Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1860 Page 2
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r ftrug.-tc ff o*l tbe rail ipiitWr, inn wit'"' a ua '*& nioci ; . > w i . l . . jl. ; ti' county itgiiusl old v" Alx- ?t l ? don't i any tie I'imbho down, aea.t t. t . lo-ai i U (U: the Circ j.t.uu*# wr pi(rh? r II let then 1 r t? ta'cecare of itself, and look to a more lucid and b? .eficeiit future. In (.hemunf Pouf'r> .'Hid of Breek u , and Novtmber will lira it. _ , s M.-.a r. c 't. v : pi re 2.000 majority for Lion In; The demeeraey in tic county are nearly unantmo-j. Bf k.n-ub '? vote will be small. A coil it . r bet a-hi the two branches will effort noth ug. The r. i ty rniB'bt a? well be surrendered to iHjuglas and iu?,L rst ir.d ast Neither party will gam unyU>'.4? be holding on A uco t wi'i tar'.- Alleghany by 0.000 plurality Tt. vote for Mr Dc'-tglae will e\ceed that for 11ator It eehlnridge. ( a it .ha i ?Oat tara ugu? a .11 give Lincoln frotn 1,500 to bV'Xt j>. >doy The v t--for IV iglas aud UreckinrtdfC rill be abort equal. Cu .ra. qi \ ? fhats-.qua county will give from 1,000 to 6,000 ma'ortty for Lincoln, lit re the Breckinridge feei log bus advunccd with rapid strid,*. while the Poug.s lament il calm and apparently wail.og for the moreinent of tbi w.iters tiRoa. zano.v or nr> rjt; rucvy,?wavt or u amoso tu iikmoohat1. In nearly all the lowx.k in the southern line of counties we have found republican organizations. When a que* tion is asked about what the other part u'b are doing, ti oniet or an equivocal answer is given. The Lincoln men ; ppear to be satisfied. They seem to think they havt very thing in their own hands, and they quote the lit . ? rinwHV ox UI* I?Cl l)Ul taking thO tl<T ol xount os I hare mentioned as a standpoint, It world at 'ord pleasure to the observer, unit at tbf i-ame tine no 'title grief, to see the weu we have thought ao well ol l?*rd at worlt in menial employ menu, earning their own suuslatencc in order to tave themselves from iho terrors of starvation. Our Kew Hampshire Correspondent*. CoaooaD, X. H., July 6, I860 The Closing Seen,-J of th? >Vu liampthirt Legs-'a/ure?Tf.e ''Rmdahc 1'leuro Pneumonia" in Caitte wl Pdytics? How ike Republican Members are Taught to Exude their Orotorj?Ike Republican.' Baching Out from their Anli Plane'y Positions?-Yo More Symp toy for Ou'Tee?7V White House all the Go?JfrpuMiocm and Democratic Platforms Identical?Orand Vail for the PougtasUes to Arouse?\s Organ, no Money?Business of Concord? Wagon, Omnibus and Harness Making, dx , d< The Legislature adjourned tine die on the 4th of July, after having passed some 160 acta and resolves, Hie moat Important o( which, and tlie one which appeared to cxrr Cise paramount influence over members, being the famous Cattle Disease hill, called by the faculty "Kxudative PleuTo Pneumonia." At the outset of the session the subject attracted the attention of the Bouse and the first speeches an It were upon this topic of barnyard buncombe, Ac be session progressed, th fever abated; but a- the l/'fT1"' atuic of the adjoining provii e of Mas.-scbusotta had reeled a U>m<ni.-s!oti to loos; up the d iff eased cattle, and o endeavor to cheek the 'pread of the scourge, New tlaing -hire must do like* :se. It is au ol-l saying here, that N'ca Hanpehire never invented .myth ng but guide po?ts She Las a remarkable faculty, however, for adoption. and hence look the earliest practicable moment to adopt the cattle disease inaugurated by Ma.s-aclnisetts.aud to aK-imilate her legislation with that of tt-c late extra session of the Bay State The discussers on this matter Lv saved the repubihiuis u world of auxict aud t ouble, for the reason that it hn<= operated as a vent pipe through which the superfluous gas of the numbers from the rv-ai di; irict. could es, ?rx- in the N<??s Ha-apslil'-e Legislature a certain amount of talk occur . Hon SO evenly arranged a'e thi discussions at be different s<-?di( tis that it m mt ar if they are measured b,. yarvi tick' ai.d tiorin.-d by rule t'nies.-, thei o :s> torn, blua ti le the genius of the legislators is hoea d to hare uch matters as eattlc diseases to veterinary au-geont and to sear to the cot siderat.on of Usuee more' intreati and subtle elctnenU t>f human ex.fK-nc , politics.! ? :onomy ami ti.e bpoiia of office. It wan therefore, ji bnppy thought I-at inok. I the terr bit to tin ot "ft viraive Ipteuru poe'unoc.a," wt-rewlth to rib*- lb oaaiiost' of ou.- rustic orators for treading upon the dangerous licit of local and nat.onal oolitics. and lor entering into di a tons upon the preprint; o' making this or that a on* nn tioa for the Presidency The i-lroug republican u ajertly In the Leg slature enabled that j-arty le hav. evil > tt?:<vt it'ownwn. and wbik- tie- m-sre i I. h?- U iieut aiming Jo 1 democratic meirhere were continually cj-.fftu ; m< a?u-?r r.-' considi i alien calculated to nuvngtims its tftak-* It* :1s Judic al, financial, edncati'wal aad r. Hirsoator* ran...:* liens, nothing could be SflKtef. un'.l the mli abt I ? iject o: pieuro pr. ?*, cj. i posed of. Ilappitv V. la**. H vu will \ tr | ClC^ftine of aiu'tl'ir.g K.og G teorr. thru m^at : Tlgiaut ai X eaurtf.te rat road nnu la Stm , roghus;.', the nrxi baim-F - of Importance war u .i* c <1 . ifratioa of lb.- |.?ta>ti . .; ?. ;!.lr>-? b) -< vpuWiriui- Ml Mint Mr i.Ma.b .>( A>r>,ii."<t . fl. . e?ol viw a i n* as iter itauv.d a a pig ktiat Ins ?.? * ] trough a roiw so of boiIn.,, aal f a-vI ? ra(>"r? Tier t aa nottMug. of Ibe old auli .u.? -v (aivf, abet* ?(?>--? "bore aa. r?> itaeu'litr u> u w- ..... lit... la-rill J m- *t CUO-l'tlt' D.U ti.. I.: "r. :ll lie 0 eirn nb trawl I.* u?i- a font Ttay w?-.? u j \pt>!'liC*l M too, wtahi'U* *'.? I, I I'. I ?\ i:;. II IV> r Int. To cr ab* mOu*"'or nunrre. iu .ng . >? u.g < .- t ivi.t.i* M ' s Mi * >. * * th i . lb. tw .? cratic er mi or< e.uig a Uu. I a lltrr pr n . *>i<J Undo ir.ocriiK: * ; J- ltauda1 Uwr u ihv jUtf'-r ui th- aim rr* ij of N i' I'a ni?hir?* ImI < iiwa for ti." ' ? var 1 :r>( lit! L iV.s t ? U.i \ of t-art tj ill.iirati a ti'. mat n*i >i i ft- '.ti? * - . .*f ilto .i?.i^.r tiiaeowo ?-) b? iHured into rot .? ib;i cv, trrl.. f t it''*. ra> tl?* fcf ' * r tbe C?lt? 'Ib.t'tnpar TI. - iv ..| ? >.? - ItCTf! | I >?* Ul' I I'. 1' l.o I . . . tiOt irl. Nea Haniitorr. %> : lltrou ;tan.l li . New ynfl%?i * It, li*. * iWlirt* l . . ? ; u II. rate * tl> ' lieu-* t.. l l? u... I .hoc'. ' ' '1 bona rr-. 1.. a>.u i t r.e ? i< t a.n f ,tr th.