Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1860 Page 1
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TH .? WHOLE NO. 8722. THE PRESTDEN C Y. THE NEW JERSEY STATE CONVENTIONS. Plots and Counterplots of the Politicians. j Nomination of a Union Electoral Ticket. THE WUGLAMTES REFUSE TO COALESCE. ttPECT OP THE WLL-EVEHE IT CUP. I KU.ICCSE ATTITUDE OF THE DELEGATES. H3CHXY INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS, X., ki, M. THE PRELIMINARY CAUCUSES. T? tiOUOLA.HTES proselv ting?the wiciirs m CiVOR or VDBION?TBI "LITTLE GIAUT" IN CAU0XW WITH THE JEIlHBy MEN?UK ADVIKEB SKCK8HION AMD A MTKAJQHT OUT TICKET?HOW THE PROVRAM KB HAS BEEN LIVED CP TO, ETC. or* arsciAL trknto* omraTcms. Tramtoe, July 26,1860 Both Iac;xcj cf the democratic party went into general tsvret caucus last night At Mb o'clock, the straight out Douglas inen n the largo Tempersnca Hall, sod the Oaioaists in the basement of the same building. They remained in secret confab until midnight. No person was admitted to either unless Re wsa sound on the goose, to accordance with the Interpretation of the leaders of each (taction. Speeches were made in both meetings, these in the straight out Douglas caucus were ail against fusion with the other branch, all of the speakers declaring Douglas the regular nominee and placing Breckinridge in the same position of Van Buren vn IMS, declaring that no person that went for regularity w the party could even indirectly recognise the teceders. The whole tenor of the speechee were opposed to even apfor admittance in the Union Convention. A sense of Lhoee present was finally taken upon the question of uniting with the other body, which they termed irregular, and it was unanimously decided not to have anything to do with them. A committee of cue from each county was then appointed to talkjwitb the several delegates that would arrive in the morning from their respective oountlee and solicit their cooperation, after which the caucus adjourned until this morning, at ten o'clock, to draw up recruits and prepare for general public action. The caucus c f the regulars was well a I leaded. A number of speeches were made, ail of which were stroog'y in Savor of an union electoral (lcket embracing both the Douglas and Bell men. A proposition was submitted that s ticket of three Douglas, two Bre:kinri<lge and two Bell men be formed with the instructions that they should cast their votes for either of those three men which it would elect, but if their vote would not elect either then it should ail be cast for Douglas. Thai proposition seemed to meet with general favor, and oo motion it was decided to refer it to a committee of five, that committee to be author.zed to report a resolution to the Committee ?>a ltesolutiocs appointed by the Convent on covering the poxt. Upon the adoption of that motion, the caucus adturned. The rcgulars have thus decided to present a peace to the Doug'aa.uw, g>v eg them an opj* r lenity to refuse or accept. The caucuses nav ng adjc reed, the wrangles v. the hotels commented. Nothing was heard until long after t K. jmail Kftttri r.f th* mrnht hut *h.? r.t R <S h?n'. ? ftr.d raitoi (, regular and irregular; the lunger the outrovorsy -u kept up tba mure bitter iho Paling NlV'MO the lac<onn. Surer did the republican!; an<l I ha den -wry toanife*l ruhitt'T toward each nth-raw did iho two UK>tie last night. Tho straigbtoulerit were ax teittgly why, acting ra though may ha t some enormous eecrct u nroast wb cb would ru.ii th<- country if they lot ,t ut, and w tb that a nd ocat.uucd to brow bout the other ?dig of the party with groat leal, doclar ug that the ft- ? * mr -igar h had a load to oarrv :u esdora u,l' r ui?u Aai woo Id crutb thaai. S, iwitL.,, tha late hour "mat ugbt, 01 r.a or tba early hour tbia m, ml- n tb- *rowd ' I, tha wily poltltoia' ecru at work l?, 1.x o'clock Ibis n. iru mp, every one no eloua unturned to .rry oat .? r prognunmo. The turn e du and ni'ua.oa tt.,il ?r lean perean wherever be turn d aat n.-lu tie urw tbia morning. Tb: ,(oalo,J*i'>, vitup ution and -rgee ware heard In /-ry dire-it on. w.ib an occaalooal Owl bare and there taking over the asu i.? s-v-ta rat they had found. Thr gtru.ghi out IVr gla* . jun.t;ae uppuuikd laet night proT dad tb ma es w th 'rlt ,s end posted oil > thu iarc to b?.it? cbola th- ?J ??ato' ,.s 2jry arrived, 10 juiViiii them of t -r | r mi , and aeo tb-it tt -y w r- c< tea. i 1 it : regulars got held i'tliei Tt-re if' -ar*d, h ? .?</, to bo a d.tiatou in their . - e, cue portion dag.rout of gojig nlo :u? rag ilar J? i . 'Ctlon ad maae an attempt to Ihrrt body to a4oj t ,t itrk ght out Douglas and J t o- ui r-uolu: r, vh it on ugh-r portion w re in favor cf k< ?j> ng aw.r. . ut tt mu and going at into the aira.gbi out u nto o D it tbu won omy a bund to throw Uio iueiouigts oC from It - r e^ard.fnr tbe I> . g .i ih u hi I their prnrraaiine agro- 1 -poo lung before the/ came here, and :to do-legato* el?-t-d by the seced rs at tho primary elect.on were only or U?a purpoee uf having anuugb bore to n.ixe a fuii o u in tied, should ihe.r fr.-nds tu l thorns-Ire* table to ;oi.trol the regular Court oliun, and be obi.gad to osjode. Hue programme was agreed upon at the ^cw Vor* -a -ue r?f?rr?x to n my '.ett-r >-iterday. at tfco ti gg-st ua at the " I utile Ctat.t" The caucus v,aa nut held at the f ifth Avenue lb to!, as I aluLi-H ...unlit hot ut :ha M. \ |. Ay .loll *u- \wtl ;<n?~d of from iwutitj to thirty j>er*tms from rariois j, rIKIBR Of thiS JUlS. ' 1\??*y met lh<r?-. c pursuac-" "f an nry r,t w -o r* .flan, *1* ut Uf< lo;h of Jo y, woo we* notiaded, m Me>ii na they ui ntiM, i>jr a loinm tte* who e??>rt I n m 'rroi the K ith A*, uuo to th -t. N,ob la# Mot"). B 'ore tbe trr.vt) of Mr rv."igla? Mr. ?i?urgo Hal?t'*d f New4/?, uddr red thno' preeent, ,Ul i.g that be ba ! .1 pr./; Motion which he thought tL.-y ji< c 1 adopt vnd '.arry i?t to the letter, in view of the r-'ur*e that tu I b" a Uaeh by the - ut- H*? ut\e V>tuni \l?'? ,n reimni 1 ml tit i .aion. Ho then pr?s- ntod a written pr.j. rafluno, i4, it" "U.t that this caa us rro ' imoixl to all Douglas Ben to ofh r at each of th ward and 10 wnrh p prim irjr tc -t xrt a r | liuor rr X> iglaa .<nd Johnson as the only regular Doir..b"< ? of the d'tuoTiUls larty, and rooctnin' nding a etraigbi lateral t. ket. and sh?>: J that -a. utMm tail to be carried to Irid'vI ately b t,aod t' "o and thr oloct straight out Douglas dcoga: a to a etraigbi eat Orm?er)l,<m, to be heij ji Trentrc on 'be same ay an the other, 'he delegatea ao elected rhotii I aaae-e.ble n Ooovention at the aair.e hour ae the ut r, ?nd wa t the act en of the aeir'i ) i!h I yy the -Oate Ootum.lte". The fr -tide of I> u? *e 0 he luaioo t'? n veniioD, mined at-iy a <t their organ 1a.i-ti, mould alao offer a f'.ralgbt 'Hit Doug bio and John revolution, and If that ??t voted down to riv leand yetn the etra.cht ittura both tog ' or to tr*?. :p t f 'I ror rentiro. The deb gatca el' t"d by th ? bo!'.*fe t tLi ,-w.mary elect,* n w-r tb*fft only f 'tdc <-s y to til up vacaoclet a(Vr the a^ eaal >u. Ttii prepw.v>oo of Mr. Halsl-ad ! <t r n 1 y hvor at all, be being th" only p-rrcn U. adv wngth Mr. IVmglaa made his appoa .111 c and made tpeech to the meet ng of about EP'-r m n < n eacth. at the con-- ue no t< wb'th M' 11 h elated to b'rn the prop<?H in it it th-jr had b' 11 taking creer, and a?k' 1 his ,Mr. to glaa'j affv Mr. ixAr as replied ''that 1', aria B"t h'a pre* ?oe toad bam In regard to owe -un" m. it ten, tfca- w.. a gutter eat rely themeelves and b<! ng a lonal aCt r of their viat" b"lniiged to th, to ai.d net aim to i tt-ange bnt.' oontmued th'* ' Lltt'e ti ant,"' "if I * a yonr place. In view of tbe ?*i?t tig < r i atoj?l p ir? ,e that plan to the eery 1*1 ."r." Mr nair'ead IBMli "!y jamp^d tohuife't and ? t that be waa now more than'.'V r nv.r'ed that it ? J b'ir duty to xlopt and wrry o .t 'hat prorrsuime o r gai anl taputn and leader, aa you aor. baa etol.'rae.' and let a now take hold f It w b at y r. He dtp < tuned tbe caorrn 'u thla strain for ?