Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1860 Page 7
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m ? ?? ' nnnrrnio. Th'iKKLT (X)?OrDinCATlV>naT^rKA*'BKTWKKN TT Mew Torfc u4 Liverpool, calling at Queenstown, Ire to'"1 lo Umd u4 Mbvk pauM-ngari end daspatiies-The Lit erjool.New York aad Philadelphia Steamship ronpuy'i apleni Id clyda built Iron screw Itmrmhlpi ir* Intended ' to eil u follow! ? r*on n? ron roM urwnroot. CITY OK UyALTUIORK .... IktuMtf. Jiilf M. VIUO &uuri*v, Aurut 4. CftY OK WA81I1140TON Saturday. Aiwust U. Am1 every Saturday throughout the year, From pter Mo. 44, 14. B. _ *4TU o? reMedk. Obic to Qtteenatown or Liverpool f7?, " to London (vU Liverpool) *} Steerage to (Jueenatown or Liverpool 3U 41 loLoudou M ' return tickets, available for At moo the, from Liverpool W Passenger* tor warded u> Havre, Paris, Hatubur I, Ureineu *nd Antwerp at through rates. _ , Cwrubcau t o! passage taauod front Liverpool to Mew Tork.MO. o from yueenaiownto " ?. Ttwee steamers have superior for paeeee ess, are cooalructed wlib watertight cuupariutt utt, aud ear TV experienced surgeons. For freight or passage apply at MecMDice of the poippiny JOHN O. DALK, 15 Broadway. New York. A#??nt. In Liverpool to WW. I.NMaN. Toir..r Huildinj{a. In tllasgow to WM 1NMAM, 13 Dlxou envoi. THE OnrfAHD LINK ?STKAM FROM MKW YORK TO Liverpool, via Queenstown.?The Hriliah and Morth Ante rlrHii Koyai Mall ateamera RTNA Captain Anderson, Al'HTRAI.ASI AN, Capt. Hockley, JX rt A Captain Moodie, KKlt AR, Captain T. Cook, Aud other magnificent and powerful ateamera. YTli aai'. from Mew York to Liverpool every alienist* Thura day, calling at Queenstown to land pasaeugers and deepatrhea. Etna Thursday. lllth July Jura. Thursday. Id August Ausli ala?.au Thursday. ld'h August EC* Thursday. MRU August. It . ?r nf tiaaaaae to Uitrenstuwll or LlVertlUul ? Ic?Mn"""' """ r.."...7...v.7.. ks Wtnge n An experienced aurgeou uu board, For steerage paax.ige *?>ply 'uOODEVK. ARKEI.L A ELLIOTT, 1*1 Broadway, for freight aud cabin passage apply to K. cl ,VaKI>, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. DT" AM -NEW TURK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. Tha Vanderbilt European line I'nlted Stale* Mail Steamahipa A. between New York, Southampton and Havre. From New York for Returning from Southampton and Havre and SouthHavre. ampton. TANDKRBn.T. Lefevre Sat., July J8 We.1uaaday.tAtn. IS -ILLINOIS. CrtHm Sal., Aug. U Wedueaday, Aug W VANDKiUULT Sat., Sepl 8 Wedne?day, Sept. AS ILLINOIS.... fr. Sat., Sept. ? Wrdneaday, Oct. 10 YANDERBILT Sat., Oct,, 10 Wedneaday, Nor. 7 These ships have waier light compartments. Vender' oabin. #110, aecond cabin, #80. CerUdca passage issued from Europe to America. Bpecie delivered is London or Pari*. ITTORRANOE, Ajretir, No. 6 Bowling Oreen, New York. B. O. WAINWRIUHT A CO., 13 Rue Faubourg. Monlmatre, Parle. A- n. CHRY8TIK, Havre. OAKFORD A CO., #7 (Srace Church street, London. DCMLOP. SC'UOALKS A CO., Southampton. QTEAKBR OP AD OUST 26 S FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. The United Siatea Mall Swamahip ADRIATIC, Fssspb J. Comatoek eommaudar, will eatl from pier foot at Chauu atreet on Saturday August M, with mails, passengers S>d specie for the shore ports. Yor freight or passace apply at the oflloe of the North Allan Kg fknamafiin Company, room No. A No. 88 Wall street. . I. p. STEPHENS, Secretary. The Adriatic will strain sail on the 6th ai October. jmSMM worth HERMAN LLOTDS STEAMSHIP BREMEN, X H Weasels commander, carrying the United States mall. intrust A at 11 o'clock M., voa bremen VIA SOUTHAMPTON, T&VlHlN* HAVRE, BOTHAMFTON AND BREMEN H mg folio wins rates.? First oabtnTivOO, aeoood cabin, #81; steerage, #34. For f-et^t or ^L^CA^iiKVTQKN A reich KLT, No. 82 Broadway. rl HAMBURU AMERICAN PACKET COMPANT'B mall steamship TKUToNIA. H. Faube. commander, will leave for Hamburg, Southampton, London and Havre, on Wedneaday. August 1, at 11 M. First cabin, #Wi. aeooud bin, Mi. s BOAS, 151 Broadway, N. T. The steamship Ssaunia will succeed the Teutonia. STB AM TO LONDONDERRY, OI.ASOOW AND LIVERpoo. ?sborie->t aea pas-.tge to Europe, by the M mural ocean mali steamer Nov A Si'OTIaN, McM.i?ter commander, 8.600 ton*. Ski hon><- power, from ttuehvc, Saturday, July II. Bales of passage to Londonderry, Olaawnw or Liverpool:?Flret Clan*, all #M6. midship, #70; steerage. #30. Including oceaupuaaage aud tree ticket, either ny wa> oi Boston, Portland (White Mountains to <j' ebec, or l>y llu ls.ui river, Lake ('hwnplaln, Montrral i Victoria Bridge t? Ouebec, wilh the privilege of re tna rrn_ c. M any p.'.aa Y <r .units' t'rhrt- m l p issage appls a' the Company a olllv f< Broadway. SAltKI, A TcAkl.k tirurral Agent*. ELKA/KR JONES. Manager. rrni steamer orea* eastern, I li.Ug VIWU U .11 .nianontar FOR MII.FOKU HAvHn, A.NliL.AeD, via luurtt, nova scot 1a. The (IRKAT KaHTKkN will sell tor the Above ports on Then (lev August M f mm jtilforl Haven there Is railroad OnseriUm with all parts of t.r?at Kmetu. end daliy by stsam re with Inland Special trele* will be tn readiness oa the rrt-el. ef the eh.p .d Buford Hsrsn to carry paesenRers to Locdon end the Forth el irduced rale* at fere. First class passengers only will he leheA, end thr price la flied e: ?l-iU. A Uatr.ed number of first clean p essence re will also be takea from Mew York to Halites at a charge of f'f> each. UrtlN.NRtJ,, MINT 17KM A OO., 78 South ati set. TTloa hOUTHAMPToN ASH IIAVKK-Till UNITK11 JB ri elee Mai Mramrr Aragu, H Unt-a, coiumeniler, will i lfvvc (or Hat re. touching el routhamptoo, (to lend U><* mall hod parecugerai on Satiirtuy. August l\ el l'i o'clock, from pier No T7 North firer foo of Ih-ech street Tlile ship hea water Ugh compartments encinatag the engines, so thel in the eve-it of coillsioo or stranding the weler could not reach them. And Uie pumps hems free to work, the salelv of the rernel and passengers would be w ored. Price or peaeefe tn ae reb.n 17A to Mn I * fre'sht or passage apply to BAVl'FI. M FOX, flRO. Mai-KKN/IK. Aranu No 1 Hroed way. N. It ?The *.earner Kulmn will succeed the AraRo, and an Seplember 15. A TLAN fit ROYAL MAIL NTRAM8HIP NAVIUA a tarn Company .?The steamer fonnangbt will sell from Bos >n \tav . John' s. Kewfoundlmid, for ilalway on theSIs of J lit for freight or passage apply to HOWLAND k AN FlNIT ALU >4 and 86 Wouth street. IP ROM IRELAND TO NRW YORK BY HTKAM.-PA8? eeaarrs booked from (fneeneuurn lire Lend) to New York fortSO uwludtof prortamo l by the splendid feat steamships ff lha Lsrerpusa. New York end Philadelphia Una, leaving Qnr-natown every Thursday In the year. For paaaag* apply M the eompaay'e ofBce. U Broadway. JOHN O. DAL*. A tent. RTHirt LANDON ?8* IIg? JULY Zt. THR SPIJtMDlD SHU* ? l'l.YMUt'TH Ko7K ?secood cabin and found, $li Reus lor a lew more paxacngeia. I'sreeengere brought out ht low 'a'.re front the Old Country For Hal of ships prices, Ac.. IppU to 1 Ht >X (V RUC.HK, Its muth street. rR LIVKRFOOI. ? THR Ri'LENDID HHIP RZCRLStOR I apt Hwtfi. will pcastirely aaU on Thnraday, July Fix paeaage apply Immediately oa board ship, pier M a*. live r, or to JcmU'U MbRPHY, ?1 Month street, near Wall siree< TAIX OTTN 1.1 NX OF LTTKRPOOL I'ACKKTA?PACK e ieij .isThe well known and feat sailing packet shiy < an'.. I'armiiee, poaiilreljr aal.a an anoint. ror ?*?? in rebut. aecund cabin aod nwrisi i whirh will be U n i * low ia;e, apply ou l? ard. |.i?r 1- K R or In T A I'S..?>TT A CO. M South at. U*. < AMMORNIA, VIA PANAMA. r In And after Jntr, a Aral ciaaa ateamer win learn Haw nri tba I?t 11th and llal of rarb mouth, eirept when thaan Mlii i fall on Sunday, whan the dajr of departure will be tha Imdi; loliuwinf. Nor freight nr paawege apply at tha -nly Sloe. Mo. 177 Waal reec euraer oi Warren. l>. It. ALL.KM, A rent. ACSTSAUA PIONKKR I.tMK. VST A BT.IKIIKP l?l A. carr-u?t United state* Malta?Th* mweninoant A1 dipper ah;p SaMUKI. P AUKS, lr?J toua burthen, Talbot Ooaiinander. anaceadtna ahlp .luahu* lUlr*. w ill he d*epetrb*d Ana tat 4 ft r Mil bourne direct. Trim pier U Kaet Hirer. Her aduaimoiteUoaa for Una and err md tlaaa uaaeencera are un auTpaaaed for crunfurt. Uecht anl renlMa?i"U. Tor freight or paaaaee apply on board or In K W. C.aMRROK. 