* t -u ? ? ? t r . ? <c it 1"?. . * : .. t..l b l.orf* or lU..i if JU-i' . t , t?r hjjo, at>> T'l- l 'I* bit.-im*? ??i i#*r> * vh;'?.c ? ? 1 " tmo if l.lUs lu.-grf w. 1 jlu lbsb? of tlir ?.! lain. : ar.a ismrh an rtlrnl i,.*^ it.., t ? tilra, or Bra 1%bl, or utw ti'tKfbl'ig or ?lUr- of lb btek rrptV a.,. it. ifitii l*a v.?tu rtt? ui r born luuiw"I <>? rml'v^ r. . aWtutuir 'U ibr tlrrrl it tnen t<1 % ' < t k ?or Uu** ih ai? l.ltHtltA. Total l.'tal tl.r npi'lncw ' V Ilan i?.i.i *,ri' nol f* Mtifi i"'1 lt*tl (uiImU' at tin D."i. i-ii;. a of It n. ? wor.H brl?inrJiog lln-rr.-"1 iti-l to ikt' lt..t U.rr |.,r? ten i ,'livat oi lb* r.fl tu IU" ituti ml twtanr : ' * *? aro ?' . v. s f?l U. u? l . Ifl'.u.i 1-1'. . .rl_. I V , .. Of Urr C ?' r* ^or "" '' <u 1 ' at '(' ..* i u liquor. ;i " < r" * ftrMtrO" t 1 bo II If.ry a . luv. t - up ?. . o i'. ;? f t i-lhtrt fur lb. itoi-atca liorr 'Mil- tSloy Uiitik. to ' * nbc: -4 ar If a | ."*(t r.of'< t"nl-- ' tioi'ii n rfiil ?; tin truiii-rvt . Tfisb oa.) turlit t *i '11 ti l-rift ,nl tn |u.'V?U' n' |? . .?! . t i . . |*l'. ' M la? ai'-if ..i-il in or,.* rribrar.' A poltli at tril . tiakr rni; arcof i li til.-, V pt>* al . arilt.)iiaw. o'-oUt br be * . r Uvai rv i toi>u? r.flt t I', iiio iultltt of Co?- , IbrnM iai*? of f*,-i dwp ?aJ ?t?' p ?u4 \ j*rU|t ' + lb. u.-at 'la of > i*art y,, it /V I. . * ' Tlr . i - i * bead, tail aLd br rrli . IV" ^ ;sla lirnrr*' of Now tag'.... <t. ?Bif ?* ( tall; t*?o ooritiori pari, .re ci?n.;.> at t < ?' '? ?* In Now Ib.r ; tf*. It t- t' oy titv.- ?t.r>. ?x. t I ?,- u tlio t ' 1 '. N ' ) " . ' ' * Is. a |< M A mt H*TOf!i. I It-jhlJiir. Itvir A HfMil. ? ? I ? - . - i -it. 1 nth r a KP?'|,r li<" Hf a- iawoi> - .. . . tut l.i ; uvi tul ni jt mar rightfully Hi dii .-naiad a ?PH y. f-ari--'. toilcit Itlw < haiiip.txi. fully ,ru#d a. t-adj to do hatllr, la any pari of lira I'v'ero Malta r i a i hampi"'- n a!>?olut?ly tro ?* .r; t.. Nr<? li*u' 1 \ f t it, U,r >-l. rt.oti aiay go by ?f<# nUat a ilh h?l ?b?>? thr hall -ira <>t U r /'<*,' r?n roaiii w ' i i drf.lior tL ra? U m r ' HI 11' r. at> agir.u*- lr? nom it i MMi baa thirty MMVWH III lai /, f l?i{ r< a. ..(. ' , II In* a I. firr-. 4ii?m . apd taill utidoaiit dly p vr va (Acim.: H ;irr ... vh* runt ?<g?i Hot it I* rot thrvhi.l lo porahat a ra|tipal?DPr ItWr that On f'raf ran m l ?w got ? I it ..a- liu t> i !? ? -i . i , r>>n? adv * < * pair.-a. tad lh p- pr.t.- i.u. ahrai*d a in* i?w< r I" * -kite art. rrubiivh*<! t |oiatt>d of h - pap y ) i ? ' i II.- i trol of *i. I * I Of jartj nana/ r* Tl rf >ra If thr t*?. . n ?t I : u a 1 fr f mldah# ? I brfbrf lb ' douDI r?nk? of f ? tv; rniial lif t. mh?ar aw beaiitf af?*| ifrr |i. u> Ibii thaw Hi' ii ? Ptnplny h> wpvrr ptt'rirni tbrv raay ITTipy rrq in lain, for ?, are.iroPLt-? rmal anna and thr thtmdrrv of hravy pi i At Imp au-'d I va ( M f rib fr m tl.P I*>'uria I raroprrl l.iii"! ! > | r. I .ry nart lima t<. I?m "frit al??rr ia lb m - ia.' U> c?a f om Th\t m tl??' "4 Vhtury ha< U t . i<?ru II uvr Mill lo a?i>? I' * ' '0i I' r i? I kr a pr ?.r ratio.,, "faat i ! ra'a Capr.i I ?a lh. I' at '*fl ->\ a br la at. vrtiord Ii Rr fh..| anan and lh h rfr'np' thai it ? ? > .< 1" a <i \ i '"'<1 i ! ' ' f..r u i artlat Ml aavllilnf of thr drift if he wrrp an dtai#a? 1 I Blllu*. of ll>* /W. liar IL- Naval idTkr an.! allliotioh I might .vli m i II iM-itfji" h r?< riv ? from hl? m vt ottf' U>* !? b a l?" i aai it >d t ihti'lf hk?i bp ? 111 rt O.I that ftguPr <0, 1 aBiiah AntlHut hM th? Na>> Aipiiff, ant ha* i otojpft'. >n. il l? rrjn*| Id wpI'Infi rr. ?i r * r< lu rrla n liial lurrallrr pna't.,,i Id facl, ii; H*!r?iii ( mimbripi f lli damacttl Civ, ,n Plin" atri (ail (4 ..Ii- InclwtiDf f i hlnf. Riw ih ?. I ' t-c. H ir>'.. Wr'fVi.Cari" to*, ri umai or Rat lah rarar htrr, la aPri.lgi fr nflrlff, Krav* Mayor Tabrr N?'W HulfnM?rrr n.|,trl> lo |r ! mufh p CQDlarv aid. ilhrr ft?r a rami il ft *h??l or .myil.ipg r|. calC'. t'"! iH"ii"ir lb* i: *. * via of !? (la' ,0 Vo-i rbt ant" a )' tli'-r p . ! i, N ? |nn u 0 Whrrt ||. | lata ? 'Ii. t ?t? i a la ? i- r?:pai| oral- *i | I tirr ' \?'? IjvUimI P r.urfi.m fba Ill'rr l .irn ? II I fill Ii:- i Inr pol lira) 1,4* ival w a o'l 1 f'ivb t, I'.r n <f mrao< w u'l f irs -u I and lit* | mm iai'1 Ii ir h. rrfo-i, fair rr,, a'.rf.a . (' iik ib vim# ui? k ihrrl kl? lid ? i mi * icli ihih r .r nut i!,? k *r il I* t il r-a- a ; lv-thr a T? I' Vw I'.(1 ind?f ibf#r ,n *, ? alm'gl: jr wi.rhpig Oaigla m<n ll. aa - at. tllpavh lifnl mulionm-r da/a Cr* trd i? * gri n* | lacv, a* al' lh? ? , W tu a for II " iiai' .'act * of l*pai<a,a ftrrii.rra : rir- *> va bi' I hp r. 'i an ut-l i?mm ?,#n< of Itir Uu< at hor< la tbi mM'j TtPfaAartrr <1 iflP f t; f .n?lrt. l V h vehicles which show the animal. off to advvitagv, f-.rni.4i fA?j . a*ft' an 1 rapid rncxloe of locomotion; and et'hauce the pleasures of a rule m town or Country. Abbotts wagons > uud Dow mug's Concord ouin law- in' world renown <1. it was here the (amou* wagors wero manufactured that , made the flr*t transit by overland e*i>rt v from Missouri to (aliform 1a; and it it from thio place that harnesses arc Boot to almost all parts of the kuown world and from or the moat unpretending looking little front nbojM you may see m any country Tillage. Due can scarcely eon reive it possible that liarncsoes are manufactured hire that may at the same time he tugged and strained to drag I In My wagons from deep rots in California, Australia and cur own great V est, that may attract the ey? of l>ea ity on the gay parka and fashionable drive* of the mctropoItaea of the Did World. as well us on that gi and thoro igti hire of your own in>|? rial city ? magnificent Broadw viand thai may also serve the duty of a Id lag in Uietrius ' for 01 the weary traveller from railway to hotel, from i j FUamboal to home, from mountain gorge to mountain ! top, adding pleasure to tie pleasure seeker, novelty to the wonder ?e- ker. health to the invalid, and a serc-e of security to all who are obliged to entrust themselves, their Uaiba and their lives to htiriel'.c?!; and leather NoTrmrnts of htaator Douglas* I fdrUSCU AT UARATOOA MTttNOh JVLY 21, lHOO. > KLLOW Cmxttrr? 1 am truly grateful for the kind sentin.< eta you t-uve pu>t expressed ivnd the cordial srotoom* you have r-tended to me. Saraloia is common ground i where the rittzen from every portion of the I mou ccm.^s 1 lorbrai'b ant', recreation. J trust that no act or word of i tumv will r v the pleasures of the social tirclo by the introduction of partisan politic.'