>?ne ftpe.-B m icwr a Moor cf hw p t;n. Vo per-it a- thM t UM m ! 1 ? ! aga.oal t out of deferen-e to Mr Do'tgW, *b? e 1 ai ll nreeent and had ro-iwuarr.i.'i! iwanrlhl m' lb a tiM Th? oppaaaato naalaai ?!l"T>t *A '<,t? tv.i fina !y takm and th^ prorrair.riie ad< plod n [>" hi *v| aya.o't it, ti:l aevcriU rtf'ia og t>. vol? t afi an boor of Mft .n it targ ng clv.l.tiia U.r a t.. 1 jt imcd Mr Ha* trad ai. T i d" d?- \.ta;'t ft' raid t > ft ft'id of a. t o to tarry out a* ? I- g?-- tat a., gtaVcd U>* programme *? tt>? ,?tt?r. I tf t'- n "V d up V Ba lprrt ivrt 'he '* ng, no d? M,to tb* fit t tbat ( ? . oc'v Vr or ' f iayr bofof" tb? rr mary ir.ft ngt *er" bold *?t tharena art-rnb J too lata to got it- . t ; ^-n.* r.i > t try l<vjallty 1 tbo? aW> :? tbt r nUtt! >n t i V.aao V horo ' r y k 0 tho par' lh? r .it 'bo pr n ary ( !* t no Tin atra ght out (onvrt -oi ? t, laoo th. t mo n apoochifviH uaitl ? ma v.vo act. 10 it JUOB by tho rr g. '.ar, '.1 1 tbor " tl itn-f fort th' rr oolvoa ib tho mxrr.ty n ibc latter Cnnr-nt or bolt at I I rorood at .*00 t?. :b< Conront.' r 1 f tho ?t-? gfet ohit hero tho/ aro aor oo of b*v eg bog* do;<g*i. < *< to ma^o a full Coovot ttrti. Tb^a ye 1 a 11 ?? that rVicgH ard fc ? fr'tf* art i n? Uf vory tb r.g that if y -f'B' :boo to bittery .a tho Buck nr.dgeni. and art a for wnwaioo. "Tit da'tfatoa Item Brrgtn ixufity wort all nr?r it to. go for a I'n oa t k?i, ' U oo? gtalh man (at pear. art ? i v I r> nolao (wivit tt rU eg :?? ! tt tow dt.rgatoa tppoatd to *yg <* 1 E NE' THE C0HYE1ITI0H8. At?few DMHittN pa# eleven A. M. Use deiegalen be gan to wore the r way toward ibe several balls la pro paratwn for ihe great work be lore them. It wsa not until th* separation thai anything like peace wan foun t amongst then; bat aa the men of the same mmd only weal together, there for once wan evidence that a portion of the New Jersey democracy could renuun five minutes together >o peace and without -tiering bitter curses. PROCEEDIN'18 OP THE BRECKINRIDGE AND LANE CONVENTION. The to the regular Convention wended their way to the state House, and pursued their mar li with a firm and determined tread, like men who were satisfied that they had Uie r-.ght on their Bole and were deter mined to ma nUIn it. Tb'.y assembled ,n the A/.-hju 01/ Chamber. At twelve o'ctoc* the Chairman of the state Committee, Mr. rmuif, called the Convention to order. On mot,on of X. R. . *noK, of New Brunswick, Samuel W. Fowler, of Sussex county, was elected temporary Chairman, and Dane'i Blauvelt, J. C. BaOaty, and A. K. ThroJcKMT ton were thereupon elected Secretaries. The Csijiieix returned thanks for the honor conferred upon him in choosing him to preside over thA Convention. Never before m the history of tbo State had the de uocracy been called upon to discharge so important a duty. They were called upon, in the performance of their doty, to dAchargc it in a manner that will remove all obstacles that stana in the way of tbo onward progress of the party. No better place could be selected for the discbarge of this dnty than here. Around this place cluster tho reminiscences of the Revolution. fChccni.) We are hero called upon 10 ma.ntalb the principle* fought for on ttala hal'.owed spot by Hast .ngten and bis fellow patriot*. (Cheers. ) We arc called upon to maintain that equality established by onr forefather?, which uQt.l recently has never been I questioned. Wc are called upon to mainta.n inviolate the pledges made by our revolutionary forefathers, to sustain tb? covenant made by them, although there may bo discrepancies In the mauls of many, yet be 'anew that whenever toe democracy were called upon to mainta-n the covenant of onr fathers, that they would rally as one man for one Union and one constitution, (Continued applause.) Mr. Snout, 01' Middlesex, then moved that a committee of one flrom each county be appomled to report permanent I officers for tbA convection, which was adopted. The following comm.ttee was then adopted ? Daniel Townsend, U. BrinkerhorT. J. S. Mctt, R. B. il. Cooper, Fdward Woetcott. J. C. liennian, Dr. Samuel i\ Miller, J. J. Hough, Samuel L:il*y, Robert Adrian, James Patterson, Wm. Anderson, Chan. Errickaon, Ben). M. Cleavland, Dr. E. Shuck, C W. eomp, T. D Edson, A?ldison Clark, James Fisher, Henry Johnson, O. Shepherd. When Cape May county was called, Mr. WnwrcoTrarow, and stated that he was the only person j retort from that county. No response whatever was heard from Cumberland county. On motion, the committee wm instructed to report rules for the rep-Ualion of the Convention. A committee of one from each county was then appointed on credent'ais, as follows ? J. Levey, F. W. Earl, C. Westcott, J. ?. Voorb<-s, J. C. Coble, A. H. Hillard, J. T. Speer, J. 11. Anderson, /. Sbaun, Nathaniel dtrattoo, Jl. M. Knapp, J. Bird, T. Taylor, J. A. Hudart, Coh A. 11. Patterson, C. Ernes goo, Mr. Littleton, G. B. D.aty, E. J. Toet. The following otr.mittee wm then appointed on rraolut.ons?Idniel Iownsend, J. R. Black, K. West Coll, B. F. Carter, Uecry Johnson, J. C. Beedle, J. Olyphant, W. M. Hitchner, A J. Rodger*. Spencer C. Smith, J. K. Marten<lyka, C. P. Andrews, A w Markly, W. B. Guild, J. C. Ratterty, Wm. Patterson, J. W. Jackson, J. W. Taylor, K. Doughty, R. P Edwards. A mot .on was then adopted d.reoting the President of '.he Convention to procure a clergyman to open the ailer noon ec-sion with prayer. Mr. S'xx?:, of Middlesex, Ihen Ba d that he believed that every person present was ic fa .-or of an Union ticket with all partes opposed to the republican party, for the purpose of >< th? d'feat ot tie r reel,oua! Candida e. (Cheers.) To arry out '.hat ' tid bo had a motion to make He thm moved that the Chair appoint a committee of flte to meet w th too constitutional and Ic on parfy tor tte purpose of br.Dj; u' aboc:t that result. (Chows.) Mr. Josn-iw, ef, aio. 'd that in committee be authorized :o confer with the Douglas invention also T. Diuv -is- o , of Bergen county, sa d that he had I Dot too least objection to lavor a union 01 all parties tor irpose 'i defeating * tommon enemy. Be out* pledged ;o -arty out that principle, but ho tbocghl the I gentleman frou. Middles'! t little premature .n h.s to lion. Ho thought it inp-'illic for the r*prorn>4t:v<Mt of the d :mo racy to plao? their, sei res n th it attitude in looking around Tor an Union before ,1 v?i nought alter. H" had no objection to a union elactorinl ti kit, but ho lad to the mode oi' arr . .ng at i., for the rettcon that t placed tbo party u U>- )K-:t."u of t j mi*' (O'er ) Anoth'T gtatlemaii h<iped u. I I would be w.lnlrawn for the preeen t. Mr. Johv^x ti ec roe. I a do. .id nt c .a the i struct iocs inder which be cane to to.a Convent ?, * that th"*? were the rear<?a that prompted 1. n, to move th" arr.< t .in i.t Mr. ixu then arose a?<l ir.o. .fie.l I mot on by ad ho- , r. r.g the to corner with any in trut ; ni ^ht be ap?? nt"d oy .liter bod es i. Drv* fcv u-.n mo.ijd to refer Uat rre>-tut on to the 1 Comniitt"C on Rceolulora, ?b?'b naa adopted by a large vote. The Coctect r* there j) on adjourn'd ?i til two F. M. the revmathr a-vent .'oiriniUoee met .u d j charge oi lb" r duty, The Comn. tteo on Resolutions h? I . a'"ng'-by '-oust. tat.or. i|>od the ?ji -stion >>( an Un.o.i electora t skei. A bundle of rceolui.oos was eabm ltd to tbe coram tie* ejr|>f-<*.ng ail manner ?t Tiewa, which vailed a .T.gthy delate. a r-mtvoos' mwion. The Otvn'.irin waa ?l.ed to order by the Piealdrut at twci ty m.nvtee paat two o'clock, and <<pei ed by pryer by Ret Mr. F?tot, of Burlington county, ore of th? delegates to the Correct or. Th# Comu ittee on I'ertnarent Offctratben made th' tr r'por: through the.r Cha rmer. Pr. I illey, rwtemmendirg -wti.uei W. Fowler aa permanent I'reaident, with one V.. a Pr*?.dent fromeechuOounly, the exception of Cum< tier land. w tt, the 'tr-al number sf Secretaries. TV r? port oe og adopted th- I'km u art (aid ? Oemmt o* rn* Okhm dj- I f*"t aiyrlf ogt ,n bound to retire you my 'hank t for this renewed erpreee in of your -onOdMtcn, and wb.le I congratulate you up n tbo harmony and m< <>rat on that has Ihu* far (oreniol your ourr"l(. cr." m?