Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1860 Page 3
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I ItatMA csOust ve PVMI of money to workmen under taefoiraniiiulilp and through the ageocy of Oornwell, tore to ant a shadow of doubt tbftt be permttiodfOo boy Id appropriate the property or the city ftnd uae of the loeto to hie charge to excavating tbe ooltor. The charge ID tally ftttbftUatiftted to tbto particular by Oooboy bimMf, who ftdialU tbftt be borrowed powder, foee and loeto from Oora well. The teetimon v was cloeed on or about the 18th of Detacher, IBM, and on the Otb day of March following Mr. fhppen, tbe acting President, stated that both these perftoos were at that Uaoe to tbe employ of tbe Oroton Aqueduct Department?Cornwall as foreman of tbe pipe gang, had Oooboy as blaster. Tbey are yet employed there. In the race of this grans Irregularity on the part of fkrnwei! in permuting workmen connected with the to pass into private employ, and allowing the ctual conversion of public property, he is retained by tassera. Craven end tappen In the eervk? of tbe depart (Mat, and tbe party who bad appropriated tbe property hnd derived a benefit from tbe labor of men paid by the ?ty was also retained in bis position after tbe circumstances were brought to tbe knowledge of tbe beads of this department. The charter emphatically declares that any offioer of the htty government, or person employed in its service, "who Shall commit any fraud upon tbe city, or convert any of the public property to bis own use. or knowingly permit any other person to to convert tt, shall be deemed guilty Df a misdemeanor, and, in addition to tbe penalties imposed by tow, shall forfeit bus office and be excluded forcver after from receiving or holding any office under tbe Dtty charter." That (drawer and Oooboy violated this provision of the Charter is clear, and their retention in tbe public service by tbe chief officers of the department was an art utterly subversive of good faith and brnesty in tbe discharge of duty on tbe part of their subordinates. I know no dispensing power in such s case as this, and Ms attempted exercise in defiance of the charter by the than Acting President and Cbief Engineer or the Cretan Aqnedurt Department calls for tbe most decided vindication of tbe statute thus set nt naught by those whose duty U was to htvc enforced its penalties. It Should be observed that all the foregoing matters oc Curred pre', loos to the entrance en offloo or the present President of the Croton Aqueduct Board, Mr. Stephens, Who la Id no reapect implicated therein. FERNANDO WO#D, Mayor. A MM mate qf u-ork done and materials delivered and pre red on a/nd far the comtruaSton of the If em Reservoir Messrs. I sir-had. WaUter <f Co-, under their eon traet made toi/h the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the Oity tf Hew I'ork, dated April 2,1868, made in conformity with the thirty-second item of the specifications of mM contract, and briny from commencement of work, 1868, to April 30, 1800. ifi i ?? H ? iji i f; n E. Of exonrntion of eeil placed in temporary poll banka T1,788 80 21 80 21 816,076 43 E. Of exoamtton of soil placed In embankment* ? ? ? ? E. Of excavation for pud die 100.181 ? 0 21 22,293 81 E- Of excavation of earth and atone, leas than half a yard, placed in permanent spot! bank and embankment 624,111 ? ? ? Total excavation 702,080 f. Of of folid rook 259,878 0 96 0 96 246,879 86 G. Of puddle and puddle bank. .. 94,072 0 20 0 20 18 934 40 H. Of embankment 827,024 0 01 0 01 34170 24 I I. Of broken atone pre pared 12,088 1 10 0 90 10,879 20 1 L Of broken atone placed la embankment 6,328 ? 1 10 6,840 80 K. Of paring 170 1 26 1 25 212 50 | EE ?f paring laid In oemant mortar 20,378 4 00 4 00 33,594 00 L. Of atone far paring not obtained on the Re serrotr ground ? 8 00 ? ? M- Or eiay, earth, aand or grarel for puddle, not Obtained on the Re aarroirground. ...... ? 1 00 ? ? N. or earth for embankmeat, not obtained on the Reaabrvlr ground.. ? 0 60 ? ? 0. Or brick wall laid m osmeat mortar 1,136 10 00 10 00 11,850 00 T. Of concrete. 24,401 6 00 6 00 122.005 00 of limber, for sheet pill^T. ? 0 36 ? ? I Q. OfaqmSrv f#K of abeet plllnf 99,738 ? 0 25 24,884 60 richa delivered.. 70,000 ? 6 00 IM 00 Bil I sis corneal delivered! 800 ? 1 00 800 00 Ittai amount of this estimate 8078,802 60 Dadnat twenty per cent, in accordance with the terms cf the contract 76 000 00 Amount due 8001,892 60 Add bills allowed for pumping, grubbing, be.. 17,748 00 Toul 8819,841 10 ' (bdoraed) N.? A. Croum Water Works Extension, . FalrchlU, Walker X Co. Estimate of work dooe and malarial furnished oa construction of new reservoir, from Commencement. 1868. to April 30,1880, 8819,441 19. B. escrow iigawct Darartmk.vt, 1 Rnbiman'a Orvica, May 2,1860. J To no Obneoa Aqcmwrv Board ? Ommn???The data In the office not worked up. and lbs waat of others not ret obtained, in consequence of the ooaataut changes in the work, leave me without the sans of giving you an immediate answer to the inquiry . 8f "the quantities ot materials and work require I incomplete the new reservoir " To give these drfl I nltely would require considerable time and expense in this etege of the work. As requested by the President of | tout Board yesterday. I will give an estimate on such data as are bofbre me. and on my judgment of what will . probably be required. The qnautltiee for the gate houses, he , are not complete, as some of the details of the plana have not been completed These are, however, but a small par oeotof the whole. The quantities required to oonptete the work under Fairchild, Walker h Go 's contract era Utos approximate,? estimated as follows ? Earth excavation. 120.000 to 160.000 cubic yarda, doCdent in some degree on the m inner in which the outer k la finished in connection with the work oa the On- i ml Park. Rock excavation 30,000 cubic yarda. Paddle, 10,000 to 16.000 ruble yards Rmbankmeot. 100,000 cubic tarda. Paving in cement, 30,000 cubic yards. Ousti <ls, 10,000 cubic yards. These quantities have Varied from the original, as It was anticipated they tnirbt. from the nature of the work. when tbe contract waa made, aad aperia] notion wad I ftvua to that effect, and apactal authority waa reserved by your Board, by the contract, to make ?uch cbaage* aa fca?t?aaa in you.- judgment aboaid require Changee, aoaaa by your authority, have been made, whlob bare altar ad aoaae of tbe q cant I tire very largely For I be gate houaee on tbe reaerroir and aqueduct, and arorka oounected therewith, tbe intimate la aa follows ? 4,440 cubir yarda ot concrete maaoary. 1348 cubic yarda of brick masonry, in arcbaa M00 cubic yarda atotber brick maanory 137S cubic yard* of rubble range maaoory 2,676 cubic yarda of cut range maeonrv. 388 ruble yarda of dimension cut atone maeocry 8,0*1 aqnare feet of cutting gr ieve* in mil atone ditto. 487 poaufcia of wrought iron la clamp* aad (smile. 88 steps of Iron atairway 17 (bat of hand railing on atone ate pa 804 fbet of vltriOad atone pipe, 1ft incbee diameter 48 Bet of vltrtfted stone pipe, 4 tncbea diameter 44 feet of vitrified stone pipe, 3 taobee diameter 4304 cnl?i<fye?de of earth exoavatlea 4300 cubic yarda of rock anavattoa 1 $340 coble yarda of embankment Tery respectfully. your obedient aervaat, OK) 8 (MESNE, Rngneer in charge of Now Raaarvoir. T Kami in? nw Tin iradarulgned are partlea in la ' bat tat, aad have examined the improvement apm.iaed m gBa above notice, togetbr r with the aaeraameat therefor, aad obfert to the confirmation of the name for the follow ^Vliwt^Tbat a large number of tbe blooka uaed la tbe Ooaatructioa of the pavement in queatioa were defective ! mmcurl an* therefore not In ormfbrmily with An fbarth vubdinalon of tbe apeetfioattne, all of which . ana brought to the titration of tba department having I .a na a# *Ko mallor al lha IttBo ni ti in naann La tor* peierentnd It. and Imad-That h '?