-. Von hare boon so kiad as to re.mgr.,-e me as the regular democratic candidate for the Presidency. an I lo j>j>eak in terms of eulogy of my | public r uirse: for all of you will aecept uny sincere Uiuiikr While I will never concoai an opiuion on public questlee.', and c>u all proper occasion.! freely avow an! boldly rna ntoin mj opinions, 1 shall endeavor to ao express myself as to be entirely riapoctf.ll to Ihose who may aider with me on many points, i believe in the equally of the Mate" and in the equal rights of the citi reus of all lue Stale in the Trrritorii ,s of the United Mutrs. Whatever right? the citireus of any Mads mav enjoy ii the IY-rrtories portam alik" to the c.ti".en> of ail the Mutes, snd m whatever terms (lie nliceus of any Mnti inay move into the Ter. itorics with Irjj property, the elfivi-B of every ofh-'r Mate ms, go and carry tru pro pert. , and e: oy the Purne under the protection of the Iyw. But, t mutt br borne ia rmnif that all property iwthe Territories is subject to, aud <Ji y>pud?.tl oolhe local law for protection. (onprew net rr yet patted a law fbr the protect. i o."proper I. ol any kind lu auy organized Te?eltory. ("< ! gr~' Bcrcr |wuav<? a criminal code for the T<rrtorio?. ' era ms raid pieserty of ovrry dew.riptwn a e dependent upon the locai iLrn lor pvotectiou No c*c< 11 -vi to ih; gvcer >1 nil- <"xi ?a> cither in regard to person-. or proper!j. Marl or win v>, liv?* or slave, a'l per boos urv uauer the proU-oion of the local Kv, and not the art. of < t ugrei-* for prtdrjtion. Nor Li there any PTliepti :i .n respect to different Linda of pr;'i?rly. Th.- North tro man vuih Lin horses, lib cult,. an-J lit* merchandise, an.l Uh- Southern maa with hie Hhavin. Into IhoTOrrlt'Ti-'o e- tea n.s of perfect qu.uit;", ant! :? like tnoucer peod vyta (to V>c?: lav lor protect .<;ci Hence, the I ret"i re ? (.f which wp hiitr w? r? h in lliesc luod-'rn day-, that it if the dolt of the federal iTOverora.'.Tt in ail :i.i di-Airlm-nts to protecti property of evr-y di -cnp". <i ir the Territories, i-. fouuh-d in ignorance of the |n im i)ne? at ' ;wartu? o( our poiittcal nymene Any pollti.t I creed noil he 'isoesaarily wrong whic.i cannot b | Tor unmet1 to the UW terra# in the North an.l the ji. ith .rhei ever t '?e Amentum ting floaU orer Ami rl ran tell - kog an vr live under a eon illtution which j" i. m: or to all the Matet and Terr;tor? , jtolitical fht'i! ii ainta ti the aa me doetriuer in pi rry portion M the cot/'edrra ; I holt' no political opinion:. which I t"w .. > r ar i - .ewu ai d expressed lu ttic fatnc !;ui,;nage in evrt > . tale .? the Union. The t ?t -ral p"\ rriment a I tu IV powers, and must be f,>oti til v llht" the uarr * tnn.u. preset bed ia the coo * 'tut ioc i. I t uothmt i?ut d. 'rated powers, which pi apt i it)i <l and eaumer.trd in the couetitutiou These itrirgated (ow --a are all frd.i al?-no'. local ?In their cha raeh ! a'( pe'taln to the p. u-j.-ai ?el are of the re-ii'.iiC v i I literfn ng t tlir doeiertic r"latiooa of ilk people in :lw ^Uite ur Territories T?v right to i i/i.i Un a .m*Mic relations ti ife never been delegated tt ??(.*. nrj.i. I trust, wh II nevi-r be nsarped by the gove?naient 11 r relatione of huahand and w ; , par ri' and ci.lM, ruwdlM iu?d ward, and in sad f.rvwd are ai.1 tion.e Vie, :>ud not federal : o hene* are oepi' ' *r>t upui uhe local law, and , . (> 111. OCX Ol of the fi dcral gOWSfMMSt The ( ,vri it )> . i;?if i ' n u.' . . pMrw m i t undcrtxw oar enliri *.! tocai fysteaa. Tt ?? i a daHMcesf this priaci- ' pie th i* the hatts-s of the at d.on were ftmght Our e father- d. t not den/thr -ratM ttw fh ;h?U fnrliamrut to make nil law. w itch were i wt? f; *1 and imA eoiooial to , tbr .r oh.b.-?ptPT Ibey con ram t he r'fh* of t'ariiameut j, to d-j fief itiot ahwh aSi ated ?tha pBCrrat welfare of ? the ^r?pir?, witho-rt mlP'te ?na w ith the uiterivjd policy j and uo n'-.t c c.'Deei ar of tL-?pt-?ia e of vac coloaies Our | father*. cladBb-d the tnhercw*. am ' iraiiroabW right to ( r . -4e> 1' co lawfc out r? guiate their duraoatlr j *.-e .Tt: -ah lh ::r ores t;i".nl 1A rialianA-K; withnit. the InU'r'jrrii?:* r 1u" British l*ir'v.?ini -nt It-was uj-on thin l t iI. point, mi.i in iirffr.oe ol' this grrat. iiauiouhe of local relrjn? n?"ifti?r! that tU?9 rwlou.'l- -rparati-d from thr Br't . J. cr .wr: The Kins ot A |? ;a! inn. Mit o' Ki^IadU Ci ..n : ?t tint l ajU li?? (<*vpl of t(-a atonies poe-. . .1 > ri/ht. r?rwf* U-ow- dw-ned> Crow thr rojn. chrt/' .usi a. It u ciasiut-i At Ik i* Cay, thai thr pro j.lf (f- !br Terr lories half ac right. i?vvpt ttl.At I ik; J? ' relinallM^Mk But it-meat ke rsmrtu 1>it.?I .'.ml Mir (alorn dsni-d tk At tiisy derived their i rlglna .*rj.n tin, i'j*V a?- w? Amy now I hot the I?< pie nt lb? Territortea get- Unas from Coaf,r<na. Otir lather i-.l*. nt-nl I list thr r jbt ?f alf mn-cmirsot war inter nt n till" people?4b T! 74?1 from the Aimtshtv, Mitt ID Alien iHk by 1'arltanirt.l The t>nt >n lion of' iuilcpeo I. r.t *rr n fs m?i anon t!m of tins iiVxuvul right, was i it.-. rt J nf nniy for ra.-e siftb StAtoe hut foe d?>|>r?i<ieat 1 en! i.i . J r % lucre and fiiriiorlnH Tia r gt* of belf go. Tnruu? -it ? ? cencivuel I" < the tone* of the rtrvnlut-.o* It . ri iu Stair.-, h it ikrn vl in the prnr.:io*a. Ileoea tie I prinr > lah'n-luii In Mr K< v>luti?ii t/a* lit ri/tfU of i "II p - riari 1 la tfn I'rwiticri. and T irriiaries ha weli i. .law "(i|iitlitM. 1 r-|?-?t, lb M principle ot loral -I: ...fuan I ul.dt rlu -i or entire political xyrle.n. Ii t< it tin ? ? !!? Motion a- thr harln nf our cam I no a 1.1 c >vft tr.rat All nil-delegated to lli< - Ural f;..? i nt i tiw reserved tu the ttUMur to II. pop- 11 i m ..t -tvulrol tli-domcptlt relatione t V?.nt ->* tff.ei <vl a c dkiaatIIj reaertrdv If tli. t ? . nil}-' I t< <-ai iclf go .-ti" tool bo maisMuaott, i'. l? no ? < ti- Ml str :t? b.Awseu the North tui I S. nt?Sj- it.m t' < frtv> HUM an J the siAno stair n ilir t m . < * <1 u ' T\ ?u? ttir cxt .troca of tbr Ualoa art" ) k I II.. . .'.Ti Mi till Mil : till' I t i ... tr nt ?. tnlrr'.'.r Willi tbr dnair,. t I.f it ic ^jaa.T if- tu Ac Tr-rttor'ea. Ihr r.'l A ii fai t ilnauuidt tli j J>... iJiioii I * tlu f'xtr n c nun* lit I??r Uif pa-puMT i4 lb i ... ?. Iu J prob.bit. of a.a\ar\ vion- tUo i* It ..ulAin Um Mailt iu hir cona-axi it I it'.M hr i., 0 i OA lid IU-T ( ar-.iu? of Uie t. . k vi-Tiia ill, tor the | hi f < i ' -la.nlmnitii and |.rcbo?.ur ilAve y, whrrc ihr |<ro|>te do not want it. S. .Ui" i to ii.'il. rt ?>ro lit |*?i>kr wtU or | r .. II flu . f ir ID i" J'- |? 