Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1860 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HERALD. iaiii sohovi ikiritv, 01108 and phopkllrt*. irni a. v. ookku or hausac ax? mtva bts. ?n?A in xivuncr. M .f%i mat h, trmJI n4U b* at tM rUJ, qf lAa imdtr. Pouttyj* tUrrr.f* mot rtcttnA u nixcr,p:1um *57* DA1LT HUH ALP tto, oen't (*? <*Yy 91 por onnnn. TOM WEAKl.r H EH A LI) tvtry SnHtrcwi. at tlf ctul) p*r Ml, or s3 pur annum, the Euroj?v. Lat.ioa nor,, Wedw Jay, t?mil omit por copy, ti prr nnnum to auv part t f Srti! StiUU*. mr If fo any marl 0/ Of (Vmliix ,t. lotk I. pAludt t-o^O*! It' Oaliforn?u AHtian on th* lt<l. atu. Attn Oj *ueh vaa.M u< ?u oa?M f?r com, <k |l 60 jut annum. rat t AMIL }' h Eli AID or> |T?H?<fav, rt ftn.T rent* per MM, or S3 per annum. VOLUKTAltr CVKUtSPOBOEMCP ron/nvb- tirp,.rl;rU MN, tolictinl J'rom any ginWKv ni f>* ?~r>rl<i: (' mod. ai'.l b* Uberally p,{id for. Ou boRliOS U>Kr.zsr. .-run r? AK? runcomn to Kiu iU. Utt-nu* un> I'wiinn iut of, tfO SOT ICE tal.m of anonv^o.J oooftr;<we. 9, <lo not rrtwn rr-roird munuivation*AD Yin T ISl.M MM TS rt wxceA rvnf. dry: edrmtl Wi(? tfttd in Of wkuilt hkkaio. 1 uusau). ami u?u?? Co i/omta a, A Eur,*,an Edition.. JOB r Ulh TIM. oto.olod uw, wu:nt j, J}-^' arvd Am ?ns Vtlami XXV ?>. amlbkjm k.nts this six's is(3. KHIL'VB OARllKN. Brc.iJ. ? Al I? >1 C> T :* WasMUO-. Luu. A; *:> f. ...... WLNTfR OARBKN, 8mvtw?7, cpjuiru Bund ?*.;vet. ? Tioa? Ron 1'iAis?t?i*> s's T>? ?v* Koaitaf BU v 'a , x%. WAJ.I.ACK'B THKATRit. B.> . ' a. .-!' ' ?- 4 . s .vMijcjt.ito'ja I.AURA KEENF S THKATR1 K CI AjutHi.aP Cot9i> KKW BOWTCKV TifBAT3F turner.. ' AiiHO-bui, * )1 Hl>AtV? Al>? K'.lfc l.i ? ' BARyt'M'B AXI1RICAN M El' /.? Pa.-nad f <-enlot?FtUIOTtAM bo.><? lv?l - i'. A, LlU-iO CVftlOMllU, Ac. RATIONAL CONCERT SALOON, 5--'-.-jw TheaL-W? HOSUS. Locu, LlilUtSS' 3, A PALAf'F HARDEN, Fc>uru?u... b-'.' ' Voce. AS J I.f. sracaaatai. CO>CZHT. 4 AJfTERBTRT CONCERT S ' _,OCX, No. GC. J-. y. f-ua BaSCLS, liL-Lt.siV?* A rv?rnr. r HALL. Newark.-Hot)- ? A < ??. . i M:s miu > ? York, Wcdntnlayi Jaljr !(" , I SCO. The \r?rt. He the arrival of tin Canada off Cape I;n c r>n Monday evening, when fin was intercepted l>y tlie nt wv yacht of the press, we h?\i I.'uropcan ad vices to the loth iitst., two days later than the account. previously received. ?nd additional details it intelligence from India a id ( ' na. The British government had announced in Parliament that they had ordered u squadron to the coast of Syria to stop the outrage* upon the Oiri-tiaas there, and that f'runco had done likewise. No intervention will take place, however, until it is made apparent that the Turkish government is incapable of putting u stop to the in.i??acvt ?. kSotu Sicily there is n report that tirribuldi's Ministry had ri signed. Abo Unit u Neapolitan war steamer had gone over to the rpvolnt'onisU. 'I he siege ol Mc sina had l>ern derided pi. and thtril.aidiV agents in Knghsnd had purch. cU several steamers, two of which had already sailed. It ii reported that tiuribahli declined to ns-ist the rc-.olutioolstc in Naples for the present. Accounts trom t hina that *. : < allied forces were in their way to the IViho, where a collision with tic Ckinirc would undoubtedly take place. There had been uo change of importance in the Louden nud Liverpool market-. Wc haie accounts from San I'li ncirco to the 7th t_ a ... a ?... AI.^v . . . ,, ?:i *. , IO?I.. ri't I'l l I u UV U1I' ni l iuu ixinii. 1UI II' 11.1 Li lute re.-ting, but not of -pi < utl Importance. Judge Terr} bad beet tried 1'lj hv'iv' r Brudvrivk In a duel jnd acquitted. It ..s alleged tliat the p-rceedinps or. the trial * ere of Mich a nature as to If a u to the b? Ikf that tin pro.-eciitlon and defence rol'i;ded togrtbi r t obtain tin a jnittal of t ,e H""tt.-ed. The report* of I hi Liru at lu California wne viry fati-factory, and large quantities of Lr? adati 3s will l<e cxp< ft? d lrrm tin- State. Bn-itire* a Sin Vraiirison was Initmii.,, inure to'tivo. By v?a> ol N\ w Urh-.'tis i\. L.?vi advW- from Iluraaa to the 20th in.-t The lc-aliJi of the city watgccd. Ungir waa tirru. hat provito >ns dull, v bik freights have .-lightly advanced. l'roaori ides of M? xi< ?n j?.?p' -s which hare etmc to Laud, we publish some extracts elsewhere. The ibm vi greatest interest is the inou diatc, unconditional release ot to n. I.a Vega i ait companions by t'm constitutional Tovcmi .iut, imuitiliaiely aft? r tin ', exchange for th-u. I ra era Lad been refuied by Miruiucn. t his latter individual L- iU".<t probably shut apln tin tdulajti , where it is likely the last act will aoon Ik- played, with ev? y chance against th< birch champion. Tic new a from Honduras uicl the Bay Hand*. givM in to-da;'a paper, 1? important. The people of the labor arc deurunued nut loin- eumudered to the h -.ui r, and will n sort t<? force if compelled. T>c :?t! of ths luonlh w j- lv tixed on fur tiie aum-tidcr. The IV'urtli ol July aa* celebrated for Uw f"*-t timi at* i. The '<rili?L * ar oteann r<? Hero and Ariadne, the fonaer Lav dig the Prime of "Wales on board. arn.rtf ' St. John'*,Xcwfiundlnnd,on Monday. Thn t'.cldeu llcoce, from Nt.? York for Cain ay, n iu h ?4St. JtKn- Uie name day. >Uo will couvcy to k.agLMiu tlif new? of the IViu' oV arrival and reception La Aruciiea. The ITiiiee landed at >t. J oh fiat noon yc?tonlay, under a royal aalutc from tho ?itadi' ??ud tlic YC*.*U of war in the barber. Alt 1 usln?