Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1860 Page 5
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THE WALTON-MATHEWS TRASEDV. IMHkul kt?r?% Tertkaeay ttUtho ta vaitM ruay-ibt Life #f fee Barfewd Bu Threatened by Jcflerds, fee Aecased Verdict of fee Cerener's Jary dffed Charles Jeflerda- lb CoaaMai te filaa, IM, U. The Coroner 's tuques t into Ihe circumstances of tbia curious cam, which has caused to much interest throughout the community, was continued yesterday afternoon to U>e Super tor fouri| room, before Coroner Jock man (ha attendance of spectator* waa much larger than oa previous occaalons, aa It waa expected that additional evidence of Importance would be elicited. AUaaou 8 Jon h *a* the drat wiutese called and aworn. He teat 1 ted as foilowa:?*4. Where do you reside* A. At AS University place. Q. What Is ) our occupation? A. I am one of tho surgeons of the Police Department. Q. Are you acquainted with Charles Jeffords? A. Tea, Olr. Q. Will you state to the jury what you know about thin Case# A. On Monday night, the Sd of July, I received n manage to go to the Hone douse to aee Mr. Jeffords, AS he was not very well; I accordingly went and mm him; I found him lying oa the bel, with his ooat and vest off; be complained of n glandular swell tag to the groin, ote in each groin, which ho Mid hod born troubling him for wome time; I hod oone con re notion With bint in reference to the oflair with wbich be wot Charged oo o perpetrator; be f to led be bod come In town 'lor the par poo*; of surrendering himself, boring oarerCoined that be woo charged or implicolod in somo way in Che oflbir; be ototed that be bod endeavored to surrender ktunoelf to one or two magistrates, but found a difficulty In SO doing; lb M be hod made an arrangement, however, to do so opkI moiniug, having mode au appointment to meet Judge Oeborn ot the Tombs; he (Jeffords) adverted to the tact of bis pb>BicaJ condition as one of the reasons why lie could out be the parly; that his physical condition would not allow turn to run as Uoelly as it was oatd the murderer ran y What is your opinion about hi* physical state? A. fie bad o swelling iu either groin, whiOO were very much InUamed, and In my judguicul running would have been Very poiufUl to him y. Did be state to you where he was I hot evening? A. Yts: but 1 don't remember now where be said be bod been; toe oonveisaiiou was vory raj id; he talked about Cbe occurrence; I thiiilc he said ho nod been playing Cords wttb a party somewhere near the liirard House. Q. How lung were you to C"tn|>ur>y with him that Dtght? A. 1 should say Ave or s>i minutes y What other conversation had he wtthyoa? A. I ?*ul? i [emirk to the effect that if he bad hot felt en Cirely recure of but posiliou be might have g mr away: I Jested with bim an l mailt .be remark, " You know now fhr you are Implicated in tnis matter, and it strikes me ertlh the opportunity you bad, if you were implicated, you would get cait of the way." Q. What reply did be make to that? A. Be said be courted an invintigaiion; that the moment ho had seen the account In the paper be resolved upon presenting bim self and cou'llng an in relitigation, reeling perfectly confident as to the rueuli. Q. Did he stale what cauae he had for supposing suspicion rented on bin? A What be saw iu the papers, he eked me what war the beet rcuree for bim to pureue; I told htm by all m> ana to eurrender himself. <4- Where did this conversation la?? place? A. At the Bone House. about hair paat ten on Monday- evening Q. When did you see him previous to that? A. Some years; 1 bavo not seen him since he was quite a little haver. % Bad you attended the A. I attended Mrs. Watte*. Q Who sent this Utter? A. 1 cannot say ?ho banded tne the letter, I think It war a man who represented him elf as Mr. Betts, of Lung Island; be was a stranger to ma fit that time. By Mr. thnlth?Q T>1d he mention to yrou anyrth log bout playing cares at the Jobosoo House? A. No, sir; my present recoUeetii n is that it was either at the 61 rard House, or somewhere near It; in fact 1 do not think Me stated the place. tj. Did be tell you what time be grit through playing -Cards there? A. He said about ten or half-part ten o'clock. -Q Did he tell you where he went alter he got through playing cardst A. H<- said be weut tiom there into the -water ctoaet of the (iirard House before he went to Brookm * ?b??s Hisllivotlv hf? fciid lifl hliti Dot felt lyn ; 1 murmiirr turn uw>wv>y , ? _ well all through the day, that be remained in the water Closet ten or fifteen minutes, and from there went to Brooklyn. Did he tell yon If anybody saw him* A. Restated tie bad been* lug in in a pair, in the stomach and took a glass of branny ; he said be did not km w whether tbe barkeeper would remember hi n or nut, and did not trnnw whether lie could remember the barkecj-c r or not. Q. Did be mention to you tbe namee of any perrons trttb whom be ?u playing carusy A. Yea; 1 naked b.m II be was perfectly sure about it; be mentioned ? me namee that I do not remember now ; persons that I did uot know. Q. Hid be state if he bad any otber physician attending Limy A. He said be bad already eoua'nllod bis phy-mciaa a week or so miore that, and that at that time be s?as in tbe tame condition as when I saw him. Q. Would any pbyatcian allow brandy for that complaint? A. I would not; I think it would lie injurious be rnrnttooed tbe name of some pbyatcian in tbe country as bavins attended bun. Q How long did your examination occupy with regard In bis physical condition? A. Only a few momenta, just sufficient to examine tbe condition of tbe swelling. Q. Cha yon any from that examination ?bet in r It diMid for some lime or not? A. It looked aa If it were eknwlA Q. Might nut thai harp been caused hv violent exertion In running rant? A. 1 never III luitancc a here welling would be produced by running, U might have been aggravated, it la true. Q. You My that It could not have been produced by running very taut for aome titular.rev A. Mall, it ia diffl cult to aay, ihear wrlimga arlau from ao many causes, l la barely pnaaible, but I nerer aaw anything like it In twenty year*' experience. Q. I understand you to My It might hare been rsuaed tint you do not thiuk It could have been caused, by the violent exerciM of running t A. I put It la it* line of poeeibility Q Was your examination thorough enough to enahW vou to give a oorrert opinion upon that subject? A k'ea. air, because had it ariaeo within a day or teo then would have been more Inflammation; these swelllogi bare occurred fh? violent exercise. Q Your examination occupied not more than a minute If you were with blm only (fee minuter ? A. I examine* turn nulhcienuy t>. make up my mitnl there war no hurrj nbout It, nnd w hew 1 got through I left. 0 You My that a man could not run fast having thli welling? A. They are exceedingly painful. even tlie or dluary exercise of walking la ao painful that 1 bare oftei sen patirola who ooul.l not bear a Jar, the pain le ao ae ere that a little pebble la the ttrect will eomvtimei Oauee great pain. *"? ^ ' ?J""? ?Km? w/m. tKr.i.vhl 11 WOlliti ht fain ul for htm In t alk* A Yn, air. g What rtfert win.I a i .nru. y of n ml lee. to Kae fin* Turk, hare? A. It would certa.nly appravat' lU Ow. Iliac Q Do you know where be went after he left the Hon. Bouar? A. Nu, air, I left him lying outMdc on th. ted g. Did jrou report Una loan) perauaf A. I Ibthk did. v- . Q. Old yon pot any one on bia track? A. Ko, air: h talVed about Ute whole aflhu. be and Belli told me tba be bad area Judge Ouhora, and be declined to recctv turn, aod made an ii^minini.'nt ui rerelre bun next mora tug at eight o'clock, and that be waa to be wait by an off oar to tba Coroner, 1 tell entirely aaaured that the youni auui (JHbwda) ? aid (Ire bimaeif up to the Coroner By a Juror?g I <ei*, while you were in onarrraatto> nrtlh Mr Jeffbrda, did >?a bear htm make this remark 41 They can't p'oer it acaiMt me anyhow, therefore I trll Be r reader mj?etf " Such a etory bar |K ahrnal, tnd mould like to know If he aald ao to yoir A. Ha did an Bay that, hut be made a remark to the effect that Mi Valu-a"! friend# w '1 do all they ro.ilt to o unect bit with tba affair. I laid to bin tint truth would come oul and that It waa imptmatblc to avoid t, und II..U be oee oot he afraid, only truth could prerati, for a Bort of laUncatco itory rould at nut the tr?? o' legal It TaetigaU>m He reetuwl then to br qu'te eatilCiJ, Ml Baid be would lwrender himaelf Jamea Korral iworu. g. What la your Lan.e* J J unci Korral. Q Are you a doctor? A. I am. Q Are you a pbyuctaa? A. I am. g w here do yon rcaide? A. I live at So. (UO Hudao Ui+t g On you know thta younc man, CWIaa J?!T<rdr' 4 C twrer aan him balbra. Q Hin lu'i i *?t known glandular iwe'linyn of It ,groin to ba broufbt hi by runa toy* A I ha ra know Ch??