Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1860 Page 6
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4 G WATIOHI WA.TreP-r???f?. I am HONEST, CAPABLE WOMAN. DBHIRINO TO OO Jrl Id California, often her servtoa In taking care of a child ?Wo,Mpif her Parnate. Addresa P., Williamsburg Pott A firTAWJi American LAST WOTUk UK S A XL situation aa companion to eome lady travelling, or to an ralkl lady, can act aa nimery goiaruuM to one or two sui.iil children. Can bung .the beat ol reieruuo*. Addreaa L. P.' hoi *,031 Poet oUloe. AYOCNO WIDOW I.APT, EXPERIENCED IX HOrSE keeping, I* anuioua u> effect an arrangement with noma reaper table parties either us housekeeper or to lake the house from the present occupant*, with the furniture, and board ;bem to full or parual payment for the rent. Address, !or three Mn. M. A. Stevens, Herald ofllce. I A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER. A. Would go to California or travel with an invalid. Add. J. C C I)., Brooklyn l'oet office. A LADY llAVIXtl A PEWINU MACIIINK, AND IS A-V experienced operator, w .shes emuloymeui by the day or wreh, would prefer tlie country lor the summer; would y}r tke mouth in a respect*bis family, mii<1 *si*ist iu any lurbj J "j** lern ! ssoderats. A uote addressed A. M , italic? N ? " 4T,? will rsoelve attention. _ A COMPETENT WoM kN WANTS 4V ENGAGEWENT with Mine few lad.on .is monthly nurse, who understand* her bonnets perfectlv, good i?fer?uo? fr. >ui hr? unilUesiU New York. Can be beard from fur a ? eoa ai Jo ti.u at., between lstav. and uv. \. _ __ ______ I A young widow wants a situation as wet . nurse rr h.. iiekenper. V|u- y at -Dl luth.av. near JHIi st f a BRSrVCTARI.k GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO I _A ser.erai fcn nework; i* a food washer an 1 Irouer. Good referee e from last place. Apply at ttEl Eo.trth street, corner f avenue C. impure m the ireulbaseineul. ARWPRCTABLE lilKI, WISHES A SITUATION AS I 'hamberinHid and waitress; ?r a-, chambermaid an l plain | MWr: haa uo objection to e.? a abort distuti > . ngout city referent* given. i all for two day* at No. Ill Ctb , atp., between 21st and 224 ;?, second floor iront room. WANTI" P?A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK ijI SKbouaebeopcrtir chambermaid API r to day i r don- ! day at her present piace of etnp'ot uieut, Nu. 1A9 D it'.' d , I BmoA! i n. 1 WANTED-A SITUATION, \s HOUSEKEEPER Tft A widower with childreo; the nr a French and [ education wnl he cheerfully given to the children, n .<1 the house comfortably kept, b> a lady ui mature age. Adare?e Mine. de i tomtit, 767 Broadway. 1V' ANTED?A SITUATION, l?Y A YOU Nit WON VX. \S IT . hamhermaut ami wa;ro?a. or would see to chudrcu and da | lam sewing. Cau be seen fur two days at 1J7 East J8>h at. MILLINMY.?WANTED. HY A LADY, A SITUATION to take charge of a ml ill nary or to net as saleswoman. i No oh option to go abroad. Best of reference* given and required. Please address A /- M.. box 147 Herald olllce. NITIr A MOMS WANTED- MALES. APKIiJ CI.KM. TWNNTT-TWO ISAM or auk, ! ? .?hea a situation at the South. For relereiihei, Ac., ad- I drees (kimpany, box 2,97b Poet ofhoe. A WELL EXPERIENCED MIDDLE AGED MAN IS IX MMtCd a inflation as MMHIH or aMdaaar; b - ID had great experience in Apply to John llail, loj IAberty ?i , New York. A SITl' ATION W ANTED?IIY AX AM ERICA X BOY. bteen yean ot age. to Inn a trade?eeeb awl >. i, or any oilier reapeotaM* trade <'a-1 "0 or .. rJehn Henry, 240 <*rand at, third Bo ,r. over the line I House #?e*. HKI.P W A I I I1D-FKM ALES. AfiroT rats okkman cook wanted?only competent r.e? need apply at M 7th ate. H.'gbea. wages paid. Artificial flowers, wanted. a person to take charge of the above department. A. ULUXOMB, Broadway corner ol ivji ?t. A NURSE wants a place for uur baby, wo months .1.4. where It can have iho neneul of wet aieli.g. Ai | my St.. BoxikJyn. TTOl'sf KUU'*KR WANTED - A OKNTI.KM VN OF MID II dl* .k wldowfr. vv'j i. I kf'D hO'i??* It <if : ?nr?I I tt.jr. U' be couUt : ad u i.uiy. uiut? r thirty. ??f jfot* ! ii Mr --. . ri* tui.rx nuu i;,,rs and <Thm ' disposition Th? ltd/ wbu W fJOTH ji?i w itt h i til aoi- Miui of <#i? 1 , rre*iv* a rr\>\f at th* w?rl:e*t mottiriil b adcr h In*: t)UHin>'?n ai l permit. AdiireiM U. . t , M.i ?: - Mr- I Peet oBi-e. ' SAl?WOM iN WtNTED VN EXPF.R1K.NCEn H AMP, ' l. r .!>? fancy and i immitiK tniamen*. A good ha.ii 1, wuh yeiie'*! kimwMgn. will bM 11b* r Ally remunerated Hi a per mam nt :atl<>ii aH*> one to burn lUt buaitieas. Vpply or addrrra W J. K.per, SKI Broadv\ ay. fir AXTKH?1VMRPIATEI.Y IN \ PRTVATR FAMILY, I T? c*l r?N.|i <<b'-tmu? full> Mii<1*r*un<l h??r htionris and j W* n!ilifi^' to a*in Miid App:y * :h rt? ?mm> luW.on m! lM K.nd* *t.. Itruuklyu. Kmc ?b ?itrawi ?r J fcccicb, ootiQ otliar. TArANTHD? A FRK.Ni'H OR SWISS WOMAN TO WAIT : Yf ipoo hut ladies and to tew. Apply on Monday, 1 JaiT 2J, Hi 191 krp 2Hth it, betwma bums uf 10 and 11 ; A. m. flT ANTVD-A HOCKF.KKKPKR, TO GO SOl'TH. AP- I ff ply m 74 Crusty at. j "II'ANTKD-10U GIRI.S TO WnRK AT MAKING HOOP TT, Those ac< u* ointol U> the buuuena prelaired. Call. :rvm 8 to 10 A. M., at lt*3 F.aat ?41 ?l., Dear 2d ave. Aruia I Brother*. I "Tlf ANTKD?FIFTY GOOD CLOAK MAKERS. APPLY ' Tf '? A. M A K Davtaa, 60S Hnwdwav, up malra. TL'ARTKP-A FRENCH COOK. ONK WHO DNDKR II Bland. he;- bnaiui ?H thoroughly. Reference from her a?t place will tw deB-reil. Call beiween 9 ?ud 12 ?V1? k at lib ruth avenue, on Monday. "tir ARTKH-A OOl.oRWV HIRL KnR HOlRKWoKK. IN YY a eery email family in Jena-) City, m'i?l ben k ? k1 plain rank and waaher and inujer. Pint rate wagea ana it moody Bame, w Itii !i ? Ik'Ael lo fni? llm lorry. CaL al HU Weal at.. S V or tit liudaun al , Jortey Oily. -*I'AN1RH?1MMKIM ATK1.V. A MUST CLAM CLOAK Y? raw man; a lady ?ba mi derataiide her buMitea* ihn- I Mill, y, ai d apalde i.f auperiuta tiding a Urge nomt.or of ! gir'.- I'll ? !*? ami other One ?<.rk, aill lie liberally paiil and I a permanent ulnal n ollered Apply lt> Chorion, 474 i Jtn??.?iv, h?-i?eeii Itrnamie and AtraBd ntretm. | Yl'ANTKO-A HIRL FOR ORVRRAL HOt'SKWORK, ' " one ?1,0 nnderaianda plain eoobiaa and la a r aid washer and In ner N.e.e i.lh--a u?e I arpij at 11 Weal TwoMy eAtli , m. Wagon 7 par man in. WANTFI) JMMK1M ATKI.V?THIRTY HKAI> DKKHN YY v.kkera. at Mrn. sin noil a Hreaa Oep and Head llrraa 1 Man ifaofory, H Bnwdaay. KMT A NTKI*?TO UO A SHORT niHTANl-K IN T11R YY -onntr; , aeheoafceraaald and ? ae <me Killing In .a end in ISo waehtag and Ironing, alan, a eeaiuslreaa, an I Urdu bun wa*hti g. Call at So. I Km 4th at Monday m >nnng. "RIVARTFP?A WKT NI'RSR IN A I'KIYATK FAMILY. YY *1 \ immediately c.i .'.'A Raat SMli al. Yl'tNTtn A PERRON, TO OPERATR OR fffl ! KR YY t Ylliai't " wiv mar'itne having oapertenoe pro Terr* Apply at 74 W lUooghby at.. Hrwiklyn. \1* ANTK.IV?A Nl VRKR OF OOOO CLOAK 1IAND8. TV Apply iniinediaiely at III lludaxtial. HKI.I' \V AN l'KI>?M AliKN. BOOKkAKFRK YTaRTKD A MNiiLH M AN. OMR THOr< .igblT on epionred RKiiaMmi permanent. aalary $AU tir f.r-i year. Add. era L. A. P.. Herald odice, elating n fa111 A t Skip-mas wastro? as kskrokti mas. who i.ia eg; -r -n ? in ibo oh'nea, . ng and ' tn y g'??le I .tiKu and nut inO irara Mod trade, can bear of a p-run I?et.I . t' tllutt In a Ural i. reporting binae b> addreaai.g M. ?.. b- ITT Herald elating pnnirntara ^RT'HtL OllOD MKS WANTF.H-To ROLL ASI? TK dj p-r afcifi wir?. Apply at ISM W?wt Furty eighth ?u Ct: -MtY ? \MKII-* V VT.KI\. * s A LPSM a N WHO J . i . , 4 ? r H'wnmr r.nwe?? erti i'rj | *?U ' ! >* *1X1 crdhlna trade, to travel Mid Mil h i Ren ( ? >*m. , by M.Tipte To a man "f tha rial.I otomi'. who ran r'i" a??* *t"'"- de rafarewea, aa b<hoti?aly and <opabfllt) . a ? vd. Jl-eral ?* *ry will be paid J AM Km TAUXirf, No. 13 Barclay otrnau *l'A* RAI.KSM AN TWOROrnfTLY COMPWrtNT p? so 'a*e chart" of ? r' tfl * r Pv?rim-nt. Apply beIwi | ?|M| 9 A V to A. T. Aewa't A Co., liroadway. "|I?AWTm_A CI.ICRK IN AHTRtM<IIIP COMPANY* ?* offce A]?V two .try (?*t* aaia?ni*n and a yimn* man , to iaa# charpe of a wimi'i akf Apply at the tfei hoot*' lerk* Re,a*ry nfh<w. i" Hrwda** fan noma pfwmrrd. No naniwmtt la ad*M>re. KataloiaAad ISSti Ma..'f WHO h a * . - antbiv-a maw. wh?? thoroughly uniiicr. tan. to tha gold ahata buatneaa In all Ha branrbea. to lata aura All < a ?M?uf artnrr To anra a man a Ubaral aalary artll ha paid. Addreao hot 1.410 Pom uBce, M. T. AWTKD?A PI MKT RATK CARPRT HALKAMtW. <?nly thoaa aha arc well <-punted ?ah I ha b'UUnrta ! aaad ?| ply to 1'arklaa a Mr thar. Mt Mowary. utantmiv-wicvitral. flRNT CLABB RETAIL l?RT W Ornate dhiaawen Apply betweeu S a?J ? A. Mm A. T. Maw art A Ota, Bivndnay A WTKTt? A PRRHON tN'MPPTKNT TO CUT LADIKW .'.<aU Apply to A. M. A H. DA VIEW, W Kroadway, tip Rail* _______ awtkiv iw A CUJTHIWO wtorr OW broadway, a (and *! ?> ami ratter who ran tnflnenrw a r?