-t r*- '.i y %It <f yon n farther proc<v>d ng* of th .'flOTPnt.on you will r*n*.?me lliat ad wb ? h ? .n y<r r power to render, n ?li chary ng my duty ,n pre.'l ng ovr the del t'rat.oca of I tb'( Convention. The ommittee alao reortcmn l'<l the adopt.oc ?T tbo following re*o!uttoa ? RtMilrtd, That the nlec governing th* lout I"inoerat.o I -'tat - < on .cntion bo adopted by Convention. tbo Oomm ll"" no Credential*, through tbolr <bairm*n, ibea report" J that there wu no contested nu, and by ailing the lint of oo tti.ieo rroct lint of dologatoa would be obtained TV) report won agreed to, and a motion adopted trat j the Secretory 'oil tbo roll of count ion. .titer ? inn random dwcuMkin a m t.en won made to j diepetiio with all briber buainenn und^r that rmolat oo, j which we* octet ted whereupon a mot . n wan made th-cl ! the dcleg "ten from each oovxty would fum.?h a l.nt of I dot-gate* to the Secretory. ThU r"j;iilaticn d d not ?ctn to "'t tbe u?f* of a!! rre,-oot una fin. i!y .t was *gr."<l ttut each courty repr~fentod rejorl to the Secretary the number of delegate pi event. Tbe I .at of CO untie* wan tli?a ooltad orr. and ,t traa *? (TttiMd the 1 there were 6IT 4''legate* (inWhl. Mr. ** tad that they were all regular and rot % 1 hog'i* ei e am >ng?t th" m. lhe<p>;? ? it a underttood that thjt I* a regular coo j Tftit'on and rot a bog s* one. Gtoki.s P. Amman, cha of the f omm.ttee cm P.eoo lutkma. then mode the follow ng report ? ved lhat the d< morrot tarty of New Irreey In ntireiit.on Keren i>led. do hereby realfrm the platl-irm of pr He pie* adopted hy the National Itomovratic Ooorention n IWd, and re adopt* i in 1 (00 Renalved, That the elector* nominated hy th;t COnren. tton ate .nrtroctcd to coot tbe electoral vote of New Jrr- i ey to a* to aef.?t l.nonln and Ham: n, and to nature an taction if pomible by the people of n President and Ve e ' Pr-w dent from one or tbe c< m rat one of the democrat ic ! or nion part e* Renoired. That we ca.) on the deroocrrey of New .Jer?* y to rupiurt tbe *le< toral ticket, and ineite U.e cordial on* I operation of all oonsrrraire tret rh?y reported tbe foilo* n?- rnoi- tlonr? Reoolwed, That a r/iinre ttae nf Are be appointed to roofer *itb any committee tin may b? appo.nt?d by r tbrr of the ether coovent ota for the purpnav of uniting upon one electoral llci"t. The roftoliilieoft ft" ftlj adopted without debate, *lt. ilut err ftt'1 ccmt.nued applft-wr, to ail appearance rn^tinp wttb uaitrernal favor. The Oft*!**** then appointed the following Committee of Conierrni* ?A. R. Speer. John H. Meeker, Jaaaee ampbetl, Ikta el Hot.mnr, Charioa J. k->mteaT#?. Mr of M dd'"***, *a d?In > rdor to carry not the programme much wisdom and < ruftultatrm must bo rosorted to He motml that tbe d*>patee rrom the several diatr'^ts name ft ponton for the alectoml ticket to bo supported ftt the neit ole. tioo I Mr Ikaum tkn|bt that tbe committee of flee could ! attend to that. Mr Krr.m said that this OoeTettion hadm>there under peculiar circumatanret. They bad afreed n their reoolu| t>otia to onlte with all part, en n tbe Jtate for tbe pnrpooe of defeat nr the b aric rep .b -ana. <'"beer* ) If tha prorramme *u to be arred out, they would bave to procaod with prtdeo-e, aa other part ee were equally inter.eterl with ibern n U.e (real object o' tbe defeat of the se-txoal black rep jbi can cjvrt .date UcekiMi H-o.naeTr, ei Warren scanty, leiared b meed W YO MORNING EDITION?TH In fbvor ofa anion 01' dem >;rai? for tbe saue of tTL n?u. (Qieers.) 1 ?t : toll the peoide that there are t.ines in wb-cb a surrender of ns,uor principles lor a front ra .w btvoroee a duty, and ia required by )*uriol.sin, rt*> u.rod , by everything dear to patriots. We met her a times of per,), when a sacrifice f(,r pol cy la n>ry to prevent a quarrel u every -cooiy m the state, to - ?ve the Legitiature, to rave our Congressmen? yes, tosuve tbo Union of there Slates. (Applause.) He w<>-Id liken the emergency to the capta.u who -tand.a upon the deck when the s?a ,? and throws overheard | irt of his cargo .n order lhai he may ride wtt'<'ly thro > h the storm. <f*heorv.) I of th.-i wesen.uly sa oompoeed of Pougias and Breckinridge men, sod what are their principle Why. on the one hand they -jy | that the people of the Territory should have the r.ght to admit or exclude slavery. Another branch of the den racy say it is the duty of i engross to interfere for the protection of the sla\ehohier',n the Territory, and both parties "ay '.hat tb- moiuent the people of that TjrriUiry organise a constitui'on they have an indoubted right either to evolude or admt it. This question has alroudy been settled by a higher law?the law of nature baa controlled afia r<> so that there never would be another slave State made out of the terr lory i^iw belonging to tbe Union. Mr. Holkmwv asked du.t tbe coam tu-e of five m.gbt retire and attend to tbeir duty. Tbe Okatriuv stated that tbe speaker was one of ihe committee, and that he could not be jj two places at once. (Roars of IsugtT.) Mr. SrroKtAvw continued? Both fact-on9 of lb* party joroe to the Minn conclusion about the sovereignty of the ptople, and yet for a minor difference ihey are willing to sacridoe their country and xmstiiui'"fl. All vho delegates Irom hie county wow hero iMtlWtS 10 promote harmony. Like Jackson, who sacrificed a principle when he declared martial law and ended the second war, tliey eland bare to unito with all others for the jrirpoeo of defeating tbo common enemy. (Applause.) J. B. Wabd, of Essex, then stated that all the delegi:' a from that county came here for, and would give i. s ae'aent to the motion. Mr. Haul, of Newark, Mid that ho believed that ct- ry person present had made up their minus in regard to 'ho mo.ion, and movod the previous question, which, aiicr considerable confusion, was adopted. The list of counties was then called over, and the following committee were appointed to name electors. ? I). Townaend, C. Wills, E. Weeteott, J. W. Lidde, H. H. Johnson, Col. W. D. Davis, J. W. Taylor, E. 8. Doughty. J. Shann. J. M. Watson, D. Holsman, J. Barr, B. barney. J. C. Bafferty, J. D. Field, C. J. Krrtckson, W, & Willis, J. J. McNally, Spencer Smith, 11. Milliard. After some further debate the Convention took a recess until four P. M. At the hour adjourned to, the Convention was called to order. 'ibe Electoral Committee not being able to report. Judge Naab, of Trenton, wan called upon to address the Convention. Re said thai be felt honored in being called upon to address this body. It had been his fortune, for s great many years, to be associated with tbo democracy of the State. For the first since 1IU4 the democratic party of New Jersey presented a divided front to the enemy; but that is no fault of yours. You have come here under the regular call, and are the representatives of the democracy of the Sttte. Ho' believed that no greater calamity could visit this country at this time than the success of the republican party, it was the ??*/ ?" m'.uiwiw w dh?v ujq uvumry kuu prcwuw (hat calamity. He held that the all^g Jtnoe of every win in this country was due to hia State drat, for the reasuu that, in oonseq jence of hia character aa a citizen of a Mate, be is heard in our national councils. As citizen* of Sew Jersey they had always held the doetrino of taking care zt their own afihirs in their own way The democracy in their national councils had split the party, and it was their duty to prevent .is extended through this v'tat?. A v ok*?"three cheers for the oid war horse,'' whK.h was given with a will. Ibe JlTtr continued?There is a party In our midst for Bell snd Everett. They aro old wbigs, members of that party which they fought so long and well, but they oome to us without aay of the. told issues, such as the bank, Ac. They bad dropped all of those, and now come at' supporters of the constitution and the laws. Was it not their duty to unite with tbemf He gave bis hearty at.