9J Hearer atreM S;gb: Mill for aale an l na*h edtanee* made on euaalfiim-T'n i matfneee In Auatr?ua.:Meaan K. Town ? <'?. EOd SAVAMRAH AMD "TilRR POINTS. AS HRT.OW, ThePrai rlaaa aide wheel aiomaht" VI^tRIDA. Haio ??! -owell. will leave .? Wednewlay. Jolt 2.1. at 4 P. St.. from ole No. 4 North ntar. Through Urkete can be had for the follow ig 11,area ? hew < ir eaaa HA 7k MoMle. PW: Montgomery, 9211 rVilnei b u* t< Albtay All Ataou 931 i'hauau.>v . M440. Naeh 11* P77 W Knot rill*. AM MetepW CM 71, Auguala. $17 10; Mar. n Av"" ^areanwh. All. pre *.?:* ?V Damage apply at IS Iriadwar 1. ur uner Ai.aBaM A < et'i iteo R -t henck will an*, ore 1 aid aa-' un Halirdat. -Inly *t ai l P. M SAJa I * kl. U MITUHILU A ROM. Il^i*R HAR1 RsTolf S P., ANn THR SOUTH AMD JP S i'.i?reet,?Cwlied St.item mall aldewheel weumahip line. T'.e m-.e-t40orv and fa?1 gffl'ig ateamahlp NA*HVIU,B, L M v.r mtnunder will leave pi*r No. t North rleer on M'T la) Jrijr 2S a' 4 n'rbirk P M p ret toe I t". K i'e* W uaaaair with throturh tickla. aa followa ?To Mew Or -a- Al** 75 Mobile At' M.Mitg..m?ry( $21 Naehrt.;*, $2? 78 M* i'Ui?. *U 7? I'MlUn ?g*. AT. Kn'unilo. N3 . *>. Au. >'.? H7 .10, Atlanta *JI; CWlolla, K. C., $22. Oot m'x. !< f t?). <"barla??oo, ?lj r tr t~eieht or paaaiif npulr to *it>Vr?>Riv tii.tsto* m cn, n Rmadwaf. T'jr M\r ? ('apt. F-wirr. will amvaart <>a Hotnrday. Jnljr 3S. For mpmpmrsk, awtrama -kawoaroo i.irr, alaHtiafcail I AM -T?l Of Atirart ?. Thr At faat Mil lit* aA... KI.'XaHKTH. l.liAi Pma burtban Rmitb. maniar. in now laodiod t? Ua? pop'Uar liad ami will ba promptly do aoa'rfcod no bar adrortiaM 4wy Mar am-omorlaunoa lor Br* U4 w oo-1 oMil ptMmrri ara timicnoUy aportona anil pom fartabla am) upon a aaaia of Iba mnm Ubaral kind. Rata. nf m manor 01 all I low Apnlr no hoard, at ptrr lo Raat rirar, m to ft All t.KR UURD A (iCBMaU, *>? Wall drawl DAILT MR* FOR CAT* MAT A SO FHILAP*L*HIA, TLA RAKOrORD* I.IKK RTKA1ISHIPR. From ptrr It Worth Hraf, At iorlork r * , Rmda* aioaptad. *o?M ItOHTUS. DRLAWAJA* . .. , and ICRS STRUT Woo'a f w wanM Rnrntli and fTaol few of p-nnmiaalnn. Til HOI UM IS tO flOCRA rRKPRKtr PRRKISM, AfMA RFtn iT TOR TKSSKRKKP.. WORTH CAROMSA. rortam.vilh. Wnrfidk. Hit Pant ant Rkhmonl, rwoairml rrarf da* at Ptar U Rnrth rtraa T'jp raaoiaablp jAMnrrOWN, Captain Rktnnar, tMrrwrrory p-aamablp ROASHK R Cant Conab. ararr Tharwta*. at It fl pal Nil/ aMljd P?dCowi art lo land paaMor-rm. faa*??M>P TORRTOWK, fipA Parrlab. tarry I atnrdar. at 8 P * T-aiuhlV' P" 'ainwdR nr Riwfnik all aanta par font, toORy fVtV. wvp i ranla, ami la Rlrhmnnd <ight pawn. r,aa?*a?? Rorfotb ftmttmiom Mi lor 1.ntart), $R, In fV ?-ato-f and Richmond. ? n W,r ?,;?! Iipk-l to Richmond or Powrhnrc and bnrk. 815; Ac Sw'jik and bnak. *IA V p u PI.AV A mrTSRRRW, 115 Rroadwa* F~op oavassah asp TRs Rnirrn. Thaiiaw aiaamabip K. R J'UI l.KN.r'aot. F. faopkaa, ? Imip ai?r IJS H oa Tbnrijtar. .?o1t k. at t P *. Ill p > id apaodorawM"l'"t?l?Wi1jM raip M nnaooallwd. . T.pka?? Pi Maraonah tfl^ AnntiMa. JU W Maoon. Ht: Atmbi aat (Mintid *' *a> "'""fnfr. 8i?t IV ra.o*a $U- Knotnia. m *? _K!g.TyT>n 7*. ^am |.Jv V* TV Buhtla |N? Saa orta^.*? 78 laplndiaf car at V- ? <H annak Aj-p^i n rROHtrnx A CO.. H ?a* atmi ami M? Rromlway. Wgm ^ r' gmFPiwa. FOB HAVANA. AND NKW ORLRANrt ?TO HAIL Wednesday August 1, si II o'clock.?The new HM nkuti HHRVU.1.R, J. D. HullooH, commander. will common ? to momvr freight on27lh July, from pier fool of Murrey siimk. North 1 Iver, end will as above. Fur freight or puM|l aoply U> MVNU8TON, CROCHRKON ROD., No. #8 Murrey at ?M. TbeCehawlm, Captain J. W. Smith, will auoceed (he Btenv.lle, and eu 1 on Saturday, August II. T7IOR NKW ORLKANH DIRECT?TO NAIL THURHIJAT, JT July 19. at 2 P. M.?The new firet clam screw steamship Florida. O. 0. Nelson, Commander, will receive Irelgbl Friday. Jul) 20, eud sell es above from Pier 96. North River, foul of North Moore street. 11111a of Lading, of the proper form, furnish* d at the steamer or at the offioe of the scout, and no bills of lading wtl be signed after the day of gainiag. For Freight or Passage apply on board, or to RICHARDS, BKNKARl) * CO., 46 South aireec Insurance at the lowest rates. COPARTNRHSHIP NOTICES " A CARD TO Till CRNFKCTIONKRB.-UENRY 0. Becker having entered Into partnership with Clans H. IVi Ibon, we beg leave to Inform the confectioners partieularlarly that we have removed to 194 Water street, corner of MAiden lane, and are ottering our oualomare.nud the trade In feueraL coustautly, our renowned pure Oils, Extracts, Vsullla leans, and all other sruoles, at wholesale and retail, at the cheapeet csshprices UCCKRR A WRIKORZ, 194 Water street, corner of Maiden lane. Notice.?Tim copartnership heretofore kxistinjc between the aubscribera under the Arm of Ueadleston A Nash, brewers, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. K. UKADLKHTOH, Naw York, July 2, IDA). JOHN NASII. Copartnership ?The undersigned having formed a copartnership will contume the Brewing business under tlie tlrm ot Be ollesbui A Price, who are duly sullen i/.d to aeUla the business ot the late tlrm of Beadloston A Nash. EllKN'KZKK BRADLRRTON, Nrw Yobk. July 2. I860 WALTER W. PRICK. Itrewery Weal Tenth, Washington and Charles streets. Office tor orders St Dry street. rTHE TRADER-WANTED, TO FOR* A C0WNRCtion wtlli wane party having a fair cash capita! for the purpose of engaging lu the family grocery and provision bustn<MU in Kcir Orlrtrw I kuM nn PRnilRl misfit' hut his is* un extensive acquaintance, good credit, sad a large cash trade that 1 control, having had the management of one of the beat houses in New Orleana for n long time. Any reasonable umnantof money mar be safely tureated and doubled annually. Keferenoea from New York nouses given. Addren* Grocer, Herald nibee, naming amount of means and place ol' realMm. Nolle Other v?lit tie noticed. ?7ftfi -TH* advbrsi8ar, thk invkntob ok a ?5 I In/, patented apnnrat'ia, irlahaa to find aome one with the a bore capital to join him in at<rtlug one of the moot prod tabl* hualn?ws goiug. Ad areas T. 8. A., Herald office. ?o nnn -partnkb wantkd, in a wholesale ipA.UuU, and retail liquor business, in a good location and doing a splendid bualneea, any btiaineaa man having the above amount, and can furniah unqnesliooable city reference, can have the whole charge and management ol the bualneea, ax the proprietor la always engaged out doora, taking wholesale orders. Addresa C. T. T., bo* lot Herald office. ? i nnn -wantkd, a farty with capital, a8 either active or special partner, to extend a r.iah tiuiiinest o' au exclusive character, which is now In sue ccasfiil operation and realties baud aome protita. Address A. D. U., Herald office otr n/\/\ ?wantkd, a party with this tjlt/.UWU. amount to take an equal Interest with the adverttaer in a weekly journal now in Its third year, which, with tne above investment, can be made to pay twice the amount in nroltta yearly. Address for particulars Publisher, box AMI Post office, N. Y. ^ii?caialAWgotjg. A CARD. TO 8OGTHKRNKR8, DRINKERS OF 0ONGRKS8 WATER. Koch atmrtoua mineral water is sold as Congrem Water" by unprincipled persona or counterfeiters, who, when they dare not use thai name, call it "8aeatoga" water, although "Saratoga" is only the name of the town tn which the spring Is situated. To protest the public from such impositions we ??? have all our corks branded thus:? CONORKH8 Any not having those words and letters on the C. A W. eorks sre counterfeitjand the purchaser should WATER. prosecute the seller for swindling. Orders will receive prompt attention If addressed to us at our Southern depot of Congrem Water, 9H Cedar street. New York city. CLARKE A WHITR, Proprietors Congress Spring. Lists of dealers who procure c-ongreee Water for their sales direct from our house, are kept at our office for distribution to those who desire to purchase genuine Congress Water In their own neighborhood. CI. A W. PRARSK'8 CP TOWN SllIRT STORE ?8UPKRIOR Loudon Yoke Shirts, L. Y. 8., and Collar* made to order. HtBreadway. PATENT FOR BALK?WHOLK OK BY HTATK3. great invention. KOEHLKR'N Safety Horace' Head Gear. No more accidents BY REASON OF UORSKN SHYING. The undersigned hereby inform the public that they have made a great and Important discoverv by means of which the dally occurring soctdeuls through horse* shvtng or brooming frightened may be prevented. By this highly Ingenious vet simple Invention every one who has anything to do with horses may Instantaneously obviate every accident. It Is of the greatest Importance In preventing the running sway of horaes, Tn getting them out of their stables tn esse of tire, in letting them Stand hi the street without being fastened in any manner, a thing of great Importance to physicians and business men, Ac.; in the passing of railroad trains. In the trussing of ferries, as also tn the case of vtciuns horaes that are tn the habit of biting at passers by. Inquire of J. KOKKLKK A SOLTMANN. 