> wa- Miapcadcd. and tho entire population fumed ? .t to net the reception. wli? h con-dated of tic rtt-cntation of nn n<Mn-?of wehvini- nn<l I. Miliary, civic rnd tirouiet'a pvocc- iun. Tt' Vrnce rw everywhere tpvet. J with enthtiHiiatfe dmoa?'ratioaa of delight. The (Ify Of Ihwjthkcrp'ie lu?? been vWted by a aerie* i! di.-.i*tro^i lit* *. AWut li.df jn??t nine O'clock ?M< aday evening tic building < -n pi 1 ?v tL? Ceuucrclal l'aint Work w.i* d>'-' _ j l y flrr. low aliout fit),'WO. The pin and > irpet fvtory cfMi^n. 1'ehon, adjoining, * ?? but little datr.' grd 1 - atout I- W.ii.-h u r.iP i aurrd. At tl ree o'clock m Tne# i?v mort intra lire trekf oat iu the eUbie of l.Vt ,:>r Cur. . ;>M 'n lew* than on boor the wh le block. be ided ' ( nthari-ie. Maine and C'rotnwell afreet*. tun In Mast-. Al-ctt eight - n bttild - were .?.rrit at this tire. The Beard of CoBorilnwn w-re In n t *t aiiig, when rt -obitiorn wcro adopt- d directing l'ie Corp .*rt!?n four. * I toapj'ytoth" Supremo fourth tin spp :n?met-t i?f tVrvn ?. r? to tVIf yal action fti refvreureto the opening of K- rcu'yf(*..-th and KiyhU-yecoi d?t\ - tt. from Ei^l- 'iav one to the Hud - 1 rivi A r< - It;'! >n ??? 1 11id autiK Hatojt tin? CroU-n Afj- toe'Honrd to p|.?r-< *:x flrt- hydrant* In ll.irleni. The Board cor. erred wi'b the Aldermen in t??.tiding < it-a t* I- r building ft iftr-tfor H-?- Companies 3'. .n 1 !l. TLebtrrel CoBuui-?i<-ncr was in?tru tedtoalcerti* for fire fhcuaond tVet of Wrcnobl-' ho?o, t'i- C"ii tract to be euUiittr d to the tumtuoa Cottneil f-r confirmation. A vntnlicr ot jr ral <ml. re p< rtftVng t< the opeaing and y ratline of elre-ot-t n re adopted, after which the Bo tid udjuurned till I -i day The Counclmcn'a Committee on Street* held their oecc-ud weetirp yeatardAJ afternoon in reference to the proposed widening and extension of Cat! arine etrc? t. J, V> . DoininicV, who own? propel; in Catharine etrect. presented a return* atraoce to t'ac project, signed by about 100 p< raoa?, three fourths of whom own property in the atrect, end all of whom would be MKMfd for the JNT alleged improvement CKhe: parties oppovd to the measure also urged their opinions on the committee, bot their arguments were the eamo as those advanced at the And meeting. The committee will probably hold another meeting en the subject. The cotton market yesterday1 xbib'U-d more Bteadinesv end holders were lee tt<1 to press ealea, especially at the lower range ol llguree ri-eeotiy current. The transact ions footed up about 1,000 u 1.800 1 ale %. The receipts at the ports since the l?t ot Jrenietoher tut have reached 4 44 fi txx> bale' against C.66C OOv in ltwf*, 3,040.000 in I8> suit 2.810.000 in 1817 The exports in the same time hat e unouaud to 2 71) POO against 2.902 000 in 1860, S.M2.UIU It 18f-8 and 2 206,000 in 1487. The eiotk on hard soia pn-c 17s,coo i>ai<? against 171 000 in IV*, It" /wo in 18,'8 and lib,000 in 1367 The distribution at cotton ex ported, compared w ith ilmt of last j a;-, ha.- he.n as follows. ? tvi-oxri. 1800 Her. flreat Br.tain, bale.? l.Wl 0U) 2,632,000 711 .<>00 ITaucs 421000 ?76,000 13 2,000 Other loreigu ports, inciul- IVrr. ing North of Europe 638,000 48T.OOO CI,000 It w ill b<- perceived thut wh'e ! x.gJUnl anil 1 raace bide largely increased their supplies, there has beeu a decrease to the other foreign ports, and cu<?<l; to the North of r.rrope Should tli-consumption in that dj*ctioa only equal that of last year, to say nothing ofa probable increase, it will be seen thai the supply is 11,000 bi?lea short, and as our stork on 1 out l- to>- low to admit of direct shipments to make up the doficieoey, it Is clear that it must be made up. if at all. from the LKer"ooi market, which will tend to relieve the plethora oft-tock I there, and to bring It, large n it now is. in closer approximation to tb.t held on the 1st of January last t)i m tv.writr iiArs/itik la-rlit ii lit .?< I.ffn ! ??! t/i m n ;rl rwi??? Th? tot hi value of our exports If- tlx.' pr< eat*/ bccstmatrd at JPC.700 UOO, ast! (bo total value of the crop tin;'-tar receded at U> J< :e \ ay tx' *et devtttat ab'ut t?'Jo. Tli?- floor ronrWi t war tieary jes '.f'ltj, and ctnsed at n c cellar of lull ti n 10c. per bam'. Wheat was alao biavy and lower. Corn v>ut ixt'.vc at rather carter rate- Por . war |i g.c t>uo< ar.f an'! active ne w rues; ocld at SI5a 2o a $l!' CI. t r.uie do. at IIS fcC u 514 ?1. Pr.snrs werv steady sail in prod Ustr.aa'!, with solar of 1.U0C a 1 ,000 l.hdf., at rnti i given ic another column. was flrrii. and 'rotn the fact that raha of Rio litre transpired at 15r. a 15,l'.c., it would app< ar that the fact predicted by us two or three yean since ha.-- been realised, and that to, that consumption Lab outstripped the Af-ican Ulx.r do voted to tis cult ore in the tr< pice. Fri .phis were higher, a .J r<*>m scarce, whlie cagogemeuta serf U r. Thr True tone In the Prrsldantlll ( mmpalga. The country T.? now on the verge of the most dangcrou- crisis in it* history. Voting, rigorou and prosperous beyond parallel in the world's history, daily expanding iU territory, increasing its population and multiplying its resources, the republic, to the external observerpresents a most magnificent e a ample of the benefit* of her institutions, cherished and supported by a happy, inda^tiiotis. patriotic and united people. But beneath this fair outside there lurks a hidden danger, which threatens,' before many years have passed away, to overthrow the fabric, and bury in Its ruins the liberties so dearly earned with the blood of our aui cestors. ' It would be idle to deny that in the present I position of our political affairs the dissolution i of the confederacy is more than probable. The I country is on the eve of that great struggle ? i that sectional conflict which wcc initialed by the old-fashioned abolitionist twenty-five years ago. and the (ii-l fruits of which were predicted by Mr. Calhoun immediately before he died. That uc com pit- bed and j far-seeing btatc-man declared that the anti-slavery agitation, which had already , divided the Baptist, the M> thodiit and the Pre?