* of Ifly two yard* and iftartm ta iWMd upon tlie property ua the lion of mid atreet, orar mod abort- the aurreyor'a netimile of the mum ?It lag a ditorencr of oor hundred and twenty one OH 100 dollar* (01T1 M) eg* oai lb* partMa ui mi I. and Third?Thai thirty ooa day*' inapect: ? fa* l? charged gainst the property, eberees It abonid bar* boon twea ty-aerrr (the time bid by I ha ooatractor ) making a dlflbnar? of f.air day*, or right dollar* wrongi'illy charged to the impt ramonl and i Fourthly?That aerraly all 02 100 dollar*, or two par oaat oa thr whole coal of tba work <03 *31 24) la lerted | npoa th? aatd unpiwreMent at a toe tor aaaaaalng the oaaaa Wbarraa, tbr lata act of the legislator* of the ate, la rotation to lair* aad intanmu la the city of Hoar Tort, paated tprtl 14, MM, clearly torblda the ! laytag or caUertina of aat aneb Item of charga, aa Mora Wly appear* by tertian 10 of aaid aot. real lag aa tot ' baa, ta wtt>? The aaid Board of Aaaaaaora, or a majority thereof tonll Make all eatuaaua and aaaaaoMenu, glra all ao ; Uoaa, raeoife andfaao upon ail abjuittana, and oeftlfy to Ihiriin " la aiiiiiOaaai aiib ilu maHai'an iMaflr* to all aerb matter*. The aaid A Minor* aball | aaah room** aa anneal riM| nniitoa of two thoanmd daOara, to bo paid by the CtoMptoadm of Um oily af Maw Toak from the city traanwy, and wbMfe Ml ba la lieo alpll other onMpmaatian. Obdar then* alraoMalanaao, and for the rear an* net fcrth abore, the underaip^d raapuutfttily prowwt egainet gbaaendmat ? 7w5\rr * MOCl.TON F *. TIIJdKJ Mow Took. Jaa W. 1*0 D. i * Ta tn* Bosan or Amaenwe ? The under* tgntd. owner* of property and reelteat* on P Forty ninth street, between Third and letln*v?a a*en*ea. Moat earnaatly rem on. t ml* the r^Ttaaoe ap prortl or ormfirmat.or of the work of paring with Belgian pa re meet <w Mid atrerl between Mid oreouea tor tbrna rn*jai ? Tirol?The eperiBrmlioof under whlrh the contract waa Made tor doing U>? wort required that Ute atooa uard tor the piTNMt should be wBnl is commonly called and known u (ran block, being uniform square blrcks, this requirement has been totally violated and die regarded by Iha contractor. Beooad?The contract under which Iks work waa per formed required the above kind of stone to be used, and that the pavement should be laid In a oomplete and workmanlike manner, neither of which baa been done; but on the contrary, a thin and very inferior quality of atone waa used, and the work waa so improperly performed that it has already settled in several places below the line or ! grade. For these reasons, which are open to proof, your sub1 scrlbera humbly pray, Ac. JAMES SAXTON, THOMAS BOY I.E. J. it. HENRY, THOMAS MoMANCS. C. DnTORMT BRYAN McOAHlLL. JNO. Jl'ST, RKILLY A 00.. JNO JCBT & ROTTER. The Cutis announced that there were s large number of remonstrances from citizens against the remeval of Mr. Craven. Alderman Bkalit moved that they also lie sent to the committee. Thia waa Inet, and, on mot loo, the remonstrances were aid on the table. The Chajk named Aldermen Genet, Boole an t Starr at a special committee to consider the Mayor's communica AN INCkSAKKP M'rFLY <?? CNOTON WATWt. a communication iu recelvi>d from the Comptroller, with & draft of an ordinance, to provide means for in creasing the supply of Crotou wat?r tuid extending the accessary works for accumulating and distributing the same. The Board then adjourned to Monday next at Ore o'clock. HOt'SKA, KOOW1M, TO LIW. All OLD ESTABLISHED PHOTOGRAPHIC AND AM. hrotype Gaiiery to let ne lease. It will be lilted up in onmplete repair foe * go"*! o-nanl. Ioqiiire of 8. C. OSTRAKI>RR. 991 Caua) street, up sulra from ?to :t o'clock AFURNTNHKD HMtXIND FLOOR TO LET-TO OKNUemen sad their wires or ailiirle gentlemen, with Hoard; pentries, gas and bath Carat!? small, location pleasant, dinner at 6 13 Kast Twentieth street. between Broadway and PourU arsons. All toe upper part op house saz eighth ayrnue, between Twenty eighth aul Twenty ninth streets, to let; handsomely papered and painted, ram ami water all through, and In elegant order. The location cannot be surpassed for a hoarding bouse or a dentist. Inquire in the store. Am kijcoamtly furnished back parlor, on < first liner, with g a chandeliers, to let. at 810 per laooth, to one ?r two gert'emen; also, a handsome Room on third Moor, st 81 80 per week- ?t 88 Pike street Board if required. A FEW FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET?WITH IMMR- | diale pi'ssesilon. Also sn elegant store on Sixth avenue. KIMSHIMKR A CO.. 313 Pourth avenue. i AOKNTLXMAN AND HIS WIPF WITHOUT OHIL- j dreu. occunvtnt: a rice bouse, with modern Improvement* It. a beaHhti 1 T.?'*Uoo up town, west aide desire to rent | s part, nnftuniabed suitable tor housekeeping, to a small re pert*ble family. Referenees given and required. Apply at | 209 Wret Forty second street, between Eighth and Nintn in. A FIRST RATK SAMPLE ROOM FOR WINK BITTERS or book and pape stand. 90 feet by 8 feet w ide, good entrance or Broadway, lie*I location, on the street opposite Wal lack's Theatre. WW Broadway; or would be a _'<1 place to shoe mechanism A GOTHIC COTTAGE TO I.KT-PCRM1SIIKH. FOR three mouths or longer, with gas. bsth. everything complete for housekeeping, at the low rent of $80 per month Apply at No. 1 Fifty tilth turret, near Kightb avenue. (TOAL YARD PR EM ISPS TO I.CT OR IJCAKK ? ALL J the apparatus for carrying on tlie business, carts, amies, screens, tuba, boxes, brick office, sheds. Ac. Immediate pos session given. Apply to Q. e. 8chxngk, 71 West Fourteenth street, or J. F BOLBN. 90 Warren street. TjtURNISHRD HOUSE TO GET.?A THREE 8TOKT AND JT high basement brown shine front House, on Brooklyn Heights, handsomely furnished throughout. and In perfect order; has gas, bath, Rldgewond water and all the modern Improvements. Apply at 92 "mot street. New York. Furnished house to let in three story and basement brick House, well funbilled, with everything necessary for hoiuekneping, location pleasant Biia wunm into mluutfo of tbie* llnee nf the city railroad can. Rent low. Apply to P. A. BRADY, U Ann atreet. Halt or a private hocse complktklt pcrnlalied for bonaekeeplng, to let. to a aiuall family without children, furnishing mieinepUnmtble reference*. The other part of the booae will be occupied by the owner of the property. Apply at 161 York Mreet, Jeraey City. 0 RANCH, lOtW JERSEY ?SIXTY COUNTRY SEATS. Tillage Reaidencee. Karma and Villa altea, a great rarie ty, beautunlly situated, one hour from t'ortlaodt Mr* el. Kor rent and for aale by tf KNKY B. ULM'KWRIX S9 William street. Now York, from 9 t't 11 A. m., 49 Main atrae'.. Orange. 1 to ? P . M * | "PERSON* OONTHMr LATINO HOCKKICIJCPTNO. WILL i f do a ell to call oa JOHN K AYANAOH. 775 ftiatii avenue. He hex a brown atone front Hnuae to let, with the furniture , for tali-. The houae and lunation ta atnntly the; elaaa. tar fir nlture < noire and ample, and will be aold at a \ ery little over I one half IU original coat. Tbla la a chance aei locn to be met , with. Houae rente fur IBM a year. ' I St. john's park.?to let, the dwelling Hnuaea Nua. 173 and 175 HaAaw street, rwch houae hm 13 to 16 DMisia, water, ranjr, gas and flit ore*, and large yard. Could be need for buatnem pttrpneee Apply to J AM KM PRICK, auo Hudeon atreet. Steam POWER IN HPR"C* street -heyicbal cowvenlent Rooma with Steam Power, to let. Apply to H. W. QRKKNE. 13 bp race atrret. Storkhorsk to lkAHR-w PEKT bt 90. vert atrmg, new floors. Ac., 109 Washington atrnet near Beetor Open dally from 13 to 3 Apply to A. B. CLARKK, tit Broadway, rnoaaa 10and 17. up Main. rLR-A LADIES' BOARDING HOlfMR, BETWEEN Oraad aad Oaral streets. ta Oreeee etnet Term SI.000 a year. Alar, fnrmlt'ire for aale, aw raeeaeabla taaa Ad dreaa M. M., Broadway Poal udtoe. iit" ii?i?vwft nftw up inr. urrpn rAni up ins * ] 1 large hoiiae 216 Tenth atreet All the modernilmprnre- , menu Apply on the premier*. Mr* WH1TM, rLKT-FOM TWO YEARS. A RPUCNDID FPRNIflTI t ed Manaloo *nd four ?rn* highly ru Uraind Land, in ] Stamford, t oon.; borae. cerrume* and tow*; ham fall Of hay, ' and erupt now crowing included. Inquire of A. PllKLPS. Ik Fine atrepL rLIT-A BACK BOOM ON THIRD TUtOR, il$ I Brund way, Oori er of < anai Mreet, rent HUO. loqnup la 1 the Metropolitan Record nMce. ? rpo lkt-nicr apartments. at ? and b oanbk- 1 J rnort atreet, corner of Uudaon flrat and aeomid floor*, four ; Room* to earh apartment Rent tU) and All. Inquire of Mr*. ' K. KAMI on, tig Hndaoo (treaC c rLRT?FIRRT Fl.fXlR OF NO. IS WALL STREET, ultable for a banking or Inanraare ottre, or will be let for a rretauraiit, lunch mote Ac Inquire oa the premium, or , i of R. t . ALLIN, M Broadway. j J | l rLKT-lN BROOKLYN. THE THREE STORY AND I tMUemeut frame Houae No. Vf) Adeii.hi atrepu. niat tho- | ' roughly repaired, notable fur one er two rami Ilea Rent low , . to a good tenant Apply u F. H BABOUt'K or 0. H. PAUL, i Pant OMce Building, Brooklyn " rl.KT-A LAROR ROOM AND KITCHEN ON THE . Bret floor of Ml Rtgth arenue. between Fifteenth end My teentk atreete. law range pea. eater. Mr. Rent low lo a good ' tenant Apply In the atree a* ahrrre. 