Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1860 Page 7
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a (SHIPPING. _ ^ \N> NORTH AMKEKAN RulALMAIL BIKAMNUIPM. PBOM new VUK* TO LitKKPOOL. b'n Passage 1130 .?Lu 1'.- 74 riiO* BOTTOM TO LOIHCUOL >. 1 $110 sbm Passage 00 pa frira Nn York sail a: Ccrk harbor pi from Huston old', at auj Cork harbor. Capt Judains. CANADA, Capt lain,;. , Capt J. Stone. AMKRICA, C?| t. Millar, ipt K. (i Lett. N'lAUARA. t'apt. Anderson. . Capt. Haniii i; KV'ROPA. Cipl. J. Lettch. SCOTIA (now bufldlnR,'. s'-els carry a c.ear white light at maat head, green ard bow, rcl on port bt w. _ _ 1A Millar, leave- Boston, Wedne* lay, June 37 ?tl. New York, Wednesday, July 4 i, laPitrh, " hoV'.'i, W.- lnrftdaj, July II Judklns ' N.w York, Wednesday. Ju y 18 Sume - Boston, Wednesday, July IS Shannon. " New York, Wednesday, Aug Hit 1 t. Lang, " Buitou. Weduesday, August 8 ,u, .. New York, Wednesday, August 15 ., Leiich, ' itoilou, Wednesday, August B, " New York, Wedneiday, August? not secured until paid for. ' rlrnee.1 iv.rgeoo on board. . , _ , uert. Of these ships will not be accountable for Qold, .liton. Specie. Jewelry, Precious Stone* or Metal*, S of ladl" n are sigued therefor, and the value there expressed. *?r freight or passage apply to K. CUSaRD, No. 4 Bowling Green. LT COMMUNICATION BT STB AM BRTWKKN w Turk and Liverpool, calling at Queenstnwn, Ireland and embark passenger* and despatches.?The New Torfc and Philadelphia Steamship Company's !yde bnilt iron screw steamships are Intended to Lowe.? mo* irsw rou ro* urmrooL BALTIMORE Saturday. July 28. Saturday. August 4. WASHINOTON Saturday, August II. v Saturday throughout the year, From pier Mo. 44. M. R. **tm or ri?iet. fueenatosrn or Liverpool 971 a/odon (via Liverpool) HO t, l^ueenslown or Liverpool 30 0 London U eturn ticket*, available for all m<>nth(, from Liverpool 60 [era forwarded to Havre, Parta Hamburg Bremen erp at through rates. -a ot" passage iaaued from Liverpool to New York lb). " " from Queenstnw-n to " 90. learners hawe s ipenor accommodation* for paasenconstructed with watertight cnmpaiT<n? nts, and oarmeed surgeon*. Pur f reight or passage apply at ot the company. DHN U DALE, IS Broadway. Mew York, Agent. 1 Liverpool to Wtf. INMaN. row er Buildings, i Glasgow to WM IN RAM, 13 IMvon atre.-i, TNARD LINK.?8TKAM FROM NEW YORK TO rpoot. via yueensfown.?The Britiah and North A me al Mail ateamera. ipum Anderaon, AUSTR AL ASIAN, Capt. Hockley, a p tain Hoodie, KEDAB, Captain T. Cook, 'id other maguiflceut and powerful ateamera root New York to Liverpool every alternate Thnra ig at Quet-nstowo to laud pasaeugnrs and despatches /Thursday, 19th July. Thursday. 21 August. ian Thursday. 16th August. Thursday, 3i)lh August. t paasage to yueenstowru or Liverpool:? 975 3D sri-nced ?- geoo on board. For steerage passage OODEVK ARK ELL A ELLIOTT, ISS Broadway, -ght and cabin passage apply to K. CoNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. .-NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. n4erbllt European line United States Mall Steamships sen New York. Southampton and Havre. From New York for Baturaiug from Southampton and Havre and SouthHavre. smpton. tBIT.T, Lefevre SaA, July 38 Wedueeday.lAug. 18 S, Ortffln .Bat-. Aug. It Wednesday, Aug. 29 IBLLT ....Sat., Sept. 8 Wediieiday, Sept 26 S f?. Sat., Sept. 22 Wrduesdav, Oct. 10 tBILT Sat., Oct,, 20 Wedneaday. Nov. 7 hips have water tight compartment*, bitt first cabin, 9120; second cabin, 960. a tea of passage issued from Europe to America, delivered Ut London or Paris. iKANCK, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Oreen, New York. BVAINWRIUHT A CO., U Hue VAabOWg^ "HXTSTIR, Havre. I1RI> A CO., <7 Grace Church street, London. OP, hCHOAJJiS A CO., Southampton. TO LONDONDERRY, GLAKOOVY AND LIVER?Shortcut sen im-jie to Europe, bv the M-Ki'renl al stenmer NOVA HOOTI A N, McHunter commander, i, hOU horse power, from Quebeo, Saturday. July 14. passage to I,ondonderry, Ginsgna or Liverpool?First i . Ht, midship. $70; atenrsie. $30. ineltiding ocean una lre? ticket, either by way ot Boston. Portland t iff hi to I a to Quebec, or by Ilnda>ti rircr. Lake Champlaln, I Victoria Bridge) to Quebec, with the privilege of re>ver at any point, for touritta' uckeu and p usage I the company's ofli e. S3 Broadway. HABKL A . General Agent*. KLKA2KM JONIW, Manager. lOUTHIYPTON AND HA VIE.?Till CNITKD ! e? Mail steamer Arago, D. Idaes, commander. will Hav re. touching at Southampton, (to land the mall t-ngers on hatard.iv. Aug'iat 18, at 12 o'clock, from .87North river, too of Beach etreet Thli (hip hue ht compartment* enclosing the engines, ao that la ttia rntllaion or (trandiog the water could not reach them, lump* being free lo work, the safety of ihs vowel ngers would be secured. Price of passage to se >o, $7$ Ui $HU. For Ire'ght or passage apply to . M FOX, GEO. MACKENZIE, Agents. No. 7 Broad B ?The Fulton wUlsucceed the Arago, and ember 15. IFR OT AUGUST ?, 1UK SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. The United Stale* mall steamship ADRIATIC. Comw.oek commander. wIL sail from pier foot of wet. on Hat' rday, August 24. with mails, p use ngers ae for lae above porta. ,?ht or piiMtpe *ppl> at the office of the North Allanuah.p Company, room No. A (M Wall etrsst. J. P. STEPHENS. Secretary, d -Atic will sail again on Urn dth of October. ?.". ..e.cniTw im I wan TO lainm 'li I M I . 1.. .i i I rinAao.... Wfi*!" i ommoader, t,?rrj tag the Coiled states moil, . el> iiui on satvbpat, August?. ot i: o'clock *.. r<?? BRKMIN VIA BorTIIAMPTON. for ?>N HAIRK ROl'THAMPTON AND BREMEN, illoviM rotes ? abin. *1?' aocuod robin. HO steerage. *15. f ,h'?U^?U^?KKPPKVlT?K!f A REIrflKI.T, No. 83 Broadway. KAVBl'Rd AMKRIl AN PACKET COMPANY'S a.eamabv TBI'TONIA. H Foul*. commander, will ir Uomb rg ^ himt't'ti. tendon on 1 Havre. on lor A .* >. 1. ol 12 M First cejtn, flOO. aeooad ?^*Br"SlCHABD A BO .AS. 151 Broadway. N. T. . amaiup Soiotuo will vicceed the Te it-tin ITEAVKR ORKAT IANTERN. JOHN VINE II ALU FOB MILPORP HAVEN, RM.LAVD. SOT A SCOTIA. 1 RE AT FANTF.KN will (oil for tha obore porta on ij Augist 18 Prow Mlllord Harea there is railroad : with k porta of Uraot Britain ond doily by steam i lrelond sneoUl trotna will be in readiness on the or ' > sbi;< * Milford Haven to carry paaaeogers to Lou the North at re<1ur?d rotes of fore. , ? > po? ?.( no oaly will be token, ond He price la $130 ? 1 ncnitirr of fteat class naaeenrer* srfli also be tokea ? \ ck to Halt!ei at a < barge of $2$ each UKINNELL MINTCRN A CO., 78 Houth street. t.VTH' ROTAL MAIL ETRAVBHIP NAV10Am Corn pone. -Tfc? steame- Connsnaht will toll frona . John a. Newf "tudland. f >r ilalwsv on Ibe 31a Par freight or passage opply to UOWLAND A AB t LL. M and $6 Booth at red I IRELAND TO NTW TORE BT RTRAM.