Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1860 Page 7
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RHIPm6< Atlantic rotal mail steam nauoaVION com PAN V. . New York *ud Boston. touching at St Jolia'*' 000 VC/tng the British wall and Government despatches. The steamer* ooraprtslng thie line have been approved by th.* Admiralty and are die new iniu aide wheel steamers. Cnpdiin twitch, 4.4(g) tons burden > LKlhSThK, IfhJUt'jaa burden MUMSTKR, 4,400 tuna burden. 1 tTLRTKK, 4,Mb tons burden J And Ihe screw steamer* are the PRINCE ALBERT, OoLDK.V PI.EKCK, JASON' AND INDIANA. ? . , The dm: departure* of thle Line will be from Boston, July 01, end fnitn New York A elde paddle wheel ateamer on August 14. And propeller on Audita* 16. The aidr wheel eteamets of thta oompany have been eonMriirted with the prran-at .aire aa regards safety and comfort, combined with model and propelllue pow er, and are built With water light cwtnparluieula. They are confidently eipect id to aurpuacln speed and rough we..tber <|uslul?a, any vessels ever buih, and are replete with elegsncten and ootireBienetea. The screw steamer* are known to the public aa being sur- ' pisersl by any propellers afloat. 1 An ? apertrncedsurgeon attached to each ship. t (hues of passage betwreen New York or Boston and Gal 7 tray, by aide wheal steamers:? First c'aaa cabin 0101), 090 and 97.1, according to selection of btale rooms.. j Third claas, forward cabin. Including cooked provisions, Rates bv screw steamers ? b First t lass cabin, 900 aud 975, according to aelecllon 1 d room* ' Third clasa, forward cabin, 99b, including cooked prori h Oioris. Forward cabin pasaeucers are forwarded to any of the I principal rilies of Ireland, England aud Scotaud, or Wales, free of charge. e Passengers to St. Johns, eabin 935. third class, 914. [ Persona wishing to pay the pvwage of their frienda to the rr.ilu4 to-,?- ?u> nnsduaa tl. keu bv aide wheel or screw o ateamer* from Gal way at *32 flu. or from any point on a rail 1 sray In IreUoo, *15, or from any point oa a railway in England. Scotland and Wales, *37 50. Passengers ??n?ig their th-keu. In New York for steame ( f "'"g from Boston, will be furnished with a free ticket to tha t place. c Bunion agancy-NASJRO BROS. * SWEENEY, No. 5 Chat bam row, Hoatuo. i For freight or psssace apply to HOWLANLi A ARPINWAI.L, A genu. No?. M and 53 Sooth street. ? ? J totckki.y communication ry steam BETWEEN g TT Mew York and Liverpool, calling at Queeustowu, Ire land, to land and embark paaiwngrrs and despatches. The f Liverpool. New York and Ptiiladelphia Steamship Company's tl gp ton did Clyde built iron acre* neanuhlpa are intended to sail s M follows ? a noa raw toek to urmaroot. GLASGOW Saturday July 31 p CITY OP BALTIMORE ..Saturday July 23 j, VKK> Saturday ....August 4 r And every Saturday throughout the year, from pier No. 44 v MenA river. fi ? si utw or nmMat v Oabia to Qaeenetowa or liverpool *75 n (labia to London (via Liverpool) 80 lc BUusagu to Qneenaiown or Liverpool 30 a " to London S3 u " return tickets, available for su months, from U- p verpool 60 n r?senium forwarded to Uavre, Parts, Hamburg, itremsn 2. and Antwerp, at through rates. cl t Oarttflnetes of passage issued from Liverpool to Mew York.*40 p " '* " Queenatowa ' 30 t* These steamers have superior accommodations for passen e: Ren, are constructed with water tight oompartmnnu, and car- ? ry experienced lurgeooa. For freight or passage apply at the le OBM of the Onmpanv. t> JOHN <>. PALK, 16 Broadway. Mew York, Agent bi In Liverpool, to Wit. INMAN, Tower Buildings. In Glasgow, to WE INMAN, 13 Dixon street. el gTEAJL-NKW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. ( The YaaierbUt European line Ctil ted Stales Mail Steamships ? gall betweeu New York, Southampton and Havre. ' From New York for Returolng from J' Southampton and Havre and SouthHavre. amnion. f VANDKRBILT, Lefevre Sat., July 2B Wednesday,YAug. 18 " ILLINOIS. Griffin Sat., Aug. 11 Wednesday, Aug. 29 VANDKRBILT Sat., Sepl 8 Wednetday, Sept M f, ILLINOIS Hat , Sept. ? WVdneeday, Oot 10 ? VANDEBBU.T Sal.. Oct,, 20 Wednesday, Nor. 7 2 These ships have water tic hi compartments. anderbln, first cabin. *130; second cabin, 2*0. ?] Certificate* of passage issued from Europe to America. Specie delivered in London or Pari* *' O. TORK ANCK, Agent. No. 5 Koarllng Green. New York. 8. O. WAIMWltlGUT A CO., U Rue Psiihoitrg, ', Mootmstre, Paris. 4 A. N. CIIRYHTIK, Havre. u OAKPORD A CO . C7 Grace Chnrch street, London. B 8CNLOP, 8CH0ALKS A CO., Southampton. QTEAMER OF AUGURT I* ^ o FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVE*. The United States Mall Steamship f!, ADRIATIC, 01 ?i I. OonuAook eommander, will sail from pier foot of , street on Saturday August 3*. with mails, psewmgers I , Andspeete fur the above porta. f For freight or paMge apply at Urn offioe of the North Allan ? li BtoeinaLlp Company, room No. A No. *8 Wall stroot. P I. P. STEPHENS, Secretary. *' The Adriatic WUI again sail on the *th of October. " TOOK SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.?THE UNITED I T Btetes mall steamer I FUI.TOM, J J. A. Wot ton. Commander, wn leave fnr Havre, touching at Southampton to land the ?and iiaeeonrnrs on Saturday, July 31. at 3 o'chick, from 1 St V North river, foot of Beach street This ship has water J kl oo?n pertinents, enclosing the engines, so that in the event a eoUWoa or stranding the water, could not reach them, * and the pump* being froo to work tho safety of the vessel Mdpwaetigera would bo secured. Prtoo of psrnage in sooond . ... Arago will auccaed the r ahon, and aaU Augual 18. ran komi ouiur ixonw stkxmship bumd, { 1 EWMtBWMadir, otfrjiai tba Unttad tMataa aaU, 1 irOKCAT. li|<ul?, M U Coloak 1L. BKMOI TlA*BO0THAXrrO?, f "vbVS^TSkYtM, BOTH AMrrOH AMD BKUH ttlkafoUowtu ratoa ? ' FMaabiaTcUB, aaaood oaMa, BP; iNiin, MB. t-n?-sERa.,'2&T0B.i Mo. P Brotdway. j CTUJI TO UOKOOVDK1UIT, OLABOOW AITD UT? 11 D pooL?dbortaat h> paaaaaa to Curupa, by lb* Moatraal MM tolim?w M0\ A 8i1?TIAN. McMaater. ooMiato, K 55s to^euwbw* DOirer. from jQuebee, iwunUj, July IA ImmK f??to Cnoduodarry, dUogom ?r Mrarpooi ? riral ' an. NX. aaMahlp, B7U, atoaraga, pi), meiadingnraanpaaM|? and fraa Rabat, aBluir by way at Boatoa. rorUaad (BUM L oaaUlaaJ to %aabee. or by HndaoB rlrer, lake ChaaapUla. Maitoaal tVtotoato Bndaa) to guabae, with tba pr1vtla?a at roa-T'-'-| o??r at any point. F >r tounato' uohata and paaaaga apptr at tha anapaay a o?oa B Broadway. tSABKL A iCkU. UaoanU Aaaata. KlIaABB JOB A* Managf p nHAMHOBO AMKRK'AN PACKET OOMPAXT'8 r Mil atoaaaMp TVCToNlA, H. Fanba. ooauaaodar, ail) taaTA for Haabarg. BouUauopton. I-ondoo aad Harm, oa . Wada wlay^ AigpiM^ at U H. Prat cabin. BUM; aaeood m' tTaVKliUiABU A BO AH, 1A1 Broadway, K. T. , IB* atoanaahtp Baiimla wlU anooaad iba TriMouia. rrnx stilaw** orsav iartbrn. JL JOHN VIM MALU OMnute, FOR MILFORD B 1VKH, RNUuAeD. ru HiuriL a k ?ti a. > TM UBKAT KaMTKkN Will mOI for tba abort porta no i Thnnday Annat IS From Mi Jar 1 tlA n ther<- la railroad eoneeetloa with all parte cut ureal Britain and daiiy by ??aai era with Irrlaad. Rpntaal train- will be In readlaaea oa U>a antral, at tha abip at Mllford Har?a to mrrj petiengara to J London and the Rarth al reduced i ate* at fare. Fir<t claaa paaaragan only wtll ba lake t, and lh" prtoe la fixed at nao. A Imbed onenber a1 ?n>t elaai pMben*era wlU alao ba takea (rote *?? Torfc to Halifax at a < hanp- of tt> earb. QR1KMRLU Ml*TU*W A no.. t$ doath awaot. J moil iKfXAirn to nkw tork hv rtka* fa*- j P aanfrr* bonked fnon yue*nJtowii (Irrlen li to dew tor* . for IM, bringing parrtemnt, by Ihd ?r Inn.lid faei eCeameWpa < at tea Lie-pool. New T..rk and Philadelphia ban, tearing ( Queeaeloa n every Thuratey in the year, tar peonage apply , Mfit noaipaay aoteoe, II Broadway. JOHN (1. PALR. Agent.^ J IjnOR I.I VKRPOOLr- fl[J) black STAR UNR.