01 tl'.r Tit. iU.r i"f w 111 - - I ii jib mi J.wrrt m I ir tlmy d.i iHsul it | . ?r j .>i*o it vk . lb** d<". irr'it Ituu- ?f arc l tit .u- , w lilt ? if llndai jArli*- l.r.m m'ImIt.j ; i>.. p. " ? , | in k o o: tbr N?tb, I " ??> *' .ua lb iHlirr .cal u.; t ?br panaii.i.-, noil a- ,?. ? of II. i<>u'b, M favu'of ij?vrr/, ii i.| i a.i'ii tu : a v . b. * b' tin r?i la liotb fArra | I'm tw* M."Ctio??al itartirr at U"ap ?ti,: M> dp. idr tbr , ii.ii .ill' pie b* * wpblca! :a?o, In two grant - -. t, rb.l ' m aIIU . t- b. rib uu tr-Mm i-bu i . -i .11 S i:'b '-o4 ' tli. nthrr ! ai".r, Ji<l ItiJi |fuu. j ir?.pT?Ai A1 cwilic- wbtiii dMlurbr Ihr , i; tl> * lib; , t. lorratwoa tba or nul ( rr nt tn- Uatiio 1 tn. tt> # pants I w*r t>ut I..., ti>.'i" ut < ?n pa. an' I ?' s lo I-a foanl la a faithful i !l. t ihr |.i ut t of t: b tutrrfcr u.r by thr i, .uit*ni r-tli Mn . mi - a. ii i< ll.t pro I i.. ifirT. riMi'i i K v-.i Uw (a tac.plr aiilrnird to 1 tt <T -. .?*r mi i< .nro' l*Wi Ihr iwubiisDmrat of tli I raw Wir bat crowr ib4 act In the r*wtfiA 1 lit) i i s; and War - TtH pr-aciptb araa tncoi, ii ' r p. tb> alii) party > 1MB, at 1 M" i.. irttiurtaljc t'j?tf?tm tu tin sAUir year It. I was a | l I"d? I All">oo J tiir p Af> rm <4 Ouli. |>?rlav. sc.i It' > ' . * i * Mu.V th-t wa . 'max. .i to botb I at. ud t' .a- >. Ui pt.acirW. whorvrr May dr .-rt IU nr. ?i- Mrin'a, I oao *cti aa apology tor this# dr > t.T. lit .V I AH !,.'l I'.r.llJ V. UntU^r ll, atlT ytLTkc i Mo ' i*. I !ru I i fi.'.v K\.ii aoihiBR ? huh it r\l Iiikklcd t ui u:i4 'J kcnttbiltUn ?' k- j [ifivr wiic ::iai ! >?> i , > i th. hobo' I? li*t< o iik' Ranc#^ fu> t' ,.i> i ll* c rlul r>- 'lit mti i .'i hki o MtrniW u> Oif, i i nun with U) iuii.'ucc Itel Ii*n? torr hi mlugi* ' ? .ik tad ntt t /1 art t.patc In the ikum u nf fi't.-ic I'xiim. *?r. BrffktnrU|r ?< Montr IV- in, kii.1,1 tV.itiri-d ib" Mi wing tpMril kt hu.: 1, *<-itiM*.?, la ri-.i* h? driaooal-ttisBof we; c<*nr b> I be MMi on tbt lllh ? | ?> tri'" *? ?I tlma* jroa out rf the Miami of a i ir-m f. ban fur tha r ri?%t wrlc^n-.'* to mj Mine fii ,i - wcili ?ot hi lihi -i jirn t; i;<ur. au ox-kkioii . !i> lbi? ?>f J . k-)' uinri lbui m Ms^to )oii rrj r rlitl ,?n. arhi owle tfUic.t (V* your hindoom. ti.u, ii v ecr, i outy be allowed bert, iu thr in.On of > v\ c' l litrl.M.a * itroui tlcil b; tut b< ijrbbort and i i ll" "I K hi to make oor or too ct\ ' ) ?!?? ?i t f.- ou tbit iv* aioc to ?i 1 hi ?'jj iiilrrinto T?ni .1 In rrfrrecce to the j i i v 'nu *? Utkl i' in M tl? uai. r< , toil which re | i,iiii?i?Ti i. 11 m- >' i' i' -? r. t?. Vr the cotrn I it ti > t t. o i v.- <> Prwiiao it m I it ok, tt due t< >ou - ?J tr n I * . thai be, it aft Mat ' (*1! thJM to It, 4 I- ?i Mitt * t-- itacli t k* in- tendered ran ii ? nm tt m.battrj; c. t tailed ? 11 rr.> fr rudt, i < r i * kit i '.uit i.' t? i.| u. .tttk'.r.l or tinuir.ed bjr n J. l kt. i't 4 1 firl ilit tie prt.ti which I o?'i|iy In " ' ? it (t'.'> tt CLi? tti $ ) I fi'i! tl kt I n i Id i >t ll" '-ri' 'I f Hi tt without bi . ig fk! 0 to ?? foiU'tr/, i r . ii f"' i.i.i- and lata to fT?rir onnkequrwuy t ,i in -rr |, to r jtiiwuaall It* rvjKn ibilitli T> I wbi Uk<' aat :i: U, ot tb> I tltlot <t k ml at llikl. 0 ! hi a;, in* Mai rti'rraticot, ! * > |muf oe ?1 c%r rn 'ii 111 ' i ) I Intr lib' otliiit I" i ifil.tiL ro 'rr f j i ? ium ctn ini?L t-r. or lb, u nan tlior t>r x I .a." I k b> kilfkrd la nv tl il the t iiu tbkt 1 l!r. I I ?I - th ri'.'i t'j m ' tret <M! ca-ti-'i t" fk'.nct b'i; v \ t, tL.rrii ?* ha-i to II I uaibrr of III,'tt. kl'fh i f itid ill 1/ fB mi , Mini, f U) tb. (l.irtrl * t! ? j unj'ii k a hi h utr. iti-it tb m Wt.ra ,v ji?: . i i d< i . tt." irs*' >*i n aid d hjr larf r.41 t a tt, 1 r ?li: U it ftl r | ?rl it Ii all tl.r 4>uthvrc r a*ri' 1, und Ml Uwrt Iwc Cltti * t^Mh tt * t*kCit.' f I'm iirb I. ?' l'ir ? N- it,, ib' P' r t to ' i" It." Atlttit.c ami It ?ia? til t *1 >< t'att 10 III! 1 J'ail-.n V I kt to what l? Wtti.Wial ' ieht t" b" f'U 1 fiiiT'ir, M' )' " 'lid t' 't a Oil a.iy t. I* n, Pi'<r.-i" iai?a:. tl'n if If i Mtlr of l"? ? 'r*., t *tit tti | * ?o? 1 ii <i( V .'-r . <" t 1 1 1 | w 'V 1 hi 'i ? tb lire tt 1 Imiin .( f -f . "%i n* ? t | t tlir "VI " h .n -1" tii't 1 ? n ? ri a Ii t nt t, ( Ii' h in I' alh ( - ,i ii. rJ nctmht Atii v' - lv << ll' 1 tl In 1 ? it it ?'i' t * ir * ih th,? lr I I 'm 1, . ifi'i wliti'li th I t 1 i, itik'ir i* f< urdni ,, | hi 11 ?) t" tl 1 * 1 t' t Til l t" f 1 ! ' ! ? my t in hit' ! r piurt or ?? I ir? IB ! art'tin iihtT'l ? tbaajxr't 1* ii . mi'11. how ah'Mfd t?> lilrl !' ! Ift h a kil l w?, and to Ualt oil! t, itrkl.ii- /a 11 Arm-tm- riai-*w?* AVaT'-vion. 4 .') " ti.i' mi rii|ir (* ufint 11 lit/ Wi nor r- ? 'i? 1 01?-? 1 t" 'iWi bi 1 a j vt '/.u ?-! jrii.tjw it wo?.'1 bar* RW YORK HRKALD, WE beeoa>ettnr, both in your behalf ut in mine, if I ha t rehawf ^to respond to |the aentimeul Fellow -citizens ii ,? u, perhaps, toe last ume that I ha*e aa opportunity to My anything to my neighbors and friends during the pcudency o( thta ouv?n. While, therefore, I shall enter Into no argument upoa the par v icular topics of the dav, peril ipa you trill par Jon me Tor making two or three observations, which, it scoria la ?e, should commeud tbenuelrw to all par lieu everyw here Fellowciti/cos, we live under the bort government on earth. We are the only country ia it* wort' where the experiment it demonstrated that free Institutions may be established over a gnat population and a large area of territory 4 and be consistent ?ilb public trder It baa been demonstrated In our mm for the first time in the history of the world. How are we to preserve these institutions? How are we to pr.nerve intact tfc il double tNrin of government, State and federal, lliat lias been handed down to us by our forefathers Ifj anitt tv t'j (lull ve mm ?wdy do it by mwpinp vith un/al lennnjtdeti p, unurtverrd fry policy, to Ike comtotuti >n they beyueath'-d to us I hold t hot .fidelity to the coruHtu'icn qt the t'niled States in all Uspa\~t>, and in all Us oliiffitimi, u the undUum of the American Union, and of its perpetu an. r 'lbat constitution was h omed and transmitted by the wisest generation of men that ever lived in the tide of t me<i. It may be called an Inspired instrument. It answered iht-m at an early day. It bas answered our purpose It ia good enough for our poeterlty to keep it |>ure MUrrllanieu PolMlrsI Items. ryran Covismom.?The foil iwing State Conventions of the various parties and aub d visions have been wiouaoed as forthcoming ? MKMVilaTWMiN