-PABg?ra hooked from Queemdown (Ireland) to New Toek - " 3 W Ki ... ... i . , lui aeiaihlni I Kim* prVTMM*?U?, MJ W?T pM K^w Tori and Philadelphia 11M, leaving I (vary Thursday ta> the IW. For jmhh apply u) ( An, U Broadway. JOHN O.D ALB, Aganl^ don -?viu? jciiy is. thr rplhndid snip >l TM RO JR.?Second cabin and found. ?1# fen mora I'urmm Paaaaengara height out ! rom it* '>11 i'owur* for tuu of ahips p flora, he., <*v C. ROuUK, Ml Axith atreet. rrpoou-th* ctlrndid ship UXCWh Papt. Swift, will pmttfrolF Mil oa Thuraday, July I ait apply Immediately oa hoard ship, alarM rio JvjhtfH murphy. ? Booth PTHluar KRPOOU-OM> BLACK STAR LINK ?THR ahip HRIISIICWaTKR, lying at pier No. ft North hi* da* The I NIJ RRSK, at pier Z7 Raat River for paaaaga apply oa U ard, or to WILLIAMS lo ruRon Mreet I r S UNR Or LtYKRPOOL PACK KTft?PACK I wall known and faat tailing packet till y A. ( apt Parus'lee, pndtlvcly aallt at above for >1' n arcond cahtu an 1 Wearim wbirh will bo la I late.i apply oa board, pier js k r..orb> TAPHOOTT M CO. M South ?. BTTjOUICAANn ARPINWALL.-THK riNK an thip KaI.TIMoRK. Green commander, will at . lor Kingston. .lamtlea and Atplawall ratnra Si* to Naw York, with Ball for and from Kingt ro' fraighi of cargo im.udlng parcel*; anil ' aarlv only to IRSPKaR, KBrrNPROO.ldZWatcrMrcot IPORNIA VIA PANAMA I apar Jnly. a firm claaa ttnamar will laara Naw 11th and Zlat o? aarh month, eteept whan ihaaa - in. I ay, whan lha day of doparlnrc will ha lha a tag I or pataage apply at lha only office, No 177 W<wt ^B-of Warren. 1>. It., Agent. ia pionkrr linr. rrta blirhrd 1mb lha CnNnd htalea M alia.?The magmttcent At raHVRL r ai.rr 1,w too* burthen. Talbot, Mceeedlng ahip Joahaa Bataa. will hadaapatrbad Melbourne direet from ptar It Rant river. Har ma for drat and aecood t lata paeaongera art <ia * comfort. light and raatiiatma for freighter ly oa board or to r W. CAMRRON, 80 Heaver I knagMW ?adT*nr?^mi>d?^ir coo I IIOrR NR. AURTRALI A.-KANGAROO I.tWR, lad tMR?Vaavl of Augiia ?. TV" Al faat tail 'al'KTH, I.likl too* bonban. tart m/tater. It in tine pocular Mm. and will ba promptly deter adreriiaad drr liar nr. mo.liil.wa Tor 8ml pammgem ara unurtally (pa> to t and rotn tip .n a vi?la o< tba moat liberal kind Hatat of mallf low. Apply n? board, at Bar 10 Baal riror, KR LORD M Ml KRKAL, MM Wall street. TAN A ANTt MKW QRI.RA NR ?TO RAIL day. AaCuM I, at U o'eJort.-Theim ?aamahi? H7 D. BuBnet, commander, win rommatwa u hi on77th JnlT, from pier fom of Hurray (tram tnd otll ?a ahora. for fralght or pannage apply PON. CROCIUtRON A IN).. No. ?B R'??*y dram t. Cantata J. W. Smith, will aueeeed lha Meavtlla Monday, Aug oat 11. ORUUNR niRRt'T?TO RAIL THCRRDAT at Z r M -Tba naw imt rlaaa wraw "mmah't Nr|?ou. < .mmandar, will raoaire fratgkl Prtday Ml aa ahova frwi Plar S8, Rortb Rlrar. foot ni at ma. Kill! of 1 adtag. or tha propar form, frjr ataamor or at tha odlra of lha agnnt, and onihtll ba aignad aflar lha day of amling. Joe rramk pplytm board, or tn RICHARIM, BRNKABO i MR lagaratwo M * Wwwt r*Mb J yiPPIWfe EX)* 8AVANNAH AMD OTH*K POIWTO A8 BKLOW. JF the drat cliua aide wheei steiunahip FLORIDA. < apt. Isaac CninfU. will leave oa Wednesday, July 25, at I f. ?., I ram pier No. 4 North river. Through tickets can be had for the following dIacm:? New Orleans, $39 7$; Mobile, $*; Montgomery, l?.Col?n. bm CO, Albany. $21 At aula. $21 Chattanooga. $2330, Nashrtlle. tri 10. KnoxrUle. $26. Memphis, $3176, Augusta, $17 6U; Macon, tao. Savannah. $16. For freight or nsaaase apply at 13 Broadway. The steamer ALABAMA, Capl. Geo R Rchenck. will succeed and sail on Saturday, J illy 28, at 4 P. M. SAMUEL L. MITOHILL * SON. rR SAVANNAH AND THK SOUTH. The new steamship R. R. CUYLKK, Oapt. P. Cracker, will leave pier IS N. R. cm Thursday, July $6, at 4 1' M. In point of speed or accommodation this ship is unequalled. Tickets to Savannah $16, Augusta, $17 60, Macon, fit), At lanta, $81; Columbus $11; Albany, $23; Montgomery, M6; Chattenooga, $16; Knot rile, $26 60; NaahvtUe, 127 76, Mem phis, $61 76; Mobile, $63, New Orleans,*$6i 75, including car Hate fare la Savannah. Apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO.. If West Street and M Broad era r FR CHARLESTON, 8. C., ANT) THE SOUTH AND Southwest.?I'in led Kute# mall sldewheel steamship line. uThe magnltloent and last ^oing steaniahlj) N ASHVIIJ,*, L. it. aunvT, ninuottaurr, wui Ir??c p?rr nw. ? nww mwi un lloodsy, July 33, at 4 o'clock P. M. precisely. Kitten of passu r-e, with through tickets, ss follows:?To How Orleans, 139 75; Mobile. 135, Montgomery, 336, Nashville, 377 75; Memphis. 331 75; Chattanooga, 335; Knoxvflle 335 50; Augusta, lis , 317 50; Atlanta. 331, Charlotte, N. C.. 3X1, Columbia, H. 0? 330, Charleston, 315. for (might or passage apply to 8POFFURP, TILE8TON A CO , 39 Broadwsy. The Marion, Capt. Foster, will succeed on Haturday, July 38. Daily uhi fob cap* mat and PHILADELPHIA, yia bandporo'8 unb stkambhlph, From pier 14 North river, At 6 o'clock V. M , Sunday etesptsA Manners BObTON, delaware, and KENNEBEC. Goods forwarded South and Weal free of com mission. tuboi/utl (n 30 hol'ks. FREDERIC pkbkin8, Agent. ' 1 Freight fob tknnksrkf, north Carolina, Portsmouth, Norfolk. City Point and Kichmoot, reed Tad every day at Pier 13 North river. The steamship J AMKSTOWN. Captain Skinner, leaves every Tuesday, st 3I\ M. . _ Steamship ROANOKR. Capt Couch, every Thursday, at 11 M? calling at Old Point Cum.ort to land passengers. Steamship YORKTOWN, Capt Parriah, every ratarday, at ? P * Freight to Portsmouth or Norfolk ait cants per foot, to City Point seven cents, and to Richmond eight rents. Passage to Norfolk (stateroom and meals Included), 38; to Petersburg and Richmond. 310. Excursion ticket to Richmond or Petersburg and back, 313; to Norfolk and back. 315. LUDLAN A HEINEKBN, 113 Broadway. ~ MlgCELLAWKOPg. Catch km' catch em ai.tvki one hhkkt of Wigbtman's Ply Paper will ca<ch over 3 U00 Hies; it contains no |>oi#od. A sample will be mailed free to any part on receipt ot five cents Orders aodreased to L. M. Cohen S Book* store, I6S Howery, New York, will be promptly attended to. CVOCRACD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP, IT IH T well kDOwn. cures TAN. PIMPLES, FBEcLKRS. SALT RHKVM. BARBER'S ITCH. CHAPS. CHAFES, TENDER FnKfH, Ac , besides being the very beet shaving CHupouud ever invented. GOl'RAt'Ii'fl POl'PRE St BTILE uproots hair from low foreheads, upper lips. or suy part of the body, safely und uulcklv. warranted. LIUl'IP kol'ge, for pale litis an I < hecks. LILY WHITE, for flushed red and heated faces. HAIR DYE iuatantly converts red, pray or light hair to a beautiful black or brown, without staining the skin. GOl'RAUIVB IMPROVED ORIENTAL CREAM. for the complexion Beware of a counterfeit. Found si Dr. GOV R A CP'S old established depot. No. 