Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1860 Page 3
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Vktturvi [TMnb the Bingham too Republwaa. July 1* I The remains of Mrs. Buuauix, wife of Boo. A. Birdeall. arrived Is this village iron Now York on Saturday, end were followed to U>e beautiful Spring Koreet Cemetery oo Seoday afternoon by a large coocouroe of our clliiens The funeral service at their late reeideoce, were performed by the Rev. Dr. Beach and Rev. Dr. Andrews, "foe remarks of Dr. Andrews on the melancholy occasion were exceedingly beautiful and impressive, and the tribute ol respect paid by our citizens generally was due to the deceased, who, during a quarter of a century in hi* village, had won, by her character and protracted eaflerings, the warm regard and sympathy of her nuraoretie friends and acquittances. Mr Birdsall was unfortunately prevented by a long continued prostrating sickness irom accompany ing the remains. Bon. Jons H. I.cneai* died latt week of apopleiy, in Rome, Georgia. Judge L. was for nine years a member of Congress from Georgia, and also for several years one of the Judges of the Circuit Court of that Slate. The Montreal Herald announces the death in that oitv ef Bon. John Molson, whose name was from the tirst connected with steam navigation upon the 81. Lawrence. Mr. Wiuux Maii/ntv, au old citizen of Southampton county, Va., died a low days ago. Mr. Mallory was eighty years of age, and figured in the suppression of the Southampton massacre. He was the identical "Duck Mallory" who sku ned Nat Turner, the leader of the rebellion, and the bide oeing tanaed, portion? of it are now extant ill the "curiosity sbope" of many residents in and about Southampton. Tt?e wife of Mr. Caleb Brioton, residing on Haldeman's Wrm, llairisburg, Pa., died on the 9ih mat. Tina woman wm probably the largest woman in the United States. Ber weight may be judged when we stale that she measured seven lent six inehee around the waist. For the last two or three years she has been unable to move from excessive obesity, and yet enjiyedmore than ordinary good health. Died, recently, eighteen miles from Houston. Texas, of consumption, Mr. Jaxxs MrCrtxow, brother of John and faul McCuUou, laleof New York. His remains will be taken lor interment from the Catholic church In Houston, necompanted by mourning friends. ? Ml'iHCAL. 7 1 GREATLY IMPROVED PIANFORTK. UGHTK a BRADBURY'8, Manufacturers of A NEW HCALE nvERirrRUNO bass FaIBNT 1NKI LaTED PULL IRON FRAME OKAND AND SQUARE PIANOFORTES, No. 431 Broome street. PIANOS TO RENT. A COMPETENT LADY Ml'RIO TEACHER WOULD Ike a few more pupils to Instruct on the Piano, or la willing u> Ki "j lessons to a school. The best of reference* given. Call at Sib Orasd street BARMORKS IMPROVED OVERSTRUNG PREMIUM pianos, the t est in use and cheapest. Manufactory and waremoms MH Bleerker street Splendid seven octave for SIM and 00b. ^JHKKERINO A SONS, Manufacturers of GRAND. SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. Ware room*, 094 Broadway. C A Free have been awarded thirty eight prlre medals for ike mperiorrtj of iheir manufacture lor the past thirty -he* years. PLAN08 to RENT. English harps. approved by aptommas. Address Censervauiire ?ie ,a llarp, 114 West Thirty fourth street, near Broadway, N. T. Pianos and melodious at grbat bargains.? One seven octave KWO Plana bean used about one year, m gaod outer, 0300; am Ik oatave, priee S2W, been need eighteen coombs, wdl be sold Tor 0100; one at 013U; one at 000. New P auos at very low prices. Seoond hand Matodeooa at 000, Kit, 040, 040, WO and 000. New Metodeone at redooed prtoee. HuKaCE WATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway. INSTRUCTION. Aj "cademt or penmanship and bookkbktinu, 3C3 Broadway.?t'onuoaed by W. V. HOOD LAND, for many years aaaisuim of Oliver B. Goldsmith. Open day and fat eucnuon given, and .emu moderaie. 1 CARD.?THE SUBSCRIBER HAS REMOVED HIS R Academy of Peunanahtp and Bookkeeping from No. MB to the oew uul elegant building 811 and lUi Broadway, cor Mr of Twenty-Lrst street. New pupils received dally. OLIVER B. QOLDHMITIL 4 T PA INK'S, BOOKKEEPING. PENMANSHIP, ARITIIB luetic, go., are taught. at the red uce | summer terms. Ladle*1 w rtting lemon* 82. 16 leaasos; boys', during their va cation. 83 per mouth. N B ? No vacation at Paine * Mercantile College, &t Rowery, New York, or dod FuUou street, Brwoktyn. Business writing, ac.-dolbears htstem or hand training, 6l? Broadway, removes suffuses or tremaiwig and all other '.tfficulues about writing, and then give* an sasy, elegant, rapid buaiueaa stvis. Full course, 810. One 88 eat vacant. Private rooms. 115. T ATUE8 AND GENTLEMEN TAUGHT THE ART OF li inrh '"g artificial Fruit in a few easy lessons. Address Vs. Laxzrala, 111 East Eleventh street MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS FOR Practice end Instruction in Bookkeeping ana Business Affairs, MM Broadway. Irving Bunding, Circulars on application. Marab a complete and beautiful work* on Bookkeeping, new ediuon^printed in colors, tor seia. Pnvaia isaauta. WANTED?A LADY, TO ASSIST IN A SCHOOL, pleasantly located near the city Address, slating quallBeaoook salary expected, Ac , hi. box 144 Herds office. drir uood8, ac. " BARGArNS? PRIt KB RBBCCKD -BPLMNDIO RIDINO Hats, Wnetting Hats. Central Park Bloomers, all trimmed. Dark Feathers, very large Drssa Bonnet* axil Traveling Bon MM at isdoc'd prices. Bonnet i at 88 sack, worth 81a L. BiNMi' Muluisry, 881 Broad way . up stairs. CONTINUATION OP THE ANNUAL CLEARANCE / sale ot seasonable DRY G> >OIm At ItM and 110 HUlh avenue. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. The beat value for the cjsl Bre*e Goods at n >mioal prices. Fruited Lawns at 6 ?c., worth 18c. uthei? u> prop irtlott Pruned bareges 16s., from prices tic. barege Kobes, At yards, at 8. 5u. worth 86. Others equally cheap. (bawl*, ai'k and la -e Mantle*, at great bargains. Embroi leriea and tare onod* at a great reduction. Laa.e* andKri.'oeincii>g.i ixemenuo V undergarments. Straw Hn.ncta. all* iner* and Equestrians very cheap. An enOieaa of otli* r oumer Goods equal./ dssirabls and sdvantapeo'ia for purchasers. r er |gg and 110 Sixth avenue. Between Eighth and Ninth ilreet* cm am. g. hook. UtOATY TUUVttAND DOLLAR H WORTH jP Of r t silk snd '.aoe Menu lias, U) be sold durum Jnip snd A iciR si keif Uie cosi 01 1011 trUlluo. 1,W0 1 ?rk lane P snts from B l,i W> Kti-i cb iitce MetililUs. from (3. 1.UUU black sua Usuullea. trom *?' 4.UU0 tsr-p" a 1111111 is l> i?t?- rs, from |1 1.U0U auiuatar cloth rrsTSilms 1 iosks, f nut S3. Ji>l 1 imp:id* Travnliiug nuns, from ft. ALn rrrj nrb siik sod palpate 1 .on Xssullan, Raw sulumusl b.w A silk Mantillas and NhswIetLt. sod oorsiu.w id sloth snd xe)?>-i <looks. TVs tneet r??lS ID It- CAP. Slid all st p. collar prices W. I? KI.MoTT A OH , AM snd M Usnsl street, Brandmb Hirudin p*. s (aw duurairuM Hrpsds sy Great otoriro our balk or BPR1JW 1MI rl'MMKR OOODA. OKKAT RORH At uanrt . 'V?f ftabrelVry snd Ribbon Knre TVs Meet bss been o?sl (or the ptirpoaa o( insi kuip down lbs pnorl Piraw QoodS clmtng out. RjnO Rtraw bonnets. sll kinds, Sr to 3Uc l.M Piss Mnaneu, ail styles, hull pries RSOO Hkxnnara. sll styles rusio*. IV to 75c. Ribbons cInsula oat HBO Tsrds Ribbons, Jr., Sr . V sad V. ASM Vsrdi Rlrk Ribbons . wank Jtr ), IIVFine Rick Ribbons hslf a nee. 7.MU Pstrs Hkts. ctesdn*. AMO Pairs RUk Vu*. As.. Ue . IV , Juc , J9e .lie. l.WU Psin Misses Mbn. V , Je . V. I'srssols, etosioa. bsK prW-s. PDrsnnlsWa.SOr, Or. 7V.T1. AJU Manuals*. 1 lamp out, SOe . Tie. to ti. l.M RMrt Nik Twist Nats 121*0 IMM Rjrk 11 up is sad Ohsaills brio. IV Ml Osots snd Indiss' hsirU.T 'hiris, V to IV Hands c.asina out, Cuban champ out Urn, Tnmuiyn. saw Hoop bktru, Ftoaaetap*. Ptowara, fist, wttfc mrm Sis of other r"*l? bouakt st sucitos, ciosiap MSSM MSSSS gO Rlaktk are , bsdwean Twnoty first sod Twentp -second sta. rTHS Pl'HLIt' ' As spportunRp wkwb should ant bo oeptactad. MM WORTH OP DRY OOODR. TO MR NOLO RKtf ARULKMI OP OORT, Pwiluw to Iks stsss beinp clmed 4 triad *S SIlN at Angdfer aktaaoKw ajsamiioa snd unnniTswsat ^EuoSmTVAXVLM. MUWUHR, ARABIARR LAWRR. ORMAND1BH. BAHKHKH. 1 H AIJ.IkH, PoPliW* (plnln sadnaknsMsmdi. poi'Lardr. As. hkrvik rubra. And all Ik* ptpoilsr fsbnrs at tbn sssarw. MAI NMaasMa is called to s :?b tut at Cf-OTH tie >AKR, Mkltln far teaselling or nest season wear, purrksasd from I iikilm " t '- * **" 1 1 ~ thn dollar sad WMak wnsrs set en* at Iks following prlr** ? 77? 1 ui kbnwlots. M ?. wnctk M M. no Ckkk t tasks twined bsrk , ff 7? wurtk M 00. U0 taotk < tasks (with baodti. M SO wurtk M (kl. W. R. ROBERTR, lit Unwary. ?. A?Batsman Pitaas sad Houston otrMta. Plnasn iff Mr (Manas udssabrr. IWR fIRRAT KAKTERN DORR ROT PCRRIMH TIIR A prssim object?( avw Is indies rtsHias Mew Tort, as wtll be pnornd by s mil at Mine. HKNORRST J Ratporlsw at FsMtmn. 