKN, H. Wraaela rnmauuidrr, carrying the United Nuiea mall, Will poetUvely a?.l on HATUKDAT, Aujruatr, at l>o'et'?k H.a r<iH RRKMKN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, . * taking paaaengrre for lUiSIHiM. HAVRX, SOTHAMPTON AMDBRKMEN 4U Urn follow o?( ruiee ? Ptra' rabin. ?I00, arvumd cabin. W). iter rare, >15. Por freight or >'^^^0X5 k RRUTHRLT. No. IB Urnalatf. ^TKAM TO MVKRpTioC-ASP I MRK RY TUN Of* AJ nan! line ?l*?wage in i |rerp.?.! or I 'or*, J3M; from Urrr . ?w>l <4" Irom Oirfc. #?*' SMaauWtp KTna , at!* Thurvlar, Jul) I), lor paaeag** apply to the ageula, OOOOKVR, AKKl.i.I. A KlUUT. 158 Broadway. TTtROM IRRI.AND TO NEW TORE BT STKAM-?PAR r arnaem hniked fmaa gnreueiowa (Ireland) U> Sew \ur* for On lrv-mdln? pro*l?on?, hy the aplendld (mm aimiuHhtpa & the |,irerp<?>i, New York and Philadelphia line, leartn| Qgraav.u eier? Tburelay in the year for puHd aoplr al th* company a uOloa, ! Broadway " JOHH ft. HAIR. A<enL OTF.AMKR OF A CO CRT V> o FOR H< itfTft A MITOH A*l? HAVHK. Tlii" Culled Mai HVeauuUip ADRIATIC. Joaeph J. Ci???"nrk c< mnmi'tfr. will aall from pier fr?d of ' ?nue! rime on Ketnrdajr AnpuM *?. wuh mtlK paao-ofeia and mprri- for the snore porta. for freight or psaaaae apply ? th? office of Inn north A..*a tir Mi ?M.?mv ? ompaajr, rumi No. A ht> 38 Wall linrt 1. f. dTICHHBNii. Bwretary. The Adriatic ?U1 a*ain aall on lb* 8>h "f ffetnber. IA(iK 1.1 > KM '"I. -KI.At A lil.YK ?tllK FAP rorUe pai ?rt ahlp MANHATTAN, urfw al anchor In the rIter. Mil- thia d?y The rol.1 MB IA aula lalof Ai?tUL .for pamiib- "I cb lo.IAl.ilB Wll.wN, ItMrouth uroet. f,^oK UVERPOOI..-THR CMFFKK SHIP WKRSTRR f lisnla la ihe Mream thia ita> , and will pTorerd to ar.? tninnriow. A few Wore arcetbt and third rUw panaetlger*nun ;* ?I< mmo-lateri for psaasao, ?' I n ruina. apply U> K.< Ol. [ i.l.Ns A CO., at thr ?0i r ,,n pier Wo, S North rbit. , A I SI U A I.I A~ PIONKRt I.I.YK, ESTAHt.WHKD I?1j rarrruia the lulled Sutra Mail* ?The mnniulleeul Al cM.iprr ah p RAMI Kl. KAI.PtS, l.frU bm< birthe*. Tal'r*, 4 aonimnihlrr. an.. ending ahlp Joahna IUli"A, wll hare R"|rh 1 despatch for Mellmorne direct, from pier M Ka* rtrer. Her I ar. onmodatema lor Ural and aeone elaae paaaen?era are an- I aurpamed for comfort, liaht ami rrniiUUoo for freight or j o.a^r apply oa hwJ, or U> K W OAMKRO*, No #1 linear r auert m?ai Mlia for aale and caah a.1 v*Ue?a maile oa , eouat(TUBeahi. i.!onal*ne?a in Atwralla, Meaara R. Towna A | ' Cox CV)R MKI.ROUKNB, AtTHTRAUA -KAI^JAROO UITR, |l eauiillahrd I3H ? Veaael of A11*oat t. The Al faaa aati ?( ahlp BI.UAHKTH, I li? tona noru-n, hialth. aaaaur la oow loadAic In Ula popular line and ?lll he prnrapUp 4" miatrhed an her ndiemant day. Her aawwai idaUoaa/ijr IrM 1 \n,i aerond cabla paaariiprm are nnuPaaUy apacloua an I I fi nihtr. and epea a eeale of the mnat liberal hind. Ratra of inrr-rr uouaam-y In*. Applv on board, alpier 10 Kaat n*ar. ] ndJuT^IRD*yLiK?AlI. lurt Wail alrent Uirrren ptatw mail, ktm*mmimp mmm-por harun* and kww orwoa thr fmm and fArorltn i?a'n?bip mil.Al?Kl.rillA. lVii*-r ?ti, ?i< nn Watnnu;, ' i v s. At 2 ti'rl.irh p m fnHii f'?? of Warr?u nrnat. r .-li , bllla nf ladlo? nf ihr |inipfr fn-ta, furntafcftd al lb? OtliPP. and 1" if lo/1<i ? ?' ' * ?ir'..d ?fT thn ho ir ?f jailing for r-iyhl or gtaw aupIi At M->. 1*7 WwAt *tr?-t, gnriMT of WArrpn. * O ROHKRTK Ah?uL M H -FfAjM rwMtnrt on AM aftrr Monday. July I* IFOR ratarraii ARI? OTHRR PORTS, AH ItKUlW P T1?p flm irlA*? aid* ?lipal ?t*Am?bip AUllURTA, Captain jf t- ta.k.lhiii' wtu i?a?* on n?iir^?i. .Inly 21 At 4 P m, Z" m yfrr *>' 4 tfWA rt*?r. Throng! UckeU can b? h*d for t|fcp follow tor |Hrw (lrV?io, CM 71. Mohl]*, MS. Mnntr>m*?y, (25. (V unin* Ml. a'.oany, Ml. AUaiiU. Ml, Chttlanno**, 5i"i V. RnahilU*. (17 !?. KooiHHa. MS, M*aiphl* (3175, Auftate, 317 SI Mi- -n. W * <?' *IA 3 or fmrhi or im??f *rnlj At is Mroadimr tit* mmnrr PiaiMIPa tVpt. j cm?r?ll, will tunnlttd Mli ?o Tt'wl it * J iilf 22, Al I I N ma*' mttcwtt t. * row FKRmTiT h'H TV.NVfW-K':, MOUTH riltOMMA. portAOiontit. Norfolk. City P'am aa.l tu-amoo l. reoalved -rrrv dor to*. 13 N " v*'rTV tint i.i'hip .' AMEHtOWW. '*?pt.*lD Winner, Imrnt rrery roan IKK. * 'Apt i'dnrh^wr TRnrMay, At is 9? ralMnr a! '?m Point tvnmfort In land pA??ir?m. mioaitui'.ip ikkkrown ' ?l>t Parrlak, rrnry wirtoy, at ' pio-ldbt to por'jim'nitb or Rorfolk alt rent* per foot, la t 'lty vr'?? and i ' ki-'hrn-mricm*''11" Pa*a*?r m IXorf.Hk (ntAtrronm And meaia Included) M; w, - prto^rl"l|^-S-orp..mknr? ?d w%. .1. * 10 "" ^tvVtAM k BllRKKW. BroMmty. I SUIPPINB. JACIK CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. la mud e.'ter Jul'.. i> l!:v chuu dimmer will leave New York tl?# let, 11th awl 2I?( oi each ruouth, ercepi when datfe fall <>u Nun Jay, wheu ihr day of departure tvdi be Lie Monday f oliowlUk Kor freight or ^inutgo apply at tiie only nii|.-?, No. 177 Weal street, comer 01 \Yarr?n. I?. II. ai.I.KN, A* nt. IJM/K HAVANA AND NKW ORI.KANA?TO SVIT^ r Vedio'hlay AusfiaW I. a Uo'tltuk The new steamship BIKl. VTL1.K. J. 1) iinlloch, coinm.inrtHr, wili iHkni^na^ to receive freight on 27tb July, fnnp pmr foot nI Murray miw't, No/Vh Hirer, end sail ?* ?t>ove. Kor freight or passage auplv Id U\ INOHTuN, i'Kia'IIKli>lV A CO., No fij llarray toei-:. The Crhnwhs, t'apt. J W. Smith, will suoceed the Ulenvvilc. mud mJl on Saturday. August 11. For ravannah. The Masmrlilp MONTOOMKRT, ('apt Win. C. Berry, will leave pier 12 Monk nver on i'hitrwtay. .Inly li?, at 4 P M Paaaage In Savannah. with unsurpassed anoomsamUUOni, 116. Through tickets to New Orleans, Am 76: Mantle, $io; lontpiMri, $24. Meiauhis. $.11 75. N'sslivliie, $27 7N; Kuoi rille. $25 60; Chattanooga. $24, Alb toy, $23, Coh.utoua, $21, Atlanta All Man,,,, *.ll, r.I ' 'jl ln?!> II it C'ROMWKl.L A do ml litre*:, etui "-la Hr.iad * *y. DAILY LINK KOK t'VPK Ma* AN!> PHILADELPHIA. VIA KANDPOKD'S UNK SI K IMMIII'S, Krrnu pier 14 North rlviT, al 5 o'clihi p. M , Suuouy etceuled. fit .mi ni IloOToN, 1'Kl. vWArvE. end KKSNKHRi! Uoo'aloi warded South and West tr.-eol coiinnl**i.)ii. THriUluJI IN 20 KKMIKRII' 1'KKKIVS. A(*'?(. N'OTlt'K IS UKKKliY (IIVKN, T(? ALL ?flll)M IT MaY Corncei u, 'hot ui1 ilehu ontrected .u *C''i.illt of Ht? vuier Parana will he reenguued by the cianuKnee* union* under their written order. til A ,?AND A AsPIN W tu., CotvMgne-a T>ARSRN< KRS PKK STEAMSHIP ETNA, IlKNt'P. lOTH J IrVmit, lor Lherp" >1 via t^iieeu?tnwii, ere rmpie-'.ej lo be 'Hi hi.iril el K o etar* oq the in ?rnin:{ etlhni*. K rUVtkll, No 4 IIhh liif lirrnn KX(XH8IO.\S Fikhrt to oiinry island aNi> kokt Hamilton The N Al'StluN h'l 1 run <hilly lhmii*h the . .e.n, IrwxS ? Amu* etreet el Hl4 I21-, ?nd .V4, Sprin* ylre. t ?t12 , end S>4. pier No. 4 North rvrer el ly, 1 end A Pare, with a return U<-krt, 2h cent*. For kirk island ?the yaout Josephine will be In leeillucnie *t Ielip to uoitvey jirMMiiirm to Eire Ul.i.,1 v1m I T.1-....I ll.ilnul ^ ... I Th............ by the Inn o'clock trslu. A. smith Fuk kot kaway.