415 Pearl street, near Hose, from V to U A. U. and from 1 to P. M. Persian corn PLABTBR?FOR THK CERTAIN t'lTRK of bunions, hard and oft corns, and all painful swellings ot the feet. This plaalevMoe* away entirely ?i.h the use of the kulle It* cures are easy and certain. Kvnry package aold h*? been a walking advertisement In Its praise Priee 25 cenla per package. Sold only by O. B. PHILLIPS, druggist, M4 Mcmi-Ioii Kti , (in.or I.r w... .*irr. PATRNT AWIIALTBE ROOFISR FRI.T, A light, cheap, durable end perfectly water proof rooting. ROOFING CKMBHT, Ao entirely now and niirnur easting for foR roofa ood leaky Ira roefe. r.,r onto hy RDMKSTOS BROH , J Howling Uroen, N. V. Hamplrs and circulars fro*. SPA WISH LAKUCAUK,-FKI>F.RICO KII*i?, SO Mi Rt.o.leray. A pi-cements. boo*i, deeds. mortgagee, Ac , .Iraun In Spanish, I" proper tones to be .wl la auji ol the .In ulniooe I.r Hpeln. Souili America and Molco. SI SO ICR S SO. 1 SKWISH MAt'HIRKS.?I'KRSOSM UAVIni acwlng machines of the above kind. In (nod ord?r. and are w iflw* t > veil cheap i an llnd a cuetmner hv elating price and how loo( la use, by addressing to R. W. Maohure, Herald office nrtBR amkripas houdifikd *m.*. 1 Prepared from the rtrhmi milk of tbo boot datrtm Dutrhean county, Mew York, la tbo only way to procure para Oik In larye clueo. The mmlioal pn.fcaaiio report It as Inraluable for Infanta and Invalids. It la cheaper than the awtil aude potoon sold so milk Aa It will kaop for years tn any olimate. It IndWpenaable far travellers, odnrrs of tbejuuny and nary, and for Ibnao beta* tn bot rbmates or at the Ho.ith. For ale la various Rand packages, aaoloaad for transport altoa. ad tha depot. AH Kmc AS ROl.f DIFIKD MIL I COMPART, T3 liberty street, two doom east from Broadway, M. T. -ri7'ASTKT>-o!.n boors, isuRAvnros. fairttsor Tt and all kinds of pmiof art. for which the highest e**h' C" waul be paid. Al?>'it two hundred Kngravinge by Itorit, nod a large soiled!.? of Ktrhtnga by old masters, for ale cheap, or wlllbe eiehanged for Famunga or mnlWn Kn graving*. (lentlrmen making op a collection of dne things would do well in call. A. W (Klt'l.DSoS, It Broad wag, corner of lln iaum street, up etaira. in nun PR* MTRUTR-TO CAPrTAI.IRTR, HASH 1U.UUU fartnrera, kr - Tbo moot Maple and perfaal Machine for cutting brads, shoe and Bniatdug nails; modal aa ihihiuoc at Inrrator'e behange, 101 WUliem street. Far parncalare apply to B. O. HAM, US Prlaao etreat. LOAMOFnOMI. ~~ AT 111 URARO HTBRFT, THRKB IXXIR* WTCHT OF Broadway, money advanced on Watches, Dtamaoda, Jewelry, Plate, I>ry (* > 0? end Personal Property of every descrlpUm. ?v Wghl and add. bp JGMBPH A. JACKMOR. aacttuneer and broker. ___ AT II C1UMRRRR WTRVlCT - MOmT TO U>AR TO any amount ne Diamonds. act or 'inset, Welches, Jewel ry. Be , or the wune bought for the highest cash pn. ee, by the well known iKAAOt, 111 "ha IS'jars etreat. R. B.?Ro bamaooa HaRRadaslRtiMfa At THE OLD fttTABLHIIRD OFFlrR, SI BROAD way - Money loaned ' I'i?iw<mdk WaU-hea, Jewelry, Ao , or bought for caab at full value Terma Itberal, hueineoa atrtrtly cnOdcnUal. J. H. OOHKR, Bl Broadway. At tub advaick orriciw OF U auuw lUKET r?n b* obtainrd in any aiantltr u ?*u-hfa jawalry. dia mnda, nnn. dry cnnda. Vwdwara, aiiwM brandlaa, and Tory draerlpuon nf marrWaadtaa; ar NracM and Ik* hiffb**t prw *a |tr*n Htudnaaa auirtly cnfldi nil.!. Oooda Inanrnd. fcant.ll.Wia lag FrMpnl amom, if WUUmm atraat, breaob At thb old orrrr*. noinrr m art ahocrt. To adranr# >m Ruirka, Honda. Drr Hooda. r*intin?a, Ar. To adriwirr on Dtamonda, WtFlwa, nanna, ibnn. Am., Or tmucbt for caab oar* pnraM. floon * nil I. i. H. BABRtROKR. 170 Bi-wdway, room ?. up ataln. BILLAMM. BU ll.MARD*.?PIIKLAH A BILLIARD BOOS, (X)1KU of Tooth ?r**t and Broadway, la eloaad for raooratlon and altar*!, com. Dun noucw at th* roopaulng will bo given la IMa rm p*r. All buainaoa ordera la tba mranllta* will bo ill an dad at tba nuutuf anbury. O. , (7 and Of Cnwhy ?tr**t. HHCLAB a otiixKHOwm. T drtrrr, inrnom billiard tartjm ard Li. *laallr aotnbinaOnn Owliloaa, patented Ror 9. LM& Ms differentmad Tablaa. R.B.?Ballot wm and Tahiaa (or plapi lac by J. Humphrey 13$ Fulton atmet. Aral floor. U DBt KBB. W Aaa abwaC SPI.RKDID RtRRT.R \RD m.ATR RKD TaRI.K" FOR air, a Ian a*> nnd hand Ttblra for aalr, at fl>0 and tIJB. Oil and eianila* IT*. n. ORirriTHd. I?? Falioo atmat. * ABTHOleOOV. T RCRA ini>* AXTROLOUWT. THAT KVKRT ORB A nan depend on for rr'un* from la Madaaa WtlJtOK, who lalla tba '/bjart of roor tiidt aa aoon aay?i aal*r b*r ronon All alnmld mnatiit ibia nat'iraily rifled lady, Mb toipbt n?T? the* many laiaf.rtuam Aha na>ia*a ap**dy mmrtaa*a and I* 11a all that wrna your wbol* Ufa. liar rB dtrttr.naSro a Un* that they ri/rrtaa all who mn#?ilt bar. II- I am n poaaeaahm if mart.' rbartaa lor loan and float Id'-b. whleb araa?*r <rrua In lb*ir *il*rt. Madam* Wilwm tall* an im* tbat arm* ladl?a may ?*t a little tunld. thnjfh th*y nrad not fear, for ah* r-ratw* anion. * hot wltal la manor' labia topblknntibara. ilA Ail*a at-art. aa.i r lan ton, orar tba ba tnry. Faa for ladt*a au-l gmiim mm, At ornia A CLAIBTOTAKT?RRf. RRTBC1CR, WRDHIAL A rUlrmrant, ro>?na Xo .* Fourth ?r.?i two donra w*at X Broadway. i'onanHaitona da* and r-?mir?, on aetrnma. kiMWn m. abaaot Irtanda. Ac. and aauafaoth* ifuarautnad or mm bay ________ MADhVR PTIASFFrit. J"l "in ?TRRKT. THIRD flmr. front, l*tw*?n ar?ro? < ard Vnl >n d?r%*t, iba armnth daii?ti'*r, h?? a ??tnr?l rut ? 1*11 awmt Ww*. marrtaa* %h'*i; i ii*nit?. b'lt.n. m and , -imrya Imdlna. ? mtta. (*aU*m*n. ku rrola. Xf R WHO HA* XOT DR ARD OF TTTIC f'RLRRR 1TKD 1-hKIW-laK rt?r b?* ' ?d Ibi mndt in th < and <rb*r < '" ? a' .h ?a ir- aatl?i*.'ion ?l?* (mlaoonf In- ai.* bar i*.aba i*.la thai . oi? of fa"i ra wlf* or b-iai-1-d. a I .. -a ?!? *. I' v.i'l * i?h lh Irnth Sir* hrr a uMI'itIi rn ? al'. - Twaily flrat alrarl Lndlaa. b> rrata. p^itlaaarn. Al. tl-IID HA* X"T IIFARD <11 THF. Wi.Ni'FRFl I. yy M?da"i? H ir* 1*11 hotii loi* Oiirrnra ' -n1 If'r 1 Iriaifi*-* *i *n lb* Inlawlad hnaMod ftn not farr i SKMIn"* !"? mw-'\ rppow." L td >w *r ibr U4tt> bn a- re I*d <s BMR NEW YORK HERALD, SU THE TlBf. OA HATCH) A, NEW TDKK.-TROTTINO?1HOR8DAI, O July 24, at four o'clock P M Pane II SOU. Mils bae?A bast three in Are, In harness- 0. Pilfer names b. h. f1-*" A lew. J. D. McJtaune nn?w br. g. Brown lHok. C7HTAARKINO, Proprietor. Union cocrsk. l. i.?trotting?on thursday. August!, at S'? o'clock, a match for $1,000, mi> bed*. I'ftt three in five to hi.rness. Jamca l> McMauu. name* b. ni. PI' ra Tctnpie, D. Tallman, names br. stallion Geo. M. Patch -n. I A good day and a good track. If not. postpooed to the Moudty following, and thcQ a good day and a rood track BHAW ? WHITK. Proprietors. _ UNION OOtJRSK l. i.