Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Temmuz 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Temmuz 1860 Page 5
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mirffjt ^ NEWS FROM IHE NATIONAL CAPITAL. Tfc? Heinhlp Fay far tfc* Fafefr etttH af Male Paper* Tfee FmKIm af FrMriMBt Fetl wuter*?Inaafaaew ? Oar Itfutlk Katrine feealfe ?f Jeecpfe lata, Editor of (he national Intelligencer, fca?, fee., fee. OvrHptflal W?ihli???oB Dfipatrh. \V abhingtom. July 22,1MJ0. th* rtumiau' pawskt. A despatch from the commanding offlror of the steamrnb.p Pawnee announce* her return to Philadelphia, from 'tier aeoond trial trip, with her mschtnery broken down. 'It la thought aiz weeks will be required to repair the damages Competent judges attribute this mishap to tho tmperfection of ber wood work. As baa been alroadr Staled in the Hkraid correapon once, Secretary Toucey evinced bia desire to test the akill of the ship builders of the country in the construction ol vessels of arar, by entrusting the architecture of the Pawnee to one Vi VWU uuuuci tuj'-jtug fcUO uigumi rc|>uu?nuu. i uv result is not regarded as favorable to a repetition o the experiment. Oar naval constructor* are thorough!/ practical and scientific men, with whom vessels -Of war Is a apecialit/. Iterating ail their time, genius and energies to it, they should be, aa the present case Indt* <wtcs they are, (hr mora competent to the business 'h?n -Any outsider. ran ecsucanoa or stats papm*. Some doubts baring been entertal aed at the Treasury De^ detriment regarding the proper construction of the act ap. .propriating money for the payment of Galea h Pea ton for the publication of Ptate papers, it is understood that they hare been resolved, and a warrant was Issued yesterday for some eighty thousand dollars for that pur?0M. m* position op prokinsivt posntasriafl. The eases of*the lending postmasters In New York, New fifersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, who adbere to Douglas, are still under consideration at the Post Office Department. Their (hie will depend upon the deter ttunolton of the question of co operation of both wings of Che party in the Presidential election. If Dcuglaa men Continue to decline all propositions to co operate they svlll be decapitated. i)sats op JoeirH G'LSS and COL *'KNIGHT JoeC|>h Gales, the releran editor of the National Intel tigencer, died last night of paralysis, V ?as born in l&tgland in 17M, where his faiber published for seven years the Shefflelo ftepufcr. The elder Gales, being per Beeuted for bis po itlcal principles, came to Philadelphia frith bis family in 1794. where he purchased and published for a time the Independent Gazetteer Having sold Cbis to Samuel ilarrisou Smith, be removed to Raleigh, K, C., in 175?9, aiifi commenced the publlcat <>u of the Raleigh Kegitter, which he cootioued succeesfelly for upward! of forty years, and died Of paralysis in 1841. Samuel Harrison Smith wtarted the Aatunal Intelligencer in 1801, and Jo eph Gales, now deceased, entered bis office ts assistant In 11808. In 1809 he purchased the establishment entire, and seas Joined in 1812 by Col. Seaton, bis brother in law, In tta management. Since that period the Arm has remained unchanged, and the publication of the Intelligencer has merer been suepended but once. It was a warm, earnest Bod able ad*ucatc of the Madison war policy , seconding Che efforts of Clay and his compeers, and so powerful was tta Influense that when Gen. Roes, In command of the Bri titfh troops, entered the capital after the unfortunate ffatr of Bladensburg, bis Cr.-t Inquiry was not fbrtbc Capitol, tbo President's bouse, or the departments, but for the national Intelligencer office, and It was the first establishment demolished. causing s short cessation In Its regular publicaflon. As an editor Mr. Galea was remarkable for dignity, courtesy and ability, as a citizen Cor bis Lied hearted beuevoler?e and philanthropy, and ti:a teal In bchairof every elevating and judicious im (Mrovemont, and as an employer for hit kindness and liberality. Hi* political principles are part of tbe history Of the country. Tbey were those of the old republican and whig parties, conservative and patriot! >. His Intel lect was of a very high order and finely cultivated, and cnay be classed with those of Gay, Webster, Kiiber Ames Ocd Lowndes, who were among bis compeers. Mr. Gales Is to he burled Tuesday from his country seat, Elklngton, near tbe city. There will probably be a Urge and imposing procession. Ootonel Sheldon McKmgbt, of Detroit, di"d very sud deoly In this city last night of congestion of tbe brain. He was formerly s printer, and for many years publisher Of tbe Detroit Fr* Frtu. He was tbe pioneer of ateam navigation oa Lake Superior, having takes over the Portage of Saait Sis Maris, sad launched into tbo waters of that lake, the first steamer mbitb visited the copper regions. Congress at Its late aeeakm awarded him tardy justice by the put-age of an act paying htm for transportation of tbe I'nlted States to tbe harbors of Lake Superior. ispoktast (1*1 i uk to poktsast*hs The Postmaster Genera! is about to issue an important Circular to Postmasters, requiring, among other things, thai in all caaca postage tamps and not money to be used In prepayment <>f portages, and prohibiting tbo use of tbe rating stamp In cancelling tbe postage sumps A neglect Co cancel postage slam|? effectually, or to postmark letters pUinly, will be regarded as cause for serious censure If not removal, atd all Pnstma.<-trrs are required to reg?rt every Instanri' of such neglect to the Appointment Cfoce. Instruction are also to be laiued in xecutlon of tbe rooeat provision of Congress for tbe return of letters to tbe writers there if, when tbey are not taken out of tbe office by those to whom tbey are addressed iiniOTisns to or* srvxni* vaiwv. Aomootsgcootiuse to reneb this city that our mereanao,. muiu >a nhua-ui to in* mm! sudoviu Ccrnleiitirs In Ibe walera of N? thrrlaudi India, Bo much M, iodised, that uniem acme remedy be lot*' poaed by our government no:/meviran commander wiM rmk hie life and the isroportymf bia employer* knjboac amr. Several imm Csf mutinous conduct, reaching to violent aaaautt* on the Lira' officer*, have occurred wlthlo the part few year* t Ratavta, Roumhapul. and other [Kstch I**t India porta, nd when the author it Ira were'lnvobed for protection the cawer waa that Use allotted*outrage* occurred under the merman fia?, and were nofcognlw^ile by the Dutch an tlioritlea. The caaen o' the Hoaaar, N'ormao and the ere recent one of the Ptagbound, tn whish the nt unable aoo of Captain Hunrry waa brutally murdered, are well known to thta city. The laat oatnod aae la now before Mr. Hitter, the Solicitor of lbe Treasury. and abow* a degree of ruperciliouatseaa on the part Of the Dutrli aotboritla-a at RaUvte, amounting atmoat to the offence of pa ' 1 /vp? crimrnO The opinion obtaiau that we abouId bare a new convention with the government of the Hague, and that until each con rem too aba 11 be rati Bod the ('tiled buie- ought, by all meana. to end rente of our moel efficient and prompt naval officer* to that ?tattoo to guard againrt further liquet cc. The Ew peered Parrlgn ttramera, KON AKUVil. OP Till PiOKTIl CRITOK. r*avnm Pntsrt, July *2?1 A. M. No eigne of the Mo th Briton, oow due, with Ku-op-an D?w* to the IJth mat Weather clear. fttroog northweat rind The Pale*Hue, fnen Quebec for Ijverpovl |?*ied dowa t 12 40 A M. Powtt a*p. July 22?Rrening. No vmmm i-atu-e with Montrra' thi* evening. KOK-AJUUV At. Of THE COKMAP8HT. 1 ami Con TwaciRArn .-*tatio*, ) IIuruiii Ij<,irr Jult 2.?7 I' il t el?ar, and oba?rrati?