Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1860 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 87^1. THE T1SIT OP THE PBDICE OF WALES. Arrival and Reception at 8t Johns, Henfoondland. THE EXCITEMENT AMONG THE CANADIANS. mtijiaaKXT or the sexmtioto, tl?| k((, fell TM poopie of our metropolis, who have long boon looktog for the advert of tho groat ho ion of tho illuatrlou House of 1 iuolph, who, in tho oourso of naturo, may yo i wiekl tho sceptre of the United Bliigdom it Great Britain ad Ireland, were yesterday plwsingly surprised at karntog that the naval squadron having tho Prince in charge BM arrived at ite anchorage in the harbor of St. Johns, I ft. V. The follow '?i? despatches announced the arrrival of the Maim St. Joilvs, N. F., July 33-1 30 P. M. Two large steamers are in night, coming in, ami are undoubtedly the Hero, with tho l'r.nco of Wales on hoard, and tho Ariadne. A French steamer is in s'.rtt to northward, and the Golden Fleece, irum New York, h .-.ig nailed to tbs southward. pr. Johns, July 23?Evening. The Hero and Ariadne anchored at seven thin oventog ft** Prlnes lands In the morning. A royal salute ww And trotn the batteries. There were great crowds m the wharves, and the display of bunting was very Pr. Johns, July 24, ISffO. Torrents of rain HI last night and this morning. The Ti hiss was to land at ten o'clock, bat the landing was postponed till noon on account of the weather. The reception to bo given to the Prince in Canada will be condnctod ontho most extensive stylo of fanadhn hospitality. For several days before the arrival of the fleet the excitement of the populace began to bubble up to fever beat. Everybody seemed to think that he hr.d nothing to do but to aid in the arrangements fbrtbo reception of bis Royal Highness. The French Chnadian-: and the English, among whom tbero are some points of national difference, have coalesced and faternizod m the most complete and ratisf.ictory manner. The appearance of the Prince of Wales, the noble son of their tUnstrious sovereign, is the one pervading them'1 that oc nplTH their winds. That the pcoplo are in earnest there can bo no doubt. The arrangements for the reception of the young )*rince have been most extensive and complete, as the particulars wo supply will show. On tbo first day of his arrival at St. Johns, the Governor, Bishops, Judges and Councillors will meet tho rsyal party on Queen's wharf, and tho different societies, tended bytho Uaaonic body, will form an esoort to tbo Government House. In tbe evening there will bo a display of fir- works, aud tho public buildings will be illuminated. On tbe SSC nd day the Prince will bold a Icveo and rc ce.vo an address. There will bo a regatta on Lake tfiktt VWI, and probably the Prince will drive round tho Inke. ' to U>e evening there w ill ho a grand hall, Which the lYJoco will attend. On the third duy he will embark, and tho arrangements w'.ll be the same as at his landing. Tho House of Parliament has been handsomely decorated, and much enthusiasm prevailed. The Halifax AcadUm Recorder is exercised on tho question of etiqu ito. It says We axe apt ipon this continent to look too lightly opr?n ail matters of court etiquette. It is far other*.so -n j.'urope; sad no reasauablo i*irKon can doubt that much of tho formal ty, as much as practicable of "the pomp end C:rcum;-'ani e,' which eharacteruM) the Europe in courts, will be observed in tho Provinces during the iYince's viuit. If this view m correct, 01-wlietbor it is so or n.?t to the fill extent to which it presents melt' to us, we feci assural that some p-oplo In this Province will, betoro auolir-r month lias expired, bo most act )'atdingly ink hi down in lie r own social self ostimatIt w uademablo that a tare portion of tlio people in this < omueinay imagine that ih--y are going to bo "cheek by jowl" with tho iYint.-o of Wnl> -i ou bis arrival hero, and that tils Moyal 111 due as will be as accessible to "all worts and eoUHrhis ul' men'' nud women, as an Itinerant locturor um phr-uoiogy or any other ouually poiuiar aewnon. We may be mintakon upon this point but our firm e m victiou is that some at these folks wil), by the note tbo Prince's visit is o, or, bavo become wiser and peruope sadder id-mi. It is, however, understood that no one will ho a: lowed to fpeak to btr Royal Qighcca* so long as be Is his Royal Highuea^ uni- 38 ho addresses his visiter first. Wb mi he hecotnes lord Renfrew any one may open the con versa lion. Anoiher f?*t we learn frwn this Halifax paper ? The gate has bc.m abut down upon tbo How of congratulatory vldreucs from corporttlions, societies, cities, as una an J gu.lda. They aarue in such a dclugo that at tho lowest cjiup'.Uitiou it would require three mouths to recit j them. * Tho original arrangement for the tour of thai nee of WaJoa wis as IbUsws;?It wiil, however, be seen that he has arrived at ft J-.Uns one day earitor than *m anticipated, but it is not likely that his arrival and departure from other placet at which ho makes a stop in Canada wtll vary from those hero set down, exo-pt fbr special use, rock as dteuta or casualty Jtdjf 10?IY inre leaves fkigland. hilf a?Arrives at t Johns, N. f. Jtti$ tit?lU muios at fl. Johns. JiUy 27? Leaves Pt. Johns. J j. y fih-T \rrlviK at Halifax. July Jl?il' iualas at Halifax. Awir*t 1?Remains at Halifax. Auf/utt 'J? 1 raves Halifax, crossing to Windsor, where the stoanwT ftyx will meet the royal party. A'u/tui - Roa hes ft. John, Now Brunswick. August 4?le .vea St. John fbr lYcdericton, the capital at tho iYox n<- . Aufiirt "?leaves Pre-I^rlruin, and returning to Windsor, < route* to Plrton, wlierr th ? steam.t Flying Kith will receive h.? Royal Highness on board. .tuMMf 9?Konchca Uurtotted>Hii, Praoc Wward'a Mud. Avttui 11?Irmaea duMMraiti Aiu/u.-: 13?metiers it Un?pe. .tciyn. ? 13?Weigh* anchor 'ar!y ir tb? morning Avffu*. 14?Hunchee the mouth of tha Su . Aifur/ IN?It aches l|Mboc. 0 It it nutn'. that tbeiiuYornor General or Canada will probably meet the roj ai aquadroo at Garpe, to welcome the PriDM to Canada. Tha preparation which hare bono la progr*** la Cnnarta art of i elaborate kind. Our c WTvapondcot WTtVW:? I .-ailed at tho Bcilerue Harden* or tho way. wbera a porty of pl.utf.ero wWer* were regaling ibootoehra* with auch of the good thing of Una Ulb a-t worn there diapcna 4. Mount Royal Gem- tery lies about two m;l>* fr?m tho rlty. on to-' mountain. and la much Ylsited; hut not boiug la na cpitat h mMocttog Mod, I did not ?h\v to poo<icr wrcr iln mbImumw. <m arriving opposite the homo of 0>?cral Wdl-un?, where tho Prince of Watua it to rwtido itcrwK lta nuy In Montreal, I droro np one of two private PAil> loading to the Fame. | (bund that the Gontral w w out of town, and that tho premiaiw wore he:n? prepared Ihr the reception of li.a Royal Il'ghnann. The pointer* awl cirpontem wre' r Ideally on^a??l In the uau. and the whole plane- which appeared to ham b-cn jt a Tory neglected -tale? waa in that kind of d.?