-trotting-on TUK8DAY. July M. at half past three o'clock, a match for $20(1, Mile beats, beat three in five to wagons. U. Woodruff, names, a g(ieorge Maguire. D. Pilfer names, b. m. leidy Mauulre PUy or pay. Aomlaatrm 60 oenta. HIlAW A white, Proprietors. HOR?gavCAHRlACHci.J>C. For rai.b-a vkky rtvi.ish pair op carriage Horses, It bands high; also a single Hons, If hands high, can trot in three minutes; all three warranted perfectly sound and hind: one open Carriage rery little used. The whole the property of a gentleman who has na further use of thsm, and for sale cheap. Inquire at U4 Otatoa place, Klgbth at. TTVIR 8ALK?A TJtROR TARI*TY*OP ERCOND HARD r Carnages, onusiaUng of light, glass and eurtain quarter Ooachca, (wlechea, six paaseager Rocks ways, open Barouches, Ac., all In good ruenlng oondluoo; will ba sold low. Apply to MUTT A CO , IM Broadway, below Bond strssL For halk -to physicians, a hanpbohk turn out. consisting of a line Horse eight years old; a Boston ('balae and Harness, all In good order; will be sold separate or together. Apply or address l>r. l.tfi Kaat Twentieth street. Gkntucman's horsk for salr-he stand six tern hands full; color, rich dark brown; la sound. S|>eedy and kind In single or double li.,rneas; will ba sold reasonable. considering Ma rare combination of qualities. The Horse can < be seen at 3U Amity street, formerly Quarry's aUbles. TTTTAHTKn?TO PURCHARK, A GOOD HORSK. HAR" neaa and shifting seat Wagon; mnal be la good condition and sold cheap for ciuth. Address K. B H , box I,Ml Poet office, or apply personally at U Vesey street. WANTED-A PAIR OP HORSES; MUST BR STYLISH, free travellers and abls to irol together In 3K minutes; a handsome set of light double Harness would alao be purchased. Applv to or address OWEN COOK, No. 3 Seheimerbum street, Brooklyn. pgirrigTHY. ARTIPICIAL TEETH.?BEAUTIFUL 8KTH. ON PITRK silver, only W. on Ann gold and plaltna, with continoua gums. PCI; on vulcanized rubber. fill. Mingle teeth SI. Teeth Ulledjind extracted without the lcaat pain. ArliHctal bone till ] ins seventy live cents. At 138 Suth avenue between Tenth and Eleventh streets. DR. OUTLIER Dentist LMUNNTKR, GRADUATED SURGEON DENTIST, has removed to SO West Tw enty ninth street, between Brondwsy and Sixth svenue. NB GRIPPIN A BROS., DENTISTS, NO.W76 GRAND street, N. Y., and SI7 Pulton street, Brooklyn. Insert foil or partial sets of Teeth on their Improved atmospheric plate, with or without extracting the room?on silver, $8. amber OS ntbber, fit); cold, SIS. platlna, ?*>, partial seta on gold, SI pes tooth; allver, ll. Teevh filled with gold, fl; quartz, bone, silWr or Un. M cents. Teeth extracted without bakn. St cents. CLOTH1IG, AC. A CARD.?GKNTXJSKRN'S NEW AND LEFT OPP Clothing purchased for the Western market, in large or ssU lota. Call al the store, or address Thomas D. Conory, M Oentre,street. N. B.? Merchant tailors having any on hand will please address as above. A ItKTTER (MAMS POX LAMM AM) UKNTLRMRN a to coo? ert their enst oil clothing into cash, and no humbug. The highest pi ires paid fur Curorts, Furniture and Jewelry. Call at nr address UM Seventh avenue, between Nine teenth and Twentieth streets. In.ties attended by Mra E. No tiusinraa trsnsacted on Saturdays. A GREAT DEMAND rOR CI.OTIIING.?LADIRS AND gentlemen having any cost off Clothiig, Furniture or Carpels, are guaranteed to receive as fellows ? Pante, from 91 to 95; Coats, fiom fl to flu. bilk Dresses from 93 to $30. For barege and woollen Dresses the highest price will lie paid, by callinc on or addressing A. Harris, MM Third avenue. Ladles attended to by Mra Harris. AGRRAT DKMAND FOR CA8T OFF CLOTHINO, PUEutture and Carpets ?I continue paying the highest prices In cash lor the above named articles, without puff or h'unbug Please call on or address C. MIKH, 316 Eighth avenue, between Twenty aucth and Twenty seventh streets. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Miah. THE SUREST WAT FOR LADIES AND GENT8 TO (OCT | s fair price for east off Clulluac, Furniture, Carpets, and not to be humbugged by great putt*, is to send a note by post to 1W Seventh avenue, which dpi Se punctually attended to. J. a Nil ALT. ladlrs attended in by Mrs A. dtQ/inn WORTH OF NEW AND LEFT OPP CLOTH- ' VU.lA/U lug wanted for the Western market. The highest cash price ever paid ran be obtained in bankable money, , for tares or small iota, by calling at the store, or addressing , Wm Walsh, 41 Centre street. | EXCVnfilONR. AtlRANO KttTIVAL AND TICWIC, UNOKR THR direction of IheSorlstv of St. Vim cut d'- Paul, ?tt? hod to St. John tin- Evangelist church U> KlfUrth street, ?1ll take pl*eeonRTueed?x, tin--Hh ins ? J n.V W'.sel. sixth street and East river, day nod evening. The proreeds are for rtbeponr DodwucUt's Mriwlw hM< wffl sutto Its ratry At 10o'clock A' M. The managers have omitted no 1 thing to make this the most delightful festival of the season, The members respect'tilly Inilie their frleuds sud the friend* of the |>oor. Tic kets only 26 tenia. FKRRV TO CONKY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON The N Al'RHON will rtta dsllr through the season, lewm* Amos Street at 9'., H'^and't1,; Sprlni; street at 9U, 12', and 5l, pier No. t North river at W, L and t. Care, with a return ticket, 26 rents. TjMIR ROOIAWAT.-TIIK RTEAMBOAT OKKKS WILL r make daily trips as snore, Sunday Included, leaving ' athsrine Market slip at H JU A M., Sunny street. North rlrer, si 9. and pier No * North Over sI 9 .hi Retanting?Learns Itwkaway at 4 P. V , stopping a: tht Seaside lloiae each way f are SO cents each way. HI'STRESS THIRD EARLY MORNfJfO EXt'I'RSIO.V TO THK I1HOIJCKA HAN ICR Th- firs' I lis sen s ihot HI NTRKSS. I'aut. J. DuraU. ar rompanied hr ('apt. Anderson Oolaetl, nrill make one more o thnae delightful etrtirshaia to the above banks on Wednesday morning, Jul* Th. IMkl, leaving Jackson street at It, o'clock A. *.. Peek slip I o'ei.s-k A M. precisely Hail lurtuahed . trails. Wines and refreshments ran be had on Itoard. 1 Tare 12. WALTER II. C. KOUOH. JORKPH DL'VALL. OH. IIKRR.?THE STEAMBOAT flt'ffTRRHS WHJ, make an rtmnlon to the Camera Hanks on Tuesday, July 24. leering .larkaon street ?t 4',. Bridge street Brooklyn, el 8. Peck altp at 6A,. Hptlng street. Nortk titer, at 7, Pier 4. North riser, at 7)^. Hal' an 1 rafeshmeag on l>*nl. TickkeU $1. Sandy Ryar, R TVian, J. C. Kimmlna STRAM BOATS AND BARORS TO CHARTER PORRX I rursiune ? The undersigned emi, forruah Hteauitioat and Barge frotu M upwards. Alan, parties wishing to angage Salter'e Newark lUy tlrove anil lla)lr>?>m ran make all ar l-angeiaem# with IIKNKY MA LI.AN 237 Waat street rK VETERANS Of THR WAR OF 1815 ARR TO liave an etrttrslon lo Dertd's Island. Jul; 31. hv request of tlw.r > ..ung friends, vi ho bare kindly Volunteered u? aaauu in the laudable object fur the beneflt if the aged. up,rat and Min.1 matnbi-n ol ibeir rorp*, whoaa aarm rsnge from i!6 to 100 years Purr Sana thair U< k'ds and 0 I their boats that tb'-y may go b-.nia rr, b ins Tli kais to tia had of ll>a ra?m!>ars and at tha Isaaint;* and No 4 I Ity Hall plana Baa rirritlars and hills. The Vntn?aiia will please rail m No. 4 City Hall plaaa and ret tickets lor ili*tril>ntK*i N 8?Tha last sailing siexrn'rHA TKMTR and'?-deadld new ly titled barge POlUHk KKPSIE are i harvrrd for the purpose rK ORKAT EASTERN. hPRi'lAI. ANNOUNCEMENT. K1CVRMON TO CAPK BAT. The Oraat hasten Steamship, John Viae Hall maaandee, Will maka an KXl I KNION TRIP TO CaPE If AT AND RKTURN, Ian ring New York MONDAY, JULY *>. at Joaloak p M . Amir* at < spa May early the next day. Returning, laara Cspe Mar no TI'KSPAY KTKNINO. JCI.T 31, at It o'rlork, Am ring la Naw York on tha following wnrouig. This trip has bean arranged with a new of affording eg. rorslimlets aa opportunity of witnessing In operation lbs rael lanura power of tha ship (both paddla axd eeraw anginas', of exhibiting by prarueal aiparlanae bar admlrabia sailing and sea nualiiiaa. as wall as spending a day In tha height of the aaw 04 owe of the nawt I aahlunable a alarms plaae to Amrnoa DoITwoRTira cei.khratkd bands (both Military sad Cotillon; Will aar.mipanT tha atauratoe. REFRESHMENTS may benbtaioed no board at moderate piictli Kio rWnolete m.ust be no board not later than 2 F. M. ca ts for tha mood trtp, >10; will b? raady for deli eery I no Monday, tha 23d Inst , at tha office of the Ad'tma Rtpraaa 1 Venpan;. No M llroadwsy. stale r?ooM eitra, and to be re rerrad araltuOTalr for ladles. Bads will ha made op for gaatleaian la the different m?n nartmaafta and decks of the ship, for which there mill be do Thmnfntimt wn.r, pat por a rii?k to hi rot JOUR'S WnOiinji -n llotrl, P.albnah. TV* car# Ittie Pulton f?