473 Rroedwac, and leers s-tih whet (aclUty I key ana Saw wtwsit Warn Psltsww rot to St > be (of. st osly It anato, <w prorwn rsksbls Heeicna 4 any at tke Lseat Paris COtf MTM r ta ARD. porWTRT BOARD AT MRW ROCHEMiR-MRtL HADV7 dm ksss (aw dealmbls knnau yet dlsencsded st tke Psrtllon Rew Rorkelle. It a wit hi 11 Am mantes walk of tke Bapm, and ft* tkr comforts 0i a semtnar retreat unsurpassed. ATOCKTRY BOAR^ -A^rRW srurr ROAROBRJICAII ba sammaaedased wdtk tarpe slrp iLwats. Ions Una saanr pass d. retired sad krsllkj. eamasadlnr s Ann Onw of thn Hudson, ausrtsr of s mile froni < rarer a station Iti'iulrw at tl 1 Vstnbem stwt, ar sddraaa M. R. It. Ikaaaksl, Waatnhsatar ro'tnty, It. T. AlOfRTRT BOARD WARTRD-POR PJVR ADTf.TR. AT s J s farm h If near the I snka m Ike Hudson preferred, where there /-si 'athhir. Terms m m be modeeite td-lrem r serf MMf* Jtir ft st Ma 19#'at Tkirp t(iil >u?sk OF REAL BRTATB. rK RAILS?THR THRRB 8TOKT BRICK BOOM! AWD Lot Mo. 10 Blxth tima; lot 18 by M. wtth an additional Lot In the rear, forming an L. Aay one wantlngt ? purchase far bnprwvemesjt would do well to call ud ciamtns Ike proC pcrty. Apply on the premises, Wo. U 8Ulh arcane. CHIR RAUt-THAT BEAUTIFUL FARM. FORM URL* X1 belonging to Peter Dttryea, now deteeaeJ, consisting of about ISO avrea (part woodland), situated In the town of ilamp strait. Long 1 aland, one mile west of the village of Hempstead. This farm is In beautiful order, with autldingn all of the first class. The land is in a high stale of euMtvtuon, cutlin< from 61) to It) tons of has yearly, with other crops In proportion. Also, on this farm is a valuable locust grove with thouatnds of y"iir * locust trees now growing. It la a pleasant and healthy location, and neither pains nor expense have been spared to male It one of the suet desirable farms on Long Island. For particulars apply at Carll'a livery stable. No. 21 Fulton street, i Brooklyn, or on the farm, at Hempstead one mile we?t of the village. Fart of the money can remain on bond and mortgage. KOBKRT 1. DURYKA, ) X. W. DURYKA. > Kiecutors. I COKKL1N CARLL, ) For rale. One of the beat Hotels hi the Northwest. The Amerleaa I House, RL Paul, la oflered for sale; la now doing and always has done a good business. The cost of furnishing In 1067 was ' et er 619,000. Contains 80 rooms all furnished; Billiard Room 1 and Bar. To a man who understands his buaiuesn thia Is aa ei ! cedent opportunity to make money. Satisfactory reason gives i for celling. Price low. Apply to or addreee a. c. unriR, Bridgeport, Coon. Four kuoiblt ritwatrd loth in thk villaor of Mount Vernon, W sate beater county, are to be sold peI remptorlly for rash at half their real vaJne. Apply imme dtalely at No. 211 Kast Tenth street A rare opportunity far a capitalist ' T7IORSALB-A FINK RADDI.B PONT. It^ hands, stylish J* and gentle. Would be suitable for a lady. Apply at 236 WVsi Kiht**#*nth iLrrrl. . T^OR RAI.R.?TTIRKK VKRT FART TROTTING HOR8MB ' T UK hands blab, young, sound, aad kind to ataxia at double harness, alao a pair of very atyliab brown carriage Horses, U banda S inches high, right Cram tba HUla of Malaa Inquire at SB Qoid street. IjV)R SAI.K?THK HOUSE 2d0 MOTT BTKKKT, WITH A f lease of ive years; ground rent, Including taxes. only 93U0 per year, rents for $.'?*> all the houses hcloug to the pur chaser, la Inatired lor 81.00U. Two yeara will be given to pay the unuuni Price only ftWU. Apply to JOHN ROGERS, House Agent, 75 Tenth avenue. FIR RAIJC?VBRY CHEAP, A OOOP FARM ON I/lNO Island, containing 41 acres. 35 miles I mm New York city and three rrnnt depot; ten acrea wood land and the balance In a good slate of ruluvaliue, buildings and tenons m good eoiull thin. Meet the owner from 10 to 3 o'clock, at id Bowery, N. Y. ^ Term* eaay. Would exchange for city property. For sale?thk pour btory brown stone basement aid under cellar House, with all the modern improvements, No 13 East Thirty hmt street. Alan, a .hree story basement and under cellar brick House, with all the modem improvements, on Kaat Broadway For particulars at ply to K Al'KKHAt'lf, 114 Essex street, or No. 7 Hold street, up stairs, frotn 1 to 3 P M. Fihmor SAI.K OR EXCHANGE?THK FOUR THRU story brick Houses Nos. 88. 90 and 92 Kaat Thirty-aeeaad street, N. Y , and No. S Second street, Williamsburg. A small . Farm, with or without stock and furniture, would be taken In part. Inquire of owner, ISA Broadway. For sai.k or to i,rt ? possession mat 1?a handsome, new rural future, with furnace, gas, bath and water conveniences, and large garden; near the City: neighboringv| genteel, pleasant and remarkably healthy; good aocwty, Hue ttrives, salt water bathing atal aahmg, apce.lily aocessildc. as if up town. A large part of purchase money can remain on mortgage. Apply at 7a Liberty street. MOST DRR'RABLK CITY PROPERTY FOB SALE.?* lota of IJ round In one plot, bounded by the Fifth avenue. 134th and 136th atreeta. 32 lots or Ground in oue plat, bounds* by the Fifth avenue, 133d and 134th streets; alao, Ia>u on tttxth avenue and on 130th street. Pur terms apply to ABRAHAM BELL's SONS, 28 Park row. * /ARANOK, NKW JERSEY ?SIXTY COUNTRY SEATS, V village Rsstrt?va. Farms and Villa shea, a great variety. beautifully situated; one hour from Cortlaodt street. For rent and ler sale by HENRY & BLACKWELL, M William street. New York, from 3 to 11 A. M-, 49 Mala street, Orange, lto?P. M. Tm O STONF, MERCHANTS.?POR RALK, POUR t/)TS OP ttuarry Property, JU) feet frost each, as tse Hudson river, suitable for Belgian pavement. For terms and particulars ap ply to 0. T. POLUAMI'S, room 44 Trinity Bnlhlmga. WESTERN LAND IN MICHIGAN, IOWA, ILLINOIS. Wisconsin and Mksoiud wanted for city Houses, Farms Sad Milt property. Address, with full daeortpUae sad prices, if aaawar required enclose Mams; wanted, Parma osar tba city ft r eaah and city property. J. O. HOtT, oareer of Court and Montague strecle, Brooklyn. *7 -nft -for sale or exchange for mkr 9 I chsndise, a genteel three story high M<>q> sub cellar lluuso and led, up town, or would exhauge lor a Lot. Address Exchange. Herald office, stating particulars. TOR BAL.H1. BAKOK AND CANAL BOAT fob SAI.K CHEAP, suitable for grain or feed. Address Va J. H., box 19* Herald office. BAKKRY FOR BALB?DOING 18 HARKKI.S PKR week, all sold over the miinwr; favorable lease a', low rent, superior location and doing an exee.lrnt money making bualness. B1GOH k SOUTH WIPE. 32 Nassau street. (Yl'BANH AND SOUTHERNERS, ATTENTION.?FOR J sale, a splendid new sloop rigged Yscht of 70 tons. Isunch ed In April, built in the best manner, of white uak, aud copper fastened throughout; she has proved heraelf one of the fastest sailers ever built, and a splendid sea boat. Her model is irre preachable; and to a party w lablng such a vessel, she is s great prixe. She can be seen by applying to JAMnB U. BEAitDSLKY. 119 Nassau street. _ CVONKKfTIONBRY FOR SALE-A WHOLESALE AND \) retail Cuofo-tkmery estabhahment In Brooklyn, now doing ntlourtahtng business Will beanl.l at a bargain it applied for taune, I lately. SaUslactory reasons gnex for sslUag. Address J. R J4 . Herald office. Fob balk-half intbrkht in a kirst class Hotel and Reel*iiruI. Th# eating department ha* been t?rj rniaivf, ami can be raetTed Che app>?mn*anu are Tart complete. Term" eaay to a good working man. Injuire at loeatlae Hooee. 71 Pearl air-ret. rd balk ?thk lrabk and pixtl'rkr OF a soap Factory, In a coud looaii ?, will be told ou rnuamabla terma to good partlra by applying to patrick oahsidy, 4 and I Bridge ureal, Brooklyn, near the ferry. . FMOR BALK?A MANUFACTURING Bl'SINKS-t, SK rurad by patent in the l olled Mate* ami En* and : BAt? capital will maka tl.AUU prnBi a year; will uks part la Into Apply to the owner, bd Maaai i aired, ruutn 11. Muatbenold by Augnal 1. FOR BALR?A HARDWARE BTORE. KSTAHLISIIKII eight year*, on a leading avail tin tn thi* city. doing now a nrrcaaful bnainean; re???i for arlllng. Hi Ad,tret* Hardware, boi lad Herald other. FIR SVLI-A BII.LIARU AND DRINKING BA. I ooo. linkdenmely fitted up. located on a corner In a rood thoroughfare. With plenty at loom fur a hnwliug alley, or a good place lor aupper momv rent very low. Apply at No. It?7 tileeckrr street, comer of Hiilllian, in Ike h me nival. For balr-iiik stock and fixtures or tiik I hardware atore rnruer Ml IttMM Ml Thirty aiith treet W til he anld low. Alan t?o Korean and ? Truck Ay ply to PkANi IB MANLY, WJ?hu atrert Ft )R BALK?CHEAP. A GROCERY AND Llyi'OR - re m t good toaatlaa 18 Parry itM mkfPmMM square. New York. a? ike owner la In oilier biulaeaa. |r hai.i-a rare CHANCK-fiye years lease. t,wetter wtlk tke Y orb.I lire and Kitturee. "t the lime! mid Krwuirant ou thr mrwr id Park pi*.v and Broadway, ?.? known and orcaplad u i.ardncr I loir I, #r? !r flUrd ap and rrpairrd. and now dolac a cond bwalnma Iii'pnrr on Lha prrinlara, qf thr I'roprWIur. H. I (1AKDNRK. EV)B BAMC AT "a BAR<lAl.f-A t-iiAK *T?