Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1860 Page 3
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or Uf.KC CWTTA'frK THU kg LOTH SOUTHEAST CORNER Of fourth avenu* aid IZfth srvet, In of the ehrte-et ptotstn HtrWui for luvrilurnt or improvement, being in the senlre of business snd the railroad depot. Term* easy. DAVID D. DPNOOMB. 61 IJwty street u*)r BALK-A medium 81/kd firht CLASH 1ioure, J on a prominent co-ner of Madieon avenue, Between ThUr Mb and Fortieth streets, contains all modern improvnmtsts, and In m perfeit or -r, b?so occuoted^ but a oar mouths. Terms Cuay Addrran K L.,'bta 3.odd I o*n utflcc. rr mali-that bkautiful farm, formerly. belonging to Peter Duryea, now decerned, constating of nhont 140 norm (part woodland). aitu ?ted m the town of Hemp stead Lone Inlai d one inilo went of the tII ig? of Hempstead. This /arm ? in beautiful urdrr. wilh buildings all of the tirst ^ land In in a high a tale of cultivation, rutting irons a , 70 lona '* h?y jenny, with other crops a proportion. ?j_, on una farm la a valuable locust grove, with thousands of swung lor oat tree* low grow lug. It Is a pleasant and healthy tssaUru, and neither pains nor ripens- have been spared to ssske it one of the most desirable farms on Umg Island. For wsriiou ars apply at ('aril's livery stable, ho. IK Fnluin street, Brest lys. or on die farm, at Hempstead, one mile west of the ?Hairs fart of tbe money < in remaio on bond and mortgage. ROBERT L. DURYEA, 3 n. w. DCRYBA. Jlrecniors. CONK Lilt t'ARLL, S f<U flALB-l? LOTS OF (JROUND, SITUATED ON J the Second aver, is, between Fifty fourth and Fifty llfth ataseta The above lota will be sold on terms to ? dt b uilders. Apply al the (<l)r- of the Second Avenue Radr >ad '.'ompauy, sprner of Forty second atrtel and Second aveu ,?. FIR 8AI.E? A BEAUTIFUL LOT o/ OROUND, IV THE village of ForJham. Westchester county, situated on the West Farms and K.ntslirldse road. near tlus depot- Terms easy. Inq lire of T. V. WILSON, &H7 Broome street. N. Y. Fit BALX?HOUSE NO. 123 WAVERLBT PLACR. Whly feet from Suth avenue; h t 24 feet a ide, 130 feet -tep. 60 feet wide in the rear; bouse first clam .n every reapectt terms easy. Apply to MAC'ORE'JO.R A ASHFIKLD, in wader's sale depot, IHI Broadway. Fir ralb-a hanteomesquare plot or twen _ ty two acres, having frontage on two roads, desirably loca ma on eievui*u ground, tiny minutes irom New York and five slnales walk from dep.*. on Northern Railroad ol' New J?rmr Apply to S. EDDY A CO., 61 Liberty nrect, New Turk. "IjH)R BALK-A BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON PKLHAM NFVK; J? It lie* on the So'tnd and ie fifteen utiles from the -ltv: ?nisias J1>, aerea, new house and barn. Apply at No. Hi #rart street, South Brooklyn, or No. 68 Weal street, N. Y. ] TjkOR HALE CHEAP.?ACRES OK HEAUTTKCL I U Garden 1 and to he dispose 1 of at a sacrifice, if applied far Immediately. This plot la situated with.ii sis miles of the Qty Ball, In a first lass n'dgldxirhood, and can be reached In thirty minutes by steam. Horse oara run every live minutes within one mile of tiiefprooerty, and in a short tune will pass the door. Improvements are already in progress tliat will enhsmce its yalue to double the prt ;e now asked for it in less than I oe year. Inibarrasnnent is th? cause of immediate sale. Far an Inter.lew address James Johnai u, lie raid othce. | H.B.?Agents will please not appiy. UHlll BALE OR RICH A NilE?THE POUR THREE , J story brick Houses Nos. ad, 1X1 and M East Thirty second street, K. Y.. and No. 6 Second street, WlLlamsburg. A small Farm, with or without slock and furniture, would be taken m part. Impure of owner, 166 Broadway. TOOR BALE OR TO LET? POSSESSION MAY 1-A A? handsome, new rural Cottage, with furnace, gas, bath ad water conveniences, and large garden, near Urn city; neighborhood genteel, pleasant and remarkably healthy: good , warty, fine drives, salt water bathing and fishing, speedily ae nmlbV, aa if up tow n. A large part of purchase money can remain ?u mortgage. Apply at 75 Liberty street. TJMiR 8AI.E OR TO I.ET?THE SUBSTANTIAL AND elegant Store. 13 Beekman stree.t, sot stories w:th tine basement and high dry sub cellar. A Lot communicating Rwougb to Ann street, and one also to Nassau street, will be old if wanted. Tbe corner building adjoining, which has a Wge and reliable rent roll, will also be sold in connection with j the ether property or separately. This location will be found eery valuable for banking or other institutions. Nassau street say be regarded as the continuation of Wall street, and con tabm already the largeet monied Institutions in the city. Tltis lacs lion must always be desirable, as it a convenient for tho money interest, and of business cither up or down town, Tim property will be sold free of encumbrance, or 60 per ceut can remain on bond and mortgage. Address J. V. Todd, roosn 26, Whitlock Building, corner of Nassau and Beekman streets, or B. M. Whitlock, corner of Broadway and White st. VfOBT DESIRABLE CITY PROPERTY FttR SAI.E?it Ill Mi or ((round in one plot, bounded by Joe 1 il'li a\enue, UWi u>d 135th street*: S3 lota of Ground In one plot, bounded by the Fifth avenue, 133d and 134th streets. alao, Lot* on Kiuh avenue and <>a 130th street For ternu apply to ABRAHAM BKIJ/M 80.VH, 35 Park row._ CJTOCR OP GOODS WANTKP.-THK ADVKBTTKKB 0 a ill aall nine lota In the city of Chicago, six aft uoed on Dearborn avenue and three on Clark sueet. A city railroad, mum constructing, will run by the lota. They are ea-h 38 by MP feet, and will be told for WO each and payment taken In eetock oftaerehmdia*. Thtaia an h mrat proportion. The advertiser will ahre the moat unquestionable city reference", Mjd^n?UMtee the title to the lota. Addreaa Ohio Merchant, IflO STOMP MKRCH AMTfi.?POR RALK, POCR IiOTR OP A Quarry Property, 300 feet front each, on the Hudcoa river, gnbette for Belgian pavement For te.rma and particular* apply to C. T. POUIAMUrt, room M Trinity Buildingsff? THF. CAPITALISTS AMD HOTKL PROPRIETORS 1 ad the United State*. Per eale The property, extensively known aa MRW COTR, llQAlld tPwnmpaaM, JCasex eonaty, Mam. This aetata <a situated Rktua aailea northeaat of Hoeton. three miles east of Nahut, 1 una the hay, and within half a mile of the Rwampeent *taRbb of the Eastern Railroad. For several rear* the premise* have beea sad now are chiefly eccnpled by Mr B. Putnam M a private boarding establishment, mtirualxed by wealthy and fashionable eltixena of New York, Boston, PhLadeiuh.a, CharMmiai, New Orieana and Canada Aa a summer reaort It la naaurpaaaed by say watering phtee hi IB* United States, for the northern and master* portions combine the natural beantleaof a wooded ialaad ecmntry, while Me eonthern and western embrace all the auracttoaa of the sssshore, presenting an extensive view of the Atlantic Ocean. The buildings on the premise* consist of the Ocean House, Ra Mew Cove House. The Mecudon House, The ParPloa, The ftork Cottage end Lawn Cottage, with twe barns, ice heoaea, bath bouses, bowling alleys, Ac. Tha locality presents great Inducements to capitalists I* establish a public place or resort, by the erection of a spsokma betel sad steamboat landing, which would render It extremely ymflif Rid proftAbto. If eeeired one half the property. Including all the buildings ea the premises, except the Mansion House, may he obtained. Apply on the premises to Mrs. C. H. PKNNO, or by letter to Bevy r, box M Post ottoe, Albany, M. Y. ennnoR w.nm apres or kxcru.krt ir\iu.f. U.vUv and Timber Laad* in the rallry ol it.*- 1 >hl<i rue . will he *ichan*?<t u a harnaio for good K-ei Heat" within thirty mil-a of Xew Vork or In the lly, are mil rate for fruit ylaeyarde or jura/mR. Inquire of K. U. PIKRi K. Ill Pine 4. TOBKOITABT. At a rprcial. hkktixg orcompaxy ii, cover Bor'-< Cnnrd, Kuth regiment X. V. S. M., hekt on vaturday evcninr. July 21, Ikr foUcmuii resolution* were unanimously adopted ? Re*olee1, Thai ihe thankaof this romp* nyam enpnemly d le, and the same are hereby tendered. to fir wheeler. nropretor rfiW Idftinn finnan rm iW eaoalleat dfh la which it ?*n| Mr waa served Rtven by iliU nompanv In honor of the I R.*.e? Zousve Cadet*. and the strict aUeution paid he v ?nt* of All presen'. lie not .ed. That a copy of there re*ol''ttons be tear w. tad to Mr. Wbee er, and published In the daily paean, liurt SritAf*. Kecrrury. H. 81 IIW f R17., Oaptalo. SBSKRTH R?;IMKXT, X. T. f> TROOPS.?ODOOXD RAtlotal Onard. HPKC IAI. ORPKR. RATioaai. Daii i Hoove, Raw Yon*, July 24, 11<t>. Tha member* of tlu*r>rya will ?nee on hie at the armniy ta full uniform. i while pantaloona). with failene rap hunt u> body halt, (without knapaarh . on Tbnruday the JtVin taw., at Vlorfe A M., precisely, for the purpnaa of dome '> ort dutv te the C. H. Zona re 'holeir. on their ?l*lt lo Weet Point tji.aaw will jot" '.he raeort ?t (iler Xo. 2 .V R , at A. R. A limited number of inketa for the trip mav be obtained by ahnaaber* of the Rfnrrn'. on application loleeii. < lark, o-iraerof lir<i*U ..