Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1860 Page 1
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. i TH i WHOLE NO. 8714. THE SEHSATI05 OF TO-DAY. * TIm Great Kcllpoe of the Mas To-Day? I Hlaloni ah. Pmuat llhurnrAlian?lf? Path Over the Karth-Th? Beat Placet la Ike It la America?How It Will Appear la 51 ew York?Directions to View It Correctly?A Comet to Occur at the Same Time. Following clo6? on the heels cf the Japanese, 6reat 1 Eastern, Chicago Zouaves and Benicia Boy excitements, Sew York will to day bo visited by sull another setisaItSB in the arrival of a distinguished stranger, who seldom mftke,; l.i apitearauco, but who, when lie do- a enmo, generally manages to create an interest as w ide.--pread almost as the world itself. Wo refer to the great eclipse of the suit, ahi 'h w !) occur to-day, and which will probably have ceased ero this edition reaches many of i our far distant readers. Though this celest .a1 pbeuoinooon la one of the most interesting and important of its kind that has occurred for the last hal oar.tury, very little has been said or written al>oul It outside the imutod.aio circle of astronomers and savants, and bene*: tho public canm t be expected to know as much about tu history and causes as they otherwne would. For the beneflt, therefore, of the masses, wbo Lave not tlnv to bother themselves In poring over erudite works to drag out a few grains of astronomical knowledge, wo have prepared a short nkntch, which * ill be found nuitc fud enough for ail useful purposes. Fcl pees of the sun are caused by the moon jwissing between tbo eartb and the sun. Tho ra<?>D revolves around tbe earth oneo in about every 29,day-, and conaeq ieut- j ly pases between the earth and nun once during each such period. Hcno?, thero would bo an oolii*>e of the sua j at every now moon, and a total eel p?o of the moon at 1 , A,It it' tIt., ntswtn'a ..bit u-.o n t?-.. ?n,i .. ..-J - " "" i piU6 w lb the c'niro of the snn and earth. But Ibis, as ] 1a 1*611 known, does not occur. Tho moon's orbit mak?s I a? auglo with tbo earth s orbit oil 13 d-ifreoa, which retdTt It impossible for so eclipeo to take placo rw fro- < foently as n ight bo supposed. Tbo least number of eclipses that can tako placo in one year is two, both of the sun; tlie greateet humlfr is MT?m. There are generally throe or four ecl'p-ei during each year. It has been ascertained S7 urtronomors that between ' eclipses of the same kind an J magnitude there is a period ?f '323 1.nations or moons. This is the sixty first pcriodt- ! cai return of the presout eelijwe, which, according to sarrod chronology, malo its first appearance since the croa- I tk'D in tho year A. P. 008, December 9, old style, at ten j o'clock 5?n?., forenoon, whon the moon'a penumbra, just ! came :n eoniaet with the earth at tbo south pole, if.nce iheu ,t has continued to appear regularly at tho end of every nineteen years, ltd D?'st appearance will bo in 1S7A, July 20, *t three o'clock 23m. in the morning?invisible in the United states. It will also appear again in 1WW, August 9. It will continue to appear every nineteenth year until tho year 2274, Apr 25, when the moan's shadow will just touch the earth at tho north pol , will be its 7tiih periodical and hut appearance until the expiration of 12,192 years, wh u it will come mt again at the south pole, and go through a similar course. The ve tocuy ci me moon n suauaw across ico eariu uuring me eellpee will toe about 1,?50 unW au h. ur, or four t mog the Teioc.ty of a cannon bail. The eclipse to day will bo risible from most parte of the United Stab* and Can* la, at well .vj in Kurope, and a large part of Aaia and Africa. THK P.ITH 01 IK* scum OtXB TH.': KARTM m described m follows by Mr. Asa,formerly principal of Public School No. IS, in this city:? Ibo per. imbra, or partial shadow of tbo moon, will 8r*t oowie in contact. with tbo nardi at too ra.iug sun, m the part of Texas, between ffee irrtlan Territory and Xew Mn o; It will then take a nortle aatrrly and then a wntheasterly course ovor the earth. The >irubra, or total ^arW shallow of the moon, will tir-t come in oootawith the earth ,n tbe Pa'-iflc or. on. one bur-Trod miles west of twegoB, directly woat of Oregon <''ty, nnrt a little to the ntndiW'st ot'tn^ muotli of tre CWtimb's river; .t will thee page ir, a norib'-a'torl;' direction over Bril'rh Amo rVui to Hudson's Ray, near Kort York, at tho mouth of Netsnn s river. cr?>*e uj Hudson's Bay and lAbrador to Capo Cb dloy, whi.'h wilt bo the mos favorable p-sit'On ? (Be continent tbr observing the total! rchpee. It will then enter the Atlantic 11 ui, iMtestog due >>ast until nearly so i,h if <'?)> Karen 11, ib k r thoru capo of Greenland; wh >re llw >-'hi wl'l be teial'y eel i- "t at noon of tha' I-la .t oil; then t.vk" v corv.-l Itnetoeard tho southeast, pan* tig ?v?r tho nor?! -r -'pain. the Mediterranean Sea, alg.or-', li j?il , Irutum .the soot ha? torn corner of Igy id, a to Nuba, whore it w : 'ws the earth near tboKcd Ar*. a little beiorc tho ?tinv of lis s, n at that p'aco. iho iwth of *.h tunhra iu wht'h th sun *11 be totally e:i'.|wwi. * 'I b 'v ?;.! ' ii * I lib, whereat tho ptcv.mVrm, !*> uV-'i ^..o more or lest eci p e.', * i ox too 1 from tb.i '.u'f of d 'icoloJddflg |*ii u> op|> a.t" j o." ll. ? n n i'olc, a dlatar of ot*r 0.000 in let f?o mbrt n t? pa?.ige over th? raithu?a<e- a c-ire' i w; u-a -a t' ! by its spbori form cf tbe **i Y . -L nrth v:?r.< a ?lnt sm "ii? tbe l*th <i: th- 'libra no *1 ",vv c t sin -i t 1 u. foua tho ecrthwmt t > wi Jiww, making <c .ug'a with 'bo equator cf 17 dug. At 11 i. a" >e Toeth f tie of t ,t il .' p-o 'h' sun's norJi'-rn Urrb *111 bie-'ln:' d: b?it in Kirniio. Jtaylan'1. Ireland, '-re n'i 1, Ix) uid, ar t rh" iKWth?ri part of Br U?fc .tu?<*r!ca, t? ??:. r. iua^ -. ilboo ::^?4. Smt V.rlrhavcnf*1 ;> -t c tyo < ? :rf ?h? |? . ad 0'>r \ jJiT^TA'.)'? . > -i- it wlil Mrf n at vnt \.,rlt 7 (Wr* 10 r b it v, w >m nj. Ar?kU?^l wb*;tirai<ut> * 10 ' ?* r** U ) " tO " " WW 0 rat n C " I'oUow.rg c it, ff-iaw'? lh#*x - lr- ut^: d root < u. r-i?r-?r>.i? tv; f rai^ji i .' ? y.. * ? Tfce tc"pw w.'l Ni loca at all plaoea in tho Tr itrd ?um wain o< ums parallel of latitude of the city of Now fork, grraiT ai All imvu h u a jwri.. , u. ?n jj royrmmAa iht ilwv* <lU?r?m ? rt+<m inn i hm wax u l*m nui? <mw tor*. rt " ~ //. ir // ir jt * I>nn 7 04 H 03 9 02 Wilmington. D#l. 7 04 1 04 ^ 00 0fc!t\fiHir<\ N^*> H 6H 7 W 9 59 I'. C 4 7 41 9 fio f?rc|b)<tfc<v va .. 1 >4 7 m> h 45 Rii?gh S ... 0 50 7 41 9 l*9f I?lom " V i 9 44 7 33 H 10 ?*Ar AflbAh . * 0 41 T Jil 4 12 620 717 1 <4 KtibV, A In. ,., ?? ?? * 4 OH H ?? I 7 ??7 #?a^k, 1"Mk' ?. 3ft# H 4ft 7 14 - \fn < trt<xAD'i, li ... 0 00 " tl 7 M *-t^tffW'P , T'TII, ^ 9 '21 04 I 4 .tU* R?> W, AfW ' ^ 0 *?H ?K | ^ i'n ft 5?l 4 51 7 4ft , I , K T ft %k? f 7 ?1 Dt.ili, iifi'o. > .(* ? H 41 17 H l.t lr?!.aft*|v* o??l '? ^ H <*H | ytir , llf . ? ,) >J '' ' < *v. pfill*. Ky IT 7 1*4 4 04 ] \tfcfcYi ])+. imm .. 0 11 J 7 04 | 7 34 < PL, -bp ** ? i* r ^ ,f lw: * \? ? \?H:? . I v I II W t II M \ It V r. r. in to* #.? Wottrool, C. y 7 1- 4 17 ! A 1nri'OU)lC. V. 0 4i 1 M 1 4n X.4 4 <? 'J ?* 10 l ? -t. , fen, S B J xl h 17 t? it iw.imrt. M<- 7 44 4.1 ? '.T I a.-r.l.S H 7 82 i 2? ? it* V: Tfcti?ii-r. VI 7 17 x 81 ! Jit 7 84 4 87 9. W iY?* tl'ivn, R. 1 7 82 4 81 IN ((ftftftip!, < olio. ... 7 JO 4 81 'I 80 ,\;tMW4.N V 7 11 4 18 II 1.1 Rimfe.-Hur. S. V. ? r.t 7 r?4 ^ M rturtfen. V Y.... " 47 7 + I 4 .1 1 rrwtt.Y > ? 97 *oo I ?oo fen-: Kwkil. 1?* .? I 3> lO'll. NiM i ** 0 4 '? 7 41 4..??t ken, ? 