Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1860 Page 5
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WORE ABOUT THE METEOR. feeca tva r?? 04 rifl> ?? ?* Ira to Mali, *m4 tv*" Traj to ?? Mk tttonH at Ike **? fc| toe iatoMiaati tf Tea W*toa, fce., * ? continue to receive d?ecrlptlor> of the ea>e%?rdi Wry and at; *otric run w that y -?ed through the 1iMiru oa Kmlay evcuiu* laM, from all ill remote; Wherever M?o the brilliant *eem? to bare at Crafted tuiueuaJ attention m well aa admiration. Ail who wttaeaard iu lightning apeed throigh the heavens reigretted ?u departure twlow the eattern hortz-tu, it *u, la fact, oae of the moat brllllatit eight* of lHflo, ami one that had not boon -num. rated la the eenaatioo programme for the year, ami l>a? therefore taceu everybody by aurgtrlae It waa, although uneipeouwl, aeeo over a large ei<et>lofoouato at the aame time; the inhabitants of a t*4i of country four hundred mile* iu width aaw It at the aaaae time, aad each imagined it within a few bun drtd feet from th?m. TO TBI BDITOH OP TBI BBBALO. Autajtr. July 21, I960, the brllllaat meteor aeea by your xirreepundeut at Brooklyn waa aeon at thla place hy several pereooa. One anember of my family raw It rtae from behind a bank of Jow clou da, near the point where the mooc had art Be thought it the Ore or a balloon at tint, hut aeon the light Craw more luirnae. and when nearly due couth Ihe nuoieua bum, and presented a moat apieuuid d <play. two pnn Olpal (rifiMl*, each followed It; a tram of kgbt, and not more than tw? degruo* apart, pursued an easterly cow, while at thett'eUuice of about right or lot degress BeveraJ tmaller fragments, l<aa br itiaot than Urn drat two, followed in a straight liii? east, with a fault train of light I waa anting id the portico of toy dw lllng. wbicb faces the east. My attention waa attracted by (lashes, like faint lightning, which ?rre visible two or three tim>w. I ruao, walked to the north rod of the portico, to look northweat for the cauae of th a* flashes. Nee ng ootbiug, t turned t?o the eaat, and ib. r. aaw tbat quite deep aSkdows were Cast by object* near me in the yard, failing towards the '!v>rth. I at once i?-?'etved the cauae in the light uf the meteor aa above described. I Crat aaw it Juat under the nouliiern alar autorra, or about 27 degreea ah >ve Ibo br.riaoo, and pur>uiii? a liue nearly horizontal it passed vader the piaaet ttara (which it greatly egoeeded iu brilliancy), son continuing Its course towards the east, it finally disappeared, while yet some eight or ten degreea ; above the bur mm as persons in Brooklyn. looking north, ssw this object rise in the west and proceed In an easterly direction, and as in Albany it waa seen to tba south, wo can conclude that the objeot really paused between Albany and New York, and we shall doubtlesa ttnd accounts from those who ssw It directly over bead, or passing from the west ,through their smith to the asst. "dwd taac t" note the hour and minutes, tfld fo Uie meteor feted out a? &T minutes past nine. I taw during the evening sere.*V Small tae!eors, and tho number must have been Vvry great, as two werC nol'rve<1 ho past the He'd of the comet seeker in the odurse of aL"m0 AwesSy minutes. In mae we admit the meteor to have passed, as It probably did, about etity miles south of Albany, its elaratl m must have been about twenty-seven miles; and li case It was set on Are by entering the earth's atmosphere, st such aa elevation. It would have passed through about ?70 allies uf simnepbere, and, as I estimate, with a rein city of ah am tea miles la ons second of Urns. Should Any person have seeo It tn the smith, the locality where It was thus seen will euable say one to oompute reugjtly >,. .I--.! 1,.., -H...,. ? urlh ft If It TH1 PBKfOlONON AT gTFFAhO. It nd? IK (|i(irviuii'? tl Bufltlu, V. Y., at halfpaet u iuo o'clock, and la represented u being reddish iu hue, with a lUmr of fire fallowing in tin wake, travelling in an even and BBKoib motion tow?rde the eantera horizon, and din Appeared la forty eenoude. THK WONDXE AT ROCHESTER, fTVom the K? "heeler Union, July 21 ] I net evening July 3D. at half pa* I nine, a splendid taeteur pawned over thia city Re loureo oraa north of west, tm or Ofleeu degrnee to aiuth of east, and about thirty degree# eoolh ot the zenith. By a g'-ulloman at Off*!en it era* aeeti ? h u lownrda the horizon and hod tli all Ita nwne. and It* motion eeetned slow hi him, a* ft was coming tosarda him, till it approached the high ret point above the horiaoa To him and to many In the etty M m-eami to he a Urge hall on fire, and IU train to be mode up of eriiti'lelli'U* of lire, and th-ae, aa tboy Dew <D. priwnteo varum* light*, an white, red and blue It wae above the rjouu* a* It panned behind thetn. Be ore it dita/poeared near the. omtheod quarter tl termed to eophde (mi the principal perl patted n* Maag are conjl deni thai an rophevm like that ef a cannon vmu heard by CAem Jrmr mmiit't njter Thin would make lie dialauoe enter than Aft) miles. The light wna npleudidly white end highly Intcnae nod Illuminating. rra ArrKARAXCi in htracusb. It area nern at 8? mrure tw.-nly minutes befbre ten o'clock where It wee at ilmt lurked aa a eky rocket or eume pyruteohotcai dinptoy. The hand of Iho meteor, an aero at that plane, wae about the ?lii of a common water pnll, emitting a brilliant light, with small babe following la lie fell like the tali of e nsnot, but rreemtling the nparke from a large rook t. The Syracune S-andard Of the AM Bay* ?We thought the head of the meteor wae m t?te Nee light, aud the email hall* that followed clme'y (I He trail were of a fiery red color, hut others with whom ere have couvetaod think the head wae a while light and the ball* red. The meteor wan noiseless, and ?h>< along aprarent'y about the name height from the nactli until it flnmilv dieaoueared from view In the eaet. lid w* auppueed it had tailou U> the earth or faded out. AT (MITMM). A kptoodid meteor panted directly over the city oo Frl day enemy, a few mioutea pant nine o'clock, and vu nrttaeeaed by many ciliriu The celeetial waode-er Orel appeared (a the ?mt, and traeelled rapidly in a Meade cuMirae acroae the beaveo*. dually disappearing through Ute ol<Hid* to the i-aeiern eky. The body *w followed by trail 4 Ire similar in that of a riakel, and emitted a tnwerfal I let it lie diniei ima* an re varto isly est maud y "heart ere from Urnee of an eighteen-pounder to a IVkban *h?t WB4T IT LOOKED Ltll AT CTICA. The eptrailm me**.* id tta rapid j?un?ey arrived at Ctlra at fine*-* minute* before t?a (he I'tica ftldgrayk giv e the following detcni'i inn of its appearance?the hoaveaa ere iliumiaate*! by a me ** of ettraordiaary else, which vhea Br>t eoi t, wae la the southwestern h-irooa, travel!lay aurtb i f m?I ui a eery deliberate manner lie appareat urn baa onen variously ?Mimat.-i by dlC'oraot Cm < ebo saw it, to bar* beea from that of a maa'e to that of a fuii not at rt?iag. A* far ae wo MB tafl It w?* n^auied with ?ta; ai aiy rate wa bee -d Doae It war many earned* la passing over thin city, lb us It appear- d ati.ul the iter of tbe on am wbea la toe AnoiUi, >he norle r or heed being of a Spheroidal f irm, and rationally ibr->aiay off masses of are, aa It were, wmob streamed alter it quite enailar to tbe tall of a Comet At timer IPe appeared to fall froii It, like meited tree (mm a ladle, at other limee It took the appearance of a dam lay i?wo moving through the air, and would for a mrti b? hidooa from by Inter ending niem of cloud, only to mappaar with V greater brllhar.rj At laat It disappeared from ' (air yaea whea about tweoly degrnen above the boritrio, behind a bank "I clou I*. The nlyhl ayi-wre to bare been particularly favorable to meteoric pbeuooieua (n Abe early part id the ev. mog ahootiag alar* wero vletble, ?a>d about twelve Vidua* we mw another meteor, about the star of a oopcaidit, moving ea?wrte, but of a numb mc*pdp Qtdor that, (he t' t Varieue were th.' remark* made wtieo the h?w veajy T H" let ?m paeeiog Home (bought It to be a hai *<or., titer* that there wa* a lire and iui? man, walking a.iu (V.i-u Keating, in i?lliig the toiler'* attention to It, sail. '"'bub, sec bow fa?l th? Bmhmi'* coming I" TUM CffLMTlAL WOKT'sH V|h|T|S(I OIK WtTffRtMl (Tree tha Saratoga R pubm-aii. July II ] About l?a o'ckck la*' ui*ht, a m-s-o*. winch atari*, bowl thirty f?n fr 1. Iia p...tia<l, in ib-- vu r? p in ul Una rtllaf*. u.