Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1860 Page 5
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arrived within ten days, worth from 92.000 to 9T.OOO per t<*. It is ground to an impalpable powder, when Ha wait* u determined by chemical analyse. U ia > then put up in l'JO pound packages, and can be aoid to the agent oT the Ko.hachilds for shipment to Eogland wiUun a fraction of iu true value. Not U se than 9o00, 000 worth of this ore will arrive within a mouth The multitude have abandnood the idea of bunting new minea, tod capitalists are ruali/ing handsome return-from the uatoflLah'.cglv rich Comstock lead already discovered. There bu boon no recent trouble with the Indiana on the Hastens alooo of the Sierra Nevadaa. The laat Chinese advice- are to the 7th of May. At that tune the general impression among foreigners wan that the limperor had refused to submit to the Kn.-'-uh and breach ultimatum. (?regoa dates are to tho 27th of June. Tlie ofBoial election returns ate not all yet published, but the result undoubtedly 1* as laat reported. The usual annua! {loot* In the Columbia river and tributwice bad occurred, without doing much damage. Intelligence from Lieutenant lluUm's expedition had tx-eo receive! up to the 4th of June. Au express hud reached that officer from Fort Benton, w ith intelligence ot the movement westward from that point of 800 I roups over the road. The road wilt be completed through to Fert Benton by tlio laat of July. Pates from British Columbia aro to the 29th. The miners were active and in good spirit*. Canals were constructed m many places, and more were progre cing. The limited number of miners employed were doing well. The gold product was at the rate of one and a half to two trillion per annum. Seven hundred to eight hundred more Chinese eml grants, iJ'rM from liong Knag, had arrived at Victoria, Ntwi from Now Mexico. I-m'sncsuanvs, Mo., July 04.1500. New Mexxo dates to the iftb Instant arr.ved to day, making schedule time. They Lace bad copious showers of rain in Santa Fe for lea day*, and crops look dnely and will yield an abundant harvest. Theflrvsln the mountains near Santa Fe did an immense amount of damage, and several lives were lust. Four (bad bodies bare beeu round. The census takers In Now Mexico And great dihcelty Ln getting the Mexican.; to answer questions, they think ng H is done for the purpose of taxing them. The Governor ban Issued b s proclamation proclaiming the object, Ax. Ibe near' from Arizona gold mines is not good, owing to the fact that no water is to be had. H. Collins, Indian Agent, is out in a card in the Hccta Fe Cavrttc, defending his arts ln regard to the Nuvaj e Indians. Pro venous aro Tory scarce aud Command very high prices. Flour ts willing at $11 per sack, nnd .-.caret-, other prevtbieos in proportion. Thi' couch brought all the letter mail which for pome time bacU ha., been sent via tnc overland Cnllforsta tnu I. Hy this route letters will get to their destination tc days eootcr thhx-. by the other. No Indians were recti but a few Kuw . They skid that a band of K'.owas has b< < u at Crow cteck, awaiting tho mail, for tbo purpose or robting It, but were driven oil by a company of soldiers from Trra' who were m route for Fa woe- Fork. Major SedgwickV command, some time in June, wrrc in Fight of a large or.< ampmont of Indians, but not tying prepared for battle, be lore tboy could get ready the Indians loll. There hue ben no rain this side of Fort Union, and the water courses are vary low. Stock sudors for want of water. TS. weather is pleasant here. News frsm Mexico and Htvsns. New Okixuts, July kC, 1560. The t ternaer Austin, from Brazos on the COth inst., w.-h $50,000 in Steele, has arrived bore. A osodcrta of >1,200,000 from Zocatccx had b-en e dzed at Monterey. The rc .-elation in Coahuila nnd Nnova I cor. ii toeing ground. ami the people of Northern Mexico favor foreign intervention. A Tompico paper of the 1.1th Inst, aanounec-f the arrival of M'.ramon at the r.ttv of Mexico on the 7ih itisl. TV si'suitr IUbana Las also arrived here * ith Havana dates 'A the "JOth last. Tb health of lisvuna was good. Svigar firm. Provision! dull Freights alight!/ s<l nortd, Piectlag oaebange IS1* a 13.V per rent premium. SLght enrhatge en hew York ? a 1 >, per cent premium. 'Ike Annual College Kcgatta at Wore rite r, Na?. WowvBTi i. July 34 1R60. Tbe aaaual college regatta took place today, on I.akr Qninaigimnrxl. The day wan clear and cloudlets, the act thwr terly wind b'.ow ag rxrem the course to rurh a way a" to interft n- annxwbat a ith tbe boats, but, fortunately, was to >ttie_'. vntuyb to make serious miwUtaf. At about two o'clock tho epoctatora began to arrive at the lake, and frctr. that time until the hour ?f starting a steady Stream o( carriage* and pedestrians jwiri-d In from mty and country, and gradually filled op the shore*. Two lauds, stationed on either side, played at Intervals throughout the afternoon. A large three was it. attendance, bat their wis not tlx' slightest dlsrrdcr to call for their interfere una. Besides the ooUepe boots sad tbe boats owned on the lake, tbe tutor, ci- Qvnb Banker, six <an , of Albany, the E. K. tt. IV.r, cr Be*ton, and several other boat*,were seen row. In* about during the regatta, addiu* miieh to the live:, new of the acne. The beat* of the Judge* and the reporter* wore cerresarlly moored, ho that the npper ctado boat (m hidden by the curve c-f the lake; bet otherwise, th ar-anfeoarats were extremely *ait?fartory. Ybo snat* for liio lint rac. 1. t*. on the Yaie and H*rr:ue 1. hi-n wore brougat iui- line a ,uv a'ter Laii yai t three, the time appointed. the Th 'In bavin? tho inude. a: the words, ' Are yua re.-uty?4.0,' they HUrlod, II. )'?!' m<sc beug perhnjia it hlutdo l?rl ad, u Iho !.jht ew> of tie r loel allowed thoui to cot n .er headway fcnrseit Ki.:, In spite of the .1 ft renee in the Nmis tl'e Tin U- ac*>n pa led a littie ab.-ad. with ?tea<ty strode, wh.oh would have done no discredit to a ntueh older c-rvr, tho stroke of th' CI, "na I - in? <;tile' ?r bet m .ch a^ri IrreRular. HMorr t'lo'hret Li. t nil> wns t? row II.? tutid v-:-- 1 ; t!.< .r Mr e it i. wur. . a..,U> Ki |K--t it, TI 1 t.' th> rr? of tlio l?t t? . ree ng their peril, a callant sp rt ar. 1 n%a n too* t'. ' I <ad, which Micy kept t'i'<>t:cbo..t. v ii in; tho race In IP 40' ,'. The tinn of the Olyer.* wav 20 30. Tl.w wa a wry tatcrcui.w r**c. \wl thi lr Marl wan the Hurs t el ti.r rcr-lta. Of ccune the \ictore were lor.d.'y cheered t-y thoir ttlccdaoti eh re. The noj'. ? ? - l>oa<a tool-, v >r p'ae? in li? .-"t four c*r. r'i. tie Thultm. of Tal . lu.vC tie ira'de. 1 e 1 loMuralei) . aflt.