-srKAMMUA r ceres wi1.i. m \mc dsily trips as above, s'Upiay included, leaiing vvthuntui market ?fip hi 8 20 am. Spring street. North river, hi and pier No. 4 North river, at SiJiO. Returning?la-aram Kin kaWay Hi4 i*. M . mopping at the Seaside House e*ut} w*y. Kara m eeuu each way. HUNTRESS.-8BOOND EARLY MORN IN li EXCURSION h> the Cholera Hank*. The favorite sea ateatner IIL'N tress, t'apt. ,1. Pnvall. accompanied by the well known Ulack pilot Cant. Atideraou Coin ell, e'i.1 rniike a second early trln In the Cholera Hanks. on Wednesday in ruing. July Is. I860, leaving Jackson atrert at 1t^ ? clock A M., and Pecg top at ii o'cio k A. M. Th's will give the parties ivho accomnauy the boat an opportunity of nine lioura to hah for blue nan. seit baas. Ac. Hail will he fu/uialied gratis. Lanes and reireah menla can be procured on board. Fare $2 WALTER P l\ BOGUS. JOSEPH PCV ALL. TSTANIEP TO CHARTER?EITHER A SMALL STF.AM Tv cr and double deck Harge or a la'gc Steamer, for tn excursion up the Hudson a* far as Wo t 1'oint; leaving NewYork Hhout a o'clock ". M. The frnisof c thcr most t.e lu.sle. rate a? the number to go will be comparatively- amah a ! dress for a few date box 115 Youkers Poal ufflce, Yuukers, N. Y., suiting terms. Ac. STEAMBOATS. Dai boat kok west point, nkwhuru and Poughkeepate 'The steamboat aLIIIA will leave Jay Kreet pier, daily, at sju a. m., Pinching at Thirtlath street, m 'onuug u> the city at 6 jo Pasusngers fi? Albany, Troy, Mara - yt or any point west can make sure connection at rough Tfeysl* hitoi**1' tranaf.'.rrod free. rare SO cenu. COK BRIDGEPORT?DAILY LINR.-THB 8TKAMBB r JOHN BROOKS will leave Peck allp every day (Suudari xcepted: at line 1'. M. arriving In HiKlkepott in tune for tar art of the Houaalnuic, NanKStuck and New IUv?u Railroad* fareK cede. Frei*h? T. LOCKYBR A OO., Aitecta, 113 8>uiUJ ktreev For Bridgeport.?daily link-park fifty fun The strainer CatA I.INK, Capt Win. A. Fall, will leave Oliver slip etery day at 12 o'clock unou. ettunlue In tot cectlou with the Himaat-udr railroad. The strainer BRIDGE port will leave peck adp every Monday, Wednesday A Fri lay at 12 o'clock noon, arriving In time to connect with all UK MPreae trains O. W. COItl.rKS A vent OCEAN HOUSE, LA .NO HRANrH.?THE KTKAMKK8 IIIGHLANDI.IUHT and LOM(? KKaNCH ply da ly i'rom Robinson etrerl, North river. For lime of Martins aok ially Timet. A. U UAUGKRTY, Proprl*V*. LOAS OFFICES. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THRKK DOORS WEST OF Brondwu), oemey advanced on Watches. DlatnouAv, J. ? ii> l'late. Dry Good*, and Personal Property of every desrrtptlon, or lioufiV and aold, by JOSEPH A. J AClLaO.h, auctioneer and bioker. AT 44 CENTRE STREET ? 4TANTRD, 110,000 WORTH OK New and lxift OS' Clothing, lor the Western market. Gentlemen will recelte hi'ty per eeui more than their supposed value, for 'ante or aroall lots. by callln( at the More, or addrrsei'g Tbot. D. Coorvty, 44 Centre street. At no &- cedar street.?henry hyman, new lirnker'a oOice, will advance caah tnaor amount on ! Imondv. *tl or uiiaet. Watches. Silver Plate and Jewqirv. or l.tivs th. same lot cash, opposite the I'oat oilier, ivnpn No. 1, aet-ontl hoor. AT THE ADVANCE OFFICES of b. JAOOIW MONEY ran lie obtained In any quantity on wat.-hea, jewelry, lit motida, kegarn dry nar.ta'nre, winri nrawiien uui every deacrtpUon of mervnandlae. or bought, anil the highcal pnoa in ru Biuuneaa ?irieU.? 0"?fldenU*J Gaud* biained. Katab unhe-1 in IMi Principal uflirn 67 William atreet, branch oflice UK Broadway. At m naphad stkkkt?a. howkimaw, diamond broker, advance* mmey u> any ara-mut on IMaBoada. Wntrhra nod nil km.I. of merehatidlae or burn for cn?h. nl hiv pi li ?lr uOlce, 06 Naaaau meet, room No. 2. Bunluann cmllJruOni. AT 11 CHAMBERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN TO any amount on l>iare<>t>da, net or unaet; Watrbea, Jewelry Ac., or the name bought for the htghaat r ih prima, he lan mil kuown t-tAAiX, II I'haiubere atieel. K. B?No bnniueca tranaartrd on Saturday*. VfONKY Tli MIAN?IN SIMS TO SI IT. ON KIKST jyl miirf^nirr on rily property. orct:<tiug M-' city in irtgnge* puri-hnned. No brokerage charged App aiion* to be msde to EDM aRI? RolilNSoN, JR., Attorney, No. S Pine atreet, or Inik 288 fiat "'flue. II BKOAPWaY.-MONKY LOANED ON WA Tt'llKB, OOl IU<itnoo.l? and .Ira-airy. or bought tor rank at fill Value, at the retail jewelry aloce SSI Broadway. No loan oflae rtgua J.N. IXIHKN fURNITlHE. An. KINr?B OK FTRNITt RF* W1 TTRE~-iE8 ANO Bedding Wholeaale and Itet cl> vrr than hut other (tore. atuTW SNKPkNK N8 Bowery i..,oda a ?rr?iited aa repreaeuud an! delivered gratia. Note the Dumber. Aution notice ?great eastern itrniti're Kxpteaa and I'ackin ' Katahliehme it. Ill and 118 Me* Eleventh Mreet. between Kil .. and Sixth avruuen. UoovehoM tine of erery dearriptlon boaed end rhipped to nil |>nrtf of the world lj?ra? warena to remove furniture to tha co in try. Hurngif for fnruiturr KHAMELLKD FL'H.MTL'KB MKAUUUARTKJM. 177 Canal KM. four doors mat at Broadway. w.RRr* vrARn FU'RNITl'RK HOCOHT FOR RKAOY RoNFY.-A FAIR TH'ir p*rr> In Marty m >nry for Furni; irr, I'lnjata, HntL Ar., at IS MitA aracne, betarnrn Ninth ad4 TrntA tlrms Look attiih aucthir no-tick fkr^onm a hoot n-uiotto* ? Lil find it to tb'lr adtantaA'* to call on tlir Ra tropolitan K\pri ??, N ltU Varick ain-rt. or Kiaa. ii and 57 Ktcc atrra t. four hutar waatm f r rrmnrln* funnies tut > lb? f i.uotry, o: riu rarta at ail times Ftarn or- pa a-1 an I ah pert to any | , r of tbraorrt. Ktonita for fui nitura, AU latu ra by post w ill be promptly al'eartad to. T (tOl'I.UMMITTT. Fropri-ur. ?KW>PAP1??. ACATHOl Ut FAVI V 1'AI'R*. I ItK MATKOPOUTAN RRTORP. I fh> Or of th- ?t R?". ..rrlihl-hop ot Rrtr Ti-j, Kraily lbi? niortniur This arwfc'bRtunhcr contains R.*po a of the t "*iimaase?o?-gat* or th?- Var1 .a CoHefe*. Arirtatui < A' 41?> all the late?< F?r ?> ar.t Ooniestte t'atli. li.n .^i u. ? up to tin hour of flnf to prraa, Ar ?r *r. ^ ""KWOHD. tl^ Urn \4wAf. WTi# r *!! r. t<m-ntrut m to tfce Rillinr mn4 let hi lr*.tril MKOUAL Am rnwcHxm TO M A HRIPP AI*D *r*f?i.R.-nR WATt" >N ipo WbllltT. kc , ? ilh anatomical ipk;?? aud drawInn. "Ttia beat work fur the ? ? iirrfnul rewler "?Medina! Renew. Price tt Sold bj CW'M Miller. 4? Broadway. If. Y , and by ike a>iih<ir, at 4N Hrpew afreet. at- mid block treat nf H rued ear. a h<e-e be mar be annulled a aL affacUoan of tt..? 'iaaa. from 'AM 'nlP * A I'VTCK m TIf'HK IXYaMDR WHO HAT* RCFA fried from the unaumentttil treatment of other nhyatniana. | Pfprure a iHV"N't H ? AKIS, !. '|t,?'N |\|l MtVT ToKe VI.IIlAl, AUVI.-KR Af^O MAKRtAO* t-l'IPK Over f *J ti?<ea. uearlf Ha* an*Ujir ?al tll iiRratema. for ?1. Ma.'ed free b) II O. LAWRRRCV, if. I Vraey atreet. Aetnr III :?e t,r the a ,tbor fr-m 9 A. If toSP M . a lei IbreMfara at"t Tluire laya imt 7 to I" M at d4? ItroelWay flip '.alra . P V RAttortaie of tee,,t. eewerap-r* /-YHKROKKK KKMicnr. A.i rKFAluffo FFKCTFI< rf?a V ' tie ipifunanaM -1 iirrnordinary aflli renin til ttroclaya. and ordina-y raaea iti a abort time It doea tint Interfere ?i h diet or allot Ihe breath HnUl by all reaitetdable drujttlata ererj?he-n HAKNFn A PARK. whoieaale and retail amenta fur N?? York, U and l? I'arb row Doctor hrvtocajf he cowrci,tici) at kin or i 11 N?. 3 l> i??" i *ln*ct, New Y >rk clljr. R?l'?bli*h?d | A. I'. 