< a. *r u>r i\ raxiraa, anil anally Wiw miii* ? arw tha of|*a i<i?iii? crowaO*. It r?w*?hlo< ? laf(* roottat, Mil fNMBMS a t?u*t btmuliral appaar aw ni MirsoftM-Ax rmoiuiico* m rtmarirk I kia. n>a c u?nn* nf th* capital of tta* Kcy?t.<ii<? Slat" It* wtmAar a few ii.unit** before tan oVm*. The liar rtabtwf HfcWpt aaya ???<i? of lti? lar*. ?t ?ul m .a1 ( nil ai l mrtaii? *. tiara arm t?oa? p*?v l ?w?r Utla ct ly. It a*atn*d lib** ball of ?llrar lira (pyr laohtiral 7 ap- okmi.l about * ghi or ?*n iucn ? t?? diameter. I pa* atowly b >r'">t<tally on it* o.nwnn tnroivl tb* air. amntin* a Bi. H'Tlr.t ?iaoe Th* ma.a body wa lanunoiatat/ f"lTo ?*! iia a rlrai*bl Una by three or but matter ait.*) hali*,M a boautitiil jraon reel, arvl the* pan. wara fntl??~t bra train of iiali*, of brilliant r> r r ...all. * artniu . i. i, "tIii* ?i* .t or P a, > i. b ? *ra dually * u nit arn.ll.-r, until notbiD* apte-af?l The on p!?\ l*.t*u an I i n .o>n la, anl iia b? ai ly a i- " >"( Aii.t *n<*tiy a.tmiia>l br a iaa*a lumbar of o ?r ri? icna all < whom Oa**la*aO that it war lha p(Mli?tl right ? tb* ktml thai i>?*r ?t|rart*.| tl ur no.. ' How u * tlful I" waa ttia acclamation nil ora l by i-sorra a bo J?a *??' fortooa to wnnaaa thla aff.rt 'uf* tr,'_ up a tratollout py rotor hale diaplny. * jiow a Arrpoop TW m ?>; wor-crAnm. * . in m.tror - 1 .t'la, Jaiy SI, 1M0 ,'a^iru Ti ! r,hBt aboct 4? ? Kt'iy vwr, ^ ^ ESliSrj lha a*y which waa at orat .n^, ? ^ ^ -iSXzrfSHi .??b^u ' that of th- mm j?, TTT r?r>T?5 wpW'y M I ahwdlly fre ? ^ T ll?- ?at. a* naart aa ro?i i b* oWr*t n . '?* '?t'r"rH ,h" mo,lrUl''?, In tha , * * uot of Aliwtown or tb-iManaja Tbo b?.{ of Ur* or-. uaa fb||. a .-.l l y a 11 win ,f llir.M ..tli. *.rnw, f.u v t.ow, all inWoml) orll'buit, an.l rarh aoonmoanl br a atrtam U fl-tto" iw ai*rl? In tho rw?r Hi la man n' 1 tpi?riu .1. *.? I i ,' ' 1'i-lr a run nt?, in t f. mnn try It u.. at I. . ' m ? ' ' ) m-mli i.<is( ,r ' a* **? ?r at!r<?!oaw, I !"" *traorAUmt/ imtoat ui i**t rri-uy u.^ht, nay* i - 5 H ltun?r? I'alrfi of Jul* tl, mwde Its appearance betweift i nlnmud t?o ?'i-turk, the beaveua wet* illuminated by a meteor of extrsordinary size nud remarkable brilliancy. Jt was cotu|<ueed apparently or t wo distinct balls of flr? ' .* .i?? 5' *w-i.?aw o? green tint light. It traversed u!ltlvV?,L.'alow'/ tft a ftoatbwMritri) direction, carting ?1' tm? upon roofcof the buddingi wr which it nu*<<i, a gito *> itr^ig .* ?*> ??*?? "> upon Si Uioee who witnessed It that a ?re *M r*f'n* ' tf50 vicinity The phenomenon attracte-. veoeral attention, an tbf most brilliant meteor which ha* ri?iU*v V1'8 c"y 10 many ) car*. w DOW IT AITOlRKD AT 00$ NATIONAL i AftrAJL. | [from the Washington iJw Jul) 21] At half pa?t bine last night a mcUs.^ appeared in tod uortfleaal. at an elevation of about loo above the lioriaou It moved through a descending paw1 to tho oast noithoaet, aon faded away ui the clouds It ooii'dhttod of two bodies, each aa bright as Wow, when close tho 001 earth One followed the other so cloaely aa to make them " appear like au immense chain shot. It lasted about > W( thirty n courts, and was aeon by Ore or six others at the same time, each one remarking Its being divided into 81 two parts ocl AS 8KXK AT NOftPOLX, VA. pi( In shape, the meteor, aaya tho Day Hook, resembled two dumb lu lls, and were of exceeding brilliancy, and starting from a northwest direction, continued at an In- Tb li'trprtlxtuobU apeed towards tho east, In the oourae gu dropping one by {one the balls of tho imaginary belli ui til nothing was loft but a m to speck, which quickly d leapt wared from view. We make no pretensions to aft- pll trouomlcal lore, and therefore hazard no explanation of el, this singular phenomenon. We uotlood also thai In the directum ft am which tba meteor started a formidable **u looking cloud bad banked up, which immediately dm- sot persed when the meteor left its vicinity. roi Til* T*AC*8 LKFT AT BmilHILL, TTK* OOCJiTT, P*KN. to TBI KOmil OK Tin mauiD. * New York, July 23,1840. ^ A friend *u with me whew I observed the meteor'? first etc appearance on the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pike count/, ^ Pennsylvania. When first seen it appeared as if com Lag i from the northern hemisphere, and was directing Its fllt course eastward. Itfaasu mod a red hue, which afterwards B) changed into a fiery green, throwing behind It a long OT trail. This color It bore until It arrived above our heads. w* when It prtceeded on Its route, but dropped at about hair Pu a mile from where we were standing, causing a terrific explosion. Our curiosity afterwards led us to the spot where this ex|di?k>n took plane, and on our arrival there M>" we discovered a round bole In the ground, which appeared to he free from any loose earth around it; the hole Itself raf looked to be very perfect, and resembled that of a cannon if ball that might hare b?>en burled there. It was about ft"4 one foot in depth, and nine Inches in Hamster, and the ?d piece about it was unusually hot. We law no remains * of tne meteor, and b?lng then Ignorant of the pbenome- 0,i< non, we came to the oonc'usion that it bad beeu a hall of 0,1 fire On the night previous ?o eheerred a number of vivid ml northern lights, which were variegated In color the same thl as the rain bow. When w? first saw the meteor It was 84,1 about half past nine o'clock at nlsbt. f,u AM(*i l-EKlfl, D., L. & W. R. R. M. ITS arriARANCW AT WILMINOTON, Dili. "J to Tits aorroa or thx hskklo. u? WiLxmorox, Del., July 21,1840. On reading Saturday's lis said I saw a notice of a curl- ^ ous atmospheric phenomenon last night. You speak of It at, as If It obm contlued to New York city and Brooklyn, but 1 am hap>y to inform you that little licit ware had a snare th also. At about a quarter to ten o'clock, myself and a per- t. ly of others were si ting on tie steps of a farm house in pr Newcastle county, talk tug of the stars, he , when sud- fw dealy we saw a brilliant light, of a W tiah color. In the an heavens, appar> ntly over the northwestern part orthe city re of Wilmington (when we use the word city here wo do p, not do as the Pmladelphians?when they speak of their tl] city they do not say Philadelphia, but thee ty, as If It n wwe the only one In the country), Tho light Usui look u an oiate'lt Co rue, and a few momenta after its Oral ap- m burst, and then with a long row of bulls of fire, proceeded ftom our enlightened United skates and dtsap fe tieared U the foraaken land of Jersey. If wo tan'l have u Japanese and Greet Etaterns (and it appears that Phlla- ft) delpbia caii'l have any Great Eastern either i la this small K puce uf laud, we can have a big light occasionally. NEWCtfrUK, - TWO BCKDKRD and WTT lOt-KS Af (J|Ia. n oT^ir^ '** <rf Uje British schooner Achiever, ftom ti UwrtT Jw^T-'h/w "* 1,10 M >wln* report -On the a, f"f,D'-h^. 'wlvit, nt half-past nine o'clock, Int. 2 ST io ?u??^ra w A ta?\t90r' " r0*? 10 th? west. c| uaaiiig to it N.k! It had the' o light, but Soon parted. carryUig after Jl ? beautiful t tail of light. It remainC^ 4,1 sight shout twelve lalnutcg r| and appeared quite near. THB nsw COVCOHJ1 The July rumber of fHlimtm'i S?*."*** ***** 000' Ulna several articles on the meteor wv. * P*"*'1?