*y ,a.4 O i fl*ndt street. Kr order of iUkraai t.vr, Ore ALEX AXPHH SIIaLKR, Cant SEWTOR VETERAX CORPS OP 1*12 WllJ. VKKT AT the Merrer limine on th'ii Wednandari ereiur R, I nil 23. alRo eloea, to receive tick-is ?rd hit* ror the e?ronton lo Dand * Island, to take pi* ' on Tuesday, 'he ill*: het w?r> reteran lend a belrtn* hand. Hv hAt lbi. SI Purr*. .Adjt. H. HAVHOWP, Onloi fl. riXAWCIAJU * LIBERAL BONTO Wtl ,L BlutvKNTo ajttonk who Jk will *d?ni r' YXht im??ilUl?l.v spin a v?**el worth (2.A*/, al hmuree for double the .an* int. Titers ere an other Ita hlft'Jaa. Add ear J. P., Her&ld dicr Aconrr MUioirr * ro. banker*. no. jo wall street. Ineue letter* of Credit to trarellera, available In II parte of the world Ibmnrh the Wraart KetheblM. ?f nr^I<nodoa. Frankfort. V ienna, Xaplee. end other eorreCITY OP NEW YORK. DEI* ARTMKNT OT FIKAKNR. Comptroller* nitre, July Jl. |i?tO PEALED PROPOSAL* will be re-Hvrd atthia .? -e nh! Tu"wtav. Jul/ .11. et IS orioe*. noon, for the ptir"h>yer h> the , c'orporailoe. of real eeute for the me <* the Pre lb . anniet.t. i ae follow* ? la* far H.we Company tfo Tf. to be It* ?'ed o?m??n Braid < wwy, Reventh arente Twenty aerenth and ThiP.' Hb nt.?m. la* for Rnetne (omnanr Ro. 4s. to he 1? *w<! t.efw *n Twenty third and Twenty atith dn rti and Hevetuh and N.nth ewewee. Ia* for Hoee Com pen' No SI, to be tnr-i-d between Aeeoud tutd laniuffion arenuee, end Thirty ninth and Ftv-.j i.rat MMA Prnponele to eontaln a diawram of the property offered, with ilhu eel we. htoelity end cbenwier . J mprorraael ta, J may. Payment will be made M caab. on jitmic e < a.c a ; a tartnry title The r.pht ta reeeryed to relert ear or all pronoeale. If the ia terrain of the Corporation iweulre I' RObhRT T H.AW.e. O.MptroI>r. D PECAN, PUFREAN A OO , RANKER* CORNER OP Ptne end Neenan etre aw. New York. Ie* tet ire t'.ar Notwe awd Lettem of Credit fo" ti .ortlera, era labia In tho Cmle.l Rtetea. ' 'enada. Wee: T idlea Hoith Anaerb-a, and nil the r-tn I rtpwl etnei Of he world. Aleo. Mercantile C redlt far ia Kurape. 'hiea. tr , RfTl.MONR Op DOLLAR* DNCT.AIKICn IN TUT BANK i lYl of England ? JO.f?yi name* ad ertl-ed for h-tm can be aaerrbe 1. fee n. nt the Heraldry <-?ce. 049 Broaurrajr. New . York. U fi tYb prop: lelnr who ta ta Lomlon. and .-.ndertakenneairn of wdle. ehanrert rooorda. adrer.'aeatr a, lwutb If pedum en and granle of arms New orlkae* and mobile rcnd* bokiht bt almirsr belmont A m W . "* OFP ICR CIIICAOO AND EORTTIWTRTEHN RAILROAD i .rap uiT - New York, July SO. l*9h ?1The t 'o ipone <* UkM < mpany, due Attaint 1. pnttmn. wi.1 he pale oe aad after that date, at the American Km banff# Hank. WE B. IklOl'll. PrrEdem. 1 - I OFFICE OF THE NEWTON COPPER TYPE cpEPANT. No. 14 Prankfort ?'reet. New York, July JB, 1**) IkMioysn - TV Tmnteea of the N'wtue Copper Type Com pary here thta day denlered a "emt-anr ial d.tlderd of tip?-r oee*. ml of the profl'eof the lew atr mrn ha, payable to 'he etoekholdery of theeompany on aad a/w the aJfrJuieL The . Tianaier Booka will be cloted unUl after thai dale HASfl., ORCHARD, Feer-vry. } $0 MO"n RBtTRED BY TORTHAOR ON I mrUUU Ihree hundred end a Ihl*-tan h?. hnrcmhranre will he et hmnyed t * f .rntt a ?j>d ??t nn dwwIttnK hoow, a> a |f J mendce. >.id,aw* W. P., hoi It I Rereel for thrr- daye _ At) rnn W\NTKD-TWO Tlfnt dANn PTVR m*N SkJ,u'"' .,r> I do'.l.:ra wanl?*i Oft Kmd and nr rtc*? O HH.rt.oi emrer'y, worth ipw 'han :! arm at,ta> hraaerape pakt tddr -* liar.- m, b? i 2.<M f ei JB-i an n/tlt WAWTKn-CR BOND 4ND M HIT tt.d D.V'/h "i (to-h "i- t'Vff ? ' '< St, <ii , mMo BYrymR o, ' Ap Pi i ' J ! rUR UJLUM. AWHROTTFKH AND FHOTOGRAPHS.-RNA'F'SGAU lery tor sale; b*s? lo-auon In the citv for a good ?rUsv *8 Bowery. junetBui 01' Fourth arenae, war Cooper Insulate. Ac. fdUU ash and #300 murtg?t;e. Rent 1ow, low given; a barKi-n, worth fJM). A FARCY AMD VARIETY PTORK FOR SALE, LOW ?. turned on the corner of Myrtle avenue and Oilfield street, Brooklyn. re; ma made eaay. ABARtlAIN.-THK i ROPR1ETOR BK1NO ABOUT TO toil for Europe, will a-U (lie spick and liitiirea. Ac., of a fancy store now doing a t.r*t rale trade; a amiable situation tor any business. Apply immediately at el Eighth avenue, between Horatio and Fourthaireets. A fare chamce.-for sale, a uquor and Fining Saloon, with Lease. So k and Fixtures, with Lndg. u>g Room a up stairs, the lodgers pay more than half the rem, sold on arrount of the owner having p.vo plaoee and eannot at teed i > i>. Ui i 'all in the ah re 73 Went street. A BARGAIN.?FOR BU.K, THE LEAKE. FIXTURES, good will A , of a Liquor and legar Khire, in one of Hie be*'lc-aimue >n New Turk city. K. LAWRENCE A CO., 6J Kast Fourtetnth street, Uniow square. A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAN DESIRING AN EH tsblished cash business.?One of the oldest and best Dining Saloons and Bar in tbe city for sale. For full partlcu* '.ant inquire of F. COl.TON, 103 Fulton street, N. Y. BAKERY FOR SALE-HI A FIRST RATE LOCATION; leased at low rent; doing II barrels per week; all sold over the counter; doing a good money making business. IDthree and tools all complete; an excellent chance BIGGS A SQCTHWICK, 88 Nassau street. CUBANS AND SOUTHERNERS, ATTENTION.-FOR sale, a splendid new sloop rigged Yacht of 70 tons, launched in April, built in the beet manner, of white oak, and copper fastened throughout; she hss prosed herself one of the fastest ea.iers ever built, and a splendid sea boat. Her mode) 1s irreproachable; and to a party wlabing such s vessel, she is s great prize. She can be seen by applying to JAMJU ?L BEARDSLKY, 11# Nassau street. CONFECTIONERY TOR 8ALE.-A WHOLESALE AND retail Confectionery estahlmhmeut in Brooklyn, now doing a flourishing fc.tsinrna. Will be aold at a bargain If applied fur Immediately. Katiefactory reason* inti for wiling. Addrwa J. E.JI., ilrjaid ofllce. * ydor sale. r One of tbe beet Hotels In the Northwest. The American, St. Paul, la ottered for sale; Is now doing nod always baa done a good business. The ooat of f untlahing In 1867 was aver 616,000. Contains 80 moms, all furnished; Billiard Room and Bar. To a man who understands his buatneasUua la an excellent opportunity to make money. Satisfactory reason given for selling. Price low. Apply locraddiras A. C. LEWIS, Bridgeport, Conn. For sale?yhe stock and fixtures of the hardware More corner Kutli avenue and Thirtyu?th street. W U1 be sold l?>w. Vise two llorvs and a Truek. Apply ;o FRA-VCIS UANLV/ip John street. For balk?two of thk best corner liquor SVirea in the Fourth ward. Apply to Hr. PaYTEN, 66 Diveion street. 1jh>R 8ale-a well established restaurant, 1 corner of Sa kett and Co in streets, Kin isior Restaurant, Brooklyn. Cat) ai tb>- Re?ta.irant r)r palr-the lease, stock AND fixtures of a wholesale and ret.itl Liquor Store, loot ted in a densely nor niish'iKtrlniod; llie fnaou for veiling iliaproprMor intends entering into itber business, loo die itt 96 West Twen t> fourth street. No agents need apply. FIR hals-tiir FURNITURE and oood WO.'. OF an ild c ituhilahed Boarding lionse, ?TJ ivreenwioli n'reei. trply "n the premises. Will be - ?;d a bargain, katlsfaotorv reasons given for sell'tig. For sale-an express route, uorsc. top Wagon and!Harness, complete, or borne and wagon without route; told eii"?p in conseq ience of other buainean. Can be seen from 11 to 12 o'clock, at the feed store, 26 second nv. rR 6ALE-A BOOK, STATIONERY AND PERIOD! cai store. <<mated in the most bustm a* part of Broadway, now doing a good business Vt U1 be aold -heap to a -ash customer. Salis'a-iory reaaoun given for selling. Address M. .V. K.. Het aid For 8a1-r?a FIRST clam wholesale and rktail Liquor Ktor-, on the .irner uf dames slip sod Water strn t, No. 7 James slip. No .tgeni need apply. rR BALE?A BOAP FACTORY, WITH ALL THE stock. Hit ores, hor-ws, caide. wagons, Ac.; wili be sold iow; uow doing a large trade. Inquire at 216 East Twenty Oi A street. rlR SALE?THK LEASE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF a liquor amre oil Tiuril avenue. Apply at No. iMt Third avenue. For rale?prick ssh?xckt he sold this week. A Wrappti*' I'aper and I'aoer Rug route. baa been ?tabli bed eight year*. In.|>.lre at "Jt John street or No 9 Flr?t ftroei. I^OR SALE?THE LEASE, RTO R AND FIXTURES OF A <-nnner Liquor Stnrn, located in a den-tely populaaed U'.cMjOrhcod. Katintactory r-aioas given for ar3tn(. Apply on ttt>> premies, lib flu street, corner ol rtautou. No agents n?*ed apply. FOR SALE?THE l.K ASK AND FIXTURES OF THE I'At wheleaale and rruul Liquor Store >m the oust aide of he city. It it jttiated on a lewdm? avenue. and at present do in:: a nne b'rtaess. Hie only ""aeon for selling is IU health <? ' -fte owner Apply U> JAMKri McCORMICK, "-"9 Br?nr m. FIR BALE?A MANUFHTURINO BUSINESS, SE f. ed by patent in the I mted 8ui r? and England *500 apcnl i. ill make *1..V)0 proiit a j-*r Apply to the owner, titi Nassau street, room 11 HiiC behold by August 1. FOR SALE?THE I.EA8E, STOi'K AND FIXTURES OP an excellent and *-11 lonat-'d wholesale and retail Lienor Mor* in the fourth ward, lean-! tor tliree years; doinc a good i'-ia.ti- s. and will be sold ch an nn tic nunt nt * kne-a. Ap l> y muiediately to T. OAFI'KKV A CO , No 9 Cl.ambern ?L FAMILY OROCKRY STORK FOR MA1.E-A BARQAIK. i*iaiitly ti-.ted up with a tine ? o * of *'?ids, tiatnres of ad bind*. h v'K, wacon Ac, h*a dun- a large butmeaa tnoe It wan < paned Apply u> BIGGS A HOVTIIWTCK, ^"aM hfl Ii'EKP STORK FOR SALE ?NORSK. W \OOR. HAR. 1 niwa. Uoinc a aood cash business. Apply at So. lit Weat Thir) firth street, for six day*. /^oon t'HARCK-AXV FERKOX I!