Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLK NO. 8716. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Ov Sti PrMclfM Coi i 8a* FHajiohoo, June 22,1M0. Vonviitum </ a Murderer?KtpuUMM Prudential SUctors? Mr* Railroad Projed-Ocdp* "/ Sta'e Pritonen? Col Loader'I Wag n Mood Kzpedttion?LaUst iVx* < / _ u.m n71 v#uic /rvwi iurM>n f uwrjr-"V The Republican ifw* Coo vent ion have nominated Chaa. Washburn, of San FraaeWoo; William H. Weeks, or Sac~raneoto, Ctarlee A. Tuttie, of Placer, and Antonio Maria Pico, of Santa Clara, Presidential electors. James Wbitford, indicted for the murder of Edward Sheridan, in this city, about eight months since, hue been found guilty, in the Fourth District Court, of murder in the tret degree. The evidence consisted of the dying declaration of Sheridan and circumstances. A meeting was held in this city yseterday to take men sores lor the construction of a railroad from tbis city to 8aa Joes. The Mission Railroad Company offered to construct the work for WOO,000, to be subecrlbed by the counties through which the road is to pass. A number of shares were taken, and appropriate committees appointed. eoustm. u.wsn'n waoo.v mud nrsnmox. Colonel Lander's wagon road expedition, at last dates, was at Honey Lake Valley, where the Indians, three hundred in number, threatened them with destruction. A company of l otted States soldiers left this city yesterday lor the scene, where they are, by orders of Gwerai Clarke, to be permanently located. St irs OK stats rKISOSBRS. Wednesday last, the 20th instant, tea State prison convicts escaped from one of the small schooners attached to the institution. That veisel belongs to the lessee of the prison, and is sent about the bay on various errands, with convicts, under charge of a couple of guards. On the 20th she was returning from Petaluma with a load of wood. She bad fourteen convicts and two guards aboard, when the vessel was near the island known as the Sisters, the convicts suddenly seised the guard, put them down in the bold, fastened the hatches over tnem. sailed for the nearest land on the eastern side of the bay, and there landed. Four of the. convicts refused to escape, but liberated the guard and returned with them to the prison. We have no information in regard to those who escaped, . after their landing, nor have we any precise knowledge of the spot where they landed. This information does not come from the lessee, nor has be given any information to the public about the escape, any description of lite persona or dress of the escaped, nor has be publicly offered a reward for their apprehension. cor.vnuindTHu ark?txd. A constable of ban Andreas made a discovery on the 20th mm. of moulds, metal and unfinished coin, while executing a search warrant for stolen goods in a cabin Dear the did brick yard, half a mile from this place. Under Shenfls Thorn and Douglass succeeded in arresting nine of the parties concerned. The counterfeits are eagles, half eagles, quarter eagles, half dollars and quarters. The dies of the quarters and quarter eagles only were lound, and aleoa quantity of tin, acids, &c., almost a whole laboratory. Thorn bad been aware of the proi needing* of the gang for some time, and was only waiting for further developemenu to make a descent on the whole gang All are known. It is regretted that the exposition was ma le so soon, ss there are others residing in different portions of the county who might also hare been arrested. Their names are Thomas Uants, S. E. Tillon, J. i. Holmes, Thomas Stewart, I- Wendell, J. Smallwood and three others <?neof them wishes to turn State's evidence Thorn has gone to arrest others. xx akfxia or ho.vor. The follow mg particulars of an afliur of honor between parties resident at San Juan, Nevada county, which has occasioned considerable talk during the week, la taken from a local paper?For the past few days an affair of honor has been on the tapis between J. B. Van Hagan, explain of the Nevada Rilies, and R. B Moyes, a member of the company. The difficulty originated In Washoe. It . appears that while the company was in active servioe, Moyes had broken open a box containing some tobacco, which belonged to aotne other company, but had been Ml in charge of the Rifles, and for this be was reprimanded by Van Hagan. After the company bad returned to Nevada. Moyea accused Van Hagan of cowardice. The parties had some words on Saturday afternoon, a challenge was sent by Moyea the next day, and on Monday forenoon the principals, with their friends, left for Campion v die to settle toe aflhir according to the requirements of tbe "code John Webber and H. B. Thompson acted as the friends of Van Hagan, and & F. Brown, Keed nod Kepocr (tree* wore in? moods or Moyes. in meeting wm to tare Ukeo place about two mi lee above Camptnnville, yestsrdag morning, and twenty persona, bieidee tboor immediately interested, bad gone from Ne, vada to witness tbe aflalr. From some cause tbe meeting did not take place, and many of those who went as spec tutors bave returned. We bave not been able to learn wbetber tbe affair waa nettled or only poetpooed; but It was tbe genera! impreoaion yesterday a Iter noon that an amicable arrangement bad been effected. A deapatch was received bere atatlng Ibat tbe partlet bad been arreated and taken to San Juan. * nil uiwi jrsw* nton canon van at. Tbe J>rritor1ml BnwprUt. of Jane IS, any* that the t ailed SUlea troupe at Pyramid lake are ha good health, and that they are throwing una breastwork on tbe site or an old Indian encampment. Roth regulars and volunteers are tavuh of their encomium* of Ma)or Oen. J. P. Saves, for bia promptilode, energy and valor in tbe recent Wasboe war Tbe Ttmo quotas from a letter received from J. f. 1 Cur11* of this city ?The new onmpany of Rangers, under command of (apt Ian. Nightingale, were encamped on tbe Car hoc on the 13th?one week ago?and would move tbe neat day tor tbe regular*, near Pyramid lake. They will act as escort to tbe trains of supply for Capt. Stewart's force, and aa scouts Mr. Curtis is secood in command m tbe rompany, which it well mounted, and will prove i f preai benefit to tbe command of CaiHain Stewart and to the country Cams Is so excellent otllcer. and ss for h,s captain, Ian. Nightingale, be Is a man of w butj i you may with truth say, bis Wad. heart and hand, are ail right. The > 'ipresaman put in on tbe 13lb, irom J"yrajr.>d, reported that oo Indians bad been aeon at the camp of the regulars. A i or respondent of the tb raid, writing from Genoa, aaye?Winnomucker, the labile General, has proved himself too smart for as again, for when tbe troop* reached I'yramid lake they frond that be bail absipial ulatcd. taking with him bis baggage sad women and rbitdren No one koows whither be has gone, but the common belief is that he will divide bis army into -ma11 squads and attack the overland immigration whenever a i opportunity otters. Major Ilodge. who bad started toward , Pyramid lake, .o order, tf possible, to treat with tne In dtans. upon learning of their departure, and tbe return or tbe volunteers, came back to Genoa, and after recruiting , a itay or two, started for Mono lake, ui ardor to keep the Indiana quiet n that section. There is no truth in the rumors of Indian murders at Mono A few men were killed for money, by whiles, and bence the rumor. As lor the volunteers tbty pmp?se to go oat and watch fry the savages oo tbe immigrant mad. The last winter in (brum Valley has been severer than an^experieared for ten years i?