Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1860 Page 2
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mua. i' jfc, and J will endeavor to bring home witl met r.i uTroiati ? us may id the future b?- of use t m1 In n1 my associations with mv countrymen Agum thai. you for your good wishes lor ni) sale vovag< ani u?Piy re-turn. (Prom tbe Saturday Review, July 7 ] "Hi'* Prince ia beginning public life early 111 repreee ' tng the Q,iron on this oreaaiou. lie ut only lo hi* nine tceuth year, and cm his return from America he ia to re Burnt- hi; studios at (.'Atorn, and aitorwarda at Cambridge Will not the coolnrt* o| his youthful bend be rather so verely tried by the incr tie of loyalty?that incense whose orer ow-nag furnt* give Kings only too much right tv be d st.tute of common gem* Ho nnui reni-mlxr thai the Forcit igti whom lie rvpreeout* ia the principal object of It enthusiasm ahi-.L will attend nib progress, aud that, so far aa he ia himttelf its object. It ia the expression of afi< rtiorve expectations which it must b<> tbe aim of hia lift- as a man and a sorereigu to fuilll. It is, perhapa, not a bad thing, us lar its his future academical career ia concerned, that be should at once put hia education to some use. and learu thai Ins cludiee are, or ought to be, not a mi re tmyhh task, but a real preparation fbr the world IVblic action n probably the best antidote to tin a*- corrupting and degrading influences which beset the routh of princes, it is indolence, joined to passion and onnprtuhfiy, that hus too od?-n made the history of an heir apparent one of family misery ami personal dis grace. It is bard enough for one to whom the highest honor ant] boundless wealth couie without ettort, who can never feel the bracing ?ireeta of struggling with early difficulties, or the salutary influences of e.|ual friendship to b" on a level in all points t>rc.hsrat ter with other men , but hi3 best chance is an early familiarity with the real duties and re?!?oueibilit eg of bis high place in life. The Prince tnuai see how it fares in the prtweiit age with roy ally unsupported w iili personal merit. He may ohBerre that the Cane ide of Voltaire's iitory might again sup with Sii Ihronelres lungs He most perceive that of him, loo an t '"M will be re?inired, IT lit* is lo IrauMiiil, lilt 1)6 will rece vc. a secure atld honored throne Wp ai.gur well of hisrxpedton. He goes under the auspices of a Colonial Minuter deservedly popular in the colonies as lbo con Biatent friend of a liberal and generous system of adra; nistr.ition Ills own detn anor, If It 18 In Canada wtiat it is in Krgland, will certain.y lose no hearts. May his Toy age be prosperous, h s missioo successful, ami his rrluru Safe and happy. (By Electric Teh-graph ) Plgfliorra, Monday Nizht, Juiy !), 1S90. TV royal yacht, with thePrinceof Wale*and the I'rlnce Coen rt, arrived here soou after seven o'clock this even tag Ths IVtnce received an address from the corpora tlon of Iievonport. and went on board the Hero soon after eight o'clock He is expected to leave early to morrow momiog [From the I/>n<lou Times, July 9.] To day an event is lo take place which will so strongly more the feeling* of multitudes that not even tho coldest and most cynical will be si te to regard it with unconcem The Prince of Wales will leave the shores of Eng land to visit, as Her Majesty's representative, one of the moid important colonies l the He tlsh crown and, in a more private capacity, to rioeivc the hospitality of the ihlel magi-irate and more than one of the great corpora ions of the rolled States. Royalty in lh. se Islands has ttcoinc so entirely the expression of nationality, it has D completely pas.-ed from the statru of sluggish and gor(eons seclusion into that of active usefulness, that the It ill tar tar who i.deet?d to disregrrd its doings would inly show bow little he understood his own philosophy, here was a time when ad. resaes and dedications movi*l he scorn of the thinking few, who contrasted the valu and selfish ruler of real life with that good and gra Clous l'rince who was always fostering the Muses, or bidding Neptune's utmost waves obey him, in the Imagination of Mayors and College Fellows. That time has happily gone by. It may be that some limn even now language is used respecting the chief person in these realms, warmer than that to which the dls eu -banted ccnlinei.ta nations are a jcustomed In speak lug of their owu princes; iul these expressions are due part y to the fact that our ruler is a lady, and partly to the un: cereal satisfaction w blch s felt in the working of our national institutions The fervor of Erglish loyalty does but express the sensation of political comfort which bo w,1clv prevails. *n event like tho de parture of the Prince ol Wales is a fit occasion for itf manifestation. The first thoughts that strike us on learning that an English l*rInoe is to cross the ocean to receive the re b|*-cib ui niw uiu rf sinmH m in win cities i'l .inotnrr .nunispere are the mighty destiny of th" empire which has founded these comniunt'ies, and the Alness of the raonarchical system for giving a political unity to so many rarl oua anil widely sundered cut-a It need hardly be said that till the pre?? nt ?Kf the old countries of Europe did not sppm-lale thi? power, and that tradition and etiquette, even more than the diilUultn-H of locomotion, kept king*, and the sons and brother* of kings, from rank Ins acquaintance w ith sonie of the most attached oftheli subjects. The Bourbous of Francs anil BfBiB had |TMI poesciwioos abroad, for which they fo<ighl and Intrigued mace treaties and broko them, and formed coalitions o bade d dance to the alliance* of thoir rivals. Colonial do minion was, Indeed, the hobby of rulers in the last centu if, siul fierclseil the greatest influence over the mind o Napoleon himself, who looked upon Continental eooquee but s* the rtepping stone to the MHMlBI of Mexico am I'em, tne Brasils sad the Spice Islands, and whose notion of mortally wounding England consisted, during his whoit life, In a franco Russian invasion of India. But neithei the k'cg) of Spain and the Indies, nor the masters of OM and New trance ever thought of their subjects in lli< Western World as worthy the light of the royal presence t?ur own royal family was for the moat part, Just a* sla tiooary. King William IV , tndeeJ, visited Halifax as i midthiitnan, and the Duke of Kent was for some turn Commander in Chief in North America. But thesi were exceptional caius, and it may he said I ha never since the foundation of colonies in America has I entered the thoughts of > uropvau rulers to extend thvti Influence and that of the mother Country by a visit o klndnr-i across the ccean The tradition of Immobillti -eems to hare had anmeg crowned heads all the strength if a religion, and it has been left tor the present sovereign f Kng'and to break the ijs-ll which con lined monarch* t< be dull dignity of their leoepliiui rooms The l"rince of Wait s go* g tv North America at the re uest of the C'anaiiiau Legislature, aud bis visit will (tartrate not only the loj ally of there prosperous prorlnces, but the Immense extent of British cioniinloti and be deep laid foundations of British power. After a myage of three thousand to ill a, on which he will daily see the horizon studded with the sails of his nxtire country, and with the ocean steamers which are per petuaDv aweepisg akmg thia greatest track of the world'! commerce, the Prince may cart anchor in tie noblest harbor of North America, and see the I'nion Jack fly in,: over barrack and Custom House, and red coabul retitriee saluting, jurl as he saw Uiem ten days before at an English port Or be may ro ter from the ocean at once on to the course of the M. Istrrrr r, and jams ihe fhrmr and retllements of a people strange to us in ra> e, rrligiou and languafe, but now living lontentedly and toy a'.iy under the eceptre of Que* u fklMil Further on be a il come on the pure stock of the Isgltsh race, the emigrants of the last tarty yi art, Increased and multiplied in a mat. tier which o\ en th? I'nlted >tate# have not rivaled For hundred? of miles be will see the works of their Industry, and tn their new and tk rirhing towns lie w ill observe a population essentially 1 ke tliat of the I'l l .Country, but in ? me dearer chance'. (a appear the* by the climate, and In custom* by . the ii< jhborhood of the American republic Those wbi read th l-rinoo'a pri-gre? miy rvi'-s I tint for more than S ,00<' in ufa areata ard. to the shores of lie Par Be and the gold rl ra of Columbia, tbe uomiuion* of the lint i -b rroac extent* that prime*! for.fte. vast lakes and riverJ the soirees oi abnb are lost in etcrnvl snow, form f (tart of tU?a bound**.- territory, and that, tit aa it It to be th In tie o*" nearly the while pro ent j?