>ii exteada thirty flea Oiler Wlud eoath N<> appearance of the twam-hip Cootiaui'M now due at Bnefca from Oa'tray. Happ'Med Naidtr ftad Saltlde, .Oonravii i.r P* , July 22, 1*60. Mr I?*wla and wife aere Ibnod dead yiaterday. near Oilmurv R?*-h Prom m trfct nloo her threat 111* the uppaittoa that t>? flrtl c.bnfcM her to death, aad th<n Cat hit threat act arm a lib a razor Jralomy la anp to be the viuae. Tim (>arl. -a were m good circum #taoce* had Bo fvrtily ratal Arrldeat at Ration. Kterr.e, July XI. 1*00 William fbranaph, an employe < f the l^hlph Valley ttailroarl, van accidentally run nerr ant night by an eogiae aad hilled. Flra ta Philadelphia. rmi.tnnu-m*, July 11, 1*60 The fhnry dry gnoda atorr of Yard, tlilanre t> Co., No. gr> North atm-t. aan burnt tbt* afternoon, iiatnige o*yr 9100.00C Marhilt. 1 nir-too. Jul? n~A P. M flour quiet 9lieM-tail ahd derliinat 9r ll't ? ,na at 90c. lof Ku. a ta It" t StMU dial. ut* bu>-bt to at 43c a 44c , In store. Oats Arm Reoelp *? MO bhle Hour, 90 000 bushels wheat, 41,000 bui ->? piid, 7u0 bushels iwii. Shipaaeaie? 1 ,100 bbU. flo *, 14 600 bushels oaU Freights unchanged. Sight I change on New York 1 per cent premium. Cucwmati, July U, 184). Flour dull and unsettled. accurate quotations canno b Sir* u. Wtiirkrv dull at 17c. Bacon arm at 7>;c. a 11 i?c. lies Fork, 819. Okwwo. July 21?8 P. M. Flour km hanged: sales at 44 60 for extra Bute, an I IT for tavort.e double extra city brands. Wheat quiet, aid txmnal'y urrhBiged. Corn market closed at abo it 6, n? rales. Oats steady: Sales 8.000 bushels Canada at 34*\ afloat Barley in limited demand, but scarce Ryu and |?m? quiet, (feral freights Arm and boats scarce. Fi? ur at 2dc., wheat at B)?c. corn at Sc. to New York. U*ke impoitr? 8 00b bushels wheat. Canal exports? 1,uM bhls flour, 0 000 bushels wheat, 18,000 bushels coin, 2JUOO bush*Is oats. Brmm, July 21?4 P. M Flour unchanged and in moderate demand: sale* 1 200 bh'K at 84 76 a 88 for extra Wlrcouslu and Iowa; 88 a 88 26 lor extra Indiana and Ohio; 88 80 a M for double i extras. Wheal dull, sales 6,000 dusbels old white winter Indians at 81 20, 4,000 busbils new white Ohio at 81 90, 300 bushels new tec do at 81 16. Corn dull and heavy, 1 and lending downward: sales 15,000 bushels at 62c., early; i no ral* s In tlio afternoon Othsr gfetlns nominal. Wbia- . key nominal at 10He. Canal Freights? Bnata scarce and raire drm at 40c on flour. 11 He on wheat, and 10l,'c on 1 corn to New York. Ifeke imports?2.000 nbl*. flour, < 20 000 bushels w beat J80 000 bushels corn, 6 000 bushels oats, 2,000 bushels rye. No returns from the Canal Col lector's office this evening. I The tlrrat KaiUrn. ' Sunday Qt*nrr?nekvices on hoard?the bottom op < tbb orkat kantemn ?the cap! mat excursion? , the BLUtriNO arranuemcnth ? matinees on j PRCK?lamentable ionorance op the visiters, etc., etc. averytning in inc vicinity or tnia noble snip yesterday per took of I be peaceful character of the day. The toad Invitations to buy, from the strong lungs of the retail venders, were lu'led to silence; the headache man and his banjo bad subsided; the lemonade man, with his dusty colored fluid, at "cent a glass, or two glasses for three ceDts," bad disappeared from bis usual busy mtrt, while picture dealers, lung teeters and transparent bricks, ail had likewise retired to temporary oblivion. As usual, crowds of well dressed people frequented the docks, strolled In the shadow of the various structures erected for their week day accommodation, bestowed their admira tion on the external developments of the leviathan, and enjoyed the rcfreehlng sepbyrs from the noble Hud son. None, however, were admitted od botrd The wsvside carsvsn??rlee all tad a lair proportion of custom, and thesizzingof soda fountains and popping of sarsaparilla bottles were about the ouly sounds that disturbed the sanctity of the day. At eleven o'clock religious services were held in the first dining saloon, which were conducted by the Kev. C. W. Dennleon, the well known seaman's clergyman. The audience consisted of a considerable number of the officers and crew, especially or those connected with the engine department, among whom, including the chief engineer, Mr. McClclUud, by whom these exer uses wore pro vided?and who, by the way, Is the very impersonation of Scotch ItmKommie?a s'rong religious feeling prevails. It may also be added that a very considerable portion of the engineers and firemen are Sc Ochmen, and,like the rest of tlx ir people, curry with them, wherever they go the I troog marks or nationality which arc characteristic of the race. The little meeting was opened in the usual manner?by prayer, rending of the Scripture* and singing, the latter being Improved by the addition of four sweet voiced litUe children, who accompanied the clergyman, and sweetlv contrasted with the rougher Intonations of the men arouud them. The sermon was from the teat:?"Because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the force* of the Gentiles shall come unto thee." teing part of the 6th verse, OOtb chapter of Ionian. The principal Idea enlarged upon was that seamen were the best missionaries In Ibo world, and as such bad the power, If tbey would only combtnedty avail themselves of It, or embracing the globe in a band of Christian light As commerce was the representative of the wealth of the world, aud sailors disseminated this wealth abr ?d, so ought sailors to likewise disseminate the religion of the world, ool only aloog its civilized do mains, but through the heathen islands ot the sea. Bibles and tracts, said the preacher, are good in their place, but living mm, imbued with the power of truth and the spirit of the Almighty, are thefelrougest weapons that can be brought to bear u|*>n the unredeemed natiooa ot the globe. If tbey knew how to use tt, tutors might (mi sees more Influence in the work of civilization and regeneration than any o'ber class Tbey acquired languages readily, they mingled among all people, their sympathies were easily aroused, and vast opportunities fordoing good to mankind were always being afforded tbe rev > rend speaker then closed his remarks by an meeting application of the grand principle Involved In the text to each of bis present audience, and an urgent appeal to tlx m to remembe- their duty to tberoaelvua, their Maker and their fellow men. The services occupied about three quarters of an hour. k any or the crew after wards had leave of absence, and In their neat uniforma of blue might have been seen In various parts of the city during the afternoon, prutneoad U.g with their new made friends. We have received at different times, and from a variety of correspond en is, oummanicaliuos respecting the cleaning of thn bottom of the Great Kaalern, which, as la well known, is tn an exceedingly foul condition. Among I these baa been one proposition from a well kaowa engineer to clean the ship thoroughly aa she lies at the dock, and at a moderate expense. Wo learn that the directors hare also been the retlplenu of numerous suggestions on the subject, both in per I son and by letter; but in all of these cases the plans proposed have been either so preposterous, i so indefinite, or so incapable of being proved efficacious I after tbe work to done. that the directors declined to en- I tcr into any arrangement. If the (irral Eastern can be cleaned to America, and thr name be clearly demonstrated when done, we are assured that the managemenl of the i ship would uot hesitate to place tbe job to charge of any responsible party who contracts to perform the work. Hers is a fair challenge to American enterprise to main lain its high character, and aa excellent opportunity for some one of our akili^l mecli.intcn to give himself a worldwide reputation. Who speak* firstTbe grand excursion to Gape May Is now tbe theme o* almost every tongue. Kverbody Is anxious to go, sod If everybody bad ten dollars to spare, It would require several Great Easterns to supply the demand. Had tbe directors so desired,all the tickets might have been sold in twenly lour hours after the announcement of tbe excursion, as speculators were on hand ready to "buy up" ibe ship hut with a commendable regard for the public comfort and a u?