*t the recent showery weather The tnter/TUT give* th<> detail* of the burial of Captain Rtory, the military Maaooa and citizen* turning in tbe NNWMk The citizen* at the upper end of Carrnn Valley harf run baaed the interest* of R'-r-t and Tniwbo in the road and bridge* Mwwc Woodward'* and Lake Valley, act Intend to expend $6 000 additional on the road, and make II free of toll Plainer* of all kind* m improving since ibe rmmtion of I tbe war pan.' Ten or twelve new building* bar* been erected at ftewca. At preeent the population of Carnoa City. Virginia City, Sllrer City, and (.old Hill, doee not eaoeed four tbouaand ecu la, although at tbe tine our informant went there It numbered double thi* rettmate (if tbeee Sfteen hundred are aettled, or rather anjouming, at Virginia City, Tbe climate ha* of late become genial and piemani The rrada or or the mountain* are *a?tly pnmable, and pro r.rioM can now be obtained at reasonable pneea Claim* have been taken up Ibr a distance of aome am tbouaaad feet alo?g tbe Comstock lead, including tbe Hph-r. Ccntrn), Mexican. Wnnhoe. and (hollar The (w mer company, epeoed fbur hundred f**t of their claim, and deeeeoded to a depth of wreuty Met, are now out from twenty to thirty too* of ore per day Arrival of the Cnlllbrnln Oarer I a*Ml Mall. far Branr, Ark , July 19, 1M0. Tbe overland mart coach, with regular Baa fraarleco ? dat*e to tbe 2Mb of June, arrived hare at half paat four o'clock ihm m<mibg. So telegraph deapalcbea came by Una rtage, from aome unknown mute fUa fna*<-aro, J im 29?12 M. Arrived June 2$. ahip Euterpe, Sew York , 2Tih,?t*amtr tvegoo, firm Panama, ahlp Robertann, I-oodoo Cham pieo, 4J0 day* from Sew York, * learner Rnoorm, from Panama paaaenger* all well; ao death* on tbe pamage ship Polyneaia. from Sew York. So departure*. The export* of merchaadie* and California product* from the port of .Han Franriaro during tbe paat tm month* are valued at $3,3*0,090, again*! I3.1MI 0OO Mr the eorrenpccding period In 1U0 Curing the *ix month* end>og with thin month the number of paaaengrrt arriving at San Franclaoo wa* over 30,000, and the departure ramg of ; JO00, abowtng a net gam to the population of ibe Mate of about ISAM The .learner Cdc,I? Bam will naU for Panama to-morrow, taking the letter and aewapaper mail*, which it a hoped the Vanderbilt rtewmer will rrmrry from Aapiawntl to Sew York. ?otwitb*ta?iiing the eapirattoc of hi* one tract with tbe government. Tbe Masonic fraternity of the Mate celebrate-! St. J oh ah day m fan Franc i*cn on tbe Mth with appropriate reremooie* More than 10.000 Maaoh* joined m the pmoea ion They laid the comer *bme of a new Manas ic hall, which i* to met flda^OOO. Tbe pony e.tpre*n to announced to Mart on it* next eastward trip during lb* lift week in July. Tbe laet expern that arrived brought fit hweph date* of June 9. and f all the matter of U>* detaiaed rvprwee* for *ome day* pact a vomet bao h*?o ytoiblc at dacra E~NE memo, a little above tbe boriion in the northwest. Misty weather baa rendered it lnvletbls at San Franciaco. A large jollification man meeting was bek) in Mechanics' Ball, an immense pavilion in San Francisco, on I be evening of the 26tb, to rejoice over tbe defeat of the Santilloo land claim and tbe overthrow of tbe Feter Smith title by tbe State Supreme Court. Everything is quiet and orderly throughout the State, and there is no news worth sending abroad. Mining accounts from Carson Valley are but a repetition of the same story. The Ophir Company are rending to San Francisco fifteen tons of ore per week Prom their claim ui the Comstock lead, which is worth on an average 2,0*0 per ton. About one ton in twenty taken from the mine is of this richness, and is sen to Ban Francisco. The balance remains in piles at tbe mine, to be used when smelting works are erected on tbe ground. Tins kind of ore is considered worth from ?00 to 11,000 per ton. Of the richness of the Comstock lead for an extent of a mile or more there is no longer a doubt, but it remains to be proven whether toere m soother valuable silver mine in the Territory. Tbe population of the Washoe region is reported by tbe local papers as increasing both by immigration trom Sal Lake and California. It Is supposed thai thousands o overland emigrants from the Western States will stop there in tbe fall. The Indiana had ceased to be troublesome since the United Slates soldiers are posted at exposed points, and uk uwun iriut-a u?vc godo to ur'gon ana u>c nansoiai mOQDUlOS. The steamer Panama, which arrived on the 27th, brought Oregon 4atee to the 20th of June, and Columbia to the 23d of June. The Oregon news ia uninteresting. U is conceded that the democratic candidate for Congress is elected, and that such a Legislature has been chosen as renders certain the defeat of General Lane and Delasoo Smith for the United States .Senate. The democratic papers, however, claim that no republican can be elected to the Senate, and intimate that the Lecomptoo and anti Lecompton members will compromise their differences so as to secure two democratic Senators of moderate sentiments. The mining newt from British Columbia is rather cncour sgiug, and the Chinese population particularly wan increasing. Some fine specimens of gold from Queen Charlotte's Island, in possession of the Indians, are mentioned by the Victoria Gosstt*. The war between tbe different Indian tribes on Vancouver's Island progresses with unabated fury, and the government appears perfectly indifferent on tbe subject. Regatta at Towspkla rrllls, States Iilosd. According to previous announcement tbe race between tbe shell boats Stranger, of Poughkeepeie; Judge Voorhies, of Brook'yn, and Charles McKay, of New York, manned respectively by Stevens, Wood, Leroy and Benneway, of tbe first; Musgrove, Wm James and Thoe. See Her, of tbe second, and Burns, Brady, Wood and Farrell, of the third, took place yesterday in the bay, fronting Thomas C. Bums' Nautilas Hall, at Tompkioaville. Tbe race was intended to decide a point of difference raised upon the owaston of the regatta on the 4th inst., off tbe Battery, and at this time the sailing qualities of the three boats were tested to a degree quite satisfactory to all. The distance rowed was three miles, for the sum of 300. The result stands, vis.? 1. Stranger, time 10 minutes, M seconds 2. Charles McKay 1? ? 