7 ?,0 | > 04 Olnrl. MHIi * * I * i *N r*Mf?,ui '* ? w I 4i? , At W!v?r?l f>;?.?? I > '* ' : '4? I' f.^t ?,1 I . r ".ry J tlr?<| |W? ?lll N- W4?' *' H "i . I' t I 'Iw ?fe 'H in On fe.-Htl * > ' ? "f ffT?r :n>?nt i>f W? i t%\ < i'~ ' *'"0 nn it? i r ?tafeNw>k of iln v* cl,?boai E NE 2.600 mile* west from Washington city, tbo Juration of lulu..ty w !1 bo 1 mjiu.e 62.0 seoocds, or about ono half It* rtnrat,>n where ttieeehpeo la <- >ntrU in the north of S iain. Tb> it s calculated, will itkoplacoas follows at Oiyropia, mean t m? ? Tho Sun's centre, July 18, 4b. Mm. Oaeo. A. M. Total ei'li|ao begins ?? 4 46 62 7 " I A'uet distance of (.outres ' 4 40 290 " 'lijial cclijiso till's 4 4 47 4o 3 " Whole eciipse ends " 5 41 01 7 " This place, Astoria. ia Oregon, unl Capo Cbidley, lobrailor, ar?> the mo I favorable localities* ou iho American cont uout to w itnoss the groat rolestial phenomenon of to day. But, as before indirectly stated, in the northern part of Spain I'to bort Tiow can bo obtained of it, and a urea'- number of scientific expeditions have according y assembled th. ro to behold tho eclipse under tho m ?t favorab'o circumstances. Wo havo not i heard of tho departure of any of our own for Spain, but " vera! expeditions of u private nature havo gone to <begun and Labrador, two, wo believe, under tho aucpicos of the Smithsonian Institution. On the jou, of Juno last, an expedition composed of tho following gentlemen sailed for Capo Chid ley, :o the United States steamer Bibb:? !.; it i.-int Alexander Murray, commanding; Professor St. ph -n Alexander, Pviu t?i , .1.; Lieut. Ash, Royal V \y, - i-v. rnitei|.|.>nt <y . Ob?rv.ttory, who has kind volunteer."! to atncrnpwy tho expedition, Prof. .Smith, ; Pie: tenable, Mr. Pu. I "> h is, photlgraphors; Mr Lie' or. Me. l'.lwnrd IJ.v.ll'c!' w , Asst. C. 8. ?.; Mr. W. n. ; tl. Meefrie, C. R S.: tfr T. 1? : Barry, do.; Mr. Robert Piatt, do.; .Mr. A. W. Tb'inv, *iu, do.; Mr. v. Vtail;or. Mr. Win. lb my, Mr. i..irlo? WiUin; Mr. Charles I reu h, ? P.. fry i. <t of it. ; Bibb; Henry Nouei, AouiiUat do. MOW TO \ ISW' 7Hit r'L l-SK. T > fci t a good view of tho r, .jho, cut the above liagraru cut of the Hj uaij), JV'. the oant, and hold the diagram up, oik'ng tlito igh it towards the sun, at the time of its obscuration. Tho sun's appearance at the me in' hi. >>, i.i ?i ii,- . t .,i ? . u. . > t?* -m; J irl.ifc'8 :, also a con mm weU.uin uao?l ti -"*o e-tKjwe*. Mr. A-a Pmith, the gtifcttenian mentioned above, ha* published a very beautiful colore) diagram if t)io oc'lpee, con Uln i'K a lull history and everything of -jo rocn>:' xl with tin* occurrecee. ! t -i f. ,i- -ai tit Appietou'a, .it Broadway. t' rii -rty ecUpr-* w>r? regarded as indications of tho wrath o:' the gods, ant * -? \ >?l w '.h fear and tr< m hliug by the ignorant ma?-a*s, who behoved the da-kitwh eh overspread tie- he?v*ns to ho the immediate precrrsnr of pestlieni ?, ' ;n n. ar.1 evPs utthoot n" tl><*r. But tho light of ? ' . * hat dtspei'-d mort of theso i erroneous idea, parti - torly -::ro the dawn of Cfcriatianity. There is still, however, a numerous c!ms of peopio wi o e'iitg to the old eupcratitioiiB, nXwithstand rig tint wonderful no - *ai;y with which entitle to- n predict tin- or . rr. o of th m: celc dial phenomena; and many remarkable coin- ,Joncoe liavo t-n'od to strengthen them .u their 'oily, kueu at the happening of di ?t motive disuiuporn and poitiicti : ?. Accord rig to IV if. Merino, tint wign of Brooklyn H-'-.'hti-. fl comet u 'I film tie 11 tti inlnnee nrvin ilm cclippe to <1, y. 71i. i comet, t i?t Fail, will bo view oJ well from the iKUiasut the OuiuborLwd, in Tonuiiv, Betide. the exi?J ' ?u? raoiitioi'.'d above, another I'M boon organized by the Yioerjyof )'*JF>t, an.] tent into kthtopia to observe the eel". lu liihioyia, tt must Ihj understood, the erlipse end*. whllo in Orejjou it begins; so at its cotinaahouriK m ami turminalioo sekie tiBc eyes w ill sole, anrt setei t itic per* record, the ro?cn tie intercity, ineft.ation anil declination. The kfyptian csy.'.lition is atKi'ly luriiiabcd with aJ lb? i*rai tetany, tliermn t> ra, haT"M0t<n?, 4c. 'I'lac t.rrat Katlrra. IKK VlSftFKS t)S mi; ISCilliA-k. KXCl t . pi.iCA-tiiK nut* cim Eiu*t.aTt:D colxtv.- ; ks to i m? oFFinats aisntm ov m vratTtmi' m floravr* to-hay?in* ?i?kst?, ftc., wr. Yestcr.lay w.i# one of tho bout pny'.rtt days that hvi thua tar l? . it ( ?i erteneed in the A mortem history of tt o Great liasUm. Here thai: six thotwand-alx hundred plr imssi'd tbrouph it .- turn stiles, rambled about her i iWvkp. Uo\o to Ui?> hotum >4 brr acynl bral abyi ?, re. j clincd Id hi r olofcatit saloon i .ir?l ron-' to<1 th > horns ; of .in ruthuaianio atlwlr t Ion. M.?ri. m; * m* t> lu- ;ci. - I rally rrgarilni it* tho tluorltc jmrt of Mm <ta> ??tl thin t;mi' until lUrno o'closk ui lii<> aftmt .in V ^ :. ? pi wit ilmnlTn in tfcroiii,*. Tbo erctiralonisM aro amniiwl at -'liHcliHarJ ir mi.; forwar'J," i? ? 'arjre auabw >?a wr<r??n?ov*1, b<.t j la uuaJ aqii.'iila of on.*, two or thro- hui'Jro.l. tb y ma j riifo In lb.- onnr e of tbo .lay to ># " i p s \ crj r po | ablo apxri*. xir. To inorrow. tinwovw. ;t ' ;?t at. | io.^t a tbnti jD'J rn p.I ft *n Now Ho\<? sol ' virtrtty. ami w 'tan1 that ntbor fit <*'!! thnr. 'y >.iutribute a bo-l o: ?.? !.t '?l-? I): womb rfut l n. yr. .larrtt, *10 iuta iharcv of u>.., depart'ii t, i* ?1lT? Bit oi.l 01 ? ra to ??> ".tile, r.> lory, to est. n<l hl i .r .".Vlr'a' j tin. Ttovr orvry * i of tbo o> miry. In regarl l? tt.ertlp, "I ito- Hoa* t'? ray tl at hor )*i. prmM y* " Umcjr a n tirab'e >*? t t -m. flMt poai .rally n wart irooa. iu.<l uo oro can owno away fruu borWi'ho'it i~.i ,,g utit ;n i-rory ttoparUn* it ofwn to ptibllo .??)? . ot?, master mind* batu boon at work. i rotn iiicm to Hon tho ilccWn aro onvryl with awnln<a, | sr. t tt o ?>r tr-'ia .n tb^ il i!r wit bncih.' tr?? 4 "i'tbo m<wt j-H.tit'ul chariotT. Sat* aro ti?> c>mMrtably -irranj,' ' u; lai | aboro the weary c .a onyiy royo*-. s>>w iti?t ilio nfftcott h?v ? ? l with Amtiicnh way* m! ci?t?wi?, th.i iiubuifit of clvilltt'J ( <* iwiiPii U - m nn-l In-) vb>.t- r* W t*?th frwnvwl tti'la^n-o HWt. Mil MM; uf ?nr riUtnt ?rr *'.r- vly r-p* in.* Ok.) nl mr ,ti n rr ivrl. I. hi-"j?1' orik.t barltf !> n j r>???' <~) (ii'wa.u > 4V Art?bi>,M tin ?mggo?, .? ; - ?t of Jolly p.irtij i*1 .< ? ? r' T?> i.sjr to ti ori >w it lor ? lb -tilf, ?'aj?ti n 1.4 ' n*l i r . - ? i. m n. w 1 -urt " ? |,t , r.-1 jrc"rt'"t ? N *' film, an nrllM'fln lo filo b.n :i'C b* 4* t i v r. I kj or., o: lb*.-railr*4 Qxiu* wl 'jk lit I' ' iNth-rw *rd. *?* ) a II"- * l.? i .'k wbk-b ILa lilfCbiM Mil i?? * *! Ji 'y alhi-1.* ?i*m* | nJopor. l^?tt ? f?i"r n u??? ih i.i hy I1 h . i ' from (CI |>irM of Ui? *x'?Blr>, nuil I'nmi |> ipV of *11 <:?r m and cm ! I I . n *p( ; II r . I i' ' . II.' f;r?! t*'!? rri-l.i to >: ?..xi ? rvi?ni ix?r?tl hi ilw ?' Irilintiim. w;J nil ??rn of r>?Mie<i ! ?? ! why 'h'-r ?hoolI to- * fevorthl* coaaMern ti "? tlv pirl '"1 ir rrfjio- t?. |u in<l|ri<?>) *1 "in with ? jo-ni n tbn villaf of mfevMph!*, wflTmllln^ ntt^ni ii to t'w fw-t Ih'it th*- 0f*st Jiwit**rn m *-7 '!'* h <r oi ti'* itrmniwMnb - (Jolni thai pW-. *.v I "tr"i*n -it h?rh ltd" t" twnfjr fo'ir foot mid A Jim! AT. -nl iL *h p draw* fti'ly balf i foot lo w | than I hat itduniil .?f ?at--r, I nl had thi rr oful asswr- I auro bw ?fhmily r hot ?i lp roiwooii io*k>.p in l??a 1. It ! o'M, tm .1" hi, h . th nin*' i pit. o iii a l.<rgj ' J rlfy |or ??irh an tbwklwiil it> l.\ i.IimI. ( 1 I lit t'l.tltl** ihl llii- fir - *! I a if rn * V f> Giin I ? ? *' - * ** ' - ' ' s , !..