>p tlati *0 Of Euro,*, It U but a province of the in pi re which the he. shracetm- built up over the world. Huch a Country 11 Itrilish North America, with ruoli a people, might I noted the moat ambitious ruler who ever founded a coin What nmy, then, be th*'- pride oft Prince * bo Is ca;led upon to govern a whole yslrm ot coioi ie?, more Ibao one of trbnh may lot tree rlva! ol Canada with rllh" that vie with Montreal or Toronto. Ibit if on the nroth of th* border the *rino* ot Wa>t appear- in the high i a|*%riij of heir and representative of the Br I -hrrown, another taak, at grateful though aa rtepori V." , w III dtiolve . I. him wtmu h.- riit.T* the tor rltory ot the American republic We may predict, a tth out m' h arrogance, tbat thta vlalt wilt l> - a historical erenl. What can be em tiger and more worthy tbe cumwity Of U-o? - U> crane Dm the recejuum by a republican Pre Ideut i f a royal Prince wives' ancestor waa deposed and restate luring yiwra of war by the nation wluch now thowx In 'pilaltty to h.? d-aceodant* We ui ght make the ObTloir> rvftrctioua a loch occur to every one ou thta rrwat ri mlelon of fbrhng II t?, however, audi .-tent to nay that the demonatritem iod wales two things?drat* tbat the Americans are convinced that the Brit -h elate nourish * uo ui? doeigne against them K their uslitjtlens. and that they will vol be in is under too,, if toey give vent to their good feeling with ?om* Ih.Bg of their uaual n b< mencc. an I. acooodly. ttiat the riiarai Ic and personal demiwnor of Kndieb royalty at the prearul day Is aucb a* to insure the ri ?|*ct even of th"?e who have dneoatmued it aa a political firm. In tbe t'witi-d -tales the Prinre will be received with that Cor dial.I) which no people ran show hotter than American I and be w lU OO doubt respond b? a heartne e?iu?llv roue taoo- ar t b>i,or??>> Were lb- 1'rince ohT-.r in J-*i *. and were b May longer, he might hrlng Wk many a lira Idea to b" of frrelce to bia r..unlr> an I tu ^cpao-l -nci-f Burba*, > UkOimation uf the Now World t? hardly to he bojwl I Of. Hut there li onr thing which Ma Uoyal High Bra*, a...I all of ua, tr >r learn from thm \ i?it, and thai k? lhai nr tLrr clrll war. nor reTvlutWa, nor commercial rlaalry, nor political bickering*, tor arrimoniouf nonal criticem*. can totally aundor nation* which, having a common origin and language. develop? Uu ma-hra hy the practice of the amae free inelltutlorf. nn lUMiftu n siru. Capture of Zwhlnla and thr tlrrnt Mar aarrt of Chrtatiooa. [Om reepeadrtioe of the Urodvti New* i Brtnot-r, June 21, 1M0 World thai I had bailor nmi wbarrwith l> open my trttrr. I>nt thr iaat intrlllgewro we hare here ia the hall of 7ahlcd . a large I'brtetian town of ten th-maand lahabltaoU, Into the hatida of lb<ae blood thinly horlta of Irruaed who bora IB era led the town for an daya. The Ibri-liv * height braiaiy, but were outnumbered. and of the Tnrki-h troop* aent to aaaiat them, half ballad noma to ilea abort of I be place, and the remainder look port them But full de a;la are not known yet, bltbo'igi I may be able to eemdy tbem -re I Una. An lb A>i*trian at< amer to TrlMtn wan I taring Uika on the 1Mb In Kent a boatload of men wearing, not blood eteuxl. but blord na i it rated gar men la arrirad from Tjr* Theae individual*. ooly tntrtv fnor In number, wear all thai remain of the ("hriMian male population of Haal--< a. a rlllage at the font of Mount Harmon, whub n weak before ooald matter nearly two thouaaad (Ighliog BMW Thee# poor creature* were the llrwt to br tig to Irnir l delalled and true account* of lb* bloudlhirety rnflUe >m of their druea rnemlea, and of the fearful tfwnfbrryoi the local Turkiab authoritien. The tale I gt w you la taken irom the rery word* of the m n tbernar vnn, ?**mu.*<l acparalely by n flrat rate Arabic tcholfftT. Ileal , ya In n beaut fv?i village at the foot of flern >o tad rioe> to the aowri e of t ie Jordan It ronlalna, or did Mbre tb? iBMbecr-, a pwwulhtkiw of ft 000 Oirtetian aoult, Cbtaf'r of tbo ?ra?k "iriheda*" cbun h T" lYoteatant aalkfendofn Hvbatyn abowld be a place of ih-um?i pcwti'dle uiWreet. for II wan bare Ibat (be preaching of PtwafMira. truth had b?rna more frail than anywhere alWoHr-a. Tl - Trot entente numbered in ifeii t ilA(t l.p sarde A two hundred they had * net nvtO" arid a ^ I it>'il?r ihurvh of their owu-'ihc latter tav ng been built 1 i (bu lly by lle ir own ix ulributii'ie Of that tfotcVaat I | r>g munity which a fortnigbt ago wa* full of intrltuai as 1 well >ts matt-rial li e. two men now lire to tol the talc M thrir butchery, wheal ot their 4,000 Greek tello" ' turns but thirty three men survived, and the fate of tue r wives ai>d children Is worse than uncertain lhe village was attacked by un overwhelm Prtvs onbaturdsy, the *dd u si Ihe Chrl^llae'^aroaed . ; to repel Hu m, and tor two days held 'heir owrnon tho , I thud driving hack their enemy Hitherto the comuiauUfr vi tLi* Turkish iroojii ha<J stood aloof, iltbou^h? was the ca n at anion, at I'beir el Kamar and at Kaaheiy a? tie bad troob# enough at his command to repel ahd ilt 1 at the I fuses, had ho so wished. When i lu saw that the Christians were gaining the day I lu called Hu m bru it, and In the name of the Sultan or; dered tin nt tu retire within the seraglio (a large building ! i leritg nearly an acre of ground, and containing the ml j deuce of the commander as well aa the barrack), and to j give up their arms, as he, the local representative of the 1 government, would conduct tbetn all etfe to Damascus, ! Mb. re they would be better than lu the Hasbeiya whilst the civil war lasted. The Christians obeyed lilm, returnid, gave up their arms, which were immediately packed j up and sent towards Damascus, but vlth so absurdly i i-mall an escort tlint tbo Druses took poseoHSlon of botu i tin-muskets nnd the mules that carried them, within an I hour of their leaving tbo place. The Christians asked gain lo be tout with their families, as premised, to Dams-cus For nearly a week thoy were put off witb some pretext or other, until, on the sixth day after their being disarmed (during which tune the Turkish aoldlers had pro vented any ol them from leaving the precincts of the seraglio), two Druse sheiks of great Influence arrived, and had a conference of several hours witb the Turkish commander of the troops, ho sooner was this conference ended than the Christians observed that the harem (aires, women and children), as well aa the property of the commander, was removed from the seraglio, and that i ' T ukisli soldiers also removed their baggage outside. Sun|if ding treachery, many of the Christiana tried to escape from the place, but were prevented by the bayonets of the troops, whilst their women and children were ordered and ccmjiellrd to remove to the large upper chambers of the buildings, the men being forced to remain below. By this time it waa known that many hundreds ol armed Iiruscs were close to the town. The troops bad hardly made the aforesaid ariang> meets when the Druses wcrwadmltted Into the seraglio, and rushed like hungry tigers upon the unarmed mob in the courtyard. No man was spared. In ten mil utei- the very stone* were inch deep in human blood. No butchery ever known in history equalled this In frrocitv and forward ice. In half an hour upwards of a thousand strong men were hacked to death. Some few tried again to escape, but wero driven back by the bayonets of the Turkish soldiers (regular troops, not" Bashl Basouks), and the Drums had their revel of blood undisturbed; mothers, wives, daughters and young children witnessing from abovo the matiacre of their relatives. I could enter into wore dctuili, but sicken at the tusk. Would to Heavrn that It wore a fubie or a dream. In the slaughter some few bid in out of the way chambers; others esc.ipcd notice Irom being he.i|? d over by the dead, and th-se by Ood's mercy managed in the night lo escape, wandered down to the coast, where nue All Bey, a Metual! chief, protected them, and so to Tyre, where they took ship to Beyrout, nnd arrived here on flat irdav evening, the 16th im-'t. t ?t the fate of the women and children nothing is yet certain, but Irom what Is known of Turkish soldiers it is fenred that th? fate of the former will be one worse tlundiatb. (if the lYoteslant community not a man escaped; but more than one of the Creek Christian refugees bears witness how they met their fiite, exhorting others to turn to the Saviour and lo pray to Him in their last hour. But I have not yet dona. Let tne now relate the foil or Kasheiya, another village situated near the foot ol Ilertnon. and containing a imputation of 2,000 Christians. In this place the Christians were uuable to repel the Druses who atta-ked them. They tried to take refuge within the enclosure of the barracks, but were driven back by the bayonets of the Turkish troops, who even fired ri|>on them. About a third escaped towards the coast during the night: of the rent, neither man, woman nor chilJ now lives. Every one is now absorbed in the news