| byterlan chrrches. wonld iu due course of time bieak up oil the political parties cf tie day. And we tind that this question did dirldc and ruin the old whig party, that it kllU d the Know Nothing or American organization, and that now it has given the death blow to the once powerful and well drilled democratic party. The democratic party lias cc:i?d to exist. Thi re are now two great sectional purtis-an organizations in the 1'nitpd Slates the one a Southern pa-ty, supporting Sir. Breckinridge. ! and the other the Northern abolition faction, re( pri eiated b\ Mr. Lincoln. Thc-c arc the only vital parties and real nominations for the consideration of the ina-ses. The ether nominatefor the Presidency are merely personal, and have no weight. Breckinridge und Lincoln will have the electoral votes: the other candidate* will enjoy t!?? empty lioaor of running for the 1 residency and Wing beaten. The line ha? been drawn between the twe rec liens of the c. ntry. and the struggle for politic) 1 supreme cy c n the part ci tl'e North, and political equality on the pari of die South. ha.- already eoianiencetl. ll ve look for the origin of this rchappy quarrel- one that threaten- to destroy the intltution* which tl:e heroes of "7f fought for und bequeathed to v.- wo And it in the so Mat theori?. which have been ho industriously disseminated in the North to the prejudice of the SoutL. The foua.le;-? of the republic reeognb. I tlie institution of slater; as it thcnevLstoU i-- .;11 the State?. The institution i: sanctioned by lit- organic law of tho laud, and protected i:i the States wh< re it exist' b> the constitution of iL I'nited State-1, fa the course cf time the New i'ngland und Middle States abolished slavery not from an., moral or religious scruple-, but simply rnd f-olely because it did not f? In the So' th the ill-tit ,tii n h as lieeeme ?<>; . . pyrnfted \ pen tin* political, and crabed?1? i in ;h? social nvt-tein. that it* iiboiltiuc 1. it matter of unpowibility. unltw the South if nbo- j liebcd n- well. Vou may tour up the tree by i th : i- but you ct.uaotcu!,, trim, bond ] or break it. 1 Tblf, how uu r. ! not the \low which wm L-'.d by cert tin philosopher* v. ho commenced b abolition movement twenty flic yinr* it :o. Tb?.. bolb'T'd that they h id a *p<\ ial mtaion i to M the foci .1 fy?tem. North nad Sooth, to I ri.!.' an11 they began 1>y flow degree* i to I" ild up n parly to cany out their Intei- | tli r . I >v^ettinz that the fo.iudcn of tin- p(?* i tor n.i-ut guaranteed < |ti..l riyhu to all the Slate-. the abolition parly at tempted, and ftiJl i dontb pi to Interfere with the d< meftlc ia-titutioii U" the South and to depute the people ' of ih; *e tn<n of tlv'r property by force of u: * A! T with tH idea 1lw j hurt taken i ip in t m the particular f *lly or delusion i wh' b ruled the hour <<e li ni fpirit; i I: love n rrariui.i :n 1 ->pri ri.' i. women'* i rlfch mil ?? en. iiutlt t!>ey l ac revived all i tl'e evploded theories ??t the la-l teu centum** i pi> 'ndi' g they me new :iuil important i <"< -r?v< t \<9 in ?oeia1 fclenee A- one party . i n't. another wnsbrek a up by th asritation , I of the ulaverr que-'ion. the abi>iitjooift* | gathered in recruit* to their i .rikf. and pro- | mi-ed riih rewards to the dee ?yed politician*, m matte*' treni which -ide ot the h-mne they i catne. The orator* and writers of the new < party have been a- violent the leivdi n i t the t - ? in tin ti ie el t!. I reuch K m In t tion. They bni e denount eel tb? South a* n *cctioa < c' !h C. ''c '; K '-sr!*-' < *! p i KW YORK HERALD, WE rales. No term of obloqny or reproach hu? been beared when the South vu alluded to. According to the accounts of Sumner, Seward and Wendell Phillips. Southerners are a* cruel ! as the cannibal* of the South Sea. as uncivilized as a Kaffir, and a* depraved as the inhabitant* of Sodom and Gomorrah. While the more moderate c( the republican* have been attempting to conceal the true issues which will grow out of their theories, the radical section of the party ha? been thiowing red-hot shot into the Southern camp? until the present moment, when the conflagration is on the point of fcre&king out. The natural consequences of this line of conduct may be readily perceived. The violence of the abolitionists in the North has reacted upon the South, which demands protection for its local institutions, an equal share in the government, and the recognition of its constitutional right*. Failing to receive all this at the hands of the North, the South claims, aa the last resort, the right to secede peaceably and quietly from the Union. That is the real state of the case as it stands. And now it remains for the conservative men of the Middle and Western States to say what course shall be taken to avert the danger that threatens the country. The question is a most Tt ft.- -i.