1 M Ojx-'i fr"tn 7 A. M. until 10 o pine* *t tileht Tfu o?? n.> .<c*l am* the v?it* vipcj- im. Ml) purr*. Hv rolor"-) III *tr*t|nt>? n!%n ?llih' ir ivIpih trr*tTii?ut ?nil tilth* Pr*i<-h, I I'P I'lmO" i?l ppti I'rtr* Ml emit*. TW rhapt*r I on nartmia drihtilty ulnnr la worth ih* taonoy. tv ward rnwrrt .timi imiwm.v A**n?r*?roic J <! it* -<1i ? < k Wnl ? *' th?*<<e. (" wilted :*.!?, Iron. 7 ) ) 1" I* M PR COOPKR NO. ?) ltl'AN'K RTRHICf, 11KMV.ER r>r the t'nlli-j# 1| l'h**!ri?uw n?l hiiffttmi* of NtW Turk, rnnv hr ro oultiM dally ?t hi* n li<-?, (Toil t |g Un Moruina utitil 9 In Uw renin*. nR rai.pti ? orn-'k, inksr* or hochtow axd i 'I- 1'. ? ,1011 CI.I.JT) III. r*. I'll, U> 1 VII.1 ( to I. Puiwlvia n< plrcl. Or. r oorrvrr-orri''* i<> dvank street. wf* tier of ib" hew Vnrk Cunrr?nr. Mnll'tl Ool'tt**. ran !> | cnii?n'.l*4 n? <ui<i*l ?u III* w**; <nml. <<>.,?uli*u<Ai* confti it. ntlitl DM I.a OUMTB, PRO* PARIR, WO as BROADWAt, oppiadt* <V> I" XtcbolM HoM WmkncwH* tad ISM Iter* pwinlrln* eipertenwt. ale 111 And deUetfir PROP. RBKIFUi. in CHAMBER* BTREVT, CAR BB raulled a* <i*im1, or Bf bum. Aiilrmi boi UN Pofll oWea. Be* Tort. NEWYOKK HERALD, Tt LEGAL \GT1CKS. ^r: I kmk rorKT-4 ' i vn ov nkt I<?KK -TAMIW V ? \ ??w I' and .! ' >i:ii T??:i i> IM- ?*?? ,1 *U"'? I'i.i.i til!*. ngajn*'thr .NV'\ Y? . k ?i.! Kn? Yini|?*ny him; * lk?v, . r\,s\ ,-n ;n : . I >\ : . . n I ' lUtc - *. <U*tr.. | till*?Ml HI .I . i^r s?.( ? .Vtli't* I- !i?T?* ^ (IIVcil tb.i* f M. " io'd "A ! m l )> >i l > u *l> ' ; :un? ii'c] tor(*i 4?>iio* Hti t Mi l. *>n'? *M in ?.1!?.?:; kn?.?n - '!n? tilth i? -?f t_: I ! ci'M'tri* y;; , .?m *n?? i:?niht!?i> oi'.hm<\ j 18C0. will, "i; th?* lu i'MGili .In . ? Ao vru r, Utio ,il !?< ? k | r - ? i nfl that d ' ?h ! . bitnti v.- it: dlf M [ N?-<* York, land through A. .1 hbo-i r. w>jae?*r.; "'11 '?> \ M'letton fli" rttul n1 p' lAotiiti property. rb-'hU nud I. .ih< h,>* * b? **id t. ?* <?/id, old whi h ?r-? I tfirrcin dosm-tiitd nn4 .??? tab'oira: ? *11 Had singular j tho r i;.ro?d >! th?* Mid N** Yoik ?nd *rte *V? ?U'*ny, I, . ' ' , r . from AUl|incl idtilf I I'tHimont on tin* llucUoi, It;.. r, t?? and I . Inlin e tli?* ILihI U?runrus of H.iiii ruiirtvH 1 on i.akt Krv. and th *t part nt add r.wd kiK'M 11 hk tlm .' wi.iii;; Hrnr-b from Vi*wLttrx to th** iitnia I 1 !? *, together vs Uh tin* imd&, tr.o'k* ran , b idi??a, w v; y, I bnjl.tin. ni^i * M4..| u h>*rv?M |?mk'?-a. w ?ll? (iMurr*. oriviir-t ' >. far., h: -. ,. rich'* Hud II U\* r<?al **LUv *?l?i bold property uht.'h woivni' tin* aatd c'ltnpatijr of vory Kind, ! in tl??* MoU*a of Nr\* York fMinnvh <ui. i :i nl Nh n Jarsfv on ih?* v.Ttt (i.?v of .11jiu* A 1> IsSK oid all th'4 t"Il- im fi 'S. :sh'.a and proil! . to no h.?4 from tha hi in*, and II rltfb1* to rwcivo or n'CoviT tbi'Hiimti, iu?d ud r olw.iy *t ?tlor..? mu*1 ?! * t pota, with the ai p :r:cnnnc?*H i?er???Mry for the romjletH u.40 I (if til* I .''id * !j-vi m'.'. lh.iU?,..iui.liv*<4 wimiiM. o cmrriag?'f. too* ami m.x innery belonging or appertain!!!" ?g KaiJ railroad. uii the estate, r:-cht uad pronecu, [ and i t*iii m of forms. fi'Miichl**** *?nd privii * I ge* h?i<I rights??f* notion of wlMtM4*?ver nnttt** or nature 01 law or in equity, conveyed nftasaUpied unto the New Vork and Krie Railroad t'ompMO Y by toe Union Railroad Uompany. br mu indenture beating t(nte September 10. ldo2. b*m*i the rail* load of the Union Km ill" a j < oinpauy, as it then ev'-iiei ami nil the laud Miid real i?per\ forming <?r counuctrd with or appurtenant thereto, 11 ! ail the raJln track*. bn !?* ?, culverts, v?:iditH?i, turn outs, switches. futures and superstructure* of every kind rout i?m led tiivir* ih ; and nil tneir hutidinrs. erect: on*. depot*, ai.itions. stati m hou*r*, ntttces, ismory shops Mini edifices on or adjacent to or connected with or appurtenant to said road; :iucl nil the estate. right, litle. interest, |?o?*se>.kui?< nltd demand of the said Uni-wi R?dI'oHd Company of and to tin* fir? mines, and every p irt and j??r?-rl ine-enr. the rights. orinirqei franchisee, UUtu, power i d properties of the said Cuioti Railroad Company, with the rtriit tr:. .sport persona, mM.s and property over add '.Uion itailroad. and charge, demand collect and receive toil a for th?* transport a turn ' i persona. maila and nr'rciHUdlae, .rut other eatates and right*. all of which are fully d?* x'iihvi in Maid i:?den ure. Also an indenture <>| ! viae, t c.o r ^ date the ninth day of September, -V. H 1%M. made by nod bet ween the President and lliix tor# ?.f th?* l'aleneMi an I Hudson Kiver Railroad tympany and the Lnion Kali rout iviopnny. and also mi iiHMjiiture of lease, bearing date the i.inth day of Sej ember, a. 1>. ita'i, mad** between the ^at*??->Mn ami Kanv.ipo Railroad t'omjviuy and the i'ni< n kmiiio.mi Company, together Willi all and singular tie* c-^iTiiwf, tli win mentioned and described, and the buildings thereou. and the property, real and persona! with Ih* appurtenances, iri the Slid two tn.fe:/tires, and each of thern, demised, conveyed and trans!erred for and <1 irtny all the rest, residue sod remainder then to coin*' oi and in ti?e terms respectively me Cloned In the sai l indenture of tease, tub ect to the conditions, rents, coven tuts, provisions mid agrneraeeU iu the k id indenture* reapeotlve'u contained. Also all the **h'nt x, rights, interest, tide an t property, is law h:.i1 e jnity, ol the New Vork ami Krie K ii.r uut locnpanv, <w in the possession of the receiver under the fifth m ?rtgage, '0 / mt to every matter and thing, estate and"pmpertc. term* and . . .ur...... , ~ irin.x, l>nianir?, pin ll'"**-'* /111'I l? J ? J ? M n"?? II1 *S o: wh.itsoev rrtiauir untl nature, conveyed by t!n> a .vera! aforesaid ir.beuinrea nt lease i' > the Union' Rauroitd Company, ?r any ol them; beliij ? , 1. An Indenture in,de on or ? bout Hie ninth day of Sop ten iter, A. |i. is.2 between thi* President end IMrecUwa of thd Pen r*un an 1 Huilaoti Kiver Ktilriwl titunimnt, ol' tin* St un of New Jereey, partiea ot the lirat part. aud the I'nJo.iKu l. inl Company. parties of llm se.