Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1860 Page 5
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cutting dowh tbe poles of tbe Telegraph Company in front cf hi* prewwes, the Superior Court of thin Sum hM dls ttiuwed the petitiuo with cusU, ontv ground that the aompnny never ? burned the defendant's permission to to oate their poles in that part of the highway belonging to tum,anu were consequently trespassers. News tram Pike's Peak. Si. Jomfii, Mo., July SI. I860. The Pike's i'eok Express Company's eoaco reached here lost evruiijg with the following summary of news Duuni Cm, July 15, ISflO This city was visited yesterday by a severe thunder storm lor one hour the rain fell In a perfect sheet, ac Compsiited with hail; the streets were flooded with water and quite a large amount ol goods stored in cellars was damaged by the cellars beiug flooded. So dense was tbe fslung ram that persons could not see across tbe streets. The metn.fiollMD billiard saloon was struck by lightning, -Shattering oDe ooruer <>f the building and stunning several persona, but aerlously Injuring none. We have enjoyed tine showert every afternoon for a sresk, much to the joy of our gardmers. A large building, with a brick front, In process of erection on Blnke street, fell in during tbe storm, owing to tbe wnlls being undermined by tbe flood. A shooting affray occurred in West Denver, at Cibola Ball, yesterday sfbrnoon. A man by tbe name of Harrison shot h mulatto named Stark, for applying to him insuiting epitheu Surk's wounds are not fatal Harrison's c?irs< in shooting Surk is generally justified. tdm mo v.nice aivif urn or too united states troops trom Camp lio.vd.oc their way to Arizona, under command of Col. M o rison, passed through here this morning. The rear di, islou U expected to morrow. Ail are ia excellen -feeeith. There are reported gold discovriee of marvellous rich MB frctri the went elope of the Rooge, one hundred miles from the California gu cb. Lumps are Baid to have been (bund o( the sice of a hen's egg. The report needa conflr nation. lliere is considerable excitement existing here in regard to the United States mall for this place. The letting is considered to tie the same as a failure, and a meeting is called to adept measures for relief. The letting to tirace H Co is l euHiiiereU a dodge of the Express Company to retain the mail is their hands, hut whether the conjecture ia true remains to be seen. At an auction s<le yesterday of Denver City lots and lota in Paikinaon's addition, prices ranged from threo to fifty dollars per lot. AH oat lots sold high. Bustucs* is dull. Money it tighter, if possible, than ever before TTiere is no news of interest from the Arkansas, Blue, Torryail or Gregory mines. Act-Ideal to the Ov erland ltl?ll Coach. VA? Bi-rk.v, Arte.,.>uly 21. 1840. Intelligence has reached here this evening tnat the Overland Kail coach, coming east from California, met with a serious accident at lue mountain pass of the Cbo-taw nation. The team ran away, killing one person, Seriously Injuring several others, and completely wreck lug toe coach The mail, in const quence of the aoclileut, will be delayed some thirty hours beyond tig usual time. Elovsmeau of Nr. Do?|lai. Saratooa, July 21, I860 Hob. S A. Douglas arrived here at two o'clock this afternoon. He was received at the depot by a Urge number of his friends, who, with a baud of music, accompanied him to the United States Hotel, where he made a few remarks. Ore hundred guns were fired. Deaglas Ratllemtlen Meeting at Fallon, 1?. Y. Fn.-ros, July tl, 18V0. The people rallied m mass' tn this place last night to ratify the nominations of latuglas and Johnson. Three Immense meetings were held at the same time, which were addressed hy Hon. Edward Marshall, of Kentucky; -Boo. Haolord E Church, and Hon Francis B 8p inula. The greatest rutbnMlaam prevailed Alter ' the meeting the Douglas clubs bad a good torch light procession. At least five thousand people attended the meeting JBeil and Kverett Meeting at Claelnaatl. Claris*ati, July 21, I860. Notwtluujiiliug heavy raiu slurm, ilic Bell and Everett meeting taal night was Urge and very enlhnaias tie. Speeches were made oy Hon. Lewis D Chmpbell, Bos. J. foot! Harrison, Hon. J. H. Thompson, Oscar Moors. John % Finoeli, and others. A resolution was sulopted (or holding a State Conventl >n at Chilltoothe on the Mth of August, for the purpose of nominating a State ticket. Aepatllean Rattleadea Heetlag at VlnecasM, lad. V wessons, Ind., July 21, lsao. From six to ten thousand people assembled here to ?Jajr| tobnar Hon. Ceaeius M. CUy, of Kentucky, apeak. The mwt'iig was the largtst political gathering crer Leld In ibis section of the State. Extra tratos were run over the railroads, and the greatest enthusiasm was manifest' <1 One delegation was beaded by eight yoke of oxen, drawing a platform, upon which were a number of men splitting rails Speecbue aero tnado by Judge Kilchell and Nathaniel Caber. ? Anees Barllsgame'i Heceptlen at I loose. Bonus, July 21 lsflO. n pu f nv i tvv ptiuu 11' * ii"U niw" 1 DU ' 11II" gome, b) his coMitueiits in Cambridge. lost a coning, at which apoechea were route b> Mr. Borlingamc , (Jot-root tun and Hon. John Sargeant. There VI 11 urge atMMMN Pwllticml Mbm Mtvtlngi (III. Lo?l*> ? Imcm, J uly 11, 1HM. The democracy are holding ?n ivmei < j mm mooting At their uradquartcrs to night, to ret ,fy Uinr nomination* for Omigreea, the legislature and county officer*. Mr Haoaaronck, of Cincinnati, and Judge Trumbull, of Illitint*, are addremlug a republic* ^ meeting at Lucea market to night. Mr. Bla.i Uo* apoken to hi* eon*> .u?enta erery evening tin* week. lie oeem* to hare en erfMically opened the Can vaaa The tkheoMtady Dnr awiratic Conntjr Com re at' don. so (K.vnotaDT, July 21. l^ffO The National Democratic C uunty Cotiveniloo met to day at the Ragle Hotel. It wa* ' argWy attended The nomi Bat taw uf Breci in *idge we , ratified with great entbuilaaui Jamae 8 Woodruff waa etaetad del-gate, and K. V. Loeer.dge, editor of F JC />ati* JVewt, aln-ruate, to the Byracuee fOalr Conrea'.Ion. to be bHd August 7 The Douplo* tu.n tried in * ain to get in under hog no ward , oertiiralfe. ReW Jrraey D ?m?M ratle Primary Kleetluna. Nvwa?k, Jnly 11.1M0, The demucrolio primary ra-atluga for tne apt> ubtm-nl f date|a<aa to t* * electoral Convention, to he held oo Vmikvio uegt arm held loat erenlug. Ureal enth i?l ? ? ? * -?voa in ix'iu wing* in iwo warn* me fVi.-ortii ni tv>r ^iii bolted, and will aetid rival detafataa. Tboec frM.dl y tn anion are believed to be largely la the majority. * be ftaie OntiVentiaa la expected to be one of tbe mm M r'tiog ever held la Now Jereey. The ele .ll(,n roan I led in forty nine delegate* on the Colon ab rioral ticket being rhoaen to eleven atraigbtotil Douglaa delegated. The t*onglaa men are dlaoatlxBed with the rWjult, and will cbonae a full eat of contenting delefata*, Death efa Railroad Afeat. Ttnamt, July It. t*W A M Raker, General Law Agent for the Nlchigan Southern an 1 Northern Indiana Railroad, died at Adrian thla morr.tag, from an attack of hemorrhage nf the lunga "Ira aad Lam of LID at Lawreaee, Ham l.twatviv, J'lly 31. l*W A large wooden hnlldlnc owned by Nr. Hag) he. In caaueettna with tbe Barerhlll i/ian Fund Aeai*'iatino, and orotit'led hy eeverai Irleh fluntllee, wan anarly de ; atmyed by fire thla tnoralit?. A woman and child were burned to death, and two 11 ram en bally Injured l?y the Ihlllof nf a chimney. Throe Peraoma Drowned Im Boa ton Harbor. I Boaeov, Jnly 31. IW. j A pleasure bat, contain lag eleven pereona, w*a run Into hy e er.boooer bat night la the harbor, drowning two young women, aged Ifl and 17 yaara, and a young man a Utah. Namea not yot i* ertntnod. DraWhNl While Bmthlmg. ? - Hmtnan. No , July ft. lfgo John 'Banalng waa drownwl *Wlf txtbirg hern laat rrealag CnlUitd Massacre of the Christian* la jrrla. Bow?