New Jersey?At Trenton, July 26. New York?At Syracuse, August 6. Vermont?At White River, august7 Mary land?At Baltimore, August 9. Ohio?At fVvlumbu.,. -August 14 Iowa?At liaveoport, August 16 Virginia?At Charlottesville, August 18. MM 01 ah rvMowacr, New- Jersey?At Trenton, July 26. Feongylvama?At Hams'jurjf, July 28 Vermont?July St Kentucky?At feoisville, August 11 New York?. At Hyracui-e, Aoijrjat 16. Maryland?At UNtimo-e, August 16 ? i.guiia Ah OUMIJIVU, AU|(U2| IV. mvrwoft DMtOdRACV. New JerHiy ?At Trc-Dton , July 28 MA7UM4L I'.MON rAJtIT New Jersey -At Treotou July 25. Connecticut?At New llavra, August 1 Georgia ?At MlllidfrrvlUe, Augu&t 10 Illinois?At Decatur, Aiguhl 16. t'AOR WftJuiiCA* i-asre New York -At yj-racuse, August 1Z. Massachusetts?At Werr-'t.tei, August ? JM91I liOTWJ* jtSOIJTlo.NtWB. New York?At yyracuee, August 15. Khi'onu taNirif ltf -The I rucu'.ive <X> vr.tu.t tee of the bbick republican party ti- Maryland, of which Wm. E. OA' irt ctirirmac, hire issued sa adJrctiva fekoi; toe p-ople cf that Slate to vott for oM ' be l incoln i ? or der ? to nllsy Rectiorai animosity." TU&tto cool. F;nrrt (h'M wKuaiUiiim -A Breckinridge and I *>" ouMtad rn .tication meeting will he held rU Ki t J Vw Fork, oq Thi frday, Jr'.y 29, at three o'clitJi T. U '."he national detuwrntic rVie ni-d iti-liyat olr of N?* Vt k* and Brooklyn are req'.-votod lo be pr-ent to taaugurj It the campaign A special tram vrtU rtui on the Loag U'.ai d rta.iroad fron Orwnp<r4. for Um sccomtnodatiM ef del'" gat'One on the l.n- oi the road The Broadway Koas Williamsburg, \ *1'; have snfflrtmt ears at l'tete srtp ferrj t?-receive U'-ieg:tieo. f.-c NtewVcrl. Hor. Judge Meek of Alabama, lion ijohii A. lHr, JHn. Augustus Scboll. Jli a. J A Searing, Ma, v I. G Optrs, Jtrfft- N T Knitter an* Other tliAtil'guol ?v< f peace's will edtlro-w. the rm-elfcig At tt.ree o'ci')Ck young hickory, 108 feet bnr!o, w 11 bt? raised. (IWOH1P W * r tw ?iT'T'Dtteur-M iw Tlie tJhtinor' FVtfrnf, whioii ec opi?s a posit i<>e -.bout hal* way he tween the laiou u.ittMack r.-yublicas [.artiiv, it reuj.uroai* R'aahiagtor Bunt f* propo* ng a nn o-vbetwecn the Bell in J Everett uieu anl the Itoiflaaiter. it nyB ? Ve will u ider no eircuuietdcoer unite with, co-o?o??t?r rithr or coalesce w oh, tli? drmnervyy -with either i? it*; irnoekr* ?tor the I woflt rf ita factions or ciartidatso. ?ot eve# for the purpose* of defeating the other, o:' break ng up both We drawe to aee-the democratic parties xAJ: oruehcl out and annihilated: but we wish I* toe it l June by the- popuhu* sent .moot ?by the pecplo -b; ah 1 li'inobes of the oppowseeo ft llowwow Ia iko G lewmn ?Twe TpTaa-fMrHTS.tke-VWiwo 11 Dertttral and the l'.icTteoo f'lttf, that entered tLa liots for Houston a& a f.Ji * -Hit" tor t'.na ITemOewry, hare taken down hit nunc Dt.owioa Pow-Wow ?A rcrrtpIiinenUry d.aoe- w he given tie lioti David Ctoptoa, deoaocrutie representative in COBgreftl from the Ti.ird diwttt of Alainoia, at Tuakegee, ob Friday, the VUi (tun. lit Yaneoy sod a t urn b.' r tf other gentlemen tclrajttas to the e.|V_ad of Southern flreoiUr* sr? hiiaocneed- to i.peak on the ooofc bioo. h- llnwi. ?Ocorfe K Sfciei,. demoerei, of t.. lb taret r\ |.T*e?itv?v cJ.o* i to the Tiirty *.*?o??h Otxifpeni i*i ;??.'Sui'? r< Diem <v riBC*-.;ot-iw - Hie N-wOr I 'vii.i 1>-Ua giiT tin* fallowing rolioe of aa ci-rt.ou held iu one cif the Senatorial di .tret* of Louaiaca, where the two enudtdaUa were ryo ootircly oo the of the itoinoarat r party ? Tli# *c-y decided victory of Alexander Har-t*w tn Uv con' tb? fo' the Sriiatatvi. revre.i?ntetlvw of the dlotrxt romrtne.<t o' the tvuklwa ?f WeK Ha'no IUhi^'c, fouil Conner Bin! Kvlicinu.a, over a [ o;uiliir oppetient, who unit <d i hi- hiipport all the on; eeilion. i? the Cr>t relyxooe that tiaa thua f r been R ven, in th;astat?, to the r.iU of ICx (oiviTBor tV.rL bile t< r that to,did majority for la mjIj# wh.rli he j>ro*n?i>t bio (mother squatter mivrroi *an ill Rtltim re 7be best of thejnbe ih. that one if tin*-* par -her t.? that in v bich the Ka Uowrnor rooniea, iu.1 where, too, toloii *i Bariow'a o;ipoi?eul hvea, mid fci ri My i -t.e i ?i- a*. a cWitieu>an There were no local ii? lu >?. ai .< the couleei tarned entirety ob the quealloas of po'.-tica) eoulrovcray which banc aria, a out of the proroeWiap* of tbi Conventions at Ralrtwore Onl nKl ltwro.? elurdih maintained the- | ropricty of the acceoi ri, arid Mr O.-rteney hul tbr ipjmrt o* ihr whn> IBhi glao part} "li-a rnt?lt ia preoiwly v.hal will noeur to e vary one of the forty-nine p\.-tahta n the bto*? at Ut>< r ovrai eUotioe u N .?cml>er 3m?iei S?*iui u Vi;< no*. ?Una iTUIiaoi n f awrd, in bia atuitfwtiir tcur iu Ui? Weat, w41 d,<. -rr jw: oar c|^-ecb n V. nontio rtaiwi'Ai* < en'. Conci.1 * I * I in Hie f i..nw > ? ?.- * Jm nranon r' thr r jif mti f ? (n;i,;re.v >j ili? '.? > t . tor 14 ( * Iowa ? QW IMnorral, Riei -Vtair 1?C f' (M hMll K Q ? S-Ilrc M svni a*w Wn Waaadevcr Tfcr W lUliambar^.Vtrrv Coi *' IT COK $209,000 PJNMJjMUt.V. hiru??(vrri? jmau, run* 3.-#?*?lI'tTwai H "duo* ' f<tVrt,,t trimcX-ii nr tend* n Wi/Art aid Jm *t. H'a..t/*ry, t? th*. bwy / **> ( *"??<* > o* ' (W/^?Tk( i' ainUlB In tbta tan.- 10A?i the iljfri ' uiU M ?.* Ju of Oliver Charl :lc, I r f je fifth or tfc. prililn' tbe firry f ir the I*.; t-ri ) can To - nt Pterin <j ? about % The mat tor wa tef-rrr lo Mi t C t*ad< ; , ?ti. ban rea4rr<vi to tiio Court iu ilab 'ate rep rt o' wbii h U frlit.trrig it u ot torn To r if 'v Cm t thul KrVa?u W(tb''r?, A: li t i; l 'A ouii> rmri other. mi* id ? . .ct-n u of tt,,t lUu-itM Vr- by vt-tu a r rt?< * ,..?? l-i * ahict *"..1 I ?-?!> v. ritlctn,# it of the Jinli it April, 1*4* < : It l'.ta < {-oyiU'ir.tio, tsut t? ir.itruit ula, II i t c' i**'b utli'-r, ?:tf ' cut J hy <> . .. Iba. h v..t b ? st-d tkr other l>) tk<* 'iiji'. T^tc'imMta fiitn toj the i' j< i ..? i*. to liit pleaA?i?? Mr Chat 1 Oh, ly h'.iotl l.Oli Uk I. ?h ?lt? Vivid, bouurt biauoit a J bo a?*.r vtr *i rut re-en.iry kc TTu l -purun ar?ir t< I* pal $9 <*? p .v u-n ir t.onrUrl# |>a t.b. for lea v?or> tr ntbr Vtel V?t, IviS iSt k ttmaiinlh I-h,gM4 l>jf Mr Cbi i rkMd | fc r o'tfr? fit a taut*) T'u .OKlrutrpcl vlfii ou the 1 l?t: > < I Ui V<_ raw na^illwrl, both pvtlea h,?t 05 Wj?iiti9d its dm t< r? It tbuo NMIMI tiU the I! V virtt-f;, lf>Ct *hoo taarlinM a oriat^ obtan p; m d i t t. ! ) is u. if a roptrvln pror ?, airtcti tl'r 1 it - t ! 1 . Su> ? i ('oily I . * - . i" . v tboiii Uh t? a 1 %>" or Cot.