-THR ; P packet akte BRIDUKWaTRR, lying al pter Mo. ( North i rt*aa, aafte the Tlet of July Tba cNlf kKnk ealle tha Mkk of lata, tor paaaawa from aad to UearpooL or drafle oa Lrataad yifKagterd ap^y to WILLIAMS * OVlON. Rrf M Foltea CVIR LIVERPOOL-THK BPT.KBPID aair RXCRL- ; P unit ( apt. Rwifi, will p? alUrely aall on Th'traday, July Ml For peonage apply imiardlniale oa board chip, pter M SSteTr'u^ 10 J H *L:Kf*^T ? Houth etraet. near XjH)R LONDON.?PARR I* RKPOND CABIN AND P found $H -Tba epleadld iblp PLYMOUTH ROCK, Oapt llanmund. aatle for l/'ti 1 a Jul> >| reeeepeere bmnght cm froae j *mdai or Lirerpr?A at red need ratee Ifrafta leaned for II en..' upward pa. al.le In any part of Ureal Rrl aie or BW&. ?rXSL^V.:T^" ' " waa XjtOB CA1JFORNIA. TIA PANAMA. A lh and after Jalv. a Ant elaea ataamar wdl tea*a Now Tort tea I at. I lib and lid of e%. h a?ith etnept when theaa datee tali oa nuoday. whan tea day of departure will ba tea "tor frrir'ht ornaii apply > IAd only -Hon. Mo. ITT Wart rtmnA, eonmr of Wwm. D. B. ALOJClt, Kfrm. aumtmaua rioMtKR ukk. KBTAnusiinn i?a, .fV cArrt.uj the L'uiUvl .-UUt Mails. The rauaWcsnl Al copper at p KAMtM. fAMCR, 1 Una h-irtbao. Talbot, omnman l* > aoaraaillud ihlp >*lm? Hatra. will l* daapalrhad Auguat 4. Melbourne dirnct from Birr 14 Raat rlror. Mar H. aocoauundaliooa for 4 rat ?n.1 neo^o rlaaa ptamprttrn no W?lH for comfort. Ugbt and reaUlailon I or fmurht or i ? on board or k> R W I'A MRRi >N to Bnarar Irtft Rich! Mil* for Mir and eaah adranaaa mad# on oon algan,enu t < aatcnaaa u? AualraUb/Xaaara R. Town A Co. Xjv>B Mn.BomKic, (nrrnAi.iA -it am??am<>?> una, r li'*l IV.t (near;-.: a>i*-i?? The AI ftr ai. Iujr ?>- i v ' ?HICTII l.l<?' t.*i? I'irUirn, Rm.'h m?atnr, la now bado ( in tAJr popular linn, and wltl ba promptly da npntrhr.- , o her adrnninrd d?r. Har anromodaUona Tor Aral and named cabin psaaerre" am ananuaUr aparbna and na faf4nflr, and afae a eeafc of Uw moat liberal kind Ratal of I uut? nnuauaily low. Apply on board, at pier 10 Kaat rirar, ? U Si IP I.KR I .< > RI? ,t yl'rRF. tl". I'X W?ll utrret. fpR a t vAMMAII AnnornRR PORTR, AR BKLOW T> ? Arm clam aldr whocl airamablp ACOCrtT A. Captain H Wi?lhmil. wlii Irarr on Saturday. Jttly tl, at 4 r. >iro?npt.T No 4 Mnrlh r1\n Through ticket. can tin bad for Lhr I Mr* Oi baaa, * 7S ? -bile fAB Montgomery, Ms f'olnmhi JT- Albany. : Atlanta, HI; Chattanooga fW 10. Maab*U> ?*7 -.1 Knot - tile *?. Momphla. CI I 7?. Aug-Mn. 9*7 K. Karon a Rami nab. HI r ' I, * |>*wage apply at IS Broadway. T - fWtda i'?pt?ia.) tTo*all. will triccnad and rt. aaTuradW. Jnly M, at 4 P M. Ramho, u ftmmit, A BOM. . MJtOR A W CRT.KAMB DTRMTT-TO PAfl, THTTRRD AT, W J'-, ?, at I P M ?Tbr aaw And rlaaa armw ataamahip PWrtH. (? 0 Mrbtm tVtmmander, wHl mantra freight PrVUr. J?l, 30 . 1 aaU aa ahoyr from Plrr S4 Itnrth Rirrr. foot oj ffnrth M<?>ra alrraL MB* fld I ?dl?* of tba prapnr form, fur Mferd at tba alaaaar or at ld?M of iba ?.m and no bllla of ladlna ?il br .l*or.1 aDrr tba dfr of aatBmg For rmtsht or PaHanr apats oa board, or to RTCflARrm RRMKARftA (XI , 4d Rontb mrmn. Imraranoa at tba lowam raiaa. VOR R AC AMR All Af?r> THK ROUTH IT Tha naw atanmabtp R R ' ! TI.RR, Cap! f Crockrr, all Irar. ,?trr If N R Thorn-tar. I'll/ * at 4 r * In nntrr of apaad or acrommodatlm tlua ?blp la wne-mallad. TTlcbrU U? Harannab 9U; Aajmida ?I7 M) Macon. *>. At iMu ri. fMnmbtm HI. An.anv. *B >?'r^,^r ?ia tWanooaa.HR: Mitorrlla. HA >. BwhiUla. iff T?. Mam. I . a pMa. HI 7? Mobllr. HA. Maw OrlramCHR iad-idlaa oarIbr far* In RaraminA Apnljr 4i> , , . H. ? momntix a ro.. M wm Arnrt aad IN Broadwaf. i; j I K gHiPffia. FOR HAVANA. AN1> NKW OK1.K VNB ?TO SAIL Wednehdsy August 1. ? U o'clock ?The new Steamship H1CNV1LLK. J n. MtilUmi, commander, will mmmww to rccetTB freight on Z7tia Julv, from pier loot of Murray atreet, N..rth r??r, and sail a* elxwe For frcighi or puuin aoply 1 to LIVINGSTON, CKOCHKRON ?IX)., No. 64 Murray atrwl. i The Cahawba, (lupuln J. W. Smkh. will succeed the Bienville, | ud aa*l oo Saturday, Auftuat 11. I D~ i *LY UN* FOR OAF* MAT ' AND PHTLAD*L'?HIA. w^A SANDFORD'8 UNK STKAAthliil'S, I " rom pier 1< North river, j At S o'clock T-J* , Sunday excepted. i Steamers itOdTuN. U CLAW AM*, I khd KKNNRBBO. Goof* forwat ^ South and West free of commission. X.HROUGH IN to HOURS. ( KKKDKR1C I'KRKINR, Afoot J ?? 1 Mi?c:?u.Awoug; \ A RTICLICK I^OR TRAVR1JJUW.-TR0NK8, DRK88 AND J fv Hat Bo tea, Carpet and {father rtafs, Paris made: Tra- " rl'tna and Shopping Bags, V?n<>or Rail ray Lunch * laaiteu. wholesale and retail. >,OHN OATTNACH, manuracurer and Importer, 86 Broadway corner of Wall street, and 1*1 Broadway, near Fourth street. e A CABD. 1 i TO BOUTHKRNKRR. C DRTNK KRS OF CONU R KS8 WATRR. U Mneh apnrioua mineral water la sold as 'Congress Water" h j unprincipled persona or counterfeiters, who, when tike* are not uae that name, call It "Saratoga'' water, although / 'Saratoga" la only the name of the town ? which the spring I i iltiutod. It To protect the pnblle from such Impositions we rl Ave all our carta branded thus:? CONOR USB Any not having those words and letters on the C. AW. i orksare eounterfeilRtad the jpurebnaer should WATRR. ] irueecute the teller for swindling. ______ k Orders will receive prompt attention If addreaaed to na at t hit Southern depot of Oongrem Water, 96 Cedar street. New fort dty. CLARK* A WHIT*. a Proprietors Congress Spring. I Lists of dealers who procure Congress Water for their sales " llrect from our house, are kept at our otBoe for distribution to r hose who desire to purchase genntne Congress Water in thetr iwn neighborhood. O. A W. DU BARRY'S RIVAL*NTA ARAB6CA FOOD-FOR ' dyspeptics, invalids and infanla. ii BARRY 1>U BARRY A CO., 302 Broadway, New York, ind to l>e had through the prinoipal druggists and grocers. A a u*SlMntf I" numnri mno. The fojkiwhjg ejtract from the Medical Times and Galette, * must H. }*i&, p. 115, conveye Dr. C. H. F. Rnuth'a opinion of ? lie Revalerta Arabic* Food. Dr. Routh la physician to the " amarltan Hospital for W praeo and Children. Thia learned nd experienced practitioner (ays:? I The human milk contains, besides aalta of lime, chloride of r* otsssium. Now, hi ooonog with carbonic acid, thia aalt en lys the peculiar property of dhsolvlng carbonate at lime or J? halk. An absence of it in the food, aa In wheat bread, la ' ery injurious to s /firm ing etatld; hence a child fed on psp ** -ir a tune grows fat, but the bones are avfl, frequently It Ickens, and severe symptoms supervene Amongst the I egelable substances^ font which comes olunewt to A illk in its otmp.isiUon ia, without doubt, the Revs m nut Arabic# Pood, ontatain/: both phoaphorto acid in but dance, and chloride of potaaaium; it also lncludea casein, le same principle which is found in milk In its constituent ' arts. Moreover, lis nutritive matter Is to its calorlllant I Latter In the proportion of 1 to to 2%, milk being in that of 1 to A No wonder, the refore, that under tta Inlluence many Q uldren affected with atrophy and marked debility have com- rc letcly recovered. I have given it with the greatest advan- A ige in such caws, and, so far aa I may judge from my own ipcrienoe, I should conclude thai practice fully came* out I hat theory, from a knowledge of Its composition, would have _ I K us to anticipate. It hss also a slightly laxtlive eilect, and 1.1 lercfore, in many Instances, wnen the child is of a constipated H ?hit, It ia to be strongly recommended. I; Hold bv BARRY DC BaKRY A CO., 90S Broadway, and by B, II the principal druggists and grocer*. "i OURAUD'8 ITALIAN MKDICATKD SOAP, IT IB I J well known, mires TAN. PIMPLRS, PRRHKLRB, 8ALT st HKl'M, BARBER'S ITCH, CHAPS, CHAPRS, TENDBR M I.KHU, Ac., besides being the very beet shaving compound b< rer invented. OOURAUD'h POUDBK SUBtILK uproots w sir from lew foreheads, upper lips, or any part of the body, or ifely and quickly, warranted. LIQUID ROUGE, for