-oiiri part, ?her-l" the ratimad of the Pre admit and Directum of the Pat-Mon and Hudson River Kalirn.el Company, a a it then e stated, with all Ilia land lunl real property mrmiug or connected with or appurte unlit thereto. from and iu dinting its ti'rmiuui ami auunn at ni l lu the city I'at. rs in and County of PassdJaiid st*te of New Jeraey. to anil including I'm iidnti* ami ataiion at nn.i on Hers-n liiil. in the county of Hudson and St oe of Hew Sc ?s y, nt the junetiiHi of tin- railroad of the New .leracv Railroad and Transportation t'oinpauy, and It* raila. bridge*, cuherl*. viaduct* turnouts, gwi rht-a, tivturos and - ip-r Mructiiiea on iidjnn at to. connected uitb or appur!ant it thereto, ami all it* buildings, erections, depot", station, sinllon boo*"*. olllrea. slmpa and auperatmciurea on or ai j.tieni to the s.i 1.1 road, a lid all tha estate, right. title, claim and demand o lite said PaMraou and HiiUmmi Klver Kailniud t 'oinpHiiy of. In atid to ifce same, andeieryjiart and parcel thereot. aud all it- liithta. privileges !i enclose*. titles, power, property ami claim an 1 toils and rlghl to i ereive th- same, and all i j cars, engines. toils, and all its right and uretensl.itm to charge, demand, collect and receive loll* for foe transportation ot propel l\. persons and me: nhondise. a ere granted, b irgained. sold, di mlaed aud to farm let unto the said I'nlmi Railroad t'oinpeu; , their sue enanr* and assign*, for and utiring the Co l'in . nice of ilie i li irter of the -at i ih" 1'rcsiJent and Di reel i ? of the Ph'eraoo and Hudson River R ilh'oad I'naip hit, wiih covenants for rcrewsl, and certain igrecuein, and cove par'*, by the New Jersey Kallriul ?nd Train sort ition 'Vun pAl>y. v?Pri, h* tic satoe iiislrtuntfpt puilsuetj ? , li" *.iid i una llaiiroMil t ompanv IU v"!i Inure t tifiy appear by relcren't to said last named indenture, upon certain term . I'lerehi m r* fully set forth, whieh said leane w a*, on or ghoul Ilie 10:h iliy of Sipli rulier, a. D. H.VJ -itsiguvd by the an'.d I'nlon R.iimad Company to the said the New Yieg and Krt" Itailr.wd I ' .inp* ny, with the assent ol the said I'reaident and Dusvwrs of tag Pi.tcrson nnd Hudson River Railroad Company. 2 Anrther Indentnre entered Into fm or nlan th" ninth d .y of September, A. D, 1H42, whereby the said th" President anil IHrri o-rs of II. Patunon .itid Ho l- a River ltall .a l Co.npany made cert.on ngrnmiicnla with th" sod I'nlon Railroad I 'Pipai.v for layng down a third rail upon the load b-1 of lbs N'fw .lev-, ; lUt'.rod >nd t'rae isrttil.HI I unpad?. Iff ihe use of tbe New York and Ktie Hai'ma-i l.'im isiiy. a* will nu'iefutl) appro by reference thereto, w hich soil sat named IftOevnirM T .. . 7 '" ~ foBipiiny l.y Uif I'nlm J< dlruad li'tuparjf, wriili ill" ana-nit <<f III* anil ibr Ali'i IHrtflOfl 01 liur 1'iteraoa wd I1ikIm>ii Klver Km lroad Company. 3 A crruln other intlentirr. mu ll nr. or about <h" nln'h day of Mrpioni'T, IsTS i <?r < ertairi < <<i-nler* miind' UFirUla i terma therein fully ?rt whereby ili? a?i<l I'lixnun u l lliufmti Kit or Katlroad Company granted bargained ?o<<! and drnniH, audio l irm let. unto ih? *.ud Union Railroad Com imm. their >nwt?<r< and anal git*. nil nni alngulnr the depota. iMil- ei.-l rml "?<Mi" <it' ill" mm"! ili<< I'rmi'lint nud lhre"t<?rs of | <<<e Ran i ~>n ant lltidann River l<Mllrnat Company, In .tin-wry i itjr, with the npiuirtrnanrrn, fur tin" term ot Iwn inn from rru'rmber IS. 1862 wt:fc| rotrnanta for renriral, which aatd I"*." ?: . nfier* ?nl~ mh<iIc?"<I t?> III" tall M?? York and Krle Railroad Company with the aaacnt of the aald the Prealdent nnri IKriTtnr* of the Patenum Mid lludaon Hirer Railroad Company. and hath rnec been renewad. 4 A certain other Indenture. mad" on .? m'mxiI tli" ninth day of ;>pten.U.r, A. 1>. l*K, between the Raieum, awl K,<uimp<< Kallfad < 'ompany ut the >111:6 W Mew J <-racy 01 the rtri: part, not) the ani l (.ohm Kailrxttd Company tianei ot ibe aeennd j<Mrl, whereby tli" ?mI<I I'nleiMwi awl Kaninpn Kmrovl Company granted, bar .Mined, aold. ilemiaod aud t<? iariu let onto tlir aatd Union Katlmwl I'mtflltf, their ?<ieri o.vira and aaatgna. for and during lb" cnaiinnanra of th" charter of th" ?hI<I th" P?i?r?<n MndHamapn Killnad Com it.ny, Willi I'li^imnTi lor i enea ai?iw rttimwi *?i ore iim ' Mkim. and all I lie lan<t or ri al pt<t arty forming or *vmrve.-i.>d llierewitti i*r appurtenant thereto, a.*d ihetr raila. trarka. hrtd,ra, rulrert*. vta4u< ta, turn n i*, awiirliea nuur*. and ?np?f*tfku-turr* on, a.tiarrnt to. nuvited .? *t>inrtanant tn ihi ir an id . unit ail their training*, efnrtwwa, depot* aivt.m bmiaaa, motion*. <.It. ? *, fariorie*. abnp* and rdricr* "ii i p n'ljHCfi' tn. or ennneeietl with or appnrtttwnt to the aaid naul . and at! the rntM, Una mi. ? m a vt de mand Of the aaiil ratermn an.I Ifamapn Knooad I'oinpany of, in and to the umf and all their right" r.-o.n- prlyil una, f ; ancbiara U.!. a, power*. proparty, *Uim and p.-eteoatnna tn tr*n*|>nrt prrauna. niaila and proper.'' nt every daacrtpiloo. Alwi. at* the Inum rrmenU tnal"Pjr the Ba:d XYork and hri" Railroad Iornpauy 'o invar ail >! a?id propertiea i>r eslale*. aJan. ibe drpig grounds iit?m tin' >%nd? <? the I amy ji k i tig a . -ba la i# > ! r' for* t , mpan> w bn ti lie eaai nt l'mrnat aireot. tn Jersey Illy, and nnrU i f a Into drawn along the rentre of I'ytmiu aieniie, from l'n vnai street to the .?* of Hiularm *tree(. and of a line airy teet south nt and parallel in theeentr. of rainalaaie line, oa l)i" eaar of the ea?t aide of Hndann atreet ami the ruhta wtmh the New lurk and Krie Railroad Cnmpaai h.. ve, or hereatiei may hain or aoiuire, or when are in the l? . .. ??l.m of (he reee.ier muter (he f th mo-t* iyr, tn Uie p . ra or whin ea tn he rniiatrn-led inirtii of Kariailn seen e, upon or ag 'net the ta lata of the until laing Oivk < omaapy, ami tn any lerrlea whleh may te> ioaint.liie-1 therefrom t" the city nt hew Viirk. atari, the right forever to itae (he road bed, tr.irka ailing* torn onta and *llehea. to be eon*.rocked tf,- present line of Ibe New Viet nod Krie Ratiwaid, into the s ii4 . i? " ! tl >! th# ton* thick ?" >t>>u?njr .but mm | other i.tnda of thn l/mt IK> k < *i>| <ni are In. Iiidnd to tb# ml#, lair la lb# lit1 In the mcI ii#l ViI h trnak in1ul#<t,tt bring pro* Kind by the mortgage that nil tbe laud# i f the irmg .I .'k ('nmpaay n't tit#n in aport.tlljr In. Inded ahali o? | unin. t.mherrd thereby. ?nrt tbat the Unria oyer lit# tan uai through ahleh In# Irnrk In UM aii.ii nl> > I.# nam ttnl#t*d. MrfM ? to the right to m.lnuln and u?# nth truck Aim. n certain agreement mad# b#t?##n IImi limi Iktlt f.tnp.u.y nod the Nf* York and tCn# | Ral riiad i naipaLv, by lodanture, dated .fiur 1. IVd, rrlatl?n to tli# eohalruct). ti of Jock* i<t#r?. raiiw.y irarki. - i ?? ?- In ireho #1 and utba* ?true I l.irr-e. bnlM.naa and marhlnery >ipr>.? tb# Inn I n th- leiag t IVck tbdkur A loo. all nlaioga. r ail the estate Itvuree, prutlng-a. lranclu?r?_ #???n#u'.k. riii'tla. It .wt. t#rm? ant ol orm. agree onmla. v<>v?ini>\a >nd pr>ip?rtj of every ktbd. irpycyed to or intruded to be enreted to J.nti-a llriwn Htm J. C. lUnrraft Herat. by an indent r* dated A'lfiu* lb, l-.'iT, together ?ith nllpripert and estate ni i <#-v k.n.l oa Ika : .. n#a MM ' t ' ? Km ?ork .... r.e K.d .1 t .If* I in? I" *n? inorl ,.r ii.ermlter to l? *r.| lured h. lu-m A-a, all e*a kincnUr tilths ea-.u# ftitnrr*, prtv'uigea fmnthiaea. uowiitt. ngh'e l#n?r? t#rma n;nt 1 .r? of te-vna. Agrartnmnta, endprnaertr of everj ki'd eon-eyed j or 11.'ended to i# ( ?>?'"t by Urn said todrut.ire. dated AH- i-t II l"hf. 'ntntheeald Ita.'a mr-iher | bJIpmprrtv nu t rst#f? ot nrrr kind. o? me ii'h day of iiijiidlMpntmrd i-r tlt-re ifi-r to b# eeipiired bv th# ; Pn,<l Nrn York and Kit# H.olr.n?t <k?mi> anl a'eiallibe pmpeitp, cheer. In ##UoO. rents, pr.d'e and In?ene eon tejed or Intended lo he rmii ejed or nt?i(a(H Hi th# m??f 5?s# m. 1# by k..M; 'o Mid Krone wtd Liertb, .Itwl j uii# I 1*1Alio, a'l ik# p#"ar>n*l nm #"<t .? t it#t? h#loornr to th# I mU! ibr Y c rk no I r.i I# K .I'r.