*, July 21, IMO A letter to tbe Bop km TranUrr, deled June *21. miDouueae that Zshioti, the last stronghold of the Christ lauut hebsnon, bad been captured ?nd burned, and ibti the Christum* were flying in all directions It was rutrwred tbat Sidon bad aiao been deetroyed, and tweoty-flvr hundre Christiana massacred. Tbe defence of Zaktcb was heroic. Arrival of the Zosaves at Bostoa. Boston, July 21,1800. The Zoosres arrived at about seveu o'clock, aad were received by tbe F'rst com|?ny of tbe Second battalion Owing to tbe rain this afternoon, the drill of the Zouaves was postponed until Monday morning, when It will take place on the Common. They are the guest* of the 'hound Balta Ion, and occupy the armory of tbe battalion as their headquarters. Invitations are pouring in for the Zouaves to visit Kalem, Portland and other places further Kast, but it tB understood they will take their departure from bere on Monday, and make Philadelphia their next atopping place. The Steamer Pennsylvania. Noktolc, July 21,1800. v The steamer Pennsylvania Is sunk in four fathoms of water. The total loss is $40 000. upon which lucre is uo insurance. Tbe engine may possibly be saved. Fn ir boxes of goods have been recovered. Fires In Iks Pins Forests of New Jersey. Pbuwiu, July 21,1660 For ten day* past serious Are* bare been raging Id the pine forests of New Jersey, on the .line of the Camden and Atlantic road, between Weymouth and Egg Harbor. Many square miles of timber are burned, wltb several dwellings. Four Area are now burning. The must serious ore is ten miles southwest of Weymouth. It originated from the sparks of a locomotive. The Milwaukee and Mississippi Roll rood. MlLWAl'KSS, July 21, two. At a meeting of the Common Council of tbts city this afternoon It was unanimously resolved to oppose the scheme to capitalize the indebtedness of the Mlleraukee and Mlbslwippi Railroad, unless the city is put ou an equal footing with the other creditors for the full aruouul of the city bonds issued for the boucdt of said road, Duel at Bloody Island, Mo. :*r. Louis, July 21, 1860. A duel was fought on Bloody Island, opposite ibis city, to day, between Kmmetl McDonald and Sylvan Carton. After two shots wltb rifles, at a distance of one hundred ami fifty foet, some compromise was effected. Neither party was injured. Effects of the Heat at St. Louts. Sr. Lorw. July 21,1860 There were thirteen fatal cases of sun stroke here yesterday, including 1'eter Gallagher, a notorious prize tighter. Weather Report. sr. Joh-vm, N. F., July 21 1160. Weather, a great rain storm. Thermometer A6 deg. At Cape Rare, weather calm, and a thick tog. Tha Jamas Adgar at Charleston. Charuutos , July 21 1660. The steamship Janes Adger arrived hare at hail'past nine o'clock this morning. Market*. PHILADELPHIA 8TOCC BOARD. Philapklthia . July 21. 1866. Stocks dull; Pennsylvania State 6'x. M%. Reading Rail road, 21: Morris Canal, U^; Lena Island Rtlbuad, 12%; feuuty tvauia Railroad, 8#% Sight egenauge on New York at par. Nuw Orlzanh, July 20. 1660 Cotton quiet; sales 7S0 bales, market closing with an improved demand, at 10c for nil-idling. Sale* of the week 2J00 baiea. Receipts of the week 1.200 bain., Busiest 1,600 bales last year Ftpc-ta of the week 2 000 bale*. Receipts at .this port ahead of last year, 41)6 000 Dales; do at all'Southern po-ta, TOT 600 oalea, ki-.u at this port, 61.600 bales Flour decliutug and sell! g at 66 60 a 66 60 Pork quiet si <20 6(1 for m-w?. lard ateady at tS^r. In bbl? , and lj ? 8-. lu k<-g> T..banco fit no tugs. 2i<c.. a 2\c ; hue leaf, 7 )<e.. * g,f< tW ttrui, at 13c. a 16> fur Ri<> galea of tne week, 6.600 liana: au*'k lu port 4.800 bun*, aga.oal S3 000 laxl y.-ar Kinchin aud excbnuge uuailcico H*inn<>u?, July 21,1800. Flour dull and heavy: tin aalea Wu??t Urrn at 8i 20 a 1 26 for red, and 61 30 a 61 66 for white. ?>>ru dull; yellow, 68'. a 64c.: mix*', 88c: while, TUo a 72 Provident Arm?Men* |>ork 680. rump, 814 60 Whiskey quiet at 20)6C. a 21c. PuiL.inai.nBA July 21, 1860 Flour quiet. Wheat: aalte of white at 81 34 a 81 40, and red at 81 26 a 81 87, corn 67c , lard 14c., wuiakey uucbauecd. Brr?*U). July 21, I860 Flour ateady and In moderate demand * Wbeat dull, white winter Brm: aalen S,0t0 huebclsof oi l at 81 27 fton 0|ieu< <1 firm but chwed heavy: galea 26 000 bushel* ef Illinois a. 62r. (Hher grata* nominal Whiakey uo uilnal at lOt^c. Canal freight*?Boat* scarce and rates 0 111. Iek<- import*?600 bbla Hour, 14.000 bushel* wheat, 88(000 fimbria corn, S 000 bushel* oae, 2 000 b"eticla rye. Kxpurt*?700 bbi*. flour, 81,000 buruvlc wheat, 40,000 buebela euro anu 8.000 buahela oat* TaabtUf tatalltfaaea, The yacht Uaueralug, < wued by Mesert. Campbell had P.i.yUr, arrived at Greeaport, L. I., on the 20th luat., Mid railed fur New York yesterday The yacht Rebecca also arrived at Greeaport, L. i, on tb* 2H. ?n a crutre The swam yacht Banshee,Junt completed at the ertab liabateut o( Mr. O. R lngemoll, started on her trial trip Friday afternoon. The Uaoahee in a ncrew ataamer of about twioty tuna, with double cagioea, schooner rigged. Pbe ivcrajnd two hundred aud twelve revolutions per minute, end although annul! vesnel, will, In * moot I. valor, run off her twelve knot* an hour. Among the party on board were Mr. Ambrose Thompson, of Rye, oaa of the engineers of the Cbtrtqut railroad ronta: Hhepbard Ho inaur, Esq, Actuary of the Mutual Lift, Insurance tympany, and aeveral officera and engineer* of the Balance I"ock Company. Mr. Ralph Noble, of the New Tork Board of I'llota, had the helm. 4 large number of ladle* and gentlemen aaeembied at Pier 43, Kaat river, to witness ht-r departure, Steam yacthmg Is yet In tta Infancy In Ibis country, and the Banebee la one of the Oral. If not the Ar*t, regular ncrew ?teurn yacht yet built. Her suoocsa will doubt lew bring in others. Then we shall have steam yacht race*, besides the sailing and drifting matches of the yacht clubs. Th* Great Kaatera. The big ship was yesterday visited by about sis thou and people, sad bad it not been for the threatening ap pe?ranee of the weather, the number would doubtless bate been much greater. The number of excursion st? was also quite considerable; but these generally came in smai; squats, so that no Idea can be had either of the svsreggie or the localities from which they emanate. The high wind prevailing all day rendered it necessary to remove the nenlnga, and lo the afternoon the young gale that was blowing made It esomdiugiy a-lveuturuta tor a lady with crlrollde to venture above the mirfaue of the deck Several, however, were bold enough lo uaaev the topa of the (Midie wheel huxea to enjoy the msguid nant view I'rwm that summit, but the eswaordlnari per i lormencrs ?(their vstrta. and the longitudinal devviope menls of all sbapee, sis* and cooditioua einibin-1, <ccu pi* u quite m much personal attention as the attractive i Mv n?ry aruund. The directive are actively engaged in | unfeeling the arisbgemnuu incidental to the grand excursion to Cape May, an<) froni prevent ?ppan>rama? it |>r*uniMS to t*e ?ue >f tbe rmwi recksrtkt and delightful alfaimtbat hae ever occurred In the metropolis To oey a rmm w III be preached on tbe flreat Pa*tern by Rev. C. W. Itenniwa, but It a for tbo offloers and crew only. no person* will he admitted ou board She will, doi.hihse. draw her ue ml crowd of admirer* to lite wharf, bo-sever, and rival her sister attractions?tbe vmiiai rwm nun mtjmmuj t i? ???. Political lateillgence. Br?