42 " d juoge t nvrnii1! ? ? A very large assemblage embraced the occasion to visit the grounds of the Nautilus Hall, which, as fitted up for the occasion |by the proprietor, afforded a delighttul resort and stand point from which to witness the scene. The weather was in every way favorable to the oarsmen, the bay being a? smooth as glass at the time. Cotonwt' I aq wests. Death of a Bsokkk mo* Aronxxv.?Mr. John P. Sberwln, a broker, whose place of business Is at No. II Wall street, while making a payment to a gentleman, on Wednesday morning, was suddenly taken with a fit of apoplexy and fell to the floor. He was conveyed to the New York Hospital, where be soon after expired. Oorooer Jack man held an inquest, and a verdict of "Death from apoplexy" was rendered. The deceased was thirtyfive years of age, unmarried, and boarded at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. An Aoan 1ju>t rrx Ovot axd Killed?Mrs. Isabella Bnrlmg, an aged Scotch lady, residing at the corner o Washington and West Tenth streets, was ran over and al most instantly killed while crossing Hudson street, nen Barrow, at the tiaM of the Ninth ward fire on Moods afternoon, by a carriage driven by John IfcElros Sh wan conveyed to the N inth precinct station house, wher it was ascertained that her neck had been dislocated b the accident. Mr. El roe was taken into custody by office Harms, but was afterwards diwharvd by Coroner i^chr mcr. wbo held an inquest, at which it was made evident that the occurrence was accidental. Forxr lutnw.vm.?Early Tuesday morning the tmdy of an unknown man was found floating in the water foot of West Teeth street coroner Scbirmer held an inquest, and a verdict of found drow ned was rendered. Deceased was dressed iu drab pants and white shirt, and was about five feel t<m iocImw in height In his pockets was found a bill of Edward Brady to John Hendrickaon, and 1117 12 in money. War.xi.wi to Pri\kio<)? or Ice W irr*?A man named Francis Fravin, a seaman, living at 7I> James street, died suddenly on Sunday night, under very strange circum stances. Coroner Jack man held an inquest, st whijb Dr. Beach, wbo made a post mortem examination, testified that the deceased had died o( cholera morbus. The keeper of the house where dec rased boarded also testified that be had, shortly before his death, drank large quantities of Ice wsler A verdict in accordanrc with ths fkcts ? rendered Deceased was a native of Germany, twentysight years of age Fatal Fall ?Coroner Scti inner held an inquest on the body of Tbomts O'Reilier. an Irishman, aged thirtr year*. wbe m killed by aoetleotally felling Into a vault bolt of 274 Bowery, go the 4th met 8(tt Dnowvan Wan* Fiamvr..?Coroner Sohirmar bold an mqui-Kt on Ibe body of William I.eaney, a lad eight year* of age, who rotated with bit parents at 213 Canal ttroet, wbo aw drowned while IWbing from tbe do. It at tbe foot of North Moore alreel, North river, on Sunday aftertioon The body was recovered Wcdoeaday morning near Ibe spot wbere be war I act acea, and where he i* uppnecd to have fbllen mlo the water A verdict of " Accidental drowning ' w.i* rendered Cm in Kin an at Fa mx; raoe a Root ?On Tueaday afternoon a child, five year* of ace. named (ieo. T. Ingham, attended to the roof of hit [ wren la bouee, 113 Mulberry nreet, to look at a balloon, e^eu be accidental'y fell over into an empty rpw e betw*en%e bouee he had been aland lag a poo and the next Hw Itfeteee body wan not dieoo vered until on Wednesday morning Inumar* Man l?nuw>M>.?The barbor police W.-doeaday morning fonad the body of aa unknown man Sooting in tbe water near the flattery. I berated waa dreawed like a tailor, and had a crurillx marked with India Ink on Ibe left arm An inquest waa held and a verdmtof "Supposed drowning" rendered. Fatal Raertf ot I*roxic*no* ?An toqoe*t was held on Wednesday upon the body of Michael Mellon, who died at the New York Hospital from the effects of injorte* received by a fail down natra wbile intoxicated. I<ecee*?d resided at No. 6 Borer ?treet, and waa a native of Ireland , lifty live years of age. UiUlsmibarg Cltjr News. Potmr ti ?Tbe Fnetern District Republican Club, at tbeir meeting on Wednesday night, resolve 1 to make tbe Odeon their headquarters during tbe campaign, which, with thin aaaor .ation. hum Billy commenced A ratification meeting. under their auspices, will he bald lathe Eighteenth ?trd nest week An eitremely large and enthusiastic meeting of the German republican* of the F'eevrm district, wae held lam right at In roc Rail, coteer of Fweu and Meermrle nt recta. Mr KaulWn war the principal apeaber, A Bell and rvcrett demonstration wan made m Williamsburg on Wedor da* erening, pursuant to a call inviting the friends of the i ntoo and constitution to meet at No. M forutb Fourth at reel 8i> persons only were preecnl Th* Bi mi?k? attars WtmiK.?a meeting of the outrun ittee of the Common Ooun< il appo Intel to bear the petdlona of pernooe opposed to the opening of Botbwick evenne. met Met night nt the <idem fbr thai pnrpoae Only n few pemone were prrnrnt. Mr. Jared Sparta, on behalf of three rpt?wed to the widening, aaked for another adjournment. whK h wan agreed to. reteewnrr TnCownit 81 irron ?A reepecUble dianail, good lookitg woman, about thirty taro yaarn old, yeeter day attempted to commit suicide by jumping Into the rieer at the foot of Nrrtb Eighth street. She wan rescued by officer Magtm, of the Fifth precinct, who look her to the station bonne, where she agmn attempted to destroy berwelf by banging bereelf with n portion of her clothing. When found llfo wan nearly extinct, and some time elapsed before she could he rettored to cnosrtouenem by which time ber friends bad dleroeered her where abeuls Her name was ascertained to be Mary Van Waa ser. and her home corner of North Third and Fifth St recta No rauae was aMigned for her raah conduct Fat At Acrmmri ?A Mr. George Weaich wae instantly killed '? Tueaday night last try failing down a fight of 1 matrn at j?* rraadetice, * M Grand Went. ' WYO MORNING EDITION?FRJ THE GREAT ZOUAVE DRILL. The AeMNmy of Mule Crowded from Pu^wtM to Amphitheatre?Five ThonMMI Spectator* Present?Immtno KnUtulatm-Thc Zoaavti Reap the U old en Opinion* of onr Military Men?The Return of the Zemavti and their Kecort Area the Academy??rand Dleplay of Plreworko?The Zonavee Kntertalned by Company O, Twelfth Keflment, die. The Chicago Zouave#, who, since their arrival in tbia city, have been astonishing our military men and other citizens by their excellent discipline, gave another of their exhibition drills last night at the Academy of Music, which was a great success, that enormous building being completely filled from parquette to amphitheatre. There were over four thousand people in the house, a very large proportion of whom were ladies. Tbs Zouaves were escorted from their temporary <iuarers at the Sixth regiment armory, to the Academy by two companies of the Twelfth regiment, under the respective commands of Captains Boyle and Burr, and accompanied by Dodwortb's hill band. The Zouaves na vail fist aielaan Ala* a* (hirle