>RB Of X1 thr tow akin M Broadway, bataaan all iaa prianpal thr aire*, rant tlJUU par anarnn. In tmra at Ml Hmailllf ar*ar ?.rr. ||>?>R K.M.K- KKMUKANf, UVall-Jt .-Al.'iON Ah D X Bar. bur mention apd d?lnp good biwtarw Bald na metumBI at .Oar bwdutwa iBfdra at fa 3 Third amor. F)R HALB-Ttl* l.KM-K. WC~l(b7?tV?M OF a >i>rnaf Liquor Morr, loraird la a drtiwly popidatrd nrtabhorbbnd daitafartort rraaoaa pi ran fur arlhom Apply on UK prrreirea, I1U Pitt alrrai nirtar'd siaatou to aprala Brad apply. F~ Tr HAI.K-lWIt HP TMK BKAl COKNKK LPJCO* .-torra lo lha fourth ward. Apply to fr PaTTA.V IIS IHrtaPKi -trrrl. Ltiih mi.k'-a RKWL? rirtKUi r i.iulok and hk' r car Morr. Vn ails, Kuat rourtaraih atrart. WW doiup a ?"ll ?? t.ror i. ur. Apply IB rR "ALB < UKaP.?r r< >t;K All) PlhTL'KRa. WITH thrrr yoara Iraar of an old 'ratabllalwd Manor Morr, nor at tha boot atnndala tbaalty. Apply at 3HPaarl atrwat. owwar fraawii t/H K -AI.K-r??K RNtim I'tmi, TMK HP"'*. LAUI X ?od Bilurra K a L>inor Mora. dotn* at prrwnl a pood <atth bowiix-aa. local ! .ft thr brat In lb. t iphtA.a ard and anltablr | for a pint Koaliab abadaa rod rta-p o.nua Apply ou lha prei atlar?t 111 Apimp atprai ___ _ _ >R KAl.l-A MRl?T PI.AMI Will iLk'-HA l,K *.Nil RR lad I.IoihW btorr. on thr cernrr ut J amaa ahp and Whirr KAMII.T OtKHfRt HToRK roll HAW -A ?oon aUrwl, with a aplrndld alork of r-rf-. loug kar. t!(M ! alagar.lly iUad up. Bilh bone. wagnn mil nary ra (uiaiia fur j d.ang ? Una bnaluaaa ama? ?>u? till i rr Oaf alooa n vu p*t?-d ApplJt"W* y At'h At US I ullnn Hr-ajk '>? Must ?r. wild vrruift ?n**? ittad up Drinking mrai. * Ilk fit* intra lanae. and sti inraa. ronagr of kill! arrant# alra??nod Hrmadway <wj am ) tha piiaun. a?ar Camml Park. Raal patd ?o Ai<A 1. Marm.i mantri<h ?a pimr bto**k. ro**i*nifa . at raioad r ai nary and Ua'-on Maatala, tor aala cheap. i "l Baa ?l?i| m aurrhaar ahanlf no! awn at a klahkh a , mart'la yard. 114 Baal tughtraoih atreel moot at Third ara aaa. >. T. ratrat for mlk-wmou ok mf hfafm qrrat ir\ krtior. KOKHLRB'h Hafny llurasa ><*ad n?ar. Bo more nrridania BT RRARO* of IIORHMR WIVTK'i. Tbc imdarntjnad karebj lelorm tha publta thai (bar hara mad* a gram and Imp. rvaat lUr.rery hy Banna at which tba dhllr occurring aendauta through hnr*aa ahyingor becoming frightened may ha pfii?n?d. H> thai highly Ingenmn pat aimi la invention every ?* who haa anything t? do aith hnrira may inetanUnemiatr nbrBlr reefy arrkl' tH. II la nt tha grealeet importan. a in preventing Ika running away at li .ram la getting tb?B oni at tbetr etabTe* In raaa of nra In letting them aiand m lha atraei without hong faattned in any Banner, a thing of gn ki Importance to ph\antan? and huainana man. At.; la Ulr peamng at railroad iralna. w iha . at lernea, aa a Ian in tha raaa if TtBotta horned Umi an la tha habit m bub g at paaaarn by. Iaril.a of J KOKIII.KM A BOMM ANN ?'4 Pearl aueat naar Knaa. frun ? in U A and tram i u> a r. a. nfiii.ADRi.rnia hopbe po* hai.e or tkahbX Very low prlea. lha heal h<*el la Hmnklyn. lornied ha twedn Hmith rtdmod NMlh Bmmnd Mreaia In rannh Braei. naar < I rand atraea Hold m amount at 111 health. (Jail on k. i H. TUCKER. HI aad U> foartk atreaa I/\L'AK T'A ROCK A .Mi UBAIN MUX AND PORTIO* uf U fawn* for aala. - oorajad at tha nunaa lha nolr mill t aSTua la rnmara. radu/1n? hi urn par .lay to (.arfora daB. with bardaoed alnitina prtadiBK <unama. aaeiiy r-plarad HIOOH A MOI Tmwii h " "turn Ttm Pno CHAiR MAKRRR -BIOHM PON TMR OBR OP 1 Rlar. Aaad'a Palanl la Raw Tart, Waw .r?may. Pannar! ran A aad Marylaad. far aala by (Aa apanu at tha Phralt w aal Hamlin* Lotnpuy. u h- n... up auira. rAWHRotTrRTRTR A Jfn PlfOroilR A fff f*T?~ kin Will buy th# iltnraa. InatrumanB. nn<l *|""I ?r(U of 'ha Panpla'f i#a lary < 'mt Bora Ulan threw limaa lha m >nay. la.) nre at w h ARIUtPff. W <lmbd atreel, aonvhwem tnr oar of Bonfry. NBW YORK HERALD, 1 BOAMMWO AJFP jjQIHmia. AnW TBKY PLEASANT ROOMS ABM TMT DB0gaged at Mrs. Hadden'a, Mew "mhallt AHANDBOMI SUIT OF APABTMHR8 TO LBT?FOBnlabed, In Twenty Orel street, near Broadway. wlA all the conveniences for housekeeping. una of piano ana aevanl If desired. They will be let en moderate terms for tee sum mer months or longer, lo gentlemen or a ??11 family wthoul ehlldrea. For addiwaa apply at square font odloa. Beferenora exchanged. ARB ALL PRIVATR TAMILY, OJTNINO A HOCSB, pleaaantly sltuaUsi up town, containing all the modern Iniprovemeale, and having more room than they require, would accommodate two or three gentlemen with pleaaantly fur1 mahed Rnonia and partial Board. Call at the third bouae above Thirty-eighth street, In Leimgum avenue. AHANDflOMM Rl'IT OF ROOMB, FURNIRHRD. ON TUB second door, to let, with Hoard, at 71 Tweuty ihlrd street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuuea. Reference* exchanged. AP1.F.ASANT I.AROK, AIRY ROOM, UNFURNI8HKD, to let. with Board, *> for two persona; alao, aome smaller ones tor single gentlemen; huuae first elaaa; go?Kl table. Ac. 143. South Eighth street, Williamsburg, near Sixth atreet, three miautea' walh from all the lerriea A MA* AND WIFE AND TWO YOUNG MEN CAN have good Hoard and Lodging In a private family, without children, by applying to Mr a. Uabrlal, tU ilenry atreet, near Market atreet. AC1K.VTIEM \V AND WIFE AND TWO OR THRKR single gentlemen may find pleaaaut Room*, with full or pai tlal Hoard, and an agree* ulr home, at 911 Weal Twentysecond street, teiwaen sixth and Seventh avenues. A GENTLEMAN AND I.ADY DCHIRKS A NIORLY lurnlahed Boom, ?Mi full Hoard for the lady, and whe?e she ran have the comfort* of a home; terms to be moderate; location east side and between Kiahlh and Twentieth streets. Address W. S. K , Herald oMce. A FEW ORNTIJtMEN OA* BR ACCOMMODATED wtth Hoard and airy Rooms m oue of the best house* In Jersey Oly at a very low figure. Apply to Mrs. Gregory, 30ti Wayne street, Jeiaey cUy. AH.ANDHOME1.Y FURNISHKD FRONT PARLOR TO let, suitable for a party of gentlemen; also, single Booms > iu a private house, with all modem improvements. Afrplj at No. 9<$ Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. A handsome furnished room-Wmi pull 1 Boanl. to let, to a couple, from U to W per week. A Iso, a t-iugle Room, lor a gentleman, E4 House tlrst class. Din- > ner at 6 o'clock, lot Went Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth I avenue. BOARD.-tiKNTI.EMEN will FIND AT 1*2 UK AND j tract, neat, clean and cool Rooms. handsomely fnrnlsbed, ; with or without Board, uo very reasonable terma, a pleasant borne; location central, nearly opposite (M<1 Fellow*' flail. I Board?a ooon sized bedroom to let to j one gentleman without board, washing and repairing ' done if required; there are no other boarders In the ho'iae; I will find all the comforts of a home Apply at 92 Carroll *t., South ItriKiklyn, two blockafrom the ferry, apply all thia week, on the lep door Board?to let, with board, two large, handaome Rooms, on the aecotid door, alao two single Room*, with bath and gaa. Apply at *8 Clinton place, Eighth atreaL Board in ,hroadway, between twelfth and Thirteenth itreete?The beat location in the city; hoitse tirat claaa, poaaeaaea all modern lnipiuvementa: an excellent table, dinner at A o'clock. Southerners are Invited to call. Anply at Ml Inmlny. Bt)A RD. ?desirable ROOMS fdr gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, with full or partial Hoard, may be found at IM West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Board dn the central fare.?one or two single gentlemen, or a married eouple, can obtain full or partial Board in a strictly private family where uo other boarders are taken. Oaa, bot and cold baths, a One and healthy situation, on the Ramble, and thirty minute* from the City Hall by the Third avenue cars. Willow Terrace East Seventythird street, tilth house Hum Third avenue. References exchanged. Board wanted?for a you no ladt. in a quiet private family preferred, she would give ami require the wry beat of references. Term* must be m'ide.rsie. Please address Kmmon's, Herald utlloe. Boasdiwo.-single or married persons wish. ^ I rood Board and uloe, comfortable Rooms, in a respectable neighborhood, at a very low rate, will call at (AH Weal Thirty iit'ih street. Building modern; bath and waahtuba fret; children no objection. Board in hrookltw.-newlt furntrhed and very pleasant rooms in a tlrst claaa house, with all lAe modern nnprovamenla, with Board, are offered by a private family; reference* required. Apply at J?1 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?desirable r?h?*h and superior Board are ottered by a private family In a tlrst cls*H brown stone house. 