* on Raw aiaam.a ?A bet ? laying id the offo* of the Hartford Timet, awaiting a taker, to the followb g > ( Tret ?*100 on oacb Stale that Brw tnrlge will carry the following State*?Virginia, Kentucky, Tt-DDi*ara-. North 1 Carolina, (leorgta, MtwatwMppi, Alabama, Arkanaa*. latal kiana, Tkirlila, Mntaourl, Maryland and Trxar. tlUO that j Hrerklartdge will carry a iwynnty of the Slatea here named, *100 that Breckinridge will carry mur< rlectora r<>t<a than Imoglaa in tba Ci.hui; $100 that IW'igi'w will not carry a aiug'e electoral vole In the Ctikm; the whi le bet. amounting to ft .600, to he taken tog?iher Iab'T Ki n a Ti< art?It la confidently mated that do Ml and Kverett ticket will be rua In ladlana. Tan Naw Jkhkbt lhn**:naC? ? Tba iMtnatratic State Cenun'ttee of New Jersey offer the following proposition to the Stale Conrantloti which la to aarcmbta to Trent n on the 2*t h inet. ? To appoint a single electoral ticket, to be com j meed of four tiienoa ot Ikeulaa and Johns >n, and three friend* of Breckinridge and lane, which tl?k. t maybe headef by the name* of the nepert|*i candidate*. according to the prrteronoea Of the *t;lcrt with the undrr?tan ting that the rlucU ral vote of the State if New Jersey, fr thia Inkei bmiin be mceeasfwi, shall he caul foe eltinsr act of cai dwlatee whose names shall appear ,,i a majority of the ttcfeata through'ot the "tale an aaonrate count ti be kept by the t Hera at each poll; provided, however, tbat If the vote of the S?a'e wttl r*eet either candidate, then II la to be thrown to rlfct thia result, Irrespective yf the pojiuia* auvufUt of r.tin i * ,i'H ui ifte pail) _NEW YORK HKKAU>, SR?ll|l?w Intelligence. cm- CBl'RCHKd. The Rev Sidney A Corey will preach In the Murray ! Hill Baptist church. Thirty tiflh street, between Fifth and | Fisth avenues, to-day at half pact ten o'clock A. M., sub1 Ject, ''The Evening of Life," aud at eight o'clock P. M-, subject, "The Morning of Life." In the Memorial church, Hammond atraet, corner of Waeerley place, the Rev. I)r. Litllejohn, rector of Holy Trinity church, Brooklyn, will preach Una evening, tier icea at half |mu>i ten, four and eight o'clock. The prcteetai t i.pi copal Mission church, Clinton Hall, Aator place, in cliaim- of the Rev. Robert G. Dickaon, will bold dlvioe xerctre, at half past ten o'clock A, M. and l-a'i p*et m-vci, i' ? Iter Wm. A'vin h?*ii"ii will preach, for the lest nma until next eepp-tnber, m me Brooklyn Tabernacle to-day. Service. win k uimonce at half past ten A.M. and at a qsarter or eight P. M The New Jerusalem church (Swedenborgian) will hold publto worship to-day, at the National Musical Institute, formerly (Voidbeck s Music Hall, 786 Broadway, at halfpaat ten A. M. Mr. Jamee Mathlson will deliver the opening addrees on Purgatory, in the hall' 178 1'rtnce street, this evening at half-past seven o'clock. Roman Gatholtos will be allowed to reply. In the Norfolk street Methodist Episcopal church, near Stanton, the Rer. Dr. Williams,President of the Mlsaourl University, will preach this morning at half-past ten o'clock, and Rev. Mr. Haskell, of Nebraska, In the evening, at quarter before eight o'clock Prayer meeting la the afternoon at a quarter past three o'clock. St. Ann's Church, Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Service aa usual at half past (en A.M. Rev. James M. Cnrystel, of Delaware, wilt preach at half past three o'clock for deaf mutes; and in the evening, at eight o'clock the Rev. James D. George Griffin, of Georgia, will preach. Seals tree. Bleecker street Univertalist Church (corner of Dowsing street.) Services at hair-past ten A M No evening services This morning the second lesson from the lord's Prayer (Unit 6?9) t>v Rev. Moaes Ballon. ORDINATIONS. Rev William Graham was ordained as paator of the Reloimed Presbyterian Society, In BohUHi, on the liith me'ani Rev. Mr. IHckmm read selections from the Scriptures, and was followed by Rev Andrew Stevenson, oi Brooklyn. N. Y , with a sermon The ordaining prayer was also made by the same gentleman. The chtrge to the puslor was by Rev. Mr. Mlllikeu, of Now York, and the i barge to Uie people by Rev. Mr. Swan. A discou>se was delivered by the pastor before hut society In the evening Mr. James Orton was ordained to the work of the Goa pel lutuiBlry at an adjourned mooting of the Presbytery of Chenango, held in GreeLC, N. Y , on July 11. INVITATIONS. The Rev Richard Gieasou Greene, of East Cambridge, Mass , has accepted the can of the Brighton Evangelical church au<l Society to become their pastor. The Society has been without a pastor lor the past year. .Rev. E B. Webb, of Augusta. Me., baa accepted the call to the pastorate of the sDawmut church in Boston. Rev H H Hayes has heen calh-o from Rock Island, 111., to tbe Congregational church In Btntouspori, Van Buren county, Iowa. INSTALLATIONS. On the lltb lost. Rev. liavid Ttorrry, late of Delhi, K. V was installed pastor of the Presby terlan church at Ithaca . Rev l?r 8. W. Roe waa Installed paster of the Fleet Pr-sby terlan church of Jamestowru, N Y.. by the Presbytery id Buffalo, cn Tuesday evening, the 10<h lust KKS IGNATIUS'. Rev R H. A len has tendered ni. resignation as psrtor of the First Presbyterihii church in lafayrtle. Ind , and will accept a call in a city of the South. NRW CHLRCHkS. It hss been determined to locate a new Methodist Episc-'pal church at Twentieth and Sjiring Garden streeta, I in Philadelphia. On the 18th inst the corner stone of a new Methodist Proteslestant church was laid at Kennedyvilte, Kent county, Mil. WISCELL ANBOl'S. Rev. T A I/crte. for fourteen year* paster of the Firat church, in Wlnusor, Conn., has discontinued bis labors with that church. n |i i?t irora vr. rwuaumer, 'D vur aunmary nrrtua, giver mi aecouul ofa remarkable rooveuwul in Coualau t it.opie, by which some lo.OOO Turk* tmvf within a ahort time embraced di ctriLe* oioseij allied to LtinHttauiiy. Hon if 10,000 more are aupptwed to by m pat hoc with those ticwk Kev. Wm R McTvmald, the former paitor of the Byrne it reel HupliM church, in 1'eterehiirg. t'a . has resigned hia rrotcarnmhip ti the Chowan female Collegiate Ineti tute, -tt Murlteewwiro, S. C , and accepted the paauiral care <>f arbor and laurel Grove church'*, in the county of Halifax, Va It ta nuppoaed by learned theologian*?auch aa IVtrua Cainatot?tb it Adam entered the garden of Kdaa id the epi .eg However that may be, it la quite certain he came out In the tall. The New Bedford Mrrcury published a bill of expenaed Incurred In the ordination of Rev Mr. Mhrpard aa paator of the Culled Goagrrgaltoual aoclety in Little Oomph >0, R I., f-e|?t<mber SO, 1787, three of the IP-ma of which ace ?tour gaNana of rum at do. per gallon, 10a 41.; three gallon* ot wine at Oa par gal loo, 18a., and ooe galtun ol bruidy at is. per galloo, h. About thirty member* of Wtwley chapel. In Washing ton, bare awarded and joined the Char oh Mouth The urlg.n, It la aatd, wan a heal difficulty brought about by tti- wlioii ?1 tb? stationing authority of the Baltimore Cm f-rencv, aod the stewards of the Wr-dpy cbapcl. In the r?in"?al of * former paetor from ?he paMnral ear* of that station hefnrs he bad nerved the cusuxassry term. The Syr uigUr id tUpuUxcan protiounws against ib<> ? who Invent fine "Iwocing " it *?