niv most neul meu?K<wl In two platoons. They were attired in their full Zouave costume. Aa the military proceeded up Broadway the sidewalks were thronged, and the balconies of the hotels, and the door stoops and windows of private dwellings provided thousands of smilmg faces to get a glimpse of the champion soldiers of the West. The doors of the Academy of Music, in Fourteenth street, were opened at seven o'clock P. M., and at that hour there were over ooe thousand persons waiting to get admission. When the doors were opened a general rush for admittance took place, and men, women and children were crowded together to such an extsot as to prove serious to crinoline, 'coal scuttle" hats sad ftmcy dress coats. For upwards of one hour a perfect ti<!e of humanity poured into the Academy, and the democratic rule of "first oome, first served" was strictly observed, as no seats were secured before the doors opened. At a quarter before eight o'clock, the roup d'ail of the interior of the Academy was very grand. The audience was composed of the very elite if the beauty and fhshioo of New York. The intense heat experienced during the day appeared to have lost none of its force in the evening; consequently, thousands of fens I were brought into requisition by the audience, and the continual and combined oscillation not only presented a novel sight, but created an artificial aerial current, which swept through the immense interior of the Alademy. We doubt not but every officer in the First Division was present, besides innumerable officers of Die United States army and navy. The bouse was literally jammed, until there was not standing room in the lobbies of the bouse. At eight o'clock the sound of music was heard from the street, and the impatient audience sent up a hearty cheer long before our military guests appeared. The muskets of the Zouaves were stacked across the stage, and the scenery thereon displayed s forest view. In a few moments the touavee marched in, and as the bead of the column came in view of the audience there were lonf sod loud bursULOf enthusiasm from the male portion or the audience, and shaking of handkcrchleflt and significant smiles or welcome from the ladies. Iiodworth's band ooenpied the orchestra boxes, and opened the performances of the evening by aelectioos from the operas. The first new of the Zouaves as they came on the stage, with their characteristically unique uniform, presented a comical appearance. Attired in the complete Zouave dreas, with the jaunty scarlet cap, the blue jacket and loose trowsere, a la Turco, the audience no doubt imagined for the moment that the veritable Zouaves d'Afrique, fresh from the bloody work of Soiferino, stood before them. Nor is its ooetume the only feature of resemblance between this corps and the original, but the steady cadence of their step and prompt and united movements at once impressed toe spectator. The shrill, prompt and distinct order of Capt. Ellsworth soon was beard, giving the command, "f ront, ' when the company faced directly opposite the stack of muskets. The company were then exercised in the manual of arms, vt* Shoulder arms, trail arms, shonller arms, charge bayonet, shoulder arms, unfix bayonet, shoulder arms; right shoulder shift arms, shoulder arms; left shoulder shift arms, shoulder arms, support arms, to place rest , attention; (from position of support) right |j)Ouldsr shift arms; left do.; support arms left shoulder shift arms; right shoulder shift arms. left da; support a ms, shoulder arms. secure arms. shoulder arms. present armt. shoulder arms. order arms. ground arms. parade rest, attention. raise arms, fix bayonets order arms stack arms. The movements were executed with s precision and mechantcallty that would do honor to the best European troops, sad certainly were far superior to anything before witnessed ID IDI8 1117. AS Men movement wu exec uvea, tbe immense audience would Mod up cheer after cheer, until CspUin Ellsworth very kindly ssked the indulgence of the Audience, and requested them not to applaud the moTMiwts Of the Zouavee, no matter bow much they might Besarvs It. es it interfered with the company in bearing the word of command. The word* ofoomman.l, In the "second part,'' were as follows:?Attention; lake arms; unfix bayonets: spring rawer return rammer shoulder anas; load in eight times, handle cartridge, tear cartridge (the cartridge ic tern, not bit): charge cartridge draw rammer ram cartridge return rammer; shoulder arms ready aim; reCover arme right oblique aim; reooeerarms: left oblique aim shoulder arms ready aim lire , as rear rank lire. All theee movement* were executed with the same admirable precision which marked the commencement. In luading by motion every movement was done as If by one man. The command to ''ground arms'1 was then given, the knapsacks were uaslung, and after a short rest arms were again taken, and Uie following movements perform ed ?Take position by file into line, open ranks, manual of arms; stack arms fin single rank). Rest. Close ranks facings right, left, about, oblique and by rank, countermarch, wheel by platoons, form four ranks?two?one? two?manual in cloned ranks; lire by company, by rank, by comrades, by file, and at will. Rest. In tbe fourth part of the drill the following commands were giren ?Fire and load at will, shoulder arms, order arms re?t load and lire knouling, ready, aim, recover arms ready, aim. lire. load in etgAI times, ready, aim, lira, load at will, aim,sI>0older arms, met l ire and load lymg ready, aim, recover anas, aim, Ore. lioad n nine times Handle cartridge, - art about, tear arm lg.-. charge cartridge, draw ramrod, rain cartridge, return ramaser. ready aim. fire l/md at will, shoulder arms. Tbe file Bring was excellent. Tbe skirmishing and bayonet drill was performed, the following be ng the wrde of command ?Peploy company by flank; by right flank, man h, to advance, marrh, by lafl flank, march; la retreat, marnli; anaerobic on the re erve Deploy forward, extend Interval*, ctoaa interval*, left wbeal; right wheel, aaeeriible "O rnerr* and form column, deploy company on centre group. Are at a hail; deploy company by dank, advance flriog. ceaae tiring; rally by fonra. Indeed, it waa almoet Impoeaihle to keep a record of the movement*. ao rapid were the command* and their execution The Bring kneeling, no their back*, forming circle*, croeae* and pyrami I*, brought <11 into a labyrinth of tactica not known In .ucott or Hardee The atuir throughout waa moat grant and enthuiiaalic. and the Zouavce won golden opinion* by Ibcir superiority in drill. We almr*t forgot to mention ibe drill by the Up of tlie drum, or vilest drill, in which the company executed every movement in the manual of arm* with the utm ?t preciaien The cloaieg rcer.e waa the charge, which wax dooe full company front, rtarVDg from the end of the *uge *nd rwhing down -w mtutt toward* the audience,with toe /ooavayall, which would atrlke terror to any enewy The