#. 1 iv.iuan,. or It thn pna. | ? ?l n of th# r#-#| r ?nd?r tb# 11 th inort/aa# 'n lmatth# I T?? : if . nw v^-r?,Krr v t:n ^ innrmi?H "-*r, . I lii |H. M nrn'grunt r*r? mirnhrrfli I to ?7; Al hti'j* ;n rm- it TMTf'i n 1 lb* rntn-m*, #n<in?, M d milk ??r? |./n| Uli ? */ * limn pr--*"! t t> | -\4. I (Hi m < i ># ,. . M > . tn n i,n :?? to 3 MS 31 n? *Im-' I ? ir? I I r?H; 1 . ? - - . IV. ? I! in i \ i N < ? i i < ,? l?? y M t i ?i r . !. 'm % . !i > n ?i m r U " ! ' ' m.j. . v . . |JK- II' to .!... ? u II?|I nil ?ut -I I' - * ? A ?' H; aihHi lii* N+m IIku'DuH'I Krk. wttb lb* u rovpiii-^lrft i i-.i ?. m i 11* i v# In ?i* >i 1 i . r hm - ,.J } j M -b.ll* '?!H. 'i i r i? .fcik ,K * ? IHMK, Hull ? " r. Obbi uvl Hp n i w :h Ihrlr Mppnrti,n?t?M,? .'?i- . aI! tki* p?Mtf I - ' r?rktelMri. MM >- . .to. m, to i .in m-.l Jfw r.runtlvrm n?n?*d In rh^lulf I. n" i< h?* I !? M !*rw I 1 " I; i rmd i t? I* -m*. dnt#?d J?t ? ? i/, |sft7 ?.? j i . I . . ? . - |f*? ? iU *?? him'MH n? , . . n . - iiMMlto NB, tiu b*??#. ! ?! b#*r ? tn#n it ?! !. : ?? . . iinirto. I. % ? mi ni**til. nvii'r, I|H | y - I : to? ' ? to rl A ? m < .. ? ? \ V I* KM'.mn* rVwn|MMiy ?l r^rmimi, P?t*T?wi, Port Jtrvln. - I ? 1. .1 Iiih, K.n ir %. ||..r m-Ut n l? ?| k v ? t .? r*. Mnr of Mid mn.| nrd :h# rondn d In **11 r ?m? ?ny n.'no nil I I to. A ?nr1 ?>, In? lo th? ?n I Th* Ifa? V..-11 in 1 K: In Rm i>1 < 'otnpany no th? Uih dry of An? i?'. ISSP. ? Ui* ?i ii at .itb.nn ?t t.i" ? ?<1? ?n.l along ih* linn of nut n??d and tii* r<?1* l*?**d I.. uM nompanr. and ob-ng Ui* ilao of a Id n nda. am) in Ihaynrd. and about th* ahopa ami rla?>'?, h< online to at. l rallriad t?pu.i> nr. ihi l&'.i iln nf A HR' In th* that** of R*w York. 5f*' .frr??y P**n a) Irani* or *la*wh*rt- aiao all th* Una rhalna ?.ilk*a. hand rara rail*. hmih?rand .th.-r l<ati;?m*nt? and malarial* ha| t\f to lb* aald thr R*w York and Krtn Kallroad f'UBpatiy oa Ihn lith day of Angnat. laf.y and t>' w aid it* along Ihn Una of taid r *il and th? rr ida lna**<l to it. ai?> all lb* .'umlture. ptp*r, ?talW>n*nr, wrral. nail, prlatlng p'?aa?a. trpna and printing ma'arlal* t*l*graphl* apimralna, wb*? and flttiima I longing to aai I naapiuir oa lb* ltlh day of Angnat. IIMt. and aitu>. ? In il.? t.* I my ot >< * York an I ? th" amt.1 MM and along Ih* link of aald roada ai?> ail t|?* amok, lmnl*m*tit*. Inula and othrr good* and ohalirla tIMwrr of tb? Senr York and Kri* Bajjtriad Con ;any, or In lb* p uaaadnn of ih* r**M? *r i ndrr th? ftfth mmtgaga tn U?* Atat*a of Raw York, Maw ,) r?*y and I'ft.nai vania Rkar Voaa, July II t*fiO PHttA?T. lUT-Vlt.K*. Rnfaraa. R II.?At h* JadgnP-it atjfbnfiyaa a a-parai* rat" of pror*H) eoi*r*d'>nly hy lh* fifth and aop.ilam tnal m l.nfnra Ih* aal* of Ih* franrh o** and m*l rritr i!' n ? i ti n*d do* tiMir* of i .d aapara'* ?i * If tn t*fc -ph?'*l will li* gWrn 1 ha franehW** and r*al < tal* and all ilh*r prot?rty -oarr. I hr Uir prior miwtgaa -a, a* w?M a* ?y : * iOh ox ngag*. will h* aold auh)*?A .> mil nongagav. ma* In.?a m h ?a an id Jnrtgm*n: and ib* t of 'h* l*? amttira pn?- I tn l*fki a'Mhor te th* #?t*n?h*i o( t|i* ti? of piyoi< it of Ih* *ntir* l*?ii? of bnnda *. .,'*d h? Ih aanon.1 m -igig*. th* porrh?**r* und*r ih* Una! ani* ahnr* xv*> "d wll Uk* tb* frag i , .** and pmparty aoni'-.a|n aald a*, id ?"rtg<r* r*m lining a* aaroji-} - a.ia bonda oa ill* a?m* may it. .i l'.l I'll HA) T. RL'tJ IUICS. Return* JESDAY, JULY 17, 18G0. AII l' b K 9117 % Tit. XV AI.I.At K '.- TURATKK. Y? ToulH.KS NT. HIT. HKNJCFIT OF AK. Vt. J KL.ORF.NrK, T001H.KK TOODI.Krf. TOODI.K.S. BKNFFIT OF MR W. J. FLOKK* The rt Htltrirro of antiaf action m atlifeated t>1 th. .ar-eand .iel*ci ?ndir?rea niKlit!? m'meted to tins f.nolti- est iblub-1e m to wttioa* thn linoite iuiiI chat autertati perf.iraiAiiie ot Mr. au'lalip. t iiirrin1-. in,. io en ft* inatuuteiueut to tuuiounc-e Luc r;o Ulitian.eof Itrmiiihiim'a new tmrlc?oii? TU? UKKVI' K ahTKKN, The rcndl'l' n of the prticlpa; elm mctitnt in which ad di d i w hutreU to their nliendy wide apre id fume. Km it nubt Ihc itrcHt Imrleanu- will he preceded by a pl? en Klettnl fur lU adaptability in kiviqr wipe lo tlm w Termtlllty of th? Florence*, either la repcrenaUtia-l ol ecoeu trie Li ish'.md \ inkee life or the huthsr wa lka of coineuy. This (Tueuday) evening, duly 17, Will be presented.'or the drat time at thi* theatre, the ce e brnted Burtotilni d'anta of THK TOOPI.KK Timothy Toodlen. (hU tiret appearance in this i liitrai tcr in New York) Mr. tY. J. Florence During the liriinia the celebrated HOUR IK D t NCR, hy Hi* Isttles and nrntl<?meii r.f th? company Alter which, (m the eighth time, mid l:uit ni?hi but four. John B/ouuham'* new and immensely auocoaanil ifbcal bur IMMIM. 1 ? M THK ORRAT KASTEKW, replete with new nonet music. effect*, loc Uimns and scenery. The niTnc'iml obiriief rri by Ae KI.OKKVt'KS To conclude with Mr. Florence's sdxptatiou of UuckMone's farce *?? Uie Oood tor Nolhmir and railed MY TWO HaTHKKS. Tim Prihhln li.n IrUh Unr.truer) Mr. W. J. Elorenr Nan, the (loon lor Nnthinj;. Mr* Clnrenc Hwsriir or Mm. \V. .1 Kiour.Nrv..?The management ?r pleased to announce the oeleetiun. by this l.i ly. n: Thursday e iuiw urn lie ii 111*1 , ** Ihe occiuui u of her benefit, who i t) r reli'br..:e,| arum* < ; IKKbA^ II Ae IT IS, with new see uerv nnd atl p* orislnal oftectn. will be presented with other entente iiinenl*. Ilex rheei tor se- ire.t sent* now open. Doors open at 7'v < 'ommenrea at M o'clock. , N'KW IHIWERY THEATRE. Pole I'rnpitrtnra Messrs O. T..Pn*'and .1, W. Llnjptrd. IT IK IIOM K < >y i HKI.K UTIMATK DRAMA. TIM- linVK'iK THE I KoITIM \TK DKAMA. 'A UK HO K OK THE l.KtllTlM ,\TS PR AM A. TIIE HOME OE THE HKOMTMATK IHtAMA. tire .! reception of f.nnv at tuk m:\vhwvfrt kdi>v at ; uk nk1v itowkky. fi?1>y amthk nkw bowkry. alt A sn l.KdlTIM a'i'k wkkk. t? .ni;;lit ('u'ksuayh July 17. Tn Ntalil iTI'HMH Y>. Julv 17, viRtiiNirs: vrK.UMiv VlRt:iNIUf?' VTKUINM'HI YlttillMUS! VlKUlNll/'Ht sir f kopy as vikotxil's. mr k k1?i>y as VIBOI.VIOa. to morrow, oisirpra. VflUIAi'S UAK1IRM ?OARD.?TIIK MISSUS H \NI? A. ii OALK respectfully nnsounce that their Benetit will tiki* pluce on Wedne-?.i>t? fvrnl.iff, Julv 1H uh?*n will b* presented th** following uO? active enter*.?inments:?rilK KR)N HOY, %%ft)? Polly War* hull, A H Davenport and Davidge, ntt**r vrhirh a l'aKde D*\tf. bv the Muse* viALK; to he follow. .1 bv a pr>?nd Hfilet Diverifssem-nt in which Mx ame Theleur Monsieur Wirth jfi. and 'hi* Misses Dale will appear, with th?? Corps d?* lldlet To com hide with the t* mn-tiv of H K KTt 'IIMS IN INDIA, with Mr. Davt.lge, Mark Smith, and Polly Mar shall m the eastV'IBl.CVS HARDEN.-THK M1SRK* PARR* AND SARA i.*l N?!*on l*?g to announce that their benetit will take nlar* on Thursday e\emng ne*t, July 1U, on which occasion will be pr?*?fi)tod a new hurle*.iue, in addition to other novelties. Tlr ANTED?YOI'NO MEN WHO CAN FORM AXY PART ? ot a Negro Minstrel Troupe, to perform In this citjr Amateur*, or ih< ae ol ark now led^ed t?leut. uia> apply to day, lrom 10 to 4 o'clock, to Frank l artei. 