pale N ps and rheeks LILY WHITK, for Hushed, red and bested ices. HAIR DYE instantly converts red, grav or light hah T > a beautiful black or brown, without staining the skin. J OURAUD'S IMPROVKD ORIXNTAL ORE AM, for the H vmplrilon. Beware of e counterfeit Ponnd at Dr GOU- Si ; A CD'S old estahliabed depot No. 67 Walker street. Orel N ore from Broadway, Wrlls A Co. Park A Barnes; Ha yea, rooklyn; Green, Worcester; Bates. No. 119 Washington street, f vwton , t'alleuder, Philadelphia. The above articles are not to I e confounded with the trash with which the States arcjiooded, w nd sent from New York at eheap rates, and long credits at ist. Dr. OOl! BAUD'S articles b?ve been befdke the pnbOe jf te put twenty year*, and are wel known to he all they are epreeented to he. 1 CB ICR ICR. i . Great reduction in the price of Ice. a, The Rockland Lake lee Company are selling Ice at ft 16 w er ton. Depots, foot of Deloncey street. Kast river, and foot 0| f Barrow street. North river; office. U Jay street. TNOWIJC'8 AMKRICAN INSECT DESTROYER?WAR- I V ranted not to fall; Houses. Steamers and Vsssels of every or tweription cleared and kept perfectly clear, by anplying to tnclpat depot, 606 Broadway, under 8C Nicholas' Hotel. V arge Booses cleared he one hour. Pure Insist Powder for ft; ile by the dosso, gross or pound. ^ ci [JKARKKH CP TOWN SHIRT STORR.?SUPERIOR " I Loudon Yoke Hhirts, L. Y. 8., and CoUarssaade to order. K 835 Broadway. s el [>AR1?? ? r NOTABLE tl Iotei dm Tnotx Kinaini 179 rue Rirok. Urp ud null t apartments. furnished lit superior at yte. Uunn Dbuxlb, ptinted by the Km pram and the Queens at 1 Mod and Holland. M r. Ore laxnnni and U r. Chotaeul. September Benlerard daa Capucluea, facing rua da la Pali. Kllka. India and French, Cadmcra SlmwS, Laos. o Lingerie, Mantles, Fancy Ooeda, Wadding iBottaT Court and , Bail rifii >umum. .VrJaon Faurel. d rua Meuern. he 11 atddkEmm add Millidut ot Mils. Boiler. m rue * Neurn St. Augustin, represent ao truly tha typa of dUna f don, that aarural foreign Courts, by wham aba has bean ap- " pointed the patentee in the moat Haltering terms, bar* adopted thena. 'aaaca Cambric Handkerchief!, plain aad warkad. Chap ran. 11 rue da la Pali. t .Art Vinuu.?Kvery reqnlatta for Wadding Hulta, Promenade and eeuolng Praaana da., d rua da ChofeeuJ. kdla Shawl*, Laos.? Au Parean. 79 rua Ktebeueu. Inoea* Pair At.?New cut aad mode of stitching, id rua Nenre J st AugnaUn Wholeaala aad retalL J awELLaa u> H. M. Kramar, SI rua Maura, 19 Angnata. Iodbkoaide.?(Hrrmta, China, and aaetaol Furniture.) The ware noma ara removad to it rua du Hetder. f nana K* aiainoa of Pfctaraa, Brooaa works, Stationary, B 0 Place de la Bouraa. d nrododetem add CtooKE.?I^e Kqy and FUa, makers to tha m nary. Palais Royal. IS aad IS. <?nlerte Montpeaaler. 1 >rriciAD.?The buiae of the Ingenleur Cberalller, Inganiav a Poorer cheralBer, a He aooeeaaor, founded by his family In r >740 Tour da I'Horlnga du Palais, at present IS Plana du Pout Neuf, faring the etatuta of Henry IV. Instruments far Optica, Natural Phikaophy, Malhaxnaltiu, the Nary and Mhaat'ri^CwTKA ?CWna, Cry wale, pinner Herrfcea, Boutigny, ) Palais Hovel. (>alerts Montpanpar SI aad SB t uaatsta to the fCmbaaar, C Robeete A Co. tl Place Tendon*. c rtwua. Teas and Caoouwaa of the Arm of H Ourflllar, Id Una da la Pali, Proprietor of Vbtaparda in Bordeaux aad Cham- o pagne. Order* far America executed. r 'LAHcasn, Paarrana by aopatntment, Rue Oeumartte. t The Baarrr or 1 iim, BaVaa FLavas aa Ltd for the earn- f p(eama. This cosmetic being one of the moat renowned pre- t ducUons for the toilet, gives be akin tha snpplauaaa aad r bloom of youth, and Imparts a whttenoas of li uprimahahla a parity. K B.?Mr. PlanchaM la ba only pabnlaa. Depot at Kew York, at Pnpral'a,8S7 Broadway. d raiLoa ? Hulak. SB rua RWott, well knowu far Ma alagaat cut and vary superior ftt, a iruatworthy trail?an. PATF.KT FOB HAlJt?WHOLK OB BT STATES. (1RRAT IMTEMTIOM. e KOKHLKRH Safety Horaaa' Bead dear. No inorw Aoddniti c BT BBAJN)It OF HORSES SHTIMQ. Tha andarMgned hereby inform the puMIe that thaw bays nade a great aad Important dlaaorary by aiaaan of whtab tha tally oeeuirlng aeetdmta through horaaa ah ring or tiswrwnma [ "Tightened may ba pi eiaMait. By thw htghiy tngaubma yet a dmpla invention every owe who haa anything to do with 0 mreaa may taatantanamwly obrlata every aaetdsnt. It leaf Urn I Geaiem Importaeee la prereutlnp the runmng away ef horaaa, i getting lham out of their atahlea la cam of flra, la latMag J iham aland b tha abreet without being fastened In any manaer. t thing of grant hapoeteoee te pbyatatana and bnbnam man, c ha.. tn tha paa^g at rnilrnad tralna. tn the v roaatn| of fercoa, < mum at UWI by Inqulrw o< J. KOKKLKR * HOLT I MaKH, ill Pari airaat. mm Mom, tnm t to IS A. M. mi tram 1 to I P. M. fVCARTl IfTLL.?TT1K I.ATWT IMPROTKMRIVT; W pair mad May 23 1M>. nperaUu* an enuralv naw pTTnctpla, aith adjuatabla double aad rarer** actio* aoU heating grinding mtrfarea. arranged aad eepactally adapted to radnaag quart* ruck and other hard ubaUii- ea to ?u inpalpa blaprmder Apnly to TIIOH. BKNNkTT. Railroad dapot building. eortwr *iia and PraaAlla atraeta, If. T. TBI AMERICA* OUDIPUCI) MILK. X Piepaiad froaa tka rtoheat iailk of Uta baal datrtaa ba rbjuAoaa anoaty. Haw Tort, la Ua only way to procure pur* aaltk la large idllaa Tka madiaal profaaetaa i apart it aa la valuable for lufmata and Invalid* If la ckaapertkaa tka awtD aad* a nana aatd aa aaflk. Aa It wttl kaay for yaara ta aay adnata. ft la I lliaaantli far traewlera. o*wa of Ika^my aad aary, aad for tkaa* living la hot cHatalaa or at tka Mnotk. For aaJa la rartoaaataad panaaga* aooluaad far tntaap irtatlna, at ** ^AMERICA* SOUDIFnm MILE OOWPAITT. . II Llbarty atraat, two donra aaat (rum Broadway, R. T. j I Tl'ARTRP-or.n BOOKT. FTORAVTWOt PtlirTIROH i TT and ail ktrtla of rem* 'if art. fur whlrh the hltbeat eaab price* will bt paid A>?M two hundred K.ngr*?init? by H-* I 1 tat I ml aad a large collaatton of Etching! by old maat-ri. for tale cheap, ot wtllbr ei< hanged for PaiaUnge or ia<>l?m En I gi-iiinga (ienllenieo making up a mliwuina of ine thing* i would do trail lb call. R. wToOCIJMIOlf, ( tit Broadway, oornar of llouatna wreet, up najra tjQAM OrriCMH. ! At hi in Aim utrrrt, thrrr poorawkrt or IBoadway, mnaay tdruml on Wuokw. IHanoada, mlrr PlaT I?nr Uonda. and Parmnal Pmporty of arary fTTT 'Jjtril! *** "*** bT JO*trB / AURAOn, , At thr m.n RFTARUKHrn orrirR, ,?i broad , . way? Mnaay Inanrd on Diamond*, Watc-bra, Jawalry. An , , Of hnupht for raab at fall raltta Tarma Ifvral, hoatnaaa airicUy ? aMtatial. J. B. coflRR. W Broadway. AT ? RARRAU BTRRRT-A. HORWMAB, DIAMORO brokar, adranrwa monry to any amount oa Dtaaaoada, libra a?'t all kind* of mrrr hand tar or bay* for eaah. at hi* grTraM aAea, W Ra?aa Mraci, roots Ro. 1 BiMaim ooaAdaa A T THOMrwOR 4 OO.'R, RRORKRR AMP OOMIftRUO* A Brrrhanu. IDS Ranaan atrrat. nor?ar of Ann atraot, room Bo t. Ton ad Boor, ad r a nor taonay from $| to SM.QBB, *n WMML INaanada, Jrwatry, Dry OooB*- Braari and ail Mad* of mawkandwa. or honcbt Particular aAanuoa paid In MB> Uon aatanaf PamHom An., In an/part of lb# ?r. Bnnlng Mnnbtnaa hoopla and naM. A. R. TBOMPROB. iiilwr. AT 11 CHAMRinU WTHRKT ?MOBBT TO U>AB TO any amount oa Dlamonda. art or naaat; Wat*baa. Jrwrt rj. Ao. or tb? ?ama boon* for tbr kbrhont -*ab prion*, by tba wanfliowa IBAAIT*. II OhnmbaraMraaL H. B. ? Ro buinaaaa tranaartort an BatorBaya. AT M rOCRTH ATBRUK, OTPOBTTtl OOOPRR IWm tola, adranoaa madr cat Dtamcmda. Watobaa. Jrwriry. mirarware. Plane* ami all k'nia of Mnrebaadlna PrtraAa ra traaoa. tatll Boor. P. QAlHR. Bmfcrr. M fonrtk armna. At thk ADVARfR orrii-Rs or u jaoobs iiorrt nan br obUtlnad In anr onantlty rat watc-ban Jawalry, dtamrmda. nrpam dry panda. lmrdwar*, wtnaa hmodtra, and rmry dmrriptba of mmbandlr ar bonpbt and tba hlfSr* Drier* atran. Hnatnaa* atrirtly ronbdraUal Oooda tn*ur?d *1 J- ' la UNA Principal aOan, (7 William alraat. braoak nirr, m Broadway. _____________ A T TH* OLD own*. IIORRT IR ART AWOtTRT, J\ To advaaaa on Binrka. Bond*. Dry ''cola. Pajntirt** Br. To advaaaa on Dlamaod*. Watr.brn, Planer Man, Br., Or N*c\jrhi for crab Ofirr prlrata llnura f till A. t V BARAIJfflRB, ITT Broadway, room IB upatat-* bw yoftk herald, so.'