about the fall of /nhU-b. whose five to six thousand Christians had for five or six days been holding out against nn immense horde of Druses from the llauran ana from Anti lebinon, as also of Kurds and Arabs from the desert. The I'acba or Bey rout, at the urgent and repeated representation of the live Consuls Central?representations mode ngalu and again for th? last eight days?sent off a small force of three buudred soldiers and two guns to drive off the Druses from 7abb b The >roo|>s lelt this at daybreak on the 17th, and might with ease have reached the scene of action next day very early, the distance from this to 7.shr Itb bcica but thirty two English miles, of which twenty t fire are oyei an excellent tool. But at seven o'clock this ( morn it g the force was still halted at about half way to r their destination, proving that their being sunt at all 'waa a mere blind. The American missionaries at Dbeir el Ksmar have f been tbilged to remove to thur station at Abclgb. three I tours nrarcr Iicyrout, the former placo being cans: lercd I no longer safe. I.i rrincii puaiennn'i corvine arriveu yesieruav, ana her Itritanmc M.ujotty'g steamer firefly left for her surveying dutn? on the coast. Wo have nww in the roads LaZrnobie, French fifty gun frigate, a Kuas in of aame aizr, Rrgli*h steam sloop Cannot and gunboat Mohawk, beside* French .cum brig I* N'ntinello, and paddlrw heel WliaHl |W|I wUtMfc m all six nun of war, mount tug about 1130 guns and having 800 seamen. As I write a largo line-nf battle ship with Kaglish colors 1 Is ci tr'ng In niidor sail from lb" north. But wo have not | a man or it gun too much; fur what between the ferocity j of the bloodthirsty l>*, their love of plunder, rapine and f very horror, and the obstinate determination Iwhleh tlieTnrk'sh authorities hive shown to help the destruction of all the Christians, wc aru not in a happy position. { The English, French, RufiUn. Austrian and Prussia* Consuls General have again and again, within the last ! twenty days, demanded from the Pacha of Bryrout an ' i *<Y>rt of toldtera to bring the Ithctr-el Kamar Oirlatinna | down to this place, but their demand has been each lime ither evaded or directly n-fuaed. Kay. more: to my I cerU.n know ledge, some the Christian* of Pheir *1 Kamar i formed an eweori for themselves, and?the Prusea being all away from the vicinity?were rnady to start down to Beyrout. But the Turkish Governor of the town ordered them not to leave the |>lare, giving as a reason that if they i did so the ctbrr inhabitants of thu town would be fr.ght ened and a panic would ensue. THK VKKY I.ATKHT. i I open my letter to say that the slaughter at Zahleb has bieu fearful, auioogat others, seveial French Jesuits aiur: dered by the iTuse*. The w hole of t>yria Is now open to t these horde* of rtittlans i.rrat fear * expressed for Pa I niascus At I'huir el Kamar the Druses ars disarming I the Christians, mid will no doubt la doe time massacre the whole population of the place. Beyrout Is like a deserted town, the harbor crowded with uieu otwar, signals making, salutes firing and everything a* in a ttats of i I war. ThodfMru'tloe of Tahleh and the spread of the civil war in pyrin are confirmed. The French ABibssaailar nt Constantinople had boon in structed u. nottly the Turk tin government tbnt ftotn ft chugs i'f humanity France w?' bound to put n atop to the m*eracr.? of tb< Christians in Syria, and that as the Turkish authorities were Dot rajwble o' protecting lbs Lilian's subtccts, France would concert moas urea with tba other Ftowtts to stop the MnifnMvhieltwi bo ng teat led. Two Fret.i b vessels of war bad been ordered to cruise before Beyrout.and two English vcaMla had been or dered to the same locality. > i ad I'acha bad been went to Syria by the Turkish go V eminent as Imperial OommifStoaer. It Is stiit< d that Iinuiar- us was surrounded by the I>r -es, and that a ma-saern|waa appreticn ted. INTtUVrSTION or FIUM'K IN RYRtl. Pants, July 10. 1W0 Yederday afternoon Prlnee Met tern 1< h bad long con fereiue wiUi II Thouoenel, in reference to the mil alirs whith France baa taken iu favor of the Christians in Syria, sr wrll as to the cooeurrenee of ibe tireat l"ew?rs on the same sub,net. In consequence of the conference, Count Host#. Secretary of the Austrian Ktnbsaar st l'aria, lett last evening with dcapalcheb from Prime Metternich for the Austrian Uahlnet at Yleiiua. i Affairs mt Italy, Hsvsy and NtrlturUbd. [Ir< iu Uie lsmdoc Netrs, July 10 J The eltlh |wrt of tb>> tohcial correapondeooe relating to I the all til* of Italy, csvuy and Switzerland was Issued >t?urc.ij- ii itcuo* ir<>m tun d it to jiioo 25 TM BCt* developed in the rourne of thi* porreepoedpnee bare ,dy, M lk(] tranapiri-d, bwn laid beforp our read ; Iml the Mfc ? Id,: 1o?i atrb from M. Tbourrnel, mad lorw John llueer ll't rrp'r, o n v) mg the opinion of the Fngllah m'M i.mrnl ut luiur of a tuwf< rem c of Uie Poerr* who :gV' <1 llic Ticaty of Vlrera, will pnablp Uip public to an dor Mind cloarlv U>o pTP#ctn??pcct of thin qureltoo ? m laorva.vrt to corrr rnmorr, rwi?Drm< *irr> to l>*t Jim* wr*?m ht (Wirr noM<;*rr, .frxr 2-j r**?, Juno ao, is*). II I m Cciwtb? Tlv Irraty of Turin haviac received iU del, i litre raiultoo. and tbo tranafer of the lerr.torlre Ib) Um Ring of Sardinia lHTfef bora rllklld, the uumrtit ia come fhr tbo rxverrroont of U?r Kmprror lo rxnf. rm lo the ? hl valioo which it baa takpn of ronung lo an ondrretauling, Wdb wilb Ihc INiwere wlro a'cnod ll?a t?r<r*' act ?>f \ K-nna ami wiih tbe Swi?h cvmrrderatioo i n the aubji cl of iho eoMiticonl DPslralianlu>n of a rorI tow of i'd tot. Tbo object of Ibia undfraUndlag. aa I liad the ln't:ot of remarking lo you in mv communtrwl on of It > lOib of April laal, ?h uM, according lo ua, roraUM in rrrurcilloc article1?2 uf ibn art uf Vienn.t With article 2 of Ihr lreal) of Turin, Tliia reroi rlliallow II ia propnaed lo auction by diplomatic aitpiiattoti dcatmcd to a place in tbo law of I urepp For the attainment of tbia object aarrral murtoa art* open to Ilia Power* Tbe queatioo mar be brought belore a ? hacgeof aotaa Bight ha likewiae agreed urow. If |! wore lb, ught prrfbrablo, bj wbirh Ihr govera mi nt of the Fanprmr pbould acuoi" I o war da the Power* ?bo guaranteed Awiaa neutraldr, and toward* Switirr , arm the obhyatior,a contracted by Sardinia Finally, It ] m *lit alto be pronounced in Ibvor of a preliminary nee* | nation N twrn France and Pultrcrland, the object of nb rh abcnild be to doterrr too the reciprocal r?bt? and di.l.e* rrrulllrg frnwa the oewlraJtaalioo, which would be j done by remodelling and completing the treaty aigned at j Turin, t>elwren Sarelnla and the Rwta (>nfederal inw, tn ' tain The (frrrrnmi-at of the Fmneror ia ready, for it* ; |?ll, to cbnure tbe cowrac wbicb toe other Cabinet* aliall prefer, aal ?h,ch abait aecm to t beta beat am led lo the I ' um.rtar.rea. t routine myaelf, in raaa they ah-viM de nfiur I i rnnfrrencp tn reminding them that the majority of lb? tn hare already rn< ,<gnlred tbe propriety of meeting al l*ari?, ami that Sardinia and Switaertand hare irUblwherf, In farnr of their participation in It* lalmra, rnrtrldcratioc* Hip lurl e of which bad been admitted by hia imperial Majeety'a government You will read Una drepalcb to Icrd Joht, Ruaertl and a'TP biro a copy of it. TIKH VF.NIfl Loan j. nmari t. to ttitti. cowt.rv. FOwri'.T fbrica, tune 35. IMP Mr I oar?I (ranrrnit to y <ur Fjtn lienor herewith a copr of a deapwtch from the Mtatder for nwngn Affair* of tbe tin pei or of Uip French to bu MajmIj - Aaibaeaa dor at lbi? Court ahicb wae dPlivrred to tuo by M dp retngny oa tbr 23d inat. In tb'a dprjatch M. Thowrenel declarea th*t the tbne 1 u arrived for Fraore to ootn* to an nnder*U.)d!?d with the ito*p of Kurope. wilb a view to put Arti of tba To aty pi \ icnr a in harmony wltb Arlicle 2 of *ae Treatr ofTtirtn TbW ran be dowe, aoaordlag tc M TbocreapJ, lo <*ae of three way* ? I ?y aeonfrreneeof themwrr* who ifnadth'fedfy (t 1 .rnaa; or NEW YOKK HEKALD, T ) - Ifii c of identic o>t.? it which Fran-e , d unid-r ?Vt aud Europe- should aokni-wledgr- that . I.nice wae iK>cud to Europe aid to Switzerland by the ! i-auu t <aid it i -18 b) ? uicn .-ti> has Ixvu hitherto held l>y & :<ltaia, or 3. By a preliminary nr jot .at.on between France and Switzerland, with a View to dilf'ntine their reciprocal i .zt.ta aud duties. t-f these three modes her Majesty'? government prefer the Drat. It u that w h.cb ha.-been asked bySwit erland, lb'- Power most interested iti this question It is I that which is moet likely to lead to a frank dlsrui >..