*m i. -\ -f vn ir : aw and Ukc a I -t 1 ii hi her of immil'n !*Wjh ?Mi a ? MrfflBWWM bn * lt?rel ,' > t?rr,'*i.4 no tw? m hat tl.Mh'r tie c*>fm?*r i of ??e ?r i vrtnviwtul, aoavt ar^ar. tn"M iVv'J b' i loi " ! io|tn t tho Jiioamfbrt wbch an I ,-r i *y 'r* s\ - ,'d ' v re U> ' r >i ? Ihj many who may i-haw ? to be ??? ir Ibitmv t*>>ay*re. t l?<li w i yrwterdav i thhj heiml f)9*tta( in lb<> ; rut. a?l to? 11 . If '? of ? br.-t ' -r ireet Mr. V. I j I , the rr> *f ' tbn ftlt'p. b- tif not vdnf Ihr I art. with aevrrat of b ? a**latM)bi pr??e?\l??.t to tto r|n4 pj?>- , f t fli ght, b ill" .njj'n a r ui kicit .i "iui".l ttir n gi t alter 'be umai of th>' fli p; but thejr I were enable I > |rnfjr tt. In tb<l aiter?< a ?ti- >, ? mir an t rt I It .1 o? ? a hot! a- Ihi J ?m at rt ptl' ?; to lau 1 on tti" wliarf, itdiammw b"lii|ll" nb ? ( of a ne'arttl) .i"e , I i -1? wer?- rrtrrtil ?tt->r e eiarrt'-rahir. e" r'teewet, try ntf "tj fiet.den ai d il-itrbm a n. Pi . ui rr n ; lb*r# wl?. it 'ib'WrM lie fwneM mi lievn?e tbr >ty, tV n<rw a"ra t.oe b rt It ?"h i | . t/wmv**, who, by ttir*? m. xi'" fh rhtp. tt ten iVIo'Ic a ?h. rt ri' 11 tek*' | a ?r <;ee Mo we ,:MI! h i: r I-d lb ' on. kabki )> ttn nfa J) ' la'i pa-a'l" ; tf ?f i p .ak < r- lar .'at ifc'p I tbo W nt<f. Th** i wert >mt r ir.itft ?o 1 wrly. MllllaMttiarf < Ity \rtii. (U?< atiiKV?A taan n i ?t .1 !? K !; ?. f tin* In I r iimv "ii'- i, r<* i'.f ? w'mvw j .- nwj i ?r J trh lng at a Otr i rt" t tfctMjjIt flrui I ? it. at, I < uo. 1 weljr drifting lit* w?m*i ?. f <* ?!! I t? y<<ara<*If, J '.) >! <) JrniMi'nW't tkWm '< ") it n ?."> Mr ? iir" b? JrtTibii ?> J l>< . bun u. await ttj. r- if; ir tti? ia- r nrN-i Infl.i t?,.| ud Uvi rtilM. f, on Jt'-u ' iy i .hi ? II". Jm M ??n. >f' r^nt|*>iiit, ' n'l down * < ! f tnhn" if ami i i I "i?J > *>?! -|i , ' h?*r lif>' n !mm n?*rl |<*fft. A Ml*. BoW, fliju.r II" 1H4 f?r*n? .ft, r P.. ftt. j ^ ei\M li|ji:rif- <i*i m'piibt r W, ' ) it *(>) m f if * fluid Ian p whioh all* ?a? altaklfef < ;ir > tr"t.? t h<jrn ulfMar. | I'lRtot a AwurtT ?Vlrft-.r M. ir am ' M rt r H*r m , tor? arrt* tp<l laat i i?H i i. ?<?? ! tr ib % ]an(*r?>il a*- J nit i >mm ?l?< 0|?tn Mr ,lr l'?t R?r n. If" ;>?r ft ' J ill on lb* Pt?ri-h 'arm, on Pity n \-ti i<\ F.. P., It ?"l th* awuniU wa* i mm ttad dur ng >u al'raf n *h . Ii . ? b< i * ra r.gat'wl. Har'.n w*a 'tanfr- y rot a ifea I :caal and at lnmrn w ;ib a k> fa, W YO MORNING EDITION?WEDI THE PRIZE RING IN AMERICA. i CbaBcage lb ItMftaMc aa4 W?clateer 1 PngflMk bBtoragttoMwotlog Uhray Latf Vlgtt. In Yesterday's Rxto.ld no p>:Vgb><l the following I challenge, purporting to bo l>nm .khu Morris*'/. "the champion of America ? TO THK kDiTOlt Of TBUt HffRALD. Vkw Yobk, July 16,1660. As Mr. John 0. Flo?nan hut now arrived borne, and aa be b.ts, when In rhiropc, expri-ssed so ferVfent a wiah to Ogbt me again, I villrjt baik b.m In hi* wish, now I have him on the spot. I w ill fight h m in four months from > signing articles, for ftoin ten dollars to ten thousand a eido; and as it appears paradoxical to me and my frienda to sec a man lubbod "<'bampi<>o of tho world" who has nov r won a fight in tho, 1 will now give btra the rban e bo wants, although 1 only stipulated to tight him again as a winner. I wtU mirt liirn when and where be likes?put up what forf'it ho likes?light him when and v.bore U? likes?I to choose tho stakeholder, to be agreeable to both. I trust outsiders will not int- rfero to prevent lis is real h?at least until tho money Is up, which 1 am (>r--iar-<l to -take at drawing up of articles. JOBS MORRISHKY, Cuampion of America. The letter was bai led in at our oftlce in the usual manner, and aa it was Kign-'d by Mr. Momssey'a namo, a^d Its terms appeared to b> n accordance with his proViOu.-< declarations, we 'supjiosod it genuine, and therefore gave It to the public, last everlr.g Mr. Hr nan called at our office, and after I expressing his surpr.-.o at th ba-.te with which Mr. Uori rl-sey was the aC'a.r t > an wuo, 1- ft with us th# following ac< eptance of the supposed cha.Ionge:? TO rui KUITOM OK THK BKKAI.D. | , , K w Ni w Y-ms, July IT, TWO. . ... U .... w.,.. IUU u ?<l na'.i <11 lilt'. JU11U BUTrisaey de-darcs ho wi'.l keep the promise made to me before I went Jo Hurope, and tu? % second moot log in This in itself pays mo for the time 1 spent in togland, an.I I at once uc-ept of aU the term* he ollbrs, and '-booeo for the nuk-a tlio k Inherit aura ho names. In proof thereof I will place in any r^spoiwibie man'a bands tho sum of I'.'.000 an a preliminary aepo-it for a match of <10.000 a side, ponding tho J rawing of the articles and tho selection of a stakeholder. I should have been pleased, after my long stay abroad, to have had a few weeKg of leisure to enjoy among my friends; but as there la no way in which I can begratllied so much as by being guaranteed an early match with llorris-ey, l hopo they will esense mo lor ihia now occuiiation of my time, if Mr. Worrisaey will send mo wor-1 by note when and where be deeirea to see mo for the arrangement of preliminaries, I will me t him without delay; ami tho only further wish I now do. sire to express in that, like the stakes, tho forfeit may tie large. Yours truly, JolLN C. HKKNAX. At a lato hour, however, a awengor called at the TlKitsin nnd loft the following cote, encloaed in an envelope, bearing the water mark of the Congress Hot I. SaratogaSprings, and with tho endorsement,"Deliver to night, -tare:''? to tbfc apitok of tbk hfrai.d. "'iiuto-.a .- ntLv s, July 17, ISfiO. My attention has boon called to a challongo, purport it g tocotne from me to John <\ He-nan, in jour isvm of this -lay . I desire to say in answer that I am not the auth-T of said aballengo, nor I am j authorized any person or persons to issue such challenge in tny name. Moreover, i am rot training for a tight, hut am here lor my health, and bi*c busin -ss of mor* ImjNirtau -o on hand than preparing fir such a contest. Yours, re.pc.-tfully, JOHN MOKIIWKY. At this late hour it in irapossible to asnettain whctle r this Bote is or in not in M"rriss"y,H Luudwritir. . or which, If either, <>f the two lrttjrs signed "John M< rrlts y," are Xoue of Mr. Morrinsoy'a fricndB who might identify the handwriting can be found, and the re ports di regard t > Morriuney'a presence in town are so i yntrvlirtory aa to be unreliable. We therefore give tho m itter to the pnt-'ie n the shine in whleh it now Bland", an i await furlli' r devclo]m'meuU in tbo matter iu order to disentangle tliiu piigil ^tle mbroglio. a smart ima affray on tiik cokvf.r of kroapwat ami th (ittkkkt h s il' .1', Bhrw'Kt.N two vartlsanb of bkknas asia morrismy iwohiin injt'llbd. Another epiode in Ilie exr.tMii'-nt att'-ndlng the arrlval of John C. n-enan, thc- H n c.a Boy," occurred ' lot ii.gbt in 11m shape of a shoot,og atfray in twe-n two ) ummioiui ln<livlihia!a. wlil-b r wotted in a damijp.l I)Dg-:r to otic aiiil a hnlvt in the i.-g of an im?v*'i.t t.jrstan.Ier. near v< we nan learn tl*?- fwU n" t|.? raw, It ajw j? irK that b<lW"*u jiih! nine o'clock ? par'/ was K<ttivro<l in H"? M-di* s*l?-u, nUiiite <<n lie. rori>er of thirteenth rtrW nn-l Br..j<, tb? I al.pail-rs of Il'fUili, u lots ii i very iiay ataau bin arrival, ?!r.?mi top tl?c?r ?>y tlm rrepre-'lbte cirlustlj i" m? the h?to. wh'-b Jt t11 v ivrrn I'.'t iht ?niu c runitii. ty. ]? ihv < r<tW'l wcr l?<i m'.s I? u.inv 1 I'atriek M.i>-I\ n-Ud mini John l> ?.ui i | lVjMity M.iTfhat, rw no are iformed, tuilrr ? ptitt Kwi 'i ". the former If in/ a vsrtn rapjuRi r oi t.i IV.y," an t th< lalte- a fr i-.t of Morrii* j. Ti by. the cliail"?nt<' of )|?rrMq. puMuth. } in It." llioui u n. jt. gi nhji Imt it.