. THK TVKIf. Fajshionrater ski r**cbb, ua? THORI.KY'R UGLD UUP. V ALlKIt AT ?S?0 This gold cup, now on exhibition at Kemra. Bad. lHnrt A 0o.'s,m offered by Joseph Ttorley, of Umdoo, to ba raw fur >ver the Fashion Race Course, ixnig Island. N.V., during the Tali Meeting, Heptember, LtWO. Oneuloall horwa man*, da 'ed on THORIJtY S FOOD FOR HORhKS AND CArtL*. For rules, Ac., apply at lite l>epo< of Ttwrley's rood. SI Bra*way. V T. JARATOOA, tntW YORK.?TROTTINO?THDUDdf. 3 July M, at four o'clock P. M. Purse $1,400. Mil* heath Mai (Area in tire, in harness. - D. PUfer ?? , p. h. Bhaa Ainu. J. D. McMsnna names br. r Brown Dick. CTbTAARRINO, Proprietor. AHA h* paid b* * gkstlkman or PcJ.UUU this city, for a fair, medium sued home. wka ong or natural tail; must be al least I5K bauds high; thai oast rot lo the pole in 2 JO If any Uoree nan be produoed that rill altow better tbau 1 JO in double harness lbs advertiser wtl tay a liberal smoont tor every set ond that be can beat It AdIreas C., box 3.4B2 New York Puet office. No one need apply rho la not ready and willing to stow the Urn*. HOHWM, OAEMAOas, AO. A BK<X?*D BfAND TWO SRATKD TOP WAOON FOR a. sale, id excellent order, with pole end shafts; fitted for Antral I'ark or any other place. Alao a light Wagon, without >p. WU1 be acid very reasonably to close a concern. Apply >F. ASUR. 1$B Creeby street. "1ARRIAGB8.?AN A8BORTMKNT OF SKOOND HAND J road and lop Wagons, two seat Wagons, high door Rockway, Brett, Oonpee, Ac.. As., at 8T1VKKS A SSIITH'8 carnige factory, 89 KMridge street. Jt()R S.dl.B?TWO CANAD1 AN PON1KS; ONK BAY AND 7 one blaok, 1* and 14 hands high, stx years old, sound .and Ind is single or double harness t an be seen at No. JUS ntd hirty fliat street, between Ninth and Tenth arenuss. JtOR RAI.K?A 8TYT.TSH KAY HORRK, 19 HANDS HIGH " suitable for saddle or haruess; will be told low, ea the wner has no further use for him. Inquire at Grant's sis hie. k>tighty street, near Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. TiOR RAI.K ?THRRK VRRY FAST TROTTING HOR8B, 7 UK hands high, young, sound, and hind in single as noble harness; alao s pair of very stylish brown earrings ion**, i* nana* 3 incne* tug*, num from Uic tJUtt of IUum. ngnire at 98 Gol4 ireet. JV)H HALE?A NICE SLIDING ERAT TOP WAOOE, 7 for o?M or two horses, and suitable for two four or par mm, almust new. Inquire at EE Bowery, In the hardware ore. 7<OR SALE?A VKEY STYLISH PAIS OP CARRIAGE 7 Horses, 1* hand* bfgh, aleo a Eagle Horse, IS bancs fh, can trot in three minutes: all three warranted perfectly Kind and hind; noe open Carnage rery little used, lite whole is propmy of a gentleman who has no f urther nee of them, id tor eale cheap. Inquire at IX Clinton place, Eighth ?t. 7?OR 8ALR?A THOROUGH BRED SORREL MARK. UK 1 hands high, Ex rears old, perfectly sound and k ad, of re arkable heanty and good speed; also a light top Wagon and Iver plated Harness, almost new Satisfactory reason* given r selling. Apply at the Stable 129 Kaat Twenty fourth St. JiOR SALE?A LARGE 'VARIETY OP SECOND HAND 1 Carriages, consisting of light, glass and curtain quarter oaches, tsleohea, Ex passenger Rocks ways, open Beluchea, Ac., all in wood rnenlng eondition; will be sold low, pply to MoTT A CO.. EM Broadway, below Bond street. jtOL SALE?(INK BAY HOKBK. KINIi IN HARNESS OR under the Huddle, "ne of the best fumilv II >rs?s in the city, if; bund* high, warranted sound and kind, ai*. a Buggy sua Ni uem, or separately as may be required; the whole, worth KM, will be sold for 9360, for want of use Inquire at 663 roedu ay, in haaement. j*>R BALE AT A BARGAIN-BY A OKNTLEMAN WHO ' has no farther use for them, a Phaeton, with pole and isfta; seuta tor four persona; top oxer bark seat; made by luer A Bterens, and cost S32S; la In good order and has bean it little used, lowest price 916-1. Also, a strung built Buggy, ith ton; made by Wood Bros., and no*! m ia al*o in gqos tier-West prion S100. Apply at 14 William street, affU* a 10. IOR8K8. CARRIAGES AND WAGONS, OP ALL kind*, for aale cheap. Orer 10b new family Carriages, uggie* and Grocers' Wagon*; al*t 100 aeeond .hand Wagon* id 30 Horses, at the factory ItH Pulton avenue, and stables II evini street, Brooklyn. I0R8EB AND CARRIAGES POR BALK ?I. N. SINGER. of the Arm of I N. Singer A Co., preparing for a tour a ornpe, offers for sale a portion of hi* extensixe estabUahmeal Horses and Carriages. Inquire at earrlags honas No. M WsE loth street. IORSBR-A COACH TEAM, H HANDS HIGH, MAHO j gany bays, black legs, loug heavy tails, age* tlx and , ven. New York Bute bred, fast traveller*, perfectly sound id geutle, pries, one half of their value. X00. Addre*s Ed in Henry, Flushing, L. I , who will eall upon persona la the | ly, by addressing a note lo 41 Park row, room &. , IORSE OR COW WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR A I medium Eze Singer Sewing .Machine, new and in good tier. Address K. W , box 154 Herald office. t aLK?A I.ARlTirPAlR <>P SIX YKAR~OLlTBAy7TaR~ 1 ) rtagr Horse* (no white), handsome, Eyliah, kind ana gea s. Price SL0U). A lower priced team will be taken In exisnge. AdAiesa A. P. P., Herald office[UIOROUOHBRRD STALLION POR BALK?THE L thoroughbred stallion Umpire, by Treasurer, oat of rally OlesTworth, by Trustee; la 13 year* old. entirely sowed nd kind, and a sure foal getter; some of Me stock having town great speed on the turf. Is a rteh bay, with black man* nd tall; 1 Mi band* high; ia Tery Eyliah; perfectly broken to re saddle, trou or canter* equally well, aad may be ridden rtlh aafety by a lady. Can be *esn at tea stable No. IS EbE T-AiTWIwrb PURCHASE, A GOOD HORRK. nARII new ?iui akifUn* mm Wagon; must be In goad condition ad an Id cheap for caah. Address K. B. IV, box l.fcll Poet ffloe, or apply personally at 12 Veaey atreet. [?rAXTKJ>-A PAIR OP~HI> RRRe~MUHT BR STYMHH, TV free travellers ?n<l able to Inn together in 3V, minute*; handsome set of light double llarnaaa would also be purbaaed. Apply to or addreaa OW K.N' COOK, .No. 2 Rcliermeron alreet, Brooklyn. LBOAL ROTICB*. IMRIHNIA IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF KANAWUA V July t 1MB. The Pieaident, Dtreetoea and company of the Bank of Vlr Ma, the JeaaM Riraraad Kanawha Company George Miller, ten C. Me Andrew. WUl&a R. Trarere. Richard Oakley. ahnDerereaa. awdRdmtmd H Millar. Complements The Wlalftnde Mining aMlfaaufiaetarlng Company. Andrew Ark re. John R. Garland, earn net II Rarly. Henry 11 Wood, aarpa JeffHee, the unknown heirs at law of Jamas K K.n* linill, John P. Crueby, John McOoalhay,William Dickinson, krtrlrnr of hhnaelf and the Me Joel Hhrewnuury. deceased, ttchloaou Shrewsbury William A. IJUArnar, eiarv.tnr of the aid Joel Shrewsbury, deoeaaed, aad others, Defendants la DBCRKK TOR SUNDRY ACCOUNTS aaeraaOL This eanee caeaeoe upon una second day of July. lien, to be ward upon the papera heretofore read therein the depoaklona then aad Mad la this eauae, the aaewer of John P. Crneby. and be exhibit* died with aaid aatawer, a cross bill Med by the aall Ynahy, aad a report Med by Cootmlaaloaer laidtey. with ex plums endorsed thereon, and waa arr led by oounael. Cpoa oouetdereUoo whereof, the Court not now settling any f the qnaeltnoa rained and priorities Meted In aald report, doth rraanaitt the aune to Cnanmlahinter Alex. T. Latdley, to re afce. Mate, aeule and report to thia Court, at Ha next term, the ahnwiai aecounta la thia eauae. together with any other mat an deemed perUueut by klua. or aa to which he may be eqaired to report, by any of the parties