*ire to thirty trrange ibe whole affair, tbe\ promptly declined all profl- re, and will exert every means to prevent a larger price ihan that named in their own advertisement from belog -'i irged Tbe only say to he secured in m tine im(?eitu>a o .toi lers is l<i go early and buy your tickets before the upply Is ex LmiM. In regard to aleepksg and eating armnfetuonls the an comnnklations are ample. 'Hui 1 V- "e asvsn hvitxiri d riuinlap lu rl" . _ <,n hruir<! In Ml* vari"'ia Slatero-une will pmlmhli bo - ig-nrd to th ? ladle*, while mattresses without number will be wistgnad to the in tscullne*. Mid those ladle* tin may have been cri.wdid out. W? qnarlton, however, whether the sleepInc on hoard tb? Ureal 1 astern will amount to much more than'S.rtv wink" nape, for between the evening roncert by Is*) worth's band .the promenade> ball bv BKxmligbl, the wotkli.g of the ahlp, and the novelty and roioaace of such a night at turn, the " w?e imall hour*'' will have I waned away before uue baa had time to think of bta accustomed r< i Til* wee k we are Informed that aeveeal maiimr* are to be glvoti on Ixwrd by fkrtwurtb's full hind. The perfornianoea will c< mmence at three o'clock I' M , ant terminate at six. No doubt the double attraction will make the noble ehip a greater cynosure than ever The number of rant re no board lart week could not have been leea than forty ttnmeand. We ahould be surpriewd, however. If half thai number really know any more about her than before their rlamination, for they go on b.wrd, glance at one object and another, without knowing lie name, peculiarity, or uae. dire down Into | engine room# bestow a little amaarne nt on great pieces of machinery ,'d which tbey have not the moet remote I knowledge. |> p over the ti>p of the tall hulwarka, take ' a snufl of lr- L tlr, and then go aahare, Ofty centa out of i prkit, without having added a single fart to their ainrk f lufoimatwin, or done anything but gratify for the mo no ol a pair ot turtouaryes. Itfsae only Witurday luat, that, etandlng on deck, we overheard an individual leerribe to an adorable betng appended to M? aim, rtial attached to the abip were two auhordlnate acrew tliwmer* of a hundred ton* burthen arh, which hung 'nei "them thing* on Uie aide," putat It g i> the e.rwiw* for Ashing up the anchor* Wc did not fbll >w the couple further, or we ahouM prohably hive heard many other curious facta of wa are not aware (*, another occasion a lady, looking down the skylight commanding a view of thu acrew engine, gravely called , her companion to "come and nee the hig blacksmith's ili?p." Am ther individual wan ovearbeard to aak whether one of the compare** Into which he wan gaging wad nut the galvanic battery that carried the order* round tl>e d?<-k." lu fa t, if we could recall them, a roluinn of remark* like the above might have been pre rerved under the toad ol 'Hurumi of ths Ureal Eastern." | hut <cough h*? tveu q noted to a how the moet nnuiitl gated ignorance no a a .? >? ! that n ight ? v tbie t no- 10 bn familiar. The ridiculous is to memory en adhesive j p'aeter that stick* wherever It touches, sod verdancy Is , (iwm)iirntly not likely to l>q anna forgot en To all who suffer fn-m this complaint hereafter we *nf I gert in e of three tbliig*?via. either to keep your nrmJi cheed and your eye* open; to get out of rerehnt of a j j cm wd, It you da wish to Ulk. or else, which Is hotter yrt provp.e yi urwelvi * with uome mean* ui era, bear and | | speak with understanding. Tk* Terrlfwrjr ef Pike's Peak. TO THk BMTOK or Tlfk HllttLD. Wsw Toag, July M, 1M0. Tour Denver City norrenp'inleot ?uic* I bad uo am ho rlly to prese the claims of Pike'a Peak region for a Terrt ' torlal organ 'latioti upon the President and Oabln-l. He la mistaken. In my interview with the Pre?ld(ul Mr. William*, one of the delegates, secornpaaled me, who f introduced, dee I' lug both Ibe President and Mr Williams to undeii-tju.d I acted only a* a rlli??? Hubea q leaily Mr. Willii.g, being unfriendly with Mr Williams, both cot teniaut* fur the seat as rr presentence, appmv II g of rnr ?aiPiste< * in b< ha* of hi* people, delegated nie lii It sit i m<>re. bv s le?t-r to hi* t:*oell*nc) Is** < *g?, to have tlie matter pr- sue ted 'othe *p><cl?i atu-.i tus. of the President abd tab,ret 1 h<ve written pi tu-cretaf) (.'ae* on thesutyJecY *od w*ll In a frw d*i* fur i tab tbe ordinal letter of authority from Mr. Willing with wcr'tary t'aas' feply, received by m- *vn in i kaaeiugtwh, W, C. Wat. NEW YOtvjt HERALD, M OruitUc Matt?ra. We hoi weather during the last w h?J a moot Acpretthtg elect oo tbe theatre*, when abi>ut a dozen benelook place, with more or lean (general'J '? ) *uece?. At NtbJo'a, where the theatrical aeaeon cloa*d oa Krtdajr, Mr. A. H. Davenport, the Miaeee Gale, the Nalaoo Sielere end Mr. Mark Smith appealed to the public, for Mr. j Smtth'a benefit Mlaa Jane Coomba made her rentree to the metropolitan board*, playing lady Teazle. At Iaura Krone'* theatre Mrs. John Wood had her bene- j fit, playing In a sketch called "Woman and Arttot," I founded opon an Incident in the life of the famous Anns Brarrglrdle. Mr Jeflbrsoa essayed Paul I'ry for bis benefit, and played the part with all hi* usual . quaint humor. Mr. Blake took a benefit nt th<- Winter | Garden on Thursday. He was assisted by Mr. II. 11a- | tide, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williume, Mr. George Jordan 1 and other*, and the affair was altogether very aiiniiwMhl. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence have bad beuefils at Wnl- I lack's during the week. Mr. Florence ha* played Tlmothy Toodle, and made a palpable hit in the character. In ;he musical way the week has given nothing except the rery agreeable open air concert* at the Palace Garden, >nc of the most agreeable of summer resorts. The present week promises to he a little more lively .han the last. Kiblo's Garden will be re-opened to-night, *llb tbe burlesque of "Aladdin," which ha* been gotten ip with new acenery, Ac. The burlesque will be sueuwded hv a concert, in which Mnae. Yon Berkel sings. tad ballet by Mile. Tbeleur, a capital artist, with thepopuar and pretty Gale (later*. At Laura Keeae'a theatre, Mr. Wmot iouncea ? Our American Ooualn, " wilti nearly ill lb* original cost?Mr. Sotbern, Mr. Couldock ad Mw>a Ha rah Steven* having been eipeclally c gaged for the rilet In which they formerly ippeared with *o much success. Mrs. John Wood plays Oorenoe, and Mr. Jefferson resumes, of course, his famous character, Asa Trent-hard. The popularity of this comedy las ia no way bocn impaired by the very long run which t enjoyed, and we bave no doubt that it will attract as 'ull bouses as ever. The piece will be represented exactly is before tn every respect. Baker's famous American lousiii Polka" will be playel during th. performance. At the W inter Garden tbe Ravels commence an engageDent to-night, playlog "Kim Ka" and "Vol au Vent," two if their beet pieces. Tbe present Is announced as tbelr farewell engagement on the New York stage. The prlnci|<uls are assisted by a full orrpt d* baiift. Mr. Klorence has been so far encouraged by his success u Toodles as to attempt another