-the wotd "rea.' wv o. the start at* l> ''one 1 by tho n ? v.: a c .n . a r n th Jti.tgr' beat. TWo wt.. 1 t>? ?oraeo <1 ?i a ra, ? woti L-.0- th trial o: tl ne . a' h a pr' ? <? t.-yctt cccar ions. *!' n ? out" .-r two, Up*<r<"r, I. word ?i fiwn. TH iicm o' the br ' acre i-.iaetly at I 0 Mart, P' t'..- Oarv-l tw*t IrvtaV'y darted lU-el '!!.< an arrow St 1 she red rn & (.1 in advance, ai d v.x "t -ha ! by the Thulia rrtc' rtl'" naase way ar ft ? Tl'-t.i war bt the (It) una. Rey arp n ep.rted ahoad, howe ver. and t rn: I trat at | Iho cptHr Make. Xbrj gained a tittle be tne torn, and | trainee atet) after w rn t?< lr' pths ahead. At at? t thro* ^u..rtett> of a n.ltc fn>tn the Jo ?et' stake the tt iis to .ng at that titr. fully four length* b I r.d, II I' .tofn-Uic, one of their cr-w,|?-e out. a*--i It*, retired rroti Co contest. The Unrvar.t o jl. rr.c a catc- fi tf leii,- eunuch in '<*> 17. T1?e Uatla fin U?o ttiir.: and 'mt *ace *-rr km -hi int<? - ? . "I II-. -r. I....I Clll" roi'4l UI n .1' ? I. _. *M >! ar.d tU?' Harvard ILc outaide. tL' VaW j.nrti beta, t n thru.. it- li.atr Mart'J tegr ilnx mi tt* mod. but v--p? at f>r-t lltUr loo much tr i* hurry T'te Harvard men, however, K-or f?! m|-> tber ot<t t? .'ly S'-afca, nod look 111' tew<*. which Uiev key' 'I rovbovt th? rat , ion n* ?n l..n i- l' tin V > ' . taitor.BMkts^I'' Ti' Bt ? foil bvli.ra fr"*n th Grat. an''I) p ill. i< 1 li.e o They Und tv-n It. It r boat but ti. 'X three lijM-s b? oft fatid ouuld r -t . 'Of. it vttaujr. This race ?w lnlen .t (it'll*", tlr ftilrreat b ug krpt i:f> tn the laat. TV l'?l. mm pel'd a II anil iteecrt* f- rJ rrrd t fbr IN ir t rrfnuc Afte;- II..* .'jatta, i the rict ricw crrw ?rr? calM i? i: r ud^' ?"* boat and tar! prtwcutnd Willi Uw> print, a Lor ret or celt r?, that i* tlir I arr.trtl hew-, part.nuiany I rot:'..fu! rtU* a tfltd iho Cod-fn rt fDlia. Yolo la, of course. prtnrwL't djrl.rarttlH*! at ho th ru <1 feat. wid Harvnr I I* pre -l'i-.airly Itihil -till ? '!!. II a. Id red b? awf" to at} U*l tlx' Yale will c t bmi tt?c Harvard on Hir re'r cd Lay, a. aim ?*! Urt yrar. A-wl r <*'?' , of er-rtw fi r Yale la If I prt br.bly nrar n limuaaml rttia t 1m cbMpni hai.L? I. tiny, moat < '. wlnm wo- r! ?' bv .oll'ae e-co aid by ymdnt Tt.C thro* Harvwl baa* lirvr nil ?l uj been reatiy the I r tea In lli" betl'rj. I neo Jrcd ee? be. !> t morn lay tf w?r. , ..Ml thai Cnlo ?eui rot ? ia B ? : f' r ' V Vtftl ;i,.. ml ti foil In t'' r-.-e (>.r liteila. win k i-1?? t-~ du-lta to aat.rma nr'Nt ft" "V fear oril Ci. " ' will rnUsr with if' C"<l<r bad. faklif M alii un tf Ihtrty raeont * I*bare, ini win ph tr ??rre w i l.i ' cr . It r ,r< -111 UOoU't on OH; ' II' r arrd a If* Li Li i XI tr.' r , with r. w tl II. ?f li 'tr"V . V* r..r?< ratyE v.era at.:, ar ft ' >w~ iU I <*ta omn'vu in b Iff fwUnwikg order-? nift Tlit' (;?|idm!;), ef U?- ar.'. I' lcr>. frerhimo r'n-x lio?r, 1 m anU . 40 'W Mfc. t.'yuM (1ad? trrak , yah- I yw, r-wbman el* tiiw'. U*? mlt?Ltra,>? ?? I dPttdt at;3iia!i r'tnt Pa- i?c' flaootrroV), tv.pti ktv elnr? of Ihinfl Mh^r; lUj. , 30 r:inuu*. 17 .ta '.do. Vol' (io^lr A). I ?*"i' -1 vlf? YateOdlece; diaiaatad. run,- wet in; miia fl. - !. rf liitr.n. 1 C< . rme, |t tr . Ir . .'.*. ?<*. yon . a.r. of > nlr OnlV-n: I'mo. lo rain-itea. h ?aoa<l Brov if Uii'ttn IniTti iy: time Hot ta.'n. an ociid"nl W TV.' ti'r.e nade by IV lla".nr-'a hi the '.art race is r* Mtlv Ift -nan ma mado nn if"" 4?h of Ji.iy on Ctsrha'l ' the! ' or rm-d ta Ibla ro-inlr; r,'tlnort pv. *d was throe Ci.iet. T? ii. "to lire wit' a ; mml Pm,.., negaiu. lb der IV I' i neaof Ibcclti < i <? ?' m*.er. and a || dodaaddHWlBWdWdUa. (t 'OLr rwred aho'J twof. > aeul a*'.1 aiMle mil I" ' 0 % " ' ?' < ' * stir' ti.? eel* healed oar- ' Vw' ? hatnj Md rlWf piactts * f 61 POLITICAL AFFAIRS. TIm ilfovrmraU of ?hv Or mocrm<y of New Joraey?Tl?e Orlgla oft' the Convention? ; A Threatefted Bolt oa All lldw.Ooa(lM | AdvtK* a Htraliht Oat Convcntloa?The ! Htmtm Committee All Breeklarldger*?A Private Caaeai la PhiUMlelpliln?4>v?rtnrea Bade to the Bell Men?The Home- ; tonltea Hmelllag Aronad?The Honey i and hpankey Spirit of the Factions? | Streayth of the Two W Inge la the Mate, | OIU bttX'UL TKENTON PF.-irA.TCH. TiULvrojr, July 24, 1M0. The polit ciena of the State of Camden au<l Am boy have been during the day straggling tnto Trenton from every part of the State, each with separate idea- to force upon the Conventions to morrow. From present Indications there will tie lively times alt round. The Tow that bad found their way here up to this 4 1'. M., have spent thoir tunc in wrangling, and sbcuid the seven or eight hundred, or perhaps a thousand, delegates that will be in attendance upon the three Conventions, be men of the same pertinacity aa those already on bond, the 20th day of July will be a day such as has never before been seen in Jersey. The gathering clouds and the rumbilng thunder point to a storm of no common magnitude, which wlU leave the democracy In the State broken and scattered to the four winds. :is 11'u tornado bad swept through them. That the readers of the ILuuir> may know the precise position of the democracy and political matters in general in this State, I til give the origin of the three Conventions that ure to assemble to morrow. On tha second day of July the Democratic State Heciitive Committee, consisting of rCVOL members, receiving their appointment through tlia regular party (.onvontion that nominated General Wright hut year, assembled in Jersey City and issued a call for a State Convent1 on, to be held in Trenton on the 2ulh of July, to nominate an eiectorlal ticket. The call wie published on the follow ing day, eigtied by every ; member oi tic ro,-..r:dttec. At that tho subject ; gf a luiou ehctoriol ticket between the Douglas ud Breckinridge men was discussed, uud the oom:i!ttco decided to recommend to the Convent tori the appointment of one elcctorial ticket, to becom|?sed of four lochias and Johnson men, and three friends of Breckinridge sad lAtie, or any other combination that may bo found the best to secure onion amcnr~t the New Jersey democracy, the ticket to bo beaded by the n. met of the respective ciartidatcs. according to the preferences of the voter?. If tho ticket ehocild be successful the vote of tho State shall be cast for tho candidate) whose name should art car on a majority of the tho State, provided, however, that If the vote of the State will elect either candidate then it should be thrown to rBcct this res It, irrespective of tho popular strength oi cither wicg of tin party. An adtiros, embody ing those point*, was published en the 165hi of July, signed by the Chairman cf the comm.lice. furfur there