>rd?r which nmia'ij at tent* tho pr'-aoucu of W'Wkui.n oxmt a taouoo. tV mm in charge Mfbraaad mo that wotral of the roomwore b ux ptrilt'oned off to order w> amnmmodnle the requ 'it - numb* of tho Prince1* attendant. The view from the he:*! ip the nao t delightful <>n the mountain, WMandtaf M It doca a One nwoep of th? Back rirer. wbx b runt behind the City and mountain, of the St. taw re?<w, and the tb'ekly wooded Nun'a L'land, where a targe nunnery In attuate<l, of Uio great tubular railway bridge, backed to the distance by a couple of lofty h ila, and with a foreground of wooded Mmh ape, -lottod With here and there a villa; wh.lo turniug to the left may be aeon iht * '?tcrn end of tbo city. Oh the Capartarc tf the lYinoo from frig land the greateat eicitoment prevailed. Crowd* of people flo.lte<l m> the shore* to ware him a lort fhrowell. His hoaorcd and aoNfl tr. itber areompnnied him na fir an who rcaewiahlj ootid, an-l til0 apieudid Channel fleet?than which there t? none ao magnUkwnt in Urn wortd?imro the parting Frlnoe company an Ihr m Chpo dear. Ihe royal yacht, having on board the Prlnoo Qnoanrt and the Prince of Walca, arrived in Plymouth Mwind at half part vtm o'clock P. SI. on M nday, the Mb inrtl mm Unbone. Yard* worn manned by, and a royal anInte tre-1 ftem, her Majanty'a rtip* Hero, Ariadne, ML Oaorgo an l frneraH. -hortly afterward* an addr-u* war presented by 'he Mayor and Onrpnratlaa of Dot no port to , tha Pr,aee of ITalm, who replied in a Mat apcc-h, which wo pabllahad yoatwlay. Tho Pr.Md of Wakw and Pr'.noo Albert dined mi heard tha Hero. Marly ?w o-Tt tromin* Horn # ateaaaod ?T, m>j<wpm*4 no cb.atn** by Vita-Ad iral Sir Cbar:*i Pr?ajart.'c'? Oilrt *1 tbiraa, E.NE' ] consisting of the flagship Royal Albert, 171, Oapt Henry T. Laooo; the Donegal, 101, Chpt. BroaJbead; UM Abook.r, 99, Caph Douglas Curry; the Greyhound, 17, "ommander Krancis W. Sulli-an; tbo Cooiueror, 101, Chpt Edward 3. Sotbuby, C. B.; ihe, 90, Chpt. id ward G. Funshawo; the Centurion, 60, Oapt. Bonry G. Rogers, C. R; tho Edgar, 91, Cfcpt. James K Kalao;ths Algiers, 91, Gipt. George W. D. OYVllsghan; the Mersey, M, Capt. Henry Caldwell, C. H.; the Diadem, 32, (apt Janes II. Cockburn, and a Ur ,o doel of yachts and li^ht craft The Hero is accompanied to cAnada by tbo screw | steam frigate Ariadne, 28, Oapt. Edward M. VansilUrt, 1 and the royal yacht Orborne, l, Muster George H.K. I Buwor. Tho yacht will be o;ed by the Pr.uco in the co lony. v The screw ?team sloop Dying reached -*t Johns soma days ago. His Royal Highness is to drop all royal etato on entering tho American republic. In the British colonies it will, i however, be preserved, and will doubtless prove irksome enough, both to hitn and to tbwe about him. Col Druce j is unaorstooa u> nave str.ot orders to see Do Is treated j like bcr tidiest j the Q<ecn Is all respects, and Col. Brace is not tbo man to disc boy orders. Every ouo who s received at tbo Government Ifouse?that is to say, every one who occupies a respectable position in soctoty? will have an opportunity of being iircsontod; but aa (or canvorsatioo with tbo Prince, that is quite another matter. Nobody will bo ablo to address tho Prino) until he addressee him, and as the royal youth a, to say the least oflt, reserved in his demoanor, there will not be very frequent interchanges of ideas. An unlimited number of ahlrosscs are being prepared all over the colonies, and the Coventor General's Secretarj bad requcsbsl that early copies of th<m may be scot in to bim, so that replies may be propared. This will, of course, be tho only way in which municipal bodies, Uarooic Grand lodges, or even Presbyterian or Anglican Synods, will be ablo to corns within reach of their august visiter. Tho Parliament Houses, which are being fitted up as a palace for the Pvtace and the chiof members of his suite, have been made to look well, both Inside and out. Tho House of Assembly will be his Royal Highness' dining room. It has been carpeted with green, which brings out in striking contrast tbo richly gilt fram08 of the pictures on tho walls. Tbeao are, firstly, a lull length portrait of her Majesty Queen Victoria, in her robes of State, by Purlridge, her family painter; grouped around arc half length likenesses of the varkny Speakers of tho Commons of Canada. The Council Chamber is to be the reception room. On eithe side of the throno to be occupied by hit Royal Highness arc the full length portraits of King George 111. and Queen Charlotte. painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in his 1> st style. These are supported by likenesses of the various Si* alters of the CouneiL Tho former offices of the Hourcs have been faral'hed as s'tting and dressing moms for the suite, each in a different and rather neat than sumptuous style. The furniture for tho Prince's room will be very magnificent. Preparations somewhat similar to these have been made all over Canada, vberuvcr the Prince of Wale3 will stay for even a night, and the expense of the whole will probably amount to something more than f 180,000. Of tho IYincc him-oif but little, of course, can be said. Ho Is now only In his nineteenth year, and the whole of bin life, since he has been able to comprehend the first principles of instruction, has been spent amid the classic shades of Oxford and Ix-math tho affectionate eyes of a loving and a virtuous souther. On his return from America he is to re. ume his 3tudics at Oxford, and after w<iru~ to uuionu^v. UF/KITION OF TTrK PRTNrE OF WALES AT ST. JOHNS. Sr. Jonxs, July 24,1880. At noon tv 'lay the Trince of Wales ami suite lauded frcm the Jlcr > under a royal raluto from the citadel, the Ariadmi and the 1''lying Fish, the yards of which were manned, as aWo Lho'o of the French war strainer Jo?05trie. TheUoV'TTior, Sir Alex. TVtnncrman, met bis Royal Highness on ?<uo<m'a ?harf and conducted bim to a carr m?, drove from then;e through triumphal arches to tiw < lover-intent Ho a* J. The prooessiou consisted of the VI. vHonic body, tuo tit. Andrew's, Pt. George's, BrUtel! Mo chanlus',Cooi><TB', Temperance, Xatiro and Irish Societies, and tho idusnix Volunteer Firo Company; a guard of honor of the Royal Ne.vfbundland Corps, and of the First, Second, Third anJ Fourth Volunteer Bitlo Corp*. At one o'clock tho Prince held a leroe at the Oovernnient House, an4 dines with tho Governor this evenly;, thorn was au Immense concourse of spectators, aud great cntUnslnun prevailed. On Wedii' sday a regatta will come off. The Prinoo drives out. for* ives addressee, ,vc , :uid will ctnhark on Thursday evening. To-day Is a Is ' day in Newfoundland; all shope are closed in St. Johns ai.d in the Tillages tniroawdtng, the inhabitants of which are uearly all here. Flags arc hying fi om cv ry house, and the shipping is all decorated. iir nrrvj w, uiiI*>M| uT^r wn.u m'A, bat did not tW'U M, although it was low water. The Itock La.I u. a llmib i by the telegraph bompuny Ave years ago. TLo weather is cloudy and threatening. Tlw ra.u oca d at eh vxn o'clock. Tho Prince rode out on horseback Tact lay aftenxon, in t pi&iu clot bee. The rtjuadj an aaiis at six o'clock on Thursday morning. THE l'RKPARATIONS IN THE BRITISH PROVINCES. Ol It SITCUtl. MONTRK-tL CO*Ff-?PO\BrV(T*. St. Lawwwtit Han JhnKL, > Mosimut., July 19, 1m?. / Torw to tie aptk'arancc of having been a thriving city, hat U><- r ecta is' the gnat panic ore everywhere Tl* hie about it. Ita iiowrpnper pr<*r, bowmer, app?am to he very i.ourithing. for it has three morning aud one vening Jovrntl, and bcaldca Users there are teyrral i w <klR'3?making ckvon in all. One of tin ?