*l ataaa af out and ahnrt Uaaa trada. Addraaa. la ooottdaoaa. El Herald eWea. ~ THl TRAPKR. AWlJi HtAKKit (AMKRIC.tW', WHO W ACOTB ' owed to ail htnda (4 dor and ?h<r work. M a pood aalaa a?. 1- wmt * a mtaatioa Aodreao M T , HrraW .?rr Blank book rtwiannk waxted-a pirwt rit* haad. ut (? to a my near Naw Turk Apply krlwaro 10 mi I a . lock, to Pranrlr A Irvitrel, Matioaera. ISMatden Una WNABB1AUI PA? KKRK WANTKO-TWO MRN WTIO yi^uadarauad veka Ira Apply Unmrdlatrly at 00 WOVWDRTWAW WAWTRP -A THOBOnOHLT PRAO JP Ural and amartaarnl foundi i rnaa. to lata chart* of an OahRdhad hmay, with fall work and aalabttahcd rkarartar. A au af anma tap no. to In tarn wtmld ba daalrahla, haranaa af tha tmnrral hawn-ibt then karr of Ha priwocrnr The as ahUahmmt a now fall* oeriiplad In Ihr mantifartnrw of water andaaapipa Appttration mar ho mad* at aat lima bafnra Rr Brat day af Au?oai aaaatnf. by*mon( to boa I JUP. M ladlea. Raw Tank etty. giving nam*, ramdaoew and refar aaae. ^A^'brral nmiyrrmaltna will ba (fraa far a thoroughly PftO KWORAYKRN -WAWTKD, A PtRAT CI.AM PN A (rater, to work on watch raaea tad tine jawetrv Hlevty arark to a ran patrol man Apply paraooaLy to M Taaamr. nmr ?l Pranhltn at. Rework, * J. Pfkn PRIRTKIW.?WANTKD, A riRNT CLARK JOH COM A poMnr. attuaMua parmanaat Apply at WkRrb'.ra Al I fan ___ ' T> TAILOR* AMD TAtl/'RWRWRR -300 fl tWDS WART ad.. TVw lemrlnp rrawtart work, wblrk >a (naroataarl. | ml (and aaaing aaarMaoo. n h aa the -lotki'r* aiah lk?4r ?al rod* iixia, will Ha anpnBad on raoy '?Bt by oppi tto? I a- A? Woo awlap Modhiaa ojc-a. ?T7 Rrca 'aof. W Y j. h. wmr.hKi a co. i MOPyig, ROOMB- TC I BT. _ I A FLOOR (Fine ROOMS), WITH E^KRV CONV*. clence, lo Mi, is ik tine loaatlon, TS1 Sixth ho se above Forty dftb atieel; rent $174 pur aiicuin. The * *" uiture, coaling $401), :{ wanted. tor tale at #M A FIRST ULAH8 MOC8K TO l.KT NO. M> JTF.-1T FOUR teenh at reel, fl.Atf; No. U2 EaU KoirHtlk ?ML J1.2D0, No. IP Wmi Thirty ttrat eu-ert ,f>; -v" ' *? *** place, two, No. MWmt Forty *' ? * ">* ?h80>/ta?, ,? * VeralotherK, lurm-h-d and ait inmh?o, Ui city i^doouiilry. Apply to B BRADLEY. VM Bruadway, or DINUKh A HOT.DKN, No. 9 P n? street F?VRNIsilKIf HOPSE TO LET IN 13R?oki.yx.-a throe ?Mry and haaement trick House, well fnrnlsbed, with ior.'< thing neoeeaary tor houneksspiug; location ple.uuuit 8i,.l !> two minutes walk of three linea of the city rt. .road car*. Rent low. Apply to F. A. UKA11Y, M Ann atrreu a norm b nous*, fifty-four by fifty kkbt j\. ?nh uine iota, will be .eased for a few year* on re,iron able vrma. Location Fifty ninth ureal and Second avenue, enppiuid with water and gas. Posses nou In-medukteh. Apply : > DANIEL NOON AN, *881 ith even An ant third fuv.r, oonsistino of fivb rinnu, to let, in bonne 1167 Kighthavenue, between Twen tY eighth and Twenty ninth streets. iiaiwlsumely papered emd painted; gat and water all through, and in perfect order. Inquire in the store. HAU OF A PRIYAT* HOPKK nriMPI FTFLY FPRniehed for housekeeping, to let, to a atnali f..mlly without children, furnishing oueiceptlnnable re'Vrences. The other part of the house w ill he sreupied by the owner of the property. Apply at 141 Ycra street, Jersey i ,ty. PERSONS tfONTEM I*!. AT1NO IlOUSf K IlKFINO, WILL do we.l U> call on JOi'N KaYaNAuII. 77b Sixth avenue. He haa a browu ultms front House to el. euth the Furniture itr ?e.e The house and location ? Mr,< v tost class, the furniture ohttce and ample, and will be sold at ? very little over one ban iteoriginal coat. Thla la a chance seldom to be met with. House rtiuli for 9860 a year. KENT $350 TORE NO 224 OP.AND STREET. ON A. ifU'i' thirteen year* enlahl.iiheU as a Fancy Goods Mora. Proprietor la Miring aiul wi.l w|] Stock. Futures and go.?d w:U U r o-h, or exrhaucc for House Ard Lot near the city. 92.000 a year .an i>? maiie. CTEaW POWER IN BPR'H'E street.?keveralconO veijeul K,.,ins. with Steam Power, lo iet. Apply to 12. W. GREENE. 13 hprace (t'.reeL CTOIIEUOKKK TO LEASE-* FEET BY 90. VERY O spring, tew fliairx. Ac., 109 Washington street near Ren. tur. Open dally front 12 U> X Apply to A. B t'LABKK, 212 Broadway, ruotun 16 and 17, ap ela.a. ST J-.HN S r ARK ?TO LET?THE THREE AND a i.aif story and basement Dwelling Housea Noe. 173 and 1/4 il'idr in a.ree:. E.. h bouse baa 13 M 15 rooms, with (Vo ton, rsrge. gas and fixtures. and large yard Kent ni'sierale. .Api yioJaMEK PKICF,, .''10 Hudson atreet. Tli LET?A FIRST ill,ASH HOUSE, 131 KART THIRTY second street, with ail modern improvement*. Immediate |. .umensinn; rent low. Apply to A. La. TAYLoR, 176 East Thirty fourth street. To I,ET?THE FIRST FLOOR IN HOUSE 799 FOURTH Mr^et, with van, hot and cold .vater, Ac ; haa hern painted recently and put In tine order; it is handsomely located, one d'*.r from Washington a,;uare, la au excellent stand tor , mil,i,-r or dns?n>*r, or nice remiil-uce for a kin ad family. Inquire en the premises, ,4 T. HaKT. TO LET-FLOORS THP.OUGU, FOUR AND FIVE ROOMS, ti th w new brown stone houses. Southwest orner of Heconi neeune and Tnirtleth street. Has hot aud cold water, ks'. minding chandeliers and tl\ttires, water clonets, wash ti ay s,, km hen. Ac_, oomp'ete; the most convenient dwelling* In the city for s :eh small rent, for small renprctabie femi iic?. ? such only t eed apply RenAflH to 924 per moutli. A, y WM Mi KV1LY, 137 East Thirly-fo'irth street, or ou ihe p. emises. TO T.ET?FIRST FLOOR OF NO. 15 WALL STREET, suitable for a hanking or insurance i.R e; or will be let r a -estaurnnt, lunch room, Ac. Inquire on the premises, or of R. C. ALUS, 92 Broadway. Ti LET?THK STORE 124 MEIH ER STREET. POP9ES h >u nune.uately. Inquire of M. K. REED. 26 Cortlandt street. up stem. TO LET-IN NEW HOUSES JUST FINISHED, NEAR i enlral Park, two hundred feet west of Hi. so in ay, eight een apartments at: table f>r res; cable tenants, corner of Ninth aveuue and Sixty first street. Beut cheap. Apple on the in i Is? LUKfe MTU. TO l.KT?A BEAUTIFUL VILLA. FURNISHED COM plete. - iuate.1 on Stateu Island, ikh far from the ferry, for partMulars apply to T. A. ROWLAND, 23 Wuhaiu st. rtl LET OR FOR SALE-A FIRST I7LA88 COTTAGE on 141st street, containtrft S mom*, kitchen and cellar with .irpe shade, treea. overlooking the Hudson riser; 250 te?t , wcsv oi Broadway Inquire of It. K. CARMAN, 1,244 Broadway ' TO l.KT-AT A LOW RATE, A THREE KTORY BRICK Uoise, located in Thirty second street, near Ictlngton m perl ect order. I' egai? given immediately, renl oul> f3T5. In','lire at 415 Third avenue. TO T.ET-W1TH IMVRDIATK POSSESSION. TWO thf > su.rysnd basement Ho ises. connected, No?. 4 aDd 6 Verb < street; wtlJ he let separately or together, being near St. Jului a I'ars. A,*o. three Rooms, (10 per month, and one liioe l.o m, #4. Apply at 1W2 William street, room No. 1. rpo I.ET?RENT W" ?WE HAVE A FIRST CLASS A brown atone limine, juat tiniahed, and In complete order; location Thirty second ?treet, near Broadway. We will rent It n> a i ea naiaible parly at ftlUJ a ) ear. tpply to DTK A CURl IS.-, 6un bi, h avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty Lrst at reels. TO I.El ?THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. ??J SK c< nd avenue. It is In complete order; has hath, gas and hot aud fold water; rent moderate. For further particulars UqairsOH UM premises. TO LET?THE THIRD FLOOR OF 3U? KART THIRTY fourh street, roiislstleg of sit Rooms, with Pantries, I l.weia, Ac.; water In two rooms: suitable foru genteel family; reut fli' per month. Apply at *38 Spriug street, N. Y. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, T1IR THREE STORY AND basement frame House No. USD Adelphi street, just thoroiu hiv repaired, suitable for one or two families. Kent low to a good tenant. Ap>i>'y to E. H. BABCCR'K or C. A PAUL, Boat uflice Building, Bruohlyn. TO I.FT?A LAD1K8' BOARDINO HOrsF. HETWEKS Spnnr and Prlnee Mmll, In t'nwby atreet; Furniture and Houm- tn 1H for ri*lil uioulha, terma reeeointliie. Apply kt 74 CMtf at reel. rAMtlRoTYl'ElSTS AND PHOTOGRAPHISTS.? *yu *111 buy the tuturea, Inntrulh'-nt*, and pood *i!l of ihe PihGallery. Ooet more than thro# time* the wi mpy. li>. p . I \V HaVII.TOS, 231 Grand ?m i. tmlbvoi fornor i t Howery. 1/in vi RES OK GOOD PAflTt'RK TO LKT AND HORSES i JUW k--| on r'-ii liable tirnu. Ii.outre ol or Mind to 1 UKoKUKlI. TAYLOR, Dobb Ferry. AU loeaes at the risk uf owuera. OUXTKY MOAHD. At Washington heights, Hudson rivkr, forty. live mtnntea by rallrnid and : rain boat from rhambera enuL 1 h? Klvrrwde Houae 1* now open for of curat* Till* hpune Ik beautifully ait utlnd on the banka of the t both.: r. tioauni: and n*htni(. Good aUhllnc. Fim -kitnd alngle ik-i,t .-turn ilrairtn* a cool! convenient nunmer re?ilen,-e will nd th la location unanrpuaeed. The II ml not! river c.tra ?top ei?ht? en ume? daily .11 tronf of tne piece; ?te?inbowt twi. a dav. Application tor n?