Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1860 Page 1
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'_ Tfl * . WHOLE NO. 8717. ABBITAl Or 'TIE 1TWC4. DUO P.ifllS AND LONDON CORRESPONDENCE TEE ELI JUL1 DIFFICULTY IN ENGLAND. The Galway Line Sold Out to t the Canadians. 1H Proposed French Submarine Telegraph to the United States* "The Day we Celebrate" in London and Paris. NOTHING IMPORTANT FROM SICILY, a*., &?., M. Tb-i Caatrf rt*amihip Africa . Shannon, which from LIt^TjKX)) at MM .4) the to >rninn of tbe 7th. act from Quceu.Uivw ? mm ovmjig of the 8th hit , arriv. 1 hero at half past slove:. ' Mo'k yostorday MM. The Russian Ambassador .a Paris, Count Kiseeioff, haa socially Inforn.c 1 M. Th< iTenel thai tho Court of St. Pvtrribu-g, having examined the three proposals of France fbr the daflnlttvu settlement of' the question of the aeO'ial) a of Savoy, has resolved upon giviug proforance to the aasemblli g of a European Conference at farts. k> lite Hourc of Lords, on the f th 'net., the state of afMrs a Picily was debate!, and tho conduct of Garibaldi was salogiaed la the highest torus by nearly all tho Sfewfeers lord Wodehouso staled that govern meet had rssstsrd no lniimatl.iti of the appoiniment of an Envoy from. Sicily to Ei gland. In toe U'H ?e of Common*, on the same evening, Minis Iters were asked S they bau alcon any steps to prevent a repetition "f the atrocities committed at Palermo by tbe Nap-ihtan government, >u tbe trail of Garibaldi occupytog other Lark John Rue-. 11 replied tliat lior Majesty's governto-nt bnd reuons'rsG d with tho Nim|>oliuu) government against the repetition at Mtwaiua or Naplos of such atrocities ra had to*-* umittM at Palermo, and ho hat every reason to hope Ui." their rotnjLstrase'iij would not bo W<ibo<it due v*"oct. last i*ain,er?t?n th>a rre?cntod tho resolutions as agreed v. hy il.eetv .-iai co-nralit's* on the subject of tlio rvj--vi.os <A the b 'i rep a::eg t' s pajn-r duty by tho House at Lores (>... h w havo alruady publish*!), auu prowwdsd t> spvik n??r the ssi ,,.?ct H entered a mild protest age i. t the a. t. si of Uie L?fJs. aad sssertod the rfchu uf th* in matters Doming utsaoon, at Itr same t ju. hr was hid pr.qwrod to undo what had been do*.- ami tw eovua tli-1 in d"uos to tdopt a policy of sisSsrat. to. and not *1 <hu> jan. tare to throw itself .uto Street *nla?<? >" . .* iiu .9jc.< i I grouim* wllh the upper branch af the tagteiatwe. A genera. d* lm*a ow ed, la tbe courss of which many nc" lm? depn cased the resolutions and urge) the full his-nasi W cf the pr.t ..sge* of thr I loose .if Oomasons. Mr Gieustnee errau ' s riwsall js by a speech diffhrlog U* Ha Uuaiod ihr u^->ait)M> wittt a-flaci or duly la Ai<l* *d V> afjwaa tV get-r.maul, ant elu'|?l lli ta anfh Br Lg tmfumm* lo tlx nw? (14 -alie aad -Uugtroiaa ktrrun* bat kM town aitHnptoi Ui mod-ru lnm># Uo tin -ri-f that, wbuc b> mi| ported ib.- reeoiuu<m, be v?i to feiw U# Mtt *, at*d ttderted to tumaolf tbr rtgul, V ae to* u; k?|?t of ?term,*i fltluj atfx-t to bid rMM by |fKtk?l BtTMUIM. Mr mu<? other ooaecrv Virc "teat bora upjirt*4 tto NMDII'IM It. dtWIe aba oastinocd u?Uk I inowut* .-rrutng. Mr b gbt w?a|i MDMr attork nor tafau't urn r?e?tatoce lla it a|kt Utn D|i v atioid u; Ujr f m 1'ra wt W ttrrj bftti *1# ll . -a of Ottawa*. I l? Mntoto ?l*t? wor? toiK f aljoc -n th.-JtU'/ aed baaa- < IV? P? >'ott na IM U.mIi a-i the iraolutlnn 1 ?-? aga>?d * a wto> lo* tor.| a toMruaal r n/| <tol m ? .ra|> >. I too* la Ibe toolbar irate la IM ?r Urirtn', Will mm ?Ut., uf Llian'l, tlr <um|>?itiaf arm of ?r*tl II, LawNttad U,. rf L/?..eaw, ?ua ImI>..i.:?o a?t un?u> 1 at UMJM. Worte aero deto* e?ade to at,/t forced aalre, at awtif tort lie ealr* raaaui d~pr*r laltaa it. (da a.iaa a* I taaa im Mir r Tlx- UmIw // raM brie-roe Utol Ua to Ida. iba fawod may ba "butted all round Mvai ti ata*prt><fu.| i'?aw J muerralba be sb ??. TV P i.ab rtoam< rlklUf'tl r M lo. lire pui prr-,c of to?.*? ?< u.0 u-ft la Hto arretted route cf iba North Atl tt Tr^:?ili oeble TV tola Arefle rruli v Fill w?? >i| itlad to hmrc to>qUtoa.|-V a Irani the middle ol Kl V the aame deatrttalto*. Ida V'y>' at t^.< 'nriawn, and the Artf- at KraU-unpt-a, cm the t rmu'i ?' the fob gf July Oar Uadaa CarmpaadriMa. hua >-<>*. Jaif 1, I AM Jf. V4,.t fVmA *?4-> w M (h Cr}*ml t'mlam - TV Cat perav AmA Pft rti TKm* to H itr* fMr Art*** Ht fw?tt r><? I* PI i A' famflatu Oat tf (*. JTaM-iw f>wu*? O* *f ik %* ? rv Am / * A/Ar?t%? Mar* MM^AarAi'iA-li WHtot to Mi f ?ImA PmpU 1%m*k Mar n.? /ar f* <r -IV MtraMm y IV "/k??M" M tmU-Aw' "I. HmrHn. d? mm"?? <" IsmArm? w.ri'l v r**?'* wnt iv JHumfttmmair of |V Ca? 'M> AHi?>i>lo lAmt?TKnr Pafiart fiMM'a-IV Ue. "mww# to Mi Aim |a, fi Hm tamefco of ra?iaod hat taken plac a Two Utoj ?fc4>0 rroDrhoi'-n bare la cm body, m.d M toe wy tr?t approach cnptrred Mm Cry-tut Palar#, and, Ilk* U>? lamM (jrreui of ot4, captivated mU Utc Ictoat a In fhct, the fogiMi "to* t toe ane?y" and arreedcred at dlacrc-tton. Thia will sot be wondered at wtn 1 toll pan that rarh ' f. rorkx-t Oaul" was armed with a Inag pkeca (braan) of perforated nrU), out of which rauw, if not dread's!, at leaat meat (peaking aeesda. Mkr the btrdn la wm? tabled natural htotory that wore aoar tbo Jaw* of tba rauvanoke, tbo tame nod unrrmnng Br'tleher? oamwdrred at duerctloa. Too matt know, boweror. tbat Utc Trench?all atoutlarbad, and "brut I lag like Ute pord' ?were folJowc-t of Orrbewn, ood not cf Mom The (trfihronlrMr, a bard of aaatelaon fWwa ever j part of Prance, wera Inrlted by the Cry to) Pilaoa Conn yat J, <u*t their einrow* jaid to crane nrer ?ad giro a Pw concerto (ttwt-umortal) at the "hmwo that Puton lillt " The mu'trnl e -.d lrtemoti? nal jurf of U>r aSatr went off very Mtrforiortly. but there w-<re aomo ether feiturco that cost rrfcrttou in two direct tona. Tbo UMOfra of the puor rtr*#p" fet Utea otlo ibe rtlota i l.itgutgo in Lowdoe?~hd ibey arc bad romigfc, ! aanre ra??b'tiidlw* togitUr on dirty, rent , ban led pallet*, , M Mere ail or eight bad tr alaep ? tbo boor la ana rwti i All Una got late th p iprra, to the oMrtitrMioa of I'm ( ra?f<wfabte ueabaro of Ibr Ml Dually. rt<n there wan | lmher atur tbat eaat a rokeettao ha-o 'a- i ward* fa Mb Pbn^ tea weeo artn ty | ml by tbe Ftnparor tc waicb U fft Ibr gotnan to, < nod onmiaga-Ml trf bi? tor lag Mbjecti aataooiribey , p-ifkaaeL aay ribboanef uir ti t tbo art** ia? *u pe.ue i I ai alkina HAl f?t tttJ hfl IK* Icihi fia! ti libit Aim . * iiWr AtwrrieaM *41 Uh k*a? > n h 'ibrriy or l*ry ar? l?M ?kM tMI l??? < w p'r- <-f?l a a? ? ??. A|.r<*. ttoi.r* waw I *.*? I MMl im nol. U 4<M lkrc??w nf?j* MkI | ? Ifca *fc)rrt-~?? pfe, thrt ' * ?*.'paftrVJ* ?h,?lwt i Ha-MtlWs * A. it I* , par i 1<?r. ? p .ltMtJ t *. it CM or, tkkMVM ItM f I in?l ?afh* Mb>?r V .I 1 ky iW- wttM W si*?< MM t*r?? M cu4 lorWtr* to fky w%*$ m ? Ifcat *? %W aHprti* * *4 ? f.aar p?4M IrMK'i ? m mm i~? i"Bit? Oh !'<* ?* ?? at It' MM K. - Ml l.*4u? I brKjr, wrt m*mi <% (H MTWI at tfca , U..D f*a? I*** ?* ?0? Orfk- Ha?. WtM Mrv | r* -t, tl?f Ht Wf m MV?I ?MH ?# I A?orf Utaaa mm*. (tb layAaan) waa < MtbUkiH"* >w*wHa? Ofa?? < Ov a p ti?U rrara?, a*. J t*M ?a* a* at?*>! ?, mm < M*** Ibr tmw4 !* (*- * ? ! >, IMi *% *aM H* ( Tb> mm tt n> ? *> -?*. * ' "?? ht*?? prwa*. j E NE turns, "pllchej Id" U> bis form rr r-i> my , and fin k ta a found thrashing, naming bin reason and lb- wboU- crowd applauded h-m. The tSuxg"d vtf on- of U'ula >' stale ><>'? epics scut over b?re to wascb the OrpheoueHas Ha got m?rr iban be bargained for. fferdlct. "Vwd bias rtfht." Altogether lb* wb la affair went off n-rr won, and both parties?l&ig'.itb and Kraocb? have 'wburdm-J themselves of a goodly number of soft bypocrieles, while bating noe another with inteuaa ourdtalily The two pe< ph.-. remind one of a couple of achooln yt in one of Crutkrljank'a nt<>ri?