1 Tl IJIY-IMMIDIAT* POWRBMION-THK rtRMT CLAfW modem convenience*, four alnry plemantiy ntuatnd : . Ragbab baeemenl Houee #M Wp* Twenty eerood atreet. will i < be Teaaed Inw In a ??*! tenant Itejulr* of JAMRM R. KD " W A RON. XT Vaat 1 want) third ttreet. r I JIT-A I A DIRS' BOARDING HOCSr, BICTWFKX J Spring and Fnnce etreete. In Croaby atreet, Furniture J and Hntiee to let fpw eight m<?uba. lemu reaaneble Apply . atTI Croaby ?r*rl ' j T) LET?PART OP A BTORR. Ill ORK ow THK VKRY { teat loratlona oe Rrnftiii; |>< laacaalm gl'en Immftllito- , . If. Por fu'l parta u'ara-npp. y at lha t renck Blare, 731 Broad way. between RtaUi nod Tenth atreeta I ni.rr -part or a haruromi thrrk rtort t toh BiiiMliic, Ro. I Ifuatingtoo plane rower* wreet, Irn. Oaa, it Two Winnie*1 walltTrowi Atlantic at met i cam. Rent low. : I ri.Kt?ok record n-ooi or ma rroadwat. I j Rom**. aotUkhle for alwnM any hnMaeea pnraoaaa la- j quire of MAITLaRP A CO., M Bruadway Rrnt for the ' 1 whole m f . . < f rl.RT OR FOR RAI.R-A PtRBT ft. ARB OOTTAOR r on 141A atreet, camming A mntna til#bee and cellar - I with large aha/te Ireea ov. rl.e.kmg the flu'laon rtree 210 feet weal <a Broadway. Inquire at m. T. CABMAN 1,244 Browd- , 1 way I - - 11 1 I r! LKT, OR POR BAI.K-IR BtOOKI.TR. OOTTAOR Hmwr and eight late, on Bedford avenue. wear the t'utow 1 areaue HaUroad oer* A junaaant and imp r-'ring part < the J rtt^ Apply lo DARIKI. ROLPR, H Wall aueei, ITT Ram t CI.RT OR MtBR-TH* TRRRR RTORT ROCn ] with Mora and Mahlaa la the rear, newly flniahnd. *3 f ^ ^th aian Apply oa the pramlwi. fruet I to ..'clonk * rR PUR EI RUED HODBR BO- PI RART T1PRRTT BIKTR 1 treat wnll he let for the eowwer month* lor until let ?*} 1 If deaimdl^ta a prtrew family only. Caa be anae frnaa I to I ~ rTHR MM.IT ART ARP OTHERR.-TO I.KT. A BP A- " rlooe Mall Ml by WO feel. In WMBet t of 14 fourth *VW 1 nue, uppoertr t mper IneiMute. In let fnr pubUr maeting*. lea A 'urea euareita. halla anppere. or eibthMrmr n* anrklnd,*t J, he eiiremn km real of flto per night Inquire upon I he pre * miara. VauxlwLl Coaeert horetv, 14 Fourth avenue, near Tighth ' At ? ,'Q BRWIADW AY- BTCRR P1PTY FETT PKRP, TO J ?)fT re-1 auluhle for aar hnamras not requiring a large >| frunt. ihe hew hwaitoa oa Hme.1 way. Ternaa pander**# Ah? m no Hudwei etreet Rapt 1411,14 roowre LUrTli A BOEti. IA Raaaau aireet. I ^ Riu?mnoncisTy i J rAORORFO AtfOR ABRHI (TYRdRp tfORPOI.R NTMKrT V/ July IA DMA-Rev Hr Imam R. Wlan, ad dor c4 tha 1 IareelPt and RaWe <4 l/d?e Mree4 l?4h|i mM?'A, OneWaaM. } Ohio. Wtu. by apeeuwl raqweM Of tbe Hnwrd <jf Trtmeee of tMa '< mngrefatioa Mlteer a eemon la thki armagweu* aatt Rainr * day. July SI. Barr-oa wi t comma nee at tp'ojagh. " B HARMCRORR Bennetary. 1 JAR* 4TRKRT M. R cmjRCH -Trt? CnrRCH. ^ whlnh haa hewn elnaed anraw weeka foe repalra. w41 ba reopened fr ptthlir w.enbln on Sahhaih netl. the RBI InManA \ preauMng In the tnfuteg at Bat fPwn? f? Pnar of nrasfelya. In the artWBom al So claim. i>y Re* Be., Pm nee. of Wl'Umaehnre and In the ei emng a! ?H o rkjefc. by ' _ Ihe paator Rei t. H Irana _ I -y rvnwiTnw. R Abrt>room rttit or rPRRmrRR por f am. ?f warranted maan/arture A Ian aolid rhewnul ('ham A ber Bnlu plain aod ornaaaental. al PaRRIROTOR'H W ABR lr BOORB, 9m Canal atreet, oppaaMa Wooater. tuahlMbad la al IMA M ERAWRUJtD CRARRRR BrtTR Of PTRMTCRK. IR * all color* and atrl**, at ebol-aale or retail a At am aod opwarda. ale Matlreaaea and Palllaaoan n WaAkKN WARO, tnOaatlwraei el Prur doom aaal of Brnadway [/ NEW YORK HERALD, F OMlPIBB Aim LODOIWQ, An* VKBT rUTJLSXST BOO MB ARK TKT DISKJC gaged at Mra. HtiUw'i, Hew Rochellc. A LADY AND OSNTIAQfAN. OR TWO ORNTLEMKN. om be accommodated artth full or partial Board aa rea anoable lerma, Id a private family. Aqui M habla Itcpinnl, IB Ada? aired, Brooklyn. _ A VBBT PFMRABIJ? BHADKD AND WKLL FUR A, nlrimd House will b? let r?onably by the month. FruHa, Ve^etablea, Ac. Address A. I/anen, Daneo Depot. | Conn., boa IB. AHANDBOKK BUTT OB AFABTRIfTN TO LRT?FUR ' Dished, in Twenty firat tareet, near Broadway. with all ihe roarrrdenees for housekeeping; now of plaan and servant If desired. They will be let ?n modern* term < for tbr wine- I mar month* or Ir n/rar, to gentlemen or a Wnall fimuly without children For addrres apply at square Fbat cMco. Rclerence eichangedAN KtRO ANTI.T FURNTBHKD BOO* TO LOT. TO A lady, with Botrd. Aim a pieaaanl Room to a gentlemtn, a lib partial Board tlmine hrm rlnst. French ipokeu. Apply I at >f? ? eat Fifteenth atrrel near Fifth a?enue. | Afinf butt or four booms, eleoantly fur- , matied on aerund floor, will ba rental together or aepe raicly. w ith fall or parual Board at 11V JUntli atreet. wool of I and near Bmadwar. alan for ren'l?ir.w. hiwtat Oral clam. dinner at dn'elnok; rrlereoceg ftreu and required. AGKNTl.KM AN AND LADY, OB ORNTIJIM AN, LADY and one child, wanting Board. and willing to- nay a fair prim, can nl.iain 'Wr atme In a amall fa-ally. No other boardera, bouae baa all the mrdrra improvements; hot and cold water In hrdrooma, bath water cloacla, gaa, Ac., Ac. Addreea , S. K. Madiaou square Pua: oUtoe. A L> t?Y, HA VINO A H ANDSOMR AND NKWLT TURNit laued himee, would he pl'aae.l to make arrangement* with ! rntlemen. or Rent: emeu and their wivea, with large and am all ii>ma*and Board. Apply at 1W Wmher at. ANKATLY FURNISHED FRONT BOOK AND HALL I Bedroom In Id with or wltVaW Board. Houae in order; ba* all the improv menu, ami ftnely located. Charges very | low. Inquire at No. I Canal atred, corner of Baet Broadway. a ai'lT nr rnniKrn rrrt wrrn union mum A tngetlwr or single t urnmhed or unfurnished in a private lamas, with all the improvement*. Inquire at 123 Ww Twra ty-aacood street. Krtrremf a required. ATOONO I.ADT or 1UCRI*KCT ABILITY WANTS ' Board lo a prlrato family, where there are faw <? nn , boarders: not In exceed <S per werlr location between Fourth and 81 nth avenues and Fourth and Twelfth streets; refcrenoe given and required. Ad<trc?a t. T.. box utt Herald office A LADY WISHER TO OBTAIN BOARD IN A RKTIR A neighborhood, where aha can have the romforta of a 1 home ami arhere there are nn other hoarder*. Add-ess, atatinr terms, which muat he moderate, W. B. L, Broadway Poet office. | Aftnk butt or farlora, or a beautiful suit of Rouma over them to let, with Board, in a private family. in the tine brown atone bouse #72 Broadway, near corner of Fifth avenue and Medians square, and second block above Fifth Avenue Hotel, location and rooms delightful. Terms reasonable. A TOCNGM.ADY DESIRES BOARD IN AN AMERICAN or Freiuwi family, where she can have the use of a piano. Terma must be moderate. Address Mine 8. A. Hall, New York l'net office, for two days. AFRIVATK FAMTT.T CAN ACCOMMODATE A LADY sari gentleman. also n few gentlemen, with elegant furnished Apartments and that claim Hoard. Dinner al fi f. m. 1 Terma moderate Apply at 176 W t Fourteenth street. A ROOM AND BEDROOM TO RKNT?WITH OR without Hoard. In a private family. Refereneea given and required For particulars inquire nt 3A6 Sixth avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty fourth streets. Board?a gentleman can it* accommodated In a private English family at Bedford, near Fulton avenue ears, Brooklyn, beautifully located- large garden. No * boarding bouse. Cars all tight and Sunday. Address B., bo? | 190 Herald office. Board -two gentlemen who woi ld rk will 1 irg to room together can be accommodated with a very pleaaart Room, with or without Board, upon \ery reasonable terms, gaa and bath In houie. Applv at 17 West Tenth street (late Amtai). between Greenwich avenue and Waverley place. ( Board-or fitrnistikd front room and bed Room, with convenience for hetuekerplng, with an { elderly widow without family; being an experienced mine, . would take a lady who won Id require nursing. Call or address J for three days No. 233 West Twenty fourth street, between , llgblh and Ninth sreaurs. I Board.