-m* can be made ?t the Hotel St. tierme;n, corner uf Fifth avenue end Twenty aec.iod atreei. Board at rout Rirnvown, status island. a few minute*- w.tlll from the landtng.? A few rood, airy Itc.-mn ?tih Hoerd. r?n he obtained on application to la plain A Mr--it, of steamboat Flora, pb>r No. N (t. Hoard at rockawat, loso island, is a pel vwie family, *oud Urtnp nod pplendkl nra bathing I'mmunii-wtioo hy rail, stage and boat four or five utar* dally, Apply at KSa Broadway, near Twrlflh street. /ViPSTRY HOARD-RFWV AS SPRINGS.?'HALT beet--?nd ' nl.l .brjatol wat- ra. ?,iad> ramblca. rutin- ar lt>ra. i i??l rlter be blue, babiiiK and ahootlmr, all ou the pre line., at: iate.1 Mil the hank* of the Shrewaburt fiver, a mile from the railroad depot. Red Hank, S .1 For further particular* In, lire a: !.ei* -.ton a Premium Shirt Store. 312 Br ndWav. ippueHe Hie St Nieholaa. S VRRIS S. It ?T'.? newlvdiar-oared aonuetil water haa moat alioreaaifnlly proved ita efliracy on debilitated cooatltuliotik ai d ea CTOfSTRY HOARD AT NKW ROCHEMX-MR* H AD J deti haa a few deairahle R-awna yet dtnerupiged at the Pavilion. New Rrwbelle. It la wdthlu live mtnulea' walk of the dej re. ar.d for the romfort* of a summer retreat unaurpaea--d. COUNTRY HOARD-AT A PRIYATK RKSIDKRt'R. beaut,1 itili situated upon the abore of the (real South Ray, lam* Island. i ommandlnr a fine view of the AUantie Ocean, fine aurf bathinr, aatlinc. Ac For partteuJar* apply to 0,1 tVict,el', 228 Third avenue, or D U Onrnell 181 Fulton at puiMHV BOARD WANTRD-BV A OKNTLRMAN h.Vaiv And raWly ?.-oa?aibla to nod from Ube citr. Addrtaa K. H., b? > \.M font otter florWTRT BOARD.-A TRW SBLRTT RO ARPRR.S OAR \ 1 ho aernmni'?1al*<t artih largt airy toeaixm unoiir maaad. rahrad and booltby, r. inn. indui* a i m Tiaw "4 iba llndann Quonarof > mil# from t runr auatton. Inqnlm at 21 I "b.n.'-ora olratt. Or oddrtoa X. L k llmoU i, Woatflnaiar nmuKjr, R. T. _ SrmiKR IIOTKU BR ATT I.BUMBO. VKRKORT. M'xinuin actuary, ootd air, baaatlfot RBnn, piyaW >? ?. >ri On' rlM b -.urn. turnout Baltuno arraaarnienU. jmo4 Tai'.p it I'rtoo Una >tar Mfj m<al?naM. ram IB 10 by Row Uorao ImImA Addroaa Joaaph DartaoB, Brottlaborn. Vormowt. " fHAIt 1A I.. " Adui*rt hkijiort a oo . Barbara. ro. m wall At root taatta l?OH of OodK to Irottlltra, a.ailabto to oil pou ?f lb* world, through iho Mom. Rotharhild. of Porto Loodaa. Pronfcfori. Yiowao, Rap loo. and other orratmdram Million* or dollabb urclairkd in trb barb <4 Rngtond.-Bi.KW nomra adroruaed for hnr* aon bo aoambod, f?- >R, ot lb* Horoldry <dho*. #49 Broadway, Bow York. H. HAIR, rrorrlav*, who W to Umdoa, and ondortohoa arai-rh of wtuo, cbanmry rroonla. an run mam an to. fomllnp.dlgrtoa and iraab at armo. NKW OBITKARR AND MOBII.R PDRDA ROCOHT BT ACOCAT 1ELRORT A <Ti hi Wall at mm. OfllfR rillCAMO AMI NORTH WKATEKN RAILROAD rompony?Row f>rfc, July 10. IBB' Tba (Ynipnoo of lb la ngptnp. dua Auguat 1, rrthn v will b? paid on and ofW lhot dolo. ol the AmrrV-an KTrhanre Hark. WM. B. OODKR. Proa,d<mt UTtiKB * rIRK INfil RASMB MORPART! ' I ITBfLaihom a, laro. earner <>f Rat. Raw Ynwa. July Id MB Dlrktend ?Thia onwpaay haa derlorrd a aami \aaoal dirt rtrnd of *BVPR PRR CBST. payable to the at>-khnti?r? m and apor the M "ay of Aitgnat nNt. Tranafar hooka will ha rliwed lh iW|lit 21th luaL uald Auauei 2. H? rdor, K B PPl l/wg. Re-rotary SBrDRlTwnRTOAOiet WARTBD.-T'f* ADVPRTIRRR , will bwy a faw wall wtaH Ao-ond ALetgogoe upon Hty property ol o fair dwoount. Aldrigg, wltb pMlieuion. Mart gogo. Harold offlct. TJLT ARTBD~~B? BOO OR BOND AMD HORTOAOB, THKBB TV to flaw yaom on property worth dm?t> tba oatouat. naor Poterano, R. J bondamtn tn Rpw York ?? wall know* In (great payable to Raw Tort ctty Addraas J. A. tla aniw. # * mod wwy. i ?lfMWIMM"' 1 1R-DR CITY OB RROOBLYR WUd.I/UU P rtrr * ? o .n ?1C .pwcni fA to an at 7 ?r . or- K ra* ?o ao-on ir.i-iaar?a bo rh" br B. KRaDiKT. Ro. I.M Broadway. orDIRMKB A ifi'LDKR. R'? ? P'n* wrott. (1 firr fWin 1? fiOAR-OR ? ;TT OR RBOOBI.LR VIAMiVvU ProftrtT, or ?w grag i tira Parma n it Sta t |7?fli? at >, par ttn; ritraat At r f to JOttar ITIRRRY. la lit* vf tb* fat* r r. t _M -m* Lwroa if t H wM irb ffEW YORK HERALD, $1 SAL.KS AT AFCTlOH. ' A1 BAKT MORTlMKRfiRI'FIM A if) , Al'CTIONKKKi ' MAUMlFli'KMT HOl'KKHOU> FUUN1TUKR, AT FUBUC AU< iIO*, The property of a family demli-in* bouaekeepaifr OuMl'RltAS, J .ljr 13, at 20), j clock pre, .aeiy. ?: 'Jse ; I Ant re>.,d*-ne? of Judge uhcer Chapman, Mo. OWn: ateet, between Fifth mil St lib avec l""*, ( Hemp the targe*t aiid itehect aa?mnenl of Buimehuld Furniture mid Worn* ol Art Bored At auciuhi Una ww n. run furutn.* v.iH *il made to order lor the prwut owner uy 'boae celebrated innAer*. Well A Ro h aud i* ? ne f ret drmTtj Uoa. Deacripuve catalog ,e? At ttt homeon ui-iroicgofsaie | F uperb eeven octave rrwewcod Panotnrta H.egai.1 XlraweiK Room Suitn, Bronze And ortuo. j < banueiiers, i Velvet Medallion Carpet". ! i ter and Mantel Miners, Brocade and latce Ourtaioi, Oil I'itiminpi, F.ngr-v.njpt, Drend-ri and -eyres chin,. V see. Rosewood Chamber Furniture, in e dit < ia* Pining K -un Faciei .re, : China, Olate And Silverware. DRAWI.VO ROOM*. Magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, arveu leg* and caw. nlaid with pearl, aoild pearl key*, o.*rstr nig bum, lined with tatlnwood, male by Broadway maker*, fully gnaranIwd, been In use bm four months, fully letted oy competent judge) and pronounced a pet r original co?t g>C' onewood i anterbury Sujo!, French Cloth; two iupcrb rouewood Suit", ,-o.erad In rrimaoii and gold brocade of nu?t er reusive description, vir Tete a lete Sol**, two arm reception and eight ovafbai a Chairs, made by Weil of Bmadw*. two (did rose wnd Centre Table*, b? uiatch; Kiegure'a, liu-d with aatuiwooC. Tut aiah eaay Chairs; card and luwtere iabis; 6 light bronze ?ud ormolu f baud--aer*. artistic liron/e*, Kl bard Third, Fainting. Muaic Foetry. superb China Yaw*. richly I decorated Tap. -try Carpet", Rug* u> mateh. Oil Puiiiiiugs, Flight of.toaeph and Mary into Kcypt, wttb infant Saviour; Hoi. Family by *eileres. Ucere* in 8wii/eri*ud, by Kel heli. Aim, mrga cuiieviuu u. Cabinet Future-*, by Cole, Ininan, I eg/tuto and other eminent artiste, French lin? Kugravings, bronze and ormolu Clock*; French plain, 1 pier and mantel Mirror*, Kmbroideriea, Nottingham Lace Curui&a, French - cade*, roeewood Haistande, Chairs ui ea rn, Oil -loth, velvet Stair Carpets, sliver Rods, Ac. Chamber*? j I tCngish Brussels Carpet*. nanwixit marble top Ilrtaair.g do- I k reaus. Bedsteads snu Commode* to tnaw-h. Amour a gin h foi- ! K !et li.bles. Shaving bund, Wardrobes, T*Me rte Mult Rockers louche*, nrm mid oval bock C*.tlri, covered in moqne spring 1 and hair Mattresses, Hedtpreads ( vthcr B<d*, Roister* Ft, j lows, oval Mirrors, pastel Fainting*, cunneil China Toilet*, i broaatel Curtains Ac. Upper Ch?mtiers?Malt-sany uud black walriul B teaus, Nof?s, Rocker*. Wa*hataude IH*bi< 1 Ho m.?Solid carved oak lluliei. statuary marble lop. Heard: a Lining Table, "'.tends sixteen I-ei, fb.uohe*. Arm t'hsirs, ebi 1 gsnt set* cryvtai and ruby t ilasnwuve, viz Deean'sr*, two do 1 zen 'bamnagnes do. Oofciele Wines, Lemonades, Tumbler*, c Fruit. Clucrj and Freitrrt e Stands; set* Floger Bowls, ruby and Farlan inarble Fundi Bowls, d j. Ltqu r bets gold bSAd a china I'lnoer Set, Itfl pt?C"*; richly daeoratoo T*? Sets, i* < pieces, solid silver Dinner and'lea Bets, vilvcrware, Coffee 1 Lrn. casters, Cake Baskets, Napkin Km*a, Rpocns Forks, n Ivory handle Table Cutlery, Ac. t Arthur b. rtryrnb, avtidnkkr. Otlica and salesroom No lift Broadway. 1 Asapnc sale c: Elegant Household Furniture. OHk Dining Room. ? Rosewood Chamber Furniture. * At the n-agniticer." residence Vo M9 West Eleventh street, t between Filth and Mvth avenue*. f Commencing to morrow Monday;, at 10}, o clock. 1 Costly Rosewood Pianoforte, Ruits of i'arlor I'urni ore, 1 Pier and Mantel Mirrors, ^ Magnificent Statuary Ornaments. u I will sell at public auction, on Monday next, wilnout reeerv e, e all the elegant rosewood Furniture contained In the tir?i .