-rot of (tnaritrk,r -i, . <vt I oh' afth of ba ell 11 t thit ba e t> Ifithi-ra f r tb<* nth * .i?T?tto . ot ".1 At th t.iTi'* th" 1 liver in't'Ln ct.t. iw ruado fc.- t t?r nit b ? ah-i^n-- >. wer* tipp.icaou to tv? (or ti '* C'? 11 ?t for lb. ferry V ia , ar.J ab iQCIiar I eh ti?r?l lie en ?i"r in | roCurc tVbrq CUarlirk tk, tk ' I V 1 nil;.'' I 11 . < f I I I ' > ' I ? * . r*io ' ? f tf' . * I ?. ?' i . ?!.?. i . i Kit'll wit' (I. Kli'i o( A l"<? 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Ibf? t?: let i'l ?rt? p f r ";;t lilili if lit* pruPia, whtah h?\ a hf m treat TTic rrffrrr rep-vtad Ui*t,?r> a MHMif Ian lb c in I of t\ > 12th i>( flaptatr.ber, 1*4*, 1% ugli -a 11li tli II i I mi . n i i| irhA|? hP-b l<? ijim'.l.' . of * w vtt jet t.; tu" t... rr ao ri t-vmi'iil by ahirb V ll k >! iti Mid ? - <i?t ? 4Tfilt<( ,i Inet li ifrri '" r. uie trrr.* - I ?(.? 4imimi Iff'tlniN; ili it ll t> >a hi. i vrUfclnft I? b n?rf.irm?~1 by iber Nckiullll iiMljr, for MM *b "> w?rt Mil (".a Ik tab-Ma p-mtlitll iff i.( Ibr pft-li. ?v tl l.'ierly lr> ; . ti I ill.out ll. Ill t cf All the reM, lb<r* bring par.. n*l 'ii M tcJ 111 il.? r t) Ihe Utrjioitt.oa wt?t lr irlTitltif llr <1i? i a lb"Tflo ?m tin plj I' la lero-l In II" 1*1 Alt If *p? fri'in but Anil iha:f tnlol nrr f. n'lira. !!>?' 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Old metal.. ? 6,781 Acils 6 642 Platina. .... 2 1500 AluTtncake 60 8T1 I'Uted ware 9 3,901 531 6,151 l"Br cape... 8 2,309 Arr w root IT '-hi Saddlery... T 1,410 Hen. iiowd'r 50 618 Steel 2,655 29.168 CV lor oil. 60 891 Spelter ...66,250 ?.879 Cba'ic ? 581 Silver ware. 2 760 Chi-Kory. . 231 2.Q40 Tin,bo*es 18,329 118,898 Cochineal. 1 728 Tin, 170 al. Cudbear 6 389 or rolls.. 10,594 3,103 Gurus crude. 12 134 Wire 1* 2.602 Gum Arabic 210 4,505 Z'c,250p 280.000 16,119 Gum copaivi 81 1.834 SpleenGlue 4 570 Ginger ? 87 Iodine pot 1 844 Mustard.... ? 417 Lie paste.. 527 11,925 Stationery, 4x? Madder 43 10.939 Hoolcs 66 11,074 . Oil one 4 760 Eogrivng* 0 ",940 Oil. linseed 83 f.052 I'W 4T 3,188 Oil, olive 960 2,527 Other 21 8,701 5 Ot.uilm 158 6.098 Woods? Opium .. 1 795 Cam wood ? 3,886 1 piujl,. ? 12.76C Cedar ? ?6* Pru/,. cryfct' ? -,?i>J runic, a iuo i i Quicksilver ? 1 ,699 logwood ?01 2,90? < Reg auti'y 10 767 5'-i&o|pui, . ? 64 i Soda nitrate ? 2". ,003 Rosewood ? 110 fed* l'iO?rb2,?10 8,270 WtUf?w 74| " sal. . .140 1,781 Other ? 1,3381 " HBO . 610 16 too MlfaOfUwafOUh? toot** 24 'M Haslet* , 17 3 120t 1 Vermillion 1'- 765 Hoxes ? 95 Wli.ting 100 162 Bolton". ..14 4 287 ] Vel ochre 400 1.068 ilurr Rlcies ? 1,10# I Other ? f.729 <7bi?ef*? .... $8 2.393 ( Furs, fa x;firi . . ? U,919 1 Pus, 01 33,170 GdAl.tMlS . !i ,899 19,386 1 I i-:u Ac ? (Ml, ... ? 1,876 < ncuamab ? 2.172 Clock* 6 810 Loiitoa. ? 1 ,460 Cocoa, bags 776 16,807 Hole ? 5,180 O-flee 4,261 71,926 tiringw; 2,009 Fancy good* ? ?7,161 Pineapple* 4,098 Ireestooe ? I, '.48 Sauces t Pro ? 6,5-24 lali ? 92 Instrument*-- Furniture.. 2 125 Villi,-mat'I 2 ."59 ( p?io ? 2/60 Fasten 24 0,811 (.riodtitnn's ? 1,567 Optical 6 .';24., t.unoy cloth 2 49 l>ur?ic?l 1 66 Ha-.r . . 52 9/?t9 Jewelry, Ac ? Haircloth. 4 1,393 ,l->wr< t 11 14,016 H'-rop ... 10 60S V.atci r 2" 4o ,207 licwy .... 12C 4,?47 Leather, 1 id -?, A ? I rubbe. 10 401 Bridie., 7. 17.709 Ivory. . . ?0 1,40? H.x tr it k 1,817 VliliMri 7 5C8 lndea, drM 84 "A, (>: <? Mar/mlo 72t Hide- ciJ ? 1-26,26- Mo ass?? 2,66. 69.223 le&., 13 8.76T Watch*. T 420 I.ii.uiM, W:ues. Ac ? Oil paint14 S.040 Ale , ?">2 3,621 Paper bl'gl 5 102 Ilrtudi '-s . C- 44,72b f'l Wtor ? 0 650 litvc 26 207. Porfumer/ 90 12.176 CkirJ olfc 190 . 790 Pip* .... ? 7,271 GUi. 194 5.544 pr visions . ? 977 1-nrtcr 17H 1>,191 Rage ... ST9 5.006 R ii ... 57 2.604 Rope ? 12 90m Wirv.- 2,209 40,152 Salt.. ? 9,266 Ch'be.OkU C.5T2 40,08* N-oxls ... ? 1.918 u ..-it. , ?S 1 .9*5 fl Urate tiiod- I 11T due b it b 8,741 467.Ml | (bfi 6 oncli 77 C UM " t>T Si'>gl C.576 8.",,071 1 < fcpp. , _ JI 657 r-a . 0.011 1157 \ Cullcry II- Sj.'W Twiuo . ... 1 101 t.a* taitu-c> C 611 Coys 24 2.106 On:,I. 40 7,814 Tcbacco.,. 290 7,335 Hardware 14i 24 02-4 V. ftath'ra ? C 419 l-.m.U'p,""- 7? 3.201 Vaelc 71 2,084 " pi* ..1,030 21,751 Wool. bale* \>A 22.721 " Kit,bra 7.15 4,02'. Otbrr ... ? 4,588 I " fcbH.toa fc&O 41,81". 1 Total 82,2" 8,864 >bp?rU from the Porl of 6fw lurk to jfort i^ti PorU for Ibt lltfh ea61n;| Jaly 03, 1*00. I LAP!.? IT>rfc< (8 ontrajy Ftilw QtMinltty FA*<Fl0?r,bi l? 14 *? 814 877 Drue*, 28 8245 l*??lM<xv 275 665 Book >, r* 2 82 Gtoy.ho ?- 4> I'M W.H.<5wV.pi.ts 165 437 ; Braaly .. 41 280 Tot.'ca, bhdg 1 113 I *0gt?, k?K* .. 2+ 120 Dry to**}*, ca. 6 t,28l , k'l Mil' . :? 6*2 Mi Tr.b'co lbt. 84t 200 Cau<1.4?. boxo.. 24 216 Alcohol, bbI* 6 ll? Ooiieo, baas.. 7 102 Ihu.p. ayrup . 2 140 [ lnreac^pkga 17; 4C1 Ooru trcal..,. 74 288 ' 1 ?Vk(1, brs p 474) Rire, t-ercon 18 356 I umbel, (t 16.000 270 Tobarce pkgs 36 212 0 1l,er.? ... 62 256 Ityr dour, bbla 20 80 * Ine, jug.. CI 282 Pt?aa, hutb 7C M It c?. IrMa.. . 100 6.30 Hire*.', Ibt 1,801 m II amr.jb'... 4 274 681 IltM fisa, bbto 108 438 PlMrk.'Orta O 108 Sugar 6 184 la rti*. lb* 6??4 ?M Tar 00 81 la -ply raekr. 10a 644 Carriage .... 1 2u5 Bu Iter, lbs ..{ 604 867 M sccUaa-ucj ? 70S r 1) aitvilii. ra 80 6.0,36 ?? VI ibaryvbbla 1J0 1.336 TyU. 8 0,514 n s war nr. Cot ton, mIm. P19 8fU.670 K-yara, cwa 2 $,16.7 I'vf 10(7 8, r 700 5 48'.) Start* 5,800 190 Wtr 'lfoi gtaklO.W" 4 271 8pt *; , '.ibla 744 13,248 |i?ai?, 1MK .346 732 - Bjra luff?,bt.. 200 740 Tola! 882,013 ar-rrn ?> b<t !>rufi H.?f, bit* ?'*? 94.1C1 Mf i<.b'c.>>?7 f.Hi! $1,643 ' 4D'> MS Wh t 9,674 1.103 Tib? oo. LiM* 2T ?4 BrtiJ.\W?i? 'in C?? OirJt< p, >>*? oJl t<i?l Iv?jbbt* 2T 0i. JWf, l i t- Ml 2M5 Tob.vrn, hhri T IOC Butte ,1* 6,f-4<> W6 Iinintptie*, bU R4 ft,170 ImtS. 2 oa.'- 074 Kicn, bhL- 70 RJS BriaJ, f ?ft . .TO- 211 Bujr*-, b<"n* 17 344 t K.c<\ bit:- 74 ft.l Ryeliour.bbU lt>l 762 I"ub*,p**? ft lift MooelUnnoon ? 4c9 4o>n lu'I.'jt*. 160 bC. ' ToU? _ $19,470 UTWfOU. G *tun. 1.360 666,741 (I). "*-It'. ??2.l>r.7 $6*602 C. n.buMi-to 6 146 3.000 4-tl, K U?. . 4.UT CI Ml Wool, bfttoi. . -J< IS.600 ll-i-f lc*.. If? CJM F'.ivct tl 'JiO ' 1100 lifer rog 4?i f.00 Sb.l'.lO )' 6710 59361 Rug*, >:-? 47 0,113 V U< nt ,b??lSC.RiO 91934 Hi'l ? 11,600 (Vpfv'r, rli. 11(1 %,,7fi? Tobt?con. bt? 4 200 If- 100 130 tWInw.Ibb, 53 JOT < n'cr .'p bbit 241 7, ft HI I'll C?kP JO SOW 1,740 C iy . ... 100 24' C?"?:>, be*. 6'.? ll,&i4 Tuw > ;*>o ? ? **'.,c? si iai7 Ui;'i MMdUi 290 1.B7R It- in, *<?*>>. COO i?24 Kii.f. b-** 11 14 :?ft0 Pillow,11% 6....'4:? 6,614 V.: ToUtf <i,IMC4JI '_.V) limn? 4.266 860 Furl, ckt.. 5 Hn<" n. *1,700 5 1* l??Ur,k<IW I'-. 