> and a friendly explanation. Il?r Majesty s government accept the p? >[kmc ? of Trat ce that the subject of the conferee e should i>e the mi-nub of reconotliiig Article 1<2 of the Treaty of Vieaua w ilk Article 2of the Treaty of Turin; that the p'ace of the conference rbomd be l'aru and that Switzerland aud Sat dials should participate in ito deliberat ions. J. Rl"S;?FILL. Ksples wwd Sicily. Palermo advices to tbe fldylate that Garibaldi bud held a review ol nine thousand volunteers, most of them very young. Au Inspector of Police had bevu murdered near Palermo. Garibaldi bad issued a decree threatening with banish meat and eren with death whoever should rise against the former jioUce, and stating that special commasloit^ had been appointed to discover those functionaries who had oppressed the people. At Naples tbe proclamation of the new constitution had been received with Indifference. The refusal of Signer Manna to accept office had created a had iuipre.-slon. The Neapolitan exiles in Turin were uearlyall returning to Naples. Generals Nun/iaute and Sauteviti bad resigned, and other resignations were expected. It is stated that the royalist forces for the defence of | Messina amount to 20,000 men, and that they were under orders to act strictly on tbe defensive and not to aban don any of the places which, with Messina, form the ttnc of defence. Signor San Cataldo, Ambassador from Sicily to France, had reached Turin, en rvutt for Tar is. Naw*?, July 7, 1S60 It is asserted Hurt tbe Ministry hu obtained the royal assent to the removal of General Nuuziante, bead of the Court CumariUa of the former reign. Toi tox, July t, 1M0. Yesterday two men of war left ibis |>ort to reinforce tbe t rench squadron at Naples. The official journal of iSicily publishes tbe proclamation of King Ferdinand granting a constitution to Naples, but precedes it by a leading article to mend tbe perjuries of bit predecessors, who also swore to govern constitutionally. 'the Kmperor Napoleon gave and ence on Sunday to tire Count de \ aronne, who has arrived on a special mrsston frour General Garibaldi, the \ iceroy of Sicily. Gtrmsny. Frank roar on run M wvs. July 10.1S00. Tbe German sovereigns have renouueed their project of holding special conferences at Baden, being of opinion that a definite understanding would more easily be brought nbout by confining the negotiations to their representatives at tho Federal Gist, besides, Frankfort being a more central point, the plenipotentiaries accredited to thi Diet are better informed than the special en troys would be. lu tbe meantime, there Is a frequent exchange of views amor est tho German Courts, with tho object of concerting the Instructions to be given to their representatives at Frankfort. Homo. The effictive strength of tho I*apal arm. , under Lamo riciere, amouuted to 19.000 men. Roux, July 7,1M0. It is asserted that the commander in chief of the Freuch truops at Rome ha.- received oi 'ers from I'arU riot to allow ary popular aatfPCNUsa to take place at Rome. Tho Luke de Grammont i? expected to return to his poet as Ambassador here between the 16th and 90lh of July., July 7,1W0 The Adriatic journal stair* that deoertiona from the army of Gen Laraoriciere continue on a vast scale. Mai:v of (be deierters have arr.ved at Forli, and demand io bt tint to Sicily. Romh, July 7, l^SO. The Irish volunteers are leaving Rome for Spoleto, where a corf's of 10,000 men is to he concentrated before the fortress. The number of Irish who have arrived, or are exi-crted to arr'\e. amo;.: ! to 400. The arm} is paid at the same rate as when on service in the flelJ. France. The news from France is uoimpoi taut. The Bourse hail been firm, but closed flat at ft!.70. Paris, July U, 1M0. The Mcmiteur announces that the Legislative session is prorogued till July 21 The ci-o-ld rallon of the discsaFiou on the judicial project of law > adjourned till after the budget has been considered. Parh, July 11, l!fl0. In order not to obstruct the free action of the Turkish government, snd to leave to It complete responsibility, the French Cabinet has decide-) that the commanders of the men of war sent to Syria shall abstain from all intervention, and confine themselves to protect ng the French Consul, and ottering refuge to all Christians who might want it. Amsts-ta. According to account* from Trieste, the Austrian go eminent is undertaking gigantic works In order to reader the tammis quadrilateral perfectly impregnable. At Vsrora tlis works srs dire ited by iourtoeu engineer officers, having under their orders an rut ire regimaut Ot engineers Nutwiti, standing the Austrian* are still pay lag the supplemcatary war tax, the budget of the War Department contains an item of 1.000,000 florins for the expenses of the troops of the Duke of Mftdena. which he took with him from Italy 1 ho Austrian* say that a* the Duke possesses an Inimei fortune lb. sre.ler narl of l.lrli l? ...i?i I In the Eng'.Wi funds, hp ought to pay fhr thwie troops himself. It is hoped that the new Council of the Emplrt will protest against this burthen. Vtwtvs, June , 1M0 Count Rechberg bits instructed Prince Metlernich to declue to M, Thouvrnel, In the rams of the Austrian govrrunirnt, that Ata-trtu intends to show that Piedmont can Fh"w no title to be admitted to the Confereoce Vissss, July 11,1<UK>. The report that tbe Austrian government Intends to contract a new loan is without foundation. The Atrlenn Slavs Trad*. I Prom the leodoo Mar, Jul; 9j Recent discussions on the African slave trade, here an t In Washington, have been characterised by unnecessary asrerblt> and provoking recriminations lx>ok'.bg impartially at allthe facta of tbe rase, wearrivest thecoocbision | that'll is not becoming In either Krulan . or the luilel i Mates t<> east Imputations rn the other, The Amer ican j gsvrrnmrnt and the f-cgltsh people are, we believe, as bo:i? st in their desire to put an end to this abominable ! Iridic as It is possible to be. and if tureens is so far from I b->in* attained that from Cp.hOO to tu.PPO African* are till imported yearly Into Cuba, we must look for the ! ca< *rs in other impediments than the want of good will to ! ton the trade. It must not be forgotten that the federal authority of the I uilcd (states is limited and weak, as com pared with the highly developed and strongly centralised . authority of our own government, and mat, therefore, whatever shortcoming* are apparent in the efforts of the Washington administration, must be emisilersd rather Its misfortune than its fault, while the arts or omission.1* of EPgland may be judged of as those of s Power which Is fns to do what it will. Roaring this In mr? in elinfl to Ihifit that t\* l'%ilrd S'ntfi go rrwmsnf tkovt to btttrr od'ontaiy fa tAt ijiuotinn Ikon Son <mr okw. nor. kv king at tin greater gi'ograpbical and material w. leh American rillrens possess fbr carrying on the trttde, sontl it be Just to dsaouooo as more ssrayrd | by tlw lust of gain, and b** under the Influence of inn rality and buuianlly, than our own fellow subjects. Per ba|w a jwrfr-r tly neutral and tm|*rtia! Jmtgr would de tide the motives of k'uglaiid to be more open to kuspidou thin those of tbe I'nlted (Hates. What ate the facts* This slave trade is carried on altogether between Africa aid Cuba, and II Is a fad that the v*sicls engaged In it arc built rhlefly In North iair-ran p< rts, r.|iii|i) id (here and commanded by ("uit*d Males Cltlretis l?( course these vessels are bought or hired by ( iwniaids who hare a psram.Hiat luto-cat in the slave market of Cuba supplied R\ the fulled Slates law the slave IraCo is pirurv , but In consequence of a arim in inn mw, which I i?|'i*-*rs the Hit' < opinion will ?o? bow permit to be remedied, It i* found practically li \ .tin fi the I mIod .-lain aulhorititu toarreM in federal port* i reads ender eq 't>mriit for tins trade By treaty with luigland tbo govr. umrnt of Washington m bend to ma r.tall a certain r rnher o* ship* n? a pca-cblng squadron but, fc rra-ont. whkh we phall pmentl) men t on, tbla number W not, until now, 1?p< u full} malatamsd. Tbou. although the Br t ab cruis--? ar< in force trfttrirot to nb rcept muih of the trade, they aro not at liberty to oxen tec tbo right of aearrh on ? *? : ,-arrytng the Atnor-i-aii 0iff That is a principle wh,oh is of wider an I higher appl ration, and therefore a! (roster npor tare tha i any arrangements to suppn fa tbo aiav* trade, ant late math na! tasrjoaily boUt? tb right of aeartU la time of peace to be terompat'ble witk the igltpndaaw of free ,-tatea Awonralia-, therefore, oerer eoocedod it Wlien the \'a>) \pproprlaltou bill waa a month ?:ooa bef >re the t r.tefl stale* N-oate, on a propa-l n Of the a.imtr..rtral <>n to add three ateam tun N>at? t> the Ameriean pcarch'-ig ?q".*dron, and wh ,h propoattieu l.a? beon iot*d by Omfew the reason; were atatr l in \ rtne of which Ami ca is prac- i iical y at a d idrulagt' In the bur'.nea* rf inter lio ..a; ua1# aa co-npa-si w ,t!i tag hi: J W bei. a rarroi f n-grmw h. b.