<Um residence, a* ..' <>**. by < rderot 'be isntnec*. The Fori re " was all new eighteen months since, and made u> order for the present and can t e fuliy /ened on. Catalog ;. - can I be bad at the tiOice or bouse. An r ouijloation of the articles i previous ;o tfc> sale is particularly solicited. b DKAWlNti ROOMR 1, Contain royal velvet Carpets, mosaic and velvet R igs one elegant suit of rosewood Furniture, covered with green satin broeHte., one suit ot rosewood Furniture, covered with blue and gold damn*, one suit ui Pit pieces. In.soltJ rosewood, 1 richly carted, and covered with crimson aiiUu, all of said suits were tnndo by the celebrated cabinet ni vniifacMrer* j Messrs. Merrdt M Hon. ru Broadway; the rosewood Fiano 1 forte was new last fall, and is cartitinly otie of the ?e*t ft;.shed instruments in the country. it contain*every mod-ru kMMI ( ment. solid rosewood I rallies, rosewood nerved i"g*. MM round " corner*, lull iron frame oveiatrutg baas, a a id pearl keys, * and beautifully inlaid with mother o: pearl, city make, with a live years g imrrautee; royal.Ax minster t'ar|tet, rare and oeau * Uf ul oil Paintings pier, mantel and oval Minora rose wool f Kncovgneurs, Ktegeres, Bookcase, and ladv's Kacrtiotre, bum 1 art ri:.,r: ;e v,' ;. f.i; .i.usur Hrou/.i Ktgtp ' and brocatei t"urtatus, satin easy Lounges, Dttans, Ottomans, Work box, Ac. A niNINC ROOM. * Magnificent oak dining ettcn*ioii Tsble, oak Ruffe', table Cut- a lerjr, French china dinner bet of 2IIU pieces ; decorated It tea Net, Ivory balanced bandied Knives and Forks, table and J tea Spoons, Filver faster*. Knglish cut (ILjwware, Crockery, Mirrors, Clock, Carpet, Ac. 1 CH I.MHKR8. J Kn suite cietly rosew ood lledstead,marble top dressing Bureau a Wasbstund,Commode, amolr de tllaee. centre Table,wardrobe, a I'tirUltta, Lounge and easy Chair, spring Clialrs, Rockers, si F.ngrsviiigt, curied hair Mattresses, Blankets, linen Sheets, I Pillow s, Holsters, elegant baby Crib lined with satin, Tapeetrv. Uipestrv' Carpet, Biril and Cage, rosewood Melodeon. Third and T tourtli stories? Mahogany and black walnut Bed?utadkl Bureau, I hair Mattresses, leather Beds and PiUowa. Blanket*. Sheet*. \r 3 ply and Ingram Carpet tn 10 rooms, Rugs, toilet Net*, Kn- q, fi it lug-, Sol a* ?nd sola Beds, seat Cnatrs, cane seat 'liaire, arm Rockers, stair t'arpct and Rod*, hall hat Stand. _ gs* Fixtures, Hronze Cbanvlellers throughout the b<?i*e , *11 1 the basement ami kitchen Ktirultttre, with which Hie naie will rommence. N. H. Oil Wednesday, st 2 o'clock P.M ,a; sales- u< rooms, one roau Horse, one milch Cow, covered spring Huggt, 01 llarn. s*, Ac. Term* cash, in city money. We have lully autliortzed Mr. Stevens to sell as above 1 JOHN J. RAY.) I WM. DOW. y T( vt Auction notick *' F,"gtuit and coetlv ho-tsehold Furniture, the uroneriv of I> n Felix Uardorlnria, 21 b Fourteenth alrert, Dear Klghlb 1 awillie. Kl U o'clock. .1 J. W. PORTKK A CO. , auctioneer*, will aril on ' Monday, July 23 at 10', A. M , without r^ne, the entire *' elegant Furniture contained In th? *?i\e manulm, conaietlnc 'r or a apVndld NaMMadftaMoHk aoii* or B aolid r<m*w .**1 parlor Furniture. covered In the most expen nive aial dealTHhle patt-iua of French -aUn, cuatly pier and 1 ruai.lei French plate Mirror*. elegant Oil Fain' luge, rich vail- I vet < arpet*. large and e\leu*ive variety of cally BoNJ Hflrer- k wwre, hnavv .'it (ilaaa rare nt Ibr meat eipenefvc kind, ele n: rant China Ware, Tea anil Omrier Hei*. Vnece, Fartan Ware lr bronze and ormolu Clock*. Ac. The particular attention of Ik. !? k- "pet* ia calliil to the lar, e and eftenalve catalogue T aale ot Up auovr rich and c.?t!y furniture, decorations, Ac., to j be wild at public auction to th. hub- ?l b. Mer for ca*h to Far lor* contain*} arda of anpemir vein t Carpet*; three mar- ? ntliceat aolid roaewood P itta, covered n maroon, blue and a gold, and rrimwm and gold aatia, ot the mot espetiairc de J arrlplton. <'.*hicand Turkey may ch? a, In iu.*|uetand aatln n brorade dlatea' ( lid roaewood* reeeption and Arm Tbaira, y covered In rold, crtmeon and mamon ?atln, lliree aolid roan w?id C, titre Tablae, with rich ? ?tuary mar'.le t >? evpen w aliely caned r.wewoo ple'r, ? if* and *Kle fat le*. three . letlj" Jl mecwond Ftegcrvs, with marble topa, plate frlaaa doirx, Ac , ^ j Imported etpresaly for the owner: laillee' roaewood work Table*. IONire and*ormolu t'k>ck?. elegant CU'na Vaeea. with at. Ibe m wi cvpenene ian lacapea, painted to order In France; . ill u " I 'Ct.t Fren b i la e pier Mlaa- w. h r an i Uai i ?... ? Iratiie. mantel Ml ror* t>. match, heav \ einoruklercd lace J window Curtain* andt orulce? I uge . ind exieodve variety of * lilt Painting* by iiAUm artlat*?the whole forming a very n, i leaatog collection. aiiperior roaewood Pianoforte, elegant , rate and excellent Me, being a valuable ;.ivtr.intent; roee _ worn! | laa.. Hlnol. covered tu aaua, with an e egaul and ruaUy fl . . C. . . ? r- K Dunna room?Ki-h valiet Upaatrv Carp* In g"?l order, aotul imK ciletialoii Table, all |w>'ane I in the hw. m^iiiwi. ntHrhle ton farcy Tablaa, Mirror*. aof* He '? t'hnirm, in hair cloth, t<?*tlwr with all tM Kobyan* *:ry?' *1 and ant Ulaw# " wan-a. Win**. Champagne*. 1 iimiuer*. Uo < ?n-l Itaaaaiern V. to match; rn'h ? luua tea <*i4 dinar" --eta, owdy Sii -r\? are. let Rervic*. Sal tot*. cat* Jt***riR, f.iater*. coOm tad _ Mt Cm Hponni Fork*, aupertor lai-le Ctttlc y, Ac H tTtaml-er*?Solid r-?ew **l and tr hogony Ha-lao-ad*, Rtatn- * ar> marh!--top horraua, Vt a?b-<tan-!? u? m?t h, |>i. - b dr Mat trca-oia. from ?> to 60!!? mail* to ..rd?r and in ?\ -:!<*r>t --or "" ' I M a*. toilet Table*, in** Rack*, toilet Re *. aialr fart" ? >d R'?l* imthoirany n cnahtoDod t hair*. Kim:* era, N>:u. It .11 Manda. tea and dlmiyg J Tal'lm. together with a '.ar.-? and da- tab> aaeortmant of bain* h Slant ut?n*l!?. Ac . with which the ?. a will ommance The tare aid po? ? 1> take I'lac* without fl rek-*rd to weather A rant on?lble ,-era-n n 111 be In attend J an< a to pa< k and ahip ?ni? a* go.u*' out of iba city, at a re* (h aonahla cbarga. at AltSOI.lTK RAI.E AT Al tTIOX A OF Kit II Htll'MKHOM' Kl RNIURK, Oil Fainting*. HnaiM, I'atlau -*? ? ?i. MUM* tea, fl I'tar ami Mantel Mirmra, J Iacc and hmeatal < urtalua, *.th French Rhadev at K.lacani aa-an o-lai'-1'iaoi/oi a. * R|?"?|"! caaa, of nne tana and t.ruah, T Mad* hjr ritjt maker ami pronounce1 by judge# ? aup* tor In troment. alao French cloth t'oiar and IWlawood Hn?il. PARI-OK, lilNINH ROOM AND< HAMMER FIRNITURE. of riar) daw rip.ion canally found In a gentleman* ree-den w. ^ A1*" hair and apring Mattr'aaaa* Bedding. A A'- . all In par- I I eel order. The t'arpata ware all ne* two m itlh* atnee * Rale to commence at It)1, nVloah pre..*ely, On Monday. July !li. at the prnat* redden.-* No. h? Wa*t Kti-htraii'li itr*et. t-etw>-?nFlf and m?th at an. F J MILNUK TAYlAiR, Aorumicer. oltioa So. t Ureal Jnnaa * m A J KI.KKt'KKR. ArtTTfiXF.Rll * . Fotij drat atraat lake?Kieautnr* ?al* A I m.V.Ft KKR. HtiM A ini aril: aall. on T tanilay, Jttly 24 .1 II n chwk, at the Merchant*" Eaglwagi ? tin Forty Oral atrec:, flrn apleadld building Iota, menmene- / ; g lit fact c*at <d Madlnnti aeeii-ta. mi *c -'an -h- high v rat part of Murrar Hill RUe KhIO each Three fa-irtba at may remain for iee. aeran or tan yaara Mi pa and par- ta tlculara at No 7 Fine rraat. N T Hy orda- of Bi WIIXIAM K< iKRkMT. i Kieru'or* ** ?te of AMA L. Sill I'M AN, J Itanle. Fati?haw. dareared. j A J. lU.KKt'hFR, ArrTIONF.KR h* . Ml \ Il-l.A AMI* HUalNKW JITEs IN TON KERR ao At anakkt*. ih A. J RI.FRt'KRR. RON A OO. will artl an Wddnoaday, le Jul) M, at U O clock, at the Mar- h?nt* Karkange. 11 W1TWOCT aarrNTg da The akntt ait fate a proycrty moat daatrably ?*?atad for at InnniiMliMl whrea**iiliriia rhnw-Mal WW for rllla aa3 bnalMwa~|><irv<wea 10 ba fivind In U>'? k,tr*'t yjLJiUJIf*. T 711 per c*al mil rem-m no bood and ??r\fA**. Mb"* ?"1? I maps, MC-% H n?- 7 fttif ftt SV oVlnek at 1M William ?rwet, by ordar nf lb? J j^S?SMU?foT"~ ? r. MrosflBK = Ion A<- wilt Okf ?? ? ?* *- < <**> now *r>ew ^ J met in. .niw'i ?nd "' or <>** ^ Tr** V IJnM, CHfc, Dm**. mm, Dr.wen, Pi low, PkMtmhama. , Aatloeta. Ac. , V A rrTTOW wnnnt -a family nKn.iwipt worn*. ATE^SIISfKgggg g Mil ? T?K~. Mirp-r. iMrpoln Harra -BednMPadA * *? ? fc Ar . Ubln. binn, fJlawware nU h rd II ? p*l V, In. iilp? mHo ni w?I Twenty mttA wreni nwr aeMWa. ? MuiA araoua nam nod aia??a ???? oe?r die h,. w. 'J A?t?!tvjm lAUt-OOLO Ajn "ttVR* WATCMM, r* A Jewelry. Ae -C1UMKM A KAlbt H1LP. 1 -em, will nelf. no Knday flth una. at 10 o>lnM, at *1Bw* way. rnnf of Day *' '*< w '"*? lu^'T. Ll I" ?ae ?"ld nod ?i rr w,u bw cf I-'?I .m, mtleo ell I ewe In In all W ?arety for f-i' trea and ladxW wen Hi M Bwn.'lw and Or?f?. BrWrWt*. rnrk nod-baf lain* f> Din T -*?- Link* Iteada HnxMrn. ...eeew, KioM plain tad wwiwl. nine, fob ?e*. aad ?mm ?\>alna; R-aga. Finn, Ac . for tecUenca wear. 1 te .1 A ?"<I4RT. AV> TiO!H?*l VOWPAt. J1T..T bn S. i ,t . .r e.albe I. - A *" I ??rl,WU| vo I? , ...! < .U?K *?"? "* lffnrN"rr?"P ?b 1" , K,?*tfnj * Tn^'-a "'"V i "1 ? rmPien. y r? 1 * ; v.' ^An, (ARI A. . k: jt&k. .y*is? :NDAY, JULY 22, 1860. UUL.1I AT AUCTIOlf. KPWAKD kbbnck.ACCTIONERA-phabton.-BT P. A P. H. SCHENCK, an Friday, S7th mm. tlluckcl, A their salesroom, No. 141 Broadway, * stylish Hbaetoa, weighug ?i# pounds. with lop, coachman' t arsi behind, built lo order >y ibe successor of George Watson. Philadelphia. nearly new, I "Ul? for want of 'iae. It can l>e Been at the salesroom, < d will be told at auction aa above if not euld at p It ale aale. MDOrnnTT, ACCTIONEKR-WlI.r. SELL ON MON day, July 2S, at 10>4 o'clock, at No. lor Howry, the mi e coctenta of two houaee, consisting of tome 60 rn ant of oinlture, vlr?Carpets Oil Paintings. Boa*. t'haira, (laa 'h ode hers, Mirrors, Centre and Bide TtMea, Hedaleada. OU' ). >hs, Dressing Bureaus, Wasbstands. Toilet Seta. Blanket*, "otnlortere, Bheeta, Mattresses. 