< was, during , die tinv o iny stay, urging on the inhwolbtniH to make j iwepdra'. ?u lor the rre-pti w of hk Royal TJiptmres. and 1 tepn aching them for th? ir apathy. Sparc them, bow ever, ay I. they will bo excited enough before tho j reception ? o'. 'T. If. tnvrh'.lc rapid progress Is being i o adi* with a t> rn,?>r?ry structure, in which a grand bail | is hi V- glvi n t< Ui- august visiter, and at which 1 have ! every pruts et of dancing a q<u?lrtile with lowly Blam ho ' HIabcIk*? ;"<ir tide * will abound plentifully at ihcau great > gnlli r.r.-f* i f the flilA. I prrceive by the newspaper* that the living body of ( ha J*r?j|T. .f Wali-e la likely to become tbo object of a nu(<- * nr?n rtoet Uno wn* the dead body of Afhlllen. j The beat mode of the illustrious too of queen Victor a i now occupy inj the m ads of the mill, on, not only hi Ei ti*h Aiqtk*, hut wtvreveroa tho Continent ho H> likely to net b's foot. The Legislature of fV-rtnuda Km rot?d a thousand sterling to defray tho expenses I of liia Weptiuo, in the event of hi* vUitlng that Colony ' ha way h<<mn. At ft. Johne, N-af nndliiuJ, a vsrjr bariiioidou* m" ting, at which tho fiovcrm* prnii-d, wm held to uke into consider all >n the noc< -eu-y st-1 for giving the Prlooo n en tabic roeeptinn; and b<tb the Protoetant and Cat bo!:: Uiabops? (lie roniorlty of the |>oop|o of Newfoundland am Roman 'htfiollr* ar 1 Irlah?were, together with th* rest or tlio d-mnian.ty. unanimous 10 adrooating Urn mort liberal ' and patriot: meaenres on tho occasion. At Ft. John, New Br n?wl- k, there hue b?*ti ecru id, -rablo dlnuui fa: Uon olid ill reeling among the Inhabitant*, In oerwerpiericB of the mode juir-o ed by the Inst! anthori;1'* in Uiw mat- 1 tee; Mid at llaiifkx similar ontent.-m ha* been going f ir- 1 ward. I, however, ae an arbitrator, a m disponed to <lo feed the government in caih case, jnrtk-nlarly that o Vers Pxitla. The line of nocd'wt ad-,|>tcd by lord ttul Eave. the ? or-rtH-i, ano hia Colonial Feere'ory, Joseph iffr, ha* W< n ,n -rrry way norm t ami in g-?>d taste. With respect to the receptcm at New Uruaswi.-Jr, the following I* a pr ramme'dth- -u-rargern-iita:?The Vrltico Will land at the wharf i' un(:iirt' tno ITovineo Uall, where Utero la a large ojwu epare, pi wti eh the public wlil be admitted to witness tins arrival. TVre will be a general holiday, and proce* u* if tin trales, the llr-companies, the in-otla, ari l e.'v r\i ?i? In the evening there wITI h<? a genera! 1! una ..ation, tog dber with a dHplay of pyiotochn,cs rid a perf irmauomf street music, Including aii aAthi-m to be *M g "0 the parade ground by tho >x>n grev.ited eh I tire* of tb-i veriaw erh-'ols in the city Tho government haa devoted a tbo .sand pound* 'terllng toward* th- defVay-il of tho e.xtes:*-* Incurred in these feet iv Men, and to lbs to'- ocrp ration w<'l aid a like amount, making ?2,000 in all Tsro private houses hare been given np by Uici,- .ccnp?r.t? for tho of the Pr'wte an I hi* ?ntt, hud tho nee enary are nrarl) < tr; 1*VJ. 1fend thai o a.-oei ' -a s'.ttt a reeohit cn pass-d at a mooting he, 1 at T wonto, on 1 rt inetaat, c>p!"* of an t> be ['-?* > i t) the py c^of WV"*by tbo 11 W YO HORNING EDITION?WEDN survivors of the tir ?(1*12, *13 an<1 '14 have boon sento the of tbo Clerks of the r<*co la tlio geeora counts s of Upper Canada for signature. lite rel(vai ro requested u> 'Alt at tbeir earliest couveuieace, iuorder to allow tine ror attaching their nun. j to the eegroesed copy . wl iuh < t.i be pm;<ar?.l under the direction of tbo | c mitnllbM. Th-y oro further r-queoted to assemble In M largo a fiody aj possible on tbo .uler^sting occasion of tbe presentation; the place for which, bo trover, 1a not yot ned. Tbo Macon* airo Intend to make a display of some kind, for I observed that in the addreea ilelivrej by the (Irani Uast-r at the Maaocc Convention r at Ottawa, a few lays ago, thai gentleman. to reforriug * to tbo approaching visit of bis Royal ilifhncea, foltaa.?uretl that tbo Masuuio fraternity of Canada will dcaire to testify ib-ir ailoction to the royal family of ftigland by every proper and constitutional means. His Royal I{igbn->ES bad et-peciul cla ms upon their sympathy and _ regard, on account of bis M.uouic connections. His " grand ath<ar, the [hike of Kent, was a grand master of their anrlent and veuerablo order, and olio of tbo moat inter.'-iting episodes in tbo history of Masonry in Btg'and is that which recount-; the "demu reconciliation of the two brunches of lb- Ua.-onic family under the ausploca J of tit* Duke of flmes, Krotn a pvagrapb going the rr.und of the papcrm, 1 see that the peopl ' 0f Newfoundland intend making the Prince a )>? sent highly cliaraoteristto of thomsalvee, being oothing more nor less than a Newfoundland dog, and a collar to hoot, which latter they wore und^r the uoce-wity of eondiug to Vcw York for. It is a heavy alitor dog chain two inches wide. On the upper part are three oval m-'dalUons, the one on the right be'.ug supported by tbo 1k>d eouchant, and containing the arms of England within the garter, on whicb is inscribed the national motto:?' Hani Bolt qui Q Dial > jmu;," wIm h. i'.r the benefit of all whose ac- ,i < "ii-;-lisinrcnts <:o not emhrieo ;t Knowledge of the latin tongue, I may mouiiou moans "Evil bo to him wb<> thinks ill of it." Tho one oo tho left 18 supported by tho h unicorn. ami coiitaios tlio royal escutcheon within a similar garter, the central ruocailion is larger, and is enclosed :u a wroth I'ornvd of the rase, thistlo and r jliamri ck, and surmounted by tbo corsuet and plumes of Wales, the m<<lto ' Ich Dion," appoariug under tho coro- ? uct. In this medallion is tbo inscription, "Presented to his Royal Highness the I'rinea of Wales, from tho inhabitant* of Newfoundland " Hio weigh; of tho collar is forty Ave ounces, and a fine steel chain accompanies it. I/>rd l.yons will leave Washington In a few days to incot the Prince, on t during his absence Mr. lrwino will act as " ("hurg" d'Aliatres. p Von have, of course, ere this heard of tho arrival on o the 18th of tbo Fly ing Kish, one of tbo vcaaols of tbo Prince's squadron at Newfoundland. The Halifax Yacht Club has decided, with the assistance to be received from the government and City . Council, to undertake tbo getting up of a regatta worthy of the Prince's visit, and it is expected that the grandest display of the kind over seen in Ilalilhx harbor will be I, tbc result. Tbo government contributed ?100, and the City Council ?70, towards the regatta fond, which is to he further recruited by pubis: subscriptions. The umurement is not only extremely popular among tho Inhabitants of Ilalllhx, but ono to p which tho Prince of Wales and nearly all . English gentlemen arc extremely partial. The same may 11 be said of Americans, for those who have tbo means and b opportunity rbow a noble partiality for the swift going water craft. The follow .ng resolution wins passed by the club:?That on her Majesty's ?toarner llero being signalled, the yacht* rcnd-;.