Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1860 Page 2
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2 racnt entered Into by General Bcolt, In the month of Octo Iw, I860, in order to prevent any collision upon tho inland Of isaa Juan between the American ami British authorities pending the negotiations between the two governments, mas nnelly in pursuance of a previous arrangement which Wn? made w ilh Mr Crainpton by the secretary of Statu of the I'nlted Slate* in July, 1856, and mot tho full approval of the- government The orders of (.en. Harney, to which bis attention has been called for the tlrst lime by the note of your Vordahip, and which apt our to be in violation of the artangcoaatit of Ueueral Scott have b.-en read, there foro, by the President both with surprise and regret It Is oar neatly hoped Uuti^you a full explanation uf all the circumslutooa attouding them it may be fouud tlist they (Ware not intended to bear the construction which seems naturally to be lung to them, ami that in any event they Will lead to no collision betw een tbu American and British authorities on the island. To prevout this, as far as possible. instructions will be immediately sent to the com maniior of the Uuited stales troops m Ual region re Voicing the orders ot l.eueral Harney, and givmg lull effect to the arrangrineut of General Scott. A strict inquiry will also be instituted into the conduct of Genera. Barney, wllh a view to such measures on the subject ai may be found necessary, and for tins purpose he has heen recalled frost his command and ordered to report at Washington. OPINIONS OP Tire Pints*. ITrow the buudon News, July 4 J It is difficult to imagine why Mr Buchanan maintains General Harney in command on the Northwest frontier of iI.* Americas territory, where he would long ago have begun a war of aggrowiou upon us but for the excellent iotuj-T and manner* os th< jwrtuf the British authorities whoui he encountered our readers will remember that be claimed the island of Sin Juan aa American territory, sad i.-A military p> sseastou of it while the question of own.-: -hip was under Investigation by a Commission Kvcry act of Ueueral Harney's on that occasion showed iiim 10 be a man ol turbulent lumper, ami ol a eeir will tory unbecoming the military character. 80 strikingly did lb 13 appear, and rupee-ally by the recklessness with which he encouraged the border adi euturera of bis own nation to seize upon territory an t insult and defy the Brlllah residents and authorities, that Bomo curiosity was excited as to w ho Genera! Harney was We told Our readers some months since something Of h'x antecedents. Five years ago he was engaged in boeUlltlre with the Indians?a specie! of warfare detest ed by the best officers in tbe United States army, and gladly turned over bv them to such men us General Har ney lias through life shown himself to be. There war born- thing In his aonduct in that ludtan hunt which provoked inquiry Into his previous course; and the Amortcan newspapers then published the fact that ho wa, the Major Harney only too well known in St. Louis Fome years before us the destroyer of two slaves by torture The offences of those slaves were de tailed before the corjuer's jury. The woman was busp* vied of having hiddeu a hunch of keys, and her hus band wi? sus|Mvti".i of whispering to the neighbors his alarm of his wife being under torture. She was under torture, which finished her in three days. The case war was kc flagrant that the CoronerV jury examined the body, and charged her death upon Major Harney?the only doubt in the case being whether the lacerations werecau-ed by whip* or hot irons. The husband's turn having come next he was treated in like manner, till, maddened Di the agony, he (MMi a way lor himself to the river bank, and threw hunm-lt into the Mississippi. They were well conducted people, aud loft several children to inherit the tender mercies or General Harney. Conduct like this, in a military officer, has not stood in the way of professional advancement. We tr.ay wonder; but we have nothing t< clo with the fact but to marvel at It. * ? ? Hitherto, whatever difficulties may have arisen among Droulier competitors and :ulventurers, the allicers of botli Services in each country hove cutcrUi'ied the mutual respect and regard which professional men aud gentlemen worthy of their public duly are always ready to mini feat. Whenever American aud Drltiaii officers have occasion to communicate on busim ss or pleasure, on sea or land, we are sure to hear of their being pleased w:th each other?hospital>le, cordial and ngieeable. Here is a singular exception. and it is of tbe utmost consequence that the case should be properly treated. It is a dis agreeable and dangerous state of thing* when the American government cannot or will not restrain aggros nors who do not bear its commission, and have no open Countenance from it. When the President, amidst profuse professions, does nothing to stop Walker and his band tn their course of filibustering; and again, when the moat audacious slave traders escape even thr bar of justice, we sympathize iu tho President's distress that hi* government is too weak to stop the mischief. But the present case Is unlike any former oue. Here 1s nn bearing the couimtfBion of the commouwealth, Ins ..Niug and defying Its authorities, at the same time with Its ally. II can hardly be a mistake to assume that General Harney will be deprived of the power of making mischief, as he ought to have been many months age. and It ran hardly be necessary to say that, whether the com tnonwcaltb ' bears with the nuisance or not, its ally Will not. The Washington government must be aware that no British Secretary ol Foreign AT fairs would so degrade his country as to yield an Inch of ground, literal or metaphorical, to bravado Our recent cession of the islands off Honduras shows that we are not avaricious of territory, nor difficult to deal With In the Interests of peace and good mutual under landtag. Bat we yield notlhng to menace or violence: nad. trthe peace 1* kept between the United Slates and Ourselves, it will not be by our giving up San Juan to Oeueral Harney When that office r is put out of harm's way by his government we shall be better able than at pree-nt to anticipate what will happen next. [From the U>udoa Sun, July d ) Although it Uk<* rather a strong fillip to the British public that there is such a place as the Island of San Juan, that it is now In dispute bctwecu us and the United States, sot tbst pending this dispute one eud of the Island is occupied by s small American 'ores, and the otter by a Btilxb foras of shout equal amount, wo are sure that Lord ,1. Raseell's annrunremint of last night will bo re ceivisiwilh great pleasure. Ail our road en have been lutmm-d through tbr copious correspondence published la th-ee columns, Getu-r.U Harney, lu command of the American forces id that quarter, seconding the unscrupulous design* of the author i tic* tn Washington Territory, lis I taken upon himself to disregard all instructions tro'm the I'nited sutec government and the arrangements made by General fteott, and bad given orders that American jurisdiction should prevail over the Island of Sun Yuan Violence, and tb> obvious desire to curry favor arlth the American popttlaee ut any price, were usl the only, nor the most crim feature in tbi* act General Scott bad originally declined to establish a Joint Citil occupation, on the ground that it would not be under military control, ami hitherto there it no rea on to doubt that the objection was serious. But had ral Harney 'a laic attempt been sanctioned by the American government, it would hav* rosirrM General He oil's legal sc ruple into the first atage of a premeditated Wrong The world and poetrrtt) would nerer believe that tlie objection to a Joint ctvil occupation, and the sul> equant claim of an exclusively American :ur Indict ion, did not come from the same some >1*. aud that General* lie iter and Scott ha 1 not a good understanding une w itb another. At lite latest date, Uowever, we were left sill In suspense aa to the countenance which General Barnes m<pit expect, or might, indeed, have reason to knw be would receive from hi* government. It Was too nstural to apprrluut that the President Of the lulled dtates might feel hiiiwelf bound to go song with the m *t forward as-crtor of Amer.can cha tna. and take lite most convenient inlerpri utton tliat niuht find a supporter It seemed almost a |iaradox that (be American government could be behind .my port wo of Its citizens id the race for dominion. Surb an expeeta tkiu is founded on the belief that aggrr -tou occuptr* the place of morality tn the I'nited Mates, and that no law iadmitlcd which conflicts with th* snpjs.sod destiny of the empire Thus far, however, we are gratified to 'earn that t?alter* do not proceed quite at thi pace Genera: lU-ney has beeti rec-illed, bis order* for exclusive juris tu ,.?n withdrawn, and mat' r> left a> tbey were when lie.