|s, "w?i Innocent tt til II was made 'sinful' by fanatics Thers ta a rule at Obrrlin College that no atudeot shall tx aid at any house where prayer* are nut rejrularly made rweh day. A certain man filled up a boarding house and fil.ed it with hoarders, hut forgot until th< eleventh hoi.r the prayer proviao. Not "?emg a praying man hiinvtf he looked tor noe wbo was. At length be found one?> meek roung man fh-tn Trumbull county, wbo agree! to \av for bia board In praying. For a wttue all went smooihly; but the boarding wtaatar furnish.-1 his table *?. p.?>rly tbat the boarder* began to grumble and to lain, a id the other morning tie praying boarder actually--sirnek.' Something like the foilo slog dialogue occurred at the la b!-:?landlord? Will you pray. Mr Mlld?" Mild? 'No, *tr; I will not " landlord?*'Why not, Mr Mildf" Mlid?'-It don't pay, air. 1 can't pray on such nrtisle a* these, and* yon bind yourself in to set a better table than you hare done for the last torse Week*, nary another prayer do you get out of me! ' Obltaary. DEATH or THE HON. BKENTON HALI.IBI RfON. In a despatch from Boston, we yesterday announced the death al Halifax of this distinguished turh-t. on the 10th July Instant. The deceased was for many years Cblef Justice of Nora Scotia, and It has been very gene rany though errooeou*ly sup|s?ed that be was Identical , with the celebrated author of " Ham Nlick ' and rarluus ' other popular works, wbo also held a Judicial pusitioa In ! that province. This mistake was particularly remarked on I be o 'cnsion of the conferring of the honor of knight bnod on the deceased. Sir Brentoo Halliburton was Indeed a rery different per. sonagr from tbe talented author to wbom we hare before alluded ft was alls supposed by tnauy persons that the deceased knight was a natlreof New York. This is. also, an error, as be was born just before the outbreak of lbs Revolution In Rhode Island, where bis fklber was so rmi n?nt physic tan. aad became a refugee The father marrl'^i into tbe Brenlon fhmlly, w-sll known Is tbe an i.als of that Mate, and we betters llust a Brcoton of tbe same family ki now an officer ;n the British srmy. fin the occasion of bis being honored by bis roveretgn j by admission to tbe order of kuigMhrsiJ, the members oi the bench sod hsr resident at Halifax <**!U d upon tbe t loef Justice in a t??l> and presented to turn an address, which aaa read vy Mr Justice Bliss, whose tun revolu ary ? gut ts of Maesarhus-ils etr Rretilon Halliburton *hc thr-D r tght) six year* oM, and I tie nines*. Deauty and Solemnity of hi* reply to the address derived * peeu liar Torn and Interest from his venerable age. It Was M billow* ? Mt Barm* in or * rv Rvvca ajtd "* ml Baa?Accept I my heartfelt thank* r t Mud and aflecttooatr addren* which you havegh to if . :<u, h< r moat gracious Ma )r?-t) > cr-nferring i n it.. diirmiy of a Kutyut uf the foiled Kingdom r* at i"? r-ta an I Ireland. Although at do h 1 nogi ' to tor. ami I humbly trust I am, mom ?n ? ?' ol?' da the hle*?e?l oromiao* which our graci. ,ir rw\ , ur haa nade to all bat <r*it tn Hi* H<m? Uoa??l, than any earthly honor- rat I value ' highly tbr ap| rohation of a ovrmign and belored by her subject* for bar public and prlrate elrtnei To oor rasper t.-d ttorornor, tie Kicelleucy the Earl of , Mulgrare, I In I great gratitude for liarlng, totally uaao tinted by me, brtioghl my service* utuler her royal ?i|aider at loo, tn which I attribute the honor that hna hero e< nb-rred upr.n me I cotiMiUr iti- honor aa paid to the pe?reaeion to whteb I Im hipg, and It greatly Inrrrawn my gratihnation *o to | c< toi ler It I am much md' h?ed to my hrethren of the Bench for ! the eat Irf art ton which I b *rti tirv ><?1,,rri-nt* hire given. i for. g< nerali) sp-aMrg, It is mlb th< ,r remcjrreooe ami approval that thoae jitd^neitti hare pronounced; ( and I am rure they a III |<>in with me tc declaring that the ' labors <g tin Hrneh hare fi-guettT1" breti gredUy dlml- 1 niehed by the Industry and talent f Ilnr And now. gentlemen, accent of an ot<1 man'* aTTe, ! lonale , f>rayrr lor your welfare. Hay you at the e,l.?e of .,fo feel ( the grrat comfort of having inadr yniw pewae with Ood , through ih- re fits of yonr Saviour. Hod bice* tou all. HKHNTOK nAlJiWHTtiN. Mat 0, 1UV0. OKOaflK IHWAKD IfTMtAKflT, RAQ. We liare thi* day tu chronicle llir deaih of one of our most emu ent and respected Herman merchant*?flsnrge Edward Kunhardt, .of thl* nty, who died no the Fourth of July, la the sHr of Hamburg, tlertnany. This and aewt waa brought to ua yeatcr Jay by the Afhfa. Wc heller* tli*r" are hat few Amor loan merr hnats who Uo list Law Vba UUa. <1 ju lUt r lucltt.rj, aoA UNDAY, JULY 22, 1860. we are also sure that a!iti<*t a'i 'he fiermau popu ati -o b?vi- by this linir hi* nunc In their hmru j, Ceo. fc. huiiLarcommenced bin early merownt-.' "? t reer in thr oily of tUrn'Miy. Germany. as ihr sun oT a wealthy men-hint; anil hi* high ambition fur busm -pursuits dr"? bim from hia h>tr to the United States T ere be bail attained but twentieth year. After list ei a comparatively short titue In tbi* city, lie became the 1 partner of Kdward Recti, Rsq , unner the firm of Kdward Beoh It Kci hardt . and It wan dial here that bis attributes ? a* a merchant and aa a man of fine feeling* toward but fellow men beeame truly perceptible. What be war to the firm iu which he became partner, be wa* also to th< soe.ely of winch he was President, I ''Tin tieimaii society." In both tie worked, heart and ! soul, for the good ot both In the year 1*46. through hi* Influence and energy, and bis peraoi at presence in Hamburg, he orgauiaed a new , lice III packet ships lietweeo Hamburg aud New York. He afterward*, itirougti bis unceasing' perseverance, likewise arranged the so well known Hail burg aietniHblp ; line. A short lime after lbia, we way well aay. hi* health < began to tall, in consequence of hia unceasing aelf attendance to su b a task. However, be went through all bi* dutica with a cbw.rhilmaa and lighloets which showed the true soul of a merchant Alter the dissolution of the Arm of F. Bsch h Kunhardt, < he established himself with hi* brother. Henry K. Kuu; hardl, Fsq., undir tie preseut firm ol Kuunardt A Co. Hia anna hie qualities, aa well In his bin-luces trans actlous as also among his friends at Ponte, woo hits many wartn heart* ; and it it sad thai a life so prosperously con mem i d, and continued mi well, should, In Its prime, be cut oil by death. He had many, many friends ; but ia there auy enemy T None I And that will aay much in human life. His roud wife and three of his children left bat a few days ago to meet bim, but their tears must be dried un der the rural oak* of Germany, at the gitve of one whom they so dearly lovud, aud who now rests in peace near his good old father. 1st the memory of this truly good mas ever remain with us. 4 A negro woman named Titkiuma Boot*, a native of Aft lea, died suddenly iu New Urleaus on the 13th lust., b aged out- hundred Mid sixteen yours I v [Mod, at Virginia Point, Toxw, on the 29tb June, of In- ' flammation ot the lungs, KtcHXKn Kowlih a native of Canada, and more receut.y citizen of New York. Mr. K. ' lile bad been chiefly spent upon public work# at the Kor<h, aud some in Texas. H? died among sympathising friend*, wlw did everything thai friendship could da- *, viae to alleviate his sufferings during Illness and to ' smooth the road to death. The Wheeling (Va ) Hnum aaya Hon Z. Kiewau , damocratic elector tor that district, died on the 9tb inst ?????? r Smart Boy a for W eat Point aad \aaa- r polls, TO THK EDITOK OK THK IIKBAI.D. n I beg leave to call the atteotiou of the public generally, c and particularly mat of ad Interested in the army and i navy, and consequently in the Military Academy at West Point, and the Naval .School, Annapolis, to the very com ujendable example act by au honorable m tuber from New York, in tbe melbou he has adopted, ofsi -cling twe candidate*, i*ie lor admission m tbe artny and one for the bsvy, a* reported in Ibe llsa-wool the 17lb instant. "Ibm two appointments." the notice referrert to goes 01 to say , "have been placed, by the Hon !