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway; Wells A Co., Park A Barnes; Hayes, Bmnklvn; Omen, Worcester; Bales. No. 139 Washington street, Boston; Cullender, Philadelphia. The above artwlea are not to be confounded with the trash with which the States are flooded, and sent [rom New York at cheap rales, and long credits at that. Pr. GDI KAl P'S article* have been before the public the oast tweet v \ ears, and are well known to be all they are WpmMtld to be. ICR. ICE. ICR. (ires! reduction In the price of lee. The Korkland I.ake Ice Company are selling Ice at $1 24 per ton. Iieixiu. foot of Delance\ street. Kast river, and foot of Barrow street. North river, office, 45 Jay etreet. PEARSK'8 CP TOWN SHIRT 8 TORE?SUPERIOR Boudoo Yoke Shirts, L. Y. 8., and Collars made to order. SB Broadway._ SWORK'S NO. 2 SEWING MACHINES.?PERSONS HAV ine sewing machines of the above kind, in good order, and are willing to sell cheap can tind a customer by staling price and how loug In use, by addreasiug to 8. W. Mschurw, Herald office Srcond hand machinery and tools-la thm, Planers, Drilling Machines, Steam Engine*. Boiler*, Pumps, Valves. Cooks, Coanectioos, Shafting. Belting. Puilles. Hangers, Circular and Jig 8a wrs, Aurtia, vtoes. Bellows, Has Pipe and a great variety of email Toola for tale low by WM. if. AKDBtWH, 414 Water street, manufacturer of Centrifugal Pump*. SAVANNAH BLUES?GENTS, DID YOC NOTICK THR Cold Water Machines at the beautiful "mound" reeldenre of B. M. WhitWh lit- haa four of "West s Improved Pumps" to which he eaa attach huer to put out Are or irrigate his lawns and shrubbery. Sold by J. D- WBST A CO., 17T Broadway. THR AMKBICAN SOUDIPIKD MILK, prepared from the richest milk of the best dairies In Dutchess counts. New Yerk. is the oulv way to procure sure milk in large cities The medical profession report it ss invaluable fur hifenia aud invalids. It is cheaper than the swill made potsoo sold as milk. At It will keep for years In any climate, It la Indispensable for travellers, oBeers of the army and navy, and for tbrw i living In hot climates or the Mouth. Kor(aale m aired packages, enclosed for transportation, 4 AMERICAN HOLIDWTRD MILK COMPANY, 73 Liberty street, two doors east from Broadway, N. Y. KAI1.KOAPB. XTEW YOKE TO THR WHTTE MOUNTAIN* AND LAKE IN Mempkremegog direct, via Connecticut river valley, and i i - am a. v. - ' ?n?v ? wri rriwt nr nsn.KOAD COMPANY. .N " "fare ?0 alb a ny, 91. Ob and after Monday, June V. 1MB. train* will tear* Twaatrail Ik wreet nation, new York, aa follow* ? For WllHamabndge and all way ataUona. 7.40. 11 and S30 P. M. Par White Plates and all way statiucia, 2Sb. 4 aad ? P M. For White Plain* aad all mar itallnna, (UP. M, from White trect depot For Croteo r alia, 8 IS A. M., atopplng at WUliamabrtjge and nation* a Sore. For Dorar Plain*. 4 JU P. IL, Mopping at White Plain* and ataMnna aborg. Thla train roaa to MUlartoa Saturday -resin* For Albany. 10 id A. M.. ax preaa mall train, atopplng at White Plains, Bndford, Crates rail* and atallmw north. Returning?will lea** WtlllanubrMrjB, atopplng at all wag BUtiosa. 6 40. 9 A. M. and I P. M. White Plain*, atopptag te aad 7 A. M.. aad 4:19 and 7 P. M. at all way Mat loan. Dorar Plains, I A. II.. flopping at all atauosa north of Fordhate. TIM train learaa Mlltavm erery Monday mornteg, tfl A. M. Cro loo Folia. 9 P. M.. atopplng at all auuoaa north of Fordhaaa. Albany, ft A. M., atopptag at all ateUosa north of White Plate* JOB* BtJECHILL. ladilial BapertaUodeat. A?troloot. i cLAmroTAirr.?KU hetmoor, medical A glali ray ant, room* No. SOB Fourth atreat, two door* want ? Broadway. Ooo*ult*llooa day aad erenlog, oa Mnknaaa, huataaaa. abaaal ftiaaila. An., aad BatMfaaMoagaaranlnd or as nr. ASTONISHING-THE CTTT 79 ALIVE WTTH THE marvel* of Madame LA MARS. She will bring tha aoparate togethar. nana* apaedy marriage, core*jealousy, rota forte tbr afflicted, by extra magteal charm*, at Ml Bowery. A BONA FIDE ASTROUX1IHT. THAT EVERT ONE A eaa depend oa for getting aatirfaeUoa from la Mwlaaw WIIXlM, who tall* tha object of your nail a* nana a* yoa enter har room. All ahould ooosull thla aatorally gifted lady, aa It might tare them many mlafortuaaa. Hha eauara epeedy amrrtagaa aad telle all thai concerns your whole life. Her predtettear V* eo true that they eursrtea all who consult her. It. B ?I mm la pnaaeastoa of magic charms for lore aad good i?* ?a,.* *mm nwum in their effect. Madame Wfiaoo tolls ao true that soma ladlaa any ret a Uttic timid, thumb they need not (Mr, tar the pmctioea ftoiiun* but what la reooocflabla to phliusopknr* ! AU? htm*. Htr Ktaaum, orar tha bakery. FMfor ladies and (eaUe matt, tUoeato. ASTOXIRHIRO - MADAM MORROW, SRVKVTH daughter, bom with ft caul and gift of f renlght tell* how noil and often T"W will nmrry. and many areata. even your Ten thoughts. Fee 26 rents. uptil others atop mjpylag my ad TertutemrDU. 104 Ludlow street, below Houston. Osoilemsn not admitted. AffTROLOOY.?MAPAM I.rvr, HKVK!fTH PAPUHTK*, raa be consulted about Inea, marrtasn and absent fneoda. tolls all the eTeats of life, at 167 Khsabetb aareet. ladles 26 rents, geotleaea tu emit. Hhs oauaaa speed/ marriagea and sires lorkj numbers. Mao am rat ir thb rbrt claimtotabt ajtd a* trnloflst la Lbs Cnltad Mates, gtras lucky numbers, eeuaea speedy iwariteaaa, tails ad tarn property Mb NerenLk avenue. near T weety seventh street. Hours f A. M. to I P.M. Ladles 26 cents. gentlemen HI rents. MRR. L. OIIHY W1RHRR TO TRTORM HPR VRRT many friends and the public ibsl the has rerrnnm^sMd ber bustness. aller an amen, a of ?it years, on the past. pTWsent and fiilurs events of Ufa, at 214 (trand treat, from ? A. M, to 10 KM. MA OA MR RT1AKVPRR, 2HI RRrrtRP STRRKT, T4IIRP floar. front, bat ween avenue C and L'nion Market, lbs seventh dau?hter. has a natural riu to tell about lore, our rta?e. abaani fneoda, buameaa and Journey*, lmdtoa, M cents; gentlemen, Ml canto. ' swaaaninatar A WO AKTROl/V! TRT KIISU Hill! -a Iin..,.' that heel* the world, and AA.DO reward fnranr m? aV) I can equal M ? W hi.1.1 NuTO V. who la a knowledged to be the oni) ladv Id the i ity ahn trilhfullv |iin mfunniUutt nrm-arti | Ins k?r?, lam.u.:?. ...irne??, nbnent frl-eda, love. Orortahip. marrlaee heaub wealth: and who will reclaim drunken and tinfalthl ui boat *nda Mtas W. t? the oeh perwtn in thla rliy I h" h*e the (p n ne R Arabian and .lapanaoa UlwaMaa , f r i?e, *" ?( n k and all l"i?m ?e affaire, end ere tuarant-ed lor 111" Ha den re lot Suth even oppcatta Right* Mreet WHO "AH NOT rTEARD Of THE WOHDRRrrt II Madam a Hnrk tall about lava, mtmafk, abaeni frt-nla. tniMnmu. avati tha intended hnaband. On not fonret 210 Hcaia ton street. r pp.eite la id low, over Ike ladtaa hat Mure. Ladies 16 oaela A ?? < HRISTOPHER STREET.?MRS. H. ROEDER, Wno tO aohnow ledge! to b? (be anlr lady tn the atty who truthfully *1?e? lelormaUoo toocernief Insane. law anna joar oara. absent i needs, love, mortah-p. Bimifii. health, weal k. end a bo will reclaim dronkae person* Heware of imn-muon. ?n l ramanioar bar raatdani-a. ? t "biuet np her street, between ! W'atarlay placeand fourth street. amchbmkmth. INTER.