> ral Scott pla'cd ifepiatn Huut on the island. and before tUot moderate aud conciliatory ofttcer waa letnovel toy ( neral Harney to make way f?r t'apta.n Pickett, a kttri or ilMf'ili'T a ii 1. ..til' v i ihhih i*i No doubt the American government malt tare felt that u r dilution u wells* ihatacter wa* at stake la tU? do r incut ion ol General hutl'i arraugemrot*. lie in J left matters on a ft>otiag which ti-udrdtc a fair and dis sottl-aieut n7 tli*< ijur?tton. Th.? appears to vr been the very thing which tb firehraud lo the nc ghhwring Territory of Washington deetri-J to avert by 1! (veaible wni They would not ran the rmk o< | fustoe and truth. What If It ehoitld inucvd appear that their oreteoaioo waa unfouuded, and that tt>e Brttwh had B r if hi lo di vide the nod rbar.ael with the American*, I aa.i uke lie n-laud lay on thia aide of that | bo tiJarj This iniiet not be. Ho the American { settlers ta that remote rcgi< n thought the ocly thing to !? door waa l*> pu*n claim after claim, and build one aaenmf.lion no f?*t on another that the Brt tish gnrernmeul at the de tanc*' of ton tho. aaad m!>a wro iid n*Ter he able to overtake the rapid c.utrae of material tggrrnaion The \tm*fiian JuriadK'tloo on* acta* , wltv nitahitaacd on over ao narrow a ba*l?, the bland of han .'van must toon be occupied by Amertoan ?clllrr?, I*'.) loo happy to bracket their private claim* with a jnihlie quarrwl. All that waa wanted waa delay. An inrfl ottrc order fr-ra the govrnmei.t. or a qiention inBtrad of an an-uer?any evasion would answer thrp.r|K>?.. and gtvr the Amerb ata lime to pour acrnaa from the oouttnral and reud r Hi- ialand too thoroughly Ai to b* evn res 1 frun that graap ',.j the dirUnt British Power Thankt bowerer, to out Minister at Washington, our icter?*ti and on- honor were not suffered to taper by default lord l.yoo* immediately communicated w lb Geae ral Case un the \loient of C. neral Harney, wait, on the matter belrg rrforrel to the Pres.dent, he at oace ordered General Harney to be recalled, and matter* r<y t >red to the stale ta which General .Arott Pad left tbcm Of C?I? til* dor* not to the lo**t aff-ct the queatioa of the <Trrr\ftT of San Jam and the laterprrtati >a of the reaty. It only thowa that Ibr federal y >errnaiert l? r?a )t t< I tlen to rca*on and equity, aud will not bark op the r'.otaacr or aay aubordtuwte author,ty Tbn con wet? aotno aaaurar.rr that |?are b-twrtn tbl." country an the Catted StaW* rerta on a mirer t>a*i* titan a con tinned aubrnlanton to every porrible outage Aa far aa M gore H la a plod*. that the In i ted !Hatr? will abldr by Ibr ' Of J art tea winch bind together the brtAhe-bood of V rnpoan nattonr It la .,imo*t needier* to obeerve that we harp oo other lntrroat but the prmcrv*tln? of national honor and credit In that remote rtgtoo, Could tt be dlaeovered, that by the .'uat reading of the IV'tndary Treaty we were ho-ind no cire up not or It the channel, and all the b an I In >1, ha* * anconvar'a litao I. an! tb.- a It do abore of the con tli: nt oppoeiir, Praaer Hirer Into the bary*: i. we ha f lltllr doubt that moa? of oar roontrrmen would aire the Aiiiericnaaa heart) welcome to their nea p<* ?*aalOM?. ffc are moat ant tons that the Amer ran* have the wrfo'e of their due, whatever that may happen to be Tb* hotter tbey are eatiettod, if oaly the m??t?n?e tk t be Jmt, U?e better alao are we Hut thin la altogether a different fMIng frmn a rea<l nan to roanlTi at a wrong and trickle to the itroag ba d. If It moat bo, wa are ready to protect our rirhf thee* aa well a anywhere clar, hut we are delighted to he?' that amity with our bold couatn la not incompatible With hooor AM the Called Aaloa government hat on fbr- d It* peaceable laatructlona, we tr iat that a t'me wt'' be toat la wringing a concluatre aettlement The, If we may eo call tt, pngnwaea at a ver) caul) rule A fleet of near 90? faae and 2 000 men Is a portly way of pleading the can* fbr an inland wh rb r obody kanrd <M UU the other da) Indeed, It I- airar104 what a tir e ww raa maintain, and bow IIttwr are do '? to dia mat,~ w ilb that force by the aimpler e? pedlent of nefe Itatbd burtiy om head ma; Jw the wvrk M t-i.wc i*j h hundred gum, and, as the guus are there, tti* foreign j may soon be able to give orders for ? their recall. 8c, while we congratulate l-ovd J?nn i Kuascll on the alacrity and success of our Minister at | Washington, we venture to aak for like promptitude and -| i vigor at home 1*1 this business he settled as soon as i i luaaihlc, before it arrives at a more disagreeable phase i cr be complicated with other preleusiuus There tousl be a right as well as a wrong in the question, and It U very ; bard if we have net law enough ut tins country to aacer, taiu that right . (Krum the Ixjodon Globe, July 6.1 The thought! ul portion of lite Uritnth public Will be | glad to hear that the JTosldcnt of the United Status I his determined to recall General Harney from the I command he exrrcisea on the Pwclhc coast. The proreedtngs of that ,nscrupulous officer are notorious. They must be distastefol to ovcry lover of fhir dealing ; in America, and peculiarly so to the federal govern meat. In t year, General Harney, by the sudden 11 < upstiou of the ^sland of 8au Juan, took a course that v Mated the tenor of the Instruct ions of bis government, and compelled the President to despatch General .SootI in hot haste to rectify the act of the frontier commander. The oocnpattou of 8nn Juan was an act of extreme indiscretion or exlrome recklessness. U Harney bad contemplated a war, tuid Intended to provoke one, be oou hardly have don? more. Hearing what had passed, Lord Lyons at once placed himself In communication with General Ca* I S retary of State, and railed his attention to us conduct of the frontier officer. Jut e win otnplly done. General Cass submitted th- u to esideul liuchanan, and that goutlemai. ately determined to recall the contumacious Harney, aud restore in its integrity Ihc arrangement of General Scott. So far this is very satisfactory. There has been no reason to doubt the bmit .fide* of the United States go veiusarut in this mutter. ' Here is a disputed treaty, and obviously the ben mode of settling the dispute 13 uot by the rudi action of an insubordinate sabreur. It is to be regretted that half measure.-, were adopted last year. General Harney's conduct was then so entirely wilful that it would have ,iuntitled his recall at once Indeed, the public were under the impression that be had been re moved to the banks of the Missouri, and that the roan ugemcut of the former relations had be ? entrusted to more scrupulous hands We know it W very difficult lor the federal government to exact implicit obedience from ' Ulcere on our atatieus, but iti this instance the lenity displayed towards Harney wat, as the result has shown, quite misplaced Mr. Bur.han.ta has done now what It would have been *lw to hsvc done last year, but In the words of Ijord John Russell, the action of the President allordfi an a.--ui auce that good faith lu dealing with the question will be observed on the part of the I'mtod States. (Troro the london CTironk-le. July 7.) The announretnent Bade by I/wd John Kuaaell with retpect to the San Juan queslluu will be rsoeirsd with sat i-fart >n, bnt without surprise, by persona who hare taken pains to make themselves acquainted with the facts, i-ome days ago we were t-.1.1 that matters were ?nc* more, in a critical condition in the Island of San Juan General Harney had utterly set at unught the arrange ment made by General Scott, had refused to sanction a joint military occupation, and had committed so many acta of indisetetion that It was urged upon the British government to demand hia Immediate recall. We did not, In the Drat Instate e, consider it worth while to notice these statements, for we felt certain that if such causes of complaint existed, they would not be disregarded by the government of the United Mates It whs quite clear that if iGeneral Harney had acted In violation of an arrangement made by hia su perior oilkvra, he had committed a gross breach of discipline which it would have been impossible for his own government to pass over with impuaily We were not, therefore, die jawed to attach much Importance to the story published by the Timer, but were quite content to wait for further Information. in the beliaf that, if the statement were true. President Buchanan would be found to have laketi the proper course in the matter. At all events, there was no need for bluster and It was certainly too early to apjieal to the British j<enplc to resent a