> K Sickle*, at tin- disposal of the public sutnsil* of the Third Con greesu nul district, subject to the competition of 'he b >ys ' nl tbe higher classes in tbe irst. Killh and Kiglilh ward 1 Rcbisds," Ax., fco. Tti s m placng a blab premium ou, aid adding a great iuontive to. bard atudy, and II car _ tied out iu all cue. t of u similar kind, such as>?trm a-ouid ' vi rj elevate the staudaril ol proltciency at ' Best Point aud Annapolis, a consummation devoutly to *' be wished for. This would prevent a greal deal of the * l-rt>n ami morlilieatlnn are caused each year bv the " rejection or candidates found, in some oae-w, utterly de d tic lent in the eleoii i.iary nram-bes of an Knglish eituca lion, and the distuiasl of cadets who prove incapable ot ' hard study I nder the present *ti m there seenn to be some rea ; w u to fear that ibeet up.?.iuiraentH are not uuconiinonly ' mace a mere matter of bs'gain and sale I * Tlie. exanmle of Mr. rdckUs. winch I believe am miro I dnced by torn Walliridfe, whrli In wax iu Ooiigrtotfi, 18 errInuily worthy of tmUattou, and tt Ctir priaa wan to talcc tie mtticr in bull Uir |>Mu> nuiilit br adopted, -lUl-r !?? !| CimUiu- or by net i>1 Cottgren*, and much liourthiirtmig Mid i!Dbap|>int>fi Ihcrrby ntn-il U> b'lndre.ij of paeenui " M d Ihrir none, and front food might mrruv to ntnart boy* and Ihr urtxMib- thry conn- from, a great m-rvirv a-mo to the two government n udenue*, o> lUr artuy nod one), ntnl ronecquenlly In the country generally. ^ Drtwlbfi of Vrsacr, Brondbrnli Ak Co.'i I HtUmmlrur-tM? Hurt* f'OChTT, t"kA?a ITS, .Iui.t II. 1BNI 26, 2:i, Hit, 25. 57, 74, 2*. 41, 71, 43, 17. 1. ? OKI* I. I'onnOUI'tTkll tOTTKKT. I'U* 3!i Jl'l.r 21. I'M* I 67, 40, 63, 49. 10, 67. 66, 45, 4?., 11, 3h, 70. i f kani'K, -<k<>ai>hk> rs a i-M. Manager*. Wilmington. Uefunare. j Drawing! of the Delaware rttate l.ntte- k rlea ?t?ia.|i K1 l>) A I't,.. M?nagera<.f Ihr [iiiotiMr. KKTrrK* <%n aiiworni *T?rn i/ttkuii ? l-i.ui int? kirna i'ijh* bo 345 jui.yH l*4U 1 19, 1?. 71, 50. 24, 32, 40. 49. 26, 0, 55. 13. 65. 0 I?n aw?m? ?Put" No 344. .Irtrll M6U . 46, 40. 41. 65, 39, 32, 34, 5, 66, 63, 1, 63, 47, ; ' Circular* *eiii tree of rha'ge by ad 'renaiug eiUier.U, I WOut). I I?I?V AM). ItmltigWir, n?b??r?, Or to WOOD, KI)I>Y * 00.. Hi. Loida. Minaour.. 1 1 TT)? Known <?ood Nrdltla*. * RRANPRKTV'8 PIT.lJt ITRlPt THK HUMID. 1 Are tale 6 r all and a,ire to -tai their work well t IIA P Hid OI> HI-be* a w eak Con?ttUittno, UOOIl HI.) mil n 1,km n KTKO.Vi 1 t tie. iintM>KKTh s I'ilta Ineare the latter RK All. * Jnl' SI. IHC0 KU (irwenwtrh arret, New lork. r Pa. R t'HwN >? .!II ? Hear r I Pur three yrrar! I ?ai af 0 (lined with Kneipelaa. Ac., ao iha' I ?.? alraoat rrat? w Ith d the p*ln. 4i,d unable to do anything wbwiecei Von ran ? ami ne nn rcxidttloii when ' a?v t!v. I tool --lit, two rimnoi* ann-e ml mo- lime. Heieg Ural of feein? I lie wvtora and taking I heir dri'aa I happily railed al ?onr nlllce and a-ked roiir ad J Tier. Filteen bunre 01 j our Vegetable Ororemal Pi I la. and etgl* Ixqee of yonraalre. uaed an you direr ed. male me a J, a.mid nod bee by man In laaa lliao three mix, ha Voiira. |, truly, J H. PAi K i, Prk e JS recta per 6o? wad at PRtNf'fPAl. omen. KM ~ | Canal *tr?et; No. ? Inlon ?o"*re. I arai,i-eTa. oniwr of ^ Vnhlh avenue and Twenty eghlti al-ret. lAi i*,wer?. and by | all dmggtnta. L I Laetnaah, u COIKM, PIIPT PR A MORRITR. Mtd Iilllonaenee, of the Row M are cured by the , I A<Ti ,N a H Rolil ?< *11 recta per hottle. at No 4 I'nlexi rquare. JW < anal ! \ lf? l'(,? *r v I Bib Wdall M r i.reiae eat fc', ? I i I. w . J I 1?roil -aditbth Id'ct, tTX Oram, M Itruadway and by all J drtijtgVa _ 11 Broohlfa PhnU|r?|ihi ?Ullllmniov'a i trial uira OMaaA. lAprrtal* ami I if* Kla* Two fnrtT ate* MR tatim atraat | ram y I'm bit l allrty-A'Larft Vatrlrty 1 a) J. d H. M AftDKR'R Mora, Jin 7 Aauir Rnm* ^ Diflaara Nalamaarirr Nafta?Wlta Pa- *T' trnt p< wr?r prtof Iwk* and r n?? I ara Al?o. Bra and h> * .. ylar prord aidrhoard and parlor Pafrt Itrpot. 6.1 Muirar ?rrat, cwarr of I'ollafa p!?ca. Bt/HFRT M PATR1 ;R. ai Thla Inimmar Hr*rwFR HTorir J1 Tbc Ual ?r ana 11 nOar in tdla aland, > 111 ha I) CLOHRP OUt at a yraal , rrnrriioa or prkkr. a* a* bar* roncludril lo rlawr out our antlra atork hafora ra total. 'I It ri nalau of a larg* and imrpltta rartaty of all thr laical " Aylaa of al RUMkKK t'li'THlNO, HIRTM a( fUBiriPHiSo noorw. "* Tboaa a be harr rw< tat r-'tnr'rtrd thalr a mntar wardrobe or atraaarra rlMtinc tbr rttt will dnd now rI A ari.KKI>in I'lTftRTUKITT at, to purr baa* tbatr ?,:tntn?r rlothio? dr.. dr.. i?. At l.f* rifll RKb DEVI, N. HITIMOR d CO., 2M IN and SO Hn ad way. U _________ corwrr of ?um, airea*? rt? Garibaldi, Vktar Ktaaaatl, flrtaaa, In r J rr? r.irnw) pan *ltrb. Hitwkbowb lltrka Ihr PI rata, it wa rubar rrautraahlr mat, mat ha aaaa IP paint or r'aaMtr, VV I lb- M,r?m,l'?1?wl < at luot, \lh Hrnadaray a>?a)a opaa and 'raa to tiallara rt'Ml BR A, phrtanlrtrtau aad pub tabara ^ Kcafa'a Hrtiaataai. lea I'naa And Btl- f lard Raima la anw npaaart at Rorkaway for tda twaa tvi Htrrlag'i Pataat t'badpaa rirt am n" Mnrlar Proof MA Ml Maadoay anraar or Hnrrat arwr aw toad If* .Add, Wrbatcr A Co.'a Improtad Tlahl ** ,av-b nawiac M ekinaa. al MO Kroadway ROIhKI.KM- HKWIWt. MA<*HIIW, TW bMI k na? f?r fwall> arwln* M HrnMmi fan fort. VB rnltna Haw Brmrlrt Tht Bwl r*atl> IfarhlM la Uit World a. m. i. w. iiiiom k co.. m ?r.?,i. ?r. Klnger'a Drat tr?lt| ntrhlan aaiil ha k* ><'it fir IV prrari.t at In* rataatn rraMettanif Kee Yore. i ai-il W ulk>ni?b?ra. The atone? paid aa rani arb: ha ittuird ??ao(..uaWee V, J. rn HINUM A OO . m Rroad trap. 1 i film** Hhadra. fhr CavarlM Clock a, Vaaea, If'' aatrta of Hnm-ra. v. V n. j. r ARi?iowK8 a run arm. n. r. ti Wbltbtf?I. T. Haifa Kmntrkf -alt ?? M il IV Tirtwin, a.M I i a't tri'rr' -> hKHKItlX A 1 Ria. I? !*? SI I .n ?T* Ilr.mi1ai.jr N T. | tr i - I Wkrrlrr Ai WHann'a Hewinn Mamian.- *' HBrr N? Rhmt..!, H. *, j tin - - ( ? I Dtalaway 4b a oat* 1 (>' 11 dm ha II/mJ ?mj ** nW for fra * ma w*retor>?e. ./I ol Waivr dt?- Tr< I V' crTetadoro'a Hair Of*. Wl|i and Tot. ?.m Tha hew It. Mb rrrM a *..?*** ani ratali. anil lb* ' \>ra pniaaal) arava ?? ??? ? ?. , Th# ___________ I alti Cltrakagh'a lllnata* Wig?An Kntlra 1 w ?aaj. parting ?a<1 antfoion-li-. do teraeif up trhiod. kW , " Brradway. or it a. T. htrwart * C*>. a. ho Ara Voa Hfafifll*. Hilton* at Coattrel? . ] fhm oar Htil.l/th A> - I ?' t ?< ? ari l ? i ~ ? L anr'raiVallt < .?ad. TV ro/thoi ??>.. **? ion ft ilirort!* ' <3a ?pra the ?tm. .< ft teai .*4 bowah. IV htirwa .4 Uioae dat. r.U mart. Datrkrlar'a Hair War ta Ike Meat la tr,? fj* aorVI. Mad* a 44 |M at phot m Hint-Wt I it?*o rar M at lV ate fa* or?. II Bond marl (Tr- If a rah t on <I r> w< * In A|tpl) If I a (' adlr?i t'nrr Traa* nth $v>1 * V ?* ** ?* f. ? ? ?* < >? nf f or attft-iia. H\K>U 4 CO., -? * W*i f , jt, t. SB bite. tb* Hatter, Ahca4 New thepri i *ae etraw Bala. 10.000 do. from auedon. One dollar each. It Broadway. Artasatraa, a Mmbetttatr fbr Cream of arter ?It la highly auUtUmia. ud , reduce. cold hread end On which ere awert. motel ?rd gratrful to the palate BACKBIT, BKLv MKR A i*>.,, Head Ml Head# elnwt. DM, Bearo* ?At Wc;<t Feru>? MhKT, wife rf Andrew A. aruie ei it daughter of the iete Thouiaa liuot, ?? iiuat'a 'oiet, aged ?? y,.ar< The relative etui frtenda ere invited to attend the fune 1 *1, from Grace . Iiur.