60 Heath-r iieda. Bolatera and ?Ulowa, Croaker), Glassware. Ctitlerr, Table Linen. Ac , to p-ther with a large assortment of Kfuhen Kurntture. Ileal tra will find it worthy of their attention to attend, aa every lot a lo be peremptorily wild. B A J BOQAHT, AUCTIONEERS.?MONDAY. JULY 21, O# at 10** o clock, at the auction rnotnt. large assortment ol nip. nor parlor, chamber, kit -hen nnd barroom Furniture, or-iatmg if nan-wood parlor Kiut in -riiiisnn rep*. Mirror, mthngiuiy French Bedsteads, black walnut Bedsteads, in .ho ;sny Kolas, parlor Chairs, Bookers, iron, iron carleu Chairs and Se'.tees. extension Tables, Carpets, Oilcloth, 'rock-ry and (Haas ware. hair, husk and atgi-.w Mattresses, colage He.l-i. i.N .marble top euamelle.1, mm Hallands: also, one mart. Is top eating Counter, cane aeat Stools, tc N. B.?'The aale will continue until all la sold. Deposits vol be required from all purchasers. J t J BOO ART. ArcTIONEKRH.?MONDAY, JL'I-Y 23. at II o'clock, in iront of the More, No. 1 North Wil inu street, by virtue of several executions live new Buggy ffagnn* w ith lopa, also one sorrel Hurt- l.leht Wagon m l iarness. ISAAC JONES, Constable. ? A J. BOG .ART. AUl TIONKKKS-MONDAY. JITI.Y 23, at 11 o'clock, at the aucuon ro.'iua. No. 1 North Wil mm street. Constable's sale. 7tW pieces white Crockery, I nabogsny Sofa, Lounge, six maboguuy < hairs, laxiking Glass, ne Bureau, lot Engravings, two Ruga Ac. JOHN B. FINLKY, Constable. ' I). BURR AH, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, ON MON day, July 23, at 10'; o'clock, Hie stock and tiitnresnt ibe jocery store corner ol Water and Heart m eets, Brooklyn, (mataung of two lle-r Huuipt, Counters. Weights and Scale", ko Ice Boxes, five and ten gallon standing Kegs; also a good taorlmeul of Groceries, I.iquora and Segals; also the Lease of he place lor two yearn. Sale posiuve. II'V WITTERS. AUCTIONK.KIl, WILL FE1.L ON HONvf day, at2oVines, at 161 t.'anal gtreet, Rie.uitnr'aaale of 'urtnlure. Carpets, Beds. Bedding, J-welry. Pa'lor Bolt, cenre Tablet, Mirrors, fine rosewood Piano. rich Carpets, Otlloths mahogany ?nd oth-r B-dstoad?, hair and ruber Matties < *, sheets, Blankets. bpi-ads, Dr.-sing Bureaus, Wa*b lands, China. Ola**, Stiver and other Wares, Sofa Bedste id*, 'hairs, Stove*. Ac., together wiih everything useful for house leepiug, also one Sewing Machine, ai-v. one Horse, Wagon Hurri' ', Ac., by order of Richard Btirke, Kan.. nod MarIn Hhoafettel, executors of the estate ot" Wthlain Uutiy, deeased. rr-u. n wright. auctio* ker-officr 11 pi.vr T? street, a ill :1. on Tuesday. July 24, at 11 o ciuclt A. M., ,t the Verandah I'iuing Saloon, 18 William street, all the Stork aid Fixtures. comprising three splendid Mirrors. large steam 'minter. with cnnting dishes ana fixtures eomnleie; two bar Tounters, marble top Tables, do.; Wash-thugs, hirge regulator 'lock, large oyster Counter, Casters, Crockery, Glassware, >cer Pump, oak case seat chairs, arm Chan*. Oilcloth, gas hnfideliers aud Fixtures. Also, a large quantity of choice Vines and Liquors, lO.Ont) Segtirs. together with a large and teneral assortment of Kitchen Utensils, Range, cloves. Ac. tale positive. W-1I.M \M ABBOTT, AI CTIO.NKKK. OFFICE NO. 4 EAST Itrnadwsy. will sell on Mot dar. Hi Inst , at 10'. o'clock, he unteuta of the grocery and liuuor store 3.1 Uoerck street, tear Grand ftroet, i-oosl-ttna of barrels and baa* of Flour, sisp, K'arrh. pipe of pure Gin and other liquors; three yearn' esse; Connie) s, Scales, Ae. FHH MALIC. BAROB AND CAN AT. BOAT FOR SALE CHEAP, s upibie for gram or l<-ed. Address Win. J 11, box 199 icrad oltice. rilBANS AND SOUTHF.RNERS, ATTENTION-FOR U sale, a splendid new sloop rigged Yacht of 7'? tons launch d in April, built in the best manner, of white oak, and copper aetened throughout, she has proved herself one of the fssiest ailer* ever hullt. and a splendid sea boat Her model is u re iroaehable; end to a party wishing sneh a vessel, she la a gr-nt irlrc. bhe can be seen by applying to J A.MsR li. BEARDS .F.T, 119 Nassau street. nONFECTTONKHV K'lR AAI.R.?A WHOLESALE AND \J retail Confectionery establishment In Brooklyn, now doing i nourishing busmen*. Will be sold at a bargain if applied f,,Tmtuertiate.v. bausiariory reasons givei for Address K M . Herald olllce rR RAIJt-A RARK CHANCE?FIVE TSARS' LSASS together with the Furniture an t Fixtures, of the Hotel Bd Restaurant on the corner of Park place and Broadway, bw known and occupied aa Gardner's Hotel, newly tutnd no ad repaired, and now doing a good buslnnea. Inquire on tkn m premises of the Proprietor, 8. K. GARDNER. DOR SALS CHEAP-FOR CASH, A FIRST RATE Dining Saloon, with the whole hoiuie. which la at present t in tenements, but can he lurn-d into lodging rooms If re uired. Apply to WII.LIAM ABBOTT, No. 4 East Broadway. DOR BALE?THE CHOICE STOCK OF GROCERIES. " bora-, wag-m, Ac , now d"iug a go I buaute , _ ; p. ? on, The owner being obliged to go to Europe. Cheap. Call r address 374 Grand street. Brooklyn, K. I). DOB RALE?HALF INTEREST IN A FIRST CLASS Hotel aud KesUurast. The eatiugdepartment has been sry extensile, and can be revived The appointments am sry complete. Terms easy to a good working aun. Inquire coentles House, 71 Pearl street. DOR SALE.?A RARK CHANCE?THE STOCK AND 7 Fixture* of an old emabnshed Confectionery and Ie* re&in tLdooo, doing a good euah bu*ln"*%wtih quick returns id *.i??l |irol IS. m 111 h.-.-intae the n?r rannul attend ill. Inquire on the premises, 38 Hamilton avenue, South rook ly 11. ?OR SALE?THE OOETKETg OF A FIRST CLASS Si 1 loon, with furniture of dwelling. The same will be sold aether or eeparate ai a great aa-riin-e. Apply on the preibH * 428 llroadwray, up Main, between 2 and 10. House to i. JOTEI, Aim BOABOIM Horsr for sale ?-he v p. 1 on arcount of the present owner baring other buslueaa I attend lo. Apply al ITS Liberty street, N. T. fiBT BK SOLD WITHIN THREE DAYS l NEWLY II fitted up Prinking b doon, with lite team leaae. and fixree, ,-orner of Fifty sen nth street and Hriaulwat Call ou e firemiji-a, near Central Park. Kant paid lo Antrum 1. fARHLE MANTELS?A FIN* STOCK, CONSISTING '1 ot valued etatuary aud Idalsai Mantel*, for aale cheap. ioae wishing to purchase ahould call *oon at A. K 1,A iiKK'S arhle yard, 113 East Eighteenth mreet, weet of Third ate ie, N. T. >ltILADKLPHIA HOUSE FOR SALE OR TRADK \ en h,w |irtce, the beat hotel iu Brooklyn, located he een South Flrat and South Beeraul straeta. In Fourth at real, ar Orand street Sold on anmunt of LI health. Call on K. . T t' c K KR, 183 and 136 Fourth street. JAPKR MILL AND PRITTLR1R FOR SAL* OR EX changed In Morrimnwn. Head fall taranty two feet ne ?r falling In the dryeet season*. *1 acres of land. with rntita ' all kinds. Thia ta one of the beat powers In the Stale. Cheap eitrbt in New York: makes it a ilea rah le opportunity for parse wishing to go In the business. Apply to CARSON A ARIL M Heekmxu mreet. [TO CHAIR MAKERA ?RMTTTS FOR THR CSF. OF I Blan hanl's Patent In New Torh. New .Tereey, Pennsrl nta and Maryland, for sale bv the agent* of the Phamix 'ood Canapany, 3* Broadway, up stairs, r> PIIOTOORkPHISTS?FOR SALE, ONE EXTRA 4 4 Camera Tnhe and Lena: price 9*3. Can be aeen al M. ERTSON'S, 148 Chathsm square. NO ARTHTTECTN-AN ARCHITECT WHO IS RE ALII L ill* Mi to a year by his ofiire, tn a healthy, wealthy and Hirlahlnc Utile city of the South. Intending to ei gage In sc:her buslne-*. offers 'or aale, for raah, the Flitures and ?d Will of hla office, price fAUU. Apply to RolIT. URAVES IT).. v6 lJoerty atreet. r THOSE TIRED Or ROARItlNO-A FURNISHED Ku w nul Bedroom inleAirom. amiable for a gentleman id wife ur amah family for Imuaekeeping; rent only At per rek. hn'tas txivslern. rieaee apply at I.MS Broadway, near bin v first atreet. SI MtlKH RKIWIRTS. SEAL'S noTEI^-TOODH MINERAL SPRINUS, CHKL) aea. Maine ?Thia new and magnificent Hotel, thwnnghly irnlahed with scary pmrMoo for the comfort of IU guests, III be opened on the IIRh mat. The waters of this spring ' ee>as the hiibeet medicinal nrtuee of any In the country. | tiarhed are billiard saloon*. bowUng alley*. Utery stable*, oi.inx lake. Ac The vicinity affords ample attracts*) to Uw 1 if >r and aiwrtmnan Oarria*ea will be found In readlae** al Uf lima and (lardiaer, four miles distant, (or the oonreyaao* ' jrueau. Wl. L WHITE, A|Mk CuftMA, Maine. .Tune 1, IMA TLIFFWOOD HOCRK. OPPOSITE KETFORT, N. t., J twenty mile* from New Tort Steamers 'care R? tiaaon reet at It) A M. and 4PM daily; a few ebotce Room* not hen. Apply lo J. T WII.RON, of Wilson A Ranker, filfi ! rrmdsray. H. W. ABBOTT, proprietor. NoRT GEOROl HOTEL. ONE-HALF MILE ABOVE 1 Hi?h Rridra. l*fch airart md Truth ??antia, iM of tba at drt?r? out .