-ett to the resolutions adopted by this Convention. (Cheer*.) Coming to us as they do, standing ja the brooch and light >ng their old friends, he thought it tneir duty to un to with them teart and hand, and make New feisey the bulwark that will h.-.-p tb- oo the cast side of the Hudson. (Hear* of applause.) T. di ss Kskiumi was loudly called for snd -omlng forward said that alter the very spirited appeal just made, bo f.-ared that what he might say woul-.j tend to destroy tb? enthusiasm that bad been gem-rated. He - ntertainod none of the misgiving- about the future of the party, ho wus not alarmed that many of their party frieuda had got. after strange gods (applause). Ho wis not alarmed that MahaibMMM imklRMI of moc ImMM -f fall, tic down to principle*. (Cheers) He had no (bars of ibe fiiturs of the democratic parly. Wo ha .'ng a growing and changing nation, but 'nog changing tbotw principles whi< b lie on the foundation of our go -eminent. The famous Kentucky rwHiluVton of Ci'lH, ! lliat maintained the ?t)-.dily ri the ta'ew, al'tjo gh ior . & )->og wme slumbering, have amon and wore end. re-I by the Convention in llhiJ. and have tvy-n cnJorsod by -very Convention since, both regular and r regular. Here we atan.l, tie- little idncky Hlato ?f Mow Jersey, 0*. 1 tweeu two i-roud Stale-. out little as tiioy woro, who s then amoogftt th.-m iftt> *-'tate of New Vork altemptod to take a foot of the.r laud from them, would nut tl^ht with ail his in-ght" .n I s th-ro a ^ato, ei.ber North or South, but what won. I do we s-'tn.-r l?l un do r.gbt not to p'taao a so (Ion, out because it :a right. He thiugbl 11' they went Into li e canvass in earnest they could cat I the cl. otoral vote of the Stat-. against the re-I ppil(er (Aj> pla ice ) He wwild ray or.r more word atxiut the Bigger, tor that is tbo d'-'-rt of all |m>|ttical aii-wch-v. He was I -ic'a ."-ltd I .red of th> agger, .uid te otiiy brought 1 .n, .11 j del- r- nee to :he cutom the age, but ho wanted w I tho republican party .'-iwti to the pract.ce of th r 1 ives n t(, iiud t> do h- would - rg.-st tlat when ' ifej 10 tb<- r address tli?y would n- address -i 11 their :e ow c litem,' hut commence : wtb lo.l- v I niggers." (Appla.?e.i Mr. i tiRi ?li waa fo!'ow<M by ?b. Pan t and Rnr -tr Akhus, both tdv>'i tmgfunting upon on? electoral ticket. A Kf.'l <ie* of mi' ai noea ?u tutu fcated at ihn ?Ug t of tli- iwoocc.iinga a r*g?r I to the urd.n* of the Kl?.:tora! Qiir ni ite. ,n well ax lb" Om-mittee of CoahrvuM, a number ol i-tiods desiring tbat they ahou'd ! ? wall-"! iptn to ?"e bow long it would be bo'ore they would I ready to report. During tie coatroveray in regard to the^ Ion if aliene. Mr. S' >..*, ha of the eoir.m iter of five, appointed to wt't upon th? other Convention, then made hi?a;<;?aiac.-'V and replied,!* otnmrnding ili.?i thi*C?nr"4. lion vtac'-' ?n the r lector jil ticket iu bebalf of tbv l; l md Kawrett m- o the follow rg BMBM ?Vin. H. M' l<ocald, >! aaex -uinty l^t-r J. Cert, of H ut-rd< u county aod Charles C. M 'hewuey, of Marcr county. Tb*' r'-port was received w 'h great appla .se, ai>d adopted Wlib universal good feci og A-i toon ac order wax restored the Cha.rmm of it ? (ommittoe staled tbat they would a!ao rei-ommi u 1 ti it the President of the Con\eniion be dlrecp-d to aend a letter t? each of tbe gentlemen placed <>d the electoral I't met, aakwg tbom t ibey ooneri.t to the term u: the *rr~-n>i';il, aieo'bat * committee of lit be appntnbsl to All vacancies tf found nwuieary. Tb'-ae ranolutiona Were adopte<1 with great applause The (.Kainnte ai*o fart ier recommended a revolution n regard to tie way tie elector* ebould raat tin' r MM Altera great deal of < ontrorervy t war amended ?o a* to read a- follow*, and adopted ? Resolved, That the e|?.-tora! rote of tie ,?taie be rant ror e,iher of the candidate* ?ppoted to Lincoln and iiamlln whom it wit] elect. After considerable debate th;a waa *i|opted. r'ontidorable controveray fol.owed n regard Pi the eourae that '.be g"i,Ileum tbat ooanpoaed the electoral t cket would taae if their vote would not elect my per earn. Mr. H?U, of FsacS, d<w .red P< kr.ow, on behalf of hta "lleaguee, who they would roto for if the rote of lb" state would not eleet . y Tie election might r > .nto the Hi'inc. ard u_v \il to elect, w b n th. Senate would uae the two I glwat mdldafw for the Vice Presidency; It waa. ther fore, important that it lio'iid tie pvifeet y ucdorsPioit betbro tbey proceeded toy further. Mr -rwvt slid that on bekaif of tb committee tbat hat called upon ib" ihril ?mt Krerett men b<i would atate that it waa undi-rnti i?l tbat d the voto of tbta - late would not plfh"I aat iit'Proii iJipfi (ho m< n rv tnniM t-.a (ho i?l*w*/?p.a! ticket wouldnil tbetr rote ,n ac - rd'tnce w.tb th'- r own pnhriti ?w. This ?C' tut.! to nettle lb" wt. c controversy .a?J ' Tory one waa Apparently fcatjitied. The committee to nomrm an elector Al I'M n? tb> n nnuutnieO and thro* gb I heir chairman. M'. Ha LMlto anno'tn e<! 'hai tbey aclcctod II o folic* og person* lor fleeter* ? 'jrroK? ?t LMM Mw c A. -Vvrnr Brechin rider. peter V. Vrie m Br >A.rr Out. bi?TRi'T kikmi". 1?R. Fickle* Iwugla*. 2?Chari'-* NtOwiiy Met! ? PHer 1.1 lark .'Bell. ' 4?ft'nj. Williamvw Ik'j(l?r b? Win. R. McDonald IM). Tbr nnnount-rni'i t of fhr ** n ira?? waa gr <etod * 'h ronud* of applause, and tb' itii rmM of the coma tec waa frequently .n tempted in wading Jvmti. a met on ?u made that the Conveal on ampt and adopt the report, which wa* arr ?d, when lb? wb" Ceii vent .on rent to their (ret and gate Cheer a(Vr cheer. On motion of Mi Ksmism, a voir of thanks wa< " frrred upon 'bo President, after which the tliairin.nt mad' a l?w "marks cngrat dating the Con reel i<*? upon the fault of tb< ir Jelib rat on. An att"tri|'l *ie made Ve an-ol a nwa Stat* Cotfiiu t tor, but before th" war put another was made to adii uru nar dir. wt. b waa arr.ed, and tte whole band hastily left t!ir Araembly iltamher and oommasoed pro(warinn i?' haaty retreat from th" bemea of th" r laboi a. F.vrry evening tra n was crowded, and I he city of Tret.t Wo aoonpraaenied a ilcanrted appearance. PROCEEDINGS OK THE DOUGLAS CONVENTION. Tbr Drug!** and Johaaon party openad the amie.yn at Trenton, V. J. yeaterday, at the Trmp'race Hall, at an early boor. There waa a coo* derable aeaemhlag" gnihrre.1 together at the first note of preparation, and thru't he t tbr mornity th" large i pper reoir ef the building wbi"h ibey bad aeeured tor the pcrposw, waa three guarbers ailed. Tbr j rnreon! tigs ;p to twe've o'clock w re of an nfrrtral? haro- i?t, bet i?tm -ha r?* of .rpruw ( J? a political wew. In cofi?r*i' eote. pewever, of tie great tlptrgrrl Wfcteb y-rera *C UmfltM ?e HW RK H URSDAY, JULY 26, 1860. ly quiet town cf Trenton. on wboee old SeroiuKonury tnutia gro-jids ibrcs temocraue Rtcnmoods were contcfting to* tfl<> Pre?,d?mijj chair, more waa a oooijmoufi ingress and < gross from the room of ;he " repuUr ticket" moo, EC If constituted Scouts, who were anxious to pry jim> the arrangements, and to calculate upou the strengtn of the oppoe leg cccveutiens to be held simultaneously witb uh r own. 1 bero were Ii28 aeW>(ri.t9a reported w .n attendance?all good men ud true? staunch supporters of the straight I*ouglss ticket, uul opposed to " fbsien" with, or concessions l'r. ta any H:de whatever. For a couple of hours previoi'S to the formal opening of the Covcntiou several ?t-niig speeches were delivered, and strong ap peals made in la -.or of Doughs and Johnson, the aomateus of one branch of the regilar democratic body; a title claimed, also, by the r Hre:?ic ridge oppouents. The resolution which called this prel.nnnary meeting together was adopted at a cs cos of the party, hell the previous, and on the whole it waa a piece of very good policy on the part of the lead, re in ;bo Dcuplaa e'.eren in New Jersey, for wr ??"'