101 Amity street, convenient to S-'Uih and Wall street ferrtea. Dinner at auo'clock. References exchanged. Brooklyn-partial board foe gentlemen at 67 Hute street, opposite Garden, between llteka and Henry streets rooms neatly furnished and awpattad a ith water and gaa and bath rocsn; house newly painted and repaired, location cool and healthy, within five mlnulsi walk of South and Montague ferrtea and ten of Fallon. Back parlor, bedroom and closet, at ea per week, with privilege of housekeeping; n Room, Bedroom and Pantry, f.'i til. also aiugla Rooms to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, gaa, bath, Ac. 221 Chrysue street, uear recoad avenue. Elegantly furnished rooms to let-in surra or aingle, with partial Board If draired. The house rootatus all the modern convenience*, and la moal desirably located, being In the vicinity of Fifth Avenue Uutel. Madison and vdiod ptrii. Appty at stu Broadway. ELEOAKTI.Y FVRNISHED ROOMS. WITH HRH room* attached, to let lo respectable small famlllea, to the brown rtiM llirow 1M Prince street, with all the cuora oh ucc* lor housekeeping. Apply at room No. t. FRENCH BOARD IK BROOK I.TK -ORKTI.EMEM with their wires ran be accommodated wtlA handsomely mrnislird Boom*, lo o French private. bona* Apply at W Amity Street. near Henry street. References exchanged. FrRKisiiRn.-A rocri.R or thrkr rooms to let, lo gentlemen only. without bosrd. la a private fa niily.rentral location, conienleul to can and stages. Apply at ?tfS Fourth street, Albino place. FTRKISHKII ROOMS TO laV TO OKMTI.K.VKM-ONK la rye atry Room, amiable (or two gentlemen; aim, 1 mailer K'oons. Terms moderate. Apple for three day* at JV t alhaiine sir**, betw en Madison and Henry. FVRN1BHKD ROOMS AK1> HF.DRO ?MS TO l.RT, WITH | or without partial Hoard, to respectable single gentle men at Ko 6M Math avenue. Fl'K.MMlKD PARI/1RH AND BEDROOMS TO RK l.RT together or s*paraely. terms low (or the summer, at S'l Fourth ?tre*t near l-aisjeite place and Broadway FtTRKlPHBD BEDROOMS FOR OBNTLEMEM, PI.tA aaritly uluaied, at 7J FulUtn avr. Brooklyn. Rent iruta 91 tofl Ml per week F^oon AND rilF.AP l/lOOtKOB-AT THK UI.OIIK \J Hotel, corner id Manklort and William utree"*, !f? fi 1 rrai. V> rents to 37 rents p?r night, ronma (roes $1 b> 9,1 par week. Open all nlgbl. HAVDSOMK1.T rCRKISHRD PARI.ORS oM FIRST and second floor*, Kimnu on the . htrrl ttonr, with or with out Board, Ui a boiae newly kued with all the modern im proirtiuuta. Mo. II] Fittepnlh street, first bouae aaat ol third avenue. HANDSOMBI.T TFRKTBHKn R tOK PARI.OR OR FIRST floor, siao. front and back Parlors on second floor. with or Without It* dns'li.a attached, and single Rooms (or gentle * o. will, or aitbest Hoard, hooe* * uotalns balh and all tha m J* rn cmrenlenceg. Ko. #7 Amity street. PIKRXOXfi WISHING -?OOI? R<'ARM*'! Pl.Ai'lr ' AN | rarrue loioMnttUon gratia rraprrtina biuittr. ,?n,? o noma trrata. *' by ?l'l ')lu* to WORt'ESTKK A Ol , Ml Rruadaa*. Partiaa 4nwiin| roapoctabla tnardnra %ra inrliod to :*gi*trr thr'r rontna No rbarr* In adranrr RaHKiilMS WA/fTKl?-HV A I'HVMi' Ua "N UN u<? Broadway. brlnw Twaltth ?irrrt, a ault </ >va>i' ui? apartairnta. 'n thr Ural or aoomd M.nt, In a Brut rlaaa b '(fea, wife faad ratrUM v. Addrcaa Ltoowr, lit raU oUtro. T| HiiilHUKbU AM' TrfllKtW -a Et KNIrlllfu Hoaar. Brat claaa. la an oloraat lorali.n. to int. ?i ?U par MOk, fartaour ainaatoaUia, ilia brat t-u-rro'?a a"' > < rwiutiwd. Addraaa U. Llvlngatna, Ha. I Cadnr mnm, Raw Torfc. , 1l'a*mi-by- -A yoiko herman, a rt'ux with ff Mrr?af??t and Mnppor. la a raapwtablo Amrrtnan :a?aj lr. to iinprovr Lunar J la thr Kugtiah la??tiA*r. brat rofarrnrra (itrB. Addraaa f. t. M . bit M Ilaratd nBrm. Tfb KANT THIRTEENTH MTRENT, HmriCEN KRUAD f) wa> and I nlrrratr plaro.-To In, a front atvl hac? I'trior on armad door. niraMhad or aafuraERwd. aalur and aaa radbalk Tba rnuma would b? In anparatr. with B-wrd, il raqulrod. dll rfnlrw BIURET THREE ~ntruRH PROM RI"A1>i <7 way -To Irt, arroral baadaiinlr foratahrd Roaraa. la Ii>?|r imi.imrn iho lorotiaa la ooor all Iho Brat elbaa b taR. aaurtxd to thr httUdla* la a raadlng roooa. froa. of AhWUR HOCSK ^ i qij atrxim rrRmrr. autton norfm-oorarm.t i'O fnraiatod Parlor ami Rodr<?t arRJt |aa aad Odna, BOW pataat aprltu bnda and arocrthinr on naaary far J "'Of hnuaotoopaaB. oaiaawod If oaMrao. Raau law to ravaat ablo traaaia. mwatrrijrr pi.a?k, BmrxtN WAHmmmm aquara aawl Math araaoa ? PaaniRra or Mafia ftllaT am r ?n bo (tBtorUr accmaaioAatod with prratanont or ran atont Hoard Mrangora rtatihvr tha eRf Mould do waU t aaJ ' M Abora Uouaa oawly f usniabad. _ n(JA tARir* t<trr.kt rrtwken HOPUTOR t*I> ( armlno ? Rocoaa in lot. wNh or without IV* d. V> loetlamra and Ihoir.wlrra or any la rantlwaan. atith a>tou? *->? ' iUnd I iaa l.alh Ro A tmm larfto. to*i? j alao^v nrcowuwtalatad. Term# moderate. | iiA U HROADWaT -to l>BRR AHRNT MTlAlKlfl DtO bowrddra Tba Rim fco? k?Hn* bwet Uwfn <ilf mtiral, and an addition ef abwul forty parlor* and bad r??# ?da. >ia>lw Ik >HWIIW ? aftrt ?>deii of ta; daw-ahla rtxana to pernor a tahkif. wRk foil board Tto hwattoa o Iba bawaa ta uaanrpanaad. waB fnratobad and a anarona abia I'Tin Permanent boarder* lakea at raaaaaabw prtaaa, MM foa transient pe ramie f 110 par day. piwdoml. ~ Art la or wishiro to adopt aw irporr fmm tu Mrtk, wtn bear of an opportunity by aaUtia on Madame Kernel! Mi Chamber* aUeat. or I I II irnln* b?> -M? Ptwi ottca. ART RF-RPKCTARLR PKRROR RKRWIRO IR H* rmialrj arlabina to take a llllle *trl, eteren rear* of ape I of Ani'rteaii parent#, (or adoptlan. can bear of one b; addrtaaini Rr*. A. C. *?<l, Brooklyn Ton ofllcw r ?meet we <>r tchhdat, jclt ii, w*i, at lt{o rkwk. on aama arirwer aa we met bafarwwhm wa I to* t*e tLKgr inatand cl earn. He p annual OfcOKIE T\ i X.-IAMIC'K. TLBAR* <*>* OUT TO *KW 1 l/i ark and aee ma aa goon aa yoa can. . A. H If MR PRARK B. CORTERR* WRO If ARRT*T> *RR HalUe A. Clarke. widow of Oeorre H. Clark*, and I rmerly I a Mae Hatue A. Mm a-ell, of Elatlra, r. V ) wfT) rail Or or aend h? add mm to da Mtnakka. Metropolitan Hiaal, bo will bear i of wwiethm* ktpbly Important Mrr ii. m B. P.. forwerlt rrhidiro i* < wt '?* > Milwaukee and M>Harm, W|? . will boar from a Irlend by addreoalaa t'barlea. elation K . Rew Vorii H-DKTATRKD IR PHI COrifTRT LOROER THAR I e*peoaed Meet mr to nlpbt at old plane at a o'c.vk. If I ahliukl IV* aaa yon, <? Monday ni?ht aaaio hour. Til ERR IRA I.RPTRR POR OR ACE IH THE BROAD way Pnat >dllre I returned In ibe eily on f i-wiaf 'a*. | 17ih mat . but rtrrnm?lan?ea prat euted my aweing yoa. ''fa ' ) ou apeal a pieaaaai Mk. Wt 10NDAY, JULY 23, 1860. MVRICIPAL AmiRg. PArras fbndiro brfohjs his honor the mayo* lor approval. Frusn Con. moo Cou& ] It natation to porrnit S. C. H Star* to rouatruct a wat - me t> "?*h on southwest corner of Broadway and Fifty third st el. Board of Aldermen, July 14 ISM. Adopted. Board of Uouuulmeu, July 20, 1860- On ayea asu noes too- < cttrred In. Kaaolutlon direct ng Croton Aqueduet Board to re anve rotter atonea In Tenth street. from Fourth avenue to ?t river, and pave the carriage way fur full width with trap b ?a pavement. Hoard of Aldermen, June 18, I860. Adopted. I oard of Councllmen, July 10, 1860. Concurrel .n. I vaoluttou accepting Invitation of Company A. Slglyni t rei imeot, to review Emmet tiuard of New "U .81 A ug uat, 10 A M ,'ln front of < ity Hail. Board of Alderucu, July 18, I860 Adopted. Boar! of Oouteilmeu, July 21, I860 Concurred in. Resolution directing the Counsel u> the Corporation to h tve Klght) second street, irom Flrat to Seeoud avenue, opened to cording to law. Board of Aldermen, May 28, 1860. Adopted. Boar) of CouncUmen, July A), 1860 Conourred in. ResoAition to permit Third Avenue Railriad to retain the! Starling box at the low er end of the Turk. Hoard of Aldermen. July 18. 1800. Adopted. Board of Uouucilmeu, July M, ltd J. Concurred in on ayes and nop*. Resoluion directing the Comptroller to advertise for a looa- | nun for EngineComnauy No. 4, between BluccEer, fourth aud Mercer oreetaand the Bowery, aud reiuru lite propospalsand agreement to the Common Council for their action, aud that a pielerevce be gireu to ibe premises UUW occupied by said Engine vompauy No. 4,Jf such preferencecau be given coutislentt) w 1LU the to lei rots of the u ty. Hoard of Aldermen, July 2, 186(1. On aye* anl noes adopted. Huurdof Couuciltnen, July 2l), 1860. On ayes aud 0"e# adopted Result Ion that Croton wafer pipes bo laid hi Fifty-fifth street, irom first atenue to Avenue A, under the direction of the Croon Aqueduct Board. Boars of Aldermen, July 2, I860. On ay-s and noes adoptee. Hoard of Councllmen, July 10, I860. On ayes and n "t adoptee Hesu utloo that the tax assessed against luU Ward Not. 618, 616,617, 618, 619 ana 620, Twenty tirst ward, fnnu the year 1867, le remitted, being the ground 'U walch I tr ad way rat enacle church is situated, ana having been used for ibut ye. if for church pitrposea. Huard of tldertnen, \pril9, 1860. Adopted. Itoerd of Councllmen, July M, I860. t?n ayes and adopted. Resolution to remit t ersonal lav of John Berge for your i860. Hoard or Aldermen, July I, law. on ayes una n >es adopted. Hoard or Councilman, July 30,18tW. On ayea ..ud noes concurred in. Hesolutkm 1o amend an "Mtnanoe entitled an wduiance lo divide the uuy of New Turk into convenient election district*, approved November 14, IrtSO. The Mayor, Aldertuen aud Ontnminaity of the city of New Tork, In ? omnion council convened, do ordain aa toilowa:Neeiiou 1. section 113 ul the above euliiied ordinnnce la bere- ! by amended and shall read aa follows ? Sec ?1. 