\-Mm off the vjucen'a wharf, and thence proceed, under tho orders of tho Commodore, to * meet the squadron. V Tbc Hero is a screw line of battle ship, carrying ninetyone guns, Captain George Seymour. C. B. She is to bo accompanied by the Ariadne, twenty six guns, (bntaln Yansittart. and Hying Fish, six guns Commander Hope. g The llero lias a complement of eight hundred and eighty seamen and inarines, the Ariadno four hundred and nfty, and the Hying Fish ono hundred and ten. The Ariadne, U ultlKiugh mounting so small a number of guns, these c. are of tho heaviest calibre, and ahe meaaures nearly one hundred tons more than the Hero. She has also ono thousand horse steam power, whereas the latter n ship haa only six huadred. _ k It 1* not, however, now exported that the rriooo will , nrrhr at Halifax in tlio Hero. He will leave the fleet at b Victou, on hi.; way from Newfoundland, and poet it thence U> Halifax, a diatanco of forty live mile". r Tbo Mayor uf Montreal is already at Halifax, where the (lcputatlnu from Canada ut to Mwombl" In order to present * an luldree? of we'eomc to the l'rinoo on behalf of the inhabitant*. You will next hear from me at Halifax, where I rhall cull on my way to Newfoundland, for which I am now on the point uf dtaj-tliii!^ a Military Intelligence. TUB UriXKAB UI.ITM. , The Blue* paraded In Bond street yesterilay morn In* c for inspection of arms. The ceremony wuj poifumed t by their own officers. l?ist ovenias the oflV err? of the Blues dined with the t oflicera of tho Sovenih rorlment, National Guard, at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel, and the | rivuhw una nan coiumin- t sioned officer* vi-aitcd Kiblo's Garden. i They will leave for home to day in the steamer Florida. f The City Guard will furuieh the escort. iwrriTiov to vimit bottom. r A telegraphic deepatch waa received yesterday from * Bo ton, asking If tbo Bluoa lab-mled to rlxlt Boston, ami If they would be guiwte of tbo .1 orient ami flouorahlo Ar- p tdlcry Comivioy. Captain Audi-won replied tliai, owing to arranremcnts having boon mailo to return bom to- f dnv. ho u'tiiM h#> ftmifn !! '<! Ii iltrliM> flu* ln*iLit!'ii, liut ' would mbraco ike oppr.rtuc ty ?>; accs-ptlng it nt mother b< season. jj trie chic too wtrtvga. The XouarcS telegraphed on Monday evening that they had changed tbt}.r rout- , and Kliould v.iit ralem, Man. Tbey will, conaegoeatly, uot arrive hem until to morrow 1 tl morning, at sir o'clock, and they w ill atart Tor West Point w at wren o'clock. They wtw an exhibition drill U- t night at the Boston Academy of Merle. ii They were organized in 1309 !>y their pr. pent rommandrr, Cotcr.ol P.. K. Hlaworth, ?hi ? < of the a Northern IHvirion of Hl nolr and Paymaster Otienl of the iftato Militia. Tti< y Urf J with fl-Ven moo, and on the next Fourth of July they paraded and wton^hod the ( Chleagoar." with the 7i>onvr> drill. At the acTenth annual lair of Ur I hit d ,Jtate? Agricultural Hoekcty they *' took th" prl/o of a ft .ud of eo'or*. worth t-'OO, fi r going through the entire drill of tho Clia. ' orr de Y lucrum , in ,, the presence of eighty thousand sneriatorw?but one ><m pony. bovrecor. competing with lb-in. one grmt <lr?wbaek upon the nnor? a ol the o-mtsmy hae been that mum w Its organization there have h<" n 110 leyp than sixty lire tn< tnber* token not of He ranks by removal*, rrflgnaiini, death* and expniaifxi*. Tbl* hae added greatly to the p1 labor of drilling tho rompany. Daring the lirrt cgkt ti months afh.r their orynnuatkm they drilled three nigh' < . each Week, and for th loatnix mouths thoy have drilled nearly ?wcry night In the week. Tins vlgorims exercise, W the punitive prohibit km ?i eccrvatin ; oU> ;.atk?i. Bleep- j, ing upon hard l*ds, and jndleioon diet, hate pro-luce I u iiei..i i phytrtqne,and aperfl t on of discipline which they claim to un lrpu- ed ii, any depart- tl mentor anjr regular Kr\kve. They ar? >il young ui o, and their hronnrd feature*, aharp out I in-W, light, wiry fhrme, muitnlar developement*. and piriud, actiro ' movement*, giv, them an appearance of ferocity r?iu i stent with the general idea ol tlie fa no as corps of tlie French army . Tlio attainment* of the Zouaroa are la great in -a ore* doe to the executive abllitlurf of their commanding oC.rr r. Colonel I II worth. COlir.tXT D, NATIDXAX. OCAKP.THIRTKKNrn MunfWT. One of the minor jlaily newspaper* << yesterday, In of "tho Zouaro tactics and military reform," ^ tab-d tliat the CTilragoar.* hare already found ImiUtore in company H, < aptaln Xpragvir, Thirteenth regiment. f Th - writer of tho jiaragraph orldont'y know 1 nothing whatever of the company to which horef n. Ghptain Xprague's company hat Ow n receiving instruction In light _, In i.nti i tactics atid the ikirndali urUI for sevsral years 't, jwet: awn tn the bayonet ctercU* an>( fau'y dr.ll. In jwdut of diaclpliM thil empany * anrond to nrme in tbe . ?"'? l7 " " "Kl" ? ???" vl " "" ?' -'J f.erclee, ajil llxi adoption of uniform* ndnptcd to the drill, Uc y W. aid BO doubt be l ally o^u^l U> UiC Q.>r. X" JPal lee IatelliRenre. Orntuaora Arte* it to Kn>*Ar a !?Ait/>*.?TV? jnr titulars of aaottxT outrasr- oa* AtUrr; t to inYrtgio a sailor ?j' on boor11 a rblp. by the process technically donotiim a<-d s VhAnsliaoiDp," Iran.*! ro l ycStTd.ay at Uv I/>w vr Tollec u Coert. In the Tombs. J"Un Hand, a G riaan i"aman,ap l", prorcil before .Iu*tloo Welsh and preferred a rornj.lotnt ayainrt Theodore lyi.ii, tlx" k <pnr ?f * -ador 'boar.l , ire hwoeo at Nn 2 f'ar!i<le cti?-t, whom he charge* with < alt -mptlng to plefc bim, againiu lib ? II, on board a tbip ' and .' nil bim to eea. Tlx . cnplo.nant a,I *u thai l.ynn. Midor throat .>f taking hi* I ff, and * ith a revolver at hi* brad, hoodi ibrd htm and plno d him on a bod whrro, with *' a rope, be tied hie mvuac) <d vrma to a r.n* tu tlwi wall. *i Tlx-ft i* of the ca> i coming t<> the oar-t of otttorr Milter, ^ ol the Hrrt ward, bo euWrc l tho hotieo ?-d foutul llano ' la tho eltuatlon a'?ovc d criiuyl. Ho w-ol for 31 a> ?Unc, an.l rturnln.*, with dohaa. wat d'-ni"*! adiotaecn by tho wife of I ynn A mo'??'tgrr was then despatched fbr (hptaiii diirej , who rp foroot] an cntraiK o ;uto tb<'protn jiea, and rescued IU?.I <1f In a (hinting condition. Lynn, In too moan time having at becoti'" .alarmed at tlx- appo'iranc of tho oflx> r i, Hod to <r Brooklyn, there lx< wait ruiwriucnlly trroeU d by Ucpt. filrry. The aocu* I t*t hold in g 1,000 bail to an** r '*< the charge. > a A* H* Dkhtt Iiwru Aiaairo roa I.