-s Dick's greatest ta?mf war oiler, and if boneat Oiler bated sry mortal na thear lit?except the master?It was nte?. for DWi pit France, and fbr Giles John Bull, and for the master put at y one who step* in ant Interferes with either Some little feeling baa been created h. re on the subject of San Juan, and uothieg senna to satisfy Eugiau.l but tbe withdrawal of General Harney, Every pap r and every aiatcmnn here speaks to tba holiest t mi- a General Hcoti, praising Ins moderate, oon~*rvtlliv -b > sole r. jug hiith courage. Ills Jostle-* and bis love of right Hud (IHtcrui Harney billowed bis Cotnmtuoci ' Inrtruo Hot ? there would have been no difficulty Hot brained men are never ?af?- counsellors. (isribald! Is making gi**l progress. Several vessels loaded witharuta, m 1 uad in idilious of as, have left Sardinian porta for I'aw rmo, and be finds his army so largely augmented Unit he is about to march ou Meaaiua Not one particle ol sympathy or aesieUme la sb iwu to wurds the young King or low govt rntneul, and everyone knows taut the constltuti >u promised is extorted in fear, only to be broken at a day of F&fnty. No sympathy, uo quarter, oo oornpro iii ae, an i ncthi jg abort o| ireodom and independence for br tb Slrlhea. May they get what they so ardently de sire, and so richly deserve Tnta w-*ek I have seen a letter fr< m Garibaldi's own hand, thankiug the English people for thffirsympathy and assistance, an-1 aavlog it he bad a couple u! ?u itinera, armed alto Vrmstrovg's gui'S, ibey would bo of great service, and m<ait so ccptn hie. ho -tmrricans took tbelr annual "blow out'' at the Londrn Tavern, ou tbe "glorious Fourth," and had tptecbis, patrioiisoi and cbauapagi e, aJ libitum. \ friend of tunic, ? ho wan present, to a me tbe Hpeecnen were remarkable lor noiliiug; in fact, remarkably dull and common place, witb two exceptions? me from Mr. Isaac H. Putty ,of your city. just arrived here fresh from Yankee, uixi Mr. Fulvey, of rinuihainptou, alitor of the I far is Indqxiultul. CbarleR Mack ty, stood up, a* be lias for the last throe or four year*, and answered to the toast of "The Tress," and I am told be commenced back so fai in tbe hietorv of the earth nod civilization that he did not get down to the time of "Noah and the Prophets" under almost ha'f an hour.- George F. Train was u"t there, .lobu Bigelow was nut there, Pliny Miles was not there, and the ' ord kiw?s who whs there. Nobody, with the a?ore slight cxceptl >na, who had the least p Hit fi< n to oratory or racy conviviality. made any tlgnrc. oh, yes; I do wrong to one good citizen, good sjhalter and good fellow, J. Rodney Oroskey, fttq He was the Vice President of the Di eting, and ( believe wat the son I of ithe meeting. General Wnmpbell was in the chair They are both g'*id men and good officer*, hut It 13 the part i f the pi ending olllw rs on such an occasion to niake the pleasant rcmatks, and draw out the speakers fro 11 among t??e audience. Mr Dal la* auswerod to the toast uf "The diplomatic body " What can a resident Ambassador make of such a toast, especially since he has spoken to it half a score of times at least, not ouly to the same audience, bat on other festive occa sinns Iti London. Tlio fact is, such au office, or tafk, biVoin-R a tuoiougb bore, and nauat be so considered by every victim to tho intlutioii. Where are our Ih niostbi ueeee and Cicerog? "0! for sn h"nr of blind old Dandolol Th' octogenarian chief, Byzanliiun's conquering foe." lb-ally, ibcc is no room for au American Association or Club in tendon. It drags,and always will drag They di.i.t ticss do some good. In aiding worthy Americans, but quit) as much might he doue by ludI vidua! efforts. I tr.'-w tbe LIkksu) always has a g <>d word for tbe AssocMMuo, iuiO for ad tLe laudable efforts of Americans?in dividual or associated?in every foreign country, and as one of its correspondents, I do not wish to throw oold wide on any good intentions of Americans, however humble Pair critic aim, though, does far more good than indiscriminate pulling. The leading individuals of the American Association here do not reprenont tbe resident or transient Americans in London. They represent them selves, and have undertaken a task to wh!cl> they are unequal It tt answer* their purpose, In anocial or shop keeping inint of view, thou it is a very innocent amusemeut, and does no especial harm. I will name one direct clre inifUuicc that will illustrate my remarks. On one oc-' cash n a person, aho is a naturalized citizen of the United Mates?tiorn on the Continent of Euru|ie?staled in a pi ilic i-pi-ech thai he considered the naturalized citizens <>( America entitled to more anil greater consideration, i-nth in America and out of it, than ttw- u alive born A me t until I rpcak by the book. That waa the exact purport of it. A native American took It up. declare)! that such arrogance was insufferable, particularly as no one bad endeavored to curtail or abridge the individual's privileges or i ighis because ho was out "native and to the manr-r bora." The amoiiaiiou did not rebuke the large pretei Kiotis of llie aggressor, and a challenge wat sent bum the natura'izid to the native American, of oourae tie i.itP r laughed at it, unit there r dropped; but tbo nat re American withdrew from the association 1 give you sotuu unwelcome news. The Gal way Compa ii), aiH>ui wnicu no uiucii uwf neon una written, L?r b.i D fold. and vnu have Urn old, the Boutou mua b?v* be. j rnltt. the IrwU buy been itold. and a very ooi riderahle of '' til" 1.At beto coinc ou vlmoet everybody 1 IK .iv int r r! r adiuct mill ferric hetwe -n l>? -it d and lb< Cmlrd tale*. Tbe company liaa hscn managed, y.1 ?rc in a "mob" wfth iho g rem moot, and, a ilh Ui< conicut of all parti*, a Irauitfcr h?a i? rn made a< all lb? Inter, at, ngnf, title and mail couirwt to Allen'* line Tbo whlna nnd "plant" of be (tulwar rou.p ny bare not hero tab in, hot I hey are '? nuil to ran Iroin Calway. Where t"f wbv, to QoeTo uowl'.Tt. lit/ alrra<ly set ?60,000 a year :r? a. tbe rovirnmcnt, ana ihM, with the Hal at and NnaimiiiOlai.ll fnlmkly, will make ib-m up -.lit'oot? a vear CI TOO 000) for a wiwkly aorvioc, ?b? b car. be car, led en by rc'ew M'-anvr* And h. v hare |*ld tJOO fiUO (11.000 000) fur the coa >r??t with?nt t?V rig one ("inkle fhlp, piece i?f property, or liability tbc (Gal way) Atlantic Jul Mull Vat Iguti'Mj Go. will do rename to bo ea. I ndoubleriij tbi > will wind u ,j?go lulo liq.nda i -a. but tbc> liar. C'JOO 000 nub and tbroo or four Urat imb ?l? altera, oru.dcfc votue oklcr b-wla. Then they bar* mclHeo a toff, aa shown by tbelr balance abeel, if at teaat <126 000 ( iDlver" .'ly be'icved t<> be fhr greater), < id tbey bare no rulwluy. Wbeu 1 apeak nf tbc manage n. i.l, tl at Itae n ilimg- to do with Mr. Lever, u hae bad nothing to do with tbe management luce tbc company waa ftin?<d. How the pen,do of Ireland and ul way trill rcllab tbelr new atoam mm. twin wltb a Mi.a'l viltage oil north of tbe flt. law ronr. , In place of a vial! prtmurgcr and commercial ?er . ire to two awL eiUct aa New York and Buatua, acetns to tic not Ibey will, unmiaiakably. be very ?ngry Tbc fhel ?u, tbc prcftut government, baring a <uj large minority In tbc H?u*c of Commons, arc buattla '< 4n mall coMract mnde b> laird Derby' government with the Atlantic Company. and opposition b-lag brralcned by a very powerful gorcrntnent and IJrer,.< 1 ioUrc*l, II waa (bought beat to com, r.>miae the matter, at d, wttb the couwoul of government .nd all i?rfle?, make a transfer. It Uaa not yet beou for tally ratified ty tbc gm.iniueid, but It will ha without noibt. Mr Irantil plorio mrmM. Tel! tbe Trlah to bang tbelr narpa upen the willow* of the M. Lawrence, and never out ibrir fhltb In a "blue nor " again. I need acarccly mention that tbe murag. r of the G?J way (Atlantic) Onm tany * a of Nova Hrotta. War Pmrta CwrwfiBiwu. P.saw, .fulj 6, 1M0. / iAN- Ttifrrfrl (Vntnd In Ph'hnoat ami Xopltr? TV ."irAtaim'OppoM I to a> Al!iamet?J%* frvrci r/ X<ipolmm't A<tatrtapan Allutntr A lirrm tlrtnr Amanml imA IN* King of H*pU?