-ra ca;! . rd 1 v an American crin?er they are earr "I to the i-ar-at A inert ran port, and aa the .nir ?1ik! .on of Afr.cans into the | Stati i? a tb ng lorb'.J. the I niled fttle* go\ ernmnnt ha* to rend them bark aci'-as the AUalir, w.irre they are ' landed in the free republic of lAbn 11 Kow this is \>y n< J I tnraMM ianpenait r taa* "We,' aaid Mr tVltmrr, a | ripubiwaa Penalor, and, therefore, an orpnent of Ute , alarerr toal'twlloo, in the debate alluded to, - are ts go or biruig our cwn men fum abing our ow-i aUlpp, giv ing a hundred oollara each to rapture I ho-' negroes, aad another huadred to earry them ba. a. Tb < * not exactly 1 an rnte> m ,? ibat pat i It la a had baa lie a* in a pectin! ary point of rtew, nor can me* be aa;d of it la a poial of haaaalty." Nr. rrlhe'.eas. e ;h:.i a mouth or two lately the lattea Pt.?le- C< n;reM baa roted apprwpr atW... of public money top. no anto* nl for the purpwe. and now It haa decided on add,eg three ateaaer* to the squadron. It it . trnt that the ad'-ilinstration at Waehnigioo. and Con grcs* r?* ww.i. are aim ire In their de?re to Pnppreas lb" i tradr. although they naturally eaterts n a 1 . M whether i squadron' of crulaer* are the heat mrast at b .ad for the < purpose. But thin Kngls-ul kt arcu?~l of intlm-eelr an! hy,is I rrsry la lh-.? q ir-lion, and In the t'nile-t state* Senate lang.'h uttered wbtih ba.l bell-r hare been >ft ua 1 rrokio. V't tt is cut for us loo war !} b r. -otlt Of ; the nn*piO*hnee- ainoerily, aid p^re I. of lua i Brit -h revpli- on tht- n . * t, n> i an, -e l?etie-e, e ther I In ? r f?e or A' er ca. as'er'a ;. s sbadow of a i donbi. Bn'. th? a- em ?i I Af-iraa sqculni art . tof i . w"'. .' ** cl" i rutiwdaeree, ar- eueh ae ralu-ally to 1 aupgrst lb* pr *i.b 'ilp of r-the- tmt ira it toe ?pT?*nm. tit than the d.wdr tr > ?; ?i lbM-* !? etmpiy ' V it out Umt Uiins nagrwea wt.ich are i i hred by B- t?h cru sen are rot rM rued tr Arrian, tut art t.ra?4 on tht oo 'dwry to Th.jthi*?MfW the lath- 1 1 UESDAV, JULY' 24, 1860._ reals of Brtttuh ookoiet. w hat Un wo lo an*? erf It it notorious to all the world that labor u to much wan led ic J wnaict thai tlx plan tort time would be willing and &u mou* t< rev ive the aiave trade tf they could, and are act luiiy c irry lug on a trade in coolies, which it a blare trade under another name Well, why should the Itrtti . government expose itself to misinterpretation by taking captured negroes to Jamaica! An Ameriiao, wh(We nation cannot possibly derive any advantage froui Capttir ng slate ships and their cargoes may be allowed t ask whether the cogroe* taken by the British cruisers are captured for the purpose of tup- , 1 retslag the slave trade, or of supplying the I w tnl.j of the BriUab West ind a planters. As the British ortice- t?c< ire ?,' a head for all captured, too, It is evident thait io their Interest rather to allow cargoes U> be shipped thm to prevent the slavers from taking llieci on i^osrd. but the cniM blot in the arrangement is the carrying of tlieir to British posse?iiotia where labor is wanted, an 1 where they are not landed aa freemen, but uuder obligat.'iua to work. Add to this that the Rruith government, to Ithick tffain hiu J-onnd herutf ooer and oner again toyiuf rlr.r e it>. trade to ( ha, and uhifk hat srtuahy paid ttpai iwmetwr (twi of eix, at a cootid-ration far two A ruppre:. , floe. not:, inn to nod the tnlfihan* tf thudityfrom j the Court if Madrid. 'litis is unaccountable. The trade is j carried on notoriously' with the enaction of Spun, the great functionaries of wboee government, end members or wboee royal family, make immense fortunes ant of U. Why- docs uot the British government Insist on the execution o* this treaty f By doing so it would bs doing mors to end the trade in Afrkau slaves thar. can be accomplished by the united exertions of Ute British and United ctat"5 r'iuadron?: but if insurmountable obstacles, of which we know nothing, interpose la the way of this, why not ceaso appropriating the captured negroes to our own use, and so remove from our arrangements that which leaves our motives naturally open to the suspicion tf those whom a thoughtless or mischievous section ot our pre-t and politicians never omit anopportunity of LBjuotltlab'y denouncing as favorable to the slave tradef Traaifer of the Galwsy Mall Coatrsst. The London f\-Vi says it i3 stated the proposal of the Canadian government to take a transfer or the Gal way mail contract, and to pay ?200,000 in cash, lias been accept d by the directors of the Atlantic Royal Mall Company , and there is reason to belie v e the Home Minister will recommend it lo Parliament. The Ion don fVmet baa a leader on the Gal way Steam Packet Company, which, It says, is an extremis. The Canadian authorities intend the services to be conducted by the Montreal Ocean Steam Company, the port of departure to be Gaiway, and the porta of arr.vsi Quebec ami Portland in w inter. AMtmlU. Two failure^ only are reported, viz:? Kerchner & Oo. and Mr. Kortl. Plcutroub floods bad taken place. The rebellion in New Zealand was in an unsatisfactory state. There had been no more bloodshed, but fears were entei taiued of a general In the Northern Island, large reinforcements of British troops had reached 1 arson*.. Tw. ships had left Melbourne for England with Kit OC'J ;n gold. Markets. I ON TON MONK V MARK NTi (Troin the lomlon News City Article, Julv 10. j Th.s was settling day in the coasoU market. The closing quotations were a trifle below those of yesterday. It would appear that a smaller port.on of the dividend money corues forward for reinvr-tmetit now that the pressure of taxation, particularly of the income tax, is so heavy Notwithstanding the diffusion of the dividend money, the applications at the Bank of England wereenor mou. . In the general market the supply of money was more liberal, aad the best bills wee taken more readily at 4 per teat. [From the London T.mes City Article.] This hue been settling day in Fkiglish funds, bnt the market ha- not ei|*TieDced any material fluctuation. For a short t.aie there was a tendency to improvement, the upp'; of stock being less than was anticipated. There has again been a g< od demand for d.scount to-day. In the Stock Exchange loans on go-, err.:, er.t securities are offered at 3 to CV. per cent The disturbances in Syria and the propo^el Intervention of France af*ect Turkish sureties in foreign exchange, this afternoon, there was a slight decline in the rates on Holland. The-e were no bullion operations of any importance at the bank to day. The outgoing steamer, with the Bombay mail, on Thursday, will take no specie. At Piarli and Hamburg gold Is 10 per cent dearer than In Gordon. The shares of the I n,on Bank of London this morning were quoted w ide1} , 20 to 24, and the dealer*genera'iy refused to do business at that price. later in the day there was abetter feeling, and the final quotations were 24 to 2'. In the rahway market the principal feature has been a rise or \ per cent in Iancasbire and Yorkshire. I end on and Nopth Western and Great Vtektern have also impr >ved, especial iy the latter. Other stocks were dull, and occasionally a slight decline Is shown, the market being h-i steady at one period of the day LONDON CORN MARKET. Iowdon, July 11, 1R80. Weather flue. Fug'.ish and foreign wheat steady at Monday's p-ices, Floating cargoes, none off the coast. Maize unaltered. Btrl-.-y In gwd demand at late rates. OiU. where lay days are abort, cleared at Monday's rates. M landed parcels not prcsrod by nailers. THE NEWS BY THE NORTH BRITON. St Jotm, N F., July 22. 1M0, ) (e'.a Po -.T Hood, July 23, IBM). J The steam-h.p North Briton, from Liverpool lllh, via Galway 18th, arrived at St Johns at fleer M today, and sa.led at * i for Quebec, landed the mails. The near* is not important It eras rum'red that Gar.bald, had determined tv beslego The Neapolitan pore'nTcnt had rrsolre-l tf o"?r the Sicilians the eoustit .tion of IBIS. Tl?e French government had ref-sed to denatiouai re the two French Teseela purchased for Garibaldi. The Ilari* l'alrir states that the ee^e of is doc ided upon, but the groat heat?*o terrible lo Sicily during July a.. J A'g -t?wil! render operations extremely difficult. The French Chamber of deputies and Council of State are at rar.ance on the rag question. A despatch from the Goeernor of New 7ea!and, of April 6, state# that the town and district of Auckland are perfectly secure sgainst any attack that can be made Tito London fi'wrr, to a lesde*, regards M- Kinglake's retelalMMt In the Bouse of Commons, respect ag Napoleon, calculated to weakea in policy of noc .ulcrTent oo lst.ilr t t\Ks 1 Kt L'nw'anJ TV liaauncn.*, from New York, at Scitharapton ISth COMKTiltCIAL INTELI.IGEKCK. bv HA m TO oalwat. L*tv*, July r-Nooo. loni? ?Tie broke-a" t'mlar rerocU U?r salsa of cotton for tb? week at 75,000 bales, of which speculators took f ,500 aad erporten 17,000 It quotes m.ddiing Or leans a! 6',d.t tclilJUtg uplands atf<-,d., middl ng Mew bl'.rs st ?t;d , anu reports the market tc hare dosed steadr, with a lucre aesltliy act regular tone. The stuck In port U est.mated at 1 Sid,WO hales, of wb . h 1,049.900 are Amor ran. Bxr?:?