cah3 the democracy of the St ite have been holding their township and ward n.eetii);,-?, aud have elected de! - |to attend the Convention; ihW Convention, f which Is termed the regular body ,w ill thorefc re bo the mala assembly bere. It'&ppears, however, that the Douglas meu arc not 6stis(led with the arrangement, at least a portion of them, and aru going to hold a separate Convention of their own. At many of tho primary elect.ons where the delegates wtre clcctod to the tegular, which tho Don. glasmcncnila Itrcskinridge Convention, the friends of Douglas, finding themselves outvoted, boiled and electid a separate set of delegates to attend a straight out Convention, whilst in other localities tbi y secured a portion of tho delegates to the regular Convention, who will take their wats, and if outvoted will then bolt and join the straight out Douglas body whii t, on the other hand, It is guti'd that if the friends of the "Little Giant" have enough in the regular Convent>oa t<> cntrol its action and run up a ticket of their own, then the Oreckhirid^o wit 5 wi.l recede, ltd are thus in for a gr ;nd tijae generally, lot the result, be what It will. The straight out I>oug!as Convection If fai t to have been railed in purt-uoaee ofacaucas of carta n democrats from Newark and Pursex county, held in the "Little Ci- I ant's" riom at Uio Fifth A\on..c ilotol, and under bis suggeetionr. The original call ?u only signed by three ! men frem the eastern j-art of tho Puto. Those , arfvoc&ticg this movement state that they arc i farced to this course to counteract the Breckinridge movement. Tbey also state that every member of the com- ; mittoo It a rrcckinridge man. This I tee is aim claimed j by the advocates of Breckinridge and lane. Th y a> rt that tho Mate tbramUtco la all right, and that the more rr.cnt fcr a union t.cket ij the thing for them. In tliis j jealousy that has already commenced showing it?-ir will i be found the rock which will upeet the Omreattoo. It is also stated by the ltougkwitrs that the action of the Btalo Central Committee is the of a private cam-ox I ?ld in rbiialelphia, at which were several confidential rr.'.-nd.n of Buchanan trom other elate*, and Per itor John R. Tbomron. J. N*. Micklo and A. R. Ppeer, el th:i ttatc. alt ardentsupporters and Meads of Mr. Bu rhanan, who there a*rood to obtain a recommendation j from tin commlttse In the precise form that it lias b~ n. I This first increased the bickerings twtween the two wines ' of the party, all of which wlU culminate here to-morrow. The - tr. ;li! out I*ouslaa men have ?tolm the march on the other regular party and hired ?be Trope rare* Hah, the only nam in the c.ty large enough t- hold a lull con rcnttoc; the regular* are therefore in a dilemma, und are ii>,< I>-to tie compelled to meet in the opca ?'r, where there will be plenty of room lor their Somerset* and lotty tumblings. The l?ctn ratie Comm ttc bar a a lac made private ovcrtnrci to the Hill an l Kverett party, to place on a man on the ticket for thcaa un 'cr the t ime arran "mcutx, and tbrv - . i - f ? Hl.nrl.l (."? tu&Jt Ooaveutloa ?enc ura>n a no ion Ircteml ticlo l the HclirinRer- t. Ill be counted iu for * biaL m, n very Birr ouu;;toti-irret,on of map ruto In b- -d loy-lher. Tlirro will bo bard end *ofl i-belL , nuatter and aiu. Matter MMNlgbtf, KwmKMkbp aud c t . black act white MrllF, biye au<l tray, all in.uplift.. to ther In uae h .pi>y family. Who will uijr that ibc tin.' etuu U not 4 hand I I Ti?e Hcustonttea are a!*n trying to act tbe:r firrer into tlii imbc^iital. Hie Houston Ctub of tbi* place Una aik) tm ucd a cell for a Convention to uoT"W. n.ti tid.n/ t "> v.iiu lj hm.nil tin- idg- b|,i| chti u jf p> -Bible the ertn.b# may drop frr-ru the table at the f art of Unit maid happy I lioth-e, bmncr. that tUo I Hrmltinrid^-''" declar" ibat the latter '1 Dut be eoaoted j 111 tbn ariati' iwtit. tboj. w'.'l U?oreIV>r.; have to !> ran i Ui I h tb mtri It .iu oo.I view of tin.- fed to..if. TV liintlariM ln?t*t that tbo ot.ventli oi that will tail be call' <1 1 r iu | '-The liuuylaa md John-ion Convention, ' IT'- lie!) aud I'v-r tt Ibnranlion," and "The- Hourt-ti Convent.on." I O il v ll not u ni t that ti.e Convent -u rtlk.l b/ tlio s'ato I omnilttoi- l/> tb? re^al .r on-?nb ;t -o 'be -titer ' I.m l the Brccb.arl'lfi r- do iare that i ball I*" call. 1 | "Th ltf;-.-Ur Colon Iiwnocratlc Cor.-, th-n," su 1 tb" ot'.ibr "Tb- htraigbivt I l*-u?'li? Con rent m,'* no 1 tunnlned to throw If J* bb\ th" ri ;?.u- tn!.iy -d ' eorp ti -'tor upon lb- fr ea-in of Uw "I ;'Ue 'im* ' ! it eptrM wltli which the fr -.?!* of ' -th take up tb- ) 1 i-o of tl-elr fhvnriti tod lento < an; ihipp but barnaotiy, i ' "irh accnutn, U? other of toio-dtn-r :ac. r .unI traitor* tot . )*ity. The r?ntu Ik a. :i t'? u lit uiI fr-nton ito'iae. Ibl-nfUTt***, Im-tei-a-1- Ji My I n il i ?'h ?? too frlenda ot i*mi;w* dm taring li.? I MP- i ' t. ant" the rcyi-.lor ueoilr."-' of th" party. *ud ?U who j | opt* ** him traitor to t ic demnrrae. ?'u?- of hla | rt ak-ua ad ri* at<. aaacrtc.'. that lite til ol tb - l"?ni - r*i !c l envmtioo r ceiled at Charle vm. ant it ei't more th-y I uJi -.l nfl on-- of the liuidlev-?th.- t?.i eel the blndl- r i i.-oi.. oft an.I r oDuuetiuc Ucw'i.erlje bui ?itclifl ' I -.anted nt then brrn wn. to have th^Ti u> tnmate th-tr i tali I ( ll? would x*- Itirm it Urn tuf.iw hat would rot* fur ? I n."i? t , i>r <~?M l\.i rote for a IV< ck inridga man. IV "am* pirit ar<ma to J l^rvwJr Uitli ,.i?i 10 a cot. J<r?'u|. rxu-i.E, )ioiaVin( ta ot.# .nrvll.ilitr rmuti. IVIViAMI r?, 1 < twite In i- rtrul llio innu ruOTrnlior. aril filar*, .i' lb? It ri i?U?rt in tin. porltloo rf tl ror, n: *rr I r? IV Ini wama'* lint 1 ria r'?t. i lltr two farl't.;,? lo Ih ft Mr .irr aboi.t Ci'-oll? divide t:ie w.rU'b, ; rc |< viability anil lullo iicr jt'i rrri tlir Enid. lurldfe fir, i and the Jrl- li rtrroorraey a."t ttf rough* f^nna!!/ for it la ij-.. atatrd Mint lltr uat>' (Mladic ml" of ' tlir flitr I foi l?r?o :l?? <1 1 wn wmlr .t;;n tbn o|.;|f|o . t.iaat" boil Pmr veiti in Ure<k.urlU_?'a oor. but tbe tub* i for # t:i r-a oa Of i tbrr iiftfrni t<> l?o I'lTn.n? la favor of I llr lalli r, wlmtw friend* ww cla m f >'ir mtra l? lb" ; t.Ule Ul iti'a ' our. I am *llaft?.rf. ?? maitrrr , t>n? Meml, I* morn- Cim ti'rr" If have; aRhoo~?i It | mint frc admitted l.r any prr.?on who will imp-ir> illy (rait, ovi f t Ijc liat of irndin; "tp In Ibr fltalr <rl>u luTH i aitarhno th" oarIyra to the din rrnt aandidalftt, tha1 Hr-akln. ;<! ami lane liavr a br(n mai'Tlty of tlia ?i . rryr.1 . wi Minor who hnv.