-h, Went Farm*, tliu (Sunday) after- j loon. et three o'clock. bkowir oh Friday, ju j so, Ieiksy, youugeal daughter i ?f Till le t . aiid Atigt-lina ilrnw*.i ured 3 veer* 6 months did 0 flay*. ^ ' ' Tie relative* end frleuda of tu? family r?,pectfully uvited to altri d the fute-ia,) tl ? (Sunday) afternoon et w? o clerk, without further inviwtiuu, lton> 00 letungod avenue CihTKtjjie.?lu Jeraey City, ou Friday, July so, at nine i'rloek F b . Johwb liixon, olrteat child of Oreetee eud leuv U. Cfevelauu, aacu 6 year* au<l 6 month* he relative* aiid friend* of the family ere invited to lUeud the funeral. from the reaidenoe of hit pareula, 'Art Fayn# street, Jersey City, thia (Sunday) atlerunou. at t> I'olook. Ha remain! mill he taken to tlreenwood Cemenry. 1 vKmiHRB ?On Thursday. July 10, of cholere tnfan!>Di, Baai .lawn, only daughter of Jane* F. and Heater tetatlerie, ageo 1 ' ear and b month*. The r< lativca and friend* of the family are reapecitully uvited to allemt the funeral this (Sunday) afternoon at tall paat one o'clta'k, fn m 509 Grand atreet. I'MLkMVt ?lo thH rlty. on Saturday morn log, July SI, t Kael Forty tiinth afreet, Baki.akkt. youugoal and ouly ai ghter of James and Margaret lielaliuut, Aged 1 year, . nifti'b' atir* 4 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family, also his r< ther rati irk. and brothers Inlaw, arc reapcct filly in lted to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at Writ oYk?k. I 'Kvok ?On Friday evening, July 90 Euza Amp young. Ft daughter ot lieurge W. and hmihe Deroe, aged 0 lonthv. 11 days. The r? latlves and friends of the family are Invited to tnend the funeral, at St James' church, Ford ham, at hree o'clock, this (Runday) afternoon. The remain* rill he interred at Yruker* Grant?On Saturday, July 21, Brihurt, the beloved ufa oi John Grant, aged 91 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are repictfully invited to attend the funaral, from hsr late esineuc*, 333 Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty aeventh tritl, on Monday afternoon, at one o'clock. The rename will be Intel red in Calvary (Ymeterv. Hakkim'v?On Thursday, July 19, at Ininton. Duchess ounty, .leeKiti Ohfar. youiigi si aitn of Captain Gerard us ' snu Caroline o. Harrison. aged 18 amnios My angel bi y Is Meopiag Beneath the cypres* tree. And many an eye in weeping, And long will weep for thee The gr ?ve will then entold Cbet Within ita narrow cell; No wore aball we behold thee? My in gel hoy, farewell. New Bedford papera please copy. Uawlkx ?At Ridgefltld, Conn., on Friday, July 20, hahity. wile of the late Deacon Ellaha Haw ley, in the MMh year of her age llk.vKimTA ?At the house of her adopted mother, the imucling uirl,ItKMaucTTA. The physical beauty and precolou? hi teller! of this little creature cbueared her to all ilioaaw her. and many were the applications made by uiies of u< alIf anu Importance to adopt her, but she had o entwined herself around the heart of the good woman rbo had barge of her that nothing but death could have eve'fd tlwm. Hot uhton ?On Saturday morning, July 21, Edward kmiRS, aged S3 years. the relatives and friends of the family are respectfully i>viu d Pi atl. nd bis funeral, from hut late residence, So. 0 Tenth s reet, between fifth and Slsth avenues, on lonifay afternoon. at tour o'clock. Hursirr ? At Hoh<>ken. N J., on Baturdgy. July 21, rirSM Horsirr, aged 64 years. Ibe frieudF of the family arc respectfully inrlted to atnd the funeral from tne resilience of the family. No. 143 aehiigton street, Hoboken, this (duuday) afternoon, at i alf past i tn- o'clock. liuu-uoK-v ?On Saturday, July 21. Anna Rnraia.daugb- { r ot John F. and Margaret Heilstiorn. I Thi triends and acquaintances are respertfUlly InvltM j attend the funeral, at half past one o'clock from 'Jul Vast ' UlTty eighth street, between Ku?l and Secoud avenues. j Hoiiw -ud Friday, July) 'JO, after a abort illn as, litMit J , boo of John and Adelbeit Hoops, aged 10 mo: the i.d o uaya. The relatives anil friends of the family are respectfully avited to attend hia funeral, Una (Sunday) afternoon. at alt past one o'clock, Irom the residence ol hi* pareula, J1 West Tm oty Bret sireet, to I .u the ran Cemetery Jn?t>.?OKhix B Jri?i'. Jr., died suddenly, on tiaturday , ult 21, ajjeo 2 years, 8 oonthx and IP fay*. k*t asach ?(in Kriuay, July 'JO, of consumption, Scsaji Las anai.b I or funeral will take place from the residence of her tiuhor. s6 West Twenty sixth street,thla (Sunday) after am, at two o'clock. kMiMiMM.?In this city. on Saturday, July 21, Lons Iammui, nly sou of 11 auu C. Kroomng, aged 1 yenr, u mil La ano 0 day*. (V relatives and friends of the family are respectfully tivited to at.. no the tuneral, from the reslden ? o( Its sirents, No 11 LHviaiou atroet, this (Sunday) afternoon, it ihria- o'clock. kiMi ? lu Hyi*ast,U I.. on Friday. July 20, OnoaoK W. iimi. ii the 46lh year of bis age, tor many years a nj?r naker ol tbts city The Irieuoaoi the family and of hM brother. John F. (log slid brothers in law . John (1 Keut and Wm Halt, lao thi m< tubtrs of Henry Clay I Art ye of f. a M. are t spcctlulty invited to alicnd the turn ral, tbia (Huuilay) mi ruing, at ten o'clock, trim i to loi.g Island Kail road t pot at Kiel New York. Uia remans will be takeu to > press Bill Ofnt Uvy 1 U'SSV ?(Hi Frk ay . .Inly 20, MaMiAiurr UtrtST. aged 66 earn, a oat ire of J.ultimo-., King a county. Ireland. The ft linns yl the lanilly, and those of her brothers, unu-s, J'* ph and Kdnard. are requested to alien 1 the ineial. th's (Suonny) afternoon, at two o'clock, without i'lher notice, from her late residence. No 16 Weal UUlfYh fctrcit hifuncri Vlnlh -rve4 - "<? ? Ijum.hto* ?(in .Saturday morning, July 21, Mr* Hasan niMWMi, ?it<- ?>i James l.ivingsb.u. aged 60 years llir rfMlvM Mi4 froMl o( Ibi fkmily are rr*|ieclfuUy iviU-iJ to atu-na lii'i funeral, tin* (runday) ?iV ruK>a, tl so <.'clock, from her laic reside oce, No. MS dsoood aveuc, corner of Ttilrty Iftb street Msyili. ? trn Thurruay, juiy 19, Libia W,, wife of ofeii May ell, In the 67tti year <4 her age. The relatives and rrw-uu* of tbe family are rssveclfulty vt. il l< attend the frmcral, from her late resilience, Mo & West 1'orty seo'tid street, itn- (Sioday) afternoon, at ? o'clock, without further lunUi Son ?Ob Friday, July 90, llama Jan* inraai daugh rr of ( kplaiD Jtsee and Mary L Mutt, aged 7 mouths ana i days. The relatives sod Mends of the family are Invited l?. Lt.-ud the funeral, this (Sunday j afl< room, at 3 u'cSNl, m 100 W illoiigtih) streel, Imktyt, without farther a itatlob The remain* mil he interred at Cypreaa Hllr emstery Mamkin ?On Saturday, July 21, r*ow.n, ??vn of William i d . ane A Mairin. ageo 7 months and 22 day*. Tbe lilendu of the f .mlly are reape< Molly Invited to at lid tl ' iiii.i ral. on m"u a; aflerno<io, at two o'clock, on, the re*idi ime ol bis |iarPDts, 23 J>hn *treet, Brook Mi Arurr*?On Saturday. July 21. link*, tbe beloved lie of William McAulllle, aged 4.1 yearn. The Ir.w-fid* and* of the family are re ectfully invited to attend the funeral, from b?