of Mr. Burton'a parts, to sit: Cuttle, in "Doinbey and Son," which will be played to-night at Wallack's, with Florence a# tbe Captain, and Mrs Klorence as Susan Nipper. Tbe "Young Actress," m which Mrs. Klorence plays Mina capitally, will be added to tbe drama At tbe New Bowery theatre Mr Eddy baa been rc en gaged, and plays to night In Lord Byron's tragedy,"Wer ner." "Dick, the Newsboy," aad tbe "Midnight Couspi rator*" will also be played. At Barnum's Museum there are tbe usual summer attractions, Including the original Wood's Minstrels, who give their first concert here at three o'clock this afteraoon. Autistic Movumsm? Miss I aura Reese and Mr. Wallack have both Issued bulletins Informing the public that Ibey will open their respective theatres at about tbe usual time. Muw Keene dales from Paris (France), and Mr. Wallack from Shrewsbury (New Jersey). It is understood tbst Mr. Wsllack baa re engaged all it bis old oompany, except Mr. Brougham. K. H. Davenport Is also engaged at Wallack's. the New Mobile theatre, advertised by Messrs. Dufbetd k lIcLcane, 1* not, sa Mime of tbe paperxfiaYe staved, an dteration of tbe Amphitheatre. Tbe theatre now build- | l>( will be mi entirely new u<l elegant e-liflce, to Uke he place of tbe old bouse which was burned last winter, ind will be ready to be opened about the middle of Noumber Mist Charlotte Cuthman has bi-en engaged at ibe Winter Garden. It is ttaled that Mrs John Wood has icrrplcd an engagement at tbe Hay market theatre, Louion. ootnnienottjg'in October nest. Mr J. G. Hanley will be stage manager of Bates' National theatre, Cincinnati, and Mr. J. J. I*rior,of the St. Louis theatre (winter season). I Mr and Mrs. Barney Williams hare arranged engage menta with the principal theatres in the South and Heat for the ensuing season. Mr. W. R. itlak wlU shortly play an engagement at the Theutrc Royal. Montreal. Goorge Christy's minatrels appear to night at the National theatre, Philadelphia. They will extend their tour to Baltimore. Urge Fir* la Hotkiand Canity. rtn um lost. At two o'clock yesterday morning a Ore broke out In the dwelling bouse on the exteoslre farm of Hon. A. B Conger, In Clark Mown, Rockland county, in this Stale, and before the flames could be subdued It was totally destroyed, together with several outbousea. The dwelllug boon- was occupied as a steward's lodge, and tenant ed by Thomas Patterson and family, besideo several (bras hands, tn all Ofteen persons. Thomas i>oug. a farm hand and an inmate of the house, drst discover- , ed the Ore, after It bad got under good head- . way. Be Immediately gave the alarm, and then ruahed into several of the rooms of the burning house to endeavor to arouse and save the Inmates, but In bis heroic conduct he lost bis lift. Thomas Patterson, tbe steward of tbe farm, when tbe alarm was given, rushed | 'L* L.uiaa Ki.t w-nnt Karlr ImmAdi iaIaIv franIIr with fright, ud threw hi* child, two yimrn old, out of the window. He then went into the room where hi* wife lay, and aucreedel in getting bee safely out of the boune. He then went back again into the hour* to save tome valuable*, but waa overcome by the denae smoke and frll to the floor, but he finally sucxcded in escaping | death, through the a**i*tance of a female who wa* re treating from the Banna. Of the fifteen peraoo* in the building at the tune of the breaking out of the Are, but ten escaped. Among tbeta that were burned to dnath are JohnaRlarkburat. Thomma lx<og, and three other farm i bauds, wbiae naaw-e we could not ascertain. The total lose on building and outhouse* la about fllVOOO Tlaa Military Caratwal* TBI SAVANNAH*. Notwitbatanding the intervention of .*unday, Ibia fine company waa yenterday not morn alone than they hare been f lore their arrival. Twelve o'clock found moat af them out of bed, and a few in cburch, and by one, n general levee waa being bold in the rpncious ball* of lb* lalarge, that, eiceptmg the vtyle of c< uvcrw*l?>i>?a>iB<?l reminded one of the acmes in a CongrewU-nal lobby. Guard* and Blue* mlied kindly together, a* If the; had ktown each other for yearn in*lead of boar*, and the spirit of fraternization waa complete. A #tnoog 'rieod- 1 ahlp baa evide ally sprung up between the memt>< ra af the two corjw, and the Southernern confess to an inundaMod of hospitality for which they were not prepared [ In fart, tbey any it will never be anfe heraafter for * New York City Guard to appear in Sav annah without a good moatilution aad a big appetite. The Blue* appear plena id w lib ever) thing. The metropolis baa been thor igtlly o)? ned to their itinpeetMia. Our rlllzron have huag out their latchatringa Amuaeireiila of a va/ted and inter taming character have gilded their Idle hour* their quarter* at the Infarge have been of the mn*t cor ok*) Ion* ntweription, and, in a word, nothing has here omitli d from the can-gory of lndt?|>en*abl*e neoewaary ti their complete gratification lb- alter uoou waa devoted to a rld< to ManhatUavdl*. | where, at the reaidence of Lieut. Col ferria, of lb- Ninth regiment, and formerly a captain of tbe City Uua d, too two c< >m pan lea were ilegaiiti) rntertaiued. II tbi'progrwinmmber?ee announce)! is carrlel it, to a... _tii k.. ?k.,.i in iiIjmIIuimhui via 1 i,a and I nigbl a <iii.ix-r * ill Ih niat the Mcimtolilaji Hotel MONK MILITANT VICITKNA TO TBI MXTaort U*. The Kiomeit Uaard, tap! Thomas W Cab II, if New Ha*11", (<? ., mimtxr ing ninety-si t mrmtiff, rnk and Bte. will arrive Id Ibis city Id lb* New Hariri ain-nbnsl, at Peek slip, on Tuesday, Urn 81*1 instant, at six 'clock A. M They will b? received oo their arrival by o -spany j A (Irish lumbers), fitly ninth re? Intent, whose xuects they will liaduriDs a three days' aepmrn Id lb city. The Hoard, on the day ot their arrival, will be e?*?rlsd lo the Westchester House?their tempo'sry quart dorIn* their wmil?where they and their h'-?t? will bt'akfast The Pdsileeni will celebrate the,r u.l,U> anmver try on I tbat day, Id i itpiwiiv with their gueats, by an e* are,on i wti lite bay, for which a Imi liM turn her of lie! has been issued. In. Wednesday, Acgo t 1. IxHb companies will be reviewed by ibe Mayor and Ommoo Osunrtl in froti' of tbe ( it) Had at ten o'ctnrb A. M., after whlrb Ibsy vdl prsnvd in Central lark, where they will spend the rsr.siader of the day. The lifters of the fitly Dlath have also Invited ths fiomclta to prolong their visit, as Uiclr guest and a committee hia been appointed to wake arrmi*. ro<ul* for tl'ftn tmi NrrniN or tbb riticAoo xoravm to Tttts crrT. The i hiratro Zouaves will return to tbtaelly fr m H-aton on trett * ednewday morning; they will be received on ih sir artlvaihythe (trcoad company, National Hoard, I tpiaia Alexander Whaler, who will escort Hrnm direct to ' t Point, breakfasting and din nx on the trip np and down It IS e?