In ibis cauar. TEST An preount nbowlnir the real and personal estate Of the I efeodaat. the Wbu'rede Muilnx and B*imfeeturtn( Compaoy, nd the valru- thereof Second An aooount ahowtnf the IndebtedneM of the Mid owpanj by mortgage, trust deed, judgment or otbeewlee. Third. Thai ha report ali Urns upon Their real and persona' -state. and the several priorities of aaid Urna. Fourth. An anmuol showing whether Lhr ronta and profits if lhr real aatatr, subject to ibr Urna will satisfy the judgment* (air at aaid Company In Rro years. Fifth. That br report what injury and km lhr property will nstaln by lying idle and nut being operated aa a cmi pro rrty ^iuth. That he report who were the President and Directors * the aaid Company on ihr tai day of July, WW. ari l mi iho at of April, law. reaped!rely, and who were prreml and oted at the meeting. authorizing thr truat deed of lhr let of iulr, WW. and U ? powers of attorney In April WW IDMM copies of the prweedlngs (mm ihr Ir.Aa of the nmpany. under (he real of aaid company. alined by the rreeilent, shall be evidence of the fnrer*ng facta 1 Kerenth. And tha (.curt drth order thai notice of the U-ue nd place of lahinc the fnregniag amount* be puhdrbrd me a week far four aticceaaivn weeks In the Kanawha ralley Mar. a newepaprr printed and p'ibllaheri In thr own of Charleston, In this county, and In Ihr Kew Tork Terakt. and thai aerh publication shall be eqntralenl to rerennal aerrtre of arid notice on aD parties to this < viae And aaid Onsiiniedmir shall alao re-iulre ali the r re Hurra if aaid company who are not now pan lea to this muse o com In and make themselves parties to the auM. and agree o pay thetr proporUm of the coats and char?eeof this suit, ind pro* i their debts before him. at the tune and pin e to be tied aa aforesaid, and no th-tr failure to do e. they shal. be mntpnaed to Ihnee wbo do appear and prove their depu Bghth. And the parties are required to lay before the (on ' such bonus and papers an be May dad neceara,, to roable him Ek sake the report* shore ordered s Tesae, a. W. QUaRRIER. Clerk. T. B Keren for complainants. T. U Baoca for defendant. Cranky, trustee. Ooeni-astdraa't OrMfW^Cdansneto.*, July A 1 WO The paf tea tn thla Witt. in ahatrart of the deeree In which l? T ere ptibliebrj and all othera who it* creditors of lb* Win. "rede Minim ind Mau.ifarturlng f'rnnnin*. will take notice bit I hue appointed Wednesday, thi 1Kb day of Aua'Wt, l*k>, it m \ idk I . the town of ITharleat?n, county of Kanarho V tryfnta. ii lb* lime ind plare when ind wh?r? I ihi'.l op in he anal m? with i iWn of tnkto(. Matina. aeu.ny Mil reporting the aeyeral aeruunta ordered by not decree And I require U>? production before me. it my KIW afnreasld of ill inch rliimt by the 14th day of Repteoeber. Iddt). when I (bill rime the laid a< count Too. the mid partie?. ind yon who ire creditor! and not cirtiea. will obeerea that ron are required to c .me before me ind make j mireeifw* partiei and a*ree In p?y yoti propoc lion of the com lad charge* of tbw anH. ind proie your .|eMa rmor before the 14th of Heptember. ntberertae Jon wC be poalponed tn Oman who dim prrrre their debts And yon the ?*M p-rtiee are required te I. y before me i h bnnfes aad paper* aa "hall be found aerimary to enable me to nkf Uie rep. sis afereaaM I will also be oboereed thil publi-iUoq of Ibut mdlre to the Kanawha Valley Mar. and In lie New Turk Hera'd. for fo'tr IMeceeatre weeks U In be reg*.led ai e pilrileit to penonil enlri upon nil ths paruea to Una ami ALKK. t. LAIDI.FT, Torn. PKKKOWAL. Ant information op ni.ijcn toibltt on hkr brother J am en, would be thankfully reeelred by tbeir rouan, Marram roWey, hire lately come to tb.i country Addresa WThird nyenue. New York- Boston and Wtiming loo paper* pleaae copy. ANT LAf>Y WTAHINO TO A DOPT AN INFANT A from ita Ktrth, will bear cf an opportunity by calling on Madame Iteatell. IM Chambers arrest or a Id rem n* bov XW? Font <<llee. r^ftvo cunut waxtkd.-apfut at ct tin at. IT WAI.TKR WOTT, FORMNKLT WITH *OOr?N, Kgerbm A Ba'rb. will addreae note to K W r ilon aqnare Poat office, ler will learn aometh ng In bit adexn age. INFONMATTON WANTNIV-OF MinfAK. JANNB om TVmaaa Rural, whew last beard from were la r .rmlnwloa. Virginia Any tnfnnwntlm of Umm art 11 be thankfully leestaai by their hrntbm ltd ward -ears of Jacob ileiger. Hoboken, N. J. Fnrminglos. Fa. papsra pinnae onpy Lrnr qctnn want* information of wonona oid I'eima K tpwnr who arneed aa pahanngpre ta tht liolden f teeee frrsa Uwlway Appl: to 1> W. Tammerer, Ciatls ttarden em gran". depcA, N. T. AMBON INC ANN." Tl'IIu. THF OFNTI.KMAN WITH pmwr fit TV Mn ta. who rude t p In the Q rUi I'e e -an ci T ?ada afte -noonTaa n?>l'.ga Bib; pat kg 'ill ad 1. at' Midi pa H' are Fo? oVe ? F rURDAY, JtTLY 21, 1860 ahvkkmkntii. vr**r bowkkt .~Hlt *t". n . a , Me propriety* ... ^j'uuVl*^ * The (rea* AJK. * Klil'i. 1?n5?l^lfK*>F UIAWTEK. Ricimortd *r 0 ^ ??J"J?4 Buokingham ii? ?p J10411 Queen Elltibeth u ?, ??a< Lady Anne .... j* Mu,b *auuy liernag The ooouc fame u u-T __ THK I.OITKRY TJOK? With Mr. O. L. Voi in the oha-arter o? , rmwCK%Jl And the laughable nomadltta a. ->rw . u TnK YOUTH THAT NEVER SAW A V C>MA" r-, Viae Fanny Herring at Co*ln MAUC8 OV KHAL ICSTAim. Anew two stobt and basement house, in a block owned by genteel American families; double ptv' lore, marble mantel*, fine court yard. Price 93. JUO. 9300 cash. 9(0 quarterly till paid. Apply to E. P. DAY, FuVeuth street, near Fourth avenue, Brooklyn. Farm for bale in new jerset-m acrkn half smile from t'nkra landing, three of Rahway railroad elation, ant twenty mllea from thla city; it haa a good hooaa and out build mga. Apply to WM. a. CHAM BERLIN, TV Roblnaoo atreet. ClOR SALE?THE THREE STORT BRICK HOUSE AND JP Lot No. 13 Sixth avenue; lot 19 by 90. with an additional I<ot In the rear, forming an L. Any one wanting! o purchaaa for Improremeul would di/weli to call and examine the pea. party. Apply on the premises, No. IS Sixth avenue. For sale-thk knjlikh basement house and lot No. 21S West Twenty -aeventh atreet, betweea Eighth and Ninth avenue*; I,ol II feet 6 lnchea by half the blook; the House haa lately been put In thorough repair. For tenna apply at 117 We?: Tw enty aeventh ?treat. Farm, timber land and sawmill property for sale or exchange for aeaarnable mer-handLe on moat liberal term.*. Th * is a very valuable property, deairably located in the best part of the oountrv. liHiUS A BOUTflvnCC, ? Naaaau atreet. TDOR BALK-A DESIRABLE FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT ? ol twcntveight acrea, at Heliport, fronting en the Great South Bay, Long Island; good build nga, choice frulta. fins tithing, gunning and bathing on the pi toe. The above place In well calculated tor a iportamaa, location unsurpassed for health. For full paxueufara apply to A. 8RRUEANT, U Wall TpOR BALI. r One of tta# beat Hotels In tfaa North we*. The American House, St. Paul, la oYwed for sale: la now doing and always has done a good bnuneia. The aoat of f umlaMng In 1387 waa srer $19,000. Contain* 80 rooma. all furnlahad; Billiard Room and Bar. To a man who understand* his buMnemlhia u an exrelleut opportunity to make money. SatiafatUiry reason girna for arlUnjr. Price low. .Apply to or addreaa a. c. lewts. Bridgeport, Conn. r* bale cheap-three choice uildixo Lota on K??t forty fifth street, 1 do. on Fifty fourth street, t da on Ftfly-seventh and Ktfty etuhth street*. J. J. SMITH A CO.. 760 Third avenue. Farm wanted?containino from ?o to i? aerea, with Houte and Barn; pood water, oonreuisot to city; KM) to $800 cash to be paid due n, the balance to have from three te eirht years for the paymont, title moat be per lect and no rlaim or mortgage on the property. Addreaa Samuel, box 113 Herald odlcv IjtOR SALE?THE LAMS NSW MOW* STORK HOUHKS 1 No*. 