-. "nfrollrd tlir deaf :nlo? .f the ft irtr iu Ihr pn?t. whether it I* any rrl'rrloa or no sh to b?W the v?t? of lb" demur. fj will go un I-r the l'\ rrftl j-oiitical revelation thu la gong on orm>(, I : v>e l?-r other* to iuOco. The frl> of iwjaa, on the nUmr hand. iRfiat Mm thrv ft vr f. ttr-flfihs of tlir deim* ratic ndr* of IV h- Mo Willi tL tn. ti.d that ll?r I ftion electoral tie*'I I mly a ilo ' r of tlir Mm k'ltrtdrc ami ndmlolttratini mot't > Ml o'l tlir "l.ittle Miaul.'' and get the control of I he parte o lur .-tair. Tin i nt tin* attrrn." n ia "Arr yon a Miaulu nttfrr or a fueb.niat ' I mler llin?e two utlca tliey will irit.isriii . ihtir arangk ? m t uurration t? mnrr.ra, Tt a o'Cvw k r. M Tl r wi tl dr'rjrat; tftt am lr ay ratuMi??ln*, ftrrpariBt; Iti'ir civilci.tlali anl itiar? ng out the not-, for tomorrow. TLe warfarr brtwoo tho atrai^hi oatcr* and tlM t'nl'inlata criotiMta to ragr. Tho oUce oftbrTrrni n Hotuio la erowdtd tailh cxrikd foltticiaoa. Winr. brandjand Irirrr arr in groat taaf, and Itilv ! \ke ronf '.ou la (h onlrr of ilia rremng. Aboyr lb? frtO'i I rati Itr Vwr.l thr mn nga of flir alrainlifeutcr and tli? of Ibr other rldr, A Br.-clt nr; Igr man wt'l drrl.rr tliat tlir lA' III ItKlti. tuaa UiC irpi:bl:jm:t, WiiiUl tbt EW YORK HKKALD, WE *?^r ?UJ retaliate by asking if they |w .'?r the <^c*'on J of Lincoln to Poug'as1 Both sides, h,-w?rer, an* billing and cooing with th? U>h ami kverett on I'be htWor j Bake th?lr headquarters at the American, ted are nov'r caurua, talcing over the propositions thai hare beeu mt4' i to them They w u! not come U> any eouui-aioti to night, 1 farther than to insist upon threo men on the electoral [ ticket, and they now state that they trill accept of no i other romprotEiae. Thee also awert that they will not agree that the vote* of their three shall tit any ?ontiu- , gt Dry be cast for either Br?hiuridge or Douglas,hut tutor { into the compromise with the Uo|ies of lhr> w ing the elec , turn into the Houte and securing the elect iou ol' . fcverctt by the Senate. Should there be an ex- I tenrire split in the democracy, tiny will reject ; all iitlert or coalition and run an Independent ticket. j The- claim that fifteen thousand of the twenty four thousand rote* cast for Ullmoro in 1S56 will rote "tor Hell and Frerett. Tbeir Convention ig an informal affair, or maw meeting, and will b? addr< saed to m<>rrow by Ueury H. Fuller und Jacob Brown, or reonsvlvaaia; also Colonel Seymour, one of the delegate* to < It.cago from tho Keystone Slate, who kicks a: the l>utcb plank in the I.inooln |>latform. There is ctor; Indication of an extensive rapture amongst the democracy unless the night train.; auil thoae of to morrow morning bring a differently hampered i-et of i men. A Fir,ash up generally Is Inevitable. Senator Thorns' n is busy endeavoring to bring the two factions I together, hut with little succor thus far. The regulan. are in a dilemma In regard to a place to hold their Convention, and will probably bo compelled to bold it in the State Ik>u.~e yard, or on the camp grouud Of tVaahicglou. Hon Wiu. C. Alexander will bo the President. The Constitutional Party Convention will be bold at Paltoo's Hall, and the Hou?tonite? imder a lamp post. Many of the republicans assert that the wrangle amongst the democracy is only a sham. IkmglM HgtifleaUoM Meetings. Mor;:x, Ala., July S4, lvlO. >- a:.^ I.ot.l hero rn Saturday night. Pierre tickle aud Joliu Foraytli wero tlio makers. Ctca, N. Y., July 24,1900. The rat.ncatlon meeting of Douglas and Jobnuon in this city laid evening woe by far the largest and most fiitliUBliatic political meeting ever held here. Es-Governor Seymour, Dr. 11.1'. B*aeell and Francis Krrman addressod the meeting in the larrrst ball in this city. An imm-nfC ' meeting was also organized, which wa addressed by I.ewLs H. Babcock, A. T. Goodwin and several others, (ivrr three thou and democrats were present. Banners, bonitres, fire worts, canton, tiring and cheering were kept up the entire evening. Thj speakers wero aereoadod after the meeting closed. CumxtD, July 21 lStJO David Todd and others ad dressed a large Douglas meeting hero last eight. A torchlight process.on paraded tko streets. guns were fired, Ac. HepvblUan Mrtllog la Boatoa. Bostox, July 24, lhoo. A large republican meeting was bold last evening at Bowdoin Square. It was addressed by Henry Wilson. Anson Burlirgame and others. The special occasion was the dedication of tbe new headquarters of the I.iucoln and Club No. 2 New York Mate Polltlra. Oseiioo, Ju.y 24.1880. The Breckinridge and lane District Convention was hold in this city yesterday afternoon. Every town and ward was fully represented. lion. Wru lewis was elected delegate to tho Stnto Convmtion at Syracuse. Stroug resolutioua were paaeed endorsing the nomiu.ition of Breckinridge and lar.e. Ptansyiraala PoUtlea. 1'Hnjioaniii*, July 24. l*oa>. The Ar t of the fierion of republican political addrescrcn ! km dc'ive-rd this exming nt Concert Hall, on tli" "Great j L*uc.? or the Iter.' There was a large attcudanco. I>e*frm< tlve Flrea la* Philadelphia. razLlDfirrnA, Jul/ HI. WM}. Karly this morning a fire bioko out in Ib-ry (cO'.'i rag hocse, c n Front, a bore Viae street, wh.ih ttu vutiroly destroyed. Less #?,000. The Arc extended to Lbert & Co.cabinet ware manulacturcrs; losi #1.00*); and Wm. Henry's cotton waste storehouse; lose #.?,cc0; Bacon's feed rtero kw damaged by water. The total lov is nearly y>,(i00;psrtuii/ insured. TIM building in wh'.rb thn ilro originated unexpectedly fell inward With a terrlblo j crash, and three firemen w< re Injured. At Dtc o'clock Ui 3 morning anothor Are dcstroyci the | fit ere No. ICO Front street, abovo Arch, ooe ip!e?l by Char. Bcothreyd fc Cb., dealers in cotton waste, losa $2 CM). "luo aljoiaing building was damaged by tire and water to tun amount of several thousand dollars. Both dree are auppbscd to have been the remit or the ppoctaccocs combustiou of cult u waste. Flrn at the Wed. Nt^r Albaxt, lnd., July 24 1S00. Ksrl Huttr ft: Co.'* candle and ?<af> factory was burned last night. J<*? HO,OCX); injured fbr #00,000 bcnmoiwn), 111., July 24, 1S00. The rnvrd lionse of Uie Chicago, Alton and Ut. louts . Railroad waa destroyed by flro Uiis mrrulug. Iami 412,- , OtO; no icsurauoe. The tire is supposed to have been tha work of an incendiary. * Ire at Sew UtImu. Saw 0*uu.n?, July 24,1300. | TV prod-rc rtoro of C N Fafc & Cr>.,aud the trunk mamfartrrj of J t ruatj^o/ ?u I ml u ?iit. Ic a j f . ") 'Ilie ( mMHRhi at Bmtoe. Memos, July 'J4.1M0. Thr ?? anvh'p Cnmmglit, from Uelwa;, arrived at | wMalgM. ailing af t??e Arabia. llonos. Jut, 21. WiO. Thr :oiJ!r of lite Ac!aec at Ua to morrow, .-fluj will ?a.l at about norr. Oeef?u-l.r? left With Mr Ptoirol, No. 7 Br'.rl rtrrrt. I before i'<tro o'clock, will rarbbrre in era .j for the | Arabia. 