< wrlhuyr to bo produced by rune in* lifting ar funMunn. an) <>rnr asart km will, In fhet, produoo (land tar rwalimar of I be aroma g Mara ><w known tin* by your own aapartanca? t "Van, altar an aapartanoa and prarikw of ovrr flftai ywrt g In a caaa of thla kind, woo'd runnlay ba llkaly i fararala A Urwialy; rant la tbr moat aaaanti Araoimant. g Ibi# la your I'rir opinion? A tl la. Illi-o Ciwiiaui. awnrti, rtatiw?g What la your nam A. Man (kwtiyan Q tiara o- yon raaldoT A Wo. 1 Atlantic ftrf Cnww H*4ol, Bna klyn g Am you or4uaii tad witb Mr. JaOrrdaf A. I m*. Q W<*M ff?i know him if 7011 a*w him' A. I uroul CtoTfyr lo |>rieno*r?fund u|. Mr JrftenH (The p i*tnod oft.) ?. ?*"*ih* r^t* ?*> y ihdbe h.*?i mi iw I iikw Uou-iv A. Ha oolr Ind* there wd l~+ ,w kmmI Q. Ittd /aajghiM wto ihaboiMa on the rrealnf , the hOlh of J?? A. 1 rftt. Q. At *n?i n?l<kv A. It mm about quarter tx *w?IT* to hall part ..Vine* ' * . **. UT'U,7rV arulljr ckwa the booa* 4weiT*ock*kf A Q Vt ae it rl.?. -1 ?t th- in* h. arrived? A. It win a any aon had ?. ne up etatrt to bed y Wl.ocl.eei the ?<>? after be went up rtalrr? A did *0 m- eelf W Are 7011 nrrlatti that it *u half twain A ?n?ld not Mr e*?<HV, VI Had ??u ?nr roi?v r* w Ith F. iT-rd* .mi hi* ? Iran.* at #.? ? m? y- t? p r1 tli d >'r for b!m* A lr fta farther c*.?er??lwin l! n ?hh> If. eat h" ?? v. near h? in out. I repneo mat ha ?h<>UM h? be?'0 It. hrd? '- twelve ??' ! * ; I ?? Kiel. eta., img r. the flair*i 1 ("A u* ii*. ww.7. .?l u, a. gay? it 1. 1. /U| \ and ooUi'sg more m Mud bttwat u? be tbcn went up air* to h* room. t|. How did be appwr whad be cum iaf Old be look u. v< u like e peraor who wee Arifhleeed' A. I never uo tleediJm, he pasoed right up euin to hie pwa apartBK-nt. bp Mr Smith?Q How long were pea ep eteirs with your h >t htlor.' bcumi iu A. My boo end in/suif were up eta rs ] bho-.ild nay about Dfteeb minutes g You at i you locked the from deer yourMtf?Did you go up btatrb first? A. I did. Q How !> ug were you ibere before your eon nam upf A. After my bou shut ?p be went right up stairs a get something to eat; then, while we were there, we heard a ki ock a the dt-or; he b*<d I wonder who can that ha? I then ivjOic down toopeu the uoor; there were two rape at the door before I opened It By the foruuer?g. How long were you aad your eoo up BUira .hflirds c&mein. A. About ttfteen minutes. Hj Mr. iknith?y Can you taj if it ru not later than ball part twelve? A. 1 cannot say anything of the kind for a certainty. y. I id you notice him particularly when he came la? A. I did iot. y. Did you observe him so far as to see how he was drrFMMi? A. llo ha'l on a black suit aad a light cap; that is all I can say. y. Did he remark to you that George had shut up rather earlier than utuall A. No, he only said that ho thought he would have been over before the house Dad been shut up. Q. Do yon know at what time the boats generally come In? A. 1 do not. y. Do you know at what hour Mr. Jeffords got op at uext morning* A. I do not, for I did not go down aUlrs. y. Did he wear the same clothes on coming in which be wore when be went out? A. Well, I can't say, I did iiin an bio w urn ue wem out. Alexander N, Gunn, being swore, was intmrrogaled as follows:? y. What tat your profession? 1 Iin i physiciannt Quarantine. y. Doctor, do you know anything of this occurrence which we are investigating* A. Some eighteen months ago I was called upon by Mr. Walton to hare a coosulta tion with him on tome of hia domestic affairs; I was his hmlly physician for some twenty Ave years; some time previous to his death he sent tor me on one occasion to attend him in the family professionally; he then exPressed to mc hia apprehensions that so me violence would e done him. Q. When was the last time that ho did so? A. I think some sis months before bis death. Q. Where au thai? a. He rimo down to my office and made some remarks to me iu reference to his domestic relations. Q. State what he said to you. A. He said that bis wife's soi v were constantly armed, and had repeatedly thieatened to blow out Irs brains, and that he was afraid to go about the streets except he Lad some persons to accompany him; that he had reason to believe that they constantly carried arms on their persons, and would take hia life if an opportunity offered. y. Did he name any oue of the young men particularly? A. My luipn-Mion was that he alluded to the eldest sou; he, however, spoke of both be ing armed -1 was called to M* Mrs. Walton on the evening they convm plated taking a sleigh ride. Q What occurred then, Doctor? A. Mra. Walton had a bysterual utlack, which induced them to gentl for me; after I had attended to her, and was leaving the house, Mr. Walton said to mo that, notwithstanding all Mrs. Walton's bi n< yed sunu (that #?. the ?:<(>r> saion). she bad a revolver In be? bosom; ! questioned the truth of such a statement, and be repeated that she had a revolver, and so bad her two sons, and he was confident that one day or other he would be abot by one. Q. IV) you stale this on your personal knowledge) A. I know nothing of the case Irotn my personal know ledge, and on It speak what I beard from Mr. Walton;! never was in the LouEt on a personal visit, but only professionally. Q. Did Charles Jeffords call on you? A. Yes; bo called on me to ask me to cill and see bis mother, he said bis mother had married a damnei rascal, and that her sickness was the result of oad treatment at hii hands. Q. This was Charles was It? A. I would not state that positively, as I could not My which of (be two sons it was. Q. Could yoa not identify the person who called on you* A My iinpn .-a on la that it was the eldest Son of Mrs. W alton, but it wai dark when he called, and I could not identify him. >t- W/W uui vuiua lUBi }\TU WUiU cvv^uior ?uv pot bod? A. I uo not certain that I could do so, but I think it is the gentleman Bitting noarcst tbc pillar (pointing to Chktl?w JeSerd*). W V bat did pot m to himf A. I laid that I vary touch doubted that bta mother's sickaesr could bare been ibe reeult of maitivatmeiit at the ban da of Mr Waltoa, for 1 had km wn Mr. Walton for yearn, and never knew bim to 111 treat bis flrit wife. y What did JaiTerd.i reply? A. He aa!d that I did not know Mr. Walton; that be wan a damned raacal, and either (bat be would about bim or that tie desert ed to be ebot; I could not be certain aa to the exact expreaaioc, an the statement did not make much impression on me at the time. y. That aaa thta tart winter, waa it net! A. No, sir; U wan about eighteen mouth* ago y. When did Mr. Walton last call on ycu? A. About '.X months ago. Tbomaa R. Pickering being sworn, was examined ae follows:-^) Where (o you live! A. 1 lire at No. 1*7 W?M Twenty ixth street y. Did yuu and Mr. Walton find a pistol in a bureau in Mrs. Walton's room" A Mr. Walton and mybelf found a pistol In Mrs. Walton's bureau. at least I believe it was her bureau. y What kind of a pistol wm it* A. It waa s revolver, with either Ave or tlx chambers; I could not now positively ray, cacti barrel was loaded y. 