6,044 UtcliOn "r.jifc; 6 H4 U-n cU>tJ.ri 1 1 Ml .!< I*rtMhbbl la 4,900 M**|>n?.?,bbi, F4 Wll'ITi Of,1*4,63* 4,404 K i.I ?4.1i4,U- II,'i 1V<U 34**413 uynmi CI.- ?r ".t* iti. M'?Ta*. .. SS>9$?? $3/33 j V lalA i'-<? lit -J* $.914 O cnjb t.OHt.W IT,IBM R.? (..I? .bit- l> i'-o Tut> *4<JitaM 0 3 !$,$$ R it M$ mi ti\>?,rk?? 10 m i (Xh '11t l>k,lnl .6 116 Ti>;.?*r?i, |r . 1* 2I7t ( I B Oft ' T 3.0W AkpLt't'L. r, ?> $$$ | Pat ' 46 84C Itaik. ? ?; 4.:-04 I i ..V '.I '>*, . ?.M? 1 $ ii. vo 3 MB , U ? tUl. C> fi 1*J0 "J :?.?. . T.*? 4i* 300 M-VtlltMT}- ? MO fit-:*, I .w? 21 411 120,297 I JV? 1>, .. 6 (76 kUmi )IMM ?m? ? 140 i Ml. ulHI I. Ml. ?1? I 13*.a If*. VUM s.t'7 TttUI- ^ $2:7,010 ! Ntflh. V... i .l . b 1 'KK- $4T.'*4<t M- i v, ? 313.M4 . t*-, ll hMB Of T-'j' . . mm , t.i I i P . . l )* BT.MW >'.* ;? , 1! -wo *410 ?r, 7. Or- I "0 OH.| >Ok< 7$l ' .i is* ?;2 026 w 23 : ? 3.T.W Tk,?ta_ |TS,?l? , ' MtMr. v. . . h i.h<w ti: .'a# f,. * vo tano ** rl" 21*- ( -s k *. 11,'.'4 7 T?:.ot?, 11* : ' w J .-too ' t"?i . **.1,4:0 ? I.U'V'.A. t-uc I I 'l i * 13*77 j V..,4? ? ,'lta> t.) $000 j i r?*?i . ... ... O ' M Mil **i tit t , |, . 1 i.l * T. . i'u.n, . < J < :. 1,1 $404 . |tn h?w 1137 T2fi rri i,pk?... M 1?? f' >1 I ll* " 4 ! 4* 'I, pfccr.. . if. i61 . *Kl,bM0. 41 30 ?# %< Ml, ITU (IS 1 H?i- 4'4 M' fhliffj f? * 12* J Ifv ! !'?- ? '41 1* -i*'*, rii. 1 4C! , T? '.I S.7T7 I" .l-a, l>*j? It 4?4 | , V.' go 1>? 'Sugar, Mm.. S M >:m i .r( : 4 1 r?J iv*. 4*t?,M>fa< tot 1^16 r, .k.iUM . 1*' Ml If iuirr, l-.'lt loo 4ft0 I I I t ' > 1 i 4 IW1 I ii. 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(V 1 4i ^ b ' C V II u. iuf 6.4M nrrid, rk?*- "'I I I Cetu.taf l?"lg *141 2.4* T l* . .4.U It.a , h x nvi? ! i <6,,.- >U i , r 3 $309 ; Tntal ?*.* rno It . tr r c* 1 k1"1 'tT.tai $$ 610 J I'Mk. bi t . 1* b"1! t .. ' ttKfTT.tti AVMTLAUA. , itbbae.lb4.l58 m #41,660 N?0o W0f? .. 890 #l,ttl 1 Jooka, bu... ' 01 1,380 Ow-ru**, P? 211 J.JJ? J huaugt, ? ? 251 Mleath.,!**. 36 1*? r > 8, pkg* fc&O 2,791 Furniture.... GW Ml* * 'imth.caws 3 800 (VidlM, b*fl.. 630 l,##? . BooU& abo: B 145 4,673 488 917 \g.luip ,pkR? TA 2.616 Pifc- .cr 100 12- I v ipacl.,Cr 45 8,164 Latb:,, M 00 10# i-L^w e,pkgs 14 940 1'ur.Vngn, c? 10 4 $6? 1 [Air*!*! caa?P 2 140 Kn :rr cloth T 89T . 8 fluid, bbU. 25 314 Car'*;* Bjokes 9 6-38 *1..... 0 130 Lumber, ft .30,000 600 flf.wuod, 752 1,017 Flour, Ibto. 4.000 M.OOO Etord**re. 261 7,301 ToUl ..*137,483 JA1T11B. 'ottoo, bale*. 1,289 #00,746 Lumber, fl 2,796 #113 OTieai.bual: 3!> 016 68,177 VUcluoer; ,pk 0 W50 , "lour, bbb .2,0-17 11.38# Sfus, ca 4 277 I'otaeli, bb'u. . 321 8.682 S* u? tnrli'h,r 28 730 \<ul (toli.bbl*. 98 2 382 Hk. to, bales. 8 1,076 . jopper,ck* 29 7,091 32 12,07.t Ucoliul, bbl/> .30 1,430 WMl/UC .Iba.13,029 9,776 1 >eu-b 102 340 Horse hair pit 1 8,000 fiiu (tapike l*> 118 127 Eflfecte, cs . . 2 100 le*elry,pks 1 2,000 Beef, bblt,... 10 117 < )urr haik, c& 47 1,385 Mujcellaneou:.- ? 261 J t? otto,ca 2 125 ' *>rk, bbl? . 19 146 Total. . .. #182,981 cam .WvM 179,180 #11,830 1 j KABOEIllti. ttav.B 100 800 #10,995 Loac.oth , o? . u #166 3*M ibfc 29 004 3,886 -umbei ft. 72,324 2,253 ToUi ... #17,089 j ( Ktuutcn w*ff i.tbi.n. I i *fiuu C? 6 #792 Rice 10 #118 I'?i bunco, libO.- 4 1,200 Furniture ,pk^ f> 10# I Shivku, pkgfc GOO M0 Mwcelianeciui - 136 rwr 11 , 1 ToU' *2,895 1 I KA.AQt < ... 34fM *2,288 1 im.-risn ctpiN*. #*ef, bl,;, 100 *1,700 Tongue, tibia 7 *10* Wour ... 200 2.H7R Bread 17:'. m Dot n meal. 200 760 Cor-, bushels loo 71 1 VlatoCf ... 460 1)00 I ftU 100 46 ' fork . .. 160 2.600 Carriage 1 200 )' .7.000 77i Furuit?re,pk,{ 2 72 ! Ua-i! 2,500 676 Total *10,M6 ni>\ PhookSfc h?b 6,679 *10,233 Hoop ek.rU fl *627 j , Hoops, Mb. 922 K10 l-'aucy goods 0 061 Km ptj Uliii;- Hi 101 iarhlncry . 06 17,019 ! Oxuvaas, pkg- 7 281 Fire engine. 1 1,500 Hice, to, 260 6,286 3.?*" macho .OS 21 1,044 Nails, krpi- "a 255 Print mat.pkg 16 750 Furniture pkg 262 6,810 .learolrv.raS'Si 2 267 Taint 12 645 Hated ware 6 700 Copper, bocrs 4 SOS Cipro** pkgs 5 900 Candle* 156 740 Fats S 500 Oukxii., bbl., S29 I 048 1 iugs, pkgs 15 132 I.ins'dell,gat 17'! 114 Mf. *ob ,lb? .5,"49 405 Taper, reams 1.101 290 Curbstone, pea 625 579 ; Harr.n, Ibf. 21.246 .,471 Poppe?\ b:>t(v *5 1824 lard ,...35,074 4 491 Tobacco, bin 50 527 Perk, bbl# 2 4?) tv>ap.... 11? 476 Butter, Ibf- 12,114 2 kif Onions, crate# 8 160 Oorcineal,bt>b 10) 187 1,umber,ft 148,000 2,000 Hardware, c& 138 (.170 Oil, canoe? 4 130 K'f wr?.i ... 61. 188 lair.pwic* 4 200 I otatoee.bbls 1,16.4 3,024 1'timp I 122 Ice, loin 60 tOO Klour, bbl. 120 684 Ale,bi.i6 .... 102 061! Ileli l >00 Oooca, bag. 10 23o Mifcceilm >ouh ? 3,316 (la# flat's, c? 3 .168 Shoes .... 14 2,25.5 Total .. . 888,973 ? .1 Flour, bbla . 1,000 33,175 I.utnbe', ft '3,0'O *T28 IT. 0. h, try. 500 69 llornee : 000 Bread, pkgf 60 57 A'.UcelUu.^nuj ? 29 Oars 1*8 14.'. 1 Stares 10,000 660 Trial *8,139 GKXOt Clocks, can-i 2 *1(8) Whiskey, bl?l I *60 Ext logw'd.pi; COO 1,862 Rosin 422 1,129 fliecta.caee;. ? 2,120 Krlract, br:> !,500 t,l4-7 (8pte.turp.bblr- 426 7 509 .Sea trfa, cases 1 59 Qaierctl , bxf- 100 <? Miscellaneous ? 45 Ku.ttc 100 (145 Total ' *18,905 *r*T i | Butter, li s . 2,3?) *731 Domeotice, C~ 218 *12,385 jr;:k..ey,bbl8 CO Ml? Nal.'a, kgs ... ? 110 Kum.Lbla.. 50 Hi. Glass ware,pgi. 1,020 3li,g?li 119 W4 khoea.pkg? * 136 Drugs, paps 4 111 Clock*, pk|?.. 4U 454, h*a 83 1,034 Tobacco, b*s. . 10 129 If inip'te.i* 8 225 Hoop Iron, bis 87 148 . >hnnk.. A-t.ds 1,328 1 293 Ale, casks.... 30 379 . 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A kind of brovrUtah kid II la a Hook belonging to a poor w* man. und cm do nobody any aood but her, and u?e ILuAar would gi rally oblige her by lea . lag it al the Hank. LOST-IN OOINU FROM 199 OHAMBKRB SrBKNTTR NorkRir.-r Hank, twenty aeveu rtullari in gold. 1W Sorter will be liberally rewarded by returning It to IM (JkaaaOara street LCBT?YR8TBRPAY MORNING, JULY 24, IN OOIKO from the Ktevena llou e up llr aaway aa far aa (Ira? aburch, a Morocco Purae. onl&iumg t.13 la money a gold ring tad a few key* The under will be aultably rewarded by lesrug It al the btereus House. LOHT-BADGE NO 2 NO 1 KNUINK TlfB FIN UBS wlB be suitably rewarded by returning it to the Uouae of Krgine Company No. I, ldrt Went Forty weveulh alrcet, or te M Morrlaaey, 407 Ninth avenue * LOOT.