* WAXT OF A 1T store on our o the best bnstneaa aver ado in the <ity, o iwdoitiK a fairbnsmesa; i?nt km. for particulars, upply at 23ti Heehnuio street. HOTKL ' OR flALK-tlARMOMRLY FT P.NISHKI> ANO rt-sir?blj lix-sted tiiflessr at alow rnt; a ho. aethat f? uaktng money nod .n en .mmo it-g oeigb?rhood. will bo ts J to .* . a rare chance BIOGN A EOUTHWinK. ; Vansae street. LlyV >R -TOR'-. AXO KIO \r. STORK FOR SALE -THR au-k and fixturesof a trs, ciaeo Lbp.or More, dtreCy ?j, . sp? 'he steamship Ureal Eaatein. now d une a good -nab lh.nw?s a! alowrei.:. f'./r parte i.laro apply on ti.0 prettt -es, CO West atree:. MtRpi.K MAXTKLS ? A FIXE STOCK, OOWRIrTIXO i teraen sta nary and LWtmi M.mteW. for -ale aheari. These e hing P> ptarBhasa airitlld call a mil at A. KIAHfRS marble y.ird lid Knst Klghte- nth street, west of Third ate is-, X. Y. VKWK DKPOT A.N I' -T AtfOXKRV STORK FOR A tl.K? jL\ do np a very fair bus. .es?. ii'-.irlie Harlem and Saw Hat en railroad depots. will be i id - bean; pronrietor dan other business toattend to. Apply at * Fourth nfpi:PATLRT FOR 8A1.K?WHOLK OB HT STATES. ORKAT IJfVXKTIOW. KOEITLKR'S Saf-ty Horsed litad Gear. So more arciuenis BY REASON OF HORftM RHYIXO. The nrderatyned hereby anorm the public ihat thev bars mud* a great aod important dweovery by means of wb h the itwi'.v nectirrinn accidrnta through taunes abrum or beeotniuff lrl?Wned may be |.re\"nted. By th.a uiyul) tugeiito'ia t<l rapt* mi?'m nurv me who haw aaythtu* to do vith hora? may maiantai^ooao i>l>- i?.r every kuctd-iu. It la ot tba fl. ra e?t importance in prevrutin* tbe aw.tyof ? >r??a. p *? itlnji ll.'m out ui tneir i able* Ui rnav 0! tire, In leUiU't tbe in iuukI In lb* : .ee' wiihoin bain* t? ?na<! In nay mann?, a iKtua ui *reat importance i.. divan ana and hnatnem man, Ac . n IK- iiaaain* ot railrm i traina, in the maain* of I erne*, aa a Ian ir. Uie aar ol rblou* a.-i-*?-* ib-i< ar?- in he hahtt of btt'i* at paaa> ra ny. Jneti * of J. KORlfLKK A SOl.IMANX, til Bear: au-tet. ue?r Knee. Irwo It kj 12 A. M. and rn-1I to I P. M. Photograph xxn anBEtrrrpr. gallery r<>R ale cheap?< >ae w tba .? rest rod mow eit-ui; a lad >p gailmlaa in 'b- Bowery. r>>r-ale for ufn-halt l:i til'w. Term* e?ay. Bent In* Iiwnure at the GaHery. lid Bowery. / |P A RTZ JOm'K ANit liRAlX Mfl.ta Wit PORTIO* V/ of Patent 'or a la? -ikp - at b? m v the beat ?nd oil ;y mill of >? .ie'?niip rado-iat ten Into pe- day to im palpable (Kinder altb baideiieu sai'tan*. rnudln* aurfatea, eaai.'y rep.e? e,| HW<.* A ROlTHWii K hi Jfaaaan i rft Straw hat mahi fai-tory fur vti,r chkap-am the imiKf intiiea So lea*' toe < ?* It la wall I t ed tip with "!'?!.a. ni? ?l??ry A-' Ami >* - a d'-ln* a tn?e h> Ineaa to "id v ora io'iu.. eat t> Kaai U etoo ?ti-?t ti.4X.iiH, tti r* TO CHAIR MAKF.RB-RI.inTB FnR THK CSK Of Blao'Juu-d a Pa'enl in New York. Ken Jera-y, Penan; I racla and Man land, lor tale by the a?*nta<>' the Pbatmi Wood BeniLajt Company, M Broad way. jp a'a.ra. Oj 7 WILL. RUT TIIK STOCK AND I I\tL.H ? OP A nil -I i ?4V . ? a'. - * btiune a. a? lb<- . want baa to go in Philadelphia in .?t s* ?oi.t he weea Apply pa tbe pu-ane- *, . maer .? Canal mj M m ?tr*"'? Kftn ~A "PLr.xnin CHARCE TO ROT A FTRRT" TX.rl"*". .na?a Rtalionrr* am' Taney Store, an a ed m iipe of lha beat Ih-.n-nahfaj-ea a, Hruoblya. earn.-- abe : e r*t yr. < and an* dotaa ? mud 1 <- tpplyt-pm W MUX to >R'HK WIRCIIFI,. Hs 7 R: uad Itreet. S'-< Hon F0R MLR, TIIK lbaRk. noon vriu^ Oivl/UiamkMn - tea I.- .1 ?. i . n 'i?.y Tret ream Samon aad Bafceiy In II opej atloii and dotp.; p.-el b-.aloem ?1'| h ftab ne *.e?t|r la. teiaed n-1 III tb? die-at ^..rt o: tb< ity. Satiafbetory rmmti rt-.eri for a?:i?.a utn. Anuieaa < oairr iotiT* bn 149 H?r ti'< 06.' ? II HAY IRM $- Rriw arr -I.OS1, ox mojth av rvrximg, nr? r I liar n. J ,ly. a fold ?-eat Cnn -' an stone aad rart of a I ha o Mi i.liB* ami evut K'ug The abur -lew n? ' il4 | paid By I4a> intr It a! Hot er' C Una air-re. a fi "b'f fhalR etrer'. one y-or We?i ol th.rd I ?lll nrWAlin-I/JRT OR BTOLRX l\ nOiRU moM ?T I " ' I'D Vtclep fene in se.. alh W . Hana I h 'tka and ta bitle. In all ant-iMina if I'd MR tlS i-*er wlllre ti. rii ita 'at*i? to 101 Ratdea lAne a ui race I re jeaboie W*Ml. (?1 C RFW VRO -l.t'MT \BOCT TWrt Wf :K8 AGO. 3llO ? lane Pi ed .Sp.m h Pood.i- It- * , Iiiarra ,> ti e tiameol'i ba- Tiie aho 'rfw nl an-l e>< , i~ kma i-abe.| byre" rain* he M I lonte e'n Matron i a'tatr ...i Hot.a on atreeta. or at ecbe, ipeb->rn a ?iabi'i, IT* nd 171 *er fratf* . i on* rtKWARD-IA*T. ON THF. I.'TH I.MsT., AX ?Pa?a' Talian'OretianiOd Slot. An**' ? n the mm' of flora; color yellow. nrb. /T and ?hlt? Tie abnre fawt.i.1 | will be paid to any pet*nu ,*bo will retai n the do* to \o 'U, Km Tweety ninth rree-. f -n MftfD-UM, ok RATI flGAV. rrLT H, \ 1 *1" . ily't #o <1 h nun* Wif ai d tearoi*; wal'h , >. 1,174 V , lobe M?*nhi 4 Gued'n otawrtfa, OOu-r# IJOre | want rr.,1 he paid If reions d to 124 Bast Me . enynth ifaat Ql/Wl N'U, fXP'T?<I"'KG FRO* sTYTTT AVFKCR ? MH/ tkr .rrh veT*titeent,, ga, m a Fiilb ar<... e?i* , \ fl ''anftdaod tM tbaaka of too aavr trot en T e. Hjr. July 14,1MB a* > ib * i ? h) t ? to n t etl1 "" p*Jd the ahev* /yward. j ?BW YORK HERALD, WE] MiUU6 AND AOUli FRIVAT* fAHIl.T, OWNING A BOUHR. pleasantly sHiaied no town, containing nil UhS .. fcopruvemeste. nod having more room than they require, would aeeoa modate two or three gentlemen with ujeasa<uy iu? uuhrd Rooms and partial Board. Coll it the third house above Thirty -eighth street, to Lexington avenne. AI.ADY HAVING a nR8T class BOOKS IN TBIRtirth street, between Broadway and fit lb svenm, would like to let a portion. with Hoard, to a reepectabl s lam ly u' ""> *> person* Apply at WORCESTER A CO.'B, 661 Broad way. Afhrncii family havr furnished xo'wft to let, with or without Board, with all conveniencet iu the home. No. > Amity street, near Broadway. AORNTLKMAM AND WIFE and FOUR SINGLE tlKNtlemen cm obtain very deiirabls Rooms with Ho <rd. and the com/oris u/ a home at rei rin's Hotel, No. 3 Atbto 1 place, Fourth street APARTMENTS WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN, WTTII HIS wife, (no children) deairee furnished apartments, onn Mating of parlor and two bedrooms, in New York or Brooklyn, with mails famished In roam. No boarding bouse keeper need apply. Address, stating terms, O. m. p., bus leO tienUdotti'e A FINE BCIT OF ROOMS, FURNISHED, WITH P "U room exclusive, may be obtained by a party of tl or lour, either permanent or transient, with private table . desired. Apply at 12ti Ntntli street, a few doors west of Broad way. A private family would urr, with full or partial Board, three or four pleasant Rooms. House fnraished with gas and bath. References exchanged. Apply at 93 Kant Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. All'rnishkd i'arlor and bedroom to lbtwlthout Hoard, in a private family, to two young men, at *6 per week. Location Eleventh street, near University plaice. Address W. 0 P., box 101 llerald "lllce. Avery pleasant suit of rooms on the second door, with everv convenience. to let- with hoard. to a family or a party of gentlemen. Looaiion vcrr desirable and conTcmenl to ferries. Apply at 2&S CUutou street, Brook'TP A southern widow lady, occupying alone a beautifully furnished bonne. Mania an accomplished young lady of prepossessing appeunuK-n aa companion. Such a one would find an atrreoahle home. Address Mra. Tborndike, box 3,j7(i Post otlice, New York. A Br IT OP ROOMS TO RENT?WITH OR WITHOUT Board separate ar ?lngl?, f omWhed or uufunxiaBed. in a private bonne with all tbe improvement* Inquire at 123 Weal Twenty second street. Reference required. Am HANDSOME FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON SEcood loor, to let, o a geatleman an i wife; aleo, Rooma for single gentlemen. witli gas and hoi and cold abower bath. References exchanged. Apply at lei Eaat Brood *a>\ A lady, who has only herself and i.tttt.r boy in family, would like to take two or three small hli.lreu to Board, in New Brunswick Tbe location is healthy and pleasant, and la only two hours <Uatanee bv railroad, and they will receive kind and motherly . are, Good New York references. Address Mary A. Collins, corner New and Neilson aire- u. New Brunswick. N. J. A I.ADY WOn.D LET A PARLOR OR SINGLE ROOM l? agen'h-raaa and lady or single gentlemen; no children or other hoarders in a bonae in West Thirty fourth street. Ap plyTor address Agent, lis Broadway, basemen: oOlee. A VERY DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND cL floor, handsomely furnished, to let to fini.i't gent Vint-n, Breakfast if required; yaa, bath, Ac. Apply at <4 Aiuity irtcL A oknt1.eman AND WIFE AND TWO SINGLE GENilemen < ,"i be accommodated with pleasant front Rooms on aeeood floor, with good Board, on moderate tot ms, by applying at Jlhi 1'iericpont street, tfriaiklyii. Rciereuoes oxchanged. A FEW SINGLE GKNTLKMLK CAN BE AGIJOMMOrtAled wit). Hoard and pl-?