29 and S3 Weat Thiiir fourth street, with exteotloa for library, finished in the moat complete and thorough Banner, with roeewood doors, walnut stair., and all the modern improvements Apply on the premise, of LOPIK A DAVIS FOR BALK CHEAP-TWO COTTAGES IN FORTY SIXTH street, 300 leet west of Tenth avenue; gas. marble msn tela, Croton water, Ar . all complete; splendid courtyard in front of each. Price, $.3,280 each This !. a good chance for a working man to aectue a home. Inquire next door, or at 837 Hudson street. F)CR KLIOIBLT 8ITPATED LOTS IN THE VILLAGE of Mount Vernon, Westchester county, a.-e to be sold pe remptorily for rash at halt their real value Apply imme dlatelv at No. 211 East Tenth street. A rare opportunity for a capita lis u For balk or exchangr-thk focr thrkk atorv bnck Houses Noa. 88. 90 and 92 East Thirty aeoood treet. N T., and No. 8 Second street. Wllliamahiir(. A smaO farm, with or wltbont aterk and f miture. would be takan la pert. Inquire of owner. 18c Broadway Georgia, teaap, north Carolina and pexk aylvsnia landa. of superior quality for .ale in exchange on noat liberal terms for New York or Brooklyn property, or rood farms or country teats. __ BIOUH A BOCTHWTOK, 32 Naasau Street. CHRIST AND SAWMIT.I. PROPERTY FOR SALE OR IN T change on libera'. terms, the location Is superior, in a pleasan; village and grain raining country, and good market for the sale of dour and feed and an eu silent chance to make money. BIOQH A SOl'THWIi'K, 82 Nassau street MOST DES'RARLE CITY PROPRRTT FOR SALK-J9 lots of Gronnd lu one plot, lk>unded by the Fifth avenue U*th and 138tli streets: 92 Iota of O round in one p tat, bounded by the Fifth avenue, 133d and l.3Sh stree's also. Is>u on BUtfe avenue and on 190th street. For terms apply to ABRAHAM BELL'S BONN. $8 Park row. lliU nft * ?rn Ai.i^n ahu av/iaoj i nvc X of lk? linked sun* For iklr-Tk) properly. eiteaMreiy known u NEW COTE, VJOIWMI tt Rwampew* to*i pointy. Mm. ThM nUU ! situated tkirtppo BUM north* nat of Ifcetou. three Bile* anal of Nahanl. eerie* ib* bay, and wlthlu half mUe of tbe Swampeert ata Urn of the >MBH Railroad. For **TPre' roar* the premlee* bare been and now are rhiedy occupied by Mr. E. Putnam an a prime boar din* ef-abllrhmenl. palrnolrrd by wealthy and fashionable citizen* of Row Tort. Boefcm, Philadelphia, Ohar leaton New Orleena and Canada. Aa a anmaaar reeon K la naaurpaaeed by any wataiiaf plane la tbe United Slate*, for tba north*ra and aaatarn puritan* cooibia* lb* natural heantie* of a wooded Inland noentry, wblle the eouthern and waatem embrace all tbe aumrtlonx of tbe araahor* rreaeoUn* an ert#nai?* ripe of the Atlantic Ooeaa. Tbe bunding* on urn pieeiiaee wwWW a* Ou?n ?* the Maw Cow Howe. Tbe Maaal m Hot tan. Tbe Pari Hoe. Tba Moefe Odtage and Lawn Cotton, with twa baraa, laa bounce, belt booeee. bowling alley*. Ac Tbe locality prraenu imal Inducement* to napKalWa la aatabUab a pnbUe plana of report, by the ereottoe of a apaetow hotel and (teamboat landtag- which would reader k eiliemelj popular and prohtable If eeeirad nee hall lb* property. Including all the building* on tbe rrrmteee exeept the Mansion Hue*. may be obtelnM. Apply on tbe premieee to lire. C. H. fMKO, er by letter to llrmry Feaao. boa It Poet edtce. Albany, K. T. 1 A IW1 ?* FARM OF M APRRR. THR VF.RY RMR of land, fruit plenty, pood wall of water, tea led to the village of Oomap. Mx mtlee from Northport, U I_ a leo a Houee and two Lota In NnrthporLpleaaantly attnatmC a mile* ream Mew Tort. Addreee O WUtleme Northport, of Oee Turker.'Stl fbryille ntreet, New Tort PE-frHTKV. A RTirTf'IAI. RON* flLLINO FOR PEt'ATKIi TFKTH, J\ p .l tu wblie son raq ilnng bo praaaare ant guing ao pain, a> blag teeth or tn?r? ahMla ran b? Oiled h .ib tt. K?in 1.(106 i new number 1256 Bread* nr. po ner pf Thiry Aral trot. JAXKa PKaJUIOX, X. D., Dtncorarar. DR. nOTT, VI B<>W?RT. OPFOSfTK KTXTH 0TRBXT, Inoerla fill aeta of Teeth, en Pire Hl>*? at |d do OoM, IXi. Plating, 136 Artlttcaal Moo. tiling lonertad. without pain, Or ; <lotd. email mrun, 80e., A nalgaia da, MA. All wort nrruMi LMCXCTKR. ORADCATXO RTTRMtOX n*WTl?T, . h*? pwiotM to so Wrr. Twenty niaih treat, between Hroadwar and unit arent-.e. NB. ORirPtB A BROR, DBRTWIR. RO.V7I OB A WD . atreet, N T. and 167 fielne street, Brooklyn, laaart faB or partial seta of Teeth on their Improved almnaphrrle plain, wttn or without rrtrv 'Inn tba ronta oo Mirer, II, amber at rubber, 110; (old M, plaUna, HO. partial art* oa (Old, ft par tooth. allrar, It. Terak Wed with goST W; niarll, Vma, Blew or tin . Ml oaoOL leath eelrarted without pain. ? oaala. "" CLOTUIAO, *C7 ~ A orrat nrwAjrn roRCARTorr'ci/mnwo. rv% oliure aadi'arpeta.?I coottnue paring 'lie hlgl rat prtoaa la cash lor tba air * named ariwlea. without puff or humbug Pleaae r all oa ar eddreai <' XIMII. 3M Eighth aranua, bmweae Tweat. a?th aad Twrut/ aereuth atraata Uwllea al leaded tc by Mra Miah. MKPlCAjL _ A DHPRK^im To VAT.RIKP A HP ftlRiilA -1?R WAT fv on |leb,',.ty. pr wv.:, anaumi" SI pi?l . son nrawion "Tbs boot *.,rk for 'be l?ii prnfea?loaal reader.' ?Medl ReT'rw. P/v < tl Sold ST 5u.rW? Kilter. OS Itr wdwsj, M. V.. aod br lhe suite r at 4M Hrnome Olrrel. aei-uod bioeh warn erf Hr?? Iway. where br may l>s eooau^ed jj oL* o( lb* .mm A M. ti? T M. A Boot rot INVAUPS -PR HAMMOND S RF.. ere work 'N<- - r?l?? ??*a. Wnr'h erarytmr aowaios ?R. T If .in* Journal. The only reliable l?4 fo f*neral and i rfeaaloiiai readers Molif*! Jotiroa. PrtrrSI. Caa?p edit. n. SO reu'-a Bidd b) A Tioiwy 111 N*'v>u * r?I, ls>* rearr N'. | Veer, *tree% A?t?>rV ? ')<?] re t.l R. vlaay. Al*o at the author's oJ8?r SM N T . frrm ? to It and to 9 e?eoln? M. H ~Tfii? work foT*:n* mors 'radios '.b*n inut II mo. rJx> pas* V? A?. flHFROKPK RFVFPT AM OMTAILIMU RPRt'lFia FOR VJ Uu- if.rt mat* ?Tore* ordinary aUl.riloa* tn two dark and ordinary raaoa la a abort ti?? It doe* aot Interfere wnk dMM or aSert the breath fbrfd by all respectable di nggmu rarrwNr ? RASNFt I FtU ?rh"s ?aie and -atoll *?*nM (or Ren 1 rk. U and U Park o ? . ra r roRMtrr-OFFim is pcamr stbkrt. mmm U bar aI Iks Nam fork Use renal 7 Medical CoUsfO. oaa bo consulted >0 iaa 00 bm treatment. (VaM'.iiaUoaa aiiaA iieltel _ Dr. ix-'Frr. my i? duamr ftrrft, mkmbrr of lh*' .ilogrof Ph/artana and Bnrgenos of New Fork, may be t aulbid dally at hie <rf?c?, from 9 I* it* m natOR until f 11. ti?* eeonteit. _____________________ T-aR. * V?D. c ONfM IrTINU fU'RIRON AMP PIITBIII Ciar ran he n? a >'ed ev. > al hit nfflro, Bioadway, Mjoinl-J Ma~o?4 theatre, from 7 A. M, U1J El P. M T\?~balph'r o?rx? nt cormhh of nomroit amp \J troair atrer's I LAI CnWry Ha rs 1014 to I and (to I, jh*nd?r?>. eptod. Hiohi.t important to both skxira m arrlrp Or ?u?tn? Medirai Adrtoer and Morrlsfe tlnlde," *Rh adhirw, ore' ? PNte*. lion). r.AAa'.d oho** MB a.wtrstypa emrr?T*?t PrteeTM Bt 4 LaBmoNT. Pkrla and knndoa Pkridrtao and Haruonn. *C Rraadwa*, Mew tort, up OUk*. Oflee A r* far trwatmon'. and rona< lutloa. poraanaliy or bp letter aad **j?rmA ? A M. tn '. and 7 to -treeled* 1 kson averted wl? oareoutnraa, dolaltty looai ami oeadral. cm a bo deal" a knowlMra of the latest ph/aiteapCrf remnrrbaa. abo- U rood It Ttda work al*> treaU fullA on sontker atom a* dbmaaea Hrfa Inter aettny hook atewW b? in ttet hands of oo?ry adnh peraisi, as It termor ta k?owled?* a J has* Soazkt (or m rain Bold aod mnllod free of poatmr J? M. O. LAWMMMtJU Mo. 1 Voorf aterot. Aster Mourn. fWROBTAMT TO MOTH WXM^. MaRRTKP PR SIM A ?te. ? Alfiatsi r rt /nrreelf. - Mte. mrw' 'o'*r*a lat and usori work of Its r'.aes ?~er p fcLitbed, eon'atenns rules for nermooeit rnra, adrtr* to flinao sho p to rnerrr. ic th w aflhrtad with narrre/anee* A 'brtr TMPM AS W A MP. M P. 4*8 Rrradway. Ur .t.ltote |>?te"'i | t>U.R<* ru.K*, rrFs-No HCKRJ?. -PR ANPFR sen, bartns rotrotod kia ?!T 'r ?o 71 B Therrtrvu rear Bmadwiy ?1I1 ?t-e t/ one t" as n Mm -r ( f| poat/te . a sure oof? aid pe-m-nanT cure fcr tkU lr< bio feme ?r ap'alT CROPlAVdk RRBt?t.:. ir I STRPMT, CAN he r.