fancied Insult. Th public have now been Inforiped, on unquestionable authority, that our auticiiutlions were uot unI founded. No sootier had lYesldent Buchanan been made acquainted w Itti the proceedings of General Harney than | he gave directions for the immediate recall of that I officer: and we w ill add, that this resolute determination 1 to act with goon faith In the transaction is quite in keeping with all the public acts of the distinguished man who is at the head of the American confederation. It was ut- J i terly puerile to suppose that the good underslai ding between two great nations could tie disturbed by the rash- . utts atid Uidlsoreltou of a rough soldier, who probably . believe- In the immortal principle that '-might makes right," and baa also much more in rommou with the Ser- ' geant Bolbwell of "Old Mortality," than with any type lamltlar to more recent experience. There is no reason whatever, to believe that this San Juan question will bo developed into a causo of quarrel between hngUnri and America. The whole diltlcnlty arose out of a geographical blunder The diplomatists of the two countries oould not ugre- M to the interpretation of a particular clauae in the 1'regon treaty, ami tins because one ot the persons who framed that treaty was uot sufficiently acquainted with the geographical details of the territory in dispute. Gases ot a similar kind are of tolerably frequent o.wur rence. and we have no doubt that this difficulty will speedily cease to exist. It is. indeed. of Home imjiortam e that it should be settled with all possible despatch, for up to the present moment it has given rise to periodical sx plosion.- or angry journal.ats, who?for want, perhaps, of someth-ng better to do?like nothing so we'.'as setting friendly nations by the ears. Nmplaa Md Sicily. I No movement la reported either in or on the . mainland. Garibaldi, In a letter to the Italian Committee in I on don, poiuts out the urgent need he has lor a flotilla, and : 1Mb IUCJ Ulb?Ul IXXMIbMJ pil? uir .... u.u. ? couple cf steamers armed with Armstrong (fans. A Napl. s of fh(> 21 uisl MVi. ? The state of ' eiege La* been raisec ; the constitution of 1M8 has lioon ' proclaimed, the pre** law* of H4H and 1S49 hare been ! re established the Chambers are NtnM Tor the 1st of September. and the National Guard has been provisionally re established. Naples Is tranquil. Siguor Freacobaldi. the representative of the Duke of Tuscany, has taken down the cscutcheou of the Grand larhvIt is ass. 'tad that the m-wt violent pri-asiire was being 1 eiercised by the rrench Fmperor. oo both the C-nirP of i Napu* and Turin, fur the enforcement of a confederation i equally n pugnant to the one and the other, i The wm: omciat Opinivn', of Turin, in referenee to the , proposed aliianco with Naples, aajr*?-'The ministry ttrnily adhere* to the national prim iple, and refuse" to enter into any engagement which might carry thecn away from the line of policy tney hare always followed. It K necessary to temporise in order to neutralize the activity ; of diplomat -to, who think that Ilodmant, to aan thi \ Neapolitan dynasty, should adhere to the proposed alii anr< Such an alliance is madmiss ble on account of the opposition of public opinion." Th /n f/q? >iJ." <e H'lf/r rvy. that P." Im ^t has place.! CO:, litloiis oo lli" uc? < plane of the alliance with Naples , whi 'h arc equivalent i a refusal For Instance, the go I ernni'-nt has d< man.led that the Neapolitan government I nut "i.lj rcoognhe the annexation of liomagua. but the | p-obablc annexation o' the Marches and of I mbrl.v The ! relation" between the Court of Naples and the Boly 8eo render ?;eli a course impossible. I he A'wJ slates that th > c. n.utlens which the Court of To rln deatre to unr* >.-c in Maple* were a* follow*Flrft The government of Napks shall dcBnltively break with Au* < trie. Hertnd It rball give ana cau e to be accepted at I Komc tlie counsels wh.ih itae'f hnfe received and accepted. Third It ?hall adopt a tine of pol'ey tending ti the com- 1 j plele Independence of tlaly. K>uith. Promised reforms I ' shall t>e really effected. A lettei from GeLoa say* the S'.ci ian ' ?n for 45,00? .000 1 francs la elaioat OMtcl iJed. It wi! be :eaued at &, to be | eimbursod in Oftren JPCars by annual drawings I The French Consul at Genoa had refu?d to feign the pa|>era of a capt-nn ol a French steamer who had rngaged I ta cvart; \<>lunl?a-r- to Talvrnio. Tliore were 4,000 to onlevri l M J at fl(M to depart. I A dea;atch dated Naples, tie f>th, announces that a rommlaaioa had tH<ei appointed to draw np laws on the j following aob.'ecU ?The Nations! Guard. Admlnistra < ttcaa. undtcli of Slate, aid Ministers! responsibility. Naples was tran jui , and the conituullonsl party waa i described aa more consolidated < A dewpalrh dated Naples Jul, S, mm.; cee that Garf ' ba d bad inarched against Mre 'u. 1 _____ I Rome. J A mm e- waa rnrrent that a mo- ?nrat of R-tnac troop# ( t awards the Ne ipoi un frontier* had taken place. f Tne retctftr whlrh the Patnl fovernmenl had dee ded upoo granting were to be promulgated shortly m a nnr* yt ryrvn ,\m< ng otb< r concession* the Pope grants to the r Ui:ir.]ltn of Hi ale .1 deliberate* rot* 00 all financial due* tib ?ii b mil m? 11 MmItiooanultntleenk; but th*?e reforms i>r- fc> bo granted on condition of lh< .alegrit; of llu i?irimoni of 91 Peter l>e ng guaranteed C Kranrr. *] IV Run* an Ambaasador at Pnrla bad oflcially notified j the French government of the adhesion of Kissia to the , fcprieil^i tor the assembling of a bur pea.-. Conference ? at farts on the ferny <)umaioe h The 1 on ?if the Of pa legislate, which wan to be 5 concluded on the 1Kb mat . would be prolonged to the 1 '.1st, on account of tbc amount of business remaining for ? dl*< usnwm. 1 It w r nflim- 1 that the Neapolitan Minister at Paru had 1 lent bi? resignation to Naples a The American resident* in Par a fare a ftU rAaetjvgr. J a the Viuirth of July. Mr. Oebilen u aa present. \ The Part* Bourne ? an Brm and an'mated Kri Loa cloud j OB the Bib al 6s M, | ??? 1 Partagal. [ I-- ">e July t. IMC I TV new Ministry ha# ?>een formed he the Msriut* de loulr e* fotwwa:?Marnnia de lonie, President; Sennr r hefn > Mlaat-e Jasttrr; & tihor D'Arl a. foreign Affile ?nor Genu run, War. itrs<r Benlo da SUva. Marine. . f woo: Borta, Public Works I RniilB I t M<?*ra Baring Brother* A tin. had announced that the j i'??rrtptloii# In Amsterdam and la ndon to the new ?S, f 000.000 Runeuan l <nn amounted to ?f.OOOAa>, and mat 1 I the allotment* for that amount had been M*U~d. R'tssin J engage* not to otWr the remaining ?f.000'* > before ' .laauarr, |M1, and then not below the prtg.w er ootid I h ttoo* or the suhswiplioti tent closed. The nen a lock was j M m 1/ no. n at par to r 1 Prince nnriatinski lied undertaken an expedition against 1 a trlhe ot the n* untntnn. near the Ben, who wore '1 gl 'lng trouble le the l'.uaeiaiis " ??? e IwllMrinaB. c RSKXIt . July B, IMO TV Minister of Fnglsnl the He I rati" Onnf deration lias declared to the President, Ir the nam< of lord John r BtanscU, that K*laiid has g-vtm in h"r sdhem. u to the J prua-altif a I iropean Goofer-nee. The KnglMh Mints ? tee ripre?*ed. on tils ooceeton. the firm Intention of sup # pc'ting the right of Bm itterlen l to (la.m new guarantees . for th? maintenance of neutra'ity " n Syria. t TV clef. war tn Syria was raging w lb i anbatcd elo- u lewev at U>? Intent dates b raw YORK HERALD, S. ndlm Autrslla, The Bombay mail* of June 7, and Melbourne of May IS, -cached Mane-H lea on the bib lite only Items of new* telegraphed are that disturbances had taken pUce at Han* weera, and that Gene ral Oulram'e protest against the amalgamation of tho two armiee ui India Lad been published. The Champion'* Bolt. TO T1IK NPITOK OK TtlK LONDON POST. Baring seen a statement In your paper thl* morning ttial the belt recently preaeuled to John C. Heenan at the Alhauilira bad again come into my hands, and was detained by me until 1 bad been paid for Its manufacture, I * rite to request the lavor of you to contradict that statement. My bill for the manufacture of the two bells was paid on the 21st June, and I hare ceased to hare any control over either of them since the presentation at the Albumbra on the 30th May, although after tbo pruaenbi tioo both belts were returned to me to be ''hall marked," and to receive their last finish, which could not hare been given to them in the short period of six days allowed me for their manufacture. C. t'. HANCOCK No 30 Burros bthxkt, July I, 1300. THE VERY LATEST. Ijvkwool, July 8,1800. The commercial newa is anticipated by the arrival of the Oounaughl. The sus|>en8loD here is the house of H. k A. Conbraugh, cotton merchants, Ac. Liabilities not large. The subsidy promised by the French government for laying down a submarine telegraph line from France to the t'nltcd States is an interest of seven per cent daring fifty years on a capital of 15,000.000 franos. Markets. WAKKriKI.D, NAblt AMI COM PANT'S CIBCCLAR. I.ivkseooi , July 0, 1860. COtton.?We hare again had a good demand both from the trade and for export during tne past week; but the anxiety to realize continues so great on the part of holders, thst buyers have been able to purchase at a further reduction of )?d. per lb. We quote middling Orleans 5'{d. a 6d , middling uplands 6>,'d , middling Mobile 5\d. Imports this week, 24 000 bales Total sales 69,140 bales, of which speculators look 2,170, exporters 14,180, leaviug to tlie Uade 52.790 bales. Ami** have i men in modernte demand, without change In price, sales 300 bbls. at 29s. 6d. a 30i. for pots, and 30s. for pearls. qi KKcrmos Baku ?There hare tieen no tranaactions in Baltimore, but 120 hhds. Philadelphia have been sold at 8s. 6d. a 8s 9d. ex quay for hue ground. Ru-un?A moderate businef.