**A*rrr ?Tho dore Rynders, a Plat/1 r* Deputy Vtar Jul, wa* 4 ye?w lay afternoon coouned ;n tho, wh ire ho wa* M coin-eyM ae 1n?a0'\ Ho i* a nephew of U.vebai Ryn l r*, "" and ?ii *mc tiuv*lnvi arr?*? t on acbargo of bclnobllvkme to tho rera|?? of a rlavr fltt. ,1 out in IhW port and for which hie trial will seep becailod ?. The Uidnw Mat he we Paul, TO THr. RTOTOn OK TTt* flit*LP. I enclose $6 tor the find for tha benoilt of Mr* HAtlvwe, ..f, whoae ho. band w*e k illed while endeavoring to nrreet the r', muMeror of Mr. halton. C. ,lf P:*eu iierwhrJ tho nttoted H to the W: to* tiitbrwt. l* MLHTVA. H RKJH ESDAY, JULY . 25, 1860. ARRIVAL OP THE CAN IDA OFF C PE RACE. WO DAYS LATER NEWS FROM EUROPE. THE REVOLUTION IN SICILY. laribaidj Declines to Assist the Neapolitans.. Iritiah Intervention in tlie Insurrection in Syria. iNGLO-fRENCH OPERATIONS IN CHINA. STATE OF THE AMERICAN PROOUCE MARKETS, tin tin as* Sr. Johvs, Ji:!y 23, (via Sacs villi,) July 21,1900. The tVinara st-Anviklp Canada, fr*m Liv -rpool 14th, via luj.ntown 15th aist., pa^cd Capo Baco at Hi < o'clock :us (Mondav) evening. The Canada will be due at rui.fax on Wednesday. She oa 100 poa. DKors. The steam-hip City of Washington, frotn New York, orived at Liverpool en the 12th. The steamship 11) mo in, from New York, arrived at oathampton on the I3ih. THE REVOLUTION IN SICILY. Tho Paris I'tiru araorta that the siego of U>.' slaa m ecidcd on, Garibaldi having declined to ass .fit the Neaoh tana unless they gave similar proafa of cwiMcna) to tic Sicilians by a sustained insurrection. Garibaldi's Ministry had resigned. A despatch from Ckgharl says the Neapolitan rtetim urveth) Velaco, six gnus, hat gone over to Garibaldi. ' Several steamers had b'*a purchased for Garibaldi ia ondun, and two had railed. NAPLES. It was reported that Naples ha 1 notided KngUnd and Vance of her intention to offer the constitution of 1912 to be Sicilians. France had assented thereto, but England esltates. THE INSURRECTION IN SYRIA. The British government had annouue. d in IVirliam At hat Uiry bad ordered a squadron to t'.io cow.I of Syr si, rith instructions to t top the outrages again-*', nd that lYanoc had done likewise. . Tho inSTirrection in Syria continues. FtiaJ l*acha had one iboro on a special minion, armed with fell powers. art in view of that laot Qigland and Franco havo agivcd > abstain from present interference. If Turkey, bowvcp, prow incapable Uk-so two governments bavo agreed a ;dtxitieal instructi'ina to llioir Admirals to stop tho laasacred. At the rtcnruction of the tlUagea tho firusee lllort more than two thousand unarmed tu n in cold loci. There was (treat alarm at IV-j rout, anil tho Franks an.1 br: tianh had refuge on board the foreign nxiaofra?. CREAT BRITAIN. Io the Rr.ttJi Parliament the Ministers were quoatkmad a to the tronafer of U*> Gal way contract to tho Cat. I,an ine. Mr. riaditeno said tho government did UJt intend to taction tlrt transfer on its own responsibility, and whatvor course anight be tak u would he d to I'ariiauent. Sir Robert Peel called on the tovemment nut to as? -at a the acn--> at ion of Sicily to Piedmont. Ixtrd John Russell replied that tho government oouid lot depart from the great prxciplo that tho people lavl lie right to choose their own govcrunv-ut without .nlurcrenco. Lord John Ras?ell explained the position of tho pro. x?od European Confbronco relative to rtavoy. ling hen J ad acoeptcl th" proposition of PruKra, wli.lo Auitria esltates. Tho government had no knowledge of the relics by the other governments. It ww "tub J in Parllaiu nt that the British forces In liiaa nach 17 000 men. Lord John duffII Intimated that an a groom on t had scu effected betwe-u Knglan 1 and Prance relative hi tho fisheries. FRANCE. TV French givcrnrnint and Legislature df igr^ v to fie bill relating to tho o- porla;?on of ra., v, and tho bill v withdrawn. The Rank of Franco m >nth'y ret.jrus iliow a derreaao i cash ot 37.000,000 francs. The Bn irs .was animated and higher? the r ntcs clour.I t aw. lie. INDIA AND CHINA. TV Calcutta mail of Juno 14, and U at fr< m Hong Kou;r ( May 33, had reached ingiond, aud tli? Americas pore n ia on board the Canada. The Calcutta markets were dull. Private v<u;unt* say ritb n goods had improved. > r< .gbts wuro drooping. Thu Britiiu f<>rc<s had left for tho l\..ho. A collision ras c< r.rtdercd laov itabic. A Cant >n di spatch of May 22 reports the .xport tra<!e tsgnaut. Th'1 rebels aero making pragma* aralnst the nporltii its. Unman was In charge of eonmi?! ? ? -cm tl.e ullisd force. The erection of extensive frta DtboPctUoia emarniod. Trade at Shvigtiac w.u .m roving. F hang< at Dong K ng was at 4s. lOd. Th re was no. ling doing In tea. A* Oinna'i'iA oVoliati.'A A f L'.l TV-u as mm', v I < m i t>hitk dull. If .^hts i.ucltjifid. COJPIKBCT A f, CONDON MONEY MA HALT. On-'iatl ?. tj i,n the I3iu M a#3,\ fw mo?-y, id fOj; a IKr for areuui.t. Th money m-rket was unchnr.g.;d. th? b' lliou Ui the Bm.V of ft. ;Un.t had decrt'ltod :e* (a 10 R.r J-*'' circular report* bar silver.'* i 'V.iinn, I. 2>,d.; eagW. 73s. "-t inkki'a* .KfTWTira. Rir'' X Brntl err rejiort the rmrket alow of rale, hut 'leea uUtcreU. tutted Pute* five* wrro inquired fttr ?2,t; n ua. & li ?V Sen report a limited her in err *f previous rates, urumob cotton ma'skkt. T\.r Br' Circular report* the r- '. rtot the week at . 0U0 heJ**, ?.f which CiJbiO were to ipoc'i later*. uil ;>t?tO? port*'*. The i, arket cl- cl art vo. with an rrear.dis to ; rry, and the in: rlor rjn.a'itio* wto g:.t v d arer. The nib of Friday ?VC 10,OK) halo*, '*lik h 3 OnO w< re tiki n by *pee alitor* aud exporter*. . uMtrkut (lowing steady at Uw follow lug MhnrtiM I taticna:? fhir. Mi Winn. '.w Or lean* ?,%'! 3*.d. oblle 7 1. I'.d. , :n. 3\d- h ktatk of traps in m tncnkmtw. The adr on fVr m Miinchr< ter are unfavorable. Price* rre in fa /or < t buyer*, but lb" tono *u* rather more , rful, under tbe rut. ra< lory Calcutta H I (.rapbic dec tub. i.tvKRmot. MutAWrrnra markft. TI.e market han been fkrerahlu for the crop*. Rtch<t?on, spaooe h Co. report floor very drill and prirw , er, tie ugh qtmiably unchanged. An erican, 21'. % 23*. hva? ttetwy. red, 10> 3d a lis white, II*. Od. a >. f. I Cora fl/ut. UiU -J.CIf 3d, yolkrn and Whllo, ?. a U4r. 04. i.tTTRmoT. rrrnriarov mark*t. Wakefh'd. Naab A Co fluglaad. Alb)a K Co and other*, port beel heavy and *n qualities slightly derlined; the . line ! mainly on the inferior q'laiitiwi Pork h'avy, d < (%rcd at a reduction, qnoutione ponilnaJ. Bacon lift, lead flrni at full price* rile* at fc-ir. a 00a . and I', for rhoior. ( hoewe active at,,I lightly lover Tail >w chnrd ? a od. wale i at We. a We. ltd , North Amcrtj>, 63*. t.ivntrooT. moorm mahkmt. J T e Broker's Circular report* pot aabtsqikl at 2^*. 3d. ( 30*. pearls no lot and uncliangrd. Sugar har. been , ii>r:1,'t 'vtitl Rd. higtu r, eloatug quiet h'rt firm. OnrTN) 1 sdy. Rice qntet. rbiiadeipbin hark *t. a It. 3d. | <<h eils? %te.i unimprrtact Sperm oil CM L'naead ? I dull and prieis weak Roala dnil at Is. Id. a da. M. t r common, Splrtt* turpi heavy, and tl ?ht y t rer under large nrrlvat- sab* a' :m. i.omtkin mabret*. Rar ng'* circular report* wheat defi ning: wbllo, 1 f. a fifls., and red, 3B*. a A3*. Ft<ur, Ws, a Iron *teu !y at ijk li*. n ?A lis. ror both < Da and bar*. Pi t. ' i 1 at fl?p. '>t. Pugar buoyant ( d 31. high. Ida heavy and t;d. a W lower Coo goo, I . .T.d. a 1*. 