1 be .Hontgmuery at Navannali, Ma omi J ' .1 I<400. The rt'-ai.. hip M< rt;rw . >, from V* ?. ?, armod liej let night. A'i we'I. .*li?re Iih latlua. Momc.AU July 21, lMg The first bait* of Ala' a. a now cott"o or. .V< ! lu re oa f JI Jno arkHb Nn. ?ai-a.**, Jab 71,1*90 OH Inn ifl: fait to'lay 141 U>> q .>i?t.uv? ? al. ' Sor <r buoyant aed ;,r. hiyher; fair lo full/ latr 7 .r a ? ..e. tour ( *'-* "i row rotten reeved i/'nn Mr?w- i Floor very doll ruptrfiaa ? "> 40. a O'.io rn tlnn; ?bit?- rem *V. I.ird bu yant ard higher j < ? OK' n( 11 i_o . And km.! it II ?i ri.'1/; < T rnrti m, do., (llii bill* ?<. lad ?. I,'4 a 0 Frr ?Me?Nothing dotif. Nxw Orrrns, .toll- 1it, l**iO. CtdU-n ffa?r,-*; s t day 1.1-X? bale* at l'**- r - w Irtllnf; rsl"* of three lays, 1,!**) bale*: rr -? pt : dn MO Uali-a. n?am#-t 4 <1 lialca itio wi'i time but f ar. i in-?tts, j 4X00 l?: i <*'! t? ati<-ld it la?t yrsr, PV M? l-i' ' rrj>?? at all Sw'i ti pe rta :?head of b't 7v.,i**> bale* Fli. r. :>t $.' t'? a M 0. ISirK.ltnu, tu* i |LM> 7'. VC1-. fry. J- " it I-'' i(T 0, firm, *i:d art? iT' d lc. > 14.'. a I 4 lnUnn, urn l?in, 8.V- a t*. , l< if, , ~r. a jtr 1 ?if to L>T?rpO<-i, Afll'l* np, KAcbaiii.cs unclia: x"'iBitf r..Tu!; SI, 1*on. ; Fl-ior doll ? ai'i*; n an?l Wnvrard rtr- * S'-. Win ?t fir- - i at $1 CO * H Jit, w'uw- ft ; , ?t ? in tit irw-r ? ' * ?C?*.. * 7v ?.; Pr.Tt-dflB* ' *r isa4 p>rk rump 111 CO Mli-k-y at' Hi/ at JA> lUc Pan VV.TWK, .Tu! CI. IHtW Flour quiet ir-W *i ;<erfm ID W, oM > ?.? Wl??\t? H ' 11 Jt4 a ?l b-'-. Wh to f 1 :w a >1 10. ?' >r.r u i ty at ?- . mf. ?l< 1 r rJ. ! ' io ? ? 75 v .oi , .Jr. lit;, a 12', : -hot'Id"** 10c. 10'4o., hanu 12c. all Wins key dull at elf a J?r. A'KKsy, July 24?4 1' M. Floor r'o* "f e-> . and tllr dwiaf l*>c 1 lb" homo trade. VW with -ul nl'l Oirn dcopii f. ?nd lb.i /tippir lary ly of tho demand. U?*t c.-minglbo rrn wrnt-'own to tMc. and th morn'eg tbor a is a IbrtW d-ol.ix of . iloa 27,'tOO tisabr',, MTr-vro mixed at MJ,c. a fi'Jc. < cua?.4air* 7..JW boa. I" J*tit- at 1 to*-. Nutbbciitoiil m r; a tt'huikpy l"#er but ln*o-?t I 1 , ali slo lib s, at SO'4e. a JO' .o. tt'o'l?Oalea ! |r no It a. tr.Kliuni t.etCc at42^c. OaW)i o, .T'ltjr 21 JtflO F-mr dull ami C.* '. lost r: aala* ?<.II, at $i i". fur e xtra 1 fiat". Wbogl otu.or, f>ot ' aal :.fi00 1": '?cla Cara<1* clnb ut 41 IS,1. dm bold at .'.'a?., tmt I> yors erm rally J" not <>0i.-r oscr 4Js. aal.i laei n.^bt I to ?b et" tnllaaaat os'jr. ?>iufr?n aalra ll.iyai to -h t i Han at Itar!'" and ryi> i|n, t. ( fi 'lit i>m ' at Sir. in a r a wh> n r t - N.-r. York. 1 .?k>'luit*?r' SO '*?i b hoU-iru. t a-iM M|? rO> 1'??) M>?. flour, 1.*i,.aw Uh': otg srboat, 4f- Ton :? r n II aio .IclT SI?I M. Klimr atrad*. \\ <at dull aal ? lO.UOtt 1'ii'heU lioai reel winter at 41 10 0>ni datt ami drooptn.' at- ?,000 hifbela III" It il". No aal"a <*&*' f* Will*j l?'y atoady at in^o- C-'tial IroicbU a<!\ am 1 10 "K <? tl'iur, IS- on whiat, lie. on com. to Now V-irk. 1m I iKirti?S,W bb... fionr, UOOfi liitiL<4a tclirai, lOT.onO 1 liuah"la (int. Idtf-orU?11,000 b?ab.-U a heat, t'J.'XW bushels rent. rr*PT\i\Tt, Ji-ly Ct. 1*4*1 i Flour doll. W1)-?kP.r pfoidy at lC^r. t* tu-i'la -d j di-pltoed Sc.; rod, a Wc. while, 91 fl,*? a $1 M Ma: cio. 9,\c. a 122. 11 u ; In ?o "l supply st a a l^jicr J cent, h gbt c-sc'.'.ago <u Sets York ), per cnt premium. CiO'-aon, July CI?OP M Flo ir do let P"i* -lt Kilts; sales at Oft;. I >r No. 2 spring. In ?bire, tl f-T No. 1 r d. Com dip *?)? -1,'"0 huehols at 4.>. a 4."fc,. In storo. <*at"Si-s*ly at JFV-. In stare. jtc-eipta?4SO hl>l*. II nr. SB,OOP 'a To r??0 t?i?l -la r'-rn, 1 ,on:' due' -IB oaw - .|< t,M.,. four, or,ceo bi?f S ? n rr- rd.-.t adinnnnr r.t l',c. nn corn to B-.'?4 ?.r:ht l.tUtio** On Nv* Y?ik 1 pet CTOl | ren.; m DKESDAY, JULY 25, 186 wlotl Flrtl ?t Po?ghke?pilt> oke facto:: r cosomzp a>d tNonujt isjviuv LOSS AJOrr #26.000. About tea o'clock oo Monday tight last, flame* were discovered ifcscjj; from the lower part of the large paint factory at the tower cad of Mill street, I'oughkeepete, owned and occupied by Mr. Weddie. An alarm was Instantly given, but some time ela|ved before the flrcwen were upon t^e ground, owing to tbo distance from tlia engine tiouErs; and the contents being principally composed of ell, iui wntine, varnishes and other Inflammatory material?, I be wLole building was in n short time enveloped In flumes. There were probably from seven to eight thousand person* at the conflagration, which waa one of the largest ever witnessed in Poughkecpsie. The building was entirely dietroyed, together with the con toots, which consisted of* largeatoek ot oil, paints, viiruisb. turpentine, Ao., as welt as the machinery, tools, MWH and ether articles, too numerous to MMH, The owner was abrent at the time, so that our reporter could not learn the exact amount of the loan, but it m variously eetiuiat"! by other persona at from twenty to twenly-flve thousand dollars. It was a very large brick building, formerly i-wnod by Mr. Wintteld, and used as a silk manufactory. It was five stories high, with fllty feet front, rm ) abo'it eiie hundred and flfly fret in the rear. I Another factory owned by IVlton Brothers, adjoining, and of about the tame size, and occupied as a ptu and carpet manufactory, waa damaged by tiro and water to tbo miK'UM ?i between two and tbreo thousand dollars. Fully Insured. The flrcmen worked with s will, and when it w as found impossible to sav* the paint factory, turned their attention to the surrounding buildings, which were liablo at any motneut to burst forth in s blare, such wa. the great heat. Tlie wind was blowing qmle fresh during the whole time. The factory of reiioa Brothers caught tli o in the roof by a blaring shingle falling upon it from the burning building. The grocery store and a dwelling house en the opposite side of the Ftroet had a narrow escaoe, and were badly scorched. ino store was occupied by Mr. Uou, uh contents or which were almost entirely destroyed by tho water. The damage to building and contents will amount to about Our reporter could not learn whether there was any im cronce upon the building and contents, owned by Mr. Weddle. Tt>e Are was no doubt the worlc of an incendiary. The walls ol' the building were blown down by tho otp'.^sion of the boiler, a quantity of water having been i-^l in when the turn quit work. This was one of the largiit llres witnessed in Tougbkespnio lor Borno ! time. ANOTHER Yr.