- has taken place since our last, about 8.600 bbls. having tx-eo sold, at is. 6d. for common, and 4s. 8d. s 6s. 6d. for lowr to good aaedium. No transactions in tlie higher grades Tt'kphwin* ?(X rough 200 bbls sold at 8*. a 8s 3d.; of spirits about 700 bbs. liave been sold at a further reduction of Is. per cwt., 32s. having been accepted ox quay In London the market is quiet at 83s. 6J. a 34s. per iwl. Him ?No transaction* this week in (Carolina. Laki>.?There has been a good steady demand, and about 260 tons bave been sold at 67s. 6d. a 681. for good refining up to 60s for fine, and as high as 63s. for some very extra quality. Tai low bas been quiet but steady, at 64s. a 64s. 6d. for Doe North American lu IaiuJou the market remains quiet for P. Y. 0. at 52?. 91. per cwt m all positions. Uxrp very dull, and easier for all descriptions: tales 400 Items. In London the market, owing to large arrivals, ib again easier, and former rates not obtainable, .stock here SOth ult 24.483 tierces, against 10,796 same time last year. l'oKKduli: sales about 200 bids., of which 160 were ' law son's," at 77s 61 , and the remainder mostly French. In Inndon the market remaiua very inactive, am) no prospect of improvement at present. Stock hero 30'b uit. 8,306 bbls against 9,353 samo time last year. Bacon?Owing to the very reduced stock of prime there has been very little done this week; prices, how ever, are unchanged. In 1/indon the market continues firm anu u fair busiuiva parsing. Stock here in first hands on 30th nil 1 273 boxes (besides about 2,000 in dealer's hands), against 1,700 tuime time last year UiitxsK ?There has been less doing and last woek's price* are not obtainable. Knglwh cheese is also lower. >to< k la-re 50th ult : 9,097 boxes, against 288 same limo ast year. Ben tea.?'The market bas ruled very dull and pricoa tave again given way, 85s. is now a pretty full value for die best. The weather since our last has remained duil ind with an unusually low temperature for this time of fear, but without rain. Wheat ?Our markets Tor wheat and flour hare ruled very quiet, and tbe business passing In both ha* been at barely previous rales. Tbe U>? prices current fur Indian corn no Tuesday have attracted more attention to the article, and u considerable quantity has changed bauds at llmee rates. Deliveries of wheat from our own farmers tor tbe past week cousibtot 87,961 quarters, against (9,360 quarters same week last year, average price this year 68s. M. against 48. 4d rrrrespon ting week last year. At [>ur market this morning ve had only a moderate attend aure and but a limited bus'newt resulted in wheat nt n deslme of Id. n 2d. per 100 lbs. since Tuesday Hour also but little inquired for, and obtainable at a further drciine nt 6d a Od per sack and barrel. Indian corn tn fair inquiry, but holders generally demanding an advance of 6d. per quarter ou the 1 jw rates of Tuesday, which buyers a ere not dl: |>osed to accede to, but little business resulted, oatmeal steady, (tats dull, and lbs turn easier. Egyptian be*us 61 per quarter clieaper. Wh- at?American white 10s Ad. a lis. 4d. per 100 lba. " " extra.Us. Ad. a 12* 01. do. 11 " red.... 0* Ad. a 10a. Od. do. " " " estralOs. 0d. a lis. Od. do. Flour?Bait and rbhlla.. .2?s. Od. a 20s Od. per 10A lbs. " Onto 2??. 6d. a 20a Ad. do. << Western canal.... 26s. At. a 2As. Ad. do. Ind. corn, mi\od A yellow 30s. Od. s Ms. Ad. per 480 lbs. " ' white..Ms. (Kl. s 3ts. Ad. do Hews from VcaeiBslAr r A>'DALI5tt?Kl MORKP DKATH OK JULIUS MOV AO A3? KTKAMKM C1T1 OK KOMKULIt? KSIUKATiDV' KTC. Translated trom the I Mario de ia Marina, of July 12, for tin' New York Hkrami ] The papers and private correspondence received by the 'autre tiei Dcrauo are to the 21st of last mouth. The rebels, although nut ?> numerous as they were (.me i ...ntht ago, mill continue to commit acta of loconoivable Vandalism, principally in I be \ alleys of Ar&guay. 1 letUr from Valencia, under ?lat? of the 13lb oil., an touncit lb at tbe village of Guignc bad been attacked by loms elx hundred men, "armed, naked, and wearing Initead ot a bat ft turban, or club or twtstod hair." The k'arrnon, which connoted of only forty or fifty men, routed them, lulling ? Ten and wounding aeroral, imongst others, General Ranou I'erex and tbu brolhi ra QuUdlanna, also Generals One of them lost an aim. The rebels did a great deal of lamaire. however, sacked tbe village and murderad Iweulx three mdnidua'e, amongst wli m n a worn in. rbey mrlpped and then cut tbe throat of a respectable resident, whom they found xery stek in bod. It wa? eportrd at (ktrcwlooa that Julius Monagns had lied of two wounds received In his logs. Goneml Sotillo besieged the village of .tragus, but retired without at lacking it. Later, the Commandant Uurreto overtook aim at the Tigre river, beat him and pursued him for ihree days, obliging him to betake himself to the water, where all his followers perished with tbe exoeption of Ifly men. who, together with Sotillo, sun-ceded in csoop ins. tbscks to their good horses. But U waa not the factions alone who kept the goo 1 fenetuelixn* in constant alarm Not ouly had tbe amors ly not produced the good etrects which the government Hoped for, hut conspiracy ngtiosl It ws- continuing. A rieud writes us, however, that the government was pro <nred and would know how to destroy those machtna lotiS. A special commission was sitting on the case of axI resident I.astro and his ministers, but was prugr-.wsieg ri-ry slowly in onmsegnence of a number of lawyers taring ex< n<?d tliemsolveF from undertaking his defence. At length, howexer, two were found. Tbe arrlxsl at J*t Thomas of the American steamer Olty >f Norfolk, from New York, with, It wecma. munitions of aar. was known at Caracvas. A letter from W I nomas ia?- that on Ibe 33d ult. she was soul to Barcelona, bar -j-r signet* being assured that Ibe object of her voyage s as purely mercantile, and that she would prune*] from Hnrrelona to la Gnayra, where she wonld be on-red to be government for purchase. Many were uf opto u that ihe would nut go to Barcelona, but to some point in tbe K-'guDorDcoa oi pi. rnotaa*, wbere *be would be engaged 'or imn? other obiect. but uo one doubled that the tramcr belorgrd to Unn^w. and that *be would reootve n ernflvm Trinidad. cm iho '.'lot .ion Unary I*lander* embarked at La tiuay a for 8t. IHjminfo. Arrival* and Depart are*. a mural.s. I.traaroo; -Hieamehtp TV Witt and wife, Mr* 'oher the I'onnteaa IV Mont. Mr* Mingle and child, Mr* (Ire ,m andanme, Mm Italy. Her C K Sim In an.I lad*. Mlaeealland Cohen Mis Cam, tan. MS Chalmers, Mr Malc-Sm ilrahas. ?dy nnd ?HI Id, Mr J 8 U?rj, lady and child, J F Vlraa. Ma r Barnard. Mr (Iraham. TM*tnung, 8 M 1'eyaar, Mr JCorrS. C ll'ii, Mr rille/. Mr Pranc-la, II Bontac. W T Poole, Ml* (If* ucm and * Inter. Mr (larrett. J (Inllarm ?n J P Pitch, Mr t/afire* 111 Id end ti'irw , P W Harlow, itr Coh-n. l.o'nl Co I 'mein, O Cunl/ T Harbour, I U t'ronla. J P Perarh. A Ram er. Mr J 8 bullock. Mr M 11 UnlMtaaan Mr I-aery. Cr ll?rt. Mr Hart. ,lr.. Mr P llenrtquaa, Mr '1 owiaa H* cenex malt a#aat, MM* Turnhnll, Mia Joeea, Mr* urnb .11 and child. Hamuel Mclean .lame* Mnleaa, Mr Laa intre tedr and ililld; Mr Turn bull and brolber. 0 H Hhaakae, 1 It Pell Mr lla) ward, Mr rathra. <i P Ki<?*. Mr Ward. Mr Inaiid. ThcaWreS, l>r Wtnattald, W HaaarlUn*. J II Bala*, h II l>*i y and friend. P II InJoaa. J A Itltaa Jno WUM, H ilrierbrlmer, P/nll llerfurth. Mr Parher, Mr Bartholomew. Ir'lo'inee. Hen Jarkaon. II A Stone. Mr Hernarl. Mr OSrefct, tervev Rrnwu, Mr Pooler, Jr. Mr merena. m? ; officer; Mr ar'leit, J.Jin llall Mr Uartaede. II KetMrTH I .In la was*, lied llardin*. P t llnrndn*. Predartct RU, Km | He Raayn. lr.P*rter ami man tenant Taicinc/ico?Hblr Mayflower?W W Kraoi lair and two hU.lren. t> Ri?er*. lad) and child. Parisian?Kceani#hi|> Florida?Tba Republican Bluea. 