-rr ?TV mari?t for brrsdstul* is generally steady but quirt Corn tss ar *1 retiring tondr cy Psu-uas ?The mar*rt fur prortaloua is generally dull. PRc i't ir ?The proJ.ce narke! is WtVut chanje cf moavsad. Lo> OS, July 1C?Seen. f?w ?, Ms a Ks Pugsr fi-in Tc* In b_t little drman 1 an 1 pr'.c *s w %k. , Visit of lite Mraaier (Ureal Kastera to the Chesapeake. fFrcm tbr Baltimore America i July sc.' A meeting took place S.t rds merttug I" the >ir?l branch C ly (\-uoctl <?f reper scent ri of tbr Ctr Council, the Board of Trade, an I the llalttiLore and ob'to Rrallro*d, John W 0 ?reet?. hq representing the .utter ocrporat>oa, an 1 John C. Bruno. & j.,lbe Board of Trs tf. Upon mot; n. Mr Brum was called to the chair, act Mr Thomas i?. aproiatcd .recreiAry. In a . ??: .ICPWW.I mr f t'Cl WIJ CU ??.- IF. 1 I . . 1 . M- !' (' J i" it t uij.i- n r.trmr .1 tn rrUn u tv thr \ teit of the l.rpat F?*tm -Irr.rr.shlp. Mr. .'**? Tt ?ro? ?r l?po?p ^f<?' *1 Mr Poildrnt, gpntti mm of thp Bum i (.f Trvlp, of thr C'ty Council <u>d I M ttt.t Mr* anl Oh c Ra. road?I romp priparod I with a p. rpoo't on ft-. m thp doctor* of lap grtwt rhlp 1 c??p^HT for tbr tor! auptaraocf at Annapolis Boada of j Ibt- .-Uanuditp Hrrat fcoairr., a d * f#wr prel miliary rp ma; ?l o? tli?- mot. of lie pro,? > l.oa na.> not bp cut of plkip. Tin d.rrtU.T? of llip ship outcrtaia not a mcrt.?. -o ?ry toon* hi, but a atroog prarlloal ldc? of rmpWy lp| i' p rbtp : ? a porn aorot porkot Lotw#rr. Nor'oik and a I iropoa., port,and all tliry rp .u rp it aknowlrdgp ! of th# frralit}, aa awsuravr of |U ah.My ?i,J j a bo'.laf la Ita tuccraa. This kuowltdctp, aa I au.-aoc# an.I bo!t#f ran b# bp*t oMataad b> lb# "bp and I the .1: .-return a;.,"i-lo? .a immrdlatr rommun.raUoci with Mr fh#ro poo"'r In ord?r to do th lb# ?bip null bavp ' Nr? Yvfk, *..d at a l*wa of tn?n"y and raprni# fcr thr ! ' t ov V uj of br'wopo thirty and fori? thousand dollar* 1 Thr Coram Iter of tbr flrUrt and Cororooa G-uoc It" of , rh'..\1pipb'a Ttaitrd N?w York for I ha ?tprr*a purnoa* of ai' rrtalaleg the feasibility of briagiiw tlip great ship to i ! that port, aa 1 a iabrd o propoait'on from th# dirertor? aa to tii# amount of ptenn'arj com literal too rrqatrrd for , 1 that i?urpo#r la rrpir to'a queotlnn p-oootindrd ar- to akpilior !' *} were ? to guar an I- u- thp ilrrat Ship ' 1 Cr aipaa thr turn cf thi-ty tin-urni d dollar*, thr (hair ! 1 ma. ' ; l.-1 lliat if th tNncton would arrrpt of that i , i. : a, ih.- baa a . f a*"' "n. It | ll.f > p U 1 Iliita t#'.ph.a, tbr} woi'.d at um? return with rbrwrful 1 heart* to tn a CK.-tiluruta, and that h#. th#, had o tasitat; n n ?a lag tiuV, thr ami uut aliruld ' r ' ruaraolepd, aad that ti># d rrior- would bp iuformpd ' / It# acc#ptanro within twputy four hoar* bubo#- 1 * . bwevt-f. thr dlroitora and fnptaia Hal! 1 I' l-d I It thr liitTtr r.l) of nav'gat'ng #rt lar.r# ( ? #' -> nr. thp !>law*ro would bp att#od*d ' w ' " ifli iippypr that t'w) amount would oot bo*qu'v??at t ibp -1" In. .t no tbi* fact to #how J }< t: -t-V ! I 1 aiatrr COPfo atioa to 1 l vl?it of tt.p ('-rat Failrrn to ifi r harl>o?. wltho rt d"taji'a ' rCi.r, g#' tho.m, 1 a .11 only atat# that an 1 r>T#r f- n. j u Rosra.-.t . ig Uw dwl.'ipry of two ihounruid l?r I. -I r.% of =. n Mium n^ -j , oal ilf-nrr |. u,r > .ir d i-n? thr tlmr ah- would rrma n at Anoap >lla ftr>d# w d r- at- th" atroo^iwt k nil of good foriing* tv,, j U. <1 meter* and il a ri* "-as of, t ir,. ? . s , .wit tr thr mpas' t f tr oguig I too ?' | t.' Uh of A- nap< tia. \ M. Bat -a i ti'/xl that Mr. Ja.-ri tt bad la 1.1# p rar? >kra t a cidkiT-i cat^add--a##d to ta bp Mr. Cb.--ag , CTia.r I man of the IdretJors' Oomin.ttee, and pr( p^ned tik' he ' should ri u) itIt w ? read a* follows ? Gkrat Esstkks, Nkw York, July 19, 1S00Dkar Sir?A* you we about to repair to Baltimore, a it may not be Inadvisable to state what the t lew - of the II directors of llie Great Ship Company (limited) are as to A the appearance of this aliip in the CUeaape?We. It t< would be impossible tor the directors to move the ship c 60 far and at such au expense without feeling sure that ei home portion of it would be reimbursed, and w ith tin- < view ihey would suggest that the kindest and most useful return I hay couli receive would be the production* of 1 the coal UeldB. If uny sufficient guarantee could be given t for tbn delivery o! 2,600 tons of Bcmi bituminous coal on c board wbilM the ship is lying in Annapolis Roads, there f will be no hesitation on our part tn engaging to go up the ' Ckcaapeake and opening the ahip lor all comer:, at the t Mine rates waich were received in New York, viz:? dfty cents. We are not, however, insensible to the great and o mutual advantages which may wlae from a more personal t and decided intercourse between the representatives of < Southern Interest and ourselves. If the advent of the I Great Eastern to Southern ports would tend to render temporary tuto permanent bonds; then, indeed, It would c he an object worthy of A sacrifice for the moment on el- c thertidc But we do not feel ourselves as either asking 1 or conferring a favor. If ws hope that our approach to 1 Washington may be facilitated. It needs very little to ccnvert an erratic course of the great ship to any one I port, not for one purpoae but fsr many. You know my i individual opiniims, but you must not allow them to influ- < ence you. 8. T CARRaGI, i Chairman of the Committee. a Mr. OOUOH Inquired If the coal was to be given as a gratuity? I The i'hair so understood it. Mr. Coltom did not know whether the Council had power j to do so. | I Mr. Elt.iott inquired what would he the amount In dol- < lor I. ; l Mr. GAKKirrr thought it would be about $10,000, orN i per U>n, including freight. | < The Chair thought it was a subject In which the whole ! 1 city was luicreeu-o, aa 11 would oe me rat-ans 01 opening ; direct trade w lib Europe. The fkct of the directors ; ignoring the proposition from Philadclahta and favoring the one to come to Baltimore was a matter of very great interist to tbo whole community. A commission has been engaged for man) jean in rteepeulng the channel, and have succeeded in icepening it (Tom sixteen to twenty three feet, a vessel drawing twenty two feet six inches having been brought up to this port. This vessel was tbe Empress of the Seas, (.'apt Wilson. Tbe Chair inquired of Mr. Jarrell what depth of water would he required to float the Great Eastern. Mr. jAKKirrr stated that tbe ship would draw twentyfour fret six inches on an even keel. The Ch.mii thought there would be no difficulty In bringing her into Anniip-dta Roads, and that next year she could hi- brought up to Baltimore. Mr. ii-snnna, oi the Eirst Branch, askel for more time for the Council to consult together on the proposition, wbkh was granted, when the\ retired to the committee t room. After consulting together for some few minutos they came out, and asked further indulgence in order to wait r on Mayor t-waun, which was done, when the committee | returned in a few minutes with the Mayor, and retired to an nnte room for consultation. The committee remained together for nearly an hour and Anally adjourned, under the expectation of reassembling on Monday moruing next, \ to take positive action in the premises. After a private conference of the parties it was under- . stood that Mr. Brunc would cill a meeting of the Board I of Trade, fur (he purpose uf presenting a series of rceolu- , ! tions to the Council, expressive of their sense of the importance of tbe visit of the ship to tbe Chesapeake. Cn behalf of the Oliln Railroad, Mr. Gai rett slated that the ' company would defray one third of the expense uecessi- 1 r> , whilst hia Houor the Mayor expressed his willingness to approve any bill in relattan to the matter which the . Council mightpass The Conn oil will hold an informal ] meeting this afternoon. ] NEWS FROM MEXICO. Our Cltjr of Mexico Correspondence. i MsxjCO, June 29,1860 Apparent Approaching Dissolution of the Church Party? j Miranum't Retreat on Guadalajara?Strength of the Re < tpectire fYrcet?I'acheco Trying hit Handat Diplomacy? 