3d. Spirit* turp, rit'ra dell, tad oflRred at is Tal.'o* rVw^y *t ^ 34. coUc u?. Tt* m- < ERA] J"g> flat, ud prieee ww 3b. a 4c. lowr. Coa oil, U9\ ?P?rm on oaeicr jsJer wri-vali, linaeod oil, Sljbtfy "d LArrW HARK*rfl. i?y teiograph lo QueenKtoinj.l ' _ .. _ , , xj?wool, July 14?p. m. Cotton unchanged ;?tte8 to-da/!,*? including 2,000 on speculation .uj fur export. BreadstuCh quiot and ta'od unjnporUot. Prawittona dull. LOJTOOW, Jo'.j 14?p. m. c Cornell Mtf n 94JW'. P raws FROM MEXICO. Rclttie of tientral La Vega and Corayaalnu bjr the Llbcrwli Rriaul of Mlraawn to Eiehaag* Lroqa?Xlrouoa'i Kctreat?-Original Deipatehci, etc., OClt VKTU CBt'Z COttUBSPOV^KNCR. Vina Cacz, July U, 1H?. Return nf Minister Xfetnr. to the CMUd State*?Peace X&jot iatioiu? Setter alien of th*. Captured Ste-xtmsrs?Humored MotomeiUs of the Contending fbrers, ?fc. The United .?Ut?# htcamer Brooklyn sails this morning for the mouth of the Mississippi or for Pensa sola, carry ing Mr. \l ! jluo, who returns homo upon a brief leavo of absence, to his family and recruit his health, there , brine no Iktlihdtlf any important otci t tan spiring , here during the remainder of the hot season. f Yon will receive lull newspaper accounts of tho pro- t teuded " peace negotiations" set ou foot by the distingoiehed residents of tho city of Mexico. They aro not " likely to result tn any good, for Juares is determined not ' to recede an inch from his on the brood basis of g the constitution el 1807. ^ The decree of Use restitution of the steamers <vii<Cured at Anton Li/ardo has taken us tiy surprise, uud will catiso u iBin onse rejoicing among the Church swurty and enemies r of tho United Mac s generally. The S|?uiiar<U are cou- c v.ncod it has been to done on'account of the fear of bf*nish vengeance. Ivrhups it has. . n Accounts from Haadalajara aro contiictiDg. It is said r that Ogayon Las loll his position, near Sayula, and mnvod upon the oily of fiuadalajara. with 11.000 men and tiflytwo g'uis, and that lliramon is 111 lull retreat u[>ou Mcxi- t oo. Most probably this is only another rinse ol the arUul g little " Champion of tho Church." The weather is integguly hut, but uo sickness eiccpt a Utile vomito, as usual. " , 1 An exchange of prisoners having t>oen proposed, as is c already known, Mirunmn returned, through one of his 1 ministers, the fallowing reply, which we translate from e 1:1 Proyrcs* of Vera (Yu/, of July 0:? d MansTRY fw Jr*n< b, CrxnsJLUARt, June 6,1 S?>0. ? Toiler the prcstnt dut? 1 acquaint tho Central Commandant ard Covcrnor of this dejmrtmeiit with the fol lowing ? I have r ail to hln Excellency tho President your note of yrstirday r"alive to the exchange of the c generals, chiefs and ollicors who fell Into tho hands t of tho constitutional forces at Uio battle of I/una . Alia, for tboe: of tho sai,? fir- who wore made irrironcm in the assault lardy attempted I thts place, and bin Kscrclcncy dosirat me to say t to you tliat, appreciating tho good ofl.ces of the Tioe Con- , nul of KYanoo In thbcHy, and of Mr. Charles I*. Chavot, and without muking any crnrcriotji remarks on tho r eTCDts which arc ag.talisg tho republic, be regrets ro t, fusing to accede to the exchange propos al by Ikm ISantoa DegolUdo. through II. Chavot, .. naidot aig that it wuuld r bo really uil'.anong tho civil sir U) put in full play cer- r lain elements which wedd nourish it, and aro uow , placed out of nann's wuy. , In all else tho government of b.s FhVoDoncy always 1 reconciles, as far aa pufwdble, that whioh humanity demands in favor of prisoners of >Ww with th .t winch tho safety of the government and public onlsr rvjuirc*. Ilia fceelV'tiey rc.|uev;t# you t"> show this U> th? Vice Consul of IYanr?; and 1 cemmni.ieato th' snun; suprnrw ordor to you k-r your UiiormaUon and in reply to your despatch of the lid inst. Cod and law. DIAZ. To Pun Jbm s tiesr vikz Otrmt!t. 1 On tho other sido, tloneral ort> ga. rvi the receipt of tho i above note, immediately proceeded to ['berate all tlw prisoners in his power, and even gave them money to enable them to leave for the ir homes, or wherever they might choose. Th .vdk wing w urV0a s letter to ticnenil IVgollaJo.? ZACAW-ss, Juno 9.1800 The resolution contained in tho cicnimra;cation which, with tho present writing, i despatch t? headquarters, was already toUrn when 1 r .*',vod yo irsof Vi e tilli Inst., in which I am lnstroeMl to set bun BntmiJo Dl-w do U Vega at liberty. 1 Immediately wont to see that g"ntlomnn and the oilier prhonors, bowed them tlie refusal of (jcd. Mu union in regard to ihc propo "d exchange, and the superior orders which 1 ha<l ;ust receive I from your i Fin Honey. I red them that they were at perl U I liberty, uj.d plact d live baimr-d oollari at the -P. (?> ition I of Mr Di.i.- <ii> !u Vega, who roquo. tod mo U> <1 -dribuU) it among hie oorifanioti*. I tare tin-booor to mention thta In reply ft yonr f xocllcocy, r?i>eatlne to yw tbo protestations of my distingui hot Kkra and consider ilinn. i d, liberty and reform. JSM's? t?. URfK'lA. I Tb hla Bnelloory the GK.>>uLit/)\-Ciiriir of tiM Federal Army It SHI LsH I it m A etter front Jala pa say* Roblos' sold lor* n*?re prdlinr Images and cbnrt h orn iru'-nta in the drti*, to the groat horror and scandal of the piou* people of that place, and i hat a certain cunt named V >r& biut (oll?ct m <|n U> a number of anrb (hint's, which lie war iiellL.g on bni own acroiuit, say it>g that It was only persona of lie clawa who were permitted to trade In narred thiiiif. Th fCiUt in of vije that 0'ntaynd, who war routed at Tip*-, w*a not killed in act.m,uxt destroyed liinadf to avoid bolng mate prwoi r. Tlio following I an extract tr >m tho dc^vitrh of On. H|tmn, Commander in < l.tcf <>f tho forcoaa- milk t .1 SiyuU, rciatii g b> M.raitx ti'a retreat:? M wr.djt, Jun 2T, l*ttn. To in* Excxitrsix rtt? Miv-tm; or Wan avc Mtetvr ? The nv -t excellent Iw.ti fe.'.r tt^nann, tlenora' in Chief of the constitute' al forew aaa< nible 1 at 9<i/u!n, trrilca me as follow* from the village ol' sstm N.-ol-w, under .late oi the gj?t . ft. 1 HUSRTA. Mo*t Kx(kli*>t St?w.lit the moat lively aatteiact'oo I haTe the honor to 10 Mint yotir Fictllem y that at daybreak to day the flu Con- M.iatnou broke up hia camp nt Say ula, tag to Gnadalajara, wtthoat having uude the le.'ist attempt to attack ic.r po?ltiuri?, although daily prevoio d to. 11. 1.1 1 j- r tr : < dnrlag llwiltin d.