~K<t?/ Itm'n A>> of ?V Pope far a DOpmmHon? TNi h, (/nnW-rV Popft J>??rtor AmmMrMstit if Tkrtr Oprmtlaa?rrmarU II., Arm** (V Laararomt?n**rla. 'Pnuahi and Praat* AAtLAap Sardinia to Bolt* tato am AU*am trllA Xaplar?Th* O.' iifila of Priam Janata Baaapcrtr~Tht Amtritan Boon part. About to ftmimtaea Pott Br*., +< All Inlertat row c-ntr*l IB tb# lb k>wlaf qucrloa?Will rifrtm ?it takttD aUtaao* with tl>c beaten tyrant of Naploa' Will bt* object* accept the oooatllatloa mod ratonaa wblct is h:? ab)cct fnar the murderona and bearV *aa DotirV'i ecw offerer 1 ratal ur that aa regard* tLo Orel qoaatkm there la, attboofh the Kreoch gar*mmer.t baa *o-tiw?Utd Ki..| Vk.U>r Ematueia aoucptauee of <ba aUtaooe Bat advice* reoeleed from troatwor- ! I by CM-wapojilcpia ot miro in Turin?pcraona , *hoae Infiircallta I bara ever found correct? j to to abow that the PuJatoauwc Cabinet feara ' Muaptiad aa aUiaroe aa wart tiMaatefbl to Victor Ema nuelt rub, eta all aldea, la all parta of Sardinia. tlia taapb aaww, without*, their altar iletaautkw of the tyraat of Nat' To tender to him at tbta moment the Land of a. a *a aad frteaaehip won*-, ahueW than* feeling* rf Bi. tnaait) , *ii<t Valor Emaau { tiMUatM h?t?eci a da re to at.y 4tare>vr wtir ma?rraob lor far, and aoourae n wihii ? * ,!? -i j'??i i j.m uiy w .ma voartviy i ilrlU rMiwmlMt tmM ' f f rylw, flat o? ??*? tor j*ac* . '>* ?Mfc* to per?. it lit* r*. F-nt tomrtr tt>M *j?11 AjnrH la ukmjr ktoittoto*r. ftaar* la a*! a?v that AiwlrU Im r ?t a* r*i lib* ""to jnly nM.-H by tta'lrf"4 -t ito na M a? a Italy.<4 wh 'b ab* wlato* lo Wiko rfttMap, a?: , or r?tw r I biaM riy Vapt.Vm ni . W* *> * *-.! flrvtaliM, ahoi > t . |.f* Cw l(*w 1.?K k> <t| IIM lb m??lrr? for a MbtMHkn to rrT? A Irlw Tltal <>r put'ail low toa I -1 a? (H bat* ?. ? >, luJ *"aa m-tr Um Aaatr|* ? ? ? rr to I," . 1*1 K \4 vf V* Ira btttt It >lftil "f rra*? Mf ary ribrt i ?r r twtlOM to bw p?|>h< twill to mm 4tt|t to bir Aaar ttoa, aad art Ilk I' fa, 414 U* trM a tr ?*- " .i jL to ?*>rtta?, .? ito raj* uk T Mr If iimmi a a* to U to, tto N'tolul aoa <4 ito rbarcb. ?**> !?**< >? natkr aa t'lianoa wita I hit 'TP*' tT *fHir to* kltttf to nrJiaw tl **!?* toil ik Ik* IV a* a t* *a ail, a? to *o?t atoa ih? ami *?:?- ' a*4 r> Ito 4t?f"akalr-a mm *caf<t*4. K M Ito frw b lafcto %* lb? Oiurt ?! to*. Ito prran* ?V?. to lit* uft.(alr? W YO MORNING EDITION-SAT1 <4 tb? Ere Itt".!"*. ba?l a4v?a4 UM ailiaoca *'V Piimii iii J?i at ib* tmc* r? at ik? i* -pinia A u> rif? ? 4ia? wnn na i?a lb~ bmp-rur N* okooa'a IHWr Ui rranrta n III r? i ?i.d rv??n | nraui??4 M n#> '?l WW TV? K.a# bw ?vur?*l a nam ooMauMttaa mkI a aa* uttn iim*- ? 4 i a fata- I ?? u hy bia b?"?v IrVMi lU ail Una at*. . aa. a t* to Iw Uta tba kt ?aa h?? awsli Mre? raa <af?.-o<1 U|*? U<? ?"??1 faiui <* a femrhtre, aa4 I bay aM MHi iim > 1 Sa*a aar?rto<w4 Uaal Uta ? M io trr U>" 4?miu < ttoa vif hal reuM Sa k 'ia-1 a (pi*?nnn arikhm b< |n??ra?i.l iir??i ?? ( ry ?ar<a'iH? lli? (iMOwlton 4 lha -KniaaviiV ? ? ? it-. ," l? ? a rW . ?h? ??ar??p *. labial Hna.a baa bowiit ta re* lb- fttil- a; Jmul aa a*U ?a U? aan>-a at lb* pr * i<al n>' uo -ra at Ibn (44.11 lutwia^it ? Ii"t <a U>- i > m it* ntQH at lb* Dnaa -kalv latl, a nnhi.irau a r--n>t<U ! ijr injrr lire Iwamal .mi o b<>tli hia re (bar a l hi* a Ha Tret A at <a a hr-ucb lady I a ia Kn ti-( *.<a I. a t?-v rtr.r\?4 i-ailireia*, au4 aflli* ai.d axwt 4*??t~4 | . lb* Jaamtt TV ari a a a (bnaru 4 ibaaanir har*?t.ra? lb* Dak.? < a> <*bir TV DucVmBuo* ii far* 1 hair* ??*. tha umIv aavara | t ok* rib* b a rHinre.-at ,?i.,.*>*r 4 Iba Napuiaoutc fuvrrre.iit TV In aa f boa* ? i TV Dak* iV . Tba Mar<4>iw j TV ' oiuii lAibib?ki TIN- lu^iK >'IU i?| r,< U.4. The k?ri|ii? hrfiii* Hi palm# fatnfllt, la ib? p uu Vovana, la Rome rnaMi '?wl?<?iiw f-<* im- . upeewr Oummit-e*.' Tbia idsatuialtob U?s app 'inn d -tier mumiU.-sa ta eeca zone or dtsirmt of t be I "apm duoiius-as. fbv July of these couiRultaca consists monism i>j fun rwatiou regardtug lm* dImIiiIiU'U. vliuvt dirnloa m u iineuilam? >?liberals, -u?i*i led aim clerical Pits oUs-moat i*? >? -sad noosedIKH III tilvicmrn>'i< ?l ('>4UUir iwrtaM Uxi wmt pilicc The Prr?ideiit of the Ki|rrinr limijfu.ilee i? V mii glwr i-Mi-btarn. a I'aUbrlaii, wat inly n ' mwourtsd by lbs king lit Naples. Ill Fiance tbu omiualUeS socks, Uiri* ihe M'tiixi or the Nui.csw, leg i tutus i* ami dlasflketod ' ictg.v, to form a *eitoua oppi ml low to ibe govern irml I'Iiih IX. 1* aa a child 111 tbe hands uf these big ta i am, who, aided by Uituuelli, are driving -bo Pyo to nevi table destruction. Hie French Ambassador at Naples. M de Breaiar, wax xsaulled ui the street uf that capital a fcw lay* since, and go beaten with a load*' cane that he araa carried Ui Inn residence insensible. Thia outrage baa r.ispcraled i ho French people. I am assured that U*. f'mp-r?r N't poloou at once acul a dispatch to Naples, audi aa caused u |irutour.d tri ror among ibe iiiUirmi >ur under* of Francis 11. llie tnaii who amaultsd M. ureni.r i* named llanotta, a Mitorioua ewiilwmer of the baser (h signs of the baaeat police that any government ever encouraged. He baa not aa yet be. u arrested. By tlx >> , I abould have slated above that there *St*U no more police at Naples It ha* Hod before an enraged popular-', abd now tbe military pef..rui their diitnw Ouu thing trill how the extent of the ineaiinrg. or KrancH II He ha* aimed the lazaaioni, and baa bougbt their fidelity by pro unhung tbvm the tack and pillage of Naples should the cHt sens r ise. But he ir not a war ? that m ruiu inter* have been traiisa to d to the Kreneb n ival Ion ", which will remain for months to cutno in the Bay of Napl-n. Tbeao order*, as 1 hat e good reason to know, are that on ni account must ibr lazzaronl be permuted to mole*, the citizen* oi Naples. Tin y muat be riwtralueil by force if nectwaary. Aa a proof of ibis I will cite the folio * iug event:?- A lew nigbu -itice a Ore occurred iu Naples tt ouoe Illy boats, full of armed French sailor*, proceeded to the *bore. It waa thought thai the Ore war the work of the iazsaroni, wno w isht a to plunder If *o they were to be attacked at ones and driven away. I'poo laud lug it was discovered that the fire was an accidental one, and tnat no danger was apprehended: so the French sailors, after rein%taii>i( until all wan quiet iu tbe city, returned to their veseeiKustia, Prussia and France have, I am a-aurwd, ailrised Sardinia to accept the proffered alliance of Naples. A congress or uunferenoe of tbe great Powers will soou take place here to settle ths troubles between France and Hwil rcrland. as legards tne neutral boundaries of Savoy. M. or lhouveoel has asserted most positively that France will make no s mcensiotis beyond those aooordod to Switzerland by Sardinia heretofore. last Tuesday tbe Parisians witnessed a moat solemn, grand and imposing osfwmiuy?tbe objoqum* of Prince Jerome Bnuaiarte. Tbe Piince lbs in a vault at tu-i Hotel dee lovalldea. In his will he specially designated this as bis last resting place It bis ever been tbe desire of tbe Fmperor Napoleon III that his great uncle's asm i should be transferred to St. Heals, the usual burial place of French royalty, ami it bad beeu determined that I'rtno* Jerome's body aho Od lie mturred there, bat tho will ezprewly spi*ali J against, and the Kmperor at oooe ordered that bis lov?d relative should rest iu tbo place i kn rloaini.aliut TIlSi MMRiMtiM in ihft (^Utn>l ft* ihft fctVk. lldea were most tmpuamg. Tt??i muaic, un ler the guidance or tho celebrated computer Aubcr, *? indeed splendid, and roost suited to the occasion. Prince Napoleon ?aa the chief mourner. It was oxp. ted hero by those who take an interest la Captain Buna paite, the sou of Jerome Bonaparte, of Balti more, that tfan gallant young soldier would be bh nttonxi in hie g raudb th?r'a will. I %m aaanred that such was not tho case. All who snow Captain Burnt I?irto?all who are laoitiiar with hm hrt liaut milittry ca roer since be entered the French army?appreciate hi manly, gene roue character, wud wish bim well 1 hav frequently been told by those who were in familiar .it tendance upon Prince Jerome that I o waa wont atT otion alely disimscd t?warna his grandson, and that no waa proud of bin military suoccttMa Ii la said here t'uu lb ; tbptaln is disliked by Prince N'apoleuo, wuono ijuhi.