'aid John W alerandee of Savannah. Oa, n R Hamlet. Ira HMetow, Mra Jnhaena. J k t en aad wtta, N H Kaapp na wife. Mra W B hymemda. two lafaaM aad tmrae; Mra Mil r, P. P Putnam, wile AM irnfam, Rilen Rowlai 4. 0 CheraMl I P Joeee. J P Wli lime* Mr* Peaea and In int. Mm PrrpU lira Pr< k. Mr Peck, wife, three chlldeea and nur*a. W C 0' standi. ai r and maid, r (J O'Prlec 41. M.s Hrtue Oladdlaf. I r* Chance*. Mra A H Taylor. Msa 0 Hay w ?d. Mis It A liyrrnrrl. Mra .1 tl HfwSl, ti 0 Rive. Mim A M Brown, MH* , ( rtttewdea. Mm Perhina aad two cMldrsa. .lina KouaUln nd wile. MS* Ana l ouukala. Maatar Hooeye y.nuiLwa, Mm Jirvaoo. H W Wright. M M Hart, J A Sh.paaa aad wlfa. J J -hns u and ?:fe Waaler K R Joboaon J ?, W W arrwn.J B Ivy. J h (Ilia, T s' ar- M C ?H'wthi, * P Inn*. J B Fitter J PWhitaey, John < nob. Hants rd 11 valla, kmea IVnvui. D fl Pat. R R Jehasm. W a R?s ft UMt 4 .<L John t.tiding. J ? I>*?I?, W A Inhaaor R Bod and, D Von*. A M Mnryililew, R w Pnrey, J R I'alio., aey. .1 >1 IMrhrwui. B H I'tapci^ I' P Smith, l.iaiu F IMmcr. UMJLmeana utter PobMa. F Met)on aa. Oeo Wl llama, and B In th* leer*** Total L38 ______ Pavnwr* or * Sucrt to* Mrant* ?la I be trial, at lMrh'*l<?. 8 C , of a alaee named Bcr.rf, owned by Mra. lecenbuMl, for the murder of Jnahua. the pro party of Mr. , 1 PrtiH-", Ibe followlr * waa the mrdict c ' aenteooe f the freeholder* and maetntrale# -We flad the dafSidat tnilt/ of maaetaiifhlee, and aenteaoe him to trrelre mnlon Sdiflovmenl In jail?the aeriuid and eeery altar ate month of which to he aolttary?and to receive on th? r.t .very ajteenatr m> twenty paddlcr | man r he further imprieoeied for tea year*, uaicaa aooaar an abed from the State mJRDAY, JULY 21 1860. ! The DobtibUob ut Railroad Haaagcrt. The committee appointed at the Convention of the sere ral railroad liaea bot ween the West aad the Eastern seaboard reported yesterday The report is rather volumi1 | nous, and we hare gleaned the interesting portions from it. They are as follows:? That having fully considered the question, they are of opinion that the rates of freight can, with a proper regard to the interests of the puMts, be materially increased from their preeent standard. That the rates should be made to rise gradually on and after the 16th of August, 1800. That it is in the power ot the Ore Eastern trunk lines to make such arrangements with the other ltnee as will secure such changes of the rates from time to time as shall be agreed upon, and prevent those reductions from which the railroad interests of this country hare so seriously suffered during the lest three or four years. They further recommend that the Presidents of the following roads hold monthly meetings alternately at Buffalo and New York :? Pennsylvania Central. Baltimore and Ohio. Grand Trunk, of Canada. New York Central. New York and Erie. At those meetings such othor lines as shall please may t??il representative*. That at those meetings the rate* will be arranged and be put In force from the first day of every month. All ticket offices In the large cilice to be abolished, as being unnecessary and expensive, and that the usual free passes given to shippers of freight be also done away wlUt. "friat any person in the employ of the various roads, who shall be discovered taking freight at lower rates than those fixed by the Convention, shall be immediately discharged. That all contracts with express companies end on the 1st of January, 1861, and that all agents in the future be paid a regular salary instead of a com urns ion. The present rates of treight to remain the same until Otherwise ordered by the Convention. They also recommend that the Grand Trunk Railway is to hsve the right to carry ocean freight, between Portland and all Western points, at the same rates as are charged by other lines between auch Western points and New York, but that freight coming from or going to Portland locally Is to be charged at the Boston rates. They recommend that all outside agents be done away with, and that each road shall conduct the sale of its own tickets. They adjourned to meet again on Friday week at Saratoga. The Slave Trade. rNITKll STATK8 COMMISSIONER'S OFPIOIC. TIIK rOL-KTH RAIL OSSKRKIJ IN TtIK SLACK CASK. United Statet el. Da Cotta?William D. Haigbt of 26 Fourth street, having been offered as bail for Henrioo Da Costa, was examined by If. V. B. Wilcoxaon, Esq., Assistant I'nited States District Attorney. Mr. Haight testified that the only real ostate of which lie is possessed is a house No. 26 Fourth street, and one No. 13 Morton street. The property in Morton street he purchased about twelve years ago, giving therefor about $2,000 in cash and some land in Woetchoeter do inly. At the time of the purchase the property was subject to a mortgage of $2,600, which mortgage he (Ilaight) has since renewed. He gave another mortgage on It for $1,2(10, but (hat these two mortgages were the only incumbrances of any kind whatever placed on it by him. lie also swore that there were no judgments obtained agaiust linn. Wheu asked if be had received any money as consideration for bailing Da Costa, he replied he had not; but being pressed by Mr. Wilcoxsou upon this point admitted that he was promised to he reimbursed for loss of time and trouble In the matter. Mr. Fabb, a bo is attached to the Uuited States District Attorney's ollice, being called, testified that be had searched in County Clerk's office for judgments against Wm. D. Haight, and found three that weie not satisfied of record; one for $1,076 29, oae fbr $737 40, and one for $12b 60. Mr Fabb found an execution for the $1,075 29 Judgment in the hacils of the .Sheriff. Mr. Fabb testified further that be had examined ia the Register's office for mortgages, and found a mortgage of $600 on the Morton street property, which Mr. Haight did uot testify to. An adjournment was granted to defendant's counsel until Monday next, at one o'clock P. M., to explain the dtflsrences ia the teatlmonv of Mr. Hatch! and Mr. Fabb. Mr. Wilcoxnon for United States; Mr. Douohue for defendant. JcrMjr City Hews* ELorrax.Tr Ajn> Arkkht ?A young gentleman, named Jobn Do Bo is, bookkeeper at a- wholeaale store in Cort landt street, New York, waa taken More Record or Tllden,at Jersey City, yesterday morning, and held to bail In the sum of $300, oc a charge of baring eloped with a hssdsnsnr young married woman, named Mr*. Susan Bond. It appears that Mr*. B. disappeared from borne on Tuesday night last, and lbs busband boding that a quantity of bar wearing apparel was also miming, at once sua poclol something wrong, I'poo further search some letters from Du Boa (who waa on intimate terms with the family) were diaoovertd, the contents of which led to the suspicion that he waa aware of Mrs. B. *s whereabouts. Mr. Bond placed the matter in the hands of ex detective Wildey, who is a relative, and be at oace commenced to work up the caae. On Thursday night the offlcor piped Mr. I>u Bois from his place of business for several huurs, until lie dually croisod to Jersey City. After walking entirely around the block, Mr. liu Bols suddenly entered the American Hotel, where Mr. Wildey shortly after followed. I rum the bookkeeper or persona connected with the hotel, he could geln no information, but dually from a hoard r learned that e gen tleman and lady answ ering bis desei ipiiou had l>eea stop ping there for several days Mr. Vi ildey then proceeded to an upper parlor, where be found the tenants Sitting uprn a sofa in vary close proximity. Keeling highly Indignant at the manner <n which his relative Bad been betrayed by a pretended friend, Mr. Wlldey dealt Iiu Boot a heavy blow ou the face, which caused the blood to flow ratber freely, It is stated thai he then drew a revolver, when he young woman sprung between him and her paramour, tend others also Interfer ed uud further bloodshed was prevented. Mr Wildey then procured the assistance of oftioer (leorge Clark, and I Hi Bois was conveyed to the cells, where he remained until yesterday morning, when be gave bonds to appear for examination. The husband refused to conciliate mattrrs, and the wife returned home with an ancle. DuBois entered a complaint against Mr. Wildey for assault and battery, but under the circumstaneea the Recorder de clinrd to entertain It, and Mr. D consoled himself by threatening to take the law in bis own hands. ExTKjmrvv Km* ? About ten o'clock ou Monday nights Ore broke out h. a large two story frame building, about a mile north of West Hoboken, owned and occupii-d by Messrs. W'urm k Stichuor as a lager bior saloon. Several ' fire companies from Hoboken attempted to reach the Are, but after dragging their apparatus a distance, were under the neco-slty of returning. The building was en tlrely destroyed, loss about *4,000, upon which there was an Insuranre of $3?O0. The Ore originated from the stove in the kitchen. NEW PI Bhlt ATIOIfl. (TREAT KahTKHN vutrhtm WILL FIND IN TBI J after aaloou the only a Ulbort/ed Unities. View*. Historical HeaWlpuaoa and bmivattierk of the big ahlp. For sale at rea enable prices. HTKAWBOATg7 ^' nAV BOAT FOR WRtrr FOINT, RRWRDRU AND Prmghkeepale.