Zouave* then guv* their original peculiar che*r " One?two?three?four?Ave?aix ?aeveo ? ti ga ar? Zouave'" and the perforwiaace ended At the ocneJusiot, of the drill t'apl R I* worth came forward on the mage. ac<?mpanied by Col J. C. Piockney and twoofllcer* or the Firm PtvWo.ii aun, and thanked the audience for their forliearanoe and atteotion dunag the drill He Mid that the limited area of the *ug>- pre vented them from making tlieir movement! with mat precision he dMired, the intimation of the *tag< ,t'*u proved a great detriment to the acc leratcd movementa i in the akirmivb drill Among the audience we noticed Major tleoeral ?andI ford and Brigadier (reara! William Hall 1 lit !A fiaY'V lilin.ltni miu HIV n' Wlniiif , UU' T HIT- rort of the two mm panic* of the Twlnh re*imet>t, up j Fourteenth tlftt to Broadway, Hit tbeooe to the armory id Company C, of the Twelfth regiment. near H'maon rtreel, where the 7<mave? were entertained el a oollatlcw. Alone the route from the Vadefnr vw-re immooee line* of api-ctator*. and the rtreet* were illuminated, end t rend trial given v the uohm by e display <x (.reworks alone the roote The Zouave# will take their dfpartor* for Boeton today, at half |?et Ave o'< lock, to ftte ?lneater GnoaecUnit, of the Norwich and Worowter line. They will he mi*rtaioed. before their departer , at a collation, by onai|?a**e a and F of the Mith raglan-nt, at their armory over Centre Market The Xnaawea will remain la Breton for two days, when tbey will paae thr nigh thia city on their way to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Ciacm nan Oa thetr return to this city they will be received and entertained by the Second company, National Guard, ( art. ."baler the follow iny order* for the formatloa of the eeonrt I bare beet itemed ? Raanwi * mmCo A.SiiraRitov , N. T N. M 1 Gotaavna * ureal), Hi* Yoaa, July IS, 1VO , TVie member* of thia <-ompnny are hereby ordered to appear at Centre Market, at half pant eleven A M. " harp," the a>tb of July, foil dreea, white pant*, fatlfue cap flung, to art with Company Fan a apecial eamrt to the Chlrayo Touavea. By order of 1 Frank Captain D. STRACSS, orderly Sergeant, oowrawv ?. aw*va ii.iitn. Special order. The member* of thi* command are hereby directed to aaeemblr at the armory, In full dree*, white pacta, on Friday, 20th inrt , at three P M , to yoin Uie rei-ort to the I'm ted Slate* Zouave Cadet* By order of Leander Bui k F_ HENNEBSY, Orderly. We received the mtbyuced communication yeai'Tday. a- repting the hall' rye if the 7<ioj>vc*, which we tiave already pi, Mia bed We fancy o ir Georgia militm will find, if they mean what they aay m th e letter, Uutl m U* Tooavee. they will tied a powerful beat ? TO THI Bill TO a OP VWB HE* ttf>. Cot r wet ?, Gao . July If. 1*00 Put -The ra ted Eta** Atfrvt kmWW of Chnay aaeume RK H [DAY, JULY 20, 1800. "that tbey are the beat drilled military corpa la th* United Stales or Cknadas, and aa an earnest of the coot) deuce they have in their ability" put forth a challenge to the military companies throughout the United States and the Canada*. Thia challenge, so vaunlingly heralded through your columns aud other newspapers, especially in the North wist, is accepted In behalf of the Columbus Guards of this city, to drill aa .ufontry and light infantry, according to the established standards of tactics m this country? Scotland Hardee. The " fancy drill" will be left to the competition of the United Stales Zouave Cadets of Chicago and the school boy "eogera." PAUL. J. SKMMfy, Captain. My address is l*aul J. Scmmes, Columbus, Ga. Capt. Blawortb, in behalf of his company, will accept the challenge, and meet the Columbus Guard, if they so desire, at any point named on the Zouaves return borne ; and if the Columbus Guard are decided to be the champions, after a fair trial of skill, the Zouaves will agree to pay all travelling expenses their victors may incur. Tbe Military Carnival. THE SAVANNAH REPUBLICAN BLUED. To day, at three P. M., tbe Savannah Republican Bines will arrive in the steamer Florida, and disembark nt tbe foot of North Moore street. Captam J. W. Anderson, a well known and influential merchant of Savannah, is cap tain,and tbe privates are representatives of the highest circles of that city. Tbe Blues will come ninety strong. me norma will arrive Here about two F. M., and the Bluea will immediately proceed to North Moore street on board tl.e steamer Satellite. Their quarters, during their sojourn in oor city, will be the LstMfe House. The City 9uard, Captain Mansrteld Lovell, will receive them in their full uniform?white coat, blue pants and bear akin caps. It is to be hoped that every member who can bs on the groun. .11 be present to give this corps a welcome commensurate with their standing as military men and gentlemen. On Saturday the City Guard escort them to Randall's Island, and also to Ward's and BlackweU's Islands. While there they will partake of a collation, prepared for them by the Almshouse officials. Afterwards tbey will proceed to the residence of B. M. WhiUock, Esq., Harlem, where tbey will undoubtedly be entertained by that gentleman in princely style. On Monday the City Guard will dine their guests at the Metropolitan Hotel, and on future days, undoubtedly, other arrangements squally agreeable will be made and carried out for tboir entertainment. The Hues number 212 regular members, though but ninety will participate in the excursion. We annex a list of tboir names ? Captain?John W. Anderson. M'rd Lieutenant?W. H. Dave. Second Lieutenant ?John Oliver TKird Lieutenant? J. T. Mc Far land Sergeamt*? V. I, Gue, R. H. lewis, B. Conner, W. F. Davis, (1. W Anderson. Corporal*?K. A. ^ilva, W. A. Walker, T McNuh, J. K. Manner lyn. Quartermaster? Phillip Schley Jiulpe Adnxate?L. S. Del.yon. &urpton?S. A. T. Lawrence. I'ay natter?G. A. Mer er. Arme/rer?P. M. Russell. Haggapt Natter? * P. Roberts. tbior Hearer?J. W. White. Color Guard?Privates, I). H. Stewart, J. L. Uaupt, W H. Wadding, J. K. Withtngton, R Berlin. itnifln U. Rocket, W. A. King, W K J Baker, M. Molina, T. F. Boiler, L. Moore, C. C Ciwry, K K. McGee, J. D. Corcopuly, D. McDonald, E. Coben, P. MaJtelle, Jm. Car mod y, li. A. Micol, T. J. Carmody, A. H Malbans, A. Cannon, D. Oteoti. M. Cabcn, T. J. Puree, J. O. nana, R 8. Purse, H. L. Das*. W 0. Puree, J. H. Deppwh, J. A. Richardson, O Dauvergno, J. Rqtbe, J. E. Davis, T. W Sbea, I. Dauber, 8 Smith, H T. Day, H Snider. J. 6. Deal, J. M. Solomons, C. B. Dittos, J. 8. Silva, J H. Parro t, J. H Ssgurs, J do Totej, J. V Smith, H. C. Freeman, B. 0 Theua, D. Ferguson, I M. Ibeus, W. U Grade, T. N. Theus, W a. Ougal, D. M. Wolf, H. P. Gage, H. G. Ward, P. R. doubling, R. H. Wylly, J Glaliaey, J. Ward, F. Harmon, W. B. Wylly, J. Harris, W. E. While, J. H. Haywood, ? Waters, 0. W Jackson, J. C. Young, J. H. Jooca. The Attempted Kacape of SfU Convicts from Mime king. ONE MAM SHOT DEAD AND ANOTHER SIRlOl'gLY INJI'RED -COSOIin'l IMQCE8T?THE tin OF A EKKTKK THREATEN ED, ETC. About a quarter after four o'clock on Wednesday after noon, sit convicts, wbo were working with several others in tbc marMe quarry bcl?oging to the prison, attempted to escape by pasnng between the guard bouses Sot. d and 7. Their nines are as lollow* ?Henry Thompson, George Nairn aim, alias Christian Beckstein, Albert Shrsder, John Max, Charles Miller and John Rbam. They managed 13 reach nearly the centre of the guard houses before their purpose was even suspected, thus showing that the plan was preconcerted. The way in which they first started was M follows ?Two of the convicts tell the gang boldly and walked towards the hospital, as if tbey were going for some articles winch they required; ann Un-r started with a pad for water, and the tirst thing tb? guards knew no less than half a dozen had separated from the gaug and were paasing between tbe |E'lit/1] immjosh wucu I|?7 wi'ft Iirnrrni io nail, arm mis only earni ng thorn to run the faster Mealand .to<1 riarliw, the two guards on duty, l?