-? iiupuiiiuii uuc. 11 u iai auuvi* uujr puriV toil* slderatious. The matter has gone so fur that the politicians have no longer any control over it. At such a time every man should consult interests which are above pergonal preferences and part; ties. We need not paint the horrors which would result from the dissolution of the Unicn. We need not point to the inevitable mor.ey panic, the breaking down of the coratnercia.. mining and mnaufacLiring interests of the nation. All this will suggest itself to the mind of every man who has anything at stake in the country. We may, however, suggest that the v>uy by which the peace of the country can be preserved is by uniting all the opposition against Lincoln upon one cundidute. and that cundidute the one who alone ic sure of the Southern States. If the conservative men c f the Ncrth can be aroused to a sense of their danger, so as to combiue for Mr. Breckinridge then Lincoln may be defeated; but. on the other hand, if the black republican candidate should be elected, we can expect nothing but renewed and more bitter ugitution, ending tiaally in the disruption of the confederacy end consequent downfall of the republic. Men and brethren, ponder upon these things ! T??r Aovi vr or a Pku\ce.?The Japanese hare ccrue and gone; the Great Kustern has come, and i- about to go; Heeaan ha? arrived j without the belt, and bas received no dinner: and cur telegraphic Intelligence, published in this day's lli:n.u.i?. announces that the Queen of Fnglaud's eldest son, who sailed from that country on the 10th inst. for this country, has urriveu at St. Johns, whence he will proceed to Quebec. Accompanied by the Duke of Newcastle, he will make a tour of the provinces in his capacity of Prince of Wales, strengthening the l07r.Lv of hie future subiects. so as to nre vent ti.c!r ever revolting in his day. On leaving his royal mother's dominions and crossing tit frontier into the United States, at Niagara halls, he will doff tho#rojal title, and. donning that of Lord Benfrew, he will come among us in the capacity of a private gentleman, to get a peep bi the inside of the great couatry which his great grandfather lost some eighty-five years uge. At Lome he was a live prince, an embryo king; here he will be only an equal among equals, on the republican level?a private gentleman, who. like any other v>el 1 bred youth, will be treated us such, if he Conducts himself in a gentlemanly manner, av it i? to be presumed he will. The fact of his being a lord does not necessarily prevent his boirg a gentleman, though it seems the character cf a prince L? incompatible with that position. Wc have been visited by a great many lords for the l&?t twenty years, including l.ord Morpeth (afterwards Karl of Carlisle), who made some excellent speeches and got some capital 4 { 'rii/ 'V U*K .,1,1 n?\l I ' C 1?S ? Li.m i r. IIUJ ^UWUIU UVI ?JW? U Ik' UUCIt . Ui UiT private capacity. pet some good dinner', and makt a tp< ecb or twoOr, if hei auu< t do tha*, the Duke of Newcastle can make speeches for him. expatiating on Uie C"le> < conlUile between the ccmui Bull and Jonathan. Ky all wans lot a t anquel be pot up in New YotL for the l'rluco t f Wulet?we mean Lerd llenfrew. lie is better entitled to the bonor than many others who bate received fi -tivities at our barid." And let bis llo/al Highness be aLown the lions, and let every courtesy and attention be exhibited towards liim. so that when be r< turns to l .npIuLd be may tnake a pc cd rr port of u, and wben be ascends the tbrcne of bis anciftore Lis rembbccuce.' of hlrojo-ra anionp us may l>< pleasant, and awaken feelings of umity towards n tnlghiy people, who, letting"^' its mo the t s apron firing. set up for itself b the business of poi eminent, and i new, in a friendly contest, disp. tes the sore I reipnty of the sea- and the tmpin of commerce with tie parent country, over which the young Trbce Is destined to sway the sceptre, if f?u> should cot prematurely snatch Lim fu m hi.- j prent inheritance. We hope he t .ay live long !r leipn over il and we greet L:s adv. tit iu the ' N? w World n> u h ppy oacn of ??.; cordial re latin. with h.'- I: I;:rv ic M -tj. Tn W\m-i ;os nnoam Job.?It appear* from ti e Corptrolh' report. pn -cuted to the [!< ard ol Aide IT n on the nice little sum of sixteen .Lotr&nd dollar i. required uln id; by ti e Cor mit doners nppi l Jiy the la-: 1 t<. lay out thefit; north of 135 th ftrret into Ftrrrt?. roads arrnti : so that Ihb v.uaece-?Arj and expensive .icb has fairly cot'f need. II ! teen thovar -<1 do !ar- L- dorr. i.dt ill., fir t joi r. when w ill the ovflay stop !' ("? n '.-sir a- wta take tin irov. i tit :e, arid - tL<* whole cflul; ' pet up for the purpose of rj. ir; fee* of C( r tl.ejob wi'l L protracted indi f el; It ir. her nno'- '.errdthnt she law lor ml i r-pi wi r theCommi- k ? to.loruiy nod I . ii . . b t -Imply i ! 1/it out:' * .'I 1m-u .IT Ibey nre pi hp do it: for It hi 'i>- diat tin-y ? t. :d the :.,c ,u ? to r ut at ripbt anpl* - ? *tl. tho-o lower don i ihnt 1* to i*y. from the Ta.*' to the Sort1 dvi r otoi two dlls and th .iph two valleys A il< pn in itself nroposten i. to mention u- n' rmons etc|mtw It wi 'Id Involve We warred t. p .bile ffi i :h 1 h 'pinaiup ihnt tbi? scheme w.. poinp to pirn out a m??* bloTO. S ai.d cc tnipt ?