< vi me party lageiiu r ana i-naoR-a ihtin U) present tin unpoeing fiout :'rcm the Lr?t, while at the lame time, Ik* leg thai, the addr-vsee of tho sevral 1 speakers tended to < r?ato an unarm, ty ;iod enthusiasm , .u the breasts of the supporter* or ik-i cacao; t also pro(tared them tor gettjig through with ibo siba-xjurnt regu lar busncsa ear y ami w.thout ha\ Jig an adjournment, au ] w .is the case in (ho other two Convontiona The following gcmk-nieu addressed the -arty meeting ? " Mr. (barret S. Cannon. Bord' ttown- Mr. Jacob Vanai:a. of Morrirtown; Mr. Jo>*l Parker, Mr. Theodore Bay en, and Barmou I "rice. The business of the Convent,on was initiated and conducted without any iraneoua dxpiay wt.itevor. So bands of music, no cat ?, tanners nor devices of any k.nd either enlivened the proceeding's nor adorned ibo waila of the building nslde or o n, but was, in fact, required from such, frr the Convention, from ita 0(ten .ng to its close, was an, rut tod w:ih tha greatest eutbusi- J asm and the greatest harmony. The next point naa.i:talned by the ap-a?'-rn and ap(i!auded by their hearers , vta tliat there should be no fusion with their opponents of either wing at tho expense of tho slightest principal , At twelve o'clock precisely Mr Cannon vacated the chair, which he occupied as President of the initiatory proceedings, and a Pr.wlde.nt been unauimously adopted n the person of the Hon. tleorge , F. Ford, es-Uovernor of the Slate and lately delegate to Charleston, and proceedings of the Convention having been at once proceeded with, the , Convention closed its sittjig at twenty minutes to two , o'clock, adjourning sip. die, having adopted a through Douglas ticket on the Baltimore platform, and having effected the whole of the b'lBiness for which it had met n a seemingly most satisfactory manner. iKrwKOON tnstioy. Mr. Jacob Vaxitta, in his capacity aa a member of tho National Democratic Committee of N'cw Jersey, said in view of the action of eorue who claimed to belong to the democratic party, and who had met in convention, not to nom nate an electoral ticket to support tho regular candidate, but a ticket calculated to defeat the regular democratic candidate and to divide the party, they had lie n compelled to call the friends ot the democratic party together?rren who would mj.jwrt the regular ticket straight through and ncULJig else. They were now assembled for that purpose, and as the hour had arrived for organising the Convention, ho now left the matter in their hands] , Mr. Cavcov was proposed as Free .dent of the Convention, but be declined and cam-d t Hem. (.miri k K. Fosn, u .-oiorrcr of the Plate end J latu delegate to O srl'*st<in, who was appointed wnh ao- j damatMA. Mr. accept. ,1 the otlioe, was led to the , chair on the platform. Tn- lK?*ii>s.\r then row ard interned thanks for the honor conferred upon him in t~. lag called upon to preemo over a d-worral.c convention, whoso object was to keep the democratic party pore ami intact from those dlviaioia which threat'nod it. Hie whole h' .rt was in the good work tin y tmd undertaken, and he would no with tfiom .n their eflj. ta to the end. (Cm-ore.) The f'Riait.r. t li en -uincm :ed that their Cret duty wns the appo'ntm- nt of aec-r^t rtes. Robert Jre.-n was -inan,moualy appointed secretary to toe lonvenf.on, and Andrew Jaikson Smth. represented as a good reliable dodo rat, v.a-i ussa font sei*r- tory. A mo'ion waa than out and ,.r n n < a'v ailorfe.l. that the co'ihties 01 lha buto be ..all-1 n lltiLlbMiiC*!??!?, and that ?flections bo ?1 one person from o*..h county !o act as V i ?> If. iMettr. On tho motion ?1 Mr. Vifirr*, ' was revdfed that this rules 01 the last i ou . eution bo r/i ooi n.jtOotven t.on 11] oUr-nttac jrdir?<L if tho motion f Mr. Crawr-"" Mr *, of Bi rV.ngtcB, t was r-wolred that tho Of "1 r proc- Jio elect ^ena electors, and that a/tor tho re; rivH-ntativta of ?a o county had -tOMn thotr .- cifotors, <?:b eioctor bo nominated as the twenties b t called. Ten rriinut'i W"re allowed to tho counties tochooto their delegates, end aitor tho ?ip,ration of tbi* t n o tho -Secretary tho coonti over, ?t. 11 tho follow .rg wero 'icanto.'uaty nominated a< -tat" deiogat. ? m*TOIW AT lull' >.. Willi;,m Oooke. or Hudson. Joel Taraer, or Monmouth. /'to. pwtH?t nrun out 1?Abraham W. Nash, of Uuiiiiuc. S?M.w-* Mill*. of 0i.i lingo u. 3?Joecph \ leltt, ot ttr-hreii. 4?Ihuiiel c. .todcr on of ** ewv 1 i?lTheodore Konyon, of 1> eer. I ^ Tbo election tfUi?M parties ass bailed bv the m< I r Willi enthusiast.' he-re. Mr. W*. Hah t moved the follow ok resolutions ? . * r. -iil-.e.l, Tlitt' t a necssary for tho purp-an of the | 1 pnvtni political auipsign In wL eh we are about to en. gag- iti New J i y tlia; Uio regular democrat; : fair y J should have a -iat" Committee. constituted of oercn pr eons, who in tei mimical ton with the member of the N.i I tonal PfOWStlO EMOntlvn Committee for NewJ-rrty (Ja>?b veuatU), shall hare powr to hut .u all matters 1 wh ch ii th ir i t r- I, may !> > ti -rtary or aIv sates t< wards prt mot ng tl>e object* of the rt.mi a gn. K< suited, Tliat tho President of the Convention hare ' power to app? ml said vomm ttee. Tb" mot m was put from the ha r, and >.nae imously 1 M. IT e. TbcmaaS?. AUiaon, Adolpn .-nak.Oarrett?.Car- | ' n<?. Install CWroi). Ibumai M. V Carter, Nathan ? .-'traitor. | ; Mr. W*. Binm tb?-r Mid that in v.ew of tbe pr"*t * mporlance tbat ill th- '/fning Pr. a.dentiai -anya** would b-alUcb"d lo the party to tb*y be < ig*d, e?; ' rully to th.** whom ib*y put forward aa Um r~proaen'4- * titct of tb- purly in the state of Now Jnraey, he moved ibat the counti-a bo *Jl"d by tbe d.lterrnt chairmen at * nppo,nted a cau :uc, and 'hat they oitlo al y report to th-j OKI ?tion th nam's a tbe rspranut >.- >? and d yaw** from 'a h county, and that those gentc-mei.. m 1 their names bo ailed. -u.Jid forward. Mr. ViMlM oNio -fd. Me -a >1 the .nly object .ntend- ' d by tti" mot'on had been air- ady ro >? t J, ih" t'h.? r n men of count* 1 tad already ritorN Ibc t mwr vf delegab*. Mr. Bakwtt?And tb*ee ratr. * Mr VaeartA?Vea and au the ooject yot? desired t..a be< n already attain' A Mr H .KiirrT th"U witi drew hi* reeobitioo Mr Masoncst renewed the niot.on of Mr, flabo It lt*t tbe name* >1 the delegate* at 4 tier ott.nrrs bn-ti by the <?mvei Don b?i call"d *n? w, and that tb< y sotcd forward a* each ton" ta ca ?sd. Criee followed? Adjourn t.J Ave o'clor. " .*rnui V?flg?-a"No," "No ady mment. ' and hear* A motion waa then a.ade to lay Mr. Hancoo i tc't/ u n Ibl table. p Theuc? Uod waa put by tbe P***ii'Kn a :c ire Jtg.'y, and ii negatived. The original motion w?a not panned !n eonnerjuesied of tbe follow .n* reaolution Wc at tt riu-a; of tbe : proceedit ff -nbmittod to Mie uoovoiioo by the Comic. I- * tee on R?-#olutiona>? Wbercan, the many nr. ! gV.roun Tletoriea beretoPire 1 achieved by tbe democrat,* party have b?"0 the r?ee|u ts of III de'.ntioa to coMt.tutional d*mrat o prnr'plea, at and itn rigid adherence to tbe aupport of tbe riyular munineea of lb" party regardlaaa of peraooal ea- l? teem or dlaJIk*: and wherna* the Democratic National 1 tl Convent**, lately h si J at (bari"av>a. did adopt tbe aartn i c? piaif. rm of principle# in reap* I to the paramount tiaea , tl party of the Union bM etrod lirjig the |vt two Ire J year*. ud which the dMMcnUo party of Sew il Jerwy, n ".gbt J d-r?m rtate o-nvectk'M, ! r- p ng tb? ?aa>" period, haa eeprraely and caar.i- d tmoualy affirm* <1 an') ad if to.) ui beret a at an ad- t< murned m^ t ng <>: U)i Cberleetoa Coavation, bold n 1 llaltlnioro. in J me leal, t did bow nalc, upon thai l< i.g b tried and of" approx-d platform, aa the and datM of the a i.aim a. democrat:* i-arty, fur Pr'Hideat, Rtepbea A. m tkragUa, jf 111 n?l?. and V. Jobnaon, of < eorgi*, n fbrV-oo rrmM-nt of UM I'aitad State*. and whereaaa* o bavc tailed to diMOTer any niflr Ion I r- aeon f-r depart i g (row the lotg nettled uaagc< of the d?niocret.o party? i r abandoning. reeeralap nri-.baaslitit the pr aclp>* *- bate a ao long pr-i-Mod and ao often solemn y aeeei led; tliere Pre, Reeolvd. That we apt n accept and ctdor?? the plat i'r,rn? of pr'r ipl*? adopted by the r't cr ? mo-rat > < onrcnt on at' bafleamn. rtludng th" additional ion onantBO'ialy adopted at Bal'imcm, ar.l a"> a.' ept and ratlf> the oorr <-n of ctcphen A. D> iglaa Idr PriaiiUot and Herer-bal V Jobnoon for Vleo Pramdeat, aa the andidaie* m' the n?tl> aal doom ratio jarty 'or tbow? oflwrr. and w b"rt?iy inrir-i-t / "lo.tom nrm Dated by ttai? Cnat?nt' . f "''" ted. :?