** & aoutbeaatern Ohio on the 1st of May last. PT1*- ? Anorews, of Marietta College, gives drawing* o? several ft oi im pieces wmcn came anwn near new wow , ? i ? clud ng the great Itooe weighing 103 pound*. Mt td In he cnbinet of thnt Institution. Thin I* declared to be the largest meteorite existing In an un- Ct broken hum In any cabinet. The tnain explualoi which accompanied the fall of thane no a loo en wan beard over an area of 160 miles In diameter, o? and kok place oror Noble county. Prof. E. W. trans, at of Ma te la College, giro* computation* respecting the meteor, In which he abowa (from tia varying aititu to, re- H loe.ity, *c , at aeen from diffcreut plarea through open- (. ing* in the clouds), let, that tbo direction of ita path wua northweaterly (about 42 degree* weat of north), O pausing over the eastern part of Washington county on ft the Ohio river; then over tee interior of Noble county; then over the aoutbwaatern corner of Guernsey county U and the northeastern corner of Muskingum county; 2d, |i that the height of the meteor above the earth waa about di fbrty miles as H rroeard Noble county; 3d, that Ita rate of motion waa about tour milea a second; 4th, that Ita t? diameter waa about five eighths of a mi a. The evidence pi collected by him goes to ah >w thnt the main body oi of the meteor panned on beyond the district on which the atooee fell. This accords with cl the commonly received theory that these atony m meteor* are email aatellilea which revolve la th Irregular orb Ita about the earth, and occantoually coming ti with In the limits of the atmosphere, become highly heat hi ed In consequence of their great velocity, and tnrow off tb *i me fragments, which fhlT to the gr wnd. Profess >r Fran* says:?"Aa the aky in the neighborhood of New n? Ooccord was overcast with clouds, the mala body of the tn meteor waa not aeen by tbuao who witnessed the (all of fr the fragmeoU; but the aouuds, aa beard by them, first L; proceeded from the zenith, and gradually receded loaards the southeast This seemingly contradictory (bet agrees Tl perfectly wttb the hypothesis that the course of the me- sc teor waa northwesterly; For since It approached with a pi velocity greatly exceeding the velocity uf sound, the ex h plnetotis which occurred last must have been the first heard." a chemical analysis of the meteor la added by 8. M. Johnston, oft bahoctoa. Ohio The principal Ingredients la it are allien, protoxydeid Iroo, magneru, iron, alumina, ai nickel nod sulphur. Ho give* Ita specific gravity aa 3 641T. tn rower m California, f fFrom the Sacramento I moo. June 26 ] w There Is greet reason to believe thai the prv nt generation ot men and wotnua are not alter ah to be d eep laiinled In Uielr expectations of witnessing the return of the great oomet i?f 1334, last seen in 166* when Charles ( V. was Emperor of Germany, and,from that monarch's appreb nswms on the event, aometimc* called, by bin n. Dame There Is now visible In the nottbwest quarter of m the heavens, still low In the horizon, however, one of thews remarkable vtal'ers. which, so (hr as It haa been u obnsrvod, appears to answer the description of the tomet of Charles V II was first aeen two or three evenings since, but inly made out with any approach to accuracy on Friday evening Pr. Is<gaa, < ( this city, J, then observe*! that It aiood at nine u clock about die degrees above the borlsou. that its nucleus or head waa n near the alv of a star of the third or fourth magnitude, m and that its tall stretched toward the xenrth. rover ng aa apparent space of thirty five or forty degree* Inst evenlog It was fiirlher ohaerved, and tv-caax an object of r tntosealaiidadmiral -n to hundreds of our citizens whoso . attention bad lie* c called hi it in the I nwn. , When the comet of IMt. known as I>uaat;'s comet, an peared. It was at (IrsI supposed to be tbe Illustrious visiter of three centuries In-fore, and so announced to th* (1 Pari* press, from which we copied The error wua very ^ pardonable, because ita return the very month (iteplim tier, lkM) when tbe stranger became visible had been irredK'ted by one or two eminent astronomers If. M Homme, of the Ni therlands. had calculated Ha appearance csau iKj o i Aiiriix ?if t h?t v#?j?r ft tlun AiiiNiarpd in th* um quvrw U the In-even* wbere I tie Char lm V. cnm-t M became vielMa. Arid tllhmwb It did n?t equal In itiar the latter, all who m< it will ln*r rn ord to 1U urpaaaina m\|> ?l) u<l apletidor an a crleetial pheooI tIl? D<>ti It waaflmt wttMMad lOtbM !*taU about the 1Mb > of mptember, end dunppaared oti Um 171b of lire caauU^ month The comet of 1364 bar Horn ft|mri?d for tho tMt* or four )e?ra, iu ikmri.u having 1m An calculated and it* ritMiprttmOOa* predicted hv half * coieu diflrrrnt m I Irooomrra. no two of ah-iro appear to tiara exactly *gr??1 The UiArulty ha* Nan to unit* upoo the a I art amount of retarding form to wbtrh It would be . -utyoctrd from the plat, te along It* orbit, Hal ley whore r famong calculation* and prophecy in connection * lb tb? , r. iurn of comet named after him, and rrmemh?red as , am< oc the iwet m arte I l.wm trinmphn of vetrouormy? doubly wotd'rf'il when the ini|>crr? t a late of tv artoom, and maana of oak-ulatino at hi* day are taken Into ar iocrt?ha* left no record mmilarly preelne and "mphat ic avowal of hia faltb In I be return of the 1364 on-?etduring a year and a month named. We ha?? not at hand tb* re r reed to nbovr Um month m hen it wan prodietnrt to *pt*?r, but the y?ar r.*Ri?* by the foglinb mrniiuaw W tb* I >rar of our I wd IW) Should tht? prodiutlori be rerytod, and the unmet now la ?i?bt be HttntiOed m the one wbieb. wWw <e?e by CbaHea l V . ?* pronounced i<f him aa gnrUnt of h* death, and I which lr 1334 ?n?ar >d * truth wt a herald of the death of I "eye I I bail IV paeahg relief ygbt on tbeday he died, II will raubunh the dune of iUiyy abo*? all ?*tmn-?n*r* thai ever lived. Nor w\tl * h* without He ?lg aircam r-#?rd<?l art aa -men?which It wlM very mrnly h? ? kiufoiie?h-r*eh*d< wing ?ome mighty eveol in I . the pi ?* *! w rId It certainly Odn?? nmi'mug f I * 1 oohjuertii*! wUh tha decline o( tb4 r?, U power, a?d i I popular exiperetlthui will ant he Km; la ooc.o? ttng f * J 'I"aad in ve w Of lira (hlliogh alUi ofU.eiWae'jt )v 1 regarding lire app-tfaac* of the "eperlrd * '*?.*** d awful trtlHg %hd a *r>lemn warning. Tu th e*, boweear * Upon wbnw the traditionary terror* of cum H (all w| h no rlfcct, and who c*a en)ny *unb ilrttt, an opportunity will he given of wltneaatng a far grander and more mkp>*tng rpr ftacle III Ml the comet of IMg afforded. Accord tug to htntorjr, the comet o 1364 (and which Hind con b-nded we toe muo* Men In 871) premmtad tn* appear awe of a "vary Urye and seaniiftil a?nr," and on tu nevt '* retnra (IMAj, it ?iini>iired a toil "over a hundred 4*, yre*g tn length " lie fieirge tr 11M la d . ritw.l gg * "thre-gh Virgr, aod Burton. taut Uie pale of tb* *".*v*nn ??' 1410 *'<Tbt'?a and hbaeiofien " To render tb) '.deotity of Jf the retort d i* *mn lcen a realtor of lou'd lt 4,,,^,* in the name tm ulh that II wa* tort la LfA lb, chnvilrlea n rw*-ord?m? thai It "panned ila ? im 41 ?( ^ >"?" I?UiHgrarr. Tbe raited nuten1 ?to?;u frigao- !to?m'irhanna, #u" ._ not at ihe Hrinblyq ',*vy Yard haa been ordered " _ drpartnn nt to be hJ ,h? I6 h pr,i4 ?e? j'JS, . '*rrj':jL"e **',,v "p ,mi " r% *? * 1 M* w'*> ?? ^uaaroa I EW YORK HERALD, T1 DUB BUUiCATIOBAL QKSTlTUTiOHB. commencement WKKK IN TALE. Of* Nil UAVlK Nwr fUr*., Jtt1' ? 1W*' jMl M< jMM M Him Cup?W\M vV ^ W | Doing in College?Yak Oymnntium and trmiy?Ri*d*V j UdM t/if Hanard Bap?Si wnuk ProiUmt and Poetry| The Meteor Among Ok Tmnfxel?Tit Yale tinmumalic | Collection?Tie Medical and Scientific l^partmcnU? Tke Baccalaureate Sermon?A 3tn<U 7 VewpA i\e Ccnet ry? Monuments to the Dtad?Th* College Bn/dUa, di Ihiui-mg Oi Mitinpai# the rush so character iatlc of mmencenu.'N week at New Haveo, hod boon hand to 51 bo culminating' ?f beauty had loveliness, ef which > 60 often read in the newspapers mi being hi ito height this stage of the earth's progress round the sun, I bad ly to rpeah fbr lodging on board the Troretter, lying st ir No. 26 Cast rirer, aod after h meet refreshing night's t had ride, awake to Ond tay?eif is the City of Kims. I New Karen Lie use I* Just the place tor s reporter ring coinmenceaMBt woek. Almost undor the very mIow of Yale, tt commands n has v.ew of U>at long o of clastic brick and the frollcn ef Yaleslans, whose jberance of youthful Are make the elms ring with ghler or song, litre even tbo uninitiated can get nothing of an idea of college life an J its weary tug jiine. -'The clock thai hides lU honest face among the na" leUa the hour and the minute whea the hell, iitb clanging, clattering tongue," aeta running from h ball, trod "by the great mea who bare been here lb re ua," aad along each atreet throngs or aaxioua ideate, a wanning m crowds on the College Ore* n, and to disappearing within the walls of the o d Lycoom and i older Alhtueum, to their respective recitation rooma. rtiat Interesting eotertainment, ttguraitvely styled a tattoo, between king Sol and t)ueea Luna, honored i i rrlval. Uh, ther arialng from thia laocled flirtation, from Its Importance, aatronooicnlly, theCtUrg* Green dotted ail over with upturned races, peering through ?ea ofamokod window giaaa. The sages monopolized p obaerratory. [he change# made in the order .of exercises at Yale, at a laat commerce meet, have given a new character to lege lift. Looktt-g back from the pteeeut, even no th?r than one year, the transition ?