'Did Mr. Walton tell you of it first* A. Tea, he did, and then took me up into the room. y. The putiol, yoj mj, wm la Mrs. W.'s bunao? A. I supposed It to have been her bureau. y. la that the same pistol that sraa fbuad on the marble top of the bureau, and testified to by a witness on the rat day of this examination? A. I think It in the name. y. What lireann of the pietol? A. Mr. Walton put It In his puckit and took It up to the store in Twenty-fifth street, where it waa discharged by Mr. Walton, Mr. Ri-hoe and myself. g What did It contain* M. itwaer ?tn OKI IX. g. What did yon do then* A. 1 took the pistol to pieces. and took the chambers to a hardware store ana purchaoed buUeti to fit th< m; I then put two balls Into each barrel, which gave It the appearance ot being loaded Question by a Juror?D. I vou not put la any powder? A. Iml I did not; I also purcnasi <1 caps, and took them withue pistol op to the store: I thee put the pistol together and put on the capo on the nippies. then I put a privet" mark oe the pisto'. as Mr Walton eipreesed so many fears that the weapon would be used upon him; I then Pick the pistol to the house in Twenty third street; i I was llTtng with Mr Walton at the time, and ahowed It to him In the basement; ho took It and put It up stairs, , it In the bureau drawer I Q Were you present* A. I was r Q When it waa replaced* A. Yes, I was present Q. What did Mr W say? A. Ue expressed his ftoiicgs, I and ?oid be now felt safe Q lo you know what became of the psloi after that* I A. 1 tl ink about two or three week- afterwards Mr. Wal I Ion the pistol and found that .1 bod been re loftdfd , Q How was It loaded* A. He found that the pistol I had t) -en reloaded with powder and ball; I asked Mr keuw Ksa L-t.A WW tKjal it M l. klld h? rt'ohfM (but hi bad taken off one ot the caps and ibakm oat tomt f the powder. g I ;J you ever eee the puiol A I have, lot*r acec it it ore g. W bo wm the make of that ptatott A. I think II war a Colt > revolver. g. How long la it aioce thia occurred? A About alx U 'ii or eiatitxcu moDtha af?. Q What hind of a piatol wan it? A It waa a .mail pu to), silver rm'LCUd, with a 1 Khi colored pearl l.andb g. I'id either of the none of Mri. Uallon rede in the bona# at thia time* A I doa't think they did g. Here vou livloj with Mr Walton on ttrlv crcaa on! A. I waa. AU the witaaeaea bav Lf been exaalatd who wart auwfh Dedf>y the OorfffHT, W totnlrad IT fht*? here ant prmm< i^weut whs knew anything more about tho caae No r * >otiM- having been made to the, C>rii.ei Jackmm raao, and, ad d resting the Jury , said:?"You wll aund up, aent enten I have ?ubp->-nu' I all the wlinctsea that I it) :ld reti h who know anyth nf about thia caae Now. pentli-meu I submit It to your window, you will plenaa to retire and bring In n v> rdtcl " The. nry retired at twenty tn.nuie* (<nat four to drliber at* a(OC the r v rdlrt. end at ten m.mjlei to it- ro turned tr the mart, amid the bn-alhleaa attention of the crowd who worn tail"inly awaiting the rtwult of ih, i \t*h nm alio i. i ww Ka.l lalran Otnir IflA t I hi Kor*a ta handed lb* Ounce/a formal rrrdlrt, a copy o I, which we rahjAtn ? a took rf V?r JVrr*. niw ind f of Xme Tort, W a An loquta: ion takcu at Uk- Ruperlor Court nmnu, rnrcA i of (>ntr* Mid Ciamber* ?tr?->u, in lb* city of N*w York ? In tb? oontity of New York, thi* eighteenth day of Jul*, ii tb* ?**r of our fjord on* i'inu?Dil eight hundred and tin I. ly, before Andrew R Jar.Wman, 0>mn*r of the cit* an county ?fn?r*H I no lit* body of John Wa.too, now lylni dead I'pot thr nothn nod affirmation* of nine good AO lawftol mru of the Jioi* of N*w York, duly rbon*w at. 0 nrnri or Affirmed, end ctwrvd to inquire on beball . Aid people. bo? Mid in ?b*t manner lb* Mid John #? L. to* eane to hi* d?*tfa. do, upo* ib*ir oaUm And afflrmi tkxi*. my Uiol Ui. Mid John WAlton CAme to bl? do*th h io a p atol *1*1 ?rc nd Inflicted by I be bond of Charl** Je fbrd*. id In wttii"*? whereof we, tb* Mid Juror*. a* woU ** Ui Corowrr. bar* to th tnq uitlnn *et cur haadj and *?ali on tb* day ami pi ao* AforaMid ? 1 KreklW tRialllng K A. Jon** " tkiniel R St'iArt Tho* K Casio* w wm. m II U> G?0. A. Wonwer. Aletandnr McKeot f k] Char tea KAora AMMUCW K JACK MAM, Coroner. The (Vrnoer thru toM Jeflbnta to rtae, when lie nl ?' tarred Uin IM* K*k at liberty to aaawar or not the fu low in* que* lion* ? ? it q. V"h?t It jour ntrnf' A f'.iarlee M Jefferdt g. How ohl tro yanf A. Iw -oty on* yeare of ** m Q Where were you borat A City of Waabmftoi Dtatrtut of Odumbia. 4 g. t/here do you 11*"* A. City of Mew Vorl. rt O Vhat I# tuuroc* ipaitoul A. tier* O Hare yon anything to aar, and If an, what, relatH t? Che chary.. bare i rffrwl afaiwst you* A. I ua ed I.rely .eitwa* i.t of thle chary*; I am adrlaed by it enuw-l III retain my witneaii.w before thv unbiassed r<> of riders.ino nf the Ursnd Jury of Ibis crusty; there on. i th?s II-dc sod before ibis jurisdiction, I hare soibtn* ni if t tber to ny. The am wed theu sir tied h name to the paper, wher at upon the Coroner handed a warrant to ol'icer Chart I In wet and d'rerted turn to convey the prisoner to II nd Tomhr. where be srill rrnan incarcerated, p'obaM until t le en. pan neetap of the 0 - u>d Jury for tbe Mepte sb . f term. JrlWrriswaa fallowed by a l?rye crowd to thr el . f pi tees. and malut uiie I hie uaoal completelompusura bo be fur a ami after tbe read luxe of toe rerdict. i 1 Tbe Widow Mathews I'sad. re TO run KtilTOK or ma IIKW ? |.p. iv? The eeel # <l (Mj H??ee lureaid to tbe widow * ar Ihear r idrhl'r' I. Mb* Jva> lb. ieww. Sfcw YORK HEKaLO, TB THE PRIZE E?HO IX AMERICATHo HonrtaMy CkaUea|? Bofat-No FlfM la Paapim 1>T>atati or Hnmb wriiMjr. 11m publication in yesterday'* Hsatin of a letter from John llornseey staling that be was not the author of the challenge to Beenan. published the dar before, created greai excitement among the sporting fraternity, and sensation was increased by the style of Heenan'l acceptance of the supposed challenge, whtah appeared In U:9 same column. Great doubts were entertained of the authenticity of both of the letters. Morrtssey's most intimate friends had before doubt <d that the challenge was genuine, and mustered in strong foree, asserting that Morrissey was certainly at Saratoga, 'J>d that be was very slclc. The disclaimer of the challenge, published over his signature, they insisted was genuine. On the other hand, Hcenan'a friends, not liking the Idea of acknowledging that they had treats a bogus challenge so seriously, reiterated their belteCthat Morrissey's former letter was genuine, butj>rivately acknowledged that the latter "sounded mors llks him." Morriasey's presence at Saratoga teemed to settle the matter; but in order to place U In a more definite shape, Utd Cunningham seat the following telegraphic despatch ? Niw You, July IS, 1900. To JoRf Moaanarr, Saratoga Springs, New York:? Did yon send the letter published la the Haaai.i> this morning? D. CUNNINGHAM. To this Cunningham almost Immediately received the following reply:? Vaxatooa Sracios, July It, INI. To D CrwirwoKAn N'sw York ? Yem the Aral 1 know wothing about. J. MORRtSflEY. ine publication of the** despatches in our third edition, yesterday, at once changed the current of the dispute, and from discussions in regard to the authenticity of the letters, the sporting gentry directed their attention to the conduct of Uorrissey and Heenan, and the crimination ard recrimination became, If possible, more bitter and personal, charges of coward'cc and deception being freoly made by both parties. The whole uffatr recalls the challenge purporting to come from Tom Ryer, which was published toon after the Boenac and MorrUsey con test, and arose from the same cause?the custom adopted by the pugilists of sending their challenges, not, like duelists, to the