-r? ilted as rs v j'J-tm '.ct 7 Ml mtor M?W Xo:A. 1 ^ ^LAUBA VMKK'" TdKAAt* LAURA KKRNK'H rHKATKR LAURA EMRNK'8 TaKATKK. LAURA KKKWK'S THKATRR. _ LAURA KKKNK'H rtlKATRK _ LAURA KKNRR'H THtUTR*. _ LAURA KKKNK'R THKATR*. LAURA KKSMK'R THKATR* 'MilMd luinr "77777 Mr. JoMph Jafforao*. ; Btaca Immi*..v.....Mr. Jim mmmuodi Muatoal IMnaln* Mr. T. lUAer eaote AituA Mr. J. R. H?ta?. Mr. *. row POHITIVKI.T POHITIVK1.T 1 POhlTIVRLY rOalTlVKLY POKll IVKl.V , l'wrrivKi,* TOWriVKLT rORITIVKLt 1 PORfTITKLT PORITITRLT I'OHITIVKI.Y POSITIVELY THK LAHT NIOHT THK LAST KlUHT THK LAST night THR LART NIGHT THK LANT NIGHT TOR LART NIGHT , thr lart niuht THK LART NIUHT THK LAST NIOHT TUK LAAT NIUHT TUK LAST MKJHT TUK LAHT NIUHT TUK LAST NIGHT if UK LAST MOOT Or TTOOON ?r IJ&SJE TTUOOW JSJwJv TYUOON ?888ii frSSg HoooS 3" ?ins ?? ii|gs TTOOOK T<X>OJ TTOOON IS&JfiS TTOOOK IX}$K2 TTOOOK TTCOOK A MX ] PAUL PBT. PAUL PHT. pa lit* put PAUL PKT. {*"{' "J I PAUL PBT. ?AUL 1 KT. PAUL PBT. PA${' PBIPAUL PBT. csr PAUL PBT. PB* PAUL PBT. EAKJ4 PBJ PAUL PBT. {.?* PAUL PBT. ' y {TJ**PBT' PAUL PBT! I PAUL PRT rAUI' PKrpiuL PBT 'A"1- PBr PAUL PBT! PAUL PBT. PAUL r?l. MRA. JOHN WOO IT MKA. JOHN WOOD MR8. JOHN WOOD MHM. JOHK WoOD I MBA. JOHN WOOD MBA. JOHN WOOD MKA. JOHN WOOD MBA. JOHN WOOD MKA. JOIIN WOOD MK8. JOHN WOOD MBA. JOHN WOOD MKA. JOHN WOOD MKA. JOHN WOOD MRA. JOHN WOOD MKA. JOHN WOOD MKA. JOHN WOOD MRA. JOHN WOOD MBA. JOHN WOOD MRA. JOHN WOOD MBA. JOHN WOOD AND < Aire _ MR. JOAKPH JKPPKBAOK MR. JOMSPH JMPFRKAON MR. JOAKPH JKPKNRAON MR. JOABPH JKFMKAoN MR. JOAKPH JKPPKRAON MR. JOAKPH JKFPkRAON h MR. JOHKPH JKrrRBBOI* MR. JOHRPH JKf KERHON MR. JOHRPH JRtPBUHON " MR. JOtKI'll J KKKKKHuK MR. JOHRPH JKKRRR80M MR. JOHRPH JKPPKKSON MR. JOhRPH JKPKKRHON MR. JOHRPH JRPPRRHON MR. JOHRPH JKVFKRKON MR. JOHRPH JK'PRRHON MR. JOHRPH JKFFKRHON MR. JOHRPH JRPPKRHOK MR. JOHRPH JKFPKRHOK i MR. JOHRPH JKFFKRHOM ' ijr two rilARAOTKRH. ik two VHARAirntif* J Two farorlie Orarttirea by MR. TUOMAH HaKKR MR. THOMAH BAKKR. ( MR. THOMAH HAKKR. MR. THOMAM BAKKR MR. THOMAH BAKKR. MR. TUOMAR BAKKR. V Battbdat Rtkwiho, J pi T 21, IMO. The performance wCl eommenoe with Poole*' aJaf.bto Ootaady of PAUL PRT PAUL PRT 1 PAUL PRV PAUL PRT PAUL PRT PAUL PRV P4UL PIT 1 PAUL PRT J PAUL PRV PAUL PRV PAUL PRT P*ul Pry Mr. Jeffww* y tipL Hardy '^ j Wltbertoo Mr.Rtoddort ! Prank Mud, Mr. Tkorn . f V nun* Stanley . ..Mr Wall Htmno Mr. Goodrich Ihmbledot O. Oiidhill Old Waaler Mr. Hurler I'baaba Mr*. John Wtod | Klin Mm liij-ke ?j Mr*. Habile Mln Ouabor p To socc'.ade wKb Dm hl*b?* airoeaarfol borl?aqc* of US&l n TTOOOR. f 2S$$- \l mfii S nooo*. " TTOOOK. tyooom. o TYOOUM. OMimbri: ? Padauum. a faal yon lb of modern tim an. bar I fwl Inched by hi* father, which baa a tendency to make hfci faater, addicted to Japna warn. Mr* Jaha Wood The Tycoon addicted to hartn* Ma own way, pottin* eua aubjai a* out of tba way, aad brlnjpn* np _ a waywarddauablrr .......Mr. J. Jaffaaaon I Tnnna (Vmo, a dlalant ralatir* of Old Zip Ooon, aad f Neonew of Tyoooa. Mr JameeMaMBoea J Kootae, a third olaa* aplrlt, I e. a djino. a and o. boula Imp. mocb addicted to poker, a connote- 1 ear to tba ban arta, la abort a re*ular Japaneaa a Hohemlaa Mr J. O. B nHt Plod, beapar of tba ball way houaa la Urn elouda, ? ?half war aoirtt ? Mr. I.-trlae Oktab?rlM, kMtr of the rod, una at which to 8 Mr.Ocodrtah * Allur*. jrcmug lady, who rMM 48 attempt* lu aT * lurcher (U> rallora) X? C. JtJm* " Begoaia. a am rUa* eptrb addiotnd to falling La toea with Morula and bmUhi a ?"rui rapulM *" f- * Huafraa Myrutta. a pur* apt/a. HI* hAwraa Paddle, a young lady retained for lb* aapra* p<trpoae of admmlaUrln* a plU Ill* IW Sort# O.inrdaOdtoara, LanUnt Bam, Aauaoaa and Paaala , f1,r"*~ A HIOHWAT III THB CUOCT*. trunnion I y known aa ihe " MUky War" . _ , . Tin RA1.PWAT flafPLr'?FLORA'S RRTRRAT. Dot* La hnrntiaa, four la hand. Arriral of Begoaia and HyrUila Barnnla handtoa the "ribbona" without nuking a A faBt tea* and oa ardent apint- BnnmU'e (titan. Nptrtt 1 lora. Aeathetle affection. The rlral beauliea A ilaaaeraK J wager. Depart ore of the " Howary Hpritt" and tha 'Broad ? way Bella" for Raw Torfc. ?I ^ MA'irr rRARflK TO PTPTH ATlOrCR _ P erT nun one a prUoaar. with a fragrant Havana. tha plot I wwnennea La naohe but anda la rad (lea. Poll length por | I tratta Dt*oMag ptetarna Prtnee* Allitra inaghl fro* - *Japaa, per aapreaa, by nodergrouad route. Tha bafdaatdad. | The belter man wtna Prince* AUura aarrted Japan. * reraimnona a ?llent folioaer. No follower* allowed. Agoiak i apprabanor. ^ 11 ) Tha ftrtdig lady thiu raf oaad aa offer of tnairiagn paononarad , tttk rmrxnr* rtuxn.Atn.Tiou, Tto amUro city b?w down to ? tiir orrat raritr* n Arrfral ot Ptrtenai aad Ronldr >b* I??ri?i ?< I Q*U-. Tha tiimh'r!?a ha?4o (H'i?b abitUM " Uw wall* cl I'aralmaona rlaraa .h* nrdadl AWtmtky no r"? for b*r* Tha A Wana pathf plaa iniuaiihank. Toiuw iVra'a iHkt A tow t< "f,,r' ^usrumsrzm&&& ;: Tha r?lry Hornla nor* mors In bar "Oor*: Horn* " >11bltnir "T lb* aharartara Md rrmmaUmU a^ila W???rna lad U.a wbnla im of on* law) Ixwoato a fwud of lanXroa aad A > owofnm. rirwl M?rt'/ laiMom AikUAbT in tam??? * -ante wiw imiua Nm TABIAtO. m *u?r WMrt aeAerraeeH by. TROHAR BAKER 1 Ch.rtd, <)Ar?lraJ da V?MO ' t?4ldd I e-Bo^LoTowR-oua" ; J"**" ' "I? Jaddn'a fRy Kacoateaad KnotM t f>ivd. -fly Wo? T*" . Bf?taaod ho?? ?"? '. * r*c1"??- t-? ?* *" ri sat. 1 r-" ? HK* 7TT: VOMRoUa ud Tywaa i jSlW^rrNaiaiS 1 RnWrtrt?tHi nSVrJt thb ouotftA A?<U?b??A??riiRwim mabiA Mnrymr BU. Bow cm it VS}?a?ir><A* d^^ooW" S Tata*. /moo K?n T.-o?Aim arctiwat *m> oatrb to thr W!MB HTICMttl BHUl?t ?toa? mi ?<nijiiiiiwbi? Rr?w by l)mtNlHMyiR^M<>wMbiMiMR AISmUMON : Opm(MINI Parana* ...? mm* Bobwy.Wrm... ?* ' .M *M? rHf"* 9mm'? 'fX konoa'V.''JWXJt* OCR AimtriR meflw. ocE SflHoAg oocfii. Q0? AffRI. 'tH OOgSlft, I OCR AMERICA* OOCblE. I OUR AlRRIOAR fH>UAt* tt HM(| ?a U* oARaR M. I 7 | tin?m _ i vinr/vs <; xrdkn. 1> Jan. M. Km* Leasee An I MauMtr Til 18 thkAtkk WILL BE ( LOSKD Till* AKTKRNOON AND EVKMNO. HATUKDAY. JULY 21, IBM For the piirpuee of completing the rehearsal* 01 AI.AliptN; Or, Th? WnNOKwrtn. Uir. 'U be produced m corKeouM atyle with or* Which w- prnperUee and eiiecta. . "llA* kvknino, July?, ldML On WO.. we fiv?n in the papers of Hunihr Full pari tdars wlb Monday. BKRKKL, MAD. TOa her af listed by oUier artist*. win rwnik 'TRTs INTKKMlsAION ?X>*V,- * Music under the direction of Mr. Join Cookv. N. B.-AJ.ADDI* will he ptared for onk wkkk only, alien It mast be wittdraww lo wire plane to NKW ANn KXTRAOKDINAKY ATTRAOTIOHB. a hkih are in a lorwaro mate tt preparatioo. t|7"^'ack'8 thkatre. _ >V TilK NKW 8BN8AT10N. . foodlkh, too imp, TOODI.K8, TOODLW TOOnl.W, HTARTLINQ K70CMM OF FLOKKNOK AN TOO DIJEB. h0u8kb crowdkd to kxomas TO WTTNKRH THK on-... ORK.AT burtonian bkvivaia TkAUi of i.aUUHTKK, unlimited MKRBIMMNT. to nioht. ur,n. . .. saturday, jul* SI, IBW, w1l Main be preeouted th*- ..rale drama called, _ _ TltK TOODIJW. Tl"p*"T Toomaa. O'layed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday eveuinca. before crow ded and critical audjeur.?? with atartltn* auoteaa). ^f r I T OfTffWVW During the drama, the celebrated country reel called THK MORHI8 HAN*?., by the ladies and gentlemen <?f U?t company TOOllI.KH TO NIUHT FUMtuiC* as Toow.xa.-Mr. Florence piaya the part In olaM Imitation of Mr. Burtou. even to the portly lorm, and n oanaadlngiy surreaaful in making tlie estahltahed pomu The mEss* were delighted, aud in their euthtuaaain wont cteo ta Mm a!moat unprecedented extent of eucortuit a portion of a arena. Mr. Floreooe made aa treat a hit aa la within the range of da poealblUlica of the caee?N. Y. t ribuue. The Toodlea of Mr. Florence waa emphatically a hit upon hia part. 