< ems a* auddet aa civilisation, by a coioeeal stride, had bruujent us down >m the feudal Itmua. The very thought uf being shockout of otu 's dreams at such unseasonable hours aa la formerly the " way we bad at old Yaw," masse e lancy those times of morning and eri uiog pray i to be tradliiouary, "rhapel rushes" some anci.-ut itb, and that the disgraceful conduct ootinec>ed with s old chapel services were the sacrilegious rltee of me far off barbarous age. Students now hare break it a 0 30 A. M., prayers at T 30 A. M.. recital! >n at 8 A. , a here formerly prayers were attended at 6 30 A. M., i-itatton immediately after, and brtaklaal at 7 A M.,and ch appetiUel Chapel exercises, oily one each day, are w a bat they should be. The new gymnasium opened last February has exerted ameliorating tnUueuce upon college life and college cuania. This is an institution that has long b jeu a deciderurn, and now that wt> have ooe, second to none in the untry, as acknowledged on every hand, while heartily unking the corporation and those members ot the Kaculwhoae energy has given us such evidence of their ap eclat ion of the wants ot times, we, aa Yaleaalans, pj It a duty and a right that we should be 111 proucer of our Alma Mater. Wo have usons (or thinking that the attention now .id to physical training U so much btractod from the hours of dissipation. A noble, daring anhuou is added to kecuuoas of perception aud accuracy id depth or acheUablp There Is a sort of pride of usele that comee of three athletic exercise* which does ray with that cowardly, unrt-llant aptril heretofore muniMed in the VIM of flrearm* and bowte kuvee. Should iory ever bo another hostile meeting between tow* and jwn (which Boaven forbid!) we venture to predlrt that :icnc< and muscle will do the work on the aide of gown. The Yale nav la another of our inomulious that ha) FY cur b > lu ph." an a uirrtuai.U fatr UiM weep, . Wntle t';deet-Ne|*itDe edde e groea, ' ?ltt the ewelling mi*A That break* npoo the aurging aLore? "Bintliil irt a bore-or?<re." The wh.apering wind* from eala and p<*ia Repeat with plaintive *?b toe atrain; The fend nk( bill* that guard arc mad Hurl hark Ihr ever echoing aonad, Now (nut, a iw rtau.g to a roar? "Bieatikala are a bore ore ore." A hundred hopeful Junea that sew Wear each the proud, triumphant brow, Wore want I of o'er the uoerua>me4 Sola, While Mt earn ped with beurtMt tuoa The dirge that rraaen nevermore? "Dieooiale are a bora ore ore " Ah I man/ wa ling heart* there be, That chant with tie thla melody, And fair ooea, la whoaa tr.uiuo; eyea. Wc gate, aa Into aunltt aktea, Art crtitly 'tubing o'er and o'ee^ - BxWhuue vt a loraoraarN? An*1 eh'I will ?* * oe? other fttph'hW are rw, Whoa Muta f' . "" ?^~phwa yawn, To haaal J%lr1^h^,""ech*ro* The altna - M '^^0 dr~a"' 01 IMya Wh<l ftff flf JTOrf^,^7*1*11 Si* bofF^>rw<ife ir- *7.iaeh of oommetwameot week wfU beaerxFrwoav Arrwavooe ?RhenaJaiireite aermna by the Rev <J. P. Kieher, lJvm?et<? ProO-woeof Divinity Keening? Ihaodjtae the Ya>e Muwiot.ary ??lety by the Reg. Jcieeyh p. Ttwmpenfi. ft. II , of New Turk Tt tenet Arrawwuow ?Two hundredth aanivevaary of the H"i<fcio* l.cuiraur ach'jnl. hWhwteal diaooueee by the Rev I .-..nerd W llanoo, of LMMMf. Own. Pvenmg? Uwoo ad Oerum, hy the Rev. C W. Ctapp, of RochTlUa, O-ne WwnwWhAT Koiunwo ?Annual meeting of the Alumni; dle.-i.orae h~ Ue Re*. Win H >k>regtie, D. ft., of Alba-,p. Kvrtili.e^JwatMta behtre the Phi Ret* Kappa Rwiely by tir* rito. H T T Kimaa, L LD, if Boatou. T>rWiT.?A ;nsu?Uvi w."Ot. Mtetiawe ara annrxnted %, th? rlartra of 1110,1030. 1W6. 1MM. ItM IMC, 1?00 and 1MT CandidMM for .amlaaiou to the college are e*anuned 00 *oaday trJ> Tuewdap. 1 w evw that meteor laat might!" haaSeec, 10 every *"_/ * remth to day, bnl without any rrry ?a'|ifh..t */ "Ttar, All agree tn pronouncing It a moat et*?nlAee?.t ph. unmet..*; but la regard to lla eppearanne, f..rm and tlrerllon, there i? a variety of atateueate !' t? generally eaid to have had three head* and a direct |.wi aorlh w?n to etmtlH-ant HwnH ten ear theeerlh *'? m Ita*, ?e. n Ir New York Hertford and R-. 00, II in.en Lai. m, a. !. i- % ..1 ?m. ?? ifet a-FVoawl. ti i?2e progrea# during pkiil ffO. Tfcd victory Over mj wKxti, at Woreeeter, a rear ago, nrl a healthy Impair to buatlny matters at Vair Instead of the old claw rsicm of organizing boat clubs, a ofT plan baa boon lop ted. Thr?e ctubs have beau formed In thd frfbdjtW'' ass?the Glyuna, Nlxle and Varuna. Each of these uba elect a limited number from earfa freohmea ciaas )is plan enables tbe new com ere to prodl b> the expeenca of older boatmen. During the past year bee oeir t-o?U hare beet added to ie navy BmU. Ft. Uns. tn't Wide. In'i Deep tell Thalia, lap btreak 46 M 6 ell Nereid, " 4b W 9 irge Ntxle ? ? ? leU Gij una, lap streak 4b 31 0 ell Yale W 28 T Ibis year three beau have eutered for (he raeo at Woretaf, CP the 284 and 24?h I net The Yale (new boat), the crew aa follow*-?H. I*. Johnn, stroke; C. T. Mtanton, W. t Bradley, K. P. McKia)y.K. L. Richards, Braylou Ives C . U. G. Merril, coxraln. The Thalia, sophomore crew?Groareoor star* stroke, . P. Johnator, w. W. Scely, R Morte, W. L. McU.ntook, Wrtnor.l S Borkcc, coxswain Tbe Uiyuua, freshmen crew?T. D K'.wb* ;, stroke. W. Grant. T. C. Burun, H C. Kwin, E. UKeyee.J. H. 'ondruff; J. H Kakw, coxswain. The sophomore and truahmen t oat* of Talc pull againat te sophomore and freshmen boaU of Harvard respecilveThese crew* and their boats lett fur W oroeater to tr. On Monday the chean match will oome off at Worcen ir, between 8 t Baldwin aud Henry Champion, on tbi trt ol the Yale Cheat Club, and J. T. Oote and P H. Nye 1 tbe part of Harvard. On tbe evening of the regatta day, according to the allonge from the Harvard fTeabmeo to tbe Yale fresh <n, a billiard match will be played at the name place by m champion* of each clean renpeetivelr. These altrao one are enough to draw a crowd to Worcester. Over If of the Yale boy* will be (bund there on the day of e race May tbe b?st men win. The at phnmore have Just daubed their biennial exaetlit km, which ht* kept th^m "cramming" and wastinr I idnlght oil for more titan tern weeks. An they came , on Biennial Hall,about soon to day, they were headed f a bead of music and conducted to Ravin's B*<ck The follow lag IS a sample of their examination papers ires hour* are allowed to give a Riu espueiiUm of the ibrme, with no other aide than pen, Ink and blank iper. It may be Interesting to tines who sipect to iperieooe the name ordeal unssui. Bxajujunos, sumonowa ru.e, rain ouuuus, /t IT M, 1S00 gdhwdin of JbpWterr fear 1. What la the base of the onumiKi system of logarithms, ?d why W that number preferred r 2 Prove the equation cos .. vs iU e >?R ? cue d8 In s plane triangle, g vrc the uuie ?. it 07, the ulde 3d M, and the Included angle A, II* 80'40 . did the tie B. Find the wrlght of water thai ran be oonlamed in a I )llow *pbere wbwee radius is 100 lo<-hes. 0 rrore m>. > urur uu Mvn _ J m of equal peri o<mr 6 " To fled the riUlaoee bM<(?s tvo IdmcMiL^ obeli " Plate the rule, and I lie equation* ud p-opurtlunj <oe*??ry tor Ibe aoiulion 7 I Tore that the alone of tbi ?!de? of a iphertca! tr 1ifleare ti tbe smee of the op^?,iP' anglea. f\r tXf fHtv-iori to fWe Xtfteru. 1 Pro re that, in as hyperbola, the prtduct of the per odlculan frvm tbe fbci upoc a larjtMi la equal to the |uare of bait the minor at la. 9 Ab ordinate tn tbe am of ? parabola > 13 and tbe irreepovelna iubnnrmal (a 4; what la the area of the aefool cut off by the double ordinate* Fit (V fhiuvw vn Anal/tea. 0 onvfry. 10- Praw the lim* ebnee equal tuna are ir jr?4, and -K * 7; On d the ??> nriinalaa of the point of taleraect nb id the targihia of the aagW which the I loea Malta with ieJ> -thor and with tbe aim i>< ubeckwaa. 11 Kind the equation of the tangent p> the hyperbela. 12 Mate the equaUona of the to lowing Itaeeaad cur rea: >e itra pbt line, tbe elllpae referred to tU centre and >bjuiate alee, the hyperbola referred to tta aaymptotea, e tangent ami tbe normal to the elllpee. After going through mrrm a eh eiaataatioaa aa tbla -heme indue tea * hat human beiag would not make ttrry If he omiM* Of the d.wn original fc*|i written >r the occnaiou we aclrrt the fiillowug ? Am?"Kvenlng Bell*.'