-ilW.PAV WORN IN0 TN MAIN STRXCT?A VBOLB IUKX M NMM STORKS flMMW?? THR LAWI'SV ASP MOST OBSTRUCT! VK FIRE bKKS IS POCOHKnUKlK FOR TWENTY-FIV16 TEA1W. Hardly had the last jet of flame expired in the air from the gruoiilderlng ruins of tho Ore of tho night previous, and the fireman's weary limbs stretched upon bA couch, 'J in the horn ?e, heavy sound of tho lirc'oeil came once mere booming; through tho air, dissqiaticg his slumbore ard rail.Dp bm to duty. Tho summon;-; was answered promptly by the whole force, and the city again rang with the cry of tiro. It was at flret Supposed that the late tire had broken out afresh, and they were about tarn tap in that direction when a bright sheet of flame burst tenh near tho Gregory House, hurrying their steps in that direction, when flames were disoovorod issuing from the stable at dr. 1 kww C.u-y. on Main ,-treot. Ibis wnc at precisely twenty minutes to three o'clock, asiii In tweuiy minutes mor- most of the surrouudlog buildings were enveloped iu (lames, spreading their dcrtrnct re arm- In htsiing embraces from one to another of th- fi cd ouildlngs, until ibo whole b'ork was one huge, brgbt mar? of jellow, fiery flames, lighting up the country tor a great distanre, tod shooting forth in ail direct.on?. Nothing coald he done by the brave 11 semen to the burning block, but all around other buildings wrre iu great danger, and they dins-tod their efforts to saving these. Ilio Gregory IIcuso, the opposite side of Main street, tho extoDFlvo livery stable of Mr. James llill, and a large lumber yard, were ooiy .*vod from sharing in the destruction l y the elm' t Miperhntnaa eflorts of the llremen. T1m-t? was work for hundro<i > an t hundreds of the good citizens <f l'oughkccpr.ejoined with the firemen and Inmates of the burning dwellings, in saving the furniture and other property of tho. uofortuiaU-a, but many rioro wore required, ?iil though thousands of strong. aWu bodied men were there. pn, ;cg witb admiration upoa tbo really nutgnlllceet ar.d ploriou" spectacle, they moved tot, but would quietly .oote on and see young nod beautiful funnies. and ohl and inUrm women, bcuo ing low under ttiow< ";U' of I - m hm) pioco 01 furniture that tli^y were conveying tro'n tUeir dwelling to a place of i;reutor Will';'; J'.T tu ttr<; kin? v.?s va hw W?", nnd i>i it few moment . r.o mire artistes could be carried off. and the rr widow and orplctn, nt well as Itie strong man with wlli. ar: fiunUy by Ids ulrte, would look with orcrOowtor eye? sud poritnr hearts m?on tlielr buralng Itome, with not i v.u the eoim.on neces anet of life eavod. And thcro ws.- tli.i' ? i Vol *s< ry article of comfort to iiave been CTl'"' Mf< ly nl, If but a few of the many ol'the st? mer hart rorno forward to help the weaker. > roia llto .table of Mr. t nry tbo liatnes spread to (ho meat u.i.X! 1, ou writd hp Mr. Oary; from turnce tr> Mr. kalinriV Iwwido furniture shop, and so on.unt.l the whole of tlie seventetu buddings whirh comprised tl* block between Caiba; onandCixancl streets won out berumg niaiK. It." t< 11 -w .eg .s a liat uf tbow wUe havt Built red moot by tho lire:? Hopkins, grocery a portion of the contents saved Ixms SI,-too, Insured for $C 000. Tin. store of Mr Mel u'< blln, t-ee'ipi-si as n dry go,.di j slow. Tint I"w of the pwd' were saved, Mr. MrT.tuchlli i hart jcrt started in b i i"f?. in Itmchkeep-.e. and liart <h l bar? a %ery valuablo si'Tk. The lo&s is u>>led a SIO.OCO; twuiwd for $.'.,000 ! A More owned bj Mr. John CotlieaiJ, and occupied as I i crockery ar.d clilnawaro atore by W. dai iaon, of S] Myrtle avenue. Mruoklya. Insured .'or$2,000, loss $3,000 .\udrcws \ luvlley, furniture and undertaking isiab I lite* at. .avert but little of the goo-Is. The low* is > ati mat.xl at trom trt.000 to $7000: liie'urml for tu,t00 in iIm floi lbo'dt, Hartford nnd two other comptni'* The build 1TY *" ' *r?l !1> I luirioa nugun ii. u?H,viw,|'?iiaiiv insured. Mr. DvMt. ftult store. loat about I960; Insured. Mr. .tola Shield*, paint liop tud controls Int. #700 Dt> in= 'raticf William fc RebinaoB. Inr* 43 000 ia*rrri! for k;oo. I*i*l k (lib- >a. building and catgut# (tori :t.;ro). Jf~i 91 'JjO: a port >*> of th* rood nt?l; maureJ. The. fumltori <t>rr of Mr I'. S. Millory, w.ih t'ie rou. tents' 1 o/ i *t.mi>t' <l at J4.v?0. torun-d for f 1 ,000. Tin- gr- ccrj f>tof ' ! Mr. ;u?d rwideaoe. i s mo; nnd u* m.2c0 Tb- Oaf eUcr wit!. tbo reut< nts. owred an*! occupied by M" 1. ii*i o.?U Ijoat 91-.00. insured lr>. 51/0*' lt? Mr t'.iry, U'O'nhor with hi r-' -t m.rV t and two vaijabk borne. lx<t* iwl united at 9*C0: Iascnd tor 9-.00 Kovwiai othr r buildin g w th their cwntenta worn destroyid, ai > tour U*? llxg h" ?*. the larger portion of lb" 'i rnJtnr mi l other article*. which would ? too nwh roon. for 11m if a correct i.tcrtbt foa> ric arte Menu. >V. fVeb Morgan n?g d tl.rcnf ? * ?tor and adaroU* ing bony. lie rwt.niaf 1. I.*- nt HOC i -rod tor f.l.giW t. Ui" Itooi'- IL<rtf'.rd and elder e?>ni|rr..c T ." tl 'eel Mr QUMlfl h h labm I Oaf, 0>*0 ID", w. rValiop aa<l t.?.|?, utv < t; l ?tod at be i ?ri , f tcjtd and $S ?00 *v. mii'* ?/w? T nmrk t or< |> ?d lif Mr I". Cary. iMhM 100 nn-rcm in; f . I81*# Wi am Iloaooy a I "i rr ry a/>1 da llicg; wort!: di,*A? inai red .-t 9*00 .t. the Hjio L iuranco t? ?:)* >> . i' niap and mndla Cirt. r> , oar ml and oo'opi d by M .S iU.a: Hill o * i, a iter ol C'raon< tl and Mam sir ts. V'? I r .1 .?f on tin- I iUt tlral, l> Ihlln/ * rtli lncured .a a Nov V rk outniwny ?. r 91.000. Hie ca.i oU. wer >>sl U? !> worm frot. 91,MO to Kl*jnw;lr .otter 91^. A iir.rlt l :.. l og. ab >ut 30 bp 30, sln?o?t ?w>\., oe?*afH(?l bv N )' tl \ n. > rtt. ?l - , i:. r*l tor f'" *'. :i eno of tin- Pnrttord rootj ini .1 trrani hi>" r, < oruj . d ly w!d.>w Moot >ti,W'>rtk : ot>, ftia -d O r fOnO 1; the ?: ;. ' empaay. Di- buil "a Uio "Ji? if id' of the a'roid *'r? a! > tnitoli ajti t^J, ntd ti?.? wnl lie ooir?td?tBhle fr n ait'r. T -y rrcght Or. f.-.iral tlw . but vore rst.rgn^ ed b> Uh firrnn ;i. o%r'jr?. art! aocoyiuilM. II. l.r- was * ti." w irlt of an Icoerdlary. Panglikcep*le haa to t bren flaito' br I \.c.U a dealr^tiva lire aa the noo ju-t nkated l<>r Iho ta>: lie" l/ tl .u ^?irs. li?? \ \C'i I .ni'a Y ."j" late i.'oor.r tl?rl?ty'a, w :: fl?" tbeir 9r-? gran ! r r'-rl IUU eraoing at t eaon llail. N wu*. en ?rti.< h <>??p|f? a var .1 an I nt Uiftife lUi'Tr D*, <""0 X of t?w t K> buflcagtit.*. .*c.. will lw porfUnu J. I'rrmnal Iwtrlllgr fi?r. I'nr r. n M'Tjatt, Of 11 nCCtlpJi jf Hj*?'tOi'Vitn at the Metropolitan ll<.t L Hi n. tt 10 p. 1 SfV" V'? ?t'f to tho l">?t ?f Pi?in, ai. I t\. TVliwx', 1 T,rf ' It" -'an 1'iyit*. at ttnliirft'n. ?." P!"Tf o-?t tlu v >w Y?rk ll"t ' iTnftiwr-f K.-nuwlo lu.drifu of Ihnu, rtoppii,! at ttto Antor 11** M??t- L ?'a|>t. Jo* oh 1 -too mi l arm. of ftarlnnntl. and fir. ('.ig moll, Albany, nr *toj ptur at Iht l.v?i?ll llni.'