-to lit. two single rooms, on th* second and third floor*, to gentlemen. Beth and CM. Apply at 18 Clinton place. Eighth street. Board -a wtdow lady, occcfttno house no. m i West Thirty sixth street near Broadway, would aconmmo- | ' late families or gentlemen with Hoard, on reasonable terms, [iv ing centre of rooms. Board for a grntlrmam ard wife mat be obtained in a private family, residing near the aoutbeaal I ' Miction of Fort Green References mi heiisod lililnws A. B.. box lit Herald office. Board ik Broadway, brtwern twrlfth and Thirteenth streets?The beet lonelino In the etty; house (hut class; possesses all modern Improvements, en excellent table, durner etc o'clock. Bonlhetnnra are Intrtted to eaU, Apply at 8S2 Broadway. ______ Board wahtkd?wtth a tfirn.r rvrnikhrd Parlor and Bedroom, from 1Mb Rrptrmber neit, by a |?? llrmm and hla wife. A k<xmS table required, and a prlitif fa mtly preferred. Houar duA be attualerl In a pleeaani and respectable neighborhood. Rrfcirnrm n hmw?l. Addrraa E., boa I.M9 Fn*t ofltoe, dating term*. with full partlwilarm. Board wiNtrd?in a otmrr frivatk famtlt. In the vicinity of the Bible Hon*' or New York Hotel for a young lady; irnna not In or rood SB per week. Rrfernorra given and required. Addreaa Mary, Borald oCoa. t I Board wartrd-in a frivatk family. for two tadtea. from half an hour to one hour'a tail or rid* I ri m New Turk, and where thereat* oh inches In Um vicinity. A< drraa alatlng Inai and location. J. K. C.. station A, Bprtng ilrwl. Btfirnwa glrro and r* | Hired. j Board in brookltn-no u olinton struct. ; . two annate fmnl Room*, suitable for gerllemaa and wtfa i . v two imUmra; will br rmiad at a low prion Ull October. Board iw rbooklyn ? a okntlrmar and hih 5 wIfe or Iwo or three single gentirmen can hat a pleaeant t'?m? wltb Hoard, at Ml Cbeevei place, between Tlarrlaoa mil Degraw Hlcka and Henry atreeta. Term* moderate. " Board in Brooklyn ?a ornti.rman and ms | wife, or two single gentlemen may obtain tery pleaaant iooma. with Rtaard. at 1US Clinton atreet, corner of Stale. | ' Reference* eirhanged. I Board on brookltn hktohts-onb or nro ' your.? gentlemen *an hare their choice of three dice Rooms * HA Board In lb* three alcrr and baaement brtrk prl- ( rat* bona*, CIS Bicha atreet. Bath and gaa Reference re- , lulred. I Brookltn boarding.-fvrnlshrd room> kn ( aulte or aing'e: alnglr room? for aingle gentlemen, to be J ?ad at the superb* houae Ut Pineapple atreet. corner of Ful I on w thin three miaalee walk at ike ferries Dtamsr at all J I'cluch. ' ( Brookltn iiriobts.-partial board for ok.v. ! \ tlcmen at S7 < 'ranberrr atreet. bet ween Willow and Cnlnm , >ia: Rmma neatiy fumwbed and dri lled wltli w ater and eaa, [ iiftc a nwn n'"ni i/wwHni rrrj pimwiai, cua vrainu w wiu / lr*H and Fulton (erne*. j EUCOANTLT PCRVIMKD OrFI'TtH TO Lirr-AT I lb* riiDifn Houae Sn# r.i6 and P47 Broadway, near Hleerker afreet Apply *a ahnee. EYRKNCH BOARD-rRKWOH I.RHBONB?TWO ROOMS and bedroom? elecsntlT f nrntabed. and a fromt parlor <u>- ] rntahed to let aeparairly ay a Tarlatan family, win Uvea In J i Aral rUaa bntiee. baeint all modem impi o r am en la Apply at K Kaat Twenty errand aireet. I dnnnnnhien rooks to r.rr-To ocjm.rintn om.r, F baltra r'aaa booar. with all tfca "modern Imrrrwawaata tpply al it Klnth atreal. aw Fifth arwat, lata fl. J rt'RNTRIIKP ROOKS TO LKT-TO ORNTI.KKKN. WITTI 1 i?il board, at No. X! Amity *C. neir Broadway. A eantral S or adjarent to mnai of the atrpe and rar routes. Bath. J p>? ?:id raher modrrn rant entancea on the preaaiaea. j Fcrmphk.d ROOKS TO MCT-TO GKNTLTKrN ORT.T. \ In a Art' rlaaa hot me. a lib all lb? mudem tmoronamaote. -i tpply at 44 Ninth atrret. near Fifth trnrur, lata ?1. J Fl'RNINHBD ROOMS-PLRASA NT ROOMS. WRU. [j fiirrlehed. to let cheap In i lapritahl# feaaota amaJl faml- ? lea or emple penilemea. from pi In SB *8 per weak. P* 0 a rtahln* f nralehed Room will do well w> apple at up KUza . elk atreet .Inat ahore Broome. and are theae Rorana j SOOO AND CHRAP LODOINOS-AT THR Old?BR , Hotel, arraer af rrankfort aad William atraata. Raw c t Teraaa, pp seeta to W aaaAa por alp it, rooaaa Iraa tl to m B per waaR. Open all alpha "A oon rorNTRT BOARD HAY BR OBTAINRD NFAt 1 ,T O'ea fYvre U L. la amol aud airy M uaUua. with f art', mm w nr bra Una (tahlap aad halhlnr awl *< rnfnrardaUnn for car ra tape and h waee Por particular* apidy to RICHARD COX e tap limed way. Jj, rjANDMtMKLT PI RN1AHED ROOMS TO LFT WITH M [J "t aiihout Board, at a anal', r *? family Ohli at US pt taat Thlrteenlh atreer ? atrat1.t ptrntsbrd rook and brdroom fl ( LA lei In a nr-vale houae at K Weal Sereril'aiith air. e* he .. warn hlrih and IW'Xlt aaan?iaa ti U'IIW.Y FIHMIFHFD ROOM* WITH PAinjfci ? [A H.wrd, wanlaal. hy A?a Otmin ganllaMar In a prlrr.1/ f >Bi arlrao family, *l?r? lhara ara urn- or fa? nlhar liOifil V m location DC* al?>?a Thlrttaib Mrcfi Addraaa I. M , boi rh tl r.* <<dtoa, ?Utia?Urm. wKtcti m ud ba Mndarata. | ar r> mvatk hoard rw nRvn<R?AV mi [ ?nd wlfa ru he trAMcAM whh *t**l Boar I and plan " int Rod me la pnrata family. brappNor at Mo HI) arrtenn r iraat, aarord "lonr from (Union Lnrailnn cnuraalant loth* A nntk and Vail atraa* fnrrlan. dli ??? i - .? a [? BRHORP OH PART1PR WTRVIMfl OOOP BOARDTMO lla pla< a? |n thlanr oniyhhorlng attlaa or In tha antialto', oan ?1 a dtraatad to mrk frulta ?.y applying to WORdHTHII t f*>. f Kt Rmadway. Applicant* bp Mail wtl plaaaa ametrm a V. i?r U " A< MO IJtT-IM ART KT.FO AMTI.T FtrBKWHBD HOOT*. I two or thma Rrnaaa. wHb or without Board, to alngla gan f a man Apply at M Waal Thirty drat atrcnt, aaar Fifth ara \ ar ho ??dr [IT AMTKD ?A MTMOI.F, (JFMTI.KM AM WIAHW A ROOM, ni If W'lh hraakfaat, In a botiaa wbara lhara ara hot faw ? oardara. location not attorn TwanUath atraat. kddt aaa \ Kara id oOrr, (or thraa daya. ? 1?* ' ' " Ft ar ANTKD-IK A RKSIKOTARLK FAJHTLT, A OOOD pi FT rtnno. tmakfuai and dlnjiar at c'ttlriat. for a roan flit mniriu r Heard nat ? awoH M par waafc. Malaria aaa aa m hanrad Addrnaa Trlaata, Foal oilaa, ? STARTUP?IT A TOPITO OFMTI.RMAM PARTIAL S rr Rnaad cmRtttiro lalaad. aaar ?ha fairy AAlraaa. With ha waal tar*a, w, w.. In W Tnaa tdba ______ ( ir AHTRD-ROARD TO* TWO VOfMO LA DTPS AT A ; " > rf farm 'moa# on ar naar tha (kuaklli Moaatalna *?la ja< araa nnairwwtamabla Addrjaa. atoUag lanaa, whirk maal Raaindaraia. Incatloa. An . T M., Harald rdDar. .? m I M - ri xr A HTTP-HOARD. FT A OFKTI.KMAM AMD WITF.. ? FT halaaan frmrtaa-iih ami Thlrttathatraata. AdflraaaC C W he 1"? Ha-,Id rtdRaa k ) ahtmotkim nq\ arf OORMim or ramk amd d Hndann ?traa a ?Lor?ta*i noa of Urn onolatd and ba.ltklaW M< I thla ady. At-wro rtrbtng iba rdty will find >parlon* and Ira room* w?h good labia Tha Oraa' Maatarn la ai tha fool Ba aafc _______ T ?MV T TWK1TT FttfRTM ?TRFTT MPrrtMT- TUF T ) FlftF Avanua |'r*al ~*!agacit Apar*inao>? otid tgla w lmni> wt'h or without Mi ?rd ftar ha bid In a n?w and flr?t rV laaa p-tr?'a hopaa ran Ha ?*'k a'i th? mvdrra ooarao .-aoag. dr tao? /C ?dL ' Mi RIDAT, JULY 20, IBM, boaruiho AND LODOINO. K BOND. STRUCT?ItKNIHHKD OR PARTlAI.I.Y KV'K *J oiahrd Rooms o let, U> gentiemen. wlllKiu'. Board u mat or liable UWOOt-TKR BTRKKN. RKAY OANAL AND BRiMir way.?Well furnished Rsoaw large and small. an wtttr closets cat- bath, piano, with fall or partial Board, to 11. m alngle and married gentlemen; also meals boa) to thv ranu. 0<! ORKKNE KTRKCT -lHJMiSHKD ROOMS TO I-KT AiU u> gentlemen ool? feme an At to#J per ?f?l houeehssa fine y u-d, gaa, and la vCFJ cyulet A/1 TENTH STREET.?BET WKMf FIFTH AND SIXTH Tl areniiei.? Dealrablr Room*. la suit* or separately, for Knllcmen and Ibrlr wive* or single rptntlemeo The house i every eon sentence Dinner at sli trilbrk. ACi WEST TWENT rOl'RTH STREET BKTWKKN TU Hflh and Math awm?ue??The eoarb second Nor. In soils or Rtpgle h.oidinaa^ furnished; suitable (or (anuilr* two be bad on reasonable I or ma Id the ahote Oral class house. I*H title table If reqQirodC J~ FAST THIRTEENTH STREET. I'Ol R DOOMS UT weal of Itriadwar To let. two Parlnta and two Bed roi.nta. amiable for lAdy aad gentleman, lino lia allon (>r rawmond etrkct, nrar foi rtii -boardi " ) permanent or tiaaslmn. Families. mingle gentlemen i>r 1* ties ran be awrammdnfed. Hous* with all n.odhrti moveniei.ce*. near rat>r< ada and stages to the down town ferries. HQ bI'RIN(rtiTR*KT~TaRKk"T)OORS FRO* BROAD I 9 war ?To lei eereraf hapdaomelT furoiaharf Rooms, to an jjlo cenll? mea. the location is near all the Aral elars betel*. Htmrhrd to the ) inliftnc fs a reading room, free, Ifaqulre of A?WQN HUIBK Q*J ORKRNK STRk*T,_ALBT()NHOUFK ^SUWCRBlir i 7*> famished Par inc wad Mmoraa, with gaa and f'roton new pateut spring beds aad rrwrything ueceaaary for young housekeepers. Meals aervesl tf desired Rent low to mapecT able lonanut. 1 'jc KMHTH STREET-TO UCT, HANDSOMKLT FOR1*J?J malted Rmxa*, wrth or witbont Hoard References required. "I07 "KltlHTH STRKRT?VRRY KICK FUHNISHRD J *' I Roonuveao he had for frmaihes or single Room* for ?i-utiemen, ?nli full or partial Hoard; three door* ran of irisntway. 