- ouctTcraatioa a? n Mtaril li.o ; of a t"rl. iw itiapntr, ami lint purlieu r. tin 4 to th.t adc*ak. lire, it u nt.J, Mi.i*ic*i4 Btnntk ito/aii auvral lho<r, ?|>|>iyiox to hitn u noita of oppr brienn eptlbeta im bra->-4 in tii>T.ilei>- j H*r. Jhinan in Uio meanwhile acting on the 4eMMtvo, J n-.1 L< 'Ii4 not ! luirc a muss,and r -treated alew stepe brtktant, elidc-titl/ * i*i to avoid a light. I I M..i! nalil, Imwrvar, 1 i'.owe.l him op an l tru . li. n again, ni.-o J*m m www a rwwolrer ant vapidly liml four til ten in a m <*:'* It*. I'lu-l. la'sing to tin Ii is Iio started otV'-o a lively run, Mluweil by a aborting crow -1 uf tu< n ?t.l bojtf. Mi* itoiial't, it in sai.l, boldly far. .) ib<* lire. iu.i> Dv every e'lorl In K' t at his ai t up.. .si, bi.i atrui^e to fiy w.ia hit ''it unco, nu<l that it* tin* III!- i.tipr uf bis In baud, tiei hall |nie ng through the Jr.-nl from 11n- liu i i*-. unv ?'f tiw hytuii'lerf, iiiuitol Wn>. <?. lioblnfon, wtw? rertb-r at 343 Weft Twenty third atrret, how. ver, .. Jrss f.rtnnaW, an.I reoviraj a l^ukri iw* ftcag' r in Ui' t.-hjt t*rl "f hie thlfh, iuai h'tuvr Ihe hip. in . . | i . IHMVIKII "? IK? ik * iiw "' I. tin li ? , liuUioct atuitb-1 bun ii ihi I inn*. H? * # n< t .<i Nfcrciy Heirc*! a. In i>r? T* nl he* walking, ami txitii Hki round' I ' t> imJiNl in tnrimitli ?rt?i, ?bcr? ttn-y rwltrllh? ( i?-ec?< ry .r?*r*n! nitrate-n Hm dncir nt* i.-n that . Ma. Umuinl l> in l.?<-lu--Ann r. wnl .lid I., i -,i r l . !r extm-ting tho ball I mm tin* limb of Mr. 1 lulu nun. No ww in rirht until all- r ttmailmy, anil cm *e j i,u#iit'y n" irr In that *?i* are aw arc of wrrr mane A (rami nl Mr. Rnbinaon had lit* prrkrt |< .Vo?1 of , ' f-nty il?l-?rs wbtl*. in tbe crowd, end only <U- m-nr* I , W-!? when h-called on kbtrwtrf lor" the lucre U* , lh?i aurgron. Who way* that mhafortinw" t iurf -'loo ? n.'l) . or curioiity, like gl?ry, Ui?* nut . ri jaire iUam rliwci. Vl(ll?rth? "Umlila Boy" l? llir llrralil j Office. J Aiming Uhj d'fting'le-hMl eifllm* to the llnuui ml* J ait erenlnr. wan ILn far Ounn! ll.-ro of Karuhnrmi.h? t lol.a C, Hernia?lb-' obji? t of his rail bring to prcacnt J br jwbli?t.mi the lettr accept tig the challenge of M'?r J '>* y wti.i h appeared In our colurni * >enter lay. ^ 11 en an ramn entirely aim n Kiel unattended, bit .-j-iliy had he btk< n hla neat in tho<-tuA aasctoraa ' efore ch"T* f"T the "Beuicia ttny"' ami aboiitn for lii cti.ui," in m beneath the windows, Indicated that hi* BmMtM dik-oviT'il, ami that . in itii *h:rh hit nan* Is crrry whrrr r< c<-i>< J cln< * th* ttgtil i* , 11 nntii*: a)iki<il. f an* Beat'y alltrrd in a black 'rork mat, whit' jwnt iMl Tint. :j?il no utranfi-r would h:?Tr rrc- .-nir-.l iu U>< , uiil |entIfuianly bearing. Ui" luild eye uil m ili-M v rpm-eli uf th? Individual before him, lb* redrolilnblr ' bampkon *b<?<- name within the but aU month* baa t i-n a|>4'-n by carry tongue in the ilrUM world. An ? ran marife?tr<| in (ireat Britain, lieenaB hi* tin * I' -ilforably the rare quality uf prwtuclBf a larorabie ropri. <*."?? upon every otta in In* oumptny. IW i>a| i ifftl i "inn mil of language, a fund of inn lent, line j ?iw-r of ito* riptlua, a etroog ma *f himnr. %u4 what be ladle*. * ti'i are the beat jagges in 11m ?vrM ?( eovh * hb-g*. would call a "winniaK way," one eanimt h-lp In ng- Jit at Mm** of the priae 111?' r In rnmnn rlna h b?>'- morn *e?i?la feature* of hi* rha-act'-r ?o iroini < i ntly in iiintra-i aiili lia grower M.a lr* Pbyah-ailp. a* every one * 1m ha* eceri blm i* aware. n n>|i *pi?i'ili<t apri imrn of a man. Ilr n|?jir ir* to Ik In T *ni?" halih, owing, dan Mima, la h'tiMi* from all ? ' ; ui ? t ir * Tlliv "i Ir . ii ,<iTi o! 'iv.'l ..I III* -s mn.V'i- tinl < ?! hnr*tlr r-vi /-rlint tli? r-tnar mMjr ?kin ?n?l ?> H ikumM fi^Mr** nf * ><> tn-liVM ml Ih> ft ir? him mi* mil* ?fr? month* **" iii?* nrrtdMrf 1 ilmxtv Tn??t rl?-?. i ilwi! in tho M-ory n| tflr W-rrtbla 11 ntlkt ill I nr|ihiiri***i*li. ft' Wh:< wuitinir ;n U?r M<< i.-in r< Int. .1 m ? m !# I u| ' y * vmiHy nf ,? i. w- nf li<? ^mif^K'i nnnarknun, f" vi- I ?i?, h>w-i*r. all in- nn* hi ih<- tl|tht, nfttnM tn f* HIM i<- i.f N't <1 mi" h |immin?t li.? imirt- inn niiui '-r ? huh rn- li 1-1 he -n intinl mt ? Ik xrrhiil bnlftn V* H?v n? Itai -bail I hn?i|i??# h* imrnitH mhHi- irriaf* * ft- l-f 'i-Mt ? ?? ft**! It.*! I * , ? H 'llHMl |in|???llk ft* I T in t' ni?V* h *ai , hni hr frv ? urn W'lnl. ami. wlh hi n Immnftaa m'l ' i !< hw ! ( ??i-f. ??im i ilmtiiiif ii|?> ?l a ?rr ntiil < ha*?.n* l'M< J ft* Baftfciht Hi* , ?a* mm.iTf (H '* ri-Mn'fm* ' ? tft" 1 ft*' fft, ? * ' hft'"? to ?n?Hhi r ih ttr t*i,iiyt' ir- n -r: y it- *' n*??." t? RK H STESD1Y, JULY 18, 1860. Ot K MII.1TARV 411 ESTS. Vlalt to the Brooklyn \?vy Yartl?Review by Mayor Powell?Dinner at the Pierre petit Honte-Kxblbitlon Drill at Waihln|t4>n Para?Ten Thousand Persons Prtoent, &r., &r. TheChicagi Zouavee, after having established themselves in th<;hv or of the oiti/ons of tho metropolis, and our military nen in (articular, for th>-,r supttr.ority ,n military dlscpllne, went over yesterday to pay their ro e poets to ttu Brooklynitee. They were escorted at hull' paat nino A. A. from their temporary quarters at too Sixth regim-nt armory, over Ceotre msrltat, by company c, Thirteenth regiment (National i.rays), CVptain J. 3. Morgan, numbering forty muskets, anil accompanied by Bhclton's baud, anil marched ilown Broadwty to Fulton street, and down Fulton to tbo Brooklyn ferry, and crossed tho river in tbe new ferry boa; Feoonio, especially re served l'or Iho ua s o the Zouaves aid their escort. As they proceed'' I down Broadway, et? rout* for Brooklyn, thousands of our citizens throe go. 1 the sidewalks to get a glimpse at the champion sokllcrs of the West. On their in Brooklyn they w-?re received with a sale to u; twenty one gnus, tire! by the Duncan I.igbt Artiiiory, Oapt. t?m tb, who had thc.r two Held pieces jMitud near the ferry lauding. Tile Zouav wre received with loud iiemonstrat'ons of applause by Um thousands of Brooklynites who wcro assembled to m --' them. Tho military proceeded tip Fulton street, en routr for tho Navy Yard. On entering the gate of the latter, tin- garrison guard of marines was turned out, and as tbe Zonav< s and tbo escort marched In the marines presented arms. After tho troops had marched down the mam street of tbo Navy Yard limy camo to a "halt'' and faec,i to the front. ( imuiodoro Brcese, tho Commandant of the Yard; Commodore Foot**, Paymaster Murray, and Lieutenants Almy and Clift, all of the United States Navy. and dressed in uniform, wero present, and were introduced to Col. FUa worth, of the Zouaves. Commodore Br"'-S'', tnafew impromptu remarks,rvtonded aw-1eome to Col K1 la worth aid his oonimauil, and told b:m that he hoped their visit to tho Navy Yard would bo pleasant aid Instructive. Tbo drays and their guests then niarrhe.1 to tho lawn in front of tlio Naval I.yceam and stacked arms. Both companies wore then dismissed, with permission to visit all tbe points of interest n ldp yam. too principal jari or me military proceeded to visit the receiving ship North Carolina. On getting on hoard this antiquated old line of battle atop th ro was a large u.