>th di*-,liar|p*d their guns, without eBeel Series rob sided his carbine anil tired a wonri lime. an<t the ball took rffii t m the head of John Rham, who fell to the ground apparently dead. He must have t>eeo instantly killed, aa in at.other monvni Are or six persons were u|mc Ui# spot, but do sigo* of life were visible. The t-ody was remorei) to lite office of the prison, and Coroner f.riftn aotiiiod to bold aa inquest upon it. In the meantime the alarm had become general, and the guards started >a pursuit of the fugitlvea, and were soon assisted by the itixens. Had It been later in the day it la probable that aome would.have male their I ewapt, but aa it waa they were soon overtaken and brought back to the prlmm, all the priaooer* being safely 10 their cells before sundown Maintain) resisted, anil attempted to uae k.? weapons, hut be was orerpowereil by numbers and disarmed. Even then be fougat so desperately that be waa knocked aensetess, when be was carried to the prison. A physician attended him. and be is pronounced to be very seriously injured, so much so tbai some time will probably elapse before be can return to bis (Miow coovleu. He is now serving bis fifth term In Ring - of, and Is the terror of all in the prison. When arrested a knife was found upon him, the blade of which was about five inches in length by one in width, the l?p shaped like a dagger, and both edges sharpened?a tern bis and deadly weapon in the luuidt of a desperate man. Mairwsiin. It hat since been prosed, was the one who inriled the others to make the attempt to escape. The knife had farmer!)' been n strong dinner knife. The Wi.rden, Mr. Bsardsley, informed our reporter that he has ki wn eight and ten knives to have been miaeod at a tune after toe convicts had left the dinner table. About Fig o'clock on Wednesday evening Coroner Griflln beht an nqueet upon the body of John Rham Several pernor *bo witnessed the ah<?>Ung alt.ur gave In their lesttm<if.>, when the jury returned the following verdict "That th' deceased met his death by n (unslnt waind received at the hantln of laaac IStr!<-s. while in the discharge of his I'-ity, end was perfectly Justifiable." He was Ji year- of ge itn<l war serving his th.rd term n Sing Ring for burg sry. Maintain) it also atiout 32 years of .igo, and la <>ne of the meet noted dr-'persiioes and i riminaU n the country All th' convicts were armed with deailly wespons. Su- h as rake rills, knives Sc., and most of them being <t<-*pe rate mcr. it w singular that nosa of those who arreeled them w-re injurs"!. They are sow confined in <lark cells, as s pui si,meet for attempting to e*. ape. Credit .* due to the officers and ntisens who acted so prompt! m this exiting emergency. As our repnefer w?s* out the shove a- count Mr Atrles, tlie offb er who shot Rbam, *Mer*d the office of the pr soo and re ms.oil the Warden to fiirnPh him with a revolver to de. B>tnl b.r?*ir, a* there were thr- .it* am?rg the convict* or taking L Iil?. Obliaary. TO TBS RI'ITOR or THR HRRALI). Juljr IT, 1M0. )D yr? r **o* of UjIh DKnni| there > *n obituary nolle* of tt' l*aU> of tb? Hon. John H. lumpkin, of ueorf-a. Id whl< b 1I* la led, among other thing* id rfwmct w offlr** h< d by him, that b<t *M one of lb* Judge* of the Hupr?10 Ourt of that Stale Tbi* * an -rror. U the hnnorat geatleinan wboae death ha* recently Uk?n plane wv navar a member of the s?pr*m* Court of floor (la Tb' Hon. Joaejh H lumpkin, a distant relative of the fhnrer. laoae of the Judge* of that Court, who turn hold the 'I'oe rear atnee the orgitnliialKm of the Court, and M Ue '?tr ganlbman by that name who ha* erer been u|" the Muprem* Ben> h of Oenrgia The atmilarity id the t im'i ha* do doubt ocoMtaMd the miaute GBORfiLlS. f mtt*4 lUtM Ctrrmlt Caart. t IT AOtlKfT JtlV ARB RRdRTI'R RKOOgA I OR 910,000 BAHanRR. JOT 1' ?Thla mom in* a cmpta* >u tamed,at the auit of Robert M Pa Wilt, pobliehrr, agamft the proprietor* of the >-pr*i.?.fov publishing their eopyrigtt of the ranfeaaion of Hirh* the pirate, lamafoe are laid at tlO.OfO The writ ia returaahle on u* iWh mat Raw Yoa* Prwr fianr-ra ? A new Pott <tVf haa been eotabi#fcer) at ft Jobasborg. Niagara county The Poet < dlkrea id Hirdaall Centre, A lie* any rerun IT at Month Knn. (hrmuif mv.aty, aad at F?r* laiand, Sufclk count) , irate been de.oul.iioed [ERA] \ Ram Ball. MATCH BETWEEN EXCM.HIOK, OK SOUTH EHOOtLYM, AMD ATLANTIC, OF BEDFORD, L. I.?EXCELSIOR TU* VICTOR ?* MIMNTKRM RCN8, Tbe much talked of base bail m?u.h between the ExoeL a sios Club, of South Brooklyn, and the Ui.mtic Club,of Bed- ^ ford, rune off yesterday Afieruuoo, uj>ou the ground of the former, At the foot of Court street, Brooklyn, the Excelsior pros tug the victor by twenty three runs to four, in a content of three hours And twelve minutes. Such a result was entirely unanticipated, it being the ^ general opinion that the clubs were well matted, and the Atlantic Dever bat ing been oeateu in a match game _ before. As was to be expected from two clubs of lb * reputation of the Excelsior and Atlantic, there was ex cellent playing on both sides, but tbe " luck of the day ' seemed to be almost wholly with the former. The pit thing of Creighton (Excelsior) excited universal remark at being very excellent, and Whiting and IasbsU j distinguished themselves at the bat. For some uukaiRrn reason the O'Briens (Atlantic) did not play with msir usual skill, though the ticldmg of their club did not detract irom its standard heretofore. Price, in tbe course of the game, change i from pitcher to short, and at tbs latter pest aid well. Play was called at 3 13, and tbe last bat was tossed at P 0.36. The following is the SCORE. KictUior. Out*. Run*. Atlantic. Out* Runt. Ptanall, lb 5 3 P. O'Brien, L f... 4 0 J Reynolds, t. 6 1 T. Hamilton, r. f.. 4 0 " Whiting, 3 b 0 6 R. Pierce, a. 2 1 Ho)d>'u, 2 b 1 3 M. O linen, 3 b... 4 0 Kuaaell, 1. f. 3 2 Price, p... 3 1 Brainard, r. f.... 3 2 C. J. Smith, c.... 1 1 Crsigbton, p 4 * 1 Jos. Oliver, c. f... 2 If Elanley, c. f. 3 3 Jno. Oliver, 2b... 3 0 Leggetl, c 3 4 K. t&iusolh, 1 b.. 4 0 Total runs 23 Tottl runs 4 Rl MS 1M lUHl 1M.MIJH1. lit. 3d 3d. UK. M. 6!k. UK. UK. Wi. I Excelsior 22631083 1 Atlantic. 