-r late- re deoce, No. 19-'i Fast Tlilfly second street, this (Sunday) lerixxn, at two o'clock. McI.srht.? In llrooklyn, on Saturday evening. Ju'i 21, let a long and severe llb.eaa, John Mdlaui, a native Ihe county of laiiiglbrd. Ireland. Ill* friends ane thee of the family are respectfully in ted to nitriid the funeral, on Monday, from bur late re J<nce, corner of Nsvin* and Warren ?treet?, itjutb ooklyn. Nno-r?fbi Saturday. July 21, Mussrr, aerood son of urge A. and Martha C. Nurse aged 6 tDonllia and 22 Tbe friends and ralalivcs of tbe family are respectfully Tiled to attend tbe funeral. Ibis (pnoday) afternoon, al to r'stork, in m Ike residence of but pareuls. No. 169 est Thirty seventh street llaiwai hosetts papers please ropy, I nuMtus ?Oil Saturday. July 21. Kum frowns*, a nalire Kllbcg, Tallow, rouniy of Walsrfurd, Ireland, agsd 36 are Tl?e friend* of the family are respectfully inritsd to atvd the funeral. ?o Monday, from the rrsldsoer of bee re, 2311 Hs avenue ' lUean ?On Tuesday, Jul* 17, ?f ctu leea Infantum, i a mi s> A . Hilar t soo of Calto rine and Oik II. Roach, d 2 tui?tbs and 5tt? days. Friend* or physician* Otuid not save Kliaill thu p>u. Of yet tbe pitr <'online II there Wben I'hrlal Himaoif Rid bin appear A drar ?wee1 babe, Miort a a* lt? >UT, Ju*t looked llxiut no'i mnln hij , *rn\t ?On Palnrdnl mornti.g. Jul) ?, ?uji Maw*. 1.0,1 ri daitybler of Hubbard IJ and l.ydia Mete, mqnd ' car Mlid 90 day* I.. oiaim* and trier da of the family are reapo ifoUy l 'tied V' alien' Ih< iiincral from Uie reaidenre of ber etita, No 393 K.IK Mb ?renue. ihr? (Monday) afternoon ibni- n'cbck, a ill. ml luriber Invitation >tm i * ? on Saturday morning, Wn Rrmcm. ! d IT )**e* nnd (| nionib* T* rctatlTW and friend* of fbe fimtly ore raapeclfully iwo attend llie funeral from lb# rnaldence of bia Mlu r in law (C nlti dl) eon er of aieaernle avenue and 1 rib atrial, i.reenpoirl, (Xib<Uy I alter non, at .? o'clnrk lli?r?n> .1 III be lak-ti to lb* lAillierau ' ??lerjr lur ||il<-ri? et I, i '--i ?i Saturday. .inly 81, after a k*ig and painful I hi ' ?? wli i b be l....r * ih l hrirtHi fitrlttaide, Jona >?( a native of Jafbeaiowa, Quean* onuoty, Ireland, t1 BT J ear* ? lie imirrai will Uki place from the rmtdenr* of hit te, William (Vrw, 190 Oierry ?tr*wt on Monday friend* and art(namuao*a are r?*p*cM?illy hit tied io red. *vtoa?M*t?.v? ?Oo Tburaday, July 1ft, by the Rav i heri d lurkaon, * niu* Tatio?, of Ihla city, lo Mr i Venn, toraactly ?4 Hal'\ meoa, caaaty Anir m, Ira- 1 * < IVMart japera p'.<**w e>py f . -On Knday, July 20 Ma*t A(.ww? Tnn#m vfbl. r ( I 1*1 Mai. fbnmnon aad Iblbermo Ahern, of < i .< ra infantum, tyed 19 motilhi *i < I It,, fluid* and acqimntaacea. ai l lb. me*.been m < tlx r Mbih<? Temperance Mnctetr, aMo Ihc member* of r Tnlled Rrelbor*' 1*<i|re No 1, ar? tiw? ertfQtty la ? ed to attend Ibe funeral, ihir (Monday) m-m at. at let Tk, ffotn l?r ta?b<r eee.drfxw, Ne 4b W? ?t *tr*et Wotw ?On 1 rtday. .'"1? *>. aura tmti, In the bub of of her are j Tba rclallt** an M Run bra iia|ntfW* i lentad to eiteod her faneral, this (Rued*/} afUrrRM, * ? V o'clock, from her tot* niltMi, MMMk ?tMt w aim?to tbi* citr, oa mittrday, July fl, tUmt Waum.oftbe parish of Abbeyletx, Qttw ootmif, Ireland a#w 67 yean. The relalivie and friend* of the (hgnlly are M^ectfuBf Invited to attend the funeral, on Monde > afteraoeo, at two o'clock, from ber late realdeooe, 230 t aUt ereaue. NIKCKLLAAKwrS. ALWAYS HtlMKTill.VO NKW. PKor. wood's RRHTPK AT1VK COR DIAL BLOOD RKNOVATOR " | I* praeiaalr what iu> oamr indicate* for while piaap-l 1 p mi t to the ia*t?, It la reurtfving. rihlUrabng, inv.goae m tiiia* eI'd *treuj.thoning to the tltal power*, and at lie _ v K?mc time revivlliee relnaUtei *n?l renew* the blivdwe 9 * ail it* < r ginal puritr, and thu* al once re*tore^ eed ** ce i>iide>*lh* a>?iem Invulnerable to altarlu of diseaee. gg u It l? the only preparation ever offered to the wcr:deo _ " cbi inlrall) Hud ekilfuJiy combined a* to be the meat _ powerful tonic aud at the aitme time no perfect!) adaptC ed io. it* to act in perfect accordance will), the kaewnd O jc nature, and hence will aoothe the weaken! atomac . amd pg tone tin ibe digestive organ*. and tlnw ah*y ail nr row* and other trriutiou. Ill* perfectly evhilaratmg, and at j: tl.e name thne ll i* rotnpoaed entirely ef venManlee. yet 4 IM> combined an to produce the moat t..orrii*h toi c of? tect. without producing au> Uuurtoui rmiamuir aom> 53 C Kuril a lemedv haa long been fell to be m demon, dim O C 1 l>>e medical" w orlil, I or it need* on taedmal aklll >aee a I - t deUliu ft .flow, all atlacfcaof Oiaeaae, and per cede . ? I" l '"tlw" U>a ilie ayatcm <?peu to the uimdu. hat m Vw*11,"1)' " the moat fatal, auoli. for ct iBtp e, ha so i^L. -* ooanmptlon. Indigeattoo, l?)*p pole, - ?.,:Tlv*" kereoue IrrtvablUty, Hem- * l ?d'?atH,? ef the Heart. Melancholy, .TAI * P.imOil "Wdmeaa. KetcuUoa of aa w-iTae ? ? 1 Vi!^r",'t',>u.too.,ro:uae.iriooie-a?tMe?^am? C ' aft'' '""th Theae ail depend ip*e <4 y 1>>ta ptfe health} . U.UIC irjrtlkl a?d Q - I-.,<iI iiii..ii,i,'I .-a, ?.,tei , ... u, aid > ft. Ho- thia te net all m " If Ibe ryatrn. ? weakened wr are <41*0 to Wlnu? al H tack*. th? liter baco(u?*? torpid or *orw ill it r ^ ^ the kidne?t refine u perform ih?ir fnncUoM and mi < are trouhler *Hb aeaftdiuc and im-onUneuce of u. tne or tnvulut tary discharge of the sunc, p>dii n, bash, ^ " aide, aad b?l?ffii (be abotildrre, exceedingly UaLle u?4 H slllthl cnl k. coiikIik -> > ! If unchecked nn?n etnaaia C tkiu follows, ?uH tin* Dutiful goes down in s prematura ' ir?? But apace will Dot allow uatn eouraersle the Q c many 1,1s to which we are llab.r in a weakened nmd, C go dltion rf the system Hut we will say, lu Uua Ovd.?l x ? and Blood Renotator, yon bare a perfect, sale. I'leasnnt and rfle dual remedy for lias of appot.ta. ' " biliousness. datuleuce. snk and airk atomaek. las "* > gu<u, liver complaint ebilla and fever, or anybUiua > f attack, cnetti?neaa. aoldlty of Ibe aiumwch. ne-veaa- _ uesa. neuralgia. palpltatl n of the heart, depression of aptiitk aorea. plmplna on the face, or any diaeaae ar?? > ing from Impure blend, sucb aa eomfula, eryiipeiw > 2 bronchitis. 00 ugh, dJAcuRf 1f breathing, and a:, thft' 7 elaaa of dlae,* a called (eaiUe wealuieaa, and enu ? n erated kbore. We wfll alao aay, the traveller ex ~ P<?ed to epidemics change of climate and waUr, will _ nil'1 It a piretailt. aale and aure remedy, and one none should travel without. Header, try It f ir we aa ? T* aure vtr you will llnd la H a friend Indeed, aa well aa t" C a trie'nd lu need. All pers na ol ae'eotary habit* will C q find It a perfort prerentlic of aa well aa cure for those Q al'mrnta to a Inch they are particularly exposed ? llenee ministers, atudenta. sltorneys. literary gaatie O m n, and I >1' who are anl msmmmI to much out _ dooreierriae. *1 | ilnd It to ihetr advantage to keep a M bottle coiotanlly on baud. and. above all. mothers or te bnse bee minx aunh. adll go through tha moat daagae- at ou? period not on > w uh all 'heir accustomed at'couth. s ? but tale and free irom the thousand ailments so pre I _ va rut am, un the female ponton of the world In 0 < alio, t, It t?, indeed a mother a cordial Try It, old and I < young; no longerruu the riek of ddav. It w-tU reHew [ ^ and prove Itarllemphatically w Kraturwtire tlordtwl aud i . * Blood Renovator. I ** C t?. J WUUII, proprietor. 444 Broadway. New York I O fc and 114 Market street, it Louis, Mo., and sold by all good druggist* Brier >ur dollar per bid'.le. | . AL!.KOOB!