-ija Lit remained In front ef i.u. Thk ;,ht nt IgnominiOiiis for a 1dud who ntver doubted our defeat. even goUig ao far aft to rati e tl.o day on I cxpi-dod to be triumphant. foreawln:.' what tho r eult of tho jrr cut upe i.tica of M'rwn.on won 14 la-, 1 d:i% chxl the rend which lead* from t-aynia to ? '" clalalura to b> oiMtrueP-d mi l bin. kM up at varKicg pelMH In order to etn'rirrwo hta retreat and place hllu within rear k ol the torcce under my command It was so done, amno \ 'iintoor fort* t remaining at the afooc to. ntinaed prdnti to hw-uaa tho enemy'a march whom al*> CoL fkai Antonio Ihipts very cleanly putwnc with a tie md boro, while U10 whole m.iin body follow* tu pnr m l el our f-rkm* oacmlen. Before voarluding. it apy*'ira to ti pro "t to aiform your Fxrcllcnev <A the -:t otfon in w hlcli the forces are. >rem many fto|dl<r? ami t? rg?anu who liavo rotne over to nt, I know that tho enemy h x n '.'r <l eonskk rabie deacrilnn during 1?."lay at .-xyulft, tho nntnhcr amounting to I? lw? en Ave and six hundred, the prcater part of them being artillery ti, lb?_? the General in Chief, to whom I cignmuniento thlt event, tu rem in 1 tie ^?vwcrnm? nt if th' h> ndo, ? 'I'M I'l Win Mlu.i.ll V 'I , ?II.' II UW Wil''nu " ?o ntU'b. I liec > that llm 0neril mar vud * n?e order* for ?!? fcrt' r prom* htinu of tie-rampa'm,mra?o the fin li?-u* lt.rarr.on s-ti'-uld ivfr'?" the * diflk-'ilUra of tho r< ft and that b.mnrll" up in GuaJa- * Uwa The follow In r paragraph, ?->r? /Verne. 1* (torn a letter of the VI Iri'i written Irom the e.-.f>lti?l:? The failure of ft toldere <!< l? lVrro hi* canoed e^en a " creator eawtt n tl *u that oi Jerk'-r The afle.r t* a very had one for th-< fe>vr rr.rneet, ninoo It oxinin mlf tqma " the rniDotia ronlrarte wb h it m Wllb th bent, who will not a d 'htr Trie, U?er < remain the ' rrouume of tak > :??r fare. tint which raarwt 1> livt br ll milder meant, and that 'I will do a thiol icrnphl; hat all C know that, and tnako Heir preparation* lourcn|iu from tho rapine. l ontartt' ln>|?aeafa. Fat?i n*irtT or a F<"' an tinman?Tit Itonr Form Arrrn R??w vt fit* Mmvph it mi: W t '?<10 tho Tl Irt 'if February 1a*t .1 bo.I r <ii Um New Vcrk Iki'mro c< Dork, at jerr 41 Fa t rlrer, exploded, lr?ti'ily kl'llag j, and r.i?tme orertx nrd > wMohTnan.nnn'd John Oeitltrm, nlner which timo the NkIjt waa not aeon t.ll jmUrilry morritna, wl?en U wa> d.acwtrere.1 in tba v.iVcr. the t?ca.l g, MdlMkMWti ' m rw-iy, b?t Tbomaa Oanltors, a#o? of tl. doe. .ool. r'*n / d t Ity tbe rravat nlf t ti>ro ore Jartman IkM an tnq ioNt, and flrora the evi?jet# It ?t appeared Uial m 1111 *vi ral? I m b n tbo ?iptnm?n w took place, thou^l no <jii4o w n ,x. p,.| / .r tii.> -xplo- .. ? on. Tlie eaglrx or, II ry Farmer, t UMtshartiy pr rlmii tlx- boiler lud ft owl th ?f aa nfl..;ial e v , animation, and wax of tho >pir .0 that t' o holler ?n j? inder a pr'wxnre of airiy poind) per xqivo in< h wr -n j., 11k? oxplialno look t>'v~" A rt );ot lb v. rJf'eawith Um facta waa rendered. famoati 1 waa a dm4vo of loot- % innd, menty ycartof n^o. nr Fatal. Fatt-?Oor mcr O'Koefb hoM & w . n thq 01 body of thnrM l- ?!ir, a child tlireo ymrx of njo, who Tt fell front the fmirlli story window of No 1:i|,W. -l tn Dnrty flftb ?tre<n yeaterd?; n> >niln and waa aioKrl matant'y hilkd A vcrd t of "A.c.antd doalh" w<u* f-0 "coder ad. bu It leraejr City tmu kn flicnrwiT Ho ear ?A colored trait ntirte.1 Frrtderkti ^ l ihnaon, was broo/ht before R - ..r 1 t r::deo, pf J o?ey "Ity, yiwt rday morn'.ne, for ko?~4c Jrwn IV.'tort ral *u leg In "arreii a treat, and robbing him 'if * yoid wau-b "{ Fben the pro- met waa b ait e jnvofe| before h'a low,or to k!WM oboerred Io threw winaetb nji away, whi b xt to ikuheeq jet,t rearcb pr rTtd te he U?e watob, whirh be bad eo :Rtw en ! avor-d to ft rt.J ef. iJe waa comm.Mod to Jail it 0 await Um a t.on of the iJrvtd Jary. 00 Rowreo II if w.?A f )W eg match between Ueorgw Prv ^ ey and William Comer in tho Inat Jom^th -'h oley, and tarnm I/tpe/ wd .febn Ifbrkb in Tm boat 1: or if nraa ve Ion, took p ate fro 0 the feet of .ferney atrmt, Jerrey lb ?y, Inat *ren,D<. Tb? ear*) rae t > vtd .round Oht' 1 iai 1, an J bv k t th" p'aee .f ran n< Tbe rime wan Ui ft |vh a ?li\ and an wen by Fn.?y aed O a> r, abo bd- m iry ?br.? .r jl m n ar ' C." ??;w?W LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PRESIDENCY. ralks with the People at Hone and On the Wing. Speeches of Do?gla? and Brock* inridge, *?., to., toe. Oar Dunkirk Correspondence. Duwraw, N. Y., July *1,1640. Sla'y of Political m .In .<? nlhrrn Tier of Oountfa in Xcw Vorl:, ot., Orange, S'lOivan, Delaware, Broome. Tioga, Chemung,Stcul*n AUr*)ha.ny, CattarauffUM an* I v?T'< It . ,i * yie Rage of A Hve/or Brec1: :m>lg 1 Hi n-lre 1 to One on Dooglat in Steuben?Old Dr. JO- j to lake Them a'A Down "After the llarv {!"? Wry Slight S metwn Product! ky (he Bell Jloremenl?SomlJoiuU n has S^me PrijuU?A Motion Hctue of the UnUiyromvi Hailroad ??wfai Out, itc., rfe.. eft;. The beet way to asc< rtain * hat in going on In ibe wcrld is to go and rco f >r yourself. Tho world la Ailed with lars. And If yon trust to third or fonrth handed r?porta m any subject ten chances in one you will bo deceived, inowy and pure as are the garments of truth, they become oiled on a long Journey. Truth most bo encased in the mpregnable armor of ffcet, and accompanied by those [ood, but too frequently invisible, spirits, virtue and Inpgrity, or the a??arsin error will follow her footsteps and in n uncollected moment plant a poinanl beneath her delicate ilw, aud let out that sane (.fled blood which all hcnMt man berUJi and bless. "Truth crtishod to earth will rise gain," says a greylieard. To bo sure she will, but the e - ur rec lion may not be in your day nor mine, friend; an J s man while the envonomcd shafts of error may have deoe heir work and sent mtuy a noble mind to an igaohle rave. The day of Judgment may bo the only day upon rhich the veil shall bo lifted, truth again revea>d, and be wrong righted. Atonement for a wrong n3.cted, nmes too late when the victim la past human ag<mey. lie world may wonder, but the undying worm stiU gcawth, and the only Mtl factkm posterity has ibr the t*nicrs against the dead is that of tUo luxury of hat jog a aan without letting him know it. You in tho big cities cannot get at the truth of matters roles* you go to the fountain head. This is trie espeally of politics, m the dis jsion and practice of which he more a man lies tlio higher ho seems to be esteemed, [lie cm-Atlantic "Thunderer," headed by the Vapolecn of he Xepolttms of the pn *. ha? often descanted up in U?s opie, and, in editorials keener than thb blad >s of lMcdo, ins laid bare U> the world tho enormities, wiakodno-* and ottonneas of partisans end the partisan press. How forunate It is that the commun.ty or New York have a hampion Use the llr.rsiid In national, Stale cr 'oral wallers, it hai taken poult bum that have been the bulsarka against which the blasts of the public s foes have bcutcn in vain. Tt has saved millions of the pubis] trea ur >. It has b? n the p n?vr < f ail great m.atore of public improvemei.t. It lia given i tone and we ght to American dlpl.nuuu that Li f t in all the eabjicts oC Europe. It has PaiiUlnoJ all tlie great mr.i*uroe thai have tended to augment tho power and I ho glory of tha e mmon country, an 1 has given to tbo Empire fltatd much of tho prosperity or i .rindeur sbo li <w enjoy*. It ban abovo all raised the 'laniard of American Journal* 1 ra from the il'-pth of pnerility aiut in.iign.C auoe to end el :mpo ing strength and \. rid wWnowlcdcol roluenie: aii'' in ite pr?