persons most interested, but to the Hskald, wbich cannot be supposed to ascertain or vouch for the authenticity of the hundreds of letters received at is office every day. In this case, tor instauce, the genuine letter from llorriseey was not In his own handwriting, nor was it signed by him, so that no means of authentication, estopt his presence at the plate from which it was dated, remained, and this was known only to a few personal friends. If the sporting fraternity wish to com municate with each other through the organ of tto p ibhc, they should at least take measures to guard against any such mistakes as those in the case of Morrissey and Bee nan. uiw:mi , we are Informed by hit most intimate friends, has no intention of fighting Heenan now or at any other time. He is quite unwell with an affection of the throat, which troubled him before his departure for Europe, and for which be is constantly blistered In a most painful manner. He has not been In anything like perfect health for over a year past. He left this city for Saratoga on the 8th inst., Intending to rema.n there for some time in order to recruit if possible. His friends say that he intents adhering to his original resolution, well or 111, ndt to enter the prise ring asuiu, bis promise to fight Heensn being conditioned upoa Heensn'e winning the fight with flayers, and therefore not at all 'Influencing bis conduct now. As fkr as be is concerned, therefore, Heenan may spend his time In visiting or receiving visits, If be llltes, and need not trouble himself to get into training for another contest Still, Morrlaney's friends are sanguine that, If he should ever encounter the hero of Farnborouyh, be would be served out as badly as at bis former battle In Canada. THX UNICIA BOT Bald, as soon as be saw Morrlasey's letter from Saratoga, that It was undoubtedly genuine, but that, even If be had known the challenge te be bogus, he could not well have avoided answering It as he did. He still ho|>ee that II si lawn will give bim a chance bnt Is glad that be has coastadod to let htm up for a little time. Heenan received a Idtograpbic despatch from Troy yesterday Inform lug him that his father wss very 111, aud be rtarted last night to visit his father, Intending to remain until Friday nest. Macdooald was escorted around the town yesterday by Irving, HU1 and otber friends, and was everywhere followed and cheered by crowds of mao and boys. It seems decided, then, that we are to have uo great prtae fight Is America; and this challenge eeesatloe probably marks the seme of the pugilistic exclteaseol, which will sow, doubtless, be upon the decline. The OrMt KtiUni. TKN THOCRAltD PEOPLE ON Mil CROWD DidAProINTKD ACCIDENT TO * I APT?AN EXCCltSION TO CAFE MAT AOUIO CPON?TU UUP TO SAIL FOR ENGLAND AlUL'BT 16, ETC. We weat oa board of the Greet Eastern yesterday morning, with pen nibbed and band nerved for a splendid item, auppoatng, of come, llko our readers, that we should be treated to a rare exhibition ot Zouave toetice, agreeably to the announcement of the morning's paper. Thousands of others succumbed to the same agreeable de.usion, and the result was that by too o'clock, the hour named fbr a drill of the Chicago French men, the Great Eastern had a multitude upon hw, Uk like of which ber iron walls have not embraced since hei advent In American waters. Hundreds no doubt pa)<J their balf dollar under the stimulating idea that tin > were about to recetvv twice the value f their invest Bent in the abape of a douM > sensation. and wc beard on< gentleman remark that he Lad deferred a trip of a thou and mllee solely with the vie* of kllhng two fat btrda * iti I aaingie atone. Pomcth ug of the feeling of dtaappoinlineal which pervaded the entire company, therefore, may be Imagined, ah*n we at ate that about twelve o'clock a dozen or fifteen ?f the corp* and band in fatigue uniform arcorr panted by a number of our own aoidtery, sauntered on board and minpltd a* carelessly among the curtoau crowd an If they were only civiltaaa like the reet. A tret it wae hardiy believed that, after two heur* of pa ilent waiting, erpee'ally after eurb general advert leimoo in tbe paper*, such a change in thai programme oouk take plaace Heforr long, however, It becaane evident that no drlt f had been anticipated on the part of the military, and thai they were uutirely unorcparod fur eucb a performance Their invitation from the director* of the ship wee of a general charactr r, aaad Ibep had accepted it in that infiar ? I ihir-h heat euiled their inilirliltial leelrw Ihr <1 oMp(viintm<'Ul which followed tbla dwcoverj pi rated to pervade ever/ perann on board, and the mul I lerlnga >t what waa deemed. In metropolitan parlance, "a 1 aril, were load wnd deep The eicurakmivtB rwpec tally whoyertenWy lumbered nearly two tbouaaod, looked I blue at the ld<a of being deprived of a military treat ar rare. The true facta of the caae, however, quickly found circulation through the abtp, an t aa noon aa II waa known that the whole arrangement waa the reault of a mil under rlanding good nature onoa more prevatlad. r It la ewtimated that at ihlt hour not lean than all thou I Band perwooa were waiting to Bee the drill?by far tl? f largrwt numhrr haa ever hem onboard at any on< time In thia country By degre<? the co mi any graduallj dwindled to Ita ordinary propnrtiona, and o the after r n<?>n the waa not larger than ukual , gull*- a large gathering >>f prominent Individuate o a hoth "tw were present in the morning, and one will ar quaint, d might hat" p.rked out < Dough Judge*, rmnletera 1 la?. > <T'. millll t eoloo. la, naval ofllrern, and other* m?r. S? nr.- known to fan.#, In have made up a very r-japccta hi- m n up porty d A iron ibowr obaervable In the throng, in the abov if enumeration, were E. K Colllaa, f>q., LI.ram Walbridg I- and Mra Mor.latr. t- We regret to record again another *?d accident, j v lady, whone name we did not learo, while aaoeadlng o f d< Bornding the gangway of the orlop or fifth deck, ha brr rnnoline afctrt caught by a ringbolt, and wan preclpl m toted to the iloor. ?ba waa immediately picked up an I, mnvtyed to a rtateromn, where aa examination by a phj atrial prearni proved mat MM dm aiwocsikkj ui in thigh The Hmb ? -j* reert, however, beAjro Mm left th lilp, and abe aa removed to her realdeoce t|<n<|iie tn the to: ?e crowd preaent yeater lwjt, wo ma ohaerve that a diapnaiUoa baa boon man .f-auvl on th part <4 Many ihougt tleaa tndltidoala U carry a ray mi vrnlra of their tmiI, or tn Iratre tbetr U-krta behln ? Ux tn, la the aba|ie of mark! upon the walla aim in var I oua plarea The m nfinfti of the rhlp hare cnoai qmntly been compelled to eloae m<?t of the atateroom again*! intrneton, an ! thoa preaerra them la their pn n-i.t I'ondltloo of purity. 1, Th e niuri m> nt hia frequently railed forth renvoi rtrm -re avail at what they termed the etrluairrneaa i tl.r P i v'i* h fT'rrfi ' t Ihi fnMnwn-i mmmunlnatic ahrw ho* ludimma baa h?on thia pi -Button, and, a re hope will be a warmer tn tb?we wV> are dir|?*ed her n alter to tiidite their a u nature* lo P-n mnv piaeea, tin ly eyeaare upon them t? detect and point -mt tho Tina Tt n following ta the communication referred to ? Remark a having been trade through different armreee ahn if- Ihe at frtvaiaia of the ()"eat fakir i n rvl '<lng thro* O) en tn ibe pn' Itr. I deeai It proper In alvta 'Sat I rnvaelf w a- an ereatti eaa thla day to the fart cf twc kn ?a and * fenil ? man arttlng Ihetr name* In a bold hand ipiw. the wh le wa nf one of the ala'fminn Row, If Ihe la lo ?? adaln-r-r M re ore am' r?ai ihe rtahera 'n Ihla nnble ahlp. we <011 Id ' 7t r< n 11 lair If 'he direct, ra ahonld ,cl?we the ataleronma aline er tber I almald be nbllved bv your cal Ing the attentiir. of vj ten tn thla. J. M. ly 1t?<* futnra tnorrtrmta of thr Orrat Kast*m ipvi Ul havr h.