| ccted both c?m|wn|es will | t< an exb MU i0 drill , In frrtit of (Vxrens' Hotel, at thai place, (a company with ars>s b?os allowed within the militate geoutirta), 1 in prdsncc of fki'.onel Hardee and several prosnasat t (Tons of ibq Tolled Plates Army. The 7o'w ? * d. (art for home, via I hi'adelphla, on Thnnutay morn g. Til* W-ttlNT or THr C A ttS.TH. Tb< st*' ?l en? rl to the '/ousts fadeis, on their d"par | hurt fivsu U.M any It may laat, uwaiel at a huasu ONDAY, JULY 23, 18fl0. meet of sixty men from the S xth regiu*ot under the command of Captain Ktrholne Miller, of coai|>aov P of that regiment, who paraded by the ordi re ot Uoi / f ITuckney. The other rompan ice on that occasion, that swrllei' the number of the escort to three hundred men, were volunteers from the Second, Ninth, E.ghib aadSeventintnth regiments. heceftion or the pkince or walks. It is rumored that the Sevent) ninth regiinont (High Uad Guard), Col. Thomas W. Mil/ay, will be the special (scort of the Prince of Wales upon his reception here. Ths Central Park 1 estertlajr. THE BEST TIMK TO OO?THE PLANTS AND THE HOT WEATHER?TWENTY THOISAND TlSITHtS? WHAT THEY DID AND WHAT TUKY SAW ?OKKAT CKl'SrU IN THE CAES?CRINOLINE AND WIND, ETC. A very perceptible improvement in the state of the atmosphere had taken place yesterday morning; the op prcssive beat which had lasted during the whole week had diminished, and In ita stead we had s fine, bright, sunny morning, with a ploasanl breeae from the north east. It was decidedly the moet delightful and invigorating Sunday morning we bnve had this summer. Whether the meteor on Friday night last had aaytbiog to do with H the Clerk of the Weather ban not been good enough to Inform us, such, however, being the case, we decided on making an early start, and visiting the Park during the early part of the day. Availng outelves of the Sixth avenue cart, ws were soon on eur way up town, pissing the closed stores, whose owners were sitting at the upper windows reading the Sunday papers, which they Still manege to procure spite of all the efforts of the fabbatarians to prevent them. We are, however, rapidly leaving these behind, only stopping occasional^- to take on a passenger or five the horses a drink, who appear to relish It aa aaach this summer weather as any biped among us. At Fifty-ninth street, the terminus of tbe line and entrance to the Park, we fouLil, although so early In the day, quite a busy svene. Btfda water, lemonade and other cooling dr'.nks, segars, dusty oranges and gritty, iudigestibie cakes, were for ale, and from the number of persons standing about we judged there could be no luck of purchasers. Drivers of carriages were on band, too, with "Want a carriage, slrf' "Drive you round for a dollar, sir." Declining aM these oilers, as we wanted to penetrate Into places where a carriage would not be able to get, we entered tbe Park and took a quiet stroll round the drive and through tbe Ramble. The treei,, ahruba, flowers and grass have evidently sullered much injur) from the long continued hot weather. All the vegetation looks dry, withered and dusty. Water is carried round in carts and then supplied to tbe plants. Rut this, though all that can be done by the gardeners, has not the same bencltcial effect on them as one da) 's rain would have, for the simple reason that the branches lack moisture as much at the roots. There were several watering carta sprinkling the drive yetlerday morning, preparing for the grand ruisli of people expected in the afternoon Several equestriana, and many carriages, tilled wi.h ladies and rblldren, were dnviLg round, wbtle the number of pedestrians was very large; the latter you found stowed away in every out of the way nook and corner, lastly reclining on the bard rock, and listening to the drowsy hum of the hectic or the quick, sharp chirp of tbe grasshopper. Quite a number weie strolling round tbe lake and watching the graceful motion" of the swans and other water lewis Tbe bell lower was. aa it ever is, the pros: point of attraction. From every side came the aud drowsy sound of Infect life, while farther away, mellewed and softened by tbe distance, came tbe sound of tbe cburcb going bell; tbe flag on the ton was gaily Uutu-rlng In the breeze, while the air was fresh, pure and vital,zing. It la tor thia reason we would advise our readers to jwy a visit to the Park early In tbe day, at any rate during the hot summer months, before the sun na& bad time to make the ground bot enough almost to scorch their feet. Make an early start, we say. and all who do so will be amply repaid for any little extra trouble or exertion they may have to make by the pleasure and heneOt they will derive from It. In tbe aftern ion everv car went up laden with health and pleasure seekers. Tlie locon\en,enoe experienced during a ride up town on a hot afternoon la a good criterion o! the value our ntlsens put on a visit to their beautiful Park. Tbev are literally packed In, stowed aa tight s a conductor, with an elastic conscience and his "Move up, please," can manage it; the damage booys'd tktrU aud crinoline must suffer on tbe passage up sown is something alarm.og to contemplate and what with the crush, the beat aud the dust, their wearers must And the journey anything but a pleasant one. Tbe steam cars < n the Fourth avenue were terv extensively patronized, and the arrangement Is evl dently a profitable one to tbe company, as well as being a great accommodation to the public. Full twenty thousand people must have vlalted the Park yesterday Where they all came irons is a questional suppose im crnrus laker* will *> r l>e uble lo answer,for we cam ot StrollinK k'liur ty along the aluping, rorky and cigtag walk* of Die far lamed aa l much admired llanihle, the lad iee' dresses rivalled. iu color and brilllaucy. the flower be lr-, when they acre in tbe highest atage of beauty, though no* there are but a ffcw holljbocWa left, whose bright red flowers contrast rather (wlnfully with the parched and cracked ground beneath, these and a few modcal looking little flowers are all that are left of the numerous floral beauttea which adorned thr I'ark a few w-eka back. The wind had freshened considerably In tbe afternoon, and played sorer rather cur lour prat, k a wtib the ladle*' hooped skirts when turn inganyofthe numerous risky corners of tbe Ramble, aiidahoweil. perhaps, a little more ankle than la con ttdered Decern try?at least the ladits seemed to think ao the other sex we cannot answer fbr. Several of our Southern military gueats visited the Park yesterday, and appeared highly pleased with tbe animated aid lively aoene they w itneseed During tbe afternooa the sky was overcast with light, fleecy clouds, which had the effect of modifying the neat, which would, otherwise, hare been intense This and tbe wind together rendered the afternoon one of the moat enjoyable we have bad thin uaason. Domestic IVewa Ifwmn. Orrranttnft or vaa pLssrt Mm* ?Cm Tuesday, July 17, tbe planet Mars came tnto opp?e t on tc the Sun, and on bunday next, the 2Jd, when In perigee, kit. distance from the earth will be shout *7,000,000 tunes?:U least di.unoe from us for many yeara, and but Ittle more than its least (xiseiblr di tance Kor some lime r>aet the unustudly brixbt red light of tins planet has made It the most conspicuous obiect in the southeaet, about 10 P. If., and It may be a long time before It will be a^ain as brilliant. As the dee! nat on of Mars towards tbe routh Is now very ft (. or 38 degree*, It* altitude even oo the mend,an ill Dot for ?? .r ral week* h? re <-*rce<1 SO degree*, t>ut at the lil?m?U<rr?f the Cipr of tiood Hop* the preaent ? p|> ait loo afford* ao untommonl) (xrellrul opfiortunily for the determination nf the pari\tta? of thr planet ? lib putter f'rrriMon. of which thr aeirooonier* there will doubUraa full}' avail IbiOichrx. t'ppoa.t no* of Mam ornir at the acctape Interval of abort 24 montha, thr two Ian hapfM'iir.t id Ieftl April 2 and In 18*8. Ma) 16, thr two fioxt ovrur ID I SCO, July 17, and to 1%6'., Oct brr 6 The leaat dietanrr of thr planrl from thr rarlh at three < U*?*: turn* ?a? in li *, 60-, midtoo* < f rullea. la 1868., 4.'in III ii ti?, Id ISdO. 87 1 6th mt'llnt?, and Id lS'i, f;H?, nullum#?a variation of over 23 million*. After oral fuuday Mar* will bcclo to recede, and IU light will (.'inluall) b'l. mr fauui-r. ?> H d M Augu*t St. 1861, ?h-o m'#t remote froni the earth, Ita diatancr wall or 2->d Diillfoaa ?f mile*, or about wrn tlaaaa aa great aa al thr t m arnt tiror A ***** o a Man Rneuaa ?'The 1'fra 7>'cwrapA of mi irday. July 14 ba- ttir t * ing aromal of lb. ?rr ( f a mall rotifer near that city ?Intortnattoa war rg rnvd at thr fort 'rt** I ?