> eat lb* aeven rlertorel totca of iba fui? lor art di da tea abate named. Renolred. Tbat bar ny taken > r '.and in fbror of ftoug la" and Johnaor. the f ruler aotn area of the demo eraiic party, id ord?r to mainta n and vindicate lb" great principle that cttfmr* of Urn l n-.tnd Jtataa. .n "rery commut. ty.hat" a riybtto foijn their domoat c laatttu tiona in lb* r own way- beam ing within the lim.ta pre n-ribed by the oonatitution of the Uc.ted *tate#? we alall git" to thoee tandiJatoa our an led, 'anxt and a. ttre r ipporl, mawed by threat* from any luarter, and nat"*! rained by nny amount of offlcal pruecript.oo and perWculMW. ReaoKed, That the nat onal democrat o party now i?, ** it ever baa b"*n. d voted 'o tb? ofWefTal m of tb" l n on of tb? "la lee. and bean:"* of <le de.-ntloti to that great ohect? to the e^aanty of the tat?w and the .nhe r'T1 r gbta of <naa?tt ?orm ao a'llamwa wdb any ae tiora' fbc oc. I be tbe I .nrwin party, wbmb aaafe" to place \h? ' a>on ?nl re'y vra?r Northern dom nat'oa, nor w'th the W> lliem, t"> tional Ibdl-on, headed hy Mr fcr ? r.' fp wt-db d? k,o? U>e e^ttn i j?? i?!?ty ?.. ERA perior to any personal right* of Vee men, and which avows >U purpose u> be, to precipitate upon on a'J the evils of disunion unice* a Southern Action It permitted to rule the whole Union. Keeoived, That we cell upon all conservative and Union loving electors ji tho Slave of New Jersey to unit') with ua in eupport 01 the Douglas and Johnson electoral ticket as the surest and only means of localising the e'avery question and withdrawing it from Congress, thereby giv .ng peace fo the oountry and permitting the Nai.uuul legislature to attend to tno enactment of laws c*lculul< d to foster the uduetry of the whole Union, making a rail road from ibe Mississippi river to the Tactile ooa-1, and otherwise aiding to develops the unmeuac material resources 01' our great and vast country. Resolved, That we bold as unwarrantable and opposed to the spirit of our institutions all attempts by the ever eise of "Ti'Cutivo patrouage to socuro tho suoceasiou, or to prevent the free exercise of the will of the people in tho choice of their rulers; and that the prescriptive policy of the present ad mm is (rat ion, directed to tho defeat of Douglas sod Johnson, merits as it receives, our unqaallflt 1 reprobation. jibe reading of the** resolutions was everal times in terropted by "ud thecr and the excitement culminated as the next resolution, condemnatory of the action of tho President, via-; read.) Resolved, Thai wo regard the personal interference of the 'resident of tho United Stales with the action of the ixopi'j in itooir 'boice or b>s successor as at once derogatory to lbe position bo occupies and dangerous to tbo lib irties of tbo people. Three cheers were called for on the conclusion of tbo - thug of ihjB resolution. which wore given most 'usttly, Followed by three more, n which toe whole meetiDg . i id ii .11 y -i.u.. ug up and waving the.r hats In the greatest etitbuaiasm. The resolution was accordingly adopted with acclamation. As these cheers subsided, three more wcro called for the committee, for so strongly and directly ex pressed the sense of the meeting with regard to the con Juct of the l"reeident Several calls wcro trade for favorite speakers, while other calls demanded an adjournment till three o'clock. The latter met not the slightest favor, as the determination of the majority was to complete the business of the Unr.entiou at once. Mr. Jams M. Skovm then rose and said that be fully con erred with the resolution just adopted. The con i< mnation there eipressed as to the jonduct of Mr. Buchanan was richly merited He (Mr. Buchanan) had pursued Stephen A. Douglas for the past two or three years w.tb merciless hostility. He had bunted blm w.ih Damte bands .n the lays of the Kansas troubles, and he had followod his hatred up, as was seen n what uvk place in Charleston and Baltimore, when he let out Jehu i an coy upon him to disturb the regular pro :ecdings at those Conventions. This Yancey would lead lbs country into revolution .f he had but his own way. He was like Phaeton, who aspired to guide the chariot of the Sun; and. 1-ke b.m, he would run the team into the ditch if he bad the chance of getting the reins for a while. Yancey has thoroughly disgraced himself at Char I'?ton and Ball more, and there was no fear of his ever being permitted to do other hsrm. fnder Uks# circumstances it was their duty to adhere unshrinkingly to the gallant tie n* tor from Illinois. (Vehement cheers.) It was ibilr duty to present him boldly before the people of New Jersey, and to rebuke any interference with the course they should adopt. Thev were a Convention of the true democratic party, and with Douglas and Johnson on their State ticket for President and Vice President, they would create a general uprising of the masses in favor of these dAlinguished men. The Breckinridge fac tion would soon tlnd themselves In the position of the who, when n a storm at sea, t-o preserve hmiielf from sinking secured himself to the an. hor, and went, of course, to the bottom with a run iCbei<rs and laughter.) Ho had no doubt whatever that, :ii November nevt. Stephen A. Itouglas would bo .-leeted Provident of the I'm ted states by the votes of the people "-!W J vvtiu| mo m un v ivi u.ui. ^vowrs. / " horl speeches were iubsetuently made by Menn. fohnson, Knnyon and S'axh, which called forth great apylauie. and w ithout further delay the Couvcnlton ad ourntil With loud cheers, Jtrx. die. PROCEEDINGS OK THE BELL-EVERETT CONVKNTION. MASS MEKTlhtl XT bOLTOK's BALL?EXCITING AND IsrakfctTl.M, BCEMS. The B? J and I veretl Convention made a somewhat formidable display at Tree too, New Jersey, yeeterday. The good jieople of the quiet city wre ncrer ?o startled for many a year as th?y were on tfcia occasion, by the excitesr-i.t of three Cocvcnti>>oe on tbo same day. The h-ad ij lart- rt of tne i>U ar.d Kverctt meu wm at the American Hotel, Kiel the r place of a large building called l<oiViti a Hah, ujo' Jatlo y opposite. Iheeo two placee were ocs:eg<'d by crowd! of people from all parta of the r'U'.c, as well wi by many from New York and Philadelphia. Ti - vr.val tf the dclet i a-s, at half past eleven o'clock, was made known by the sound! oi nutrtia! mu. !c, a.: l pret.eiit'y after a compart body of men, numbering ahout two hundred, were seen marching up tho ma.u street of Tr- titon. preceded by r .erai musician! cm ted With the CuBiien Hand, a rery prom cng and progr-mivc mvleal oiganlxati >n. Tho prooeaiion attract-d Roneidsrahlo attettum on their way to the Amor , Hotel. Tbe wbo.'e party te-mod to te animated by very bojeb J and volal epT.t ? as ih ". mar, I I boMly | .i-'i the Douglas b wdquamr* at tho Trenton House, on *r"lug I i out . f 111' VlD?ri<;aD llob I, , arge crowd wa- *?-'oibl?-d to greet them, tbe < leu lanu dr< w ' p in line aud played a patriotic air, while .bo delegate*, In unison with tho crowd, sent up thr<"I refining cheers tor B-'ll and tfre.etl. They then 'Kb'red lb" American li-dcl, where they were re :vd by Mr. I. V I' Joi'ne, tho obliging proprietor, ind t'jioo 1 J. w. Ai'en, and escorted to tho roomi wi ifwart for lb-Mr temporary see. H- ro they were supIs'd w ih all nee- .try refresh men U, ant when they ltd recover- d frnu tbo of tn- :r mar -h ami Ui teat of the day, they m ere cut, due to! to U.e hall of tbo Maveattaa. The Cot>??r.tioc wat called to order byC-'l J. W. Allah, it -tb ?ut hall |?at twelve o'clock. < m mot in of Mr F. Lhrrs, Judge John Perrine was .oaainiousiy selected lo pr ? de over 'he proo dinga of b-* Conr-tititrtt. Jamea Mration, ol i:t.rluigo>n, and .lias. I'. Iher, of Uudaoti, were uum.nateJ as sccre ari-w. tut taking th" cha r. Judge Prvuma said be had no set pr?h to ntai-e. Flo ante th-Mr to hud at! hearty aid to arr* out the full success of their elertrral in Act, at-1 b' Wild, therefore, call on th- Cony-mlion to proceed to 11? D"?? WSlb"?t delur. (Applause.) A proposition was li.