>nu rn. burdensome to he ow cr- of props rty uad destructive to the >er. ty ol tl a: portico of the Wand but ike hicanerj of tit Albany loth; p vvniUd. and * n -.1 on'.; ' C. ' i '.C. , IDNESDAY, JULY 25, 18C BkMTTNRIIX.K'S speech TO hlfl old CONbTttienhs.?The speech of Mr. Breckinridge to his fellow townsmen and old constituents at Frankfort. which we publish elsewhere to day. ie one of those sharp, clear, bugle notes of oratory that always mark conviction on the part of the speaker, and the existence of distinct and well dcQued principles in the cause for w hich he is contending. Men fighting for the right have no need of lougwinded speeches and a multitude of words to cover up their meaning. "I am an American c iti/cn?a Kentuckiun?who never did an actor cherished a thought that was not full of devotion to the constitution and tho ITnton " aald ho to the friends and neighbors who were gathered around him; and if there is any place where a denial to these proud words could be found, it would be in Frankfort, the scene of all his political struggles with older and dexterous candidates tor popular faror, and where repeated canvasses in hot political times hwa tried the mettle and the principles that are in him. He kuew that it was not necessary for him there, in the midst of old friends and constituents who bad known every step of Lis public career, to deny the absurd charge that he was a disunioalst: but it was meet that from that spot where political opponents could most easily Eend forth a denial of his words if they were untrue, he Bhonld deny the accusation before the whole country. Short as the speech is, there are other points well put, and well worthy of uttcntion. He sought not the nomination, but the nomination sought Lim. and being in, he feels that the posl lion be occupies to-day is right, and he accepts it with all its responsibilities cr' us that he is not animated or eustalned by a hot ambition. Hi exposes the absurdity of calling a conventi?n ootnpr sed cf delegations from a majority of the Ftatee. including the tw o on the Pacific, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, a sectional convmtion; uud he claim- that our double form of government, Stale and federal, has been the most succesafd in demonstrating that free institutions may be 4...4 U.U, J i !- J - 1 i?liiuuc-ijt u ? mi u ^ivui jjuj'uiuuuu n .u a ttupe urea of territory consistently with public order. and that the con>tit-.tion and the equality of the .State? should therefore be preserved. 0:p. Am-boachino State Eixctioxs.-'The preliminary skirmishes to the great Prcsidontial battle will scon begin. North Carolina will lead off in her election for Governor on the I'd of August. But tills election will not amount to much, as it is fought upon local issues. and us the democracy are united and working as a unit to carry the day. without regard to the Presidential split in the party. But the next elections, viz: those of August 6, in Kentucky rind Missouri, will be of some importance. for in euch of these two States there is. even upon their IochI concerns, n split among the democracy, whereby the Bell-Everett party may, perhaps, carry off the prizes in both these local contests. Such a result, however, will not be decisive as to the vote of Missouri or Kentucky on the Presidential issne. On the contrary, we apprehend that betwoen August und November there will come up from the '-cotton States" such n pressure of Southern sentiment a- will rullv all the border slave Stale:- tn the ticket of llrcckillridge and Lone. In September Maine and Vermont bold their Stale election?, and aa the democracy of these two Slate.- have taken tip Mr. Doi.glae and equatter sovereignty to work upon, tlio result of the experiment In both eases will f?e of some vulue a? a positive indication of the strength or weakness of Mr. Pouglas end bis cause throughout the North. Tito local and Congressional elections in Iowa. Indian.!. Ohio and Pennsylvania of the 1'th of October, however, will be pimply decisive of the Presidential contest. As the prospect btauds to-day. it is ail on one aide, like the handle cf a jug all in favor of Lincoln. It will require a wonderful amount of engineering, heavy grading, tunnelling, embankments, bridges, excavations. Ac., to make a track over the mountain:- and valleys of Pennsylvania sufficiently broad and smooth for the w rangling democracy to travel over, all in the f?:un<> train and by the same locomotive, to the work of their October election. They must, however, contrive to come together in October, or the chancei will be as ten to one against them in November. The Pennsylvania October election in IsflO, as in lbofi. will In all probability settle the i rrsiucuumi que-u?n. none#'. unless ail tne remnants cf the eld democratic party arc ready to b*' buried in the same grave with the old whip party and the old Uomna empire- which i? the grave that known no resurrection?why. then. Douglas iwn and Hreekinridge men. in the State and out of the State of Pennsylvania, will po to work to save that State in her coming October election. Tin: Al bint I.oni.T Who W.t.r Tit. SrrTtt'n Evtwam? Some day* npo the Hon. Mnwa Greeley, poking u sharp stick in the ribs of Thnriow Weed. ?nid that the Albany lobby Legi-latmr of last winter ju'-tly a stench in the public nostril-." and thst ''the republican piu ty. though compelled to hold Its nose, utued be c-ii-trained to bold iL b.ugue." Th .rlow W? ed. taking tin hint, turns over the soft Itnpi arhment to the immaculate lobby firm of the i Albany Arg\t$-AUai. and threatens an exjK'?nrr of the patriotic democrats concern) d. ilu -a Greeley anawers, "I?o! Do'. It 1? the very thing we want" Confiih me Cas-ldy ansacr-, Who'V nfrnid ? Came j on." uud plr ads not gull!; wlrleh remind- r I vt ry u.ucb of * he inrux < at un<l indignant rogue with the poon.? licking t t cf bis pockets. Ii do d all thl- show of honest indiguuiiou b 'vm'i Greeley W.ed and Ci-idy v amusing. That Wood has grown fat nd exfc dirgl.' -ancy, a? it politic^1 party captain, upon the jobs, leakages. perquisites, fro? rrud pickim.