>uc.i retards bta advancement In hu profiwaion The UWptan baa exchanged from (he Firat regiment of chaasrum, with whleh he served with much eclat in Italy, into the Ckra blnirra. stationed at Vcr^aillew This la a r- ?'lm?nt ofb?avy cavalry, that waa not aont u Italy owing to the natui e of tho ground over which tho French and f'tedm mt no ehaaed the Austrian Ktglo?awampw and rl ? plan la l'?? do oot admit of the volution* of heavy cavalry It la rumored here that I ho Amerlaau BowapartM will con.menec a suit at law for the recovery of what la rightfully th? Ir share of Prince Jerome"! rata e I am inclined to doubt the accuracy of this statement, aa aurh a suit would must |>r<>bablv not b> allowed by the govern mem. IT lure wan in the receipt of mie ruiuwn I iiffliuKfi 7ear Irotn tin- Stale The Kaiper t wishes j that this ?utn rhnulil be allowed to Prtnoe Napol' >n, wliu will suor.<rt bis father aa ITcaiUent uf the SeoaU' iTIvy Ouncil He will re>:i.|o at the I'alali It >)ai. PslU?, .fair 8, I MO 7% tying In ShiU nf Prim ft Jtrnmr fl< nap4 rtr?^jeanxm y (An Ptilait Hopai?The CrotA?Dn t\-urai?FH? PmcfMrion?iifmram nf Print* Snpnimm?print* Jtmmi'i At ?eiT?v< MtuU Orrr to Print* An;, tlmn?Cckitrttfitm nf (An Imtrth t>f Juh/ in ParU?Sir Bunlrni AmtrOmui FartiHpntin/tin (A* Cnt-numiut?BnylitA Xnbili/y?Tkt. ToiUU nf iktt ItOtiitn?Mmrit anti rt.tnri>*f?A.LImm of Mr. /VieUmer, tkr Anuruxtn Minitir?Mr. Ooklrn'i View* nf Amrriatn ArtiMr Hu Opinion nf Hapilnon?ParU iJnnp. fr No occasion is omitted iu Paris of mak.iig public events popular nuptial. In oUior words, of ocurcrtlng them to the purpose of ipwUclo. Of course, Prince Jcr m'* death was to be no cxcpt.on to the rule Ills Imperial Hifhnere bolus no aon , hla rrmatns roust lie in state for three conse utire dare. that the multitude might gaxe, reflect, *ue?r or woep, as ih? mood might he. The pillars and corporate bodiw of the Plate, the church, the army and navy, and the tvWanr who bore <? their bosoms the brouac insignia of f;t Helena, haru.| been admitted the pre nous day u? eprtn kle the brow of the deoeased with holy water, on Haturday the Palais Royal was besetted w th a ipttun, consist lug of many thousands of persoua prepared, t' necessary, patiently to brare the bartiiagsun or water-pouts of ram, In order, to rtcw?what to most of the present feneration wsa a iorfcctly novel ceremony?the Piute's exhibitra r4 It* princely dead. The cleverness with which orcrylhing in the shape tf large masses of people la arranged in Paris must be wit- j ' nessed to be appreciated. Ir this Instance tbo facte, ot ' i oocmrse of persons .our deep, was in*?nio?s.y protract ( cd rrom tho Place da I-sials Royoi down mo rauoourg b? lloooro, up an open T?c?", cleared by die reeetu dsnmttttou of build it.ft, Md oo bock again to tbo front of fie f'-iU* Royal, till It swumed si! lb" UbyrintMan folds of tome moo drone viper. But thee, m'oii to lb nxpcctsui sight seer was tndub table. lie raigui out 'iko U.J restraint, but beyond tbo taconvriitoiio* of waiting tiro no la. honra?ana that was no trlflo?be had com. Vorv tilf' if ni WW it when this. c jloraal tail found Itself fairly at t'te foot of tbo grand canal >r of the P..laor, for tb rc the police d.d uol anter. Fr?.ncl. people, under ?utb clrcuat stance#, arc, compared with all otlier nation*, al ware well behaved. But Itunnn nature tt rcry mueb alUe, mu/mti. when curiosity Is If be graiii.od, and tbe rusb and burry and >- 'eeriuf to ascend the s|p?.-c .cc^rrom wb.ub every thing Id tbesliep# rf air was nf-lnd.M.wrsruci m to nnltc one rtgh for tl.orr g^ntleim# In eoelced bat a* sword, wtuec word of oonrinai.d was to all Important below. However, on wo went aa well a* we er Id, the tab!, walls and the natural solemnity wi tch on. onif". *srg tlx o. a?l k'oping down all unseemly exhibition!. of a fretted spirit. At last wc entered a never ending oori idor?in fact, one of the port coed gait* ies that tank tbe eastern a.?'e of the front ij'ia traag. of tbo Palais Royal, ovcrst over.abovu and on'he side*, tb: tbooooar'on. 'ta"aim?t trembled lest tbe flooring shook.' not prove strong enough f. r such a densely packed crowd id human.ty, J! pr sling fwward to behold a poor, itfclcee corpse, dressed up tn all tb- pride and circurcetonr# of stale; but a thourht of ib? to!. I rbwsy and tl* rtont plllare bouowili ilisa.patad e.rrytt og in tbe shape of fbnr. Ct .mbor after chamber, lighted npw ltb burning ran d labraa, was silently traversed by this Tu nmiaoua mass, till at laet It entered the rhambor of death. All was eark as night, crept the north end to the Ion. which was railed off and lighted up with two ma-mlftceiit silver stands, bearing large globes of light. Between them, withdr.wn to a little distance, lay the deceased I nnor of tbe basse of Bonaparte, tin was habited in a Marshal's uair?rw.his hea-l slightly elevated, tbe fact and lower pa-t of the body were curved. Tb# time friended I KK B JRIHY, JULY 21. 18tS0. tu each spectator, ?b>'D R> many Ukouaandt were wu ting 1 trbtnd, could not b* gr?at; hut it *? euougu to -uow ib-m what ravage oieraee and death bad made on the dob Mai war I lorm of the brother of N'apc . The ttxly had boon embalmed, and mu b tutd been u^:.o to give i bo features lbs general pott of the groat Emperor'a a hen !u bit lost slumber. Jerome was u onbledly like htm in life, ard In death be now retetuhlud btni. No manger who bad ?v?r teen a print of the primmer of St. Hi Vna, at be lay on bin lost bed, hut muet have boon 'truck wth the great resemblance au.l 'he deposition of the hair about the forehead bail evld :ntly beeu mule pur posely wl'h a view to increase It. Or cither tide were two pr'.egit in milk white robue, repeating tu dull, monidonoua tones the prayera of tun Romish Church for the Ifparh'd soul. Kor ntyailf, who fror frequent association was Intimately acquainted with the fea'uret of the de atod, tne ?igbt <>f thi m now let iu unmeaning repoee, ptuchod in uiu furni .iv i uj uih .uj-, ij?u iwr iu.i ui IUJI'1 \ ui cwn' purpose* propped up lu death all In tlio hubilinonts ol life. was simply d .eg u*t I tig, and I never remember mote o/y log ihu pure a.r than wh.-u I matin m.v dual egr.ics fr m Hie pa!*co. 1 know 'illiing to m.v mind which tells more 01 thf rampant burb wiwm of mi tti.iu that a .State, * ousting lu?f-lt in he a la ti'-i it la ^mlua'ion, should deem ittocesmry to gratify the multitude with a spactaolo; the hare possibility of which taking ntace In one's own per f<>0 would a<)d one more, aud by no moans tbo least, to the full measure of lha terrors of death. Much has been written about the respectability of the masses who bwarmcii together to see this sight. I J.l uot a*. ? Lai fort of people got together on mday; pro- ' hably they were better dressed; but certair . on Saturday, when I was present, thero was uono of tha' out ward rt*pen?bility, mourning clothing, etcetera, or which wo ha e board; It was simply a gigantic assemblage of the great unwashed of Paris. And tbo odeur du pewf/c. when enclme d within the princely walls of the ' aiwe Reyal, was anything hut that of roses. 