* a sail nnmea cmeotna o'er tbe deep, JB3BAY, JULY 24, 1860. sppedred t>K. 1 * M r 11 Many w,rt th waa report I tie UianOU. J""** Jur ?'nul? ?**? 11 4 PfTed, while Kan* die> K (Xwexierable interest U ?s* ooC being twskened In the Tate College numiamalrc mJb-**"? ?<>e a k>og liar there hut Uv? a small oolLeoilow " ~niua 00 a.bit>it?<Ki ua Trumbull Gallwy. AMXiZmZZ:^ "T TV*' d* i^V*v C^lI',IbvulloM*X Mr. T H Jotted. d 'y*? N * ; Mr Iboa.aa W/aM and lira TW ??? Ad ty |>4rttmrt# ftt M auction sale tu New y?,k n Vib? the collection La* been removed to tbr college Itbr* "* Mid wi* -? under the care and supervision of dr. F P. Brewed. Tbe pnser.t number on the catalogue in 700 ancient, and about J OCO modern ooiiui Ot the modern coine the Brllihh empire turutshee ucarly ooe half A <er Ac<lclied and other saxou king", the proper Bugludi series biding with a silver |? uuy of William U,e Onoqucror It la Quite incomplete till Edward V1.,siure whom there are Spr-cimcnA ol every ruler except the Cmmwells. Among Itw-ro Is the shilling of Queen Mary, alluded to by butter In "Hudibras:"? still amorous, (bed sad billing, I.Ike Philip and Mary upon a abUttfig. Thr collerttnn oootaioa many curious spool news of cola' ace. Among the American coins there are a "ptae tree' shilling and thro# pence, very r*re. The threepeoos Is said to be thr onty >*>* 1? exwteoce Frteuds of the out lege, who may hate curiosities of coinage, American or modern, will center n great favor by contributing to this eolbctton. ffvery thing here at Tale seems to be taking steps forward The new Medical College, completed iael deptember, la a hoe epecimea of modern architecture. It la a capital place to make pill dowers. The new building Tor the eclentlhc school is now aearly oomptet -. nod will be ready for use at the opening of Ike a sat term, and la a fine structure This school is under the eute r virion of John A Porter, the originator of Ute famous course of Agricultural Lectures of last February. Tnrsugb bra eu ergy and the II lerallty of Mr. Sheffield, of this city, whuhse made a present to the college of the building and grounds, there It no reason why this branch of the University should not equal nay school oi sure no tu the country. It is a matter of regret that this building, as well as too Medical College, could not hare a place on the Goliego square. The third comber of the fatwrrfry Quarterly is just out. U contains thirteen welt written essays and elcvtu news articles. The uext imiat>?r will WtllttUl ?ii ATIKW UU UUiniHWlIbB, Uf BIT. K . It IMAlwri , of New Haven. Mr. D. C. Oil man, College Librarian, in prepai tug aii article on tbe libraries of Yale College, aud similar one la exported on tbo libraries of larvard. Several gentlemen in tbe English universities have ex(tressed a desire to bwnnr contributor* to the Quit leriy. Ibe enterprise surely merits succaas, and if uo other* to fcg#et!iP d the wi Iter* Kurelt wlj! he On Sunday attcrnoop Professor tleorge P. f>?oer preached Its.' Harcalaureatc in imi? u> the gradual tog <:ls?s. Tne test whs Utk.n from Job, 17.0.?"the righteous also stall hold at In* ways, and h? tfiat h.uh cleau b? hU shall be Btrorper and stronger;" and from Proverbs, 34, 3:?"4 wise man 1* strong, > eu, as man of kuowkdgo lucvaaelb strength ' The uts'iourse t ad for 11m object o> rhiw tbe inaaid stability, or growth of character. It called at tention to that kind of power which la obtained without M-iug directly louybl, aud sunn t ...twfor that very ruaso i; m. which a mau alio ha* been pursuing other i n is I ha ii InHueni e Uud* in bla posaeMona?t power sometimes unnoticed nnd iiurouaclou*. going forth from the w b? de man, or lying in the bacagrouud of a J his epe 'lul faculties aa a tin re In reserve. yet wb'?n ttresetioe li felt, "n brief, the Prnfesgor's ?ubj*rt w?s to show bo# Belt unproveRiet.i, prompted by Ibe necessities of our aa tore, crotore power. He illuitrtied but aubjeel tirst by mental culture, and tbe UiSueoct ibat pror tula from it. A cooi|4triaon wan made belwicn the mau *bo engages m thought and study, with a yearning for trutb. feeling that the ai'ttniBitloo ?f ken* ledge is its. II a pty, and #oug on with but In rest igat lolls w order to solve quesShiox ibat si>ribg up wlUnu him; and the man who has atudie I chiefly l get the reputation ot a schriir, ?ud to gather aome. thli g which he can communicate The llrsl is a man of pioloitnd t ulturr?a ra n of taste and insight' the 'alter cannot dngutse a certain etlernality and shailownese which sill always cleave to blra nrotound and geaial culture must ot if tutte ut a ceeper pi Inctple lu*u tbe de fciru to product-an effect. Y?>u read Of " . cratf* conversing with s Cow voupg ru< n Is Athens, n?t lu tbe way tor them tA <arvr out distinct'oo and sway tbe miuils of men, but j op tbe rcalltMi of the universe^ on tkxj ftipl v:;;Ue and Ifnhiortaiiiy Trt out to Mat sctxxif came AfJtotls, Whose dominion over tbo bumau ntind through so raanf generations la more *?blune then any similar fact In hi* tory, and flato, who has done more than any other un in apfreJ writer to AIBum aspirations which only the Gospel can miity. fte power of and ot his other writings is hot duo to :T cv of bia reasoning aloue, but quite u much, pe? V that il>leu*ity of latent fooliug, that "white ural' f Clooe uot obtrude Itself upoc your notion but which' , tvery line and raekte the reader feel that tqe viewa which are uttered were not named merely to be uttered, but are a |wrt of the writer'* life, and uttered m-cwux* the occa*li>o hapiieiicd to call for it. The po.-ma of [Hcte were the bloeaum of bit own lire, acd thoee of Milton, en rk-bro though they were witb tbe apoila of muitifariuue etudy, are tbe proouct of tbe era of conflict In wbtr.1) be bad hix p?rt, and gu?h forth from a Hying fountain in bur oat breaei. Tbe great matt, r? have hold their aupre mwy herauM they painted fran a tilurwa oi aoul, honoring their own Conor ptlou whether maw ebould ree theirMceU?ncee or not, ao that an eothu aiaatlr rrltlc baa aatd that "three pen etrnk-w of Rapnael are a greater and a better picture than tbe moat hourhed neck that Carle Dolre ever potiibod into Inanity " Re alao ItluNtrated the prop?wltlop by reference to tbe in lirtr I power and influence of rbaearter. Pure cherarior, that reeta on a i.imple lore el truth and rlgat, u a in -a in of influence more powerful tbao anything rlw I very much regret ttu- o<owalty which forbid* a farther uae of my ncUe of tbla moattncclirut dircoune The t >p!c war timely ctne-ea, and elaborated *? **r< feeanr Fiahrr alone can do. Thw opening gun of O-minenxacnt week in auapkcioua indeed. The dtwoarec before tbe Yale Mtaa! **ry Society waa delivered oa Monday evening, at tbe Oenlral church, by Rev. J y Tbooipenu, D. II, of New York. UiNaub ort wan, "PrlmUve Fvangvlum aa a fluide to Modem Mtaur-na " The leadlag looa nt tbe dlacourw wan, that individual fbrtetian rfiort, Independent of orgacliatioua, waa tbe aacrot of tbe rapid *pread of the early church, and would er. *ti> facilitate trodern mlwootia lYaeideot Woolaey atated, aa latroductory to the egervlece of tbe rveuing, that thla aociely waa formed in 1817?foiond by a claei wbirfa afterward* aoot out li roe niiawiunanre to the Hand with Inland*, and to Syria ?hat priuceof inlaeiouartea, Fil rimlth, and furulahed a worthy monito r of the American Board. The anciety had continued?with It* upa and downa, indeed?ever atuce The aielety at prevent meeta onee a month for prayer and debate, and alao maintain* a reading room. Iwal evening I took a atrnU through the cemetery, la tbe bortbe&rt oorner of it,at walUd city of tna dead . elan-la'one of the mutt elegant granite muournenUi I ever ' aaw. It la a mark of reopeel paid by ti<e city to one who , bad dooe much to rnl arrr her beauty?tho U in. A. S Skinner Ihaaing to another cceeer of the cemetery I paueed to read another rpitaph. Tbe m' oumnt ?ianda no a little mound, aurri .nded by ao lr?? faocc?aphue granite cof utdn No Oietly Inecription, do floorleh of chiael, demon la oorotody or rhallrogea our admiration, butrt>welled ? |u 1 road bold relief, ara eevrn Intmra?immortal number??ue word, dear to every American rrhilar, Wrbetrr." Fitting epitaph! Who would not covet eueb a fame that the "raaual comhlotliou of the |riu r* com felu* hia oaoie ahould command the reaped* of distant egra, and the bb-aemga of generating unborn*" A* I waked on I couidAut think . of anotnei name that l.oio-r the eame Wile p?ge with the loig lamented b-rah Webeier,and wlrnee new male grave la yet unmvrk ed by grand* or marble Ifi* life waa a yearttca! illuetra I on ?