* tlloRAI, tRI I.NSTITI TIO.N , J KMIllllTIOM OF r VIMTIMIH, No. i*H Itriadeav. corner nt fourth at real. (>pen Cruet 10 A. M. to 71*. M. AAetoM- e eeeto. NIBI.O H Skl.titi.N THIS KI.K . t N r AND ASHIOM bla ( Vmrart Itnun. Ihiad up with ?ta?a and aat of are nerv. run be rented by the r . lit or aaek idrrtnc the aheeere ni Mr. tlao. t'lirtety in I'Mladi-lphiat for aoo' -na or pertwm iihh oi a i eepertable . baracter. Apply to Mr W A. Moo It J MM * < ?*i ilar . Momi F MtW nfBATM v I EAVK A nt i field, l"ropr(ator? ft mi rlaaa aura, ladlaa and gentlemen of J ahiH'i. w iah ? a ac Tiao'a wf .ddiaaas H li iffli' d. are * C. T. I'ai aha- hoi 2 111 fiet i4lr- Maw Tort. I^OTTm-TH* tTMPttRAIOMin PRP1R1 TO IMfOM ? eaimai and arlora a ana rally thai <1 urine kia aheaaai I to Earoen, ha haa riven full powarawV attorney to Mr. R. I I felrter, to traaMcd ell tuataesa oe hie behalf DION iOUBCTCACTif. NEW YORK' HERALD/ M AMVHKNE\T8. Wihtkr garden T? PGR THK FIRST TIMK IN TWKNTY PIVK f KAKS THR WONIttKFUL "tl transfer tboae eutervaluuiecia. which tor a quarter of a oeoiury have afforded to Now York a? mack gem*: pleaaaul uera iu d healthy delight. to th<* beautiful WINTKR (> ARDKN. AND COMMRNCR THIS (MONDAY1 KYKNING, the Md, A brief engagement prior to their departure for Kurnpe. The prrforaaaucea will commence with Ike apleudiJ apectacular comic ballet entitled KTM-KA; Oa, Tub Adtbmtg tint or am ABRotrirr, wttk entirely new Scenery, Dreaaea and Oeooratlona. VentUataw, afterward! the Ya kl Tang Rt chau. wane Gabriel Rami Kka-ka, Kmpemr hoi Rom wool t'kuia Kraucoii Ravel Bang wanfl-akk hi fom Tor-Touf M George Haa aom flaw dram M Lehman Ding dung ckmw raw P MunmetU PrwIlnVim ahn Mlaa Praacta Soldtera, Mattdarina, Guartta, Ac. The daneee incidental to tke piece are? Grand Paa Chlitou Corpa de BaUet Paa de Cinque. Una WmBel, Mtaa Prancla. Mile. I.eontlne Oaaael, Mtaa Oeatrr. Mlaa Skew and Mile, fhiartnl Chlnrae Paa Settl Young America Symbolic Dance and Graad Plnale by the ruli ewrpa After wklek, krat tune tklaaeaaou, of tke famoua and trre aiatlbly comic pantomime, in which Prancota Ravel haa gained och a world-wide reputation, entitled VOLAU-TRNT; Ob, A Miour'a AnvaitTunR. Vol au Vent Praoeola Raral Old Hrock, the Miller J. MarUuetti Pierre, but Kuremas Moita. Tuphuff 1 Jrrie, limrk'a daughter Mlaa Prancla During the piece apaadtMeui. by Mlaa Praacta and Mooa, Topkoff, introducing the COMIC'Alt I'MHBKIJiA SCRNK. dtaplaylng the IknUitg adventure* of Vol hii Vent with hla ura brella tn a u?rm; ana eit- anrdinary feat of La Harrtere Oennue. w hick couaista in creasing Ike alagr on Ike top of a vertical pole. Beautiful and (Irareful (Irounings by Tilt MARTINKT1I FAMILY: Tl"AJXACK'S T11KATRK. ff TIIK UKKAT BURTONIAN REVIVAL. hXCITKMKNT STILL INCREASING. FLORENCE CAPTAIN UtJTTLB To-night. FI.ORFNCK SUCCESSFUL IN BURTON'S CHARACTERS. Ow ing to the run of the Hurtonien dramas, parties mar secure seats at the box ntUae three days In advance. This ar rengemrnt Is made for the accommodation of those who desire to avoid the crowf at the Urfcet office in the eveniug. To-night (MONDAY), July 13. l.HdO will be given, for the Ural Ume. the great Burton!an drama, DOMBKY AND BON. Captain Ward Cuttle drat time Nr. W. J. Florence Bugun Nipper . drat time Mrs. W. J. Florence aided by a power ul cast. After which the successful Protean farce, sailed TUB YOONU ACTRESS Mrs. Florence In several different characters. Camomile, s Tragedian Mr. W. J. Florence Kftle Hralherbloom. a Scotch lassie. I Paul Berlin, a French lad. I with songs Orney tlrey, sn Irieh boy, > and danrea, Maria, the Manager's daughter, J Mr*. W. J. Florence Jeroaha Joyful, a Yankee ?ial, J Tuosds), TOOnUtS' NItlllT ; FI/)RRNCK as Timothy Tondlrs (es played by him lost week to cnthuausUc and critical audiences. Till PRESS Fiourn as Toodlss ?He was most onmpletely suooeasfuL We say tha honestly and with very 1 tile reserve, for we think Ik and were thoroughly astonished at the triumph which ha achieved in this part. When we my that, saving a slightly overacted oonsolooaneas of the difficulty of the task he had undertaken. Mr. Florence's copy wan fully as good as the original. we think we are paying him the highest of compliments.? N. T. Dispatch. Fi.oki iter as Toodlcs. -Mr. Florence play* the part In etone Imitation of Mr. Barton. even to tha portlv form, and is exceed In| ly iuccevsful in ma king the established points The audlenoe were delighted, and ti their enthusiasm went even to the almost unprecedented extent of encoring a portion of asoene. Mr. Florenoe made as great a hit as la within the range of the possibilities of the case ?N. Y. Tribune. The Toodles of Mr. Florence wss emphatically a hit upon his part. The likeness to Burton pervaded the whole of the acting. His success was decided, and the audience Insisted on s repetition of the drunken scene.?N. Y. Express. TUESDAY?TOODLK8 by Florence, and a new adaptation called TTTH* TftrifFfl WEDNESDAY?CAPTAIN OUTBLR NIGHT. Doors open at 7\ Commences at 8. \TEW BOWKRY THRATRR. i.Y Bole proprietors Messrs O. L. Fox A J. W Llogard MONDAY, July IX 1MU Re engagement for six nights only of Mr. K EDDY, Who will appear to ui^i^m^nl Byron's great play of ok, THF. INHERITANCE. Werner Mr. F Rddy Clrlc Mr O. C. lb an face | Dehor Mr. .1 B Row* Idensteln. Mr. J W Ungard I Josephine... Mrs. W. O. Jones The beautiful local drama of DICK, THF, NRWSHoY Dtek Miss Fannv Herring Pete William* Mr. O. L. fox And the comic farce of MIDHIUUT CONSPIRATORS. JgARNl'M'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. Under the personal snpervlsinn of F. V. BARNUM. nnn, , a?c,li,UT I CVTVBT lIVINfl ' AUI'SlVI) I NKW 17b BRILLIANT ATTRACTIONS ! THE QRKAT EARTKRN OUTDONE and VANQUISHED. OIANT BABY. LIVING SKA LION, 7 year* old. Eequlree 16 bbla. m water wet*ha 257 pounds, and eats 60 lbs. Bah daily, Measure* <1 Inches round. wel<ha 1,000 lbs LIVING "WHAT IB IT?" ALBINO FAMILY, or Man Monkey, Born of black parents, but hayTbe most rurtoua and Interest ln( White Hair ana Kklo; In* IMnj; wonder, Pink Ryes. Be., Be. LIGHTNING CALCULATOR?FORTHNK TK1.LKR, *C. AQUARIAL GARDEN. Ufe Uke wax flaurs of With rare Urine ftalt, aa TOMMY, BKAl'TlFl'L ANGRL FISH, The Japanese, wHh hla Own HKA PORCUPINE. Suit of Clothes, RED SNAPPERS, from Cube, And an A olograph Letter Be. to Major Leland. LIVING SBET.