< town 'Thia hmiaa haing ln.-*i*d in Tntnllon * Roods, wbara iha Hota-kan and Sim ton IVujraj Navtya?n C ?p?nv hnata Mop avrrr trip, miuiartt-ir with thr I Ur m boats and Ruin! and Third tmw mn array boor, fara ranta from New York, If. K. RowU laara llarlara on MitaIT arary half hoar for Tnahnaiai a Wooda. RplmdM larnt id ptrnM pm? MAM URL BROCUUTOK. TIOHUUtP HOTB, COLD BPRIWO. OrrOMITt wwrt Point. (land board, pleasant moat and homa'aof aria I ha aboaa wall kapt hntal, dallahtfnlly altuatad oa (ha hanks the Hudson. Tarn* rarjr roaaoadbla. W. SUfONAOR. AKB HOrSR. BLIP, U I -FAMIMRR OR SIRllI,* ' J to?1 iacnaa wi I Hod pond airy rootn? no application in tba 1 hnartbar, A. R Rtallaravorf. Cornmtsnlraiina by Low land Rallraad tbraa ttmaa a day-10 A. M., MS and ft*) ; . M. ???________ ; JOTIC*.-TBI BCBRCRIBKB BKM TO IRFORM SB f| frtonda and tba public yanmaUy thai ha baa laaaad tba all known Kay Rlraot llnnaa (Nawpnrt, R. l.l, and not tho mm la good ordar, and la now pmparad to isrsfro and win JOFTRARD BOOST, SARD'S POIBT, LORO RLARD, N baa baaa rraatly anlaryad, Imprordd, and aawy fur- I bad. la now anaaplato and an an. la twaaty mllaa frnaa Raw ' nr* my. par now Maatoar Loay Island, laarlag Jamaa alto 4 P.m. 1 Id boura sail. Pining boor at I F. X. Saturning, i Ttrlnc In town at A. If. B. 4. RCWTRAJfO. Tiaiii k?ito ? I kCKAR HOCSB, LORO RRARCH.-THI BTRtRRM / HKlHLAHD LIGHT and LORO HR ARCH ply daUy ran RnMnaoa street, North rtmr For tlma of atari Inf aaa ill) Tints 4.11 IIAIMRITT, Fmyrlalor IRA BATIirRU AT LORO BRARCH. R J -THI A I.I.BI obany Honaa la now opaa for tba i soap Mm of rtattara da tlooaa M bewntlfnDr aMuated at tba terminus sf lbs Dalaara and Raiitaa Bar Railroad, harm* a Aaa alow of tba wan *nd turroondiag souatry. Families lakaa on raanoan- I lama M. WAEDRLL. Praprtotor. i (HE WOODBIRB COTTAO*. HTOTI BRTOOF, Westchester Mlda Steamboat landing. Rmuttfttl scenery. pool air popular raaorv. rraanoabMI i We aitaatlra waiter*. and ibo cheapest aiaundon out of tba nr Pinamrrafrtan Park Hllp, ronoortlnt wKb atraaora at arlam Hrtdye. and Tbird aranue oars ararr bonr. Through ra 11 rants only. A. R. OL'TTTRG. TBITKP RTATKR HOTBU FAR ROC*AWAY. L. t., IS I ) sow opan far tba raoaptwn at yneau. This bote) ta band- i I oaaly an natal, aithla tan minutaa' walk of tba Ailaniienconn; ; I elegantly f imiabad lbm<i?bout. hot and eohl hatha. Tha i nor and furnlt'tra are now. and the moms are large and well nutated Familiaa nr ladtrMnala will find -tata a q-ilat tad a'rah'r lmmar honaa mage* laara tba dapnt at .1 amamt ba airlval of tba iraira A aiaambnat will also loam Row i illdailj forr*t Jtafeaway _ I S. WILUAR", I roprtotor. ; IFICLUi IQTICM. At a voting or the new yore bricblayers Benevolent end Protejtivo t'nlon. tie followlu preamble aud reeoluuona were unanimous, y adop-ed ? Whereaa, it has phased lie Almighty God In his mtlnlle wisdom and pietiee. to remove by death from our midat our late worthy aaaorlale and worthy member, Dennis Ryan, and Whereas, in the death of Detune Kyau thia eoelety baa sustained a l aw. the knowledge of which la obtained by many years of trteudly interoourae with htm. thereby enabling it* hi dlacover hia exemplary <ioaliUi-a aa an Individual, and hia dlaintereated devouou to the interests of the aoclety, there ore be It Hi-solved, That while we bow with uie?-k submission to the wuya of the almighty in the working of Hi idivine will, (till It ia with feelings of atueere ream we hall Die sad tiding* ol the decease of our brother member, Dennis Ryan. Resolved, That we earnestly and sincerely sympathize with the family of deceased In this sad and melancholy bereavement, and that the society run ma be draped in mourning for thirty days. Resolved that the forecuing resolutions tie published in the New York lasadar, Hunday Mercury aud Herald, and thai a copy of the same be transmitted to the family of dececensed. JOHN HANLY i Committee on > PHILLIP SULLIVAN, J Jpqy H. Warp, Recretary. At the regular monthly meeting ok the Railroad Cnton Association, held at the corner of Tbirtv. second street and Fourth avenue, on Thursday evening. July 18, the following preamble an 1 resolutions were ottered by Mr. John Kurllnson, and unanimously adopted:? Whereas, In the intinlte wisdom of Divine Providence, It has pleased Him to call from auiengst us one of our number 01 the prime of life, vigor of health and all the rauutremema lu make man h ippy , one who was only known to be respected, and wh? commanded Die esteem and friendship of his eliow men of sll classes, and to whose tiereaie.1 wife aud family we Mar Our sincere and heartfelt svmpatby and condolence, in the loss of a good husband, s dutiful lather and an upright and estimable citizen. Therefore, Resolved. That In lbs death of Win Magher w e lose a good and true friend, one who was always in the front ranaa to as iat and leod a helping hand to the distressed, a*d w liiae good ' counsel and worthy example was always tor our wellareKesolred. That we teudyr hi* bereaved wife and family our undivided sympathy, and condole with them in their sudden and unoipeUed t*"re?veiii*nL Hrsoived, Thai the iccreure furnish the family of our laie lamented and much esteemed friend, Wm. Magher, with a oopj of the above preamble aud rewlutiaas. Josaru Powell, Sec'y. JnlIN HUltLINSON, Pros't gicllkgk UL'KRaN, Vice Pros't. Garibaldi fcnix?committee or the featerliity ul All Natious ?The following members of the committee are entrufed with liatsof subscription fur the onllro. titin cit money for :he Garibaldi fund ? G Sirnve. Gen. G. Avezzana, W Kcehapnw-*ki. E. Mlnnrlli, O. Iliwfer J. Votller, L. Kaptt. A. I.oren*. W. Kobet T. Ir-hnT. II Stamami. T. T)ilbaut, T Olauhensklee, A. Arboth, A. Raazeuski, J. Witidmuller. 0. Maucbot, E. Kaptf, R. Anearani. D. Minmu.i, Secretary. O. STRUVK, President. 10. oro F?THRMKMBERS OR MARION LOOM WO. 34, L O. Of O. F., are invited to attend the funeral of P. O. George W. King on thla Sunday) morning, at nine o'clock, from biajale residence, byaasoM, aoag Island. By order of JOHN <4. ktfnt, N. G. Masonic notice-iibnry clay lodge no. 277 T. k A. M ?The member* of thla Taxlge are hereby untitled to meet at their room*, llri Grand street. on tkla day Sun day 1 flfd mataul at stv o'clocka-A. M, for the puruose of attending the funeral of our late brother, George W. Ktng. My order Of WILLIAM HAKK1GAN, W. M. Thomas Robinson, Secretary. VrOTICE, I> To pyrotechnists, dealer* In fireworks, and all whom It may concern?The undersigned, having patented his Hand Torch for night processions, hereby gives notice to manufacturers of fireworks and others that he will prosecute all persona making, selling or using the same, unless made and sold by hunaril or his agent, and In ail cases must have his trade mark and date of patent placed thereon. ISAAC EDGE. Jejukt Citt, July 1, ISfiO. Edge's Patent Torches, Rockets, Roman Candles, Signal Lights, and every description of Fireworks, for land or sea use, may be had at short notice by addressing GEO KG KB. CO LET. No. 37 Maiden lane. New York. VrOTICF? AM ADJOURNED MEETING OF FRONT IN bricklayer-" and all non-society men will be held at lliirelberger'a Hall. 20d Elgin h avenue, on Monday evening, July 23 at lis f-paat aeveu o'clock. All boss masons tavornble to Ihe cause of the front bricklavera are reipteap-d to attend. Bv order, X. 11. HOPPER, Chairman. A. J. JicCooL, Secretary. XTOTICE. il American shipmasters and o'bers arriving at the port of Copenhagen, will dud It very much to their advantage and protit to call at the Ship Chandlery and Provision KatabUAment of M H. COlllf, whose stores are the first come to when leaving the Custom House in that city. Mr. C , by means of capacious water boats, supplies ahlpI Ing wlih water st the very lowest rates, and merits the i stronage of all good Americans for the attentions and clvlili es be shows te captains arriving at that port. \rOTK'E.?GREAT EASTERN ? DOWNING. OF NO. 3 llmtid street, has opened a saloon opposite, for the reception of ladies and gentlemen. OFFICE OF WATER COMMISSIONERS, JERSEY CITT, July 13. 