| ailment, two month'- elnce, t .it remittance we re net reee . id b? part ra to whom they wrrr acid - creed, at W'Uavlllr. tu tlita county hprctai Mail Agent ii M Bail twr brum ferreting out thr .r htWMyntMli atihtUw4liamwmbm trd by armor ote In the t*titt< ville < flier, and accordmgly i vrral dvciy b turn had lit en arot for the purptrc of de r ritdg the frrprtrat' r TV laat one *o Mil on Ttura ria) he-morning Mr Hall and . hariew Reed. Itrpuly I ii'itrd Mate* Mntehtl, went t< fttlttavllla, and having car on toMJ-peel William Hwona, c irk id It* fort Of Hoe, they pri?errted to examine hiai. aDd found en hie peram. the laet oecy letter, which contained thirty dollar* In bill# nod thirty Bve rente la ailver. atilob vecre m> marked aa tu beV>?ltlvrly (denlfled. Mir L?l I'.red ac > ordlngly took hlrn la rn'-tody, Mid (fought him before I eiteo hUt*? ("mtoltelorier Bt .vci', who rummilird hiai to jail to aw* t exam tietleii on M nday next, hy which time it la e* ercled 1'uiU-d Attorney Spencer or bia eaaielant a u be here to ooad *t ,t wro* M OtM} about twenty on* ) ear* of age. and h*e hitherto hero longed upon a* aii hone-el young mar by hla Immed ate aeuueint aMea, but the <vld( ac<? ut bia guilt are too t*lpeh|* t? wanart the hope.- of bl* frlee.di that ba may ba acquitted ui ?i?* rwrpt-. Trim I kr.ii w.1 > Ho*? ?a rt-port, aajr* tha lan^aatar fl'a ) Arjrrrt, ha'txeo 10 rtrcnlallon b"rr fbr irvrral daya, that l<urhiii in box sold b)i ri-Mdrnra t' or lb to r il) kti?*n on * brat land, and Ibot b? h?? pur rhaatd, or in about to port haw . a proptiiy lo tbr vicml I* of It l? al?/i ?ild thai Mr. p. tar la tbr Jturchaarr t< abwn I N ha? many i-hrn?lind aaa" lattonr. hating la-oe lb" ? >. rtv ? f t.|? ta tbrr, bin chil 1h(??ra km * ?>?v-ad BM.thar'a daath We rw of the reported aal<\ bu without eon.e r miidali' i fttt-nnmn ptatt t'ai*?- p, n, n?T) , (Mobrr HP, 30. 81, VoTrmlirr 1 aart 2 ( < -<41*. at AUilaiita, Octobar 23, 24. 23 and 28 . lair of tbi i.r..tgi* Oitim I'liu.irri' (tavmllm, Karon, fwrtobar 8 to 2Ptb. Inrluairr ; K' Dtnrkjr, al llrorn NrtMwibrr 18 22 Mi at JitrkMio, Nntrtnbi r 6-8; Ni-ith CkHlti.H CMiimbla, Novmbrr 18-18 . Miaeouri, at Hi. l/?n?. (fkitxr 24 27 Hot Am?TV Ha you Sara (1*.) IMpr %Ire* the folio* tag account ol a - mgular |it>?-r>? mrnm nhlrh baa :>r. n tin ?n to nmur In other pirn** ?im Thuraday rrrnlnf leal, aliont half pn?t al* n'rlnek. our rttl/r a werr ? awr * bat aurtliil b) a eery etrangr phinnmanoo li *aa a bat wind wbkb no-mail to con* from tbr rteef, and wan an hi-t rm the bank of thi rlrrr that kb-we ?hl aloud thn bad to pot their hate to their fbroa. A? tinr a da arrlptl'-t) a# ?f ran glt-r t aeetii'd ?? If wa wara rlnae to abn'ldm* a tin , ant about narpiarr oft and the w rid from tbr flra bio* tnf diretlly in our farr. II laatad about tan minute* Fatal AmiAT m I/otnAX* ?Kr Iter* from tbr Franklin w that an affray ucrurred in M innaboro, on tb 4tli Inatant, h. tmeoti a Mr. Janjra'-'nia and^H'-nry T Fori*, Fat" r of that town, tn whlrh tha bettor ntabbr <5 tha fo'iner with a knifr. to Etc ling a wound *bu h pnrted taui In a lr? na tiw-nta. Ixrlr wan exatu oed before a tnaf lair ten nr*t morning and ritnrhnrfrd. v Ann tie ij> lutOioaan fVir arr Wuroaai*..? Tlria are in la (rc?? rmmty, Win., f rl; ?i* farm P ortfi aia k'.vni lo tin laTi'.** an i M i?x i'?m ita lri*d, amri ntb r In all to ff* 4rd? wltboiit intrrr?t. Tha lata raat and | rv i i| at am?anit? to alw.iit WMt.ffjf at tb^ i"fa?mt Htra. Tw-ar nirataarr* natnrn in 1H?V4 an 1 draa right jrr rrnt annt al ti trnat Al matorit?(|f no Inlrwat la j . p-P r li Ibat tlma. thry all', amount t- >108,bid ll.raa n? rienrra tn\rr w..*> <\ W t>. x fvnto: tw.da in Uikt MAu.<|, DrtwlBgi of rnacc, Hroadbcata St Co.'e Delaware latteries ? Mcaaaa c-ovwrr, Ola* ITS. Jolt it. 1M 26, 23 , 63, 25. 67, 74. 28, 41, 71. 43, 17, 1. tiKAWU CoHHOLIDATTD I.OTTTKr, CYa.ii U, Jolt Zl, 1M0. 67 40 . 63 , 4?. 10. 67, 66, 46 , 46, 11, 36, 70. rKdltrl, BKOADHKNT8 * DO , Managers Wilaunirua. Dean are. Drawlaai of th? Delaware KtaU Lett*rtee. K1.1H k CO.. Ktufm ?* Ue dkia??hi. kcrtockt am' atasooiu itatx lomna j?i itiai - Xitia CUM ka HI Jiia >1, l*N 19 16. 71. 60, 24, 32, 46, 49. 26, 6 . 55, 13 , 66. .. I'r.Jtui-Clam WO. SM, JTL* SI UK. 45. 4?, 41. 06, 39, 32 , 34 , 6, 66 , 63, 1, 63, 47. 'm'TJW.'T.y rh?"?? addreesir.K Htherj" r?i LiltRJiJL* *tainyw?>. 1 ilaware, t>? KI>r>T * CO.. K. Lc M, Maaourl. Official Orawla|i ?r Uodoea. DarU Si CO.'aConfcblidated lAtuertf?u( Utsnw _ <Yj?i if9. Jtit fi i*a 65, 31, 34, 12, 76, 9, 43. t?, i#' ** an HODOK8 PAVI8 k CO., Mvxm.Wga. Wklto, the flatter. Ahead.?New Hhapea Id fine Mm w Hate. 10,000 do. from auction. One dotw rlrk. M6 Broad era j. f'aacr Pocket Catlerjr-A large Variety at J. A 8. hAVNKKB'ttMoie, Mo. 7 Aator Uouae. I Braoklya Photegrapha^WUltamwa'* Miniatures, Cabweta. lmpertala?at*l late9ue. Two lortr aloe CMS; Fulton street. I Card tad Letter Pertrellf for Oorreiyoadenre Mid bualnea* U> prevent Intercepting letter*. Ac. i Bhotogr^ha, (3 per 1U0, by IJOLItKH, 3W> Broadway only. Plmeopple Oeedi, ?Uki, Ihewli, Pea- j tber and bilk f ana. AcFOUNTAIN'* India at?re. 460 Hroad ; way. filled witk curtoshles, ia among the chiel attraction! of tic city. * Kttft'i Reetaaraat. lee Cream a ad Billiard Saloon la now opened at Bockeway for Ike aeaaoa. Whlikey? S. T. Salt's Keatscky Salt Hirer Bourbon, aold by all dniggt?ta. HK<?KM AN A CO., Noa. IB. m, Ml and 704 Broadway. N. T. WkeelerAWIlwa'i Sewlog narklaeaeCBce tOt Broadway, N, Y. ?rover St Baker's Celebrated MOI8KLX8H HKWINu MAl'HlNKb, Tie beat tn uae for faaiiiy tewing 490 Vroadway. New York Iff Kultou atreel. Brooklyn. Cllretoogk's IUaslve Wig?An Katlre novrUy; parting and unatalnable; no tanung up behind. M Broadway, next A- T. blew art A Co.'a. C rlatadoro'a Hair Dye, W Ige and Tonpeea ? The beat in the world. Wholesale and retail and llie dye privately applied at No. f Autor House Batchelor'e Wigs, Tospeei and Hair live have Improvement! #urpk*?lng all other* natural aod caay, perlect tit, to turning up behind. Nu, 14 di.n l Arret. Troasea.?Dr. Norsk Coatlaaee to Apply h ? radical cure 1'ruaa a lib *urcea* lu tbe treat meat of Hernia. Trnaaei. huppnrtgra, Shoulder Hrarea Suapenaioa Kaudares. ailk rlaatle bUx-k'Dg*. He l?. Halhniji 1 nunea iod all anrglril appliances applied A lady lu all- udance lu lie Imn trade uartu: n . No. 2 Yrary atrtel .Valor tiuuae, oppoaite St. raul'a church. Why Naffer A-om Piles or Coetlvenese when thousand* are annually cured by H .Howay'a 11 * and Ointment 1 Or MOLL! 'W A k guarantee* a p.autre cure to all w vi implicitly follow the direction* in hi* pamphlet Died. Biroif? In thirdly, on Sunday morning, July 23, at hair past twelve o'clock, Mr? Mart K , wife of J?lia f, Bu 'U, aged 23 fort, 6 month- ami 9 day*. The Mineral services will Uke place at hair put two o'clock, thib (Monday) afternoon. Her rtdal tea and Mend? are re|H*ctftifiy invited to attend the funeral from her late residence, No. 9 leroy street, without further in vital ion. Her remains will be taken to Wol! jorougb, N. H., for Interment Fastern (?p>-rt< and Uo-lon Herald please copy. Baku?lu this city, on Saturday, July 21, William Bakkk. aged 39 years. The Irlends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, cor ner of Sisteenth i-treet and Third avenue, Ih.t (Monday) morning at tcu o'clock, without further notice. Ha re mn'ra will be taken to tireonwood Iilai armx k?On Sunday , July 22, Thomas Bla'-utock, age j 36 years. His relntives and friends, aLo the members of Templar Lodge No. 200, F. and A. M., are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral Hie remains will be interred in Oreenwood on Tuesday, from bta late residence, No. 47ti Wash tugton street, corner of lloboki n It car ?i 'n Sunday morning, July 22, John Franco, yo ingest son of Charles J. and Catharine Byrne, aged 1 year and 9 month?, Hia funeral will lake place thla (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the re idence of his parents, No. 33 MoH street. Cairns?At Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Sunday, July 15, K'irkkt M. Cairns, Jr.. afed 24 years 6 months Relative* and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from the residence ol his brother to law, il. II. Hayden, f><j . 