-... it.'Dnttoiy d' rlrtp 1 Th? r*h <>n n of !? , . i will thaw on the Wih <4 Jnljr. (hi M?nJ?y. '.h?? aotn tn?i h? qiakf* on ncurainn to Tap* Mar. faking |???? i.'? at thr ralo of 110 a haail, an-t returning <? *>4 t. (?th< 18th of Anffiwt aha aaHa for Milan 1 Wh a fa t? rtot.. II 111 Iiitirm, ?> ha>r nut J?" "0 ... f hut it t* mi t.rotiabh that aha will ba f> lakAa w*. [URSDAY, JULY 19, I860. OUR HARBOR O^fENCES. U?M?niUBB *r How r*BMu"* OfU* VBlBBicrr HUHIb-TIu CHjr ftl F?rt Hanatltww?Their Pr?rltc? Drill |a Ftrl>| Thirty-two Pwaad Shot a* a Tar|*I-EIC*1ICB( EimbUSB Bad PaWM 8arrea> Aooordmg to previoua notice, I be New Yorti City Guard, Capt Mum He Id Ixrveli, who bare been prae tlaing during the pant year In drilling in the one of the aea coast gun, proceeded yesterday, by prrtnlor.on of tb? Secretary of War, for practice, te Pert Hamilton, near the Narrow*. They: paraded in foil uniform, and were accompanied by Itodwortb'a band, and mar die 1 to the foot of Wail atroet and embai Iced on beard tne uew Hloam forry boat Peconic, placed at their dtepoeal by the luton Ferry Company. Among the invited goeett vara Colonel J. C. Pincknev. Colonel Van Burea, e*-Colonel J. C. Coclu, ex-Colonel A. Duryee, Brevet Colonel 8b am way, Colonel II. Bostwick, ex-Colonel J. C. Burnham, New York Volunteers; ea-Liauteaant Colonel Martin, Captain K. B. Ellsworth, Chicago Zouaves; Cyrus P. Smith, Dimming Duer, Oeo. W. Blunt, Frederick Conckling, John B. Storm, Dr. F. Willis Fisher aad others. After the Guard arrived at the fort and arms were stocked, they proceeded to the barbette, or upper range of guns on the fort. The command was divided Into live detachments, and, manning a thirty-two pounder, Iron piece, commanding the ship channel entrance to th Narrows, the company were first exercised In the I manual of the gun, or loading by detail, In easing the piece, charging, aiming battery, Ac. They were next exercised In firing blauk cartridge. The third part of the drill was devoted to firing thirtytwo pound shot at a floating hogshead, anchored 1,900 yards distant in the Narrows ship channel. The pieces were loaded with charges of eight pounds of powder, and the guns elevated at a range of five degrees. The folios ing Is our reporter's statement of the firing:? 1 Line shot; ball struck sixty yards short of the target. 2 l.tne shot: struck within twenty yards of the target. Ibc range sas very good. 3 Line shot; very good; ball struck about twenty yards short of the target. A Line shot; very good, ball struck the water within fifteen y arils and Hliort ol the target. 6. Line shot; ball struck within tan yards and short of the target. C Hall struck the a ater to the right or and ten yards beyond the target. 7. Bail struck to the left of and within fifteen yards of the turret fi Lull iSmalr In llin rinVil nf anH irithin ttflattxn ctnla O. UV. ...I . ,8u. - ? ? ~ V ol tilt taiget. 0 Ditto. 10. Hail struck tbe water to Uie right of and within forty yaias ol the target 11 Liue .-hut; ball struck the water fifty yards short of the tot get 12 ball struck the water to the left and within tlfly ykins ot the taiget. 13 Hail struck the water to the left of and within thirty yards ot the target. 14 bail struck a little to the right of and wilhiu fifteen yards ot the target. 16. ball struck the water to the left and within fifty yards ol the torg> t 10 I.toe shot; boll 'truck the water short of and about filteeb yards of the taiget. 17. l.tue shot; ball struck the water within ten yards and short ol ine target 18 Line shot; ball struck the water within ten yards of tbe target. 19 short, and little to the left of the target. 20 Ditto. 21. Lute shot, ball struck the water fifty yards beyond the ta'gi t. 22. bail struck the water to tbe right and wlthls tin yards of the target. 38' Bali struck U> the Irft of and ten yard* beyond the target 24. Ball fell abort ol the target, a little to the left. 25. Line abut; ball struck the water twuuly yard* abort of the target. 38. Ball struck a little short and to the right of the tar get. 27. To the left, and within forty yards of the target. 2H Short, and l.Ulc left of the target. 29- Line Shot; ball struck within a fow foet of the target. au. Short, and to the right of the target. 81. Line shot. ball struck within all yards of the target, 81 Line sb <t; ball struck within ten yards of the target 33. Tu the right, and within twenty yards of the larger. 84. 1o the li lt, and within lea yards mt the target. 36. Abreast of and witain fifteen yards of the Hrf" 36. Little to the left, and within nrtoeo yards of the target. The best tiring was done by gun No. t, under the command of Lieutenant Banks, and served by Charles Wailsworth, K. Cbcntry, L. Bcrnhclmer, W. L. Proch and Jaa. p. Whitfield. The drill occupied about two and a half hours, and was highly gratifying to all present. The aflair was csr tainiy a decided 6ucoeaa. The Guard and their guests returned to the city a hal'past Are o'clock In the afternoon. On their way up from Port Hamilton a splendid collation was served up in the cabtu of the steamboat, at which approprtal speeches were made by H. J. Raymond, Capiatu tills worth. Brevet Colonel Sbumway. Captain Lovell, ex Colonel Duryeo and 0>iincllrnan L?nt We regret that the d? mand upon our advertising colustni prevents us fivt^ s full report of the proceedings. Tie belter defence of the port sod harbor of New fork, Involving, as It does, the safely of the metropolis of tb I'nlted Mates, Brooklyn and Jersey City, the .Nary Yard and Ibo of naval stores, and the r tehee of the I uion roncentrat'-d In Its chief c?tntni rcial metropolis, has long Im CO I Li' ruojiciui anxious siuuy njr mo m w u ui rxjgi . hi er* of the I'm led Plates charged with this special duty; but no mcaauri-s were taken for the garriHotiuig of the , forte, until the present movement of the City Uuaril. It la of the ulninet Importance that we should encourage ' line patriotic work for the management of oar eea roast t'tiii r r, so ausptciou-ly inaugurated by , our cit'sen soldiers, and encmrage It by our 1 voice, and give It practical eiioct. The first 1 In vision N. Y. P. M , located In this city, wtU I constitute malnl*, In time of war, the gunners of our , forte and manipulators of our sea coast guus, and, therefore, In time of peace, they ahould accustom themselves to their uae by s frequent exercise in sea coast gun prac i It la dtsitublc that we should hove at ail times a 1 heals of gunners practiced In these eierclatw. The result would be Dot only to give our cltiaeu, an well an ntisun 1 | * Idn rs, confldt ute In the defeno s provided fbr their sel 1 curity, but It would disseminate an Important branch of | military knowledge and an intelligent idea <<t tne hearing ' and objects of th*1 different defensive work- Tu carry ' i Hi s idea it would be desirable that th< r (b 1 be a , | sufficient r irrisoo of artillery troops to aid in tv -innI . tiou of volunh-rrs, by frequent drills at target practice I from our harbor forts. It* ricbi * and com menial position of New York, and tbe a. cue l>y sea to nor harbor, mark this city an a .oneplcwms object fur bcwtlln attack There la uo use of aticimpting to c onceal this trom ooraelvea. It It a thing l>nuwu u> the world. Aa sure aa wo hare a war with any groat naval power, we mar aspect New York to be aa nailed. Rot we do not fear an noih a permanent occupation f till" c ity )y aa enemy aa a auddaa foray by a hostile naval force Nrw Bowttct Taurus ?This popular establishment haa opened for the season with Dying colors. On the I opealos night (Monday) not a place could bo had when I ha our lain roar. The company Includes all the old farorltea and acme Important additions, and the theatre n ultu^fcher In the scry beat order for the coming campaign. Tba attrac tion of tbe bouae at present 1a Mr. hddy, wbc la playing a round of Pbaksperean and other characters, to tba great delight of crowded audlenc as Tbe playa art ven in the best manner, and the managers deserve all their success Arrivals and Depart are a. ABKITALd. f Uvtarom?f Mp Ktlea AcwUa? Henry White Fhlp I?ecor?hire? Mow Adelaide HlrkneU. af NY Mr* Rachel l>. maillr Mrs Klltabeth Arm field, Mr. Henry Col ' atria una innai, an oc rnfi^na PKFAHTrHW. |jTtirmn-Mnai*kl|i Kuta-llr W IIImbmI, rWWH rhm. Mm t t Milter, Manrptnl; Mr Ji? !