<jcmblai;e of laJies on th-- quarter deck, who greol'-a tho gallant Zouavue with smiles of welcome. Tho vessel w as inspected from stem to stern,and from the pow der magarino to tho rook's galley, and the Zouaves exprctK>Hi themselves gratified at tho court- Hies extended to tliem by the naval otti iera. The dry dock, machine shop and other pl vce -wrcro vinitcd, and tho Zouavos appeared highly delighted. I rom the Nivy Yard the Grays ami tbe.r guests marehed by a circuitous route to the front of the City Hall, where a lar.,e coneoumo of p- pie were iu waiting to see taem. The Htcpc, of the City Hail and the tope and windows of the houses furnished tho r quota of urn face*, and aa th : Im-jirf caui" iu siilil ch-vr upon ch?T grooP-l then. At this print tho zouaves were reviewed by Muyor Pow id), Major General Ihiryoo, Brigadier General Crook, Colonel Abel l?mith and other m htary men. The rtviow was conducted much ceremony, sad at its conclusion Hay or Powell ex pressed his eradication at the true martial apnoaramo of tho Zouave>. From lb" City Hall tho troops were marehed to tlio IVrropout liouao, where, at two o'clock P. U , a sumptuous dinner was served up in honor of the 7oia\<~, gotten up under the direction of Comisuiy C, National Grays, The tables in the dining room of tho hotel were loaled with all the delicacies of the season, which the military itte with a gr?at gusto after ihe long march of tho morning. Mayor Powell, Generals Muryoe and Crook, i. >lon?l South, Col. J. C. Ptr.rkiioy, hl:yor Putt-n. I.iei.t. Pike, Aid-rman Jtayloii. Id- Ayrcs and tli" n'oer 'rvifcd guests wor" present. I tent I>"lgo. of tho Grays, was prominent in an trerinUudinx thcudiir, and n.aa.rig Lis gr eyta onmt'ortafile. At half part three o'- l?-'k tl,e inilitary and other guests, after having dotm ample justice ton substantial dinner, formed eotitpaniwt and marched to Washington Tark, hear Fort t ne At th < point a sp'on-ttd eight op nod to th" vh >< of tli- p;> ?iU"r: tho hill It: tho Park, the sit- of oM Fort Greene, wascovered with at leant live thousand sp otab rs of ?U a -,sex-?, ranks and ernoilion in life. 7ho whole of the plat- a i of tho l'ark was reserved for tin military. a- 1 i" prw ifts wr'ctrertlly guardi d by a I;-" e "i r , e lineman nn I t Int>p"otor F> Ike. In koc: it.g b.ct the crowd tho police won trrj r ti: It and ah mvo, ii< t rl owing tho !:;bl t regard lor the w'men *ud cl. dren wh i wi r- a- Ideuta.tly forced wit .in the poiir' lino. hut p h^d them buck with th-'h-ruei unai -a and brutality <>f wild men. ai i"'ir o k r 11.11/ 4. - i' i 'a<n>'i" tr... ami were honor* 1 '? I'r r l>; .? a'- to fired l>j* tbo Sapper Tim-iy artillery. .vt-T Puftirj ai nuil the lite Stun< h,ilS"'i, i i-.r .t-ry i tblr (xhtb'.ti n (frill. The drill oomu* c- < d wlib the Xosar* triatrial rlT'?Mm-ftlor arm*, tr- l i-nr . ? iro run:*, fl\ b*yo r 'i, i bay I 'I . . I iv.'h i-, r (til t-hoiMer i bill nmM, Kr. At U r osi >it :>Dt irnx the /t mrra w r? a.l.'W 't ii t i<~ ,>!? .iftir a |e*r i' lnct the tviv | j?n of the <tri]| b K?n. tli.x ?!. /< v M IMM In tbe ) villi and ti'ln t>y fli? ' era an 1 C'mpany. marching lb plat'* ' ; and cr UHitiy In <r--" and double tpiHc I mo. The third port <4 i> / ia>" c^hlti'tou waa lo Uia -kitmi-ii aii-1 bayonet drill. They ed company by lank, extended mt' rv.i . (i I interval?, lepHe?d rol'tnin ?i'i a cnlrc j,t< p. ' p'oyoil left plato i (tin drat heal in pfcrrc), ra!'.. 1 on the reserve, and ti* r., -<t, Thls drill w.i? by far the beat of ihc three glace l/i- r trnim .ii N w I . i tii inj, ,t? progr*.** th?gal lai-i Zouave* wrv lo'i i',) cli> > il. There Wtf an Itim'nuti a irmblag of apectatOT*. who wltiicwcl the drill with apparam liter- t, fr. m !' C'mnviic Trent to it* oooe.lticon, a period of nearly three lrour*. Ibo Z vanes reaped new h -i. , i( by tbe |i!_':lit rhovefcd upon th'mi by th? It-(H - The Zo'iar-- wnrro nmnrtc t |>*clc to this i . y ahorily aiu-r it oh, a . 1 map l?c?l uillji m;-irary 4iiart< re. ii" < . i ' - u irrm* i" tor * tiiune*x >.<J bua| u'ltv <'.xtui! <1 to tVm iftiri* th' r arrival In III.' '!?)', Ii) till' uttl? lill I UiIkTi of Uui tflnh regiment. TV 7/n iv<? ill r4." t th" ''lu, ?tvp "'treat Fvt"fn to- . day, at half f?*t Iiiij" ?'V. A. *!., by >ntilalii>o of the fcinnagera of thtd V""** 1. II" I inrrtv'i n't'i" Lax pam-it betwe-u a nam- i b- r ?>f uir ctlhrna ?i.<! t*l. nswi rth if the &>?%? <, In i Ft'v, hlu * th hat I tjh.buim, t? give *?l?r.iiil)illoo i drift. Ltntlnii* I Nr? ym My. IT, lxt? I Clo' t vw, (vai.tiric'ln^ I'nib a Suites itooarn | (atlnr, o| t1ikrajff?? I Jo f ?V "ii mb!'r, J''!? In o. r rttjr part*, owing I In tlii timi ,nit !>" ir w '.li \? binaoarft?ib)? Ui 9.. iiy < t our riiiAt ? tin- Ivl'i-i, et?ctally, have b**a | i H ' tmiir y debarred Irtim being pr rent. Tt uu i ti ii. i.i"t % an ,M VpiH il n >i .%< an t<p|?rtunlty given, t Iiy aurxh.h t "ii drill, nt-it'It as rnity be tie-moo I ba?t MUtabi to your>rlt and rotnmari'1. NjouM our re t in. xt inert yii r Hi pr' liailiin, ?n would t-vf*t that. any >1 our pub ; t.ull llrfi ?r 1-1- - rho.ft.1 b? engaged, and a i t'Monnble j.rir, ida''tub ion etiargej to defray (bono t raaarjr rjtj- r.*< ... and limit the number ot ape tie r*, for our own i "fivtont aii'l lliejr eorofbrt. We xh*|| tw ilea (tl to iu4\e a favorable n p!y from you. Very ru r peetfully. kr.. t rrtejuto Tt,*.?|, Marshall l-efTrtn, Cohmelj k I. ? t.arar 1, Uti iiegjn nt; oht: J. Ctaeo, law). BotterHebl, Cob met A'atlx Sherman, ]glh Regiment t km tb!KMrh*'l .1 l! f ltrlLrr <!nlg>n??l obnJ. Aru>r, 0lh Kcwmont; Iwiard Knaf|>, A. "* Vmiburth, Onlonrl w -ii - r ;i t n>x>">not. tin UaR, IU4 <.?u.nt Uox. "-fla T, CkpUin t< C'l Brigade, "lb n "W Viae*, Ht i*: i ' t 11I ?m. fri ck, Lk it. Otl(W] ?v III ^M Rnfim<nt. 1 AbrMti fW/w, and othert. si n<tww *TT??n?ni'annT. t< Ni* Y?'M, Jrtjr 17, 1"W0 f. CunWFi?Y<>ui c'itii'duiiii *tiou of t? day ? T 0 %y r?? m> hivlui"n to fir# an exhibition drill li m? ti reeeived. Ii wi'i t.w >* gr*?t Bhwaure U> I< ily wilfc i"||iM* froth lb' 1*11 i/ci:x nl Ni'w York, who * at' ttn'ir latum id our iflwrM in oiaon-r *1 x HBfly BumI" 1 Tb?' <"iif 1 ml exerlniBa that ct r tan-tnim rni'ed ui?m i" make ?< uld i"?d <m to [>?*. 01 r-r a irill IB any ?* * uf ? !* p'lblli'- bnliiliuM, IfatKli vu? ?i>l in -,t ; our * l-ii We bnv? |MHiM lite met. it .11 lie- lniii' ? r Billion/ 1ri*U'l? 10 your city, who 1 , imbiiiiim !< h 11Ii /i n and curry mil your Wiabe*. fill, many Mitiik* l?r lite ouurUvy which tuw prompted r> hit .iiPiuiUrm, I Ml, ti.illv. vnnr idx-dii'iit xrrrant K I- KLMWoKIH. Tu M< "it. W.'iiri. ftBRNMAM, Giro, liAneralt If imchb, &11.I1 Vn 1 "luni'la II.41VXBT, Kittbrj-kui, 01 .ITU' Tt, Yin-i I.I n. tl 1 tl|f>l . II niKierrffraal mat ui nihil "n drill will Utke plare I O* A?:eu*mJ ?>l M' I-. ! " riirjH''ay ''Vi'Biog. at (ht il 1 inrfc Oonr.i'l 11b .ii, 1. 'I tin PlX'b rcwlMfnt. had IM w mil'f iiitlwtgi', M| ni fcil*worth. Cut m I "1 U.<- T*'Ui!i r< iriur m. a.tha '? bi I'in'!>.?;<>. hao tondorrd an naeufl Ibr tv'? **i?n, lT) lii<b bo- Tw. lfUi R*1- ^ ,i?.i tav?t witlt? vi-? i.t *i.<i i?T*?rm during IU tnior in ?>?i-l tbi- drill 1 - t>u M a mi?ion will Ih> (Hi/ onota tttifiimhriy jAirvwts <>( ilifr uying tho otpaoaaa. m dhiI" *UI ho f r*?-d. a. 1 yt rung ttif / naff* wryr mt<-f1atn<>d to a borntl- i|| ,11 i la I inn by Ci.uumn)' > II flilnglM <?rj?y?. Captain [i] K it tb. an * tbi- Wli-r nWlHlft MtftH. ,a ?i ,< - ir i -l " Hi Bag* and -I'll fill mi ii-rn '1 be coital I'm ?ra-< mitna jg > i nd?r Ilia ?ltrt.y|MHi ul OnutaviM Rat/, ?! Uw t'hladcl in H?u?e. of THE ?OI tVM TACTK*. * tii tm aiiiV'g o? too ain'ti "a i ?r*-il nianv iu?|iilt i*? Mv*b""ti mado lately for the Cll i -ill H ;i i -i i ->w m<* to *ay that loere in no ati r-i l. i iiwti ?? *(1111. i her In Kfi-orh of fjigftib. ?i ,r 'M I whn-h ' 11Mil (ir Ih" '//oiafe* la that practiced H fii" lm.i|i irrmp*. <aiH?l llrat Ctia?