'I he likeneaa u> Jluitou pervaded the whole of hfcl acting. Ilia success waa decided, and the audienae malated en repetition of the drunken aceue.?N. T. Ktnreei. To conclude with, for THK LAST TIMK, Brougham's aueceeaful burlesque called THK OHRAT BAhTKRN, Principal characters by the FLOKKNCKS. CAPT. fXTTI.K Mr. W J. KLORRNQB NI'SaN nil'I'Klt... Mrs. w.j. klorkmts Tueadsy-TOOniJW' NIUHT TIMOTHY TOOIII.KH by KI.OKKNCR. Door* open at 7 V- * omroeucea at 8 o'clurk. Winter OARI KM. THE WONDKBKCL RAVELS, QAURUCL AND KRANOOIS, With their brilliant troupe. Will, for ibe fnat time tn twenty flu- yearn, transfer tbetr pm~ loruuuicea from Nlblo'a m tb? winteruakdkn, WJNTKR GARDEN, Where they will br happy to met thrtr frleuds and oairtM ON MONDAY KVKNIHO, JULY Z\. JJARNUM'S amkk1can M VARUM. I'udei the peraonal supervision of p. T. IttKKVH. SATURDAY. JULY 11. 1?W. LAST oat of tiik JUVKNILK TKOUHK, sad KARKWKLL BENEFIT OK MR, SHELDON, iMtlnr of the Rand. They appear this Afternoon and Freeing, At 3 and H o'clock, in CINDERELLA; Ok. Tint Oooo Faint iidtsi (Ilajm Surest, And also in the ludicrous ballet pantomime, M. lH t'HAI.I MKAU, Ok, Tiir Munrn or s DAt. Affording Interesting AMUf KMKNT FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN.' Also to be seen, at all hours, the eitraordmary and WONDERFUL ALBINO FAMILY, A husband, wife and rhlld, each one with pure white SINE silken white hair, pink eyes, Ac., though born of pefecth black parents. Also, life like wai ligure of the famous tommy. ok thr japanese embassy. With the identical suit of clothe* *nrn by him hem. giant baby, or inkant lambert, ieven years old. weighing 167 pounds, and measuring 0 Inches round the chest. Tnv. orkat i.i vino hlaok hra lion. rhe only animal ol the kind ever seen In the Atlantic HUMS, Bi d the modi eitrauidinary creator* Urtn*. PTNKUT AQUARIA IN THK WORLD. Filled wttb beautiful 11 Or* Hah. Uvta* real, Ac. THK I.I VINO "WHAT IN ifl" OR MaN MONKKT, The tuuat wtereaUii*, amualo* fluid wonderful Bit alt? known Admittance to everything. 2b cent*. pirouette II ? lluldrrn under ten. If carta, aid to the patqueue, 10 oe?, HROROE CIIRIRTTW WTNKTRKLR-NIBLO'S SALOOM. Lr Till? LAST WKKK. RKMKMIIKK TO DAT. SATURDAY. JFLY 21. I.ANT NIOIIT O* THE ftFABOW. '1RKT COMI'I.IMKATART BRNRP1T TO ORO. CHEWY. NOTICE?1 hi* company wUI positively perform a* IN* national theatre, philadklpuia, 'ommenftiig MONDAY. JCI.T 23. and at the HOLIDAY PTRK*T THK A ^RE, BALTIMORE, On MONDAY. JULT SO. During their absence the Ha'l will bo reeomled and k? abed previous to the open? of the NKXT NKAHOIf KINRTRRilT IN ALL ITH SHADES AND rUAAHL To conclude with a MOftT COMICAL AFTER PIECE, Written eipreaaty for ORO ROE CHR1KTY. An intcrmiaMon of fifteen minutes for pro?and* and a? ' nation. load Hod* Water. Oraaaaa, PraRa and fnnftf Hear/ Doon open at 7, coramearln* at 8 Tickets ? rente. Children half pries. PAI.ACK OARPKNM. This evening Doom open at 7J< o'clock. GRAND MIMICAL ENTRRTAINMKNT. It? J. f. HTRATToNtt Palaoe (iarden Orcheatre. Mme Picker. Mia* R M. Wren, IHtle Martin Wia, Ir. Or..-** Crorler, Mr H II t'urrie, Mr Picker, and MM comic wonder, little Prod Wren, The I Bible Brother*. Necromancer*, he . rm perform every afternoon and evening, "jwimencta* kW day, July it, at 3 and 8 o'clock P. M. A?on. 28 renin. ORYANTS' MIKHTKRIJt. t) Merhenir*' Hall 472 Broadway ?TO* popular plaaa W niuaement ell! be rloaad for a few weeka fertbe purpose W Inttn*. redecoiallng, he. Due notice nlll ha *>ren of Iharn;>cntng 1UR 0TATVK8. An. AKKRA DRAD PRARL DIVER, NUEl.INA'R RVK 1NH LA N IJf R M RVANORI.INTk Kk?roHir? n Aroint) .ihiiht. AKHKICK F1M1IKH UIRL. WITH 1? FINK FAINUNUH. NOW ON VTKW At PbTWRI.DOKP OAI.I.KRV. M KRO AltWAT PRM DAY AND RVKNIMO. ADMHWHOM U CRMf. noRHRi.iA howarivw parrwrix or Ute eu*e will take plane neit aaaaon. kuiwari h**Mg ?bu wit: ptraae addreea U. 0. Howard, CasbrMRW. Mf . tar H?midCoU?0. >AR t DINK ?A FACT. A NOCTHIPJI (1KNTT.RMAJI bo. on hie return home, waa by frleade roaataR orth ?e to the etty of Row fork and Ik* plana# bow 'paw If re for ptibkr entertalameni. waa beard ty eur la/armaai w cXre .bat TTIK RHTRRTAUf MKKTR AT CANTKRRl'RT COHORT RALL, *J R ROAD WAT, ratified turn more than all he bad teen ? teebere. and bedBR neell. ned a# b the Mate of the vlmoer bare In New T?S Iirtna tl.eae inmmer aWbU be aakt that 14every other pit* a v ten el the air waa intolerable, but at antarbnry Hall, awd are alone, he brewtbed the AIR or PARADINR. The Bone* Diew and Operatic I'erfor .aawrea, The It., ei, ami Daneaa. The HnrtoNeMr Mttetreiey. The Klhio|.|an Nneeehee and Niirleerjuea, The Oywinaatle Feate (enparalleled). The Noka and Converted Pteeea of the Wrebewra. I wan ' he n???aee i Mhily To i ANTRRBURY UAIX. a? Rroadwa#. Adniaaton U cent* . _ . POX A rTRRAW. Prwprletora. I'HRINT IRIHKIR. Treaeurw. Mr NAM rOWRLX^the Jtea ew^ ?Mle wacerof the prW ivvtui rR (icniwRnHRUTTK mcwrfit todai. \ *1 NiMo'* h?. ??a, ahrn an ImcwuK tail to rulaiti g?4 111 1>? ah*n. T1**n? r? r?r. a; raodran Vdi price. Ill iramt Pastry, fcj.. Id the watlM TOI.PMIITI1 ? HTFRKOBCOPIC MUWKVM, CI AITO T Hmvlaaj a*r to T*r?tj Aral -A ?p!i?*dU ihlhlt>.>n of ih> ?.?wi to It at or a e*< I of Art. A4alrtw.M flUK IVFA't* UIANT AT KARRI;*'* IH ORTTINO T# L br (III r ? pet with tb? > >4m> IIb m MAnllf tb*ara*4 it imtKlrr f Um> >! bit *T?r ytblng t* trmi lerfu.'al thto I'shUAair A Tib* living 11 St * H?i U u U tttrv Ung ciutrda fall ttMliWinr 11'B * bat fa It r,?linaaa to nt at* II Ivh'Mlr TV- Altdnn' "S?ilv myaUfy ami amaze. The -Bii'irnl an* laVniBd irony a to Jn trail* Pani/rniUeltte. wha Ira tb*lr eat p*rfBnti*n. to today,the pl*a*lna Vnae'Me. tha landing Utarcrt. I ha U<M lb* l?m*1 Waal. tha namnr i. tha Aquaria, tw l.igbtn oa Olmlatw. At , km., wtn !* *FaatB?t r toblretona to rae'ettreoWna *v?r prtttoaAA in S ? WboHy. \r WIICUTmR, tka leader to the Pahr nip*. tahaa hia ler*wf?A Vtwflt In Jay. IIT A wkwrhdat^!.? m. V> moiw-ii n paVj^t wolof. TWII.IU.fT IN TIIX WU.I)*RWfa?l, At OOPP1L k CO. Km Bmadway AiTMl^na U ?Uk hiih T rtiRoft tw* out fatoritr?aitonou t'HRIKTT H HaniMH in n?gM. Watnrday. Julf tt, >W?it raaaanrlnu* aalary of talaat will t>? t raaratod ttoktoa aata; children tu prira. I i Yearn, realty. h*., la the vaahTATTOWAl. THF.ATRR, ClWnTHWATI. OHIO. -I.ADfRB [v an 1 * ' -_*men to eotoowtedaed nrtormtnaal ability. <a Jmne of eg atony for tha maana at the atara Tbgalr*. #fl| idrt-ca* J r.Tlanlay. isaga Manager, ram to 0. T Parton*. >o? 2.414. Naw Tnrfe. Plral riaaa Mara tratlai with a* tha into lit ?r*t karat*. AJi coauniaaioaU'aia v ba addreaaed la I O. tleiiley. JOUK IIATBH, Proprietor. VT1BIOII fUUMB.-TIIIR BI.RO A WT A WD FAWWIOUt PI ai.'i OaaMtl tVtoai. nuad up aitfe aua and at f aw ?rry, ma b* rtiiW j by lb* *whi ot aaak WarlBg Ua ahaaaa >f Mr. <k?n ntflau to PV'IadJpbAa) far aaaaarta ar parf?kB . irrm vf a ra**> datable ehaaealer. A?pVy to *. k. Moaa% IMnOwha 1>XM*MIIU MBOROK CVRWmi HKHRFIT TO 5?AT. J V al WlhVaHaitaa. arVd. aa narariwa WU trf ?nt?n?wa'naaA rV ha rsm Ttrkrta at r?iu, rblMraa half prlca tea* I aaaiav Pairs, ha. la tha Taaabula _ xronrm-THB vwpnunoimD nwmi to.iwfiim IN anaai u4 tans faaaraUy that Aaataa Ua ?'1 'IS I. Wmmpa, fc. baa ^vm fall prwdr^T.^rnay ?, DTK nmm.mtnmmm Plow MOPBOTOAPLr. Vf TM AOWU ROBWWTWOjr ?BAXAOBM OT TTphh1*1 trv* ait* atara Awarnaa ?W aaanr*jt? tha riaW *? paafiaa the 4r*maa ahlah t<wm tha r*p?r%n-/i& Wta* B liiiMa. Mf obtala that prlvtVaa <? mn?*mle >jaA anattaMa term*. >1WplyVg to lb* nedaftoaaed. All r n aaaa bavtag bttotoato into arUnM with WfTwamtoanh w4 J pleaaa raAar thaaa *** *?to A lata attaatioa to H. D. PALV.U l?H ?mk TwaaWhtoraat c? the Aaaiatay ?rf MqUa. Don j fowokt th* ot.n rA*owiTW-?eo?oe onmirrf* Haaeat tn aight RatnrAto. *'?'* * tram* bAo. ? gaiety a# totoot will ba rr-**n'*^ ttfj rblMraa heft piW la* Ptoatoa Kilry Aria lh? taa V'.mto. OAT A WW AH. APOCWTA. WAPOW. POT.TTWWTII AT O tome end Wilmington Tbaetrm "TTiT. Lnrt^TnT-J ? T ttoplamS*r Al! rrmiatinlraitotta to TW aAitrdtaan rareW < *. Pvitln*. bm l.tlt Pnal o?r*. W. R rHFh

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