'Ibe Twenty cecum! ward sball bo divided Into four teen election dlmri. is, the extent and limits of which said election districts stall be aa tollowa?. First. The First Klecli ,u district. Twenty aecond ward, shall contain all thai part of the .my bounded by and yi * w .Liu . the northerly aide of Fortieth atroet and wen aide of sixth avenue, ami southerly aide of Forty hr-rt street and It i*>o , Second Klection diatriet of the Twenty wooed want shall . contain all that part of the city bounded by and lyuig within the nortlusrlv slue of Forty-Ural and west -.ule of S: ,th avenue, ! and somberly side of Forty second street and Huda-a river. Third KUxuov district of the Twenty aecond ward shall con | tain sll that part of the city bounded by and I in# w ithin the Ii..rtherly aide <U Forty s> c-.ial street and w est aide of Sixth a*.* Due, and southerly side of Forty third street and Mi. - .u rtver Fourth Klection district of the Twenty aecond ward shall contain all that part cl tlie citj bounded ov end lying within the northerly aide ol Forty thirl street and west ante of Sixth avenue, and southerly side of Furty-fourta street and lluds.n rtver. Fifth Klection dtstrloi , .f the Twenty sexJn-1 ward shall con. tain all that pan of the city bouudeil by and lying w. iun the northerly side of Font fourvh atreet and west side of Si lb avenue, and aoutherty sule of Furty fifth atreet and llinlsou j river. Sixth Klection district of the Twenty s. ?d ward shall contain all that part of the rlty bo nded by and ly ni within the northerly side of Forty ruth atreet and w en side of Sixth avenue. anrt'southerly side of Forty slvth stryet ?nd lludaoo Seventh Fiiectum (district ol the 1 wenty second ward snail ; contain aU that part of the city bounded by and lying with.n the m rtheriy aide oi Forty sixth etreet and west side of s.vth svenue, and southerly side of Forty seventh street and Hudsua rtver. | Fighth Klection district of the Twenty second ward sh.ul I ranUio all that part of the city bounded by uid lying within the northerly, siue of Forty seventh street ai.d w> st sale ".rf H its avenue and soudieriy sale of Forty-Ighth street and I Hudson river. Ninth Klection district of the Twenty aecond ward shall con I lain ail that part of the city bound'-1 by aa.l yiug within tie northerly sale of Fortv eighth street and weal s de f Hlith ave nue, and southerly aid- of Fiftieth street and Ilndann river. Tenth F.lection 1,Strict .at ibo Twenty se.-on I ward shall I contain ail I hat part ol the city Included by and lying withiu ' the northerly side of Fiftieth *lr?-et, ami w#-t side of etiatix i avenue, and loutlierly side of Filly second ami Hudson rtver. | Kleventh Klw tlon Jnsuict of the Twenty s<caid ward shall ( contain ?I1 that partot the city t in.led by and lying wilnln the northerly side of Fifty ?* end ?*r*"t. and west si le uf s-ith avenue, and somberly aide of lilty filth street and H . Is iu ' river. Twelfth Klection Iilstrict of the Tw-nty se- m ! ward shall Contain all that psrt of the city bounded ?> and lying wahin . the lionl.e'ly sale of Fitly tilth street, au-t west ? ie (,f Suth svenue, ana southerly side ol Itixty second street and Hudson rtver. Thirteenth Klcctivn Ibsrrm of the Twenty s-aood war! Ml Coiilain all Ilia I pvpt t the city bounded by and lying slibin the northerly side ot S vty s.-cond street, and west si,;o t Willi avenue, and southerly sale ol siet* tile tli stieet aud Hudson river Fourteenth Kleruon District d the Twenty aecord ward, shall contalii all that part of the city bounded by aud Iviutf s Itiiiu the uortbeily sale uf bex< nlielh Street, and west a le of sixth avenue, and southerly side ol K.ghiy sixth sireet aud Hudi on river. lleard of Aldermen, July 11 |IW). Oti ayes an I noes adopted. Heard oft 'oum umen, July 31, InMI. On aye* and n ?s conlumd lu Res. iuUnn to confirm awart ofeonSrac* for setting -urban.) gutter and nsgsuig buty ult.lh -treet li >ra Third ax'iutc to a point hJU leet westerly tlieieir-tm. ( > T:-tixiaa < .unions lor thtt&h. Abort of Aldtrmen, July 11. 1W. On ay** ;?4 u nctfj- I i tiiiu*'*4. H?*ud of Co'in<*Uni*n 7n\ 1-40. On *j*a and uiiwaoou J currcdn. | KeODi'iUoti to roiifirn a**r?i "f r mtrart %\ >ng T*nth i aif*?i tiuin lou/tl* avnin?? lu ICaU river with Trap bi as* pav*- I ! iiimlt<?< hrl*to.,h*r K#y*? hoaiU ol Aiaeracn, 11, iHiU. On >* 4nd C >#? cod' Ann*d. | Hard (if Coum liiiirn, July Jif, IipJ On a>**a Mtid f- ?<* ooaI Ann *4a n ir^inano* fo mR)*tv ?*u nnlirun -m rn:iit>?l an r-1 io?** , *lM | ffnHiitml of ib* ' t> ??f N*w l??ra yr*r Itli* i.iy m*rt i f ib* !nl*r? on h | riW?ri i>: xh?> < ?|> d*M Md h* an- J otial ti!aia!i0*bU U|xio U?* pnnciuiti '4 a?M !* ?i >>* nun ^ dua ii aa Id j*mr, approved ?an* lary ?7. I Aiao It rn*4*e *<Mll lb ?m! at>|iru|M nituMa Utr lA* *ar NU Tb* >U r. AUl*rui*n and ? rnru il'.y of .!?* rtty of New i !? ?*. In* miiuti *'i onni do o d?iu ? ( . -wa? h?.' 1 "I lx? nrat arrn<?ii of ti,r ??rilir it r?- kfur* > it i an fnrH Jtmii) IT. ! *'>, ta lMrrt)rMMh<w Uv ?iri?.ii ,4 out lite a rila urn 'oi.' ?!Df a'ter the uile >f landa and pl.eea ' "which now rewda" twenty i.p th- a*n.l dollara. owl ittaertnix Ibalead thereof the wuMe twenty bo uaao I d"lltre; a.w> ,hy inking wirda tteyt f>i).owing atlor lo - uu.ol r?i< and arrnuea whic h uow rrada a.\ty th "leetid ! ' era, and 10 Wring hiateid thereof the worna t fly if tannd dollara. h?- X The loiinwiDg ii.mi of money ere hereby rnaperllyeTv ii pmpiibir 1 tor the ohJ*?ta and ptiry herein egret ,ed, in a Iditaai to me aum* heretofore apf.i a rial- i : r the ..ear IIUi ?U ? hcaii *11 aireet rifnwii.. for regulating. pa . tig *nt r? uipl'ting the public carriageway err ?a Jr m??r eagle o? lb-' 1 II) lln.i Park. IBWt-nrilMMC Wltll I r?~>liltkrn ot llw Common Council, all numl lauuary b. ! # . bu t December 31, |V8. ureal) three hob tired dollara (2 kJU 1 0 Coentlra Heef, bleating am] remoytng tir bul lug 'hb lelge of rocka in lb* harbor if .V-w V'rk km * n ae Coeuuwa K"#f, twenty tk u and dollar* JD."M OU Flrt iMpar'ment for ihe farttma purpura named la thf Mlurtvud untkuMW", approved Jad'tary 27 lr**i, and la addition to tbe 01m nl W\ty tbooaa- I du.iars thereby appropriated, ten U>o<.i?i>d dollar* .. 10,OU) f)0 1 Fire and Police Telegrnt b for Iba Wmatructiiw. re pair and anuu twi.' e , *> telegraph and da ipj '.ftenanrea. and procuring the nc-eaear) anppnea lor iwareing U" aame, aim, for the o|?t.?i if te> graphic npbrdWIrb uni toyed or m pofnP'd by the mwrd ?f *firf|ioliian Police 1 hoibim wer*, In el <UL-ti 10 the aiun of aii u. remand dollar* h?n udurn appropriated bjr the ordinal,re aforeauld lor bald I 01 wee*, bipe. thouaaod dofiani 9.00* <M Police inveaiigatlmi lor lab.'', for the legal dipetiaea [. aad ->i.i ir??oiawla larnrtw a aperlkl c-o.mtune 1. of the Unaia'ini'puril 00 Fpjce iDTeatigaiion ib ' lie yaar Ins*, d.ree tho?ua odd. libra .... total 9 > t detaoib Jt'gtiBeiit, .New York but to Mdiia, ramp 1 fjnlr agea *>r. far pmrnrwig a <*wa| deta ?et qf camp eiitili for the am 1 rwgluieai, fire ihu i mod dollar* ,.T7 b 'JOB U) flteam Fire Knglnea for the pnrrhaae of a'oaro Brw engineaartd a?ir*?wt'ia r eiaccle l tberew ih, for tbw we id ibe new lort I ire 1*1 atmem. thirty inn a*nd dollar* JO.W W Ruppliea fur and < Umuhbk Public Ollu ??. for the purs-mra t\ reified In the afnreaald nrdlnanc?*. and In a.tdmna to (be mm of ihirtv Ore ihouaan d dooara tberwm appropriated for tald purp<i?. kvm thou aaaddcllar* 7,001 U0 ( or S. It thall not br lawf ul for the aereral departmenta of Ihr city government, or Lbnee baring charge at I be rtpmdi 1 turea, u. make contrai l* or Incur llabilltiea ?'<r pitrpoaae an I tharteed bpthe dmiau* I dm* to ao amotioi nrnKln ih? oarera! appropriations therefor. Hoard i Alderman. June II 1Mb. On ayeeand noeeadopt d. Board of r.agorUmeu. July JO, IMd. On ayda aad onaeeno- | attired in. . | i\TTwn or entitle op Tint hoard or covN?