- The Mrunbuat A I.I OA will lesre Jay i street pier, daily, at ft *0 A. M.. touching at Thlr teih street, re turalag to the city at ft 30. fiisssngers fiw Albesy, Troy, raratoga or anj p..u,i West cantnake sure connection at, rough keepsts. Baggage transferred free. Fare id eeats. FOR BRTDOKPORT-DAIhT I.IXR-THR RTKUfRR JOBN BROOK* will leave Perk slip every day (dun day* excepted) at one P. X., am Tin* in llriderport la una for tha ran or tha Hooaatoelc. Nau*atoek and Raw Hareo Rail roada. Para M nan la. Freight taken. T. LOOK ?KB A CO.. A yen la. 113 Month atrrd 17K>R BRIDGEPORT?DAI IAT MNB-PARR FIFTY , r oeola ?Tha Meaner ( ATAl.lN'K, (apt. ?a A. Vail, will leere Ottrer allp rrrry car at It o'clock noon, runiiln* to eonnevtnm with lha HouaaMatic Railroad. Tha Maamer aRIBOKPORT will learn Peak *Up ernry Monday, wadnaaday I Friday at U o'clock aooa, arriTin* in Uaaa la ooapntowkR all tha aipraa* tratoa. U. W. OOBLJBH. Afant SfWDAT BOAT FOR WR8T POIBT, OOLD BFRINO, Cornwall and Nrwbur*. ? Far* 80 cent*, etrurmon tlrkr?* 78 cento. Steamer IikOADW AT taut re* ntar mot of Jay Mreet. tour hi n* at fhrtatopber and Thirtieth atreatn,erery Sunday mornin*. at 7 o'clock, tandlnf at Vonker*. Ilaatinea, Di bb'a Ferry, Tarry town Kin* Wn* and llarerMraw. Re turn Inf. will lea re Newhurjhat t o'clock r. M. SUNDAY BOAT FOR ROCKLAND LA KB?LANDING at T nek era, far* 10 oenta; tta*'Jn*a and Dohh Ferry. IS I cards: Piermont, IP eanta. Wrack. IP eeuta, Bine Btof. N> crate; Roekland Iatka. It) cento. The Mcamlutol BATKL1 JTR, Dept. , liaatmcnd, will laara Jcraey Oktr, Morrle Mreet wharf, erary I Saaday moraine, at IW o'alaak; Jay atrast, New Tort, at 7 o chick, landinf at Chitotophar and Forvylkird atrasuoank w>ySUNDAY BOAT FOR K ItTPORT AND PKRFH AMBOT? I and in* at Chelsea. Union, Rom v Ilia. Woedbrtdfr. Tot leaavllie and Olid wood -Tha heantltal ateaiuer At ICS PKICf all leara erery Monday, rain or ahine. as follow* ? 1 Rn Inarm etreei at 8 o'clock Bprrn* street at * Y and pier No. j 4 North liter at PK o'rh?k, mskln* all the *bore toadin*a Rrturnla*. laaree Keyport at 8 o'clock. Fare tP rente. _ . . SFOHTISO. , FFrancis butlkr, no. s prtk blip, hab thr 1 lar*eot end rbnireM neeortmenl of IVt*? in the world, for an la or Mark. B(.'TLKR'B Infallible Man*a Cure and Jnaa Rata ruinator, H) cenu par bottia. Dofa boarded, Ira Mad. Aa. Ad rice (ratla. tdor'balb?a riRirr ulabs hioop yacht or it r tame, InM orerh*tiled, and In perfert order, eahln fast 111 Inebrahifh. It feat tame. 10 feat wtts; four bertha, two berthe to foreresUa, separate *aliey, Re. A baryaia. tddreaa hoi AM Pom otBoa. billabpa. BIIJ.IARDB -PHRLANR BILLIARD ROOM, CORNRR of Tenth Mreet nod Broadway, to cloned for reaoraiion aad alterations. Dae notice of the raopanht* will ha (Iran la thti paper. All liuatnaaa order* In lha inaantlina will be drt to al Ike mannfactury, 48, 14, 47 and 4? Orator Mreet PURL AN R POLLEN HER. LDRTKKR, IMPROTRD BILLIARD TARt.RN AND . atostlr enaaMnaUon Onklana. patanlad Nor A, ISM. Bb dllTereal atoad Tables. N B.?Halaamom and Tabids for play to. ?7.^KTl? ritfrm^Aimgog ^ ^ coal /TO AIi, S4.W-A BCI'KNIOR yUALITT OF BTOTR \ / Oral at At M> per tea, earefally acreanad and dallrersd In all carta of lha rltr from the j ard. TO Rlfhih e*. nw eor I Mr? TtrrstyaprpaiR Mresi. JOSiPB LOtp, j r^ lioiovi kotickh. hffKMOKlAI ( HI Kl'H, HAMMOND HTKKK1 ^ M tfWaverfeveUt e.^Vhe{Rcv Dr LKllejohn Rector of Holy Tnult) OhureE Hi .wU1 in) rnaiu|. Sorrlcni * W)t 8 a*1* 8 0 eloefc. 8*> ' ^re XTEW JERUSALEM~CL rUBCH, (SWKnKyHOR'M AN IN Public worship on Na *T. Jut> -T ?? *?; '"? " atral luautute, formerly OoML ~eci ' Mu?lc HtJl, No. 785 Brjadway, at 10f-i A. M. Seati fra*. PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL MISSION CTTPBCH, CUMton Hall, Actor place, In ?? of Be* Robert (1. I Dickson, reaUanoe IK East Nturtev cujel. UnM MnM every Sunday, at 10%'rs'h. All are invited. Scale free, ____________ REV. WILLIAM ALVIN BABT&^?r* *7"' F5KA?H for tbe last time until next 8eple% -tor, in the Hrroklju Tabernacle, on Sundar, July ?. Service will oummeaee at 10* A. M. and at 7\ t. M. The TabernaeV-wUluet be ctosei; the preacherc will be announced m the pnoa ** ROMIBH CONTROVKRSY.-MR. JAtQR* MATII1S0N will deliver the opening addreu on /Wt7wry, tn tbw ball 178 Prince street, to morrow (Sunday) rev dng, at halfpact seven o'olock. KouiaujOathoUca will be *Bo?red to rep./. Usual collection. fTTHR BKV. SIDNEY A. CORKY WILL PRKA*?ff J* TUB 1 Murray Hill Haptict C? urrh. Thirty flflh stre between i Klflh and Sixth avenues. tomorrow (Sunday) at lh"? o clocX A. M. Subject?4 The Evening of Life,44 and at 3 o'clock P M. Subject?"The morning of Ufe.4 4 ~ ML SIC AL. ~ " ATOCMO LADY OP RK8PKOTABILITT, HAY7NO her Ume nnoocopled, wlahee to obtain a few pnplle for the piano, having lately returned from Europe, and etudied there under the first masters. Term* $10 per quarter. Address B. M? Herald eflhe. Alexandre organs.-tub instrument owes Ua preeminence to the power and aweetneaa of ita tooaa; U ia not affected by change of cUntitle, and ta warranted , never to require tuning. horace WATERS, Agent, 598 , Broadway. A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANFORTE. LIGBTE A BRADBURY'S. . Manufacturers of A NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG BAS8 PATENT INBULATED FULL IRON FRAME OKAND AND SQUARE PIANOFORTES. No. 431 Broome atrrci PIANOS TO RENT. QHICKKRING A SONS, Manufacturers of GRAND. SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIAN03. Warerooms, 694 Broadway. C. A Sons hare been awarded thirty eight prize raedrt'.s for Uw> superiority of their manufacture (or the paei thirty dive JHtl. PIANOS TO RENT. ENuLISH HARPS. APPROVED BT APT0MMA8. Address Conservatoire de la Harp, 114 Weil Thirty-fourth street, uear Broadway, N. T. PIANOS AND MELODEONS AT OREAT BARGAINS.? One seven t etave $3U0 Piano been used about one year, In rood order, HOO. one 6V octave, price AUO, been used eighteen months, will be sold for >184; one at >130; one at >90. ; New Pianos at very low prices. Second hand Melodenna at >30, >34. MO, >46, >40 and >60. New Melodeone at reduced prices. HORACE (EATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway. djl/i/r FOR A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, JPlUl) large, round corners, and all Uie modern tm prominent*, rerv little used; >100 for a 6 1-3 octave rose wood Pla<.o; >64 'or a Melodeon. piano style. J. A O. PlBoHKK, 846 Broadwar, near Fourteenth street. COPAHTNKRSHlPiyOTU'KB, A CAKD TO THE O0NFKtrriONER8.-HE.VBV C. Becker having entered into parlnerahv with t'laua H. Wrlbnrz, we beg leave lo inform the confectioners particular, larly that we bare removed to lot Water Street, corner of Maiden lane, and are oflerins: our rur.tomern.and the trade in general, constantly, our renowned pnre Oils. Extracts. Vanilla Beans, and all other rrticlue, at wholesale and retail, nl the cheapest castiprioee. BECK.EK A WKIHOH/j, 144 Water street, corner of Maideu laue. A PHYSICIAN OF LONG PRACTICE, IN A FLOURISH log village on the Hudson river, near the rlty, would llhe to take a person with some < .. as partner and successor. A good chance for a young man. Address or apply to Sands Brothers. 164 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED?WITII >10,000 M0.0U), IN A large welt established and very profllable manufacturing business, with unexceptionable parties, and one ot the best tbances lo get U a safe money making concern. BIGGS A bOUTHWICK, 81 Nassau street rV. COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING UKder the firiu name of K Le Fort A Co., la dissolved by mutual ceo eat July I, it?u. J. T. wkavkk, K. IJt FORT. mo BUTCHERS AND CAPITALISTS -NARK INDUCE A. mnti in the United Butn I* nuke money, mean to organize n butcher shop on the style In thla city. You osn find the man who entirely understand* thl* business at 42 U* penard street, N. T. M. BOUR ALLKT, butcher from Parla. PARTNER WANTED?HA VINO SONS MKAN8 AND willing to devote hi* time, to engage In a very profitable ette bualnasa already established. where a large amount of money eaa be realusd. Apply to BROWN A CO., No. 82 Nassau street, room 17. WANTED-A BUSINKSR.