1 financial Critii?More fbUi ret?Jccker't Affaxrt?Atro citiei of Generalt Cobot and KvlAee? The Bobbers' Golden j Age?High Lift on the Road?The Liberals Drawing Hear the Capital?Diteontent and Desertion?Prrling for y C<mm\fort?Rates of Exchange?Rumored Etcape cf Zu 1 loaga,dc-,dc. J During the whole period of the present Civil war things have never looked so much like an approaching dissolu- I lion cf the clergy faction as st the present moment. Yas- ' terday the clergy official paper announced that Miramoa ? had been forced to fall back from before his enemy and I retire within the walls of Guadalajara. No good reason -1 la given lor this more, and the liberals have s report that ' he was badly beaten In an action on the 21st, when he lost seveD pieces of artillery and a large number of his men- ( Although this report may not be true, still there are strong 1 reasons for believing Miiamon bae met with some misfortune. | The liberals bare now a large force collected about Gas- < dalajars. and have so for behaved better than on any pre- ! rlous occasion. Ortega, a ho defeated Ram Ire*, has gone t to Guadalajara to aid his companions in crushing Hire- I moo. The liberals have, altogether, collected about Gun- ! dalaJara at least 111,000 men. some estbnatee give them i 16,000 Miratnuo has not more than half what the ltbe- I rail hare, and If they do not (asten him this lime they 1 will menage badly. ? The natlTe pro|<erty holders, artlaans and merchants, have got up an address to Juarez and Mlramon, which has ! been signed by over one thousand persons, praying for , then* two nominal beaJs of the contending (actions to 1 make pence, otherwise the an Id property holders, aril- f aans and merchanla say they w 111 certainly be ruined. * Tbls addreae la the work of the Spanish Ambassador, 8e -i nor I*acbeco. who thinks It will be listened to, and J wbo hope* to make a good bargain for the S elerg; through this device. Thus addrree, however, !| ab- * enrd, and must la all caara fad of accomplishing anything " St-Dor I'achcco la sow show Ing hie hand In doing ailln 1 his now it to advance the Interests of the clergy faction. , He has [wsaeil an absurd note to Juarez. making strong ? drmanda regarding several acta of assumed grievance against bpaoiarda. Tblv note i- reported to bv moat vio- 1 lent and ui^ust, an.1 :l In said by th? intimate friends of J Sroor I'ailncu that he I- determined to hrluK things to a u pass at once with the coast tutionnlsia We shall see Z wlial he does . In addition to the pol Ilealer la cow hra;?\l upon us, we J have the mii-fortunc of being in the midst of a financial a crisis that bids fo r tori'7 aw ay nil our heavy financiers. G Tin- house of Torre, here ore supposed to be of the very Or I credit and security, luv- given In to the pres. ire and suspended put incuts Thia ho. brought sever si small w conceras down at once, and we are now only agitated to J know w ho amongst the heavy men of the place will be w the rest. The resumption of Jrcker Is now regarded as b a InrloiL hone. Ver* few hs\e imv u?ISMin i? n>> st abilt; to pay o^ hi" fi at d.v idrnd. let alone the second, _ third and fiMirtl The effects of the present clrll war are J L'>w ' ittnti.dg t< ho foil, and should It continue for a ? >??r Iw thore will he no such a at reeled utter- Oi lit* in the countrr, ?h We hum here that that horrid S;nni*h monster, Gee * (Mot, la now devastating the fflate of Da tar a with Ore aid laord ^ ine of t i atrocities surpass belief. Neither ? ag" Dorset appear to have the alight**! Influent over J\ IbM villain H ha* l>*en guilty of aom* act" against r Spaniard* (h.aown> nu u), hut the Amba*iad>>r has, (r ao fa", bi t aeon (It (-> boite> tnem, and he will not take ^ notice ot thru it he rati aroid doing ao *' General F.ohl?? Una recently be? 0 distinguishing him- _ self lb sacking and burning up defenceless populations. ? He baa In lb1* t. anner d. atrojed several oowaiderable popular ni nea-Jalaps Thii- rump being ael by a maa . a i know ted fed to urd- retain! what rtrlllaed lite la, will J certainly be I nltated by others who do not enjoy the name <t? food rrpotalt?m Tli'? t* atmpty patting la practice aarth M rr ay *t< ra for Lurry iog up the dj lug day of Una unfortu : i 1 H From the south. beyont Cuernarara, we bear of a moat ? f'ightftil rutc of tL'iig* The conntry M aplit up between ^ th-two partie??neither twing able to sustain etrtl gor ah eminent?and arat:i>w: >dgcd r rbbert, who d t not cuun Ik In belong to a?i party, have the conntry completely to themselves. to fob and pillage whatever they like. ft For the past two Mil a party of brigand's hare dtapn- T, ted the great national highr<wd from th * to Fhieblt with y,, Ihr eat Of U, and are nor rnrampod mar AyiiUa, lews I haa ? ieven bar ,ire f'om here A small foroe, tent out again-1 A them three dajaago, shot their command lag officer and a* passed e ver to the robber* There robbers hare been nlon co <1 -r: 4 meichandtrr tia.n* by Ihr wlxilceale, ami II appear* *21 the Indue* mmti t hry N Id out for persona to join Ihom ^ are thai lh>) hare | U al/ if moo*/, women, and eham- m pacre for dinner tni YetterUay the liberal fort** nder Aurdiano oocoyid ?i Pan Atari. ami the greater portion of the F nrth reg'ineut ~~ In this city priwounted. and * not out to >?tn Inn. SV) # great i? the nrea*laeet of the clergy that tbey dare not J** attempt to make any military morrmecta, frarlng all of thetr soldier* may go off. at, A- tbIij_h Low eland, ?e hare Moreno and Parrtjal to ? a a.* J Pat buca and the IJanca de Apam, Aureliano In ftaa ? Angel (nine mile* olt), Arteaga BUtll| apon riornarnc*, V and I*.?a In Ibe pee *-mn orihe country In the direction JJJ t>f the votaaeora. Thr garr'son of this rily la dtarootented ,B' ?r,d u: htpjy, dt?pn*e1 to turn over on the Brat proroea ? l.on The ?brie Interior of the pour try, with tha barn d> rireptlon o| the apot occupied bj Miramou't army, a In V lhe Line* of the liberate, and If Mlramnn la bcalra or *>' Wrpt t.aek for a nbort epe,; longer hi* (tar nud forrrar * let In Me* loo. 7 Many of the liberal chief* In the Interior of the rnuntry P{, are d.rpufcd to go for I omonfort, and I abould not ba at ? all surprised if he should be recalled by tbem Th( k>.ceral fueling of inarcnrlty whlrh ha* taken hold (f ereeyhody ha* rent fbreigti exchange* np to blgh 11 llgure* Firbange on New York It now relllag for 16 and ll IS-, per ctol |>r? mum, and on I ondon and Par la to correap* iling rat<* Nobody alehea to rhange money la ~ >ther countr e* for money la tbla, howerrr groat the as * * hange Hit* apringa a* much from a fear M Mlramnn aa ( it inMblng the. Many believe hi will, If be *oooreda In back here,eeirr morey al.ereverbe can lad It. IT Not al all Improbable * The health of her Britannic Mijsety'* Charge d'Affcln jf' Improrlrg, and he I* grad ,al y coming around to what A<i x war a few month* Iwe.k l"r -ident Zuktaga la aald to hare earmped from lllra- gj* noc, ami la now with the liberals. V dei NTVYfr-PAPFK ACCOUNTS. F-m tb> Ne* Orleana I'ray une, Jaly 16 ) Id The mail* of the arbeocer thiffolk, (apt. Smith, from a frra (Yuc the 7th luetaal, came to hand n full Uet or .-a ng. An eTtraof the T*mfrm repeala tha rmaora men __ rr..pnor?en1, thai Aioag' 1, id naeaped liado'a rami>. an-" pror-maced in faror of tlx cob- bn itltatlonal course, atoo, that Charlea Mlramoa, brother 0 tut baPrwident, commanding lio U/iu battxliod pf the re4r?y. had C< me over to the wdc mid/. T?eeami piw ?)?o records u rumor that MtramOn haa raped from the .-ay ula tnurshc,., though with lU. lo* * tt bto art U'ery *id .ftreat pert of hit, men But thi*. ^ wouM to lack conarrnst.'ou ,U k co utte, however, agree thai his reverses bare af cteo the fortune of the President that bit talc web die iplineo ?rP>y i? d lepers'-d, and that tf he makes rood Lis scape to the capital, it will be comparatively alone, and nth the pi eetige ofti.- name very much lewened As to tbe i tberaJb, it ie said that thei no* number torn* 2.000 to If'.Ob'O me", with upwards of Oftj piec* or erUlery, and that they were preparing, So aoon aa a union ould be effected, to marrb directly ou tbe capital "Tbe uture of tbe liberal fdltv, llwwwrs," adda the letter ib most hopeful, ami without one of those ratal and eaorseen misfortunes of war, Ita speedy triumph it sure." The opening of the morning's mail put tie In poaaeaaimi if still further news from Mexico. II principally concerts* he Late movements between the cities of Guadalajaraand )uanaJ"ato, where at last accounts (June 28) Miramoa rs* closely pressed, with bat little praa|?et of eacape. It appears that after his recent double defeat, In his >wn iwrson and in that of General Ramirez, Mtramon suc eedod in making good bi^ escape to the salt marshes of ayula, where bis situatiou at last accounts was aa folowf. Wc quota from the bulletin of tbe federal army ? Tbe liberal forces, dlvided.up into guer' illa partial, comiletely commanded tbe rtxada between Miramon's camp ind tbe city of GuadaUiara, so that not even a courier at) pas? without tbe risk ol being apprrbeudrtl. M'.ranoti's friends even have but little confidence In his ln'iq iblo to extricate bimsuif, inasmuch as there ta but ono easible road leading out of the marshal, and that leads ip to the Cordilleras, which are strongly occupied by be constitutionalists. In tbe mcintime, however. Mirwmon bad raunafed to ret word not only to Guadalajara, hut to the city of Mettro also, and all the available troop* of both cities were Batching to hi* assistance. Those from Mexico were inder command of General Yoiez, and numbered so aa 100 cavalry and 800 Infantry, and hid with them twelr* deces of