*???, MaratMk 1 v de I ill.iMr M Arllnr end aemuit. f?uba; MM M*rt* 1 Haraklua \ trrtal*. Mr M H I eirae, Newport. Mr and Mra .lo.i p Kthji and tbT''Q daughtera. ''n. t?a ^r* K I'hUdren and two tllldrrg, Mobile; Mr ? , J T"ri? it, tluhn; I'r Mr* Parvl M*a"n. I*?i?trr wor I *' I .1 F llloier. Ireland; Mr * H'linatf. Mew Vnrk:Mr Vrrat'rtJt; Mr Joe M. kee < arnllaa, Mra R Reki, N i. iaaa. Knalar.d. Ji*n en. .u. R?* i ' r ?i. M-r and danchuw. . Mr and K A < .... errant. Mew Turk Mr and Mm M .lewatt. fcanioi Hr P T.mple tnflnta: Mr Himm bhaw, Jr, iMlndtnt.. Mi A Harwell. New tuft. Mi IrtlUMpd* Habb?; Mr fred rinrke hav tra; Mr ileo And'ewa I In he, Mr Pedro Ulnae rtar i nbe. Mr Pedro J..rda j R?m<neda. r?ba. Mr laa Mala, Nea iT.e?ne, Cant J H FIMnirr, Maine, Mr R W llaraliuin New < rli ? a; Mr Matrabheimea. New fork; Mr I Adwlalad -rfrr mi P-awtw... Mr Jobo tirr. OkMnw; Mr Hnntar nd Mi 1 boa >*utr, lllai?|r a. Mr and Mra IMno Mam Mr Malt, twnebii dren and noma. Mr and Mr? N M N?en. two rbtldren ,%nd Iwr rmii'i MawOr'' ana. Hla P felleaer Armlral Mat ada. ilena i ral <A Mailne at IU>ana. wife, Iwn rkildren and tbraeaer?all Id ai d Mra J a MrUford. Va. Mia 1 bo. Ilale and dau?hter, k I f Mr P W lernb. NT. Mr <? r Mmwn. Ml** I. C Brown anr MM* ht. wa. Meahrflla, Mr HetOla (tajik Mart I'ai.l Paul I k * Mrarllbed. New inleriie Mr A Ronebefan. do. Mr llark Hart lb .n, tl.RWniw. Mr TeirVdi Haaillvw, Mr T II MnrrtaaiH ' Mr K W Hurt khl'edenibia. Mr P Ham i on I N V, Mr J Mnr a- r?. I luladali h a. Mr R l**r?h?ar Fnirrmn Mr II W Iroffrr it 1 ln>l?Wti.> MrltHF>l R V, Mr II Nlmiaonda. I.?ndnn .. Mr Unpen nun frNr-l. ?nNi. Mr O ''wnw. Raaae.. M Imahnr. If Mr J WMNrj WiMr?P<>m Mr Jnko Hr'n*hem ItirJT PR-hrM. la: Mr Jefnne THIrMn, Mil* Hot .la n? ! < ?' *h?T. R Yt Mr John M sharp Ky; Mi llro Trim-at, dn rn MMa llr'rbart }/?ad?fi.Mr r-\f r Krrr Paialay. Mr Unn n?? u kin*. Id ti**. Mr W H INnnrt.* K l>'i?tep. Raah #. ?II ?:?'?!I A R t ?i>f1rrr. R 1. T*i I R Phanr ( a, Mr John i IN Ihinlap UrttMtfllt Ky.Mr R R Mon Up tarry milodrlphM ir i ' o| Jonr?Mai. Riimle; fjaat Xalhrr, ?o Mr* J "hi I o? hharn ard ?4inr. Ky; Mr John Matr.-iii?*?a. MnMl* m- ? V Malum. Ftaa*. Mnlm WT aaihnrd. do; ima at i Vnr Mart. R \ . Imr.ial rtra?at 1??a?. Jaa P??aH. floral IHild l,? hrr, k T; I k*? Ta?. do; Kohl * W?l? . , I'lniadrli hia, Thin Han*, ?*enada II nMi"1. R Y. Jre I nn ?" da fi I. W -UntM,. a *; * Radian, PMnwI.'plM J"h 'f til.rr. Pallia or*, Jpn Moorn. Prlledalphta. Mr* R?J "ohi I I end s??fk'rr M *. Mian ??akrNtre Neanaii M?a k WrtM n? dn. M . ??ihH#?l* d'? V tlMrrahr. d" Mr* l?m. Hroul Iin. Mr ll.abam. R V. t LabR-h. N V. M K linlflJ. > U. , , f-.MaM'i rd and i*rorMldr??. R T Mr Brainy and Mr Mr > ' n?; la pawn. P I ; I AiarJIor. Paha; ? trWa dr., * po an. m. J R tVIWa k flfmlnnaO; J a* Nnar p., J *'i'r In HlHrdayMa *' and Mm laa Pa'km I'1 * ' ra?i a**- a, u*rauuiy -mat, t*. P'o". MM? WM ! ToH(l Dux AT tu AcaDKMT Jf vl5-0 To N'0BT , 1W exhiblttoa drill to bsgivea by our *ue#tt? the Chicago Zouaves, at the Academy of ?> *, ? u-nlgtal, wtU SO doubt bo ooo of the moot mien st ag m,Ju'*rJr sights ever witnessed ta New Tort. Among the features of the drill to night will be the silent drill, ot the Up of the drum, rally end shout formtag defence against cavalry, he. They will appear .n the flrst part of the drill in their full dress blue uniform, with wbite belts, in the second part they will drill m their full Zouave costume Two com panic* of the Twelfth regiment wiM escort the Zouaves froml their quarters to the Aoadrmy. The uumber of tickets is limited. Worn* Gsarn.?-This house will be opened to-rtgbt for abeoeBt to Mr. W P, Itlake, a prime Ihvorite with the New York public, and one of the tlnent artirts that the stage has ever seen. Mr Blake give* a find rite bill, and will be assisted by nr. Henry Placide, Mr. and Mrs J. W. Wallack, Jr., Mr. George Jordan, Mr A H naren- ' port, Mr. DyoU, Miss Gannon and Miaa Alice Mann, a combination which should QO the house from parjuetta to dome. Drawing! of Franco, Broadbint! At Co,'* ' Delaware Udierles:? Hamas Oerarr, Uua 170. Joi? II 1800. 61, 36 , 68 , 8, 13 , 37, 16 , 32 , 4?, 59 , 70, 36, 73 , 61. Oojraousaro I/orr>BT. Cljjs 120, Jair Id, into. 16, 36, 11, 7, 33, 71. 70, 26, 6, 61, 38. 65. 66. PKAMGI. RBOADRKMT8 * CO., Managers, Wilmington, Delaware. OMclal Drawing* of Hodges, Darli A CO.'s Consolidated Ixjtterles mt Oeonria ? Guam 3M. Jin? 18, 1M0. 7, 20, 70, 66, 10, 26 , 24, 32, 13 . 63. 61, 5. HODOMH. DaVW A PP.. Managers. Macon, Georgia. Drswlsgi of the Delaware State Lotto* riM.-WCM.iD.KDDT A CO. Managers of the MLawaaa, iutucit ann wimoimi ara*e umwia Daaawaai?Kxraa Oue No. 330, Jmt 18, 18S0. 2, 22, 62, 31, 26, 76. 43, 64, 13, 27, 20. 4, 30, 7, 70. Dsuawaaa?OLaaa Mo. 840. Jet? 18 1810. 16, 76, 69, 43, 48, 61, 27, 62, 11, 38, 13, 9, 23. Circular* sent free nf charge by addressing either to WOOD. MDPT a <X>. Wilmington. Delaware, Or to WOOD. KPDY A Oa.TSt. Ionia. Missouri. It**OR.?In Delaware Htate l<o?tery, Claaa 838, drawn 17th l?at., the 6h number should hare been 50, In place of 90. aa er roneously puHlahed In yesterday's edition, tho mistake being made by the oompuailor. Dourgtok, Pesn., July, 1800. Thl? I* to certify 'hat I waa the holder of a altars of ticket No. 48, 60, 71. clam .100, In the Pela rare Mate IjuUery, drawn June 28. under the management of Woop. ItDpr k Co which c< luhioaUon drew the prize of f15.000. and that aaid prt/e was eaabed on presentation. TllKODoKK M L.AR ?K, M l>. Lolington P. O., I'euu. Wiimeoa. Hrktis Oitt, N. C., July 10.1800. 1 ao eereny renuy mm i nun iui? uey rr-nv miuuiu nr , hank the full amount of a abet* of the highent < 'anital Prize of I ISOUO0 dniHU at Wilmington. I>e|., Jure 9 l?6U In Woon PUT A Co. * Delaware Stele Lotteries, In clam I (drawn oa tht ?lugle number plan). "Ibe number no wj llcvei he lug i he number drawing the highest capital prize of MO.flUU, my ticket t eon; only one elgotb ticket and drawing accordingly, aud that lull permission la freely given by me to publish my name sod residence. B. H. 8MITU, M. 1>. White, the Hatter, Ahead?Hew B ha pee m fine Straw Hate. 10,000 do. frees auction. One dollar each, tit Broadway. India Peaeapple Dresses, limner Checks, Wsab Silks. elegant Chinese Feather Fans, Ac., ou'y et FOUNTAIN'S India Store, 665 Broadway. SLglFlhe Bhlrts Her |1. MOOPT'B Bhlrt Manufactory. IS Broadway. Broaklra Photographs.?Wllllameoa'a Bin at urea, Cabinets, Imperials and Ufa 81ae. Two forty nlna 049) Felloe street Garibaldi, Victor Kmaaael, Heeaaa, Bayera, Bon-lsaey, Sam Sltrk, II lack hawk. I ticks the I'lrate, j and otker remarkable men. a>t be eeen In paint or plaster^ i RabcllUharBt and Treatment of tho Hair.?Oraj heir prevented. rooaulMloa by Dr. URANIV J KAN oa ail thctr diseaaes. Aitor place. Barry's Trtcopheroas la tb? Boat and ehonpeat artt'le for dressing, t>e?>itJf jlnf. curling, cleuislng, preserr*ng and restoring the hair. I art las. trj a Sold by all drnggtoa. Or. Marsh Contlanes to Apply tifa Radios] <.'ura Trass with tnccaaa Is effecting permanent cures of hernia, or ruptura. MaRmU A (o.. Kg I Year wool, K. t. la all raaca of Bllloaa Disorders, Llror ormplaint*, Ar .for which preparations of mercury are usual1) prescribed, Hotlnway's rills ?IU effect the nnir mnla. wHLeut Ihn peraiclotia consequences arising I r^ta the use of that misers] poison. Died. Braua ?Suddenly, no M'uday, Jul/ Iff. laimi i, wJe of Richard Burlia, In tbc loih /car nf her age TTie relative* and friends nf the family are respectfully Invited in attend her funeraJ, from her late residence. No. 1M> West Tenth street (formerly A at tie street), this ( rhnrrdar) mi rning, at ten o'r oek, without farther lovl, tatioa. fter remains a 01 he takao to Cypress H.'ls for Interment Illinois papers pleaae copy, i Burner ? In Brooklyn, on Wilooedny night July Iff, nf consumption. Mast Ha.rr wlfs of Henry Brant, aged off years. The friends and acquaintances of the fhmtl* see re| apeMfully Incited to attend the funeral, on Friday aft* rn??