-ot the lobl?y. is just n? nutorioua to the v.? "al as that a IV r Funk deal- in spu tious watehe-; ihat the Albany Urgency and Curb ?'t> Shop cli'pie would perish if removed fn m the (.oriupt atmosphere of the lobby, as a cage < f lei cards would perish without ennfou, there c: n be little doubt. A? for the Hon. II:?*sa Greeley, these lobby gentr\ are content to u.-e him as a scapegoat, a decoy duck, or ? stool pigeon, or in auy other way iu which they may pull the wool (free wool) over his eyes while div iding the -p<.lis among tbcui?clv<-?. 15 1. at all events, let U- have a full and free ? xpex re of each other from Weed and Ca-ddy; tor it they c nn. real all the jobs itrd picking*. : -d ell the plots nnd plan-, and appr s aad tniacrs. and ins and ad 10. oyster beds, of the lobby at Albany, then we shall be ready to belie* e thai Confidence CbmIdy is confide nt of the election of Douglas, that Weed support?) the Five Points House of Industry, and that the moon is made of green cheese. As it is. we are inclined to believe that if Weed will only begin the work by smoking out Cassidy A Co., ov via Greeley will be a happy man. rxpcbucav cokqumok avd rbptbi.v.vx Scjcabbu:?.-? We all know by repeated experiences that the republican party is utterly corrupt everywhere that it exercises any power. We have seen its gross corruption in Wisconsin and in Mr.ine, and the unparalleled infamy of the late republican Albany Legislature is fresh in our minds, and not likely soon to be forgotten. The republicans have had very little chance yet to employ their propensity for plunder and corruption, except at Washington in the organization of the House last session, and the election of Clerk, Printer, and the other subordinates of Congress; and on that occasion it was displayed after a fashion which gives an excellent foretaste of what it will be under more favorable circumstances. The republican politicians began by squabbling among themselves as to how they should cheat the public, t&uu wju uk- opuuof ituu uun uiui the spoil has been apportioned out, it appears the; are fighting among themselves again about bow the; can cheat each other, and which of them is to grab the largest share of the plunder. Thus we see- Defrees suing Ford for a broach of agreement regarding the profits of the House printing, and Far-combe and English taking out an injunction ngsiu-t him. There seems to be u genera! fight all round among the spoilsmen; but we fear that the old adage, which says that when rogues fall out honest men conie by their own. wil! not hold gocd in this instance, for the treav.n-y is sure to be plundered in any case. Almcst from the very moment when the election of Clerk and l'rinter was secured by the republicans, the squabbling began. Forney commenced by appointing his own Iriends to the subordin: te offices in his gift, to ibe exclusion of republicans, and this led to a quarrel with Sherman, who thought that, as the republicans had elected Forney, in return for hi3 treachery the v v. cre entitled to a share of the patronage, and the Clerk was obliged to yield. In one instance a republican, who had been promised a certain place before the election, was refused by I'orney, who gave the berth to a friend; and he at cnce complained to Sherman. Mr. Sherman nsked. with astonishment, " Didn't he give you that place which he promised!" and then added, with an imprecation consigning Forney to eternal perdition, "I will see about It" And ho did see about it; for I'orney put out his own partisan, and at once put in Mr. Sherman's. But the campaign of republican spoil hunting is only boginning. * If Lincoln is elected, ho will bring down with him from the Northwest n horde of greedy locusts, such as en ?r swoop ed upon the public treasury before. However, tbe corruption of the republican party doe* not justiiy that of the party in power. It cannot whitewash such gross malfeasance a* tbe defalcation in the New York Post Office, and that in the Post tMlice of New Orleans, and other notorious cases. There is corruption enough in both parti?*>: but it tbe republicans get into power, they will come hungering from abstinence, and fre?b for the operation of blood-sucking. Tai THOCSAKD PWI.i.ars a DU i?.R n.sri.ntaimxo T7D", Jatantsk. ?The joint committee of tLe Hoards of Aldortneu and Councilmen who had the Japunese in charge have the modesty to ft'?; the Comptroller to appropriate $1G.?,000 for their cxpcnso-i during the tea days' visit of the ijnbassy?jast ?10rioo a day -an expenditure tbe items of which they do not condescend to lny before the public. We trust, however, that not a dollar will be paid unlil every bill is carefully scrutinized, and tin public can bo informed by what system of pre * extravagance this enormous sum wae made away with by tii<- Aldermen and Council mil in question. A sum ot ink) was originally t.pproprialed for the reception of the Japanese, and that should have boon quite luident. The Celaads undertook to board the ondre Embassy at the Metropolitan Hotel in suitnble f-vihion. and it fa admitted nt all hun-Ji that they did so. Their bill, of coure, ought to be