-ti? U an. No. <*y Hall. Now Tart, July JO. IMP -IB OgaalPM on Htrrria of the Board of Councilman. will m??t on TuMdar, the Jtth day of July. Inalaat. at 3 oVI x-t, 1* M , la 1 mom Na 1 <1ty Hall, when the aubjert of the widening of ' Catharine atrrat will bo rendered. All parauna (atari ad HAViIIN 'WIOVNT, I Nti^ota. B rXlNNirntN^ON't*MW?II?T>i (?P TUB HOARD of A Mermen will meet oo Mi,day of torn ? neit, 231 luat, a* 1 o'rVtefc, at the Mce of the Hoard of Aaaaaanra. No. I II CmBkrn otreel, baaemeai. The felt.a tog an lamenia will then ?? considered ? Negulathtg. *e fifty fourth atreet. between HUlh aad hercnib areaueo. reguiauug. Ac . PllU Aral atreet, between Third and KHth arenuea. Alt peranoa lutar Med ha rlna ohjecttuoa are not I bed to lie prraeat. n ? mt llAKl. TCbNNT.l r.mtmltied H N.iiKNKT, j <m 1 1KO. HTARH, ) Aaaeaament i. mm |mt, (tai mmt Atru fotim j CTACTT'IN -LOOT, A NflTP Of H WOl.fT * <-0, ) to thtir own order. Sear Tort. Mat h T lw?l, light i , moaiiha, 9417 80. pat able at the Sl oe and l^atb' i Hank far , ilea are raiOoeed nut to argoiiate aa,4 net* *a pa> moot hi I , been in | 1 _ I T IIKT HKTWrKN MMM * > ' ' A > A f "TKKNTH t Xj black enamelled gold Hand, matted in Uennan. i)<AI fchnlr dleh." The Under will Ml liberally rewarded by tearing It o* No. *4 Ninth atrrri. aa w?u aa poeeiMe. j LUMT-ON ratl'rday. july 21, in hrvkntkkkth atreet between Pounh and faennd Prdnu-1. of Ida T irth ' 1 eranue eanlhoa, a Uib'a gold lluatiaw Watch. t'bain and (Warm* wah hTo. MfJ V. lien Magnlu A Uumfh. maker*, (feneya A literal reward will be gnen b. returning it to UP Kit Rrventeruth <areet. ftuyeemt Wfiare I LoNT-Aom n win i? rviXJn and char** on tag from (be Uw of the tall.'thla aide of Maulid io.aiwr arm a. tr- hta hotel at rluahlng A liberal reward will t,e glean by taitung H With Mr. Uond'-raua, I'luahuig. or at No Jl i'lne atreet. lunch rot. New tort T Ofrr"riR~ltTot^?r-(in in.v 17 rnou riir eve XJ tiare field Ol |? D. WhHe Kit Williamat r?. a gray (>?. wibnne white font and Owbt'eayoA on lb# f .rah . ! rhe finder will be Ubennlt rrwarae-l by returning him to under eigne A. or It one wVi will gt-*e any trf .-maun 1 hi* where atari la Wtu reran r the reward. ("UN H MANU ITttH ;?l y T ' \|r?HW l(WT -f/vut on THf'tlun AT in laat. bet wren <i< And ae-. m ,|.? wo e g .ig fi m I'ert allp ferry Wllllamabitrf. to the Krie Hi r?l de| .* (?erha|-a la a carrtrge tttrn at'be cWWt '4 Hroolway u'ld <ri*mi.?r*Birrrt. I"a tl a Poftriv ntaie r,^t., r iog b?i??cn put ao.t PTtl m gold The iiader win b*litifr* ly rewarded by .ear- 1 |bg 'Mr mat* M be Utl >Sc?. ^ gAiaCB AT 1PCTWW. Albert mortmzjl enirriN * co, Al'cBhmh. Mumtcti.: HouaehoM BUBBITITRE, At public auction. The property of a family declining housekeeping. Oa Ihia i.'f, Monday, July US. at lt>Ai o'clock nrecbely, at a*! eleyatit r< wdence or Jiy'gn Oliver ( hapniau. ? We* Kirteenlh itreei. t? tween Ktflh and rtuth avenuea, being the large*! ,.i.d rich-'' ahtntnient of Household Furniture and Work* of Art offered *t a ction Uiia Reason. The furniture w.t* all made to order the preeenl owner by those celebrated cabinet mat era ' d ana itoih. and .* of the beet da*rnpuon. Descriptive 'vi. _lu<r* w 'he hone on morning of aaie. 'pert 7 Octave Pianoforte, Bm? ? ... Kieganl Drawing Room Null*. Broarc and Ortn, ,u I'Undeliere, Pier and Mantel Mirror V#lve< MwUil10" OU Pain tin pa, Engraving Cr<>ctde *?d ^ CartAtlu' Rosewood Chamber E.trnltu??^^ i*Tm 0hU? VMe* : Chine, Class, and SUve. Ware. l,uu"" K,x>m F?nH?ur* ! Robe*' *" ' MagniUcrrt roeewood Piannf > la, carved leg* *?* ,n laid with nearl. eolld pearl keyi. overstrung \ttm ' Jlh sal m wood, made by Krusdway makers. fully guaranteed been 1 ui us* but lour month*, lully tested by cumin lent ludgi*, aiut pronounced a superior instrument, rosewt* d t'anierbur. do stool covered in brocade, French cloth Cover, men wood &r*\ ease and Secretary. Rucolgneuri. marijueirrle and botsde rose tublueta, Udv'a Work Table aud Writing Dt-k, inlaid with pearl; medallion velvet Carpets, moaaio Rugs, French plate pier Mirrors, marble slab and bracaei*. two Urge tuautel Mir rora, richly carved frame*; embroidered lace t 'urulua, French Shades, Cornice*, two magi.Hi cut suits Drawing Room Kurnl ture, covered hi three Colored aatin brocade eg the rtohesl deecrlpllon. -arved In eolld rosewood; two tete a tele Rotua, two arm, two reception and eight oval hart Jfenlm, two rueewiad Centre tables, suiuary marble lop*, to ntaioh the *ulia, Etegerc*. Uned wuh satin wood, marble lop, mirror doors and bark. King * patent rrctiuiug Saay Chairs, Pier , Card and yuan alto tables, < >U Palm logs, by legraud, Dole. Ionian, Koufca-I, Beneres, Kg aw and oilier euuaeul artists, AMUmpllonof Virgin Mary, troan the celebrated painting In Louvre, J'ari*; Worm at Sea, by FWygafaigle; two aupern maich Paining*, Scene on the Pyrenees and Himalaya Moun aii)*, original, by Kglaw; roir?iNU 11*1 chairs to uatc}); inhioun velvet Ntair Carpets, silver Role. so. chammkrh. Ingiish Rrusse!* ' arpeta, r acwoud marble top di lelie Bureaus, BesMsad* ami Commodes to match; Amour u Ularc, Toilet Tables, Staji ), Wai l.obva, Table da Mull. Rockers, Couch- i. urn. and oval Wk c'nalrs, oovsvsd In no I'let. spring ui.d hair Mattresses, B-.| Spread*, fe.uher lied*. Bolster*. Pillow*, tea! Mirror*. Pastel Paintings, decorated chloa luiltta, Muca'.el >'uiia>o<, Ar. Upper Chambers?Ma botany and black vrslnut Bureaus, *>taa, Rockers, Wash t lands. dinino room Solid carved oak Hi.Oki. siatuary marble top; Hertz dining Table, Id foil draw; Conches, arnxliHi'* elegant netaof try*nu ami ruby glasawaie IMeanters, - -/cu < iohlsta, Wine*, Champagne*, Uenionade*, Tumblers, Krull, Celery, ami pre serve htainis, ?ei? of finger Bow,-. rui>. and I'an.iu marble 1' .nrhbowls: rtlby and k da 1.1'tnor Set 1 ball I Chine Dinner Set, did piece*; i'ithly decuraied Tea > s. tl piece*, *oli,t silver Dinner and Tea Sel*; Si; erware i itl.-o Uru, Caater*, Cuke Baskets, Napkin hinge. Spoons, Forks, ivory handle Ta Me Cutlery, basket* llei.isctrk Wines, d> mljohn* old Otarl 1 Br.,udy, vintage 18S0; botch Whiskey, HoiMou ' berry, bol. white, do. brown Sugar. Also basement and kitchen Corn! tnre. Stone, Iron, Tin and Woodenware. Copper Utensils, 1. e Pitchers, Salver* Ac. Also pair of ouch Hoeaea, seven and eight year* old, i pacing Horace, puce in 2 W; 1 ooupe ami i b, nnide by Brew -ler, l.ight War -n, 1 -ew Coach liar uess, Koiie*. Ac. N. B ?Strum .-re wishing to attend this sale can lake the Kilib aienne auiges ai the As >r llonae, Si Nlcho la* una Metropolitan Hotel*, and leave within a short distance ol e house, corner of SixteenJi streot an I F.ith avenue. Arthur b. btevkms, auctioneer. Office and saiesroim No. '.K,J Hroadway. Assignee sale ol Elegant Ho sebold Furniture, Oak Dining Room, Rosewood Chamber Furnit ire. At the magnlt>ent resides e No Hd W.sit Eleventh street, between f iftli and Hutb oven net. Commencing this duy .JdOLday , at 1CI>* o clock. Costly Rcaewood Pianoforte, Iti'ii i Parlor Kumlturs, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Mar iirtcn' S'*:nary Ornaments. I will sell at public auction, on Monday mm, without reserve, all the elegant rusew-Kid K .rniture coins ned in the t.rst class residence, as above, by - rev at the assign-**, The Furniture was all new eighteen months mors, aud made to order for the present owner, and can l>e folly reked on. Catalogues ran be had at be office ur house As e lam'iu.tloo ut the articles / previous to the sale la parti ilarly sulk-re 1. JIRAWINU KOO.VN Contain royal relret Oarpeta. mosaic ai d re vet Rugs, one elegant guild roaewoud Furniture, covered w..h green satin brocate,'; one *uit of rosewood Furuilure, cusml with blue ; alio gold dauiosa; one mult of ten piece*. ln,*oUd rose west, richly cart ed, ud covered with crin.hon autln; all of said suits were made by the -le'-rau-d catiue-l manufacturers Merrill A Sni. of ttnstdway, Hie rwwoil Piano : fotte wsa new last lad. and 1* certainly one of tne best finished ns'.r .menu In IBu rountry , c muuia -rj m sieve improve I mem. sc. it ewwud frame*. r<?mwoo>! carveil legs, and rsemd I cornet*, full Iron frame over*irutg baa*, a hd pearl keys, and l eautilully mlald with mother ul pearl, cr.y make, with a , live ji urt' guurrautee, rnval.Avinm*t-r Carpet, rare and beau . Hul oil Painting*, pier, mantel and oral Mirror*, nxewood Km .gue-irs, Ktegere*, Bookcase. aud ladv'* Escritoire, Ftatu ary marble Ornaments, real artistic Hr.n/e Figures, luce and I n* ate! Curtains, satin easy Dotuiget, Divaus, uttomaua. W irk Pox, Ac. DIKING ROOM. Mn Van! oak dining MMIa Table, oak BuT't, UM? Cut lery. French rhina dinner hot of W> pteeee , !