-?nr?*d'i?rlean*, J? ?? ' Um- t.i" r<??l"Mi ?, ;h< iblnl no nf Ijn ? I'hilllin*-, Jb h" man l<n litem; alter t?ard? fluwwnn do Via- I tip'*, herane* they aero drilled at thai row***, and Ta ? \ ar<- fniw I imiwb a* lh?-1 h? onfa A plod. Hard " *' /t'* a a tr.-i'la*'r ard <* i|-!r*!'.L rf U " ta'-Uft-if th? ii [ERA ' Chaaat -.n \ pW, ?i?.\ .vinu.n all th? moremaata property | knovn *h Uie TSouav > drJl, u?? Tur?:oa drill, Uw Shanghai) , dr U, fc-i. Ui addition to th?, there la a aratoni of K) inuant.ce, published by order of the Minister of War /or the m< u yymiiaaw. it M at Woat Point. ?????VA*V" I Tli? Pacllc Mall Btcauuaip Company Fraada. THK KXAiarSATIOM OP#K*D)KHIC BOPnUN MpnuKli. The "lamination into thia caao was resumed yit.teiday morn log before Justice Connolly, at the Jefleraou ItarWut 1 Poliro Court. Immediately after tbo court w?aon. n?.i Justice Connolly said be wished to correct a misstatement which bad appeared in some of tho Sunday morning paper-", to the effect that the prisoner, Hoffman, wax not coullm d as other prisoners so situated would be, but tliat be was allowed to lie almost at large, and free to go wliero he 1'ked. In just co to himself, ho was called upon to refute to luitounded a statement?one, entirely unsupported by tlaets, and derogatory to bim personally, and to the administration of justice, bo tar as it lmd ever come w ithn his know lodge. IJe expressed a hi>|K> tliat the reporteia pres.nt would publish the aub.-Uuco of but remarks upon the subject. Mr. Doyle, counsel for the accused, said ho would have to be as urtcf as possible in his oxaiujiation of the witin S.VS, iu consequence of tho utter inability of his client to h'.-I him in the iino of defence necessary on tho occasion. Francis >kiddy rrocn examined?Was a director of tho Paolllc .-t- amship Company since lh.kl, and sonic tunes during that peries! ho h-ed acted as I*rosidontpro tim. vj. l)o you know tho uami's of all the looks kept by the company in which they record transactions regard to st > k: A. Yes, lliey are, the transfer slock b<>ok, the cortu'eatu book and the ttock ledger, those are all tho books whieh record their tram-actions on stock. V. At wliat period of the year art tho ofllcora elected. A. In October or Nuv?'mber each year. "J. Vtho were the ottie-rs elected iu Xovemlter, A W. II. Aspmwall. W. 11. Webb,Ch.iS, A. Duvls, Chas. II. I'usscl, ?am'.w 11 nmst ick. W. H. Dav.dge, J.W. Kaynumd. Francis Mciddv ai.d F. W. Wooloott, these wer *11 directors. Mr. Davidgn was chosen President, and Mr. Raymond Vice President. The prisoner, Hon man, was then < ir.retary, and Mr. Bancroft Treasurer, tbi'su gentlemen held offlco till Non ember, ls.'.y, when they were ro elected to olllce, with tho exception of Raymond, who was succeeded an Vice Pre* I Jen t by Howard 1 "otter; lloitaian remained as Secretary ot" tli?> company, Witness then gave the names of the clerks uud other p>Tv<nn employed in the general uor). of the ortlee It was in January last thut Mr. Merchant was appo.utcd Cashier; he is now .Secretary ;n place of Mr. Jioilinan. 4. Hi J the company keep no day-book, journal or tick ler, <>r any tiook of that kiud, to nolo tho transact.0" of lit-i kV A Tho transfer book was used for the pcrjv i of keeping records of stick. 4- Hid they keep any book ibowiio, who was entitled todlv Jen-Is/ A. Yes, the dividend book was kept for that purpose. 4. Hid ihey keep .my book in which would appear, on inspection, the 11 ember of sharea held by oacn stockholder? A. Yes, there was a sleek list made out at'he demand >f tho B'tard any time they desired It. 4. Would stock li' ts bo made out at any particular time? A. Yes, prior to lections such Ihta would be made out :D order to ascertain who were entitled to vote, v). At what time of the did tho company make dividends? A. I think in tho second weeks of May and November, but they hare msnlo I ertra dividends in August, 4 Ho the company koop a | book of m.uute.1 a. Yes. ir ; containing the prou.'-'alnc* of the Hoard of Hi rectors, shkLot' committees of the I Hoard. 4. Who kept the minute-..' a. The S erotary, j 4. Can you tell the dates at which the cap'U.1 ot f tho eirupuiiy was Increased? A. I could not j answer |Kritjve.'y without rcfcreneo to the b j V'. Whenever the Uw permitted an ,n.-i > . < how wa" the np.tal of tb< company itiorea " i' subscription; a subscription book Is kept for this pur 1 P'wc? iy. How manv subscription books aru k' p". It H i ; other" A. I think three. 4. in your statements, with rr- 1 fcrooco to the amount of stock iss io<1, upon what km v.- j ledge did you ;- ?k? a. From an ecani illation of th bo>k? made by myself and In connection with tbc fieri dent and dl.cctorn ol' the comiwny. It s concluded tho cross csavrcat 011 of the w tuet', ! ar.d upon h:s testimony counsel said bo hope! to be able to base tin defence of his client. .Samuel U. Hgd?c ei.amiDcd.?4 You rvam.ncJ the com- j jwoy's h nk.s si their request iu reference to this mat 'erf A. Yes, g.r. 4. Pfaro tho titles of all the J books y< u o\aiuoicd? A. Tho transfer boo' . tho certificate hook, tho stock ledger, and tho dividend hook. I ! "ks' A. }> ; I uxatnioed )K>wer*?rattorney,-"lb?-rip- } t >n lift*, aril oertittoatoa of itjircaJT; i a ) wivlo :n | r> Ti r inataixi** ? rorrpwlnon of fho t? >o1k of ttao rov .nv ! *\ i?h brokrra who w> re rtoalrrs 111 tho aloolr. y. linv far bai'k !<> joti rerry vour rian., )lii' A. TuV n i : r, lxol y *\\i ?-n j,.( ynii mak? voir .n. m:nut ory; \ i ( miuonc"! ii on tin* 17ih or l^tli of Mi y !? t, h ' .t 1/ 1 .1 vol c' .JoJ. O. H?\<? to . ma!'! uritfon r i -> ( . ' tL company on tfco subject? A. No, I htv rlo t-rbal r< :'ort?; I f'*nt in it arltt'u r H'-t t> tin Con unit I'D <? Organization, In which ilN t v*t re(-rr si to. y. WTbat brokers' ) .. r.t I ci camimfe n.ili tbc onnt^iwiy?* bookn? V. I.uiiluw f i/\ V t>, K"n.'vl, .1 ti> -s A. Ihttv ii <1 t Cl .' i urn rcm'T.jttf.T wy others now. y I n m v I . ! j'i>u oiti.t.n th<) muivnderetl orrttrteati"* innl the jwtt rof MiorDcy rt'l'i in J to by you when nuking your i tat . t i t otii? A. Kr i otl ' Treasurer t?mt i?> iter ei .l oco' V Hon titan? iliPerow rtiiri-s I .it y it.-' I t. A. I < .MM state exactly, but tin n wr. . \ ml tlmmuinU. y. Hotv nearly oui;it?i*4r ;* yutr ! j fit ion? A. I r.iiiurt e*t; It ile|?n.1s tnt'rrlyi m n y. Ho yon tol.') up ami vori/V rr rjr entry b- ? i i \ torn!* ! . Itie. i.r Hwi.r i ttun imi iio . i ! ' > ir log out ilnl.viili.aJ I: an actions:' A. I take up tu b u. ot, pilPi; b. V t i Nov., 'M. mhI (raialt .;|> t-? lh< |?r> i titu". I.'. What |>roj>i'rtli>ti of the n i.tsi i, ,.ij' ^h? A. l rrt>r eighths. y. Have y?'i Pr turned sry o. tin In. ke to ti. iini'jiiy? A. In t.r took any awav: 1 .-rj -n the .tau .nit A tie Dtrri-t tttm ?at on? tt iW'< ti e mat ?t a' ' have mentioned I i".jin.i -u li tters Ireai |ir ?iuer to Ii-cuan, .c l some cb-i >i .not ao intra. The s iTIi'itna-i ma* not "f 't. 'in' ?' is under the dire. nut of the C .it.ri- r\.n tbor h* to tabime h.u at * tuu luture tunc, if it alto'oil b? ihv , lit NMTi Mr tlii ton etfiliUnn: that Mr. Tn ;n '< j'l to ati< tut to (five i v Idcuca, but I. |u .t in on tent to rtst their < at this ?iu;, . M*. f toy?, ai'i/re ,e<! lb- C? .rt n t!i r-?;.tr ! totb.Tou f! lion i f , ?! ?)-! ?!? i . ? ' ?! i ?*? rrnt 0>uii i-H r apt arnn 'o of !.? : l>- .n^anlutUU' I to bail. In lh' prlm-oor a pfnnt taat v i in, I >-?ibl- for lii- . outifl to r< any -uuc-! fnuu ' b'm in pro|?rliig li il?lb? ?,auil w It" i ? ' j fcl to <li*v n t i'.