*anl Rooms. I umished or nn furnished. All tbe modem improvements. IIP Warerley plan-. Terms mourra'c. API.KASANT ROOM ON THE RKI OND FLOOR TO LET, sruh Board; also a uit c: Rooms, furnished or unfur nkhed. in a tlrat class hou?e. Dtnu- c a*, six. R?fereeces reqi.rad No I Dfpau pla-e, Thompson street, second bouse li on. Hteeckcr. ASMAIX FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN TfTRY require, will let one or two Rooms to gcr tiron n, without Board Inquire at 331 Broome street. AA M.lir.Kbl I*AllB APitl (IKK I'ACUIITSK, Willi own a house w?h the modern bnprnvetnehta, wi-h to accommodate a lew gentlemen with genteelly furnished Room* and Hoard Qenilenon of respectability will and this a ip.uet and comfortable home. Inquire at 112 Madison sweet Board -plrarant wrll kitrnishkd rooms, on the second door, < ontauuug psuLrles, gas. hot end cold water, to let, with Board. Apply at 81 West Tv.-uiy sixth tract. I<ocaUntt good, ?od ,-oavetuei.l to cars ahd stages. Dinner at su o'clock. Board cam be had by a ff.w yoono men. The best of a< mnimodatToos can be bed where there la no childi ' ii No S Monroe street, corner ol * - iharittc Board in ;broapway, between twelfth and Thirteenth streets?The beat locution In the city; bouse tirst rlaaa. poaseasea all wodern improvements; aa eiMleol table; dinner at 6 o'clock. Southerners are tented to call. Apply at H33 Broadway. Board on the central fark.-onf. or two single gentlemen, or a married couple, . ?n obtain full or partial Board ui a strictly private family where no other board- ) ers are tahen. Oaa, bot and cold baths, a Hue and healthy i aituauoa, on the Ramble, and thirty mis'lies t ram tbe City Hall by tbe Third avertir- cars. Willow Terrace, East Seventy ' third street, uftb houar from Third avenue. References exchanged. "DOARP TP TOAYX ?PLEaRANT Fl RNISHlftJ ROOMS t ?i'li Board, . .in bo hail at the .Madswn llnnw, corner of M,?h' w>n ttnitr ami Tweuty eeveoth susmt Twain reasonable. Board waktkd?roR a ladt a.vd aRXTi,R*AX, full Uwrii for the lady only, In ?imr unlet f?mlly where there are no other boarders; with a widow lady preferred; lor dealt able art nmaandalluna a liberal prt.-e will b? iiaid. AU i i'mmunloaliooa ron??l<*re<l canfldmattaL Andreas box 177 Herald office. Board wTntrd -t or two okntm:\;kk Tvn then true* and a young lady, wbere th>'re am hn' few Ixwrdi-ra. location m tat ?? between Twenty Bret ,nd Thirtieth burets and Fourth ami Hevrnth nrenues would haao objei>? to a |>rti ate faintly. Andrews, thro til |>os' , 111 Wmi Twenty W nod street, stating terms, wl I li 111 list be low. A I'srkir and three Bedrooms will ha required BOARDWAKTEH- BT A AMD I.ADT. OK 1 nior *t| R oadws*. a.-nee Itlee. ke.-s'reet t--u*i.? a | R <itn? a > r?t lasa b. >ia--and moderate t'-ruu r> ,itu."! Ad dreas L. B.. Herald 'dlica BOARDTKO -A TFW YOCXQ ORNT1.KMK* r\K HI Si-ronimods.-d w ith good Board ami , lea?..a; K oh. at ' Mra. Tajlora iU'lr enw.^li atreet. r,-i ma, fci and VJ jo i -r week. | BOARDlKfl ?A I.ARGR 11ARDflOHR ROOM, WTTII Board, suitable for a pi-uileinati and w ife, or two young gentlemen willing to room tog-ther; also two single Rooms The house k eouveoient to all tie principal hob-Is. Dinner at six 0 i loi k. References required. Apply a.' Vi Blee?,ei street. BOARDINU -KIXOI.R OR M VRRIFH PKRSOim WISH log good Hoerd, with heud-umely furnished rooms, with i gn? ,.nd eierv nwtveutrtw-e, where elesuhnesa and domestic ' 1 oratort will be slilctly attended to. can apply at 80 Fast Twenty eighth sii ret. YJOARDINti. -tlSF. OR Tffu MARRIED OR StKilt F J) aedllen > n < an ibtair oleasnm Rooms and Board its | at i private fatnbj , at 161 Wesi Forty-eeond llree: I TJROOKf.YK HFIOHTs - P 1RTJ tt, BO A RD FOR OR\ Jj .ten en. at .TT < ranberr. stn-et betw?ei Willow and i > j ia i Risnos neatly uu Bislwd, aikl Swindle ' lidth water and las. a v.. a bath room Bt uuitou w y pi- -an,, cmsenieat W.,.1 s :eet and Kulust fernea Board tk mrcmhci.yk -a private f wily officii stipe rise srr-sninoda'iotis. with ttuird. I 'persrma 01 re i spectamlni House baa ?1! nwwlern intp-ot e, ,,-nta U- ..u st ' w? in W4U (H inmia - itiu I ? eei terry Apply Hi H i. Mi ' ...r.ten %ir 1 T?OARl? IK UROOUlOK-ltl < I.IKfOV >TRKUT A JJ p raeaat -I'tara fr w ft. m wi'l ranpM .?> a re" >man J I ?n?i telle nr at ?Ut per wee*. A1?0, two ?m?U ; K'' m?. * Ith I nil -ir partial Hnerd 1>OAKP I.V HRnOlil.V* -f IT KRAI. \KW1V fl.'K ( JO i..-be?I H'Kto.*. in a rv un l?v?e. \,- > 1 a- ?iem in?)?rr rm' i M, are offered |> / a HOttiil pr.v.t# la-nl.'.v. a Hi .'?ll I or a ml K?'<1 h" D e*H?'l? ?. rete.-'tKM r?- j I || 11.1 > d. Apyljr ? fcl t'lmlo. aU<te. j 1 Tl0^Rni-v PR"okitv._A Mivt.t vrw<Nf? J) lamnv. oeciut'tnt* i '"1<'? ? fcuua-. eill'"*? a UMr.l ? oi ? i ....nt >:o'in .lainfeoan-r f im<Ji-d. v> a 'pent.- nan aa i ana or atl-'meo tpp . at J> Tomriklna pUr? KI,M.tTn,T 'TRKIAHKD P.tK'KH eT THK fluT*!, , A Uerra* n IVh |V?IV Broaden.. n 1' "01 ae nM air el. Kai .?* mount K?w T.irk will na>! ?er> apar:m?.m ?kh t'alha .n ... I e . i "t aa4 I 1 >tai pl tl iU- 1'. ata.( k.aet, ?nad?(4* >*. the K ir?p* u r.VL. r'trr. rrRN'ttinn nco\t? to t tr 1 ' j r.t * mini n<9jr, to 01 .*111^11 nt r-v-evk* . atiilitj Anf?jr?t**4 1. rn'ii*-*,. Kifffctfenth ; cel. ru t*uvTT.Y rrRJ?I?iH*D rooha to t.rr-r. -rs : Vj i ? ir.g.n ? h part <>1 ItnaMI H Mr?i fa** an lb* mortem mjToi.lnn "on. ?t<t .? w .o ih< ; l .: h \ o tt> * M .? . ?u.l f I UiiK>n pwka. Apply hvKIO Broadway | irirRjrwTirn ?oo>rsi axp K>:r>*nn?siTo i. w:Tn J P nr n.ih it punul Hoard, W ?' i p nun- , n>#n At Kotftl Hiith ?i tii.0, J ? i ii. Tjn*nNiMirn foom m ijct- wit??, w ifp : r. or F pHrUdl Hn*rd, to A aitu.'.i bn .**, nrh ,5rai> ?-p "< % 1 wnyln Fi? <H? sen' onun Tmj nr? ?, pwmW- Jti K >?' !?<"> , ' if Mrw. bolwrrB tfaai' .n ? '?nr ?(M Ki? .r u AtnntM, i :. om 1 tu 7 o i b+t. | FiftKlATIKD ROOM* WAKTKD-liV two ?rx..l,R I t'tttl'TB.. . All noun I' ? -It! M it 1 * ?'? o * U*> in?p MS". V'l tr. it vM, Hi '< -* l<f ' 1 ill! 4>v?. iirkN^HKn room- ft Ry?. yjri wru. 1 ] r dn ?'lO?1, In >'rtWAp 'n r>-ap? . ? ' '1 I l.o? ft- Bliiftr *?*n'Vnm4ii from ! to tj :<t imi wrrt f r ? wl-iiB" 1 t.mif *d Jt'. ni* will do w?-l, tr> .,! U Ku ? | i h?'h f.ifr.r. m Bb A Hi' mr. . ? > n? lixw* ll<?. i? 1 1 *vp mvtr T.onori*<iR it tip* .'-o?" , 1.1 MotPl.i >rn<?rof Rrani.1.. and ffi imiuw ?.t V , i Ti-i-mi 36 on !(!? ?nU prr wrfl r mi :; >*> |l H P?T i tut. Opm bU Bight. i ( pnxAHiniT iw.yrp v wTrp ?N t ? ??.- vr* X ? inily J ? ?< ;T> m? T-nu? i-.,u- i ?"i n? ipliiv (All. -n >14 r ? H*riy, ll? ?!' * :<> r< PLAIN FOARP WA.VTKD-Hf A LADY, WIIKFR , tharo nr'' if. tvbfr tinard-rA Would MOfr M . yn. Tfim m> iliTBt.-, tail if milaibckmtv Bmiiil 1 ? | ' nBM -at A4'(m?b Moinawuril i n : 1M It?rBM bUk*. j PKWOJff WrHHIWO oobn B0ARD1N' FI.ACM < \K 1 iffim mlnniijiUnn irain n?p- me )o * yl* '>f iti*. (' |??, Af . Ir?ppl/I0i to H'uRl'KiriCR Ai''1 1 BrmAwiif. r rtf 4*?i iaf rrBvfteiablf bonnlfrt ar>' Inrlled o r?^.?ltr 'htli No tlmi ;> ui wlvanet ' IJfaOM WANTKP- MY A T APY ANP aKNTTANAlT. J It Hviril Iai iBdjr nnljr Bbf.if Tatnpfih fprfft uf!??i(* f HrnidfBV. u-rn* not In ftf iwci |R par wf*?. Ad lr?*H? Wourt, r Hr?4n#i. fnt if.rft dirt t ?? J T? PAFFNTi ANP Ol'ARDIANF.?BOAFP AND t 11' .i?n ? Ab ?'lrBntA|f?UHnpportunttjr i? (m* t n?r*i lor ' <J I' f <J ir-wUrm .if B llm t?i mh?I of joiinit ladlfB do (At* 1 in rrrBt A?n,Uit pari of lk? ooBBirT, with 4?li|fhtfiil ?'ir J ro iiH.A r-*<|oi.? tiitnr onrtnru Ihn ndii AtimiAl d#p?ft d >r?n(, wh. h I of ibn hlphnr RnrlMh bmnrtiM Frfimb, J UI n. An. A n nipntdnt tnA. bi-r of mnrin rn?Mn* in ikn "BtAb ( IMbatnn'. Het-nr n U9 I)f pAmtiln of' lhA ohlMrnn now o 1 Jlo *|1||?n Of i .. .,n i tfrn, I/Jlj vfw TF? J #(? . 4 PNESSAY, JULY 25, 181 OAWiia A>O UNMiac. a HE ADVERTISER, 11 AVISO RESIDED KKVHRAb jc.trs with on? family, i* dealrou* V recouuaeiMli'u: gi? i rntlemen, or a gentleman and bit w fe, who stay req'u/e 1>1''Mnt room? wnn Bonril. iu ajnvih lamity, ii' n ? comforts tuay be turn at US West Twenty tivth ? ?!. or npou Umi advertiser; 21'PlaU street. Reference* ?? dtonged. TO* LET?A S0IT OF HANDSOMELY FURN1H11BD Rooms, on Aral and second floors also a single Rmu, wiih all the modern eonvenicuors, in a very pleasant locanon, K h Ninth street, between Broadway and University place "111 ANTKD?BOARD, BY AN EDUCATED RPANINH V 'ady and her son, four years old, in a genteel priyate family, in exchange for leeaons in die Spanish language and the i - i' nienls of the French, would help in family sew ing. ilood r?'f> re ores giren If required as to honesty and good character. A-1. reus U. 'L , Herald office. WANTKD-BY A OINTLEMAN, A QUIET HOARDING pUre, with n good pleasant room for reading and writing. References given. Address N., Sunday Times office, stating price, loentu ii, Ac. Y1T A NTED?BY THREE YOUNQ MEN, TWO OOMIT fortably furnished Roome connecting, with Board date dinner.) Priyate family preferred. Address P. F., Herald rfiirr for two days, stating terms, Ac., which must be moders'e. TirANTED?BOARD FOR A UKNTLKMAN AND LADY, Tf and i-hild eighteen months old, on Platen Island, near Ypnderbllt landing, and not too far up from the seasides farm house preferred. Address J. U. N., 361 Broadwsy, New York. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FOR A GENTLE man, wife and baby, an unfurnished Room with Board; if suitable would be pennanenl; w est side of cits preferred., Address, stating conveniences, terms, Ac., J. W. X., Herald office. 2 ABINGDON SQUARE, CORNER OF BANK AND Hudson street a?Location one of the coolest and healthiest In this city. Strangers visiting the city will find Jtparjous and airy rooms, with good table. The Great Eastern Is at the foot of Bonk street. _ 1 ' BOND STREET -FAMILIE8 AND SINGLE GELTLEJLl/ men wishing fine furnished Rooms with Board, wil) do mlltetIL Pinner at f P. It t>?? OKKKNK 8TR1KT.?FURNIRHRD ROOMS TO I.Ef ?O togentlemeu, with Breakfast if r?q?(r?d. Booms at $1 75 to $3 per week. The boose has a tine yard, gat, Ac., and is very quiet OQ CLINTON PLACE.-A HANDSOME 8UITE OF FUR. 00 ui-bed Rooms to let, on Ire t or second Box, w ilh Una bath room on same tlonr, suitable for Rout hem gentlemen who are tn want of pleasant and comfortable Rooms. The house is in ccmoietc order. Or would be let to a first class family without children, on reasonable terms A Q NORTON 8TREKT. BETWEEN HUDSON AND TlO Bedford streets.?A few single gentlemen can be acrou modeled with pleaaaul Rooms and Board; family small. References exchanged. WKRT F1KTKKNTM STKK1 IT.?FURNISHED FtKUl lor and Bi-diatom to let. with partial Bounl, tn a private family, where >11 Hie comforts of a home can h? realix-id, at hi West FUleeplh street, between Fifth and Ruth avennes. 7 A SPRING STREET, THRKE DOORS FROM BRO S D I O way.?To let. several handsomely furniahed Rooms, to Hingis gentlemen The litoatMSi is near all the llrst close hotels. AlUuthed to the building la a reading room, free. Touuiro of ANSON 1IOUBKQ(1 FIFTEENTH STREET, FIRST HOUSE EAST OF ajjLi Third avenue.?Furnished Rooms to let. with or wl.h out Board, In a house newly tittrd up with all modern improve menta; t-rms moderate; location unsurpassed. Otrl wanted for general housework. 1 A "I RPB1NO BTRKET, FOUR DOORS FROM BRO ID 1W1 way.?A gentleman ami his wife ami three or font yourg men can have good Board and pleasant Rooms, and privilege of bathroom, for 93 per week each. mWAVKRLET PLACE, BETWEEN WASHINGTON square and 8tifh avenue.?Families or single gentle men can be genteelly accommodated with permanent or Iran stem Board. Strangers netting the city would do w?U to call as above. House newly furnished. 10A NINTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE WEST OF lO" Broadway ?To let, Kccood Floor, elegantly fur Dished, auitahle for gentlemen or a physician. Also, tangle front Rooms. House is first class and contains all the modern improvements. 1/>Q AMITY STREET, BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN lO'" and his wife can obtain Board, with a pleaaont Room, men The bouae ha* alt the modem Improvement* m> WKST FOIRTKKNTH STRKKT -11 V NPSOMRI.Y ) furviletied Room*, for Umiliea and alugle gentlemen, with l.reaAfaet or full ltoard, pleesini kieaunn for munmer and CODvenieot to F-lghth avenue oara; Fourteen h aired stage* I>**a the door. 1QQKAST TWKNTIKTll STRMT, UBTWKKN FIRST J.i/O and Re. uod .ivenuea.?A prvaie family will let a fur MM* Room. Willi Itourl, to a gentleman and wife or Iwt aiugle gentlemen, in a brown a one front Itouae, containing tlx modern improvement*. Relerence required UA Q BROADWAY.?TO I'fCRM KSKST OR TRANSIENT UtO boarder*.?The above bouae harm* tieen thoroughly repaired, and an addition of about forty parlnra and bedroom* made, enable* the proprietor to offer arntikj* of t ery de trahle n om* to peraona wiahim;, with full board. The location or the bouae w nnaiti paaaed. Wall fundahed, and a tenrro.i* table giien. JVrmaneut boardera taken al reasonable prkea. term* I or tranaient peraona, SI SO tier day. Hl?*? BROADWAT, BKTWKKN KIOIITM AND NTNTT1 | OO atreel* -line large Room and two *mal] Room* .rr brat and aeeond floor*, to let. In gentlemen. fMM. will bath. g:ia, hot and cold water, Ac.; house newly painted, anf location pleaaanV. COriTTRY BOARD. Board at oorrwaix.-a few rooms oar rf had at the Highland Cottage, t ornwall;' line view*, got* drlree, bathing ami hahing; u> let an aerount of alckneaa in tlx family who hired !b?m. For parUoulara inquire of W.M. K HI A ON, Cornwall, Oranee rnnnly. JB vate family. good living and aplrndid eea bathing. < >m nt ink-aiion by rail, etag" ao<l brut four or live Inuoa daily. Apply at It J Bioadway. near Twelfth atrrrl. Board at noct 11 bkrgkv-twknty minctw from .Jrrwy r tty by hnrue nULrnud, a private f.itu y w il take a few boardca (aaiiltai beautiful vletvol New York bay, Stalen lalaud, Ac. Addraaa lor two daya. R. H. boa 1U6 Herald o#ce Board on fort i.kk hf.mhtr-in a private t.'utily Trririi lor auntie boarder*. $6 per week. Home leave at , and H*, A M. tor Nov.- York Impure at No 2 King street and ot ihe -aou:u? ot .be Port buaU. foot of hpri?? creel, New Y'oik. A. W DKLAKOL.IK. Cvrntry board-y okxtckmalf \ nd HIS wik* J ran uod Itrat n?o Hoard at NpiiytrndnvNll. on-' hoor'i id" from New York by Undent Railroad. Urni-at three iiduuteC walk from depoe, overlooking river aril creek to I .I. Mto-,- ran be made at HI I'lUU.o atreet, up ataira, to CU AN h johnson. ClODKTRY hoard-AT YO.NKKRN. NF.AR TDK dp ) pot. f inr Jirer new and couoiry a -curry Onod arm mndatbms and reaaonalil" term*, f ar" by boat lb ants. Ap i It to Mia llaaUuga <lnnuc.ll tree., t'roapec: Illll. Turn U the right I roin llie depot. Com TRY HOARD-PARTltfLARR or A PLRANAN1 And deatrabir Virai ion lor aumtiwr board can be obt ue by riiiinr'i|ain Pbyfe a Co., corner of Thirty eigblb -.trcei and e?Utb ..venue /"TOt'ntbY HOARD ?OMR I.AROK ROO\l .1 VII PLAIN A ' Hoard wanted by tun ladiee aud two . hildrm. where lbr\ can ban- ?e* nutty i?. Tertna no' to ".reeu tit pn week. AditeiwH. I 4f j Pirlfic arret. Mrook; a (TOnmRt HOARD-CAN HK MAD IN A PRIVATE J raatily, near Patrliogiie. L. t. ami in view oi the great aoitlb bay. tlond ualung, bathing, willing, Ar.; alao aocununo dallon inr Horaea ami rarrlMcea term? moderate. Inquire of K. V. HKillT. No. UN ' ham beta a tree.. pOCNTRY BOARD SRVF.r At, I. A DlIlS AND (IKS \0L_ gAUCi AT APCTIOT' l?n WORKS o/?*"'S rC?UO AOCTTOH. ' 1 K.. (8 W.,t El<??1> mi AteuiHA ' sale commencing at Mj>? o'clock precisely. VU.: Superb 7octaveBoom run** * OH Pamung. by eminent artMU^ j, Freu h plato pier and Mantel Mirror* t Brocade and l ice Curiaina, Set re* and Dresden china Ornaments. . _ 1 Velvet medallion Oarpe ?, J Bronze and ormolu ' ha.udv .wni. K'f?'?4 and nvakkw-any chamber Furniture, en suite. a Oak eitanaiun Table, ltuttet " ('Una. Glass aad fidvmr Ware. b< A. MORTIMER 0*J*Ft!( a VO.. Auction.*, a. respeetiul- to ly tniorm their friend* and public that they will oflar at public auction, on ihis day, nil the Household Furniture, An., "I contained 'n Ibc above b um. The Furniture ess ill made bo J order by'.hose celebrated csblnetrnthrrx, WH1 * Huumadnri. at and la of the beat deacrlpllon. The limine whs newly furnishe I K ail uiontha ago. and U In o client order. lit .oiptivo catA- T1 loguea at the house <>u morning of sale. A * DRAWING ROOMS. ? Magnificent seven octave Pianoforte, The rlclies*. instrument ottered at auetiou th e in four round corner* rtninhed sll round, carved legsnnd case, ? overstrung baas, lull iron plate, Inlaid with laolber of pwarl. ? and solid pearl kern, all the modyn Improvement*. Bade by i, Broadway makers, and fully guaranteed, hi* l?-.-n fully tested i by competent judge* and pronounced a superior Ina rumsnt. \ cost $800; rosewood Canterbury, statuary marble top, ltu.-d , with sal in wood, Stool, covered in brocade, V renelt embroidered t cloili cover. Musk- Books; solid carved rosewood Suh. covered t * in blue aud |?old brocade of the richer dr.script ion vizi-two t lets a tele Sofas, two aim, two rsosptlou and eight ' o k , ,-Kair- mad.! by Wed. Htogeros, carved lu fruit and Spwen, . Statuary marble top, French plate Mirrors, door* and 'iwH | lined with tulip wood; two superb Centre Table*, to match the i suit; elegant Secretaire and Bookcase. liuel wrb antin wood; ( Turkish Kasy chairs, King's pa*nt; Ormolu Clock, runs one , moLth, imported from Purls by the present owner; all light i ormolu :tnd brouz" Chandeliers, Candelabr.. s, two extra Urge i Mantel Mirrors, rich frames; two do. Pier Mirrors: Kilt tables to match; Hois de roau Cabinet*, lad tea Work aud Card Tables; Musle Box, Aecordeon, volvot medallion Carpets, Mosaic Rugs, Kmbroldered Luce j C urtains. French shades, gill Cornices, Oil Paintings. tasump- , lion of Virgin Mary, a correct copy Trout the original painting j ut the louvre, Farls, Storm at Sea, Smuggler's Family Oroup, . two h Paintings by Legraiid; Wintei Scene on the I)a- j on be. by Ketehell; also' a number of fine cabinet pictures; , French line Engravings, artistic Rron/ea. Dresden china , \ I'.irun marble Statuary, ball oak llaii'Mid, Chains, Oilcloth, velvet stair Carpets, Koda, Ac. Dining Room?Solid oak Tt'ifl'et, richly carved Statuary, marble top; dinner and tea Set, silver plated Ware, sohd 8Liver Ware, ruby aud uryautl cut and rngravrd Glass Ware, Sheffield Table Cutlery, table Linen. Hertz extension Dining Table, lu feet; Arm Chairs, oval Mirrors. Chambers?RoseWKxi and mahogany dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, t ommodes, Waehsiauila, hair and spring Mattresses, armour-a glace, Wardrobes, Sot.ts. Rockers. Chairs, conwr Stands, lied linen. Blankets, Ac Also all tlie Furniture of the servants apartments; also all the basement and kitchen Furniture, with w hich the sale will eminence. , A competent person w ill he in attendance to park and ship the go.sis going nut of the city, at a roaaoiutble cluirge. ALEXANDER 8TKVKN8ON. AUCTIONEER. Ofllce and salesroom 170 Broadway, comer Mhiden lane. Magnificent Household Furniture. Cnst.'y rowwood Pianoforte, Velvet and Brussels Carpets. Rsre Oil Paintings, Rroojf Chandeliers. Ac. 1-arge catalog ie tale of roaewrnod and mahogany household Furniture, at inn private residence t.S Wei*. Eleventh street, a lew doors from Fifth avenue. This day, Wednesday, July 26, at 10'i o'clock, 1 will sell without reserve all the elegaul Furniture contained in the above dwelling. Particular aiteiitloo is called to this Important sale. Every artic'c of Furniture was made expressfor the present owner iwo yeaia since, and will be fully warranted s* represented Front and back parlors contain magnificent msewxod Pianoforte solid rosewood trame, carved legs, lull iron frame, bea.iulul finish new ia.i fall, and coet cut. Any person or I persons desiring of securing for themselves one of the beat finished aud finest toned instruments In Una city would do well to attend this Sale . It will be ottered I at 12 o'clock precisely. Also Iwo auita of rosewood Furniture, elegantly arved in fruil of various kinds, and oorered with aatm bro- ate'; royal Avminwter Carpets, a very rare and J 1 choice selection of oil Paintings by eminent artists.* two srdeo- I did matcheil, mantel Mirror*, one IArge pier Mirror, alab and bracket* la c and broeatel Curtain*, roaewooil H -s>k-??e ami i earrytoire, rone wood Rtegere*, large ami email marble cntre and tola aide Table*, statuary marble Ornament*, real Bronze*. ormolu Clock, run* thirty day *; bronze 'and onuolu Chandelier*. gas K xturen. he. Chamber*?en aulte nwewnod IVedslead, dressing French Bureau Wa?h*t?nd. Toilet Set, enrled hair Mattreum, aprtng lied, Blanketa. Sheets, laneu, Pill >ws, Holatera, Mosquito liar, llroiiael* Carpet, marble top centre Table, klngrat trigs, Hot* lavnnge, enay aprtnit Chair, aprlng Kofa Bed, walnut spring Chair*, oval Mirror*, Cuitaiua. Third and fourth sturieaWa. at i and mahogany Bedsteads. Burr.,ua, WaaltMAuds. hair ; : and ruoaa Mattresses, leather and aprlng Sofa, lied*. Carpeting In every room, cane seat Chair*. Roukers, oil Pennine* Ta blea, *e. , lhnttic Room?Oak evtenalon dining Tuble and oak Buffet French Dinner Pet of 120 pie. e*. ebimt de.-ora<a?l Tea Set, tine " table Cntlery. Ivory I at lanee ham lied handled Kmve# and | Porta, table and lea Hpnoii*, Crockery and Olata Ware. Alan 1 a very One aanortnxmt of basement and kit hen Kitrmture, witk whieh the aale will commence. N. B ?Stranger* in the , , city tie .irons of attending thin important aule can d<i eo convn niently by taking Ibe Fifth avenue Cages or Sulli avenue ear* from the A at or Isottae and re.|Uesi the onductor to let you oft , at the corner of Klevrnth street. jf. B. ? IK poena required, | Spring carta will be in attendance. A' ' rcTlOK NOT1C* EXTRAORDINARY lirnuioe *ale of rich and taistly . R,e.ewood Furniture. anperti Mirror*. Pianoforte, bronre and ; . uau-ble Figure*. Paintings, rich Suits in hroeabi, magnlflceut i ' ' dimnutiil lbacelet and cluster Ring*. library Ac., on ? | THCSMDAY, Jl'I.Y 2d, AT 1111. O'CLOCK, | i being the entire oontrnta of hotute 1.1] Wcat Tw eni j mat ?treet, 1 I uear Seventh avenue RL'SBKIJ. W. WBHTl tfTT A CO., ati.-onoeem, would invite the attention of housekeeper* to the , above ?ale as being worthy of their attention, all the Furniture In fhe house being lirat clam. need but a short time, and ever* ! nrtieln to be per> mptorilv wild, constating in part of elegniil rosewood Parlor Furniture, en supe comprising three full 1 sulla, wiA solkl rosewotal trauma. entered in rich < i.maon and , maroon brta atle: rosewood nuu IdeUip Eregere, plate d(*>ra. eleI rant French work Tnblr, centre and round roaewood Table with tn-wale ant ataiuary lops, arm Turkish Clinics, in brocade; j Turkish Lounge*, roeewvasl flecep t< n Chair*. superb nwe ' ???l 7>kis i*te Pianoforte, made by Hltchket. rich bronre and oraoln Chandelier*, elegant Mantel ,md Pier Mirror.-, with marble ami gold baaes. Table*, rich eltlna Vaaea, Brqme* j marbl" Figure*. I'a'nUng*. lace Curtains, Kuglish Carpet*. Pari* I'l s'k, nine one month. rosewood Sofa. Table*. 4c.; i ' . rosewood Bedsteads Urge hair Muttre-se*. Kngll-h lllaukel*. I 1 rosewood drearing Bureau. with Ulaes; rosewood Wardrobe. ! n tly, |? i?t |>,e;tit I ind fcrtitby p am laXorl >lk, < ?>?. Y .Blir i nn>r\*n ? ft :n N?w Tm* for i??it<cu.? . nldrMA 0. H. H'irAW Murlolt, Coon. /'"intu1 (MMltn?\ oksri.kmav. wmf thru*: " ' irrni . ?t-n v Hi-" tn nM* i II ir I in a/mi-ui I ,it\?t, wIm-i* Iwtc plrnly ot trim uti'l ihl?j; mint !.?' imMT llw *'?l? t. Willi in i mil (in "I ;iii? Mm fur tmUiiu.'. |nauu?, it.h.ii* A' twn?' l? nl wi ??* in ttw tor: mi ilp* .Nurth tir F..t- ruitf |?rwt. ri*il Vitif.ivi .1. K-, lie mid .<*tv, nu.nt .odii'hi. Iwrui*, At /lorwrriv ho a r n on rtAVins iititt/i i,v wxu V I .??! ??.. i i a- .> ? Kurb.1, ?A few t .m. Ik< rin hr Hi mn ?!*: I 'o .br ar . m < ' nnm-uii/a inn a the rt<y he radrr?dau4 :??rn!x>?: uall- Apply pi O M>. VV PAVlPk 1 r. U il'iatt. tort / >>i"ntrt hoabp At nrw rochbuj? mm inn * 11 k\ ? a imu> I ' R.??in? ypl n'k? P|iIMna. !lf? Rr> he1> 11 i? within ftrr mlmve'a M?ik of kit* pi.; ?n i ioi ti# r..m', am m minimar rmvai (in?ari'ii-"#<l rvmrtur hoard mat rr Rait ri* a rntrktm 1' i, m 1>. i"t? Otr aad I>, frna H*rws final, lltf piana row! a"eraPih.r ny abiyr *? .p-nuKm!. I AOdH A. k AV UORA JR. MOPRTRV RO t r i> wan ? <? . A A : >v >*? I .lanfh'p' < ronalr? bona-' mi . i mm I > ?? ? An*! A''* V rk tddjp wi'b all j... I ...ia ami 'ill* Mick. I*'* ' <(' Kn? > If? Root ollr' pi i atr> R* arr WAf it i) NT t MD1 w.'fir * L/ a> ry <t*fOt1Ah1- a?l ri?.pPC ?i?tr I AM'it ml'<4 a < *n ihn-'-iiuto in im wiib mhPr tnv id** n-* inpv. prn'P" ! ipr. -r Rlx w r. a m ? built il', an ahwir ' ? m in lii.T ? ? ? I), b"?i M 1"?tf<l Milk a? )\ver- boa ,rt:f? f-.;l inc V ..ill, ttThfi" tin v turn and uao .rum ihr i ny Pl?iw ? !' rva, in.ifi' d-xb !y X.M Touch atm? I. one hl?v k no: rt" NTRT ">AK1? ?VAXTV:t rm! 4 AMU.T I i n,nv> .hud-i-n and wn - ?u.- u lir n. rmn i ip til> 4 f irm ho ?? prpierred, tbit (.ilpntn n' tloniri .n? A id e? t-*>l ' A Pull w'rt, ?Ak n? fun Ocular* And i .ma h'AVTUF* WfRff'V Ri t R P IV TFI : ' V RT ' VN hi- Hrcomnnaiaird by mahtaf i. , ? lu Vil. A.V.N 'OsT, Uellp d , LonR (a! ad TV nil mode.*'-. ji'MRkr Rr.tun 4 hfaI,Tiiv n r.r an >orirr rr.ipat. ?t . -p i..'4?tl?t, *'' A" bi W.-n ? i I.trim n, Van V% .11 -p.-i, ijt widrPxk ;b? nn ia aignad b Ounaiip l.'dia IkMllb* V V MiWARP f*f!lKFlV, I'raprp'/ir. Ik - ? >1 ' n V ' 4HV HO 4 R4J IN TP.' 'MPT " Ixa.f Is'.and tirpip p*' . tth* ahp Id aa i. hp ?r. a ,d ? hi-t" -hi- w -old P IrtHb-d a Of U la-n.f IW 'ti* V , llPr.iid nflitp NKW Pt BLtCATIORR. LIVK OF HANDHV Is VOW ItKMIT TTCOVTMJJW hi* criotiMdon m the nmrdrr nf h? wop. htk lifp and arpnr m a Mntb idiil ininlatpr, a ntimbpr of bin priratn Mp llpra. tnffMJ~rr with a ili U. i d Arronn' of hi? PiP<'t?ik?n. Rpa: ? any pari ot Ike cwuntrr. fn-p of p<wti ?p, lor li *?'> PICK A FItXOkR ALP, A in a ~ RPORTIItt. ~ tlK.OATTA.-A RKOATTA Wtt.l. TAKK T'. 4( K AT 1% OlPO CriTO, tin Wi- lnpaday, July Z."- at t o'rlork f V F-p? or all boata nndpr thirty mm Ipai. Thp r%" to b- wpaty (iilPk. Thp ><p*itobi.%l wi;' Ipatp Hprtotr mtppi at l>S iWph Jpibprlna AtnpI at. 1. P?ltnrpy itrpPt.llS EVrrnib rrmi, 1 W> Tblrlr a?TPnlb aItp* t al lOoVkork. lbtnii n> ut Wallpalnno, dly IxlnDtf and V?-? RncbHiP farp Park ?ay. Iftop -td. FOR RAMP?A fART .0 ATI.BO AT, TWKVTT VtNRnWT lorn, II fort I.p?b, popper faxtrnPd, and in unt(i|p|e or an utp nwikPr hM aottM M IMP Wr. tddrP-aW I'. t!.. Hp raid oRlrP rR RAI.R?A AT 14 WW RTF AH RROP*I.I,FR TtMTT of Allona. built fMu riawnar Fur oarUc><l?m aonlr al 7? i.' arcane. ' Willi mirror itoora; marble Waahatam!*, Fn-n h pint* Virmra, . j . | Frrnrhpoftagr <T)*ir?, Itou?*pa..9p|p a tplpa. Carpets, BAailPa. I , I I>lntir R<r m Furniliirr?pjtma.on Tibia, rich ruby lad cm. j , HI out Ulraa, Htlrrr Warp. Irory Cntlnrr. auk dlnln* ("balm. ' m trhlr top Htdplmiird, Oilcloth*. oup of Coll'* aupprior dvp b r. | rPlU-rt Rpvnlvpra. lurff* Iron (Ufp, mudr by R M. Patrick u> ; pooc1 npw with * lir^-p mnrty of pood imthoinny. o?k mil | IWiort 1 mil .rr. sot hrrr MtnMrMcd. So ix?ip"tieui?at [ ( 14 mmm tmj mml I " I The lionaa will b? rente.! for lhi ballots of Up-\ p* r, ?l ? i ? rent; powwrn>n immeHn. 1* ! Canto* net at house, Kepr-A* will bp re u-ef if 11 , r 1 I ; iklCIH. | i | J. ti'.RRTKKR. AUGTIOMBKR. 1 ' . HVVII.ia ARO BL'SIXBBH KtTKS IJf TOWIRRH 1 At lu tloi. A. J. BWRrKFR. SOX A OO. win ??H on WeiinnwUy, July it, it 12 uclock, it tho R-rt linma B*ch..n*P, - | WITHoCT The ibote retentive property, m -I desirably aK.isted fop m|>rwini, wbrartng many of tbe rhnicewl sites lor villi | . j iio boamcs* p'iT'??? t<> tip ranad m ' ] 70 percent may remain on bo..i! ami Bor'(1(0. Lithographic ' map*. At-., it No. 7 I'lne street. I I I ' | i a RRHiRriPR bai.f-aoi.n axp bilvkr watcttkb, 1 A tpwplrr. Ae-OIIARHKRH A FAlScmLD, Auction 1 eers, will ip 11. on ?rtdaj. 