>n, at half tost two o'clock, Irotn her late residenee, Ifff York *?r?-et, corner of (,old. ( hai-ji.iK?At Merlden, Conn , on funday, July Iff, Capl UaaSL Oui-aas, formerly of this rlty. Is the TTlh year of his age. ?tfa ISimH.* Tnlw It Ai.iiia ? T. 1/ .T ti- ? J I ID* ruvixiio|mi? sninri, .wn nraonr, ainijiuiiru euu free to rtsilera. POW1JCK k WKU>, phrenologists aud pub Ushers. Oarsty'i WaUcry, TOT Broadway?Tht Chi go Zouaves ?frt photographed at Uurney'a Gallery, yrutr nl? y, In thrtr Zouave uniform, and we now on etnlhltton. Alan, Photographs of Capt. Vine nail and all Iheottoara ot the ateatnahlp (Treat Kaatern. We have Just completed auteen new Inalantaneoua Biereoncoptc views of the Great Kaatern, and are nnw ready to aupuly the trade. New You, July 17. 1?/ J. QURKKY A SOW. PhatMraphi of the Malar Kcllpse.?KlaTOU1. k KW:iWOnD, KB Broadway will publoL. this mora] log, a aerleaof splendid Photographs of the solar eclipae which ojctirrad yesterday. Stelawajr At Bomm' Overstrung Grand and Square Piano* am warranted for Or* years. Wareruoma Band hi Walker arret. Orawer At Baker's Celebrated NOIHH.EM1 8KW1NO MACHINES, The bed la nee for family aewtng. too Broadway, New York.. L82 Pulton street, Brooklyn. Wheeler A Wlisom'a Hewing Machtaee. OOee MB Broadway, Hew York Mllward'e Needles, Ibr Wheeler * WitBON'S SEWING MACHINES. These Needles are nande by hand, and of the beat doubts refined English east steal, sad stuuns Bcrsmos to ut I. PEKI). MILWaEP, M Warren draet. N. T. Kerfs'* Heetanraat, Ice Cream aad Btl Uard Halooti la now opened at Rockaway (or the KuuW flood T?B-Oa? Dallar til* Cheat, at CHRIHHANKoNH Tea Warebouea, No. 1 Chamber* rueef end 316 Greenwich wreoL Wblikiy,?B. T. lalt'i Ktntarky halt rirer Bourbon, eold by ell drnyataM. IIKGKMAN A CO., Nne. 1<B. aw. 611 end 716 Broadway, N. T. (krrtu'6 Patent Chaneploa Mr# am# Barrier Proof Befee. Ml Broadway, eurnar of Money drill. New Tart. Crist adorn'a Hair Dye, Wlfi and Tompee??Tha Iwwi In the world Wholesale end retell, end the l)y privately applied. Ma 6 Aalor Bouae. Bati-ticlor'e Win and Too pee a have lot* Srweaaema aurpaaatnw all ?her?. natural end "eay . perfect t, and no tuning up bekiod, no shrinking. Ma 16 Bond street. Cllrebnfih'a lllnslre Wig?An Kafir* Dorrlty. partlna and unatalnable. no turuin* up lehwi. Ml Broadway, orit A. T. htewart A Oo.'e Hill's Hair Ore, HO Cents. Depot Mo. 1 Barclay atreet, and sold by all druggist*. Inlalilble Ongueot for'ihe hair. Overly, aged 70 ) rr and t month* j The friendr and relative* of the r*iniiy am rvwpertfVliy Invited to attend the funeral, frcrn h<f latr me denee. No 4u7 (imenwlrh Mreet, Ihia (Tburaday) afternoon. at hal< paatona o'etork. without further D'Hkw The rrma.oa ' a ill be taken to fatU-rron, Putnam rnunty. fbr Iriternaawt. , Cotn/ia ?On Wednestar. July 1 ?, Wilijab Cosum, hoc i ot nmhrth Couloo aged 10 vrar* and 2 month* I The f rlend? and re'ativr* of the family art renpeitfntly Invited ft attend the fiiaeral, thia (Tburadajrl afternoon, at three o'clock, from the reaidetxw of hi* mother, No 122 Iji't Hevrnlh ktraal. HI* rrmolna will be lakeo to OaJ vary t. luetr-y loua* ??m Wedoe*day, July 10. Mr* Hakac fraiac. of Marlboro', I later county . N V., in the 06th year of her i , ?' ! TTeri'atleea and fr- nd* of the ram ly. thorn of her I I aoti*, S.muel and, r?t,d *] -<> of her > n o law, A I. , | Mcekea. are re*pe? tfiilly Itn tod to attend the f'aeral, on r Friday aflerncviu. at two o'rlork, from the rea.dear# or the 1 1 latter. 140 Nnuth Ninth *tree?, Hoo* l> v, I? <,*?*? ? At her reeldeoee. No 200 M"*et Twenty flfU ?tteet Mabt wilt of Jam** flmea. and tldevt daughter , of the late I**ae Roily, of Moyanwood. county Oalway, Ireland, aged 26 )tar*. 1 lit* friend* o| the fbmlly are r*c]ue*t*1 f> altead tbf J hmeval. thla <Thnr?d?y' aft. rn. on, at tvtnorlnck 1 Makmb? <? Tueeday, July 17, oi a lingering illneaa, | Vai**ia *?vrmd daughter of the late Alien W Flardle I The relative* and friend* of the family am roepert fully tortfed to attend the funeral, 'roen the maidenc* of bar ww thre No lit Tlammowd *trert, thi* (Thursday) afterno?* at two o'chwfc. ' Califorria and ftregaa paper* phone ropy, i flAarv* ?4IH Wednesday, July 10, CHK*-rr-ain a'*e nf 1 frimiH I B Harper. la the 04th year of her aci The mlatirr* and frlrn<l? of thr f*mlly ara reapertfhlly Uaw>ltA*? In allot \A iKa fi,ttg?r*l fan t rufftr iafW?r ftf* i i At \ a'rWab. frrtn bar late reaidcana, N<> 46 W. Mata * place, I without further lot iUlwe Hn>rnuii-li Brooklyn, on Tneaday. July 17, Mr4 t Maui Moaaie flCast, widow of tbe kato Jofca R. Limit. ' a?n, la the TS<* year of her af ; T1 e rt latlrm and friend* of the ftmilr are wopartf'illt r- la* it.-d 10 attend tbe fitneral, frota her Ute reeidrnre M > 1st l.iTinr?w>n *tr?et, Brooklyn, tbt* (Thumday) aftdr >, Bid*, ?t tour o'rlork, Bllhonl further not too t Morten*-Ot Wrdneeday, Jnly 14, Mr Wuui 0?? K ?*, he . ?y?l 61 jrarn and eereo mootbo 1 11a relative* and friend* ol I be lea* ly, aiaa tho*? of hi " hndberi J*m*n, Mr*'* R and Jim-po, r?,, rt U, Incited In attend tb? r>lp?eal. ftwr >hr *|?'h.<tl?| v I*, iftitfta, l<~t. I*. t**itki ?J LW-6 ?Utrti, btlrtk 6 Greenwich nod Iiud?oo, thm (Thorrday) Afternoon, attWV o'clock Hi., raaalah Will be taken U> UtWenWDOd MB# terv for nUnual Hauiur. ?On Moo day, Jal y 10, Liwda, youngest d? loftier of 8. C and M C tiarnot, aged 18 months. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully larltaC to atund tbe funeral, frym Lis brother's houa^ Ha U9 W, ?t Twrntj tlttb street, Una (Thursday) afternoon, *4 mo e'cionkHakilso* ?la Prondeooe, on Monday, July 9, Jobs A. Ham" Ton, a n.*tire of Hooiiand, and receotiy a rati deal AT New York city, .'o the 86th year of his age. The funeral, undiV tbe direction of St. John's Lodge Mil f. took oLu-e on Wednesday afternoon. July 11. at CTS o'clock, from bia lalo rwieace in Warner'a ItM. Kami ?On Wedneeday, Julj IS, Un widow flf the late Oliver Kane. The relative* atit friend* of the family are rttfMtfiflf tavitod to attend the funeral, from her late fee Idea oe, Wood lana. near Niuy Piny, on Friday afternoon, at aaa o'clock, without further mvilatloo. Hud?oe Hirer Rail read earn leave Chamber* atreet depot at 11 0*0lock Kkaoar ?(m Wedneaday, July IS, Motuw faMtf, aped 72 year*. The trit'od* and relative* of the family are iIwpMtfcHy invited to alU-ud bi? funeral, Uue (TUoraday) iftemw, at two o'clock. I.AWeoa At Stapletoo, S. I., on Tuesday, July IT, Mr. K V Iavw.v, in the Gith year ef_hl?afe._ Liait ?On Sunday, July 16, WiiXJuniT, nffoo e ycai* and t month*. take place from the rn'Hin of tie j ' artr.u, John atid Jaie Loamy, No. ttl Cheal etraet, *m Tbur?it?y) noon, nt twelve o'clock. All tHwVl ere renot-led to attend Mt<on? _on Tuesday, July IT, Aen, deeghUr at ' t>'mu and Jam- M.Cord, aged 18 year* eea 6 mowthe. 11. r n mnlu will be ukon from the reeldeeoe of Mr I arcuts to Greenwood Cemetery, thin (Thursday) afteri oon, at one o't lock. Tl* trend# of tbe telly are rerpectfully invited to attend from No 7 Harrtaoa etreet. Marovkt ??<n Wednesday, July 1? Jom? lluonr, on or Jamee and Mary Mahoney, ^.