-OKFT IN THR CARS, AT JERSEY CITY. OR Mor day morning, to llie r-veo o'clock Morn* tod Kaaea vn ol ran from Newark, a roll of Manuscript If lb* tinder will return It tn Ii. Carp?tai 29 Ueekman tilreel. he will be rew erdert lor bia trouble LOUT?ON MONDAY EVENING, HK I WREN KIUUT and eleven o'clock, in going from Chatham and Chambers streets Co Thirty fourth street and bark, in the Ninth areane i trs, a black covered mcmnrauduui look containing a neonate mid papers. Alan a M?oitlc certillctte, of no value eicept te IJie owner. whoever will return the same to 1D1 Chatham iirw wj1 ik* mntat'iy re a til arxj 1" OBT OB BTOLKH-OM JULY 17, PROM THR PARJ turn field of 1). I). White. Kw Williamsburg, a hay (UL with one white fix* and a while spot tni the forehead iv finder will lie fibers'!* reward*d by returning bin to the ua lentismed. m any one who will giro any information of Ml whereabout* will tecoi'e the reward JOHN I! MA ah 1 tf, avenue A. N T. NOTlf'K TO PaWNBROKKR8 AND JKWKLLKRS. ? Ic,hI a Isdy's cold hunting Watch. Obain and Charm*, t?.?.cbNo 1174 \ Ibon Mngnin i Uue.lm ill altera, Geneva Kb iewara wi.l be paid if returned to 126 Rail Seveuteeolk at -eel yTflAVRri?TWO OOWh PROM TIfK HUNTBRPLY O roe.) 1.01'ff Inland, one ha., only three teaU, neeu l?itoa S- n Jay 'sal Any pei son givlax lufortnailoo oi re urnirie them ?Ui l-e I ucrally i e warded. Apply in I- llitrntmann, 101 FnJton .irri Bi ooklvn, or at the I n in. heater fly road near Hew ly M?er? ?fiaAOI?AL. IF THU (.hhTLI MAN WHO AI'.RlVJiD INTfllTsTirUI er from tlie Houth on Ku* day tnornlni ta*t and gave a lajv fci in r.oij end wax t hare railed at 109 Weal Twentieth street, will c.tli at the Post oflice, In will find a uute nddieesed U. D . which erj lain* all INFORMATION W A N TED?OF HKNBY JoRNKO* (roloied.) who lefl Watliiimt n, 1J. O.. for Mew Vort, In 1*32 ft* n bound apprekvlre U> Robert Barker, and who baa not beer. Iiiard from siur c 161! Any inform aioo tu regard to him. w hrlher lit in>> or <5"id, will be thankfully received by Uia uanlhei, -Sarah ruhesou, Wamw-gbm, 1). 0. INFORMATION WANTRIWiP A MAN WHO BROUGHT a sofa to 112 I'leeckei ulreet to be i e| aired He w?U pleaee call a', my houae aa soon aa he teea or hears of Ibis. A.-WHY 1)0 tOf NOT WRITE AS PBOMISH? P. 11 , same address MK. RTDNKY 0AKB1IITH IS RBQOKrtTKll TO APPLY in person to 8) State a reel, Brooklyn, for a letter of ina purtanee from Kan Salvador lb it uiurt be delivered only to the aforeaiLi.l (laUurrh MAitJS-l Raw vol" IN TilK 1'ABK ON THURSDAY. I learned It hy aecidenl, alt will be rbrht now. No. 1 "waa a pinner's m-ebike " Keiuemher the "books" and Ml U be duo; IiAGAK. K LBUTliB. WHO W AR F.>:FI,OTRlTlN TUB sTORH of Ah x M CsmpbMl before hi w* . burned out. wlheoo for a fat or by lout in/; bin address at Oteling's lunch rn ja. lib Broadway XJOTTOK?TO JAMF.R t. M ATHIKSON.FORYRRLY OF X* nmrnhiu, liuDineviiire, ocotiana, c on "?rni 11 urr h-iid Junta L. Malliieaon who wentV America in liWO, and waa laat heard ol a* a rillv ay roperimeiideut In KenlucWr la Idtt, or hi; heirr .will applv ? .'<+n .lohi ?fone. ?.)lie?t?r, ThomhM they will hear uf aomeliiing to their advantage Rtt-plearb 8k*D'f0ur~ddek38 T.J "tatioit . K, bo thai j may wrtu* lo you. SARAH II. O,ADOPT.?ANY PERSON WMiTNO TO ADOPT AM li.f .ul from la: Hi, w iUVltaat addr.'M O. P , Uaiiun It, ' 1 o..l itflice, Hibb* House bpK<Hllli? middle of Anfuat IT IL.OA m QFFtC KH. At hi okanitstrkirr, three poors vnur or I!road way, money adrano^d no WaU-haa, IXaiuaoda, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods. and Pemoaal Property of erary de* .tpliou, ur WL and aokl. fry JOMKPH A AACKBOlf. anettoueer and broker. AT 11 OHAMUKRH HTREXT ? MOMMY TO LOAM TO any aaaonnt on Diamonds, net or unset; Watches, JevraA ry, An., or Use aue bought for the frtafrem caah prions, by tka well known IBAAOR. 11 Obambera street. M. B ?Mo mbimb transacted on HaturdaysAT TUX OLD ESTABLISHED OPPICK, SH BROAD . war-Money Iraned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. Ac , or boupnv (or c*ah at lull value Term* I'.oeral, huaUieaa strictly euoMer.liai. J 8. COHKV, SJ1 Broadway At Tim old orrtPM, money in amt amoumt, To advance <>u SmcW* Honda, Dry Go ida, Palo Unas, Ma To advance ou Diamond* Walchaa, (Sauna Negara. aa.. Or bourhl for eaali Office prlr ate Hours 9 nil 0 J. if UA'IKIN <K.B, 170 Broadway, r?>ui 2b up (taint 1T? KTRRFT -A honigm AN, DIAMOND J\ broker, adv.?nees taoney to any amount on Diamonds, Watches aid all kind* of Me.-ehandive or Suva (or r.aak. at fata private ettca. oh > ?". street. room No. 1 Bualnem enu HdeoUa. At w pocrth atenuk. opposite cooper mart tote, advances made on Plain mda, Watrhe?, Jewelry, iHj-rrwvr 1'lanoa and all Win 1* of Mer.-liainllae Private ea L-anee, hall dnor P. UAIWK, Broker. M Pourlh avenue, a T THR advance CWCRS OP U JAOOBS U UNITY XV call l*r ooiaiurd ill VI) aiiiMiiMjr on jawrlrjr, dm runnda et;:"ra <tiy *owU, hard* are, ? una bnu.liaa, and avrrj dc* .. iU> of uiprrkaiidiaa; ar Uxi*V and lb- hirhimt nnrra rivrn ll'iuinui alrlclly ermfldra'ial Honda Inourad. mwh|'?iivi i.i iflfc Principal offic*. K w i'jpiH oraadh lAcS MIT Uruadtray. AT CK CRPAR KTRKPT-1! lit MAN, DIAMOND , brokn advance* money u. any amount on Dla.n.mdt, am r> ui m W?trb<-a Kilvp- (>!?. Ar , or buya lli- our. s fcr OMh, opl-oai'dUx* Poai calico No I, aecwd floor AT TIfOtfl flow A (XI H, RROKKRM amp OiKNIXHIO* Mortiou ia. 101 Kua.. Araot. corner of Arm Mram, room N.. t awnu.1 advance mono f- on tl lo tM.'XM, am MV.rha?. Phi ado. Jaoaslrj, Drjr lk.?a, Kowarf ai.1 a I ktrda of mai ch.m.1 ** or bouybi Particular afro line paid In an* in*-, aalea of fii ri'nri-, Ar , In any i Ml of lb* eft*. ~t iilaa lUebinea hmurfc-aad anld ? R THOMPR'tN. AnctimMMr ?IIV RlaLAXlCOUl* A CARD TO Hot'TTrixn'xpitK PrtlNKKimORPONURKSti WA71CR Nnrh any tu mineral water la *nJ aa 't>insraai Taw" by,?i?nJ p.*-?nan or fiin'or/tdata. ?!?-. wbrn tbaf l*l? on( uao Urni namr oali II oara**, i" ?--uct ' '*?agi "Rnraoma" in an.J lor una of Uo Utwt. ui which u><* aortas a aita a tad. lo pn*e? tbft panic from meh tji^K.Jo^ua wa ???? La* o all our porta branded Ibna - COMiRMK Any oot harla; tk *o n ria an.1 lortorr on iho ' k W torta B' n Co".nArrfalt,|*ini'lb * i" .-, t w* an 1.1 ATBR, pn-ae-uu- lb- m :rr tor aa aidfmn ______ Order* % 111 rarniTepairatil ail. <mnn II B.*dr-aa*4 I. a i r.r; dairot of l*m?re*a Watrr, #1 O.vltr atr*. i Haw Turk city. ri.AUH: ? WiifTK, Pmprt.dr.ra (Vngreaa Rpfla*. laala of i'-Tm who p-ww O*>ocp-oaa Water for Uirlr aaWa llreci fn? nil-* a-r hepl at our odlre fur dlatrVurtam la Aw Wtni Jr-.T b. pmriaar aenaina Omiprmr Wairi <o UMtr nm neigh *jrh<*-t. C. A W. 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