11. Ttopiui.g, aa 1-resident of the Seuate, when address tng that boiiy on tho subject of Joromo's death, was ovl | ictilly anxious that the physical rosemblauoe of the de i>t*"l to tho gieat Nujiolc u should bo "a thing to bo rttnenibered." "Who among you," ho says, "In passing yosterday tha?. funeral couch where lav tho brother of Napoleon I , did not feel more present to him and more keen the memcy of the great Bmpi rorV Wtio among you, Invokhig the pvt, did Lot, as it woro, agalu see him, escortod by bia prodigies, dictating his laws, organizing revolution, ruling over tho age by tbo Napoleonic idea, and feel still prouder of that Fiance chiriabed by him, and replaced by bis tuccctsnr on the str ing basis of popular sulfrago aud if a national and moderate policy." Indeed, an important a matter did it seem tlat the deathbed of bis youngest brother should rosuscitato? u sue Mr. Trophing's language?tho presence and memory ut tho great Kmperog, that 1 have beard it averred ou tolerably good authority tb*?, 'he artist's pallet was mad? use of to secure it I war ni - If struck with sotno such suspicion when 1 viewed th of. Tuesday, ihe 3d, navl j ' 'en appointed for tbo ff'ato funeral of Prtuco Jit -u.. a ' the public offices wore closed, anil fuii'Tn rm . ertbrmed In the various dnirehoa of rorlt i > tecs Shutters worn generally placed before >. . ' ndows, and many shops were not opened Um-% < ?.. me day. According to tUo ( articular view o?* tho ?p ?Utor, the aspect I'arts presented was either festive >r impressively solemn. I am afraid to uty own mind 1ta appearance was s'mply suggestive of a holiday. The lying In state, which had attracted upwards of three hundred thousand persons something like a fourth of tbo whole population?bad whetted the popular appetite for the crowning ceremony, and more tbaa half the tshabitants must have boon present to wltuess the convey anos of tbo remains of the bruthcr of Napoleon to the Hotel dee Invaltoes. And It was really a magnificent and most Imposing spectacle, -mo very characteristic of tho peculiar genius ufa people so adapted wr striking or pic tor nil dciuonstra lions What other nation, aietout or modern, could hare thus, as It were impromptu?fbr one beard comparatively nothing of preparation?dtuddod Us tin /a-era with an armo 1 array not l<?s gorgoous and c'azxllug than appropriate hi the occasion. Frum the moment tola brilliant eorteg-- qua* ted the Palais Royal, lill,after occupying nearly two hours It reached the p.-rials of the InvaU-lti, uot a single break occurred, not a man stiayed from his uppolnte < station, hit s carnage advanced ii|ion nr ifro|<.-ed shoe* iA i?e pro serile-d puaiUon. Horsemen and fuotmnu end artillery pesatd ni.uer lite sitcih .r's eye like one perfect piece ->f, and while th-j surged slowly on US. lor ihu bright beams of a s ai, brilliant but not nourcbing, arlth a light breesi hardly autftctuut f *u8Jo me pliunes In tboir In 'n , it was ini|sswilile to reprrm one's aJml'atinn for siH-ii esquism- uiw ipniic. There was tbo mulll-1 drum, lam, the ?-Hgn-1 Van Urd that h* 'loate-l over tbo world all kbrooued hi crape, tho reversed amis and --llier tokens jf a soldter's grave, and, must touching ?H' all, the solemn c.iigetul strain to winch this ' austlcgs ti le nf men fespi I t'me aii-t m-aaure. Ami yet ,u the nodal of one's g.?w of I umi aiiun F"ii?'iniP|c ir a p'-iiiiin'Mu 01 cfntiaovioii en pt up. Cotupuaeiiia t<> Uiink boo little all Hi f<o Jly how ava led to abed a ? ugl** rap ot balm ou the "ekivenly, iinhatrfitkitii'' ourpen" it rurruuaded And w bat other capital likewiau ha* the world ever r?*ii ('?) FP-oi of *u<ii bobla thoroughfares aud u na T" ndi'l architectural puce, whereon a eportarle r<> I vast and grand could b? aii^n i>l? developed I took op in) pueittor on a rt?ing ground at Iho (ttriine rud of tor avenue d'Anim. from whence a ooble viiu w -lched bob-re nie I mold w> the cortege gradually > weep round rnnn Utr broan aver ue at too Champa till U lilted U?e whole apace of Uir avenue d'kiltie. tit thing cool I be mute inipoaiiig aiol u-wrt flirting ib-tn thr coop d W it pi wealed. The carriage ol the do rraw.t Prime ?u wx-n to an rarer, the* ayuadriM of tlx-utiKiif, with their while plui a In the air; I lien a lung Ala of mourning cmacbea; lueo more trurp?, lui.. Hi" I < .1-*. but l? 'On- sal'lr rin um'tar'ie of tbo c r*? ? nerved but to throw out in more brll.aot rrli if tip gi <m? military epectarle behind, a*, like one ahoet of goto mid criaiMMi and pluaage, M filled up Urn rpacu ut ar ne tlir ej e rouM rrarh. The whale line no either aide wan go' "ded bp a ferried rank of wddlery, Willi AgrU hagiairin. The Palate de i'Industrie, with He rrvrial red and impuolng marble, w-w oa tbr irft, eurrounded bp Ml; tree* and beautiful gardma and la advance flood the newly erected "aaoramic <if?|m. wita iu graeeful proportion*. peep .ng betaoia grovid of rhododendrons. In the dirtaaee, to the rear, wag ?ho d one of th < InralMaa, and rver; where tupoia. apiro and ptllai iroke the Hoe of view. The magniaoral trrea, tin- maanee Y people rrtrdlog the bak-ouM-t aid oare toofk, and ulling the broad open apace wo ch Intervene net ween he InduMrial Palace i ad the la.alldeg. and the beautiful late ct the atiiioepbere, wuudurl jlly tampered conei-ler ig the mouth of Jul) , all leal their aiu, aa auch aeeee wires moat alwaya dr to lacraaac the effect, aud without t due reatenibnuicr of which ihe o<ere ructtal of detaila gill nut be ruBctehi to impreaa a reader with any ado jualr idea it vbta splendid m mm. TV mixture of civic bod lee, and, abort all, of the Jerlcal element. gave tlie spc-tarl* a wntqas ohaeacter. fix- rpeaiuuo* of Prince Napatuea, aa. a* Id that guv- { leuue array uf bras* and aleel and aacriisg ?t.*?ds, he, 1 - t bare head ana "sb!" cloak, S-tkrw*-i foe rtrnly or airurUd bk-r of hia waa r-rv sib* lag?it war a 1 irtnli of nature that mek<? the wt.oto world MA; aad <.rihu mat time in man) yeara th* yn g priu-c mun eve eubrlbly f< that the heart* Ot 'oe pen ,ie were with bun. H.? profit*. la a one r?, a"?l hia Img black Ufl incomted la* x.ou h?t chwlebly projMrtmoe of bla gfi.eral ' UtttB* ,*ipvunu '? waa rvaily ptr?**??ertap. I'e aiwt un J . tc II) daprcaaed.sad p> hope waa tawardly r thctirg < r the vantl) <4 all hm.iaa gr<atoeM for "to ihia ?xmi ' I.,, x.on nun we rotn* at lart '' I ' ' to nut attempt in the apace of a letter to g!v? d*taila, I a . h you will V-ah.,ii lautiy euptu.<xi with i'w other I . ?n r>u?,i,.?it rai.i. r ? :ir h* i r*.: iroet I win l,ljr iboortc I La* tb* L?*r?" ila*lf ?na la ?br rwu*r L-U ' 'it wh'ch Ttf |T< twr*d lb It .laa<l >r of lr cnwtfx.ko vt Wtliiiifioa.aiMl mtb>?* wh?butt *it*oo 1 t itl Opt* lfl< to ItfU I, ?M pr?*Tt.? n r*W. tilt' nwt 1 tar* Im-to a paitttbl tMMfa t Tb? I dehvi^r, n>. h ?t n<1 of lb* Put* nti tool i.nd bo.-rh*o<fcbi, ?!.* ht? -?? hi ' an'kluK Iti anl mn pr?*o?-1m, b*arlo;' ato-i tu* ta*r> I i i/f Uw taUiolic Clunb. lb* i i/itliry inagnO ' i t* 'of Ibo CM>t Hoard, lli? I. *f Mbaa* ''>u*i?w, lf,*itiinw1?if pUin*o of itM C'lld'O. *lc?4*r? f?>o? J n ?or*** ' ?. t.i tu an ttriii-u comwewi, M Urn. * ? -V *** ' io**T?r, In wTikh tl rrtv*. w?o tigiu'l/ 'o M . i tolyye, if tvi' h I* n?) l>? l> rm< 3, ion thai woo r9"m*lt of ou?IT*? '*J tt?rrriw which MbM lb* *? pwo "V ? r,Manor of wi>* woo ?r?M for Jofronu H on j-l*. ml I am olroW. ?o | l ih i-*m ? l.b n nnr* tb ' it w?'ti to irlrktn iiT? r Iki ch*ol? of i-r wiv * * th-*t t<r*t*t'0 otbvr, wli.jt fur logtnl- Iron Poke 11alt'* j }< lor'wV ml Mn lammm. II It want of h m thai tr ! D't'if ' it fit* io? ' i * ho alwoyt '<*inti*r -i oo^it i. n, mm! ii X hi p*r?wl*4 to lit* l*ol m odjortng hia .rpt o ati'i aoti t'i *U|<i"it tb K.igiwti o'lUioc* to tb< >' lo ; i,i tot 'f pi ?*i t ing li.o djnarty To tit* mono* ?n*|o t to woo b hit: h t ut taKitio bw Intlmow h* poeeowe*.! e b-rtiiii m-dli for omittittiif ami hn-Knmmi* H? wow fck!c* !n hu tsprbdltoro ao<* ocMrh tn hit .bj*etw, and t If eu A thai Mo nos lit* hlih*rto trori<l*n in bio raih*r"o ' t'' |?. It It onn n:ncr<l all bit father'* aJ'owaoo** 1 1'* roadi ot ? I* Prince fiopoiono. ani 0.007 of h? Ifi.itro. ' Thi pott rook bo*n mor* than canilty Ml of *r?olw, ind id tho !