<'AL? AlONtl lilt BUSTY R tAlXir, with feeble step travelled a venerable pilgrim d m were bta ryes, and llie IroaU u time bail whneued the lurks once black as the rat en's wins, wblrh lua brad 'mot stdrway alley, fresh and green, emerged a rigor ms youth the rose* til heft tb were imprinted on h's cbrnia. and ' th.i btinia face divine ' Indicated Ibe geueruatty of bta heart A tlaak was attached to bta aide, 'or be bad to encounter "the burden aud beat of the day " He *a*rd 00 tb? wayfarer and his aoul was touched with "revereaer aud pity " "RaUie*,'* be eaclauned ' thou art weary, sod thy spirit seems decrees ed " ' Ibou aneateat truly, mv son," replied ibe traveller "Accept a awal ow of my cordial, theo 'twll' revive tbee ' Thank ully tbe old man psrtook of the grurciau sttmulaok. 'Ambmaia.' Inquired the oati arsb "No. my siksJ frtrsid, 'tl? Ismdon t'ordial Utu " "tlh, 'ua eirelirBt?owoe more I aeem to feel the buoyancy of youth To tue and not al liar tt ta the grand secret '' I inward Ue pursued bta way , ... pciwurm nine mour mi m? eieuinr liiRt.v ?y fit lite Depot f??r KURD'S nmdon Cordial Uln lid V ??i twenty ntii'h nireri. N V. A*eu*y 4*0 Brow'way. K T. A SPECIAL RUTICK PURCHASE A MACHINE, PAY ftiR IT AS YOU KARR XT. The Knreka Celebrated Sew lu* hlachl'iae, Aa an lenaM ti.UKii, ran be paid for In archly amount*. on appllciUen at tki f?ce, 493 Broadway. AT KVEKDEM/N-RKDDIN<1 ROTES. CARD*. JO bee liir Orange bl. aantn Envelopes. new aak?.Tletae cards, Jr. M Hrnadaaj. c? i ner of I'uane street AOKNTS WANTED?FOR THK K'JKKKA HKWINO HA rhlree. Liberal diet mini allowed. Head lor CLTCalA-* 1 ifbee 4VS Broadway. AN IRISHMAN'S ItEUUHT?nrTNNBsS DUBLIN Porter, JatMaoo. I'lm A Co 'a Dublin Ale on dr?u*h* only at MKNIH'M H mammoth ale veulle, Broad way. corner of Cedar etreet. Boots and shoe*.?oa hill a w(?o0 ark okhtr In* at their new e*<abl'*hmrnt, t?27 H mad way, belwera. I" u* on and Hlet cker street*. opposite Iwura Keen* a, an ?w bonne BMU.rtmt at of elenaut Boole nnd rhne*. for ladlrw *e*i tlen.en n laaee bnyeaiiarblldren at very lew prlrea Ci ardkn IMS i T KOACHRS. Ill'flN. RaTB AND MICE. a<e ettrely destroyed be MKYKR'S MlftAfTLOCB TRRMIK DRBTEOYKR Keu*tl depot 913 Broadway hold by PKNPOl.D, I'AKKKK A MOWKR. li Bee kuuA. street. And by all druggists. GREEK SKAI., ORKEN SKAf., <?RRUN SEAL I HtK. prgm?fietniloe and warranted, lor All. at 37 Pul'.aw. Brest IMPORT aST CAPTION TO THK DKAE-DKAE PKA tons are again rautioned to beware of aelf atylad aurtsM hatltny 'row low boarding houses tn < lantitra at rests of lb* aaa other ritlea throughout tbe Culled w* r JQ^-we only ohjan ?al hlgben anit'lta i la gain. and wtxae only reeorameadabno la 4 glowing advertisement, a compound of Ignorance. prefecuoe and falarhod. and who do Dot ecruplr w, maha iji of any tneana a hereby l bey ran aoeon., liaMthetr aln later objert IT HAKTI.RY la I be only recoenlaed aurtat in AeaaHna. and ?we roualy oflera to attend all per one an If era* from nUart-naa of the ear at hit reaidmee. No Hrf Itaat K.itrenthatrwet. 'npuatte Key Dr Tyng'srburrk without rharge until cored, tfecahy Lr.itine bia aucoaea Iiuetjnailed aud | n tecUng <be deaf Truer e'ng swindled by payu.* self ?t> led aerials ot'irMtaA fee* tu adtanre. and the IntUctmn of aull more aenoat t*IE by penBlttlrn the appllrataie of dangerous rented lee by Inet^enenced ana unaktitul Lands. Dr 11 may user atata ... ?u tvi hi ii-fi ?wwi?r who any p rnii td'rrnt lux lo rura ilnltt-m nail bar h?a ta fclfan pai lu.aa'ii for UK po' jr?tf a of a ta ptii|Mirtia? Ui amanala 'mm hbb nod ranix*. tharainra, ha raapinallun for an >,vu>m Hoanraa raaultin* fn-m mb'.c?a ?ox daaparattun TCi I ?. <W niooay May !> ' l? Biaurtal w> Kim* par* ua. bill -Jn ilapriab Hon o( M.C i>t Iba nnal liniorlalii (4 It a a.-nana IX jbt,io Bo r? raidad and IiwiW with mora than ordinary nolle ind* I >a?.* nana i <raa in Iba t.aaii and all < ia*X'ca*hln dmuarjai (ran tha aar apaadl]} and p? ntianantiy ratmtad mnmaa till i-aat pain lir Ir nuvaninure A cira In all aani-a k urti lard ? bar* malformation ilne? "Kit -vial thirteen yearn i. a* and airm at UD.tlv1.ieii attention lo I bin brnnrh it nperlal prac Ui-e haa enabl-d b.m Pi rednre hla irea'.menl toanb a derroe ol aunre?? aa t< und th? m??t r-H/oioal and oiioata laaa yield bf a steady attanitini to the ma ana priamaa. Klnee iba above aaa trrmen, It baa nam Il*<?ai*1 In rill art lav that If th- aa iierenna aoflarioc Irum d a'naaanr aflat t .l a i.l tha ??r tumid ralalli their money until a t i a b.a ! ?a parfinifia.', thara ?< old ma la au adiartialnjf "aocniat oa aur at" In thia rit] a moult, hana-a. Jnat piitiUahaii by lir IIAKII.kV a pamphlet 10 Inaaam (I <be Ka>, Ua t 'anae, f'reieution and t'oaa. Krloa 10 nanlb by mall nr mbarwiaa I NH >KMATI<i> H A M KI I 1 I uwaraUnda larpa number of peranna are anrtpad la outline up Kin nuder my trad* marl Schiedam An u.a> Kbnappa hrileiiatn Hrlmappa and Arm.a'k Nlmapr* Any'iai aiik b may laad to tha rnmlrUun of Iba pniJ'r par Ilea will ho I bank'oily rdraived b> 11>< >l.TKi < WlH.KK, Z. Heat of atrai t. KINtliK Klt.l.ICKlN'CK, KfU.TCKJN!' K.1 ht? ralab/alad Tabacct. <a for aale U Ibr depot. No 31 ? nia? aueo*. OLI> ft IIIKJIAM KHRAI'IS. in) run throe yoar? taportbd. aidta'ola fur priiatr'? . For aala bf vix)i.pfl?? woi.ri H Baaaar atraat VI AT 1-tlNKI.IN. THK VKTi K AN PKt M? KK AT ]V| bntna day ami arnua*. al iba Arrtir b' adaa, <B bprlac ktraal frmr donaa aaat o brnadaay. T>HT?It'lANB <RR IIR* b.K aLI.T lAlTH TORIRAK A Jt anrd lupraiaanf what ara oallad ' palami ma I nra" li.daad n la an an a-la III iba mda rt madirai atb-c iia'. a phy ai. tan ah. aaoata na Iba na?i of Bin h rrmadiaa cai-nyA l.a ana aMarart a mambar nf ib? baUonal ?aa. latum I Ait ibira aaa rn apia.i a u. Ux nit a'rill, ?u ri.Iaa HiIbki) i.I Iba .Ham plaarAM. laj ! oa baia hi tua if l.aan ?npi H-d bjli-fna of faata to hi o. mi mi llr J. lllfTTI ItR 1 --f.uia fe Iwra for ll>. aa dia. aai a abiab ara only praaalant dnriitt Uia a anna and fall That hava aarartatnad that lhara art no r. aa? dtaa In iba pbnraiai-i.| la ?Im h ran rmnpa-i- nltb ibta n.uatarfnl r-< n |- md tnr tba daraOaantanA 11 tbaayaum Tb< iamb nf fan.iliaa madinc iki iba In pn aad J t *?a?n and m.r ?'w "H'lmu IHI in*. h??* I..11 d (irilMi? pm. tarty adaplad Ha* tbalr alltarnla, kil# <.<h?r t-anion* <d I ha runniry . itMiMI tbc iuubf - WMX, UM drn.MMl tor lh?* artMh- ta ally ter*akM by dn?*?li<* nod d*alar? f*n*raliy. ____ Rktnahd a on., PATRN r HUl ,-KR KKIBR'H RIFVB i*rALLiiM imwt P<)Jbnrrn /mo VKMO V>k?TR(<vm Tha oal* tmJy rafuMa arttela ? aitar?ioa'* bad r via '>? "Ti.fWSP.'SI'RawnBtSTi-wSM?T IUAKINV) rhtoncd Mootubd. l>K VON M'M<1RMNS.RIA. B?||| kite* WD Rt'ROPKAN IKJl I.IHT ANI^aURIHT, In... ?, r OK 1 At''iRI/.KR. *h?b fal'.r*. 'h* h**r n* it. tb* >*? l-Mtaal* (-? * , aa ,*** tlS?atnp* lb* md*** la b* bar* ' an t* <"aaah?<l <m lb* MR AMI EAR. NO. 107 CLISVUlf PbAl*. KI'/HTR HERKKT TV* l?m MOW REH?PT f\>B (THOUMA. MA* ib* ItjaanMf*. Mk. ' ramp* rant Nee**I* A- .in| !*Jn-a, Kvnui.l ?' ttea**?? III nt lb* rmr, l? Or H*. Oil I'llMtA . agrvab r K*n??y . Itl O aaawlrh **** . Waw*. rkb TfiOf?A>l? RAlbKOAD TRATK1XBM ran bn ornuo WIT* IU '.HOI HAND tX>MlH Ihl POtRlH EDi'vioN ROB J17I.T AI'l irtON H k',II.RAT Ul'IDR. HI Hi M ATomvt. Km t?M| 1*1 Nmnm ami H?? Tor*. >H^OIM*1^ Hatbtnit '>?*? >aa r?MM te *? E***y tbtapa a* ?'aba ?r*.?u'amn* vnanimnw'. fnr rl**Mr>? al*t?d and allvwr ?? ? Ja* fab* laundry inamb t*r?ll?h *0 >H|Ulr'irrkMi'li Ka*., ? l*? ? ak* ?*W<M Vb?*b,aaar T' tal K <0 fn nrdrr In** lb* prrd'irUno* r4 "U* ?ur' "t' T W* Hrr fnr ibi|i??al a fa*. hnndr*4 *?** * ***** aA 'ha nr. *a PriA**. fnrM 1Mb Any n*? TiterW f.rab fit <Jay.n hi N*. ?n lr-? will ha** tbrtr ntvrr* p'l ' j m-.*nd*d m AK'ra* I'a'Kar*. Hnar <v*aaaar. I? M*il*n ?ar h*w T? a 1- rill V AT' V'VT r n , I V ' ?>| J b?- rlK <? 4*. 4. ?** oeuniry fo- Wum ? firu^

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