-n mad" and carried that five g<n 1- rnstt from each Oungr- wt- district be appointed to r range a permanent organ! sat loo. Th- usual Committer* on Management, Kesoiot.ons, j Sfom" diNwatun tun* place a* V> the number an t ma rrial oftki (IIVmtcaMiUM, nmllii| in ikt fuboai r ; rd among toe memln ra of the Convention. !i DM tb' u moved mid carried Dial each Pongrerakmal nairlrt ?leu: Id ffrt to the (lair the n*tn"a of guttler-n to be appoint".! on the >cvoral commuter*. The Convention Uks too* a reoaaa of w*n mind"* to nablo the de|-gat"< from the Udig-'-aa.ooaJ diatricla to infer with one another. Tit'Ibjiri- ? * Mate*I that at three o'clock In the after o?n Mi wi. H. V> Pull' r and Jacob Broom, of Mama h ; M| would addr'M tbe jooveati'fi. The m-i i.i.g then ac/turned ui t I half part two e'olo:k. Tti" Uouiiti'ttea on formaa-nt Organaal.ou rep- Mod lor pendent Pe'ef I. Clark, ol If' o teflon, and a number of ;ce Pre*Ideull and ttocretariea. ilTKKNOOV "WION. The Convention m- t, port .ant to adjo'ircment, at half art two o'clock, when the attendance wan gomrthicg irger than it bad been at the The Convention traa thrown into a ntate of exeemiro KitaMnt when colonel Oark, of IKntiagdoa, wan e*a>rt 1 to tbe chair an Prcmd?nt of tbe permanent on. The whole Convention rote to their fret j^i aim-iiinco.? movement, and for ? ??e m out.* grew pcrfo. tly lid w th -ethu*la*m. Alt rut t( hi* ml, Mr. Ci'*** made a ?on?ewb*t ingthjr and eloquent apeo a. Ue began by addreeaing te Convention ae 1 nion men, nvolv- .l to <<Und by thi' m rutin on and th" law*. He th Wight Uiat in Uiua *lyling tc m >! waa ronfrrriug the lugheat b-mor upon theni and poo himaelf a* aclt /en r the i n.u*i -'Ut. ? and "f New . y lie thanked Ibrm etoeT'ltagly for tbeblgh honor , y bad ebovrn blm n rboovng him <u ha. r man of tbe rniaii' nt organization, a poe tion which be did not aire any more than any oth?r g-ntlman. I|e regretted i have tl a'ceaity f aay og that they were met that ay under c rrumatanr. ? such a* have not incurred in tbo l?tory of the country lioce onr for"lath rv met, before ii i a(t> r lb- Revolutionary war. Th" -i neat km that pre rnie.j tteelf f*v ttk lr conglderatkm w*a Uk? unkm or di* B" of there t'oll"d ktai' -u l * a ideeti-m wh" h ; ,?t BOW he nettled by the people Ihem Ivea. I.. ?m nalirt'ed In hla own m rd that Uie true* were ab"Ut to be trl-d, and that very Portly II" had no I. .??.' r arabtiun than to he rank I n / r if Ihfklf Ln li id hfh'tl (if liii'llli'i'<| Ml ? n U in uvpri r *.<'<1 ?w d'Otgn'-d bl-ae og* M th? human bnr y In I, f world, he ri ruinly m?*nt that thpy nhowld be fully r,e|,""<1 in th.c l Pi t. T1i? gr- at ohj*e,t f?<r aheh our fought and died ?u th-' 'nriolablllty of the 1'inoii, bit t ?a< Bin the duty of the r ??i to Mm I by lh< e fh-e * hlch their an?<-?tore Im.l built up at mi<h a c?*t f hbod ant derot on. To Bamta ti tha h*|>pu Mate of li re* he would adriee i!. m to rally aroune tth-ll and vernt. Itaaa inij* to bad two noblnr or more ttii'K <andidatea in U>e nhnlo Urd. Tbey muat <lo all i (Mr power u> iM ?h a* gent' ?>'n i prare m to preall .n the country. He c ?mm4 at great length to ulngige the L'n.nn and it* defender*, and concluded hi* cdreae *mld lo id and bo.rrty appUuee Hon. V >ri.m.of I'enneylran a. wa* then in rod in ed to the <>mrent><4i. Ho pgoeeoded to addroee h- m cm the adraiitagee *n ,h ha-, e reenltod from the lamat" in ion of the !*ute?. He did not oome there an inch to *|ieak a* to < ot ler with the Conreation on the real duty wbieli bow dernlrea upon them. He rerun tended that all the part -an feel ng* nbooM be ftrrgntten nd merged :n the <nra of ibelr <v?mnKW country, le aipea^d to the plitfona on whch thejr lord, and aek'd if rich another platform oould n y ?here be ebnwa. ft tnob but three day* n rgantno and carry out the Fre?eh roTolutwa, ml be praph*tt*d that in three moatha tbey would meted n b id rg ip the greateat pnlitl-al party ihatthia buntry baa *t?r mi, The Hell and rT*rett party wa? be only on* that could ~arry the raduuit banner of our n ted Platen itre .ga the ?fidRrwIt re which anrrnead t %o i|<id *va j x Vti? t Ue oO- p- r T.D. TRICE TWO CENTS. deuce and equality of the State*. Wit hoot this there could be no real onion. Tbey were ji favor ot proeac tion, and wanted the American market for the Americas produce. Be referred with pride to the record of John Bell, and alluded particularly to his action during the content for the election of Henry Clay Ho called on the republican!, democrat* and all others to on. te id the election of ao able a man. Hon. Jacob Broom, of Pennsylvania, wad the nert speaker. He made a very lengthy addreaa in ftvor of the In ion, the constitution and the enforcement of the laws. He critically reviewed the antecedent* of the democratic and republican parties, and argued that there oenkl be no safety for the oountry under either of these organise tionti. The only solution for the difficulty was by rallying around the standard of Bell and Everett. On the conclusion of the Chairman's speech the Committee ou Resolutions reported the folio wing, which were adopted by acclamation:? Resolved, That wo heartily ratify the nominal mm of Jobn Bell, of Tennessee, far President,and Edward Everett, of Msssuchusetts, for Vice President, as distinguish# I patriots, able aud experienced statesmen, sod life ion supporters of the ' Union, the onstiti.tion and the laws," against whom none have or can raise a valid objection. Resolved, That wo are n favor of (.be Union as it is, and opposed to the efforts of all sectional jits and others to weaken, undermine or destroy It. ivunuviu, iiiiu *i< uarucauy supper. tr.fl constitution, with all its provielons ana compromis"*, as intruded an I well calculated to protect and Rapport our national nd is try, prosperity and independence. Resolved, That the const .tut tonai tig tat .on of the slavery question, either for the or prevention of slavery by Congress, can hare no material effect on tne subject, is entirely unnecessary in the present state of the country and its Territories, tends greatly to excite sectional divisions merely to promote the ambitious or dangerous views of d'-signiug men, and endangers the safety of lbs Union, and ought therefore to be discountenanced sad frowned down by every friend of bis country. After some other speeches, Mr. Bjudlkt. of Washington City, was introduced, and made a speech that would cause the bones of the black republicans to rattle if they could ba\<-heard it. lie said thai at least to.rteen Southern Stales would go for Bell and Kvurctt. The only State that was doubtlul was Missouri, where the cholera of black republicanism was spreading terribly. But with the cholera against ibem, and all the tricks of their foes, they hoped to get a majority even out ol this State. As s Southerner und a slaveholder, bo called on Union men to stand firmly by tho country in her danger. The Committee on the Electoral Ticket reoommeoded the appointment of three gentlemen from each Ooagressionsl district to act as a general Executive Committee. Agreed to. They also reported the following names as the Bell and Everett electoral ticket to which they had agreed:? HJ (TOKS A? UilUIK. Charles G. McCbesory. Edmund Brewer. msnuCT KinrroRs. DiU. Dili. 1?John T. Woodhull. 4?Corner us Bryce. 2?William K. McDonald. 