00100021 0 Fwrnw?Mr. Barrc, of tbc Pastime. Sooksks? Excelsior, 8. 8. Gregory; Atlantic, G. W. Moore. Tbc match was advertised to take place at half past two, and (Tom Ibis hour until after three the road* leading to the ground were filled with numerous and eager ai lovers of athletic sport. By three o'clock, however, every position firom which a view of the ground could be obtain ed bad been appropriated, and numbers were un willingly " obliged to leave or oooteat themselves with an occasional o glimpse over their neighbor's shoulder. The verandah in front of the Excelsior's club room waa filled with ladies, and their presence in other parts of tbc ground attested their interest in the manly game. When the game commenred the scene was one of unusual interest. Whichever ,. way the eye was turned it encountered human fk es eager with anticipation, those being, in many instances, in positions where it seemed next to impossible for a d human face to be Fences, housetops, vehicles, the matte of neighboring vessels, everything which commanded anything like a view of the tleld had ^ its share of living burden; and large numbers who coul t not see, contented themselves with running up from time to time to ask some one more (brtuuate bow the game was progressing. The clouds had by this Ume disappeared, I' and the sun came out in such strength as to cause many who g bad obtained eligible placet, from which the crowd forbade . the possibility of an exit, would have gladly been at home or eliewhere. The natural and Inevitable consequence of J' a large crowd, beat and dust, Is thirst, and mine host of g| Shnedley's Cub House bad all hta hands, with those of his . assistants, could do, to provide liquid refreshment*. An c enterprising German made an excellent thing by carrying the ubiquitous "lager" around, wbile boys with peanuts, m apples and pies iiad reason to consider the day as a most auspicious one for them. In- " deed, it was remarked on all f 'o* that so a< large and interested a concourse hail never before been gathered at a match between any two base ball . clubs. However, notwithstanding the number of specta- 11 tort?which could not have been less than four thou and?and the inconveniences to which many of them r were obliged to submit, the best of order was preserved throughout, tbe crowd seeming desirous, with but few f exceptions, of fbllowtng the instructions of the police, r both special and Metropolitan. It is tbe intention of these clubs to dUv another match oo the Alb of A ufuit ' n Mtttlag ?f Railroad Manager*. |( Tb? Convention of Railroad Manager*, which ha* been in session at the St. Nicholas Hotel for the last two day*, baa arrived at nothing of a definite character aa yet, and a waiting to bear from some member* who are abaent f before they can do ao. The object of the Convention is to regulate tbc charges for freight during the coming autumn, when busmen* will g be very brisk. The following railroads are represented by two or more members ? (treat Western, of Canada West. * Grand Trunk, of Canada West. tl Michigan Ceulrai. Nsw York and Erie. New York Central. E Pennsylvania. Cleveland and Erie . Hudson River. 0 Cleveland, Columbus and < locinoati. Michigan Southern )( Roeton and Worcester. Toledo, Wabash and W? Mon. Mr C. J. Brydges a tbs ITestden'., and Mr. C. Vibbaril Secretary. A committee of five has been appointed to reguUte the | business of the Convention. ? City Iat?lllg*mc?. ill Ksn Aianmiv Airun.?A regular meeting of the Associate Alumni of the Free Academy was held at the Academy, on W?-d0' *day evening, for the transaction of business and the election of officers for th* ensuing year. Mr. Alfred George Cumpton, of the class of 'fid, was cbiwen President, and Mr James Godwin, of the clam of M, Secretary Alter the appointment of the Essen- b< live Committee for ls?0 ?1 the following preamble and resolution were presented and adopted ? Whereas, it a|>pewr? from the Catalogue of Columbia College, lSfitt, IbdO. that the New York T ree Acad<-my Is mtitled to four scholarships In that college and whereas, the Alumni of the Kree Arademy are glad to see ihls be rr ginning of active friendship, and ire desirous that the Aiademy shall not be behind thai College in the eslcu sioii of literary amity; therefore, Resolved, That ws request the Board of Educates! to admit yearly to the Arademy, on tlie proper coodilioos of age, residence and capability, but without the requisite of a year * study in tbs public schools, four students from Columbia College. 5, At the ctmclusksi of the meeting the annual dinner ^ look place, at which tbs graduate* propoeed the welfare of ' Alma Mater" in many a brimming howl. 111 A Ott famsk wrrH VioLatnra tiit^HrAitH RautLATiosn.? Edward Cnatello, one of tbe oouncilmen from the Fifth district of this city, was taken before ,u Justice Connolly Wedneaday, on complaint of keeping hi* laughter house, at No. kill First avenue, In no uo whole some a condition as to be a nuisance to the neighbor).nod. (t A number of those residing in the vicinity testified to the filthy character of, and the pernicious odor* arming T from the place, which were detrimental to public health. H* was admitted to bail in fiuOO to answer the charge. Common oss tu* Kivg* ?A? the Fulton ferry steam boat Wyandank was crossing from Brooklyn to New York about eleven o'clock Wedm ? lav morriin. ah? , am.* In contact with the boom of a *loop. The rlearner raff trad considerable iojury to thf panel* of the ladies' cabio Tbe aloop war apparently uninjured. Tbe ladic* and children were very much frightened, but no pernio waa hurt, though lite panels were *ma?hed m over *ome of their heat la. It ta tmpcaaible to *y whether tbe pilot of tbe itcamer or the befmeman of tbe atonp van in fault, ** but liiero waa groat carrJcranem to me where >iaa i.v Bii'l Pranr.? About Ore o'clock yetterday afternoon a Ore broke out in the unoccaptad upper floor* *" of tbe building No. 76 Beach rtreet Tbe flame* tprea-l Ta rapidly, and owing to the building being reported unsafe, tbe Bremen were only allowed to work at tbe fire from tbe outaide, consequently the upper part of the building < war .lamagod to tbe evtenl of t'J./iOO before the lire waa I eating mailed The buildlag la owned by Shepherd Knapp The lower floor ia occupied by Boyd Bro Ai Co , for tbe r tor age i4 ale Tlie damage v> tbe ale will ml M< probably amount to over $?X>. ineured for $6,000 in the Clinton Ineuranee < uatpany. The origin of the Ore ia ( unknown at preaent. I laa iv Govs'* srasrr ?Between two and three o'clock yesterday morning a fire broke out In the cooper abop ( of Jame* Burna, 106 l.oenk street Tbe building and mj content* were destroyed Tbe li?a of Mr Burna on Mock and machinery la *a.d to be about $2,600, inaared The building it owned by .lohn Hinman I oae about tl ,600 ? ineured for $1,0*X> in tbe Bulger* Insurance Company. Police Intelligence. AilKiko CovinWactr to Kei ti ?Herman H. fttollroeyer. who keep* boarding hone# at No, $7 Greenwich , street, and Nathan Unman, an emigrant runner, were ye*. d# terday arrested, at the ln?t?noe of John Kuatman. wb lbl rbarge* them with a conspiracy to defraud him uoder the < following clrenmetanee* -Mr Boatman, It aip?r*. ar k, rlvad in this city on tbe l?tb inn , and waa induced to put up at tbe bouae t,f Pitllmeyor. where be fooliabiy r<1 made an evhibftloo of a draft fur $400 Subsequently the u? complaisant waa plied wutb liquor, and In that elate waa u.. avked by Stoliaaeyer p> go into |?rtnembip in the buainee* of tbe bouae, tbe latter dating thai It yielded large m? proflta t'poo tbeae reprraetitaino* be gave bun $160 to tut c*?b and hia note for $60. To I*-**au. who represented . himerlf an an employ# of Gaelic Garden, and wbo aaid be could bring many (Warder* to the houee, be lent 110. A va few day* afterward* Stollmcyer cane to htm, and aayiog that be waa d want lifted with bta <*>duct toward* a cer lam female, declared the pertoer*htp dienotved, at the <*me lime returning bun the note f?r $60, and a like amount ,n mot.ey Justine Kelly held tbe accused m $(60 to aniwer the charge ll0 A loan Tan?Tbe English astronomer* m nai* the length of tbe tail of the c n? l sow at about twtnty two jbiUku m.ira, 1 LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. irrivalof the Teutonia at New York and the Connaaght at St. Johns. >NE WEEK'S EATER NEWS. departure of the Prince of Wales for Canada knot her Paris < onfrivn^ tn Meet in October* ROGRESS OF AFFAIRS IN SICILY. Yews from India, China, Australia and Mow Zealand. "he Celebration of the Fourth Of July in London. ITATB OF TBI If il MMj be* be*, be. St. Johns, N. F., July 19,1M9. The steamship Conoaughl, from tJalway 11th instant, rrived off this port at four o'clock this afternoon. The Connaugbt met with an accident when sixteeq ours out from(ialway, the piston working through on? f her cylinder beads. Ber greatest run in one day was 331 miles. Hbe sailed for New York at 6 I'. M Tlie steamship Niagara, from Boston via Halifax, ar. Ivsd at l.iver|>ool on the bth The steamship Bohemian, from Quebec, arrived at lx>nonderry on the 9th. The steamship Africa sailed from IJvertmol lor 'ork od the 7lb. The news in generally unimportant. The transfer of the mail contract with the Galway lino 0 the Canadian Company had been concluded, and tbo leamsliip North iiriton woe to leave Liverpool on tbo 3th inst. with the mat If, and proceed to Uuebee, via St. ohns. This aervice is to be forolgthtly, and tbe fialwajr earner* are to alternate with tbe Canadian steamers, >ucbiug at ILondonderry an at prevent. The l*rince of Wale* embarked in the Hero, at Ply. outh, for t'anada, on tbe 9th mat., and sailed at 8 clock on the morning of the 10th. Tbe Channel ftcefc icompanied him a* lar as Cape Clear. Two additional unimportant failures o.' leather traders iul been reported. Tlie acquiescence of all tbe Powers in the proposed 'onference was considered certain, and it will be held m 'arts, during tbe month of October. Tbe Powers will be epresented by their Ambassadors Nothing farther was known a* to Garibaldi's inovcirnts against Messina. There were reports of fighting near Messina, but tbey icked confirmation. Tqe proclamation of a new constitution bod been retired with indiflereucc at Naples Tbe Royal irt forces for tbe defoncs of Mem/oa were omputed at 20,000 men. The Sicilian Ambassador to Prance bad reached Turin. Tbe Papal government bad released the political pri* ennr* in tKfl U/imaona Krance had notified fbe Turkish government of ber 10rntion jointly with other Powers, to (top the massacre ol be Christians in Pyrin. The Bonibny tnni) of .tunc 7 had reached Kngland. Lor J lgin u?l Baroo Uri* bad quitted Gallc for China. N'lncty boxe* of *|?ecie from the wreck of the Malabar ad been recovered. Tlie Bombay market! were stagnant. freight* wero >wrr. At Calcutta frcif hts were unchanged. The Melbourne mail of the 17th of May had armed. The commercial crials at Pydney bad abated. Only two Id it >oual failure* bad taken place. The New Zealand new* ia unsatisfactory. There wer? |n? of tbe incurrcctiofi there spreading THE LATEST NEWS. in TtlK-HJin TO lUkLWAY. nuNte. Pari*, July 11, IbOO. Tbe Monitrur announce* that tbe Ugiatavif *efl*K>o will ; prorogued till tbe Zlat of July. Al'STKIA. Vrama, July 11, l*dO. Tbe report tbat tbe Austrian government intend* to mtr*ct * new loan Is without foundation. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Livsaroob cotton makkkt. I-ivmieoot, July 1,1SO0. The *ale? of cotton to day were 15.000 bale*, including 000 on speculation and for export. The market closes live and firmer, witb lean Irregularity In jwjcea. Salary's buiine*" rca> hed 20 000 hale* NTATE or TRADT IN MANcnRNTTR. There baa been no market at Manchester since the aa<W I of the Africa . LIVERPOOL CRKAMTCrr.H MARKET. BrcadvtuOa are dull, and rakw quit" unimportant. Cora eady, at 30a. M. for mi red. The weather baa been rateable for the crop* LIVERPOOL TRO VIRION MARKET. Tse pro\ inon market la dun. but nh-ady. LIVERPOOL PROPCCR MARKET. Aebea dull "Wart buoyant, and all qualltiea iligbtly gher. Codec quiet Rice quiet; Carolina, 24*. M. Roil itcady, at 4?. Ad. for com moo Spirit* turpentine doll. LONDON MONET MARKET. IflMO*, July ?P. M < ouaole float at 03'? a 93', for money, aod 03 X tor couat. LONDON MARKET9. Ebwadftodb dull aod naaier. but qnoutlona anehanfe,r. rarOrm.bul little demand Coffee firm. Rice dull. Dow qatft. THE LATBT MARKET*. i.neima, July 10, 1*00. L'onaoia 03a MJ?. Lormw, July 11, laoo. Weather fine English and foreign wheat tleady it today a prieee. lotrww, July 11?1 P. M. Docwla for money 03 a 03 ,, and foe account N,l It Ijviaarom , July 11,1M0 Potion?Iblea probably about 10,000 bales good deit, d act i?rtcee ateady THE HEWS BY THE TEXJT0HIA. The ateoaishlp Teuton a, Captan TauRe, which aa.tcj mi Hamburg on the 4lh. and Southampton oo the Alia it , arrived at lhi? port yesterday fareoiwa, bringing tat la el newt up to the day of tailing, more oompiel* in anything previously rerelrtd. The fundi oo the 4tb were quiet but Arm, until jnat flrre the ctcwa, when they became rather fiat, owing to porta of a loan la connection with the iwiunaae tor leapenaaa of the China war Qmanki were laat quote* *i e* dlv. Railway aharee tueuine<l a alight improve nt, chiefly in eagmquenoa of mora favorable IratEc rewa The variation* were not id any cnee important. I oo I lie Stock Eiehange generally a rteadier tooe prelied throughout the day, Praaet. Paata, .Inly 3?Evening The funeral of Prto< e Jarome hae been tbe great attraoa of the day All buaiaeaa ? euepeoded rhe Mmtinr pubhabee tbe following account el ihg be ebbrquteaof big Imperial 11 ghaea

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