***t worthy of onto bar Ik?*o lb* ol*hmll"a f An.? rlrao lnt*ii*rd*nc? by lit* citlflwno of tb* Unit*! tai*o umh 1 in IVk. loot yn.r ih* mibto of r*i?braiion wm a dirnor at lb? 1 [ERA Hole* du fouvre. Poor Mr. Mason *M president, I kua B??<f i|.|?ue'| m happier vein. Hpeech alio . I speech, n ,iU't,. wutj umcIoU1, each, "ot the muu n t * mo ?|?rkiud iu each beaded brim," aiororm >tU? 'fa forerunner. TlioiBLcr, loo, tii o good uue, no every I * ol th.s <1 always w under tuirrii'u tuperiniend '.'MIL.s . "u l''"! *h. > the dinner celebration hud iu m ^ '???'? , comparatively speaking. very few "f lie. luir ?i'i Tt>. diuuer itself was served ?o . l"k' Xh lUe *'?nd 'Ilong hull of ^LVv) of ihe baked menu uf the usual tftoit d Aote. In I w t, Dm 'XJiTiiKiiiy invtbtl for Ptiv^n n clock, bad to wait ,o the ^ d Xi whioh JT joins the aaUe a mastpt, and is ?.uly div|?'ed ,t by glsin ors, t.ll ibey b.urd Jd aa7 vbl ? m pietkin of a previous diuuer before th,.v could hope for tbeir own. Then wh.-u the dinner waa serve and consumed, there came an endless yarn o apt?.etia each begliti.Uig with " Utile did t think l .u,i?r? Illi? uKiyiJidceiit ball," or "Unaccustomed as I am to pub lie s|s-ukuig, " etcetera, till the evening wan wound up by an amount of uproarious loin foolery anything bu (uicuiau-d n? in.prers the la-go crowu or French auditor innn wallers with the wisdom and ouligbicumenl ofthe "atripce and stais." But all this lound n happy contrast on the pr.wi.nt or. .-anion. In a spot called t?e /'arc do VilHen, wbleb, in louts Philippe's time, formed a portion of the royal de mesne, near Ncuiliy, surrounded bi lofty elma, verdant lawnr utt< thick ahruhberlea, a magnificent marque" war . r. oM, at the end of which was a gallery for aii omM tent hand of music The body of the teot compi iseo s vast io/.-n, the Jloor of which was covered with etained cloth, well glased, fur dancing, promenading 1 and v. lortb; and parallel to this ran a magiiiilcently endowed bufl.t, containing in lb. ruoat luxurious abundance every fowl of Urn air and tlsh of tbo sea, and the choicest wluee o frond Ibc walla of the marquee ware divided tub eonipaiiments. bearing shields, over which were i, scribed the names of the various States. It was a love!, uay, und its the notes of the orchestra poured forth the iimii'imi uire ui .mum ?.. * tur uiwki rjiuug '*i i'muj't uu? tering m the bin/ , 'ue pleasing excitement tx*aiu genera). The cards v m-Itutkm mentioned two o'clock. Ixil it wm not till mi his r Later that the ca >aciouti salootnslewed symptoms of tiding. Before six o'clock it wat calculate Out (here were present more than 000 Atneri cans, btrides iM'vcral French and Euglish visiters 1. was impossible not to bo chaitneu with the exoelicul taate which presi.-cd over every acioasory of tho day. Mr Faulkn?r, the Miuinter of tho United dUtw. won all hearts by the hospitable courtesy of bis welcome Mr. 'Lut tie and otheis, who assisted aa stewards, wore unceaa Ing in their efforts ttiat uo one should niss oatertaiumont of mind or body on thin auspicious day. The toil ds or the bullet. were portent. white and lilac oeiLg so predominating us olmoat to be general. Mrs Faulkner was un|iecial]y observant in a very hands'im morning dress of richly embroidered musliu, with ample llounns relieved by the fashionablo color, and her gra nous deportment to all who wero presented to her wan general') remarked. Time would fuh to parttcula'ize the toilets of tho younger ladle*, among tho most <f<*f?"gur of vvh<m was Miss I'res ton To a gentleman's evu the steel panoply- which aupportod Uiat violet cloak and ro >c was somt-thing too intrusive; but youth ami beauty aro sia-h Irtomphaii attributes that thov bid deflanc to any wlnm of fashion When, oh when, however, trill the fairest pott ion of crea'ion he more content with ualuroanwu Ideal? Why shall tho fk.r outlines of womiui be forever distorted U'to positive monstrosity? One would mink that some ladies had set before them the form of some gigantic extinguisher aa the nr. ;<1uj ultra of beauty, so strenuous stem their efforts io pro uuce an unbroken oli'iquo line from tho |mtnt ol tho shoulder to the '-dge ol tbe skirt. AMow a little lapcr'ng for the neck, and tilaco one if (be Ihshionable hats on the heud, and you have the bells, or hell, of 1890. ( sunup commence ! between three and tour o'clock. It was u tittlo wm m for such exercise, but young iwopie arouevT especially sensitive on the score of tempers tore. Foreigners seemed struck with tho independence of the various bountiful ladies whose hands were so eagerly sought after. There they stood alone and unprotected tu the broad gaze, settling' tbelr oUatrs with oaoh guibuit cavalier, aa, with hut in hand, he off nod suit and service as If their mothers were In heaven. Their cheeks never Manehed nor did tbeir voice falter, as with dtploiaslic tai l they neither accepted oor refut'-d itie various scholia tlc.ns t111 tbeir general mue had hi* n all unJcr li e eye ol public admiration; for many doubtless thought that to lay aside the magniht ont burnous or the rich moot let, III) each lad dons d? proper execution, was unnecessarily to deprive tb< mstlvts of an effective weapon. In France. aa is well known, the maternal supremacy is never relaxed, and except in the dunce the daughter never quits her mo tbrr'aside. There is more liberty in England, but apna rentlv much lrn? than In Atoerlcu. Mr. Gbd.u and nie wife and oaughfr were there; ?r lieopb o'kjiw, Pfcgelrlan to the Am rloan u we 1 na eng. H*h flubi?p> , Ml v Meagher tl o Timet cur respondent, and the oorrenpundent of the Nr.w Ymut ilmuu). ware among tbo few Knglixh. Anient the Frcoi b wan I'rince Puhgnac. About ns o'elock tb'< datilnr cenaej in order to i -1' u t? i.i .dir. - rroin Mr. Fuuikuor, oonc.ludod with a reading of lite Auiertcun DocUrm.on of Independence Mr. lauiknnr w not a Uunut ipealciw, but or rythir.g be H*iJ was appropriate to tlio ore* a.ou and ll< pood Laatc. Be alluded to tbo a** isi Am i Ml ii oidvod from VtaOcc .11 !. r li< i-r of di-tires in t?iinn of warnj eulogy, oud while dwvlliug in trutig language on tbo imidmt of tlio Rniitb, madu a graceful allurioi) lo tho fbet of sunn* Individual* of tbo old founti* being jiroarni on that '*c:uoon. At tbo conolu riotioftbo rrading of tbo Declaration, tnroe cbeerr wore called for. and ever* bat and band and haodkerolof ?a? rnAcd, wfdlo the welkin i ing v th tbo cheer* tbo children of America poured forth with patriotic on org*, dome of tho English wort, thanked by tbo amifoe aii.i courtot g of tbo ladle* for t'ie|i hearty participation In tbo *cono "Ob," Mid ono of them In uiy hearing, with Tn-iblo motion, "Whatever may b? eaid ?>r dcm?, lucre in not child tn America that dne? not t vo with all hit b<ait the old, old country, tbo burl ol hi* latboce, tbo proud pri.poiiiU're of bta race " Idly, Mid Mr Oib-fon, In hi* mild, bonovoleut manner, tbo reparation bad nut taken place without light!' g We are both bettor af wo arr.nuiy we did not thiuk of thlN tu time. There mm no oilier epeaking. Mr. f>>h leu *11, of course, ore of tbo Ik n? of the ocuniug. ana charmed all by the cordial and flattering ouJogi.-? ho Rund upon tho people ?.f tho rotted ft*t?*. Priuoo Vignac, by hie own dot I re, wt* iulroduccd to him by Sir JoM'pb O'Niffc Mr. Cbhden particularly expatiated upon Uie rap d irtrtdc* Am. * a* making in the art , aild n.' nti'.Lnl WWo beautiful Nf>ec.ine|i? ol ?c llpt'ir." be hau httnaei! Uiepectd ly native arV ig He mi-1 that ?h?n U'gar? a* anc weald long?lo eutr. pet* with the beat European *rti?t* tr. th.