|? ii th<* oon pany lo a " My1> >' ;. . Iil'h *'U'1 ro)llra a rotialdi.ablo til J ti ... H? hat tn> ilmiM *b'ti bts i iid.l w.ta itu ml. ><> j rtor^l t 'b' oJUi, ;u I w*t tom'nluii r? out I lr *!' t >:'II rill imiflH, *1. 'i I - ||*.I t 1 raMmaml to w *i J ?lo h bad ln? !o?l l-? j>j p. i | t> it Inn, In ha I no dottbl b?.l bo \? < M ?lk" frntn I h'm ?'i-|> mat-rial IVta a? m>, i'J rntlr- !jr do a.t * t IU | theijtar^if pr?r ?rm|ngairatb.m. Ho tr '. IMi > it. i of thi pruoftr'a weak p.'at)lit, *u.'l 3i tL ' M "f ha.l at a 6?-r,re nb.di *.l i. 1.. blsl U> (Wnl for hb apf? aranr*. .1'ialTr loaaolly aa d that Lr wailW rt> ''y u.l J n tlila loawvehy h < wi *e "WWirVH. 1. "?ih son j tn i ltj . la'trtmrr l? lu 'i ho n m: to win r !u? | 1 r?-mri' in.op M vno ul "I Dill n Mi > He would d pi ? o:' ib'' luattr br.oiu h.m by putt-a* " utnel (NwttuM to the w't-iii'ijd lirforr I'mrm ixrtrt Tin' prlMiior, who had h Uirrtoo- '.pi- ai-at on i t' -i rapt up in lit own thoMfbt*. ?ndi*?y ?g? " 11 n bal'-irr to what wea pnxiOK befrre li .in, *? o- I' I I'u J.uirbl M?'laid . wb< n ? waa mU.-rratais- J a ft. n .1 Mg'? Mr Ilf-ffricn, yoj ai* abm t m Ik> i i ? n :brrc<o totbi'rhiryu berr preiirrfd aoa.L i)na tl ? >yal i"t<> < b' vitu nc to tbi I'm: Uc Ma I ?w?m i p ollipaOj. What .? yo'.r tam < !*r; i orr? Vy oar-" In Krodrr;-k Hoffmtr y Ifoar okl tru you f A. H^tw-n twuty n ? .? uiil liirty. ?lf. y. "Whrir Mrrr y< horn ? A. In the C tr of v>w A ,<k. y. Whrro '<? yon IT* ' A. In th?* city of Mow York, y. What la ynoT o-rupat.onf A. Cork, y Have you aoytMng t'taay.aad f an, what. r? > tt?o rhargi' horo irtrrrvd agio rut yout A. I <o??, op tyaoii not gn ' M auiHy.fip. in a *rvon?'. thar.-r- % barr* of fnrerrr?o ai I ugfnuvi O.ut U.o oau.o y.Mt.dua and aiwwon bould be p I ?w> tbe rwwil. Whan Ui*j j iDiT hoard that the noond rharr" win ,r f..* ?*v h? r ?i?. . > *? ? ?f .4 !? i - - ? br iiKon-ioti on tho t,u"*t;on of ba! wa.-< r> mm d v I t nalljr dual o I'tiMtiy H"<1 tfc* aanmat al i )4W fif m !i ofl k wli' h.oa oaf mMfca, b" ? : ' aiii<-<l ?<'i " $l'i.OW ?f tb? an.- ,ut a ?h? Urialiv > n r H-ttcd KgM n t tin urlKMur. TbtpriaiiicraiiiiK i /tally t ifnimtti I, and r f'lrtbrr rr-m.nal "i la Ittod for J r* t >) m? rnng or r, at t a oYlnck. . b Kapriuir < owrt?< haialitri. H fni* lr>grah.ifn. , t/TMTWttt anaiVsT TmHWTKKTB ITrnTWII.ltntn, I .It it I".?Thn !Vi'j>'" of th? gtata of V v Vt i It'.* ( of tbo "tailor* "b.'ig Harborag* i n Joi n K?r an<l j In-ra, and tlta Mayor, JtMermnn ai.l Onmni< malty if T i-ity of York, .tn Iniunoiinn w.>* .*rart. i ir t. , '' i ' ? if Kjtea' l.uti by Jvlgo Ii graham, on !? Appt." >' I a r. Win. Altai Bull*, on bhalfoftbc t'tom -v .1 . nt ot the prtralo p'aii t ff?. who un to * 'h it. t y lagjtg lim holt. rn<i'-ttn.i:g any * H.-n by H .; ?! t. | g the * I pi?.?nl by lb" larl l^glatMnr*. ao'lioi /. ng tli. m?trtictin?i nt tic .**evi mn a\enoe or h, iwr.i- ( r : lie'road'* Tic low i-Muii I tl tin* any ii< I In furtlcran. of the irrant Th'? 'ti.i wtll. ; h t?lv? lUlntiltkjltlmiht'i the T? broad ci elation of ' t winter The t?npje of tie.-lap' he nif part, plain I: T, and P^rc ' tii?wl by tlAlVem'f tb-icral. all Ih p tt> inlet-eata alter i?d hy theec gratqitmM k'rant ' ' aay thrum It th" rtrct; of th'* my in - 'vudm J' fen (rnm rr-p?>t>v,li!. partly* to pay f< II ??! : > ft?r th< in tt to I ho city mwnury, wtll be bron|bt bnlbrn the ronrt. tt, It Wl.l nl <n he idtecrved |M IfeeMMtn of Ifen rtftlt* ' t" prirate ownem wtll bo pr-ronton m tt a tml, n? it >* d< II known that the TriMbra o< lb" Wnkira'Wing ila-b-r tt inert rnm li of the land Uiroofh which I'r ;T"r- y pi *?, ?< inton pimro and <.i) me ?.tr?et were nfiened h* ,. tito a roeta were extended. Tb< franleca are .l,?hti gor, M r?, trd P final re, Anthony .1. H II floyh -*n- |H. i-.tin -< ' n< mt, .ta< ohHharp. Th-ittiaa If. Toner, Pep r n -a-'-ry, it hn H, Hah ' k, Rulcri klar*ha.l, ?< hn Kelly, j#.-, i, d US . i wane tif thrae prraora " id to repre |,t tlonrce ' r w and hia inter" tn. Their, r"i" n-tfr aar at > f?t '!.? * < ! the j:. a tl 4 ft \ Li). PRICK TWO CENTS. THE WALTON MATHEWS MURDERS. [ Continuation of the CoroMt'i Investigation. NEW AND INTERESTING TESTIMONY, ft ?? ft??? ft** i Tip ("tvrr>n?*r'B D\e>'t gate? in 'bis highly citwxi I mj '.it; ,'a 'ico wh resumed beforo Owiotf Jssk* maii.iuiio rooms of the Superior Court, ?t tno'elook ; yesterday more lug The number or ppectstors present was very 1 roitej. The asnio Jury hav r.< been called? Mary Aim hv?w? sworn, and deposed-?I reside S? tlio corner of Fait Fifteenth street, No. 3fi, am oook there; was In the hout>e on the evening of the 30U>' retired to bi J about ten o'clock, and between the hours of eleven and twelve my attention *n attracted by th> word " thiol'!" at some diiianoe; got, up and am" bum ?? - n icbm w i n.-urd Um report of a pistol, apparently <|tnto near, I threw open the window and &iw a man ruiming towards lr e.n* paw., and calling Watch I" anil " Police he wad running on the north side of tho street; hn advanced to the u,kktri el tho block, and got into an area on tho opposite aidethe area he col .nio id No U7, on the norm Bide, while 1 res-dc on the couth ; I remained at the window some t.ine, for 1 wati Y?ry anxious to see if lie would not In: ink- n. on I thought they yiere going to murder hltn; come paaeed at th-j but I tried to conceal him by keeping quiet: they were walking fait or running, as if in pursuit of tho fir t man; they aent towards the Fourth avenue,parsing tho am where the man wan. oncoalod; it was bright moonlight, and I could hcq tlient well, it is a smooth area, and has no spikes on the fence; the man went or?r kh? lend1; I remained at the window to see him coma oat of lb" area; could not any how long ho stood there, but I sm to see him come out anl get safely away: wh'-u he caiuo out be went towards Ko irth arenue, ami 1 lo 1 sight of him going in the direction of gevenleectk street; ho walked Tory quickly: I listened for some nomcr.Ui to he.u whether ho would eomo in coeucl With the parties wl.o 1 pre- .no d w re .n q uel of him to k.ll l iiu; all wres q . --t unl.l 1 tnai 1 the approach of a rail ear: cor'd rot say from what iltrei tion it was eomxg; I ?4i ..S (tlfiUAil tho K n.tnu no.l uwi.t to l-"4 I y. ItiJ you observe what sort >f a dress he w re? A. I an MfWa ho mn U|bt clothes. Q. Hid jou observe him particularly 1 k. I did, kit did not expect to be called as a witDem. Two coals were hero shewn to the witness?'.bo one a dark drab, the other a tight brown linen garment?ard Charles Jcflbrd* was directed to put on the lighter :eat. Witness?I th nk tbo youn:t mm ralpht hare been a 1 t tic taller than till, one; ho w is evidently a young into from the active manner in which b" went over the ion * I observed that tbo young man lied no wh:s?: >rs, bet i thought that ,t wus ? >11.0 of the young firemen; the s do face of th i y up man (alluding to Charles Joflbrdn) s very ruueh liko tlm man I saw; 1 aw no p.t.ViJ at h.? hand; I ilkd not hoi h.ui throw atiythu-g away: the p?r cn won a very lipht hat, bet 1 could not -..y wheti -r <1 wan a straw hat or a very Ight ldlt. iI. If the person had thrown anything across tee Kit would you have wen it/ A. I think C would. y. Yon say that the si Jo flaw of u,,j person ?.?< w s Ilk" llr. Jeffords? A. Y"e.xiv. The Coroner licro d.rocte<; Chares .hfTcrdu to avro>o ai. to show Ids side face to tbo \v U.'