*i rj avrrr 1(1 mlnntra. WMLEOAP?. XTFTW YORK AFP (MR!.KM R tll.ROAO OOMPAMY. ^ PARK Tit Al.RARV IX On and art*r Monday. Jtin* 2i, 1*400. trmiaa will Irara Twaa ly aittbau-rrt auuon, Raw Turk, as follow*:? For Wrilamahrtdc* and all way ataliona. 7 <0. U and S 30 F. M Knr Whllr Plalna and all way nation*. 1 JO. 4 and I P. M. For Whit* Plalna ami all war atallnna. It P *., froa? Whl?* *ti??t danoL Por ('mum rail*. 4 14AM. atop pin* at William abod** and Matlona abora. Por IVwar Plalna, * 10 F. M., atnppliMt at Wh it* PUIna and aUUona abort. Thla train runa to Mlllrrtoa Saturday rrawnR. Por Albany. 10 15 A. M., aifr**< mail train, ainppint at Whita Plalna, hrdford, Crotoa alia and ftatinna north Hrturnlt**?will l**r* Wllllamabridf*. atnoptnt at all trap ?tati**na. ? 40. 0 A M. and I I* M. ftbil* I'laina, stopping at 0 and 7AM.. and 4 It aad 7 P. M. at ad way stations. iKirar Plains, OA. M . stopping at all aUOana north of PnrdhaWL Thla train l*?raa Mlllrrtnn arrry Monday morning. 5 IB A. M. Cro* I ton falls. t P M, stopping at all stations north of Pordham. Albany, A. M . stopping a all atati >na north of WhM* Plains JOWH RlflllHII.I. Aaaiataat Bupacialmdant wnicAii. " ADPRPRKKP to MARRIKP ARt> HIIOLI -DR. WAT HOR on IVbilHy. A*, with anaimniral pIntra aad drawtnra. "Th* b*ni work for th* aim |>n?f rational rmd*r.' ? Madi raT R*rl?w. Pni r II. Hold br Pharlra Miliar OB Hrnadway, R. t . and Py lb* author, al 4M Rroom* utrwt aronad bl<?*h w*a) of Broadway. wh?r* h* taay b* roaaitlutd on all alTaaiiona of thwrlaaa. Ima 8 A M. tu I P. M. ______ CIIVROK KK RKMKfiY, AR DRPAIMRO RMtmrfC POR ib? nnfortnnai*.?Turra ordinary affllrtlon* In twn dnra. and ordin-irr r? *? in a abort ll*n* II dnra not ln'rrfrr* with dirt or affr*-t Iha hrralh. Hold br all iaap?. '? la druggi*'* ( rrrrrwbrr*. HARRKHAPARK wholraala aad ratail agrau < for Haw York, II and U Park row . , TV* *. COR RETT?fiFFK 'R W PC AR* RTRRMT. MEM If harnf th* Hrw York Unirrrady, Mndiral Ooilrga, naa ha fnaniird aa usual on hta IraattaraL OowUtaUmm oral BmUal. HKAI TH <>P AMERIt'AH WOMBM m.i, I/I* it, IB 1 rrgntartuaa. di?pla**m*nta and diatrubn-a. ?rar*-*h*r wn.? cnnetlliiiional aympVima and illrraara of w item arr rad ally purml br th* Ori*n*nti*rg Company a Marshal, a fir-in* i I'alhnllruB. I'rtn* II Boprr bnttl* Por Id ftr* bonira a*ni by j *ipr*aa. and rtwyr* prruaid in and ot narraa llnr ?* aa Raw Tort Addrra* .t ot a r H- la*. M I> . Rn t-nt " i a. ,n lira (Iroi.rr* fra'.":i* Rn I llood atf# N . Y , |t 1 HRPOttK win #n*iv1 to nrrf *a?<nnal ralla an i rwrwirr pall' iaha I at hta r**td?n? In lb* Hrwdanli-r* limBtuBi ItlRh# I j Rn. 1 Rotid tlrrrt. Ran Yora. PROflRROR RK-TRTX liT-HAMBRMRfilRlCT. I ? > VmamiafM a.k. K 'jy t rn 4 1' <m ?J< I *M ' I Ft* "W Raw Tor*. I NDAY, JULY" 22, I860. AMlhKMJLKTS. | nrMTKR UAKI?K.r " I YY FOR TH*< FIRST TIME IK TWENTY K1V1C YEARS THE WONDERFUL havkus IftF. transfer thoee eatertatnmenta, which for % quarter of a lenlury have afforded to Near York an much grata. pi?uol less tid healthy dr.taut to the beautiful WINTER GARDEN. U?D COMMENCE ON NEXT MONDAY EVENING, the ?d. K brief engagement pnor to t-ieir departure for Europe fur ??rformatu .? will eomiuetu-e with the apleuliJ spe-tai tlar omic ballet entitled KIM-KA: On, Tttr Adviktuuiu or ax Aikonaot. irltk entirely new Scenery, Dresses .and Decoration*, i'enillataw, afterwards die Vu bl Tang Ri chun wane . t Jatn tal Ravel itmka, Emperor box Row woof China Francot? Ravel tang wanti ehk-bi fom-Tor-Touf M George laa eon*-daw drain M. fjehmau )in? done <'h?w raw E. Martluelti 'rati! buT?u rtt-the Mias Francta Soldier*, Maiulann*. Guards, Ac * The dance* inridental to tlie piece are? irand Fa* t blnot* Corps de Ballet *aede Ciuqne. Una Wmdel, Mia* Ersueia, Mile. I.eouline Caaael, Misc Desire, Miss Shew and Mile. Chlartnl 'binoae Faa Keul Y'oiing America fvabolio Dunce and Grand Finale by the Pull corps Afle'which, lira! time this season, of the famous and trre iiaiibly eonuc pantomime, In uhlrhaKraiicois Ravel ha* gained inch a world-wide reputation, entiflwd VOL AC VKXT; On. A NuinT'.i Aovt-xroitn. Man-Yen! Francois Ravel >14 liroclc, the Miller 1- Itofttoetu I'lerre. bm Foreman Mom. Tophon l.iutle, Brock * daughter Mia* Fahncia During tlie piece a pus dt'deux. by Mia* Francis and Mona, l ophod. Introducing the COMIi'AL UMBRELLA SCENE, ilsplaytng the thrllllbg adrentitres of Vol an-Vent with ht? amirella ui a etcvin; and ext? aordtnarjr feat of La Marnere Ceane, which couaiats in crossing the cage on the top of a vertt pole To conclude k ith Beautiful and Graceful Grouping* of THE MARTISKTT1 FAMILY. TkTEW BOWERY THEATRE.. AN Sole prognetora Meaart O. L. Fox A J. W Ungard MONDAY. .Iul> Et. M#> Re engagement for *lx nights only of wr ? L-rtnv Who will appear tonight in laird Byrou'a ureal play of WKR.NKK. on. THK INHERITANCE Werner Mr. K. Bddy Ulrie Mr. G C. Botuiae# I Gabor Mr. J B. Ho#e ideuateln. Mr. J W. UtntirJ | .loacphine... Mrs. W. U. Jones The lieantiful local drama of DICK, THE NEWSBOY. Wrk Miaa Fanny Herring Pete Williams . .Mr. G. L. Fox And the coiuie farce of MIDNIGHT UOBSP1K VTOHS A A A BROADWAY. Ml XX X CARTER S GIFT MIN8TRELS, I lie largest company ever organized, a TWENTY TWO TALENTED PERFORMERS, And a flrat rlaaa Dramatic Company, WILL OPEN MONDAY EVENING. JULY ZV UAJ. A Uifl with eieri ticket, valued from 15 ceula la ADMISSION fWTCNTY FIYK CENTS. FRANK CARTER. PROPRIETOR AND MANAGER. W. A. Chruly. Mage Manager. Herr Mali. Mualoal Director. "T ITTI.K CORDELIA HOWARD'S" FAREWELL OR Jj the stage will take plaae next aoaaun. M auagera having night* will please addreaa G. C. Howard, Cambridge, Mm . a ear Harvard Collage. WILL CLOSR WKDNRSDAY, JULY ?. OHDKCH'B latest work, TWILIGHT IN THK WILDKKNKH8. At GOUPIL A CO.'it, 772 Broadway. Admiaaioo IS ream. DK. BAR'S ST. LOVI8 THEATRE-STARS WISHING to engage for the winter season can addreas the undersigned. 1.X18Columbia avenue, near BimwU atreet. PhUadel phia. W. CO WELL. Balloon'-great attraction at ckanerach Allantlc Garden*. Hobokeu. An ascenalon will be made by Proteeeor Wtae in lila aplendid new balloon "Sky Lark." from lb ear elegant gardens, on Thursday next* at S r M. DRY GOODS, AC. H3Z AT MRS GAYNOR'S?0OR8KTS AND SKIRTS. EXcluturely.?Ladies and atrangere viaitlng the elty will find the largeat variety, beet quality, and every article connected with the buaineee, at moat reaeonable prices, at Mil Broadway, two doora from L'ulou square. ACABD.-W. JACKSON. No. Ml BROADWAY, HAS ruoalanlly on hand every article dealrable for fhmlly mourning, at reaoonr ble puree Particular attcntioa iecalled 10 our Mock of Bonnet* and Mantillas. BAROATNS FROM AUCTION DRY OOODS TOR THK MILLION. Uvely times among tba LAC* AND SILK MANTILLAS, 8UMMRR RHAWIJt, and f.arlt Fall naiwii goods. They mttat ba cloee<l out early thla anonih. as the JPall Gooda u? coming, ?t*n culling ana iiuu:i( win an >nii up * usual in fin* good*. The day of larg* profits upon fine gnodi ku gone hv. Bcautif ul Bwtn Anflala,10 la UU ?uU per yard Brocade and Detached Figure 1 Ha: egcs, it crnta, worth 15 rente?the handsome* noon* worn. 6.UUU Lao* and Hilk ManUUaa. 75 oents to (6 each?literally thrown away. GOOD CILANCE FOB THE TRADE TO PICK I P BAR OAIML tOOO pleeae wide Rlack file for Mantlllaa, cheap. Barer# and Barege Anglaia Robes, (3 IS, $2 60 and $1 90 ??<b?cheaper than lawns. DON'T BOY UNTIL YOl' BEE THE OOODS AND HEIR THE CLOSING PRICKS. 5,000 all Wool H roc he lxvng Shawls bought on aperulstton tn> opea the fall trade with, 95 90 each, cost 5>'i 90 to itui?st. 57 W each, worth 915. All domestics add at prices. LEWIS. IIA VII, AND A C*) No. UN Chambers street, corner Church. Mew fork. BARGAINS?PRICES REDUCED -RPLKNDID RIDING Hate. Waching Hale. Central Park Bloomers, all trtmmaJ. t oek l eathers ver> large Pree* Honets iud Traveling lion eta at reduced prices Bonnets at 95 eneh, worth 910. L. 91991 MOlinery. Ml Bradraj. up Stairs. / lONTTWU AVION OT THK ANNUAL CLEARANCE V' aele of aeaaouaMe PRY'GOODS At IU8 and 110 sixth avenue IMPORTANT TO THE Pl'HLIC. The best value for the cost. Dreaa Goods at nominal prices Printed lawns st IPp'.. worth IHc. Others III proiKirtion. Primed Barege# 15e., from prices Sir. Barege Robes. 