artII!try. At the city of Mexico the defeat of M.ramon was resctved by the liberals with great Joy, but it duel not apie?f that there was any outbreak. TKz. K..IUtU ..fakA f.J.? * ?u?cmu \n wit icucnii ?rm> roourmrs in V*ry ere terms the pronnnciamcnto of Doblado, Traeouia, VIlanrrl and others Id Northern Mexico in far or of Cotsnonfort, and their movements looking to his return. The Ptmpico pmierK copj the article with approval. The foreign representatiuet who have finally withdrawn Voni all diplomatic intercourse with the government of dlrantou, are Mr. M.ilhewt, of Great Britain; M. DeiauDde, of France: M. Wngner, of IVussia; Mr. Pastor, of iucailor, and Mr. Barrio, of Guatemala, and Deuu of Um llplomatlc corps. TELEGRAPHIC. Washi.vcton, July 32,1IM. By advices from Vera Cruz to the 7th Inst , it appeal* hat the State of Chiapas, in Mexioo, has been Invaded by i party of filibusters from Guatemala. They burne-l sevenl haciendas and returned home with a large amount of JOOtj*. Ptitonal Intelllgener. Hon. G. H. feck, of Syracuse, and Major Chilton of ths Jutted States Army, are stopping at the Aslor House. Gen I.uther Blake, and Gen. IV. II. Garrett both of Ala>ama. Col. J. P. Walker and lady, and Dr. W C Mna[rove, nil of Georgia, and Mayor Uerrett. of Washington, ). C., are stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Judge Hastings, ot Bemcia, t'al ; Capt. Woodruff, of the i'nited States Army, and 1' C. leadbeater and wife, of I'alparalso, are stopinng at the Metropolitan Hotel. Hon. George II. Jones, Tnited States Minister at Bo[Ota, South America. Judge Church, of I'euneyhania; Dr. L A Hobio, or Louisiana A. J. Center, Esq.. of California, a. W. Brocker, Esq , an t S P. Tramler, Esq-, both of florida, arc stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. C. C. Cole, Esq , o( MeIl?ounie, Australia; w F. Redling, Esq.. and George Jaquos. Esq., and son, all of Baaion, and J S. Kirby, Esq., and ladj , both of Cincinnati, ire stopping at the Lafarge llo sc. Hon. R. J. Ingrrsoll, ex Minister to the Court of Russia; Professor Twining, of Connecticut; James B Parcels, 3sq., and daughters, of Ohio, and Mrs. Holcomb and laughter, of Washington, I>. C., are stopi .ng at the I'nioa Place Hotel. Madame I'revego, A. Despeches. J. Saulnur. Mrs. C J. Demj'Ster aud Mrs. T J Wood, all from California, are [topping at the Everett House. Senator Douglas and wife are now at Saratoga Springs, shere they will remain lor a week or more, and aftersards visit friends In New England, and al.-o visit New?rt. He w ill not go to Western New York to visit his nother and relatives there till the latter part of August. Among the visiters at Sharon Sjirlngt, N. V., are Ex resident Van Burcn, John Van Bui en. Gov Morgan's amlly, Judge Ellsworth, of Connecticut; Judge Bos worth, if New York; Mr. Meredith, of Baltimore, and family, Mr. it. ucorgr uamporu. ni ruiladelphia. Mis. N. p. i.ilpta, te-tlov. Brad ah, wile and daughter, Mr*. l%uiel Webeter, ludge and Mrs. Kent, (Jov. Se\ moor, of Connect.rut; haacellor Faros worth, of Detroit; Mr*. Forsyth, of tlhany, and daughter. The Lonaoa Tahiti, after cootrad.ct ing the rumor of Um leath of of Cardinal Wiseman. eay- ?We are unable to re>ort that new* has arrived of any marked Improvement n the condition of his Kminence. The Cervrio Mrromlil of Rio do Janeiro, June 5, has be following ?Testerday was burled In Nitheroby, Mr. harles Itlbej rollea, the conscientious and eloquent writer >f the IlhutraM HratU (ftra*H Pittorace) tlx lied from franc* for hi* Independence of character and constancy a principle after the covp J'fiat of December '62, the |{. uatriouB com |-union of Victor Hugo desired to beoomo icqnsinted w Ith countries wherein was true political IIierty, and after remaining a while la I/rodua paid a rtilt to Rio. Democracy has lost, by '.he death of thta nan, one of its most shining lights, and flrazll one of her noat sincere admirer* Some worthy countrymen of big ere unremitting In affording him every necessary relief, md, to the last moment, showed him marks uf the great t esteem and respect _ LO,T AMD FOiniD. ^ f OfT?HKTWKKX 3 AND t O'CLOCK OX HL'NDAT. Till Li JMIml between Rn'ta end Ray Ridge, s foil's Revolver. ?< floder Kill he liberally rewarded by testing K ruber at hhn J. HeoueU'a, Bay Rutge. or at 66 Ifaaaau alreet. room S. [ OfcT?OX FRIDAY KVIXINO BART. II BLOCK!B U auwet. a large Shawl ITn. marked ' If returned to tarda 7 rreaacme. no. f Spruce street, a liberal reward rill be eald. - ' r out?a thread un vett., on going from Li Twentieth atreet down It road way to Hpnu atreel. A rai-rd of $5 ?ill be given U returned to No. 47 Kaat Twentieth lir?L Lort-a rti.ver watctt, in jones- wood; tt wasan old faahamrd Mirer watrh, a pram to the adrer?fT. A liberal reward will ba given by returning It to iba ? uer. at SI I Rionor atreet. aerood floor. r okt-on hatlrdat. jclt a. in seventeenth L4 atreet. between F' unh and H-rimd arenw a, or in a Four* rent* otanil na. a Udi'a nld Vateh. Chain and barrta, ?atrh No 1.1T2 V ili.-o Majpnln A Oae-lln, makerm. lenerw. A libera! rew ard will be given by returning u to ISA aat Be* rider u lb atreet, Htuy\ raanl aq-iare. r CWT-A 0OU> WATCII. I HAIN AND CHARMR GO_J log from the h-uof 'ba hill, ihla ai le of Maiihiaa Gooderai'a, to hla b?<el at Fluahing A Mbarai reward will be giraa > le.urig it with Mr. Gmdrraoa, Floablng, or at No. JJ Fine real, binrh room. New York. ' OBr OB STOI.KN-ON Jt I.Y 17. FBoM THE PAR. Jiurefleldof D D. White. Raw Wliliamabarg, a bay Colt, I'h ?ae White fia t and a while-aoot no tba forehead Tha Mler will ho libera'l r rowarded hi returning hint t11 ha UB raigred. or any one who will gt<a any tatormaUon of Ma beraabutiU will receive the reward. JfllN n MAUN, l.V areone A. K T. ufONKY ON THCR8DAT MORNING 11 laat between an and ae>en n'rliep, while going froai k aafi ferry, Wl.:ume>'Or|, lo thn Krie Railroad dejx*. ertiapa tn a carnrge Liken at tha corner if Broadway mm tiairhera atreel, Park' a Porlnrw mate eonUlnlng between AM id A70 in find Tlte finder wli. be Literally rewarded by laarg the aame at he Herald ufioe. RRWiRDN. 1 MRKRAI. REWARD WII.I. ME tllVKN To THM L Anderof a Mi iiiiracdnm I1- ok, w hii b * ia lot) oaSi'.ur 1> niglit. the t>al ln?t . In c Ana frnni Mendea' aalnna to the Plena Hi nae 8*td m* m rand' -n hong eoolatned oarda, with "W 'a name, I. ' I. O " i - eing n. -m irau 1 . wn en la >?nl?h Apply at the n?ee of the Bterena Bonae 1 RBW4BTV?1/WT. IOIMU>AT. t itrNcn or I imill k f 1 t/*. tber with a ?t?el rhaia TWi ?iTf reward ,.nd the tl...nk?of the owner will be guru (or rr return U< V7 M , len lure up Malm r Rirwt RD ?strAYRT> OR STOI.RH OH TncsnAt. if 17 ?* . I r *7 I - ? v - T Kill 1} one nuiir-rur* the ?uin U> lb*1 abate aunlwr, wIL. rector* p rf?anl and thanke <4 Ike onoer, 5RKW A RD ? IJ'AT, OH SUNDAY, A RMAU. Bl.At* and tan On* rntpp-l Htn. hnrt tall, mm) a leather I llnr arrum.1 Hi* sack *W?f?r will return him to IIS Soul* ret. rball receive i he above reward r RRWARn.-IJWT. OH FRIDAY. JBTH INBT.. A ?7 V. tt'.e ranarv Bird finale' whenever will return ulk d to HI Weal Yhutt drat auwet, wii. receive the thon ra ird. 5RFWARP - I.D-r, oh MONDAY hyhhino. thh lt?b nt July, gold itoal Onrnaliaa Hlnae aad part to % aia Mounting tad Ji Ut Ring The abo.r r???l will ha to idl yl. ? n, at R.j < r C R-.a. t ore, to Fjgtoy ?ttA eet oae done Wen to Third are;, .a. 1/1 RF.Vt t Kit - Id PPT, OH t.AWT THURSDAY. BIT 11/ taeen Tweniv aevea'k and Twelfth etreeaa aad I'tnh I PMBtli aaeuaea, ? Taper R?ll. rcntalnlnr Ml la la I ta and Id The al-.te reward will lie paid m the dnder <to r.' ura[ It to Mary Malnure, 7> FMiha.ct a. A RKWARD-UttTOR NTOI.RN, ON SATURDAY. It" July tl, from a carnage. while flag frvra Ha 7 at Jrntu atr?et - Hit Feerl aireet. a Trunk > er?.t wttli 'tie raneaaa, marked Aaaaatn Floeew The above MtoMH II be paid no return to laid trunk, aad an i neat tuna naked, apt-Dinf ?t l<n ('earl toraat, up autre, or at IJt O.olito tea lltary atablr POBTIIA. ~ F.I1ATTA A RK'IATTA Will T A K I' FT.\t'K AT p Olen Orvre, on Wedneaday, July 2.V al I n'rlnph F. If Rat all brwta ender thirty one (eat. TV rare to ba twenty ? Ihr P'l lea-a a>r. |,< a'rttrfe; Ihertne toreet at 9 Deiareej atr? , y |i, F.. . th wreto. 9. tbirt; aeaett'h toreet at ISc t Inrfc. landing ?l Waiutonae. > 1 aland and New Rorbclle. Care rtuh way, 0 rewto iflAHrTR BTTI-RR HO S FRY HI.IF, HAH torgwto aad rbtonto aaanrtmeol to Itowa la the mHI^WW ? ?* toork Htn FN ft tafa Me Mange ttora aad Ftoa lerminatnr Ik eenta ?r/ NJt.e D r* htaardad. trwtaed. Aw vice gratia. <|R AMI I '( ! \: l.'tt 11T, TWFHTY irHFFFVT lure II fee* beam, mpper ftoueaed, aad to atlfbeenld rbeap ae the owner hat aa !! " t*? bar. IreaaR I- ( H.ndoto e. or PAI.F?A f>< RFW STHAHHHOrRIJ*" ?f SOurw bnilt ihia at.rowrr. for partiewtora ?FFl/ to ATf n?f .* AM v r? A AI T TAI I" OB ? '* m;,, trJzzv ..

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