> -oraled ntaiua tea Set, Ivory balanced handled Knr. ? and Forks, liable ami tea spoons, Hirer < alter*. Kngliah cut UlMwvt, Crockery, Mirrors. (dock, Carpet. < 'II AM HERB. Fn sulteenetlx maewnnd !! d-' ud.mnrMeUtp dreeeltve Bureau \\ iiabatund i,com mode, anio.r j? uum, "litre T*hle,War.!rot>e, Curtains, Lounge snd i?.' <'b'ir, Chairs, Rockers. Kiumi iu?a. curled biur KnUrer-eg, Hamlets, lluen Sjn .m. I'll; *?, Holsters, elegant I .iby Crib lined with miin. Tepe?iry. tapestry Carpet, BUM and t neewuod Melodeoo. Thirl aiid four;). stories?Mahogany and lilaek walnut BedMemital Bnrevi, h?.r Matt roues. leatBer lle<'? .uid Pillows, Blanket*. Sheets, , 3 ply and inarain Carpet in Id room*, Ritel. tillel Seta, Ku graving*-h""'* and sol* K? ds. gpruig seat Chairs, cane (eat Cha rs, arm Koekers, stair Carpel and Kola, hall hat Maud, g*? V muree, Hnsr- chandelier* throughout the bmiae . all the baaeni-nt aud kit' hen Furniture, with wbirh the aula will > rcitnmenr-. N' It tin Wedlieadty, at in .-lurk P M.,als*l?e rooms, <1'" r ?i. iloree, .ma much low, coverod spring Bugsv, IlaroeM, A' Term* ash, In et'.y money. Wt have fully d Mr. Sleteb* toe., aa shorn. j??hn 1 RkY.I V*M. IMiW ) Auction moth f Elegant in 1 e "tiy b-i ic h .id F :rm' ire, the property of Iwm Feint Gardurli ??a, Hid Futirte? nth atreet, near Ktghtb venue. J. W. POHTRR A on. . auctioneer*, will sell on V tale Jul) - It' l V wllfcrt reserve, the entire elegant Furnllnra c 'luauied la the above maualon. roaaiaUng of a splendid r<e- a >*t Plate d ine, three in igidncerit anlt* of solid lose* ..I |i?r!- i i und ue, entered in the most expea- | aire and deajeahle pa'te t>s of French sa'in. ciwtly pier and m.u lei Freneli plate m 'r'ira, e'eg*m Oil Paintings, neh velvet C*i pets, large and .leuai.e variety of tait sulld Stiver ware heerymit Ola*a eare < the m tel esp. naive kind. ele- 1 rant t h.u.t Ware. Tea r .d S.'* t en, I'anan Ware, ronre and ormolu ?*! k?. Ac. The particular atl> itUon of b< ua-aeepna ta ealb-d In the Urge and enanatve ratal -gue ?*> the ah' ve rle' and e e'ljr fur ill ire de.,trail ma, Ac , to b>- *o.d at pubit'- hurl on to b' blgh-?v Mtv'.ei lor ruah Parlors enntaiajrard* .f superior eelrti t .rpeia uiree mar Du'oeM aatlid rueati'd huha, . overed In mar mo, blue and g ild, and crlmmaodi l tin. of 'be newt eapeeelwe de arri, dop. Mp hie and Turk'-) eaey < aair* in imepiet and aaun br wade, dlalea' a lid rnaennod tecepimn and Arm *haira. n .ereit in f .Id rrlmaoe ?nd nam u patin. ibrwe ailhl r .? a jud < utre 1' hiea. with rb h ataluary nunile t .p* eipen analy nriMt "ere > pier, sola (ml three r.?uy I ?**<*> 1 (?? re* Willi m.irtue top* pint* *!? ? doors. Ac., 1 imported emr-saty lor 'he "?r?er. ladies w??d wort, br* ! mux ormolu Ctocks, elegeot > hut* V(Ma with the m'%: r? |" elve ICll?pee. painted to order In Kr.wiee, m.ixnil.crnt Kirnch | l*te i ?r Ola#*, mth rbli *ud ke?ti ( rid fmme it ? ?! Mirror* ?o match besrv i-iMNl4?rM Ibfe w teloW I urta.l.a an 1 < ortilct . 1 true nod nimdw rariety <>( Oil r? 'tog- > naMvi artist.-the whole | .ruling ?cry pl?a?ing aiiaetmn. mperior row .vood Pianoforte, elegant sue arid o ellei.t tone, being ralnahle ttiairouenl, Per a'?d piano Stool, r red in (alia, with an elegant and costly rmbr ld?r*d eover, I?in rig p. >m?Itirh relcet Uprotrv Carpet, In rood order, aolld ona e?len?ton Table all P"l *n*d m the be?t manner, msrhl* u>p taney Table*. Mirrors. ode H-ela. ''bars, in hair e|. th. together Willi all the Kobe and CrySUl and col Olaae wares Winea. I Twrr pagnea, Tumbler*. U .h'ou and to match. rich hina tea "Oa dinner Seta, ce'ly Kllrerwar*. tea ' end dinner betrrler, "alrere rake Itnakrta. i ?;er*. coflee and tea I ruv rp.?n.a Porks. supierlor tfbl* Cntfere, Ac <*atahet??hnlkt maewaod aal mahogany tiedsw-sda, *taln arv mar bo top H< rea IP. Waab-'andd to man b. puie b ur Mat tree.. fr*n m ?I'ai Iba. mad* l" or lor aal in*' *ltaot eoa(UUon. tagr*In i at pats, bedpgap Mirrors, ITooka, balet Tables, tew*i Hark*. Vdlat data. stair < ?iwa Mid Red* mahogany i nahionad Chairs, Koctars. bofaa, llaJi Stands, t.a and lonag Tst?J*s. together with a lafga siM d*atrabl*k*anrfin?nl Cbaae cot ulenail* Ac . wllh which lb* baa mil iinaananee The raltinf the bhofe rtifnlrtira trill positively thk* place without fkw.Vdto aealAdf A rrepoOT 'Ol partno adlf be In attend afire to park and ship ankle* lutfig out of the city, at a r?a euawble change AI.HKHT 11. KM H01.AY, Al < TIMRKICR Regular Auctioo Kale of Stnrke ami Honda ll.HFRT H KICtil.AY wtU sail this dav i Monday!. Jn|s It, at Id', u'dlot k, at the stork salesroom. No b William street, near Wail 18 aba Ilk id Common th. Y100 W ?ba bg Rlvar Rank . ? II < Vw>tn>*i)Ul ftani jia. -m, . Wftttunjtloti In* Co . tu Jo kt i ?~i fe"*'"?.'! ia^"g ??3SbS3??S ! *2 ^ ?"U RR lit ?* * *> B>m4?. ss? jrt wvSSL Rio^ fflssra! KKjr,"^4i? r'"*n. No. B2 WlUum atm* ? ? k 1 ?Mo?. ' '"1 *<'? * ,nd II Mia U lar.t ariTa^T 2VJlT^f 1' * ?" ? *~i. * iisia? 5'iwvy;-4 4 mwiLCT* (AMI ?r *rmoi ~ A on Uf? RtedM. Mad* fir r-*?Zlk+'.'l^!!" <*?? **>? ai>.? n -.vH35SS?sSF* r!^S 5Z?*V7,W wt% ?">-lort pc-aoa*)/^ j jj!iuujk v* v A J HI.KTrKKR. AfCTlORRER. ' 1 ,. .a KKK, H<?Jf I ('(> 1,1.] ^ I r j . , V II .? :' ?? *" ">"* *? -T,;, '*? ; UTT- "%r '. "r"' 11,1 b "w,n* *"mm?aa. L^* * i5*k ' *?n *v#r ,o ,fMj ?t,1(,|#.<i .w_ ? w P*? rar. ,4 *;rt,j M ?.,MW aarh liTJN ! Wi^v'SW11 A. JrnffiA.??S5J-tTWi ir ' fcW?? aiSEx! ?1^?-v. i VlTHol'T IVtR'l IttK? ? i>r r<?*iH? i rt>r<*f< > ha f ,, . , ,TT^^ flT t|||? itsr .r .nrrr : asr3 S-SStks? a. aui'sj-s.-"^ ":.; : ,'S ; JaTfiMrejSt < ?** Tfthi*#, Mirr <? ,,. M r.* , h 3**#r>* ?. rh^a. la-./r?Pi ft R> r?> a" * *' * (ra?| I 3 IAUM AT ICCTIOM. A' snoirxri ixul-ooU) xmv pavrn watch**, J twin, Afr-CBAM BUM A ifficHILD. Aoetfowecn, will aril on Friday, 27U> in*., at 10 o'clock, at 191 Broadway, coiner of Day (treat, aeeood Boor, a largo quantity at Baa *old and (Dear Watches of seisbiwted.makers, tine pM Jewelry In all Ha rarleiy for gentlemen's and ladlea' wear, auch aa Broochas and Drops, Bracelets, nook and chatelaine Chains. Inckrta, Idnks Beads, Headdraaa pieces, Ringa plain and stoned. alao, lob. reel, neck and guard Chains. Rings, Tins, Ac, fargeulkmeo'a wear, Alao, Iwo jewelry Iron Safes, Aa ISAAC HCDI.ONO, Assignee. At'CTlOB NOTICE?GROCERIES, 8KGARK, ac.-HKN KV URKKN will sell, this day, at 10* o'clock, at I9t William street Orocerie*. Tea, Soap, Currant*. Retains, I'runra, Almond*, Smoked Herring. Kite Mackerel, do. White Flak, Cork*, Olives. While I-ead, Begara. Alao a amali lot ?f Boota, Shoe*, Dry (Jooda, Ac. Auction notice-crockery. glassware and Fancy Oooda ? I S. H. haRTI.KTT, Auctioneer ? Tueadat luly 24, 10 o clock,*! 2H1 atreet. large catalogue tale 111 liett A Second'* W. (Iraulie and Printed Ware, in lota to mil dealer*, fall and *ee. Bargain* for cash Action trade sale or china. glass and Kartharnware, by UKSRV O evans, on Tuewlay, July 14. at 10 o'clock, at Hi Maiden lane, comprising a general aaaoiIment of While Granite and common Ware, French, I'hma anil U Unaware, suitable for city and country retail trade Oooda carefully repacked for ahkpplng. Sale* every Tuesday. AUCTION NOTICE.?GREAT EASTERN FURNITURE f* Eipreaa and Tacking kat?bli*hmcnt. Ill and 113 Weal eleventh an. et, between Fifth and Sixth aveiuiea. Household f urniture of eicry description lioxed and ahptped to all parte ol thv world. Furniture n| famlll"* removed with utmost Fp covered wagoui for removal of Furniture to the country fttomgr lor Furniture. A u(jril0!<,,.if2i?c*.-BRANDT, ao.?unreserved UKKKN will m?U on MondAy/July 2S, k ? illlaiM atreet, by icier of the assignee. Wb^in t r*" c** u ^fandy, alt quarter oaaka old Tori WJpe and seven usee* Tale Sherry, Ac A COTIOW BALR-CLOTHTWO. PTRCK OOODB. DBY A Goods, Ac Ac -A.. M CKIHTaLAR. auctioneer. as Bowery, will wU, this day, J.ilv 23, at liH4 ovioik. a large uaortamt of ready made Clothing, rompriaiug about rtUQ garmautii. enmmer and winter Coals. I'huu and Vesta. CaBeo, Llncna, Cloth, Dowakin, bturu, Dr.wers. Bib,is, Feieraham*, Batlaela, Ac. BY JORKPH HROKM AM.?MONDAY, .rri.Y 23, AT 4 o'clock P M , at No. 86 Fulton avenue, between law retire and Bridge atreeta, Brooklyn, the tixtumaof a Feed Store, Counter walnut Dealt. Iltna. Shelving, Platform Scale* F analog Mill, Ti nek, Ropea and Pulley, Partition, with Ha?hea and fflasa Door. Ac . Ac Alan, Feed Wmoo, Mleigh. lop Wagoo, three aela of llarneaa. HKNKY H. LMBDB, AtTOTIONKKB. 8ALK8 ROOM, 23 NHaaati street.?<treat aale at Villa leiU to the city of Kli/abeth. N. J. HKNKY H. I.KKDK A CO. will aell at auction, on Wedneaday. Julv 26, at 13 o'elork. at itie Merchiinta' Kn hange, In the etty of New Fork, the whole of the Belle v no property tu one i?ot. The whole will be aold to the highest bidder without reaervo. Terma M.UHU cash, aud the balaiu a on l?ind atid mortgage from three to five yeara. For map* mid further Inform itlnn apply to the auctioneers, XI Naaaa i at, nFNKY H. LKKPK, ACCTIONKKR KALKKKtiOM NO. ..I Sanaa it street.-HKNRY H I.KKDK A CO , will aell at auction, t n 1 uradity, July 23. al 12 o'clock, in flout of atom No. 23 Nassau street, a sorrel Mare, seven year* old, dlteeo hand* bltth. warranted perfectly aonnd, la kind and genua under the Huddle and In all harm**, of great strength and endurance. la a ?