. t?ot. Han.'.', of SI. wcl.'t oftP; If in. Sidney I? ui. "t (Viiik . ji ktbn v K'ttii.'j*, of lino. Kv ii.i. r i iittv. i> li.i*rt'm ;i?, i- m . "t i *?..?. : it R. V. ilaup, !><(., pi 1 : y, (" Auty, u rv awn* thn trrltal* at tVM. N tli"l*H jlot I j?*tcr?t*y Cii't All :vp.ln?, of r rt.? r. ' O. .t It. HjTonl Faq., and P>n ijt.M' M i'Hm ii . -tt . S. C?ii tM, |jni . "I flwt'-n < H. J*l "L'-i fe, Fag., 'it lady m Mi-abirAla; S. II. _??. i., nnd It. )! ''woVihI. V ij.. Until nf Baltimore, are Mtrnip nj: at If " lni ffv I Invar. Mr-i ' <i :.iik?1i - Mi r. ', of Waah, I). C , and 1*. < ) ' t the I tiito-i '.iw* Arm, if ,tnj?t iii( .i U? AHof Itauao. IT. H 'i?iir or d .1 I' ? both of IV?ti?i C T -A- 1r ji. J'. ! , and w . "f C.* niiati, and W. ?. Mtir i riv, I . oi't hark t>? art loppiun at UtotifU A\cnu" lintel. tt. f Aiwood, l'*n if T"1. I'Vljilii* A iMtmn F?nan.!. iy. an<l Anion.j Bum. >i, 1Mb ul tuba, are *t<?p p d l tlm I nam 11* II' t> T n-att'iT t hiail'jr of '>t. Pr. t'sv-r "? fn w in h I tight > third year) gatbam<l it too '>U1 b nmn.tca J, to S* ii., Ui.?a, i>a tb? il t ?t , a-mo th .ity In number 1'.' Imit'y group ln?.! tt>* tenrrabln dor-V* aii"! hil a o. Uu rbildria. rn.'Ui ? wlnnii atv narrnitf, Willi th Wivo ur linthaiida of tbb latt<-r, .ad a. rrral Rraii?lihl! dr ii. Twuottboaor and one win-tn btw arr rl ro r i a- wrll na the potrnrrh of 111 tlnrk.Md tha four *f vr rail; ami oolVertnn|y |i r'< --mi 1 i the imlpite'tert.ata ,i tlx rharrli dnr'.at IIm ilay and avrmojt on Si a'laj 1- 'hara. New Jrrvt y, Nom ", n'?, t nn.,iTt.ciit aim Ma aai 'in ntta aoiit roy ro^ uiatiti*. 1 n happier fa'a,); im Totwtaou w w l.lora ao B. Wm. C KUrl.mVl t? or ' * the y ?att* at * ' fdil, R I. tin MfantHo'1 J.- nil u "'t". , 'f War, M t ro.nt, t*. 0. BrwUpi Cltjr N??i. Oota rem ren fU ?At a mfet'ig of th( Common Oounrii Month/evening. the Mayor seat warm miuuralkin vetoing a rreolutioo. parsed oo the 1Kb inst. ( authorizing tUo purehw-e U 10,000 feet of hose tor tlx : Fire rvpwtment at one doln*/ per foot. Tiie roaaou given I is that the amount of 97,000 only has Iwa macrtod in U?r ; tax levy for that purpose. He 8ugge*tod a modi Jcat ion ol ' the resolution, ee that the -(oantity of hot* to be pro i cured tdiail come within the amount appropriated. The , communication was referred to the joint Fire Department Committee. Kimtk'n to F.<i > a ViatPT.?The Common Council on Men day night i .rcctod an election to be held m the Sevenlh ward on the p.ih of Aug' at, for the purpose of Ailing the vacancy caused by the death of the late Aldormau, John StantHiry. TIB rABILY IBRILVi Vhr Meteor of Friday Mght-Thr Presidential ProMrin-Arrlral of the Prince Of Walti?The Military Carnival?The Walton-Mathew* Tragedy?College Com menreiuenta?The i>atr?t htwt?Market Reports, Ac,, >W, The Fawt.v Hkiuio for tii s weelc, will be ready today (Wednesday), and amor; other things it wR ConlaJn:?A description of the Meteor of Friday Night, the Must Remarkable Phenomenon of the Age?Sew Viewa and Shore View* of It, Ac.; The Presidential Problem? The Four Political Parties of tUo Country Face to Face, With the Views and Fet m*te? of a Lincoln Man, a Br>' uinridpe Man, a Bell ilw and a Douglas Man, all in the .same Chapter; An Account of the Arrival of the Prince ot Wales in Canada; The Military Carnival?IVporture of the Chicago Zouaves, aad Arrival of the Suvau(tali lliues; Cflnmearctnent at Yule and Harvard Colleges - lUiukf, Wiirou, Kverett, Douglas and Sumner on the sumo PUtiurtu f=?r Once, Ac.; The latest News from Kuropo, California, Ac.; A (in Ira at Pike's Peek; The WaltonMntliowu Tragedy?CI or* of the Tistiroony?Verdict of the O-iruiior'K Jury ujpaiuat < Uirloii JitTerd*?His Committal to 1 rlson, Ac.; The lyiea! N.-wa o? New York and Vicinity of i Impcrtwu Reports of tie (fiti.c, Provision and Money Markets, and all interesting n'-ur matters of tie preceding wock. Tkrjot?f2 a year: four cent? a single copy. SulivrlptkiBR roceivod at the rfflce, northwest corner <>f Fulton urd Nivs. au strc. te, New York. Single copier for s.Uc at the rotrate* and l-y all r.^vv a; -nts. Advert.- menU) iasorted at the usualJEL rutin rates. The Known (<o?d nedklnt. BRANPitKTH'S pills prurvr nr: uuvio, Are safe for ah act rare to do 'he r w >rK well. HAD Hi.ooi) makes a wea.t ?Wtl:i:tion. (tool) lli.Ooti makes a M'TRONll tmc. 11KANUltKTU rli.LS uviu/e the Utter. RKaD. July 21, lMf, f :a orcenwtrh street New York. It'.. Tt. Hcss'-i ct ? Ik i Mir? K?>r ihr ? j nr> I siw aiHwte t with erysipelas. Ac , ao thai I wsk almnst cricy with the pain, and tumble to do anything whatever. You ran Imagine in i inuiinn wh'-s I er>. that 1 l'.i ;* > two running nnri * at ous time. 11< log tired id feeing tiio doe'rr* and Uklng their dri ; *, I happily rallod at jou" of re and aaknd yottr advice. takes jour Vc,*eii\Mo Ucurc.1 Pills, awl eight box* of your sah.o, vsi'd sa yir : directed, made me a sound aca LeaUhy man m less ih.-tu three rnaiUl a. Yours truly, t. S. PACK. rrico26cents |irr bov, sold at PRINCIPAL OKI ICK. hlM Canal V e* No. * Unlet ( mpboll's. corner of k'.?t>ih SToiitni .nd Twenlj ?:fbJi street, 2S6 Howery, and Uf all drui-'sads. Drawings or Franco, Broadbenti 4c Co.'a llcjisnc Lotteries? firvr x Cor.iTT. Or ass IT", Jtn.r SI. 18(0. C7, 10, 18, 27, 42. 41, 62, 31, 2, 26. W), 13, 50. CoprycDaTrD IgirmtT, Ci ?ji lift, Jtn.r 21.L34u. 5o, ti, 71, 5J> 67, 5, 42, 10, ill, 23, 36, 65, 16. FAANCR, KROAIMIKLTR A CO., Mntajcra, Whrn offtou, Delaware. Drawings or the Iklawars Stats LottS" ttee.- -WOOP.T.l'DT A CO., Manure's of the niAWAUs. * euro car asp wwwijpi artra umnuia, l>?i iwah-eitka ci.ass no. 319. joit si. 18?. 1, 1?, 17, 61, '16, f.t, 62 , 20 , 7 , 46, 44, 73. Dn swami?Cue No. 3.".' Jpr r Pt. lb?. 72, 20. 43, 2, 0, 65, 7, 16, 46, 46. 26, 75. Clrculsrs sen tree r' r-barre by addresOag either to woo.'. XOIVY A t.O .'WUmlurdom Delaware, or to WOOD, blDDY A CO., St-Lou*. Mlswmrt OMrlal Drawtlgi oT llodgst, DarU 4 OO.'t Consolidated LeUerlea ef OeorgUi? CLAMS*', JOLT Zi. ISO. 5, 12, 10, 14, 29, ?9, 01, 25. 52, 10, 02. 30, 1. , CtiMSOl, Mr 5*. l(W. , 40, 01. 29, 9, 4, 27, 67, IN, 10, M, 60. 06, SO, 3?. 01 ) UOLKiCb, P0.YLH A CO., lUiujM Macao, (ieorr*. Koyal lUvana T?H?ry^Su, ?T,T1' IfJSS, C.Wf lb,tt?. 17,M7. drew the fi.t> Capital Prtw* In U Cr%" U?R < ' ne 2H. I'm. I" rr ;laraeon' frre of eruenae t , i. ltlrwm iKJN UODulfll'hZ, oar* of city peat. uiarieetui ! R 1 Hnyal IUT*na Ulffrj.-\M. ai.T'P ' j 15.227'. C MS.' 17/1,', drr-.v the f vr rap.'al prt.-e* m it drawing uf .'OW 2", 1.WW. i'ri. i-a by Mfh r?. illliSK I ( I)., UtDiar . 7. IV l: io .? c N< ? I k. Circular" eel [ irre of ciproee by edilrr., !: K i'? ;2Jo r or of it. He..' Mt, Km 1 or*. Nit fr'lnr Nhlrti for Klilr M?