< the Idea net forth In tbe Baccalaureate aermoo While purau ng other rode, for nearly half a cwviturv, he t.n crvoi out twice two ItiouMuid aeicutaenla mriiro <turii? than n*hlf, now eu?hr.r.t> I In the b"?rt* of l?!K two U,<. mi n mh<nm <touhl? hart a war, hv.p bav< hrcm autoe h. itor under the tnffofnee e.f Clint, y Allen troudrieh. He ?aa gooe, bis Ute la left behind? l llvi-i oo III (be world. There are iiva three vacancira lo the faculty. left by I ha limnjUl lip. Taylor. Prof. (Hmeled u1 Prof fVnd pi. h. H l? rvpecteo iLaX two of throe* adl bp ned dor lay lite prpMfct week, perhapa the third. T<r lb? part )far prof Newton ku trkru th? piaw of Pn.t Olin ?|p<l in Ifea apfwrtniPWU of aetniooniy aud meteorology. I rot Nvw ton i? imp of the neat thorough i? well aa gen ll.mi a|; liipimetora cnenectod with the ro'ley*. am a nmibavaaal < too he la Pernod to none la (be country. y-rr aa?arai y.ara |wp( it ha* bpea riiileatrr b<r each rieynbpr of tb<- Kradua'.Uu rl*w to have a clara bo. >k, r'dimming tbo I'K turep and autograph* of (he ab'de ' .laea Tur (wo or three yea re etoel en* rat .nga have been a.l the go, tmcb i laea making it a point to mil do lie pre ?W"ppacir. Tha of the preoent gradoatma rl*ea In Ihla line baa been a pt rfc-t ftrrle Mr John -iartain, of ? tol|<hia, **> i ngag I U ili the job at <lk | t head, L kii f the i >|. i,n. of a ciaaa book about <70 O.t t>? t y>" ran bea manrruvrtnp (m i.ut tbe vkill) by both parting, Mr bartaln failed to "oorne to liBIP," anil the ft- ea of KM have to go without a rl*aa book, and taae my amount of vexation mPteaii Af.-wnf the ptctu have been eom|>tetod To Mr rtartaln'a rredlt, It vniiat bo added, (bat bo inaijta I bat .very raan abu doea nut r.'tve a ealtMactory p'rlurn lb ebali tiara *U ?i. net refunded ^ Tli-re 1* (treat rtnh fnr W .rri-M >r I lay. Th? Yolo Ik.}* at* IK.I kn of *b<>? tif t'.inm/i voa at th? t* yattaa* hw?t }i*r,Ui"ipL defeat I* < Tportnd HrrvraJ < lilb the cn ? . mad' ' ry ryoeotl) , mil a**r boat ji ?t <? tlif rvr of ill' rat i, rf dlninmh ib-ir ohm era. To morrow "aoiUe* Ui? bn. Whit*. ?hr limfp' .!?? I* Awa Hr?r Mall II: Ui, iti R-ootf n#. ~ ??r.' i | H?ril?f'? Kaltnl I h*i ( ?? t . ?lij. Auntlar run? *a/*a Ml Kmarl way, onroar af Ultimo rr*+4 i Row Twt MVO.OOO In llwnita-M.OOO In C?*h. Till. RKO.NT KIRK I* Ki.ltWICH Norwich **r> WnRnmraR R R t 'o '? Oyrrr*, 1 Nohoich. <>i*n , inly IV IkIO. f I Hr.ww RNmyolfb Or.MTi.RHKH?<>ti ih? momlnc of the 1Mb Inn * dnRmclen A ? ' n'indy ni.?nii,er1 the depot hilMm* of thO t>>ni|i ii?, . ?h.'-h ??? Mh Irw bit* ami ftl f*-t wide Yi.ur dafa w ? In tlx f,nifc??r nnil B'?* It alt.iria ma plea ?um fat Inf rni jm. trial the oaf* nianofe.*tiir? I by mi, r ?i*inwt l*? V? ?i,i ? .4 the ('nrotiarr baa tinned ail yno rm-r r.ialir.ed fnr R. lb# K?f- wa* fnjl r>ml<l>.lnra part f our o rot lnt|i?irl?pi h?*Oa, hotwl* and paper#. which were well preee -Ted, with th? writing luilnl'irwd. luini r-epaadftilly, <1 L PERKINS 1 reairar. ll?rrdn*'a Paten' diemy'inAafea?the moet reliable arS per fart yrrAoctlna fmoa Am now known?eaa be purrheeed r?il? of IIK.KHIMt A 11) . *1 Itmwtway. New l<vr4. ReRRH. 11 K.RRI Nil A WO., I'hiUIr lpki*. ItKKRlNO A tXl. NewOrtewaa. I'.'fJR rrwari. la Mill offered I" any parwm ?!> "> can prmre III' < a Herring'# Patent < Lampion Rale trer failed hi ynwnt it* cm trnu la ao aer4drm.J fir*. rry'? Trlenpherow# la tho Mart RRd ilea p-at arW'la Tor drawing. leaoiifrtng. crluvfc rlaanamg. j ama^-jOnR art nwa?i1*w thohale. I ailw try ta RnM by ail Thnaaaaria whw NwlTer with l?lll??* *('? **. yrAnrkiy r*#A<na hcMlach* Atrit?#w nail##* A" ran h? yrrwumuy rnnd by MlM HtHiUlflT'H I'l l* Tbi i rorintn w nahn??; and ynt arrar fail to *''? *nra aait np-f / relief T*M Pnandi wf Cnffbo lb* Oac lAollwr.Ti I nnaaaniwrtin ?l ten ? -oo V Anew fi *? ?oa ?# tb' n-'t ai ft* It l"TT A RROU'R. Rn. I fbaOtheen tia eink?a* wfaoh 1 Drawl*** of rnwt, BrMulbcaU * Ov.'l . DMMrmi I .AlrrWn? fram Own, Vua 17*, Jvu M. turn. I 60. 6*. J, IJ. 64 , 36 , 36. 31. In, 1. 7g, ff, 44. i cmouiiif* la/mat, Olm IB Jvtr B 1MB. f>, 71, 6, 74. 66, ?l. 66. 11, ?, l(|, 4, ft. ri*v< K HaoAOHRfrri. i no ka?*r*r*. *Uua,i?v?. (Maatre. Drawl*** or tfca Daiowor* l(?te lotto rtw,-?.j.|, T>H>t|iy. kimaiiieftb* Ml ,7T*l idKm*? 4FV "'ioMii n.n Urtruum OlaM Wo. 347. 70. lb. 3m. 46, 37, 31, 34 . 43. ?'. 4. 42, 3. i,?iA*4?*_cuo Wo MA. Jrvr (3 MO 32, 2?, w. *. 7?, 42 11, 38 . 63. 764. 22 , 25. IUlt ulATk fr** < ' ciunpra by albtri Hi eMb.'W to *?* . y.'L'* ! ?> , WllmtBiVm, Oetaa-v* low,.. MOD. KDUT * (X)? m. taut* Moeob.1. liny a I Havana ?.ultrrv -Nm. M77MW, ll.ffb, 6.MA 18.1?* 17 M7, dr*? lb* (lv. Pnz*? In lb* dr??rii.? of J,,a* ? l>? Urrular* on; frw of by nUnaiup l>OW H* *l)K,. vat* of ct'.y woo, Cbafteaaoo. Braoklra P*w'??*rapna.?Williama#*'* Wtntaluna, (iblneV. Uaperialajuid life HO*. Tnui.mi wm am Knkoa ureal. * UtUn from Ike Kdttor?Mreaat to I <vd,?i.?fu.l Aomnnt of 'be R?m?" and M.irnpy Alfwr- | Ibe * bunploti'* 11*11? MonemrwU f tbel'tuunpuei? i.r? mvl ftaltiea or IHrtincunUed Pail %? ?? I'ecanr on the *?-r.?n Homala baeoiJ?Ibelal* Vtetoty "f Aawlln* Ban-U<*d I flhipo noting- HnbWrt IjO'gienoh. of lb? Bi*cblcy Peer, 1 he.U'lfully IlluOriUed. and a .arlMr of rnonlng MaUare frooi ?U paru of lb* World, to WILKK8' HPIaf?. now out Wtraoarra on o Vlalt to flew York ?hnold Bi< fall to eamolna lb* nil eeJeeWd Uorb of Opera. Manna, Ktaid boo call dour i.lawae of tba beet a here ?lw> Spact* *l*? end Woe* Uleee ? wiib Ibe o*l?brai*d -traxUlau Pebble I antra, for aal* by bKMMoWb A CO.. M?4 Broadway. Or over ii Baker'* CoUfcralod NOtMd.KKH HKWTNo W A''HIMC8, 1%o ? ** i? nan tnr fownlVw a*mknm Nt Hro w] ?r*v, New Tor*. US Fnteaa Htm*, ft ooklys. ICmptrs 8prl?| W?ltr ????* at K- V. m>lll< K'R Mo. U AMor House, Slid 417 Umwlw?y, comer o? Canal suvea. HIH'? Hair Opt?RO CraU, Black or hmwu. Hep-a No I Harrlay street, and by all druggist*- Infallible Unguent (or toe hair. ttauhtlor't Hair Die 1* ike Beat la the world Dade, r id and applied In appropriate pi-irate rooms at (he ?t| fee ory. M Bond street. rrldadere'a Half Djre, Wige and Tonpi es.?Tbe bei? In the world. Wholeule aud retail and the dye privately applied at No. 6 Aator Houae. Artaaalrnn, a tnbiiltnte Ihr Cream of Tariar ? It la highly notrhi ma, and natures .>4<l bread and oakta which are tweet, m aal and cralrful to the palate HA'^KKTT. KKL. HKK A "?.. A(rula, 1H and ? street. Hold aJeo by JOHN DWIOllT A CO.. II oid slip Dr. Marat* ( onllenre Co Applf Hid KailIra. < tire 1 nua with eorreaa to efl ertiug permanent onree o? hernia or rupture nakah a co.. \u t Veeey a., ft. T. Whlikr).?N. T. Salt's Krammy Salt Hlver Hourboe, wed by alt druggists. HKdKM Aft A CO.. Noe. 1C. 9M. Ill and TH Hroadway, N. T. Stela way A Hoas' Overstrung Oraud and ft<|ua-e "bums are warranted far lv* yuan u are mom* K2 end s4 Welher street Whrrlti A Wlinoa's hewing NachlAMw Ofcce MS bmadway, ft. T. Ledd, Webster A Co.'* Improvvd Tlg^t sMeh Newtnp V ehinea. at Mb Hmadwsy Married. Mruumr?Rru On It .ridey eeuomg. Jul) 19, at 176 Vipbib avenue, by Iter Jann-s Thompson, Mr U?ru> MlUJUU to MIm Many Hru. all of Una city, lei dor t la papers pieane copy. Watt**?Ijtww ? In thin city, on Monday evening, JttJj 16, by the Kev. James WiU.t, at the rmidcaco of ttio bride, Mr TUan 0. Walt**, formerly o* ClevbUnd, OUio, to Mm Atone U. Ijiwu, all of tins city. Terios?Meuip*.?Oo Thureday July 19. by the Rev Robert (i Dickauu, Wnxus TayVOS, of uu city, to Ac sap Mauio, formerly of Bailytneua, couuly Auirtin, Ire lend psllhat paper* please copy. Ofed. btanawvxi ?;n Sunday, July M, TwoMa* W laswerv gwi U ? ears. His relatives and friend*', A?o the Womberr of TWnplar Uxlge No 90S, ai d a. M, iN* reeporlAUly invited Wat tcud Ihr fUneral. His remaiun u ill be interred in linen wood Una (Tutaday), from hia 1st.* residence, 476 Wash Itiptob ?treet, ?oruer "f Hotx-hi-ii, at |w? o'ebe* P. S BaKIXiN.?On Sundsy, Jul) CI. MKT I'm* >u<] puoxui iIIuiim, which b<- born wtu'iChristian tortrtude, Mr ThoSaw K BaXTOW, id the 44tb year of his ?