20) srOs at 92 90, worth 99. Others equally cheap. Uiaw-ls. silk sod lacs Man le?. at great bargains. Noibrnderlss and lace Goals at a great reduction. I lee ana gentlemen's gauge meruu I'undergarment*. Straw Bonnets. Mlosnrre ami Equestrians vary cheap. An rndteae variety of other s irnmrr Goods equal;) desirable tnd advantageous f..r purchaser*. Remember llM and 110 Sixth avenue, Betwreen Eighth and Ninlh Creeta. I'll AS U. H'lOK CYHOK E ROY El T;E-. J 3.&U RMMBOIDKRKD J APA NK?K THAI KI.LING SETS Jtukrareired per Cramer Vunde:hill. A T STEW IRT .1 Cf), CYARPETS. CARPETING. ) I I'lidlnTKP.Y GOODs. CURTATN MATWIALS and Fl'KNITl'RK COVERINGS, Embroidered U'f aM Musi.uCt RTAlNs, X A ineverr tanmr. A T. KTKW VRf 4 i Q. Forty thoi'raKD dou-ar* worth Of rtcli *i!k an.l lacc * .ulllla*, to be M<;d danni? Jclj *nl A ju! at h?l: lie* cost <r. itop >?.tioi. l.W rk !?rr PMnU from N 1 I . nPrrfrli laor M?Btlll..? from El i.UUU Mark Bilk Vanillin* fr<>m *n 4.UU0 btrrte An?l*i* O'latrr*. Ima SI l.OUU inniuri clod. Tra' * ln(| < )< <'*?. from R! ??> fompl. tr True Huita, from SI Alao nrr i rh silk and *ulptirr l?? Mantilla*. Nrw autumnal blark Mlk Manf :** and and noraltlra la riot!' an J xrlrrt Cloak* Til* for at in lh- fit*. an.! all at popular prlr.-a w l> RI.UlOTT a i'o., *H and *>6 i.anat\ Hruiidrcib H nlJ.nita. a frw d'ior? fron Broad" ay Great ruwiKi* nirr rai.* or fpkinii and hl'mmkr gootvt. 1.KRAT RYSI! At K1KZFYH I'brap Kmlmoidrrr and Ribbon Ktoi* Tbr atop* la** brru ck?BJ tut tkr pui-puat of iuariu >2 down tlie i rlcra. Rtrtw Good* cloain* on' I,WO Rlr* w bonnri*. all kind* A to favI.VH Tin* I Ion art*, all *?yl#a. half pnrr Z.UUU Bloomcra, all aydr*. <k?tnk. Mr to 7* rii.bofl* cloaina out II WO Yard* R.bbon*, 2r V , Ar and Rr 8.UUU tarda Rlrh Ribhona luofh 2A- li-lr rinr Kl h Ribbon* half prt. * 7.WW l'ak> Mil'a ?io?ln* Pair, mik Villa, Ar.. I> I a. *> , AV . 3lc. 1.5UJ Pa.rm Mb. a. MUa. Ir . V.. Ac. I'ftTMWv rJoclua ball price I'araaola We., 50r , <Hc . 75-70. 2>?) Nnntltlae, i WMdnif no'. Mr . 75c. to 1.000 Haanr Uk Talal *?< II1,c 1 500 Rich Hug ir and Ckradle Mia, SV 00 (tenia* and Indian' Handkerchief*. .V In 25 Hand* cloning <?it. OotNr* rjoam? <?it Tjunw, Trtmnun.r*. unfit Hnop Skirl* rinnnelng* f'lnt?r?, > ana, with larva ; u of ? liar good* bought ai mutton,?. .* ug it at about kail prtra a' WM- KfN/Kl H. J Kighib are , between Twenty tird aril ae> end a*a. \f H. talCHTRHOTKIK. SW fASAL KTRKKT-riRAl. J0, r '<ain* n?t *.! o' rl> h Ribbon* and Urea, T'tmmur*. oV II 15 bten*tetn'a. iW Canal alreet, corner af Wnneler. rat lloor, up auira Ladle, doa't lnar*ibla opportunity In ge' ana very cnutee Rtb'ioiia ai "oe 'lunrter the cor. of mpuru*i lit. H I,|CHTKN*TKIN. .loat ra< elred taotge Ufchrma in Hoi'ertnn and Maatievj, nhi^aa _________ Tj ICd KMBROlDMSK0 LAf'l MITT A, U Mwrl and \ lonf, Jtid received per atea?er Vanderbilt. A. T RTKWART A CO. S-IRMKR FofM.lM R A R V If ANMIAIS AMI TKA VKI.I.HVO IIRRBH tHMItm At caoeedmgly I w price*. A T. ATHWART A CO. rTHi public in Aa op port, ally which ahn .11 not be neglected. |40 DUO worth or ner ooorn, TO HK HOLD RKtlAROLKdR ur ( 'Mr. r?e?to?a m the aUire being t inned dnOM Ik* raon'A at la rapt for atVMMra a'.ieraUom and uppnranieat flM stork ronilfj 'k AIOAKB MAirn.HR. RHAWI.R7*, ARABIAN*. *AWHB, ORrJARfirRR MAKr. Ift\ (TIALLllt*. rOPMHB, , (pfcUa aad enbrwderedj POUf.A RH* Ac HKKRilK RMHKS tad Ak Ike pop lar fabrtoa of the aeaaoa. Hpadal auen.. >a la railed to a iob I'M of n/iTH I'I/IAKH tenable for Irate King <>r rnueam wear |i in i?*al fexa i wkeleeale ean tOMd irpr ai tlHper ren-r*i IM d >La< anl ,hick wnare aal ia? al t-ie f.dtie iijf pr.e?a ? I7? ' <3 Rhswlnte RB, iieliH W. M0 (loth Clonka ij>|ei#t back', tl 7? *"*nA V> W 1?0 UUMfc i loaha (Wth h**t, IB *1 wfRHl W K ROMRRTS M Rower* K .?Between Pidnee aad Houndn a* eeta. t*.eaa? r?nieaH?r I he name i n .ah* III HOKr. CA*Ke TH [ \ -I Or [U I,m PA ,:K I.AW*tl 10 renia per car l Fe feeC? ( *'. no ? a ant ? ? Jeanne. A r AT 'T ART A 1 O r?cr *otf>H?7 !>*,) > rw , | h. II Odll It AMMa order, P ttieg ap'ta 'l Be, a* f 4*01 1 .,1a a e?i?y 'V4f 4 r "r AWy.NCMKVTa. LALJtA KRr.fK THEATRE 1 . HMe u l MaD?.n?r Mr ,'oae h lefferaot) 'age Mvi ihw Juau Simtnividi a! Director Tiioa Baser ooeruc Ax .ml ... J. K ll*>ea I*ruui,j;*r T CUue MONDAY JULY tt. AND Kl'KRV K\ K.vISO DURING THR 1TEES, "<?Tn lor * *-*at ("imedr of OUR AMERICAN OOU8IN, WttS nearly *11 th* onrtaa! can' MRS JOHN WOOD XH fiortnce, MR. JOSEPH .1RKFKR80N . . Aa Aaa Train-hard, A-Ul I.ivl.l, ,-.i ., av pre-fnTta i.entkd company. MR ->)TIIKKN v pundirary, MK oom^oocK Hfi M mcotL MR pktvtui Aj liituic y, 4?B MIS* BARA HTKVRks A? Mary M-TM.UV NEW AND BKAUT1KU1, B01CNKRY NKW AND BRAtJTIKUI. HCKNKRt MKW AND BEAUTIFUL 8UKNKRY NEW AND BEAUTIFUL 8CKNKRY NKW AND BEAUTIFUL HCKNKRY nkit and beautiful hcenkry ar HAYRH. HAYEr D :ring the Corned* MK. TU0MA9 BAKER Will perform his original AMERICAN COUSIN POLKA. Doors open ai 7 V rammruct at 8 preciaely. WALLACE'S TilKATRK THK UHKAT BURTON1AN REVIVAL. AXCITKMKNT STII.L INCREASING. FLORENCE CAPTAIN CUTTLE To olsbt FLORfNCE SUCCESSFUL IN HI RTON'S CHARACTERS. Owing to the ran of the Hurtonlan drnrnna. nartien may aaW|? ?t tha I... jii! thrr?t in aayancs, This nr rangemeut ia made for the accommodation of those who desire to arold the crowd at the ticket ollice In the evening. To night (MONDAY). July ?. 1W0 will be riven, for the first time, the great Burtonlan drams, DOMBKY AM> BON. Captain Ed'ard Cuttle first time ... .Mr. W. J. Florenee Susan Nipper find tiuie Mrs. W. J. Florence aided by a power" ul caat. After which the successful Protean farce, called THK YOUNG ACTKKSS. Mra. Florence In se\ertil dlfferentmharacters. Camomile, a Trsgedtsn. Mr. W. J. Florence Ktile Heather bloom, a HcotcIF lassie, 1 Paul Berlin, a French lad. I with aongt Oorney Grey, an Irish boy, > and dances, Maria, the Manager '? daughter, I Mra. W. J. Florence Jeruaha Joyful, a Yankee Gal. j Tuesday. TOODLKR' NIGHT : Vt.ORF.XCK a# Timothy Toodiea < i? played hy bun 1 .at week to enthusiastic aud critical audiences. THK PRK8R Fions>< * at Tooott" ?He was most completely successful. We ear this hoaectiy and with very little reserve, for we think It. and were thoroughly astonished at the triumph which ha achieved in this part. When we say thai, sav ing a slightly oreracled ooosdonsoeaa of the dilticulty of the task be had undertaken. Mr. Florence's copy was fully as good as the original. we think we are pat ing htm the hlgheat of oompllments.? N. T. Dlspateh. Fioiienck as Toontjce. -Mr. Florenee playa the part in olone imitation of Mr. Burton, eren to the uortiv form, and ia eiceeding ly success' ul in making the established potnta The andienoe were delighted, and ia tiieir enthusiasm went even to the almost unprecedented extent of encoring a portion of a scene. Mr. Florence made as 2rc < t a hit as is within the range of the possibilities of ilie case ? N. V. Tribune. The Toodiea of Mr Violence waa emphatleally a hit upon hi* part. 1 he likeness to Burton pervaded the whole of the acting His success w as decided, and the andisnoe insisted on a repetition ot ibe drunken scene.?N T. B* press. ti k.sp a \ ?TOODLKh by Florence, and a new adaptation called THK 7.0UAVBR. WKDNESPAY?CAPTAIN CUTTLE NIGHT. Poor* open at 7'4. Commences at ti. gARNl'M'S AMERICAN MCREU>I. Coder th*> personal supervision of P. T H ARM'*, COO I, t l'l.KASANT* ENTERTAINING I AMUSING 1 NEW AND BRILLIANT ATTRACTIONS ! THK GRKAT EASTERN Ol'TDONK and VANQUISHED. G IA M BABY. I.IVINO BRA LION, 7 years old. Require* Id bbla. ses wafer weigh* 2.17 pounds. uod est* A) lbs. fish daily, Measures 61 Inches round. weirhs I.Odd lbs LIVING " WHAT IS IT " ALBINO FAMILY, or Man Monkey. Born of