1 7 L* WEST f ?r BTKKKTW-BTOKKT~ H AN DROMKI. Y ITr Furnished Ro ups for families and single gentlemen, with Hreakfaei or full Hoard, ploaeant location for summer. convenient u> Eighth avenue ran. and Fourteenth street stages pan* thr dm*. 1Q9RI.KKCK E EST R KM r7l?B'A R M AOIMICO AL-HA VII J ? Koiiirlv I urmrlo'd rooma. suitable (or families and single gen'bmen u? Iri, wtWi full txiard Location pleasant. with *11 the i "tit entente* of a hotel and the comforts of a home. l>luuri A 6. 1QQ KAST TWENTIETH STREET." BETWEEN FIRST ' 1 frO and Second avanura ? A prhate family will let a furnished front Roma U a gentleman and wife or two aingle gen- i il-nirn in a bouse containing all the modern Improvements. ' (laa. bath. Ac &TMMMM RBMOKI S. BFAI.'S HOTKI.-TOOUR MINERAL SPRINHS, CHKLtea. Maine ?This new and magoiacenl Hotel, thoroughly fumiahed with every provtalon for the rorafort of It* (pteata, will be opened on the 10th Inst The water* of thia spring poaaeaa the highest medicinal rtrtuaa of any In the country. Atlaohad are billiard aa tona bowline alley*, livery stables, trolling lake, Ac The vicinity afforda ample attraction to the angler and sportsman. Carnacea will ba found in readlneaa at Augusta ana Oardtner, four mule* distant, for the conveyance of jrueata. VH. L. WUITK, Agent. Oueijea, Maine, June A ISM). MIJFFWOOn HOl'KK OPPOSITE KEYPORT K. J., " J twenty miles from Kew York Steamer*'eavr Ro Unaon treel at 111 A. M. and 4 J*. M dally; tew choice Rooms not taken. Apply to J. T WnBOK, of Wllaon A Banker. B14 Broadway. H. W. ABBOTT, proprietor. CLIFTWOOD OROVR?OPPOSITE EKTPOET*K. J.. IS now open for Sunday schools and other well nrgauxnd societies. Family parties will and this a delightful place to spend the day. Oood salt water bathing, as well as an opportunity of enjoying the sea breesa. For further Information In?uire of (iapl. Arrow-smith, on board steamboat Keyport, out of Rohlnaon street, between the h<*tra of 10 and 4 o'clock. 1 N. B ?The steamboat Alice Price leaves font of Robinson street dally at 10 o'clock A. ?., giving passengers an opportn- I nil v of spending four hours In the grove and return to Ilia city I si a o'clock P. m. CLARENDON HOTEL SARATOGA HPRINOR.?THIS 1 new and elegant Hotel la now open for lbs season. The ocation Is on Broadway, near the tlongresa Spring. It baa all he modern Improvements of gas. bells, he.. In every room j [t will accommodate four hundred guests *.i. u. rui n DOTUM auOMM i,AKKi'?t?ii. N. T , rirrT r miles by Harlem rind, thirty minute* rtdr bv stage. four tillea from lake Mahopar, one mile from lake Hilrad. fine air. trxid bathing, fiahlng. rowing and aailmg boat* free to guests. U very stable tlUu bnl edwin FOWLER, Proprietor. F AIRFIELD HOU8K-HKA HATHINO? LONG TSI.AND Sound ?Heasidr Rummer Resort?A few desirable Rooms ran be lot to families and single gentlemen for the seaion. VTM. R. BUTTS PaiariiLO. Conn . July 17, 1800. HIOHLAKD HOTBl? COLD 8PRINO. OPPOSITE WEST Pmnt. flood board, pleasant rooms and home comforts at the above well kept betel, delightfully sltuaied mi the hanks of the Hudson. Terma very reasonable. W. tHEONBON. T AKK HOlTlKlAJf HOUSE IS KOW OPEN POR SIT* Ll nrr Hoarding, situated four miles east of Peekvkill village, Westchester count jr. one hour and a half rtde from the cltyny Hudson River Rallnatd. Muimtaui air. good drives and bathing, makes It one of the 111'at desirable locations to be tound for families who purpose aolng In the ooontry. Address A. df. l'almsr. Peehshin Post nglce. t are mahopac.-thk clifton house, at mis Jj fsvnrlte place of resort. Is now open lor the season. A I few rooms, commanding a full vlsw <?f the later, can be Ml , rured If applied for immediately. Terms moderale. Eur i particulars Iniiulrr oft. BALLARD, >00 Broadway, or ad dreaa J. P. Ballard, proprietor | NOTICR.?THE BUBHCRIKKR REOH TO INFORM mg 1 friends and the public generally that he has leased the . well known Kay Street House (Newport, R. I.), and pnt (he tame In good order, and Is now prepared lo receive and enter- I ate itehms for Ike season on Ike most reasonable terma JOWRPH BATEMAE. Newport. E. 1 ) ATOSTRAND HOUBE, BAND'S POINT, LONO ISLAND j LT has been grenlly enlarged. Improved, end new y furilahed. Is now ecmpleto end epen. Is twenty miles from New fork city, per new steamer Long Island, leaving Jamae slip it IP M , 1H hours sail. Dining hour at 0 P. M. Beturnleg. irrtvtng In town at 0 A. M. H. B NOHTRAND. Proprietor. f VRIKNT POINT HOOHR. ORIENT POIWN, LoNO K / Island la now open for the reception of guests. under lbs nineruit twdrnce o( Thomas T. Parentis It can he reached lally ty the Long Island Railroad, at 10 A.M. and S80P.M. aIwi, >y steamboat every afternoon at I P. M-, from Jamas' slip. food bathing and line flahing Dl RAN HOVNE. !/>N<? HRANfH -THK BTKVMKRS llli-lll. tN I> LIGHT and l-ONti BRANCH ply degy "rem Rr.htnaon at reef. North river E->r lime of marling ace [tally Times A. II IIAOOKRTY. Proprietor SRA BATHntO AT LONO BRANCH. N. J.-THK AUJtghany House la now open for the reception of nailers, rhlellofum la heautifnlly situated at the lemmas af the Dele rare and Rarttan Hay Railroad, having a Has new of the tcean vnd surrounding country. Eamlllea lakea an res sous >1* Inu M WARDR1.L. PmiWur. ^ka bathino.-tromphon'h > ati.aptic pattmow ciibltjca. with all thr advantage* <4 a A rat clae* Rnramnf lonae ?ttrf and river llathing, Railing and Plahlnr. beautiful uniaiitir drtrea. Ac., Ac. HteamboaU leave font nf Kotdnaun greet twice dally. corirrHY so a hp. Board at rockawat, u>i?q ibi.and. in a phi vale family. good being sad plandM ftCft bathing. Com BunkaUoa by rail, ataga and boat four or ir? tiftftftft daily. Ipply at SB Broadway, near Twelfth fttracC Board at oorrwai-u-a r*w room* oak hk bad at the HlgMand Cottage. Cornwall;* Arte rtewe, good Irtrcft. l athing and tt?btng; m let ..n arcmnt nf ankacaa m the amlly ehu hired them. Tor particular* Inquire <4 WM P. 1IXON. Cornwall. Orange county b' ARP AT port HI< HMOND. RTATK* I-I. t vi> t D few minute* walk Don the landing Two larg*. airy tram*. wRh Hoard . an be obtained hr application In CapUto lb!red. atramtxiai flora, plar Ho J North river. Board ijt thk cocbtry-onk or two pamimhr ran be arnuamodaled wtth Bret rlaaa Hoard al a farm reiee delightfully wtnaled among the hlUa of <'ounnrtlriii In >e loimetftate vletaby of the bmiae la a floe lake, wtth larlll ee Ire boating, hahlug. ar for further particular* Inquire i m Nataan atreet, room No. A JOARD WARTKD IN THB OOl'NTRY?BY A PORKIUN if rmtag gentlemen to private Amertnan famllr where they nuld endearor In learn him the Kagliah langaaga Addreaa . U .bo* ? Herald nfBce mating local eta and terma, ?Inch i oat >? moderate 30ARDIR0 AT OORRWAIX. N T.?PRRRON1 WT? 9 lag good living and all the comfort* nf a home would do n to pa I root ae (he htankm Houee It I* pleaaantly mtiieled i the waal hank at the Hudaon half way between Writ ntni and New burg, accemlbte by Hwteno Rleer Railroad and , ie Thrmae Powell, whl b leave* ftevt of Jay arret at 3', P. ( r. i hrimian will ka oa band u> marry paonon?rra In tko *num Hrmaa dOtNTRY HOARD -PARAnut VAF.F.RT ROTPF,. J Monro fount y, Pa. MO nornm modal r row mora Ik.ird * p-irr mountain air y?id trmil flahlnr. rhar*oa rr ?oon*Mr rainaonB J.C R. R kwif fr?A of < orllandi ?' r.-r? >i H? . / B. VAH IHlRKN Vll NTRT HOARD 44 MINl'THR FROM PUF.TON PKR I ry. rta K. Y and P. Railmad. naniniKitratlon wttb ik* It twrho tlmoa dallv Ar< <nii?<<Uo< < for a ??otl*mnn id W#r and ifMi' Inaln fmilrmrn will ?n I* k ul la U?- sdl 0 of Uf Vlunhln* f*n *1# JiurtUutr Apply in H K RO RRTH. riuahlna. f. f * MV'RTRY BOARD HAT RB OBTATNRD FN A F'RF ) rata family (or a ??ull?an and ortfror twoalti*i<Want forty mlirafrom tbr rky ' v*t,mnalra?lna t*P~. a day ill ikla ?aak,or addraaaR P.. No. I HomfeTUm airi-K Wii mahnrf. dOfNTRY BOARD WANTRD?BY A OKNTl.ltV AN, / hm wlfa. two rMldraa and anraa. In a prfram fatally, ration anal ho hraltky. noar tko hit. and row'y ar> mublo tdroaa boi S.W Raw York torn nAra lOVNTRY BOARD WANTKD?POR A I-ADY, TWO 1 rhlldrrn a?rd 1 and <H yaara, and anrvanl. In a farm nor prrfrrrrd nrar aall wairr, plooiy of milk. An. Ad WW. wHk trrma, Ac., wfarh mnal ka modoralr. D. W . IF'r.ld km ToTtf'R ?KNIOHT HOWRR, RTVRRDALR. FftFpwON < Rlrar Railroad Pin* rlaaa auamar honrdtn? hmiao 1* la voiir ttiaa In okMn Ann BAnaaa al lha aknrr namrd oa. ?horr ?oa? ran kair a plaaanm rtow of |ka rtrrr and Vrfr*_RAj.pj. n 5**^ AJSSTiC2rr "* '"nin* i "WJ 1,1 V*%U n l ^ ^ immiw, [CPRRR AOnOMMOPATIONR TOR A LADY ARD i am Ur IB an Iwltknot okildrm wmiM ho orofrrradi mar ha d la Wmn kaaMi roomy fony Bra tnMouM Alauni from lha i, al a priTita Rraldrnrr. whoro no knardora anr la km alar kolblnr Ptakin# FVaWtad. Ar anrnranv?wv>n for 0 or two hnraaa. oaahlna dour. ?f rrnnlrod ky thr family adraaa. Tka riwma r nmil of Parlor, Ardor am aad MaiAta* ?an. all oonooctln* and yory handoawrly firmakod. Piano rta Inrlodnrt T?rm? WB por work Addrrm I!., koi t.tlf 01 <?Mr 1 't'NMFR HfiTltl. BRATTF.RBORO VKRROITr 1 N? nnlaln nrrtiory. rnol air, hoantlfnl nlla?? pi^nilar rnr? trm r <aa k >nao mmalrr RaLhiif arraraomrtila r*id >hlo A/ I'nro tkla roar rnry m<-dora?o Para (A ?1 hy j a Ratan Railroad 1 Addroaa Jnaapk Darlana. HralUahoro, Yormml * I*" AH TPD?f'< il NTRT BOARD rOR THR | I y for tao ?m|lrmrn and Hwdr wlraa In a jdnir family I liorafownrO' .