-ANT ONE HATING AN established businem to dispose of that will require from two to three thousand dollar*, and will pit a fair terminer* use. may bear of a chance by addressing B. A. S., Usrald cdlre. HOOA ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A SUBSTANTIAL tpOWU. rssb busineas of fire years oontlnnanre, an eoergett; reliable man are kin* a position, with a fair income, will find It worthy of attention. Apply at 86 Maiden lane, up alalia. LYONS A PP. *cnn -WANTED, A GOOD RESPECTABLE MAN. qptJv/IS* with thte small amount, aa partner In a first clam Itlniii* Saloon, with a good bar trade, one of the largest sod bast fined saloons In llroadway, very low rent, and all paid up to Angust 1; will lake what money a man ran apare and wall for the balance. Apply on Ihe premises 837 Broadway, in the aalooa. A1 nnn -wanted, an active partner in a q)l-UuU. light maaufacturtag btwlnem, started under the moat favorable circumstances to realize a large fortune, the article being In great dema. d and no eompeUuoo. ' Apply to 1IOWMB A OO ka 6 Oantre strsec vv ' AO nnn ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A WHOLESALE VAiUUUi and retail Liquor bustssm, In a geod location sad doing a splendid bustnees, any businem man having tha above amount, and can furnish unquestionable city reference, can hare Ihe whole charge and management of the business, aa the proprietor la always engaged out doors, taking wholeseie orders. Addrem C. F. T , burdtte Herald oAtou nnn -WANTED. a partt with this tJU.l/Uv. amonnt to take an equal interest with the si rertleer w ? weekly journal now In ft? tiurd ) W, which, with tw above ln\ raUnenl, can hp made to pay twnce the aBin tit in Bredb^mrljr. ^ Addrrea for particular* Publisher, box >431 AITROLOCTT. 77 A B( NA rm? AHTROUMlIRT, THAT KVKRT ONI A aan depend oa for getting aatWacUoo from la Madam* WIlJtoN, who telle Umi object at ronr vtan aa aoon m TO* enter her room. Ail ahould eoaenlt Hue naturally (tried Lad/, aa It might aare them man/ miafortunea. Kbe oauaea epeedy marrtagea and tella all that coooeraa roar whole Ufa. Her nredhMtaa >re at) true that the/ ear prim all who ennault her N. B ?I am In paaaaaaton of magic charms for loan (not lark, which are aver rertala la their effect. M tdame Wflaoo talla ao true that aom* ladlaa ma/ ret a Utile timid, though the/ need not fear, for aba practices nothing but what la reconcilable W> Iihikwopher*. 1* Alien street, near Mian ion, over the baker/. Fee for ladies and gentlemen, 90 cents. A ft .AIR VOT A NT.?III. RKTMOCR, MRIMOAL elairvo/anL rami No SM Fourth atreet, two door* warn M Broadwa/. OmwUaliiaw dap and aveolng. oa dcimeaa, boataeaa, abaaat Irleoda, he.. and aaUafactiua gaaranleed or ae F*TABTONIRHIKO.-THK CTTT 18 ALITF WITH TTT1 marvels of Madame I,A MARB. She will bring tb# aa parate together, cause speedy marring*, cures leakraay, com tone the afflicted, by citrn megwal rbarma. at Ml liowary. AMTONIBHIMfl ?M AOAM MORROW, RFTFNTH daaghl' r, born w ith a can! and gift of tornaigbt. teUa how anon and often yon will matry, and many eveata, even /our very thoughts Fee IS rente, until other* atop copying rar ad leriieenieuU. Lttt Ludlow atreei below Uouatuo. Uealieman not adnilued. MHR8 I.. (lIPHY WJBHRR TO INFORM HKR IIRV many and the pub)*-that ?he h .? mrM her buauiem, alter an * vaenee of *i* reera, on the paat.jWR ee*l end future erenta of Ufa, ?t SM Oraud treat, from 9 A. m. to in p. M. T"' L I Madam rat ib Tint but clairvotawt ahd aaUolnfiw In th? United HMtaa, glean lucky number*. caoaaaapeadT marrta?aa, talla of knot property. # ) fteveotb avenue, near Twenty aeeenlb HrwL Hours f A. M. to I T.M. Ladlaa II ww, geatinman 10 ewOt I tboMOBds M UM aad DMrMi wttb MMnHMHn; Ml feels sonAdent atM baa oo equal; ah* taOa tba mum of Ioim ( wtfa or boabaad, alan that of bar flatter. Ifyoti wtt tba tmb rtra bar a anil, at Ml Third acaaM. abovo Twaatr-Ant atraaL uadtaa. W oaaka, ?aollMaaa. Bl. Tint orkatrrt wonder of the aoc-mrs f. ' WALDIH, the ralebmied bawling medium, fr -m Hoa >o 1 ha* tahao rnmna at >0 Kaat Hrnadwar, where aba will aiamina ' Ibe Bk k bbc uoaaoaaaa a wondarfdl pj* rr In curluf all Void* " of dice, can wilt tah all comnlalnta without caking qneaunoa Honra. IMI la U and Ibi kwaaiine, II. QQ1 ORAHD RTREHT RRAR BOWERT -MADAME Z?)l W1IMIBB, Clairvoyant and gifted Hp*a:d Ladf, oa valla tba MytHev-laa of futurity, lora, aaarrtaga. a harm frleila. MAuaaa. praarrtbaa madwloaa for all dmaaaaa, taUalaaky niuahara. property loot or unlaw. Be. ~~ WrtMICiyAL.Br WAIRB. ~ t fxmca or or the hoard or oomen. , IS Man Ho S City Hall. Haw Tnrk. July *i MB -tba Coaamiuoe o? street# of tba Hoard of CooaaflMaa, wu: aaaat 1 oa Tuaadav, tba S4tb dar of Jul*, instant at 3 o'clock, EE., fa ? room Ho. 1 tTty Hall, wban tba subject of tba widening of Catharine rtreel will ba c aalderad AL persona iotcreated J arc itianM to ba preeent. * A I.EX. L SHAW, ) < om-n uee I IRA A AI.LRH. > cat ' HARRIS BOHF'BT, S Btraaala. ( r* COMMITTER OH AR.VsflMKNTR OF THE BOARD ! of Aldermen will aiaat Monday afiaraooa n??t, Jl ,* loaf , at I t/ekwk. at tba oflre of tba Hoard of Aaaessmv Ho. J 31 flu.tabrr? atraaf. liaeemeat. The folio*lor *.o tm-'nli . will then ha conaldarad -Rrgnla' n?, Ac Elflr lounh a'.reet balwaan HUth nod ftarantb a> aaucc; regulating. Ac . Elf it lira. ...I aacn Third and t'h * i , " aoui laler . rated bar ia* objections arc notified to ba present. 1 Ml' HA V.I, TUOMKV, ) CtutmJltea J H. W HFNET. J on ? tlKO STARR. S A?,#wm?-il. J i Mir | |1 r * Rt I hit ' I S'HEB AMI)' OHM. SB. EIRE. a Wine Marrbaat. M F ultna a* rent, r r* for aala at Moderate prices. Um foUbwlag atrlo-.'.y Bit f ih'a Fort, V4Uad la Tendm; Oohrm'a Fort. A* Oporto. Barton A QnaMjer* Clara-, do Hordaaot. 1 gqMSjw aa W mi*) par raaa Alao, Rherr-aa. Madolraa J HoAa Cbampagnaa, Hraodtaa (rarf rarr old, R. ma G?rvA p T'urtar, Black tat U.aea Tana, ki j da J a I ? 8HKCIAL NOTlCBtt. WW?. 1 , j "",wcrk?' ?U "turn > sSfaS&HSw ' a as making. aclliug or nfeng iS^U Efe by himseil or his agent, lullanil oura m jaL W? l^T utSS murk ud date of patent placed then**. "" "** Jimst Cirr July 1 1360. . IBAAC UXM. Edge's Patent Tcohen, Rockets. Roman Candles Haul I-gb-s. and (aery descripU.-n oI Fireworks, for Und' ir mi uae. ma} be had at hot". notice by addressing mm UKUKUX B OOLB* Wa ST Maiden lane, Wew Ynfc VTOTtOK. 1> American antpmaatera sad other* arriving at the port at Copeabngeu, will tiud it very nr.oh io their adv Milage ait m, fit lo call a: the Ship Cbaad.ery and 1'roriaton tUuhUahmen', of M B. OOHN, wboae fores are the firs', come to when leaving the Custom House In that city. Mr. C., by means of ra .vious water boat*, supplies sbinI'ing with water at the eery lower, ratea. and merita the patron age of all good Americana for the attentions and tivttItee be snows to captains arriving at that port. fxmrz or water commubionrrs, jbuby err*. U July U 18S&?Notice to MachlalsU and Bufldera -MM proposals will be recelred at the office of the Water OommfeMooe-t-s of Jersey City, until Wednaadaj, July n, dlh e'oiock 9. id. far the const motion and erection, on the femfeffifecsnam preflkiA. ' of a Cornish Beam Pumping KnghMand twe oR| Flue Bolh bt the Kngii e House of the Jersey Oily Wafer Works, fetv ?u Passaic river, opposite the Tillage at Belleville, h { Also, at the same lima and place, aeqamfe pmpoeals for ,**? necessary extension of the present boiler and louse, and the v"nlLV)nrT required for setting two boilers. Plana nd apecifiratiom1 nf the work nut r be seen nt the office of the Engineer on and a fw>r Jul* IS The Commissioners iaa<s in the right to reject a V or all the bids if deemed for the Infernal oi the CUT. eka8tu8 rand ala* President of Board of Orwiialsannseo. TJROPOSALB FOR Sttt\000.?"CEWTRAL FARE DCi nr .vnmnn' W,,r.A Olock /. I" Siaaml +A nrnniMaim ?a4H?m? received at the Comptrollar'l office until Thursday, the I6?h day of August, I'M), at 8 o'clock P. V , when the same will he f uDhcly opened for the whole, or rnny part of the amount at wo hundred and fifty thousand iloh'ars of the "Central Park Improvement Ki nd Stock." authorta "d by chapter 34 of the Laws of 1400 and by an ordinance tl tin Common (found, approved by the Mayor, July IS, 1480- , . _ The said a'.ock will consist of two thousand flee hundred aharea of one hundred dollara each, ana' hear intereat at the rate ot u per cent per annum, payable quarter yearly front UaaUoo. the principal redeetnab.u No* |. 