black parents, hut barThe misit curiou* nnd interest lug White Hair and Skiu; I ing living ,. mdei Fink Ryes, Ac., Ac. LIGHTNING CALCULATOR?FORTUNE TELLER, AO. AQI A RIAL GARDEN. i Life Uke was figure of Willi rare living fish, as I TOMMY. BKAl'TIFUI. AStlKI. VIHH, The Japanese, with hi* own SEA PORCUPINK. | Suit of Clothes, KEDHNAPPKRS I i n t'uhs.j And on Autograph Letter LTYIWO SKELETON. I BABY i N AC< >.V]> AS, ' MONSTER NNAKKS. | HAPPY FAMILY. WAX KlUUKKci. I LIVING SKAl>. " Th<> Management in happy t<? announce an eugagemeut. for a a'unrt time ol 111** relebra'ed WOOD'S MINSTBKI.S. Accompanied by Wood'a Quartette Brans Hanif. Coder lb** anperrtalnn of Nr. I H. BCPWORTH?the best band of Ethiopian Mms rcls. Ethiopian Personatnrs, &r., 4c.. Ui the country. They appear every Afternoon at three o'clock, and erery Kt cuius at right, la a wi ir? "I ETHIOPIAN OPERAS, MINSTRELSY, AC. Admittance to even-thing. V< cents Parquet, IS rants eitra. Children under ten, 15 cents , and to the Parquet, 10 cents. PALACE OARDK.NS. Fourteenth street ne .r Siith avenue. SUNDAY EVENING, July First Urund sacked Concert Br the following combination of talent. Madame JOHANNA FISCHER. M m EI.I.A V WRKN. Mr. UF<> CKO/IKR. Mr. S. J. COOPER, Mr. G A REX FORD. Mr. W H CU It RIK. Conductor. Adm.xs.on 15 rent?. P ora "pou at7H o'1 lorlt The orkat eastern. CLOSE OF THE KXHTBTIOK. It is Itereby notitled that the EXfirBrrtoN of The great eastern Will be closed In Nem- York on KATCRDAT. Jul* W. at 7 o'clock. P M . I'ii to which Loir the admlaelon will hp continued at the rate of Ui CKNTs f'HTT.IiKPN rtWPRR 1>. HAW PRIOR. IM>D WORTH H CKI.KliK ATkl* HAND Will perform eyery d*> during lh? week batwrau Ike hour* i of 2 and P. M. Br order J H. TATEH. SeeretAry. THK Kri.rPSF. THK ORKAT CANTKRBlRV ELLIPSE. g?is Remarkable phenomenon. not foretold by netronmrrg, Autl not rtru " dreamed o( ' In their " phllnoOfby,'' I 'ii be wlloeared nightly, for 13 ceuU. At f A.NTKKBCRT COM KRT IIAI.I., ?.( HROAPWAT, And there alone it may be clewed m "nil lie glory." AN OTLPSK OK SUCH MAfJKm'PK An can ur t?r again occur In mundane afTaira. For It atnrt'.ea vrto nd? bewilder*. yet gra'ltiee The rmwda ot i lettera it attracta, tola. i> inrclnaung power that due* i RKATXV AStOIWSH THE NATIVES. rANTERIWttT OOJM'ERT HAM, t<MP-iRS Erery other e euing entermaunetit In theriirof New Pork. II cbeekaand reveraaa the proceeding* of that "aorereign mm rem ot Imp ineiauobolv, ( " tha |>?!e f iced Moon,") and the Logday power ?>( her Muater l.nmiiutry . giore those who patron!/* Cuoterbui > Hall are NEVFB "SUN STRICKEN " N"R " MOON STRUCK," It-it are invariably "Stage Wr *k and <s??e?|oen<l* made light at heart. The very ronanminalion ao long "Act out Ir" wished lor by the maawH. for ' a light >e.?rt Urea long.' and "a good heart" la , Uial ami "I our Parlance wbirh ahlnea bright and never i change*, but heroa Ma course truly." CANTKRHl'Rl I'ONi'KRT IIAI.I* ? 'mi UMU or ? HIUN DMIi.V' Tbr "#r*. atop oc which h*a itlvrti thr proprirtnra aufBetrnt ; alt!! idr to rtiabl" tiirm t" *r? I bat romln* "tidr" to Ihmr "aitalra wbKb mm! "Irad tai to forttinr.11 Thry perrrlv.-, i |0 that thr auaar? ara mot-to* upward, and rrt|ulrr lurhrntana.nmrnw a* Khali not br Mrlodron irod Art Union i/?d. , Parnbin l/rd or turn .tn irrd, but rra'.l) ' tdoUrrd." aa Ihn i lANTKRllURV t'ONt'KKIS now arr. at thr OOBCKRT HAIJ. ?J HKUaPWaV, WV-rr < nly ti<, It nimdnn' pat rrrrlyro? I* b ra In w )>at f tak'-a. and w bat n gt. ra." Th-* !. ,r 'loner" I'nuiK it) Brwr Turk. r< inparad With T Uh UaiAl I AMrlKHi I'.Y IIaI.L.. aac '"takr m through mjirrna?"t>r a-pird A world of iiothln*- aiarrntitrd " T8>~ CAATXRBI RV HAM, KNTKKTAlNMB.NT.d arr at know Irdgnd U, b. brtirr an Had to TliK Tv.?f? UK 11 of M ASP hit Ibu anr otiirr ad rr1 irrd alti tu t . na < 'li? porarot lime. WV?'?< rr 1? wj In opi> .?! u to thta ? " Tbr pK. iir rt?l) rrmahir Irt Ihurrwbndarr I Sat oar tart: < ho ' whrn ibe> thr i.1gr, arr " TlirAon^a I ur'U. and oprratio Parformmert, thr B-iUrt* and I'it?*r? Thr II illn S?bl' Mm irrlaj, Thr F.'.il'iplai sprrrbe vil Mnr.raynra Thr II) llili^a! ' F r .1. .|ni|. .r,|lr|.-.| , Thr 1 : a at d < <-n rrtrd plrcr- of tbr nrf brat ra, I (raw ' rrr talrf rrnarda rtrrj r .rj.'>i* tn C AMI KKBl'KY I Oh< KKT II Al l., SB l?K? A HWA V, t>ppntr Hondatrrni. A i:nla?pon IS rrnta FOX A ITRR tfC frnprlrtora, t'HIMsT BoKKis. Trrar rrr. V SAM t OWltU. thr I MM* torn If air arr of tbr prriwni trnl r r.utagrd, and oil. hppaar vu Munla;. An gnat a. it?j THF M'dT I.RFfRARP Of I'OMIITRATTOV OF WO* RT. Iki woodrra and rotrmr'mrnla arr nitordrd In tta n IT I.ttt- ! a 1' rt wmrn'r for Mfr.da/ It will b* d m. t lor thr Int-rraof notrl'T nnd am ?rtnrnt tnatay awaj. Rt.Uirtr wll; fat to br rratlftrit Tha tji.tnt 8a''? Albino Family. Lloni H?a I Jon What t* It. Aunnrta. A r mill fallr gratify thr ; to* r of tba irondrrftil ami rnnnm Whur W -A a r?l? raiod M.natrr: had H" r.raqua Opr.-* Tro' pr. w-fll drligbt all lorrra [ of tnualr and talrh JRTFRNATTo|fAI. ART IRRTITITIP5. FXHTRfTIOir OF PAIRTIffOS. Rn RM R'f<%dwa/. o K-nar of Ftruilh atrrat. Opra from 10 A M ta 7 K M AfimMamn TV FRAWKMK MTT.UFfW IB OR A If D RTRKRT, OM dw from Broadwrar. I sfRARORRR Arrittn* .a thr rttr ?1ll rt-mrmbar that tbr M<)PlfL ARTIBT* frr*orm lirlrr r ?-h day. f- mmmrln* rrary day at T1IRRX ?> CI/R J THKKR O 'Tjwf l.i t?r aftrni'?.n, and a?aln In tfcr f rr-a'M at KIUMT OT'l,')t'K. FIOHT O'tlbOfS. Bo rmitlrma-i aho nd Irara tbr rttr trttboat rMUaf Ifea Fraa?:.a M'lar-tn 1*7 (Irand atrrr- an I arrtaf (Aa Mt'PKIf ARTISTS ! tbrl' bra lUftU rlaaMr Utdna FVtnraa. A Iti'awi -i it . "%!?, 80 r?n'j Bntra. to raata: PA r?> Mrurw f Hrfa *i tbr btaaa W. g 'OLPsirTP.? BWitROfb onr KUHinm. w a bp mi TT Rroadw ay, cu-trr of Twraty rtrat itma -A "plmdld rihlbi'ion r f thr world of Ba'nrr and of Art. Admlaton. M rrnta arWW MiirntA t)ym from ?to 7 or tor*. TkTTBI O'S S AI.OOB -TTO RT.ROAirr AJTD FAAH10R it abtr < mnrwrt Room, dttrd rp W1U MM and art of IM n, can br rrntod by t?- aisbA or warh faudnt Mm abaann r tiro Cbrtrtf to rh. adrlpbiai for maoartoar nrrf ?M an'ra J a oanrrt vb? -hoUAa. is| | Vl M* f ? Km R%l"M garAaa 1__ a3tv?kmmkt8. vtihlo'a garden 1 Ja.' * Khd? ?n1 m?nwj?r jolacuok* n jioaj thiwur cooijcst theatre in the WORLD. oooumt theatre in the WORLD. coolest theatre in the WORLD coolest theatre in the WORLD. cooijqht theatre in the WORLD. coolest theatre in the WORLD. coolest theatre in the WORLD. coolest theatre in the WORLD. gardens rrowkrs, fountains, proven ADM. UAHDANa, e lowers, fountains, PROMRNADM gardens, flowers, fountains. PROMRWXDM gardens, flowers. fountains, PROVEN ADM gardens, flowers, fountains. PROMRNADM gardens, flower?, fountains, PROHRNADM gardens, piowerb. fountains, promcnajmm. gardens, flowers. fountain* KRONEN ABM first night of aladdin. first night of aladdin. first night of aladdin first night of aladdin first night of aladdin. first night of aladdin. first night ok aladdin. first night of aladdin first iight ok a1.addin. first night of aladdin, i first night of aladdin first night of aladdin. first night of aladdin k&s night of aladdin riail sw?t of aj.addin. risss n'ght of aladdin. flk? sbmil ?r aladdin. first umtil ur aladdin first smtti 0>' ai.addin. first aladdin. f.i5?? night of ai.addtk r iiwt NIGHT OK aiaddin' FIRST KIt.HT ok ALADDIN FIRST NIGHT ok AI A )| IK FIRST NIU1IT ok ALADDIN FIRST NIUI1T ok ALADDIN FIRST NIGHT OF ALADDIN FIRST NIGHT OF ALADDIN. FIRST NIGHT OF AI.ADD1N FIRST NIOHT OF ALADDIN FIRST NIOHT OK Mil" ADA CLIFTON. FIRST ND.HT OK Miss a Da (WKMI FIRST NiOHl Oh MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ada OUKTON FIRST NIGHT OF MISS ada OUKTON. FIRST NIOHT OK MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS AJ)A CLIFTON. FIRST MOUT OF MISS ADA CLIKTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIKTON. FIRST NIGHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIGHT OF MISS ADA CLIKTON. FIRST NIGHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIGHT OF MISi ADA CLIFTON. FIRsT NIOHT OK MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA ClIFTOIf. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MIH8 ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OK MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MI>M ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIGHT OF MISS ADA CLTF'hON. FIRST NIOHT OK MISS ADA CLIFTON. KIRHT NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON FIRST Niour OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. KIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIGHT OK MISS ADA CUFTONFIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIFTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MISS ADA CLIKTON. FIRST NIOHT OF MR JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF .MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MM. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DT'hTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGIIT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGIIT OF MR. JOHN DTOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. J GUN DYOTT. KIRST NIGHT OT VR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGIIT (>r VR JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGIIT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. RRAl'PRARANCK OF MADAM VON IlKRRKL. rkakfkarascf. or madam von hrrkrl. RRAl'VKA U a Nt'K or madam V?'N iikiikh^ RtAPPKAUANt K OK MMUM V"N HKKKKL. RRAPPKVRANTK OF MADAM VON KKKKKl? RKAPPKaRANt K OF M ADAM V ON HKKKKU kkappf.arvnck of madam von ukkkbu KK VI'PBAK ANC K OK NAD AM VON HKKKIClt. UKAPPE.ARANCK OK M ADAM VoN BKKKKIt. KKAPIH AK.AM'K OF MADAM TON HKRKKIRKAITKARANfK OF MADAM VON H R R K Kit. KKAl'CKARANVK OK MADAM AON BKKkKIi. KKAPI'KAKANCK OF MADAM VON HRKKKf*. KM APCK AKAN< K OF M ADAM VON HKKKMU rkapck vranck or m ad am von hkrkicu RKAPPKARAM'K OI MAIIAMVON KkUtkKI.. RKAPPKAK.A.NCK OK M ADAM VON HKKKKk. RK APCK A R.AM K OK M A DAM VoK IIKKKU. RKAPCK ARAN" K OF MADAM AON BKRKMU KKAPPFARANt'K OF M ADAM VON HKKKKL KKAPPKAKANl K OF M ADAM VON liKKk Kit. KKAPPKARAM'K OF MADAM VON IIKKKKIt. RKAPPF.AHANCF. OF MADAM VON HRKKKIRK APPKARANt'K OF MADAM VON HkltkKlRF. APPF. A R ANCF. OF MADAM VON HKKKKIKKAITKAKANt K OF M ADAM VON BKKKKL. KKAPPKAR AM'K OF MADAM TON KKKKKIKKaI'PKAKANCK OF MADAM VON llkltk Kit. RKAI'CF ARANiK OF MADAM TON JtrRKWRKAPPKARANa'K OF M ADA* VoN HKKKUt Flntt reurt-aentuUon of A I, A DDI N; <IR, I11F. VVONDF.KFVL LAMP Wilh new nun mairintlrwnt keenery, <'o*lume* Appnfcttnvats, Trophies. .Marches, Procession*. TtlikMk Dance*. Ac. First appearance thl? ye?r ol ihst art xnptiahed and popular actresa MINK ADA fMFTON. First appearance at th? Theatre of MR. JOHN DVOTT. la order to five full effrc' to iliia splendid Oriental fairy talc. Abort- well It it* va ti and dewrreclr popular artists Mlkk ADA ("ltlFloN ?U JOIIN DYOTT have been engaged for the part* of Ai.aiipi* amp A?i*Ar.?r Th* whole Company wtil appear. and In addltioo therein ONF. Ill NDKKD AI'XII.IAKIKs The orlciual Miuor will be rendered un.ler the ? iper. iaiuw ?t MR JOIIN rooKK Mindm! Dlrertor of thle eatable hmeti! The Ornrl RiUet In the last act. ui *hi. b will ?p.>?*r Ml.IK Tllkl.Kl R Illf. uALR WlhTKKb. MLLK. K AT A R T.N'A " monh. WMiTnorr, Will be prtaliired under Mom. W.'a direction. MuaJe of llallrt ... by..... Mr I'oAn. The Fernery by Mr. John T borne. Mr. Btrgraa and 4ft"latitat*. The Machinery. by .Meaara. R innlon and S WalU*. The Appointment* by Mr. <!. hylTemm. The t'oalunie* by M. PUidtiroe. MONDAY K\ KNINtJ, JULY ?. ISM. And erery Kreutnf. and Wrdr.radav and Sai irdu) AftrruooD* during the week, the Romantic bprrUtrln of ALADDIN; OH, THY wnKDRHrn. TAMP. Willi the following powerful eaat ? Aladdin, ft wild youth Mlaa Ada ' 'iRum Abcna/ac a magician .. Mr. Joba Hyatt I'rlucase Bodroiilbadoor, daughter of tlir '"ham Mia* K?' riidnw Karrae. Ike dumb alare of the magin-tn Mr D. laeatm Tnhi Tonglurk, Kraprrnr of' Tuna ... Mr. Kdward* The Grand Vl/ier Saatffc Kallm A/ar. a aultor pi the I'rtnrraa Perdoa 'Ai.ini.a, chief oflirerof tt.e ' L.?m i on/enm Tahl Ti.jan, a cltl/ru. Rill* Widow Mn-tjipha. mother of Aladdin Mm Aiut female Danrera. Attendant#, Mate*, Hi.ldiera. Re., At . by ntmn rona antllunaa. Programme nt Sreoxry, !?cideat*, Ac. PART PI KMT brew* I -The Magp-an a Ktodr? A Wiiow Inenkea the ait ol ihe'irnliat the King?t'lnuda eot rr thr vmr-1Th* UewM appear ?iid grant* lilt wl?h?Aerial'"horn* hi Inetdble < ?nil?Thr rloiide diaperae and dla> "rer* I lie open country? Ka/rar, the dumb Mare of the M igli ian la terror *tri< kea, b<* la compelled to otiei tlir will of hia Matter a. ?*? A MirH?VMooidlng MMher and her Wayward b*>u? Aladdin away fa ? >? H ?An Apartment In thr Palane of Ihr ''bam?TVa I'rtnrr.a kalini A/ar rutreala Iter love ?oae re.erta iiuo-llo towt rrngeaore Pc?*i f.?The Warded Cedar--The Magician'# Charm Th* Ti iiiti of the Tree open* arid dwroiera thr emraore > t'arern of the I*mp - Aficnautr give# Aladdin the Myauo Ring and compel# him to entrr and old un the Magi. lamp. bin 5.?The Catrrn of thr lamp?Aladdin iWrmdi ami la i.a noMird ?t lie atdrndnr?II- olaaina 'be lamp, but re lunar to gtva tt to tha *?*irun. t?bo hitrla knrrar .n?o Uta l^irni and rliwr* tbr eraranrr Alnddin innbaa thr '.id at th?- g?od lli-nll of th<- Ring, * hi *j >pa*rn t? a Star O? Otorf ? Mi>- rrlan??* them, mid ihrt dapart laden with rtohe* hi t >> 6 ?Tha llottaa of Widow NiirUplia?Alvldio ret in* h'-mn-Tiie ll?-nii uf th. lj?mp ham lV- Mywrtmi* llaaqaet. n t ar 7- Kt'?r1nf of tha Rnr*| Hatha?Aladdin and Knarnr roorarl tli*n.?alia??Tba Prhimw appionrhar pr?-<?l#d bp Ibirtrinr I litl??Hit* artier a the Hatha?Tit* Hoard* ar* alarmed?Aladdin la ptiratted hot la pri-arrvat h> th? Uentl at the lamp. i?i<i ??Terr?-e? and Bridge* landing to the *ttrc?B lotah, ol U.a Theatre. <JR AND I'ROCltSSION IK Si?va? l-airlng rmanli nod Nobllrr* hearing Rannnrw> Trtipblaa \< ALnddln Imrne In a Palanquin a* prow hr? ilia < >*m who beatntra noon hint hi* da ihtac > borue, "Had Haupt I'air li K \ M? IIA I.I.KT |i|\ KKTIKHKVkNT. MI.I.K. < AHOl.IMT TIIKI.Ft R, MICH IIANYAII IIAJ.K MUWI ADKI'N A IIAI I , MM.K KATARINA. Mi iN A. WVtTHOrr. and 'ha mrp* da Ratlet A'W'ttg lha d?nne* ?III l.a a fl'aa da I da not* hf Blie TheJetv tha Hala HIMern. XII* katatina, and Mona. W ctthog. i , :-ni.-o "f tic- ' t-i art Itt'a-h.taaion of tony inlnntra for promenade and refrMfemi-nta, during ahlrli MADAMK VON JIKRBKI. will appear In ha- popular mm ma, "i Us- nr -n?eti vl'anjoo*. nil- Will ha lawau I by popular artiata. Muaic by < oota'a f'trorart Baud. f?at arroab. scrag I ? A khan TV maglrtan In aaarrhnf Aladdl*. S ?a? II ? Ntiartorof Aladdin a palara Tha lamp pedlar. Allan-" diagniard Ohtalna admittance to Iba pa)*-a Si *w? III.?Acbawlmfbi Ibr palara. Karrar aalrrp In Um raraa* A hettacnr obtain* ibr magic lamp and earnpe* t>, ?** IV Krlntor of Aladdln'a palara Tba maglcta* dnsa *n?.r th-priwea* and Tnbyad. Tbej en'er tha pal an* by th* magic Inftianra of tha lamp Tha palara Ho-* llironak tha ?lr and baara ibr Inmataa u> Africa, t'hwruu of UrMibM plrtt* Sr-r .?? VI.?A aplradld mloon. Tha prince** a rapt r* Tba hanqorv PaadaDaog *f-i Mlaae, H A A. Oik Arrlral of Aladdin and Karra<?tba Magtotan Partake* at Ihr Heaping Potion | Ha Dt?- .vara Aladdin -ka'car I ?? water* linn The struggle and Hrath m Abcnaxar. Hcet a 7 ?Tha |-lma whair ihr Palara Stood TV* Palara la Naati Dearmdtng t hotoa "Hently (lara thb Mbfe-d air" Aladdin Ra-i aaa tba Prtn< aa? to bar Palbar. who !* *?..a a bar Hand Alad.l.n?TW I'alara Ihaappew* aa-i tit*r??w* Ihr Court o' Iba Cham -(H?l< ?ra. Soldier*, Mr", A< la a baa-ittfol Tablaatt, and riNMjt. AI.ADDIN IN TIIB AKflfNTOftW for tha arpartarromntodAitna of ladw* and > i.ldrWB. tbla grand romanttt apa- *. ia will l? prrf- rma* on WKDblBDAt AND RATrllDAT ATTrBNOONB. ( marM-ltt at lo rlork. Tha enti.a plara aUl be gitaa. AI.ADDIN ONl'v ONB W1WR In ronaaq ianoa of ntbar praj?*ra?tona tba coral epariars# eg Aladdin atnat ha wttbdmwa at lha alnaaof tba weak. NRW NOYBLTIks WIIJ. HPCt'BBD 11 rapvl loraaaam Pam*fb*>Ha at fgrtvi? vr na "at p.-t, i.-aa for urn arak %

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