*TON. BABY ANACONDAS, MONSTER KNAKKS, HAPPY FAMILY. WAX FIOURK8, LIVING SEAL. The Manacemenl is bappy to announce so en*a*rmant. for s abort time, of the celebrated WOOD'S MINSTRELS Accompanied by Wood's yiartette Brass Rand Coder the supervision of Mr. & H. BUDWORTU-tbS bsal band of Rthioplan Mioatrela. Ethiopian Par aooatorn. Be., Be.. In the country. They appear every A fie r noon at three o'clock, and every Ryeuui* at el*M, In a aerlca of ETHIOPIAN OPERAS. MINSTRELSY, BC. Admittance to everything, 16 cents Parquet, II eenla extra. Children under ten, IS cents, aud to the Parquet, 10 cents. AAA BROADWAY. ?M 111 CARTER'S OIFT MINSTRKIN, The largest company ever Iixaalaad, TWENTY TWO TALENTED PERFORMERS, And a flrst class Dramatic Company, WILL OPEN MONDAY KVKNINO. /I'LY EL IWO. A Gift with every ticket, valued from IS rents ts >25 ADMISSION TWENTY' PITH CFJCTK FRANK CARTER. PROPRIETOR AND MANAORR. W. A. Chnaty, Ms*e Manager Hsrr Malt. Musical Mreuaor. The great eastern. CLOSE OF THE EXTORTION. It Is hereby notified that the EXHIBITION OF THE GREAT EASTEEN Will he rinsed tn New York on SATURDAY, July n, at 7 o'aloch. P. M.. r*- '? -tut ii*. ih* *dmi*aLm will he continued at the rale of SO CENTS CHILDREN UNDER U, HALT PRICE. DODWOKTirR CELEBRATED BAND Will perform erery day durtag the week, between the hour* of lead I P. M Br ord#r 7 J. H. TATKS. HrcrfUry. THK ORKAT CANTKRBURT ECLIPSE. THIS Remarkable phenomenon. not foretold by aatroooniere, i?i not eeei) " dreamed of " In their " phi wiphy," Ceo be wlcurved nightly, fur Li cenie. CANTERBURY CONCERT HALL SO BROADWAT, And there alooe it may be newrd in " all ita (lory. AN RCILPKR OV SUCH MAGNITUDE A* ran aernr again oerur In mundane affaire for It autrtlea, astounds. bewilders. yet graitflea The crowde of natter* K attracts. And. beyond thla, It poaaeaaraa faanluaung power that doea KKAIXY ASTONISH THE MATIVER. THE CANTERBT'RT HALL RNTERTAINMHNTR are ark now Indeed to be better auttad hi THK TAHITI OF THE MASHES than any other adiertiaedaUraeUmiaor the preaent Unn. Whatever m iy be aatd in opposition hi thla ? "The people a rtgbt remnlna, let thnee who dare Dmpnte then choice ? hen they the judges are The Bonga fiat la and Operatic Parformaoeea. The Balleu and l>aaeew. Tha li nit o Sable M metre lay. The Ethiopian Hpeerhea and Burlesquea, The Ormnaat* rente (unparalleled). The Koire and plerea of the ornkeatra. Draw Inereaalng crow da everyeveoing to _. _ CANTKRBURT CONCERT H ALU Wl BROADWAT, Opp-elte Hood afreet. Adalawon Id rema TOE A (TRRtN, Proprietors, CHRIST NORRIN. Treasurer Mr SAM COWEU. the areata* r>?n>r alnger of the prraem la engaged, and Will appear on Monday, An " * B.-*Arlle?e of a-kar e ledge I merit in any line may Hod I ateadv engagemeuta aa atwrva Tbow baling performed la nay <oncert noma in thla rlty need tot apply, aorelty being the great aim of the prnpririora UAI. r r Ponnaaatb atraMi. naar RUlh avaMua KoM<r .Fill/ 23 nil IXII AFTfRNooR AND RTFMIJfO IC>1 RKTAlJIlf KXT. M*tina? ei 3 P * h> ik' I Ml IV IIROTIIPRh, Narmmearara II i mortal* nod VMrlloqniMk Will Intmdura ?? of ihalr m whaalral vhtloiaihtcal. patafcn loatcal, pnaumallc ami alartrt.el Aim. dalu.iona. daoaptlntm apim mnpln*? and Tanirlionuum. wblah will ap prar impoaalhla 10 lk? rT*. luoradibta U> lha aanm sad tia prohebla to ibr imagination li will defy ooa. dnc*ire another and anrprta* a IhlrT TV hl*h rk?r*/-lar of lb* l.nMa Brother* la a ynflirient riaiantr* iholthera ara an nperianal* which they would r? thai would off an.) lb* moat auaraptlble. Monday Ktaninf. July S3, at 8 o clock. PROMKXAl'FC CONCKRf. Ba.l. r BTRATTOVB PAI.?< It OABUKM OBcHRBTRV Barnrd appffa'anaa of Iba I.VMM BROTHP.Rn. Admittance r. cents. ___________________ BRT A MTS' MIMVTRW.M , Hachajioa' Hall. 471 Broad way Thl* popular plan* of am'iaamaat will ha rlnaad for a few weeks for U>? parpoaa iff palnibic radai 'iraviiia Mr . aad will b? opau on Monday erasing, AafftW * rB MOAT t'MTIRARP OP COMBtK ATtOM OP SOrilr U*e. woodwn aad antartammania. ara afforded l?_R?r_ um'i bills and adrartHaawnta for MaaAey. It will be diBmilt forW*W???r?nCBOTeUyand?aa'ie#?enl4nmay away. MoUwe will fall to ba knitted. Tba meat Baby Altdao Family, tdvlaw Nee IJon. Whel la K. Aaaarta. Mr, will folly krattfy;ha W>?a o( Ike wooderful and ruAraa While WoodV rwlebratad MMralaad Hurlaaqua Opara Troupe, will delight all krrara of nWe and mirth. ___________ lflMtOKW " MOMRRTMOM -M AMAORRR OP TWRA M iras aad alar* dwttmue of aaeurteg tha rt?hl to perfnaw tba draaaaa which form Iba rapai vdra iff Mlaa Robertann, m0 oMaia that prlrllana aa modarata aad aanltabla terms. by a# p|vWvothanndarMr>ad All pwrwm. haelnk boalnaa* traw* arUomi wab Mr. lieurrtaaalt win plaaaa rafar them for lam jllii taanV " PALMBE. 1?H Maal T u laMaib ??I arlha AaaMaaay <ff Matte. XTOW ON *x inn mow, AT thp <iau krt or fimr IX Aria. Mo Miff Broadway, rnr m ffo 8 ' Tba Aaa of tarw hr Pnf!l?h unfa fiHi fimvSS* pit* Wt* m*, MI w*U woc<h> IN* o( , lumniar n and Ik# pi.blir ?*n#rmllf A im Uftfl?! 1* ttft'A ' ^auf?u. lot f. M. roNPAYr JfffcY 2ftr ISflfr AWUBERTBi m m m ** ** ^ -||.^-^?1|. M -?* nr Laura kkknk'8 theatre l.aura kkknk s theatre. LAURA k kknk's theatre lauka kkkkkh theatre. laura kkkak's theatre. laura kkknk'8 thkatrk lauka kkkmc's thratrk. Laura kkknks theatre. laura kkknk'8 thkatrk. LAL KA kKKNK'8 THKATRK l+me+ and ManAger Mr. Juaeph JalTeraon. Stan ManaftT Mr J unrt Hioammdi. MuaSra Dir." tor Mr. T Halter. Hrenlc Artiat Mr. J K. Hnjea. Prompter Mr. T. 8. Cllue. REVIVAL REVIVAL REVIVAL REVIVAL REVIVAL of Tom Tajrlor'a jreat Cona^M OUR 00? AMRRICAN AMERICAN AMKKIOAN AMERICAN AMERICA* AMERICAN AMCBIOAM AMERICAN AMRRICAN AMRRICAN AMERICAN AMRRICAN AMRRICAN AMRRICAN AMERICAN ANKRIUAN AMERICAN AMERICAN AMRRICAN AMRRICAN AMRRICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN AMRRICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN AMRRICAN AMERICAN AMRRICAN AMERICAN cousin.' COUSIN. tX'l'BIN. OOURIN. COUHIN. COUSIN. COU8IN. COUHIN couhin. COUSIN. cochin. oopeqf. uouivn. coasrN OOURIN. COUSIN COUSIN. OOUBIN. OOURIN. OOUStN COUSIN. COUSIN cousin. cousin ivnitorw i 'Airar tf * Vl'nin, vvvimi COL'fclN. COU8IW. OOCRIN. I'OUHIN. With nearly *11 tU ortjrta*! cm?, loeluitln* MRS. JOHN WOO" MRS. JOHN WOOD HB8. JOHN W? 0I> MKH. JOHN WOOD MM. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKH JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKS. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD MKH. JOHN WOOD At rLOBCNCE. At rt-uKk-Ni r. A3 rLUKKKCE. A3 ri/>u.n'l. MR. JOHKPH JKFPKRHON MR. JOHKI'll JKKKKKitON MR. JOHMFH JKNntKMON MR. JOHKPH JRKfKRHON MR. JOHKPH JKPKKRHON MR. JOHKPH JKPPRRHON MR. JOHKPH .IKPPKRHON MR. JOHKPII JKPKKRHON MR. JOHKPH JKFKKHKON MR. JOHKPH JKKKKRKON MR. JOHKPH JK'FKRHON MR. JOHKPH JHKFERHON MR. JOHKPH JKVPKRHON MR. JOHKPH JKKKKRHON MR. JOHKPH JKKKKRHON At At A TRKBCHAH* *.4 ASA TKKNCIIAMS AS ASA TRfXCUARO. AS ASA THBHCKARJ). MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. HOTHKRN MR. FOTUKBN AS LMD DCKDRBART. AS LORD OTSIWUHl AS LORD DVBDRtABr. AI UNtD NIMUII. MR. OOOLDOCt MR COCLDOOK MR. COCLPOCK - MR OODLDOCR MR. COCWJOCC AS AIAA BORCOTT AS ARAB VBCOTr. MR. PKTKB8 MR. PKTKRH MR. PKTKRH nil. MTKM ME. PETKRS AA MHHCV. ** MR MURNKTT MR. BCRNKTT MR. BURtRTT MR. BURNRTT MR BURKrrt u com A3 COIXC. MR. STOODART MR. 8TODDART MR. 8TODDART MR. 8TODDART MR. BTODDART U BIB BDVABB. AM BIB IOH III MISS KARA 8TRTRMS MI.HH SARA RTRVRWS MIES KARA HTRVKMg MISS KARA MTRVKKS MISS KARA STKVKKK A? BABT SBBOrrn. AA BAX r MBBBIHTU. MRS. OHAHTRAU