&n?acV rj , !fT5 Utoedwey. ! I j Brooklra IMineitnrwph*.?Wllllamwn' ; M*. lot! rr? Cabinet!, Ln,.rr %!?, ?.-1 UeS'/e. leulonjri. ; &%? CtJ (Iravcr A Raker'a Cclrbrotrit | M>TM<Xr.t*MKWtNu MACfllNKS, Tic beet u im ior fair.1V r-wla*. 4X> Hretdvk/, Wew fork. IXJ t'ullrr Llrect, Ktioa./a. Crfatarfnro'a I lair Hjrr, Wlfi oad Too. | fere The trot In tie world. \Vhe>?eV aud reu.. e-u'. u< ' i/B prltMi; bpp-id at No f Ae't r Uouao., T. Solt'i KrnUiky Mall R;.? Dottrbco, fid by oil d-urri: to. UK-'XV an * CO . N??. lb':, Sf> Oil *c? <ub ,tnod**;, N. Y. Whrrlrr A YVIImo'i (kwloe Machine!.? | tOClln*d??; . N. Y. i Herring'* I'aUul I liampmn Kir* ntul Kru . K'nffis 5!S1 H*>' .1 ? ?.>, r*rafi H':rrn v.,'!* l hew Yrrk. ' IHilnard'i ^Mtlr*. Air Wartlir A \% ll? j fOUT* fKVTTHO MAi'MHrl- 1.?ea ninlJaa ai mm'j ll . it o lb' r > ' r ; ? ? :: - i , 1 ?tautend i *? f-ot to ?i ?v?'r? i. I r.Kl?. MI1,\VM-.I??:.I W- "?'i An K. Y HraatlfMI I ompleilon.? I.Mini's l.l.?nl<l IVa/I la rr-ioui""*'! t'j n?( ' *' ii"U Ift 1 tha ><1'. on, 1 Cnu wli. tu?h? iti <'ii>nai'f uaafcuL I* kl driucaiata. If. 1 c ll ?i ?1< !** 439 R?frlarlor'a \\ Iga, Toaprn and IImI* Df luipn"?aa?-ua ? rraarjitnJ-. .< . nr.,, *. , <1 ewj; f-rrtctl lit, rotnrtilnjj up l^bnO. No 16 it-i-d > i*C IfII, iMlmltalil* ll?lrC Ilalr !?> * fr'i'-MH. Oi'.rT. Ho. 1 i':?rr!*y alrtri. 14 t>> all <1- 4; _______________ 4 tin (mill's Wu.lvr t\ l|(?rnllrr \?v rrlti. partliti naia!aahk?: ??o tumtaf ?r V*J Ur. ?l wa>, dkiI A. T. Kcwwi A * 1 1'raw*).?I)r. Jlank 4 oailnan to Apply I Mandicalr ra Trust with a > ? aa Hi U* r f umla 1 T: a" ?,* ! 'fxifxra, hbn'i>w-r Unwaa. K Miipnaam llr 1 ilaxi*. . S..k ij ?. I- 4 .. JH, P. ? ?. Ila. 'L 1: . . an' f iJ api-Uwceaa ,*<r A Ir. jrru>alvar* la fru?r < 1 imi . r. . N< . i li?) util, -Wr Uouar, m. I ra'u 1J .. :? Siarlfl KPriwtdMlllril III l?c III*- ll|. I aci. x m ? fata! m t' Mrc 1, la ' aaraixd?f ml. a .-*! I.j >* nr < r |?<.>. i 1 | la, ' ?* a .a 1 . h? ? ?. .*X 1'lruu.i) ... v. I !. II'>IJA?U \ \'b Mmtm'rt an ' the j tkn U lillt, *hc luit?r, Aluart.?.1*w Aha|i?i I |p fwi -aw llala. 10 .UP rto. In.ia aiuU.n. I*..? A Mi. k. , tin Iirmdwajr. l>r. lll||i' Trap 111H \ ntli w*lf la.ira* I in- .la, 11 Ni T.\aK? How I . raw 1 1 l*r *1 nrrl??4. Ill !' I ?nTT th r;tr,ft? S t ,1 f | l?>U^R>,v. !/.*nr<l ? *' t 1 , r< r 'ij ?" Clwow.t'i V.?rr r tftfi i'.h k'tlT <-f M M ?. Ij j fonnu.j ol On*u ?-,, IN?4. B- nvin ?ttn T i Itj , July I'!, of vmtv .| t , vr Ft:*'! T?, Will "I 2 .! < ?I I P rn'r ij, . ?![' I S ;*nn Thr rrtrn<ta of Ibo fnml.'y. (?? 1 <>f tier futW, the IM' , f''t-rt M< r?rl?i ?-, r< >|? > Ifi," luriUxl I Ui' (i-iiiTdl, fhun lirr I t'r- i>1*rr> , fc Writ 1 Jri- vlh rtro- ' I mi i*rn ij< ? 1' i >iir ?fl n> < ii. Ber rcsM oa ink ?< VntiO fi r u.t< roi?nt. (. .On ?U ii- \? n'^M, Jul/ 17 mj>mt " "T, djji a^onrr, Y1! ;>n i nm! Mrniinintu rrr .,f fv V |Jj .f?> n -j*r| t*0y In* IM tnmui-i If* Ii Irntn lb? rt~ )4mk? o tur |Ai< '.1", tin an-l JoUm.,' t> < nd m\< n< t mi i j o'< <<-k tlil* ( Wi?Iiii '?/) ."It m?*? C?n <y Mfli m .il ilirna oV I't mil < J* i.'m jui 1j? t t'llin. ..i i.. nr.I 16 'ajk. Tim 1* nu wilt Ink* ptarf fr m Urn rt* m no < I.* i? r if. N I0<?i iinn ?Cri < t f - Tim.- i i it < ! 4 1 nf" ( ! ??. il? r . .Aim m < at- .dr l>U)'U r>. Wit .trot nig. II.*-r'laltVMMAndfi- < (uImo II i If mi* innIttd kitMirt Iwwiill.? ln? T'?dMy, July SI, k.u*"> lkn . rt, AC" VOyrMl>,fl IimI.TC Cf I<Ulit>h-f, lNlSilltfVrf r< , ho I , lMfl'1 ll.f frwndt of the lun l/ ar t ^jrtf. 1/ 5, utr 1 to n( t< : d I i liiiiirO, Ifi'i'i lb- n i> v '! i i"'.- a'.at. j No. k*?? Thirty f oa4 Unci, Hum t?i?t -liy)MlVl , I lil'. , Ml (Mil O'Cktfk. | I (Mi TTwv-rtur. July VI, af 4V ? ?t Uio lr-,jr 1 FR.i?'-m Kia*. Aged M ftmr*. '' Th" fr ciidi (Miid lh? * of 1'Jf 1 *>!' r.l'f TV. TUVr r 1 pm. arc rr?f? "iflil!j lonicd *f> atl< ><1 IK fcer*; frrr '*11 Vitl li.riy-??o>?dM?rii l. M Diunl*/ I rrinj, *1 Ir in l< i k. Tl. rrm uns WIT b' tut in tVn C i i h ' r llnly Cthk, w Iit* m ? k'lnn n? of r'?( v.n I i li i ?! ii| for tli' r - <4 I I ll'TTnii ? ?fli T m J?y, Jo'' VI \;i- 'm i*? ' t< r of MorUmcr mp4 Jwiiam no-nit irk Tbi tv*i a1A.'iIM?M plwi 111 i rtfftMAl*] ) *, i i i! At b in <'< k, ffcori rt wiaI Ttri t ih #' txi 1VvkTfc! ffVcui*? kit. i i tby % 8 ^ . reapeoltony tavitedloatv'tHHheiVi^rat of C<W,ar??. ) U<*?, intvnl daughter ot fvmiioj um) Carol or l-ucry, al Ibrv resWen:*, No 2t>9% Bk.?Ckcr StTWI, UlD (M wtMfrday) afternoon. al three o'clock. , ^ Lvarams?in this Ttiealay./r'y M, Punnr ( J.,Mco*Ml daughter of Iter, li&nrl lanraeter T?' rt?.atw* and fruinrt?ui ih? Umi!> are llfHli to aft* I trad her trixvat, ln? tbe reauleoce of her tatler. N*. ' W lp*s' Broadway, on Thursday aitrriiooo at two o'tlorfc l la-Wir" ? At ibe roei truer of b.e father, No. IS Kik avr*nc; flcxac* Wanituiuioa, acooud son ot J aioes I. k( ? Nnnnio 3opfa a ) awler, in the lGth yr?r r>r ujj *??l?ublir oapern oiearc copy. tui. ? U'j Tuesday, July til, 7 ions .ionrrs, MB of Godfrey Y and .VJiza M< larUlan, jfed 11 moatha *a? j CO day*. The friends and acquaintance or the fumly are reaper* ' fully invited to attend tho funeral, Ibis (Wnonreday) tttenooa, at ouo o'clock, from the residence of h s pur<?ta, > No. 7C8 Kiylitb avenue. ku.vk ?4)a Tuesday, July si, Jawr> huf.oan | aped d months and M dn 'S. I Tbe relatives and friend > of the family are reonectfanp requested to attend lite 1 uiera! from bia ynix.d!at ber'a ' (Baufuri Hmith) residenceNo. 210 Wort Thirty Art* ! street, on 'fbursday morning, at ball-pant ten o'clock. The remains wlU Ik- taken U/ English Kelphl orbood fa* ' Interment. Hint?On Tuesday. JnlyM, Hau?, of thj ctirBe d CO yours, C months and 19 >(a>RTbe rotative* and friends ot the fam'.'y are Invited Id attend tbe funeral, from bis l.?*e residence, 21ft WaM Tlurtietb street, on Thursday morsiug, at nine o'clock. His remains will be taken to YonkiW i?r interment. Pttt, t\Ho.t.?In this city, on Tue tday, July 24, Otomam 1 t*TR? aseos, sped C7 years and 2 mint bo. His romaius will be taken from Instate residence, 1flft street, corner of Wavprlry place, nn Tinr 1nj~ mnrn't at cloven o'clock, when- tile frionda and ac^ualntk? are reapectfully invited toattcud. MIBCBUUJIIOCB. A IX I>KAF PBRSON9 WiO WLkfW fA.IS.Vl* TO avr Rc.UJcf KlfWUKm &HOUL& A PPLV IHMK OlATMV TO dp., vus vc*curs:>K*i, wi ?> wiu RE3T0RE rant nr.\a:wo BT HC If? W B1UML RZ10 TKsmtoiciAi. ?o* orm m< higmwc, KK.. biw M>M. T f*'t ire.ljr>l<i?M'.rr in rernfytng to Or Vci. Mocccdakffia f-rctt rW... I have born deaf for a Li ,ig t.ou\ :*m ?Idcp Dr. > e.i M'- l.r' ?< ! operated 01 mo I o?n Iwar difWntiy. 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