-hrr knar-lora arr lakon, wttkln Iwn kmira , < ' of ihr rH\ noi'tho wairr and a farm prrforrod Ad | ' a, Matinf torma Ar .F \ Moaar.lo |?4 p? ih at root. I -?nkj>o v. D Cram >ALE> AT AI'CTIOH. Alex r ktkvknb a co, auctionk^ Other tfD Hroulwa/, cornrr of Rr*d? ?trr?-t PKRRMPTuBY AUCTION SA f.K Of HOUHKHOLD FUKNITL'KK. RAUMKICKNT ROhKWOOD PIANOKORTK ?._ sens or parlor puntturk, OAK DIinNO ROOM ' API) ROSKWOOP CUAMHKR PURN1TURK, .... Tm* I?AT (FRIDAY). AT 10* OCUA'K, At t/id privat* ri-?id?urr of Uanrv Haroourt. , 14& Wrat ?iif? Ikk strti and SrieDlh a^tuuea P1AR AM> MANTIL MIRRORS, botai. AXMINSTKR CARPKTH, f, u. ? A V RARK OIL PAINTINGS. p\rU*"" ln of lirat clxaa roar wood i* "'r h"'W'wathrr to pre it-nl thrni from n?lC ! i)'Tr) ?r raMnet fttrni awjisfssa^t" "> auidiot Parlor Fr*nnnrr, r..?rr.-,l wuh aauii tiliir and .old-' roi**.*kt Ontrr Mad Sofa Aid.- Tahlr*. J'Wr him Mantel Wr rem, a obotae aaltnfion of Oil PainMajta hi rioi.i.-B> ?r,uifflafpoiflcetif Bo*ev,<*d Ktexrre*. Kaer outre and ttaikntae' ^ Velvet and Tapestry Carpet*, Mosaic and Velvet Kui* U4C# and Him-aiel CurtaJas, JCnrelKtieurs, thirty day too*/** (Hock, artl.ikr Bmnr* OrnHinem#, Parian and hLiim Vig urea. IMv?na. Satin Lounge* and Kssy Chairs Corner Whatnot*. Htmqurt B riders and Cotmr Ktf#r?re?. fHn In#? Room?Oak Kxtenjfton Ta*rie and Oak Buffet. 1;*>le Cutlery, balanced handled Knhe* and Fork-. 8tl#er Tea Seta. Fiber Casters, Spoons. French China Tea Set. I of fl6 piece* Fnplieh cut Miami and Crnnkeiy of every I deaoripUon. (Iwni^ni en mite?Solid rosewood Bedaieacv marble top Pressing Bui Satis, WashaUuj.i and ''ommnde, A moire de Mine*. WardroKr, curled hair M MU etm Kuaiher Jeda and Pillow* Palliasse* Blanket* Sheets. Linen Ac.; Tapestry Caiper. Clock, Mirror, lounge and eaay chairs, , P?imiiig?, Rocbiw. pprlB* bottom Cbalrt, Sol*. fontr* TaSIh, At Third nnd fowrth atniin rlr*nnt)v furnished with m>tbo. pay and Mack walnut Hodotaadii. K?drtlng of i,J kinl. heir MnNrnMFi. frnthrr Boda. PtUuv*. Llnea Ac.; ?an???nt-Chain, I oiiapea. CurprtL* in 12 rnnnw. Mirror*. Ac.; Clocke, Sofaa and sol* Heila, Mmr C-arpet Rod*. lull lltMaml' basement nnJ kitchen Furniture or ever* description. HalA positive. t>. Ii - 'iii Monday next. Jul) tj at salesroom. Mi >1 vae*. Carriage. Uhrary Jkc will t>e on lit. Dim notice hereafter. Hi angers 111 the oifv demrous of attending Ike sale *la mornink ciin lake ilie Sixth avenue rare from uir Aalor Vfiaisn, and rri)urat the con dorter to let thrm off at Fifteenth''rtrrel. It will bring them wilMn a few doora of I In- bonae. A LUCK J. K KKI.NR A CO.. AUCTIONYKBR. Mortgage sale of elegant Household Furniture, to satisfy air engage of T!'U)0. sold hr order of fleo. W Annannio. irttortiry for mortgagee, on thia day, Friday, July 10, at 10V; 0 clock, at the tire slimy brown atone residence No 11 Weal Twenty sixth atreet. near Sixth a* eutte Parte-* in wail' of Itrai rlaaa lI'marboM Furtliture will find this a rbancs aeldntn offered, aa < very article will be perenip'o-lly mid to t ut high e*\ bidder Descriptive catalogue* at tne bonae on morning of aale. Seven octave Pianoforte. Drawing llmm Subs, Statuary, Bookcase, Ktegerea. Hri aaela Carpets, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, (111 Paintings <'handelle>a. lavce I'm lama Roaewnod and Mahogany Hedriann Furtnture. PaKI.ORH Rosewood Parlor Suit, rorereil with bine and gold bronatel. viz one Tele a Tete Sofa, one Arm Chair, one Reception and four Oval bark Chatr*. one 8n* richly carved covered In green and gold brocatnl ??ven pteoe*. meeenod Rtegera, Hookcaar lined with eaunwood Ccutre Tahlea, Turkish Kaav t'l.alra. Card and (Juartette Tables; bmaze and ormolu Cbandeliera, china Vaaee. MAONIKICMNT 7 (HTAVI PIANOKORTK. Carved lega and caae. made by Broadway maker*, haa all the nnalein improv ementa. haa been fully teetcd by competent judges and prononced a superior inatrumeot. fully guaranteed Canterbury Sua ,1 aud cloth rover; Pier Mirrors, 91x96; M'Utel 75x61' 75 yarda Carpet* In the partara. Artistic Bronze*. repreaeotuig the Cruaa dten. Poetry, Painting, Music Ac.; Paitai marble Statuary, Oil Palntlnra. by Cole. Inman, I-cgmnd Ruaarll ami othera; ) remit hue F.ngraviuga, auperb Nottingham levee Curtaina, Shadea. Ar ;antique lava Vaaea front Pompeii ami Hercula nlum. ladv'a Work Table, inlaid with pearl. Cheaa Table, Music Box, Hall roaewnod Halatand chalra, (hitloth Stair Cvrpeia. Roda. Ar Rfdrmm a?Ko? wood and Mahogany lire suing Itu reatia, Bedsteads. Waabstandai Hair end Spring MaUrraaee, Feather Red* Blanket*. Sheeta, oval Minora, If day < H'xika, Sofaa, Rocknra. noting bottom chalra. Hookrn, ks, oak Dining man Furniture, Table*, Bullet. Ivory handle Table Cutlery, 1 hlna Glassware, Ar. Alan, u general aaxortnient of I lanein ?iit and Kiichen Furniture. Term* of aalecaeh. In bank al.le uinnej or certified checka Sale peremptory, rain or ahlne. AASSUINKK S' BALK OF KIJCOANP ROSRWOOD PAR LOR. DINING ROOM AND Kt'RRKRT PURNITURR, and magnificent BRON7.KS, STATU ART, PAINTINGS, Ar On Friday, July 20 at lOV, o'clock. A. II. Wfl.SON A CO., AucUnneera.'T Will aell without rraerve. tlie beautiful Furniture contained In Ihe elegant residence No. 9US Fourteenth atreet, weat of Klghlh avenue, all of which ?u made to order, and la ft ret claee; ounatatlng of magnlllcent rneewood octave Pianoforte, three elegant full eutt* aolul roav wood f umlture, made to order by Saatz of Broadway, all covered In rich French bmraile; enperb roiewoud kiegerea aiyle I.out* X1 made by sievena. atatuarv and mosaic lop roaewnod centre and pier Tablea, made by Matron of l'aria. magnlllcent mantel and pier h n mi a. with boae tablea and eornicea; allk and lace Cm lain*, card and anla Tables, Turklah loungee, with Voltaire chair* to match. roaewnod reeeplkvo Chaim. magnldcenl l?i a nod agate V aaea, rich china mantel Ornaments, bronze and marble Group*. ciJlertlon of elegant Oil Paintings, m bracing ancient a it moderv palming*, by Hnatlnabm Cole, and nibcr eminent artiale: Rngllah Carpet* auperb chamber Furniture. Hightc rosewoal liedateaile. marble top dressing Hureaiia, Wnaoataod* rosewood Aeocir with French glass ibe ra. French l*wi?ge?. arm and enatage chalra, oval Minn a, t ,n?,? l-l.wba I 'nmlvt, l,r,. I.e.. X . I - U..,. -- Bed* ant Heddhig Ch-vel UIsaac* elegant marble surmounted with hw figures, dreufnc and toilet Tablo*. rich Fmnrh Chira, frill Ml rtibv engra-nd <llaaaarare, lie miners. TVInea. Champ.tgnn* OU.Ieta, flqu'ira Stands, Water HUtlea finger llowla. rlngant Hilt orware, lee Pilthxra. Sal ver*. Forks, Spi*>n>. Casinre. I'rna, Ac , vnry and other Ulde I |itl?rir; superior eitmsl m Table, with oak dining Fur niitire Sole positive, house Ui let AUCTION NOTICE ?KNICEKRHOCKKB FURNITURE nod Hengage Rkmrens |nim W7 and MP Waat Nineteenth hui-m i, will wn Furniture, t'tanelurtra, Mirror*. Paintings, luggage. Ac , kr , kr . *1 short oof lor. alto, nrUrlr* of T?rj description psakrd, shipped or (tared. Ordrrg by post at tended to. AUITION NOTICK.-QRFAT K AFTER If FURNITURE Ktpres* nltd Parking establishment, Ill and 113 West Eleventh street. between f'tflh and BKth awmn Rtrh botic bold Itirnllnre 11 every description t>o*ed and shipped to all parts of the world. lurg' covered wagon# fur the removal of furniture to Ik# ontintrv F-rrnliure of familire removed with inmost cam. Storage for fnruitiim. AUlTION NOTICE.?THOR HKUs AUCTIONEER. AND W. H. I MIR til AM -Thin dar at II o'clock. In Ibeid,*. room# Id new Howtry. will he sold*'bo balance/.' the FnrnRufW of a Country Hotel and Btwrdlng House. alno Paintings, two cheeianf I arpen'era and Mnrhantca' Tool#, and hy virtue of a judgment and aiecntloo. ait valuable Hold and Silver W'atrhe*. sp end I Chandelier, one Counter i or a W?l. raart ?I2* kr Clock#, Moras, Ar AT AI'CTION.