171 b init.. it 10 o'clock. it 191 liropi I ' way, roropr of Iley street. second floor i Isrse quantity of i flop cold loii ailvrr Walehet at ciplo aid, maker* Imp gold .Jewelry In ill lis vtnery for urn p and ladles' wenr, , inch ai Brno, hes and Drops, Brareleta, oeck ?nd chatelaine i Chums. l/wk't . Unkp Bernis, Heiiddrrw niece*. Kings plain ' ! lit] stowed; slim, fob. ve-,1, oeck .tod qtianltRim, Rings, Knt, | 1 Ac., inr fpnJc meu's wrsr. Also, to o ipwrlry imu iWes, Ac. I ISAAC Bl'llliOKC. Assignee. ' , AHM mtlfJIURK S RAMI Of JlRrSRJCIJt. VKLYKT AND IN- . ' grain Carpcttaf. OOclidA, Run*.,Air. , A. St. t HD-TAI-AR, i ipcioo. ?r, 21 Row-pry. ?1U ?pll, on I ' Thursday, Jciih tost., it 11>i o'clock, i large in. rmcut, p. m prising, In (ictrt nt ahont I ittl yard* Kuglt h. Brussels an I r"lt-pi ? A Kilns '.V?l yariii Inpntln *n<l ill V"J t'lrpptinq. i yard* Maluny 1 A)p.> Hair, hall pntl ll.?>r ?nl ! th; vpivpi in t Br ap;? r <?? one* WiWpr Ut'ti S?ft, A An. M) >.tin ol I.. H t.N. i apripdpi'. i'itittn. nntiWNI A Kit tl'H*. i.'1-tH near*, will pp ',thlp lav. ? daly it, at ll'Plr aalc-Pr on, A X*??. I or a' I o pv? i I' hay Ma'P vparp old, warns ml ar.i.d ?o<i klui, I . . t ' t ..nd? hcii, r'?l tlrlcpr. ti ?o, 1 Two ?lc ?wpd prmltawayc, a ipraty of lop ml no lop t R tgocia one ?' t ul Is .r.d i Hf h list Wppon, for two hor ns, e wnani'ippi! hwAliul, PirnP in. otp r> p:p?v W .pow, new, ??ry ' 1 tbl, hoc Wtaoo. city buitt. ii-n. c rvrjl lp ind asoglA Ilane?. aontp Wry hi idt iw K AdlPi, 1 ' HillPia, ?' . Ar A M. ? RfJRT. al OTIOMFKR > rinp Bar llrriP, new ami . ,nd band Vpbtcloa, llara-H ?p. , k/r \ i,i ni.?..v ik 1w ,M ?#n Hi. 1* w. nun*it iy At 12 . t At V> b* (VdAf j| OpR" rthkl'n.1 A I,no ./ ti I . hi ..1? y k,?ti. < yr..r? o.,i, **rrAnl?l pirfif f *> - k r. . And h * t.tlo in aU liAr?*?, aa.i k\r?li. ?? nad r ih* KA.Mlr. K rid for . no a her rent, n hao thr on nor i. fonf ni.rnnd. AIao a Ury* J J ??my of or? a?<l w. unit i.?nil W hi. |.? n i'lt AO i.yii' A .1 n . ? vai K' t Bmnikk, FWVm*. Upht p { moil *?iw Bm< n'W. drU! ma! Btacttn, Ac. Ai?. i j And iHwblr llcrnrx Ac t At'lTION N"TII I. HO'MM'H. I.Tty'. "a I '.AIta C I' ilKKRY URKKS * d ? ' ; .?d,y .< 10'a p . 1 ? r a: 1"? Wiil.knt Atrri-t. OliOflf' A.?( lUw, T?a iY'iiipa, ft itrmprr lUo.or Mickprpi. W| < Kmn VuMBril, Hinder. Mmy Rum, I'nrtl C .rot K.ntitm. mo Nnoin* Mo hio<\ 1,71') I ha. 4 tfthttr lend. 4 I'Mili 4 40, 4*0;! Wir.r, J do, (VlTf, !t K do MiitiiWk fill" HourN.11 Wbtrkrf. aI?> Stl .i^rra t In* aoJ itoll- I t'H" >!?. 74UOtlHeykrA, A< AlClloX \<>Tlt I TI' M4? HTM W<flOWR. -| IN. 10 \ll \M Ih.k I) b. ,0 iho .Airfiorni# to Men H' Wrry, lo'Tf? ?i)r r f PAnv rnt FurttUttrP, b 1 pet. On. ;.rlK. Iliirri> . I'.ilntinrr, bi.l'rHA , (huntrr* It' R. "ill v '. >? ' r ? ? M .. I r ,w Li . IH'-d* t b.i *. t*.' I f ink". !? > trout- 4 .i.o V4',. . Iioa, Je*t. "" ' A j T^v 1:41 :.i a A. i.? tr. AUCTIMNRV K i IRKAT HAI.r "F VTLI.A LOTH ( ra K.4HT (iMAVUK nir NTKRHKH M r*t k cRoRKnrr. .J I'iTlv. Vy .t'.ly .'4, Al Vi orb r V. J r .. .;-? t Ibr ? . . -Of, V No 417 Rms?1 btrrr' Hi-wATt 1, Amnio t tnr hrnir (l'f? lor r>A> li?* AtAh.n* t? j>i:"hA??t v? w i?4hui 111. im An.I otrmnic U10 pi"fii.orn previ'tH In Ibo M I. Tb.r trry rlrAi ..h> prnperir, nn*r Ati'tryr 1 ,r?d Ia, ?Jn-4t l? ,i All.* P - t? ..reierl t. the p'-.hli fill Ak.r Coil In t ? rty of ^ fir .ncn, V?. nmnty. Jfew Jrorv, formerly Kkkt rt, |.oiiii.o of ni trio ! li nrAi tfe lum ot thr my of N??%rk, i>. .11*1.111 r trom It m l Atr-ot m 1 o\. r 'ah ah4 ao''Aitrr lutlol Ihc front of AA..I pi. prily I* lornM-il ?wi thk tivtiplk* imii I n fi om N"? ?rh to tn ng*, n . -n ?hi h thkir to ? ikfnUr ..0' o! OmnibitllPA innliina 1 rrrv ho r. aJao, eOMlnnMdMbwM iM .prkti *.. d I* in' w 11 a ' it r .r?? '4 Um* " Hy A b'lfH t'*r pAk.rrtf' r pil.'OAd J 0>KAt FAI.II t>r MR L'tTII. h TVH p'Tifny l? N?*ti!Jf'in? looktri for VMIa f/)t? fut r U**no*. Pi >hf 1 it* nt Mr?..rlt *oi| thoionr. nmnnpi tot ikirMna thr umr Ikpinr 14 olirtHtk to thia* who i?tr? A hrnd ? mr ?trl ihr*|. rrtml b.'tpr Thr t:ri?in<I la corf* lly Iptfil Aoi ~ frkr from noiliilAtton ( v.t ? ?r.l .11 -..Ml ' I r n*n> v.on i-ao r# r Mi.-iriJ i)p Ap / pi.. >1 n p. 1 he ... .111 '17 8n...t .pi ki Mr* rb |. Trmni. f pnymrnt moiln rmy. H tA'Arrmitir imt* will h* ?|r?n for proprrtr. A full ?? Arrh f of itl* for r**mliiAt.'m 1*1 i*y m 'ilo of *?(u-4t a mtpy nill 0 b* rtirn to r.rh porrhn^r 14 I>k*nth.i?r>A Imvi HtkWArt a !!.??', InwArb, At II )3 4, K . J m ImtiMf 41 n IpPAU l'"n>rO iimpt ?*r n p0?r it.r,aa Lbl J*) If 3 MM! AT APCWOil. ] EIWXTOB'B BALK OF MEAL ESTATE. The hwiBiiiit hnt. late of Benjamin Bom to?, itaeMMA. ltuaie at the "Mi* Fond,'' Franklin lownaktp Berg no ooanty, ( J , and osotalwrg seventy Die acres, more or lew, will M old by public rendu?, on the premises, on ike Bret day a? kusuat neit, St 1 o'clock F. M. This property la Most? about seven atlles northwesterly rom I'alenon, N J.; la beautifully situated on a lake of aboiiy no mile square, which abounds in every variety of dab, andlA ne of the most daskrsble locations in the country, partJouiaslJ j those who dell*lit in aquatic amusements. For further Information application may be made to WILv IAM BUTTON, M last Eighth street, N. Y? after d o'clock Ifor on the premises to be sold. JiDWABD SCHKNCK. APCTTONBER.-HOUHHHOLE L Furniture, by B. A F. H. Ht.'HKNCK, on this day u y SB, at 10', o'clock, at their salesroom, No. 141 Broadway large stock or Elegant Household Furniture, consisting of use wood. Mahogany, Black Walnut and Oak 1'arlor, ('burner and Din In* Boom Furniture. To be sold without reserve i pay advances. Also, two He win* Machines, In per fee: order IBNBY H. LEEDS, ACCTIONREB. HAJ.Krt BOOM NO. S3 Nassau street ?HKNRY H. LRRDS A (O. will sell at iction an Wednesday, July 26, at IS o'clock at the Merchants' ichange, valuable Real Estate at Tottenvtlle tftalen laiand. be three-acre lot, with House, two stories and auic, tmiltfby qr's work four yean a*o, 32aS4 feet, containing ? roams, trior very large, hard finished walla, marble (nauiels, Ac., all perfect order; good wall and sort water near the house, *'ling to the bouse by means of pip*. The bouse well shaded tlh urea, large barn, SUx26 feet; carriage house, 16x13; able, IrtxSC feet, with good tofts In barn and stable: outbulld!? all complete. Improvements cost about 9M0U. About Ml I run u-eea, youn* and thrifty, bearin* this season. of all toils and ol choice varieties; also, currants gooseberries. s'Pberrit-.. urawberrie# and blackberries in abundanoe;also, rgcubu s ut all kinds, The land Is In a high stale of outuva " n. A vineyard of grapes of about tare" hundrea yuan* fine*. ?ju ol which are lu full bear inf. Alao, the lot ul two urea. wry vlr-irabie for Lulklliu; purposes, a* it hs*a Ana new of the Bound. a.1m). a lot of ten acre*, all ealsulalsd for liulldtuif allea, ua It la very hmh uud overlooka 'be whols surrounding country ; not a pan. >. of *,?*(* laud 10 it?ml within five rair.ut?-i' wa k of the railroad depot aid leu minutes' walk i>l Ihi ateiuatvoivi Landing A poi uou can remain on boud and mortgage 11 requil t-d. Vol artd.i onal iiiformalMxi apply to th? .ucilouce i s Henry U. lawd- 1 Co., Id N,?aa*'i street. HENRY n. I.EEDfi, AUCTIONEER. BA1.EH ROOM, JS Nuatuiu street.?ilreat able of VUla Ixvta in the oRy of Flbabeth. N. J. HENRY H. I.KEDS A CO. will tell lUanedon. on Wednesday. Julv 23. at U o'clock, a; ti,a Merchants' Knniiaxr, in the city of New Tork, the whole of the Htvilevus properly in one Lot The whole will be aokl to the lm;he?t ddder without reaerve. Term* 20,000 cueh, and the ba-anoa >n bond and mortgage from three to five yeur*. For maps md further Information apply to the auctioneer*. 23 Naanau it, JOHN LKYISON, AUCTIONEER ?PERKMHTORY RALE! nt Miction of a splendid collection of Oil I'aintioaii, at SOt troadwny. on VVedneadav. Thursday and Friday, July At 2d and 17, couirornrlsjf nt 10 o'clock A. M., consisting A port of Rtvei, .like and Mount, do View a Figure, Fruit mid Fiower Places, llstnrtrnl subuwu front American History, A uteri an Farm 'rrnrs, Ar, Ac.; embracing over two hundred varied ami ilciisliia aiib.iects, suitable for hanging in parlor or cabinet, all I,aii*fil 1 v and appropriately mounted in fine gold leaf frames, ktalaffues reiuly at the salesrooms. N.H.?Paict n*s will ie carefully packed for shipment In any part of the country. JOHN P. MONTGOMERY, AUCTIONEER,?200 CASES Itoota. and Hroffani, at suction, on Thursday, July :C. st Ui% o' thick, st the store of J. F. Davla A Id Cortland meet prime aaanrlmcnt of frr.h, seasonable goods. MORTCAOK RAJ.R.-BY VIRTUE OF HRVER VL CHA1 tel mortgages, I will expose to sale at public vendue, n Tuesday, the 31at dny of July, lfldO, at 12 o'clock noon, at th vestibule at the City Hall, of the elty of New York, one half ?f the all op Matilda, her Tarkle, Apparel. Ae., and one hah' -Aai sloop John Clark, her Tarkle, Apparel, Ac. JOEL O. BTKVE.NH, Attorney for Nortca***PAWNBROKER'S RALK.