1MB?Notice to Machinists and Builders ?sealed proposal* will be received Ht the ntur? Of the Water t tmmla | sioner* of Jersey City, until Wednesday, July It, at Aje o'olook , P. M.. I or ike c-onslr action aud erection, on the ( mmiimuoam prepared, of * <" >niinb Hnun Pumping Rngme sad two Drop Via* Boilers. at lira Kugir e Uuiue of the Jersey City Water Works, situated on the rim nolo rleer. opposite iho village of BeUeeflle, N.J. Aim, at the same tlmo and plans, separate proposals for tbo nor wiry extension of the present boiler sad souse, sod the masonry matured for setting two butlers. Pisa and speclficatione of the work may be seen at the aOoe of Ike 1 Engineer on and after July 18 The Commissioners i mot ft the right to reject any or all the bids If deemed for the In tare* of the city, KRA8TOS RANDALI? President of Board of Uonahdam SPECIAL NOTICE?III'RNT. ON THE 211 DAT OP fsnunry, l.WiU. by the lire, at J0C1 lliviaion street, a Bank Book of the Rleecker Street SaTtogs No. 188.075 In fa* ?tr if Nathan Pibel, as Trustee of Jordan budge Ho. IS, LO. B. B. | mo PRINTING KKTAHI.IS1IMKNTS.-THK ADVERTISER 1 wtolie* to Ita'e a H - A ,f .. I .HI pai;** pMiiled, HDd to pay for the tame in weekly Instalments of flu. The be?t security. Address s b. ti . Hera;,! i>tl,. e "VALE COLLEGE CLASS OP 1815. A A meeting la .ippolntrd for Thttraday ereninr, July M. at . New Haven. Meuil.eni wh > hate not eoinmun cated with the Secret*' > wi'l please do an "afore that "ate i'HARLNI T. CIIKSTKK, box J,7tK Post office. N. T. ~ iifTHrcTioiy. A RITHMETIC, ROOK K KKI-1NI1. PENMANSHIP, AC.. J\ are taught at PAlNK'tt Mercanule College 62 Bowery ami SKI Pulton street Brooklyn. at homa stilting students. PuSits tri m schools may profitably devvte a portion of their time tiring vscalloo to these e??enti?l bra. chee. Terms for writ ng $3 par month. Ladies 14 (or auteeu leeeona. Afkmai.rtkacmrit t* rfqitirkd im aioi nu la dtca' Hoarding School Dot far distant I rom the -ity of New Tort; ana who can. wttli the ordinary brae. h? of Bug II- h edveation, teach, effectively, the latin language. mstbe malice and iliawiDa-. OoM referenea rwiuired. Pleaee a lrirret shortly. A. B hot 1*3 I'.ei offic-, honkers, K. Y. Bar vieea to commence No*e tuber 1. T i ACADEMY OK PENMANSHIP AND ROOKKRKPINU, *54 Broadway.?Continued by W. ('. IHXVIIiANO, for auuiT years aeataunl of Oliver B Hoidamith Uvea ilay an.1 i evening tor thorough practical instruction. Wo claaaaa. Care- i fnl attention given, and terms moderate. ATOIWO HERMAN LADY. OF MUCH EX l'KRIKNVE in teaching m desirous nt meeting wtth a ramtlr where a few hours'tea-hing in Herman, Freni b or Muaic would be considered an equivalent for her board. Beat of references. Address U. H., Herald office. AS CARP.-THK RTHRTRIHRR HAR REMOVED I1IH 1 Academy of Penmanahip and Boihkreplng from No. 1 :?B to the aew and elegant building >21 and 923 Broadway, corner of Twenty tirat aireet. Mew puplla received daily OLIVER B. OOLDHMITH. Bt RTNEFH WRITINH. AC ? DOMIRARS RTRTK* or hand training, 6011 Bmadway, return ee alllfneaa or trembling and all other difficulties about wrttoig. and then glvea an May. elegant, rapid business style. Full course, $10. Oua $9 ' Beat vacant. Private rooms, Ilk LADIFR AMD nEWTT.EMEW TAl'dlTT T1IK ART OF making artificial KrnU In a few naay lessons. Addraaa 1 Vo Las train, 111 Kaal Rlereuth street. 1 MONR. I.ROPOLD DK ORAMD V ALR KRKM'H BOARD 1 Ing Hehool, t iaaaloal and t ommerc.lal. II uda m terrace, lloN.ken. N. J. Annual Masion bagina September 1. New puplla received at anytime previous, without cstra charge ?rit>ui-a ciii k'Tivu vna M Frncllo* and Inatrnrtlno tn Bookkeeping ud Bnlnm Affair*. M6 Broadway, Irtlug Building Cbrilkn no application. Manill a compete *ad haa'itifnl ?ai>|i* Bookkeeping. DH edkhiea, pnuiod la *(>101*, for ooto. Prorate in m. ct. jomru nuaiin acadkmt. roa rooita O leAiea. WPM lliiTf Ii. M. t. j STAMMKRINO CrRRI> IN A FKW L.KNNONH.?AITLT ! to G. V Al.K. Trarharol KtilnUnn. Sarv?jla|. Drought. Id*. Bookheaplng, Ac., al*> publlaher of RrientlBe and IJImthI Hooka. a* Votary a Ruin*, Ac. JS1 Pearl at reel Franklin eff-ara, N. T. SIX CTBAN ROTA?RARK OPrORTI'NITT POR KN4I* j Mak Ineu-nrano ?An rod and mirr? foi laachcr droning to rtliataiak Ma oerea, la willing 10 reaign Ma praaeni pnaiUnn aa Prtaatpel of a achool. and demta htmaalf tn the etrlnalrc In. atrnrtme nf alt popfta. Ill* Praia rnr board, tnatrwailfa. Re., ! will be (MO oar annua. Taatim-miala aetlafartnry Addreaa ' Kepertanre. Herald n<Bre J WANTKD?A I.ADT, TO AHRIRT IN A RfTHOnL, ! ptooaantly lorated aear VWcIl/ Adlrroa, abating quail- ! Oration* aalary at part ad. Ac . K. box 1M liar aid nfhre ( fPMWPM. | 4 bkproo* pcrr or inamkllnd rtnucnTRR fob i JLm, of warranted mannrartnm. Alan anlld ahaatnut Ctam- I bar ff'tlta. plain and ornamental, at P1 RRIRilToN'S WARN- j 1 R'?#MR. MB Caaal eireet, oppoetie WooMer. lembtla^d la 1 ? I Acmow noticr-ixki* at thir.-pkrron? i about remontu- will bod u lo tbatr ad aauura to call on ' t Ibe Metropolitan Eti.rraa. I4t> Vartrk or SI ?-id ST ting afreet I Pour bnrae aagone lor re nnrtug Tamilian to the roeuury or hi I thneity. RiatoarT and paintiapa maorad ulth nam. linking I Ulaaw-aaad Panoforii-a ?U kind* of Furniture. Mr . picked I and dipped with ear--. t Ot'l.hrmitii Proprietor. A I'lTIOB NOTR K -OBKAT KVRTFP.N -fORNITDRR ' A Ktpreaa and Parking F.ubliah-,ent. III an-1 11.1 Vw Fieveeth ?i??l brt wane Fifth aue Ri lb avronac Rlrh bona* . hold furnttnre of eeery drorrlption Rota I and Mhtpped to all I part* of lha world. Imrge. porrred aaar Wagnaa 1 or Kenan fl ral of riiraltnm lo lha country. Furniture of ininilir. R*. a na iad with ntmoal rare storage foi furniture. I d APATF.NTRI'MMKR MATTRKRS. CI TO Bit; CIin.nRKN'R I an-1 Cottage lla-lataa l?. CrUe Ac.; -pring M.ttrei.ea, I* ralld Bad- and umnge*. at low prtre?. at Wai.KRR's maim factory. Of Broadway, below Bleerker atrrat, In th? ba*-> 1 J E hamuli.F0 chamber rditb OF FrRNlTCRl. in 1 all colon and ety lee. at wholeaale or remil, j At m and upwarda alan Manraaeaa aad Pal lla*an. WAAHFI W ARD, 177 Can*l .treat, 1 Four doore eat of Broadway. J rRNITT'RR.?B7R ?OF A ROOM AND BEDROOM. IN. U eluding Bedding. kheeta, Towal*. Dtahro. Mantel <Vna m mat.taaul erery (Ahar ank I* nltabla for bontahaaping. Inr , I lha abova amount TIM Rni?na In lat. arc In Ptinr* atraat, r aaar Broadway. NotgentA Addreaa faah. Broadway Foal i. udn* far a weak. ... l? KNirRRRBOfNFR PfRNTTCRK AND NAOOAOR C Rieram i tcnpany will ramotre F-irnltnra. Pianoa. Mir k mm Palatini*. Baggage, An., Mr., at abort noOea. Ordare by h p*w promptly .needed to, 0?c? 191 and 101 Weet NlaeiaeB^ la lAUtl OF EBAL imm "rr"3* , ot?w> hocor-fd exchange fob X vifc ufLC F* or country Sent, of tuy access ts New ?n^f: unusually well built brown Hon* bouses oftSeco"<' svenue and Thirtledi street, renting for over SI 000 each per nan urn. Highest ground* sad Trn^ek^i^RAmritY''?1?21\J*,id daaintble for Investment. n?f *a 8 pise???' ria?r^??y. or ding ee a holFU OK 8AI.K-cr rxpthanor . V. /?5 w jur* city property. A beautiful Rasideiica and about fo?, acrH1| ,be mow valuable and healthy on the weat back of the Hudson river, St the Palbtades, at SnaAen's Landing opposite Ooiibe' Kerry, twenty mile* from the ctty; a large and .otnmoaiou* Dwelling, oontaluln* fourteen rooms, and Carriage House all new, built tn tie Krench style, lite those ao much admired on Fifth awnue? si\ splendid dormer windows, double put//* in front and on both sides, all fitted up with blinds. :ti Ujf-.v loratlon coalman 1a a splendid vie m of the river and Surroanding country, overlooking the ei tire tillage. The grounds are tastefully laid out with shrublierv and fruit tree* of various Itlnda; also tor> ?t uvea sdordlng ample shade; two cisterns Hiul a well of the rnolesi and purest water In Rockland county. Free from all em nmbranrea. A portion of the porrhaea or es-hange can remsiu ou mui tgsge for a tarm of venre. Communication a' all Unira during the day and e\ by Northern Jersey ani Hudson River Railroads and steamboats. Itututru ol the owner, A. W PAGE, S3 ft. Mark's |>lace, New Yora. tjlakifl kgr kal.k in new jersey?m acke81 1 half a nnlle from Union landing, three of Rah way railroad station, sN twenty miles from this city; It has a good house ami out buildings. Apply to WE 8. eft AMBER LiM, 7t Robins" u street. For hal.e?tuk three stokt brick iiousk and lot No. IS Sixth avenue: let 1R h? SI with u additional Lot Id the rear, forming an L. Any one wasting ? i urehaan for Improvement would do well to call and examine -be proj perty. A pply on the premises, No. 13 Ninth avenue. FOR BALE CHKAP-THREK.'CHOICB BUILDING Lota on Kaat Korty fifth s-reet, 1 do. on Fifty fourth streeC d do. on Fifty-seventh and Kitty-eighth streets. J. J. SMITH A CO., 760 Third avenue. For sale cheap-two cottages in forty bixte. street, 300 leel west of Tenth avenue; gas. taartle mantels, iToton water, Ac., all complete; splendid court) aril at front of each. Price, $11,230 each. This la a good chance fur a working man to secure a home. Inquire next door, or at 867 Hudson street. FR SALE?THAT BEAUTIFUL FARM. FORMERLT H belonging to Peter Duryea, now deceased, constating of about l*J acres tpart woodland,, situated In the town W Hempstead. Long Island, one mile west of the village of Hempstead. This farm is In bea itiful order, wl h