MRS. CHARTRAU MRS. CHAMTRAC MRS. CHAMPRAU MRS. CH ANTRA D AB CCUC.1IA. AM BVUEM*. MtSs JKTTKRSON MISS JKrrKRSOW MISS JRrrKRSOK MUS JRTfRRSOM MISS ARKrKRSON AM BOUIWA. AB A0A03TA. MRS. TININO MRS. VININO MRS. VININO I MRS. VIXINU as a km. QDxrammofo*. as BK5. auu.iTcaiimuTOK. Ac, 4c. Ac Ac During ike * <i???djr, the Orckr< r* a-Ui perf j^m Mr. TH'iMih HAKKR'h Til' >M AM HAKKKX TIIOMAH IIAKKKS TlioMA* HAKRR'S THOMAH HAKKKM Original AMKRICAN (N>UHIW POLKA. AMKKKAN < "OPSIN POLKA. A.MI.RICAN OOlflN POLKA. AMKEICA* COlftIM POLKA. AMKRICAN <Y?rmM POLKA. Intro luring tl?r Rome. Champagne Cork, *r . kr. skw and BiAi-Tirn. rcknfrt. shw AND HKAI T1PUL XCKNKRV, NKW AND HKAVWPt MKVT.RY, NKW AND HKAimTL N' KNKKT. NRW AND HKACTIPCL IX KMKBT. PAINTK.D HT MR. IIAYKS. PAINTED HT MR. HAYKR PAINTY D MT MR IIA Y KX PAINTED lit MR HAYKx PAINTKD HT MR IIATKN. MONDAY. Jn.T. ?. OCR American copsin, WITH THK POLIOWIMO HTRONO CANT ? Ala Tree bard Mr. Jiaeph .lefTeraon liOfM Duivlreary Mr Noihern Able Mureott ?Mr CouMwk Coyle Mr. J. Burnett Blnner. u Mr Pe?er? Captain De Route .Mr Tborn* Lieut Treunou .. Mr Will BuTdicombe .. Mr. Ooo-lrirh Mi-hrr Mr Olios Mr Edward ?? nwuin rioreoee Mr* .Inbo Wood Mary Meredith Mlae Mteveaa August* ,MI?? Mrrm EuMh Mr? I "h<u if ran Mr* Mount" beau.. 't> Mr*. fining mart Mum B>n-*e Akillet Mm Warirn RTNOFSIS Of BCKJfKRT AMD INCIDENTM. A?'T I Aa F.nflwk Manor of (be rrrwnt Day?High Life Below Blalrs?arrival of the Mali Hag?A-?rmi?ling of the \ utiter* at To urbanl Manor An F.ogllali Ki<iaUit*'a 11-? of an Am* rtnan? TV Fanip letter?A lorn Brunch of the Tr-n<-h?pd Family Mmmen-d?The Trunk Withered. but the Maplog a tJvr 1 ankee the gh by no d>>oi free*?Aaa Trenrhard's rtrat Apaearanrr in the Hall* or hla Aarestora?A End Indian Ounatie?Aaa'a Flrat Might of D>indr.*rj ?A Oeaeral CprontIn* of Old Ideas a id Planting ef New Ones? Ameno* a Walton*: I'linka Hi * II To* llrr It- tm.iav OorktaiLJ ulep or Jersey IjghUuna -'Jersey for me"?"All right; Warranted to kill at (If) yards -Dundreary dwrmri struck?Intrrrtaw b* lirra Mir Edtnol aad the lawyer t'oyle?Oqyle a frr? rherr?A Picture of Rota amidst Plea .y?the Proposal for the Hand r* Vlor. ice Trenrhard-MiirroU a Determination u? Have H*r nod the Mory of Hla l?lfe?\aa In hla Own Room The Uad llalr Dje-Turhey fork No ??"I Reckon Ha to Va 1 oable. I'll Keep It"?A Ptireultof Knowledge fader DiMml Una?Poll Uie Hei, -An Cnrlpected H?.err.Math BATH* BaTH 1 - . BkfN BAIN I HANO * HARU ' KAHRO' HAH No' Aft If A miinmieeiiiigNnlher-Mai'hmak'ng in Old England? A** In archer* malum-. Itr> old a k'inier to ba trapped? \ private b"i? Dundreary - fearfnl poaltion. no hair die, and turns * rrtmeoa to ?..n w," * train attempt to aneere?The annny Krua letter to Kkr-nee?The appointment -MureoE'S 'tpoaa of I oyte's tlllA'ni -"Can yon aoi me t*a sudden *p pearmnre. "Jest ? hat I was ah wit to ask.' at'oonrll of War The Dairy-The lonntry Hoy and the fhiirrmaid -A* pre en ed to tl>e llalr -nald?l.ova at II rat sight ' Met the first useful gal I've see , Una arte the pmrt -Oondreart and Aaa? A b"ttle of hair dc for a ainp?The distribution of lha prize*-, Aaa Ibeilctor. "Ire got that ?hlp"?A health b< 'be rani riueror?Rlranaer IB Tr#n? hard Mau?H "Who are theae " ? " Bailiffs. Mir Mrard'leneral eonatemailoai?Aaa'a Brat erperimsat In *| -alBg rhatnpagne Dundrearr haa a tard a ryetlew.fibers ^ |f| Marr Meredith and Aw m the dalrv -KM deaerlption at hla b aw In Awn *?Aa ' ipeoal e aegar llgher?A noble wrrlllce?The mi l*bumdd?' Aaa you're a boas' ? riorenee'a llmal* arrival? "This man la a hero, and torea yon"? M?ry'a (tatfeealon, and l*n partlm happy -An attempted elop.-nent pratentad?The ?iae vault* of Trenehar I Manor? f'orle and Rtaami In their r i>e? MurcrMt for once anbar?Aaa * determ, nation?Curie dr ink?"tiuisk, M .molt. hla private key*'? f Vryle on has feet aeon - A blow at might 'rota the aboo' ler? k robber* la a god ranee?l>undr<*r r still trying to ?neere_ Oorle'B pilrate ofB-e?A hiat for the release?The secret drawer?Aaa ?vea for I be key?Ony'e'a andden appeafanae? "Villain, wo*ld von rob me '?Another knoek down-The dta rorery of the lease, and discomfiture of t''y e Bur et t prarcf?Denpalr of Mir Edward?The p ?iol and noble ??rti hre'nf Florence-- Aaa H hla element Oaring away of I be ?ln?tda--Murro?t'a reward?Igtrd l? .nd'-ear . a \?m diaader? Aaa'l yrrvrr "*" *~ k general marrvtng In bast. Ac 1 UNO or ( oMRDf In enWdtWaee of 1A# length of the (Vwnady 'her* will be ""DootTottn * *' * preewy. FRfC MR OF AOMIR ION ppmi fTrrlr an1 Fardnek v> een a OrrhailrtOhatrs. one Ih.Lar Fami.y Olrrla..? X> rami a MAboar Chain re,,,. in tooH Aod fti w irrnrr .. AjuirsBBfigirrw. f vruurw oardi:s I , J -ua if*? M,*?* UwmdKii^m | Mu#e*l Direr,/* Tn*ATR,? "* tht world ' coo!:{^t THfirSJ IS ill ? w?KL?>OOOLICkT T ?tT25 IS I"8 WORLD. . <XKJtJ.;8T T !v IS lHK WORLD. 1 COOLKHT 1 KatEV }S l,U? WORLD OOOLKST TH*ATHS IS IU* WORLD CXK>LK8T THVATKS 2 T'1K WORLD OOOI.I8T 'i'llK* I hb !S T1IR WORLD TOOIJBT T KATRF S I!,K WORLD COOLKHT 'I UK v ikS > I?* WORLD OOOI.KHT T IKvl'HK in ?"* WORLD. _ IXHJLKAT THKVTKV IV l.,K WORLD OARDKNS, FLOWKKA, F0L'N1 ui'u' WORLD. GAKDRNR. FLOWRRH rouStii?^ '"WORKS ADRR. OARDKNA. KLOVSKKS! KOuSTilSS ?,l0*K* ADM OA RDRAM, FLOWKRH FO!' NTIINH1 J^'MllUDB. aftffig; ittSZF* RSXfilti SiSSSiBft SARDSSI* flowkrh- rousftid {?^"^8: OAR 11 K.N * FLOWERS FOtNTvIVv" ?*''*** AoS? UARDRNN! jft'gfjj} ?o?jj?f,SS; (?ARr>HNS, FMjUnriUs' VOUNTAlHri mwmJJE'2 A l)K"* HARDEN*, FLOWER*,' PKdNKNal'J-^ FTSIJ ?11151 9E ALADDIN. vISSl 2IIIHI OF ALADDIN. f.Sfl KIQU* OF ALADDIN. ! rI52* 2I(IHT 0K ALADDIN. ! EISK SJOHT OK ALADDIN. ' E5? ?W 9.1 *! t99}2 ! FIRST RIGHT OK ALADDIN first Sight ok aladpin first might of aladdin. first might ok aladdin. first might of aladdin. first nigut ok al.addim. 1 first night of aladdin. first NIOHT OK ALADDIN. first night ok ala "dim. first night OK aladdin. FIRST NrulIT OK ALADDIN FIRST NIOHT OK ALADDIN. FIRST NIOHT OK ALADDIN. first NIOHT OK ALADDIN first NIGHT OK ALADDIN. first night ok al. \ddim. FIRST NIOHT OK ALADDIN. FIRST NIGHT OK ALADDIN. FIRST NIOHT OK Al.ADIHN. KIRST NIGHT OK ALADDIN. ROT NIGHT OK ALADDIN FIRST NIGHT OK ALADDIN FIRST NIGHT OK ALADDIN. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DVOTT KTRSr NIullT of MR. JOHN oyott I1RHT NIGHT of MR. JOHN DYOTT FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYofT FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST night ok MR. john dyott. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN OYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST night OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT, FIRST NIOHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DVOTT. FIRST NIGHT Or MR. JOHN DYOTT FIRST NlUIIT OF MR. JOHN dyott. first night ok mr. john dyott. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN dtott. FIRST NIGHT OK MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIOHT OF MR JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JOHN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR. JullN DYOTT. FIRST NIGHT OF MR JOHN diott. fikst night of mr john dyott first night or mr. john dyott first nioht of mr john dyott reappearance ok madam von bkrkrl reappearance ok madam von bkrkkl reappearance ok madam von bkrkkl reappear\n? 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OK. THE WONDERFUL I. V UP, AI.ADDIN. OK. TIIK WONDERFUL LAMP. ALADDIN. OR, THE WONDKREU1 LAMP. AI.ADDIN; OK. TIIE WOWDKRFI'I. I AMP ALADDIN; OK. TIIK WONDERFUL LAMP. With new nnd mi.grnuicmii Scenery, t'nattimea. Appoint- I mrina, Trophic* Merrhra, Prufowmi Dances, Aa. ' Firnt appearance at Una Theatre or MR JOHN D\oTT In order to glee fnll eWnc*. lo thla snlrndtd Oriental fairy lain, ' thoae nell knowu and dewenredly popular arLsl MB.JOHN UIOTT has boeo engaged for the pari* of ALADOIK AMP AKFAMAO The whole Company win appear, and la a4d!tv-i therets OWE HUNDRKl) AUXILIARIES OWE HUNDRED AUXILIARIES OlWR HUNDRED AUXILIARIES ONE HUNDRED AUXILIARIES. ONE HUNDRED AUXILIARIES OvK HUNDRED AUXILIARIES The original MuMc will be rendered wider thn supervision W MR. JOHN COOKE. Mualral Direr-tor of thin establiFhmrn' The Grand Mallei In the laat am, in which wU appear MLLK THKLKUR, THE UALR sisters. MLLK. KATARIWA* MOWS. WEITHOFE. Will be produced under Mooa. W.'e direction. Mnatr of Mallei _hr Mr Conk*. I The Scenery. by Mr John Thome, Mr. Rownaand AnhtaaR. The Machinery by Mmara. Run moo and s. Wallto. The Api 'Anunenln by Mr. C Hylvmtr* Thd Ualumea ... by M Phlinuna. I MONDAY EVENING. JULY 23. IMO. ^ MONDAY EVENING, Jt'I.V St. l<*j. Monday evening, july ?. ism. MONDAY EVENING JULY 73. li*l. 1 MONDAY EVENING, JULY 23. J-tdn. MONDAY EVENING. JULY S3, liuj. And every Evening. and WedneeWy and Ha'.uroay Afternoons ALADDIN; TOR WOKDMrri, I. A If P. With I he following powerful cast ? Aladdin a wild youth ?? A bens me. a magician Nr. Juha DjoU Princess Badroulbadour, daughter of the iVm, Mum Kale Fisher Iinir the dumb slave of the maglrUo Mr. D Uww Tahj Tonghicfc, Kmperor of china Nr. Kdwnrde TbeUmudVlaer Smith Kaiim Avar, a suitor to this I'nor can Fenla* Zaimia. chief officer of ihe CUam Coorersa Tahi Tayap a cituen .Fills trSJU;| <*friwwm{ft; iZZZ Widow Mu-Uphn. mother o( Aladdin Mrs 41 tat I rmale Usurer*. Attendant*. blares, Soldiers. Ac . Achy numerous amlltariea programme of Scenery, Incident". Ad. PANT HlWT. Reaps I ?The Magic:an a Study A Ism arse Invokes UN al4 of the lien!! of the Ring clouds oover the Scene?The OenM appearand grant* tit* w i?h?AnrlalChorua. by Invisible (Jwnii?The (loud* disperse and diaenrar* the open country? Karrnr, the dumb Slare of the Magtrhui la terror stricken, but la compelled to obey the will of his Master Hrrni J ?A Street?A Scolding Mother and her Wayward i Aon?At>enara4"0tk'es Aladdin away. m i Srres A?An Apartment in the Palace of the Chnm-Tha Prtnceea Kallm Aiar emreaU her lorn?Hfee rejecU him-li* row * vengeance Hrwe I The Rlasted Cedar?The Magician's Charm?The | Trunk of the Tree opens and dlaoovers the entrance in Cnrern of the Iwunp?Ahenasae gives Aladdin the Mystlk Ring and compels bun In enter and ohtsfa the Magic lamp. , b< t.>r The Caiern of the lamp?Aladdfa descends and I la HsumWhed at da splendor?He obtains Ihe tamp, but m- , . fuses to give H to the Magician, who hurls Kirxac Into the Cavern and close* the entrance?Aladdin Invoke* the aid of the good tjenii of the King, whe appears is a Star of Qlury? 1 She releaaea I hem, and they depart laden with richaa | I Prcsc 6 ?The House of widow M'Wtapha? Aladdin returns home?The Oend of the I Amp rlaea? The Mysterious Nan quel. S? rag 7? Ulterior of the Royal Baibn? A !*ddln sad Raima conceal Ihemaelrea?The Princess appraaebea. preceded by Untiring Oirla?She enters ibe Hatha?The tiuanla are alarmed?Aladdin is pursued but is pre nerved by Ihe tieah *f the lanp. _ . . Serge A?Terraces and Rrtdge* leading to lha tf.rfSM bright of the Theatre / UKAND PROCF88ION ' Of Slaves hearlag PrweeoU and Soldiers hearing Ranner% . I tampa, Trophies. Ac?Aladdin borne in a f'ainntaln a#pros' hes the c >an, "b> bestows upon htm his daughter? ("bonis, '"Hall, Happy Pair." i liHAffll 7IAI.I.KT mVRRTIHSKMKMT 1 MM.K. C A HOI.INK THRIFT H t MISS II A N N All I1AI.K, I MISH ADKOhA OAUC, Ml.l.K K VTARIN \ , MOSS. WKITHOFF. 1 and Ihe rorpa de Ballet. Aniong the dances will be a |Tas de CVrvoU be Mile ThAienr the (isle Sisters Mile Kaurlaa, and Mens. Weltbad. t vmcluaion of the first art. Iptermlmtna >4 forty mlnuwa, for promenade and rafradb- | 1 during whirb I MADAM* TOW HKRKKt. will appear in hw popnlar "-oarerla, in tbe in ivlr bhe olli (>< nwiiined bjr popular aruata. anW bf ' on*?' , r.mrert Band I n?t *amep , tVr*a 1 ?A khan Th<- ma*? wn (a aeamb of Aladdin Hrani II?Kii'fior'd Aladdin pakw# Tbe lamp pedlar. Abentw di**utwd. Obtain* admittance to ibe pal ere. Hr-mpt III ?A ' hamber In Ibe palace, game aaleep In Uw | re na A li'naui- ohbilna ih? mafic lamp and eanapea. Pranr IV Kiteclnr of Al*d.!in'? palace The magVdaa 1 drag* awap Uwprnwem and Topped. Thry m cr ibe pal ana 1 br in? mafic Influence of llw lamp The palace fliea 'hr nrt tlw air and beer* tbe inmawa to Africa. < borua of iariable | aplrtla. Hrrna VI ?A eplendjd mlon*. Tlw prW am a captiee. Uw bant net. I'aa da |V n Mlawa R. A A Oale Arrlpal * Aladdin and Kaarar Tbe Madden I'artnke* at , the bleeping I'.dton I lie liMmwera IHMn K a/rer b.lxrnw (era lllm-The Atrnggle and I?e*Ui of A banana"'. IbeteT.?The flam wbere Uw PalaeaHt<?id The Talace la Rwi flaarandlng ("boron, "Oentlp rlere lha ambwnt air Aladdin Raatoraa Uw Prlneew In Iwr father, who Raatoaa bar Hand upon Aladdin?Tlw relate tHanppear* and Hamw tlw < ouft of ibe I'ltia -OArin, Soldier*. Hlaraa. Ac . la a baauUfuJ Tableau, aad TOTALS. ALAIinil* fN Tilt AfTKKXOOX Ai.Anmv in tiik atttrnoos AI.AHHIX IX THf AfTTRNOON At.WUUN l.x Tim APTMtNOON ALADDIN IX TWK ATTKHXnoX AI.AKOIN l.x TIIK A1TKKXOO.V Tor Uw eapnrwi ar> omaodatnm of ladle* and rb.Mraa, IkM I rand r maullr apprtnrle will be performed on I w*i>biM>AY AXIT BATUMDAY ArrKRXooxg. r aimwii Ink al t n'rl-rk Tb? ?nur? pwe will >? *1-?a ALADDTN ONLY OKS WKMK. II la peoww'.enea of niber preperaibma Uw r?d aparlacla nt Aladdin >"? ba withdrawn at Uw cine* '* Iba wee*. NRW MOVSLTTW RTItX BluTIIlD In rapid enereaama RwarbaMn amaiitrnw are on ibe pro. . mmae f.w neit area*. TkrkaW. Ween*. Orebeelr* (Halia tt Prlpnte Boiea Kilo id No anrnred aeala. mrepl On bW-? ar?1 Trlra'e Roiea fbn ndlre open all lay, Dew* ope* a^A o c ,?h. Oirtalp I (Mllli T_ AMMEHKm. AIKTIRt OONCKKf ROOM. ?16 BROADWAY ABOfl I Uou lUMl. WWI VratUAtad rt 10 tbe roof, front ud rrar. rrwlerin^ It oool *nl tirmMt. BlrAmjera autl other* trUI i-ueer ? tiutl ui< OAIKTIKs CONCERT ROOM UOled f r having tu* I'KKTTIKbT TOl'Nfl LADY WAITKRH PKhTTlKHT YOUNO LAO If WaITKR.