< >d traveller- aaa been rlddi ti and driven by a lady aud la amiable lor any kind of use Alan, the celebrated trotting Home Tim Itarnham. tiiteen ban-In high and in about ten yeara old, in warrauied sound and han trolled lu 2 46. TOKKPH H i ll KM AN. AUCTIONKKR. J TI KHDAY. JULY SI Al 10 O'clock A. M. precisely, at No. 273 Fulton, near Tlllary atreet, Brooklyn. AB8IUKBE8 SALM.?The entire stock of Reynolda A T im tnel. KLKHANT CtJHTOM MADK Parlor, Chamber, IJbrary and Hnll Furniture. In rosewood, mahogany. walnut and oak, upholstered in Ute very b..*t atyle, wtlii marble tops Alan, a number uf Sofa and Chair 11antra, Ac . Ac. The whole lobe aold wttli<att reserve. Catalogue* at the aaiet ruotua aud al the store, where the good* can be eianuned. M DOUGHTY, ACCTIONKKR?WILL RBLL OM THIS . day. I tily 23, at 1U% o'clock, al No. MB Bowery, the entire contents of two houses, consisting of warn* 30 rooms of Furniture, in ?Carpet* OU Pal aunts. Hid**. < hairs, Uaa Chandeliers, Mirror*, Centre and Hide Tab lea. Bedstead* Oilcloths. Pi enalng Bureaus, Wsshslarul* Toilet Seta Blanket* tIrtnforters, Sheets, Mattreaae* 30 Feather lleda Ibdnler. ami Pillows, Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery. Table Linen Ae, together with a Large aaootiiwnt of Kttilieii Furniture Dealera will find 11 worthy of their attrulkn to attrud, aa every lot a to be peremptorily aold MORTGAGB SALF-UY VIRTCK t>F A C1UTTKL. mortgage, I will expose for aale, on Monlsy, JuJe 23 at ten o'rloca, at 73 First avenue, corner of Plflb street. a xfnendid Rockaway. whleh him only ' ecu uaed a few times JOHN H IIJ I.LI KB, Attorney for Mortgagee. T>AWNBROKFRH' 8 W.R ?H LKVY A CO. WILL KKLL. X tlu* day. at 11H, O'l iork. at No. 22 I alhanit? alt .-el, Ht a and other Pi essea and Kkirta, Klmwla, Mantilla*, Mhirta and chemwc*, foala, Pacta, Vesta, ljuilu, sad children'* lothiu* Si J ROQART, AITOTJONKKRR?MORPAT, JPLYCT, at 10$, o'clock, nt the M iction rooms, large assortment or nperlor parlor, chamber, kitchen and harmom Kurniture, vonataUng of rosewood parlor Suit la < rtmaon reps. Mirror, mahogany French lted?tead?, black walnut Heda'eada, mahogany Sofaa, parlor Chairs, Markers, trow Bedstead*, iron gar den Chair* and Settee*, ei tension Table*. Warper*. nth-loth, Crocker} and Olamwar* h.dr. bnak and straw M itlrea-e-a, - <* tagc lledalead*. marble top enamelled Waahitan.t*. Iron Mai atanda; also, one maidile top 'allng tVmnter, cane ?e,kt, Ac. N. B.?The sale will oununue until all I* aold. will be required from all pun baarra. I X BOOART, ArtTKlNKERh.-MONDAY. M'l.Y 23.^t II o'clock. In front of the alore, No. I North Wtl U?m street, by virtue of several executions tin- new Buggy Wm*.si? with lopa, also una aurrel H.eae Ijcht Wagon and Harness. ISAAC JONKS, C.aaauDin. S i J. BOOART. AU0TIONKKRS??M< 1NI1A Y, J Dt*T U. at il o'clock, si the auction No 1 North W.I law atreet. Constable'* aale. 7W pieces white Cr.eker*, mahogany hofa [amiff. alt mahogany Cliair*. Leukinetitaaa, <oe Bureau, lot Kugrai mga. two Huira A. JOHN R. FINI.F.V, C,a,*iabla. SA J. B<>< ART, ACiTJONKKRS ?MONPAY, 'n.Y t 13. ?t KB, n'ehs-k. at the auction naana. Bo. 1 North Wil| Ham atreet.' unstable a sale, the etl acta of * U?er M' raatablUh mer.t, consisting of Table* ("bair*. pecstiter*, 1 mrrarlnga. 1 noiilers, las-king Olaaa, Tuuibl.ra, le pers, ,'hainpagu*, hegara, Claret. Ac . Ac. ISAAC JuNKH. t onaubie SHERIFF'S SAI.K -if"Tl!I*W IRE, PLATKD WtKX, A<- ?CHANIIKKN A FA1KCI1II.D A u. tourer. will sell, no Thursday, July 2ii st 1(1 o'cl<?k. at No, JIM IV*rt aiieet. a larire q.iMiititv of Iron Ware. Moll.* War*. Tin Ware, 1*1.1* and rocket Cutlery. Kdre T 'tis, chain*. I'lilcl I'rna, C.gtee and Te? I'ota, Sp.mns, Fork*, t V, |je.,r?l assort menlof a wholesale hardware b ate Itusi.ia Ware A. . * Aiao all other good* In *ahi four *U.i . building C.Ual. ?..** at ale. JOHN KKI.I.T Sheuff. T<IAFFVFV. ACCTIONKKR. OFFICE NO 9 '"HAM bersaiieei will sell to Borrow, Tnesdai 21th in# at III n'elork. A M , the lease four years to rua also the al.s k sod future* l)f Ihe larire a hole* ale and retail liquor mire, 121 see one 1>, l onstsiint: of a large assortment ot tin* ltr?i?die? Hina, W > * I " Ser ifs, earelieut Stand. Casks Ileal* s i ii?r Measures. Maiogauy Top Counter. IS leet, il-er Knap, II'U.I.J AM AHHOTT. ACCTfOFRKR, OfTIOK~RO." < ?? K*?i wlU ? il.. iU At: net ? In . n'elorh, he rnuiep'a of the grvery in I Irjiior mire, H i .1* UKri't fleet. wear drawl arret. roaaietint; ??f liarrrla nil h?f? "f PV?'ir, Kon|\ Hut h |i|>e of ntire <Jin .nut oiher I|||||' r? three ) cur* lr?U, Unaltn, fv ?lr* Urge ice line. A< il'* H. WRIOHT AL'itju* KKR-or?i? K I? PTTE TT e'rret. will eell, on Ttieaday Julr Jl, el II o . ? k a *. I I he Verandah Dining Malawi, IS William atrrrt. all !> tMnek and FUturwa. comprtattig three anlendld Mir rum, large warn Counter, with chafing diahea ana (Uturee enniine.e. two bar l neuter* mart lop Tahlee, <1o . W?Kti?'.,nr? Urge reguUtor Clot* Urge ovetrr Counter, I'aetera, Orlary, lilaaaware. tieer y mo rati- neat Chair a. arm thua otk-Wth, am Chandeliera and Pu'urea Alan, a large ituanttty of cb 4rn Wlure and lAqnoea. lu iui Kef am together w ah a large ant general aaaoruurol at Kitchen llenall*. RanRe, HUivaa. Ac. Male pnaltire ( JWJWKH KSCTOHT*. l)Kil H HOTKU?TOUCH MIRkKAK RPKIMtW. RRE I) tea. Maine Thte new and iiiarnlfl' ' nt Hotel, Utoi'MifhlT Inntiabail with areey pmilakm lor the rwtnfort of lie i-neaia. wlU be opened on the lUth mat Tbewalrreef thw epilog I < lawwa tae hlsheat medirHte rtrtnea af'ani u> the cooniry Attached are I iliiard aaioao. le.wltng atleya. Urery (Uhiat. tnJttng late Ac The rtetriftv aft umple ?nra? lion to the angler awl antuman. < ?i rUi'-a will be I on ml in readineaa at Angnata ana Onrdlaer, four uilir* dietanl, for tha mnrryawe of gwenle. WM 1. WHIT*. Agent. CauAgi. Maine. Jane ?. VtO Board at rock aw at. u>no it a pri rate family, gmat llvlog and aj.lend Id aea bathing C >a, aruntaalion hr rail ategr asd hoal foer or are ua?a dally Apply at t&I Broadway, near Twalfth etrcet. (tufpwood hotrr. opporjtr kktport r, j? J twenty alien frnwi Few Tor* tteomera 'eare Ro norm atreet at 10 A. M. and If * daihr; a few rbctna Rooom no* UhamA pplyio J T WfIxO,< of WiUoa A Baahar. Aid Lakm norm*, u i.?fawtmrm or kirgm groylrtnro wtl t?rwt gond atrjr rami m appln ait'.a to iho inharrlbor. A M RtrMoiavarf CVwnm'lnl^.?ltnn by j^und Kklirmd thr*? Im A day-10 A. M . 3 JO and & ? Norirr -TH* wimm RIHRR RROX to irporr nm frVnd* and tbr p.iMto gonrralty thai bo u?. KvaIiIo woU known hay nirort tfmiao .Rrwporv R I.), and pit tha am* In gtr*d nrdor, and to now prrparod In rrrrlra and nalor tola vbov-ra for tbo imr n on lb* ionat roa??ah;r tormo lUPRl'U BATEMAR. Mawporl. R L \Tl*rU?D IIODRR. RARDR POINT, LOMO INLARP, In baa boon groat)) rnlarfrd iMprorod anl n*w1y 1<tr nlahod and to now ratoplatn mm auan, to tairnr ?U?a from Raw fori ally, par aioamar l/jog l?iaad, Irnylng lara -a altp ?< ? P M -oao awd a half boar a aall Dtntag at ? P. * Rcturwlag. amrtrig In Iowa al A. Mr B. H. ROBTRARD. Pnrrv-mf. OTRAR HOr?* U?RO BRAMCH.- TH* BTRIRFRB Hl'lHl.ARP MOHT and U>m HRaRCH pi) dati/ from Rn> inaua arwt, North nrar For umo of waning aaa Dally Tlatoa A If RAMMTT, Pmpnotor. OIA HATHIR'l At I.ORfl BRA ROM, N ,1 TIIK AI.I.K 0 abary Homo to una npon far Iho m-rpttnn of rial tarn. Tht? trnmo la I ranffnlh auinird at tbr trrmiana of tha IVI a. waro and Karlun Hap Mailrwd. taring a Ano itow of tha oroan 1*4 a'trrvuitdlttg amnoUp. Famlluw lah-n na raaaoo ?Ma larma M WAHI'LR. Proprtalor. tiOMMFR BOARD.-A ffRALtirr, OOOl, AMD qiTMT rriroat wNh aoa MUteng aartlng. An. Rofora to TVmao II. Kndatan, >( ,9 Wall gtr?-?l. or addrroa tha andartegnod at qoogna. u*? Inland R Y UPWARD omrflR, Pmprtetoc. SDWRRR MOTRf.. BRATtlAMflRO', TRRMORT Mountain araaary, wd air, t>wa'itir>i| rillago. popular rwoat, #r*1 rbtoa hnn?r. ritonatro haihtng, ?k1 lahte. Ar rnra thtoyaaf rrrp atodaram Far* |A 10 by Row llaroa Railroad Addroaa Joaoph Dartoon. Hraftlohnro', Vonnowt UMABM. AO RltRtllll UMTF, HATCRDAV. jit.T *i A TAR Terrlor, anaworlng lo ibr namr of .forrr. had on a rod mllnr; loot h (pAng fVntn Rbnlo to Rmtrk rAroot. Hn?AI?n. Tbo Andor will roortra tha abovo raward bjr tearing him at 98 Aula And) Wbpllyb. ten RRWARD.?I/fRIT, OR l.RFt IM ORM OF TUB IT t Rrnadwar atagoa hoi worn tha Muaoua and Hrand roth Mnara, a (Mail Moroani HauJa., matalnlng On In Virginia oxoot, Moatly Bin Mlto, alad naa pair gold n.aaor hranaloto, gnM gpaM Add OlM. aad mo pair of Arab mimad kid itmra. Am no* ratuntlng ihg *ama to tha o?oa of ih1 ' t irol lintiar will rwro4rr ihr ahrrro Wward. Ai r.ll RRWtRD RTOt.RM O FROM ' HAWRKMg 5>10v rtron. noar Illy Halt, a htfebt hay Raro hla?? Hogry Wagnn. And lUrym wltb rbaK Ml: aiar* 14 honda high, wth o?r m i.oar ItoBd'inanor BtO mwafd wlU ha |o^fw rat urn <R tAa^^g^^^^g^^nyytoa^iMjka

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