-THK VARANDAH D1N1NO BALOON, I U William aire#*, will be mid al motion on Satnrday, July IT oilntk. M.. Inriudiuic all tba stork, flitnrea, thraa eierani mirror* thrae Inrca roui.ter*. one handsome or star i mm ble isblee, Ai (ether witb I ba kl'ebewfai J niltire. Ar , Ac. BRvtWNK A > ICHOtA, AUlTTONRFFS-BATURDAT, ! July 21 at 1 n rlork, at otir n*learn.una IA Nassau street. , a vmdefy of 'op and no top Wagons. doctor*' Wagon*. all seat ed Morknwnja. aefa o* drub e and -inglr llarrieaa, lad lea' and r"i>i rmen' handle*. Whips, A<? . A' (TAMP SCOTT KOUII'AOR. | / It ROW NIC A NICHOlJt. Auctioneer*.?Hatnrday, July Tl. ni llli, I.viick at ou-,. ? Nassau street, all the J fVn-kery, fllana. Tin nnd Wimdi ret re, MnUrewa, Ac., A, . , nara by Ibe seventh Regl nent during their entnmnmeiit at i Camp AmW. Stnten lalann. moai-ilnr of Crorkery, Plain* and Dinbakof all aire*. Iio doren Tuaililera, liki doaen (btpa ami Paoi-er# 300 dofrn Platea. KB doren Dishes, omslnl sisea Tina Hosier*. Palla. Di-bea. Pans, atone and rblna Pin beta. Wnahtiit--, Japan Trays Haklny Pans Straw Mattreaars. Camp 1 Sinoie. Ar . Table CaUery, SjKxina. Forks, Cnatera, Ac.. KM palianf Jflnnketn 1MI pair* of Bhwta. linen Tablo Clubs. Ar , I mine the entire tit mil id the Be/entb Re#tmeifl, and all In parted order, baring haen used but (en Anya ] BIiW tfl|> li lll-Ni K, Al'CTIDNKRR 1 |l<iRsks f AHRIAflR AM) HARNKM J Rv * A F. H HCHKNCk fhletfay. F?h tnnt at 1 o'tinrk, il at their nalnerinm. UI Hrotdway. a brawn H'irae. Id bands bigb. wnrrantrd perfectly sound, kind and gau le in e*ary way. fine action and a yle Also top Wagon and Harness, a 1 mr ALS4I. A Hermintown Rorkaway, nna e?fan#i.? top Wagon, and noa u llgkt top Wagtat, in perfect order, luring bee* but little uged, t] a tan' one light Kiahaway entl??1? new and light Kip and road Wagon*, double an" single Mantras. Ar j P3PWARI) SCHKK< ? ACWTIDNFFR^ 8A1.KSROOM NO. j 141 Mmadaay ?Hy K AF II StlfKN' R, on dalarday, a 21*1 liigt . ai ItRi n't lorb. pi tbelr mlrartaiin, 141 Riumlwar, n 1 largs a<??-b of elegaM Household Furniture, ormprlktn* sulla ,f solid rosewood mabngany ami blnnb walnut, in bmcntel, ] pi nab aid hair alotii, mne?'??f marble top Klegwrna. Centre J and hide Table., wi.ld nwewmd nuth?a"any and walniU Red , rttrni and ?IMn. nurtiW lop preaa'ns Hurraua, Willi f. standi *ad < <wnraode?. elegantl! carved marble t.?, Mark wal D'it 8td*l-Mnf. *k and black walnni Kxtenaam laboa markka a top HolTkta and IMnlnc R<aim i liaira K re nek plate pier and I mantel Mirrora, raliai, Hritaeela and in#rain Carpels, Mi light _ iTiandellera Hair Haddli.i. Ac. ? TjrkRT A. I.KRfM. Al'CTfOWKKR, . Q Halaar'Miaa IS Reason atraid. I HFNRY II I.RKlm A CI) will sail at auction on Friday, ' lull ID. al II o'clock, la front nf th< alore a Naaaao at/MM. a . Ine l>iia?nlMir* road Wagon, nearly n??, wltk unetplrod *' narttilee ' HFJfRY H. LXKIW. Al'irrtOKntR?MAI.RriROOII B 1 Naaeau street. * HKKKY n. LKKtW A CO. ? trill rell ai auction, thla dajr Jnlj JO. at U o'rkak. In floot of ' itnrr tl Ra?au atreel, A Park fheanul Horse, Ml v* era old. Ion# tall. ] roqnd and kind In single or doubts ItanMan. 1 ' HK.NRY M ilRRTM. J*. ACITTIORRKR, WIU wru. 1 Wt%t?i (Yr'dayl, Jwlj ?. > w o'r! ?-A.l u 16 Howard ] Mr*^" RRTRIVRR't AAI.R. B* r4rr nf Ui' t kymri itml'r lh? illrwnUon nf J. 8. ^ Hiniwi. WiHi'f _ _ _ A l?Tf M o< Ku?-irr#irp?- CntiX. *.|.|Oim and Batfrr Botm, r?nk? ? lib ailvrf H->l'it(<iti and H?tt*r-? tM of ffopprf ird V t*] umrthrr *nh Ralrrtal- a?d ? d'liVw f>c dr'-irpti'ic At?o a In* 'rf 8>>"W <awa la rw. *od tm i Miami* ml tat tfcn ! <>??, At R" ??j P1r? MrmtA , . Rov-trraypa tfaimi* ' i i-SM and l-.fir.MW, A Alv??> 4 A . t Rarlnr afVai <d 'nAaprndntvw PUMA l? "W* Aad f< Balrtl'* Tarpaaraah ??J "?drr' * - ?' J. R iM.AlORM'R, Raq , Rarlrar. ?t ? ? * TOUR II HI RI.KV. AffTTnRKRR. WTI.I. ?RU. OR 4 J lUltirAair. Jul? 21 at I o rk'k, ?l UB*lUl*M All tl* R OimiKirf tn AaAl "f ?Wir*. im-taPada < ?r- r* |. t. N<R.Une, 1IMW*. KitrU* W?rA M O MlMtluHTT -At tflORKRR I.AROM ARO >** A , , tT>p''.rT '.I ll>N?dh< M I irwH'irw, <Vvt?. * 9 M nOtOHIT. An.-U-tn-ar, S p.M?*t r.jiT >i. u Itovi-k. ?t mlmfcm, ? W R.?*au rwl. a 0.* r.A.-n ?"> u A l*r?a ???nrtn>?ni <4 nM nU?? HflauwRaM YnrrtrAllrn f t r-wn ?,??u. ?m fn??. Rt?r I?? ? w;W . I. . ?>*>tr? TaM?, Th- ? t?u* * ! *. Part.* *b4 Arm Wr., .,??*? idntn* t.M? ? ?<<* w. Ooyty RB 9 ?<?, Wpuuivi* HxBP'ut., Hair M.Urwaara, ral,4~w. J |. . IB. ?w.|. Wt'l ?? '~lnd -all wartfcf tha nf hTM. J* if??r>, ??'' mm<r- *rj k>? U tn b? pa* " IT-Iy *nM tu tW hbllMt M?W. f-* ??* |J i5 ^teSSSasSrsB^ i, LJ A 4. WBIART. A V TtOWKRRR WORD AT, ICLT J S. n . Mt n ? >f >R" r ??? in I 1 , *H? WH8 V^. All M- JOWW r<m-uw#. R U A J ROOART Ar- I ' ?>TW PTORK MO I ! n. B'??B WtHUir ? '?? W "? W""1?? Jul?ll ?t ,Ami M tbMt m.<rr l.?T.i I a < ?,?.?*! nvrt#?*? '?>? t p.r'i.c m.h Iti ? ? ? l> ' i?^ , nt ;.rk ?ln> <? f'ntrf * ?I>U m?ho,? , v Rof%, m? " i. >i . i? . ?/! *? " * P?rl"r ?nA AttnCT*ir? . " *'""IN \ "KtVI1. V Attgnrf 1 - R ?<*?% ? 8 MAX.leu AT AlCTIUtr. SA J. ROtlAKT. AUCTIOMKICKM-THIH DA* A* 'OA'd tlor* ai No. 4 WooMar alreot, no*; i;*nAl atr??U ? *mal! V* of Hon**hold *ud Barroom Furniture Tahlaa, <Ti*ir? Ki-dstrada Hada and Bedding. Oarpeta, le> Am* <>a I ae*. Orcckerj and UUuwm. Ac., Ac. SCRUFF'S HALF??1CH JKWKURY, Bn.YKR WABB ' AC.?tillAlldKRS A FAlXl/'IIII.Ii. *D. tl.Minrm, o<*ce |1S Niiaaiwi'atrcet, will aetl ot? Frtrtaf. July 10, *t It) o'clock. *( Na. 6 Kith Avenne llotrl, * aptendlri aeaorlrodnt of rt<-h .1,-welrjr. of ?U dtwc; l|'0on?. for ladicc and *< nl? wear, Hn?lic. aad Ilmpiln wu. Klmm. ChaioMtlo iicrk, ynI.. i?l and guard > I'hain*. Kiwi* and I.mlm. Km? and king*. *11 of the moM riafc | dewrlptlomu Alan. tterllnc fti'.Ver Ware Rata of Tea and Ooffee Berrien, < 'aatora, Salverir Krtlvra Knrk* ho I Rtionna. OoMeta, *?**. Pitcher* Ke* ("up*. Put* Knlvm A'ao, plated War?. Alee, aplecdM Inlaid Krrptff Mwhe flood,. lioak*, Jewelry, Wort anp Drejw B?>?e* OHecker Hoard*, Ac ' Alao, All the upledtd Klrtiira*. Hijr < Viodelfeis. V u hln t'etui tern. Wow I'aae*. Ride t'aaea aSd.Mirror*, \lwr .io f loor. Beeulalor, litter Furniture, large Irm hair. Ar I " JOWN KKLLT, Sharif SHKRIFFX NAl-K -IROIf SANK, ?P -(TTAMmrRB * FAlRrmf.lX auctioneer*. will art; ?hi* <fay F-ufar *4 U o'clock, at lltlTaaaau street two Iron S.tfer. ore otflce link and Chajr, act cfkl' valuable OiJ Pamlitusc J < >11N KKI.I.y. Sheriff. CWKRIFF S SAX* ?PIANOffiKTK Af -Oil AM IIKRs * t' KA IRt'lllLD, mwkoneem, Will aril "fl Srturdai, July U, ?t 14 o'clock, at *al>'i?ooM 113 NaF*au at/tad i>Dean|ier>r roar wooif raard PunofortA rky make, doublerxmrvi, ornrnr. aeveo elate JOHN KK1.I.T Sheriff rr-Af WTTTFRS, A7rTinNPB*-mi.l, *KU? THIS ** ! 2 o'cloed. ?l t.M i'M*al afrreet a/3 tile genteel I parlcr. cflaialier, dining n?m ;i||d kit ttoni Furdh'rto. line Carpet*. Kamber Heda, Bedding marble Urn Hhtreaur. rerttre and other Tab ra. Wardrobe*, Kneiiainn Table. mnl.*i?ny *Dd I other Hedveada, I *lr Mvtrewwa, dli.nRt room and klu-heo ' furniture Hlovea, Ac UTTM WITTItBR AP'TTONKKK -DUX 8*1-4.' THDI T? day at ? Nrha-k, at tiff fhn.vl atr ??. iwoltav Mitrea, < ne Wagon and Harnrae; alWe-uae Kewind ki whine, uMn by k burr, alao try other atalm WIIXIAM AjBBOTT, ArrTinnncK * No. I 7i:jIT Broadway, will aell on TnSwy. Mb irar , at lb-, n'< lock, the roc tenia of the grocery and litanur ator.r K lain.. at-wet, onaMUna of barroom flit urea, tm una, k*wr Putin.., mun tern. Caaka, Ar ; one pipe of (rare Holland cm and mber 1J qoora; alao. a three rear#' leaae of rke prrtr. ae- * tu -h rrm rlat of Sue Btore. bark Room and lar,*- Haaemeei ?AM8? OF HIM* K?TAm ANnr TWO RTORY ANP HABRJRRNT I.W'HK, r* A blrek owned by-genteel AmiKtatui famUiee; dim hi- pur lore, marble maiitrla. n.le uuut y*At. 1*d. r %i .