#? The rrbtlivtw Mil frti-ods of tbe faintly, the member* of Mechanic*' Mfr So 113, I O. uf 0. K., tiul the Order ut gwieral, are r%sportfully invited to attoud the funeral, on Wwiui-wla) afternoon, at two o'clorK, from Mr .Second st'eel Kpiweywl church. like roBiuu will bo u>kk u to Cyprrw 11,11* Cemetery for Interment. Kali way, N. J., pa pern pewse copy. Buna.?In Una kiyn.or Mxuday morn la#, July 23. Joss Wiixna, eldiwt soj of Robert and Janu dim k, aged b yrara, 3 months and f'lay* The relatives and friends of tbr family ara respectfully nvitk-d to attend (be funeral, frotn ibe rueilruiv >4 hi* parrata, Ne 233 Rr nigs si ml. corner of Tlllary street, Ibis (Tuesday) aftrrunoo, at two u'd'Ck tlAjnanmna*?no Sunday, July at, Cahiakjiw Kijsa arm, daughter of John U and Anna Metna Uausbergon, aged ? moutbs. | rbe lrtends of tbr family are nwpcctfUly Invited to atIrtid tbr fuin ral, this (Tuk +lay) afternoon, at two e'el<x-k, from So. 110 Kim street, corner of Canal street. 4>sasam ?lu WlJkiamsburg, on Monday, July 23, CIS I.xajiam. after a lingering illuo w Thefrieu ii> and relatives of Ibe family are nwpeetfaily Invited to attend tbr funeral, from bin late rmlileooe, So. 32 North Fourth street, this (Tueaday) afternoon, at two o'clock, wlib.nit further notice. JicnawM ?On Sunday, July 22, Namd, youngest daughter <>f Juarpb J and Kach-1 Jnonlnga, agsd I yearn and 22 duya. The rrlal I res and frl?wA* of the "a ally, afao <b> mem hers o* KcyaUae I"<c.* N'> 233, F aud A M , are re speclfully inviieu to altead the funeral, this (Tu** lay) aAe nono. at two o'r|.ck, from the rctldeuoe of dor pa rente. No 116 tl en Street Kavakwis?'In ttium<lar, July 19, of peo*tratlno, Makt Am, on if daughter x Arthur and Ibe Use Kavauagt. both of Mit>l>n Her remain* were inter*?t la Calvary Ometrry. Inibiio papers peak* copy. iuaotv-a ? lb Itrooklya, Sundav evening, July 23. l iUKL? C., ooly Mm <?f Ivhul C. aiid.Eliia lwujiiuu, agod 8 year*. 1 month* Mid 8 on) a Tbe rrlalivaa nod friend* of the ram.Jy ar* respectfully invited to alwmt ihe funeral, from Ihe r.o lenrti of bib (ariuU, No. C Hunting tee atr<*t, lbi? (Tee lay) afteru<?-t,. at f >ir c clock. MiKajijl* ??Hi M ' day morning, July ?.. Aral, tbe be lured dauahu-r "f Jaoira uJ Mary Mutuant, aged 6 yearn and 4 mui.tlv. The fniwral *ill lake place ihia (Tueaday) aj rr::mn at two o'chek, fri?n the rcaeJauce of bar parent*, Ms hunt Thirty 41th etreet MiTHiVH ??*i -dun-lay, July 88, Meat Marquee aged 40 year*. a uatlvnol Nvber, county of Mead, Irriaoti liar frieada aad aM|ua atai>Ci a are eenpnrtfully UiTiled to attend tbe flioeial, troaa her tat* reatdrcre, Nb 108 MaabMtue atreet, New York, On* (Teaetay) afiemoooal tan o'cior.k preru-aly. Mat. ? Ii> Brook'J a, on Men lay. July 81, l.aoaua Mat, aged 88 ) rare Tbe rlatiTM aad frienda of ihr Maally are requested to attend tbe fuorral frn hia late reinloere, corner >t ?ul leu avenue and Korl I- e*n place, ibut (Tuesday) mora uif. al wn o'cl?* k. McNeil.?<hi Moaday, July 83. la the 0*tb year of hi* age, Jo** MiSut. itr , id IbilUgtay, county Horry, Ireland The mature and irn no* ol d?r e*??l a re Invited to at u t-d tbe f -petal, without further notice, at bta laic reel deuce, No. M Wret Nineteenth at reel, oo * (Si need*) af ternucn, at two o'cliick. Hla rema.ue mill be interred in ( reenwie-d Ometevy la?d<mderr> and BnfUl paper* pleaae ropy. <.nooKn?.n ? In IbM o ly, middeuly, on Monday, July 83, Mra. li t**** ftooMtio** *(><1 M Jura Tbe rulaliira aad trimd* of tbe family are respectfully Invited U< attend the funeral, from ber late roeideoee V.) 87 W?*I Kiableet-Ui atreet, ua Weduredny afterno r al I wo oYlnrh l?Mr?t>* ? Al I"ort Jeffefwon. L I , on Friday. Jul .' 80, . ?* r (itvKTo*. fed . In th. TTih year of hi* a?? PaTTKKwi* ?<Ju M-mday, July Id, at tha ratMrrr* of Mr*. I- A. IUi?l?l,ib. OilumMa, r'uvunn ooualy, Vlrfirta, Mrf. l4>tau I'arntiuaM*, ??*> rf tbe ml*- Julu. *' fatirmoe, ?g*d *d ?*nra anil Jw day a lama*?'Hi Monday, July 33 Jo?a Joaain. n.n uf Mi-haid and Maty Ionian, fbrtuarly i>f Mount Halh, If wy'l county, lrrtand. Tbe tr *t d* and a una In tan re* of If* family ar map* u Nil) uivibd t*i atlntid thn runcral, tbia (runaway) afVri ? .* , at li'f , at una o'el ek. from the reatdeaoe nf hi* lunula, No 2bT Weal forty Ural tlrret ,!)? ? nan ,V,?ia nrd tti ii>n? -to BmMra. Jahr 39 Jfm? Arnirm rmuMt ' imT? 1*0, e/m ?*-.'*>'*' t*M& "jT." niH'. I Tbe fuoeial dill ?alm ^'?cc tbi# (In**.-,, _....wt,Al 1 c>vn o il. rk, f'nflf tl>" r?-?1daur<> r>f hla puraeu, N'o 1*1 Atlanta-. atri-at. lid fnon.n will ha interred >o ilraen * <>>1 <>ni"trry. TV.- fnuuda uf lh? family ar? iuviU?t to attend. IXa/rr ? At Qtmonro, t/mg laian 1. '*? H-inday, July 12, ofror>aun>;dl<*i, M**<i???rr*, at/a of '~**gn 1'i^ott, a*?J 31 y<-ara, 1 month an * 11 daya ru-* WAkJWAXU'n ? 'n Brooklyn, on Monday morolrf, I fnl) 83, at nfiAoYV* k. Mr* Kaa* V'., wife of W.llWtu Bchear i?rae?1rr, tn ih. 14lb year cd h? r a#" The n latin* and f)ie .da nt the family a-* fapactfnjly In* lint I" tllruf the fuaeral, from her 1*40 realdeiir?. N-> XA "TidyT atreet, lb>a (ruaaday ) afternoon, at thra* A'rto k, ?>M. al further oottna PMIa<'?i|<t..a and Itortainoulh, New Ilan, pah.rr paprra I ph at - rrftj m irjr*? ?f% Monday, Ja'y 33, 1 mia, yoonjr?et danghtar . f J. tut 1". aad Kiiaabelb h> .iiraa aged 0 y?ara and I month*. The friend* nf lb* family are rrapaotfally Inritad to attend the futv rmi, tfal* (Tuaaoayy afternoon, at nn? o'clock, from tbe r?a '< o'* nt her father N M Hart Taanly *14/11 lr?l The riiaiu will ba tafean to Cromwoil, Own , Onvtry f,, mtara.' dt. Va* Horm* ?On Monday. July 33, Pam* P*aanim, Id fknt ana <d taunel B aad ib? lata fjalita t tan Houten, aged I w*rka The r? lai'taa and friend a of the ItaJf am la* I tad to 1 Ml* i"l Iba funeral, from I'm r ?* ??? af h<a fathar Nil f<0 I* o y atraal th'? fT' ? ayl afWnonn at 3n o'lbrk. T> a rariain* *11' ? > ?'" ?n ta P'* ?. fit f -a in tar OHM, oa Wrdnaday n>< , . 'h< aa r ,.'-wJcKnat M ?11 ?' a ? Al kft fth *rf jrl< , taablaai'io coardy, N V nr. V. 1 tay. July 1A <4 c-?' i*i?o, l#Tm? /..Tia.nri \ V lal> Jrd I. t< iM.rll' ly, ayad :<D yaar a y U?r rrma'i war* intt*,?l at N"?t*> Xryjia on WeAa* day, Jt'j ia. 6_ Torn?Om AuwtUr iMrwoc, July V, Moil. efcUdnf w*. t. ad ttvj J. r?w|, i|?d l fiw, I ud 1 da*. The rrlathree and ftleadi at Ibe paraata are tarMed t? *u?d lb. taneral. from the* , Na, M <% I? atrwct, Una (Taeaday) mo rainy, at tea ?wok. lacaujn nw. Always somktuiwu new. prof wooDm RK8TURATIVB CORDIAL BLOOD RKNOFATOR T la pretdaaly itu Ma name tiwOceu* tar wRlla ptaaa- W art to the laate. it la rrrlatfvliu, eiAllamllaa. larloara ft Una and etrrn?tbroin? In IB* rltal powtn. tad el (be _ c earn* Utun revirtfUa rouiatalra and mm tbe Mead ha n all I la or *tnaJ purit?, and tbue at oaoa i aloraa aad W K r> ndr>a the ayatrm In ruin arable to aUaoka at dtmaea. It la the only preparation rvnr odered to the world m m rbatnlcall j and ekllfutly combined aa W> be Wa meta _ - pnwetfnl took-, and at ibeaajnrtiiMao perfectly adap?> C ed ui, aa to art In perfect anonrdatma wRA. tba law* art o ? a'at'dw. and hence will anotbr the enahwal all?arb aad 0 W? up the di*raUre ornua, aad tfcua allay afl aaeaoua I and "Uw Irrttauon. It la perfectly erhltamMaa. ewd ad m I the aatnn uair it la onmpcaed entirely at ??ma?aBli* jrad R I *> combined aa to produce Iba moot th?iroueh tawla atC I fort without prod urine any tRiurfeoe aooaaowewaea "* C Hiub a rrtv'Ody haa loo*been frit labia daatdaralwaa O _ I In tbr medioal world, for It neede ao medical ahlHtcww g 3 I that dability followi all auaekaof dlanaaw. and piuiMta . " I und. Indeed, la>? U?e ayatom imea to the tnafaioweae- m * I Urlu <,f many of the moat fatal eurh. for example, aa ? tU- fi>Ui>?toK>-funatimpilua. uwUaeaOoo. liiRiifda, 5c l-?aaof > pp?utc. FalaUmaa, Marroua Irrltabluty. Rey- 9 ' rainta, Palpitation of the Heart, Melancholy, *Jf*d _ '-aodon*. Olddtaeae, Retention of aewg?ae " 1 I alnful OhMmction, too profuaa or too aoaot Mauefr aa -? u<*>. and Faille, of the Womb Tlnwe all depewd 1*0* * ? ? ^**-bt*U> Iba pure, healthy. toulr cordial aad ^ * ? *lirr. to care ad tb# l?t? tO Sad _ * S? uu*JUr abo"i It- Hut ifato to tut all. w * 'A"'"' ? T""k?-t"* w? am open 10 bHaul at _, jj f-? ? "ver beromea I'-rpWl or worse, illinf 1 ,? *- tut ijrrf,>rm. ***** f\metk*U, lad W?* ^ are rtmhiM with acuklinc and hicontlaenoe of arlQA ^ < .< Involut Ury diw-harg.