441 Broadway C1ahi) hut, low. huanch.) J from July 14, l*k>. \ MR WALLACE It having been very industriously asserted hy certain per sons, doubtles* for certsin motive's? w hieh are oi no importance, however?that I d" not intend to re open my Theatre under rn> own individual management I be* to state for th?* iuiorrn "tiou of ih??se whom it may concern that I shall open m\ Theatre for the f?l! and winter neMson about the 'is isl time, and that I have not the slightest intention of give up future tr linage me at. I take this opportunity to stale that all my most import* ni engagements are already made, coin prising. as usual, the greatest and most valued talent ta the me tropolis. J. W WALLACE BRTANTS' MINSTRJtl 8. Mechanic*' Hell. 472 Rr.ierwny?Thte popular plate of ansneenient ? ill bo cl??ed for e few weefca for the purpnee nr*peintm*. reJaoornUn4, Ac. Due notice will be Riven of tii" reopeniux. KKMKMHKR A. H DAYKNPORT 8 HKNKFITTO NIGHT. .!? ll.N rHOUOII AM S farewell to America. HialOAL. j^URKATLT IMPROVED PI AW' >?'< iRTR. UOHTK A KKAliBfRVa. Manufacturer* of A NKW OVKRSTRCNO MARK PATKN'T IN.sCI.ATKI> KUI.L IRON PRAMS GRAND AND syu aRK PIAN0KORTS8, No 421 Hroome atrwL PIANOS TO RKNT. All AMWOXK RU8KWOOD PI ANoPoKTK FOR SA1.KKirh tone. In perfect order. 6>y octave Price J7J. Anply at toe Fori iture fcApreaa end Parkin* KaUOlutunenl, C7( buth avenue, four from Kurueth eireet. AlorNO LAI?V OF RK8PKCTABII.ITT, HAVING hn lime unoccupied, wl?l.c? to obtain e few puplle for the piano, havln* lately reii.rtied from Kuropc, end eiudlrd there under the timi maaler* Term* #10 per a muter. A J.Irene K. N..JHeraiiU>01ce. QHICKXRING A SONS, aaufaetnrem of GRAND, ROC ARK ANI> UPRIGHT PIANOG, O. t Rmm lurt hwi awarded thirty et*ht prize anWa for Ike eupenoruy of thai* anu/acturw lor the paal thirty- *? PIANO* TO RKNT. Dkput or the alexandre organ Fur t'hur h>-?. Ohapela, Ncb??>!a and lira win* Room*, an iikmadwav. SOLE MEDAL OF HONOR at the CulvenaJ EihiblUoo ?f im Th)? guniVral Inatmmenl (paien'ed In the Pulted Hutaa May 3. IrvSv.y which the bnUlaul perfulmanc-oaof THALBKKG. VILANOVA. MLl.K WF.1.L1R. ha?e rendered aa popular Id A roerica aa In>p?, haa bnea adopted by Um grtuieat aruata and cmnyiaere ??< bout Con tlDTCita GoTTSiHALK. L1STE, ROSHIJU. MRfKRHRKR. Ac , An. Tb? Aleaandre Organ la celebrated for Urn aohdlty and prw eta'">11 "f lla merit,mum. aa *''[] aa for the luliueaa aud P"?"i ot It* tone* and the remartat.ta duality ni keeping perteruy la tune hi all clliuatea. I'm aa at Um depot, AO ASH. S10U. A16U. ?1KS AitS *!0?i SMI KG" ftU). A UrvrlpllTe elreular arnt P> any addraaa on a,,p,?. at,?o to HKkN a HI* A FAHKKGCEtTKM, Jr., ill dn.wtw.y Imiairtera ' ( Knwa>'i Accwdanna. t mllna Vp.iln -orin.-a ?c ENMLlHli UaHOi. aI'I'KOVKKD HI aptomma*. Addraaa < 'onanrrauara da la Harp, IM M aat *1 hlrty 'o irtr. atrecv near Headway, N. f. ORGAN ?FOR KAI.K, A HMAI.I. CHITRO0 ORGAN. OF etpbt atop*, a flue t died tu eminent, will be a,II cheap lorcaah- Appiy to L, L*. NTL'AKf. I'll Keel llonetou ilftjel, Mlttl'Al -A FIRM I RATH SOPRANO WANTED FOR auKp.- p<l quertette elc '.r. Apply to J M I'elton, plan" ri-niia. "A# itr.aalaay. 1jia!?|>s at orkalk-rr hari.wms kvfr mkf'fcknt?<*i? orvi-a nrtitvr ri?.'W ??l [or (kll. <?< , Ittl, mn1 $1*). HH.1 oni 11 . fiAl, im 1:1 mmOi '-uil/ cif. 'I nut mUl-l ? ill |hh rife.i* nn?- *2V, mid em.* f**r !*1Ae1 i>n<- <> 'iic, I" ? ?, ii..' one" f?r #Tii t?>o raahogenv I'i.ihm f.w #17; |f.i. D? itn.l f.Vl Ae-oond l..n.1 i Un > Uke*n In -kflun^i'. Ktum* t?ne*l UXnernn. a, rniiirr i.f 1>tttfc ?tre-e-f. AHTKUlellUY. AUTliNlUHIMJ. ? MAIMI M'lKKnW. HKVRXTII ilnicbler. Nero rnul mhI *tf? of fnraalflM. Wil? boer rum nn.t .ifiwn >.en will m*rrj. un I m?ny vmi? ?>?n > ?.ir Twrr li. ifku lew 21 rrnU. mill] otnirw ntnv . ipjrinn m> ?d Ti-rueeeui"A LM Ludlow eiiee 1, b?. >? Uooaton UraUcin<>a ant ml m mod. Abo i?a rmr aftrommiimt. th at kvicrt oak <*aw <l?m*nd nn tor fe-ttin.. wui?l?ri|.*i froea U wmUmf! Wit. r? * . ii?i,i ihr >' t-i 1 rour vMt *a won *a urn oul*r bar romi aD atmild nniaull Una n*lur*llr gllt?i l?<1jr * n ihnn ouuil tr.talo.ioiw* i:ai.M aiw* ly m*rri**n* aod toil* *11 that annoorna four who> III* ||*r nrn.ti.**a?* ?r* n tro? l)<*l Uwf *.if|.r1*? *11 who nonxiit h*r V li -I ?.n in txturmi o rt m<K rluaJ-nut :.r l> rr -.wl * .?1 lu<?. which *r* rrr crate In Ibclr rffnct M*l.?nr Wlnm lo:ia *o ir . thai ?r.m?-BUjr t"? ? littir limi.l, iho'Uh !h?f moid n * :<v*r for abo prfKima amblti* bit wh?i is rcmnlaV* i?? phli'two utwr*. I* Allan alcM it?*r HUulon. nrnr lb* bnaorj f aa n I iMiiirawn, .'?> ? MAD.i* RAT IM Tir* H?HT ft.ATRVoTAICT A!*l> AS u ifM In th? LaKrt Mum, I'm Ink o i uh?r* MMfrrraf Ktfrii|M, Irlh of I |r Hiorty. M' . irk *?*tti* i war f wanty r?*wh ?<i? *. flour* V A. M to a t'.V I<aaf)r* L< ciiU, kT-'l1 Irmril >1 ertlt*. Vf Al>'N* ?ll \Kf KKH. HI KKMI.Mll KTRKRT rillltll i?| I ror, frool, latwrrn ??nu? t'aiid I'nloo da. Hot, 'he arvrnlti 'U'li.liinr, It?? ? I Mural rift to l*l| annul lor* mar rHu.v twafil irtanla, Initio, a* nod ji'irnajra ladic ItcofaU, t*nU?n?, M mil* ^ ^ NP-WHO HAS NOT HFARH Of TlflC ORI.RRR kT* 1 Madam* I'KKWnTKK >h* lit* h**n r#.iri,tr,| Of (ho'iann '? In thin and uflirr cillw* alth -nllr* *?tlaf*rt on. alia f**ta r?Mrm ah* h?a no aqtitl sh* loll* th* ham* of ftlloi* trlf* or hoahand. *l*o th-d of h*r rtal1?r II \ m ?xh ih* ? nib tvr h?r * call, at IU third at ran*, abor* twnujr Am Mrnni. I ulkm*' . * tillaium %l. | Kkaotihs? a r><RR!?of/>i>rsT axo ASTRoi/xirrr Ural bdnta tb* amiM,and |A IkJD r*war4 lor *or o-i* h hn nan *<|'i?' Vl?a WRlJ.f RO i'i iS who la a< hii"wr|w 1^*1 b> In ih? rati) U'1? m">w rhy who trnthfnil. *i?-*a inmrnut on non< .-rn In* loaa*? lawamu, JoMrnof*. ?)>aant Irion)*, lor* rnnn*hip, tiarrlaa*. k**i!tb. wr**Hh. and wlr> will rr>'UMl .|mn*?ri *>H unfiulh. i h'talmiitln. Mian W i* II,? only p?r*>n tn <h ? <-M . n In. h i?' >? K^iininr R in? i, Arnhlnn Mid Jiipminw Ul ? fat |n\?, i "I lurk mid nil huwnnm affair*. *ihI ?m r'i?rni'"^? for llfr lin'ny tx>l to onnnult ihli natural It gifted mid lieminfnl rnutif Wy. w her MMMN, lOl HnU armne. np|>n?ie Klghth Mr-*. A O rilR'ITORHKR UTRKRT?MR* II RnRMCR THU " O * 'taking nnd ii'orr failing aaP'loglnt ???r and g'ne I lady hn* rantfneS to ttit? rlljr. and glrna tr,m Informal,"o of nil nflmrn wl'h end In regard P> levilik and Marriage, love alWIre, lananlta. diflicuhy tn i,<i<dnea*. *t< kw??. gr. ,Vr* Ro<*der mv fwda * Ip-n all iab*n fall. f>rn reduced for Indue M cola: gentl?mcr cent*. Iteaare of Itnjioalli in Mm. R |a ilia nmr I tdy 1hal fnrmer'y reawd In w,?nur *?r?M. nor Amur mid Knihimulli aireet Therefore rcim-itdier tin rem lenrn 41! Ohnav ph'r atr?-eg near Wn- t'?i place ?ud Fimrlk *re*t, If Jimj wnlh '1 hnveirue Information. ' inxAEW BnxiARPR ?oRiFrrni R mrRovnoivumiR^rto* j nuatimn* and Table* ran inly be bought at ki? Fart .ry ffenmd li?od Tablee for aale, mid prt?*t? hiowt fninialied. | f'nl mid namlne WV If lIKirFI th. IM l'iil/tn rw |JII,l,IAKim? PHMaAJf't Rl U.I A Ml I AlRMI D Taro'fi atreet and llr-Mda ?