-r. Q Does tli.s ' oung iu..n'a e. to > now'a;')-' it* pei -on you new* A. Yen, I roue rubor the ha.r >u -.he ncek; the bat bean on?e' ri nemh:anoo to that I I raw; the coat. I, wan something lighter. l'.y a juror?l i cot hear r.i j other pistol shots from HIlV other dlreOt'ec. The Coroner now directed Chas. JeCcrds to p-t ju the dark drab coat, w iestlon to tritneas?in that th coat? M itnesr?Vo, t r. that ? pot the coat, y. no yun not think tbo por-on you saw ti f t ta?a bi ui a woman dressed ;n in. t '* clothing? A. Vo. it wee a man: 1 <1<>trt think that the r.n. ww> 'n the aria as 'nor as a quarter of an hour. if a p-v n rat or-v. 1 or at d pot u U? tlio Koorla avenue ear . showd br.yn noon hhti. .lelin Monroe rworn? 1 am an officer of the ? gbteer.tii preelr t; at the tun" the murder was : mad ?*->: I tu Ui Twentieth nrr.'t; ib? n- i, ,uy I ii.1 ,nJ a p.Btui on u ura^s plat on tho iinrthnont of I n'.on pla-* and " ixtacnth Mrot two of tb<> bar'".-) *<;?? (li*'h?rgiKl and lb? Wren bad <-;?p? on; !t iih. barrelled r> vo?rr; 1 ( d not examine to reo whi:fc?.' j*> iliirl.arjjoil bands lu l on exploded nn; I im 'Wrwn th> ia the pi tol 1 found; 1 found it in the roar uf '.ha him )n the gran- plat ivlioru there I* piPto a h i b (w-m, It was about n*. or ivghtp-t from ui" lonon; t r.-. t<1 lately took it t? UtooUli ii hou.-eainl guvo it w*.* 'iau Hmiuott. Win. M Bella, hoic# nw-ro, depose I na fed, ?m ? 11. -M< ut I'al.'hngae, I_ 1.; I have l*?-n eeqna.efs-1 ?<th ? ba. 'en Jeltord" f r aoodt two or tlr-ee yoara, "t 4 ,bo. t ttroo tivit I flrtt aaw him at my piano; !?awb.iu nyn>n abont tbw? or four hutUm aro; itiM-aa a. fat rv -no; h" t?m i'iv d tb-ro a Uttln ot? Mr a wieVt ibn P.-t ihni': Im I ft tb iro on Sit'rdaj iboiSSdofJ cc. u t rri rned on tbo Monday foMowIng; ho Maid tfci'i fi Monday to Thu aday, tbo ilxth, and th'ti la'', t/ ug bo w.a "aoln-j t-i J t'uo I nrth of Jnly in No a V orW t :.J wcmld tako a trip t > vy anno Viends in Mawaro ar -<.n ot;\-r place; I InM h m I ha.l * iite hti-',n"M n 'A* It, INI m him <l"wi loirliMr in llu> IWii: we eron*l t ferry tc -tlier fro >1 ??>tjth Rr > kljn, ai.d 1 left b .? r.. hire n'lout Ikt Wiwrhn* <;r?u or near tb I Uatinry, I air Ji a,-a r < !? Moi 'lay fleroo- n. the *Jd of J'^ly,*i? ,t three n>loX<- In w? : at the I nion Hotel, ;c rtr.>-w'yi. I put lilm there I -nt* 1) . he went Into the harrow.) nit.I rtt tbore I "*M, "Jeffhrrta, jam are h-re, aro ?. o f" b' repli -l \?><,*" M'-l m 1 he want ! to *oo treat* ai-:i"*nn, anil v? I tre to wall npaiam; wb*u ! wert Bp alaint .nto L a I," poller) a n-nrpwper o . fb.a I- efcet a j I *a'<! he li ? ! been a>- ite.t of ?ho..t rit i, e ?vi,> ?lVr; ho thtn r"vl theartiel" tome; at the mm h" h'w 1 me a letter wh oh bo ha l In bli poe4*t, *1Jre >, I to t ornner Ja-'kman; e<v;!<t not tell whi 't ww? alrnc-l b) .at 1'l.'l n >t ae > i.a nh nt'; be -a i ho iat?l wi tteo that letter to tleO'rorer to Rive h r-sej' ip, a ho J I not w I to b" in* n bow of n . g 11'roach tlie atfeta: be aakeil my piumo, art! taw ' By all m.ui , f T" Jfowra-li op a inlew y *. p. able." he * J be wool.l <lo no that aAorrr n .c !? lb morv.m; I told I in not to wall till m rr. or. i*r the -joooer he rave Lim "If up the better t we- '4 be; b" pr-.:nl e l that ho v told go, ! eowclnled that to ? 'tl 1?; Hut attornoen; h-> a'ro a k< ' ny te ro . p onb h;m e-'ltew b"? to deliver blwweif a< pT'T*"":y *< |?iw |ie?f)<| not aMi a erm?<l ! > ten after h tu f u l h. e t vaa lea pe bh ',i-r iti" i" ru, w i Ut m ay- 1 f.n tlic jr* I t? m I ft an 1 -an en !h>. in airt w? n'on aa Par r? fVrtn>"? . wh - 1 the i"bl 4 ? tr mil ; Wi?'-k. hut f ?t J I.ul I rot tinned n t. > * i v I, 1 .. I. .1.^1 i. ..a ... _ ' '"I; wliow T f lirto-d ? ? ili? bnl/1!, Hr Jpoprda t t'.ag vrry moth ;-i tto miuo fhitr i had Wth' ir; nad h"> ri -T i abort at nmtr u4 a half; t th^n told i m ? .t I ' , 1 I o 1,4 t'J v;'p?ry ), ro I H.r'M il rk tt'il ;{ I oonld fat |.<iir ? nr*t lay. ho r>|.trod to bo titan* '.I (b" t I hid ft' mod, *jty itiR ho t'.d ant w !?h to go ah i?, ' h <?>pn t?wo? t > w. h in u* II <?*?, mIjM /n, k atartoil at jivo iVo lt; I toW him lw >. I t" with hint an f?r an tin Turin, to 0ad (. i tf i^h rcr <l"'t ?o "?n a ma?*lr-!tv? at Ihe tomhi, wl?o | xto ws JuUc" Wr'.ah'i MMrtM, V ; ?* n? -lid md fi "" < hi tetl.ngInto.arc wnt to Judge Oa'mr; 11- M tiidfP 'I born- fiat Mr. .trfbrda wuh }>* ?, if I >k >ho-|1-? g:ro b.manlf up tbr J' <tg* h ar t what i ilt/i say, uti'1 dii*?' tod b m to conn- to tb" ?>>mbr ?: I ^rlnofc t' xt ifn'iif: bo lb n M ?'l wnt to Ua It aa d p. in Prndway: tbo Judgo lo'd him bo had b?tt?r v t tjr> or of to h.v m itbrr. and I t'lotpforc to-ik a tote or ' In; fpiiu ding anal' tnpply <( nonof: abo aort b in a KS? fold pjp.-p, tho nolo v. n arilbn on tbo ba t ol a nrd. ro*t moraiai; I mat to the l-afltrrc Botiao, ?i?- t ontld Mr. do^rd*, aii'S* a Tt down lo moot J" !*e 0? irnafeyiNMiBtmi; ho thm car* h row if ip; [ only ;pc\. that Ir ) *! a n< |'lai r, but I did not nowcvn if nantP. if It 1 Jin imp knot tliat Mr ! ft rda had a j -v?it L. Yp , air. w. V bat d.1 : I nay to j oa !n rrgiird to thia oon rvn ^t H?- raid lv V tvn\ iv<i| ng about It whatoror, ho oa I p know no tin r" about it than I did or an* eib-r jmracn, h,? wan i t iho 7th of July; t nndor?tood him to iay Jiat )f? K34 mil V 'It */ rn?> !r ? itr Ihr* til?ht .at >.?**< rn inttl <-Ioy?i> or iiatfia-t <-V>t*t? p'r'"cV maneah*??a t> liarnbnr* Mr?"l, b it I won't b?* mrtaln; I don't tfclnh be bmtl"tiod the john**! H'"*": I nMrr-lmri hmtow) ? ! a bf had '" n play in* rnrd* with *n?" fYntdn, tnj )iat nflcnorl' he at'ipt'd at tb? d fir-l I1r?, l>.?ti "? edntofli tie i'-al mtb h^t' l in be *a i !? u<.t tbcro at, t a quarter fia t vi I not law ban ha't |>*?1; lii !!'! r?t toll m" the r.i?M of h/ of b.a rtrnda with nl nn br bad Ihw-d p ay in* retail, I <ai?r too<1 tilm to -tay that h?- in*w wm? "f ib?in. b"l not a , <11>) not at) b w aa p'ay n j raro? at th* fi rarl En <?. Itiy in''- jriao tb ? pt tol. Mr IV'ttnt No, a', dvii't iB i'i Hi p . "r mm like v-'orj^ l.av' k-ori Ji>'>r N Waft a p;?tnl and a r:fln; the aat t ma ..a the -aa ah 'l -*'??l mj h"Vf; the paid h lift had a ?m ?al '." W at I ?b? bamhere W're tr ft rir|? : 1 bu t rbary < Wr. I ** re tot * b a ha' ta 1 I my ; 1 am lai'derf that th?< pi'tol B)? *1 oan i t 'ho "C I ha i r my |?? 1 k?i t from M n<l*y,fl - v.*:'?, tdlh r-ttny, the 9Ml Jio* I av>i It to blm V r o- - -I it a pba > f in-nr-papT a ten I'-ft, lii'Mial b? ? ' . rmar fur. ttlns It; ha <v* rt t? a-1 toi E?lloi ' , and I an a a and tot t P>f h Br. I 11 *? at. >j? (. n a ia?|?r ab>r I tavo t to I m < If'- pi'tiy nreabat H a?:i? in tbn tarn* cwaphper, I t *?'i> i > onitibrt, in V'l?l mrttwtnaU t'tat kri? lie t r? v'i"r, b 11 did not coant tliotn; 1 hava iwnr hi tl .it put am'- . V WbatdW Im *iy am h?dhaiwimoof lb# jwnoif a tatnd to aim, i the 'id of .In'y, that, *ft ug a mil b?4 b" ii ? ' as tb a p atnl, and that he ap<t t a % i, ? hmi b"on a :**d af it, be <<i1 not *,>b a P'lwl Ui :.-uml ar 'II. tb?v afemikt th nk that Bo n?i or it. and ihat ho hal eitfcrr thioata It ovarbaatf or irnwii it i Mil Mm that It ? pity be ha<i do?a ' iti" r in I'I niKlftw-ti Fc .r I e? * ' ' rry llwt b" lu ! <li>t.* nn. hft ilM not ro'tirt-" r fori,i*i on, in it* wrr to ttfiH'iii ? ; 1 w> I tow It #'oihor .,f ibit p??fo|, nor fin I ?*y i v j i-mtiit of my mm If know* it; Ihr bit MM .IfttToflft ?.w mo ?ilb hi" I 'to ii"t rfttwMbor Hut ho -imko to n.? ,j 'J', fli. If 'I fit prwt"- it it my p'W? w tl. m ? bill i ol w;i|l? r-ftlol tl ioh?|, a liy M... ,Kir.T--l ?"?M lik? to nnk tie Hftttn fffftf I to : I -n> lb* ? ?' m ?-.> % *tf twrro'imi th . , ?, ? ? i ft, i if I n. to kftftp or wb- ?'o r J

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