0?John V. Bean. 3?Col. Deter J. Clark. One of the delegates, named fti;.rr*n, ross to object to the action of the CommitU-.e on Resolutions in nominating an electoral ticket. Us had understood that the committee had been appointed with Instructions to make .nquiries as to its best means to be adopted for the defeat of Lincoln and Hamlin. It should, n his opinion, be folly ascertained whether there was no chance of an understanding with lbs other Conventions, who were equally desirous of defeating the black republican party. If tbey decided on a straight out and out ticket, they would thus be shotting the door against anything like a future arrangement. The Unuclaa Convention had that verv .lav nominauail a '.might out electoral ticket?the very thing that the republicans desired to see. If the It'll and Everett party were to do the Mine thing, the fnoudi of lancolD and n.m ie would liave nothing to do but fold their anna and be victorious at the expense of Bell and Everett. Now, It wan for the Convention to bear ia mind that If they adopted that ticket aa now reported, it would be a una! act, and they would therefore be going it blind, lie warned them that this would be a very unsafe course to pursue, lie waa for carrying Bel) and Everett victoriously through the conflict if It could be done, and the only Lance he saw of doing bo wan not in pruf.vJ.iig iaah y, but by coolness, caution and discretion. At thia juncture of the pr-cee j.nga arms enfaaion took place ?t tie lower end of the room, distracting the attention of llic Cinvention l'r in the remark* wh>cb were being addressed to them It aeon bream." aptiarent that a scuttle was in progr*ws, but the satisfactory sound of .'imuiiug down a prteipiloua flight of stairs sb >v. d Ibo-" .n '.lie other part of the room that the belligerents w-re being forcibly and summarily ejected. This wis conflrmed by a voice proclaiming that it waa nothing Out two democrats fight ng. As toon aa this hub bub had subsided, itr. llAientt. resumed hi# remarks, and contended that it would ho by far the safest plan Ui a '(pt the proposition of the committee conditionally. H: would, there fop . propose that the Cha rman b empowered to add two more names to the Executive ComtniUee of three fkuni each OngreHsional district, w th full powers, in case of nee. suit) . to substitute other namce an the Bell and Everett ticket. Tlic proceeding! of tlio Convent or. wbicn up to thai luncturo had be. n singularly p> aoeful and barroooiour, with the single exception ciio<l above, cow assumed a more belie and excited sspe. t. llaJf a dozen dele, paten rise to address th- lYewiil-nt, amid cries of "Chair,'' Chair,'' "t'rder. ' ' Order.'' But A was like calling spirila from the vasty deep wbeu they -in no I pianonably be expected to comm All the ""oris >>f the chairman to preserve order in the Convn'.loh were perfectly futile. The ccinfUHion grew mom. nt v mrr- * >. founded. The proposition of klr. I litiste I dr w forth loi.d applause, and for a moment it so met) ax f Ills counsel woe Id preva.J. But no sooner did .he chairman sttenipt to put the <|Oeet on to a division than the opi*?tt.ou returned to the .harge with rcdoub!'d vigor. Mr. Gsorok Konws v supported trie a. . .on of the Com mlltce on Kr*o|uti?us aid the shvtora] tiefee;. He thought that the nan.o* propose' by them were perfectly uuol j<ctionable in every rc-fv-ct, and ho did not see any r< asou why there sh'nild bo any d.'iay n nominating a I slraightout electoral ticket. A - bo understood the propo sit ion of Mr. )la!*t"d, It w.-s intrude! U) give the lizecu live t omunueo of the i ongre-i onal districts tier ght to supply. names a the plact nf geuiiemen who might bo removed frotn the tic - el by any sna~ whatever. He was altog. th"r oppo .?.t to girmg such pow t to an Irresponsible corn roil tew The Bell and Ever ?tt take! should bo clearly ,nd ip"r!y decided once for ail. He therefore proposed as an am-ndm-nt. (hat the Convention proceed immediately w the uom.ual on of an cl?. teral ticket. The Convent'en did not S'-ein to knew ts own n. r d, !or this pro|.?ition was received with as niu'b. if net tn-re enthusiasm, than that mm! J? y Mr Hike*!. Iiouil cries of Question' now arowe, and as the rntiven ttou w aa motr.i'Dtly t>ec<>m ng n ere cam r>. ?, iho Cha r man ati?mpt?'I i" i".t ti 'i .?i. :i:vii: u-? -f tie (K M-rale opj* - ti< n of Mr I! tir'M, wtoc (toe of Uw ttouiurx* from liio .yelre of too Hal) aroee ami shouted ?? lot Ily Uui Uf' Coatee t"rti waa compelled to bear h m. Me ?a J the had been an ntit r*? eoof Vawfoco . p to that Tory morn log' and be bat) arrived at Tr"oP.ti for tb? fc.rpoee of attend lag a Iwtnocralic Convention. Pi.t h? bad ou roooer or rtvod than be uw a gro^ly u.?u',ting notice r one irf the papers to tbe rflrri that the ft I and ' verett party ?aa to be aeld out to lb* h'dh"?t aod b'-at 0 ddcr. lie 'cv-ked on that aa one of tbe vlHtt Kit ev r perpetrated by tb? worst party the'. ?t"r ot!*t?d '.n the world. (Applause and lvighier ) But it bad th - "IT' ' of deckling him 00 be ccurae be should pnreoe. la the I'tnocrala bad ent their own tbroata by their rnreaanrsbi ondoct, and aa hla onlv deture waa to e* Lincoln and llaml'B thoroughly defeated, bo dei?rm red to join tbe party that bad tbe freafct narree of lueieaa, and tlila bn bad no l.e tattoo X ray eg waa tbe Indi pendent Dell and Kv*rett party, flood cheers ) He hoped the con vol."n would lake noro of tbetr cbanera and not imitate the Ik '.alaa men a hastily nominating their electoral Icl't There waa plenty of tune, and be boped that Mr. it* sted ? autKiti would yet be onaidered. Mr H itwtvi'?ra n came to '.be re?-ie acd epinttere.t out another long and rather w'.ndy oration, moch 10 tbe dwKuat of the member* of tbe C?et~nt.oB, wboee pa tlenre bad be-T #0 aorefy tr ed. Tlie noiae and conf'taioe wbicb en.crt a cdeaer babie. More than a do/en persona b-gtn to rpeak at once, or rather to yell Crura poT?on*ltiioa and r?rm.nation* began t<> circulate freely, and It vine-l aa tbcogb mailer* were fa-it approaching a aangu nary mat. The Ouiaase hereupon areo acd reminded tbe Cob yention tbat Me*?r* Bell and Evefe|t aero peaceful moe, ami he boped the ConveBlioB reprenen: rf ibem would be orderly conducted. A variety of propoaltlona end winter rropoad one were mafti hill ftnfif f.f tl.ofn mnf ? K At Ur.'tk Mr. ftRoftii* P..'HMO* n*' 114 ?at 1 U at t VII pW.n that there waa aoin? intention to l^kn */i ..rraofemf t wttb the frirnda of ih?- moat corrupt ?Jn? ' atrallnn thai ever diagramed Uk eonntry A inmh-r of anijry f ec h'ra t? t?d Mr Kobeeon, am1 peremptorily d< maml' d to know by whoae authority ami <* behalf of whom h?m?'1" h artaftDCBt lha newly converted loco i o ohnteered aaoiutioa n a very ckrttod marih-r. " Ho oonka for Abraham I .o<oiB,Hr," he nM, " he la an nilee holder un<t'f tb? blatk r- |uili|i<?rr. ami be opoakt >n ihe r b"half. "bat e I at II la." Thla waa received with tr mend. r ihoer jig, ye.llng, birring and all aorta of B"ie> Mr K< ?.?o* rBdoatofd to ft y. hut b* waa a** n aaluted with yell* an4 groane R\ I ro'r. managed to ay w iriothtng ab'mt the '-ar n ty <w tight (if tha d< meerala, lor which they bad h ?r nc vened. Another delegate h-*re Vo- k ii * Tr. Unh>>aoo,ae1 declared that they did not m- - t to r*>t lb? democrata, hut u> ? Hi}' mr nm k r? p ini r no?. Tl??' f>r?itn?ry ?tj>I<*iv? 'fth"r>'t a! * ooabuiar? bow b?iran to be hieti d wit In a'titl" t' nee. Jt rf?"j t>ik?J m if lb* iJfwkn worn fotng into a t tale. Judyr % n. P. Porn .1 said tha'm mi rid lie* trbiy bo had c< me W. the Contention r?mle*d to stand up for the upport of Ml snd P.votoM He bopo-l the Omreatina nould bo Id It etard lorth and ftnlnste plain outfifht llrkft. 1*1 it not be said that they bad m?l together for Die pnrpoaenf BfTooirp on an ete p.ral leant, and than tlial they end'-arnred to ah'iffie out of tbeir plan dotjr, Hr an tor dofoatmr ibo blank r? puhVane unoer any elrci'*?taiK<w. and be hoped nntb nr a utd be traded that f wild If tut to sorb a Iwnofli tal result. The wbolo matter ?an erentoally r*en red bj a motif* belrf rarrled to lay the n tea I nt. I be table, and to ratty out the proptoition made to riietol the Bomber of the r teoutlre > .,m#itte# in fire from ?erh Onf i 'mio?I dirtrwt, and to |ire tbem fall power to -lanya any of the ramaa on th. ei? Wat ticket rep-rted by the Committee m Reeniut'ena, .f oration should render t neoeaoary, and to report to the <oarertk* Tbe Coorent on then ertjeurt m\ f tj- i to l*d eml of the f jecotive Cttrtr I ton ? 'I ' I i t *1

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