>. I# rlnnnrt (,* reiiocauoc and kHemlkii a !? ? more .if 'he reopening will he rltan in ikm paper. All h'in?n??* order* in .he ineanl'tia will ha aueodad n at the namifantnrt. ?. ?. t! nn I (*1 itr-ehy ?ir~< I'llKLkf A I'm RV.ii- H kPF'TKR, rWTROVIIP RfU.TARO TXRI.RR IHfl rt??w nrnnMnauon ihiahln*. patented ffnr II. IVA Rt? nl Mmd Tnntna R H - Au'earn" n a,. I Tablaa f>ir play lac by J. Humpkrey, Ui FuRoo ?r?"t Ural d.?,r U UKCKKK. *U Aon (tmpC A.MCSK WICIVi ' T AC K A KKKKK'H THKATKK li I.AL'KA K Kfc.VK's TIIK ATHi. LA I K A KKKVK's TIlliAi'liK LAlBA KKKNKV IIIKAAUK LAt'KA KKKVK'S TMKATKK. LACK? wkknks IHKVTRF LACKA KKKVK-S IHKAIHK. LAI Ka KI..VKLS lUKATKK. ULKA KKK.VK'S 1'HK '.TKR. L A lit A KUK.VK's THKAIUE. LreM?e any Y*ruyi>r Mr. Ji*Aph Jrtfrnon S**' H'JUMter Mr. aIa^l<'4 8lmlOnUiit M UHlral bir.-,*,, Mr. T H ik.T. 8cnuto ArtMt Mr. J. K. Horn. Promoter * Mr. T. S. LUua. TCWHAV JULY 17 T' KM-AV. JVI.V 7 YVtfKUAY, Jvi.Y 17' Tl BSD AY, JVLY 17' TIKM?\Y Jn.Y 1; POflTTiVKLV TIIK I.AST NTUUT IIISJI'JYKLY Till- LAST S . POSIT! v'KLY T11K LAST NUill POHITtVKLY TUB Last NKJHT I'OSITIYKLY Tint I. AST NLJHt IM1SITIVKLY TIIK LAST NIOIIT I'OSIiTVKLY TliK Last NluHT PosmVKLY TIIK LAST MHIIT t-OtUTlVIU!Y THK Lil T NIOUT net rot k ?UT rol'K hir rucn ?ct rorit hut roc* or TYCOON; TYCOON , TYCOON ; TYCOON . TYCOON, TYCOON , TYCOON. TYCOON . TYcHHiN ; TYCOON . OK, YOrjfO AMKIUCA IV JAPAN Toll NO AMKKIOA IN JAPAN. V.ll'NU AMKK1CA IN JAPAN. YOUNG AMKRICA IN JaPAN. YOUNO AMKRICA IV JAPAN. YOITNO AMKRICA IN JAPAN. YOUNO AMKRICA IN JAPAN. YOUNO AMKRICA IN JAPAN. YOUNO AMKRICA IN JAPAN. YOUNO AMKRICA IN JAPAN. ' It w<U U> r?oratod lAu rvnuiu* with THK WOMAN THK WOMAN THK WOMAN THK WOMAN THK WOMAN THK WOMAN THK WOM.VN 1 11K WOMAN THK WOMAN THK WOMAN AMI! AND A VP ASO THK 'aKTINT. TDK ARTIST THK ARTIST. THK ARTIST. THK AR 11ST. TIIK AKTIST. THK ARTIST. THK ARTIS'. THK ARTIST. THK AKTIST. MRS. JOHN WOOD MKS. JOHN WOOI* MRS. JOHN VOW* MKS. JOHN Wool* MKS. JOHN WOOl* MKS. JOHN WOOI* MKS. JOHN WOOI* MKS. JoHN Wool* MKS. JOHN Wool* MKS. JOHN WOOI* MRS JOHN WOOI* MKS. JOHN WOOD MAS JOHN WOOD MKS. JOHN WOOD MRS JOHN WOOI* IV TW O OH ARAl.TKRS. IN TWO CHARACTERS. MH. JORKRH JKVFRRSON MR JOrATH JhKTKKNON I MK. /<WKTK JKrKKKKON | ! MK. .IKKKKltsON MM. JOKKPlf JKTKKsoN MK. J? ?KKPH JKKPKRHON MH. JUSKPB IKKKKKHON MK. JOSKt'H 1 IPSEKHUN MK. JOSEPH JKKFKKHON MR. JAsETH JKV kkksunmk. JosKPII .IK^'PbhMON .MK. JOPKI'H JEFFERSON MK. JORKl'll JEFFERSON MK. JOHKP1I JKFPERSON MK. JOKKl'H JEFFERSON MK. JosKTII J KFFKKsON MK. JOSKPII .1KFFKKSON MK. JOSEPH JKFFKKSON MK. JO.?KFH IKFKKRHON MK. JOs-F^M JKPFRKSON MK. JiHittrH JKWlltoaOM Af T?r TTW>". as fur. ffCMA , as thk rrigoa. AS TUK TTCOO*. AS T1IK ITISIOS. AS THR TVI'.MIS. Two ftrorile Offrtiirai l>f MK TlfOMAH HAKKR. MK. THOMAS IIAKKH. MK. THOMAS IIA K KK. MK. TIIOMAK HAKKR. Mil THOMAS HAKKR MK. THOMAH BAKKK, Monday, July II. the perf"rm*nee will pommsnr# wttk the admired i-nmedleu* entitled TIIK WOMAN AND THR ARTISTE I!!? J5!0*A?* A?!' I!!!? ARTIHTK. Til it wuxiin ann imp. akiipik. TIIK W<>M\N AND TI1K. AKTIHTK. TIIK WOMAN ANII TIIK AKTHTIC. TUX WOMAN AND TIIK AKTIHTIC. Scene, l/milim fprlnd. IWl) Ann* Rracegtrdir, tragedienne of the day... . Mr* John Wood John Horses*. a Northampton attorney. Mr. J Hurn-tt Jimthui. hia sua. Mr. Wail Dolly Mlaa JndeiWMi to conclude with the high'r snorensful burlesque at TYCOON. TYCOON. TYCOON. TYCOON. TYOOON. TlOOOJf. CharactersPersimmon*. a fast youth <>i modern timet, kept last n?-krd hjr hiaiathrr. ahirh haa a tendency to make him faster, addicted to Japan ware Mr*. John Wood The T ycuou. addicted to baring hi# nam way, putting hui subjea <? nut of the way, and brtngtui; up a way ward da'iyblcr Mr. J. Jefferson Toons Coon, a distant relative uC tlld Lip Coon, and Nephew of Tvcom Mr James Klmnkona j K?nlac. a third rlaas spirit. I. e a djlnn. a sort of bottle Imp, much add!- ted to poker, a mnnois eur la the One arts. In short a regular Japaneae llohemian Mr. J. O. Burnett Float, keeper of the half way house tn the clouds, eoepeqocntly only a half w ay spirit Mr. Hurley Chum Pertain. keeper of tic- rod, ooe of which is al aaya In ptckie for himaelf Mr. Goodrich A iiui * a young lady, who rsslsH all attempts to al lure her (to rallura; Mtaa i'. Jefferson a first class spirit. addicted to In love with morula and meeting a mortal re pillar Mrs K . H. Chanfri-i Myrtilla, s pure spirit Mia* Warm a Kaddle, a ytwum lady retaine-1 for the express pur pi'mm of *<!iniiiiat?rinK a fill Mia* Too* Hiirk? I uu*rdA, otbcers, l*Aut?rn IWrnrn, ArxiAZoriA Aud female AttvoiUotA. a iiioiiwat in thk n/x'ds. erenmonly known aa the " Milky W?f." TTIK HA I, K WAT "TKMPl.r'?TIAJBA'S KKTHKAT. IPnca tu L?rneaa, four In hand. Arnralnt Hrfnrn* and yrtilla Herinla handlea the "rlbbona ' without Baking n beau. lake the dorr* to water, nr rathar "oarrj her puc-iua. 1 FKKMll AKHIVAIAfnetteam ami an ardent aplrlt. Harnett'* Pjinn. Spirit lore. Aeeth'Uc alfr uon. The rtral heamlea. A deaparata wagir departure of the "ttowrry Sprite" and the "Hroad way belie lor Nrw k'nrk, MAtilC iHa.KIK TO FIFTH AVKNITK. Penrtmmon* a prisoner with a fragrant Havana. The plot rommtiirva In r .i Ae bnt end* In red lira. Full length portrait* D.aaolrttig picture* Prinreaa Ml urn brought from ! .lai.n iwrnii'rM bv naderrrreind route The het iter tint. Tb?t*M- i m?i *lna Prmrrna kll'ira carnad bvk to Japan. IVrttnwoM a Mind f'lltoaar. No tollownra allowad. A qntok irtu u. lit- Japan**- dmtimlona Til! rViXK>N"A kPPKVHkWrK Tha young iady <bal rrfnaed anoflar of ni*rri**?prooonncnd nd. r\ir. ttixm)*1* priiclamation. Tba ?w>tIra my fc.w down w> 1IIK l> HKAT KkHTKKN. Arrlral of Prraimmotia and Konlac bamr* (H" I .?p*r'nl fin1-* Th* tiomljarlran hoada fnuiabakallM oil lb? ?*.*. Pat ainnnona ilara* tha ordanl Alopathy no aura ('?r b<?a Th* h-in*1 pH'h.c | Uo irtimphatd I'"in* t' * < '.aiin .Hm up fur a brlda and a ganaral row In tit" ?'<>u I TilK RMPKKoK ATM-WINATKO. .ii.- r?.rj r.I ,* ' n ,. hllnfMm okara.tnm ami man* ttaii m <>f lha r' ni>?r >r Imf th* whnla araa of rata lu?l'< mm* a 1 ? ?< if Uularoa and a lir.n ..I rum ilrand Harrh of l?antnritA *aiu.ia*f mu larutMitu ?cr<ir nr?i-?iicmn m?tp?o tiautav Tit* MfSlr-nmpnaarf an I ..rranr-1 by ftlfiVA* RAKK? burn* "I'arntral da Vanlm" lavl Ninx, '.'" iinr J.x ii" ... . I?a* diiiM, "iumi lorn m Aam" . K-, it ac , float "fa .IwMo'a'It* Br e.inta ant k.itoc ; ' f'f) > * Itl" ?r?,f K una mma, "I m a -i i tr Srw't ,r\ at Miliar" ..I'oralmiB'ma .ma, "Xtrl?? I ij" k.iiuaa minr "fmina \im*' r'Kra litariiln i Param imia fa.tlay, rh? rinn. "Hrimflai" ("UTnrlah"), I I.llara Hi* iplna anil llat.rn ... Parafaimnnl Rnattation and art* ia Itararfara''.... Tha Tfiwn Hour ' 'In. t ai altar" Tn'in* 1 m PwiuiUia aoil l>'iat. "Luriaiti Lunmarm-air Tpi- am A Almra knot ami ho-oa, " V, ak?Mi lairn .. Tynma kiajay Ppln. O Mai.t'f." "l.ltUa m<*a 1*1 fa, " Homnnn, la" Vtmn* i'i m an I Tr?nm Pot,?, Pprt* of ah I a'nfi 1 n? Hona "rtaltf nli Mllktii* b> r i'nar" Paralmmona iVa na, "Mv :h' .... ..<"impany final ami < Vh1 a 'ifmiaralia ' ... P'-ainnim, Tynonn, An. ijuariaaia, "Buy a ttronm.".nwhun. "K*rar talk la ma of MTaJlrtnji' and Oar man Wai* I h Iiaan I'anaa AU I Ha ahanmtO*? MAK' H OF I.AHTF.RXX. HRflK/.F! H<|R*K. Urmnii* <>f Nrw WMr| h? Mr. J R. Harm. r< ray. l.