* MMftMM, map* who at preeonl <r ere blind t-> her wonderful pmgrcw would begin I.i open tbi ir eye* lie in'tanncd the kUr^vg* of Ltuuwlowuo. "When," Mid he. "I apoke to the old nu about the gigantic atridcc of tho I n.lej Statoa, be liclcuod benignly, tmt i.ot curlooely. but when I vpofco of Can a con nocted with tbo art*,and Mid that tbo Into war. approach ir* ?hm their Nprcimccg would b gladly received .it ;ui boriN In England, the old man pr rked up hit cm and ecmcd ttrui k wltb act<?lab>notit." Mr. Or hden talked much of the to Hum bo Lad to go through In regp?-t of Ibc commercial troa' y between Fraore and England. Ho evidently (bund tbo French very llttl-j in all tbetr ootnmrrcial notion*, moa-trouaiv fund of money?hut a 1 after a I t. irVni* fa. Un a A>f the Emperor be *pckc to tr/mr of unqualified |>raur. He ibo ^ht bla flew* large and Me object# thoroughly bmxint He did not helkrc there waathc allgMrat ixcaalon for the prwnt alarm on the part of England, end that the whole raiding pan* tree uimulalrd he art>(trial raear.*. TV war cutaa?always the a'ntoeratir?hire, he raid, a tab Manual internet In a lartab war exprnd'ture Eeery ad ditleaal abip built and fitted cut wfieta the appetite for atutegood tblngn, end eo it guv* on. Oae tbing l? into! erable, and that tr tbe vi.uatrxr ejetern Either the at dltlooal thirty millions are euflent lor the ueft-nco of the country or tbejr are tot, eaid be. an 1 tbe mtantear tvatnn ta lighting tbe cat lie at tx?th untie, for tbe Mu.laierti' d?.0Mn<U being uuppned, the people arc giring i bins tbe force their ?nppli?a hare oablfl lyn to bur Tbe eooanj ienee li. Jobbery t? more rife than crer. Be thought It a m I en intake permitting the Queen to fire off tbe that rifle at the rifle oomjettunn, and that l*rlnee at berfirtfk ro<Bi/mnnla waa 'imply m> tnucn (JenninUt* uuder tbe ma k of Engl Jib patriot lam. I have left tayaelf little rnnta fbr tkbar matter*. The Or rt n turn d joli r !?; from Eonlanehleai AfVr marine a rt-ort ha.t at tbe Tuir'WW. the Imperial family p-r:iunl tb"ir war U M. CInod, where It la exported tbey will r-meiu till win r the li?b of Aogo-w-thr Emperor [?< ??iiiv itebi .ng uf to make a iuor' eoj.-.m at huBtblWW IV weal tier improrw, and with It tbe fund# are ' Hade ihm?r. A! mi Count Monk nvdnj'* condor! rr rpnrt Ingdhc with ; (rawai u4 be* renonrie'loi of h<? right#. I bare >,nard |iut ' ?<- ptt.lur.? ILat it tr rn'y aiuthcr proof of Beurhnn de- 1 pwarec/- Tber ir> 'eaitimir?a tb" are ready fide ' bate that i.m>? are rurh that ""'birr ui fair, bet, on * ih? other band. tl.?-re ere other leritur at# who oluab M Jer rpnnk of neilii'l to wbu b th-'y b?wta?e to fx .be ( refer name. Qwnt/awa rwh pmhrr. d woewat. I* 1 k wy trie'|WtVi i; he I It' appn>p.-laU-n<-ae < atmot be ' paiwea; ed i* th>e ki dance I The Btlllan Treety ewltli MUaregwa. In the It- i4 : ?? #, <w the Mti loat .ut, l/>ru Wode !?? ..< I. ee'to *> tbia .1 ( rtunilv to lar n their ' i .edrMp" ta bin the nop) ? e trrety betwaeu her Mart- 1 I) ear (he #er -reTew' eg fhtdwr?f TV Mfl if Ma.i?tcah?i?y ar J>ed to lit'a what had ?>e < >B?n| ih? treat) of Nicaragua, wl.ieb ought to bat# waewlo.1 th Mi . ' Hand ., an. and aakX whether th.- ' p pi inhwJed I" ;iro*eur tne <ve"e'w>?)'Vnoe m- * atirg to tin three Imaltwa ?t h ba bettered her Macat) a en rimint bad nmietud<d, riprteamg at th ' a*.< l fiie * hope it at ammt, would be <1 ketw.. a toe * -orir>pnn- *er alfwdy la i on Me I.Me aad lire wit ' lHWif f'1 '* MttWM to th* ruw*M*Mu Of IM tea*- j J I I * l ^ I ?T*n ' I*r i - U f 'yr^i r n i' > w mt Wf ? W*? K*n? iMMW*.M AH ?fe? IfMIr a lit] II 11. ,? ? ..! I? I Hi. r ' 1*4 I-?'. W> 1 jr ilv- l? mat 'm li,? tut,,. ?| u?? M>yi um ?? . " brt traa'jr t* Huiv*. h <4 hr?n ?n * I..J..1 ... . I - * i TWO' , 11**. wm, 1*1 I V r.1 II. ?? i... * " ' ? " - ? ' '? * I -?.il ' * ' -i?|-?H I, ? ?*-.! W. !.?*? Mi r,|..rl?|i ' Of rt ? : - ? '> ' b?Ma?M?4 *?*? ?"? m it* *n i AMiNli II : v?*rt. ? II ?| Ih. )?Mtinr nf lh M il . < l>." T r* hud ?y?.4 ftn a4n> ikr L . r r I <r .. t ' KWHIIiKalullllMHinr, iMltMIIMimi IM J iW ? ? Xfni?liy " gin >Or> lt? t. ??il J I tr.?? J^tj ? 1VO , Vr v. r ... Ikf. o II |..? , WM?r-1 !>.? ! f ll ..<?l '. ?>. fkl I.f .l?#M I " IM n.' . i jn ..r,?*W | ?t lh? rM , f Jf tfrfff fen*. I, J) L PRICE TWO CENTS. The l? Jmmu DlOcalty. TUKQVCSTION IN PAHI.l AMMNT?LNTMUCitTDW VITU>M?1 IV M'Tbe ON TBS Sl'SJSVT?OPINIONS OB TBI 1 RJif*, kiTC. Ik tin Hi ii?.- oi < ..mmons, on thO0tb Inst., Mr. WIlilMM u-ki rt ' ih ijnlilf loro the Secretary frtr oreign \tUtra - li' tl/ i lik liNit 1st. y r.-celvod adm patch respecting tlM UUiuil < ' San Juan, vou Inuatory of oertatn pr co-stags ah.. i i-ik mut to have takeD place id thai quarter, at 'Ik it nidation ol General Harnryf lord J RiichH. it- reply, ttalii that orders had bean nteiitd by General Harney with r?*iteel to the to land of San Juan, tn complete ountriwlietloti to the arisiigeniciils which bad beeu made by 'Jeneral Soou, wlio bad directed that a email number of the Iron) re of each nutton should occupy the Inland, and thut there should be no eaclualve Juriedirtu n Generul Harney, departing trow that arrauge; tmn, had given instruction that 'he American Ju'ladictn.ti am to prevail In San Ivan, on the ground that It beI' I ?*d to the l i lted States; hot the tn >ment intelligence ha reached Washington that such indent bad been " 'nil lei.) i yolm jmij ,.,n,-re<l into communication on the suVa* i wut, General Cass. By Geaeral 'toe* the matter hail I.. < n |ttUi before the President, who directed Uiat .<t eiHl llarn. y ihonl i be immediately recalled, and that ' anaos ol San Ju.i. Hte ubi be placed oti the footing arai.god by General Scott, //, W U mlf <*M that the *c2 '*, P'?Wrat eJTorded or. OAtur.m* tkmt good fmUM ?. d,alM?, UMk Ik, 'qneSt.* be raft on th, part j W poteen??rnt ?f IK, inv/ed Stotei ( fear, hear.) (PloDl the I/'&don Chronicle, July 7 1 The offctal corrc*|Miiicuce, u. which refrrcnce wm 'I'Ufl. In ? late debate, too. jurl been pub i?h>d The Hrat letter, In pmutof i'me, w from tbe American Adjourn General, Pie. nan toe, acting under the order of i' ral Harney, u> ttoplaln Pick tt, cr.nntuu ding the n.< i icsii torce ou the island It is an follow*:? Aran 70.1M0. 1 1 lent. Gen. Pcotl hs* left no order or instruct ions ,i th the General commanding to grant a joint ml iury . i copal n "t .Sao J nan Island with British troupe, net ber as at i authority beeu delegated by the government of he rented .-rWr* i?j the G?u- rai to afltar or ucodyt such ru|*lt'u <>t that inland The offer made by General < <11, when ID command bore, wae not accepted by Gov< rnor licogl** at the time, and coowquuutly concluded I itiat train-act ion No air*iig"ni<-ui baa heeo made aluce u. r< r?? It within Urn knowledge of lbo General com[ n>aodlPR. 2 The British autliorlti** having aubamted the *a*nranee t<> General fk-olt that u<> attempt would be made by iVtn to tllakMige by force the I'm ted Hale* troop* on Ban IBM l.-iatid, lb?> were ix-riuineo to laud tioepa Tor similar pur|>*e to which yourr mrmuui waa doalgned In the original order* conveyed to you In July laai, via : the protection at our cltiaena frotn Indiana, both native and foreign. la connect ion with tht* service, the General commanding tak< * unansk* tu prewo.t you i<> Admiral Bktyuaa and tbr offloi r* wiiU wh>>m yon wit be brought In contact, aa aui Rker (mwin hi* liiniMrt o adlduuco, that nothing a ill be omitted In ma'iitaiiiiug a frauk and gener?ua tnU'lconree, In all matter* eowu.ig aiibin your power*, to j iKtabli-b a nraetual W inttiHi of the present mieonJeri.uxlibjr*. whwli roall prove boo->rable ami salisfaotory to ail |4u tu* until a dual aelUcmeut la attained by the two aoteruDit nta. S. I icier the ? irpaiiic act of the Coogres* ol the United , elate* for the i?tabiol>m<ut of the territorial go em tin nl of Vt'aahtngksi, the Unit L/g'illative Assembly In l>d | :ivnl an act including the Ula id of -tan Joan as a | pnrt of Whatcom county this a t waa duly submitted to Concrete ai d ha* not la-en disapproved; It la, therefor*, i th -law uf the land You will be diliged, consequently, 'o a< knowledge .tnd r? *|?