-. PKKTTH*T YOUNG LADY WAITKKH PKkIT1KHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRH PRETTIKOT YOIJNU l.ADY WAll KKH PRKTTIKOT YOl NO LADY WAITKKH PKETTIKOT YOUNO LADY WAITKKH PRKTTIKOT Yil'Nll LADY WaITRBH PRKTTIKHT YOUNO LADY WAITKRH PRKTTIKHT YOl'NO J.ADY WAITKKH PRKTTIKHT YOUNO l.ADY WAITKRN PRKTTIKOT YOUNO LADY WAITKKH PRKTTIKpT YOIJNU LADY WAITKKH PR ATT I HOT YOUNO LADY WAITKKH prBttUht yoi nu lady waitkrh PRKTTUCbT YOU NO lady WArrKKR PRRTTIROT YOUNO i \dy WAITKRH nimir touno lady waiters PKKTTIWT YOUNU LAln WAllKKH PRKTTIKHT YOU NO LADY WAITKKH PROTTIIWT YOU NO LADY WAITKKH PKKTTIKST YOU NO LADY WAITS %H PKKTTtHHT YOU NO LADY WAITKRH PRKTTIKHT YOU NO L.ADY W AITeRS VOUNU LADY WAITKKH ?.,?'VUSM' VuUHG LADY WAITKRH Vtu^ I<HNO LADY WAITKKH >OYNO LADY WAITKRH L5SKIKI VJ' NO , vl,Y WAITKKH FRKTT1RST \OUNO IaAUY YV YiTftftri VUltTTtltST till v.t ? PRkTTlKsT fOl'NU L\I?Y WUrKRH l'RKTTIKHT not*,, lady W ill KRH 1'KKTTlRrtT YOUNO lady w\ll>KH I' TOUNO la1iy WAITKRH I'RKTTIRsT LADY WaITKRH 1'RkttiBmt Y'orwr, ladt waitvK I'RKTTIBST YOUNO I.aoy WAlTKltH PRBTTHIBT Y'OUNO lady waiikk I'RkTTllST Y'OUNtl LADY W IITKKM I'RKTTIBNT YOUNO LADY WAIIKR8 PRKTTlBhT YOUNO L.aDY W YITKRH PRKTTlBhT you mi lady WaITKRH 1'RKfTIRsT yol'mj LADY WAITKRH PRETTIRsT y 01 NO lady WAITKRI PRRTHRST YOUNO LaDY WAITKRH PKKTTIKsT YOl no LADY WAITERS I'RKTrlKHT youno LADY WAITS** PKKTTIKST you no LADY WAITKRH i'hkttikht YOUNO LADY WAITKRH pkkttikst touno lad* waitkkr PRNTT1KST touno LaDT WAlTKltH PRKTTIKST TOUNO lady WaITKRH PRKTTIKST youno Lady WaITKRH PKKTTIKST youno lady WAITKRH PKBTTltst touno lady WaITKBI l'KKTli KsT touno lady WaITKKB I'RKTTIBST YOUNG lady WAITKRH PKKTTIKsT y'ouno i.ady WaITIUW pkkttibsf youno laly WaITKRH prkttibit youno lady WAlTKKH PKKTTIkHT youno I.adv WAlTKKH PRK1T1KKT youno lady WAtTKKH PRKTTIEST youno ladt waltkhfl PRKTl'IKsY youno ladt waitbkb i'KkTTI&T youno lady WaITKRH 1*KKTTIB*T youno lady waltrkd PKKTTIBHT you hi lady WAfTKRH I'RKlTIfST TOUNO l.ADV WAlTKKH PKKTTIKsT YOUNO ladt WAITKRR l'RKTTTKST YOUNO l.ADY WAITKKB PRKTTfKST YOUNO LADY WAITK.RU PRRTTIKST YOl no l.ady WAITHRU PRKfTTlfoiT YOl no l.ADY WaITKHH PRKTTIKST youno l.ADY WAITKRH PRKT1 iksT youno i.aDY waitkhr I'RKTTlKSi YOUNO LADY WAITKRH 1'RKTTlKsT youno l.ady WAlTKKH ph KTTIKST youno LADY WAJTKU PRRTTIKST YOUNO la' y waiters PKKITIKST vouno l.ady WAITKRH PKhTI IKST YOUNO LADY WaITKRH PKKTTIKsT y'ouno lady waitkrh I'KKTTIKST youno l.ady waITBRN PKKTTIKsT YOUNO l.ADY WaITKRH PKKTTIKOT MR MI LADY WaITKRH I'KKTTIKST TOUNO l.ady waitkrh I'KKTTIKsT YOUNO lady WAITEKH 1'RKTTIKHI YOUNO LADY WAITKRH I'KKTTIKST youno LADY WAITKRH PRKTTlKsT youno l.ADY waitkrh I'KKTTIKST youno l.ADY WAITiRH PKKITIKST Y'Ol'Nu l.ADY WAUrKRH PHKITIKsr YOUM. lady WaITKRH I'RKTTIBST touno LADY WArTRRH I'KKTTIKST youno LADY WAITKRH PKKT TIKHT youno LADY WAITKRH prkttikht vouno lady warrr.rh kk kttikst YOUNO ladt waitkrh i'kkl TIK.-l YOUNi, I. ?UY waitkrh PKKIITKsT YOUNO LaDY waitkrh To wait up.>n via.'era o.' ail; other eetubUatuaeuL We cu AM boaat n! ha. toe the STAR COMPANY Of the rltr. Am ine th? performer* will be fo infl the aMMsef Ml.. I' A ill 11 XV MllUl.lT.Y Mim. U/./.1K. M liUl.T/iK M- MATH.PA SCHVLTZE. M'- I.KwNORA Mr ROBERT If ART. Mr KDWAKP HKRRT. V .u?. URKOOIKK, byrnor *1.18* AND BoN. Aed maa;. o:he.-?. WluuwrdDniHmiiki'upu QUANTITY, Ltle other*, we give our putrniu in Ql'ALITY. A luxury which ei?lter? prefer. The GATRTrKS, 611 BrMfr wmy. never ruiaea im f KICK-. or APMIMION Oa nrccuot of eitrn pert tootii but ?.*?> charges 13 CENTS, nod for tha' amount rnir*er? the HKKT TAI.KNT Iff THK PROFESSION. Rone but tnlented performers are eiurafed. and we ore w*B antiabed with the result <>f our riant->m CHOYVPKP HOI 8RS nttent the auperlority of the UAIKTIKR CONCERT ROOM oeer other* Don't foreet the niare. 616 Hmadwar The Ufctrtjes I'uorerl Room, 616 Hi-edway Una Um HURT LADY VOCALIST* RENT LADY DANCKKS. HKAT OnMIO MNUKK.HKST NEGRO DMLlNKATORK REST ACROItATR. HK.-T ORi IIK-TR A Decidedly Uie HKRT CONDUCTED ROOM. Mont poWtivelythe HKeT REFRESHMENT*. BENT HKtJARS. An t '.he PRETTIK-T WAITER OIRIJf eret seen No tx>y- admitted (Vrmaenre *: 6 o'clock.. Cf AIKTIER CONCERT ROOM *16 HROADWAT. ABOTB T Albion OI K PEKKORMKKR V selected frotn the beat lu tlie profession. Mo worn out I1W ettKHged at tin* place GArrrtics concert room m hroadwat, abotb Nib*, a. TUK HALL baa breo newly fitted up for the puimrr sea*oo at a freal co?L ntiaA 11 tbc besl la the city. GAimm CONCERT ROOM. 616 BROADWAY. ABOTB NlbtO'a. OTHER ATTK A'TlnNH ai<> utybtly preaen'ci at thla house, which cannot b? aurpMHi at any other concert n>om. I^AIF.TIES CONCERT ROOM. Alt RROAOWAT, ABOVM U Nlblo* M ISA LEONORA. the beautiful and arcomplkdteil ynuac Atnericaa danatiar, la a number of apletultd dancea every makt GATJCT1EH CONCERT ROOM, !? BROADWAY, AHOTB Ntblo'a. MIKS CECELIA MoRt.KY, tuatly atvled lb-- Amertean prima donna, appears nightly la ber eplendid wmga. ballads, Air GA'ETTEf CONCERT BOOM, 61# BROADWA V, ABOTI NIMo'a. THE DRINKABLES are A No. I. flrV baat, but no diatiUad polaoo. as L*Vjika? sold a? thin Concert Room GAIKTIRR CON" ERT ROOM, Aid RROADWAT, AROTB Nlbloa THR Vol NO LA DIMM are Courteous aad reap?etr<il. alw ay* auentire, ertth aa FT* avnirle to the comfort of the pairnaa. Ci AIKTJRft CONl KKT ROOM, 616 BROADWAY, ABOYB Y NiUU.'n ADMDMON In aee ikte Intmenaa entertainment only 13 eeata. 13 caatR l.leenta. Ueenta, 1.1 renta. 13 cm La. 1.1. en La IS rem* GAIETIEH CONCERT ROOM. 616 BROADWAY, AROTB NlbWa rRKroRMANcV r.anm. iiorM prrrtaely at 6and dvae at U o. lork, A air?i concert every ftunday evening. GAirriRM COM EKT ROttM, '.lb BROADWAY, ABOYB Nlbln'* MoNR ORE.JOIRE, the atrmieeai man no* hvtnr or known, will lilt 1 NO n voada without atrapa, and ?h?r nr? pi luu ' r^ATmr* CONCERT ROOB. (It HROAPWAT. AHOTB T Nlbbi a. KPWARO KERRY. 111. prior* cl fn4> rmnlr ungrri >n l < rrnyflaii" In hi* rnrtoua rharartrrp nichtly f AIETIKN CONCERT ROOM *14 RROAPWAT. AHOTB IT NR.IO'P. MB R HART Lhr l*wl K.thi'iit*# rompdlaa ta tb? roe<r?l HownPaa. la hi* rmat original Rring aw1 Pancw? Hmadway /' METIER CONVERT ROOM. 61* RROAPWAY. AHOTB IT Nthlr'a. ' ioy yrf. fr??<Cwn n> day Ian brauUfal chr.riip >a pnng nightly wit* graal applpnaa hp thr roUfr 'iimpany. GAirriRN CON) ERT ROOM ?IA RROAPWAT. A ROT? Mhio'a i-1?4 HbM A M?N ibagrral Arr.hau llimnou ami K?t'ir<*rm. will appppr rarB night in tferir ilariog aria o.' puturlag r? UNTIES COM E?T ROO* (1)1 RBOAPWAT AROTR IT Mbln-a THE YOl'Nit I.Al'V WMTERA p b'v pitrod at lht? plnrr ar? th* m <? rpp|>< "lti1- T~ i| lilting nth-i-M, riom 'bwi pip n??r? t 1 AUTIKS COM KRT*ROOM, 616 RROAl>WAT. AROTR ll Niblon MAOItETII Till" n?? aril original bnr)??iu?. wnttrn by Mr K R*rry, wtu abort I y br yrnl'iml hrrP /"i ATETIER CONCERT ROOM Alt REOAUWAT. ABOY1 IT Mht.. p THK ONLY PI.*) K In Npw York whrratrtrlrl ktA't m mruataiord I uttara im r pp) ppati/rd thin rnia In tfictl) knpt. 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