the heaviest ftom of expenditure; aud though we bi t< n< 1b< cn informed of the amount of tlnir demand. wo uro pretty certain ilui! ii DO moans swallows up the whole appropriuti ,n. What bcccnic of the balance.' IL.wv.i tiie other seventy thousand dollar.' diapo^'d of: On the entrance of the Kmbavy to the city the grandest part of th>? display was fornlhed by the military, without any remuneration; the carriage and yellow glove of tli Aldemen 1 could hardly have absorbed more than (Ire or ten thousand dollars, < vea at Alderrm n'? prlee*. To be sure, there \r.i? the grand ball, which r. i? so uttondnably mL-raaniged by the CbesU rfi- !'ls of the C> rporation. We do n >t Know bow much the bi.l- 1 ' Me 1 y. i, were the recipient* of two private entertainments of the mo*' el-gint a"d c -tly kind during their sojouni l "re. and the cxp-mse of both comb'. v d. v.e will venture to Say did not exceed right thousand dollar*, and tb ?t was paid by tl,i i tali, i dual* who ente tnui d tl>e-n. The federal gov* rum ant only expend* d twenty-six tie a .nd dollar*, on* c*l the appro prbtien ot fitly thnu?und. on the J ip au^e. although they had them a nv h 'ong-n iH,. j., charge than > ur Corporation. 1 i< I; they did not give them a a 'and ball in \\-hi. .-ton; but then tboy 1. .d he avy ravelling e\p- u e? to pay. l*p<>n the vrhrie ?e hire r- '? rtlon in saying that this bill of oxpeT- i ; indented t?y the Aid* <nn :i ruid Council' ;* on - of t'l e grossest swindles ever pcrprtrab-d by the Cor potation, eel tl Comptroller will In- fully .i?.v tUied in rrtbsing to pay it. It tppearr W *k the mode*t note of theoouiniitVe that tie* bill url-ri* nally amounted to M.'A.noO: brt dis'iwru omc of the charge* exorbitant? too exorbitant for an Alderman! the sum w-? tut dow:i In the present fi^n e of We want to ?ee the Item* of Uii- bill. I>< Wilt of ll?w. *siiturl t trsUorn. tH to is, J ,f C't. "<? TW - iru* tb?t P*mn> i CUntMe-rs, ? Mirr > mMnHsr <f f Oiiw ttteSsrrtthatrtrtctsj *o irl. '.IJI . i- o n IV^ O innti v., an tr 1/ m-t, rhrrtly *nrr Ut" if hit w!f?. 'I'llp t hlrapn '/ran?r?. tlmnojr, inly'_4 TV r t .r "P '-! w** fifra In |t# i.trn'M If Uv ni/ht icmi'rt ft' dpe '* tfr C 7" irr? "fliar Ue t met' * r. ',M fr-t Kc? V : I'"'Nor- ! s i ii r U'. NEWS ROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL 0?r HpetUl WuhiagUa Dripatrh. WfchHmoTO* . Jttly 24. lit*. *H* OATiVOajnA BOOT'AJtT nmilDM. ^ The l ommlaiM appointed under the act of Congress for running tUe eastern boundary of California is completed, and u bring actively prepared Tor Ida field. I.iect. Mowry, one of the West Pointers, is the Commix' fcvoooi, and Lieut. Iree the Topographer of the Commia- ! Bion, brtb of whom are well and favorably known to the country through their practical labors in the region.? of , the gnat ttni. The line is to bo ma from the thirtypocot J to the fortysecond parallel of latitude, through one of the mo.-1 remarkable regions of the continent, end will form Ihc western boundary of Ctah, New kirxioo and Annua. It begins in the Washoe ailrer mines on the north, and runs through what is euppot-ed to embrace the head water? of the greatest mineral region in the wnrld. The Commission w ill leave within four or six weeaa Uw the scone of tuetr labors. a?atr? i.\ trmoo. Miubttor XlcTane has little faith In a apeedy restoraiiaw of peace in Mexico, except through foreign Intervention. It is not probable, therefore, that he will again return la that eouutry. vrvsa roK ru* menwomAi. exxruus. It is said tbe clerks In the Depart moot? are to be assrtued twmtr per cent upon their aalarle during the campaign, In uiil of the funds of the Breckinridge Committoe. Tbt Douglas men growl exceedingly, but denim to bold on to their places. nx ixsaait or mt. oxim 'j The funeral of Mr. Galea was very hur? and Imposinc. Ifr> -t of the tforea were closed this afternoon, u * tribute of reaped to bis memory. - , The attendance was larger, perhaps, then that at (he i funeral of auy other citizen which has ever taken piece hero. All the city authorities and the District of Columbia Typographical (society were among those present. The belli were tolled during the moving of the pro session. M.vxr.Tini or u?m> i.vovs k?r batifat Ixrd 1 yonf if on the eve of departure for Halifax to meet tho IYinre of Wale?. THV RIVORT O! TO* covotiK eoBMnrr* Thirty thousand copies of the rsport of the Corodo Ccrnaiittee Lave been printed, but the Houao printcra w 11 act deliver litem until the d.Hlculty with Mr. lord's niB-gcec is settled. vn? cimjrrt ox to* wtto, Attorney General Rack will leave the c:ly to morrow for Pennsylvania. Secretarien Floyd and Thompson contemplate proceed inp to O.d l' oa Thursday, intending tu stay several a'ueka. Mr. Cusf also being absent, there will t?c only thras Cabinet offices! remaining here?Mows. Touooy, Holt and Cobb The Iteeid. at ha- .dnring.the ah -once of Secretary Ciea repenhvUy been at tho Slate Department, personally attending to Vtc fcbty matters pertaining to our fhre-ga affairs. THF FAX JTAX QfTSTIO*. The ndrain'Oration ha' recently addressed s.iotho* o-Hr to tho British prwernmcut on t'.ie subject of the San Juao affair. tsz mot* FrqamuKXA. The steamer Pi. "qui haaaa baring been subrtit. ted lor the Rkhmoud as Uaprhipof the Meditcrranr in sqtiMroc, tl e i dice's that had received preparatory orders to Join the latter weel have now been ordered to rroort oo board the Sui<iucl-anna at New York ou the 16tt> oC ^ Aug . . t. FTTtimr > RO? TO* ROMA. Majtir D. 3. tu the r hind, lute paymaster of the Uw'ar Cbrpe. L.'in Ikcd etrlckeu from the rolls a? a dethi Iter lUK-r Ru.vell, of tba same corps, has for aotnt- uwc'.hs pi rf rre'd the dull s of the ofllco. HEWS FIOI THE PACIFIC. Arrival off the California Overland Mali- J Hmslneaa Etvlvlag-Csadltlaa of the Narkets?dlrqalttAl or Jadge Tarry, Ik, St. Jossras July SM, im V.xi arr'vnl of tho pony express this evening f ra shea the summary of California news to July 7:? Pa* Fra.vcmoo, July 7, INK. P nee the rv.mmarj of news aent by the oreriand mall of ti,.