-d 2b yean* t montM and 17 day*. The relative* aad frienda or the family, and thoss 4f bis brothers, Con and Timothy Mahony, are meat reepoodfully requested to attend tbe funeral, from the realdeacs if bin |areuts, 202 East Thirty third street, this (Thureat) afternoon, at two o'clock. MrNaav ? In Brooklyn, on Tueodey, July IT, Airoaew F. Mc.Nast, aged 90 year*, 4 months and 20 days. The relatives and frienda of the family are reapeatfrniy Invited to attend tbe funeral. Ibis (Thursday) afternoaa. t three o'clock, rrotn nta late residence, no. m i*us?t. street, Brooklyn. Nihbtt.?On Wednesday. July 1?, Arroainr C , youngest eon "I John auu Sarah Aim Neablt, aged 1 year, mouths and 10 davs. The fru nda and acquaintances o' the fhmlly are requested to attend the funeral, from the rr^ideuoe of his lather, 111?, Fast Twenty fourth afreet, on Friday afternoon, at tnrre o'clock, w ithout further Ini Itatioa. Oodks ?At F.liaahctb, New Jersey, on Tuesday, July 17, Hatthjah Ounaa, Kaq.. In the Nth year of his age. ilia friends and those or the family writ invited to attend the funeral, from the realdence of Judge Ogdon, this (Thursday) morning, at hall-paa! ten o clock, without further notice SartR ?On Wednesday, July It, In the 00th year of her age, Mi Asa Skits, u out ve cf c< only Moaaghan, Irs land. The relatives and fr euds of the family are respectfully Inviled to attend the fi.utral, fn iu trhlppcoville, that (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'ekek, wthout further In vi tat iuii. Swrri ?On Wednesday, July 19, Ass jr, wds of Hoary W. Sm th. The friends and relatives, and the oiemhers cf Tales line lAxige no. f. aau a at.are rrxpcctiuuy m quested to attend tin- funeral, on Friday afternoon, at twn o'clock, from No. 47 l.udlow street, ller remain* will he taken to Cypres* Hill Cemetery for interment. Sauka* ?On Tuesday, July 17, Jota P. ?auun, torn la the city of Iwilft, kingdom of Holland. His friends are respectfully invited to attend the fan* rat, from bis Ute residence, 3X5 Fourth arenas, taw (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Kiiakxk.?On Kiturday, July 14, at the residenessf har husband, In Sldntjr, near Richmond, Mrs ClUKkora, P. wife of John C. Shafer, aped 32 years and 4 months. TLe fuucal MT1 Im look place on Monday, July 16, aft four o'clock, from the residence of her husband Terrs*.?In Brooklyn, oo Tuesday, July IT, at No. Ill Clinton street, Maria TrrrnR, aged 27 years. Her remains were taken to Maine for interment. Titos*.?In this city, on Tuesday evening, July IT, oft cholera infantum, H.vaRirrra Amlaitr, only child of Eftward B. and Ueorgle Thorp, aged ft months and 4 days. The relatives and friends of the family ara respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tlie residence of II A Purdy, tieq , No CO Fast Fortieth strest, this (Thursday) afternooo, at two o'clock. ViscasT ? At Perth Amboy, N. J., on Tuesday, July 1?, of cholera infantum, Miami Hack, only chad of John H. and tannic E. Vlcrcol. aged 8 nun tin A bud on earth, full blown in heaven. The funeral will take place from the residence of hap parents, Mott Karen, Wee tehee ter county, N. V , Ihla (Thursday) morning, at ten o'cl' ck. Bridgeport and Stanford papeg plcaw copy Waikkk ?On Wednesday, July 18, at the residence ot her e<>n tat- law, Char lea E'-bea, of Fort Lee, Hew J<xasp( Cathaiiim Walckb. nn<-d 88 yeg-s. Hrr luneral will take place th.s day (Thursday) NIRCRUAFCOri. ASBKCIAL NOTICE PI RCHANE A MACHINE. FAY FOR IT AS YOC EARN IT. The Eureka Celebrated Seeing Mar.nmea. us aa aeerarmadatlon, can he paid for In weekly amounla, un application at the otVc-e, 483 Broadway. N. B. ? Local itgt-uli wanted. I.'hera' discount allowed. D. J LkYY, I i | ilnl ulist Always soMKTmwo wiw. Prof. Wood's Restorative Cordial and Blood ReooeaMr for the fire of general debility, or weakness arising from saw cause, also dyspepsia, nervousness. night wests. Inotptad ennsompUoa. liver complain is, hiUoumrsa, lass of sppstt* female weakness In all stages; also to prevent lbs tmslnaf of disease Is certainly the heat and meet agreesOte cordut tonic and renovator ever offered to the aJUctsd, and so ohsaW eally mmbined as to be tbe must powerful toalo ever knoww to medical actenos. Reader, try it. It will do you goad Ws bare oo hesitation In recc mmcodlrg It. since we know U id be a safe, pleasant sad sites remedy for the diseases eniuawcgssd O. J. WOOD, proprietor, did Broadway, and sold by ailiaad AT WHOUMALK-hSOARO. THY CHRAP. oab bujtra are laTUad k> eiaialne Hareainj narutMi O. I Ullb. IT Broadway. At johw , 10 *wr? is ann atpkkf ? a nkw htr j of Shoea ud Oaiierr at 01 La., and are lira ANVHT TO HITKRA or OA RI KT* A VP nr?clo'ha ? HTR\M ANPKRhOM, the celebrated < ar?? draler-lmrillng Rn(f!u-h trivet Hn>re - and tngra'.n 1'awiy, K: ga. Mailing and Oililntfcj. a. rero.ii.utH} lea pncca. BOrnOIR rfwino mafnikka, RARRtr patkny.? Thia calibrated new improved do tble thread, prtoe rmtf Ye I ha rarona No M4 Ho itd?itT "pp ante the t>t Ki<-hn.aa DO YOU WANT A HKaRD OR ?'OURTA0tIK f-ir BO, and yonr beard woa't fro* nal'j-allv. TOO mo* uae a? Ongui til, to be had o( all deaiera. aiJ f me the beard b grew Wrong and liuuriant in a lea mi rha, and won't Bala or Injim the akin. Price 01 R. O OKAHAM. lt? Naaaau aL-eet rvR RARINTtr (PHYFTrTAM AND BUROROWi EAM U remot ed bla efllce ;< No 3 L'.jiton ?L*ce, highlh airaan. third bo ire wmt of I'nadma). (N RKJ-N AKAI, rn AMPAONK. Ill; FTNF n.LRFT 0: a T Bne Hhe.Tlea IV 1, It-andlea A<- a' V PulVmalranC Inoipffny roNsrwrnoir i?i pohtti vki,t curb bjr 1 r Teblaa' fu motile"Idle hrnip, alao nnugha, an ma* tor of bow !<?? Man ling. L la worth ita c.fbt to fold. m per iHrttto at Itt. Toma#' > enrLaa IlaimeBl depot, M Cor*, anrtt street. I am turn 1 > [I AN Or>n mvouif 1 bargain* in man 31 fede l'i..i.,nx \ ruia tl 15 t" fl IR P?oto$? 7.'> t'oata fr -n VI to 110, of rrr-y kind Rr soar* will te ref-aed; my only obyect la 1jI? Ui I1. I'arlom woiR na naoal C'.AWK K. lil William WMl K! tiLIC KI If U K, K II.II1 K THISCKUtVRATO Trbaico w for tale at the dep.17 FiiHco atrrot OLD HOOK K. TAHITI * UK KNUR kTtRUH KT'"HINi?W A<bought, aobl or eichaoaed. IOUM I TNK. luv bam as ayifl M.iryar, Maxinry Ti r e. MR RVKRPK1J/B WKPDTNO KCTTR, CARPK AC ? He* the 'frranae b'<??eBi Kit#I pea new aaUa Tie f? tarda Ar *8 Rriwdway. corner Ptia ir WWI PAKRON'8 KXTKT'VIRATt R. YHK BK.nT Tl* TIlK WoR|.|Y Una Fern naed to the b'a' ia! H el M 1 , wtu> r tnplete ana rrM, annihilating both CockJt-cbe* an.' R?> wtfh but m- M>/f ration. Roid by all il aim to the ftMH max nod KRAOT TO PAT, RKAPT TO PAT. HKAHV TO PAV, ARuTHKR BVW itORT. AK'iTPKR NkW SftiKV A NfVTMTR b?W RTOR* AM/TMKit N?W HtORT, By A f-RV.AT A'-TTJPR, A ORRAT AUTHOR. A ORTAT At'TIIOH, T. R A RTtltTR T. H AHUU K. r. 8 ARTHUR, Ir uw J*KW VOKK WKHLV, NTt* VORR WKKRLT, n p.?? n>rn ?,i, ijaat ?a?? and K*?1ph pf(,rr pnbUaDM > tflueb will l? r?Mt/ TO UAV at 1* o'r.jtk. KatA ?J . TW* NVNTKRI IN TIIK OURNKR HOCHR NVKTKRT IN 1IIr IHiPNKA HOL'kK. MTsTKRT l!? TIIK COKNRR H'lUS*. Tb? frteuda oPt s Aril r nr? rrq'jnm1 to mm an i las' all lb* Aran's TODAY; and aioriiralfca fv**11"* rhaatrrs o/ ?bta rharmltii firy. mUab t?a bara wrataa nrlualr* ? and liTfjalr fur th* IUw \iim wRTur.T. *f?> AjranU should tiu-rcaae thr'r ocdfra. For ??la nrfywhrrti PrW? frnr Crn'a \'t II STODARD ritMH (iran u soi ark and plpcoi/r thf must iiandf a'ti'rfwp, wararoomn, mi broaj>wat Tub fourth rnmnn o? applbtonr odidl R'praeeeUa* tbe T?m? Tabla af ora-lj 3D 080 Miisa Railways Thraurhaul IW Cbuntry. abo, Nrar'.r Ooa Itnndrad Railway Naca l>< IkaaattaR tv lm?> -ui>t Railways i4 Um Oonntry 'Atioaa. Dtoanes^tr ?? ?(. or Uam. BR A T*.irtot nsM? to i>? fiyrtaf*, to la How Ready. Me# Only Twwu #? Oar'a par Copy II. frrurfog * CO., riiihtoit Ml mm* 44a Rmad ay. Mr Howard atrawk ? rrm rot.LCWlHO two tathm* ro? 1 AM'!"1 4 AH aTTVR at I Hi Hart ia MrarA, ml of f ? a* - Hlark Tr?m-h Varatab aoHaVb fr* inniljAlhH all kWwl.rt lrathar. am h aa i**4a. hariManriik; ate Praw* Toll* tr |.arlf'anA rtlwr fuitifiira At Of abova Aownl thaw *v t Sr? a r r Werrrl far ?*l? attka law r.rW* of W cawM A trua J u* lUUMlAMtr^tMUiruO^yllANk I

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