-.f the wunr. BlUn ta uj. baS * H aide. aud between the aboui<ti!ra. i-u-i-ndlQaiy liable to M rllgb* tnl 'a* ennrha, irul If unniiA tM a?>i? ?? r, Unci follows, %od the patient com down In a rrratalMm _ arare But eparr will not allow u. *> enumerate top ? w many Ilia to Which ?a am liable In a weakened ? O * diuoe if Ikon atom, lint wa will nar. In tola OtmtM m - and Rloed Renovator. you have a per fact, w'n, " pleasant and vffentnal mud) for luaa of appsUle, ? ~ blltoiiaraaa. flatulence. weak and airk atnaaack, tan- ? > an or liver cnwiplatat. chills and fever, or any bth-ew to C -Mark, euacli-vneaa, acidity of the atnmeea, narrow*. _ ni-aa. neuralgia, palpilati- a of the baart. daprawhoa of eplrlta norm. pimples on the farm, or any ataman aria > Ilia Inm imp urn blood, aucb aa m-ofula, eryalpel ?a. to ; bmtirhJUa rough, illAruMy - I broathui*. aad all toal _ rlaaa of d teeters railed female w cekneaa. and env - n en-ted above. We will alao aay, the traveller ea- O p>aed to eploesitaa change of riimate and watai, *11 _ line It a pleasant aaie and aura remedy, and one naaa Hbould e>er travel a I toiut. Reader, try It fa-we a? r eurv yon you will And In It a fiieod Indeed, aa w? U at f Z a Irlend In need AU pere na of aa lentary hahru wtR o g And it a perfect preventive of aa well ?n rum for tboaa n u'menU to which lbey are particularly napoae4 ~ liei.or rolrilen-ra, students, attorney*, literary rootle- Ct n. n, - tid lwin a * b<< n?e not ?<x-uetnm?d te much ouk _ dnnr en-r-ie, wt 1 find U Ui their edvaaiape to keep a _ l-oiiir t-miaionUy on band and above ail? mothers or " h??M- t>ec-* a nob will go through the an an liaagvv ( Rk -je oiu period m* on y with ill their aocuat -toed at-onrvb. ^ - but tale lul tree Ino the thousand aUntaoto an pre* _ va I'M amour the female portion of Ibr world In *1 aliot It 1s. Indeed a mother'* cordial Try It. nid aad 4 p. Joung. no lougerrai. the riak >' oela.. It will rtdlnva w and prove Itaelf empbaUoally a RmtonUlve (Virdiai aad . Illood Kctiovninr " 0 l>. J W(mi|>. proprlep,r 444 Broadway, Krw York, (c aud 114 Market atreet, at Inula. Mo., and wed if id a good druffKlata. Trier me dollar per boti.e. AHPWIAI. MOTitnt TITRITIAHB A RAtlUINM TAT M?R IT AB Till' KAR1T IT. Tbe Kurrka ?lebrated e.-?tug Manbtuaa, aa ha aeenaaaw lath ui, can be pain for to w eekly inoiua, oa applli !? M tbe off or. 418 Broadway. AT KTKRIiEIXi'N?WKHDIWO ffOTCS. OARDR, ?Bl Hee tbr Orange bLaw-tr Karelcpiw. wev. oaua Tla M cards. An- SO* Hmadway. corner ?f (ruane atoaei k ntm Viimn-roit rac fniwi a?*? *. A chlnna ld'-eral diarvuat allowed. toad far atraBM. (MBo" MS Knvd way. AT W-A NEW BTTIJC n?- SHOES AND OAITKBH, AS .1ONK8'. 10 had (I Ano etreet. Celt aad ?? tbr? gAld-OP'S ~~ rrrnrffrm ttttt ttttt mas tnimirm yyvtt ttttt m ? rr W "rr TT" ? g? V **? 5! " "" H K tt m TT M ? rrrrr tttttt m* hi rrrr? rrrmr mm fATKift. WrnotRD FRKNrn Toil SHIRTR PAIsiIM) M(ffdMW I Ulft a mrw Kivijc or shirt wa k ranted to m Seat bjr eipraee lo act part of the Catod ftlatae M* eetpv per Mail, of the foilowtag awnna which arB han a perfect It for 111. $U. $11 aad SM par deeeo !? ? forwarded for lent than half a doiee ahlrla The mmmmm are aa fellown:? Nerh?The die aaaa around It To#*?The anif IM the potnta of each ahoaMer Ulcere Tha length fraaa Be eww ire of the bach to ihe wrtet. with the ana beat. Itraeai?CM# lane* around the beds under the annptte. Watel?DMM are and Also, the length > f the akin. Bt pending the abnre meaearee we ran guarantee a pardaB It of oar new atjle erf the IMPROVED FRENCH TOM SHIRT. Alto, iarportere and toelere 'n MSN'S rUSNMHINO OOODN. raixaio rrothmba Wholreaie order* enlietted. No. MS Bruadway. New ToA Bornoi* NEWINO MACHINES, BARROr PATEIft.Thia celebrated new Itnprnred double thread, prion ?#B Pel Nalenrema No alt Mmariaat oppoNtr the Nt wu-antaa HOOKS, PAINTINUS AND KN iRAVHTne. NOU'lSV, eolit or ei< banned. at the Old Curtoaity shop. UW Naeaao alreet. Mnnu i aaanary rnr UA C'UAI.LENOF. TO .ION* C I1KKS *1*. J hKK PORTRR'H HP1KIT For mi? by *U New* Agent*. COMM. BCNIONB, INTF.NTKD If A OA, KWl-ABOMto T JolpM uf all dtoeaiet >f Ibe feat wired aitbnnl hi?r muniMDM to Ibe patient by l)r ZAI'M A KIK. Hur(?? (tire pedlar 7(0 Broadway. Refer* to pbytootoan sad eurgetea * tola dly. _________________________ PT( AND BAR. ?i TKT rVIU.ISHKK. By (T?niN(J A HAD RY. Baltimore, Pninn f I ru*??fn nr tub ft* and thkin trratwrnrr. H) Dr. ON Vr.M ll/WRF* Orultot and A eel*, au'.hf* of the "Trenunr on the Far and ibe uee n( u.e aHMM 1 ytotpepm," prlra 91 and a "Trentine on burgion' end MeAraJ Mi?i e, prv?- (n crflia. wbtnb -an be bad loan ibe v?Aw at KIT f.lntoe ptorr. whore be nan tie orwxUtod <? alt (Umumam of ibe FYF AND FAR. opinion* HP thf. vrkx* Dr. Vea Mnerbilrhrr * iek? n Ibe Kre and Far. Mr., abeae the ere at familiarity w I'h the eribjeet paw wait h) their attthnr. and Indl nt? the prlurlrlrt porw.ed b' him In (be treatment or rwn of ibe et Impotent organ* In bnman bapptneaa - *Mb tcton HaUon-l Irulllgenrm. DT Vee Nnvhiletep on MnrgleaJ and Mod If at heience." pwbllabad to Ibw ni). baa beea read and eiim wrely qitread 'rom by journal* In other enter. wtib high tnarka <f a| pmael fjr U-e aetoentea of ha oN>-e?atloea. ibe elearneaa of Me Mate and He mdeiirtidajit ten*.- New Orlaana Picayune Dr Voe H erb/laker aa aw aalbor of nawe* wneM tt'x n "The I'leeeaea of the Sye and Far andib -l/T- oK.e la wall known. fc a tbcwle# armietnd reap art and -m ? Philedblpkle A'gtui Dr YtiN MOef'UZrnp BR can be mnenlted *a all d'eeeM* ot ibe Nye and Raj frutn AMU 4 O'clock, at 11/7 CUnUm plane. Fig bib aw ret. Hnri to tiik orrKN, 'ton h!, hkh -urnrb Meat C'bampkgwt ?or II, bt 57 f alum ati wl Important caution to thb dbaf.-dfaf p*manoe ara again ca iiaoaed lo beware of aetf My'.dt aartotm bat ng fmoi low boarding buMwa In nbeaura Mreena of itua awd otbrr Cltlea throughout tbe I'nlted wn'ee, wbuaenttly obyoat ami b la beat ambition to gala, and waoaa owty rtmnamtoura to glowing adeerttoement. a nmpojnd af Igwwanea, prill ? and f alar boa) and wbo do not arrnule to made urn of amp Bieanp a hereby tbey can amorm lntoHb'lr tonlaler objerA. d*. IIA NTI.KY to Ibe (Mill recognltad aurttoln Aawetoa. and geato muaij offer* III attend all p rearm* auf artog from aJTeeu.?w of Ibe ear at bin reatd> nee. N? VI Kaat Mitoenib at feet, igptoi Her Dr Tyng't rbiireb. a itboatt ebarga until curad. ibeeatof prnrtng bie auoaaaa uneriallaA aao pr.tatting the deaf frogb ben e twmdlad by paying aelf it? led anrtoto "I Jbaeato " nrfT?BCO, toil tSm ' . r?lto by lira U? tp.i *"* w?? tSCS?" ' " tofi-i h.n.ta by toTloliS?-un try JHI..U r?* in etir* 4n*fr>n?? n^rb> r h?? k?* of?o-rtMo. i# rnrir.y^r? foTB nd ohiih*. ikrro.'.iro. bo ? JXZfhU f? fr,*? <|M-:,oro ir.aJung trcm h " r.m? n^wi > } s>4 Go a?irriaJ u, ??, ewwSm?? ,.7*" ^ 0# * /* ? 1 tbo M *"" ?* t'cmt *?MnS MHf ifoato* ?,Ui norv* , kan, j;,7?TZT^ ,mf * "of* r* ? . nntao n Uw <|Ki .n^y. T1 "**7 "^fodo nj. *? '? opood:.) *i d t^rwwu.-nui^^m? *g*?f tram ir*?* P^? '* ln?*??nirton ? r ^. iT^ *"*"? irod oh. ro m,lf?nna,).m 4,,, '* ' * 'J *JJ ? * ? r .v? M>4 kltoonl ii||.\jt>m?-,1 ?UrflU??i In ilj. .?. 7 "Am* ofem lira h*. rruil>|-4 ?, Jj"T ??? "fRArb of portal <* *. uTftMlL Til b11r',U>*"' *?2k . dlTS Wnco Ito- T**?f gS^^^a^vgrsu-jg Information WAfrrito I 1 '"n'TKaad torso laaiSor of -- . ^ ; r-j?J -- "1*** ??rt. Urto^TTlliS i+ctjiAt M VhM*fc Y>li*Knl ;>* fffSlffr to*n??..>* A2 infwatoUu* klrt moi l?nd In it* rooafetluo of uir ?Ur ??r Uoo rnilib* >Wto 4J# metoroi by CDCLFllo WbiygT? Hror n ?Unr t ^ m 0|J> whinpa w ?<-njr?rfct. rJSStoT/1^ U*?K>nM- rJUb?-f"' brtrUb Mto CDoi^iro iroi.rt. > Bra >' *m?4. ]i*m "K riiRMfi Rs mxHTKti -Nrrpii'ikmt rim M ?|N of rnr?M la ? ?nod toar, muM bo to -?" JSf,'- M l^bto. ItoPM W. *. if HoISd VJ )?>?'**I' fltiiin ' * U"*u^18t3k??k5 Willtloon M llOiPWiT, THR rotXf'WIIXl TWO rATRNTR roi ??L?-i>v AM'RK > AHA T1TH, U m Ho,in. tori*. w~i rJkT^ '*7 mLfc. ilUM# for ^ a/nuhinf ^0 tlMM *f Vtoihtof. rnrk * tmnte, Uthm mettle aim rriZi riiS I for 1 *r,'.f ?rA ntbor birnltor* At th. Uwrro 4mA Am nre^^BissRtPJr*1* ; rs&?^,~?~ two ??. Poart Wtoio, Uie . TTT! .?'... . 3 <b>T <<Imo Jw Hotbins ?v<?a 8 , J * -5i"* > "* r ^-.-i-vm n......V...M.V! 8a ? T Ar?mM>nrt? noapo?a<t >?\ r**nh,? pUI"d *n?? ^iTOr o*ro .... Orr ? nbo IA > no 17 Sterol NM m rv. f %br ((rrtr TraAb Itoay . " ;i Oo* ' *' Wo.not OtJ rlo. "Ao.'.V.'. - T?A*i. to?' 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