- i.f"th ulT.- there hivn turn Lhe fnllotri. r ?i? mm till* port:?July 1, W.'helm, Loudon: 24, 1 reneh barl O lporkn.r, BoiUc. ut: ships Ltrzie Bpaldlug no J t*. > Helena, Hon? Koay; rj, *bips Plreo, Horde*!.*. nnd Iwrid Croc", "ft, New York; bark Adrla'de. do.; 4th, thin At ILu.? ;ob:iah, and b irk hue of it note; urn, l>ark burnt, N. WCftttle SUMJtwIO, sli p Tbrrr. *, Mdbtarur; July 5, ah'p Hebe, do. ^ For lb> irrentcr "Ortlnn nf the time tine. tbr Rt'.'.'rv of be but at- .tiuer. the auukrt b? been witrenir'.y iluh, m4 riling ambunt of irood* u goi:;g forward to too eocut.-y. (-ince the 14tL busier a ban eriaeod morr un.ritr and an Increased number ot train. icti?ua are aotl<v able but nt great.? rtt|i,C!Kd prl en. At the eater ttn , tm'jr entail lots ran be given, and no sound parcel ran t>r ,i .rpo-,*! at , w.tWiul ? uinutiug to even mu'h lower rul->. tan-Lea nie in moderate roq'.cet ai d firm at If Sc. a ls\c. Ooflbb?rjCrr, of Itio flrvtn .-.torn at 14c. a 14.Sc. IHn Victor Aa cergo U 11 t littering. Cortt r.".c? l"Sr.; uo Jtva In market. C aJ.?Ai.'hia .te quiot rt $14 C .01bcrland in risk*. f?l I?tt pood. ?Drift lie.; i h*- Lug* 10S' , b ti< Arm with an up* urd tendency. Sail'., h*?ca 4o. (?i?t r oil ha* docl-Lid 44 r-0 a fj. 1, jw? ?1 oil in *..uifl hO. Prowl: a* ri*Ubnc greatly 4r | used w.ik auctton saics of pork at flu 75 for clear in ! ai i? Mid M tn half barrel*: ?< *. flA to bwr->. B en -Ijtrf a rtkn raiea at 1?>4C. a Ke.r chf-tc tn una l< h, to worth ? lCc ; luuu. aro quiet; rile* of B.ih:\ at Uc.al4^.uiBhJ BUittptl 1* Butte r? Itiar L throo iV, tSr^.l'iM 'j* 1 % a 'jOe. La.-<3? r. ' i It' ? !'" f - l-t tn ru-tlrr. hpr,' " rvy:< l Nu 1 Ciira at ? *.< ; N^'W Orlour at - 10-,c mote v\?. be. a S: .c.. rfUucd <? It. ... Pptr:!#- -i .t< ja b*aod!'. n?aan_' >1- al) dime t :, ts lower 1 .audy, 4*?.; ptir.' ajiifiU., B.V. a alrp\ol, Cue. a >>. : ?, t t rj. ? ? , v. ? i- a. nea (toil :ti.a I' .. ill'. IV o-W ?TvT> ?'I wl tin.- * In abiw' \ f |. '. ! . uj V 1 >i at $1 U' h >1 M. h.( l< <v? va^ r bar b " . ! ? < l> d wtnal * 1 -a* PraM.u,! for Mf'.t rv. J . a n-.d W lb? ft. mv of 1 '??t Ib-i*.aj 11* I'.j: r- i.a nf. A t *,<. if tlsast lleVna | ?f a ??r . i. will !??d (.* r w[ MA ' r~~- , is ra r. *;:>l t. !v .nwni -, ? * ara jk U/ ir,?<!j c!( ..\J c.'\ TUe Fourth if ful? *?? nmr. $ -oval!/? ,atod bf Hi. jv-].i lsr A s-tr.t n- to. out Un i ,t* than hauaI. It Iht rnulcn> Qn tatirf of m?*>t'^no-tabr# [ in Uw(HHMM n rmnUvr tM tt<?t ?r* i ?? ? *? Market ."lr et nat, tu-g .1 >iftb?t ? of?o?im>.mention lMto.n t! l? .ft .4 tt?.? . it; ?a4Ut?> akirt*. a itifhtw of two V'.'. ? Judy* T' f) til J V ty :m |i.;lt*4 n M ? ?. ??? of killiifc Master<! .'irk Ir. a .1. 'I l?y a iv y it Hamas mMjr,mt(rt'wi > *n-ir itm*? ac k?\ uniti. '* of a ton hrltn.-a th* frt r ii - iai; ,?>?< |?i..?n> 'iirh a r**uJi. Tt v ?*' > h i> tin- . .1. 'i ui , Tterry. tw. .nil. r tsgr [no m 1i.?<i t? I- A. o>, II . r l.ijj ' II :.' Hi . . ?1 IM r< neb th* l- r? H? > until al> ?t1 wriva t'c ?v J ifo I! rdy ?if> rt' the ( ri tt in. \. V Tu J 4. tr-t suorr i ern.-sired tint li - v. tu/~-*u L*4 r.ol n;:?4a lb. .r ?| | >amur. Tlx a. ?it in the y rf bllle I a m.nt < aiol t ador Uiartinrt el Jr<*: IU 't * * Mirt iM ar^ultUi a !. n?ti 1 ill' t ti o tori A new dir--, lory . bm I'mirHii 11 Ju?i po' abM, r><n bu.ii f tha tMriBca rt W.00i web. , tlr t'n|iC?n r IKj bn. e? r. 1 |..- \,.ij?. 4 ? i>? ?. (100 t*i?;? 1.1 taioy. W.nrv ii>- .4 Almb *?- '.r.t a ;ivir.t.>'.i>iar ami* - Ca.Jbri,u |m?(ucw, la ?'i .ti?M at "OO.rtlO Th" ' V.r'.i lata toXVO 1 > . ?i,H*i t>> ti^iral *, railed *t ?-!VWi 7be F' tMio f Om.t baa de n .1 tin t,.:nrai 1 a .0 u,? Hull' j.'iou l< r*' I U, a >il t',<- ooniractor C". >4-aw t? I Mini iLi -111" TV. a "i;. ill Will 11,1 ettdbi 1 iImciI Hx- k - ?rst 1 tat. fh-*r alt m, "fad in. * rmfr-iutt ha** 4-ri-r.j * tlii? a wr*k cvnj ;.tpiat>l.. mii?. 1. mtii <? ^ 1. t.ntal it l i?a.y 1 \y t !i .h kfSM sm u. anili and 'Jttli 01 Jpur Tu WUr-l i <j>' > .U1 ta 1 Jo- Kwt Hr* I,, tb - WKt tun! I lUi ot Jtm tj> uir n: it!*;, i rntii To- a(tin1 oi Hi | ' . In rr, bwwrvor, IblnW tbat no aii.tli-ty i,; 1 .>1 1 r, u ! IU.? tlw .-*[ r >*** li w>tai bill I ak. and km v?;s. . I, <? h?a W f< r < pfilH' of alor'. I". <k. n>, -u. t'm ?n nmit ?lilrl? . arrr itritca ofl i>j in lo.i. u, .t?iy 10-1 pia? <!. da ?,?>n lb* f? w.' icli i ..r,. Imr* lod* arr ?#n tturuffh at St 4aa*|>'i, tli* htm* a i*t tb* roat* ntb nil rt-rbmd la order fur rnakiiiK ihr > >i*i tin??' ?V> atid overj thirty l? r p>, 'ci |}? . . , 1 , i ? b* k?f>i la a r^t and f?iOiar'-iit ror,,'!lt?4i A : r at Omp-u im U> 2Ti, 1 ;t , iWWfd irvf?-tjr taiiif.l at |(. MAI. Hi, c', h ml ? 11?< ? I*."1 eomt* . ?f->r { o?i. ibri?lt*at and ? rt- r r?.p ? t>r*ttj'?r,l li>r *-->4, wt'ian n,?"i. tUn .fl urtt'iati*'* . * g I ,1.-aM* ,.-r?ntMU?flf rebnr.llbui t a. cttaa " I .y ' if ' ' ? - -a. AK t?V? " ''' r?

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