1WC from the "Sinking Fund for the Redemption of the tCtty Debt ' The prepoeaie wil! state the amount of sto -a desired, aad Um price per share, and the persons whose pn >poealj are accept ed will be required to deposit with the (A <amber!sla of the city, withm ten days after the opening of t-1"* htde. the sum awar ded to them respectively, Inc. tiding the premiums on the same. i tla presenting to the Corny'-TOl>r the reoelpte. of the Cham- I berlain for such deposit#, the parties will be entik 'rd to receive rertificatea for equal amount*, ot the par value tOl the Bleak, bearing interest from the dates oi parmcnts. I Each propoe tlon should be sealed and endorsed "'Proposal! for Centra. Park Improvement Fund Stock," ana H** same I put In a second envelope aid retard to the Comptroller" i The right Is reserved on the part of the Comptroller Id rajssl any or all of the bide, if considered necessary to prolan'* <* promote the interests of the city. ( RORT T RAWS, Comptroller. I City of Nee York. De jarimeti. oi Fiuauoe, I'iiiiiii11 nltim'hffi office, July 16 1%) _ SFECIAL NOTICE -BURNT, ON THE 2D DAY OT [ January, IS?). by the fi-e. al 2trt Division street, a Bank i Book of the Rieecaer Street Sav ng" Bank. No Ldd,075 in favor cf Nathan Flbel, as T jtep of Jordan Lodge No. 1A, I L O. B. B. t VALE COLUti.K CLASn OF I.-W4 i X A meeting is appointed for Thursday evening, July SC. at New Ilavn. Members wL i Sat a not communicated with the Secretary wl'l please do so refore that eate charles t. chester, box 2.764 Poet office. N T. K3CCtTRSIO?f8Ferry to coney island and fort Hamilton.? Tbe NAl'SHON w ill run dally through the seasoe. leaving Amos atreet at 9 V 12l4 and 8V: Spring street at 9W. l'Jt{ and St., pier No. 4 North river at 10,1 and A Fare, wttn a return ticket 24 rent*. \ For roceaway.-the steamboat ceres wnx. make dally trips as aoOve. Sunday included, baring . Catharine Market slip at 8 JO A M Spring atreet. North river, at 9, and pier No 1 North river a; 9 30. Re' truing?Leaves Rorkaway at 4 F. M., atopp ag a' the Seaside Ho ise each way. Fare SO ceuU each w ay. Family exctxrsion-on send ay, h:ly ground Htaten Island by steamer MAGNOLIA and barge t 1 eveland Leave Spring at at 7; Kiev enth street. East river, at 8V. Fulton atreet. Brooklyn. at SH; South Fourth street. Williams , burg, at 8L Broome atreet, N. Y., al 9'4?returning before dark to all the landings. A large Co* 11 Ion Band and hi German singing societies will be pro-sen*. Best refreshment# an board, rare 90 centa each person; children free B. K EKYKB. ; PLFASANT SUNDAY EXCURSION TC OLKN WOO* . ! drove. Glen Cove New Rorhelle,?hy* Island, WlitWatnae ' and Sir at ton port.?Steamer MAYFLOWER leaves Catharine street every Sundav, at 990; Deianrey street. 846; Eleventh , street. 9; Twenty-eighth atreet . 9 U); Thirty seventh street, 9:U. A fine Grove at Glen Wood foi the patrons of the boa;, also to hire. Apply at foot of Forty third street. East river. m?k great eastern 1 special announcement KXi:URMU.> TO CAI*K MAT The Orea'. Isjtera Steanuhip. John Viae Hell rmnun inr Will make an EXCURSION TRIP TO CAP* MAT amd RKI7RM, . l<eartag New York MONDAY, JULY at 3 o dock P. M., 1 Arri'tng al Cape May early the neat day. Returning, leave Cape Mar oc TUESDAY KVRNIftO. JUI.Y 31. at o'clock. Arriving la New fork on the following morning Thla trip haa been arranged with a view of affording eg- ' enraiooieta an opportunity of witneaaiug ia operating the rant motive power of the ehip (both paddle atd eerew engine*, ef exhibiting by practical experience her admirable aalltag and aaa qualMlea. aa w ell aa upen.i ig a di.y in the height of the awaeun at one of the most faahtonabVe watering plaee ia Amert a. DODWORTH'S CKLKHKAlali HANDS (both Military and I otll.oo Will aeeompanr theexruraimt. ? RKFBFtHMENTa may be obtained on board at moderate prleee. Kirurelonieu mint be on board aot later than 2 P. M en the 30th. Tlrkete for the round trip. 310: wil be ready for delivery no Monday, thr Sin nxit , a: thr office of thr Adam* Kxprem I Company. Pit. S9 Broadway. State rooms extra. iioigEi, Kooam. dc.. wamtkp~ a PR0PKS8TOXAI. (IKNTT.KMAN (WTTII WIK* amd A two wel 1 conducted young children) w iahea to rent the urnfurnished upper part of a Honee ia a decent neighborhood ant high* f than Fourteenth atreet U poeMble, ami of III and way. with ell the modem imp-ovemeeta and fat iliUee for boue*eee lug. Reference gtren and required Add roe H R , Herald ama Household pi rniti rf wamtyd.-i would like to purrhaAe from SHOO letl .OO) worth of Unnmhntd ?uroiiL ee. uot too < xpenaive In quality. Any partiee ha nag the axae lo dbpuee ol a' a fair taination can find a each ceetncier b> add rearing a 1 ne to J. Lymaa. Herald office. M. B. y> i uld like it thla mi nt.u Laud wantfd for a tkrm or ykars-frok (b-ee to ?u a< re?. of prod tillable [And auiubla for a m*r ke* furdia, At a diatnnre no*. encredinp Are mllna from New York. The land m ia: be eorioaod and contain a small dwei ling Ik ae, Adircaa, atuLn? p..rik tuara, W. O. P., bn LU Herald o?re Stork wantkp-or part of a LARAK STORK, auhah> for a rah', ratal! cf a genteel character. Add fa* P. A T , ls?i it* HenUd odiee. Tl'ANTKn-Hl THK. I lR^T OF ACt.l'RT, THK LOWTB T? ball o! Hniae i-nla':.,* o' 7 ord rooms. for a *~?I family. above Vortv seroud al.-eet. treat aide Alao waoldd. a Fee'U.i Floor, a nil or- or t a o bedi noma. for a family of Utree prraonn; not above Thlrtlr'b a* ?beTwr?n R-ientb and Reoond arennea. Ren! not over 9U0 Applr al 77 Weet Tweaty loitrUi wraei. Tf-ANTlCP-WTTrf TWO OR THRKK IJORST RTF.AW Tf power, ooe or tw. large roomn for a light aaan ifaotnrtag buaiaeaa. Ad irean, rear ona w eek, nrttb deneripUoa and prto*. C. R International Ho'el, Rrovlway. AA "AJTTKD?A GOOD TWO STORY AMD ATTIC OB FT three glory ft. we brkfc or brown a'.oaa, M by <0 or M. Itain tin, I male.I batwaan bigbtli and Twentieth atrreaa, and Hi oa 1 a a v and hutb arentia maat be tn a good hrlgbbor bmd. fre- rrom n- inaneaa wo -th frooi BV OOF to Flf OW. Ad draaa C. X , UmiU fUca WANTED TO RFNT?VMrrR!*T>HRP, PART of a Honae. a .cable for a am... family, awd with tba entire uaa of tuc, lot?tion brtween. lourtb and Hereath are men Rone bat rr'.c"y prince an1 getife.l famitlaa new* aiMT . Term, m be mnrtrra'e Re[rieneaa rwi'ttrwd ?jA V It're.. AdJ en? I M ? l.Oi.' "oatc!! WAMKO?A FVAIA Fl RMRHKD HOUSE FOB A I few mi-ithe Irrt'.H no below Fovrtb atreet Ad Ireaa.' It Cafcm at are Pool oB< e. atatina terma and ta tIrA?<TFr>-A FlRMlAHKP rom TT ranting t In tpiiinri i lh< !ady adrrrlinng r?a prr aat-afartury i r'?.-nn n. and : he Monwd u> th? b'jioann. addira* for our mt Mr* A. Herald oflwr n-Awrnn-A m* all hour* or tart or a hooab. TT enatatnod 'He or ?u room* Wltk gardrn. Part of II road my, rent a. * to ptrppd MOO Add rem / M . SB* Narl Kraal WA.MKI)?PART or A HCORR, FcR A MM A LI. FAmt'? of ad-tle hr or 8*r Room- repaired In a hiaaa tarma aj modern .mp.- jrtmdn'a. l-n*t:oo mart be M?* IMrIrth *ti r?t r I.AWRrircr A o?, . N< ul ram Kourtarath Kraal ' IT * RTD-lt a arin.m i m * in rtm wtf*, r art T* ?B a Romania a i-BnpartabtP part of tbnrl-r a*; Uima m 'our Rioma. with modprt, Innro-. amenta, Buitabla for heepiw ? ? rretar-ed Roferuneaa aiooanmC I l.tdreaa A. O A . hoi t3t Foal rfu-a. t\mtkt> to rrmt-a micr mtork, riT roR trr TT cunrncu4w.rbiannw.nnai H-oalway and ant ikon Kn v. no; abore MUD Apt;' 1' ( IIIK' HT 'r.. M Howary RAILHOADT. ATJtW TOR* ARO IIARi.HK RXlLROAO ? OHTAM V1" [> FAR* TO AI.RANT, M. On and after Monday .'-toe ? I sdO. trains art J Uar* Twaaj alith atrtrt n*uurn. Now tor* a* follow* ? For TTllll?maJ'ri<1*e and all way ataU-aia. 710 II and J ST f, I. For W htt. PI*tea and ail wav K-tlona. til I and I P IL , 'or Wlutf Piidaa and aL ?u *tanotia <16 P. M , froa* Whan I rent depot Fr* r-o*an r*'la MIA M . stopping a; WIT lamabrtIgn and stations abore For Dorar Plain* (Nr. L topping n' White Ftalns and alaltnnd abnra Thl* IraJa rtiaa o Mll.nrtna Hate Mar a rawing For Albany 10 16 A. N aa irnas mall train. alnnplng a. tie Plaioa, Ked/ord. CnAaa 'ana and Kation* north Rrturntog- will lea ra WTTHswCndg*, stooping at all WW tallows. I?IA. M. and I P. iFW Iand 7 A M._ aad III and T P M .at all war n" ti u HnrT ? * rtat.eoa north r? Ford ham. TRM rata lenrdh MUVrt..n erery Monday tn into* 6 36 A M. <*rm HQ Fail* F. B.. Mopping at ai.* north Of Fol JhlB* t'haw*. ? A. M , i*pnfa* at al. stauwa north of White Platan JOHN Hi. A(TI11 1. Aadntan'. Huporloleadt (hTRTT 10RK ANP H \ R.'.VM R\II.RC An ?('?* * It arrMtg?nPnt fry n-psarra (rare:.?T-alns learr Twsats * li'.h rtraet sUti n a* f ,ows-10 U A. M.?Krprss* fw *> any. Troy, Kar.uwa Hbsrpa Spring*. Niagara Fall*. Imk* aor**, Lebanon Spring* and |j?ke Mnlmpnr. poonerdn* ? II .an, with N?w torh Ppd'ii; Railroad for bharaa Hprtng". fligarn r? If a ,1 a'. p:a- ? Wpm r,lor> with (rain* for Sam <A* Mid a'.I prtr.a Mt.rlh. T 16 A. ?Tnr frtiPiMi Fat*, noaArtteg a: (It dPT* Rri.tge mth *1U|P' (or IaM TUecab-ac. 3d at CTfP -n F , J wl'.h n-.MP* for l3hn Mahopa*. 4 JO P. "or Porrr i'latn*. r janervn* at itoldeo'* Rridcn with (tawaa or Mas' r, and ? Cr don FaiA w?*i ?'*??* fr I aha _ ,?cilK I'RCMIlX awWab*. SnpertateoiW ^ RptW TURK TO TlfR WHITR RfO^ITf AIM* ARt? UU > M*mrh"Ofn*(oc dtreat, rla Ooanwdtotit rlrar ralloy, and Ipnaiin rm > k> tHrlprndtK'n- Montreal and QurbdT *WT W t th* Mow V .rh and llnHM Ral.-jad 'Mtm. TtraMT PWRR RTMR R T

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