-<t the rivl j jr lad lotion ofWaatington Territory la the discharge of your oo dau Juan, al'd ila eneral o>-min?n hug i* aaiisOel that any at'emp' of Iba Ihitiah commander u> icoore this right of the T< rrllofy will fx.- loliuwed by deplorablereauJU out of to* po?< r lo oeMi Tli-Ucueial r..miiuuiilnig will Inform tbo Governor of Washington Tarntury U. l vou are directed to cotnmunicat< with the civil od or on the laland in the investigation of all nua-a requiring bis attention. In the event <4 any British Interest boiug involved, you wtil Botuy the otlloer placed thereby Annnrel [laybe*, to enable bun ki or.own owns ir>Mi|iciwnt MlWtiiunf to kli instructions, m well aa ituer of lb* civil ufllccr >/ ? II be understood, In caao of dltagtn tuout ol tbcwc pan lee, tbat no action a to be taken until llio oaec lute neen referred to Admiral fliynea and the Governor of Washington Territory rot poet Ivoly. Puee fgestlasa will l>? acceptable to tbe xmditlaoa which govern U?e Territorial anU??UMS at ffaebiugtoa, while antiafying ihe ohliganoui. >* ibe military asrrlco to their mri aa well aa the civil la am of the country, and it la fktr to itrcaiirne Utoy will be adopted by Admiral Da) bee, since Ibe tenor if hb instructions to Otptttn HhZfcljreltc arc auflWInt-llr littoral W> Justify the e-mcluaioo. On being informed of this viotent document, Lord I-jcn* Inuntsliawly wroto to lo-tiaral Cbsa tba foltowiag letter WauaomwHi, Juno 0,1 MO. I have just revolted from Roar Admiral Baynaa, Oom tn under la Chief >1 tur tlai<at> a naval forrxa in tba Partita, a eopy if tbe older* issued to tnc rmmioaudiug IBc> r of tl> t mted Wale? Wen* to Han Juan, by H*n*rai Harrey, and i on.muiih *tc.t b) th general's direction to tbr fl.i-. r to ronimand of b?r M..jetty a tmnpa In tbo iimn Itland. 1 do myself ibe booor to encloae a eopy of the or??eia In queatkw, and I earnestly beg tint the t'nllou Wat-a government vtiU Ulto tl.4? .tnmatiaaly uiio conakleraiMtn ft w..old he rnperfhi ne to remark wpoo tbo .o.v>n*ie tency e* the whole letmr and spirit of tlowe order* ellh the aaMhfbr ory arraitgrvter I made by tleneral ReoU In Nov en tier last II- t mere la oil" point to witch I oannot hut iwli the particular attention of tba gorarnmuot of tbe I'mted Hutu lirwer*l ILtniey direct* the itfltat r In command of the I'd it ?'d Suit.a dcuohnert u. ?. kuowtadge tm reapaet tbo Cl\ ll Jurisdiction if Washington TVrrltory irv the Island <d San Juan, and be roes no to any that be "la aatssflad that an- alb ui,d of ibe Hi itiab commas I -r to ign .re tba rtsbt ?{ tbr rerrltory will be followed by Jvptora-ita re null* ot t of I la powrr w> control " I w ill oor.trnri with this order tbe following pnaaage taken from a letirr a-hlrcmed hy Ueorral rtoutl to tovsr nor I diielu* on the 9th Nuremher last ? "In the aume spirit I had earlier deteetniad to lart'vl onr nanm'iudinf ?Iftaor o-. the island u> una an claiming Auiciluoary of Waabingtun Territory to trvrlvto with any llrKirti ?u'>jr?-t r**?d1t>( or to bp po Ibo anm- inland wbiiet It aha'l rnw a in repute between o .r reepective gov rnmeni* " To tlue p*n*fc I will add %o attract from the ordere fl'M by Uereral Hcutt to iVt CtM Miln 0^ mm man lire on Han Juan, and communion ?l m tbo Mao toiler hr l.' tiorol sWdi to ikrreri.or (ting lae ? "Tt.o Bpnoral in iTiief wuhd to bo mama bored that the of tb< tela >1 (Srui Juar) 1erl.1l 10 dte(^to biii wen ttw two (ovi rutrxutt, nod utilil d<dlu't*ly Am d by Ui?bo thai Brllt?h aubyocu bare equal r fbu witb American citlzrcr on the Irland." It will 0" doubt be m your woll*- im Oml oapy of tbo iPttrr U) 'hueta! lhnilar, wt Irh I hart 9 toted, <H appended to tbp met ruct lone Ylren by (hnerai Ac?dl to lb I'ultcd f-atee' ctBrer 00 Sou Juno, that a oot>j of It ?o iranamittP'J to lienors! Barney ' fur hi* infbrtoaliuo and fuktarct" by fencm! *co:|, to a letter bearing tbo v r ante nod tbat OdBeral Srott at Umi ammo Mated lot'i Df rai flamey " srtabod It to bo rratoatborod that the w?TPTp|gnty nf ?bo If land wat Mill m a i* 70 Vp b? tweet. tbo two fn? amnion la, and until IpOnltrty artHi d by Unm, Uial Br.liob lubkv-ta bad equal rl|bt( wttb Anrricau citizen* on tbo Inland." rt la innecruanry for it" to lay anything moon to ahnw tbut thi rrctnl nrden of (b-ncral lUr.ipy vro mooaMateut with Ihc aftae* metit nude by Oenorui Scott. oppmeod by tb' ITofi'loiit and aoppptad by bar Majrety'e (umib tu t I. t'tnivr tbat arrangi mini tranquillity ban boon matrto'ni-d at flan Juan for ail mouth*, and onrdlai ro latlon* bad mibawtpd between the Brttiah and An rtnaa autborlt|?* U. tbo neighborhood. I aiu couftdeat Uiat tbo if ri rtiineiil of tbo lolled &aU* will Inaa c t a MMl in tab ire ?nramr?w 10 arort tbo dopl<irab|o rnoanq-iestoe* nbich Would indeed, bo only too likely to follow any dla tiirbaiMP rif ibi rrtlli (im nt BO Jr.atly nad widely etfocted by llPti?r il Srott Lord Ijrabt, tra.vrnlttlc* tbo two letter* ad atore to ford J. Kodaell, thud Cora incite oti the ? Waoniootiio, Jono T, IN?. ' I have tbo bnoor to enclose cop mo <1fa letter and ltd ftpliwniT, wbkb hate boon received ny tbo commanding dfrvr of tbo Itoyal Marine* on tbo If land of ton Joan. irrtn O.ptatn Picket, who baa been ord'rod by mo'al FlariiP) U relevrfotd Hunt, tbo nffloar plarad 1a ootomnod Of -ho lotted Outre d< Inchmeal oa that teland by imueral Hrott. Your lordslilp will partial re that the ortara firan by ^eoen.1 Rarti'-r tot'tpftln P.Artt, and cnm-nuutralod by lie 01 ?t*!'* dlroetion In the nflloer lo <*raimaad nf tbe Or 1 ifh rietacbnu-nl are, In many pulnta, in undleteat ell't t'c a'.kii*-mpnt* n.vle by Oer. ral liootl and ae *i<te>l by ber Uajorty't forerandbH. Your lord*blp wlli not lid to obnerre, fa part'enlar, w?.Tni iwrET a:r?vi* ta^ia.n rtckc't to n-cogjtee il*' elvtl J?iri*d"-i>oii 01 ^Viebihgton Territory nrw Han ln?i and CiaI tlx- fteotvai for* on lo Mate (bit he "la li*fl.H tl ' my altetn-H of lb# Uritmh r <r.tnaudrr to CM* lit* rl<rtil* of U>< hrrtttrj will be ftbowed by Je-Wnble natnia out cf blf 11 control." The opiij M then* nroera reu-bed me yrewnay, to a r tier from (bar Admiral Ptyn^i I Imm.-diat ;/ tranartttnl * cojiy t.> .h" rt.lf l ulo Secretary of Slate, ?llh a note Nyrglnt that Ibe t'nlted -Ul?a goerrnment rotiM net biff a ftntn- nt In Inlclt g iPfVurm to arrrl the lefwomble ccv i*inrur^e winch wmibf. indeed be only oo likf lr to follow any dtola.-na <? of the MOIMaoat to tieelf 'IfcrW by O mentl *wtL Of that ode I lo mj elf tr.< horn* t<> riM 'nao a oopy. I lave born In P- rari tl rromeuloatlon ?r!U? 0*n?r\i hra iB the iub.oc'to day. He *?y? that bo mail end M.aoarxT ai< ear. lia prepared, a wriifo aaewer, rb>cl? alii bv omnplotr y aallr'ai V>ry to her M?jo?iy'f h>Ti?tr m< nt In the meantime, bo nntbortoaB ni* w> 11i at you' |or<l?bip that the I'niint -u:?n government rfrr- and disavow fitrciaJ flarncy't order. I h.?i irf't tl to* of Ui>. UnltM *tatan a arad Il?ui.U>. ar i in the met raped ithmn maaiier.tbe r.le.a iirc.i?*u-y tnaveit the **m which Oetoral Bar. iry a r^Aba* r.iidecl bee efinn -rudered Ima.nnl I ball, on aiy port, av>lre err.y ?dt>rt to eurore the A<1 mi al> roe"!! i of. m *->n an pteelhle, the lib utgrooc of too Haaroeei by th# govtrnnunI of Oooeral Harn.ry preceding* T" vi e la'te; part of h'? Utter the DrItUh Mulater vol the ItUoa nf anUlWiory r<ply 3MB eWAxniwi.t^r. June I, 1Mb. Mi team? t have rewired yiu lordeblp'a .oramunicn K* of I he tub iiiMuti I, i m losing or?pka of ofwrr taai.ed by l.?o-ral fUrncy to the oamk;.tiding offioer of the I'tHna S?*bw uoopa W the aland of Han Juan dale! on the 10th if April saet.and common icaied by IhefenereN directum in the "fleer In totnmaad of In-r Majeaty 'e troopa m? tba am.- inland, ami baee i ~t do time in bring log the aobjent Ml the alien I n of tb? Preahlfbt. I am now iaf tr? t- d to infi rm yoo Uiat tba arrange

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