#*. fXOnaab. SfO iiuarterly till paid. Apply Mi K. V. ThkY, fifteenth atreet. near Fourth avenue, Brooklyn. Farm for ralb in nfw jrirkt ? acrk? half a mile front Unton landing. l?mu tf Rahtmiy rallt atd elation, and twenty mllen from thin r.ty, H baa a nmd houna and out bulldinge. Apply to WK. 8. fifAMMCKl.. *, 79 Mmbtnaun atreet Farm to kxottano* for prcpbiwv nkar nrw V>rk?Fifty ecrev tw a village be mitre Inim N ?w York} two yood Honaea and Hp ire oo the fern, aell wr tared aM fruited, with ttoek, trope, ao. Wontil emb-aayr tor property Ave mtlea from cl'y. Inquire at 91 Barclay at.vwL FAKMH WANTKD-IN THIB VtCINfTT ANI? Ktcw JKR. aey.'lit exchange for atty bouaea rat x.ah Ovr-tere at f-rma will tlnd it to thrlr intereat to aetid di-wripttun la .1. O. HOYT, eorner Court and Montague atreet#. nkoialyn FOR 8AI.F/-A COUNTRY RK8IDK*t'B AND FRFIT Farm of ality arrea. one mile aouttlnf the rlty of New Hrtmawlcb, N. Jo piameaaion Irnn edtatehr. '.t land It rtrb and In flue order, a very good two and a half etory frame Veiaa, PH.Vi feet; ytaid barn, atable, Ire booae. AN., at! uwgood rrder, about right arrea In fruit, 100 treea. umbrae eg all ahotee fnMk, ilr apple, near, plum, (-berry. peach, qutnee. Ar ; one wad a half arrea In raapherrira, one arre in grapca, admit twenAr acre a planted thia apri.rg with com. latta, Ainl, avrly and lake ixilatoea, and a rarletv of other vegetable* At. Apply to W M. liPMOKT, No. 4 Wal. atreet YTWIR 111 in THRKK BTORY BRlrR H'M'HK AND r lad No 13 Blith avenue; lot lAbjr 90. wiC? an olillltnnal lad In the rear, forming an X Any one wanting* <v yurebaaa for Improvement would do well to end and examine- the pre pert) . Aapl) on the premtaea. No. 13 HUth avenue. Fon baiie?tdr *moi?ifin ?a8b??knt norm? and la0 Ro 313 Ifti-at Twenty arveulh atreet, t ewm Kkrtob and Ninth avenuea; lad >l?feet O-lncbea by had the blheh. the limine baa lately been put In thorough repair. For >rma aaply at 317 Weat Twenty aeventh atreet. FOR RALF.-A DK8IRABI.R FARM OR COUNTRY BRAT of twenty eight anrna, at Kellpnrt. fronting m he tlrvml Booth Hay. I (dig fa land: good bulld.nga. nhntrw iturw, Mm tithing, gunning and baihmg on the plvee. Tha ware ptam to wall cwl. ulaled for a aportamaa, kmatino aaawei iaawd toe health. For full eatlii'iilare aonlr to A. NKRUKitrr naai Ureal. ' " FOR AAIH-A wr|,t. khtakusiikp RRAH khtatb and .nmmlaeioti oflHe In Brtk.hlt n. Aadrvaa .4 it, Nwwld file*. For raj.k ciikap-tiirkk runic* rvtunwo I/A* <1 Maet Pttrty fifth atreet I Attn fifty fourth ?mt ft do. nu fifty-arventh and fitly n ghlh atreeta s_ J_ smIth k ro.. mm** For rai.r or kxchanak?a bractm'i, pi .aim on thr Hudumi rlrer, 3d mllre fmn, Wew To t\ nw aorn pled a* a aele?' hoarding honae; a large man too., rimi* u| carriage hwu* with twv acre* of Improved lath' wry hkahB fully located, a choice ai'iintion for an aaadamr. for partiowlara apply to T .1. I'ROWKN, ?W Hr.tMway. FOR cAl.f OR f.Xl'll ANHK?VAL.DABIJC IHRNCim h?red I"wf>er1y In llie rH y of My rat uae .- I oat all 11 g of a handenme hrlak Honae Htnble ur.t ornamental llmunda lu a tx.hlom.blr locality, price >12,11*1. A twnahar II. live wi.l large (j4: price WIHl, and a frarye 11 oar and 'w m il.m e building leda, In the hoalneaa .enlrir pfW M.M t*\aild evi hauge for ante daecrtpUnn af a?nd prepare ro Ukla rll* or vicinity. Apply to J. NMITI! A OO. Iro. 7h? Third avenue, or to W p. Jordan, Ho. IB WaU afreet, tonaa 2B. rroaa 2 to 4. FOR HAI.R OR nxrHANOK-TOK rom tvkrb atory tinck II..uvea Nue. Aft, 90 and 92 Rail Tlilrly annwd atfcet, ft Y.. and Ho. B Honmid afreet. WiMkntkburg A anal farm. with or without atock and funiitiire, would be mkea la pert. Iit'iulre <4 owner, 18f H road way For sai.r or to ijcarr-k atokaH k wood tub ftunlkhed country Place, of 40 acrea at WaaBcheater county, adjotnln* the .fat hnrnretaad. Prueeaane a the end of Ihc aeaaon. Apply In I II. I.t'Ot<OW A CO.. Me S I'lne atrect Mturr ukr'kahi.r ''tty property por ftaij-b leu of f)roen<l In cue plot, bounded by thr fifth tiaaaa. IA4tb and lltMh atreela tl tate flronnd In one pint. hooded Liy the fifth avenue. UM aa l l.Mlh atrer'a. alao lafteon Hiitb t\einic ,n.t .-o KWta atrect. for t> rmv apply toAHRAHAM Itf.l.l.'s M)N8. 29 Park row WAftfk -a parm op * afrrh. thr vjfrt krht .ttn). Of land fnillplantv. food waUef water, wtoeled In the efllage nl Comae, ?* mile* front Northport, b I.. 11st a Ho we and t wo Tada In Horthport pUaaanU? anulak M atUea fpraa Maw lark Addreaa fj Wllhaaaa tueOaewl, op (lee Tin ker. (III Chrt atte alreet. Hrw Yo'k tl /wl(l|al hps Of ti.tconmih rchooi. amd chi veraIty leada lor aale. -r :ra<lef..r unm umbered tty Property, Merrhandlae, Jewelry. a The above mew J oped fend ta and t|?al*ty, In chotee localitlea, well tlml>ered tnd watered. Any peia. na lealrtng In trade f.g II,e anc e one reive favorable Information lyr Injuring <rf f.KO J at 'thion. 96 Naaaau atreet, third tour, rtadn No 9. between the I1IVI ' 1 III A >1. AAA 3 r. K LONT W(fM) nOfl l/OBT -U?HT. 0!? MMNI'AV A ITER NOON, OM tha i iwnar nf TwanUaih atraat ami Ninth anun'. a amall n Tarnar with a ra.l laathar, ha a Mi* rar? and aMarr* to tha nam* of Ran (6 will bo paid u? r*tnrnlii| bar to <49 Want Tarnili th atrrat CXll'NIt?<?N Tl'KHOA Y. .11 I.V 17. A IIOU) WATCH, P w hh h tba w mr i an ha*a br pi i in* | r .party ami pap. nit fur ild? alii-tltamrnl Apply at :ttt V .dtabii anw IV M. 1, (t>UT. r OhT?A ROM. or PAHCRh CONTAINING H.A NN I J aad a UntMlm* "f nn inati.aaymrM liananar Tha had or wAJ ba anhshlji r *w*n|n.f h* iaartog bom at tha r?w| ii?rf, of fVnrtaatnh alraat, h* i rtrar r OM I.KPT "N TIIK afllBWAI.K YKXTKROAY A IJ alanit A ..vim a to fun f-m r'h ?i?i bat warn lailnfVto nd Third a*anna? a atnaj llaahat Any prrwa. hniltia tha ?mr will la Uhrrally rt-wardrd by ru tin* it b. Mi MrMaada, Kl Kaat Port) arrrnlk atriwy. LIMT?fiK WKn*r.?nAT BOBBIN J. AHOCT MIGHT o'rlora. thrra boa a and lao Atirhara A raward of M rill ha *tvan to an* para on ratumlri* tha aamr In ,l?maa Pill) aljtblh wraal and baranthirramra r i>ST? IN TIIK ViriNITT or WAKHINHTON MARK NT, id a pi") la Rath lira, hnad with rad. adtb tar. tt?a dJUw Olaa and ?laail n*w> rh Car In rparla. whnarar will ratnm tha iraa to M rnaaa atraat will ba rnlub.i raward* I. r OKI?PI RKWAHrV-I.ADT H HAIR >nm IN OOINO \j ? > Was# (ri>m it Mark a plaaa and A#"m>1 aran-.atn lawarl'a, uian-a walking In ArrviM, A i'o 'a. ('anal mat, and hark In m Mark a pl.wm, via tralwar and A an* lara Apply al fil f?. Mark's pla> a r n?T-oK tih*r.?dat, ifth iNirr.. i* a sixth atr Li nun a1**' W?'l? fcwdh farr* and Onrllan.'i <r?d, a ruaaun rnlvrt Pnrtmoanala. nonlauiirig a saia.J a im >4 mmak "ha Itndnr wfl' plana# laaaa II al Si Onnlanrl' atrani, and m rli a ? nnitni la i ->?a d add Ihn thank* of tap ?vnar r oht-on thf. ??ni a rnrisiKT m*n thrrr IJ ilidlara will l? paid by la*'1ng It at Al Waal T wanly Rfih Irani balnam Nnhand Aarati'h amnnaa *i Mtaa W.mdntM r ort-on tiif ntottt or tn* i?th tnwtant h* \j iwaan tha .w par of Paarl ilraaf and Far* alip fnrry, n? i lb? Partmd car* Wal'h Ha?l, cnrnnUan ?<a<a aal I grid arfh ling ilal rhaln mounting tha a/ma la mnrh ai?? lid a ??nll plat# m broknn HI It an murk aalnad by tha nnar aa a kmp*#hn, A IH>*r*l rnw*H #r1ll ba pal l bv |aaa Ig u *11 h Robnrt Rons. ja*#llar. aarnarng Kighlr nti'h* ran* nd Third aaanua RKWtRIR ir RRWARH-VOPT. ON THR MTN INNTANr AH SO I la 11*.i Or#>h und Hint anawrra In Ihn raima <>( Flora, dor aal In* and *1.1* Tha abnaa aaward *111 ba paid in ar cba who will d-jvar Um dog al No. 2> Rasa Twain nlntt raal, Haw York IC RRWARD -l-ORT. A WHIT* NTOTlTI TRARIFT.i SO w*agha al?nm di n?ttnda aara and tall mil. An' par**, tii/alag aaid 'Vf in M Ubarly Waal. Mil raonl.a -ho ah> a? rnard IC RrWARP -I.OgT. BTSA POOR WOM AN, IN 06 SO In* Oaan In. I Raal nidbnatb *tr*kg|n Riitb arm A a imAakJn P-iraa, wtt? wrat ihaln, a.talamg gBu'g t 3 aad ma nthng mail ihlnga Tha **dnr ?#1 raralr# Rg i nwaiN ?d tyrikaakaot tha ow* ramming R m Ma. & R'mt Mm >1 CO RRW A IP. - RTOLFN. ? I'Kll CHNMHRKR SllRl atrnat, naar (Trr Hall. ? t.rigkl hay Ma.-* >M lgar w*gi? ai d Mima**. with "h*an Ml, aara aadkat M l>? Mgk. rrkh aar a* n-nr kWinanar, Rdn rrward wlUMa aid far trTwtn of On atra An . ?*d ?l??> a* mwWMn of Pan M JOHN ORKRA ?00 Ninth a aa.aa RRW PI RMOATIOTR. a MFRH'AN 'Mi LIOHT MOfeRAL FOR .TtTl.T Id CON [V. labia ataiWMra < all Oaa I. jW Compaiia* In IWa I'nMad lata* Cuba Na-dh Alrrrtaa. and lltVltah Pin- tnraa mam Ira nf Rarmng F' iM MMadawia ag*>?at Manhal'.di Oaa riapanr <'*a Making l"*u Prairla Kaonaa Walrr tT*k?; lami aranrgOoai <g (laaand (Vad. RplanMRa RavWwar Rprlana d. Iliat'o-a nf Hry Una M?d?r?Campmaaam'>( Oaa diaaliivt la* (la* (Iiiaallnn al f> raland. Ohio PS par aaaum Rnmna M a?4 1*4 mal Mrnad. naar Rrmidway. rRTIM. NR RFADT ON RATTRIIAT-Tn* I-tFK OONfy (aaaam la-Ui -a?if rooriahlr and V.ia .rlna of Rar .1 Fla-dan, cd Ihr M. R rhurrh, Monnt Im 'aion, Hnn|ar<ln ...vita, Nrw Jergpy Tha trad# *U ba auppl r4 W ? 'ITPtlKF ALfV Ann T.rart, N T

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