-B. LEVY A CO WILL 8EL1 thl- <lHf, Ht 1o'clock, at 32 Catharine street, J00 1>lyases and skirts, a variety ol Basques, Shawls, Man'-lias, uAidren's Clothes. Shceu, Shirt* and i.rst quality (JuUta SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?THIR DAY, AT W)i . o'clock, at the auction room*, No. 1 North W-uam frcei, mortgage side two Singer a Rewind Machines, No. 1C.439. I.i i?. 1 .11 fbll 17 #W*1 HoDOLi'H OKRJIER. Attorney for Vir.r?r?*. Alio two Buggy Wagons. with topi; also u '.mill sat ot Household Furniture. Ac. e a j Btmart. Acorromm w:r r. ou on O, Thursday, July 2?i, si 10', o'clock, at No. h7 Mrtb fa?e one. aa?umee'? sale of Hit and Hap Htoi*. co, sts'.'ng of ntk Hid felt II.its. gents' tun) boys Cap*. Hatters Tool*, H locks ind Benches. store and gun Kmure*, Olaen "mac*. looking iliiawa AIM iho lseaas of the Premises, three year* from Way 1, 1160. HKNKY N. SMI Dl,**. Si J. BOQART ACCTIONKKRS.-FKID \Y. JTI.T 27. . ul 10% o'clock, *t the auction rooms, no. 1 North William street yeu'eel Ilouseh >U1 Furniture, cor.'-C-Bg of rate. wood and mahogany Parlor Bulls, n large and general a, sort meiit of chamber aui kitchen Furniture, Carpet*. OU^lnh. Ac CHKRIFF'N NAIJS.?HARDWARE, PLATED WARE, O Ae.-niAllBKRR k FAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, will aril, on Thursday, duly 26. at 10 o'clock, at No. 2v1 Pearl street, a large quantity of Iron Ware, Hollow Ware, Tiu Ware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Edge Tool*, Chaina, Pt.Urd Urns, Cotlee and Tea Pots, t^toon*. Porta Also a general . sarrimenl of a wbnlrmlc hardware hnuae, hrttaola W.ire, A*., kr. Alio all oilier good* in naid four story building Catalog ues at sale. JOHN KE1J.T. Bbertff. SHERIFF's SAI.K.-PIA.VCFORTK.-A. M. CRWrkLAR. aurtunier. 23 Bo wry, will wll, on Thursday, iitb inxt, at 12o'clock, one rplrudld carved riwewo.*1, ovaie rich toned Plauoforle. celebrated maker The fink courcTioN of on. paintings at 604 Broad* ay, a 111 be auld at auctiou thin mo-xxr t1pm. witters arctionker. wtta FEU.. on ft ThtirwUy. >1 id1, o'clock. at ho jve 118 Tl. -nn- m itch, all I he genteel FuniMure, Ac,, in tli* bo aa, oompr utng parlor, rhamhir, dmtrtr room and kitchen Furnit ure; aiao the ir.ute of awl prrmiaev lor three jeara. TlrM. ~ W ITTER*. Al'l"TIO> KICK wild, RK|T? TTIIH ft day, at 2 nVkak. at AM t'anal gtreet, all'he i;ei.te. | F ir nlture Ac., of a tamJh breaking up ho'iwaeeptug one WiIUjo lti|o-?trr. three |.|y and Other t'Arpew, tn|. loth* -.-nire, pier and other Tablei; |der (iixsara. nrnh'*anv end , tber Bed etaada. ho.r Mailrmaae. feat liar Br,la, JlnddUig, HuraWoa, W'aah tnnda. Toilet, China, tllaae. Sliver and o'her Wareo re room and klti hen Furniture. 1 4? JKKcF.Y CITY M>TH AT ACCTIOW. lie la the tecond ward, near the ferrr. Pnrld Rett will aell at suction, <m Thuradav, July ? S o'uock ? M . ? the pr?ml?ra. etuht I/ea on wmthaide t(. r pan atrert, weal of Warren atreet ?ire-t flaxped and p.vd hirer |ait* on Ntenben ?treet, near Warren a' re"t Jbtowr !<? feet earhtone Lot north vide Railroad aret, e, AUl'tO. tl knd wat. r pipe* and acwer Terma libera) fill ?*rr ? ? deed Map# now ready HAVII) SCOTT, 78 It u'gva-.ri Itreet. Jeraejr Ctty. AHKIAL. fOyil'KI. ~ Citrrrow to tiik iOsmivkuck or I the P( uatanlle III' eaeinir im'iaii >n of th? .1 t e.-eni >.iudn if .Mr wn. Mi*' A fhaudon a hair.patm" Vt .nr . aa?ie -lAUy of hetr Vln Hniperlal 'green arat . I consider it my duty <orantun the pnbltr agaliiet aurh In coat on. and tiadnao p .rehae r? and. >rv?itmei-v to hoy th- " ?( A <"t ixtnu W'.i. ? re !..h)e and resectable ho-ieen. fever*. amtov of import rd touitrrf ell Moet A < he I. doc are alao it: he no rg?t. A HOI.PHI'* OKCHb. Veaara. Moet A t'tunuloii s Uuwa agea'. for the I'oued sa?te? ant " ? ar. hua !u? T i i.,. l-dn VJ-OTK'F. A.1 To pjrrotechn'fta. dealera In fieaorga. ate', a., * poet K m?y concern ?Th- nride-Aaned. ha* tr.( patented an Hand lorth tor mgbt nr.e-eaauma, hereby pi\ ee a- i -e o man ififlt'.rcra of fin arorka and other. lh?t h? wtl, prow * ?.] per una t. taking. ? lling or uaing ih- ear mle-e i..?|e ai.d wild by himself or hi. aeen', and In all c. . ? m ? t i>e an trad* Bark and data of patent pla ted tbcm?. IAAAC Jcttsr.r City, July I, IHMl. F.d*e'a Feton' Torcbea, Ro- te-j. Pr Can ea, e'rral L'thte. and ei * deaenp "m <d Fireworka. r .ndt riea e?>', m .. 1/e had at abort uotioe by addnwa np I'.MiRiit I! ftt.CT. fa 37 Ma>4et. iAir, Raw York. N'OTUT* LK': iTI'iR I)F TIIK TWO vfiTLrr.. |J| W IBIIIJf'.T't.V IKKFRtL VPMTMe l B \T1'? (IF 1YPIRK T TA XFN In" \i " r- t Finance* by r>?il u>"ti of Hth I iu*. lend m> ?i"< Mb- > mab" a contraid lor th* *'.ppW K "titer by at Uu in* 'I. i'-r n l,*?f, whlrh will I" - , i\ > roya i lur tb* rear t?dl, u> l<* attAiu"! 41 til* iovN Mt. on in" ftdlowln* rorutiilmiK Iti" qiutiilily lo be clnllirr-i In n* Sua) I* ubtl lb> . in tb" {ir"t"irtl'w / I on* .bin! .or Wra|" *r? in.1 two third* for f illera. Th"totw.r no,*-. t>* of fnrnj inal.ty, rtf>?, <i"i. an I m th**Ui< t rninr. *.**j Un j*1 -n ind. h" l*af for wr?; per* ni't?? b" Ur*? and fr"? tbu for rtllere iu.? be smaller but b<nh ol th" yualtty atat?d al?T?. 1 to it i .ir nn.t b" nvvde ??y on" third <t unite f?n.iarr. IWI, on*btiddnrlng May, unit no" third .turn.* s*?.tr>nt? r of wnn r?r Tb" prie? will I.* >-alrul?t*?l II in a . t i?r .intaU. b< p i an o will b* tn*p""tml m th* rora! iro n . nry ti* .tm rnmriit timpani"** tally, who*" jinljttiirii! VI lit b" 1.1)41, "1 ID rut of dl**arr*rWMM when h ' l"0'ral Hin- *or of mii/ert T#*r* will <1*. kl* tb" i>i??Uoo from wt . ? .!? irtoo li*r* "an Mp" if rv*L Tb" t"0.i"*vi a til ixi v ? ."> <| jo v yai fartdPa, whi r" tb" tar" will alan bo "r'?.n"4 b" lobwcro whirb way b* rrjrrtnJ wbl hat" ? b* * yirtod mm tlir kinyilom. In th* hri"f"*t pn*?,M* Uo ?, by U>? too -ailur, who w.ll he ol llt"d to rrplA"" >t *? ?<? ?* p'"nble b<- Irllvrry wtil bar* Ui be marl* at tb" rora! man a. a. taryl inpirw. at lb" n?k and mat of tb" m.r* lur Th* parmr lit \>r m* d* *>* half In oo* month and tw-nly daja,' :Urr half in two month* and twenty data alter tb* <tracr dr "tor of lrdtr""t Taien ahall h?T"h*?ri 1-ca. y advlaed I" arrival of tb" toliaem In th" port <if Jlap "* Tk ooatr* >r will bar" to ytv* amitrt ) oorrrwpomllng ou" rile** art of th? l .tal amount of th" contra.?, .i* na.d n lb" pro d enodt'lona Tie au<Uoa and th" award wfl] taaeplao** ording to th" eondtttoia r.mUm.d in'ha p.uaphint, whmh ra ?? at tb" nifti* of CJ?n"ral Adi .lcu ralion of Indirect aitv and in th" A*?n/i* d?l ''owlrn/kiw* of th" O"o""*l rren ry. Th" bide wlB be ramlvrd *> th" AM c( A .rvM. amtt, at I" r. M aiibhoOtraof th" Min>*"r id fmaaiww. Tbaaoonr wi i h" I nal, ki'l lb" "Ontrw t |rt*?ri >o ll>? 'n?M toddrr, mrtdhil ttiat aorh lowaal hid oliaU i"t ' ? lughn 'h. ? th" prkm jiwiI upon tiy ihw Kim-tar of Finanrrafaad -oatiu "d in aa"al .1 "nrrjopr. whleh will mai n on 'br d"*k n ?*! of :h" Md> "ra. whirh WII; b* op?n?d aa toon aa th" i.uta ar? atl to. hould ll>" low "at prnwiaaU "vowxt tb? prt<w u??d .p?fc by ib? tr rrnttihol, no award will be made. Kartra. J una 14. IkdO ^OTHK-TH* rsnKii?!'?*Kn ncRiNtt ? '?? *Rr '"tire, ha* ?oi "tnted (' 4- H-rnari! to raro.)-:-. ."41 hue, a em, Latin* full . "rrof ?tiorn"y. ). BlbOUnHAll. V>??TH:RTO rrflflKRMKJf -niK LABfinrr A.*nHAJff> rou i-?t tii"*? of ftwtt cauttiit 'hi* *ea?? wa? oaoebt at inthonv Salter * k*w Itay llcuo", about tire nlrt from ;wj erwy t*tty |. fry. mi th* J"r?"j abor" vfrrcR or w ATTR c(v*Mmm*KK\ :ws T J 'nlr II 1*1 R *" In MarhloWt* and II s.'.ara, <? > t roprml" will h" r"rwl*"d a'th?'dl.o" o th* \V? #r iinmmleotwn of ,l?r?"y ttlt.v niitl; Tii"?daf, Anipat 14, a: to "torn . . for th" oooatructlon ant ere "loo, on toe fo< ndauonw nw prepared, of af'ornub lU am r-tmrinR *ngitm ami tWO >r'T Flit" Bol ?r?, at the Una tt" Hot* "Mr par r t.My fatei Worhi vltuated on th* Pmaale fit"", opver.t" h" rtl*" of H"II"| i.e. N. .1. Alao, <1 tl"* nam" tinra And plafW, arai? (.mpoaal* for the o" "?anry "tt"n? on- ttm prewmi *r ami boo?e, and tl." maannry v r.d or vefin* two ilnra. FUna and pertfi.-atlno* it the woe* nay he*e?nar i" (Mti-eof tlm Koetneer on ami af>er J air 1A !?? fwamiaiam "*ert i lb" rtyb' t > rejeet any or a,, of the btda if etmeu tot the internal of the rlty RRAsTU" RAKOALLa Frealdent of lb - B<wrd itf ?' mtir.iaatorerw. POIaITir%la? iMTIt'NAI. ItKWfW'RATT' ( Kbr.RAL 'WiriTTIC*.* Ar admurned etretlrr rr the ah. r" no. will b* *ld at the In in* Rmlitlnr*, Ro mm Br wd?uy. ha fWadseeav i reenincr, at I o'cbHt. it P *rWhT , fVirm?n rro t*m Dttrtet Reorne, Fterwr* ? Una w. \ **** pT ^ 1/lTII *A*P MHffKIRRITRlP fTXR.-A BfWT TR l\' Ihtt" a*ti me"tin? ot th" frtMbda if ?" ttertdmao ane w;?? held l?-1 " "nine, Inly 14, a th" bo iae Of .Tvn* "elm, ffo w/.Rinth arenu". f'Wlb*pnrtxw" of nreanumr* 1iip to?.i?taiu. In th" appro* h'nr ron -nt, th?r4 ?ofc Rr*"klnrtdf* and loneph l-? .*, n tb? r** ar ?*iy?^ le National Nn? r% ? rtrtf. Th* two* Vartnoau' pr.-r?f. land tb* foilowln* feUemeo w?r? )%i imouwr * i rmaiimt utl "m of theiltib WJ am Mnf*.mfe"?, rn*hl"ti C'h".1 J Ni dhf TreWW?r, *"t? Wa tb Reerrtbrr.

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