~' ni r j 'n'c ->f usefulness :u?.J power, !t ' ? competent to ocootnp i?h that which monarch!*! anil rpublicp, arm s and diplomats, hare .'a.irxl t<> accompli*!i tho-for .n the world's fac tory. When t irh i ywruil aen.1* a cemmissiottT abroad he .a cloth"! *? th I ho ;,i??r <rf a consul of an expire, unl ha rcporu should > < nuvlo up with that iotToa of car* and accuracy v. filch tha Miuugesl govoranKEta require .if au atuba we tor. o- t'.r -j n .* n.uorjrv-w tor* r v In tbi count i th" bi. ,?*t is r.ot yt in, b it thd luxuriant Seals < ? .. tost for a rich return i.i th. co'osti Vie liroier ha. ? not lia.l m?oh time :ui yet to talk politics, a ./'o listen to ^ohtiuti 'iar ii ru-w; nut t ms t ny i losr *.hat th? r mind* an> already tin i' .)>, nod thai ll'i r- > mi row nt rta n?l w.,1 BotlMim.i! Tial.y ihr. i y iu- future devlop- imenta or J1.'- m? ins. N"' n ; h la lid and irdiM 'lobio coieit beito ii the rout kite ti*. in Itm derrvieral.e early 13 < ujctiiatisl t" ? Hi" i no ;u the SiHUhom counti** a New V"rU Statu it tlio 1'. . tor l ml lo It stria i 1"W Rtruuff republ.c.111 ral .? atiy have a tendency t? mi oat a lar pay VMi ft r hncola than la tow " untcil upon, and ti Dial "'nil will the "dbrto uf he republicans in that section bo directed fbr tbo i<r in" < UD>*. (!. Luke*trmiK-p* fir tiriroln >i DfilV'tl tii ino ropnbttaan rank* a.) a) n* li - 1 n" i' count but t!i<* i ?fr?. lid* etiatmc uv ?jj hi (|i|> it: >n will pr vrnt Ui<> Irulr rent from )*av.o|t li r 'inlidau' to -ui.|>ort Hi t of* Iho oth'T*. TV.>* Jt quully tinu uf H jckla.i I ai of (balaojia?a span i:r?^ h- Mifflii haM rf I Mxtv mil**. In br..jf, thi ti.i i.j villi bo few, If tny; mil although tb* $*warif n d litive by no m-ma recovered tlioir c>mi?xi':ro do t 'Oti'itiij Ibmriawrl- candid-it' f?r the ropub. eaa i. tr,ln i oo. tboy u il cvt do , r> . i ia lb" way >r Mr. 'In. If th^j il not eoto fi-r li.m, th> y wiled row'or elth'-r Brock.:.r,d^". boo. la*, ivil nr il ' ialon: in<l t'.<?? win nai ulaioupMi m ur- .A <<ti to the raiuc* <? lth< r of thoeo candidal- Ic conneiuenoo of tb>: diraifcc Ion f the Hi-ward.tea, r< " k .ri wilbonl tb"ir bo**. Tk<? publicans In the. sou lit rn r< volet. *r<> a unit fx Ijioin. .*>ct that down w ri fact Dml cannot be trutlifnJy [ii r ?.ay? .I, aii'l La\ down lh? tfam wvirdloft*. ?t.s ii con'-ral tb rig. It II mid hirnU and TTckW '*> and fti* Wt' u v con . l-rv-d out ?f tb* rut* .<i ho scutbcro count lot, It I* oven doubtful whether .fi' lf w 111 b > run In mi. of tli-w count** for vilet of hem. and wn< with whom wo corn r?o?l hardly Son* but IV tirtoii iiwl li cu noni''<nl> il at all; an l wt ft* tornnodoi : jstookton bi'tn.' on ?h<! iKk'.l, they know a* mt-.h bo .1 thai aa tbny did of n-o crt-Dl of (be oillo al currupk>n j/fartiard in ?v Ivt N?? Vork lenalature, (mat:t. ?i nm vocai urncat XotwHI'ktin 1 nit tli? rchlam bctwon tb* rvjir'.ia ml Br"ckUir.lgo vv.n.m uf tVo de?oar?Uo party D II.* IV ' I qm Iimi, ettnru will t>? *iw'" o firm a coalition n the town* at, I <->nu'.'?i for hr purpM tf itsirlif lltr rtcctk* of local aBctri and i .1 'i i loo ' ii' - -t* .1 . wh' n by t*-.h ooaltlon lb. y (.in if''a ravnrtty. Vvrn thi* pi-nputll, n Im w " ,er, rejected by > u>* dmooral* On*')l>o*a an by?i? to Wiioo politicaut't. In 1 vd, it In dif<c.:it to d#rrr^.it ^ what will V don . or wlif-h curse ti?>> uthor ;bo lud at an I doopcat, tbo Br^k .nridgrra or th* OouflanIta. Mf-anw', , lb" Mil "pi itor* ar* ?p. .tl.n< th-.r idntftUb lanftlil'T at tie i-ol.tuvtl put irlnr .( b-.tb odM*: and ilioy ar* *l?n alyly totUiiy (bra 1? all Ui.i , f . I II i* ,'nii. n : T. if v n ' ..i_t iiu? pulls any?-th mjalrm. rrm.i !< ? ?n m i*r? M; 1 >w rm <I'lW. J! ? < i \m. ?v t ?l>: fnd Blurb *>* ? iiirtiDij; hi hoarany ifl".. i Jtr'-cki?r- pluraitty over Do^Iy, nth a load ng )?oitiuii fm l.onoUi omr all. (iiu* i-? rh jf '.nty i?ci??w. TI dmnocrvy nn.'t*} I light carry I of r I. urate, hut in th.) midat of prooant lrira<tlr n? I. r -In ntll carry it by fr m 'J)0 to "00 plni.'dy. A n>i1 t i) on I *n<l ? o?n tjr nff>?m batncaw 1' if. i !!i nr. I nw.i. may gift tho Witty wrateanl t., tlio rirrr ? raU. I *w *, I? i\* in- * at"*" r publ'ean or-aty at ,<> p.i * ||| |) ... alttMiii.'li lofi??*riy Avi an, ibo att r iv i. '.rfia <>. v to tl, rc;e hlwati 'ihr not rn auv, ?p<l i i i . r 4i i where. that U-ytn i itt-lriL ?1> " har b.<-i r?< k-inins upmi large Amort III f te r?T fViO^'M (n th ? rctft-Ul *111 ' ? rl: appoint*!. bi-T<lcwll) c ; van to Un- ' ( lb: can*, and eneil L.n .n'n n r.ty tlir mgity t? it k?at I.M I'm ?v n It.tiRbamlun. tn tbl? comity, msMkOtln cti Ituilcl d ftea'nwn, ami there dom not o*wt o thin ir.ntry an .rintoni wlwrc a man of - irh pntlfeal prou, r<-' a Mr. |i er <T? a morn nniv< rr>1 .leprae tf impact ><l lOntii. Ha i H" by hi? n?-shWaoC all ?h.vt?n I OB.I while few Intrepid . Iiampmoablp of -op ut ,i nit.ta ha* won I t I. in imi*r?h?i?lo fair.o irr*'i,bw b"?ie virtue* i mVaf h'm In tho hearts of all hot . > within ?bo )i i'pf c r. Ii 'if but wqnainiaxi. a i t I'm I, hip. " flow la Mr IlkktMOa llki-d 1 i.r- nf a rtinbuml and lardy tiller of tho soil. I..kril "' he aarlaimal; " I'll aril bow bo's iiVod; tf 4 j.- rn immuiaU I tor IVi Kldeut, tboro's not a man in Mir i. .nty thai would ham filed agin ha" That fir f.r a ri ,i rnan'< opinio . ttpriwol in ;ui boceat way. r. I i.r tlti. "it'a telle nee will bo glc n tbr Brv kiurkltf.-, all', ilia cinty will p.*o 1 inmln a nvyortty nf ruO, Mr. H a vote wilt r-aeh. If not.- roo>1,thuM O^ur. a. i. \oi. for Vr It.'.iglaa w I.I b?rinail U> Brootnc cmnty? y m. lio< k ?In thi- rwinty Una.'In wil> lutoa a aiajrw ty of r> J? 'xiar ? 41 Imvo a tar;."T row tlutn ttran kdir^lf, it both .-omb ii'?t r II not aa-.lliwo tho ra.l mJittar. ^Ia> .? n fnToritn hafo, Ibr tho roar at that ha * h?U?r .own t -tn Hral. nridge. Tlia itmUnrn c*g bos not yet on hitched in Tioga. Cm m * ?TTito cmir ly i? otatmod by both rapnMioanii 4 d< n ciat Tho frhnda of Brrckinridga nay tbay ar? parlor t-> Ft l/tla*. Th" AmiTV*r?, whoharo too balan. i puw r nod thr erw trol of jho |nr*l nWtlnM am ar ill .rig imk. in a.?rnim>>.| ition ith tho dcrmr rita la orrtaw mrnro a r -prcoontat n ir t<* I ?f laltinro tn MM, tho unty gavo acme 700 plurality for fmwviol te-1 tho microti and Atnaricana ara Imw mom nn tod tu tho unty than they haro horohdbro hoao. Tb"y will aoyo o l<* al rovcrnmrnt and th.. b-gmUtifn ranrnoao'Atioo by vrrdlal operntlon. which will a/TCot tha Praotdawtiaif do ?n th,? oxicnt ? 1 incoin will ham a oplaodil da?o pli:ra!lry m "r all; h*jlaa naot, as I o klnr im th'rd. No w> rd of w*" or HounVwi. is fhrt that nhdmial mro^n aro lorolrod will br ng out a rp-r fdo n '"b-muog th.m ha? haan aa pa nod, and t ay prudnca a rharco in our prosramma for tho onnnly. be di ' r'rr?:* l tkOwBSPgg!T7?k?nnf

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