48 Fast Thirt> fifth street,corner Fourth avenue,thla (Mouday) afternoon, at three o'cloik. Castla ?On Hatmoay, July 21, Cmahlss Usnst Castls, torn -rly of Montreal, C E. . in the 581 h year ol hia age. Funeral services this (Monday) afternoon, st four o'ekxk, from the residence of his son in law, Archibald Montgomery, 88 Tompkins place. Brooklyn. Collins ?Lu Brooklyn, E. !>.. on Sunday morning, July 22. Jamrs, Infant ton of James B and l.izai# Collins aged 6 i mil the funeral w ill take place from (he residence of bis pa-cnU, Ihvlsion avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock. DAiJtiMrtA ?On Saturday, July Zl, J us ant lUiMrKTLM. aged 75 yisrs, 6 months and 7 days. His remain*' will be taken to Hirrlstown, New Jersey, for Interment, this (Monday) morning.from then-aldeoce of bh* s*'D in la?, l\ D. Benjamin, 47 Catherine street, Newark, New Jersey. I>. as ?(in Saturday, July 21, Asnasw I>tnn, In the S3d year ol hts age. Ills friend*, and acquaintances, alto those of his nephews, Michael, James P., Thomas A . Andrew J and Stephen Dunn, are requested to attend his funeral, tins (Monday) afternoon, at two o'rl?< k . from his late r"-ijen< corn* r ol Forty-flint street and Eleventh avenue, without further Mtln Grant ?On Saturday, July 21, the beloved wilr o! John < -*i t agi-d >1 yewrs. Tli? friends ud acquaintances of the family arc re sportfully invited to attend the funeral from trr lavresidence, 333 Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty-set en lb trert,Hi< (Monday) afternoon, al oae o'clock The re mains will be interred in Calvary Cemetery. ll*>Kj*TTi ?At the house of her adopted mother, the foundling girl, Hmnmimtta. The physical beauty and preco C.ou* Intellect of lb la Utile creature endeared her to all *1 saw her. and many were the appllcatlooa made by ladies of wealth and Importance to adopt her, but sbe had . ao cut w mod herself around the heart of the food woman who had charge of her that nothing but death could hare severed them. U.-i?Da Saturday morning, Jaiy il, tt>wtu Ui>ri,ime, sg< d 6C years Ihe relatives and friend* of the family are respect tally Invited to attend bis funeral, from his late residence, No 3d Tenth street, between Fifth and Ruth aveouoa, Ibis (Monday) afternoon, at four o'eiock. V ??'m. ?Oil Saturday, July 21. fboumi, a. ed M years. The relatives and frlend? of the family are respectfully Invited to attend lie- funeral, from bla late residence. No It 1 West Twentieth street. H >TT ?In Brooklyn, K t? on eni.dsv, July 22, W u j am A Hovr, aged M years and I month. The friends of Ihe fioilly are respectfully levied to at teol the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of t - lather, Mr. L- lloyt, No. 114 Mouth Second street, Rrooklvn, E I? ll' snano ?<>n Sunday, July 22, Mr> Hakr ?t Ilr smam>. if i d l> years, 2 n. nth and ;Ji day a The relatives and friends of the family see respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, frotn the residence of her brother in Is*. Mm S Mont Krq No 211 Wi-Vt Tw entleth stre?t, Hits (Moods) ) aftr rmsiu, at feur o'clock, without tarllar invitation tier remains will be lakeu lo New Richelle at ao early hour on Tuesday morning for Interment. Jtnniro* ?fin Sunday. Jul> 22. Naomi, youngest daughter of Jiweph J. and Rachel Jennings. Notice o( (utf'isi in to morrow's paper Narris ?4m Saturday. Inly 21. (,s ?? , son of William Tin1 frtei.d# <if the femtly arc reapn tfUlly Invited to it truil the funeral, tin* (Monday afternoon at two o'clock, from the rraidi nee (4 nia pan i t#,'lt> John ?.reel, BrookIjrn MiOaaav ?Id Brooklyn, to ,-kvturday evening, July 21, fieri looi iU'l aevere tUn.-as, um M<JIahJ>v, a nana* ot (Monty l/mfftiril, Ireland fit# and thoae of the 'amily are reaper tfully tnv'led to iltei.d the funeral, thl? (Monday) aflorniam, at two o'ctcck, from hta late reildeece, corner of Warren and Mevtn it reel# Noutb Hr > klyn V> rtuv ?Ou f n?lay, July 22. F;<dU Rir*A*?rw, oldeet 'abti-r of Joha M and JemiiDa J. Hurray, aged 6 year*, k n.m the and 23 dayr the frt> rid* (4 the family are reaprc fully Invited fo at '? 1 Iti# (literal,on Tue?> ay aflernonti. at three o'rtork, | IrcdB ili'- rekldtnc* of hi r jmrrau, 108 Hwdaon avenue, | bro-kljo I aimrwe ?(* Kunday. July 22, Ma at Bathdw# aged (9 )iar*. a native n? Koher, county of Mead, Ireland Her friend# and anqualotancra are reapertfully InvHed to attend tic funeral, from her lat< realdrnce, No. 102 tkiM. yt?n atnet. New York, on Tucacay aflemoon. at |?n nV? ck pferleely. Mc< n earv ?On fwlty. July 22, Jn??rn, the yoonreat a<>? of Hugh and Ann MrCluakry, aged 0 month# and 14 daya My angel hoy ti > leaping Bet rath the rypre#' ' ? ##, And many an eve ti weeping, And long wtll Weep :hr thee The mend# and retailrew of the fatally are reap*I tfully reuoreted t > ittend the fiitwral, tbl# (Monday) alternonn, at two o rk? , from Ute realdence of hie parenta, No MO TVtilh avrwua. Ilia remain* will be taken to Calvary Ometeer M<<.?i untie ?On Ponday, July 22,1'mm MfOaronam, aged 22 i ram. Tba n'neral 111 take place from 190 Weat Seventh two o'clock peocMely. jt rr> ?fm fbtnrday wooing. July 21, Ottam B Jrnn, Jr . aged 2 yearn. 9 month*. aad lit Caya II e Meed# of the family are rrqueeied |o attend the fit nernl, liotn the of he parenta, N" 204 IWtHtad av> i lie, ft Tneadav afteraona, at half pint threw o'clock I'l on*t id. ?At llamhnrg, on Wcdnavday, July 4 after a iho't lltmaa. (iarovna R Ri ?a*ar?r, aged 39 yanra Wi?u> ?on holiday, July ft, Kuxtt,duac'iter of J and C Mar#?n r lie fractal will take p'ae# th<a (V today) afternoon, at tan r'rw*V, fHrm the reaine',?ce of her parent*, No 22 Catharine ?|ip. M<<-? m-*a On ttatD uay, iJf Vi, at U . leva City i New Jcrney, ttuuusr H email, d*?|M?r of tiwfg# MM Margaret McCrlndet), la (to ?th f?r Of her age. Richmond (Vn) pa pen pleaae copy. I'aimim ?In Brooklyn, oo Saturday, Jctfy 31, Or BM rt i. pakanm, in the 87ib year of hie age. The funeral will take place from (he reelMnet of Or. Ralph Glover, 34 Hamilton place, Clymer atree*, Brook* lyn, Kuatcrn dutrlct. at four o'clock thia (Mondav) aflorn i K>n The ftieoda and retail era of the droeaeed are resj?ctfull> inviled to attend without further ootloa. I'owkkk ?tie Saturday, July >1, Kuan I'owna.a onllVW of Kilbeg, Tallow, county of Waterford, Ireland, aged M yeare. The rrienda of the family are reopeetfolty Incited to attend the funeral, thia day (Monday,) from the rueideooa of her olece, 268 Seventh avenue. kjctrolm ?On .-minlay, July 22, Kuumn TwHUS R*Taoijin, the beloved wife of f>r Chnrlea Reyoolda The friendi of the family are invited te attend the fanerd, at four o'clock thin (Monday) afteroeew, from bar late realdenoe, 18 Newark avenue, Jeraey City, or atM. Matthew'a church, Bunaex atreet. Brmuaon ?Jutvkkth, wife of William Stevenaen, and daughter of the late Jamee Mitchell, aged 20 yeara. The relativea and frienda are invited to attewd the taaeral, from 282 Kant Ntnlh street, at tea o'clock Itho (Monday) nierntng. Smith ?fin Friday, July 20, Srawtar. Infant aeo of w* Uatu * . and Hiiabelh 8. Smith, aged 10 month* and Y days, The remains were conveyed to Greenwwd Cemetery. Vaanitaaa ?In Brooklyn, on Sbtu-day, July 2t, Eat*, youug?