-T K TKWP1.R IK THK I'oOt'll*. a mtfir eh*"** in Prraimmona maoaioa. Murrap ItUI, Raw I York I itnrt-ir <>f Ihn imperial palac* nmi tT.<?fMif ari> coca* ik ja'a*. jkudo tttt. M'.RKK r ?ORAM) ari'iiwav VNK oatkr to THR PAl.A'R IH'RNR Vt.-THR ('OR Al. IIROTTO'TIOMR Of HYUOjrt A. atricr YI1.-THK TAIill Of THR ?.rTT Brilliant ekmit and nf Prrlammntwi ioiiv drawn bp ftxir drawn m?"-la Dunn <A>na al half paal Hr**n. PrrT'iraaarr In r at RlfM n'clnrfc. rianat fr rrira, jimtt jo, kkinav kvkki!*<?, jvi.x 20, FRIDAY RVKRIRO, JM,V ? fkihaT KVKNINU. JWI.T *?, FRIDAY KVRKINO. .TMI.Y 20. MR. JMTRRRMR'A IIKMRTT MR. JKFPKKAoNft HKMFKlT. MR JKFFRKSOR8 HRKKFIT. MR. JRFPRRAOR'R UK * R,-'T MR. JKFPRKAOir'H RK.MSPIT. XnMJWIOR t Prm? and Karri* * < *?( ori fr-alm 'Malm On* d -tinr fan>lip I Irrln ...tA rmnt Hainmip knlra .75 Pr1ral?Boiaa . >4 and H In rrh-a-aal rvtr amr1h:ar oottr1m, ocr amkkf'a 1 rnvntH, oor ARIrdar oormR in r american rotrnri* Ot'R AMERICAN OntTftlN ?iM RMrlp aU M orUt'nal cam. ___ 7_ AJltsEMEVTS. I rAFtfiK.V I i> .l.iti.r* ,V. Xuim . it Xt-ifw, ; J. !h. C ki 4 Mr* i !!I.NV? Vit 4, II I I- . .! y.r. .mux HtfUl i '(. ! ??' i oi f() ' \ itus r *.?, A <1R? XT UU.U Tl lM'.W I >MM . Jt'l.t >7. iKiO. Jobu Rr?)'ish?ni'? art-it III!. !>*<, '.P i f i'O-i .v -IIO V-TA>BY MKOroUAjr. l'AVKNroI;r. I'll*. HRLsOX JlaTEMM Ar.4 Hi i'uw '??)'. H e UA1-K FlfTKRS in .. llrmd Pm ie Deu*. lnt?rn if 1 11 for p cimeundf uiid ret ruahiueaU. The r<?riuK -uve ?t THK" IKISIi TltiKR, Jo wlii'U Mr Kru?uU.t:n w. ill si ' lu? i!>M? Rr,n< "Ould (rai.iiid, lottVe My ParUn* MU.K. TllfcLM K AND M<?8. m withoh f lu h Pa* dc 1 H'ox. Coocludiue wltb^ pl rasain. nkiohbok. By MUa I'OLl.Y MAR8II ALL, Mr l>iY\ il>OK and ticket* iki cent#;. Orch**ua i*h*?rt$I; %? $6. No hoc tired neat# except OrcLeatra .tad ? rlvatc Ifcotea. To morrow (Wedueaday) nl#lit. Kind Benellt lti lhl? ?t?y of ,, TllK ( a LF. SlffllHf A an?t attractive entertainment atli be otiored. ^KRUAKDRN^ TllK KAVKLS. THR KA YKI.S. Moving upward v itli the tide, will for tbs 1 1 ttM TIMK FIKKT TIMK HKsT TIMK In twenty five year*, u ?u?t>t Uinr enterUittneuU from Nl'jl .'stO the BKAL'Tin 1. W1NTKK QAllltKK, wiktkk uakl'kn, WINTV.K <i KltDV.N where tliey will be happy to meet many Unl friend* and md U&lT'jOb, ou MONDAY KVKM1NO JH.T? IA6) LAST SKAhON JKROMK. AN1> aWTOTN* jHtl farewell wi Ui* atiae thla season. (. AltlUEl, ANT) FRANCOIS follow. The present engag mnent of four weeks, at the Winter (iardeo, will be THE I.AST OF THK RAVKL8. VTKW BOWKRT TURATKK. Xl hole Proprietora Messrs. (1. L Fox A J, W. Lutgar*. TIKHDAY. Juljr 17. ISdU. The Pewule'a Favorite, MR. F.. EDDY. Received with evenr demonstration of delight. This Evening, Sheridan Know!"*' great Tragedy <j! VIBUINIUa. Vlrrtnius Mr. K. Kddp I.lrilma Mr (i. (J. ItoalfJMW Virginia Mr*. W. U. J juas The Musical Marietta of THK SWIM OOTiAOK. NatiTlefk Kr O.I. Fan Corporal Max iwllli songs. Mr J 11 How* LUette (with aotitrti MIm Fanny Herring And the roaring Comic Farce of IIKUCCI.KS. k 1 v . OF iTT.Um JJAKNUM S AMERICAN MUSEUM. . Cndar Ike PF.BKONAL supervision of P. T. BARN1IM. The new Ventilator*, lee Fountain. Ac., make Una THK COOI.K8T l'l.ACE IN THK CITY SECOND WKKK OF THK SUMMKK CAMPAIGN, Commencing MONDAY, July 16 UM). One Week More of the talented and interesting COMPANY OF JUVKNH.K FAlHIt Who continue their railed and amusing rote uiieutn EVERY AFTERNOON and KVKNIN.E A'. 3 and 7Wo'ciixk. m Miauling uf BALLKTS, soN'ihS, DUKTB, MARCHES, DANCES, &< ., nffonllug Interesting and ? leasing AMI I.IKS and CHILDREN. Also, to be hicdhI all hoin a. the evtranrdlnary and Bulb and. Wife and Child. each one with Pure White dfcta Silken White Hair, Pink Kr"?, Ar , though horn ot perfectly hlarlt Parent* Th-r are ibe *re?ti*t won lent of Ihr World. Alao, life like W ? future of Hie (annua TOMMY, OK TilK JAPAMv-K KM HA NAT. With the litenlienl mil of Clothe* iroru h.v iuin b'-re. and Ml autograph Letter to Major Lelaod, U> wb<i,n hr preeenlwd dM ,U" GIANT RAKY. OR INFANT I.AYHF.RT, T YKABS OU?, WKIGIIINU 257 POUXIIS AMI VKAHCBfN't 1 61 1 NCIIKS KOI NO TIIK CllKKT TIIK (IKKAT LIVING liLAUK hK A LION. The only aulmal nl the Win I ever ?een In the Vtlanuc Hlaf, anil the timet extraordinary creature livina i He welgha 1,11 JO ll'a , raie W Dm liah dally, and require* If Mrrclaof wii water every 21 hour*. FTNKST MJIAKIA IN I UK Wultl.D, Filled w iih beautiful living Klali. living Seal, Ac THK LIVING "WHAT Is IT OR MAN M'lNKRf, The liioet iiitrrrntiiii: aril wonderful erratum known. THK FAMOUS "LIGHTNING ''AM I'l. iT'tH " LIVING SKKI.KTON KGKTl'NK TKI.I.BK, BABY ANACONDAS. SttRPKVl ANl? II.OI'V YA KILT. UKKAT VAKJKTY OK NKW WAX KIGcKKN. Admittance to even-thing l-eenU Par) ietle 15 c-eo'k extra. ChiUrru under leu 1.! cent*, and to the pan|tteUe 10 cruia. WINTKK fUltltfN, Mr. lll.AKK rrepeflAlully enootiiWAi to hufrienl* ead tlie pulilir that lie will have the I, miw ot preaemny hia uUM lot their on lite or. -.m,*i ot a RKNKKIT NIGHT To take place a* above. on ihe evening of THURSDAY, JUL* Hi. Preceding an ahatnrr nn a pmfeatlnna! hair. Mr. B tar in* hern proffered the aid of MOST DlsTINGl ISIIKD TAI.KNT, Will he enabled to utter TIIK IIKKITM' A TT K * ITTTO V In a proeramipe of tarled e?. edeuon and HTKKUNU MARlf. ix which MR ANP MRS BAKNKY WfUJAJIN, The erer popular artntinfwlio li*ee i;r -n. .aly . -i,rented \e lea it* Ihi-ir country reaidence fur thl* nbrht < nlyi, will aopnarm TWO OF TBKIK CKLKHKaTKO CU aK ai'TKRo. MR mkkkv pf.Aanu, Tbe Kiuiiii'ut Han >V> rnnaented lo Halt ih- i itf (flrml t mr In twelre tnnattW nod perform our of Ma hi*toly eali mated parta Mb* A 1.1*'K MANff, A Tonwt Am rt".in Actma*. Of Southern *n<1 Weafero favri'iain will inrke h?r firm appeal au< e In New York MR ANU MllH. J. W. WAU.AOK. JR.. A* UI perf orm Mr. f!K'>R<;r JORDAW, Mr I?Y<?TT Mr MI.AKK. t Mr A II llAYKIfPOBV. Mr YOI Ml. m MlmOANNON, And nthera the KI.ITK OF TIIK FKOKKSMIOX, With the Bcnehiiary ?? TIIK I.AST MAX To conclude tba eitranrdiuai) < of dramatic eat*The HOX IIOOK will he ?pen?d on Tl KkPAY MoRMTXll, At the 111*1*1 hour, al wlieh t.iue ale. further perucnlara of THK ORKAT tIAl.A KVIKRTAI.VMKXT WU1 be made known in bill* and advertuw-aenua GEOROF ?imisTrs MI.VSTRRIM-NIUUO s haumml TIIK i.ast WKKK t NOTK'R ?Thleenmpanr will p.- -elr perform al the NATION Al. THEATRE. I'HIl.AOKi.FHlA, Commencln* MONOAk, .H'l.V it and al the lioUllAY STKKr.T TllfCATRR. HM.UMORR On MliNlltl, .11 I.Y Ml Purine their ah??nre the llall writ] be reuovated and ewtbaAUabed prerkoua lo the open In a of the h'RXT HKASOX. MONPAT. J I'l.Y l? AN1? lit KIN'l riir WRKR hlNnMtlX-l IN Al.l. US sllal)K> iMil'lltBl To concilia wltta MONT COMIC W. AfT*KP!K' K WrlllM # ?orrMl)- for < JK< >K<JK < An Intrrnuaw ,n ,<i iiitrrn lor promaiudn aad TerwrUon. Irrd MikU Wator. Cmura. FrnlU and Onnfmrtim*ry Jl l.Y M, ItKNKKir OK J. A llaKMAM, Bullivl *ln?or. ? tarn a rr?*i ??|rnto?i trill ! ? Mriuira J. 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