suildlnga all cf the first class. The land Is In a high stale of cultivation, cuiUn< from tit) to 70 tons of hay yearly, with other cropa In proportion. Also, on this farm is a valuable locust grove with thousand* of jrourg loc'tat trees now growing. It is a pleaaaul and healthy location, and neither pains tier expense have been spared to make It one of the most desirable farms ou Long Island. For particulars apply at I'arll's livery stable. No. ti Fulton street, Brooklyn, or on the farm, at Hempstead one mile west of -ha village. Part of the money can remain on bond and mortgage. robert l plRYEa,1 N. w. hl'kika. ; Executors. CON KLIN CaRLL. S For balb. One of the best Hotels In the Northwest. The Ameriraa House. Ht. Paul, is offered for sale; ta now doing and always has done a good business. The rust of furnishing in MAT was ever $19,000. Contains 00 rooms all furnished; Billiard Roam and Bar. To a mau who understand* his business this is an excellent opportunity to make money. Satisfactory reason (><? for selling. Price low. Apply lu or address A. C- LEWIS, Bridgeport, Conn. FOCR ELMIBLY SITUATED LOTS IN THE VILLAGB of Mo'int Vernon, Westcliesier county, are to be sold peremptort y tor cash at half real value. Apply mediately at No. 211 East Tenth streeL A rare opportunity for a capitalist. FOR BA1.B-A FINE SADDLE PONY, H>0* hands, styiiah and genii* Would be suitable for a lady App>y a; 280 West 8iitcentfc street. rR BALK.?THREE VERY FAST TROTTING HOR8E8, 15', bands high, young, sound, and kind in single or double harness; also a pair of very stylish brown carriage Horses, 1A hands 3 inches high, right from the Stain of Mains. Inquire at 98 Gold street. FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE?THE FOUR TUREB | rtory brick Houses Noa. 88, 90 and 92 East ThirtysecooA street, N. Y , sod No. 5 Second street, WilliaaBSburg- A small Farm, with or without stock and furniture, would be taken ta part. Inquire of owuer, 1A8 Broadway. MOFT PFSfRARLE riTT PROPERTY FOR RAXJC.-M lota of Uronnd In one plot, bounded by the Fifth avenue. 134th end lS5(b street*; 32 1<of Ground In oneplei, boundek by tbe Fifth avenue, LXId and 134th streets; also, Lot* on hlith avenue and on 130th street. For terms apply to abraham BELL'S SONS, ? Parh row. ORANUK. NEW JERSEY -SIXTY COUNTRY SEATS, village Residences. Farina and YtUa sites, a (front varlety, beautifully situated; one hour from Oortlandt street Far rant and for sale by HENRY & BLACK WELL, Ml Willi, n street. New York, from 9 to 11 A. M., 49 Maui street, Orange. 1 to 4 P M. Rare change -ixit for sale at its assessed ' value. $7tl0 itai hill shown) aitu.ited in South Firth street, between Kleveuth and 1 welt tb streets, Brooklvn. Apply a! ?0 Fourth avenue, eoruer of Twentieth street, V. Y. 1. B. HATCH. Real estate wanted-in exchange for a large stork of staple Dry Goods The nropertv must he unincumbered, paying a fair lnt- rest, located in New Yak or Brooklyn. Address M M., Herald offl -e. TO RTONE MERi HANTS.?FOR SALE. FOUR LOTS OF Quarry Property, YIO feet front each, on the Hudson rlrer, suitable for Belgian pavement. For terms and particulars apply to C. T. Pol.llAMrs, room 14 Trinity Bullrings. TRKMOMT.?FOR RAI.R OR ext'HANUE FOR CITT property, several Houaet and 1 ml*, alio a first rate Grocery stand, on easy term*. I| I Mt nil R. Eraser. Waahngtnn avenue, betweeu Kttch and Mcua, 1 rem on l. WESTERN I.AND IN MICHIGAN, IOWA. TLI.TWOIR, Wisconsin mid Missouri warned t or city Ho sea. Farina and Mill property. Address, with fiill desnrlp'.irm and prices; If snawer required enclose stamp warned. Farms near 'he city ftr cash and city property. J. O. UOkT, corner of C0i.rt and Montaaue streets, Brooklyn WANTEP-FOR GASH OR ITS EQUIVALENT, THREB Houses, varying In prior from fh i?t) to F25 OUO, between Suth and Thirtieth streets preferred, hvn st.?si <tnd in good neighborhood. Apply to 11 L. l<liiWKl.L 12 'KM stfeet. ?1 A /\ll -A FARM OF ? AIRES, THE VERT BEET <11 .uvv". of land, fruR plenty good well of water, ktaae led In the Tillage of Comae, Si miles from North port, I. I., also S Hones sod two UNs la Northpisrt. pleasantly sdusmd. K miles from New York. Address o William* Norhport, <m Gee. Tucker,'SO Chrystle street. New York. HOI" EKE. HOOMI, WAMTED ROOMB WANTED-BY A PHYSICIAN. ON OR MEAR ' Broadway, below Twelfth street, a suit of cnaoe.uuR vpertmenta, on the first or second (loot In s first dam L> ise, aith goiat entrance. Add rem Doctor, llsrald ofliee. SCHOOL ROOM WANTED -WANTED, IN BROOKLYN, s K -UII or Riaciis, tollable fur a?<-h-'l Addrem. atatiui rent and all particulars, M. K.. 119 Montague street. Brooklyn. STORE WARTED?OR PART OF A SMALL STORE, suitable for a Unlit retail trade of genteel character. Adtreaa 1> A F? hu 109 Herald udlco. Yl'ANTKD?WITH TWO OR THREE HORSE STEAM II power. one or two large nvims for a light man ifarturing bn-tneaa Addreaa. for one week with description and prick, I R Internauonal Hotel, Bnsulway. \tTAJITKD?BY A WIDOW LADY, WHO IUM LOUT 11EK IT family, a second story of s handsome bouse Id a good situlU< n. si p,-l by a private faroily ?t a reasonable r? i,? tier elf and servant being all the tamily Heat reference irven ?nd reqnrrd. Address K M A.. Union squ ire Piet .nice. A it# u*t 1 , vita XTRTt- Til R kk i-optr. WITH STP.a* piiWRR f" ud gaa. amiable for h h-op sktrt m?nnrt rj. A n.ln tddr-aerd to II. S., Herald tUBre, with parurtiinra, w I] reietr? Mentha. W'AJtntn TO KHT ?A fARTT 1* nt?IROTS 0T ff renting a flrat rdk limine I?n-n P.eirtb and Twealirth afreets and between Mith and I mirth trwm. fntniahrd, "r fund', i*. If of a good m?Iitv and rananunhle, for l? N-p!' mtw r. t oll nr addreaa R. V., No. lb Bast Twentyf rtghtl. itri'i t for four week*. KTKAJMBOATM. ~ ' uor BRTDOKPORT?DAILY LINR.-THR HTRAMKW r JOHN BROOKS will learn Pack allp erary day Nob4ato aioapted) at om P. M.. amnni la Bndgaporlln uou for Ika raia of lb* HouaaWmtc. Naugaim-k and Now S<"nMrnada Parr 10 ran*. Freight taken. T. LOCK TKR A OO.. lirtkk lUtntkaml T/tOR BRIIV1WPORT.?DAII.T LINK.?FARHOCBNTS ? r TWkwir CATALINIt. Oaptain Wm A. Vail, leara* OMrer allp erary day, at 13 o'ciork M . running in omun Uio ?nh the Houaauaile Railroad The Mcaatrr HRiIKIRPORT ireran I'aok ailp erary Monday. Wed Deader and Pr<dn>, at It eb-rk noon, arrtrtng la llat to oonaeet wttb all the RtaraaR nMa CVRRT TO OONKT ISLAND AND PORT HAMILTON ? r The NAl'SHON will run dailt through the aanaon. riMtf Amoaetreet at ?M. II', and 31a. Spring atreai at tw 12 , an3 I1,, pier No. 4 North nrer el la. 1 andt. Para, with a raturw xket, ? cnnta. SCNDAf BOAT POM PWT POINT, OOLO PRINd, Own wall and Newtmrg - Pare 10 rantr. rir m irkata 7? orate UWaaanr BROADWAY laaraa per fouta# lay (krret. tou.-blng at I "hriatopher Thirtieth a(ree** lunday meminjr. at T o rlnak. landing at Trahan, Haauagn, rtcbha Kerry. Tarry town. King Sing and Unraratrew. Rn. .truing. will Irare Wrwt..irtb At le'Hnrk P. W. DCBDAT BOAT POB ROCKUABD UAKB-LARDIRO l! at Toaknw, ftera W mm: W Mlim aad DaMipiarry, 10 BJrsrtfsff arisrr aw???? iumiH. wtk ton Jaraey BBr. Harrta wm a>af, nw? see j^-n^UiS^^ciSSwaa r?T _ auitnAT boat ro? krvpobt Ann nun! abhot9 landtag ( 1?l?, Ink*, Bo-avlUa. Voadkrtdgr, ToAro>rtl)a mod Hlflwomi.?1Thr baaatlfal ?Wmar AlICB "KlUBwll loara rrery buaday, rate or M:.-*. M loliowa:? Inblaaon etreet at A o'rlrwk. Apnmg etrrot at * , an.) pier Baa , Worth rtta at A* o'rtaek, making a)! the "bom anc nga. trtiimla*. learar Ktyp *t at S o'rtw k. Fai-a 25 raata. IPOHTII6. ~~ A BOAT RACK-TO COBF Orp AT TilV. TkKRl. AIT rV Plan llnoee, <m Bewlmra Or.-ok. rtraoo Pr.iiu LoM| land on Tfcaradar. 14th Inataiil at litf n' Inrfc. Fi ? r?.-e? lerrnteenfnnt wnrtui I boat tao pair ot aniila; no ro?trtetl.wn ntraar# ? rhfrMnr'l porta of >11 added. toaood raea? terra teat. font working Nat ..f the r*p.:*r lenrth width aod K- two pair of arnllr entr*,.. p?ne a? 'b* Irak rare?Fmtrteon font nabtag ttoai.. of the le^iar mm. aw wlrnf artiUa, rutraie-e W. p ire? ?m. *e In the ftret. to b* ddrd WfU.Ua H ABTTH, Ptw?.r<itu?. rABCW BCTLKR, BO. S PKClf~BUP,"~BAR T*? Irrgeet a*l eb,.^ aaaortweat of lM?a la tfea world far idrier gratia. Lj*>?~ tAl.F~~TllPAP A HAI.P PBt K BAP. HOAP. " nearly naw I!) feet keel. 7 feat baaaa. w?? [<"?d tae rerjtMng appertaining t,. a pleaenra baal.For f .'.bar parental*. addrraa boi ?TiJ Poet odkoa. rR PAI R?A PTRBT CT.ABR BIXW>P TAOHT OP If tooa Jnat orerbauled. aad la parfaM Mfar; aaf a 'mi II tnrbeaiigh. It feat long, 10 feet wtda: fntr h-rtha. two rrtka In fnreeaatie. aaaarata gaBay. Ra. A hargaat. Addragg wJJII Poat cMoa. :pobttbo-wabtbp a row boat witti a*UL * adapted t'w Aahtng. aad mmj to r ?, timber wd M it I preferred, heteean llaad I* feed V*g A ' tr?a. t*t.nw rh of heam aad partlenlara. aad Iowmi oaah i r* * Btat1? _ rr.,0 <??,

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