*i daught. r of Henry and Kliaa A. Vandevotr, mnnihn and 8 daya. The relatives and frn nda of the Ihmlly are reaper '/"J-'? ^ "u'nd lhe funeral, flrom 3X4 Fulton atreet, that ther i oGee ' " *e'?cb? without ftafnfterioon, July 21, Maau, only ad I da X The relative* and fricnda of tbe parent* ire InvMed M attend tbe funeral, from their r.aidence, Ns M Char MM Street, oa Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock Yocite ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday, jU|t 22 TnOKM Torra, in the 69th year of hw age. 1 ' The fiineral will take place this (Mnadav) aH-mooo g| two o'clock, floni his late residence, No k* Vork iimL Tbe friend* and acqoaintancee, and thoee of hi* aon, Dr. John P. Young, and soo in law, Michael Tower, are rMfprctfully invited to attend. Pnltnrille, I'enn., papers will please copy. MXWKLLANMOCH^ """" ABTMCIAL HOTICE. " Pl'Rl'llAJIB A MACB1KK, PAY FOR IT AS YoU KAKJf IT. Tbe Rnreka Celebrated Sewing Machine*, as an MtoaaS dallon, ran be paid for In weakly amounts, on appUoaMaa B the oice, 493 Broadway. At WIIOI.BSAl.R? SUGARS, YRRY t'HKAP. CASB buyer* are Invited to examine. hargain* ru*rai't*nd. O. CUKKRJ4. 17 Broadway. AT KYKRDKIJ.'R?WCDDTNa WOT ICS. CARDS, AM, See the Orange bl. am an Kn re lepra, aew aatln Tin MS earda. An. 301 Broadway, corner of Uuane atroet AOPNT8 W ANTRIt?FOR THK RURIKA BKWWa MA rhinea. I.lheral dlacounl allowed. Head for clrcMnr. Ufiice 493 Broad way. Buzt' buzz* una tZZi HU7.ZI HU7J BUZZ! HUZZI u/.nj BUZZ' BUZZI BfTJ Bl ZZ! BUZZI BUB BUZZ: BUZZ! yvZ3 BUZZ! BUZZ! KU7J buzz: ituzzi bum Bl ZZ! * HUZZI BUM BUZZ! Bl ZZi BUM BUZZ! HUZZI BUM BUZZ' BUZZI BUKS HUZZI HUZZI HUM buzz: ituzzt sea BUZZI Bl'ZKI HUB BUZZI BUZZI Hl'7-a Bl ZZ' Bl ZZI HU7J BUZZ! MUM! BUM buzz: HUZZI BUS buzz: buzz: mitu BUZZ! HUZZI BUB Bl ZZ' Bl ZZ' BUM buzz- buzz: ma BUZZ' BUZZ! BUM hum! buzz: ma MOSliUITOS' MOHQlTTOflt MOsUUITOS! MOsUUlTOSt MOBQUlTOH' MOsGUITOH! MosgUPoKI MOSUl'lK St MOSQl nihil MOHOl'irOHl MoSQUITOH' MOsullTOHl MCXjllTOs: MOSOl. IToSt MOSQUfTOS' Mosdt ITOSI Mosdt'fTOS' M eyU'ITOHl MOSUUITOB! MOSiJl'tOel Mi.sgriros mosu>. rruei MosdUtTOS' MOSUl ITOS! JMoeOUTos- Moeol. iroeu MuRtJUlToS! Mosul'I r< ai'. MOSVl IIOS! MOSUl'lTOSI MoSyt'lTOS' MOCQLITOSI BOSgUITuS' MOSgUITOs! MosotnoHi mosui tiohi MOHQUITOHt MOfOU'Ti St MOMJUITOSI MOSuCITOMI Mosul n OS' M SOL'TTOHf MOHQUlTOfll HMngCITufit MOMJtlTUdt M< 'MJL'ITuWI MOSOI MOH! MliMJCITOtif Mowjl' ITlih'. M<>MQltTO?M Tbw annoying little pcata are effectually dnr?c freai Mf ?l trurml In * few mtnutea by bu'nlng one of the OHINKHK MinkirTOTAPKIU. I HINK.SK MUNOtlTO TtFKR*. OHINKHK MUNOLITO TAPKRN CHINKMK NnHOl'ITO TAPKKJt CH1NMK Ml Htl iTO T Af'KKH. IHINK.-K MOHUb'lTO T A r K* 8. CHIMKAK MIIMJI ITO TAI'KKN CHINK* K MoNtjllTO TAPKKt. lb?ae TAVKKS in burning iiif off a pie noi odor, -"b'1^ perfect!* harmleaa to lh.- human family, It w rilreaely repeal *e to lb* MnaquiU) tribe ?> murk an thai tbr> ?U1 IMMKMATH.Y l.KA V k ANY Al'AKIMKNT. If It M poaslMe en to 4m and If the n->m be rlnaed in u not to admit of their rgreaa, Ibey * til bo no affected aa to deetrny all dwp<?liioa p> aing. bum or bile, rendering Ibrm Innirenmlre for the ui?ht Hi'? TAl'hKe aro dono up In nrat package* of aliteen Taper* each, nee of which la auJbnont to clear a m a of orfflnary aire tor the tu*ht Fur aalo. wboleaaie or retail, by drtiariata general!) thruugV out the Union. (IRANT A CO., Proprietor*, <97 Bnauittay, New tod (v)RNK. hpjftorn. 1nvrrtrd NAIIJ* fjn.aroc* J jntnta, and ail iHruw of the feet cured without pain ar Incontenienre to the patient, by l?r. Za< IIakIK. eurgma Cblri'jKdb.1 7*1 llroadwai Rrtcra to phywrlana and p'^r|NHo the city. Dfafncw. DKAFNK88. NiTIIMb Pt9RAHf.N OF TIO KYR oiakaakh or thk ktk. OUtRAhKH OF thk ktb, CTRItD r PR VOl* MOTH IlZISK KK, or Ma nulla** TMF. tM>RKH I ?f Pr Vow *tnari?*i?a r a .,n Opibalnur and Aura: KnrM hare nwtinl the hmhoat ewWtgttitna fram Ike preea. and Ml ttirr-eaaful operatt'na fur rrat, ring the aigkl and kennng M well kt own all ow the I ntra trt nirrfirnnt.iM' gem, be aubniila the fnlloaing leaumnniala ? RORPRT KAUR. . President of the Poralbue Virr luiuraace Pompaaj. New Tart. To Pr. Yo? Moarninaeee fie- Met ant A.rlet, No l(/7 Pllrutn Plee# P*j* Rib?I air * tiring nluieaa uf ynar eklll hi the apee* ttnnof the ?er- having rat n reeent ?uut to NntOrKteiM r- Die UlUl.t <ieaf in<>?w nr. end hi lh- ?trice,/ ?nr 'rtragg mbn bronchi er liijour "?ra abarr >"ur aula <v'rWMk without arererly any paie. entirely ei,r-d me. I weal Mi )< ur ?-flM a rear am o.) bearing la new ?a wall aa ?an M a bu b I akall ever he thankful lo jo*. Rl'uid yen Ihlbk peW per jou can uae m> Bane. With great reaper t. Tour r>herUeel serrant. bAtiK. UWallKgMt. Nrw Tori, July U. IWO. ," 1 GRnROR OORPON. ?Q , NRW TOM. Pr. V<? W'ae brtaker ra erated o* mr ear* fur denfnew M me enure aeUaiar lew fa a frw *a>a I wan perfectly rote erf. an,) Itbont ImnnreDlence u? InlrrruptM* to kMM 1 kaae murk [ leaaure in recraamending htm uufcPoN.16 WailajwM. N*ar ToaB, June M. Ml. I>R morpiizihrkr May he r. nenlted rm all itamaea of the eye and ear wkUk IW q .lre aureteal or n edleai ireainent, from gull in that*, at uttpuntun PI.A< K, KifiHi H wTRvrr. VANU10* RAPRR, RRPTlCtf RRR 1AM r TU'lRl RT N OPI.P PUP. V A 1,1' RP AT (Ml ThtofOMevp. BOW " eibihltin* M Hear*. Rail. Mi fin."a, la offered by J wepk Tburlay, of tamdna, to he rw fee oeer the J nab net Rare I o.trae, lamg I aland N T. darti.* the Pall Meeting Her lemter. Iff). Uuen to all bunea aanaik fed O* TUftRI RTN rooR roN FKHtr.l lift PATTlX For mleia Me., apply Mike Pepokof Ttorley'e f nd, n lb mi way. N. T. GRVKN RRAP. ORRV.N RP.AU, OKKKN sdAL. <11 AMi ague?Oca tube and warranted, for It I. al 37 PulMB m 'ew I NPORMATION WANTKP. 1 I underauuid a large a tunber of pentrwa are engaged m putting Bp <Hn under m? uana mark, hr btedaa Ar, ma*a hr bnappa hchtedam Krkuapp' aad ArnwiMfe m M -aepa A ay Int'.rmati'i* whir k mat lean u ike rtmrk ttvB of lit* laiR] par'lea Will h* Urnskfally reret.ed kj I'HUIJ'HO U Bearer atreeL Kii.i.ii ?is? ?, ? ii in ? in" t, > i i.i.i' >iih 1 Ma r*l*br?t*d 1abn*ro M for iu u tk? Ho 0 ?i linn rtrfft. OUl fU'tUKDAM WHHAHHtv IlKraaoa Urw )Mfi Impound. btbl* for Mil* bj irtolrvn wm.m. 2T 8** r? r ati-MC jjkhot *' rr(lm a nr>fmak strut. v y ? r. a. iiiiinal im, Importer* '*d ? b !* ??* jtcrrr Mora romntnrl To brlr n*w i?l H?rkM ??r -bo JNK Wt ahuuv .i??/ai>??a*, < v.ruor of W kit* Mm* j hit 21 it*. _ _________ Tff* 8kht khokh rkmkpt VO? CRm.VV*. lllAftrkr* fijari.inrj. f>>ilr i 'amp* an.; *.,#?? r ivojUno In |<r*r*nt. *1 Ikot Pktowti ,4 Ax- ?*** la l>r H M MIllllHU'ft V??*4jtM* RrtiMrif. Ml Ornpntrtnfe alrorl. Nro York. ipn thf'l'rahd rau.roak thatfujum wrruip with tVh^thocaaru oorn* of mf r< i rth ftutioh ros jiur nf ai-rirroH s ham wat onm mt mwt torncx, * ?* Wl Wamot. Wrv*i Ti?f?k T.? owhrra or HORHVH. Hatrrronn, PnM , .'nn?1. 1w0 I?* To?t???? bar* born b> the IJtrry bi.aln** for !? ?<* at* T**r? In ima rltjr, im In Ikal tl?* bar* n#*d tnrloua tint mi n'a. bn? aft*r At* t* .< ?' trial rf tour v*n*ua?i mors* lanl mrni I 'ii>k*?ivtinpi? p >?mr> It m* b?* lu rtiatnnro V h#T* n**d h for r. %t < ri.mntr apratnA. eabo. armo aft,; , It n*t tr hm fnli*4 n r.?'? in kalf tl* ttm* of aui otknr. c. l.itt MM *?ln?r?* Prlr* lb. rrrti In ; ,1 fcrAtk* Hr.ld Yif ail iba dr ?.<* ?. IVft Ho MITotjap. .itrl 07 fvl.ti l' -i t'>t. r ritin' ' hit'. ?l Ion *rr*l?T Bwrntal ?rr?w -a . miry * *? mo H<a*umn

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